1. For Biden, a Chance for a Fresh Start in a New Era of Divided Government Washington, Yesterday

    The president plans to use his first State of the Union address since Republicans took control of the House to call for bipartisan cooperation. Neither he nor many others expect that to happen.

  2. Taking Aim at Trump, Koch Network Will Back G.O.P. Primary Candidates Washington, Yesterday

    The move by the alliance of conservative donors could provide an enormous boost to a Republican alternative to the former president.

  3. ‘Bad Apples’ or Systemic Issues? Op Ed, Yesterday

    From the police to academia, we often see what we want to see.

  4. Selling Trump Isn’t What It Used to Be Politics, February 4

    Donald Trump has reunited with a former business partner to sell online trading cards, hoping to recreate a once-profitable mix of hype and celebrity. Initial sales hint at how difficult that will be in 2023.

  5. 2016 Trump Campaign to Pay $450,000 to Settle Nondisclosure Agreements Suit Washington, February 4

    The settlement with a former campaign aide who says she was the target of sexual discrimination effectively invalidates agreements hundreds of 2016 Trump campaign officials signed.

  6. Trump Likened to Mob Boss John Gotti in Ex-Prosecutor’s New Book Metro, February 3

    Mark F. Pomerantz, who resigned from the Manhattan district attorney’s office last year, wrote that he had pursued a racketeering case against the former president.

  7. Democrats, Seeing a Weaker Trump, Are Falling in Line Behind Biden Politics, February 3

    Concerns about the president’s age are being overcome by enthusiasm about his record so far, optimism about the G.O.P. field — and the absence of better options.

  8. Trump Needs a Confrontation. His G.O.P. Rivals Don’t Have to Give Him One. Op Ed, February 3

    For now, allowing the former president to fade is wiser than attacking him.

  9. The Powerful Lobbyist Behind Kevin McCarthy Washington, February 3

    Jeff Miller is the new House speaker’s top fund-raiser and closest confidant. He is also one of Washington’s most prominent corporate lobbyists, an arrangement that is drawing scrutiny.

  10. Is Trump Way Up or Way Down? Upshot, February 3

    The polls are surprisingly divided, but higher-quality surveys point to an answer.

  11. Former Trump Executive, Already Jailed, Could Face More Fraud Charges Metro, February 2

    Manhattan prosecutors warned that they might charge Allen H. Weisselberg with insurance fraud to pressure him to cooperate in an investigation of the former president.

  12. Trump Won’t Commit to Backing the G.O.P. Nominee in 2024 Politics, February 2

    The former president faces several potential Republican challengers in his bid for the White House.

  13. Ron DeSantis’s Efforts to Make Education in Florida Less ‘Woke’ Letters, February 2

    The Florida governor’s influence on an A.P. Black studies course. Also: The killing of Black men; a formidable Trump; anti-boycott bills; living without plastic.

  14. She Took On Atlanta’s Gangs. Now She May Be Coming for Trump. Magazine, February 2

    Fani Willis’s aggressive tactics have sparked criticism — and won over voters. What do they tell us about how she might prosecute the former president?

  15. Assessing Political Spin in the Debt Ceiling Fight Washington, February 1

    Republicans have wrongly suggested that President Biden and his party are solely responsible for the situation, while Democrats have overstated former President Donald J. Trump’s role.

  16. Eager to Challenge Trump, Republicans Aren’t So Eager to Be the First Politics, February 1

    Nikki Haley is expected to join the 2024 race this month, but other G.O.P. contenders are taking a wait-and-see approach. Some anti-Trump Republicans worry that too much dithering could be costly.

  17. How Much Longer Can ‘Vote Blue No Matter Who!’ Last? Op Ed, February 1

    “It’s important not to overstate the damage that some perceive liberalism as having done to the Democrats’ electoral fortunes,” one scholar says.

  18. Bias and Human Error Played Parts in F.B.I.’s Jan. 6 Failure, Documents Suggest Washington, February 1

    The F.B.I. appeared to be blinded by a lack of imagination, a narrow focus on “lone wolf” offenders and a misguided belief that the threat from the far left was as great as that from the far right, new congressional documents show.

  19. Trump’s Fund-Raising in First Weeks of ’24 Race Is Relatively Weak Politics, February 1

    After announcing presidential runs, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush all raised more per day in their out-of-the-gates fund-raising periods.

