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  1. Trump Signs Executive Order to Keep Families Together Washington, Today

    The order said that officials will continue to criminally prosecute everyone who crosses the border illegally, but will seek to find or build facilities that can hold families together.

  2. Children Taken at the Border Arrive in New York Metro, Today

    The youngsters are part of at least 2,000 separated from their parents and they are filtering into nine shelters licensed by New York State, the governor said.

  3. Walmart ‘Surprised’ Old Store Is a Migrant Shelter. Records Hinted at the Possibility. Business, Today

    An executive at the giant retailer signed a document that indicated the property was being purchased with a loan from a large shelter operator.

  4. The Christian Right Adopts a 50-State Strategy Opinion, Today

    Pro-Trump evangelicals and their allies want to build a “great red wall” to keep Democrats out of power. California is high on their list of targets.

  5. American Airlines Asks Government Not to Use Its Flights to Carry Immigrant Children National, Today

    The announcement is the latest fallout from the administration’s decision to separate children from parents who have arrived illegally.

  6. In Spain and Iran, Two Coaches Wise in the Ways It Can Go Sports, Today

    Carlos Queiroz has been in his post for more than seven years. Fernando Hierro has been in his post for just seven days. They meet Wednesday in Kazan.

  7. Michael Bloomberg Will Spend $80 Million on the Midterms. His Goal: Flip the House for the Democrats. Politics, Today

    Mr. Bloomberg plans to pour money into advertising on television, online and in the mail, with most of it going to support Democratic congressional candidates.

  8. World Cup 2018: Spain vs. Iran Live Updates Sports, Today

    Surprise Group B leader Iran takes on Spain, one of the World Cup favorites, in Kazan. Stay here for live scoring, updates and analysis from Russia.

  9. American Cardinal Accused of Sexually Abusing Minor Is Suspended From Ministry National, Today

    Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, the former archbishop of Washington, is the first American cardinal to be suspended after an investigation found the allegations credible.

  10. What’s Behind the ‘Tender Age’ Shelters Opening for Young Migrants National, Today

    The government is opening shelters in South Texas for children under the age of 12 who are separated from their parents after crossing the border. What are the shelters, and why are they needed?

  11. Evangelical Leaders Lament Border Separations, but Stand Behind Trump Politics, Today

    Conservative Christians are navigating a tricky path as they recoil at an immigration policy enacted by a president they support

  12. U.N. Report Left Out Damning Details on Syria Chemical Attack Foreign, Today

    An early draft of the report on the recapture of rebel-held Damascus suburbs contained information about chemical attacks omitted from the final version.

  13. In Bid to End Child Separations, House G.O.P. Presses Ahead With Broad Immigration Plan Washington, Today

    While Senate Republicans focus on narrow legislation intended to keep families together, Speaker Paul D. Ryan promoted a wide-ranging immigration bill that is up for a vote on Thursday.

  14. Standing By as Prisoners Are Raped Op Ed, Today

    Auditors give glowing reports to prisons that are cesspools of sexual violence.

  15. The Two Biggest Problems With College Op Ed, Today

    And how to fix them.

  16. Instagram Allows Longer Videos in Challenge to YouTube Business, Today

    The social media service said a new video hub called IGTV would allow users to post videos up to an hour in length.

  17. How One Conservative Think Tank Is Stocking Trump’s Government Magazine, Today

    By placing its people throughout the administration, the Heritage Foundation has succeeded in furthering its right-wing agenda.

  18. On Mexico’s Migrant Trail: Confusion and Tough Choices Foreign, Yesterday

    As word of the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy reached migrants, some reconsidered their trips but others pressed on amid the possibility of a policy change.

  19. Kirstjen Nielsen Was a Target of Trump’s Immigration Ire. Now She’s His Protector. Washington, Yesterday

    The homeland security secretary has become a top advocate for President Trump’s family separation policy as illegal border crossings continue to surge.

  20. Fewer Births Than Deaths Among Whites in Majority of U.S. States National, Today

    The pattern first started more than a decade ago. But lagging fertility rates and rising white mortality rates have sped demographic change.

  21. Outside Trump Hotel, an Uproar. Inside, a Calm Sea of Conservative Cash. Washington, Today

    Outside the hotel’s walls, protesters blasted audio of children crying in detainment centers and the homeland security secretary was heckled at a nearby Mexican restaurant.

  22. Veterans Owe Thousands for Survivor Benefits. Why Can’t They Opt Out? Magazine, Today

    The Defense Department has started deducting premiums from the monthly income of more than 19,000 disabled veterans for a benefit similar to life insurance. Some say it’s almost impossible to opt out, and now they’re in debt.

  23. The Glamorous Grandmas of Instagram Styles, Today

    The subversive cadre of women over 60 prove that “old” is not what it used to be.

  24. The Devil and Tom Donohue Op Ed, Today

    Conservatives made an evil bargain, and evil is collecting its debts

  25. American Internment Camps Op Ed, Today

    The government is building tent cities to hold thousands of minors for months at a time.

  26. The World Cup Is Fun. Except for the Russians Being Tortured. Op Ed, Today

    Aside from being a sporting event of global significance, this is a major P.R. victory for President Putin and his entourage.

