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18 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Arts, Yesterday

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

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Celestial Visions on the Met Roof
Arts, Yesterday

High above Manhattan, Alicja Kwade’s planetary sculpture captures the music of the spheres.

18mornoi1 articleinline
A Cult Favorite Enters the Art Canon
Arts, Yesterday

Giovanni Battista Moroni, long overlooked, is the new Renaissance face at the Frick Collection.

19showwall1 articleinline
An Empire of Bamboo in the Home of Collectors
Arts, April 17

Diane and Arthur Abbey have around Japanese 300 baskets, a selection of which coexist peacefully with work by Calder, de Kooning and Joseph Cornell.

8e41f297fe44459799f10b7cf38e22ab articleinline
It Can Happen Again: Museums Are at Risk, Too
Opinion, April 16

The American Alliance of Museums says that after the Notre-Dame fire, donors may want to consider support for museum infrastructure.

16noguchi item1 articleinline
Noguchi Museum Will Open Sculptor’s Studio to Public After Restoration
Arts, April 16

A two-phase project is expected to begin in January 2020. When it’s complete, visitors will have access to Isamu Noguchi’s studio at an expanded campus.

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Citi Bike’s Electric Bikes Are Fast. But Are They Dangerous?
New York, April 16

Tuesday: Citi Bike removed 1,000 pedal-assist bikes after riders reported accidents.

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Natural History Museum Will Not Host Gala for Brazil’s President
Arts, April 15

The museum said that it was “deeply concerned” about renting the space for an event to honor someone whose environmental policies had been widely criticized.

15burner1 articleinline
A Swirl of Spring for the Table
Food, April 15

These enamel bowls from Turkey add a pop of color to your meal.

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‘We Are Amplifying the Work’: France Starts Task Force on Art Looted Under Nazis
Arts, April 15

The mission is to actively identify pieces that were looted or sold under duress during the Nazi era and to return them to the original owners or heirs.

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JACK Quartet Conquers an Elliott Carter Marathon
Arts, April 15

A head-spinning performance of Carter’s five string quartets was one of the most eye-opening and exhilarating concerts of the season.

10firststation01 articleinline
Inside New York City’s Majestic First Subway Station
New York, April 15

Monday: Shuttered in 1945, the station has remained largely off limits to the public and has been all but lost to generations of subway riders.

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Can the Holocaust Be Forgiven? Bolsonaro Says Yes, Drawing Israelis’ Ire
World, April 13

“We can forgive, but we cannot forget,” the Brazilian president told evangelical pastors in Rio de Janeiro. Israel said he was in no position to offer such forgiveness.

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Gala Honoree Causes Concern at American Museum of Natural History
Arts, April 12

The museum said it was “deeply concerned” that the event it is hosting will honor Brazil’s president, whose environmental policies have drawn criticism.

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17 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Arts, April 11

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

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The Art of Rock: Four Museums Explore How We Connect to Music
Arts, April 11

Shows about Leonard Cohen, instruments, punk graphics and punk sexual energy highlight the bonds between listeners and creators.

10firststation01 articleinline
Failing New York Subway? Not Always — Once There Were Chandeliers
New York, April 11

New York’s first subway station opened in 1904 under City Hall with luxuries that today’s subway riders can hardly imagine. Here’s a look at the station today.

10yale item articleinline
Yale Museum of British Art Chooses Dia Curator as Its Director
Arts, April 10

Courtney J. Martin will direct the Yale Center for British Art, the museum and research institution housed in a renowned Louis Kahn building.

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Pointy Ears and Hairy Feet: Who Wore It Best at the Tolkien Party?
Interactive, April 10

Nearly 700 fans of Tolkien’s fantasies gathered for a costumed celebration at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York.

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Hilma af Klint at the Guggenheim: One Work, Many Layers to Love
Arts, April 10

Roberta Smith revisits the groundbreaking exhibition through one standout work. You’ll want to see it in person before the show closes on April 23.