  20. F.B.I. Searched Biden’s Former Think Tank Office in November Washington, January 31

    It is not clear if the search, which was done with the cooperation of Mr. Biden’s legal team, uncovered any additional classified files.

  21. Trump’s Well-Worn Legal Playbook Starts to Look Frayed Washington, January 31

    The former president’s familiar tactics of defiance, counterattacks and delays appear less successful than ever as investigations and court proceedings against him grind on.

  22. Qué pasó con Donald Trump durante su exilio de las redes sociales en Español, January 31

    El expresidente ha vuelto a tener acceso a publicar en Facebook y Twitter. Los expertos en extremismo advierten que podría llevar el enfoque que emplea en su red, Truth Social, a un público más amplio.

  23. The Durham Fiasco Is a Warning of What’s to Come Op Ed, January 31

    A perfect demonstration of how the right’s scandalmongering works.

  24. Burn Bags and Tracking Numbers: How the White House Handles Classified Files Washington, January 31

    Officials who have worked with Democratic and Republican presidents describe an elaborate system for classified documents but a more casual one for everyday records.

  25. Manhattan Prosecutors Begin Presenting Trump Case to Grand Jury Metro, January 30

    The Manhattan district attorney’s decision represents a dramatic escalation of the inquiry, and potentially sets the case on a path toward criminal charges against the former president.

  26. Trump Courses Will Host Three Tournaments for Saudi-Backed LIV Golf Sports, January 30

    As the league announced more details of a 14-stop second season, former President Donald J. Trump’s courses remained central to the schedule, deepening his ties to Riyadh.

  27. Donald Trump Isn’t the Only One to Blame for the Capitol Riot. I’d Know. Op Ed, January 30

    Only by understanding how the rioters lost faith in government can we figure out how to protect our democracy from future attacks.

  28. Bill Barr’s Image Rehab Is Kaput Op Ed, January 30

    The Durham investigation was a failed attempt by Mr. Barr to rewrite the sour truths of Donald Trump’s history.

  29. Trump’s Evolution in Social-Media Exile: More QAnon, More Extremes Politics, January 28

    The former president, now free to post again on Facebook and Twitter, has increasingly amplified far-right accounts on Truth Social. Experts on extremism worry that he will bring this approach to a far wider audience.

  30. Trump Tries a New Campaign Tack: Small-Scale Politics, January 28

    At two events on Saturday, Donald J. Trump embraced more traditional campaigning as he struggles to maintain support for his third White House bid.

  31. As Archives Leans on Ex-Presidents, Its Only Weapon Is ‘Please’ Washington, January 27

    The National Archives does not have any independent ability to enforce its request that former presidents and vice presidents scour their files for classified documents.

  32. Republicans Re-elect Head of the R.N.C. After a Heated Challenge Politics, January 27

    Ronna McDaniel won a fourth two-year term to lead the Republican National Committee, fending off a fierce challenge after the party’s poor midterm showing.

  33. Transcript: Ezra Klein Interviews Jessica Chen Weiss Op Ed, January 27

    The Jan. 27, 2023, episode of “The Ezra Klein Show.”

  34. On Trump’s Social Network: Ads for Miracle Cures, Scams and Fake Merchandise Business, January 27

    Truth Social, the social network started by former President Donald J. Trump, has struggled to attract large brands.

  35. Is This How a Cold War With China Begins? Op Ed, January 27

    The political scientist Jessica Chen Weiss warns of escalating tensions between Washington and Beijing.

  36. Meta’s Trump Calculus and Regime Change at Netflix Podcasts, January 27

    Plus, we play the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s video game “Dookey Dash.”

  37. National Archives Asks Ex-Presidents and Vice Presidents to Scour Their Files Washington, January 27

    The responsibility to comply with federal records law “does not diminish after the end of an administration,” the archives said in a letter.

  38. How Barr’s Quest to Find Flaws in the Russia Inquiry Unraveled Washington, January 26

    The review by John Durham at one point veered into a criminal investigation related to Donald Trump himself, even as it failed to find wrongdoing in the origins of the Russia inquiry.

