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    Everything you need to know as six Democratic presidential candidates prepare to face off in Las Vegas three days before the Nevada caucuses.

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    The billionaire faces a test as his moderate rivals scramble. This is your morning tip sheet.

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    There is not much sign that he has attracted significantly more black and Latino voters in Nevada and South Carolina, as he had said would happen after strong finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire.

  4. Tonight’s Democratic Debate: Bloomberg’s Stage Debut Interactive, Today

    Michael R. Bloomberg appears onstage with his Democratic presidential rivals for the first time tonight. See how his onstage presence might affect the dynamics.

  5. Iowa Democrats Complete Recanvass, but No Delegates Are Shifted U.S., Yesterday

    Bernie Sanders’s campaign said it would request the more intensive step of a recount after the state party announced that it had changed results in 29 precincts but that no national delegates would be moved.

  6. Watchdog Says Buttigieg Campaign Exploited Super PAC Loophole U.S., Yesterday

    Campaigns and super PACs aren’t supposed to work together, but social media is blurring the lines.

  7. Fact-Checking Pete Buttigieg Before the Nevada Caucuses U.S., Yesterday

    The former mayor of South Bend, Ind., has cherry-picked his record on minority poverty and arrests, overstated his consistency on health policy and used a questionable rationale to attack a rival.

  8. Who Has the Best Chance to Beat Trump? Opinion, Yesterday

    Reflecting recent polls, readers don’t agree on a particular candidate.

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    The president’s tweets, Bill Barr’s doings and the contest for the Democratic nomination made for quite a week of political theater.

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    Beware the Democrats of the living dead.

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    We seem to know less than we did at the beginning of the primary.

  12. Pete Buttigieg’s Dash for Cash: 10 Fund-Raisers in Two Weeks U.S., February 15

    He leads in the delegate race after Iowa and New Hampshire. But the map is dramatically expanding ahead of Super Tuesday and so are the costs of campaigning.

  13. A Scholar of Democracy Gets a 2020 Lab for His Ideas U.S., February 15

    He’s a senior adviser to Elizabeth Warren. He was one of Pete Buttigieg’s groomsmen. For him, the debate between those two rivals on progressivism vs. centrism is personal.

  14. The Fallout From New Hampshire: This Week in the 2020 Race U.S., February 15

    There are “only” eight candidates left in the Democratic primary and we still do not know who won Iowa. Here is a recap of what you might have missed from a busy week in the Democratic primary.

  15. What Being a Mayor Taught Pete Buttigieg U.S., February 14

    Some Democratic rivals question whether Mr. Buttigieg has the experience to be president. Some key episodes in South Bend show how he struggled, learned and grew as a leader.

  16. Bernie Sanders Isn’t a Socialist Opinion, February 13

    But he plays one on TV. That’s a problem.

  17. Are We Headed for a Bernie Sweep? Opinion, February 13

    And should we cancel Valentine’s Day?

  18. Troy Price, Iowa Democratic Party Leader, Resigns Over Caucus Debacle U.S., February 12

    Mr. Price announced he was stepping down after overseeing the chaotic Iowa caucuses that embarrassed the state and national party.

  19. Centrist Democrats Want to Stop Sanders. They’re Not Sure Who Can. U.S., February 12

    Unless a moderate favorite soon emerges, party leaders may increasingly look to Michael R. Bloomberg as a potential savior.

  20. The Math That Could Add Up to a Sanders Nomination The Upshot, February 12

    Why 15 percent is so important to him, and how Bloomberg could scramble those calculations.

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    Readers express fear that Bernie Sanders is “the dream candidate for Donald Trump” and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the other contenders.

  22. Business Is Worried About Bernie. Should It Be? Business, February 12

    Bernie Sanders emerged victorious from New Hampshire’s Democratic primary. Moderate supporters, including prominent business chiefs, are starting to sweat.

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    How will Bernie Sanders’s win change the race for the Democratic nomination?

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    New Hampshire was the first clean test for the Democratic candidates. Here’s an analysis of the results, and what they mean for the race.

  25. Bernie Sanders Prevails. Cue the Party Panic. Opinion, February 12

    Will the muddle of moderates sort itself out?

  26. Who Won in New Hampshire? Not the Establishment U.S., February 11

    Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg emerge at the top of the field as two former front-runners fade.

  27. Bernie Sanders Scores Narrow Victory in New Hampshire Primary U.S., February 11

    The Vermont senator tightened his grip on the Democratic Party’s liberal wing, benefiting from a field that has divided moderate voters.

