1. Trump Says Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed in the Military National, Today

    President Trump said the military cannot be burdened with what he called “the tremendous medical costs” of allowing transgender service members.

  2. Trump Punishes Transgender Patriots Op Ed, Today

    His agenda stalled, the president has settled for barring a few thousand transgender Americans from serving in the military.

  3. Senate Health Care Vote: Where the Debate Left Off and What Happens Next National, Today

    The legislative showdown will continue Wednesday as the Senate considers various measures to replace the health law.

  4. How U.S. Military Policy on Transgender Personnel Changed Under Obama National, Today

    President Trump has reversed an Obama administration policy that evolved rapidly. Here is how The Times covered the issue.

  5. Trump Attacks Sessions Again, This Time Over the Acting F.B.I. Director National, Today

    The president’s third straight day of publicly complaining about Jeff Sessions, the attorney general, came during speculation that Mr. Trump could fire Mr. Sessions.

  6. New Ethics Chief Has Fought to Roll Back Restrictions National, Today

    David J. Apol has sought to loosen ethics requirements on federal employees, and will face an early test when he makes a decision on Anthony Scaramucci.

  7. Did We Take Trump Too Seriously? Op Ed, Today

    An author discusses the response to a recent Op-Ed on the president’s foreign policy.

  8. A Trump Tower of Absolute Folly Op Ed, Today

    The president’s absurd campaign against Jeff Sessions distills his unfitness for the office.

  9. Senate Votes Down Broad Obamacare Repeal National, Yesterday

    The fact that the plan came up well short of even 50 votes was an ominous sign for Republican leaders still grappling with a formula to pass final health care legislation later this week.

  10. Sessions, Kushner and the Russia Investigation Opinion, Today

    Readers discuss President Trump’s attacks on his attorney general and Jared Kushner’s defense before Senate investigators.

  11. Transgender in the Military Letters, Today

    A reader calls President Trump’s decision to bar transgender people “reckless.”

  12. Lawmakers in Russia Call for Retaliation Against New U.S. Sanctions Foreign, Today

    The Kremlin said that news of the proposed American measures was “sad” and that relations between Moscow and Washington would be further damaged.

  13. Are You Affected by Trump’s Ban on Transgender Service Members? Interactive, Today

    The New York Times would like to hear from people who are affected by President Trump’s decision to ban transgender people from military service.

  14. Are You Affected by Trump’s Ban on Transgender Service Members? Interactive, Today

    The New York Times would like to hear from people who are affected by President Trump’s decision to ban transgender people from military service.

  15. A Hot Microphone Catches Senate Gossip, but No Duel Transpires National, Yesterday

    Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, and Senator Jack Reed, Democrat of Rhode Island, were recorded disparaging President Trump and another G.O.P. lawmaker.

  16. Donald Trump’s Dominatrix Op Ed, Today

    Technically, he defeated her. Emotionally, not so much.

  17. Trump Finds Reason for the U.S. to Remain in Afghanistan: Minerals Foreign, Yesterday

    Last week, as the White House fell into an increasingly fractious debate over Afghanistan policy, Trump aides met with a chemical executive to discuss the potential for extracting rare-earth minerals.

  18. Trump Is on Track to Insult 650 People, Places and Things on Twitter by the End of His First Term Interactive, Today

    Six months into his presidency, Mr. Trump is using his Twitter account to insult others with a frequency and intensity not seen since he was a candidate.

  19. ‘The Daily’: On the Senate Floor Podcasts, Today

    After the dramatic return of John McCain, the Senate narrowly agrees to begin work on repealing Obamacare — then votes down a plan to do exactly that.

  20. Scout’s Honor? Not for the President Editorial, Yesterday

    Mr. Trump talks trash politics to children attending a Boy Scouts jamboree.

  21. Stephen Colbert Says Trump Attacked Boy Scouts’ ‘Belief in Our Democracy’ Culture, Today

    Mr. Colbert worried on “The Late Show” about the impact of President Trump’s speech to the Boy Scouts of America.

  22. There’s No Mistaking Trump for a Boy Scout Op Ed, Yesterday

    Always be prepared for this president to hijack your jamboree.

