1. Trump Plans to Withdraw Some U.S. Troops From Germany, a Key NATO Ally World, Today

    The plan is a further blow to America’s weakening European alliances and likely to be welcomed by President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.

  2. Milley, America’s Top General, Walks Into a Political Battle U.S., Today

    The military that Gen. Mark A. Milley represents is facing what could be the worst schism with the American public since the fractious Vietnam War years.

  3. Trump Rekindles His Fight With the N.F.L. Over Protests Led by Kaepernick Sports, Today

    The president tweeted a defense of Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who had said it was disrespectful to kneel during the national anthem, as Colin Kaepernick and other players began doing in 2016 to protest racial injustice.

  4. Security Concerns Give the White House a Fortified New Look U.S., Today

    It increasingly resembles a Washington version of the Green Zone that sheltered American and Iraqi officials in Baghdad.

  5. Appeals Court Blocks White House From Suspending Reporter’s Press Pass Washington, Today

    The ruling came with assurance that the White House could remove any “rogue, mooning journalists” if such a disruption were to happen.

  6. As Images of Pain Flood TV, ‘Where Is Our Leader?’ Culture, Today

    Americans traditionally have looked to the president for empathy in a crisis. This time, they turned to their phones, to a memorial service — even to the Rock.

  7. A Lack of Real Leadership Letters, Today

    In this time of the virus and civil unrest, a reader wishes for a true leader. Also: Alcohol consumption in the pandemic.

  8. The Complex Debate Over Silicon Valley’s Embrace of Content Moderation Business, Today

    Many in tech cheered when Twitter added labels to President Trump’s tweets. But civil libertarians caution that social media companies are moving into uncharted waters.

  9. Why Most Americans Support the Protests Politics, Today

    Never before in the history of modern polling has the country expressed such widespread agreement on racism’s pervasiveness in policing, and in society at large.

  10. ‘México Lindo y Querido, Should I Die Abroad …’ Op Ed, Today

    When it comes to our dead, Mexicans have deeply ingrained cultural traditions, which involves bringing them back to the place where they were born.

  11. How to Beat the Bully in His Bunker Op Ed, Today

    Democrats can learn from the people who know Trump’s base best — the Never-Trump Republicans.

  12. Seth Meyers Mocks Trump’s ‘Mad’ Mattis Tweets Culture, Today

    Meyers fact-checked Trump’s claim to have christened the former defense secretary “Mad Dog”: “We know you didn’t come up with it because it’s a cool nickname.”

  13. Trump Campaign Removes Space Video That Violated NASA Ad Rules Science, Yesterday

    The president has tried to parlay space policy into an upbeat campaign issue for the 2020 election.

  14. Trump Agrees to Send Home Troops From Washington, Easing Tensions With the Pentagon Washington, Yesterday

    But what appeared to be an uneasy truce between the White House and military leaders did not mean the conflict was over.

  15. Tom Cotton’s Fascist Op-Ed Op Ed, Yesterday

    How should opinion pages respond to the right’s authoritarian turn?

  16. Unidentified Federal Police Prompt Fears Amid Protests in Washington Washington, Yesterday

    The Trump administration has deployed phalanxes of officers in riot gear and no identifiable markings to police demonstrations in the capital. Democrats want to know who they are.

  17. Trump’s Approval Slips Where He Can’t Afford to Lose It: Among Evangelicals Politics, Yesterday

    Polls and private concerns from top social conservatives show the president’s standing with the cornerstone of his base isn’t what it used to be. A photo op with the Bible was supposed to help fix that.

  18. Donald Trump Is No Richard Nixon Op Ed, Yesterday

    He — and his party — is much, much worse.

  19. Barr Defends Trump’s Photo Op as ‘Entirely Appropriate’ Washington, Yesterday

    The attorney general has granted more power to federal agents to try to combat looting, vandalism and other violence around the country.

  20. Barr Defends Trump’s Response to Protesters Outside White House Video, Yesterday

    Attorney General William P. Barr pushed back against criticism of President Trump’s decision to forcibly clear protesters for his visit to a historic church.