  39. An R.N.C. Remade by Trump Backs Away From His 2024 Campaign Politics, January 26

    Interviews with more than a third of the Republican National Committee’s members point to a desire for an alternative presidential nominee to emerge from a competitive primary.

  40. Biden Faces Blowback From Democrats on Classified Documents Washington, January 25

    The discovery of classified documents has thrust President Biden into an uncomfortable position after he started the new year with plans to do a victory lap of sorts.

  41. Meta to Reinstate Trump’s Facebook and Instagram Accounts Business, January 25

    Meta said the suspensions of Donald Trump’s accounts would be lifted “in the coming weeks,” with measures in place to discourage repeat offenses. Twitter reinstated Mr. Trump last year.

  42. OMG. Trump Has Started Texting. Washington, January 25

    The former president, averse to leaving records of his communications, had long avoided text and email.

  43. Biden Leery of Involvement in Potential Plea Deal in Sept. 11 Case Washington, January 25

    A proposal to end a decade-long attempt to seek the death penalty before a military tribunal carries political risks, but the Trump administration also decided the system failed.

  44. Atlanta D.A. Wants Grand Jury Findings Kept Private in Trump Inquiry National, January 24

    The prosecutor asked that a report on efforts to overturn former President Donald J. Trump’s election loss not be released, saying that she was “mindful of protecting future defendants’ rights.”

  45. Biden’s Handling of Secret Documents Complicates the Case Against Trump Washington, January 24

    The cases are markedly different in their particulars. But they are similar enough that as a practical matter, Democrats will have a hard time using the issue against former President Donald J. Trump.

  46. Classified Documents Found at Pence’s Home in Indiana Washington, January 24

    The documents were “inadvertently boxed and transported” to the former vice president’s home at the end of the Trump administration, Mr. Pence’s representative wrote in a letter to the National Archives.

  47. Will the Real G.O.P. Please Stand Up? A National Power Struggle Goes Local. Politics, January 24

    In one deep-red pocket of rural Pennsylvania, three warring factions each claim to represent the Republican Party. Tensions boiled over in a scuffle over a booth at a farm show.

  48. What’s Biden Going to Do Without Ron Klain? Op Ed, January 24

    We will soon know just how critical the president’s chief of staff was to his success.

  49. Things Are Looking Pretty Weird for Merrick Garland Op Ed, January 24

    The special counsel regulations were not designed for the problem of having two simultaneous high-profile cases.

  50. Depleted Under Trump, a ‘Traumatized’ E.P.A. Struggles With Its Mission Climate, January 23

    Despite an injection of funding, the agency still has not recovered from an exodus of scientists and policy experts, both insiders and critics say.

  51. Biden, Trump and Classified Documents Letters, January 23

    Political implications of the documents cases. Also: The mass shooting in California; sending tanks to Ukraine; protests in Peru; college admissions.

  52. Central Question as Georgia Inquiry Wraps: Will Trump Face Criminal Charges? National, January 23

    The House Jan. 6 committee report offered fresh evidence that former President Donald J. Trump was at the center of efforts to overturn election results in Georgia.

  53. The Constitution Has a 155-Year-Old Answer to the Debt Ceiling Op Ed, January 23

    Congress has to get serious about the 14th Amendment. So does President Biden.

  54. There’s a Line on George Santos’s Résumé That No One Can Cross Out Op Ed, January 23

    The freshman representative fits right in to the Republican majority in the House.

  55. How the U.S. Government Amassed $31 Trillion in Debt Washington, January 22

    Two decades of tax cuts, recession responses and bipartisan spending fueled more borrowing — contributing $25 trillion to the total and setting the stage for another federal showdown.

  56. After Dobbs, Republicans Wrestle With What It Means to Be Anti-Abortion Politics, January 20

    Activists are pushing for tougher abortion restrictions, while politicians fear turning off swing voters who don’t support strict limits like a national ban.

  57. Oh, Biden, What Have You Done? Op Ed, January 20

    The president needs to be a sharper politician than he has been and also not become his own worst enemy.

  58. Judge Orders Trump and Lawyer to Pay Nearly $1 Million for Bogus Suit Washington, January 20

    After the scathing ruling, the former president also dropped a lawsuit against New York’s attorney general that had been pending before the same judge.

