1. Why Putin’s Foes Deplore U.S. Fixation on Election Meddling Foreign, Yesterday

    “Enough already!” one critic of President Vladimir V. Putin said, worried that the accusations were helping the Kremlin polish the president’s image as a master strategist.

  2. A Split From Trump Indicates That Flynn Is Moving to Cooperate With Mueller Washington, Yesterday

    Lawyers for Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, are said to have terminated an information-sharing agreement with the president’s legal team.

  3. Bridging the Canyon Across the Holiday Table Op Ed, Today

    In the Trump era, we’ve reached peak domestic hatred.

  4. On Feeling Thankful but Fearful Op Ed, Yesterday

    America gave me so much, but are we still that country?

  5. Is Anyone Good Enough for an H-1B Visa? Op Ed, Yesterday

    Many of my Stanford classmates and I had plans to use our education to contribute to this country. Instead, we’re being kicked out.

  6. A Mar-a-Lago Thanksgiving: It’s All Gravy Washington, Yesterday

    President Trump spent his holiday indulging in some of his favorite habits: spending time at his properties and talking about all the winning he’s doing.

  7. He’s a Member of Congress. The Kremlin Likes Him So Much It Gave Him a Code Name. Washington, November 21

    Longtime ties to Russia have led to some suggestions that Dana Rohrabacher, Republican of California, is a valued asset there. He has laughed it off, but now investigators are calling.

  8. Final Nights at the Trump SoHo Before Trump Checks Out Metro, Yesterday

    At the hotel, which has struggled financially and will soon excise the Trump name, some guests loved the brand, while others were there for the discounted rooms.

  9. Blast From the Past: The Current Political World Mirrors 2009 Washington, November 22

    Elements that foreshadowed steep losses for Democrats eight years ago are in place for Republicans today.

  10. A Conservative Plan to Weaponize the Federal Courts Op Ed, Yesterday

    Forcing a shift to the right by packing the courts with more Trump-appointed judges would undermine the judiciary’s legitimacy.

  11. Thankfully Recommitting to Resistance Op Ed, Yesterday

    If anything, resisting Trump feels even more urgent than last year.

  12. Your Thanksgiving Quiz Interactive, November 22

    Test your knowledge of what politicians have been up to before you share it between bites at the dinner table.

  13. Myanmar’s Crackdown on Rohingya Is Ethnic Cleansing, Tillerson Says Washington, November 22

    The long-anticipated designation will open the door to sanctions against the country’s military commanders and intensify pressure on its civilian leader, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

  14. Whom Does Trump Believe? It Depends Video, November 22

    President Trump came out in defense of Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate from Alabama. But when it’s not in his political interests, the benefit of the doubt might shift.

  15. Trump Organization Will Exit From Its Struggling SoHo Hotel in New York Business, November 22

    A restaurant has closed and room rates have been slashed at the Trump SoHo, which has had trouble attracting guests. The president’s company has negotiated a departure.

  16. Trump, in Twitter Rant, Revisits Grievances Against Sports Figures Washington, November 22

    To some, the posts directed at sports figures, many of them black, suggest that the president is trying to send a message of solidarity to many supporters.

  17. North Korea Accuses Trump of a ‘Serious Provocation’ Foreign, November 22

    North Korea criticizes President Trump’s re-designation of it as a state sponsor of terrorism and vows to keep up its nuclear and missile programs.

  18. Trump’s Defense of Roy Moore Letters, November 22

    A reader wonders why the president “took Mr. Moore’s word over the word of several women accusing him.”

  19. Censoring Climate Change Op Ed, November 22

    The Environmental Protection Agency has been systematically dismantling its website about a problem the president has labeled a “hoax.”

  20. Trump Defends Roy Moore, Citing Candidate’s Denial of Sexual Misconduct National, November 21

    President Trump said Alabama voters should not support Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate for the Senate. Mr. Trump declined to say whether he would campaign for Mr. Moore.

  21. How Trump’s Hands-Off Approach to Policing Is Frustrating Some Chiefs National, November 21

    The president says the Justice Department has meddled too much in policing. But even police chiefs in Republican areas are frustrated with his rollback.

  22. Bruni: Jeff Flake Spoke Up. Time to Put Up. Op Ed, November 21

    Some Senate Republicans are appalled by Donald Trump? Then deny him tax reform.

