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  1. Trump Says Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed in the Military National, Today

    President Trump said the military cannot be burdened with what he called “the tremendous medical costs” of allowing transgender service members.

  2. Trump’s Contempt for Transgender Heroes Op Ed, Today

    “I served this country to protect everyone’s rights and freedoms, and one would think that would include my own.”

  3. Trump Punishes Transgender Patriots Op Ed, Today

    His agenda stalled, the president has settled for barring a few thousand transgender Americans from serving in the military.

  4. Senate Health Care Vote: Where the Debate Left Off and What Happens Next National, Today

    The legislative showdown will continue Wednesday as the Senate considers various measures to replace the health law.

  5. How U.S. Military Policy on Transgender Personnel Changed Under Obama National, Today

    President Trump has reversed an Obama administration policy that evolved rapidly. Here is how The Times covered the issue.

  6. Trump Attacks Sessions Again, This Time Over the Acting F.B.I. Director National, Today

    The president’s third straight day of publicly complaining about Jeff Sessions, the attorney general, came during speculation that Mr. Trump could fire Mr. Sessions.

  7. The Strange Case of Martin Shkreli Is Wrapping Up Business, Today

    An unusual trial has featured victims who actually made money and defense lawyers who paint their client as an erratic misfit and want more victims to testify.

  8. No Links to Cuomo? Their Ad Is Labeled ‘Client: Andrew Cuomo’ Metro, Today

    New Yorkers United Together appears to be the third nonprofit formed by allies of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to emerge in support of his policies.

  9. Google’s New Parental Control App Has a Flaw: Puberty Business, Today

    The company’s Family Link software for managing children’s Android phones can be undone the instant a young user turns 13.

  10. Citizen Action on Health Care Op Ed, Today

    Is there anything that concerned Americans can do to help prevent massive losses of insurance coverage? Yes, there is.

  11. The Fed, Leaving Rates Unchanged, Expects to Wind Down Stimulus ‘Relatively Soon’ Business, Today

    The Federal Reserve is wrapping up its post-crisis economic stimulus campaign, and said the next step would come “relatively soon,” so long as moderate economic growth continues.

  12. Three New Books Discuss How to Confront and Reform Racist Policing Book Review, Today

    Books by former Dallas police chief David O. Brown and the law professor Paul Butler, and a collection edited by Angela J. Davis, call for transformation of the system.

  13. Proposal Would Let Charter Schools Certify Their Own Teachers Metro, Today

    New rules would make it easier for some of the schools to hire teachers, but they are expected to be met with fierce opposition from many in education.

  14. How California Plans to Go Far Beyond Any Other State on Climate National, Today

    California wants to cut greenhouse gas emissions more than even President Barack Obama had proposed. But can the state pull it off, or will it falter?...

  15. New Ethics Chief Has Fought to Roll Back Restrictions National, Today

    David J. Apol has sought to loosen ethics requirements on federal employees, and will face an early test when he makes a decision on Anthony Scaramucci.

  16. Did We Take Trump Too Seriously? Op Ed, Today

    An author discusses the response to a recent Op-Ed on the president’s foreign policy.

  17. ‘Minecraft: The Island’ Blurs the Line Between Fiction and Gaming Business, Today

    Max Brooks’s new novel has an unusual feature: It can also be played within a video game.

  18. Ohio Carries Out Its First Execution Since 2014 National, Today

    The execution of Ronald Phillips was the first in Ohio since the state changed its methods after an inmate took an unusually long time to die in 2014.

  19. A Trump Tower of Absolute Folly Op Ed, Today

    The president’s absurd campaign against Jeff Sessions distills his unfitness for the office.

  20. At a Moment of Success, U.S.C. Is Rocked by Scandal National, Yesterday

    Did the university move too slowly in responding to allegations of drug abuse by one of its most prominent deans?

  21. Digital Artist Yung Jake Scores With Emoji Portraits Styles, Today

    Darling of YouTube and the art world circuit, he hits his stride with pointillist celebrity portraits made from emoji.

  22. Migrants in France Say Police Abuse Is Common World, Today

    A Human Rights Watch report cites widespread harassment of migrants in Calais, including the random use of pepper spray on sleeping people.

  23. White House, Jeff Sessions, North Korea: Your Thursday Briefing Briefing, Today

    Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

  24. Esperanza Spalding Will Record ‘Exposure’ in Front of the World Arts, Today

    Ms. Spalding, a singer and bassist, is making her sixth record during a marathon 77-hour writing and recording session that she will stream live online.

  25. Sessions, Kushner and the Russia Investigation Opinion, Today

    Readers discuss President Trump’s attacks on his attorney general and Jared Kushner’s defense before Senate investigators.

