1. Biden and Surrogates Hit Trump on Taxes in Closing Argument Investigative, Today

    “Why should you pay more taxes than Donald Trump?” Joseph R. Biden Jr. asked as he took aim at the president’s taxes and tax policy.

  2. Pennsylvania: Bucks County was tight in 2016, and voters are split again. U.S., Today

  3. Did President Trump Keep His First-Term Promises? Let’s Look at 5 of Them Politics, Today

    Mr. Trump won the presidency in 2016 after making more than 100 promises. Here’s where some stand four years later and what some of his supporters think of them.

  4. ¿El presidente Trump cumplió las promesas de su primer mandato? Analizamos cinco de ellas en Español, Today

    Trump ganó la presidencia en 2016 haciendo más de cien promesas. Cuatro años después, este es el avance de algunos de esos compromisos y lo que piensan algunos de sus seguidores de ellos.

  5. Can Trump Woo Enough Black Men to Hurt Biden in Battleground States? Politics, Today

    On the ground and in TV ads, the candidates are in an intense and surprising battle for Black male voters, who are crucial for Democrats trying to win back Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

  6. Poll Watchers Endure, Minus the Partisan Drama National, Today

    As President Trump urges supporters to watch for fraud at polling places, people inside the polls already are keeping watch — and usually not finding much.

  7. Trump and the Working Class Letters, Today

    “Mr. Trump presented himself as a class traitor who would bring the billionaires to heel,” but did the opposite, a reader says.

  8. The President’s Taxes: A Reader’s Guide Investigative, Today

    Over the past four years, The New York Times has independently obtained and published information on several decades of Donald J. Trump’s taxes.

  9. I’m Dreaming of a Blue Texas Op Ed, Today

    With every election cycle, the same question comes up: Is this the year the Lone Star State changes its color?

  10. Investing for the Future in the United States of Agita Business, Today

    No matter who wins the presidency, a lot of people are going to be disappointed. Maybe even scared. But it’s no time to act rashly.

  11. Trump Dismisses Virus Coverage and Biden Dismisses Virus Leadership: This Week in the 2020 Race Politics, Today

    President Trump has complained this week of what he calls a media obsession with the coronavirus pandemic. The message from Democrats has been united — all coronavirus, all the time.

  12. Campaign 2020: Let’s Never Do This Again Politics, Today

    It’s not hope or change. It’s not making anything great. It’s just about making it through.

  13. A Frazzled World Holds Its Breath While the U.S. Chooses Its Leader Foreign, Today

    President Trump turned American foreign policy inside out, to the benefit of some nations and consternation of others. Now both groups are watching attentively to see which direction the U.S. goes next.

  14. Fueled by Cash, Health Care and Trump’s Woes, Democrats Aim for Senate Control Washington, Today

    Republicans are battling to hold off losses by warning of the risks of unified Democratic power in Washington, but they concede their majority is in peril.

  15. Americans Surge to Polls: ‘I’m Going to Vote Like My Life Depends on It’ Politics, Today

    Anxious but determined, Americans are pushing through challenges like the pandemic and long lines to cast their ballot. The country is on course to surpass 150 million votes for the first time.

  16. Time Running Short, Trump and Biden Return to Northern Battlegrounds Politics, Yesterday

    Surprise victories in the Midwest catapulted President Trump to victory four years ago, and the region again looms as the critical battleground. Both candidates are focusing on it in the final days.

  17. How to Take On the Tech Barons Editorial, Yesterday

    Something has to be done about the technology sector. Here’s what to keep in mind.

  18. N.E.H. Funds Restoration of Statues Toppled During Protests Culture, Yesterday

    Statues of Christopher Columbus in Baltimore and a Union Army colonel in Madison, Wis., will be repaired.

  19. Freedom as the Muzzle of a Glock Op Ed, Yesterday

    In western Colorado, the election is about “not having the government think for us, the right to protect ourselves.”

  20. ¿Quién ganará Florida, Biden o Trump? Esto dicen las encuestas en Español, Yesterday

    Las encuestas más recientes revelan que Joe Biden lleva una ventaja al presidente Donald Trump en uno de los estados cruciales para las elecciones de Estados Unidos.

  21. Trump Says Black Voters Aren’t Supporting Biden Video, Yesterday

    At his rally in Green Bay, Wis., President Trump maintained that Black voters are not supporting Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic presidential nominee, because of his support of the 1994 crime bill.

