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  1. Cuatro niños hallados con vida luego de 40 días en la selva de Colombia En español, Today

    Aún no se sabe quién encontró a los menores, ni cómo lograron sobrevivir en una selva tan densa. “Queremos compartir la felicidad de todo el pueblo colombiano”, dijo el ministro de Defensa.

  2. Secretariat’s Legend Rolls on Like, Well, a Tremendous Machine Sports, Today

    Fifty years after Secretariat clinched the Triple Crown with a runaway win in the Belmont Stakes, fans still long to connect with his story.

  3. What to Know About Canada’s Exceptional Wildfire Season World, Today

    Wild fires started earlier, are higher in number and spread across much of the country, burning millions of acres as climate change turns more of the country’s forest into a tinderbox.

  4. 4 Missing Children Found Alive After 40 Days in Colombian Jungle World, Today

    Rescuers had been searching for the children — aged 13, 9, 4 and 1 — ever since they survived a plane crash that killed the three adults on board.

  5. Trump Put National Secrets at Risk, Prosecutors Say in Historic Indictment U.S., Today

    The indictment details evidence that the former president placed national security secrets in jeopardy and schemed to thwart the investigation into the matter.

  6. Toronto Blue Jays Cut Player Who Defended Anti-Queer Post Sports, Today

    Anthony Bass had reposted a video on social media that called for a boycott of L.G.B.T.Q.-friendly companies.

  7. Tough to Grasp Gameplay, Today

    Find some time for John Hawksley’s heavy-duty themeless puzzle.

  8. Chris Christie says he found the case laid out in the indictment ‘devastating.’ U.S., Today

    The former New Jersey governor and federal prosecutor said he expected criticism from his fellow Republicans to grow.

  9. About 27 Killed, Mostly Children, When Mortar Shell Explodes in Somalia World, Today

    A previously unexploded mortar shell went off as children were playing around it in a city in southern Somalia.

  10. Carefully, Backhandedly, DeSantis Comes to Trump’s Defense U.S., Today

    In a speech in North Carolina, Ron DeSantis drew on his experience as a Navy lawyer and suggested that either both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton should have been indicted — or neither.

  11. Where Documents Were Found at Mar-a-Lago Interactive, Today

    These diagrams show the rooms at Donald J. Trump’s residence where prosecutors say he kept sensitive government documents.

  12. China construirá en Cuba una estación que podría espiar a EE. UU., según autoridades En español, Today

    La instalación podría ampliar la capacidad tecnológica de Pekín para monitorear las operaciones militares en los estados del sureste del país.

  13. Yesterday’s Trump Indictment Documents News live blog included 13 standalone posts:
  14. A Trump-Appointed Judge Who Showed Him Favor Gets the Documents Case U.S., Yesterday

    The surprise assignment of Judge Aileen Cannon could be a setback for prosecutors as they unveiled a sweeping classified files indictment.

  15. Federal charges do not bar Trump from running for president. U.S., Yesterday

    The 45th president could continue his 2024 campaign even if he were convicted of a felony — though it would be extraordinary.

  16. Canada’s Ability to Prevent Forest Fires Lags Behind the Need World, Yesterday

    Provincial firefighting agencies are stretched thin, there is no national agency and it’s hard to get approval for controlled burns — factors that have exacerbated recent outbreaks.

  17. Biden Names Border Patrol Chief as Immigration Policies Draw Scrutiny U.S., Yesterday

    Jason Owens has been the leader of the Del Rio division in Texas, one of the busiest areas for illegal crossings in the past few years.

  18. Two Trump Lawyers Quit a Day After His Indictment U.S., Yesterday

    The lawyers, James Trusty and John Rowley, left the former president’s defense team as he faces the most serious legal threat of his career.

  19. Helen Thorington, Who Brought Sonic Art to the Airwaves, Dies at 94 Arts, Yesterday

    A pioneer in radio art and, later internet art, she created a blend of synthesizer compositions and found sounds that opened new artistic terrain.

  20. Trump Left the Justice Dept. No Choice Opinion, Yesterday

    A commander in chief stands accused of endangering national security.

