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  1. After Historic Victory, U.M.B.C. Students Look Forward to the Next … Lab Sports, Today

    It wasn’t exactly mass hysteria Saturday on the campus that wins chess championships the way Duke collects basketball ones. The model U.N. team is tough, too.

  2. Trump Lawyer Says Special Counsel Inquiry Should Be Ended Washington, Today

    The lawyer, John Dowd, said he was speaking on behalf of President Trump, only to backtrack shortly afterward and say he was speaking only for himself.

  3. Andrew McCabe, Fired F.B.I. Deputy, Is Said to Have Kept Memos on Trump Washington, Today

    The memos could corroborate the testimony of James B. Comey, the former F.B.I. director who said President Trump had pressured him to shut down an investigation.

  4. How Trump Consultants Exploited the Facebook Data of Millions Investigative, Today

    Cambridge Analytica harvested personal information from a huge swath of the electorate to develop techniques that were later used in the Trump campaign.

  5. AIDS Researcher Top Candidate to Lead the C.D.C. Science, Today

    The administration is vetting Dr. Robert Redfield, a founder of the University of Maryland’s Institute of Human Virology, for C.D.C. chief.

  6. AIDS Researcher Top Candidate to Lead the C.D.C. Science, Today

    The administration is vetting Dr. Robert Redfield, a founder of the University of Maryland’s Institute of Human Virology, for C.D.C. chief.

  7. Crack on Florida Bridge Was Discussed in Meeting Hours Before Collapse National, Today

    The engineer of the bridge presented the crack to the construction manager and the State Department of Transportation but said there were no safety concerns.

  8. Bridge Collapse Saps Spirits and Research Efforts at Florida International University National, Today

    The pedestrian bridge collapse has dealt a blow to the school and to a center there devoted to accelerated bridge construction.

  9. Trump and the Truth: A President Tests His Own Credibility Washington, Today

    The president’s latest made-up statement renewed the question: When does he know the things he says are false and when is he simply misinformed?

  10. Data Firm Tied to Trump Campaign Talked Business With Russians Investigative, Today

    Cambridge Analytica, a company that developed technology to target voters, has denied having connections to Russia. But evidence suggests otherwise.

  11. Scott Pruitt, Trump’s Rule-Cutting E.P.A. Chief, Plots His Political Future Climate, Today

    Mr. Pruitt may be using his position as an environmental deregulation czar to position himself to run for office in Oklahoma — or perhaps the presidency.

  12. Mueller Wants Trump’s Business Records. What’s the Russia Connection? Investigative, Today

    The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, has subpoenaed the Trump Organization for documents related to Russia. The company has a three-decade relationship with Moscow.

  13. North Korea-Sweden Talks Focus on ‘Peaceful Solution’ to Nuclear Conflict Foreign, Today

    The Swedish and North Korean foreign ministers concluded three days of talks, discussions which may help facilitate a meeting between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.

  14. Don’t Run From Trump Op Ed, Today

    The Republican Party has gotten where it is because of the president, not in spite of him.

  15. Daily Affirmations From the White House Op Ed, Today

    Sometimes the right mantra is what you need to put everything in perspective.

  16. Smuggling of U.S. Technology Is Outpacing Cold War Levels, Experts Say Washington, Today

    China, Russia, North Korea and Iran are relying on smuggling rings to secure equipment that can be used for weapons, satellites and fighter jets.

  17. Who Owns the Vikings? Pagans, Neo-Nazis and Advertisers Tussle Over Symbols Foreign, Today

    Amid a boom in Viking-related TV shows and films, there is increasing tension in Nordic countries over the use of emblems and rituals from that era.

  18. In Israel’s Poorer Periphery, Legal Woes Don’t Dent Netanyahu’s Appeal Foreign, Today

    The underdog sentiment and distrust of Israel’s old, liberal elite still run deep among Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s supporters, who are sticking firmly by him, despite graft accusations.

  19. President of Steven Cohen’s Investment Firm Quits Amid Gender Bias Lawsuit Business, Today

    Douglas Haynes stepped down as president of the $11 billion investment firm, a month after being named as a defendant in a gender discrimination lawsuit.

  20. At Least 16 Migrants Drown Off Greek Island, Including 5 Children Foreign, Today

    It was the first such mass casualty in several months on a route once taken by thousands of desperate people each day.

