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  1. Iran Denies That U.S. Downed Its Drone in Strait of Hormuz World, Today

    No Iranian drone was downed by the American military in the Strait of Hormuz, officials said, a day after President Trump made the claim.

  2. All Hail Samin Nosrat! Food, Today

    The beloved cookbook author’s latest recipe in The New York Times Magazine will change your cacio e pepe game.

  3. The Army’s Failure to Train and Equip Troops in Afghanistan Magazine, Today

    The recent deaths of U.S. service members in Afghanistan are part of a larger issue resulting from the Pentagon’s struggle to contend with multiple wars and new global threats at once.

  4. Polishing the Nationalist Brand in the Trump Era Arts, Today

    Conservative thinkers are trying to bring intellectual coherence to the Trumpian moment under the banner of nationalism. But can it be cleansed of its darker currents?

  5. Hitler Looted the Art, Then They Looted Hitler Arts, Today

    New research is helping the hunt for missing art, largely amassed by Hitler, then re-stolen by desperate Germans in the closing days of the war.

  6. Marc Maron on ‘GLOW,’ His Podcast and ‘Swords of Trust’ Arts, Today

    The actor and host of “WTF” talks about hope and change and wrestling.

  7. Most Wikipedia Profiles Are of Men. This Scientist Is Changing That. Science, Today

    Jessica Wade has added nearly 700 Wikipedia biographies for important female and minority scientists in less than two years.

  8. The Night Democracy Became the Lotto Arts, Today

    CNN’s hourlong debate-lineup revelation had the appearance of a Powerball drawing and just as much depth.

  9. Hong Kong’s Approach to Protesters: No More Concessions World, Today

    Carrie Lam’s administration is confident that it can weather further demonstrations, despite recent violent clashes and signs that the economy could suffer.

  10. Beach House Designed by Robert A.M. Stern Real Estate, Today

    The postmodern Hamptons house was commissioned by the artist Norman Mercer in the 1970s and is on the market for $9.5 million.

  11. Hamptons Postmodern for $9.5 Million Slideshow, Today

    Robert A.M. Stern designed this house in the 1970s for Norman Mercer, a sculptor.

  12. ASAP Rocky to Remain in Jail in Sweden, as Protest Clamor Grows Arts, Today

    A court in Stockholm said the rapper’s detention could be extended while an assault investigation continues.

  13. California Today: Everything You Need to Know for a Road Trip Up the Coast U.S., Today

    Friday: If you need a summer getaway itinerary, we have you covered.

  14. A Onetime Star of Soviet TV Warns of the ‘Plague’ of Nationalism World, Today

    Once a hero to Russian nationalists, Aleksandr G. Nevzorov has found a new cause and a growing audience in denouncing imperial fantasies.

  15. Strong Earthquake Rattles Athens World, Today

    A 5.1-magnitude earthquake prompted people in the Greek capital to flee buildings, though initial reports suggested no major injuries or damage.

  16. Feel Like You’re Being Stalked? Real Estate, Today

    Brokers and other real estate marketers have ways to find you when you’re already under stress.

  17. Back-to-School Sales Tax ‘Holidays’ Lure Shoppers Despite Slim Savings Your Money, Today

    “People who won’t walk across the street to save $5 on a pair of pants will take a day off from work to take advantage of a sales-tax holiday,” a tax expert said.

  18. Unrest in Puerto Rico: What’s Going On? U.S., Today

    Here is what you need to know about the eruption of street protests and popular anger at Gov. Ricardo A. Rosselló and his administration.

  19. The Week in Tech: Some Workers Hate Robots. Retraining May Change That. Technology, Today

    Striking Amazon employees complained about how robots changed their jobs, but the company may help them think differently.

  20. When N.Y.C. Is Your Gym: Meet the Athletes Redefining Fitness in the City’s Parks Interactive, Today

    In New York, the calisthenics community is finding its rhythm.

  21. J.B. Holmes and Tommy Fleetwood Go Low at British Open Sports, Today

    A day after Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods struggled, some players tamed Royal Portrush.

  22. How We Augmented Our Original Reporting for the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing Reader Center, Today

    The Times’s Graphics, Science and Immersive Storytelling teams shine a new light on the iconic photography from the first moonwalk.

  23. Rising Health Costs, Coming Your Way Opinion, Today

    Goodbye Cadillac tax.

  24. Summer Reading Contest, Week 6: What Interested You Most in The Times This Week? The Learning Network, Today

    To participate, just post a comment here by July 26 at 9 a.m. Eastern. This week’s winners will be announced on Aug. 6.

  25. Why the Democratic Debates Are Starting to Feel Like a Reality Show U.S., Today

    The Democratic National Committee has all but encouraged performative breakout moments, and candidates must try to go viral or risk being left behind.

  26. Angela Merkel ‘Feels Solidarity’ for Congresswomen Targeted by Trump World, Today

    The chancellor said the president’s “go back” comment ran counter to her impression of what had made America strong.

  27. New Members Flood U.K.’s Conservatives, Yanking the Party Right World, Today

    A party of 160,000 paying members has had roughly 40,000 joiners in the past year. That has raised questions about whether this new wave helped radicalize the party.

