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  1. Today’s Israel Gaza War Hamas live blog included two standalone posts:
  2. A Hungarian Rapper’s Bandwagon Gets an Unlikely New Rider Foreign, Today

    Azahriah, who has rapped about the joy of cannabis, has shot to fame in Hungary. That may explain why he has been applauded by the country’s conservative leader, Viktor Orban.

  3. Corrections: June 15, 2024 Corrections, Today

    Corrections that appeared in print on Saturday, June 15, 2024.

  4. Quotation of the Day: Biden Striving for a Foothold in a Viral Duel Summary, Today

    Quotation of the Day for Saturday, June 15, 2024.

  5. Noted Tempter Games, Today

    Just try to resist the allure of Ryan Judge’s striking themeless puzzle.

  6. Trump Lawyers Argue Barring Attacks on F.B.I. Would Censor ‘Political Speech’ Washington, Today

    In a filing, the lawyers in the classified documents case made an aggressive, and at times misleading, argument against prosecutors’ request for the judge to curb his attacks on agents.

  7. La lucha por la píldora abortiva no ha terminado. Esto es lo que sigue En español, Today

    Aunque la Corte Suprema de Estados Unidos dictaminó la confirmación al acceso a la mifepristona, es probable que el caso sea reactivado por tres estados liderados por republicanos como demandantes.

  8. Yesterday’s Israel Gaza War Hamas live blog included six standalone posts:
  9. ‘Doctor Who’ Episode 7 Recap: God of All Gods Culture, Today

    In the first part of the season finale, a terrifying enemy from the Doctor’s past returns, as mysteries start to be solved.

  10. One Week That Revealed the Struggles of the Anti-Abortion Movement National, Yesterday

    The movement looks for a path forward: ‘Is the goal the absolute abolition of abortion in our nation?’

  11. ‘Hay días buenos y días malos’: la princesa de Gales habla sobre su cáncer y planes futuros En español, Yesterday

    En un mensaje al público, Catalina dijo que asistiría al desfile de cumpleaños del rey Carlos este fin de semana y afirmó con franqueza que aún no está “fuera de peligro”.

  12. Prosecutors Won’t Bring Charges in Death of Airport Executive in A.T.F. Raid National, Yesterday

    The federal agent who fatally shot the executive director of Little Rock’s airport was justified in his use of force, a local prosecutor said on Friday.

  13. Edward Stone, 88, Physicist Who Oversaw Voyager Missions, Is Dead Obits, Yesterday

    He helped send the twin spacecraft on their way in 1977. Decades and billions of miles later, they are still probing — “Earth’s ambassadors to the stars,” as he put it.

  14. In Milan, a Maximalist Home With a Shower Shaped Like a Bird Cage T Style, Yesterday

    The Italian architect and designer Roberto Gerosa has converted a disused wood shop into a live-work space where his imagination can run wild.

  15. House Tour | Roberto Gerosa Video, Yesterday

    The architect and designer shows off his home and studio in Milan.

  16. Israeli Defense Chief Rebuffs French Effort to End Israel-Hezbollah Fighting Foreign, Yesterday

    The United States, France and other mediators have sought for months to reach an agreement that would stop the tit-for-tat missile strikes over Israel’s border with Lebanon.

  17. Alabama’s I.V.F. Shield Law Now Faces a Constitutional Challenge National, Yesterday

    The challenge, from two of the families who filed the initial lawsuit, raises the possibility that access to I.V.F. could once again be in jeopardy in the state.

  18. John Wilmerding, Who Helped Give American Art an Identity, Dies at 86 Obits, Yesterday

    American paintings were largely overlooked and undervalued until he came along. A scholar, curator and collector, he oversaw important exhibitions over the last 50 years.

  19. Derek Jeter (Finally) Snags a Buyer for His New York Castle Real Estate, Yesterday

    The Yankees legend initially put the compound on the market in 2018 for $14.25 million. This time, the asking price was $6.3 million.

  20. War Veterans and Family Testify at Al Qaeda Commander’s War Crimes Tribunal Washington, Yesterday

    Victims of insurgent attacks in wartime Afghanistan described their loss to a jury at Guantánamo Bay to give a human face to a written guilty plea.

