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  1. Goldman Sachs Is Remaking Itself (Again) Business, Today

    After a tough few years, the bank is hoping its first “investor day” on Wednesday will help it return to Wall Street favor.

  2. ‘There’s No Playbook’: Recalling the Pain of Lost Teammates Sports, Today

    Kobe Bryant’s death brought back difficult memories for those close to Thurman Munson and Roberto Clemente, two other athletes who died in accidents near the peak of their fame.

  3. $612? $240? Here’s What Divides Tesla Bulls From Bears Business, Today

    Faith in Elon Musk’s company has driven its stock to new heights. But detractors think their skepticism will be vindicated in the end.

  4. House Democrats to Unveil $760 Billion Infrastructure Plan U.S., Today

    The framework will outline investment over the next five years and provide a foundation for legislation that is currently being drafted or debated in House committees.

  5. Morning Moods The Learning Network, Today

    How do you typically greet the day?

  6. Mike Pompeo’s NPR Interview Left a Lot to Be Considered, Seth Meyers Says Arts, Today

    Meyers advised Pompeo to “maybe don’t go on a show called ‘All Things Considered’” if he didn’t want to be asked questions about “all things.”

  7. Word + Quiz: indomitable The Learning Network, Today

    This word has appeared in 82 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year.

  8. What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ and ‘Night on Earth’ Arts, Today

    A horror blockbuster is available to stream on HBO platforms. And a new Netflix nature series captures the outdoors at night.

  9. Israel, Coronavirus, Huawei: Your Wednesday Briefing Briefing, Today

    Here’s what you need to know.

  10. Coronavirus Live Updates: Americans Evacuated from China, as Death Toll Rises World, Today

    A plane carrying more than 200 American evacuees from the outbreak hot zone landed in Alaska, hours after Chinese officials confirmed nearly 6,000 cases of the mysterious illness.

  11. Quotation of the Day: Two Allies Draw Map With Voters in Mind Corrections, Yesterday

    Quotation of the Day for Wednesday, January 29, 2020.

  12. Arts Collective Founder to Lead a Children’s Museum Arts, Yesterday

    Seth Cameron of the Bruce High Quality Foundation will be the next head of the Children’s Museum of the Arts.

  13. Pentagon Now Says 50 U.S. Troops Sustained Brain Injuries in Iran Strike U.S., Yesterday

    President Trump last week dismissed the symptoms as “headaches.”

  14. Corrections: Jan. 29, 2020 Corrections, Yesterday

    Corrections that appeared in print on Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2020.

  15. Biden Aides Weigh Pursuing an Iowa Caucus Alliance With Klobuchar U.S., Yesterday

    Amy Klobuchar’s campaign signaled no interest in such a plan, under which each candidate would encourage supporters to back the other in certain precincts.

  16. Give Us Back What Our Ancestors Made Opinion, Yesterday

    Africans shouldn’t have to travel to Western museums to see the artworks looted from their continent.

  17. Would a Terrain Warning System Have Helped Prevent the Kobe Bryant Crash? U.S., Yesterday

    The N.T.S.B. has long advised installing ground warning systems on helicopters, but the aircraft carrying Mr. Bryant did not have the voluntary system.

  18. Increase the Stakes Crosswords & Games, Yesterday

    Jeremy Newton would absolutely love it if you solved his puzzle.

  19. Kobe Bryant Saw His Greatness Mirrored in Gianna Sports, Yesterday

    In this week’s newsletter, Marc Stein talks with God Shammgod about the time Kobe called in the elite ballhandler to teach Gianna his signature move.

  20. For Some Resorts, Multi-Mountain Passes Mean Crowded Slopes and Longer Lift Lines Travel, Yesterday

    The popularity of IKON and Epic passes have ski resorts cutting off weekend sales at the windows and warning crowds on social media to stay home.

  21. Buscaba exponer los secretos del fútbol y se topó también con los de la mujer más rica de África en Español, Yesterday

    El hacker portugués que destapó los entretelones del negocio futbolístico descubrió documentos relacionados con la fortuna de Isabel dos Santos.

  22. For John Bolton, an ‘Upside-Down World’ After Trump Revelation U.S., Yesterday

    Democrats who once derided him now want him to testify at President Trump’s impeachment trial while some of his erstwhile Republican friends are throwing him to the curb.

  23. Day 7 of Trump’s Trial: The Defense Rests Opinion, Yesterday

    No further witnesses, Your Honor.

  24. Police Officer Charged With Murder in Killing of Handcuffed Suspect in Maryland U.S., Yesterday

    Michael Owen, a Prince George’s County police corporal, shot William H. Green seven times while he was handcuffed in a patrol car, the authorities said.

  25. At Rally, Trump Praises Van Drew for Leaving ‘Deranged’ Democratic Party U.S., Yesterday

    The president traveled to Wildwood, N.J., to return a political favor for a former moderate Democrat who last month switched parties and pledged his “undying support.”

  26. The Last Ads in Iowa U.S., Yesterday

    It’s time for the candidates’ final TV pitches to caucusgoers — and these ads can tell us a lot.

  27. Pompeo Called Me a ‘Liar.’ That’s Not What Bothers Me. Opinion, Yesterday

    Journalists are supposed to ask tough questions, then share the answers — or lack thereof — with the world.

  28. Impeachment Enters Volatile New Phase as Senators Get to Ask Their Questions U.S., Yesterday

    Under impeachment’s arcane rules, senators will submit written queries to be read aloud by the chief justice. Leaders from both parties have strategized for days about what to ask.