  21. Harald zur Hausen, 87, Nobelist Who Found Cause of Cervical Cancer, Dies Health, Yesterday

    When he proposed that the human papillomavirus caused cervical cancer, he was ridiculed. He persevered, and today a vaccine exists.

  22. How to Clear Your Home of Wildfire Smoke Interactive, Yesterday

    Start with an air purifier.

  23. The Case Against Donald Trump Briefing, Yesterday

    Also, Canadian wildfires rage on. Herre’s the latest at the end of Friday.

  24. Battles Rage as Ukraine Tries to Retake Russian-Occupied Territory World, Yesterday

    Military analysts and U.S. officials said it was too soon to judge the success of Ukraine’s offensive, which is looking for weaknesses to exploit, in the face of fierce resistance.

  25. Yesterday’s Russia Ukraine News live blog included 8 standalone posts:
  26. David Byrne’s ‘Here Lies Love’ Reaches Deal With Broadway Musicians Theater, Yesterday

    After the musicians’ union raised objections to the show’s plans to use recorded music instead of a live band, the show agreed to use 12 musicians.

  27. Indictment Presents Evidence Trump’s Actions Were More Blatant Than Known U.S., Yesterday

    The accounts in the 49-page indictment provide compelling evidence of a shocking indifference toward some of the country’s most sensitive secrets.

  28. Biden Sticks to ‘Say Nothing’ Strategy on the Trump Indictment U.S., Yesterday

    President Biden and his advisers have concluded that commenting on the indictment would only feed into Republican accusations of a politically motivated prosecution.

  29. Nonprofit Health System Pauses Policy of Cutting Off Care for Patients in Debt Health, Yesterday

    Allina Health, a large health system in the Midwest, had withheld care for patients who had $4,500 in medical bills.

  30. Comedian’s Malaysia Joke Prompts Threats and a Diplomatic Incident Arts, Yesterday

    Jocelyn Chia’s line about the 2014 missing airliner was part of a Comedy Cellar set in April. But when video was posted this week, outrage poured in.

  31. Citronella Candles Don’t Really Work. Stop Buying Them. , Yesterday

  32. Thoroughly Reading a Men’s Catalog, Making No Purchases Movies, Yesterday

    With the release of the documentary “All Man: The International Male Story,” a writer reflects on his formative experience with the International Male catalog during adolescence.

  33. Britain Limits Use of Puberty-Blocking Drugs to Research Only Health, Yesterday

    The change is part of a broader push in several countries to limit gender-related medical treatments for young people.

  34. William E. Spriggs, Economist Who Pushed for Racial Justice, Dies at 68 Business, Yesterday

    An educator who served in the Obama administration, he championed workers, especially Black workers, and challenged his profession’s racial assumptions.

  35. D-Day’s Beaches Face Rising Seas and More: The Week in Reporter Reads Podcasts, Yesterday

    Articles from around The Times, narrated just for you.

  36. Firefighters Battle Blazes in British Columbia Video, Yesterday

    Tens of thousands of people have been displaced by wildfires burning across Canada.

  37. Special Counsel Addresses Federal Criminal Charges Against Trump Video, Yesterday

    Jack Smith, the special counsel, released an indictment detailing the government’s case that former President Donald J. Trump hoarded classified documents after leaving office and obstructed efforts to reclaim them.

  38. Here Is How to Help More Than 20,000 Canadians Displaced by Wildfires World, Yesterday

    Federal and provincial governments have pledged to match donations to the Canadian Red Cross for those affected by wildfires in Nova Scotia, Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

  39. Yesterday’s Canada Wildfires Air Quality Smoke live blog included 16 standalone posts:
  40. My Siblings’ Inheritance Depends on Whom They Marry. Is That Wrong? Magazine, Yesterday

    The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on conditions parents attach to their wills.

  41. Frenchette Bakery to Move Into the Whitney Museum Food, Yesterday

    The bakery, from the restaurateurs Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson, is expected to open in the museum in the fall, in the Untitled space.

