1. Today’s Russia Ukraine War News live blog included 12 standalone posts:
  2. Zelensky’s Answer to Escalating Russian Threats: Defiance World, Today

    In a nightly address, President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine told Russian soldiers: “If you want to live, run.”

  3. Queen’s Death Certificate Reveals Cause and Time of Death World, Today

    Queen Elizabeth died of “old age” at 3:10 p.m. on Sept. 8, the paperwork shows.

  4. In Jumana Manna’s Film, a Wild Plant Crosses the Political Line Arts, Today

    A Palestinian artist explores how Israel’s ban on foraging a spiny vegetable reverberated beyond the kitchen.

  5. German Inflation Soars to Double-Digits for First Time in Decades Business, Today

    Consumer prices rose 10.9 percent in the year through September, much higher than expected, driven by high energy and food prices.

  6. An Italian Maximalist Moves Into a Muted Turin Villa T Magazine, Today

    The tentmaker Guido Toschi brings color and pattern to a 12th-century citadel once occupied by his five great-aunts.

  7. Finland bars Russians from entering as tourists. World, Today

    The long-planned move closes off the last land route into the European Union for people fleeing Russia’s military mobilization effort.

  8. Mary Sidney, Shakespeare and the Authorship Question Arts, Today

    Several Paris theaters geared up to open their seasons with the most famous English playwright. How would the plays be tackled if a woman’s name were attached to them?

  9. Rwanda Genocide Tribunal’s Most Wanted Man Finally Faces Trial World, Today

    Félicien Kabuga lived on the run for 23 years before his arrest in France in 2020. He is accused of backing the groups that oversaw the killing of hundreds of thousands of people in 1994.

  10. Britain’s Gamble on Tax Cuts Has Economists Warning of Past Mistakes U.S., Today

    The International Monetary Fund is just one of the many voices that have criticized a plan to cut rates for high earners.

  11. Wrinkles, Wrinkles Everywhere, but They Look So Good Style, Today

    Dries Van Noten tell the story of us. Plus beauty in imperfection at Undercover and The Row. And Cher at Balmain.

  12. Russian Proxies in Ukraine Push Moscow to Annex Occupied Regions Foreign, Yesterday

    The requests lent an air of formality to a process condemned by the West. They followed sham referendums in four regions in Ukraine that purported to put voters’ stamp of approval on joining Russia.

  13. Yesterday’s Russia Ukraine War News live blog included 11 standalone posts:
  14. Sabotaged Pipelines and a Mystery: Who Did It? (Was It Russia?) Foreign, Yesterday

    An attack on gas lines under the Baltic Sea exposes the vulnerability of an already jittery Europe. Some officials suggested Moscow was to blame, but with little evidence, others urge caution.

  15. Mysterious Blasts and Gas Leaks: What We Know About the Pipeline Breaks in Europe Business, Yesterday

    The leaks, which may amount to as much as a third of Denmark’s annual carbon emissions, expose the vulnerability of critical infrastructure as the war in Ukraine continues.

  16. Pound’s Swoon Echoes Declines in British Power, Past and Present Business, Yesterday

    The Bank of England had to step in Wednesday after markets deemed a new government economic plan unwise, but the pound has been on a longer slide.

  17. Primary Care Doctors, Overwhelmed Letters, Yesterday

    Readers respond to a story about a rural doctor with a heart condition brought on by her work. Also: Italy’s election; the MAGA threat; whales; carriage horses.

  18. ‘Putin Is a Fool’: Intercepted Calls Reveal Russian Army in Disarray Interactive, Yesterday

    In phone calls to friends and relatives at home, Russian soldiers gave damning insider accounts of battlefield failures and civilian executions, excoriating their leaders just weeks into the campaign to take Kyiv.

  19. Protests in Prague Signal a Troubled Winter Ahead in Europe Foreign, Yesterday

    Tens of thousands gathered in the Czech capital for the second such protest in a month, spurred by an energy crisis and rising prices that are affecting countries across Europe.

  20. Russia-backed officials ask Putin to annex Ukrainian regions after referendums widely dismissed as sham. Foreign, Yesterday

    The appeals from Moscow-backed leaders set in motion formalities intended to give Russia’s plans a sheen of legitimacy.