  27. The Illuminations of Hannah Arendt Op Ed, Today

    Her work has taken on a new urgency in our own dark times.

  28. Luis Suarez Goal Enough for Uruguay to Eliminate Saudi Arabia Sports, Today

    Uruguay locked up a place in the second round with a win over Saudi Arabia on Wednesday.

  29. Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Name C.E.O. for Health Initiative Business, Today

    Dr. Atul Gawande, a Harvard professor, surgeon and writer, will lead the initiative formed to provide health care for the companies’ employees.

  30. Trump Will Meet Queen Elizabeth II Next Month, His Ambassador Says World, Today

    The encounter will occur during a long-delayed “working visit” by the president, who is deeply unpopular in Britain.

  31. One-Season Wednesdays: ‘Bunheads’ Arts, Today

    Every Wednesday, we’ll be recommending a one-season show for low-commitment, high-enjoyment summer viewing. Updated weekly.

  32. For Families Fleeing Violence, a New Border Policy Opinion, Today

    Readers discuss the president’s retreat and the conditions that are compelling families to enter the U.S. illegally or seek asylum.

  33. Listen: Jason Alexander Reads ‘The Hunter-Gatherer, Parking Division’ Style, Today

    On this week’s Modern Love podcast, the actor tells a story of love and skillful parking.

  34. Aid in Dying, When Suffering Is Unbearable Opinion, Today

    Readers point to laws that are working as planned and to unforeseen outcomes.

  35. Is There a Smarter Path to Artificial Intelligence? Some Experts Hope So Technology, Today

    A branch of A.I. called deep learning has transformed computer performance in tasks like vision and speech. But meaning, reasoning and common sense remain elusive.

  36. Craig Green Shares a Glimpse Into His Creative World, in Polaroids T Magazine, Today

    The designer captures the days leading up to his presentation at Pitti Uomo in Florence — his first show outside London.

  37. My Separation Trauma Opinion, Today

    A reader who was taken from her family at age 6 as part of the Kindertransport understands the trauma of the children at the border.

  38. Trump to Propose Government Reorganization, Targeting Safety Net Programs U.S., Today

    Many development, housing and food programs would be shunted into a giant new department with “welfare” in its title, where they would be easier to cut or contain.

  39. ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Brings the Gang Back. Sigh. Movies, Today

    Extinction is not an option, but exhaustion is a distinct possibility.

  40. Border Children, North Korea, Global Trade: Your Thursday Briefing Briefing, Today

    Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

  41. They Suffered for Their Cézanne Portraits Arts, Today

    In the National Gallery of Art’s major survey of Cézanne’s stirring, troubling portraits, he treats family and friends with affectionate digs.

  42. Unneeded Drugs Killed Hundreds at U.K. Hospital, Inquiry Finds World, Today

    In the 1990s, the Gosport War Memorial Hospital gave heroin and other powerful painkillers to patients who did not need them. Complaints went ignored.

  43. In Praise of Julia Alvarez Books, Today

    “By the time I found ‘How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents,’ I’d already resigned myself to using books as windows rather than mirrors.”

  44. Disney Raises Offer for 21st Century Fox in Bidding War With Comcast Business, Today

    Fox issued a statement saying Disney’s sweetened bid, a 35 percent increase over its previous offer, was “superior” to Comcast’s offer.

  45. New York City Sues Landlords Who Refuse Government Vouchers Metro, Today

    New York City filed two lawsuits on Wednesday accusing a broker and landlords of not renting apartments to people who receive rental assistance.

  46. Read the Executive Order Trump Signed on Family Separation Washington, Today

    President Trump signed an executive order that he said would end the forced separation of migrant families along the border.

  47. A Slice of Palm Springs in a Brooklyn Backyard Styles, Today

    The Springs, which opened this spring on a quiet corner in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is a cafe by day and a lounge by night.

  48. What Would Shakespeare Have Made of Donald Trump? Book Review, Today

    Stephen Greenblatt’s “Tyrant” finds parallels between our political world and that of the Elizabethans — and locates some very familiar characters.

  49. Images of the Border Crises Speak Louder Than ‘Womp Womp’ Culture, Today

    On cable TV and social media, the separation of parents from their children provoked empathy and exposed the emptiness of trolling.

  50. Newly Discovered ‘Limb Pit’ Reveals Civil War Surgeons’ Bitter Choices Science, Today

    Two skeletons and the remains of 11 amputated limbs are leading to new knowledge of combat injuries and medical practices on long-ago battlefields.

  51. ‘Everyone Is Beautiful During Eid’ Styles, Today

    Here’s how the people of Zanzibar celebrated the end of Ramadan.

  52. OAMC: Spring 2019 Slideshow, Today

    The Spring 2019 men’s collection.

  53. Valentino: Spring 2019 Slideshow, Today

    The Spring 2019 men’s collection.

  54. Leave Your Phone at Home Styles, Today

    And, two beloved indie labels get together for a pop-up, a suitcase to delight the T.S.A., and more.

  55. Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Is Expected to Have Her Baby Soon Foreign, Today

    Ms. Ardern was taken to an Auckland hospital, where she was expected to give birth to her first child, a rarity for a world leader.

