1. Rural Philippines, Long Neglected, Newly Appealing in Covid Times World, Today

    The economic disparity of the nation’s rural and urban areas is a problem of long standing. Will the lessons of the pandemic finally lead to change?

  2. Más del 75 por ciento de pacientes con covid persistente no fueron hospitalizados por su enfermedad inicial, según un estudio en Español, Today

    Los expertos consideran que muchas personas que presentaron una enfermedad inicial leve o moderada acabarán teniendo síntomas prolongados o nuevas afecciones poscovid.

  3. The Michigan Mink Mystery: How Did an Interspecies Outbreak Unfold? Health, Today

    The puzzling coronavirus cases highlight ongoing surveillance challenges and blind spots.

  4. My Patient Didn’t Die From Covid. He Died Because of It. Opinion, Yesterday

    These pandemic deaths are still uncounted.

  5. Staycation, Again? Travel, Yesterday

    Wasn’t this supposed to be the summer of big plans? Inflation, Covid-19 and instability have some travelers putting away their passports and grabbing their weekender bags: The close-to-home vacation isn’t dead yet.

  6. What We Know About Long Covid So Far Well, Yesterday

    There is no universal definition of the complex condition, but clues about causes and potential treatments are beginning to emerge.

  7. The May 20 Covid 19 Deaths Vaccines Cases live blog included one standalone post:
  8. Readers Share in the Grief of Losing 1 Million Interactive, May 20

    Here's how some readers responded to our story about the one million Americans who have died from Covid-19.

  9. C.D.C.’s Pandemic Team Will Surrender Some Responsibilities Health, May 20

    The transition was announced in a letter to agency employees, but details were scant.

  10. Judge Orders Government to Continue Migrant Expulsions on Border U.S., May 20

    Under the ruling, the public health measure known as Title 42 that has denied migrants entry will remain in effect.

  11. C.D.C. Urges Adults 50 and Older to Get Second Booster Shot U.S., May 20

    Previously, the agency said those 50 and older could opt for the additional shot, but encouraged only people over 65 or with underlying medical conditions to get it.

  12. New York City’s fifth wave Briefing, May 20

    The latest wave is being driven by Omicron subvariants.

  13. Robert Goolrick Dies at 73; Became a Successful Novelist Late in Life Books, May 20

    Being fired as an advertising executive freed him to write a blistering memoir about his Southern family and an erotic novel that became a best seller.

  14. Warning Signs of a Future Mass Killer Opinion, May 20

    Mental health evaluations, chat rooms and parents’ roles. Also: Republicans and shootings; Covid mandates; voters and democracy; Estonia and Russia; abortion funds.

  15. Broadway theaters will continue requiring patrons to wear masks at least through June 30. Theater, May 20

    The decision comes at a time when New York City has declared a “high Covid alert.”

  16. Despite a landmark toll from Covid, there is still no U.S. memorial to the dead. U.S., May 20

    As the United States reached 1 million known deaths, there was no national, permanent memorial to the country’s loss. Some survivors have called for more to be done.

  17. They left craters of grief: Here’s a closer look at the impact of one million U.S. Covid deaths. U.S., May 20

    Experts say that grief over a death affects a wide range of people, beyond those who might be mentioned in an obituary.

  18. A Better Understanding of Long Covid The Daily, May 20

    Who does the condition affect, and how widespread is it?

  19. 1 Million Deaths, 13 Last Messages Interactive, May 20

    The last messages from those we lost to Covid.

  20. Las trabajadoras que luchan para mejorar la salud pública de la India en Español, May 20

    Más de un millón de trabajadoras de la salud tratan a las mujeres y los niños en mayor riesgo de la India, por poco dinero y, a veces, a costa de sus propias vidas.

  21. As China Doubles Down on Lockdowns, Some Chinese Seek an Exit World, May 20

    Inquiries to immigration consultants have surged; social media users trade tips on how to get abroad. But the government aims to “strictly restrict nonessential exit activities.”

  22. Voices of a Grieving Nation Interactive, May 19

    After more than two years, the death toll from Covid-19 has reached one million in the United States. Hear loved ones recount memories of the lives lost.

