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  1. Is a Bonnet the Trendiest Way to Stay Warm This Winter? Fashion, Today

    A reader seeks guidance on shopping for cold-weather hats.

  2. Carol Speed, Vixen of the Blaxploitation Era, Dies at 76 Movies, Today

    In the mid-70s, thanks to two beloved B movies, she had a moment in the spotlight and enjoyed celebrity status in the Black press.

  3. Republicans Relish Biden’s Troubles, Eyeing a Takeover of Congress U.S., Today

    The president’s woes have delighted Republicans, who have been seeking to rehabilitate themselves in the eyes of voters after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

  4. The Ticking Clock for Miami's Condo Empire Interactive, Today

    Last summer’s collapse in Surfside, Fla., exposed a startling truth: There are thousands of aging condo buildings that could be next — and few steps being taken to prevent another tragedy.

  5. Imani Perry Talks About ‘South to America’ Books, Today

    Perry discusses her new book, and Oliver Roeder talks about “Seven Games.”

  6. Rifle Used by Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha Shootings Will Be Destroyed U.S., Today

    Mr. Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges in the fatal shootings of two men and wounding of another during a protest in 2020 that was precipitated by the shooting of a Black man by a police officer.

  7. Today’s Omicron Covid Vaccine Tests live blog included six standalone posts:
  8. 5 Songs to Listen to Right Now Interactive, Today

    Here are five new and notable songs, including retro-future R&B from Raveena, and the satisfying team-up of Rochy RD and Anuel AA.

  9. ¿Cuánto tiempo puedo usar el mismo respirador N95, KN95 o KF94? en Español, Today

    Con los cuidados adecuados, tu mascarilla de alto rendimiento puede durar varios usos.

  10. ¿Cuánto tiempo puedo usar el mismo respirador N95, KN95 o KF94? Well, Today

    Con los cuidados adecuados, tu mascarilla de alto rendimiento puede durar varios usos.

  11. When It’s Winter in Miami, It’s Time for Churros and Hot Chocolate Food, Today

    The combination has roots in Spain — but here the union has a distinct Floridian flair.

  12. 28lausanne-nightwatch Slideshow, Today


  13. How to Disseminate Science Quickly Opinion, Today

    What’s the best way to release timely research without letting bad information get out?

  14. A Change of Address At Home, Today

    This isn’t goodbye.

  15. Chita Rivera’s Book Will Introduce Fans to the Real Her Arts, Today

    The Broadway star is writing a memoir with the help of a journalist who encouraged her to share what she’s really like, alter ego and all.

  16. Let’s Play Recipe Matchmaker Interactive, Today

    Tanya Sichynsky, an editor at New York Times Cooking, pairs reader requests with database recipes.

  17. Jonathan Brown, Pioneering Historian of Spanish and Latin American Art, Dies at 82 Arts, Today

    He played a crucial role in reinvigorating a neglected area of Western art history, bringing figures from the past to life and connecting lived realities of earlier centuries with those of the present.

  18. A Few Simple Tricks Yield the Most Tender Pancakes Food, Today

    Genevieve Ko whips ricotta into the batter and skips the stiff egg whites for a recipe that’s as effortless as it is comforting.

  19. Today’s Ukraine Russia News live blog included 10 standalone posts:
  20. Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Fake Trump Electors U.S., Today

    The panel demanded information from 14 people who were part of bogus slates of electors for President Donald J. Trump, digging deeper into an aspect of his efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

  21. A Putin le salió mal la jugada con Ucrania en Español, Today

    Atrapado entre el conflicto armado y una humillante retirada, el presidente de Rusia tiene cada vez menos alternativas.

  22. Pegasus: esto aprendimos tras un año de investigar al programa espía más potente del mundo en Español, Today

    Israel utilizó el arma cibernética del Grupo NSO como una herramienta de diplomacia. El FBI lo probó para vigilancia doméstica. Luego todo se estropeó. Aquí están las claves de una investigación del Times.

  23. The Equal Rights Amendment Is Now the Law of the Land. Isn’t It? Opinion, Today

    Alas, the Constitution doesn’t always mean what it says.

  24. Convoys of Canadian trucks are en route to Ottawa for a protest against vaccine mandates. World, Today

    Truckers from across the country aim to converge at on Saturday outside of Parliament to protest federal vaccination mandates.

  25. Recalling the Pain of an Early 19th Century Writer Books, Today

    Stuck in a CT scan, the illustrator Alison Barnwell remembers the horrors recounted by Fanny Burney, who wrote of her mastectomy in excruciating detail.

  26. Joe Exotic Is Resentenced to 21 Years for ‘Tiger King’ Murder-for-Hire Plot U.S., Today

    Last year, a federal appeals court vacated the initial sentence for the plot, which was featured in the Netflix series “Tiger King.” Petitions for pardons from two presidents have also failed.