  42. Summer Book Preview and 9 Thrillers to Read Books, Yesterday

    Gilbert Cruz is joined by The Times’s thriller columnist, Sarah Lyall, to talk about some great suspenseful titles to check out this summer. And the editor Joumana Khatib gives her picks for books to look out for between now and Labor Day.

  43. Who Is Walt Nauta, the Other Person Indicted Along With Trump? U.S., Yesterday

    Mr. Nauta, as a valet while Mr. Trump was president, had unusual proximity to him, including at meals and on foreign trips.

  44. Boris Johnson Resigns From Parliament World, Yesterday

    The former prime minister quit after getting a confidential report about whether he had lied to lawmakers about lockdown-breaking parties.

  45. 7 Decades Later, Arthur Miller’s ‘The Hook’ Comes Home to Brooklyn Theater, Yesterday

    An adaptation of Miller’s 1950 screenplay about a Red Hook longshoreman’s killing gets its first American staging aboard the Waterfront Museum.

  46. Is ‘Flamin’ Hot’ a True Story? Well … Let Us Explain. Movies, Yesterday

    Richard Montañez, a janitor turned Frito-Lay executive, has said he invented the spicy snack. A new film tells his story, but the evidence isn’t on his side.

  47. The Only Positive of Smokemageddon Opinion, Yesterday

    Wildfire smoke creates local cooling — for a while.

  48. 6 New Paperbacks to Read This Week Interactive, Yesterday

    Recommended reading from the Book Review, featuring titles by Chelsea Manning, Werner Herzog, and more.

  49. Wonking Out: How Low Must Inflation Go? Opinion, Yesterday

    Should it be 2 percent or bust? Probably not.

  50. What N.Y. Lawmakers Have, and Haven’t, Accomplished This Year New York, Yesterday

    As the 2023 session ends, the State Legislature passed a bill sealing old criminal records, but failed to reach a deal on a housing package.

  51. ‘Deep Blue Sound’ Review: Searching for Orcas and Longing for Community Theater, Yesterday

    In Abe Koogler’s latest play, melancholy islanders try to band together to investigate where their beloved orcas have gone.

  52. The Trump Classified Documents Indictment, Annotated Interactive, Yesterday

    The indictment unveiled on Friday centers on Donald J. Trump’s handling of sensitive government documents after he left office.

  53. What Do Binance.US’s New Rules on Trading Dollars Mean for Customers? Business, Yesterday

    The company said that it would no longer allow trades with U.S. dollars on its platform. Customers were urged to withdraw funds by Tuesday.

  54. Transcript: Ezra Klein Interviews Kristen Ghodsee Podcasts, Yesterday

    The June 9, 2023, episode of “The Ezra Klein Show.”

  55. Does Noise Affect Your Life? We Want to Know. Health, Yesterday

    Noise is a vast — and largely unrecognized — threat to your health. The Times is collecting personal stories and noise measurements from readers like you.

  56. The Big Number: 13 Interactive, Yesterday

    The head of CNN, Chris Licht, was ousted on Wednesday after just 13 months on the job.

  57. Are You Exposed to Too Much Noise? Here’s How to Check. Health, Yesterday

    Noise can damage your heart as well as your hearing, but there are ways to measure your exposure and reduce your risk.

  58. A Sex-Shaming Rant About Margaritas Accidentally Became the Song of the Summer Style, Yesterday

    Angel Laketa Moore, a comedian and actor​, remixed a ​sexually explicit Evangelical sermon​.

  59. Love Letter: An Old Woman Raising Three Little Children Style, Yesterday

    “What if I abandon them again by dying?”

  60. Don’t Wear the Goggles. Their Vision Is Bleak. Opinion, Yesterday

    Why Silicon Valley wants you to live inside a virtual pod.

  61. First Favorite Songs Are Like Sonic Baby Pictures Arts, Yesterday

    How a minor 1989 George Harrison single from the “Lethal Weapon 2” soundtrack opened a young listener’s ears.

  62. F.B.I. Investigating Spy Ring’s Political Contributions U.S., Yesterday

    Prosecutors are scrutinizing a series of campaign contributions made by right-wing operatives who were part of a political spying operation based in Wyoming.

