1. Thankfully Recommitting to Resistance Op Ed, Yesterday

    If anything, resisting Trump feels even more urgent than last year.

  2. He’s a Member of Congress. The Kremlin Likes Him So Much It Gave Him a Code Name. Washington, November 21

    Longtime ties to Russia have led to some suggestions that Dana Rohrabacher, Republican of California, is a valued asset there. He has laughed it off, but now investigators are calling.

  3. Pennsylvania Congressman Is Under F.B.I. Scrutiny, Court Records Show Washington, November 21

    Representative Robert A. Brady, a Philadelphia Democrat, has denied that he paid a political opponent $90,000 to drop out of a primary election race.

  4. Under Scrutiny, Trump Foundation Raised, and Gave, More in 2016 Washington, November 20

    New filings show that the president’s foundation donated more than $2.2 million to veterans’ groups last year, but it is now in the process of closing.

  5. If 2018 Is Like 2017, the House Will Be a Tossup Upshot, November 20

    It’s not obvious that the building Democratic wave will be enough to flip control of the chamber.

  6. Celebrating a 25-Year-Old Clinton Win, but Still Stung by a Trump Defeat Washington, November 19

    At an event in Little Rock, it was clear that Bill and Hillary Clinton, and many of their supporters, have not gotten over her loss to President Trump.

  7. Bill Clinton Should Have Resigned Over Lewinsky Affair, Kirsten Gillibrand Says Washington, November 16

    It was a remarkable statement from a senator who enthusiastically backed Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid last year but has been deeply involved in efforts to curb sexual abuse and harassment.

  8. White-on-White Voting Op Ed, November 16

    When an area is more than 85 percent white, support for President Trump skyrockets — and that makes all the difference.

  9. In Sight, Yet Elusive Interactive, November 15

    A Year of Photographing Donald Trump

  10. Life in the Lights Interactive, November 15

    Hillary Clinton, as seen through a photographer’s lens.

  11. 5 Takeaways from a TimesTalks with Senators Corker and Warner Washington, November 15

    Senators Bob Corker, Republican of Tennessee, and Mark Warner, Democrat of Virginia, discussed waning bipartisanship during a New York Times event.

  12. Jeff Sessions Denies Lying to Congress on Contacts With Russia Washington, November 14

    Before the House Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he could not recall a campaign adviser’s briefing on Russia but did remember stopping a Trump-Putin meeting.

  13. ‘Lock Her Up’ Becomes More Than a Slogan Washington, November 14

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions denies being influenced by the president’s public pressure as he considers authorizing a new investigation of Hillary Clinton.

  14. Jeff Sessions Displays Unsteady Recall on Trump-Russia Matters Washington, November 14

    Mr. Sessions said he could not recall the details of a campaign adviser’s Russia proposals, but he could recall that he rejected a proposed Trump-Putin meeting.

  15. Can Trumpism Survive Trump? Op Ed, November 14

    Looking for a political figure on the American scene to give conservatives hope.

  16. What Is the Uranium One Deal and Why Does the Trump Administration Care So Much? Washington, November 14

    The Justice Department is considering appointing a special counsel to investigate a 2010 decision by the Obama administration. Here’s why.

  17. Donald Trump Jr. Communicated With WikiLeaks During Campaign Washington, November 13

    Congressional investigators are examining Twitter conversations between the president’s son and the organization that released Democratic emails during 2016 campaign.

  18. How Democrats Can Extend the Winning Streak Into 2018 Op Ed, November 13

    The key is to make economics central to our politics.

  19. She Warned of ‘Peer-to-Peer Misinformation.’ Congress Listened. Business, November 12

    Renee DiResta has been tracking disinformation on Facebook and other sites since the anti-vaccine movement. Congress turned to her for the grilling of tech executives.

  20. Russia Scandal Befalls Two Brothers: John and Tony Podesta Washington, November 10

    One was a victim of Russian interference in the 2016 election. The other is under investigation by Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel.

  21. Revenge of the Obama Coalition Op Ed, November 10

    The resistance is transforming local politics. But it probably won’t stop there.

  22. Pre-Trump vs. Post-Trump: How Americans Feel Now Interactive, November 8

    How has the national mood changed in the 365 days since Donald Trump was elected president?