  21. Federal Agency Courted Alcohol Industry to Fund Study on Benefits of Moderate Drinking Science, Today

    Scientists and National Institute of Health officials waged a concerted campaign to obtain funding from the alcohol industry for research that may enshrine alcohol as a part of a healthy diet.

  22. Some Notable Names Lurk Behind Henrik Stenson at Bay Hill Sports, Today

    Stenson leads by a stroke, but some formidable challengers — including Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy — are not that far behind.

  23. Democrats Are Primed for 2018 and Looking Pretty in 2020 Op Ed, Today

    Ignore naysayers. The party’s field of presidential contenders is chockablock with potential.

  24. Corrections: March 18, 2018 Corrections, Today

    Corrections appearing in print on Sunday, March 18, 2018.

  25. A Parable of Self-Destruction Op Ed, Today

    Easter Island’s demise is a lesson for the world.

  26. Kris Kobach’s Voting Sham Gets Exposed in Court Editorial, Today

    In a Kansas courtroom, the nation’s leading vote suppressors are being revealed for the con artists they are.

  27. The Poison Putin Spreads Op Ed, Today

    The long-serving Russian leader, who is about to be re-elected for a six-year term, has become a model for the modern autocrat.

  28. Trump, Flush With Power Op Ed, Today

    The president wants to bring the Fox cast into the White House, fully merging with the source of his ideas, tweets and gratification.

  29. Roger Federer Rallies to Reach the Final in Indian Wells Sports, Today

    After defeating the rising star Borna Coric, the world’s top-ranked player will face Juan Martín del Potro.

  30. Embracing China, Facebook and Himself, Cambodia’s Ruler Digs In Foreign, Today

    Hun Sen, the longest-ruling leader in Asia, has turned his back on Western aid and tightened his grip on Cambodia, with the blessings of Beijing.

  31. In Praise of A.D.H.D. Op Ed, Today

    The disorder can be an asset in our frenetic world.

  32. Quotation of the Day: A Star Athlete, Her Eyes on the Olympics and History, Stirs Up Brazil Summary, Today

    Quotation of the Day for Sunday, March 18, 2018.

  33. N.C.A.A. Women’s Tournament: UConn Scores 94 Points (by Halftime) Sports, Today

    UConn set a tournament record for points in a game and overall records for points in a period (55 in the first) and a half (94 in the first).

  34. Adrian Lamo, Hacker Who Reported Chelsea Manning to the F.B.I., Dies at 37 Obits, Today

    Mr. Lamo, who was also known for hacking into the computer network of The New York Times, was reviled and revered for turning in Ms. Manning to the authorities.

  35. On the Road in Syria, Where Covering the War Is a Paper Chase Insider, Today

    The Kurds may not have an actual state in what they call Rojava, northern Syria, but they have plenty of bureaucracy.

  36. Taking Your Q Games, Today

    Hey Daniel Raymon, do you use an inkwell? Because you just quilled it with this puzzle.

  37. A Little-Known University Stuns No. 1 Virginia? You Must Mean Chaminade Sports, Today

    In 1982, a small Hawaiian university defeated top-ranked Virginia, cementing the school’s place in the history of great college basketball upsets.

  38. 32 Teams, 7 Days, 1 Gym Sports, Today

    For true madness, see the N.A.I.A. basketball tournament in Kansas City.

  39. Cinderella Story? It’s True for U.M.B.C. in Academics, Too Washington, Today

    The university is known more for producing the most African-American students who go on to complete combined M.D.-Ph.D. programs than it is for turning out professional athletes.

  40. Young Slovaks Buck a Trend, Protesting to Save Their Democracy Foreign, Today

    The tumult in Slovakia has now distinguished the country from others in the region, where disillusioned voters have sided with illiberal populists.

  41. Jets Acquire No. 3 Overall Draft Pick From the Colts Sports, Today

    The move is a strong sign that the team intends to select one of the top quarterbacks available in the N.F.L. draft in late April.

  42. Russia’s Fake Election Video, Today

    President Vladimir Putin’s real challenge in Sunday’s presidential election is not winning the race, but getting enough turnout to show the world his victory is legitimate.

  43. Slovakia Erupts After Journalist’s Murder Video, Today

    Huge demonstrations in Slovakia, the largest in Central Europe since the fall of communism, followed the murder of an investigative journalist and led to the resignation of the prime minister.

  44. Grab a Pillow: Weekend Reads From Opinion Op Ed, Today

    Catch up on some of our favorite recent pieces.

