1. Another Shooting, Another Gun Debate. Will the Outcome Be the Same? Washington, Yesterday

    Last week’s school massacre in Florida set the well-worn machinery of America’s gun debate in motion. But angry students inject new passion into a stale fight.

  2. Mueller Files New Fraud Charges Against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates Washington, Yesterday

    The charges do not involve President Trump or his campaign, but they compound the legal problems for Mr. Manafort, his former campaign chairman.

  3. ‘Teachers Are Educators, Not Security Guards’: Educators Respond to Trump Proposal National, Yesterday

    Many teachers reacted with alarm at the idea they would be trained and armed.

  4. What Do Jotted Talking Points Say About Trump’s Empathy? Washington, Yesterday

    Consoler in chief has been a role that President Trump has been slow and somewhat reluctant to embrace — especially in contrast to his predecessor.

  5. Justice Dept. to Prioritize Prosecutions for Lying in Gun Background Checks Washington, Yesterday

    The guidance, expected to be announced in the coming days, allows the Trump administration to take action on guns without issuing rules that might inflame gun rights supporters.

  6. Nasty, Brutish and Trump Op Ed, Yesterday

    America’s gun madness is part of an assault on the very idea of community.

  7. Trump Promotes Arming Teachers With Guns, but Rejects Active Shooter Drills Washington, Yesterday

    President Trump promoted arming specially trained teachers to fend off school shooters, but rejected active-shooter drills to survive a rampage.

  8. Let the Teachers Teach Editorial, Yesterday

    Even police officers often fail to hit their target when they shoot. How much worse would such an unintended consequence be in a crowded school?

  9. Why Americans Could Believe the Worst From Russian Trolls Editorial, Yesterday

    What was most disconcerting about the indictment of Russian operatives is what it says about the state of democracy in America.

  10. How the N.R.A. Keeps Federal Gun Regulators in Check Washington, Yesterday

    The A.T.F.’s weakened political position is partly because the N.R.A. has long used its sway to hobble the agency as well as because of a dearth of leadership and resources.

  11. Former Trump Aide Calls Paris Climate Accord ‘a Good Republican Agreement’ Climate, Yesterday

    In an interview, George David Banks, who stepped down recently, said he also believed Mr. Trump might still be willing to remain in the global climate pact.

  12. Black Lung Disease Comes Storming Back in Coal Country Interactive, Yesterday

    Hundreds of cases of advanced black lung disease have been found among miners in Central Appalachia, even as the Trump administration begins to review Obama-era coal dust rules.

  13. Hotel Carrying New Trump Brand Secures $6 Million Tax Break Investigative, February 21

    The first of the Trumps’ Scion hotels is being built in the Mississippi Delta. The local developers, saying it would draw tourists, sought state tax relief.

  14. Can the Games Be Green? Climate, February 21

    What will Pyeongchang’s environmental legacy be? Also: A Trump adviser who resigned last week says the Paris agreement is worth protecting.

  15. A Reset, of Sorts, for the United States and Australia Foreign, February 21

    President Trump and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, whose relationship got off to a rough start a year ago, will meet at the White House with much to discuss.

  16. An Envoy Who Can Rival ‘North Korea’s Ivanka’ Washington, February 21

    Administration officials say that Ivanka Trump could smooth some of the tensions that flared during the vice president’s visit, even if they insist that is not the purpose of her trip.

  17. Questions Swirl as Melania Trump’s Parents Obtain Green Cards Washington, February 21

    It is unclear how or when Viktor and Amalija Knavs got green cards, but immigration experts said the most likely way would have been a program the president has railed against.

  18. Parents and Students Plead With Trump: ‘How Many Children Have to Get Shot?’ Washington, February 21

    An afternoon listening session in the State Dining Room included those affected by school shootings in Parkland, Fla.; Littleton, Colo.; and Newtown, Conn.

  19. Everybody’s Better Than You-Know-Who Op Ed, February 21

    Donald Trump: Finally, some good news for James Buchanan.

  20. Jimmy Kimmel Attacks Conspiracy Theorists for Trying to Discredit Students Culture, Yesterday

    Kimmel asked, “Do you really think these kids, these teenagers who spoke out after a shooting at their school, are actors?”

