1. Hawaii Judge Extends Order Blocking Trump’s Travel Ban U.S., Yesterday

    The judge, Derrick Watson of Federal District Court, issued the longer-lasting hold on the ban just hours after hearing arguments.

  2. E.P.A. Chief, Rejecting Agency’s Science, Chooses Not to Ban Insecticide U.S., Yesterday

    E.P.A. scientists had concluded that exposure to the chemical, chlorpyrifos, which has been in use since 1965, was potentially causing significant health consequences.

  3. U.S. War Footprint Grows in Middle East, With No Endgame in Sight World, Yesterday

    Two months after President Trump took office, indications are mounting that the military is deepening its involvement in complex wars that lack clear outcomes.

  4. Meeting in Turkey With Erdogan May Be Tillerson’s Toughest World, Yesterday

    Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson faces difficult talks over a Turkish constitutional referendum, the fight against ISIS, and Turkish demands for an extradition.

  5. Stepping Out, Melania Trump Honors Women Affected by Bias and Abuse U.S., Yesterday

    In a rare speech, she challenged a State Department audience to put themselves in the shoes of women — victims of domestic abuse, gender bias, or violence — who have fought injustice.

  6. Ignoring Diplomacy’s Past and Its Future Promise Opinion, Yesterday

    President Trump’s proposal to slash State Department and foreign aid funding is misguided, as diplomacy can prevent conflicts and build alliances.

  7. Rex Tillerson to Lift Human Rights Conditions on Arms Sale to Bahrain World, Yesterday

    The decision could mend a rift with a critical Middle East ally, but it is bound to be read by other nations in the region as a sign the administration will ease human rights demands.

  8. Little Sign of a ‘Trump Bump’ in the Economic Forecast Business Day, Yesterday

    Despite upbeat sentiment among consumers and investors in the new year, actual growth estimates are modest for the quarter and beyond.

  9. Trump’s Effort to Undo Climate Policies Opinion, Yesterday

    Readers criticize the move as a “nightmare,” “misguided” and a threat to human civilization.

  10. The Photo of a Room Full of Men Opinion, Yesterday

    Readers interpret the thinking behind the release of a White House photo of a House Freedom Caucus meeting.

  11. Ivanka Trump, Shifting Plans, Will Become a Federal Employee U.S., Yesterday

    The president’s elder daughter had drawn criticism from ethics experts after saying she would serve as an informal adviser to her father.

  12. F.D.A. Nominee, Paid Millions by Industry, Says He’ll Recuse Himself if Needed Health, Yesterday

    Scott Gottlieb made millions of dollars doing work for more than 20 health care companies in the private sector.

  13. F.D.A. Nominee Plans to Recuse Himself From Agency Decisions on Potential Conflicts Health, Yesterday

    Scott Gottlieb made millions of dollars doing work for more than 20 health care companies in the private sector.

  14. How to Make a Deal With North Korea Opinion, Yesterday

    South Korea’s election will have far-reaching implications for the Korean Peninsula — and for Trump’s North Korea policy.

  15. Trevor Noah Knows How to Save Meals on Wheels: Militarize It Arts, Yesterday

    The cast of “The Daily Show” dreamed up a meal-delivery program they think President Trump may like: one that delivers sandwiches via rocket launcher.

  16. Trump’s Raves About Chicago Have Become Rants U.S., Yesterday

    The president has often bemoaned Chicago’s rising street violence. But residents say his long, tangled relationship with the city explains a lot.

  17. Trump’s Name 20-Feet High. Chicago’s Anger? Unlimited. Video, Yesterday

    The Trump International Hotel and Tower was met with a warm reception when it was completed in 2008. But six years later, a modification from Donald J. Trump ruffled feathers in Chicago.

  18. China Poised to Take Lead on Climate After Trump’s Move to Undo Policies World, Yesterday

    For years, the United States pushed China to commit to limiting its use of fossil fuels. The countries now look likely to switch roles.

  19. Devin Nunes Is Dangerous Opinion, Yesterday

    He’s so deep in the tank for Donald Trump that he needs scuba gear.

  20. Trump Is a Chinese Agent Opinion, Yesterday

    Ignoring climate change and the benefits of clean energy only helps a rival.

