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  1. Rory McIlroy Caps Season With a Win at the Tour Championship Sports, Today

    By adding PGA Tour’s finale and FedEx Cup to his victories, he threw himself into competition with Brooks Koepka for Player of the Year.

  2. As Amazon Burns, Fires in Next-Door Bolivia Also Wreak Havoc World, Today

    The fires have engulfed the country’s largest city in smoke, and are threatening villages, productive farms, and endangered species.

  3. Trump’s Paradigm of the Personal Opinion, Today

    He confuses the way he thinks he is treated with the well-being of the country.

  4. Swept by Braves, Mets Lament Fatigue and Missed Chances Sports, Today

    A chance to gain ground in the division disappears in a string of failed rallies and a run of long nights.

  5. Rule 1 at the G7 Meeting? Don’t Get You-Know-Who Mad World, Today

    Determined not to rouse President Trump’s well-known temper, Group of 7 leaders registered their policy differences in the most flattering of tones.

  6. Billy Bush Is Ready for a Return to TV. Will Viewers Welcome Him Back? Business, Today

    A fireball producer is giving him a comeback chance while also trying to revive the tired celebrity news genre. It’s Mr. Bush’s first TV job since the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape.

  7. Business Groups Warn of Peril as Trump’s Trade War Spirals Business, Today

    After the latest escalation, a wide array of business leaders raised the alarm on the likely costs for workers and consumers.

  8. The Shallow Cynicism of ‘Everything Is Rigged’ Opinion, Today

    Why do the president and many of his opponents act as though American political life is just another film noir?

  9. Polluting Farmers Should Pay Opinion, Today

    Fertilizer runoff is making us sick. States can step in to regulate farmers.

  10. I Couldn’t Say ‘My Mother’ Without Crying Opinion, Today

    Losing a family member at a young age has lasting impacts, well into adulthood. There’s no quick fix for childhood grief.

  11. In Andrew Luck’s Retirement, Football’s Consequences Weigh Heavily Sports, Today

    Luck belongs to a young generation more carefully weighing the dangers of the game against the financial rewards.

  12. Algae That Can Kill Dogs Is Discovered in 3 N.Y.C. Parks New York, Today

    The green-blue blooms of toxic algae have been found in Central Park, Morningside Park and Prospect Park.

  13. When College Dormitories Become Health Hazards U.S., Today

    Putting up with dinginess is a rite of passage for many college students. Some have had to endure far worse.

  14. Three-Ring White House Opinion, Today

    Don’t you love farce?

  15. The Trump Administration Is Creating a Health Nightmare Near the Border Opinion, Today

    The failure to provide flu vaccines to detained migrants is a recipe for disaster.

  16. Gleyber Torres Has Been the Rock as the Yankees Have Rolled Sports, Today

    Torres, a 22-year-old infielder, has put up impressive power numbers while avoiding the injuries that befell so many of his teammates.

  17. Judges to Be Crosswords & Games, Today

    Erik Agard repeats himself.

  18. Andrew Luck’s Retirement Prompts Debate About His Grit Sports, Today

    Defenders of Luck said he was putting his well-being ahead of his career, but critics saw his exit as a sign that he was too soft.

  19. Trump Offers Contradictory Signals on China Trade War World, Today

    After initially said that he was having “second thoughts” about a new levies on Chinese goods, Mr. Trump said he only regretted not raising tariffs faster.

  20. Tensions Rise at Hong Kong Protests Video, Today

    Police used water cannon trucks for the first time since the protests began in June. They also drew guns on protesters who were charging at them with sticks. The violent weekend followed a period of relatively peaceful marches.

  21. El misterio de las expulsiones de usuarios en Facebook en Español, Today

    Muchas personas han dejado la red social por temas de privacidad, pero otros usuarios están desesperados por recuperar su cuenta y por conseguir un empleado humano que les ayude a hacerlo.

  22. Hong Kong, G7, Kashmir: Your Monday Briefing Briefing, Today

    Trade war shadows G7 summit.

  23. PTSD Made Him Walk Away From Public Life. Now He’s Heading Back. U.S., Today

    Generations of politicians have assumed that openly acknowledging a psychiatric disorder would be disastrous. Jason Kander is testing that assumption.