  21. Is It Possible to Serve Honorably in the Trump Administration? Op Ed, February 21

    Despite the daunting environment, those in government and thinking about joining should carry on, but not uncritically.

  22. Trump’s Pick to Lead Indian Health Service Withdraws Nomination Washington, Yesterday

    The withdrawal of the nominee, Robert Weaver, follows reports that said he had inaccurately represented his qualifications to a Senate committee after his nomination in October.

  23. Trump Tries to Kill Obamacare by a Thousand Cuts Editorial, February 21

    Encouraging junk health policies is the latest proposal that would weaken health care while helping no one.

  24. Trump Suggests Giving Teachers Guns Video, February 21

    At a listening session with grieving parents and school-shooting victims, including students from Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, President Trump suggested teachers should be allowed to carry firearms.

  25. Under Trump, Border Patrol Steps Up Searches Far From the Border Washington, February 21

    The Border Patrol is aggressively using a little-known authority to set up checkpoints and search private property to crack down on illegal immigration.

  26. Trump’s Republican Critics Find a Sudden Need for His Support Washington, February 21

    Their hopes for a détente with Mr. Trump, who effectively staged a hostile takeover of a party he joined only in 2012, reflect the realization that rank-and-file Republicans have come to embrace the president.

  27. Trump Attacks Obama, and His Own Attorney General, Over Russia Inquiry Washington, February 21

    President Trump attacked his own attorney general on Wednesday, asking in a Twitter post why Jeff Sessions has not been investigating Democrats for Russian interference in the 2016 election.

  28. What Does a True Populism Look Like? It Looks Like the New Deal Op Ed, February 21

    An honest response to globalization avoids cosmetic gimmicks like tariffs and goes after economic injustice directly.

  29. Obama’s Tax Playbook Op Ed, February 21

    Democrats have grown too passive in taking on the Trump tax cuts.

  30. The Trolling of the American Mind Op Ed, February 21

    The Russian email hacking mattered. Their troll army is a phantom menace.

  31. Listen to ‘The Daily’: Russian Trolls’ Favorite Weapon Podcasts, February 21

    The indictment secured by the special counsel makes it clear that Facebook was used extensively in the campaign to disrupt the 2016 election. How did Russia do it?

  32. Kushner Resists Losing Access as Kelly Tackles Security Clearance Issues Washington, February 20

    Jared Kushner, frustrated about the issue and concerned that Mr. Kelly has targeted him personally with the directive, has told colleagues that he is reluctant to give up his high-level access.

  33. Trump Moves to Regulate ‘Bump Stock’ Devices Washington, February 20

    The president asked the Justice Department to propose regulations that would ban “bump stocks,” which can convert a semiautomatic gun into an automatic weapon.

  34. Former Skadden Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Lying in Russia Investigation Washington, February 20

    The lawyer admitted lying in an interview with the special counsel about conversations he had with Rick Gates, who served on the Trump campaign.

  35. Stephen Colbert Stands With Florida Students Fighting for Gun Control Culture, February 21

    “I hope these kids don’t give up,” Colbert said on Tuesday. “Someone else may be in power, but this country belongs to them.”

  36. Get Out of Facebook and Into the N.R.A.’s Face Op Ed, February 20

    Only raw electoral power can beat the gun lobby.

  37. Come the Recession, Don’t Count on That Safety Net Business, February 20

    Republicans seek a leaner welfare system tying government benefits to hard work. But such benefits are worthless when there is no work to be had.

  38. Trump Tries to Shift Blame to Obama for Not Countering Russian Meddling Washington, February 20

    President Trump suggested that the Obama administration did not do enough to prevent the Kremlin’s influence campaign.

  39. Trump Moves to Relax Rules on Cheaper Health Insurance Washington, February 20

    Under current rules, such “short-term, limited-duration insurance” cannot last for more than three months. Under the proposal, the limit would be 364 days.

  40. Trump and Russian Meddling: ‘It Is His Job to Fix This’ Letters, February 20

    Readers react to the president’s take on the Mueller indictment of Russians.

  41. The Madness of American Crowds Op Ed, February 20

    There’s nothing new about Trump, but that’s not necessarily reassuring.

  42. Who Still Thinks Russia Didn’t Meddle in the Election? Op Ed, February 20

    Preserve, protect and defend: Trump is zero for three.

