1. Trump Lawyers Argue Barring Attacks on F.B.I. Would Censor ‘Political Speech’ Washington, Today

    In a filing, the lawyers in the classified documents case made an aggressive, and at times misleading, argument against prosecutors’ request for the judge to curb his attacks on agents.

  2. Trump’s Anti-Vaccine Problem Politics, Yesterday

    The anti-vax sentiment coursing through his die-hards shows how Trump takes his cues from his base.

  3. It’s Donald Trump’s 78th Birthday. He Isn’t Happy About It. Politics, Yesterday

    As he vies to become the oldest president in American history, former President Donald J. Trump said this birthday was one he wanted to ignore.

  4. Federal Judge Blocks Biden Administration’s Title IX Rules in 4 States Washington, Yesterday

    The ruling was an early salvo in a national legal battle over the new regulations, which extend stronger protections to L.G.B.T.Q. students.

  5. When Churches Cancel Their Own Letters, Yesterday

    Responses to a column by David French and his former church. Also: An extremist Supreme Court; a “failing candidacy”; help after prison.

  6. Trump Participates in His Form of Debate Prep, Readying to Face Biden Politics, Yesterday

    The former president is engaging in policy briefings — but no role playing, or other traditional aspects of debate preparations — ahead of the June 27 debate against President Biden.

  7. Trump Once Promised to Revive Coal. Now, He Rarely Mentions It. Climate, Yesterday

    In earlier races for the White House, he pledged to get miners back to work. Now, political and economic realities have shifted.

  8. Fauci Speaks His Mind on Trump’s Rages and Their ‘Complicated’ Relationship Washington, Yesterday

    In a new book, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci recounts a career advising seven presidents. The chapter about Donald J. Trump is titled “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.”

  9. Millions of Americans Watched ‘The Apprentice.’ Now We Are Living It. Book Review, Yesterday

    As a new book by Ramin Setoodeh shows, Donald Trump brought the vulgar theatrics he honed on TV to his life in politics.

  10. Supreme Court Rejects Trump-Era Ban on Gun Bump Stocks Washington, Yesterday

    The devices allow semiautomatic guns to fire more rapidly. They were banned after one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern U.S. history, at a Las Vegas concert in 2017.

  11. Trump Is Thinking About His Debates. And His Running Mate’s, Too. Politics, Yesterday

    As he considers his vice-presidential pick, Donald J. Trump has sought advice on a few key factors, including who will match up best on the debate stage against Vice President Kamala Harris.

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  13. Major Supreme Court Rulings, and Counterfeit Titanium in Planes Podcasts, Yesterday

    Plus, New York targets rogue smoke shops.

  14. The Chilling Reason You May Never See the New Trump Movie Op Ed, Yesterday

    Hollywood shouldn’t pre-emptively capitulate to the MAGA movement.

  15. Where There’s a Trump Highway but Not Many Trump Flags Op Ed, Yesterday

    In Cimarron County, Okla., the voters and the community have a lot more going on than just adherence to Trump.

  16. Donald J. Trump, the Man, the Flag Styles, Yesterday

    In a visual age, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is making himself into the 51st star.

  17. Where Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Stands on the Issues Politics, Yesterday

    The independent candidate, though still a long shot, has found support for his blend of populist economic rhetoric, isolationist foreign policy leanings and government skepticism.

  18. A Robert F. Kennedy Jr. le va sorpresivamente bien con los latinos en las encuestas En español, June 13

    Los analistas atribuyen la fuerza del candidato independiente al notable reconocimiento de su apellido y a la frustración con los dos principales contendientes.

  19. Supreme Court Maintains Broad Access to Abortion Pill Washington, June 13

    The decision does not eliminate efforts to restrict the availability of the pill.

  20. Courting C.E.O.s, Trump Says He Intends to Cut Corporate Taxes Again Politics, June 13

    Donald Trump cut the business tax rate to 21 percent from 35 percent in 2017. Speaking privately to business leaders, he said if he retook power, he wanted to make it 20 percent.

