1. Hey, Tourists! Here’s Where to Dance and Drink in New York City for Pride Style, Yesterday

    Let’s be honest: The Stonewall isn’t all that. Here are some places to go instead.

  2. The Gay Jewish Matador From Brooklyn New York, Yesterday

    Sidney Franklin was “hiding in plain sight” as a closeted bullfighter in a macho sport. He became a legend in Spain and loved dressing the part.

  3. Celebrating WorldPride and Stonewall 50 New York, June 24

    Monday: Here is a guide to some of The Times’s Pride coverage.

  4. Naked, Afraid and Transgender: ‘The Wilderness Couldn’t Care Less’ Arts, June 23

    Quince Mountain is the first openly transgender person to be on the Discovery’s reality TV show. He found the experience to be a relief.

  5. Struggle Among Progress as Countries Restrict L.G.B.T.Q. Rights World, June 23

    While some countries are strengthening rights protections, others are clamping down in response to a wave of conservatism.

  6. Stonewall and the Myth of Self-Deliverance Opinion, June 22

    We’re drawn to tales of fierce resistance by oppressed minorities. But those stories can blind us to how social progress happens.

  7. The Gay Truth About Trump Opinion, June 22

    His betrayal of us is his betrayal of all of America.

  8. Proms Can Be Painful. Pride Prom Is Different. New York, June 22

    A heteronormative tradition with an L.G.B.T.Q. twist.

  9. Queer People of Color Led the L.G.B.T.Q. Charge, but Were Denied the Rewards U.S., June 22

    Transgender people, drag queens and minorities played outsized roles at early milestones of the gay rights movement, but they haven’t received the benefits of the revolution they sparked.

  10. How a Self-Taught Art Curator Became a Gay Rights Champion U.S., June 21

    ‘I had no vision at all,’ said Charles W. Leslie, who co-founded the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art 50 years ago. ‘It had to do with some vague concept of gay liberation.’

  11. How a Self-Taught Art Curator Became a Gay Rights Champion U.S., June 21

    ‘I had no vision at all,’ said Charles W. Leslie, who co-founded the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art 50 years ago. ‘It had to do with some vague concept of gay liberation.’

  12. Weekly Health Quiz: Better Sleep, Gay Rights and a Dental Injury Interactive, June 21

    Test your knowledge of this week’s health news.

  13. Pride Month: The New York City Theater to See Theater, June 20

    “A Strange Loop,” “Stonewall” and, of course, “The Cher Show” are among the offerings onstage now.

  14. What Was Your Stonewall? Pivotal L.G.B.T.Q. Moments Across the U.S. U.S., June 20

    The uprising at the Stonewall Inn in 1969 inspired a movement, but there were other early milestones in the struggle for gay rights.

  15. ‘Clash of Values’: Why a Boycott Is Brewing Over Pride Celebrations New York, June 20

    Some critics say the Pride March has become overrun by corporate sponsors. They have organized an alternative parade for the same day.

  16. Kate Bornstein: My Gender? Oh, It’s Nothing U.S., June 19

    An outsider status can be scary. But for some, being “neither/nor” is what helps life make sense.

  17. Asia Kate Dillon: Stand Up for the Most Marginalized Among Us U.S., June 19

    The actor urges challenging preferential treatment and helping the most disenfranchised create change.

  18. Carl Siciliano: Catholic, Queer and Homeless U.S., June 19

    Religious institutions must reckon with how homophobia and transphobia create a climate that endangers L.G.B.T.Q. youths.

  19. Barbara Smith: Why I Left the Mainstream Queer Rights Movement U.S., June 19

    A black feminist describes her disillusionment, saying many people are still marginalized, even in progressive circles.

  20. Mandana Mofidi: Coming Out to Myself, for Myself U.S., June 19

    Sometimes self-acceptance can be a full-time job.

  21. Julia Serano: The Science of Gender Is Rarely Simple U.S., June 19

    A biologist and trans woman finds that sexuality and gender are rarely as straightforward

  22. Gavin Grimm: Fighting for the Rights of Transgender Students U.S., June 19

    “It was a truth I had known since I was 5. I was a boy.”

  23. Inclusion Rider? What Inclusion Rider? Movies, June 19

    Nearly a year and a half after Frances McDormand made the term famous, few Hollywood productions are using this contractual tool.

  24. The Court Cases That Changed L.G.B.T.Q. Rights U.S., June 19

    From gay marriage to gender identity, a timeline of the legal battles that have shaped L.G.B.T.Q. rights.

