1. Zelensky Urges Allies to Do More, and Trump’s Defense Rests Podcasts, Today

    Plus, America’s monster in Afghanistan.

  2. Under Relentless Russian Assault, Ukraine Adopts a Defensive Crouch World, Today

    As Moscow’s forces retake land from which they were ousted at the end of 2022, the Ukrainian military has adopted a strategy of fighting while slowly falling back to more heavily fortified positions.

  3. Evacuation Point World, Today

    As they evacuated from the fighting in Ukraine, the passengers already thought of what they left behind.

  4. Russia Starts Tactical Nuclear Drills, in a Warning to Ukraine’s Allies World, Yesterday

    Moscow has said the exercise is a response to “provocative statements and threats of individual Western officials.”

  5. Read a Transcript of Volodymyr Zelensky’s Interview With The Times World, Yesterday

    The Ukrainian president spoke to Times reporters in Kyiv for nearly an hour.

  6. ‘What’s the Problem?’ Zelensky Challenges West Over Hesitations. World, Yesterday

    “Shoot down what’s in the sky over Ukraine,” he said in a wide-ranging interview with The New York Times. “And give us the weapons to use against Russian forces on the borders.”

  7. NATO’s Reluctance to Shoot Down Russian Missiles Frustrates Zelensky Video, Yesterday

    President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine urged NATO allies to play an active role in the war, saying it was a matter of defense.

  8. Zelensky Presses for Approval to Fire American Weapons at Targets in Russia Video, Yesterday

    President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine said that he needed “weapons and permission” to better defend his country.

  9. Zelensky Says ‘Escalation Has Already Occurred’ in Ukraine War Video, Yesterday

    President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine suggested that Western allies were hesitant to take bolder steps to aid his country in part because they wanted to maintain trade and diplomatic ties with Russia.

  10. Russian Forces Close In on Ukrainian Town in Northeast World, Yesterday

    Vovchansk has been a prime target of Russia’s offensive in the northeast as it seeks to push back Ukrainian troops from the border.

  11. The Real Danger if Trump Is Re-elected Opinion, Yesterday

    He could convert the United States from a dominant economic and military power into something he purports to abhor — a global loser.

  12. Faced With a Russian Onslaught, Ukraine Struggles to Keep the Lights On World, May 20

    The government has for the first time ordered nationwide rolling blackouts for Monday night to conserve energy.

  13. Russia’s War Machine Revs Up as the West’s Plan to Cap Oil Revenues Sputters Business, May 20

    Russia has largely evaded attempts by the U.S. and Europe to keep it from profiting from its energy exports.

  14. Forced to Relive Childhood Horrors in Old Age World, May 20

    The oldest Ukrainians whose towns have been bombarded and overrun by Russia’s invasion have memories of similar miseries at the hands of Nazi Germany in World War II.

  15. El inspector nuclear argentino que funge como mediador entre Putin, Irán y Occidente En español, May 19

    En una época de nuevos temores de ataques nucleares, Rafael Grossi de pronto se encuentra en el centro de los dos enfrentamientos geopolíticos más importantes del mundo.

  16. U.S. and Europe Move Closer to Using Russian Assets to Help Ukraine Washington, May 19

    Finance ministers from the G7 nations are hoping to finalize a plan ahead of the group’s leaders meeting next month.

  17. Russia and Ukraine Engage in Dueling Air Assaults Behind the Front Lines Foreign, May 19

    Both sides have been looking for ways to inflict damage beyond the battlefield, targeting military logistics hubs and urban centers.

  18. A Boxing Victory Offers Hope to War-Weary Ukrainians Foreign, May 19

    The Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk became the world’s undisputed heavyweight champion on Sunday. The victory has lifted morale in a country struggling to contain Russian advances on the battlefield.

  19. The Technocrat Who’s Taking Control of Putin’s War Effort Foreign, May 19

    Andrei R. Belousov, an intellectual with no military experience, is known for backing a state-dominated economy.

