1. Trump Put National Secrets at Risk, Prosecutors Say in Historic Indictment U.S., Today

    The indictment details evidence that the former president placed national security secrets in jeopardy and schemed to thwart the investigation into the matter.

  2. Chris Christie says he found the case laid out in the indictment ‘devastating.’ U.S., Today

    The former New Jersey governor and federal prosecutor said he expected criticism from his fellow Republicans to grow.

  3. Carefully, Backhandedly, DeSantis Comes to Trump’s Defense U.S., Today

    In a speech in North Carolina, Ron DeSantis drew on his experience as a Navy lawyer and suggested that either both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton should have been indicted — or neither.

  4. Where Documents Were Found at Mar-a-Lago Interactive, Today

    These diagrams show the rooms at Donald J. Trump’s residence where prosecutors say he kept sensitive government documents.

  5. A Trump-Appointed Judge Who Showed Him Favor Gets the Documents Case U.S., Yesterday

    The surprise assignment of Judge Aileen Cannon could be a setback for prosecutors as they unveiled a sweeping classified files indictment.

  6. Federal charges do not bar Trump from running for president. U.S., Yesterday

    The 45th president could continue his 2024 campaign even if he were convicted of a felony — though it would be extraordinary.

  7. Yesterday’s Trump Indictment Documents News live blog included two standalone posts:
  8. Two Trump Lawyers Quit a Day After His Indictment U.S., Yesterday

    The lawyers, James Trusty and John Rowley, left the former president’s defense team as he faces the most serious legal threat of his career.

  9. Trump Left the Justice Dept. No Choice Opinion, Yesterday

    A commander in chief stands accused of endangering national security.

  10. Indictment Presents Evidence Trump’s Actions Were More Blatant Than Known U.S., Yesterday

    The accounts in the 49-page indictment provide compelling evidence of a shocking indifference toward some of the country’s most sensitive secrets.

  11. Biden Sticks to ‘Say Nothing’ Strategy on the Trump Indictment U.S., Yesterday

    President Biden and his advisers have concluded that commenting on the indictment would only feed into Republican accusations of a politically motivated prosecution.

  12. Special Counsel Addresses Federal Criminal Charges Against Trump Video, Yesterday

    Jack Smith, the special counsel, released an indictment detailing the government’s case that former President Donald J. Trump hoarded classified documents after leaving office and obstructed efforts to reclaim them.

  13. Who Is Walt Nauta, the Other Person Indicted Along With Trump? U.S., Yesterday

    Mr. Nauta, as a valet while Mr. Trump was president, had unusual proximity to him, including at meals and on foreign trips.

  14. The Trump Classified Documents Indictment, Annotated Interactive, Yesterday

    The indictment unveiled on Friday centers on Donald J. Trump’s handling of sensitive government documents after he left office.

  15. The Trump Indictment: A Changed Landscape Opinion, Yesterday

    Readers react to news of the charges against the former president. Also: A failure to support new parents and babies.

  16. What’s Next in the Trump Documents Case? A Previous Indictment Offers Clues. U.S., Yesterday

    It is unclear what federal authorities will do when Mr. Trump surrenders on Tuesday and all eyes will be on a Florida courthouse.

  17. A Surprising Supreme Court Decision’s History With the American South World, Yesterday

    To understand the significance of this week’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling, books about the Deep South’s changes in the 20th century are critical to read.

  18. House Republicans Rally Behind Trump, Seeking to Discredit Indictment U.S., Yesterday

    The former president’s allies adopted his false narrative, attacking President Biden and federal law enforcement while trying to undercut the inquiry that led to 37 charges against him.

  19. Two of Trump’s Lawyers Leave His Legal Team a Day After His Indictment U.S., Yesterday

    The former president said in a Truth Social post that James Trusty and John Rowley will no longer represent him in the documents case. They called it “an honor” to represent him.

  20. Trump-Appointed Judge Is Said to Be Handling Documents Case U.S., Yesterday

    It was not clear whether the judge, Aileen M. Cannon, would remain assigned for the entirety of the case. A higher court criticized some of her rulings in the investigation.

  21. Trump was recorded saying he knew he had a classified document. U.S., Yesterday

    The recording, confirmed by a person briefed on the matter, is expected to be a critical piece of evidence in the case against him that the special counsel Jack Smith brought this week.

