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  1. A Thrilling ‘Ferryman’ Serves Up a Glorious Harvest Feast Culture, Yesterday

    Jez Butterworth’s great, sprawling drama of rural Northern Ireland during the Troubles bares a culture’s contradictions through riveting storytelling.

  2. What’s on TV Monday: ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ and ‘Rake’ Culture, Today

    The heroes of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” return to stave off another threat. And the final season of “Rake” comes to Acorn TV.

  3. Taiwan Seeks Cause of Its Worst Rail Crash in Decades Foreign, Today

    Eight of the 18 people who died were members of a family returning from a wedding.

  4. ‘Headless Chicken Monster’ Spotted in the Deep Sea Foreign, Today

    A sea cucumber, previously only filmed off the Gulf of Mexico, was seen floating near Antarctica.

  5. N.B.A. Soft-Pedals Suspensions for Lakers and Rockets’ Fistfight Sports, Yesterday

    Almost doubling the penalty for Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram would make it a fair punishment.

  6. They Said Seattle’s Minimum Wage Would Cost Workers a Lot. Now the Picture Looks Brighter. Business, Today

    Researchers whose findings last year pointed to a downside from raising the minimum wage have taken another look and the reality is more nuanced.

  7. Khashoggi, Russia, Italy: Your Monday Briefing N Y T Now, Today

    Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

  8. 7 Takeaways From N.F.L. Week 7 Sports, Today

    The sun rises in the East and sets in the West. The Patriots find a way to win against young quarterbacks, and the Browns somehow end up in overtime. Here’s what we learned in Week 7.

  9. I’ve Interviewed 300 High Achievers About Their Morning Routines. Here’s What I’ve Learned. Smarter Living, Yesterday

    Your morning routine should suit your needs, but there are some habits everyone should try.

  10. Richard Parsons Steps Down as Interim Chairman of CBS Business, Yesterday

    Mr. Parsons, who took the post just a month ago, is leaving because of illness. The change comes as CBS is trying to move past various scandals.

  11. Domination of Flames by Rangers at Garden Comes to End Sports, Yesterday

    Johnny Gaudreau and Garnet Hathaway scored twice each for Calgary, which had lost six straight road games to the Rangers.

  12. At the Border Town That the News Cycle Has Left Behind Business, Yesterday

    When the algorithms that drive social media move on, the children who were separated from their parents remain in detention facilities along the Rio Grande.

  13. ‘The Deuce’ Season 2, Episode 7: Duck and Cover Culture, Yesterday

    Vinnie’s chickens are coming home to roost. Meanwhile, Detective Alston faces a moral dilemma.

  14. Eric Reid Calls Malcolm Jenkins ‘Sellout’ After Confrontation Sports, Yesterday

    Reid, who has criticized Jenkins for ceasing to protest after striking a deal with the N.F.L., exchanged words with Jenkins before the game and criticized him afterward.

  15. Quotation of the Day: Turkey’s President Vows to Detail Khashoggi Death ‘in Full Nakedness’ Summary, Yesterday

    Quotation of the Day for Monday, October 22, 2018

  16. Brazil’s Sad Choice Editorial, Yesterday

    Jair Bolsonaro, the blustery hard-right candidate described as “a Brazilian Donald Trump,” appears headed for the presidency.

  17. Republicans Hold Cash Edge Heading Into Final Stretch of the Midterms Washington, Yesterday

    Democrats have raised more money. But Republicans had more left in the bank, and they are using it on ads that try to nationalize the race.

  18. Count Me Among the Mob Op Ed, Yesterday

    If it means people who stand in opposition to Trump’s degradation of the country.

  19. The Jets, Their Quarterback Facing Their Would-Be Quarterback, Lose to the Vikings Sports, Yesterday

    The rookie Sam Darnold, showing growing pains, was outplayed by Minnesota’s Kirk Cousins, who had been pursued by the Jets this off-season.

