1. What Donald Trump Didn’t Count On in Georgia U.S., Today

    Brian Kemp, the incumbent governor, is at the top of the former president’s enemies list. But to many Georgia Republicans, he is ‘one of us.’

  2. Perdue Had Trump. In Georgia, Kemp Had Everything Else. U.S., Yesterday

    David Perdue challenged Gov. Brian Kemp because of Donald Trump’s fury over his 2020 loss. Thoroughly outflanked and failing to gain traction, he is now staring down defeat.

  3. Republicans Can’t Handle Losing Opinion, Yesterday

    When they do, they just want to change the rules.

  4. Rejecting ‘Love Letters’ to North Korea, Biden Offers Carrots and Sticks Instead World, Yesterday

    President Biden said he would consider expanding joint exercises with South Korea’s military that were scaled back during the Trump administration.

  5. Bush Dynasty, Its Influence Fading, Pins Hopes on One Last Stand in Texas U.S., Yesterday

    George P. Bush is running to unseat the incumbent attorney general. His family, once powerful in Texas, has become an albatross as well as an asset.

  6. Giuliani Meets With Jan. 6 Committee for Over 7 Hours U.S., May 20

    The onetime Trump lawyer was central to the former president’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

  7. Ginni Thomas Urged Arizona Lawmakers to Overturn Election U.S., May 20

    The wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote to legislators in a crucial swing state after the Trump campaign’s loss in 2020.

  8. Attack ads have fueled sharp ups and downs in the Alabama G.O.P. Senate race. U.S., May 20

    Deep-pocketed outside groups have spent freely to disparage the rivals of their preferred candidates.

  9. Lawyer Says He Dealt Directly With Trump Over Jan. 6 Plans U.S., May 20

    John Eastman said in a court filing that he had received handwritten notes from President Donald J. Trump as they strategized about how to keep him in power.

  10. On Ukraine, McConnell Tries to Show the World This Isn’t Trump’s G.O.P. U.S., May 20

    The top Senate Republican traveled to Europe in a bid to show that isolationism hasn’t taken over his party. He has privately lobbied his colleagues to vote that way, and so far, most are.

  11. In Georgia, a G.O.P. Primary Tests the Power of a Trump Vendetta U.S., May 20

    Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is fending off a challenger fueled by Donald J. Trump’s election lies. But do voters still care about 2020 as much as the former president does?

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  13. Group Chat Linked to Roger Stone Shows Ties Among Jan. 6 Figures U.S., May 20

    The roster of participants highlights how Mr. Stone, the pro-Trump political operative, was involved with a strikingly large number of people who sought to overturn the 2020 election.

  14. It’s Trump’s Party, and He’ll Lie if He Wants To Opinion, May 20

    Republicans want to write Democrats out of the body politic.

  15. Republicans Are Officially the ‘Stop the Steal’ Party Now Opinion, May 19

    The primaries are exposing the rage at the core of the G.O.P.

  16. Midterm Stakes Grow Clearer: Election Deniers Will Be on Many Ballots U.S., May 18

    In primaries so far, Republican voters have appeared willing to nominate proponents of Donald Trump’s election falsehoods, making clear that this year’s races may well affect future elections.

  17. Group Seeks Disbarment of Ted Cruz Over Efforts to Overturn 2020 Election U.S., May 18

    A group trying to hold lawyers accountable for their efforts to keep Donald Trump in power after his election loss filed a complaint against the Republican senator with the Texas bar association.

  18. The G.O.P. Establishment Scores a Rare Victory in Ousting Madison Cawthorn U.S., May 18

    Mr. Cawthorn, a North Carolina congressman besieged by multiple scandals, lost his primary after many old-guard Republicans had turned on him.

  19. The Madison Cawthorn Show Is Over, and We All Deserve Refunds Opinion, May 18

    Republican politics today rewards acting out, and the soon-to-be ex-congressman from North Carolina made an art of it.