  21. How the Republicans Sold Your Privacy to Internet Providers Opinion, Yesterday

    President Trump might soon sign a bill that lets internet service providers sell your web browsing history and other personal information.

  22. Fact Check: Trump’s Misleading Words on Energy and Jobs U.S., March 28

    President Trump claimed undue credit for job gains and miscast the effect of his executive orders on energy.

  23. Amid White House Tumult, Pence Offers Trump a Steady Hand U.S., March 28

    As other advisers floundered in recent weeks, the vice president has emerged as an effective wingman for a president short on competent help.

  24. President Trump Risks the Planet Opinion, March 28

    Reversing President Obama’s climate policies will raise emissions and undercut America’s claim to leadership on the issue of global warming.

  25. Policy Shift Helps Coal, but Other Forces May Limit Effect Business Day, March 28

    Reversing clean power rules may lead to more drilling and pipelines, but economics and state initiatives still favor natural gas and renewable energy.

  26. Coal Miners Hope Trump’s Order Will Help. But Few Are Counting on It. U.S., March 28

    President Trump’s move aiming to roll back environmental regulations elated many in coal country who felt bullied by his predecessor. But expectations for a comeback remain muted.

  27. Right and Left: Partisan Writing You Shouldn’t Miss U.S., March 28

    Read about how the other side thinks. We have collected political writing from around the web and across ideologies.

  28. Mysterious Buyer of Trump’s Childhood Home Said to Be From China N.Y. / Region, March 28

    A stream of Chinese visitors reportedly stopped to see the house between when it was listed for auction in January and when the sale closed last week.

  29. What Trump and Obama Have in Common Opinion, March 28

    They believe their own P.R.

  30. Jared Kushner’s Meeting With a Russian Banker Opinion, March 28

    A reader questions why the president’s son-in-law met with the head of a Russian bank, and “just whose interests they represent.”

  31. Trump Signs Executive Order Unwinding Obama Climate Policies Climate, March 28

    Flanked by coal miners at the Environmental Protection Agency, President Trump signed an order directing the agency to start the process of rewriting the Clean Power Plan.

  32. The L.P.G.A. Tour and Donald Trump: It’s Complicated Sports, March 28

    The picture that L.P.G.A. golfers paint of the president as a respectful supporter of women stands in contrast to his record of speaking about women in degrading terms, our columnist writes.

  33. Border Agents: ‘We’re Not Going to Apologize for What we Believe In’ U.S., March 28

    With President Trump’s focus on the border, the union’s weekly podcast has become an influential, unfiltered and entirely one-sided megaphone.

  34. Iranian Art Gallery Cancels Its Part in New York Show, Citing Trump’s Travel Ban Arts, March 28

    The owners of the Ag Galerie didn’t want to risk traveling to the United States, or having art held up in customs.

  35. Ford to Expand U.S. Production of Trucks and S.U.V.s Business Day, March 28

    An investment of $1.2 billion in three Michigan facilities, praised by President Trump, will add or preserve 130 jobs at an engine factory.

  36. ‘Carnage’ Indeed, but Trump’s Policies Would Make It Worse Business Day, March 28

    Cutting benefits and training won’t help working-class voters hit by disruptions in trade or address its toll on families, job prospects and longevity.

  37. Trump’s Moves on Airline Fees Prompt Transparency Questions Travel, March 28

    The administration’s suspension of public comments on proposals regarding baggage charges and fares has renewed debate about the issues.

  38. A 2016 Review: Turnout Wasn’t the Driver of Clinton’s Defeat The Upshot, March 28

    Persuasion was a far bigger factor. To the extent Democratic turnout was weak, it was mainly among blacks, but that weakness has been exaggerated.

  39. Jimmy Fallon Has Some Ideas for Trump’s Next Book Arts, March 28

    The “Tonight Show” host suggested the president could write about his health care debacle. One possible title: “How to Lose Friends and Influence No One.”

  40. Australian Vote on Extradition Treaty With China Is Canceled World, March 28

    The canceling of the vote by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull signaled that concerns over China’s human rights record would continue to limit the two countries’ ties.

  41. The Offender of the Free World Opinion, March 28

    Truculent Trump has abdicated responsibility. Europe must step into the void.

