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  1. ¿Por qué los doctores y farmacéuticos se están rebelando? En español, Today

    Cada vez más médicos de clínicas de todo Estados Unidos se han organizado para hacerle frente a unas condiciones laborales crecientemente abrumadoras.

  2. Word of the Day: desalination The Learning Network, Today

    This word has appeared in 54 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year. Can you use it in a sentence?

  3. Late Night Foresees a Limited Audience for Fourth G.O.P. Debate Arts, Today

    Wednesday’s debate will air on platforms like NewsNation and the CW. “So, in other words, look for it wherever you get your computer viruses,” Seth Meyers joked.

  4. Twitch Will Shut Down Its Streaming Platform in South Korea Business, Today

    Twitch, once popular among South Korean gamers, will shut its business there in February.

  5. How Germany Became Mean Opinion, Today

    The country’s reputation is at stake.

  6. U.S. Air Force Says Osprey Crash Off Japan Left No Survivors World, Today

    All eight airmen aboard the craft that went down during a Nov. 29 training exercise are believed to have been killed, the Air Force said.

  7. Wednesday Briefing Briefing, Today

    Accounts of sexual violence by Hamas.

  8. Haley and DeSantis Face Off: What to Watch for in the G.O.P. Debate U.S., Today

    Vivek Ramaswamy and Chris Christie will also be onstage, but much of the attention will be on the two Republicans best positioned to become the top challenger to Donald Trump.

  9. Boris Johnson to Face Tough Questions at Covid Inquiry World, Today

    The former prime minister, whose tenure was dominated and derailed by the pandemic, is expected to admit some mistakes but also point out his successes.

  10. How Nations Are Losing a Global Race to Tackle A.I.’s Harms Technology, Today

    Alarmed by the power of artificial intelligence, Europe, the United States and others are trying to respond — but the technology is evolving more rapidly than their policies.

  11. Actors Ratify Deal With Hollywood Studios, With Reservations Business, Today

    The SAG-AFTRA vote formally ends six months of labor strife, though some members were not happy about the contract’s artificial intelligence protections.

  12. Trump Deflects Questions on Retribution and Law-Breaking at Town Hall U.S., Today

    Pressed by Sean Hannity to promise not to abuse power, Donald Trump agreed he wouldn’t, “other than Day 1,” adding: “We’re closing the border. And we’re drilling, drilling, drilling. After that, I’m not a dictator.”

  13. ‘Fargo’ Season 5, Episode 4 Recap: Trick or Treat Arts, Today

    Halloween provides the perfect disguise for a home invasion. Of course, this is “Fargo,” so nothing goes quite as planned.

  14. Woman Shot and Killed in East London U.S., Today

    Two other people were shot and injured in the shooting, a rarity in Britain. They were taken to a hospital and their status was not immediately clear.

  15. Black Student in Texas Is Suspended Over Hair Length Again U.S., Today

    Darryl George, who wears locs, had just returned to Barbers Hill High School in Texas after being sent to a disciplinary school. Officials suspended him over his hair again on Tuesday.

  16. Have a Gander Gameplay, Today

    Peter A. Collins and Bruce Haight craft a puzzle with signature brilliance.

  17. El mundo ama los corridos tumbados. En México, es complicado En español, Today

    Inspirado en un género centenario de la cultura mexicana, el último fenómeno de la música pop está atrayendo a miles de seguidores jóvenes, y críticas por sus referencias violentas.

  18. A New Trump Administration Will ‘Come After’ the Media, Says Kash Patel U.S., Today

    Donald Trump, who has already promised to use the Justice Department to “go after” his political adversaries, is expected to install Mr. Patel in a senior role if he returns to power.

  19. Yesterday’s Israel Hamas War Gaza News live blog included 7 standalone posts:
  20. Peru’s Top Court Orders Fujimori Released From Prison World, Today

    The ruling, which affirms a decision to reinstate a pardon, defies an order by an international court that former President Alberto Fujimori continue to serve his sentence for human rights violations.

  21. War Intensifies in Southern Gaza, Where Civilians Say No Place Is Safe World, Today

    Amid some of the war’s heaviest bombing, Israeli forces battled Hamas deep into the city of Khan Younis, with few signs that Israel was heeding Biden administration calls to show more restraint.

