1. 87% of N.Y.C. Bars and Restaurants Fell Short on Rent Metro, September 23

    Despite a plethora of outdoor dining and the plans to allow some indoor dining by next week, the outlook for the food service industry is grim.

  2. Black New Yorkers Are Twice as Likely to Be Stopped by the Police, Data Shows Metro, September 23

    A report shows Black neighborhoods have been more heavily patrolled, but police officials have said that enforcement is mostly driven by 911 and 311 calls, not racial bias.

  3. 9 of Every 10 Restaurants and Bars in N.Y.C. Can’t Pay Full Rent Metro, September 22

    A survey conducted by an industry group found that many establishments were still facing a financial crisis even after opening for outdoor dining.

  4. N.Y.C. Schools Reopen for a First Day Unlike Any Other Metro, September 22

    Up to 90,000 in pre-K as well as students with advanced disabilities streamed into about 700 school buildings for in-person classes.

  5. Mix of Joy and Confusion as School Doors Open for Youngest in N.Y.C. Metro, September 21

    Up to 90,000 children in pre-K and students with advanced disabilities returned to in-person school on Monday.

  6. How N.Y.C.’s Mayor Ignored Warnings and Mishandled Reopening Schools Metro, September 18

    Mayor Bill de Blasio delayed the start of school for a second time, leading to an uproar among parents.

  7. Streaming Kindergarten on TikTok National, September 18

    Teachers are posting videos of the extraordinary energy required keep young learners engaged and amused.

  8. Ready for School to Start? For Most Students, Not So Fast. Metro, September 18

    Mayor Bill de Blasio's announcement of a phased start to in-person classes left many parents with little time to make alternative arrangements. 

  9. How N.Y.C.’s Plan to Open Schools Fell Apart Interactive, September 17

    Mayor Bill de Blasio canceled the start of in-person classes for the country’s largest school system just three days before they were set to begin, sowing even more confusing among parents and educators.

  10. New York, a City on Its Own Editorial, September 17

    The city has been failed by the federal government — and by leaders closer to home.

  11. N.Y.C. Will Again Delay Start of In-Person Classes for Most Students Metro, September 17

    The city had scheduled classes to start on Monday. Now, students will be allowed to return on a rolling basis, beginning with those in pre-K.

  12. N.Y.C. Mayor to Furlough 495 Staff Members for a Week, Including Himself Metro, September 16

    The symbolic move, which would yield $860,000 in anticipated savings, could be a precursor to similar maneuvers to slash the budget.

  13. In Two Phone Calls, I Learned Just Who Counts in New York Op Ed, September 15

    My TV show is a very safe place to work. My son’s school — well, it might check air circulation with a yardstick and toilet paper.

  14. How Can Executives Reach the Mayor? Try a Strong Letter Metro, September 15

    Business leaders wrote Bill de Blasio asking for help bringing their employees back to the office. He asked for their help in return.

  15. How China Brought Almost 200 Million Students Back N Y T Now, September 14

    We’re also rounding up thought-provoking ideas about Covid-era education, and bringing you the latest local updates for K-12 and college.

  16. How China Got Almost 200 Million Students Back to School U.S., September 14

    A forceful, command-and-control approach that brooks no dissent

  17. New York City Council, Don’t Roll Back Police Reforms Editorial, September 13

    Officials might weaken a law that bans chokeholds and other police maneuvers that restrict airflow.

  18. Inside the Clash Between Powerful Business Leaders and N.Y.C.’s Mayor Metro, September 12

    The tensions burst into the open when 163 executives joined to criticize Bill de Blasio’s leadership. Others think their portrait of the city is overly bleak.

  19. Who’s the Next Woman to Take Over on Wall Street? Business, September 11

    Citigroup made history by appointing Jane Fraser as its next C.E.O., making her the first woman to lead a major Wall Street bank. Who will be the second?

  20. New York City Marks 9/11 at a Time of Harrowing Loss Metro, September 11

    As they memorialize a past tragedy, New Yorkers face another profound and deadly crisis that is not yet over.

  21. 150 Big Businesses Warn Mayor of ‘Widespread Anxiety’ Over N.Y.C.’s Future Metro, September 10

    Leaders of companies like Goldman Sachs and JetBlue implored Mayor Bill de Blasio to take more decisive action to halt the city’s decline.

  22. 150 Big Businesses Warn Mayor of ‘Widespread Anxiety’ Over N.Y.C.’s Future Metro, September 10

    Leaders of companies like Goldman Sachs and JetBlue implored Mayor Bill de Blasio to take more decisive action to halt the city’s decline.

  23. After Backlash, Homeless Men Will Move Out of the Upper West Side Metro, September 10

    Some residents complained that the new neighbors were diminishing the quality of life in the area. Others felt that characterization was unfair.

  24. N.Y.C. to Allow Indoor Dining, in Milestone on Recovery From Pandemic Metro, September 9

    Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced that restaurants can open for indoor service at 25 percent capacity, starting on Sept. 30.

  25. What to Know About the N.Y.C. Mayoral Race Metro, September 9

    With Mayor Bill de Blasio stepping down next year because of term limits, a crowded field has emerged to replace him. 

  26. How to Fix New York’s $5 Billion Budget Crisis Editorial, September 7

    Before he borrows, Mayor de Blasio needs to make significant cuts to avoid greater pain later.

  27. N.Y.C. Parents Are Exhausted. But Will They Send Their Children to School? Metro, September 4

    So far, nearly 40 percent of families have opted to have their children learn fully remotely when public schools reopen on Sept. 21.

  28. N.Y.C. Surpasses 1,000 Shootings Before Labor Day Metro, September 3

    The city recorded 242 shootings last month, more than twice as many as in August 2019.

  29. N.Y.C. School Plan Hinges on Hundreds of Thousands of Virus Tests Metro, September 2

    To keep schools safe after reopening, the city plans mandatory tests of 10 percent of students and teachers. If parents refuse, their children will have to learn at home.

  30. Why N.Y.C. Delayed the First Day of School Metro, September 2

    Over a million schoolchildren will start in-person classes beginning on Sept. 21, 10 days later than originally planned.

  31. New York City Delays Start of School to Ready for In-Person Classes Metro, September 1

    The system’s 1.1 million children will not return to school until Sept. 21.

  32. N.Y.C. to Pay $5.9 Million in Death of Transgender Woman at Rikers Metro, August 31

    Layleen Polanco had a fatal epileptic seizure while in isolation, an investigation found, spurring calls to end solitary confinement and close the jail complex.

  33. N.Y.C. Tenants Say They Were Tricked Into Appearing in R.N.C. Video Metro, August 28

    “I am not a Trump supporter,” one of the tenants said, adding that she was furious that her interview with a government official was used for the convention.

  34. Trump Says Crime Is Rampant in N.Y.C. Here Are the Facts. Metro, August 28

    At the Republican National Convention, the president and two other New Yorkers painted a dark picture of the city. The reality is more complex.

  35. Is New York’s Arts Diversity Plan Working? It’s Hard to Tell Culture, August 26

    While the CreateNYC program increased funding for smaller neighborhood arts organizations, it never required institutions to disclose the demographic data that would help measure progress.