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  1. The Virus Has Transformed the 2020 Elections. Here’s How. U.S., Today

    Party conventions are in jeopardy, campaigning is on hold and local candidates are playing the role of good Samaritan instead of traditional politician.

  2. Rich Europeans Flee Virus for 2nd Homes, Spreading Fear and Fury World, Today

    In France and the rest of Europe, the affluent decamp cities to spend their confinement in vacation homes, widening class divides.

  3. Egypt’s Female Lion Tamers Show the Men How to Do It World, Today

    The broader struggle for women’s equality may be lagging in Egypt, but six women dominate the field of lion taming in the country.

  4. ‘I Saw Another Woman on the Platform Do an Obvious Double Take’ New York, Today

    Seeing a familiar face while waiting for the No. 6, a snack on the go and more reader tales of New York City in this week’s Metropolitan Diary.

  5. Citing Coronavirus, Judge Orders Efforts to Release Migrant Children U.S., Today

    At least four children in government custody have tested positive for Covid-19, raising concerns about the virus’s spread in shelters.

  6. India’s Coronavirus Lockdown Leaves Vast Numbers of Migrants Stranded World, Today

    Hundreds of thousands of migrant laborers began long journeys on foot to get home. Most live and eat where they work, and the shutdown made them suddenly homeless.

  7. What’s on TV Sunday: ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ and ‘Beef House’ Arts, Today

    Watch a tender romance on Hulu, or try out a new sitcom from Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim.

  8. Corrections: March 29, 2020 Corrections, Today

    Corrections that appeared in print on Sunday, March 29, 2020.

  9. Quotation of the Day: Driving the Long Haul, and Sensing a Slowdown Today’s Paper, Today

    Quotation of the Day for Sunday, March 29, 2020.

  10. Coronavirus Live Updates: Trump Drops Idea of Quarantining New York Region World, Today

    India’s abrupt nationwide lockdown left hundreds of thousands of laborers homeless and prompted one of the largest migrations in the country’s modern history.

  11. Tracy Meng, Kyle Matson Fashion, Today

    The couple attended the same church and worked for the same San Francisco company, but they were brought together by the dating app Hinge.

  12. Margaret Walker, Aran Clair Fashion, Today

    The couple met at Princeton, from which they graduated.

  13. Jenna Kaye-Kauderer, Scott Steinberg Fashion, Today

    They are to hike with their families through Medicine Bow–Routt National Forests in Colorado to find a spot for the ceremony.

  14. James L. Dolan, the Knicks Owner, Tests Positive for the Coronavirus Sports, Yesterday

    Dolan is the first N.B.A. owner to publicly confirm

  15. North Korea Launches Two Short-Range Ballistic Missiles World, Yesterday

    The country has carried out a handful of similar tests this month. The missiles fell into waters between the North and Japan.

  16. How Much Should the Public Know About Who Has the Coronavirus? U.S., Yesterday

    Amid calls for more transparency, a debate is raging among public health experts over how much data on the spread of the virus should be released.

  17. Mike Longo, Jazz Pianist, Composer and Educator, Dies at 83 Arts, Yesterday

    Best known for his long association with Dizzy Gillespie, Mr. Longo, who died of the coronavirus, also led a big band and promoted the work of other musicians.

  18. Figuring Out Home Schooling in the Age of Coronavirus U.S., Yesterday

    Two journalists, with five children between them, discuss what life is like with schools closed and kids at home.

  19. Tornado Strikes Jonesboro, Ark., Injuring at Least 6, Official Says U.S., Yesterday

    An airport, a shopping mall and various local businesses were damaged.

  20. 4-Year-Old Girl, Lost in the Woods for 48 Hours, Is Found Unharmed U.S., Yesterday

    “Ecstatic may not be a good enough word — it was extremely emotional,” Sheriff Jay Jones of Lee County, Ala., said of finding Evelyn Sides, better known as Vadie.

  21. FEMA Says at Least 7 People at the Disaster Agency Have the Coronavirus Climate, Yesterday

    Union officials at FEMA say they would like to know where they work in order to warn other employees who might be exposed and to avoid putting the public at added risk.

  22. 6 Killed in House Fire in Rural Indiana, Officials Say U.S., Yesterday

    Officials are investigating the cause of a fire that destroyed a family home and killed six people early Saturday morning.

  23. National Enquirer Publisher Is Cutting Employees’ Pay Business, Yesterday

    American Media is the latest media outlet to announce cuts as the coronavirus has shaken the economy and the advertising market.

  24. Tokyo Olympics Organizers Considering July 2021 for Opening Ceremony Sports, Yesterday

    The 2020 Summer Games, postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, would start July 23, 2021, under a plan organizers are considering.

  25. ‘¿Cuáles son los síntomas?’, ‘¿Hay una cura?’ y otras preguntas sobre el virus en Español, Yesterday

    Si te sientes enfermo y preocupado de que se trate del coronavirus, esto es lo que puedes hacer.

  26. U.S. Civil Rights Office Rejects Rationing Medical Care Based on Disability, Age U.S., Yesterday

    Medical providers must not engage in “ruthless utilitarianism” in deciding who gets lifesaving treatment for the coronavirus, a federal civil rights officer warned.

