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  1. German Far-Right Leader Goes on Trial for Nazi Slogans World, Today

    Björn Höcke, one of the most prominent far-right figures in Germany, has called the trial an attempt to suppress patriotism.

  2. How A.I. Tools Could Change India’s Elections World, Today

    Avatars are addressing voters by name, in whichever of India’s many languages they speak. Experts see potential for misuse in a country already rife with disinformation.

  3. Widespread 911 Outages Are Reported in Four States and Las Vegas U.S., Today

    Residents in parts of South Dakota, Nebraska, Texas and Nevada were unable to call the emergency number, officials said.

  4. School Board Cancels Gay Actor’s Anti-Bullying Talk Over His ‘Lifestyle’ U.S., Today

    Maulik Pancholy was scheduled to give a talk on anti-bullying at a Pennsylvania school next month. School board members scrapped it, citing concerns about his activism and “lifestyle.”

  5. ‘The Wiz’ Eases Back to Broadway Theater, Today

    Almost 50 years after it debuted, this classic Black take on “The Wizard of Oz” tries to update its original formula.

  6. One Way to Run Gameplay, Today

    David Kwong makes magic again.

  7. House Moves Toward Bundling TikTok Bill With Aid to Ukraine and Israel Technology, Today

    A new measure attempts to force the Senate’s hand on passing legislation to ban TikTok or mandate the app’s sale.

  8. Top Adviser to Mayor Adams Is Hit With a Second Harassment Lawsuit New York, Yesterday

    The aide, Timothy Pearson, was accused of harassing and retaliating against a second police sergeant under his watch.

  9. In Congress, Columbia’s Leaders Try to Please. At Home, They Face Anger. New York, Yesterday

    For Columbia’s president, Nemat Shafik, a hearing on antisemitism went relatively well. But on campus, intense protests suggest a difficult road ahead for the university.

  10. Yesterday’s Iran Israel Gaza War News live blog included six standalone posts:
  11. The Kamala Harris Moment Has Arrived Opinion, Yesterday

    With the issue of abortion rights, the vice president has hit her stride.

  12. Deluge Batters U.A.E. and Oman, Killing at Least 20 Home Page, Yesterday

    The heavy rains also flooded parts of Dubai International Airport, causing scores of flight delays and cancellations, and brought other cities in the U.A.E. to a standstill.

  13. Justice Dept. Nears Settlement Over F.B.I.’s Failure to Investigate Larry Nassar U.S., Yesterday

    The deal, which could be announced in coming weeks, would bring an end to one of the last major cases stemming from a horrific sports scandal.

  14. Trump Demands a Cut of Donations From Campaigns That Use His Name U.S., Yesterday

    The Trump campaign said that candidates using his brand should turn over at least 5 percent of donations and encouraged them to send more than the minimum.

  15. Vampire Weekend’s New Album Goes Underground and All Over Arts, Yesterday

    Digging into “Only God Was Above Us,” an LP that’s both catchy and complex.

  16. Guantánamo Bay Opens an Extra Courtroom U.S., Yesterday

    Planners added the national security courtroom for pretrial hearings and to prepare for the possibility of a Sept. 11 trial.

  17. Barbara Joans, Anthropologist Who Studied Biker Culture, Dies at 89 U.S., Yesterday

    In her 60s, she hit the open road on a hulking Harley-Davidson and found a new area of academic research: bikers, and in particular, women bikers.

  18. Miscalculation Leads to Escalation as Israel and Iran Clash World, Yesterday

    Israeli officials say they didn’t see a strike on a high-level Iranian target in Syria as a provocation, and did not give Washington a heads-up about it until right before it happened.

  19. Is Trump’s Trial Really About ‘Hush Money’? U.S., Yesterday

    Both the prosecutors and defense are trying to frame it differently.

  20. EE. UU. restablece las sanciones petroleras a Venezuela ante situación electoral En español, Yesterday

    El gobierno de Biden había retirado temporalmente las sanciones después de que el presidente Nicolás Maduro accediera a posibilitar unas elecciones libres.

  21. N.R.A. to Overhaul Charity It’s Accused of Using as a ‘Piggy Bank’ U.S., Yesterday

    The gun group settled with the District of Columbia’s attorney general, who said it had misused tax-deductible donations. The N.R.A. denies all wrongdoing in the case.

