1. Donald Can’t Quit Maggie Opinion, Today

    A Times reporter’s new biography of Trump shows the boundlessness of his self-regard.

  2. 15 New Books Coming in October Books, Today

    A deeply reported history of Covid-19; Maggie Haberman’s look at Donald J. Trump; stories by George Saunders, Alan Moore and Samanta Schweblin; and more.

  3. Britain’s Gamble on Tax Cuts Has Economists Warning of Past Mistakes U.S., Today

    The International Monetary Fund is just one of the many voices that have criticized a plan to cut rates for high earners.

  4. The Guardrails Podcasts, Today

    A new class of American evangelical leaders is shaking up the Republican Party — and raising the stakes of the midterm elections.

  5. ‘Giant Backfire’: Trump’s Demand for Special Master Is Looking Like a Mistake Washington, Yesterday

    The former president failed to derail the criminal investigation into his hoarding of sensitive documents and is stuck paying for a costly process that threatens to undermine his public claims.

  6. What’s the Key to Understanding Donald J. Trump? Start With Queens. Book Review, Yesterday

    “Confidence Man,” Maggie Haberman’s biography of the former president, argues that it’s essential to grasp New York’s steamy, histrionic folkways.

  7. Primary Care Doctors, Overwhelmed Letters, Yesterday

    Readers respond to a story about a rural doctor with a heart condition brought on by her work. Also: Italy’s election; the MAGA threat; whales; carriage horses.

  8. Which Midterm Polls Should We Be Taking With a Grain of Salt? Op Ed, Yesterday

    Three writers on whether Democrats should get their hopes up.

  9. The Eagerness of Ginni Thomas Editorial, Yesterday

    How has someone with such contempt for democracy, not to mention a shaky grip on reality, run amok for so long at top levels of politics and government?

  10. Trump Might Escape Writer’s Defamation Suit Because He Was President National, September 27

    E. Jean Carroll’s case may fail thanks to broad protections granted to federal officials and employees. She still plans to file a separate suit accusing the ex-president of rape.

  11. The Justice Dept.’s ‘60-Day Rule’ Interactive, September 27

    Because the “rule” is not established in writing, its meaning is not defined.

  12. Is Assisted Suicide Too Accessible? Letters, September 27

    A change in Canada’s assisted suicide law that expands eligibility. Also: U.S. politics; moderate Republicans; sweaters for Ukraine; a paper for the elite?

  13. The Second Amendment Gives No Comfort to Insurrectionists Op Ed, September 27

    It is essential to reject the myth that frustrated citizens have a right to raise arms against the government.

  14. Sedition Trial of Oath Keepers Gets Underway Washington, September 27

    Jury selection began on Tuesday in the case of Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the far-right militia group, and four other members charged with seditious conspiracy in the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

  15. House Jan. 6 Panel Faces Key Decisions as It Wraps Up Work Washington, September 27

    The committee investigating the attack on the Capitol postponed what was to be its first hearing since July on Wednesday, as it enters the final stage of its inquiry.

  16. Trump’s Heartless QAnon Embrace Op Ed, September 26

    He’s reinforcing life-ruining delusions.

  17. Trump White House Called Capitol Rioter on Jan. 6, Book Says Washington, September 26

    Denver Riggleman, a former staff member of the House committee investigating the assault on the Capitol, said the call came from a White House landline.

  18. Los problemas legales de Trump aumentan. También sus presiones financieras en Español, September 26

    La demanda presentada por la fiscala general de Nueva York es el último indicio de cómo una serie de investigaciones está afectando a los negocios y al patrimonio personal del expresidente.

  19. Does It Matter That Investigators Are Closing In on Trump? Op Ed, September 26

    He is not the only politician in America, even if it sometimes feels that way.

  20. Solo Soulless Saboteurs Op Ed, September 24

    Putin and Trump, dragging the world down with them.

