1. Bucknell Investigating ‘Horrific’ Harassment of L.G.B.T.Q. Students Express, May 16

    The university said a group of men tried to enter a house for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students last week. Residents said they were terrified and traumatized by the episode.

  2. At 18, He Had Consensual Gay Sex. Montana Wants Him to Stay a Registered Offender. Express, May 15

    A judge said Randall Menges should no longer be listed as a sex offender based on a law that was ruled unconstitutional years ago. Montana’s attorney general plans to fight the decision.

  3. N.Y.C. Pride Will Take Steps to Keep Police Out of Parade and Events Metro, May 15

    L.G.B.T.Q. police officers will not be allowed to participate as a group in the annual march, and organizers said they will rely on private security for their events.

  4. The Beatific Re-emergence of Beverly Glenn-Copeland Culture, May 14

    A conversation about his winding path to a receptive, ready audience — and how music can be a bulwark against cynicism and trauma.

  5. Richie Shazam Is a ‘Multi-Hyphenated Renaissance Woman’ Styles, May 14

    The model, photographer and activist is a host of “Shine True,” a reality show on transgender young adults.

  6. Cameroon Sentences Transgender Women to 5 Years in Prison Foreign, May 13

    Human rights groups and lawyers said the sentences are the latest examples of a crackdown on homosexual and transgender people in Cameroon.

  7. Inside the Republican Anti-Transgender Machine Op Ed, May 13

    A.C.L.U. attorney Chase Strangio on the coordinated strategy behind the more than 100 anti-transgender bills introduced this year.

  8. Pat Bond, a Sexual-Subculture Pioneer, Dies at 94 Obits, May 11

    Mr. Bond was a 44-year-old music teacher when he founded an organization for masochists. After a few meetings, sadists were also invited.

  9. Banning My Book Won’t Protect Your Child Op Ed, May 11

    My memoir could teach teenagers how to exit an abusive relationship. So why don't some parents want their children to read it?

  10. What Are Puberty Blockers? Well, May 11

    Recent conservative legislation has targeted a class of drugs used to treat transgender adolescents. But what do these drugs actually do?

  11. Pope Francis Faces Another German Reformation Op Ed, May 11

    The liberal wing of Roman Catholicism tests how far a liberalizing pope will let them go.

  12. Biden Administration Restores Rights for Transgender Patients Washington, May 10

    Officials invited people subject to health care discrimination to file complaints. But formal rule-making will be needed before a Trump-era policy can be fully reversed.

  13. German Catholic Priests Defy Rome to Offer Blessings to Gay Couples Foreign, May 10

    More than 100 Roman Catholic parishes in Germany held services to bless gay couples, in defiance of the Vatican’s refusal to recognize same-sex unions.

  14. U.S. Lutheran Church Elects Its First Openly Transgender Bishop Express, May 10

    The Rev. Megan Rohrer was elected to lead a synod that includes about 200 Lutheran congregations in Northern and Central California.

  15. The May 10 Joe Biden News live blog included one standalone post:
  16. ‘This Is Politics’: Dr. Rachel Levine’s Rise as Transgender Issues Gain Prominence. Washington, May 8

    President Biden’s assistant secretary for health is the highest-ranking openly transgender person ever to serve in the federal government.

  17. Paulo Gustavo, Comedian Who Lampooned Brazilian Mothers, Dies at 42 Obits, May 7

    Weeks before falling ill, he urged his countrymen to consider laughter “an act of resistance.” One of the country’s most beloved actors, he died of complications of Covid-19.

  18. San Francisco Makes Home of Lesbian Couple a Landmark Express, May 7

    The home of Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, the first same-sex couple to legally marry in California, was an integral meeting spot for activists.

  19. In Covid Vaccine Data, L.G.B.T.Q. People Fear Invisibility Science, May 7

    Few states collect sexual orientation or gender identity data, so no one knows how many people in some communities are getting vaccinated.

  20. In Covid Vaccine Data, L.G.B.T.Q. People Fear Invisibility Science, May 7

    Few states collect sexual orientation or gender identity data, so no one knows how many people in some communities are getting vaccinated.

  21. Chloe Moriondo and girl in red, Maestros of Growing Pains Weekend, May 6

    Moriondo cited Marie Ulven (who records as girl in red) as an early influence. Both are releasing new albums that showcase frank emotions and more ambitious productions.

  22. This Mother Strives to Change the World, One Hug at a Time Styles, May 5

    Sara Cunningham, the founder of Free Mom Hugs and a supporter of L.G.B.T.Q. people, doesn’t want anyone to be without the love of a parent on their wedding day.

  23. James Williams, Gay Activist in India, Dies at 35 Obits, May 4

    An American, he hoped to improve the representation of gay people in Indian media in the manner of “Will & Grace.” He died of Covid-19.

  24. From Best Friends to Platonic Spouses Styles, May 1

    Some people are taking their friendships to the next level by saying “I do” to marriages without sex.

  25. True Romance: Janet Mock on the Final Season of ‘Pose’ Arts & Leisure, April 30

    As Mock says goodbye to the groundbreaking drama that changed her life, she is planning to make more television that shows people that they are not alone.

