1. Democratic Insider and a Republican Backed by Trump Win Ohio House Races Politics, Today

    The victories by Shontel Brown, a Democrat supported by the national establishment, and Mike Carey, a Republican endorsed by Donald Trump, provided a lift to the leadership of both parties.

  2. Cuomo Stands in a Long Line of Politicians Accused of Mistreating Women Politics, Today

    Nearly all have faced calls to resign, and only some have heeded them. But few have faced an inquiry as expansive and public as the one into the New York governor’s actions.

  3. Trump says he will not try to stop former Justice Dept. officials from testifying to Congress. Washington, Today

    President Donald J. Trump said that he would not sue to keep six former officials from testifying, according to letters sent to them on Monday by his lawyer.

  4. A Key Player in Trump’s First Impeachment Tells His Insider’s Story Book Review, Today

    Alexander Vindman’s memoir, “Here, Right Matters,” is not only a backstage account of the first impeachment proceeding but also a plea to Americans to do the right thing.

  5. Ohio House Races: What to Watch For Politics, Today

    Two primary contests for special elections, one in a heavily Democratic district and one in a Republican-friendly area, will provide some clues as to where the parties are headed.

  6. Biden Administration to Keep Using Public Health Rule to Turn Away Migrants Washington, Yesterday

    Citing new concerns about the spread of the coronavirus, the administration will continue to rely for now on a Trump-era policy.

  7. Trump plans to fight the release of his tax returns to Congress. Metro, Yesterday

    “We’re going to fight this tooth and nail,” said a lawyer for the former president.

  8. The Acrobatics Aren’t Confined to the Olympics Op Ed, Yesterday

    Tokyo and Washington confound expectations. 

  9. Biden’s Climate Plans Are Stunted After Dejected Experts Fled Trump Climate, August 1

    Hundreds of scientists and policy experts left the government during the Trump administration. The jobs remain unfilled six months into President Biden’s term.

  10. The G.O.P. Menace to Society Op Ed, August 1

    It is delusional to not tell the unvarnished truth because you believe your tone of conciliation will lead to rehabilitation.

  11. Already Distorting Jan. 6, G.O.P. Now Concocts Entire Counternarrative Politics, July 31

    In the Republicans’ disinformation campaign, the arrested Capitol rioters are political prisoners and Speaker Nancy Pelosi is to blame for the attack.

  12. Biden Promised to Restore the Iran Nuclear Deal. Now It Risks Derailment. Washington, July 31

    Both sides have much to lose if a delicate negotiation over limiting Iran’s activities in return for a lifting of sanctions falls short.

  13. How Strong Is Trump’s Grip on the G.O.P.? Op Ed, July 31

    Weaker than he wants, but strong enough to win the nomination once again.

  14. Why Do Republicans Hate Cops? Op Ed, July 31

    Turning their backs on the ones who had their backs.

  15. A Vulgar Anti-Biden Banner: Protected Free Speech? Letters, July 31

    Readers discuss an editorial defending a New Jersey woman’s right to display crude political banners.

  16. Trump Has Built War Chest of More Than $100 Million Politics, July 31

    In the first half of 2021, the former president raised far more money online than any other Republican, federal records show. But his team claimed he had raised more than he actually did.

  17. Trump Pressed Justice Dept. to Declare Election Results Corrupt, Notes Show Washington, July 30

    “Leave the rest to me” and to congressional allies, the former president is said to have told top law enforcement officials.

  18. Treasury must turn over Trump’s taxes to Congress, the Justice Dept. says. Washington, July 30

    The Trump administration had stymied the request, and the committee sued to obtain the documents. The former president could still seek an injunction to stop their release to Congress.

  19. Manchin and Sinema Have Their History Wrong Op Ed, July 30

    Senate Democrats who won’t give up the filibuster to secure voting rights are fooling themselves.

  20. How Biden Got the Infrastructure Deal Trump Couldn’t Washington, July 29

    The early success of the deal vindicated the president’s faith in bipartisanship. If he can keep it on track, it will help affirm the rationale for his presidency.

  21. Biden calls on Congress to extend the federal eviction freeze for one month. Washington, July 29

    The moratorium on residential evictions is scheduled to expire on Saturday.

  22. Officials Struggled With Trump’s Ukraine Aid Freeze, Emails Show Washington, July 29

    The Trump administration successfully stonewalled a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit for the messages during his first impeachment.