  22. As Civil Rights Era Fades From Memory, Generation Gap Divides Black Voters U.S., Yesterday

    Many older Black voters see moral and political reasons to vote. Younger Black voters feel far less motivated to cast a ballot for Democrats or even at all.

  23. Israel Signaled That It Would Retaliate Against Iran Briefing, Yesterday

    Also, the House is set to vote on aid for Ukraine and Israel. Here’s the latest at the end of Wednesday.

  24. The Ugly State of Shoe Collaborations Style, Yesterday

    Blingy Crocs, punk Uggs and spangled sneakers, oh my.

  25. Applications Open! The New York Times Illustration Portfolio Review Arts, Yesterday

    We’re inviting illustrators from around the world to share their work with art directors from The New York Times. Apply by June 21, 2024.

  26. Yesterday’s Thepoint live blog included five standalone posts:
  27. Thursday Briefing: Israel Seems Poised to Retaliate World, Yesterday

    Also, a deadly Russian missile strike in Ukraine and “green Islam” in Indonesia.

  28. Atlas, a Humanoid Robot From Boston Dynamics, Is Leaping Into Retirement Technology, Yesterday

    It has been replaced by a new model, which will be used in automotive manufacturing. A farewell video featured the old machine running outdoors, performing back flips and awkwardly shimmying.

  29. Popcast (Deluxe): It’s Drake vs. Everybody … Who’s Winning? Arts, Yesterday

    Breaking down the convoluted recent beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar (and Future, Metro Boomin, the Weeknd, ASAP Rocky, Rick Ross and more).

  30. Israeli Response to Iran Attack Seems Inevitable, Despite Allies’ Pleas World, Yesterday

    “We will make our own decisions,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, rebuffing European diplomats’ requests to stand down.

  31. China Could Threaten Critical Infrastructure in a Conflict, N.S.A. Chief Says U.S., Yesterday

    Gen. Timothy Haugh, who is also the head of the U.S. military’s Cyber Command, said Beijing was “sending a pretty clear signal.”

  32. The 16 Messages That Led to Love Interactive, Yesterday

    Readers of the Modern Love column share the banter, emojis and wit that made them fall for each other.

  33. Anne Innis Dagg, Who Studied Giraffes in the Wild, Dies at 91 Science, Yesterday

    She was believed to be the first Western scientist to study the animals in their natural habitat, but she struggled to overcome sexism in academia.

  34. Abortion Is Remaking Our Political Landscape. Why Aren’t Guns? Opinion, Yesterday

    Is it possible for us to get to the same place on gun safety that we’re getting to on abortion — where the people who make the policy feel pressure to be sensible?

  35. The New Age of D.I.Y. Medicine Opinion, Yesterday

    A new vaccine for preventing cavities doesn’t have F.D.A. approval or promising clinical trials, but it does have customers.

  36. Hezbollah Launches Attack on Northern Israeli Border Village Video, Yesterday

    Hezbollah said its attack on the village of Arab al-Aramashe was in response to Israeli airstrikes a day earlier.

  37. Your Brain Waves Are Up for Sale. A New Law Wants to Change That. Science, Yesterday

    In a first, a Colorado law extends privacy rights to the neural data increasingly coveted by technology companies.

  38. U.S. Restores Oil Sanctions on Venezuela as Hopes Dim for Free Election World, Yesterday

    The Biden administration had temporarily lifted sanctions after President Nicolás Maduro agreed to make free elections possible. Now Mr. Maduro has put up barriers to a credible vote.

  39. Senate Dismisses Impeachment Charges Against Mayorkas Without a Trial U.S., Yesterday

    Democrats quickly swept aside the articles of impeachment accusing the homeland security secretary of refusing to enforce immigration laws and breach of public trust, calling them unconstitutional.

  40. Biden, Competing With Trump to Be Tough on China, Calls for Steel Tariffs U.S., Yesterday

    Speaking to the United Steelworkers union in Pittsburgh, the president urged major increases to some tariffs on steel and aluminum products from China.