  25. ‘Gay Panic’ Defenses Are Banned in N.Y. Murder Cases New York, June 19

    The state measure stops defendants from citing a victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity to justify their crime.

  26. Joe Biden Visits Stonewall, Saying the Fight for L.G.B.T. Rights Must Continue U.S., June 18

    For Mr. Biden, a trip to the historic site was a chance to celebrate the gay-rights movement and highlight his own support for L.G.B.T. causes.

  27. Pete and Chasten Buttigieg Are a Traditional Wonder Opinion, June 18

    To blaze trails, they travel a familiar path.

  28. Americans’ Shifting Attitude on Gay Rights U.S., June 18

    In 1977, 13 percent of Americans believed that a person was born lesbian or gay. Today, 49 percent believe that, according to Gallup polls.

  29. For Taylor Swift, Is Ego Stronger Than Pride? Arts, June 18

    Three writers discuss her “You Need to Calm Down” video, which is populated with L.G.B.T.Q. celebrities. Not everyone sees it as a celebration.

  30. For Pride Month, Dinner and a Show of Marginalized Voices Food, June 18

    PrideTable, a two-week event, tells L.G.B.T. chefs’ stories and serves a five-course meal.

  31. Generations of Mentorship: Conversations With L.G.B.T.Q. Elders U.S., June 18

    As gay, lesbian and transgender communities become less stigmatized — in part thanks to mentor-mentee relationships — will it be easier for young people to imagine a life where they actually grow old?

  32. Tips for L.G.B.T.Q. Travelers to Visit the World Safely Travel, June 18

    Know your rights, do your research and don’t let fear take the driver’s seat.

  33. Nicholas Sparks Apologizes for Anti-Gay Comments in 2013 Emails Books, June 17

    Mr. Sparks apologized for comments he made in emails released as part of a lawsuit that claims he spread a rumor an ex-employee had Alzheimer’s.

  34. How Battles Over Serving Same-Sex Couples Play Out in Court U.S., June 17

    The Supreme Court just declined to hear a case in which a bakery refused to make a cake for a lesbian couple. Here’s a look at similar past cases.

  35. ‘It’s Binding or Suicide’: Transgender and Non-Binary Readers Share Their Experiences With Chest Binders Reader Center, June 17

    Readers describe the advantages and drawbacks of compressing their chests.

  36. Supreme Court Won’t Rule on Clash Between Another Bakery and a Gay Couple U.S., June 17

    The Supreme Court again avoided deciding whether the Constitution allows people with religious objections to same-sex marriage to discriminate.

  37. Danez Smith: Reimagining Ourselves in an Increasingly Queer World U.S., June 16

    The poet Danez Smith says the shifting sands have revealed what we’ve known for years: that queer people are innovators of body, mind and spirit.

  38. Jennifer Finney Boylan: Love Prevails, Mostly U.S., June 16

    The author and professor of English talks about going from boys’ camp to womanhood and expressing love and support for her own trans daughter.

  39. Moisés Kaufman: A Dangerous Euphoria U.S., June 16

    The award-winning playwright and director looks hopefully and cautiously toward the future of L.G.B.T.Q. equality.

  40. Moisés Kaufman: A Dangerous Euphoria U.S., June 16

    The award-winning playwright and director looks hopefully and cautiously toward the future of L.G.B.T.Q. equality.

  41. Tennessee Pastor Who Is Also a Detective Calls for L.G.B.T. People to Be Executed U.S., June 15

    The pastor said in a sermon that L.G.B.T. people were “freaks” and “worthy of death,” comments that have prompted prosecutors to review cases he has investigated.

  42. The Case for Gay Reparation Opinion, June 14

    Other countries are taking steps to atone for their shameful past treatment of L.G.B.T. people. The United States should too.

  43. A Walking Tour of 11 Landmarks in Gay New York Interactive, June 14

    This Pride month, we’ll take you to important locations in L.G.B.T.Q. history and tell you the stories about the gay New Yorkers, icons and activists who lived and worked there. Along the way we’ll let you know about some upcoming events and a few insider tips.

  44. ‘I Live This Every Day’: Portraits of Pride in Iowa U.S., June 14

    Eight months before the all-important Iowa caucuses, revelers came to the state’s capital to celebrate Pride — and to hear presidential candidates speak about issues that matter to them.

  45. A Dad by Any Other Name Well, June 14

    I was no longer a husband, and even my role as a father was modified. I was the dad who came out: the gay dad.

  46. Part 4: Poland’s Culture Wars Podcasts, June 13

    The nationalist governing party says it’s in favor of democracy — just not the kind represented by the European Union. We look at how it is reshaping Poland’s institutions.

