1. A Hungarian Rapper’s Bandwagon Gets an Unlikely New Rider Foreign, Today

    Azahriah, who has rapped about the joy of cannabis, has shot to fame in Hungary. That may explain why he has been applauded by the country’s conservative leader, Viktor Orban.

  2. ‘Hay días buenos y días malos’: la princesa de Gales habla sobre su cáncer y planes futuros En español, Yesterday

    En un mensaje al público, Catalina dijo que asistiría al desfile de cumpleaños del rey Carlos este fin de semana y afirmó con franqueza que aún no está “fuera de peligro”.

  3. In Milan, a Maximalist Home With a Shower Shaped Like a Bird Cage T Style, Yesterday

    The Italian architect and designer Roberto Gerosa has converted a disused wood shop into a live-work space where his imagination can run wild.

  4. House Tour | Roberto Gerosa Video, Yesterday

    The architect and designer shows off his home and studio in Milan.

  5. Israeli Defense Chief Rebuffs French Effort to End Israel-Hezbollah Fighting Foreign, Yesterday

    The United States, France and other mediators have sought for months to reach an agreement that would stop the tit-for-tat missile strikes over Israel’s border with Lebanon.

  6. Pope Francis Meets Stephen Colbert and Other Comedians at the Vatican Video, Yesterday

    Chris Rock, Jimmy Fallon and Whoopi Goldberg were also among the more than 100 comics who were invited to meet with the pope.

  7. Another Summer to Remember? For Germany: So Far, So Great. Foreign, Yesterday

    A 5-1 thrashing of Scotland in the opening game of Euro 2024 was a good omen for a host nation in search of one.

  8. U.S. Designates Largest Neo-Nazi Group in Sweden as Terrorist Organization Washington, Yesterday

    The Nordic Resistance Movement and three of its leaders were labeled terrorists in a rare move by the State Department targeting white supremacists.

  9. A Tense Debate Erupts at the G7, This Time Over Abortion Rights Foreign, Yesterday

    Wording in the summit’s final statement led to a diplomatic tug of war, primarily between the United States and Italy.

  10. ‘Good Days and Bad Days’: Princess of Wales Gives Update on Cancer Foreign, Yesterday

    In a message to the public, Catherine said she would attend King Charles’s birthday parade this weekend and wrote candidly about “knowing I am not out of the woods yet.”

  11. G7 Agrees to $50 Billion Ukraine Loan Backed by Russian Assets. How Will It Work? Foreign, Yesterday

    The United States and others plan to give the sum to Kyiv, with the interest from Moscow’s assets frozen in the West used to repay it. But many of the details about the arrangement are unclear.

  12. A France in Turmoil Mourns Françoise Hardy, Its Voice of Melancholy Cool Foreign, Yesterday

    An overwhelming outpouring of tributes felt like a quest for some anchor in shared memory.

  13. Putin Makes Cease-Fire Offer With Sweeping Demands on Ukraine’s Territory Foreign, Yesterday

    Ukraine denounced the offer, saying that Mr. Putin was “afraid of real peace.” The Russian leader made the remarks one day before a peace summit organized by Kyiv.

  14. Ukraine Welcomes Pledges of More Military Aid With Cautious Optimism Foreign, Yesterday

    Kyiv signed security pacts with several Western allies this week. Whether they will fundamentally change the course of the war, or endure beyond looming elections elsewhere, is unclear.

  15. Stephen Colbert and Whoopi Goldberg Met the Pope in the Vatican. No Joke. Foreign, Yesterday

    Francis hosted an audience with over 100 comic entertainers, also including Chris Rock, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Conan O’Brien. He said there was much to learn from them.

  16. ‘No Talent Involved’: How Bad TikToks Boosted a Curry House Express, Yesterday

    Urban Tandoor, an Indian restaurant in southwest England, is using terrible music video parodies made by its staff to bring in new and younger guests.