  26. Mariano Rajoy, Spanish Premier, Testifies in Graft Trial Involving His Party World, Today

    Mr. Rajoy’s testimony made him the first sitting head of the Spanish government to take the witness stand in the country’s modern history.

  27. How to Avoid Civil War in Venezuela Op Ed, Today

    Broadening sanctions will only help the Maduro government consolidate power.

  28. Transgender in the Military Letters, Today

    A reader calls President Trump’s decision to bar transgender people “reckless.”

  29. Watch a Bolshoi Ballerina in Action: ‘The Eyes Are Most Important’ Culture, Today

    This week's installment of our Instagram series features Ekaterina Krysanova of the Bolshoi Ballet.

  30. Ticking Watch. Boat Engine. Slowness. The Secrets of the ‘Dunkirk’ Score. Culture, Today

    The director Christopher Nolan sent composer Hans Zimmer a windup pocket watch and suggestion to borrow from Elgar. The result was unbearable tension.

  31. E.U. Rebukes Poland Over Vetoed Bills, but Backs Off Harsher Threat Foreign, Today

    After the Polish president vetoed widely criticized judiciary bills, the E.U. said it would not invoke part of a treaty that could have resulted in the loss of voting rights in the bloc.

  32. The G.O.P.’s Health Care Hail Mary: ‘Skinny Repeal’ Video, Today

    Margot Sanger-Katz, a New York Times correspondent, explains the implications of a new, more modest health care bill Republicans are working on.

  33. A Photographer Captures the Hellish Battle of Messines Insider, Today

    Far from the staged depictions of orderly regiments, a nameless British photographer evoked the infernal crucible of warfare.

  34. Sex Assault Survivors and Guns Letters, Today

    The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence writes that carrying a gun creates far more risk than it prevents for victims and survivors.

  35. Trump Administration Slaps Sanctions on Venezuela and Warns of More Washington, Today

    The Treasury Department ordered assets in the United States frozen for 13 well connected Venezuelan figures and barred Americans from doing business with them.

  36. How India and China Have Come to the Brink Over a Remote Mountain Pass Foreign, Today

    The two nuclear powers are fighting over a border, but their battle is really over the shape of Asia’s future.

  37. A Virginia Woman Hears a Noise in the Attic, and the Police Find a Man Living There National, Today

    The crime blotter item came from Arlington, a city in the ninth year of a 10-year plan to eradicate homelessness.

  38. Mandy Patinkin to Star in ‘The Great Comet’ Culture, Today

    Mr. Patinkin, a Tony winner, will return to Broadway in a role that was previously played by Josh Groban.

  39. An Ode to Shopping Malls Styles, Today

    Farewell, pleasure palaces of days past. A filmmaker’s series chronicles a way of life as it reaches its end.

  40. Portfolio: Dead Malls Slideshow, Today

    Dan Bell takes us on a visual journey through some of the dying pleasure palaces of his youth.

  41. How to Boost Resilience in Midlife Well, Yesterday

    There are active steps you can take during and after a crisis to speed your emotional recovery.

  42. Cheated World Track Medalists to Finally Have a Proper Ceremony Sports, Today

    Athletes whose results from past world championships have been upgraded because of others’ doping violations will receive the flag and anthem treatment next month in London.

  43. Quantifying the Benefits of Owning a Dog Well, Today

    Dog owners spent 30 fewer minutes a day being sedentary than those who didn’t own a dog.

  44. Lawmakers in Russia Call for Retaliation Against New U.S. Sanctions Foreign, Today

    The Kremlin said that news of the proposed American measures was “sad” and that relations between Moscow and Washington would be further damaged.

  45. He Gave David Lynch His Start. Now, at 82, He’s a New Director. Culture, Today

    Ben Barenholtz helped kick-start the careers of Mr. Lynch, the Coen brothers and John Sayles. Now he’s finally trying his hand at his own drama.

  46. A Test for the Market in Initial Coin Offerings Business, Today

    The prospect of regulatory requirements raises the question of whether the offerings provide any advantage over crowdfunding, venture capital or initial public offerings.

  47. Are You Affected by Trump’s Ban on Transgender Service Members? Interactive, Today

    The New York Times would like to hear from people who are affected by President Trump’s decision to ban transgender people from military service.

  48. Are You Affected by Trump’s Ban on Transgender Service Members? Interactive, Today

    The New York Times would like to hear from people who are affected by President Trump’s decision to ban transgender people from military service.

  49. On the East River Ferry, a Party Before the Party Metropolitan, Today

    The city’s popular new ferry service keeps getting better, as riders discover the delights of a beer or a glass of rosé on the slow boat to a night out.