  43. Missing Conservatism? Just Wait for a Democratic President Op Ed, February 20

    Republicans will complain again about overweening government, accelerating social change and American decline.

  44. Do Trump’s ‘Approval’ Numbers Tell Us About Him, or About Us? Magazine, February 20

    No president has ever been so fixated on his poll results. And no president has ever had less reason to care about them.

  45. Rob Porter’s Charisma and Ambition Disguised Flare-ups of Anger Washington, February 19

    The White House aide who resigned in a domestic abuse scandal that engulfed the White House was known for his ambition at Harvard and on Capitol Hill.

  46. Trump Endorses Mitt Romney’s Run for Utah Senate Seat Washington, February 19

    Mr. Romney, who has publicly clashed with Mr. Trump in the past, has signaled he plans to serve as a check on the president if he is elected.

  47. On Russia, Facebook Sends a Message It Wishes It Hadn’t Business, February 19

    Some Facebook executives still seem more interested in defending themselves from criticism than owning their mistakes related to the 2016 election.

  48. The Content of the G.O.P.’s Character Op Ed, February 19

    The personal is political: A bad-faith party attracts bad people.

  49. Tax Overhaul Gains Public Support, Buoying Republicans Business, February 19

    The upturn follows an aggressive advertising campaign by the party and coincides with an eroding Democratic lead in polls gauging midterm election prospects.

  50. Trump Adds Cautious Support to Changes to Background Checks for Gun Buyers Washington, February 19

    The White House press secretary said that Mr. Trump had spoken to Senator John Cornyn, Republican of Texas, about legislation to revamp background checks.

  51. Coal’s Continuing Decline Op Ed, February 19

    New signs that, despite President Trump’s campaign promise, this fossil fuel won’t be back.

  52. White House Seeks to Move On From Abuse Scandal. But What Did It Learn? Washington, February 19

    A better-not-to-know approach in the White House allowed the Rob Porter problem to fester and raises questions about whether officials are capable of creating a better system.

  53. Did Russia Influence the 2016 U.S. Election? Op Ed, February 19

    Donald Trump has repeatedly said there was “no collusion.”

  54. The C.E.O. Who Stood Up to President Trump: Ken Frazier Speaks Out Business, February 19

    The head of Merck quit Mr. Trump’s business council after racial violence in Virginia, saying “as a matter of my own personal conscience, I could not remain.”

  55. Trump Edges Toward a Conventional Republican Approach, at Least on Policy Washington, February 19

    For all the ways President Trump has flouted the norms of his office, on policy he comes closer to other modern Republican presidents.

  56. A Better Way to Protect Mueller Op Ed, February 19

    Robert Bork, criticized for his role in the Saturday Night Massacre, also made sure the president couldn’t easily fire another special prosecutor.

  57. How Does Trump Stack Up Against the Best — and Worst — Presidents? Interactive, February 19

    How scholars of politics rate the presidents — including the current one.

  58. Will Anthony Kennedy Retire? What Influences a Justice’s Decision Washington, February 19

    Among the factors justices have considered in deciding when to step down are party loyalty, judicial legacy and the next presidential election.

  59. Listen to ‘The Daily’: The Russia Indictment, and the Trump Response Podcasts, February 19

    The special counsel’s charges against 13 Russians reveal a sophisticated plot to turn Americans against one another — one that seems to still be working.

  60. Tools of Trump’s Fixer: Payouts, Intimidation and the Tabloids Investigative, February 18

    Beyond facilitating a $130,000 payment to silence a pornographic film actress, Donald Trump’s lawyer spent years making aggressive behind-the-scenes efforts to protect him.

  61. How Unwitting Americans Encountered Russian Operatives Online Washington, February 18

    With imperfect English and tireless posting on Facebook and Twitter, Russian trolls summoned Americans to rallies, praised Donald J. Trump and played on political divisions.

  62. Indictment Leaves No Doubt: Russia Backed Trump. But Was It the Difference? Washington, February 18

    The charges against 13 Russians have injected a new twist into a debate that has consumed the political universe since the final hours of election night: How did Trump do it?

  63. Fact-Checking a Facebook Executive’s Comments on Russian Interference Business, February 19

    Rob Goldman, Facebook vice president for ads, tweeted about Russia’s disinformation effort. President Trump then cited him. We fact-checked Mr. Goldman.