  20. Let’s Not Do Another Civil War if We Can Help It, OK? Book Review, May 19

    Three new books show us why the United States should do everything it can to nip the possibility in the bud.

  21. Russia Presses Attacks in Northeast Ukraine, Seeking Buffer Zone on Border Foreign, May 18

    Advances by Russian forces have raised fears that they could bring their artillery in range of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city.

  22. Xi’s Warm Embrace of Putin in China Is a Defiance of the West Foreign, May 18

    Western leaders looking for signs that the Chinese leader used his influence on President Vladimir V. Putin to end the war in Ukraine are likely to be disappointed.

  23. Russians Poured Over Ukraine’s Border. There Was Little to Stop Them. Foreign, May 18

    The stunning incursion into the Kharkiv Region lays bare the challenges facing Ukraine’s weary and thinly stretched forces as Russia ramps up its summer offensive.

  24. Slovakian Charged in Shooting ‘Was Against Everything’ Foreign, May 18

    People who know the suspect described a “weird and angry” loner who wrote erotic poetry, and whose resentments ranged across the political spectrum.

  25. A Would-be Assassin Stirs Europe’s Violent Ghosts Foreign, May 18

    Political violence and polarization stalk Europe today, with ominous echoes of the past.

  26. Ukraine Asks U.S. to Provide More Intelligence on Targets in Russia Washington, May 17

    American officials say they do not want U.S. weapons used in cross-border attacks or intelligence reports used to strike inside Russia.

  27. La OTAN considera enviar entrenadores a Ucrania ante el avance de Rusia En español, May 17

    La medida podría implicar más directamente a Estados Unidos y Europa en la guerra. El gobierno de Joe Biden sigue afirmando que no habrá soldados estadounidenses en el campo de batalla.

  28. Zelensky Signs Law Allowing Convicts to Fight for Ukraine Foreign, May 17

    The tactic echoes one that Russia has used and Ukraine has ridiculed in the past.

  29. Putin’s China Visit Highlights Military Ties That Worry the West Foreign, May 17

    The Russian leader visited an institute in Harbin known for defense research. President Xi Jinping saw him off with a rare and seemingly deliberate embrace for the cameras.

  30. Putin le dice a los rusos que están ganando la guerra, y muchos le creen En español, May 17

    La victoria es el núcleo del mensaje que el presidente ruso trata de proyectar, mientras celebra su reciente éxito electoral y sus fuerzas militares arrasan las aldeas ucranianas.

  31. Struggling on Front Lines, Ukraine Strikes Harder at Russian Energy Foreign, May 17

    A huge drone attack targeted southwestern Russia and the Russian-occupied peninsula of Crimea, hitting oil facilities and a substation, leading to rolling blackouts.

  32. Russia Expels British Diplomat After U.K. Booted His Counterpart Foreign, May 16

    Russia also warned of further action, while the British foreign secretary called the expulsion a “desperate move.”

  33. As Russia Advances, NATO Considers Sending Trainers Into Ukraine Washington, May 16

    The move could draw the United States and Europe more directly into the war. The Biden administration continues to say there will be no American troops on the ground.

  34. Despite War, Ukrainian Wines Are Finding a Global Audience Dining, May 16

    These bottles, reflecting thousands of years of winemaking history and a fresh wave of energy, are now arriving in the U.S.

  35. In Talks With Putin, Xi Hails ‘Powerful Driving Force’ of Cooperation Foreign, May 16

    At a summit with China’s leader, in Beijing, the Russian president called for stronger economic ties between the countries, as he intensifies his war effort.

  36. Zelensky Visits Embattled North as Russia Presses Broad Assaults Foreign, May 16

    Ukraine said it was slowing Russia’s push near Kharkiv, where the president met with top commanders, but still faced pitched battles in that area and farther south.

  37. Russia Has Opened Up a New Front. What Comes Next? Op Ed, May 16

    Things for Ukraine are likely to get worse before they get better.