  21. Why experts and officials say the pipeline leaks were no accident (and why many of them are blaming Russia). World, Yesterday

  22. House Hunting in Ireland: Bayside Serenity in County Cork for $1.3 Million Real Estate, Yesterday

    A spate of 2021 sales across Ireland has left a scant supply of homes, with many city dwellers taking their remote work to the country.

  23. To Calm Markets, Bank of England Will Buy Bonds on ‘Whatever Scale Is Necessary’ Business, Yesterday

    The purchases are designed “to restore orderly market conditions,” the central bank said, after days of turmoil that followed the government’s plan for sweeping tax cuts and higher borrowing.

  24. Burberry Names Daniel Lee as Its Chief Creative Officer Styles, Yesterday

    The English designer joins the British luxury label, replacing Riccardo Tisci after months of speculation.

  25. A Vanishing Craft Reappears Styles, Yesterday

    The practice of making pajaki, the Polish folk art created to honor the earth, finds an unexpected revival.

  26. Seven Years of Trump Has the Right Wing Taking the Long View Op Ed, Yesterday

    All is not well with democracy in America.

  27. Read Your Way Through Rome Books, Yesterday

    Igiaba Scego, an author born in Rome to Somali parents, recommends books that draw readers through the rich layers that make up her hometown.

  28. Hoop Skirts and Hoodies Redefined by Dior and Saint Laurent Styles, Yesterday

    Updating the past to communicate a new kind of power.

  29. The top E.U. diplomat says the Nord Stream leaks resulted from ‘a deliberate act.’ Foreign, Yesterday

  30. On Portugal’s ‘Bitcoin Beach,’ Crypto Optimism Still Reigns Business, Yesterday

    In crypto havens such as Meia Praia beach, the confidence in digital currencies remains undimmed even after this summer’s crash.

  31. Pipeline breaks look deliberate, Europeans say, exposing vulnerability in vital energy infrastructure. Business, Yesterday

  32. As Russians Flee, Some Find Draft Notices Waiting at the Border Foreign, September 27

    The Kremlin dispatched federal security forces to frontier border crossings packed with Russian men trying to escape the draft by entering countries like Georgia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

  33. The C.I.A. had warned European governments of potential attacks on pipelines. Foreign, September 27

    The warning was not specific, the officials said, and they declined to say whether Russia was identified as a possible attacker.

  34. Pipeline Breaks Look Deliberate, Europeans Say, Exposing Vulnerability Foreign, September 27

    The leaks in the Nord Stream under the Baltic Sea heightened fears of shortages because of the clash with Russia, and showed how vital infrastructure could be at risk.

  35. The September 27 Russia Ukraine War News live blog included 14 standalone posts:
  36. At the United Nations, Zelensky rails against Russia for trying to ‘steal’ Ukrainian territory. Foreign, September 27

  37. Truss Takes a Bold Economic Gamble. Will It Sink Her Government? Foreign, September 27

    Three weeks into her term, Prime Minister Liz Truss’s financial plans have thrown the markets and Britain’s currency into chaos and put her future in peril.

  38. The number of Russian citizens entering the E.U. has jumped 30 percent since Putin’s call for more troops. Foreign, September 27

  39. For a Deaf Family in Ukraine, the Bombs Came Without Warning Foreign, September 27

    People with disabilities in the country are often isolated and poor, and for those like Antonina Andriyenko and her daughter, Tanya, the fear and confusion of trying to stay safe is a constant struggle.

  40. Why Is the British Pound Getting Pounded? Op Ed, September 27

    One surprising factor may be home mortgages.

  41. British Central Bank Will Have ‘Significant’ Response to Government’s Fiscal Plans Business, September 27

    The Bank of England’s chief economist offered a first glimpse into how it will assess the government’s sweeping package of tax cuts, borrowing and spending.

  42. Opposition Leader Tries to Seize the Moment as Britain’s Financial Woes Mount World, September 27

    Under the governing Conservatives, the markets are down and the pound is under pressure. On Thursday, Kir Starmer, the Labour leader, staked his claim as the guardian of sound fiscal policy.

  43. Opposition Leader Tries to Seize the Moment as Britain’s Financial Woes Mount Foreign, September 27

    Under the governing Conservatives, the markets are down and the pound is under pressure. On Tuesday, Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, staked his claim as the guardian of sound fiscal policy.