  23. The Arizona vote review winds down amid disclosures that it was paid for almost entirely by Trump supporters. National, July 29

    Cyber Ninjas said that it had collected more than $5.6 million from five pro-Trump organizations for the widely disparaged review.

  24. ‘Gut-Wrenching’ Jan. 6 Testimony by Capitol Officers Letters, July 28

    “Finding the truth and holding leaders responsible for what happened on Jan. 6 should not be a partisan issue,” one reader writes.

  25. Nursing Homes May Face Steeper Safety Fines Science, July 28

    The Biden administration has quietly undone a Trump policy that severely restricted penalties imposed on facilities that violated safety standards.

  26. What if There Wasn’t a Coup Plot, General Milley? Op Ed, July 28

    There is something grandiose about his conception of his place in government.

  27. U.S. Declines to Defend Trump Ally in Lawsuit Over Jan. 6 Riot Washington, July 27

    The move could mean that the Justice Department is also unlikely to defend former President Donald J. Trump in the case.

  28. Trump Is Gone, but the Media’s Misinformation Challenge Is Still Here Politics, July 27

    Should news outlets contextualize false claims made by powerful people? Or ignore them completely? There is no consensus in the industry, but its thinking continues to evolve.

  29. ‘Telling the Truth Shouldn’t Be Hard’: Officers Testify About Jan. 6 Riot Video, July 27

    Four officers who defended the Capitol during the Jan. 6 riot testified to House lawmakers. The officers described in dramatic detail what they witnessed, and asked for a thorough investigation into what led to the attack.

  30. ‘A hit man sent them.’ Police at the Capitol recount the horrors of Jan. 6 as the inquiry begins. Washington, July 27

    The first hearing of the special House committee investigating the attack, which included testimony from four police officers who fought off the mob, has concluded.

  31. Liz Cheney urges investigation of Trump’s ‘every phone call’ on Jan. 6, and Kinzinger makes an emotional appeal for truth. Washington, July 27

    Ms. Cheney, one of just two House Republicans willing to serve on the panel, dared her colleagues to support a full investigation into the worst attack on Congress in centuries.

  32. I’m on the Jan. 6 Committee. Here Are the Questions I Want Answered. Op Ed, July 27

    We need a serious look at the lies being perpetuated by leaders — including former President Donald Trump — and what impact such false narratives had.

  33. America Shouldn’t Compete Against China With One Arm Tied Behind Its Back Op Ed, July 27

    Building up domestic manufacturing and innovation is important. But we also need tariffs, long an effective tool of economic policy.

  34. Shunned by G.O.P., Cheney and Kinzinger Seek Answers on Jan. 6 Riot Washington, July 26

    They have been isolated and ostracized by their party for accepting Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s offer to sit on the special committee investigating the Capitol assault.

  35. Thomas Barrack, a Trump ally and former fund-raiser, pleads not guilty to illegal lobbying charges. Politics, July 26

    Earlier this week, Mr. Barrack was released on $250 million bond and ordered to wear a GPS location-monitoring bracelet at all times, according to a Justice Department spokesman.

  36. Pelosi Appoints Kinzinger to Panel Scrutinizing Jan. 6 Washington, July 25

    The selection of Representative Adam Kinzinger for the special committee adds a second Republican who has been an unsparing critic of former President Donald J. Trump.

  37. Nancy Mace Called Herself a ‘New Voice’ for the G.O.P. Then She Pivoted. Washington, July 25

    Her shift reflects how rank-and-file Republicans — even those who may disagree with him — have decided it is too perilous to openly challenge former President Donald J. Trump.

  38. U.S. Moves to Drop Cases Against Chinese Researchers Accused of Hiding Military Ties Washington, July 24

    The arrests were part of a Trump-era initiative aimed at curbing Beijing’s efforts to steal intellectual property, corporate secrets, and military intelligence.

  39. Thomas Barrack, Trump’s friend and fund-raiser, is freed on $250 million bond. Washington, July 23

    The agreement requires Mr. Barrack to wear a GPS location monitoring bracelet at all times.

  40. Why I’m Sure Trump Will Run for President in 2024 Op Ed, July 23

    I've written three books about Donald Trump, and I spoke with him this spring. He won't be able to resist the lure of the presidency.

  41. Enlist Trump Against Vaccine Hesitancy Letters, July 23

    Readers urge Donald Trump to persuade the vaccine holdouts. Also: Prosecuting rapists; the appeal of Texas; Republicans and Jan. 6; China crackdown; higher education.