  50. A Youthful Experiment Kicks Off Mostly Mozart Culture, Today

    For its opening night, the Mostly Mozart festival offered a program of symphony and song featuring the Young People’s Chorus of New York.

  51. A Fictional Patricia Highsmith as Strange as the Real One Book Review, Today

    Jill Dawson’s novel “The Crime Writer” uses the life of Patricia Highsmith to explore the territory between reality and fantasy.

  52. The Surprising New PC Innovator? Microsoft Business, Today

    A company known for its software and its failure to make good gadgets is making advances in personal computers. Consider the ingenuity of the Surface Studio big-screen desktop.

  53. German Islamic Extremist Is Convicted of Supporting Terror Group Foreign, Today

    Sven Lau was sentenced to more than five years in prison for recruiting people to fight with a pro-Islamic State group in Syria.

  54. Katie Ledecky Beaten in 200-Meter Freestyle at World Championships Sports, Today

    After gold medals in three other events, Ledecky settled for silver, meaning her bid to win six gold medals in Budapest is over.

  55. Cheech Marin, Searching for a ‘Chicano Rockwell’ Weekend, Today

    The Broad? Meet the Cheech: A champion of Latino art moves beyond his personal collection to found a new museum.

  56. Senate Votes on Obamacare Repeal Proposals Interactive, Yesterday

    Republican leaders are bringing the second of several expected amendments to a vote on Wednesday.

  57. Republicans Are Voting This Week to Repeal or Replace Obamacare. Here Are Their Proposals. Interactive, Yesterday

    Three major proposals are being discussed.

  58. Deadly Building Collapse in India Caused by Illegal Alterations, Police Say Foreign, Today

    The Mumbai police arrested a man affiliated with a local political party and charged him with culpable homicide in the collapse, which killed at least 17 people.

  59. A Hot Microphone Catches Senate Gossip, but No Duel Transpires National, Yesterday

    Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, and Senator Jack Reed, Democrat of Rhode Island, were recorded disparaging President Trump and another G.O.P. lawmaker.

  60. Taliban Slaughter Soldiers in Pattern of Attacks in Kandahar Foreign, Today

    Secured at high cost by the American troop surge in 2010, the critical Afghan province of Kandahar again seems at risk from heavier insurgent assaults.

  61. Packing Google Maps, but Not an Internet Connection Business, Today

    Thanks to the app’s ability to download interactive maps, you can still see where you’re going without having to be online.

  62. Let Black Kids Just Be Kids Op Ed, Today

    The concept of childhood innocence itself has a deep and disturbing racial history.

  63. Self-Driving People, Enabled by Airbnb Op Ed, Today

    The company known for room rentals now offers guided “experiences.”

  64. Donald Trump’s Dominatrix Op Ed, Today

    Technically, he defeated her. Emotionally, not so much.

  65. The Real Civil War in the Democratic Party Op Ed, Today

    The divide is not left versus center but those who trust the system versus those who don’t.

  66. ‘Rick and Morty,’ With Adult Swim’s Oddest Duo, Returns. Finally. Arts & Leisure, Today

    The mind-bending animated story of a crazed scientific genius and his grandson begins Season 3.

  67. Nate Smith Brings ‘Kinfolk’ to Jazz Standard Arts & Leisure, Today

    The drummer expands on his recent release, “Kinfolk: Postcards From Everywhere,” which combines intricate percussion with oral history.

  68. Clouseau, Clouseau and More Clouseau: A ‘Pink Panther’ Fest Arts & Leisure, Today

    The Quad schedules seven “Pink Panther” movies, but only five star Peter Sellers in his bread-and-butter role.

  69. ‘Prismatic Park,’ an Oasis of Art in Madison Square Park Arts & Leisure, Today

    The latest exhibition in the Manhattan park’s robust art program features three colorful structures for dancers, poets and musicians to perform in, on and around.

  70. ‘The Legacy of Lynching,’ at the Brooklyn Museum, Documents Violent Racism Arts & Leisure, Today

    This exhibition is a collaboration with the Equal Justice Initiative.

  71. Williamstown Theater Festival: Three Sisters and Lots of Kvetching Arts & Leisure, Today

    In “Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow,” the playwright Halley Feiffer reimagines Chekhov.

  72. Mostly Mozart Festival: So Percussion and Ksenija Perform Arts & Leisure, Today

    A Little Night Music, the popular series of late-night, hourlong programs, returns to the elegant and intimate Kaplan Penthouse at Lincoln Center.

  73. Crushed Tomatoes Dining, Today

    When tragedy befalls your garden, move forward: Start with some spaghetti carbonara, and move into other comforts.