  21. Trump and the Military: A Mutual Embrace Might Dissolve on America’s Streets Washington, Yesterday

    “There is a thin line between the military’s tolerance for questionable partisan moves over the past three years and the point where these become intolerable,” a retired general said.

  22. Chinese Hackers Target Email Accounts of Biden Campaign Staff, Google Says Politics, Yesterday

    The technology giant also confirmed reports that Iran had targeted President Trump’s campaign, underscoring the persistent threat of hackers in the 2020 election.

  23. With Broad Subpoena Power, Republicans Seek to Undercut Russia Inquiry Washington, Yesterday

    Republicans on two Senate committees moved to give their chairmen power to subpoena dozens of Obama administration and F.B.I. officials for the election-year inquiry.

  24. Criticism of Trump’s Threat to Use Military Force Letters, Yesterday

    Readers discuss comments by the current defense secretary, Mark Esper, and a predecessor, Jim Mattis.

  25. Senate Confirms Conservative Filmmaker to Lead U.S. Media Agency Washington, Yesterday

    The Senate approved Michael Pack, an ally of Stephen K. Bannon’s, to run the agency in charge of the Voice of America. President Trump hopes he will dictate more favorable news coverage.

  26. This Time, Hardly Anyone Followed Trump’s Lead on Virus Drugs Investigative, Yesterday

    Prescriptions soared after the president began promoting two antimalarial drugs to treat coronavirus infections. Nothing of the sort happened when he later announced he was taking one of them.

  27. Trump, Citing Pandemic, Moves to Weaken Two Key Environmental Protections Climate, Yesterday

    Twin environmental actions set for Thursday underscored the president’s push to roll back regulations as the coronavirus crisis continues.

  28. Trump Is Waiting to Take ‘Law and Order’ Into His Own Hands Op Ed, Yesterday

    The president threatens to bring a particularly authoritarian brand of executive power to American cities.

  29. Murkowski Endorses Mattis’s Criticism of Trump, Calling it ‘Necessary and Overdue’ Washington, Yesterday

    The senator suggested the former defense secretary’s scathing remarks might be a tipping point, prodding other Republicans to go public with longstanding concerns about President Trump.

  30. Bishop Budde: Trump’s Visit to St. John’s Church Outraged Me Op Ed, Yesterday

    While the president cloaks himself in spiritual authority, he preaches the antithesis.

  31. The Damage Trump Has Done This Week Extends Far Beyond America’s Borders Op Ed, Yesterday

    Sixty-three years ago, American troops were deployed to quell racial unrest. It made this country a better place.

  32. How Will the Protest Movement Evolve? Politics, Yesterday

    New charges in Minneapolis, but calls for systemic change remain: This is your morning tip sheet.

  33. The Showdown in Lafayette Square Podcasts, Yesterday

    What happened outside the White House, and what it reveals about the debate inside over using the military to quell protests.

  34. Trump Tests a Role He’s Long Admired: A Strongman Imposing Order Foreign, Yesterday

    The president’s unapologetic calls for force, and his efforts to bring the military into his political line, follow a strongman’s playbook. It’s a risky move for him, and for democracy.

  35. Trump Tests a Role He’s Long Admired: A Strongman Imposing Order Foreign, Yesterday

    The president’s unapologetic calls for force, and his efforts to bring the military into his political line, follow a strongman’s playbook. It’s a risky move for him, and for democracy.

  36. The Supreme Court, Too, Is on the Brink Op Ed, Yesterday

    The polarization roiling the country has the Supreme Court in its grip.

  37. Prosecutors: Please Stand Up to the Police Op Ed, Yesterday

    Minor offenses should not lead to deadly encounters with the police. But when police brutality happens, the state should come down hard.

  38. Late Night Asks Why the Orange Chicken Crossed the Road Culture, Yesterday

    President Trump continued to get mocked for his photo op at St. John’s Episcopal Church after protests were forcibly broken up nearby.

  39. Esper Breaks With Trump on Using Troops Against Protesters Washington, June 3

    Mark Esper’s comments reflected the turmoil within the military over President Trump, who has said he could put active-duty troops on the streets to perform law enforcement functions.