  23. Why Adams Is Rejecting Mask Mandates as Covid Cases Rise in New York New York, May 19

    Mayor Eric Adams has focused on antiviral treatments and at-home testing as coronavirus cases surge again.

  24. What’s Going on With the Testing Requirement for Travel? Travel, May 19

    The requirement to test for Covid before flying to the United States is hated by many travelers and the U.S. travel industry. But the government shows no sign of getting rid of it.

  25. Thousands of Migrants Have Been Waiting for Months to Enter U.S. U.S., May 19

    People from around the world have been lingering on the border, awaiting the end of pandemic restrictions. Their fate remains one of the Biden administration’s biggest challenges on immigration.

  26. Census Miscounted the Population of 14 States, a Review Shows U.S., May 19

    The coronavirus pandemic, hurricanes and political attitudes might have contributed to an undercount in six states, mostly in the South. The census likely overcounted in eight others.

  27. Coping With ‘Zero Covid’ Briefing, May 19

    Our correspondent takes you inside Shanghai’s Covid lockdown.

  28. Manhattan recupera su encanto en Español, May 19

    Los entusiastas de Broadway, los aficionados al arte y los amantes de la comida encontrarán nuevas propuestas en Times Square y sus alrededores y en los vecindarios cercanos a la calle 42, lo que anuncia la promesa de una recuperación animada.

  29. A Town’s Covid Money Was Sent to One Man in Error. He Gambled It All Away. World, May 19

    An official in the rural Japanese town wired the 24-year-old man nearly $360,000 by mistake. He lost it in online casinos. Now, the town is suing and he has been arrested.

  30. Adams Rejects Mask Mandates as N.Y.C. Enters High Risk Virus Level Video, May 18

    Mayor Eric Adams of New York said he did not plan to bring back mask mandates despite a citywide increase in newly confirmed cases driven by Omicron subvariants.

  31. 70 N.Y. Judges Went on a Montauk Retreat. 20 Came Down With the Virus. New York, May 18

    A judicial gathering at a seaside resort, with karaoke included, became a superspreader event.

  32. Your Thursday Briefing: Turkey’s NATO Block Briefing, May 18

    Plus North Korea’s Covid strategy and China’s expanding internet censorship.

  33. Ashley Biden, President Biden’s daughter, and Xavier Becerra, the health secretary, test positive for the virus. U.S., May 18

    Neither is considered a close contact to the first couple, according to the administration.

  34. Since You’re Already Getting a Flu Shot, Why Not One for Covid, Too? Health, May 18

    Scientists and federal health officials are debating plans to pair coronavirus and flu vaccinations in the fall.

  35. The May 18 Covid 19 Mandates Vaccine Cases live blog included one standalone post:
  36. Over 75 Percent of Long Covid Patients Were Not Hospitalized for Initial Illness, Study Finds Health, May 18

    Researchers analyzed the largest database of private insurance claims in the United States in the first four months after a diagnostic code for long Covid was created.

  37. Economic Headwinds Mount as Leaders Weigh Costs of Confronting Russia U.S., May 18

    Top economic officials are gathering this week to discuss how to keep pressure on Vladimir V. Putin without sinking their economies.

  38. North Korea Wants to Follow China’s Covid ‘Success.’ Its Plan May Backfire. World, May 18

    As infections spread quickly, outside experts are warning that the country’s desire to mimic Beijing’s playbook could worsen a coming disaster.

  39. Biden Health Officials Warn of Substantial Increase in Virus Cases U.S., May 18

    The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged local leaders and individuals to at least consider returning to wearing masks in indoor public settings.

  40. Your Wednesday Briefing: Sri Lanka, Out of Fuel Briefing, May 17

    Plus lockdowns continue in Shanghai, and India’s community health workers press for a raise.

  41. The May 17 Covid 19 Mandates Vaccine Cases live blog included one standalone post:
  42. The White House opens up another round of free, at-home virus tests to order through the Postal Service. U.S., May 17

    The move doubled to 16 the total number of tests available to each U.S. household through a program that debuted over the winter.