  23. They Voted for Trump. One Year Later, They Still Believe. Video, November 8

    One year ago, supporters of Donald J. Trump posted videos on social media celebrating his election. We asked for their thoughts on the president now.

  24. Let the People Pick the President Editorial, November 7

    All people are created equal. Why aren’t their votes?

  25. Major Takeaways From Carter Page’s Congressional Interview on Russian Election Meddling Washington, November 7

    The former adviser offered new details during eight hours of testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, which has released a transcript of his remarks.

  26. Carter Page’s Testimony Before the House Intelligence Committee Interactive, November 7

    Carter Page, a foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, testified for eight hours before the House Intelligence Committee, which is investigating Russia's meddling in the 2016 election.

  27. After a Tough 2016, Many Pollsters Haven’t Changed Anything Upshot, November 6

    Private pollsters are trying harder to capture the opinions of less educated white voters, but some public pollsters haven’t adjusted at all.

  28. The New Democratic Party Op Ed, November 5

    The Resistance isn’t part of the mainstream Democratic Party.

  29. Donna Brazile Reportedly Pondered Replacing Clinton With Biden in 2016 Washington, November 4

    Ms. Brazile, a former interim head of the Democratic National Committee, said she considered the action after Hillary Clinton suffered a fainting spell, according to a published report.

  30. $1.3 Million for That? Op Ed, November 4

    Whatever Paul Manafort may or may not have done, he robbed us of a “lavish lifestyle” fantasy.

  31. A New Book Highlights Some Old Divisions Among Democrats Washington, November 3

    A disclosure in the book reignites the anger Bernie Sanders’s supporters felt in 2016. And it underlines the continuing divisions in the party over how to oppose President Trump.

  32. Alternative Narrative Emerges in Conservative Media as Russia Inquiry Widens Washington, November 3

    There is no shortage of coverage that shifts attention away from President Trump’s woes and onto his political opponents — especially the Clintons.

  33. Can Republicans Escape Trump in 2020? Op Ed, November 3

    His unpopularity is stark, but not among his party’s voters.

  34. Behind the Cover: 11.05.17 Magazine, November 3

    In this issue, a look at the Democratic Party’s murky first year without Barack Obama.

  35. Can We Please Stop Talking About ‘Collusion’? Op Ed, November 2

    The perils of using a word that sounds like a legal term but isn’t.

  36. Hillary Clinton Gets an Award and Tears Are Shed Washington, November 2

    As the first anniversary of her loss to Donald Trump approaches, frustration and anger among her supporters seem more palpable.

  37. Robert Mueller in the Cross Hairs Op Ed, November 1

    If President Trump fires the special counsel, will we rise up?

  38. These Are the Ads Russia Bought on Facebook in 2016 Washington, November 1

    A look at some of the ads designed by Russia to exploit divisions in American society and to tip the 2016 election in favor of Donald J. Trump.

  39. A Post-Obama Democratic Party in Search of Itself Magazine, November 1

    The 44th president left office as one of the most popular in American history. He also left behind a party struggling to find an identity — and to reconnect with voters in time for the 2018 elections.

  40. The Dossier Freakout Op Ed, November 1

    Also: John Kelly’s white nationalism.

  41. Ongoing Trump Migraine: His Initial Foreign Policy Team National, October 31

    As he closed in on the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, Donald J. Trump named foreign policy advisers who are now under scrutiny for Russia ties.

  42. Paul Manafort’s Shopping Sprees Hit Home Styles, October 31

    Clothes maketh the man but they can also bringeth him down. The indictment of the former Trump campaign chairman indicated that he spent about $1.3 million in New York and Beverly Hills.

  43. The Russia Scandal: Your Guide Op Ed, October 31

    It’s tempting to believe the worst about the Trump campaign. But it’s better to follow the facts.

  44. Paul Manafort’s Ambition Set the Stage for His Downfall Washington, October 30

    “He could have kept running campaigns for the Yanukovychs of the world, and nobody would have cared,” said Hector T. Hoyos, one of Mr. Manafort’s friends and partners.

  45. A Lot Happened in the Russia Investigation on Monday. Here’s a Wrap-Up. Washington, October 30

    Monday brought a dizzying series of developments in the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Here’s a look at the day’s news, and what it might mean.

