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  1. Our White House Reporters Recall Their Most Vivid Moments of Trump’s First 100 Days U.S., Today

    Covering the Trump White House can be exhilarating, maddening, exhausting — but never boring. The Times’ White House correspondents recall vivid moments from their first 100 days on the beat.

  2. Congress Prevents Government Shutdown From Occurring on Trump’s 100th Day U.S., Today

    A measure approved on Friday will sustain government operations for a week, giving lawmakers more time to negotiate a long-term spending package.

  3. G.D.P. Report Shows U.S. Economy Off to Slow Start in 2017 Business Day, Today

    The government said gross domestic product grew at an annual rate of 0.7 percent in the first quarter, a three-year low, as consumer spending let up.

  4. Jim DeMint Is Said to Be Out at Heritage Foundation U.S., Today

    The anticipated shake-up comes at an inopportune time for the group, with several major pieces of conservative legislation on the agenda in Congress.

  5. N.S.A. Halts Collection of Americans’ Emails About Foreign Targets U.S., Today

    The National Security Agency program was one of the most disputed forms of surveillance.

  6. France and the Benefits of a Little Dictatorship Opinion, Today

    If Macron wins, can he be a 21st-century Napoleon?

  7. 10 Things to Do in NYC Now Arts, Today

    It’s a big city, with plenty to do, see, hear and watch. Here’s a sampling of cultural highlights this weekend and over the week ahead.

  8. Fyre Festival, a Luxury Music Weekend, Crumbles in the Bahamas Arts, Today

    A high-end event founded by Ja Rule and the entrepreneur Billy McFarland was supposed to feature shows and yachts. Attendees found chaos instead.

  9. Trump on North Korea: Tactic? ‘Madman Theory’? Or Just Mixed Messages? World, Today

    The White House has been sending different signals to Kim Jong-un, a master at keeping his adversaries unsettled.

  10. N.F.L. Draft Grades: Experts Pick Round 1 Winners and Losers Sports, Today

    It could take a few years to know the true success of the draft picks, but some grades came in less than 24 hours after the first round was over.

  11. Trump on Being President: ‘I Thought It Would Be Easier’ U.S., Today

    On North Korea, on Nafta, on life in the White House: Highlights from Mr. Trump’s interview with Reuters on Thursday to mark his first 100 days in office.

  12. In Cairo, Francis Takes On ‘Demagogic’ Populism and Violence Masked as Piety World, Today

    New York Times correspondents are providing live coverage of Pope Francis’ two-day visit to Egypt.

  13. Court Gives Trump Small Victory in Push Against Clean Power Plan Climate, Today

    An appeals court said it would delay a decision on the legality of the rule, which aims to tackle global warming by cutting emissions from coal-fired plants.

  14. Chaos at Rikers, but City Jails Chief Was Gone for 90 Days N.Y. / Region, Today

    Joseph Ponte, hired to overhaul New York’s troubled jails, repeatedly took his city-owned vehicle to coastal Maine in violation of guidelines, a city report found.

  15. Tillerson Keeping ‘All Options’ Open if Diplomacy With North Korea Fails World, Today

    Speaking at the United Nations Security Council, Mr. Tillerson called for stiffer international sanctions against Pyongyang.

  16. Trump Can’t Withhold Funds From Sanctuary Cities Opinion, Today

    Only Congress has the power to punish states for not enforcing federal law.

  17. Right and Left: Partisan Writing You Shouldn’t Miss U.S., Today

    Read how the other side thinks: Debating the resonance of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” why the left should tolerate anti-abortion Democrats and why the media bubble is worse than you thought.

  18. Goop and Condé Nast Team Up on a Magazine Fashion & Style, Today

    Gwyneth Paltrow’s advice — on jade eggs, crystals, floral salves and more — will be available in print this September.

  19. North Korea Test-Fires Another Ballistic Missile, Heightening Tensions With U.S. World, Today

    The missile took off from a site northeast of Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, according to South Korean officials. It was not clear whether the test had been successful.

  20. Are Women Allowed to Love Their Jobs? Opinion, Today

    My grandmother worked. My mother worked. But I’m the only one who was encouraged to seek fulfillment in a career.

  21. Judging Love at the ‘Seinfeld’ Diner Times Insider, Today

    Inside the process of choosing a winner for the Modern Love college essay contest, which received nearly 2,000 submissions.

  22. Solving a Reign of Terror Against Native Americans Books, Today

    In “Killers of the Flower Moon,” David Grann uncovers a shattering history of oil greed, racism and serial murder targeting the Osage Indians.

  23. Penn Station Work Will Cause 2 to 3 Major Weekday Disruptions, Amtrak Says N.Y. / Region, Today

    Amtrak’s chief executive could not say exactly when the disruptions would occur or how long they would last, only that “it’s certainly not going to be every day this summer.”

  24. Canada Today: Behind the Green Gables, Trade Twists and Strange Skies World, Today

    Prince Edward Island has long held an international profile thanks to a fictional redheaded orphan named Anne Shirley, the protagonist of the 1908 novel “Anne of Green Gables.”

  25. In His First 100 Days, Has President Trump Done More, Less or About as Much as You Expected? Interactive, Today

    Weigh in with Times Insider’s weekly question.

  26. What to Cook, Watch, Listen To and More This Weekend Smarter Living, Today

    Tips to make the most of your weekend.

  27. Trump Could Save Tens of Millions of Dollars in One Year Under His Proposed Tax Plan Interactive, Today

    Mr. Trump would benefit from his proposed repeal of the Alternative Minimum Tax and a reduction in other tax rates.

  28. Florence Finch, Unsung War Hero Who Took On Japanese, Dies at 101 U.S., Today

    During World War II, Mrs. Finch quietly undermined Japan when it occupied the Philippines, and was tortured for it. Then she quietly raised a family in the United States.