  29. A Muted Arab Response to Trump's Mideast Peace Plan World, Yesterday

    The U.S. is banking on Arab leaders to help make its plan for ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict work. It is not clear how realistic that is.

  30. ¿Qué significa el testimonio de John Bolton para Donald Trump? en Español, Yesterday

    El presidente de Estados Unidos ha sobrevivido a varios escándalos en los últimos tres años; ahora quizás enfrenta la revelación más seria de su presidencia.

  31. A Deal That Has Two Elections, Rather Than Mideast Peace, as Its Focus World, Yesterday

    The Israeli-Palestinian peace plan unveiled by President Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sounds more like a road map for their own futures than for the Middle East.

  32. Is Trump Bibi’s Chump? Opinion, Yesterday

    The president needs to demand a commitment so he doesn’t get played.

  33. On the Day Democrats Vote in Iowa, Trump Plans to Flood the Zone U.S., Yesterday

    Roughly 80 members of Congress, cabinet secretaries and administration officials will descend on the state to drive voter enthusiasm and make a show of force.

  34. Impeachment Briefing: John Roberts’s Role U.S., Yesterday

    A conversation with The Times’s Supreme Court correspondent about how the chief justice fits into the impeachment trial.

  35. Researchers Are Racing to Make a Coronavirus Vaccine. Will It Help? Health, Yesterday

    New technology and better coordination have sped up development. But a coronavirus vaccine is still months — and most likely years — away.

  36. How to Avoid the Coronavirus? Wash Your Hands Opinion, Yesterday

    I covered the SARS outbreak as a reporter in China, and I saw that common sense is the best defense against viral illness.

  37. How Do Bats Live With So Many Viruses? Science, Yesterday

    They are considered the probable source of the coronavirus outbreak spreading from China. It turns out that they may have an immune system that lets them coexist with many disease-causing viruses.

  38. Ordinary or ‘Enemy’? How Jay Powell Is Positioning the Fed in a Fraught Era Business, Yesterday

    Jerome H. Powell is a pragmatist, and one who is quietly insulating an embattled Federal Reserve often in President Trump’s cross hairs.

  39. Bolton Book Puts New Focus on Trump’s Actions in Turkey and China Cases U.S., Yesterday

    Interventions in Justice Department proceedings draw scrutiny after the former national security adviser raised concerns about the president’s embrace of authoritarian leaders.

  40. Bolton Book Puts New Focus on Trump’s Actions in Turkey and China Cases U.S., Yesterday

    Interventions in Justice Department proceedings draw scrutiny after the former national security adviser raised concerns about the president’s embrace of authoritarian leaders.

  41. Washington Post Says Reporter’s Kobe Bryant Tweets Did Not Break Rules Business, Yesterday

    After more than 300 Post employees rallied to her defense, the paper relented and allowed Felicia Sonmez to go back to work.

  42. Washington Post Says Reporter’s Kobe Bryant Tweets Did Not Break Rules Business, Yesterday

    After more than 300 Post employees rallied to her defense, the paper relented and allowed Felicia Sonmez to go back to work.

  43. F.D.A. Warns Purell to Stop Claiming It Can Prevent Ebola or Flu Health, Yesterday

    The Food and Drug Administration told the maker of Purell hand sanitizers to discontinue marketing campaigns that the agency complained also included claims for avoiding illness from other viruses.

  44. Harriet Frank Jr., Writer of Challenging Screenplays, Dies at 96 Movies, Yesterday

    She and her husband, Irving Ravetch, were among Hollywood’s most successful and literate script writers, collaborating on movies like “Hud” and “Norma Rae.”

  45. When Your Best Surrogate Can’t Talk U.S., Yesterday

    Not everyone running for president is comfortable around dogs. But some 2020 contenders have made their canine companions into campaign stars.

  46. When Your Best Surrogate Can’t Talk U.S., Yesterday

    Not everyone running for president is comfortable around dogs. But some 2020 contenders have made their canine companions into campaign stars.

  47. Arnold Aronson, Who Revitalized Saks in the ’80s, Dies at 85 Business, Yesterday

    He transformed a venerable retail chain with a “dowager image” by courting baby boomers, renovating its flagship store and expanding its national reach.

  48. For 25 Years in Prison, He Said He Was Innocent. A Judge Just Agreed New York, Yesterday

    Rafael Ruiz always maintained he did not take part in a gang rape in 1984.

  49. For 25 Years in Prison, He Said He Was Innocent. A Judge Just Agreed New York, Yesterday

    Rafael Ruiz always maintained he did not take part in a gang rape in 1984.

  50. John Bolton Gets the Last Laugh Opinion, Yesterday

    He’s the president’s bane and impeachment’s star.

  51. McConnell says he doesn’t yet have the votes to block Democrats from calling witnesses. U.S., Yesterday

    The majority leader was trying to push his colleagues into making up their minds against expanding the scope of the trial.

  52. Barr, Targeting Anti-Semitic Crimes, Enters Bail Reform Fray New York, Yesterday

    The attorney general levied federal hate-crime charges against a woman accused of anti-Semitic assaults, including one after she was released without bail.

  53. Impeachment, Israel, Roger Federer: Your Tuesday Evening Briefing Briefing, Yesterday

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  54. Wuhan Coronavirus Map: Tracking the Spread of the Outbreak Interactive, Yesterday

    The virus has sickened more than 5,500 people in China and a handful in other countries.

  55. Trump’s Defense Team Discounts Bolton as Republicans Work to Hold Off Witnesses U.S., Yesterday

    The president’s legal team completed its impeachment defense and Republicans huddled to discuss whether to call new witnesses.