  21. Sam Smith, With Guest Star Alicia Keys, Throws a Pride Party Styles, Yesterday

    The British singer selected Julius’, a Manhattan tavern with a storied past, as the place to celebrate the 10th anniversary of “In the Lonely Hour.”

  22. Martin Starger, Influential Shaper of TV and Movies, Dies at 92 Obits, Yesterday

    In his decade at ABC, long the doormat network in prime time, he helped guide it toward the No. 1 spot. He later produced “Nashville” and won an Emmy for “Friendly Fire.”

  23. Bad Bunny, el reguetón y el renacimiento del español de Puerto Rico Interactive, Yesterday

    Maestros del idioma señalan que gracias a la popularidad de algunos artistas boricuas, cada vez más gente quiere dominar la versión del español —juguetón y jactancioso— que se habla en la isla.

  24. Bad Bunny and Reggaeton Have Sparked a Puerto Rican Spanish Renaissance Interactive, Yesterday

    As Bad Bunny and other Puerto Rican musical artists explode in popularity, language instructors say more people want to learn how to speak the island’s slick, swaggering version of Spanish.

  25. Supreme Court Rules Against Migrants in Dispute Over Deportation Hearing Notices Washington, Yesterday

    A majority of the justices found that the government had fulfilled its duty to tell immigrants about their court dates, even when the information was incomplete.

  26. A Retired Army Colonel’s Obituary Shares a Secret: ‘I Was Gay All My Life’ Express, Yesterday

    Edward Thomas Ryan, who died at 85, wrote that he was “afraid of being ostracized.” The revelation set off a wave of online tributes.

  27. Trump’s Anti-Vaccine Problem Politics, Yesterday

    The anti-vax sentiment coursing through his die-hards shows how Trump takes his cues from his base.

  28. Judge Orders Sale of Alex Jones’s Personal Assets but Keeps Infowars in Business Washington, Yesterday

    The ruling will allow the conspiracy theorist to continue broadcasting on Infowars, while the Sandy Hook families pursue payment of $1.4 billion in defamation damages.

  29. Charges of Race-Baiting Rattle a Key Democratic House Primary Metro, Yesterday

    The accusations by Representative Jamaal Bowman infused an element of unpredictability into the final days of a contest that has largely been defined by differences over the war in Gaza.

  30. Pope Francis Meets Stephen Colbert and Other Comedians at the Vatican Video, Yesterday

    Chris Rock, Jimmy Fallon and Whoopi Goldberg were also among the more than 100 comics who were invited to meet with the pope.

  31. It’s Donald Trump’s 78th Birthday. He Isn’t Happy About It. Politics, Yesterday

    As he vies to become the oldest president in American history, former President Donald J. Trump said this birthday was one he wanted to ignore.

  32. The Supreme Court Rejected the Ban on Bump Stocks N Y T Now, Yesterday

    Plus, advice for dads, from dads.

  33. U.S. Investigating ‘Dutch Roll’ That Damaged a Boeing 737 During Flight Express, Yesterday

    The Southwest Airlines flight experienced a rare oscillation in May that caused “substantial” damage to its tail section and prompted investigations from federal agencies.

  34. The Best Father’s Day Gift Is a Book Interactive, Yesterday

    It's a keepsake for generations.

  35. Justice Dept. Says It Won’t Prosecute Garland for Contempt Washington, Yesterday

    The decision was expected because President Biden had invoked executive privilege to shield recordings subpoenaed by G.O.P. lawmakers.

  36. Another Summer to Remember? For Germany: So Far, So Great. Foreign, Yesterday

    A 5-1 thrashing of Scotland in the opening game of Euro 2024 was a good omen for a host nation in search of one.

  37. U.S. Designates Largest Neo-Nazi Group in Sweden as Terrorist Organization Washington, Yesterday

    The Nordic Resistance Movement and three of its leaders were labeled terrorists in a rare move by the State Department targeting white supremacists.

  38. A Tense Debate Erupts at the G7, This Time Over Abortion Rights Foreign, Yesterday

    Wording in the summit’s final statement led to a diplomatic tug of war, primarily between the United States and Italy.

  39. Yesterday’s Thepoint live blog included three standalone posts:
  40. Supreme Court’s Leisurely Pace Will Produce Pileup of Late June Rulings Washington, Yesterday

    Even as the size of the court’s docket has shrunk, it has deferred a larger share of its decisions to the very end of its term.

