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A Wine Shop Focused on the Gems
Food, June 24

Spirit Animal in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, carries organic, biodynamic and natural wines.

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Like LaCroix, but With a Buzz
Food, June 21

As their beer sales flatten, craft brewers are wooing a new audience with hard seltzers — low-calorie, low-cachet drinks that have become wildly popular.

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It’s Time to Rethink Wine Criticism
Food, June 17

Dreary scores and tasting notes are of little long-term use to consumers. What they need most are inspiration and liberation.

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The New Sobriety
Style, June 15

Everyone’s sober now. Even if … they drink a little?

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In San Francisco, the Revival of the Hotel Bar
Travel, June 14

A wave of recently opened hotels featuring high-profile cocktail bars is drawing local savants in a city known for its lively bar scene.

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The Negroni Is 100 Years Old — And the Perfect Cocktail for 2019
Opinion, June 12

It is refreshing, yet bitter.

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A French Wine With a 900-Year-Old Vintage
Science, June 11

Once wine growers find a variety that works, the study reinforces, they’ll stick with it for centuries, or even millenniums.

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Brooklyn Brings the Bitter
Food, June 10

Inferno Bitter, an aperitif from the Brooklyn producer St. Agrestis, works in a Negroni or wherever you need a little extra bite.

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Rosés Beyond Provence: In Search of Different Expressions
Food, June 6

Southern France has a stranglehold on the mythology of pink wines, but these rosés come from other places and are made with different grapes.

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Soave Classico Makes a Second Impression
Food, June 6

As with many wines, the quality has never been better. Yet out-of-date impressions get in the way of enjoying what many Italian whites can offer.

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New to Natural Wine? Pick Up a Zine
Style, June 3

Devotees of the trendy, low-intervention beverage are making their drink of choice more accessible through D.I.Y. publishing.

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Natural Wine Is My Self-Care
Style, June 3

In recent years, I’ve decided that enjoying life is spiritual.

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Everything, Even the Worm
Food, June 3

‘The Tequila Dictionary’ covers the Mexican liquor from A to Z, and includes recipes.

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Family Dollar Plans to Sell Alcohol at 1,000 Stores
Business, June 1

“It’s basically damaging to the neighborhood,” said one woman about news that the retailer will sell alcohol in 1,000 of its stores.

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Zen and the Art of Australian Winemaking
Food, May 30

For Will Berliner of Cloudburst, the vines are a ‘dojo’ that puts him in touch with nature. He also makes great chardonnays, cabernets and malbecs.

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What Do You Give Someone With Everything?
Food, May 28

A barrel of Champagne. At least that is what this winemaker is banking on you to do.