  24. Trump’s Signature New York Hotel and the Art of the Compromise U.S., Today

    Facing demands to change the name of the Trump International Hotel and Tower, the president’s business is considering signage that would elevate its Central Park West address.

  25. Trump Faces a Stubborn Opponent in Fed’s Economic Experts Business, Today

    As the president attacks the Federal Reserve, policymakers are looking the other way — and closing ranks around the Fed chair, Jerome H. Powell.

  26. Plane and Helicopter Collide in Spain, Killing 7 World, Today

    The crash took place over the island of Majorca as the two aircraft, which had taken off from separate airports, collided below a thousand feet.

  27. Iranian Official Makes Surprise Appearance on Sidelines of G7 Summit World, Today

    At the invitation of France, Iran’s foreign minister flew to Biarritz and met with European officials. But he had no plans to sit down with American officials.

  28. ‘Euphoria’ reivindica la experiencia adolescente en Español, Today

    La serie de HBO explora de manera profunda los problemas de la adolescencia pero va mucho más allá de la radiografía de una nueva audiencia y de la voluntad de seducirla.

  29. Trump Allies Target Journalists Over Coverage Deemed Hostile to White House U.S., Today

    A loose network of conservatives says it has dossiers of offensive social media posts and other problematic public statements by hundreds of journalists.

  30. ‘Angel Has Fallen’ Bumps ‘Good Boys’ From Its Box-Office Lead Movies, Today

    The third installment of Gerard Butler’s “Fallen” action series brought in about $21.3 million in its opening weekend.

  31. When Everybody Speaks English Opinion, Today

    Readers says the world is a poorer place when monolingualism prevails.

  32. A Morning in the Kitchen With the Grandmother Who Cooks for Major League Baseball Players Reader Center, Today

    Altagracia Alvino is used to cooking large meals for her family, teammates and visiting players. I sampled her (very tasty) goat stew.

  33. Making City Streets Safer for Cyclists and Walkers Opinion, Today

    Readers call for stricter enforcement of traffic rules for bike riders and stricter punishments for reckless drivers. Also: When Obama picked Joe Biden; whose history gets taught.

  34. Can a Play About Vaccines Be a Laughing Matter? Theater, Today

    At the privileged private school in “Eureka Day,” some parents refuse to give shots to their children. Then the mumps hits.

  35. Fury as British Airways Cancels Scores of Flights, Some by Mistake World, Today

    Customers vented their fury after the airline said their flights would be canceled because of a looming strike, then backtracked.

  36. Johnson Walks Tightrope at G7, as Trump Pledges ‘Very Big Trade Deal’ for U.K. World, Today

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson responded cautiously, saying that reaching a trade agreement “may take some time” and would require compromises from Washington.

  37. Pave Our Paradise With Fake Grass? Skateboarders Say No Way. New York, Today

    For decades, New Yorkers have skated on asphalt in Tompkins Square Park. Now the Parks Department may cover it with artificial turf.

  38. Nissan Got Rid of Carlos Ghosn. The Way It Did So May Prove Costly. Business, Today

    The Japanese carmaker’s public accounting of its internal problems could provide a handy road map for lawyers seeking payback for investor losses.

  39. The Best of Both Seasons Food, Today

    Corn and shishito salad, roasted zucchini with garlicky bread crumbs, lamb meatballs: Embrace summer’s bounty and fall’s coziness with these recipes.

  40. Una negociación: la única salida posible para Venezuela en Español, Today

    No existe otra alternativa para salir de la crisis en la que se encuentra el país. Lo que está en juego es su supervivencia. Negociar es incómodo, pero también es imprescindible.

  41. Joe Walsh Confirms He Will Challenge Trump for Republican Nomination U.S., Today

    Calling Mr. Trump ‘completely unfit,’ Mr. Walsh, a conservative radio host, will adopt a television-centric strategy to try to rattle a media-obsessed president.

  42. The Week in Business: Recession Fears Meet a Farce Over … Greenland? Business, Today

  43. G7, Brazil, U.S. Open: Your Weekend Briefing Briefing, Today

    Here’s what you need to know about the week’s top stories.