  47. Chasing the L.G.B.T.Q. Millennial American Dream U.S., June 13

    The arrival of marriage equality offers a generation a future they could not have envisioned. But is it what they want?

  48. Man Charged With Murdering Transgender Woman and 2 Others in Dallas U.S., June 12

    Kendrell Lavar Lyles is also a “person of interest” in the killing of Chynal Lindsey, a transgender woman who was pulled from White Rock Lake on June 1, the police said.

  49. ‘If We Do This Right’ Maybe H.I.V. Will Be Forgotten Health, June 12

    Under Demetre Daskalakis’s tenure, New York City has lowered H.I.V. transmission rates, rolled out PrEP and removed some of the stigma associated with H.I.V. and AIDS. But his work is far from done.

  50. After a Transgender Woman’s Death at Rikers, Calls for Justice and Answers New York, June 11

    Layleen Polanco was found unresponsive in her cell on Friday.

  51. Botswana Decriminalized Homosexuality. Here’s How Other African Countries Compare. World, June 11

    Thirty-two of Africa’s 54 nations have laws that criminalize consensual same-sex conduct, according to activists. Change has come, but it is spotty and slow.

  52. A Win for Gay Rights in Botswana Is a ‘Step Against the Current’ in Africa World, June 11

    Thirty-two of Africa’s 54 nations have laws that criminalize consensual same-sex conduct, according to activists. Change has come, but it is spotty and slow.

  53. Botswana’s High Court Decriminalizes Gay Sex World, June 11

    Activists hailed the ruling on laws that date from the British colonial era as a significant step for rights on the African continent.

  54. The Story Behind the Police Commissioner’s Handwritten Stonewall Apology New York, June 10

    The police had long refused to apologize for the violent 1969 raid that galvanized the modern gay rights movement. Commissioner James O’Neill described his change of heart.

  55. Pride Flags and Foreign Policy: U.S. Diplomats See Shift on Gay Rights World, June 9

    Washington’s rejection of a routine Pride Month commemoration reflects the administration’s changing stance.

  56. Chest Binders and Transgender People Opinion, June 9

    A reader says chest binders play an important role in navigating personal and professional life.

  57. Detroit Man Charged in 3 Killings Targeted L.G.B.T. People, Officials Say U.S., June 8

    An 18-year-old man fatally shot three people and injured two others in a Detroit home last month, prosecutors said.

  58. Warsaw Holds Gay Pride Parade Amid Fears and Threats in Poland World, June 8

    The largest pride parade in Central and Eastern Europe comes as a government campaign depicts the gay rights movement in Poland as a threat to families.

  59. British Police Arrest 4 After Gay Women Are Assaulted on London Bus World, June 7

    The Metropolitan Police of London said four teenagers were arrested after two women reported being assaulted, harassed and robbed on a bus by men who had tried to make the couple kiss.

  60. Five Arrested in London Bus Attack on Two Lesbians World, June 7

    The Metropolitan Police said five people, including four teenagers, were arrested after two women reported being assaulted, harassed and robbed on a bus by men who had tried to make the couple kiss.

  61. They Say You Can’t Go Home Again. Laura Linney Just Did. Arts, June 7

    She talks about revisiting Armistead Maupin’s “Tales of the City” for a fourth time, and the potential impact of Georgia’s abortion bill on the production of Netflix’s “Ozark.”

  62. Democrats Urge Pompeo to End Policy Used to Deny Citizenship to Children of Gay Couples U.S., June 6

    Nearly 100 Democratic members of Congress, including several presidential hopefuls, signed letters calling for an end to the State Department policy.

  63. Pride in Queer Cinema of the Past Might Show Us Our Future Movies, June 6

    How New York is marking the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising at the movies.

  64. Police Commissioner Apologizes for Officers’ Actions in Stonewall Rebellion New York, June 6

    The police commissioner, James P. O’Neill, said he was sorry on behalf of the New York Police Department for the actions officers during a 1969 clash with gay men outside a Greenwich Village club.

  65. Stonewall Riot Apology: Police Actions Were ‘Wrong,’ Commissioner Admits New York, June 6

    The commissioner, James O’Neill, said he was sorry on behalf of the New York Police Department for officers’ actions during a seminal 1969 clash outside a gay bar.

  66. Amir Ohana Is Gay and Right-Wing. How Far Can He Go in Israel? Opinion, June 6

    “Being attracted to men doesn’t mean you have to believe in creating a Palestinian state,” says Israel’s first openly L.G.B.T. cabinet minister.

