1. Democratic Field Shrinks to 21: This Week in the 2020 Race U.S., Yesterday

    Jay Inslee and Seth Moulton are out, John Hickenlooper is in (a Senate race), and new plans for labor and the environment.

  2. Democratic Field Shrinks to 21: This Week in the 2020 Race U.S., Yesterday

    Jay Inslee and Seth Moulton are out, John Hickenlooper is in (a Senate race), and candidates released plans for labor and the environment.

  3. John Hickenlooper Will Run for Senate in Colorado, a Key Target for Democrats U.S., August 22

    With his announcement on Thursday, Mr. Hickenlooper instantly became one of the Democrats’ best hopes in their quest to retake the Senate next year.

  4. Hickenlooper Exits as O’Rourke Presses On: This Week in the 2020 Race U.S., August 17

    John Hickenlooper said he would give “serious thought” to a Senate run, Beto O’Rourke reset the focus of his campaign and Stacey Abrams laid out her 2020 plans.

  5. Why Are These Democrats Too Good for the Senate? U.S., August 16

    Several high-profile Democrats would rather hold on to their low-polling presidential campaigns instead of running for the Senate. Has it lost its appeal?

  6. John Hickenlooper, Ending Presidential Bid, Will Give Senate ‘Serious Thought’ U.S., August 15

    Mr. Hickenlooper’s presidential campaign failed to gain traction. He is eyeing the Republican-held Senate seat in Colorado, a major target for Democrats.

  7. Trevor Noah Suspects Trump Is Trying to Deport Melania Arts, August 15

    New Trump rules will target immigrants who need public assistance. “Well, guess who lives in a free house provided by the United States?” Noah said.

  8. John Hickenlooper Mulling Ending Presidential Bid to Run for Senate U.S., August 13

    Mr. Hickenlooper, who has remained near the bottom of the Democratic field, is in discussions to challenge Colorado’s Republican senator, Cory Gardner.

  9. On Gun Control, 2020 Democrats Agree: No Reason to Hold Back U.S., August 12

    After mass shootings jolted the nation this month, the Democratic candidates seemed to move in lock step toward more aggressive gun control positions without resistance from moderates.

  10. How Democrats Will Attack Trump on the Economy Business, August 1

    Unemployment is low and growth is solid, but the president’s 2020 rivals are challenging the Trump economic record on several fronts.

  11. Democrats Are Not Up To Their Historic Responsibility Opinion, August 1

    Defeating Trumpism means abandoning the politics of extremes.

  12. Echo Trump’s Tough Talk, or Lift Tariffs? Democrats Clash Over Trade U.S., July 31

    Though presidential candidates appearing at a debate on Tuesday generally favored a strong approach to China, they differed over whether protectionism was the way forward.

  13. Live Analysis: The July Democratic Debates, Night 1 Interactive, July 30

    Follow the Democratic presidential debate with our reporters in real time.

  14. The Democrats Should Stop Doing Trump’s Work for Him Opinion, July 30

    Yes, the two-night, 20-candidate format is ludicrous, but can we please have a reasonable debate about America’s future?