18tmag jjpromo articleinline
Jasper Johns, American Legend
T Magazine, Yesterday

The artist’s work has managed to speak both to and for the country’s consciousness for the last 60 years — and he’s not done yet.

18tmag johns slide 5tpa articleinline
Jasper Johns, in Images
Slideshow, Yesterday

For 60 years, he has been a sort of oracle, reshaping our ideas about art and collective selfhood. At 88, he’s still searching for meaning.

Merlin 150536808 23fa9c05 5ef7 4c35 824d 2a7ab3cbfce5 articleinline
The Surprising Tale of One of Frank Stella’s Black Paintings
Arts, February 17

At 82, this titan of Modernism is talking about the past, taking stock and putting some of his works and part of his collection up for auction.

Merlin 150744567 c26a5a1b 868e 4da9 8ac7 895fe8e80b87 articleinline
Met Museum to Return Prize Artifact Because It Was Stolen
Arts, February 15

Investigators found that the gold-sheathed coffin had been stolen from Egypt in 2011.

16sfmoma item articleinline
SFMoMA to Sell 1960 Rothko to Help Diversify its Holdings
Arts, February 15

At Sotheby’s in May, the painting is expected to bring $35 million to $50 million, which will be used to acquire work by women and people of color.

Merlin 145366275 b96890bf 7d0c 4987 8883 7dffe3f9d5b0 articleinline
20 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Arts, February 14

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

15family guide webillo articleinline
Kids and Culture? There’s So Much to Talk About
Arts, February 14

Arts writers for The New York Times share their strategies (snacks) and budget-friendly options (outdoor events) in a discussion about introducing children to the arts.

Merlin 142232187 3df5cd8d 15c6 4438 a172 c91025f69d26 articleinline
27 Ways to Keep Your Kids Culturally Engaged This Winter
Arts, February 14

Classical concerts, children’s film series and a festival where technology meets art are among the events that can keep young minds occupied (and having fun) through a school sabbatical and beyond.

Merlin 136418421 2572299c 4f3e 4cc0 a572 39b40f3982dc articleinline
Morgan Library & Museum Announces $12.5 Million Exterior Renovation
Arts, February 14

After spending millions working to renovate and expand the complex’s interior, the Morgan shifts to revamp the historic library’s facade.

Merlin 149984109 0513b882 8a0a 433a 874f eea919cd0290 articleinline
Tolkien’s World: An Exhibition Transports Us to Middle-earth
Arts, February 14

J.R.R. Tolkien — the artist, the writer, the scholar — is the subject of an exhibition at the Morgan Library & Museum. The show is a comprehensive view of his alternate reality.

15dogmuseum10 articleinline
A Museum of Man’s Best Friend, From Fossils to Virtual Reality
Arts, February 13

The American Kennel Club has opened its collection of all things canine in New York. Here is a tour of the art of the dog.

14frieze1 articleinline
Frieze Los Angeles: Lights, Camera, Art!
Arts, February 13

Will a film studio’s New York sets help a contemporary art fair soar after the city’s other fairs flopped?

Merlin 150024465 d510ef5d bcba 4461 8989 da2aee33c1c9 articleinline
A Photographer Who Makes You Ask, ‘What Has Happened Here?’
Arts, February 13

Erwin Olaf’s photos have the gloss of fashion shots and a haunting undercurrent that makes you long for more context. As he turns 60, three museums will present his work.

17update leonardo articleinline
Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of Leonardo
Travel, February 12

The death of the Italian Renaissance master is being marked by exhibitions and tours in 2019.

Merlin 150310176 0625cee5 a3cc 4a12 9e5f a421ae99e5ea articleinline
Lars Von Trier Wants to Turn All His Movies Into Diamonds
Arts, February 11

A specially cut diamond designed by the Danish filmmaker has gone on show in Antwerp, Belgium. It’s the first in a series of precious stones based on his films.

Merlin 150441465 0c60c796 84ac 4176 8f25 a42591f59ada articleinline
Guggenheim Targeted by Protesters for Accepting Money From Family With OxyContin Ties
Arts, February 9

An advocacy group has been protesting at museums that received donations from the Sackler family, some of whom own Purdue Pharma, the maker of an opioid painkiller.