  22. What Trump’s Latest Indictment Means for the 2024 Race Business, Yesterday

    The former president, who faces seven criminal charges for mishandling classified documents, is expected to surrender to authorities next week.

  23. Special Episode: A Second Trump Indictment The Daily, Yesterday

    The Justice Department has brought federal charges against the former president for his handling of classified documents.

  24. Today’s Top News: Donald Trump Is Indicted, and More Podcasts, Yesterday

    Exclusively from New York Times Audio, our new app.

  25. Special Counsel Avoided One Risk but Took on Another by Bringing Trump Case in Miami U.S., Yesterday

    The decision to file charges in Florida instead of Washington avoided a legal fight over venue, but the case appears to have been assigned to a Trump appointee who has shown him favor.

  26. How to Convict Trump Opinion, Yesterday

    The special counsel has four hurdles to overcome.

  27. La ventaja de un presidente que sabe cuándo quedarse callado En español, Yesterday

    Joe Biden ha desplegado un estilo inusual de liderazgo: en vez de acaparar la atención, identifica y adopta de manera discreta las herramientas de su cargo para negociar.

  28. Justice Department Charges Trump in Documents Case U.S., Yesterday

    The indictment, handed up by a grand jury in Miami, is the first time a former U.S. president has faced federal charges.

  29. It Is Right to Make Donald Trump Answer for the Crimes He Is Accused Of Opinion, Yesterday

    The available evidence supports the indictment by the special counsel Jack Smith.

  30. Inside Trump’s Club When the Call Came: You’re Indicted U.S., Yesterday

    It was a more familiar drill this time for the former president, his aides and allies, who cranked their political spin machine and fund-raising operation into action.

  31. The More Opposition Trump Faces, the More Popular He Becomes, and He Knows It Opinion, Yesterday

    How politically radical could the base of the Republican Party become between now and the 2024 presidential election?

  32. The June 8 Trump Indictment Documents live blog included one standalone post:
  33. Indictment Brings Trump Story Full Circle U.S., Yesterday

    The former president assailed Hillary Clinton for her handling of sensitive information. Now, the same issue threatens his chances of reclaiming the presidency.

  34. Trump es el primer expresidente de EE. UU. acusado de cargos penales federales En español, Yesterday

    Los siete cargos contra el expresidente incluyen conspiración para obstruir y retención deliberada de documentos, según dos fuentes.

  35. Here are some of the charges Trump faces. U.S., Yesterday

    Taking a look at what the prosecutors may have to prove to a jury.

  36. Here’s how indictments work in the United States’ legal system. U.S., Yesterday

    Unlike a criminal trial, where a jury has to reach a unanimous verdict, a grand jury can issue an indictment with a simple majority. Grand jurors hear evidence and testimony only from prosecutors and the witnesses that they choose to present.

  37. The investigation reaches back to the end of Trump’s term. U.S., Yesterday

    The Justice Department has spent months trying to ensure it had obtained all classified documents that may have ended up at Mar-a-Lago.

  38. Who Is Jack Smith, the Special Counsel Who Indicted Trump? U.S., Yesterday

    The former prosecutor was chosen for his experience in bringing high-stakes cases against politicians in the United States and abroad.

  39. This Is Not the Time for a Third Presidential Candidate Opinion, June 8

    The No Labels plan is just too risky.

  40. How Pat Robertson Created the Religious Right’s Model for Political Power U.S., June 8

    The celebrity minister, who died Thursday, built a media empire and openly sought to leverage his popularity among evangelicals to influence government and the culture.

  41. Trump Turns to a Familiar Playbook in Effort to Undermine Documents Inquiry U.S., June 8

    The former president is stepping up efforts to delegitimize the investigation into his handling of classified material after leaving office, a tactic he has used throughout his career in business and politics.

  42. Where Republican Presidential Candidates Stand on Climate Change U.S., June 8

    While many of them acknowledge that climate change is real, they largely downplay the issue and reject policies that would slow rising temperatures.

  43. Eerie Days: Smoke and Haze, All Around Opinion, June 8

    Reaction to the smoke from the Canadian wildfires. Also: Sexism and xenophobia in Hollywood; Target’s L.G.B.T.Q. merchandise; “The View”; migrant opportunity.

