28bensonweb articleinline
The Image of Emmett Till
Opinion, March 28

What would his mother have thought of the painting at the Whitney Biennial?

29xp videogames3 articleinline
‘Mortal Kombat’ and ‘Solitaire’ Among Video Game Hall of Fame Finalists
Arts, March 28

The World Video Game Hall of Fame announced 12 finalists for its third class of inductees, including “Donkey Kong” and “Wii Sports.”

29gainsborough articleinline
After Attack, Gainsborough Painting Returns to View
Arts, March 28

A painting by Thomas Gainsborough at the National Gallery in London has gone back on display after being attacked with a sharp instrument.

28whitney articleinline
Should Art That Infuriates Be Removed?
Arts, March 27

This question is at the center of a debate that has split the art world over Dana Schutz’s painting “Open Casket” at the Whitney Biennial.

28whitney articleinline
Should Art That Infuriates Be Removed?
Arts, March 27

This question is at the center of a debate that has split the art world over Dana Schutz’s painting “Open Casket” at the Whitney Biennial.

29burner grain articleinline
Fonio, a West African Grain, Is the Star of a Brooklyn Talk
Food, March 27

Pierre Thiam, a chef from Senegal, will demonstrate how to use this high-protein grain at the Museum of Food and Drink.

28coin articleinline
Thieves Take a Chunk of Change, All 221 Pounds of It, From a Berlin Museum
World, March 27

The police say robbers broke into the Bode Museum and made off with the Canadian Big Maple Leaf coin, the world’s largest.

00rockefeller articleinline
What David Rockefeller Wanted Built Got Built
N.Y. / Region, March 26

At One Chase Manhattan Plaza and the Museum of Modern Art, he made the land-use review process seem effortless. For him, maybe it was.

21iceman1 articleinline
Who Killed the Iceman? Clues Emerge in a Very Cold Case
World, March 26

Using a wealth of new scientific information, a seasoned homicide detective has developed a theory in a death 5,300 years ago.

25africa articleinline
Africa Center Looks to Close Fund-Raising Gap, and Open Its Doors
Arts, March 24

The center in Harlem posted video of what its headquarters may eventually look like, and announced financing efforts under its new board president.

24listingsart1 articleinline
Art and Museums in NYC This Week
Arts, March 23

Our guide to new art shows, and one coming attraction.

24redbull articleinline
Solange and Werner Herzog Among Artists at Red Bull Music Academy Festival
Arts, March 23

The festival will take place around New York City and will also pay tribute to Prince and Alice Coltrane.

24wheeler1 articleinline
Desert Silence, Transposed to the Cacophony of New York
Arts, March 23

The artist Doug Wheeler has built a room in the Guggenheim Museum that evokes the quiet of the desert, where visitors can escape the city’s din.

23tmag rev1 articleinline
Two New Shows That Celebrate Black Women Artists
T Magazine, March 23

“Power” at Sprüth Magers Los Angeles and “We Wanted a Revolution” at the Brooklyn Museum explore themes of feminism, womanism, race and gender equality.

24mummies1 articleinline
Unraveling the Mystery of Who Lies Beneath the Cloth
Arts, March 23

“Mummies,” an exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History, uses technology to get a better understanding of ancient Peruvians and Egyptians.

16annefrank1 articleinline
Questions for: ‘Anne Frank Who? Museums Combat Ignorance About the Holocaust’
The Learning Network, March 23

How are museums seeking to address a declining understanding of World War II and the Holocaust?

23gendergap articleinline
Gender Gap Persists at Largest Museums
Arts, March 22

Just 30 percent of large art museums have female directors. And they make 75 cents for every dollar earned by male peers.

23laar combo3 articleinline
What 8 New Yorkers Wore to First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum
Fashion & Style, March 22

Visitors flocked to the newly opened Georgia O’Keefe exhibit, which features the artist’s wardrobe, along with key paintings and photographs.

22christies articleinline
Surprising Sale at Christie’s Lifts Asia Week New York
Arts, March 21

One auction, on March 15, of Chinese art from the Fujita Museum, brought in about $263 million.

22whitney articleinline
White Artist’s Painting of Emmett Till at Whitney Biennial Draws Protests
Arts, March 21

The canvas, based on open-coffin photographs of the 1955 lynching victim, speaks to the images’ power to address race and violence.

22burner singapore articleinline
Treasures From the Sea, and Tastes From Singapore
Food, March 21

The cafe at the Asia Society is serving Peranakan food, a blend of Chinese and Malay recipes from Singapore, in conjunction with a shipwreck exhibition.

16annefrank1 articleinline
Anne Frank Who? Museums Combat Ignorance About the Holocaust
Arts, March 21

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is one of several museums making changes to engage and educate younger people about the Holocaust and anti-Semitism.

