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  1. Militants Kill 235 in Attack on Sufi Mosque in Egypt Foreign, Today

    The terrorist attack was the deadliest in modern Egyptian history, officials said. The president vowed to retaliate.

  2. Does Race Matter in America’s Most Diverse ZIP Codes? National, Today

    Vallejo, Calif., is the rare city where no one ethnic group predominates. But stubborn disparities endure.

  3. 10 Things to Do Now in NYC Weekend, Today

    I’s a big city, with plenty to do, see, hear and watch. Here’s a sampling of cultural highlights this weekend and over the week ahead.

  4. Oxford Circus Station in London Reopens After Panicked Evacuation Foreign, Today

    The police said they received reports of gunfire, and responded as if to a terrorist incident, but found no sign of shooting. The station has reopened.

  5. Consensus? No, Thanks. German Politics Suddenly Get Messy. Foreign, Today

    The breakdown of coalition talks may signal the end of the country’s postwar tradition of compromise. Not everyone thinks that’s a bad thing.

  6. Why Putin’s Foes Deplore U.S. Fixation on Election Meddling Foreign, Yesterday

    “Enough already!” one critic of President Vladimir V. Putin said, worried that the accusations were helping the Kremlin polish the president’s image as a master strategist.

  7. The Bad News on ‘Good’ Girls Op Ed, Today

    What parents want for their sons versus their daughters can set up dangerous dynamics in the future.

  8. Charlie Rose, Louis C.K., Kevin Spacey: Rebuked. Now What Do We Do With Their Work? Culture, Today

    Shows and films caught up in harassment scandals have become radioactive, and the culture is wrestling with where to draw the line.

  9. Giving Pedestrians a Head Start Crossing Streets Metro, Today

    To improve safety, New York City has reprogrammed walk lights at 2,381 crosswalks to come on seven to 11 seconds before green lights release cars.

  10. An Algorithm Isn’t Always the Answer Op Ed, Today

    I didn’t even know I was looking for the things that now make me happiest.

  11. A Split From Trump Indicates That Flynn Is Moving to Cooperate With Mueller Washington, Yesterday

    Lawyers for Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, are said to have terminated an information-sharing agreement with the president’s legal team.

  12. When Sexual Assault Victims Are Charged With Lying Op Ed, Today

    Across the country, police have prosecuted women for false reports that turned out to be true.

  13. Ireland Edges Toward Snap Election as Government Teeters Foreign, Today

    A motion of no-confidence in the deputy prime minister, filed by the main opposition party, could end a fragile coalition just as Dublin wrestles with Brexit talks.

  14. ‘Nothing Against You’: For a Black Man Covering Race, the Story Is Never Far From Home Insider, Today

    Being surrounded by racial diversity, my conversation in a California diner suggested, can make people feel more comfortable with biases and stereotypes.

  15. Choose Your Own Public Apology Interactive, Today

    A buffet of options to help explain your failings.

  16. A Seasonal Business Means Year-Round Work, but a Smaller Profit Window Business, Today

    Entrepreneurs with seasonal businesses have the same rush and anxiety of any other business owner, but their time to earn revenue is compressed into a few months.

  17. Canadian Football’s Big Steps to Reduce Hits, a Contrast to the N.F.L. Sports, Today

    The C.F.L. has added a bye week and eliminated padded practices during the season to reduce concussions and other injuries. Would it work in the N.F.L.?

  18. Hacks That Help: Using Tech to Fight Child Exploitation Styles, Today

    Thorn, a nonprofit founded by Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, helps law enforcement agencies sort through sex listings.

  19. C.E. Meyer Jr., 89, Dies; as T.W.A. Chief Fought a Takeover Obits, Today

    Mr. Meyer tried unsuccessfully to thwart the corporate raider Carl Icahn’s bid to take over the troubled airline in 1985.