Merlin 153066411 89cbb5af 138a 40cf abc1 f8cfa81cf89b articleinline
Fashion for a Blurring Binary
Arts, April 10

A show at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston tracks gender-bending through a century of clothing that defied rigid rules of sexuality.

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Stripping Away Lies to Expose a Painter’s Nazi Past
Arts, April 10

A new exhibition of the German painter Emil Nolde shows that rather than being a victim of Hitler’s regime, he was an enthusiastic supporter.

10museumdrinkers1 print articleinline
A Night at the Museum With Beer and Skulls
New York, April 10

For two researchers at the American Museum of Natural History, closing time means the start of an anthropological happy hour that has yielded 10 books and scores of scientific articles and papers.

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Lacma’s $650 Million Building by Peter Zumthor Is Approved
Arts, April 9

A critic calls it the “incredible shrinking museum.” The director says it is “ambitious.” On Tuesday, Los Angeles County made it official: The project will go forward.

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Spain Gets a Crash Course in a Former Colony’s Art
Arts, April 5

Several shows running across Madrid are asking viewers to think differently about the art of Peru, and Spain’s own history.

03colwell articleinline
‘As Native Americans, We Are in a Constant State of Mourning’
Opinion, April 4

The return of ancestors and artifacts can become a form of restorative justice.

Merlin 151918596 a17350e7 41d8 476d 851d faea121713fb articleinline
Offensive Exhibits, Explained
Opinion, April 4

A reader praises a solution offered by the American Museum of Natural History.

04lastchance06 articleinline
Nam June Paik at the Whitney: A Work of Dizzying Complexity
Arts, April 4

The artist’s monumental video wall, featuring a flood of imagery and music from David Bowie, Kraftwerk and others, is on view in “Programmed: Rules, Codes and Choreographies in Art, 1965-2018.”

04vietnamart1 articleinline
Vietnam, Through the Eyes of Artists
Arts, April 4

The war and its human toll had a profound impact on artists addressing the turbulent times. The personal and political meet in a poignant show at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

07 sfmoma snap a articleinline
Tracing the Roots of Photo Sharing, From Mail Art to Instagram
Arts, April 4

A new exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art shows that image sharing is evolutionary, not revolutionary.

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Retrospective Celebrates the Queen of the Miniskirt
Fashion, April 4

An exhibition opening at the Victoria & Albert Museum details the life and work of Mary Quant, a designer of Swinging Sixties fashion.

04noregrets slide 1t9r articleinline
Art at the Shed. Rock at the Museum.
Style, April 3

High culture comes to Hudson Yards, while pop music takes over the Met.

03hollander item articleinline
American Folk Art Museum Leader Is Stepping Down
Arts, April 3

Stacy C. Hollander, deputy director for curatorial affairs, chief curator and director of exhibitions, is leaving at the end of June, the museum said.

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Investigators Recover Jewels Taken From Rome’s Etruscan Museum
World, April 2

Italy’s police art theft squad has recovered two dozen precious jewels. But investigators still wonder who was behind the audacious theft.

01tb romeo articleinline
Romeo, Meet Juliet. Now Go Save Your Species.
Science, April 1

The Sehuencas water frogs in a Bolivian aquarium hit it off, but Romeo might need a little more practice before they succeed in reproducing.

02confederate1 articleinline
Rediscovering the Confederate Flag of Truce
Arts, April 1

Sonya Clark, a social practice artist, unfurls a handmade version of a Confederate truce flag and asks, ‘What if …”

01sci poach articleinline
This Tarantula Became a Scientific Celebrity. Was It Poached From the Wild?
Science, April 1

Controversy over a new spider species has resurrected thorny ethical questions about scientists and their specimens.

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Waking Up to History
Opinion, April 1

At new museums, the past is finally becoming more than the story of men and wars.