  28. A Rarity for Poul Ruders: A Feel-Good Opera Arts, Today

    The composer of a bleak “Handmaid’s Tale” adaptation brings a lighter, more lyrical fairy tale to Santa Fe Opera.

  29. Who Played Mozart When He Was New? Arts, Today

    With orchestras rare in the early 19th century, today’s classics spread in quartet arrangements, a new recording shows.

  30. Langston Hughes Sings in ‘The Black Clown’ Arts, Today

    Lincoln Center’s Mostly Mozart Festival presents a music-theater adaptation of one of the poet’s dramatic monologues.

  31. Summer Flings Style, Today

    Benefits for the Parrish Art Museum and the Fisher Center at Bard College.

  32. Australia Calls on China to Release Detained Writer World, Today

    Foreign Minister Marise Payne said Yang Hengjun, a Chinese-born Australian, should be released “if he is being detained for his political views.”

  33. Netherlands Was 10 Percent Liable in Srebrenica Deaths, Top Dutch Court Finds World, Today

    The Supreme Court reduced the state’s level of liability for damages in the deaths of 350 men and boys who were ordered out of a peacekeepers’ compound in 1995.

  34. Stream These 11 Movies for the Apollo 11 Anniversary Movies, Today

    Fifty years ago, humans set foot on the moon. These documentaries and feature films try to put that and other real-life space missions into context.

  35. How Much Beyoncé Does ‘The Lion King’ Have? Movies, Today

    The superstar is all over the 2019 remake’s promotional tour. But how much of her will you hear in the actual film? We counted her lines.

  36. Anyone Can Hire a Team of Spies Opinion, Today

    There is a booming industry of private hackers, snoops and secret agents. Is it too late to rein it in?

  37. What to Do in New York This Weekend Arts, Today

    “The Lion King” remake, the Apollo 11 anniversary and more: Here’s your guide to the weekend in culture.

  38. Defenders of a Racist President Use Jews as Human Shields Opinion, Today

    Trump’s bigoted attack on four congresswomen of color has nothing to do with fighting anti-Semitism.

  39. The Political Crisis in Puerto Rico Podcasts, Today

    A leaked group chat involving the governor set off protests demanding his resignation. The outcry has brought the island to a crossroads.

  40. Send Me Back to the Country I Came From Opinion, Today

    Ireland, the country of my ancestors, has become what America used to be.

  41. First an E-ZPass, Then the Diamond Ring Style, Today

    Millicent Cooley was resigned to being single, but her attitude changed after meeting Anthony Duncan, a professional juggler. Their romance soon hit the road.

  42. The Rise of the Spice Girls Generation Style, Today

    Their fans are old enough to take over the world, just as the Spice Girls are back.

  43. Philippine Vice President, a Duterte Foe, Is Charged in Plot Against Him World, Today

    Vice President Leni Robredo was among 36 people charged in what opponents called a trumped-up case to discredit the president’s opponents.

  44. DealBook Briefing: Boeing Lost $8 Billion Over Its 737 Max Crisis Business, Today

    The financial fallout from the troubled 737 Max jetliner continues to swell for the plane maker, and could yet climb higher.

  45. South Africa President Is Accused of Misleading Parliament About $36,000 Donation World, Today

    President Cyril Ramaphosa has offered conflicting accounts about the money, given by a company that is involved in a government corruption inquiry.

  46. South Africa President Is Accused of Misleading Parliament About $36,000 Donation World, Today

    President Cyril Ramaphosa has offered conflicting accounts about the money, given by a company that is involved in a government corruption inquiry.

  47. Eugene Scalia, Apollo 11, ‘The Lion King’: Your Friday Briefing Briefing, Today

    Here’s what you need to know.

  48. Japan Fire Killed Mostly Women, at a Studio Known for Hiring Them World, Today

    Kyoto Animation is known for employing more women than most of its competitors do, and that was reflected in the toll from the apparent arson on Thursday.

  49. How to Brace for the Heat Wave in New York City New York, Today

    Friday: Here's what you need to know about the high temperatures this weekend.

  50. Now That’s a City View Real Estate, Today

    Sometimes agents really mean it when they say an apartment has a panoramic view. Here are a few examples, borough by borough.

  51. Views of the City Slideshow, Today

    Finding an apartment with open views, borough by borough.

  52. When Corporate Lobbies Started to Look Like Museum Galleries Business, Today

    Big business loves to flash cultural credentials

  53. Five Places to Visit in London Travel, Today

    The filmmaker Richard Curtis portrays an unblemished city in one British romantic comedy after the other. In real life, the screenwriter of “Yesterday” gives his spin on favorite spots.

  54. At Detention Camps and Shelters, Art Helps Migrant Youths Find Their Voices Arts, Today

    Works by confined children show hopefulness in the face of stress, and may help in the healing.

  55. The Lonely Pursuit of Air Hockey Greatness New York, Today

    Yes, air hockey is a professional sport. Join a master and his student on a quest for the championship — and a regulation table that isn’t broken.

