1. The Kamala Harris Moment Has Arrived Opinion, Yesterday

    With the issue of abortion rights, the vice president has hit her stride.

  2. Trump Demands a Cut of Donations From Campaigns That Use His Name U.S., Yesterday

    The Trump campaign said that candidates using his brand should turn over at least 5 percent of donations and encouraged them to send more than the minimum.

  3. Is Trump’s Trial Really About ‘Hush Money’? U.S., Yesterday

    Both the prosecutors and defense are trying to frame it differently.

  4. Biden, Competing With Trump to Be Tough on China, Calls for Steel Tariffs U.S., Yesterday

    Speaking to the United Steelworkers union in Pittsburgh, the president urged major increases to some tariffs on steel and aluminum products from China.

  5. What Would the Economy Look Like Under a Second Biden Term? Opinion, Yesterday

    In all likelihood, it would amount to more of the same. We could do worse.

  6. Los venezolanos están sufriendo, pero más sanciones tampoco los van a ayudar En español, Yesterday

    Los dictadores son eso: dictadores, con o sin sanciones de Estados Unidos.

  7. The Language of Gender Identity Opinion, Yesterday

    Readers discuss an essay that criticized wording like “sex assigned at birth.” Also: Power over principle; the electric grid; Shakespeare’s insights.

  8. Prosecutions of Fake Electors for Trump Gain Ground in Swing States U.S., Yesterday

    Georgia, Michigan and Nevada have already brought charges against people who posed as electors for Donald Trump, and Arizona and Wisconsin have active investigations.

  9. Business and a Second Trump Term Briefing, Yesterday

    Times reporters discuss the relationship between major C.E.O.s and Donald Trump.

  10. Biden to Call for Tripling Tariffs on Chinese Steel Products U.S., Yesterday

    In a speech to union steelworkers in Pittsburgh, the president will announce several new measures meant to raise new barriers against floods of Chinese imports.

  11. Arizona Republicans Again Block Effort to Repeal 1864 Abortion Ban U.S., Yesterday

    The state has been in turmoil since its Supreme Court upheld a near-total abortion ban dating back to the Civil War.

  12. Have Faith in the Trump Trial Jurors Opinion, Yesterday

    Jesse Wegman on why “the system is operating as intended.”

  13. The Real Path to an American Civil War Opinion, Yesterday

    Not just a deepening of present discontents but a dramatic crash or rupture.

  14. Debunking Trump’s Misleading and False Claims About His Court Cases Video, Yesterday

    Linda Qiu, a fact check reporter for The New York Times, analyzes some of Donald Trump’s false and misleading statements about his ongoing court cases.

  15. Donald Trump’s Secret Shame About New York City Haunts His Trial Opinion, Yesterday

    For a kid from Queens who never quite conquered Manhattan, this trial is a fitting homecoming.

  16. Fact-Checking Trump’s Defenses in His Court Cases U.S., Yesterday

    The former president has trotted out a host of false and misleading claims to defend his conduct, attack judges and prosecutors and portray himself as a victim of political persecution.

  17. ‘It’s a Very Winnable Case’: Three Writers Dissect the Trump Trial Opinion, Yesterday

    Debate and analysis about the case, jury selection and anticipation for a potential witness.

  18. Donald Trump and American Justice Opinion, Yesterday

    Donald Trump is enjoying the same guarantees of fairness and due process before the law that he sought to deny to others during his term.

  19. Long Before Trump, Immigrant Detention Was Arbitrary and Cruel Books, Yesterday

    “In the Shadow of Liberty,” by the historian Ana Raquel Minian, chronicles America’s often brutal treatment of noncitizens, including locking them up without charge.

  20. Venezuelans Are Suffering, but More Sanctions Won’t Help Opinion, Yesterday

    The Biden administration wants to lift damaging oil sanctions but is caught in a political bind with Venezuela’s dictator.