  41. A Cyberattack Could Make N.Y. State’s Late Budget Even Later New York, Yesterday

    Days after lawmakers in Albany reached agreement on the framework of a $237 billion state budget, a digital security breach threatened to delay proceedings.

  42. A New Home for Sundance? Festival Organizers Say It’s Possible. Business, Yesterday

    A 13-year contract with Park City, Utah, is set to expire in 2026 and the film festival is beginning a review process to see if it should move.

  43. Sons of Paul McCartney and John Lennon Release New Song Arts, Yesterday

    James McCartney teamed with Sean Ono Lennon for “Primrose Hill,” a ballad with echoes of the Beatles aesthetic.

  44. What Would the Economy Look Like Under a Second Biden Term? Opinion, Yesterday

    In all likelihood, it would amount to more of the same. We could do worse.

  45. How London Became a ‘Hot Spot’ for Threats Against Iranian Journalists World, Yesterday

    Iranian reporters and broadcasters in Britain have suffered physical attacks, threats and surveillance, a report by Reporters Without Borders said, weeks after a newscaster was stabbed in London.

  46. 4 Takeaways From the Hearing on Antisemitism at Columbia University New York, Yesterday

    The closely watched hearing included several tense exchanges between members of Congress and Columbia representatives.

  47. Tesla Seeks to Revive Musk’s $47 Billion Pay Deal After Judge Says No Business, Yesterday

    The company’s directors are asking shareholders to again approve the multibillion-dollar compensation plan and to move the company’s registration to Texas, from Delaware.

  48. Biden Weighs in on Caitlin Clark Salary Debate After W.N.B.A. Draft U.S., Yesterday

    President Biden’s remarks on the issue came shortly after Caitlin Clark, the University of Iowa basketball star, was selected first in the W.N.B.A. draft.

  49. What’s in Our Queue? ‘Anatomy of a Fall’ and More Interactive, Yesterday

    Natasha Frost shares five things she's recently heard, seen, and watched.

  50. Mount Ruang Erupts in Indonesia, Spewing Lava Thousands of Feet Into the Sky World, Yesterday

    Hundreds of earthquakes were detected in the weeks preceding the eruption of the volcano in North Sulawesi province. Hundreds of people were evacuated.

  51. An 11-Year-Old Girl’s Fossil Find Is the Largest Known Ocean Reptile Science, Yesterday

    When Ruby Reynolds and her father found a fossil on an English beach, they didn’t know it belonged to an 82-foot ichthyosaur that swam during the days of the dinosaurs.

  52. This Lava Tube in Saudi Arabia Has Been a Human Refuge for 7,000 Years Science, Yesterday

    Ancient humans left behind numerous archaeological traces in the cavern, and scientists say there may be thousands more like it on the Arabian Peninsula to study.

  53. ‘Bone Valley’ Podcast Subject Is Granted Parole 37 Years After Wife’s Murder U.S., Yesterday

    Leo Schofield has maintained innocence all along in his wife’s murder in 1987, and another man has since confessed to the killing.

  54. Who are the Columbia professors mentioned in the hearing? New York, Yesterday

  55. Who Are the Columbia Professors Mentioned in the House Hearing? New York, Yesterday

    Lawmakers grilled officials over comments the faculty members Joseph Andoni Massad, Katherine Franke and Mohamed Abdou made after the Hamas-led attack on Israel.

  56. Long-Acting Drugs May Revolutionize H.I.V. Prevention and Treatment Health, Yesterday

    New regimens in development, including once-weekly pills and semiannual shots, could help control the virus in hard-to-reach populations.

  57. Marian Zazeela, an Artist of Light and Design, Dies at 83 Arts, Yesterday

    She pivoted from painting to lighting exhibitions, performance art, graphic design and minimalist music, performed with her husband, the composer La Monte Young.

  58. Yesterday’s Columbia Antisemitism Hearing live blog included 12 standalone posts:
  59. Keith Haring’s Legacy Is Not Found at the Museum Arts, Yesterday

    Three decades after his death, his work is still sold on products and in stores. But his concept of public art is most powerfully preserved on the street.