  44. Hezbollah Says Drones That Crashed in Beirut Suburbs Came from Israel World, Today

    The incident added to tensions between the United States and its regional allies on one hand and Iran and the regional forces it back on the other.

  45. Iceland’s Purple Planes Are Grounded, and With Them, Its Economy Business, Today

    The collapse of WOW Air, the discount airline, has damaged the country’s tourism industry, which had lifted it from the wreckage of the 2008 financial crisis.

  46. Homes That Sold for Around $450,000 Real Estate, Today

    Recent residential sales in New York City and the region.

  47. The Education of Elizabeth Warren U.S., Today

    The former law professor’s path to presidential contender began in Texas bankruptcy courts, where she witnessed desperate families, similar to her own.

  48. The Artist Behind the Biggest Illustration The Times Has Ever Run Times Insider, Today

    For a special section from the Sports desk on the U.S. Open’s history of night tennis matches, Chris Buzelli had a big space to fill: about the size of a mini-fridge.

  49. Los beisbolistas la llaman la Jefa: la abuela dominicana que cocina para las grandes ligas en Español, Today

    Durante casi 20 años, Altagracia Alvino, la abuela de Vladimir Guerrero Jr., ha vivido y cocinado para su descendencia de beisbolistas, así como para sus compañeros de equipo y contrincantes.

  50. G7 Live Updates: Trump Sends Mixed Signals on China World, Today

    President Trump, at the G7 summit in Biarritz, France, once again caught off guard allies who disagree with him on trade tariffs, global warming, Russia and China.

  51. Hong Kong Officer Fires Shot, and Police Use Water Cannons at Protest World, Today

    The police drew their pistols and unleashed rounds of tear gas at protesters, who threw bricks and firebombs, as a weekend of violence followed nearly two weeks of relatively peaceful rallies.

  52. Abuela, Chef, Boss: Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s Grandmother Feeds the Majors Sports, Today

    For about two decades, Altagracia Alvino has lived with and cooked for her baseball-playing offspring — as well as their teammates and opponents.

  53. Men’s Tennis Waits (and Waits) for New Blood Sports, Today

    It has been five years since men’s tennis had a first-time singles champion at a Grand Slam tournament. Will the U.S. Open be different?

  54. ‘I Looked Around and Saw a Man Holding His Phone Up Surreptitiously’ New York, Today

    A very chunky scarf, in search of the usual gang of idiots and more reader tales of New York City in this week’s Metropolitan Diary.

  55. One Handgun, 9 Murders: How American Firearms Cause Carnage Abroad World, Today

    Hundreds of thousands of guns sold in the United States vanish because of loose American gun laws. Many reappear in Jamaica, turning its streets into battlefields.

  56. নিজভূমে নির্যাতিত, পরভূমে আশা-নিরাশার দোলাচলে ৭ লক্ষ ৩০ হাজার রোহিঙ্গা World, Today

    মায়ানমারে, যেখানে তারা জাতিগত নিধনের শিকার হয়েছে, সেখানে তাদের জন্য কি অপেক্ষা করছে তার আতঙ্কই রোহিঙ্গাদের মায়ানমারে ফিরে যেতে বাঁধা দিচ্ছে। কিন্তু বাংলাদেশের শরণার্থী শিবিরে জীবন কঠিন। কোথাও যাওয়ার মত একটি জায়গাও তাদের নেই।

  57. What’s on TV Sunday: ‘On Becoming a God in Central Florida’ and ‘Jawline’ Arts, Today

    Kirsten Dunst works her way up a cultlike pyramid scheme, and a 16-year-old tries to break into the influencer world in “Jawline.”

  58. This Week’s Wedding Announcements Fashion, Today

    All of the weddings right here on one handy page for you.

  59. Benno Rosenwald, Abe Pollister Fashion, Today

    The couple met three years ago in Los Angeles.

  60. Media Brecher, José Ginarte Fashion, Today

    A mutual friend who thought the couple would make a great match introduced them in 2013.