  43. With Plunging Enrollment, a ‘Seismic Hit’ to Public Schools U.S., May 17

    The pandemic has supercharged the decline in the nation’s public school system in ways that experts say will not easily be reversed.

  44. The F.D.A. authorizes Pfizer-BioNTech boosters for children ages 5 to 11. U.S., May 17

    More than eight million of the 28 million children in that age group in the United States have received two vaccine shots.

  45. Pennsylvania’s attorney general, a candidate for governor, is isolating after his positive coronavirus test. U.S., May 17

    Josh Shapiro said he had mild symptoms and would stay home during the state’s primary election on Tuesday.

  46. The Foot Soldiers in India’s Battle to Improve Public Health World, May 17

    Over a million female health workers treat India’s most at-risk women and children, for little pay and sometimes at the cost of their own lives.

  47. Shanghai says its Covid outbreak is under control, but many residents remain locked down. World, May 17

    Reports in state news media about the return of daily life in the financial hub brought distressed responses from residents.

  48. North Korea’s Covid outbreak continues to spread. World, May 17

    According to state media, nearly 1.5 million people have presented with a fever, and 56 have died, in what the country claimed was its first outbreak of the pandemic.

  49. ¿Con qué frecuencia puedes contagiarte del coronavirus? en Español, May 17

    La propagación masiva de la variante ómicron ha hecho que los científicos concluyan que podríamos reinfectarnos varias veces en el transcurso de pocos meses.

  50. The Posts That Show the Buffalo Suspect’s Racist Motives New York, May 17

    The accused gunman was able to get an assault-style weapon even though he had made a threat in high school.

  51. Why Are Sexually Transmitted Infections Surging? Magazine, May 17

    After reaching historic lows more than a decade ago, rates are on the rise again.

  52. Your Tuesday Briefing: Russia’s Faltering Campaign Briefing, May 16

    Plus climate’s role in Australia’s upcoming election and a Covid-19 protest at Peking University.

  53. N.Y.C. urges people to wear masks indoors, but stops short of requiring it. New York, May 16

    City health officials urged New Yorkers to wear medical masks indoors and to take other precautions.

  54. The F.D.A. is expected to soon authorize Pfizer-BioNTech’s booster for 5- to 11-year-olds. U.S., May 16

    Given that the age group has the lowest coronavirus vaccination rate of all eligible Americans, public health experts are not expecting a rush for the booster.

  55. The Buffalo Massacre: A Deadly Mix of Racism and Guns Opinion, May 16

    After another massacre, readers urge not only gun control but also addressing domestic terrorism. Also: A Covid death; lawmakers need to govern; Republican contortions.

  56. How Often Can You Be Infected With the Coronavirus? Health, May 16

    The spread of the Omicron variant has given scientists an unsettling answer: repeatedly, sometimes within months.

  57. Students Protest Covid Lockdowns at Elite Beijing University Business, May 16

    Authorities moved quickly to censor videos and photos that showed students at Peking University demonstrating.

  58. Ben Bernanke Sees ‘Stagflation’ Ahead Business, May 16

    The former chairman of the Federal Reserve has a new book out on Tuesday explaining the powers of the Fed and Congress to juice or slow our economy amid a supply-chain crunch and sky-high demand.

  59. Your Monday Briefing: North Korea’s Growing Outbreak Briefing, May 15

    Plus India bans most wheat exports and South Korea amends surgery laws.

  60. How Australia Saved Thousands of Lives While Covid Killed a Million Americans World, May 15

    The United States and Australia share similar demographics, but their pandemic death rates point to very different cultures of trust.

  61. Remembering One in One Million Times Insider, May 15

    As the United States marks one million Covid-19 deaths, Times journalists reflect on the one story or moment from the pandemic that will stay with them forever.

  62. The Lost Americans U.S., May 14

    Nearly one million people have died from Covid in the United States. Many of the loved ones they left behind are grieving in a nation that wants to move on.

  63. North Korea Says Its Covid Outbreak Is Spreading Fast World, May 14

    State media reported 21 new deaths and a huge jump in suspected cases on Saturday, but it was unclear how many had been definitively linked to the coronavirus.

  64. How America Lost One Million People Interactive, May 13

    Understanding the death toll — who makes up the one million and how the country failed them — is essential as the pandemic continues.

