1. Haley and DeSantis Face Off: What to Watch for in the G.O.P. Debate U.S., Today

    Vivek Ramaswamy and Chris Christie will also be onstage, but much of the attention will be on the two Republicans best positioned to become the top challenger to Donald Trump.

  2. Trump Deflects Questions on Retribution and Law-Breaking at Town Hall U.S., Today

    Pressed by Sean Hannity to promise not to abuse power, Donald Trump agreed he wouldn’t, “other than Day 1,” adding: “We’re closing the border. And we’re drilling, drilling, drilling. After that, I’m not a dictator.”

  3. A New Trump Administration Will ‘Come After’ the Media, Says Kash Patel U.S., Today

    Donald Trump, who has already promised to use the Justice Department to “go after” his political adversaries, is expected to install Mr. Patel in a senior role if he returns to power.

  4. Biden Says ‘I’m Not Sure I’d Be Running’ if Not for Trump U.S., Yesterday

    President Biden has portrayed a second term for Donald Trump as an existential threat to American democracy.

  5. Prosecutors Intend to Show Long Pattern of Threats and Baseless Claims by Trump U.S., Yesterday

    In a court filing, federal prosecutors laid out plans to use the former president’s trial on charges of trying to overturn the 2020 election to show a yearslong history of using lies and intimidation.

  6. Is Liz Cheney Really Thinking About Running for President in 2024? U.S., Yesterday

    The former congresswoman is working to ensure that Donald Trump never returns to the Oval Office. She is also keeping her own door wide open.

  7. Trump Unbound: An Autocrat in Waiting? Opinion, Yesterday

    Responses to articles about Donald Trump’s authoritari tendencies. Also: The inhumanity of homelessness; violence against inmates; community composting.

  8. Nikki Haley’s Path From Trump Critic to Defender and Back U.S., Yesterday

    As ambassador to the United Nations, Ms. Haley strove to stay in the president’s favor and avoided some battles to change his mind on contentious issues.

  9. How Trump Would Govern Briefing, Yesterday

    Donald Trump’s threats for another presidency are deeply alarming, historians and legal experts say.

  10. Aid for Ukraine Running Low, and a Spy in the State Dept. Podcasts, Yesterday

    Hear the news in five minutes.

  11. The Resolute Liz Cheney Opinion, Yesterday

    Liz Cheney gave up power seemingly to prove the point of how worthless it was compared with establishing a real record of what happened on Jan. 6.

  12. Donald Trump’s 2024 Campaign, in His Own Menacing Words U.S., Yesterday

    Trump’s language has become darker, harsher and more threatening during his third run for the White House.

  13. There Is a Better Way to Pick a Presidential Nominee Opinion, Yesterday

    The debate among Democrats on renominating Joe Biden calls the long primary process into question.

  14. As Grumbles Over Trump-Free Debates Grow, Republicans Weigh Looser Rules U.S., Yesterday

    The party is considering whether to open the door to debates not sponsored by the Republican National Committee, which could lead to more onstage clashes but also diminish their fanfare.

  15. Some Republicans Have a Blunt Message for Chris Christie: Drop Out U.S., December 4

    Several anti-Trump Republican donors and strategists are pushing Mr. Christie to end his presidential campaign and back Nikki Haley.

  16. Nikki Haley’s Views on Social Security Letters, December 4

    Readers discuss a column by Paul Krugman. Also: A climate protest at the opera; more Trump coverage?

  17. Doug Burgum, Wealthy North Dakota Governor, Ends White House Run Politics, December 4

    The little-known former software executive had hoped his business acumen and relentless focus on the economy, energy and foreign policy would lift his campaign. It didn’t.

  18. Why a Second Trump Presidency May Be More Radical Than His First Politics, December 4

    Donald Trump has long exhibited authoritarian impulses, but his policy operation is now more sophisticated, and the buffers to check him are weaker.

  19. Why Haley Is Rising Among the Rivals to Trump Upshot, December 4

    She has gained with educated and relatively moderate Republicans and independents, but that is also a big liability in today’s G.O.P.

  20. Republicans Are Finding Out That ‘Pro-Life’ Means a Lot of Things to a Lot of People Op Ed, December 4

    How the G.O.P. can come up with a new approach to the politics of the issue.

  21. What to Know About Trump’s Civil Fraud Trial Metro, December 4

    Last week, bankers from Deutsche Bank testified on behalf of the former president, lending support to a central plank of his defense, while a gag order was reinstated against him.

