1. China’s ‘Absurd’ Covid Propaganda Stirs Rebellion Business, Today

    The use of propaganda in the country has been on overdrive in the pandemic, with some Chinese citizens arguing the language has bordered on “nonsense.”

  2. New Infectious Threats Are Coming. The U.S. Probably Won’t Contain Them. Health, Today

    The coronavirus revealed flaws in the nation’s pandemic plans. The spread of monkeypox shows that the problems remain deeply entrenched.

  3. Las vacunas contra la covid pueden producir cambios temporales en el ciclo menstrual en Español, Today

    Los expertos dicen que no hay indicios de que las vacunas afecten la fertilidad. En la mayoría de los casos, el periodo vuelve a la normalidad tras un ciclo.

  4. A Wave of Outbreaks N Y T Now, Yesterday

    Are outbreaks gaining steam, or are we just paying closer attention?

  5. Supreme Court to Reopen to the Public When Justices Return Washington, Yesterday

    The courthouse has been closed to most visitors since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, and in the meantime the court has been transformed.

  6. FOMO Helped Drive Up Housing Prices in the Pandemic. What Can We Expect Next? Op Ed, Yesterday

    Inflation-corrected prices may end up substantially lower as factors driving high home prices weaken with time.

  7. N.Y.C. Children Held Ground in Reading, but Lagged in Math, Tests Show Metro, Yesterday

    The first standardized test results that capture how most city schoolchildren did during the pandemic offered a mixed picture.

  8. Lasker Award Honors Development of Noninvasive Prenatal DNA Test Science, Yesterday

    The prestigious medical prizes also recognized the creator of a global Covid dashboard and discoveries of proteins and cell bindings to fight disease.

  9. After Pandemic Barriers, Can Hong Kong Recover as a Global Metropolis? Business, Yesterday

    Officials are saying the city will bounce back. But even before 2020, Chinese control was changing Hong Kong’s character and driving people away.

  10. New Study Shows Covid Vaccines Can Temporarily Alter Menstrual Cycle Well, September 27

    Experts say there is no indication that vaccines affect fertility. Most people’s periods go back to normal within one cycle.

  11. Fact-Checking a G.O.P. Attack Ad That Blames a Democrat for Inflation Politics, September 27

    Representative Dina Titus of Nevada has been targeted by congressional Republican leaders in their quest to win control of the House.

  12. The Great Pandemic Theft The Daily, September 27

    As the coronavirus swept the United States, the government spent vast sums to help shield the economy. But billions of dollars of that aid disappeared.

  13. ‘El final está a la vista’ en Español, September 27

    La pandemia se extingue, Puerto Rico sufre, el dólar está fuerte y más para estar al día.

  14. Dating Apps Thrive in China, but Not Just for Romance Business, September 27

    China has cracked down on many tech companies, but has allowed dating apps that provide social connections to flourish.

  15. ¿La variante ómicron llegó para quedarse? en Español, September 27

    La decimotercera variante con nombre del coronavirus parece tener una capacidad sorprendente para evolucionar con nuevas particularidades.

  16. Canada Is Removing Strict Covid-19 Restrictions for Travelers Express, September 26

    After two and a half years, Canada is dropping its remaining restrictions, including testing and quarantine requirements, effective Oct. 1.

  17. How LeVar Burton (and Others) Helped Us Get Through the Pandemic Styles, September 26

    Notable pop culture figures, including the actor LeVar Burton and the K-pop phenomenon BTS, helped people get through Covid — from a distance.

  18. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving Talk About Nets’ Rocky Off-Season Sports, September 26

    Durant had asked to be traded but stayed put. Irving said he had come close to joining another team but decided that staying in Brooklyn was his best choice.

  19. 4 Years After Thrilling Cave Rescue, Sleepy Park Readies for Onslaught Foreign, September 26

    An unheralded national park in Thailand was the center of global attention when 12 boys were trapped in a cave there. In the wake of major movies about the rescue, the park expects a visitor surge.

  20. Peloton, the Troubled Fitness Company, Loses Another Top Executive Business, September 26

    The company’s chief marketing officer announced her departure on the heels of a management shake-up that included the exit of two of its founders.

  21. Where Are All Our Post-Covid Patients? Op Ed, September 26

    Post-Covid care has become a luxury.