  22. Biden’s Strategy Faces a Test as Israeli Forces Push Into Southern Gaza U.S., Yesterday

    While the president has backed Israel’s right to defend itself since the Hamas terrorist attack, his team has increased the pressure to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza.

  23. Biden Says ‘I’m Not Sure I’d Be Running’ if Not for Trump U.S., Yesterday

    President Biden has portrayed a second term for Donald Trump as an existential threat to American democracy.

  24. CVS Says It Will Change the Way Its Pharmacies Are Paid Business, Yesterday

    The drugstore chain is introducing a model that will compensate pharmacies based on how much they paid for a drug, as well as a set markup and service fee.

  25. New York City’s Composting Conundrum Climate, Yesterday

    Community-based programs could lose funding under the mayor’s proposal.

  26. “We sleep fearing we might be dead” Interactive, Yesterday

    60 days of life in the Gaza Strip.

  27. Man Charged With Hate Crime in Times Square Assault on Israeli Tourist New York, Yesterday

    The charges were among the latest to arise from a spate of bias incidents in New York amid the war between Hamas and Israel.

  28. Quotation of the Day: Questions About What Excellence Is at Yale, Where Nearly 80% of Grades Are A’s Corrections, Yesterday

    Quotation of the Day for Wednesday, December 6, 2023.

  29. Senator Says He Will Drop His Blockade of Most Military Promotions Briefing, Yesterday

    Also, a top Democratic donor boosts Nikki Haley. Here’s the latest at the end of Tuesday.

  30. ‘Life & Times of Michael K’ Review: An Arduous Trek That’s a Marvel to Watch Theater, Yesterday

    This captivating adaptation of J.M. Coetzee’s novel, a collaboration with Handspring Puppet Company, follows a man and his ailing mother during a civil war in South Africa.

  31. ‘Can I Walk Outside of the Room?’ Israeli Doctors Help Child Hostages Return Home World, Yesterday

    One child was told that no one was looking for her and that Israel was gone.

  32. Resident Presumed Dead in Arlington, Va., House Explosion U.S., Yesterday

    The authorities said James Yoo, 56, was believed to have died when his home exploded as the police were preparing to search the residence on Monday night.

  33. Julius W. Becton Jr., Pathbreaking Army General, Dies at 97 U.S., Yesterday

    A three-star general, he saw combat in three wars and was the first Black commander of an Army corps. He later led FEMA before focusing on education.

  34. House Declares Anti-Zionism Is Antisemitism, Dividing Democrats World, Yesterday

    More than half of House Democrats declined to back the Republican-written resolution, as some argued that equating criticism of the state of Israel with hatred of the Jewish people went too far.

  35. Silence Is Violence — but Not When It Comes to Israeli Rape Victims Opinion, Yesterday

    Why was so little said until now about Hamas’s brutal sexual attacks on Oct. 7?

  36. Arab Citizens of Israel Released in Deals With Hamas Fear a Backlash World, Yesterday

    Almost all the 15 Israeli-Arab women freed in the swaps were released against their will. One was expelled from a university and others fear they could be attacked by those who link them to Hamas.

  37. Runners, on Your Marks: Strava Just Opened DMs Style, Yesterday

    The popular fitness app’s new direct-message feature has users split between titillation (a new place to flirt!) and trepidation (a new place to flirt …).

  38. Wednesday Briefing: Israel Entered Southern Gaza’s Largest City Briefing, Yesterday

    Plus, Moody’s lowered China’s credit rating outlook.

  39. No Attempted Murder Charges for Pilot Accused of Trying to Crash a Jetliner U.S., Yesterday

    A grand jury indicted Joseph Emerson, who said he thought he was dreaming in the cockpit, on lesser charges of endangering an aircraft and reckless endangerment of the passengers and crew.

  40. Jordan Wolfson Enjoys Being at the Center of the Storm T Magazine, Yesterday

    The artist discusses violence, AI, his latest work and how he comes up with his ideas.

  41. How to Create Your Own Holiday Wreath Video, Yesterday

    The December holidays beckon, and it’s time to decorate. Follow along at home as Jung Lee, an event designer, takes you through the steps of turning a prefabricated wreath into a custom piece that shows off your personality.

  42. N.C.A.A. Proposes Uncapping Compensation for Athletes U.S., Yesterday

    Under the plan, schools would set aside educational trust funds of at least $30,000 per year for at least half of their athletes, and would have to comply with Title IX laws.

