1. Your Thursday Briefing N Y T Now, Today

    Fears grow about Ukraine’s imperiled nuclear plant.

  2. Soldiers Massing Near Ukrainian Nuclear Plant, U.N. Official Warns Foreign, Yesterday

    Amid signs of offensives and counteroffensives, concern is rekindling about what it will mean for the biggest nuclear plant in Europe.

  3. Yesterday’s Russia Ukraine News live blog included three standalone posts:
  4. Even as U.S. Beckons, European Leaders Head to Beijing Foreign, Yesterday

    China is trying to improve relations with the European Union just as the United States is pushing the bloc to pick sides.

  5. The March 28 Russia Ukraine News live blog included two standalone posts:
  6. Amid Ruins and Explosions, Some Ukrainians Refuse to Leave Home Foreign, March 28

    In Avdiivka, as in Bakhmut and other devastated places on the front lines, most residents left long ago, but there are holdouts.

  7. State Dept. Proposes Joint Tribunal to Try Russian Leaders Washington, March 28

    The proposed court, a joint effort by Ukraine and other nations, would investigate the Kremlin for the crime of aggression, but there’s a catch: President Vladimir V. Putin could be immune from prosecution.

  8. A Child’s Drawing, a Dad’s Antiwar Posts, and Russia’s Latest Orphan Foreign, March 28

    Rights activists worry that the separation of a teenage girl and her father after they criticized the war in Ukraine might signal a toughening of the crackdown on dissent.

  9. Olympics Open Path for Russians to Qualify for Paris 2024 Sports, March 28

    Dodging a contentious debate on participation, Olympic officials instead issued rules that could allow athletes from Russia and Belarus to earn places in next year’s Games.

  10. A Russian father flees before a conviction that may keep his daughter in an orphanage. Foreign, March 28

    Aleksei Moskalyov was convicted over antiwar comments on social media that came to light after his daughter made a drawing at school.

  11. Torture and Turmoil at Ukrainian Nuclear Plant: An Insider’s Account Foreign, March 28

    The former director of Europe’s largest nuclear facility describes abuse of Ukrainian workers and careless practices by the Russians who took control of the plant.

  12. A Plan to Lift the Fog of War in Ukraine? It’s in the Cards. Foreign, March 28

    To help soldiers quickly distinguish friend from foe, the Pentagon is issuing playing cards with pictures of 52 different NATO weapons systems.

  13. De Instagram a la lista de terroristas de Rusia: el caso de Olesya Krivtsova En español, March 28

    La intensificación de la represión por parte del Kremlin se ha extendido a las redes sociales, y su ejemplo más emblemático es el de una joven rusa de 20 años.

  14. U.N. Official Heads to Ukrainian Nuclear Plant as Safety Fears Grow Foreign, March 27

    The official met with President Volodymyr Zelensky to discuss the Zaporizhzhia plant, amid worries that a Ukrainian offensive could raise the already-high risk of disaster.

  15. World Bank Warns of ‘Lost Decade’ for Global Economic Potential Washington, March 27

    Adding to crises like the pandemic, recent stress in the banking system is a new threat to world growth, experts at the organization said.

  16. Restoring a Giant Plane: Ukrainian Resilience or Folly? Foreign, March 27

    Ukraine, with far more pressing needs, plans to rebuild the colossal Mriya cargo plane, a symbol of pride that was destroyed last year in a battle for its airfield.

  17. The March 27 Russia Ukraine News live blog included one standalone post:
  18. Your Monday Briefing N Y T Now, March 27

    Mass protests in Israel.

  19. Putin Says He Could Put Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Belarus by Summer Foreign, March 26

    The proposal from President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, talked of since last year, would be provocative without changing the West’s battlefield calculus in Ukraine.

  20. They Left Town as Convicts. Will They Be Buried as Heroes? Foreign, March 26

    As thousands of ex-prisoners fight and die in Ukraine, honoring their memory is becoming a patriotic imperative in Russia. But some committed crimes their old neighbors cannot forget.

  21. Bakhmut Battle ‘Could Be Stabilized,’Ukrainian General Says, but Fighting Remains Intense Foreign, March 25

    The battle for the city has been the most violent of recent months, creating an increasingly dire humanitarian crisis for the few remaining civilians.

