1. Singer Ed Sheeran announces he has tested positive for the coronavirus. World, Today

    Mr. Sheeran said he would cancel upcoming public appearances while he is “self-isolating and following government guidelines.”

  2. An Unexpected Pandemic Consequence Frustrates Florida’s Biggest City U.S., Today

    Jacksonville is one of dozens of American cities that have struggled to pick up trash, yard waste and recycling amid a pandemic labor shortage.

  3. Covid vaccines could begin soon for children 5 and up. Health, Today

    An advisory panel to the F.D.A. will consider Pfizer’s application for those ages 5-to-11 on Tuesday.

  4. A Spotlight on the Women Who Write the Plays Opinion, Today

    Women who write plays; Covid and the theater; attacks on health workers; why books are delayed.

  5. Cases grow in Germany, as a national state of emergency is set to expire next month. World, Today

    Infections have increased by 57 percent in the past two weeks, while deaths on average in the same period have increased by 11 percent.

  6. The U.S. and Israel were early world leaders on vaccinations. Now they are trailing. World, Today

    The big barrier to higher rates in both countries is stiff resistance among specific groups.

  7. Their Jobs Made Them Get Vaccinated. They Refused. New York, Today

    The willingness of some workers to give up their livelihoods helps explain the country’s struggle to contain the pandemic.

  8. Please Don’t Feed the Whale Sharks? Fishing Town Says It Must, to Prosper. World, Today

    The chance to swim with the world’s biggest fish drew tourists to a Philippines town, but conservation groups denounce the hand-feeding that keeps the gentle creatures around.

  9. Singapore will require vaccination or daily tests for workplace access next year. World, Yesterday

  10. The Pessimistic Electorate Behind Biden’s Approval Ratings U.S., Yesterday

    In the era of modern polling, only Donald J. Trump has had a lower approval rating than President Biden’s at this early stage of his term.

  11. What Previous Covid-19 Waves Tell Us About the Virus Now Interactive, Yesterday

    Looking back at the outbreak so far can provide some clues about how the virus may spread in the future.

  12. F.D.A. Says Pfizer Vaccine’s Benefits Outweigh Key Risks in Children 5 to 11 U.S., October 22

    The findings could add momentum for F.D.A. authorization of the pediatric dose, perhaps as early as next week, a long-awaited development that would affect 28 million children.

  13. Illegal Border Crossings, Driven by Pandemic and Natural Disasters, Soar to Record High U.S., October 22

    Migrants were encountered 1.7 million times in the last 12 months, the highest number of illegal crossings recorded since at least 1960.

  14. U.S. pharmacies and states face new challenges as an expanded booster rollout begins. U.S., October 22

    Tens of millions of Americans have the green light to seek out the extra shots.

  15. Here’s Why Developing Countries Can Make mRNA Covid Vaccines Interactive, October 22

    Pfizer and Moderna are skeptical, but we found 10 companies in Africa, Asia and South America well-positioned to produce the gold-standard mRNA shots.

  16. Mixing and Matching Covid Vaccines Interactive, October 22

    The C.D.C. said on Thursday that Americans could choose a booster dose of a vaccine different from the one they had initially received.

  17. Millions in U.S. aid benefited richer hospitals, a new study shows. Health, October 22

    More federal aid flowed to hospitals that were in a strong financial position before the pandemic than went to hospitals with weaker balance sheets, researchers found.

  18. Melbourne Residents Celebrate Reopening Video, October 22

    Residents of Melbourne flocked to cafes, swimming pools and hair salons as coronavirus restrictions began to ease. The Australian city had spent 262 days in lockdown, more than anywhere else in the world.

  19. The October 22 Covid Vaccine Boosters live blog included one standalone post:
  20. Melbourne, after 262 days in lockdown, celebrates a reopening. World, October 22

    After hitting a vaccination target, Australia’s second largest city now has many fewer restrictions.

  21. To Get Ahead at Work, Lawyers Find It Helps to Actually Be at Work Business, October 22

    The generational divide on returning to the office is not neatly drawn. For some young professionals, even in a pandemic, showing up is more than half the battle.

  22. Otro posible efecto de la pandemia: más berrinches en las escuelas en Español, October 22

    Diversos profesores explican cómo mejorar el aprendizaje social y emocional de los estudiantes.