  22. Factory Jobs Are Booming Like It’s the 1970s Washington, September 26

    U.S. manufacturing is experiencing a rebound, with companies adding workers amid high consumer demand for products.

  23. The September 25 Italy Elections live blog included one standalone post:
  24. Kyoto Wants You Back, but It Has Some Polite Suggestions Travel, September 25

    The city, one of Japan’s most-visited before the pandemic, desperately needs tourism’s money, but it would like to avoid the excesses of Instagram-driven itineraries.

  25. On the Thai Island of Koh Tao, Can Tourism and the Environment Coexist? Travel, September 25

    Travel to Southeast Asia is picking up again, and an island known for snorkeling and diving, part of a popular circuit, wants tourists back. But can development and nature stay in balance?

  26. ‘Somebody Planted the Guns’: In Canada, a Raided, Distrusting Village Blames the Police Foreign, September 24

    When a cache of weapons was found in a tiny Canadian village that has become a symbol of the far right, it didn’t take long for new conspiracy theories to start circulating.

  27. Lynn Nottage’s ‘Clyde’s’ Is the Most-Staged Play in America Culture, September 23

    An annual survey, suspended during the pandemic, resumes and finds theaters nationally doing fewer shows and torn between escapism and ambition.

  28. Major Covid Holdouts in Asia Drop Border Restrictions Business, September 23

    Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan have relaxed their pandemic rules, as they look to bolster their economies and play catch-up with much of the world.

  29. Companies Fined $325,000 for Selling Pesticide to Fight Coronavirus, E.P.A. Says Express, September 23

    Zoono USA and Zoono Holdings, New Jersey companies, sold Zoono Microbe Shield through numerous websites and were fined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

  30. Lo que hay que saber sobre el Paxlovid y el coronavirus ‘de rebote’ en Español, September 22

  31. Pandemic Unemployment Fraud Estimate Rises to $45.6 Billion Business, September 22

    A federal watchdog tripled its earlier estimate of benefits that the U.S. government paid to people who weren’t entitled to them.

  32. Pandemic Unemployment Fraud Estimate Is Raised to $45.6 Billion Business, September 22

    A federal watchdog tripled its earlier estimate of benefits that the U.S. government paid to people who weren’t entitled to them.

  33. How do I know if my symptoms are from Covid or the flu? Well, September 22

    There are slight differences in symptoms, but the best way to tell which infection you have is through a test.

  34. Can you get the flu shot and the new booster at the same time? Well, September 22

    Combining vaccines may be more convenient, experts said.

  35. Why Omicron Might Stick Around Science, September 22

    Omicron, the 13th named variant of the coronavirus, seems to have a remarkable capacity to evolve new tricks.

  36. America’s data crisis N Y T Now, September 21

    Major data gaps are undercutting the country’s ability to respond to outbreaks.

  37. How Big Were Pandemic Learning Losses, Really? Op Ed, September 21

    Despite the Covid disruption, school test score declines look pretty modest.

  38. ‘We’re on That Bus, Too’: In China, a Deadly Crash Triggers Covid Trauma Business, September 21

    A bus heading to a quarantine facility crashed, killing 27. The Chinese public saw itself in the victims: a country being held hostage by the government’s harsh policy.

  39. Staying Up Late to Find Out Why New York No Longer Does Metro, September 21

    More bars and restaurants are closing their doors at earlier hours, and more New Yorkers are grabbing dinner earlier in the evening. One of our reporters set off to find out why.

  40. Does the bivalent booster entirely replace the other boosters? Well, September 20

    The F.D.A. no longer authorizes the previous booster doses for people over 12.

  41. The September 20 Coronavirus Questions live blog included two standalone posts:
  42. How long should I wait to get a bivalent booster if I recently had a shot or contracted Covid? Well, September 20

    You are allowed to get the shot two months after a previous dose, but some experts suggest waiting a little longer.

  43. Republican Governors to Migrants: Go Away Letters, September 20

    “Govs. Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis are using asylum seekers as political tools,” a reader writes. Also: President Biden and the pandemic; abortion prosecutors; arms for Ukraine.

  44. New York City Ends Private Employer Vaccine Mandate and Pushes Boosters Metro, September 20

    Mayor Eric Adams received the new booster on Tuesday, as he ended the Covid vaccine mandate and continued to roll back pandemic restrictions.