  20. Kiran Gandhi, Former M.I.A. Drummer, Releases Feminist Music Project Styles, Today

    The outspoken activist made headlines when she ran the London Marathon while “free-bleeding.”

  21. The Pakistani General Who Wouldn’t Go Away Op Ed, Today

    Pervez Musharraf, the former military leader, is trying to make a comeback. Again.

  22. Older Voters Stymied by Tighter ID Requirements Science, Today

    Restrictive eligibility rules have kept older citizens with disabilities from the voting booth, experts say.

  23. Will a Corporate Tax Cut Lift Worker Pay? A Union Wants It in Writing Washington, Yesterday

    The request, while unlikely to be heeded, highlights a critical question over who would benefit the most from the tax bill: shareholders or workers?

  24. Italy, Bracing for Electoral Season of Fake News, Demands Facebook’s Help Foreign, Today

    As a crucial election nears, leaders like Matteo Renzi are on high alert for fake news and foreign meddling.

  25. Giving Thanks in Black Tie Slideshow, Today

    Galas were held last week for the Guggenheim Museum, the Committee to Protect Journalists, the Whitney Museum and the Museum of Chinese in America.

  26. Art for the Holidays: A New York Visitors’ Guide Weekend, Today

    We offer tips for avoiding crowds and list the shows worth seeing this holiday season.

  27. Can Keir Starmer Save Britain From Brexit? Foreign, Today

    Labour’s point man on Brexit policy has subtly shifted the party’s strategy on leaving the E.U. Can he go further and change the country’s course, too?

  28. Bridging the Canyon Across the Holiday Table Op Ed, Today

    In the Trump era, we’ve reached peak domestic hatred.

  29. Why ‘Wonder,’ the Movie, Can’t Best the Book It’s Based On Culture, Today

    The film version of a book often has an unfair advantage. But R.J. Palacio’s best-selling novel offers much more than meets the eye.

  30. Nafta Talks Have High Stakes for Two Texas Bridge Owners Business, Yesterday

    Private crossings to Mexico are a rich franchise under the North American Free Trade Agreement, but discussions on reopening the accord have put that bonanza at risk.

  31. Trailer: 'I, Tonya' Video, Today

    A preview of the film.

  32. Emmerson Mnangagwa Is Sworn In as Zimbabwe’s 2nd Leader Since Independence Foreign, Today

    The former vice president succeeded the leader he helped to topple, Robert Mugabe, who had held the office since independence 37 years ago.

  33. Schroedinger’s Tax Hike Op Ed, Today

    Republicans need tax increases on the middle class to be both dead and alive.

  34. An Underrated Fish Meets Its Match Dining, Today

    Whether homemade or store-bought, lemon olive oil is a bright and fragrant contrast to roasted mackerel.

  35. Four More Russian Olympians Disqualified by I.O.C. Sports, Today

    Thomas Bach, the International Olympic Committee president who is considering barring Russians from the 2018 Games, warned critics “from whichever side” not to pressure the I.O.C.

  36. Remembering Hvorostovsky: The Week’s 8 Best Classical Music Moments on YouTube Culture, Today

    Some favorite clips of the Russian baritone, who died on Wednesday, were among the highlights.

  37. For Savennières, Age Comes With Benefits Dining, Today

    While aging most wines is unnecessary, a few, like this Loire white, will improve. Still, much can be gained from sampling them while young.

  38. Your Next Lesson: Amontillado Dining, Today

    Beyond the mystique surrounding fortified wines, this sherry can be wonderfully complex and satisfying, and surprisingly good with many savory foods.

  39. Scene of Deadly Attack at Egypt Mosque Video, Today

    More than 200 were killed when Islamist militants detonated explosives and sprayed gunfire at a crowded Sufi mosque near Egypt’s Sinai coast.

  40. What’s New in NYC Theater Weekend, Today

    Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

  41. Pop, Rock and Jazz in NYC This Week Weekend, Today

    Our guide to pop and rock shows and the best of live jazz.

