1. Europe Is Bracing for a Heat Wave. It’s the New Normal. World, Today

    Meteorologists say temperatures could climb above 40 degrees Celsius, or more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit, across large stretches of the continent.

  2. Next Stop, Fashion Disney Style, Yesterday

    As the men’s wear season winds down, fashion shows themselves are ramping up, becoming a potentially lucrative new form of mass entertainment.

  3. With a Poof, Mars Methane Is Gone Science, Yesterday

    Last week, NASA’s Curiosity rover detected a belch of natural gas on the red planet. The gas has since dissipated, leaving only a mystery.

  4. A Fanatical Sect Has Hijacked British Politics Opinion, Yesterday

    Boris Johnson is poised to become prime minister thanks to a small, unrepresentative population of Brexiteer voters bent on destruction.

  5. Council of Europe Restores Russia’s Voting Rights World, Yesterday

    Ukraine and other former Soviet states opposed ending the suspension, which began with the annexation of Crimea. Russia had threatened to quit the group if it were not reinstated.

  6. For U.S. Goalkeeper, a Moment to Forget and a Lesson She’ll Remember Sports, Yesterday

    Alyssa Naeher faced her first big test at the World Cup against Spain, and got one thing very wrong. But she survived, and the U.S. advanced.

  7. What Does Putin Really Want? Magazine, Yesterday

    Russia is dead set on being a global power. But what looks like grand strategy is often improvisation — amid America’s retreat.

  8. 1894: President Carnot of France Assassinated World, Yesterday

    The president of the French Republic was fatally stabbed as he left a banquet at the Palais du Commerce in Lyon.

  9. Turkey Trials Seen in New Light After Erdogan’s Istanbul Defeat World, Yesterday

    The cases will be closely watched by foreign governments troubled by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s efforts to crack down on the opposition.

  10. Cyprus Serial Killer Sentenced to 7 Life Terms for Killing 5 Women and 2 Children World, June 24

    Nicos Metaxas pleaded guilty to 12 charges relating to the premeditated murder of the women, who came to Cyprus from the Philippines, Romania and Nepal.

  11. Sweden Stops a Penalty Kick by Canada and Reaches Quarterfinals Sports, June 24

    Goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl preserved a one-goal lead for Sweden by blocking a penalty kick in the second half.

  12. U.K. Appeals Court Overturns Order for Mentally Disabled Woman to Have Abortion World, June 24

    Days after a British judge ruled it was in the best interests of a developmentally disabled woman to have an abortion, the Court of Appeal decided in favor of the woman’s mother, who opposes an abortion.

  13. A New Dawn in Turkey After Erdogan Loses Istanbul Opinion, June 24

    The city’s newest mayor promises something unthinkable under the president: coexistence.

  14. Hats Like Sneezes, Playing at Aristocracy and Other Notes From Royal Ascot World, June 24

    An innocent went to the races, a major event on the British social calendar, in search of answers about class, nostalgia and the state of England today. She went in the wrong hat.

  15. Painting the Town Orange: A Day Out With the Dutch at the World Cup Sports, June 24

    The Netherlands has a team capable of challenging for the World Cup title. Its fans are winning wherever they go.

  16. Italy Is Chosen to Host 2026 Winter Olympics Sports, June 24

    Milan and the ski resort of Cortina d’Ampezzo beat a Swedish bid that included Stockholm and the ski resort in Are for the Games.

  17. Italy Is Chosen to Host 2026 Winter Olympics Sports, June 24

    Milan and the ski resort of Cortina d’Ampezzo beat a Swedish bid that included Stockholm and the ski resort in Are for the Games.

  18. The Holocaust Survivor Who Deciphered Nazi Doublespeak Books, June 24

    The personal papers of one of World War II’s earliest historians reveal an obsession with how Nazis distorted the German language.

  19. Erdogan Faces Fallout After His Party’s Loss in Istanbul Mayor’s Race World, June 24

    The scale of the defeat for his party’s candidate was much larger than in a March election, which had been canceled. The do-over showed voters were angry.

  20. For Erdogan, the Bill for Turkey’s Debt-Fueled Growth Comes Due Business, June 24

    Istanbul voters’ rebuke of the nation’s strongman leader speaks to broader dismay over the economic disaster he oversaw.

  21. A Year in Paris That Transformed Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Travel, June 23

    As a college student, Jacqueline Bouvier spent her junior year in Paris, and the city became one of the greatest influences in her life.