  38. To Talk With Putin or Iran, the West Turns to the World’s Nuclear Inspector Washington, May 15

    Rafael Grossi took over the International Atomic Energy Agency five years ago at what now seems like a far less fraught moment. With atomic fears everywhere, the inspector is edging toward mediator.

  39. What to Know About the Summit Between Putin and Xi in China Foreign, May 15

    China’s backing will be crucial to President Vladimir V. Putin as he intensifies his offensive in Ukraine. But his host, Xi Jinping, has other competing priorities.

  40. Russian Disinformation Videos Smear Biden Ahead of U.S. Election Washington, May 15

    Many of the videos are trying to appeal to right-wing voters with fake messages about President Biden, experts say.

  41. Ukraine Fights to Hold Off Fierce Russian Assaults in Northeast Foreign, May 15

    While Ukrainian officials and analysts said that a Russian advance across the border appeared to be slowing, President Volodymyr Zelensky canceled his participation in international events.

  42. Russian War Advances Worry White House, and Mexico Buses Migrants South Podcasts, May 15

    Plus, the miniature poodle pulls it off.

  43. The May 15 Thepoint live blog included one standalone post:
  44. Mapping Russia’s Sudden Push Across Ukrainian Lines Interactive, May 15

    All of a sudden, Russian forces are making progress in many directions at once.

  45. White House Worries Russia’s Momentum Is Changing Trajectory of Ukraine War Washington, May 15

    Multiple factors are helping Russia’s military advance, including a delay in American weaponry and Moscow’s technological innovations on the battlefield.

  46. House Republican Don Bacon Puts Down Right-Wing Challenge in a Biden District Washington, May 15

    The mainstream four-term congressman easily dispatched an opponent on his right, clearing the way for what is expected to be a difficult re-election race in a competitive district in Nebraska.

  47. Blinken Plays ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’ for Ukraine Soldiers Video, May 14

    During a visit to Kyiv, Secretary of State Antony Blinken played Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World” with a local band at a bar in a show of support for Ukraine.

  48. In Kyiv, Blinken Adds Rock Notes to a ‘Free World’ Message Washington, May 14

    The secretary of state, a longtime guitarist, strummed along to a song chosen to underscore a central message of President Biden’s foreign policy.

  49. Blinken Tells Ukraine ‘You Are Not Alone’ as Russia’s Military Makes Gains Washington, May 14

    The Biden administration had warned for months that Congress’s delay in approving an aid package would leave the Ukrainians vulnerable.

  50. Russia Detains Senior General, Widening Military Purge Foreign, May 14

    Lt. Gen. Yuri Kuznetsov became the second senior defense official to be detained on an accusation of corruption in the past month.

  51. U.S. to Stop Buying Russian Uranium, Cutting Cash to Moscow Climate, May 14

    A new law accelerates the weaning of U.S. electric utilities from using Russian enriched uranium to power America’s nuclear plants.

  52. Ukraine Needs Money to Fight. Can Seized Russian Assets Help? Foreign, May 14

    Kyiv’s supporters are discussing how to use the interest earned by frozen Russian assets to help pay for weapons and postwar reconstruction.

  53. Putin Will Visit Xi, Testing a ‘No Limits’ Partnership Foreign, May 14

    Moscow seeks more support for its war in Ukraine. But Beijing risks alienating Europe, a key trading partner needed to help revive China’s economy.

  54. How One Crack in the Line Opened a Path for the Russians Foreign, May 14

    When Russian soldiers suddenly showed up in the small town of Ocheretyne in the east, it was clear that something had gone wrong.

  55. On Surprise Visit to Ukraine, Blinken Reassures Zelensky of U.S. Support Washington, May 14

    The trip came amid Russian military gains in Ukraine’s northeast. The Biden administration had warned for months that Congress’s delay in approving an aid package would leave the Ukrainians vulnerable.