  40. Trump Campaign Looks at Electoral Map and Doesn’t Like What It Sees Politics, June 3

    As polls show President Trump significantly trailing his rival, Joseph R. Biden Jr., his campaign is spending heavily in states, like Ohio, that it had hoped would not be competitive at all this year.

  41. No More Lynching! Op Ed, June 3

    Legislation won’t fix white supremacy. But a government response can ensure that cruelty is punished.

  42. Ousted Watchdog Says State Dept. Official Pressured Him to End Inquiry Into Pompeo Washington, June 3

    Steve A. Linick, the former State Department inspector general, testified that a top agency official tried to “bully” him as he investigated the potential misconduct by the administration.

  43. Trump’s Magic Word Op Ed, June 3

    What we have here is a failure to dominate.

  44. Senate Gives Final Approval to Revisions to Small-Business Program Washington, June 3

    The legislation now heads to the president’s desk, just days before some businesses will run out of time to spend the loan money.

  45. Trump Uses the Military to Prove His Manhood Op Ed, June 3

    The president’s response to the coronavirus that killed more than 100,000 people was lethargic and ineffective. But when it came to anti-racism protesters, it was time to call in the troops.

  46. Mattis Accuses Trump of Dividing the Nation in a Time of Crisis Washington, June 3

    He “does not even pretend to try” to unite Americans, the former defense secretary said, breaking his long public silence on the president amid protests across the nation.

  47. Trump ‘Remains Healthy’ After Taking Hydroxychloroquine, His Doctor Says Washington, June 3

    The president has hailed the drug as a cure for Covid-19, but his own health officials have questioned its effectiveness and safety. His doctor’s comments were part of a summary of the president’s health.

  48. Trump Was Wrong to Deploy Troops. Will the Military Push Back? Op Ed, June 3

    An apolitical army is central to American democracy. But the president is using the armed forces to subvert it.

  49. Obama Voices Support for George Floyd Protesters and Calls for Police Reform Politics, June 3

    Mr. Obama, offering a starkly more upbeat assessment of peaceful protesters and their motives than President Trump has, urged people to “remember that this country was founded on protest — it is called the American Revolution.”

  50. Snap Says It Will No Longer Promote Trump’s Account Business, June 3

    The social media company’s decision follows Twitter’s moves to label Mr. Trump’s posts inaccurate or as inciting violence.

  51. Trump and Aides Try to Change the Narrative of the White House Protests Washington, June 3

    Their accounts have been contradicted by witnesses.

  52. Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Defends Mueller’s Appointment Video, June 3

    During testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, the former deputy attorney general Rod J. Rosenstein defended his decision to appoint Robert S. Mueller III as special counsel for the Trump-Russia investigation.

  53. Trump Administration Selects Five Coronavirus Vaccine Candidates as Finalists Washington, June 3

    The White House is eager to project progress, but the public-private partnership it has created still faces scientific hurdles, internal tensions and questions from Congress.

  54. Trudeau’s 21-Second Pause Becomes the Story in Canada Foreign, June 3

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau struggled to find the words to answer a question about President Trump’s response to the protests roiling the United States.

  55. Donald Trump buscaba posar para una fotografía y se desató el caos en un parque en Español, June 3

    Cuando se escriba la historia de su presidencia, el choque con los manifestantes que precedió a la caminata del mandatario por la plaza Lafayette será recordado como uno de sus momentos definitorios. Entrevistas con testigos, funcionarios y una investigación visual reconstruyen esos instantes.

  56. Donald Trump buscaba posar para una fotografía y se desató el caos en un parque en Español, June 3

    Cuando se escriba la historia de su presidencia, el choque con los manifestantes que precedió a la caminata del mandatario por la plaza Lafayette será recordado como uno de sus momentos definitorios. Entrevistas con testigos, funcionarios y una investigación visual reconstruyen esos instantes.

  57. China Steps Back in Airline Dispute With the Trump Administration Business, June 3

    Beijing will allow limited flights by international carriers to resume after the White House threatened to block Chinese passenger jets from flying to the U.S.