  20. America’s Doug Mastriano Problem Opinion, May 18

    The Republican Party’s strategy to contain populist rebellion didn’t work in Pennsylvania.

  21. Primaries Show Limits, and Depths, of Trump’s Power Over G.O.P. Base U.S., May 18

    The Make America Great Again movement is dominating Republican primaries. But is the former president in control of it?

  22. Here’s where Trump’s endorsement record stands so far. U.S., May 18

    The candidates endorsed by former President Donald J. Trump have succeeded in many of their early primaries, with some notable exceptions.

  23. Is John Fetterman the Future of the Democratic Party? Opinion, May 18

    His quirky personal and political appeal is different from that of a typical Pennsylvania Democrat.

  24. Election Deniers Thrive Even as Trumpism Drifts: 5 Primary Takeaways U.S., May 18

    The day’s biggest race, the Republican Senate primary in Pennsylvania, was too close to call. But elsewhere, candidates who dispute the 2020 outcome ran away with G.O.P. contests.

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  26. Prosecutors Add Details to Foreign Lobbying Charges Against Trump Ally U.S., May 17

    In an updated indictment, the Justice Department said Thomas Barrack sought money from the United Arab Emirates for an investment fund that would boost the Trump administration’s agenda.

  27. U.S. Accuses Steve Wynn of Lobbying Trump on Behalf of China Business, May 17

    The Justice Department said that by serving as a middleman for the Chinese government, Mr. Wynn acted as a foreign agent and must register as one.

  28. Wisconsin Democrats Sue G.O.P. Fake Electors Over 2020 Scheme U.S., May 17

    In the first lawsuit of its kind, two real Electoral College delegates from 2020 are seeking damages from 10 fake ones who tried to help Donald Trump overturn his defeat in the state.

  29. 10 Republican Voters in Swing States on Trump’s Hold on the Party Opinion, May 17

    Nostalgia for the former president ran high, but his influence in big elections in swing states this month depended on the candidate.

  30. Biden Administration Lifting Some Trump-Era Restrictions on Cuba U.S., May 16

    The changes include an expansion of flights to the country and the restarting of a family reunification program.

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  32. McConnell Takes On Isolationist Wing of G.O.P. in Fight for Ukraine Aid U.S., May 16

    The top Senate Republican has been working to tamp down on the anti-interventionist strain in his party, his latest proxy battle against President Donald J. Trump’s America First policy.

  33. Republican ‘Chaos’ in Pennsylvania Threatens to Upend the Midterms U.S., May 16

    The G.O.P. thought it had 2022 all figured out. Then along came Kathy Barnette and Doug Mastriano.

  34. Trump could be paid to post for his own start-up. Business, May 16

    A new regulatory filing by the company in talks to merge with the Trump Media & Technology Group also warned that regulators may not let the deal go through.

  35. G.O.P. Senate Candidate in North Carolina Thrives as 2 Key Backers Squabble U.S., May 16

    Representative Ted Budd is proving the political potency of pairing endorsements from Donald Trump and the Club for Growth, the on-again, off-again allies.

  36. Biden Approves Plan to Redeploy Several Hundred Ground Forces Into Somalia U.S., May 16

    The president also signed off on targeting about a dozen Shabab leaders in the war-torn country, from which Donald J. Trump largely withdrew in his final weeks in office.

  37. Young Americans Are Stressed. They Are Angry. And They Can Swing Congress. Opinion, May 16

    Donald Trump, abortion rights and student loan debt create a narrow window for President Biden and Democrats to regain their footing.

  38. Trump-Era Prosecutor’s Case Against Democratic-Linked Lawyer Goes to Trial U.S., May 15

    The first case developed by the special counsel, John Durham, involves a lawyer who is accused of lying when he shared a tip with the F.B.I. about possible links between Donald J. Trump and Russia.