  22. Most Conservative Christians Support Trump. Will They Help Him Win Again? National, Yesterday

    White evangelicals have time and again offered uncompromising support for President Trump when he needed it the most.

  23. Undecided Voters Could Still Decide the Election. They Tend to Dislike Trump. Politics, Yesterday

    About one in 10 voters could still be considered “volatile,” half the number as at this point in 2016, but this time around, most of them have an unfavorable opinion of Donald J. Trump.

  24. The Daily: An Audio Guide to the Election Podcasts, Yesterday

    Join us on a sonic journey back through the presidential campaign in preparation for Election Day.

  25. The Daily: An Audio Guide to the Election Podcasts, Yesterday

    Join us on a sonic journey back through the presidential campaign in preparation for Election Day.

  26. The Daily: An Audio Guide to the Election Podcasts, Yesterday

    Join us on a sonic journey back through the presidential campaign in preparation for Election Day.

  27. Trump’s Campaign Is Building an Army of Poll Watchers. What Can They Actually Do? Video, Yesterday

    President Trump and his campaign have been calling for an army of poll watchers on Election Day. What is poll watching, and when does it cross the line? We look at how a federal consent decree restricted the Republican Party for decades, and why its expiration could make a difference in 2020.

  28. Some Older Voters Shift to Biden in Florida. Will It Be Enough for Him? Politics, Yesterday

    Polls suggest some retirees are shifting from having supported President Trump to voting for Joseph R. Biden Jr. But they are rare in Florida’s Republican heartland.

  29. Trump Mocks Laura Ingraham’s Face Mask During Rally Video, Yesterday

    President Trump called Laura Ingraham, a Fox News host, “politically correct” for wearing a mask during his rally in Michigan on Friday.

  30. Lil Wayne, Latest Rapper in Trump’s Orbit, Sees Backlash Over Photo Culture, Yesterday

    Following Kanye West, 50 Cent and Ice Cube before him, the rapper faced criticism on social media after posting a seeming endorsement of the president.

  31. Lil Wayne, Latest Rapper in Trump’s Orbit, Sees Backlash Over Photo Culture, Yesterday

    Following Kanye West, 50 Cent and Ice Cube before him, the rapper faced criticism on social media after posting a seeming endorsement of the president.

  32. Trump Is a Poor Model of Masculinity Letters, Yesterday

    “Mr. Trump’s manliness is a version embraced by the couch potato bully,” a reader writes. Also: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; “pride in America.”

  33. A Clash of Views Before Election Day Letters, Yesterday

    Readers urge congressional Republicans to repudiate the president, castigate President Obama for breaking a norm and explain why an Orthodox Jew is voting for Joe Biden.

  34. Trump Has a Women Problem. These Senators Aren’t Helping. Editorial, Yesterday

    To be in today’s Republican Party requires a particularly gross form of self-abasement.

  35. In Critical Wisconsin, the Fox Valley May Decide the State’s Winner Politics, Yesterday

    Many of Wisconsin’s swing voters live in and south of Green Bay, a region of old mill towns and farms burning with coronavirus infections and personality-driven politics.

  36. How a Century of Real-Estate Tax Breaks Enriched Donald Trump Business, Yesterday

    The real estate industry has long enjoyed uniquely favorable tax treatment — thanks in part to Mr. Trump’s actions before and after he became president.

  37. Joe Biden and the Arts: No R.B.G. but a Loyal Promoter of Culture Culture, Yesterday

    The former vice president has been an intermittent consumer of the arts, but cultural leaders credit him as a key source of government financial support.

  38. Trump y Biden: dos abstemios en carrera por la presidencia en Español, Yesterday

    No habrá brindis en la Casa Blanca después de la elección: ni el presidente Donald Trump ni Joe Biden consumen alcohol.

  39. U.S. Says Virus Can’t be Controlled. China Aims to Prove It Wrong. Foreign, Yesterday

    China’s approach to keep Covid-19 at bay has helped restore confidence and allowed businesses to reopen. But it is a strategy steeped in authoritarianism.

  40. How Does Harris View Big Business? Her Time as California’s Top Lawyer Offers Clues Business, Yesterday

    As attorney general for six years, Kamala Harris took a moderate, realpolitik approach to going after big business, aides say.

  41. Who Will Win Florida? What Polls Say About an Eternal Mystery Politics, Yesterday

    Joe Biden has cut into President Trump’s edge among suburbanites and older voters, but his support from Latino voters appears weaker than Hillary Clinton’s was.