  22. France Survives, Sending Marta and Brazil to the Exit Sports, June 23

    Amandine Henry’s goal in extra time saved the hosts, and kept alive the chances for a quarterfinal showdown against the U.S.

  23. Allies See a Familiar U.S. Pattern in Trump’s Iran Reversal World, June 23

    The move intensified global doubts about the president’s judgment and the power wielded by the United States. But some analysts also praised Mr. Trump’s restraint.

  24. Trump’s Iran Reversal Raises Allies’ Doubts Over His Tactics, and U.S. Power World, June 23

    The public response of Western politicians has been largely cautious, sometimes confused. But some analysts also praised Mr. Trump’s restraint.

  25. England Beats Seething Cameroon to Advance in World Cup Sports, June 23

    As the Cameroon players protested and play was delayed, England's staff and players watched in disbelief.

  26. In the Largest Protests in Decades, Czechs Demand Resignation of Prime Minister World, June 23

    Prime Minister Andrej Babis has called accusations against him lies and has said he would not be ousted by protests, no matter the size.

  27. Dimitris Christofias, 72, Cyprus President for One Ill-Fated Term, Dies Obituaries, June 23

    Elected amid hopes he could reunify the divided island, his tenure was marked by financial crisis and a devastating munitions accident.

  28. Turkey’s President Suffers Stinging Defeat in Istanbul Election Redo World, June 23

    Voters were outraged that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordered a redo of the same election two months ago after his party lost control of Turkey’s largest city.

  29. U.K. Court Says Mentally Disabled Woman Must Have Abortion World, June 23

    A judge called her decision “heartbreaking,” but in the best interest of the woman, who is 22 weeks pregnant.

  30. ‘The Rooster Must Be Defended’: France’s Culture Clash Reaches a Coop World, June 23

    A dispute between residents of a small island off France’s western coast and summer vacationers taps into France’s still unbroken connection to its agricultural past.

  31. Georgia Stages Protests While Its Relations With Russia Are in a Tailspin World, June 22

    The latest demonstrations followed a decision by President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to cancel all flights from Russia to Georgia starting on July 8.

  32. Europe Seeks to Defuse Iran Crisis as Trump Says Military Option Still On World, June 22

    State media in Iran say authorities had executed an Iranian defense contractor on charges of spying for the C.I.A.

  33. Germany Tops Nigeria to Reach Women’s World Cup Quarterfinals Sports, June 22

    Second-ranked Germany, which has outscored opponents, 9-0, will play the winner of Monday’s match between Sweden and Canada next Saturday.

  34. Botched Statue of St. George Is ‘Unrestored’ to Its Dignity World, June 22

    Specialists in Spain spent $34,000 to fix a church statue that had ended up looking like Tintin after a paint job.

  35. Corinne Diacre and the Game of Her Life Sports, June 22

    France’s coach has given decades to soccer as a player and pioneer, and she has spent the last two years building a World Cup contender. Is her reward — and France’s — finally within reach?

  36. U.K. Tribute to ‘Windrush’ Generation Draws Criticism World, June 22

    Events to honor the people invited from the Caribbean to help rebuild postwar Britain were overshadowed by criticism of their treatment under a migration crackdown.

  37. As Pope Francis Champions Migrants, Some Cardinals Court the Far Right World, June 22

    Clerics who see the pontiff as dangerously inclusive have been lending public support — and the church’s imprimatur — to anti-migration politicians like Italy’s Matteo Salvini.

  38. Austerity Has Ravaged U.K. Communities. It Has Also Spurred Reinvention. World, June 22

    As local governments across Britain grapple with shrunken budgets, many are going into business, funding cooperatives and speculating in real estate.

  39. Police Respond to Altercation Between Boris Johnson and His Girlfriend World, June 21

    A neighbor called the police when Johnson, who is favored to become Britain’s next prime minister, was heard shouting at his girlfriend, a newspaper reported.

  40. In Trump’s Iran Response, Some See a Dangerous Ambiguity World, June 21

    As diplomats try to ratchet down tensions, some of them worry that hard-liners in Iran could be emboldened to further test President Trump’s resolve.

  41. In Trump’s Iran Response, Some See a Dangerous Ambiguity World, June 21

    As diplomats try to ratchet down tensions, some of them worry that hard-liners in Iran could be emboldened to further test President Trump’s resolve.