  39. Un ‘movimiento sísmico’ fractura a los evangélicos y un pastor abandona su hogar en Español, May 15

    Kevin Thompson pensó que dirigiría la iglesia de su ciudad natal por el resto de su vida. Luego llegó Trump y todo lo demás.

  40. Donald Trump’s Faith in Celebrity Could Finally Backfire Opinion, May 15

    Mr. Trump is putting his faith in the political value of celebrity to its purest test yet.

  41. How Hollywood and the Media Fueled the Political Rise of J.D. Vance Arts, May 15

    “Hillbilly Elegy,” a best-selling memoir that became a star-studded film, raised the profile of the onetime “Never Trump guy” who won an Ohio primary with the help of the former president.

  42. There Are Two Endgames in Ukraine. Both Carry Big Risks. Opinion, May 14

    Is there a third option looming for the next six months of war in Ukraine?

  43. Gearing Up for G.O.P. Gains, White House Braces for Barrage of Inquiries U.S., May 14

    The turbulent aftermath of the Trump era is taking the possibility of a divided government to new levels of intensity, as some Republicans appear eager to target President Biden and his family.

  44. Trump Backs Doug Mastriano, a Far-Right Loyalist, to Lead Pennsylvania U.S., May 14

    Mr. Mastriano, who has promoted many false claims of a stolen 2020 election, was the leading Republican candidate for governor even before Donald Trump’s endorsement.

  45. Fox News Hosts Splinter as Chaotic Pennsylvania Primaries Heat Up U.S., May 13

    The rise of Kathy Barnette in the state’s G.O.P. Senate race has divided the network’s stars, with some backing her and others going on the attack to help a rival, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

  46. What the Jan. 6 Panel Wants to Learn From 5 G.O.P. Lawmakers U.S., May 13

    The committee’s subpoenas to five House Republicans underscore the potential importance of their testimony to producing a full account of the effort to overturn the 2020 election.

  47. Subpoenas for Republicans Raise New Questions for Jan. 6 Panel U.S., May 13

    The subpoenas for five G.O.P. members of Congress, including the House minority leader, sent a shock wave through a divided Capitol and left lawmakers wondering what’s next.

  48. Republicans Wrongly Tie Biden Immigration Policies to Baby Formula Shortage U.S., May 13

    A lawsuit settlement requires the federal government to provide water and food, including formula, to detained migrant children.

  49. For Many Pennsylvania Voters, Trumpism Is Bigger Than Trump U.S., May 13

    Interviews show Dr. Mehmet Oz struggling in the G.O.P. Senate primary, despite a Trump endorsement. Voters remain devoted to Donald Trump but seem less swayed by his guidance.

  50. Trump’s Former Aides and Advisers on the Peril He Poses U.S., May 12

    Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper agreed with an interviewer that President Trump posed “a threat to democracy.” Other former administration officials have expressed similar concerns.

  51. Jan. 6 Panel Subpoenas 5 Republicans, Including McCarthy U.S., May 12

    The leaders of the House committee investigating the Capitol attack demanded testimony from Representative Kevin McCarthy, the minority leader, and four of his colleagues.

  52. Prosecutors Pursue Inquiry Into Trump’s Handling of Classified Material U.S., May 12

    A federal grand jury has issued at least one subpoena, and investigators are seeking interviews in the case of sensitive documents that ended up at the former president’s Florida home.

  53. The Power of Lies in an Age of Political Fiction Opinion, May 12

    To the fabulist go the spoils?

  54. John Eastman Pressed Pennsylvania Legislator to Throw Out Biden Votes U.S., May 11

    The lawyer argued that mail ballots in Pennsylvania in the 2020 election could be culled in a way that would reverse President Donald J. Trump’s defeat in an electorally critical state.

  55. Trump Completes Sale of Washington Hotel to Investor Group U.S., May 11

    The favored gathering place of Trump supporters — and a magnet for conflict of interest questions — will become a Waldorf Astoria.