  42. What Happens on Nov. 4? Op Ed, Yesterday

    Why we agreed to grant current and former aides to President Trump anonymity for Ron Suskind’s Op-Ed.

  43. The Field: The Shy Biden Voters Among Florida’s Seniors Podcasts, Yesterday

    In the swing state’s conservative retirement communities, some voters have switched sides. And some of them have reason to worry about what the neighbors might think.

  44. Biden Hopes to Fight Autocracy Abroad. He’ll Have to Start at Home. Op Ed, Yesterday

    America has to be a functioning democracy before it can be an exemplary one.

  45. What Makes a Man Manly? Trump and Biden Offer Competing Answers Upshot, Yesterday

    Amid a large gender gap among voters, one version of masculinity stresses toughness and the other a duty to protect the weak.

  46. Sharknado Goes to Washington Op Ed, Yesterday

    Donald Trump has made America exceptional all right — exceptionally off track.

  47. The Day After Election Day Op Ed, Yesterday

    Current and former Trump administration officials are worried about what might happen on Nov. 4.

  48. In Trump and Biden, a Choice of Teetotalers for President Politics, Yesterday

    Spirits may be low around the country, but don’t expect them to be raised in the White House after the election; neither President Trump nor Joseph R. Biden Jr. partakes in alcohol.

  49. The President Has Made Selfishness Our National Credo Op Ed, Yesterday

    Trump unleashed our inner Scrooge.

  50. 2016 Nonvoters, a Key Prize for Biden and Trump, Turn Out in Droves Politics, Yesterday

    In Pennsylvania and other battlegrounds, both parties are succeeding in coaxing infrequent voters off the sidelines. The all-important question is who does it better.

  51. Trump Woke Us Up Op Ed, Yesterday

    Many Americans have lost the comfortable bliss of not paying attention to politics.

  52. Don’t Fool Yourself. Trump Is Not an Aberration. Op Ed, Yesterday

    Many of the worst things the president has said and done were said and done by his predecessors.

  53. The Opportunities We Lost Under Trump Op Ed, Yesterday

    The 2016 election should have forced change on all our factions. With Trump’s help, they’ve all reverted back to type.

  54. Biden Can Fix Latinos’ Disappointment With Democrats Op Ed, Yesterday

    Latino communities haven’t forgotten Obama’s promise.

  55. Goodbye Principled Conservatism Op Ed, Yesterday

    Under Trump, the politics of resentment now govern the Republican Party.

  56. The Woman President Who Wasn’t Op Ed, Yesterday

    Trump may have beaten Hillary Clinton, but the story doesn’t end there.

  57. Trump Has Made the Whole World Darker Op Ed, Yesterday

    America has become just as cynically transactional in its foreign dealings as Russia and China.

  58. The Friendships Trump Pulled Apart Op Ed, Yesterday

    His corrosiveness has caused friends to lose trust.

  59. What if America Gets a Divorce? And Other Final Election Predictions Op Ed, Yesterday

    With just days left until Election Day, Michelle Goldberg and Ross Douthat are joined by the Time magazine columnist and senior editor of The Dispatch, David French.

  60. This Election Map Will Be Everywhere. Don’t Let It Fool You. Interactive, Yesterday

    It’s full of tricks and optical illusions.

  61. Late Night Is Too Nervous to Believe in Biden-Leading Polls Culture, Yesterday

    “It feels like we’re all Charlie Brown going to kick the football, but we know at the last second Lucy’s gonna give us coronavirus,” Stephen Colbert joked on Thursday.

  62. Trump and Biden Converge in Florida, an Elusive Prize Still Up for Grabs Politics, October 29

    The presidential rivals both appeared in Tampa, confronting their vulnerabilities and courting a range of voters, a clear sign that both see their political fortunes tied to the state.

  63. Coronavirus, Nice Attacks, U.S. Election: Your Friday Briefing N Y T Now, October 29

    Here’s what you need to know.

  64. Five Great Things Biden Has Already Done Op Ed, October 29

    We’re learning not to underestimate the guy.

  65. Trump’s Hard-Line Immigration Policies Go Before Voters Washington, October 29

    The administration has raced to build the president’s promised border wall and block migrants from entering the United States, but the future of those policies will be determined by the election.

  66. Lies, Damned Lies and Trump Rallies Op Ed, October 29

    Who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?