  27. U.S. Civil Rights Office Rejects Rationing Medical Care Based on Disability, Age U.S., Yesterday

    Medical providers must not engage in “ruthless utilitarianism” in deciding who gets lifesaving treatment for the coronavirus, a federal civil rights officer warned.

  28. Rhode Island Pulls Over New Yorkers to Keep the Virus at Bay U.S., Yesterday

    Police and National Guard troops are deployed to warn visitors they must self-quarantine, as local resentment builds toward people fleeing coronavirus hot spots.

  29. Keep the Change Crosswords & Games, Yesterday

    Ricky Cruz’s Sunday debut rewards scrutiny.

  30. Finding Comfort in a Bottle of Familiar Wine Food, Yesterday

    In times of fear and anxiety, we find solace in foods that conjure up memories and emotions. Why not wines?

  31. Ray Mantilla, Percussionist Who Transcended Genres, Dies at 85 Arts, Yesterday

    He was adept at a range of instruments, particularly the congas and timbales, and he could make himself at home in almost any ensemble.

  32. N.Y.C.’s 911 System Is Overwhelmed. ‘I’m Terrified,’ a Paramedic Says. New York, Yesterday

    With coronavirus cases mounting, emergency workers are making life-or-death decisions about who goes to a hospital, and who is left behind.

  33. The Race for Virus Money Is On. Lobbyists Are Standing By. U.S., Yesterday

    Companies see the outbreak as a chance to cash in, do some good, or both. Among the early winners: the Washington influence industry.

  34. Russian State Oil Company Rosneft, in Sudden Move, Sells Assets in Venezuela World, Yesterday

    The U.S. had imposed sanctions on two Rosneft oil trading subsidiaries this year for helping Venezuela’s authoritarian president, Nicolás Maduro.

  35. Instacart Shoppers Plan to Strike Over Coronavirus Protections Business, Yesterday

    As many as 200,000 workers could walk off the job unless demands for improved equipment and hazard pay are met.

  36. ‘Women Will Not Be Forced to Be Alone When They Are Giving Birth’ Parenting, Yesterday

    In response to some private hospitals’ decision to bar partners, New York will order all hospitals to allow partners in delivery rooms, despite the coronavirus risk.

  37. Germany Has Relatively Few Deaths From Coronavirus. Why? Opinion, Yesterday

    The country is not immune to the pandemic. So what explains its current low fatality rate?

  38. The Healing Power of ‘Steven Universe’ Opinion, Yesterday

    The hit cartoon series has helped me process my biracial identity.

  39. What Shakespeare Teaches Us About Living With Pandemics Opinion, Yesterday

    Plague erased social, gender and personal differences. Shakespeare responded by emphasizing people’s unique and inerasable difference. His work is a narrative vaccine.

  40. Who Killed Keylan Knapp? Opinion, Yesterday

    My childhood friend has joined America’s “deaths of despair.”

  41. Rational Panic, but Also Rational Hope Opinion, Yesterday

    We need to recognize any signposts leading up and out.

  42. The U.S.’s Slow Start to Coronavirus Testing: A Timeline U.S., Yesterday

    Technical flaws, regulatory hurdles and failures of leadership impeded early screening in the United States, allowing the pandemic to spread.

  43. The Lost Month: How a Failure to Test Blinded the U.S. to Covid-19 U.S., Yesterday

    Aggressive screening might have helped contain the coronavirus in the United States. But technical flaws, regulatory hurdles and lapses in leadership let it spread undetected for weeks.

  44. With Coronavirus Disrupting College, Should Every Student Pass? U.S., Yesterday

    College students across the country are pushing to abolish grades, saying the only letters that matter now are C-O-V-I-D.

  45. Cuomo Postpones New York’s Primary Election to June 23 Because of Coronavirus U.S., Yesterday

    New York became the latest state to move its primary in an attempt to limit the risk of spreading the virus.

  46. Medical Expert Who Corrects Trump Is Now a Target of the Far Right Technology, Yesterday

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, the administration’s most outspoken advocate of emergency virus measures, faces a torrent of false claims that he is mobilizing to undermine the president.

  47. Alone on the Road, a Trucker’s Long Haul as America Fights the Virus U.S., Yesterday

    Darrell Woolsey does not know when he will go home to Wyoming and his wife and three children.

  48. How the Young Deal With the Coronavirus Opinion, Yesterday

    High school and college students urge their cohort to take the threat seriously, and adults reassure the young that past adversities and uncertainties have been overcome.

  49. A Unanimous Senate Vote That Nobody Seemed to Agree On U.S., Yesterday

    Lawmakers unanimously approved a historic government aid package, but the debate was vicious.

  50. Variety: Acrostic Crosswords & Games, Yesterday

    Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon, !!? — #%&?!!

  51. Trump to Issue Travel Advisory for N.Y. Region, Backing Off Quarantine Threat U.S., Yesterday

    The suggestion of a quarantine, which would have been a drastic exercise of power, drew swift condemnation and surprised top officials in the area.