  45. Justice Dept. Charges 48 in Brazen Pandemic Aid Fraud in Minnesota Washington, September 20

    The defendants were charged with stealing $240 million intended to feed children, in what appears to be the largest theft so far from a pandemic-era program.

  46. ‘Very Harmful’ Lack of Data Blunts U.S. Response to Outbreaks Washington, September 20

    Major data gaps, the result of decades of underinvestment in public health, have undercut the government response to the coronavirus and now to monkeypox.

  47. Egypt Feels Pain of Global Disruptions Wrought by War and Pandemic Foreign, September 20

    The country’s economy has been very hard hit by cascading crises which have disrupted worldwide trade.

  48. ¿Es cierto que el ejercicio fortalece el sistema inmunitario? en Español, September 20

    Investigaciones recientes sugieren que las personas que hacen ejercicio tienen mayor resistencia a las enfermedades infecciosas, incluida la covid, pero los expertos dicen que los hallazgos deben evaluarse a fondo.

  49. Biden Says the Pandemic Is Over. But at Least 400 People Are Dying Daily. Washington, September 19

    The president made the remark in an interview that aired on CBS’s “60 Minutes” on Sunday night. By Monday, the backlash was in full swing.

  50. Robert Fripp Lightens Up Culture, September 19

    No one expected to see the leader of King Crimson dancing in a tutu on YouTube. In a rare interview, the guitarist explains “an entirely different trajectory.”

  51. Burnout, Productivity and Other Tales of the Office Letters, September 19

    Readers discuss new aspects of the workplace during the pandemic. Also: A political balance; Vladimir Putin and Mikhail Gorbachev; student newspapers.

  52. New York City Faces Potential Fiscal Crisis as $10 Billion Deficit Looms Metro, September 19

    A persistent pandemic-driven downturn has caused revenue from business and personal-income taxes to fall in New York City, while tourism and job losses have yet to recover.

  53. Hay buenas noticias sobre los refuerzos de las vacunas contra la covid en Español, September 19

    ¿Cuál es la mala noticia? Se les está dando tan poca publicidad, y hay tanto escepticismo injustificado en torno a ellas, que muy pocas personas podrían ponérselas.

  54. A Rural Doctor Gave Her All. Then Her Heart Broke. Science, September 19

    Physicians suffer one of the highest burnout rates among professionals. Dr. Kimberly Becher, one of two family practitioners in Clay County, West Virginia, learned the hard way.

  55. How Health Care Workers Got Me Through the Pandemic Special Sections, September 19

    From home aides to doctors, people in health care fields offered more than just medical advice for people getting through the pandemic. They offered comfort.

  56. ¿Qué es la niebla cerebral y cómo puedo tratarla? en Español, September 19

    Esta disfunción cognitiva incluye olvidos, confusión y agotamiento tiene distintas causas, como la covid, los cambios hormonales y la esclerosis múltiple. Los investigadores empiezan a comprender cómo identificarla y atenderla.

  57. Bus Taking People to Quarantine Crashes in China, Killing 27 Foreign, September 19

    The deaths renewed an anguished debate over the price of China’s “zero Covid” policy.

  58. 162,000 Signs That New York Is Struggling to Bounce Back Metro, September 19

    The city is having a hard time regaining jobs lost during the pandemic, partly because of its reliance on tourism and office workers.

  59. Biden Calls Trump ‘Irresponsible’ Over Mar-a-Lago Documents Washington, September 19

    Speaking to “60 Minutes,” the president also declared the Covid-19 pandemic to be “over” in the United States.

  60. Wegmans Discontinues Self-Checkout App, Citing Losses Express, September 18

    Self-checkout systems are intended to make shopping convenient, but they also can lead to more thefts, experts said.

  61. What Joe Biden Knows That No One Expected Him To Op Ed, September 18

    A liberalism that is as ambitious about solving problems through invention as it is through redistribution would be powerful indeed.

  62. Bill Gates: ‘Estamos en una peor situación de lo que esperaba’ en Español, September 18

    El filántropo habló sobre cómo la pandemia y los efectos de la guerra en Ucrania están retrasando el progreso.

  63. Potent New Covid Boosters Are Here. Will Weary Americans Bother? National, September 18

    The new vaccine campaign is one of the country’s last remaining strategies, as masks have fallen away and quarantines have diminished. So far, the rollout is methodical but muted.

