1. We Don’t Fit Your Gender Binary. Deal With It. Opinion, Today

    It’s wonderful to be alive during this time. But it’s worth remembering what it was like before, how it still is in much of the world.

  2. A Talent for Talent Fashion, October 21

    Kendall Werts is a new kind of representative for a new kind of celebrity. Often he plucks clients when they’re young and on the verge of something bigger. Then he finds what that is.

  3. Transgender Woman Flees Malaysia After Prison Threat for Wearing Hijab World, October 20

    The Islamic authorities want to imprison her for wearing female clothing at a religious event and threatened to put her in a rehabilitation camp where she could “return to the right path.”

  4. Netflix workers plan a walkout as the fallout over Dave Chappelle continues. Business, October 19

    The virtual walkout planned for Wednesday is the latest example of how the internal backlash over the comedian’s new special has roiled the streaming service.

  5. Assessing the Legacy of Colin Powell Opinion, October 19

    Readers pay tribute to Mr. Powell but also criticize aspects of his record. Also: Sexism harms everyone.

  6. Christian Schools Boom in a Revolt Against Curriculum and Pandemic Rules U.S., October 19

    With public schools on the defensive, is this a blip or a ‘once-in-100-year moment for the growth of Christian education’?

  7. A transgender U.S. public health official breaks ground on the pandemic’s front line. U.S., October 19

    Admiral Rachel Levine is the first female four-star admiral in the history of the he U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, which she already leads in her role as assistant secretary.

  8. How the American Right Fell in Love With Hungary Magazine, October 19

    Some U.S. conservatives are taking a cue from Prime Minister Viktor Orban — how to use the power of the state to win the culture wars.

  9. Navigating the Dave Chappelle Fracas at Netflix Opinion, October 15

    The comedian needs to just move on.

  10. Dave Chappelle Isn’t Canceled. He Just Likes to Talk About It. Arts, October 15

    In Netflix’s “The Closer,” he returns to views about transgender people that drew anger in his last special. With his popularity partly built on courting outrage, it’s no surprise he’s doubling down.

  11. At Netflix, a star and employees pressure a top executive over Dave Chappelle’s special. Business, October 15

    In a town-hall-style meeting on Friday, Ted Sarandos, a co-chief executive of Netflix, faced criticism from staff over Mr. Chappelle’s “The Closer.”

  12. Netflix Loses Its Glow as Critics Target Chappelle Special Business, October 14

    The comedian Dave Chappelle’s comments on transgender people and gender in “The Closer” have led to outside criticism and internal unrest at the company that upended Hollywood.

  13. Texas Removed an L.G.B.T.Q. Resource Page After a Candidate Complained U.S., October 14

    Don Huffines, who is challenging Gov. Greg Abbott in next year’s Republican primary, said the content on the state web page was “offensive.” It was quickly removed.

  14. Texas Man Is Sentenced for Using Dating App to Target Gay Men U.S., October 14

    The man, Daniel Jenkins, was part of a group that used the app Grindr to lure gay men to an apartment complex in Dallas to rob and assault them, prosecutors said.

  15. Amid Chaos at Rikers, Women and Transgender People to Be Transferred New York, October 13

    The move, meant to free staff to restore order at the notorious jail system, raises questions about the detainees’ access to their lawyers and families.

  16. Visconti’s Operatic Autopsy of German History, Restored Anew Movies, October 13

    The trilogy of “The Damned,” “Death in Venice” and “Ludwig” is whole again, in editions that freshly reveal their conflicted queerness.

  17. Jon Gruden’s Emails Shocked Me. They Shouldn’t Have. Opinion, October 13

    His slur-filled comments are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the culture of the N.F.L. 

  18. Former ‘Hamilton’ Cast Member Files Discrimination Complaint Against Show Theater, October 13

    In the E.E.O.C. filing, the actor, who is nonbinary, describes being retaliated against after requesting a gender-neutral dressing room, among other claims. The show denies the allegations.