  21. ‘Necesitamos ventanas’: mientras se acerca el invierno, Ucrania lucha con el desabasto de vidrio en Español, September 24

    Bombas rusas. Costos energéticos crecientes. Relaciones comerciales interrumpidas. Es difícil arreglar todos los cristales rotos por las explosiones de la guerra en Ucrania, y el invierno está llegando.

  22. Georgia Official Says County’s Voting Equipment Will Be Replaced National, September 23

    New voting equipment will be installed in Coffee County, where allies of former President Donald J. Trump copied software and other data after the 2020 election.

  23. This Threat to Democracy Is Hiding in Plain Sight Editorial, September 23

    Trump and his allies are trying to take over the machinery of American elections.

  24. Trump Lawyers Push to Limit Aides’ Testimony in Jan. 6 Inquiry Washington, September 23

    The former president’s legal team is seeking to invoke attorney-client and executive privilege over grand jury testimony after waves of subpoenas went out to witnesses.

  25. Amid G.O.P. Cash Crunch, One Very Flush Ally May Soon Share the Wealth Politics, September 23

    Donald J. Trump, sitting on a huge campaign war chest, is eyeing a raft of television ads to help Republican candidates in the midterm elections, people familiar with the talks say.

  26. Elton John, a Favorite of Trump, Performs at the Biden White House Washington, September 23

    The British pop superstar, who had avoided performing for President Biden’s predecessor, was also presented with the National Humanities Medal.

  27. Trump Is Battling a New York Law Used to Take on Corporate Giants Metro, September 23

    The lawsuit filed this week by the state’s attorney general, Letitia James, is based on the same statute that was used against Exxon Mobil, Juul and UBS.

  28. Trump’s ‘Magical Powers’ of Declassification Letters, September 23

    Readers discuss declassification “by thinking” and an appellate court ruling. Also: Censorship, left and right; gay marriage; development aid; abortion art.

  29. Election Deniers Are Pivoting to November. Will Voters Buy It? Politics, September 23

    “Stop the Steal” Republicans hoping to win over general-election voters are going through contortions — scrubbing websites, using coded language or simply saying different things to different audiences.

  30. ¿Cómo fue que la Marcha de las Mujeres se desmanteló? Los análisis conducen a cuentas rusas en Español, September 23

    Mientras las feministas estadounidenses se reunían en 2017 para protestar contra Donald Trump, la maquinaria de desinformación de Rusia se dedicó a profundizar las divisiones entre ellas.

  31. The Wrong Trump Judge at the Right Time Can Wreak Havoc Op Ed, September 23

    To solve the problem of hyperpartisan judges, expand the federal judiciary.

  32. As Trump’s Legal Woes Mount, So Do Financial Pressures on Him Washington, September 22

    The lawsuit filed by New York’s attorney general is the latest indication of how an array of investigations is affecting the former president’s business and personal wealth.

  33. Trump Claims He Declassified Documents. Why Don’t His Lawyers Say So in Court? Washington, September 22

    Judges this week highlighted the gap between Mr. Trump’s public claims that he declassified everything and his lawyers’ reluctance to repeat that claim in a courtroom.

  34. U.S. to Drop Charges Against Judge Accused of Helping Immigrant Escape ICE Express, September 22

    Prosecutors had charged Shelley M. Richmond Joseph, a district court judge in Newton, Mass., with allowing an undocumented immigrant to sneak out the back door of a courthouse in 2018.

  35. Pandemic Unemployment Fraud Estimate Rises to $45.6 Billion Business, September 22

    A federal watchdog tripled its earlier estimate of benefits that the U.S. government paid to people who weren’t entitled to them.

  36. Pandemic Unemployment Fraud Estimate Is Raised to $45.6 Billion Business, September 22

    A federal watchdog tripled its earlier estimate of benefits that the U.S. government paid to people who weren’t entitled to them.

  37. Trump Support Remains Unmoved by Investigations, Poll Finds Upshot, September 22

    Even during peak crises during his presidency, views of him were static. Post-presidency polls have continued the trend.

