1. F.B.I. Agent Peter Strzok, Who Criticized Trump in Texts, Is Fired Washington, Yesterday

    Mr. Strzok was one of the F.B.I.’s top counterintelligence officials. But his disparaging texts about President Trump handed a weapon to conservatives assailing the Russia investigation.

  2. Welcome to the Resistance, Omarosa Op Ed, Yesterday

    She’s a venal scammer, but she’s right to tell all about Trump.

  3. Cuomo Agrees, Finally, to Debate Nixon on Aug. 29 Metro, Yesterday

    Cynthia Nixon has been challenging the governor to a debate since May, but until now, he had demurred. He did not debate his 2014 primary challenger.

  4. How Will ‘Collusion’ Play in the Midterms? Op Ed, Yesterday

    Voters will have to make up their own minds about how the puzzle pieces fit together.

  5. The Rise and Fall of Paul Manafort: Greed, Deception and Ego Washington, August 12

    The former Trump campaign chairman’s trial has ripped away the facade of a man who worked for the campaign for free, intimating he was too rich to need the money.

  6. Wisconsin Faces a Political Crossroads Tuesday. Which Way Will It Go? Politics, August 12

    Democrats hope to swing back in their favor a state that played an unexpectedly pivotal role in President Trump’s victory. But it may be too late.

  7. The White Strategy Op Ed, August 11

    Trump’s winning coalition and its weaknesses.

  8. Michael Avenatti Urges Democrats to Reject Michelle Obama’s Advice on Trump Politics, August 10

    Mrs. Obama said, “When they go low, we go high.” In his first speech as a prospective presidential candidate, Mr. Avenatti told Democrats to “fight fire with fire” instead.

  9. Manafort Leaned on Ties to Trump to Win Loans, a Bank Official Testifies Washington, August 10

    Months after Paul Manafort left Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign, he still sought to use that connection to bail himself out of financial trouble, a banker’s testimony showed.

  10. The Trump Voters We Don’t Talk About Podcasts, August 10

    New data offers a more nuanced look at this group beyond “white men without a college degree.”

  11. Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels’s Lawyer, Eyes Another Gig: President Politics, August 9

    Mr. Avenatti, President Trump’s tormentor, said he is “strongly considering” running for president in 2020. He is attending a major Democratic dinner in Iowa this week.

  12. The Pragmatic Left Is Winning Op Ed, August 9

    For once, Democrats are not in disarray.

  13. Special Counsel Is Granted Request to Keep Inquiry Details Private Washington, August 9

    A private conversation during the Paul Manafort trial concerned whether investigators had asked a cooperating witness about the Trump campaign.

  14. How Broad, and How Happy, Is the Trump Coalition? Interactive, August 9

    Data offers a more nuanced look at this group and how their feelings about the president might have shifted since the election.

  15. Special Master Finishes Review of Files in Cohen Case Metro, August 9

    The end of the three-month review brings prosecutors one step closer to deciding whether to file charges against Mr. Cohen or to seek his cooperation.

  16. Paul Manafort’s Lawyers Attack Rick Gates in Bid to Undercut His Credibility Washington, August 8

    After Rick Gates provided hours of damning testimony, Paul Manafort’s lawyers fought back by attacking his character and accusing him of lying.

  17. Rashida Tlaib, With Primary Win, Is Poised to Become First Muslim Woman in Congress Politics, August 8

    Ms. Tlaib, a former state legislator who is Palestinian-American, won a Democratic congressional primary in Michigan. She will run unopposed in November.

  18. Sharice Davids Could Become First Lesbian Native American Congresswoman Express, August 8

    Ms. Davids, a lawyer and former mixed martial arts fighter who won the Democratic nomination for a House seat in Kansas, campaigned on expanded health care access and gun control.

  19. In Kansas, Another Close Race, as Kobach and Colyer Remain Deadlocked Politics, August 8

    The race, between the sitting governor and a hard-right challenger, served as a test of President Trump’s growing influence over the Republican party.

