1. At the Border Town That the News Cycle Has Left Behind Business, Yesterday

    When the algorithms that drive social media move on, the children who were separated from their parents remain in detention facilities along the Rio Grande.

  2. Brazil’s Sad Choice Editorial, Yesterday

    Jair Bolsonaro, the blustery hard-right candidate described as “a Brazilian Donald Trump,” appears headed for the presidency.

  3. Count Me Among the Mob Op Ed, Yesterday

    If it means people who stand in opposition to Trump’s degradation of the country.

  4. Another Tax Cut? Trump and Republicans Offer a Midterm Pitch, if Not a Plan Business, Yesterday

    Although the president promised to soon roll out “a very major tax cut” for middle-income Americans, such a proposal has no chance of passing before the midterms.

  5. Gorbachev Calls Trump’s Treaty Withdrawal ‘Not the Work of a Great Mind’ Foreign, Yesterday

    Mikhail S. Gorbachev, who signed the nuclear disarmament treaty President Trump plans to withdraw from, called the move a “mistake.”

  6. Trump and Suburban White Men Letters, Yesterday

    A news story said this voter group supports the president because they believe that he is getting the job done. A reader asks, “What job?”

  7. Woody Guthrie’s ‘Old Man Trump’ Letters, Yesterday

    A reader recalls Guthrie’s 1950s song about the lack of black tenants in the apartment complex where the musician lived. It was owned by Donald Trump’s father.

  8. Bipartisan Chorus Calls for Punishing Saudis as Trump Accuses Them of ‘Deception’ Washington, Yesterday

    Saudi Arabia’s account of the death of Jamal Khashoggi has been “all over the place,” President Trump told The Washington Post. His response has likewise changed day by day.

  9. Mnuchin Defends Trip to Saudi Arabia Amid Uproar Over Khashoggi Killing Washington, Yesterday

    Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the economic and strategic relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia was too important to be cast aside.

  10. With Migrant Caravan, Trump Stokes a Familiar Fire: Immigration Politics, October 20

    President Trump has stepped up his attacks on Latin American migrants, hoping the issue will motivate Republican voters.

  11. G.O.P. Candidates Struggling in Key Battlegrounds, With House at Stake Politics, October 20

    Party leaders worry that candidates for governor and Senate are in trouble in Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and possibly Wisconsin, and that difficulties could spill into House races.

  12. Trump Wagers That Voters Will Shrug at a Saudi Storm Washington, October 20

    President Trump’s acceptance of a disputed Saudi account of the death of Jamal Khashoggi suggests how he plans to ride out the most acute foreign policy crisis of his presidency.

  13. Saudi Explanation of Jamal Khashoggi’s Killing Fails to Squelch Skepticism Foreign, October 20

    As doubts swirled about the Saudi account that the dissident journalist was strangled during a fight, an explanation emerged about the presence of a doctor of forensic medicine at the killing.

  14. Donald Trump’s Perverse Advantage Op Ed, October 20

    When you’ve sunk this low, there’s nowhere to go but sideways.

  15. Step Away From the Orb Op Ed, October 20

    Our most cynical bargain: American greed trumps Saudi brutality.

  16. Stacey Abrams Hopes Medicaid Expansion Can Be a Winning Issue in Rural Georgia Science, October 20

    By framing expansion as a pragmatic business move, Ms. Abrams, the Democratic candidate for governor, is hoping to siphon some traditionally Republican rural votes.

  17. My Year as a Trump Ambassador Op Ed, October 20

    Some disorder is normal at the start of an administration. But it was extreme under Mr. Trump.

  18. Let’s Agree Not to Kill One Another Op Ed, October 20

    I was used to social media abuse. Then someone suggested shooting me.

  19. Did Democrats, or George Soros, Fund Migrant Caravan? Despite Republican Claims, No Foreign, October 20

    President Trump, echoing the assertions of a Republican lawmaker, said that “a lot of money” was given to migrants traveling toward the United States. There is no evidence of that.

  20. A Saudi Prince’s Fairy Tale Editorial, October 20

    The crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, issues another incredible explanation for the death of Jamal Khashoggi.

  21. What Big Pharma Fears Most: A Trump Alliance With Democrats to Cut Drug Prices Washington, October 20

    With Democrats seen as likely to retake the House, drug makers are quietly making contingency plans to fend off proposals that would squeeze their profits.