  21. Trump Leaves His Trial to Rail Against Crime and Jab at Prosecutor U.S., Yesterday

    After a day in court, Donald Trump visited a bodega in Harlem where a clerk stabbed a man in 2022 and was charged by Alvin Bragg, who also leveled felony charges against the former president.

  22. Trump Holds Series of Meetings With Foreign Leaders U.S., April 16

    The former president has had several private interactions with foreign heads of state and their emissaries. He plans to meet Wednesday with Poland’s president.

  23. The April 16 Thepoint live blog included one standalone post:
  24. Biden Digs at Trump During His Pennsylvania Hometown Visit Video, April 16

    In a speech about his tax plan, President Biden compared Scranton, Pa., to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago to highlight the different economic and social values between America’s middle class and its wealthy.

  25. Melania Trump comparte el enojo de su esposo con el caso de Stormy Daniels En español, April 16

    La ex primera dama se ha referido durante mucho tiempo al caso como un problema de su esposo, no suyo. Pero ella ha calificado en privado el juicio como una “vergüenza” que podría amenazar su campaña.

  26. Wednesday Briefing: China’s Economy Grew Faster Than Expected Briefing, April 16

    Plus, Australia’s feral cat problem.

  27. Prosecutors and Defense Lawyers Begin to Seat Jurors for Trump Trial New York, April 16

    The prospective jurors questioned on Tuesday mirrored their city: diverse, opinionated and with strong views about the former president.

  28. Biden Bashes Trump as a Pawn of Billionaires as He Lays Out His Tax Plan U.S., April 16

    Speaking in Scranton, Pa., his hometown, the president used a speech about economic fairness as a new avenue of attack against his Republican rival, who was in a courtroom two hours away.

  29. Trump’s Jan. 6 Case Could Go On Even if Court Limits Use of Obstruction Law U.S., April 16

    The federal indictment of Donald Trump for plotting to overturn the 2020 election relies in part on the law that the Supreme Court weighed on Tuesday, but was built to survive without it.

  30. Fairness, a Trump Obsession, Is Central to Jury Selection in His Trial New York, April 16

    The laborious process of selecting the people who will decide Donald J. Trump’s fate hinges on whether they can judge him impartially.

  31. These Are the 42 Questions Prospective Trump Jurors Are Being Asked New York, April 16

    Once they are chosen, jurors will be asked to decide whether Donald J. Trump falsified business records to cover up a sex scandal. But first they must answer these questions.

  32. La Corte Suprema de EE. UU. decidirá si una ley de fraudes de 2002 se aplica en un caso sobre el asalto del Capitolio En español, April 16

    La decisión del tribunal podría interrumpir los enjuiciamientos de cientos de involucrados en el ataque al Capitolio.

  33. Gains and Losses: Dr. Bob and the Realities of Aging Opinion, April 16

    Responses to a front-page story about an aging doctor. Also: Donald Trump’s snooze in court; women vs. Trump; free speech’s limits; the gun show

  34. Melania Trump Avoids the Courtroom, but Is Said to Share Her Husband’s Anger U.S., April 16

    Melania Trump has long referred to the hush-money case involving Stormy Daniels as her husband’s problem, not hers. But she has privately called the trial a “disgrace” that could threaten his campaign.

  35. The Smothering of Abortion Rights Reveals Something Else About Republicans Opinion, April 16

    Both the federal and the Arizona Supreme Courts have conjured a past that rejects the right to bodily autonomy.

  36. Supreme Court Appears Skeptical of Using Obstruction Law to Charge Jan. 6 Rioters U.S., April 16

    The justices considered the gravity of the assault and whether prosecutors have been stretching the law to reach members of the mob responsible for the attack.

  37. Donald Trump Is His Own Chaos Whisperer Opinion, April 16

    At rallies, he does alt-universe loops in which he suggests that if the election hadn’t been taken from him, nothing bad would have befallen the world.