  64. Russian Meddling Was a Drop in an Ocean of American-Made Discord Foreign, February 18

    It does not take much to get Americans to turn against one another. Partisan polarization was well underway before Moscow got involved.

  65. Attacking the ‘Woke’ Black Vote Op Ed, February 18

    The Russia indictment shows that black folks had unwanted hands on their backs, nudging them toward apathy.

  66. Trump’s ‘Best People’ and Their Dubious Ethics Editorial, February 18

    There are so many scandals in this administration that many aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

  67. Did George Washington Predict Donald Trump? Op Ed, February 18

    In an era of disunity, partisanship and allegations of Russian election meddling, the first president’s farewell address seems prescient.

  68. Whatever Trump Is Hiding Is Hurting All of Us Now Op Ed, February 18

    He either believes Putin’s denials, or more likely, is afraid of what the Russians have on him.

  69. Trump’s Evolution From Relief to Fury Over the Russia Indictment Washington, February 18

    The president unleashed a two-day Twitter tirade that was unusually angry and defiant even by his standards.

  70. Trump Falsely Claims, ‘I Never Said Russia Did Not Meddle’ Washington, February 18

    Here are eight times President Trump has rejected or otherwise doubted that Moscow had a role in interfering with the 2016 presidential election.

  71. ‘A Simple Plumber’ Seeks a G.O.P. Statesman Letters, February 18

    A member of “the great unwashed” calls on “some Republican to find a backbone and leave the lemming line.”

  72. President or Luxury Towers: Either Way, Trump Is the Rage in India Foreign, February 17

    President Trump’s eldest son is headed to India on a sales trip for the family’s real estate business. Indians are star-struck by a family both rich and famous.

  73. Trump Should Get Behind Romney’s Candidacy, McConnell Says Washington, February 17

    In an interview, Senator Mitch McConnell said that Mitt Romney’s Senate run was an illustration of Republicans’ improving fortunes entering a challenging midterm campaign.

  74. Trump’s Conspicuous Silence Leaves a Struggle Against Russia Without a Leader Washington, February 17

    President Trump depicted indictments charging Russians with interfering in America’s politics as a vindication for himself rather than a threat to the United States.

  75. Trump Is Making MS-13 Stronger Op Ed, February 17

    Helping young immigrants, not deporting them, is the smarter way to fight a vicious international gang.

  76. This Isn’t What the Tea Party Fought For Op Ed, February 17

    President Trump and Congress are undoing our hard work.

  77. Donald Trump and the Undoing of Justice Reform Editorial, February 17

    The president and his attorney general have a backward worldview that is translating into regressive policies.

  78. Donald Trump Makes Golf Look Bad Op Ed, February 17

    We were so close to moving beyond the stereotypes. Alas.

  79. Russia Wanted Trump to Win. And It Wanted to Get Caught. Op Ed, February 17

    Its election interference didn’t aim at just the outcome — it also targeted attitudes toward our democracy.

  80. Appeasing the Trigger Gods Op Ed, February 17

    Despite tears and shattered hearts, President Trump and Congress will do nothing.

  81. A Game Plan for Democrats (Actually, 16 of Them) Letters, February 17

    We asked readers to suggest strategies for the midterms. Over 450 responded, often with conflicting advice.

  82. Prominent Republican Donor Issues Ultimatum on Assault Weapons National, February 17

    Al Hoffman Jr., a powerful Republican donor based in Florida, said he would end his contributions to candidates and groups that oppose a ban on military-style weapons.

  83. Inside a 3-Year Russian Campaign to Influence U.S. Voters Washington, February 16

    Using American bank accounts, drivers’ licenses and disposable phones, about 80 Russians worked to disparage Hillary Clinton, promote Donald Trump and sow discord.

  84. 13 Russians Indicted as Mueller Reveals Effort to Aid Trump Campaign Washington, February 16

    The indictment does not allege collusion but reveals in painstaking detail how Russians posed as American activists to boost Mr. Trump’s campaign.

  85. Trump Visits Florida Hospital That Treated School Shooting Victims Washington, February 16

    “It’s very sad something like that could happen,” a solemn Mr. Trump told reporters afterward.