  56. U.S. Ship Sunk in World War II by German Sub Is Found Off Maine Coast U.S., Today

    The U.S.S. Eagle PE-56, which lost 49 of 62 crew members, was located by a civilian dive team.

  57. Audre Lorde’s Berlin Travel, Today

    Following in the footsteps of the self-described “black feminist lesbian poet,” whose ideas caught fire in a city she cherished and criticized.

  58. A Recipe for ‘Heartburn’ Books, Today

    The cartoonist Will McPhail works through his feelings about Nora Ephron’s classic divorce book by baking a pie.

  59. How the Founder of Clark’s Botanicals Spends His Sundays New York, Today

    Francesco Clark, who was paralyzed 17 years ago, has defied the odds in his recovery while running a skin care company.

  60. North of Cooperstown, a Hall of Fame That Fits Canada Just Fine Sports, Today

    The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame has modest roots, but a recent expansion offers more room to preserve the country’s sometimes-quirky involvement in the game.

  61. We Went to the Moon. Why Can’t We Solve Climate Change? Climate, Today

    The original moon shoot inspired billions. Calling climate action a moon shot isn't an perefect parallel — but maybe we should try it anyway.

  62. Where Law-and-Order Justice Still Reigns in New York City New York, Today

    The district attorney of Staten Island is a Democrat, but don’t expect him to jump on the progressive wave of criminal justice reforms.

  63. Why Beyoncé Is a Fan of These Teenage Singers From Brooklyn New York, Today

    The acclaimed Brooklyn Youth Chorus collaborates with cutting-edge composers and has become a resource for popular musicians.

  64. The Top Cop in 1802 Has a Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandson in the N.Y.P.D. New York, Today

    Jacob Hays was high constable. His descendant, Benjamin Singleton, crunches crime statistics at Police Headquarters.

  65. Anxious Democratic Governors Urge 2020 Field Not to Veer Too Far Left U.S., Today

    “I think it scares people,” Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico said of a proposal to eliminate private health insurance. Other governors echoed similar concerns.

  66. ‘Sharpening the Knives’: Musicians Join the Protests in Puerto Rico U.S., Today

    Puerto Rican artists from Ricky Martin to Bad Bunny joined the protests this week against Gov. Ricardo A. Rosselló.

  67. Safe Deposit Boxes Aren’t Safe Business, Today

    When Philip Poniz opened Box 105 at his local Wells Fargo, he discovered it was empty — and that he was totally unprotected by federal law.

  68. When the Law Says Using Marijuana Is O.K., but the Boss Disagrees Business, Today

    The relatively rapid acceptance of marijuana use in the United States has lawmakers and employers grappling with ways to adjust hiring rules.

  69. Jo Nesbo, Master of Norway Noir, Returns With His Creepiest Yet Books, Today

    Nesbo’s new novel, “The Knife,” made Marilyn Stasio’s skin crawl, so she followed it with less grisly fare, including a mystery set at a summer cottage in Maine.

  70. Foreign-Owned Banks’ Results Could Sweeten Further Under Tax Law Business, Today

    Large U.S. financial institutions reaped a windfall from the 2017 Trump tax cuts. Now foreign banks are pushing for favorable treatment from Treasury.

  71. Call Him a Progressive, Tom Steyer Asks, but Don’t Call Him Rich U.S., Today

    Mr. Steyer plans to spend $100 million of his own money to take on President Trump, whether anyone wants him to or not.

  72. Tuition-Free College Could Cost Less Than You Think Business, Today

    Making a tuition-free college education available to everyone who wants one is an immensely worthwhile — and realistic — goal, a Harvard economist says.

  73. 26 No-Cook Dinners for a Heat Wave Food, Today

    Step away from the stove.

  74. The Literary Battle of the Sexes, 1907-Style Books, Today

    That year seems to have been a turning point: For the first time, books by women sold as well — or better than — books by men.

  75. Weekly Health Quiz: Cutting Calories, Bare Feet and Sunglasses Interactive, Today

    Test your knowledge of this week’s health news.

  76. The Economy Looks Solid, but the Fed Plans to Cut Rates Anyway. Here’s Why. The Upshot, Today

    An acknowledgment that some old rules of thumb no longer apply.

  77. Roller Coaster of Love Well, Today

    After my sister was injured by a roller coaster, would we be tempting fate to ride again?

  78. How Two Big Earthquakes Triggered 16,000 More in Southern California Interactive, Today

    Each aftershock has a tiny chance of being severe, with some scientists concerned that the robust activity could trigger strong earthquakes in nearby faults.

  79. News Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of the Week’s Headlines Interactive, Today

    Did you stay up to date this week?

  80. Late Night Skewers Trump Over ‘Send Her Back’ Rally Chant Arts, Today

    The hosts questioned the president’s claim that he’d tried to stop the chant (and his remark to the crowd that he had “nothing to do”).

  81. Nat King Cole’s Early Years Are Getting the Archival Treatment Arts, Today

    Resonance Records is set to release a nearly-200-song anthology of music, which will be the first complete collection of Cole’s pre-Capitol recordings.