  58. Trump Administration to Block Chinese Airlines From Flying to the U.S. Business, June 3

    The decision comes after Chinese regulators effectively prevented American airlines from resuming service to their country at a moment of rising tension.

  59. Hey @jack, Here Are More Questionable Tweets From @realdonaldtrump Washington, June 3

    We analyzed the president’s Twitter feed for a week. A third of his posts contained falsehoods or murky accusations, underscoring the challenge to Twitter’s chief, Jack Dorsey, of policing him.

  60. La paradoja de Bolsonaro y Trump en Español, June 3

    Los presidentes de Brasil y Estados Unidos están desacreditando a las instituciones estatales que ellos mismos lideran. Parece una contradicción, pero si revisamos la historia del fascismo encontraremos claves y antecedentes.

  61. The C.D.C. Waited ‘Its Entire Existence for This Moment.’ What Went Wrong? Investigative, June 3

    The technology was old, the data poor, the bureaucracy slow, the guidance confusing, the administration not in agreement. The coronavirus shook the world’s premier health agency, creating a loss of confidence and hampering the U.S. response to the...

  62. Steve King Sinks in Iowa Politics, June 3

    Protesters went back to the streets and, oh, elections took place: This is your morning tip sheet.

  63. Rod Rosenstein, Key Figure in Russia Inquiry, Defends Mueller Appointment Washington, June 3

    But the former deputy attorney general said he would not have signed an application to renew a wiretap on a former Trump adviser if he had known of its flaws.

  64. The George Floyd Election Op Ed, June 3

    How the protests come to be viewed may determine who the next president is. The way that will play out could surprise us.

  65. Seth Meyers Critiques Trump’s Photo Op Culture, June 3

    “Trump couldn’t have done more damage to the Constitution last night if he’d pulled a Sinead O’Connor and ripped it up on live television and then ate the pieces,” Seth Meyers joked on Tuesday.

  66. ‘They Let Us Down’: 5 Takeaways on the C.D.C.’s Coronavirus Response Washington, June 3

    Early mistakes in testing, aging data systems, clashes with President Trump and an overly cautious culture shook confidence in the nation’s premier public health agency.

  67. How Trump’s Idea for a Photo Op Led to Havoc in a Park Washington, June 2

    When the history of the Trump presidency is written, the clash with protesters that preceded President Trump’s walk across Lafayette Square may be remembered as one of its defining moments.

  68. Trump Deploys the Full Might of Federal Law Enforcement to Crush Protests Washington, June 2

    Nearly a dozen federal agencies — even the Transportation Security Administration — were sent to Washington and other cities after the president vowed to “dominate” protesters.

  69. Gretchen Whitmer: The Coronavirus Is a Civil Rights Battle, Too Op Ed, June 2

    George Floyd’s death and the pandemic both reveal American infections. Why is the federal government undermining my fight against them?

  70. Holding It Aloft, He Incited a Backlash. What Does the Bible Mean to Trump? Washington, June 2

    The president has a long history of contradictory remarks about the book he held up after forcibly clearing protesters for a photo op on Monday.

  71. In Rare Break, Some Republicans Reject Trump’s Harsh Response to Unrest Washington, June 2

    The president’s crackdown on peaceful protesters drew condemnations from a handful of Republican lawmakers, but Democrats planned to push them to back up their words with legislative measures.

  72. Trump’s Visits to Church and Shrine Draw Fierce Rebukes From D.C. Clergy Washington, June 2

    The Episcopal bishop Mariann Edgar Budde and the Catholic Archbishop Wilton Gregory said the president was using holy sites as political props.

  73. Zuckerberg Defends Hands-Off Approach to Trump’s Posts Business, June 2

    In a call with Facebook employees, who have protested the inaction on Mr. Trump’s messages, Mr. Zuckerberg said his decision was “pretty thorough.”

  74. Trump Administration Escalates Global Fight Over Taxing Tech Washington, June 2

    The U.S. investigation targets nine countries, plus the European Union, that have adopted or are considering new taxes that would hit American companies like Google and Amazon.

