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For Savennières, Age Comes With Benefits
Dining, Today

While aging most wines is unnecessary, a few, like this Loire white, will improve. Still, much can be gained from sampling them while young.

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Your Next Lesson: Amontillado
Dining, Today

Beyond the mystique surrounding fortified wines, this sherry can be wonderfully complex and satisfying, and surprisingly good with many savory foods.

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A Rye Whiskey Dressed Up and Ready to Give
Dining, November 20

Sealed in green wax, Pinhook Straight Rye Whiskey is earthy with a finish that channels tarte Tatin.

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Online Cocktail-Equipment Shop Opens a Pop-Up
Dining, November 20

The Kitchen by W&P Design, a shop open to the end of the year in NoLIta, has gifts and special tasting events.

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Their Pledges Die. So Should Fraternities.
Op Ed, November 17

Binge drinking. Sexual assault. Segregation. Why do colleges indulge Greek life?

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Last-Minute Buys for Thanksgiving Wines
Dining, November 16

Even the morning of the holiday isn’t too late to find something good to drink. Here are ideas for what to get when you remember that you forgot.

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A Deli Where Rye Comes in Slices and in a Glass
Dining, November 15

A branch of the Second Avenue Deli is opening an upstairs bar where you can raise a toast (using a Dr. Brown’s) to Jewish culture.

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Live Event: Women and Whiskey, Sisters in Suds
Insider, November 14

Join us on Dec. 7 for a conversation about the historical role of American women in the distilling and brewing industries.

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Wine From Prehistoric Georgia With an 8,000-Year-Old Vintage
Science, November 13

Pottery shards recovered from two archaeological sites in the country are the oldest evidence of winemaking, pushing the date back 600 to 1,000 years.

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A Link Between Alcohol and Cancer? It’s Not Nearly as Scary as It Seems
Upshot, November 10

An announcement from a cancer research group needs to be taken with a grain of salt, perhaps on the rim of a margarita glass.

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Cabernet Franc and the Finger Lakes: Made for Each Other
Dining, November 9

With the fresh, spicy character typical of cool-climate viticulture, the red-wine grape shows another face of American winemaking.

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Cancer Doctors Cite Risks of Drinking Alcohol
Well, November 7

Drinking alcohol, even modest amounts, increases the risk of breast cancer and other cancers.

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Interstate Wine Shipments
Letters, November 7

Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America says the state authority regulatory structure is a critical reason the market is safe.

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Another Arnault Steps Into the Spotlight
Styles, November 7

Stephanie Watine Arnault, a niece of Bernard Arnault, was in New York last week to introduce Clos19, the new online drinks platform from LVMH.

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A Ban on Bus and Subway Alcohol Ads in New York
Letters, November 6

A public health expert says young people’s exposure to alcohol marketing is associated with subsequent drinking behavior.

Sipping Champagne With a Butterfly
Metro, November 2

A moment from a first summer in New York.

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The Four Rules of Thanksgiving Wines
Dining, November 2

What to drink should be the least of your worries. With good food and good company there are no bad bottles, as the wine panel demonstrates.

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Baseball, Hot Dogs and Apple Pie. Washed Down With Champagne.
Sports, October 30

Over the decades, baseball has developed a peculiar cycle after teams advance in the playoffs: win, celebrate, clean up, repeat.

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Bars Are Putting On the Ritz With an Old Drink: The Tuxedo
Dining, October 30

The cocktail, a martini variation with two versions, is catching on in fancy bars across the country.

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Drinks at High-End Hotel Bars — Hold the Booze
Travel, October 30

Creative nonalcoholic cocktails are catching on at hotel bars — most notably in London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

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Your Next Lesson: Savennières
Dining, October 27

This textured white wine, from the Anjou region of the Loire Valley, is a beautiful expression of the chenin blanc grape.

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From Crozes-Hermitage, an Extra Dimension After Delicious
Dining, October 27

Extraordinary examples of these French wines from the northern Rhône Valley reveal the secrets of their place of origin.

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M.T.A. Will Ban Alcohol Advertising on Buses and Subways
Metro, October 25

The transportation authority said the social benefits of deterring underage drinking outweighed the loss of revenue.