  22. It’s Time to Fix America’s Most Dangerous Law Op Ed, December 3

    The Insurrection Act is deeply flawed, and the possibility of a second Trump presidency makes its defects terrifyingly clear.

  23. Trump’s Defense to Charge That He’s Anti-Democratic? Accuse Biden of It Politics, December 3

    Indicted over a plot to overturn an election and campaigning on promises to shatter democratic norms in a second term, Donald Trump wants voters to see Joe Biden as the bigger threat.

  24. How American Evangelicalism Became ‘Mister Rogers With a Blowtorch’ Book Review, December 2

    In his new book, “The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory,” the journalist Tim Alberta subjects his faith’s embrace of right-wing extremism to critical scrutiny.

  25. Federal Judge Rejects Trump’s Immunity Claims in Election Case Washington, December 2

    The ruling is likely to spark a series of appeals that the former president’s lawyers hope will push the trial on election interference charges past the 2024 election.

  26. Georgia County Signs Up to Use Voter Database Backed by Election Deniers Politics, December 2

    The decision ignores warnings from voting rights groups and some election experts.

  27. Paleoconservative or Moderate? Questions for Staffing the Next G.O.P. White House. Politics, December 1

    The Heritage Foundation asks applicants for a future Republican administration a series of questions about their ideology, showing the extent to which “America First” has shaped the modern G.O.P.

  28. A Questionnaire for Applicants to the Next Conservative White House Interactive, December 1

    The Heritage Foundation, which has been staffing Republican administrations since the Reagan era, has a list of questions for job applicants that shows how Donald Trump has transformed the party.

  29. Ronald Fischetti, 87, Virtuoso Criminal Defense Lawyer, Dies Obits, December 1

    He had a client list that included a police officer accused of assault, a congressman caught up in a scandal, mobsters and former President Trump.

  30. Trump Lawyer Tells Judge a Georgia Trial Would Be ‘Election Interference’ National, December 1

    Arguments in court on Friday offered clues to Donald J. Trump’s legal strategy in fighting state charges of conspiracy to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

  31. Appeals Court Says Jan. 6 Suits Against Trump Can Proceed for Now Washington, December 1

    The court left open the possibility that the former president could still prevail in his effort to claim immunity from civil cases seeking to hold him accountable for the violence.

  32. Appeals Court Rules That Jan. 6 Suits Against Trump Can Proceed for Now U.S., December 1

    The court left open the possibility that the former president could still prevail in his effort to claim immunity from civil cases seeking to hold him accountable for the violence.

  33. Farewell to George Santos, the Perfect MAGA Republican Op Ed, December 1

    No one embodies Trump’s fame-obsessed sociopathic emptiness like George Santos.

  34. Are We All Authoritarians at Heart? Op Ed, December 1

    “Democracy is not what partisans want. It’s what they settle for.”

  35. What a Petty Pair DeSantis and Newsom Made Op Ed, December 1

    What they modeled was the boastful, belligerent manner in which most political disagreements are hashed out these days.

  36. 5 Takeaways From the DeSantis-Newsom Debate Politics, December 1

    Ron DeSantis showed a feistier side, using a friendly moderator to go on offense. Gavin Newsom defended California and President Biden, and jabbed right back.

  37. Kissinger Had the Ear of Presidents. He Had Their Awe and Ire, Too. Washington, December 1

    In his decades in politics, the statesman advised many presidents. Here are some of their thoughts from over the years, in their own words.

  38. Donald Trump Still Wants to Kill Obamacare. Why? Op Ed, December 1

    Is this really about policy, or is it personal?

  39. The Need for Speed vs. Fairness Briefing, November 30

    Two imperatives are clashing in Donald Trump’s criminal cases.

  40. Welcome to Our New ‘Bespoke Realities’ Opinion, November 30

    Algorithms have become far too good at telling us what we think we already know.

  41. Trump Again Barred From Insulting Court Staff in Civil Fraud Trial New York, November 30

    A gag order that was put on hold by an appeals court judge has been reinstated. The former president has twice violated the order, insulting the judge’s clerk.

  42. It’s Not the Economy. It’s the Fascism. Opinion, November 30

    The 2024 election cannot be about the price of gas.

