1. Michael Cohen, Trump’s Ex-Lawyer Who Implicated Him in Hush-Money Scandal, Faces Sentencing Metro, Today

    The sentencing, at 11 a.m. in Manhattan, will cap a startling fall for Mr. Cohen, who is a central figure in the payments to a porn star and a former Playboy model.

  2. The Presidency or Prison Op Ed, December 10

    What happens if re-election is Trump's best hope of avoiding an indictment?

  3. ‘A Simple Private Transaction’: Trump Lays Out a Defense in a Campaign-Finance Case Washington, December 10

    After prosecutors essentially named President Trump an unindicted co-conspirator with Michael D. Cohen, Mr. Trump insisted that payments to two women were not election-related spending.

  4. Maria Butina, Russian Accused of Spying, Enters Plea Deal; Court Papers Backpedal on Sex Claims Washington, December 10

    Ms. Butina will plead guilty to conspiring to act as a foreign agent. The case drew headlines with accusations that she used sex as spycraft as she tried to influence Republicans.

  5. Stocks Have Wiped Out Their Gains for the Year. But if You Step Back, They’re Still Riding High. Interactive, December 10

    Worries about global economic growth, trade and the strength of corporate America have been battering stocks. While that’s cause for concern, it is important to put slides like this in context.

  6. The Stock Market Has Wiped Out Its 2018 Gains. But if You Step Back, It’s Still Riding High. Interactive, December 10

    Worries about global economic growth, trade and the strength of corporate America have been battering stocks. While that’s cause for concern, it is important to put slides like this in context.

  7. The Surprisingly Normal Reason Trump Wants a New Chief of Staff Op Ed, December 10

    It probably has nothing to do with John Kelly’s personality. More likely, the White House wants someone who’s got political skills for the 2020 campaign.

  8. Trump’s Tawdry Tabloid Sagas Reveal Weightier Themes Business, December 9

    In taking on Michael Cohen, federal prosecutors find unexpected meaning in the scandals involving Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

  9. Michael Cohen Wanted to Cooperate in His Own Way. Prosecutors Had Other Ideas. Metro, December 9

    It seems Mr. Cohen offered to provide just enough information to make a bid for leniency, but nothing more about his or others’ activities.

  10. Surviving a Criminal Presidency Op Ed, December 9

    No one is above the law in America.

  11. Done With Michael Cohen, Federal Prosecutors Shift Focus to Trump Family Business Investigative, December 9

    Prosecutors say President Trump organized illegal payments to two women during the presidential campaign. Now they want to know if he and Mr. Cohen acted alone.

  12. Highlights of Comey Testimony: He Likes Mueller, but They’re Not Best Friends Express, December 9

    A transcript of the remarks of James B. Comey, the former F.B.I. director, before two House committees on Friday was released. We break it down.

  13. Prosecutors Effectively Accuse Trump of Defrauding Voters. What Does It Mean? Washington, December 8

    President Trump’s lawyer minimized the importance of any potential campaign finance violations, but Democrats said they could potentially lead to impeachment.

  14. Flynn Was Key Cooperator and Deserves Little Prison Time, Mueller Team Says Washington, December 4

    Mr. Flynn has pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about conversations he had with the Russian ambassador to the United States during the presidential transition.

  15. Bloomberg, Focusing on Climate Change, Says He Would Battle the Coal Industry Politics, December 4

    The billionaire philanthropist, appearing in Iowa as he mulls a presidential run, called climate change “the issue’’ for 2020.

  16. Why Michael Cohen, Trump’s Fixer, Confessed to It All Metro, December 3

    Mr. Cohen has told friends that he wanted to speed up the process by confessing his crimes quickly so that he could begin serving any sentence he receives.

  17. Manafort Discussed Deal With Ecuador to Hand Assange Over to U.S. Washington, December 3

    There is no evidence that Paul Manafort was working with President Trump or other administration officials on the talks, which stemmed from 2017 discussions on Chinese investment.

  18. Trump Urges Maximum Sentence for Lawyer Who Implicated Him Washington, December 3

    Michael D. Cohen is cooperating with the special counsel, who is investigating whether the Trump campaign had any ties to Russian election interference.

  19. Comey Reaches Agreement With Republicans to Testify Behind Closed Doors Express, December 2

    A compromise announced on Sunday would allow him to speak publicly about his testimony and for a transcript to be released in 24 hours, he said.

  20. Mueller Exposes the Culture of Lying That Surrounds Trump Washington, December 1

    As a businessman, candidate and president, Mr. Trump has demanded loyalty of advisers, including an embrace of his habitual boasts, misstatements and outright falsehoods.

  21. Michael Cohen, Ex-Trump Lawyer, Asks U.S. Judge for Leniency Metro, December 1

    A memo submitted by Mr. Cohen’s lawyers asked that he avoid prison time.

  22. Trump Fund-Raiser Received Laundered Foreign Money, Prosecutors Say Washington, November 30

    Elliott Broidy was paid through shell companies to try to end an investigation into a Malaysian financier accused of money laundering, according to court filings made public on Friday.

  23. Bernie Sanders Steps Out With His Favored Political Partner: His Wife Politics, November 30

    At a symposium organized by Jane Sanders, the Vermont senator didn’t quite take the reins of 2020 leadership. But he didn’t drop them either.

  24. Trump Defends Pursuit of Russia Deal in 2016 as ‘Very Legal’ Washington, November 30

    President Trump said he had looked only “lightly” at constructing a building in Russia. “Put up zero money, zero guarantees and didn’t do the project,” he said.

  25. Putin Knew. America Didn’t. Op Ed, November 30

    Also: A surprising new story about police violence against an African-American man.