  20. In Poland Elections, Populists Fail to Sway Moderates, Exit Polls Suggest Foreign, Yesterday

    Although official results are not yet in, exit polls suggested that the governing Law and Justice party had not expanded its appeal to the moderates in Poland’s urban areas.

  21. Why They Stay. Why They Can’t: New York Catholics Wrestle With Their Faith Over Abuse Allegations Interactive, Yesterday

    We spoke to 10 New York City Catholics about their internal struggles amid the recent sexual abuse allegations. Their disparate internal struggles offer a window into the rich complexities of Catholicism in one of the most diverse cities in the wo...

  22. Who Will Teach Silicon Valley To Be Ethical? Op Ed, Yesterday

    Some think chief ethics officers could help technology companies navigate political and social questions.

  23. Walking the Beijing Line Op Ed, Yesterday

    Japan and the geopolitical balancing act.

  24. Another Tax Cut? Trump and Republicans Offer a Midterm Pitch, if Not a Plan Business, Yesterday

    Although the president promised to soon roll out “a very major tax cut” for middle-income Americans, such a proposal has no chance of passing before the midterms.

  25. Wim Kok, Dutch Prime Minister in Boom Times, Is Dead at 80 Obits, Yesterday

    He was part of a wave of pragmatic Social Democrats who swept to power in Europe in the 1990s. He presided over eight years of economic prosperity.

  26. Etymological Origins Games, Yesterday

    This is the dawning of another solving week, led by Alex Eaton-Salners.

  27. No Corrections: October 22, 2018 Corrections, Yesterday

    No corrections appeared in print on Monday, October 22, 2018.

  28. Blumhouse Studio, Scary at the Box Office, Gets Serious About TV Business, Yesterday

    The Hollywood producer of blockbuster films like the latest “Halloween” sequel is trying to become a serious player in television. It won’t be easy.

  29. Turkey’s President Vows to Detail Khashoggi Death ‘in Full Nakedness’ Foreign, Yesterday

    In taking on the Saudis over Jamal Khashoggi’s death, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan may be fighting a larger, geopolitical battle.

  30. Eve Ewing Blasts From Chicago to Space, With a Boost from Marvel Culture, Yesterday

    She is a sociologist, poet, Twitter maven, Chicago cultural celebrity and newly minted Marvel Comics writer. But don’t ask Dr. Ewing about her superpowers.

  31. As Democrats Court Latinos, Indifference Is a Powerful Foe National, Yesterday

    Democratic Party strategists hope Latino voters angered by the administration’s rhetoric and policies will help deliver resounding victories.

  32. He Raised Legal Hell for 35 Years. Now He’s Back. Metro, Yesterday

    After imprisonment on tax charges, Stanley Cohen, a freewheeling radical lawyer, has Hamas on the phone and is on the job again.

  33. David Posner, Senior Rabbi of Flagship Reform Synagogue, Dies at 70 Obits, Yesterday

    A scholar and a pastor, Rabbi Posner served for 40 years at Temple Emanu-El in Manhattan, giving succor to the sick and reaching out to other faiths.

  34. Hurricane Michael Victims’ Biggest Fear: ‘People Are Going to Start Forgetting’ National, Yesterday

    Places hit hard by Hurricane Michael are slowly returning to normal, but residents worry that officials will be in too great a hurry to move on.

  35. Kimi Raikkonen Wins U.S. Grand Prix, Denying Lewis Hamilton a Title for Now Sports, Yesterday

    Hamilton finished third, behind Raikkonen and Max Verstappen, meaning he was unable to clinch a fifth Formula One series crown.

  36. Saints vs. Ravens: Justin Tucker Misses Game-Tying Extra Point for Baltimore Sports, Yesterday

    The Ravens are the only team Drew Brees has never beaten, and in this classic offense vs. defense matchup, he has his work cut out for him.

  37. Police Body Camera Bursts Into Flames; New York Pulls 2,990 From Use Metro, Yesterday

    The camera worn by a Staten Island officer exploded during an overnight shift, prompting concern over the stability of its lithium-ion battery.