  42. Who Will Get E.U.’s Top Jobs? Bloc Must Decide How to Fill Them First World, June 21

    In typical European Union style, the bloc’s leaders even disagreed on the process they would follow to reach a decision.

  43. Germany’s Secret Weapon Was Once Its Most Potent One on the Field Sports, June 21

    Birgit Prinz, a former World Cup winner and world player of the year, now serves Germany as its sports psychologist.

  44. Spanish Court Sentences Pamplona ‘Wolf Pack’ to 15 Years for Rape World, June 21

    The decision overruled the verdicts of lower courts that had found the men guilty of a lesser charge. That initial ruling led to mass protests.

  45. A Young Man’s Springtime in Paris, Courtesy of Louis Vuitton Fashion, June 21

    Virgil Abloh took over a city square for his collection of oversize proportions and floral details.

  46. Five Places to Visit in Barcelona Travel, June 21

    The author Carlos Ruiz Zafón offers a travel guide to his hometown with a darker spin on some familiar spots.

  47. U.K. Official Suspended for Forcing Out Climate Protester by the Neck World, June 21

    TV footage showed Mark Field, a senior foreign policy official, jump from his seat and grab a protester at an event Thursday night.

  48. How to Make a Relationship Last? Make It Open, Christopher Isherwood Said Arts, June 21

    A museum show explores the British writer and the painter Don Bachardy’s partnership, which lasted through uncertainties and ecstasies for 33 years.

  49. Boris Johnson? How Did We Come to This? Opinion, June 21

    If the Brexit crisis was born from a deficit of democracy that deficit remains. Still, there is Mr. Johnson’s hair.

  50. Erdogan’s Purges Leave Turkey’s Justice System Reeling World, June 21

    Around 4,000 judges have been purged since a failed 2016 coup and replaced with inexperienced judges operating in a climate of fear.

  51. Savoring Lisbon’s Local Tastes on a Budget Travel, June 21

    Traditional restaurants known as tascas specialize in Portuguese comfort food at comfortable prices.

  52. Remembering Karl Lagerfeld Fashion, June 21

    Colleagues and friends gather at the Grand Palais, site of so many of his extravagant Chanel shows, to honor the late fashion designer.

  53. Turkey Jails 151 for Life for Roles in Failed 2016 Coup World, June 20

    Those sentenced include a former commander of the Turkish Air Force and 17 men who were found guilty of attempting to kill the president.

  54. E.U. Leaders Fail to Strengthen Climate Target Climate, June 20

    A proposal to reduce the 28-country bloc's net carbon emissions to zero by 2050 failed when eastern countries that are heavily dependent on coal raised objections.

  55. In London, a Place to Drink Wine and Buy Offbeat Furniture T Magazine, June 20

    Jermaine Gallacher is opening up his design showroom as a hangout for the city’s creative community.

  56. Russian Discontent Surfaces in Putin’s Annual Call-in Show World, June 20

    The curated questions were not all that critical, but some screen texts were. “Just one question,” one of them read. “When will you leave?”

  57. ‘Endzeit’ Review: Once Upon a Zombie Apocalypse Movies, June 20

    A German movie goes into the woods with the dead, morphing into a fairy tale that is by turns uneasy and beguiling.

  58. Fight to Lead the U.K. Narrows to 2: Boris Johnson vs. Jeremy Hunt World, June 20

    Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt finished second in a vote among Tory lawmakers, keeping him in the race. But critics call him “Theresa May in trousers.”

  59. The E.U. Is Choosing Its Leaders. Here’s Why It Matters. World, June 20

    The race to name the presidents of the four institutions that run the European Union is on, at a critical time for the bloc. Here’s what each institution does.

  60. Russia to Release First Whales Held in ‘Jail’ for Months World, June 20

    After intervention by President Vladimir V. Putin, nearly 100 orcas and belugas will be released where they were caught with the intention of being sold to theme parks.

  61. Russia to Release First Whales Held in ‘Jail’ for Months World, June 20

    After intervention by President Vladimir V. Putin, nearly 100 orcas and belugas will be released where they were caught with the intention of being sold to theme parks.

  62. When War Turned My Country Into Chaos, Tennis Gave Me a Home Style, June 20

    The fighting in Yugoslavia forced my family to immigrate to Canada, where I found solace on the court.