  56. Putin’s New War Weapon: An Economist Managing the Military Foreign, May 13

    In his first public appearance as the newly appointed defense minister, Andrei R. Belousov spoke about veterans’ benefits and overcrowded hospitals rather than a new offensive in Ukraine.

  57. Facing Russian Advance, a Top Ukrainian General Paints a Bleak Picture Foreign, May 13

    Ukraine’s forces are stretched thin and have minimal reserves to draw on, the chief of military intelligence said, in addition to shortages of weapons.

  58. Trump’s Lead in the Polls, and Michael Cohen’s Testimony Podcasts, May 13

    Plus, a solar storm crashes farmers’ GPS systems.

  59. What Trump Could Do in Foreign Policy Might Surprise the World Op Ed, May 13

    His approach to foreign policy can be pragmatic or unpredictable — or both at the same time.

  60. Putin Replaces Defense Minister in Rare Cabinet Shake-up Foreign, May 12

    Mr. Putin shifted Sergei Shoigu to run the security council, and nominated an economist to run the defense ministry.

  61. Russian Forces Push Deeper Into Northern Ukraine Foreign, May 12

    With Ukrainian troops outnumbered, exhausted and now in retreat near Kharkiv, many Ukrainians wonder if the war has taken a significant turn for the worse.

  62. Ukraine’s Seaborne Grain Exports Bounce Back to Near Prewar Levels Foreign, May 12

    The flow of grain ships through ports in the Odesa region is a welcome boost for Ukraine’s war-ravaged economy. But analysts warn it may not last.

  63. The May 11 Eurovision Final live blog included one standalone post:
  64. Russian Attacks Open a New Front in Ukraine Foreign, May 11

    Russia’s latest offensive has expanded the battlefield along Ukraine’s northern border, and sent thousands of civilians fleeing to Kharkiv, the closest large city.

  65. Russia Mounting New Border Assaults in North, Ukraine Says Foreign, May 10

    Armored columns tried to punch through at several points, the military said, raising pressure on already stretched Ukrainian forces.

  66. The Russians Destroyed Their Villages. Now They Rebuild. Foreign, May 10

    The people of the Kherson region have slowly rebuilt their homes and livelihoods since a Ukrainian counteroffensive forced out Russian troops. Now they are bracing for another Russian attack.

  67. Ukraine Strikes More Russian Oil Facilities in a Bid to Disrupt Military Logistics Foreign, May 9

    Analysts say Ukraine is trying to disrupt the Russian military’s logistical routes and combat operations by targeting the facilities that supply fuel for its tanks, ships and fighter jets.

  68. In Budapest, Xi Hails a ‘Deep Friendship’ With Hungary Foreign, May 9

    The Chinese leader met with Viktor Orban, the Hungarian prime minister, one of China’s most fervent admirers and protectors in Europe.

  69. At Victory Day Parade, Putin Seeks to Keep Ukraine in the Distance Foreign, May 9

    A fighter fly-past returned to Russia’s World War II commemorations, where President Vladimir V. Putin permitted himself a single reference to his “special military operation.”

  70. The Case for Hope Op Ed, May 9

    After decades of reporting on the front lines, I am awed by the material and moral progress the world has made.

  71. Ukraine’s Parliament Passes Bill Allowing Some Convicts to Serve in the Army Foreign, May 8

    The measure, which must still be signed into law, echoes a practice used by Russia, which has drafted tens of thousands of inmates into the war.

  72. Britain to Expel Russian Defense Attaché and Close Some Diplomatic Sites Foreign, May 8

    The British home secretary, James Cleverly, accused Russia’s domestic intelligence agency of a pattern of “malign activity” in Britain and Europe.

  73. In Serbia, Xi Underlines Close Ties With Ally That Shares Wariness of U.S. Foreign, May 8

    Visiting friendly leaders in Eastern Europe, the Chinese president commemorated the 25th anniversary of a misdirected U.S. airstrike that destroyed China’s embassy in Belgrade.