  28. Estos son los latinos que intentan convencer a otros latinos de ir a las urnas en Español, February 11

    Unos 32 millones de latinos podrían votar en las elecciones presidenciales de Estados Unidos. Las campañas de los candidatos demócratas esperan atraerlos.

  29. 5 Takeaways From the New Hampshire Primary U.S., February 11

    Bernie Sanders is the front-runner, and Joe Biden is in serious trouble. Here’s what happened in the first primary of the 2020 race.

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    It’s all happening today in the Granite State. This is your morning tip sheet.

  31. New Hampshire Democrats Aren’t Just Voting Opinion, February 11

    They hold the fate of the party in their hands. And maybe not only their party.

  32. Oh, Does Another State Also Vote Early? New Hampshire Isn’t Listening U.S., February 11

    The “first in the nation” primary never lets Iowa tell it what to do. Especially not this year.

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    Detailed results and maps for the Republican primary.

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    The Times plans to make estimates around 8 p.m. Eastern.

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    Follow live coverage and analysis from Times reporters.

  36. Live Election Results: New Hampshire Primary Interactive, February 11

    Detailed results and maps from the New Hampshire primary election, the second contest of the 2020 presidential election.

  37. Sanders and Buttigieg Close Out New Hampshire Pitching Different Visions U.S., February 10

    For months, the two candidates had rarely faced off in direct attacks. But now, as the polling leaders, they are using the other as a foil to press their divergent cases for the presidency.

  38. Meet the Latinos Trying to Get Latinos to the Polls U.S., February 10

    A projected 32 million Latinos will be able to head to the polls in November. The Democratic presidential campaigns are hoping to engage them.

  39. As Democrats Try to Move On From the Caucus Chaos Opinion, February 10

    Readers continue the discussion about who has the best chance to defeat President Trump as New Hampshire holds its primary.

  40. On Politics: This Is Sparta (or Manchester) U.S., February 10

    The Sanders-Buttigieg attacks grow, and a Biden ad gets sarcastic. This is your morning tip sheet.

  41. Sanders and Buttigieg Clash, Aiming for a Two-Person Race U.S., February 9

    The point of the attacks was not to set off mass defections between the left and the center, but rather to consolidate support on one side of the party or the other.

  42. The Question All Democrats Need to Ask Themselves Opinion, February 9

    If your preferred candidate doesn’t win the nomination, will you still do everything you can to deny Trump a second term?

  43. Biden Slashes Into Buttigieg: ‘This Guy’s Not a Barack Obama!’ U.S., February 8

    The former vice president and his campaign, under pressure after his poor performance in Iowa, mounted unusually personal attacks on Mr. Buttigieg ahead of the New Hampshire primary.

  44. Trump Has Reshaped the Judiciary. Here’s How the 2020 Democrats Would Address That. U.S., February 8

    The Trump administration has reshaped the courts through conservative judicial appointments. In a candidate forum, Democrats described how they would respond.

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    A roundup of the Twitter reaction after seven candidates faced off Friday in New Hampshire.

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    It was a remarkably busy week on the 2020 campaign trail. Here’s a cheat sheet.

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    Our columnists and contributors give their rankings.

  48. Victors in Iowa, Sanders and Buttigieg Are Targets in Democratic Debate U.S., February 7

    In the most contentious debate so far, Joseph R. Biden Jr. challenged Bernie Sanders over gun regulation, and Amy Klobuchar accused Pete Buttigieg of presenting himself as a “cool newcomer.”

  49. Amy Klobuchar Compares ‘Cool Newcomer’ Pete Buttigieg to Trump U.S., February 7

    Democrats were off to a fiery start in the New Hampshire presidential primary debate on Friday.

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    Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. led the stage of seven candidates.Follow along live during the debate.

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    Here is how our reporters covered the Feb. 7 debate in real time from New Hampshire, four days before the primary.

  52. Elizabeth Warren Has a Pete Buttigieg Problem U.S., February 7

    In Iowa and New Hampshire, it’s Mr. Buttigieg — not Bernie Sanders — who has complicated Ms. Warren’s path, winning over college-educated white voters using a similar message of Democratic unity.

  53. The Latest New Hampshire Polls: Buttigieg Looks Competitive U.S., February 7

    Five days before the New Hampshire primary, the race is looking more like a two front-runner competition between Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders.

  54. Buttigieg Leads Sanders in Iowa Delegates, 13-12. So, Who Won? U.S., February 7

    Mr. Buttigieg has picked up the most pledged delegates so far, but it’s early in the race: 1,990 pledged delegates are needed to secure the Democratic presidential nomination.

