31mezcal5 web thumbwide
Here, Try Some Mezcal. But Not Too Much.
Dining, May 26

The spirit’s new popularity in the United States thrills many Americans but worries others, who fear for its sustainability....

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How Much Sugar Is in a Glass of Wine?
Science, May 26

Winemakers may add sugar to wine to “improve” the taste, and sugar content can vary widely....

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Rioja Grapples With How to Define Its Best Wines
Dining, May 25

Weighing aging wine versus terroir in a region of vast potential, where quality cannot be taken for granted....

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In the Bars of Berlin, Both the Drinks and Design Are Bracing
Travel, May 24

The city’s cocktail dens offer intriguing interiors — a chic retreat, a 19th-century villa — and menus that combine classics and recent inventions....

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Snacks From an East Village Wine Bar Available Online
Dining, May 22

The owners of Lois are now selling their crisps, crackers and candied nuts....

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The Ideal Aperitif: Good Vermouth, Cool and Fragrant
Dining, May 18

Sweet or dry and infused with herbs, spices and botanicals, this often misunderstood fortified wine whets the appetite....

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Let’s Be Clear: Bad Wines Are Bad Wines, Period
Dining, May 15

The wine industry makes junk wine because it sells like junk food. Good wines can be cheap or expensive, but they need not be processed....

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Surprise! Southern Comfort Has No Whiskey. But Soon It Will.
Dining, May 8

Trying to improve the image of a much-derided drink, its makers are planning a reboot, with the spirit many people think it already contains....

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Canadian Drinkers, Listen: Too-Potent Batch of Gin Is Recalled
Business, May 4

Officials urged consumers to return affected Bombay Sapphire bottles or discard them, even though the 154-proof contents aren’t “unsafe to drink.’’...