  56. Judge Lifts Contempt Order Against Trump in Civil Inquiry New York, May 11

    The former president must pay a $110,000 fine that accumulated during the two-week contempt period and meet other conditions or the order will be reinstated, a judge said.

  57. American Teenagers and Their Mental Health Opinion, May 11

    The teen mental health crisis. Also: Elon Musk, Donald Trump and Twitter; Vladimir Putin’s gambit; Russian TV; Penn Station; flying without masks.

  58. 4 Takeaways From Tuesday’s Primaries in Nebraska and West Virginia U.S., May 11

    It was a mixed night for Trump-endorsed candidates, with fresh evidence of an urban-rural divide within the G.O.P.

  59. Elon Musk Has Bigger Plans Than Just Letting Trump Back on Twitter Opinion, May 11

    America’s richest man tries to halt the liberal retreat from dynamism.

  60. What J.D. Vance’s Primary Win Says About Populism and Resentment in the G.O.P. Opinion, May 11

    Two conservative writers discuss Trumpism’s appeal in the Republican Party and what the rise of J.D. Vance foreshadows for the midterms.

  61. Alex Mooney defeats David McKinley, a House colleague, in a newly drawn district. U.S., May 10

    A Trump endorsement swung a primary between two Republican congressmen in West Virginia.

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  63. The May 10 Elections Midterms West Virginia Nebraska live blog included one standalone post:
  64. Elon Musk says he would ‘reverse the permanent ban’ of Donald Trump on Twitter. Technology, May 10

    Mr. Musk has said he wants Twitter to be a forum for debate, and he called the barring of Mr. Trump “morally wrong.” The former president has said he would not rejoin the platform.

  65. How Trump Helped Transform Nebraska Into a Toxic Political Wasteland Opinion, May 9

    The state has a long tradition of workaday populism and civil bipartisanship, but in just a few years, it has moved swiftly to the right.

  66. As a ‘Seismic Shift’ Fractures Evangelicals, an Arkansas Pastor Leaves Home U.S., May 9

    Kevin Thompson thought he would lead his hometown church for the rest of his life. Then came Trump and everything after.

  67. U.S. to Lift Tariffs on Ukrainian Steel U.S., May 9

    The Biden administration will lift a 25 percent tariff on the Ukrainian steel sector for one year to help the country’s economy.

  68. A Blood Feud in West Virginia Involves a Familiar Figure: Trump U.S., May 9

    The incumbent-on-incumbent Republican primary between Representatives Alex Mooney and David McKinley on Tuesday will again test the former president’s grip on the G.O.P.

  69. Biden Could Make the World Safer, but He’s Too Afraid of the Politics Opinion, May 9

    The administration knows how to get the Iran nuclear deal back. It’s just afraid of Republicans.

  70. If Roe Falls, Is Same-Sex Marriage Next? U.S., May 8

    The leaked draft opinion that would eliminate the constitutional right to abortion sent mixed signals about what other precedents might be at risk.

  71. Trump propuso lanzar misiles a México para ‘destruir los laboratorios de drogas’, según Esper en Español, May 8

    Mark Esper, exsecretario de Defensa, lanza sus memorias sobre cómo fue trabajar al lado de Trump y cuenta una serie de excesos y equivocaciones que presenció durante su gestión.

  72. Quotation of the Day: Trump Ally in Nebraska Opens Feuds in G.O.P. Science, May 8

    Quotation of the Day for Sunday, May 8, 2022.

  73. Donald Trump is holding a fund-raiser at the Derby, trampling on Mitch McConnell’s turf. Sports, May 7

    The price tag is $75,000 per person. McConnell won’t be around.

  74. How Roe Warped the Republic Opinion, May 7

    Why Roe v. Wade may be overturned by the very forces of polarization it unleashed.

  75. What It Takes to Get America’s Moms What We Need Opinion, May 7

    This Mother’s Day, think about how far we have to go — and remember how far we’ve come.