  38. The Inside Joke That Became Trump’s Big Lie Op Ed, September 22

    The lie that Trump won the 2020 election has grown so powerful because it is yoked to an older deception: the idea that American politics is a joke.

  39. Moderate Republicans No Longer Have a Home, and It Started With My Defeat Op Ed, September 22

    A former congressman on their decline and how it’s hurting the party.

  40. A Lawsuit That Moves to Bar the Trumps From Doing Business Here Metro, September 22

    The New York attorney general, Letitia James, accused the former president and his business of overvaluing his assets by billions.

  41. Virginia Thomas Agrees to Interview With Jan. 6 Panel Washington, September 22

    The committee has sought for months to interview Ms. Thomas, the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, about her involvement in efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

  42. Appeals Court Frees Justice Dept. to Use Sensitive Files Seized From Trump Washington, September 21

    A federal judge had temporarily barred the department from using the records marked as classified in its inquiry into whether the former president illegally retained national defense documents.

  43. House Passes Overhaul of Electoral Count, Moving to Avert Another Jan. 6 Crisis Washington, September 21

    The legislation, opposed by most Republicans, is a bid to update the law that former President Donald J. Trump tried to exploit on Jan. 6, 2021, to invalidate his defeat.

  44. Read the lawsuit Interactive, September 21

    In a lawsuit filed on Sept. 21, the New York attorney general, Letitia James, accused Donald J. Trump and three of his children of fraudulently overvaluing his assets by billions of dollars.

  45. The Political Backdrop of Letitia James’s Lawsuit Against Trump Politics, September 21

    New York’s attorney general tried to downplay the politics hanging over the lawsuit, while allies of former President Donald J. Trump did the opposite.

  46. N.Y. Attorney General Accuses Trump of ‘Staggering’ Fraud in Lawsuit Metro, September 21

    The New York attorney general, Letitia James, is seeking to bar the Trump family from ever operating in the state again.

  47. Estas son las seis investigaciones que enfrenta Donald Trump en Español, September 21

    Sin el poder de la presidencia, el exmandatario enfrenta a una multitud de fiscales y abogados que lo investigan a él y a sus asociados.

  48. Can Republicans Tax the Rich? Op Ed, September 21

    The continuing quest for a conservative policy reformation, and its continuing problems.

  49. Inside the Completely Legal G.O.P. Plot to Destroy American Democracy Op Ed, September 21

    Imagine a legal January 6. It’s bureaucratic, boring, invisible, and it might actually succeed.

  50. Inside the Completely Legal G.O.P. Plot to Destroy American Democracy Video, September 21

    Imagine a legal Jan. 6. It’s bureaucratic, boring, invisible — and it might actually succeed.

  51. Writer Who Says Trump Raped Her Plans to Use New Law to Prove It Metro, September 21

    E. Jean Carroll, a former advice columnist for Elle, had already sued the former president for defamation after he branded her a liar

  52. Special Master Expresses Skepticism of Declassification Claims by Trump’s Lawyers Washington, September 20

    The former president insists he shouldn’t have to state in a legal proceeding that he declassified the documents, while casting doubt on their status.

  53. These Women Used the Rule of Law to Challenge Trumpism Book Review, September 20

    In “Lady Justice,” Dahlia Lithwick celebrates the female lawyers, judges and others who stood up to the administration.

  54. La mayoría de los votantes latinos están fuera del alcance del Partido Republicano, según una nueva encuesta en Español, September 20

    Una encuesta de The New York Times/Siena College revela que los demócratas están mucho peor que en el pasado con los votantes hispanos. Pero, en general, el partido ha mantenido el control sobre el electorado latino.

  55. La mayoría de los votantes latinos están fuera del alcance del Partido Republicano, según una nueva encuesta en Español, September 20

    Una encuesta de The New York Times/Siena College revela que los demócratas están mucho peor que en el pasado con los votantes hispanos. Pero, en general, el partido ha mantenido el control sobre el electorado latino.

