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Williamsburg Gets a Trinidadian Cocktail Bar With Indie Flavor
Styles, October 17

Clyde’s, which is partly owned by Major Lazer’s Christopher Leacock, spins modern mixes of reggae, calypso and soca.

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In Tuscany, Farms Embrace Nature — and Visitors
Travel, October 17

With enthusiasm for natural wines gaining momentum, Tuscany’s growing cluster of biodynamic farms offers tastings and a place to stay.

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For Relaxing Times, Japanese Gin and Vodka
Dining, October 15

Suntory, outside Kyoto, releases its gin and vodka to an American audience.

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For Muscadet, Look Beyond the Obvious
Dining, October 11

The melon de Bourgogne grape is often described as neutral, as its aromas and flavors are reticent. But it is most expressive in the realm of texture.

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Britain’s ‘New Puritans’: Youth Drinking Falls Dramatically
Foreign, October 9

Underage drinking has dropped sharply among European youths, and the biggest drop is in Britain, land of the pint of ale. No one is sure why, though some point to social media.

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A Little Purple Bag Brings Back Memories
Dining, October 9

Crown Royal’s newest release, a 13-year-old Blenders’ Mash, includes the well-known sack.

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What to Drink Before Bed? There’s Lots to Consider
Dining, October 8

A new book explores the nightcap’s many possibilities and asserts only a single rule: Keep it to one drink.

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Ireland Bill Aims to Crack Down on Excessive Drinking With Health Warning Labels
Foreign, October 6

Legislation passed by the lower house of Parliament orders sweeping restrictions on how alcohol is sold and advertised.

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The Sommelier Finds Room to Breathe
Dining, October 4

The stresses and demands of restaurant work eventually compel many, like Patrick Cappiello, to seek out other careers in wine.

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Bottle of Whisky Sells for a Record $1.1 Million
Foreign, October 3

The private buyer of the 60-year-old Macallan Valerio Adami 1926 was not named but was said to be from Asia.

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Tainted Bootleg Alcohol Kills Dozens and Poisons Hundreds in Iran
Foreign, October 2

More than a dozen were blinded and hundreds hospitalized across the country, which has recently begun trying to combat drinking problems.

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Brett Kavanaugh Loves His Beer
Op Ed, September 29

The Supreme Court nominee paired a frothy beverage with identity politics.

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Beer: Colleges’ New Way to Fill Seats, Not Couches
Sports, September 28

After keeping alcohol out of football stadiums for years, more universities are figuring out how best to sell booze to fans — so they don’t stay home.

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A French Bistro Favorite to Drink This Month
Dining, September 27

Saumur Champigny, an expressive cabernet franc, comes from a Loire region that has drawn attention for its improving wines but still offers great values.

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Morgon, in All Its Gorgeous Complexity
Dining, September 27

Books tell us that Beaujolais, and wine in general, is easy to understand, but the deeper you dig, the more complicated it gets.

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Cocktails the Lazy Way, at the End of the Day
Dining, September 25

You don’t need a lot of ingredients or equipment to whip up a sophisticated antidote to a hard day’s work.

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Never Heard of Bolivian Wine? That May Be About to Change
Dining, September 24

The nation’s reds rival pricier French bottles, and exports from a small number of vineyards are starting to trickle into the U.S.

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Soju, Straight From New York
Dining, September 24

West 32 Reserve, named after Koreatown in Manhattan, is meant for sipping, but plays nicely in a martini.