1. Facebook Finally Has a Good Idea Opinion, Today

    The company’s latest plan to police toxic social media content is intriguing — and even laudable.

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    And happy birthday to “The Argument”!

  3. Two-Person Race? Moderates, and Bernie Sanders, Say Not So Fast U.S., Yesterday

    Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg are vying to become the pragmatic alternative to Joe Biden. Mr. Sanders is trumpeting endorsements to compete with Elizabeth Warren.

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    Readers offer both praise and criticism, suggesting how some questions could have been handled better.

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    Our columnists and contributors give their rankings.

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    Also: Some of the best debate analysis from around the web.

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    Senator Elizabeth Warren was the prime target of her rivals at Tuesday’s debate. Patrick Healy, the political editor for The New York Times, explains what this means for the Democratic contest.

  8. All You Need to Know About Last Night’s 2020 Democratic Debate U.S., Yesterday

    Biden’s son. Bernie’s heart. Warren’s health plan. Here’s a look at some of the moments that stood out during the debate.

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    Elizabeth Warren got a taste of that front-runner life in Tuesday night’s CNN/New York Times debate.

  10. The Moderates Strike Back: The 4th Democratic Debate Podcasts, Yesterday

    Candidates asserted themselves by attacking Elizabeth Warren, not Joe Biden, revealing a shifting balance of power in the Democratic field.

  11. It Was the Best of Warren. It Was the Worst of Warren. Opinion, Yesterday

    Tuesday’s debate — the tensest yet — put the Democrats’ newly minted front-runner to the test.

  12. Can Buttigieg or Klobuchar Push Biden Aside? Opinion, Yesterday

    The Midwestern centrists are the only two plausible not-Biden candidates.

  13. Democratic Debate Like a Nightclub on a Tuesday, Trevor Noah Says Arts, Yesterday

    “Everyone gets in,” Trevor Noah joked about Tuesday’s debate, in which a record 12 candidates participated.

  14. 6 Takeaways From the October Democratic Debate U.S., Yesterday

    Elizabeth Warren was called out by rivals for a change, Joe Biden failed to stand out and Bernie Sanders calmed concerns about his health. Pete Buttigieg had his biggest night yet.

  15. Unified Against Trump on Syria, Democrats Struggle to Define Alternate Strategy U.S., October 15

    After decades of trying to prove their toughness on national security, the candidates described an allies-first, tough-on-Russia foreign policy. But many of them, too, want to withdraw from the Middle East.

  16. Elizabeth Warren, Candidate With the Plans, Needed One for All the Incoming Attacks U.S., October 15

    Her reward for a steady rise in the polls? Criticism from her debate rivals.

  17. Joe Biden Stresses His Part in Elizabeth Warren’s Signature Accomplishment U.S., October 15

    Twelve Democratic presidential candidates shared the stage in Ohio for the fourth televised primary debate.

  18. Warren and Harris Spar Over Trump’s Twitter Account U.S., October 15

    Twelve Democratic presidential candidates shared the stage in Ohio for the fourth televised primary debate.

  19. The Democratic Debate: Watch the Highlights Video, October 15

    Twelve Democratic presidential candidates shared the stage for the debate in Westerville, Ohio. Here are the key moments from the evening.

  20. Is Automation Threatening American Jobs? Democrats Debate U.S., October 15

    Twelve Democratic presidential candidates shared the stage in Ohio for the fourth televised primary debate.

  21. Kurds in Syria Were Sold Out by President Trump, 2020 Democrats Say U.S., October 15

    Twelve Democratic presidential candidates shared the stage in Ohio for the fourth televised primary debate.

  22. 2020 Democrats Say President Trump ‘Sold Out the Kurds’ in Syria U.S., October 15

    Twelve Democratic presidential candidates shared the stage in Ohio for the fourth televised primary debate.

  23. Warren Draws Fire From All Sides, Reflecting a Shift in Fortunes in Race U.S., October 15

    The criticism of Elizabeth Warren illustrated her status as an emerging front-runner, while Joe Biden faced scrutiny over his son’s financial dealings overseas.

  24. Warren’s Wealth Tax Proposal is ‘Punitive,’ O’Rourke Says U.S., October 15

    Beto O’Rourke took aim at Elizabeth Warren over a proposal that is at the center of her presidential campaign: an annual tax on the wealth of the richest Americans.