  64. Did Fauci Lead America Astray on Covid? Letters, September 16

    Responses to an essay that criticized Anthony Fauci’s handling of the pandemic. Also: Migrants as props; abortion rights; David Milch; theater’s lessons.

  65. Is New York City Finally Returning to the Office? Metro, September 16

    With rising subway ridership and office occupancy, the city’s post-Labor Day return has offered early signs that New York may finally be turning over a new chapter in its recovery.

  66. Deadlines for Using Up Flexible Spending Accounts Return Business, September 16

    Relaxed rules during the pandemic let workers carry over more of the pretax money, which must be spent on health costs or forfeited, but they’re expiring.

  67. ‘At the Breaking Point’: Tibetans, Under Lockdown, Make Rare Cries for Help Foreign, September 16

    China’s ever-tightening Covid rules have prompted public complaints from residents of areas usually intimidated into keeping quiet.

  68. Flu Season Is Coming. Here’s How to Prepare. Well, September 16

    We may be more susceptible to the virus than we have been in recent years, but doctors have tips to stay healthy.

  69. There’s Terrific News About the New Covid Boosters, but Few Are Hearing It Op Ed, September 15

    These updated vaccines are more protective and could fight future variants and help stave off long Covid.

  70. Thanking Those Who Got Us Through It N Y T Now, September 14

    Readers tell us their stories of support during the pandemic.

  71. In New York City, Pandemic Job Losses Linger Metro, September 14

    Even as the country as a whole has recovered all of the jobs it lost during the pandemic, the city is still missing 176,000 — the slowest recovery of any major metropolitan area.

  72. China’s Leader Emerges From Covid Bubble for First Foreign Trip Since 2020 Foreign, September 14

    Xi Jinping, who is expected to meet with Vladimir Putin, will seek to project confidence as a global statesman at a time of grave challenges at home.

  73. Woman Gets 4 Months After Shoving Flight Attendant, Spitting on a Passenger Travel, September 13

    Kelly Pichardo, 32, will also have to pay more than $9,000 to American Airlines for the altercation, which came as incidents involving unruly passengers unnerved airline workers and the public.

  74. Bill Gates: ‘We’re in a Worse Place Than I Expected’ Op Ed, September 13

    The philanthropist on how the pandemic and the effects of the war in Ukraine are setting back progress.

  75. ‘The Future of Hospitals’: Flexible Space for the Next Pandemic Business, September 13

    After struggling to respond to a crushing Covid caseload, many hospitals are remodeling so that when the next crisis comes, they’ll be better able to meet it.

  76. What Is Brain Fog and How Can I Treat It? Well, September 13

    Researchers are just beginning to understand the cognitive dysfunction that some people experience with Covid-19 and a range of other health issues.

  77. Who Are America’s Missing Workers? Business, September 12

    The labor market appears hot, but the share of people who are either working or actively looking for a job still hasn’t quite recovered.

  78. How Family and Friends Helped Get Me Through the Pandemic Special Sections, September 12

    As Covid raged, many Americans hunkered down with family members and relied on friends — and some came away with deepened relationships. Here are a few of their stories.

  79. La política china de ‘cero covid’: esto es lo que significa en Español, September 11

    El país donde surgió el coronavirus por primera vez está decidido a seguir imponiendo amplias medidas para detener su avance.

  80. Just Bread and Noodles: China’s Covid Lockdown Distress Hits Xinjiang Foreign, September 11

    With lack of food, medicine and other crucial supplies, residents of Yining are chafing under a monthlong pandemic shutdown.

  81. Want to Regain Parents’ Trust, Public Health Institutions? Be Humble. Op Ed, September 10

    Definitive statements on open questions isn’t the way.

  82. Marc Lewitinn, Covid Patient, Dies at 76 After 850 Days on a Ventilator Obits, September 9

    While no definitive statistics exist, doctors say Mr. Lewitinn, a retired Manhattan store owner, likely remained on the device longer than any other Covid patient.

  83. Joseph Hazelwood, Captain of the Exxon Valdez, Is Dead at 75 Obits, September 9

    The tanker spilled millions of gallons of oil when it ran aground, causing one of the nation’s worst environmental disasters. He accepted responsibility but was demonized.

  84. China’s Public Puts on a Show of Zero Covid for an Audience of One Business, September 9

    Because of Xi Jinping’s unrelenting policy, the Chinese people put up with a precarious existence filled with lockdowns, quarantines and mass testing.

