1. New York City Triathlon Is Canceled Because of Heat Warnings Sports, Yesterday

    The decision came a day after Mayor de Blasio urged race directors not to hold the event on Sunday, when temperatures in the high 90s are expected.

  2. Here Are the Lineups for the Next Democratic Debates U.S., Yesterday

    Kamala Harris and Joe Biden will face off again on the debate stage later this month, and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will headline the other half of the two-night event.

  3. Fire the Officer in the Eric Garner Case? De Blasio Falters New York, July 17

    The mayor has come under rising criticism for declining to support demands by Mr. Garner’s family for the Police Department to dismiss the officer.

  4. Why the Eric Garner Case Is Not Over New York, July 17

    Wednesday: The family is putting pressure on the mayor to fire the officers involved.

  5. Why Hasn’t the Officer Who Killed Eric Garner Been Fired Yet? Opinion, July 16

    The answers are frustrating, as his family grieves.

  6. What the City Didn’t Want the Public to Know: Its Policy Deepens Segregation New York, July 16

    An expert found that New York City housing policy deepens segregation, but City Hall wanted the report kept secret.

  7. A Burning 13,000-Volt Cable Touched Off Manhattan Blackout, Con Edison Says New York, July 15

    An equipment failure at a substation on the West Side of Manhattan plunged neighborhoods into darkness, the utility said.

  8. The Power Went Out. Where Was de Blasio? New York, July 14

    He was in rural Iowa, illustrating the perils mayors face when they run for president.

  9. Blackout: Con Edison Apologizes, but Offers Few Clues About ‘Root Cause’ New York, July 14

    Mayor Bill de Blasio, back from the presidential campaign trail, ruled out terrorism in the Manhattan power failure on Saturday night.

  10. Can Dante de Blasio Save His Father’s Presidential Campaign? New York, July 12

    With Mayor Bill de Blasio trailing badly, his son is heading to Iowa and beyond.

  11. For 30 Minutes on a Hot Friday Morning, Trump Lashes Out at a Range of Critics U.S., July 12

    The president’s targets included Bill de Blasio, Paul D. Ryan, the outgoing British ambassador and the press. But he said that Nancy Pelosi was not a racist.

  12. A Super Bowl Trip, a Bribery Indictment and the Taxi Industry’s Corruption New York, July 11

    Two taxi industry titans in New York carried out a scheme involving gifts such as lavish vacations, federal prosecutors said.

  13. Here’s One List Where Kirsten Gillibrand Is Winning and Kamala Harris Is Tied With Marianne Williamson U.S., July 11

    A study of the Democratic presidential contenders says Gillibrand, Warren and O’Rourke have done the most to help build the party by boosting state legislative candidates.

  14. De Blasio Doesn’t Get It. Not Everyone Who Carries a Gun Is a Shooter. Opinion, July 11

    A model Brooklyn program to keep young people out of jail runs afoul of the mayor and the police.

  15. A Bailout for Taxi Drivers? The Mayor Says No, but Others Keep Pushing New York, July 8

    Council members are battling with City Hall over how to help thousands of cabdrivers who are struggling with overwhelming debt.

  16. Cyclist Killed by Cement Truck and 2 Other Deaths Spur ‘Emergency’ New York, July 3

    The spate of cyclist deaths drew anguished cries from transportation advocates and undercut a signature policy of the mayor.

  17. Why ‘Raising a Black Son’ Is a de Blasio Campaign Theme New York, July 1

    Dante de Blasio, whose giant Afro was featured in his father’s bid for New York City mayor, is playing a role in his presidential campaign.

  18. De Blasio’s Guevara Lesson: What He Says in New York Should Stay in New York New York, June 28

    Mayor de Blasio’s penchant for dropping in Spanish phrases during New York City labor rallies did not serve him well on the presidential trail in Miami.

  19. De Blasio’s Tough Talk on Police Reform Rings Hollow Opinion, June 27

    As the New York mayor cites his biracial son in a presidential debate, a report accuses the N.Y.P.D. of mishandling complaints of racial bias.

  20. De Blasio Impresses in Debate, Then Stumbles by Quoting Che Guevara in Miami New York, June 27

    The New York City mayor showed he could hold his own in the first Democratic debate, but then angered some in South Florida by quoting the Cuban revolutionary.

  21. Highlights From the First Democratic Debate Video, June 27

    Ten candidates in the presidential primary faced off on immigration, health care and the economy.

  22. Democrats Diverge on Economy and Immigration in First Debate U.S., June 26

    Elizabeth Warren set the tone for the party’s progressive wing, but others among the 10 candidates were more cautious, producing clashes along ideological lines.

  23. Democrats Diverge on Economy and Immigration in First Debate U.S., June 26

    Elizabeth Warren set the tone for the party’s progressive wing, but others among the 10 candidates were more cautious, producing clashes along ideological lines.

  24. Bill de Blasio on Income Inequality U.S., June 26

    Many of Mr. de Blasio’s accomplishments as mayor of New York City are tied to closing the wealth gap.

  25. Analysis of the First 2020 Democratic Debate Interactive, June 26

    Ten candidates faced off in the first Democratic primary debate on Wednesday. Here is how our reporters covered it in real time.

  26. Opinion | Democratic Debate Commentary and Analysis Interactive, June 26

    Welcome to Opinion’s debate commentary for the first Democratic presidential candidate debate, with columnists Michelle Goldberg and Ross Douthat as well as the editorial board writer Michelle Cottle.

  27. 7 Takeaways from the First Democratic Debate U.S., June 26

    Julián Castro excelled, Elizabeth Warren went from big factor at first to non-factor at times, and Cory Booker and Beto O’Rourke spoke the most but didn’t create singularly memorable moments.

  28. The Democratic Debates, Night One: Political Dynamics to Watch Interactive, June 26

    Here's a guide to help you understand the political dynamics and tension points in the first Democratic presidential debate.

  29. The Bug That Crashed New York’s Wireless Network New York, June 24

    Despite warnings, New York City’s technology managers were blindsided by the so-called GPS rollover, failing to install simple but necessary upgrades.

  30. Amid Racial Divisions, Mayor’s Plan to Scrap Elite School Exam Fails New York, June 24

    Opposition from Asian lawmakers and a billionaire’s lobbying push helped block Bill de Blasio’s plan to desegregate New York’s specialized schools.

  31. Students of Color are More Likely to Be Arrested in School. That May Change. New York, June 20

    New York City’s new discipline code could have an immediate impact.

  32. New York Union Throws Weight Behind ‘Hometown Guy’ Bill de Blasio for 2020 U.S., June 20

    A New York hotel union is directing donations to the mayor, with an eye on influencing the next mayor’s race in addition to the presidential contest.