  22. Stolen Valor: The U.S. Volunteers in Ukraine Who Lie, Waste and Bicker Foreign, March 25

    People who would not be allowed anywhere near the battlefield in a U.S.-led war are active on the Ukrainian front, with ready access to American weapons.

  23. No Letup in Bakhmut as Ukraine and Russia Brace for Battles Elsewhere Foreign, March 24

    Both sides expect a Ukrainian offensive while the Bakhmut fight continues, but the head of the Wagner mercenary group said Russia must be clearer about its goals.

  24. Support Grows to Have Russia Pay for Ukraine’s Rebuilding Business, March 24

    Although U.S. officials have cautioned against seizing Russia’s reserves in foreign banks, others say it’s “crazy” not to after Moscow’s war of aggression.

  25. Senators Urge Biden to Send Evidence of Russian War Crimes to the I.C.C. Washington, March 24

    Despite Pentagon resistance, a bipartisan group stressed that Congress had voted to legalize support for the court’s Ukraine war investigations.

  26. Famed Antiwar Protester Was Once Cog in Russia’s Propaganda Machine Foreign, March 24

    For 20 years, Marina Ovsyannikova worked for Russian state TV. What compelled her, shortly after Ukraine was invaded, to storm a live broadcast and tell viewers they were being lied to?

  27. From Combat in Ukraine to Rehab in Minnesota, With No Time to Waste Foreign, March 24

    War has forced Ukraine to become skilled at treating amputees, but there are too many for its overtaxed medical workers. Some are finding their way to a prosthetics clinic in Minnesota.

  28. A Refuge for Russians and Ukrainians, Bali Rethinks Its Open-Door Policy Foreign, March 24

    After multiple accounts of tourists behaving badly, its governor wants Russia and Ukraine to lose access to Indonesia’s visa-on-arrival program.

  29. From Rockets to Ball Bearings, Pentagon Struggles to Feed War Machine Washington, March 24

    The flow of arms to Ukraine has exposed a worrisome lack of production capacity in the United States that has its roots in the end of the Cold War.

  30. As Zelensky Visits Kherson, World Bank Says Ukraine Needs $411 Billion to Rebuild Foreign, March 23

    The bank released a significantly higher figure as European Union leaders approved plans to provide Kyiv with one million artillery shells over the next 12 months.

  31. The world organization for track and field keeps its ban on Russia and Belarus, adding to Olympic debate. Foreign, March 23

    Another similar ban by the council that oversees ice hockey shows the issue has not waned.

  32. The March 23 Russia Ukraine News live blog included one standalone post:
  33. Your Friday Briefing: U.S. Lawmakers Blast TikTok’s C.E.O. N Y T Now, March 23

    Also, a World Bank estimate on the cost to rebuild Ukraine and a prison sentence for India’s opposition leader.

  34. Spain’s prime minister plans to visit Beijing for talks on China’s contentious peace proposal. Foreign, March 23

    China has been trying to build support for its proposal to start peace talks, but Ukraine’s allies hold that its call for an immediate cease-fire would only help Russia consolidate territorial gains.

  35. Slovakia Makes Its First Delivery of Pledged Soviet-Era Fighter Jets to Ukraine Foreign, March 23

    The arrival of the aging MIG-29s is not expected to significantly change battlefield dynamics, and the planes will most likely be used for spare parts for Ukraine’s own Soviet-era jets.

  36. China’s Rise Relied on Ties to the West, Which Xi Is Now Loosening Business, March 23

    The Chinese leader has edged ever closer to Russia, while distancing China from countries that have helped it develop over the past four decades.

  37. ‘Give Me an Abrams!’ Ukrainian Tank Commanders Grow Impatient. Foreign, March 23

    For now, they are holding on with inferior Soviet-era tanks, but relish the idea of taking on the Russians with modern Western battle tanks.

  38. Zelensky Makes Morale-Boosting Trip to Bakhmut Foreign, March 22

    The Ukrainian leader also condemned a deadly Russian missile attack against an apartment building in Zaporizhzhia.

  39. The DeSantis Foreign Policy: Hard Power, but With a High Bar Politics, March 22

    The Florida governor has never been the internationalist that some old-guard Republicans wanted or imagined him to be. A close reading of his record reveals how he might lead the U.S. abroad.