  43. Trump’s Georgia Lawyer Has Been Quiet. That May Soon Change. U.S., November 30

    Steven Sadow’s minimalist approach in the racketeering case against his client has created some dramatic tension, but his silence may be coming to an end.

  44. Divided by Politics, a Colorado Town Mends Its Broken Bones Politics, November 30

    Two years after death threats and aspersions roiled little Silverton, the town has found a semblance of peace and a lesson for a ruptured nation.

  45. Kevin McCarthy on His Political Future Podcasts, November 30

    The former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives discusses the state of the Republican Party and questions Biden’s ability to govern at his age.

  46. There’s a Bomb Under the Table Op Ed, November 30

    Hitchcock knew the terror a threat like Trump could create.

  47. Is Donald Trump Going to Prison? Podcasts, November 30

    Astead gets a crash course from NYT reporters on the criminal cases the former president — and current Republican front-runner — is facing and how they could upend the 2024 race.

  48. 6 Takeaways From Liz Cheney’s Book Assailing Trump and His ‘Enablers’ Washington, November 30

    In a memoir to be published next week, the former congresswoman described how Republicans berated her, how her family lost friends and how she forged an unusual alliance with Nancy Pelosi.

  49. Trump Will Skip the G.O.P. Debate and Attend a Fund-Raiser Instead Politics, November 30

    The fourth Republican debate will be held next Wednesday night in Alabama. The former president has not attended any of the previous debates.

  50. Lawyer Told Trump Defying Documents Subpoena Would Be a Crime Washington, November 30

    The lawyer, Jennifer Little, recounted the discussion to a grand jury overseen by the special counsel Jack Smith before he brought charges against the former president.

  51. McCarthy Claimed Trump Was ‘Not Eating’ After Leaving Office, Cheney Says Washington, November 30

    In a new memoir, Liz Cheney wrote that Kevin McCarthy justified his trip to Mar-a-Lago by saying the former president was depressed after losing re-election.

  52. Top Ramaswamy Aide Resigns to Start Working for the Trump Campaign Politics, November 30

    The aide, Brian Swensen, had been focused on building Vivek Ramaswamy’s New Hampshire operation.

  53. The Electoral College Is ‘the Exploding Cigar of American Politics’ Op Ed, November 30

    Today, we’re going to moan about the system we use to choose a president.

  54. The ‘Trump Isn’t So Bad’ Mindset Op Ed, November 30

    President Biden’s insistence on seeking a second term comes at high risk.

  55. Trump’s Bankers Say His Exaggerated Net Worth Did Not Affect Loans Metro, November 29

    The testimony of witnesses from Deutsche Bank lent support to a central plank of former President Donald Trump’s defense in the civil fraud case against him.

  56. Fearful of Trump’s Autocratic Ambitions Letters, November 29

    Readers worry about Donald Trump’s plans if elected — or not elected. Also: Pro-Palestinian students; Mideast myths; standards for prosecutors; neoliberalism today.

  57. Jamie Dimon Urges Donors, Even Democrats, to ‘Help Nikki Haley’ Politics, November 29

    The JPMorgan Chase C.E.O.’s show of support for Ms. Haley came on the same day that a new super PAC set out to try to draw independent voters to her candidacy.

  58. For Haley, Rise in Polls Feeds Voter Enthusiasm on Trail Politics, November 29

    The crowds are her biggest yet, and voters are warming up to her candidacy, but Nikki Haley still faces a daunting task in taking down the front-runner, Donald Trump.

  59. Has No Labels Become a Stalking Horse for Trump? Op Ed, November 29

    Whatever its intentions, there is a reason the organization is supported by major Republican donors like Harlan Crow.

  60. Donald Trump and the Jefferson Davis Problem Op Ed, November 29

    Why Section 3 of the 14th Amendment was added to the Constitution and remains relevant.

  61. Gavin Newsom Wants Fox News Viewers to Hear Him Out Politics, November 28

    After sparring twice with Sean Hannity, Gov. Gavin Newsom of California will jump into the ring this week with Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. The stakes are high for both men.

  62. Trump Seeks to Use Trial to Challenge Findings That 2020 Election Was Fair Washington, November 28

    The former president’s lawyers in his federal trial on charges of trying to overturn the election are asking to collect a wide range of evidence — including on unrelated issues like Hunter Biden.

  63. Koch Network Endorses Nikki Haley in Bid to Push G.O.P. Past Trump Politics, November 28

    The support will give Ms. Haley more organizational strength in the field as she battles Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida for the No. 2 spot in the Republican presidential race.