  56. Glenn Youngkin Knows Exactly What He’s Doing Op Ed, September 20

    The governor believes he needs to cater to and actually support election questioners and deniers to have a shot at leading the Republican Party.

  57. El sistema migratorio de EE. UU. es obsoleto. Está claro en Español, September 20

    Las maniobras de los gobernadores de Texas y Florida de enviar migrantes a otros estados exponen las carencias del sobrecargado proceso de solicitud de asilo.

  58. Videos Show Trump Allies Handling Georgia Voting Equipment National, September 20

    The footage raises new questions about efforts by Trump affiliates in a number of swing states to gain access to and copy sensitive voting software after the 2020 election.

  59. Trump Was Warned Late Last Year of Potential Legal Peril Over Documents Washington, September 19

    A former White House lawyer sought to impress on him the need to return material he had taken with him upon leaving office.

  60. Burnout, Productivity and Other Tales of the Office Letters, September 19

    Readers discuss new aspects of the workplace during the pandemic. Also: A political balance; Vladimir Putin and Mikhail Gorbachev; student newspapers.

  61. Trump Adviser’s Trial May Shed Light on Foreign Influence Campaigns Metro, September 19

    Thomas Barrack, a Los Angeles private equity executive, is accused of working secretly for the United Arab Emirates.

  62. You Cannot Be Too Cynical About Trump (or His Imitators) Op Ed, September 19

    The former president has company in the nether regions.

  63. The Story So Far: Where 6 Investigations Into Donald Trump Stand Washington, September 19

    The former president finds himself without the power of the presidency, staring at a host of prosecutors and lawyers who have him and his associates in their sights.

  64. Biden Calls Trump ‘Irresponsible’ Over Mar-a-Lago Documents Washington, September 19

    Speaking to “60 Minutes,” the president also declared the Covid-19 pandemic to be “over” in the United States.

  65. Trump Rally Plays Music Resembling QAnon Song, and Crowds React Politics, September 18

    In Ohio, a dark address by the former president featured music that was all but identical to a theme song for the conspiracy theory movement.

  66. How Russian Trolls Helped Keep the Women’s March Out of Lock Step Investigative, September 18

    As American feminists came together in 2017 to protest Donald Trump, Russia’s disinformation machine set about deepening the divides among them.

  67. Echoing Trump, These Republicans Won’t Promise to Accept 2022 Results Politics, September 18

    Six Republican nominees for governor and the Senate in key midterm states, all backed by Donald Trump, would not commit to accepting the November outcome. Five others did not answer the question.

  68. Majority of Latino Voters Out of G.O.P.’s Reach, New Poll Shows Politics, September 18

    A New York Times/Siena College poll found Democrats faring far worse than they have in the past with Hispanic voters. But overall, the party has maintained a hold on the Latino electorate.

  69. Trump’s Former Accounting Firm Begins Turning Over Documents to Congress Washington, September 17

    Mazars USA delivered an initial set of documents related to the former president’s finances to the House Oversight Committee as part of a settlement.

  70. As Trump Inquiry Heats Up, Garland Says Divisions Imperil the Rule of Law Washington, September 17

    Addressing new citizens on Ellis Island, the attorney general emphasized that all Americans are equal under the law.

  71. What the Martha’s Vineyard Stunt Says About the Trump Wannabes Op Ed, September 17

    Is Ron DeSantis really ready for prime time?

  72. How Low Can They Go? Op Ed, September 17

    G.O.P. grapes of wrath at Martha’s Vineyard.

  73. ‘A Crisis Coming’: The Twin Threats to American Democracy National, September 17

    The United States faces two distinct challenges, the movement by Republicans who refuse to accept defeat in an election and a growing disconnect between political power and public opinion.

  74. Rally With Trump? Some G.O.P. Candidates Aren’t Thrilled About It. Politics, September 17

    Whether he is invited or not, the former president keeps holding rallies in battleground states. It reflects an awkward dance as Republican candidates try to win over general-election voters.