  38. Why Biden Has a Narrower Path to the Presidency Than Trump, in 11 Maps Interactive, April 16

    A Democratic strategist explains how the Electoral College math could shape up.

  39. Biden Heads to Pennsylvania to Talk Taxes and Hit Trump U.S., April 16

    In Scranton, his hometown, the president is expected to discuss the tax code in terms of economic fairness, arguing that Donald Trump’s tax cuts benefited billionaires.

  40. Trump, Trailing Biden in Cash, Relies on Big Donors to Try to Catch Up U.S., April 16

    Major Republican donors have begun to open their checkbooks for Donald Trump now that he is the presumptive nominee, as he struggles to keep pace with President Biden.

  41. Inside the Manhattan Courtroom at the Center of American Politics New York, April 16

    Protesters railed outside, media and security swarmed the area, and inside the courtroom, Donald J. Trump appeared to nod off.

  42. Bidens Report Earning $620,000 and Paying $181,000 in Taxes in 2023 U.S., April 15

    The couple’s tax return showed a 7 percent jump in income from 2022, a result of higher taxable interest income this year.

  43. Donald Trump, the Defendant U.S., April 15

    Trump has tried to project strength and confidence around his New York trial, but it might not be easy.

  44. The April 15 Thepoint live blog included one standalone post:
  45. Prospective Jurors Are Dismissed in Dozens as Trump’s Trial Begins New York, April 15

    Jury selection began in the Manhattan criminal case, but many who might weigh Donald J. Trump’s fate told a judge that they could not be impartial.

  46. A Historic Day U.S., April 15

    Trump arrived this morning at Criminal Court in Lower Manhattan, as jury selection began in the first criminal trial of a former president.

  47. The April 15 Trump Hush Money Trial live blog included one standalone post:
  48. A Weary Trump Appears to Doze Off in Courtroom Ahead of Criminal Trial New York, April 15

    The former president flashed signs of irritation at times, but also seemed to fall asleep, before jolting back awake.

  49. Trump Media Stock Plunges 18%, Extending Recent Losses Business, April 15

    Funds that bet on a fall were set to profit as the parent of Truth Social came under renewed pressure after it registered new shares for a potential sale.

  50. Donald Trump on Trial: What to Expect Opinion, April 15

    Readers discuss what’s at stake, the jurors and the possibility of Donald Trump’s testifying. Also: Aid to Ukraine; originalism; thinking rationally.

  51. ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape Won’t Be Played for Jurors in Trump Trial New York, April 15

    But the judge overseeing Donald J. Trump’s hush-money trial said the jury can be told what he said in the clip, where he bragged about grabbing women’s genitals.

  52. With Nuclear Deal Dead, Containing Iran Grows More Fraught U.S., April 15

    The U.S., Europe, Russia and China worked together on a 2015 deal to limit Iran’s nuclear program. The arrangement’s unraveling and the spike in superpower tensions make this a dangerous moment.

  53. Judge in Trump’s Criminal Trial Declines to Recuse Himself New York, April 15

    Donald J. Trump’s lawyers had called on Justice Juan M. Merchan to remove himself from the case, citing his daughter’s work as a Democratic consultant. Ethics experts had dismissed the idea that the judge was compromised.

  54. Biden and His Allies Are Likely to Stay Quiet on Trump’s Manhattan Trial U.S., April 15

    The president’s campaign and other Democrats believe that the court proceedings will do their work for them and that messaging should focus on Mr. Biden’s record.

  55. The April 15 Election News Biden Trump live blog included one standalone post:
  56. Trump’s Nostalgia Bump Briefing, April 15

    Like other former presidents, time has improved Trump’s standing among voters.

  57. What I Found Inside the MAGAverse on the Eve of Trump’s Trial Opinion, April 15

    Rallying the faithful in the political battleground of eastern Pennsylvania, the former president made everyone else the bad guy.