  60. Boeing Whistle-Blower Details His Concerns to Congressional Panel U.S., Yesterday

    Sam Salehpour, an engineer at Boeing for over a decade, testified that the company introduced production shortcuts in an attempt to address bottlenecks.

  61. Supreme Court Backs Police Officer in Job Bias Case U.S., Yesterday

    The officer, Jatonya Muldrow, said she had been transferred to a less desirable position based on her sex. Lower courts ruled that she had failed to show concrete harm.

  62. Before She Became Music’s Greatest Teacher, She Wrote an Opera Arts, Yesterday

    Nadia Boulanger’s “La Ville Morte” was repeatedly thwarted by death and World War I, then nearly lost. Finally, it is having its American premiere.

  63. Abe Koogler’s New Play Is an Ode to Intense Culinary Experiences Theater, Yesterday

    In “Staff Meal,” in previews at Playwrights Horizons, a restaurant becomes a refuge as the world ends.

  64. Johnson Pushes Ahead on Foreign Aid Bill, Teeing Up a Weekend Vote U.S., Yesterday

    The embattled Republican speaker said he expected Saturday votes on the long-stalled package of aid to Ukraine, Israel and other U.S. allies, as well as fresh sanctions on Iran.

  65. What a TikTok Ban Would Mean for the U.S. Defense of an Open Internet Technology, Yesterday

    Global digital rights advocates are watching to see if Congress acts, worried that other countries could follow suit with app bans of their own.

  66. Long Lines Form Outside Reopened Bakery in Gaza City Video, Yesterday

    Workers handed out bags of fresh bread from one of the two bakeries that reopened in Gaza City this week.

  67. Los venezolanos están sufriendo, pero más sanciones tampoco los van a ayudar En español, Yesterday

    Los dictadores son eso: dictadores, con o sin sanciones de Estados Unidos.

  68. Sophie Kinsella, ‘Shopaholic’ Author, Says She Has Brain Cancer Books, Yesterday

    The author of the best-selling book series said she had been undergoing treatment for glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor, after a diagnosis in 2022.

  69. Nine People, Including an Airline Worker, Are Arrested in $14.5 Million Gold Heist International Home, Yesterday

    The stolen gold was partly used to buy guns that were bound for Canada, the police said.

  70. Limbs Hook Onto Limbs as Bodies Endlessly Intertwine Arts, Yesterday

    The Sydney Dance Company’s “ab [intra]” at the Joyce Theater is impressive but chilly.

  71. My Boyfriend Said He’d Save Our Cat but Not a Stranger if Both Were Drowning Magazine, Yesterday

    The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on whether there is inherent value in human life more than any other kind of life.

  72. The Language of Gender Identity Opinion, Yesterday

    Readers discuss an essay that criticized wording like “sex assigned at birth.” Also: Power over principle; the electric grid; Shakespeare’s insights.

  73. On the Ground at the Venice Biennale Arts, Yesterday

    Scenes from the pre-opening at the pivotal art event.

  74. Lincoln Center’s Summer Festival to Focus on Civic Bonds Arts, Yesterday

    The third edition of Summer for the City will feature hip-hop, comedy, classical music and more, under the motto “life, liberty and happiness.”

  75. Stefanik Has Taken Aim at Elite College Presidents New York, Yesterday

    Representative Elise Stefanik was already a rising star within her party, but her grilling of the presidents of Harvard, Penn and M.I.T. at a December hearing became a defining moment.

  76. NPR Editor Who Accused Broadcaster of Liberal Bias Resigns Business, Yesterday

    Uri Berliner, who has worked at NPR for 25 years, said in an essay last week that the nonprofit had allowed progressive bias to taint its coverage.

  77. Trains, Trucks and Tractors: The Race to Reroute Goods From Baltimore Business, Yesterday

    Since the collapse of the Key Bridge, other East Coast ports have absorbed the cargo previously handled in Baltimore, but some parts of the supply chain like trucking are struggling.

  78. Inundaciones y lluvias perturban el aeropuerto de Dubai y causan 19 muertes en Omán En español, Yesterday

    En algunas zonas de Omán y Emiratos Árabes Unidos cayó en un solo día la cantidad de lluvia equivalente a un año, paralizando las ciudades.

