How to Create a Home Bar: Jessica Schuster’s Dos and Don’ts
Interactive, April 12

Interior designer Jessica Schuster offers advice on how to set up a home bar.

There’s More to a Home Bar Than Liquor. Here’s What Else You Need.
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An artful display tells your guests you care about them — and it’s easier to create than you may think.

2 Simple Cocktails for Lemon Lovers
Dining, April 11

Get ready for summer with homemade hard lemonade and the Sgroppino, an icy Italian favorite.

¿Deberían las bebidas alcohólicas llevar etiquetas que adviertan el riesgo de cáncer?
En español, April 10

En Irlanda serán obligatorias desde 2026, mientras que en otros países se avanza en las iniciativas para añadir un etiquetado más explícito sobre los riesgos del consumo de alcohol.

Should Alcoholic Beverages Have Cancer Warning Labels?
Science, April 9

Ireland will require them starting in 2026, and there are nascent efforts elsewhere to add more explicit labeling about the health risks of drinking.

The Bumpy Gourd That’s Winning Over Bartenders
T Style, April 5

In bars from Hong Kong to Vancouver, the medicinal tang of bitter melon is making its way onto drinks menus.

36 Hours in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Interactive, April 4

Bar-hop in an old quarter, explore a street splashed with murals and fly kites on the lawn of a fortress in this Caribbean capital.

Where to Drink Wine in Chicago
Dining, April 4

Great wine lists abound in this fascinating city. Here are eight places with distinctive lists that stand out.

Why Are Older Americans Drinking So Much?
Science, March 30

The pandemic played a role in increased consumption, but alcohol use among people 65 and older was climbing even before 2020.

10 Red Wines to Drink Now: Austria Edition
Dining, March 29

There’s more to Austrian wines than grüner veltliner. Its reds range from juicy and refreshing to satisfyingly complex.

As Relations Thaw, China Lifts Tariffs on Australian Wine
Business, March 28

Despite its thirst for Australian wine, China had taxed the imports in 2020 over a dispute about Covid-19.

Sean Combs resolvió una demanda, pero sus problemas recién habían empezado
En español, March 27

En noviembre, el magnate del hip-hop negó las acusaciones de agresión sexual de su exnovia. Desde entonces, más demandas han afectado sus negocios y su reputación.

Last Call for the Montana Club, and a Past Straight Out of ‘Yellowstone’
Dining, March 21

The century-old club, in Helena, had a celebrated Black bartender and a membership of Montana’s biggest movers and shakers.

36 Hours in Cape Town
Interactive, March 21

The spectacular South African city is shedding its Eurocentric identity and emerging as a culturally rich African hub.

¿Es distinto beber durante el día que en la noche?
En español, March 21

Los psiquiatras y los expertos en alcohol afirman que hay algunos factores únicos que influyen en la diferencia entre el consumo diurno y el consumo nocturno.

Why Are Champagne and Fried Chicken So Great Together?
Dining, March 19

Something about the crackle of the crust, the snap of the bubbles and the salt and spice of the chicken makes for an extraordinary combination.

Raising Our Glasses to a Pianist Who Loves Vodka
Metro, October 13

Gary Graffman, who is turning 95, is a man of many enthusiasms, including citrus infusions.

China Wine Tariff Pushes Australia’s Grape Growers Into Crisis
Business, March 16

Two years later, they’re suffering from a glut of red wine and plummeting grape prices with no overseas market big enough to fill the gap.

Las grandes refresqueras se interesan por las bebidas alcohólicas
en Español, February 27

PepsiCo y Coca-Cola ingresaron a los mercados de bebidas con alcohol, lo que genera preocupación entre los reguladores e investigadores.

Big Soda’s Alcohol Drinks Worry Health Experts
Science, February 21

PepsiCo and Coca-Cola enter hard soda markets, causing concerns among regulators and researchers.

In New Zealand, Sauvignon Wishes and Sashimi Dreams
Travel, January 23

A road trip in the country’s South Island offered perfect wines, stunning views, intimate restaurants and the chance to make a pilgrimage to a salmon Shangri-La.

It’s Dry January. Pour One Out for the Bar Owners.
Metropolitan, January 19

Between the “tripledemic,” the economy, holiday fatigue and the temporarily sober, businesses are suffering.

Drink Up, Japan Tells Young People. I’ll Pass, Many Reply.
Foreign, August 19

The country’s tax agency, hoping to reverse the alcohol industry’s pandemic doldrums, is holding a contest to encourage more drinking among the young.

¿Es posible reforzar el sistema inmunitario?
en Español, July 18

El temor al coronavirus ha provocado numerosas búsquedas en internet y mucha información errónea sobre cómo mejorar las defensas del organismo. Esto es lo que funciona y lo que no.