Merlin 11223488 3a87c7a9 0c6f 40f2 af89 ab10b7053348 articleinline
Robert Ryman, Minimalist Painter Who Made the Most of White, Dies at 88
Obituaries, February 9

Self-taught after discovering art as a museum guard, he became one of America’s most important postwar artists, reaching beyond Abstract Expressionism.

09oscars 1994 1 articleinline
Oscar Rewind: The Acceptance Speech That Spawned Another Movie
Movies, February 8

When he won for the AIDS drama “Philadelphia,” Tom Hanks thanked his gay teacher and inadvertently inspired “In & Out,” about an actor who outs his instructor.

Merlin 150234792 12be98f3 8b59 4047 bf04 a6584037ae3d articleinline
Baltimore Museum of Art Gets $3.5 Million to Endow Chief Curator
Arts, February 8

The gift falls in line with the museum’s mission to uphold equity and diversity within its leadership and programming.

10week theater articleinline
This Week in Arts: Jake Gyllenhaal on Stage; Penélope Cruz in ‘Everybody Knows’
Arts, February 8

In Nick Payne’s new play, Gyllenhaal stars as a man in mourning — a much more sympathetic role than his art snob in “Velvet Buzzsaw.”

Merlin 148403520 c9bca202 85ab 40f6 b688 6432ac49f537 articleinline
High Unemployment? Stagnant Economy? Just Bash the French
Opinion, February 8

How Italy’s leaders are tapping resentments, old and new, over immigration, fine art and béchamel.

Merlin 146222514 69653b28 d810 4078 8f70 c81a85d280ef articleinline
21 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Arts, February 7

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

08frida kahlo1 articleinline
Frida Kahlo’s Home Is Still Unlocking Secrets, 50 Years Later
Arts, February 7

The artist’s life, through clothing, jewelry, objects, films.

08metroof item articleinline
Alicja Kwade Selected for the Met’s Roof Garden Installation
Arts, February 7

Her installation, “ParaPivot,” dominated by two large metal frames, will be on view from April 16 through Oct. 27

12sci turtle1 articleinline
The Patient Had Bone Cancer. The Diagnosis Arrived 240 Million Years Too Late.
Science, February 7

The fossil of an ancient animal teaches a sad lesson: Cancer has been around for a very, very long time.

Merlin 150015726 eaa32cad 1b4d 45a7 ae7f 33c28a1197ca articleinline
A Sparkling Shrine to a Reviled Russian Leader
World, February 7

Boris Yeltsin is widely held responsible in Russia for destroying the Soviet Union. A new museum seeks to counter that image — and subtly rebuke President Vladimir V. Putin.

06 insider auschwitz articleinline
After an Article About an Auschwitz Exhibition, More Artifacts Surface
Reader Center, February 7

Among the items readers offered to the Museum of Jewish Heritage was a haunting photograph of Adolph Zukor, the founder of Paramount Pictures, surrounded by family and neighbors who were murdered at Auschwitz.

Merlin 150133629 f0c8e01c 66b1 4c73 9a9e 8a547e1e7ae6 articleinline
The Dance Battle Is Joined
Arts, February 6

Two dance teams go to war in “Battle! Hip-Hop in Armor,” part of It’s Showtime NYC’s residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

06armstrong item articleinline
Louis Armstrong House Museum Hires a New Director to Guide Expansion Project
Arts, February 5

Kenyon Victor Adams, a 40-year-old artist and curator, hopes to bring Armstrong’s archive “into the 21st century.”

Merlin 149972613 d6dba10b c149 4258 9803 b764c5455e4d articleinline
For Jackie Robinson’s Centennial, a Display of Rarely Seen Photographs
Arts, February 5

An exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York — including photographs that have never been published before — shows the pioneering player with his teammates and his family.

06blanton item articleinline
Austin Museum Expands Latin American Collection
Arts, February 5

The Blanton Museum of Art has acquired 119 paintings, sculptures, furniture and silverwork collected by Roberta and Richard Huber.

Merlin 149996424 accb3894 217a 4e8a 9ba3 d5832b6ef04f articleinline
MoMA, the New Edition: From Monumental to Experimental
Arts, February 5

By 2022, MoMA will have rehung all three floors of exhibition space. The advantages of such switchovers are many. New histories will get told.