  56. Jeff Sessions Faces Complaint From Fellow United Methodists Over Border Separations Express, Today

    Signed by 639 church members, it called the separations “child abuse” under church law and asked for an inquiry into his actions.

  57. ‘An Ongoing Battle’: Readers on Pride Month and L.G.B.T. Rights National, Today

    We heard from hundreds of readers around the country, many with their own stories of Pride going back as far as the Stonewall riots of nearly 50 years ago.

  58. How Trump’s Policy Change Led Migrant Children To Be Separated From Their Parents Interactive, Today

    The steps taken once families are apprehended by agents at the United States-Mexico border, and how adults and children are processed differently.

  59. After Volcano Eruption in Guatemala, Re-creating a Truck Covered in Ash Insider, Today

    How 727 photos taken in 29 minutes became an immersive 3D experience.

  60. Steve Schmidt, Longtime G.O.P. Strategist, Quits ‘Corrupt’ and ‘Immoral’ Party Express, Today

    Mr. Schmidt, an adviser to George W. Bush and John McCain, denounced President Trump’s immigration policy, calling for a Democratic wave this fall.

  61. AMC Starts Subscription Service, Challenging MoviePass Culture, Today

    AMC’s new service will cost $20 a month — double MoviePass’s price — but will come with fewer restrictions.

  62. I Am Running for President in Turkey. From My Prison Cell. Op Ed, Today

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his party are using the state of emergency and other underhanded measures to suppress Kurdish votes.

  63. Amid the Roars in Russia, the French Can Still Hear the Echoes of 1998 Sports, Today

    That year marked the one and only time that France won the World Cup, and it did so on its home soil. A key player on that team now guides the 2018 squad.

  64. Kamasi Washington, Still in an Epic Mind-Set on ‘Heaven and Earth’ Culture, Today

    The saxophonist’s new double album picks up where his breakout 2015 LP left off, with a huge group of musicians dreaming big together.

  65. Immigration Myths and Global Realities Interactive, Today

    Immigrants have often delivered economic benefits to the countries taking them in, but they have also shaken the prevailing order and upended the politics of the industrialized world — where the native-born often exaggerate their numbers and their...

  66. Night Owls May Have Higher Depression Risk Well, Today

    Morning people were less likely to develop depression than night owls, a new study found.

  67. At OPEC Meeting, U.S. Pressure Frays Uneasy Agreement Business, Today

    Cooperation between several longtime rivals has helped increase oil prices in recent months. But that coordination now looks to be at risk.

  68. You Could Be in a Gay Bar Right Now and Not Even Know It Styles, Today

    A lesbian bar from the 1920s. A “fairy den” from the 1890s. An Ecstasy-fueled disco from the 1990s. Celebrating the hidden places in Manhattan where gay night life once flourished.

  69. Seeing the Art World Through Personal and Political Lenses Culture, Today

    Nell Painter’s “Old in Art School” and Aruna D’Souza’s “Whitewalling” bring new energy and insight to questions that have long preoccupied the art world.

  70. The Handmaids of Capitalism Op Ed, Today

    From surrogacy to sex robots, we need a feminism that resists consumerism.

  71. A Trade War With China: Damage on Both Sides Letters, Today

    A Columbia professor writes that we need to recognize the enormous effect such a war would have on China.

  72. 17-Year-Old Fatally Shot as He Ran From East Pittsburgh Police Express, Today

    The teenager was a passenger in a car that had been stopped because it matched the description of a vehicle seen fleeing the scene of an earlier shooting, the police said.

  73. Britain Holds Up China Aerospace Deal Over National Security Business, Today

    In delaying the proposed takeover, British officials appear worried that even a small supplier to Airbus and Boeing could have national security implications.

  74. Top Middle Schools Must Take Struggling Students, City Says Metro, Today

    The desegregation plan, one of several proposed, will require schools to fill 25 percent of seats with children who are low income and have low test scores and grades.

  75. House to ‘Take Action to Keep Families Together,’ Ryan Says Video, Today

    Speaker Paul D. Ryan discussed legislation that would keep migrant families together at the border.

  76. How a Few People Took Equifax to Small Claims Court Over Its Data Breach and Won Express, Today

    After 145 million Americans’ financial information was exposed last year, some of them won cases against the credit reporting agency in local courts.

  77. Y/Project: Spring 2019 Slideshow, Today

    The spring 2019 men’s collection.

  78. Dawes Has Been Tied to the Past. The Band’s New Album Unlocks Its Future. Culture, Today

    The Los Angeles group led by the singer and guitarist Taylor Goldsmith stretches its sound and scope of lyrical inquiry on its sixth LP, “Passwords.”

  79. Poetry and Puppets Are Part of La MaMa’s Coming Season Culture, Today

    Several world premieres are part of the 2018-19 season at La Mama Experimental Theater Club, which won the 2018 regional theater Tony Award.

  80. Behind the Cover: All the Right People Magazine, Today

    A new video series goes inside the process for creating the covers of The New York Times Magazine. For this issue, a look at how one conservative think tank stocked the federal government.

  81. Doctors Don’t Know Why This Teenager Can’t Keep Down Food and Drink. Can You Help? Interactive, Today

    No matter what the girl eats or drinks, it always comes back, sometimes minutes or hours after consumption. Can you discover her diagnosis?