  58. Questions About Assassinations Test the Limits of Trump’s Immunity Claim U.S., April 15

    Three Supreme Court briefs from former military leaders and intelligence officials explore whether presidents may be prosecuted for ordering unlawful killings.

  59. In the 2024 Race, Trump’s Trial Is About to Take Center Stage U.S., April 15

    The race for president will shift much of its focus to a Manhattan courtroom. “This looks like no other presidential campaign in the history of the country,” one Republican pollster said.

  60. Can Trump Get a Jury Who Will Give Him a Fair Shake? My Expert Opinion Is Yes, and Here’s Why. Opinion, April 15

    The selection process and the can-do attitude of jurors result in a fair jury almost all the time.

  61. The Trump Trial: A Monumental Moment New York, April 15

    With Donald J. Trump expected in court today to face criminal charges, we are entering uncharted territory, our criminal justice reporter says.

  62. Trump’s Criminal Trial to Begin in Manhattan With Jury Selection New York, April 15

    Hundreds of Manhattanites have been summoned to court so that prosecutors and defense lawyers can choose 12 who will decide the fate of Donald J. Trump.

  63. Who Are Key Players in the Trump Manhattan Criminal Trial? Interactive, April 15

    The first criminal trial of former President Donald J. Trump began Monday. Take a closer look at central figures related to the case.

  64. What to Know About Jury Selection in Trump’s Manhattan Criminal Case New York, April 15

    As Donald J. Trump’s prosecution begins, lawyers must winnow a pool of hundreds to 12 jurors who will decide his fate.

  65. The April 14 Biden Trump Election live blog included one standalone post:
  66. Sununu Says Trump ‘Contributed’ to Insurrection, but Still Has His Support Politics, April 14

    The New Hampshire governor, who has been critical of the former president and supported Nikki Haley in the primary, said he wanted a Republican in the White House.

  67. The Beautiful World of Birding Letters, April 14

    Readers discuss the hobby’s many benefits. Also: Friends in the court; politicians’ health; testing the candidates; banning plastic foam.

  68. News Outlets Urge Trump and Biden to Commit to Presidential Debates Business, April 14

    In an unusual statement, the news organizations said “there is simply no substitute” for a face-to-face debate, a campaign staple since 1976.

  69. The Sunday Read: ‘What I Saw Working at The National Enquirer During Donald Trump’s Rise’ The Daily, April 14

    Inside the notorious “catch and kill” campaign that now stands at the heart of the former president’s legal trial.

  70. Stormy Daniels and the Comeuppance of Donald Trump Op Ed, April 14

    Trump has long treated women as objects, targets, supplicants. I suspect he never thought they would be the ones to hold him accountable.

  71. Four Years Out, Some Voters Look Back at Trump’s Presidency More Positively Politics, April 14

    A new poll by The New York Times and Siena College finds that voters think highly of the former president’s record on the economy, but memories of his divisiveness largely remain intact.

  72. As Trump Ponders V.P. Contenders, He Asks: Can They Help Me Raise Cash? Politics, April 14

    Donald Trump’s concerns about money may have entered his vice-presidential calculations, along with political considerations and which contenders he likes the look of.

  73. Jan. 6 Obstruction Case at Supreme Court Could Help Trump and Many Others Washington, April 14

    The justices will hear arguments on Tuesday in a case that could alter hundreds of prosecutions for the assault on the Capitol and help define its meaning.

  74. Dana White, Donald Trump and the Rise of Cage-Match Politics Sunday Business, April 14

    White, chief executive of the bloody and beloved Ultimate Fighting Championship, has shot to the peak of Trump-era culture and political influence. What does he want?

  75. As Trial Looms, Trump Plays to a Jury of Millions Metro, April 14

    Donald J. Trump and his lawyers realize his chances in the courtroom are dicey. He intends to make whatever happens a political triumph.