  67. Dems Mess With Texas Politics, October 29

    Is this the year that Texas turns blue? Even if not, there’s no denying the political shift in the Lone Star State.

  68. La filantropía de Trump: grandes condonaciones de impuestos y afirmaciones que no siempre cuadran en Español, October 29

    Los registros financieros ocultos del mandatario ponen en duda varios de sus compromisos caritativos y muestran que la mayor parte de sus donaciones provienen de acuerdos de tierras que compensan sus ingresos.

  69. Trump Boasts About G.D.P Growth and Attacks News Media Video, October 29

    President Trump campaigned in Tampa, Fla., Thursday boasting about third-quarter economic gains, and assailing the news media as “the enemy of the people.”

  70. ‘It’s Up to You, You Hold the Key,’ Biden Tells Florida Voters Video, October 29

    Campaigning in South Florida, Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic presidential nominee, called on Latino voters to reject President Trump, and promised to reverse Trump’s hard-line Cuba policy.

  71. How Virus Politics Divided a Conservative Town in Wisconsin’s North Politics, October 29

    A lightly populated area in the critical swing state of Wisconsin serves as a microcosm for the way coronavirus politics is worsening partisan schisms across America.

  72. El dilema del voto venezolano en Estados Unidos en Español, October 29

    La polarización que vimos en Venezuela migró con nosotros. Quienes podemos votar, debemos considerar el modo en el que Trump ha tratado a nuestra comunidad, dentro y fuera del país.

  73. Don’t Be Fooled By Trump’s Anti-Socialist Talk Op Ed, October 29

    Venezuelan-Americans need to see beyond the bluster, and look at the way he has treated our community in the U.S.

  74. What Has Trump Done for Venezuelan-Americans? Op Ed, October 29

    We need to see beyond the bluster, and look at the way he has treated our community in the U.S.

  75. The Venezuela-American Vote, From A First-Timer Opinion, October 29

    Our vote could play a key role in November. We need to see beyond the bluster, and look at the way Trump has treated our community in the U.S.

  76. The Venezuelan-American Vote, From a First-Timer in Florida Op Ed, October 29

    Our vote could play a key role in November. We need to see beyond the bluster, and look at the way Trump has treated our community in the U.S.

  77. Biden’s Call for ‘National Mask Mandate’ Gains Traction in Public Health Circles Washington, October 29

    A presidential order would almost certainly face a legal challenge. But if elected, Joseph R. Biden Jr. would have other levers at his disposal to make mask wearing a cultural norm.

  78. Biden and Cunningham Hold Slim Leads in North Carolina, Poll Finds Politics, October 29

    Joe Biden and Cal Cunningham both led their Republican rivals by three points, a Times/Siena College survey found. Perhaps most notably, 64 percent of respondents said they had already voted.

  79. Contra las grietas en Español, October 29

    De Estados Unidos a la Argentina, las sociedades están polarizadas. A políticos como Joe Biden, quien ha prometido recuperar el centro y unir a la ciudadanía, les toca recrear utopías. Y eso no ocurrirá solo con una victoria electoral.

  80. La nueva ocupación de Obama: provocar a Trump en Español, October 29

    Saboreando claramente la oportunidad de contraatacar a su sucesor, el expresidente ha estado dispuesto a lanzar golpes en nombre de la campaña de Joe Biden, enfocada en la unidad.

  81. In This Strange Election Year, Foreign Embassies Find Little Access to Democrats Washington, October 29

    The Biden campaign, according to advisers, is concerned over possible perception of foreign meddling in the election — or any comparison to Russian interference on President Trump’s behalf in 2016.

  82. ‘Quick, Quick, Quick’: Trump Rushes Martha McSally at Rally Video, October 29

    On Wednesday night at a rally in Arizona, President Trump rushed Senator Martha McSally on stage as she fights to hold on to her seat.

  83. Turkish Bank Case Showed Erdogan’s Influence With Trump Washington, October 29

    New details of the Justice Department’s handling of the accusations against Halkbank reveal how Turkey’s leader pressured the president, prompting concern from top White House aides.

  84. Texas Is a Tossup. So Why Won’t Trump or Biden Campaign There? Politics, October 29

    A victory by the Democrats would herald the arrival of a formidable multiracial coalition in the country’s largest red state.

  85. What Turn Are We Really Rounding on the Virus? Politics, October 29

    The president leans into denial for his closing argument: This is your morning tip sheet.