  41. The Best Advice for Dads (According to Dads) Interactive, Yesterday

    Trust your instincts, find the fun and don’t forget that nail clipper.

  42. The Bump Stock Ban Stemmed From a Horrific Mass Shooting National, Yesterday

    A gunman used bump stocks to help kill 60 people at a concert in Las Vegas in 2017, leading to wide political agreement that they should be prohibited.

  43. An Eclectic Summer Book Preview Books, Yesterday

    Three editors gather to discuss 10 books they’re looking forward to over the next several months.

  44. Cuomo Faulted for Pandemic Leadership but Not for Nursing Home Deaths Metro, Yesterday

    An audit commissioned by his successor said former Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s decision to centralize the state response to the pandemic in his office was a “significant” mistake.

  45. ¿Cuál es la mejor manera de cortar una cebolla? En español, Yesterday

    El autor de libros de cocina Kenji López-Alt se sumerge en esta pregunta y la responde con modelos informáticos y más.

  46. Flashback: Your Weekly History Quiz, June 15, 2024 Interactive, Yesterday

    Can you sort 8 historical events?

  47. Girl, 13, Sexually Assaulted at Knifepoint in Queens Park, Police Say Metro, Yesterday

    The girl and a schoolmate, a 13-year-old boy, were forced into a secluded area by a man who later fled, the authorities said. Investigators combed the area for evidence Friday.

  48. Johnny Canales, Tejano Music Singer and TV Host, Dies Express, Yesterday

    He was known for booking new acts on his program, including Selena Quintanilla, who performed on his show in 1985 in what was one of her first live TV performances.

  49. I Think My Husband Has Dementia. Can I Leave Him Before It Worsens? Magazine, Yesterday

    The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on what happens when the implications of marital vows to love “in sickness and in health” become increasingly urgent.

  50. How Jeff Bezos Is Trying to Fix The Washington Post Business, Yesterday

    The Amazon founder has expressed his support to Will Lewis, the C.E.O., who has faced widespread criticism this month.

  51. Larry Summers Isn’t Second-Guessing the Government on Inflation Op Ed, Yesterday

    The C.P.I. has been criticized for excluding interest payments, but there’s a solid reason for that.

  52. N.Y.P.D. Detective Wounded in Shootout That Ended With Suspect Dead Metro, Yesterday

    The New York officer was shot in the foot at a New Jersey hotel after the police and a man sought in an East Harlem shooting exchanged gunfire, officials said.

  53. Google C.E.O. Testifies in Ozy Media Founder’s Fraud Trial Business, Yesterday

    Sundar Pichai, the chief executive of Google, said he never discussed a potential acquisition of the digital media start-up.

  54. Marte recibió una tormenta solar descomunal En español, Yesterday

    La tormenta solar más fuerte registrada hasta ahora sirvió como recordatorio de los peligros de enviar seres humanos al planeta rojo.

  55. At the G7, Biden Can’t Escape the Shadow of the Gaza War Foreign, Yesterday

    The president was miffed when, expecting to talk about a security pact with Ukraine, he was asked for updates on the Gaza cease-fire plan.

  56. U.S. Catholic Bishops Apologize for Traumas of Indian Boarding Schools National, Yesterday

    The bishops acknowledged the church’s role in operating schools where Native American children faced abuses and forced assimilation.

  57. The Ingenuity of Lowcountry’s Deviled Crab Dining, Yesterday

    Deviling bolsters smaller pieces of blue crab with mayonnaise, bread crumbs, sautéed aromatics, plus a kick of cayenne.

  58. How Media Outlets on the Right and Left Covered the Latest Inflation Numbers Business, Yesterday

    Conservative media outlets used the new inflation data, which was lower than expected, to criticize President Biden’s handling of the economy. Liberal media outlets celebrated it.

  59. El Niño Is Over. What Does That Mean for Summer? Climate, Yesterday

    The NOAA Climate Prediction Center announced an end to the El Niño climate phenomenon on Thursday, and predicted that La Niña could start as early as next month.

  60. Federal Judge Blocks Biden Administration’s Title IX Rules in 4 States Washington, Yesterday

    The ruling was an early salvo in a national legal battle over the new regulations, which extend stronger protections to L.G.B.T.Q. students.