  82. From the Slaughterhouse to the Playground Metropolitan, Today

    Early 20th-century carvings of steer heads — originally on the facade of a building from which animals didn’t escape — have arrived at Chelsea Waterside Park.

  83. Taliban Kill Dozens of Afghan Soldiers, as Cease-Fires Give Way to Violence Foreign, Today

    At least 30 Afghan soldiers were killed in a Taliban attack, officials said, indicating the start of a bloody period after the end of cease-fires by both sides.

  84. Missed the Latest Supreme Drop? Head to Grailed Styles, Today

    The website, a favorite of men looking for cult items that have disappeared — or will soon — just closed a new investment round.

  85. Giuliani Promised a Surprise Before the Election. Comey Delivered One. Metro, Yesterday

    Mr. Giuliani’s statements ahead of the 2016 election have led senators to ask the F.B.I. director if a pipeline exists between the bureau and the president’s lawyer.

  86. Reflection and Refraction on the Bronx River Culture, Today

    Audience members will watch Paloma McGregor’s “Building a Better Fishtrap/from the river's mouth” by boat. Here’s a portion of what they will see.

  87. Acne Studios: Spring 2019 Slideshow, Today

    The spring 2019 men’s collection.

  88. A Bayside Italian Ice, Bursting With (80) Flavors Metropolitan, Today

    Pesso’s Ices & Ice Cream is constantly offering new options, like Swedish Fish ice, butterbeer ice cream and salted butter caramel gelato.

  89. Disney Tries to Thread the Needle With New Fox Bid Business, Today

    More than raising its takeover bid, Disney’s decision to let Fox shareholders pick either cash or stock may help sway investors away from Comcast’s offer.

  90. By Subway, Bus and Uber in New York, With Twitter and Other Apps in Hand Business, Today

    Technology is helping to solve transit issues, even if progress seems slow. Emma G. Fitzsimmons, who covers New York City transit for The Times, lays out how.

  91. Hungary Passes ‘Stop Soros’ Law Criminalizing Aid to Migrants Foreign, Today

    Prime Minister Viktor Orban campaigned on a nationalist, anti-immigrant platform. Providing help to those who enter the country illegally will now be punishable by up to a year in jail.

  92. Charlotte Hornets Center Dwight Howard Traded to Brooklyn Nets Sports, Today

    The Nets will send center Timofey Mozgov to Charlotte for Howard, who has played for three teams over the past three seasons.

  93. One in Three Women Undergoing Breast Reconstruction Have Complications Well, Today

    One in five require more surgery, and in 5 percent of cases, reconstruction fails.

  94. Pope Francis Criticizes Trump Administration on Family Separations Foreign, Today

    In a rare interview, the pontiff said he agreed with American bishops, who have called the policy “immoral” and “contrary to Catholic values.”

  95. As Kim Ends Beijing Visit, China and North Korea Craft New Messages Foreign, Today

    The Chinese state media portrayed Kim Jong-un as a forward-looking leader, and the North Korean propaganda machine struck a newly conciliatory tone.

  96. Why This Artist Is Inspired by a Chest of Drawers T Style, Today

    The Kenyan-born, Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist Wangechi Mutu on her favorite possession: a wooden dresser that doubles as a piece of art.

  97. For ‘Mary Page Marlowe,’ Six Actresses Share One Role Arts & Leisure, Today

    They portray the title character in this play by Tracy Letts. In a conversation, they talked about their work and the production.

  98. ‘Creed II’ Trailer: Someone Is Missing From Michael B. Jordan’s Corner Culture, Today

    The director Ryan Coogler did not return for the sequel to the boxing hit. Sylvester Stallone is back (as a co-writer, too) and so is Tessa Thompson.

  99. Why Have There Been No Great Black Art Dealers? T Style, Today

    How a small but influential group of black gallerists is correcting history.

  100. Make Something Spontaneous Dining, Today

    Cook without a recipe: Mix up some hot pasta, lemon zest, cheese and market greens.

  101. What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week Weekend, Today

    Samplers from Bruno Munari’s oeuvre; dot paintings from Australian Aboriginal women; probing politics at Metro Pictures; and Erin M. Riley’s powerful tapestries

  102. As Auto Industry Transforms, Ford and Volkswagen Consider an Alliance Business, Today

    The two companies said they were exploring a strategic partnership, looking to join forces on projects like the development of commercial vehicles.

  103. Why a Video Push Makes Sense for Instagram (and Facebook) Business, Today

    The image-sharing platform is well-placed to earn a lot of money from advertising if takes a leaf out of YouTube’s book.

  104. The Infamous Sochi Drug-Testing Lab Is Now a Gastro Pub Sports, Yesterday

    World Cup fans are eating and drinking in the building that was home to the scheme that corrupted the 2014 Winter Olympics.

  105. House Hunting in … Hungary Real Estate, Today

    Budapest’s luxury housing has increased in quantity and quality in recent years, with new high-end properties that reflect a changing city.

  106. A Villa Designed for Entertaining Slideshow, Today

    The 4,090-square-foot house, which has a spacious lot with a terrace and a pool, is listed for about $2.9 million.