  42. Republicans for Single-Payer Health Care Opinion, March 28

    If Trump explodes private markets, socialized medicine will ultimately grow.

  43. Pushing Obamacare Over the Cliff Opinion, March 28

    President Trump has said Obamacare might collapse. But it would probably take some pushing by his administration for that to happen.

  44. Tour Trump’s Childhood Home Video, March 28

    President Trump’s childhood home in Queens has sold at auction for $2.14 million. Take a tour of the home he lived in until he was 4 years old.

  45. Trump Appoints One of His Lawyers to Review Mergers Business Day, March 27

    President Trump named Makan Delrahim, a White House legal counsel, to lead the Justice Department’s review of mergers and acquisitions.

  46. Planned Rollback of Climate Rules Unlikely to Achieve All Trump’s Goals Climate, March 27

    Energy economists say the executive order is likely to fall far short on the president’s goals of increasing the nation’s “energy independence” and restoring lost coal mining jobs.

  47. Climate Change Denialists in Charge U.S., March 27

    Here are some of the voices of those central to environmental policy who have denied the effects of human-caused climate change.

  48. Back Channel to Trump: Loyal Aide in Trump Tower Acts as Gatekeeper U.S., March 27

    The unofficial role of Rhona Graff, Mr. Trump’s longtime executive assistant, raises questions about whether the president is skirting the Federal Records Act.

  49. Trump’s Take on Corporate Tax Rate Could Look Very Much Like Obama’s Business Day, March 27

    The rate may need to be 28 percent so the president’s plan is tax neutral. When Barack Obama proposed that figure, repeatedly, Republicans called it too high.

  50. White House to States: Shield the Undocumented and Lose Police Funding U.S., March 27

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened painful consequences on Monday for so-called sanctuary cities.

  51. Paul Ryan, Brought Down to Size Opinion, March 27

    His defeat on health care proved what many have known: His reputation as a big thinker was hollow.

  52. Can Programs That Help the Military Save the Federal Arts Agencies? Arts, March 27

    Backers cite projects like expanding arts therapy for veterans to rebut calls for defunding the agencies.

  53. Donald Trump’s Modest Boyhood Home in Queens Sells for Millions N.Y. / Region, March 27

    The buyer’s identity was shielded, but the sale was facilitated by a lawyer who specializes in real estate investments by overseas Chinese buyers.

  54. The Republicans in Power: From ‘We Got This’ to ‘What Now?’ U.S., March 27

    The Republicans’ utter failure to replace the Affordable Care Act raises serious questions about what exactly the party can hope to accomplish.

  55. Fame, Fortune and an Itch to Run for Office U.S., March 27

    Some with wealth and renown are finding that insufficient and, like President Trump, are contemplating the political life.

  56. After the Health Bill Defeat, What’s Next? Opinion, March 27

    Readers give advice to the president, Democrats and the American public on the next move.

  57. Former N.E.A. Home Now a Trump Hotel Opinion, March 27

    The president whose name is now emblazoned across the building is now seeking to eliminate the arts funding organization he has displaced.

  58. At Site of Deaths, Our Reporters Find Cost of U.S.-ISIS Battle World, March 27

    Times reporters are in Mosul, Iraq, to assess reports that less time is being taken to weigh risks for civilians as the battle intensifies.

  59. The All-Male Photo Op Isn’t a Gaffe. It’s a Strategy. Opinion, March 27

    Republicans know what those images look like and who they appeal to.

  60. House Democrats Ask Devin Nunes to Recuse Himself From Russia Inquiry U.S., March 27

    The demands followed revelations that the committee’s chairman had met on White House grounds with a source who showed him secret intelligence reports.

  61. Stocks Briefly Tumble After Health Care Overhaul Falters Business Day, March 27

    With new doubts from investors about items on the Trump agenda, shares opened sharply lower before the market recovered to end the day little changed.

  62. Trump to Russia-Linked Ex-Advisers: Keep Your Distance Video, March 27

    The Trump administration is going to great lengths to distance itself from former associates in the face of an F.B.I. investigation into whether there were connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.

  63. Trump to Russia-Linked Ex-Advisers: Keep Your Distance Video, March 27

    The Trump administration is going to great lengths to distance itself from former associates in the face of an F.B.I. investigation into whether there were connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.