  76. In Nebraska, a Trump-Inspired Candidate Cracks Open Divide in the G.O.P. U.S., May 7

    Charles W. Herbster’s bid for governor has set off a bitter fight for power in a state once known for its genteel politics.

  77. Dr. Oz rallies with Trump and Vance on a rainy night in Pennsylvania, and meets a damp reception. U.S., May 6

    The celebrity doctor was at times the target of boos during the rally, as he and Donald Trump seek to repeat J.D. Vance’s success in the Republican Senate primary in Ohio.

  78. A federal judge dismisses Trump’s lawsuit seeking to reinstate his Twitter account. U.S., May 6

    The former president sued Twitter after it permanently blocked his account in the wake of the Capitol riot.

  79. The May 6 Midterms Primary Elections live blog included one standalone post:
  80. Giuliani Pulls Out of Interview With Jan. 6 Committee U.S., May 5

    The former personal lawyer to Donald J. Trump withdrew from an interview scheduled for Friday after the panel would not let him record it, his lawyer said.

  81. Draft Opinion Overturning Roe Raises a Question: Are More Precedents Next? U.S., May 5

    The legal reasoning that the Supreme Court’s conservative bloc is considering to end abortion rights could uproot a series of other past rulings that created modern rights.

  82. Trump Proposed Launching Missiles Into Mexico to ‘Destroy the Drug Labs,’ Esper Says U.S., May 5

    It is one of the moments in his upcoming memoir that the former defense secretary described as leaving him all but speechless.

  83. The May 5 Economy News Inflation Russia live blog included one standalone post:
  84. Tucker Carlson’s Influence on America and Its Media Opinion, May 5

    Readers praise and decry Mr. Carlson and The Times for its in-depth report on him. Also: J.D. Vance; targeting Russian generals; Madison Cawthorn.

  85. This Trump Play in London Is a Comedy. Unless You’re American. Theater, May 5

    Mike Bartlett’s “The 47th” presents political turmoil in the United States for laughs. But some find it more like a horror story.

  86. In Arizona, a Swing State Swings to the Far Right U.S., May 5

    In the run-up to an August primary, a number of Republicans on the ballot in Arizona — like those in Ohio — have rushed to embrace Donald J. Trump and his stolen-election falsehoods.

  87. Tucker, Thiel and Trump: How J.D. Vance Won in Ohio U.S., May 4

    A big endorsement was decisive, but a cable news megaphone and a huge infusion of spending helped pave the way to victory.

  88. Larry Hogan Takes the Fight to Trump From Within the G.O.P. U.S., May 4

    The Maryland governor, a rare Republican who speaks out publicly against Donald Trump, is trying to defend G.O.P. lawmakers targeted by the former president.

  89. A Trump Win in Ohio Briefing, May 4

    We look at last night’s election results.

  90. 5 Takeaways From Ohio’s Primary Elections U.S., May 4

    Donald Trump showed his enduring grip over Republican primaries for Senate, and establishment Democrats won a House rematch against a progressive challenger.

  91. J.D. Vance’s Rise From ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ Author to Senate Nominee U.S., May 3

    Now the Republican nominee for Senate in Ohio, Mr. Vance owes his ascendant political career in large part to Donald Trump, whose style he has tried to emulate.

  92. Vance Wins Republican Senate Primary in Ohio After Nod From Trump U.S., May 3

    J.D. Vance, the author of “Hillbilly Elegy,” won a G.O.P. race that saw nearly $80 million in television advertising.

  93. Tim Ryan will be the Democrats’ nominee for Senate in Ohio. U.S., May 3

    Staying within a moderate lane focused on jobs, manufacturing and China, the congressman beat a progressive lawyer who had criticized his record and campaign donations.

  94. The Leaked Draft Opinion on Roe Draws on Familiar Arguments U.S., May 3

    Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. argued two basic points: The Constitution is silent on the question of abortion and Roe’s flaws make it unworthy of respect as precedent.