  55. How Pete Buttigieg Became the Surprise of the Iowa Caucuses U.S., February 7

    Joe Biden’s organization remained weak. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren focused on cities and college towns. Mr. Buttigieg, however, went everywhere.

  56. 7 Takeaways From the Democratic Debate in New Hampshire U.S., February 7

    In the first presidential primary debate following the messy Iowa caucuses, and days before New Hampshire votes, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg were tested repeatedly.

  57. On Politics: Hanging-Chad Flashbacks U.S., February 7

    Everyone loves a recount, right? It might happen, or maybe not. This is your morning tip sheet.

  58. Muddled Democratic Race Hurtles to New Hampshire U.S., February 6

    A remarkable level of discord enveloped the start of the nominating process as results from Iowa’s troubled caucuses showed Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders in a dead heat.

  59. Bloomberg Pursues Wealthy Donors, but Not Their Checkbooks U.S., February 6

    Michael Bloomberg has sworn off taking money from other people for his presidential campaign. But in private, he is courting rich Democrats, potentially posing a challenge for his moderate rivals.

  60. What Would a ‘Recanvass’ in Iowa Look Like? U.S., February 6

    Here’s what would probably happen if the Iowa Democrats bowed to the demand by the Democratic National Committee’s chairman to double-check the results from the caucuses.

  61. See How the 2020 Democrats Zoomed Into New Hampshire Interactive, February 6

    Although the results were not finalized two days after the Iowa caucuses, the Democratic presidential candidates were already making their pitch to voters more than 1,000 miles away in New Hampshire.

  62. On Politics: Acquitted. What’s Next? U.S., February 6

    Attention turns fully to November, and Biden admits a “gut punch.” This is your morning tip sheet.

  63. What Did We Learn in Iowa? Opinion, February 6

    And what can the coronavirus tell us about China’s global standing?

  64. Thank You, Iowa Opinion, February 6

    You’ve definitively shown us why you shouldn’t be first on the political calendar, and so much more.

  65. Trump Will Slime His Democratic Opponent, No Matter Who It Is Opinion, February 6

    The approach is not to appear more ethical than the other candidate but to tear down that person’s character.

  66. Snail Mail and Nuisance Calls: New Details on the Iowa Caucus Problems U.S., February 5

    On a private conference call, Iowa Democratic leaders revealed more about how the reporting process on Monday night went calamitously awry.

  67. Biden and Warren Seek Revival, With Two Very Different Strategies U.S., February 5

    Mr. Biden has gone on the offensive, taking aim at two rivals ahead of him in the Iowa results, Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders, while Ms. Warren continues to stress unity.

  68. How Abortion Warps Our Politics Opinion, February 5

    The growing extremism of the debate alienates many people on the left and right.

  69. On Politics: Still Talking About Iowa U.S., February 5

    Results trickled in, and the candidates recalibrated. This is your morning tip sheet.

  70. What the Delayed Iowa Results Tell Us About the 2020 Race Video, February 5

    After almost 24 hours of delay, results from the Iowa caucuses have trickled in. Here’s what you need to know about the results and what they mean for New Hampshire.

  71. If Bernie Wins, Where Will He Take the Democratic Party? Opinion, February 5

    There are many pitfalls on the road ahead.

  72. Um, What Just Happened in Iowa? Opinion, February 4

    Buttigieg and Sanders were triumphant. But Trump had a few things he wanted to say for himself.

  73. Who Won and Who Lost the Fiasco in Iowa? Opinion, February 4

    The biggest winner, Mayor Pete, loses the most from the debacle, while a big loser, Biden, welcomed the absurdity.

  74. Iowa Democrats Release Partial Caucus Results, but No Winner Yet U.S., February 4

    A first wave of results showed Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders with an early lead, with Joseph R. Biden Jr. well behind.

  75. Iowa Results: What We Know So Far U.S., February 4

    Partial results for the caucuses were released, and the confusion continued to reverberate around the presidential race.

  76. Buttigieg Seizes on an Opportunity as Democrats Jostle for Advantage U.S., February 4

    With official results from Iowa in limbo, Pete Buttigieg and other presidential candidates sought to put their campaigns in the most favorable light before the New Hampshire primary.

  77. Iowa’s Unholy Mess Opinion, February 4

    The stakes are too high to begin like this.