  74. Russia Hits Ukrainian Power Plants, Further Straining Energy System Foreign, May 8

    The assault, a day after Vladimir V. Putin was sworn in for a fifth term as Russian president, is part of a wider campaign to cut off power to Ukraine’s civilians.

  75. Macron Adds a Personal Touch to His Diplomacy With China Foreign, May 7

    The French president took Xi Jinping to his childhood haunts high in the Pyrenees, hoping to forge a bond. If only the weather had cooperated.

  76. Ukraine Says It Foiled Russian Plot to Kill Zelensky Foreign, May 7

    The Ukrainian security services arrested two Ukrainian colonels and accused them of spying for Russia. They said the plot also targeted top Ukrainian intelligence officials.

  77. Rusia manda una señal a Occidente al anunciar ejercicios militares con armas nucleares En español, May 7

    Funcionarios rusos afirmaron que la orden respondía a los comentarios de Occidente sobre la posibilidad de una implicación más directa en Ucrania. La OTAN calificó el anuncio de Rusia de “irresponsable”.

  78. On European Tour, Xi Jinping Heads to Friendly Territory in the East Foreign, May 7

    After leaving France later Tuesday, the Chinese leader landed in Serbia and will visit Hungary, two countries whose authoritarian leaders offer a haven for China as tensions grow over the war in Ukraine.

  79. Isolated From West, Putin Projects Domestic Power at Inauguration Foreign, May 7

    The event for the Russian president, who claimed his fifth term in a rubber-stamp election, included a church service that underscored efforts to give a religious sheen to his rule.

  80. A Week of Pomp to Project Putin’s Confidence World, May 7

    The Russian president’s inauguration for a fifth term and the annual Victory Day parade will highlight his grip on the country’s politics and his resolve to capture Ukraine.

  81. Xi Bristles at Criticism of China Over the War in Ukraine Foreign, May 6

    Talks in Paris with President Macron produced a call for an “Olympics truce” this summer but no concrete progress on Beijing putting pressure on Russia.

  82. Russia to Hold Drills on Tactical Nuclear Weapons in New Tensions With West Foreign, May 6

    Russian officials claimed the order was in response to comments from the West about the possibility of more direct involvement in Ukraine. NATO called Russia’s announcement “irresponsible.”

  83. Are E.V.s Too Quiet and ‘Boring’? Letters, May 5

    Readers discuss a guest essay that argued they are both. Also: College roommates; tech in school; truths about Russia; water and politics.

  84. DNA Tests and Stranded Bodies: Ukraine’s Struggle to Name Its Dead Foreign, May 5

    Families of some soldiers say they have spent months trying to get official confirmation of their loved ones’ deaths, adding to their anguish.

  85. Xi Visits Europe, Seeking Strategic Opportunity Foreign, May 5

    The Chinese leader has carefully chosen three countries — France, Serbia and Hungary — that to varying degrees embrace Beijing’s push for a new global order.

  86. Family Values or Fighting Valor? Russia Grapples With Women’s Wartime Role. Foreign, May 4

    Russian military efforts to recruit women from prisons and civilian life have clashed with President Vladimir V. Putin’s conservative agenda.

  87. Drones Changed This Civil War, and Linked Rebels to the World Foreign, May 4

    Consumer technologies are altering the course of the battle in Myanmar, and rebel drone units are taking notes on Ukraine and other conflicts.

  88. U.S. Approved More Weapons for Ukraine. Now It’s a Race Against Time. Foreign, May 3

    President Biden and Ukraine’s allies have invoked a sense of urgency over weapon deliveries. But there are logistical hurdles, and Ukraine has little time to lose.

  89. U.S. Accuses Russia of Using Chemical Weapons in Ukraine Foreign, May 2

    The State Department said Russia had used chloropicrin, a poison gas widely used during World War I, against Ukrainian forces, an act that would violate a global ban signed by Moscow.