  42. An Optimist’s Guide to Divorce Styles, Today

    She fell in love with a married man. He told his wife he wanted to split up. How did they all end up as close friends?

  43. Crimean Tatar Activist Dies After Search by Russian Agents Foreign, Today

    Vedzhie Kashka, 83, “a legendary woman of the Crimean Tatar national movement” who once worked with Andrei Sakharov, was buried on Friday.

  44. Traditional Italian Flavors, in a Bundle Dining, Today

    A little bit of meat goes a long way, wrapped Sicilian-style around cheese and prosciutto and roasted with bay leaves and olive oil.

  45. Classical Music in NYC This Week Weekend, Today

    Our guide to the city’s best classical music and opera.

  46. Comedy in NYC This Week Weekend, Today

    Our guide to stand-up, improv and variety shows.

  47. Dance in NYC This Week Weekend, Today

    Our guide to dance performances.

  48. Film Series in NYC This Week Weekend, Today

    Our guide to film series and special screenings.

  49. Another Foothold for Philippine Cuisine Dining, Today

    Tito Rad’s Grill in Queens is in the vanguard of new Filipino cooking.

  50. Philippine Favorites at Tito Rad’s Grill Slideshow, Today

    This restaurant, near Little Manila in Queens, is the work of a chef and owner who once dreamed of being a forester.

  51. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, Today

    There’s so much to do with those Thanksgiving leftovers, whether you make a turkey salad, a spiced turkey pav or a brothy noodle dish.

  52. Art and Museums in NYC This Week Weekend, Today

    Our guide to new art shows, and some that will be closing soon.

  53. A Good Day in New York for Former TV Anchor Society, Today

    Greg Kelly, the former Marine and television personality, marries Judith Grey, an advertising creative director.

  54. Oscar Pistorius’s Murder Sentence Is Increased to 15 Years Foreign, Today

    South African prosecutors had said the six-year sentence that the sprinter received for killing his girlfriend in 2013 was “shockingly lenient.”

  55. On Feeling Thankful but Fearful Op Ed, Yesterday

    America gave me so much, but are we still that country?

  56. Events for Children in NYC This Week Weekend, Today

    Our guide to cultural events in New York City for families with children and teenagers.

  57. What Was the Two-Way Pager? Styles, Today

    In which we look back at our own rough drafts of history.

  58. Black Friday 2017: Sneakers and Shoppers Business Day, Today

    Americans who were driven to shop for Christmas deals — and turn a profit — were deep into the Black Friday spirit, with some lining up at stores the night before.

  59. Black Friday 2017: A Run on Sneakers in L.A., and a Frenzy Online Business, Today

    Americans who were driven to shop for Christmas deals — and turn a profit — were in line early and on their devices in droves, putting Friday on track to set a record for online sales.

  60. Chloë Sevigny on Playing an Addict in ‘Downtown Race Riot’ Arts & Leisure, Today

    Ms. Sevigny talks about starring in the new play, beating up stuffed animals for Pussy Riot and moving back to Manhattan.

  61. In Canada, Indigenous People Are Part of Daily Life, Not Thanksgiving Lore Insider, Today

    Indigenous people may not be part of the Canadian Thanksgiving legend but they loom much larger in the country’s news media and political worlds.

  62. Is Anyone Good Enough for an H-1B Visa? Op Ed, Yesterday

    Many of my Stanford classmates and I had plans to use our education to contribute to this country. Instead, we’re being kicked out.

  63. Ways to Stop Facebook From Eating Your Battery Business, Today

    The mobile app for the social network can be a bit of a battery hog, but you can do a few things to rein in the power grab.

  64. Saudi Arabia’s Arab Spring, at Last Op Ed, Yesterday

    The crown prince has big plans to bring back a level of tolerance to his society.

  65. On Ratko Mladic Op Ed, Today

    The former Bosnian Serb commander was sentenced to life in prison.