  17. Parisians on TikTok Plead: ‘Don’t Come’ to Paris for the Olympics Styles, Yesterday

    Parisians are using the social media app to vent their displeasure with hosting the Games — and to send warnings to tourists.

  18. Carnage and Contradiction: Examining a Deadly Strike in Rafah Foreign, Yesterday

    Israel said it took care to avoid harming civilians when it targeted two Hamas fighters. An investigation shows civilian casualties were almost inevitable.

  19. Geneviève de Galard, French ‘Angel’ of Dien Bien Phu, Dies at 99 Obits, Yesterday

    A nurse, she tended to the wounded as the French were under fateful attack by Viet Minh forces in 1954. Hailed in France and the U.S., she was given a ticker-tape parade down Broadway.

  20. Here’s Why Ukraine Should Seek Peace Op Ed, Yesterday

    A peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine will stop the killing and in the long run make Ukraine better able to defend itself and democracy.

  21. G7 Leaders, Expanding the Circle, Shift Focus to Migration and the South Foreign, Yesterday

    Leaders from India, Brazil, the Middle East and Africa joined discussions in a nod to the changing global balance of power.

  22. In Picture-Postcard English Villages, a Seismic Political Shift Is Underway Foreign, Yesterday

    As chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt also represents a district where his Conservative Party traditionally counts on rock-solid support. Not anymore.

  23. The Most Important Man in Germany This Month Is Its Soccer Coach Foreign, Yesterday

    Julian Nagelsmann was hired to win a European Championship on home soil. Can he restore a divided nation’s self-esteem at the same time?

  24. Cómo ‘Bridgerton’ hace historia En español, Yesterday

    Descrita por su showrunner como “una fantasía”, la exitosa serie cuenta con un equipo de asesores de historia. ¿Sigue la serie sus consejos? Casi todos.

  25. Will Biden’s Help for Ukraine Come Fast Enough and Last Long Enough? Foreign, June 13

    The president signed a 10-year security pact with Ukraine and promised, with E.U. help, a $50 billion loan. But will the money arrive in time to turn the tide, and will the deal outlast the election in November?

  26. Snap Election in France Sets Off a Wild Week of Politics Foreign, June 13

    President Emmanuel Macron’s sudden call for new parliamentary elections has created chaos on the right and fostered rare unity on the left.

  27. Françoise Hardy, the Ultimate Symbol of ‘French Girl’ Style Style, June 13

    The singer-songwriter, actress and fashion muse, who died this week, inspired obsession in her nonchalance.

  28. La cumbre del G7 en Italia revela la debilidad de la mayoría de los líderes participantes En español, June 13

    A pesar de los desacuerdos sobre el comercio con China o las sanciones rusas, los diplomáticos afirman que los líderes están unidos en torno a Ucrania y los intentos de Biden de negociar un alto al fuego en Gaza.

  29. Japan Commits $4.5 Billion for Ukraine, Zelensky Says Foreign, June 13

    The agreement underscores Japan’s efforts to strengthen its security and diplomatic ties with Europe after the full-scale conflict began in 2022.

  30. The June 13 G7 Summit Italy live blog included 7 standalone posts:
  31. Por primera vez, el papa asistirá a la cumbre del G7 En español, June 13

    Se espera que Francisco se una a los líderes mundiales en la reunión en el sur de Italia para discutir las implicaciones éticas de la inteligencia artificial.

  32. The Aftermath of a U.K. Cyberattack: Blood Shortages and Delayed Operations Express, June 13

    Several London hospitals, still reeling from a cyberattack last week, have made an urgent plea to medical students to help stem the disruption.

  33. Por qué es importante la cumbre del G7 En español, June 13

    Los líderes del Grupo de los 7 suelen tener una visión en común, y sus países representan aproximadamente la mitad de la economía mundial.

  34. Russian Prosecutors Finalize Indictment of Evan Gershkovich Business, June 13

    The Wall Street Journal reporter will be tried on a spying charge in Yekaterinburg, the city where he was arrested more than a year ago. Mr. Gershkovich and his employer have denied the charge.