  64. Why Trumpcare Failed Opinion, March 27

    The Republican Party can’t pass a health care bill because it has no coherent health care agenda.

  65. Senate Committee to Question Jared Kushner Over Meetings With Russians U.S., March 27

    The president’s son-in-law faces questions about meetings he arranged with the Russian ambassador, including a sit-down with the head of Russia’s state-owned development bank.

  66. The Trump Administration’s War on Science Opinion, March 27

    Mr. Trump’s inaugural budget blueprint is a narrow-minded document that sacrifices American innovation to small-bore politics.

  67. How to Build on Obamacare Opinion, March 27

    But will Trump prefer to make America suffer?

  68. An Abdication on Human Rights Opinion, March 27

    By boycotting human rights hearings, the United States set a dismal example for its neighbors.

  69. Why Steven Mnuchin Wants a Stronger I.R.S. Opinion, March 27

    Every dollar spent on the tax agency yields as much as $10 for the government, a deal President Trump should like.

  70. Our Delight in Destruction Opinion, March 27

    We were surprised by Donald Trump because we assumed both humans and history were driven by reason.

  71. Democrats, Buoyed by G.O.P. Health Defeat, See No Need to Offer Hand U.S., March 26

    The party, in its best position since its loss in the November election, is newly optimistic about picking up seats in 2018, hoping to ride a backlash against President Trump.

  72. Dealt a Defeat, Republicans Set Their Sights on Major Tax Cuts U.S., March 26

    Congressional Republicans face a challenge made more difficult by the collapse of their health care bill, and may have to scale back their grand plans.

  73. Some Lawmakers Now Look to Bipartisanship on Health Care U.S., March 26

    In the wake of the Republican failure to make good on the vow to repeal the Affordable Care Act, President Trump and congressional leaders find themselves at a crossroads.

  74. Lies, Leaks and Consequences Video, March 26

    Taking a page from Nixon, President Trump is waging his own battle against leaks, which threatens to damage Americans’ right to know.

  75. Amid Leaks, Recalling an Epic Battle Over Press Freedom in Nixon Era U.S., March 26

    President Trump’s fury over leaked government secrets evokes the Nixon administration’s frantic efforts to block publication of the Pentagon Papers.

  76. Icahn Raises Ethics Flags With Dual Roles as Investor and Trump Adviser U.S., March 26

    The billionaire is advising on regulations, including pressing for a change in an E.P.A. rule that has cost an oil refinery he’s invested in millions of dollars.

  77. G.O.P., Once Unified Against Obama, Struggles for Consensus Under Trump U.S., March 26

    The Republicans’ failure to replace the Affordable Care Act has cast doubt on the party’s ability to reach deals on its other priorities.

  78. Trump Puts a Presidential-Size Spotlight on His Brand U.S., March 26

    The president spent part of this weekend at one of his golf clubs and in a restaurant at one of his hotels, part of a pattern of visits to properties that bear his name.

  79. Unity, Instead of Fear, After Swastikas Are Carved Into a Church Door N.Y. / Region, March 26

    Speculation persists as to the reason Fourth Universalist on Central Park West was the target of a hate crime.

  80. Jeanine Pirro Calls for Paul Ryan to Step Down After Health Bill Failure U.S., March 26

    The Fox News host, a longtime friend of President Trump, delivered a diatribe against the speaker on her show, saying he had let the president down.

  81. Trump vs. Congress: Now What? Magazine, March 26

    After the president suffered his first defeat on Capitol Hill, can the White House still make good on its legislative promises?

  82. Boris Epshteyn, Trump TV Surrogate, Is Leaving White House Job U.S., March 25

    Mr. Epshteyn, who had a contentious relationship with television producers, was once a frequent presence on TV himself.

  83. Health Bill’s Failure Leaves Supporters in a Political Jam Back Home U.S., March 25

    In running for re-election next year, some Republican lawmakers may have to defend their support for a politically explosive bill that many backed only reluctantly.

  84. What You Can Do About Climate Change Opinion, March 25

    Driving a more fuel-efficient car cuts greenhouse gas emissions. Which is why Trump would be making a mistake if he retreats on fuel economy.

