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Most of ‘Luzia,’ a 12,000-Year-Old Fossil, Is Recovered After Brazil Museum Fire
Foreign, Yesterday

The museum director said that 80 percent of the fossil had been found after a huge fire ripped through the National Museum last month.

19nauman1 articleinline
Bruce Nauman Reappears: Pay Attention
Arts, October 19

“Disappearing Acts” lets us see with clarity where the artist stands and why he is pertinent to our wrenching moment.

Merlin 145031247 e2ff3ea7 8f06 4fe9 ac71 5d5102c811ff articleinline
At MoMA, Judson Dance Looks Back With Anger and Toughness
Arts, October 19

Remarkable revivals of pieces by Deborah Hay and David Gordon show that Judson Dance Theater’s works remain radical still.

21week film thumbwide v2
The Week in Arts: ‘Wildlife,’ Terrence McNally, American Ballet Theater
Arts & Leisure, October 19

With barely contained fury, Carey Mulligan stars as a Montana housewife in Paul Dano’s directorial debut.

19boss item thumbwide
Simone Leigh Wins Guggenheim’s Hugo Boss Prize
Culture, October 18

For more than 25 years, Ms. Leigh has explored the experiences and social histories of black women through the ceramic tradition.

19listings art thumbwide
21 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Weekend, October 18

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

Merlin 145226643 08e4431e 4741 4fea bd4d 9c89924d9c70 articleinline
Met and Brooklyn Museums Will Not Use Saudi Money for Programs on the Middle East
Arts, October 18

As more details emerged about the fate of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the museums said they would use their own money for events originally supported by Saudi funds.

Merlin 143738127 6f921a19 7ff7 4663 a4f9 99db5f5c6469 thumbwide
These Food ‘Museums’ Want to Tease Your Palate and Dominate Your Instagram
Travel, October 18

Pop-up food experiences are growing in popularity around the globe, and these destinations encourage you to enjoy free samples and take plenty of photos.

18tmag frogs slide ze7k thumbwide
Frogs Are Disappearing. What Does That Mean?
T Style, October 18

For ages, they have been symbols in human culture — of fertility, gastronomy and now the alt-right movement. But these noble amphibians are declining in numbers.

19showwall1 thumbwide
She Loves a Good Aria. And Eskimo Goggles.
Weekend, October 17

Ann Ziff’s eclectic art collection is the product of decades she and her husband spent searching for things they loved to live with.

18enwezor thumbwide
Mismanagement, and a Scientology Scandal, Blamed in Munich Museum Chief’s Ouster
Culture, October 17

Okwui Enwezor was hired to head the Haus der Kunst with fanfare in 2011. But in the wake of his exit in June, questions arose about his tenure.

19sarahlucas1 thumbwide
Is Sarah Lucas Right for the #MeToo Moment?
Weekend, October 16

Ms. Lucas, whose career survey is on view at the New Museum, was part of a punk-era correction around class and gender. Now, with disintegrating borders and fluid genders, her art is being tested.

Merlin 135636171 c577f0d8 2e2b 4b15 a8ad 67d7ca3b421a thumbwide
When All Else Fails, There’s Culture
Op Ed, October 16

As avenues toward peace hit a dead end, many Palestinians invest their time and resources in the arts.

17nightwatch director item thumbwide
Rembrandt’s ‘Night Watch’ to Undergo Years of Restoration
Culture, October 16

The portrait holds pride of place in the Rijksmuseum, the Dutch national museum, and will remain on display so the public can see the process.

Merlin 145158483 fe6255bb a621 4807 b9d2 5fe2637e53ea thumbwide
Add Art to an Opulent Dinner
Dining, October 15

A new line of serving ware from the Whitney Museum relies on the designs of Sol LeWitt.

13saudi museums1 thumbwide
Museums Forced to Reassess Saudi Ties Amid Uproar Over Journalist’s Fate
Culture, October 12

Cultural institutions in the United States have welcomed relationships with Saudi Arabia to help build understanding and fund ambitious programs.

13chicagoart item thumbwide
A Tadao Ando-Designed Exhibition Space Opens in Chicago
Culture, October 12

Wrightwood 659, founded by the entrepreneur Fred Eychaner and Dan Whittaker, an architectural historian, is dedicated to architecture and activist art.

