1. Michael Stipe Is Writing His Next Act. Slowly. Magazine, December 3

    How do you reinvent yourself after being a global superstar? The former R.E.M. frontman is still figuring that out.

  2. Why Anonymous Sperm Donation Is Over, and Why That Matters Magazine, December 3

    Activists are trying to end secrecy for sperm and egg donors — a campaign that troubles some L.G.B.T.Q. families.

  3. In Florida’s Hot Political Climate, Some Faculty Have Had Enough National, December 3

    Liberal-leaning professors are leaving coveted jobs with tenure. And there are signs that recruiting scholars has become harder.

  4. Labor Dispute Closes Berlin, the Beloved Chicago Gay Bar Express, December 1

    The owners closed the bar after a monthslong boycott in support of demands from its workers for benefits and higher wages.

  5. Born This Way? Born Which Way? Op Ed, December 1

    The panic over transgender children is driven by the fear that they’ll regret transitioning. But freedom to make mistakes is core to being human.

  6. Russia Declares Gay Rights Movement as ‘Extremist’ Foreign, November 30

    Activists said the designation could put L.G.B.T.Q. people and their organizations under threat of criminal prosecution for something as simple as displaying the rainbow flag.

  7. Tiny Love Stories: ‘We’d Lost the American Dream’ Styles, November 28

    Modern Love in miniature, featuring reader-submitted stories of no more than 100 words.

  8. Should Biden Bow Out, as David Axelrod Urged? Letters, November 26

    Readers respond to a column by Maureen Dowd. Also: Speaker Mike Johnson’s lament; drive-through downsides; New Orleans drinking water.

  9. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gay Bar Book Review, November 24

    In “The Bars Are Ours,” Lucas Hilderbrand offers a transcontinental look at a half-century of queer nightlife in America.

  10. My First Trip to ‘Rubyfruit Jungle’ Culture, November 20

    Kristen Arnett, k.d. lang, Myriam Gurba and 10 more on Rita Mae Brown’s breakthrough novel about lesbian identity, published 50 years ago this fall.

  11. When Students’ Cellphones ‘Colonize Their Minds’ Opinion, November 19

    Readers discuss a column by Pamela Paul and a news story about a Florida school district’s ban. Also: The “catastrophists”; an example of compassion.

  12. David Del Tredici, Who Set ‘Alice’ to Music, Dies at 86 Obits, November 18

    A Pulitzer Prize-winning composer, he was an experimentalist who redefined himself, becoming identified with a lush style called the New Romanticism.

  13. Weeks Before Election as Speaker, Johnson Lamented ‘Dark and Depraved’ Culture Washington, November 17

    Mike Johnson’s comments on a prayer call in October, during which he talked about church attendance and L.G.B.T.Q. youth, offered an up-to-date distillation of his views.

  14. Macy’s Parade Shuns Boycott Demands From Anti-L.G.B.T.Q. Group Metro, November 17

    A right-wing group that has been designated a hate group is planning to protest the Thanksgiving parade because of the inclusion of two nonbinary performers.

  15. Remembering Bayard Rustin in Life and Onscreen Arts & Leisure, November 17

    The civil rights leader and organizer of the March on Washington is the focus of a new biopic. Here’s how it stacks up against archival images.

  16. For Jonathan Lyndon Chase, Hair Is Rooted in Pride Weekend, November 16

    The Philadelphia artist’s show at Artists Space considers how hair cutting, grooming and caregiving help create a Black queer community.

  17. La muerte de Jesús Ociel Baena Saucedo alarma a la comunidad LGBTQ de México En español, November 14

    El caso de una de las personas no binarias más conocidas del país y la valoración de las autoridades de que se trató de un crimen doméstico han indignado a los defensores de los derechos humanos.

  18. In Texas, a Fight Over Gender and School Theater Takes an Unexpected Turn National, November 14

    After a high school production of “Oklahoma!” was halted in conservative Sherman, Texas, something unusual happened: The school board sided with transgender students.

  19. Killing of Mexico’s First Nonbinary Magistrate Alarms L.G.B.T.Q. Community Foreign, November 14

    The violent death of Jesús Ociel Baena and suggestions by the authorities that it was a domestic killing have angered advocates who are demanding a thorough investigation.

