1. Kim Petras, a Transgender Woman, Won the Grammy for Best Pop Duo Performance. Culture, Today

    The German pop singer, who accepted the award with Sam Smith for “Unholy,” announced that she was the first transgender woman to win a Grammy in the best pop duo and group performance category.

  2. Returning From Africa, Pope Francis and Christian Leaders Condemn Anti-Gay Laws Foreign, Yesterday

    In an in-flight news conference after six days in the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan, Francis also denounced conservative critics who he said had “instrumentalized” the death of Benedict XVI.

  3. Should Schools Tell Parents Their Child Identifies as Transgender? Letters, February 4

    Readers discuss why some students may adopt a new gender identity at school without their parents’ knowledge.

  4. ‘The Last of Us’ Is a Very Conservative Show. Really. Op Ed, February 3

    The right should love its view of masculinity, the government and what it takes to survive.

  5. How the R&B Innovator Kelela Unlocked a New Level Arts & Leisure, February 2

    In the six years since her debut, “Take Me Apart,” the 39-year-old musician has been researching, processing and preparing to make an even bolder statement.

  6. A U.S. Ambassador Finds Himself on Hostile Ground in Hungary Foreign, February 2

    David Pressman, a gay human rights lawyer, has been accused by pro-government media in Hungary of undermining traditional values, violating diplomatic conventions and meddling in the judiciary.

  7. Inside the College Board’s Revised African American Studies Curriculum National, February 2

    A guide to some changes in the curriculum, and how the new course differs from standard treatments of Black history in American high schools.

  8. In This Nigerian Market, Young Women Find a Place of Their Own Interactive, February 2

    The members of the female and L.G.B.T.Q. skateboarding collective Dencity have carved out a space of freedom, safety and community in Lagos.

  9. Nonbinary Broadway Performer Opts Out of Gendered Tony Awards Weekend, February 1

    Justin David Sullivan of “& Juliet” decided to abstain from consideration and urged awards shows to “expand their reach.”

  10. Utah Bans Transition Care for Transgender Youth National, January 30

    The measure, signed by the governor on Saturday, is part of a wave of proposed legislation in states across the country this year that would restrict transgender rights.

  11. Alan Cumming Returns British Honor Over ‘Toxicity of Empire’ Express, January 27

    The Scottish actor Alan Cumming said that he returned his Order of the British Empire, or O.B.E., in protest of the role of the monarchy and empire. He’s not the first celebrity to do so.

  12. New Blood Donation Rules to Loosen Restrictions on Gay and Bisexual Men Science, January 27

    The F.D.A. proposed a more individualized policy based on questions about sexual behavior and risks.

  13. Once a Bullied Teen, Now the Movies’ Master Storyteller of Youth Culture, January 27

    At 31, Lukas Dhont already has two art-house hits to his name. The Belgian director’s latest film, “Close,” shows his skill at eliciting intense performances from young actors.

  14. Will U.K. Rejection of Scottish Gender Bill Bolster Independence Movement? Foreign, January 27

    The intervention from London angered Scottish politicians, but it’s not clear that backers of independence can use the issue to their advantage.

  15. Man Who Lured Victim on Grindr Gets 45 Years in Prison for Kidnapping Express, January 27

    The attack, which left a Louisiana man in a coma for three days in 2020, was part of a scheme by Chance Seneca, 21, to kidnap and kill gay men, according to federal prosecutors. They said he had been inspired by Jeffrey Dahmer.

  16. G.O.P. State Lawmakers Push a Growing Wave of Anti-Transgender Bills Politics, January 25

    Four states could ban transition care into young adulthood. Lawmakers in several others want to restrict drag shows in ways that could affect transgender performers broadly. It’s part of a long-term plan.

  17. Pope Francis Says Homosexuality Is Not a Crime Foreign, January 25

    In an interview with The Associated Press, the pope said the church should do more to end laws that criminalize same-sex relations.

  18. Trans Kids Deserve Private Lives, Too Op Ed, January 24

    When students redefine their gender identity without telling their parents.

  19. Bathroom Bans for Transgender Youths Are Poised for Supreme Court Review Washington, January 23

    A recent ruling created a split among federal appeals courts on whether schools can forbid transgender students to use restrooms matching their gender identities.

  20. Ron DeSantis Stokes the Flames Interactive, January 23

    It has been a busy month for the Florida governor as he stokes divisive cultural issues.

  21. When Students Change Gender Identity, and Parents Don’t Know National, January 22

    Educators are facing wrenching new tensions over whether they should tell parents when students socially transition at school.

  22. Church of England Will Bless Same-Sex Couples, but Won’t Marry Them Foreign, January 20

    The policy shift comes after six years of consultations on the issue within the church, which also apologized for its treatment of L.G.B.T.Q. people.

  23. Instagram and Facebook Should Update Nude Photo Rules, Meta Board Says Express, January 20

    A dispute over photos of bare chests with the nipples covered, posted on Instagram by a transgender and nonbinary couple, has prompted a call for the platform to clarify its content guidelines.

  24. A Doll That Wears Sunglasses With Attitude? Oh, ‘M3gan’ Is a Gay Movie. Arts & Leisure, January 19

    The title robot — reminiscent of the loyal but messy straight women that gay men are protective of — is progress for a genre with a shameful history.

