1. Gender-Based Violence Harms Us All Opinion, December 6

    The murders of transgender or gender nonconforming people in 2019 are frightening attacks on our collective humanity.

  2. When a Film Shows Gay Romance in Georgia, Going to See It Is a Risk Movies, December 6

    An internationally acclaimed movie is missing from the lineup of the Tbilisi Film Festival, after protests at screenings turned violent.

  3. Trump’s Rollback of Transgender Rights Extends Through Entire Government U.S., December 6

    Whether it means serving in the military, working for a federal contractor or seeking medical help, regulations that once protected transgender people are under attack.

  4. I Won a World Championship. Some People Aren’t Happy. Opinion, December 5

    This is not the beginning of the end of women’s sports. Trans women are women.

  5. Howard Cruse Dies at 75; His Cartoons Explored Gay Life Arts, December 4

    He described his experiences as a gay man in a comic strip and an acclaimed semi-autobiographical graphic novel, influencing many other cartoonists.

  6. Is the Country Ready for a Gay President? Don’t Trust the Polls Opinion, December 4

    Polls have a poor record on predicting behavior around social issues and disfavored groups.

  7. How Today’s Queer Artists Are Revising History T Magazine, December 4

    By revisiting and refuting the cultural history of the West, this group is using time as its primary medium, looking backward to inform a different kind of gay future.

  8. T’s Holiday Issue: Past Perfect T Magazine, December 4

    One of art’s great privileges and responsibilities is to imagine lives that may not be written about in our textbooks.

  9. He Gave Thanks for His 2 Dads. His Teacher Condemned Gay Couples. U.S., December 2

    The substitute teacher was fired from a Utah public school. One of the boy’s parents, Louis van Amstel of “Dancing With the Stars,” wondered how she had become a teacher in the first place.

  10. The ‘Unhappy Truth’ About Montreal Bagels Opinion, December 1

    A reader discusses the environmental risks posed by wood-burning ovens. Also: Term limits; a bad education bill; wealth inequality; foster care and bias.

  11. Choosing a Pronoun, From ‘Thee’ to ‘Ze’ Opinion, November 29

    Readers discuss how the Quakers and people today have wrestled with issues of gender, equality and grammar.

  12. ‘The L Word’ Is Back With Sex, Glamour and a Wider Lens Arts, November 29

    A decade after the pioneering original ended, “The L Word: Generation Q” includes a group of new young cast members from across the L.G.B.T.Q. spectrum. Can the series still break ground in 2019?

  13. The Very (Very) Slow Rise of Lesbianism on TV Arts, November 29

    Early efforts to introduce thoughtful story lines about women who love women gave way to gimmicks in the 1990s, before returning with force this century.

  14. Japan’s Support for Gay Marriage Is Soaring. But Can It Become Law? World, November 27

    The country is being pulled in two directions as it experiences a “boom” in L.G.B.T. awareness but also remains committed to a sometimes inflexible traditional culture.

  15. Seeking a New Lens to Study Same-Sex Behavior in Animals Science, November 26

    A team of researchers say that science has relied on a human heterosexual baseline and made faulty assumptions about sexual activity in the animal kingdom.

  16. Meet 5 of Hong Kong’s Newest Politicians World, November 25

    The pro-democracy camp’s stunning victory in citywide district elections means a younger class of political neophytes will soon take office.

  17. ‘My Loneliness Keeps Me Going’: Fighting for Equality in India World, November 22

    Vidhya Rajput, a transgender activist, has emerged as a leader in a gathering rights revolution in India. But she still has an “ache for love.”

  18. Fighting H.I.V. With Love in Church Opinion, November 21

    In the South, black churches are reducing the suffering and stigma of H.I.V. with an approach that recalls Dr. King’s teachings.

  19. How Churches Fight the Stigma of H.I.V. Opinion, November 21

    In the South, black houses of worship are reducing the social suffering of H.I.V. with an approach that recalls Dr. King’s teachings.

  20. Mickalene Thomas Shares Everything. Even a New Show. Arts, November 20

    Inviting fellow artists to join her exhibition at the Baltimore Museum of Art fits into her notion that art can create positive change.

  21. Should I Report Officiants Who Won’t Marry Same-Sex Couples? Magazine, November 19

    The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on outing wedding vendors that won’t work with L.G.B.T.Q. couples and the problem with exploiting emergency-room services.

  22. Fleeing Home, but Not Homophobia Theater, November 18

    Two plays based on the autobiographical novels of Édouard Louis put the problem of violence against gay men in a larger social context.

  23. Chick-fil-A Stops Giving to 2 Groups Criticized by L.G.B.T.Q. Advocates Business, November 18

    Rights organizations called the decision a positive step but said the fast-food chain should do more.

  24. National Transgender Group Sees Exodus of Workers in Clashes With Leaders U.S., November 16

    The National Center for Transgender Equality has lost roughly two-thirds of its staff members as it faces an important year ahead.

  25. What Quakers Can Teach Us About the Politics of Pronouns Opinion, November 16

    In the 17th century, they also suspected that the rules of grammar stood between them and a society of equals.

  26. For 16 Transgender Hockey Players, a Groundbreaking Weekend Sports, November 15

    Team Trans, believed to be the only entirely transgender sports squad in the United States, recently played together for the first time.

  27. Why Voters Don’t Seem Interested in Barrier-Breaking Candidates U.S., November 14

    Julián Castro and Kamala Harris are pitching themselves partially on being a ‘first,’ but neither is gaining traction.