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  1. Awaiting the Next Android Invasion Technology, Today

    Google has released the next version of its mobile operating system to app developers, but regular users will get the software further down the line.

  2. So You Want to Be a Lawyer? Opinion, Today

    A recent law graduate says the LSAT can be a real financial barrier to law school.

  3. Attacks Against African Students Rise in India, Rights Advocates Say World, Today

    The assaults follow several episodes of violence against Africans in recent years, raising questions about racial attitudes in India.

  4. Brexit, Donald Trump, Jordan: Your Morning Briefing Briefing, Today

    Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

  5. How to Get Cheap Theater Tickets (Including ‘Hamilton’) Theater, Today

    From lotteries to apps, there are several easy ways to score inexpensive tickets to a show. Even one about a certain former Treasury secretary.

  6. How America Fails Black Girls Opinion, Today

    A viral image has drawn attention to a big problem: Nonblacks aren’t stepping up to help missing black kids.

  7. A Modern Masterpiece Turns 25 Books, Today

    Denis Johnson’s “Jesus’ Son” was recently celebrated at an event in New York by a few of its many prominent writer-fans.

  8. Are Britain and the E.U. Ready for Brexit? Opinion, Today

    With one historic announcement, the divorce has begun.

  9. Tech Roundup: Capturing Memories With a Lot of Video Cameras Technology, Today

    Farhad Manjoo, a technology columnist at The New York Times, is experimenting with setting up his home to resemble the set of a reality television show.

  10. Ireland Is Urged to Do More for the Economically Vulnerable World, Today

    Europe’s top human rights body called on the government to provide more aid to women, children and the Traveler community, a historically excluded group.

  11. Justices Side With Free-Speech Challenge to Credit Card Fees Business Day, Today

    The justices ruled in favor of five New York businesses that wanted to inform their customers that they imposed a surcharge for the use of credit cards.

  12. Three Storm Chasers Die in Crash in Texas U.S., Today

    One of the hazards of storm chasing is the number of people on the road pursuing tornadoes as the activity has grown in popularity, an expert said.

  13. Teaching the Vietnam War With Primary Sources From The New York Times The Learning Network, Today

    This lesson includes a curated selection of photographs, original articles and first-person accounts for students to investigate and analyze.

  14. After Apology, Bill O’Reilly Continues Attacks on Maxine Waters U.S., Today

    The Fox News host had faced intense criticism for a remark about the congresswoman’s hair.

  15. Frank Gehry’s Vast Archive Joins the Getty’s Collection Arts, Today

    The Getty Research Institute has acquired hundreds of thousands of items from the Pritzker Prize-winning architect’s career, from 1954 to 1988.

  16. At Baselworld, Luxury Timepieces Detect a Slowdown Fashion & Style, Today

    The watch industry is facing challenging times, but players big and small still turned out for the giant fair.

  17. In China, Deals Thought to Be With Disney Turn Out Less Than Magical Business Day, Today

    Meng Dekai, a former company executive, was accused of signing deals with local governments for Disney-related projects without authorization.

  18. Mets’ Jeurys Familia Suspended for 15 Games Sports, Today

    The Mets closer was suspended by Major League Baseball for violating its domestic violence policy.

  19. Ronaldo Bust Looks Nothing Like Ronaldo, and the Internet Notices Sports, Today

    The handsome Real Madrid star is cast, none top favorably for some, in bronze.

  20. Ronaldo Bust Looks Nothing Like Ronaldo, and the Internet Notices Sports, Today

    The handsome Real Madrid star is cast, none too favorably for some, in bronze.

  21. Views of St. John Slideshow, Today

    Beaches, ruins and good eats on the Caribbean island.

  22. Chinese Firm Takes Stake in U.S. Investment Bank Cowen Business Day, Today

    The deal comes after a recent flurry of acquisitions of Western companies by Chinese businesses.

  23. ‘True Detective’ Season Three: Who Would You Want to See? Arts, Today

    Readers were happy to help Nic Pizzolatto in casting a new season of “True Detective,” which is reportedly in the works.

  24. Samsung, After Combustible Galaxy Note 7, Unveils New Smartphone Technology, Today

    Hoping to overcome a troubled year, the company revealed the Galaxy S8 smartphone with a large 5.8-inch screen and a virtual assistant, Bixby.