  56. Kobe Bryant, Philly Guy Sports, Yesterday

    He became an icon in Los Angeles and spent part of his childhood in Italy, but Kobe Bryant had Philadelphia in his bones. His high school team played Tuesday night.

  57. Should You Be Worried About the Coronavirus? Opinion, Yesterday

    Public health experts explain the risks and what we still don’t know.

  58. Pro-Israel Democratic Super PAC to Air Attack Ads Against Bernie Sanders U.S., Yesterday

    The group, the Democratic Majority for Israel, will begin airing a negative campaign spot on Wednesday, as worries mount among moderate Democrats that Mr. Sanders could win the Iowa caucuses.

  59. Wuhan Coronavirus Map: Tracking the Spread of the Outbreak Interactive, Yesterday

    The virus has sickened more than 4,500 people in China and a handful in other countries.

  60. The Grammys, Dissected: Out With the Old, in With the Billie, Lizzo and Tyler Arts, Yesterday

    Did the deserving artists win? Was Aerosmith terrible? The debates rage on our post-awards show.

  61. Pompeo’s Rage Aimed at NPR Reporter Opinion, Yesterday

    A reader writes that the secretary of state called the media “unhinged,” but “one has to wonder who is really unhinged?”

  62. A Young Fan’s Selfie Captured Kobe Bryant a Day Before Fatal Crash U.S., Yesterday

    Coaches and players say Mr. Bryant, who had partnered with a sports academy, nurtured many young talents while leading his daughter Gianna’s team.

  63. A Young Fan’s Selfie Captured Kobe Bryant a Day Before Fatal Crash U.S., Yesterday

    Coaches and players say Mr. Bryant, who had partnered with a sports academy, nurtured many young talents while leading his daughter Gianna’s team.

  64. New iPhones Fuel Strong Profit for Apple Technology, Yesterday

    Apple found renewed growth with an increase in phone sales as well as younger products, like the Apple Watch, AirPods and its subscription services.

  65. Republicans huddle on witnesses after Trump team wraps up. U.S., Yesterday

    Republican senators rushed to a meeting to discuss what to do about witnesses for the trial.

  66. Containing the Coronavirus: Countries Limit Travel to China World, Yesterday

    With cases spiking in China and early signs of a spread outside Asia, Hong Kong severely cut back transportation to the mainland.

  67. For Senator Kelly Loeffler, Impeachment Is an Early Proving Ground U.S., Yesterday

    The Georgia Republican was sworn in as the Senate’s newest member just in time to sit for the impeachment trial against President Trump.

  68. J. Crew Names Former Victoria’s Secret Executive Its C.E.O. Business, Yesterday

    Jan Singer will take over the struggling retailer, which has been without a permanent leader since late 2018.

  69. White House legal team made the case for calling Bolton, Schiff says. U.S., Yesterday

    The concept of allowing one Democratic witness for one Republican witness is “not a game we’re interested in playing,” the lawmaker said.

  70. Trump Plan’s First Result: Israel Will Claim Sovereignty Over Part of West Bank World, Yesterday

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his government would effectively annex nearly a third of the occupied West Bank, with U.S. approval.

  71. How the Star of ‘1917’ Pulled Off That Thrilling Final Run Movies, Yesterday

    George MacKay tried to dodge extras in a scene that took hours to set up. So when he unexpectedly collided with them — twice — he kept going.

  72. Ben Smith of BuzzFeed Named New York Times Media Columnist Business, Yesterday

    Mr. Smith will leave the news organization where he has been editor in chief since 2012.

  73. U.S. Budget Deficit to Top $1 Trillion for Next Decade Business, Yesterday

    The Congressional Budget Office sees low interest rates, slow growth and big deficits through 2029.

  74. ‘Housewives’ Star and Dogs Toast Avenue Magazine Style, Yesterday

    And stars of NBC shows reunite midseason.

  75. Avenue Magazine Celebrates Its Return Slideshow, Yesterday

    And stars of NBC shows reunite midseason.

  76. Bitcoin Has Lost Steam. But Criminals Still Love It. Technology, Yesterday

    The police hoped that taking down online black markets would chase away criminals. But the amount of Bitcoin spent on illegal purposes has reached a new high.

  77. No Australian Has Won an Australian Open Singles Title Since the ’70s. Can Barty? Sports, Yesterday

    Ashleigh Barty is two wins away from winning a Grand Slam title in her home country, as the top-ranked player left in a draw without Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka and other big names.

  78. Abstinencia: la recomendación del gobierno de Bolsonaro a los adolescentes en Español, Yesterday

    La ministra de la Mujer y la Familia en Brasil diseñó una campaña de educación sexual con un grupo religioso, algo que ha abierto el debate sobre la separación entre Iglesia y Estado.

  79. Coronavirus, Huawei in Britain, Impeachment: Your Wednesday Briefing Briefing, Yesterday

    Here’s what you need to know.

  80. Romney takes contraband onto the Senate floor: a bottle of chocolate milk. U.S., Yesterday

    He promptly exited and returned with the milk in a glass.

  81. Was Letterman Really Such a Bad Oscar Host? He Still Thinks So Movies, Yesterday

    In an interview, he describes it as “the greatest professional embarrassment I’ve ever endured.” But we’d argue he was actually one of the better hosts the ceremony has seen.

  82. What C-SPAN viewers didn’t see once the defense ended its arguments. U.S., Yesterday

    Lawyerly camaraderie was on full display, but some of the most intriguing interactions came from some of the senators themselves.

  83. With Senators Stuck in Washington, Surrogates Get Starring Role in Iowa U.S., Yesterday

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. An Olympic curling coach. A host of ‘Queer Eye.’ At house parties and rallies, stand-ins for the candidates hit the trail in Iowa.