  64. Why Judges in the Trump Jan. 6 Trial Need a Rocket Docket Op Ed, November 28

    Voters could go to the polls in 2024 without knowing whether one of the candidates is criminally responsible for trying to overturn the last one.

  65. Even Most Biden Voters Don’t See a Thriving Economy Business, November 28

    A majority of those who backed President Biden in 2020 say today’s economy is fair or poor, ordinarily a bad omen for incumbents seeking re-election.

  66. Biden Campaign Aims to Weaponize Trump’s Threat to Obamacare Politics, November 27

    The president’s aides quickly jumped on a statement by Donald Trump that he was “seriously looking at alternatives” to the health law.

  67. Why Biden’s Weakness Among Young Voters Should Be Taken Seriously Upshot, November 27

    Almost all the polling shows the same pattern. Could the coming campaign restore Democrats’ usual advantage?

  68. In Countdown to Iowa, Trump Is Coasting, as DeSantis and Haley Clash Politics, November 27

    The former president’s chief rivals are running low on time to make a statement in Iowa’s caucuses, which could determine whether the Republicans’ nominating contest is seriously contested at all.

  69. Let’s Talk About Biden, Trump and … Taylor Swift Op Ed, November 27

    Do any of them deserve to be Time’s person of the year?

  70. Trump Has a Master Plan for Destroying the ‘Deep State’ Op Ed, November 27

    We should all be paying careful attention to the former president’s plans for a second term.

  71. Should Biden Bow Out, as David Axelrod Urged? Letters, November 26

    Readers respond to a column by Maureen Dowd. Also: Speaker Mike Johnson’s lament; drive-through downsides; New Orleans drinking water.

  72. To Beat Trump, Nikki Haley Is Trying to Speak to All Sides of a Fractured G.O.P. Politics, November 26

    Her campaign will test what political strategists and observers of her rise in politics have said is among her greatest political skills: an ability to massage her message to the moment.

  73. Members of Congress Head for the Exits, Many Citing Dysfunction Washington, November 26

    More than three dozen incumbents have announced they will not seek re-election next year. Some are running for other offices, while others intend to leave Congress altogether.

  74. A Troubling Trump Pardon and a Link to the Kushners Washington, November 26

    A commutation for a drug smuggler named Jonathan Braun had broader implications than previously known. It puts new focus on how Donald Trump would use his clemency powers in a second term.

  75. 3 Takeaways From the Investigation Into Trump’s Pardon of Jonathan Braun Washington, November 26

    Mr. Braun was still under investigation by the Justice Department at the time of his pardon. Here are some key points about the case.

  76. Why the Next Seven Weeks Are So Critical in the Race for President Editorial, November 25

    The downward slide of once-mighty presidential candidates usually starts after Thanksgiving.

  77. Who Would Donald Trump Choose as His Running Mate? Interactive, November 25

    While voting has yet to begin for the G.O.P. primary, Donald Trump has casually weighed the pros and cons of some contenders.

  78. Debates Over Words Amid War: ‘Antisemitism,’ ‘Anti-Zionism,’ ‘Apartheid’ Letters, November 24

    Readers discuss a column by Charles M. Blow. Also: Expanding Advanced Placement classes; election lessons; America’s love of outlaws.

  79. The Very Good Reason People Like George Santos Lie About Nonsense Op Ed, November 24

    If you’re laughing, it’s working.

  80. Could Haley Really Beat Trump? Big Donors Are Daring to Dream. Politics, November 24

    Powerful players in the business world have gravitated toward Nikki Haley, aware that she remains an underdog but beginning to believe she has a chance.

  81. Johnson’s Release of Jan. 6 Video Feeds Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories Washington, November 23

    The speaker fulfilled a demand of the far right, which has sought thousands of hours of footage to try to rewrite the history of the Capitol attack.

  82. On Thanksgiving, Can Biden’s Family Talk Turkey? Op Ed, November 23

    With the 2024 election drawing nearer, there are crucial questions to ask.

  83. The 25 Things I’m Thankful for in American Politics Editorial, November 23

    Or 26, if you count not sharing the stuffing with George Santos.

  84. Are Black Voters Leaving Democrats Behind? Podcasts, November 23

    Polls suggest they might be. So we convened a very special Thanksgiving focus group to try and understand why.