  82. Years Before Black Lives Matter, 41 Shots Killed Him New York, Today

    The mother of Amadou Diallo became an activist after his death in New York. The Eric Garner case brings painful reminders.

  83. Would You Let the Man Who Killed Your Sister Out of Prison? U.S., Today

    Rolling back mass incarceration requires new approaches to those who have committed violence. In Ohio, that has meant some hard conversations.

  84. South Korean Dies After Self-Immolation at Japanese Embassy in Seoul World, Today

    Anti-Japanese sentiment in South Korea has often led to dramatic protests in front of the embassy. The two countries are currently locked in a bitter trade dispute.

  85. What’s on TV Friday: ‘Queer Eye’ and ‘Wonders of the Moon’ Arts, Today

    The Fab Five are back for a fourth season, and BBC America revisits mankind’s fascination with the moon.

  86. Simon Yates Wins Tour Stage as a Competitor Vanishes Sports, Today

    For a couple of hours on an otherwise uneventful day in the mountains, nobody was able to say where Rohan Dennis, the time trial world champion, had gone.

  87. Aaron Boone Berates an Umpire, and the Yankees Take 2 From the Rays Sports, Today

    The Yankees manager was ejected in the first game of a doubleheader sweep after vulgar objections about the home plate umpire’s strike zone.

  88. On Politics: Biden-Harris Rematch to Headline Second Debates U.S., Today

    In a live television spectacle involving cards, boxes and a triple-split-screen, CNN revealed who will face off in the next set of Democratic debates.

  89. Don’t Put All Your (Frozen) Eggs in One Basket Style, Today

    With “fertility preservation,” I thought I could have children on my own timeline. I was wrong.

  90. Brexit, Iran, the Space Race: Your Friday Briefing Briefing, Yesterday

    Here’s what you need to know.

  91. Corrections: July 19, 2019 Corrections, Yesterday

    Corrections appearing in print on Friday, July 19, 2019.

  92. Quotation of the Day: E.P.A. Won’t Ban Popular Pesticide Seen as a Health Risk to Children Today’s Paper, Yesterday

    Quotation of the Day for Friday, July 19, 2019.

  93. Las principales noticias del viernes Universal, Yesterday

    La revuelta puertorriqueña, los virus contraatacan, ritos de pareja y cocina venezolana: lo que está sucediendo en América Latina y el mundo.

  94. ‘Go Back Home’: A Familiar Taunt for Some Australians World, Yesterday

    President Trump’s insult to four nonwhite congresswomen this week touched a nerve in Australia as well as the United States.

  95. How Trump’s Twitter Attack Against Democrats Evolved Into ‘Send Her Back’ Chant Interactive, Yesterday

    On Sunday, the president tweeted about four congresswomen in messages denounced as racist. By Wednesday, a crowd of his supporters had a rallying cry.

  96. Chekhov’s ‘Three Sisters,’ Now with Upspeak and Emojis Theater, Yesterday

    Halley Feiffer’s “Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow” turns the master’s refined Russians into “Mean Girls.”

  97. Black Lives Trapped in a Reimagined ‘Penal Colony’ Theater, Yesterday

    Miranda Haymon’s play relocates Kafka’s horrific tale of punishment to a contemporary world where African-American men are expendable entertainment.

  98. ‘the way she spoke’ Is a Trip to Ciudad Juárez Theater, Yesterday

    Isaac Gomez’s one-woman play follows the trail violence in a city on the Mexican border.

  99. New York City Triathlon Is Canceled Because of Heat Warnings Sports, Yesterday

    The decision came a day after Mayor de Blasio urged race directors not to hold the event on Sunday, when temperatures in the high 90s are expected.

  100. 2 Horses Die at Del Mar Racetrack in a Collision During Training Sports, Yesterday

    A rider was also injured in the accident, which occurred on the second day of the track’s season and followed 30 horse fatalities during the recent meet at Santa Anita Park.

  101. Canada Earmarks $690 Million to Settle Claims of Sexual Misconduct in Military World, Yesterday

    The proposed settlement also commits the country’s military to improve its complaints process and to create a forum for victims to share their experiences with the military’s top brass.

  102. Trump Says He May Intervene in Huge Pentagon Contract Sought by Amazon U.S., Yesterday

    The company, long a target of President Trump, is seen as the leading competitor for a $10 billion cloud computing contract that the president said he was “getting tremendous complaints about.”

  103. Examining Trump’s Claims About Representative Ilhan Omar U.S., Yesterday

    Here’s what he has claimed, and what we know.

  104. The Real Meaning of ‘Send Her Back!’ Opinion, Yesterday

    It’s become the message of Donald Trump’s presidency.

  105. Dr. John Tanton, Quiet Catalyst in Anti-Immigration Drive, Dies at 85 U.S., Yesterday

    A small-town eye doctor, he founded and fostered advocacy groups whose warnings on demographic change have reached the Trump White House.

  106. U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Iraqi Militia Leaders and Ex-Governors U.S., Yesterday

    The Treasury Department cited human rights abuses when announcing the penalties, which are partly tied to the Trump administration’s campaign against Iran.