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A Leonardo Made a $450 Million Splash. Now There’s No Sign of It.
Arts, March 30

Since a Saudi royal, most likely the crown prince, paid $450 million for “Salvator Mundi,” it has vanished from view, and museums hoping to show it say they don’t know where it is.

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Janet Jackson and Stevie Nicks Speak Up for Women at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Arts, March 30

The institution’s 34th annual induction ceremony in Brooklyn was a tame affair dominated by men: Radiohead, the Cure, Def Leppard, Roxy Music and the Zombies.

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The Week in Arts: Martha Graham, ‘Ink’ and Let’s Eat Grandma
Arts, March 30

A dance company celebrates the 19th amendment; a play about Rupert Murdoch hits Broadway; and an alt-pop duo returns to the U.S.

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A Brünnhilde Is Born: The Week in Classical Music
Arts, March 29

Concerts featuring the pianist Yuja Wang and the music of John Adams were among the highlights.

29xp tubman 2 articleinline
Newly Discovered Photograph of Harriet Tubman Goes on Display
Arts, March 29

The photograph, at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, humanizes Tubman and shows her in her youth.

31kwade1 articleinline
On the Met Roof, Alicja Kwade’s Test of Faith
Arts, March 29

Known for confronting the laws of physics, the Polish-German artist builds a planetary sculpture and ponders our place in the universe

Merlin 129928139 dd8d84b2 7c77 40ef 848d 2cef6cdbd547 articleinline
With Plans for New Hire, El Museo del Barrio Tries to Reach Out to Its Critics
Arts, March 28

The museum announced it would take on a curator focusing on Latinx communities in the United States.

Merlin 152609607 2dec2005 548c 4575 9f3e 1ef4d02228ef articleinline
19 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Arts, March 28

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

28kirsten convo oak7 articleinline
Lincoln Kirstein: A Modern Tastemaker With Some Iffy Taste
Arts, March 28

An art critic and dance critic talk about two Kirstein shows — and how his protean diversity left its mark on the arts, most productively on ballet.

Merlin 152692080 874c1320 6a25 41a4 a2b4 421f5d6ed575 articleinline
Qatar National Museum Tells a Country’s Story at Every Turn
Arts, March 28

The building designed by the architect Jean Nouvel has been praised worldwide, but its focus is first and foremost a local one, the museum’s chairwoman said.

28hammer item1 articleinline
Hammer Museum Auction at Sotheby’s Will Benefit Artist Fund
Arts, March 28

Some 35 contemporary artists are donating pieces to the auction, which will take place in New York in May.

Merlin 151603170 aba5efd9 892b 4156 9baf e6a26011b298 articleinline
Touring the Prado
Opinion, March 27

A reader says a seven-hour tour is just a taste of the art museum’s treasures.

Merlin 152404413 72fded8b 1faa 45c8 a821 e95fc1d22d86 articleinline
Art Basel’s Asian Art Gets to Hong Kong via New York and Los Angeles
Arts, March 27

Much of this year’s Asian art selection represent both artist diaspora and a broadening interest among collectors, coming from galleries in the United States.

Merlin 140749107 2a740896 03f4 40d5 8941 2e0f204deafc articleinline
MoMA PS1 Settles With Curator Who Said Giving Birth Cost Her Job Offer
Arts, March 26

The curator had said she had been offered a job, but that the museum changed its mind after learning she had just given birth.

Merlin 150532329 e134dc51 842c 4aae b44e 9941820f5848 articleinline
Museums Cut Ties With Sacklers as Outrage Over Opioid Crisis Grows
Arts, March 25

Accusations that the family behind OxyContin actively played down its perils have led arts and education institutions to rethink accepting Sackler funds.

Merlin 152482185 d1d1b829 bdcd 403a 8fc0 81e08b496542 articleinline
Disputed Painting Is a Real van Gogh, Researchers Say
Arts, March 24

“Vase With Poppies” was shelved after its authenticity was questioned in 1990. It will go back on display in April at a museum in Hartford.