  29. On ‘Gotham,’ Ben McKenzie Goes From Detective to Director Arts, Today

    Mr. McKenzie, who plays James Gordon, talks about his noir city filled with villains and what it was like to direct the show.

  30. Tennis, for Anyone? In the Bronx, the Answer Is Yes Arts, Today

    At Crotona Park, a stylish new clubhouse is about more than topspin. It’s the home of a tennis and tutoring program for underserved children.

  31. The Sunny Escapism of the Photographer Gray Malin Fashion & Style, Today

    His pictures of balloons, life preservers and llamas are meant to soothe rather than provoke, and Rihanna and Reese Witherspoon are among his fans.

  32. Let's Talk About Australia Interactive, Today

    The New York Times is expanding its coverage of Australia and the region and we're inviting subscribers to help us shape the project with questions and discussion about the issues that matter most to their daily lives.

  33. If Mars Is Colonized, We May Not Need to Ship In the Bricks Science, Today

    A new study suggests the material humanity needs to one day construct structures on Mars may already exist within the red planet’s desolate soil.

  34. Nastase Calls His Comments on Serena Williams Inexcusable and Apologizes Sports, Today

    Ilie Nastase said in a Facebook post on Friday that his remarks about the pregnant tennis great were “spontaneous.”

  35. A Hospital No Longer Afloat, but Buoyant With Memories N.Y. / Region, Today

    An exhibit of documents and photos from the Floating Hospital is on display in Long Island City.

  36. Trump Orders Review of Safety Rules Created After Gulf Oil Spill U.S., Today

    President Trump aims to roll back the Obama administration’s attempts to ban oil drilling off the southeastern Atlantic and Alaskan coasts.

  37. New York City Ballet: A Story in Three Choreographers Arts, Today

    The company’s Here/Now Festival begins with programs focusing on the work of Christopher Wheeldon, Alexei Ratmansky and Justin Peck.

  38. Tired of Mother’s Day Brunch? Try a Tea Travel, Today

    A number of hotels in the United States are charting a new course for the holiday: a variety of teas, sandwiches and chocolate.

  39. 5 Sublime Minutes by a Maverick: This Week’s 8 Best Classical Music Moments Arts, Today

    Music by the pioneer Lou Harrison, Anna Netrebko at the Met Opera and a class with the organist Paul Jacobs were among the highlights.

  40. Abdullah Ibrahim Revisits the Past at Town Hall Arts, Today

    Mr. Ibrahim performed with his band Ekaya, and revived the repertoire of his first band, the Jazz Epistles.

  41. Eugenio Derbez as Just a Gigolo in ‘How to Be a Latin Lover’ Movies, Today

    In this good-natured comedy, the Mexican actor and comedian has been dumped and has to settle for real life.

  42. Luxury Rentals Use Apps to Pique Interest Real Estate, Today

    With a smartphone swipe, tenants of high-end buildings can pay the rent, reserve a common area for a barbecue or alert the super to a broken appliance.

  43. What We’re Reading Times Insider, Today

    Great reads around the web from our staffers, including Carolyn Ryan, Rod Nordland and others.

  44. Drug Evidence Will Be Permitted at Cosby Trial Arts, Today

    A judge ruled that prosecutors may present evidence at Bill Cosby’s trial that he procured quaaludes to give to women in pursuit of sex.

  45. ‘Trump Bump’ Lifts Stocks, Giving President a Win for First 100 Days Business Day, Today

    The Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index is up about 5 percent since Mr. Trump’s inauguration, the best start for a president since the elder George Bush.

  46. An Old Stravinsky ‘Funeral Song’ Rumbles Anew Arts, Today

    The New York Philharmonic gave the New York “premiere” of the piece, written in 1908 and long believed lost.

  47. Creative Marketing for Luxury Condos Real Estate, Today

    With a glut of inventory in high-end real estate, brokers have been hosting some unusual events to attract attention.

  48. What I Love | Laura Osnes Slideshow, Today

    A Broadway musical actress and her husband find happiness in a walk-up with a dog and a deck.

  49. Watch a Conversation With Roger Waters Arts, Today

    Our chief pop music critic interviewed the musician ahead of his first studio album in 25 years, “Is This the Life We Really Want?”

  50. Laura Osnes, Star of Broadway’s ‘Bandstand,’ at Home Real Estate, Today

    For the actress, a tiny walk-up offers an authentic New York experience.

  51. Brazil Gripped by General Strike Over Austerity Measures World, Today

    Tensions flared in Rio de Janeiro, with schools warning parents to keep students at home, security forces using tear gas and clashes erupting inside an airport.

  52. At Tate Galleries in London, Parting Gift Makes Waves: A Boat Business Day, Today

    The call for donations to buy a sailboat for the Tate group’s departing director angered employees and highlighted concern over widening inequality in Britain.

  53. Heard of Giacomo Meyerbeer? He’s on the Cusp of a Musical Renaissance Arts, Today

    A new album is one of the signs of renewed interest in the once-popular works of this 19th-century opera composer.

  54. A Rainbow of Benefits Slideshow, Today

    Galas were held last week for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center; the A.S.P.C.A.; City Harvest; and PEN America.

  55. A Rainbow of Benefits Fashion & Style, Today

    Galas were held recently for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center; the A.S.P.C.A.; City Harvest; and PEN America.

  56. America, From Exceptionalism to Nihilism Opinion, Today

    The U.S. leads the free world in its helplessness before the dissolution of its most cherished values.

  57. A Mandatory Entrance Fee at the Met? Opinion, Today

    Readers discuss whether the museum should change from a “suggested” fee for all to a required fee for nonresidents.

  58. Vito Acconci, Performance Artist and Uncommon Architect, Dies at 77 Arts, Today

    Mr. Acconci made a radical career turn in the 1970s, when he abandoned the gallery world and remade himself as an architect.