  21. Trump, Back in Capitol, Has Thoughts on Taylor Swift, Nancy Pelosi and Milwaukee Politics, June 13

    In a closed-door meeting with G.O.P. House members, the former president disparaged the city where his party’s convention will be held, according to people in the room.

  22. A Hollywood Heavyweight Is Biden’s Secret Weapon Against Trump Washington, June 13

    The longtime movie mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg always sought scary villains for his films. Now he has found what he considers a real-life one in Donald J. Trump.

  23. How One Move Illustrates Trump’s Tactics N Y T Now, June 13

    Defense lawyers are trying to toss out evidence in the classified documents case.

  24. Supreme Court Rejects Bid to Trademark ‘Trump Too Small’ Washington, June 13

    The decision was unanimous but fractured in rationale, with several justices objecting to the majority’s use of a history-based test.

  25. Abortion Pill Ruling May Help Republicans Minimize a Political Disadvantage Washington, June 13

    A ruling limiting access to a widely available abortion pill would have given Democrats another way to hammer their opponents on an issue that’s become politically damaging for Republican politicians.

  26. ‘I Know What It’s Like to Struggle,’ Biden Says in New Ad on Inflation Politics, June 13

    Inflation has cooled but many voters give significantly higher marks to President Biden’s opponent, Donald J. Trump, on the economy.

  27. G.O.P. Says Protest Zone Will Be Moved Away From Convention Site Politics, June 13

    Republican officials said the Secret Service had agreed to move a Milwaukee park into the security zone, but the agency said no final decision had been made.

  28. This Top Democrat Is Leading His Party’s Attack on Trump as a Felon Politics, June 13

    Most of the party’s leaders want to avoid too much focus on Donald Trump’s felonies. JB Pritzker, the governor of Illinois, feels differently.

  29. A Brief History of the Phrase ‘No One Is Above the Law’ Express, June 13

    With the recent convictions of a former president and a president’s son, a saying is getting a moment in the spotlight, as it has many times before.

  30. Inside Trump’s Search for a Vice President The Daily, June 13

    Donald J. Trump’s list of potential running mates has focused on a set of loyal campaigners.

  31. Trump Returns to Washington With Renewed Grip on the G.O.P. Washington, June 13

    Three and a half years after the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol, Donald J. Trump made a visit to Capitol Hill, as his party’s wary establishment rallies around his possible return to power.

  32. The June 13 Thepoint live blog included one standalone post:
  33. Maybe It All Comes Down to Abortion Podcasts, June 13

    In the battleground state of Arizona, Democrats hope that anger over Dobbs and state-level restrictions will send people to the polls and keep Biden in the White House.

  34. Republicans Seek Retribution After Trump Conviction Video, June 13

    G.O.P. leaders are publicly calling for Democrats to be prosecuted in retribution for Donald Trump’s felony conviction. Jonathan Swan reports on how the verdict is fueling anger and vengeance in the Republican Party.

  35. What J.D. Vance Believes Op Ed, June 13

    In a long conversation, the first-term senator from Ohio talks about Trump, populism, the 2020 election, Ukraine and the Republican V.P. slot.

  36. Las condenas a Hunter Biden y Donald Trump tienen algo en común En español, June 12

    A pesar del clamor de republicanos y demócratas, los jurados consideraron seriamente las pruebas antes de emitir sus veredictos.

  37. Hunter Biden’s Conviction, and a Family’s Pain Letters, June 12

    Readers discuss addiction, call for compassion and praise how the president has supported his son.

  38. Ben Carson as Trump’s Running Mate? Don’t Count Him Out Just Yet. Politics, June 12

    The retired neurosurgeon and former housing secretary is a wild card in the vice-presidential sweepstakes. His main advantage is that Donald Trump genuinely likes him.

  39. Republicans Push Through Contempt of Congress Citation Against Garland Washington, June 12

    The attorney general has refused Republican demands to turn over audio recordings by the special counsel who investigated the president’s handling of classified documents.