  43. Prosecutors Intend to Show Long Pattern of Threats and Baseless Claims by Trump U.S., Yesterday

    In a court filing, federal prosecutors laid out plans to use the former president’s trial on charges of trying to overturn the 2020 election to show a yearslong history of using lies and intimidation.

  44. Yesterday’s Israel Hamas War Gaza News live blog included two standalone posts:
  45. Spotify Cancels Two Acclaimed Podcasts: ‘Heavyweight’ and ‘Stolen’ Business, Yesterday

    The shows will finish out their seasons on Spotify and then have the option to shop their shows somewhere else.

  46. Kamala Harris Breaks Record of Tiebreaking Votes in the Senate U.S., Yesterday

    The vice president has provided the decisive vote in the Senate 32 times, in a reflection of Democrats’ narrow majority and broader polarization in politics.

  47. Justices Seem Skeptical of Challenge to Trump-Era Tax Provision U.S., Yesterday

    The Supreme Court’s liberal wing and more moderate conservatives seemed to be searching for a way toward a limited ruling on a tax law that affects foreign profits of American companies.

  48. Restaurant Review: After a Scandal, April Bloomfield Sets a New Course Food, Yesterday

    At Sailor, in Brooklyn, the Spotted Pig’s former chef is doing the best cooking of her career.

  49. Inside the Secret Meeting That Cleared the Way for Tom Suozzi’s Return New York, Yesterday

    Gov. Kathy Hochul had been toying with blocking the former congressman’s nomination for the crucial special election to replace George Santos. Then a phone call came.

  50. 20 Things That Happened for the First Time in 2023 Special Series, Yesterday

    A series of surprising and serious events and trends that were unprecedented until now.

  51. Tiny Love Stories: ‘The Unspoken Question Between Us’ Style, Yesterday

    Modern Love in miniature, featuring reader-submitted stories of no more than 100 words.

  52. Majors’s Ex-Girlfriend Tells Jury His Rage Was Explosive and Terrifying New York, Yesterday

    On a recording, the actor demanded that Grace Jabbari support him as though he were the president and she the first lady: “I’m a great man. A great man.”

  53. Turner Prize Goes to Jesse Darling, a Sculptor of Mangled Objects Arts, Yesterday

    The artist won the major British art award on Tuesday for works that warp commonplace items into “something you’ve never seen before.”

  54. Miami Has Matured into a Cultural Capital. What’s Next? Arts, Yesterday

    Thirty years ago, the city was barely a blip on the art world’s radar. Now, partly because of Art Basel, it has become a global hot spot. But can it manage its growing pains?

  55. The Global Art Business Is Better, but Not Booming Arts, Yesterday

    After struggling with the Covid pandemic, the industry is now dealing with inflation, high interest rates and international conflicts.

  56. Inflation, Disinflation and Vibeflation Opinion, Yesterday

    Why were (some) economists so pessimistic?

  57. More Miami Art Fairs to Explore Arts, Yesterday

    Collectors will have many options to experience in addition to Art Basel Miami Beach. Here are four standouts.

  58. Seoul Takes ‘Center Stage’ in the Art World Arts, Yesterday

    The South Korean capital recently has seen an explosion of galleries and sales, and hosted the newest iteration of Frieze.

  59. ‘The Grande Dame of Brazilian Art’ Is Still Trailblazing at 80 Arts, Yesterday

    Over nearly 50 years, Luisa Strina has built one of the most successful galleries in Latin America — and brought Brazilian art to the world stage.

  60. George Santos Uses Cameo Videos to Make, of All Things, an Honest Buck U.S., Yesterday

    On the video app, a familiar face delivers kind greetings for paying customers, and advice for “Bobby from Jersey” about dealing with “haters.” Bowen Yang he is not.

  61. A Restless Design Show Hops to Miami Arts, Yesterday

    Alcova, a five-year-old platform for experimentalists that was founded in Italy, makes its American debut.

  62. Three European Art World Insiders Weigh In on Miami’s Scene Arts, Yesterday

    A European artist, curator, and collector consider the upstart: Is it an art world hub? Overhyped? Or a place to grow the arts outside museum walls?