  90. U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Chinese Companies for Aiding Russia’s War Effort Washington, May 1

    The penalties came after top Biden administration officials warned China not to help Moscow restock its arsenal to attack Ukraine.

  91. Bulgarian Distrust of Russia Simmers Over a Black Sea Oil Terminal Foreign, May 1

    Russia has been losing its grip on the Rosenets Oil Terminal, near the port city of Burgas, as Bulgarian authorities seek to assert greater control over the Russian-run facility.

  92. Deadly Russian Strikes Hit Civilian Center and Other Targets in Odesa World, April 30

    Ukraine accused Russia of using a cluster weapon in a civilian area on Monday, killing five people. A strike on Wednesday killed three others, an official said.

  93. After Ukraine Aid Vote, Republicans Braced for Backlash Find Little U.S., April 30

    Some Republicans who backed the aid encountered little resistance from voters, who were far more willing to embrace it — and less interested in ousting the speaker over it — than their right-wing colleagues.

  94. Jeffries’s Hint of a Lifeline Bolstered Johnson on Ukraine. Will He Need It? Washington, April 29

    The House Democratic leader has suggested his members would protect Speaker Mike Johnson if right-wing Republicans tried to oust him over Ukraine aid, strengthening the speaker’s hand.

  95. Ukraine Retreats From Villages on Eastern Front as It Awaits U.S. Aid Foreign, April 29

    Ukraine’s top commander said his outgunned troops were facing a dire situation as Russia tried to push its advantage before the first batch of an American military package arrives.

  96. Many Ukrainian Prisoners of War Show Signs of Trauma and Sexual Violence Foreign, April 28

    As they return with physical and psychological wounds stemming from torture by their Russian captors, soldiers are being sent back to active duty — often without adequate treatment.

  97. Russia Bombs Power Plants and Ukraine Targets Refineries in Dueling Attacks Foreign, April 27

    As missiles caused extensive damage to Ukraine’s power grid, Kyiv continued drone assaults inside Russia that have drawn criticism from Washington.

  98. Why Does the U.S. Arm Ukraine With Fanfare and Israel in Secret? Interactive, April 27

    The Biden administration should be more transparent about weapons sent to Israel.

  99. Putin’s War Will Soon Reach Russians’ Tax Bills Foreign, April 27

    Russia’s president has signaled an increase in income and corporate taxes that will help finance the war. The move reflects his firm control over Russian policy.

  100. Pentagon Announces Additional $6 Billion in Military Aid for Ukraine Washington, April 26

    The funds will allow Kyiv to purchase weapons directly from American defense companies.

  101. Schumer Says Foreign Aid Victory Shows Congress Isn’t Broken Washington, April 26

    The majority leader says the measure to help Ukraine and other recent bipartisan efforts show there is a path to success on Capitol Hill. But deep partisan differences and institutional problems remain.

  102. Russia Strikes Ukraine’s Railways and Vows to Slow Arrival of U.S. Aid Foreign, April 26

    The attacks killed at least six civilians and injured dozens of others, the Ukrainian military and local officials said.

  103. Ukraine Is Denying Consular Services to Men Outside the Country Foreign, April 26

    New guidance carries a clear message to men abroad who may be avoiding the draft: You don’t get the benefit of state services if you don’t join the fight.

  104. In Western Ukraine, a Community Wrestles With Patriotism or Survival Foreign, April 26

    As the war drags on, communities that were steadfast in their commitment to the effort have been shaken by the unending violence on the front line.

  105. Xi and Blinken Trade Small Nods Over a Large Gap Foreign, April 26

    The U.S. secretary of state and the Chinese leader struck conciliatory notes in Beijing. But there was no budging on, or hiding, their governments’ core differences.

  106. ¿Qué incluye el paquete de ayuda militar a Ucrania? En español, April 26

    Las armas del paquete de ayuda, considerado “un salvavidas” para el ejército ucraniano, podrían llegar al campo de batalla en pocos días.