  23. Coast Guard Shelves Plans to Shut Down Potomac Near a Trump Resort National, Today

    A public outcry led the Coast Guard to ease a security zone at Trump National Golf Club on the river for boats, kayaks and other watercraft.

  24. Justice Dept. Nominee Says He Worked on Russian Bank’s Trump-Related Inquiry National, Today

    President Trump’s nominee for a top Justice Department role said he would not have done work for the bank had he known for sure that he would be tapped by the administration.

  25. ‘People Love You’: For Trump, a Welcome Escape From the Capital National, Yesterday

    The president escaped Washington in search of more appreciative audiences and found that he still enjoys campaign-style rallies.

  26. Trump and Congressional Republicans: It’s Complicated National, Yesterday

    Aligning with an impulsive president has both costs and benefits.

  27. The New Presidential Interview Insider, July 24

    “I have now interviewed seven presidents — and with Mr. Trump the experience is strikingly different in almost every respect.”...

  28. After Trump Injects Politics Into Speech, Boy Scouts Face Blowback National, Yesterday

    The group tried to distance itself from a speech by President Trump that was laced with political attacks and enraged many parents and former Scouts.

  29. In Trump’s World, ‘Very Weak’ Sessions Twists in Wind National, Yesterday

    The president’s unforgiving campaign against his own attorney general opens rift with the right and leaves White House at war with the Justice Department.

  30. Manafort Talks With Senate Investigators About Meeting With Russians National, Yesterday

    Paul Manafort met with Intelligence Committee investigators to discuss the June 2016 meeting between a Russian lawyer and members of President Trump’s inner circle.

  31. Scaramucci on Leaks: ‘I’m Going to Fire Everybody’ National, Yesterday

    Another member of the White House press shop resigned as President Trump’s new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, threatened to fire the whole staff to stop leaking.

  32. Right and Left React to Kushner, Sessions and More National, Yesterday

    Read about how the other side thinks: Writers from across the political spectrum react to the news on the Russian meddling investigation and more.

  33. Lawsuit Challenges Secrecy of White House Advisers on Infrastructure National, Yesterday

    In a complaint filed Tuesday, a nonprofit group accused the President Trump of a “pattern and practice” of creating secretive advisory groups.

  34. Senator Jeff Flake, Facing Twin Threats, Is Said to Take On G.O.P. Rift in New Book National, Yesterday

    Seeking re-election in 2018, the Arizona Republican criticizes what he calls the nationalist and populist strain in the party.

  35. Trump: The Antithesis of a Boy Scout Letters, Yesterday

    “As a man who spent some very formative years in the Boy Scouts, I found Donald Trump’s speech to the national jamboree nauseating,” a reader says.

  36. In Gold Butte in Nevada, Ancient Rock Art and Rugged Beauty Travel, Yesterday

    The national monument, which the Trump administration is reassessing, is full of life — Joshua trees, prairie falcons — and stunning petroglyphs.

  37. Trump to Visit Long Island in Wake of MS-13 Gang Arrests Metro, Yesterday

    The murders by the transnational gang have turned a regional crisis into a national referendum on illegal immigration.

  38. By Land, Sea or Catapult: How Smugglers Get Drugs Across the Border National, Yesterday

    As the United States increases the number of agents, drones, sensors and cameras on the border, smugglers resort to more inventive modes.

  39. Democrats Try to Find Economic Message After Railing Against Trump National, July 24

    Democrats gathered in a small town in Virginia on Monday to unveil the economic themes they hope to run on in 2018 as they look beyond President Trump.

  40. Trump White House Tests a Nation’s Capacity for Outrage National, July 24

    President Trump has crossed so many lines and done so many things that other presidents would not have that he has radically shifted the understanding of what is standard in the White House.

  41. Scaramucci on Trump: ‘He’s My Client’ Business, July 24

    The new White House communications director is just as brash as his boss — and, it seems, just as willing to kiss and make up with a former foe.

  42. Trump Gives Scouts an Earful of Politics, Amid Traditional Advice National, July 24

    “Who the hell wants to speak about politics when I’m in front of the Boy Scouts?” the president asked in West Virginia. As it turns out, he did.

