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Skip the Bordeaux, Go for the Assyrtiko
Metropolitan, February 21

Putting together a wine list at a Greek restaurant in Astoria with a radical idea: Build it around Greek wines.

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L’immigrazione ridisegna un antico borgo toscano e l’Italia
Foreign, February 21

Gli slogan elettorali allertano contro “l’invasione” degli immigrati, ma il tessuto sociale dell’Italia è già cambiato.

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A Museum Bridges the Divide Between Two Bordeaux
Dining, February 15

La Cité du Vin, in the city of Bordeaux, explains the region’s wine culture while also putting it the context of the global wine industry.

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Convivial Nights of Wine and Cheese at Beecher’s
Dining, February 12

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese in the Flatiron district will host weekly wine and cheese and beer and cheese nights.

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This Rye Whiskey Has a Hint of Applejack
Dining, February 12

President Washington provided some inspiration for this Ragtime Rye.

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2014 Barbarescos: Triumphs and Question Marks
Dining, February 8

A difficult, rainy vintage proved to be a challenge for producers. Some made the best of it with fresh, expressive and delicious wines.

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Grant Achatz, Science-Minded Chef, Turns to Cloning
Dining, February 6

An acclaimed innovator does better by the food than the drinks as he replicates his Chicago cocktail lounges the Aviary and the Office in New York.

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Far More U.S. Children Than Previously Thought May Have Fetal Alcohol Disorders
Science, February 6

New research estimates that neurological disorders caused by mothers drinking during pregnancy are at least as common as autism.

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Making (Bad) Vinegar at Home: A Critic’s Confession
Dining, February 5

Eric Asimov knows wine, but his experiment at fermenting it further ran into some serious complications.

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A Cocktail That Goes for the Gold
Dining, February 5

The golden torch, from Cote, celebrates the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

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Shorter Beer Runs in Minnesota, Just in Time for the Super Bowl
Sports, February 3

Minnesota had been one of the few remaining states to ban liquor sales on Sunday, driving hordes of football fans into Wisconsin on N.F.L. game days.

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Do Hangovers Get Worse as We Age?
Well, February 2

It’s still unclear what causes hangovers. But they are a sign that you are drinking too much, at any age.

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A New Cocktail Conference With a Political Twist
Dining, February 2

Chicago Style, founded by three women, will bring bar professionals together in May to party — and talk about issues of gender and race.

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Your Next Lesson: Value Bordeaux
Dining, February 1

Despite its pricey image, Bordeaux is fertile ground for good values. These bottles often come from small producers in underappreciated areas.

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Don’t Judge a Wine by the Grape on Its Label
Dining, February 1

Sometimes a blend makes a more complete wine than a single variety can. But it may run counter to consumer expectations.

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Kaia Gerber’s Dad Was a Model, Too
Styles, January 27

Rande Gerber is married to Cindy Crawford, father to the teenage supermodels Kaia and Presley Gerber, and is a tequila baron (with his pal George Clooney).

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20 Wines Under $20: Touring the World, Familiar to Obscure
Dining, January 25

The best values can be found hovering around $20. This price buys wines that are not merely sound, but exciting.

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Beer Cellars, Whiskey Tastings and the Women Bringing Them to Life
Metropolitan, January 25

New York’s drinking culture has always had its share of innovators and trendsetters. Recently, more of these influencers seem to be women.