  44. I Loved Watching Chris Christie Tear Into Trump. That’s a Problem. Opinion, June 8

    The ex-governor is trying to appeal to a version of the G.O.P. that no longer exists.

  45. Casey DeSantis Is Your Obsession. Jill Biden Is Mine. Opinion, June 8

    We only think we understand the impact of political spouses.

  46. The Presidential Candidate Who Has His Own Supporters Scratching Their Heads U.S., June 8

    Gov. Doug Burgum’s quixotic presidential campaign has baffled even North Dakotans, but then again, many of the 2024 hopefuls have prompted the same wonder.

  47. 5 Takeaways From Mike Pence’s CNN Town Hall U.S., June 8

    Donald Trump’s former vice president sought to draw a contrast with his old boss while also embracing the actions of their administration.

  48. With Migrant Flights, DeSantis Shows Stoking Outrage Is the Point U.S., June 7

    The flights to California illustrate the broader bet Gov. Ron DeSantis has made that the animating energy in the G.O.P. has shifted from conservatism to confrontationalism.

  49. The Republican Silly Season Has Begun Opinion, June 7

    Raise your hand if your name’s not Trump.

  50. Pence Delivers Strong Rebuke to Trump in Campaign Announcement U.S., June 7

    The former vice president — and now rival — to Donald Trump gave his most aggressive criticism of his former boss, portraying him as unfit to be president.

  51. Man Charged With Spraying Police With Insecticide on Jan. 6 U.S., June 7

    The Justice Department also charged the Long Island man with assaulting a news photographer.

  52. Prosecutors Tell Trump’s Legal Team He Is a Target of Investigation U.S., June 7

    The notice from the office of the special counsel Jack Smith suggested that an indictment was on the horizon in the investigation into the former president’s handling of classified documents.

  53. The G.O.P. Has Drifted, but Mike Pence Is as Conservative as Ever U.S., June 7

    The polls say the former vice president, who announced his 2024 candidacy in a video on Wednesday, has little chance. But he is driven by his faith.

  54. Do Christie and Pence Make It 2016 Again? Not Yet. The Upshot, June 7

    A bigger field in the G.O.P. primary could chip away at DeSantis’s chances of overtaking Trump.

  55. It’s Great to Have a President Who Knows When to Shut Up Opinion, June 7

    Politics at its best just isn’t necessarily all that entertaining.

  56. ‘A Guided Missile Aimed Rhetorically at Trump.’ Our Columnists and Writers Discuss Chris Christie. Opinion, June 7

    The former New Jersey governor may impact the race. But can he win it?

  57. Europeans Now See Russia as an Adversary, but Not China World, June 7

    An extensive poll of 11 European countries finds citizens less eager for competition and rivalry with China than Washington — or European elites — have become.

  58. Through Ties to Saudis, Golf Deal Promises Benefits to Trump U.S., June 6

    The new alliance between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf is the latest example of how the former president’s relationship with Saudi Arabia has yielded gains, and criticism, for both.

  59. How Christie and Trump’s Friendship Flourished, Then Deteriorated U.S., June 6

    The two men had a relationship that could be genuinely warm, and at other times transactional. Now they are vying for the presidency in open hostility.

  60. Pence Seeks to Go Where No Vice President Has Gone Before U.S., June 6

    In running for the Republican nomination against Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence will be the first vice president to directly challenge the president who originally put him on the ticket.

  61. Grand Jury in Florida Hints at Unknown Complexities in Trump Documents Inquiry U.S., June 6

    Prosecutors have started calling witnesses to a federal grand jury in Miami after months in which activity in the investigation was centered on a separate grand jury in Washington.

  62. Chris Christie Announces ’24 Run, Taking Square Aim at Trump U.S., June 6

    At his New Hampshire kickoff, the former New Jersey governor called Donald Trump “a bitter, angry man” and said his time in office was a failure.

  63. Making Manufacturing Great Again Opinion, June 6

    Industrial investment has suddenly gone parabolic.

  64. For Christie, Winning Would Be Great. Beating Trump Would Be a Close Second. U.S., June 6

    The former New Jersey governor’s presidential bid is a long shot. But if he takes out Donald J. Trump along the way, Chris Christie may consider it a victory.

  65. ‘He Is Seriously Not Going to Be President.’ Our Columnists and Writers Discuss Mike Pence. Opinion, June 6

    Everyone agrees: He has great hair.