  40. Trump Would Be Long Gone if Only We Could … Op Ed, June 12

    It was never going to be easy to get voters to abandon their hero.

  41. In Nevada, an Exercise in Trust and Empathy Insider, June 12

    Eli Saslow reported from a tiny, remote county where a Republican election clerk and Donald J. Trump supporters are at odds.

  42. Hunter Biden’s Laptop, Revealed by New York Post, Comes Back to Haunt Him Business, June 12

    Many claims about the laptop’s contents have not been proved, but it played a role in the prosecution of Mr. Biden over a firearm purchase.

  43. Convictions of Biden’s Son and Trump Put the Justice System on Trial Washington, June 11

    But despite the partisan roar, two juries appeared to seriously weigh the evidence and deliver verdicts. The system seemed to work as it is supposed to.

  44. The Most Courageous Thing That Joe Biden Can Do Op Ed, June 11

    Israel, Ukraine and American democracy are on the line.

  45. Hunter Biden Conviction Undercuts a Trump Narrative, and a Fund-Raising Pitch Politics, June 11

    Many allies of Donald J. Trump had secretly wanted an acquittal, which they predicted would have turbocharged fund-raising and fed their claims of a rigged justice system.

  46. Hunter Biden Found Guilty on Charges Related to Gun Purchase in 2018 Washington, June 11

    The president’s son was convicted of three felonies during a trial that made his struggles with drug addiction painfully public.

  47. Biden Addresses Gun-Control Group Hours After Son’s Firearms Conviction Politics, June 11

    “More children are killed in America by guns than cancer and car accidents combined,” President Biden said in a speech in Washington.

  48. Las memorias del sobrino de Trump revelarán el ‘rincón más oscuro’ de la familia En español, June 11

    El libro “All in the Family: The Trumps and How We Got This Way”, de Fred Trump III, llegará a las librerías el 30 de julio.

  49. Alvin Bragg Will Testify to Congress After Trump’s Sentencing Washington, June 11

    The Manhattan district attorney and another prosecutor will confront questions next month from G.O.P. lawmakers about the Trump case.

  50. After Trump Endorses his Rival, a Nevada Senate Candidate Lashes Out Politics, June 11

    Jeff Gunter, who is competing in the Nevada Senate Republican primary, said without evidence that “a big check” swayed the former president.

  51. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Is Polling Surprisingly Well Among Latino Voters Politics, June 11

    Pollsters attribute the independent candidate’s strength to significant name recognition and to frustration with the top two contenders.

  52. Reflections on Gen Z and ‘Sellout Culture’ Letters, June 11

    Responses to an article about a generation tugged in different directions. Also: Gun trafficking to Mexico; a strong leader; Joe Biden’s tall tales.

  53. Trump to Meet With Republican Lawmakers in Washington Politics, June 11

    Former President Donald J. Trump’s allies on Capitol Hill have been planning for a 2025 agenda, while Mr. Trump has put forth proposals for a radical reshaping of government.

  54. Memoir by Trump’s Nephew Will Shed Light Into ‘Darker Corner’ of Family Books, June 11

    Fred C. Trump III’s “All in the Family: The Trumps and How We Got This Way” will hit shelves July 30.

  55. The Race for Running Mate N Y T Now, June 11

    Donald Trump has tightened his V.P. list to dependable and loyal campaigners.

  56. ¿En qué consiste la orden de Biden sobre el asilo? En español, June 11

    Estados Unidos y la frontera, elecciones anticipadas en Francia y más para el martes.

  57. There’s a Reason Trump Has Friends in High Places Op Ed, June 11

    Even the weak regulatory grasp of capitalist democracy is too strong for, well, capitalists.

  58. Issues Affecting Women Take Center Stage as Southern Baptists Hold Annual Meeting National, June 11

    Delegates will vote on whether to tighten restrictions on women in pastoral leadership and whether to condemn the use of in vitro fertilization.