  84. Johnson Risks a Rift with Trump by Granting New Access to Huawei World, Yesterday

    Despite the Trump administration’s effort to persuade Britain to bar the Chinese technology giant from its new broadband network, Boris Johnson decided to grant Huawei limited access.

  85. After a Great Escape, Roger Federer Will Face Djokovic Sports, Yesterday

    Federer saved seven match points against Tennys Sandgren in the fourth set of their Australian Open quarterfinal and will now play Novak Djokovic for the 50th time.

  86. The Flawed Humanity of Silicon Valley Opinion, Yesterday

    Behind the scenes of the surveillance economy.

  87. Cipollone calls on senators to ‘end the era of impeachment.’ U.S., Yesterday

    There was no soaring language. No long, involved narratives about guilt or innocence. No detailed examinations of the facts bolstering the president’s case.

  88. Weaponizing Truth Against Opioids Opinion, Yesterday

    A decades-old campaign that knew how to talk to teenagers persuaded millions of them to never start smoking. Can it now persuade them never to misuse opioids?

  89. Senate adjourns just before 3 p.m. U.S., Yesterday

    Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, drew scattered applause when he made a plea for brevity.

  90. The Groundbreaking Artist Who’s Not Slowing Down at 93 Opinion, Yesterday

    In the first film from our Sundance 2020 series, meet Betye Saar, who says her weapon is art.

  91. Betye Saar: Taking Care of Business Video, Yesterday

    In the first film from our Sundance 2020 series, meet Betye Saar, who says her weapon is art.

  92. ‘Beanpole’ Review: The War Has Ended. Their Fight Is Endless. Movies, Yesterday

    Set in the aftermath of World War II, this dazzling movie centers on two friends who are each casualties of a historical trauma.

  93. Will There Be Witnesses? Awaiting a Senate Vote Opinion, Yesterday

    Readers discuss whether enough Republicans will defy their leadership and vote to hear from John Bolton. Also: The New York Civil Liberties Union, on bail reform.

  94. Tiny Love Stories: ‘His Shirtless Picture Caught My Eye’ Style, Yesterday

    Modern Love in miniature, featuring reader-submitted stories of no more than 100 words.

  95. The Hottest Puffer in Sundance Style, Yesterday

    The coat everyone wants is a coat only a select few can get.

  96. Governor Cuomo, Pardon This Man Opinion, Yesterday

    Tyrone Abraham served his time. His story shows what happens when a state’s criminal justice system collides with federal immigration enforcement.

  97. Governor Cuomo, Pardon This Man Opinion, Yesterday

    Tyrone Abraham served his time. His story shows what happens when a state’s criminal justice system collides with federal immigration enforcement.

  98. Billie Eilish: Gen Z’s Outrageous Fashion Role Model Fashion, Yesterday

    The Grammy-winning artist is reinventing conventional notions of femininity.

  99. Officials Recover Remains at U.S. Military Plane Crash Site in Afghanistan U.S., Yesterday

    Military officials said that they had recovered two sets of remains from the two-person plane, and that the crash did not appear to be caused by enemy fire.

  100. When Deval Patrick Came to Visit Opinion, Yesterday

    The former Massachusetts governor’s endorsement interview, and what the board had to say after he left the room.

  101. Trump praises Pompeo over his Ukraine-related dispute with an NPR reporter. U.S., Yesterday

    “That reporter couldn’t have done too good a job on you yesterday, huh?” Mr. Trump said to Mr. Pompeo, with a half-smile on his face. “I think you did a good job on her, actually.”

  102. Mother of ‘Success Kid’ Demands Steve King Stop Using His Meme U.S., Yesterday

    She fears the copyrighted photo of her son, now 13, will become associated with the “bigotry” of Representative King, an Iowa Republican who used it in a campaign fund-raising ad.

  103. Sekulow points to denials surrounding Bolton’s recollections. U.S., Yesterday

    Jay Sekulow did not directly assert that the accusations in the unpublished manuscript by John R. Bolton, as reported by The New York Times, were false.

  104. Kobe Bryant’s Death and the Pitfalls for Big Brands Business, Yesterday

    Companies have gotten skilled at producing topical ads. But after bungling other recent celebrity deaths, they are showing some tact this time around.

  105. Murkowski’s comments on Bolton kindle speculation. U.S., Yesterday

    “I’ve said that I think that Mr. Bolton probably has some things that would be helpful for us,” Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska said.

  106. Australian Open 2020: Matches to Watch on Tuesday Night (Into Wednesday) Sports, Yesterday

    The second day of quarterfinals, starting on Wednesday in Australia, will be live for United States audiences starting Tuesday evening. Here’s what to watch for.

  107. Quality Bistro Offers French Fare in a Grand Space Food, Yesterday

    Ginjan Café, specializing in the West African ginger drink, opens; a Williamsburg spot pays tribute to London’s Famous Curry Bazaar; and more restaurant news.

  108. 2 Republicans back proposal to privately see Bolton’s manuscript. U.S., Yesterday

    “That manuscript is pertinent and we should get access to that manuscript to see what they’re actually saying,” Senator James Lankford said.

  109. Anyone but Trump … and Warren or Sanders? Opinion, Yesterday

    Readers react to Bret Stephens’s argument that the Democrats’ far-left candidates are as “reckless” as the president, leaving “none of the above” as a viable option.

  110. ‘The Good Place’ Finale Finds the Meaning of Life: ‘Yep, Nailed It’ Arts, Yesterday

    Just kidding. The creator of the acclaimed sitcom, Michael Schur, discusses political parallels, silly tortures and what the show had to say about “the impossibility of being alive.”