Merlin 144891150 26b860a1 f66d 4dde af7c d252cc43b760 articleinline
An Enthralling Show of Afro-Atlantic History Illuminates Brazil
Arts, October 12

With more than 200 artists, the São Paulo exhibition is a hemispheric treasure chest about resistance to racism. Its timing is apt.

12nationalmuseum1 thumbwide
A Restoration Brings Sweden’s Nationalmuseum Into the 21st Century
Weekend, October 12

When it opened in 1866, the museum in Stockholm was one of Europe’s most modern. An ambitious overhaul aims to return it to that position.

Merlin 144423117 d7a51594 3b13 4006 9970 799dc1dd3e71 thumbwide
In Deutschland reißt ein neues Museum alte Wunden auf
Arts & Leisure, October 12

Mit dem Humboldt Forum, das 2019 eröffnet werden soll, wollte sich das Land selbstbewusst und weltoffen präsentieren. Stattdessen ist eine hitzige Debatte über Deutschlands koloniale Vergangenheit entbrannt.

Merlin 144423117 d7a51594 3b13 4006 9970 799dc1dd3e71 thumbwide
A New Museum Opens Old Wounds in Germany
Arts & Leisure, October 12

The Humboldt Forum, set to open in 2019, was meant to show the Germany as confident and open to the world. But it has ignited a debate about the past.

12hilma10 thumbwide
‘Hilma Who?’ No More
Weekend, October 11

Spiritual sparks helped inspire the radical and visionary art of Hilma af Klint, the new (old) name to know. Her work is on view at the Guggenheim.

12list art thumbwide
21 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Weekend, October 11

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

12charleswhite10 thumbwide
Charles White Was a Giant, Even Among the Heroes He Painted
Weekend, October 11

At the Museum of Modern Art, the first full-scale look at Charles White’s career in about three decades traces a broad pattern of 20th-century African-American life.

15huyghe3 thumbwide
Pierre Huyghe Reads Our Minds, and Discovers a New Art Form
Weekend, October 11

In a commanding new exhibition at London’s Serpentine Galleries, the French artist makes images directly from brain activity — and adds 10,000 flies for good measure.

12deanalawson7 thumbwide
Deana Lawson Reveals Hidden Grandeur in Her Uncanny Portraits
Weekend, October 11

She constructs scenes of African-Americans that merge life with the strangeness of dreams. “Her ability to get people to drop their guard is stunning,” a curator says.

11gift item image thumbwide
Peggy Cooper Cafritz Leaves Collection to Two Arts Institutions
Culture, October 10

Ms. Cafritz bequeathed over 650 works of art to the Studio Museum in Harlem and the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington.

11newarkmuseum item1 thumbwide
Newark Museum Names New Director
Culture, October 10

Linda Harrison, who will also be the chief executive, comes from the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco.

10costume new thumbwide
Met Costume Institute Embraces ‘Camp’ for 2019 Blockbuster Show
Culture, October 9

After “Heavenly Bodies,” the museum will celebrate the profane and the pop.

10rockhall thumbwide v2
Janet Jackson, Stevie Nicks and Def Leppard Nominated for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Culture, October 9

The 15 acts eligible for the class of 2019 also include Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine, the Cure and Devo.

Merlin 144816729 2e9386aa 9325 4284 a62f 94d42bab7b62 thumbwide
A 12th Century Relic Meets a 21st Century Technology
Metro, October 7

Curators enlisted a drone to survey damage to the Fuentidueña apse, which dates to the 12th century, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Cloisters in Northern Manhattan.

06sword thumbwide
8-Year-Old Girl Pulls Pre-Viking Sword From Lake in Sweden
Foreign, October 6

Saga Vanacek recovered a sword lost for more than a thousand years, and kept the find secret for months while archaeologists surveyed the site.

06helfand1 thumbwide
William Helfand, a Collector Intrigued by Quackery, Dies at 92
Culture, October 5

Mr. Helfand’s collection of posters and prints for dubious medical cures was formidable. It is now spread among assorted museums.

07sundayscene slide 906g thumbwide
A Farm-to-Table Fund-Raiser
Slideshow, October 5

Galas were held last week for the Stone Barns Center, the American Folk Art Museum and the United Hospital Fund.

06loot4 thumbwide
The Nazi Downstairs: A Jewish Woman’s Tale of Hiding in Her Home
Culture, October 5

A search for a lost masterpiece uncovered a woman’s harrowing account of escaping deportation, and possibly death, while spying on a Nazi at close range.