  86. Trump’s Thoroughly Modern Masculinity Op Ed, October 29

    The president isn’t a throwback to old-school masculinity. He’s a he-man specifically engineered for our image-based, sensation-saturated times.

  87. Celebrity Vetting and ‘Helping the President’ to Defeat Coronavirus Despair Washington, October 29

    In a letter to Alex M. Azar II, the health secretary, House Democrats detailed how a $265 million public relations campaign tried to bolster President Trump.

  88. Facing Gap in Pennsylvania, Trump Camp Tries to Make Voting Harder Politics, October 29

    Trailing in the polls, President Trump and his campaign are pursuing a three-pronged strategy that would effectively suppress the mail-in vote in the critical state of Pennsylvania.

  89. Four Wasted Years Thinking About Donald Trump Op Ed, October 29

    How this president invaded our brains and destroyed American culture.

  90. How Will I Ever Look at America the Same Way Again? Op Ed, October 29

    What I lost in the Trump years was a kind of innocence.

  91. Trump Killed the Pax Americana Op Ed, October 29

    And it won’t come back even if and when he’s gone.

  92. America Shocked Itself and the World Op Ed, October 29

    The country let some of the worst fears of the founders come true.

  93. How Trump Lowered America’s Standing in the World Op Ed, October 29

    It has become impossible for democracies to believe it is in their interest to take Trump’s America seriously.

  94. Good Design Is the Secret to Better Democracy Interactive, October 29

    Ballots are broken. So we redesigned them.

  95. Stefanik’s Loyalty to Trump Is Flashpoint in $16 Million N.Y. Race Metro, October 29

    Representative Elise Stefanik’s strenuous defense of the president has enabled her Democratic opponent to raise $5 million. Ms. Stefanik has raised even more.

  96. Jimmy Fallon: ‘Even Trump Supporters Are Turning Blue’ Culture, October 29

    The “Tonight Show” host joined his late-night colleagues in chastising President Trump for stranding supporters in near-freezing temperatures after a Tuesday rally in Omaha.

  97. Trump’s Closing Argument on Virus Clashes With Science, and Voters’ Lives Politics, October 28

    The president has continued to downplay the severity of the coronavirus and declare before largely maskless crowds that it is vanishing. The surge in new cases across the country says: Not so.

  98. Take This Trump Election Day Quiz Before It’s Too Late Interactive, October 28

    Some of the president’s moments are unforgettable, even if you try.

  99. Who Is Miles Taylor? Washington, October 28

    A lifelong Republican and a former top official at the Department of Homeland Security, Mr. Taylor took a leave of absence from his job at Google this summer to campaign for Joseph R. Biden Jr.

  100. Cuba Says U.S. Restrictions Will Force Western Union Offices to Close Foreign, October 28

    The moves could severely restrict the flow of remittances from abroad and worsen a profound economic crisis on the island.

  101. Into the Unknown Politics, October 28

    At this point, I’m thinking less about polling averages and more about a few key variables that we can’t predict.

  102. Trump’s Closing Argument on Virus Clashes With Science, and Voters’ Lives Politics, October 28

    The president has continued to downplay the severity of the coronavirus and declare before largely maskless crowds that it is vanishing. The surge in new cases across the country says: Not so.

  103. Cuba Says U.S. Restrictions Will Force Western Union Offices to Close Foreign, October 28

    The moves could severely restrict the flow of remittances from abroad and worsen a profound economic crisis on the island.

  104. The 2020 Campaign Is the Most Expensive Ever (By a Lot) Politics, October 28

    The total cost of the races for the White House, the Senate and the House is expected to hit nearly $14 billion.

  105. Miles Taylor, exfuncionario de Seguridad Nacional, revela que era ‘Anonymous’ en Español, October 28

    El exfuncionario, cuyas críticas al presidente Trump en un artículo de opinión en The New York Times, y en un libro posterior, sacudieron a Washington y enfurecieron a Trump, renunció al gobierno el año pasado y apoya a Joe Biden desde este verano.

  106. Finally, the Resistance Gets to Vote Op Ed, October 28

    Now is our chance to put an end to this presidency.

  107. ‘The American People Deserve So Much Better Than This,’ Biden Says Video, October 28

    On Wednesday, Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic nominee for president, addressed President Trump’s rally he held in Nebraska that left his supporters standing out in the cold for hours.