  59. EE. UU. estudia una propuesta de protección a cónyuges indocumentados de ciudadanos En español, June 11

    Entre las medidas que se estudian figuran proteger a los cónyuges de la deportación y facilitarles el acceso a permisos de trabajo, según funcionarios con conocimiento de las conversaciones.

  60. The Gay-Bashing Email Splitting Colorado’s Republican Party Op Ed, June 10

    The MAGA movement tears another state Republican Party apart.

  61. Judge Strikes One Element From Trump Indictment in Documents Case Washington, June 10

    Judge Aileen Cannon threw out one basis for the case against the former president, involving a highly sensitive military map he showed an aide after leaving office.

  62. Freedom’s Just Another Word for Not Paying Taxes Op Ed, June 10

    Why America’s oligarchs are rallying around Trump.

  63. Trump’s Vegas Strategy: Run on Bad Luck Politics, June 10

    At his first rally since his conviction, Trump complained about the odds being stacked against him.

  64. Trump Pledged Support to an Organization That Wants Abortion ‘Eradicated Entirely’ Politics, June 10

    The group, known as the Danbury Institute, opposes abortion in all cases and has asserted that life begins at the moment of fertilization.

  65. The June 10 Biden Trump Election live blog included two standalone posts:
  66. Behind the Republican Effort to Win Over Black Men Politics, June 10

    The party is trying to make inroads with Black voters, a key demographic for Democrats, which could swing the 2024 election.

  67. Días después del cierre de la frontera: menos personas, pero más ansiedad En español, June 10

    Los refugios a lo largo de la frontera estaban más tranquilos el viernes y el sábado en comparación con meses anteriores, pero muchos que esperaban cruzar a EE. UU. se sentían desamparados y temerosos.

  68. The Israeli Hostage Rescue, and the Cost Letters, June 10

    Responses to the military raid and the carnage in Gaza. Also: A Trump assessment; John Roberts’s legacy; abandoned oil wells; a grief memorial.

  69. Teamsters President Asks for Speaking Slot at Both Parties’ Conventions Politics, June 10

    Having Sean O’Brien at the Republican National Convention would be politically useful to former President Donald J. Trump, even absent an endorsement. The union has yet to back a candidate.

  70. It’s a Trial a Minute Around Here Op Ed, June 10

    Here’s looking at you, Hunter.

  71. I’m an Appellate Lawyer in Manhattan. If Trump Appeals His Conviction, He Faces Long Odds. Op Ed, June 10

    Only one approach is likely to hold out anything more than the slimmest of hopes for the former president.

  72. I’m the Governor of Nevada. This Is Why Trump Is Doing So Well With Our Voters. Op Ed, June 10

    Nevadans’ unhappiness with the economy is driving Trump’s support in the state.

  73. He Said He Was Ashamed of Storming the Capitol. Now He’s Running for Office. National, June 10

    Elias Irizarry participated in the Jan. 6 riot, and now he’s running for the legislature in South Carolina. Will voters see it as a liability, or an asset?

  74. Trump Endorses Sam Brown in Nevada’s Key Senate Race Politics, June 10

    Mr. Brown, a former Army captain, is the leading candidate in a crowded field of Republicans vying to take on Senator Jacky Rosen, a vulnerable Democratic incumbent in a presidential battleground.

  75. In Las Vegas, Trump Appeals to Local Workers and Avoids Talk of Conviction Politics, June 10

    At a rally on Sunday, former President Donald J. Trump promised to end taxes on tips for hospitality workers in a speech otherwise filled with familiar refrains.

  76. Biden Administration Considers Protection for Undocumented Spouses of U.S. Citizens Washington, June 9

    The steps under consideration include protecting them from deportation and providing access to work permits, according to three officials with knowledge of the discussions.

  77. Trump Will Have Virtual Interview With Probation Official on Monday Metro, June 9

    The former president, who was convicted of 34 felonies by a Manhattan jury, is required to have an interview as the city’s Probation Department prepares a pre-sentencing report.