  23. Who Will Save Alice’s Tea Cup? New York, October 22

    The famous teahouse is celebrating its 20th anniversary. But its owners, exhausted from the pandemic, are exploring selling the family business.

  24. The U.S. starts giving Covid boosters to millions, as people in poor nations await their first doses. World, October 22

    The booster program underlines the disparity in vaccine access, with wealthier nations accounting for more than three-quarters of all doses administered so far.

  25. New Zealand Wants a 90% Vaccination Rate. Its Street Gangs May Hold the Key. World, October 22

    The country’s leaders have set aside some misgivings and cooperated with gang leaders to reach their communities.

  26. No Longer Boxed In, Volvo Wins Over Buyers With Its Sleeker Look Business, October 22

    With an aggressive push for electric vehicles and a coming I.P.O., the century-old Swedish carmaker is positioning itself for the future.

  27. C.D.C. Recommends Covid Booster Shots for Millions of Americans Health, October 21

    Recipients of the Moderna and the J.&J. vaccines may receive extra doses. The agency also embraced a “mix-and-match” strategy.

  28. Burned-out health care workers are nearing a breaking point, the W.H.O. warns. World, October 21

    The agency’s leaders also urged wealthy nations to take the lead in transferring doses of vaccines to the global South.

  29. Israel moves to allow tourists back in — if they are vaccinated. World, October 21

    The plan to reopen to international tourists for the first time since the pandemic began comes as infections are steadily declining in Israel after a fourth wave.

  30. Rise in Cases and Deaths Tests Britain’s Gamble on Few Virus Restrictions World, October 21

    The country’s grand experiment — opening up with hardly any restrictions — is facing its toughest test yet.

  31. Bat Research Group Failed to Submit Virus Studies Promptly, N.I.H. Says Science, October 21

    The federal agency told a G.O.P. House member that it had notified EcoHealth Alliance, a group criticized for its U.S.-funded work with Wuhan scientists, to file data within five days.

  32. Struggling with rising cases and low vaccination rates, Moscow announces a lockdown. World, October 21

    Like many countries, Russia has seesawed between tighter and looser pandemic restrictions. As the coronavirus claims more victims, the pendulum is now swinging toward tightening.

  33. Canada settles on one standard ‘vaccine passport’ for travel. World, October 21

    The document, already in use in five of the country’s 10 provinces and all three of its territories, will replace a patchwork of programs across Canada.

  34. ¿Qué es la COP26? Y otras preguntas sobre la gran cumbre climática de la ONU en Español, October 21

    Unas 20.000 personas se preparan para asistir a las conversaciones sobre el clima organizadas por Naciones Unidas a finales de mes. Estos son algunos datos clave que debes conocer antes de que empiecen.

  35. Haunted Houses Need to Terrify You More Than Ever This Halloween Business, October 21

    Many haunted attractions, typically a financially lucrative business, were devastated by the 2020 season. This year, they’re hoping to rebound through your frights and screams.

  36. Parents, Will You Vaccinate Your Children for Covid? Health, October 21

    Tell us whether you plan to have your children immunized and what factors led to your decision.

  37. Pfizer says new data show booster shots of its vaccine are highly protective against Covid. Health, October 21

    The company said that in a study, boosters cut down the number of breakthrough infections among fully vaccinated people by more than 95 percent.

  38. Here’s what’s next for the Moderna and J. & J. boosters. Health, October 21

    The C.D.C. director will issue guidance that will influence the actions of states, hospitals, pharmacies and other entities that distribute the vaccines.

  39. Travel in Asia has yet to rebound as tourists navigate a patchwork of policies. World, October 21

  40. American and Southwest post profits as the airline industry recovers. Business, October 21

    Both airlines said they expected to do even better in the final three months of the year, lifted by corporate, international and holiday travel.

  41. In-N-Out Burger briefly shuts after clashing with San Francisco over a vaccine mandate. U.S., October 21

    The city health department said it had told the restaurant “multiple times” to check vaccine cards before letting patrons dine inside.

  42. India’s vaccine campaign hits a billion doses, and other news from around the world. World, October 21

    More than 70 percent of India’s adult population has now received at least one dose of a vaccine. Bulgaria, with the E.U.’s lowest vaccination rate, faces a case surge.