  107. Kirstjen Nielsen Heckled at Mexican Restaurant Video, Today

    The secretary of homeland security was confronted by protesters while she was trying to have dinner in Washington on Tuesday.

  108. California Today: Recalling the State’s Own ‘Trump Moment’ in a ’90s Immigration Debate National, Today

    Wednesday: A look back at California’s immigration debate in the 1990s, congressional Republicans grapple with the border debate, and avocados with a longer shelf life.

  109. Teachers Need More Training Than Rules Allowed, Judge Says Metro, Today

    A court struck down rules for teacher certification at some charter schools that required 160 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of practice teaching.

  110. $250,000 Homes in Vermont, Virginia and New York Real Estate, Today

    An 1850 Greek Revival in Danby, a Sears kit house near the Blue Ridge Mountains and an 1890 Victorian in Margaretville.

  111. What You Get for $250,000 Slideshow, Today

    An 1850 Greek Revival in Danby, Vt.; a Sears kit house in Glasgow, Va.; and an 1890 Victorian in Margaretville, N.Y.

  112. How to Organize Firefox Bookmarks Business, Today

    The Bookmarks Library window gives you a tidy place to sort, file, rearrange and otherwise manage the shortcuts to your favorite places on the web.

  113. ‘Womp Womp’: Corey Lewandowski Mocks Child With Down Syndrome Separated From Mother Express, Today

    Mr. Lewandowski’s comment on Fox News was widely criticized. Megyn Kelly, the former Fox host, called him a coward.

  114. Kevin Spacey Film to Hit Theaters Despite Sexual Misconduct Accusations Culture, Today

    The movie “Billionaire Boys Club,” which was shot before allegations surfaced against the actor, will be released via video on demand next month and in theaters in August.

  115. Donald Trump, Kirstjen Nielsen, World Cup: Your Wednesday Briefing N Y T Now, Today

    Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

  116. When Texans Try Vegemite Foreign, Today

    We couldn’t help it — an Australia Diary taste test for Australia’s favorite* food.

  117. Trump to Dictators: Have a Nice Day Op Ed, Yesterday

    The world is finding out what the U.S. now finds acceptable.

  118. If You Want to Be Speaker, Mr. Crowley, Don’t Take Voters for Granted Editorial, Yesterday

    Having someone substitute for you at a debate is a lousy idea.

  119. ‘If It Could Happen to Them, Why Can’t It Happen to Us?’ Op Ed, Yesterday

    My 7-year-old understood the danger of the Trump administration better than I did.

  120. Beyond Trump’s Korea Fantasies Editorial, Yesterday

    But there are ways to achieve a durable deal.

  121. Meet the Woman Who ‘Really Runs’ the New York Times Newsroom Insider, Yesterday

    Juanita Powell-Brunson oversees operations for the National and Politics desks.

  122. In Venice, Center of Cruising, a Biennale Show About Hooking Up Culture, Today

    Few exhibitions at the Architecture Biennale go as far as the Cruising Pavilion, a scrappy show devoted to the culture of casual sex.

  123. Where a Taboo Is Leading to the Deaths of Young Girls Foreign, Yesterday

    In western Nepal, women are banished from their homes every month when they get their periods. They are considered polluted, and many die as a result.

  124. Australia’s Anxiety About World Affairs Foreign, Yesterday

    A new poll finds that Australians are disillusioned with President Trump, and worried about Chinese investment, immigration and climate change.

  125. Violence in Nicaragua Undermines Peace Talks 2 Months Into Uprising Foreign, Today

    President Daniel Ortega’s government is continuing its bloody crackdown on opponents, dimming hopes for a negotiated settlement.

  126. Josh Brolin Fears the Summer of Josh Brolin Arts & Leisure, Today

    He’s starring in the two biggest blockbusters of the season, cleaned up his life and has clout he never dreamed of. And that’s the problem.

  127. New York Today: Can You Help Tell Stonewall’s Story? Metro, Today

    Wednesday: A call for gay rights memorabilia, a pop-up culture hub in Inwood, and local figures in L.G.B.T. history.

  128. One Magic Ronaldo Moment Is All Portugal Needs vs. Morocco Sports, Today

    Ronaldo scored his fourth goal of this World Cup in the fourth minute. Morocco threatened repeatedly, but failed to convert and is eliminated from the tournament.

  129. Marijuana in New York: Here’s How the Laws Are Changing Metro, Today

    As the city stops arresting people for smoking pot in public and the state considers legalization, a refresher on where the laws stand.

  130. Why the U.S. Should Drop All Tariffs Op Ed, Today

    Even if the rest of the world doesn’t follow.

  131. U.S. Judge Harshly Criticizes F.B.I. Over Dylann Roof’s Gun Purchase Express, Today

    Although he cited an immunity claim in dismissing lawsuits against F.B.I., Judge Richard Gergel said they had uncovered “glaring weaknesses” in the background check system.

  132. Kirstjen Nielsen Is Confronted by Protesters at Mexican Restaurant: ‘Shame!’ Express, Today

    “If kids don’t eat in peace,” activists shouted at the secretary of homeland security as she ate dinner, “you don’t eat in peace.”

  133. Here’s How to Break the Impasse on Climate Op Ed, Today

    We’re part of a bipartisan group urging Congress to put a fee on carbon-dioxide emissions and return the revenue to American taxpayers.

