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A Badly Timed Disruption for Wine Sales in the New York Area
Dining, November 25

A storm last week damaged a North Jersey warehouse, impeding deliveries to stores during a busy holiday season.

25pour1 mediumthreebytwo378
6 Books for Thinking, Drinking and Changing the World
Dining, November 25

2020 has been a year for new and up-to-date studies of wine regions, as well as grim accounts of sexual degradation in the hospitality industry.

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Try a Red Wine From the Nation of Georgia
Dining, November 23

Lost Eden, a red blend aged in traditional clay amphora, is dark and earthy.

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It’s Time to Put the Noble Grapes in Their Place
Dining, November 19

Given a chance, many varieties, once scorned or dismissed, have proven they can shine. Why constrain our thinking about them by creating hierarchies?

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Take Hot Chocolate to the Next Level
At Home, November 13

It’s getting cold and your table might be outside. Here are ways to warm up with adult versions of winter’s favorite drink.

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From Lebanon, Bottles That Reward Diving Below the Surface
Dining, November 12

Wines can be enjoyed solely for the obvious pleasures they offer, but taking the time to observe and to learn can vastly enrich the experience.

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Sparkling Wines, Even if 2020 Hasn’t Earned Them
Dining, November 12

Every wine region makes them. Here are three different versions, made in different places from different grapes, each with its own festive message.

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Inside the Mystery of a Country Moonshine Bunker
Metropolitan, November 12

Distilleries are trendy in rural New York. But this one was open 88 years ago, during Prohibition.

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Who Was Pappy Van Winkle and Why Does His Whiskey Cost So Much?
Book Review, November 10

Wright Thompson’s “Pappyland” goes deep into Kentucky’s bourbon culture through a history of one of its prominent producer families.

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A Cocktail Timesaver for Turkey Day
Dining, November 9

High West, a Utah distillery, sells two bottled cocktails worthy of holiday enjoyment.

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Chairman of Elite Wine Group Resigns Amid Its Sexual Harassment Scandal
Dining, November 6

Devon Broglie is the latest figure in the Court of Master Sommeliers to be accused of an inappropriate relationship.

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When Wine Is More Than Just a Drink
Dining, November 5

The winemaker Taras Ochota, who died in October, created unique wines that were a touchstone for our Australia critic.

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Good Wines Won’t Fix Thanksgiving, but They Couldn’t Hurt
Dining, November 5

It will be an unusual holiday, with even the closest of families deciding to keep their distance. Perhaps this year we can toast each other from afar.

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Elite Wine Group Suspends Master Sommeliers
Dining, November 3

After recent sexual harassment allegations by many women, the Court of Master Sommeliers has apologized and announced next steps.

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How to Serve Your Guests Safely at Your Reception
Styles, November 3

With crowded dance floors and open bars largely gone during the coronavirus pandemic, food has become more of a focal point at weddings.

02burnerbook mediumthreebytwo378
Spirit Yourself Away for a Sip or Two
Dining, November 2

A cocktail book from Adrienne Stillman offers a heady escape, with recipes, histories and lush photography.

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In Russia’s Idyllic Wine Country, Dark Tales of Dreams Dashed
Foreign, November 1

A verdant slice of southern Russia evokes Tuscany and produces surprisingly magical wine. But bureaucratic nightmares and police raids intrude on the aspirations of upstart vintners.

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Trump y Biden: dos abstemios en carrera por la presidencia
en Español, October 30

No habrá brindis en la Casa Blanca después de la elección: ni el presidente Donald Trump ni Joe Biden consumen alcohol.

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The Wine World’s Most Elite Circle Has a Sexual Harassment Problem
Dining, October 29

The Court of Master Sommeliers confers high honors, but many women candidates say they’ve paid a steep price.

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Weekly Health Quiz: Immunity, Sports and Reinfection With Coronavirus
Interactive, August 28

Test your knowledge of this week’s health news.

Burst drinks mediumthreebytwo378
Need a Drink? Make It Just One
Interactive, July 16

A government panel may soon suggest that Americans limit their consumption of alcohol to just one drink per day. So what does that mean?

Margarita 03 mediumthreebytwo378
How to Make a Frozen Margarita
Interactive, May 22

You’ll need some blanco tequila, lime juice, triple sec, simple syrup, ice and a blender. A summer weekend refreshment is a few easy steps away.