  78. ‘A Complete Mess’: Still No Results From Iowa Caucus Video, February 4

    Democratic candidates tried to spin the chaotic situation at the Iowa caucuses, and campaigned in New Hampshire as they awaited the results.

  79. Waiting Years for This Night, Then Hours for an Iowa Winner U.S., February 4

    How a day that was supposed to bring clarity to the 2020 race turned into a cliffhanger caucus.

  80. Amy Klobuchar’s Caucus-Day in Iowa Visit Pays Off U.S., February 3

    While the final results of the Iowa caucuses were unclear, there was no shortage of drama inside the Johnston Middle School gymnasium.

  81. Delays Mar Iowa Caucuses as Democrats Start Nominating Process U.S., February 3

    A “quality control” issue with a new system of reporting results led to confusion and few solid numbers as Iowans turned out to select the candidate they thought could defeat President Trump.

  82. America Has Had a Year to Learn How to Say Buttigieg. And Yet. U.S., February 3

    You would think voters would get it by now.

  83. At a Super Bowl Party in Iowa, Undecided Caucusgoers Get Off the Fence U.S., February 3

    An annual watch party turned into a mini caucus, as longtime friends wrestled with choosing a Democratic candidate to support.

  84. 2020 Iowa Caucus Updates: Delayed Results Lead to Confusion U.S., February 3

    Multiple Democratic candidates said they expected to finish strong in the caucuses, though official results appeared to be a ways off.

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    It’s really, finally, happening. This is your morning tip sheet.

  86. The Field: Iowa’s Electability Complex Podcasts, February 3

    As Iowans prepare to cast the first votes of the 2020 Democratic nomination process, they’re asking one question: Who can win?

  87. The Field: Iowa’s Electability Complex Podcasts, February 3

    As Iowans prepare to cast the first votes of the 2020 Democratic nomination process, they’re asking one question: Who can win?

  88. What’s the Word From Iowa? A Local Reporter Has the Inside Scoop Opinion, February 3

    A ground-level view of what has happened in the frenzied final days as voters gather to pick a winner.

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    See how many delegates are available in each state.

  90. Democrats Had a 2020 Vision. This Isn’t Quite What They Expected. U.S., February 3

    On the brink of actual voting, the party that preached of unity to defeat President Trump finds itself very divided.

  91. Democrats Make Final Appeals in a Cloudy 2020 Iowa Caucus Race U.S., February 2

    Bernie Sanders is increasingly seen as the candidate on the rise. But the Iowa contest is unusually jumbled, and several candidates have realistic hopes for a sudden burst of momentum.

  92. Des Moines Register Poll of Iowa Caucusgoers Abruptly Shelved U.S., February 1

    The release of the highly anticipated survey was canceled after Pete Buttigieg’s campaign raised concerns that he was not included in at least one phone call.

  93. Rivals Target Sanders in Final Push Toward Iowa Caucuses U.S., February 1

    The specter of the divisive Democratic battles of 2016 cast a shadow over the final days of the 2020 contest for Iowa as several candidates questioned the ability of Bernie Sanders to unite the party.

  94. ‘It Would Have Been Nicer if Bernie Was Here’ U.S., February 1

    Inside the very weird homestretch in Iowa, where candidates were thin on the ground, but reporters were not.

  95. Mayor Pete’s Gay Reckoning Opinion, February 1

    Win or lose in Iowa, Buttigieg has challenged and changed America.

  96. Democratic Candidates Focus on All-Consuming Hunger to Unseat Trump U.S., February 1

    With the Iowa caucuses set to kick off the primary season on Monday night, a Democratic race that began as a contest of ideas and ideologies has given way to a fixation on electability.

  97. A 2020 Democratic Primary Endorsement Digest U.S., February 1

    Joe Biden has a hold on the Democratic establishment. Much of the far left supports Bernie Sanders. Mayors are backing Pete Buttigieg and Mike Bloomberg. And then there are the celebrities.

  98. Iowa, Iowa, Iowa: This Week in the 2020 Race U.S., February 1

    It’s all Iowa, all the time. You may not have been there, but we were. Here’s a rundown of what happened.

  99. ‘You Can’t Fake Those Kind of Skills’: Pete Buttigieg’s Charisma Test U.S., January 31

    The millennial former mayor of a midsize city has far surpassed expectations in the 2020 race. He doesn’t get fired up. Can he fire up people in Iowa?

  100. Iowa Will Be the First Test Case for 2020 Election Security U.S., January 31

    The good news is that caucuses are inherently safer than traditional elections. But campaigns remain dangerously exposed to hackers, and election systems in many states are still vulnerable.