  85. The Roots of Trump’s Rage Op Ed, November 22

    Just how stable is the “very stable genius”?

  86. The Clearest Lesson of Javier Milei’s Thumping Victory Op Ed, November 22

    Why the age of populism looks different outside Europe and America.

  87. For Election Workers, Fentanyl-Laced Letters Signal a Challenging Year National, November 22

    As overheated rhetoric and threats rise, people are leaving election jobs in record numbers.

  88. This Quiet Blockbuster at the Supreme Court Could Affect All Americans Op Ed, November 22

    This term largely revolves around a single question: Will our government retain the capacity to address the most pressing issues of our time?

  89. Los insultos y las críticas de Trump atizan los temores sobre su tendencia al autoritarismo En español, November 22

    El expresidente está centrando sus ataques más feroces en sus oponentes políticos internos, lo que genera nuevas preocupaciones entre los expertos en autocracia.

  90. Colorado Supreme Court Agrees to Take Up Trump’s 14th Amendment Case Politics, November 22

    A state judge ruled last week that the former president had engaged in insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, but allowed him to remain on the ballot.

  91. My Brother’s Thanksgiving Lament Op Ed, November 22

    Surely, he says, the greatest country in the world can do better than these two men.

  92. DeSantis Picks Up Key Endorsement From Iowa Religious Leader Politics, November 21

    The endorsement by Bob Vander Plaats was long expected, but comes as Gov. Ron DeSantis has tried to build momentum heading into the Iowa caucuses in January.

  93. Georgia Judge Modifies a Trump Co-Defendant’s Bail Conditions National, November 21

    Prosecutors say the defendant, Harrison Floyd, has been intimidating potential witnesses in the racketeering case with his social media posts.

  94. Johnson Pays Trump Visit as He Faces Mounting Criticism from the Right Washington, November 21

    It was the speaker’s first trip to see the former president since he won his post, and it came as he faced anger from right-wing lawmakers for moving to fund the government.

  95. Ignore Trump? Democrats Now Want Him Plastered All Over the News. Politics, November 21

    The former president has been relatively quiet, out of the headlines and off mainstream social media. Democrats are hoping that more attention on him can help turn around President Biden’s fortunes.

  96. Los planes de Trump para 2025 En español, November 21

    Además: Argentina eligió presidente, Acapulco a un mes del huracán Otis y más para estar al día.

  97. The Trump Threat Is Growing. Lawyers Must Rise to Meet This Moment. Op Ed, November 21

    The legal profession has stood largely silent on assaults on America’s democracy. The situation will grow worse if Trump returns to the White House.

  98. Trump Health Report Claims ‘Weight Reduction’ but Skimps on Specifics Politics, November 21

    The former president’s doctors have often offered hyperbolic or unverifiable claims in reports about his health.

  99. Trump’s Dire Words Raise New Fears About His Authoritarian Bent Politics, November 20

    The former president is focusing his most vicious attacks on domestic political opponents, setting off fresh worries among autocracy experts.

  100. Is Biden vs. Trump the ‘Election We Need’? Letters, November 20

    Readers react to a column by Carlos Lozada that argues that it is. Also: Rosalynn Carter’s life; protests at Columbia University; Bidenomics.

  101. Happy Thanksgiving, Hermit Billionaires! Op Ed, November 20

    There is always something to be grateful for.

  102. Court Signals It Could Keep but Narrow Trump Election Case Gag Order Washington, November 20

    A federal appeals court panel is weighing how to balance the former president’s free-speech rights against insulating prosecutors, court personnel and potential witnesses from intimidation.

  103. Las lecciones de las campañas de Bush y Obama que Biden podría aprovechar En español, November 20

    En manos de un candidato hábil, las encuestas preliminares pueden ser un mapa de ruta para darle un giro total a una campaña en dificultades.

  104. What to Know About Trump’s Civil Fraud Trial Metro, November 20

    The short Thanksgiving week will see the parade of expert witnesses continue as the defense argues that the valuations of assets were within normal boundaries.

  105. For an Aging President, a Birthday With a Bite Washington, November 19

    President Biden has no plans for a lavish public celebration when he turns 81 on Monday, even as Democrats search for a strategy to assuage voters’ concerns about his age by next year’s election.

  106. Texas Governor Endorses Trump, Lauding His Border Policies Politics, November 19

    Gov. Greg Abbott threw his support behind the former president in the Republican presidential primary at an event near the southern border.