  95. This Supreme Court Is Out of Step With Most Americans Opinion, May 3

    We’re seeing a breakdown of internal norms that tracks with the broader erosion of American institutions in recent years.

  96. Trump Settles Suit Over Payments to Hotel for 2017 Inauguration U.S., May 3

    The lawsuit brought by the attorney general in Washington, D.C., claimed that the Trump hotel accepted excessive payments from the inaugural committee.

  97. The Mar-a-Lago Midterms The Daily, May 3

    Former President Donald J. Trump has turned his Florida club into a shadow Republican Party headquarters. The elections will test his continued sway.

  98. The May 3 Midterms 2022 Primary Election live blog included one standalone post:
  99. Georgia Jury to Consider Whether Trump Illegally Interfered in 2020 Election U.S., May 2

    The panel will have up to a year to recommend whether the prosecutor should pursue criminal charges against the former president and his allies.

  100. House Jan. 6 Panel Seeks Interviews With Three More G.O.P. Lawmakers U.S., May 2

    All three quickly declined. The panel also said it had evidence that some House Republicans sought pardons from President Donald J. Trump in connection with the effort to overturn the election.

  101. Will Trump Face a Legal Reckoning in Georgia? Opinion, May 2

    It may be the most serious prospect of prosecution that Trump and his associates are facing.

  102. The Sunday Read: ‘This Was Trump Pulling a Putin’ The Daily, May 1

    Amid the current crisis, Fiona Hill and other former advisers are connecting President Trump’s pressure campaign on Ukraine to Jan. 6. And they’re ready to talk.

  103. The Don Jr. Road Show in Ohio Was No Joke Opinion, May 1

    Mr. Vance is arguably a perfect test case for Mr. Trump: weak enough to need a boost but with enough potential to make him a worthwhile risk.

  104. In Trump’s Shadow, Ohio Republicans Campaign Ahead of Tuesday’s Primary U.S., May 1

    Donald Trump’s endorsement of the author and venture capitalist J.D. Vance has shaken up the Republican race for the first major Senate midterm election.

  105. Lo que hay que saber del auge de Tucker Carlson en Español, April 30

    Un análisis de la carrera del presentador y su peculiar influencia muestra el modo en el que su trayectoria ha seguido la de Fox News y el conservadurismo en Estados Unidos.

  106. The Ohio Primary and the Return of the Republican Civil War Opinion, April 30

    How the divides of the party’s 2016 primary campaign have risen fully to the surface again.

  107. Nebraska Candidate for Governor Accused of Second Groping Incident at 2019 Dinner U.S., April 30

    Charles W. Herbster, who has been endorsed by Donald Trump for Nebraska governor, was accused of groping a second woman at a 2019 Republican fund-raising event. He denies both allegations.

  108. What to Know About Tucker Carlson’s Rise Business, April 30

    A Times examination of the host’s career and singular influence at Fox News shows how his trajectory traces the transformation of American conservatism itself.

  109. How Tucker Carlson Reshaped Fox News — and Became Trump’s Heir U.S., April 30

    As the host turned a civil war at Fox to his advantage, he found himself at the forefront of the nativist forces transforming conservative politics.

  110. How Tucker Carlson Stoked White Fear to Conquer Cable U.S., April 30

    A string of setbacks made the pundit flee television, the Republican establishment and even his home. He re-emerged with what may be the most racist, and successful, show in the history of cable news.

  111. Once Soft-Spoken, Ohio Conservatives Embrace the Bombast U.S., April 30

    The slugfest for the Republican nomination for Ohio’s open Senate seat has buried the brand of good-natured, country-club conservatism that was once a hallmark of the state.

  112. Why Republican Insurgents Are Struggling to Topple G.O.P. Governors U.S., April 29

    Republicans in several states are trying to oust conservative governors by harnessing anti-establishment energy. But in battles for a state’s top job, it’s hard to beat the establishment.