  22. Playing Up Support Among Hispanic Voters, Trump Takes Aim at Immigration Laws Washington, October 20

    The president toggled between distortions of the existing immigration system and the inflammatory language of his 2016 campaign at a rally on Friday in Arizona.

  23. Trump Says Saudi Explanation of Journalist’s Death Is Credible, in Break With U.S. Intelligence Washington, October 19

    The president’s response sets up a clash with Congress, where Republicans and Democrats both tarred the Saudi explanation as lacking credibility.

  24. Trump and Women: Another Writer Looks for Answers Washington, October 19

    “Golden Handcuffs: The Secret History of Trump’s Women” traces how the president’s consequence-free (so far) comments about women continue a running theme that started early in his life.

  25. A Whole Lot of Babbling Going On Op Ed, October 19

    Did Donald Trump ever mention he got elected president?

  26. More Insulting Lies From Saudi Arabia Op Ed, October 19

    What we face now is a test for President Trump and America itself.

  27. The Issues That Russian Operatives Used to Divide Americans, in Their Own Words Washington, October 19

    A criminal complaint offered a rare view into how Russian operatives tried to disrupt the American political process, including the midterm elections.

  28. As Trump Assails Caravan, a Clash Between Migrants and Mexico Police Foreign, October 19

    A tense hour-long standoff near the Guatemala-Mexico border left at least six Mexico police officers wounded.

  29. Manafort to Be Sentenced in February in Financial Fraud Case U.S., October 19

    President Trump’s former campaign chairman, who is now cooperating with the special counsel’s Russia inquiry, appeared in court in a wheelchair.

  30. Jamal Khashoggi Is Dead. Here’s What We Know. World, October 19

    The ghastly saga has strained relations between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and put the United States at the center of a dispute with a key Arab ally.

  31. What if the Republicans Win Everything Again? Op Ed, October 19

    Total victory for the G.O.P. would mean Trump unleashed.

  32. U.S. and South Korea Suspend Military Drills Foreign, October 19

    The decision was made as part of an effort to give the continuing nuclear negotiations with North Korea an opportunity to work, Pentagon officials said on Friday.

  33. U.S. to Tell Russia It Is Leaving Landmark I.N.F. Treaty Washington, October 19

    President Trump has been moving toward leaving the treaty because Russia has been violating it and because it is constraining American efforts to counter China in the Western Pacific.

  34. Justice Dept. Accuses Russians of Interfering in Midterm Elections Washington, October 19

    Russians working for a close ally of President Vladimir V. Putin created social media accounts to pose as Americans and write posts on divisive issues including race and gender, prosecutors said.

  35. Spinning a Tale to Protect a Saudi Prince Letters, October 19

    Readers discuss the murder of Jamal Khashoggi: how the Saudis are trying to explain it and how the American media are covering it.

  36. Trudeau Has It All Over Trump Letters, October 19

    A reader lists the forward-looking qualities of Canada’s prime minister.

  37. Abroad in America: ‘Why Does it Cost So Much (Insert Extreme Word of Choice) Money to Run for Office?’ Foreign, October 19

    One of the issues that most perplexes and exasperates foreigners about the U.S. elections is the thorny topic of money.

  38. With a Hollywood Stunt, Cuomo Tries to Push Trump on Rail Tunnel Metro, October 19

    Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo toured an old tube under the Hudson River with a film crew, hoping that a video will move the president to support a new $11 billion tunnel.

  39. The President Praises an Assault Op Ed, October 19

    Also: An ambitious new tax plan, to help the middle class and poor.

  40. DealBook Briefing: It May Be Business (Almost) as Usual With Saudi Arabia Business, October 19

    Despite many high-profile protests against the kingdom, many organizations are trying to find ways to preserve ties with the Saudis and their wealth.

  41. A Cure for Political Despair Opinion, October 19

    Join the women trying to save America from Trump.

  42. Japan Caved to Trump on Trade Talks. Now the Real Haggling Begins. World, October 19

    Tokyo could offer minor concessions to give Washington a face-saving deal, but already the U.S. is signaling a tough stance on autos and agriculture.