  107. A Tough British Open Start for Tiger Woods, and Several Other Stars Sports, Yesterday

    Woods shot a seven-over-par 78, a stroke better than Rory McIlroy, the local favorite at Royal Portrush. J.B. Holmes, a long-driving American, took the first-round lead.

  108. Trump to Nominate Eugene Scalia for Labor Secretary Job U.S., Yesterday

    Mr. Scalia, the son of Antonin Scalia who worked in the Bush administration, is expected to bring a pro-business approach and stability to the Labor Department.

  109. Instagram Is Hiding Likes. Will That Reduce Anxiety? World, Yesterday

    In six countries, the company is trying out hiding the number of likes that a post receives. The goal is to reduce pressure on people.

  110. The ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ Crowd Wants Access to This Arctic Reserve Opinion, Yesterday

    There is no good reason to disturb the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

  111. Donald Trump Hates America Opinion, Yesterday

    The rest of us can love America well.

  112. Aaron Rosand, Renowned Violinist With a Famous Fiddle, Dies at 92 Arts, Yesterday

    For decades he played a 1741 instrument. Then he sold it and gave $1.5 million of the proceeds to his alma mater.

  113. Mortimer Caplin, Tactful but Tough Tax Collector, Dies at 103 U.S., Yesterday

    As I.R.S. commissioner in the Kennedy administration, Mr. Caplin promised to be “both reasonable and vigorous” and largely succeeded.

  114. ‘They Are Human Beings’: Homeland Security Faulted for Treatment of Migrant Children U.S., Yesterday

    Lawmakers grilled the acting homeland security secretary on Thursday over the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy and offensive social media posts by border agents.

  115. Struggling Barneys Considers Its Options, Including Bankruptcy Business, Yesterday

    The landmark retailer, facing steep rent increases, is exploring filing for bankruptcy, along with renegotiating leases or taking on a strategic investor.

  116. Deficit Man and the 2020 Election Opinion, Yesterday

    The Trump bump probably peaked too early.

  117. Argentina Designates Hezbollah Terrorist Group on 25th Anniversary of Bombing World, Yesterday

    The designation, which came a day before a visit by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, coincided with the anniversary of a 1994 attack on a Jewish community center that killed 85.

  118. What ‘Send Her Back’ Tells Us About Trump’s 2020 Campaign U.S., Yesterday

    In the On Politics newsletter: The president’s attacks on four congresswomen, and the response by his base, gave a sense of his re-election campaign.

  119. FaceApp Shows We Care About Privacy but Don’t Understand It Opinion, Yesterday

    There are good lessons to learn from an overblown controversy.

  120. Heat Waves in the Age of Climate Change: Longer, More Frequent and More Dangerous Climate, Yesterday

    The average number of heat waves in 50 major American cities has tripled since the 1960s.

  121. Donald Trump, Heat Wave, ‘Sesame Street’: Your Thursday Evening Briefing Briefing, Yesterday

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  122. Seattle’s New N.H.L. Team Chooses Ron Francis as G.M. Sports, Yesterday

    The unnamed expansion team will not join the league until 2021, but the ownership group has tasked Francis, a Hall of Famer, with building the squad.

  123. The ‘Cats’ Trailer Just Landed. What Were They Thinking? Movies, Yesterday

    We finally get to see Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, James Corden and the newcomer Francesca Hayward all furred up. We have five months to get used to it.

  124. Storied Russian Miniatures Dwindling in Face of Icon Revival World, Yesterday

    Russian miniatures — boxes painted with elaborate fairy tales — once replaced the holy icons banned by the Soviets, but now history is reversing itself.

  125. Dominican Food, but Make it Vegan Style, Yesterday

    Woke Foods, Next Stop Vegan and Coco Verde Vegan are three collectives trying to modernize “la bandera dominicana.”

  126. Neutrogena Recalls Light Therapy Masks, Citing Risk of Eye Injury Style, Yesterday

    Should you blast your skin with light therapy masks? If you do, use eye protection.

  127. Julianna Margulies and Alan Cumming Party in the Hudson Valley Slideshow, Yesterday

    Galas for the Parrish Art Museum and the Fisher Center at Bard College.

  128. How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend? Arts, Yesterday

    Need suggestions? Our TV critic has three great ones, including a slick foreign drama and an overlooked favorite.

  129. The 7 Most Important Supplies for a Starter Earthquake Kit Smarter Living, Yesterday

    When the big one hits, be prepared with this gear for enough water, light, communication, power, first aid, and contact info.

  130. Henry at Life Hotel, a Pan-African Restaurant in Midtown, Has Closed Food, Yesterday

    The end comes weeks after its acclaimed chef, JJ Johnson, opened a new rice bowl shop in Harlem.

  131. The Ceramics That Alice Waters Collects Obsessively T Magazine, Yesterday

    The chef and slow-food pioneer has picked up antique cups from around the world — which now remind her of her travels.

  132. 7 Film Series to Catch in N.Y.C. This Weekend Movies, Yesterday

    Our guide to film series and special screenings.

  133. 28 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend Arts, Yesterday

    Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

  134. 12 Pop, Rock and Jazz Concerts to Check Out in N.Y.C. This Weekend Arts, Yesterday

    Our guide to pop and rock shows and the best of live jazz happening this weekend and in the week ahead.