  59. Introducing Our New Columnist Opinion, Today

    As we continue to widen our range of views and enrich our debate, we welcome Bret Stephens to The Times Opinion pages.

  60. Henry Kravis, Corporate Raider, Faces Interest in His Firm This Time Business Day, Today

    The activist investor ValueAct Capital has taken a stake in Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. Relations between the activist and the buyout firm are amicable, for now.

  61. Climate of Complete Certainty Opinion, Today

    How about a reasonable conversation on what to do about our warming planet?

  62. What Google and Twitter Say About Trump’s First 100 Days U.S., Today

    The results of their data analyses aren’t all that shocking. It turns out the president posts a lot, and people searched Google for information on immigration.

  63. Under the Trump Tax Plan, We Might All Want to Become Corporations The Upshot, Today

    Millions of Americans would have the chance to cut their taxes by essentially turning themselves into small business entities.

  64. Chicago Aviation Security Chief Is Fired Weeks After United Episode U.S., Today

    He supervised the officers who removed Dr. David Dao from a United flight, but his termination arose from an unrelated sexual harassment allegation.

  65. China’s Environmental Woes, in Films That Go Viral, Then Vanish World, Today

    Wang Jiuliang’s documentaries on topics like unregulated garbage dumps are internet sensations in China, but they are short-lived online.

  66. ‘American Gods’ Works in Mysterious Ways Arts, Today

    The new series, on Starz, is based on a 2001 novel from Neil Gaiman and finds a range of deities in a bloody and fractured narrative.

  67. Bringing Family Wealth to Bear Against a Relentless Illness Your Money, Today

    Family offices, which manage money for rich clans, sometimes throw their considerable weight behind efforts to tackle an illness afflicting one or more relatives.

  68. Art Goes Political, but Will That Fly on the London Market? Arts, Today

    Art with a political edge, or at least a heightened awareness of this moment, is starting to make an impact at commercial galleries in the British capital.

  69. It’s a Good Time to Trade Your Student Debt for Home Debt Your Money, Today

    Fannie Mae, the government-controlled mortgage corporation, is taking three steps to help ease student loan borrowers into homeownership.

  70. N.F.L. Draft Round 2: Here Are the Best Available Players Sports, Today

    A look at some of the best players still on the board, including Dalvin Cook, Cam Robinson, Kevin King and Quincy Wilson.

  71. 12 Great Stories That Have Nothing to Do With Politics Briefing, Today

    Tired of reading about the president’s first 100 days? Read about a disastrous “luxury” festival, the nature of genius and glow-in-the-dark fungi instead.

  72. ‘Twin Peaks’ Season 1, Episode 8: Bite the Bullet, Baby Watching, Today

    Despite its many frustrating cliffhangers, the Season 1 finale was a powerhouse episode with deep psychological drama.

  73. Congress at 100 Days: Frenetic Action but Few Accomplishments U.S., Today

    Partisanship and a chaotic White House have combined to undermine the opportunity for Republicans to enact the legislation they have long desired.

  74. Light Noodles, Deep Flavor Food, Today

    Vietnamese rice noodle bowls are festooned with lemongrass-scented shrimp, a sweet-and-spicy sauce and piles of fresh herbs.

  75. Trump Nominates Former Disaster Relief Manager to Lead FEMA U.S., Today

    Brock Long, who once led the Alabama Emergency Management Agency, is currently working for an emergency management firm based in Illinois.

  76. The Playlist: Katy Perry and Haim Reach for New Flavors Arts, Today

    Hear the week's most notable new songs, from a track off Willie Nelson's latest album to a bizarre song from Fall Out Boy.

  77. Cell Research and Consent Opinion, Today

    A bioethicist says patient consent is nonnegotiable.

  78. A Whistle Was Blown, but Who Was Listening? Business Day, Today

    A former employee of Radian, the mortgage insurer, raised red flags and found himself in a lesser job; the S.E.C. has so far been mum.

  79. Last Chance: Jason Fox at Canada Arts, Today

    At Canada gallery, politics is the theme of a series of portrait paintings of Barack Obama, Bob Marley, George Harrison and the artist’s dog.

  80. Last Chance: Jason Fox at Canada Arts, Today

    At Canada gallery, politics is the theme of a series of portrait paintings of Barack Obama, Bob Marley, George Harrison and the artist’s dog.

  81. ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ Season 1, Episode 2: Something Primal Arts, Today

    Offred’s predicament grows more surreal.

  82. Their Asylum Requests Denied, Thousands Stay in Sweden (Some for Years) World, Today

    Out of 18,000 failed asylum seekers in the country, 12,500 have gone underground, according to the Swedish Border Police.

  83. Hotlines for Harassment Opinion, Today

    A lawyer whose specialty is workplace ethics notes improvement in reporting and resolution of whistle-blower reports.

  84. A Stark Warning on Climate Opinion, Today

    “Weather events” serve as nature’s gentle warning of the cataclysm that awaits us, a reader writes.

  85. On Long Island, Sessions Vows to Eradicate MS-13 Gang N.Y. / Region, Today

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the best way to get rid of the gang, which has ties to El Salvador, was to crack down on illegal immigration.

  86. Trump’s Flip-Flops and the Dangers They Pose Opinion, Today

    A readers asks if we can survive “random choices on topics affecting millions of people, American society and even the viability of the planet.”

  87. Daily Report: Cloud Computing Asserts Itself Technology, Today

    Amazon Web Services has become the profit engine of the internet retailer. Can it stay ahead of rivals like Microsoft and Google?

  88. New Kosciuszko Bridge. Same Old Traffic. N.Y. / Region, Today

    It’s the first major new bridge built in New York City since 1964. The main traffic benefits may arrive in 2020, when a second crossing opens.

