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  1. What to Watch in Yankees vs. Astros Game 4 Sports, Today

    Both teams got an extra day of rest when the game was rained out on Wednesday, allowing Zack Greinke to start for Houston and Masahiro Tanaka to take the mound for the Yankees.

  2. A New Opera Pays Poetic Tribute to the Creative Process Arts, Today

    Hannah Lash’s “Desire,” an allegorical chamber work for three singers and the JACK Quartet, had its world premiere in New York.

  3. Zuckerberg, Inflaming Debate, Asserts Facebook Stands for Free Expression Business, Today

    In an address at Georgetown University, the Facebook chief executive called for more free speech — not less — as his company has been assailed for allowing lies and falsehoods to appear.

  4. Stephen Colbert Signs a New ‘Late Show’ Deal Through 2023 Business, Today

    The contract extension for the late-night leader keeps him on the job beyond the next election.

  5. ‘Kinetta’ Review: Cryptic Seeds of Yorgos Lanthimos’s Imagery Movies, Today

    Set around a Greek seaside resort, the now-acclaimed director’s 2005 movie bears inklings of ideas he would explore more fully later.

  6. Bank Regulators Present a Dire Warning of Financial Risks From Climate Change Climate, Today

    The San Francisco Fed warned that banks, communities and homeowners face significant financial risk from climate change and offered proposals for banks to do more to help.

  7. Elijah Cummings ‘Lived the American Dream,’ Pelosi Says Video, Today

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi honored Representative Elijah E. Cummings, describing him as a “revered and respected” colleague. Mr. Cummings, one of the most powerful Democrats in Congress, died on Thursday.

  8. The Liberty Are Moving to Brooklyn Sports, Today

    The W.N.B.A. team, which played in Westchester County, N.Y., for two seasons after years at Madison Square Garden, will join the Nets at Barclays Center.

  9. Trump Will Host 2020 G7 Summit at His Doral Resort U.S., Today

    The decision to host the economic summit at the Trump National Doral Miami Golf Club is sure to alarm ethics watchdogs and critics of the administration.

  10. J.Lo Podcasts, Today

    With the success of “Hustlers,” is Jennifer Lopez finally getting her due?

  11. G.M. Deal Saves One Plant, Union Says, but 3 Others Stay Shut Business, Today

    The United Automobile Workers said the tentative contract agreement would provide wage increases and improve the prospects of temporary employees.

  12. G.M. Deal Saves One Plant, Union Says, but 3 Others Stay Shut Business, Today

    The United Automobile Workers said the tentative contract agreement would provide wage increases and improve the prospects of temporary employees.

  13. France’s Far Right Wants to Be an Environmental Party, Too World, Today

    Rooted in the idealization of the land and French identity, the National Rally’s approach focuses on the local and dovetails with its push to strengthen borders.

  14. Film Club: ‘How Do You Rewrite the ABCs? The Secrets of Songwriting on ‘Sesame Street’’ The Learning Network, Today

    How can music be a powerful tool for learning?

  15. How Guilty Should You Feel About Flying? Interactive, Today

    Frequent fliers are responsible for two-thirds of all air travel, and therefore aviation emissions, in the United States, according to a new analysis.

  16. ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ Review: Sleep, Sleep, My Lovelies Movies, Today

    Angelina Jolie returns as the powerful, dangerous fairy in this tame, disappointing follow-up to the 2014 revisionist hit.

  17. Woman Who Said Officer Removed Her Tampon Settles With San Antonio U.S., Today

    The city approved a $205,000 payout to a woman who sued after she said an officer violated her rights during a cavity search.

  18. Can the Left Save Liberalism From Trump? Opinion, Today

    America’s dual faith in individual liberty and democracy is under attack by the president’s populism.

  19. ‘Watchmen’ Is an Audacious Rorschach Test Arts, Today

    Damon Lindelof’s entertaining comic-book rethink takes on the Big Bad of white supremacy, explosively and sometimes unsteadily.

  20. Can Personality Affect Dementia Risk? Well, Today

    Extroversion, an energetic disposition, calmness and maturity were associated with a lower risk of dementia 50 years later.

  21. A Nazi Version of DDT Was Forgotten. Could It Help Fight Malaria? Science, Today

    Scientists have rediscovered a compound developed by German researchers during World War II. It appears to be more effective and perhaps safer than DDT.

  22. Trilobite Fossils Show Conga Line Frozen for 480 Million Years Science, Today

    The orderly collection of ancient arthropods suggests that complex social behavior goes way back in the history of life on Earth.

  23. What Is in the New Brexit Deal? World, Today

    Northern Ireland’s border controls and its ability to make trade rules are among the central issues covered in the latest agreement between the E.U. and Britain.

  24. How to Fund ‘Medicare for All’: Slash the Military Interactive, Today

    We found billions of dollars to pay for universal health care.

  25. Braving MoMA: What to Know Before You Enter Arts, Today

    The museum is bigger and more demanding, but there’s more fun, and a sense of serendipity.