  75. Senate Confirms Inspector General to Oversee Virus Bailout Funds Washington, June 2

    Brian D. Miller, the White House lawyer tapped to oversee the Treasury Department’s $500 billion fund, has said he would not be influenced by political pressure.

  76. The Medical Mask Becomes a Protest Symbol Culture, June 2

    Commentators on the right have tried to paint the mask as a cowardly affectation. A flood of masked demonstrators tells a different story.

  77. What Democracy Scholars Thought of Trump’s Bible Photo Op Politics, June 2

    The president’s true believers saw a message to appreciate. Many others saw something more alarming.

  78. What Democracy Scholars Thought of Trump’s Bible Photo Op Politics, June 2

    The president’s true believers saw a message to appreciate. Many others saw something more alarming.

  79. Republicans Will Move Trump Convention Speech Out of Charlotte Politics, June 2

    After a stalemate with Democrats in North Carolina, Republicans said the president wouldn’t accept the party’s nomination at its convention in Charlotte, as planned, but would do so in another city.

  80. Lawsuit Says Trump’s Social Media Crackdown Violates Free Speech Business, June 2

    The nonprofit Center for Democracy and Technology argues that the president’s move against Twitter and other companies is retaliatory.

  81. Trump’s Threats, and a Photo Op at a Church Letters, June 2

    A retired minister is appalled at the president’s use of a “prop Bible” to pander to his evangelical base. Another writer bemoans his lack of compassion and empathy.

  82. Embattled at Home, Trump Finds Himself Isolated Abroad, Too Foreign, June 2

    After years of snubs and American unilateralism, European allies have stopped looking to the president for leadership, and are turning their backs on him.

  83. Trump’s Response to Twitter Is Unconstitutional Harassment Op Ed, June 2

    His executive order aimed at social media companies should be ignored.

  84. Joe Biden Laces Into Trump for Fanning ‘Flames of Hate’ Politics, June 2

    In a speech in Philadelphia, Mr. Biden assailed the president’s handling of the protests over police brutality and racial justice, declaring that he had “turned this country into a battlefield.”

  85. Trump’s Response to Protests Draws Bipartisan Rebuke in Congress Washington, June 2

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi called President Trump a “fanner of the flame” of division, as two Republican senators criticized the use of tear gas to clear the way for his photo opportunity.

  86. Move to Drop Flynn Charge Reverberates in Ex-Business Partner’s Case Washington, June 2

    Lawyers for Bijan Kian argue that prosecutors should drop their appeal of his acquittal because it was intertwined with the case of the former national security adviser.

  87. Antifa: el grupo que Donald Trump planea designar como terrorista en Español, June 2

    El anuncio del presidente estadounidense en Twitter atrajo nueva atención a los manifestantes antifascistas, a los que culpó por incitar a la violencia en las protestas.

  88. Former Commanders Fault Trump’s Use of Troops Against Protesters Washington, June 2

    After military helicopters carried out a “show of force” mission to discourage protesters, retired senior military leaders condemned their successors for deploying such tactics.

  89. What Is the Insurrection Act of 1807, the Law Behind Trump’s Threat to States? Express, June 2

    Legal experts regard the act as a major exception to the law that generally forbids the use of the military for domestic law enforcement.

  90. The Last Temptation of Trump Op Ed, June 2

    The president brandishes a Bible in front of a church, in search of a divine mandate that isn’t coming.

  91. As Protests Engulf the United States, China Revels in the Unrest Foreign, June 2

    Chinese officials and state media are seizing on the moment to tout Beijing’s authoritarian system and condemn American hypocrisy — a narrative that ignores many of their own issues.

  92. Trump Throws Fuel on the Fire Politics, June 2

    After resisting calls to try to calm the public, the president chewed out governors and declared himself “your president of law and order.”

  93. Don’t Bar Ex-Offenders From Coronavirus Aid Funds Op Ed, June 2

    The Trump administration unilaterally excluded those with criminal records from loan programs. The decision should be reversed.