  42. A Foreign Agent in Trump’s Inner Circle? Op Ed, July 23

    Even amid a glut of scandals, Tom Barrack’s arrest is a big deal.

  43. What Do Trump and Marinara Have in Common? Op Ed, July 22

    Politically speaking, we’re not served by our stewing.

  44. A Democratic senator is bottling up Biden’s Customs and Border Protection nominee. Washington, July 22

    Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon is delaying a hearing until the administration answers questions about the response to last year’s unrest in Portland.

  45. U.S. Won’t Seek Death Penalty in 7 Cases, Signaling a Shift Under Biden Metro, July 22

    The decision not to seek the death penalty in federal cases around the country has raised defense lawyers’ hopes that the administration may end the practice.

  46. Pelosi Bars Trump Loyalists From Jan. 6 Inquiry, Prompting a G.O.P. Boycott Washington, July 21

    Democrats said Representatives Jim Banks and Jim Jordan, who amplified Donald J. Trump’s lies of a stolen election and opposed investigating the assault, could not be trusted to scrutinize it.

  47. Why Jim Banks and Jim Jordan Were Blocked From the Capitol Riot Panel Washington, July 21

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she was barring them from a committee scrutinizing the attack based on Democrats’ concerns about their “statements made and actions taken” around the assault.

  48. Thomas Barrack, Trump Fund-Raiser, Is Indicted on Lobbying Charge Washington, July 20

    Mr. Barrack, the chairman of Donald Trump’s inaugural committee, was accused of failing to register as a lobbyist for the United Arab Emirates, obstruction of justice and lying to investigators.

  49. Tom Brady Jokes About Election Results as Buccaneers Visit White House Washington, July 20

    President Biden’s administration has revived a tradition of championship invitations that had grown sporadic under former President Donald J. Trump.

  50. Trump loyalists top McCarthy’s list of picks for the Jan. 6 inquiry, signaling a partisan brawl. Washington, July 20

  51. How to Reach the Unvaccinated Op Ed, July 20

    The problem isn't just Republicans. The solution might be money.

  52. Loneliness Is Breaking America Op Ed, July 19

    Authoritarianism attracts isolated people.

  53. Republicans Have Their Own Private Autocracy Op Ed, July 19

    Loyalty signaling, flattery inflation and the modern G.O.P.

  54. Capitol Rioter Sentenced to 8 Months for Trying to Stop Vote Certification Washington, July 19

    Paul A. Hodgkins was the first person charged with a felony in the attack to be sentenced. His penalty could be a guidepost for scores of similar defendants.

  55. Merrick Garland Needs to Show He Knows What Jan. 6 Was Really About Op Ed, July 18

    The Justice Department should choose accountability for Mo Brooks and others over neutrality. 

  56. U.S. Habit of Backing Strongman Allies Fed Turmoil in Haiti Foreign, July 18

    Washington dismissed warnings that democracy was unraveling under President Jovenel Moïse, leaving a gaping leadership void after his assassination.

  57. Boris Johnson Finds Himself in a Quandary Over Racism and Sports Foreign, July 18

    The British prime minister is under fire for failing to condemn crowds who booed when England’s soccer players took a knee during the European Championship.

  58. La costumbre estadounidense de respaldar líderes autócratas favoreció el lío político en Haití en Español, July 18

    Washington desestimó las advertencias de que la democracia se desmoronaba durante el mandato de Jovenel Moïse, lo que ha dejado un vacío de liderazgo después de su asesinato.

  59. Slip Sliding Away From History Op Ed, July 17

    Not so fast, you enablers scurrying for the exits! 

  60. Two Men Charged With Plotting to Blow Up California Democratic Headquarters National, July 16

    The men consulted with an antigovernment paramilitary organization and hoped to start a “movement” that could keep former President Donald J. Trump in office.

  61. A Pause in Federal Executions, but Uncertainty About What’s Next Washington, July 16

    President Biden’s Justice Department has ordered a moratorium on carrying out federal death sentences after a surge in executions under the Trump administration.

  62. El caso CrowdTangle: Facebook libra una guerra interna por los datos en Español, July 16

    Los ejecutivos de la red social se han enfrentado por CrowdTangle, una herramienta de datos propiedad de Facebook que reveló los altos niveles de participación de los usuarios con los medios de comunicación de derecha.