  86. Indictment Makes Trump’s Hoax Claim Harder to Sell Washington, February 16

    By laying out in excruciating detail the evidence of Russian meddling spanning the last four years, the special counsel instantly created a new political reality for President Trump.

  87. Stop Letting the Russians Get Away With It, Mr. Trump Editorial, February 16

    Robert Mueller’s latest indictments show how real the threat to U.S. elections is. When will the White House acknowledge it?

  88. Congress Struggles for Path Forward on Immigration Washington, February 16

    After legislative efforts collapsed Thursday in the Senate, lawmakers in the House and Senate struggled for a path forward to protect the “Dreamers.”

  89. Message to Trump: Let Mueller Do His Job Op Ed, February 16

    The indictments of 13 Russians for interfering in the 2016 election are a wakeup call for all Americans.

  90. Chief of Staff Orders an Overhaul for Security Clearances Washington, February 16

    John F. Kelly suggested that there were serious shortcomings with the system for vetting officials with access to the country’s most closely guarded secrets.

  91. Trump Administration Proposes Stiff Penalties on Steel and Aluminum Imports Business, February 16

    The Commerce Department said foreign metals posed a threat to national security, setting the stage for President Trump to consider stiff tariffs.

  92. Senators, Dreamers Have Been Watching You Op Ed, February 16

    Every vote to protect Dreamers like me failed on Thursday, and I am relieved.

  93. Karen McDougal Describes Alleged Affair With Trump in New Yorker Article Express, February 16

    Ms. McDougal, a former Playboy model, explained how a tabloid paid for her story of a nine-month affair that allegedly began in 2006, only to never publish it.

  94. A G.O.P. Guide to Mass Shootings Opinion, February 16

    The simple plan for the N.R.A’s servants to follow if they want to avoid doing anything about gun violence.

  95. A Familiar Editorial Split After Parkland Shooting, but Not Everywhere Business, February 16

    A surprise editorial in favor of gun control from the Trump-friendly New York Post appears among a deluge of argument and erroneous reporting.

  96. Trump Betrays the Bards of Hard Work Op Ed, February 16

    Blue-collar America needs storytellers. Storytellers need money.

  97. ‘To Me, It Was Racist’: N.B.A. Players Respond to Laura Ingraham’s Comments on LeBron James Sports, February 16

    The Fox News host mocked Mr. James and said basketball stars should not express political opinions. “We will definitely not shut up and dribble,” Mr. James responded.

  98. Why Economists Are Worried About International Trade Sunday Business, February 16

    Most agree that the net impact of free trade is beneficial. Yet the Trump administration’s imposition of tariffs suggests that this truth isn’t obvious to everyone.

  99. Trump to Dreamers: Get Out Op Ed, February 16

    Watch what he’s doing, not what he’s saying.

  100. While ‘Last Week Tonight’ Was Away, John Oliver Was Busy Culture, February 16

    Mr. Oliver talks about the new season of his topical HBO comedy series and a challenging interview of Dustin Hoffman that he conducted.

  101. Senate Rejects Immigration Plans, Leaving Fate of Dreamers Uncertain Washington, February 15

    Three measures — including one backed by President Trump — failed to garner the 60 votes required to open Senate debate. The next steps are unclear.

  102. Intrigue at V.A. as Secretary Says He Is Being Forced Out National, February 15

    David Shulkin, the lone Obama administration holdover in President Trump’s cabinet, said that political appointees were trying to oust him from the department he leads.

  103. U.S. Condemns Russia for Cyberattack, Showing Split in Stance on Putin Washington, February 15

    The attack was aimed at Ukraine but crippled computers around the world.

  104. The Bad Parent Caucus Op Ed, February 15

    Stuff the thoughts, hold the prayers, and do something to stop school shootings.

  105. Trump Kills Compromise on Immigration Editorial, February 15

    A bill would have saved the Dreamers and given him his wall. He’d rather play political games.

  106. After Florida Shooting, Trump Focuses on Mental Health Over Guns Washington, February 15

    Mr. Trump’s remarks came amid criticism that the White House had not done enough to reassure the public shortly after one of the deadliest mass shootings in American history.

  107. The White House Flouts the First Rule of Crisis Communications: Get the Facts Out Fast Washington, February 15

    Its handling of Rob Porter’s resignation has become a case study in how shifting stories can make matters worse.