  26. Patti Harrison Wants to See What She Can Do Arts & Leisure, April 29

    Known for scene-stealing side characters, the comedian and actress is pushing past her limits with her starring role in “Together Together.”

  27. ‘They Call It Social Cleansing’: Court May Force Honduras to Better Protect Trans People Foreign, April 29

    Outraged by a long-ignored slaying in Honduras, lawyers are urging a human rights court in Central America to force governments to better protect transgender people in a region where they are targets.

  28. ‘Lo llaman limpieza social’: la decisión de una corte obligaría a Honduras a proteger mejor a las personas trans en Español, April 29

    Indignados por la lentitud en las investigaciones del homicidio de Vicky Hernández, sus abogados instan a un tribunal para que obligue a los gobiernos de América Latina a proteger a las personas transgénero en la región donde sufren abusos y ataques frecuentes.

  29. ‘They Call It Social Cleansing’: Court May Force Honduras To Better Protect Trans People Foreign, April 29

    Outraged by a long-ignored slaying in Honduras, lawyers are urging a human rights court in Central America to force governments to better protect transgender people in a region where they are targets.

  30. The Island Is Idyllic. As a Workplace, It’s Toxic. Dining, April 27

    Globe-trotting diners flock to the Willows Inn’s serene Northwest setting. But former employees say faked ingredients, sexual harassment and an abusive kitchen are the real story.

  31. Transgender and Nonbinary Teens Share Their Stories in New Book Series Express, April 27

    Written by four teenagers, the books aim to open up conversations about young people who are transgender or nonbinary.

  32. Live Your Gay Millennial Pandemic Fantasy in Stardew Valley Arts & Leisure, April 27

    In the farming RPG, I can enjoy a life of pastoral domesticity. IRL, I’m a lesbian urbanite struggling through the pandemic.

  33. In Poland, an L.G.B.T.Q. Migration As Homophobia Deepens Foreign, April 24

    An escalation in verbal attacks by the Polish government, with the support of the Roman Catholic Church, as well as the threat of physical violence on the streets of many cities, has triggered an exodus of gay people.

  34. 10 Queer Indigenous Artists on Where Their Inspirations Have Led Them T Style, April 23

    While wide-ranging in scope and style, these pieces are alike in their power and depth.

  35. State Department authorizes U.S. embassies to fly the Pride Flag. Washington, April 23

    The action reversed a decision by the Trump administration, which rejected requests from embassies to raise it on their flag poles during the month of June, which in the United States and many other countries is Pride month.

  36. Caitlyn Jenner Announces Run for California Governor Politics, April 23

    Ms. Jenner, a Republican former Olympian and transgender activist, said on Friday that she was running to challenge Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat facing an all but certain recall election.

  37. Biden administration withdraws Trump-era proposal restricting transgender people in homeless shelters. Washington, April 22

    The action is a stark change in policy at HUD, where then-Secretary Ben Carson once expressed concerns about “big, hairy men” gaining access to women’s shelters.

  38. Andrew Yang, Looking for Endorsement, Offends Gay Democratic Club Metro, April 22

    Participants described Mr. Yang’s remarks as offensive, saying that even as members of the club wanted to discuss policy issues, he mentioned gay bars.

  39. She Turned Her Audacious Lens on Herself, and Shaped the Future Weekend, April 22

    A powerful voice for marginalized groups, Laura Aguilar frankly and poetically portrayed Latino and lesbian communities.

  40. Arizona Governor Vetoes Bill Restricting L.G.B.T.Q. Education Express, April 21

    The Republican governor said the legislation, which would restrict lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity, was “overly broad and vague.”

  41. A Wave of Anti-Transgender Legislation The Daily, April 20

    Across the U.S., dozens of bills have been proposed that aim to restrict the lives of transgender youth. What’s in those bills? And why are they being introduced?

  42. They Came to N.Y.C. for Acceptance. Now They Need Jobs. Metro, April 20

    A new city program for homeless L.G.B.T.Q. youth will offer job placement, education and mental health support to help them achieve career success.

  43. The Many Faces of Patricia Highsmith T Style, April 19

    As the subject of no fewer than three biographies since her death in 1995, the popular writer lived a complicated, if fascinating, life. What was she really like?

  44. A State of Emergency Over Gender-Based Violence in Puerto Rico Interactive, February 4

    The governor’s declaration came after years of protest over violence against women and transgender people in the territory.

  45. Mo Willems Has a Message for Parents: He’s Not on Your Side Interactive, November 16

    The beloved children’s book author on creativity, control and why even a good childhood is hard.

  46. The People Who Make New York’s Party Scene Happen Interactive, April 13

    Long a capital of nightlife, from ’70s discos to ’90s raves, the city is now home to a rich after-hours culture where anyone — of any race, gender or sexuality — is welcome.

  47. The Butches and Studs Who’ve Defied the Male Gaze and Redefined Culture Interactive, April 13

    Without their presence and contributions, queer aesthetics — and the arts at large — would be far less rich.

  48. How ACT UP Remade Political Organizing in America Interactive, April 13

    The coalition that fought against AIDS stigma and worked to slow the plague changed patients’ rights and contemporary protest movements.

  49. King Princess, an Old Kind of Rock Star for a New Age Interactive, March 11

    It’s rare for a musician to shock anymore. Mikaela Straus says [expletive] that.