  85. I.R.S. to Refund Late-Filing Penalties for 2019 and 2020 Returns Business, September 9

    But to be eligible for the relief, taxpayers have to file the returns by Sept. 30. The agency says the average refund will be $750.

  86. Covid’s Toll on Native Americans N Y T Now, September 8

    Covid’s death toll in Indigenous communities has no modern precedent.

  87. China’s Zero-Covid Approach Explained Foreign, September 8

    The country where the coronavirus first emerged is committed to going to great lengths to stop its spread.

  88. American Schools Got a $190 Billion Covid Windfall. Where Is It Going? Magazine, September 8

    Unprecedented federal aid could help schools dig out of pandemic problems — if they can figure out how to spend it in time.

  89. N.Y.C. Schools Reopen With Focus on Recovery From Pandemic Losses Metro, September 8

    “We need to show them: We’re back,” said the head of the principals’ union as children return to school Thursday with Covid restrictions largely ended.

  90. Shock Waves Hit the Global Economy, Posing Grave Risk to Europe Business, September 8

    The threat to Europe’s industrial might and living standards is particularly acute as policymakers race to decouple the continent from Russia’s power sources.

  91. Raises and Safety Protections in City Ballet Dancers’ New Contract Culture, September 7

    The dancers will receive a wage increase of 6.7 percent this season. The company also agreed to hire an intimacy director and to work to eliminate stereotypes in ballet.

  92. Food Insecurity for Families With Children Reached Two-Decade Low in 2021 Washington, September 7

    The decline can be attributed to an expansion of government assistance for families and children.

  93. The Office and Covid N Y T Now, September 7

    Plus readers offer advice for returning to the cubicle.

  94. Your Thursday Briefing: Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping Likely to Meet N Y T Now, September 7

    Plus India’s growing economy and China’s “zero-Covid” trap.

  95. Can Exercise Strengthen Your Immunity? Well, September 7

    Recent research suggests that people who work out have stronger resistance to infectious diseases — including Covid — but experts say the findings need to be tested further.

  96. China’s ‘Zero Covid’ Bind: No Easy Way Out Despite the Cost Foreign, September 7

    From vaccines to propaganda, Beijing has prioritized politics over science, creating conditions that make it difficult for China to join other countries in adapting to life with the coronavirus.

  97. Struggling Seaside Town Shows Challenges for New U.K. Leader Foreign, September 7

    Blackpool contains one of the most deprived areas to turn to the Conservatives in Britain’s last general election. But with costs rising, there are already signs of cracks in that support.

  98. At Head Start, Masks Remain On, Despite C.D.C. Guidelines National, September 7

    Some of the nation’s poorest pre-K students are the last still under mask mandates, affecting enrollment.

  99. The Supply Chain Broke. Robots Are Supposed to Help Fix It. Business, September 7

    The companies behind e-commerce are embracing automation as the means of transcending the limitations of humans.

  100. A Good Issue for Democrats N Y T Now, September 6

    Despite the large partisan gaps on many aspects of Covid, Americans give Democrats higher marks for pandemic management than Republicans.

  101. New prime minister or not, Larry the cat is here to stay. Foreign, September 6

    The chief mouser to the Cabinet Office will remain in 10 Downing Street even after Britain welcomes Liz Truss as prime minister.

  102. It’s Never Too Late to Uproot Your Life and Open an Inn Special Sections, September 6

    In early 2020, Maureen McNamara and her wife, Jennifer Stark, traded in their popular restaurant in Michigan for an inn nestled in the Catskill Mountains of New York. The inn opened just days before the pandemic was declared.

  103. Will Return to Office Get Serious in September? Metro, September 6

    Bosses want employees back, but it looks like the return will be gradual and depend on the future of Covid.

  104. To Mask, or Not to Mask: Theaters and Concert Halls Face a Dilemma Culture, September 5

    Some audience members are turned off by mask mandates. Others won’t attend indoor performances without them. Arts presenters are taking different approaches this season.

  105. As China Imposes More Covid Lockdowns, ‘Everyone Is Scared’ Foreign, September 5

    Nearly every province has recorded infections in recent days, leaving some 60 million residents locked down. Weariness is growing by the day as the restrictions go on seemingly without end.

  106. Office Drama N Y T Now, September 4

    Labor Day has become a flash point for big companies who want workers to return to the office.