  43. Trevor Noah Urges Black Voters to Register as Republicans (Sort Of) Arts, October 19

    “I guarantee you, if the G.O.P. thinks that black people are voting for them, they will be making sure that your vote counts,” the “Daily Show” host said.

  44. In 2020, Democrats Expect a Female Front-Runner. Or Three. U.S., October 19

    “It’s not going to be just one woman running,” said Kirsten Gillibrand, one of three senators who positioned themselves this week as potential presidential candidates in 2020.

  45. ‘That’s My Kind of Guy,’ Trump Says of Republican Lawmaker Who Body-Slammed a Reporter Washington, October 19

    In praising Representative Greg Gianforte, who is running for re-election, President Trump jokingly warned the crowd to “never wrestle him.”

  46. Treasury Outlines Tax Breaks for Investing in Distressed Areas Business, October 18

    A proposed regulation could unlock billions of dollars in investment for so-called opportunity zones.

  47. John Kelly and John Bolton Have Shouting Match Over Immigration Washington, October 18

    An expletive-laden blowup over border security between the White House chief of staff and the national security adviser was loud enough to be overheard by several officials in the West Wing.

  48. Trump Says Jamal Khashoggi Is Dead. What Next? Editorial, October 18

    Now is not the time to back down.

  49. A President Who Believes He Is Entitled to His Own Facts Washington, October 18

    “It’s something else — it’s feeling, emotion, preference, loyalty, convenience of the moment,” said Michael V. Hayden, a former C.I.A. director.

  50. After Dismissal of Stormy Daniels Suit, Trump Lawyers Target ‘Apprentice’ Contestant’s Metro, October 18

    President Trump’s lawyers argued in court that he could not, while he is in office, be sued for defamation by Summer Zervos.

  51. What Is the Migrant Caravan and Why Does Trump Care? World, October 18

    As many as 4,000 people are walking together north from Central America, fleeing violence or poverty. The president wants them to stop.

  52. The Saudi General Who Could Take the Fall in the Khashoggi Case Video, October 18

    Saudi rulers are weighing whether to blame Maj. Gen. Ahmed al-Assiri, a high-ranking adviser to the crown prince, for the death of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, according to three people with knowledge of the plans.

  53. The Trump Tax Scam, Phase II Op Ed, October 18

    Deficits are up? Cut Medicare and Social Security!

  54. In Shift on Khashoggi Killing, Trump Edges Closer to Acknowledging a Saudi Role Washington, October 18

    But the president stopped short of saying the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, was responsible for Mr. Khashoggi’s death.

  55. Can It Happen Here? A Stan Mack Take on Fascism Opinion, October 18

    A New York Times opinion video about fascism in America inspired Stan Mack to send in our first comic strip to the editor.

  56. Democrats’ Dilemma: High Road, or Low? Opinion, October 18

    Some call for more aggressive tactics, while others believe that approach will alienate moderate voters.

  57. Saudis May Blame Intelligence Official for Killing Jamal Khashoggi Foreign, October 18

    Saudi rulers are considering blaming a deputy intelligence director who is close to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

  58. Will Trump Make New York Democrats the New Lords of Capitol Hill? Metro, October 18

    If the president’s unpopularity leads to Democrats taking back the House, New York stands to play a larger role in Washington than it has in decades.

  59. A Conservative Group’s Closed-Door ‘Training’ of Judicial Clerks Draws Concern Washington, October 18

    The conservative legal movement has long cultivated law students and young lawyers, partly to ensure a deep bench of potential judicial nominees

  60. Searching for Water Across Borders Op Ed, October 18

    Saudi Arabia and China are among the countries that have turned to the United States and elsewhere.

  61. Steady Hands at the Treasury and the Fed Comfort Investors Business, October 18

    Neither the Treasury Department nor the central bank have so far been swayed by President Trump’s views on some serious issues.

  62. Trump vs. the World Order Op Ed, October 18

    The latest op-eds from around the web — and a new podcast episode — on the Khashoggi crisis.

  63. Khashoggi’s Killing Isn’t a Blunder. It’s a Crime. Opinion, October 18

    A wink and a nod from Washington is the worst possible response to Riyadh’s butchery.

  64. Trump’s Focus on a Washington Building Project Draws Scrutiny Washington, October 18

    President Trump has taken an interest in the F.B.I. headquarters, which had been set for redevelopment. Democrats wonder if he is trying to protect his hotel.