  94. The Flynn Calls: His Dismissal of Russian Interference and the Kremlin’s Savvy Washington, June 2

    Newly declassified transcripts show the seeds of Russia’s overtures to the Trump administration as both sides sought to downplay Moscow’s election sabotage.

  95. Trump Thinks He’s 2020’s ‘Law and Order’ Candidate. He’s Not. Op Ed, June 2

    Trump’s plan to campaign as the second coming of Richard Nixon shows the limits of historical analogy. It’s not 1968.

  96. The Flynn Calls: His Dismissal of Russian Interference and the Kremlin’s Savvy Washington, June 2

    Newly declassified transcripts show the seeds of Russia’s overtures to the Trump administration as both sides sought to downplay Moscow’s election sabotage.

  97. Crisis in the Liberal City Op Ed, June 2

    The George Floyd protests expose the fault lines in metropolitan America.

  98. Donald Trump Is Lost in Space Op Ed, June 2

    The president is incapable of summoning the better angels of our nature. He doesn’t even seem to know what they are.

  99. Where the Virus Is Growing Most: Countries With ‘Illiberal Populist’ Leaders N Y T Now, June 2

    Brazil, Russia, Britain and the U.S. have something in common.

  100. In Egypt, Images From American Protests Evoke a Lost Revolution Foreign, June 2

    Memories of 2011’s Arab Spring, and its fragile hopes, have been revived in the minds of many Egyptians as they’ve watched a strikingly similar dynamic play out in the United States.

  101. Republicans Fear Trump’s Criticism of Mail-In Ballots Will Hurt Them Politics, June 2

    Officials and strategists warned that if a wide partisan gap over mail voting continues in November, Republicans could be at a disadvantage.

  102. Late Night Doesn’t Feel Much Like Laughing Culture, June 2

    On Monday night, hosts talked about the protests, police brutality and racism. Jimmy Fallon started by addressing the fact that he’d worn blackface on “Saturday Night Live.”

  103. Tucker Carlson of Fox News Accuses Trump of Being Too Lenient on Protests Business, June 1

    In a sign of partisan divide, his monologue came as Anderson Cooper of CNN criticized Mr. Trump for calling protesters “thugs.”

  104. Protesters Dispersed With Tear Gas So Trump Could Pose at Church Washington, June 1

    “He did not pray,” said Mariann E. Budde, the Episcopal bishop of Washington. “He did not mention George Floyd, he did not mention the agony of people who have been subjected to this kind of horrific expression of racism and white supremacy for hu...

  105. Trump Vowed to Disrupt Washington. Now He Faces Disruption in the Streets. Washington, June 1

    Washington’s elite has long bemoaned the “shattered norms” of the Trump presidency. But it has felt beside the point — like privilege talking — in the angry crowds of the last few nights.

  106. Twitter Places Warning on Congressman’s Tweet for Glorifying Violence Business, June 1

    The post, from Representative Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican, had likened protesters to terrorists and called for them to be hunted down.

  107. Coronavirus to Shave Trillions From the Economy Over 10 Years Washington, June 1

    The Congressional Budget Office projects a nearly $16 trillion hit to the gross domestic product over the next decade, $7.9 trillion after adjusting for inflation.

  108. Trump and Putin Discuss Russia’s Attendance at G7, but Allies Are Wary Washington, June 1

    The British and Canadian governments oppose admitting Russia into the bloc, as President Trump continues a renewed courtship of Russia’s leader.

  109. Trump Takes Us to the Brink Op Ed, June 1

    Will weaponized racism destroy America?

  110. Facebook and Twitter Must Do More About Trump’s Tweets Op Ed, June 1

    Twitter is only bringing more attention to the president’s tweets, and Facebook’s strategy has been to do nothing.

  111. Judge Asks Court Not to ‘Short Circuit’ His Review of Flynn Case Washington, June 1

    A lawyer for the trial judge told an appeals court why he wanted to examine the Justice Department’s “unusual” request to dismiss the charge.