  85. Don’t Fight Their Lies With Lies of Your Own Opinion, March 25

    We don’t need to traffic in conspiracy theories to realize how outrageous Trump is.

  86. Justice Springs Eternal Opinion, March 25

    The presidency of Donald Trump doesn’t spell the end of criminal justice reform. It may just be getting started.

  87. Will the Labor Secretary Help Labor? Opinion, March 25

    President Trump’s new choice for labor secretary seems unlikely to defend new overtime standards, which are desperately needed.

  88. Congress’s Duty in the War With ISIS Opinion, March 25

    Legislators have a constitutional responsibility to approve protracted foreign military action.

  89. Donald, This I Will Tell You Opinion, March 25

    Dear President Trump: Are we going to lose so much, we’ll get tired of losing?

  90. U.S.-Led Coalition Confirms Strikes Hit Mosul Site Where Civilians Died U.S., March 25

    The Pentagon had acknowledged on Friday that it was investigating reports that its airstrikes had caused deaths in Mosul.

  91. Trump’s Biggest Obstacle to Policy Goals? His Own Missteps U.S., March 25

    A litany of stumbles and controversies has dented the president’s “I alone can fix it” vow to remake government with businesslike efficiency.

  92. Paul Ryan Emerges From Health Care Defeat Badly Damaged U.S., March 25

    He is now tasked with defending not just his leadership abilities but his very brand of conservatism in a party fitfully searching for a coherent policy identity.

  93. Trump Becomes Ensnared in Fiery G.O.P. Civil War U.S., March 25

    The health bill’s defeat leaves the president facing a wrenching choice: ceding power to his party’s anti-establishment wing, or seeking other pathways to successful governing.

  94. The Perverse Thrill of Chaotic Times Fashion & Style, March 25

    Trumpian turmoil inflames passions across the political spectrum and makes many feel as though they are part of something bigger than themselves.

  95. In Dropping Health Vote, Trump Swallowed Need for a Showdown U.S., March 24

    The demise of the bill played out in a tense 24 hours that White House and congressional officials said proved a political education for President Trump and his top advisers.

  96. Republicans Land a Punch on Health Care, to Their Own Face U.S., March 24

    The big question for Republicans now is whether the Freedom Caucus, the party’s masters of destruction, will find themselves newly emboldened.

  97. The Health Care Bill Has Failed. Let the Finger Pointing Begin. Interactive, March 24

    The blame game is a time-honored Washington tradition. A look at who’s blaming whom for the failure of the House bill, in public and in private.

  98. Bracing for the Fallout of the Health Bill’s Collapse U.S., March 24

    President Trump and House Republicans are looking to move ahead with tax reform and infrastructure plans after spending lots of political capital on a health care bill that went nowhere.

  99. Israel May Offer Only a General Commitment to Slow Settlement Building U.S., March 24

    Such a vague agreement would be less than some hoped for, especially after President Trump raised the rapid spread of settlements as a roadblock to peace.

  100. The TrumpRyanCare Debacle Opinion, March 24

    Despite their ceaseless attacks on Obamacare, Republicans leaders never had a workable replacement plan.

  101. Trump’s Triumph of Incompetence Opinion, March 24

    He has crafted an administration in his own image: vain, narcissistic and dangerous.

  102. Paul Manafort to Testify Before House Intelligence Panel U.S., March 24

    Mr. Manafort, who served as President Trump’s campaign manager and is under scrutiny for links to Russia, also offered to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

  103. The Trump Administration Clears Trump’s Washington Hotel Opinion, March 24

    An agency engages in legal gymnastics, producing a bizarre and ultimately dishonest rationale.

  104. Fact Check: Trump’s Misleading Claims on the Health Bill Failure U.S., March 24

    The president exaggerated the issues facing the existing health law, blaming Democrats for impeding its repeal and playing down his commitment.

  105. Trump’s Choice on Obamacare: Sabotage or Co-opt? The Upshot, March 24

    President Trump and congressional Republicans must decide quickly whether to make the law work or try to undermine it.

  106. The Real Threat to National Security: Deadly Disease Opinion, March 24

    We need to be budgeting to defend against the next pandemic.