  79. El representante Johnson necesita a los demócratas para sacar adelante el plan de ayuda a Ucrania En español, Yesterday

    La elaborada estrategia del representante republicano para aprobar un paquete de ayuda exterior, a pesar de las objeciones de su partido, requerirá la cooperación de los demócratas para aprobarlo y, posiblemente, salvar su puesto.

  80. Easy Spring Dishes With Time-Saving Shortcuts Food, Yesterday

    Sautéed salmon with tomatoes and leeks, chilaquiles verdes and one-pan orzo with spinach and feta welcome a little kitchen cheating.

  81. Tribeca Festival to Feature Brat Pack and Lily Gladstone Films Movies, Yesterday

    Organizers released the event lineup for the annual New York event, set for June. It includes films that trace the lives of Linda Perry and Avicii.

  82. From a Tiny Island in Maine, He Serves Up Fresh Media Gossip Style, Yesterday

    Rusty Foster could never live in New York. But his hit newsletter, Today in Tabs, is an enduring obsession of the city’s media class.

  83. At Venice Biennale, Israel’s Show Is Halted, but Protests Go On Arts, Yesterday

    The country’s exhibition was already closed after its artist refused to exhibit her work until there was a cease-fire and hostage deal in Gaza. But that didn’t calm the discontent.

  84. A Little Bit of Dirt Is Good for You Well, Yesterday

    Go on, grab a handful of soil or hike a muddy trail: It can benefit everything from your mood to your microbiome.

  85. Read Nemat Shafik’s Opening Remarks Interactive, Yesterday

    In her prepared opening statement, Nemat Shafik, the president of Columbia University, laid out ways the university has been responding to antisemitism on campus.

  86. Read Virginia Foxx’s Opening Remarks Interactive, Yesterday

    Representative Virginia Foxx, who chairs the House Education and the Workforce Committee, listed the reasons for calling Wednesday’s hearing on campus antisemitism in her prepared opening remarks.

  87. Woman Admits Killing Pregnant Teenager for Her Baby U.S., Yesterday

    Clarisa Figueroa, 51, of Chicago, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 50 years in prison. Prosecutors say she strangled the young mother and tried to pass the baby off as her own.

  88. In Belfast and Ballybeg, Forging a Bolder Future Theater, Yesterday

    “Agreement,” at Irish Arts Center, and “Philadelphia, Here I Come!,” at Irish Repertory Theater, have a timeless feel, rooted in their eras and resonant in ours.

  89. Biden, in Pennsylvania, speaks to the United Steelworkers. U.S., Yesterday

  90. How to Define the Term ‘Antisemitism’ Is the Subject of Bitter Debate New York, Yesterday

    Several university task forces created in response to student protests over the Israel-Hamas war have struggled to identify what, precisely, constitutes antisemitism.

  91. U.N. Report Describes Physical Abuse and Dire Conditions in Israeli Detention World, Yesterday

    Some Palestinians recounted being beaten with metal bars or the butts of guns, according to the report. Israeli officials have said that the rights of detainees are respected.

  92. La guía Biden para vestir más joven En español, Yesterday

    Se ha hablado mucho de la edad del presidente, pero su forma de vestir cuenta otra historia. Hay lecciones que aprender.

  93. Attack by Hezbollah Injures 14 Israeli Soldiers in Border Village World, Yesterday

    The Lebanese militant group said the drone and missile attack was in response to Israeli airstrikes that killed two Hezbollah commanders.

  94. Most Teachers Know They’re Playing With Fire When They Use Tech in the Classroom Opinion, Yesterday

    But many of them know how not to get burned.

  95. Californians Share Their Pandemic Silver Linings, Four Years After Lockdowns U.S., Yesterday

    Readers submitted small ways that the pandemic shifted their thinking for the better, or introduced a new joy into their life.

  96. Biden to Run Ads Across Pennsylvania Attacking Trump on the Economy U.S., Yesterday

    Winning the state, where he narrowly defeated Donald J. Trump in 2020, is crucial to his re-election strategy.

  97. Should I Be Loyal to My Father or My Dying Uncle? Style, Yesterday

    A reader is torn between attending a final dinner with his uncle, who has terminal cancer, and supporting his father, who wasn’t invited because of an old grudge.