  61. Chinese Swimmers Twice Tested Positive for Drugs. They Kept on Swimming. Foreign, Yesterday

    Three athletes who failed drug tests before the 2021 Olympics had tested positive for a powerful steroid several years earlier. They were not suspended in either incident.

  62. The Best of Late Night This Week Interactive, Yesterday

    There was a wealth of news to discuss this week, including former President Trump’s next steps after being convicted of 34 felonies and Hunter Biden’s guilty verdict on gun charges. Here’s what the hosts had to say.

  63. French Stocks Tumble to Worst Week in Two Years Over Election Fears Business, Yesterday

    Investors worry about a possible debt crisis in the country as polls show the far right could be brought to the brink of power in less than a month.

  64. The Ultimate Dad Rock Playlist Culture, Yesterday

    What is dad rock? You know it when you hear it, so listen to 10 songs from Wilco, the Grateful Dead, Steely Dan and more.

  65. 3.3% Sunday Business, Yesterday

    The rate of inflation in May over the previous year.

  66. Fetterman Has History of Driving Infractions, Records and Former Aides Say Washington, Yesterday

    The senator’s accident in Maryland last weekend did not come as a surprise to some of his former staff members, who said he was a notoriously distracted driver.

  67. When Churches Cancel Their Own Letters, Yesterday

    Responses to a column by David French and his former church. Also: An extremist Supreme Court; a “failing candidacy”; help after prison.

  68. Why Cover Saudi Arabia as a Travel Destination? Travel, Yesterday

    An editor on the Travel desk explains our decision to explore the Middle Eastern kingdom.

  69. Storms Inundate Parts of South Florida Video, Yesterday

    Heavy rains flooded neighborhoods and submerged cars.

  70. Almost 20 Years After She Found Her Mother’s Body, a Cold Case Thaws Investigative, Yesterday

    She was just a girl when her mother was stabbed to death in the Bronx. Now, an arrest based on DNA has brought her bittersweet relief.

  71. ‘Good Days and Bad Days’: Princess of Wales Gives Update on Cancer Foreign, Yesterday

    In a message to the public, Catherine said she would attend King Charles’s birthday parade this weekend and wrote candidly about “knowing I am not out of the woods yet.”

  72. 33 Novels Coming This Summer Books, Yesterday

    Watch for new books by J. Courtney Sullivan, Kevin Barry and Casey McQuiston; re-immerse yourself in beloved worlds conjured by Walter Mosley, Elin Hilderbrand and Rebecca Roanhorse.

  73. 19 Nonfiction Books to Read This Summer Books, Yesterday

    Memoirs from Anthony Fauci and Anna Marie Tendler, a reappraisal of Harriet Tubman, a history of reality TV from Emily Nussbaum — and plenty more.

  74. What ‘Inside Out 2’ Teaches Us About Anxiety Well, Yesterday

    A new emotion has taken over Riley’s teenage mind. And she has lessons for us all.

  75. F.B.I. Director Makes Rare Visit to Africa as Terrorism Threat Grows Washington, Yesterday

    The Islamic State and Al Qaeda consider Africa ‘very fertile ground,’ said Christopher A. Wray, who is meeting with officials in Nigeria and Kenya.

  76. Trump Participates in His Form of Debate Prep, Readying to Face Biden Politics, Yesterday

    The former president is engaging in policy briefings — but no role playing, or other traditional aspects of debate preparations — ahead of the June 27 debate against President Biden.

  77. Jelly Roll’s Anthem of Perseverance, and 9 More New Songs Culture, Yesterday

    Hear tracks by Zsela, the Decemberists, Khalid and others.

  78. Trump Once Promised to Revive Coal. Now, He Rarely Mentions It. Climate, Yesterday

    In earlier races for the White House, he pledged to get miners back to work. Now, political and economic realities have shifted.

  79. Después de un siglo, una planta reaparece cerca de un arroyo en Vermont En español, Yesterday

    El avistamiento en fotografía llegó por casualidad a los ojos de una botánica estatal de Vermont, quien no daba crédito.