  46. Listen to ‘The Daily’: A Guilty Plea in the Russia Investigation Podcasts, October 31

    Three people have been charged. George Papadopoulos, a former Trump campaign adviser, is the one who may tell the most meaningful story.

  47. Is the White House Scared Yet? Editorial, October 30

    Robert Mueller III makes his move and goes to the heart of Donald Trump’s campaign.

  48. Mueller’s Investigation Won’t Shake Trump’s Base Op Ed, October 30

    Republicans are demonstrating a striking degree of hypocrisy because of partisanship and “fake news.”

  49. George Papadopoulos, First to Plead Guilty in Russia Inquiry Washington, October 30

    The White House played down George Papadopoulos’s role in the Trump campaign and described him as “a volunteer member of an advisory council that literally met one time.”

  50. Trump Counters Indictments With Inaccurate Claims Washington, October 30

    President Trump dismissed the charges brought against his former campaign chair and instead tried to throw suspicion on former President Barack Obama.

  51. Readers React to Charges Against Paul Manafort National, October 30

    More than 3,000 New York Times readers reacted to the news of charges against Paul Manafort. Here is a selection of those comments.

  52. Highlights of the Special Counsel’s Case Against George Papadoupoulos Washington, October 30

    Mr. Papadoupoulos, an adviser to the Trump campaign, pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about his conversations with people linked to the Russian government.

  53. Mueller’s First Indictments Send a Message to Trump Washington, October 30

    The gravity of the threat may yet tempt the president to short-circuit the investigation by firing the special counsel or pardoning Paul Manafort or others.

  54. Highlights of the Special Counsel’s Case Against George Papadopoulos Washington, October 30

    Mr. Papadopoulos, an adviser to the Trump campaign, pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about his conversations with people linked to the Russian government.

  55. Former Trump Aides Charged as Prosecutors Reveal New Campaign Ties With Russia Washington, October 30

    Paul Manafort and a former business associate, Rick Gates, were indicted. A foreign-policy early adviser to President Trump pleaded guilty, admitting he was told about “thousands” of Clinton emails.

  56. Trump Campaign Adviser Met With Russian to Discuss ‘Dirt’ on Clinton Washington, October 30

    The adviser, George Papadopoulos, has pleaded guilty to lying to the F.B.I. about that conversation, according to documents unsealed Monday.

  57. Will the G.O.P. at Last Demand Answers on Trump and Russia? Editorial, October 30

    The indictments of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates leave Republicans in Congress no choice but to ask tough questions of the president and his aides.

  58. Rick Gates, a Protégé of Paul Manafort, Is Indicted Alongside Him Washington, October 30

    Rick Gates, a former business associate of President Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, has been charged along with his one-time mentor in a money laundering conspiracy.

  59. Listen to ‘The Daily’: The Trump Dossier Podcasts, October 30

    We look at the origins of the research into President Trump’s connections to Moscow, and Mr. Trump’s top lawyer discusses the Russia investigation.

  60. Trump Tries to Shift Focus as First Charges Reportedly Loom in Russia Case Washington, October 29

    In a series of Twitter posts, President Trump attacked Hillary Clinton, saying Republicans were now pushing back against the Russia allegations by looking into her.

  61. ‘Bedlam Out Here in Arizona’ After Jeff Flake Departs Senate Race Washington, October 29

    The Republican senator’s surprise announcement not to run for re-election has thrown open the race to succeed him, igniting divisions in both major parties.

  62. Conservative Website First Funded Anti-Trump Research by Firm That Later Produced Dossier Washington, October 27

    The Washington Free Beacon, a website funded by a major G.O.P. donor, initially retained the firm that later conducted opposition research for Democrats.

  63. The Party of Lincoln Is Now the Party of Trump Op Ed, October 26

    Flake, Corker and McCain may be sounding the alarm, but the Republican rank and file don’t want to hear it.

  64. What to Know About the Dossier of Trump Research and Who Paid for It Washington, October 25

    The dossier has gained notoriety for its salacious, unproven claims about President Trump. Its research was funded by an unnamed Republican and then partly by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

  65. Trump Falsely Denounces Jeff Flake by Calling Him a ... Democrat? Washington, October 25

    The Arizona Republican’s conservative credentials notwithstanding, President Trump said he initially assumed Senator Jeff Flake was a Democrat.