1. Humans Are Making Hurricanes Worse. Here’s How. Climate, Today

    We’re making natural disasters unnaturally harmful, scientists say. And the number of ways we’re doing it is fairly astonishing.

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    As a family struggled to get help during Hurricane Harvey, gaps in the rescue system began to show.

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    Houston’s emergency response systems, crippled by Hurricane Harvey, failed to reach people who needed help the most.

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    The storm won’t be alone: Tropical cyclones have grown more sluggish since the mid-20th century. Here’s why that’s a bad thing.

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    A legal advocate discusses the obstacles posed by FEMA.

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    A year after the storm wrecked parts of Texas and the Gulf Coast, one family has managed to repair their home. But nothing is easy. And nothing is the same.

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    Texas has made progress recuperating from Hurricane Harvey, but low-income and minority residents have had a much harder time.

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    Houston thought it was prepared for a major hurricane like Harvey. But as the flooding overwhelmed the city’s emergency systems, families like the Daileys found out too late that they were on their own.

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    Though the city is still suffering from the lasting effects of the storm, tourists are more likely to experience a city in the midst of recovery.

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    It has been a year since the hurricane devastated our city — and more rain will come soon.