  23. ‘Hi, Drumstick.’ President Trump Pardons a Turkey, and Likes It. Washington, November 21

    At the annual White House ritual, Mr. Trump relishes his powers of clemency as Thanksgiving approaches. A large turkey is grateful.

  24. Pentagon Investigating Military Members’ Conduct During Trump’s Asia Trip Washington, November 21

    Defense Department officials said they were looking into whether three service members assigned to the White House had improper contact with foreign women.

  25. Trump Administration Scrambles Its Media Signals Business, November 21

    Moves by the Justice Department to block AT&T’s merger with Time Warner and by the F.C.C. to dismantle net neutrality rules make for a blurry regulatory picture.

  26. Trump Administration Ends Temporary Protection for Haitians National, November 20

    A program that let 59,000 Haitians remain in the United States after a 2010 earthquake will end in July 2019.

  27. Justice Department Sues to Block AT&T-Time Warner Merger Business, November 20

    A lawsuit to block the merger sets up a showdown over the first blockbuster acquisition to come before the Trump administration.

  28. Trump Halted These Hunt Trophies. Elephant Lovers Will Never Forget It. Washington, November 20

    Just why the president shelved his own administration’s rule on bringing hunt trophies into the country — a weighty query — is the elephant in the room.

  29. What Do You Like to Read? Op Ed, November 21

    Also: A limited defense of Trump and a look at sexual harassment by employment sector.

  30. Restoring North Korea to Terrorism Blacklist Dims Hopes for Talks Foreign, November 21

    Analysts say the North may use the American move as an excuse for more weapons tests.

  31. Trump Is Returning Cuba Policy to the Cold War Op Ed, November 21

    Mysterious illnesses among American diplomats in Havana have given President Trump the pretext to take a harder line on Cuba.

  32. When Our Allies Are Accused of Harassment Op Ed, November 20

    The case of Al Franken shows how painful and confusing it is when the #MeToo juggernaut comes for men we respect.

  33. ‘Only Morons Pay the Estate Tax’ Editorial, November 20

    That’s a heck of a way for the Trump administration to talk about the richest Americans.

  34. Whatever Happened to Trump’s Populist Agenda? Op Ed, November 20

    He won the election because voters want something different than policies like the establishment Republican tax plan.

  35. Stephen Colbert Attacks Trump for Feuding With LaVar Ball Culture, November 21

    Mr. Colbert told President Trump: “I know you’re upset, but maybe now’s not the time to be implying that someone’s kid should go to jail for what their dad did.”

  36. Lies, Incoherence and Rage on Tax Cuts Op Ed, November 20

    Con men get really angry when someone points out their con.

  37. Under Scrutiny, Trump Foundation Raised, and Gave, More in 2016 Washington, November 20

    New filings show that the president’s foundation donated more than $2.2 million to veterans’ groups last year, but it is now in the process of closing.

  38. U.S. Airstrikes in Afghanistan Take Aim at Taliban Opium Labs Washington, November 20

    The airstrikes are part of what is expected to be a sustained campaign targeting a lucrative source of funding for the Taliban.

  39. Trump Returns North Korea to List of State Sponsors of Terrorism Washington, November 20

    North Korea had been removed from the list under the George W. Bush administration in an attempt to salvage negotiations for a nuclear deal.

  40. Franken and Trump, Hiding Behind Their ‘Jokes’ Culture, November 20

    Men get away with bad behavior under the guise of show business in both comedy and politics. Too often, women are just the material.

  41. Nafta’s Renegotiation Risks National Security Op Ed, November 20

    It’s not worth jeopardizing advances in United States security and hemispheric stability.

  42. Marshawn Lynch Angers Trump by Standing for Mexican Anthem Sports, November 20

    Lynch, the Raiders running back, sat during the U.S. national anthem, but stood for the Mexican anthem during a game in Mexico City on Sunday.

  43. Serving Extra Years in Prison, and the Courthouse Doors Are Closed Washington, November 20

    The Trump administration has said some inmates cannot challenge their unlawfully long prison sentences, reversing a long-held Justice Department position.