  63. What We Learned From the Trump Indictment U.S., Yesterday

    The indictment said the former president had illegally kept documents concerning “United States nuclear programs; potential vulnerabilities of the United States and its allies to military attack; and plans for possible retaliation in response to a foreign attack.”

  64. She Gave the ‘Father of Gynecology’ His Prowess, Against Her Will Books, Yesterday

    “Say Anarcha” is J.C. Hallman’s meticulous biography of the enslaved woman who suffered unimaginable horrors at the hands of a lauded doctor.

  65. Pope Francis and Silvio Berlusconi Both Hospitalized in Italy World, Yesterday

    The health conditions of two of Italy’s most prominent octogenarians have in recent years often kept the country in suspense.

  66. Manchester City Bends the Story to Its Will Sports, Yesterday

    This season’s City might be Pep Guardiola’s coaching masterpiece: a juggernaut so fearsome that not even Hollywood writers dared suggest it could be beaten.

  67. What Wedding Night Sex? Style, Yesterday

    If you fell asleep on the big night, don’t worry. So did many other (still) happily married couples.

  68. A Russian Pianist Speaks Out Against the War From Home Arts, Yesterday

    Polina Osetinskaya, a critic of the invasion who has stayed in Moscow even as the government cracks down on dissent, will play a Baroque program in New York.

  69. See What Canadian Wildfire Smoke Looked Like in 8 Places This Week Interactive, Yesterday

    Imagery from EarthCam shows how smoke from hundreds of wildfires in Canada enveloped cities in the Northeast and Midwest.

  70. South Florida Sports Fan, but Make it a Full-Time Job Sports, Yesterday

    It is rare for teams from one market to play in the Stanley Cup and N.B.A. Finals in the same year, and a first for southern franchises, but it was bound to happen.

  71. How It Takes an Old ‘Beast Wars’ to Make a New ‘Transformers’ Movies, Yesterday

    The Canadian-made computer animated series “Beast Wars: Transformers” serves as the unlikely basis for the latest film in the popular franchise.

  72. The Trump Indictment: A Changed Landscape Opinion, Yesterday

    Readers react to news of the charges against the former president. Also: A failure to support new parents and babies.

  73. A Perfect Pesto to Power Your Summer Food, Yesterday

    Plantains with eggs and jammy tomatoes are light yet filling, and sheet-pan chicken brightens up with radishes and lime.

  74. What’s Next in the Trump Documents Case? A Previous Indictment Offers Clues. U.S., Yesterday

    It is unclear what federal authorities will do when Mr. Trump surrenders on Tuesday and all eyes will be on a Florida courthouse.

  75. How to Use A.I. to Automate the Dreaded Office Meeting Technology, Yesterday

    Generating a slide deck, talking points and meetings minutes can all be done in a snap. All you need are the right prompts.

  76. Hannah Gadsby’s Picasso Show Was Meant to Ignite Debate. And It Did. Arts, Yesterday

    The Brooklyn Museum invited the Australian comedian to help organize a show on Picasso’s troubling life and artistic lens. The reaction was strong.

  77. The Philharmonic Journeys From Ocean to Desert Arts, Yesterday

    The orchestra’s final program of the season featured the New York premiere of John Luther Adams’s “Become Desert.”

  78. A Surprising Supreme Court Decision’s History With the American South World, Yesterday

    To understand the significance of this week’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling, books about the Deep South’s changes in the 20th century are critical to read.

  79. Novak Djokovic Moves to the Precipice of Tennis Supremacy Sports, Yesterday

    Djokovic seized a spot in the French Open final with a win over a struggling Carlos Alcaraz. In the final on Sunday, Casper Ruud stands in the way of Djokovic’s 23rd Grand Slam singles title.

  80. PinkPantheress’s Bittersweet ‘Barbie’ Tune, and 11 More New Songs Arts, Yesterday

    Hear tracks from Rosalía, L’Rain, Romy and others.

  81. Following the Bloodlines Books, Yesterday

    In new crime novels from Victoria Kielland, James Wolff, Katie Siegel and Michael McGarrity, the past is hard to shake.