  107. DeSantis’s Two-Pronged Approach in Iowa: Hit Trump on Abortion, and Get Personal Politics, November 19

    The Florida governor is courting white evangelicals by using Donald J. Trump’s criticisms of hard-line abortion restrictions against him.

  108. Trump Focuses on Iowa as He Looks to Close Out the Republican Race Politics, November 19

    The former president has made Iowa his priority, hoping to thin the field and turn his attention to a campaign against President Biden.

  109. Pardon Recipients Seek to Sell Trump on His Own Sentencing Law Politics, November 18

    The Republican front-runner has a history of making racist statements, but some advisers think highlighting his signature law could help increase support among Black voters and potentially swing the election.

  110. Congress Isn’t a Schoolyard. Time to Deal With Toxic Immaturity. Op Ed, November 18

    Young men need to look for role models outside the attention economy.

  111. The Axe Is Sharp Op Ed, November 18

    Biden should aim more barbs at Trump, not at fellow Democrats.

  112. Can Nikki Haley Beat Trump? Op Ed, November 18

    Imagining the unlikely scenario in which she actually wins the nomination.

  113. Colorado Judge Keeps Trump on Ballot but Finds He ‘Engaged in Insurrection’ Politics, November 18

    A district court judge ruled that former President Donald J. Trump “engaged in insurrection” but said the disqualification clause of the 14th Amendment did not apply to him.

  114. Judge Denies Trump’s Request for a Mistrial in Fraud Case Metro, November 17

    The judge, Arthur F. Engoron, used the denial as an opportunity to defend his handling of the case. The former president’s allies have accused him of political bias.

  115. Nikki Haley Says She Doesn’t Agree With Trump Calling Political Opponents ‘Vermin’ Politics, November 17

    Her reaction, which came six days after the former president first made the remarks, came in response to a question from one of her supporters while campaigning in Iowa.

  116. Trump Attends His Sister’s Funeral, but Does Not Speak Styles, November 17

    The former president went unmentioned during the memorial service for Maryanne Trump Barry, seemingly in accordance with her wishes.

  117. Judge Rejects Trump Motion to Strike Jan. 6 Mentions From Federal Election Case Washington, November 17

    The ruling was a step toward allowing prosecutors to introduce evidence at trial that members of the mob that stormed the Capitol believed they were acting at Donald Trump’s instruction.

  118. Así es como Trump y sus aliados planean ejercer el poder en 2025 En español, November 17

    Utilizar el Departamento de Justicia para vengarse de sus adversarios y aumentar la represión a los inmigrantes serían algunas de las prioridades de Trump si regresa a la Casa Blanca.

  119. Trump and Aides Immediately Attack Clerk After Gag Order Is Paused Metro, November 16

    Allison Greenfield has become a lightning rod for the former president and his allies, who say a civil fraud case against him is political persecution.

  120. Blame Shifting, Attacks and Legal Gaslighting N Y T Now, November 16

    The former president’s defense strategy is taking shape.

  121. Trump’s Truth Social Platform Could Struggle to Survive Without New Cash Business, November 16

    Truth Social, the online platform at the core of Trump Media, has had challenges attracting advertising revenue.

  122. Talks on Surveillance Law Simmer as Its Expiration Date Looms Washington, November 16

    If congressional inaction lets Section 702 lapse on New Year’s Eve, officials believe the program could lawfully operate into April.

  123. We Talked to Some Kamala-but-Not-Joe Voters. Here’s What They Said. Upshot, November 16

    A slice of voters would vote for Vice President Harris but not President Biden, reflecting his challenges and opportunities.

  124. Haley Tussles With DeSantis, Aiming to Prove Herself in Iowa Politics, November 16

    Nikki Haley is vying for a matchup with Donald Trump in her home state. The calculus is similar for Ron DeSantis, who has stepped up his attacks on his rival for second place.

  125. Bidenomics Has a Mortal Enemy, and It Isn’t Trump Op Ed, November 16

    Yawning inequality in the American economy is causing Bidenomics to fall flat with voters.

  126. The Bush-Obama Blueprint That Gives Biden Hope for ’24 Politics, November 16

    President Biden isn’t the first incumbent to face grim polling a year out from Election Day.

  127. Why Georgia Republicans Are Protecting the D.A. Who Indicted Trump National, November 16

    G.O.P. leaders, including Gov. Brian Kemp, are shielding Fani T. Willis from political threats, not so much to protect her, as to protect the image of the state.