  25. 2 Christie Allies Are Sentenced in George Washington Bridge Scandal N.Y. / Region, Today

    Bill Baroni and Bridget Anne Kelly were sentenced for shutting down lanes in Fort Lee, N.J., to punish the mayor and causing massive traffic jams in 2013.

  26. They Are ‘Legion’: Tracking the Superhero Show’s Key Horror References Watching, Today

    More than any other live-action superhero project, “Legion” goes to some dark and scary places — familiar territory for horror movie buffs.

  27. Is It a Toy? Is It Art? Everyone Agrees It’s a Collectible Business Day, Today

    Consumer demand for so-called designer toys has helped invigorate sales in the overall toy industry.

  28. How to Use Technology to Outsource Pet Care Technology, Today

    A growing number of start-ups offer apps and gadgets to help you walk your dog or feed your cat, but most aren’t worth the money.

  29. Campuses Grapple With Balancing Free Speech and Security After Protests U.S., Today

    Colleges and universities are coming up with new policies to address the ethics and security costs of controversial speakers and protests.

  30. No Deal Between Kushners and Chinese Company Over Fifth Avenue Skyscraper N.Y. / Region, Today

    A $4-billion deal to invest in a Manhattan building owned by the family of Trump’s son-in-law has fallen apart.

  31. Python Swallows Indonesian Man Whole, With Aftermath Caught on Video World, Today

    A recording shows the victim’s body being recovered from the snake, found after searchers on Sulawesi observed the shape of shoes in its belly.

  32. Facing Congress, Some Sports Officials (Not All) Begin to Confront Sexual Abuse Sports, Today

    A doctor is accused of molesting dozens of young gymnasts. Now a senator is calling for an investigation into “who knew what and when.”

  33. Could Argentina (and Lionel Messi) Actually Miss the World Cup? Sports, Today

    Argentina, which is playing without its star, finds itself in fifth place, with four games left to play in South American qualifying.

  34. A Trove on the Women’s Suffrage Struggle, Found in an Old Box Arts, Today

    Nearly 100 letters from Susan B. Anthony and others have come to light, in a collection that shows the complex networks that drove the movement.

  35. $1.5 Million Homes in Washington State, Kentucky and Georgia Real Estate, Today

    A Craftsman-style house in Seattle; a country estate in Prospect, Ky.; and a cedar-shingled home in an Atlanta suburb.

  36. What You Get for $1.5 Million Slideshow, Today

    A Craftsman-style house in Seattle; a country estate in Prospect, Ky.; and a cedar-shingled home in an Atlanta suburb.

  37. Cooking With Your Senses Food, Today

    Try an utterly simple recipe for radishes with sweet butter and salt from Gabrielle Hamilton, or follow Julia Moskin’s consideration of “sensory cooking.”

  38. A.C.P.T. Roll Call Slideshow, Today

    A look at the very human side of competitive crossword solving. This year, we focus on people who have come to the A.C.P.T. for fewer than five years.

  39. More Women With Breast Cancer Opt to Remove Healthy Breast Well, Today

    One in three breast cancer patients under 45 in 2012 removed the healthy breast along with the breast affected by cancer, a new study found.

  40. As Power Wanes, Kuomintang Struggles to Hang On in Taiwan World, Today

    The party that once ruled China now looks to stay relevant in Taiwan politics — a situation with implications for Beijing and Washington.

  41. Turkey’s Dangerous Path Away From Democracy Opinion, Today

    President Erdogan’s tough talk on Europe and move for unfettered power could mark a fateful retreat from the Westernization that had long guided Turkey.

  42. Elephants Get a Reprieve as Price of Ivory Falls World, Today

    China’s commitment to shut down its domestic ivory trade this year has helped depress demand for ivory.

  43. Shots Fired at Capitol as Driver Tries to Run Down Officers U.S., Today

    A United States Capitol Police spokeswoman said a woman had been taken into custody and no one was hurt.

  44. Sean Hannity Is Still Upset Ted Koppel Said He Was ‘Bad for America’ Business Day, Today

    Mr. Hannity, the Fox News personality, is lashing out over an interview aired on “CBS Sunday Morning.”

  45. Patti LuPone, Christine Ebersole and Broadway’s Friendliest Feud Theater, Today

    They play the rival cosmetics titans Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden in the new musical “War Paint.”