  43. At Berryessa National Monument, Wildflowers and Rebirth Travel, Yesterday

    Flowers bloom after wildfires at one of the newest national monuments, where the California landscape is a trip through time.

  44. Trevor Noah Is Puzzled by Anthony Scaramucci’s ‘Transparency’ Culture, Yesterday

    Mr. Noah took issue with the new White House communications director’s statement that he was deleting old tweets in the name of “full transparency.”...

  45. At Bears Ears in Utah, Heated Politics and Precious Ruins Travel, Yesterday

    The new national monument, with remarkable archaeological sites, is under review by the Trump administration, which could reduce its size.

  46. G.O.P. Support for Trump Is Starting to Crack Op Ed, July 24

    Members of Congress are defending him much less than is typical for a new president, and his level of popular support is declining.

  47. Poland Turns Away From Democracy, Thanks to the U.S. Op Ed, July 24

    President Trump’s visit emboldened the Law and Justice party to attempt a judicial coup, and Washington has been a mere bystander since.

  48. Judge Clears Way for Trump’s Voter Fraud Panel to Collect Data National, July 24

    President Trump created the White House advisory commission to find ways to strengthen the voting system. But critics have called it a sham.

  49. Court Officers Can’t Hold People Solely Under ICE Detainers, Massachusetts Justices Rule National, July 24

    The ruling was claimed as a victory by the state attorney general’s office and immigration advocates; ICE and law enforcement agencies decried it.

  50. Jared Kushner’s Four Meetings With Russians Video, July 24

    In a statement to congressional investigators, Jared Kushner described four meetings he had with Russians during the Trump campaign and transition. He said there was no collusion.

  51. Senate Braces for Health Showdown With McCain on Hand but a Plan Unclear National, July 24

    After months of deliberation, Republicans have reached the moment when they have to vote. But they still don’t know what exactly they’ll be voting on.

  52. This Is Not the Mooch I Know Op Ed, July 24

    Trump’s new communications director is a good man. Will Trump let him stay that way?...

  53. In Taking Aim at His Attorney General, Trump Tests Sessions’s Views National, July 24

    Mr. Trump’s latest public rebuke was met with silence by Mr. Sessions, who has historically been vocal about keeping the Justice Department independent of the president.

  54. ‘I Did Not Collude,’ Kushner Says After Meeting Senate Investigators National, July 24

    Jared Kushner’s rare public comments about Russia were an attempt to steer the White House through a political storm. But they carried legal risk.

  55. Parents of Charlie Gard, Ill British Infant, Abandon Effort to Prolong His Life Foreign, July 24

    His parents accepted medical experts’ consensus that there was no realistic hope that an experimental therapy might save their son.

  56. A Dangerous Idea: Eliminating the Chemical Safety Board Op Ed, July 24

    The tiny federal agency investigates industrial fires and explosions, and its findings can prevent future accidents.

  57. Justice Dept. Nominee Says He Once Represented Russian Bank National, July 24

    The nominee, Brian A. Benczkowski, did work for Alfa Bank, which was a subject of early scrutiny of possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. No link to the bank was found.

  58. Pardons and a Trump-Putin Private Chat Letters, July 24

    Readers are dismayed that a president might be able to pardon himself, and they speculate about what the two leaders discussed at the G-20 banquet.

  59. Leader Who Rebuilt Time Warner Empire Prepares an Exit Business, July 23

    Jeffrey Bewkes, a quiet defender of CNN who has delivered Time Warner high returns, plans to leave the company if a merger with AT&T is approved.

  60. For Trump and Putin, Sanctions Are a Setback Both Sought to Avoid Foreign, July 23

    The expansion of American sanctions against Russia can be viewed as a result of two world leaders’ overplaying their hands.

  61. The Kook, ‘the Mooch’ and the Loot Editorial, July 24

    The communications problem in this administration is that no one cares about the truth.

  62. Anthony Scaramucci, New Communications Chief, Woos Trump on TV National, July 23

    Mr. Scaramucci, the hedge fund investor turned message strategist, took his tailored suits and butter-smooth style on his first official TV outing on Sunday.