  74. How an American in London Learned to Fear the ASBO Styles, Today

    Unruly pets, vocal sex, Fleetwood Mac turned up loud: In Britain, any of these can get you tagged as a public nuisance.

  75. Philippe de Montebello, Former Met Chief, Joins Acquavella Culture, Today

    Mr. de Montebello, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s former director, will be a director of Acquavella Galleries, effective immediately.

  76. E.U. Court Urged to Punish Hungary and Slovakia for Resisting Migrant Plan Foreign, Today

    The nations were criticized for hampering efforts to relieve the burden on Greece and Italy, where refugees arrived in huge numbers in 2015 and 2016.

  77. Britain to Ban New Diesel and Gas Cars by 2040 Foreign, Today

    The ban follows similar announcements by France, India and Norway, and is the latest move in a growing push toward the use of electric vehicles.

  78. Despite Progress, Child Marriage Is Still Legal in All 50 States Kristof, Today

    Several states have moved in recent months to strengthen their laws against child marriage.

  79. Despite Progress, Child Marriage Is Still Legal in All 50 States Op Ed, Today

    Several states have moved in recent months to strengthen their laws against child marriage.

  80. In the N.F.L., It’s Quarterback Controversy Season Sports, Today

    Training camps are about to open, with the top job on the line.

  81. In the N.F.L., It’s Quarterback Controversy Season Sports, Today

    Training camps are about to open, with the top job on the line.

  82. Five Places to Shop in Seville Travel, Today

    Metropol Parasol, a contemporary structure with Roman ruins underneath, spurred revitalization, including hip boutiques.

  83. For Those About to Rock, Bar Matchless Is Ready Metropolitan, Today

    One rock venue after another in Brooklyn has closed, so Bar Matchless — home of heavy-metal karaoke — has become a place “you want to play.”...

  84. Ford Reports a Small Profit, but Its New Chief Faces Slowing Sales Business, Today

    The automaker’s quarterly profit rose 4 percent thanks to a surge in profit from its lending arm, Ford Credit.

  85. House Hunting in … the Czech Republic Real Estate, Today

    A 19th-century farmhouse offers an acre of peace and quiet and yet is within an hour of Prague.

  86. A Farmhouse in the Czech Republic Slideshow, Today

    A 19th-century farmhouse offers an acre of peace and quiet and yet is within an hour of Prague.

  87. House Approves Sweeping Sanctions Package Against Russia Foreign, Yesterday

    The bill limits the president’s ability to lift or suspend sanctions against Russia, North Korea and Iran.

  88. Michael Moore Says He Wants to Change Minds. So Why Is He on Broadway? Arts & Leisure, Today

    His one-man show, “The Terms of My Surrender,” is opening at the Belasco Theater. But theater audiences in New York may already be part of his choir.

  89. The Technology Behind Good Coffee Business, Today

    After rigorous testing of brewing and grinding equipment for coffee, here are the results.

  90. Novak Djokovic Is Out for the Season With an Injured Elbow Sports, Today

    Djokovic will pull out of the United States Open and end his streak of participating in 51 consecutive Grand Slam tournaments.

  91. Britain to Ban New Diesel and Gas Cars by 2040 Business, Today

    The move, which follows similar announcements by France, India and Norway, is the latest part of a growing push toward the use of electric vehicles.

  92. $2.4 Million Homes in Florida, Rhode Island and Colorado Real Estate, Today

    A beachfront townhouse on Siesta Key, a shingled home near the bay in Bristol and a Tudor-style house in a leafy Denver enclave.

  93. $2.4 Million Homes in Colorado, Rhode Island and Florida Slideshow, Today

    A beachfront townhouse on Siesta Key, a shingled home near the bay in Bristol and a Tudor-style house in a leafy Denver enclave.

  94. How to Be Mindful When It’s Hot Outside Well, Today

    Meeting steamy conditions with mindfulness may help us discover that peace and joy are always possible.

  95. California Today: A Republican Candidate for Governor Talks About Corruption National, Today

    Wednesday: Questions for John Cox, a Republican candidate for governor; growing pressure on U.S.C. over a drug scandal; and bioluminescence in the Pacific.

  96. Swiss Man Suspected in Chain Saw Attack Is Arrested Near Zurich Foreign, Today

    A tip from a resident led the police to detain Franz Wrousis in connection with an assault on employees of a health insurance company.

  97. Four Migrants Die Trying to Cross Rio Grande Into the U.S. Express, Yesterday

    The deaths in El Paso came days after the authorities discovered the bodies of eight migrants packed in a sweltering tractor-trailer in San Antonio.