  135. 6 Comedy Shows to Catch in N.Y.C. This Weekend Arts, Yesterday

    Our guide to stand-up, improv and variety shows happening this weekend and in the week ahead.

  136. 5 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend Arts, Yesterday

    Our guide to the city’s best classical music and opera happening this weekend and in the week ahead.

  137. 6 Dance Performances to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend Arts, Yesterday

    Our guide to dance performances happening this weekend and in the week ahead.

  138. 9 Plays and Musicals to Go to in N.Y.C. This Weekend Theater, Yesterday

    Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

  139. 8 Things to Do With Your Kids in N.Y.C. This Weekend Arts, Yesterday

    Our guide to cultural events in New York City for children and teenagers happening this weekend and in the week ahead.

  140. Yemen Has Been a Saudi Prince’s War. Now It’s His Quagmire. World, Yesterday

    The withdrawal of Saudi Arabia’s key ally in Yemen leaves Prince Mohammed with few good options. Now he is asking for increased American help.

  141. Boeing Says Charges Tied to 737 Max Grounding to Reach $8 Billion Business, Yesterday

    The company, which had already announced $1 billion in costs from the jet’s grounding after two crashes, added $5.6 billion to compensate airlines and $1.7 billion due to a production slowdown.

  142. E.P.A. Won’t Ban Chlorpyrifos, Pesticide Tied to Children’s Health Problems Climate, Yesterday

    The decision not to prohibit the pesticide, which has been linked to developmental disabilities, comes after years of legal wrangling.

  143. Mitchell Feigenbaum, Physicist Who Made Sense of Chaos, Dies at 74 Science, Yesterday

    His discovery of what seemed at first a mathematical curiosity led to what is known as the Feigenbaum constant, a pattern of chaos found in nature.

  144. Afghan War Casualty Report: July 12-18 Magazine, Yesterday

    At least 92 pro-government forces and 45 civilians were killed in Afghanistan during the past week.

  145. ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Trailer: Tom Cruise Unveils Clip at Comic-Con Movies, Yesterday

    The promo shows the star reprising his role as Maverick, with a glimpse of Miles Teller as the son of Goose, the first film’s sidekick.

  146. El Chapo Has Disappeared. (Is He at the Supermax?) New York, Yesterday

    After being sentenced to life in prison, the Mexican drug lord was whisked away to an undisclosed location.

  147. Your Friday Briefing Briefing, Yesterday

    U.S. shoots down Iranian drone

  148. Trump Says U.S. ‘Destroyed’ Iranian Drone Video, Yesterday

    President Trump said Thursday that an American military ship had downed an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz.

  149. Trump Says U.S. Shot Down Iranian Drone as Both Nations Dig In U.S., Yesterday

    At the White House, the president said the Navy ship Boxer was defending itself against an Iranian drone that had refused to back down after being warned.

  150. How Jeffrey Epstein’s Defense Could Argue for Dismissal of His Case Business, Yesterday

    The financier’s attorney outlined three potential arguments in a bail filing last week and a subsequent hearing.

  151. The N.Y.C. Roots of Trump and ‘Go Back Where You Came From’ New York, Yesterday

    The president’s remarks, directed at four congresswomen of color, evoke the city in which he came of age.

  152. Still Aiming to Confound, the Scrappy Brick Turns a Page Theater, Yesterday

    A new leader is about to take over from the Williamsburg theater’s founders. A festival there now offers a sense of her transgressive, slightly bonkers vision (sour cream included).

  153. 11 New Books We Recommend This Week Books, Yesterday

    Suggested reading from critics and editors at The New York Times.

  154. Trump Voters Are Not the Only Voters Opinion, Yesterday

    They are, in fact, in the minority — so why do the media and Democratic leaders seem so obsessed with them?

  155. Iran’s Foreign Minister Proposes Modest Deal to End Impasse With U.S. U.S., Yesterday

    The Iranian foreign minister sounded philosophical if nothing came of efforts to restart negotiations to the nuclear accord that President Trump has jettisoned.

  156. As America Debates Abortion, Hollywood Seeks the Realities Arts, Yesterday

    Series and films depicting abortion in a matter-of-fact way have markedly increased, a scholar finds. Writers say they’re showing what they know.

  157. Sorry, You Won’t Be Hovering Over Paris Anytime Soon Technology, Yesterday

    Though the sky is ripe for disruption with jetpacks and flying cars, we are stuck on the ground partly because we want to be.

  158. Inventor Hovers Over Bastille Day Celebration Video, Yesterday

    A French inventor flew on a gas turbine-powered contraption holding a rifle as part of the Bastille Day celebrations in Paris on Sunday.

  159. The Louvre Took Down the Sackler Name. Here’s Why Other Museums Probably Won’t. Arts, Yesterday

    Removing a name, even one that has become toxic, is not so easy because of legal concerns and how it might look to other donors.

  160. The Louvre Took Down the Sackler Name. Here’s Why Other Museums Probably Won’t. Arts, Yesterday

    Removing a name, even one that has become toxic, is not so easy because of legal concerns and how it might look to other donors.