  26. How a Lawyer, a Felon and a Russian General Chased a Moscow Trump Tower Deal Investigative, November 29

    During the presidential campaign, Michael D. Cohen and Felix Sater, an associate with a criminal past, pursued a new Trump Tower project with a former spymaster’s help.

  27. Did a Real Estate Project Influence Trump’s View of Russia Sanctions? Washington, November 29

    In 2016, when his company was negotiating a potential deal in Moscow, Donald J. Trump suggested that there was no need for the United States to penalize Russia over Crimea.

  28. Trump Denies Business Dealings With Russia. His Former Lawyer Contradicts Him. Washington, November 29

    For years, the president has denied that he had any business interests in Russia during the 2016 election. His former personal lawyer now says otherwise.

  29. Trump Is Compromised by Russia Op Ed, November 29

    Michael Cohen's latest plea is proof.

  30. What Cohen’s Deal Means for Trump Op Ed, November 29

    We can expect even bigger bombshells — and White House threats against Mueller — in the coming weeks.

  31. From Loyalist to Enemy: The Evolution of the Trump-Cohen Relationship Video, November 29

    Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer, pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about plans to build a tower for Mr. Trump in Russia. The admission is the latest twist in the onetime Trump loyalist’s deteriorating relationship with the president.

  32. Trump’s Recall of Moscow Deal Matches Cohen’s, President’s Lawyers Say Washington, November 29

    President Trump told the special counsel that he knew of a project to build a Trump Tower in Moscow and discussed it with his longtime fixer before it fell apart, Mr. Trump’s lawyers said.

  33. Cohen Pleads Guilty and Details Trump’s Involvement in Moscow Tower Project Washington, November 29

    Michael D. Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer, pleaded guilty to making false statements to Congress about his efforts to pursue a Trump Tower deal in Russia.

  34. Donald Trump’s Dimming Prospects Op Ed, November 29

    Two years is an eternity in politics, but the president has a lot to worry about.

  35. Ivanka Trump Says Her Private Email Use Has ‘No Equivalency’ With Hillary Clinton’s Washington, November 28

    “People who want to see it as the same, see it as the same,” Ivanka Trump said, defending her use of a private email account for government business.

  36. Roger Stone Sought WikiLeaks’ Plans Amid 2016 Campaign, Associate Says Washington, November 27

    The conservative author Jerome Corsi’s dealings with the special counsel have prompted alarm among President Trump’s personal lawyers.

  37. What Was Paul Manafort Thinking? Op Ed, November 27

    There’s no good explanation for why he lied to Mueller.

  38. New Book Gives Voice to Trump’s Claims of a Vast Conspiracy Against Him Washington, November 25

    In the book “Trump’s Enemies,” by Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, President Trump repeats his unfounded assertion that President Barack Obama was complicit in spying against him.

  39. New York State’s Lawsuit Against Trump Foundation Can Proceed, Judge Rules Metro, November 23

    A judge rejected several arguments that the state’s lawsuit accusing the Trump Foundation of misusing funds and self-dealing should be tossed out.

  40. Jerome Corsi, Friend of Roger Stone, Is in Plea Talks With Mueller Washington, November 23

    Mr. Corsi is said to have been presented with evidence that he was not truthful when investigators asked him whether he knew beforehand about actions by WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign.

  41. Bernie Sanders: Lion of the Left, but Not the Only One Roaring Politics, November 23

    As he prepares for a likely run in 2020, Mr. Sanders is still a leader of the liberal wing. But other Democrats have adopted his message, making him less of a singular figure.

  42. Republicans Subpoena James Comey and Loretta Lynch Over Clinton Email Case Washington, November 22

    Mr. Comey, the former F.B.I. director, responded to the demand for a closed-door session by saying he preferred to give public testimony.

  43. What the Polls Got Right This Year, and Where They Went Wrong Upshot, November 21

    Though more accurate over all, the polls mismeasured some of the same areas of the country in the same way.

  44. Trump Wanted to Order Justice Dept. to Prosecute Comey and Clinton Washington, November 20

    The encounter was one of the most blatant examples yet of how President Trump views the typically independent Justice Department as a tool to be wielded against his political enemies.

  45. Johnny Depp Is NOT Best Friends With This Lizard, Despite Report Styles, November 20

    A website called Gossip Cop fact-checks gossip. Who will fact-check Gossip Cop?

  46. Donald Trump Fails, Again Op Ed, November 19

    The orange emperor has no clothes.

  47. Trump Is Beginning to Lose His Grip Op Ed, November 17

    It isn’t just white suburban women who switched to Democrats. Parts of rural and white working class America peeled off too.

  48. How the Trump Administration Stepped Up Pursuit of WikiLeaks’s Assange Washington, November 16

    As American spies worked to collect intelligence on Julian Assange, Justice Department prosecutors took steps that resulted in secret charges.

  49. What Facebook Knew and Tried to Hide Podcasts, November 16

    The social network’s top executives responded to scandals by delaying information, obfuscating problems and deflecting blame.

  50. Why the Perfect Red-State Democrat Lost Opinion, November 16

    Taylor Sappington is exactly the kind of candidate his party should want in Ohio. But he couldn’t get union support.

  51. Weak Spots in Democrats’ Strong Midterm Results Point to Challenges in 2020 Upshot, November 13

    The unfavorable map of the 2016 election still seems to pose a problem.

  52. Cooperating Witness in Mueller Inquiry Predicts His Own Indictment for Lying Washington, November 12

    Jerome Corsi, an associate of Roger J. Stone Jr., said his negotiations with the special counsel’s office have broken down after two months.