Celebrating the Roaring 2020s With a Bee’s Knees Cocktail
Dining, February 2

The Prohibition Era favorite is back on bar menus, with creative ingredients but the same inherent charm.

What Happens if I Take Melatonin After Drinking?
Well, January 31

Sleep specialists have a few concerns about this combo.

The Gin Boom Trying to Change India, One Distillery at a Time
Foreign, January 28

Local concoctions are challenging the country’s conservative attitude toward alcohol, along with the country’s often stultifying bureaucracy.

Madison Square Garden Boss Erupts as His Ban of Lawyers Draws Scrutiny
Metro, January 26

James Dolan barred adversaries using facial recognition technology, and politicians bridled. Now, he is threatening to ban beer at a Rangers game.

The American Wine Industry Has an Old People Problem
Dining, January 26

To find an audience with younger consumers, American winemakers need to make changes, and fast, a new report finds.

Fireball Maker Is Sued Over Bottles That Don’t Contain Whisky
Express, January 26

An Illinois woman who wanted whisky, but got a cinnamon-and-whisky-flavored malt beverage instead, has sued the maker of Fireball for fraud.

‘We Need Pleasure to Survive’
Op Ed, January 25

When we talk about health, we should talk about this more.

Limonzero Balances Sweet and Bitter Without Alcohol
Dining, January 23

Try the booze-free take on Limoncello, attend a virtual talk on Indigenous food sovereignty, and more.

In New Zealand, Sauvignon Wishes and Sashimi Dreams
Travel, January 23

A road trip in the country’s South Island offered perfect wines, stunning views, intimate restaurants and the chance to make a pilgrimage to a salmon Shangri-La.

Pushing Alcohol While Health Experts Say Risk-Free Drinking Is a Myth
Foreign, January 21

New alcohol guidelines say that not drinking is the only way to cut risk, but government-owned stores aggressively promote liquor, beer and wine.

El alcohol, incluso en pocas cantidades, puede dañar tu salud
en Español, January 20

Tras décadas de investigación confusa y, a veces, contradictoria, la evidencia reciente deja claro que beber un poco puede tener consecuencias negativas en el organismo.

It’s Dry January. Pour One Out for the Bar Owners.
Metropolitan, January 19

Between the “tripledemic,” the economy, holiday fatigue and the temporarily sober, businesses are suffering.

Canada’s New Guidelines for Alcohol Say ‘No Amount’ Is Healthy
Express, January 18

The guidance builds on growing evidence, after decades of sometimes conflicting research, that even small amounts of alcohol can have serious health consequences.

Drinking Again? Maybe the Problem Is Dry January.
Express, January 18

The annual sobriety challenge is more popular than ever, but like many New Year’s resolutions, it can end early in failure. But there are still benefits to trying, experts say.

How Restaurant Workers Help Pay for Lobbying to Keep Their Wages Low
Washington, January 17

The National Restaurant Association uses mandatory $15 food-safety classes to turn waiters and cooks into unwitting funders of its battle against minimum wage increases.

Dry for January? New Bars Cater to the ‘Sober Curious.’
Styles, January 16

A former barfly samples alcohol-free bars and mocktail pop-ups in New York City.

Even a Little Alcohol Can Harm Your Health
Well, January 13

Recent research makes it clear that any amount of drinking can be detrimental. Here’s why you may want to cut down on your consumption beyond Dry January.

Why London Is One of the Best Places in the World to Drink Wine
Dining, January 9

You can find terrific lists in pubs, bars and all sorts of restaurants in almost any neighborhood.

Drink Up, Japan Tells Young People. I’ll Pass, Many Reply.
Foreign, August 19

The country’s tax agency, hoping to reverse the alcohol industry’s pandemic doldrums, is holding a contest to encourage more drinking among the young.

¿Es posible reforzar el sistema inmunitario?
en Español, July 18

El temor al coronavirus ha provocado numerosas búsquedas en internet y mucha información errónea sobre cómo mejorar las defensas del organismo. Esto es lo que funciona y lo que no.