  63. Johnson Plans Vote on Impeachment Inquiry, Predicting Unanimous G.O.P. Support U.S., Yesterday

    The speaker said he would move forward with a vote that Republicans have long avoided for fear that some in their ranks would refuse to endorse an investigation without incriminating evidence.

  64. Decision Time for Dealers at Art Basel Miami Beach Arts, Yesterday

    Picking the right pieces to display at art fairs can sway money and fame.

  65. What to Eat, See and Do During Miami Art Week Arts, Yesterday

    An array of restaurants and boutiques have opened alongside Miami-area mainstays to cater to visitors and an influx of new residents.

  66. Looking to the Art Fair World of 2024 Arts, Yesterday

    Art fairs managed to survive the downturn brought about by the Covid pandemic and are on the rise again — a trend expected to continue in the coming year.

  67. Is Liz Cheney Really Thinking About Running for President in 2024? U.S., Yesterday

    The former congresswoman is working to ensure that Donald Trump never returns to the Oval Office. She is also keeping her own door wide open.

  68. Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Jonathan Benno Join Forces at Four Twenty Five Food, Yesterday

    Yingtao serves Chinese cuisine through a global lens, Unapologetic Foods offers Filipino cooking at Naks and more restaurant news.

  69. Ukraine Opens War Crimes Inquiry Into Soldiers’ Deaths World, Yesterday

    A video circulated on social media but not independently verified purports to show Russian forces shooting troops who appeared to be surrendering.

  70. They’re Great Songs. Are They Christmas Songs? Arts, Yesterday

    Nine tracks from Barbra Streisand, the 1975, Fleet Foxes and more get put to the Lindsay Test.

  71. Texas Woman Asks Court to Allow Her Abortion U.S., Yesterday

    A woman who is 20 weeks pregnant, and whose fetus has been diagnosed with a deadly condition, is suing for an abortion under a medical exception to the state’s bans.

  72. Miami’s Rise as an Art Hub Draws Artists and Offers Inspiration Arts, Yesterday

    The respect for art in South Florida has made it a “cozy” place for people to come — and stay for work and to build a following.

  73. Smaller Airlines Seek Mergers to Compete With Industry Giants Business, Yesterday

    JetBlue Airways is trying to persuade a federal court to let it acquire Spirit Airlines, a deal that the Justice Department says will raise fares and reduce competition.

  74. When the Artist-Patron Relationship Becomes Friendly Arts, Yesterday

    Collectors buy the work of a living artist in depth, and those transactions sometimes can sow the seeds of a friendship.

  75. Tuberville Says He Will Drop Military Promotion Blockade World, Yesterday

    Under pressure from senators in both parties, the Alabama Republican said he would allow more than 400 promotions to move forward, continuing to block only the most senior positions.

  76. Xi Jinping Is Asserting Tighter Control of Finance in China Business, Yesterday

    The Communist Party’s main theoretical journal has laid out a new ideological framework for the financial system that emphasizes the primacy of China’s top leader and Marxist principles.

  77. Under Pressure, English National Opera Will Move to Manchester Arts, Yesterday

    Urged to develop a new model by Arts Council England, the opera company will move its base out of London, but it still plans to present opera there.

  78. The Oceans Are Diverse. Their Champions Should Be, Too. Special Series, Yesterday

    Ocean conservation will succeed only when the people most affected by climate change are part of the effort.

  79. Transcript: Ezra Klein Interviews Tareq Baconi Podcasts, Yesterday

    The Dec. 5, 2023, episode of “The Ezra Klein Show.”

  80. Jewish American Families Confront a Generational Divide Over Israel U.S., Yesterday

    Gen Z and young Millennials often see Israel as an occupying power oppressing Palestinians — a shock to their parents and grandparents, who tend to see it as an essential haven fighting for survival.

  81. U.S. to Deny Visas to Violent Israeli settlers and some West Bank Palestinians World, Yesterday

    As acts of violence spike in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, American officials say they will take action against dozens of Israeli settlers and some Palestinians.

  82. U.S. to Deny Visas to Violent Israeli Settlers and Some West Bank Palestinians U.S., Yesterday

    As acts of violence spike in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, American officials say they will take action against people “believed to have been involved in undermining peace.”

  83. Patrick McHenry, Former Interim Speaker, Will Leave Congress U.S., Yesterday

    The North Carolina congressman, who leads the House Financial Services Committee, said he would join the growing ranks of lawmakers exiting Congress amid intense dysfunction.