  44. The British Pound Is on Parity Watch Business, September 27

    Global markets rebounded on Tuesday, but traders continue to worry about Britain’s risky pro-growth fiscal policies.

  45. Inside a 17th-Century Italian Palace, an Untouched Sanctuary T Style, September 27

    The writer Skye McAlpine’s apartment, part of a storied palazzo in Venice, is filled with layers of history.

  46. Putin is expected to annex parts of Ukraine after referendums end on Tuesday. Foreign, September 27

    The staged votes earned broad international condemnation, and world leaders vowed not to recognize the announced results.

  47. Taken Under Fascism, Spain’s ‘Stolen Babies’ Are Learning the Truth Magazine, September 27

    Thousands of Spanish children were taken from hospitals and sold to wealthy Catholic families. This is Ana Belén Pintado’s story.

  48. Leaks in undersea gas pipelines from Russia to Germany after blasts raise suspicions of sabotage. Foreign, September 27

    The authorities in Germany, Denmark and Sweden are investigating the cause of leaks in two gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea that caused an abrupt drop in pressure on Monday.

  49. Your Tuesday Briefing N Y T Now, September 27

    Europe balks at Italy’s rightward turn.

  50. As referendums end, a declaration of Russian annexation is expected to follow. Foreign, September 27

  51. Italy’s Hard-Right Lurch Raises New Concerns in Washington Washington, September 27

    The Biden administration pledged to work with the country’s new leaders despite worries. Several Republicans hailed the Italian election results.

  52. King Charles Bank Notes Won’t Circulate Until Mid-2024 Business, September 26

    The likenesses of King Charles III and Queen Elizabeth II will be in circulation simultaneously in Britain, the Bank of England said.

  53. Russia Admits to Draft Problems as Anger Flares Into Violence Foreign, September 26

    The Kremlin’s spokesman tried to shift blame for errors in the call-up to regional agencies on Monday, the same day a gunman attacked a draft office in Siberia.

  54. The September 26 Russia Ukraine War News live blog included 9 standalone posts:
  55. White House to Host Macron in Biden’s First State Visit Washington, September 26

    After months of pandemic-related disruptions to President Biden’s diplomatic calendar, the White House is set to welcome the French president in December.

  56. Your Tuesday Briefing: Italy’s Turn to the Right N Y T Now, September 26

    Plus an attack on a Russian draft office and China’s electrical vehicle market soars.

  57. Two Cities, Two Armies: Pivot Points in the Fight in Ukraine’s East Foreign, September 26

    The battle for the critical Donbas region in Ukraine is centered on two strategically important cities: Lyman, held by the Russians, and Bakhmut, held by Ukraine. The fighting over the cities is fierce as both armies race to claim new ground.

  58. Edward Snowden Is Granted Russian Citizenship Foreign, September 26

    Mr. Snowden, a former intelligence contractor, left the United States after giving hundreds of highly classified N.S.A. documents to The Guardian and The Washington Post in 2013.

  59. Russia’s draft is targeting Crimean Tatars and other marginalized groups, according to activists. Foreign, September 26

  60. Key Takeaways From Italy’s Landmark Election Foreign, September 26

    Giorgia Meloni, leader of the hard-right Brothers of Italy, looked set to become prime minister after her party garnered more votes than any other.

  61. Why a Weak British Pound Matters Express, September 26

    Investors briefly sent the pound to a record low against the dollar, which has implications for people and businesses inside and outside Britain.

  62. Victorious Meloni Faces Early Test of Italy’s Resolve on Russia Foreign, September 26

    The hard-right leader Giorgia Meloni has been a full-throated supporter of Ukraine, but her coalition partners have sounded like apologists for Vladimir V. Putin.

  63. Ukrainian Soldier Whose Bracelet Made Him a Symbol Gets Posthumous Honors Foreign, September 26

    Serhiy Sova, 36, was honored as a Hero of Ukraine by President Volodymyr Zelensky. His body was found in a mass grave in Izium.

  64. Putin Ally Acknowledges Founding Wagner Mercenary Group Foreign, September 26

    Yevgeny V. Prigozhin, a Russian businessman and close associate of President Vladimir V. Putin, confirmed his role weeks after he was seen in a recruitment video for the private military company.