  38. Buccaneers vs. Browns: Chandler Catanzaro Nails 59-Yard Field Goal in Overtime for Tampa Bay Sports, Yesterday

    Catanzaro had already missed a 40-yard field goal attempt and an extra point, but Tampa Bay’s kicker made the kick when it counted in overtime.

  39. What’s Going On in This Picture? | Oct. 22, 2018 Learning, Yesterday

    Look closely at this image, stripped of its caption, and join the moderated conversation about what you and other students see.

  40. This Far-Right Politician Could Be Brazil’s Next President Video, Yesterday

    Jair Bolsonaro has been in the fringe far right for most of his political career. Now, he is the front-runner in Brazil’s presidential race.

  41. ‘Borderline’ Is Rigged, to Fantastic Effect Culture, Yesterday

    Wires suspend the dancers, and our disbelief, in this premiere by Company Wang Ramirez.

  42. The Next Tech Talent Shortage: Quantum Computing Researchers Business, Yesterday

    By some estimates, only 1,000 or so researchers can claim to understand the technology. Finding more could become a national security issue.

  43. Cowboys vs. Redskins: Washington Wins as Dallas Kicker Misses Game-Tying Field Goal Sports, Yesterday

    Both teams have been inconsistent this season, but the winner here has a much better chance at reaching the playoffs.

  44. ‘Halloween’ Rides Scary-Movie Nostalgia to No. 1 at the Box Office Culture, Yesterday

    Four decades after the John Carpenter original, the latest installment of “Halloween” earned $77.5 million to top this weekend’s ticket sales.

  45. Florida Governor Candidates Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis Face Off in Contentious Debate Politics, Yesterday

    The debate was the first in Florida’s nationally watched race for governor. The rivals were evenly matched on stage.

  46. What Comes After the Roomba? Special Sections, Yesterday

    The Roomba cleaned floors, and it was a hit. But though many have tried to perfect the next version of a home robot, no one has succeeded yet.

  47. 70-Year-Old Woman Found Dead, Her Throat Slashed, on Upper West Side Metro, Yesterday

    The police went to Susan Trott’s West End Avenue apartment after getting a call from a concerned business partner.

  48. Gorbachev Calls Trump’s Treaty Withdrawal ‘Not the Work of a Great Mind’ Foreign, Yesterday

    Mikhail S. Gorbachev, who signed the nuclear disarmament treaty President Trump plans to withdraw from, called the move a “mistake.”

  49. Too Many Cooks at American Ballet Theater? Culture, Yesterday

    American Ballet Theater’s fall season, showing eight ballets by nine choreographers, tips the company’s versatility into anonymity.

  50. From Agriculture to Art — the A.I. Wave Sweeps In Special Sections, Yesterday

    Artificial intelligence is a technology of discovery and low-cost prediction. That’s how A.I. is beginning to transform a wide variety of industries.

  51. Few Big Names Expected at Saudi Conference, and Data on U.S. Economy Business, Yesterday

    Several tech companies report earnings, including Amazon and Alphabet. The European Central Bank will discuss monetary policy.

  52. Jordan Reclaims Lands Used by Israel Under Peace Treaty Foreign, Yesterday

    Under internal political pressure, King Abdullah II of Jordan said he was reversing a clause of the 1994 treaty that symbolized the peace with Israel.

  53. Khashoggi, Harvard, Russia: Your Monday Briefing N Y T Now, Yesterday

    Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

  54. Michael Myers Is a Terrifying Acting Challenge, Too Culture, Yesterday

    From walking like wood through water to “breathing him in,” five actors explain their very different approaches to “Halloween’s” opaque villain.

  55. A Song of Eternity in ‘Midnight at the Never Get’ Culture, Yesterday

    It’s 1963 again, and this chamber musical packs all the heartbreak and bliss of love in a Village gay bar of the era.

