23demoncheaux thumbwide
How Parks Lose Their Playfulness
Op Ed, Yesterday

When cities rely on private donors, we end up with sterile, controlled environments.

24china art3 thumbwide
Guggenheim Exhibit With Video of Dogs Trying to Fight Stirs Criticism
Culture, September 21

Facing a backlash, the museum put out a statement defending an exhibition by Chinese conceptual artists that is to open on Oct. 6.

22peabody item thumbwide
Peabody Essex Museum Gets Set of Native American Artifacts
Culture, September 21

Some of the items are claimed by tribes and will likely be returned by the museum as part of its compliance with federal repatriation laws.

22pstreview slide xojw thumbwide
A Head-Spinning, Hope-Inspiring Showcase of Art
Weekend, September 21

In Latin American Los Angeles, bridges soar, walls fall. A grand exchange beckons the art traveler to “Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA.”

22neverbuilt1 thumbwide v2
Remember When They Wanted to Build a Parking Lot Over the Hudson?
Weekend, September 21

‘Never Built New York,’ a new exhibition at the Queens Museum, showcases unrealized ideas, from the almost practical to the magical.

24china art1 thumbwide
Where the Wild Things Are: China’s Art Dreamers at the Guggenheim
Arts & Leisure, September 20

A story of China from 1989 to 2008, seen through the eyes of its avant-garde artists.

22galleries1 thumbwide
What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week
Weekend, September 20

Bunny Rogers brings her Columbine trilogy to the Whitney; Mary Heilmann’s Process Art is on view at Craig F. Starr Gallery; and more.

20mondrian thumbwide
It Might Have Been a Masterpiece, but Now It’s a Cautionary Tale
Culture, September 19

A disputed Mondrian passed unchecked around some important art institutions as though it were the real thing.

18whitney thumbwide
As ‘Diller Island’ Sinks, Whitney Plans Major Artwork on Hudson
Culture, September 18

The Whitney Museum of American Art is pursuing a permanent installation by the artist David Hammons that would extend into the Hudson River near the museum.

07genocide thumbwide
The Holocaust Museum Sought Lessons on Syria. What It Got Was a Political Backlash.
Culture, September 17

The Holocaust Museum has found itself in the middle of a fraught debate over the Obama administration’s legacy in Syria after withdrawing research.

17gender1 thumbwide
Gender-Fluid Artists Come Out of the Gray Zone
Arts & Leisure, September 15

“Trigger” at the New Museum brings a new level of visibility to artists who have only been acknowledged before in a trickle of mainstream shows.

17twyla1 thumbwide
Twyla Tharp’s Back Pages, With Chapters to Come
Arts & Leisure, September 14

Ms. Tharp pulls from her past — “Raggedy Dances,” “As Time Goes By,” early minimalist works — to fuel her present in three fall programs.

15listings art thumbwide
Art and Museums in NYC This Week
Weekend, September 14

Our guide to new art shows, and some that will be closing soon.

15giant1 thumbwide
On a Tiny Island in Scotland, Two Giants in the Family
Foreign, September 14

A museum celebrates two giants in a Scottish family — one who lived in the 19th-century one, and one from YouTube.

15viking2 thumbwide
A Female Viking Warrior? Tomb Study Yields Clues
Foreign, September 14

A DNA analysis has shown that remains from a famous 10th-century grave site belonged to a woman. But some experts don’t know how much that proves.

15delirious1 thumbwide
Postwar Art Gets a Nervy Makeover
Weekend, September 14

At the Met Breuer, “Delirious” proposes a new version of art history, one short on blue-chip names but with a terrific soundtrack.

24paterson1 thumbwide
In Undiscovered Paterson, Falls, Food and Fetty Wap
Travel, September 14

The New Jersey city was famous for industry. Now, a national park, a museum and Peruvian dishes deserve the spotlight. And it’s still a place of poets.

14walkerjp thumbwide
Walker Art Center’s Reckoning With ‘Scaffold’ Isn’t Over Yet
Culture, September 13

The museum’s board has hired a law firm to review the handling of the gallows-like sculpture that offended Native American leaders.

15landscape2 thumbwide
Chinese Landscapes at the Met: If Those Mountains Could Talk
Weekend, September 13

Cliffs soar skyward; torrents stream down. This is a nature as a theater of big, dwarfing effects.

Herrera slide 7itx thumbwide v2
48 Hours With Carolina Herrera Before Her Show
T Style, September 12

The designer presented her spring/summer 2018 collection on Monday night at the Museum of Modern Art.