  89. ‘10 Concerts’ Facebook Meme May Reveal More Than Musical Tastes Technology, Today

    Privacy experts said the specific answers posted in response to the meme could be used by marketers to target ads or by hackers to breach secure accounts.

  90. ‘10 Concerts’ Facebook Meme May Reveal More Than Musical Tastes Technology, Today

    Privacy experts said the specific answers posted in response to the meme could be used by marketers to target ads or by hackers to breach secure accounts.

  91. On the Market in the New York Region Slideshow, Today

    This week’s properties are four-bedroom homes in Wall Township, N.J., and Katonah, N.Y.

  92. Homes for Sale in New York and New Jersey Real Estate, Today

    This week’s properties are four-bedroom homes in Wall Township, N.J., and Katonah, N.Y.

  93. Lincoln Center to Host Theater Festival for Autistic Audience Theater, Today

    The Big Umbrella Festival, arriving in April 2018, hopes to make theater a safe space for children on the autism spectrum.

  94. This Herb Deserves Your Attention Food, Today

    Before roasting, marinate chicken thighs with tarragon to perfume the meat.

  95. Tarragon Chicken With Sherry Vinegar Onions Video, Today

    Sheet-pan chicken gets a refreshing new twist with piles of fresh tarragon, roasted onions and bright sherry vinegar.

  96. Le Pen Aide Is Fired Over Holocaust Comments World, Today

    Jean-François Jalkh was forced to step down as interim leader of the far-right National Front, the party of the presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.

  97. Running macOS and Windows 10 on the Same Computer Technology, Today

    With Apple’s built-in Boot Camp utility or third-party programs, you can install and use Windows 10 on your Mac.

  98. The Best and Worst Places for Retirement Real Estate, Today

    The best and worst states for retirees, based on affordability, health care and quality of life.

  99. Here Are Some Great Articles to Read About ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Watching, Today

    Just a few days after its debut, the series has already inspired reams of great writing.

  100. In Soccer, Teams Change Logos at Their Peril Sports, Today

    Even the smallest changes in a team’s crest can cause rifts with fans, which often multiply when shared on social media.

  101. The L.A. Riots 25 Years Later: A Return to the Epicenter U.S., Today

    Much has improved in Los Angeles since violence exploded over the beating of an unarmed black man, Rodney King, by the police. But lately, many say they believe more unrest is likely.

  102. Fighting Compulsive Gambling Among Women Business Day, Today

    They often begin later in life than men but can develop serious problems very rapidly.

  103. Boring Job? Not to Him Job Market, Today

    When you’re a social butterfly, punching buttons in a windowless box can actually be fun.

  104. Sheryl Sandberg on Life After Tragedy Books, Today

    Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant talk about “Option B,” and Annie Jacobsen discusses “Phenomena.”

  105. How Lil Uzi Vert Turned Rap Into Rock and Became a Pop Star Arts, Today

    He’s a rapper, a social media phenomenon, the guy yelling “ya” on Migos’s hit “Bad and Boujee.” What’s the secret of Uzi’s success? A panel discussion, on Popcast.

  106. On the Market in New York City Slideshow, Today

    This week’s properties are in Murray Hill, Yorkville, and Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

  107. Maria Sharapova Reaches the Semifinals of Her Comeback Tournament Sports, Today

    Sharapova, in her first event since returning from a doping suspension, defeated Anett Kontaveit, 6-3, 6-4, in the quarterfinals.

  108. Homes for Sale in Brooklyn and Manhattan Real Estate, Today

    Properties in Murray Hill, Yorkville and Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

  109. Trump Orders Easing Safety Rules Implemented After Gulf Oil Spill U.S., Yesterday

    President Trump aims to roll back the Obama administration’s attempts to ban oil drilling off the southeastern Atlantic and Alaskan coasts.

  110. 6 Bots That Deliver Science and Serendipity on Twitter Science, Today

    Not all bots on Twitter are out to spam, hack or misinform you. These science-themed bots dole out humor, factual information and galactic perspective.

  111. 10 Ways to Teach With The New York Times Today The Learning Network, Today

    Ideas for weaving any day’s Times into classes across the curriculum without a lot of advance planning.

  112. Cate Blanchett to Star in ‘All About Eve’ in London Theater, Today

    This stage version of the 1950 film, which will be adapted and directed by Ivo van Hove, is planned for the West End in spring 2018.

  113. Voyeur: Construction Portholes Real Estate, Today

    A glimpse of future New York.

  114. Voyeur: Construction Portholes Slideshow, Today

    A glimpse of future New York.

  115. 11 Wedding Dresses for Under $2,000 Fashion & Style, Today

    Want a couture look for less? Bridal Fashion Week showcased many choices for the budget-conscious bride.

  116. Forced Merriment in a ‘Twelfth Night’ for the Masses Theater, Today

    The Public Theater’s Mobile Unit winds up its five-borough tour of Shakespeare’s comedy about mistaken identity.

  117. What to Cook This Weekend Food, Today

    Baked brie, Dorie Greenspan’s buttermilk-biscuit shortcake, coq au vin: Our guest writer Kim Severson is in the house and ready for a dinner party.

  118. Cataloguing Every Tweet by the President Since He Took Office Interactive, Today

    As Mr. Trump approaches 100 days in office, we’ve taken stock of how he has used the medium, cataloging his Twitter posts into 10 themes.

  119. Can You Guess Who Said These Common Quotations? Interactive, Today

    Test your knowledge of who really authored several common quotations.

  120. Living in the Trump Zone Opinion, Today

    We’re in a place and time where childish petulance drives policy.

  121. White House of Grifters Opinion, Today

    The Trump administration is a nepotistic operation that puts family interests ahead of country.

