1. Significant Mother Well, August 23

    Beth was my ex-stepmother, but “mother” was still a part of her title. Could I share a home with her?

  2. In an All-Gender Cabin, Summer Campers ‘Don’t Have to Hide’ U.S., August 22

    For gender-nonconforming campers, a new all-gender cabin at Camp Tawonga was a rare respite from the outside world, where bullying and the feeling of not fitting in can make growing up difficult.

  3. Palestinian Authority Bans Activities by Gay Rights Group World, August 19

    The Palestinian group, Al Qaws, vowed to continue its work. A police spokesman said its activities violated the “ideals and values of Palestinian society.”

  4. A Teen Pretends to Be Trans, and Some Viewers Object to the Deception Arts, August 16

    The indie film “Adam” centers on the 17-year-old title character passing as transgender to win the affection of a lesbian. Is the boy problematic? Or is the whole film vexing?

  5. ‘Olivia’ Explores Love and Tragedy in a French Finishing School Movies, August 15

    Jacqueline Audry’s film unfolds in an almost exclusively female world, as suffocating as it is liberating.

  6. Marc Cherry on ‘Why Women Kill,’ ‘Golden Girls’ and Felicity Huffman Arts, August 14

    The “Desperate Housewives” creator returns to TV with another female-led series, this time on CBS All Access.

  7. Henri Belolo, a Founder of the Village People, Dies at 82 Arts, August 12

    Mr. Belolo and his business partner, Jacques Morali, assembled a colorful group of singers dressed as macho archetypes and created a disco phenomenon.

  8. Hate Is So Much Bigger Than Trump Opinion, August 10

    Just look at history. Or at my inbox.

  9. Virginia Schools’ Bathroom Rule Violates Transgender Rights, U.S. Judge Says U.S., August 9

    The ruling is an important victory for transgender rights advocates as legal battles over school bathroom policies continue to play out across the country.

  10. Coke Ad Riles Hungary Conservatives, Part of Larger Gay Rights Battle World, August 9

    In Eastern Europe, right-wing nationalists have focused their wrath on L.G.B.T. people, who they say are forcing immoral ways on their countries.

  11. Whispers of Sexual Abuse Tailed an Equestrian Legend for Decades. At 81, He Was Barred for Life. Sports, August 8

    George H. Morris’s stature in the sport was nearly unrivaled, even though some in the horse world said they had long been aware of his relationships with minors.

  12. Victoria’s Secret Casts First Openly Transgender Woman as a Model Business, August 5

    The selection of Valentina Sampaio, 22, was seen by some critics of the brand as long overdue. “Never stop dreaming,” she wrote on Instagram.

  13. Anti-Gay Brutality in a Polish Town Blamed on Poisonous Propaganda World, July 27

    Mob violence against gay men and lesbians has raised grave concerns about the steady stream of anti-L.G.B.T. language delivered by politicians.