  84. Two N95 Companies Shut Down, as an Era Ends Business, Yesterday

    Two mask companies are shutting down as a once sought-after item becomes an afterthought.

  85. Trump Unbound: An Autocrat in Waiting? Opinion, Yesterday

    Responses to articles about Donald Trump’s authoritari tendencies. Also: The inhumanity of homelessness; violence against inmates; community composting.

  86. Panera Bread’s Charged Lemonade Linked to Second Death in Lawsuit U.S., Yesterday

    A man in Florida died after drinking three servings of the highly caffeinated drink at a Panera location in Florida, his family said in a wrongful-death lawsuit.

  87. William P. Murphy Jr., Innovator of Life-Saving Medical Tools, Dies at 100 Science, Yesterday

    Dr. Murphy’s safe, reliable blood bag replaced breakable glass bottles used in transfusions in the Korean War. He also helped improve pacemakers and artificial kidneys.

  88. Supreme Court Dismisses Disability Activist’s Case as Moot U.S., Yesterday

    The activist, Deborah Laufer, had sued hundreds of hotels as a “tester,” having no intention of booking a stay, accusing them of inadequate disclosures about whether rooms were accessible.

  89. E.U. Official Cites Big Risk of Terror Attacks in Europe Because of Gaza War World, Yesterday

    The warning was a reflection of how anger is spreading internationally over Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack and the Israeli military’s response in Gaza.

  90. Sikh Americans Take Precautions After Alleged Assassination Plot U.S., Yesterday

    Many said an indictment in New York has validated their concerns, though they were determined not to withhold their criticism of the Indian government.

  91. Surgen relatos de violencia sexual por parte de Hamás En español, Yesterday

    Testigos relataron detalles espantosos del ataque del 7 de octubre durante una reunión en la ONU en la que se acusó al organismo de callar la violencia hacia mujeres judías.

  92. She Has the Attention of Dance Companies, and She Is Prepared Arts, Yesterday

    Amy Hall Garner is readying the new work “Century” for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, on the heels of other premieres and with more to come.

  93. Nearly Everyone Gets A’s at Yale. Does That Cheapen the Grade? New York, Yesterday

    A report found that close to 80 percent of grades were in the A range last academic year. A pandemic-era bump has stuck.

  94. What to Read After Watching ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ Movies, Yesterday

    Now that the Scorsese epic is on demand, you can catch up with the drama from home, then go down a rabbit hole with our guides.

  95. The World Loves Corridos Tumbados. In Mexico, It’s Complicated. Arts, Yesterday

    Inspired by a century-old genre from the Mexican countryside, the latest pop music phenomenon is drawing thousands of young fans — and criticism for its violent references.

  96. 15 Looks That Got Our Attention at the Fashion Awards in London Style, Yesterday

    Amal Clooney, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rita Ora wore some of the most showstopping looks at Britain’s answer to the Met Gala.

  97. Top Democratic Donor, Reid Hoffman, Gives $250,000 to a Nikki Haley Super PAC U.S., Yesterday

    Mr. Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, has funded an array of anti-Trump candidates and causes.

  98. Republicans Try to Put Harvard, M.I.T. and Penn on the Defensive About Antisemitism U.S., Yesterday

    In a congressional hearing, the presidents of the universities parried accusations that their institutions had tolerated bias against Jews.

  99. How a Legal Fight Over a $15,000 Tax Bill Could Upend the U.S. Tax Code U.S., Yesterday

    The Supreme Court ruling in the Moore case could cost the federal government billions of dollars in lost tax revenue.

  100. He Sold the World’s Most Expensive Artwork. Now He’s Calling It a Day. Arts, Yesterday

    The Christie’s president Jussi Pylkkänen, who held the hammer for the auction house’s biggest sales, is leaving after nearly 40 years. Much changed in that time.

  101. Where Will the Whales Be? Ask the Climate Model. Climate, Yesterday

    Scientists can now use climate data to predict whale and sea turtle locations months in advance, helping fishing fleets avoid conflicts with wildlife.

  102. Make the Weeknights Bright Food, Yesterday

    With crimson sheet-pan paprika chicken, baked salmon and rice flecked with Kelly green dill, and golden winter squash and mushroom curry.

