21pour1 mediumthreebytwo210
Embracing an Unloved Grape
Food, October 21

Mountain Tides took on the challenge of exploring the subtleties of petite sirah, a brassy grape long used to help color and flavor wines.

Merlin 196455708 746b874f 26bc 4c44 87be 8c554eeff529 mediumthreebytwo210
In Sonoma County, ‘Regenerative Agriculture’ Is the Next Big Thing
Travel, October 19

Carbon sequestration, pollinator habitat restoration and simple composting: An increasing number of the region’s winegrowers are going beyond sustainability. Here’s how to see, and taste, the fruits of their labors.

18burner bourbon1 mediumthreebytwo210
Hudson Whiskey Releases Its Oldest Bourbon Blend
Food, October 18

Four Part Harmony is a bourbon, aged for seven years, made with corn, rye, wheat and malted barley.

Merlin 196134741 ed967a13 b207 485f 8a00 719d3977e17f mediumthreebytwo210
900 Pages of Drinking Wisdom, a Decade in the Making
Food, October 15

The cocktail experts David Wondrich and Noah Rothbaum have completed “The Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails.”

14school1 mediumthreebytwo210
Among Chardonnays, Chablis Is Not Better, Just Different
Food, October 14

The 2019 vintage confirms Chablis’s distinctive qualities. As for other chardonnays, blame the winemaker, not the place or the grape.

14next greekreds1 mediumthreebytwo210
Greek Reds Have Yet to Have Their Moment. Is Now the Time?
Food, October 14

An importer wondered why Italian wines have caught on more easily. One reason is simply familiarity. Greek reds can be superb but they are unknown.

17drystores1 mediumthreebytwo210
Enough With the Seltzer: The Booze-Free Cocktail Has Arrived
New York, October 14

In the last five years, at least five new dry stores that sell alcohol-free wines, craft beers and bottled drinks have opened in New York City.

Corfu slide a2a8 mediumthreebytwo210
On a Corfu Olive Farm, a Much Longed-For Reunion of Friends
T Magazine, October 13

Since moving to the island full-time, Christina Martini of Ancient Greek Sandals and her husband, Apostolos Porsanidis-Kavvadias, have built a true home, one they enjoy sharing with others.

Merlin 195980016 585890f4 0e44 4a59 b623 7746ddeb8a48 mediumthreebytwo210
Temple Bar, a Moody Enclave for Martinis, Is Set to Reopen
Food, October 12

The owners of Sona and Attaboy have teamed up to revive this retro jewel-box bar in NoHo.

10bond brands 01 mediumthreebytwo210
Finally Time for ‘No Time to Die’? The Champagne’s Been on Ice.
Business, October 10

For brands associated with the Bond franchise, the connection is valuable enough to throw do-over parties for the latest film.

Merlin 195799029 08285046 2a4b 43df b4de 40be05c6b10e mediumthreebytwo210
How to Sell Good, Inexpensive Wines Without Pandering
Food, October 7

Mary Taylor is betting that curious consumers will want well-made bottles, labeled with just the facts.

28sci askwell heartrate2 mediumthreebytwo210
¿Beber alcohol puede elevar tu frecuencia cardiaca?
en Español, October 6

Tomar un trago puede elevar tu pulso, algo que no tiene que preocupar a la mayoría de los adultos sanos, pero quienes presentan problemas de ritmo cardíaco deben tener cuidado.

Merlin 194007672 fb33c8eb 17ee 4d1c a1d4 5f7aa1407a8c mediumthreebytwo210
In Deepest Mendocino, Rebuilding a Life in Wine
Food, September 30

Wells Guthrie made fine wine, but financial challenges diverted his attention. Now he’s got a new label and a second chance, without distractions.

28sci askwell heartrate2 mediumthreebytwo210
Can Drinking Alcohol Raise Your Heart Rate?
Well, September 28

Drinking can elevate your pulse, which isn’t a concern for most healthy adults, though those with heart rhythm problems should use caution.

22trash cocktail 3 sugaring still mediumthreebytwo378
How to Make a Trash Cocktail
Interactive, July 9

Before you throw away all those clementine peels, follow these instructions.

1 mediumthreebytwo378
How to Make a Frozen Margarita
Interactive, July 2

This recipe from Rosie Schaap yields four to six drinks, but feel free to scale it down, or up.

Doc 1343729 bulletin 0326 orsi promo mediumthreebytwo378
Read the document
Interactive, June 29

A “bulletin” from 1939 describes the reasons a bar in Newark had its liquor license suspended for a month.