  45. Chris Hayes: What ‘Law and Order’ Means to Trump Op Ed, Today

    It is about the preservation of a certain social order, not the rule of law.

  46. Transgender Volleyball Star in Brazil Eyes Olympics and Stirs Debate Foreign, Today

    Tifanny Abreu, a top-ranked player in Brazilian professional volleyball, is transgender. She is setting records and plans to play in the Tokyo Games in 2020.

  47. 11 of Our Best Weekend Reads Culture, Today

    Easter Island is eroding. Joan Baez on her next chapter. Should some species be allowed to die out? And more.

  48. Oakland Embraces Marijuana Sales. Compton Bans Them. How Is Justice Best Served? National, Today

    A program in Oakland that offers marijuana licenses to those with prior convictions contrasts with Compton, where voters banned marijuana sales.

  49. Florida at 200 M.P.H. Op Ed, Today

    When IndyCar came to St. Pete for a race, I was there — heart pumping, eyes popping, ears ringing.

  50. The Human Behind the U.M.B.C. Twitter Account Takes a Victory Lap Too Sports, Today

    As the Retrievers pulled off the greatest upset in the history of the men’s basketball tournament, Zach Seidel’s posts resonated on social media.

  51. N.C.A.A. Men’s Tournament: Loyola-Chicago Claims Another Thrilling Upset Sports, Today

    Kentucky knocked out Buffalo, and top-seeded Villanova had no problem with Alabama on Saturday.

  52. It’s Hard to Be Hungry on Spring Break Op Ed, Today

    As they admit more poor students, colleges need to do a better job of serving them.

  53. The Case for a Carbon Tax on Beef Op Ed, Today

    It would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, deforestation, species loss and human mortality. So what’s the holdup?

  54. One Man’s Self-Imposed News ‘Blockade’ Letters, Today

    A profile of a man who has shut himself off from American politics evoked strong reactions.

  55. Do Not Read This Editorial While Walking Editorial, Today

    A California town has outlawed using smartphones while crossing the street — a move that could save lives.

  56. What the Dreamers Can Teach the Parkland Kids Op Ed, Today

    From one activist to another: Trust your instincts, study your history and don’t read the comments.

  57. Anti-Semitism Is Rising. Why Aren’t American Jews Speaking Up? Op Ed, Today

    The leaders of major Jewish organizations have been focused on Israel, not the brewing storm in our own country.

  58. A World Series Embrace Was Only One Stop on a Shared Journey Sports, Today

    Brian McCann and Charlie Morton’s careers came full circle at the end of Game 7 of the World Series, as they celebrated the Astros’ first championship.

  59. Women’s Shelters Have Been a Success Story. Some Fear the End Is Near. Foreign, Today

    Aid workers worry that the Afghan government’s latest attempt to control financing for shelters would make them vulnerable in a culture still brutal for women.

  60. Variety: Acrostic Games, Today

    You’ve evolved to solve this puzzle by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon.

  61. Pope Francis Makes Pilgrimage to Honor a Rock-Star Saint Foreign, Today

    The pope visited the sites where St. Pio, better known as Padre Pio, lived and died, and paid homage to his enduring legacy.

  62. When the Party’s Over, but the Beer Cans Remain Real Estate, Today

    How can a reader persuade boisterous neighbors to clean up after themselves?

  63. Our 10 Most Popular Recipes Right Now Dining, Today

    Shepherd’s pie, easy chicken curry, and more recipes for the weekend.

  64. Our 10 Most Popular Recipes Right Now Dining, Today

    Shepherd’s pie, easy chicken curry, and more recipes for the weekend.

  65. Daria Kasatkina and Naomi Osaka Represent a New Wave Sports, Today

    Asked what it would mean to have two 20-year-olds in their first final in one of the tour’s top-tier events, Kasatkina said: “That we are coming. Very soon.”

  66. New Sinn Fein Leader Has a Familiar Task: Wooing Irish-Americans Foreign, Today

    Meeting American supporters for St. Patrick’s Day, Gerry Adams passed the torch to Mary Lou McDonald, the first woman to lead the party in modern times.

  67. North Korea’s Most Powerful Missile Now Has Its Own Shrine Foreign, Today

    Satellite imaging, astronomy and a smart hunch about North Korea propaganda confirmed the launching site of the North Korean missile and a new monument.