  26. What’s Going On in This Graph? | Oct. 23, 2019 The Learning Network, Today

    What happens to shelter dogs and cats has changed considerably over the past decade.

  27. Tech Companies Are Destroying Democracy and the Free Press Opinion, Today

    Ad revenue that used to support journalism is now captured by Google and Facebook, and some of that money supports and spreads fake news.

  28. We Flew All the Way Here for This? Style, Today

    A stepmother wonders whether traveling to visit her partner’s daughters — and fight with his ex for their time — is worth it.

  29. Trump Officials Press for a Cease-Fire After Turkish Incursion in Syria World, Today

    A letter by President Trump last week, warning Mr. Erdogan in blunt terms against the incursion, threatened to make the shuttle diplomacy by Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo more difficult.

  30. Ballet Hero: Herman Cornejo’s Milestone Arts, Today

    Celebrating his 20th anniversary at American Ballet Theater, Mr. Cornejo stars in a new work by Twyla Tharp.

  31. Booker T. Jones, Soul’s Ultimate Sideman, Takes the Lead at Last Arts, Today

    In a new memoir, “Time Is Tight: My Life, Note by Note,” the Stax studio wizard and acclaimed producer tells his own story and finds his voice.

  32. Netflix’s Top 10 Original Movies and TV Shows, According to Netflix Business, Today

    The streaming giant has been hush-hush about how many people watch its original content. Until now.

  33. Addiction Is the Stuff of High Drama. In These Plays, So Is Sobriety. Theater, Today

    With recovery no longer so secret, a new wave of plays dealing with its realities has started to emerge. Some of the playwrights have drawn from their own lives.

  34. How to Reduce Abortion Opinion, Today

    Clues from the state with the biggest recent decline.

  35. Northeast ‘Bomb Cyclone’: Powerful Winds Knock Out Power to 500,000 U.S., Today

    Meteorologists were describing the storm as a “bomb cyclone,” in which masses of warm and cold air meet, creating a cyclonic effect.

  36. Interrogation Company Insists That ‘When They See Us’ Got It Wrong U.S., Today

    Ava DuVernay’s Netflix series about the Central Park jogger case refers to harsh interrogation practices as the “Reid technique.” Now the company behind that technique is suing for defamation.

  37. Ambassador to E.U. to Testify That Trump Delegated Ukraine Policy to Giuliani U.S., Today

    Gordon D. Sondland said in his prepared statement to House impeachment investigators that he was disappointed the president involved his personal lawyer in diplomacy with Kiev.

  38. Gordon Sondland, E.U. Envoy, Testifies That Trump Delegated Ukraine Policy to Giuliani U.S., Today

    Gordon D. Sondland said in his prepared statement to House impeachment investigators that he was disappointed the president involved his personal lawyer in diplomacy with Kiev.

  39. The Tiniest Tiny Apartments Real Estate, Today

    A new study shows where the very smallest studio rentals are.

  40. Civilian Casualties Reach Highest Level in Afghan War, U.N. Says World, Today

    July was the deadliest month for noncombatants in Afghanistan since the organization began tracking such figures a decade ago.

  41. How Does Homelessness in California Compare With Other States? U.S., Today

    Thursday: Another look at the crisis. Also: A tentative settlement in the Sutter Health antitrust case; and an important quilt collection finds a home in Berkeley.

  42. Homes for Sale in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx Real Estate, Today

    This week’s properties are in Gramercy Park, Brooklyn Heights and Spuyten Duyvil.

  43. Homes for Sale in New York and New Jersey Real Estate, Today

    This week’s properties are five-bedroom homes in Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y., and Short Hills, N.J.

  44. On the Market in New York City Slideshow, Today

    This week’s properties are in Gramercy Park, Brooklyn Heights and Spuyten Duyvil.

  45. On the Market in the New York Region Slideshow, Today

    This week’s properties are five-bedroom homes in Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y., and Short Hills, N.J.

  46. Ojai Feels the Aftershock of Los Angeles Philharmonic Upheaval Arts, Today

    With Chad Smith leaving to lead that orchestra, Ara Guzelimian will return as artistic director of the Ojai Music Festival.

  47. What Is the D.U.P., and How Might It Scupper Brexit? World, Today

    Final approval for Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s deal with the European Union could rely on 10 lawmakers from Northern Ireland. How can so few wield so much influence?

  48. Commuters Drag Climate Activists From London Trains World, Today

    Video of one episode, filmed during disruptive action by the Extinction Rebellion group, illustrated the inflamed passions on both sides.

  49. I Went Blind. I Still Owned Manhattan. New York, Today

    After a lifetime of poor vision, a woman learned to navigate the blur of New York City by memory and mental tricks. Then things got worse. And then, miraculously, better.

  50. The Trump Impeachment Inquiry: Latest News U.S., Today

    The acting White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, told reporters that the U.S. withheld military aid to force Ukraine to investigate corruption, which he said would include scrutinizing Democrats.

  51. Chicago Teachers’ Strike: Citywide Scramble as Classes Come to Halt U.S., Today

    A walkout in the nation’s third-largest school district canceled instruction across Chicago. It was uncertain how long the strike might last.