  40. Britain’s Prince William thanks Poland’s president for supporting Ukraine. Foreign, March 22

    He met with President Andrzej Duda on the second day of his visit to Poland.

  41. Britain defends supplying Ukraine with weapons containing depleted uranium. Foreign, March 22

    President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia falsely claimed the material had a “nuclear component.” Many armies, including Russia’s, use it in weapons.

  42. In a Brother Act With Putin, Xi Reveals China’s Fear of Containment Foreign, March 22

    Instead of focusing on a solution to the war in Ukraine, the Chinese leader’s visit to Moscow reinforced China and Russia’s shared opposition to American dominance.

  43. The Monks in the Middle of Russia’s War in Ukraine Interactive, March 22

    A war-fueled rift between the living clerics loyal to Moscow and those loyal to Kyiv is coming to a head.

  44. She Posted Online About the War in Ukraine. Then She Faced a Prison Term. Foreign, March 22

    The case of Olesya Krivtsova, a Russian student who ended up on the Kremlin’s official terrorist list, has underscored the perils of using social media to criticize the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine.

  45. The U.S. Is Not an Indispensable Peacemaker Editorial, March 22

    America needs to accept more peacemakers in the world.

  46. Xi and Putin Bind China and Russia’s Economies Further, Despite War in Ukraine Foreign, March 21

    On the second day of the Chinese leader’s state visit in Moscow, Xi Jinping and Vladimir V. Putin declared an enduring economic partnership, in an effort to insulate their countries from punitive Western measures.

  47. Your Wednesday Briefing: China, Japan Divided on Ukraine N Y T Now, March 21

    Also, an I.M.F. loan to Sri Lanka and the Japan-U.S. final in the World Baseball Classic.

  48. Here is what Putin and Xi agreed to in Moscow. Foreign, March 21

    The two leaders did not reveal any progress toward achieving peace in Ukraine.

  49. Ukrainian Soldiers Speed Through U.S. Training on Patriot Missiles Washington, March 21

    At the end of a 10-week crash course at a U.S. Army base in Oklahoma, the Ukrainians are essentially running their own training in preparation for the front lines.

  50. Its Forces Under Siege, Ukraine Hits Distant, Russian-Held Crimea Foreign, March 21

    The Crimean Peninsula, which Russia seized in 2014, has been a staging ground for other attacks and an increasingly attractive target for Ukraine.

  51. The March 21 Russia Ukraine News live blog included one standalone post:
  52. Reconstructing Kyiv, One Synth Wave at a Time Culture, March 21

    “Kyiv Eternal,” by the composer and sound artist Heinali (real name Oleh Shpudeiko), submerges listeners in the sounds of the prewar Ukrainian capital.

  53. Justice Dept. Embraces Supporting Role in Pursuing War Crimes in Ukraine Washington, March 21

    Prosecutors are investigating war crimes against Americans but are mainly focused on helping Ukraine to hold Russians accountable for atrocities.

  54. As War in Ukraine Grinds On, China Helps Refill Russian Drone Supplies Business, March 21

    China has shipped more than $12 million in drones to Russia since it invaded Ukraine, in an indication of quiet collaboration between the two.

  55. Putin y Xi celebran la colaboración de sus países, a pesar de la guerra de Rusia en Ucrania En español, March 21

    El presidente ruso, Vladimir Putin, le dio la bienvenida a Xi Jinping, el máximo dirigente chino, y mencionó brevemente el plan de paz de Pekín para Ucrania, sin dejar de subrayar la sólida cooperación entre Moscú y Pekín.

  56. Japan’s Prime Minister Becomes Latest G7 Leader to Visit Ukraine Foreign, March 21

    Fumio Kishida, who has been seeking a more active role for his country in international affairs, made an unannounced trip to meet with Ukraine’s president.

  57. An explosion in Crimea destroyed Russian cruise missiles, Ukrainian officials say. Foreign, March 20

    Kremlin-appointed authorities in Crimea denied the claim saying that all the drones had been “aimed at civilian objects.”

  58. Putin and Xi Celebrate Ties Unbroken by Russia’s War in Ukraine Foreign, March 20

    President Vladimir V. Putin welcomed Xi Jinping, China’s top leader, to Russia, briefly noting Beijing’s peace plan for Ukraine but stressing Moscow and Beijing’s enduring partnership.