  75. U.S. Asks Appeals Court to Restore Access to Sensitive Records Seized From Trump Washington, September 17

    The government, while calling a lower court’s decision “unprecedented,” did not seek to stop the installation of an outside arbiter to review other materials taken from Mar-a-Lago.

  76. Lawyer Told Archives Last Year That Trump Had No Classified Material Washington, September 17

    A lawyer representing the former president told the National Archives that boxes taken from the White House contained material like newspaper clippings.

  77. Is That Legal? How Scores of Migrants Came to Be Shipped North Washington, September 16

    The migrant drop-offs orchestrated by two Republican governors raised questions about how the law treats immigrants. Here’s what you need to know.

  78. Trump’s Team of Lawyers Marked by Infighting and Possible Legal Troubles of Its Own Washington, September 16

    Several of the former president’s lawyers are under scrutiny by federal investigators amid squabbling over competence.

  79. Warnings From Authors Who Track Domestic Extremism Politics, September 16

    Luke Mogelson and Andy Campbell have followed groups like the Proud Boys for years. They are terrified at what they see as a growing threat.

  80. The Job of the Special Master in the Trump Documents Inquiry, Explained Washington, September 16

    A judge’s order detailed the tasks of the independent arbiter appointed to filter material the F.B.I. seized from the former president’s residence.

  81. Judge Raymond Dearie Takes On Fraught Role in Trump Documents Case Washington, September 16

    The long-serving federal judge was named as the special master with responsibility for sifting through the materials seized from the former president.

  82. The Martha’s Vineyard Migrant Stunt Is Making One Truth About This Country Clear Op Ed, September 16

    America’s immigration system has long been overburdened and outdated.

  83. Democrats Buoyed by Abortion and Trump, Times/Siena Poll Finds Politics, September 16

    President Biden’s approval rating has climbed to 42 percent, and the number of Americans who believe the country is on the right track has doubled but remains low.

  84. Judge Keeps Block on Inquiry Into Mar-a-Lago Files and Names Special Master U.S., September 15

    The Justice Department is planning to appeal, but the decision is likely to significantly delay its investigation into former President Donald J. Trump’s handling of government records.

  85. Judge Keeps Block on Inquiry Into Mar-a-Lago Files and Names Special Master Washington, September 15

    The Justice Department is planning to appeal, but the decision is likely to significantly delay its investigation into former President Donald J. Trump’s handling of government records.

  86. Why Is There Still No Strategy to Defeat Donald Trump? Op Ed, September 15

    Trump-bashing makes us feel good; it doesn’t turn the tide.

  87. ‘Evil Will Not Win’: Biden Denounces White Supremacy and Takes a Swipe at Trump Washington, September 15

    President Biden convened a summit at the White House and called on Americans to speak out against prejudice.

  88. House Passes Bill to Insulate Federal Workers, Addressing a Trump Threat Washington, September 15

    The legislation would prevent a president from gutting the civil service, a move that former President Donald J. Trump attempted and has threatened to revive should he win another term.

  89. Right After Primary Win, Bolduc Reverses Support for Election Lies Politics, September 15

    Don Bolduc, the Republican Senate nominee in New Hampshire, pivoted to the general election, saying he had concluded that the 2020 presidential election “was not stolen.”

  90. The Autopsy Podcasts, September 15

    What Democrats and Republicans got wrong about voters started with a pileup of flawed assumptions.

  91. Trump Media’s Merger Delay Puts $1 Billion Financing Deal in Doubt Business, September 15

    An agreement with hedge funds and other wealthy investors is set to expire soon, and they could walk away from the upstart social media company if conditions are not met.

  92. N.Y. Attorney General May Sue Trump After Rejecting Settlement Offer Metro, September 15

    The attorney general, Letitia James, is also considering suing at least one of the former president’s adult children as part of her Trump Organization inquiry.

  93. Judge John Hodgman on ‘Donny’ the Dog Magazine, September 15

    Friends can’t help associating his name with the former president’s.

