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For the Slopes, a Ski-Themed Aquavit
Dining, December 10

Skiklubben, from Tamworth Distilling, celebrates the nation’s oldest ski club, Nansen, in Berlin, N.H.

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Chocolate With a Mulled Wine Center
Dining, December 3

The new scarlet chocolates from the Connecticut chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt are available by the dozen.

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A California Cab for Someone Special
Dining, December 3

Ridge Vineyards has released some of its Monte Bello, a Bordeaux blend, online.

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Resurrecting a New Orleans Bar and Its Dramatic Drink
Dining, December 3

Two bartenders plan to open Jewel of the South, in homage to Joseph Santini and his brandy crusta.

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Finally, New York Has a Cocktail Library
New York, November 30

Greg Boehm, who owns some 3,000 vintage books on mixology and drinking culture, has made his collection of rare recipes public. Here he discusses the evolution of cocktail culture in the city, which he describes as “a tricky place right now.”

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Winterize That Cocktail With the Amazing Amari
Dining, November 29

These rich, bitter spirits, paired with brown liquors like whiskey and rum, can give the classics a new warmth.

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The Best Wine Books of 2018
Dining, November 29

These five new volumes investigate some of the most basic issues raised by wine, while posing new questions and inspiring thirst.

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House Hunting in … Argentina
Real Estate, November 28

In the fertile wine country of Mendoza, the housing market is faltering after a sharp decline in the Argentine peso.

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Fifteen Acres of Wine Country in Argentina
Slideshow, November 28

This five-bedroom house, which anchors a 15-acre wine estate in the malbec haven of Mendoza, Argentina, is on the market for $2.5 million.

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How to Drink Wine
Interactive, November 28

Our columnist takes the anxiety out of shopping, buying and drinking wine. You will learn the basics, from how to open a bottle to pairing it with food, along with the best language to use when talking about wine in stores, at restaurants and with friends.

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A Sip of French Tradition With a Hint of New Orleans
Dining, November 26

Grand Brulot, an aged digestif made with coffee and V.S.O.P. Cognac, is easy to savor.

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The Secret to That Bright-Red Drink? Little Bugs
Dining, November 26

Campari stopped using a traditional dye made from insects, but makers of American aperitivos are taking it back up.

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Is There a Role for Tawny Port in the Digital Age?
Dining, November 26

The proverbial after-dinner drink doesn’t get much attention nowadays. It’s one thing to recognize its qualities. It’s another to find a place for it.

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You Can Teach an Old-Vine Grape New Tricks
Dining, November 26

In California, where a handful of grapes dominates the industry, explorations with carignan yield potential for wonderful, unpretentious wines.

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The Morning After: One Man’s Quest for a Hangover Cure
Book Review, November 26

Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall’s “Hungover” is filled with boozy factoids, eccentric remedies and tales of alcoholic adventures on several continents.

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Looking Back on 100 Years of New York City Drinking Culture, From Gritty to Elegant
Metropolitan, November 23

When it comes to hunkering down with at the bar, New York has long been a standard-bearer.

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Thanksgiving Wines: A Last-Minute Checklist
Dining, November 15

Suggestions for when you have no time to think (or agonize) about what bottles to buy for the feast.

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Luxury Brands Buy Supply Chains to Ensure Meeting Demand
Special Sections, November 15

The luxury markets are booming to such an extent that brands look to ensure they can meet demand by buying companies that supply their raw materials.

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Slim Volumes With Scores of Cocktail Ideas
Dining, November 12

“The Mini Bar,” a new book set from the website Punch, offers recipes categorized by wine or spirit.