  27. Russia Has Troops at Ukraine’s Borders for Large-Scale Invasion, Pentagon Says U.S., Today

    The more than 100,000 Russian troops at Ukraine’s border could move throughout the country, officials said, publicly confirming what intelligence analysts have described for weeks.

  28. Kamau Bell: Bill Cosby Is Key to Understanding America Arts, Today

    The comic and commentator discusses his new documentary, “We Need to Talk About Cosby,” and what Cosby’s story reveals about the “two runaway forces of oppression in America.”

  29. Covid Cases Plunge in the U.S. Interactive, Today

    The latest news and data from the team tracking the coronavirus.

  30. Rookies Ride the Bench, Right? Not on the Nets. Sports, Today

    The Nets, in a move unusual for a championship contender, have turned to their rookies as starters and key contributors — and not just when there were no other options.

  31. A Sundance With Brains and Guts, Disemboweled and Otherwise Movies, Today

    This year’s festival featured lots of scares, a parade of bodies (and body parts) and a haunted, haunting postcolonial tale set in New York.

  32. This Scottish Chicken Soup Is Its Own Kind of Medicine Food, Today

    Rich with chicken, leeks and prunes, this cock-a-leekie soup from Melissa Clark is a penicillin of a different order.

  33. Family of Slain ‘Rust’ Cinematographer Weighs Wrongful-Death Lawsuit Movies, Today

    Lawyers for the family of Halyna Hutchins filed a petition in New Mexico to appoint a representative who will consider whether to file a suit.

  34. Family of Slain ‘Rust’ Cinematographer Weighs Wrongful-Death Lawsuit Movies, Today

    Lawyers for the family of Halyna Hutchins filed a petition in New Mexico to appoint a representative who will consider whether to file a suit.

  35. Political Theater on an Ohio Debate Stage Interactive, Today

    The Ohio Senate primary is months away, but candidates are already clamoring for attention. That hunger prompted a debate Thursday between a left-wing Democrat and far-right Republican even before voters decide who the eventual nominees will be.

  36. Love Letter: When It’s Too Good to Be True Style, Today

    “He seemed to adore me, almost instantly.”

  37. Be Here Now: How to Exercise Mindfully Well, Today

    Bringing meditation into your movement can enrich your workout and help you feel clearheaded afterward.

  38. How Independent Voters Feel About Biden Opinion, Today

    Responses to a focus group of independent voters. Also: President Biden and the economy; Boris Johnson; sanctions against Russia; debtors and lawyers.

  39. Some Baby Formulas Are Out of Stock. Here’s How to Handle the Shortage. Well, Today

    Parents are worried, but experts say you can still keep your baby fed and nourished.

  40. When Your Office Decides the Pandemic Is Over Business, Today

    The burden shouldn’t be on you to draw boundaries, but you will have to do it.

  41. Restaurants to Customers: Don’t Call Us, We Won’t Call You Food, Today

    When restaurants abandon their phone lines, it can make the lives of employees easier but leave diners confused and frustrated — or relieved.

  42. One Good Antarctic Explorer Deserves Another Books, Today

    The adventurer Ranulph Fiennes has written a biography of Ernest Shackleton, telling the life story of the famed explorer while also describing his own exploits.

  43. Bridge Collapse in Pittsburgh Injures at Least 10 People Video, Today

    Officials said no one was killed and that none of the injuries were life-threatening. The collapse occurred just hours before President Biden was scheduled to visit the city to discuss the state of the country’s infrastructure.

  44. Today’s Nypd Jason Rivera Funeral live blog included six standalone posts:
  45. Is Canada the Soccer Rival the U.S. Needs? Sports, Today

    Young talent has Canada on the brink of its first World Cup berth since 1986. Big ambitions could keep it on top for years to come, and challenge its neighbors to keep pace.

  46. The Accidental Vegetarian Food, Today

    Vegetable-centric meals aren’t just delicious; they’re also incredibly well suited for weeknight cooking.

  47. At City Ballet, Giving Voice to the Body, With Sneakers Arts, Today

    Justin Peck’s “Partita,” set to Caroline Shaw’s Pulitzer-Prize winning composition, opened New York City Ballet’s winter season at Lincoln Center.

  48. The Art Design for Abolitionist Place in Brooklyn Moves Forward Arts, Today

    Despite an ongoing legal challenge, New York City is going ahead with a plan for artwork at a new park that will feature messages of social justice, not the statuary some had sought.

  49. And Just Like That, a Generational Shift at Quarterback Sports, Today

    The evolution at the N.F.L.’s most important position has been clear even with familiar names frequently making deep playoff runs. Today’s emerging stars are taking on more of their team’s offensive load.