  98. F.T.C. Said to Consider Blocking Major Fashion Merger Business, Yesterday

    Regulators are expected to meet next week to discuss the $8.5 billion deal between Coach’s owner, Tapestry, and Michael Kors’s parent company, Capri Holdings, which would create a U.S. luxury conglomerate.

  99. ‘Shogun’: Anna Sawai on Her Character’s Final Transformation Arts, Yesterday

    In an interview, the actor discusses the most recent episode of the FX drama and how her Lady Mariko “wants to fulfill her purpose.”

  100. Russian Missile Attack North of Kyiv Kills at Least 17, Ukraine Says World, Yesterday

    President Volodymyr Zelensky said the death toll might rise and blamed lack of air defenses for the loss of life. Dozens more were reported wounded.

  101. Prosecutions of Fake Electors for Trump Gain Ground in Swing States U.S., Yesterday

    Georgia, Michigan and Nevada have already brought charges against people who posed as electors for Donald Trump, and Arizona and Wisconsin have active investigations.

  102. Business and a Second Trump Term Briefing, Yesterday

    Times reporters discuss the relationship between major C.E.O.s and Donald Trump.

  103. Tesla Sets Up a New Showdown Over Elon Musk’s Pay Business, Yesterday

    The electric vehicle maker will ask shareholders to vote again on a multibillion-dollar compensation package that was voided by a judge in January.

  104. Aung San Suu Kyi Moved to Unknown Location From Prison by Myanmar Junta World, Yesterday

    The unexpected relocation was attributed to a heat wave, and came as the military government is facing increasingly emboldened rebel forces.

  105. Has Your Birth Order Shaped Who You Are? The Learning Network, Yesterday

    Does it matter if you’re the firstborn, the middle child, the youngest or somewhere in between?

  106. A Timeline of Britain’s Troubled Plan to Send Asylum Seekers to Rwanda World, Yesterday

    The U.K. government hopes to pass a bill this week, two years after the plan was first unveiled, in an effort to override a ruling by Britain’s highest court that Rwanda is not safe for refugees.

  107. Sleep Apnea Reduced in People Who Took Weight-Loss Drug, Eli Lilly Reports Health, Yesterday

    The company reported results of clinical trials involving Zepbound, an obesity drug in the same class as Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy.

  108. Are ‘Forever Chemicals’ a Forever Problem? The Daily, Yesterday

    The Environmental Protection Agency says “forever chemicals” must be removed from tap water. But they lurk in much more of what we eat, drink and use.

  109. Israel Weighs Response to Iran, and U.S. Speaker Tries to Pass Ukraine Aid Podcasts, Yesterday

    Plus, the French Olympic team reveals its outfits.

  110. Women Talk Through Their Abortions on TikTok U.S., Yesterday

    At a time of heightened confusion and legal battles over access to abortion, women are looking to social media for answers.

  111. As Lahaina Burned, Fire Crews Waited an Hour for Equipment U.S., Yesterday

    A new analysis of the August inferno on the island of Maui in Hawaii described heroic efforts by firefighters. But it also found many ways the town could have been better prepared.

  112. Biden to Call for Tripling Tariffs on Chinese Steel Products U.S., Yesterday

    In a speech to union steelworkers in Pittsburgh, the president will announce several new measures meant to raise new barriers against floods of Chinese imports.

  113. Arizona Republicans Again Block Effort to Repeal 1864 Abortion Ban U.S., Yesterday

    The state has been in turmoil since its Supreme Court upheld a near-total abortion ban dating back to the Civil War.

  114. Blinken Arrives in Italy for Talks on Israel and Ukraine at G7 Meeting U.S., Yesterday

    The U.S. secretary of state and his counterparts are gathering as world leaders try to contain the fallout from the Israel-Hamas war.

  115. Johnson Needs Democrats on Ukraine, Handing Them Power to Shape Aid Plan U.S., Yesterday

    The Republican speaker’s elaborate strategy for passing a foreign aid package over his party’s objections will require the cooperation of Democrats to push it through — and possibly save his job.

  116. Hundreds of Small Presses Just Lost Their Distributor. Now What? Books, Yesterday

    A nonprofit that distributed books for many of the country’s small presses has closed, and the fallout could affect the publishing industry in ways both big and small.