  59. Blinken Says Xi’s Visit to Moscow Offers ‘Diplomatic Cover’ for Putin’s War Crimes Washington, March 20

    The U.S. secretary of state said the Chinese leader’s visit indicated that Beijing felt “no responsibility” to hold Russia accountable for atrocities in Ukraine.

  60. War Crimes Charges Against Putin Letters, March 20

    Reaction to an international court’s arrest warrant for the Russian leader. Also: Labor in Qatar; working in the office; family policy; public housing.

  61. Besides China, Russia Maintains Warm Relations With These Countries Foreign, March 20

    India and South Africa are among the nations that have not criticized Russia for invading Ukraine. Some others have supplied military aid.

  62. En tiempos de guerra, Dubái se volvió un puerto seguro para las élites rusas En español, March 20

    En los barrios exclusivos y los centros comerciales palaciegos de la mayor ciudad de los Emiratos Árabes Unidos, los rusos ricos pueden volver a empezar sin tener que cortar los lazos con su país de origen.

  63. Why China and Russia Are Closer Than Ever Foreign, March 20

    This week’s meeting between the leaders of China and Russia marks another key moment in the deepening relationship between the two powers.

  64. Some Details on the Agenda for Xi Jinping’s Visit to Russia Foreign, March 20

    The Chinese leader is expected to talk to Vladimir V. Putin about Ukraine and other issues.

  65. The March 19 Russia Ukraine Xi Putin News live blog included one standalone post:
  66. Xi Heads to Russia, Praising Putin and Saying Little About Ukraine Foreign, March 20

    China is calling Xi Jinping’s visit a “trip for peace,” but he is unlikely to risk straining the country’s ties with Russia and President Vladimir V. Putin.

  67. Your Monday Briefing: Putin and Xi to Meet in Moscow N Y T Now, March 19

    Also, Donald Trump says his arrest is imminent and UBS agrees to buy Credit Suisse.

  68. Protecting and Defending Ukraine’s Cultural Identity Culture, March 19

    A festival responds to the assaults and insults of war by celebrating the composer who shaped the nation’s contemporary music, Borys Liatoshynsky.

  69. The Happiness (or Sadness) of Progressives Letters, March 19

    Readers respond to David Brooks’s column about sadness among progressives. Also: Fleeing Oklahoma; Swiss neutrality and Ukraine; homeless in America.

  70. China as Peacemaker in the Ukraine War? The U.S. and Europe Are Skeptical. Washington, March 19

    Chinese officials say Xi Jinping’s upcoming trip to Moscow is a peace mission. But U.S. and European officials say he aims to bolster Vladimir V. Putin.

  71. Inch by Bloody Inch in Ukraine War, Russia Is Closing In on Bakhmut Foreign, March 19

    Sending unarmed “diggers” into the front lines and near certain death, Russian troops are making slow but inexorable progress.

  72. Defiant Putin Visits Mariupol, a City Razed by Russian Forces Foreign, March 19

    The trip was the Russian leader’s first to territory his forces captured since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and came shortly after an international court issued a warrant for his arrest for war crimes.

  73. Russia Signals It Will Take More Ukrainian Children, a Crime in Progress Foreign, March 18

    The International Criminal Court’s arrest warrant for President Vladimir V. Putin highlights a practice that the Kremlin has not concealed and says will continue.

  74. Putin Visits Occupied Crimea, a Day After War-Crimes Warrant Foreign, March 18

    President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia marked the anniversary of his illegal seizure of the Ukrainian peninsula, signaling defiance to the world and business as usual to his own people.

  75. In Stoic Ukraine, Stony Faces Are Starting to Crack and to Cry Foreign, March 18

    Although Ukrainians excel at putting up a brave front, a tremendous amount of suffering is being kept bottled up and sometimes bursts out.

  76. China’s Leader Will Visit Putin Under Shadow of War-Crimes Warrant Foreign, March 17

    Global divisions over Russia’s actions in Ukraine widened as China said Xi Jinping would go to Russia to help make peace, in a move widely seen as a stark sign of support for President Vladimir V. Putin.

  77. Arrest Warrant From Criminal Court Pierces Putin’s Aura of Impunity Foreign, March 17

    A highly symbolic move by the International Criminal Court, which accused President Vladimir V. Putin of war crimes, carries moral weight.