  107. How the Health Care Vote Fell Apart, Step by Step U.S., March 24

    The president’s first high-profile legislative effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act suffered a major defeat. How did it happen?

  108. Trump’s Trainwreck Opinion, March 24

    His and Paul Ryan’s attempt to end Obamacare went embarrassingly off the rails

  109. In a Call to The Times, Trump Blames Democrats for the Failure of the Health Bill U.S., March 24

    The president, insisting the Affordable Care Act will collapse in the next year, also tried to minimize the deep divisions within his own party that prevented passage of the bill.

  110. The Republicans’ Health Care Defeat Opinion, March 24

    President Trump and the House speaker, Paul Ryan, are handed a stunning setback.

  111. Anti-Immigrant Bias Against Asians and the Irish Opinion, March 24

    Readers discuss detentions of Asians on Angel Island in San Francisco Bay and how some prominent Irish conservatives are “choosing to forget their roots.”

  112. Ivanka Trump’s Clearance Opinion, March 24

    A former government security official questions the casual manner in which Ivanka Trump is being given a security clearance.

  113. In Washington’s Daily Trump Wars, Devin Nunes Becomes a Human Shield U.S., March 24

    The California Republican’s recent burst of media exposure has led to misgivings about sharing national security details with him, though his party colleagues largely support him.

  114. When Your Commute Includes Hearing ‘You Don’t Belong in This Country’ Opinion, March 24

    For Rajpreet Heir, a ride to a friend’s birthday party turned into a disturbing incident of racist harassment.

  115. Trump Expected to Pick John Sullivan as No. 2 at State Dept. World, March 24

    If he is confirmed, Mr. Sullivan would be deputy to Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson, even though neither has experience at the State Department.

  116. ‘What Is Sleep?’ Asks Reporter on the Border Beat Times Insider, March 24

    With a beat that is central to coverage in the era of Trump, Washington correspondent Ron Nixon is up at 6 a.m., and spending a lot of time in airports.

  117. The G.O.P.’s Existential Crisis Opinion, March 24

    Beyond health care, the party is headed for a showdown with itself.

  118. In Major Defeat for Trump, Push to Repeal Health Law Fails U.S., March 24

    House Republican leaders withdrew legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act from the House floor before it could be defeated, a loss for President Trump.

  119. A Health Care Victory. For Now. Opinion, March 24

    Republican House leaders tried to rush their bill through. But they didn’t move fast enough.

  120. U.S., in Reversal, Issues Permit for Keystone Oil Pipeline Business Day, March 24

    The decision by the Trump administration revives a contentious project, opposed by environmentalists, to transport oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast.

  121. What Comes Next for Obamacare? The Case for Medicare for All The Upshot, March 24

    The pains of losing the Affordable Care Act would generate a gigantic backlash. But universal access to Medicare would change that.

  122. Trevor Noah to Republicans: Learn From Drake and Beyoncé Arts, March 24

    As the G.O.P. tries to pass a health care bill, the “Daily Show” host said it was “weird to be living in a world where musicians put more planning into their work than politicians.”

  123. Following the Russian Money Opinion, March 24

    The investigation into the Trump team’s possible collusion with Russians during the 2016 election may turn on a powerful, arcane law.

  124. The Elephant Hunter of Trump Tower Opinion, March 24

    There’s another president Donald Trump Jr. can look to for inspiration — and do the country a favor in the process.

  125. How Did I Celebrate Becoming American? Protesting Trump Opinion, March 24

    I recently swore to defend the United States against all enemies. I meant it.

  126. A Roadblock to the Court for Neil Gorsuch Opinion, March 24

    Senate Democrats say they will filibuster the nomination, daring the Republicans to change the rules to get their man on the bench.

  127. Timothy Caughman, the Other Terror Victim Opinion, March 24

    Homegrown hatred killed a proud American.

  128. Trump the Dealmaker Projects Bravado, but Behind the Scenes, Faces Rare Self-Doubt U.S., March 23

    People close to President Trump say he is grappling with bouts of self-doubt as his hopes for a quick health-care victory unravel.

  129. When a Headline Makes Headlines of Its Own Times Insider, March 23

    President Trump insisted that by changing a headline, The Times had backed up his wiretapping allegations. The truth, of course, is more complicated.