  82. George Santos Says His Family Helped Bail Him Out. (Just Don’t Ask Who.) New York, Yesterday

    Mr. Santos, a New York representative, said his relatives had helped guarantee his bail, but asked a judge to keep their names sealed out of privacy concerns.

  83. Newly Published, From the Scientific Method to Éric Vuillard Books, Yesterday

    A selection of recently published books.

  84. Will Wildfires Like These Become the New Normal? Climate, Yesterday

    Canada’s devastating fires and toxic smoke might not recur every year, but the heat from climate change increases the risks of a wide range of disasters.

  85. House Republicans Rally Behind Trump, Seeking to Discredit Indictment U.S., Yesterday

    The former president’s allies adopted his false narrative, attacking President Biden and federal law enforcement while trying to undercut the inquiry that led to 37 charges against him.

  86. What Does Gay Pride Smell Like? Style, Yesterday

    Candle makers offer tie-ins with whiffs of ginger, warm woods and bergamot. Sniff, sniff, sniff.

  87. Noise Could Take Years Off Your Life. Here’s How. Interactive, Yesterday

    We used a professional sound meter to measure the din of daily life and talked to scientists about the health risks it can pose.

  88. Two of Trump’s Lawyers Leave His Legal Team a Day After His Indictment U.S., Yesterday

    The former president said in a Truth Social post that James Trusty and John Rowley will no longer represent him in the documents case. They called it “an honor” to represent him.

  89. Yesterday’s Astronomy Space Calendar live blog included one standalone post:
  90. Investor Linked to Paxton’s Impeachment Is Charged With Lying to Lenders U.S., Yesterday

    Nate Paul, the real estate investor at the center of the impeachment case against the attorney general of Texas, Ken Paxton, has been jailed at the request of the F.B.I.

  91. Energy Tax Credits, Meant to Help U.S. Suppliers, May Be Hard to Get Business, Yesterday

    The Inflation Reduction Act contains tax breaks for solar and wind companies to buy American equipment. Qualifying won’t be easy.

  92. Their Crypto Company Collapsed. They Went to Bali. Technology, Yesterday

    The implosion of Three Arrows Capital, a cryptocurrency hedge fund, devastated the industry. Its two founders spent the next year surfing, meditating and traveling the world.

  93. Five Science Fiction Movies to Stream Now Movies, Yesterday

    This month’s picks include a Turkish alternate-reality romp, an experimental found-footage film and a look at a future past.

  94. Can You Find the Hidden Titles of These 12 Books About Broadway Icons? Interactive, Yesterday

    As you wait for the Tony Awards to start, try your hand at this literary title-search puzzle.

  95. New to Grilling? Here’s Where to Start. Food, Yesterday

    Master basics like skirt steak and spice-rubbed pork chops, and then move on to huli huli chicken and pizza.

  96. What Steve Martin, Sigourney Weaver and Others Wore to Party Style, Yesterday

    At the New York Botanical Garden and a colorful gathering at MoMA, attendees showed off flashy pastels and florals.

  97. Popcast Mailbag! Frank Ocean, Peso Pluma, A.I. Grimes and More Arts, Yesterday

    You asked, we answered your questions about the weight of following a smash single and the persistence of genre.

  98. Overlooked No More: Lou Sullivan, Author and Transgender Activist Obituaries, Yesterday

    In diaries, articles and letters, he pushed for the medical community’s acceptance of men who were assigned female at birth and identified as gay.

  99. Trump-Appointed Judge Is Said to Be Handling Documents Case U.S., Yesterday

    It was not clear whether the judge, Aileen M. Cannon, would remain assigned for the entirety of the case. A higher court criticized some of her rulings in the investigation.

  100. In Serbia, a Strongman Under Fire Hails Himself as Defender of the Nation World, Yesterday

    President Aleksandar Vucic, who has been the target of protests in Belgrade, has been playing up his role defending Serbs in Kosovo, where tensions have recently flared.

  101. Private Dances: Lotto Royale Offers a ‘Door to an Experience’ Arts, Yesterday

    River to River Festival presents an art experiment in which audience members and dance artists, paired randomly, meet for one-on-one performances.