  35. In a First, Pope Plans to Attend G7 Summit Foreign, June 13

    Francis is expected to join world leaders for the meeting in southern Italy to discuss the ethical implications of artificial intelligence.

  36. What to Know About the G7 Summit, and Why It Matters Foreign, June 13

    The leaders of the Group of 7 nations tend to have a shared overall outlook, and their countries account for about half of the world economy.

  37. A U.S. pact aims to help Ukraine’s military into the future, officials say. Foreign, June 13

    The deal will outline a long-term effort to train and equip Ukraine’s forces, promising to provide more modern weapons and help the Ukrainians build their own self-sustaining military industry that is capable of producing its own arms, U.S. offici...

  38. How ‘Bridgerton’ Makes History Culture, June 13

    Described by its showrunner as “definitely a fantasy,” the hit series relies on a team of historical consultants. Does the show take their advice? Mostly.

  39. Ukraine Stalled Russia Near the Border. This Town Has Paid the Price. Foreign, June 13

    Faced with an assault from the northeast, Ukrainian forces made their stand in Vovchansk. The front line is still there, but little else is.

  40. The Joys and Perils of Return Travel Op Ed, June 13

    You’ve changed, and the place has changed. It exists for you in the past and for a past version of yourself.

  41. The Last Picture Show for Fotografiska Culture, June 13

    It was not a picture-perfect ending for the ambitious private venue, whose building is for sale. The museum is looking for another, with room for pictures and parties.

  42. What Are the Homes in ‘Bridgerton’ Worth? Real Estate, June 13

    As the third season of the Netflix hit resumes, we share some home-value estimates for the luxurious dwellings used as locations.

  43. France Is on the Brink of Something Terrifying Op Ed, June 13

    In calling snap elections, Emmanuel Macron has taken a dangerous gamble.

  44. Janet Yellen: A New Way to Make Russia’s Assets Pay for Ukraine’s Defense and Rebuilding Op Ed, June 13

    The U.S. Treasury secretary explains why America and its allies should unlock the value of Russian capital immobilized at the start of the war to give Ukraine the financing it needs.

  45. Weakened Leaders of the West Gather in Italy to Discuss an Unruly World Foreign, June 13

    The Group of 7 gathers major industrialized countries, but its leaders are politically weak and Ukraine and Gaza remain unsolved.

  46. Tesla’s Nordic Shareholders Seek to Promote Workers’ Rights in Vote Business, June 13

    Tesla mechanics in Sweden have been striking for six months with little movement from their employer. Nordic shareholders hope to change that.

  47. Art Basel Opens to Safe Sales and Fears of a Weaker Market Culture, June 12

    At the prestigious fair, doing business at what one mega-dealer calls a “more human pace” can just mean “slower” for smaller galleries.

  48. Listen to 8 Songs From the Bewitching Françoise Hardy Culture, June 12

    From her start in the yé-yé 1960s to the depths she plumbed as a singer-songwriter, Hardy, who died Tuesday, continued to entrance new generations of listeners.

  49. Defiant Macron Predicts Chaos if France Succumbs to Extremes Foreign, June 12

    The French president called on people of good will to come together to defend the Republic in the snap election he decided to call.

  50. Acusan al papa Francisco de usar un insulto homofóbico otra vez En español, June 12

    Dos agencias de noticias italianas dijeron que el pontífice usó el término el martes, en una reunión con sacerdotes. El mes pasado fue acusado de usar la misma palabra mientras hablaba con obispos.

  51. In Wake of Election Defeat, Germany’s Weakened Leader Will Slog On Foreign, June 12

    Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his governing coalition emerged battered from the vote for the European Parliament. But a snap election seems unlikely.

  52. Greece Closes Schools and Acropolis as Possible Record Heat Is Forecast Foreign, June 12

    Concerns are also growing for two foreign hikers who have gone missing on Greek islands amid the soaring temperatures.