  103. Nikki Haley’s Path From Trump Critic to Defender and Back U.S., Yesterday

    As ambassador to the United Nations, Ms. Haley strove to stay in the president’s favor and avoided some battles to change his mind on contentious issues.

  104. U.S. Job Openings Dropped in October Business, Yesterday

    The number of openings fell to 8.7 million from 9.3 million in September, the Labor Department said, a sign of continued cooling in the labor market.

  105. Hospital in Khan Younis Crowded With Wounded Amid Israeli Attacks Video, Yesterday

    Injured Palestinians were rushed to Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis as Israel increased its attacks on the southern Gazan city.

  106. It’s Big Oil vs. Science at the U.N. Climate Summit Climate, Yesterday

    As negotiators work to agree on a final text, attention has turned to a fundamental question: Will the talks call for a phaseout of fossil fuels?

  107. Medicine, Technology and the End of Cancer Special Series, Yesterday

    Artificial intelligence may be the key to unlocking personalized cancer vaccines.

  108. How The Times is covering the Israel-Hamas war. Reader Center, Yesterday

    We have been working with journalists who were already in Gaza when the siege began, but limited access has made reporting difficult.

  109. This Climate Biodome Wants to Save Humanity. Men Need Not Apply. Books, Yesterday

    In Gabrielle Korn’s debut novel, “Yours for the Taking,” a feminist cultural icon runs a lifesaving artificial habitat, but a secret, and controversial, agenda guides her project.

  110. Bitcoin Soars on Hopes of Investment Fund Approval Business, Yesterday

    The cryptocurrency has gained roughly 150 percent this year, as investors bet that regulators will soon approve the first spot exchange-traded fund that is designed to track the price of Bitcoin.

  111. Her Guide Dog Inspired Her Art. Now the Lab Stars in a Museum Show. Arts, Yesterday

    After losing her sight in an accident, Emilie Gossiaux found meaning and art in a bond with her dog, London, celebrated at the Queens Museum.

  112. Can’t Sleep? Listen to an A.I.-Generated Bedtime Story From Jimmy Stewart. Technology, Yesterday

    The sleep and meditation app Calm released a new story featuring the late actor’s signature drawl — or a computer-generated version of it.

  113. Nigeria’s President Calls for Inquiry After Military Strike Kills at Least 85 Civilians World, Yesterday

    Many of the victims were women and children gathered for a religious celebration. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu described the attack as a “bombing mishap.”

  114. What to Know About the Cal State Faculty Strikes U.S., Yesterday

    Rolling strikes are planned at four of the largest campuses in the university system, which together enroll more than 100,000 students.

  115. Weekly Student News Quiz: Climate Summit, Supreme Court, Word of the Year Interactive, Yesterday

    Have you been paying attention to the news recently? See how many of these 10 questions you can get right.

  116. Zelensky Cancels Session With Senators Before Vote on Ukraine Aid U.S., Yesterday

    President Volodymyr Zelensky had been scheduled to brief lawmakers, via a private video call, a day after the White House warned that aid to his country would soon run out.

  117. The Supreme Court Battle That Could Rewrite the Tax Code Business, Yesterday

    Oral arguments begin on Tuesday in a high-stakes case that could redefine what is taxable income.

  118. ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ ‘Die Hard’ and Other Classic Christmas Movies Movies, Yesterday

    Our list of classics is broad, from warm Old Hollywood favorites to the sort of boozy, vulgar entertainments that parents can watch after putting the kids to bed.

  119. ‘Werner Herzog: Radical Dreamer’ Review: A Guide to the Filmmaker’s Work Movies, Yesterday

    This documentary examines Herzog’s oeuvre and celebrity influence.

  120. How Trump Would Govern Briefing, Yesterday

    Donald Trump’s threats for another presidency are deeply alarming, historians and legal experts say.

  121. A 10 semanas de la guerra En español, Yesterday

    Se reanuda la guerra en Gaza, el destino de George Santos y más para estar al día.

  122. Putin to Visit Saudi Arabia and U.A.E. on Wednesday World, Yesterday

    The trip is part of a series of diplomatic meetings by the Russian leader, and comes as Ukraine tries to shore up eroding Western support for its war effort.

  123. Aid for Ukraine Running Low, and a Spy in the State Dept. Podcasts, Yesterday

    Hear the news in five minutes.