  78. Trump and Biden Surrogates Go Toe-to-Toe on Sunday Shows Politics, June 9

    Governors and senators laid out the cases for their candidates, with questionable claims and contravening positions.

  79. Biden Visits a Military Cemetery in France That Trump Once Snubbed Foreign, June 9

    President Biden wrapped up a five-day trip by visiting a cemetery for American soldiers killed in World War I that Donald J. Trump skipped during a similar trip in 2018.

  80. ‘Music Speaks to Some Deep Need Among Humans’ Letters, June 9

    Responses to a Science Times article about the evolution of music across cultures. Also: Accepting election results; honoring the dead; fear of crime.

  81. Trump’s Energy Guy Talked a Green Game but Now Sells Big Oil Priorities Climate, June 9

    Doug Burgum, the Republican governor of North Dakota, has stepped into the spotlight as a cheerleader for oil and former President Donald J. Trump.

  82. For Trump, Doug Burgum Emerges as a Safe Option, and a Wild Card Politics, June 9

    Mr. Burgum, North Dakota’s governor, is a prime contender in the former president’s search for a running mate, but he remains untested on the national stage.

  83. Days After Border Closes for Most Migrants, Manageable Crowds but More Anxiety National, June 8

    Shelters along the border were quieter on Friday and Saturday compared with previous months, but many hoping to cross into the U.S. felt stranded and fearful.

  84. ‘Cheaters Don’t Like Getting Caught’: Harris Blasts Trump in Michigan Politics, June 8

    Vice President Kamala Harris argues that Donald J. Trump’s guilty verdict should disqualify him for the presidency.

  85. As Trump Rallies in the Southwest, Extreme Heat Threatens MAGA Faithful Politics, June 8

    Eleven people were treated for heat exhaustion at a recent Trump event in Phoenix. Temperatures for a rally in Las Vegas on Sunday are expected to approach 105 degrees.

  86. Trump’s Most Dangerous Gift Op Ed, June 8

    For months now, he has been spinning his tale of tyranny and martyrdom, styling himself as the victim of an administration that plays dirty.

  87. President Biden’s Action on Immigration Is a Tough Sell in This Border County Politics, June 8

    Republicans and Democrats alike in Cochise County, Ariz., a place where many have long felt their needs are ignored, eyed the executive order with skepticism.

  88. Trump Vows to Lower Prices. Some of His Policies May Raise Them. Politics, June 8

    Donald J. Trump has not released a detailed economic plan. But three of his key proposals would push prices up, economists say.

  89. ¿Podrá cumplirse la medida de Biden de cerrar la frontera a los solicitantes de asilo? En español, June 8

    Todavía hay maneras para que la gente cruce de manera ilegal a Estados Unidos desde México, sobre todo ante la ausencia de recursos para ayudar a vigilar la frontera de más de 3200 kilómetros.

  90. Macron Hosts Biden in Paris, Honoring a Not Always Easy Bond Foreign, June 8

    The friendship between France and the U.S. endures. But tensions have mounted over the wars in Gaza and Ukraine, and how Europe can step out of America’s shadow.

  91. Kari Lake Delivered a Speech in Front of a Confederate Flag Politics, June 8

    Appearing at a Trump-themed merchandise store in Show Low, Ariz., Ms. Lake repeated lies about the 2020 election’s having been stolen from former President Donald J. Trump.

  92. Alvin Bragg Agrees to Testify Before Congress About Trump Case Metro, June 7

    The Manhattan district attorney suggested to a Republican congressman that he would testify only after former President Donald J. Trump is sentenced in July.

  93. If Trump Wins Interactive, June 7

    Donald Trump and his closest allies are planning a radical reshaping of American government. Here are some of the policy stakes if he regains power in 2025.

  94. Biden asegura que aceptará el resultado del juicio de su hijo En español, June 7

    En una entrevista concedida a ABC News, el presidente estadounidense afirmó que no indultaría a Hunter Biden en caso de ser declarado culpable en el juicio por delito grave con armas de fuego.

