1. Matthew Shepard’s Parents Assail Trump Administration on Transgender Rights U.S., Yesterday

    Their criticisms were read aloud in their absence during a ceremony at the Justice Department.

  2. What if the Supreme Court Had an L.G.B.T. Justice? Opinion, October 12

    There might be fewer arguments about bathrooms, for starters.

  3. Highlights From the L.G.B.T.Q. Town Hall, Where Protesters Took the Spotlight U.S., October 10

    Activists at the Equality Town Hall repeatedly called on the 2020 Democrats to focus more on violence against transgender women of color.

  4. ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ 20 Years Later: For Trans Men, a Divisive Legacy Movies, October 9

    Was the movie a landmark in representation or distressingly exploitative? It was both and so much more.

  5. The Power and Hurt of Growing Up Young, Black and Gay Books, October 8

    In “How We Fight for Our Lives,” the poet Saeed Jones recalls a coming-of-age marked by sexual violence and bigotry as well as tenderness.

  6. Supreme Court Considers Whether Civil Rights Act Protects L.G.B.T. Workers U.S., October 8

    The court seemed divided along predictable lines, with a possible exception: Justice Neil M. Gorsuch, a member of the conservative majority.

  7. As the Supreme Court Gets Back to Work, Five Big Cases to Watch U.S., October 6

    In its first full term since the arrival of Justice Kavanaugh, the court could issue a number of blockbuster decisions on divisive issues in an election year.

  8. Watch Out, America — The Supreme Court Is Back in Session Opinion, October 5

    And conservatives could be the big winners.

  9. ‘A Caricature of the Patriarchy’: Argentine Feminists Remake Tango World, October 5

    A group of activists is trying to make tango less dogmatic about traditional gender roles, and more assertive about rooting out sexual harassment and assault.

  10. F.D.A. Approves New H.I.V.-Prevention Drug, but Not for Women Health, October 4

    Citing a lack of evidence, the agency will require Gilead to conduct further trials in women.

  11. Pope Francis Is Fearless Opinion, October 4

    His papacy has been a consistent rebuke to American culture-war Christianity in politics.

  12. Pope Francis May Not Change the World. But He Is Reshaping the Church. World, October 4

    On Saturday, Francis will create 13 new cardinals who reflect his pastoral priorities. He will now have named more than half of those who will elect his successor.

  13. He Opposed Using Transgender Clients’ Pronouns. It Became a Legal Battle. World, October 3

    A British agency employee said a policy on pronouns went against his religious beliefs. A tribunal found his stance to be “incompatible with human dignity.”

  14. New York Says End of AIDS Epidemic Is Near New York, October 2

    In New York, where the first cases of AIDS were reported in 1981, fewer than 2,500 new cases were reported in 2018, the lowest in many years.

  15. A Teenager Killed Himself After Being Outed as Bisexual. His Family Wants Justice. U.S., September 30

    The family and classmates of Channing Smith, a high school junior, said his death was a result of “social media bullying” and called for a thorough investigation.

  16. Thousands in Indonesia Protest Bills to Limit Rights and Ban Extramarital Sex World, September 30

    President Joko Widodo faces pressure to revoke a law curbing anti-graft efforts and to kill measures that would forbid abortion and sex outside marriage.

  17. ‘Transparent’ and Its Unsettling Technicolor Dream Theater Arts, September 27

    The landmark show’s “Musicale Finale” is a bizarre Broadway-style goodbye that flattens out some of TV’s most finely shaded characters.

  18. 18 Transgender Killings This Year Raise Fears of an ‘Epidemic’ U.S., September 27

    The killings, many of them against transgender women of color, have deeply disturbed groups already familiar with threats to their safety.

  19. Who Owns Gay Street? New York, September 27

    A singular Manhattan block grows to include many orientations — but does it erase black history?

  20. Judy Garland Is Back! (For Some of Us, She Never Went Away) Opinion, September 26

    The new film “Judy” offers another chance to bask in her glory, 50 years after the demise of her fairy tale gone wrong.

  21. Person of Interest Is Named in Killing of Transgender Woman in Florida U.S., September 25

    The man is also a person of interest in what the authorities believe was an unrelated killing three months earlier.

  22. Mattel, Maker of Barbie, Debuts Gender-Neutral Dolls Arts, September 25

    The “Creatable World” dolls can be styled with short or long hair, and skirts, pants or both.

  23. Indonesia’s Leader Faces Student Protests and Crises Heading Into New Term World, September 25

    President Joko Widodo’s decision to limit the power of Indonesia’s anticorruption commission has helped set off protests before his second term begins.

  24. Time to Trot Out the Fishnets and Put on a Show Style, September 25

    A museum exhibition offers an empathetic look at the intimate lives of sex workers in the L.G.B.T. community.

  25. Nine Albums Later, Tegan and Sara Are Finally Ready to Discuss High School Arts, September 24

    In a new memoir and an album of songs they wrote as teenagers, the feminist pop stars look back at their traumas, triumphs and life as identical twins.

  26. Can Someone Be Fired for Being Gay? The Supreme Court Will Decide U.S., September 23

    Gerald Bostock said he lost his job after joining a gay softball league. The justices will decide whether a landmark civil rights law protects him.

  27. Patricia Arquette Calls for Transgender Rights in Emmys Speech Arts, September 22

    Arquette’s sister Alexis, a transgender actress and cabaret performer, died in 2016. She was 47.

  28. Love in the Time of Democrats Opinion, September 21

    Senators Warren and Booker shone in a forum focused on the lives of L.G.B.T.Q. Americans.

  29. Mixing Politics and Piety, a Conservative Priest Seeks to Shape Poland’s Future World, September 21

    The Rev. Tadeusz Rydzyk has delivered millions of votes for Poland’s governing right-wing Law and Justice party, which in turn has helped him build a business empire.

  30. Joe Biden Has Tense Exchange Over L.G.B.T.Q. Record U.S., September 20

    Pressed about his decades-old opposition to same-sex marriage, Mr. Biden pushed back, saying he didn’t “have to evolve.”

  31. When Lesbian Publishing Made It Big Books, September 20

    A graphic tribute to the landmark Naiad Press.

  32. Roy Cohn Is How We Got Trump Opinion, September 20

    From McCarthyism to the mob to Trump, Cohn enabled evil. Why did elites embrace him?

  33. He Captured a Clandestine Gay Culture Amid the Derelict Piers Arts, September 19

    Alvin Baltrop’s photographs of the abandoned Hudson River piers and the people who populated them in the 1970s and ’80s have been all but ignored. Until now.

  34. A Trickle of Bodies at Ed Buck’s West Hollywood Home, Suspicion and an Arrest U.S., September 18

    Mr. Buck finally faced consequences this week as prosecutors charged him with operating a drug house and accused him of being a predator who targeted vulnerable men.

  35. Why the Pickle Became a Symbol of Transgender Rights Opinion, September 18

    And why it’s not enough.

  36. A Same-Sex Couple Changes Bachelor Nation Arts, September 17

    Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty’s love story on “Bachelor in Paradise” was handled with nuance and authenticity, two words that run counter to the show’s reputation.