  52. China Detains 2 Americans Amid Growing Scrutiny of Foreigners World, Today

    Two Americans who ran an English-language teaching company are being held on charges of organizing illegal border crossings, a Chinese government spokesman said.

  53. Brexit Live Updates: European Leaders Endorse Deal With U.K. World, Today

    Support for the deal from Parliament and Northern Irish lawmakers is far from assured.

  54. Brexit Live Updates: E.U. and U.K. Agree on Draft Deal World, Today

    Support for the deal from Parliament and Northern Irish lawmakers is far from assured.

  55. ‘The Elephant Queen’ Review: Magnificent Images of Majestic Animals Movies, Today

    In footage shot over several years, this documentary follows a herd of elephants across the Kenyan savanna.

  56. ‘The Cave’ Review: Do No Harm, for as Long as Possible Movies, Today

    Feras Fayyad’s new documentary takes viewers into a subterranean Syrian hospital, as warplanes rumble overhead and bombings rattle the walls.

  57. ‘Serendipity’ Review: Turning a Cancer Diagnosis Into Art Arts, Today

    In her new documentary, the sculptor Prune Nourry explores how her work evolved after a breast cancer diagnosis.

  58. ‘Greener Grass’ Review: Life Is (Not) Beautiful Arts, Today

    Burying itself in weirdness and absurdity, this oddball movie follows two soccer moms through a surreally competitive suburban hell.

  59. ‘#Female Pleasure’ Review: Fighting the Patriarchy Movies, Today

    Barbara Miller’s humane profile of five women fighting back against sexism and misogyny is a hopeful, clearheaded confessional.

  60. ‘Serendipity’ Review: Turning a Cancer Diagnosis Into Art Movies, Today

    In her new documentary, the sculptor Prune Nourry explores how her work evolved after a breast cancer diagnosis.

  61. ‘Greener Grass’ Review: Life Is (Not) Beautiful Movies, Today

    Burying itself in weirdness and absurdity, this oddball movie follows two soccer moms through a surreally competitive suburban hell.

  62. ‘By the Grace of God’ Review: A Devastating Film About Survivors of Abuse Movies, Today

    The often irreverent French director François Ozon gets serious with a fact-based story about a group of men who were childhood victims of a pedophile priest.

  63. ‘Tell Me Who I Am’ Review: Twin Brothers Face an Awful Truth Movies, Today

    This documentary about siblings and irrevocable memory loss is sad and eerie to the extent that you wish it were fiction.

  64. ‘Cyrano, My Love’ Review: A Nose for Romance Arts, Today

    This superficial take on the writing and initial staging of “Cyrano de Bergerac” is a whirlwind of soapy declarations and backstage chaos.

  65. ‘Cyrano, My Love’ Review: A Nose for Romance Movies, Today

    This superficial take on the writing and initial staging of “Cyrano de Bergerac” is a whirlwind of soapy declarations and backstage chaos.

  66. Investors Get Excited Over the Brexit Deal Business, Today

    The British pound surged this morning after Britain and the E.U. reached an agreement on Brexit. But there are still serious hurdles to overcome.

  67. When a Ferrari’s in a Fender-Bender Business, Today

    Cars that were handcrafted nearly a century ago require a hard-to-find mix of skills to restore them to their former glory.

  68. Unpacking the Trade Deficit Opinion, Today

    Tariffs don’t work the way Trump seems to think they do.

  69. The Scandal of a Nobel Laureate Opinion, Today

    We live in an age that is losing the capacity to distinguish art from ideology and artists from politics.

  70. When Latinx People Use the N-Word Opinion, Today

    Many of us assume our proximity to black people makes it O.K. for us to say the word. It’s not.

  71. Remaining Silent About Corruption Should Not Be an Option Opinion, Today

    New York City requires its employees to blow the whistle on wrongdoing, and that approach is working.

  72. Taking Ayahuasca When You’re a Senior Citizen Style, Today

    Some older adults are dabbling in this powerful psychedelic, which is mostly illegal in the United States.

  73. A Foreseen Calamity in Syria Podcasts, Today

    President Trump’s troop withdrawal ignited a predicted outburst of chaos and carnage in the Middle East.

  74. These Apps Are an Uber Driver’s Co-Pilot Business, Today

    Gridwise, Mystro and others help drivers predict where to get the best routes, and also manage the nitty-gritty for tax purposes.

  75. Elijah E. Cummings, Powerful Democrat Who Investigated Trump, Dies at 68 U.S., Today

    A son of sharecroppers, he fought tirelessly for his hometown, Baltimore, and became a key figure in the impeachment investigation of President Trump.

  76. Elijah E. Cummings, Powerful Democrat Who Investigated Trump, Dies at 68 U.S., Today

    A son of sharecroppers, he fought tirelessly for his hometown, Baltimore, and became a key figure in the impeachment investigation of President Trump.