  102. A New Hiroshi Sugimoto Sculpture in San Francisco Reaches for Infinity Arts, Yesterday

    His sliver of an artwork, “Point of Infinity,” marks the start of the city’s Treasure Island Art Program.

  103. Pride, Illustrated: 6 Comics and Graphic Novels to Read This June Arts, Yesterday

    These recent, new and upcoming books with L.G.B.T.Q. characters offer adventure stories, personal recollections, a riff on a famous novel and more.

  104. A drone factory that Iran is helping Russia build could be operational next year, the U.S. says. World, Yesterday

    Washington is trying to raise the pressure on Tehran and make it more difficult to complete the work on the factory, which would enable Russia’s military to produce drones domestically.

  105. In Paris, Young Theater Makers Swing Big Theater, Yesterday

    Ariane Mnouchkine, a grande dame of French theater, helped to set up a new festival where emerging companies can try out ambitious stagings.

  106. U.S. Official Says Spy Satellites Detected Explosion Just Before Dam Collapse World, Yesterday

    U.S. spy agencies still do not have any solid evidence to determine who caused the destruction, the senior administration official said.

  107. Trump was recorded saying he knew he had a classified document. U.S., Yesterday

    The recording, confirmed by a person briefed on the matter, is expected to be a critical piece of evidence in the case against him that the special counsel Jack Smith brought this week.

  108. Four Australian Shows and Movies for Your Watchlist World, Yesterday

    Love stories, survival reality and stop motion animation: What we’re enjoying.

  109. The Players Are the Trophies Now Sports, Yesterday

    Soccer is the ultimate prize in Saudi Arabia’s push in sports. Karim Benzema’s signing offered a glimpse of the price tag. Lionel Messi’s rejection showed its limits.

  110. While Downtown Flounders, This San Francisco Neighborhood Is Thriving U.S., Yesterday

    The Outer Sunset’s success reflects how some cities have evolved during the pandemic.

  111. Summer Reading Contest, Week 1: What Got Your Attention in The Times This Week? The Learning Network, Yesterday

    To participate, submit your response here by June 16 at 9 a.m. Eastern. This week’s winners will be announced on June 27.

  112. Ben Bernanke Talks About Bank Runs, Inflation, A.I., Market Bubbles and More Business, Yesterday

    The former Fed chairman shared his thoughts with our columnist.

  113. The Risks of Storing Money in Apps Like Venmo and Cash App Your Money, Yesterday

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is warning that the funds may be at risk if the app’s parent company runs into trouble.

  114. Macron Meets Victims and ‘Backpack Hero’ After Stabbing Attack in France World, Yesterday

    Two adults and four children were injured in the assault, which shocked the country and could have been worse if not for the intervention of a 24-year-old man known only as Henri.

  115. An Everest Climber Had ‘No Energy, No Oxygen, Nothing.’ A Sherpa Saved Him. World, Yesterday

    The arduous six-hour rescue in May came during an especially deadly spring climbing season on the world’s highest mountain.

  116. What Happens When the Air Quality Index Surpasses 500? Climate, Yesterday

    The toxic air in the United States this week has flirted with the upper range of the 500-point scale. In the past decade, there have been times when the air quality was even worse.

  117. Yesterday’s Trump Indictment Documents live blog included four standalone posts:
  118. What Trump’s Latest Indictment Means for the 2024 Race Business, Yesterday

    The former president, who faces seven criminal charges for mishandling classified documents, is expected to surrender to authorities next week.

  119. Sweden says it will allow NATO troops on its soil even before joining the alliance World, Yesterday

    NATO is more optimistic that Turkey will approve Sweden’s membership before or soon after an alliance summit next month.

  120. Two N.C.A.A. Titles in 25 Minutes? A Sprinter Is Up for the Task. Sports, Yesterday

    Britton Wilson of Arkansas is a favorite to win the N.C.A.A. titles in both the 400 meters and the 400-meter hurdles. She’ll need to recover quickly between the two.

  121. Here’s Where the Smoke from Canada’s Wildfires Will Linger on Friday U.S., Yesterday

    The breath of fresh air that everyone has been hoping for should come Saturday for much of the United States.

