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Canned Treats
Dining, Yesterday

Big-name wineries are increasingly canning their wines, joining craft ciders and beers on retailer shelves.

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A New Wave of Spirits-Driven Travel
Travel, August 10

Tours, tastings and events that focus on gin, whiskey, bourbon and other spirits have multiplied, as have the distilleries themselves.

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It’s Highball Season. Here’s Where to Try Some of the Best in the U.S.
Travel, August 10

Tall, cool and refreshing: The highball is in the spotlight in the summer. Here’s our guide to enjoying a classic (and low-alcohol) drink in five cities across the country.

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From Maritime Bairrada in Portugal, Wines of Freshness
Dining, August 9

The Atlantic climate imbues these reds and whites — made from little-known Portuguese grapes — with elegance, grace and the potential to age.

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Learn to Brew ‘History’s Oldest Drink’
Dining, August 7

Mead, the fermented honey alcoholic beverage, is making a comeback.

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One Wine Glass to Rule Them All
Dining, August 7

For a wine critic’s personal stemware line, one size fits all.

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The 52 Places Traveler: Feeling Like an Insider, Finally, in Spain
Travel, August 7

In the charming city of Seville and the wine region of Ribera del Duero, our columnist finds a culture perfectly suited to her natural rhythms.

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Beyond Assyrtiko, Greek Whites Reach for Distinction
Dining, August 2

The country is full of obscure and unusual grapes. Some already make wonderful wines, but too many fall prey to formulaic production.

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Four Wineries Bringing New Energy and New Design to Napa Valley
Travel, August 1

These new wineries are shaking up the tourist scene in Napa Valley, with interesting spaces, intimate experiences, and an emphasis on dining and culture.

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Turn Dinner Into an Odyssey
Dining, July 30

At Ruffian in the East Village, Homer’s classic work provides the inspiration for a special menu through the month of August.

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Deep in the Birthplace of Cuban Rum and the Daiquiri
Dining, July 30

Far from the tourists in Havana lies Santiago de Cuba. There, rum became a refined drink, and its signature cocktail still thrills.

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These Olive Oil Estates and Wineries in Italy Would Love You to Stay the Night
Travel, July 30

These olive oil estates or wineries offer special activities and intimate experiences for travelers willing to slow down and stay a night or two.

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3 American Rieslings to Drink Right Now
Dining, July 26

The riesling grape is particularly expressive of a sense of place. How do these three bottles, from New York, Oregon and California compare?

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A Lesser Known Wine of Sicily Benefits From Globalization
Dining, July 26

The frappato grape has been grown in the Vittoria region for eons, but only in the last few decades has serious wine been made for global consumption.

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Visit a Scotch Distillery From the Comfort of Grand Central
Dining, July 23

The Macallan shows off its new Speyside, Scotland, facility through a virtual tour in Grand Central Terminal.

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Fukushima’s Nuclear Imprint Is Found in California Wine (Drinkers, Don’t Panic)
Express, July 20

A French research team says it has stumbled on the Japanese disaster’s signature in California wine, but the radioactive levels are too low to be dangerous.

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Trading the Cocktail Shaker for the Still
Dining, July 20

Todd Thrasher, a bartender who found regional acclaim in suburban Washington, branches out with a rum distillery at the Wharf in D.C.

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Auguste Clape, Whose Hillside Vineyards Rose to Fame, Dies at 93
Foreign, July 19

Growing syrah grapes in the Rhône Valley wine country of France, he helped elevate the little-known appellation Cornas, named after a nearby village.

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How Climate Change Has Altered the Way Cristal Champagne Is Made
Dining, July 19

With a visionary in charge, Louis Roederer has walked the line between a big Champagne house and a grower-producer.

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More Americans Are Dying of Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer
Science, July 18

Death rates from both diseases have risen sharply, particularly among young adults over the last decade. A possible villain: the Great Recession.

The Bicycle Thief
Metro, July 18

Looking out the window, watching the rest of the world wake up.

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There’s a Reason You’re Drinking So Much Aperol Spritz
Styles, July 17

It’s officially the drink of the summer, thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign by Campari.

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In Wine and Critics, Populists Find an Easy Target
Dining, July 16

Studies keep drawing the conclusion that people like cheap wines best and should not trust experts. But the findings say more about fears than tastes.