23outdoormusic b articleinline
Things to Do in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Arts, August 23

A guide to the concerts, art exhibitions and movies to check out on your days off.

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David Koch, Embraced as an Arts Patron, Even as Criticism Grew
Arts, August 23

The cultural world Mr. Koch inhabited as benefactor and board member did not typically engage in the political discourse that made him a figure of intense debate.

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33 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Arts, August 22

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

Merlin 159210801 52ee6b38 c8cd 413d 9a8e 1ca823db8298 articleinline
Can Virgil Abloh Fit in a Museum?
Arts, August 22

“Figures of Speech” in Chicago tries to capture the essence of a prodigious fashion designer. It’s an endeavor with radical juxtapositions, clever products and some missed opportunities.

23cardin1 articleinline
Back to the Future With Pierre Cardin’s Space-Age Fashion
Arts, August 22

The Brooklyn Museum opens its doors to the 97-year-old French designer, still defined by his groovy late ’60s fashions.

21trending sfo articleinline
Art, Exercise or a Nap? All Could Be Yours During a Long Layover
Travel, August 21

Eager to lure travelers, U.S. airports are increasing amenities to include culture, fitness and even the opportunity to commune with a little nature.

20mca still2 articleinline
MCA Denver Names a New Director
Arts, August 20

Nora Burnett Abrams, the curator behind the museum’s Tara Donovan and Basquiat exhibitions, will lead the innovative contemporary art institution.

18tmag anderson slide pubm articleinline
The Man Turning European Fashion Into Something Raw and Real
T Magazine, August 19

Jonathan Anderson’s creations for Loewe and his own brand, JW Anderson, have made him one of the most forward-thinking designers working today.

18metindia1 articleinline
The Met Reviews Items It Received From a Dealer, Now a Looting Suspect
Arts, August 18

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is studying the Indian artifacts it holds that track back to a man accused of running a major antiquities smuggling ring.

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Barry Manilow’s Original Musical Is (Finally) Making It to New York
Theater, August 16

After more than two decades and three out-of-town runs, “Harmony” is scheduled for early next year.

00up medicare for all 02 articleinline
The Cost-Effectiveness of Medicare for All
Opinion, August 16

A health consultant says the free market has failed to rein in medical costs. Also: Republicans who oppose President Trump; madhouse at the Louvre.

16billviola barnes print1 articleinline
My Bill Viola Video Marathon
Arts, August 15

From sunrise to sundown, a Philadelphia visit rediscovers the artist’s challenging contributions to installation art.

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38 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Arts, August 15

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

15update paris articleinline
Where the Resistance Helped Plan the Liberation of Paris
Travel, August 15

A renovated and relocated museum dedicated to honoring those who helped liberate Paris during World War II opens later this month.

Merlin 158979840 2f2f8c86 2e15 4eed 9fd5 50551922d05d articleinline
Art Disappears in Private Hands. Can Social Media Resurface It?
Arts, August 14

Private art collections are notoriously secretive. A collective website aims to make them viewable by all.

14neh still articleinline
National Endowment for the Humanities Announces New Grants
Arts, August 14

This round of funding, the final for the fiscal year, totals $29 million and will support 215 projects across the country.

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Libraries’ Culture Pass Signs Up 70,000 in First Year
Arts, August 13

The Queens, Brooklyn and New York libraries’ initiative has partnered with 17 new cultural institutions since its inception, bringing the number of participants up to 50.

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Kashmir: Pakistan’s View
Opinion, August 12

The government says “the most obvious option is for India to loosen its stranglehold on Kashmir and act in the spirit and the letter of international law.” Also: Corporate ethics; museum workers’ pay.

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Want to See the Mona Lisa? Get in Line
Arts, August 12

Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting has been moved to a new room in the Louvre while its usual home is renovated. That’s causing some commotion for visitors.

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Picking Up the Pace: A Mega-Gallery Expands in Chelsea
Arts, August 11

With a new eight-story headquarters, Pace passes a generational baton while joining a building boom among the city’s biggest galleries.