  53. Three Men Convicted in Murder of Dutch Journalist Express, June 12

    A Dutch court sentenced the men to prison for more than 25 years on Wednesday in the killing of Peter R. de Vries, whose daylight murder in 2021 rattled Europe.

  54. Denmark’s Prime Minister Says She’s ‘Not Quite Myself’ After Assault Express, June 12

    Mette Frederiksen said she was working but still recovering, days after being punched in a busy square in Copenhagen.

  55. What to Know About Europe’s Extra Tariffs on Chinese Electric Cars Business, June 12

    The tariffs had been expected for months, but many European automakers warned that they would drive up prices for consumers and set off a trade war with China.

  56. The Force Shaping Western Politics N Y T Now, June 12

    We cover immigration’s role in European and U.S. politics.

  57. European Union Hits E.V.s From China With Extra Tariffs Up to 38% Business, June 12

    Leaders in Brussels, Washington and beyond are trying to curb China’s automobile ambitions amid rising trade tensions and fears of a glut of Chinese cars flooding global markets.

  58. Ukraine Says It Shot Down Most of a Russian Missile and Drone Barrage Foreign, June 12

    Drawing on replenished supplies, Ukraine used mostly Western-provided air defense systems to deter the overnight assault.

  59. At the G7, Biden Will Push for Frozen Russian Assets to Help Ukraine Washington, June 12

    President Biden faces the hurdle of convincing his allies that the United States plans to stay in the fight with Ukraine, no matter what happens in November.

  60. Every Dollar Counts. To Pay for the War, Ukraine Embraces Privatization Foreign, June 12

    The government hopes to sell off a range of companies to fund the military and stabilize the economy as the grueling conflict with Russia drains its coffers.

  61. ‘Just Disillusioned’: How U.K. Conservatives Lost a New Heartland Foreign, June 12

    At Britain’s last election, the Tories laid claim to a swath of postindustrial England. Now voters there are returning to Labour, and the insurgent Reform U.K. is also rising.

  62. Pope Francis Is Accused of Using a Homophobic Slur Again Foreign, June 12

    Two prominent Italian news agencies said the pontiff used the term on Tuesday during a meeting with priests, after he was accused of uttering the same word last month while speaking with Italian bishops.

  63. At D-Day Ceremonies, Thinking of One Veteran Who Wouldn’t Return Summary, June 11

    While covering the 80th anniversary of the Allied invasion in northern France, a Times reporter remembers a family member.

  64. Macron’s Call for Elections in France Adds to Fears of Financial Woes Business, June 11

    Moody’s ratings agency warned of a downgrade on French debt, saying the move could worsen France’s finances by creating “a polarized political environment.”

  65. A Textile Company That Wants You to Feel at Home Styles, June 11

    For its first U.S. store, Nordic Knots is meant to feel like the opposite of a design studio.

  66. France in Shock as Conservative Leader Embraces Far Right Foreign, June 11

    The announcement by the head of the Republicans was a historic break with his party’s policy as dismay spread over a snap election.

  67. Seeking Safety in Cyprus, They’re Stuck in Island’s U.N. Buffer Zone Foreign, June 11

    Nearly 30 people who hoped to seek refuge in the European Union nation are in limbo after trying to cross from the Turkish-occupied part of the island. Many are Syrians who left Lebanon.

  68. When Vienna’s Opera Tradition Got Too Traditional, They Stepped In Arts & Leisure, June 11

    Bogdan Roscic and Lotte de Beer are shaking the dust off Vienna’s two biggest repertory companies.

  69. Is Serifos the Perfect Greek Island? Travel, June 11

    A writer’s checklist included ferry service, great beaches and good local restaurants. Add rich history, a welcoming population and proximity to other islands. The mythical cave of the Cyclops was gravy.

