1. Lupe Valdez Prepares to Face Greg Abbott in Texas: ‘This Election Is Not Going to Be Bought’ Express, Today

    Ms. Valdez, a former sheriff, has become the first openly gay person and the first Latina to win a major party’s nomination for governor in Texas.

  2. Ryan Murphy and Janet Mock on ‘Pose,’ Diversity and Netflix Arts & Leisure, Today

    Mr. Murphy, the TV creator, and Ms. Mock, the transgender activist, discuss the new FX series about the vogue ball scene in ’80s New York.

  3. Transgender Student in Bathroom Dispute Wins Court Ruling National, Yesterday

    Gavin Grimm was barred from using the boys’ restrooms at his Virginia high school. He sued in a case that went all the way to the Supreme Court.

  4. ‘God Made You This Way,’ Pope Is Said to Have Told Gay Man Foreign, May 21

    A Chilean survivor of sexual abuse said that during his private meeting with Pope Francis, the pontiff embraced him for who he was.

  5. Ireland, Enthusiastic About Gay Rights, Frets Over Abortion Foreign, May 20

    While the once-profound influence of the Catholic Church has faded, abortion is an exception, leaving the results of the coming referendum unpredictable.

  6. ‘Girls’ Gone Wrong: Who Gets to Make a Gay Love Song? Culture, May 18

    The Rita Ora track was positioned as a celebration of bisexuality, but struck a sour note with critics who found its lyrics problematic.

  7. Lebanon Is Known as Gay Friendly. But Pride Week Was Shut Down. Foreign, May 16

    The arrest and the cancellation of the celebration highlight the opposition to homosexuality in one of the Arab world’s most socially liberal countries.

  8. An Indie-Rock Star at 18? Snail Mail Is Figuring It Out Culture, May 16

    The singer and guitarist Lindsey Jordan has a high school diploma, an emotional intelligence well beyond her years and a chance to push herself out on a bigger stage.

  9. L.G.B.T. Students in Oregon Were Bullied and Forced to Read Bible, Report Says National, May 16

    A state investigation found “substantial evidence” of discrimination in North Bend, a conservative area on Oregon’s southern coast.

  10. How Same-Sex Couples Divide Chores, and What It Reveals About Modern Parenting Upshot, May 16

    They divide chores much more evenly, until they become parents, new research shows.

  11. Welcome to the Age of the Twink T Style, May 14

    As discussions about how a man should behave continue, visual culture has already provided a solution to what a man might look like.

  12. Oklahoma Passes Adoption Law That L.G.B.T. Groups Call Discriminatory National, May 12

    Gov. Mary Fallin signed the bill on Friday, angering critics who said it would allow agencies to discriminate against same-sex couples on religious grounds.

  13. Federal Prisons Roll Back Rules Protecting Transgender People Washington, May 11

    The statistics arm of the Justice Department has also proposed that it stop collecting data about sexual orientation and gender identity from participants in a crime survey.

  14. China Is Banned From Airing Eurovision After Censoring Performance With Gay Theme Culture, May 11

    The European Broadcasting Union said that a Chinese TV channel’s censorship of sections of the song contest’s semifinal was not in line with its values.

  15. Can a Shiite Cleric Pull Iraq Out of the Sectarian Trap? Op Ed, May 11

    Moktada al-Sadr is leading an encouraging transformation, which could jar Iraq’s politicians out of the sectarian rut.

  16. Troye Sivan Is a New Kind of Pop Star: Here, Queer and Used to It Arts & Leisure, May 10

    The 22-year-old singer is climbing the charts while demonstrating how his sexual orientation is both part of his art and beside the point.

  17. Texas Teacher Showed a Photo of Her Wife, and Was Barred From the Classroom Express, May 10

    Stacy Bailey, an elementary school art teacher who was twice voted teacher of the year, is suing the school district and two officials for discrimination.

  18. Mormon Church Ends Century-Old Partnership With Boy Scouts of America Express, May 9

    The church said that it hoped to develop youth programs that were more aligned with its own teachings.

  19. North Carolina Republican Is First Incumbent Ousted in 2018 Politics, May 9

    Robert Pittenger, seeking his fourth term, lost a primary challenge on Tuesday to Mark Harris, a Baptist minister who opposes same-sex marriage.