  122. Another Indictment Briefing, Yesterday

    Donald Trump’s handling of classified documents was genuinely unusual.

  123. Butler, Jokic y Biden En español, Yesterday

    Lecciones de liderazgo en la final de la NBA y en la Casa Blanca y más lecturas para el fin de semana.

  124. Dam’s Destruction Reshapes Ukraine, but Not Arc of the War World, Yesterday

    The main thrust of the Ukrainian counteroffensive is expected in the Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk regions, not along the Dnipro River, where the fighting quickly resumed after the disaster.

  125. Special Episode: A Second Trump Indictment The Daily, Yesterday

    The Justice Department has brought federal charges against the former president for his handling of classified documents.

  126. Today’s Top News: Donald Trump Is Indicted, and More Podcasts, Yesterday

    Exclusively from New York Times Audio, our new app.

  127. There’s No Escaping Wildfire Smoke The Daily, Yesterday

    Taking a breather becomes more challenging as the air quality in New York hits an all-time low.

  128. Upstart News Site Has Youth on Its Side, and Albany in Its Sights New York, Yesterday

    New York Focus zeros in on the details of what goes on in the state capital. And the reporting has had some impressive results.

  129. For G.O.P. Rivals, an Unhappy Task: Defend the Man Dominating Them in the Polls U.S., Yesterday

    The pressure on Republicans was quick: line up behind Donald Trump or risk looking like they weren’t on Team G.O.P. at a moment of heightened tribal politics.

  130. 24 Works of Fiction to Read This Summer Books, Yesterday

    A sequel to Colson Whitehead’s “Harlem Shuffle,” new stories from Jamel Brinkley, a debut novel about a teenager who worked for Andy Warhol — and more.

  131. A Rising India Is Also, in One Remote Pocket, a Blood-Soaked War Zone World, Yesterday

    An outburst of ethnic hatreds has fractured an ancient kingdom and turned neighbors into enemies.

  132. Los desafíos de atacar una trinchera: así lo hizo una brigada ucraniana En español, Yesterday

    Este tipo de asalto puede ser sigiloso o ensordecedor, pero siempre resulta estresante. Esta es la crónica de un ataque exitoso del ejército de Ucrania realizado el mes pasado.

  133. Mastering the Art of Layering Rugs: a Step-by-Step Guide Real Estate, Yesterday

    Layering rugs is cheaper than buying a single large one, and cozier, too: “When you start layering rugs, it begins to feel like home.”

  134. Ready for a Nice, Soothing Bath? Just Head to the Backyard. Real Estate, Yesterday

    Cheaper than pools and more private than hot tubs, the bathtub is leaving the bathroom and has designs on your garden, or even your treehouse.

  135. 14 Nonfiction Books to Read This Summer Books, Yesterday

    Biographies of Anna May Wong and Alice Marble, a deep-sea exploration, a history of the race to the North Pole: Here’s what to watch for this season.

  136. The ‘Haunting’ of Gary Simmons Arts, Yesterday

    In new shows in Chicago and London, the artist uses ghostly erasure lines to look at ideas about race — forcing us to confront the images before they slip away.

  137. The New York Times News Quiz, June 9, 2023 Interactive, Yesterday

    Did you follow the news this week? Take our quiz to see how well you stack up with other Times readers.

  138. Can He Fix ‘Palace of Scaffolding’ in Time for Belgium’s 200th Birthday? World, Yesterday

    For an architect trying to renovate his beloved but crumbling Palace of Justice in Brussels, once the largest building in the world, the design challenges pale compared with the political ones.

  139. A Puzzle in Arizona’s Boom Towns: How to Keep Growing With Less Water U.S., Yesterday

    The state announced new limits to construction because of water shortages, changing the course of development.

  140. Not Your Father’s Pinball Arcade. But Maybe Your Mother’s. Style, Yesterday

    Belles & Chimes, a pinball league “run by women, for women,” makes some noise in a pastime where women were once consigned largely to the display cases.