  50. What Do Dancers Bring to a Halftime Show? They Complete the Picture. Arts, Today

    Some dancers recoiled at the prospect of volunteering their services at this year’s Super Bowl halftime show: “You can’t make a living off of exposure.”

  51. The F.A.A. announces progress in expanding 5G service at airports. Technology, Today

    The federal agency said an agreement with Verizon and AT&T would enable the wireless providers to expand their networks while allowing aircraft to land safely.

  52. Philip Glass and the Bangles, Mashed at the Symphony Arts, Today

    Anthony Roth Costanzo and Justin Vivian Bond brought their gleeful opera-cabaret show “Only an Octave Apart” to the New York Philharmonic.

  53. Wonking Out: Are We in Another Housing Bubble? Opinion, Today

    Or, what’s the matter with Dallas?

  54. glaive Flexes the Less Hyper Side of His Pop, and 13 More New Songs Arts, Today

    Hear tracks by Raveena, the Weather Station, Immanuel Wilkins and others.

  55. U.S. says $11 billion Nord Stream 2 pipeline will not move forward if Russia invades Ukraine. World, Today

    The pipeline to Germany would expand Russia’s capacity to sell gas to Europe, which is already highly dependent on Russian energy.

  56. All Eyes on Kyrgios Sports, Today

    Using a mix of skill and showmanship, the Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has turned his matches into raucous celebrations.

  57. Globetrotting Interactive, Today

    Your sneak preview of books in translation coming out in 2022, updated each season.

  58. Ron Goulart, Prolific Writer Who Spanned Genres, Dies at 89 Books, Today

    He wrote science fiction, mystery, fantasy and romance novels, collaborated with William Shatner on the “TekWar” books and turned Groucho Marx into a private eye.

  59. She Interviews Celebrities Before School. And She’s Only 11. Style, Today

    Jazlyn Guerra, who goes by Jazzy, has bantered with Alicia Keys, Tom Holland and Jay-Z.

  60. ‘The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild’ Review: A Franchise Thaws Movies, Today

    The latest installment in this animated film series replaces nearly all of its celebrity voice performers with close proxies.

  61. Today’s Pop Culture Entertainment News live blog included two standalone posts:
  62. Toni Morrison’s Only Short Story Addresses Race by Avoiding Race Books, Today

    “Recitatif,” originally published in 1983 and now available in book form, features a Black girl and a white girl, but Morrison never identifies which is which.

  63. Five African Countries. Six Coups. Why Now? World, Today

    Burkina Faso this week joined a list of countries that have recently experienced military takeovers — most plagued by insecurity, poor governance and frustrated youth. But there’s no one-size-fits-all explanation.

  64. The Best of Late Night This Week 🌙 Interactive, Today

    The late-night hosts had plenty of topics to discuss, including the retirement of Stephen Breyer and Minnie Mouse’s new look.

  65. Avenatti Cross-Examines Stormy Daniels, Focusing on the Paranormal New York, Today

    Michael Avenatti and his former client, who has accused him of stealing from her, are meeting for a dramatic showdown in court.

  66. ‘Esto no se termina con ómicron’: a pesar de que disminuyen las infecciones, la pandemia sigue en Español, Today

    Debido a la inmunización irregular en las poblaciones y el surgimiento de nuevas variantes, es probable que el coronavirus se convierta en una amenaza persistente pero manejable.

  67. Separatists Kill 10 Pakistani Soldiers in Attack on Outpost World, Today

    The assault was one of the deadliest on Pakistani security forces in recent years and comes at a time of heightened unrest.

  68. ‘His Pictures Rather Put Me Off Meat’: Animal Experts on Francis Bacon Arts, Today

    A new exhibition at London’s Royal Academy highlights Francis Bacon’s paintings of animals. We showed them to some specialists in their subject matter.

  69. Five Action Movies to Stream Now Movies, Today

    This month’s picks include a grim western teeming with bloodthirsty outlaws, humans fighting an alien invasion and more.

  70. What to Cook This Weekend Food, Today

    For the ambitious, a transporting Vietnamese breakfast curry. For the exhausted, lots of easy recipes.

  71. The Weekender Interactive, Today

    How the air fryer crisped its way into America’s heart. Also in this edition: a look at the life of a successful “Jeopardy!” competitor, and more.

  72. Elizabeth Taylor, Jim Harrison and Other Letters to the Editor Books, Today

    Readers respond to recent issues of the Sunday Book Review.

  73. Newly Published, From Afro-Atlantic Histories to GameStop Books, Today

    A selection of books published this week.

  74. New York’s Recovery Took 2 Steps Forward. Omicron Sent It One Step Back. New York, Today

    The economic disruptions of the latest Covid wave have hurt blue-collar workers the most, even as Wall Street profits, rents and home sales are soaring.

  75. Peter Robbins, Original Voice of Charlie Brown, Dies at 65 Arts, Today

    Mr. Robbins, who first gave voice to the “Peanuts” character in a 1965 Christmas special, had struggled with mental illness and addiction in recent years.