  20. Top Trump Campaign Aides Are Portrayed as Corrupt at Manafort Trial Washington, August 7

    The prosecution’s star witness, Rick Gates, detailed a yearslong fraud by Paul Manafort. Defense lawyers assailed Mr. Gates’s credibility, pointing to thefts, lies and an extramarital affair.

  21. Why the ‘Manhattan Madam’ Is Ensnared in the Mueller Inquiry Metro, August 7

    Kristin M. Davis, a former Manhattan procuress, is testifying this week before a grand jury looking at ties between Russia and President Trump’s campaign.

  22. The Great Distractor Op Ed, August 7

    Donald Trump’s “look over there” media strategy is a trap that keeps Democrats from focusing public attention on his bad policies.

  23. Donald Trump Jr.’s Potential Legal Troubles, Explained Washington, August 6

    President Trump’s lawyer, defending the younger Mr. Trump’s meeting with Russians, said nobody has pointed to any law that may have been violated. Here are several.

  24. Why Kansas Liberals Want a Trump Supporter to Win His Primary Video, August 6

    Kris Kobach, a Trump ally, holds hard-line positions on immigration and voting rights. Should he win the Republican primary for governor over the incumbent, Gov. Jeff Colyer, many Democrats think their nominee stands a chance of winning in the gen...

  25. Ex-‘Manhattan Madam’ to Appear Before Grand Jury in Russia Investigation Metro, August 6

    Kristin M. Davis, a former procuress, is likely to be asked about her long friendship with Roger J. Stone Jr., a political adviser to President Trump.

  26. President Admits Trump Tower Meeting Was Meant to Get Dirt on Clinton Washington, August 5

    President Trump claimed that the June 2016 meeting was “totally legal,” though it is a key subject of the investigation by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III.

  27. Can the Ocasio-Cortez Playbook Work in the Heartland? Cori Bush Is Trying Politics, August 5

    Running against an esteemed incumbent in a St. Louis district, Ms. Bush is hoping to parlay the energy of the insurgent left into another surprise victory.

  28. Paul Manafort Was Deep in Debt. He Saw an Opportunity in Trump. Washington, August 3

    Prosecutors in Mr. Manafort’s bank and tax fraud trial say he was desperate for money. Why, then, did he volunteer to work unpaid in a top post in the Trump campaign?

  29. Paul Manafort’s Accountant Testifies She Helped Alter Financial Documents Washington, August 3

    The testimony of Cynthia Laporta, a Virginia accountant, brought to life the financial machinations that prosecutors have been sketching out since Mr. Manafort’s trial on bank and tax fraud opened.

  30. The Biggest Stories in American Politics This Week Washington, August 3

    From Paul Manafort’s trial to multiple presidential rallies, it’s been a busy week. Here’s what you might’ve missed (and some links if you want to read further).

  31. John James, Black and Republican, Thinks He Can Crack the ‘Blue Wall’ in Michigan Politics, August 3

    Mr. James, 37, is a West Point graduate who spent eight years in the Army. He is the president of his family-run business. And he wants to become a senator.

  32. Zephyr Teachout Is Running for Attorney General. But Her Real Target Is Trump. Metropolitan, August 3

    The law professor and activist challenged Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primary in 2014, and is a godmother to the current moment of upstart women candidates.

  33. Democrats See an Opening in Kansas if Trump Ally Wins Primary Politics, August 3

    Kris Kobach, a hard-line Trump supporter, could win the Republican nomination for governor, creating intraparty clashes over whether he’s too extreme.

  34. How Paul Manafort’s Plans Backfired Podcasts, August 3

    The story of the former Trump campaign chairman and his ties to foreign governments begins long before the 2016 election.

  35. Prosecutors Document Paul Manafort’s Reversal of Fortune After 2014 Washington, August 2

    In the third day of testimony in Paul Manafort’s tax and bank fraud trial, witnesses described how his finances deteriorated after losing his Ukrainian client.

  36. Arrested, Jailed and Charged With a Felony. For Voting. National, August 2

    Twelve people in a North Carolina county have been charged with voting illegally in the 2016 election. They face up to two years in prison.

  37. Mueller’s Digging Exposes Culture of Foreign Lobbying and Its Big Paydays Washington, August 1

    Robert S. Mueller III’s investigations of foreign money flowing into Washington could be as much a part of his legacy as anything he unearths about Russian election interference.