  101. Is South Bend a Prosperous College Town or a Struggling Rust Belt City? The Upshot, January 30

    Two very different perceptions have taken hold of the place Pete Buttigieg has made a centerpiece of his campaign.

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    Strategic Iowa trips, a Sanders cash haul, Facebook ads: This is your morning tipsheet.

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    We analyzed the messaging in Facebook ads that appeared on voters’ screens in Iowa in the days leading up to the caucuses.

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  105. The Last Ads in Iowa U.S., January 28

    It’s time for the candidates’ final TV pitches to caucusgoers — and these ads can tell us a lot.

  106. When Your Best Surrogate Can’t Talk U.S., January 28

    Not everyone running for president is comfortable around dogs. But some 2020 contenders have made their canine companions into campaign stars.

  107. When Your Best Surrogate Can’t Talk U.S., January 28

    Not everyone running for president is comfortable around dogs. But some 2020 contenders have made their canine companions into campaign stars.

  108. How People of Color Inside the Buttigieg Campaign Sought to Be Heard U.S., January 28

    As the candidate courted nonwhite voters, employees of color were voicing their frustrations, according to interviews, documents and a recording. The campaign said it worked to foster a progressive workplace.

  109. In Iowa, the ‘Not Sanders’ Democrats Find Voters Torn U.S., January 27

    As the liberal Bernie Sanders tightens his grip in Iowa, more traditional Democrats remain split among his four leading competitors, or are unsure altogether of whom to support.

  110. How Pete Buttigieg Tailors His Message to Black and White Voters U.S., January 27

    Mr. Buttigieg is the star of the show at his campaign rallies in Iowa, where his crowds are virtually all white. In South Carolina, in front of black audiences, he still needs help telling his story.

  111. When Pete Buttigieg Came to Visit Opinion, January 27

    The former South Bend mayor’s endorsement interview, and what the board had to say after he left the room.

  112. T Minus 8 Days: A Frenetic Weekend on the Trail in Iowa U.S., January 26

    The candidates gave their stump speeches. They took photos and shook hands. They tried mightily to address the polling elephant in the room without appearing to concern themselves with it.

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    We sat down with Democratic presidential candidates and asked them a new set of questions, including how they’d debate President Trump to the last book they read.

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    Before the Iowa caucuses, we sat down with the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates (again) to ask 20 questions on President Trump, foreign policy, celebrity crushes and more.

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    We sat down again with Democratic candidates and asked them a new set of questions. Watch their answers.

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    With solid support from liberals, Mr. Sanders appears to be peaking just as the caucuses approach. But many Iowa voters said they could still change their mind.

  117. Sanders, Biden, Clinton? This Week in the 2020 Race U.S., January 25

    Paying attention to the impeachment trial this week? Us too. But here are 7 things that happened on the campaign trail you may have missed.

  118. 4 Reasons Anything Could Happen in Iowa U.S., January 24

    The state’s caucuses often come down to the wire, but this year’s contest is especially uncertain.

  119. The Darkness Where the Future Should Be Opinion, January 24

    What happens to a society that loses its capacity for awe and wonder at things to come?

  120. Stuck in the Senate as Their 2020 Rivals Have Iowa to Themselves U.S., January 22

    Several Democratic candidates and top contenders in the Feb. 3 caucuses are at the impeachment trial while Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg court hundreds of voters each day.

  121. Pete Buttigieg Once Led in Iowa. Can He Get His Groove Back? U.S., January 22

    With three of his top rivals pinned down at the Senate impeachment trial, Mr. Buttigieg has seized the opportunity to camp out in the state, largely below the radar.

  122. What the Editorial Board Really Thought of the Democratic Candidates Opinion, January 21

    Members say what impressed, disappointed and surprised them.

  123. ‘You Picked Two!’: Parsing the Klobuchar-Warren Endorsement Opinion, January 20

    Readers react to The Times’s unusual decision to endorse two candidates.

  124. 3 Organizers for 3 Candidates, Under One Roof: This Is Campaigning in Iowa U.S., January 20

    The candidates may be getting a bit testy, but organizers for three Democratic presidential campaigns amicably share a farmhouse that reflects Iowa’s culture of grass-roots politics.

  125. On King Holiday, 2020 Democrats March Arm in Arm to Honor His Legacy U.S., January 20

    Most of the leading Democratic presidential hopefuls took part in speeches, a march and a rally in the state capital, before heading to an Iowa forum focused on minority communities.