  63. The Republican Attacks on Voting Rights Letters, July 15

    Readers urge Democrats to be more aggressive in preserving an essential part of democracy. Also: The Delta variant; Tennessee's rejection of science; artistic dreams; bad behavior at restaurants.

  64. Two Accounts of Donald Trump’s Final Year in Office, One More Vivid and Apt Than the Other Books, July 15

    “I Alone Can Fix It,” by Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker, and “Landslide,” by Michael Wolff, take different approaches to recounting the events of 2020 and early 2021.

  65. Biden to Restore Protections for Tongass National Forest in Alaska Climate, July 14

    Former President Donald J. Trump invited mining and logging to a vast wilderness of bald eagles, black bears and 800-year-old trees. President Biden is reversing course.

  66. Obamacare enrollments have risen by 2 million, reaching a record high, since Biden reopened them in February. Upshot, July 14

    Enrollment in Medicaid also reached a record high of 81 million Americans early this year. The spikes reflect the growing demand for health insurance during the pandemic, as well as its greater affordability.

  67. ‘Lean Into It. Lean Into the Culture War.’ Op Ed, July 14

    Is it Democrats or Republicans who are tearing us apart?

  68. Attempt to Seize Post Reporters’ Email Data Came Day Before Barr Left Office Washington, July 13

    Newly unsealed court files shed more light on a contentious leak investigation.

  69. ‘Have you no shame?’ Biden frames voting rights as a moral reckoning. Washington, July 13

    The president tried to reinvigorate the fight for voting rights, but he made no mention of rolling back the filibuster, which some see as the only way to beat back Republican-led efforts to restrict ballot access.

  70. Will a Top Trump Deputy Flip? The Daily, July 13

    If he cooperates with investigators, Allen Weisselberg may be the key to holding the former president legally accountable for his conduct as a businessman.

  71. Trump Organization Strips Weisselberg of Roles After Indictment Metro, July 12

    The removal of Allen Weisselberg from dozens of subsidiaries could signal a looming shake-up in former President Donald Trump’s family business.

  72. Michael Wolff on Donald Trump’s Last Days (for Now) Book Review, July 12

    “Landslide” tells the dramatic and unprecedented story of the weeks after the 2020 presidential election from inside the White House.

  73. 6 Months After Riot, Capitol Police Face Multiple Crises Washington, July 12

    The department that protects Congress is damaged and depleted following the Jan. 6 assault, with funding, staffing and operational problems plaguing a deeply demoralized force.

  74. As Republicans Take Aim at Voting, Democrats Search for a Response National, July 12

    A speech by President Biden on Tuesday could be a signal of how hard the Democrats will fight to protect voting rights.

  75. Biden Fires Trump Appointee as Head of Social Security Administration Washington, July 9

    The dismissal, the latest effort by President Biden to oust a Trump-appointed director of an independent executive agency, could set off a legal showdown over who rightfully holds the position.

  76. President Biden fired the head of the Social Security Administration. Washington, July 9

    Andrew Saul, a Trump holdover, drew Democrats’ ire and has vowed to fight his dismissal.

  77. Oath Keepers Leader Sits for F.B.I. Questioning Against Legal Advice Washington, July 9

    In a bold move, Stewart Rhodes, the founder and leader of the right-wing militia group, sat for an interview with federal agents after they seized his phone in May.

  78. Garland Settles In but Trump Era Still Shadows the Justice Dept. Washington, July 9

    The attorney general’s decisions in a handful of cases have shaped an early challenge for him: fortifying the department’s independence.

  79. The Nation Needs a Reality-Based G.O.P. Only the Kook Caucus Is Stepping Up. Editorial, July 8

    Supporters of Trump's Big Lie are poised to take over the party.

  80. The Trumpian Roots of the Chip Crisis Op Ed, July 8

    We’re still paying the price of tantrum-based policy.

  81. Michael Avenatti Sentenced to Two and a Half Years in Nike Extortion Case Sports, July 8

    The lawyer, who once represented Stormy Daniels, was found guilty in February 2020 of trying to extort more than $20 million from Nike.

  82. Should Trump Displace Buchanan as the Worst President Ever? Letters, July 8

    Readers make the case that Donald Trump has earned that distinction. Also: Edgar Snow’s China reporting; bypassed by the recovery; outdoor dining in the pandemic.

  83. Donald Trump Just Can’t Quit Zuckerberg and Dorsey Op Ed, July 8

    His latest stunt shows how badly he still misunderstands speech and platforms.