  122. Trumpcare 2.0: It’s Even Worse Than the Original Opinion, Today

    The revised Republican health care bill would make vulnerable Americans pay even more for less coverage.

  123. The Pond-Skater Presidency Opinion, Today

    Trump is like one of those creatures that skim on the surface, having little effect.

  124. The ‘Fix’ for Net Neutrality That Consumers Don’t Need Opinion, Today

    The Trump administration is seeking to eliminate rules that keep the internet open. This will only enrich broadband providers.

  125. Your Complete Guide to Rewatching ‘Twin Peaks’ Interactive, Today

    After 26 years away, the surreal series returns in May. Here’s how to catch up, based on how many episodes you want to watch.

  126. 7 Key Themes in Rei Kawakubo’s Career T Magazine, Today

    In advance of the Comme des Garçons designer's exhibition at the Costume Institute, Alexander Fury revisits important ideas in her work.

  127. Sharon Horgan and the Fun Filth of ‘Catastrophe’ Arts, Today

    The third season of the show begins Friday on Amazon, and finds the couple where they left off.

  128. Does a Son Need a Male Role Model? Fashion & Style, Today

    Also, insensitivity about a disability and learning to live with being out of the loop.

  129. He Discovered the Secret to Living Rent-Free Real Estate, Today

    John McGill came to New York from Dublin in 1982, and for much of his time in the city he has paid rent with handyman skills, woodworking and art.

  130. California Today: Looking at Los Angeles’s Abandoned Sofas U.S., Today

    Friday: Trash as art, how the president’s tax plan hurts Californians, and the campaign to legalize ferrets.

  131. Sean Hannity Defends Executive as Fox News Turmoil Continues Business Day, Yesterday

    Mr. Hannity said on Twitter that someone at the network was trying to fire its co-president Bill Shine, whom he called “an innocent person.”

  132. The Physics of Forbidden Love Style, Today

    The winning essay from our Modern Love College Essay Contest explores an unlikely romance between a transgender man and an immigrant Indian woman.

  133. At Home With Omar and Sarah, a Syrian Refugee Story Video, Today

    The Times spent months with several Syrian refugee families as they navigated integration into Weimar, Germany. In 360, step inside the home of Sarah, a German, and Omar, a refugee, to see how they are adjusting.

  134. 47 Galleries That Bring You the Art of Now Arts, Yesterday

    Here are some of our critics’ favorite gallery shows on view now. (But don’t expect a break from politics.)

  135. New York Today: A Sweet Spot for Fishing N.Y. / Region, Today

    Friday: Angling season in New York, weekend events and a milestone at the Temple of Dendur.

  136. Meet the People Who Train the Robots (to Do Their Own Jobs) Technology, Today

    Before the machines become smart enough to replace humans, as some people fear, they need to be taught.

  137. What I Wish I’d Known Before Moving in Together Real Estate, Today

    Much less planning goes into cohabitation than into a wedding, but it is, in many ways, a much bigger legal, financial and emotional step.

  138. Utah Attorney General Makes a Trump Shortlist, and Donations Pour In U.S., Today

    The donations to Sean Reyes, a candidate to lead the Federal Trade Commission, aren’t illegal. But their timing shows the power of the political shortlist in Washington.

  139. Trump Tells N.R.A. Convention, ‘I Am Going to Come Through for You’ U.S., Today

    He became the first sitting president since Ronald Reagan to address the gathering of the gun-rights group, which spent over $30 million to help get him elected.

  140. Bill O’Reilly and the Revenge of Chick Lit Opinion, Today

    Treat him the way women have always been treated.

  141. After Arkansas Execution, Questions Are Raised About Drug’s Effectiveness U.S., Today

    A condemned man experienced “coughing, convulsing, lurching, jerking” after the state administered midazolam, the first of three lethal injection drugs.

  142. A Grave of Secrets is Dug in a Brooklyn Cemetery N.Y. / Region, Today

    At this grave site, there will be no funeral, no body and no mourners — just slips of paper bearing confidences to be buried.

  143. How the Creatures of the Wind Designers Spend Their Sundays N.Y. / Region, Today

    Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters spend time working out, eating well and entertaining friends at home.

  144. To Help Tackle Inequality, Remember the Advantages You’ve Had The Upshot, Today

    A psychological quirk leads us to remember headwinds more than tailwinds. But if we recall our advantages, we will be closer to reducing inequality.

  145. On Donald Trump’s First 100 Days Opinion, Today


  146. Russian Hooligans’ Toughest Opponents? Russia’s Police Sports, Today

    As their nation prepares to host next year’s World Cup, hard-core fans — in top fighting shape from organized brawls and mixed-martial-arts training — are facing a crackdown.

  147. Israel Sees Critics as Enemies Opinion, Today

    Mr. Netanyahu’s snub of the German foreign minister after his meeting with a peace group shows a dangerously illiberal attitude.

  148. Men Invent, Women Transcribe Opinion, Today

    Considering how stereotypes afflict women in writing, journalism, television and politics.

  149. Time Inc. Decides Not to Sell Itself Business Day, Today

    The company said it would remain independent and would pursue its strategic plan of digital growth and new revenue opportunities.

  150. Movers: Trump Bump, Time Inc. and Exxon Business Day, Today

    We followed major developments in the markets throughout the day. Check here for the latest updates.

  151. With New Funding, Didi Chuxing, an Uber Rival, Looks Beyond China Business Day, Today

    The ride-sharing company raised $5.5 billion, making it one of the world’s largest start-ups and underscoring its global ambitions.

  152. Republicans Are Now the ‘America First’ Party Opinion, Today

    Reaganism is dead. Conservatives need to accept the party’s new, nationalist stance.

  153. Chinese Offer to Eat Denmark’s Oyster Problem to Extinction World, Today

    When the Danish Embassy in Beijing posted online about an invasive species clogging the shores back home, it drew a more enthusiastic response than it bargained for.