  46. Bob Dylan Will Receive His Nobel Prize While on Tour in Sweden Arts, Today

    The singer and songwriter, who did not attend the Nobel ceremony in December, is to meet with Academy members with no media present this weekend.

  47. Theresa May’s Letter Invoking Article 50 World, Today

    The text of the letter written by Britain’s prime minister to Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, starting the legal process for leaving the European Union.

  48. ‘I’m an American, First and Foremost’ Opinion, Today

    Many Latino Americans have faced harassment since the election, even if they were born in the United States.

  49. F.D.A. Nominee Plans to Recuse Himself From Agency Decisions on Potential Conflicts Health, Today

    Scott Gottlieb made millions of dollars doing work for more than 20 health care companies in the private sector.

  50. F.D.A. Nominee Details Drug Industry Ties Health, Today

    Dr. Scott Gottlieb earned millions of dollars doing work recently in the private sector, including firms with ties to drug and health care companies.

  51. Parents Sue Georgia Over Right to Give Daughter the Surname ‘Allah’ U.S., Today

    A couple says they chose their daughter’s surname because it is noble. The state says it must be the last name of one of her parents, or a combination of the two.

  52. House Hunting in ... Reykjavik Slideshow, Today

    With low inventory and high demand, the home market in Reykjavik is booming.

  53. House Hunting in ... Reykjavik Real Estate, Today

    With low inventory and high demand, the home market in Reykjavik is booming.

  54. California Today: Muslim Candidate Says He’s ‘Triple Threat to Donald Trump’ U.S., Today

    Wednesday: A trailblazing candidate for lieutenant governor, a congressman standing firm under fire, and the faith of Raider Nation.

  55. Red Wings End 25-Year Playoff Streak, While Oilers End a Drought Sports, Today

    The Wings had held the longest streak in hockey, and in major North American sports, while the Oilers had the longest streak outside the postseason — 10 seasons.

  56. Steve Kerr Wins 200th Game Faster Than Any Other Coach Sports, Today

    The Golden State Warriors coach reached the impressive milestone in just 238 games, 32 games fewer than Phil Jackson did with the Chicago Bulls.

  57. Steve Kerr Wins 200 Games Faster Than Any Other N.B.A. Coach Sports, Today

    The Warriors’ coach reached the milestone in 238 games, 32 games fewer than Phil Jackson did with the Chicago Bulls.

  58. How to Make a Deal With North Korea Opinion, Today

    South Korea’s election will have far-reaching implications for the Korean Peninsula — and for Trump’s North Korea policy.

  59. The Art of a Deal With the Taliban Opinion, Today

    America’s yearslong war in Afghanistan has cost us hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of lives. It’s time for peace talks.

  60. Fix the College Dropout Boom Opinion, Today

    Graduates are much more likely to earn more and have full-time jobs.

  61. All About Oysters in Greenport on Long Island N.Y. / Region, Today

    New Yorkers can take the train from Penn Station to a North Fork village to learn about oyster farming (and to taste a few, too).

  62. Pillars of the West Shaken by ‘Brexit,’ but They’re Not Crumbling Yet World, Today

    Britain’s withdrawal from the E.U. and Donald J. Trump’s election are blows to multilateralism, but many European nations seem to be shying away from going it alone.

  63. U.K. Initiates ‘Brexit’ and Wades Into a Thorny Thicket World, Today

    Prime Minister Theresa May gave notice of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, kicking off a two-year negotiation steeped in peril for both sides.

  64. New York Today: Much Ado About Tattoos N.Y. / Region, Today

    Wednesday: Tracing tattoo history, tap dancing through Midtown and commemorating women’s suffrage.

  65. Pursuing Tax, Bill de Blasio Embraces Snowball’s Chance in Albany N.Y. / Region, Today

    For almost two years, Mayor Bill de Blasio has been arguing that Albany should allow New York City to levy a new tax on home sales above $2 million. It hasn’t worked out.

  66. Morning Agenda: The Robots Are Coming ... for Your Stocks Business Day, Today

    BlackRock plans to consolidate a large number of actively managed mutual funds with those that rely more on algorithms and models.

  67. China Says It Has Detained Rights Activist From Taiwan World, Today

    The detention adds to signs of an intensified clampdown on outsiders working with China’s beleaguered rights lawyers and groups.

  68. How to Follow the News in a Political Age of Anxiety Well, Today

    Therapists offer strategies for coping with postelection stress.