  59. Republican Efforts to Gut the I.R.S. Letters, January 19

    Readers blame the G.O.P., but also the Internal Revenue Code. Also: China’s population; crowds at the Louvre; work clothes for Missouri politicians and nonbinary people.

  60. John Eastman Is Unbowed as Investigations Proliferate Washington, January 19

    A legal reckoning awaits a chief architect of Donald Trump’s effort to reverse his election loss. But in Mr. Eastman’s telling, he was far from a criminal.

  61. Can Trump Count on Evangelicals in 2024? Some Leaders Are Wavering. Politics, January 19

    The former president, who relied on evangelical voters in 2016, has accused Christian leaders of “disloyalty” and blamed them for Republicans’ disappointing midterm performance.

  62. Why Some Executives Wish E.S.G. ‘Just Goes Away’ Business, January 19

    The environmental, social and corporate governance investment trend is booming, but it has also become a big distraction for business leaders.

  63. Yes, Trump and Biden Both Broke the Rules. Here’s Why It’s Not the Same. Op Ed, January 19

    Biden’s case acts as a counterexample to show why Trump’s is more alarming.

  64. Right-Wing Trump Allies Win Seats on Oversight, Reflecting G.O.P. Priorities Washington, January 19

    Some of the former president’s most outspoken defenders will sit on the House’s main investigative committee, underscoring their high-profile roles in the new Republican majority.

  65. Trump and Biden Are Both Under Investigation. Will Anything Come of It? Op Ed, January 18

    Special counsel investigations have become increasingly common, but some think the system is broken.

  66. ‘You Don’t Negotiate With These Kinds of People’ Op Ed, January 18

    Does the Freedom Caucus just want to watch the world burn?

  67. So Far So Good? Biden Hopes So. Book Review, January 18

    Chris Whipple’s “The Fight of His Life” chronicles the administration in medias res.

  68. Trump’s Former Lawyer Meets With Prosecutors About Hush Money Metro, January 18

    The Manhattan prosecutors’ meeting with Michael D. Cohen could presage a flurry of activity as the district attorney’s investigation into the former president is revitalized.

  69. Supreme Court Looks for Middle Path in Prosecution of Turkish Bank Washington, January 17

    The bank, owned by the Turkish government, said criminal charges against state-owned entities are never proper under the doctrine of sovereign immunity.

  70. Kellyanne Conway’s View of Donald Trump Letters, January 17

    Readers critique her analysis of her former boss’s strengths and weaknesses. Also: Russia’s aggression in Ukraine; robots’ self-awareness.

  71. White House Says It Does Not Keep Visitor Logs at Biden’s Delaware Home Washington, January 16

    A top House Republican had demanded the logs after classified documents were found at President Biden’s personal residence.

  72. Three Reasons the Republican Party Keeps Coming Apart at the Seams Op Ed, January 15

    Remember when it was ‘Democrats fall in love; Republicans fall in line'? Me neither.

  73. Driven by Election Deniers, This County Recounted 2020 Votes Last Week Politics, January 15

    Lycoming County, Pa., officials were persuaded to conduct a 2020 recount, a three-day undertaking that showed almost no change, but left skeptics just as skeptical.

  74. After Trump Trial Win, Manhattan District Attorney Prepares for Year 2 Metro, January 15

    Alvin L. Bragg finished his first year in office with a conviction of the Trump Organization, but he must still contend with rising crime.

  75. Why Do Documents Marked Secret Keep Showing Up in Strange Places? Op Ed, January 14

    America’s system for protecting classified documents has spun out of control.

  76. Writer’s Lawsuit Accusing Trump of Rape Can Proceed, Judge Rules Metro, January 13

    In allowing E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit to move forward, Judge Lewis Kaplan upheld the legality of New York’s Adult Survivors Act.

  77. How Classified Information Is Handled Washington, January 13

    Presidents have established and developed the classification system through a series of executive orders around World War II and the early Cold War.

  78. Who Are the Proud Boys on Trial for Seditious Conspiracy? Washington, January 13

    The five defendants are members of one of the nation’s best-known far-right groups and are accused of helping to lead the assault on the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

  79. Can’t We Protect Classified Papers Better? Letters, January 13

    Investigations into two presidents’ handling of secret documents. Also: Hunter Biden and Prince Harry; the debt limit; psychiatric care; editing; libraries.