22xp guggenheim articleinline
Guggenheim Museum Says It Won’t Accept Gifts From Sackler Family
Arts, March 22

The decision, which followed similar moves from British museums, highlights growing unease in the art world over the family’s links to OxyContin and the opioid crisis.

22tmag tel slide 7ddh articleinline
T Suggests: Gingham Handbags, a Shrine to Italian Design and More
T Magazine, March 22

A roundup of things our editors — and a few contributors — are excited about in a given week.

22tmag swizz articleinline
Dreamweavers | Swizz Beatz and Troy Carter in Conversation
Video, March 22

Courtesy of UTA Artist Space and Lyft Entertainment

21tmag jonas wood slide k710 articleinline
An Artist on Finding Balance, and His Giant Basketball Sculpture
T Magazine, March 22

Ahead of two major shows, the painter Jonas Wood reflects on his early career — and the most unusual object in his studio.

Merlin 147061962 9296f5f7 b669 46d3 8d4a 0e11bfda9fc6 articleinline
Subway Time: Why the Numbered Lines Do Better
New York, March 22

Friday: The diverging fates of the lines represented by letters and numbers.

Fileupload 1553214714642 articleinline
Tate Galleries Will Refuse Sackler Money Because of Opioid Links
Arts, March 21

“In the present circumstances we do not think it right to seek or accept further donations from the Sacklers,” the group said in a statement.

Merlin 149234595 c8001819 071b 4db9 976a 5a6c62fa8f92 articleinline
15 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Arts, March 21

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

Merlin 152358690 731ecb92 ea6b 42fc a518 5288c8987cd9 articleinline
Luc Tuymans, Painting’s Savior, Tries Something New
Arts, March 21

A major retrospective in Venice assembles more than 80 of the artist’s canvases, plus a huge mosaic of Italian marble.

21human remains 1 articleinline
Living Things, With No Bone or Tissue, Pose a Quandary for Museums
Arts, March 21

A British museum has returned locks of an emperor’s hair to Ethiopia. But dealing with culturally sensitive objects is not always so simple.

Merlin 146412186 8b85d7e4 e974 4efb 8991 7b03974c00ef articleinline
Warhol at the Whitney: Why This One Work Is So Stirring
Arts, March 21

As the museum’s Andy Warhol retrospective ends its run, Holland Cotter revisits the exhibition through a work that showed the artist shifting gears.

2121metcontemp item1 articleinline
The Met Will Use its Facade and Great Hall to Showcase Contemporary Art
Arts, March 21

The museum announced commissions from Wangechi Mutu and Kent Monkman and the world premiere of a video installation by Ragnar Kjartansson on Thursday.

Merlin 151918596 a17350e7 41d8 476d 851d faea121713fb articleinline
Museum of Natural History: When an Exhibit Offends
New York, March 21

Thursday: A diorama at the American Museum of Natural History was labeled to highlight the inaccuracies it perpetuated.

Merlin 152011704 a19a4be5 f42e 4b40 8d9c 20ae0899ee87 articleinline
A Museum Tackles Myths About Jews and Money
Arts, March 20

An exhibition at the Jewish Museum in London looks at 2,000 years of negative stereotypes through historical objects and works of art.

Merlin 151426965 60ec24c2 dda9 46ca 96c1 f65aa6148ef4 articleinline
Who Should Own Photos of Slaves? The Descendants, not Harvard, a Lawsuit Says
U.S., March 20

A woman is suing the university for photographs taken 169 years ago of slaves she says are her ancestors. The images were taken as part of a racist study.

Merlin 151918596 a17350e7 41d8 476d 851d faea121713fb articleinline
What’s Wrong With This Diorama? You Can Read All About It
Arts, March 20

The American Museum of Natural History corrects a Native American story in full view of visitors, inviting them to “reconsider this scene.”