  111. Joni Ernst Asks if Impeachment Trial Will Turn Iowa Caucusgoers Against Biden. They Answer. U.S., Yesterday

    As Mr. Biden campaigned in the state, residents appeared unmoved: “I don’t think much about anything Joni Ernst says.”

  112. When Bantering With the Crowd Is the Whole Point Arts, Yesterday

    Moshe Kasher, Andrew Schulz, Judah Friedlander and other stand-ups are trying to elevate an aspect of live comedy often overlooked on specials.

  113. In Iowa, Biden seizes on Republican senator’s comments. U.S., Yesterday

    At an event on Tuesday in Muscatine, Iowa, Mr. Biden quoted Ms. Ernst’s comments.

  114. At the White House: Trump unveils Middle East peace plan moments before trial resumes. U.S., Yesterday

    Rather than a serious blueprint for peace, analysts called it a political document by a president in the middle of an impeachment trial working in tandem with a prime minister under criminal indictment.

  115. There Are Glowing Seesaws in Midtown and New Yorkers Are Losing It New York, Yesterday

    A quick pick-me-up (and drop me down!) in the heart of the busy city.

  116. Trump Releases Mideast Peace Plan That Strongly Favors Israel World, Yesterday

    The plan would discard the longtime goal of granting the Palestinians a full-fledged state. President Trump called it “a win-win” for both sides; Palestinian leaders immediately rejected it.

  117. Schumer keeps focus on witnesses. U.S., Yesterday

    The senator from New York attacks one of President Trump’s attorneys: “He has the nerve and the gall to get up there and say that there is no eyewitness testimony when we know that John Bolton has eyewitness testimony and is willing to testify?”

  118. Chipotle Is Fined $1.4 Million in Vast Child Labor Case Business, Yesterday

    Massachusetts said Chipotle let teenagers work too many hours per week and too late on school nights. The chain settled without admitting to the estimated 13,000 violations.

  119. Fotis Dulos, Charged With Killing His Wife, Jennifer, Attempts Suicide New York, Yesterday

    Mr. Dulos apparently tried to kill himself at home in Connecticut. His wife had gone missing after dropping off their five children at school.

  120. Fotis Dulos, Charged With Killing His Wife, Jennifer, Attempts Suicide New York, Yesterday

    Mr. Dulos apparently tried to kill himself at home in Connecticut. His wife had gone missing after dropping off their five children at school.

  121. Pop-Up Dinners That Share a Culture, Course by Course Food, Yesterday

    A new wave of cooks are hosting meals that explore their personal memories and culinary traditions.

  122. A Kreung Dinner Slideshow, Yesterday

    For a summer meal, Chinchakriya Un and her mother, Kim Eng Mann, made lobster with Cambodian spices, rice and grilled corn in coconut milk at the King Tai bar in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

  123. Honeysuckle at Plowshare Farms Slideshow, Yesterday

    Omar Tate served his dinner honoring the black history of Philadelphia in a historic barn at Plowshare Farms.

  124. Pakistan’s First Social Media Star and the Forces That Enabled Her Murder Books, Yesterday

    Sanam Maher’s “A Woman Like Her” tells the story of Qandeel Baloch, a figure of intense fascination and outrage who insisted on living on her own terms.

  125. Chains, Shackles and Threats: Testimony on Torture Takes a Dramatic Turn U.S., Yesterday

    In a hearing at Guantánamo Bay, an architect of the C.I.A. interrogation program said he told the accused mastermind of the 9/11 attacks: “I will cut your son’s throat.”

  126. Fort Worth Embraces Its Cowboy Culture Business, Yesterday

    The Texas city hopes to become a center of sports and entertainment with the opening of Dickies Arena and plans to modernize its Stockyards district.

  127. Renault Chooses Volkswagen Executive as New C.E.O. Business, Yesterday

    Luca de Meo, a marketing specialist, will need to repair the French carmaker’s troubled alliance with Nissan.

  128. The Killer Neural Wiring That Links Eyes and Wings in 2 Predators Science, Yesterday

    An ancient ancestor’s visual system helps dragonflies and jewel wing damselflies capture prey in very different ways.

  129. ‘How Am I Going to Dance to This?’ Ratmansky’s New Music Frontier Arts, Yesterday

    At New York City Ballet, the choreographer Alexei Ratmansky is branching out with an idiosyncratic score by the experimental composer Peter Ablinger.

  130. John Kelly, Trump’s former aide, says he believes Bolton and wants witnesses. U.S., Yesterday

    The president’s former chief of staff spoke Monday night in Florida.

  131. ‘The 2020 Oscar Nominated Short Films’ Review: Nothing to Laugh About Movies, Yesterday

    The 15 short films nominated in three Oscar categories are mainly serious and often grim.

  132. A Lasting Friendship: Kobe Bryant and His High School English Teacher U.S., Yesterday

    He was an N.B.A. star, his face known around the world. But when he returned to Lower Merion High School outside Philadelphia, he still called her Mrs. Mastriano.

  133. Kenya’s New Digital IDs May Exclude Millions of Minorities World, Yesterday

    Millions face hurdles in obtaining documents to get a biometric ID card that will be required to function in the country. Without one, “you are totally a living dead,” a human rights advocate said.

  134. Impeachment Trial Highlights: Trump’s Lawyers Confront Bolton Allegations and Conclude Defense U.S., Yesterday

    The president’s lawyer spoke about the damage wrought by partisanship in a final appeal to the closely divided Senate to acquit Mr. Trump.