  76. Newcastle Players, Saudi Jets and Nagging Questions for the Premier League Sports, Today

    When Newcastle traveled to Saudi Arabia for a midseason training camp, it did so on a plane owned by a company seized by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

  77. Pennsylvania Court Says State’s Mail Voting Law Is Unconstitutional U.S., Today

    The decision, which could deal a blow to voting access in a critical battleground state, was immediately appealed.

  78. Moses Storm and the Case for Pretentious Modern Stand-up Arts, Today

    In his new special, the comic claims he has no agenda, but his jokes and stories about poverty cohere into trenchant commentary. Why are themes out of fashion?

  79. Karen Pittman Isn’t the New Samantha Style, Today

    The actress, who stars in “And Just Like That,” finds peace at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

  80. The Morgan Wallen Conundrum and Bringing Tennis to the Visually Impaired: The Week in Narrated Articles Podcasts, Today

    Five articles from around The Times, narrated just for you.

  81. Record Payout Awarded to Sexual Abuse Victims in India World, Today

    The case, involving rapes at a shelter for homeless girls, signals a partial reckoning with the government’s responsibility in an epidemic of sexual violence.

  82. Pittsburgh Bridge Collapses Hours Before Biden Infrastructure Visit U.S., Today

    At least 10 people sustained non-life-threatening injuries in the collapse, officials said.

  83. What May Be in Store as the Fed Cuts Back on the Easy Money Business, Today

    People all over the country — indeed, much of the planet — are depending on the central bank to stave off runaway inflation and keep the economy growing. Prepare for trouble, our columnist says.

  84. Chevron has its best quarter since 2014, reflecting an oil industry turnaround. Business, Today

    The company recorded a profit of $5.1 billion as global prices rose.

  85. More Companies Consider Helping Workers Pay Student Loans Your Money, Today

    Employers see the aid as part of a bid to attract workers, especially as the federal pause on student loan payments ends on May 1.

  86. How Trump Coins Became an Internet Sensation Technology, Today

    Getting to the bottom of a modern mystery.

  87. Another Resale at 220 Central Park South Lands in the Record Book Real Estate, Today

    The $188 million resale of a duplex is the second-highest price paid for a home in New York City, and leads a busy month for residential sales.

  88. The Way We Talk About Climate Change Matters, Bill Nye Says Crosswords & Games, Today

    In Monday’s puzzle, “Nye” was the answer to the clue “Bill known as the ‘Science Guy.’”

  89. Consumer spending fell in December as Omicron spread. Business, Today

    Overall spending fell for the first time since February as the virus and supply chain issues impacted purchases.

  90. Citing Pandemic, This Year’s Obie Awards Will Include Streaming Theater Theater, Today

    For the first time, digital, audio and other virtual productions will be considered for the honors, for Off and Off Off Broadway works.

  91. Woody Allen’s ‘Rifkin’s Festival’ Is Opening in U.S. Theaters Movies, Today

    The movie is showing after years of resistance to Allen’s work in the United States following renewed attention to Dylan Farrow’s allegations of sexual abuse.

  92. The Met Opera Never Missed a Curtain. It Hopes Audiences Rebound. Arts, Today

    Positive tests at the company are falling as the Met prepares to take a long-planned midwinter break. It hopes cases will be down, and audiences up, when it returns.

  93. California Is Leveraging the Pandemic Into Its Own Peace Corps U.S., Today

    Sweetening federal stimulus and AmeriCorps funds with state and local money, the state is cranking out tens of thousands of Youth Service jobs.

  94. Inflation Continued to Run Hot and Consumer Spending Fell in December Business, Today

    Prices are rising rapidly, wages are growing and consumers are glum as a fraught economic moment poses big challenges for policymakers.

  95. Today’s Inflation Stocks Economy News live blog included two standalone posts:
  96. Stocks rally, erasing losses from a turbulent week. Business, Today

    The S&P 500 rose 2.4 percent, its biggest one-day jump since June 2020.

  97. The police unit behind Officer Rivera’s funeral has planned hundreds of services. New York, Today

  98. ISIS Fighters Get Surrender-or-Die Ultimatum in Syria Prison Standoff World, Today

    The U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces militia demanded that about 60 ISIS militants, still holed up in a prison a week after they attacked it, give themselves up or risk being killed.

  99. ‘The Afterparty’ Is a Genre Romp Wrapped in a Comic Mystery Arts, Today

    In an interview, the filmmakers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller discuss their new Apple TV+ series, a whodunit that has fun with Hollywood clichés.

  100. A New Generation of Influencers Has Discovered D.I.Y. on a Tiny Budget Real Estate, Today

    With enough spray paint, hot glue and successful thrift-store runs, almost any space can look like it belongs on the internet.