  63. U.K. to Suspend Issuing Arms Licenses to Saudi Arabia World, June 20

    The announcement came after a court ruled that the government acted unlawfully in allowing the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia.

  64. Paul Whelan, Held in Russia for Spying, Pleads for Help from Trump World, June 20

    A corporate security officer and former Marine, charged with espionage in Russia, called on President Trump and other leaders to free him from a “political kidnapping.”

  65. U.K. Age Checks for Online Porn Sites Are Delayed World, June 20

    Rules requiring users to prove they are over 18 were postponed because officials failed to adequately notify the European Commission about the changes.

  66. Erdogan Says He Will Meet With Trump to Resolve Weapons Disagreement World, June 20

    The Turkish president, holding a rare meeting with international journalists, also said that he would accept the results of Istanbul’s mayoral election.

  67. Erdogan Says He Will Meet With Trump to Resolve Weapons Disagreement World, June 20

    The Turkish president, holding a rare meeting with international journalists, also said that he would accept the results of Istanbul’s mayoral election.

  68. Iran’s Gambit: Force the World to Rein In Trump World, June 20

    Iran is resorting to rogue state tactics as part of a strategy to induce other countries to counter what it sees as an existential American threat.

  69. Iran’s Gambit: Force the World to Rein In Trump World, June 20

    Iran is resorting to rogue state tactics as part of a strategy to induce other countries to counter what it sees as an existential American threat.

  70. ‘Bitter Wheat’ Misfires, in Monstrous Fashion Theater, June 20

    Despite the formidable presence of John Malkovich, David Mamet’s new play is as reprehensible as the predatory film tycoon at the center of it.

  71. Philippe Zdar, Influential French Music Producer, Dies at 52 Arts, June 20

    A major figure in the electro scene, Mr. Zdar fell out a window in an accident in Paris on Wednesday night.

  72. World Cup Players Say Muscles and Makeup Mix Just Fine, Thanks Style, June 20

    Rejecting notions about how they should present themselves as female athletes, the women are turning to colorful hair and bold lips to showcase their style and enhance performance.

  73. U.S. Might Be the World Cup’s Best Team. It Is Definitely the Best Draw. Sports, June 20

    Fans have flocked to games featuring the U.S. women’s team at the World Cup, to the delight of cities fortunate enough to host them.

  74. U.S. Faces Sweden at the World Cup With Something to Gain but Even More to Prove Sports, June 20

    The Americans, who have clinched a spot in the round of 16, will end the group stage against the team that knocked them out of the 2016 Olympics.

  75. World Cup: England Defeats Japan While Scotland and Argentina Draw Sports, June 20

    Argentina overcame a three-goal deficit in the final 30 minutes for a draw that eliminated the Scots.

  76. Overlooked No More: Claude Cahun, Whose Photographs Explored Gender and Sexuality Obituaries, June 19

    Society generally considered women to be women and men to be men in early-20th-century France. Cahun’s work protested gender and sexual norms, and has become increasingly relevant.

  77. Can Europe Wean Itself From Fossil Fuels? Its Leaders Are About to Decide Climate, June 19

    European leaders from 28 countries will decide Thursday whether the E.U. will aim to get to net-zero emissions in the next 30 years.

  78. U.K. Maverick Rory Stewart Knocked Out of Race for Party Leader World, June 19

    Rory Stewart’s insurgent campaign had been a growing threat to the favorite, Boris Johnson, by shaking up the contest until lawmakers eliminated him.

  79. ‘Europe First’: Self-Interest à la Trump Opinion, June 19

    The European Central Bank is just using Trumpian tactics, says a reader.

  80. Peter Whitehead, Swinging-’60s Filmmaker, Is Dead at 82 Movies, June 19

    He captured the Rolling Stones on tour and both captured and helped define an era with “Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London.”

  81. Autistic Boy Was Forced to Leave a Church. He Got an Apology. World, June 19

    When Paul Rimmer took his son to a service at King’s Chapel in Cambridge, England, an usher asked them to leave. Mr. Rimmer’s letter to the dean went viral, with many parents sharing similar stories.

  82. She’s on a Hunger Strike in an Iranian Jail. He’s Joining In, From London. World, June 19

    The husband of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who has been held in Iran since 2016, has camped out in front of the Iranian Embassy to demand her release.