  43. As Helicopters Fill the Skies, New Yorkers Just Want Some Peace New York, October 21

    Complaints about commercial helicopters have soared in the last year, as the pandemic changed the rhythms of New York City and the people who live there.

  44. 5 takeaways from the first N.Y.C. mayoral debate. New York, October 20

    Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa traded attacks over past lies, a Brooklyn apartment and “buffoonery” on the debate stage.

  45. F.D.A. Authorizes Moderna and Johnson & Johnson Booster Shots U.S., October 20

    The agency will also allow vaccine recipients to pick which vaccine they want as a booster, endorsing a mix-and-match approach.

  46. Lo que sabemos sobre la COVID-19, la influenza y el aire que respiramos en Español, October 20

    Mejorar la calidad del aire como una manera de disminuir las enfermedades debería ser una prioridad de salud pública en este siglo.

  47. Despite Covid Challenges, Some Artist Residencies Are Thriving Arts, October 20

    From Iceland to Arkansas, residency programs have found creative ways to reinvent themselves.

  48. Waiting on U.S. Mandate, Some Nursing Homes Are Slow to Vaccinate Staff Health, October 20

    At facilities in several states, many workers are still not immunized. “I just feel like a sitting duck,” one resident said.

  49. How Will Blue America Live With Covid? Opinion, October 20

    It can be the safety-above-all caricature that deep-red America has made of it, or it can leave the age of emergency behind.

  50. Small Needles and Short Lines: Biden’s Plan to Vaccinate Young Children U.S., October 20

    White House officials, anticipating the approval of coronavirus shots for 5- to 11-year-olds within weeks, will rely on doctors, clinics and pharmacies instead of mass inoculation sites.

  51. Help! How Do I Find a Coronavirus Test to Get Back Into the U.S.? Travel, October 20

    Although testing isn’t as widely available as it is at hotels in Mexico or the Caribbean, travelers in Europe can still find testing facilities at pharmacies, medical clinics and dedicated sites.

  52. Jair Bolsonaro, acusado de crímenes contra la humanidad por el manejo de la pandemia en Español, October 20

    Un esperado reporte del Senado de Brasil concluye que Jair Bolsonaro permitió a propósito que el coronavirus se propagara y matara a los brasileños en una apuesta fallida por la inmunidad de rebaño.

  53. As Borders Reopen, New York Wants Foreign Tourists Back, and Fast New York, October 20

    The city’s tourism marketing agency is starting a campaign in several countries to attract visitors after the long pandemic lockout.

  54. The October 19 Covid Vaccine Boosters live blog included one standalone post:
  55. San Francisco temporarily closed an In-N-Out Burger for not checking customers’ vaccine status. World, October 19

    The popular burger chain said it refused to become “the vaccination police for any government.”

  56. Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto tests positive for coronavirus. World, October 19

    The broadcaster has survived cancer and open-heart surgery and has multiple sclerosis.

  57. Pediatricians and psychiatrists declare a national emergency in youth mental health. World, October 19

    Medical groups said the coronavirus pandemic had worsened a mental health crisis among children and teenagers.

  58. Racism Is Declared a Public Health Crisis in New York City New York, October 19

    The Board of Health passed a resolution directing the Health Department to work toward a “racially just recovery” from the coronavirus pandemic.

  59. OSHA, citing Covid failures, moves to strip three states of workplace safety authority. Business, October 19

    The agency said Arizona, South Carolina and Utah had failed to adopt rules protecting workers from the coronavirus.

  60. Justice Breyer turns away a request to block Maine’s vaccine mandate. U.S., October 19

    The workers had asked the Supreme Court to block the mandate based on their religious objections while their legal challenge moved forward.

  61. Coronavirus Briefing: What Happened Today U.S., October 19

    Answers to common questions about mixing and matching vaccine doses.

  62. What are you leaving behind after the pandemic? New York, October 19

    For some of us, the crisis of the last 19 months has taught us what we don’t want.

  63. United Airlines earned $473 million in the third quarter as travel demand stayed strong. Business, October 19

    With government officials around the world slowly easing travel restrictions, and companies starting to send employees on more business trips, United’s executives expressed optimism about the coming months.