  80. Trump’s Company Gets Maximum Punishment for Evading Taxes Metro, January 13

    The Trump Organization must pay $1.6 million for giving executive off-the-books benefits and pay.

  81. The Presidents and the Classified Documents The Daily, January 13

    How the cases of President Biden and former President Donald Trump compare.

  82. Kellyanne Conway: The Cases for and Against Trump Op Ed, January 13

    Shrugging off Mr. Trump’s 2024 candidacy is a fool’s errand. But it would also be foolish to assume that his path to another presidency would be smooth.

  83. Washington Adjusts to Altered Landscape After Justice Dept. Installs Special Counsel Washington, January 13

    The new investigation is sure to muddy the waters politically as former President Donald J. Trump cries persecution over his own documents inquiry, although the cases differ significantly.

  84. ‘I Might Wind Up in the Broom Closet’: Why Eli Crane Defied Kevin McCarthy Washington, January 13

    The freshman Republican from Arizona was the only newcomer to hold out against Speaker Kevin McCarthy until the very end.

  85. William Consovoy Dies at 48; Took Conservative Cases to Supreme Court Obits, January 12

    He argued against affirmative action and the Voting Rights Act and represented former President Trump in fighting the release of his tax returns.

  86. Classified Files: How Biden and Trump Differ Interactive, January 12

    The discovery of classified documents in President Biden’s private office and home has prompted comparisons to former President Trump’s hoarding of sensitive government records.

  87. What Is a Special Counsel and What Can They Do? Washington, January 12

    There are now two special counsels looking into presidents — Jack Smith was appointed in November by the attorney general to oversee the two investigations into former President Trump. Here’s more about the powers of a special counsel and why they...

  88. How Biden’s discovery of classified files compares with the Trump case. Washington, January 12

    The Justice Department is scrutinizing how both presidents came to have classified records after they left office. But there are major differences.

  89. The Coming Year of Republican Drama Upshot, January 12

    G.O.P. infighting figures to be the political story line of 2023.

  90. Skeptical About Trump ’24? These 12 Republicans Will Set You Straight. Interactive, January 12

    G.O.P. voters discuss Trump’s 2024 candidacy, the 2022 midterms and the second anniversary of the Capitol attack.

  91. The Fraudulence of Investigating the Investigators Op Ed, January 12

    This new committee is no Church Committee; it’s a coven of conspiracy theorists.

  92. Biden, Trump y los archivos clasificados: ¿cuáles son las diferencias? en Español, January 12

    Las autoridades investigan el hallazgo de documentos clasificados en un despacho que ocupó Biden tras dejar la vicepresidencia. Pero hay contrastes con el caso de los papeles recuperados en la residencia de Trump.

  93. Discovery of More Classified Records Raises Questions Over Biden’s Handling of Documents Washington, January 11

    The revelation is sure to intensify Republican attacks on the president, who has called former President Donald J. Trump irresponsible for hoarding sensitive documents at his estate in Florida.

  94. Brazil’s Homage to Jan. 6 Was an Act of Pure Performance Op Ed, January 11

    How Jan. 8 confirmed two tendencies of contemporary populism.

  95. How Biden’s Discovery of Classified Files Compares With the Trump Case Washington, January 11

    The Justice Department is scrutinizing how both presidents came to have classified records after they left office. But there are major differences.

  96. Lynette Hardaway, of Pro-Trump Duo Diamond and Silk, Dies at 51 Express, January 10

    Ms. Hardaway rose to fame with one of her sisters as a conservative media celebrity.

  97. Divided House Approves G.O.P. Inquiry Into ‘Weaponization’ of Government Washington, January 10

    Republicans pushed through a measure to create a powerful new committee to scrutinize what they have charged is an effort by the government to target and silence conservatives.

  98. D.C. Court Weighs Writer’s Defamation Suit Against Trump Washington, January 10

    At issue is whether former President Donald J. Trump was acting in his official capacity as president when he made disparaging comments about a writer who had accused him of rape.

  99. Trump’s Longtime Finance Chief Sentenced to 5 Months in Jail Metro, January 10

    Allen H. Weisselberg served the family company for decades but agreed to testify about its tax fraud in exchange for a lighter punishment.