Lady macbeth articleinline
From Brooklyn to South Africa, 8 Filmmakers to Watch
Movies, March 21

New Directors/New Films enters its second week with selections from artists in the early stages of their careers.

20vangogh articleinline
As Stolen Van Goghs Return to View, a Thief Tells All
Arts, March 19

Octave Durham, convicted of stealing two of the painter’s works from a museum, describes the heist in detail just as the works return to public view.

20wordplay space articleinline
Quite a Distance Off
Crosswords & Games, March 19

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson and Andrea Carla Michaels help continue our celebration of the 75th anniversary of The New York Times Crossword.

18tate item articleinline
Third Time’s the Charm: Bass Museum Sets October Opening
Arts, March 17

Now focusing on contemporary art, the Miami Beach museum will have plenty of competition.

18tate item articleinline
Superflex Is Chosen for Tate Modern Turbine Hall
Arts, March 17

The Danish arts group is known for its politically charged work.

 18islamophobiafilm item articleinline
A New Film Series Will Show Movies From Countries Affected by the Travel Ban
Movies, March 17

A coalition of movie theaters have organized screenings, to be shown in May, featuring films from countries named in President Trump’s travel ban.

17listingsart articleinline
Art and Museums in NYC This Week
Arts, March 16

Our guide to new art shows, and some that will be closing soon.

17biennial1 articleinline
Why the Whitney’s Humanist, Pro-Diversity Biennial Is a Revelation
Arts, March 16

This much-anticipated show displays a strength and focus doubly important when art and the humanities seem under attack in Washington.

16tiffany articleinline
From Artist’s Hand to Shop’s Counter: The Whitney Teams Up With Tiffany
Arts, March 15

Five artists in the Whitney Biennial have collaborated with Tiffany on limited-edition works to be sold at the museum and at the jeweler’s flagship store.

16endowments2 articleinline
Trump Proposes Eliminating the Arts and Humanities Endowments
Arts, March 15

It was the first time a president has called for ending the endowments, which were created in 1965 under President Lyndon B. Johnson.

16listings3 articleinline
Notable Museum Openings This Spring and Summer
Arts, March 15

From Matisse in Boston to Munch in San Francisco, a guide to exhibitions across the United States in the coming months.

16universities1 articleinline
On College Campuses, a New Role for Students: Museum Curator
Arts, March 15

In many ways, universities and their museums are drawing closer. You might even see students hanging artworks.

16teens1 articleinline
Museums Tell Teenagers: We’re Here for You
Arts, March 15

In a growing movement, museums nationwide are offering programs for adolescents that let them explore challenging subjects, sometimes working directly with artists.

Julia jacquette images slide 1ma4 articleinline
The Secret Art Language of New York Playgrounds
Arts, March 15

The artist Julia Jacquette modeled her way of working on the adventure playgrounds of the early ’70s.

19guide4sub articleinline
Henryk Ross’s Grim Photos Document Life in the Lodz Ghetto
Arts, March 15

The Polish and Jewish journalist secretly photographed the horror of the ghetto under the Nazis during World War II.

16conversation1 articleinline
How Do You Make a Museum for Outsider Artists?
Arts, March 15

Rebecca Alban Hoffberger discusses opening the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore in 1995 to show the works of outsider and self-taught artists.

16jazzmuseum1 articleinline
A Jazz Age Exhibition With a Syncopated Sweep
Arts, March 15

By incorporating music, immersive wallpapers and a Harlem walking tour, in addition to the decorative arts, the Cooper Hewitt hopes to transport visitors to another era.

16war1 articleinline
Revisiting 1917, a Year That Reverberates for Jews Around the World
Arts, March 15

A traveling exhibition explores the far-reaching impacts of century-old events, including the Bolshevik Revolution and America’s entry into World War I.

16dutch3 articleinline
Stepping Into Mondrian’s Shoes, and Other Adventures in Dutch Style
Arts, March 15

The Netherlands is hosting a yearlong celebration to honor the 100th anniversary of de Stijl, an art movement emphasizing simple geometry and bold color.

16homeless1 articleinline
Museums With Ideas, Goals and Sometimes Art. But Walls? No.
Arts, March 14

From the Museum of Homelessness in London to the Museum of Joy in San Francisco, institutions lacking physical homes are finding ways to thrive and send a message.

16museumfood combo articleinline
Museums With Such Good Taste (Meaning the Restaurant, Dear)
Arts, March 14

With elegant dishes and celebrity chefs, museum food has come a long way since the Met opened its cafeteria in 1954.

15storm culture1 articleinline
A $5 ‘Snow Special’ for Dance, and Plenty of Theater Discounts
Arts, March 14

Check out the theater, dance and museum deals we found for snow-drenched tourists and families with cabin fever.