  117. Have Faith in the Trump Trial Jurors Opinion, Yesterday

    Jesse Wegman on why “the system is operating as intended.”

  118. Who Wants to Be a Traitor? Style, Yesterday

    Reality stars and other people with some degree of fame are making no secret of their hopes to join the next cast of the hit show “The Traitors.”

  119. Denis Villeneuve Answers All Your Questions About ‘Dune: Part Two’ Movies, Yesterday

    He explains why Lady Jessica’s face is so heavily tattooed, whether Paul considers himself the Messiah and what he thinks of those Javier Bardem memes.

  120. VW Workers in Tennessee Start Vote on U.A.W., Testing Union Ambitions Business, Yesterday

    The United Automobile Workers hopes contract gains at the Big Three carmakers will provide momentum in a broad effort to organize nonunion plants.

  121. The Real Path to an American Civil War Opinion, Yesterday

    Not just a deepening of present discontents but a dramatic crash or rupture.

  122. Why John Magaro of ‘Past Lives’ Could Never Love a Picky Eater Podcasts, Yesterday

    For the actor, compatibility comes down to food. You need to be able to share.

  123. Debunking Trump’s Misleading and False Claims About His Court Cases Video, Yesterday

    Linda Qiu, a fact check reporter for The New York Times, analyzes some of Donald Trump’s false and misleading statements about his ongoing court cases.

  124. Donald Trump’s Secret Shame About New York City Haunts His Trial Opinion, Yesterday

    For a kid from Queens who never quite conquered Manhattan, this trial is a fitting homecoming.

  125. What to Know About the Turmoil at Colleges Over the Israel-Hamas War U.S., Yesterday

    On campus, the debate over free speech and antisemitism has only become more charged.

  126. A New York Conference Focuses on the Crisis of the Uyghurs New York, Yesterday

    Elisha Wiesel, son of the writer Elie Wiesel, says the group’s plight has echoes of the Holocaust.

  127. The Basics of Smartphone Backups Technology, Yesterday

    It doesn’t take a lot of work to keep copies of your phone’s photos, videos and other files stashed securely in case of an emergency.

  128. Can a Sexless Marriage Be a Happy One? Magazine, Yesterday

    Experts and couples are challenging the conventional wisdom that sex is essential to relationships.

  129. The Israeli Censorship Regime Is Growing. That Needs to Stop. Opinion, Yesterday

    Barring outside journalists from Gaza and the killings of those covering the war must stop.

  130. Fact-Checking Trump’s Defenses in His Court Cases U.S., Yesterday

    The former president has trotted out a host of false and misleading claims to defend his conduct, attack judges and prosecutors and portray himself as a victim of political persecution.

  131. Sober Travelers Find Something to Savor in Wine Country Travel, Yesterday

    Mocktail trails, olive oil tours and elevated dining experiences are among the many ways the renowned wine-producing areas of Sonoma, Mendoza and Tuscany are appealing to sober or sober-curious travelers.

  132. ‘It’s a Very Winnable Case’: Three Writers Dissect the Trump Trial Opinion, Yesterday

    Debate and analysis about the case, jury selection and anticipation for a potential witness.

  133. Donald Trump and American Justice Opinion, Yesterday

    Donald Trump is enjoying the same guarantees of fairness and due process before the law that he sought to deny to others during his term.

  134. Bravely Exploring the Squalor of a ‘Boy Room’ Style, Yesterday

    Male 20-somethings are showing off their messy apartments in a video series that poses the implicit question, “You live like this?”

  135. $1.4 Million Homes in North Carolina, Idaho and Connecticut Real Estate, Yesterday

    A Tudor Revival cottage in Biltmore Forest, a ranch house and guesthouse in Boise and a 1991 home in Kent.

  136. Long Before Trump, Immigrant Detention Was Arbitrary and Cruel Books, Yesterday

    “In the Shadow of Liberty,” by the historian Ana Raquel Minian, chronicles America’s often brutal treatment of noncitizens, including locking them up without charge.