  100. Can Ron DeSantis Avoid Meeting the Press? Business, January 10

    The Florida governor easily won re-election despite little engagement with mainstream news outlets, another sign of partisan division ahead of the 2024 presidential race.

  101. Giuliani Receives Grand Jury Subpoena for Records Related to Trump Washington, January 10

    The subpoena to Rudolph W. Giuliani in November came as prosecutors have been examining the workings of former President Donald J. Trump’s fund-raising vehicle.

  102. Was Louisa May Alcott a Transgender Man? Letters, January 9

    Readers write about the author of “Little Women.” Also: Brazil’s insurrection; credit for ghostwriters; law school rankings; resisting temptation.

  103. Special Grand Jury in Georgia Trump Inquiry Concludes Its Investigation National, January 9

    A hearing will be held to determine whether the report will be made public. Any criminal charges would have to be brought by a regular grand jury.

  104. Speaker, Speaker, What Do You See? I See MAGA Looking at Me. Op Ed, January 9

    Kevin McCarthy gets his chance to bang the gavel.

  105. Ron DeSantis Could Decide Republicans’ Foreign Policy Op Ed, January 9

    The Florida governor is viewed as a top Republican presidential contender — at a time when the party is at a crossroads on foreign policy.

  106. The Republicans Are Putting Trump Out to Pasture Op Ed, January 8

    The former president had a moment, but now the sun is setting on that moment.

  107. In Speaker Fight’s Final Hours, Arm-Twisting, Flaring Tempers and Calls From Trump Washington, January 7

    Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s slog to his post ended with a remarkably public show of intraparty strife that played out in a history-making overnight session.

  108. Kevin McCarthy and the Return of the Pre-Trump G.O.P. Op Ed, January 7

    In the struggles over the speakership, the old G.O.P. world, with all its dysfunctions, stalemates and futility, has come again.

  109. From Gingrich to McCarthy, the Roots of Governance by Chaos Washington, January 7

    Mr. Gingrich began the zero-sum politics that mutated into the brand of the Tea Party and Trump M.A.G.A. Republicans and that presaged the raucous speaker battle in the House.

  110. Personal Stories About Coming Out Letters, December 29

    Readers are moved by a column by Charles Blow and offer their own experiences. Also: Santos’s lies; Covid in China; digital payments; ableist language.

  111. ‘This Is Not About the Pandemic Anymore’: Public Health Law Is Embraced as Border Band-Aid Washington, December 28

    For some lawmakers and politicians on both sides of the aisle, brandishing Title 42 is a way to flaunt an aggressive stance on the border.

  112. Your Tuesday Briefing: Jan. 6 Panel Refers Trump for Charges N Y T Now, December 19

    Plus: Elon Musk asks Twitter users if he should resign.

  113. Chief Justice Roberts Briefly Halts Decision Banning Border Expulsions Washington, December 19

    At issue is Title 42, a public health measure invoked by the Trump administration during the pandemic to block migrants from seeking asylum in the United States.

  114. ‘Systemic Problems’ Hindered Government’s Pandemic Response, Senate Report Says Washington, December 8

    An examination by the Democratic staff of the Senate homeland security committee portrayed a government wholly unprepared for the arrival of the coronavirus.

  115. For Sunak, Like Biden, Dullness Could Be a Secret Weapon Foreign, December 6

    For all their differences, President Biden and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of Britain share a challenge: operating in the wake of a larger-than-life predecessor. They have tactics in common, too.

  116. Supreme Court to Hear Student Debt Forgiveness Case U.S., December 1

    The justices left in place an injunction blocking the Biden administration’s authority to forgive up to $20,000 in debt per borrower.

  117. Judge Invalidates Rule Allowing Migrant Expulsions on Border National, November 15

    The pandemic-era health order, known as Title 42, has allowed the government to expel hundreds of thousands of migrants who otherwise might be allowed to pursue asylum claims.

  118. How the Right Became the Left and the Left Became the Right Op Ed, November 2

    A pair of prominent headlines highlights the reversals.

  119. The Hochul-Zeldin Debate: A Combative Clash Metro, October 26

    Representative Lee Zeldin painted a bleak portrait of New York, while Gov. Kathy Hochul stressed her rival’s anti-abortion stance and his support for Donald Trump.

