This Subway Sandwich Is Sanctioned by the M.T.A.
Dining, September 26

A collaboration between Alidoro and Katz’s Delicatessen; Marcella Hazan’s classic cookbook gets an update; and more.

Two-Buck Chuck: Wine of the People or a Cultural Wedge?
Dining, September 26

Fred Franzia built a cult following with his Trader Joe’s wine, but it comes at a cost to the wine business.

Is Natural Wine Actually Better for You?
Well, September 23

Fewer headaches. Less severe hangovers. Better gut health. How do these health claims stack up against the science?

In Vienna, Taking to the Hills for Wine
Travel, September 23

In the fall, the wine taverns set among the city’s vineyards known as heurigen and buschenschanken offer the perfect combination of outdoor activity, food and drink.

The Second Coming of the Appletini
Dining, September 19

As nostalgia grips drinkers, bartenders are giving vilified ’90s concoctions like the lychee martini and the lemon drop an upgrade — and ushering in a new martini era.

Fred Franzia, 79, Dies; Upended Wine Industry With Two-Buck Chuck
Obits, September 15

An unorthodox businessman, he took on the wine industry and its high markups, selling wine at prices many families could afford every day.

Sèchey Offers Tastes of Nonalcoholic Beverages in the West Village
Dining, September 12

Emily Heintz opened the original location in Charleston. S.C., to help customers assess the options for nonalcoholic wine and more.

A Dozen Reasons to Drink Beaujolais
Dining, September 12

A number of terrific wines from the region are available now. They range from the simple thirst-quenchers of old to the surprisingly complex.

Rise in Deaths Spurs Effort to Raise Alcohol Taxes
Science, September 11

Alcohol taxes have been stagnant for years. But after the pandemic sent alcohol-related deaths soaring, activists in Oregon said higher taxes could save lives.

Thomas Carney, Crusty Bartender at Elaine’s, Dies at 82
Obits, September 9

Cracking wise, keeping tabs and keeping order, the head barman of New York’s famous saloon was a supporting character in one of the city’s longest-running shows.

Schaller & Weber Adds a Cocktail Bar to Its Upper East Side Realm
Dining, September 8

The latest business from the third-generation owner of the famed butcher shop is modeled on American-style cocktail bars in Vienna.

Desert Winemaking ‘Sounds Absurd,’ but Israeli Vineyards in Negev Show the Way
Foreign, September 7

As vintners around the world battle extreme heat and climate change, the pioneers producing wine in Israel’s arid south are testing ideas that might soon find global application.

What’s the Deal With Riesling?
Dining, September 5

The dry white wine can’t seem to win fans. Are wine lovers generalizing from bad wines, or is riesling’s appeal profound but too narrow?

Your Final Wine School Assignment
Dining, September 5

This last class will examine Alpine white wines, but after 100 classes, the most important messages should carry through to a long and pleasing relationship with wine.

How Many Drinks a Week Are Safe? Canada Considers a Much Lower Limit
Foreign, September 3

Research to update Canada’s drinking guideline has found that there are no health benefits, only dangers, from alcohol.

Teenagers in South African Tavern Died of Asphyxiation, Parents Are Told
Foreign, September 1

Health officials met with families that had waited more than two months to learn why 21 teenagers died one June night in an overcrowded bar.

Drink Up, Japan Tells Young People. I’ll Pass, Many Reply.
Foreign, August 19

The country’s tax agency, hoping to reverse the alcohol industry’s pandemic doldrums, is holding a contest to encourage more drinking among the young.

¿Es posible reforzar el sistema inmunitario?
en Español, July 18

El temor al coronavirus ha provocado numerosas búsquedas en internet y mucha información errónea sobre cómo mejorar las defensas del organismo. Esto es lo que funciona y lo que no.