  64. Public health officials in the U.S. need federal protection from abuse and threats, a national group says. U.S., October 19

    “We don’t want to have to wait for a full-blown tragedy,” an advocate says, citing mounting vitriol and violence from some constituents over pandemic policies.

  65. The homeland security secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, tests positive for the coronavirus. U.S., October 19

    Mr. Mayorkas had been vaccinated and was “experiencing only mild congestion,” a spokeswoman said. The infection was caught by routine testing ahead of a trip abroad.

  66. Should You Get a Covid Booster if You Are Pregnant? Well, October 19

    Experts strongly agree that the shots benefit the mother as well as the fetus.

  67. Brazilian Leader Accused of Crimes Against Humanity in Pandemic Response World, October 19

    A report from lawmakers initially said Jair Bolsonaro should be charged with mass homicide and genocide, accusing him of letting Covid-19 spread in a failed bid for herd immunity.

  68. The Latest on U.S. Travel Restrictions Interactive, October 19

    A series of announcements has upended the rules for entry into the United States. Here’s what you need to know.

  69. Attendance falls for homeless students in N.Y.C., in part because of the pandemic, a study shows. New York, October 19

    Attendance rates for students living in shelters fell to just 73 percent in the first few weeks of the new school year, compared with around 90 percent for all students.

  70. Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine is highly effective against hospitalization for those 12 to 18, a study shows. Health, October 19

    The C.D.C. looked at children hospitalized with Covid-19 or other illnesses, and found those who were immunized to be far more protected.

  71. Covid deaths soar in Ukraine as the country struggles with fake vaccine certificates. World, October 19

    In the country with the lowest rate of coronavirus vaccination in Europe, the proliferation of fakes threatens to undermine Ukraine’s fight against the virus.

  72. Broadway Is Back. Here’s What It’s Like for Theatergoers. Theater, October 19

    Seeing theater these days can involve waiting in lines to show proof of vaccination and getting rapid coronavirus tests for young children. Many fans seem undeterred.

  73. The Economic Rebound Is Still Waiting for Workers Business, October 19

    Despite school reopenings and the end of some federal aid, many people are in no rush to land a job. Savings and health concerns are playing a role.

  74. Mix-and-Match Covid Boosters: Why They Just Might Work Health, October 19

    The F.D.A. may authorize booster shots of vaccines different from the ones that Americans originally received. The science behind the move is promising.

  75. Thousands Flee Myanmar for India Amid Fears of a Growing Refugee Crisis World, October 19

    For decades, armed conflict, political repression and targeted campaigns against minorities have forced hundreds of thousands of people to leave the country. Now many more are expected to follow.

  76. Global economic growth will stabilize next year, but supply chain shock remains a risk, a report says. Business, October 19

    Governments must start addressing the soaring debt used to finance pandemic aid measures, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said.

  77. The N.H.L. suspends Evander Kane for violating its Covid protocol. Sports, October 19

    The San Jose Sharks forward, who was reported to be under investigation for using a fake Covid-19 vaccination card, said he had “made a mistake.”

  78. Unvaccinated public employees in Washington and Massachusetts now risk suspension or firing. World, October 19

    New Jersey’s vaccine mandate for school and state workers also took effect this week, requiring employees to provide proof of vaccination or complete a Covid-19 test at least once a week.

  79. New York City Schools See Few Covid Cases, but Testing Questions Linger Interactive, October 19

    The positivity rate among students is 0.25 percent — well below the city’s overall rate — but experts believe the city should do more testing.

  80. A $2.1 Billion Pandemic Lifeline for Undocumented Workers Runs Out New York, October 19

    A demand for aid has depleted the Excluded Workers Fund in New York, and thousands of those who qualify could miss out on payments.

  81. Nuevos virus detectados en murciélagos ofrecen pistas del origen de la covid en Español, October 19

    Los coronavirus descubiertos en murciélagos laosianos son sorprendentemente efectivos para infectar células humanas, lo que demuestra que esas características mortales pueden evolucionar fuera de un laboratorio.

  82. What Is COP26? And Other Questions About the Big U.N. Climate Summit Climate, October 19

    Some 20,000 people are preparing to attend climate talks hosted by the United Nations starting at the end of the month. Here are some key facts to know before they go.