  65. Stephen Colbert Pillories Trump for Rejecting Climate Change Science Culture, October 18

    President Trump told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the science regarding climate change is still unsettled.

  66. Senate Truce Collapses as G.O.P. Rush to Confirm More Judges Begins Anew Washington, October 17

    Last week, senators agreed to confirm one last slate of President Trump’s nominees, then recess for the midterm campaign. But on Wednesday, Republicans recommenced the judicial rush.

  67. The Horseface Chronicles Op Ed, October 17

    Try to think of something worse than Trump’s “unexpressed thoughts.”

  68. 50 Years After Tet Offensive, a Marine Receives the Medal of Honor Washington, October 17

    Sgt. Maj. John L. Canley, now 80, repeatedly charged into enemy fire and carried wounded Americans to safety during one of the bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War.

  69. As Other Republican Candidates Struggle Financially, Trump Stockpiles Cash Washington, October 17

    The president has raised $106 million for his re-election, leading some Republicans to grumble that he is siphoning money from endangered congressional candidates.

  70. McGahn, Soldier for Trump and Witness Against Him, Leaves White House Washington, October 17

    As White House counsel, Mr. McGahn spearheaded President Trump’s most significant political accomplishments but also became a witness against him in the special counsel inquiry.

  71. A President Kowtowing to a Mad Prince Op Ed, October 17

    Trump is providing cover for Saudi barbarism.

  72. Hillary Clinton’s Master Class in Distraction Editorial, October 17

    Democrats need to be focused on the midterms.

  73. U.S. Bars American Aid Groups From Traveling to North Korea Washington, October 17

    The move comes as the Trump administration seeks to tighten sanctions as part of its maximum-pressure campaign during nuclear negotiations.

  74. Liberal Upper West Siders Get Their Revenge: Trump Place Sign Comes Down Metro, October 17

    Tenants at 200 Riverside Boulevard voted to remove the Trump brand from their building’s signage. A judge sided with their decision.

  75. Trump Embarks on Bilateral Trade Talks to Pressure China Washington, October 17

    The White House is looking to create deals with many of the nations in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the pact the president withdrew from.

  76. Skeptical of Saudis’ Story, Unlike Trump Opinion, October 17

    Readers criticize the Trump administration’s acceptance of the Saudi regime’s denials of murdering Jamal Khashoggi and are dubious of any Saudi investigation.

  77. A Tale of Three Presidents Op Ed, October 17

    Nicolás Maduro and Donald Trump have an authoritarian bent, as did Hugo Chávez, but the Chávez I knew also believed in social justice, equality and fundamental freedoms.

  78. Why Many Native Americans Are Angry With Elizabeth Warren Politics, October 17

    The anger is about what it means to be Native American, and who gets to decide.

  79. Fed Plans to Continue Raising Rates, Despite Trump’s Ire Business, October 17

    The Federal Reserve released minutes of its last meeting that suggest it is on track to continue raising rates, perhaps to a level that would act as a mild brake on the economy.

  80. U.S. Spy Agencies Are Increasingly Convinced of Saudi Prince’s Ties to Journalist’s Disappearance Washington, October 17

    American intelligence officials have growing circumstantial evidence of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s involvement in Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance in Istanbul.

  81. Trump’s Climate Scenario, in the Very Long Run Letters, October 17

    A reader lays out the president’s case. Sort of.

  82. Just Don’t Talk Politics! Letters, October 17

    A reader tells of acquaintances who agree to disagree and break contact during election season.

  83. Trump Administration Releases Prudential From Strict Post-Crisis Oversight Washington, October 17

    The decision brings to zero the number of nonbank financial firms subject to toughened federal oversight.

  84. The Battle for Missouri, Part 2: The Moderate Podcasts, October 17

    The abortion debate has become a proxy for the fight over the Democratic Party’s future in the state.

  85. The Elizabeth Warren Fiasco Opinion, October 17

    The possible Democratic front-runner plays Trump’s game — and loses.

  86. Painting Shows Trump Hanging Out With Lincoln and Nixon. He Loves It. Express, October 17

    The image of the president having a Diet Coke with his Republican predecessors drew online mockery, to the painter’s dismay.