  63. ‘The Daily’: Spicer Out, Sanctions Approved, Pardons for All? Podcasts, July 24

    Glenn Thrush, a White House correspondent, joins us to help make sense of a busy few days at the White House.

  64. Mr. Trump’s Russian Base Beyond the Kremlin Editorial, July 24

    Émigrés in Brighton Beach who fled the Soviet Union don’t necessarily dislike Vladimir Putin and have a fondness for his friend in the White House.

  65. When Health Law Isn’t Enough, the Desperate Line Up at Tents National, July 23

    The Remote Area Medical Expedition drew more than 2,000 people when it set up its free clinic at a county fairground in Appalachia.

  66. White House Signals Acceptance of Russia Sanctions Bill Foreign, July 23

    President Trump expressed anger at Republicans who abandoned him on the legislation and forced his hand.

  67. How Trump Got It Wrong in Saying The Times ‘Foiled’ Killing of ISIS Leader National, July 23

    An Army general said a leak had cost a chance to capture the head of the Islamic State. But a Pentagon announcement weeks earlier would have tipped the militant off.

  68. Trump’s ‘Great National Infrastructure Program’? Stalled National, July 23

    Everyone agrees that America’s bridges, roadways and waterworks are in bad need of repair. But the president has yet to deliver on his promised plan.

  69. Candidates for Virginia Governor Employ Trump as a Barometer National, July 22

    During a debate, the Republican candidate refused to say the president’s name — but warned his Democratic opponent about harshly attacking the president.

  70. U.S. Navy Opens New Era With Commissioning of Gerald R. Ford National, July 22

    President Trump flew to Norfolk, Va., to preside over a ceremony welcoming the first of a new generation of powerful aircraft carriers into the fleet.

  71. Congress Reaches Deal on Russia Sanctions, Setting Up Tough Choice for Trump Foreign, July 22

    White House officials acknowledge that the president would all but have to sign legislation punishing Russia for its election interference.

  72. Donald Trump’s Plan to Save Western Civilization Op Ed, July 22

    The president promised an “America First” foreign policy, but he’s taken on something far more ambitious.

  73. Trump’s Attack on Russia Inquiry Is From Familiar Playbook: The Clintons’ National, July 22

    The president’s strategy for navigating the inquiry is adopted from the Clintons’ approach to the Whitewater and Lewinsky investigations.

  74. Can the President Be Indicted? A Long-Hidden Legal Memo Says Yes National, July 22

    A document from Kenneth Starr’s investigation into President Bill Clinton rejected the view that sitting presidents are immune from being indicted.

  75. The Bogus Voter-Fraud Commission Editorial, July 22

    Fraud is essentially nonexistent, but that hasn’t stopped the crusaders from trying to make voting harder.

  76. Trump Says He Has ‘Complete Power’ to Pardon Washington, July 22

    The president also attacked the media and Hillary Clinton in a series of early-morning tweets.

  77. Jared Kushner, the Prince of Having It Both Ways Op Ed, July 22

    He throws his weight around. Then floats above it all. But gravity has a way of catching up.

  78. The Mooch and the Mogul Op Ed, July 22

    In memoriam, Sean Spicer. We hardly believed ye.

  79. Jared Kushner’s Got Too Many Secrets to Keep Ours Op Ed, July 22

    The president’s son-in-law is a security risk and shouldn’t be a senior White House adviser.

  80. President Trump and His Way-Back Machine Editorial, July 22

    Rather than churning out false promises of big factory revival, Mr. Trump should be driving manufacturing’s real-life future.

  81. The Wall With Mexico, and Xanadu Editorial, July 22

    It becomes more fantastical each time Mr. Trump brings it up. But that may not keep Congress from throwing bags of money at it.

  82. The Latest Voice at the Lectern: An Effusive New Yorker National, July 21

    Anthony Scaramucci’s smooth style will be a distinct contrast with the southern drawl and sharp edges of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the new press secretary.

  83. My Grandfather, My ‘Bona Fide’ Best Friend Op Ed, July 22

    I didn’t need the latest ruling on the Trump administration’s Muslim ban to understand that our relationship was real.

  84. Don’t Tinker With Nafta. Fix It. Op Ed, July 21

    President Trump has an opportunity to help autoworkers. He should not squander it.