  84. In Michigan, Pro-Impeachment Republicans Face Voters’ Wrath Washington, July 8

    Representative Peter Meijer, a Republican who voted to impeach Donald J. Trump, seeks “decency and humility” in Western Michigan, but has found anger, fear and misinformation.

  85. Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg’s Partnership Did Not Survive Trump Sunday Business, July 8

    The company they built is wildly successful. But her Washington wisdom didn’t hold up, and neither did their close working relationship.

  86. Pondering Presidents — Who Got ‘Polked’? Op Ed, July 7

    The worst presidents are waiting — we see you, Mr. Trump.

  87. Trump Announces Lawsuit Against Tech Giants Video, July 7

    Former President Donald J. Trump said that he planned to sue Facebook, Twitter and Google, and their chief executives, for wrongful censorship, after the platforms took various steps to ban or block him from posting.

  88. Trump Gave Automakers What They Wanted. Biden Shouldn’t. Op Ed, July 7

    Trump gutted emissions reductions. The president must make up for time lost.

  89. Trump sues tech firms for blocking him, and fund-raises off it. Washington, July 7

    Speaking about “freedom of speech” and the First Amendment — which applies to the government, not to private-sector companies — Mr. Trump called his lawsuit a “very beautiful development.”

  90. Trump’s Cult of Animosity Shows No Sign of Letting Up Op Ed, July 7

    As long as the former president dominates the G.O.P., “this animosity coalition will define the party.”

  91. Tammy Duckworth on Her Fight to Shield Veterans From Deportation Washington, July 7

    The Democratic senator from Illinois is pushing for legislation that would end the government’s practice of deporting people who have served honorably in the United States military.

  92. Why New York’s Election Debacle Is Likely to Fuel Conspiracy Theories Politics, July 6

    Republicans have seized on the botched release of results from the mayor’s race — but the overall effect on public trust goes deeper.

  93. Scott Walker’s Wisconsin Paved the Way for Donald Trump’s America Op Ed, July 6

    If Democrats want to create an enduring coalition to prevent the unraveling of democracy, they must return to their labor roots.

  94. Trump Is Gone, Sort of. The Fireworks Are Still Going Off. Op Ed, July 5

    The Supreme Court, Congress, even the White House — the reverberations are everywhere.

  95. Rep. Adam Kinzinger on the Moral Failure of Republicans and the Big Lie Interactive, July 5

    “If you’re scared to tell the truth to people, I understand, but you need to find a different line of work.”

  96. What Happened When Trump Was Banned on Social Media Interactive, June 7

    Since Facebook and Twitter banned him, Donald J. Trump, the former president, has posted statements online far less often. But some of his statements have traveled just as far and wide on social networks.

  97. Ancient Rome Will Never Get Old. Take It From Mary Beard. Interactive, May 31

    “What the Romans are teaching is always at that meta level of what it might be like to take a view different from your own.”

  98. Do You Think You Can Tell How a Neighborhood Voted Just by Looking Around? Interactive, March 28

    An interactive, street-level tour of America’s full political landscape.

  99. El agente Brian Sicknick murió tras el asalto al Capitolio. Nuevos videos muestran cómo fue atacado Interactive, March 25

    Nuevos videos obtenidos por The New York Times muestran al público por primera vez cómo fue atacado con spray químico el agente de la Policía del Capitolio que murió tras enfrentarse a los asaltantes el 6 de enero.

  100. Officer Brian Sicknick Died After the Capitol Riot. New Videos Show How He Was Attacked. Interactive, March 24

    New videos obtained by The New York Times show publicly for the first time how the U.S. Capitol Police officer who died after facing off with rioters on Jan. 6 was attacked with chemical spray.

  101. Read the Suit: Swalwell v. Trump Interactive, March 5

    The suit from Representative Eric Swalwell accuses Mr. Trump and several allies of inciting the attack and conspiring with rioters to try to prevent Congress from formalizing President Biden’s victory.

  102. A Small Group of Militants’ Outsize Role in the Capitol Attack Interactive, February 21

    Prosecutors have highlighted two militant groups — the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys — as being the most organized in last month’s assault.

  103. First They Guarded Roger Stone. Then They Joined the Capitol Attack. Interactive, February 14

    We tracked how six men associated with the far-right Oath Keepers went from providing security for Roger Stone to participating in the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

  104. Trump’s Second Impeachment: How the Senate Voted Interactive, February 13

    See how each senator voted on the conviction of former President Donald J. Trump.