13irma museum2 thumbwide
Irma-Proof Armor and Nights at the Museum: Shielding Florida’s Arts
Culture, September 12

Many Florida cultural organizations are relieved that, thanks to careful preparation and good luck, Hurricane Irma was not as bad as they had feared.

12pstnotebook1 thumbwide
In the Art World, ‘Latinx’ Marks a Gender-Free Spot
Culture, September 11

Some curators of “Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA” push for a new genderless term — Latinx — to replace Latino/Latina.

12xp hemingwaycats thumbwide
Hemingway’s Six-Toed Cats Ride Out Hurricane Irma in Key West
Express, September 11

The 54 cats, many of them descendants of one owned by Hemingway, live at the author’s house in Key West, which was hit hard by Hurricane Irma.

11mon1 thumbwide
9/11: Finding Answers in Ashes 16 Years Later
Editorial, September 11

New York’s medical examiners have never given up hope that their analysis of DNA can help identify the victims lost 16 years ago.

17chuckberry thumbwide
On the Path of Chuck Berry’s ‘Promised Land,’ Five Decades On
Travel, September 11

The musician’s 1964 hit chronicles the African-American experience in the 20th century. We followed Mr. Berry’s lyrical route to see what had changed.

00painting1 alt thumbwide
A de Kooning, a Theft and an Enduring Mystery
Metro, September 9

The recovery of “Woman-Ochre” 32 years after it was stolen raised as many questions as it answered. Could the thieves have taken it to grace their bedroom wall?

10boucher thumbwide
The Man Whose Cabinet of Curios Helped Start the British Museum
Book Review, September 8

James Delbourgo’s “Collecting the World” recounts the life of Sir Hans Sloane, a pioneering natural scientist.

08listart thumbwide
Art and Museums in NYC This Week
Weekend, September 7

Our guide to new art shows, and some that will be closing soon.

10scene slide wuhu thumbwide
A Toast to Summer
Slideshow, September 7

The Hampton Classic Grand Prix caps off the East End social season; the 9/11 Memorial & Museum benefit dinner is held in Lower Manhattan.

08galleries1 thumbwide
What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week
Weekend, September 7

Treasures from Native artists of North America, a structure with a rotting organic foundation and a trip back to photorealismville are on offer this week.

08barr1 thumbwide
These Obsessive Men of MoMA Furnished Your Modernist Home
Weekend, September 7

The forward drive that Alfred H. Barr Jr. and Philip Johnson embraced seems utterly contemporary — and covetable — today.

07cohen inyt thumbwide
Confederate Statues and American Memory
Op Ed, September 6

To excise history is to risk being punished by it. Remove the statuary but do not consign it to oblivion.

06louvre brief thumbwide
Louvre Abu Dhabi Will (Finally) Open in November
Culture, September 6

After significant delays, the Jean Nouvel-designed museum in the United Arab Emirates is finally scheduled to open.

06still item1 thumbwide
To View Clyfford Still Retrospective, Just Click
Culture, September 5

The website of the Clyfford Still Museum will publish some 450 paintings and 1,750s drawings by the Abstract Expressionist.

00comedy1 thumbwide
Heard the One About Jamestown? State Bets Comedy Can Spark a Revival
Metro, September 5

New York State officials have invested nearly $10 million in a National Comedy Center, hoping it draws people to a city where the poverty level is around 29 percent.

10hockneyjp3 thumbwide
David Hockney, Contrarian, Shifts Perspectives
Arts & Leisure, September 5

Mr. Hockney’s new paintings are riveting in their spatial distortions. A born colorist, he’d rather be a Cubist.

06lineyekula1 thumbwide
Faustin Linyekula: Remember His Name (and Country and Past)
Culture, September 5

For this Congolese choreographer, who has three projects in New York this fall, dance is a form of poetry and storytelling written with the body.

10italy2 thumbwide
Among the Masters at the Ferrari and Lamborghini Museums
Travel, September 4

The designs are dazzling at three automobile museums in Italy. And then you get to drive.

02metbreuer desk thumbwide
The Fall’s Most Fascinating Art Show? The Met Trying to Fix Itself
Arts & Leisure, September 4

The museum is searching for a director. Maybe it’s time for a woman to assume control.

04gehry1 thumbwide
Frank Gehry to Design Museum for Architectural Gems (and Model Trains)
Culture, September 3

A few blocks away from Mass MoCA, the new museum will feature models of famous buildings and trains.

10artlisting2 thumbwide
A West Coast Spotlight on Latino Artists Leads the Fall Art Season
Arts & Leisure, September 3

“Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA” with some 70 museum exhibitions, is a must-see in a season of old masters, overdue solos and big surveys.