  85. Sean Spicer, We’ll Always Have ‘Facts’ Editorial, July 21

    In the glow of the gaslight, we bid the White House press secretary adieu.

  86. What Did Trump and Putin Tell Each Other? Editorial, July 21

    Only Mr. Trump — and the Russians — can know for sure.

  87. Trump’s Foreign Policy: The Conservatives’ Report Card Op Ed, July 21

    We know liberals give him an F. Some conservatives approve — but not all.

  88. Can Trump Pardon Himself? Explaining Presidential Clemency Powers National, July 21

    The answer is not clear because no president has ever tried to pardon himself. Some experts say a presidential abuse of pardons could invite prosecution.

  89. Trump’s Communications Orbit National, July 21

    President Trump's communications machine has had a major shake-up. Here's a rundown of the people that promote his message.

  90. Trump’s Virginia Golf Outings Leave Paddlers High, Dry and Angry National, July 21

    The Coast Guard plans to close part of the Potomac River when the president golfs in Virginia, barring wounded veterans who paddle there as therapy.

  91. Trump Fills Top Job at Government Ethics Office With a Temporary Appointment National, July 21

    By making the job temporary and avoiding Senate confirmation hearings, Mr. Trump is able to avoid public debate about the role of the office in his administration.

  92. Haitian Immigrants With Temporary Status Await Trump’s Next Move Metro, July 21

    A program that has allowed immigrants to stay in the United States after the devastating 2010 earthquake is under review, and many fear they will be sent home.

  93. ISIS Leader Is Still Alive, Pentagon Chief Says Foreign, July 21

    Defense Secretary Jim Mattis also said he was waiting for the Trump administration to sign off on an Afghanistan review before deploying more troops.

  94. President Trump vs. Robert Mueller Letters, July 21

    “We need transparency now, not a cover-up,” a reader writes.

  95. Scaramucci Has a Showman’s Knack for Self-Promotion Rivaling Trump’s Business, July 21

    In choosing Anthony Scaramucci as White House communications director, President Trump has picked a hedge fund impresario happy to highlight his own success.

  96. Russian Lawyer Who Met Donald Trump Jr. Once Represented Spy Agency Foreign, July 21

    Court documents show that Natalia V. Veselnitskaya, the lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr., once represented the F.S.B., the spy service the succeeded the K.G.B.

  97. Terror Suspect Brought to U.S. for Trial, Breaking From Trump Rhetoric National, July 21

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions has adamantly favored holding suspects in Guantánamo Bay. That rhetoric is meeting the reality of fighting terrorism in 2017.

  98. Sean Spicer Resigns as White House Press Secretary National, July 21

    Mr. Spicer quit after telling President Trump he vehemently disagreed with the appointment of the financier Anthony Scaramucci as communications director.

  99. Hero, Villain, TV Sensation: Spicer’s Fame Spread Beyond Washington Business, July 21

    Mr. Spicer’s tenure as White House press secretary gave him national prominence beyond the normal reach of the job.

  100. We’ll Miss You, Sean Spicer Op Ed, July 21

    No one else could possibly convey the combination of chutzpah and shame that Mr. Spicer embodied.

  101. If Trump Pardons, It Could Be a Crime Op Ed, July 21

    If done to thwart an investigation, pardons could be a criminal obstruction of justice.

  102. Trump Critics, All Around Letters, July 21

    Six months into his presidency, our inbox is flooded with criticism of Donald Trump. Here is a sampling.

  103. From Facebook Live: Peter Baker Discusses An Exclusive Interview With Trump Video, July 21

    President Trump met with three New York Times reporters for an exclusive interview in the Oval Office. Peter Baker provides an inside look at key takeaways from the meeting that may not have made it to print.

  104. Trump’s Leader for FEMA Wins Praise, but Proposed Budget Cuts Don’t National, July 21

    Brock Long, recently appointed chief of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, could find he is guiding an agency with diminished resources.

  105. Sean Spicer Has Resigned. Watch His Memorable Moments. Video, July 21

    Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, has had a turbulent tenure, marked by a combative style with the news media.

