1. In a Holiday Lesbian Rom-Com, Kristen Stewart Saw Herself Culture, November 25

    The actress stars opposite Mackenzie Davis for a bit of Christmas comfort, with a queer twist, from director Clea DuVall and her “Veep” pal Mary Holland.

  2. In a Holiday Lesbian Rom-Com, Kristen Stewart Saw Herself Culture, November 25

    The actress stars opposite Mackenzie Davis for a bit of Christmas comfort, with a queer twist, from director Clea DuVall and her “Veep” pal Mary Holland.

  3. In a Gentrifying Seattle, a Queer Activist Works to Blur Borders Book Review, November 24

    “The Freezer Door,” by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, reflects on the boundaries of gender and queerness, and the frustrating limitations of language.

  4. Back in Prison, Transgender Woman Faces an Old Horror, Sexual Assault National, November 23

    Ashley Diamond won a pivotal battle — and her freedom — in a fight for transgender rights in Georgia. Then the state put her behind bars again.

  5. 52 Years Later, IBM Apologizes for Firing Transgender Woman Express, November 21

    Lynn Conway was one of the company’s most promising young computer engineers but after confiding to supervisors that she was transgender, they fired her.

  6. Jan Morris, Celebrated Writer of Place and History, Is Dead at 94 Obits, November 20

    In more than four dozen books, Morris explored foreign lands, her own Britain and her experience as a transgender woman.

  7. H.I.V. Death Rates Fell by Half, C.D.C. Says Science, November 19

    From 2010-2018, significantly fewer people died of H.I.V.-related causes, although survival rates for women and people of color did not improve as much.

  8. What if Instead of Calling People Out, We Called Them In? Styles, November 19

    Prof. Loretta J. Ross is combating cancel culture with a popular class at Smith College.

  9. Frederick Weston, Outsider Artist Who Was Finally Let In, Dies at 73 Obits, November 18

    For decades he made his art in dingy Manhattan hotel rooms, living hand-to-mouth, hoping for his big break. It finally arrived, just a few years before his death.

  10. ‘Born to Be’ Review: A Compassionate Doctor Changing Lives Culture, November 18

    This documentary follows Dr. Jess Ting in his work at Mount Sinai’s Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery.

  11. Mo Willems Has a Message for Parents: He’s Not on Your Side Interactive, November 16

    The beloved children’s book author on creativity, control and why even a good childhood is hard.

  12. How I Got Caught Up in a Global Romance Scam Styles, November 13

    Some guy was using my image to con women online, so I messaged him. It didn’t go as expected.

  13. European Union Tries to Counter Anti-L.G.B.T.Q. Wave in Hungary and Poland Foreign, November 12

    The bloc is trying to stop the Eastern European member nations from advancing discriminatory measures, but its legal powers are limited.

  14. ‘Transhood’ Review: Five Years Pass as Transgender Kids Grow Up Culture, November 11

    This HBO documentary follows the lives and trajectories of four transgender and gender-nonconforming children in Kansas City.

  15. What Happens to Some L.G.B.T.Q. Teens When Their Parents Reject Them Metro, November 11

    Over a third of young people in foster care in New York City identify as L.G.B.T.Q. and are struggling to find the support they need, according to a new survey.

  16. Woman Who Says She Was Fired for Being a Lesbian Is Elected Sheriff Express, November 8

    Charmaine McGuffey, an ex-major in the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio, defeated her former boss in a primary and won the general election against a candidate the sheriff had backed.

  17. Megan Rapinoe Has a Lot More to Say Books, November 6

    Don’t expect the usual bromides about hard work and resilience in “One Life.” The soccer star’s memoir gets into her political awakening as much as it does her sports career.

  18. It Had Aerialists, Fire Eaters and Glitter. Is Brooklyn’s Wildest Party Over? Metropolitan, November 5

    House of Yes was a revolution in New York nightlife: A space at once wild and safe, challenging and inclusive. Can it ever come back?

  19. Exit Polls Point to the Power of White Patriarchy Op Ed, November 4

    Some people who have historically been oppressed will stand with their oppressors.

  20. Supreme Court Weighs Legacy of Same-Sex Marriage Case Washington, November 4

    The justices considered whether a city may exclude a Catholic social services agency from its foster care system because it refuses to work with gay couples.

  21. Torres and Jones Win and Will Become 1st Gay Black Members of Congress Metro, November 4

    Ritchie Torres and Mondaire Jones defeated token Republican challengers in overwhelmingly Democratic House districts in New York.

  22. Vatican Clarifies Pope Francis’s Comments on Same-Sex Unions Foreign, November 2

    The Vatican said the pope’s statements in favor of civil unions for gay couples did not change church doctrine.

  23. Poets and Lovers: Do Rimbaud and Verlaine Belong in France’s Panthéon? Foreign, November 1

    A petition seeks to honor them, but critics ask if it’s about poetry or sexuality, and whether such rebels would be out of place in an august shrine to national heroes.

  24. El papa Francisco, la homosexualidad y la hipocresía de la Iglesia en Español, October 31

    La iglesia de Roma pierde terreno frente a la secularización, el ateísmo y el avance de otras religiones. Para sobrevivir y actualizarse necesita mostrar compasión.

  25. Modern Love Podcast: Devoted but Doomed Styles, October 28

    When it comes to forbidden love, a “romantic plan isn’t enough.”

  26. China’s Stance on Homosexuality Has Changed. Its Textbooks Haven’t. Foreign, October 28

    A lawsuit brought by a student is part of an effort to get schools, editors and publishers to recognize that being gay is not a mental disorder.

  27. The People Who Make New York’s Party Scene Happen Interactive, April 13

    Long a capital of nightlife, from ’70s discos to ’90s raves, the city is now home to a rich after-hours culture where anyone — of any race, gender or sexuality — is welcome.

  28. The Butches and Studs Who’ve Defied the Male Gaze and Redefined Culture Interactive, April 13

    Without their presence and contributions, queer aesthetics — and the arts at large — would be far less rich.

  29. How ACT UP Remade Political Organizing in America Interactive, April 13

    The coalition that fought against AIDS stigma and worked to slow the plague changed patients’ rights and contemporary protest movements.

  30. King Princess, an Old Kind of Rock Star for a New Age Interactive, March 11

    It’s rare for a musician to shock anymore. Mikaela Straus says [expletive] that.