  19. Dave Chappelle’s Brittle Ego Opinion, October 13

    If the comedian expects us to take a joke, he should be able to take criticism. 

  20. Suspension is lifted for Netflix employee who criticized Dave Chappelle’s comedy special. Business, October 12

    “At the very least, I feel vindicated,” the employee, Terra Field, wrote on Twitter.

  21. What Gruden’s Emails Tell Us About the N.F.L.’s Hypocrisy Sports, October 12

    As the league is trying to send a signal about inclusion and diversity, hate-filled correspondence between football power brokers reveals entrenched values.

  22. Raiders Coach Resigns After Homophobic and Misogynistic Emails Sports, October 11

    In emails detailed by The New York Times, Raiders Coach Jon Gruden casually used misogynistic and homophobic language to disparage people.

  23. Netflix employee who criticized Dave Chappelle’s comedy special is among three suspended. Business, October 11

    Netflix said in a statement that the transgender employee, Terra Field, was not suspended because of the tweets critical of Mr. Chappelle’s show.

  24. Superman sale del clóset y DC Comics presenta a un nuevo hombre de acero en Español, October 11

    El nuevo superhéroe, hijo de Clark Kent y Luisa Lane, se preocupa por el medio ambiente, participa en política y pronto comenzará una relación romántica con un amigo.

  25. Superman Comes Out, as DC Comics Ushers In a New Man of Steel Arts, October 11

    The new Superman, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, is concerned about the environment, does not shy away from politics and will soon begin a romantic relationship with a male friend.

  26. Chucky Returns to Terrorize TV. His Creator Couldn’t Be Happier. Arts, October 11

    The gay filmmaker Don Mancini introduced the killer doll in 1988, and as the “Child’s Play” franchise has evolved, so has its queer sensibility.

  27. Abortion Rights and Trans Rights Are Two Sides of the Same Coin Opinion, October 10

    Bodily integrity matters — for all people.

  28. Gender-Neutral Pronouns: The Singular ‘They’ and Alternatives Opinion, October 9

    Some readers find the new usage of “they” confusing and offer other options such as “que” and “s/he.”

  29. Back in Lesbian Paradise, at Long Last Style, October 9

    The Dinah Shore Weekend, an annual festival for queer women, returned to Palm Springs last weekend after a two-year hiatus, this time with even more energy than usual.

  30. Jillian Mercado on ‘Generation Q’ and the Importance of Joyful Stories Arts, October 4

    Her role on Showtime’s “L Word” reboot offers a rare depiction of intimacy among disabled people. “There’s not one specific way to be queer,” she said.

  31. Marcia Freedman, First American Woman in Knesset, Dies at 83 U.S., October 2

    As a radical gay feminist in historically patriarchal Israel, Ms. Freedman was under constant criticism and was often dismissed by her colleagues.

  32. An Artist’s Portraits, Stitched Together on the Subway Arts, September 30

    After a decade of embroidering portraits of loved ones, LJ Roberts delivers a lesson on queer kinship in a new exhibition at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn.

  33. For Transgender Youth, Stigma Is Just One Barrier to Health Care Health, September 28

    Discrimination, delays and systemic hurdles prevent young trans people from reaching the care they need, a new study finds.

  34. The A.C.L.U. Errs on R.B.G. Opinion, September 27

    A bad tweet reveals a rift over gender and reproduction.

  35. Two transgender women win seats in the next German Parliament. World, September 27

    The two lawmakers, both from the Green Party, reflect the growing visibility and acceptance of transgender people, who have never before held seats in the Parliament.

  36. ‘I was wrong’: Liz Cheney announces support for same-sex marriage, reversing a longstanding position. U.S., September 27

    Representative Liz Cheney came out against same-sex marriage in 2013. Her sister, who is gay, wrote online at the time that the decision put her “on the wrong side of history.”

  37. Intimate Portraits of Mexico’s Third-Gender Muxes Travel, September 27

    On the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in southern Mexico, a community of the local Zapotec people has long accepted — and celebrated — gender nonconformity.