  69. In Lawsuit After Lawsuit, It’s Everyday People v. Trump U.S., Today

    Plaintiffs suing President Trump to block his travel ban have included professors and grocery clerks, Americans and people trying to become one.

  70. What Rob Corddry Can’t Travel Without Travel, Today

    The former “Daily Show” correspondent who now stars in HBO’s “Ballers” has to have tubes of Aquaphor, comic books and his guitar.

  71. Getting the Most Out of a Spa Visit Travel, Today

    Choose the right treatment, communicate with your massage therapist and consider going on a weekday before 5 p.m.

  72. Walk, Stretch or Dance? Dancing May Be Best for the Brain Well, Today

    Moving and socializing appears to perk up the aging brain.

  73. How to Be Mindful on a Hike Well, Today

    Learn how to tune in to yourself and the world around you on your next hike.

  74. ‘The Daily’: Hello Coal Jobs, Goodbye E.U. Podcasts, Today

    Trump’s promise to do away with Obama’s legacy on climate change, and Theresa May’s farewell to the European Union.

  75. Donald Trump, ‘Brexit,’ Mosul: Your Wednesday Briefing Briefing, Today

    Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

  76. Why Democrats Have a Shot in a Georgia District Dominated by Republicans The Upshot, Today

    The contest to fill Tom Price’s vacant congressional seat is an early test of whether Democrats can make use of President Trump’s unpopularity.

  77. E.U. Blocks Merger of London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Börse Business Day, Today

    The decision came after the London exchange said it was unwilling to sell a bond trading platform to appease regulators.

  78. Trevor Noah Knows How to Save Meals on Wheels: Militarize It Arts, Today

    The cast of “The Daily Show” dreamed up a meal-delivery program they think President Trump may like: one that delivers sandwiches via rocket launcher.

  79. Locust Valley: A Quiet Burg With Good Schools and Elite Clubs Real Estate, Today

    Part of Oyster Bay, the area is home to graceful manors and secluded estates.

  80. Living In Locust Valley, N.Y. Slideshow, Today

    Locust Valley, N.Y., an unincorporated area in the Town of Oyster Bay, on Long Island, is home to a handful of elite country clubs.

  81. Trump’s Raves About Chicago Have Become Rants U.S., Today

    The president has often bemoaned Chicago’s rising street violence. But residents say his long, tangled relationship with the city explains a lot.

  82. Trump’s Name 20-Feet High. Chicago’s Anger? Unlimited. Video, Today

    The Trump International Hotel and Tower was met with a warm reception when it was completed in 2008. But six years later, a modification from Donald J. Trump ruffled feathers in Chicago.

  83. In Kansas City, Barbecue, Beer and Bargains Travel, Today

    Seeing different sides of a great city in America’s heartland that truly seems to be coming into its own.

  84. A Ladder, Sharp Scissors and a Basketball Net. What Could Go Wrong? Sports, Today

    College basketball’s rite of spring — cutting down the net after a big victory — comes with a snip of danger.

  85. What Cold War Intrigue Can Tell Us About the Trump-Russia Inquiry U.S., Today

    Events rooted in 1985, which became known as the Year of the Spy, in some ways mirror those that were set in motion during the 2016 presidential election.

  86. He Turned His Home Into a Reality Television Show Technology, Today

    The Times’s tech columnist, Farhad Manjoo, grapples with technology’s shortcomings yet embraces it to an extreme degree at home.

  87. In School Nurse’s Room: Tylenol, Bandages and an Antidote to Heroin N.Y. / Region, Today

    As communities face a rise in deaths from heroin and pills, many educators are deciding that they should have naloxone, a drug to treat overdoses, on hand.

  88. My Friend Is Bankrupting Herself. Should I Speak Up? Magazine, Today

    The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on whether to tell your friend you think she is being used for her money, and more.

  89. Sonic Youth: Cultural Appropriations of Two Musical Hipsters Books, Today

    The young music producers in Hari Kunzru’s “White Tears” invent a lost blues legend who may turn out to have been real all along.

  90. How Well Do You Sleep? The Learning Network, Today

    Should more medical practitioners use light therapy to fix mood disorders?

  91. Those Indecipherable Medical Bills? They’re One Reason Health Care Costs So Much. Magazine, Today

    Hospitals have learned to manipulate medical codes — often resulting in mind-boggling bills.