  70. Desayunar vino, ponerse una armadura de 23 kilos e ir al campo de batalla En español, June 11

    Investigadores en Grecia reclutaron a marines para determinar si la armadura de Dendra, usada por los micénicos hace unos 3500 años, podía resistir el combate

  71. Buoyed by Election, Meloni Basks in Spotlight as Italy Hosts G7 Foreign, June 11

    The Italian prime minister was a rare leader to be fortified by the vote for the European Parliament. This week she has a chance to show her influence on an even broader stage.

  72. Bannon and Others on the Right Celebrate European Parliament Elections Politics, June 10

    A far-right wave did not fully materialize in Europe, but influential figures on the right nevertheless sought to tie the results to U.S. politics.

  73. Reconstruction Official Resigns, Highlighting Tensions in Ukraine Foreign, June 10

    The departure of the official, who had pointed up mismanagement of funds, was a blow to government efforts to assuage allies’ concerns about how aid is spent.

  74. No One Told the Cows Not to Lick the Artwork Culture, June 10

    The Basel Social Club is a rebellious alternative to the more buttoned-up art fair that descends on the Swiss city of Basel each year.

  75. In Germany, Far-Right Party Rises to 2nd Place in E.U. Election Foreign, June 10

    The AfD’s gains were a sharp rebuke to Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s governing coalition and a sign of the rightward political shift across the continent.

  76. Russia Releases Female Prison Inmates to Join Ukraine War Foreign, June 10

    Tens of thousands of male convicts have been freed to fight in Ukraine. It is not clear if a small contingent of female volunteers released from a prison portends wider use of female soldiers.

  77. Macron llama a elecciones anticipadas: esto hay que saber En español, June 10

    El presidente Emmanuel Macron convocó por sorpresa a nuevas elecciones en la cámara baja del Parlamento francés.

  78. In Calling Elections in France, Macron Makes a Huge Gamble Foreign, June 10

    The president has challenged voters to test the sincerity of their support for the far right in European elections. Were the French letting off steam, or did they really mean it?

  79. What to Know About France’s Snap Parliamentary Elections Foreign, June 10

    President Emmanuel Macron’s surprise call for new elections in France’s lower house of Parliament is seen as a gamble.

  80. Sunny Days in Moscow Foreign, June 10

    A single image of a blustery day in wartime Moscow captures the feeling of triumph sweeping through the Russia.

  81. Their City Has a Plaque From Putin. They Want Zelensky to Tear It Down. Foreign, June 10

    Some residents of Bari, Italy, hope Ukraine’s president will drop by while at a nearby summit to help rid them of a memento of links with Russia.

  82. Strasbourg for Book Lovers Travel, June 10

    Bibliophiles will find plenty of centuries-old tomes, graphic novels, modern works and more in this French city, which also happens to be this year’s UNESCO World Book Capital.

  83. European Parliament Elections: Key Takeaways Foreign, June 10

    The voting across 27 members of the European Union was a gauge of popular political sentiment at an unsettling moment on the continent. The right did well, but the center held.

  84. Flemish Nationalists Thwart Ascent of Secessionist Party in Belgian Elections Foreign, June 9

    The New Flemish Alliance’s victory will bring relief to the country’s political establishment, which had long been bracing for a victory by the far-right party Vlaams Belang.

  85. Battered by Far Right in E.U. Vote, Macron Calls for New Elections in France Foreign, June 9

    The president’s decision, on the eve of the summer Olympic Games that begin in Paris in July, ushered in a period of deep political uncertainty in France.

  86. In E.U. Elections, the Center Holds, but the Far Right Still Wreaks Havoc Foreign, June 9

    Voters in the European Union delivered strong gains to anti-immigrant, nationalist parties, challenging leaders in Germany and France, and unsettling the political establishment.

  87. Biden Visits a Military Cemetery in France That Trump Once Snubbed Foreign, June 9

    President Biden wrapped up a five-day trip by visiting a cemetery for American soldiers killed in World War I that Donald J. Trump skipped during a similar trip in 2018.

