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  1. In Towns Already Hit by Factory Closings, a New Casualty: Retail Jobs Business, Today

    Thousands of workers face unemployment as retailers struggle to adapt to online shopping. But even as e-commerce grows, it isn’t absorbing these workers.

  2. Oil Tanker Fire in Pakistan Leaves More Than 140 Dead Foreign, Today

    At least 50 were also seriously injured after people rushed to the overturned tanker to collect leaking fuel and it caught fire, officials said.

  3. A Monument to Gay and Transgender People Is Coming to New York Arts, Today

    Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced that the artist Anthony Goicolea had been selected to design the Hudson River Park monument.

  4. Commando Raids on ISIS Yield Vital Data in Shadowy War Foreign, Today

    Risky Special Operations missions targeting midlevel figures can prove valuable for unearthing information about the Islamic State’s inner circle.

  5. Petra Kvitova Wins Her First Title Since Being Attacked Sports, Today

    Kvitova, who was wounded six months ago by a knife-wielding intruder at her home in the Czech Republic, beat Ashleigh Barty of Australia in the Aegon Classic in Birmingham, England.

  6. For Grieving Parents, Trump Is ‘Speaking for the Dead’ on Immigration National, Today

    Their children died at the hands of undocumented immigrants, and their anguish forms the emotional cornerstone of the president’s signature issue.

  7. In Pursuit of Millennials, More Fun in Sports. But Still No Twerking. Sports, Today

    Sports officials and leagues that have been flailing about to get young adults to care about their games are reaching out to them.

  8. The Time to Retrieve Time’s Time Capsule Is at Hand N.Y. / Region, Today

    Time Inc. will remove a time capsule placed in the Time & Life Building, which it vacated two years ago.

  9. Bloomberg’s Next Anti-Washington Move: $200 Million Program for Mayors National, Today

    Michael R. Bloomberg will announce an initiative to give funds to large cities as an extension of his advocacy for largely liberal policies.

  10. Revered and Feared in the Book Review Insider, Today

    Marilyn Stasio, the Crime columnist for The Times Book Review, has always gravitated to darkness.

  11. Sale of Edward Albee’s Art Collection Will Benefit His Foundation Culture, Today

    The work collected by the playwright, who died last September, is mostly 20th century fine art. Sotheby’s will sell more than 100 items in the fall.

  12. Egyptian President Agrees to Cede 2 Islands to Saudi Arabia Foreign, Yesterday

    President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi ratified an agreement that cedes sovereignty over two Red Sea islands, brushing off widespread public criticism.

  13. What to Cook This Week Dining, Today

    Start with Moroccan lamb, work your way to Somali-style rice, and end with a green goddess chicken.

  14. L.G.B.T.Q. Pride Around the World Video, Today

    Join the celebrations — and reflect on the range of rights — in Dublin, Shanghai, Kiev and other cities during June Pride festivities.

  15. Global News Quiz: King Salman Shocker, Roman Misbehavior and Indian Sedition Interactive, Today

    Did you stay on top of the most important stories last week from around the world? Test your knowledge of international events with our quick quiz, recapping major news headlines from across the globe. To take the quiz, click on an answer, and the correct response will be revealed after you choose.

  16. Global News Quiz: King Salman Shocker, Roman Misbehavior and Indian Sedition Interactive, Today

    Did you stay on top of the most important stories last week from around the world? Test your knowledge of international events with our quick quiz, recapping major news headlines from across the globe. To take the quiz, click on an answer, and the...

  17. Rare G.O.P. Species Runs for New Jersey Governor: A Moderate Metro, Today

    In an era of uncompromising parties, Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno is pursuing the governor’s seat in a traditionally blue state by angling for independent voters.

  18. Lanvin: Spring 2018 Slideshow, Today

    The label’s men’s collection

  19. Lanvin: Spring 2018 Slideshow, Today

    The label’s men’s collection...

  20. Syria Frees Hundreds of Detainees Ahead of Muslim Holiday Foreign, Yesterday

    The justice minister said 672 people were released from prison, including some who had supported the insurgency against the Syrian government.

  21. Medicaid, Pelosi, Trump: Your Weekend Briefing N Y T Now, Today

    Here’s what you need to know about the week’s top stories.

  22. British Parliament Hit by Cyberattack, Affecting Email Access Foreign, Yesterday

    Hackers targeted the British Parliament, leaving many legislators unable to access their emails on Saturday, officials said.