  66. Trump Asks Judge to Stop Carroll’s Second Defamation Suit New York, June 6

    Former President Donald J. Trump told a judge that he could not have defamed E. Jean Carroll by denying her rape accusation because a jury had found him liable only for sexually abusing her.

  67. Can Christie Succeed as ‘Trump Slayer’? New Jersey Has Thoughts. New York, June 5

    The former governor, with his ready wit and considerable baggage, intends to jump into the Republican presidential primary on Tuesday.

  68. Chris Licht of CNN Faces a Crisis. Here’s Why. Business, June 5

    Mr. Licht, the network’s chief executive, said on an internal call on Monday that he would “fight like hell” to win back the trust of the network.

  69. Real Solutions to Reduce Plastics Pollution Opinion, June 5

    Two environmental organizations criticize the approach offered in an essay. Also: Trump’s MAGA army; Erdogan’s victory; canned music; A.I.; social media.

  70. Trump Lawyers Visit Justice Dept. as Classified Documents Inquiry Nears End U.S., June 5

    Three lawyers representing the former president spent nearly two hours there after requesting a meeting to discuss their concerns about the department’s handling of the investigation.

  71. Supreme Court to Decide ‘Trump Too Small’ Trademark Dispute U.S., June 5

    In earlier cases, the justices struck down provisions of the trademark law that discriminated based on the speaker’s viewpoint.

  72. Donald Trump Wants to Throw America a ‘Most Spectacular’ Party Editorial, June 5

    His proposed celebration to mark the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence is exquisitely on brand.

  73. Takeaways From Nikki Haley’s Mild CNN Town Hall Politics, June 5

    The former South Carolina governor, who also served as United Nations ambassador under Donald Trump, emphasized her experience and vision. Will it be enough for her to stand out?

  74. 5 Takeaways From Ron DeSantis’s First Campaign Trip Politics, June 3

    He swung back at Donald Trump. He vowed to vanquish the “woke mob” and turn the country into mega-Florida. He had normal encounters with voters that didn’t become memes.

  75. Trump Lawyer’s Notes Could Be a Key in the Classified Documents Inquiry Washington, June 3

    M. Evan Corcoran recorded recollections of his legal work last year for Donald Trump. The recording is now in the hands of prosecutors, unnerving some aides to the former president.

  76. Atlanta Prosecutors Contact Firms That Consulted With Trump Campaign National, June 2

    The two companies were hired in 2020 to investigate voter fraud, but reported that they found no proof that significant fraud had occurred.

  77. R.N.C. Rules for First Debate Pose Challenge for Underfunded Candidates Politics, June 2

    Republican presidential candidates hoping to join the first G.O.P. primary debate on Aug. 23 must have a minimum of 40,000 unique donors to their campaign.

  78. Lawyers Unable to Find Document Trump Discussed in Recorded Conversation Washington, June 2

    Prosecutors issued a subpoena for a description of military options for Iran mentioned by the former president during an interview. But Mr. Trump’s legal team said they could find no such document.

  79. The Great Debt Ceiling Drama’s Finale Letters, June 2

    Readers cheer the accord and the president but voice frustration over the process. Also: The Trump tape; anti-Trump Republicans; Amazon workers.

  80. The Three Other Trump Investigations N Y T Now, June 2

    The Manhattan case isn’t Trump’s only legal problem.

  81. To Watch a Trump Town Hall on Fox Is to Enter an Entirely Different World Op Ed, June 2

    Trump’s Fox News town hall is a reminder of the ferocity of his voters’ support.

  82. ‘The View’ Has Narrowed Op Ed, June 2

    Like so much of America, this influential show is less interested in vigorous debate.

  83. Recording of Trump Underscores Growing Evidence in Documents Case Washington, June 1

    A conversation in which the former president is said to have acknowledged that he could not declassify a sensitive document could undercut a defense he has offered.

  84. Two Oath Keepers Sentenced for Roles in Jan. 6 Seditious Conspiracy Washington, June 1

    Roberto Minuta and Edward Vallejo each received sentences of less than five years after excoriating the group’s leader, Stewart Rhodes.

  85. Trump and Cuomo Agree on One Thing: DeSantis Mishandled Covid Politics, June 1

    The two combative men from Queens have often been antagonists, but now they both see an opening to attack the Florida governor over his pandemic leadership.