  87. Trump Has Raised $100 Million for 2020. To James Corden, It Makes Sense. Culture, October 17

    Mr. Corden joked, “Trump has raised so much money, this time he says he might not even need the Russians.”

  88. ‘Horseface,’ ‘Lowlife,’ ‘Fat, Ugly’: How the President Demeans Women Washington, October 16

    President Trump has a history of attacking women by mocking their bodily functions, demeaning their looks or comparing them to animals.

  89. The Saudi Cover-Up Crumbles Editorial, October 16

    Evidence mounts of a ghastly crime in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. President Trump still seems inclined to buy the kingdom’s lame denials.

  90. America’s Dilemma: Censuring M.B.S. and Not Halting Saudi Reforms Op Ed, October 16

    We have a national interest in Jamal Khashoggi’s saga.

  91. Saudi Arabia Delivers $100 Million Pledged to U.S. as Pompeo Lands in Riyadh Foreign, October 16

    The funds, earmarked for aid to Syria, arrived as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited the kingdom to discuss the fate of a missing Saudi dissident.

  92. What Is NPC, the Pro-Trump Internet’s New Favorite Insult? National, October 16

    Twitter has barred hundreds of right-wing accounts for posing as soulless, “nonplayable” liberal activists.

  93. ‘Horseface’ and the Year of the Woman Politics, October 16

    How an insult from the president might play in a record-breaking year for women; asking for your local political issues; and new campaign fund-raising numbers.

  94. With a House Takeover, Democrats Could Get Trump’s Tax Returns. Would They? Washington, October 16

    An obscure provision in the tax code dating to the Teapot Dome scandal allows Congress to retrieve tax returns. But with President Trump, it almost certainly would be a fight.

  95. When All Else Fails, There’s Culture Op Ed, October 16

    As avenues toward peace hit a dead end, many Palestinians invest their time and resources in the arts.

  96. Resigned or Determined? After Kavanaugh, Women Are Pulled in Opposite Directions Politics, October 16

    An outpouring of comments from opponents of the confirmation pose a question: Will the main result be resignation and withdrawal, or activism and engagement?

  97. When the Wealthy Pay Zilch in Income Taxes Letters, October 16

    One reader calls our story on Jared Kushner’s taxes unfair, while other readers object that the tax system itself is unfair in favoring the rich.

  98. Elizabeth Warren’s Ancestry Letters, October 16

    A reader says that if the Democrats believe that the confirmation of the senator’s Native American roots will help them in 2020, they’re wrong.

  99. Abroad in America: ‘How Did It Get So (Insert Extreme Word of Choice) Divisive?’ Foreign, October 16

    In these divisive times, even in what should be anodyne political conversations, it’s easy to become defensive or combative.

  100. Jared Kushner’s Moral Laryngitis Op Ed, October 16

    He takes credit for everything, except his own screw-ups.

  101. Trump Calls Stormy Daniels ‘Horseface’ in Gloating Twitter Post U.S., October 16

    On Monday, a federal judge dismissed a defamation suit filed against President Trump by the pornographic film actress, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford.

  102. The Left Needs Its Own Nationalism Op Ed, October 16

    Also: The Saudis tell a blatant lie, and Trump seems ready to accept it.

  103. DealBook Briefing: C.E.O.s Are America’s New Diplomats Business, October 16

    Under a businessman president, America’s moral compass may increasingly be steered by the C-suite, rather than the Oval Office.

  104. What Could Ruin a Big Blue Wave? Opinion, October 16

    Donald Trump seems to have evaded Hispanics voters’ wrath.

  105. Stephen Colbert Says Warren’s DNA Test Reveals She ‘Is Running for President’ Arts, October 16

    Colbert focused on President Trump’s pledge to give $1 million to a charity of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s choosing if she could prove her Native American ancestry.

  106. Does This Moment in History Call for More ‘Nuance,’ or Less? Magazine, October 16

    Focusing on subtleties makes sense when you’re engaged in a conversation. It may be less useful when that conversation turns into a battle.

  107. Jim Mattis Says He and Trump ‘Never Talked About Me Leaving’ Foreign, October 16

    The defense secretary played down suggestions he was on the outs with President Trump, who recently said of Mr. Mattis, “I think he’s sort of a Democrat.”