  95. U.S. Tightens Car Mileage Rules, Part of Strategy to Fight Climate Change Climate, June 7

    The new measure requires automakers to achieve an average of 65 miles per gallon for all the car models they sell by 2031.

  96. Trump Ran Him Out of MAGA. But Mike Pence Still Wants in the G.O.P. Politics, June 7

    The former vice president hopes to climb back to relevance as a keeper of the flame for traditional conservatism. The Trump camp calls him “Judas Pence.”

  97. Biden Has a Historically Strong Job Market. It May Not Be Enough. Washington, June 7

    Job gains continue to surge, and the unemployment rate remains low, but as the president seeks re-election, voters say they care more about high prices.

  98. Mitch McConnell’s Warning Against Isolationism Letters, June 7

    Readers agree with his argument but criticize his complicity in G.O.P. policies. Also: D-Day at 80; Republican “law and order”; universities’ voices; A.I. as C.E.O.

  99. Trump’s Former Chief of Staff Pleads Not Guilty in Arizona Election Case National, June 7

    Mark Meadows, who was the White House chief of staff in 2020, is accused of taking part in an effort to reverse Donald Trump’s loss in Arizona.

  100. Trump Says He Will Announce His Running Mate at Convention Politics, June 7

    The former president, who has a knack for building an audience since his reality TV days, is narrowing down the field of contenders.

  101. The ‘Empty Suit’ of Trump’s Masculinity Op Ed, June 7

    Three men of Opinion debate Trump’s appeal.

  102. Donald Trump’s Mob Rule Op Ed, June 7

    Why the MAGA movement loves Mafiosi.

  103. Republicans Have a New Way of Looking at Crime Op Ed, June 7

    This is what happens when you say it’s the legal system that’s indefensible.

  104. The Economic Theory That Explains Why Americans Are So Mad Op Ed, June 7

    Annie Lowrey talks about how the affordability crisis is shaping how Americans perceive the state of the economy.

  105. Alvin Bragg’s Next Decision on Trump Presents a Political Quandary Metropolitan, June 7

    The Manhattan district attorney must present a sentencing recommendation to the judge. He could face backlash whether he opts for leniency or for a harsh sentence.

  106. The E.U. Is Voting. It’s Never Mattered More. Foreign, June 7

    Hundreds of millions of voters are electing a European Parliament this weekend. The outcome will help tip the balance of the continent’s struggle between unity and nationalism.

  107. Trump Defends Vow to Prosecute Rivals, Saying ‘Sometimes Revenge Can Be Justified’ Politics, June 7

    In recent days, sympathetic interviewers, including Dr. Phil gave Donald Trump the chance to walk back or soften his vows of retribution, but he backed his position against Democrats.

  108. Biden Says He Would Not Pardon His Son in Felony Gun Trial Washington, June 7

    In a wide-ranging interview with ABC News, the president touched on Hunter Biden’s trial, Donald Trump’s felony conviction and the war in Gaza.

  109. In First Event as a Felon, Trump Rails Against Border Crisis in Arizona Politics, June 7

    The former president said his criminal trial had been “rigged” and took aim at President Biden’s handling of the border, saying the influx of migrants had turned Arizona into a “dumping ground.”

  110. Biden Shut the Border to Asylum Seekers. The Question Is Whether the Order Can Be Enforced. Washington, June 6

    There are still ways for people to cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally, particularly without any new resources to help guard the 2,000-mile frontier.

  111. MAGA Turns Against the Constitution Op Ed, June 6

    Not everything is in crisis.

  112. The N-Word Would Work Differently for Trump Op Ed, June 6

    Black people already know who he is and what they think of him.

  113. One trial down. But will there be others? N Y T Now, June 6

    We catch up on the state of Trump’s three other criminal cases.