  25. O’Rourke Says Warren Is Being ‘Punitive’ as She Pitches a Wealth Tax U.S., October 15

    Beto O’Rourke took aim at Elizabeth Warren, who wants to create an annual tax on the accumulated wealth of the richest Americans.

  26. Warren Is Asked How She Plans to Pay for Medicare for All Video, October 15

    The Times’s National desk editor, Marc Lacey, pressed Senator Elizabeth Warren on how she would finance Medicare for all.

  27. ‘Medicare for All’: Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg Clash at Debate U.S., October 15

    Mayor Buttigieg said Senator Warren had not been forthcoming about whether she would raise taxes on the middle class to help finance a health care plan.

  28. Which Candidates Got the Most Speaking Time in the Democratic Debate Interactive, October 15

    Senator Elizabeth Warren and Joseph R. Biden Jr. led the stage of 12 candidates.

  29. October Democratic Debate: Full Video and Analysis Interactive, October 15

    Watch the live stream of the CNN/New York Times debate and follow along with real-time analysis from our reporters. The video and chat begin at 8 p.m. ET.

  30. Tax Inheritances, Not Wealth Opinion, October 15

    It’s a reform that — unlike wealth or estate taxes — the fanciest accountants would find hard to shake.

  31. Rich Kids Can Spare Some of Their Inheritance Opinion, October 15

    A tax on inherited money or property — unlike wealth or estate taxes — would be hard for even the fanciest accountants to shake.

  32. Debate Night: What I’ll Be Watching For Opinion, October 15

    Here we go again.

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    Tuesday’s 2020 presidential primary debate is in Ohio. Here’s everything you need to know.

  34. 2020 Campaign Quiz Interactive, October 15

    How closely have you been paying attention to the 2020 campaign so far? Test your knowledge and see how your answers stack up with others.

  35. 2020 Campaign Quiz Interactive, October 15

    How closely have you been paying attention to the 2020 campaign so far? Test your knowledge and see how your answers stack up with others.

  36. Elizabeth Warren Divides the Room Opinion, October 15

    While Trump divides the world.

  37. Which Candidates Will Win Tonight’s Democratic Debate? Six Experts Offer Tips U.S., October 15

    We asked veterans of political debates for the advice they would give to each of the Democratic hopefuls onstage Tuesday.

  38. Democratic Debate Preview: The ‘On Politics’ Guide U.S., October 14

    There are bound to be some fireworks at the CNN/New York Times debate. Here’s what we’ll be watching Tuesday night.

  39. Fired for Being Pregnant? It Can Still Happen Opinion, October 14

    Readers react to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s account of the loss of a teaching job in 1971 because she was pregnant.

  40. What to Watch for in the CNN/New York Times Debate Interactive, October 14

    Join Maggie Haberman, Astead Herndon, Jonathan Martin, Alex Burns, Lisa Lerer and Patrick Healy for a preview of Tuesday night’s Democratic debate. We’ll look at the political dynamics that will frame the debate, analyze issues that may come up, and take reader questions.

  41. Missing From Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 Surge: Democratic Endorsements U.S., October 14

    Despite Ms. Warren’s upward momentum in polls and fund-raising, she lacks the support of a single governor, big-city mayor or fellow senator outside Massachusetts.

  42. Facebook Political Ads: What the 2020 Candidates’ Campaign Spending Reveals Interactive, October 14

    Candidates have spent more money on Facebook than TV this year. See what coalitions they are trying to build through Facebook ads.

  43. Warren Dares Facebook With Intentionally False Political Ad Technology, October 12

    The Democratic presidential candidate bought the ad to goad Facebook into removing misinformation in political ads, escalating her feud with the social network.

  44. Democrats Have a Politeness Problem Opinion, October 12

    In this next debate, they should take the gloves off.

  45. Biden on Impeachment, L.G.B.T.Q. Forum: This Week in the 2020 Race U.S., October 12

    Here are seven things that happened on the presidential campaign trail this week.

  46. Democrats Will Hope for a ‘Bump’ at Next Week’s Debate. What’s It Worth? U.S., October 11

    In a crowded field, experts agree, debates can result in a momentary spike in support for second-tier candidates — but it rarely lasts.

  47. The Democrats Worth Staying Up Past Bedtime For U.S., October 11

    For the way-too-young-to-vote crowd, 2020 events are still a draw.

  48. Why Populist Democrats Have Gained the Upper Hand in the 2020 Race U.S., October 11

    As next week’s debate looms, polls and donor contributions suggest a party seeking candidates who will push the boundaries, while moderates argue they can beat President Trump.

