1. Pete Buttigieg Jumps Out to Lead in Iowa Poll U.S., Yesterday

    Mr. Buttigieg had a surprisingly robust lead in the latest Des Moines Register and CNN poll. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Joseph R. Biden Jr. were in a statistical tie for second.

  2. Obama Says Average American Doesn’t Want to ‘Tear Down System’ U.S., November 15

    Former President Barack Obama, in an address to liberal donors, warned candidates not to go too far left and sought to calm those who were concerned about the state of the Democratic primary.

  3. A Goldilocks Candidate? Opinion, November 15

    Deval Patrick’s opportunity — and his problem.

  4. Will New Candidates Shake Up the 2020 Race? Opinion, November 14

    And what has the resistance inside the Trump administration actually accomplished?

  5. It May Be a Good Idea for Democratic Front-Runners Not to Look Back The Upshot, November 14

    Buttigieg and Sanders seem well positioned to gain by exploiting the vulnerabilities of Biden and Warren.

  6. Why Impeachment Isn’t a Big Deal on the Trail U.S., November 11

    It’s a big week for the impeachment inquiry — but the Democratic candidates aren’t talking about it.

  7. How the 2020 Democrats Plan to Help Veterans U.S., November 11

    Democratic presidential candidates want to provide veterans with better health care and increase their access to education and jobs. Pete Buttigieg said a woman should lead the V.A.

  8. Why Pete Buttigieg Annoys His Democratic Rivals U.S., November 9

    His success, especially in Iowa, has grated on rival campaigns that say his record in government is not commensurate with the attention he’s receiving.

  9. Democrats in Battleground States Prefer Moderate Nominee, Poll Shows U.S., November 8

    A New York Times/Siena College survey in six key states also showed voters want a candidate who can work with Republicans.

  10. Is Mayor Pete the Answer? Opinion, November 7

    And is liberal policy to blame for the California wildfires?

  11. Stop Blaming Black Homophobia for Buttigieg’s Problems! Opinion, November 6

    Let’s put an end to this racist trope.

  12. Warren Has Her Plan. Buttigieg Suggests Another Way to Cut Health Prices. The Upshot, November 6

    A single-payer system can lower prices by setting them. But lots of countries regulate prices and have private insurance, too.

  13. Enter the Arena U.S., November 4

    Smoke machines! Spotlights! Thundersticks! And a very different presidential race.

  14. Pete Buttigieg Is an Iowa Front-Runner. Will That Help Him Anywhere Else? U.S., November 4

    National polls have him firmly behind the leading candidates across the country, and questions remain over Mr. Buttigieg’s ability to create a diverse coalition. But in Iowa, he’s on the rise.

  15. The Democratic Showdown in Iowa Podcasts, November 4

    At the state’s biggest political event of the year, candidates vied for salience before the first votes of the nomination race.

  16. One Year From Election, Trump Trails Biden but Leads Warren in Battlegrounds The Upshot, November 4

    Signs that the president’s advantage in the Electoral College has persisted or even increased since 2016.

  17. Warren and Buttigieg Surge in Iowa at Expense of Sanders and Biden U.S., November 2

    Senator Elizabeth Warren and Mayor Pete Buttigieg increasingly are gaining momentum ahead of the February Iowa caucuses.

  18. Warren Health Plan Tightens Democrats’ Embrace of Tax Increases Business, November 2

    A ‘Medicare for all’ proposal would push the boundaries of taxing corporations and the rich to fund expanded government programs.

  19. Warren Health Plan Tightens Democrats’ Embrace of Tax Increases Business, November 2

    A ‘Medicare for all’ proposal would push the boundaries of taxing corporations and the rich to fund expanded government programs.

  20. 5 Takeaways From the Latest Iowa Poll U.S., November 2

    What we know: Elizabeth Warren has seized much of Bernie Sanders’ youthful following, and her coalition transcends divisions over policy. What we don’t know: A lot, still.

  21. As the Iowa Caucuses Loom, Campaigning Grows More Combative U.S., November 1

    Moderates like Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar hope to capitalize on Joe Biden’s decline, while Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders battle for liberal voters.

  22. Criticize Israel? For Democratic Voters, It’s Now Fair Game U.S., November 1

    President Trump’s hawkish support of Israel has led many Democrats to question the United States’ relationship with one of its closest allies.

  23. Warren Leads Tight Iowa Race as Biden Fades, Poll Finds U.S., November 1

    Ms. Warren garnered 22 percent in a New York Times/Siena College poll, to 19 percent for Bernie Sanders. Pete Buttigieg has surged, while Mr. Biden’s travails have put the race in flux.

  24. The Best and Worst Halloween Candies, According to the Presidential Candidates Opinion, October 31

    Candy corn divides the field.

  25. Being Gay Hurts Mayor Pete. It Helps, Too. Opinion, October 29

    America’s need for a savior outweighs any interest in what he or she does in bed.

  26. Democrats Have the Most Racially Diverse Field Ever. The Top Tier Is All White. U.S., October 29

    Trailing in the money race, tripped up by their own missteps and perceived by some as less electable, nonwhite candidates find themselves well back of the leaders.

  27. 2020 Democrats at J Street Conference Reflect New Tone on U.S.-Israel Relations U.S., October 28

    J Street, a liberal pro-Israel advocacy group, hosted five of the Democratic presidential hopefuls at its meeting on Israel and the future of American foreign policy.

  28. As Pete Buttigieg Courts Black Voters, His Sexuality Is a Hurdle for Some U.S., October 27

    A Buttigieg campaign memo that surfaced last week suggested “being gay was a barrier” to support from some black voters in South Carolina.

  29. Pete Buttigieg Is Running Strong in Iowa. Does He Have Room to Grow? U.S., October 25

    The mayor of South Bend, Ind., has opened more offices in Iowa than any other Democratic presidential candidate. Polls suggest his strategy has begun to pay off.

  30. Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren? New Polls Differ on Who’s Leading 2020 Race U.S., October 24

    Surveys released this week show varying, and sometimes conflicting, races unfolding nationally and in early primary states.

  31. As a Centrist Path Opens, Pete Buttigieg Moves Toward It U.S., October 23

    Mr. Buttigieg began his campaign in obscurity, staking out progressive positions. As his standing rises, he has moved toward the center, hoping to draw support away from Joe Biden.

  32. In Iowa, Amy Klobuchar Gets a Second Look After Debate U.S., October 21

    Mired in the polling doldrums, the Minnesota senator drew crowds and new donors after attacking Elizabeth Warren for a “pipe dream.”

  33. A Debate, Endorsements and Counting Cash: This Week in the 2020 Race U.S., October 19

    Here’s a rundown of major things that happened in the presidential campaign this week.