  65. Jacinda Ardern, whose restrictions buffered New Zealand from the worst of the pandemic, tests positive. World, May 13

    The prime minister’s rules kept transmission at bay for two years, and by the time the highly infectious Omicron variant hit, the vast majority of New Zealand’s population had been vaccinated.

  66. ‘Spend This Money’: Biden Calls on States to Devote Stimulus Funds to Police U.S., May 13

    Ahead of the midterm elections, President Biden is making a forceful push to show he is a defender of law enforcement.

  67. Surge in Virus Cases Puts Most of New York State on High Alert New York, May 13

    C.D.C. guidelines suggest most people in the state should wear masks indoors, including in schools, although New York City cases remained lower.

  68. More Than 20 States Press Judge to Continue Migrant Expulsions U.S., May 13

    A federal judge promised to rule by May 23 on the public health measure, known as Title 42, that has barred migrants from requesting asylum.

  69. Advice for Summer Travel Briefing, May 13

    Our Tripped Up columnist shares tips and approaches.

  70. Nearing a Grim Milestone: One Million U.S. Covid Deaths Opinion, May 13

    Readers ponder an impending horrible milestone. Also: Grief in our times; college debt; policies and public opinion; students’ letters.

  71. ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ to Close on Broadway, After Reopening Theater, May 13

    The musical, which shuttered temporarily in January as the Omicron variant spread, has struggled with the slow return of tourists to the theater.

  72. The World’s a Mess. So They’ve Stopped Saving for Tomorrow. Style, May 13

    Many adults under 35 are throwing financial caution to the wind. It’s all about saving less, spending more and pursuing passions.

  73. The World Tries to Move Beyond Covid. China May Stand in the Way. Business, May 13

    Xi Jinping has redoubled his country’s efforts to control the virus, even as a growing number of leaders call on Beijing to change course.

  74. North Korea Says 6 Dead as Covid-19 Spreads ‘Explosively’ World, May 12

    The country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, said 187,800 people were in quarantine, and state TV showed him wearing a mask for the first time.

  75. Meatpackers Misled Public and Influenced Trump Administration During Covid, Report Says U.S., May 12

    A congressional report claimed that meatpacking companies issued “baseless” warnings about food shortages and influenced government decisions to keep plants open early in the pandemic.

  76. As known cases climb in southern Africa, testing on the continent has fallen off. World, May 12

    New reported cases in South Africa have increased 80 percent, from the average two weeks ago, and deaths have increased 44 percent.

  77. Your Friday Briefing: The Fateful Bullet Briefing, May 12

    Israeli and Palestinian authorities are divided over how to investigate the killing of the Al Jazeera journalist in the West Bank.

  78. Africa’s First Covid-19 Vaccine Factory Hasn’t Received a Single Order World, May 12

    Aspen Pharmacare, in South Africa, was licensed to produce the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. It was hailed as an answer to Africa’s struggle to get access to vaccines.

  79. Massachusetts to Pay $56 Million After Deadly Covid Outbreak at Veterans’ Home U.S., May 12

    At least 84 veterans died after the outbreak at the state-run Holyoke Soldiers’ Home in March 2020. Massachusetts will pay their families a minimum of $400,000 each under the settlement.

  80. Perdí a mi bebé. Y luego los antivacunas hicieron que mi dolor se volviera viral en Español, May 12

    Mi historia de dolor fue tergiversada y usada por gente que propaga mentiras.

  81. The police in London issue 50 more fines for parties at Downing Street. World, May 12

    Britain’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, was not among those affected, his office said, though neither it, nor the police, named those who were.

  82. At Biden’s Summit, Other Nations Pledge Billions to Bolster Pandemic Response U.S., May 12

    The meeting was meant to reinvigorate the response as vaccination and testing lag. Many attendees said Covid fatigue had become nearly as big a danger as Covid itself.

  83. Biden orders federal flags to fly at half-staff as the U.S. Covid toll nears one million. U.S., May 12

    The president said in a formal statement that the United States must ‘remain vigilant’ against a virus that has ‘forever changed’ the country.