  154. Feeling Compelled to Give the Boss a Gift Business Day, Today

    An employee who declines to contribute money for a farewell present gets a frosty reaction.

  155. Chinese Rights Lawyer, Li Heping, Gets Suspended Prison Sentence World, Today

    The sentence effectively prevents Mr. Li, who has represented some of China’s best-known dissidents and activists, from practicing law in the near future, rights groups said.

  156. House Love: Moving a Home in India 1,500 Miles to Save It Style, Today

    Two architects, one in Boston and the other in Delhi, gave a centuries-old Kerala farmhouse a new life.

  157. Mike O’Neill Wants You to Put Away Your Phone Business Day, Today

    The chief executive of BMI says his former job as a lifeguard taught him the importance of paying attention.

  158. A Battering of Chances Against the Cosmic Wheel Books, Today

    In his new collection, “Living in the Weather of the World,” Richard Bausch proves yet again that he’s a master of the short story.

  159. Are the New Megadonors Distorting American Society? Books, Today

    David Callahan’s “The Givers” examines a new wave of philanthropists: how they operate, what makes them tick.

  160. A Life in 40 Questions: Harrowing Stories of Child Migration Books, Today

    In “Tell Me How It Ends,” Valeria Luiselli describes her encounters with undocumented migrant children and the circumstances that produced them.

  161. The ‘Quiet Moments’ of Waitresses at Work N.Y. / Region, Today

    The photographer Melissa Breyer found herself drawn to the stories playing out behind the windows of restaurants.

  162. Letters to the Editor Books, Today

    Readers Respond to the presumed loneliness of Hill Country, the absence of bibliography and more.

  163. Trump Rattles South Korea by Saying It Should Pay for Antimissile System World, Today

    The president’s comment about Thaad, which is being deployed to defend against North Korea, shook the South’s presidential race ahead of the election in May.

  164. Morning Agenda: ‘Afflictions of the Affluent’ Business Day, Today

    Donald J. Trump championed the cause of blue-collar voters on the campaign trail, but, now he is president, his tax plan would shift trillions to America’s richest.

  165. The Weekly Health Quiz: Beer, Soda, Eating and Exercise Interactive, Today

    Test your knowledge of this week’s health news.

  166. An Older Dad, Down for the Count Well, Today

    My daughter’s adolescence arrived with my 60th year, and the girl had a mean left jab. Were we both getting too old for horseplay?

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    What we can we learn about this administration from the taxes it would cut.

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    Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

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    In this 2012 short documentary, Joseph Herscher builds Rube Goldberg machines in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

  170. Trump’s Campaign Promises 100 Days In Video, Today

    In November 2016, President Trump released a video outlining actions he would take in his first 100 days in office. Michael Shear takes a look at how Trump has measured up on those promises.

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    A selection of stand-out ensembles from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala.

  172. Family by Family, How School Segregation Still Happens N.Y. / Region, Today

    Decisions in a district in Upper Manhattan offer a look at a persistent problem in public education that, for now, is without a solution.

  173. At Socrates Sculpture Park, Slyly Butting Expectations Arts, Today

    Using a goat as a symbol in a sculpture installation, Nari Ward plays off the political notion of “the greatest.”

  174. As College Deadlines Near, Families Wonder What They Can Pay Your Money, Today

    College choices are due soon. How do you get the best financial aid package, and what are the trade-offs?

  175. Friday Mailbag: Please Don’t Call It Trump’s ‘Tax Plan’ Public Editor, Today

    The New York Times’s use of tax terms prompts emails. And, is a column showing houses priced mostly at and above $1 million relatable to readers?

  176. Two Immigrant Families Intertwine During London’s Summer of Bombs Books, Today

    Margot Singer’s novel “Underground Fugue” follows the intermingled fortunes of four Londoners in the summer of the terrorist bombings.

  177. A Collection of Tales Large and Small Finds Humor Among the Ruins Books, Today

    The down-and-out moments in Deb Unferth’s story collection, “Wait Till You See Me Dance,” manage to be both witty and emotional intimate.

  178. Elizabeth Warren Really Does Not Like Donald Trump Books, Today

    “This Fight Is Our Fight,” new on the hardcover nonfiction list, is nominally about the economy. But the index reveals a more personal target.

  179. Tips for Living Together Without Going Nuts Real Estate, Today

    Legal, financial and practical things to consider before moving in with your significant other.

  180. In New Orleans, Marrying Asian Influences and Gulf Ingredients Travel, Today

    At Marjie’s Grill, the balance of sweet, salty, spicy and acidic flavors typical of Southeast Asian cuisine pairs fabulously with local seafood and “off cuts.”

  181. Finding Sobriety in the Rural Rituals of Her Remote Orkney Home Books, Today

    In “The Outrun,” Amy Liptrot recalls her decade as a London party girl, followed by the spectacular solitude of Scotland.

  182. Tenants Offered Buyouts Are Left in the Lurch Real Estate, Today

    Promised lucrative payments to give up their rent-regulated apartments, 15 East Village residents were paid in part, or not at all.

  183. In Harper Lee’s Letters: Books, Fame and a ‘Lying’ Capote Books, Today

    Wayne Flynt, a friend of Ms. Lee, has written a book, “Mockingbird Songs,” in which he shares thoughts and correspondence regarding the literary enigma.

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    Have you ever donated money to a cause? How did you decide if it was something you wanted to give money to?

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    Want to know how the proposed tax plan will affect you? Answer these questions to find out.

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    Slow your breath, and ignore discomfort. Sustain the gaze for at least an hour.

  192. ‘The President Show’ Puts Trump in the Host’s Chair Arts, Today

    Comedy Central debuted its new weekly show, starring the Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik. He helped clarify the meaning of that “America First” slogan.

