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So Ancient, Yet So New: Gorgeous Red Wines From Greece
Dining, Yesterday

While the country is better known for its white wines, it also produces distinctive, superb reds from a number of little-known grapes.

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An Irish Whiskey Returns to Its Roots
Dining, February 22

Teeling uses peat to dry the barley for its Blackpitts whiskey, lending an air of smokiness to a smooth tipple.

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Grenache, or Garnacha: Same Grape, 3 Ways
Dining, February 22

If you take a single variety and make wine in three distinct regions, how different will the wines be?

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Flowery, Yes. But the Wines of Fleurie Offer More.
Dining, February 22

It’s a wine that has long been typecast. Maybe now is the time to recognize that Beaujolais is no longer just one thing.

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Make Vermouth the Star
Dining, February 18

Dust off your bottle. It’s a complete pour all its own.

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A New Pint Worth Sampling
Dining, February 16

McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream’s new praline flavor is supercharged with Garrison Brothers bourbon.

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Penfolds Releases Wines Made From American Grapes
Dining, February 16

The winemaker’s new line is a blend of California and Australian harvests.

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How to Think About Wine Vintages
Dining, February 16

Conventional wisdom can often lead consumers away from delicious wines. Better to think of individual years in terms of character than of quality.

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Can a Fine Whiskey Age Overnight?
Dining, February 11

That’s the claim being made by several companies that are using technology to speed their spirits to the liquor-store shelf.

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Meet the Proseccos You’ll Be Drinking This Summer
Dining, February 8

Italy has given Prosecco rosé the stamp of approval, and producers are starting to send these pink bubblies to America.

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For the Wine World, 2021 Brings Familiar Problems
Dining, February 4

The year has changed. So has the government. But the challenges facing the wine industry — Covid, tariffs and climate change — remain.

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America’s First Moonshine, Applejack, Returns in Sleeker Style
Dining, February 2

From the Blue Ridge Mountains to Vermont, new distillers are reviving a drink that vanished during Prohibition, giving it the age and polish of a fine brandy.

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20 Wines Under $20: Postcards From Around the World
Dining, January 28

In a pandemic era, when traveling is largely out of the question, these wines, good values all, can take you on a trip around the globe.

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Weekly Health Quiz: Covid Variants, Moderate Exercise and Coffee
Interactive, January 22

Test your knowledge of this week’s health news.

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Need a Drink? Make It Just One
Interactive, July 16

A government panel may soon suggest that Americans limit their consumption of alcohol to just one drink per day. So what does that mean?

Margarita 03 mediumthreebytwo378
How to Make a Frozen Margarita
Interactive, May 22

You’ll need some blanco tequila, lime juice, triple sec, simple syrup, ice and a blender. A summer weekend refreshment is a few easy steps away.