  92. Phillipa Soo Doesn’t Leave It All Onstage Magazine, Today

    The Broadway actress on playing Eliza Hamilton and performing for the Obamas.

  93. Deconstructing the 'Ferguson Effect' Interactive, Today

    How a police retreat has played out in Chicago.

  94. China Poised to Take Lead on Climate After Trump’s Move to Undo Policies World, Today

    For years, the United States pushed China to commit to limiting its use of fossil fuels. The countries now look likely to switch roles.

  95. Is Obamacare a Lifesaver? Opinion, Today

    So far the evidence is conspicuously missing.

  96. Questions for: ‘Can Programs That Help the Military Save the Federal Arts Agencies?’ The Learning Network, Today

    What does art therapy do, and how does it help trauma victims?

  97. George Osborne: From Media Hack to Political Hack, in a Day Opinion, Today

    The former chancellor’s new job as editor of The London Evening Standard is not good for either politics or journalism.

  98. Westinghouse Files for Bankruptcy, in Blow to Nuclear Power Business Day, Today

    The company, whose corporate parent is Toshiba of Japan, led projects once seen as heralding a nuclear renaissance, but its filing casts a pall over the troubled industry.

  99. Republicans Attack Internet Privacy Opinion, Today

    Congress has voted to let online providers sell advertisers information on customers without permission.

  100. Devin Nunes Is Dangerous Opinion, Today

    He’s so deep in the tank for Donald Trump that he needs scuba gear.

  101. How the Republicans Sold Your Privacy to Internet Providers Opinion, Today

    President Trump might soon sign a bill that lets internet service providers sell your web browsing history and other personal information.

  102. The Supreme Court Keeps Tinkering With Death Opinion, Today

    Texas is condemning intellectually disabled people using an outdated and unscientific test. The justices were right to strike it down.

  103. Trump Is a Chinese Agent Opinion, Today

    Ignoring climate change and the benefits of clean energy only helps a rival.

  104. New York Has a Great Subway, if You’re Not in a Wheelchair Opinion, Today

    After my accident, I learned firsthand how civic dysfunction can disenfranchise the vulnerable.

  105. Few Entrances, and Sometimes, No Exit Video, Today

    Ride along as a New Yorker in a wheelchair explains why more people with disabilities don’t take the train.

  106. Revealing the Underground Railroad Slideshow, Today

    A new photo book depicts the 1,400-mile Underground Railroad path through forests, swamps, safe houses and freedom in the North.

  107. A Pair of Classic Rock Events Will Bring Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles to the Coasts Arts, Today

    The lineup for the two sets of concerts, planned in July, also includes the Doobie Brothers, Journey, Steely Dan and Earth, Wind and Fire.

  108. Shredding The Learning Network, Today

    What do you think the image is saying? How does it relate to and comment on something happening in the world right now?

  109. Word + Quiz: discrepancy The Learning Network, Today

    This word has appeared in 153 New York Times articles in the past year.

  110. Overtime Loss Is Enough for Rangers to Secure Playoff Spot Sports, Today

    The Rangers earned their seventh straight trip to the postseason despite giving up a late goal in regulation and falling to San Jose.

  111. What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘Legion’ and ‘Imaginary Mary’ Arts, Today

    One new show, FX’s “Legion,” wraps up its maiden season as another, “Imaginary Mary,” has its premiere on ABC.

  112. NBC to Broadcast 2018 Olympics Live in All Time Zones Sports, Today

    The move addresses the ever-increasing number of people who have instant access to results through social media and internet streams, including NBC’s own live coverage online.

  113. U.S. Men’s Soccer Earns a Point in Tougher Qualifier Against Panama Sports, Today

    The Americans, dealing with 90-degree heat and a hostile crowd in their first game since a 6-0 rout of Honduras, looked sloppy and disorganized early on but regrouped.

  114. Ex-Congressman From Texas Charged With Stealing Charitable Donations U.S., Today

    Steve Stockman and a former aide are accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars meant for charity, some of which was used to finance his campaigns.

  115. Federer and Nadal Advance in Miami Open, as Wawrinka Loses Sports, Today

    Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal were both tested but made it to the quarterfinals. Top-seeded Stan Wawrinka was ousted on his birthday.