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    How are voters feeling now about Mr. Trump’s presidency?

  194. One Woodward, One Bernstein, No Trump and No Kardashian Opinion, Today

    With the president avoiding its annual dinner, the White House Correspondents’ Association gets a chance to drain its own swamp.

  195. What’s Not to Like About Pre-K? Opinion, Today

    Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposal to extend prekindergarten to 3-year-olds faces an uphill battle for funding, but one worth undertaking.

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    Photos by The New York Times and by photographers from around the world.

  197. The Week in Pictures: April 28, 2017 Slideshow, Today

    Photos by The New York Times and by photographers from around the world.

  198. Kindergarten in a Stadium The Learning Network, Today

    If the school you currently attend — or one you went to at any point in your life — could be relocated anywhere, where would you want to move it, and why?

  199. Word + Quiz: flaccid The Learning Network, Today

    This word has appeared in 13 articles on nytimes.com in the past year.

  200. Trump Warns That ‘Major, Major Conflict’ With North Korea Is Possible World, Yesterday

    He praised the Chinese president for efforts to resolve the dispute with the North but cautioned that such diplomatic efforts might fail.

  201. Trump Tax Plan Would Shift Trillions From U.S. Coffers to the Richest U.S., Yesterday

    The vast majority of benefits would go to the highest earners and largest holders of wealth, analysts said, setting up a battle over the government’s strained resources.

  202. Republicans’ Fiscal Discipline Wilts in Face of Trump’s Tax Plan U.S., Yesterday

    Some G.O.P. lawmakers are rallying around the idea that less taxation is more important than less debt, in a break from their party’s vocal deficit hawks.

  203. In N.F.L. Draft’s First Round, Offense Is Back in Favor Sports, Today

    Cleveland took defensive end Myles Garrett with the top pick, but eight of the first 12 selections were offensive players, bucking a trend.

  204. A Hidden Church in Cairo Pins Its Hopes on Good Will From the Pope’s Visit World, Today

    The small Coptic Catholic church’s battle to obtain a license highlights the enduring discrimination against Christians codified in Egyptian law.

  205. Senate Confirms R. Alexander Acosta as Labor Secretary U.S., Yesterday

    Mr. Acosta becomes the only Latino in President Trump’s cabinet, which is now complete.

  206. A Sequel Asks, Who’s Knocking on the Door at ‘A Doll’s House’? Theater, Yesterday

    Lucas Hnath’s “A Doll’s House, Part 2,” funny and illuminating, dares to wonder what Ibsen’s Nora Helmer has been up to since she slammed that door.

  207. Fans Feel Robbed of Bill O’Reilly, but Stick With Fox Business Day, Yesterday

    While many fans defended Mr. O’Reilly after his departure from Fox News, some network viewers said harassment accusations against him were worrisome.

  208. State Department Wants to Clear Nikki Haley’s Remarks Before She Speaks World, Yesterday

    An email drafted by State Department diplomats is an apparent attempt to get the U.N. ambassador and the secretary of state on the same page.

  209. Coal Mine Reality for President Trump Opinion, Yesterday

    If Congress and the president don’t act, 22,500 retired union miners will lose their health coverage.

  210. 2017 N.F.L. Draft Red Carpet Slideshow, Today

    Dressed to kill in shades of pink, red and gray, the prospects enjoy a golden moment before they have to go back to work.

  211. The Peacocks of N.F.L. Draft Night Fashion & Style, Today

    Dressed to kill in shades of pink, red and gray, the prospects enjoy a golden moment before they have to go back to work.

  212. Maria Sharapova Advances to Quarterfinals in Germany Sports, Today

    In her second match back from a doping suspension, Sharapova defeated Ekaterina Makarova, 7-5, 6-1, at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix.

  213. What’s on TV Friday: ‘Catastrophe’ and ‘Dear White People’ Arts, Today

    Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney pick up where they left off in Season 3 of the deliriously filthy comedy “Catastrophe.” And “Dear White People” becomes a TV series.

  214. Dr. Joseph Lifschutz, Who Asserted Confidentiality Right for Therapists, Dies at 92 Science, Today

    Dr. Lifschutz spent a weekend in jail in 1969 defending his position that a privilege of confidentiality should be extended to psychotherapists.

  215. Angela Merkel, Marine Le Pen, Macedonia: Your Friday Briefing Briefing, Today

    Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

  216. When Do Four Walls Become a Home? Interactive, Today

    We interviewed refugees via 360-degree video inside their new bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens to explore the meaning of this most precious commodity.

  217. Three Syrian Sisters, No Men and a World of New Gender Mores Interactive, Today

    The Ibrahim sisters, who came to Weimar without husbands, fathers or brothers, face an extra layer of challenges in adapting to German social customs.

  218. Integration Is a Two-Way Street Interactive, Today

    Refugees and the Germans trying to help them resettle struggle through debates over homosexuality, volunteer fatigue and the complexities of language and bureaucracy.

  219. Four German Friends on the Influx of Refugees Interactive, Today

    As refugees poured in, Weimar residents defended their cultural assumptions, reflected on history, questioned the economics and wondered about the future.

  220. Welcome to Weimar Interactive, Today

    Germany settled the migrants with classic efficiency and astonishing speed. But on the person-to-person level where integration really happens, there were staggering cultural headwinds.

  221. Boy Killed as Concrete Planter Falls on Him Outside Brooklyn Home N.Y. / Region, Yesterday

    An 8-year-old climbing the security gates on a window in Marine Park apparently grabbed the flower box, which fell on him, the police said.

  222. Gary Steigman, Who Teased Out the Universe’s Dark Secrets, Dies at 76 Science, Yesterday

    Dr. Steigman helped show that most matter in the universe was not made of atoms, a finding that led to modern conceptions of dark matter and dark energy.