  130. G.O.P. Panel Chairman Apologizes for Withholding Trump Data From Democrats U.S., March 23

    On Wednesday, Representative Devin Nunes said he had received information that Mr. Trump or aides may have been “incidentally” caught up in foreign surveillance.

  131. Trump Administration Orders Tougher Screening of Visa Applicants U.S., March 23

    The order, sent to all American embassies, would make it tougher for millions of visitors to enter the United States, marking the first sign of the president’s “extreme vetting.”

  132. Rep. Nunes Is a Lapdog in a Watchdog Role Opinion, March 23

    The head of the House Intelligence Committee is trying to shift attention away from allegations of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

  133. Good, Bad and Mad: Andrew Rosenthal on the News Times Insider, March 23

    The opinion columnist Andrew Rosenthal on the assault on climate protections, the Russian collusion saga, and Republican governors.

  134. What Trump’s Time Interview Shows About His Thinking U.S., March 23

    A look at several passages from the president’s interview with Time magazine, published on Thursday, and analysis on what they show about him.

  135. Investigating Trump Aides’ Ties to Russia Opinion, March 23

    Readers criticize recent actions by Representative Devin Nunes and Sean Spicer.

  136. Emanuel Ax, on ‘Cruel’ Budget Cuts Opinion, March 23

    The pianist decries funding cuts for health and the humanities.

  137. Even if Health Bill Passes the House, It Still Has a Way to Go Interactive, March 23

    Lawmakers will have to clear several hurdles before it’s ready for President Trump’s signature.

  138. Fact Check: Trump Misleads About The Times’s Reporting on Surveillance U.S., March 23

    President Trump doubled down on his claim that Barack Obama ordered his phones wiretapped, and mischaracterized Times reporting as proof.

  139. Lacking the Votes for Passage, House Calls Off Obamacare Repeal Vote U.S., March 23

    As House leaders and White House aides scrambled for votes, President Trump released a video exhorting his supporters to call their congressmen to vote ‘yes’ on the Republican health bill.

  140. Trump Makes Pitch for Health Bill: ‘It’s Going to be Terrific’ U.S., March 23

    As House leaders and White House aides scrambled for votes, President Trump released a video exhorting his supporters to call their congressmen to vote ‘yes’ on the Republican health bill.

  141. Pages From Trump’s Tax Returns Raise a Decade’s Worth of Questions Business Day, March 23

    Filings from 1995 and 2005, incomplete as they are, offer tantalizing clues about how the Trumps might have minimized their liability over several years.

  142. Health Care’s Big Day Opinion, March 23

    House Republicans are planning to bring up their health care bill for a vote, and it’s not clear whether the bill will pass.

  143. Trump Tells G.O.P. It’s Now or Never, Demanding House Vote on Health Bill U.S., March 23

    President Trump told his party to fall in line behind a health insurance overhaul, and demanded a Friday vote on a bill that appeared to lack a majority to pass.

  144. Stephen Colbert Is Missing Out on Perfectly Good Sex Scandals Arts, March 23

    The “Late Show” host fretted on Wednesday that he was spending so much time focusing on President Trump, he didn’t have time for the most obvious material.

  145. This Commercial Break, Brought to You by Tax Policy U.S., March 23

    As lawmakers battle over health care, businesses and other groups are already gearing up, and taking to the airwaves, for the fight to come over taxes.

  146. In Greeting to Iranian People, Trump Leaves Out Their Government World, March 23

    The White House sent out a greeting for Nowruz, the Persian New Year, after hard-liners in the administration pruned lines seen as olive branches to Tehran.

  147. Gorsuch Completes His 20-Hour Test. So How Did He Do? U.S., March 23

    Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, the Supreme Court nominee, went through three days of hearings that left the Senate Judiciary Committee about where it began.

  148. ‘There’s a Smell of Treason in the Air’ Opinion, March 23

    Did a traitor work with Russia to help Trump?

  149. Birth of the Biggest Lie Opinion, March 23

    We are now experiencing the very thing Team Trump warned about: a compromised presidency and a possible constitutional crisis.

  150. President Trump’s Reckless Shame Game Opinion, March 22

    Forcing local authorities to help round up unauthorized immigrants is wrong on both practical and constitutional grounds.