1. The Debate Over the ‘Jihad’ Documentary Opinion, Today

    Readers discuss criticism of a white woman’s film about Muslims accused of terrorism. Also: Preschool in New York; gay and in exile; a fragile democracy; student debt.

  2. For Queer Couples, Engagement Rings With Subversive Stones Style, Today

    As one jeweler put it, many of her L.G.B.T.Q. clients want “the opposite of what a diamond is supposed to stand for.” Sapphires, opals and other nontraditional stones have in turn grown more coveted.

  3. The Lesbian Perez Hilton of TikTok Style, Today

    When relationship dramas heated up this summer, she saw an opportunity.

  4. One Last Haircut Podcasts, Yesterday

    A man comes out to his wife — and breaks apart their family. Fifteen years later, we check back in.

  5. Cuba Approves Same-Sex Marriage in Historic Vote Express, September 27

    The sweeping 100-page law will also allow same-sex couples to adopt and includes measures that expand protections for women, children and the elderly.

  6. More Trans Teens Are Choosing ‘Top Surgery’ Science, September 26

    Small studies suggest that breast removal surgery improves transgender teenagers’ well-being, but data is sparse. Some state leaders oppose such procedures for minors.

  7. ‘They are not happy with how we love each other’: Gay parents fear a Meloni victory. Foreign, September 25

    In her election campaign, Giorgia Meloni pledged to oppose surrogacy and adoption by gay couples.

  8. Church of England Stops Desmond Tutu’s Daughter From Officiating Funeral Foreign, September 23

    Rev. Mpho Tutu van Furth, an Episcopal priest who is married to a woman, said the funeral of her godfather was moved to his garden to allow her to participate.

  9. Trump’s ‘Magical Powers’ of Declassification Letters, September 23

    Readers discuss declassification “by thinking” and an appellate court ruling. Also: Censorship, left and right; gay marriage; development aid; abortion art.

  10. I Have Worked, Played and Loved in Other Countries Because I Can’t at Home Op Ed, September 22

    In Singapore, queer people see progress only from a distance.

  11. Rainbow Armbands Are New Flash Point for FIFA and Qatar World Cup Sports, September 21

    An effort by European soccer federations to highlight gay rights could force a collision between FIFA rules and social campaigns.

  12. Amid Court Fight, L.G.B.T.Q. Club Proposes a Compromise to Yeshiva Metro, September 21

    The Modern Orthodox Jewish university in Manhattan had said it would halt the activities of all undergraduate clubs rather than sanction the gay student organization. The students say they will delay seeking recognition if the other clubs can resu...

  13. After Dobbs: Feminism Beyond the Gender Binary Op Ed, September 21

    Jennifer Finney Boylan and Thomas Page McBee on what the feminist movement owes the trans community.

  14. N.B.A. Fines Anthony Edwards $40,000 for Anti-Gay Remarks Sports, September 20

    Edwards, a Minnesota Timberwolves guard, used homophobic language to refer to a group of people as they stood outdoors. A video of the remarks was posted to Instagram.

  15. Virginia Reverses School Protections for Transgender Students National, September 18

    The state’s Department of Education issued guidelines that would require students to file legal documents to be called by different pronouns.

  16. Our Assumptions About the Maternal Instinct Letters, September 18

    Readers react to an essay about how the maternal instinct is a myth. Also: A third-party alternative; the work environment; new baseball rules; billionaires.

  17. Yeshiva University Halts All Student Clubs to Block L.G.B.T.Q. Group Metro, September 17

    Earlier in the week, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed a ruling to stand for now that required the university to recognize the group.

  18. What Does It Mean to Be a Young, Black Queer Artist Right Now? T Style, September 16

    ‘A project like this is almost a double-edged sword’: A conversation with the creatives who are making the culture — and questioning it, too.

  19. What’s Tea? Video, September 16

    The subjects of T Magazine’s fall Men’s Fashion cover shoot discuss what it means to be young, Black and queer in this film inspired by Marlon Riggs’s “Tongues Untied.”

  20. Behind the Scenes of T Magazine’s Cover Shoot T Style, September 16

    For T’s fall Men’s Fashion issue, two dozen artists — all Black, queer and under 40 — gathered in homage to the groundbreaking film “Tongues Untied.”

  21. Is This the End of the People’s Beach? Interactive, September 16

    For decades, the shoreline in the shelter of a derelict hospital at Riis Beach has been a queer haven. Soon, the buildings will be demolished.

  22. The Faces That Look Back at Us When We Come Out, Again and Again Interactive, September 15

    On television, for over 50 years, queer characters have confronted cruel, cringy, even heartwarming reactions.

  23. Supreme Court Says Yeshiva University Must Allow L.G.B.T. Group as Case Proceeds Washington, September 14

    By a 5-to-4 vote, the court refused to block a trial judge’s ruling that required the university to recognize the group under New York City’s anti-discrimination law.