  137. Taylor Swift Sells a Rainbow of Vinyl Albums. Fans Keep Buying Them. Arts, Yesterday

    Artists across pop genres are finding success with colored vinyl and different variants of their releases. For Swifties, the urge to collect them all is strong.

  138. Inside the Late-Night Parties Where Hawaii Politicians Raked In Money U.S., Yesterday

    After the state passed a law barring government contractors from donating to politicians, fund-raising parties showed just how completely the reform effort failed.

  139. Where Do the Gardeners You Admire Turn for Advice? To These Newsletters. Real Estate, Yesterday

    A horticulture expert shares his must-read list.

  140. Take This Dance Class and Call Me in the Morning Well, Yesterday

    Prescriptions for social activities, exercise and the arts — first popularized in Britain — are coming to America. But some experts say the U.S. health care system may get in the way.

  141. Video Games Are a Playwright’s Muse, Not Her Hobby Theater, Yesterday

    In Bekah Brunstetter’s new play “The Game,” women withhold sex from their partners who are obsessed with a Fortnite-like game. Her previous work includes “The Oregon Trail.”

  142. Read Your Way Through Accra Books, Yesterday

    Bus stations. Traffic stops. Beaches. There’s no telling where you’ll find the next story in Accra, Ghana’s capital. Peace Adzo Medie shares some of her favorites.

  143. Jimmy Kimmel Notes ‘Another Stormy Day’ in ‘The Orange People’s Court’ Arts, Yesterday

    Kimmel said that former president Donald J. Trump is starring “as the defendant in his first of many criminal trials to come.”

  144. Inflation in U.K. Slows to 3.2%, Lowest in More Than 2 Years Business, Yesterday

    As the economy cools, pressure is building on the Bank of England to cut interest rates.

  145. 2,000 Bags The Learning Network, Yesterday

    What’s your favorite bag? Can you ever have too many?

  146. Columbia’s President to Testify in Closely Watched Antisemitism Hearing New York, Yesterday

    Nemat Shafik, Columbia University’s president, will address the congressional committee that questioned the presidents of Harvard, M.I.T. and the University of Pennsylvania last year.

  147. The Connections Companion No. 311 Gameplay, Yesterday

    Scroll down to reveal a hint for each category of today’s Connections, or head to the comments for community hints and conversation.

  148. Oro, plata y… ¿hierro? Las medallas olímpicas de París tendrán un trozo de la Torre Eiffel En español, Yesterday

    Los medallistas de los Juegos Olímpicos y Paralímpicos de París de este año también se llevarán a casa un trozo del emblemático monumento de la capital francesa.

  149. Today’s Wordle Review Gameplay, Yesterday

    In case you need some puzzle help.

  150. Spelling Bee Forum Gameplay, Yesterday

    Feeling stuck on today’s puzzle? We can help.

  151. Here’s Where Israel’s Military Offensive in Gaza Stands World, Yesterday

    More than six months after the Hamas-led attacks of Oct. 7, Israel’s campaign to eliminate the armed group in Gaza is pressing ahead.

  152. Yesterday’s Iran Israel Gaza War News live blog included one standalone post:
  153. Heavy Rain in Oman Causes Deadly Flash Floods Video, Yesterday

    Muddy floodwaters inundated neighborhoods, mangled cars and damaged roads.

  154. Word of the Day: sparse The Learning Network, Yesterday

    This word has appeared in 194 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year. Can you use it in a sentence?

  155. Wednesday Briefing Briefing, Yesterday

    Israel’s difficult choices on Iran.

  156. Venezuelans Are Suffering, but More Sanctions Won’t Help Opinion, Yesterday

    The Biden administration wants to lift damaging oil sanctions but is caught in a political bind with Venezuela’s dictator.

  157. ¿Quieres liberarte de tu celular? Este dispositivo podría ser la clave En español, Yesterday

    El Ai Pin cuesta 700 dólares y resulta útil para ciertas tareas, pero no se le dan bien las matemáticas ni las recetas de sándwiches.

  158. Heavy Rainfall in Oman, Which Killed 18, Expected to Continue on Wednesday U.S., Yesterday

    The neighboring United Arab Emirates also experienced its largest rainfall in 75 years, with a year’s worth of rain falling on Dubai alone.