Merlin 158676063 dd9102ca 4ff4 4506 b7d0 9c3be0816e28 articleinline
The Week in Arts: Tom Hiddleston in ‘Betrayal’; Beck Takes the Stage in Queens
Arts, August 10

A Marvel star lands at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theater, Beck and Cage the Elephant bring their tour to Forest Hills and ‘Lodge 49’ returns for a second season.

09apple item articleinline
Apple Transforms Central Park Into an Augmented Reality Gallery
Arts, August 9

Works by Nick Cave, Nathalie Djurberg, John Giorno and others have been choreographed into the landscape for an Apple-New Museum walking tour.

Merlin 158899521 239bb4a6 0c3f 4c5a bf72 b6a5ea04ca50 articleinline
The Rice Paddy at Ground Zero
New York, August 9

The installation, across from the 9/11 Memorial, is a reminder that rice does not come from a five pound bag.

Merlin 153278502 cae57294 258b 4eff 9199 c5512bd75cd5 articleinline
38 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Arts, August 8

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

08clark5 articleinline
Looking Twice at Renoir and O’Keeffe (Ida, not Georgia)
Arts, August 8

At the Clark Art Institute, when you tire of Renoir’s nudes, look at Ida Ten Eyck O’Keeffe’s quietly insistent art, some of which survived long enough to be rediscovered.

Merlin 158598048 ff155f7a a5c8 4e97 b9a9 78ffc7c95faf articleinline
Summer Art Trek: Gallery Hopping in the Hudson Valley
Arts, August 8

Galleries abound due north of the city, showing Warhol, Basquiat and the talents of Arte Povera.

Merlin 158391051 8ccd7b52 b2c8 491d bb75 201705fd8ca2 articleinline
Harmony Hammond’s Art Is Bold and Prickly as Ever
Arts, August 8

At 75, the trailblazing artist, feminist and author of “Lesbian Art in America” finally gets a museum survey, and it shines.

07xp bread articleinline
This Bread Recipe Starts With 4,000-Year-Old Yeast
Science, August 8

A self-professed “bread nerd” extracted yeast from ancient Egyptian artifacts to make a loaf of sourdough. “The aroma and flavor are incredible,” he said.

07ihh paris slide j64w articleinline
House Hunting in … France
Real Estate, August 7

Prices keep rising in Paris, where demand tramples supply and low interest rates entice new buyers.

07ihh paris slide fvsy articleinline
A Four-Bedroom Houseboat on the Right Bank
Slideshow, August 7

This houseboat on the Seine, in central Paris, has a two-bedroom apartment and two studios, and is listed for $4.5 million.

Merlin 158905404 19eb001b c399 4c6e 8976 3e046dbffbee articleinline
Stuffed Dormouse and Fish Gut Sauce: The Flavors of Pompeii
Arts, August 7

Some dishes from the Roman town would be familiar to us today. Others may sound repellent.

Merlin 147741585 e8145689 cdf1 47b7 8b8c ae8ed9b9d723 articleinline
Director of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures to Step Down
Arts, August 6

Kerry Brougher is leaving before the museum has even set an opening date. He will “return to his roots in the art world,” the board said.

Merlin 154798017 b91af9c6 c4c0 4bc9 98b4 5880e9584dcc articleinline
Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Tweet on Mass Shooting Deaths Strikes a Nerve
Arts, August 5

After attacks in El Paso and Dayton killed more than 30 people, the astrophysicist apologized for his ill-timed attempt to add context.

Merlin 158700429 de265a51 dead 47b8 8c0a e85f420544c0 articleinline
Cake Maven Spills Her Secrets
Food, August 5

Sylvia Weinstock will share tales from her storied wedding cake career at the Museum at Eldridge Street.

