1. Thoroughly Reading a Men’s Catalog, Making No Purchases Movies, Today

    With the release of the documentary “All Man: The International Male Story,” a writer reflects on his formative experience with the International Male catalog during adolescence.

  2. What Does Gay Pride Smell Like? Style, Today

    Candle makers offer tie-ins with whiffs of ginger, warm woods and bergamot. Sniff, sniff, sniff.

  3. Overlooked No More: Lou Sullivan, Author and Transgender Activist Obituaries, Today

    In diaries, articles and letters, he pushed for the medical community’s acceptance of men who were assigned female at birth and identified as gay.

  4. Pride, Illustrated: 6 Comics and Graphic Novels to Read This June Arts, Today

    These recent, new and upcoming books with L.G.B.T.Q. characters offer adventure stories, personal recollections, a riff on a famous novel and more.

  5. Your Friday Briefing: A Major Ukrainian Offensive Briefing, Yesterday

    Also, a victory for voting rights in the U.S.

  6. Eerie Days: Smoke and Haze, All Around Opinion, Yesterday

    Reaction to the smoke from the Canadian wildfires. Also: Sexism and xenophobia in Hollywood; Target’s L.G.B.T.Q. merchandise; “The View”; migrant opportunity.

  7. Yes, We’re in an L.G.B.T.Q. State of Emergency Opinion, June 7

    This year, there is a pall over Pride.

  8. ‘The Ultimatum: Queer Love’ Is a TV Rarity With Familiar Drama Arts, June 7

    Netflix’s latest dating reality show hit, which wrapped up on Wednesday, broke ground by focusing exclusively on queer and nonbinary couples.

  9. I Know Why Disney Is Fighting DeSantis Opinion, June 7

    As corporate America gets dragged into the culture wars, Disney had no choice but to take on DeSantis and defend the L.G.B.T.Q. community.

  10. These Taquitos Are an All-Night Breakfast of Champions Magazine, June 7

    Perfect in their simplicity, chorizo and egg taquitos can be whatever you want them to be, whenever you want them.

  11. A Crackdown on Gay Rights Is Codified Times Insider, June 7

    In Uganda, the president recently signed a punitive anti-gay law that calls for imprisonment and even the death penalty. The Times’s East Africa correspondent is covering the consequences.

  12. Tiny Love Stories: ‘I Watched Him Kiss Someone New’ Style, June 6

    Modern Love in miniature, featuring reader-submitted stories of no more than 100 words.

  13. Hardcore Punk Is Looking (and Sounding) Different Now Arts, June 6

    People of color, women and queer musicians are remaking hardcore’s longstanding image of white, male aggression — and producing some of its most interesting music.

  14. Being Gay Is Illegal in Many Countries. L.G.B.T.Q. Travelers Are Going Anyway. Travel, June 6

    Tropical reefs, safaris, the pyramids: L.G.B.T.Q. travel companies deliver dream vacations, even to places where being out and proud could land you in prison.

  15. A ‘Lucky Child’ Writes His Way From Nigeria to the Global Stage Books, June 5

    With a first novel that chronicles a love affair between two young men, 23-year-old Ani Kayode Somtochukwu asserts a commitment to “queer resistance.”

  16. A Gay Riot at a Doughnut Shop? The Legend Has Some Holes. Dining, June 5

    As Los Angeles prepares to commemorate the long-gone Cooper Do-nuts, accounts of a renowned 1959 uprising at one of its stores are being called into question.

  17. See the States That Have Passed Laws Directed at Young Trans People Upshot, June 5

    More than 20 Republican-led states have passed bills regulating the lives of transgender children and adolescents since the start of 2021.

  18. In a Contentious Lawmaking Season, Red States Got Redder and Blue Ones Bluer National, June 4

    With single-party statehouse control at its highest level in decades, legislators across much of the country leaned into cultural issues and bulldozed the opposition.

  19. Judge Finds Tennessee Law Aimed at Restricting Drag Shows Unconstitutional National, June 3

    The law, one of the first aimed at curbing drag performances in front of children, had been on hold for nearly two months as the legal battle went on.

  20. With Rainbow Flags, 2 Students Test China’s Shrinking L.G.B.T.Q. Space Foreign, June 3

    The students at an elite college in China found themselves on a collision course with the authorities amid a crackdown on gay and transgender expression.

  21. What It’s Like to Be a Queer Teenager in America Today Interactive, June 3

    Social acceptance among young people has increased significantly in only a decade. But the mental health of L.G.B.T.Q. teens is suffering.

  22. Facing Death and Other Fears, and Coming Away Stronger Styles, June 2

    Lorenzo Vinti and Gregory DelliCarpini Jr. were married for only two years before they were hit with life’s difficulties, including Mr. Vinti’s cancer diagnosis and the death of his father.

  23. 5 Things to Do This Weekend Interactive, June 2

    Selections from the Weekend section, including a review of "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse."

  24. Eusebius McKaiser, Acerbic South African Political Analyst, Dies at 44 Obits, June 1

    Adamantly progressive, openly gay and politically fearless, he cast a sharp eye on the country’s post-apartheid politics and culture.