  38. Honduras, el mundo te observa: tienes una deuda pendiente con las personas trans en Español, September 27

    Vicky Hernández fue asesinada en 2009 y el crimen sigue sin ser resuelto. Su caso nos impulsó a buscar cambios estructurales en un país cruel con las personas trans.

  39. ‘Jagged Little Pill’ arrives with 15 Tony nominations, but also intensifying controversy. Theater, September 26

    The musical, featuring Alanis Morissette songs, is planning to resume performances on Broadway next month.

  40. Swiss Voters Approve Law Allowing Same-Sex Marriages World, September 26

    The legislation, endorsed in a referendum, will also allow same-sex couples to use sperm banks and to adopt children for the first time.

  41. Bushwig Grows Up Style, September 25

    The annual festival celebrated 10 years of drag, queerness and artistry this month, but some local queens want more.

  42. The Kids of Camp I Am, a Decade Later Interactive, August 10

    Campers from a pioneering retreat for gender-nonconforming children look back on what it taught them — and their journeys to becoming who they are.

  43. Read the document Interactive, June 29

    A “bulletin” from 1939 describes the reasons a bar in Newark had its liquor license suspended for a month.

  44. Read the document Interactive, June 29

    A bar in Paterson, N.J., lost its liquor license in 1955 after inspectors concluded that owners “suffered female impersonators” on eight occasions.

  45. Coming Out in a Pandemic: ‘We Really Don’t Have Time to Waste’ Interactive, June 26

    “In a time of total upheaval came the opportunity to affirm something beautiful and authentic.”

  46. A State of Emergency Over Gender-Based Violence in Puerto Rico Interactive, February 4

    The governor’s declaration came after years of protest over violence against women and transgender people in the territory.

  47. Mo Willems Has a Message for Parents: He’s Not on Your Side Interactive, November 16

    The beloved children’s book author on creativity, control and why even a good childhood is hard.

  48. The People Who Make New York’s Party Scene Happen Interactive, April 13

    Long a capital of nightlife, from ’70s discos to ’90s raves, the city is now home to a rich after-hours culture where anyone — of any race, gender or sexuality — is welcome.

  49. The Butches and Studs Who’ve Defied the Male Gaze and Redefined Culture Interactive, April 13

    Without their presence and contributions, queer aesthetics — and the arts at large — would be far less rich.

  50. How ACT UP Remade Political Organizing in America Interactive, April 13

    The coalition that fought against AIDS stigma and worked to slow the plague changed patients’ rights and contemporary protest movements.

  51. King Princess, an Old Kind of Rock Star for a New Age Interactive, March 11

    It’s rare for a musician to shock anymore. Mikaela Straus says [expletive] that.

  52. ‘Tone Down Your Gayness’: Police Sergeant Is Awarded $20 Million in Discrimination Case Express, October 29

    The sergeant, who is gay, had said the St. Louis County Police Department failed to promote him based on sex stereotyping and retaliated against him for filing a lawsuit.

  53. Watch Out, America — The Supreme Court Is Back in Session Editorial, October 5

    And conservatives could be the big winners.

  54. 12 Performers Show What It Takes to Make It in New York Interactive, May 30

    Watch a dozen great performers at work, from an opera singer and a subway dancer to Princess Nokia and Kelli O’Hara.

  55. Which Box Do You Check? Some States Are Offering a Nonbinary Option National, May 29

    As nonbinary teenagers push for driver’s licenses that reflect their identity, a fraught debate over the nature of gender has arrived in the nation’s statehouses.

  56. Weekly Health Quiz: Aging, Infections and a Fat Gene Interactive, April 19

    Test your knowledge of this week’s health news.

  57. Dr. Richard Green, 82, Dies; Challenged Psychiatry’s View of Homosexuality Obits, April 17

    At a time when being gay was classified as a mental disorder, Dr. Green defied the advice of his colleagues and took a professional risk by arguing otherwise.

  58. Flying While Trans Op Ed, April 17

    The T.S.A. subjects transgender passengers like me to humiliating and dehumanizing treatment.