  107. Ukraine Could Use New Weapons to Hit Russian Targets in Crimea, Pentagon Says Washington, April 25

    The goal for a recent delivery of ATACMS, a coveted long-range missile system, is to put more pressure on Russian forces in eastern parts of occupied Ukraine.

  108. EE. UU. envió en secreto nuevos misiles de largo alcance a Ucrania En español, April 25

    Las fuerzas ucranianas usaron por primera vez una versión de mayor alcance de las armas conocidas como ATACMS, y alcanzaron un aeródromo en Crimea y a soldados rusos en el sureste de Ucrania.

  109. Macron, Battling the Far Right at Home, Pushes for a Stronger Europe Foreign, April 25

    In a major speech, France’s president returned to a familiar theme, warning that “Our Europe is mortal” if it does not become more self-sufficient.

  110. Why This Small Ukrainian Hilltop Town Is Russia’s Next Big Target Foreign, April 25

    Chasiv Yar has been under relentless attack by Russian forces. Controlling the town would put them in striking distance of key Ukrainian operational and supply centers.

  111. ‘Járkov es inquebrantable’: así se vive la guerra en una ciudad de Ucrania En español, April 25

    Para los residentes de la segunda ciudad más grande de Ucrania, los ataques diarios de Rusia han intensificado los temores, pero no han paralizado la vida.

  112. Speaking Russian in America Op Ed, April 25

    A visit to Ukraine and Russia would allow my son to see that his mother’s native language wasn’t a quirk of hers but something normal for millions of people.

  113. Enduring Mayhem: Images From Year 3 of the War in Ukraine Foreign, April 24

    A photographic chronicle of the third year of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

  114. Bucking G.O.P. Isolationists, McConnell Was Linchpin in Winning Ukraine Aid Washington, April 24

    The leader said he often “felt like I was the only Reagan Republican left” as he pushed back on rising forces in his party arguing against American intervention in foreign affairs.

  115. Biden Says Aid Bill for Ukraine and Israel Will ‘Make the World Safer’ Video, April 24

    President Biden signed an aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan after it received bipartisan support in Congress.

  116. NATO Puts on a Show of Force in the Shadow of Russia’s War Washington, April 24

    The alliance’s largest exercises offer a preview of what the opening of a Great Power conflict could look like. How it ends is a different story.

  117. U.S. Secretly Shipped New Long-Range Missiles to Ukraine Washington, April 24

    Ukrainian forces for the first time used a longer-range version of weapons known as ATACMS, striking an airfield in Crimea and Russian troops in southeastern Ukraine.

  118. The April 24 Biden Israel Ukraine Aid live blog included one standalone post:
  119. Biden Says Weapons Will Flow to Ukraine Within Hours as He Signs Aid Bill Washington, April 24

    The $95.3 billion measure comes after months of gridlock in Congress that put the centerpiece of President Biden’s foreign policy in jeopardy.

  120. Aid to Ukraine Is on the Way. Here’s How It Might Help. Foreign, April 24

    Weapons from the support package, considered “a lifeline” for Ukraine’s military, could be arriving on the battlefield within days.

  121. ‘Kharkiv Is Unbreakable’: A Battered City Carries On Foreign, April 24

    For residents of Ukraine’s second-largest city, daily Russian attacks have escalated fears but have not brought life to a standstill.

  122. Russian Deputy Defense Minister Is Detained on Bribery Charges Foreign, April 23

    Timur Ivanov, who has long been in charge of major military construction projects and known for leading a lavish lifestyle, was held Tuesday on charges of “large scale” corruption.

  123. Here’s What’s in the Foreign Aid Package That Is About to Become Law Washington, April 23

    Assistance for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan is paired with legislation to impose fresh rounds of sanctions on Iran and Russia and a measure that could lead to a ban on TikTok in the United States.