  25. When Mental Illness Afflicts the Young Letters, January 18

    A psychiatrist and two social workers write about stigma and discrimination. Also: Presidential papers; gas stoves; transgender courage; writing and thinking.

  26. What’s Next for the Great Gay Play? Everything. Arts & Leisure, January 17

    In recent shows, ideas of gayness are expanding, combining and disappearing all at once.

  27. U.K. Government Blocks Scottish Law Making Gender Change Easier Foreign, January 16

    For the first time, the government in London is blocking legislation approved by the Scottish Parliament, saying the measure on gender identity would undermine U.K.-wide equality law.

  28. Santos, as ‘Anthony Devolder,’ Pushed Transgender Voters to G.O.P. in 2019 Metro, January 14

    A year before George Santos first ran for Congress, he appeared at an L.G.B.T.Q. event using one of his alternate identities.

  29. Calls for George Santos, ‘a Fictional Character,’ to Resign Letters, January 12

    The continuing saga of the lying congressman. Also: The gender culture war; the Biden files; congressional subpoenas; misinformation.

  30. Was Yeshiva University Entitled to $230 Million in Public Funds? Metro, January 11

    The Modern Jewish Orthodox school refuses to recognize an L.G.B.T.Q. student club, arguing in court that it is a religious institution.

  31. Fired by a College for Showing a Painting of Muhammad Letters, January 10

    Readers discuss a Muslim student’s objection, which led to the firing of an adjunct professor. Also: The G.O.P. vs. the I.R.S.; L.G.B.T.Q. life in Alabama.

  32. Dan Savage on Polyamory, Chosen Family and Better Sex Op Ed, January 10

    The advice columnist discusses how dating, sex and relationships have changed over the past 30 years — and where they should go next.

  33. A Trans Man in Mexico Forges His Own Path Op Ed, January 10

    In a traditional Catholic town, Alex develops his identity and defends his dreams.

  34. Victoria Video, January 10

    In a traditional Catholic town, Alex develops his identity and defends his dreams as a transgender man.

  35. Brooklyn Judge Accused of Making Racist and Homophobic Remarks Resigns Metro, January 9

    Misconduct claims against Judge Harriet Thompson of Brooklyn Surrogate’s Court were scheduled to be considered at a hearing next week.

  36. A Festival Is ‘Uncensored’ No More After Pulling a Work About Gender Culture, January 9

    The Frigid Fringe Festival in New York said it would no longer bill itself as “uncensored” after deciding not to move ahead with a performance it deemed anti-trans.

  37. Was Louisa May Alcott a Transgender Man? Letters, January 9

    Readers write about the author of “Little Women.” Also: Brazil’s insurrection; credit for ghostwriters; law school rankings; resisting temptation.

  38. Defining Nonbinary Work Wear Styles, January 9

    How nonbinary professionals thread the needle of getting dressed for the office.

  39. Soy un atleta trans. Prefiero competir como yo mismo que ganar en Español, January 8

    Vivir en la autenticidad me hace un mejor hombre.

  40. Soy un atleta trans. Prefiero competir como yo mismo que ganar en Español, January 8

    Vivir en la autenticidad me hace un mejor hombre.

  41. The ‘Golden Gays’ Return to the Stage in the Philippines Foreign, January 4

    They formed a community meant to support and shelter gay people who had been cast aside by society. Decades later, they are still living together, hosting pageants to help make ends meet.

  42. Anthony Fauci Quietly Shocked Us All Op Ed, December 31

    An ACT UP veteran remembers the doctor’s AIDS legacy.

  43. Personal Stories About Coming Out Letters, December 29

    Readers are moved by a column by Charles Blow and offer their own experiences. Also: Santos’s lies; Covid in China; digital payments; ableist language.

  44. Florida Lawmaker Charged With Pandemic Aid Fraud National, December 8

    State Representative Joe Harding, a sponsor of the law that critics have called “Don’t Say Gay,” is accused of illegally obtaining or trying to obtain more than $150,000 in loans.

  45. F.D.A. Considering New Approach to Blood Donation by Gay and Bisexual Men Science, November 30

    The agency may put in place a personalized risk assessment to replace the current prohibition on men who have had sex with men in the previous three months.

  46. The Democrats Should Run ____ in 2024 Letters, November 24

    Readers add to Frank Bruni’s list of possible candidates. Also: A gay marriage bill; funding Covid vaccines.

  47. Your Tuesday Briefing: Indonesia’s Deadly Earthquake N Y T Now, November 21

    Plus Iranian players protest at the World Cup and “Neighbours” will start filming again.

  48. Using the Word ‘Queer’ Instead of ‘Gay’ Letters, November 13

    Readers respond to a column by Pamela Paul. Also: Pandemic preparedness; regulating media; the need for unions.

  49. ‘Not Again’: A Weary Europe Greets Monkeypox With a Touch of Fatalism Foreign, May 25

    With war raging in Ukraine, and the coronavirus still circulating, many in Europe say they have bigger worries than monkeypox. Some organizations, however, have raised concerns about stigma.