  44. Listen to ‘The Daily’: How Trump Is Reshaping the Judiciary Podcasts, November 20

    Republican lawyers and lawmakers are working together to install conservative judges at a rate not seen in decades.

  45. New York City Expects More Tourists, but Fewer International Visitors Metro, November 19

    The tourism promotion agency estimated a record 61.8 million tourists this year, despite a decline in the number of visitors from other countries.

  46. Celebrating a 25-Year-Old Clinton Win, but Still Stung by a Trump Defeat Washington, November 19

    At an event in Little Rock, it was clear that Bill and Hillary Clinton, and many of their supporters, have not gotten over her loss to President Trump.

  47. Heng on Trump’s ‘America First’ Foreign Policy Op Ed, November 19

    The president announced that his foreign policy has restored respect for the United States.

  48. Trump Blasts LaVar Ball: ‘I Should Have Left Them in Jail!’ Sports, November 19

    A day after Mr. Ball downplayed President Trump’s involvement in getting three U.C.L.A. players safely out of China, the president fired back on Twitter.

  49. South Korean Official Says Trump’s Visit Improved Relations Foreign, November 19

    Choo Mi-ae, the leader of the Democratic Party of South Korea, says she thinks President Trump learned something about the Korea crisis on his trip.

  50. Trump, Al Franken and the Sexual Misconduct Debate Video, November 18

    By criticizing Senator Al Franken for inappropriate behavior, President Trump has reignited the debate around his own alleged misconduct.

  51. Trump Wants More Big Infrastructure Projects. The Obstacles Can Be Big, Too. National, November 18

    The president is pushing for repairs to the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, and he has promised to streamline government approvals. It still might not be enough.

  52. Nuclear War Doesn’t Seem So Funny After All Op Ed, November 18

    This wasn’t supposed to be something we actually had to be afraid of.

  53. The Trump Administration Is Making War on Diplomacy Editorial, November 18

    Rex Tillerson, ill suited as secretary of state, is dismantling his department to fit his limited ambitions.

  54. At Bonn Climate Talks, Stakes Get Higher in Gamble on Planet’s Future Climate, November 18

    This year’s United Nations climate talks have wrapped up, and there were few signs that countries are inclined to take urgent action.

  55. Republican Governors’ 2018 Dilemma: What to Do About Trump? Washington, November 18

    Republican governors gathered in Austin amid grave misgivings over the impact that President Trump will have on the party’s control over statehouses.

  56. Dear Nobel Winners, Mr. Trump Has All the Brains He Needs Editorial, November 18

    The president won’t meet this year’s American laureates, no surprise for “a very intelligent person” with no need for science.

  57. Why Can’t We Protect Elephants? Op Ed, November 18

    They need our help, not an easier way to make their carcasses into trophies.

  58. In Mocking Franken Over Claims of Sexual Misconduct, Trump Joins a Debate He Started Washington, November 17

    A typical politician with President Trump’s history would stay far away from discussing someone else’s behavior lest it dredge his own back into the spotlight.

  59. Top Russian Official Tried to Broker ‘Backdoor’ Meeting Between Trump and Putin Washington, November 17

    The overture came soon after the Trump campaign was told of Russian “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. As Donald J. Trump neared the Republican nomination, Moscow tried repeatedly to contact his campaign.

  60. For Now, Trump to Keep Ban on Importing Elephant Trophies Washington, November 17

    The president reversed his own administration’s decision in an evening tweet, prohibiting trophies of killed elephants from being brought into the country.

  61. Franken Case Sets Off Debate Over Line Between Abuse and a Mistake Washington, November 17

    Politicians and comedians were left trying to assess the line between predatory behavior and an inexcusable mistake as calls mounted for Senator Al Franken to resign.

  62. What Happened (and Didn’t) at the Bonn Climate Talks Climate, November 18

    The 23rd United Nations climate talks ended early Saturday, kicking most big issues down the road until 2018.

  63. N.C.A.A. Champs Visit the White House Sports, November 17

    Eighteen teams, from several sports, met with President Trump on Friday.

  64. Trump Names Supreme Court Candidates for a Nonexistent Vacancy Washington, November 17

    Having promised to pick any new Supreme Court justice from a list of pre-announced names, President Trump on Friday “refreshed” his list, adding five more judges.