  106. Trump Aides, Seeking Leverage, Investigate Mueller’s Investigators National, July 20

    In a sign of a looming showdown with the special counsel, presidential aides are looking for information to get investigators recused or justify firing him.

  107. Sean Spicer Quits Letters, July 21

    A reader says Mr. Spicer might well have resigned six months ago, given the nature of his job.

  108. After Election, More New Yorkers Tell Volunteer Groups, ‘I Can Help’ Metro, July 21

    Some nonprofit groups say there has been a surge of interest among would-be volunteers since President Trump’s election.

  109. Donald Trump’s History Lessons Op Ed, July 21

    Napoleon, Moscow and Trump’s strange projections.

  110. Silence Equals Complicity in Workplace Sexism Business, July 21

    As Arianna Huffington showed at Uber, more need to speak up to change a sexist culture, like the one in the Oval Office now.

  111. Trump May Turn to Anthony Scaramucci for White House Communications Post National, July 20

    Anthony Scaramucci, who successfully rebutted a CNN story about the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, may lead the White House’s communications strategy.

  112. Health Care in a Time of Sabotage Op Ed, July 21

    Republicans are working hard to make Obamacare fail.

  113. Help! My 3-Year-Old Is Obsessed With Trump Op Ed, July 20

    We had to leave a play date early after one little girl dissolved into tears.

  114. President Trump’s Contempt for the Rule of Law Editorial, July 20

    In an interview with The Times, the president attacks those who could hold him to account.

  115. Right and Left React to Trump’s Interview, Health Care and More National, July 21

    Read about how the other side thinks: Writers from across the political spectrum react to the political news developments of the week.

  116. Everything You Need to Understand About Trump and Russia Op Ed, July 20

    Trump’s people never spoke to any Russians, and if they did they forgot about it, and if they didn’t forget, it was just socializing. Got it?...

  117. Traveling to America While Muslim Travel, July 21

    Reports say the United States is being inundated with foreign travelers, but many British Muslims are holding back because of the travel ban.

  118. Trump Picks Richard Grenell, Former Diplomatic Aide, as Envoy to Germany Foreign, July 20

    Mr. Grenell, who worked for President George W. Bush and Senator John McCain, would be the first openly gay appointee in the Trump administration.

  119. The Fading Trump Bump Op Ed, July 20

    Trump keeps touting his economic record but recent data show the post-election boomlet is fading.

  120. In a Cruel Summer for the G.O.P., ‘Things Are Starting to Feel Incoherent’ National, July 20

    Republicans in Washington should be returning home next week to brag. But despite having total control on Capitol Hill, even they admit that policies aren’t advancing.

  121. Trump’s Fury Erodes His Relationship With Sessions, an Early Ally National, July 20

    Jeff Sessions, who angered the president when he recused himself from the Justice Department’s Russia investigation, said he intended to remain attorney general “as long as that is appropriate.”...

  122. The Men Who Never Have to Grow Up Op Ed, July 20

    Peter Pan, Donald Jr., Ryan Seacrest and the boys.

  123. Senate Leaders Press for Health Care Vote, but on Which Bill? National, July 20

    Senate Republican leaders are seeking a vote next week on the Affordable Care Act, but have yet to decide whether to repeal and replace it now or repeal it now and replace it later.

  124. Trump Made Several Misleading Claims in Times Interview National, July 20

    President Trump distorted health insurance, the F.B.I.’s relationship to the president, the biography of his deputy attorney general and French history.

  125. Inspiring Little Fear in Senators, Trump Struggles to Sell Health Bill National, July 20

    The president has proved too unpopular nationally, and too weak in many lawmakers’ home states, to scare them into supporting the bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

  126. What the Decline of the Dollar Means Business, July 20

    The value of the dollar has fallen steadily this year, helping American companies that sell to foreigners and hurting American consumers of foreign goods and services.

  127. President Trump’s Bombshell Interview Letters, July 20

    Readers react to an interview the president gave to The New York Times.

  128. Tax Reform, Reagan Style, May Be a Tougher Fit for Trump Business, July 20

    Some elements of the 1986 success are absent, like the number of remaining loopholes, and this president has a personal interest in those that remain.