  107. The Quiet Cost of Family Caregiving Science, September 4

    Many employees reduce their hours or stop working to help ailing family members. But it may be years before they fully return to the work force, studies indicate.

  108. White House Requests $47 Billion for Pandemic Response and Ukraine Aid Washington, September 2

    The request to Congress comes as lawmakers face a Sept. 30 deadline to finish annual funding bills for the fiscal year that begins on Oct. 1.

  109. Myanmar Gives More Prison Time to Its Best-Known Convict Foreign, September 2

    Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the politician and Nobel laureate, was found guilty of election fraud on Friday, a sign that the junta has no intention of easing its pressure on her.

  110. Updated Booster Shots Expected Within Days as C.D.C. Signs Off Science, September 1

    The debut of Omicron-specific vaccines raises a thorny question: How long should you wait between shots?

  111. Weekly Health Quiz: Covid-19 Boosters, Teens and Love Languages Interactive, September 1

    Test your knowledge of this week’s health news.

  112. Prosecute Trump, Despite the Risks? Letters, September 1

    Readers react to an editorial urging an indictment to show that he “is not above the law.” Also: Abortion and data privacy; Moderna’s suit; children’s mental health.

  113. An N.F.L. Player Tries for a Rookie Year Do-Over Sports, September 1

    Opting out of college football in 2020, Caleb Farley worried that his commitment to the sport would be questioned. His persistence through the pandemic and a major knee injury has cleared up any doubts.

  114. Lo que hay que saber sobre las nuevas dosis de refuerzo para la variante ómicron en Español, September 1

    La FDA acaba de aprobar nuevas dosis para la versión más reciente de la variante ómicron. Si te preguntas cuándo deberías inyectarte, en esta nota explicamos lo que recomiendan los expertos.

  115. School Is for Wasting Time and Money Op Ed, September 1

    I have deep doubts about the intellectual and social value of schooling.

  116. China Locks Down Major Southern City of Chengdu Foreign, September 1

    The drastic response to a rise in Covid cases adds to the pressures facing Sichuan Province, which already had been dealing with drought, heat and wildfires.

  117. These 12 Teachers Don’t See Themselves as Superheroes Interactive, September 1

    Twelve public school teachers joined Times Opinion to discuss the state of education today.

  118. The Pandemic Erased Two Decades of Progress in Math and Reading National, September 1

    The results of a national test showed just how devastating the last two years have been for 9-year-old schoolchildren, especially the most vulnerable.

  119. How the Pandemic Shortened Life Expectancy in Indigenous Communities Science, August 31

    New federal data outline the scale of suffering among Native Americans and Alaska Natives.

  120. What to Know: Updated Covid Boosters Interactive, August 31

    The F.D.A. on Wednesday authorized updated coronavirus boosters, the first time it has done so since the original vaccines were rolled out nearly two years ago.

  121. Your Thursday Briefing: How Authoritarians See Mikhail Gorbachev National, August 31

    Plus the decline in American life expectancy and the latest on Typhoon Hinnamnor.

  122. What to Know About the New Booster Shots Well, August 31

    The F.D.A. just cleared new shots targeting the latest version of the Omicron variant. When should you get yours? Here’s what experts recommend.

  123. F.D.A. Authorizes Updated Covid Booster Shots Targeting Omicron Subvariants Washington, August 31

    The agency cleared two options aimed at subvariants that are now dominant, hoping to curtail a fall or winter surge.

  124. Mahathir, Malaysia’s Former Premier, Is Hospitalized With Covid Foreign, August 31

    A towering figure in his country’s politics, Mahathir Mohamad was admitted to the hospital for monitoring, and says he’s contemplating another election run at age 97.

  125. Life Expectancy Is Falling. Here’s How to Change That. Op Ed, August 31

    Public health is at a crossroads.

  126. U.S. Life Expectancy Falls Again in ‘Historic’ Setback Science, August 31

    The decline during the pandemic is the sharpest in nearly 100 years, hitting Native American and Alaska Native communities particularly hard.

  127. Why Many Americans Turned on Anthony Fauci Op Ed, August 30

    A science worth following must lead.

  128. Paxlovid Cuts Covid Deaths Among Older People, Israeli Study Finds Science, August 30

    Among patients under 65, however, the drug made little difference in hospitalization or death rates.