  65. White House Requests More Disaster Aid but Also Seeks Cuts as Deficits Rise Washington, November 17

    The White House’s latest disaster relief request pushed the total from this year’s hurricanes and wildfires close to $100 billion, but it came with suggested cuts.

  66. How to Escape From Roy Moore’s Evangelicalism Op Ed, November 17

    If you don’t think right-wing politics should dominate Christian life, where can you find the right congregation?

  67. Trump Bags Another Anti-Obama Trophy: Dead Elephants Editorial, November 17

    The administration is lifting a ban on importing elephant parts severed as trophies after the animals are shot in Zimbabwe.

  68. Island Nations, With No Time to Lose, Take Climate Response Into Their Own Hands Climate, November 17

    Island states that are least responsible for global emissions but most vulnerable to storms and rising seas are looking outside the United Nations process for aid.

  69. Days of Greed and Desperation Op Ed, November 17

    Looming defeat has set the GOP free to be the terrible party it always wanted to be.

  70. We’re With Stupid Op Ed, November 17

    The problem is not the Russians — it’s us. A huge percentage of the population can’t tell fact from fiction.

  71. Downing North Korean Missiles Is Hard. So the U.S. Is Experimenting. Washington, November 16

    Buried in an emergency funding request to Congress lie hints of new ways to confront Pyongyang, like cyberweapons and armed drones.

  72. Trump, a Veteran of Sexual Harassment Accusations, Scolds Franken Washington, November 16

    In a pair of tweets late Thursday night, President Trump weighed in on the sexual assault allegation against Senator Al Franken.

  73. Alabama Senate Race Aggravates Deep Divide in Republican Party Washington, November 16

    The divisions that have split Republican leadership from its grass roots have sunk to a new level because of the Alabama Senate candidate.

  74. Who’d Gain From an Estate Tax Rollback: The 0.2 Percenters Business, November 16

    Scarcely 5,000 estates a year fall under the tax, but those seeking to reduce or eliminate it have outsize influence.

  75. A More Conciliatory Tone on Climate from the U.S. at Global Talks Climate, November 16

    In a brief address at the United Nations climate conference in Bonn, a State Department official mentions climate change and not coal, drawing (polite) applause.

  76. House Passes Tax Bill, as Does Senate Panel Washington, November 16

    The tax overhaul still faces significant obstacles, as Republicans seek to align the House legislation with a version that is under consideration in the Senate.

  77. Middle-Class Families Confront Soaring Health Insurance Costs Washington, November 16

    In Virginia, premiums on policies sold under the Affordable Care Act are pushing health coverage out of reach, and customers see political forces at work.

  78. White-on-White Voting Op Ed, November 16

    When an area is more than 85 percent white, support for President Trump skyrockets — and that makes all the difference.

  79. U.N. Climate Projects, Aimed at the Poorest, Raise Red Flags Climate, November 16

    The Green Climate Fund was meant to help developing countries tackle climate change, but many of the most vulnerable nations have not seen any grants.

  80. Trump’s Plan to Reduce Areas of National Monuments Letters, November 16

    The Paleontological Society takes issue with an administration plan to reduce the areas of national monuments in Utah.

  81. Moore, Trump and the Right’s New Religion Op Ed, November 16

    I no longer see Christ in American conservatism.

  82. Trump’s Climate Deniers Letters, November 16

    A Tufts scientist writes that President Trump and his climate deniers are harming billions of people and the natural world.

  83. House G.O.P. Tax Writers Take Aim at College Tuition Benefits Washington, November 15

    The House tax bill, up for a vote on Thursday, would tax benefits that put the children of college workers through school and help doctoral students get their degrees.

  84. Samantha Bee Says Abuse Problem Is Bigger Than Roy Moore Culture, November 16

    High-profile allegations should not overshadow the pervasiveness of sexual harassment, Ms. Bee said.

  85. The Senate Questions the President’s Power to Launch Nukes Editorial, November 15

    Mr. Trump has brought on himself this examination of his authority to order the launch of the world’s most deadly weapons.

  86. How Prosecutors Turn a Protest Into a ‘Riot’ Op Ed, November 15

    I protested President Trump’s inauguration. Little did I know I would be swept up into a legal nightmare.