  124. Ukraine Aid in the Light of History Op Ed, April 23

    Lessons of Lend-Lease for the current crisis.

  125. In Ukraine, New American Technology Won the Day. Until It Was Overwhelmed. Washington, April 23

    Project Maven was meant to revolutionize modern warfare. But the conflict in Ukraine has underscored how difficult it is to get 21st-century data into 19th-century trenches.

  126. My Country Knows What Happens When You Do a Deal With Russia Op Ed, April 23

    Moldova is a cautionary tale for Ukraine.

  127. For Biden, Aid Package Provides a Welcome Boost on the World Stage Washington, April 22

    The congressional breakthrough on security assistance to Ukraine and Israel will let the president finally deliver arms to match his words. But it could be only a temporary respite.

  128. Ukraine War Helped Push World Military Spending to 35-Year High, Study Says Foreign, April 22

    The outlay reached $2.4 trillion last year, a research group found, 6.8 percent up on 2022. Tensions in Asia and the Middle East also contributed.

  129. How a Fertilizer Shortage Is Spreading Desperate Hunger Sunday Business, October 15

    Across Africa and in parts of Asia, disruption to the supply chain for fertilizer is raising food prices and increasing malnutrition.

  130. Wars, Pandemic, Insurrection, U.F.O.s: Gen. Mark Milley’s Term Had It All Washington, September 27

    His four years as the senior military adviser to two presidents spanned an unusually chaotic period.

  131. Today’s Top News: A Makeshift Wagner Memorial in Moscow, and More Podcasts, August 28

    Exclusively from New York Times Audio, our new app.

  132. As Putin Poses for Selfies, U.S. Says Russia May Have Detained a Top General Foreign, June 29

    President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia made highly choreographed appearances in an effort to project power and control, and U.S. officials suggested Gen. Sergei Surovikin was probably being held.

  133. German Spy Agency Says China and Russia Are After Its Secrets Foreign, June 20

    The country is a growing target for foreign espionage, the agency said, amid rising tensions over the war in Ukraine and rivalries between Washington and Beijing.

  134. Por qué parece que ya no sabemos nada de la economía global En español, June 20

    Mientras prestábamos atención a la pandemia, China y Ucrania, los caminos hacia la prosperidad y los intereses comunes se han oscurecido.

  135. Why It Seems Everything We Knew About the Global Economy Is No Longer True Business, June 18

    While the world’s eyes were on the pandemic, China and the war in Ukraine, the paths to prosperity and shared interests have grown murkier.

  136. Gasoline Prices, a Source of Pain Last Year, Have Come Way Down Business, May 26

    Reasons include a stronger supply of oil and weaker-than-expected demand, energy experts say. Some people are saving hundreds of dollars on fuel.

  137. The Airman Who Wanted to Give Gamers a Real Taste of War World, April 13

    The group liked online war games. But then Jack Teixeira, an active-duty airman, began showing them classified documents, members say.

  138. In Surprise, OPEC Plus Announces Cut in Oil Production Business, April 2

    Oil prices soared 7 percent on Sunday night after the group’s move to cut 1.2 million barrels a day.

  139. World Bank Warns of ‘Lost Decade’ for Global Economic Potential Washington, March 27

    Adding to crises like the pandemic, recent stress in the banking system is a new threat to world growth, experts at the organization said.

  140. Your Monday Briefing: China’s Post-Covid Economic Goal N Y T Now, March 5

    Also, Russia tries to cut off Bakhmut, and countries reach an ocean biodiversity deal.

  141. Your Wednesday Briefing: A U.S. Push to Isolate Russia N Y T Now, February 28

    Also, China’s attempt to erase “zero Covid” and Nigeria’s contested election.

  142. At Stake in the Ukraine-Russia War Letters, February 13

    Readers discuss a guest essay by Christopher Caldwell that blamed the U.S. for an escalation in the war. Also: Mask mandates; the next pandemic; YouTube.

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