  49. October Democratic Debate: The Biggest Stage Ever Interactive, October 11

    On Tuesday night, a dozen candidates will crowd the debate stage at once. Here are the key dynamics to watch for in the biggest primary debate in history.

  50. Elizabeth Warren Has Quick Comeback to Gay Marriage Question U.S., October 10

    At a Democratic forum focused on L.G.B.T.Q. issues, Ms. Warren was asked what she would say to someone opposed to same-sex marriage.

  51. As Elizabeth Warren Rises, the G.O.P. Deploys an Old Tactic U.S., October 10

    Republicans are attacking Ms. Warren over authenticity, a sexist trope in politics, much like they did with Hillary Clinton. Ms. Warren has used those attacks to rally supporters.

  52. A Pregnancy Scandal Opinion, October 10

    The problem here is not Elizabeth Warren.

  53. Trump’s Just Defending His Street Cred, Trevor Noah Says Arts, October 9

    President Trump stopped an ambassador from testifying in the impeachment inquiry because he was afraid the man would “exonerate him too much,” Noah said.

  54. Elizabeth Warren Details Her Account of Losing Teaching Job Because of Pregnancy U.S., October 8

    Ms. Warren said she had grown more comfortable talking about her experience over the years, explaining why her description of the 1971 episode in her stump speeches differs from how she discussed it in the past.

  55. Elizabeth Warren’s Big Challenge: Winning Black Voters U.S., October 6

    African-Americans were essential to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton winning competitive primaries like Ms. Warren faces in 2020. For now, Joe Biden has far deeper support.

  56. Top Biden Donors Gather Amid Storm Clouds Over Campaign U.S., October 5

    Now fourth in the Democratic money chase and under fire from President Trump, Joseph R. Biden Jr. is increasingly dependent on his top donors, many of whom met in Philadelphia.

  57. Bernie Sanders Has a Heart Attack: This Week in the 2020 Race U.S., October 5

    Here are seven things that happened in the presidential campaign this week.

  58. Elizabeth Warren Campaign Fires Staff Member for ‘Inappropriate Behavior’ U.S., October 4

    Richard McDaniel, Ms. Warren’s national organizing director, was let go from the campaign after it “determined that his reported conduct was inconsistent with its values.”

  59. Warren and Sanders, and Their Messages of Change, Dominate the Money Race U.S., October 4

    Elizabeth Warren raised nearly as much money as Bernie Sanders over the past three months. They have both shunned wealthy donors, yet they are way ahead of everyone else.

  60. Do We Need to Break Up Facebook? Opinion, October 3

    Elizabeth Warren has squared off with Mark Zuckerberg.

  61. Is Age Only a Number, Even When You’re Running for President? U.S., October 2

    The top three Democratic candidates are 78, 76 and 70 years old and one of them, Bernie Sanders, went to the hospital with chest pain. Voters want experienced leaders, but exactly how much life experience do they want?

  62. The Sum of Zuckerberg’s Fears Opinion, October 2

    He puts on a good front in Washington. But a leaked recording reveals what seems to keep him up at night.

  63. The Sum of Zuckerberg’s Fears Opinion, October 2

    He puts on a good front in Washington. But a leaked recording reveals what seems to keep him up at night.

  64. How Elizabeth Warren Responded to Mark Zuckerberg’s Criticism, on Twitter U.S., October 2

    Wednesday: Mark Zuckerberg rails against Facebook’s critics and Senator Elizabeth Warren. Also: A decision in the Harvard admissions case, and a songstress on the L.A. Metro.

  65. A Wealth Tax Is Pro-Growth Opinion, October 2

    Don’t believe the scaremongering.

  66. How to Make Hearing Aids as Cool as Glasses Opinion, October 1

    First, let people buy some types of devices over the counter.

  67. Zuckerberg Hates Warren’s Plan to Break Up Facebook. She Doesn’t Care. U.S., October 1

    In leaked audio, Mark Zuckerberg said he would sue over Elizabeth Warren’s antitrust plan if she was elected president. She responded in kind.

  68. Democrats’ Plans to Tax Wealth Would Reshape U.S. Economy U.S., October 1

    Proposals from Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have raised concerns from economists and business leaders who fear the plans would sap economic growth.

  69. How the Average Joe (and Jane) Could Wind Up Stopping Warren The Upshot, October 1

    Democrats have moved left, but the party’s rank and file typically side with establishment favorites.