  116. Designer Tom Dixon Unveils His ‘Secret’ Project With Ikea Fashion & Style, Today

    The 57-year-old former musician has gone from being a design maverick to creating mass-produced furniture he hopes will last a lifetime.

  117. ‘Brexit,’ Mosul, Samsung: Your Wednesday Briefing Briefing, Yesterday

    Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

  118. Five Places to Go in Helsinki Travel, Yesterday

    Helsinki’s Teurastamo used to house slaughtered reindeers, pigs and cows. But the district is now an epicenter for the city’s creative class.

  119. Corrections: March 29, 2017 Corrections, Yesterday

    Corrections appearing in print on Wednesday, March 29, 2017.

  120. ‘The Americans’ Season 5, Episode 4: Working Through the Kinks Arts, Yesterday

    Sex in the service of the motherland isn’t as easy as it used to be.

  121. Like Trump, White House Staff Will Skip Correspondents Dinner U.S., Yesterday

    The administration said the entire White House staff would not attend the event next month, in solidarity with the president, who had already said he would not attend.

  122. F.D.A. Approves First Drug to Treat Severe Multiple Sclerosis Health, Yesterday

    The drug, Ocrevus by Genentech, can also be used to treat patients with the more common form of the disease.

  123. 2 Black Women Sue Fox News, Claiming Racial Discrimination Business Day, Yesterday

    The suit says that Judith Slater, then the company’s comptroller, made racially charged comments, including suggestions that black men were “women beaters.”

  124. Crisis Time Crosswords & Games, Yesterday

    Here’s hoping Jules Markey’s crisis isn’t too bad.

  125. As Federal Cuts Loom, New York State Aims to Protect Itself From Washington N.Y. / Region, Yesterday

    The state deadline is April 1, but Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has suggested that lawmakers could pass an extension to freeze spending until Washington outlines its proposed budget.

  126. Wife of French Candidate François Fillon Faces Formal Inquiry World, Yesterday

    Penelope Fillon is accused of drawing a salary for a fake parliamentary job, part of a case that has dragged down the presidential campaign of her husband.

  127. With Raiders’ Move, N.F.L. Owners Go Where the Money Is Sports, Yesterday

    The Raiders’ move from Oakland to Las Vegas, which has no real football tradition, feels like the money grab it is.

  128. Judge Seeks to Clarify Rudy Giuliani’s Role on Gold Trader’s Team N.Y. / Region, Yesterday

    The hiring of Mr. Giuliani and Michael B. Mukasey has added intrigue to a case that had already emerged as a sharp point of dispute between Turkey and the United States.

  129. Fact Check: Trump’s Misleading Words on Energy and Jobs U.S., Yesterday

    President Trump claimed undue credit for job gains and miscast the effect of his executive orders on energy.

  130. Quotation of the Day: Filling Void, Pence Guides Boss in Battle Today’s Paper, Yesterday

    Quotation of the day for Wednesday, March 29, 2017.

  131. Amid White House Tumult, Pence Offers Trump a Steady Hand U.S., Yesterday

    As other advisers floundered in recent weeks, the vice president has emerged as an effective wingman for a president short on competent help.

  132. President Trump Risks the Planet Opinion, Yesterday

    Reversing President Obama’s climate policies will raise emissions and undercut America’s claim to leadership on the issue of global warming.

  133. Bill Minor, Journalist Who Was Called Conscience of Mississippi, Dies at 94 Business Day, Yesterday

    Mr. Minor was already known for exposing corrupt Mississippi politicians when he became one of the South’s leading news voices on the civil rights movement.

  134. Bastian Schweinsteiger, Trading Manchester United for M.L.S., Maintains His Drive Sports, Yesterday

    After being snubbed by the team’s new manager, Schweinsteiger, a German midfielder, stayed positive. His persistence paid off, and he landed with M.L.S.’s Chicago Fire.

  135. U.S. Women’s Team Strikes a Deal With U.S.A. Hockey Sports, Yesterday

    The team had threatened to boycott the world championship, which begins this week, in pursuit of increased wages and support from the national governing body.

  136. A Surprise Trip to Prison Times Insider, Yesterday

    The Times Reporter Campbell Robertson describes how he put together his article on an Alabama prison’s descent into violence.

  137. Policy Shift Helps Coal, but Other Forces May Limit Effect Business Day, Yesterday

    Reversing clean power rules may lead to more drilling and pipelines, but economics and state initiatives still favor natural gas and renewable energy.