  38. Mueller Passes 3 Cases Focused on Illicit Foreign Lobbying to Prosecutors in New York Washington, August 1

    The special counsel has referred investigations into lobbying by Washington insiders to the federal prosecutors in New York handling the case against Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer.

  39. Paul Manafort’s Defense Team Opens Trial by Blaming Associates Washington, July 31

    In an opening statement, Paul Manafort’s lawyer sought to place the blame for the tax and bank fraud charges on others, most notably Rick Gates, Mr. Manafort’s former partner.

  40. The Politics of ‘White Threat’ Op Ed, July 31

    American politics have become more racialized. Which party benefits?

  41. With Less Than 50 Days to Go, Cuomo Keeps Big Lead Over Nixon Metro, July 31

    The governor is leading across every part of the ideological spectrum, every region, every racial group, every age, and among both men and women.

  42. Manafort’s Trial Isn’t About Russia, but It Will Be in the Air Washington, July 30

    The trial of Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman, concerns his work as a consultant in Ukraine. But the Russia inquiry looms over the proceedings.

  43. In Florida, Not All Politics Are Local, as Trump Shapes Governor’s Race Politics, July 30

    The president’s endorsement of Ron DeSantis in the Republican primary has tipped the race in his favor and shown how unwavering support of Mr. Trump can be crucial.

  44. How Trump Allies Shifted Their Defense as Evidence of Contacts With Russians Grew Washington, July 30

    The president’s lead lawyer in the special counsel investigation, Rudolph W. Giuliani, presented a defense on Monday: Collusion is not a crime.

  45. How Alan Friedman, Italy’s Professional American, Put Paul Manafort in Jail Foreign, July 30

    Documents filed in the Manafort case allege that Mr. Friedman, an Italian media celebrity, helped lobbying efforts in the U.S. and Europe on behalf of Ukraine.

  46. The Maps That Show That City vs. Country Is Not Our Political Fault Line Op Ed, July 30

    The key difference is among regional cultures tracing back to the nation’s colonization.

  47. Cynthia Nixon Thinks You’re Underestimating Her Politics, July 29

    The actress-turned-candidate for governor is trying to persuade skeptical New York Democrats to see beyond her political inexperience, as some did with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

  48. Paul Manafort’s Trial Starts Tuesday. Here Are the Charges and the Stakes. Washington, July 29

    Questions about Russian involvement in President Trump’s 2016 campaign are not on the docket but hang heavily over the proceedings.

  49. The Biggest Stories in American Politics This Week Washington, July 27

    From Michael Cohen’s released recording to a pause in the trade war with Europe, it’s been a busy week in American politics. Here are five of the top stories you might have missed (and some links if you want to read further).

  50. Precinct Data Shows Rich, White Neighborhoods Flipping Democratic in 2016. Will It Last? Interactive, July 27

    New evidence at the neighborhood level suggests a re-evaluation of some of the initial views of the 2016 election.

  51. An Extremely Detailed Map of the 2016 Presidential Election Interactive, July 25

    An interactive map lets readers explore the 2016 election in new detail.

  52. Political Bubbles and Hidden Diversity: Highlights From a Very Detailed Map of the 2016 Election Interactive, July 25

    The Times’s interactive map of precinct results shows that even within partisan strongholds, there are contrary-voting enclaves.

  53. How Michael Cohen’s Audio Clip Unraveled Trump’s False Statements Washington, July 25

    Donald J. Trump, as a candidate and president, has wielded false statements as a shield against tough questions and embarrassing stories.

  54. Lucy McBath, Gun Control Activist, Wins Congressional Primary in Georgia Express, July 25

    Ms. McBath became an activist after her son was fatally shot during a dispute over the volume of his music. She’ll face Karen Handel, the incumbent.

  55. What Brian Kemp’s Victory Speech Says About His Plan to Take On Stacey Abrams Politics, July 25

    Mr. Kemp won the Republican nomination for Georgia governor on Tuesday night. We analyzed his acceptance speech.