  101. France’s economy bounces back, while Germany’s falters under the strain of Omicron. Business, Today

    The European Union’s two largest economies diverged in the final quarter of 2021.

  102. Marcelo Claure Leaves Masa Son’s Orbit Business, Today

    The exit of SoftBank’s chief operating officer comes as the tech giant faces huge challenges.

  103. The U.K. police ask that some details be omitted from a report on Downing Street parties during a lockdown. World, Today

  104. Police Investigation Could Give Boris Johnson a Lifeline in Party Scandal World, Today

    A request by the police that a senior civil servant investigating parties in Downing Street during the lockdown withhold details from her report could give the British prime minister time to regroup.

  105. The New Spy Wars Briefing, Today

    A tale about Israel, Pegasus and the world.

  106. A South Korean naval unit quarantines in Oman after a Covid outbreak on their ship. World, Today

  107. Cómo fue que la freidora de aire conquistó nuestros corazones en Español, Today

    Aunque se vende como un aparato para lograr frituras casi sin aceite, la gente lo usa para hacer pasteles, galletas, ‘costillas’ de maíz y más. Es un negocio de mil millones de dólares.

  108. ¿Por qué cuando tomo alcohol duermo mal? en Español, Today

    La mayoría de los expertos están de acuerdo: beber afectará el modo en el que descansas, sin importar tu edad o sexo

  109. ‘Who Do You Want Controlling Your Food?’ The Daily, Today

    Issues in the beef industry that were exposed by the pandemic reflect decades of economic transformation in the U.S.

  110. Tensa calma en Español, Today

    Las claves de las tensiones entre Rusia y Ucrania, las 13 mutaciones de ómicron, un adicto a los Beatles se recupera y más para el fin de semana.

  111. Today’s Omicron Covid Vaccine Tests live blog included one standalone post:
  112. Relax, America: Willow, the White House Cat, Has Arrived U.S., Today

    She interrupted a campaign speech. Jill Biden wanted to keep her.

  113. Man Held for Five Days in Jail Over Mistaken Identity, His Lawyer Says U.S., Today

    Leonardo Silva Oliveira, 26, was arrested last week on a warrant out of Palm Beach County for a man with the same name and similar age who was wanted for probation violation charges.

  114. F.B.I. Secretly Bought Israeli Spyware and Explored Hacking U.S. Phones World, Today

    Israel used the NSO Group’s software as a tool of diplomacy. The F.B.I. wanted it for domestic surveillance. Then everything soured. Here are highlights of a New York Times Magazine investigation.

  115. On Patrol: 12 Days With a Taliban Police Unit in Kabul World, Today

    Tasked with guarding a Shiite shrine, a police unit offers a telling snapshot of the Taliban’s rank-and-file fighters and the challenges Afghanistan’s rulers face in governing a diverse nation.

  116. In the Bronx, a Push to Save Cass Gilbert’s Train Stations Real Estate, Today

    Two of the stations designed by the famed architect more than 100 years ago for the old ‘Consolidated’ railroad have a chance to be transformed for new uses.

  117. Cass Gilbert’s Abandoned Train Stations Slideshow, Today

    Local groups are hoping to rejuvenate two historic train halls that have been off limits for decades.

  118. After 600 Years, Swiss City at Last Has a Woman on Night Watch World, Today

    Lausanne has kept a night watch atop its cathedral since 1405, but it never appointed a woman to the role until Cassandre Berdoz, after a long fight, landed a job that was her “childhood dream.”

  119. 16 Men Died in New York City Jails Last Year. Who Were They? New York, Today

    The stories of those who died in custody offer an intimate, firsthand look at the crisis gripping the New York City jail system.

  120. Tonga’s Proud Diaspora Confronts Daunting Challenge of Disaster Response World, Today

    Tens of thousands of overseas Tongans, intimately tied to their homeland, are contending with the pandemic, snarled supply chains and limited communications.

  121. Two Simple Tricks That Help Owls Stay in Their New Homes Science, Today

    A study shows that there is a way to successfully transplant burrowing owls to new habitats when developers build over their homes.

  122. The Battle for the World’s Most Powerful Cyberweapon Magazine, Today

    A Times investigation reveals how Israel reaped diplomatic gains around the world from NSO’s Pegasus spyware — a tool America itself purchased but is now trying to ban.

  123. Will There Be Mardi Gras? Travel, Today

    Yes. And Coachella, too. After canceling many major events over the last two years, organizers are going forward in the first months of 2022, though there may be adjustments.

  124. How Prabal Gurung Plans to Fall in Love This Year Style, Today

    Also, Bevy Smith and Marina Rust share where they have hunkered down this winter.

  125. We Still Can’t See American Slavery for What It Was Opinion, Today

    Data science is unlocking insights about the U.S. slave system, but there is a danger in trying to quantify suffering.