  65. European Political Turmoil Roils Global Markets Business, September 26

    Stocks and bonds in Europe and Asia fell on Monday, as did futures in American markets, as developments in Britain and Italy weighed on investors.

  66. British Pound Touches Record Low as Investors Balk at Government’s Tax Plans Business, September 26

    The British currency briefly reached a low point against the U.S. dollar, and statements from the government and central bank did little to steady the markets.

  67. Europe Looks at Italy’s Meloni With Caution and Trepidation Foreign, September 26

    Giorgia Meloni, poised to be the country’s first far-right leader since Mussolini, says she supports Ukraine and has moderated her harsh views on Europe, but there are doubts, given her partners.

  68. At Least 15 Killed in School Shooting in Russia, Including Children Foreign, September 26

    An unidentified gunman entered a school in the city of Izhevsk, killing four adults and 11 children, according to federal investigators.

  69. A recruitment officer was wounded in the latest attack on a Russian draft office. Foreign, September 26

    A gunman opened fire at a draft office in a Siberian town, in what is believed to be the first attack on a military recruitment center since February to result in serious injury.

  70. Giorgia Meloni Is Extreme, but She’s No Tyrant Op Ed, September 26

    She couldn’t turn Italy into Hungary even if she wanted to.

  71. In Milan, an Urge to Walk Tall Styles, September 26

    From Etro to Giuseppe Zanotti, designers have embraced the power of the platform.

  72. Matty Bovan Brings Milan to Life Styles, September 26

    While Armani threads the needle and Ferrari hits a speed bump.

  73. Adams to New York’s 3-K for All: Yes, No, Maybe. Metro, September 26

    There may not be spots for all in the city’s fledgling preschool program for 3-year-olds. Also, a message of endurance in a synagogue’s stained-glass window.

  74. The September 25 Italy Elections live blog included 18 standalone posts:
  75. Russia Begins Mobilizing Ukrainians to Fight Against Their Own Country Foreign, September 25

    Panic and fear flooded the occupied territories as Russian forces rounded up men to fight and forced residents to vote in a staged referendum on joining Russia, Ukrainian officials and rights groups said.

  76. The September 25 Russia Ukraine Putin News live blog included six standalone posts:
  77. Two Americans return home months after being captured fighting in Ukraine. Foreign, September 25

  78. Roger Waters Concert in Poland Called Off After Ukraine Views Prompt Anger Foreign, September 25

    In online exchanges with Ukraines first lady, the Pink Floyd co-founder said Ukraine should seek peace with Russia and blamed the United States for encouraging the conflict.

  79. ‘They are not happy with how we love each other’: Gay parents fear a Meloni victory. Foreign, September 25

    In her election campaign, Giorgia Meloni pledged to oppose surrogacy and adoption by gay couples.

  80. Zelensky urges allies to step up pressure on Putin amid ‘nuclear blackmail.’ Foreign, September 25

  81. Soviet Monuments Become Latest Target of Backlash Against War in Ukraine Foreign, September 25

    Across Eastern and Central Europe, statues honoring Soviet troops for their role in defeating the Nazis in World War II have in recent weeks come down or been slated for demolition.

  82. The U.S. says it has warned Russia of ‘catastrophic consequences’ if it uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Foreign, September 25

  83. Ukraine warns of growing attacks by drones Iran has supplied to Russia. Foreign, September 25

    As Moscow finds itself isolated internationally, and as its arsenal has been depleted in Ukraine, it has turned for military support to countries including Iran.

  84. Germany’s Chancellor Has ‘a Lot’ for Ukraine. But No Battle Tanks. Foreign, September 25

    Military assistance to Kyiv has become something of a litmus test of Olaf Scholz’s ability to lead Europe through its most significant security crisis since World War II.

  85. Hello, fellow kids: Italian politicians turn to TikTok for votes. Foreign, September 25

    Lawmakers set up TikTok accounts to try to reach undecided voters before Sunday’s elections. Hilarity ensued.

  86. Giorgia Meloni Wins Voting in Italy, in Breakthrough for Europe’s Hard Right Foreign, September 25

    Her nationalist party was the top vote-getter, leaving Ms. Meloni poised to be Italy’s first female prime minister and the first with post-Fascist roots.