  76. In Final Rally Before New York Trial, Trump Again Casts Himself as Political Victim Politics, April 14

    Campaigning in Pennsylvania on Saturday, Donald J. Trump once more falsely asserted that his criminal charges were an attempt by Democrats to keep him from the White House.

  77. Inside Donald Trump’s Embrace of the Jan. 6 Rioters Politics, April 13

    The former president initially disavowed the attack on the Capitol, but he is now making it a centerpiece of his general election campaign.

  78. Four South Dakota Tribes Bar Gov. Kristi Noem, Trump V.P. Contender, From Lands Politics, April 13

    The tribes barred the Republican governor from their reservations after she told lawmakers that Mexican drug cartels had a foothold there and were committing murders.

  79. Election Workers Face Flood of Threats, but Charges Are Few Washington, April 13

    The Justice Department has a task force focused on the thousands of threats against state and local officials who oversee voting, but most are protected by the First Amendment.

  80. Why Can’t Biden Triangulate Like Trump? Op Ed, April 13

    There’s a difference between being aware of your base and being its prisoner.

  81. A Closer Look at a Slight Shift in the Polls Upshot, April 13

    An average of recent surveys, including the Times/Siena poll, finds President Biden inching closer to Donald Trump.

  82. Biden Shrinks Trump’s Edge in Latest Times/Siena Poll Politics, April 13

    The president’s popularity has ticked up slightly, though voters still view Donald J. Trump more favorably and have dour views of the economy.

  83. How America Is Picking Up the Pieces of a Broken Global Order Book Review, April 13

    In “New Cold Wars,” David E. Sanger tracks the shifts in U.S. foreign policy as competition among the great powers re-emerges in the 21st century.

  84. Protests, Traffic, Crowds: Court Braces for a Trump Trial Like No Other Metro, April 13

    Strict security measures — and plenty of headaches — are expected as the first criminal trial of a former U.S. president gets underway in Manhattan.

  85. The April 12 Election Trump Biden News live blog included two standalone posts:
  86. Johnson Floats Voting on Senate Ukraine Bill, With Conservative Policies as Sweeteners Washington, April 13

    The Republican speaker has weighed bringing up a $95 billion Senate-passed bill to aid Ukraine and Israel in tandem with a separate package geared toward mollifying G.O.P. critics.

  87. What Is the Powerful Surveillance Law That Divided Lawmakers? Washington, April 12

    Under Section 702, the government is empowered to collect, without a warrant, the messages of Americans communicating with targeted foreigners abroad.

  88. Trump Co-Defendants Argue for Dismissal of Charges in Documents Case Washington, April 12

    The judge did not rule on motions by lawyers for Walt Nauta and Carlos De Oliveira, who are accused of helping the former president obstruct government efforts to recover classified material.

  89. Harris Blasts Trump on Abortion at Arizona Campaign Stop Politics, April 12

    At a rally in Tucson, Ariz., days after the state’s top court upheld a near-total ban on abortion, Vice President Kamala Harris placed the blame directly on former President Donald J. Trump.

  90. Harris Blasts Trump on Abortion in Arizona Video, April 12

    During a campaign rally, Vice President Kamala Harris blamed former President Donald J. Trump for the Arizona Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold a near-total ban on abortion.

  91. Trump Says He Intends to Testify in His Manhattan Criminal Case Metro, April 12

    Jury selection begins Monday in the prosecution of Donald J. Trump on charges of covering up a sex scandal. He said he would try to sway jurors personally, though he has backed away in the past.

  92. Republican Women Are Divided on Abortion as Bans Spread National, April 12

    Across the country, fractures are emerging among conservative and centrist women, as they confront a steady drumbeat of new abortion restrictions and court rulings.

  93. The Mechanics of Covering Trump’s Manhattan Criminal Trial Summary, April 12

    Beginning on April 15, Times reporters will provide up-to-the-minute updates on the trial.