  108. There May Soon Be Three Internets. America’s Won’t Necessarily Be the Best. Editorial, October 15

    A breakup of the web grants privacy, security and freedom to some, and not so much to others.

  109. Stormy Daniels Told to Pay Trump’s Legal Fees After Defamation Suit Express, October 15

    A federal judge ruled that President Trump had not defamed the pornographic film actress on Twitter last spring.

  110. One Way to Stay Cool Op Ed, October 15

    The Trump administration can decrease global warming by improving refrigerators and air-conditioners.

  111. Trump Campaign Doubles Spending Rate as the 2020 Race Draws Nearer Washington, October 15

    The president’s re-election operation raised $18 million in the third quarter, a slight increase, as it built up its capacity for the campaign ahead.

  112. Donald and the Deadly Deniers Op Ed, October 15

    Climate policy is the ultimate example of Trumpian corruption.

  113. On Politics With Lisa Lerer: Doing What She Can Politics, October 15

    How one 92-year-old woman is trying to shape the midterms; analyzing the president’s interview on “60 Minutes”; and Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test.

  114. Why Is Trump Still Backing Saudi Arabia in Yemen? Op Ed, October 15

    The president wants you to believe that the U.S. gets “massive amounts” of money for backing the kingdom. That’s fake news.

  115. Should the U.S. Cut Ties to Saudi Arabia? Letters, October 15

    After the apparent killing of a Saudi dissident, some readers call on the U.S. to end its alliance, while another says “let’s get off our moral high horse.”

  116. Trump Falsely Claims E.U. Was Formed to ‘Take Advantage’ of U.S. on Trade National, October 15

    The European Union was created to end strife and promote economic prosperity — with the support, not opposition, of the United States.

  117. Trump Rule Would Compel Drug Makers to Disclose Prices in TV Commercials Washington, October 15

    The plan sets the stage for a battle with the pharmaceutical industry, which announced earlier that it would not show prices but would direct viewers to company websites that featured the information.

  118. Budget Deficit Jumps Nearly 17% in 2018 Washington, October 15

    Plunging corporate tax revenues from the Trump tax cuts helped push the annual deficit to $779 billion. It is on track to reach $1 trillion by 2020.

  119. Mnuchin to Decide by Friday Whether to Cancel on Saudi Conference Business, October 15

    The disappearance of a Saudi journalist has created an awkward diplomatic situation for the Treasury secretary, who so far has not followed several business leaders in canceling.

  120. Trump Inspects Damage in Florida From Another Deadly Storm Washington, October 15

    Visiting communities in Florida and Georgia ravaged by Hurricane Michael, President Trump again declined to acknowledge the threat of climate change.

  121. Attack Ads Against Some Democrats Try to Portray Them as Terrorists Politics, October 15

    The Congressional Leadership Fund associated with House Republicans and others are airing ads portraying Democratic challengers as security threats.

  122. If You’re Not Scared About Fascism in the U.S., You Should Be Op Ed, October 15

    When fascism starts to feel normal, we’re all in trouble.

  123. Packing the Supreme Court Is a Terrible Idea Op Ed, October 15

    Democrats paid a political cost for decades after F.D.R. tried it in the 1930s. They probably would again.

  124. ‘I Don’t Know That It’s Man-Made,’ Trump Says of Climate Change. It Is. Climate, October 15

    On “60 Minutes,” President Trump backed off his claim that global warming is a hoax. But he also made several new assertions unsupported by science.

  125. Jamal Khashoggi’s Disappearance: What We Know and Don’t Know Foreign, October 15

    The confusing case of the Saudi journalist has set off an international diplomatic storm and raised important questions, including some that cannot be answered yet.

  126. Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Results Put Trump on Defensive, but Also Raise Questions Politics, October 15

    The Massachusetts Democrat, weighing a 2020 presidential run, rebuts President Trump’s mocking of her claims about her heritage, but the right and left remain skeptical.

  127. The Senate’s White-State Bonus Op Ed, October 15

    It’s time to end the longest stretch in American history without a new state.

  128. If You’re Not Scared About Fascism in the U.S., You Should Be Video, October 15

    When fascism starts to feel normal, we’re all in trouble.

  129. Saudis May Admit Khashoggi Was Killed in Interrogation by Mistake Washington, October 15

    President Trump echoed the possibility that Jamal Khashoggi was victim to “rogue killers.” The explanation shields the Saudi crown prince, who has cast himself as a moderate.