  223. Rangers Lose Opener to Senators. Don’t Blame Henrik Lundqvist. Sports, Yesterday

    Lundqvist, continuing his strong play, stopped 41 shots, but Erik Karlsson’s goal with 4 minutes 11 seconds left lifted Ottawa.

  224. Yankees’ Masahiro Tanaka Shuts Out Red Sox and Beats Chris Sale Sports, Yesterday

    Tanaka threw a three-hitter in the first complete game for a Yankee since he had one in August 2015, and Matt Holliday drove in two runs to help defeat Boston.

  225. Corrections: April 28, 2017 Corrections, Yesterday

    Corrections appearing in print on Friday, April 28, 2017.

  226. Zoran Zaev, Macedonian Lawmaker, Is Bloodied in Attack on Parliament by Nationalists World, Yesterday

    The demonstrators, who threw chairs, wounded three other lawmakers and attacked journalists, were protesting the election of a new speaker.

  227. Intermission Starter Crosswords & Games, Yesterday

    A tug of war between your brain and David Steinberg’s.

  228. New York’s First Police Body Cameras Take to Streets in Upper Manhattan N.Y. / Region, Yesterday

    The first of 1,200 officers in a body-camera experiment in New York City set out on patrol on Thursday as part of a court-ordered program marked by mix of hope and doubt.

  229. German Lawmakers Aim to Impose Some Limits on Full-Face Veils World, Yesterday

    The draft legislation agreed on in the lower house of Parliament aims to prevent civil servants, judges and soldiers from wearing full-face veils at work.

  230. In Manchester, Calm Before a Stormy Summer Sports, Yesterday

    At some point, United and City, who drew, 0-0, on Thursday, will have to reflect on why a season that promised so much has delivered so little.

  231. Cloud Produces Sunny Earnings at Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet Technology, Yesterday

    The impact on quarterly results announced Thursday was particularly acute at Amazon, far and away the leader in online computing services.

  232. At Jackie Robinson Museum, a Timeless Mission Will Live On Sports, Yesterday

    A groundbreaking took place for the museum, which founders hope will inspire a new generation to battle barriers. It is set to open in spring 2019.

  233. A Bulldog on Court Street Metro, Yesterday

    Getting acquainted with a neighborhood pet.

  234. Facing Tough Odds in French Vote, Le Pen Assails Macron World, Yesterday

    At a rally in Nice the far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen depicted her centrist opponent, Emmanuel Macron, as an unpatriotic out-of-touch banker.

  235. Travis Green, New Canucks Coach, Will Focus on Youth and Offense Sports, Yesterday

    Green, with no N.H.L.-level coaching experience, will have to develop Vancouver’s roster after the club set a franchise low for goals this season.

  236. A Texas-Size Prospect Lifts the Rangers Sports, Yesterday

    Joey Gallo — all 6 feet 5 inches and 235 pounds of him — has been filling in admirably for the injured Adrian Beltre.

  237. Quotation of the Day: Tax Cuts for Everybody, and Responsibility for Nobody Today’s Paper, Yesterday

    Quotation of the Day for Friday, April 28, 2017.

  238. Say Goodbye to the Upholstery Guy N.Y. / Region, Yesterday

    The extension of the No. 7 train to Manhattan’s Far West Side reverberates in Queens, where industrial tenants have been pushed out in favor of back-office types.

  239. Raptors Lose 25-Point Lead but Eliminate the Bucks Sports, Yesterday

    DeMar DeRozan scored 32 points and Cory Joseph fueled a late 9-0 run to lead Toronto to an 92-89 victory and a matchup with the Cavaliers.

  240. Martha Lavey, a Leading Lady of Chicago Theater, Dies at 60 Theater, Yesterday

    An actress by training, Ms. Lavey was artistic director of Steppenwolf Theater during a period of great expansion.

  241. Uber Executive Steps Back From Self-Driving Cars During Waymo Legal Fight Technology, Yesterday

    Anthony Levandowski, the engineer at the center of litigation over driverless car technology, said he will no longer work on a key part of the technology at Uber.

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    Our guide to new art shows, and some that will be closing soon.

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  250. Tribeca Film Festival’s Top Awards Go to Female Filmmakers Movies, Yesterday

    The women each won $20,000 for their work, while an Iranian who won best short couldn’t accept in person and blamed “Mr. Trump’s fascinating decisions.”

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    Our guide to dance performances.

  252. Baby-Making by Lottery N.Y. / Region, Yesterday

    Giving away costly reproductive treatments by the luck of the draw makes clear our Las Vegas-style culture of medicine, where you have to ante up for better care.

  253. A Restaurant Opens, a Tradition for Summer Interns Ends N.Y. / Region, Yesterday

    At the recently opened Made Nice in Manhattan, four 20-somethings enjoy their last weekly lunch together as their internships come to a close.

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    Do you believe in ghosts? Our writer spends an hour on her own in the poet’s room at the Emily Dickinson Museum.

  259. Video Review: Subaru Impreza, Still Solid, but a Little More Stylish Automobiles, Yesterday

    The new Impreza Sport looks as though a design team was part of the process from Day 1. And it looks even better on stormy days.

  260. Driven: 2017 Subaru Impreza Sport Video, Yesterday

    Loyal buyers never seemed to mind that Subaru’s sense of style has been off on an extended camping trip. The new Impreza looks as though a design team was part of the process from Day 1.

  261. Diabetes Tied to Brain Abnormalities Well, Yesterday

    People with Type 2 diabetes had brain changes in areas related to memory and planning.

  262. From Combine to Draft, N.F.L. Prospects Are Treated Like Pieces of Meat Sports, Yesterday

    The league weighs, measures and pokes its aspiring employees, whose medical histories and genes are analyzed as if they were Wagyu cattle.

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