  70. Warren Versus the Petty Plutocrats Opinion, September 30

    Why do they hate her? It’s mainly about their egos.

  71. Yang vs. Warren: Who Has the Better Tax Plan? Business, September 27

    Andrew Yang’s proposed V.A.T. and $1,000 dividend would be more practical than Senator Warren’s wealth tax, in the view of the economist N. Gregory Mankiw.

  72. Anxious Biden Allies May Unleash Super PAC U.S., September 26

    Wary of the former vice president’s slipping poll numbers and the onslaught of attacks from President Trump, some Biden supporters want him to embrace a super PAC.

  73. Do We Need a Wealth Tax? Opinion, September 26

    Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have proposed taxing the fortunes of America’s richest.

  74. Why Impeachment Might Be Trouble for Some Democratic Presidential Candidates U.S., September 26

    Top contenders like Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren can continue to command attention. Second- and third-tier candidates, however, are at greater risk of falling off the radar screen.

  75. Trump and 2020 Democrats Agree: Impeachment Fight Is a Chance to Rake In Cash U.S., September 25

    The president and the Democrats may be girding for a constitutional clash, but their campaigns are working to capitalize on the moment with fund-raising appeals.

  76. Democrats Want to Tax the Rich. Here’s How Those Plans Would Work (or Not). Interactive, September 24

    We break down the benefits and risks to the four main ideas that presidential candidates have embraced.

  77. Bernie Sanders Proposes a Wealth Tax: ‘I Don’t Think That Billionaires Should Exist’ U.S., September 24

    Mr. Sanders is embracing an idea at the center of Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign. His proposal goes further in who would be taxed and how much money would be raised.

  78. 2020 Democrats Go All In on Iowa U.S., September 22

    The presidential candidates have embarked on a four-month sprint to a night of caucuses that remains the single biggest prize in American politics.

  79. Warren and Biden Join U.A.W. Picket Lines as Democrats Use Strike to Court Labor U.S., September 22

    Democratic candidates are publicly aligning themselves with union members in hopes of holding onto their support — and winning over those who flipped for President Trump in 2016.

  80. Warren Leads in New Iowa Poll With Biden Second U.S., September 21

    The latest poll numbers from The Des Moines Register and CNN were very good for Elizabeth Warren as she and Joseph R. Biden Jr. broke away from the rest of the Democratic pack.

  81. Love in the Time of Democrats Opinion, September 21

    Senators Warren and Booker shone in a forum focused on the lives of L.G.B.T.Q. Americans.

  82. Bill de Blasio Bows Out, Elizabeth Warren’s Big Speech: This Week in the 2020 Race U.S., September 21

    Here are six things that happened on the presidential campaign trail this week.

  83. Elizabeth Warren Lost Her Dream Job but Gained a Path to 2020 U.S., September 21

    She had a plan to take on big banks. In the fight to get it done, she honed the approach to politics that defines her presidential campaign.

  84. The Bygone Baggage of Joe Biden Opinion, September 20

    The politics that created the conditions for Trump cannot be the politics that defeat him.

  85. Thanks a Billion Podcasts, September 20

    The show reaches a milestone, and we’re grateful to you.

  86. Anatomy of a Warren Rally Podcasts, September 20

    Drawing huge crowds, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s rallies have become a defining feature of her presidential campaign. We attended one this week to find out why.

  87. Young Voters Still ‘Feel the Bern,’ but Not Just for Bernie Sanders Anymore U.S., September 20

    The Vermont senator benefited from a wave of enthusiasm from young people in 2016. Many still love him, but not him alone.

  88. A Brief History of the Warren Presidency Opinion, September 19

    A look back at American politics from the year 2050.

  89. Are Biden and Sanders Too Old to Be President? Opinion, September 19

    Jimmy Carter seems to think there should be an age limit for the highest office.

  90. Elizabeth Warren’s Working-Class Problem Opinion, September 19

    The biggest question about her surging campaign.

  91. Does Elizabeth Warren Have a Critical Vulnerability? Opinion, September 18

    She has struggled with white, working-class voters like those important to winning Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

  92. $110 Million for a ‘Mostly Forgotten’ Part of Central Park New York, September 18

    Wednesday: The plan calls for replacing the aging Lasker Pool and skating rink, which is mainly used by New Yorkers, not tourists.

  93. Late Night Mocks Trump’s Appeal to Hispanic Voters Arts, September 18

    “Buena suerte with that, el Trumpo,” Stephen Colbert joked Tuesday of President Trump’s New Mexico rally.