  112. As Trump Calls Protesters ‘Terrorists,’ Tear Gas Clears a Path for His Walk to a Church Washington, June 1

    In a Rose Garden speech shaded with anger, President Trump threatened to send the American military to states where governors could not bring under control the protests over police brutality.

  113. Facebook Employees Stage Virtual Walkout to Protest Trump Posts Business, June 1

    While Twitter started labeling some of the president’s inflammatory messages, Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, has said his company should leave them alone.

  114. Justice Is About More Than the Killing of George Floyd Op Ed, June 1

    Police must take collective responsibility for the failings within their ranks.

  115. Police Target Journalists as Trump Blames ‘Lamestream Media’ for Protests Business, June 1

    “I’ve really never seen anything like this”: Reporters and news photographers describe being roughed up, arrested and shot with projectiles while covering demonstrations across the country.

  116. ‘Our Nation Is Falling Apart’ Letters, June 1

    A reader cites the many miseries facing the U.S. and laments the president’s “utter failure to provide the requisite leadership.”

  117. E.P.A. Limits States’ Power to Oppose Pipelines and Other Energy Projects Climate, June 1

    The agency tweaked the rules on how to apply the Clean Water Act, which New York and other states have used to fight fossil-fuel ventures.

  118. Voices in an America in the Throes of Crisis Letters, June 1

    Readers call on white Americans to “wake up,” question the president’s credibility on police brutality, encourage “taking a knee” in peaceful protest, and more.

  119. Audio: Trump Calls Protesters ‘Terrorists’ in Talk With Governors Video, June 1

    The New York Times obtained audio of a private conference call President Trump had with governors, in which he tells them to crack down on protesters.

  120. U.S. and Chinese Scientists Trace Evolution of Coronaviruses in Bats Science, June 1

    Researchers whose canceled U.S. grant caused an outcry from other scientists urge preventive monitoring of viruses in southwestern China.

  121. Trump Calls Protesters ‘Terrorists’ and Urges Governors to Seek ‘Retribution’ U.S., June 1

    President Trump, in a call with governors, said they would look like “jerks” if they did not toughen their response to protesters. “Someone throwing a rock is like shooting a gun. You have to do retribution.”

  122. China Offers Measured Response to Trump’s Move on Hong Kong Foreign, June 1

    A foreign ministry spokesman stayed close to the Communist Party’s official position on Hong Kong, suggesting that Beijing was waiting to see the specifics of the U.S. plan.

  123. The Nation Seethes, and Trump’s Response Follows a Pattern Politics, June 1

    Mass protests denounce racial inequality and police violence: This is your morning tip sheet.

  124. As Virus Toll Preoccupies U.S., Rivals Test Limits of American Power Washington, June 1

    The coronavirus may have changed almost everything, but it didn’t change this: Global competition spins ahead — and in many ways has accelerated.

  125. William Barr’s State of Emergency Magazine, June 1

    The attorney general has long held an expansive view of presidential power. With multiple crises converging in the run-up to the 2020 election, he is busy putting his theories to work.

  126. Global Anger Grows Over George Floyd Death, and Becomes an Anti-Trump Cudgel Foreign, June 1

    Public outcries over racism in the United States erupted from Addis Ababa to Vancouver. China and Iran, criticized on human rights by the Trump administration, called the killing of Mr. Floyd a symbol of American hypocrisy.

  127. As Protests and Violence Spill Over, Trump Shrinks Back Washington, May 31

    The president spent Sunday out of sight, berating opponents on Twitter, even as some of his campaign advisers were recommending that he deliver a televised address to an anxious nation.

  128. What Trump and Toxic Cops Have in Common Op Ed, May 31

    It’s us versus them.

  129. What Is Antifa, the Movement Trump Wants to Declare a Terror Group? Express, May 31

    President Trump’s announcement brought renewed attention to the anti-fascist protesters he has blamed for inciting violence at protests.

  130. What Is Antifa, the Movement Trump Wants to Declare a Terror Group? Express, May 31

    President Trump’s announcement on Twitter brought renewed attention to the anti-fascist protesters he has blamed for inciting violence at protests.