16footprint1 articleinline
Museum Expansions That Think Inside the Footprint
Arts, March 14

Need 55,000 square feet of new display space? Put it under a terrace.

15kusama selfie articleinline
Is That Yayoi Kusama Selfie Worth the Wait?
Arts, March 14

Long lines and big crowds to see this artist’s show at the Hirshhorn Museum make you wonder.

16senses combo articleinline
Drinking In the Art: Museums Offer a Growing Banquet for the Senses
Arts, March 14

Institutions are experimenting with music, aromas, replicas that people can touch and even liquids that they can drink, in the hope of engaging visitors.

16robot articleinline
Let a Robot Be Your Museum Tour Guide
Arts, March 14

Institutions like the American Museum of Natural History and the Musée de la Grande Guerre in France are experimenting with telepresence creatures.

16women1 articleinline
There Are Museums for Spies and Bigfoot. Now There Will Be One for Women, Too.
Arts, March 14

The New-York Historical Society will devote its fourth floor to the Center for Women’s History, which will enshrine the contributions of women.

15burner book articleinline
A Colorful Recipe Palette From Georgia O’Keeffe
Food, March 13

The new cookbook “Dinner With Georgia O’Keeffe” details the painter’s love affair with the kitchen.

13kamasi articleinline
Kamasi Washington Follows ‘The Epic’ With a New Work in Whitney Biennial
Arts, March 13

The saxophonist discusses “Harmony of Difference,” a piece accompanied by video from A.G. Rojas, in this preview of the show.

16hotelmuseum1 articleinline
Come for the Guest Rooms. Stay for the Galleries.
Arts, March 13

Every visit to a 21c Museum Hotel comes with a bonus: contemporary-artwork exhibitions everywhere you look.

16darwin1 articleinline
How Darwin Evolved: 25,540 Paper Fragments Tell the Story
Arts, March 13

Researchers at the American Museum of Natural History have used superfast computers to reorganize the raw notes that formed “On the Origin of Species.”

16museumcover articleinline
Museums Chart a Response to Political Upheaval
Arts, March 13

In a tumultuous era, some museums are rushing to embrace the political moment, while others deliberately retreat.

16muslim1 articleinline
A Children’s Museum ‘Surprise Blockbuster’: A Show on Islam
Arts, March 13

“America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far,” at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, is designed to educate young visitors and prevent bias.

16activism1 articleinline
New Message at Some Museums: Don’t Just Look. Do.
Arts, March 13

More and more, art institutions are trying to prompt community involvement in social issues, from gender discrimination to sex trafficking.

16minneapolis articleinline
A Guide to Museums Getting Political This Year
Arts, March 13

Shows from coast to coast reflect on borders, geography, ethnicity, climate, laws and freedoms.

Ramses slide gfp8 articleinline
Statue Being Pulled From a Gritty Patch of Cairo Could Be of Ramses
World, March 10

The statue is just the type of artifact archaeologists hoped to recover before further building in a teeming neighborhood makes such treasures impossible to find.

12durham1 articleinline
The Artist Jimmie Durham: A Long Time Gone, but Welcomed Back
Arts, March 10

He has his first solo show in the United States in 22 years, at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.

12routine1 articleinline
How Gigi Loizzo, Guggenheim Museum’s Retail Chief, Spends Her Sundays
N.Y. / Region, March 10

Ms. Loizzo likes to cook and socialize with her neighbors in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx. That includes a potluck dinner with family and friends every other week.

10listingsart articleinline
Art and Museums in NYC This Week
Arts, March 9

Our guide to new art shows, and some that will be closing soon.

10segers1 articleinline
A Dutch Master’s Surreal Visions
Arts, March 9

“The Mysterious Landscapes of Hercules Segers” at the Metropolitan Museum is the first United States exhibition of works by this audacious 17th-century artist.

10vermeer louvre articleinline
Louvre Attendants Strike After Vermeer Bottleneck
Arts, March 9

The museum workers union said that the event featuring Vermeer’s work was poorly planned and resulted in hourslong waits for some visitors.

10visionary1 articleinline
The Guggenheim’s Greatest Hits Come Roaring Back
Arts, March 9

Highlights from Pissarro to Pollock, whose restored “Alchemy” is on view in New York for the first time in 50 years.

09whitney articleinline
A User’s Guide to the Whitney Biennial
Arts, March 8

Somewhat smaller but more focused than in recent years, the 78th edition of the biennial has diversity, political conviction and many canvases.

08tmag kelley slide k22p articleinline
Mike Kelley’s Underground Afterlife
T Magazine, March 8

The artist’s dream of a mobile gallery, a replica of his childhood home, is a compelling gift to Detroit. More fascinating is what lies beneath.