  138. Congress Is Headed to Another Government Funding Showdown U.S., Yesterday

    Fresh off the House health bill debacle, the president is courting another disaster by asking for $18 billion in cuts to pay for his border wall with Mexico.

  139. Carlos the Jackal Receives a Third Life Sentence in France World, Yesterday

    The terrorist, Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, was convicted of tossing a hand grenade into a Paris drugstore in 1974, killing two and wounding 34.

  140. F.B.I. Arrests Iraqi Refugees Related to American’s Kidnapper World, Yesterday

    The two refugees in Virginia are accused of failing to disclose that a brother had been involved in the 2004 kidnapping of an American contractor in Iraq.

  141. It’s Darwin, Not Stalin N.Y. / Region, Yesterday

    A dog named for one historical figure is called by the name of another.

  142. Joe Girardi Trots Out a New Look for the Yankees Sports, Yesterday

    In an exhibition game, Gary Sanchez batted second, Greg Bird hit right behind him, and Jacoby Ellsbury dropped to the fifth spot.

  143. Coal Miners Hope Trump’s Order Will Help. But Few Are Counting on It. U.S., Yesterday

    President Trump’s move aiming to roll back environmental regulations elated many in coal country who felt bullied by his predecessor. But expectations for a comeback remain muted.

  144. Scotland Votes to Demand a Post-‘Brexit’ Independence Referendum World, Yesterday

    As Britain prepares to officially tell the European Union it wants to leave, a vote by the Scottish Parliament sets the stage for a tussle.

  145. Christine Kaufmann, Actress in ‘Town Without Pity,’ Dies at 72 Movies, Yesterday

    Ms. Kaufmann, who was born in Austria, won a Golden Globe Award for her Hollywood debut in the film and later married Tony Curtis.

  146. Ex-Christie Allies Face Sentencing for Roles in Bridge Scandal N.Y. / Region, Yesterday

    Bridget Anne Kelly and Bill Baroni were convicted last year of conspiracy and wire fraud in the 2013 scheme to close access lanes to the George Washington Bridge.

  147. A Florida of Sun, Sky, Sea and Mind Books, Yesterday

    “Sunshine State,” Sarah Gerard’s essay collection, and “Gulf: The Making of an American Sea,” Jack E. Davis’s environmental history, each explore the terrain of an unmoored state.

  148. Cosby’s Lawyers Want to Keep Quaaludes Testimony From Trial Arts, Yesterday

    Lawyers for Bill Cosby want a judge to exclude evidence relating to drugs and his conduct with any women except the two already expected to testify.

  149. Cloud of Uncertainty Envelops Joakim Noah’s Suspension Sports, Yesterday

    Noah, a Knicks center, received a 20-game penalty for taking a banned performance-enhancing drug. But knee surgery made it unclear when he can return to serve it.

  150. A Dearth of I.P.O.s, but It’s Not the Fault of Red Tape Business Day, Yesterday

    The number of companies on the U.S. stock market plummeted by half over 10 years, but there is not much evidence that regulation is the villain.

  151. Ex-First Lady of Ivory Coast Found Not Guilty of War Crimes World, Yesterday

    Simone Gbagbo was also acquitted of crimes against humanity in a trial that focused on her role in abuses that led to deaths after a 2010 election.

  152. Vision Zero Has Made Ocean Parkway Safer, but Some See Red N.Y. / Region, Yesterday

    A 25-mile-per-hour speed limit seems to have reduced accidents on Ocean Parkway. Nevertheless, the hassle of the slower speed has moved a Brooklyn power broker to act.

  153. Congress Moves to Overturn Obama-Era Online Privacy Rules Technology, Yesterday

    Following the Senate, the House voted to dismantle rules requiring broadband providers to get permission before collecting data on a user’s online activity.

  154. Romeo (and Juliet), How Many Art Thou? 1 Ballet Score, Many Stagings Arts, Yesterday

    The Joffrey Ballet brings its “Romeo and Juliet” to New York this week. Our chief dance critic considers a multiplicity of stagings of the Prokofiev score.

  155. 5 Brands Creating Streetwear for Women T Magazine, Yesterday

    From a line consisting entirely of leather to one from a Supreme vet, a handful of emerging names to know.