  113. Likelihood of Trump Indictment in Manhattan Fades as Grand Jury Wraps Up New York, April 29

    The Manhattan district attorney is continuing to investigate Donald J. Trump, but knowledgeable people say charges are unlikely to occur in the foreseeable future, if ever.

  114. The April 28 Midterms Elections Primary live blog included two standalone posts:
  115. Revolt Brews in Michigan G.O.P. After Elevation of Trump Allies U.S., April 28

    The Republican old guard is protesting the direction of the party after it put forward two champions of Donald Trump’s election falsehoods for attorney general and secretary of state.

  116. G.O.P. Concocts Fake Threat: Voter Fraud by Undocumented Immigrants U.S., April 28

    Far from the U.S.-Mexico border, Ohio’s Senate primary shows how the Republican obsession with the fiction of a stolen election has spawned a new cause for fear of illegal immigration.

  117. Key Justice Dept. Official Expected to Step Down U.S., April 28

    John Carlin, who occupies one of the most powerful and under-the-radar posts in the department, has dealt with major matters including the Jan. 6 investigation.

  118. How DeSantis Transformed Florida’s Political Identity U.S., April 28

    The state has become an unlikely laboratory for right-wing policy, pushed by a governor with presidential ambitions.

  119. Labor’s Disenchantment in Ohio Puts Even Democratic Veterans at Risk U.S., April 28

    As unions decline and their members maintain their affections for Donald J. Trump, Democrats like Representative Marcy Kaptur find their base of support eroding quickly.

  120. Shunned by the Right, Murkowski Bets Big on the Center in Alaska U.S., April 28

    The Republican senator is leaning into her centrist credentials and bipartisan ties in her re-election race, hoping that voters will reward moderation as the G.O.P. has lurched to the right.

  121. Truth Social Review: Trump’s Uncensored Social App Is Incomplete Technology, April 27

    The Trump-backed social media app is inundated with phony accounts and features that don’t work. It also hides some posts, including those with curse words.

  122. Trump Officials Awarded $700 Million Pandemic Loan Despite Objections U.S., April 27

    A congressional report raises new questions about a pandemic relief loan to a troubled trucking company with close ties to the Trump administration.

  123. Elon Musk Got Twitter Because He Gets Twitter Opinion, April 27

    Elon Musk reveals what he wants Twitter to be by how he acts on it.

  124. What Does the Right Do When Big Business Turns Against Republicans? Opinion, April 27

    How conservatives put their hope in Elon Musk and Ron DeSantis.

  125. A Nameless Soldier, a Shameless Politician and a Soulless Leader Opinion, April 26

    Ukrainians fight for freedom as a U.S. congressman and Russia’s leader fight for power.

  126. Ohio Senate Race Pits Trump and Son Against Big G.O.P. Group U.S., April 26

    The Club for Growth has lined up behind Josh Mandel. Donald J. Trump and his eldest son, Donald Jr., are backing J.D. Vance. Tuesday’s outcome will be a crucial test of the former president’s sway.

  127. McCarthy Feared G.O.P. Lawmakers Put ‘People in Jeopardy’ After Jan. 6 U.S., April 26

    New audio recordings reveal Kevin McCarthy worried that comments by his far-right colleagues could incite violence. He said he would try to rein in the lawmakers, but has instead defended them.

  128. Elon Musk’s Promise to Promote Free Speech on Twitter Opinion, April 26

    Readers are split over whether this prospect should be cheered or feared. Also: A hard-line U.S. message to Russia; parents and teachers.

  129. Biden Uses Clemency Powers for the First Time U.S., April 26

    The president commuted the sentences of 75 nonviolent drug offenders and issued three pardons, part of what aides described as a broader strategy to overhaul the criminal justice system.

  130. A Billionaires’ World Briefing, April 26

    The world’s richest person didn’t like Twitter. So he’s buying it.

  131. New Details Underscore House G.O.P. Role in Jan. 6 Planning U.S., April 26

    A court filing and newly disclosed text messages provide additional evidence of how closely some fervent pro-Trump lawmakers worked with the White House on efforts to overturn the election.

