1. In Some Australian Schools, Teachers Can Be Fired for Being Gay Foreign, October 18

    Australian politicians are doubling down on a law that allows religious schools, which receive government funding, to discriminate against gay teachers and students.

  2. Conception Season 2: Parenting in 2018 Video, October 17

    In 2018, we can feel that what separates us is more evident than what unites us. We’re often defined by our race; our ethnicity; our socioeconomic status. So, we asked parents: How do you raise children in a world that already sees them — and you — in a certain way?

  3. Christine Hallquist Would Like to Talk About the Power Grid Politics, October 17

    The Vermont Democrat is the first transgender person to be nominated for governor. She’s facing a Republican incumbent whose popularity has tumbled recently.

  4. Beyond the Narrow Expectations of Gender Photo, October 16

    The people in these portraits by Linda Bournane Engelberth move along, and beyond, gender identifications.

  5. Helping Pediatricians Care for Transgender Children Well, October 15

    A new statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics tries to guide doctors and dispel myths about growing up with gender identity questions.

  6. They Live in Public Styles, October 13

    Jill Soloway is building a gender-free empire.

  7. Nicole Maines on Becoming TV’s First Transgender Superhero Culture, October 12

    The actress and activist joins “Supergirl” this season, which begins Sunday, as Dreamer.

  8. Matthew Shepard Will Be Interred at the Washington National Cathedral, 20 Years After His Death Express, October 11

    After he was killed in Laramie, Wyo., in 1998, Mr. Shepard became a symbol of violence against gay people. He has never been laid to rest.

  9. Overlooked No More: Annemarie Schwarzenbach, Author, Photographer and ‘Ravaged Angel’ Obits, October 10

    A Swiss heiress, she was an adventurous traveler whose writings, along with her androgynous glamour and troubled life, made her a gay cult figure after her death.

  10. Belfast Bakery Was Free to Refuse Gay-Marriage Cake, Court Rules World, October 10

    Britain’s Supreme Court found that the bakery owners’ refusal was based not on the customer’s sexual orientation, but on their Protestant faith’s opposition to gay marriage.

  11. Stigma Against Gay People Can Be Deadly Well, October 9

    L.G.B.T. people experience a range of social, economic and medical disparities that jeopardize their long-term health.

  12. In London, a Temple Where You Can Worship at the Altar of Oscar Wilde T Style, October 2

    The artists Peter McGough and David McDermott have built a shrine to the playwright and poet that will also host events held by the L.G.B.T. community.

  13. Lady Bunny Is Still the Shadiest Queen Around Styles, September 29

    Three decades after landing in New York with RuPaul, Lady Bunny rules as New York’s reigning drag queen, even as a younger generation nips at her heels.

  14. Male, Female or ‘X’: The Push for a Third Choice on Official Forms Metro, September 27

    New York City is the latest place to offer gender-neutral birth certificates. But after someone changes the sex to “X,” things get complicated.

  15. A ’70s Performance Artist Finds a New Audience T Style, September 26

    Stephen Varble, whose works confront gender and commercialism, will be the subject of a retrospective — more than three decades after his death.

  16. Gay Courtship on Vietnam’s ‘The Bachelor’ Turned Heads Abroad. Back Home? Meh. Foreign, September 25

    Two female contestants walked off the set together, causing a global stir online. But in Vietnam, a bastion for gay rights, there was barely a shrug.

  17. Should I Go to a Gender-Reveal Party? Magazine, September 25

    The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on whether prospective parents should have a gender-reveal party and more.