  77. Why Ocasio-Cortez Is Endorsing Sanders New York, Today

    Thursday: She was a relatively unknown organizer on his 2016 campaign. This weekend, she'll star at his campaign rally in Queens.

  78. Your Thursday Briefing Briefing, Today

    Turkey, Brexit, Chicago: Here's what you need to know.

  79. Elijah Cummings, Brexit, Chicago: Your Thursday Briefing Briefing, Today

    Here's what you need to know.

  80. Duterte Is Injured in Motorcycle Accident in Philippines World, Today

    The fall, which left the president bruised, came amid questions about his health and recent absences from public view.

  81. 1,713 Mammoth Boilers, and Winter Weeks Away New York, Today

    Families shivered last year as NYCHA experienced repeated heat outages. Now workers are scrambling to keep residents warm.

  82. Working to Benefit Society, Not Just Companies Business, Today

    Andrew Kassoy and the other two co-founders of B Lab are encouraging businesses to focus on more than just profits.

  83. Lending a Hand, in New York and Beyond Neediest Cases, Today

    The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund kicks off its 108th annual campaign, adding Feeding America as a beneficiary.

  84. This Investigator Used to Stake Out Women. Now, She Tails Men Online. New York, Today

    In her 30 years, the sleuth trade has gone from disguises to digging for data.

  85. In Washington, a Fight to Decriminalize Prostitution Divides Allies U.S., Today

    Supporters say a bill being considered by the City Council in the nation’s capital would protect prostitutes. Critics say it would be a boon to sex traffickers.

  86. Betye Saar at MoMA: Prelude to a Revolutionary Breakthrough Arts, Today

    A new exhibition concentrates on the artist’s early years, tracking the experiments in printmaking and assemblage that led to her pivotal work “Black Girl’s Window.”

  87. Facebook Finally Has a Good Idea Opinion, Today

    The company’s latest plan to police toxic social media content is intriguing — and even laudable.

  88. A Photographer’s Arduous Climb to the Roof of the Jungle Reader Center, Today

    A technologist works in rainforest canopies to track illegal logging. To document that work, you can’t take pictures from the ground.

  89. How a Band of Surfer Dudes Pulled Off the Biggest Jewel Heist in N.Y. History New York, Today

    For a few months in 1964, “Murph the Surf” and his crew became folk heroes when they looted the Hall of Gems from the Museum of Natural History.

  90. 36 Hours in Yokohama Travel, Today

    Rugby and Olympics fans have a good reason to visit the second-largest city in Japan, as do those in search of gardens, temples and the largest Chinatown in the country.

  91. A Scotch Maker’s Challenge: First Brexit. Now Tariffs. Business, Today

    The 25 percent U.S. tariffs to be imposed Friday trigger headaches for single malt distilleries, already struggling with Brexit.

  92. What Does It Cost to Open a Coffee Shop? Business, Today

    Get ready to buy eight cases of $12-per-gallon oat milk per week.

  93. Donte Colley, the Hope We Need on Instagram Style, Today

    Mr. Colley, who has collaborated with Ariana Grande, animates his choreographed videos with emoji and positive affirmations.

  94. What Can Robert Pattinson Do to Keep You Guessing? Movies, Today

    After “Twilight,” the actor reinvented himself in art-house films. How will he follow “The Lighthouse” and his wildest role so far? With yet another swerve: He’s playing Batman.

  95. About The Neediest Cases Fund Neediest Cases, Today

    The New York Times’s Fund traces its history to 1911. Since then, it has raised $300 million.

  96. The Famous Iwo Jima Flag Photo Had Another Misidentified Man, Marines Say U.S., Today

    In 2016, the Marine Corps said it had wrongly identified another of the men in the famous photograph.

  97. Wheels Up on More Flights to the African Continent Travel, Today

    New nonstop flights are dramatically cutting travel time and linking more African cities to the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

  98. The Other Candidates Are Coming for Warren Opinion, Today

    And happy birthday to “The Argument”!

  99. This Comedian Is Dead Serious About Staten Island Beer New York, Today

    Brian Quinn is reviving the borough’s most iconic brand. There are two other breweries on the North Shore, and beer fans are starting to notice.

  100. Signs of Discord as U.A.W. Locals Consider G.M. Deal Business, Today

    Union leaders are meeting in Detroit to discuss a tentative contract agreement that could end a monthlong strike. The closing of the Lordstown plant remains a sore point for workers.

  101. When a Mortgage Is Part of Your Retirement Plan Business, Today

    Eliminating debt is a great goal. But is it the best option for you?

  102. Why Don’t Rich People Just Stop Working? Style, Today

    Are the wealthy addicted to money, competition, or just feeling important? Yes.

  103. A Couple Trades Up in the Financial District. Which Apartment Did They Choose? Interactive, Today

    When their Crown Heights purchase fell through, Alex Wong and Michael Thomas thought they might find better space in lower Manhattan. Here’s what happened next.

  104. Jack Quaid Loves a Haunted House Style, Today

    The star of the Amazon show “The Boys” likes to be scared.