  23. Donald Skunks the Democrats Op Ed, Yesterday

    Four participation trophies later, the Democrats finally take a look in the mirror. Even they aren’t sure who’s staring back.

  24. President Trump, Meet This 2-Year-Old Op Ed, Yesterday

    America and other wealthy countries must not turn their backs on fighting disease and illiteracy.

  25. From Worse to Bad on Health Care Op Ed, Yesterday

    The Senate’s health care bill is a step up from the House’s, but it still deserves to fail.

  26. If We Lose Our Health Care ... Editorial, Yesterday

    We asked Times readers how the Republican bill would affect them. Here are a few of their stories.

  27. Homes That Sold for About $1 Million Real Estate, Today

    Recent residential sales in New York City and the region.

  28. What’s on TV Sunday: Season Premieres of ‘Preacher’ and ‘Power’ Culture, Today

    “Preacher” returns with a vengeance as its stars hit the road in search of God. And “Power” finds Ghost behind bars at the hand of his former love.

  29. Shivani Jhalani, Siddhartha Jha Society, Today

    The bride is in the jewelry business, while the groom works at a hedge fund.

  30. Stacy Diaz, Roberto Cabral Society, Today

    The bride works in education and the groom is a global product manager for GE Healthcare Life Services.

  31. Alison Weaver, Alison Manning Society, Today

    The couple met three years ago on Martha’s Vineyard. They got married there, too.

  32. Anna Gabbay, Yussel Adelstein Society, Today

    She is a lawyer, and he imports Caribbean and Hispanic food products.

  33. Kathleen Farley, David Imamura Society, Today

    The couple met in 2006, during their freshman year at Dartmouth.

  34. Emily Bauman, Todd Drantch Society, Today

    The bride is an art historian pursuing a Ph.D., the groom is a lawyer for the New York City Education Department.

  35. Chelsey Hoffman, Adam Seldon Society, Today

    The couple grew up together, but were reintroduced by the groom’s brother three years ago.

  36. Marla Friedman, Eduardo Weinstein Society, Today

    The couple is to marry in the restaurant at the New-York Historical Society.

  37. Chloe Wardropper, Vanessa Lauber Society, Today

    The couple met through a mutual friend.

  38. Lucie Steinberg, Kamyl Bazbaz Society, Today

    The couple were married at the Eldridge Street Synagogue in New York.

  39. Morgan Watts, Matthew Bush Society, Today

    He, of Harvard, and she, of Wellesley, met at an Owl Club mixer at Harvard.

  40. Kira Elkind, Mark Greenfield Society, Today

    The couple met five years ago a mutual friend’s house on Fire Island, N.Y.

  41. Nicole Rivera, Osyp Lebedowicz Society, Today

    The couple met on Match.com.

  42. Calie Morrow, Michael Beck Society, Today

    The bride and groom met at the University of Michigan, from which they both graduated.

  43. Mary Yurch, Joseph Maiullo IV Society, Today

    The bride and groom met on Tinder about three years ago.

  44. Rachel Greenburg, Matthew Geller Society, Today

    The couple met on the dating app Tinder.

  45. Corey Powell, Michael Bastedo Society, Today

    The grooms work at the University of Michigan, Mr. Powell as a statistics and analytics research consultant, Mr. Bastedo as an education professor.

  46. Amy Davidson, David Sorkin Society, Today

    The couple met in 2013, in a match conceived by a mutual acquaintance on the sideline of a baseball field.

  47. Elizabeth Harlan-Ferlo, Matthew Carillo Society, Today

    The bride teaches English; the groom is a founder of a nanotechnology company.

  48. Amalia Rusconi-Clerici, Adam Greene Society, Today

    The bride and groom met while working for Richard Meier & Partners Architects in New York.

  49. Blythe Casner, Alex Levin Society, Today

    The couple met in December 2011 when their holiday parties merged at a bar in Washington.

  50. Richard Derwostyp Jr., Robert Kiggins Society, Today

    The couple have been together since 1977, when they met at a club in Los Angeles.

  51. Stephanie Kujawski, Kyle Winnick Society, Today

    The couple met on OkCupid, the dating website.

  52. Louise Ward, John Belton Society, Today

    The couple met at Boston College.