03sun3 articleinline
Can Melania Trump Rise Above It All?
Opinion, September 2

Stiletto heels won’t help, but she could bring some grace to the chaos.

Scaffold pix thumbwide
Dakota Plan to Bury, Not Burn, ‘Scaffold’ Sculpture
Culture, September 1

A Dakota representative said the remains of Sam Durant’s sculpture would be taken to an undisclosed location in Minnesota.

03guide7 thumbwide
A Century of Jacob Lawrence
Arts & Leisure, September 1

A new exhibition illuminates Lawrence’s inspiration and his enduring influence.

01listart thumbwide
Art and Museums in NYC This Week
Weekend, August 31

Our guide to new art shows, and some that will be closing soon.

31insider capsule a thumbwide
1999-2001 | Planning for Readers in the Fourth Millennium
Insider, August 31

Jack Rosenthal, a New York Times editor, developed a time capsule of objects representing everyday life. It is not to be opened until the year 3000.

31photo item thumbwide
With New Arts Space in San Francisco, a Private Collection Becomes Public
Culture, August 31

The McEvoy Foundation for the Arts, opening Oct. 28, will display photographs and other works Nion McEvoy has amassed.

01maiolino1 thumbwide
Weekend in Los Angeles: That Touch of Brazil
Weekend, August 30

The Museum of Contemporary Art, in the shadow of new downtown arrivals, soars with the first American retrospective of Anna Maria Maiolino’s work.

31tb nova1 thumbwide
Casting Light on Mystery of a Star That Vanished After 14 Days
Science, August 30

First spotted by Korean astronomers in 1437, scientists have found it again in the form of a violent star system that experienced a nova explosion.

01berkshiretour1 thumbwide
Berkshire Tour: Formalism Relaxes, Handcraft Goes Digital
Weekend, August 30

Shows of work by Helen Frankenthaler at the Clark and Elizabeth King at Mass MoCA capture two risk-taking artists.

31instagram1 thumbwide
New York City’s Newest Hot Spot? Check Instagram
Metro, August 30

Tourists are visiting popular attractions that they see on Instagram, like the pink doors of a restaurant or a candy store.

31instagram thumbwide
Bouncing Off the Walls
Culture, August 30

Daniil Simkin takes over the Guggenheim Rotunda with a high-tech show, “Falls the Shadow.”

30newseum1 thumbwide
Newseum’s Leader Resigns Amid Review of Finances
Culture, August 29

Jeffrey Herbst, the president and chief executive of the Newseum, had been in the post since 2015. The museum has struggled financially, and its building in Washington could be sold.

360 danish museum articleinline
Reimagining a Nazi Bunker
Video, August 29

On the shores of Denmark, the massive Tirpitz bunker, which was built by the Nazis, is now part of a new museum. Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group, the Tirpitz Museum features exhibitions about World War II, western Denmark and a collection of Danish amber.

30guggenheimsimkin1 thumbwide
Dancing With High-Tech Shadows at the Guggenheim
Arts, August 28

Daniil Simkin’s “Falls the Shadow” uses infrared cameras, computers and projections to add another layer to the movement — “like a big dress.”

29seaport1 articleinline
South Street Seaport Museum Gets City Funds to Restore Lightship
Arts, August 28

The museum will receive $4.5 million to stabilize and restore the lightship Ambrose, which guided vessels into lower New York Bay from 1908 to 1932.

27ejebe 1503335696892 thumbwide
Flowers and a Card Got Her Attention
Fashion & Style, August 26

The couple met through a mutual friend, but an old-fashioned gesture from Mr. Savoye was what made the match.

27mundos1 articleinline
For Latino Artists in Sci-Fi Show, Everyone’s an Alien
Arts, August 25

This fall, 70 transcultural museum shows will explore Los Angeles’s ties to Latin America in a far-reaching survey, “Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA.”

27guide5 thumbwide
At MoMA, a Weeklong Tribute to Early 3-D
Movies, August 25

Though one critic scoffed about “an unspeakable strain on the eyes,” a festival gives experiments in three-dimensional moviemaking a second chance.

25listart articleinline
Art and Museums in NYC This Week
Arts, August 24

Our guide to new art shows, and some that will be closing soon.

25galleries1 thumbwide
What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week
Arts, August 24

Works from three generations of Inuit artists with common concerns but divergent styles, and the interdisciplinary artist Sable Elyse Smith.

Museum Visitors Damage 800-Year-Old Coffin by Putting Child in It for Photo
Arts, August 24

It was the latest case of visitors damaging exhibits with risky behavior. “Nowadays, everything is a photo opportunity,” a museum expert said.