  105. Does the Future of Robots Get You Excited, or Fill You With Dread? The Learning Network, Today

    Machines are learning how to complete more complex tasks. Is this a good thing?

  106. Poem: Taking Leave Magazine, Today

    David Romtvedt’s poems often contain a tangible moment or two, then something startling or surprising drops in.

  107. Elton John’s Bookshelves Are Meticulous. Just Ask Him. Books, Today

    “I’m a very organized bloke.”

  108. You’re Only as Old as You Feel Well, Today

    Simply asking people how old they feel may tell you a lot about their health and well-being.

  109. Starting Chemotherapy, When You’re Ready Well, Today

    It’s better if you start cancer treatment when you can jump in wholeheartedly and without regrets.

  110. The Jean-Georges Recipe for Restaurants Magazine, Today

    In the era of the auteur chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten has figured out how to create high-end restaurants by the dozen. How — and why — does he do it?

  111. How to Pick Up a Syringe Magazine, Today

    Never use bare hands. Carry the supplies needed in case of an accidental poke.

  112. Judge John Hodgman on the Famous Toilet Seat Debate Magazine, Today

    Should men be expected to put the seat back down when they’re done?

  113. Female Playwrights Are on Form (for the Most Part) Arts, Today

    Whether it’s finishing what Jane Austen started, imagining the private conversations of first ladies or inserting the personal, on London stages female playwrights are mixing things up.

  114. Why the Protests in Hong Kong May Have No End in Sight World, Today

    Influential local allies of Beijing, the group most likely to be able to resolve the impasse, are divided on a range of issues, including the protesters’ demand for full democracy.

  115. Lesson of the Day: ‘How a Prison Play Goes on Tour’ The Learning Network, Today

    In this lesson, students will explore the question of whether prison should be for rehabilitation or punishment?

  116. Boris Johnson Has a Brexit Deal. Now He Needs Parliament’s Support. World, Today

    Britain’s prime minister cited a “great new deal that takes back control,” hours after a Northern Irish party rejected the agreement.

  117. For the Chiefs, Stopping a Slide Starts With the Run Sports, Today

    As quarterback Patrick Mahomes copes with an ankle injury, Kansas City will need help from the rest of the offense to defeat the resurgent Denver Broncos and end a losing streak at two games.

  118. Split Reflections The Learning Network, Today

    What is this image saying? Can you relate to it personally?

  119. Nepotism Is Everywhere, Trevor Noah Says Arts, Today

    The “Daily Show” host was taken aback to see the Trump sons, of all people, give Hunter Biden trouble for capitalizing on the family name.

  120. So Boris Johnson Has a Deal. What Next? Opinion, Today

    How many wild animals will be involved? How much Spam?

  121. Word + Quiz: mellifluous The Learning Network, Today

    This word has appeared in 21 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year.

  122. Abiy Ahmed Won the Nobel Peace Prize. Now He Needs to Earn It. Opinion, Today

    The Abyssinian spring in Ethiopia has entered a critical phase.

  123. What’s on TV Thursday: A Toni Morrison Doc and ‘Fractured’ Arts, Today

    A recent documentary about Toni Morrison hits Hulu. And a Hitchcockian thriller with Sam Worthington is on Netflix.

  124. Gunman Is Arrested in Mass Shooting at Brooklyn Block Party New York, Today

    Kyle Williams, 20, faces a murder charge in an assault that left one man dead and 11 others wounded at Old Timers Day in Brownsville.

  125. ‘I’m Worried That I Will Die:’ Hong Kong Protesters Write Final Goodbyes Video, Yesterday

    As violence escalates between demonstrators and the police in Hong Kong, protesters have started writing “last letters” to their loved ones, in case they don’t return. These notes chronicle the mental and emotional state of frontliners coming to terms with risking death for their beliefs.

  126. Your Thursday Briefing Briefing, Yesterday

    Brexit, Syria, President Trump: Here’s what you need to know.

  127. Corrections: October 17, 2019 Corrections, Yesterday

    Corrections appearing in print on Thursday, October 17, 2019.

  128. Quotation of the Day: Victim’s Parents Assail Trump on Gay Rights Today’s Paper, Yesterday

    Quotation of the Day for Thursday, October 17, 2019.

  129. HACIENDAADOBE Crosswords & Games, Yesterday

    Randolph Ross brings us together.

  130. Patrick Day, Boxer, Dies After Suffering Brain Injury in the Ring Sports, Yesterday

    The 27-year-old Long Island native had been in a coma after he was knocked out by Charles Conwell, a 2016 Olympian.

  131. ‘The Lightning Thief,’ a Far Cry From Olympus Theater, Yesterday

    A musical adaptation of the popular fantasy novel comes to Broadway and goes to Hades.

  132. Trump’s Impeachment Blockade Crumbles as Witnesses Agree to Talk U.S., Yesterday

    After vowing not to cooperate with a “kangaroo court,” the president has largely failed to prevent current and former administration members from spending hours with Democrats seeking to impeach him.

  133. Democrats, Dream Big but Tell the Whole Truth Opinion, Yesterday

    Big moves come with hitches. But that’s no reason not to go big and bold.