  131. As Waves of Protest Surge Across America Letters, May 31

    Readers discuss how violence and looting have flared up, and worry that the president, instead of quelling the unrest, may worsen it.

  132. In Seeking to Hold Michigan, Trump Can Be His Own Worst Enemy Washington, May 31

    The state provides a case study in how the president’s impulsive and insulting statements can undermine his push for re-election.

  133. Trump, Lacking Clear Authority, Says U.S. Will Declare Antifa a Terrorist Group Washington, May 31

    The president and his administration have blamed the far-left movement for the violence this weekend. But it was uncertain whether the declaration would carry any real meaning.

  134. Black Americans Have a Message for Democrats: Not Being Trump Is Not Enough Politics, May 31

    Joe Biden wants to heal the soul of the country in this moment of protest and loss, and win the White House. Simply telling people to vote in November may not help with either goal.

  135. Black Americans Have a Message for Democrats: Not Being Trump Is Not Enough Politics, May 31

    Joe Biden wants to heal the soul of the country in this moment of protest and loss, and win the White House. Simply telling people to vote in November may not help with either goal.

  136. Trump Postpones G7 Summit and Calls for Russia to Attend Washington, May 30

    The president said he also planned to invite South Korea, Australia and India to the meeting of world leaders in order to discuss China’s future.

  137. Trump Hopes for His Own Booster Shot From SpaceX Rocket Launch Washington, May 30

    The president, beleaguered by a pandemic, economic troubles and racial unrest, viewed the liftoff as a welcome moment of triumph that he celebrated with a campaign rally-style speech.

  138. George Floyd Protests: A Timeline Express, May 30

    At least six people have been killed in violence connected to the protests that started after Mr. Floyd died in police custody.

  139. China and India Brawl at 14,000 Feet Along the Border Foreign, May 30

    As China projects its power across Asia, and along the disputed India-China border in the Himalayas, India is feeling surrounded. Both sides insist they don’t want a war, but thousands of troops have been sent.

  140. In Days of Discord, a President Fans the Flames Washington, May 30

    Mr. Trump has presented himself as someone who seeks conflict, not conciliation, a fighter, not a peacemaker. And he has lived up to his self-image at a perilous time.

  141. Remember, No One Is Coming to Save Us Op Ed, May 30

    Eventually doctors will develop a coronavirus vaccine, but black people will continue to wait for a cure for racism.

  142. Think Outside the Box, Jack Editorial, May 30

    Trump, Twitter and the society-crushing pursuit of monetized rage.

  143. How We Broke the World Op Ed, May 30

    Greed and globalization set us up for disaster.

  144. Think Outside the Box, Jack Editorial, May 30

    Trump, Twitter and the society-crushing pursuit of monetized rage.

  145. Trump Threatens White House Protesters With ‘Vicious Dogs’ and ‘Ominous Weapons’ Washington, May 30

    The president, before traveling to Florida to watch a rocket launch, also said that his base “loves the black people.” Hours later, intense protests erupted near the White House for a second night.

  146. Twitter Had Been Drawing a Line for Months When Trump Crossed It Business, May 30

    Inside the company, one faction wanted Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s chief, to take a hard line against the president’s tweets while another urged him to remain hands-off.

  147. Kris Kobach Is Back, and a Kansas Senate Seat May Be Up for Grabs Politics, May 30

    Mr. Kobach’s polarizing presence in a race in a reliably Republican stronghold has party leaders worried that Kansas will become a high-stakes battleground for control of the Senate.

  148. Past Presidents Faced Police Brutality and Protests. They Handled It Differently. Politics, May 30

    President Trump’s predecessors took different approaches when responding — or not responding — to police killings or assaults of black men. But they never threatened violence against protesters.

  149. In Hong Kong, Anxiety and Defiance Over Trump’s Move to Cut Ties Foreign, May 30

    The reactions to President Trump’s decision fell along familiar political fault lines in a city wracked by nearly a year of protests.

  150. Supreme Court, in 5-4 Decision, Rejects Church’s Challenge to Shutdown Order Washington, May 30

    A California church argued that restrictions on public gatherings treated houses of worship worse than many businesses.