  59. Mayor Pete and the Queering of the American Soul Op Ed, April 17

    His rise is a sign that more L.G.B.T. people are finding spiritual homes in houses of faith.

  60. Excavating My Childhood Photos — and Myself Styles, April 11

    I wanted to uncover ancient shards of my childhood gender and piece them back into the whole.

  61. ‘The Most Dangerous Year’ Review: A Personal Look at Transgender Rights Weekend, April 11

    The director, Vlada Knowlton, who also narrates, is the parent of a transgender daughter.

  62. Brunei’s Royal Barbarity and Hypocrisy Editorial, April 9

    The oil-rich sultanate imposes harsh Shariah law on its subjects, while members of the royal family enjoy lives of conspicuous luxury.

  63. Gregg Gonsalves Blends Activism and Science Science, April 8

    The former Act Up campaigner is now an epidemiologist — and MacArthur grantee — searching for new ways to halt epidemics.

  64. Photos of Lesbian Lives Meant to Inspire a Movement Photo, April 8

    Joan E. Biren began to photograph at a time when it was almost impossible to find authentic images of lesbians and aimed to help build a movement for their liberation.

  65. Barr Orders Investigations of Discrimination at F.B.I. and Bureau of Prisons Washington, April 5

    The attorney general sought to allay concerns among members of a Justice Department group that advocates on behalf of gay, lesbian and transgender employees.

  66. The Sultan of Brunei: Opulence, Power and Hard-Line Islam Foreign, April 4

    When Brunei made gay sex and adultery punishable by stoning, it cast a light on Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, the country’s monarch and main enforcer of religion.

  67. Mormon Church to Allow Children of L.G.B.T. Parents to Be Baptized National, April 4

    The church reversed policies barring children of same-sex couples from important religious practices and said it would no longer label those in same-sex marriages as apostates.

  68. Video of Assault on Transgender Woman in Paris Spurs Outrage, and a Shift Foreign, April 4

    The video shows men at a demonstration this weekend against the ailing president of Algeria taunting and hitting the woman.

  69. Gay Artist Wants to Change Poland, Starting With One Village Culture, April 4

    Daniel Rycharski’s work is the subject of a major exhibition at Warsaw’s Museum of Modern Art. But that doesn’t mean he’s found acceptance.

  70. Mayor Pete Is Plenty Gay Op Ed, April 3

    And Democrats better not eat their own.

  71. Taylor Mac Wants Theater to Make You Uncomfortable Magazine, April 2

    His wild, profane creations confront us with everything horrifying and joyous about America — and ourselves. Now he’s coming for Broadway.

  72. Who Counts as a Woman? Op Ed, April 1

    The attempt to exclude trans women from the ranks of women reinforces the dangerous idea that there is a right way to be female.

  73. Grindr Is Owned by a Chinese Firm, and the U.S. Is Trying to Force It to Sell Washington, March 28

    The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States is forcing a Chinese company to sell its stake in Grindr, a gay dating app, over national security concerns.

  74. Trump Plans to End the AIDS Epidemic. In Places Like Mississippi, Obstacles Are Everywhere. Science, March 18

    The administration will focus on more than 50 “hot spots” in the U.S. that annually account for half of new H.I.V. infections. A clinic in the Deep South sees the challenges every day.

  75. Good Cop or Good Soldier? Mike Pence Is a Tempting Target for 2020 Democrats Washington, March 15

    In their search to present themselves as the antidote to President Trump, Democratic presidential candidates are focusing on a smaller target: the vice president.

  76. A Glittering Goodbye to Hector Xtravaganza Metro, March 11

    New Yorkers gathered to memorialize the life of the ballroom scene “grandfather” and L.G.B.T. icon.

  77. How Brendan Fay, L.G.B.T. Activist, Spends His Sundays Metropolitan, March 1

    Before Mr. Fay fought for — and won — L.G.B.T. inclusion in the NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade, he started his own event, St. Pat’s for All. The Queens resident is into jogging and documentaries.