  105. Impeachment Trial Day 5: Full Analysis Interactive, February 13

    New York Times reporters covered former President Donald J. Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial. The Senate on Saturday acquitted former President Donald J. Trump of the impeachment charge brought by the House, finding him not guilty of inciti...

  106. Impeachment Trial Day 4: Full Analysis Interactive, February 12

    New York Times reporters covered the fourth day of former President Donald J. Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial. The proceeding began Tuesday with a debate about the constitutionality the impeachment trial, followed by the prosecution’s case...

  107. Impeachment Trial Live Stream: Full Analysis Interactive, February 11

    New York Times reporters covered the third day of former President Donald J. Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial. The proceeding began Tuesday with a debate about the constitutionality the impeachment trial, followed by the prosecution’s case against the former president.

  108. Live Impeachment Stream: Senate Trial Analysis Interactive, February 10

    New York Times reporters covered the second day of former President Donald J. Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial. The proceeding on Wednesday included the beginning of the prosecution’s case that the former president incited violence at the Capitol.

  109. Spoiler Alert Interactive, February 10

    After Trump, will we ever look at these things the same way again?

  110. Lie After Lie: Listen to How Trump Built His Alternate Reality Interactive, February 9

    Donald J. Trump’s lies and calls to action were embraced by his supporters, then amplified by rioters at the Capitol.

  111. Live Impeachment Stream: Senate Trial Analysis Interactive, February 9

    New York Times reporters covered the first day of former President Donald J. Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial. The trial began Tuesday with a debate about the constitutionality of putting a former president on trial.

  112. Read the Brief From House Managers Asserting Trump Has ‘No Good Defense’ Interactive, February 9

    The House managers took one final shot at Donald J. Trump on Tuesday morning before his impeachment trial got underway, telling the Senate in a written brief that the former president’s lawyers were relying on “flawed legal theories” because they had “no good defense” for his conduct around the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

  113. How Past Impeachment Proceedings Unfolded Interactive, February 9

    Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial started today. Only three presidents before him faced impeachment even once.

  114. A Step-by-Step Guide to the Second Impeachment of Donald J. Trump Interactive, February 8

    A detailed look at each stage of the impeachment process of former President Trump.

  115. Read the House Impeachment Managers’ Memo Interactive, February 8

    The House impeachment managers filed a five-page memo rebutting former President Donald J. Trump’s effort to dismiss the charge against him.

  116. Read Trump’s Impeachment Defense Memo Interactive, February 8

    In a 78-page brief submitted to the Senate, former President Donald J. Trump’s lawyers put forward their first sustained legal defense since Mr. Trump was impeached by the House for the second time.

  117. Lawyers Call Trump’s Defense ‘Legally Frivolous’ Interactive, February 5

    Taking aim at a key plank of the former president’s impeachment defense, the lawyers argued that the constitutional protections do not apply to an impeachment proceeding.

  118. An Extremely Detailed Map of the 2020 Election Interactive, February 2

    An interactive map that lets readers explore in new detail how most states voted in the 2020 presidential election.

  119. Tracking the Oath Keepers Who Attacked the Capitol Interactive, January 29

    Several members of the far-right paramilitary group the Oath Keepers have been arrested for a Jan. 6 breach of the Capitol. Who else may have participated, and how do they connect to the militia’s leader Stewart Rhodes?

  120. Three Weeks Inside a Pro-Trump QAnon Chat Room Interactive, January 26

    Here’s what it sounded like.

  121. Full List: Where Every Senator Stands on Convicting Trump Interactive, January 25

    See what senators have said about the article of impeachment against the former president.

  122. What Are You Hoping For Over the Next Four Years? Interactive, January 20

    Share your thoughts with other readers.

  123. Full Analysis of the 2021 Inauguration of President Joe Biden Interactive, January 20

    New York Times reporters provided live coverage of Inauguration Day, as former President Donald J. Trump departed the White House and President Joseph R. Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States.

  124. The Complete List of Trump’s Twitter Insults (2015-2021) Interactive, January 19

    This list documents all the verbal attacks Mr. Trump posted on Twitter, from when he declared his candidacy in June 2015 to Jan. 8, when Twitter permanently barred him.

  125. 2,000 Headlines. Here Is a First Draft of Trump's Legacy. Interactive, January 19

    In one handy graphic.