  98. In Southeast England, White Cliffs, Fish and Chips, and Deals Travel, Today

    Enjoying the region’s rolling, campestral beauty in a three-town tour — while leaving the modest stack of pounds sterling in my pocket intact.

  99. Scout’s Honor? Not for the President Editorial, Yesterday

    Mr. Trump talks trash politics to children attending a Boy Scouts jamboree.

  100. Who Wants to Run That Mom-and-Pop Market? Almost No One National, Today

    Across the country, old-fashioned grocery stores, like the oldest business in Colorado, are among the most endangered of small-town businesses.

  101. After 50 Years, Detroit Unrest Remains Vivid Video, Today

    In this 360° video, travel through archival photographs to sites of one of the most destructive civil disturbances in American history and hear from a woman who witnessed it.

  102. The Senate’s Health Care Travesty Editorial, Yesterday

    Ignoring public disgust, it will now debate proposals that would leave millions more without insurance or with unaffordable care.

  103. Want a Job, Mate? Amazon Is Hiring Aussie Speakers Foreign, Today

    The American tech behemoth may be seeking to tailor its widely used voice recognition system to an Australian audience.

  104. The Majestic Marble Quarries of Northern Italy Magazine, Today

    Fueled by insatiable demand in the gulf states, the Italian marble trade is booming. A look at how the stone is wrenched from the earth.

  105. U.S. Soldier Who Survived Shootout in Jordan Tells His Story Foreign, Yesterday

    A Special Forces sergeant who was the only one of four Americans to escape spoke publicly for the first time about that day.

  106. In India, a Name Is Rarely Just a Name Op Ed, Today

    Amid competing ideas of history, what Indians call their geography reflects a country’s desire to see itself.

  107. Auschwitz Artifacts to Go on Tour, Very Carefully Culture, Today

    A high-profile attempt to educate young people about the Holocaust is also balancing the sensitive issue of charging for the exhibition.

  108. After 26 Years, Munich Settles Case Over a Klee Looted by Nazis Culture, Today

    The court battle was the longest running in Germany over Nazi-looted art and focused on a painting by Paul Klee that had been seized as degenerate art.

  109. New York Today: Where to Shoot Wedding Photos Metro, Today

    Wednesday: Tips from professional photographers, our governor in Washington, and a festival at Lincoln Center.

  110. Britain Sees Brexit’s Threats More Clearly Editorial, Today

    As negotiations progress, hopes for a painless divorce and new opportunities for a “global Britain” wither, but the infighting intensifies.

  111. Weeks After the Grenfell Fire, London’s Shame Endures Op Ed, Today

    Conversations across the capital are tinged with guilt about inequality and development.

  112. The Luxury Arms Race: Michael Kors and Coach Target Takeovers Business, Today

    As sales decline in the middle of the fashion market, two of its big players are looking elsewhere for expansion.

  113. Wildfires Force Thousands to Evacuate in Southern France Foreign, Today

    At least 10,000 people were forced to flee after a fire started near the town of Bormes-les-Mimosas, as summer blazes raged across the region.

  114. Trump Is on Track to Insult 650 People, Places and Things on Twitter by the End of His First Term Interactive, Today

    Six months into his presidency, Mr. Trump is using his Twitter account to insult others with a frequency and intensity not seen since he was a candidate.

  115. Morning Agenda: Starboard Picks Its Next Target, ComScore Business, Today

    The activist sued to force the media metrics company into holding an annual meeting.

  116. How Tattoos Might Affect Your Workout Well, Today

    The amount and saltiness of sweat changed in skin areas that had been dyed.

  117. A ‘Fish Master’ on Eating Tuna (and Other Fish) Responsibly Travel, Today

    Nick Sakagami, the only person outside of Japan to become a certified osakana meister, or fish master, shares his expertise.

  118. In ‘So Much Blue,’ a Married Painter Spills Secrets Book Review, Today

    The artist at the center of Percival Everett’s new novel provides three narrative threads, including one of his affair in Paris.

  119. Why Rashida Jones Changed Her Mind About Porn Magazine, Today

    The actor and producer on duck-lips selfies and the intersection of feminism and porn.

  120. Is It O.K. to Protest Trump by Withholding Taxes? Magazine, Today

    The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on refusing to pay taxes as a form of political protest and reaching out to an unacknowledged half sibling.

  121. Dr. G. Yunupingu, Australian Aboriginal Singer, Dies at 46 Foreign, Today

    The blind, largely self-taught musician produced the best-selling Indigenous album in Australian history and played in concert halls around the world.

  122. Republican Party, Jeff Sessions, North Korea: Your Wednesday Briefing N Y T Now, Today

    Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

  123. ‘The Daily’: On the Senate Floor Podcasts, Today

    After the dramatic return of John McCain, the Senate narrowly agrees to begin work on repealing Obamacare — then votes down a plan to do exactly that.