  132. Biden Has Already Done More for Rural America Than Trump Ever Did Opinion, April 26

    Democrats should let voters know about their successes — and run on Democratic values.

  133. Elon Musk Is a Problem Masquerading as a Solution Opinion, April 26

    What happens when the incarnation of a problem buys the right to decide what the problem is and how to fix it?

  134. The Reporter Who Designed Central Park New York, April 26

    It’s the 200th birthday of Frederick Law Olmsted, who helped create one of New York’s shining jewels.

  135. Musk’s Twitter: Weed Memes. Editable Tweets. And the Return of Trump. Opinion, April 25

    The newest social media honcho will face a bevy of business challenges at Twitter.

  136. Cuatro maneras en las que Twitter puede cambiar bajo el mando de Elon Musk en Español, April 25

    El director ejecutivo de Tesla ha criticado las políticas de moderación de contenido de Twitter y aboga por los algoritmos de código abierto.

  137. Smeared as a Groomer, a Michigan Democrat Goes on Offense U.S., April 25

    Mallory McMorrow’s viral speech attacking what she called Republicans’ “hollow, hateful scheme” against L.G.B.T.Q. rights has made her an instant hero on the left.

  138. In France, a Victory and a Warning Opinion, April 25

    Reaction to the French election; churches and the “big lie”; grandparents’ role; a return to Australia; Russian disinformation; handwritten archives.

  139. Trump Media adds former Devin Nunes aides, Donald Jr. and ‘Apprentice’ contestant as officers. Business, April 25

    Mr. Nunes stepped down from his House seat in January to become chief executive of Trump Media. Wes Moss, a financial adviser and a contestant on “The Apprentice,” is also now a director.

  140. Judge Holds Trump in Contempt Over Documents in New York A.G.’s Inquiry New York, April 25

    Donald J. Trump was ordered to fully comply with the attorney general’s subpoena and will be fined $10,000 a day until he does, though the ruling may be short-lived.

  141. 4 ways Twitter could change under Elon Musk. Business, April 25

    The Tesla chief executive has criticized Twitter’s content moderation policies and advocated open-source algorithms.

  142. No Matter How You Feel About Masks, You Should Be Alarmed by This Judge’s Decision Opinion, April 25

    The ruling could prevent the federal government from nimbly responding to future pandemics.

  143. After a Rocky First Year, a Cautious Garland Finds His Footing U.S., April 25

    For all of the attention on the Justice Department’s investigation into the Jan. 6 attack, Mr. Garland has focused on the everyday work of being the attorney general.

  144. Kemp and Perdue Debate, Looking Back at 2020 and Ahead to Abrams U.S., April 24

    Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia and his Republican primary opponent, former Senator David Perdue, bickered over the previous election — and over who would be more likely to defeat Stacey Abrams in November.

  145. America’s Road to the Ukraine War U.S., April 24

    For years, the United States sent mixed signals about its interests in the country. Then Vladimir V. Putin made his move.

  146. Boss Trump, ‘the Sorest Loser of All Time’ Opinion, April 24

    Readers reflect on Donald Trump as both a party boss and a sore loser. Also: Reforming the patent system.

  147. Filing Provides New Details on Trump White House Planning for Jan. 6 U.S., April 23

    Testimony disclosed by the House committee investigating the attack showed that Mark Meadows and Freedom Caucus members discussed directing marchers to the Capitol as Congress certified the election results.

  148. For Trump’s G.O.P., Crossing Lines Has Few Consequences U.S., April 23

    A dizzying week featured Kevin McCarthy, the House Republican leader, caught lying and another lawmaker, Marjorie Taylor Greene, grilled under oath about her role in the Jan. 6 attack.

  149. A Chat With Conservative Men Opinion, April 23

    Some liberals were surprised by how much they agreed with members of the focus group, while other readers were more critical.