  134. Settlement Talks for Bank Followed Pressure on Trump by Turkey’s Leader U.S., Yesterday

    Before indicting a state-owned Turkish bank, the Justice Department sought to negotiate a deal following calls by Turkey’s president to the White House.

  135. Gordon Sondland Elbowed His Way Into Ukraine Policy. It Could Cost Him. U.S., Yesterday

    Mr. Sondland was to tell impeachment investigators that President Trump placed a condition on any meeting with Ukraine’s president — the opening of an investigation that could benefit Mr. Trump.

  136. Inside the Derailed White House Meeting U.S., Yesterday

    “I hate ISIS more than you do,” President Trump said. “You don’t know that,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi replied. Here’s the rest of their exchange.

  137. Inside the Derailed White House Meeting U.S., Yesterday

    “I hate ISIS more than you do,” President Trump said. “You don’t know that,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi replied. Here’s the rest of their exchange.

  138. Two-Person Race? Moderates, and Bernie Sanders, Say Not So Fast U.S., Yesterday

    Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg are vying to become the pragmatic alternative to Joe Biden. Mr. Sanders is trumpeting endorsements to compete with Elizabeth Warren.

  139. Court Blocks Trump’s Plan to Ease Bird Protections on Oil Lands Climate, Yesterday

    A federal judge has blocked the Trump administration's plans to ease protections on an iconic western bird's habitat -- and open it to oil and gas exploration.

  140. John Lithgow: Trump Is a Bad President. He’s an Even Worse Entertainer. Opinion, Yesterday

    The performer in chief is forcing us to live in a B-movie horror.

  141. Elaine Chao, Mitch McConnell and Questions of Conflict Opinion, Yesterday

    Congress wants answers from the transportation secretary, wife of the Senate majority leader, about the apparent mixing of public and family business.

  142. Supreme Court Hears Case of Lee Malvo, Sniper Who Terrorized D.C. U.S., Yesterday

    The justices weighed whether Mr. Malvo, who was 17 when he and his partner killed 10 people in the Washington area, is entitled to a new sentencing.

  143. Fact-Checking Trump on Syria, Erdogan and the Kurds U.S., Yesterday

    The president wrongly claimed that a violent Kurdish separatist group was “more of a terrorist threat” than ISIS, among other inaccurate claims.

  144. Adam Schiff Is the Congressman Trump Wants You to Hate Opinion, Yesterday

    Relentless, yes. But “radical left” and “lowlife”? Not at all.

  145. Russia Stops U.S. Diplomats en Route to a Nuclear Accident Site World, Yesterday

    The diplomats were intending to travel to a remote town in the Russian Arctic, where a mysterious nuclear accident killed seven people in August, releasing radiation.

  146. Under Scrutiny for Wealth, Powerful Boss of Mexico’s Oil Workers Union Resigns World, Yesterday

    The resignation of Carlos Romero Deschamps, who is under investigation for his unexplained wealth, is an important step for President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in his fight against corruption.

  147. Peter Navarro Invented an Expert for His Books, Based on Himself U.S., Yesterday

    President Trump’s trade adviser frequently cited Ron Vara, a fictional source who was a critic of China, in his writings.

  148. American Prosecutor Is Fatally Shot in Micronesia After Her Daily Run U.S., Yesterday

    The F.B.I. is investigating the death of a lawyer who was shot three times outside her home.

  149. Chelsea Clinton Says She Won’t Run for Congress in 2020 New York, Yesterday

    In her first public comments since Representative Nita Lowey announced her retirement, Ms. Clinton said she was not considering running to replace her.

  150. Syria, White House, Opioids: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing Briefing, Yesterday

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  151. For Yankees, Rainout Complicates the A.L.C.S. Pitching Plan Sports, Yesterday

    With Wednesday’s Game 4 postponed a day, the Yankees and Astros could end up playing on four straight days — a stretch that could test the Yankees’ reliance on their bullpen.

  152. Trump Administration Delays Cuts to Food Stamps and School Meals U.S., Yesterday

    Under fire for rule changes that could cut millions off food assistance, the Trump administration is extending the comment period on food-stamp changes.

  153. Read Trump’s Letter to President Erdogan of Turkey Interactive, Yesterday

    Trump said he’d written the “very powerful” letter to warn the Turkish leader.

  154. Under New Rule, Chinese Diplomats Must Notify State Dept. of Meetings in U.S. World, Yesterday

    State Department officials said the new measures were ordered in reciprocity for China’s strict limits on the actions of American diplomats there.

  155. Drug Giants Close In on a $50 Billion Settlement of Opioid Cases Health, Yesterday

    The nation’s three largest drug distributors, as well as two manufacturers, are in intense negotiations to settle thousands of cases before a trial set to begin on Monday.

  156. 8.3 Million Watched Ohio Democratic Debate on Television Business, Yesterday

    Tuesday’s event drew an audience significantly smaller than the one for last month’s candidate forum in Houston.