  124. Stephen Colbert Says Trump Attacked Boy Scouts’ ‘Belief in Our Democracy’ Culture, Today

    Mr. Colbert worried on “The Late Show” about the impact of President Trump’s speech to the Boy Scouts of America.

  125. Mill Basin, Brooklyn: House-Proud, but Not Too Accessible Real Estate, Today

    The remote location was once prestigious, but the lack of subway service is now considered a liability. Still, it means there are deals to be had.

  126. Living in Mill Basin, Brooklyn Slideshow, Today

    A peninsula by Jamaica Bay is popular with boaters and sun lovers.

  127. How Microsoft Has Become the Surprise Innovator in PCs Business, Today

    For years, Apple was the innovative leader in personal computers. Not anymore.

  128. ‘Little League’ Homer by Yoenis Cespedes Edges Mets Over Padres Sports, Today

    Cespedes, showing signs of snapping out of a weekslong slump, went 3 for 4 with three runs driven in, and a wild trip around the bases.

  129. Forces Align Against a New Military Branch to ‘Win Wars’ in Space National, Today

    The Space Corps, which would be created within the Air Force, has formidable skeptics, including the defense secretary and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

  130. Sessions Once Again Threatens Sanctuary Cities National, Today

    The attorney general told cities and states they could lose millions of dollars in federal grants unless they cooperate with immigration agents.

  131. What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘Kong: Skull Island’ and ‘Signed’ Culture, Today

    The 1933 King Kong classic gets a bump into the Vietnam era and a monstrous growth spurt. And three music moguls search Atlanta for the next big talent.

  132. Coast Guard Shelves Plans to Shut Down Potomac Near a Trump Resort National, Today

    A public outcry led the Coast Guard to ease a security zone at Trump National Golf Club on the river for boats, kayaks and other watercraft.

  133. Justice Dept. Nominee Says He Worked on Russian Bank’s Trump-Related Inquiry National, Today

    President Trump’s nominee for a top Justice Department role said he would not have done work for the bank had he known for sure that he would be tapped by the administration.

  134. Donald Trump, Republican Party, Russia: Your Wednesday Briefing N Y T Now, Today

    Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

  135. Trump Finds Reason for the U.S. to Remain in Afghanistan: Minerals Foreign, Yesterday

    Last week, as the White House fell into an increasingly fractious debate over Afghanistan policy, Trump aides met with a chemical executive to discuss the potential for extracting rare-earth minerals.

  136. A First: Cardinal Pell Appears in Australian Court on Sexual Charges Foreign, Yesterday

    A lawyer for Cardinal George Pell, one of Pope Francis’ top advisers, said the prelate would plead not guilty to all charges. The hearing lasted six minutes.

  137. Intelligence Agencies Say North Korean Missile Could Reach U.S. in a Year Foreign, Yesterday

    The estimate significantly shortens the time that analysts believed it would take the regime to develop a weapon capable of reaching the continental United States.

  138. Fixing Blame Won’t Fix the Subways Editorial, Yesterday

    Riders only lose when the mayor and governor place responsibility with each other.

  139. There’s No Mistaking Trump for a Boy Scout Op Ed, Yesterday

    Always be prepared for this president to hijack your jamboree.

  140. Seesawing Fate of Legendary Reflects the Film Industry’s Volatility Business, Yesterday

    Once a Hollywood darling, a boutique studio has endured box office flops, and is dealing with the financial problems of its Chinese owner.

  141. Spanish Soccer Federation President Is Suspended Sports, Yesterday

    The action by Spain’s top sports authority, the Higher Council of Sport, came a week after Ángel María Villar was arrested in a corruption inquiry.

  142. Yankees Overcome a Triple Play and Down the Reds Sports, Yesterday

    Todd Frazier grounded into a triple play in his first home at-bat for the Yankees, but the Yankees went on to defeat Cincinnati behind seven strong innings from Jordan Montgomery.

  143. ‘People Love You’: For Trump, a Welcome Escape From the Capital National, Yesterday

    The president escaped Washington in search of more appreciative audiences and found that he still enjoys campaign-style rallies.

  144. Some Bitcoin Backers Are Defecting to Create a Rival Currency Business, Yesterday

    Bitcoin Cash, to be available Aug. 1, sprang from a feud over how to govern a decentralized, open-source technology with no one set of leaders or owners.

  145. Quotation of the Day: Trump’s Attacks Leave Sessions Out in the Cold Summary, Yesterday

    Quotation of the day for Wednesday, July 26, 2017.