06moma 02 articleinline
MoMA to Close, Then Open Doors to More Expansive View of Art
Arts, February 5

Don’t plan to visit MoMA this summer. It’s closing for renovations that will put a new focus on work by women and artists of color. The results will shake up every gallery.

Merlin 134604618 02d2ca08 a733 4a8d 8218 1bcacbe9f2cb articleinline
7 Cultural Events Celebrating the Lunar New Year
Arts, February 4

Ring in the year of the Pig with a concert, festival or film screening.

06burner7 articleinline
A Pour-Over Coffee Maker Stylish Enough for MoMA
Food, February 4

With its efficient design and reusable stainless-steel filter, you might want to skip the coffee shop.

Merlin 150182283 c1206908 9948 4013 ba08 989b389e920e articleinline
Frida Kahlo and a Special Mexican Menu
Food, February 4

Visit the Brooklyn Museum for an exhibit about the artist and a meal from a rotating roster of New York chefs.

03scene slide b3wi articleinline
Natasha Lyonne Chairs the Whitney Art Party
Style, February 1

Recent benefits also included the Quadrille Ball and Plates for Pediatrics.

Merlin 150048999 06c52d2e 4f17 466d bb06 a57b4e6054c3 articleinline
A German Bratwurst Museum Unwittingly Starts a Holocaust Controversy
World, February 1

The lighthearted museum stumbled into the darkest of topics, learning that the proposed site of its new home was once part of a concentration camp.

03week film articleinline v2
The Week in Arts: Soderbergh’s Latest, Sharon Van Etten, Kronos Quartet
Arts, February 1

The director’s new film, “High Flying Bird,” stars André Holland as a fast-talking basketball agent who proposes a bold business move to his rookie client.

01list art articleinline
20 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Arts, January 31

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

01met journey1 articleinline
An 1840s Road Trip, Captured on Lustrous Silver
Arts, January 31

An exquisite show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art recalls travel before digital maps, when photography was the hottest of new media.

Merlin 149908275 2b2cf1bb c97f 4fb7 9fb3 8043dcbcc92e articleinline
Drink Up at the Booze History Museum of Staten Island
New York, January 31

A Jewish refugee from the former Soviet Union has collected over 1,000 artifacts that celebrate, well, drinking. Tours often evolve into salon-like sessions with Russian banter and music.

Merlin 149581104 b2ee6f83 b470 40d4 8958 576ea03a852b articleinline
A French Painter, Fallen From Fame, Gains Historical Weight
Arts, January 31

The art of Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, one of the least celebrated influential painters of 19th-century France, is illuminated by a large show of small works.

Merlin 149590221 ae9dc7f9 e2f1 4a62 9d2e 176290516e12 articleinline
Frida Kahlo Was a Painter, a Brand Builder, a Survivor. And So Much More.
Arts, January 31

The artist and pop culture icon meticulously built her own image. A sweeping survey at the Brooklyn Museum examines how she did it, and why.

Merlin 149980347 fe009a29 6283 40d5 b317 1a80c45c02cb articleinline
Jodorowsky’s Wife Defends Him After Museo del Barrio Cancellation
Arts, January 30

“Words are not acts,” Pascale Montandon-Jodorowsky said in a statement, adding that her husband “never raped anyone.”

01showwall1 articleinline
It’s No Secret That Espionage Is This Collector’s Passion
Arts, January 29

When governments are crumbling, H. Keith Melton is knocking on the doors of intelligence agencies with cash in hand to buy devices and memorabilia.

Merlin 112741382 034eb6dc 7352 4834 8a40 ed07b6af6a12 articleinline
James Turrell Asks MoMA PS1 to Close Installation
Arts, January 29

The work, “Meeting,” which intends to offer an uninterrupted view of sky, was closed after media reports of construction marring the view.

30burner8 articleinline
Talk Celebrates a New Book
Food, January 29

The food writer Yasmin Khan speaks with Kerry Diamond, the editor in chief of Cherry Bombe magazine, about “Zaitoun,” Ms. Khan’s book on Palestinian cuisine.

Merlin 149905101 78b06622 5907 4adb 96d3 20df7f1d1b9f articleinline
Restitution Fears Unsettle the Trade in Tribal Art
Arts, January 29

Dealers worry that a report recommending that museums return African artworks will also discourage private collectors from buying, loaning and donating pieces.