  53. Jamie Leithead, Michael Fox Society, Today

    The bride works at Sixpoint Brewery, the groom for Greenport Harbor Brewing Company.

  54. Aneesha Dharwadker, Conor O’Shea Society, Today

    The couple met in graduate school.

  55. Joanna Kurman, Stephen Fega Society, Today

    The couple met at a Halloween party.

  56. Jillian Frost, Gorav Kalyan Society, Today

    The couple met when she was still a teenager, but a relationship didn’t develop until years later, when he came to New York to visit.

  57. Shira Lee Segal, Daniel Silver Society, Today

    The couple met on a blind date that was set up by the bride’s aunt.

  58. Maura Boyce, Oliver Schrang Society, Today

    The bride works for the Children’s Cancer Association. The groom works for Nike and was a helicopter pilot in the Army.

  59. Katherine Schlosstein, Jacob Strumwasser Society, Today

    A friend introduced the couple when they had a chance encounter, but earlier that same day, she had suggested that the groom call the bride.

  60. Marc Cipullo, Septime Webre Society, Today

    The couple were married at the Halcyon House, a center for emerging social entrepreneurs and artists, in Washington.

  61. Victoria Alekhine, Joshua Harlan Society, Today

    The bride works for the Council on Foreign Relations, of which the groom, who has an investment firm, is a member.

  62. Pia Carusone, Leanne Pittsford Society, Today

    The couple was married at the John A. Wilson District Building in Washington by Muriel E. Bowser, the mayor of the District of Columbia.

  63. Kristin Donnelly, Rick Bosh Society, Today

    The couple met in 2010 when they were both producers for day programming at MSNBC.

  64. Quinn Stuebe, Alexander Hearne Society, Today

    The bride works at Elle magazine, the groom at Morgan Stanley.

  65. Amy Sulds, Evan Kaplan Society, Today

    The couple met through OkCupid.

  66. Corrections: June 25, 2017 Corrections, Yesterday

    Corrections appearing in print on Sunday, June 25, 2017.

  67. Mexico Ousts Russia in Confederations Cup Sports, Yesterday

    Mexico and Portugal advanced from Group A to the semifinals as the tournament’s host was assured of an early exit with a 2-1 loss.

  68. DeGrom, a Constant in the Mets’ Rotation, Stymies the Giants Sports, Yesterday

    While others have been on the disabled list, deGrom has not missed a start. In San Francisco, he went eight innings and gave up just one run.

  69. Artists’ Cultural Borrowing Letters, Yesterday

    Is it appropriation or empathy? Readers weigh in on both sides of the argument.

  70. Keni Harrison Wins National Track Title in 100-Meter Hurdles Sports, Yesterday

    Harrison, who holds the world record but did not make the team for the 2016 Olympics, predicted an American sweep at the world championships in London this summer.

  71. Is a Buddhist Group Changing China? Or Is China Changing It? Foreign, Yesterday

    Millions have joined faith organizations like Fo Guang Shan, aiming to fill what they see as a moral vacuum. But to operate in China, groups like Fo Guang Shan must compromise.

  72. A Buddhist Leader on China’s Spiritual Needs Foreign, Yesterday

    The Venerable Master Hsing Yun, one of modern China’s most prominent religious figures, talks about Buddhism’s place in Chinese culture.

  73. Angola’s Corrupt Building Boom: ‘Like Opening a Window and Throwing Out Money’ Foreign, Yesterday

    Angola’s reconstruction presented the politically connected with an opportunity to enrich themselves and their relatives.

  74. Nabra Hassanen and the Lost Innocence of Ramadan IHOP Nights Op Ed, Yesterday

    After the attack that took a girl’s life, will the joyful, all-American tradition Muslim teenagers love ever feel the same?...

  75. Quotation of the Day: ‘Accident Waiting to Happen’: Blame in a Deadly London Fire Summary, Yesterday

    Quotation of the Day for Saturday, June 25, 2017...

  76. L.S.U. and Florida Advance to College World Series Finals Sports, Yesterday

    Florida shut out Texas Christian, and L.S.U. eliminated Oregon State, which finished the season with a 56-6 record.

  77. Red Bulls Herald Robust Rivalry, Then Cower Before N.Y.C.F.C. Sports, Yesterday

    The Red Bulls mustered one weak shot on goal while losing for just the second time in seven regular-season meetings with N.Y.C.F.C.