  86. Democrats Want Trump? They’re Out of Their Minds. Op Ed, June 1

    Do not underestimate his chances against Biden — or the damage he’d do with a second term.

  87. Mary Trump and E. Jean Carroll Are Collaborating on a Romance Novel. No Politics Allowed. Weekend, June 1

    “The Italian Lesson,” to be published on Substack over the next year, follows an American expat who finds love in Tuscany. And there’s no mention of Donald J. Trump.

  88. Prosecutors Scrutinize Handling of Security Footage by Trump Aides in Documents Case U.S., May 31

    Investigators are trying to determine if there was any attempt to obstruct them from getting access to footage from a security camera near the room where classified material was stored.

  89. Trump Was Taped Discussing Sensitive Document He Had Kept After Leaving Office U.S., May 31

    Federal prosecutors obtained the recording as part of their investigation into the former president’s handling of classified documents.

  90. In Iowa, DeSantis Signals the Start of a Slugfest With Trump U.S., May 31

    After absorbing months of attacks from the former president, the Florida governor is beginning to fire back — but carefully.

  91. Trump Asks Judge in Hush-Money Case to Step Aside New York, May 31

    Lawyers for former President Donald J. Trump said the judge, Juan M. Merchan, has ties to Democratic causes and candidates.

  92. Republicans Impeach One of Their Own The Daily, May 31

    In Texas, the impeachment of the state attorney general, Ken Paxton, highlights tension over the future of the Republican Party.

  93. We May Be About to Find Out How This Republican Party Really Works Op Ed, May 31

    There is no obvious question about the country’s fiscal future that the Republican Party’s current policies propose an answer to.

  94. The Politics of Delusion Have Taken Hold Op Ed, May 31

    The irrational element of partisan hostility has seemingly created a political culture resistant to correction or reform.

  95. Trump White House Aides Subpoenaed in Firing of Election Security Expert Washington, May 31

    The special counsel is scrutinizing the dismissal of Christopher Krebs, who contradicted baseless claims by the former president that the 2020 election was marred by fraud.

  96. Turkey’s Election Is a Warning About Trump Op Ed, May 30

    Erdogan’s manifest failures as a leader didn’t stop his re-election.

  97. DeSantis, Wading Into Debt-Ceiling Fight, Puts Pressure on Trump Politics, May 30

    So far, Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy are the only Republican presidential contenders to weigh in on the recent deal in Washington — but others could yet join them.

  98. Following Setbacks, Climate Activists Rethink Their Approach Business, May 30

    Climate-focused shareholder activists have scored only a few victories in their efforts to push oil giants to adopt cleaner business strategies.

  99. Chris Christie Gets a Super PAC Ahead of His Likely 2024 Bid Washington, May 30

    The former governor of New Jersey, who has been at times both a confidant and a rival of Donald Trump, will have some outside help in his effort to win the Republican primary.

  100. A Small Town’s Tragedy, Distorted by Trump’s Megaphone Politics, May 29

    When a teen’s killing became a right-wing talking point, the rush to outrage obscured a more complicated story.

  101. Trump Will Be Tough to Beat, if 1968 Is Any Guide Op Ed, May 29

    Let’s think back to Nixon versus Reagan.

  102. The Chris Christie Scenario Editorial, May 28

    Nothing delights the MAGA king more than curb-stomping the weak. Where does the Republican Party go from here?

  103. Trump Looks Like He Will Get the 2024 Crowd He Wants Politics, May 28

    Ron DeSantis entered the presidential race last week along with Tim Scott, with others to follow. For the former president, the more candidates the better.

  104. Takeaways From the Impeachment of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton National, May 28

    The extraordinary vote on impeachment exposed rifts among Texas Republicans and set the stage for a contentious showdown in the State Senate.

  105. Trump calls impeachment proceedings against Ken Paxton ‘very unfair.’ National, May 27

    The former president took to social media to weigh in on the events in Texas.

  106. Trump Must Be Pleased With the Way the Republican Race Is Shaping Up Op Ed, May 27

    It’s 2016 all over again.

  107. How Twitter Shrank Elon Musk and Ron DeSantis Op Ed, May 27

    Social media can be a trap.

  108. DeSantis Steps Up Attacks on Trump, Hitting Him on Crime and Covid Politics, May 27

    Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida vowed to repeal the First Step Act, a Trump-era criminal justice law, if elected president. He called it “basically a jailbreak bill.”