  120. Pandemic Unemployment Fraud Estimate Rises to $45.6 Billion Business, September 22

    A federal watchdog tripled its earlier estimate of benefits that the U.S. government paid to people who weren’t entitled to them.

  121. Pandemic Unemployment Fraud Estimate Is Raised to $45.6 Billion Business, September 22

    A federal watchdog tripled its earlier estimate of benefits that the U.S. government paid to people who weren’t entitled to them.

  122. Burnout, Productivity and Other Tales of the Office Letters, September 19

    Readers discuss new aspects of the workplace during the pandemic. Also: A political balance; Vladimir Putin and Mikhail Gorbachev; student newspapers.

  123. Biden Calls Trump ‘Irresponsible’ Over Mar-a-Lago Documents Washington, September 19

    Speaking to “60 Minutes,” the president also declared the Covid-19 pandemic to be “over” in the United States.

  124. Prosecute Trump, Despite the Risks? Letters, September 1

    Readers react to an editorial urging an indictment to show that he “is not above the law.” Also: Abortion and data privacy; Moderna’s suit; children’s mental health.

  125. Your Thursday Briefing: How Authoritarians See Mikhail Gorbachev National, August 31

    Plus the decline in American life expectancy and the latest on Typhoon Hinnamnor.

  126. The Risks of the Trump Investigation Letters, August 23

    Readers respond to Ross Douthat’s warning that Merrick Garland “can’t afford to miss.” Also: Trump like a toddler; monkeypox; masks on the subway; flood insurance.

  127. Sizing Up Four Decades of Dr. Fauci Politics, August 22

    Anthony Fauci did not set out to become a political lightning rod. But, as Sheryl Gay Stolberg explains, he couldn’t escape becoming a polarizing figure in Donald Trump’s Washington.

  128. Fauci Says He Will Step Down in December to Pursue His ‘Next Chapter’ Washington, August 22

    Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, who has advised seven presidents and spent more than half a century at the National Institutes of Health, will leave government service by the end of the year.

  129. Your Friday Briefing: U.S. to Unseal Trump Warrant N Y T Now, August 11

    Plus Russia prepares for show trials and Taiwan does not rise to China’s provocations.

  130. Your Thursday Briefing: Trump Declines to Answer Questions N Y T Now, August 10

    Plus new details about explosions in Crimea and revelations about the victims of Seoul’s floods.

  131. Trump Pick for Michigan Governor, Tudor Dixon, Dodges Question About 2020 Politics, August 1

    The Republican hopeful has called the 2020 election stolen. But she sidestepped questions during an appearance on Fox News just two days after receiving the former president’s endorsement.

  132. As a Mob Attacked the Capitol, Trump Stood By Letters, July 22

    Readers discuss the latest hearing by the Jan. 6 committee. Also: War poetry; child care funding; pregnant at 10; shrugging at the pandemic.

  133. Events went very differently when Trump got Covid in 2020. Washington, July 21

    Mr. Trump’s infection, which came before vaccines were available, was kept secret for days, until he became severely ill and had to be hospitalized.

  134. The July 21 Covid 19 Biden Cases live blog included one standalone post:
  135. Deborah Birx Says Trump White House Asked Her to Weaken Covid Guidance Washington, June 23

    The former White House coronavirus coordinator, who became a controversial figure, said there was a consistent effort to stifle information as virus cases surged in late 2020.

  136. Birx, Trump’s Covid coordinator, has told congressional investigators that the White House asked her to water down guidance to states. World, June 23

    Dr. Deborah Birx, who became a controversial figure during her time in the White House, said there was a consistent effort to stifle information as virus cases surged in the second half of 2020.

  137. How I Became an Asian American Op Ed, June 19

    The killing of a Chinese American, Vincent Chin, 40 years ago changed the way people of Asian descent began to see themselves.

  138. Meatpackers Misled Public and Influenced Trump Administration During Covid, Report Says Washington, May 12

    A congressional report claimed that meatpacking companies issued “baseless” warnings about food shortages and influenced government decisions to keep plants open early in the pandemic.

  139. American Teenagers and Their Mental Health Letters, May 11

    The teen mental health crisis. Also: Elon Musk, Donald Trump and Twitter; Vladimir Putin’s gambit; Russian TV; Penn Station; flying without masks.