  56. When Americans Avoid ‘God Talk’ Letters, Yesterday

    Readers react to a call to reintroduce religious conversation in the public square.

  57. Georgia Police Officer Is Fatally Shot in Gwinnett County Express, Yesterday

    The officer, Antwan Toney, was approaching a vehicle on Saturday when shots were fired from inside. One suspect is in custody, but officials are searching for another.

  58. ‘Marnie’ Stays in the Shadows in Nico Muhly’s Opera Culture, Yesterday

    In its American premiere at the Met, this psychological drama, based on the 1961 novel and 1964 Hitchcock film, seldom explored its title character’s depths.

  59. Kind, Humble Big Bird Letters, Yesterday

    A reader recalls an encounter with Caroll Spinney, who is retiring from the role after almost 50 years.

  60. Trump and Suburban White Men Letters, Yesterday

    A news story said this voter group supports the president because they believe that he is getting the job done. A reader asks, “What job?”

  61. Architecture and the #MeToo Movement Letters, Yesterday

    Architects describe an Old World culture in which harassment gets a slide.

  62. Woody Guthrie’s ‘Old Man Trump’ Letters, Yesterday

    A reader recalls Guthrie’s 1950s song about the lack of black tenants in the apartment complex where the musician lived. It was owned by Donald Trump’s father.

  63. Miscarrying at Work: The Physical Toll of Pregnancy Discrimination Interactive, Yesterday

    Women in strenuous jobs lost their pregnancies after employers denied their requests for light duty, even ignoring doctors’ notes, an investigation by The New York Times has found.

  64. Rebels in Congo Kill 15 and Abduct Children in Area of Ebola Outbreak Foreign, Yesterday

    The violence threatened to again force the suspension of health workers’ efforts to contain the virus, which may have killed more than 150 people since August.

  65. This Week’s Wedding Announcements Society, Yesterday

    All of the weddings right here on one handy page for you.

  66. Eagles vs. Panthers: Cam Newton Leads Carolina to Stunning Comeback Over Philadelphia Sports, Yesterday

    An Eagles fumble in the closing minute of the fourth quarter sealed an incredible victory for Carolina, which had been down 17-0.

  67. A Pianist’s Profound Vision of ‘Life,’ in Just 2 Hours Culture, Yesterday

    Igor Levit played selections from his latest album, “Life,” in a probing and poignant recital at Zankel Hall.

  68. Ajay Gupta, Riled by South African Graft Inquiry, Denies Charges From Afar Foreign, Yesterday

    In his first extensive interview since leaving the country, Mr. Gupta says, “I want to clear my name” but won’t yet return to testify.

  69. Patriots vs. Bears: New England Wins as Trubisky’s Hail Mary Lands One Yard Short Sports, Yesterday

    The Bears almost executed a Hail Mary to tie the Patriots, but Mitchell Trubisky’s 54-yard pass was one yard short of the end zone. The Patriots won, 38-31.

  70. Tell Us 5 Things About Your Book: College Athletics and Its Corporate Sponsors Culture, Yesterday

    In “University of Nike,” Joshua Hunt examines the University of Oregon and Nike as a case study for the relationship between public institutions and corporate benefactors.

  71. Midterm Election Poll: Illinois’s 13th District, Davis vs. Londrigan Interactive, Yesterday

    You wouldn’t know it from the results, but Democrats drew the lines in this district to help them win. This central stretch of the state includes several college towns but also broad rural areas that have become increasingly Republican.

  72. Midterm Election Poll: California’s 10th District, Denham vs. Harder Interactive, Yesterday

    The district, a patchwork of conservative farming communities and l...

  73. Midterm Election Poll: New Jersey’s 3rd District, MacArthur vs. Kim Interactive, Yesterday

    This swing district voted for Barack Obama both times and for Donald Trump in 2016. The seat has been mostly held by a Republican for the past two decades.