Doc 1343728 bulletin 1063 new york bar promo mediumthreebytwo378
Read the document
Interactive, June 29

A bar in Paterson, N.J., lost its liquor license in 1955 after inspectors concluded that owners “suffered female impersonators” on eight occasions.

11well healthquiz icon mediumthreebytwo378 v3
Weekly Health Quiz: Alcohol, Covid Vaccine and Fat Fathers
Interactive, April 29

Test your knowledge of this week’s health news.

01sci brody vaccine mediumthreebytwo378
Weekly Health Quiz: Covid Vaccines, Side Effects and Exercise
Interactive, March 5

Test your knowledge of this week’s health news.

19sci brody hip mediumthreebytwo378
Weekly Health Quiz: Covid Variants, Moderate Exercise and Coffee
Interactive, January 22

Test your knowledge of this week’s health news.

Burst drinks mediumthreebytwo378
Need a Drink? Make It Just One
Interactive, July 16

A government panel may soon suggest that Americans limit their consumption of alcohol to just one drink per day. So what does that mean?

Margarita 03 mediumthreebytwo378
How to Make a Frozen Margarita
Interactive, May 22

You’ll need some blanco tequila, lime juice, triple sec, simple syrup, ice and a blender. A summer weekend refreshment is a few easy steps away.

16insider driest mediumthreebytwo378 v2
When the Past Roars Into the Present
Summary, January 16

Revisiting the era of Prohibition let me indulge an obsession and uncovered parallels to today.

07hours barolo3 mediumthreebytwo378
36 Hours in Barolo, Italy
Travel, November 7

Sleepy villages, hillsides blanketed in grape vines, pasta dusted with shaved truffles, and wine that tastes of violets: just a few reasons to visit this gastronomic paradise in the Piedmont region.

29fare winebars09 mediumthreebytwo378
Melbourne’s Most Exciting Restaurants Are Wine Bars
Dining, October 30

The energetic wine scene has resulted in serious chefs cooking delicious food in small, laid-back spots.

Xxchinawine 1 mediumthreebytwo378 v2
A French Wine From China? This $300 Bottle Is the Real Thing
Business, October 24

A Rothschild estate in Shandong Province has released its first vintage. It was 10 years in the making.

558201fe2a384f5bb17c6787066958f6 mediumthreebytwo378
New to Natural Wine? Pick Up a Zine
Styles, June 3

Devotees of the trendy, low-intervention beverage are making their drink of choice more accessible through D.I.Y. publishing.

15burner2 mediumthreebytwo378
This Brandy Soars
Dining, April 15

Hangar 1 has ventured beyond just vodka distilling with a brandy named for a classic airplane.

15burner6 mediumthreebytwo378
Learn More About Mezcal
Dining, April 15

The Heritage Radio Network is sponsoring a talk in Brooklyn about the Mexican spirit.

07france china wine1 mediumthreebytwo378 v2
As Chinese Buy French Vineyards, Names Like Château Imperial Rabbit Rattle Purists
Foreign, April 6

Renamed estates stir consternation among tradition-bound French. Rabbits are hunted in the Bordeaux, they note, and there are no “Tibetan Antelopes.”

Merlin 152686011 2a3f6d7a e7ae 4a67 b27f f7b7f5ad0e60 mediumthreebytwo378
Attend the Staff Wine Lesson
Dining, April 1

At Charlie Bird restaurant in SoHo, the public is invited to join the staff as the wine director introduces three wines.

Merlin 152692149 c0a6f473 8364 4557 8a8e 7ff1b5f8d408 mediumthreebytwo378
From Drinking Vinegar to Cordial
Dining, April 1

Andy Ricker has reformulated his Som line of vinegars, reimagining them as cordials to mix with seltzer or a cocktail.

Merlin 152712099 73cbe089 a9a5 42a4 b300 02a982035b5e mediumthreebytwo378
French Raise a Glass to a Health Warning About Too Much Wine
Foreign, March 28

“For your health, it’s maximum two glasses a day, and not every day,” the health agency said. France’s response? Deafening silence.

13burner2 mediumthreebytwo378
Plan a Trip to the Distilleries and Pubs of Ireland
Dining, March 11

The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog has a new guidebook that will walk you through the best drinking spots on the Emerald Isle.

11burner1 mediumthreebytwo378
This Irish Whiskey Is a Rarity
Dining, March 11

Kilbeggan’s small-batch rye is one of the few using the grain.

06next 1 mediumthreebytwo378
Back to the Supermarket: Looking for the Good
Dining, February 28

These are not produced by the millions of bottles, but they are widely available, and stay true to simpler methods of production.