  109. Sedition Sentence for Oath Keepers Leader Marks Moment of Accountability Washington, May 26

    The 18 years in prison given to Stewart Rhodes for a rarely charged crime underscored the lengths to which the Justice Department and the courts have gone in addressing the assault on the Capitol.

  110. Ron DeSantis’s Entry Into the Republican Race Letters, May 26

    Assessing Ron DeSantis’s candidacy. Also: Not debating Donald Trump; trans people; regulating A.I.; finances during divorce; musing about “the best.”

  111. Mar-a-Lago Worker Provided Prosecutors New Details in Trump Documents Case Washington, May 25

    A maintenance worker for the former president recounted helping to move boxes into a storage room a day before a Justice Department official came seeking the return of classified material.

  112. LIV Golf Wants to Talk About Sports. Donald Trump Still Looms. Sports, May 25

    Whether LIV can outrun Trump’s shadow, and whether it even wants to, could do much to shape how the league is perceived in the years ahead, particularly in the United States.

  113. Will DeSantis Destroy Conservatism as We Know It? Op Ed, May 25

    He has distilled Trump’s impulses into an ideology — and there’s nothing conservative about it.

  114. Fighting the Book Bans: What We Can Do Letters, May 25

    Readers responds to a column by Michelle Goldberg. Also: Amanda Gorman’s poem, restricted; George Santos; the rubble of Bakhmut, Ukraine.

  115. Steve Bannon’s Criminal Trial Is Scheduled for Next May Metro, May 25

    A longtime adviser to President Trump, Stephen K. Bannon is accused of having defrauded Americans who paid money toward the construction of a border wall.

  116. The Policy Fights Where DeSantis Sees His Chance to Hit Trump Politics, May 25

    Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are staking out conflicting positions on major issues, setting up an ideological battle that will play out over the next eight months.

  117. ‘Ron DeSantis Has a Jekyll and Hyde Persona’: Our Columnists and Writers Weigh In on His Candidacy Op Ed, May 25

    An assessment of his 2024 presidential bid so far.

  118. Five Takeaways From a Rocky 2024 Debut Politics, May 25

    Ron DeSantis’s long-awaited entry into the presidential race showed some potential strengths as a Republican candidate, after an embarrassing start on Twitter.

  119. Trump, Biden and Others Troll DeSantis’s Twitter Announcement Politics, May 25

    The former president called it a “disaster,” the current one used it to raise money and low-polling Republican presidential candidates tried to harness the glitchy rollout to steal attention.

  120. Police Used Excessive Force on 2 Australian Journalists, U.S. Finds Business, May 25

    The Interior Department concluded that U.S. Park Police officers exceeded the “minimum level of reasonable force” during a George Floyd protest in 2020.

  121. Polls Have Shown DeSantis Trailing Trump Politics, May 24

    The Florida governor fares much better in the polls than the rest of his G.O.P. primary competitors, who remain in the low single digits.

  122. Unprepared Republicans Are Flooding Into the Presidential Race Op Ed, May 24

    If they can’t outpace Trump, they’ll lie in wait to catch him limping.

  123. Biden to Nominate Air Force Chief to Succeed Milley on Thursday Washington, May 24

    If confirmed by the Senate, the Air Force chief of staff would become the senior military adviser to the president.

  124. Jan. 6 Rioter Who Reclined in Pelosi’s Office Given Sentence of More Than 4 Years Washington, May 24

    Richard “Bigo” Barnett, who was pictured with his foot on a desk in the speaker’s office, had been convicted of eight crimes for his role in the attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters.

  125. Your Thursday Briefing: DeSantis’s Presidential Run N Y T Now, May 24

    Also, China cracks down on comedy.

  126. DeSantis anunciará su candidatura para 2024 en Twitter y con Elon Musk En español, May 24

    Se espera que el gobernador de Florida aparezca en una conversación en vivo con el propietario de la red social el miércoles para lanzar su campaña.

  127. In Shaky Start, Ron DeSantis Joins 2024 Race, Hoping to Topple Trump Politics, May 24

    The Florida governor, Donald Trump’s strongest challenger since 2016, made an unusual and glitch-marred entrance on Twitter alongside Elon Musk. He now faces a daunting clash with Mr. Trump and his scorched-earth tactics.