  87. My Fellow Americans … I’m Thirsty Washington, November 15

    Delivering a summation of his foreign policy, President Trump interrupted himself — setting off hilarity on Twitter — by stopping for a swig of water.

  88. Seeing U.S. in Retreat Under Trump, Japan and China Move to Mend Ties Foreign, November 16

    With President Trump creating unease in Asia, two longtime adversaries inch toward a possible rapprochement that reflects a shifting power balance.

  89. Trump Declares ‘America First’ Policy a Success After Asia Trip Washington, November 15

    Home from a 12-day trip to Asia with few concrete achievements, Mr. Trump made no significant announcements in what he had hyped as “a major statement.”

  90. Mr. Trump Casts a Shadow Over the AT&T-Time Warner Deal Editorial, November 15

    He politicizes everything he touches, so unless his appointees act with utmost integrity they will be tainted as his henchmen.

  91. The F.B.I.’s Dangerous Crackdown on ‘Black Identity Extremists’ Op Ed, November 15

    The effort to target racial justice activists has chilling echoes of Cointelpro.

  92. Trump’s ‘Tremendous Success’ Abroad Is Overstated Washington, November 15

    President Trump recapped 10 months of his foreign policy in a speech on Wednesday that contained several inaccurate claims.

  93. Trump Drinks Water. Twitter Erupts. Video, November 15

    When President Trump took a drink of water during his speech at the White House on Wednesday, Twitter went crazy. Why? Mr. Trump had mocked Senator Marco Rubio of Florida for a similar television water incident in 2013.

  94. Using the Justice Dept. to Punish Foes Letters, November 15

    Readers decry President Trump’s call for an investigation of Hillary Clinton: “He is positively obsessed with the woman he beat in the last election.”

  95. Under Trump, Banking Watchdog Trades Its Bite for a Tamer Stance Business, November 15

    A change in course has made the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which oversees the nation’s biggest banks, part of a campaign to roll back regulations.

  96. Richard Cordray’s Exit From Consumer Bureau Gives Trump an Opening Business, November 15

    Mr. Cordray, an Obama holdover, has been a zealous watchdog as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s first director. Now President Trump can reshape the agency.

  97. 5 Takeaways from a TimesTalks with Senators Corker and Warner Washington, November 15

    Senators Bob Corker, Republican of Tennessee, and Mark Warner, Democrat of Virginia, discussed waning bipartisanship during a New York Times event.

  98. Why We’re Still Fighting Over the Health Care Mandate Op Ed, November 15

    To some, it’s government overreach; to others, benevolent technocratic necessity.

  99. Trump’s Trade Approach Diverges Sharply from Free Trade Republicans Business, November 15

    Deep divisions over the future of trade policy threaten to disrupt a brittle coalition between free market and populist Republicans.

  100. At U.N. Climate Conference, Treading Lightly Around the Americans Climate, November 15

    Delegates at climate talks in Bonn are keeping their opinions to themselves about President Trump’s vow to withdraw from the Paris climate accord.

  101. Goldman Sachs’s China Deal Prompts Questions About Country’s U.S. Investment Business, November 15

    The bank’s $5 billion pact with an arm of the Chinese government to make deals in the United States highlights political divisions over trade and investment.

  102. Trump Offers Condolences, for the Wrong Mass Shooting Washington, November 15

    In a Twitter post later deleted, President Trump again addressed a Texas town affected by a shooting on Nov. 5, though four were killed in California on Tuesday.

  103. Jeff Sessions Denies Lying to Congress on Contacts With Russia Washington, November 14

    Before the House Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he could not recall a campaign adviser’s briefing on Russia but did remember stopping a Trump-Putin meeting.

  104. Is ‘Loyalty’ a Virtue? In the Trump Era, It’s Complicated. Magazine, November 15

    The last two years in American politics have revealed our very different senses of loyalty, from its purpose to its objects.

  105. Trump Returns and Attacks a Favorite Foe: CNN Washington, November 15

    On Twitter, President Trump said he was “forced” to watch CNN during his trip to Asia and “again realized how bad” it was.

  106. Attorney General Jeff Sessions Doesn’t Recall Editorial, November 14

    Over more than five hours, Mr. Sessions on Tuesday still forgot a lot of things most people would remember.