Merlin 144417720 266e61db 40b8 4ee1 89ed 1db6c9825c47 articleinline
Why Did Leonardo Draw These Weird Faces?
Arts, October 5

Some scholars see doodles, and others an artist trying to understand the range of human emotion. The faces are the focus of a new exhibit in the Netherlands.

07maja1 thumbwide
Maja Hoffmann Fights to Build Her Cultural Capital in Arles, France
Arts & Leisure, October 5

Imagining her city transformed by art, a “rainmaker” takes on a role once reserved for planners.

05list arts1 thumbwide
24 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Weekend, October 4

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

05harrypotter magic12 thumbwide
Spellbound by Harry Potter and the Museum of Magic
Weekend, October 4

At the New-York Historical Society, a glimpse of the folkloric, cultural and scientific influences on the magic of the popular series.

05whiteread1 thumbwide
Ghosts of the Past, Embalmed in White Plaster
Weekend, October 4

Rachel Whiteread has spent decades making sculptures out of empty spaces. A retrospective at the National Gallery of Art is a model of her commitment.

Merlin 144774054 1131552a 7d56 4a4e 8619 051b58b08460 articleinline
Judge Rules in MoMA Suit: Cafe Must Change Its Name
Arts, October 3

A preliminary injunction comes in a trademark infringement case over a cafe-art gallery, originally known as MoMaCha, on the Lower East Side.

Merlin 144576714 6814ad1f bce9 4ead 8db0 836a89d1ad9f thumbwide
More Museums Are Popping Up, Annoying Their Neighbors
Business, October 2

The number has doubled since 1990, and more are planned. But communities worried about noise and traffic are starting to push back.

Charles white slide 7rsf thumbwide
The Man Who Taught a Generation of Black Artists Gets His Own Retrospective
T Style, September 28

When he died in 1979, Charles White had been influential, both in and outside of the art world. Now, a coming show at MoMA resurrects the American master.

Merlin 144314004 041cd4d0 7423 4f5b b62d f8d2bfcfb20a thumbwide
Finding Common Ground at El Museo del Barrio
Weekend, September 27

Two shows attempt to bridge the rift in a museum’s mission: to honor its Barrio roots — and reach a global audience.

28list art thumbwide
22 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Weekend, September 27

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

23week pop thumbwide
The Week in Arts: Blood Orange, Glenn Close, Black Power Art in Brooklyn
Arts & Leisure, September 27

The British R&B artist Dev Hynes comes to New York, and Glenn Close plays Joan of Arc’s mother.

Oakimage 1537980761741 thumbwide
A ’70s Performance Artist Finds a New Audience
T Style, September 26

Stephen Varble, whose works confront gender and commercialism, will be the subject of a retrospective — more than three decades after his death.

Merlin 143704068 92d16590 b779 4bac aa3b 99597e7c870e thumbwide
The Existential Void of the Pop-Up ‘Experience’
Culture, September 26

I went to as many Instagramable “museums,” “factories” and “mansions” as I could. They nearly broke me.

28showwall promo thumbwide
In a Bronx Home, Look Up to See a Mythical Creature
Weekend, September 26

The new director of the Bronx Museum of the Arts designed her apartment around a colorful work by a lifelong mentor, the printmaker Robert Blackburn.

Merlin 144309648 fd3ec77d 3c8a 4aad 87f0 42c178d5f9f2 thumbwide
John Putnam, the Melville of the South Street Seaport, Dies at 82
Obits, September 25

Mr. Putnam spent decades bringing New York’s maritime history to life as a resident museum historian and an impersonator of the author of “Moby-Dick.”

20muslim fashions11 thumbwide
Mediating Faith and Style: Museums Awake to Muslim Fashions
Arts & Leisure, September 25

Max Hollein’s show at the de Young brings “modest fashion” into the modern museum age.

23sanmarco1 thumbwide v2
What Happens to a Hub of Renaissance Florence When the Friars Move Out?
Foreign, September 25

The San Marco convent, central to the legacies of Fra Angelico and Savonarola, is closing, a victim of the Roman Catholic Church’s dwindling clergy ranks.

Merlin 144093723 72e7babc 3bd7 4b8e bdf1 ded1ec635136 thumbwide
F.B.I. and Expert Reports Cast Doubt That Celebrated Stovepipe Hat Was Lincoln’s
Express, September 23

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum has long boasted of an iconic stovepipe hat, but undisclosed reports cast doubt that Lincoln ever owned it.