  68. Unreliable Witnesses to Their Own Meeting? Society, Today

    The couple, both lawyers, met before each attended different law schools.

  69. Alaska Airlines Pilot, Saying She Was Raped by Fellow Pilot, Sues Company Travel, Today

    The pilot, Betty Pina, an Army veteran who flew helicopter missions in Afghanistan, said in a lawsuit that she was drugged and sexually assaulted during a layover.

  70. Stanford History Event Was ‘Too White and Too Male,’ Organizer Admits National, Today

    The organizer, Niall Ferguson, found himself on the defensive after a tweet with images of 30 white, male speakers prompted anger from female historians.

  71. The Future of Time Warner, Coming Soon to a Court Near You Sunday Business, Today

    The talk in media circles is focused on what happens if the AT&T deal is stopped by the government and Time Warner is forced to go it alone.

  72. U.K., Land of ‘Brexit,’ Quietly Outsources Some Surgeries to France Foreign, Today

    After years of austerity, the National Health Service is under enormous strain, so it is paying French doctors to perform some operations on its behalf.

  73. An Assassin’s Tool Kit: When Guns Are Not Enough Foreign, Today

    For spies, politicians and gangsters, there are any number of grim ways to die. Poison is a favorite.

  74. Russia Expels 23 British Diplomats, Escalating Row Over Ex-Spy’s Poisoning Foreign, Today

    The order came days after Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain expelled the same number of Russian diplomats.

  75. Kim Petras Just Wants to Be a Pop Star Styles, Today

    “I don’t care about being the first transgender teen idol at all,” said the German-born singer.

  76. This Preacher Would Be Happy to Share Your Bowl of Açaí Styles, Today

    Leader of the evangelical mecca Zoe Church in Los Angeles, Chad Veach wants to win friends and Instagram people. (Go ahead, pick the “Rise” filter!)

  77. Catharine MacKinnon and Gretchen Carlson Have a Few Things to Say Sunday Business, Today

    The two discuss sexual harassment in the workplace, how to change corporate culture in meaningful and sustained ways, and whether Miss America can be relevant in the #MeToo era.

  78. Indian Children’s Book Lists Hitler as Leader ‘Who Will Inspire You’ Foreign, Today

    A publisher came under fire for featuring the dictator as one of 11 world figures said to have “devoted their lives for the betterment of their country and people.”

  79. These Days I Miss John Updike, a Remote and Noble Male Mentor Styles, Today

    After I rejected a married male supervisor, my dream job disappeared, but Updike, chronicler of adultery, remained a beacon of propriety and hope.

  80. Listen to ‘Dear Sugars’: When Sexual Consent Is Neither Black nor White Podcasts, Today

    Some sexual encounters are obviously consensual, while others are not. But what about those that are neither black nor white? In this episode, the Sugars plunge deeper into the gray area.

  81. A Restaurant That Marries Seattle Ingredients to Southern Cuisine Travel, Today

    The cuisine at JuneBaby, which opened in the spring of 2017, is at once homey and familiar, yet refined and upscale — and offers a history lesson of sorts.

  82. The World Is Changing. This Trappist Abbey Isn’t. Can It Last? Insider, Today

    Meet the monks of Mepkin Abbey, a Trappist monastery in South Carolina, who are trying to maintain age-old religious traditions in a rapidly evolving world.

  83. A Santa Barbara Hotel With Ocean Views and Artful Cuisine Travel, Today

    The Hotel Californian features Moroccan-inspired design and Mediterranean dishes at its fine dining restaurant.

  84. Saudi Arabia Lightens Up, Building Entertainment Industry From Scratch Foreign, Today

    The kingdom hopes that building an entertainment industry for its 29 million people will help its struggling, oil-based economy and make life more enjoyable.

  85. Le Royaume-Uni, terre du Brexit, sous-traite discrètement certaines chirurgies en France Foreign, Today

    Après des années d’austérité, le National Health Service, sous énorme pression, paie des médecins français pour réaliser certaines interventions chirurgicales à sa place.

  86. Virginia Loses in a Way No One Will Ever Forget Sports, Today

    Virginia’s defeat against the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, may have been historic and shocking, but it is explainable.

  87. What’s on TV Saturday: ‘Sex & Love Around the World’ and ‘The Beguiled’ Culture, Today

    Christiane Amanpour identifies universal aspects of relationships in a new series. And “The Beguiled” arrives on HBO.