1. The Shallow Cynicism of ‘Everything Is Rigged’ Opinion, Today

    Why do the president and many of his opponents act as though American political life is just another film noir?

  2. Democratic Field Shrinks to 21: This Week in the 2020 Race U.S., Yesterday

    Jay Inslee and Seth Moulton are out, John Hickenlooper is in (a Senate race), and new plans for labor and the environment.

  3. Democratic Field Shrinks to 21: This Week in the 2020 Race U.S., Yesterday

    Jay Inslee and Seth Moulton are out, John Hickenlooper is in (a Senate race), and candidates released plans for labor and the environment.

  4. California Is the ‘Popular Boy or Girl at the Dance’ in 2020 U.S., August 23

    Kamala Harris has the home-state advantage, but the other Democratic presidential hopefuls are not ceding the state.

  5. Democrats Are Getting Very Serious About the Native American Vote Opinion, August 22

    At a forum for presidential candidates, “everyone counts” sounded like both a moral and an electoral imperative.

  6. Joe Biden’s Poll Numbers Mask an Enthusiasm Challenge U.S., August 22

    There are signs of a disconnect between support for Mr. Biden in polls and excitement for his campaign on the ground in Iowa.

  7. Bernie Sanders’s ‘Green New Deal’: A $16 Trillion Climate Plan Climate, August 22

    Mr. Sanders’s climate change proposal calls for the United States to eliminate fossil fuel use by 2050. “We must be extraordinarily aggressive,” he said in an interview.

  8. Democrats to Union Members: The Economy Is Failing You U.S., August 21

    Bernie Sanders rolled out a plan for organized labor as more than a dozen Democratic candidates pitched themselves to workers in Iowa.

  9. What American C.E.O.s Are Worried About Podcasts, August 21

    Nearly 200 executives tried this week to redefine the role of a corporation in society. We look at what’s behind that move.

  10. Why the 2020 Criminal Justice Debate Is Completely Different U.S., August 20

    Democratic candidates are pushing ideas that were considered radical just a few years ago. But the American public has changed its views, too.

  11. What Does Campaign Rally Music Say About a Candidate? Interactive, August 19

    Presidential campaigns have a sound. We analyzed the playlists of 10 contenders to see how the songs aligned with the messages.

  12. What Happens in a Recession? Opinion, August 17

    Trump loses, Uber evaporates, the social crisis gets worse.

  13. The 5 Days That Defined the 2020 Primary Interactive, August 17

    Money isn’t everything. But it does keep the lights on, and it explains why this Democratic field looks the way it does today.

  14. 4 Days, 20 Democrats. Who Won the Iowa State Fair? Interactive, August 13

    We followed presidential hopefuls around the Iowa State Fair and rated them on a corn dog scale.

  15. The Pundit-Defying Idiosyncrasies of Iowa Voters Opinion, August 12

    They don’t vote for “moderates” or “progressives.” They vote for people.

  16. Why Bernie Sanders Stood Out at the Iowa State Fair U.S., August 12

    Most candidates go to the fair to establish human connections with voters. Mr. Sanders’s approach underscored how his campaign is focused primarily on championing ideas.

  17. 18 Candidates. 72 Hours. A Hectic Weekend at the Iowa State Fair. Video, August 12

    Democratic presidential candidates descended on Des Moines to meet prized Iowa caucus voters, spend time with their families and, of course, eat some food on a stick.

  18. Democrats’ 2020 Problem: How to Be Tougher on Trade Than Trump U.S., August 10

    Democrats are highly critical of NAFTA and China, but they will have a hard time taking a tougher line than Mr. Trump has as president.

  19. At Iowa’s Wing Ding Dinner, Democrats Assail G.O.P. on Gun Control U.S., August 9

    Nearly all of the 2020 Democratic candidates gave speeches at the annual event, and while many joked about the size of the field, most sought to contrast themselves with President Trump.

  20. Four Democratic Candidates Call on Walmart to Stop Selling Guns U.S., August 9

    Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders were among the candidates to speak out after the mass shooting at a Walmart store in El Paso last weekend.

  21. Is ‘Bernie or Bust’ the Future of the Left? U.S., August 6

    The Democratic Socialists of America figure out what it means to oppose Donald Trump.

  22. Can the Democrats Do Better Than Trump on North Korea? Opinion, August 5

    We surveyed the leading candidates on how they would deal with the nuclear threat from Kim Jong-un.

  23. Young Climate Activists Push Democrats to the Left U.S., August 5

    A New TV Show from The New York Times on FX and Hulu

  24. The Week in Business: The China Trade War Clobbers the Markets Business, August 3

    Plus, where should police departments draw the line with facial recognition surveillance?

  25. Debates and More Debates: This Week in the 2020 Race U.S., August 3

    Sanders and Warren dominated Night 1. Biden, Booker and Harris were the focus of Night 2. We’ll do it all again in September.

  26. What Beto Gets Right Opinion, August 2

    His approach to both Medicare and the border.

  27. Young Climate Activists Push Democrats to the Left The Weekly, August 2

    A New TV Show from The New York Times on FX and Hulu

  28. Detailed Maps of the Donors Powering the 2020 Democratic Campaigns Interactive, August 2

    We analyzed the Democratic presidential candidates’ fund-raising to see how widespread their support was across the United States.

  29. Joe Biden Is Learning That Liberals Eat Their Own Opinion, August 1

    It’s astonishing to see other Democratic candidates attack him for his role in their party’s historic successes.

  30. How Democrats Will Attack Trump on the Economy Business, August 1

    Unemployment is low and growth is solid, but the president’s 2020 rivals are challenging the Trump economic record on several fronts.