  108. Trump’s Inaugural Committee Paid $26 Million to Firm of First Lady’s Adviser Washington, February 15

    The committee, which raised a record $107 million, detailed its finances in a tax filing, revealing that it donated less than expected to charity.

  109. In Pursuit of Peace, Trump Generates Rare Friction With Netanyahu Washington, February 15

    The pushback on Israel suggests that the White House is recalibrating its approach to Israel and the Palestinians as it wrestles with when, and how, to put a peace proposal on the table.

  110. Trump Wants to Make America White Again Op Ed, February 15

    Democrats should be enraged by the immigration policies championed by the White House.

  111. Trump’s Latest Travel Ban Suffers Blow From a Second Appeals Court Washington, February 15

    The Supreme Court is set to consider the ban in a different case this spring, and it has let the ban go into effect in the meantime.

  112. No Room for Debate: Senate Floor Fight Over Immigration Is a Bust Washington, February 15

    After raising expectations of an old-school fight, the Senate ended up gridlocked as usual, as leaders shied away from politically charged votes.

  113. The Census, Politicized Letters, February 15

    Representative Carolyn B. Maloney says the Trump administration is interfering in what should be a nonpartisan process.

  114. From Trump, Nothing About Gun Control Letters, February 15

    A reader says President Trump’s statement is an insult to the intelligence of the American public.

  115. Will the Supreme Court Become Trump’s Enabler? Op Ed, February 15

    The administration’s effort to rush a decision on DACA will test whether a rule-bound court is prepared to stand up to a norm-breaking president.

  116. Trump Gets What He Wants in Immigration Debate: Quiet on the Right Washington, February 15

    The activism and outrage from conservatives that has killed past immigration deals is less vitriolic this time, perhaps because they sense they are winning.

  117. Scandal-Ridden Scoundrel Op Ed, February 15

    This is the politics of the petty, where people dance and shout as the republic burns.

  118. A Spy’s Guide to Climate Change Op Ed, February 15

    The government’s intelligence agencies warn of big problems ahead, despite what the president might say.

  119. Listen to ‘The Daily’: Trump’s Immigration Plan Podcasts, February 15

    The president wants merit-based migration. But what counts as merit? We also report on the shooting at a Florida school in which at least 17 people died.

  120. How $225,000 Can Help Secure a Pollution Loophole at Trump’s E.P.A. Investigative, February 15

    A Tennessee truck dealership lavished a local Republican congresswoman with campaign donations. It also sells “Make Trucks Great Again” caps.

  121. Trump, a Week After Porter Resigned, Says He’s ‘Totally Opposed’ to Domestic Violence Washington, February 14

    President Trump’s statement came as his chief of staff faced new questions about his handling of abuse claims against the staff secretary Rob Porter.

  122. Riding an Untamed Horse: Priebus Opens Up on Serving Trump Washington, February 14

    Reince Priebus, the president’s first White House chief of staff, said his tenure was even more arduous than outsiders knew. “Take everything you’ve heard and multiply it by 50,” he says in a new book.

  123. Why Does Trump Ignore Top Officials’ Warnings on Russia? Editorial, February 14

    His refusal to take on the Russian threat to our democracy violates his oath to ‘preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.’

  124. Trump Lawyer’s Payment to Porn Star Raises New Questions Washington, February 14

    The admission by President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer that he sent $130,000 to a pornographic film actress is raising new legal, ethical and factual questions.

  125. Poor People Deserve Better Than Food in a Box Op Ed, February 14

    I know all about how people who use SNAP benefits are humiliated. A Trump proposal will make it worse.

  126. Trump’s Military Parade Could Cost $30 Million Washington, February 14

    President Trump wants a military parade. His budget director says it could cost the United States $30 million at a time of rising deficits.

  127. Report Faults V.A. Secretary Shulkin Over Travel to Europe National, February 14

    There were “serious derelictions” in a trip taken by David Shulkin, the secretary of veterans affairs, and his wife, an inspector general’s report said. Dr. Shulkin denied wrongdoing.

  128. Senators Strike Bipartisan Deal on Immigration Despite Veto Threat Washington, February 14

    The legislation sets up a clash that will pit the political center of the Senate against the president and the Republican congressional leadership.