  129. Lockdowns in China, and North Korea, Deal Double Blow to Bridge City Business, August 30

    Shenyang, in China’s northeast, was a hub for North Korean workers and a launchpad for visits to Pyongyang. Covid restrictions have battered its economy.

  130. Jill Biden Tests Negative for Coronavirus After Rebound Case Washington, August 30

    The first lady plans to return to the Washington area after isolating in Delaware.

  131. California Approves Bill to Punish Doctors Who Spread False Information Business, August 30

    Weighing into the fierce national debate over Covid-19 prevention and treatments, the state would be the first to try a legal remedy for vaccine disinformation.

  132. San Francisco’s Art Market Struggles in the Shadow of Los Angeles Culture, August 29

    Though some small galleries are opening or expanding, the mega dealers have closed shop, a blow to an area with a vibrant artistic history.

  133. How Bad Is the Teacher Shortage? Depends Where You Live. National, August 29

    Urgently needed: teachers in struggling districts, certified in math or special education. Perks: maybe a pay raise, or how about a four-day week?

  134. Why Pastors Are Burning Out Op Ed, August 28

    “I just started associating ministry with having to learn new computer programs and having embarrassing, anxious moments around technology.”

  135. Fall Vaccination Campaign Will Bring New Shots, Worse Access Science, August 28

    Updated Covid vaccines, expected soon after Labor Day, were designed to thwart Omicron variants. But money to distribute them has dried up.

  136. As Covid Guidance Evolves, So Does a Virus Briefing Insider, August 28

    Jonathan Wolfe, the reporter behind the Coronavirus Briefing, now the Virus Briefing, discusses the newsletter’s shift in focus.

  137. Moderna Sues Pfizer and BioNTech Over Covid Vaccine Technology Business, August 26

    Two lawsuits filed in Massachusetts and Germany claim the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine violated Moderna’s mRNA patents.

  138. The Long Tail of Covid-19 Disinformation Foreign, August 26

    Almost all of Australia and New Zealand’s pandemic restrictions have been lifted. Yet the protests continue.

  139. Remote Scan of Student’s Room Before Test Violated His Privacy, Judge Rules Express, August 25

    A federal judge said Cleveland State University violated the Fourth Amendment when it used software to scan a student’s bedroom, a practice that has grown during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  140. Still Unvaccinated, Djokovic Says He Will Miss the U.S. Open Sports, August 25

    Djokovic said he wouldn’t be able to travel to New York for the tournament that begins next week. The U.S. has travel restrictions that require foreign visitors to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

  141. Peloton, struggling to sell its gear, reports a $1.2 billion loss. Business, August 25

    The maker of exercise bikes attributed part of the loss to restructuring charges related to supply chain and inventory problems.

  142. The Front-Runner to Replace Boris Johnson Wants to Be a New Iron Lady Foreign, August 25

    Campaigning to be Britain’s next prime minister, Liz Truss has modeled herself after Margaret Thatcher and pushed a party orthodoxy of lower taxes, less government and bucking the European Union.

  143. If You’re Suffering After Being Sick With Covid, It’s Not Just in Your Head Op Ed, August 25

    A major new approach is needed to solve many postviral conditions.

  144. Can the C.D.C. Save Itself? Op Ed, August 24

    After a damning internal review of its pandemic response, the agency will be reorganized.

  145. Jill Biden Tests Positive for Coronavirus Again in ‘Rebound’ Case Washington, August 24

    Her experience mirrors that of President Biden, who was forced to return to isolation last month after his initial bout with Covid-19.

  146. ‘It’s My Tradition Too’: A Town’s Centuries-Old Passion Play Evolves Culture, August 24

    After a two-year pandemic delay, villagers in the German town of Oberammergau are once again re-enacting the story of Jesus’s life and death, with some changes.

  147. Biden Administration Plans for New Booster Campaign Soon After Labor Day Washington, August 23

    A top F.D.A. regulator cited compelling data for redesigned coronavirus vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.

  148. The Risks of the Trump Investigation Letters, August 23

    Readers respond to Ross Douthat’s warning that Merrick Garland “can’t afford to miss.” Also: Trump like a toddler; monkeypox; masks on the subway; flood insurance.

  149. Two Men Convicted in Plot to Kidnap Michigan’s Governor National, August 23

    The trial came months after a different federal jury did not return any convictions in the case, one of the country’s highest-profile domestic terror prosecutions.