  114. Johnson Names Trump Allies to Intelligence Panel, Prompting Concerns Washington, June 6

    Both Representatives Scott Perry of Pennsylvania and Ronny Jackson of Texas are close allies of the former president who have faced legal and ethical issues.

  115. Judge Orders Bannon to Surrender for Prison Term by July 1 Washington, June 6

    The outspoken Trump ally was convicted two years ago of contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a subpoena from the House Jan. 6 committee. He faces a four-month sentence.

  116. Donald Trump, Crime and Punishment Letters, June 6

    Readers discuss various options for sentencing the former president. Also: The congestion-pricing reversal; immigration policy; fossil-free insurance.

  117. The Absolute Worst Argument for Why Trump Won’t Win Op Ed, June 6

    Democratic complacency in 2016 was foolish. In 2024 it’s incomprehensible.

  118. Biden Uses D-Day Anniversary to Swat at Trump on Veterans Issues Politics, June 6

    The president’s campaign released a digital ad featuring three veterans criticizing Donald Trump as ‘a draft dodger,’ unfit to be commander in chief.

  119. The June 6 Thepoint live blog included one standalone post:
  120. Tim Scott Makes New Push to Woo Black and Hispanic Republicans Politics, June 6

    The $14 million effort by Mr. Scott’s super PAC comes as the South Carolina senator is said to be high on Donald Trump’s list of potential running mates.

  121. Court Delays Trump’s Georgia Case, and U.N. Warns of ‘Climate Hell’ Podcasts, June 6

    Plus, inside a base where Israel has detained Gazans.

  122. ‘It’s Not 2016 Anymore’: Trump Finds Friends in Silicon Valley Politics, June 6

    Donald Trump attended a fund-raiser in San Francisco, and his host, the tech entrepreneur David Sacks, hoped to portray Silicon Valley as a more MAGA-welcoming place.

  123. Trump’s Conviction Made These Voters Rethink Their Choice for President Politics, June 6

    Conversations with nearly 2,000 voters showed a small number had changed their minds about Donald J. Trump. Here’s what a few said about why.

  124. Trump’s Guilty. Does Anyone Care? Podcasts, June 6

    Some voters are moving away from the former president, but conversations with people still on the fence show a wide range of issues on their mind beyond a criminal conviction.

  125. Prison Time Is the Real Factor in the Trump Verdict’s Impact on 2024 Op Ed, June 6

    How voters will react to a candidate’s sentencing is fraught with uncertainty.

  126. A Republican Election Clerk vs. Trump Die-Hards in a World of Lies National, June 6

    Cindy Elgan has overseen elections in rural Nevada without incident for 20 years, but now even her neighbors wonder if she’s part of “the deep state cabal.”

  127. Hunter Biden’s Laptop Makes a Brief Appearance at His Trial Washington, June 6

    As the prosecutor waved the silver Apple MacBook Pro, the jury gazed at it as if expecting sparks to fly from it.

  128. N.Y.P.D. Moves to Revoke Trump’s License to Carry a Gun Metro, June 5

    Former President Donald J. Trump had a concealed carry license and had three pistols.

  129. A New Hurdle for Asylum Seekers: 4 Hours to Find a Lawyer Washington, June 5

    The new time constraint comes after President Biden announced a near-total ban on asylum on the southern border.

  130. Trump’s Vows to Prosecute Rivals Put Rule of Law on the Ballot Washington, June 5

    Donald Trump’s promise to seek retribution challenges long-established norms. The election could hinge in part on what kind of justice system the country believes it has now and wants in the future.

  131. Small Shift Toward Biden After Trump Verdict Upshot, June 5

    We reached nearly 2,000 people who participated in previous Times/Siena polls to see if any had changed their minds.

  132. House Republicans Issue Criminal Referrals of Hunter and James Biden Washington, June 5

    The referrals, which accuse the president’s son and brother of lying about his involvement in their business dealings, carry no force of law but are the latest bid by Republicans to target the Biden family.