  108. Miles Taylor, a Former Homeland Security Official, Reveals He Was ‘Anonymous’ Washington, October 28

    Mr. Taylor, whose criticisms of President Trump in a New York Times Op-Ed article and subsequent book, roiled Washington and infuriated Mr. Trump, resigned from the administration last year and endorsed Joe Biden this summer.

  109. Biden’s Limited Campaign Schedule: Wise Tactic or Misguided Gamble? Politics, October 28

    Joe Biden is counting on voters to view him as a safe and steady alternative to a president who regularly dismisses virus precautions. But his measured campaign pace may be scrutinized if he loses.

  110. In Rural Virginia, a Militia Tries to Recruit a New Ally: The County Government National, October 28

    After Virginia passed gun laws, conservatives began invoking the state’s colonial-era constitution, which calls for a “well regulated militia.”

  111. Palestinian Leaders Are Banking on Biden Win Next Week Foreign, October 28

    A Biden victory could bring economic relief for Palestinians and friendlier relations with Washington, though not a return to 2016. A Trump win? They’d rather not think about it.

  112. It’s Biden! No, It’s Trump! Here Are Your Predictions Letters, October 28

    Our readers suggest a wide range of scenarios that include landslides, pardons, claims of fraud, violence and the courts.

  113. Biden Holds 8-Point Lead in Michigan as He Tries to Reconstruct the ‘Blue Wall’ Politics, October 28

    While President Trump counted Michigan as one of his most surprising victories in 2016, he is struggling to maintain support among white voters in the state this year.

  114. Business Partner of Giuliani Associate Is Expected to Plead Guilty Metro, October 28

    David Correia was charged with duping investors in a start-up he founded with Lev Parnas, an associate of Rudolph W. Giuliani.

  115. Social Security Seemed Like a Future Problem. The Virus Changed That. Business, October 28

    Even before the pandemic, Social Security’s finances were under growing pressure. The next president and Congress will play a crucial role in what happens next.

  116. How Trump and Biden Differ on Health Care Interactive, October 28

    Let’s look at where the candidates stand on pre-existing conditions, Medicare, Medicaid and more.

  117. An Early-Voting Cascade Politics, October 28

    Seventy million votes are now cast, over half of total 2016 turnout: This is your morning tip sheet.

  118. Trump and the Boaty McBoatfacing of America Op Ed, October 28

    Four years of a joke president is long enough.

  119. Trump Outsells Biden in a Chinese Wholesale Market Business, October 28

    In a positive but highly unscientific sign for the president, orders for his campaign materials outpace those for his rival’s at a major market for banners, caps and other souvenirs.

  120. How Far Might Trump Go? Op Ed, October 28

    No one is quite sure.

  121. In Georgia, Democrats Target the True Silent Majority: People Who Don’t Vote Politics, October 28

    As Democrats eye the Southern battleground, high turnout will be crucial for them, and that means persuading nonvoters to participate. But experts warn that changing electorates is hard and complicated.

  122. The Election’s Big Twist: The Racial Gap Is Shrinking Upshot, October 28

    Racial and ethnic divides? Actually, Biden is making gains with white voters, and Trump with nonwhite ones.

  123. There Is Only One Existential Threat. Let’s Talk About It. Op Ed, October 28

    Our political culture isn’t ready to deal with climate change.

  124. A Podcast Answers a Fast-Food Question That Nobody Is Asking Sunday Business, October 28

    Intentionally inane, “Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald’s?” satirizes the business of podcasting.

  125. Some Trump Supporters Might Be Relieved If He Loses Op Ed, October 28

    They may even still vote for him, but they are under no illusions about his presidency.

  126. The Floor of Decency Op Ed, October 28

    There was once a bare minimum standard of public behavior.

  127. Trump Couldn’t Play the Tough Guy This Time Op Ed, October 28

    In 2016, he benefited from voters’ fear of terrorism. But this year, Americans are more worried about threats closer to home.

  128. Trevor Noah: Replacing RBG With ACB Is Like Trading LeBron for Ben Carson Culture, October 28

    “Technically, yes, they’re swapping one Black man for another, but good luck on making the playoffs next season,” Noah joked on Tuesday’s “Daily Show.”

  129. Biden, Invoking F.D.R., Tries to Siphon Off Trump Voters in Georgia Politics, October 27

    In the rural hills of Georgia, a state he is seeking to win, Joseph R. Biden Jr. called for “healing” and “restoration,” and a commitment to a common purpose to meet the challenges of the coronavirus.