  94. Campaign Puts Trump and the Spy Agencies on a Collision Course Washington, April 12

    As president, Donald Trump never trusted the intelligence community. His antipathy has only grown since he left office, with potentially serious implications should he return to power.

  95. Academic Freedom and the Israel-Gaza War Letters, April 12

    Responses to an Opinion guest essay by two N.Y.U. professors. Also: Biden-Trump debates; Rosie the Riveter; never enough money.

  96. House Passes 2-Year Surveillance Law Extension Without Warrant Requirement Washington, April 12

    Speaker Mike Johnson scaled back the measure to two years from five after Donald J. Trump had urged Republicans to “kill” it. An effort to require warrants to search for Americans’ messages failed on a tie.

  97. Speaker Johnson Gets Lifeline From Trump Amid Threat to His Job Politics, April 12

    Mr. Johnson met with former President Donald J. Trump at Mar-a-Lago, where they found common cause in stoking unfounded fears of election fraud.

  98. When Politicians Invoke the Founding Fathers, Remember This Op Ed, April 12

    The Electoral College as we know it is less a product of the insight or design of the framers and more a contingent adaptation to the political world.

  99. Kamala Harris, Traveling to Arizona, Will Slam Trump Over Abortion Politics, April 12

    The vice president is set to lean into a partywide attack on Donald Trump and fellow Republicans, who are newly on the defensive over the issue.

  100. Abortion Is Dividing the ‘Religious’ From the ‘Right’ Op Ed, April 12

    Does God have to be Republican?

  101. Kari Lake Backs G.O.P. Effort to Drop 1864 Abortion Law in Favor of 15-Week Ban Politics, April 11

    The Senate candidate and Donald Trump ally is supporting a handful of state Republicans who have backed away from a near-total ban that was upheld by the State Supreme Court this week.

  102. Trump, Who Tried to Repeal Obamacare, Says He Is ‘Not Running to Terminate’ It Politics, April 11

    After repeated attacks from Democrats, Donald Trump, who has often vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, said that if elected he would only improve it, without offering specifics.

  103. Kennedy Campaign Fires Consultant Who Sought to Help Trump Win Politics, April 11

    The Kennedy campaign said the consultant, Rita Palma, had falsely identified herself as its New York state director.

  104. Trump to Meet an Embattled Johnson, Putting Their Tortured Ties on Display Washington, April 11

    The presumptive Republican presidential nominee and the G.O.P. speaker, at odds over many issues, are making common cause on “election integrity.”

  105. The Great Hypocrisy of the Pro-Life Movement Op Ed, April 11

    There is no longer a truly pro-life party in the United States.

  106. New Trump Super PAC Says It Has $27 Million After Its First Major Event Politics, April 11

    The group’s biggest donor is Isaac Perlmutter, the former Marvel Entertainment chief executive who supported the organization when it formed weeks ago.

  107. Democrats Hammer a Simple Attack on Abortion: Donald Trump Did This Politics, April 11

    The party is unifying around a blunt message that Vice President Kamala Harris pushed for privately ahead of her Friday trip to Arizona, where Democrats hope to keep Republicans reeling.

  108. Trump’s Co-Defendants in Documents Case Seek to Dismiss Charges Washington, April 11

    Walt Nauta and Carlos De Oliveira, who still work for the former president, will be in federal court in Florida on Friday asking a judge to throw out charges that they helped obstruct the investigation.

  109. Finally, a Case Goes to Trial N Y T Now, April 11

    Jury selection begins Monday in Donald Trump’s hush-money trial.

  110. John Bolton, Former Trump Adviser, Says He Will Vote for Dick Cheney Politics, April 11

    The diplomat, a fixture in multiple Republican administrations who now opposes Mr. Trump, said he also voted for the former vice president in 2020.

  111. Republicans Are Fleeing the Stench of a Rotten Congress Op Ed, April 11

    The great 2024 exodus is all about Trump-era discord and dysfunction.