  133. Georgia Appeals Court Stays Most Proceedings in Trump Election Case National, June 5

    The order means the prosecution of Donald J. Trump in Georgia is effectively frozen, at least through the presidential election.

  134. Judge Reshuffles Hearings in Trump Documents Case Washington, June 5

    The new schedule set by Judge Aileen Cannon reflects the array of legal issues that she has yet to resolve amid efforts by the former president’s legal team to delay the trial.

  135. In Congestion Pricing Reversal, Hochul Finds Odd Allies, Including Trump Metro, June 5

    Gov. Kathy Hochul’s abrupt decision to delay the long-awaited plan put her in line with the former president, who has a habit of attacking New York, his hometown.

  136. Far-Right Vows to Tie Up the Senate to Avenge Trump Are So Far Mostly Empty Washington, June 5

    To date, the effort has not produced results, as the Republicans who have promised to hold up nominees and legislation are the ones who usually oppose them anyway.

  137. Byron Donalds, Trump V.P. Contender, Suggests Jim Crow Era Had an Upside Politics, June 5

    The Republican congressman from Florida was visiting Philadelphia to persuade Black voters to support former President Donald J. Trump.

  138. As Hunter Biden Stands Trial, a Republican Noise Machine Goes Silent Politics, June 5

    Republicans have gone after Hunter Biden for years, but his trial on gun charges undermines their views on gun rights and on a “weaponized” Justice Department.

  139. El hijo de Joe Biden: un caso rutinario de armas, pero uno muy inusual En español, June 5

    Desde su declaración de apertura, el fiscal general del juicio de Hunter Biden recordó a los 12 miembros del jurado que “ningún hombre está por encima de la ley”. Aunque sea muy difícil no prestar atención al apellido ni la historia del acusado.

  140. It Was Legal Boilerplate. Trump Made It Sound Like a Threat to His Life. Washington, June 5

    The former president’s lies about the F.B.I. being prepared to kill him during the search of Mar-a-Lago took his attacks on the justice system and the rule of law to another level.

  141. How Will Trump’s Conviction Affect the Election? Letters, June 5

    Readers offer their analyses in response to various Opinion writers. Also: Foster children; free school meals.

  142. Larry Hogan Incurs Trump’s Wrath After Telling Americans to ‘Respect the Verdict’ Politics, June 5

    When former Gov. Larry Hogan asked Americans to “respect the verdict,” the Trump team turned on his Senate candidacy, jeopardizing a potential Republican pickup opportunity.

  143. Israel Secretly Targets U.S. Lawmakers, and Biden Visits Europe Podcasts, June 5

    Plus, what our reporter witnessed in Sudan.

  144. The G.O.P. Push for Post-Verdict Payback: ‘Fight Fire With Fire’ Politics, June 5

    Republican leaders in and out of government are publicly pushing to prosecute Democrats as legal retribution for Donald Trump’s felony conviction.

  145. Donald Trump, Blocking Out the Sun Op Ed, June 5

    Trump sort of photosynthesizes any and all attention to grow bigger and stronger. What’s Biden to do?

  146. To Win on Immigration, Biden Must Move the Debate Beyond the Border Op Ed, June 5

    Biden can and should lead his party back to a time when fighting for the undocumented was a major policy priority.

  147. Trump Super PAC Says It Took In Nearly $70 Million in May Politics, June 5

    In a memo for donors obtained by The New York Times, the group also said it viewed Pennsylvania as critical to the Trump campaign’s success in November.

  148. The President’s Son: A Routine Gun Case, but Abnormal in Every Way Washington, June 5

    At Hunter Biden’s trial, he listened with the jury to his own voice on the audio version of his memoir. “We’ve all been inside rooms we can’t afford to die in,’’ he heard himself say.

  149. Andy Kim Wins Democratic Senate Primary; Rob Menendez Survives Challenge Metro, June 5

    The victory makes Mr. Kim a favorite to replace Mr. Menendez’s father, Senator Robert Menendez, who is on trial, charged with corruption — a detail that became central to his son’s re-election race.