  31. What We Learned From the July Democratic Debates U.S., August 1

    With at least four candidates in strong contention for the nomination, the race is anyone’s to win.

  32. Marianne Williamson Wants to ‘See the Memes.’ Here They Are. U.S., August 1

    Sure, this week’s Democratic debates were full of substance. But the internet had its fun, too.

  33. Which 2020 Candidates Would You Swipe Right On? Interactive, August 1

    It’s hard getting to know everyone in such a crowded field. Here’s a dating app to make it easier.

  34. Debate Drama: Here’s Joe Opinion, July 31

    Does standing erect count as winning the day?

  35. Moderates Take On Sanders and Warren at the Democratic Debate Opinion, July 31

    Readers assess how the candidates did, suggest a different format and discuss “Medicare for all.”

  36. Moderates Faltered at Tuesday’s Debate. Will Joe Biden Do Better Tonight? U.S., July 31

    Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren held their ground as several centrists tried to paint their message as unrealistic for America.

  37. Warren and Sanders Fight Back Against Criticism From Moderates Video, July 31

    Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders formed an ideological tag team during the second round of Democratic presidential debates by embracing their liberal policy goals amid an intraparty fight with moderates over health care.

  38. Joe Biden Won Last Night’s Democratic Debate Opinion, July 31

    The real victor in the moderates-versus-progressives battle was the moderate who wasn’t there.

  39. Five Debate Takeaways Opinion, July 31

    Gov. Steve Bullock, welcome to the stage.

  40. Echo Trump’s Tough Talk, or Lift Tariffs? Democrats Clash Over Trade U.S., July 31

    Though presidential candidates appearing at a debate on Tuesday generally favored a strong approach to China, they differed over whether protectionism was the way forward.

  41. Who Won Night 1 of the Democratic Debate? Experts Weigh In U.S., July 31

    Lower-polling candidates had their moments, but none outshone the front-runners, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

  42. Winners and Losers of the Democratic Debate Interactive, July 31

    Our columnists and contributors give their rankings.

  43. Highlights From Night 1 of July Democratic Debates Video, July 31

    The leading progressives, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, fended off attacks from underdog moderate challengers.

  44. Democratic Debate Turns Ferocious Over Health Care Health, July 30

    The candidates sparred angrily over whether to wipe out private health insurance and institute a government-run health system.

  45. Bernie Sanders ‘Wrote the Damn Bill.’ Everyone Else Is Just Fighting About It. U.S., July 30

    The 77-year-old democratic socialist from Vermont made clear that he could still own the Democratic debate. And the debate stage.

  46. Sanders and Warren Battle Accusations of ‘Fairy Tale’ Promises as Intraparty Rift Flares U.S., July 30

    Moderate underdogs kicked off the Detroit debates by targeting the top candidates with charges of “wish-list economics” and “impossible promises” on health care.

  47. Watch Bernie Sanders and John Delaney Battle Over Medicare for All U.S., July 30

    The first debate exchange captured the battle within the Democratic Party over how the presidential nominee should change the country’s health care system.

  48. Live Analysis: The July Democratic Debates, Night 1 Interactive, July 30

    Follow the Democratic presidential debate with our reporters in real time.

  49. Democratic Debate 2019 Live: Candidates Face Off in Detroit U.S., July 30

    Tonight’s lineup will feature 10 candidates including Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind.

  50. 6 Highlights From Night 1 of the July Democratic Debates U.S., July 30

    The CNN debate was a clash over health care with moderates along the edge throwing firebombs on the electability of progressives with the boldest policy plans.

  51. How Similar Are Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, Really? U.S., July 30

    You may be wondering how the race’s leading liberals differ. Or you may be a progressive voter trying to figure out whom to support. We’re here to help.

  52. How Similar Are Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Really? U.S., July 30

    You may be wondering how the race’s leading liberals differ. Or you may be a progressive voter trying to figure out whom to support. We’re here to help.

  53. What I’ll Be Looking for Tonight Opinion, July 30

    Ten Democrats go back to the debate stage

  54. What to Watch for in Tuesday’s CNN Democratic Debate U.S., July 30

    Everything you need to know about the presidential primary debate in Detroit.

  55. The Democrats Should Stop Doing Trump’s Work for Him Opinion, July 30

    Yes, the two-night, 20-candidate format is ludicrous, but can we please have a reasonable debate about America’s future?

  56. Top Progressives Face Off: Democratic Debates, Night 1 Interactive, July 29

    Aside from the marquee matchup between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, there are plenty of other dynamics to watch for in second round of debates.

  57. How a Medicare Buy-In or Public Option Could Threaten Obamacare Health, July 29

    Some Democrats are proposing a government alternative to private insurance. But allowing people to choose such a plan may destabilize the A.C.A., some experts say.

  58. Kamala Harris Sets Up Debate Showdown on Health Care With New Plan U.S., July 29

    Ms. Harris is forging her own path on the health care issue, putting forth a plan for providing Medicare for all Americans that stops short of the complete overhaul Bernie Sanders has proposed.

  59. Assailing High Drug Prices, Bernie Sanders Heads to Canada for Affordable Insulin U.S., July 28

    The senator took people with diabetes on a bus trip across the border to dramatize high prices in the U.S. that he attributes to corporate greed.

  60. Why Democrats Are So Far From Consensus on 2020 U.S., July 28

    As the next debates loom, the progressive wing of the party wants sweeping change. Many others just want to jettison the president.

  61. What Kamala Harris Believes U.S., July 27

    The Democratic candidate wants relevant policy, not “a beautiful sonnet.” Is that enough for voters?