  161. What I Learned Photographing Death Opinion, Yesterday

    Documenting the final moments between critically ill children and their families helped me come to terms with my cancer diagnosis.

  162. Why Are These Mice Hallucinating? Scientists Are in Their Heads Science, Yesterday

    New laser technology appeared to trigger particular images in the brains of lab mice.

  163. The Kyoto Studio Set Ablaze Is a Treasure Among Anime Fans Arts, Yesterday

    Thirty-three people have died in a fire at Kyoto Animation. Here are some of the studio’s most influential works.

  164. Kyoto Studio Devastated by Fire Is Revered by Anime Fans Arts, Yesterday

    Thirty-three people have died in a fire at Kyoto Animation. Here are some of the studio’s most influential works.

  165. Fire Island Dance Festival: A Full-Circle Community Experience Arts, Yesterday

    Born during the AIDS crisis to raise money for dancers, the festival turns 25, mixing celebration with sorrow.

  166. Microsoft Earnings: Sales Jump 12 Percent, Fueled by Cloud Technology, Yesterday

    The strong results indicate large companies are still investing in new technology, shrugging off concerns of a downturn or trade war.

  167. American to Lead NATO Intelligence as Iraq-War-Era Concerns About U.S. Linger U.S., Yesterday

    The alliance’s intelligence arm has been a priority for President Trump, but the appointment could make NATO’s analysis look like a rubber stamp for Washington.

  168. What Is the Heat Index? Is it the Heat, the Humidity, or Both? U.S., Yesterday

    With a heat wave spreading to about two-thirds of the United States, you’re going to hear a lot about the heat index rather than the air temperature. Here’s what it all means.

  169. In Praise of Wright Morris Books, Yesterday

    Peter Orner, author of “Maggie Brown & Others,” on a writer who specializes in “American oddness.”

  170. This New Liquid is Magnetic, and Mesmerizing Science, Yesterday

    Scientists have created “soft” magnets that can flow and change shape, and that could be a boon to medicine and robotics.

  171. Uterine Fibroids and Heavy Periods Well, Yesterday

    A reader asks about the cause of uterine fibroids and their consequences.

  172. The Death of Eric Garner: Assessing Blame Opinion, Yesterday

    The president of the Police Benevolent Association defends the police officer involved; another reader urges new police guidelines. Also: Afghanistan and Arizona.

  173. New York Awards Offshore Wind Contracts in Bid to Reduce Emissions Business, Yesterday

    The wind projects are meant to be an important component of the state’s plan to get 70 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

  174. Beat the Heat With These 10 Must-See Art Shows Arts, Yesterday

    Find a cool reprieve — and endless stimulation — at these exhibitions in New York City.

  175. Well, This Is Clearly Wrong Style, Yesterday

    When you see an older man taking photographs of underage boys in a locker room, say something.

  176. Apollo 11 Anniversary: How to Celebrate This Weekend Arts, Yesterday

    Around New York, all roads lead to the moon: Here’s a roundup of events honoring the small steps and giant leaps that made the mission possible.

  177. Apollo 11 Anniversary: How to Celebrate This Weekend Arts, Yesterday

    Around New York, all roads lead to the moon: Here’s a roundup of events honoring the small steps and giant leaps that made the mission possible.

  178. The Jury Said He Killed Her Daughter. She Helped Clear His Name. U.S., Yesterday

    Something about the confession did not sound right. So an Idaho mother pushed to use the emerging technique of genetic genealogy to find another suspect.

  179. The Jury Said He Killed Her Daughter. She Helped Clear His Name. U.S., Yesterday

    Something about the confession did not sound right. So an Idaho mother pushed to use the emerging technique of genetic genealogy to find another suspect.

  180. 3 Sentenced to Death for Killing Scandinavian Hikers in Morocco World, Yesterday

    The men were tried under an antiterrorism law and were the main defendants in a case that put two dozen suspects on trial.

  181. 3 Sentenced to Death for Killing Scandinavian Hikers in Morocco World, Yesterday

    The men were tried under an antiterrorism law and were the main defendants in a case that put two dozen suspects on trial.

  182. The Power of Terroir in Sicily’s Volcanic White Wines Food, Yesterday

    These unusual whites from Etna are more salty than fruity, yet even when cloaked in winemaking tricks, the power of the grape and terroir shine through.

  183. Apollo 11: As They Shot It - Returning Home Interactive, Yesterday

    Apollo 11’s return to Earth, in the astronauts’ words and photos.

  184. Apollo 11: As They Shot It Interactive, Yesterday

    From the Earth to the moon, in the astronauts’ words and photographs.

  185. The Apollo 11 Moon Landing in Augmented Reality Interactive, Yesterday

    See Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s historic photographs and words from the moonwalk.

  186. Here Are the Lineups for the Next Democratic Debates U.S., Yesterday

    Kamala Harris and Joe Biden will face off again on the debate stage later this month, and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will headline the other half of the two-night event.