  24. How Nonbinary Runners are Winning Inclusion in Major Marathons Sports, September 14

    Five of the six largest marathons in the world will soon allow runners to compete without registering as men or women. The London Marathon changed its policy on Wednesday.

  25. Montana Restricts Changes to Birth Certificates for Transgender People Express, September 13

    A new rule made it “virtually impossible” for transgender people born in Montana to amend the gender listed on their birth certificates, according to the American Civil Liberties Union of Montana.

  26. Boston Marathon Adds Option for Nonbinary Runners Next Year Express, September 13

    Nonbinary runners will not be required to register in either the men’s or women’s division for the 2023 Boston Marathon, the organizers of the race said.

  27. His Pulitzer-Winning Comedy Broke the Rules. He’s at It Again. Culture, September 13

    Andrew Sean Greer was elated, if a little confounded, when his 2017 novel “Less” received the award. Now he’s following it with a sequel, which he knows might raise some eyebrows. So what if it’s unseemly?

  28. A Global History of Gender, in All Its Varieties Book Review, September 10

    Kit Heyam’s “Before We Were Trans” spans continents and millenniums to prove that where there is humanity, there is nonconformity.

  29. To Play an Anti-Gay Parent, Gabrielle Union Dug Deep for ‘The Inspection’ Culture, September 10

    At the Toronto premiere, she spoke of playing a homophobic mother as “the challenge of a lifetime” because it represents everything she stands against in reality.

  30. Yeshiva University Can Bar L.G.B.T. Club for Now, Justice Rules Metro, September 10

    Sonia Sotomayor’s ruling will be in place pending a decision by the Supreme Court to take up the case.

  31. Arab States Demand That Netflix Drop ‘Offensive Content’ Foreign, September 7

    Egypt joined six Gulf Arab nations in insisting that streaming services take down programs that go against “societal values.”

  32. Maura Healey Could Make History in Run for Massachusetts Governor Politics, September 7

    Ms. Healey and another Democrat running for governor of Oregon could become the first two openly lesbian governors in the country if they win in the fall.

  33. ‘1776’ in 2022: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of a Dual Reality Arts & Leisure, September 6

    A revival of the classic musical offers a fresh twist on the founding for the post-“Hamilton” era.

  34. Harry Styles camina por la cuerda floja en Español, September 4

    ¿De verdad es tan inconcebible que una de las personas más famosas del mundo pueda estar atrapada en el mismo armario que tú o yo?

  35. For Transgender Young People, a Haven From the Outside World.With S’Mores. National, September 4

    Indigo Point was created as an oasis, one that organizers saw as all the more necessary after a barrage of conservative legislation focused on transgender young people.

  36. In the California Desert, L.G.B.T.Q. Voters Could Sway a Key House Race Washington, September 3

    Representative Ken Calvert, a long-serving Republican, is facing a tough re-election race in a redrawn district that now includes Palm Springs, proclaimed to be the gayest city in America.

  37. America Is Being Consumed by a Moral Panic Over Trans People Op Ed, September 1

    In the run-up to the midterms, fearmongering about transgender issues is becoming an obsession on the right.

  38. ‘Loving Highsmith’ Review: The Patricia You Didn’t Know Weekend, September 1

    A new documentary makes the case that under her hardened exterior, the novelist Patricia Highsmith was a longing romantic.

  39. At Shakespeare’s Globe, a Nonbinary Joan of Arc Causes a Stir Culture, September 1

    Even before the production debuted, it had inflamed a rancorous debate about sex and gender that plays out almost daily in Britain.

  40. The Anglican Church’s ‘Kick in the Guts’ to Gay Parishioners Foreign, September 1

    Divisions over the acceptance of homosexuality have proved intractable both on a global level and inside even liberal-leaning countries like New Zealand.

  41. Is Harry Styles Co-opting a Queer Identity? Letters, August 31

    Readers respond to a guest essay about the singer’s use of queer symbols. Also: Gorbachev’s death; filling empty theater seats.

  42. Pain, Fear, Stigma: What People Who Survived Monkeypox Want You to Know Metro, August 31

    Seven patients share their stories of devastating symptoms, their frustration over finding care and their efforts to help each other when doctors and officials have failed.

  43. Ron DeSantis Is a Test Case Op Ed, August 31

    The DeSantis governorship provides insight into what our national life might look like if in 2024 the Republicans make a clean sweep.

  44. ‘Not Again’: A Weary Europe Greets Monkeypox With a Touch of Fatalism Foreign, May 25

    With war raging in Ukraine, and the coronavirus still circulating, many in Europe say they have bigger worries than monkeypox. Some organizations, however, have raised concerns about stigma.