  130. Quiz: Can You Tell a ‘Trump’ Fridge From a ‘Biden’ Fridge? Interactive, October 27

    What the contents of our refrigerators say about our politics — and our assumptions.

  131. Quiz: Can You Tell a ‘Trump’ Fridge From a ‘Biden’ Fridge? Interactive, October 27

    What the contents of our refrigerators say about our politics — and our assumptions.

  132. Trump Allies Amp Up Fight Over Tech’s Legal Shield Before Election Business, October 27

    Their animosity is likely to be on full display at a hearing on Wednesday with the leaders of Facebook, Google and Twitter.

  133. How Trump Maneuvered His Way Out of Trouble in Chicago Business, October 27

    When his skyscraper proved a disappointment, Donald Trump defaulted on his loans, sued his bank, got much of the debt forgiven — and largely avoided paying taxes on it.

  134. Trump Campaign Website Is Defaced by Hackers Business, October 27

    The defacement lasted less than 30 minutes, and the hackers appeared to be looking to generate cryptocurrency.

  135. When My President Sang ‘Amazing Grace’ Op Ed, October 27

    We’ve forgotten what it’s like to have a truth-teller and a healer in the White House.

  136. How Mitch McConnell Delivered Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Rapid Confirmation Washington, October 27

    Ignoring cries of blatant hypocrisy, the Senate leader pushed through pre-election approval, capping off his reshaping of the judiciary.

  137. Biden’s Plans for Latin America: End ‘Bully Dictating Policy’ Foreign, October 27

    If elected, Joe Biden plans to spearhead a repudiation — in policy and tone — of President Trump’s legacy in the region.

  138. La juramentación de la jueza Barret, un desafío que recuerda a la ceremonia ‘superpropagadora’ del Jardín de las Rosas en Español, October 27

    Amy Coney Barrett fue confirmada como magistrada de la Corte Suprema solo ocho días antes de las elecciones presidenciales.

  139. Crowd Chants ‘Lock Her Up’ After Trump Lashes Out at Whitmer Video, October 27

    President Trump lashed out at Michigan’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer, during his rally in Lansing, Mich. Tuesday criticizing her for imposing too many restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

  140. As Election Nears, Trump Makes a Final Push Against Climate Science Climate, October 27

    The administration is imposing new limits on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that would undercut action against global warming.

  141. Pushing Deep Into G.O.P. Turf, Democrats Are Poised to Expand House Majority Washington, October 27

    House Democrats are training their resources on once-solid Republican footholds in affluent suburban districts where voters feel alienated by President Trump.

  142. Why Leftists Should Vote for Biden in Droves Op Ed, October 27

    Politics is about power, and the left will have more under a Biden presidency.

  143. ‘Presidential Malpractice’ Over Covid-19 Letters, October 27

    “Trump is guilty of presidential malpractice, and for the sake of the country should not be re-elected,” two readers write. Also: Migrant children; the lawsuit again Google.

  144. Can We Trust Pennsylvania’s Polls? Op Ed, October 27

    They show Joe Biden clinching crucial counties. So why does it feel so different on the ground here?

  145. Obama Campaigns for Biden, Slams Trumps Handling of Pandemic Video, October 27

    Former President Barack Obama delivered remarks in Orlando, Fla., on behalf of Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Tuesday, and criticized how the White House has handled the coronavirus pandemic.

  146. One Last Time, With Feeling: VOTE. Editorial, October 27

    An incomplete list of reasons you must not sit this one out.

  147. How Amy Coney Barrett May Change the Court Letters, October 27

    Readers worry that the Supreme Court is becoming increasingly partisan rather than an independent body.

  148. Trump Wants to Pick Off Nevada. But Biden Is Holding a Lead, Our Poll Shows. Politics, October 27

    Joe Biden has a six-point advantage in the latest New York Times/Siena College poll of Nevada, where unemployment has soared amid the coronavirus pandemic.

  149. En Miami-Dade, los jóvenes votantes cubanos escuchan a Trump en Español, October 27

    Los nuevos inmigrantes cubanos, que antes tenían poca participación en la política estadounidense, han empezado a identificarse como republicanos de Trump. Esto podría darle al presidente un impulso en un estado clave.

  150. Read the Opinion in the E. Jean Carroll Defamation Lawsuit Interactive, October 27

    A judge in Manhattan has rejected the Justice Department’s move to intervene in Ms. Carroll’s suit against President Trump, whom she has accused of rape.