  157. Sandy Hook Father Is Awarded $450,000 in Defamation Case U.S., Yesterday

    The award comes several months after a Wisconsin judge ruled that Leonard Pozner had been defamed by an author of a book promoting claims that the 2012 school shooting was a government-led hoax.

  158. ‘The Lighthouse’ Review: Dark Nights, Troubled Souls, Hairy Men Movies, Yesterday

    Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe play antagonistic lighthouse keepers in a twisted tale of men and loneliness.

  159. Chipotle Has a Plan to Pay Tuition. Will it Actually Help? Business, Yesterday

    Turnover is high, unemployment low. So the chain is offering to pay full tuition costs for some business and technology programs.

  160. One Thing You Can Do: Consider a Heat Pump Climate, Yesterday

    Also this week, rising emissions on America’s roads

  161. Son of Ron Ely, ‘Tarzan’ Actor, Kills Mother Before Police Shoot Him Dead, Officials Say U.S., Yesterday

    The killings took place at the Santa Barbara home that the actor shared with his wife.

  162. Matthew Shepard’s Parents Assail Trump Administration on Transgender Rights U.S., Yesterday

    Their criticisms were read aloud in their absence during a ceremony at the Justice Department.

  163. Despite Their Promises, Giant Energy Companies Burn Away Vast Amounts of Natural Gas Climate, Yesterday

    Exxon, Marathon, BP and others are flaring natural gas, a wasteful practice with consequences in the fight against climate change, at a record pace. 

  164. In Democratic Fund-Raising, Joe Biden Falls Far Behind U.S., Yesterday

    In the past three months, Mr. Biden spent more on his campaign than he raised. He begins an aggressive phase of the primary race with far less cash on hand than top rivals.

  165. A Dozen Democrats on the Debate Stage Opinion, Yesterday

    Readers offer both praise and criticism, suggesting how some questions could have been handled better.

  166. Marisa Tomei Reads ‘He’s Going Back to His Former Wife. Sort Of.’ Style, Yesterday

    The actress, known for her role in “My Cousin Vinny” and now starring in “The Rose Tattoo” on Broadway, reads an essay about a dying husband’s peculiar request.

  167. A Liberal Uneasy in the World of #MeToo Feminism Admin, Yesterday

    In “The Problem With Everything,” the essayist Meghan Daum scrutinizes the resurgent women’s movement, uncovering a nexus of social justice activism, marketing and empty rhetoric.

  168. Lawmakers Blast Administration for Tech Shield in Trade Deals Business, Yesterday

    A legal provision that protects companies like Facebook and YouTube has come under criticism from lawmakers. But they have shown little appetite to repeal the law.

  169. Sutter Health to Settle Antitrust Lawsuit Health, Yesterday

    The hospital group in California was accused of using its market dominance to demand higher prices for health care.

  170. Overlooked No More: Lotte Reiniger, Animator Who Created Magic With Scissors and Paper Obituaries, Yesterday

    Even before Disney, Reiniger told fanciful stories in animated films with her hand-cut paper silhouettes.

  171. Videos of Dementia Patients Fighting Lead to Charges for 3 Workers U.S., Yesterday

    News outlets described a “fight club,” but an investigator said there was no evidence of that. The assisted living facility called it an “isolated incident.”

  172. Brexit, Impeachment Inquiry, Turkey: Your Thursday Briefing Briefing, Yesterday

    Brexit talks, talks and more talks.

  173. How a Rundown 19th-Century Stone Farmhouse Became a Cozy Family Retreat T Magazine, Yesterday

    The husband-and-wife duo behind the homewares store Mjölk are discovering a slower lifestyle north of Lake Ontario.

  174. Alex Wolff Acts, Writes and Directs. And He’s Only 21. Style, Yesterday

    His debut film, “The Cat and the Moon,” is loosely inspired by his parents.

  175. Nick Cave Photographs Two Colorful Days in His Life T Magazine, Yesterday

    We sent the artist an instant camera, and he shared a characteristically joyful glimpse into his world.

  176. 7 Days in Syria: Trump Abandoned the Kurds. Mayhem Followed. Video, Yesterday

    On Sunday Oct. 6, President Trump announced that Turkey would move forward with an offensive in northeast Syria after U.S. troops pulled out of the area. Since then, American-allied Kurdish forces have been under attack, over 200,000 people have been displaced and the threat of ISIS’s resurgence looms. Our video traces how we got here in just one week.

  177. tk Slideshow, Yesterday


  178. A Novel of Jamaica Brimming With Magic, Passion and History Books, Yesterday

    In “A Tall History of Sugar,” Curdella Forbes uses skin as a prism to examine color, race, colonialism, heritage and — most important — love.

  179. Joe Biden Ramps Up Attacks on Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Credibility’ U.S., Yesterday

    A day after they sparred in a Democratic presidential debate, Mr. Biden aimed more criticism at Ms. Warren, who has joined him as a front-runner.

  180. In Letters to the World, a New Wave of Memoirs Draws on the Intimate Books, Yesterday

    From Ta-Nehisi Coates to Terese Marie Mailhot to Imani Perry, writers are letting their audiences eavesdrop on private conversations. Parul Sehgal asks what it means.