  83. The MH17 Charges, Explained World, June 19

    Four men were charged with murder for an attack on a plane in 2014. What happened then, who are the defendants and what does it have to do with Russia?

  84. Giving Donatella Her Due Fashion, June 19

    With biker looks, punk looks and hippie looks, with leather, leopard and tie-dye, Ms. Versace challenges gender stereotypes.

  85. Giorgio Armani: How to Conduct a Master Class Fashion, June 19

    As he has for decades, the designer dominates Italian fashion by swatting away trends and corporate suitors.

  86. House Hunting in … Portugal Real Estate, June 19

    In Lisbon, buyer-incentive programs are bolstering the housing market with renewed international interest.

  87. A Modern Loft in Lisbon Slideshow, June 19

    This 5,700-square-foot, loft-style house in the residential Penha de Franca section of Lisbon, Portugal, is on the market for $2.2 million.

  88. Emaciated Polar Bear Wanders Into a Siberian City World, June 19

    The animal was seen roaming the streets of Norilsk, Russia, hundreds of miles from its usual habitat. Experts said it was probably looking for food.

  89. Rebirth of a Parisian Legend Fashion, June 19

    Lapérouse, favored restaurant of Zola, Colette, George Clooney and Kate Moss, is hosting what may be fashion week’s most epic celebration.

  90. Four to Face Murder Charges in Downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 World, June 19

    Three of those charged have ties to Russian military and intelligence agencies, and the indictment also suggests the involvement of an aide to Vladimir V. Putin.

  91. Two Irish Teens Are Youngest Ever Convicted of Murder There World, June 19

    In a crime that shocked the nation, the two boys, 13 at the time, were convicted in the bludgeoning death of a 14-year-old girl who had been bullied.

  92. Khashoggi Killing Inquiry Should Look Into Saudi Prince’s Role, U.N. Expert Says World, June 19

    A U.N. expert said that the death was “an extrajudicial killing” by the Saudi state, and that Prince Mohammed bin Salman was at least aware of the operation.

  93. Saudis Called Khashoggi ‘Sacrificial Animal’ as They Waited to Kill Him World, June 19

    A U.N. report reveals new details in the killing of the dissident journalist, and says that Crown Prince Mohammed must have been aware of the operation.

  94. The Greens Are Germany’s Leading Political Party. Wait, What? Opinion, June 19

    As the country took climate change to heart, it was only a matter of time before its politics did too.

  95. In Britain, Politicians Shy Away From a Crackdown on Fast Fashion Fashion, June 19

    The British government rejected proposals from a cross-party committee on how to tackle fashion’s footprint, prompting an outcry.

  96. A Dark Comedy About Life at the Heart of the European Union Books, June 18

    “The Capital,” by the Austrian novelist Robert Menasse, depicts an E.U. bureaucracy rived by conflict and infighting and ripe for satire.

  97. In U.K. Prime Minister Race, Boris Johnson Has Surprising Company World, June 18

    He leads the contest for leadership of the Conservatives, but the maverick Rory Stewart, who rejects a no-deal Brexit, is building momentum.

  98. A Muslim Family Sought Help at the Belgian Embassy in Beijing. The Police Dragged Them Out. World, June 18

    The Belgian Embassy is facing criticism after the forcible removal of the family, members of the Uighur minority group that China treats as a security threat.

  99. Man Who Threw Milkshake at Nigel Farage Must Pay Him £350 World, June 18

    Paul Crowther was sentenced in court after pleading guilty to assault for dousing the Brexit Party leader during a European Parliament elections campaign event.

  100. As U.S. and Iran Face Off, Europe Is Stuck in the Middle World, June 18

    European leaders want desperately to preserve the nuclear deal, which they see as critical to regional security, but are powerless to stop the escalations that threaten it.

  101. Serpentine Galleries Chief Quits, With Harsh Words for Activist Artists Arts, June 18

    Yana Peel resigned after a newspaper revealed she had connections to a cybersecurity firm whose spyware has been used by governments to track journalists and activists.

  102. Trump Accuses Europe of Bolstering Its Economy at America’s Expense Business, June 18

    President Trump is increasingly viewing international economic policy through a narrow lens, seeing only how other countries decisions affect the United States.

  103. World Cup Roundup: Germany and Norway Win Sports, June 17

    Germany played to its status as the world’s second-ranked team, routing South Africa, 4-0, on Monday to top Group B with a 3-0 record.