  146. Trump and Congressional Republicans: It’s Complicated National, Yesterday

    Aligning with an impulsive president has both costs and benefits.

  147. Corrections: July 26, 2017 Corrections, Yesterday

    Corrections appearing in print on Wednesday, July 26, 2017.

  148. Charlize Theron’s Sick Work Ethic Arts & Leisure, Yesterday

    At a time when audiences crave female empowerment, she is packing a punch, first in “Mad Max: Fury Road” and now in “Atomic Blonde.”

  149. Response to Knock Knock Games, Yesterday

    A jokey debut from Brian Cox.

  150. Yankees’ New Look Isn’t Lost on Their Fresh Faces Sports, Yesterday

    David Robertson, one of three players the team acquired in a trade with the White Sox, marveled at the move toward youth since his last stint with the team.

  151. S.E.C. Issues Warning on Initial Coin Offerings Business, Yesterday

    The agency said that at least some virtual currencies being sold to investors should be categorized as securities and needed to follow federal laws.

  152. Russian Women Speak Up About the Front Lines and the Home Front Culture, Yesterday

    Svetlana Alexievich’s “The Unwomanly Face of War: An Oral History of Women in World War II” unearths a mostly buried aspect of Russian history.

  153. Sienna Miller Coaxes New Life From an Old ‘Cat’ Culture, Yesterday

    “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” has rarely ignited in recent years. But this production in London dazzles.

  154. As Emissions Scandal Widens, Diesel’s Future Looks Shaky in Europe Business, Yesterday

    Diesel, once a cornerstone of German engineering, is facing a growing backlash among consumers, regulators and cities.

  155. Celgene to Pay $280 Million to Settle Fraud Suit Over Cancer Drugs Business, Yesterday

    The lawsuit accused the pharmaceutical company of marketing Thalomid and Revlimid for unapproved use on a broader range of cancers.

  156. Berkshire Museum’s Planned Sale of Art Draws Opposition Culture, Yesterday

    Two prominent museum groups said the plan to sell works by Norman Rockwell, Alexander Calder and others would violate the organizations’ ethical codes.

  157. How to Get More Women to Be C.E.O.s Op Ed, Yesterday

    It’s a complicated question, but there are a few concrete tips to be had.

  158. Ex-Fox News Executive Accused of Sexual Assault Sues the Company Business, Yesterday

    Francisco Cortes, who was vice president for Fox News Latino, said he was made a scapegoat when 21st Century Fox settled Tamara Holder’s suit for $2.5 million.

  159. Videos of Syrian Life Pulled from Internet in Protest Effort Culture, Yesterday

    The Syrian video collective Abounaddara took down some 400 videos because they said a Milan art fair had improperly incorporated them into an exhibition.

  160. Decades Later, Memphis to Compensate Black Sanitation Strikers of 1968 National, Yesterday

    The city intends to award tax-free grants of $50,000 each to the 14 surviving strikers, an improvised fix to one of Memphis’s most bitter labor legacies.

  161. Marina Ratner, Émigré Mathematician Who Found Midlife Acclaim, Dies at 78 Science, Yesterday

    Dr. Ratner defied the notion that the brightest in her field do their best work when they are young.

  162. Yankees’ Jacoby Ellsbury Languishes as a Highly Paid Bench Player Sports, Yesterday

    Ellsbury, who has been told by Manager Joe Girardi that he is now out of the starting lineup, blames a May concussion for his struggles this season.

  163. Barbara Sinatra, Philanthropist and Singer’s Widow, Dies at 90 Culture, Yesterday

    Ms. Sinatra, who was married to Frank Sinatra from 1976 until his death in 1998, founded a nonprofit center in California to help abused children.

  164. The Biker? He’s a PGA Tournament Director Sports, Yesterday

    Brent McLaughlin, a tattooed former roadie, is a different face of golf, running the Canadian Open with his own vision of the game.

  165. Volkswagen Executive to Plead Guilty in Diesel Emissions Case Business, Yesterday

    Oliver Schmidt, who was based in the United States, has been accused of knowingly providing false information to American regulators.

  166. Jacob deGrom Is Alone Among Mets Starters: Uninjured and Unbeatable Sports, Yesterday

    The ace tied a single-season franchise record on Monday with his eighth consecutive start with a victory.

  167. Who Remembers Moondog? Metro, Yesterday

    An exchange with a longtime fixture of the Manhattan streets.

  168. Keith Baird, Linguist Who Fought the Use of ‘Negro,’ Dies at 94 Metro, Yesterday

    Mr. Baird, a native of Barbados who became a teacher and administrator in New York City schools and at various colleges, argued for the term Afro-American.