  94. A Sober Look at the ‘Cartoonishly Chaotic’ Trump White House Book Review, September 14

    In “The Divider,” political journalists keep their cool as they chronicle the outrageous conduct and ugly infighting that marked a presidency like no other.

  95. Cosmetics Billionaire Convinced Trump That the U.S. Should Buy Greenland Washington, September 14

    Ronald S. Lauder, the Estée Lauder heir, offered himself up as back-channel negotiator to purchase Greenland from Denmark, a new book says. Denmark said no.

  96. Even When Trump Endorses No One, G.O.P. Voters Go Far to the Right Politics, September 14

    The former president stayed out of New Hampshire’s primaries, but Republicans nominated the candidates for Senate and the House most aligned with his political brand.

  97. Trump’s ‘Muddled’ Claims About the Presidential Records Act, Explained Washington, September 14

    The former president’s legal team keeps invoking a 1978 law as a basis for various assertions in the dispute over the seized files he was hoarding.

  98. Durham Inquiry Appears to Wind Down as Grand Jury Expires Washington, September 14

    The special counsel appointed by the Trump administration to examine the Russia investigation seems to be wrapping up its work with no further charges in store.

  99. Why Aren’t You Voting in Your Financial Self-Interest? Op Ed, September 14

    The conflict between elites and populists may not be what it seems.

  100. How Fierce Primaries, Abortion and Inflation Transformed the 2022 Map Politics, September 14

    Democrats enter the final sprint to November more optimistic than expected, especially in the race for the Senate. But Republicans remain bullish that they can sweep into a House majority.

  101. Ken Starr, Independent Counsel in Clinton Investigation, Dies at 76 Washington, September 13

    Mr. Starr’s investigation into President Clinton’s affair with a former White House intern propelled issues of sex and morality to the center of American life for more than a year.

  102. A Look at Trump’s Endorsement Record as the Primaries End Politics, September 13

    As the midterm primary season ends, candidates whom former President Donald J. Trump endorsed have racked up many wins and a handful of prominent losses.

  103. Archives Is Unsure Whether Trump Surrendered All Records, Panel Says Washington, September 13

    In a letter, the chairwoman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee said the National Archives told her staff it was still not certain whether all presidential records had been returned.

  104. The Greatest Threat to Democracy Is a Feature of Democracy Op Ed, September 13

    Democratic society is uniquely vulnerable to the consequences of communication.

  105. Why Things May Really Be Different for This Midterm Election Upshot, September 13

    This cycle, the arguments for Democratic strength cut against the conventional wisdom that the party in power struggles in midterms.

  106. A New Book Tracks the Rise of Right-Wing Extremism in the U.S. Book Review, September 13

    At a time of social turmoil, Luke Mogelson’s “The Storm Is Here” explores how we got to this point.

  107. Is Ron DeSantis the Future of the Republican Party? Magazine, September 13

    For years, Democrats have worried about the prospect of a more disciplined heir to Trump. In Florida’s pugilistic governor, that candidate may have arrived.

  108. Justice Dept. Says It’s Open to Trump Pick for Special Master Washington, September 13

    Prosecutors said they would not object if Judge Raymond J. Dearie of the Federal District Court in Brooklyn is appointed to review the sensitive documents seized from Mar-a-Lago.

  109. Senate to Investigate Charge That Trump Meddled in Prosecutor’s Office Metro, September 13

    The allegations of political motivation are in a new book by the former U.S. attorney in Manhattan, Geoffrey S. Berman.

  110. Ukraine Deflates MAGA Macho Myths Op Ed, September 12

    Sometimes tough guys finish last. Can the right handle it?

  111. Inside a Republican Superlawyer’s Break With Donald Trump’s G.O.P. Politics, September 12

    An exclusive excerpt from a new book by David Enrich on powerful corporate law firms and how the Trump era changed and challenged one in particular.

