1. Pompeo’s Quest to Redefine Human Rights Draws Concern at U.N. Washington, September 22

    European allies are skeptical of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s push to elevate religious liberty and property rights, which they fear could come at the expense of protecting marginalized groups.

  2. Every Night in Quarantine, I Danced With Hundreds of Strangers Op Ed, September 22

    When the coronavirus shut down clubs around the world, I found community in a queer dance party on Zoom.

  3. Club Quarantine Video, September 22

    When the coronavirus shut down clubs around the world, I found community in a queer dance party on Zoom.

  4. One Musician’s Plan to Make the Concert Industry More Diverse Culture, September 21

    Noelle Scaggs from Fitz and the Tantrums has an initiative, Diversify the Stage, that aims to direct more touring business opportunities to people of color, women, and L.G.B.T.Q. people.

  5. Lo que aprendí del usuario de Instagram del que me enamoré en Español, September 20

    ¿Puede salir algo bueno de obsesionarse con un fisicoculturista de Corea del Sur en las redes sociales?

  6. DeVos Vows to Withhold Desegregation Aid to Schools Over Transgender Athletes Washington, September 18

    The Education Department has told Connecticut schools that desegregation grants will be cut off Oct. 1 if they continue to allow transgender students to choose the teams they compete on.

  7. The Most Powerful Man in the World Thinks My Family Is ‘Less Than’ Op Ed, September 16

    The fight for equality isn’t over, and can most definitely still be lost.

  8. Sarah McBride Is Set to Be the Nation’s Highest-Ranking Transgender Official Politics, September 15

    Ms. McBride, who would be the first openly transgender person to serve in any state’s senate, won a primary for a safely Democratic seat in Delaware.

  9. Listeners Found Beverly Glenn-Copeland. It Was Time. Culture, September 14

    In the 1970s and ’80s, his music went largely unheralded, but an audience finally caught up. A new career-spanning mixtape, “Transmissions,” traces the evolution of a life fully in bloom.

  10. U.S. Marine Pardoned for Killing Transgender Woman Is Deported From Philippines Foreign, September 13

    Lance Cpl. Joseph Scott Pemberton was formally deported and flown out on a U.S. military plane. His pardon by President Rodrigo Duterte has drawn anger from activists.

  11. What I Learned From My Instagram Crush Styles, September 11

    Can anything good come from obsessing over a South Korean bodybuilder on social media?

  12. Drag Queens Deliver Dinner and a Show in San Francisco Express, September 9

    Oasis, a cabaret and nightclub, closed in March because of the coronavirus pandemic. Now its drag queens are bringing food and a curbside performance to people’s front doors.

  13. What I Learned as a Parent of a Transgender Child Well, September 8

    As a pediatrician and mother, I thought I knew a lot about parenting. But I was blindsided by my daughter’s coming out as trans, and that first year was riddled with mistakes.

  14. Duterte Pardons U.S. Marine Who Killed Transgender Woman Foreign, September 7

    The Philippine president made the move, which riled nationalist and gay rights groups, in the interest of maintaining an “independent foreign policy.”

  15. Mis padres tienen alzhéimer, ¿recordarán quién soy? en Español, September 6

    Cuando inicié mi transición de género hace 13 años, mis padres no me apoyaron. La relación sanó un poco con el tiempo, pero ahora la enfermedad amenaza con borrarme de sus recuerdos por completo.

  16. Are Influencers Responsible for the Behavior of Their Followers? Styles, September 4

    Fan armies are harassing gay and trans people on TikTok.

  17. El waacking, el baile que arrasa en TikTok en Español, September 3

    Un baile de los años setenta se ha convertido en una sensación en redes sociales. En Nueva York sobrevive un grupo de maestros expertos.

  18. Transgender People Face New Legal Fight After Supreme Court Victory Gender, September 3

    Though the Supreme Court embraced a broad definition of sex in June, the Department of Health and Human Services pressed ahead with changes that narrowed the definition of sex in the Affordable Care Act.

  19. Embracing Sexual Identity, These Graphic Novels Burst With Life Book Review, September 3

    In her Graphic Content column, Hillary Chute looks at a reissue of Howard Cruse’s classic “Stuck Rubber Baby” and a new set of tarot cards for the future.

  20. U.S. Marine Who Killed Transgender Woman in Philippines Is Ordered Released Foreign, September 2

    A court decision to free Lance Cpl. Joseph Scott Pemberton less than six years into his sentence was criticized by activists.

  21. When the Forms Don’t Fit Your Family Parenting, September 1

    The majority of American families don’t fit the married mom-and-dad model, so why does heteronormative paperwork persist?

  22. ‘I Hate New York’ Review: The Club Kids Are Still Standing Weekend, September 1

    A documentary follows Amanda Lepore, Sophia Lamar, Chloe Dzubilo and T De Long over a 10-year period.

  23. N.Y.C. to Pay $5.9 Million in Death of Transgender Woman at Rikers Metro, August 31

    Layleen Polanco had a fatal epileptic seizure while in isolation, an investigation found, spurring calls to end solitary confinement and close the jail complex.

  24. What Is Waacking, and Why Is It All Over TikTok? Metropolitan, August 29

    A few dedicated New Yorkers are masters of the 1970s club dance, which has become a social media sensation.

  25. The People Who Make New York’s Party Scene Happen Interactive, April 13

    Long a capital of nightlife, from ’70s discos to ’90s raves, the city is now home to a rich after-hours culture where anyone — of any race, gender or sexuality — is welcome.

  26. The Butches and Studs Who’ve Defied the Male Gaze and Redefined Culture Interactive, April 13

    Without their presence and contributions, queer aesthetics — and the arts at large — would be far less rich.

  27. How ACT UP Remade Political Organizing in America Interactive, April 13

    The coalition that fought against AIDS stigma and worked to slow the plague changed patients’ rights and contemporary protest movements.

  28. King Princess, an Old Kind of Rock Star for a New Age Interactive, March 11

    It’s rare for a musician to shock anymore. Mikaela Straus says [expletive] that.