04tate articleinline
Teenager Arrested After Boy, 6, Is Thrown From Tate Modern
World, August 4

A 17-year-old male suspect was held on suspicion of attempted murder, the police said, after the child was tossed from the 10th-floor viewing platform.

Merlin 156430191 0c1b6ad4 dd97 40a0 bb8a b95e3f6a389a articleinline
The Forbidden City Opens Wide as China Projects New Pride in Its Past
World, August 3

President Xi Jinping has pushed “cultural self-confidence” as a signature policy, and one of the beneficiaries has been the former home of emperors, neglected no longer.

Merlin 158300298 107965d1 aed5 48de abe1 952293715818 articleinline
The Week in Arts: Dancing Around Graves, Beach Read Flicks and ‘GLOW’
Arts, August 3

Highlights include Alvin Baltrop’s photos, Coriolanus in the park, Oshun in concert and music by five female Iranian composers.

01family roundup copy lead articleinline
Things to Do With Kids in N.Y.C. This Summer
Arts, August 1

Summer is still going strong, but you’ve run out of ideas to keep the kids busy. Here, we offer some suggestions.

01turrell reopening item articleinline
MoMA PS1 Reopens James Turrell Installation
Arts, August 1

“Meeting” had been closed indefinitely in January, after nearby construction became visible from the installation.

Merlin 152972799 a983ef6b c03d 4d88 ad49 f0eeb390f900 articleinline
33 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Arts, August 1

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

Merlin 158257107 37b27962 9242 42ab 947d 5b9810c0676c articleinline
Manet’s Last Years: A Radical Embrace of Beauty
Arts, August 1

The Art Institute of Chicago explores the great paradox of the 19th century’s greatest painter: from a scandalous youth of frank nudes to flowers, fruit bowls and fashionable women.

Merlin 157900158 10236ef0 9ac7 4c26 a0d2 2d6ea5e8848f articleinline
Silence Speaking Volumes: Artists Confront the Culture of Incarceration
Arts, August 1

Art meets social action in “Mirror/Echo/Tilt,” which uses gestures to combat stigma — through film and real-life interventions.

01trending 10 articleinline v2
An Art Museum in Your Hotel Lobby
Travel, August 1

Forget those predictable poster reprints. Some properties have begun to push the boundaries of what it means to be a hotel with great art.

28chaedria1 articleinline
Behind Basquiat’s ‘Defacement’: Reframing a Tragedy
Arts, July 30

A curator’s time capsule of a violent moment and its repercussions brings fresh insights — and reveals stresses with a museum.

Merlin 158447631 dbee3e18 fcb9 4688 8655 f7b8328d0e86 articleinline
A Leonard Cohen Cocktail
Food, July 29

The songwriter created a refreshing tequila drink in the 1970s. You can try one on Thursdays in August at the Jewish Museum.

Merlin 157979490 15cb1344 a954 43d0 b124 51c8b5a0a1b1 articleinline
Women and Climate Change
Opinion, July 29

“At the government level and in local communities around the world, women’s leadership improves outcomes of climate-related projects,” a reader writes. Also: Laundering by philanthropy.

29gilliam still articleinline
At Last, Sam Gilliam’s Star Ascends in New York
Arts, July 29

Pace will be the first New York gallery to represent the 85-year-old abstract painter, while his work debuts next month at Dia:Beacon.

Merlin 158608116 648ba50e 5e27 44b2 8e89 4a7fd7c5165f articleinline
New York Knows Its Arts Organizations Have a Diversity Problem. Now What?
Arts, July 29

The city asked cultural institutions, including museums and performing arts centers, to draw up plans to make their staff and board members more diverse.

Merlin 158196006 d8083f0f 0142 4f80 b828 3b827a2e30a7 articleinline
‘Would Dad Approve?’ Neil Armstrong’s Heirs Divide Over a Lucrative Legacy
U.S., July 27

Mr. Armstrong was averse to cashing in on his celebrity. But as the 50th anniversary of the moon landing approached, his sons began auctioning off his memorabilia.