  134. On a Canoe Trip Along the U.S.-Canada Border, Solitude and Shooting Stars Travel, Today

    Rough waves, water lilies, cloudless skies, no towns or hiking paths — paddling on the water in Maine can be a primal experience.

  135. Disney Raises Offer for 21st Century Fox in Bidding War With Comcast Business Day, Today

    Disney and Comcast are competing for Fox as they try to increase their scale to compete with emerging entertainment behemoths.

  136. Eritrea to Send Delegation to Ethiopia for Peace Talks Foreign, Today

    Eritrea, one of the world’s most closed-off nations, made the announcement after Ethiopia said it would fully accept the terms of 2000 peace accord.

  137. Off-White: Spring 2019 Slideshow, Today

    The spring 2019 men’s collection.

  138. Tu resumen de noticias del miércoles Universal, Today

    Migraciones, genética casera e impunidad: Lo que está sucediendo en América Latina y en el mundo.

  139. A Play About Refugee Camps Is Coming. With Refugees in the Cast. Culture, Today

    “The Jungle” was written by two British playwrights who spent time at a refugee camp in France, and the cast includes refugees who lived there.

  140. DealBook Briefing: The C.E.O.s Taking on Trump Over Immigration Business, Today

    Business leaders have spoken out about the separation of migrant children from their families at U.S. borders.

  141. Listen to ‘The Daily’: Father and Son, Forced Apart at the Border Podcasts, Today

    A 5-year-old boy and his father fled violence in Honduras and were separated upon arriving in the United States. What has happened to them since then?

  142. Five Places to Go in Bantam, Conn. Travel, Today

    Bantam has transformed into such a lively culinary destination that some longtime residents jokingly refer to the classy town of Litchfield as “East Bantam.”

  143. Want to Understand What Ails the Modern Internet? Look at eBay Magazine, Today

    The internet’s first megaplatform was more than just an auction site — it was the blueprint for everything that followed.

  144. How to Barricade a Door Magazine, Today

    For one that opens out, prop up a table to block the view in. For one that opens in, push heavy furniture against it.

  145. A Delicately Sweet and Floral Coconut Pudding for the Summer Magazine, Today

    Crack a coconut open for the Puerto Rican dessert tembleque.

  146. Letter of Recommendation: Asteroid Day Magazine, Today

    It is the one holiday that grants permission to indulge in a spectacle of imagined global catastrophe.

  147. New Sentences: From Jesse Ball’s ‘Census’ Magazine, Today

    The novelist offers a strong argument in favor of a strange proposition.

  148. Trent Reznor Thinks Artists Should Speak Out Magazine, Today

    The Nine Inch Nails frontman on Facebook, Vietnam and Midwest ‘weirdo culture.’

  149. For Survivors of Childhood Cancer, Walk Well, Today

    Regular exercise, such as brisk walking for an hour, improved long-term survival in those who had childhood cancers.

  150. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Quiet and Neat as a Pin Real Estate, Today

    The central Bergen County borough is known for big houses, good schools and a rural atmosphere.

  151. Living In ... Upper Saddle River, N.J. Slideshow, Today

    The central Bergen County borough is known for big houses, good schools and a rural atmosphere.

  152. Meet an Artist Who Matches His Suit to His Couch T Style, Today

    The visual artist Cary Leibowitz gives T a tour of his quirky home in Harlem.

  153. How Tech Companies Conquered America’s Cities Business, Today

    Elon Musk is drilling tunnels, electric scooters command the sidewalks, and Amazon is throwing its weight around in Seattle. Welcome to the technocapitalist metropolis of the future.

  154. House Tour | Cary Leibowitz Video, Today

    The artist and collector invites T into his eclectic home.

  155. Congress Is Writing Lots of Opioid Bills. But Which Ones Will Actually Help? Upshot, Today

    Despite some good ideas, addiction researchers say, the legislative effort falls short of the coordinated response the epidemic demands.

  156. The Wellness World’s Buzzy New Best Friend Styles, Today

    Bees and all that come with them — minus the stings — are the latest beauty obsession.

  157. Harry Potter in Your Pocket Book Review, Today

    A newly released role-playing game and a collection of interactive books give readers fresh places to explore J.K. Rowling’s magical world.

  158. Colbert Says Sanders Can’t Hide From Trump’s Immigration Policies Culture, Today

    Stephen Colbert told Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the press secretary: “This is the White House, not an abandoned Walmart. You’re allowed to leave.”

  159. Found Poem Favorite: ‘What We’ve Got Left’ Learning, Today

    We are honoring the winners of our Ninth Annual Found Poem Student Contest by publishing their work this month. This one is by Rachel Liu.

  160. Peter Thomson, 88, Australian Golfer With 5 British Open Wins, Dies Obits, Today

    Thomson emerged in the 1950s as a leading player at a time when Australians had made little impact on international golf.

  161. How to Plan the Perfect Trip With Your Significant Other This Summer Smarter Living, Today

    Make sure your bae-cation is one to remember — without the logistical headaches.

  162. What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘Yellowstone’ and ‘Brockmire’ Culture, Today

    Watch Kevin Costner now or 30 years ago. And the second season of “Brockmire” comes to a close.