  80. House G.O.P. Pushes Through Defense Bill Nixing Abortion Access Policy Washington, Yesterday

    The annual defense policy legislation emerged from a House committee with bipartisan backing, but Republicans loaded it with right-wing mandates targeting abortion, transgender care and diversity initiatives.

  81. ¿Por qué es tan difícil lograr un alto al fuego en Gaza? En español, Yesterday

    Ambas partes tienen exigencias extremas y buscan un acuerdo que determine el destino de la Gaza de posguerra y les permita declarar la victoria.

  82. Crisis Averted: Martha’s Vineyard Will Have Enough Pot This Summer After All Styles, Yesterday

    For the island’s cannabis dispensaries, a sudden change in regulations came just in time.

  83. A Smoked Prime Rib for the Ages Dining, Yesterday

    Serve with mac and cheese, coleslaw, pickled jalapeños and potato salad.

  84. Four Takeaways From the Metropolitan Opera’s Risky Season Culture, Yesterday

    The company has bet that new operas will attract new, more diverse audiences and revitalize a stale repertory. Is the gamble paying off?

  85. Five Action Movies to Stream Now Culture, Yesterday

    This month’s picks include bruised bodies and bruised male egos.

  86. ‘House of the Dragon’ Review: Waiting for the Fire Breathers Culture, Yesterday

    The second season of HBO’s very successful “Game of Thrones” prequel gets off to an earthbound start.

  87. Erin Moriarty Is a Woman Among ‘The Boys’ Culture, Yesterday

    The actress in the hit superhero satire mulled her role in an age of online bullying and token feminism: “Thank God there are characters like this.”

  88. It’s Time to Sweat. The East Coast’s First Heat Wave Is on the Way. Weather, Yesterday

    The abrupt arrival of summer will bring stifling temperatures from Chicago to New York, with little relief overnight.

  89. Fauci Speaks His Mind on Trump’s Rages and Their ‘Complicated’ Relationship Washington, Yesterday

    In a new book, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci recounts a career advising seven presidents. The chapter about Donald J. Trump is titled “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.”

  90. Millions of Americans Watched ‘The Apprentice.’ Now We Are Living It. Book Review, Yesterday

    As a new book by Ramin Setoodeh shows, Donald Trump brought the vulgar theatrics he honed on TV to his life in politics.

  91. It’s the Summer of ‘Brats’ Styles, Yesterday

    Fans of the new Charli XCX album count themselves among them. But the term “brat” has cropped up elsewhere in culture lately, and it has subtly different meanings.

  92. $29 Trillion: That’s How Much Debt Emerging Nations Are Facing Business, Yesterday

    A decades-long crisis is getting worse, and now dozens of nations are spending more on interest payments than on health care or education.

  93. Supreme Court Rejects Trump-Era Ban on Gun Bump Stocks Washington, Yesterday

    The devices allow semiautomatic guns to fire more rapidly. They were banned after one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern U.S. history, at a Las Vegas concert in 2017.

  94. G7 Agrees to $50 Billion Ukraine Loan Backed by Russian Assets. How Will It Work? Foreign, Yesterday

    The United States and others plan to give the sum to Kyiv, with the interest from Moscow’s assets frozen in the West used to repay it. But many of the details about the arrangement are unclear.

  95. En la música se puede encontrar fuerza En español, Yesterday

    Tocar música me permite la alegría de crear un espacio donde la violencia queda afuera, lejos.

  96. How Tesla Shareholders Upheld Elon Musk’s Sky-High Pay Interactive, Yesterday

    The vote on the compensation package, which helped make Mr. Musk one of the richest men in the world, served as a referendum on his performance running the automaker.

  97. Trump Is Thinking About His Debates. And His Running Mate’s, Too. Politics, Yesterday

    As he considers his vice-presidential pick, Donald J. Trump has sought advice on a few key factors, including who will match up best on the debate stage against Vice President Kamala Harris.

  98. Finding Strength Through Song Special Sections, Yesterday

    Writing music helps me create a space where subjugation and violence are far away.

  99. Flooding Remains Possible on Fourth Day of Soaking Rains in South Florida Express, Yesterday

    A flood watch was active until Saturday evening after hundreds of flights were canceled and states of emergency were declared in several counties. More rain was expected into the afternoon.