  126. Alarming Levels of Mercury Are Found in Old Growth Amazon Forest Climate, Today

    The findings, related to gold mining in Peru, provide new evidence of how people are altering ecosystems in dangerous ways around the world.

  127. The Mayor’s Crime Plan Is Loathed by Liberals. But It Might Work. New York, Today

    To address New York City’s rising gun violence, Eric Adams called on “all of us” to make the streets safer.

  128. Lori Lightfoot Promised to Change Chicago. Crises Keep Piling Up. U.S., Today

    Ms. Lightfoot has shown herself to be a blunt orator and unflinching negotiator.

  129. Let Kids Take Their Masks Off After the Omicron Surge Opinion, Today

    There’s a cost to making kids cover their faces indefinitely. 

  130. We Syrians Are Not Surprised by This Betrayal Opinion, Today

    International bodies and nations appear to have either forgiven, forgotten or chosen to ignore the reasons Syria was cast out from their community.

  131. Watch the Throne: How Joel Coen Came to Make ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’ Movies, Today

    When your whole filmmaking career has been one of unexpected twists and turns, how do you surprise yourself? Adapt a Shakespeare play.

  132. I Ditched My Smart Watch, and I Don’t Regret It Opinion, Today

    I didn’t know how my workout had gone, or how I’d slept last night, until I opened the app.

  133. To Get the Most From Social Security, Log On Business, Today

    A variety of online tools can guide retirees looking to make the most of this benefit — which many older Americans depend on.

  134. Reawakening the Antichrist (and Other Lost Opera Gems) Arts, Today

    It can be challenging to revive forgotten works like “Antikrist.” But the absence of entrenched traditions can be liberating.

  135. How a Mathematician Spends His Sundays New York, Today

    Everywhere Steven Strogatz goes in the city, he sees math.

  136. Why Would a Marine Call Himself a ‘Racketeer for Capitalism’? Opinion, Today

    The life of Smedley Butler shows us that we can’t fix American democracy without reckoning with its military interventions.

  137. Molly Young Is Thinking About Buying a Wheelbarrow Times Insider, Today

    In an interview, the Times book critic discusses how she picks what to recommend and describes her reading life at home.

  138. A Palpably Seductive Search for a Grimoire of Sex Magic Books, Today

    In Sara Gran’s occult thriller, “The Book of the Most Precious Substance,” a rare-book dealer falls under the spell of a powerful 17th-century manuscript.

  139. Lesson of the Day: ‘How to Draw a Feeling’ The Learning Network, Today

    In this lesson, students will learn how an illustrator created a visual representation of the word “languishing.” Then, they will illustrate emotions they have felt during the pandemic.

  140. Fish Sauce Is Good for Just About Everything Magazine, Today

    Put it in pasta, stews or this thick, creamy coconut curry from Vietnam.

  141. How Diverse Is Your School? The Learning Network, Today

    Would you characterize your school as being diverse in terms of the racial and socioeconomic makeup of the student body?

  142. The Lives of Black Women, at Home and Abroad Books, Today

    Three debut novels — by Kai Harris, Nikki May and Destiny O. Birdsong — follow female protagonists struggling to find their place.

  143. The New York Times News Quiz, January 28, 2022 Interactive, Today

    Did you follow the news this week? Take our quiz to see how well you stack up with other Times readers.

  144. New in Paperback: ‘Let the Lord Sort Them’ and ‘The Five Wounds’ Books, Today

    Six new paperbacks to check out this week.

  145. 5 Things to Do This Weekend Interactive, Today

    A selection of entertainment options, including a guide to sci-fi films that are streaming now.

  146. The world surpasses 10 billion vaccine doses administered, but gaps persist in who gets the shots. World, Today

    Some nations can now envision a near future in which their people coexist with the virus but aren’t confined by it.

  147. Russia dismissed a U.N. Security Council meeting as an American P.R. stunt. World, Today

    U.S. officials see the meeting, scheduled for Monday, as a chance to expose Russia to criticism on a global stage. They expressed confidence that it would go ahead as planned.

  148. Trading Excess for Intimacy Style, Today

    Valentino and Fendi explore the canons of couture while Glenn Martens makes a superb debut at Gaultier.

  149. For Olympic Sponsors, ‘China Is an Exception’ Business, Today

    Pressure is mounting on companies to condemn the country’s human rights violations, but executives say the Games should not be politicized.

  150. Where Is Jeffrey Epstein’s Money Going? Business, Today

    Settlements, upkeep and lawyers have whittled his $600 million estate to about $185 million. A civil fraud suit in the Virgin Islands could wipe out more.

