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Rosé for All Seasons
Dining, Yesterday

It reigns as the carefree wine of summer. But beyond a mood, what does rosé have to offer? We’ll taste three very different bottles.

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Oregon Chardonnay Escapes the Buttery Clichés
Dining, Yesterday

The oaky, buttery wines can come from anywhere. But the Willamette Valley, without the tyranny of past fashions, opts for lively and transparent.

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If You’ve Got Lemons, Make Limoncello
At Home, May 29

You’ll also need alcohol, sugar and, most of all, patience.

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Some Japanese Whiskies Aren’t From Japan. Some Aren’t Even Whisky.
Dining, May 29

Though the spirits have won praise and high prices, Japan has few rules for what those bottles should contain.

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Rediscovering Wine After Covid-19
Dining, May 28

Aside from its toll on human life, the pandemic has also stolen little things, like the ability to smell and taste. How a neurologist found a deeper relationship with wine.

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Los elefantes se emborrachan fácil (y un gen lo explica)
en Español, May 27

Los humanos y otras especies tienen una mutación genética que les permite digerir el alcohol. Pero otras especies no la tienen.

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Canned Cocktails From Oregon
Dining, May 26

Four new drinks from Rogue Ales & Spirits hit the sweet spot, though you may want to add a bit more booze.

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Cocktails Beyond the Margarita, Mojito and Pisco Sour
Dining, May 26

“Spirits of Latin America” by Ivy Mix uses the classics as a starting point.

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This Bloody Mary Is Just as Good Without Alcohol
Dining, May 23

Gabrielle Hamilton’s recipe for the drink, Yewande Komolafe’s baked tofu, and more recipes.

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How to Make a Frozen Margarita
Interactive, May 22

You’ll need some blanco tequila, lime juice, triple sec, simple syrup, ice and a blender. A summer weekend refreshment is a few easy steps away.

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10 Great Bottles of Italian White Wine Under $25
Dining, May 21

Though noted primarily for red wine, Italy actually makes more white. These are diverse, delicious, great values and not a pinot grigio among them.

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What Is New York Without New York Bars?
Metro, May 21

I miss the promise the night offers. Liquor bottles standing sentry behind the bartender. The endless possibility in conversations overheard, lives intersecting.

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Canned Cocktails in Quarantine Make Mixing a One-Step Process
Dining, May 14

Already on an upswing in recent years, the sales of pre-mixed drinks are now booming.

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For Farmers of Wine Grapes, the Pandemic Sows Doubts
Dining, May 14

As wineries face disruptions in sales and cash flow, growers seek creative solutions to help their customers and themselves.

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Child Deaths and Mental Illness Will Surge Amid Coronavirus, U.N. Warns: Live Coverage
Foreign, May 14

The pandemic will claim millions of indirect victims, the U.N. says, by blocking vaccinations and other medical care. Studies show how far away “herd immunity” is, even in hard-hit countries.

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A Bloody Mary Mix That Is as Good Virgin as It Is Spiked
Magazine, May 13

Tomato juice doctored up with spices is a remarkable workhorse. I use it to brace myself for work or to unwind when I’m escaping.

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Now From Mexico: Corn Whiskey
Dining, May 11

Abasolo Ancestral Corn Whisky, made from nixtamalized corn, has a toasty aroma and some honeyed sweetness.

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The Grapelord of Napa Faces a Threat Worse Than Plague
Sunday Business, May 9

For 50 years, Andy Beckstoffer drove up the price of wine. Did the strategy work too well?

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The Man Who Taught Australia How to Mix a Proper Drink
Foreign, May 8

Vernon Chalker helped to turn what was once considered a menial job, bartending, into a celebrated career.

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You Don’t Need Whiskey for an Old-Fashioned, or Vodka for a Cosmo
Dining, May 8

The classic formulas work just as well with many things you may already have in your bar.

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The Polarizing Power of Orange Wine
Dining, May 7

The best examples of these white wines, made with red techniques, are striking and wonderful. Still some dismiss this ancient wine, now trendy once more.

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How to Embrace Your Inner Trash Animal
Styles, May 7

There’s a lot you can do with the food scraps you usually throw away.