  25. Pentagon Forbids Drag Events on Bases After Republican Criticism Express, June 1

    After a drag show at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada was canceled, the Defense Department said that such events were “not a suitable use” of resources, despite a long history of drag entertainment in the military.

  26. ‘Dykes to Watch Out For,’ Now Holding Forth in Your Headphones Styles, June 1

    The long-running comic strip by Alison Bechdel, the creator of “Fun Home,” first held up a mirror to its queer readership in 1983. So what does a new audio adaptation have to say to listeners today?

  27. At This Staten Island Garden, the Plants Are All Queer Metropolitan, June 1

    The Alice Austen House is celebrating the complicated and diverse sexuality of plants.

  28. No One Knows How Many L.G.B.T.Q. Americans Die by Suicide Science, June 1

    Death investigators in Utah are among a handful of groups trying to learn how many gay and transgender people die by suicide in the United States.

  29. Un grupo metodista en un campus de Texas predica el ‘amor inclusivo’ Interactive, June 1

    Los estudiantes de la Universidad de Texas en Austin han encontrado un refugio seguro en The Texas Wesley Foundation, un grupo metodista que tiene las puertas abiertas para todos.

  30. At This Texas Campus Ministry, ‘Inclusive Love’ Is the Mission Interactive, June 1

    Students at the University of Texas in Austin have found a safe haven at the Texas Wesley, a Methodist group whose doors are open to all.

  31. Conflict With the Far Right Shrouds Jerusalem’s Pride Parade Foreign, June 1

    Much of Israel’s L.G.B.T.Q. community feels threatened by the right-wing government and its judicial overhaul plan — even with a gay speaker of Parliament.

  32. Why Chick-fil-A Is Drawing Fire Over a ‘Culture of Belonging’ Business, May 31

    The fast-food chain, once a darling of conservatives, has joined other corporations in pursuing diversity, equity and inclusion policies, prompting some on the right to accuse it of going “woke.”

  33. Readers in Asia: What Does L.G.B.T.Q. Life Look Like Where You Live? N Y T Now, May 31

    We may include your response in a June edition of the Asia Pacific Morning Briefing.

  34. Pride Month in New York Is Back. Here’s How to Celebrate. Culture, May 31

    Indulge in gay nostalgia with Christina Aguilera and Junior Vasquez, see Billy Porter march, or dance the night away at Body Hack.

  35. After Erdogan’s Attacks, Fear Spreads Among L.G.B.T.Q. People in Turkey Foreign, May 31

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vilified gay people during his re-election campaign, calling them a threat to society and rallying conservatives against them. It has left people feeling threatened, and alone.

  36. Your Tuesday Briefing: Uganda Enacts an Anti-Gay Law N Y T Now, May 29

    Also, a rare daytime assault on Kyiv.

  37. With Mpox at Risk of Flaring, Health Officials Advise, ‘Get Vaccinated’ Metro, May 29

    Cases dropped after a successful public health campaign last summer. But the disease still has a low-level presence in the city, and many people remain at risk.

  38. Ugandan President Signs Anti-Gay Law That Includes Death Penalty as a Punishment Foreign, May 29

    The legislation is among the most restrictive of its kind in the world and was condemned by Western leaders and the United Nations human rights body.

  39. When Your Sexuality Is Against the Law Op Ed, May 27

    Even in African countries that have decriminalized homosexuality, life is not easy for gay people.

  40. What’s the Deal With Men? Book Review, May 27

    In his new essay collection, “The Male Gazed,” the writer and film critic Manuel Betancourt explores society’s portrayals of masculinity.

  41. For One Group of Teenagers, Social Media Seems a Clear Net Benefit Upshot, May 24

    Despite the surgeon general’s warning about its risks for youth in general, researchers and teenagers say it can be a “lifeline” for L.G.B.T.Q. youth.

  42. Tiny Love Stories: ‘I Never Saw My Parents Kiss’ Styles, May 23

    Modern Love in miniature, featuring reader-submitted stories of no more than 100 words.

  43. Groups Return to Pride Night After Dodgers Reverse Course Sports, May 23

    The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have been reinstated to this year’s festivities and will receive a Community Hero Award.

  44. N.A.A.C.P. Issues Florida Travel Advisory, Joining Latino and L.G.B.T.Q. Groups National, May 21

    The N.A.A.C.P. urged people to consider Florida’s policies on diversity and race under Gov. Ron DeSantis when thinking of traveling there.

  45. What Bills Did DeSantis Sign as He Propelled Florida to the Right? Politics, May 21

    Gov. Ron DeSantis ushered in a six-week abortion ban and curriculum restrictions, while expanding capital punishment and concealed carry access as he prepared to run for president.

  46. As Rahm Emanuel Pushes Japan on Gay Rights, Conservatives Bristle Foreign, May 21

    The U.S. ambassador has enthusiastically embraced his host country. But critics say he has overstepped diplomatic bounds with his advocacy on equality.

