1. Mueller Files New Fraud Charges Against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates Washington, Yesterday

    The charges do not involve President Trump or his campaign, but they compound the legal problems for Mr. Manafort, his former campaign chairman.

  2. Trump Attacks Obama, and His Own Attorney General, Over Russia Inquiry Washington, February 21

    President Trump attacked his own attorney general on Wednesday, asking in a Twitter post why Jeff Sessions has not been investigating Democrats for Russian interference in the 2016 election.

  3. The Trolling of the American Mind Op Ed, February 21

    The Russian email hacking mattered. Their troll army is a phantom menace.

  4. Listen to ‘The Daily’: Russian Trolls’ Favorite Weapon Podcasts, February 21

    The indictment secured by the special counsel makes it clear that Facebook was used extensively in the campaign to disrupt the 2016 election. How did Russia do it?

  5. Trump Tries to Shift Blame to Obama for Not Countering Russian Meddling Washington, February 20

    President Trump suggested that the Obama administration did not do enough to prevent the Kremlin’s influence campaign.

  6. Tools of Trump’s Fixer: Payouts, Intimidation and the Tabloids Investigative, February 18

    Beyond facilitating a $130,000 payment to silence a pornographic film actress, Donald Trump’s lawyer spent years making aggressive behind-the-scenes efforts to protect him.

  7. How Unwitting Americans Encountered Russian Operatives Online Washington, February 18

    With imperfect English and tireless posting on Facebook and Twitter, Russian trolls summoned Americans to rallies, praised Donald J. Trump and played on political divisions.

  8. Indictment Leaves No Doubt: Russia Backed Trump. But Was It the Difference? Washington, February 18

    The charges against 13 Russians have injected a new twist into a debate that has consumed the political universe since the final hours of election night: How did Trump do it?

  9. Fact-Checking a Facebook Executive’s Comments on Russian Interference Business, February 19

    Rob Goldman, Facebook vice president for ads, tweeted about Russia’s disinformation effort. President Trump then cited him. We fact-checked Mr. Goldman.

  10. Russian Meddling Was a Drop in an Ocean of American-Made Discord Foreign, February 18

    It does not take much to get Americans to turn against one another. Partisan polarization was well underway before Moscow got involved.

  11. Attacking the ‘Woke’ Black Vote Op Ed, February 18

    The Russia indictment shows that black folks had unwanted hands on their backs, nudging them toward apathy.

  12. Trump’s Evolution From Relief to Fury Over the Russia Indictment Washington, February 18

    The president unleashed a two-day Twitter tirade that was unusually angry and defiant even by his standards.

  13. Trump Falsely Claims, ‘I Never Said Russia Did Not Meddle’ Washington, February 18

    Here are eight times President Trump has rejected or otherwise doubted that Moscow had a role in interfering with the 2016 presidential election.

  14. To Stir Discord in 2016, Russians Turned Most Often to Facebook Business, February 17

    The special counsel’s indictment detailed how crucial Facebook and Instagram were to the Russian campaign to disrupt the presidential election.

  15. 13 Russians Indicted as Mueller Reveals Effort to Aid Trump Campaign Washington, February 16

    The indictment does not allege collusion but reveals in painstaking detail how Russians posed as American activists to boost Mr. Trump’s campaign.

  16. Message to Trump: Let Mueller Do His Job Op Ed, February 16

    The indictments of 13 Russians for interfering in the 2016 election are a wakeup call for all Americans.

  17. Trump’s Inaugural Committee Paid $26 Million to Firm of First Lady’s Adviser Washington, February 15

    The committee, which raised a record $107 million, detailed its finances in a tax filing, revealing that it donated less than expected to charity.

  18. Scandal-Ridden Scoundrel Op Ed, February 15

    This is the politics of the petty, where people dance and shout as the republic burns.

  19. How an Abundance of Democratic Candidates Could Help the G.O.P. Hold the House National, February 14

    In a lesson in unintended consequences, a voting overhaul in California could end up keeping Democrats off the ballot in two battleground districts.

  20. Michael D. Cohen, Trump’s Longtime Lawyer, Says He Paid Stormy Daniels Out of His Own Pocket Washington, February 13

    Michael D. Cohen, who worked as a counsel to the Trump Organization for more than a decade, said he was not reimbursed for the 2016 payment.

  21. Corker Reconsiders Retirement, but He Must Win Over Trump to Do It Washington, February 13

    Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee is having second thoughts about retiring. But without President Trump’s support, he is unlikely to win the nomination.

  22. ‘An Extraordinary Moment’: Explaining the Russia Inquiry National, February 12

    Mark Mazzetti, our Washington investigations editor, answers readers’ questions about the Russia inquiry.