  78. Met Opera Ordered to Pay Anna Netrebko $200,000 for Canceled Performances Culture, March 17

    The company cut ties with the star Russian soprano for her refusal to denounce Vladimir Putin after the invasion of Ukraine. An arbitrator said it must pay her under the terms of her contract.

  79. Here’s what to know about the I.C.C.’s arrest warrant for Putin. Foreign, March 17

    The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for President Vladimir V. Putin and a Russian official for war crimes. Here’s a look at the warrant and what it could mean for Russia’s leader.

  80. The March 17 Russia Ukraine Putin News live blog included three standalone posts:
  81. Turkey’s Erdogan Finally Endorses Finland’s NATO Bid, but Not Sweden’s Foreign, March 17

    With a difficult election coming in May, the Turkish president keeps insisting that Sweden is harboring alleged Kurdish terrorists and other dissidents.

  82. International Criminal Court Calls for Putin’s Arrest Video, March 17

    Arrest warrants were issued for President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and Maria Lvova-Belova, Russia’s commissioner for children’s rights, for the abduction and deportation of Ukrainian children.

  83. Museums Rename Artworks and Artists as Ukrainian, Not Russian Culture, March 17

    A year into the war, institutions face pressure to note the Ukrainian roots of artworks and artists long described as Russian. It’s not always simple to write a wall label.

  84. More MIG fighters will help Ukraine, but what Kyiv really wants are F-16s. Foreign, March 17

    Ukrainian officials and military analysts do not expect the MIG jets pledged so far by Poland and Slovakia to fundamentally alter the battle in the skies.

  85. Turkey’s Erdogan endorses Finland’s NATO bid. Foreign, March 17

    Finland joining the alliance after decades of military nonalignment would be a major shift and represents a significant diplomatic and strategic defeat for Russia.

  86. Xi, Cast as Peacemaker, Wades Into Russia’s War in Ukraine Foreign, March 17

    China’s top leader, Xi Jinping, is expected to meet with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia next week and speak with President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine.

  87. As Dreams of Peace Wither, Nightmares Flourish in Ukraine’s Sleep Foreign, March 17

    A survey asked hundreds of wartime Ukrainians what they dreamed about. Many replied: the war.

  88. Yevgeny Prigozhin, el líder de un ejército privado ruso que también quiere librar batallas políticas En español, March 17

    En sus intervenciones públicas mezcla declaraciones grandilocuentes y críticas dirigidas al ejército ruso, mientras trata con cuidado a la jerarquía política y con respeto al presidente Vladimir Putin.

  89. Banned From Russian Airspace, U.S. Airlines Look to Restrict Competitors Washington, March 17

    Because of the war in Ukraine, U.S. carriers have to take the long way on flights to and from Asia, giving an advantage to foreign rivals flying the same routes.

  90. Poland Says It Will Arm Ukraine With Warplanes, Raising Stakes Foreign, March 16

    The Polish leader said he would send jets designed by the Soviet Union to help Ukraine fend off Russian forces. It was unclear if other allies might follow suit.

  91. Pentagon Releases Video of U.S. Drone’s Encounter With Russian Jets Washington, March 16

    The 42-second clip shows two Russian fighters spraying the American aircraft with a substance the Pentagon says is jet fuel.

  92. The March 16 Russia Ukraine News live blog included one standalone post:
  93. There Was Ronald Reagan, Calling Out Russia. And Now We Have … Ron DeSantis. Op Ed, March 16

    DeSantis and Trump project weakness and moral ambiguity in the face of a weaker power.

  94. The March 16 Russia Ukraine News live blog included two standalone posts:
  95. Poland says it foiled a Russian spy ring seeking to sabotage arms shipments to Ukraine. Foreign, March 16

    The sabotage, the Polish interior minister said, was planned “at the request of Russian intelligence” and “aimed at paralyzing the supply of equipment, weapons and aid to Ukraine.”

  96. U.S. Releases Video Footage of Drone Incident Video, March 16

    A Russian fighter jet collided with an unarmed U.S. reconnaissance drone before it crashed into the Black Sea.