  84. North Korea reports its first Covid outbreak. World, May 11

    The country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, ordered a national lockdown after a subvariant of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus was found in the capital.

  85. Moderna Vaccine Provokes Strong Immune Response in Children 6 to 11 Health, May 11

    Antibody levels rose in the children who received it, suggesting the vaccine protects against infection. But the data were gathered before the arrival of Omicron.

  86. Only a third of Americans were worried about the pandemic in April, even as new cases rose, a new poll finds. U.S., May 11

    The survey, from Gallup, was conducted between April 15 and April 23, at a time when new cases were increasing after plummeting from highs seen during the winter Omicron surge.

  87. U.S. lawmakers struggle with how to get a Covid aid package passed over an immigration fight. U.S., May 11

    The White House has pushed for a $22.5 billion package at home and abroad, warning about the dire consequences of inaction. But a smaller package of $10 billion has been stalled in the Senate.

  88. American Teenagers and Their Mental Health Opinion, May 11

    The teen mental health crisis. Also: Elon Musk, Donald Trump and Twitter; Vladimir Putin’s gambit; Russian TV; Penn Station; flying without masks.

  89. The E.U. will no longer recommend that masks be required for air travel. World, May 11

    The decision came as countries across the bloc were loosening restrictions in response to the current rates of vaccination and naturally acquired immunity.

  90. I Lost My Baby. Then Antivaxxers Made My Pain Go Viral. Opinion, May 11

    There’s a human toll to misinformation.

  91. Bill Gates tests positive for the coronavirus. U.S., May 10

    One of the richest men in the world, and a major donor to pandemic relief efforts, Mr. Gates said on Twitter that he had mild symptoms.

  92. Gun deaths surged during the pandemic’s first year, the C.D.C. reports. Health, May 10

    Soaring rates were driven largely by gun-related homicides, which rose 35 percent from 2019 to 2020.

  93. Why Is the Supreme Court So Secretive? Opinion, May 10

    Readers call for more openness and discuss judicial restraint and the justices’ religious beliefs. Also: Mask decisions; Twitter’s dark side; skipping school.

  94. Shanghai’s Cases Fall, but China’s Restrictions Tighten World, May 10

    Schools are closed indefinitely in Beijing, while the last subway lines in Shanghai that were still running have ceased operation.

  95. Emergent Hid Evidence of Covid Vaccine Problems at Plant, Report Says U.S., May 10

    The report sheds new light on executives’ worries about deficiencies in the company’s quality control systems at its troubled Baltimore plant; no contaminated doses were ever released to the public.

  96. A Covid Vaccine Mandate for New York Schools? Not This Year. New York, May 10

    A bill to add the Covid vaccine to a list of mandated shots for schoolchildren is a hot potato, its sponsor said.

  97. Los pediatras están al frente de la crisis de salud mental en Español, May 10

    El panorama de la atención a la salud mental de los adolescentes en EE. UU. es cada vez más similar al consultorio de esta doctora en Kentucky, a donde llegan pacientes cada 15 minutos.

  98. Teens in Distress Are Swamping Pediatricians Health, May 10

    Around the country, the setting for adolescent mental health care looks ever more like this doctor’s office in Kentucky, the next patient arriving every 15 minutes.

  99. Your Monday Evening Briefing Briefing, May 9

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  100. A Coming Fall Surge? Briefing, May 9

    U.S. officials predict another 100 million cases in late 2022.

  101. Lincoln College to Close, Hurt by Pandemic and Ransomware Attack U.S., May 9

    The predominantly Black college in Illinois will cease operations Friday after 157 years, having failed to raise millions to recover from the pandemic and a cyberattack that originated in Iran.

  102. Your Tuesday Briefing: A Marcos Victory? Briefing, May 9

    Plus the resignation of Sri Lanka’s prime minister and Taiwan’s pandemic pivot.

  103. Susan Rice, a White House adviser, tests positive for the coronavirus. U.S., May 9

    Ms. Rice said she had last seen President Biden in person on Wednesday while wearing a mask and that, according to the C.D.C. guidelines, he was “not considered a close contact.”