  88. European Union 2024 Parliament Election Results Interactive, June 9

    See totals and national results from the 2024 E.U. parliament elections.

  89. El novio, la novia y las lechuzas. Una tendencia nupcial británica En español, June 9

    El uso de aves rapaces para entregar los anillos es cada vez más popular en las ceremonias británicas.

  90. Ukrainian Activist Traces Roots of War in ‘Centuries of Russian Colonization’ Foreign, June 9

    One Ukrainian researcher and podcaster is a leading voice in efforts to rethink Ukrainian-Russian relations through the prism of colonialism.

  91. British TV Doctor Michael Mosley Found Dead in Greece Express, June 9

    Dr. Mosley, a British medical journalist and documentary maker, disappeared last week while on a trip on the Greek island of Symi.

  92. El hombre que no podía dejar de ir a la universidad Magazine, June 9

    Benjamin B. Bolger ha pasado toda su vida acumulando títulos académicos. ¿Qué podemos aprender de él?

  93. The E.U. Votes: What We’re Watching For Foreign, June 9

    The main things to know as voters in 27 countries head to the ballot box to shape the next five years of European Union policies.

  94. French-American Friendship in Four Courses Foreign, June 9

    Under Emmanuel Macron, “culinary diplomacy” is back on the menu, with a lavish dinner fortifying an old alliance at a tense historical moment.

  95. Sigmund Rolat, Who Used His Wealth to Memorialize Polish Jews, Dies at 93 Obits, June 8

    A Holocaust survivor and a shipping financier, he returned to his home country, where his parents and brother perished, to help build a museum and other memorials.

  96. La política en Europa está volviendo a la vida En español, June 8

    En medio de las elecciones europeas, el interés en la política aumentó en el continente por el avance de la extrema derecha y el hecho de que la UE ya no está rodeado de un “círculo de amigos”.

  97. Biden and Macron Talk Togetherness, With No Mention of Discord Over Gaza Foreign, June 8

    The two presidents, in a brief appearance before reporters, declined to take questions, in a departure from tradition.

  98. Jürgen Moltmann, Theologian Who Confronted Auschwitz, Is Dead at 98 Obits, June 8

    He drew on his experiences as a German soldier during World War II to construct transformative ideas about God, Jesus and salvation.

  99. The British Aren’t Coming. They’re Here. Business, June 8

    As a historic presidential election looms, several of America’s largest and most powerful newsrooms are now being led by English journalists. Why?

  100. Energy Drinks Boost Ukraine’s Soldiers, and Its Economy Foreign, June 8

    Cans packed with caffeine and branded with patriotic machismo have become an essential antidote to the stresses of war.

  101. Inside a Factory Where a Home Is Made Every 30 Minutes Video, June 8

    The U.S. once looked to offsite construction as an efficient way to build lots of housing and drive down costs. Sweden has embraced the idea and put it into practice. Francesca Mari, a contributor to The New York Times, breaks down the process.

  102. How an American Dream of Housing Became a Reality in Sweden Headway, June 8

    The U.S. once looked to modular construction as an efficient way to build lots of housing at scale, but Sweden picked up the idea and put it into practice

  103. Macron Hosts Biden in Paris, Honoring a Not Always Easy Bond Foreign, June 8

    The friendship between France and the U.S. endures. But tensions have mounted over the wars in Gaza and Ukraine, and how Europe can step out of America’s shadow.

  104. Jordan Bardella, the New Face of France’s Surging Right Foreign, June 8

    Charismatic and clean cut, shorn of the Le Pen name, the young National Rally leader took his party to its blockbuster showing in European elections on Sunday.

  105. ‘The Bachelor,’ but Make It Belgian Politics Foreign, June 8

    A reality show called “The Conclave” put Belgium’s political rivals together in a medieval château for a weekend. Can they put aside their differences and help keep the country from coming apart?