  66. The Right Way to Paint Your Apartment, According to a Pro Real Estate, Today

    Painting seems easy — until you’re stuck finishing at 2 a.m. Here’s how to do it the right way without driving yourself nuts.

  67. Sorting Castoffs and Finding Renewal Sunday Business, Today

    After a rough decade and trouble finding work, a Marine Corps veteran and machinist, Steve Bavier, landed a job with a junk removal company that hires mostly vets.

  68. How This Leonardo’s Mind-Blowing Price Will Change the Art Market Culture, Today

    The record-breaking “Salvator Mundi” has something in common with a Formula One racing car, and an increasing number of exceptional artworks.

  69. What to Read Now Op Ed, Today

    A list of recommended publications, including suggestions from readers.

  70. Six Democrats From Outside Washington Have a Message for Their Party Washington, Today

    We looked outside the nation’s capital to ask leaders in states and cities to offer their vision for reconnecting with voters.

  71. Your Week in Culture: U2, Alvin Ailey, Germany’s Answer to ‘Stranger Things’ Arts & Leisure, Today

    Also the week the of Nov. 26: David Hockney at the Met; Haruki Murakami at BAM.

  72. How Michael Rapaport, Actor and Fantasy Football Guru, Spends His Sundays Metropolitan, Today

    He lives in his mother’s old apartment, he‘s a fantasy football expert, and he frequents Joe’s Pizza. Oh, and he’s a “Real Housewives” fan.

  73. Ben Shapiro, a Provocative ‘Gladiator,’ Battles to Win Young Conservatives National, Yesterday

    Ben Shapiro, who has been called the voice of the conservative millennial movement, is trying to define conservatism at a time when its meaning is up for grabs.

  74. Fool Me Twice? Yes, Please Culture, Today

    A pair of magic shows set in unusual sites have even jaded New York audiences happily losing their minds.

  75. Where It’s Made: Parmesan Cheese Video, Today

    Visit a parmesan dairy in northern Italy, where Parmigiano-Reggiano originates and learn how the cheese is made.

  76. America: The Redeemer Nation Op Ed, Yesterday

    Trying to find a new national narrative.

  77. Telling the Truth About the Cost of War Editorial, Yesterday

    As civilian casualties appear to rise, the American military is not acknowledging the extent of the problem.

  78. Germany Embraces a Third Gender. What’s Next? Op Ed, Today

    The country has taken a big step forward, but its politicized gender wars could lead to a backlash.

  79. New York Today: Finding the Perfect Tree Metro, Today

    Friday: Christmas tree-hunting tips, guided hikes through city parks, and a history of sidewalk tree vendors.

  80. When the Weekend House Becomes a Full-Time Home Real Estate, Today

    On the North Fork of Long Island, some second homeowners are moving in permanently and finding creative ways to commute — or not commute.

  81. New York Punk, Out of Retirement Metropolitan, Today

    Rockers from the downtown scene of the 1970s and ’80s are keeping the flame alive, and their gray-haired fans are happy to party like it’s 1979.

  82. Beijing Kindergarten Is Accused of Abuse, and Internet Erupts in Fury Foreign, Today

    Parents claim children were fed pills, jabbed and stripped. While the police have released no conclusions, public ire shows broad anxiety about kindergartens.

  83. The Weekly Health Quiz: Sex, Salt and Dogs Interactive, Today

    Test your knowledge of this week’s health news.

  84. A Boss Wonders: Have You Prayed About That? Sunday Business, Today

    A manager’s inquiry about praying over an office situation raises concerns about personal boundaries and religious rights in the workplace.

  85. Am I at High Risk for a Heart Attack? Science, Today

    Physicians use a number of different factors to assess your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

  86. A Foster Child of the Opioid Epidemic Well, Today

    Addiction, prison and homeless shelters damaged our family but did not destroy us.