  135. Republican senator suggests White House defense could hurt Biden in Iowa caucuses. U.S., Yesterday

    In separate comments, Ms. Ernst said that she thought the White House counsel’s presentation “opened the eyes” of Iowans.

  136. There might be a strategic reason the trial is slowing down. U.S., Yesterday

    Bolton’s revelations may be fueling a push for witnesses among Republicans, which would prolong the trial.

  137. A Classic Midwestern Dish Becomes a Talking Point in Iowa Food, Yesterday

    Amy Klobuchar is deploying her Minnesota hot dish at voter house parties, but it may be a hard sell outside her home state.

  138. China Will Admit International Experts to Help Contain Coronavirus Outbreak Health, Yesterday

    As W.H.O. coordinates scientific teams, federal officials plan to expand screening of travelers from China to 20 ports of entry in the U.S.

  139. U.S. Accuses Harvard Scientist of Concealing Chinese Funding U.S., Yesterday

    Prosecutors say Charles M. Lieber, the chair of Harvard’s chemistry department, lied about contacts with a Chinese state-run initiative that seeks to draw foreign-educated talent.

  140. Trump sees witnesses as increasingly likely. U.S., Yesterday

    After the assertions from his national security adviser, the president appeared resigned to the possibility of witnesses, peopel close to him said.

  141. IMPEACH Slideshow, Yesterday


  142. Carnegie Hall’s New Season: Here’s What We Want to Hear Arts, Yesterday

    Rhiannon Giddens, Jordi Savall, Yannick Nézet-Séguin and Andrew Norman are among the featured artists.

  143. Television critic in chief attacks Fox. U.S., Yesterday

    Despite pro-Trump programming in the mornings and prime-time, Fox News has irked Mr. Trump when he detects any hint of disloyalty.

  144. Democratic senators describe Dershowitz’s presentation as ‘word salad’ and ‘nonsensical.’ U.S., Yesterday

    “It’s an embarrassing day for Harvard Law School,” Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat of Rhode Island, said.

  145. At Anton’s, Appetites Shaped by an Older New York Food, Yesterday

    In a stripped-down tavern, the chef Nick Anderer serves chopped liver, Ukrainian ham and other immigrant foods that helped form the city’s palate.

  146. The Food of a Vanishing New York at Anton’s, in the West Village Slideshow, Yesterday

    In a stripped-down corner tavern, the chef Nick Anderer conjures up a vision of the city before he was born.

  147. A look at the impeachment teams in their own words. U.S., Yesterday

    Here is a look at the opposing legal teams.

  148. Everything You Think You Know About Housing Is Probably Wrong Arts, Yesterday

    In cities, many people think “density” means crowded neighborhoods and greedy developers, but a new show at the Skyscraper Museum tells a different story.

  149. Democrats reject ‘baloney’ idea of trading for witnesses. U.S., Yesterday

    “This idea of bargaining — ‘Well, we’ll give you one irrelevant witness for one material witness’ — baloney,” Senator Dick Durbin said.

  150. Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Invisible) Opinion, Yesterday

    A Trump loyalist who doesn’t want to admit it.

  151. Voting Will Be Easier in a Key State for the Presidential Race U.S., Yesterday

    In Arizona, where elections are getting closer, a federal appeals court undid strict limits on ballot collection and votes cast at the wrong precinct.

  152. What to expect today at the trial. U.S., Yesterday

    The defense’s arguments will resume at 1 p.m.

  153. Someone Tried to Hack My Phone. Technology Researchers Accused Saudi Arabia. Reader Center, Yesterday

    From a suspicious text message I received, technology researchers concluded that hackers working for Saudi Arabia had targeted my phone with powerful Israeli software.

  154. How Impeachment Puts Doug Jones in a No-Win Situation in Alabama U.S., Yesterday

    Mr. Jones, the lone Democratic senator from the Deep South, is in a precarious political position as he cautiously approaches impeachment in a state where President Trump is immensely popular.

  155. Un desafío para Chile y el mundo en Español, Yesterday

    ¿Las élites políticas, muchas veces ciegas a las necesidades de las mayorías, podrán atender las demandas de los ciudadanos radicalizados y descontentos?

  156. Kesha’s Week: Digging Springsteen and Meeting Nicolas Cage Arts, Yesterday

    The pop singer and songwriter shared what she watched, wore, listened to and read over 48 hours.

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    A city with tree-lined streets, movie studios and prices that are rising for single-family houses and holding steady for condos.

  158. Coronavirus Crisis Exposes Cracks in China’s Facade of Unity Business, Yesterday

    With anger rising over the response to the coronavirus outbreak, even some with ties to China’s leaders have called for acknowledging divisions, not papering them over.

  159. A Tour of Burbank, Calif. Slideshow, Yesterday

    A city with tree-lined streets, movie studios and prices that are rising for single-family houses and holding steady for condos.

  160. Recent Commercial Real Estate Transactions Business, Yesterday

    Recent commercial real estate transactions in New York.

  161. ‘National Lampoon: Lemmings’ Reboot Coming to New York Arts, Yesterday

    “Lemmings: 21st Century,” a satire on modern festival culture, will have a two-night engagement in March.

  162. Young Crash Victims Shared Kobe Bryant’s Passion for Basketball U.S., Yesterday

    Tuesday: More details emerge about the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant. Also: An early encounter with the star.

  163. ‘Why We’re Polarized,’ by Ezra Klein: An Excerpt Books, Yesterday

    An excerpt from “Why We’re Polarized,” by Ezra Klein

  164. Ex-King of Belgium Acknowledges a Long-Dismissed Daughter World, Yesterday

    After a court-ordered DNA test, the 85-year-old King Albert II, who abdicated in 2013, conceded that he was the biological father of the artist Delphine Boël, 51.