  23. How Partisan Has House Intelligence Panel Become? It’s Building a Wall Washington, February 8

    Since taking up its Russia inquiry last year, the committee, once an oasis of country-first cooperation in a divided Congress, has descended into dysfunction.

  24. Lie, Exploit and Destroy Op Ed, February 8

    Trump’s tactics are basic branding.

  25. Evangelicals, Having Backed Trump, Find White House ‘Front Door Is Open’ Washington, February 7

    As President Trump prepares to speak at the National Prayer Breakfast, conservative religious leaders have hailed the president’s first-year agenda as their own.

  26. The Taming of a Demagogue Op Ed, February 7

    Why Trump-fearing conservatives aren’t obliged to vote like Democrats.

  27. The Rise of China and the Fall of the ‘Free Trade’ Myth Magazine, February 7

    China’s economic success lays bare an uncomfortable historical truth: No one who preaches ‘free trade’ really practices it.

  28. Gowdy Emerges as Key Challenger to Trump on G.O.P. Russia Memo Washington, February 5

    Representative Trey Gowdy’s words matter to Republicans, so when he said the Russia memo did not absolve President Trump, it undercut the White House.

  29. Constitutional Crisis in Slow Motion Op Ed, February 4

    Trump will never put the country above himself.

  30. Trump Says Republican Memo ‘Totally Vindicates’ Him Washington, February 3

    Though President Trump said the highly contentious memo proved his innocence, it did nothing to clear him of either collusion or obstruction.

  31. The Nunes Memo Is All Smoke, No Fire Op Ed, February 3

    It gives us too little information to make a conclusion about whether the government abused the surveillance laws.

  32. How Trump’s Allies Fanned an Ember of Controversy Into Flames of Outrage Washington, February 2

    A memo by House Republicans didn’t live up to its billing, but the tactics used to stoke doubts about law enforcement could have a lingering impact on the Russia investigation.

  33. Carter Page, Ex-Trump Aide Once Shunned by Right, Is Back at the Center of the Russia Case Washington, February 2

    The former campaign adviser was once dismissed by a White House that is now using him to discredit the F.B.I.

  34. 7 Takeaways From the Release of the Secret Memo Washington, February 2

    The memo released Friday provides little evidence to cast doubt on the origins of the Russia investigation, and instead reads like a greatest hits collection of Republican talking points.

  35. We’ve Got the Memo. Now What About Trump’s Tax Returns? Editorial, February 2

    Since Republicans are now on board with greater transparency, surely they’ll be eager to release more information to the public.

  36. ‘The Simpsons’ Has Predicted a Lot. Most of It Can Be Explained. Culture, February 2

    “When that many smart people produce a television show, it’s bound to make some startling ‘predictions,’” one writer said.

  37. The Republican Plot Against the F.B.I. Editorial, February 1

    Mr. Trump and the G.O.P. lawmakers behind the soon-to-be released Nunes memo are harming the nation in ways that could be difficult to reverse.

  38. Trump Has Got Democrats Right Where He Wants Them Op Ed, February 1

    As far as the president’s immigration plan goes, they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

  39. Mueller Zeros In on Story Put Together About Trump Tower Meeting Washington, January 31

    Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel, has pressed witnesses about a statement hastily written last summer aboard Air Force One and wants to know more from President Trump.

  40. About 25% of Trump’s Re-election Spending Continues to Go to Lawyers Washington, February 1

    As the president looks ahead to the 2020 campaign, law firms responding to the Russia inquiry continue to receive payments from re-election committees.

  41. Fix the F.B.I. Don’t Politicize It. Op Ed, January 30

    On Andrew McCabe and the memo, Trump is misusing the power of the presidency.

  42. House Republicans Vote to Release Secret Memo on Russia Inquiry Washington, January 29

    Disregarding Justice Department warnings, the House Intelligence Committee will release a secret memo questioning the origins of the Russia investigation.

  43. Hillary Clinton Chose to Shield a Top Adviser Accused of Harassment in 2008 Washington, January 26

    Mrs. Clinton’s campaign manager at the time recommended that she fire the adviser, Burns Strider. Instead, Mr. Strider was docked several weeks of pay and ordered to undergo counseling.

  44. Politics Shouldn’t Be Like Open Mic Night Op Ed, January 25

    Amateur candidates can refresh government — but they can also magnify polarization and dysfunction.

  45. Russian Trolls Are Only Part of the Problem Op Ed, January 25

    Facebook and Twitter need to realize that “fake news” and hateful content can be homegrown, too.

  46. Is President Trump a Stealth Postmodernist or Just a Liar? Op Ed, January 25

    His successful deployment of “truthful hyperbole” has got people thinking.

  47. Seeing Through the Fog in the Mueller Russia Probe Op Ed, January 25

    Was there a conspiracy on the part of Trump’s inner circle to mislead federal officials?