  87. Oh, No! Live Drama and Unwritten Humor Op Ed, Today

    Let us give thanks for those occasional onstage mishaps that make even the feeblest theatrical productions memorable.

  88. Michael Flynn, Oscar Pistorius, Black Friday: Your Friday Briefing N Y T Now, Today

    Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

  89. Moving to the East End for Good Slideshow, Today

    The allure of Long Island’s North Fork has convinced some weekend homeowners to shift gears and move out full-time.

  90. On Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot, Steroid Talk and Few Sure Things Sports, Today


  91. From Atari (Remember It?), a New Console With Old Games Sunday Business, Today

    The Flashback, a top seller at Dollar General, is squeezing lots of nostalgia out of a retro product this holiday shopping season.

  92. An Unfinished ‘Phantom Opera’ Is Completed With Love Culture, Today

    Pauline Oliveros died last year, leaving “The Nubian Word for Flowers.” The surreal meditation on colonialism that she created with her partner, Ione, debuts on Thursday.

  93. How to Get the Most Out of Farmers’ Markets While Traveling Travel, Today

    Some tips from the acclaimed chef Alain Ducasse. First up: arrive early.

  94. Why Tobacco Companies Are Paying to Tell You Smoking Kills Business, Today

    Court-ordered ads, which will start appearing on Sunday, are “corrective statements” about the health risks and addictive nature of smoking.

  95. From Boys to Men in the South Bronx , Today

    In “Haven,” Sarah Blesener looked beyond stereotypical portrayals of the South Bronx as she photographed a group of lifelong friends coming of age.

  96. Mitsubishi Materials Adds to Japan Inc.’s Quality Problems Business, Today

    The supplier of parts for aircraft and autos has become the latest major Japanese company to admit to falsifying inspection data for its products.

  97. With Asylum Seekers Cleared From Manus Island, New Phase Begins Foreign, Today

    The Papua New Guinea authorities emptied a detention center Friday, moving hundreds of holdouts to facilities that the men said were not ready.

  98. From Boys to Men in the South Bronx Slideshow, Today

    Sarah Blesener looked beyond stereotypical portrayals of the South Bronx as she photographed a group of lifelong friends coming of age.

  99. Rick Pitino’s Son Follows in His Footsteps, but Only So Far Sports, Today

    In his fifth year as Minnesota’s coach, Richard Pitino is dealing with his father’s legacy while forging his own style.

  100. What’s On TV Friday: ‘Hey Arnold!’ and Grammy Highlights Weekend, Today

    Indulge your 90s nostalgia with a new adventure of “Hey Arnold.” Usher in the holiday season with “Love Actually.”

  101. Redskins Outlast Giants in an Ugly Win Sports, Today

    Kirk Cousins’ two touchdowns helped Washington emerge from a sloppy game with a victory in a matchup of two injury-depleted teams.

  102. Michael Flynn, Argentina, Myanmar: Your Friday Briefing N Y T Now, Today

    Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

  103. Why Is This Bacterium Hiding in Human Tumors? Science, Yesterday

    Whether Fusobacterium nucleatum causes colon tumors is unknown. But a new study hints that it may be ‘an integral part of the cancer.’

  104. 91st Edition of a Parade, and Always New Metro, Yesterday

    Security was stepped up for the Thanksgiving Day parade, but the children and adults along the route paid more attention to Olaf and the Grinch.

  105. Facebook Founder’s Favor Comes With Complications Business, Yesterday

    Wherever Mark Zuckerberg goes in Silicon Valley, he seems to generate a housing problem, including at an R.V. community where residents were evicted this month.

  106. Serbia’s Brand of Reconciliation: Embracing Old War Criminals Foreign, Yesterday

    Despite the conviction of Gen. Ratko Mladic for war crimes, Serbia’s collective memory of its role in the Yugoslav civil wars is more forgiving.