  97. Ukraine Burns Through Ammunition in Bakhmut, Putting Future Fights at Risk Foreign, March 16

    The military is using thousands of artillery shells a day as it tries to hold the eastern city, which could jeopardize a planned springtime campaign.

  98. The March 15 Russia Ukraine News live blog included three standalone posts:
  99. Ukraine’s Allies Promise Weapons for Spring Counteroffensive Foreign, March 15

    Ukraine and Russia are both running low on ammunition, and both are scrambling to replenish their stocks and gain a competitive edge.

  100. Why the Black Sea Is a Flashpoint Between Russia and the West Foreign, March 15

    It has long been a theater of competition between Russia and the West, a dynamic supercharged by the Ukraine war.

  101. Russia’s Spring Offensive in Ukraine Could Include Cyberattacks, Microsoft Says Washington, March 15

    Moscow also appears to be stepping up influence operations to weaken European and U.S. support for sending more aid to the Ukrainian government.

  102. What We Know So Far About the Downed American Drone Foreign, March 15

    The incident was the first known physical contact between the Russian and American militaries since the war in Ukraine began.

  103. Ukraine’s allies are set to discuss the dwindling ammunition supply. Foreign, March 15

  104. Russian Warplane Hits American Drone Over Black Sea, U.S. Says Washington, March 14

    The incident was the first known physical contact between the two militaries since the war in Ukraine began last year.

  105. Putin and Netanyahu Show Why Bad Things Happen to Bad Leaders Op Ed, March 14

    The two leaders have gotten an awful lot wrong.

  106. As Russian Shelling Intensifies, True Liberation Eludes Ukrainian City Foreign, March 14

    Months after Ukrainian forces pushed out Russian occupiers, the city of Kherson remains very much a war zone.

  107. The Black Sea is a crucial theater in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Foreign, March 14

    Long dominated by Russia’s navy, the Black Sea has been the scene of Ukrainian defiance. It’s also been a rare point of agreement between the two countries.

  108. DeSantis, Backing Away From Ukraine, Angers G.O.P. Hawks Politics, March 14

    The Florida governor, who joined Donald Trump in declaring that defending Ukraine from Russia was not a vital interest, drew swift condemnations from establishment Republicans.

  109. Your Wednesday Briefing: A Downed U.S. Drone N Y T Now, March 14

    Also, U.S. markets seem to stabilize and Xi Jinping tightens his control over China’s economy.

  110. ‘I Live in Hell’: The Psychic Wounds of Ukraine’s Soldiers Interactive, March 14

    Inside a psychiatric hospital in Kyiv, the growing mental trauma of the war is written on every soldier’s face.

  111. Russia’s Mercenary Chief Prepares Ground for a Political Advance Foreign, March 14

    Yevgeny Prigozhin says his Wagner force will shrink when the battle for the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut is done. Now he’s maneuvering on the home front, for the favor of President Vladimir V. Putin.

  112. Flood of Russians Alters Life for Countries That Took Them In Foreign, March 14

    Russians, fleeing their country and its war, have quickly reshaped the societies of nations like Georgia and Armenia.

  113. Ron DeSantis Says Protecting Ukraine Is Not a Key U.S. Interest Politics, March 14

    The Florida governor, on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, broke with Republicans to attack President Biden’s foreign policy and align more closely with Donald Trump as he weighs a presidential bid.

  114. Russian Attacks Along a Wide Arc of Ukraine Yield Little but Casualties Foreign, March 13

    Moscow’s forces have stepped up artillery and infantry assaults across eastern Ukraine, trying to improve their position before either side attempts a major breakthrough.

  115. Biden Extends Stay for Thousands of Ukrainians Washington, March 13

    One-year extensions for those who fled in the first months after Russia’s invasion will be granted on a case-by-case basis, officials said.

  116. Your Tuesday Briefing: A U.S. Banking Crisis N Y T Now, March 13

    Also, Russia is set to face war crimes charges and China’s new premier seeks to reassure investors.

  117. The March 13 Russia Ukraine News live blog included four standalone posts:
  118. ‘Navalny’ wins the Oscar for best documentary as the dissident’s wife issues a defiant message. Foreign, March 13

    The film followed Aleksei Navalny, a prominent critic of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, as he investigated his own near-fatal poisoning in 2020.