  124. Winona Ryder’s Friends and Fans Celebrate the ‘Eternal Cool Girl’ Style, Yesterday

    Fashionistas and celebrities gathered for a new book filled with candid shots of the understated Gen X star.

  125. The Blurry Line Between Rap Star and Crime Boss The Daily, Yesterday

    In the racketeering and gang conspiracy trial of the artist Young Thug, his lyrics are allowed as evidence in court.

  126. Sandra Day O’Connor Told a Truth About Marriage That Few Others Dared To Opinion, Yesterday

    She showed her love for John in a way that neither of them could have envisioned.

  127. The Resolute Liz Cheney Opinion, Yesterday

    Liz Cheney gave up power seemingly to prove the point of how worthless it was compared with establishing a real record of what happened on Jan. 6.

  128. Got Climate Angst? At the U.N. Summit, There’s a Quiet, Spiritual Place. Climate, Yesterday

    A pavilion at COP28 offers a space for meditation, prayer and something that feels lacking, at times, from global warming talks: hope.

  129. Donald Trump’s 2024 Campaign, in His Own Menacing Words U.S., Yesterday

    Trump’s language has become darker, harsher and more threatening during his third run for the White House.

  130. Podcasters Took Up Her Sister’s Murder Investigation. Then They Turned on Her. Magazine, Yesterday

    ‘True crime’ has become a big business — and an emotional minefield for victims’ families.

  131. Bordeaux Wine Snobs Have a Point, According to This Computer Model Science, Yesterday

    With machine learning, scientists are trying to chemically define the murky concept of terroir. The models might be useful for detecting wine fraud.

  132. How Sacramento Turned Into a Great Restaurant City Food, Yesterday

    Soaring Bay Area housing prices, a highly diverse community and some of the world’s best produce have been catalysts for the dining scene in California’s capital.

  133. Do You Ever Feel Sentimental About the Past? The Learning Network, Yesterday

    Do you like looking at old photos, listening to music from your childhood or doing other things that remind you of when you were younger?

  134. Did the Russians Take His Family’s Tintoretto? He’s Intent on Finding Out. Arts, Yesterday

    John Barry says that in the last days of World War II, his great-grandfather, a prominent German art historian, lost a massive painting of the 16th-century sea battle at Lepanto.

  135. ‘This Is How Hamas Is Seeing This’ Opinion, Yesterday

    Tareq Baconi traces the history of Hamas and how its political goals have evolved.

  136. An Early Warning That Policing May Be in Decline Opinion, Yesterday

    New data reveals that crime-solving rates are at record lows.

  137. Math Scores Dropped Globally, but the U.S. Still Trails Other Countries U.S., Yesterday

    In a global exam for 15-year-olds, only a handful of places, including Singapore, Japan and Australia, kept math performance high through the pandemic.

  138. Renewable Energy Could Be a Casualty in the War on Inflation. Here’s Why. Climate, Yesterday

    High interest rates make green start-up costs soar. Officials at the U.N. climate summit fear the world could miss an opportunity to avert future greenhouse gas emissions.

  139. On the Ground in Wars and Disasters, the U.N. Plays a Vital Role World, Yesterday

    While some critics say the world body is paralyzed by political differences, its humanitarian agencies are helping needy people in Gaza and other places around the world.

  140. I Can’t Control the World, But I Can Leave Stickers on It Magazine, Yesterday

    A perfectionist lets go and helps make the city a little more chaotic, one goofy graphic at a time.

  141. There Is a Better Way to Pick a Presidential Nominee Opinion, Yesterday

    The debate among Democrats on renominating Joe Biden calls the long primary process into question.

  142. It’s Harder to See the World’s Problems From 250 Miles Up Books, Yesterday

    Samantha Harvey’s fifth novel, “Orbital,” follows a day in the life of six international astronauts circling Earth on a space station.

  143. Best Classical Music Performances of 2023 Arts, Yesterday

    Feats, farewells and musical treasures in a year of post-pandemic financial pressures.

  144. A Simple Task That Apparently Slipped Thousands of Minds New York, Yesterday

    Drivers who renewed their licenses under a special program during the pandemic owed New York’s D.M.V. just one thing. As of Friday, some 44,000 still did.