  112. Seeking Technological Solutions to the Climate Crisis Letters, April 11

    Readers critique and suggest ways to capture, store and recycle carbon. Also: Donald Trump’s jury; food aid; cruelty to chickens; creative disagreement.

  113. Georgia’s Lieutenant Governor to Face Inquiry for Role as Fake Trump Elector National, April 11

    Fani T. Willis, the district attorney of Fulton County, Ga., had been disqualified from pursuing the case against Lt. Gov. Burt Jones, but another prosecutor said he would now take it over.

  114. How Voters Describe the 2024 Election in One Word Election Analytics, April 11

    To dig into the complex views voters have about the upcoming rematch, we asked poll respondents to describe their feelings in their own words.

  115. The April 11 Biden Trump Election live blog included one standalone post:
  116. Biden’s Cash Advantage N Y T Now, April 11

    We explain the benefits — and the limits — of Biden’s fund-raising.

  117. The Staggering Success of Trump’s Trial Delay Tactics The Daily, April 11

    With criminal cases mounting for the former president, he is using a familiar strategy: stalling.

  118. Nebraska Was Minding Its Business Until Charlie Kirk Came Along Podcasts, April 11

    How Trump allies are trying to rework the state’s voting system to the former president’s advantage.

  119. 2024, Meet 1892, Your Doppelgänger Op Ed, April 11

    Great political change can unfold when the political system seems woefully stalled.

  120. Trump Again Insults Jews Who Support Biden Politics, April 10

    Speaking to reporters in Atlanta on Wednesday, former President Donald J. Trump said that any Jew who “votes for Biden should have their head examined.”

  121. Cornel West Picks a Black Lives Matter Activist as His Running Mate Politics, April 10

    Melina Abdullah, a racial justice activist in Los Angeles and professor of Pan-African Studies at California State University, joins the independent presidential ticket.

  122. Johnson to Join Trump at Mar-a-Lago for ‘Election Integrity’ Announcement Washington, April 10

    The meeting comes at an awkward moment in the relationship between the speaker and the former president, who are at cross purposes on an intelligence bill and Ukraine.

  123. Trump Says He Wouldn’t Sign a Federal Abortion Ban, Criticizing Arizona Ruling Politics, April 10

    Days after he said that abortion policies should be left to the states, former President Donald J. Trump criticized an Arizona court ruling that upheld an 1864 law.

  124. Trump Loses His Third Try in a Week to Delay Manhattan Trial Metro, April 10

    Donald J. Trump was turned down when he asked an appeals court — again — to stave off his prosecution on charges that he faked business records to cover up a sex scandal.

  125. Trump Criticizes Arizona Abortion Ban Video, April 10

    During a campaign stop in Atlanta, former President Donald J. Trump said that the Arizona abortion ruling went too far, adding that it will be “straightened out.”

  126. Fixing the Quality Problems at Boeing Letters, April 10

    Readers discuss Boeing’s woes. Also: Arizona’s abortion ban; student loans; “nice” countries; “pro-humanity” protesters; caring about fish.

  127. The April 10 Biden Trump Election live blog included one standalone post:
  128. Board Member Says Group Declined to Honor Liz Cheney for Fear of Trump Politics, April 10

    David Hume Kennerly, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, resigned from the board of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation over what he said was a snub.

  129. After Trump Broadside, Surveillance Bill Collapses in the House Washington, April 10

    Right-wing lawmakers blocked a move by Speaker Johnson to extend a key foreign intelligence surveillance tool after former President Donald J. Trump urged lawmakers to “kill” the law underlying it.

  130. A Hot Inflation Report Is a Blow to President Biden Business, April 10

    The president’s approval ratings have been hurt by rapid inflation and rising interest rates.

  131. Trump’s Ex-Finance Chief Is Sentenced to 5 Months in Rikers for Perjury Metro, April 10

    Allen H. Weisselberg admitted that he had lied about helping Donald J. Trump inflate his net worth to win favorable loan terms.