  163. Microsoft Employees Protest Work With ICE, as Tech Industry Mobilizes Over Immigration Business, Yesterday

    Microsoft workers objected to the company’s work with immigration authorities, part of a wave of outrage over the Trump administration’s immigration policy.

  164. As Greece Ends a Decade of Bailouts, Problems Linger for Europe Business, Yesterday

    European officials are eager to paint Greece as a comeback story. But troubles in nearby Italy show that the euro’s issues have not been laid to rest.

  165. Disability Applications Plunge as the Economy Strengthens Business, Yesterday

    Fewer people are seeking and receiving Social Security disability benefits, reversing a long trend that had worried lawmakers about fraud and abuse.

  166. Bush Veteran Joseph Hagin to Leave Trump White House Post Washington, Yesterday

    Mr. Hagin, who was a deputy chief of staff to President George W. Bush and served in the same role for President Trump, will step down on July 6.

  167. The Goal That Will Likely Send Russia to the Round of 16 Interactive, Yesterday

    Denis Cheryshev scored the game-winning goal for Russia against Egypt, all but guaranteeing Russia a trip to the knockout round and Egypt a trip home.

  168. Investigators Questioned Giuliani as Part of Leak Inquiry, He Says Washington, Yesterday

    The president’s lawyer was interviewed as part of an inspector general investigation into leaks to the news media by the F.B.I. during the 2016 campaign.

  169. Trump Administration Withdraws U.S. From U.N. Human Rights Council Washington, Yesterday

    The United States joins Iran, North Korea and Eritrea as the only countries that refuse to participate in the world’s most important human rights body.

  170. Hero or Villain? Death of Rapper XXXTentacion Divides the Internet Culture, Yesterday

    As news spread of the 20-year-old’s killing, his fans and critics struggled with how to mourn an artist with a complicated reputation.

  171. Neymar Leaves Brazil Practice With Pain in Foot Sports, Yesterday

    The Brazilian soccer confederation said the injury was not serious, adding that Neymar left as a precaution and was expected to be back for training on Wednesday.

  172. Germany, Marijuana, Trade War: Your Wednesday Briefing N Y T Now, Yesterday

    Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

  173. Charleston Apologizes for City’s Role in Slave Trade Express, Yesterday

    Charleston, S.C., where enslaved Africans arrived in huge numbers before the Civil War, on Tuesday became the latest city to pass a resolution apologizing for its role in the slave trade.

  174. Yankees Top the Mariners in a Battle of the American League’s Elite Sports, Yesterday

    Four teams — the Yankees, Mariners, Red Sox and Astros — have left the rest of the league far behind them as they surge toward October with little resistance.

  175. Corrections: June 20, 2018 Corrections, Yesterday

    Corrections appearing in print on Wednesday, June 20, 2018.

  176. Canada Vote on Marijuana Paves the Way for Legalization Foreign, Yesterday

    Now that lawmakers in both houses have voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use, the government will give Canada’s provinces a few months to prepare for the law’s rollout.

  177. ‘Sugar in Our Wounds’ May Make You Cry About the Past, and the Present Culture, Yesterday

    This Manhattan Theater Club production, written by Donja R. Love and directed by Saheem Ali, is set in the antebellum South.

  178. Pure Witchcraft Games, Yesterday

    Jeffrey Wechsler loses something, and oh, what a loss.

  179. Quotation of the Day: Nepal’s Grim Superstition, Known to Lead to a Death by Shame Summary, Yesterday

    Quotation of the Day for Wednesday, June 20, 2018.

  180. Where Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ Immigration Policy Began Video, Yesterday

    Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama both increased enforcement on the U.S.-Mexico border. Here is how their approaches differed from the Trump administration.

  181. G.E. Dropped From the Dow After More Than a Century Business, Yesterday

    General Electric, the last original member of the Dow Jones industrial average, was replaced by the Walgreens Boots Alliance drugstore chain.

  182. Explaining Trump’s Claim About Canadians Smuggling Shoes Because of ‘Massive’ Tariffs Washington, Yesterday

    President Trump said on Tuesday that Canadians were smuggling shoes across the border “because the tariffs are so massive.” But under Nafta, Canada does not charge a tariff on American shoe imports.

  183. As End of Legislative Session Nears, Ennui Wins the Day Metro, Yesterday

    The New York State Legislature is supposed to end its yearly session on Wednesday, yet few issues seem poised to be resolved by then.

  184. Michael Cohen Is Said to Hire Former Prosecutor as New Lawyer Metro, Yesterday

    The move to hire Guy Petrillo, who once worked for the same office investigating Mr. Cohen, comes as the federal inquiry nears a critical stage.

  185. The Five Conflicts Driving the Bulk of the World’s Refugee Crisis Foreign, Yesterday

    Most of the world’s refugees are from five countries, according to the U.N. refugee agency. Here is a look at the conflicts driving the global refugee crisis.

  186. ‘Frozen’ and ‘Inside Out’ Directors to Succeed Lasseter at Disney and Pixar Business, Yesterday

    Jennifer Lee and Pete Docter will take over as the chief creative officers at Disney Animation and Pixar following the resignation of John Lasseter.