  56. Michael Cohen Releases Tape of Trump Discussing Hush Money for Playboy Model Washington, July 25

    Michael D. Cohen, President Trump’s former personal lawyer, escalated their dispute by releasing a secret recording of a conversation they had about payments to a former Playboy model.

  57. Two Trump Allies, Seeing Unlimited Opportunity, Instead Drew Scrutiny Washington, July 24

    The early days of the Trump administration seemed to promise Rick Gates and Elliott Broidy enormous clout — and earning potential. But those times are over.

  58. Jeff Sessions Laughs and Echoes ‘Lock Her Up’ Chant With Conservative High Schoolers Express, July 24

    The attorney general laughingly repeated the phrase, used during the 2016 campaign to call for jailing Hillary Clinton, after audience members began the chant.

  59. Former I.D.C. Senators Are Ordered to Return Campaign Money Metro, July 24

    If the eight New York state senators are forced to return the money, their campaign spending may be greatly curtailed as they face primary challenges.

  60. Georgia Primary Election: Brian Kemp and Casey Cagle Fight to a Bitter Runoff Politics, July 24

    An endorsement from President Trump has electrified the Republican primary for governor, which will decide who faces Stacey Abrams in November.

  61. Don’t Let Trump’s Gaslighting on Carter Page Obscure Privacy Issues Op Ed, July 24

    The F.B.I. followed the laws in wiretapping the former Trump adviser. But do those laws protect our privacy well enough?

  62. Trump Again Falsely Claims Russia Investigation Started With Steele Dossier National, July 23

    The president and his press secretary repeated the false claim that the findings of a former British spy prompted the inquiry. A congressional report found it began with a diplomat’s tip about a Trump political adviser.

  63. Yes, Progressive Activism Is Helping Democrats Op Ed, July 23

    Also: A plea for a fact-based debate about charter schools.

  64. How a Trump Decision Revealed a G.O.P. Memo’s Shaky Foundation Washington, July 22

    Documents released over the weekend plainly demonstrated that key elements of Republicans’ claims about the F.B.I.’s surveillance of Carter Page were misleading or false.

  65. Candidates for Connecticut Governor Agree It’s the Economy, Stupid Metro, July 22

    The Republican and Democratic hopefuls agree the state’s weak economy and stagnant job growth are top priorities, but not on the best ways to address them.

  66. Tabloid Company, Aiding Trump Campaign, May Have Crossed Line Into Politics Investigative, July 21

    Federal authorities believe that American Media Inc. acted more as a political supporter than as a news organization as it helped Michael D. Cohen suppress embarrassing coverage.

  67. Trump Signals Consequences for Michael Cohen Over Secret Recording Washington, July 21

    With a tweet, President Trump signaled open warfare on his longtime fixer, who has publicly discussed the idea of cooperating with the Justice Department.

  68. Trump and Putin’s Meeting, the Aftermath and More Political Stories This Week Washington, July 20

    The meeting incited conflicting statements, outcry and new developments in the relationship between Washington and Moscow. Here’s a look at the meeting, what happened afterward — and some links to other political articles if you want to read furth...

  69. Trying to Flip the House, ZIP Code by ZIP Code Sunday Business, July 20

    Swing Left, a Democratic political action committee founded after the 2016 election by three relative novices, resembles a Silicon Valley start-up more than a traditional political organization.

  70. ‘Say That Again?’: Prospect of Putin White House Visit Surprises Intelligence Chief Washington, July 19

    Dan Coats, the intelligence chief, also said he was not fully aware of what President Trump and the Russian president had discussed one on one, a remarkable admission.

  71. From the Start, Trump Has Muddied a Clear Message: Putin Interfered Washington, July 18

    Weeks before taking office, Donald J. Trump learned of highly sensitive intelligence about Russian election interference, but he has done all he can to suggest other explanations for the hacks.

  72. Trump Endorses Brian Kemp Over Casey Cagle in Georgia Governor’s Race Politics, July 18

    Either Mr. Kemp, Georgia’s secretary of state, or Mr. Cagle, its lieutenant governor, will face Stacey Abrams in the November election.