  100. $995,000 Homes in the Bahamas Real Estate, Yesterday

    A two-cottage compound on Lubbers Quarters Cay, a three-bedroom bungalow on Great Exuma island, and a two-bedroom condo on Paradise Island.

  101. Yesterday’s Biden Trump Election live blog included one standalone post:
  102. A France in Turmoil Mourns Françoise Hardy, Its Voice of Melancholy Cool Foreign, Yesterday

    An overwhelming outpouring of tributes felt like a quest for some anchor in shared memory.

  103. A California Law Banning Hidden Fees Goes Into Effect Next Month National, Yesterday

    Some lawmakers are trying to carve out an exception for restaurant owners, who say simply raising prices without context would hurt their business.

  104. First a Victim of Tax Return Identity Theft, Then a 2-Year Wait for a Refund Business, Yesterday

    The I.R.S.’s Taxpayer Advocate Service found that many of those affected were lower-income people who depended on refunds to cover living costs. The wait is “ridiculous,” the head of the service said.

  105. Summer Reading Contest, Week 2: What Got Your Attention in The Times This Week? Learning, Yesterday

    To participate, submit your response here by June 21 at 9 a.m. Eastern. This week’s winners will be announced by July 3.

  106. Putin Makes Cease-Fire Offer With Sweeping Demands on Ukraine’s Territory Foreign, Yesterday

    Ukraine denounced the offer, saying that Mr. Putin was “afraid of real peace.” The Russian leader made the remarks one day before a peace summit organized by Kyiv.

  107. Ukraine Welcomes Pledges of More Military Aid With Cautious Optimism Foreign, Yesterday

    Kyiv signed security pacts with several Western allies this week. Whether they will fundamentally change the course of the war, or endure beyond looming elections elsewhere, is unclear.

  108. What Elon Musk’s Convincing Win Means for Tesla Business, Yesterday

    Investors voted overwhelmingly to reinstate the C.E.O.’s multibillion-dollar compensation package, inextricably tying the car maker’s future to the tech billionaire.

  109. 9 New Movies Our Critics Are Talking About This Week Culture, Yesterday

    Whether you’re a casual moviegoer or an avid buff, our reviewers think these films are worth knowing about.

  110. Musk’s Tesla Pay Package Got Big Margin in Shareholder Vote Business, Yesterday

    About 72 percent of shares in the balloting affirmed the chief executive’s lucrative stock award. The company hopes to get a court to reinstate it.

  111. Stephen Colbert and Whoopi Goldberg Met the Pope in the Vatican. No Joke. Foreign, Yesterday

    Francis hosted an audience with over 100 comic entertainers, also including Chris Rock, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Conan O’Brien. He said there was much to learn from them.

  112. Two Covid Theories N Y T Now, Yesterday

    Was the pandemic started by a lab leak or by natural transmission? We look at the evidence.

  113. Major Supreme Court Rulings, and Counterfeit Titanium in Planes Podcasts, Yesterday

    Plus, New York targets rogue smoke shops.

  114. How to Retire as Early as Humanly Possible The Daily, Yesterday

    Meet the extreme savers obsessed with ending their careers as soon as they can.

  115. The Connections Companion No. 370, June 15, 2024 Games, Yesterday

    Scroll down to reveal a hint for each category of today’s Connections, or head to the comments for community hints and conversation.

  116. Wordle Review No. 1,092, June 15, 2024 Games, Yesterday

    Scroll down to reveal letters from today’s word, or head to the comments for community hints and conversation.

  117. ‘No Talent Involved’: How Bad TikToks Boosted a Curry House Express, Yesterday

    Urban Tandoor, an Indian restaurant in southwest England, is using terrible music video parodies made by its staff to bring in new and younger guests.

  118. Parisians on TikTok Plead: ‘Don’t Come’ to Paris for the Olympics Styles, Yesterday

    Parisians are using the social media app to vent their displeasure with hosting the Games — and to send warnings to tourists.

  119. Mississippi Opens the Playbook for Dismantling a Free Press Editorial, Yesterday

    A politician’s defamation case against a small Pulitzer Prize-winning news organization is designed to drain its financial resources.

  120. Site of Parkland Shooting Is Being Torn Down National, Yesterday

    Demolition of the former freshman building at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School began on Friday and was expected to take a few weeks, officials said.