  165. Trans Athlete Chris Mosier on Qualifying for the Olympic Trials Sports, Yesterday

    Mosier is the first transgender athlete to qualify for and participate in an Olympic trials event in the gender with which he identifies.

  166. Live Updates on Death of Kobe Bryant: Helicopter Didn’t Have ‘Black Box’ U.S., Yesterday

    Investigators, who recovered an iPad, said they would explore all possible causes of the crash, including mechanical failure.

  167. Helicopter Dropped Quickly in Kobe Bryant Crash, Official Says Sports, Yesterday

    Photographs published by investigators showed several heaps of obliterated metal on a hillside near Calabasas, Calif.

  168. Weekly News Quiz for Students: Kobe Bryant, Outbreak in China, Grammys Interactive, Yesterday

    How well did you follow the news this past week? How many of these 10 questions can you get right?

  169. Britain Defies Trump Plea to Ban Huawei From 5G Network Technology, Yesterday

    The move shows how an American effort against the Chinese wireless equipment company has stumbled.

  170. The Coronavirus Is Unwinding Global Economic Gains Business, Yesterday

    The disease outbreak in China continues to spook investors around the world, though fears appear to be moderating slightly.

  171. Wedding Photographers Share Their Favorite Moments Fashion, Yesterday

    Some of the best photos — from teary-eyed first looks to candid dance moves — are captured when least expected.

  172. What John Bolton Knows Podcasts, Yesterday

    Details in a coming book by the former national security adviser are threatening to derail Republican senators’ plans for a speedy acquittal.

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    Do you have a cherished wedding photo that captures an unplanned, unscripted moment? We want to hear from you.

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    How Sanders can win, calls for Bolton to testify, Warren’s new line: This is your morning tip sheet.

  176. Modi Prepares to Welcome Trump to India World, Yesterday

    The February visit would be a welcome distraction for both nationalistic leaders, who face deepening political troubles at home.

  177. Coronavirus in New York: What We Know So Far New York, Yesterday

    The city's health commissioner has urged calm as cases of the dangerous new coronavirus crop up in a number of states. 

  178. Why the Iowa Caucuses Are So Important Video, Yesterday

    Protests in the 1960’s, a mimeograph machine and a long-shot candidate all contributed to Iowa’s unlikely role in the presidential election process.

  179. Roger Federer Wins Tough Quarterfinal, Beating Tennys Sandgren Sports, Yesterday

    Sandgren, the 100th-ranked player, lost in a drawn-out Australian Open match that saw Federer at the brink of defeat several times.

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    For a tennis professional and his growing family, building a house near Lake Tahoe, Calif., was about more than just learning a new sport.

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    See whether you make the kinds of mistakes that can cost poor families food or health insurance.

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    An excerpt from “Run Me to Earth,” by Paul Yoon

  183. ‘Black Wave: Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the Forty-Year Rivalry That Unraveled Culture, Religion, and Collective Memory in the Middle East,’ by Kim Ghattas: An Excerpt Books, Yesterday

    An excerpt from “Black Wave: Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the Forty-Year Rivalry That Unraveled Culture, Religion, and Collective Memory in the Middle East,” by Kim Ghattas

  184. A Lake Tahoe House That Mirrors a Ski Run Slideshow, Yesterday

    For an Oklahoma tennis player and his growing family, building a house near a California ski resort was about more than just learning a new sport.

  185. Framing the Impeachment Case: An Inside Look at Opposing Legal Teams U.S., Yesterday

    In their own words, here is how the House managers and President Trump’s defense team view impeachment.

  186. Trump’s N.J. Rally: Frigid Wait Is Worth It for President’s Fans New York, Yesterday

    President Trump arrived Tuesday to hold a rally in the state — his first there since taking office — where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by a million voters.

  187. Always Look on the Bright Side of Impeachment Opinion, Yesterday

    Not to mention the Democratic presidential race. It can be done, if you put your mind to it.

  188. How People of Color Inside the Buttigieg Campaign Sought to Be Heard U.S., Yesterday

    As the candidate courted nonwhite voters, employees of color were voicing their frustrations, according to interviews, documents and a recording. The campaign said it worked to foster a progressive workplace.

  189. Latin America’s Radical Feminism Is Spreading Opinion, Yesterday

    Women in Chile, Brazil, Argentina and elsewhere know: Stopping violence against women starts with politics and power.

  190. How Mead Went From ‘Game of Thrones’ to Brooklyn Bars New York, Yesterday

    The transformation of medieval honey wine from Renaissance Fair to New York’s next cool drink.

  191. Mitch McConnell’s Complicity Has Deep Roots Opinion, Yesterday

    With or without witnesses, Trump’s trial shows that the antifederalists were right to question the Senate’s purpose.

  192. Why Trump’s Lawyers Should Talk Like Lawyers Opinion, Yesterday

    Their rhetorical choices have grave implications for the meaning of the acquittal the president is likely to receive.

  193. Savoring Costa Rica, Sip By Sip Travel, Yesterday

    Coffee is one of the country’s top exports. A four-day tasting journey to haciendas and plantations follows the beans from tree to cup.

  194. What to Watch For in Trump’s Impeachment Trial on Tuesday U.S., Yesterday

    President Trump’s legal team will complete oral arguments as negotiations accelerate over whether to include witnesses in the trial.

  195. A Primary From the Right? Not in Trump’s G.O.P. U.S., Yesterday

    With Republicans now unified, it is difficult to find a district where a challenger can credibly claim that the incumbent has been insufficiently supportive of the president.