  104. Former Heads of State Urge U.S. to Commit $5 Billion to Global Covid Fight U.S., May 9

    Activists are also pressing President Biden to take a more forceful leadership role in the response as he convenes world leaders for a Covid-19 summit on Thursday.

  105. U.K. Labour Leader Pledges to Resign if Police Find He Broke Covid Rules World, May 9

    But Keir Starmer maintained that he was within the law when he had a beer with takeout food during a campaign meeting last year.

  106. Most Broadway theaters have ended vaccination checks as coronavirus cases are rising. Theater, May 9

  107. Stock market’s plunge continues on new concerns about global economy. Business, May 9

    New data from China is adding to worries over high inflation, rising interest rates and supply chain disruptions.

  108. ‘We Are Now Moving From Zero Covid’: Taiwan Pivots as Beijing Doubles Down World, May 9

    The government’s shift reflects a recognition that stringent pandemic measures were stifling economic activity and eroding the island’s international competitiveness.

  109. Gov. Kathy Hochul Tests Positive for Covid New York, May 8

    The New York governor’s exposure comes as the state battles yet another variant that is more transmissible than previous versions of the virus.

  110. America, Unmasked Opinion, May 8

    Few among us loved the mask when it was forced on us, but it’s worth considering what we’re losing as it disappears.

  111. As Poor Nations Seek Covid Pills, Officials Fear Repeat of AIDS Crisis U.S., May 8

    The antiviral pills, plentiful in the United States, are scarce overseas. Health groups and the White House want to expand access but face obstacles that evoke the H.I.V. epidemic.

  112. The May 8 Hong Kong John Lee live blog included three standalone posts:
  113. Macron Sworn in for Second Term as French President Video, May 7

    President Emmanuel Macron of France vowed in his inauguration speech to lead more inclusively and to address instability provoked by crises, such as the pandemic and Russia’s war in Ukraine.

  114. George Cheeks, the president of CBS, tests positive for coronavirus after attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. World, May 6

    The network’s leader sat between the president and first lady, all unmasked, at the event.

  115. Your Friday Evening Briefing Briefing, May 6

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  116. The White House, warning of a fall surge, plans for how to provide vaccines if there’s no more Covid aid. U.S., May 6

    The White House has been asking Congress for $22.5 billion in emergency aid to continue responding to the pandemic, but Republicans have insisted on a much lower number.

  117. Can Covid Lead to Erectile Dysfunction? Briefing, May 6

    Some studies find higher rates of erectile dysfunction among men recovering from the illness.

  118. C.D.C. Is Investigating 109 Cases of Hepatitis in Children, Including 5 Deaths Health, May 6

    The agency stressed that the disease was still very rare in children and that a cause had not been determined.

  119. Amazon Abruptly Fires Senior Managers Tied to Unionized Warehouse Technology, May 6

    Company officials said the terminations were the result of an internal review, while the fired managers saw it as a response to the recent union victory.

  120. U.K. Police Reopen Lockdown Inquiry Into Labour Leader World, May 6

    The police are taking another look at allegations that Keir Starmer drank beer in a lawmaker’s office, potentially subjecting him to political headaches similar to those suffered by Boris Johnson.

  121. Biden’s Unpopularity Briefing, May 6

    Covid helps explain it.

  122. Worries about the strain on health care grow in the U.S. as hot spots spread and hospitalizations rise. U.S., May 6

    The C.D.C. is also keeping a close eye on the nature of hospitalizations.

  123. Citing Safety Concerns, F.D.A. Further Limits J.&J. Covid Vaccine U.S., May 5

    The agency said the move reflected an updated analysis of the risk of a rare but serious blood-clotting condition in people who get the vaccine.

  124. Covid Memorials Offer a Place to Put Our Grief Arts, May 5

    From “anti-monuments” to ephemeral sand portraits, four art exhibitions encourage viewers to slow down and take stock of our pandemic losses.

  125. Unruly air passenger rates declined in the U.S. after mask mandates were suspended. U.S., May 5

    The F.A.A. also introduced a “zero tolerance” policy against poor passenger behavior earlier this year.

  126. Your Friday Briefing: Russia Doubles Down Briefing, May 5

    Moscow wants victories before its Monday holiday.