  128. What Has Trump Cost American Christianity? Op Ed, May 24

    The death of Tim Keller is a chance to ponder his faith’s Trump-era path.

  129. The DeSantis Delusion Op Ed, May 24

    The Florida governor’s bid for the presidency is a deeply puzzling — and possibly doomed — one.

  130. He’s Not Dead Yet Op Ed, May 24

    The pre-mortems on Ron DeSantis are premature. He seems to have the correct theory of the case on how to try to topple Donald Trump.

  131. Is the Surge to the Left Among Young Voters a Trump Blip or the Real Deal? Op Ed, May 24

    The question is how long it will last.

  132. Why It’s Far Too Soon to Say DeSantis Is Done Upshot, May 24

    Despite his struggles, fortunes can change very quickly in presidential primaries.

  133. DeSantis Allies’ $200 Million Plan for Beating Trump Politics, May 24

    As the Florida governor prepares to enter the 2024 race, his allies are building an army of organizers to flood the states with the first nominating contests.

  134. Trump Lawyers Seek Meeting With Garland Over Special Counsel Inquiries Washington, May 24

    Two lawyers for the former president asserted that he was being treated unfairly in the investigations into his handling of classified documents and his efforts to remain in power.

  135. DeSantis Set to Announce 2024 Run on Twitter With Elon Musk Politics, May 23

    Adding a twist to the beginning of his presidential campaign, the Florida governor is expected to appear on a live audio conversation with Mr. Musk, the social platform’s owner, on Wednesday evening.

  136. Trump Criminal Trial Scheduled for March 2024 New York, May 23

    Former President Donald J. Trump appeared to react angrily at a virtual appearance when the judge in his case disclosed the trial date.

  137. Can Kids Recover From Covid Learning Losses? Letters, May 23

    Readers discuss how schools can help students who’ve fallen behind since the pandemic. Also: Jail reform; mercy for death row inmates; Dianne Feinstein.

  138. There’s Another Businessman Who Wants to Run America Op Ed, May 23

    Vivek Ramaswamy is what a pro-capitalism candidate looks like in post-Trump Republican politics, in which the emphasis is on the creation of a totalizing national identity.

  139. Prosecutors Sought Records on Trump’s Foreign Business Deals Since 2017 Washington, May 22

    The special counsel scrutinizing the former president’s handling of classified documents issued a subpoena to the Trump Organization seeking records related to seven countries.

  140. E. Jean Carroll Seeks New Damages From Trump for Comments on CNN Metro, May 22

    The former president’s repeated denials that he sexually abused Ms. Carroll “show the depth of his malice” and merit heavy damages, her lawyer wrote.

  141. Is Trump’s Nomination Now Inevitable? The Daily, May 22

    The 2022 midterms looked as if they might push Republicans to move on. But things have shifted.

  142. The Republican Presidential Plot Is Thickening Op Ed, May 22

    Tim Scott and Ron DeSantis are on the near horizon.

  143. Trump Is Back, to Make Families Fight Again Op Ed, May 22

    Families across America that were so divided by the Trump era have only started to heal — and now we’re facing the real possibility of a sequel.

  144. When They Were Friends Interactive, May 22

    Before they were presidential rivals, Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump were friendly political allies. Here's a look back.

  145. Russia’s Latest Sanctions on U.S. Officials Turn to Trump Enemies Foreign, May 21

    Among the 500 people singled out for travel and financial restrictions were Americans seen as adversaries by former President Donald J. Trump.

  146. Former Trump Lawyer Describes Conflict Inside Legal Team Washington, May 20

    Timothy Parlatore, who withdrew this past week from representing the former president in the special counsel investigations, said he stepped aside over differences with a Trump adviser, Boris Epshteyn.

  147. If You’re Hearing About the Border, Someone Is Trying to Scare You Op Ed, May 20

    Border Security Expo attendees didn’t know what was coming, but they hoped to turn a profit.

  148. ‘No Labels’ Eyes a Third-Party Run in 2024. Democrats Are Alarmed Politics, May 19

    The centrist group is gaining steam — and raising money — in its effort to get a candidate on the 2024 ballot, with Joe Manchin at the top of their list.

  149. Listen to The Headlines, Our New Audio Front Page Podcasts, May 19

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