  151. ‘Luché tanto para nada’: una denuncia de acoso en la FIFA muestra el poder de los hombres en esa organización en Español, Today

    Una investigación interna determinó que el jefe del programa FIFA Legends había incurrido en acciones de acoso sexual contra una subordinada en 2019. Sin embargo, la víctima aún no sabe si el hombre fue sancionado.

  152. Spelling Bee Forum Crosswords & Games, Today

    Feeling stuck on today’s puzzle? We can help.

  153. Local Celebrities The Learning Network, Today

    What notable figures live in your community?

  154. Yves Saint Laurent Takes Paris Style, Today

    For the first time, one designer’s work is being showcased — simultaneously — at five major French museums.

  155. Rafael Nadal and Daniil Medvedev Will Meet in Australian Open Final Sports, Today

    Nadal defeated Matteo Berrettini and will play for a record 21st career Grand Slam men’s singles title against Medvedev, who beat Stefanos Tsitsipas in four, sometimes testy, sets.

  156. Late Night Supports Biden’s Supreme Court Strategy Arts, Today

    Trevor Noah joked that Biden will nominate a Black woman to replace Stephen Breyer “because he cares deeply about representation and winning Georgia.”

  157. Word of the Day: fracas The Learning Network, Today

    This word has appeared in 37 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year. Can you use it in a sentence?

  158. Putin Is Caught in a Trap of His Own Making Opinion, Today

    The Kremlin’s Ukraine gamble has failed.

  159. Fiery North Korean Defector Charged Under New Propaganda Law World, Today

    South Korea banned the spreading of leaflets across the border last year. Park Sang-hak, an outspoken activist who defied the ban, was indicted this week.

  160. Your Friday Briefing Briefing, Today

    Russia mulls a response to the U.S.

  161. A Cooks Tour: 3 Picture Books About Famous Foodies Books, Today

    Georgia Gilmore, Alice Waters and Julia Child show kids that food has the power to make our worlds bigger, better and more connected.

  162. Corrections: Jan. 28, 2022 Corrections, Today

    Corrections that appeared in print on Friday, Jan. 28, 2022.

  163. Quotation of the Day: If G.D.P. Is Up, Why Do VotersFeel So Down? Today’s Paper, Today

    Quotation of the Day for Friday, January 28, 2022.

  164. The Shadow of a Bribery Investigation New York, Today

    Philip Banks III, now the deputy mayor for public safety, was ensnared in a federal corruption investigation when he was a high-ranking police official.

  165. N.F.L. Players Wear Their Hearts Under Their Uniforms Sports, Today

    Bound by strict uniform rules, players like Odell Beckham Jr. and Deebo Samuel are honoring peers with customized T-shirts worn in pregame warm-ups and underneath their jerseys.

  166. In Standoff With Putin, Biden Makes Sure European Allies Are With Him World, Today

    In what amounts to a much-needed diplomatic reset, the U.S. is orchestrating the response to Russia’s threatening moves and making sure to include his European allies.

  167. A Broadway Couple Says ‘I Do’ to Great Applause Style, Today

    Bryan Terrell Clark, an actor, and Devario Simmons, a costume designer, had a common bond in challenging upbringings. Their relationship was the opposite.

  168. What He Hadn’t Told Me Style, Today

    We met on a dating app, where his profile lacked a few crucial details.

  169. Holding on Through Tragedy After Tragedy Style, Today

    Despite differing backgrounds and work schedules — and a series of losses early in their relationship — Rachel Seals and Elliott Averett never bailed on one another.

  170. A Company Bus Ride Set Their Romance in Motion Fashion, Today

    Stephanie Quintero and Eric Wall found instant attraction when they met while en route to a work conference, but took months to formalize a relationship.

  171. For Them, It Was Love and Baseball Style, Today

    Jonathan Cottrell and Erik Braverman met over piña coladas in Mexico and married at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

  172. Let’s Talk Tennis, and Politics World, Yesterday

    This year’s Australian Open was controversial even before it started. How’s it going now?

  173. A Marker Honoring Jackie Robinson Was Defaced. M.L.B. Helped Replace It. Sports, Yesterday

    A series of incidents in Georgia appeared to be targeting markers dedicated to Black Americans. “This should not be happening,” said Robinson’s cousin.

  174. New York Could Get Less Than Two Inches of Snow, or More Than a Foot. See the Odds Near You. Interactive, Yesterday

    Snow forecasts are more uncertain than you might think.

  175. Variety: Acrostic Crosswords & Games, Yesterday

    Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon want to know what’s for dinner. Is cereal OK with everyone?

  176. Like Many a Lemon Crosswords & Games, Yesterday

    Jem Burch makes his second appearance in the New York Times Crossword.

  177. The New York Times Presents: 'To Live and Die in Alabama' Video, Yesterday

    The New York Times examines the case of Nathaniel Woods, who was sentenced to death for his role in the murders of three Birmingham police officers fatally shot by someone else. The documentary is available here for New York Times subscribers in the U.S. or you can stream it on Hulu.