  187. Fact-Checking the Trump Administration’s Case for Child Separation at the Border Politics, Yesterday

    The president, the attorney general and the secretary of homeland security have used lots of figures and interpretations of recent history to explain recent policy changes. Not all of it has been accurate.

  188. A Budget Showdown Looms, and a New Governor Is Tested Metro, Yesterday

    With a deadline approaching, Gov. Philip D. Murphy of New Jersey is facing the biggest test of his brief tenure — a battle with the entrenched legislators in Trenton.

  189. After 342 Days, Andy Murray Returns to the Court (and Loses) Sports, Yesterday

    Out for nearly a year, Murray took a set from Nick Kyrgios before eventually losing. Now the question is how quickly his body can recover.

  190. New Group, With Conservative Credentials, Plans Push for a Carbon Tax Climate, Yesterday

    A new lobbying group is hoping to build support for a “climate dividend” plan. Its members include Trent Lott, Janet L. Yellen and Ben S. Bernanke.

  191. Largest Cellphone Carriers to Limit Sales of Location Data Business, Yesterday

    The change is being made after the system was used to track people without their consent.

  192. Merkel and Macron Try to Save European Union, and Themselves Foreign, Yesterday

    Meeting before a key European summit meeting, the French and German leaders found compromises on the euro and a reform of migration policies.

  193. Richard Valeriani, Veteran NBC News Correspondent, Dies at 85 Obits, Yesterday

    A familiar presence on the “Nightly News,” he covered the civil rights movement, the assassination of John F. Kennedy and Kissinger’s shuttle diplomacy.

  194. How Kirstjen Nielsen Became the Face of Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy Video, Yesterday

    The secretary of homeland security is under increased scrutiny for the Trump administration’s crackdown on illegal border crossings and the decision to separate children from their parents. Here’s how she arrived at this moment.

  195. As C.E.O.s Condemn Splitting Up Migrant Families, Goldman Chief Defends Trump Business, Yesterday

    Lloyd Blankfein said it’s easy to criticize the administration for separating immigrant families, but such issues are rarely matters of “right against wrong.”

  196. Junot Díaz Cleared of Misconduct by M.I.T. Book Review, Yesterday

    The debate is likely to grow more contentious as writers and professors take sides in this #MeToo era.

  197. Trump Is Said to Intend to Campaign for South Carolina Governor in G.O.P. Runoff Politics, Yesterday

    The decision is a gamble that President Trump can lift Gov. Henry McMaster, one of Mr. Trump’s earliest supporters, to the Republican nomination at the last minute.

  198. F.B.I. Agents Gave Trump a Weapon Against Mueller. Republicans Are Wielding It. Washington, Yesterday

    In the second day of hearings over a damaging Justice Department report, Republicans cast the F.B.I. as part of an out-of-touch bureaucracy biased against President Trump.

  199. Brand to Know: An Emerging Line That Explores Black Masculinity T Style, Yesterday

    The designer Bianca Saunders, who is based in London, makes confident, unfussy garments that subtly subvert gender norms.

  200. Bianca Saunders’s Spring/Summer 2019 Collection Slideshow, Yesterday

    The young London-based designer recently staged her first runway show at London Fashion Week Men’s.

  201. That’s ‘Mr. President’ to You: Macron Scolds French Student Foreign, Yesterday

    Emmanuel Macron used a superior tone to instruct a junior high student, just as he has with union members, older citizens and the unemployed.

  202. Child Separations, Tariffs, U.N.: Your Tuesday Evening Briefing N Y T Now, Yesterday

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  203. Washington’s Mayor Eyes a Second Term, With a New Supporter in Tow Washington, Yesterday

    The adoption of a newborn adds Mayor Muriel E. Bowser, who won the Democratic primary, to the thin ranks of officials whose families reflect a living arrangement seen in millions of households nationwide.

  204. ‘I Love Your Hair!’ Metro, Yesterday

    A promising start to the day.

  205. Osteria Francescana Tops World’s 50 Best Restaurants List Dining, Yesterday

    Last year’s top honors were given to Eleven Madison Park in New York, owned by the chef, Daniel Humm, and his business partner, Will Guidara.

  206. Once Home to Soldiers, Former Presidio Fort Will House New Residents Business, Yesterday

    As military bases around the country are converted for civilian purposes, a San Francisco landmark plans a “campus for change.”

  207. Battle Intensifies for Yemeni Port as Dock Workers Still Unload Aid Foreign, Yesterday

    Three ships with enough aid to feed six million people for a month were unloaded in Al Hudaydah, even as fighting around the Yemeni port raged.

  208. Frances Walker-Slocum, 94, Pioneering Pianist and Teacher, Dies Obits, Yesterday

    The first black woman granted tenure at Oberlin College, she was a champion of black composers as well as a celebrated concert performer.

  209. Do You Know Where Your Pride T-Shirt Was Made? Express, Yesterday

    Merchandise for L.G.B.T. celebrations is becoming big business for major retailers, but some products are made in countries where gay people are persecuted.

  210. They Wanted to Raise $1,500 for Immigrant Families at the Border. They Got Over $10 Million. Express, Yesterday

    A couple started a Facebook page to fund legal defenses for families separated at the border. It became the site’s largest single fund-raiser ever.