  107. Listen to ‘The Daily’: Jeff Sessions in the Hot Seat Podcasts, November 15

    The attorney general denied lying to Congress about Russian contacts and sidestepped questions about feeling pressure to investigate Hillary Clinton.

  108. The Upstart Saudi Prince Who’s Throwing Caution to the Winds Foreign, November 14

    Prince Mohammed bin Salman is taking on all comers — the royal family, wealthy Saudis, Iran and Hezbollah. But is he ambitious or simply reckless?

  109. This is How Grown-Ups Deal With Putin Op Ed, November 14

    Britain’s prime minister delivered a tough message to the Kremlin, while Trump babbled about Putin’s sincerity in denying cyberattacks.

  110. China Will Send Envoy to North Korea, Likely to Urge Nuclear Talks Foreign, November 15

    The move to meet with Kim Jong-un of North Korea comes less than a week after President Trump’s visit to Beijing. But analysts are skeptical about its prospects.

  111. Why Don’t Sanders Supporters Care About the Russia Investigation? Op Ed, November 14

    Discussing Trump’s ties to Putin could give us a chance to raise the issues that matter most to us: corruption and inequality.

  112. Pentagon Approves Gender-Reassignment Surgery for Service Member Washington, November 14

    The surgery was the latest setback to President Trump’s effort to bar transgender people from serving in the military.

  113. China Could Sell Trump the Brooklyn Bridge Op Ed, November 14

    The president got played in his trade talks in Beijing last week.

  114. Journalist Swept Up in Inauguration Day Arrests Faces Trial Business, November 14

    Of the nine journalists arrested in Washington on Jan. 20, only two are being charged. Alexei Wood, a freelancer, goes before a judge on Wednesday.

  115. Senate Plans to End Obamacare Mandate in Revised Tax Proposal Washington, November 14

    Republicans also said they would set all of their tax cuts for individuals to expire at the end of 2025, but deep cuts in the corporate tax rate would be permanent.

  116. ‘Lock Her Up’ Becomes More Than a Slogan Washington, November 14

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions denies being influenced by the president’s public pressure as he considers authorizing a new investigation of Hillary Clinton.

  117. Trump in Asia: A ‘Very Epic’ Charm Offensive Foreign, November 14

    Like most things he undertakes, President Trump treated his 12-day trip as a test of his own personal charisma.

  118. Jeff Sessions Displays Unsteady Recall on Trump-Russia Matters Washington, November 14

    Mr. Sessions said he could not recall the details of a campaign adviser’s Russia proposals, but he could recall that he rejected a proposed Trump-Putin meeting.

  119. From Sicily, a Voice of Discontent to Scare All Italy Op Ed, November 14

    Members of the populist Five Star Movement, which came in No. 2 in regional voting, are neither real reformers nor harmless buffoons.

  120. How Trump Helped Liberate U.C.L.A. ‘Knuckleheads’ From China Politics, November 14

    The American president had appealed to his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, in the case of the three members of a university basketball team accused of shoplifting.

  121. Trump’s Mixed Messages Fail to Reassure Asian Allies Foreign, November 14

    The president’s marathon trip left many unsure about America’s staying power and fed a growing sense that China drives the region’s agenda.

  122. The U.S. Is Tackling Global Warming, Even if Trump Isn’t Op Ed, November 14

    Leaders from state capitols, city halls and businesses have come to a climate meeting in Bonn to say America remains committed to the Paris accord.

  123. Why Roy Moore and Not Trump? Letters, November 14

    A reader asks why the president is not being held accountable for claims of sexual harassment.

  124. Zero-Sum Game? Trump’s Mistaken Views on Trade Letters, November 14

    Two readers criticize the president’s unilateralist approach to trade.

  125. Can Trumpism Survive Trump? Op Ed, November 14

    Looking for a political figure on the American scene to give conservatives hope.

  126. Justice Dept. to Weigh Inquiry Into Clinton Foundation Washington, November 13

    In a letter to the House Judiciary Committee, the Justice Department said it planned to pursue the possibility of appointing a special counsel to investigate the Uranium One deal.

  127. What Is the Uranium One Deal and Why Does the Trump Administration Care So Much? Washington, November 14

    The Justice Department is considering appointing a special counsel to investigate a 2010 decision by the Obama administration. Here’s why.