  196. Is a Good-Enough Candidacy Good Enough for Joe Biden? Magazine, Yesterday

    He doesn’t want a revolution. He doesn’t have a movement. He could still win this thing.

  197. The Many Polarizations of America Opinion, Yesterday

    Three new books cover the different ways and reasons that we’ve ended up divided.

  198. Leaving Shanghai as the Coronavirus Extended Its Reach Well, Yesterday

    There was a getting-out-of-Dodge feeling as we boarded the airplane, although airplanes — with their recycled air — are very effective settings for the spread of respiratory infections.

  199. Russia Exerts Growing Influence in Africa, Worrying Many in the West World, Yesterday

    The Kremlin is increasing arms sales, security pacts and training programs as the American defense secretary weighs withdrawing troops from the continent.

  200. Momcations. It’s a Thing. Travel, Yesterday

    Hotels and tour operators across the globe are rolling out vacation packages designed specifically to give women a break from their spouses and children.

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    His father served for three decades but had never seen the military drama. So they had a lot to talk about after its opening night on Broadway.

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    Debut fiction by Nicole Flattery, Miriam Cohen and Nicolette Polek unearths the uncanny.

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    Kim Ghattas’s “Black Wave” examines the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran that is tearing the Middle East apart.

  204. The Method in John Bolton’s Madness Opinion, Yesterday

    Why wait until now to release damning information about Trump? It’s complicated.

  205. The Unknown Hostess of 1930s Hollywood Books, Yesterday

    Donna Rifkind’s “The Sun and Her Stars” recounts the story of Salka Viertel, little remembered today but a major presence in Golden Age Hollywood.

  206. Caught in Laos’s Civil War, Three Friends Endure Lasting Trauma Books, Yesterday

    “Run Me to Earth,” a new novel by Paul Yoon, examines the devastating toll of mass violence and loss on a handful of survivors.

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  208. Forget ‘Affiliative Bonds.’ Animals Have Friends Just Like We Do. Books, Yesterday

    In “Friendship: The Evolution, Biology, and Extraordinary Power of Life’s Fundamental Bond,” Lydia Denworth explores the growing, cross-species science of friendships — how they work and why.

  209. Nuclear Nightmares Books, Yesterday

    Fred Kaplan’s “The Bomb” explains how the United States plans to fight a nuclear war.

  210. ‘Fear-Free’ Pets Make for Happier Pets, and Owners Well, Yesterday

    Fear-ridden dogs and cats at the hospital may get toys to distract them or a range of menu options.

  211. Is There Any Way to End the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? Books, Yesterday

    Rashid Khalidi’s “The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine” argues that the Palestinian point of view has been ignored by American policymakers.

  212. Eliminating Child Poverty With a Government Check Books, Yesterday

    In “Invisible Americans,” the veteran journalist Jeff Madrick lays out a simple solution to child poverty, a condition that affects 17.5 percent of this country’s kids.

  213. Letter of Recommendation: Lip Reading Magazine, Yesterday

    Finding clarity 
amid the distortions of speech.

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    Ezra Klein’s “Why We’re Polarized” seeks to explain what has changed in our electoral politics and why our differences are so hard to overcome.

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    In “Billion Dollar Brand Club,” Lawrence Ingrassia traces the rise of the direct-to-consumer revolution.

  216. She Had a Preemie — and Then She Started to Ask Important Questions Books, Yesterday

    Sarah DiGregorio’s new book combines memoir and reporting to explore changing treatments for babies born early.

  217. Should I Pretend to 
Love My Stepchildren? Magazine, Yesterday

    The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on whether it’s O.K. to shed your stepfamily and more.

  218. A Different Kind of Heroine, and Not Just Because She Wants to Be a Viking Books, Yesterday

    In Andrew David MacDonald’s debut novel, “When We Were Vikings,” a young woman on the fetal alcohol syndrome spectrum is obsessed with Norse culture.

  219. How Did Josef Mengele Become the Evil Doctor of Auschwitz? Books, Yesterday

    In a new biography, David G. Marwell tells the whole story of the notorious Nazi, down to the discovery of his bones.

  220. Conversations With a Mass Murderer Books, Yesterday

    Jessica Stern’s “My War Criminal” recounts the time she spent with Radovan Karadzic, the Serbian leader implicated in atrocities committed in the 1990s.

  221. Do the Grammy Awards Represent the Best in Music Today? The Learning Network, Yesterday

    How well do the awards reflect the music you listen to?

  222. How to Break Up with Your Therapist Magazine, Yesterday

    Don’t ghost him or her — talk to the person. Allow a session or two. Examine your desire to quit.

  223. Why the Iowa Caucuses Are So Important Video, Yesterday

    Protests in the 1960s, a mimeograph machine and a long-shot candidate all contributed to Iowa’s unlikely role in the presidential election process.

  224. Netanyahu Withdraws Immunity Bid, Shifting Election Battleground World, Yesterday

    The Israeli prime minister will face voters on March 2 as a defendant in a criminal case, but without weeks of potentially humiliating parliamentary discussion on the subject.

  225. A Divided Hong Kong Confronts the Arrival of the Coronavirus World, Yesterday

    Hong Kong announced the shutdown of major rail passenger links and limits on flights coming from the mainland. China will stop issuing visas for individual travelers to the territory.

  226. Lesson of the Day: ‘What Is the Coronavirus? Symptoms, Treatment and Risks’ The Learning Network, Yesterday

    In this lesson, students will learn about the coronavirus using Times photographs, graphs and articles.