  129. The Trump Stain Spreads Op Ed, February 14

    In a White House without integrity, everything becomes tainted.

  130. Donald Trump Raids the Pantry of Poor Americans Editorial, February 14

    The president’s proposed budget includes a scheme to cut the food stamp program, making life more difficult for millions of low-income people.

  131. The White House Is Very Optimistic on Growth. It Shouldn’t Be. Upshot, February 14

    Making its forecast come true would require productivity improvements not seen in decades and an atypical policy on interest rates.

  132. Who Is Rob Porter? Video, February 14

    Rob Porter, the White House staff secretary who was forced to resign after accusations of spousal abuse, amassed job titles in multiple Senate offices before joining President Trump’s staff.

  133. It Took Trump to Make Superchunk Go Political Culture, February 14

    A band known for noisy, tuneful, hyperkinetic guitar rock has changed course for its 11th studio album.

  134. PEN World Voices to Focus on Resistance in America Culture, February 14

    The literary festival will feature conversations with Roxane Gay, Colson Whitehead and Jhumpa Lahiri, among others.

  135. How to Respond to Russia’s ‘Cyberwarfare’ Letters, February 14

    Readers urge the Trump administration to take action against Russia and urge schools to teach how to evaluate information sources.

  136. Trump’s Lawyer, What a Guy! Letters, February 14

    A reader sarcastically praises the generosity of Michael Cohen, who paid $130,000 to a woman claiming to have had an affair with the president.

  137. The Budget, the Tax Plan … and Food Boxes Letters, February 14

    Readers write about the president’s lies and the timing of the budget discussion and call the idea of food boxes “utterly ridiculous.”

  138. The People, Places and Things Trump Has Praised on Twitter: A Complete List Interactive, February 14

    President Trump's reliance on Twitter for insult and mockery is well known. But the list of things that he has publicly praised is just as revealing.

  139. What the White House Knew About Rob Porter Op Ed, February 14

    Maybe he was a great staff secretary. You can’t separate that from the allegations against him.

  140. The Pull of Populism Op Ed, February 14

    In year two, the Trump administration drifts back toward its campaign-season promises.

  141. Listen to ‘The Daily’: Republicans and the Deficit Podcasts, February 14

    President Trump has proposed a budget that would add $7 trillion to the federal deficit. Republicans are saying nothing.

  142. Michael D. Cohen, Trump’s Longtime Lawyer, Says He Paid Stormy Daniels Out of His Own Pocket Washington, February 13

    Michael D. Cohen, who worked as a counsel to the Trump Organization for more than a decade, said he was not reimbursed for the 2016 payment.

  143. Trump’s ‘Harvest Box’ Isn’t Viable in SNAP Overhaul, Officials Say National, February 13

    The proposal unveiled in President Trump’s budget would overhaul the country’s core food assistance program — commonly known as SNAP. The reaction was immediate, and largely negative.

  144. Senate Immigration Debate Gets Off to a Slow, Unhappy Start Washington, February 13

    Even as a floor debate on immigration faltered, a bipartisan group of senators was working behind the scenes to come up with a plan that could garner 60 votes.

  145. The Ivanka Trump of North Korea? Oh, Please Op Ed, February 13

    Don’t blur the difference between a rogue state and America.

  146. Corker Reconsiders Retirement, but He Must Win Over Trump to Do It Washington, February 13

    Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee is having second thoughts about retiring. But without President Trump’s support, he is unlikely to win the nomination.

  147. Second Federal Judge Issues Injunction to Keep DACA in Place Metro, February 13

    The injunction by a Brooklyn federal judge spares the program for young undocumented immigrants and comes one month after a similar ruling in San Francisco.

  148. Trump Tells Lawmakers He’s Mulling Limits on Imported Steel Business, February 13

    Democrats at the bipartisan meeting voiced support for the president’s proposal to restrict imports of steel and aluminum, while Republicans urged caution.

  149. Trump’s Budget: Spending and Cuts Under Fire Letters, February 13

    One reader calls the budget a “profligate spending spree.” Another says that explains why the president “filed for bankruptcy so many times.”

  150. ICE Deportation Cases: Your Questions Answered Express, February 13

    The treatment of people in high-profile unlawful immigration cases can often seem arbitrary. Here is a look at what the authorities can and cannot do.