  112. Inside a Republican Superlawyer’s Break With Donald Trump’s G.O.P. U.S., September 12

    An exclusive excerpt from a new book by David Enrich on powerful corporate law firms and how the Trump era changed and challenged one in particular.

  113. Justice Dept. Issues 40 Subpoenas in a Week, Expanding Its Jan. 6 Inquiry Washington, September 12

    It also seized the phones of two top Trump advisers, a sign of an escalating investigation two months before the midterm elections.

  114. Gun Shoot Will Conclude Former Trump Aide’s House Primary Race Politics, September 12

    Karoline Leavitt, who turned her New Hampshire primary into an argument over which candidate carried the mantle of Trumpism, is closing her campaign at a fish and game club.

  115. Trump Asks Judge to Keep Blocking F.B.I. From Working With Seized Classified Files Washington, September 12

    It was the latest salvo in a court fight over a special master, which has stalled an investigation into the former president’s hoarding of government documents.

  116. Mark Finchem Says Biden Didn’t Win in 2020, and He Has Big Plans for Elections in Arizona Op Ed, September 12

    What happens if you follow the logic of the Republican nominee for Arizona secretary of state?

  117. In Atlanta, a Local Prosecutor Takes on Murder, Street Gangs and a President National, September 12

    Fani T. Willis has emerged as one of the most consequential legal threats to Donald Trump while presiding over the justice system in Georgia’s most populous county.

  118. The Week in Business: A Trump Deal in Limbo Sunday Business, September 11

    The European Central Bank lifted its key rates three-quarters of a percentage point. Many employers have set this month for workers to return to the office.

  119. The Sunday Read: ‘How the Claremont Institute Became a Nerve Center of the American Right’ The Daily, September 11

    It made the intellectual case for Trump. Now it believes the country is in a cultural civil war.

  120. Democrats Didn’t Conjure Up the Demand for MAGA Candidates Op Ed, September 10

    The Republican base has shown us what it wants, repeatedly.

  121. Rudy Giuliani Is Alone Op Ed, September 10

    9/11 was his triumph, then it became his undoing.

  122. For Trump’s Lawyers, Legal Exposure Comes With the Job Washington, September 10

    The many lawyers who have helped the former president avoid removal from office and indictment have drawn legal problems of their own.

  123. Justice Dept. and Trump Legal Team Clash Over Special Master Candidates Washington, September 10

    The two sides had sharply diverging views of who could serve as a special master and what that person would do.

  124. Two Top Trump Political Aides Among Those Subpoenaed in Jan. 6 Case U.S., September 9

    Stephen Miller, a senior policy adviser, and Brian Jack, who served as White House political director, are among those who received requests for information this week from a federal grand jury.

  125. Two Top Trump Political Aides Among Those Subpoenaed in Jan. 6 Case Washington, September 9

    Stephen Miller, a senior policy adviser, and Brian Jack, who served as White House political director, are among those who received requests for information this week from a federal grand jury.

  126. In New Hampshire, a MAGA Rivalry Is Splitting House Republicans Washington, September 9

    Two young conservatives are battling for the mantle of Trumpism in a congressional primary in a competitive district in New Hampshire that could help decide the House majority.

  127. Trump Media Gets Aggressive With Regulators Over Delayed Merger Business, September 9

    The former president’s social media company said “improper political considerations” by regulators have caused “unnecessary financial harm,” as it scrambles to keep a money-raising merger deal alive.

  128. Was Biden’s Democracy Speech Too Harsh? Letters, September 9

    Readers discuss Bret Stephens and Ross Douthat’s criticism of the Philadelphia speech. Also: Reasons for the teacher shortage; the reusable bag glut.

  129. Biden Is Telling You That Trump Is a Threat, and the Proof Is Everywhere Op Ed, September 9

    Trump is the chosen candidate of reactionary billionaires and fanatical opponents of racial and gender equality for a reason.

  130. A Global Outpouring of Grief Mixes With Criticism of the Monarchy Foreign, September 8

    Queen Elizabeth II was remembered by ordinary Britons, world leaders and other royals for her grace, humor and longevity. Others had more conflicted views on the monarchy.