  47. If You Care About Book Bans, You Should Be Following This Lawsuit Op Ed, May 19

    A constitutional challenge to Florida’s book-restricting frenzy.

  48. A University Fired 2 Employees for Including Their Pronouns in Emails Metro, May 19

    The firings set off a debate at Houghton University, a small Christian institution in western New York, which said its decision was not based only on the pronoun listings.

  49. Ron DeSantis Knows That the Best Place to Humiliate People Is in the Bathroom Op Ed, May 19

    Restrooms have long been porcelain crucibles for our fears and anxieties, which is why the right knows they are good sites for humiliating trans people.

  50. ‘It’s Still an Emergency’: The Vulnerability of Queer Orthodox Jews Op Ed, May 18

    Seeking help, L.G.B.T.Q. members of religious communities may end up in conversion therapy without even realizing it.

  51. For a Queer Community in Los Angeles, This Public Park Is a Lifeline Interactive, May 18

    At a time when their right to exist is under attack, these young L.G.B.T.Q. adults have carved out a space of safety, intimacy and friendship for themselves.

  52. DeSantis Signs Tall Stack of Right-Wing Bills as 2024 Entrance Nears Politics, May 17

    The Florida governor is making a grab for national attention ahead of his expected presidential campaign rollout.

  53. The Religious Right’s Hidden Sway as Japan Trails Allies on Gay Rights Foreign, May 17

    As a G7 summit nears in Hiroshima, Japan is under pressure to show greater support for equality. A national Shinto group has spread a more hostile message.

  54. Read Your Way Through Los Angeles Books, May 17

    Héctor Tobar is a son of Los Angeles, a city of “perpetual cultural mixing.” Here, he guides readers through the books and writers that cut through the city’s layers.

  55. Interested in Polyamory? Check Out These Places Styles, May 16

    Laws granting rights to people in polyamorous relationships are being recognized in more cities.

  56. Meet Bob’s Dance Shop, ‘World-Class Vibe Curators’ Arts & Leisure, May 16

    The group brings the inclusive spirit of viral dance challenges out into the fresh air with its joyfully queer “flash Bobs.”

  57. Gone Are ‘Daddy’ Days. These Are ‘Mother’ Times. Styles, May 13

    Online, practically every famous woman is “mother,” a term with deep ties to the L.G.B.T.Q. ballroom community.

  58. Onstage, ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Is Still a Tragedy Culture, May 12

    Much has changed for L.G.B.T.Q. people since Annie Proulx’s short story was published in 1997. But a new theatrical version is a reminder that homophobia is far from over.

  59. F.D.A. Eases Ban on Blood Donations From Gay and Bisexual Men Science, May 11

    But men who had multiple sex partners or were taking PrEP medications in the last three months would still be barred from donating blood.

  60. Teen Girls Report Record Levels of Sadness, C.D.C. Finds Science, February 13

    Adolescent girls reported high rates of sadness, suicidal thoughts and sexual violence, as did teenagers who identified as gay or bisexual.

  61. Ron DeSantis Stokes the Flames Interactive, January 23

    It has been a busy month for the Florida governor as he stokes divisive cultural issues.

  62. The ‘Golden Gays’ Return to the Stage in the Philippines Foreign, January 4

    They formed a community meant to support and shelter gay people who had been cast aside by society. Decades later, they are still living together, hosting pageants to help make ends meet.

  63. Anthony Fauci Quietly Shocked Us All Op Ed, December 31

    An ACT UP veteran remembers the doctor’s AIDS legacy.

  64. Personal Stories About Coming Out Letters, December 29

    Readers are moved by a column by Charles Blow and offer their own experiences. Also: Santos’s lies; Covid in China; digital payments; ableist language.

  65. Florida Lawmaker Charged With Pandemic Aid Fraud National, December 8

    State Representative Joe Harding, a sponsor of the law that critics have called “Don’t Say Gay,” is accused of illegally obtaining or trying to obtain more than $150,000 in loans.

  66. F.D.A. Considering New Approach to Blood Donation by Gay and Bisexual Men Science, November 30

    The agency may put in place a personalized risk assessment to replace the current prohibition on men who have had sex with men in the previous three months.

  67. The Democrats Should Run ____ in 2024 Letters, November 24

    Readers add to Frank Bruni’s list of possible candidates. Also: A gay marriage bill; funding Covid vaccines.

  68. Your Tuesday Briefing: Indonesia’s Deadly Earthquake N Y T Now, November 21

    Plus Iranian players protest at the World Cup and “Neighbours” will start filming again.

  69. Using the Word ‘Queer’ Instead of ‘Gay’ Letters, November 13

    Readers respond to a column by Pamela Paul. Also: Pandemic preparedness; regulating media; the need for unions.

  70. ‘Not Again’: A Weary Europe Greets Monkeypox With a Touch of Fatalism Foreign, May 25

    With war raging in Ukraine, and the coronavirus still circulating, many in Europe say they have bigger worries than monkeypox. Some organizations, however, have raised concerns about stigma.