  126. Presidential Children’s Books, Pets and All Interactive, January 18

    When Joe Biden takes office, there will be several children's book authors and subjects in the White House.

  127. Critical Moments in the Capitol Siege Interactive, January 15

    Here is a moment-by-moment timeline of events on Jan. 6, when a mob assaulted the U.S. Capitol.

  128. The Best of Late Night This Week 🌙 Interactive, January 15

    Late-night hosts were put to the test this week. Here are their takes on the fallout from President Trump's impeachment.

  129. Impeachment Results: How Democrats and Republicans Voted Interactive, January 13

    See how each House member voted on the article of impeachment charging President Trump with inciting violence against the country.

  130. Full Analysis of the House Vote to Impeach President Trump Interactive, January 13

    Lawmakers in the House voted to impeach President Trump for a second time on Wednesday, with 10 Republicans joining Democrats in rebuking the president.

  131. Read Pence’s Letter to Pelosi Interactive, January 12

    In a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Mike Pence rejected the possibility of stripping President Trump of his powers through the 25th Amendment.

  132. How a Presidential Rally Turned Into a Capitol Rampage Interactive, January 12

    We analyzed the alternating perspectives of President Trump at the podium, the lawmakers inside the Capitol and a growing mob’s destruction and violence.

  133. To Understand This Chaotic Transition, Rewind to the Last One Interactive, January 11

    The handoff from Obama to Trump was fraught and unprecedented in ways the public didn’t see at the time. It was a prelude to so much that followed.

  134. Read the Article of Impeachment Interactive, January 11

    House Democrats on Monday introduced an article of impeachment charging President Trump with “high crimes and misdemeanors” for inciting the mob that assaulted the Capitol on Wednesday.

  135. How a Pro-Trump Mob Stormed the U.S. Capitol Interactive, January 6

    Hundreds of people barreled past fence barricades and clashed with police officers in an attempt to disrupt the certification of the Electoral College results.

  136. Vote Certification Proceedings Restart After Siege at Capitol: Reporter Analysis Interactive, January 6

    The debate in Congress to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory has renewed hours after the proceeding was disrupted by a pro-Trump mob storming the Capitol. We covered the evening’s events as they unfolded.

  137. What to Expect When Congress Meets to Certify Biden’s Victory Interactive, January 5

    A normally perfunctory joint session will be more dramatic than usual on Wednesday as some Republican lawmakers plan to object to the electoral vote count. Their effort, based on spurious claims of widespread voter fraud, is all but certain to fail.

  138. Stanley Chera Was a Mogul Who Made Covid-19 Personal for Trump Interactive, December 23

    The New York real estate titan was in some ways a foil to the president — and was on his mind as he went to Walter Reed.

  139. Immigrant Neighborhoods Shifted Red as the Country Chose Blue Interactive, December 20

    These maps show how areas with Latino and Asian residents shifted the vote in a way that may scramble the future of electoral politics, according to a New York Times analysis of 28,000 precincts.

  140. The Best of Late Night This Week 🌙 Interactive, December 18

    Vaccines, Joe Biden's victory and bombshells from Trump's world provided a perfect recipe for late night. Here's what the hosts had to say.

  141. How Russia Wins the Climate Crisis Interactive, December 16

    Climate change is propelling enormous human migrations, transforming global agriculture and remaking the world order — and no country stands to gain more than Russia.

  142. Biden’s 306 Electoral College Votes Make His Victory Official Interactive, December 14

    See how the 538 members of the Electoral College voted for president.

  143. The Best of Late Night This Week Interactive, December 4

    Late-night hosts enjoyed this bit of comparatively lighter fare this week before returning to Trump. Here are some highlights.

  144. The Best of Late Night This Week Interactive, November 20

    This week, the late-night hosts crunched the numbers from the so-called Million MAGA March in Washington and pondered Rudy Giuliani’s worth and his hair dye. Here are some of the best moments.

  145. Where Georgia’s Hand Recount Differed From the Initial Tally, by County Interactive, November 19

    Georgia’s vote audit found more than 5,000 new votes but left Joe Biden’s victory intact.

  146. Even in Defeat, Trump Found New Voters Across the U.S. Interactive, November 16

    Though turnout was explosive for both candidates, President Trump found 10.1 million new supporters across the country, allowing him to expand his base.

  147. The Best of Late Night This Week Interactive, November 13

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