Merlin 149911851 a777e894 27d1 4d97 8384 a8a6a100abef articleinline
El Museo del Barrio Cancels Jodorowsky Show
Arts, January 28

The avant-garde film director and artist is said to have raped a woman in a film.

Merlin 149859843 0ae03ad9 d6ef 4451 84aa 1ade5e91a28b articleinline
World Monuments Fund Enlists Selldorf Architects for Forbidden City Project
Arts, January 28

Annabelle Selldorf will design an interpretation center at the Qianlong Garden in the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Merlin 149739543 32a0ea69 75d2 429d 8814 62776928d0b5 articleinline
Museums Have Grown More Diverse, New Study Says
Arts, January 28

A second nationwide survey by the Mellon Foundation found that museums’ staff members are becoming more diverse, but leaders are still largely white.

Merlin 146928453 84ecf100 e348 48d8 a42c 70aaa61d91c5 articleinline
The Prado Museum, Spain’s Cultural Jewel, Turns 200
Arts, January 28

An exhibition celebrates the bicentenary of an institution that has stayed above the divisions of Spanish politics, while inspiring artists worldwide.

Merlin 128654912 01073811 c741 4189 8cab d7c6cdc27747 articleinline
Newseum Building to Be Sold to Johns Hopkins for $372.5 Million
Arts, January 25

The struggling museum will have to find a new home in 2020, after years of running at a deficit.

Merlin 149654736 de003868 1196 4728 be05 9a522ea403f6 articleinline
Workers at New Museum in Manhattan Vote to Unionize
Arts, January 24

The museum management had opposed the decision to unionize, which staff members said they sought to ensure fair pay.

Merlin 143653185 d68e9e89 6d42 4e08 a84e 2879bf2cb658 articleinline
16 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Arts, January 24

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

Merlin 149701947 62aa3556 9fe0 41ee a1c0 0cb9b228b540 articleinline
Large Asian Art Collection Donated to University of Texas at Dallas
Arts, January 24

The family of Trammell and Margaret Crow has donated the Crow Museum’s entire collection to the school, plus $23 million to help build a campus arts complex.

25shutdown art articleinline
Shutdown Leaves Uninflated Space Sculpture Circling in Orbit
Arts, January 24

Trevor Paglen’s “Orbital Reflector” is waiting for F.C.C. clearance before it can be activated. The artist says it might not survive the wait.

Merlin 146939118 849e7749 76a2 483b 9985 e9f8bc09ca20 articleinline
John Dunkley, an Outsider Artist Deep in the Heart of Jamaica
Arts, January 24

Long cherished in his homeland, the self-taught artist gets his first large museum survey. And the show is a revelation.

Merlin 149654766 b1f9f200 b754 4332 9a66 0e1be94ec820 articleinline
Imminent Union Vote Sparks Debate at Manhattan’s New Museum
Arts, January 23

The museum, known for exhibitions that embrace diversity and free expression, has drawn criticism for efforts to dissuade its staff from unionizing.

25showwall1 articleinline v2
It’s O.K. if a Deal Falls Through. There’s Always More Art.
Arts, January 23

Gerald and Jody Lippes have homes in Canada, Florida and New York City, so walls are plentiful and each home has art with a different personality.

25net archive4 articleinline
The Art of the Internet, Restored and Out in the World
Arts, January 23

A show at the New Museum celebrates the completion of Rhizome’s Net Art Anthology, a two-year project to preserve and archive digital artworks that were in danger of disappearing.

Merlin 149275341 d38852f2 209d 4e2f 9d25 e4272a1a3717 articleinline
The Horrors of Auschwitz at a Museum in New York
Arts, January 23

With “Auschwitz. Not Long Ago. Not Far Away.,” the Museum of Jewish Heritage will devote much of its building to artifacts from that Nazi death camp.

Merlin 149388207 356b7aff d355 4c81 ad40 0c402974323d articleinline
Showing Dance’s Hidden Side at MoMA
Arts, January 22

Movement Research brings its often private, investigative work into a very public forum: the atrium at the Museum of Modern Art.

21kgbmuseum1 articleinline
A Museum for K.G.B. Aficionados? Da!
Arts, January 21

The new K.G.B. Spy Museum houses artifacts that tell the story of the rise of the Soviet Union’s intelligence agency.