  104. France Gets Big World Cup Assists From Video Review Sports, June 17

    The home team, which finished round-robin play with a 3-0 record, benefited twice from the Video Assistant Referee system in a 1-0 win Monday over Nigeria.

  105. Skal! Scandinavian Spirits From New York Food, June 17

    Two spirits from the chef Gunnar Gislason and New York Distilling Co. showcase the flavors of Sweden and Denmark.

  106. The U.S. Has Its Eye on Big Tech. Will Criminal Inquiries Result? Business, June 17

    Could Facebook, Google or Apple be considered monopolies? Increased government oversight of the technology giants could consider that possibility.

  107. Kremlin Warns of Cyberwar After Report of U.S. Hacking Into Russian Power Grid World, June 17

    The New York Times reported that American intelligence had secretly inserted software that could allow it to disable the Russian energy system.

  108. Facing Post-Lagerfeld Era, Chanel Says Latest Profits Were Up Fashion, June 17

    The privately owned French fashion house has a new creative director, strong sales growth and a firm message: Chanel is not for sale.

  109. Vatican Opens Door to Limited Ordination of Married Men as Priests World, June 17

    A proposed exception to the celibacy requirement would apply only in remote areas of the Amazon, but it is a significant shift in church policy.

  110. Killing of German Politician Is Treated as Possible Terrorist Act World, June 17

    A man suspected in the shooting of a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s center-right party this month had neo-Nazi links.

  111. Mario Draghi Saved the Euro. Will His Successor Be Equally Committed? Business, June 17

    The exiting president of the E.C.B. famously vowed to do “whatever it takes” to preserve the eurozone currency. It is unclear whether whoever follows him can be counted on to do the same.

  112. The Youngest Child Separated From His Family at the Border Was 4 Months Old U.S., June 16

    Baby Constantin spent five months of his first year in a foster home. His family got a painful look at America’s experiment with family separation as an immigration policy.

  113. Food-Delivery Couriers Exploit Desperate Migrants in France Business, June 16

    Some contractors are dealing with rate cuts by leasing their accounts to immigrants, many of them underage or in the country illegally, and taking part of their pay.

  114. #MeToo Work at Art Basel Offers Cautionary Tale About Political Art Arts, June 16

    Andrea Bowers removed part of her installation after complaints — but her piece raises questions about who can tell intimate stories.

  115. Candidates for Istanbul Mayor Hold Rare Debate on Live TV World, June 16

    The head-to-head, the first such event in Turkey in 17 years, pitted Ekrem Imamoglu of the opposition against Binali Yildirim, a government-backed former prime minister.

  116. Here’s Baby Archie, on Prince Harry’s First Father’s Day World, June 16

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed more of their firstborn on Instagram.

  117. British-Iranian Woman Jailed in Tehran Begins New Hunger Strike, Husband Says World, June 16

    Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was convicted of sedition after her arrest in 2016. Richard Ratcliffe said he would fast outside the country’s embassy in London in support.

  118. Trump Renews Feud With London Mayor, Calling Him a ‘Disaster’ U.S., June 15

    President Trump assailed Sadiq Khan, the mayor, after a spate of knife attacks in Britain’s capital. “He is a national disgrace,” the president wrote.

  119. Women’s World Cup: Canada and the Netherlands Easily Advance Sports, June 15

    Canada scored twice in the second half to get past New Zealand, and Vivianne Miedema had two goals for the Netherlands against Cameroon.

  120. Worshiping in Hard Hats: Notre-Dame Offers First Mass Since Blaze World, June 15

    A small group celebrated their faith and a fragile cathedral, which remains closed amid rebuilding.

  121. Worshiping in Hard Hats: Notre-Dame Offers First Mass Since Blaze World, June 15

    A small group celebrated their faith and a fragile cathedral, which remains closed amid rebuilding.

  122. German Court Fines Two Gynecologists for Abortion Ad World, June 15

    The doctors used words like “anesthesia free” to describe the procedure on their website. A judge said that violated a Nazi-era law.

  123. Franco Zeffirelli, Italian Director With Taste for Excess, Dies at 96 Arts, June 15

    Mr. Zeffirelli’s opera productions sometimes drew critical ire, but audiences generally loved them. He worked in film, too.