  156. Mosul, Devin Nunes, Nicola Sturgeon: Your Tuesday Evening Briefing Briefing, Yesterday

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  157. Name-Dropping ‘Nobodies’ Hoping for Showbiz Success Arts, Yesterday

    A new series on TV Land features three alumni of the Groundlings working familiar “versions of themselves” territory.

  158. In ‘Chess Match No. 5,’ the Words of John Cage, Deconstructed Theater, Yesterday

    The SITI Company’s opaque, mystifying play is built entirely from the composer’s quotations, arranged into an exploration of the artistic process.

  159. Darlene Cates, the Mother in ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,’ Dies at 69 Movies, Yesterday

    She was spotted on a talk show discussing her obesity and had never acted professionally before being cast as Johnny Depp’s mother in the 1993 film.

  160. At BlackRock, Machines Are Rising Over Managers to Pick Stocks Business Day, Yesterday

    BlackRock is merging many actively managed mutual funds with peers that rely more on algorithms and models to pick stocks.

  161. Rotating Recipes at Chefs Club Counter in NoLIta Food, Yesterday

    The latest from Enrique Olvera opens, Angelica Kitchen closes, and other restaurant news.

  162. Chris Colfer: The First Time I Braved New York (and a Taxi!) Arts, Yesterday

    The “Glee” actor and best-selling author, whose latest young adult novel is “Stranger Than Fanfiction,” talks about a rite of passage.

  163. A Dance Troupe Adds Fresh Faces. The Youngest Is 66. Arts, Yesterday

    Larissa Velez-Jackson, half of the duo Yackez, is bringing 11 women, ages 66 to 87, from her parallel life as a fitness instructor, into a new show.

  164. ‘Karl Marx City’ Revisits the Everyday Terror of Dictatorship Movies, Yesterday

    In this documentary, a filmmaker returns to her hometown in the former East Germany seeking personal and political insight.

  165. A Ballerina and Choreographer Team Up to Be Goddesses Arts, Yesterday

    Blanca Li and Maria Alexandrova’s two-woman show, “Goddesses & Demonesses,” coming to City Center, celebrates female power. And the dresses dance, too.

  166. What You Should Watch Tuesday Night Watching, Yesterday

    Choose between the series finale of “Bones” and a series premiere on Viceland.

  167. Germany Refuses Turkey’s Request to Spy on Opponents of Erdogan World, Yesterday

    The refusal was the latest strain to relations as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey pursues a referendum next month to expand his powers.

  168. Right and Left: Partisan Writing You Shouldn’t Miss U.S., Yesterday

    Read about how the other side thinks. We have collected political writing from around the web and across ideologies.

  169. Mysterious Buyer of Trump’s Childhood Home Said to Be From China N.Y. / Region, Yesterday

    A stream of Chinese visitors reportedly stopped to see the house between when it was listed for auction in January and when the sale closed last week.

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    Learn to listen to your food as it cooks, and to rely on your senses of touch and smell.

  171. 10 Ways to Sharpen Your Kitchen Senses Food, Yesterday

    Become a better cook by learning to rely on all five senses in the kitchen: not just sight and taste, but hearing, touch and smell.

  172. A Slice of Bacon, and a Dancer’s Revelation Fashion & Style, Yesterday

    A performer with the New York City Ballet was feeling exhausted, but her future husband knew what would energize her.

  173. What We’re Reading Times Insider, Yesterday

    Great reads around the web, from Michael Wines, Valeriya Safronova and others.

  174. U.S. ‘Probably Had a Role’ in Mosul Deaths, Commander Says World, Yesterday

    The remarks by a general were the fullest acceptance of responsibility by an American commander for a March 17 strike that killed scores of civilians.

  175. The Image of Emmett Till Opinion, Yesterday

    What would his mother have thought of the painting at the Whitney Biennial?

  176. What Trump and Obama Have in Common Opinion, Yesterday

    They believe their own P.R.

  177. Citing Misdeeds, U.S. Gives Wells Fargo Failing Grade on Lending Business Day, Yesterday

    A regulator said it had found “an extensive and pervasive pattern” of “discriminatory and illegal credit practices across multiple lines of business.”

  178. A Rabbi Walks Into a Bar — and Enforces the Law Food, Yesterday

    For Jews in Jerusalem and around the world who wonder whether their cocktail is kosher, Rabbi Shmouel Semelman is the go-to guy.