  131. Trump Media Merger Gives Itself Another Month to Scramble for Shareholder Votes Business, September 8

    Digital World Acquisition adjourned by a month an important shareholder meeting after it came up short in votes supporting a one-year extension for the deal.

  132. Trump Media Merger Gives Itself Another Month to Scramble for Shareholder Votes Business, September 8

    Digital World Acquisition adjourned by a month an important shareholder meeting after it came up short in votes supporting a one-year extension for the deal.

  133. The Queen Met 13 Sitting U.S. Presidents, Who Basked in Her Global Prestige Washington, September 8

    Queen Elizabeth II was a gracious host and guest over the last seven decades, even when faced with protocol mistakes and awkward missteps.

  134. The Queen and Her Presidents Washington, September 8

    Six of the American leaders she met during her long life offer remembrances of her and their encounters.

  135. Justice Dept. Asks Judge to Lift Block on Trump Documents Investigation Washington, September 8

    The Justice Department asked a judge to hold off on enacting key parts of her order, including a temporary ban on its ability to use files seized from former President Donald J. Trump in its inquiry.

  136. Live by the Trump, Die by the Trump Op Ed, September 8

    Republicans’ amoral alliance with the former president may well be a midterms curse.

  137. Trump’s Post-Election Fund-Raising Comes Under Scrutiny by Justice Dept. Washington, September 8

    A federal grand jury has issued subpoenas seeking information about Save America PAC, which was formed as Donald J. Trump promoted baseless assertions about election fraud.

  138. Bannon Pleads Not Guilty to New York Charges in Wall Case Metro, September 8

    Stephen K. Bannon, whom former President Donald J. Trump pardoned, has been entangled in what prosecutors have said was a crowdfunding fraud scheme.

  139. Saudi-Tied Tournament Causes Push to Void Trump’s N.Y.C. Golf Contract Metro, September 8

    City Council leaders asked Mayor Eric Adams to end the Trump Organization’s contract to run a city-owned golf course in the Bronx and to cancel a tournament next month.

  140. Trump Pushed Officials to Prosecute His Critics, Ex-U.S. Attorney Says Metro, September 8

    Geoffrey S. Berman, who headed the Manhattan office, says in a book the Justice Department pushed cases, against John Kerry and others, to help Mr. Trump.

  141. Why a Narrow, Hard-Right G.O.P. House Majority Could Spell Chaos Politics, September 8

    Kevin McCarthy, who would become speaker if Republicans retake the chamber, could face a series of headaches. But beyond him, the nation might struggle to avoid a damaging default on its debt.

  142. Many Subway Riders Gave Up on the Mask Mandate Before Hochul Did Metro, September 8

    As the governor lifted the requirement for mass transit, passengers said they were already making their own personal risk assessments.

  143. Justice Dept. Faces Tough Calls in Weighing Response to Trump Ruling Washington, September 8

    As the department decides whether to appeal the ruling on a special master, it is balancing a desire to speedily resolve the inquiry with the need to limit an expansive view of executive power.

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    For our podcast The Run-Up, Astead Herndon and his team are talking with voters of all stripes. For many of them, frustration with politics is tied to their worries about democracy.

  145. Trump Aide Is Subpoenaed for Jan. 6 Grand Jury Washington, September 7

    Federal prosecutors issued a subpoena to William Russell, who served as a special assistant to the former president, and went to his home in Florida.

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    President Biden has taken pains to show that he understands there is a difference between what he calls extremist “MAGA Republicans” and other members of the Republican Party.

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    The drive reflects concern among Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans that, despite multiple investigations and evidence of wrongdoing, the former president may make a comeback.

  148. Trump Ruling Lifts Profile of Judge and Raises Legal Eyebrows Washington, September 7

    Judge Aileen M. Cannon has issued the first highly scrutinized ruling of her short judicial career, involving the person who put her on the bench: former President Donald J. Trump.

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