  74. Bipartisan Chorus Calls for Punishing Saudis as Trump Accuses Them of ‘Deception’ Washington, Yesterday

    Saudi Arabia’s account of the death of Jamal Khashoggi has been “all over the place,” President Trump told The Washington Post. His response has likewise changed day by day.

  75. At Least 55 Killed in Communal Violence in Central Nigeria Foreign, Yesterday

    Ethnic tension and competition for scarce resources have been blamed for deadly attacks in the area. Security has become a key issue ahead of presidential elections in February.

  76. What to Cook This Week Dining, Yesterday

    David Tanis has a new recipe for brats with apples and onions, and Melissa Clark one for a lemon almond cake. Make those this week.

  77. Breaks Go the Dodgers’ Way in Game 7, Just as They Planned Sports, Yesterday

    A two-strike bunt single by a slugger and a circus catch by an outfielder who started at second base helped Los Angeles return to the World Series.

  78. A Push for Safer Fertilizer in Europe Carries a Whiff of Russian Intrigue Foreign, Yesterday

    A proposed environmental regulation has become an unlikely source of geopolitical tension, raising concerns about Russian influence over Europe’s food supply.

  79. Cuomo Campaigns for Fellow Democrats and Some Ask: What’s Up His Sleeve? Metro, Yesterday

    After years of accusations that he secretly supported a Republican State Senate, the governor has committed millions to helping Democrats retake it.

  80. Joe Donnelly Runs to the Middle and Tries to Not Get Run Over Washington, Yesterday

    The senator from Indiana is testing whether a Democrat can win re-election in a Trump state while running on bipartisanship and moderation.

  81. Josh Hawley, Missouri Senate Candidate, Oversees an Office in Turmoil Politics, Yesterday

    Mr. Hawley, who is challenging Senator Claire McCaskill, has been Missouri’s attorney general for less than two years. His tenure has been rocky.

  82. ‘Transgender’ Could Be Defined Out of Existence Under Trump Administration Washington, Yesterday

    The Trump administration is considering a legal definition of gender as immutable and fixed at birth, the most drastic in a series of moves against transgender people.

  83. Democrats Lost Rural America. This Former Rodeo Star Thinks He Can Win It Back. National, Yesterday

    Billie Sutton is running for governor of South Dakota as a conservative Democrat with cowboy cred and a stirring life story.

  84. Taiwan Train Accident Kills at Least 18 and Injures About 170 Others Foreign, Yesterday

    The train derailed in Yilan County, in the northeast. More than 360 people were on board the coastal Puyuma Express train, the fastest in eastern Taiwan.

  85. Was Interracial Love Possible in the Days of Slavery? Descendants of One Couple Think So National, Yesterday

    A box of 500 photographs, most of them black and white and in near-pristine condition, chronicle a family tree full of love and contradictions.

  86. Mnuchin Defends Trip to Saudi Arabia Amid Uproar Over Khashoggi Killing Washington, Yesterday

    Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the economic and strategic relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia was too important to be cast aside.

  87. Most of ‘Luzia,’ a 12,000-Year-Old Fossil, Is Recovered After Brazil Museum Fire Foreign, Yesterday

    The museum director said that 80 percent of the fossil had been found after a huge fire ripped through the National Museum last month.

  88. Saudi Arabia, Midterm Elections, Canada: Your Weekend Briefing N Y T Now, Yesterday

    Here’s what you need to know about the week’s top stories.

  89. Ambush in Philippines Kills Farmers Occupying Plantation Land Foreign, Yesterday

    Nine were fatally shot, and three bodies burned, after seeking the redistribution of sugar cane land as part of agrarian reform.

  90. Homes That Sold for Around $1,500,000 Real Estate, Yesterday

    Recent residential sales in New York City and the region.

  91. Lakers and Rockets Let Fists Fly in LeBron James’s First Home Game Sports, Yesterday

    The Lakers stars Brandon Ingram and Rajon Rondo, and Houston guard Chris Paul were ejected for fighting during the Saturday night matchup at Staples Center.