  83. ¿Se acabó la COVID-19 en Estados Unidos? en Español, October 19

    El incremento de la inmunidad y los modestos cambios en el comportamiento de la población podrían explicar por qué los casos están disminuyendo, pero aún se desconocen muchas cosas, dicen los científicos.

  84. Washington State Fires Football Coach Over Vaccine Refusal Sports, October 18

    Nick Rolovich said in July he would not get a Covid-19 vaccine and maintained his stance once a state mandate was announced in August. Four of his assistants were also fired.

  85. The October 18 Covid Delta Variant Vaccine live blog included three standalone posts:
  86. F.D.A. to Allow ‘Mix and Match’ Approach for Covid Booster Shots U.S., October 18

    The agency may act this week, when it is expected to authorize booster shots for recipients of the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

  87. ¿Vacunación combinada? Un panel de la FDA estudia la posibilidad en Español, October 18

    Aunque la investigación sobre la mezcla de dosis de vacuna es escasa en Estados Unidos, Inglaterra ya lo ha puesto en práctica.

  88. What Scientists Know About the Risk of Breakthrough Covid Deaths Health, October 18

    Deaths among people who have been fully vaccinated remain rare, but older adults and those with compromised immune systems are at much higher risk.

  89. The October 18 Colin Powell live blog included two standalone posts:
  90. Apathy and Wariness of Kremlin Leave Russians Unvaccinated World, October 18

    The country hit 1,000 deaths in a 24-hour period for the first time since the pandemic began, reflecting the risks of having a low vaccination rate.

  91. How to Prepare Your Kid for a Coronavirus Exposure at School Well, October 18

    Because even classrooms with the strictest safety protocols might have to deal with some cases.

  92. Colin Powell Was Among World’s ‘Greatest Leaders,’ Austin Says Video, October 18

    Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin described Colin Powell as a “tremendous personal friend and mentor” following Mr. Powell’s death from Covid-19 complications.

  93. Inside the N.Y.C. Neighborhood With the Fastest Growing Asian Population New York, October 18

    In a corner of Queens, a fivefold increase in Asian residents since 2010 is transforming the area’s restaurants, housing and politics.

  94. Why Public Health Faces a Crisis Across the U.S. U.S., October 18

    An examination of hundreds of health departments around the country shows that the nation may be less prepared for the next pandemic than it was for the current one.

  95. How Democrats Should Sell Themselves to Avoid Electoral Disaster Opinion, October 17

    Sampling the responses to Ezra Klein's column. Also: Children who've lost caregivers to Covid; an exercise ethic.

  96. Across the U.S., clashes intensify between city officials and the police over vaccination issues. U.S., October 17

    Officers in many departments have been slow to get vaccinated and to report their vaccination status, and city officials are struggling to make them pick up the pace.

  97. Will New Covid Treatments Be as Elusive for Poor Countries as Vaccines? Health, October 17

    Merck has taken a step to make its antiviral pill available in poor nations, but many obstacles remain for broad access to coronavirus drugs.

  98. Airlines in Japan and South Korea get creative to revive pandemic-dampened demand. World, October 16

    How about inexpensive passes good for a month of domestic flights? Or popular in-flight meals to on-the-ground customers?

  99. Public Health Officials Face Fury Over Covid Rules Video, October 16

    At public meetings across the country, local officials making health decisions have endured threats and hostility over pandemic restrictions.

  100. Robert Durst is on a ventilator with Covid, his lawyer says. World, October 16

    The 78-year-old millionaire and former real estate mogul was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday for the murder of a friend in 2000.

  101. The Yukon Territory imposes a vaccine mandate as cases surge in northern Canada. World, October 16

    Health care workers and others in the Yukon must be fully vaccinated by Nov. 30. The territory is also starting a vaccination passport program.

  102. An F.D.A. panel explores mixing and matching vaccine doses. U.S., October 16

    The agency’s expert advisers discussed the data on the approach, which is limited.

  103. Minnesota’s governor calls up the National Guard to ease crowding in hospitals. World, October 16

    Staffing shortages at long-term care facilities are preventing hospitals from discharging patients and admitting new ones.

  104. Whether Free, Affordable or Pricey, Testing Requirements Can Include a Headache Travel, October 16

    Coronavirus testing prices vary widely and can reach into the hundreds of dollars, making it hard for some travelers to budget for the added expense.