  107. Burned Out of Their Homes, They Gathered for Thanksgiving Metro, Yesterday

    Dozens of families whose apartments were severely damaged by a fire in Hamilton Heights joined together for an early holiday dinner.

  108. Mugabe Will Continue Living in Zimbabwe, Spokesman Says Foreign, Yesterday

    The issue of immunity did not come up in talks with the military over the future of the former president and his wife, Grace, the spokesman said.

  109. Corrections: November 24, 2017 Corrections, Yesterday

    Corrections appearing in print on Friday, November 24, 2017.

  110. Vikings Top Lions and Tighten Grip on N.F.C. North Sports, Yesterday

    Case Keenum was impressive, throwing for two touchdowns and running for another as Minnesota won its seventh straight.

  111. Snapping With Only Slight Provocation Games, Yesterday

    Bruce Haight and David Steinberg have absolutely had it.

  112. On the Paris Stage, Plays Get Personal and Political Culture, Yesterday

    Recent productions in the French capital examine the response to terrorism, deep loss and questions of national identity.

  113. An American Spy Base Hidden in Australia’s Outback Foreign, Yesterday

    The trials of six Christian antiwar protesters have put a spotlight on a facility that the United States would rather keep in the shadows.

  114. Quotation of the Day: A Peculiar Day For Shoppers: They Can’t Wait To Stand in Line Summary, Yesterday

    Quotation of the Day for Friday, November 24, 2017.

  115. A Mar-a-Lago Thanksgiving: It’s All Gravy Washington, Yesterday

    President Trump spent his holiday indulging in some of his favorite habits: spending time at his properties and talking about all the winning he’s doing.

  116. Cowboys Fall to Chargers in a Matchup of Teams Going in Different Directions Sports, Yesterday

    The Chargers, who started the season at 0-4, are now 5-6. The Cowboys are also 5-6 but have lost three consecutive games.

  117. After a Cancer Diagnosis, the Devils’ Brian Boyle Is Thriving Sports, Yesterday

    Boyle, 32, missed only 10 games after learning through a blood test for a team physical that he had chronic myeloid leukemia.

  118. The Horses on Standing Rock Get a Checkup Op Ed, Yesterday

    Traveling veterinarians, their patients and tradition.

  119. The Cranky Fishmonger Metro, Yesterday

    Recovering quickly after making a regrettable remark.

  120. A Tesla Too Pricey? E-Bikes Offer Entry-Level Electric Transportation Business, Yesterday

    E-bikes, already popular elsewhere, are making inroads in the United States. But some models have drawn the scrutiny of lawmakers.

  121. Dee Dee Bridgewater Throws Herself a Memphis Soul Party Culture, Yesterday

    The singer’s latest album is a tribute to the sounds of the city where she was born and a chance to “give exposure to the things that I believe in.”

  122. Jerry Brown Pardons Man Imprisoned for Decades for Murders He Didn’t Commit National, Yesterday

    Based on new evidence, the governor of California pardoned Craig R. Coley, 70, who was found guilty of murdering an ex-girlfriend and her son in 1978.

  123. ‘Building Our Way Out of Crime’ Letters, Yesterday

    A community development nonprofit writes that change requires working block by block.

  124. A Digital Unbeliever Letters, Yesterday

    A reader says he never converted to the new religion.

  125. Vary the Minimum Wage by Region? Letters, Yesterday

    Readers discuss whether the minimum wage should reflect living costs in the area.

  126. Choosing a Payment Option for Google Play Business, Yesterday

    Even though you don’t have to pay for free apps, the Google Play store will urge you to add a payment option to your account.

  127. The Horses on Standing Rock Get a Checkup Slideshow, Yesterday

    Traveling veterinarians, their patients and tradition.

  128. ‘Bombshell’ Tells the Amazing Story of Hedy Lamarr, the Star and Inventor Weekend, Yesterday

    In this diverting documentary, Alexandra Dean tells the life story of Hedy Lamarr, a scandalous woman turned star and inventor.