  145. Best Comedy of 2023 Arts, Yesterday

    It’s time to stop taking Jim Gaffigan for granted, and more surprising takeaways from specials, stand-up sets and other funny moments this year.

  146. Taking in the Light: Sweden’s Lucia Celebrations Travel, Yesterday

    One of the country’s most culturally significant traditions is also observed nearly every place where Swedish communities exist.

  147. Why Do Women Get More Headaches Than Men? Well, Yesterday

    Hormones may be the most obvious culprit, but other factors can be at play.

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    Backpedaling on the environment is not just bad for the future; it’s bad for political prospects.

  149. A Brutal Disease, Gene Therapy and a Chance to Undo Past Wrongs Opinion, Yesterday

    A decision by the F.D.A. this week could change care for thousands of Americans living with sickle cell.

  150. Retirement Without a Net: The Plight of America’s Aging Farmworkers U.S., Yesterday

    Immigrants who worked decades on U.S. farms are reaching retirement age in a country that offers them neither Medicare nor Social Security.

  151. The Best Historical Fiction of 2023 Books, Yesterday

    It’s been a roller coaster of a year. Thankfully, we’ve had novels to whisk us to days gone by, even if those eras had their own highs and lows.

  152. When a Daughter Has a Lot to Learn From Her Mother Books, Yesterday

    In “Flores and Miss Paula,” Melissa Rivero takes readers inside a Brooklyn apartment where family ties are uncomfortably snug.

  153. Off Broadway, a Vital Part of New York Theater, Feels the Squeeze Theater, Yesterday

    The small theaters that help make the city a theater capital are cutting back as they struggle to recover from the pandemic.

  154. After 50 Years, a Danish Commune Is Shaken From Its Utopian Dream Real Estate, Yesterday

    The semiautonomous community of Christiania, in the heart of Copenhagen, was created as a post-’60s anarchistic paradise. But violence and drugs may spell its end.

  155. My Front-Row Seat to a Geopolitical Dance Opinion, Yesterday

    S. Leo Chiang reflects on his relationship with Taiwan, the United States and China from the islands of Kinmen, just a few miles from mainland China.

  156. Island In Between Video, Yesterday

    S. Leo Chiang reflects on his relationship with Taiwan, the United States and China from the islands of Kinmen, just a few miles from mainland China.

  157. China’s Rising Debt Spurs Moody’s to Lower Credit Outlook Business, Yesterday

    The ratings agency cut its view of the country’s finances to negative, saying it was concerned about the potential cost of local government bailouts.

  158. ¿Qué se necesita para salvar a los ajolotes? En español, Yesterday

    Para empezar, que les devolvamos Xochimilco. Convertir las chinampas, unas parcelas agrícolas con técnicas ancestrales, en negocios atractivos para los turistas ha sido uno de los golpes más fuertes para esta especie.

  159. What It Takes to Save the Axolotl Science, Yesterday

    On the outskirts of Mexico City, biologists are working to reintroduce a treasured amphibian to the wild. But first they must revive an ancient method of farming.

  160. EE. UU. acusa a uno de sus exdiplomáticos de espiar para Cuba En español, Yesterday

    Manuel Rocha, exembajador en Bolivia, ayudó en secreto a la “misión clandestina de recolección de información de Cuba”, según las autoridades estadounidenses.

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    Here are eight key moments that led to A.I.’s reigning supreme in the minds of business leaders and policymakers.

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    A report found that New York is gaining millionaires, despite an earlier exodus, while lower-income families are being forced to leave, raising questions about the state’s tax policies.

  164. In a Place Called Little Palestine, People Feel Afraid. And Forgotten. New York, Yesterday

    Long before the temporary cease-fire ended in Gaza, the mood in Paterson, N.J., home to one of the largest communities of Palestinians outside the Middle East, was tense.

  165. Inside the A.I. Arms Race That Changed Silicon Valley Forever Technology, Yesterday

    ChatGPT’s release a year ago triggered a desperate scramble among tech companies and alarm from some of the people who helped invent it.

  166. These Noise Cameras Put a Price on Peace: $2,500 for Loud Drivers New York, Yesterday

    New York City, not exactly known for its peace and quiet, is expanding its use of technology to fine the drivers of loud cars and motorcycles.

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    Jewelry, puzzles and hoodies are just some items that have been sold on Platform since the online retailer of artworks and prints started offering artist-designed products.

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