  178. U.S. Picks Up Another Win and Turns Focus to Canada Sports, Yesterday

    A victory over El Salvador moved the Americans another step closer to a place in this year’s World Cup in Qatar.

  179. Sarah Palin, who is unvaccinated, dined outdoors in New York City days after testing positive. World, Yesterday

    The unvaccinated former Alaska governor returned to Elio’s, the Upper East Side restaurant where she had been seen dining indoors on Saturday despite the city’s requirement that indoor guests show proof of vaccination.

  180. 简报:腾讯视频修改《搏击俱乐部》结局引争议;美国吊销中国联通在美运营牌照 World, Yesterday


  181. Court Revokes Oil and Gas Leases, Citing Climate Change Climate, Yesterday

    A judge ruled that the Interior Department must consider the climate effects of oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico before awarding leases.

  182. How Long Can I Keep Wearing the Same Respirator Mask? Well, Yesterday

    With the right care, your high-performance mask can last for multiple uses.

  183. Harris Seeks Ally in Honduras as She Revisits Central America World, Yesterday

    Vice President Kamala Harris’s trip was viewed as more than just showcasing the U.S. presence at the inauguration of Xiomara Castro, the first female head of state in Honduras.

  184. Spotify y la controversia por el pódcast de Joe Rogan en Español, Yesterday

    A principios de mes, cientos de expertos y trabajadores de la salud pidieron a la plataforma que tomara medidas enérgicas contra la información falsa y mencionaron un episodio del pódcast de Rogan.

  185. What It Looks Like in Northeastern Syria Interactive, Yesterday

    I arrived in a remote part of Syria this week to report on the siege of a prison by the Islamic State.

  186. Rochelle Feinstein Makes Work That Is Purposefully Hard to Define T Magazine, Yesterday

    Ahead of a major five-city show, the artist reflects on the evolution of her practice and her distrust of Amazon.

  187. How Crypto Became the New Subprime Opinion, Yesterday

    Once again, risky financial products are being sold to the vulnerable.

  188. Neil Young Says ‘No More’ to Spotify Opinion, Yesterday

    Without real streaming alternatives around, a musician’s move to shame Spotify is doomed to failure.

  189. The Man at the Center of Arizona’s Primary U.S., Yesterday

    Spoiler alert: It’s Donald Trump.

  190. The New York Times Presents: 'Who Gets to Be an Influencer?' Video, Yesterday

    Going viral has become big business, and a group of ambitious Black creators in Atlanta is challenging the mostly white social media stars of L.A. for influence. Watch full episode of The New York Times Presents, free for Times subscribers in the U.S.

  191. Death of Georgia Teen Found in Gym Mat Was ‘Weird Accident,’ Sheriff Says U.S., Yesterday

    Eight years after Kendrick Johnson, 17, was found upside-down in a large mat in his high school gym, the Lowndes County sheriff decided to reopen the case.

  192. McConnell Warns Against ‘Radical’ Supreme Court Pick U.S., Yesterday

    Lawmakers from both parties and interest groups swung into gear to influence President Biden’s choice for the first Black woman to serve on the nation’s highest court.

  193. The Willful Naïveté of Stephen Breyer Opinion, Yesterday

    He insisted that politics do not shape the decisions of justices — an idyllic, even naïve, notion, but one that kept the court functioning for years.

  194. Are New Voting Bill Talks for Real or for Show? U.S., Yesterday

    Senators involved in the negotiations underway say the discussions are serious and substantive, but some Democrats remain wary.

  195. New Justice Will Have Little Power to Thwart Supreme Court’s Rightward Lurch U.S., Yesterday

    The replacement of Justice Stephen G. Breyer with another liberal is unlikely to alter the basic dynamic at the court or to slow its accelerating conservative ambitions.

  196. John Kerry, U.S. Climate Envoy, Tells Top Polluters ‘We Must All Move Faster’ Climate, Yesterday

    The United States hosted a virtual meeting of big polluting countries on Thursday as nations struggle to meet their climate change goals.

  197. Two former Deutsche Bank traders win their appeal in a Libor manipulation case. Business, Yesterday

    But ruling is another indication of the difficulty prosecutors have had making the case that traders at a handful of big banks conspired to profit from manipulating Libor, the benchmark once used by banks to set interest rates.

  198. Stephen Breyer, G.D.P., Australian Open: Your Thursday Evening Briefing Briefing, Yesterday

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  199. Coronavirus Briefing: The Last Bad Variant? Briefing, Yesterday

    What endemicity after Omicron may look like.

  200. ‘From Worst to Best’: Gleaming New La Guardia Terminal Opens New York, Yesterday

    The airport that Joe Biden once said was more suited to a “third-world’’ country has a gleaming new terminal to show off.