1. Andrew Yang’s Bipartisan Bet U.S., August 22

    Mr. Yang is no fan of the president. But his coalition includes conservatives who see nonpartisan logic in his message about automation and job loss.

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    Nearly all of the 2020 Democratic candidates gave speeches at the annual event, and while many joked about the size of the field, most sought to contrast themselves with President Trump.

  4. Andrew Yang Becomes 9th Democrat to Qualify for the Next Debate U.S., August 8

    Mr. Yang, an entrepreneur, earned 2 percent support in a new poll, adding him to the group of Democratic presidential candidates who will go to Houston in September.

  5. Stephen Colbert Calls Out Long Shot Presidential Candidates Arts, August 2

    “I mean, it is 20 people and if I am generous, six of them should be up there,” Colbert said of the Democratic debates. “I’m looking at you, Steve Bullock.”

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    Unemployment is low and growth is solid, but the president’s 2020 rivals are challenging the Trump economic record on several fronts.

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    He is a nonconformist — in the best way — to our political pageantry.

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    Facing elimination in the next round, candidates sought to stand out by lashing out, and the network played up the drama.

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