  61. Kelly Widelska, Courtney Stamm Fashion, Today

    The couple met through a mutual acquaintance who invited both of them to gatherings not once but twice. They had their first date in 2016.

  62. Alexandra Faivus, Matthew Glazer Fashion, Today

    The couple met four years ago in New York through the dating app Hinge.

  63. Caro Dubois, Yohan Benizri Fashion, Today

    They began dating a decade after they met as friends, each with three children from previous marriages.

  64. Rebecca Carlson, Nikhil Bhat Fashion, Today

    The couple met in 2014 on the dating app Hinge. They had their first date at Upright Brew House, a restaurant in New York.

  65. Sophie Clarke, Robert Shady Fashion, Today

    The winner of the 2011 season of the reality television show “Survivor: South Pacific” said, “He’s definitely my No. 1 alliance for life.’’

  66. Dora Epelboim, Daniel Schreiber Fashion, Today

    The couple met at Brandeis University, from which they graduated.

  67. Mary Seraj, Gregory Bischoping Fashion, Today

    The couple met in 2017 at the 34th annual University of Virginia Law Softball Invitational.

  68. Lydia Ramsey, Andrew Pflanzer Fashion, Today

    The couple met in 2012 at Lutherdale Bible Camp in Elkhorn, Wis.

  69. Alyssa Sebastian, Jason Luft Fashion, Today

    The couple met in 2017 on Match.com and had their first date at Bareburger restaurant in Forest Hills, Queens.

  70. South Korea Launches Military Exercise for Islets Also Claimed by Japan World, Today

    The exercises are meant to protect South Korea’s claim to a set of islets also claimed by Japan, as ties between the two countries are at their worst in years.

  71. Alicia Christoff, Adam Hinds Fashion, Today

    The couple met when a former girlfriend of the groom’s threw a cocktail party in order to introduce him to the bride.

  72. Emma Hanley, Logan Craig Fashion, Today

    Her grandmother could tell within minutes that he was head over heels for her.

  73. Marlow Svatek, Tarek Wiley Fashion, Today

    The couple met in June 2011 while they were both serving as Peace Corps volunteers in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

  74. Eva Vivalt, Gabriel Carroll Fashion, Today

    The couple initially met when both were prospective doctoral students in economics at Berkeley, then met again years later on OkCupid.

  75. Jillian Oran, Matthew Zonis Fashion, Today

    The couple met on a dating app, and had a virtual relationship until he returned to the United States from Thailand, where he had been living.

  76. Jill Van Denburg, Jason Paris Fashion, Today

    The couple met in 1993 when the bride was a first-year student at Brandeis and became friends with the groom’s younger sister.

  77. Lauren Trapido, Matthew Kaplan Fashion, Today

    The couple met in 2005 at the birthday party of a mutual friend, in Wellesley, Mass.

  78. Sarah Paige, Daniel Doktori Fashion, Today

    They met in 2013 during a negotiation workshop at Harvard Law School, and later that year negotiated a long-distance relationship.

  79. Sabrina Giglio, Eric Taitz Fashion, Today

    The couple met through a mutual acquaintance at a lounge in Santa Monica, Calif., in 2015.

  80. Emily Nhaissi, Victor Shelden Fashion, Today

    The couple met in high school and in 2016, after years of friendship, their relationship took a romantic turn.

  81. Sidney Rittenberg, Idealistic American Aide to Mao Who Evolved to Counsel Capitalists, Dies at 98 World, Yesterday

    Once a dedicated Communist, Mr. Rittenberg became disillusioned after 16 years in prison in China and returned to the United States to forge a lucrative career helping companies do business in China.

  82. Andrew Luck of the Colts Retires From the N.F.L. After Spate of Injuries Sports, Yesterday

    The 29-year-old was the first pick in the 2012 draft and is in the third year of a five-year contract extension that pays him an average of $23.3 million a year.

  83. Quotation of the Day: One Dizzying Day of Tweets and Tariff Threats Exposes the Limits of Level Heads Today’s Paper, Yesterday

    Quotation of the day for Sunday, August 24, 2019.

  84. Corrections: August 25, 2019 Corrections, Yesterday

    Corrections appearing in print on Sunday, August 25, 2019.