  20. Britain’s Appalling Transgender ‘Debate’ Op Ed, May 9

    Why did Caitlyn Jenner have to defend her identity on British television?

  21. The BBC’s Appalling Transgender ‘Debate’ Opinion, May 9

    Why did Caitlyn Jenner have to defend her identity on British television?

  22. These Poetic Portraits Explore Gender Identity in a Community in Mexico Photo, May 9

    When Nelson Morales began to photograph members of Oaxaca's muxe community, he discovered his own identity as one of them.

  23. Glitter, Strobe Lights and the Dream of a United Europe Op Ed, May 5

    As I attend Eurovision events across the Continent, I see that a different Europe is possible.

  24. What I Learned From Gay Conversion Therapy Op Ed, May 5

    The Freedom March says homosexuality and faith are incompatible. They’re wrong.

  25. At the Duplex, Nightlife Is a Cabaret Metropolitan, May 3

    A young Joan Rivers was a struggling comic at the Duplex, a piece of Greenwich Village history near the Stonewall Monument. Now the tourists visit.

  26. Gay Assimilation? Letters, May 1

    “I don’t want to go back to the dangers and oppressions of those earlier days, but I don’t want to disappear either,” a reader writes.

  27. Sex, Sport, and Why Track and Field’s New Rules on Intersex Athletes Are Essential Sports, April 30

    A former world class runner and legal expert explains why using testosterone levels to classify athletes makes sense.

  28. A Growing Problem for the Military Transgender Ban: Facts Editorial, April 29

    Generals and researchers provide growing evidence that the administration’s claims about transgender troops are false.

  29. A Transgender Paradox, and Platform, in the Philippines Foreign, April 29

    Filipinos, known for their strong Catholic beliefs, are moving to broaden legal protections for gay and transgender people.

  30. The Extinction of Gay Identity Op Ed, April 28

    An all-star Broadway revival raises the question: Does being gay mean anything anymore?

  31. Joy Reid Says She Did Not Write ‘Hateful Things’ but Cannot Prove Hacking Express, April 28

    The MSNBC host, whose recently resurfaced former blog posts include homophobic sentiments, discussed the controversy on her show on Saturday.

  32. Kenya Bans Film About 2 Girls in Love Because It’s ‘Too Hopeful’ Foreign, April 27

    The first Kenyan entry ever nominated for an award at the Cannes Film Festival is banned at home because the film board said it “legitimizes homosexuality.”

  33. Influenced by Her Children, Laurie Simmons Exits Her Comfort Zone Arts & Leisure, April 27

    In a year that tested her maternal strength, the artist says her children Lena and Grace Dunham led her to a creative breakthrough using portraiture.

  34. He Wanted to Escape His Childhood. Now, It Fuels His Art. Foreign, April 27

    As the Canadian director Xavier Dolan prepares for the release of his first English-language film, he reflects on his early success, having a “big mouth” and unrequited love.

  35. Six Times Journalists on the Paper’s History of Covering AIDS and Gay Issues T Style, April 27

    New York Times staffers reflect on the paper’s checkered past covering AIDS and gay culture — and what we can learn from it today.

  36. Samira Wiley of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Says to L.G.B.T. Youth: ‘We Need You’ Culture, April 26

    The actress and activist spoke about her experience as a lesbian and a woman of color in the entertainment industry in an interview with Jazmine Hughes of The New York Times.

  37. Some L.G.B.T. Parents Reject the Names ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’ Styles, April 26

    For people who are not gender conforming, traditional parent names may not fit. Some are trying mash-ups like “Mather” or “Maddie.”

  38. MSNBC Host Joy Reid Blames Hackers for Anti-Gay Blog Posts, but Questions Mount Business, April 24

    Ms. Reid, who apologized in December for old anti-gay posts, said newly surfaced writings were “manipulated” by “an unknown, external party.”

  39. Adventures in Transgender Fertility Op Ed, April 24

    I’m a lesbian. My fiancée is a trans woman. We’re trying to have a baby the old-fashioned way. It’s complicated.