  20. Kelly Johnson Embodies the Hard-Line Views She Shares With the Speaker Washington, November 12

    The wife of Mike Johnson, the new speaker, has rallied opposition to abortion rights and used her pastoral counseling business to condemn homosexuality.

  21. How a Friend of the High Line Spends His Sundays Metropolitan, November 11

    Alan van Capelle said he was “living the dream” with his husband and two children, a life he once thought was out of reach for someone like him.

  22. He’s Gone From Miami, to Celebrity, to Upending Greek Politics Foreign, November 10

    The rapid ascent of Stefanos Kasselakis, a former Goldman Sachs trader and Greece’s first openly gay party leader, has gripped the nation. But his leadership is dividing the country’s main opposition party.

  23. The G.O.P’s Culture War Shtick Is Wearing Thin With Voters Op Ed, November 10

    It is an approach that repels and alienates far more than it persuades.

  24. Restrictions on L.G.B.T.Q. Depictions Rattle Hungary’s Cultural World Foreign, November 10

    A government campaign against what it calls “homosexual propaganda” is unsettling booksellers and has resulted in the firing of the director of one of the country’s leading museums.

  25. Vatican Says Transgender People Can Be Baptized and Become Godparents Foreign, November 9

    A document approved by Pope Francis lays out nuanced guidance in keeping with his vision of a more inclusive church, but it does not amount to a policy change in the church, the Vatican says.

  26. The ’23 Elections and the Abortion Effect Letters, November 8

    Readers discuss an Ohio ballot measure and Andy Beshear’s re-election as Kentucky’s governor. Also: Jews in America; conversion therapy; no swearing in class.

  27. Desire Marea’s Genre-Melting Music Stirs South Africa, and the World Culture, November 7

    The 32-year-old’s work in Zulu and English traverses styles and explores queer histories. This week he releases a new EP, “The Baddies of Isandlwana.”

  28. How Ron DeSantis Joined the ‘Ruling Class’ — and Turned Against It Investigative, August 20

    Over the years, Mr. DeSantis embraced and exploited his Ivy League credentials. Now he is reframing his experiences at Yale and Harvard to wage a vengeful political war.

  29. Teen Girls Report Record Levels of Sadness, C.D.C. Finds Science, February 13

    Adolescent girls reported high rates of sadness, suicidal thoughts and sexual violence, as did teenagers who identified as gay or bisexual.

  30. Ron DeSantis Stokes the Flames Interactive, January 23

    It has been a busy month for the Florida governor as he stokes divisive cultural issues.

  31. The ‘Golden Gays’ Return to the Stage in the Philippines Foreign, January 4

    They formed a community meant to support and shelter gay people who had been cast aside by society. Decades later, they are still living together, hosting pageants to help make ends meet.

  32. Anthony Fauci Quietly Shocked Us All Op Ed, December 31

    An ACT UP veteran remembers the doctor’s AIDS legacy.

  33. Personal Stories About Coming Out Letters, December 29

    Readers are moved by a column by Charles Blow and offer their own experiences. Also: Santos’s lies; Covid in China; digital payments; ableist language.

  34. Florida Lawmaker Charged With Pandemic Aid Fraud National, December 8

    State Representative Joe Harding, a sponsor of the law that critics have called “Don’t Say Gay,” is accused of illegally obtaining or trying to obtain more than $150,000 in loans.

  35. F.D.A. Considering New Approach to Blood Donation by Gay and Bisexual Men Science, November 30

    The agency may put in place a personalized risk assessment to replace the current prohibition on men who have had sex with men in the previous three months.

  36. The Democrats Should Run ____ in 2024 Letters, November 24

    Readers add to Frank Bruni’s list of possible candidates. Also: A gay marriage bill; funding Covid vaccines.

  37. Your Tuesday Briefing: Indonesia’s Deadly Earthquake N Y T Now, November 21

    Plus Iranian players protest at the World Cup and “Neighbours” will start filming again.

  38. Using the Word ‘Queer’ Instead of ‘Gay’ Letters, November 13

    Readers respond to a column by Pamela Paul. Also: Pandemic preparedness; regulating media; the need for unions.

  39. ‘Not Again’: A Weary Europe Greets Monkeypox With a Touch of Fatalism Foreign, May 25

    With war raging in Ukraine, and the coronavirus still circulating, many in Europe say they have bigger worries than monkeypox. Some organizations, however, have raised concerns about stigma.