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From Greece, Surprisingly Tannic Reds of Energy and Balance
Food, August 22

These red wines can be distinctive and thoroughly delicious. They are frequently great values as well, so long as they remain largely unknown.

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Banned on the Beach? It’s Still Nutcracker Summer
New York, August 17

Vendors think the police are cracking down on sales of the popular drink, sold from coolers around the city.

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From Wild Blueberries and Maine Terroir, Fine Sparkling Wine
Food, August 15

It began as a lark among childhood friends, one a California winemaker. It has become a cultural exploration and, maybe, hope for an ailing industry.

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Alla Salute! Italy’s Aperitivo Is Back
Opinion, August 15

A new generation has rediscovered the social charms of imbibing an aperitif before dinner, turning Italy this summer into one vast bar.

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The Drink That’s a Party All on Its Own
Food, August 13

Full of rum, gin and Cognac and elaborately garnished, the scorpion bowl is unlike anything else.

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Rosé Is Everywhere, Including in Mustard
Food, August 12

Maille, a French mustard company, has added rosé de Provence to a Dijon-style limited edition, seasonal condiment.

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From the Land of Many Grapes, Unusual Italian Reds
Food, August 1

The diversity of available wines is unparalleled today, with more styles made from different grapes than ever, leading to new grounds for exploration.

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Manzanilla Sherry: Singular, Saline and So Polarizing
Food, August 1

As with sherry generally, people either love it or hate it. But its unusual method of production and pungent flavorings make it a wine worth savoring.

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The Cocktail Passed on by a Summer Fling
T Magazine, July 30

Bryan Washington on the lunchbox, a citrus drink with an indescribable pull.

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Switzerland’s Once-in-a-Generation, Over-the-Top Party
Travel, July 30

When the 52 Places Traveler arrived in Vevey, Switzerland, he thought he was hallucinating. But no: it was just a celebration that hasn’t happened since 1999.

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A Leonard Cohen Cocktail
Food, July 29

The songwriter created a refreshing tequila drink in the 1970s. You can try one on Thursdays in August at the Jewish Museum.

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Natural Wines, Explained
Food, July 29

Alice Feiring’s new book takes a deep dive into the additive-free world of winemaking.