  105. They Resisted Getting Vaccinated. Here’s Why They Changed Their Minds. New York, October 16

    Mandates have prompted a surge in vaccinations among those who had held out. Some report feeling relief; others, anguish and resentment.

  106. New Zealand Attempts a Record-Setting ‘Vaxathon’ World, October 16

    The country took a different approach to encouraging vaccinations on Saturday, with barbecues, a telethon and the chance to get jabbed in the business-class seat of a Boeing 787.

  107. F.D.A. Panel Unanimously Recommends Johnson & Johnson Booster Shots Health, October 15

    But many panel members said J. & J. recipients might also benefit from the option of a Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna booster, an action that an F.D.A. official said was possible.

  108. Rikers Death Pushes Toll in N.Y.C. Jails to 13 This Year New York, October 15

    The man who died contracted the coronavirus while awaiting trial on weapons charges after being unable to post $100,000 bail, his lawyer said.

  109. A Home Built for the Next Pandemic Opinion, October 15

    A new Covid concept house pitches itself as empowering and feminist. Is it?

  110. Opponents of Italy’s Green Pass Stage Demonstrations Video, October 15

    Anti-vaccine activists and opponents of Italy’s new mandate that requires workers to have government-issued proof of vaccination convened sparsely attended and scattered protests around the country’s major cities.

  111. Chicago’s mayor and the city’s largest police union clash over vaccinations. U.S., October 15

    The city filed a complaint against the Fraternal Order of Police in Chicago on Friday, arguing that it was threatening an illegal strike.

  112. When Outdoor Diners and Homeless People Meet, Restaurants Try to Cope Food, October 15

    As homelessness grows in New York City, owners seek ways to defuse conflicts between panhandlers and their customers and employees, from hiring guards to feeding the hungry.

  113. Italy Puts in Force Tough New Law Requiring Workers to Test or Vaccinate World, October 15

    The rollout went more or less smoothly, with only scattered protests, as the majority of citizens accepted the ‘Green Pass’ as a tolerable sacrifice to stem the Covid pandemic.

  114. Attitudes Toward Masks Around the World Opinion, October 15

    Readers compare how Germany, Australia, France and the United States have been dealing with Covid. Also: Means-testing for social programs; getting even with robocallers.

  115. For Papua New Guinea, a Long Journey to Cricket’s Big Stage Sports, October 15

    Papua New Guinea is making its debut at the Twenty20 World Cup. The hard part, the team and its coaches said, is already behind it.

  116. Italy Enforces National Health Pass for Entire Work Force Video, October 15

    Italy is the first major European country to require all workers, private and public, to show proof of vaccination, a negative rapid swab test or recent recovery from Covid-19 before returning to offices, schools or hospitals. Employers can verify health passes on a cellphone app.

  117. Protests fizzle as activists fail to galvanize the masses against the new mandate. World, October 15

    While there were scattered protests across Italy on Friday, many in the country appeared to accept the measure as necessary.

  118. Vaccinated travelers from abroad, including Canadians with mixed doses, can enter the U.S. starting Nov. 8. U.S., October 15

    The date helps clarify the end to restrictions that had walled off tourists and relatives seeking to visit their families in the United States.

  119. A lab in England issued about 43,000 false negatives on virus tests, U.K. says. World, October 15

    The mistake was described as an “isolated incident attributed to one laboratory,” in a statement released by the U.K. Health Security Agency on Friday.

  120. Have an F.S.A.? You May Be Able to Carry Over More Money in 2022. Your Money, October 15

    Workers usually have to spend the money in their health spending accounts by the end of the year. But in the pandemic, employers were allowed to offer more wiggle room.

  121. Retail sales were lifted in September by spending and higher prices. Business, October 15

    The 0.7% increase was better than expected. Rising consumer prices were a factor, but economists said the results showed Americans wanted to get out and shop.

  122. The view across Europe: Health passes in some countries, and no requirements in others. World, October 15

    Varying measures reflect domestic politics and potential opposition against such rules.

  123. Toyota will cut production in November 15 percent amid pandemic chip shortages. Business, October 15

    The automaker had initially planned to produce a million vehicles in November, but now projects it will make 850,000 to 900,000.