  187. France Nudges Europe Into Space Race, Where It Lags Behind World, Yesterday

    Fifty years after the Apollo 11 mission, a new French plan for a space command must overcome the reluctance of its European allies to weaponize space.

  188. An Apollo 11 ‘Oratorio,’ Told by Those Who Were There Theater, Yesterday

    The “Oslo” playwright J.T. Rogers found himself moved stitching a story he thought he knew well: “It is a piece about hope and wonder.”

  189. New York Galleries: What to See Right Now Arts, Yesterday

    Joseph Elmer Yoakum’s delirious vistas; Olga Balema’s discreet sculptures; and a 12-artist show, “Just Painting,” rich with visual echoes.

  190. When You Display Ai Weiwei, Beware of Cats Arts, Yesterday

    For the sake of their collection, Trey and Jenny Laird had to crawl around to retrieve hundreds of pieces of a tabletop work upset by a pet.

  191. Trump Disavows ‘Send Her Back’ Chant as G.O.P. Frets Over Ugly Phrase U.S., Yesterday

    But as the crowd chanted at his re-election rally in North Carolina, President Trump looked around and seemed to bask in the enthusiastic refrain.

  192. Trump Disavows ‘Send Her Back’ Chant as G.O.P. Frets Over Ugly Phrase U.S., Yesterday

    But as the crowd chanted at his re-election rally in North Carolina, President Trump looked around and seemed to bask in the enthusiastic refrain.

  193. Kennedy Center Honors Go to ‘Sesame Street’ and Earth, Wind & Fire Arts, Yesterday

    Sally Field, Michael Tilson Thomas and Linda Ronstadt round out the honorees.

  194. Upside Pizza Will Get a Smaller Sibling in Brooklyn Food, Yesterday

    After six months of success in Midtown, the makers of painstakingly from-scratch pies are planning a more basic spinoff called Norm’s.

  195. New Charges in Trump Campaign Finance Inquiry Are Unlikely, Prosecutors Signal New York, Yesterday

    The disclosure came as documents were released showing that the investigation had been expanded, but is now over.

  196. New Charges in Stormy Daniels Hush Money Inquiry Are Unlikely, Prosecutors Signal New York, Yesterday

    The outcome appeared to be a legal victory for President Trump, but documents also offered new details of his involvement in the case.

  197. Pakistan Arrests Former Prime Minister in Anticorruption Sweep World, Yesterday

    Opposition figures denounced the arrest of Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, a senior figure for Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, as part of a political vendetta.

  198. 12 Israelis Are Held in Cyprus Over Rape of British Woman World, Yesterday

    The attack was said to have occurred at a hotel in the resort town of Ayia Napa, where the woman and the suspects, some of whom are minors, were staying separately.

  199. Jeffrey Epstein Is Denied Bail in Sex Crimes Case New York, Yesterday

    Prosecutors had opposed Mr. Epstein’s proposal to stay in his mansion under guard until trial, saying the financier was seeking “special treatment.”

  200. ‘Point Blank’ Review: A Buddy Flick That Hobbles Along Movies, Yesterday

    Starring Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo, Netflix’s 86-minute would-be thriller somehow manages to feel interminable.

  201. In ‘The Magic Flute,’ Mozart Meets Nosferatu Arts, Yesterday

    Lincoln Center’s Mostly Mozart Festival presents a staging inspired by animated film and the style of Weimar Berlin.

  202. Peruvian, Fortifying and Frank, at Warique in Queens Food, Yesterday

    At this Jackson Heights restaurant, the owner Jimmy Lozano shows off his grandmother’s secrets in dishes like pollo a la brasa, a spiced, spit-roasted chicken.

  203. Sanders and Biden Fight Over Health Care, and It’s Personal U.S., Yesterday

    “Unfortunately, he is sounding like Donald Trump,” Senator Bernie Sanders said of Joe Biden, as the two Democratic candidates spar over one of the most important issues in the 2020 election.

  204. A Home Away From Home Slideshow, Yesterday

    To Jimmy Lozano, Warique has the spirit of the restaurant his cousins once ran out of their house in Pucallpa in eastern Peru.

  205. Hear the Words of Detained Migrant Children Opinion, Yesterday

    New York children read the words of their peers held in U.S. Border Patrol facilities.

  206. Hear the Words of Detained Migrant Children Video, Yesterday

    New York children read the words of their peers held in U.S. Border Patrol facilities.

  207. Stephen King Reviews Laura Lippman’s New Novel, ‘Lady in the Lake’ Books, Yesterday

    An intrepid newspaper reporter — juggling work, desire, ambition and family — investigates two murders in mid-1960s Baltimore.

  208. Are the Democrats Heading for Defeat? Opinion, Yesterday

    Readers react to a column by Thomas L. Friedman criticizing Democratic rhetoric that is too far to the left.

  209. 8 Podcasts for the Tech Curious Arts, Yesterday

    Following the latest innovations in science and technology may seem daunting, but these podcasts can help.

  210. Is Huawei a Security Threat? Vietnam Isn’t Taking Any Chances Technology, Yesterday

    As the world splits along U.S.-China fault lines, telecom companies in Vietnam appear to be quietly avoiding the Chinese tech giant in their 5G plans.