  124. Amanda Knox in Italy: ‘I Am Not a Monster’ World, June 15

    At a conference on wrongful convictions, Ms. Knox said: “I know that many people think I am bad. That I don’t belong here. It shows how a false narrative can be powerful and undermine justice.”

  125. Hotel Review: The Hotel Maison Saint Louis, Marseille Travel, June 15

    A new hotel in the Noailles quarter — the heart of the city — makes room for traditional guests and for families traveling together.

  126. Slovakia’s First Female President, Zuzana Caputova, Takes Office in a Divided Country World, June 15

    An anticorruption lawyer, she rode a wave of public disgust to victory. But the ex-prime minister’s party remains dominant, and the far right is emboldened.

  127. Women’s World Cup: England and Italy Advance With Victories Sports, June 14

    England edged Argentina on a goal by Jodie Taylor off a pass from her roommate. Italy, in the event for the first time since 1999, had three goals from Cristiana Girelli in a rout of Jamaica.

  128. Director of Berlin’s Jewish Museum Quits After Spat Over B.D.S. World, June 14

    Peter Schäfer stepped down after the museum became engaged in a dispute on Twitter about the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel.

  129. Moldova Had Two Governments. One Has Finally Resigned. World, June 14

    Diplomats from Russia and the West rarely agree. But on Friday their united efforts helped resolve a constitutional crisis in Moldova.

  130. What’s Next for Europe? Podcasts, June 14

    We traveled the Continent for a special week of episodes about the state of the European Union.

  131. U.K. Bans Advertisements Depicting Gender Stereotypes Style, June 14

    No more commercials showing men struggling to do a load of laundry, or asking women if they are “beach body ready.”

  132. Swiss Women Strike Nationwide to Protest Inequalities World, June 14

    Thousands of women rallied across Switzerland on Friday, railing against the slow pace of correcting inequalities between the sexes.

  133. Thousands of Swiss Women Protest Gender Inequality Video, June 14

    Swiss women went on a nationwide strike for equal pay, more representation in positions of power and recognition of their work.

  134. The Case for Gay Reparation Opinion, June 14

    Other countries are taking steps to atone for their shameful past treatment of L.G.B.T. people. The United States should too.

  135. Distrusting Both Iran and U.S., Europe Urges ‘Maximum Restraint’ World, June 14

    Washington’s history of hyping intelligence is weighing on European governments, who are suspicious of President Trump’s hawkish Iran policies.

  136. Spain Blocks Jailed Catalan Leader From Joining European Parliament World, June 14

    The Supreme Court said that Oriol Junqueras would not be allowed to travel to Brussels until there was a verdict in his trial over Catalonia’s failed succession bid.

  137. ‘The Weekly’: The Youngest Known Child Separated From His Family by the Trump Administration The Weekly, June 14

  138. Russia Sought to Use Social Media to Influence E.U. Vote, Report Finds Business, June 14

    A misinformation campaign by groups linked to Russia tried to depress turnout in last month’s parliamentary elections, a European Commission review said.

  139. A Musical Prodigy? Sure, but Don’t Call Her ‘a New Mozart’ World, June 14

    At 14, Alma Deutscher is preparing to play the solo parts at Carnegie Hall for the violin and piano concertos she composed herself, when she’s not writing her next opera or climbing a tree.

  140. Julian Assange’s U.S. Extradition Hearing Is Set for February World, June 14

    A British judge on Friday set a 2020 date for a hearing to determine if the WikiLeaks founder would be sent to the United States to face numerous charges.

  141. U.K. Police’s Plan to Tackle Domestic Abuse: Blunt Knives World, June 14

    A pilot proposal by the Nottinghamshire Police to replace sharp knives in victims’ kitchens with blunt-tipped instruments to prevent their partners from stabbing them to death was denounced as “ludicrous.”

  142. Part 5: Can Liberal Democracy Survive in Europe? Podcasts, June 14

    In the final chapter of our series, we find that many who are rejecting the political system and values that underpin the European Union feel the system is rejecting them.

  143. The Youngest Known Child Separated From His Family by the Trump Administration The Weekly, June 14

    Watch our new TV series from The New York Times on FX and Hulu

  144. The Youngest Known Child Separated From His Family by the Trump Administration The Weekly, June 14

    Watch our new TV series from The New York Times on FX and Hulu

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  147. Amanda Knox Returns to Italy for First Time Since Her Acquittal World, June 13

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