  73. Trump and Russia: One Mystery, Three Theories Op Ed, July 18

    An agnostic's guide to our president’s strange conduct.

  74. Governor Cuomo Holds 36-Point Lead Over Nixon in New Poll Metro, July 18

    The Quinnipiac University poll of 415 Democrats found that Mr. Cuomo, seeking a third term, leads Cynthia Nixon, the actress, by 59 percent to 23 percent.

  75. After Putin Meeting, Trump Voters Mostly Dig In. But Cracks Are Showing. Politics, July 17

    President Trump has said his admirers will stand by him through anything. Now, a stunning news conference with the Russian president has provided a singular test case.

  76. Would It or Wouldn’t It Be Russia: Trump Goes Double Negative Washington, July 17

    President Trump didn’t say in Finland that he doesn’t support American intelligence about Moscow’s interference in the 2016 election. Got that?

  77. Who Needs Small Donors When You Have Friends? Ask Gov. Cuomo. Metro, July 17

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s crop of new donors has a familiar ring: aides, relatives, roommates, allies, appointees and lobbyists.

  78. Dan Coats, the Intelligence Chief, Finds His Voice. Will It Anger Trump? Washington, July 17

    Mr. Coats has emerged to more publicly defend the intelligence agencies — under a president who has long denigrated them.

  79. Republicans Scramble to Contain Trump’s Damage, but Path Is Unclear Washington, July 17

    As Democratic leaders in Congress pressed for tangible actions to punish President Trump, Republicans weighed a variety of proposals to respond to his remarks in Helsinki.

  80. After You, Mr. Putin Op Ed, July 17

    Live in Helsinki, Trump brings his blame-America-first tour to a close.

  81. Alabama Primary Runoff: Martha Roby Tries to Fend Off Challenger Bobby Bright Politics, July 17

    Ms. Roby, who has held her seat in Congress since 2011, came up short during a June primary. She faces Mr. Bright, a former mayor of Montgomery (and a former Democrat) in a runoff on Tuesday.

  82. Trump Trusts Putin’s Denial, but Seven U.S. Intelligence Groups Blame Russia for Election Meddling Interactive, July 16

    On Monday, President Trump continued to cast doubt on Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, the consensus position of American intelligence agencies and both parties on Capitol Hill.

  83. Mariia Butina, Who Sought ‘Back Channel’ Meeting for Trump and Putin, Is Charged as Russian Agent Washington, July 16

    Ms. Butina was accused of trying to broker secret relationships with American politicians so Russia could influence American policies.

  84. Confronted With Evidence of Russian Hacking, Trump Reverts to Conspiracy Washington, July 16

    A smoke-and-mirrors effort by Mr. Trump after being briefed extensively on the specific roles by Russian military commanders to tamper with the 2016 presidential election.

  85. Trump Shows the World He’s Putin’s Lackey Op Ed, July 16

    Maybe the president is exactly as compromised as he looks.

  86. U.S. Intelligence Community Reacts With Fury to Trump’s Rebuke Washington, July 16

    The president’s attempt to walk back his comments did little to mollify intelligence officials, especially when it came to Mr. Putin’s offer to aid the Mueller investigation.

  87. 8 Suspect Claims From the Trump-Putin News Conference National, July 16

    President Trump contradicted U.S. intelligence assessments that Russia meddled in the 2016 election, and President Vladimir V. Putin said he didn’t know that Mr. Trump was in Russia in 2013.

  88. Cuomo Holds Big Cash Edge in Primary Battle Against Nixon Metro, July 16

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo raised more than $6 million since January, but he has also spent more than $5 million in his re-election efforts in that same period.

  89. Trump-Putin Summit Is Over. The Head-Scratching? Not So Much Foreign, July 16

    President Trump has ended his weeklong trip to Europe.

  90. Tracing Guccifer 2.0’s Many Tentacles in the 2016 Election Washington, July 15

    The indictment of 12 Russian operatives provides never-before-seen detail about the central role of the online avatar Guccifer 2.0 in the dissemination of stolen Democratic documents.

  91. Trump, Treasonous Traitor Op Ed, July 15

    The president fails to protect the country from an ongoing attack.