  128. Las caídas desde el muro fronterizo dejan a los migrantes con lesiones devastadoras y costosas En español, November 16

    Cientos de migrantes han requerido tratamiento intensivo en hospitales estadounidenses tras intentar escalar las barreras de la frontera sur.

  129. Prosecutors Seek to Revoke Bond for Defendant in Trump Election Case in Georgia National, November 16

    The defendant, Harrison Floyd, who once led a group called Black Voices for Trump, has been accused of intimidating co-defendants and witnesses.

  130. Trump’s Love-Hate Relationship With the World Is Mostly Hate Op Ed, November 16

    If we came to think of Trump derangement syndrome as a mental health problem, who do you think would be the first person diagnosed?

  131. The Supreme Court’s New Ethics Code: ‘Worthless’ Letters, November 15

    Readers criticize the code as weak and unenforceable. Also: The Trump trial; an optional Regents exam in New York; Anne Frank; vaping among the young.

  132. Trump Lawyers Call for Mistrial in Civil Fraud Case, Attacking Judge Metro, November 15

    The long-shot effort doubled as a political salvo against the judge, Arthur F. Engoron, who is expected to reject it.

  133. Fact-Checking Haley and DeSantis in Their Race to Rival Trump Washington, November 15

    Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida and Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, have attacked each other with misleading claims on dealings with Chinese companies, energy and refugees.

  134. How Trump and His Allies Plan to Wield Power in 2025 Politics, November 15

    Donald J. Trump and his allies are already laying the groundwork for a possible second Trump presidency, forging plans for an even more extreme agenda than his first term.

  135. Georgia Prosecutor Sees Trump Case Stretching Into 2025 National, November 14

    As the prosecutor, Fani T. Willis, discussed the case at a conference, her office sought an emergency protective order to prevent more leaks of discovery materials.

  136. Trump Can Stay on G.O.P. Primary Ballot in Michigan, Judge Rules Politics, November 14

    The ruling notches a preliminary victory for Donald Trump in a nationwide battle over his eligibility to run for president again, even as he faces a wave of legal scrutiny in other cases.

  137. Federal Prosecutors Make Their Case for Gag Order on Trump Washington, November 14

    The filing was the latest volley in the fight over whether the former president should be limited in what he can say about his trial on charges of seeking to overturn the 2020 election.

  138. Redadas, campamentos y deportaciones masivas: los planes migratorios de Trump En español, November 14

    Trump quiere revivir las políticas fronterizas de su primer periodo, entre ellas la prohibición del ingreso de personas de ciertas naciones con mayoría musulmana y el Título 42.

  139. Ukraine Indicts Officials Linked to Efforts to Investigate the Bidens Foreign, November 14

    Three officials were accused of operating at the behest of Russian intelligence when they aligned with efforts by Rudolph W. Giuliani to tie the Biden family to corruption in Ukraine.

  140. Trump’s Deportation Plans for Immigrants Letters, November 14

    Readers discuss a crackdown that would include sweeping raids and huge detention camps. Also: Donald Trump’s “vermin” vow; women in China; investing in Earth.

  141. Estados Unidos rumbo a 2024 En español, November 14

    Trump, Biden y unas elecciones clave, breves de la guerra en Medio Oriente y más para el inicio de la semana.

  142. Trump Wants Us to Know He Will Stop at Nothing in 2025 Op Ed, November 14

    Checks and balances are for losers.

  143. Johnson Said in 2015 Trump Was Unfit and Could Be ‘Dangerous’ as President Washington, November 14

    Speaker Mike Johnson, then a Republican state lawmaker, posted on social media that Donald J. Trump lacked the character and morality to be president and could be vindictive.

  144. Why Tim Scott Couldn’t Go the Distance Op Ed, November 14

    The South Carolina senator failed to excite Republican voters with his racial optimism.

  145. Gotham F.C. Achieves Its Captain’s Dream of Victory Metro, November 14

    Ali Krieger played her last soccer game on Saturday. That was also the day when her team won the championship.

  146. In Arizona, Bad Feelings About the Economy Sour Some Voters on Biden National, November 14

    The White House has hailed new investments and new jobs, yet many voters in a battleground state are chafing at inflation and housing costs.

  147. Why Trump Seems Less Vulnerable on Abortion Than Other Republicans Upshot, November 14

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