  121. Israelis Are Not Watching the Same War You Are Op Ed, Yesterday

    The Israeli journalist Amit Segal discusses Benny Gantz’s departure from the war cabinet, Israel’s shift to the right and whether a new theory of security is emerging in Israeli politics.

  122. How to Create ‘Rooms Within a Room’ in 312 Square Feet Real Estate, Yesterday

    For a tiny apartment in London, the solution was a shape-shifting bank of custom cabinetry built on a tight budget.

  123. Apple Joins the A.I. Party, Elon’s Wild Week and HatGPT Podcasts, Yesterday

    “They really sort of make you feel like it’s Christmas and Coachella at the same time.”

  124. 5 Things to Do This Weekend Interactive, Yesterday

    A selection of entertainment highlights this weekend, including the Pixar sequel “Inside Out 2.”

  125. 6 New Paperbacks to Read This Week Interactive, Yesterday

    Recommended reading from the Book Review, including titles by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Elliot Page, Binyavanga Wainaina and more.

  126. The New York Times News Quiz, June 14, 2024 Interactive, Yesterday

    Did you follow the news this week? Take our quiz to see how well you stack up with other Times readers.

  127. How ‘Inside Out 2’ Battles Anxiety Culture, Yesterday

    The director Kelsey Mann narrates a sequence from his film, which pits Joy (voiced by Amy Poehler) against Anxiety (Maya Hawke).

  128. The Chilling Reason You May Never See the New Trump Movie Op Ed, Yesterday

    Hollywood shouldn’t pre-emptively capitulate to the MAGA movement.

  129. Katie Holmes Doesn’t Get the Fascination With Her Style Styles, Yesterday

    The actress, who lent her name to a new line by A.P.C., cares mostly about dressing practically.

  130. Justice Alito Is Right About One Thing Op Ed, Yesterday

    There cannot be compromise on the question of American democracy.

  131. Charli XCX, Robert Plant and More Music for Your Weekend Op Ed, Yesterday

    Our critic’s favorite new songs

  132. Why the Stock Market Has Risen Even With No Fed Rate Cuts Sunday Business, Yesterday

    The S&P 500 has been buoyant mainly because of A.I. fever, while bonds are having another mediocre year. But as an investor, our columnist is staying the course.

  133. The ‘Disdain’ of Justice Alito and the Supreme Court Op Ed, Yesterday

    Flags, financial disclosures and the fragility of SCOTUS.

  134. Where There’s a Trump Highway but Not Many Trump Flags Op Ed, Yesterday

    In Cimarron County, Okla., the voters and the community have a lot more going on than just adherence to Trump.

  135. Sex, Money and Séances: This 1922 Murder Had It All Book Review, Yesterday

    A scion of wealth claimed self-defense and invoked a sinister blackmailing ring. But, James Polchin asks, what did they have on him?

  136. Joe Biden Wants to Go Viral. It’s Not Easy. Politics, Yesterday

    The Biden campaign is trying to work its way into social media feeds. But it is struggling to win over the young, left-leaning influencers who control the conversation online.

  137. Remo Saraceni, 89, Dies; Inventor of the Walking Piano Seen in ‘Big’ Obits, Yesterday

    His keyboard, which became famous after Tom Hanks melodiously hopped on it, displayed Mr. Saraceni’s vision of technology powered by “people energy.”

  138. Donald J. Trump, the Man, the Flag Styles, Yesterday

    In a visual age, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is making himself into the 51st star.

  139. Reopening for Juneteenth, a Museum Celebrating a Black Inventor Metro, Yesterday

    Lewis Howard Latimer worked for Thomas Edison and drew patent diagrams for Alexander Graham Bell. A museum in Queens displays his work.

  140. The Woman Who Could Smell Parkinson’s Magazine, Yesterday

    She first noticed the scent on her husband. Now her abilities are helping unlock new research in early disease detection.

  141. In West Chelsea, a Triplex Near the High Line Is Asking $2.795 Million Real Estate, Yesterday

    Darren Spaziani, a top executive for Louis Vuitton, is selling his three-bedroom co-op with outdoor space on West 23rd Street.

  142. Emma D’Arcy, Master of ‘Dragon’ Arts & Leisure, Yesterday

    A four-episode role in Season 1 of HBO’s “House of the Dragon” made the actor a breakout star. This season, D’Arcy reigns at the top of the call sheet.