  141. This Is Ischia’s Moment in the Sun Travel, Yesterday

    The Italian island, long in the shadow of its fashionable neighbor, Capri, is newly chic, but remains deeply authentic, with rocky harbors more likely to dock fishing boats than megayachts.

  142. Cosmic Luck: NASA’s Apollo 11 Moon Quarantine Broke Down Science, Yesterday

    A review of archives suggests that efforts to protect Earth from contamination by any organism brought back from the lunar surface were mostly for show.

  143. From Martha’s Vineyard to Cleveland: Celebrating the Day Slavery Ended Travel, Yesterday

    Juneteenth will be commemorated across the United States on June 19 with music, art, food and fireworks. We highlight programs in five places, including Galveston, Texas, known as the birthplace of the holiday.

  144. Counting on Conversation Books, Yesterday

    Five new counting books all share one essential strategy: to start a conversation.

  145. Big Tech Is Bad. Big A.I. Will Be Worse. Opinion, Yesterday

    How history has shown that the concentration of A.I. development in the hands of two powerful companies will lead to the technology being deployed in ways that will hurt humanity.

  146. The Truth About Hot Cheetos Is Not in ‘Flamin’ Hot’ Food, Yesterday

    The film, now streaming on Hulu and Disney Plus, was adapted from a debunked memoir, but it does reveal how food brands want to be seen.

  147. El pasado innovador de Apple me impide ser escéptico con el Vision Pro En español, Yesterday

    Hay muchas razones por las que el Vision Pro podría fracasar. Pero no debemos olvidar que Apple tiene la habilidad de incursionar en una categoría de productos en el momento justo.

  148. Special Counsel Avoided One Risk but Took on Another by Bringing Trump Case in Miami U.S., Yesterday

    The decision to file charges in Florida instead of Washington avoided a legal fight over venue, but the case appears to have been assigned to a Trump appointee who has shown him favor.

  149. Gavin Newsom, Please Don’t Cut Public Transit Funds. That’s Short-Term Thinking. Opinion, Yesterday

    Even in a tough budget year, more investment in transit would be money well spent.

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    The special counsel has four hurdles to overcome.

  153. China, Its Economy Flagging, Prods Consumers to Save Less and Spend More Business, Yesterday

    China’s largest state-run banks lowered interest rates on deposits, reflecting a growing concern that the economy has not rebounded as strongly as expected.

  154. What Communes and Other Radical Experiments in Living Together Reveal Opinion, Yesterday

    Intentional communities may offer solutions for loneliness and other problems of an atomized society.

  155. On the Smoke Crisis, New York City’s Mayor Chokes Opinion, Yesterday

    Mayor Eric Adams failed to give New York City residents proper warning for the blast of unhealthy air, then stumbled in his response.

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    Joe Biden ha desplegado un estilo inusual de liderazgo: en vez de acaparar la atención, identifica y adopta de manera discreta las herramientas de su cargo para negociar.

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    Quotation of the Day for Friday, June 9, 2023.

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    In Thailand, companies and people in positions of power often use libel suits to intimidate and punish activists and critics.

  165. Energy Drinks Are Surging. So Are Their Caffeine Levels. Business, Yesterday

    More companies are pushing low-calorie, sugar-free beverages they say are healthy. Some servings have nearly the same level of caffeine as a six-pack of Coca-Cola.

  166. Did N.Y. Leaders Leave Residents Unprepared for the Air Quality Crisis? New York, Yesterday

    Some experts and elected officials say New York’s leaders should have responded more quickly to the wildfire smoke that pushed air quality to historically unhealthy levels.

  167. Justice Department Charges Trump in Documents Case U.S., Yesterday

    The indictment, handed up by a grand jury in Miami, is the first time a former U.S. president has faced federal charges.

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  172. Binance Halts Trading in Dollars on Its U.S. Exchange Business, Yesterday

    Banks have signaled that they will stop working with the company’s American branch, it said, after the Securities and Exchange Commission sued it this week.

  173. It Is Right to Make Donald Trump Answer for the Crimes He Is Accused Of Opinion, Yesterday

    The available evidence supports the indictment by the special counsel Jack Smith.