  78. Bruce Davis, a Charles Manson Follower, Has Parole Blocked for Fifth Time National, Yesterday

    California’s governor said Mr. Davis, who participated in a string of Manson-led murders in 1969, was still a danger to society.

  79. Cropped Games, Yesterday

    Jacob Stulberg cultivates some weekend delights.

  80. N.H.L.’s Connor McDavid, M.V.P. at 20, Is Still Pursuing His Idol Sports, Yesterday

    Despite his individual honors, McDavid knows he has a long ways to go to match Sidney Crosby’s team accomplishments.

  81. Oracle Team USA Finally Breaks Through at the America’s Cup Sports, Yesterday

    Emirates Team New Zealand, the challenger, won Saturday’s first race, but the American boat forged an 11-second victory in the second to cut the Kiwis’ lead to 4-1.

  82. Red Auerbach Told Bill Russell, ‘I’m the Coach and You’ll Fit’ Sports, Yesterday

    Russell, the Boston Celtics star, recalls in a Q. and A. how he and his peers transformed basketball and perceptions of blacks in professional sports.

  83. Hermès: Spring 2018 Slideshow, Yesterday

    This label’s spring 2018 collection.

  84. Hermès: Spring 2018 Slideshow, Yesterday

    This label’s spring 2018 collection.

  85. 2 Giant Pandas Arrive to Warm Welcome in Berlin Foreign, Yesterday

    Meng Meng, which means Sweet Dream, and Jiao Qing, or Darling, arrived in Berlin from China on Saturday. The two are on loan for about $1 million a year.

  86. She Was Named World’s Ugliest Dog, but ‘She’s Just Darling’ National, Yesterday

    Martha, a 125-pound Neapolitan mastiff, was awarded the dubious annual distinction at the Sonoma-Marin County Fair in California.

  87. Islanders, in Revamp Mode, Send Travis Hamonic to the Flames Sports, Yesterday

    The team received three high draft picks in return for the popular defenseman. It was one of numerous trades the team made this past week in a salary-cap dump.

  88. How Many Dishes Can There Be To Wash? Interactive, Yesterday

    When Ammar is late coming home, Raghida can't stop thinking about his arrest in Syria.​...

  89. How Many Dishes Can There Be To Wash? Interactive, Yesterday

    When Ammar is late coming home, Raghida can't stop thinking about his arrest in Syria.​

  90. Balmain: Spring 2018 Slideshow, Yesterday

    Olivier Rousteing shows his latest collection.

  91. Balmain: Spring 2018 Slideshow, Yesterday

    Olivier Rousteing shows his latest collection.

  92. Men Don’t Want to Be Nurses. Their Wives Agree. Op Ed, Yesterday

    There’s one way to help unemployed men get jobs. But they’re not interested.

  93. The Real Threat of Artificial Intelligence Op Ed, Yesterday

    It’s not robot overlords. It’s economic inequality and a new global order.

  94. I Am Not a ‘Paki,’ Not a Terrorist. I Am Nobody but Myself. Op Ed, Yesterday

    A child of immigrants, I didn’t know my history. How could I know who I was?...

  95. Men Can Be So Hormonal Op Ed, Yesterday

    High levels of testosterone can make them overconfident, even when they’re wrong.

  96. Sacrificing Black Lives for the American Lie Op Ed, Yesterday

    Justice for Philando Castile would have required whites to give up the myth of a post-racial nation.

  97. Mexico Eliminates Host Russia From Confederations Cup Sports, Yesterday

    The winners secured a place in the semifinals of the World Cup warm-up tournament, and Portugal also advanced after beating New Zealand.

  98. For W.N.B.A.’s Oldest Rookie, a Lot of Persistence Goes a Long Way Sports, Yesterday

    After playing for years overseas, Yvonne Turner of the Phoenix Mercury is still coming to grips with the fact that she has finally reached her goal, at age 29.

  99. Variety Puzzle: Acrostic Games, Yesterday

    Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon #keepcalmandcarryon.

  100. Yankees’ Youth Movement Suffers a Big Loss to Texas Sports, Yesterday

    Only one player in the Yankees’ lineup on Saturday was older than 30, a reflection of the team’s commitment to getting younger.

  101. Philadelphia Phillies’ Rebuild Is a Slow Process Sports, Yesterday

    The Phillies’ general manager says his team, which has the worst record in the majors, is going through what other teams did in working their way back.