  127. Can Covid Lead to Impotence? Health, May 5

    Some studies find higher rates of erectile dysfunction among men recovering from the illness. But other factors related to the pandemic, like heightened anxiety, may also be to blame.

  128. The Sounders Qualified for the Club World Cup. No One Knows When It Is. Sports, May 5

    One prize for Seattle’s Concacaf Champions League title was a chance to face some of the world’s best clubs. When are those games? “No clue,” one FIFA official said.

  129. Death Toll During Pandemic Far Exceeds Totals Reported by Countries, W.H.O. Says Health, May 5

    Nearly 15 million more people died during the first two years of the pandemic than would have been expected during normal times, the organization found. The previous count of virus deaths, from countries’ reporting, was six million.

  130. La pandemia ha sido dura con nuestros pies en Español, May 5

    Muchos especialistas han detectado un incremento en las lesiones en los pies, luego de la inactividad del encierro. Aquí hay recomendaciones para prevenir las lesiones más comunes.

  131. ‘I’m Very Anxious’: China’s Lockdowns Leave Millions Out of Work Business, May 5

    Migrant workers and recent college graduates have been hit hardest by shuttered factories, closed construction sites and an anemic job market.

  132. Manhattan Springs Back to Life Travel, May 5

    Broadway enthusiasts, art aficionados and food lovers will find new offerings in and around Times Square and in neighborhoods below 42nd Street, heralding the promise of a vibrant recovery.

  133. China’s Covid Policies Have European Companies Wary of Investing Business, May 5

    Lockdowns and supply chain issues have soured European businesses in China on the idea of further investment in the country, a survey finds.

  134. 封城下的上海 Interactive, May 4

  135. Virus Cases Grow After White House Correspondents Dinner U.S., May 4

    Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken was among the attendees reporting coronavirus infections on Wednesday.

  136. The May 4 Covid 19 Mandates Vaccine Cases live blog included one standalone post:
  137. Secretary Blinken tests positive for the coronavirus. U.S., May 4

    A State Department spokesman said Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken had not seen President Biden in several days.

  138. Las computadoras ayudan a los científicos a estudiar los virus de los animales que podrían infectar a los humanos en Español, May 4

    El aprendizaje automático es conocido por su capacidad para detectar cargos de crédito fraudulentos o reconocer rostros. Ahora los investigadores están probando esa tecnología para trabajar con virus.

  139. Uber continues its recovery from the pandemic lull but loses $5.6 billion from investments. Business, May 4

    Revenue in the first three months of 2022 was up 136 percent from a year earlier as travel continued to rebound.

  140. The Vanishing Variants: Lessons from Gamma, Iota and Mu Health, May 4

    Studying the coronavirus variants that have faded away could help us prepare for what comes next, scientists say.

  141. American Importers Accuse Shipping Giants of Profiteering Business, May 4

    Carriers are exploiting the supply chain chaos to breach contracts and jack up rates, importers say in asking for federal intervention.

  142. A new coronavirus surge sweeping Puerto Rico took hold soon after restrictions were lifted. U.S., May 3

    The island is reporting new cases at more than six times the national per-capita rate, and hospitalizations are rising.

  143. The May 3 Ohio Indiana Primary Election live blog included one standalone post:
  144. U.S. job openings hit a high point, 11.5 million, in March. Business, May 3

    New government data suggests that the economy remains far from normal as employers struggle to fill jobs and workers seek better positions.

  145. Beijing’s Covid Lockdowns: Close to My Home Interactive, May 3

    Beijing has been locking down apartment complexes once cases are found. Here is what my district looked like.

  146. What Your Younger Employees Are Really Thinking Opinion, May 3

    Twelve millennials talked to Times Opinion about the Great Resignation, returning to the office and the workplace in America today.

  147. Your Tuesday Briefing: Beijing’s Fight against Lockdowns Briefing, May 2

    And Mariupol evacuees start to emerge.

  148. In a Sick World, Choosing Between Freedom and Restriction Books, May 2

    Ali Smith’s new novel, “Companion Piece,” is set in a pandemic-ravaged, post-Brexit Britain, with a perplexing choice at its center.