  124. The October 15 Italy Covid Green Pass live blog included two standalone posts:
  125. ¿Qué destino tendrá el coronavirus? ¿Y nosotros? en Español, October 15

    La evolución viral es un partido largo. Esto es lo que los científicos anticipan que ocurrirá.

  126. The Unvaccinated May Not Be Who You Think Opinion, October 15

    Science can find a cure for our diseases, but not for our societal ills.

  127. Concert Halls Are Back. But Visa Backlogs Are Keeping Musicians Out. Arts, October 15

    Visa delays are causing tumult in the classical music industry, leading to a wave of cancellations just as live performances are finally returning.

  128. The October 14 Covid Delta Variant Vaccine live blog included one standalone post:
  129. F.D.A. Panel Recommends Booster for Many Moderna Vaccine Recipients U.S., October 14

    Those eligible for the extra shot would include adults over 65 and others at high risk — the same groups now eligible for a Pfizer-BioNTech boost

  130. The Revolt of the American Worker Opinion, October 14

    Since the pandemic’s start, Americans seem to be rethinking their lives.

  131. An Alaska lawmaker barred from flying over masking rules has Covid. U.S., October 14

    The Republican state senator, Lora Reinbold, drew widespread attention after video surfaced of her confrontation with Alaska Airlines employees over mask policies.

  132. Weekly Health Quiz: Salt, Covid Tests and Your Microbiome Interactive, October 14

    Test your knowledge of this week’s health news.

  133. Biden Promotes Vaccine Donation in Meeting With Kenya’s President U.S., October 14

    The two leaders were also expected to discuss the escalating humanitarian crisis in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, where fighters have been accused of atrocities against civilians.

  134. Biden calls on businesses to ‘step up’ as he expresses optimism about the fight against the virus. U.S., October 14

    “I’m calling on more business to step up. I’m calling on more parents to get their children vaccinated when they are eligible,” President Biden said.

  135. The October 14 Covid Delta Variant Vaccine live blog included one standalone post:
  136. Six out of seven coronavirus cases in Africa are going undetected, the W.H.O. says. World, October 14

    “Now is the time to go on the offensive against Covid-19, and work with local communities to break transmission chains and stop wider outbreaks from happening,” Dr. Matshidiso Moeti said.

  137. Here’s a snapshot of where things stand on boosters for the three vaccines in use in the U.S. U.S., October 14

    Confused about who can get a booster shot of which vaccine, and what the F.D.A.’s advisers on vaccines are voting on this week? This scorecard may help.

  138. The Chaotic Conditions at Rikers Island Opinion, October 14

    The deplorable conditions at the New York prison complex. Also: The joy of audiobooks; airline vaccine mandates; Bond, James Bond.

  139. ‘Lurching Between Crisis and Complacency’: Was This Our Last Covid Surge? Health, October 14

    Rising immunity and modest changes in behavior may explain why cases are declining, but much remains unknown, scientists say.

  140. Deaths from tuberculosis rose in 2020, for the first time in a decade, the W.H.O. says. Health, October 14

    The trend confirmed warnings that the coronavirus pandemic would undermine progress against other infectious diseases around the world.

  141. Newly Discovered Bat Viruses Give Hints to Covid’s Origins Science, October 14

    Coronaviruses discovered in Laotian bats are surprisingly adept at infecting human cells, showing that such deadly features can indeed evolve outside of a lab.

  142. ‘Living at the Office’ Takes On a New Meaning During the Pandemic Real Estate, October 14

    The sudden increase in vacant commercial spaces has fueled a surge in conversions to rental homes, according to a new study.

  143. Everything Is Getting More Expensive Business, October 14

    Persistently high inflation is a problem for the Fed and the White House.

  144. La historia nos recuerda que esta pandemia no será solo una crisis, será una época en Español, October 14

    La historia demuestra una y otra vez cuán difícil es declarar con certeza que una pandemia ha llegado a su fin.

  145. Border With Canada to Open, and North Country ‘Could Not Be Happier’ New York, October 14

    Businesses along New York State’s northern border were celebrating the news that fully vaccinated Canadians would soon be allowed into the United States again.

  146. Why Many Black Americans Changed Their Minds About Covid Shots U.S., October 13

    Black Americans were once far less likely than white Americans to be vaccinated. But a wave of pro-vaccine campaigns and a surge of virus deaths have narrowed that gap, experts say.