  52. Coronavirus Crisis Awakens a Sleeping Giant: China’s Youth World, Yesterday

    How the ruling Communist Party manages the coming months will help shape how hundreds of millions of young people see its authoritarian political bargain for decades to come.

  53. In a Town Where Meth Is Eclipsing Opioids, Everyone Feels the Pain U.S., Yesterday

    One Kentucky community has seen a wave of violence and homelessness as methamphetamine use returns.

  54. Tom Coburn, the ‘Dr. No’ of Congress, Is Dead at 72 U.S., Yesterday

    His prolific use of a bill-blocking measure earned him his nickname, but he also won grudging respect on Capitol Hill as a political maverick.

  55. When the Mundane Becomes Heroic Opinion, Yesterday

    These are the people still working on a single block in Manhattan.

  56. We Can Safely Restart the Economy in June. Here’s How. Opinion, Yesterday

    Get tough now. Test widely to isolate those infected, and slowly revive businesses with workers and customers who have developed immunity.

  57. Virus as Metaphor Opinion, Yesterday

    There’s a long history of illness being used to stoke hatred. We cannot succumb to it now.

  58. A World Without Partisan Gerrymanders? Virginia Democrats Show the Way Opinion, Yesterday

    In a rare move, a group of lawmakers voted to give up their own redistricting power.

  59. A Box of Secrets Led to the Story of Her Father’s Painful Wartime Past Books, Yesterday

    Ariana Neumann’s father had nightmares and an ID card in a different name. In her memoir, “When Time Stopped,” she unspools the past he kept hidden for so long.

  60. Covid-19 Brings Out All the Usual Zombies Opinion, Yesterday

    Why virus denial resembles climate denial

  61. Covid-19 Brings Out All the Usual Zombies Opinion, Yesterday

    Why virus denial resembles climate denial.

  62. Race/Related: Covid-19 and the Collapse of America’s Welfare State U.S., Yesterday

    “In the United States, people are supposed to survive on their own. Those who cannot, are often left to sink.”

  63. Eat Cake for Breakfast! Admin, Yesterday

    This week’s popular dishes, including pasta e ceci and no-knead bread.

  64. No Fan of Sports, a Graphic Novelist Learns to Follow the Bouncing Ball Books, Yesterday

    In “Dragon Hoops,” Gene Luen Yang intercuts the thrilling wins and crushing losses of one high school team with basketball’s own turbulent history.

  65. Coronavirus May Add Billions to the Nation’s Health Care Bill Health, Yesterday

    Insurance premiums could spike as much as 40 percent next year, a new analysis warns, as employers and insurers confront the projected tens of billions of dollars in additional costs of treating coronavirus patients.

  66. They Celebrated Basketball and a Birthday. Then Came Coronavirus. Sports, Yesterday

    A tight social circle bound by New York City basketball is hit hard by Covid-19, with two dead and others ailing.

  67. Coronavirus Live Briefing Slideshow, Yesterday

    Coronavirus Live Briefing

  68. New Orleans Restaurants, Used to Disasters, Reckon With Something Worse Food, Yesterday

    The dining and bar scene, so central to the city’s identity, emerged strong from Hurricane Katrina. But the coronavirus crisis is different.

  69. Taliban Attack Afghanistan Amid Growing Coronavirus Threat World, Yesterday

    Insurgents launched major assaults as preparations continued for a prisoner exchange and as diplomats worked to revive the peace plan.

  70. The New Rules of Running Now Well, Yesterday

    It’s difficult to balance the risks of exercising outside against the benefits.

  71. Trump Backtracks After Cuomo Criticizes Quarantine Idea New York, Yesterday

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo compared the president’s suggestion that he was considering a quarantine on the New York region to “a declaration of war on states.”

  72. Strangers in an Empty Dorm Fashion, Yesterday

    The couple met as students a week before classes began at Grinnell College in 2009. He was there early for a canoe trip; she was a student adviser.

  73. Pandemic Mars Putin’s Coronation and Endangers Russia’s Veterans World, Yesterday

    President Vladimir Putin’s grand plans to celebrate the 75th anniversary of victory in World War II, and his own leadership, may be foiled by the coronavirus, which also threatens war heroes.

  74. Médico, refugiado. Violinista, refugiada. Modelo, refugiada. en Español, Yesterday

    Esta es la historia de cinco venezolanos que estaban en la cima del mundo. Hasta que el mundo se les vino abajo.

  75. Infinite Visions Were Hiding in the First Black Hole Image’s Rings Science, Yesterday

    Scientists proposed a technique that would allow us to see more of the unseeable.

  76. Sabrina Ionescu’s Big Moment Wasn’t the One She Expected Sports, Yesterday

    The Oregon star had been called “the puppet master” by Kobe Bryant, but faced tragedy and canceled games in what was supposed to be a dream college season.

  77. April Bills Loom. The Economy Hangs on How Many Are Left Unpaid. Business, Yesterday

    With businesses and personal finances hit hard by a loss of income, the first of the month may mean triage in deciding what to pay.