  181. A Startling ‘Swan Lake’ That’s Hard to Recognize Theater, Yesterday

    In a work opening with a goat tethered to a cinder block, the closest we get to Tchaikovsky’s ballet is four dancers representing swans.

  182. Rikers Would Close in Historic Plan to Remake N.Y. Jail System New York, Yesterday

    The City Council is expected to approve an $8 billion plan on Thursday to close the complex by 2026 and build four new jails that could become a national model.

  183. ‘Zombieland: Double Tap’ Review: Back to Crack Wise and Crush Skulls Movies, Yesterday

    After 10 years, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin are still murdering the pop-culture clichés.

  184. Socialism and the Young Voter Opinion, Yesterday

    A college student says the doctrine has its appeal, but many more students don’t care for any politics. Also: A jail plan for New York City.

  185. Sophia Kokosalaki, Who Gave London Fashion a Grecian Spin, Dies at 47 Fashion, Yesterday

    One of the leading Greek designers of her generation, she balanced a cutting-edge feminine look with ancient motifs and dressed thousands for the Athens Olympics.

  186. Kyle Abraham, Looking Gorgeous While Stuck in Place Arts, Yesterday

    Mr. Abraham’s program at the Joyce was partly hopeful, partly disappointing.

  187. Democrats Fear Impeachment Is Blurring Their ‘Kitchen Table’ Focus U.S., Yesterday

    House Democrats believe their political fortunes turn on issues like prescription drug costs and education, but the impeachment inquiry is drowning out their message.

  188. In Fight Against Racism, Soccer Can Choose the Playing Field Sports, Yesterday

    There is no reason that any player, white or black, should have to go to a country or a stadium with a history of racist abuse.

  189. Vagabon Found Her Voice in Indie Rock. Then Found a New One. Arts, Yesterday

    On her second album, “Vagabon,” Laetitia Tamko shifts away from the style that brought her an international audience with “Infinite Worlds” two years ago.

  190. How Hitler Pioneered ‘Fake News’ Opinion, Yesterday

    A century ago, the future Nazi leader began his career as a propagandist.

  191. The Steel Mill That Helped Build the American West Goes Green Opinion, Yesterday

    Wind and solar power will replace coal at a Colorado furnace.

  192. Changing Section 230 Would Strengthen the Biggest Tech Companies Opinion, Yesterday

    Holding internet platforms liable for certain content would harm internet users.

  193. Charlotte Blank, Robert Schwartzberg Fashion, Yesterday

    The couple met as 12-year-olds in Sleepy Hollow, N.Y., dated in their first year of high school, and then, 10 years later, began dating again.

  194. Bipartisan House Majority Condemns Trump for Syria Withdrawal U.S., Yesterday

    Republicans and Democrats delivered a rebuke to the president over his decision to pull back American troops, an order many viewed as acquiescing to Turkey’s incursion against a United States ally.

  195. In Bipartisan Rebuke, House Majority Condemns Trump for Syria Withdrawal U.S., Yesterday

    The move was an overwhelming condemnation of the president’s decision to pull back American troops inside Syria.

  196. Floating Points, Electronic Music’s King of Pain Arts, Yesterday

    The last time the English musician Sam Shepherd made an album, it took five years. His intense new record, “Crush,” took five weeks. What changed?

  197. Which Candidates Won Last Night’s Democratic Debate? Six Experts Weigh In U.S., Yesterday

    We asked veterans of political debates for their reviews of each of the Democratic hopefuls onstage Tuesday.

  198. Obama Endorses Trudeau for Re-election Ahead of Canada Vote World, Yesterday

    Former President Barack Obama said “the world needs his progressive leadership now” of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, who faces a federal election this month.

  199. Trump’s China Deal Leaves the Global Economy as Uncertain as Ever Business, Yesterday

    A trade truce with China has done little to reduce the uncertainty that threatens the global economy

  200. Startled Marmot and a Fox Lead the Way at Wildlife Photography Awards World, Yesterday

    The winning image showcases “the humor and horror” of nature, the Natural History Museum in London said.

  201. The World Condemns Erdogan’s War on Kurds. But Turkey Applauds. World, Yesterday

    Attacked abroad, and facing a raft of sanctions, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan may nevertheless be getting what he wants from Turkey’s invasion of Kurdish-held Syria.

  202. The T List: What to Know About, See and Drink This Week T Magazine, Yesterday

    Quilt-like jackets, rare teas and more ideas from the editors of T Magazine.

  203. Do-It-Yourself Sabbaticals Style, Yesterday

    Some companies will pay you to go away to keep you employed. People without that lucky perk are ginning up their own sabbaticals: by quitting.

  204. Gary Glitter Won’t Receive ‘Joker’ Royalties, Label Says U.S., Yesterday

    The British singer, whose 1972 hit “Rock and Roll (Part 2)” plays at a pivotal point in the film, was convicted in 2015 of sexually abusing three girls decades earlier.