  128. An Open Door for Pesticide Lobbyists at the U.S.D.A. Business, November 13

    A former lobbyist for the pesticide industry now leads a deregulation team at the Agriculture Department. Visitor logs show that old ties remain strong.

  129. President Trump’s Thing for Thugs Editorial, November 13

    The degree to which he grovels before some of the world’s most unsavory leaders hurts U.S. credibility and influence.

  130. Appeals Court Partly Reinstates Trump’s New Travel Ban National, November 13

    A federal appeals court in San Francisco said a ban on entry from six countries could go into effect for people with no ties to the United States.

  131. Biden Hopes Trump’s Presidency Will Be the ‘Exception’ in U.S. History Culture, November 14

    The former vice president sharply criticized President Trump, but declined to say whether he himself would run for president in 2020.

  132. Susan Rice: Trump Is Making China Great Again Op Ed, November 13

    The president’s grand trip failed to produce meaningful concessions from China on trade and if anything strengthened Beijing’s hand in Asia.

  133. Protesters Jeer as Trump Team Promotes Coal at U.N. Climate Talks Climate, November 13

    The Trump administration’s debut at the United Nations climate conference in Bonn, Germany, was met with heckling, noisy protest and harsh questions.

  134. The Siege Mentality Problem Op Ed, November 13

    It explains most of the dysfunctional group behavior these days, on left and right.

  135. Iran, Italy, Roy Moore: Your Tuesday Briefing N Y T Now, November 13

    Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

  136. Read Rebeckah Adcock’s Ethics Agreement Interactive, November 13

    Rebeckah Adcock, a former lobbyist for CropLife America, a trade group representing the pesticide industry, has agreed not to participate in matters involving her former employer.

  137. The Bonn Climate Conference: All Our Coverage in One Place Climate, November 13

    Negotiators from nearly 200 countries are meeting in Bonn, Germany, in the biggest climate change talks of the year. Here’s all of our coverage.

  138. Former Eli Lilly Executive Is Trump’s Choice for Health Secretary Washington, November 13

    Alex M. Azar II, a lawyer, was also a health official in the George W. Bush administration

  139. Trump Again Wades Into Tax Debate, Suggesting Repeal of Obamacare Mandate Washington, November 13

    As Republicans began debating a $1.5 trillion tax cut, President Trump suggested lawmakers cut rates further and repeal the Affordable Care Act mandate.

  140. Trump Lauds ‘Great Relationship’ With Duterte in Manila Foreign, November 13

    Human rights issues “briefly came up” as the leaders met in a friendly session on the sidelines of a summit meeting in the Philippines.

  141. Roy Moore, and Other Harassment Charges Letters, November 13

    Some are cut off right away, others not. Why?

  142. Putin Denies. Trump Accepts. Do You? Letters, November 13

    Readers say the president’s willingness to take the Russian president’s word shows him to be a rube, a cynic or a coward.

  143. An Open Letter of Love to Kim Jong-un Op Ed, November 13

    If loving is a radical act, even a treasonous one, we take joy in it.

  144. How the ‘Resistance’ Helped Democrats Dominate Virginia Magazine, November 13

    For campaign managers like Kathryn Sorenson, much of their job was simply channeling the enormous wave of energy that came their way.

  145. Trump Judicial Pick Did Not Disclose He Is Married to a White House Lawyer Washington, November 13

    Brett J. Talley was asked to name family members who might be a conflict of interest. He did not mention that his wife is the White House counsel’s chief of staff.

  146. Trump’s Trade Policy Is Lifting Exports. Of Canadian Lobster. Business, November 12

    How overseas markets opened to a remote Nova Scotian factory, giving it an edge over competitors in Maine.

  147. The Right Way to Cut Corporate Taxes Editorial, November 12

    Here’s why the Republican tax plans are such a boondoggle.

  148. Democrats, Don’t Be Fooled by Victory Op Ed, November 12

    The wins were mostly in blue America.

  149. Siding With the Enemy Op Ed, November 12

    President Trump won’t acknowledge Russia’s crime, of which he was the beneficiary.

  150. Fewer Foreign Students Are Coming to U.S., Survey Shows National, November 13

    Experts said concerns around President Trump’s travel ban and safety were fueling the decline in enrollment.