02metjp articleinline
‘Mix Things Up’: Art and Life at the Met
Opinion, March 7

A Met curator gives examples of how the museum has tried to “connect art to life” and “mix things up,” as a Times critic urged.

06met web1 articleinline
A Sneak Peek at the Met’s Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons Show
Fashion & Style, March 6

Andrew Bolton of the Costume Institute and Anna Wintour talked about the exhibition, coming in May. Ms. Kawakubo didn’t.

08burner chocolate articleinline
In Lower Manhattan, a Museum Dedicated to Chocolate
Food, March 6

Choco-Story New York tells the history of chocolate at Jacques Torres’s flagship store.

To the Cabby Who Picked Me Up Near MoMA: Sorry
N.Y. / Region, March 5

A woman realizes too late that she erred in thinking a cab driver was taking a long way around.

06shadow1 web articleinline
A Year After Raids, Asia Week New York Returns to the Spotlight
Arts, March 5

New York’s salute to the vibrant arts of Asia is a 10-day festival full of ancient treasures and contemporary masterworks that is in its eighth year.

06roof1 articleinline
Coming to the Met Roof, a Young Sculptor’s Scavenger Hunt
Arts, March 5

Adrián Villar Rojas will use pieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection as inspiration for large-scale sculptures.

05scene city slide 3356 articleinline
Art Week and Children’s Defense Fund Galas
Fashion & Style, March 3

Galas were held last week for the Armory Show, the Children’s Defense Fund-New York, the Bronx Museum and the Museum of the City of New York.

05scene city slide 3356 articleinline
Art Week and Civic Museums
Slideshow, March 3

Galas were held last week for the Armory Show, the Children’s Defense Fund–New York, the Bronx Museum and the Museum of the City of New York.

04nazi web articleinline
Heirs Sue for Return of a Kandinsky, Saying It Was Looted by Nazis
Arts, March 3

The lawsuit says the painting, “Colorful Life,” was sold without permission when a Jewish family fled the Netherlands.

05kalman3 articleinline
Inside Sara Berman’s Closet at the Met Museum
Arts, March 3

A new exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art opening Monday gives a view of the life of Sara Berman, who was the mother of Maira Kalman, the irreverent artist, book author and illustrator.

05museummerce1 articleinline
Merce Cunningham as Collaborator, Breaking Down Hierarchies in Art and Bodies
Arts, March 3

Shows at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago give Cunningham a soloist’s spotlight, but are studies in partnering.

03smell1 xp articleinline
What’s That Smell? Rare Books and Artifacts From a 1906 Library
Arts, March 3

A historical preservation project samples the varied aromas in the Morgan Library & Museum, one of the world's most important rare-book collections.

03listingsart articleinline
Art and Museums in NYC This Week
Arts, March 2

Our guide to new art shows, and some that will be closing soon.

03srimatigallery1 articleinline
What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week
Arts, March 2

Indian art at the Met, Japanese photography, a group show of serial art and a Hong Kong experience.

02oliverweb articleinline
Why the Met Should Appoint a Female Director
Opinion, March 2

It is time the leadership reflected the field’s diversity.

03okeeffe2 articleinline
Georgia O’Keeffe, Stylist and Curator of Her Own Myth
Arts, March 2

The artist shaped her public persona through her wardrobe and surroundings, as seen in “Living Modern” at the Brooklyn Museum. The show pairs clothing and photos with her paintings.

02metjp articleinline
How to Fix the Met: Connect Art to Life
Arts, March 1

The Metropolitan Museum of Art must start by mixing things up — periods, functions, cultures. It also must hire a more diverse staff, and react to the times.

British museum finals slide o5eg articleinline
Make the Most of the British Museum
Interactive, March 1

The British Museum contains a breathtaking collection of over 8 million objects that paint an interconnected portrait of the world’s cultures. You could spend a week here, but we’ll guide you through.

05guide2 articleinline
William Powhida, Political and Not Amused
Arts, March 1

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum brings his take on international politics to its galleries.

01met2 web articleinline
Metropolitan Museum’s Director Resigns Under Pressure
Arts, February 28

The departure by Thomas P. Campbell came as a surprise, though economic difficulties had been growing at the nation’s largest museum.

01xp museum articleinline
Kusama Infinity Room Reopens at Hirshhorn Exhibition After Sculpture Damage
Arts, February 28

Part of “Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors" had to be closed to the public after a visitor damaged a sculpture.

360 stlaurent articleinline
Step Inside Yves Saint Laurent’s Closet
Video, February 28

Yves Saint Laurent, one of the most influential couturiers of the second half of the 20th century, kept nearly all of his original work. View his private collection and tour his fashion house in Paris, which will become a museum this fall.