  169. Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara, Longevity Expert, Dies at (or Lives to) 105 Science, Yesterday

    The advice of Dr. Hinohara, who cautioned against early retirement and advocated climbing stairs regularly, helped make Japan the world leader in longevity.

  170. Metal Detectors Vanish, but Tensions in East Jerusalem Remain Foreign, Yesterday

    Muslim worshipers prayed outside the compound of the Aqsa Mosque holy site, where security devices had prompted days of violent clashes.

  171. Swedish Government Scrambles to Contain Damage From Data Breach Foreign, Yesterday

    Confidential information was exposed because a government contractor was not properly supervised, officials said.

  172. Cleared of Shoplifting, Cowboys Receiver Lucky Whitehead Won’t Be Reinstated Sports, Yesterday

    A man taken into custody in Virginia identified himself as Whitehead, but further investigation revealed it was a case of false identity.

  173. She Hosts ‘Women Who Kill,’ and May Be in Love With One Culture, Yesterday

    In Ingrid Jungermann’s droll comedy, ex-lovers who produce a podcast about serial killers find themselves at odds when a new romantic interest emerges.

  174. ‘Escapes’ Recounts a Hollywood Storyteller’s Inventive Life Culture, Yesterday

    In this engaging documentary, Michael Almereyda looks at the screenwriter Hampton Fancher, one of the seers behind the 1982 “Blade Runner.”

  175. ‘Rumble’ Gives Due to Unheralded Native American Pop Musicians Culture, Yesterday

    Catherine Bainbridge’s “Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World” celebrates performers who never fully got their due for their musical contributions.

  176. In the Hudson Valley, Shakespeare as Man, Myth and Drinking Buddy Culture, Yesterday

    Lauren Gunderson’s “The Book of Will,” making part of its rolling world premiere, finds drama in family relationships and Renaissance publishing.

  177. Senate, John McCain, Jeff Sessions: Your Tuesday Evening Briefing N Y T Now, Yesterday

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  178. Philosopher Who Praised Risk Died Trying to Save Children From Drowning Foreign, Yesterday

    Anne Dufourmantelle, 53, a French philosopher who urged people to take action when facing grave danger, had leapt into rough surf off a beach near St.-Tropez.

  179. Conflicting Statements Led to Uncertainty in Kayak Death Case Metro, Yesterday

    Angelika Graswald’s reduced charges in the drowning of her fiancé in the Hudson River reflected the district attorney’s concerns over an acquittal.

  180. Starboard Value Hedge Fund Wants to Force ComScore to Hold an Annual Meeting Business, Yesterday

    It is the latest instance of an activist shareholder seeking to flex its muscle and change a company’s corporate strategy

  181. Recent Commercial Real Estate Transactions Business, Yesterday

    Recent commercial real estate transactions in New York City.

  182. Your Roomba May Be Mapping Your Home, Collecting Data That Could Be Sold Business, Yesterday

    iRobot, the company that makes the Roomba robotic vacuum, is considering selling the mapping data the devices collect to a company like Google or Amazon.

  183. Sex for Women After 50 Is Important After All, European Court Rules Foreign, Yesterday

    Europe’s top human rights court overturned a Portuguese decision reducing the damages awarded to a woman who was left unable to have sex after a botched surgery in 1995.

  184. The Great Health Care Coverup Krugman, Yesterday

    McConnell’s norm-breaking is a lot like Trump’s.

  185. The Great Health Care Coverup Op Ed, Yesterday

    McConnell’s norm-breaking is a lot like Trump’s.

  186. David Leitch Narrates a Scene From ‘Atomic Blonde’ Culture, Yesterday

    The director discusses an action-heavy sequence featuring Charlize Theron.

  187. Ballet Festival: Skill (Check), Class (Yep), Vision (More, Please) Culture, Yesterday

    Emery LeCrone and Claudia Schreier’s programs at the Joyce had stars (Wendy Whelan!) and sophistication. So why was it not thrilling?

  188. Anatomy of a Scene | ‘Atomic Blonde’ Video, Yesterday

    The director David Leitch narrates a sequence featuring Charlize Theron.

  189. No, Comic Books Are ‘Not a Security Threat,’ T.S.A. Says Business, Yesterday

    United Airlines had mistakenly told travelers returning home from Comic-Con International in San Diego to remove comic books from their checked bags.

  190. 5 Travel Reads for Shark Week Travel, Yesterday

    Don’t let Michael Phelps ruin your “Shark Week.” Read about some of the best shark travel adventures around the world and learn how to share the water with them safely.

  191. What We’re Reading Insider, Yesterday

    Great reads around the web, from Anna Dubenko, Steven Erlanger and others.