  119. International Court to Open War Crimes Cases Against Russia, Officials Say Foreign, March 13

    The cases before the International Criminal Court would accuse Russia of abducting Ukrainian children and of deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure.

  120. ‘Russia Outside Russia’: For Elite, Dubai Becomes a Wartime Harbor Foreign, March 13

    In the exclusive neighborhoods and palatial shopping malls of the United Arab Emirates’ biggest city, wealthy Russians can build a new life without having to cut ties to their home country.

  121. The March 13 Russia Ukraine News live blog included two standalone posts:
  122. Something Is Missing From Americans’ Greatest Fears. It’s the Bomb. Editorial, March 13

    Arms control began at a low point during the Cold War. Are we there again?

  123. War in Ukraine Puts Centuries of Swiss Neutrality to the Test Foreign, March 12

    The Alpine state makes arms that Western allies want to send to Kyiv. Swiss law bans this, driving a national debate about whether its concept of neutrality should change.

  124. Ukraine Steps Up Calls for Evacuation of Kupiansk Under Relentless Russian Shelling Foreign, March 12

    Attacks on the northeast town in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine continued on Sunday.

  125. Front Line Shifts in Russia’s and Ukraine’s Battle for Bakhmut, Analysts Say Foreign, March 11

    Britain’s defense intelligence agency said that Russian forces had taken control of most of Bakhmut’s east, but advances farther west might be challenging.

  126. In Fields Sown With Bombs, Ukraine’s Farmers Risk Deadly Harvest Foreign, March 11

    Some who till the breadbaskets of Ukraine have already lost three seasons of planting to war. With mines and cluster bombs widely scattered, normal harvests seem far in the future.

  127. Pasaporte para salir de Rusia: dar a luz en Argentina En español, March 11

    Desde el inicio de la guerra de Ucrania, muchas mujeres rusas embarazadas viajan al país sudamericano donde obtener la ciudadanía es relativamente fácil, si dan a luz ahí.

  128. After Years of Bickering, France and Britain Look for a New Start Foreign, March 10

    The rapport between Emmanuel Macron of France and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of Britain hints at a mending of their countries’ relationship.

  129. Crowds gather to mourn ‘Da Vinci,’ a young Ukrainian soldier killed near Bakhmut. Foreign, March 10

    Dmytro Kotsiubailo, better known as “Da Vinci,” was killed near Bakhmut on March 7.

  130. The Time for Prokofiev’s ‘War and Peace’ Is Now Culture, March 10

    After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, this opera adaptation of Tolstoy seemed unperformable. But in Munich, it has become an urgent antiwar cry.

  131. A (Literal) Passport Out of Russia: Give Birth in Argentina Foreign, March 10

    Since the Ukraine war, pregnant Russians have been flocking to the South American country where obtaining citizenship is relatively easy — if your child is born there.

  132. Georgia drops a draft ‘foreign agents’ law that set off mass protests over parallels to Russia. Foreign, March 10

    Although the U-turn was considered a victory for civil society, activists on both sides of the issue suggested that the fight was not over.

  133. Biden and E.U. Leader Seek Common Ground on Trade and Ukraine Washington, March 10

    President Biden and the European Commission president met to discuss how to effectively counter Russia and a potential trade deal for electric vehicles.

  134. Why Russia Has Such a Strong Grip on Europe’s Nuclear Power Business, March 10

    New energy sources to replace oil and natural gas have been easier to find than kicking the dependency on Rosatom, the state-owned nuclear superstore.

  135. Russia Blasts Ukrainian Cities, Including Biggest Use of Advanced Missiles Foreign, March 10

    Of 81 missiles fired, six were hypersonic weapons, among Russia’s newest and most advanced, which are all but impossible to shoot down.

  136. Here’s why experts are concerned about the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant’s safety risks. Foreign, March 9

    The nuclear plant, the largest in Europe, has been forced to resort to its emergency diesel generators six times since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

  137. Your Friday Briefing: Australia’s U.S. Nuclear Submarine Deal N Y T Now, March 9

    Also, Russia hits targets across Ukraine.

  138. Satellite images show widespread destruction after heavy fighting in Bakhmut Foreign, March 9

    New satellite pictures of the eastern Ukrainian city, where a brutal battle has been raging for months, showed bridges over a strategically important river had been destroyed.