  67. New Racing Rules Remove Some Barriers for Transgender Runners Sports, June 6

    In June, competitors in the Western States 100-mile run will be governed by new guidelines seen as a step forward for transgender athletes.

  68. Gay Official Wins Court Battle for Spousal Benefits in Hong Kong World, June 6

    Though limited in its scope, the decision was celebrated by activists as an important victory for expanding rights to same-sex couples.

  69. Amid Boston Pride Week, ‘Straight Pride Parade’ Draws Attention U.S., June 5

    The parade, proposed by three men for late August, has yet to receive a permit from Boston officials. The proposal’s real intent seemed unclear.

  70. 50 Years Later, What We Forgot About Stonewall U.S., June 4

    Many of the defining moments of L.G.B.T.Q. history have been revised or forgotten.

  71. Stonewall: The Making of a Monument Opinion, June 4

    Ever since the 1969 riots on the streets outside New York City’s Stonewall Inn, L.G.B.T.Q. communities have gathered there to express their joy, their anger, their pain and their power.

  72. The Struggles of Rejecting the Gender Binary Magazine, June 4

    Not everyone identifies as male or female. This is what it’s like to be nonbinary in a world that wants to box you in.

  73. ‘People Are Afraid’: Killing of Transgender Woman in Dallas Is City’s Third in a Year U.S., June 3

    Chynal Lindsey was found dead less than a month after another woman, Muhlaysia Booker, was fatally shot.

  74. Rodrigo Duterte, Philippine President, Says He Was Gay but ‘Cured’ Himself World, June 3

    In calling a political rival gay, Mr. Duterte said he used to be gay himself but was cured with the help of “beautiful women.”

  75. Rodrigo Duterte Says He ‘Cured’ Himself From Being Gay World, June 3

    The Philippines president, in calling a political rival gay, said he used to be gay himself but was cured with the help of “beautiful women.”

  76. Did I Need to Know What Gender My Nonbinary Interviewees Were Assigned at Birth? Maybe Not Reader Center, June 2

    To write about the debate over adding an “X” option to state IDs, I was trying to better understand how the issue plays out in everyday life.

  77. Colorado Bans ‘Conversion Therapy’ for Minors U.S., June 1

    Colorado on Friday became the 18th state to ban “conversion therapy,” a discredited practice that aims to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender expression.

  78. Trump’s Celebration of L.G.B.T. Rights Is Met With Criticism U.S., June 1

    He triggered condemnation from activists who said his celebratory words did little to undo the damage his administration has caused to L.G.B.T. people.

  79. Everything a Drag Queen Taught Me About Parenthood Opinion, June 1

    The first lesson was pride.

  80. Do You Use Chest Binders? Tell Us About Your Experience Reader Center, May 31

    We would like to hear from people who have used binding to flatten their chests.

  81. Wondering at the ‘Special Universe’ of Gay Life in All Its Diversity Books, May 31

    In “Out of the Shadows,” Walt Odets looks at the trauma and shame that still plague gay men, and argues for more self-actualized and authentic lives.

  82. Chest Binding Helps Smooth the Way for Transgender Teens, but There May Be Risks Well, May 31

    People who use binders report symptoms like back and chest pain, overheating and shortness of breath.

  83. When Resistance Became Too Loud to Ignore Arts, May 30

    New York City museums and public spaces celebrate Stonewall and the movement’s charismatic personalities in a handful of timely shows.

  84. She Came to New York for the Vogue Ballroom Scene. She Found a Family. Interactive, May 30

    Kendra Westwood isn’t just a dancer — she’s also the head of a “kiki” house.

  85. The Fight Is Still Happening for the Rest of Us U.S., May 30

    In June, millions of people will gather in New York City to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the uprising at the Stonewall Inn, which marked the start of a national pride movement. But some in the Midwest say there’s still work to be done — either because they’re still struggling, or because they feel that the L.G.B.T.Q. community has forgotten them.

  86. Two Transgender Activists Are Getting a Monument in New York Arts, May 29

    Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, both key figures in the gay liberation movement, will be honored with a permanent installation in Greenwich Village.

  87. Queer Muslims Are Still Rare on TV. One Writer Wants to Change That. Arts, May 29

    A recent episode of the CBS drama “The Red Line” featured a gay romance involving a Muslim character. Fawzia Mirza, the episode’s writer, discusses how it came to be.

  88. I Thought I’d Seen the Worst of Trump Opinion, May 29

    Then I learned about his plans to take away health care protections for transgender Americans.