  129. Big German Bank, Key to Trump’s Finances, Faces New Scrutiny Business, July 19

    Regulators are reviewing loans from Deutsche Bank, which is also expecting to have to share information with the authorities investigating campaign ties to Russia.

  130. How Fear of Falling Explains the Love of Trump Op Ed, July 20

    Anxiety about slipping down the socioeconomic ladder persists as the best explanation for the election — and the adoration — of President Trump.

  131. A Bill Funding Arts and Humanities Endowments Passes House Committee Weekend, July 20

    Months after President Trump proposed eliminating the N.E.A. and the N.E.H., a bill to finance them was approved by the appropriations panel.

  132. Citing Recusal, Trump Says He Wouldn’t Have Hired Sessions National, July 19

    The president also said in an interview that Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel, would cross a red line if he delved into Trump family finances unrelated to Russia.

  133. Has Sexism Become Worse After the Election? Interactive, July 20

    The New York Times Opinion section would like to hear from women about whether they think sexism has become worse since the U.S. presidential election.

  134. Trump, Six Months in Op Ed, July 20

    He is still off to a less successful start than any other modern president, thanks to the collapse of the health care bill.

  135. If Dr. Trump Were Your Surgeon ... Op Ed, July 20

    Imagine Republican leaders were in charge of your medical care.

  136. Trump Is His Own Worst Enemy Op Ed, July 20

    There is a profound but predictable obstacle blocking Trump’s legislative agenda: His own incompetence.

  137. Is the News Media an ‘Existential’ Threat? Op Ed, July 20

    Dennis Prager, a thoughtful conservative, seems to think so.

  138. Excerpts From The Times’s Interview With Trump National, July 19

    President Trump discussed a range of issues, including the Russia investigation, with three New York Times reporters in the Oval Office.

  139. Republicans’ Push to Overturn Health Law Is Back From the Dead National, July 19

    The Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, has taken extraordinary measures to pump oxygen back into the G.O.P.’s badly fading effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

  140. Colbert Says G.O.P.’s ‘Nothing Burger’ Is a ‘Quarter Pounder With Sleaze’ Culture, July 20

    Late-night hosts resorted to different comparisons to explain how much they were irked by President Trump’s undisclosed meeting with Vladimir Putin.

  141. ‘The Daily’: An Oval Office Interview Podcasts, July 20

    Exclusive audio from The Times’s wide-ranging interview, in which Mr. Trump discusses Vladimir Putin, Jeff Sessions and James Comey.

  142. The Dark History of Defining ‘Family’ Op Ed, July 19

    Efforts to manipulate its meaning in immigration matters have often reflected political exigency and racial bias.

  143. 3 Things Trump Is Already Doing to ‘Let Obamacare Fail’ Interactive, July 19

    President Trump has already taken action on at least three fronts to undermine the Affordable Care Act.

  144. White House Boasts of Its Savings in Regulatory Rollback Business, July 19

    The Trump administration said it had brought about savings for the economy rather than regulatory costs during the president’s first months in office.

  145. Trump and Macron: From White Knuckles to ‘He Loves Holding My Hand’ National, July 19

    In an interview, President Trump discussed his increasingly warm relationship with France’s leader, which has followed an awkward first encounter.

  146. Trump’s Health Reform Pitch Includes Several Falsehoods National, July 19

    A review of President Trump’s claims that the Republican version of a replacement for the Affordable Care Act included several false claims.

  147. Listen to Our Exclusive Interview with Donald Trump Video, July 19

    In edited audio excerpts from an interview with New York Times reporters, President Trump discussed Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump Jr., Robert S. Mueller III and the newly disclosed conversation he had with Vladimir V. Putin.

  148. China Showers Myanmar With Attention, as Trump Looks Elsewhere Foreign, July 19

    Myanmar’s opening had been considered an American victory, but Beijing is bringing it into its fold with money and diplomacy.

  149. Trump’s Twists and Turns on the Health Bill Letters, July 19

    Readers react to developments on the Republican health bill.

  150. Talking About Climate Change With Al Gore National, July 19

    In an interview, the former vice president and climate change activist reflects on what comes after the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris agreement.