  132. Kari Lake Called Arizona’s Abortion Ban a ‘Great Law,’ but Now She Denounces It Politics, April 10

    In her 2022 race for governor, Ms. Lake delivered a strict anti-abortion message. Now running for Senate, she is retreating from that position.

  133. The Politics of a Steel Deal Hangs Over Biden’s Japan Summit Business, April 10

    The president’s effort to court voters in crucial swing states is influencing economic and trade policy, and worrying longstanding allies.

  134. Trump’s Abortion Dilemma The Daily, April 10

    After months of mixed signals, the former president said abortion rights should be left to the states.

  135. Arizona’s 1864 Abortion Law, and New Boeing Allegations Podcasts, April 10

    Plus, the fight against “forever chemicals.”

  136. This Is What You Get When Fear Mixes With Money Op Ed, April 10

    Trump is the embodiment of the politics of intimidation.

  137. Trump Allies Have a Plan to Hurt Biden’s Chances: Elevate Outsider Candidates Politics, April 10

    The more candidates in the race, the better for Donald J. Trump, supporters say. And in a tight presidential contest, a small share of voters could change the result.

  138. This Is Probably Not the Deal the Pro-Life Movement Bargained for With Trump Op Ed, April 10

    Abortion opponents are entirely misaligned with the Trumpist form of conservatism.

  139. How Much of a Threat Is Kennedy to Biden? Op Ed, April 10

    The columnist Michelle Goldberg reports on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s coalition of the alienated.

  140. What Worries Me Most About a Trump Presidency Op Ed, April 10

    He could transform our government into a modern Tammany Hall, installing a kleptocratic leadership that would be difficult to dislodge.

  141. In Trump’s Criminal Trial, These Are the Jurors Each Side Wants Metro, April 10

    Prosecutors in Donald J. Trump’s Manhattan trial may prefer jurors who watch MSNBC and are highly educated. Defense lawyers may favor police officers and sanitation workers.

  142. Judge Blocks Trump’s Lawyers From Naming Witnesses in Documents Case Washington, April 10

    The special counsel had asked that the names of about two dozen government witnesses be redacted from a public version of a court filing to protect against potential threats or harassment.

  143. Cameron, on U.S. Trip, Takes a Risk and Meets With Trump Foreign, April 9

    David Cameron, the British foreign secretary, said he spoke with Donald Trump, the former, and possibly future, president, about Ukraine and the Israel-Gaza conflict.

  144. Biden Condemns Arizona’s Abortion Ban as ‘Cruel’ and ‘Extreme’ Washington, April 9

    President Biden, who promised to continue to fight for the restoration of Roe v. Wade, said the ban was first enacted “well before women had secured the right to vote.”

  145. Abortion Jumps to the Center of Arizona’s Key 2024 Races Politics, April 9

    Democrats quickly aimed to capitalize on a ruling by the state’s highest court upholding an 1864 law that bans nearly all abortions.

  146. Woman Sentenced to Month in Prison Over Theft of Ashley Biden’s Diary Washington, April 9

    Aimee Harris sold the diary to Project Veritas, a right-wing group, in what prosecutors said was a brazen plot to damage Joseph R. Biden Jr. in the 2020 election.

  147. TV Networks to Urge Biden and Trump to Debate, Wading Into a Fraught Topic Business, April 9

    Speculation has swirled in the political world about whether the presumptive candidates will agree to the traditional face-to-face events, a campaign staple since 1976.

  148. Trump’s New Stance on Abortion Letters, April 9

    Readers discuss his statement that abortion policy should be left to the states. Also: J Street; student “brands”; GPS satellites; alternatives to social media.

  149. Trump’s Attempt to Delay Trial Is Denied by Appeals Court Judge Metro, April 9

    Donald Trump could try to have his request reviewed by a full judicial panel, but the opening of his case remains scheduled for Monday.