  143. In Pivotal West Michigan, Voters Are Exhausted and Underwhelmed National, Yesterday

    The Grand Rapids area helped deliver Michigan to Donald J. Trump in 2016 and President Biden four years later. Many voters long for new options.

  144. 20 Wines Under $20, Hot Weather Edition Dining, Yesterday

    Bottles that are built for the heat: light-bodied, agile and low in alcohol, whether red, white, rosé or sparkling.

  145. ‘The Welkin’ Review: Is She Guilty, Pregnant or Both? Culture, Yesterday

    A somber yet witty play set in 18th-century England is a clever perversion of a courtroom drama that features strong performances from an ensemble cast.

  146. Tony Predictions: Expect Wins for ‘Merrily We Roll Along’ and ‘Stereophonic’ Culture, Yesterday

    Our reporter surveyed a quarter of Tony voters before Sunday’s ceremony. One certainty: Sondheim’s onetime flop seems destined for redemption.

  147. Does It Pencil? Sunday Business, Yesterday

    A real estate term used by developers when they’re assessing whether a project makes financial sense.

  148. Where the N.B.A. Sees Its Future Sunday Business, Yesterday

    The league has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to cultivate an immense potential fan base in Africa and develop future stars.

  149. Carnage and Contradiction: Examining a Deadly Strike in Rafah Foreign, Yesterday

    Israel said it took care to avoid harming civilians when it targeted two Hamas fighters. An investigation shows civilian casualties were almost inevitable.

  150. ‘Dancing for the Devil’: A Cult Docuseries That Takes Its Time Culture, Yesterday

    This three-part Netflix documentary examines the supposed scheme to exploit TikTok dancers — and proves why cult narratives shouldn’t be rushed.

  151. Where Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Stands on the Issues Politics, Yesterday

    The independent candidate, though still a long shot, has found support for his blend of populist economic rhetoric, isolationist foreign policy leanings and government skepticism.

  152. A Picture Book Paean to the Golden Age of LPs Book Review, Yesterday

    Kids don’t need to know what zydeco is, or that Mandy and the Meerkats are a nod to Diana Ross and the Supremes, to dig this spoof of vintage vinyl.

  153. Why a 3-Legged Lion and His Brother Swam Across a Crocodile-Filled River Science, Yesterday

    Researchers say the nearly mile-long swim was the longest by big cats ever recorded.

  154. Watching the Future Hatch in the New Museum Incubator Arts & Leisure, Yesterday

    Tech-savvy creators are flocking to New Inc. The focus is less on making art than on making it in a way that provides a living.

  155. F.A.A. Investigating How Questionable Titanium Got Into Boeing and Airbus Jets Washington, Yesterday

    The material, which was purchased from a little-known Chinese company, was sold with falsified documents and used in parts that went into jets from both manufacturers.

  156. Want to Meet Someone in Real Life? We Know Just the Place. Styles, Yesterday

    Trade in an evening of swiping for a night (or day) out at one of these tried-and-true New York hotspots, where you can meet someone in person.

  157. The American Who Built a Supersized Japanese Aerie From Abandoned Parts Real Estate, Yesterday

    Decades after arriving in Japan as a Latter-day Saints missionary, an American C.E.O. collected decaying treasures across the country, including a decommissioned Buddhist temple, and contrived a fantasy.

  158. A Publishing Haven for the Offbeat and Irreverent Culture, Yesterday

    Devolver Digital teams with independent video game studios and gives them immense freedom. Just don’t kill Jeff Bezos.

  159. ‘Inside Out 2’ | Anatomy of a Scene Video, Yesterday

    The director Kelsey Mann narrates a sequence from his film.

  160. Hamas Spokesman Says ‘No One Has Any Idea’ How Many Hostages Remain Alive Foreign, Yesterday

    Of the roughly 250 people kidnapped during the Oct. 7 attacks, 120 are believed to remain in Gaza. Israel believes at least third of them have died.

  161. Ramaphosa Gets Second Term in South Africa, but Coalition Is Fragile Foreign, Yesterday

    A new government led by the African National Congress gave Cyril Ramaphosa another term as president, though he faces challenges in Parliament.