  130. What the Left Misses About Nationalism Op Ed, October 15

    The perception of a common national identity is essential to democracies and to the modern welfare state.

  131. The State of the Midterms (and the Country) Podcasts, October 15

    What to watch for in the run-up to the Nov. 6 elections.

  132. In Trump’s Saudi Bargain, the Bottom Line Proudly Wins Out Washington, October 14

    President Trump has resisted pressure to postpone or cancel arms sales to Saudi Arabia despite reports that a Saudi journalist was killed and dismembered.

  133. He’s ‘One of Us’: The Undying Bond Between the Bible Belt and Trump Washington, October 14

    Although President Trump often paints a rosy picture of his national support, his descriptions of mutual love with voters in parts of the South match reality.

  134. JPMorgan’s Dimon Backs Out of Saudi Conference Amid Khashoggi Furor Business, October 14

    The decision makes Jamie Dimon the first major financial executive to take a stand amid allegations that Saudi Arabian officials killed a journalist.

  135. Trump’s Callous Use of Kanye Op Ed, October 14

    Trump never cared about criminal justice reform.

  136. Trump Embraces Foreign Aid to Counter China’s Global Influence Washington, October 14

    The move is a significant reversal for the president. A new agency will provide $60 billion in financing aimed at blocking Beijing’s ambitions.

  137. The Senate: Affirmative Action for White People Op Ed, October 14

    And why it’s time to make Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., the 51st and 52nd states.

  138. How Trump Could Fatally Weaken the Dollar Op Ed, October 14

    When the president undermines the rule of law and the independence of institutions like the Fed, he threatens a pillar of American economic strength.

  139. Saudi Arabia and U.S. Clash Over Khashoggi Case Foreign, October 14

    President Trump vowed “severe punishment” if the Saudis were behind a dissident’s disappearance. The Saudis said they would “respond with greater action.”

  140. Democrats Want to Beat Scott Walker. But the Wisconsin Economy Is a Hurdle. Politics, October 14

    As Mr. Walker, the Republican governor, seeks a third term, Democrats look for a way to successfully make an economic argument in a state where the indicators are strong.

  141. Trump Gives Mattis an Inauspicious Label: ‘Democrat’ Washington, October 14

    The president said he did not know whether his defense secretary would leave his job, but a breach has developed between them.

  142. G.O.P. Finds an Unexpectedly Potent Line of Attack: Immigration Washington, October 14

    While many of the attacks are misleading, the fear-based appeal demonstrates how President Trump has overcome negative headlines on immigration to make the issue profitable.

  143. The Mental State of Leaders Letters, October 14

    A psychiatrist writes that the behavior of those with the power to unleash nuclear war should be monitored.

  144. Kanye Has Faced Criticism for Being a Black Trump Fan. Can You Relate? News Desk, October 14

    Kanye West has faced a backlash from others in the black community for his support for President Trump. We want to hear from our readers of color about their own experiences with having political views that don’t align with what their community expects.

  145. A Court Victory Heals All Wounds: Trump Calls McConnell ‘the Greatest Leader in History’ Washington, October 13

    The exchange underscored how an often contentious dynamic has been smoothed by Republicans’ success in seating Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh and a host of other conservative judges.

  146. Trump Welcomes Home Pastor Andrew Brunson, but Denies Link to Saudi Case Washington, October 13

    President Trump hosted Andrew Brunson, an American pastor freed by Turkey after two years in detention, but said “the timing is a strict coincidence.”

  147. My Fiancé Jamal Khashoggi Was a Lonely Patriot Op Ed, October 13

    His ideas will reverberate from Turkey to Saudi Arabia and beyond. Oppression never lasts forever. Tyrants eventually pay for their sins.

  148. Is Trump on a Collision Course With Impeachment? Op Ed, October 13

    Democrats are largely ducking the topic on the campaign trail, but few people in Washington doubt that it will be on the table if they win the House.

  149. The Different Ends of NeverTrump Op Ed, October 13

    Are Trump's conservative critics really conservatives anymore?

  150. If a Prince Murders a Journalist, That’s Not a Hiccup Op Ed, October 13

    In the end, Saudi Arabia played Kushner, Trump and his other American acolytes for suckers.