  106. Washington Post Shake-Up Brings Fresh Eyes to an Old Scandal Foreign, June 8

    The newspaper’s new publisher argued against coverage of British phone hacking. Instead, he has invited renewed scrutiny.

  107. Denmark’s Prime Minister Is Attacked in Copenhagen Square Foreign, June 7

    Mette Frederiksen, who has led the country since 2019, was “beaten,” her office said. The police said an arrest had been made, but a motive was unclear.

  108. They Sang, They Cheered, They Bravo’ed: Italy Is Hailed as Home of Opera Foreign, June 7

    A star-studded concert pulled out all the stops to celebrate one of the country’s most important art forms.

  109. Jeannette Charles, Who Doubled for the Queen, Is Dead at 96 Obits, June 7

    She bore a startling resemblance to Elizabeth II. In “The Naked Gun” and other movies, and in comedy sketches on TV, she wore the crown lightly.

  110. U.S. Fund for Nuclear Radiation Victims Set to Expire Amid Impasse in Congress Washington, June 7

    Lawmakers are looking for a way to extend the program to compensate victims of government-caused nuclear contamination who fell ill, and some are seeking to expand it.

  111. 3.75% Sunday Business, June 7

    The European Central Bank’s new interest rate, its first cut in five years.

  112. Team Ownership Rules Complicate a Soccer Star’s Next Move Sports, June 7

    The rise of multiclub networks introduced a web of conflicts to European soccer, and could block a young Brazilian’s heralded transfer to Manchester City.

  113. England’s Social Event of the Year: The Duke of Westminster’s Wedding Styles, June 7

    Hugh Grosvenor, the seventh Duke of Westminster, married Olivia Henson today at the Chester Cathedral in Chester, England, with Prince William serving as usher.

  114. A Premier League Fight Intrudes on Euro 2024 Sports, June 7

    The European Championship starts in a week. So why are the headlines about Manchester City?

  115. British Leader Apologizes for Leaving D-Day Commemoration Early Foreign, June 7

    Prime Minister Rishi Sunak conceded that he made a major public relations misstep in the heat of a general election campaign.

  116. As Fighting Rages in Ukraine, a Struggle Is On for Artillery Supremacy Foreign, June 7

    Ukrainian forces say U.S. shells are making a difference. Across the border, they say, Russia is trying to get its artillery nearer targets like the city of Kharkiv.

  117. ‘Convergence of Anger’ Drives Disinformation Around E.U. Elections Business, June 7

    False narratives and conspiracy theories about climate change, immigration and Ukraine are spreading via politicians and foreign operatives.

  118. $950,000 Homes in Bordeaux, France Real Estate, June 7

    Two apartments and a single-family villa in and around the port city on the river Garonne, in southwestern France.

  119. U.S. Confronts Failures as Terrorism Spreads in West Africa Washington, June 7

    American and French forces have been ordered out of several countries after a series of coups.

  120. Summer of Dupes: Alternatives in the Aegean Travel, June 7

    Between Turkey and Greece, there are plenty of spectacular spots for a seaside vacation. So why not go beyond the usual suspects? Here are five lesser-known choices.

  121. From the I.R.A. to the Principal’s Office, a Life’s Evolution Echoes Belfast’s Foreign, June 7

    Jim McCann was an I.R.A. member who, convicted of attempted murder, spent 18 years in jail. Now, he’s an educator, and his turn away from violence mirrors Northern Ireland’s embrace of peace.

  122. Biden Straddles the Patriotic and the Political in Speech at Normandy Foreign, June 7

    The president said “echoes of 1944 are summoning us” during his address that honored the valor of D-Day fighters.

  123. In New Caledonia, ‘No Confidence’ With France After Violent Protests Foreign, June 7

    An uneasy stalemate exists in the South Pacific territory as Paris continues to enforce a nightly curfew and a ban on the sale of alcohol.

  124. For the First French Town Liberated on D-Day, History Is Personal Foreign, June 7

    Some aging residents of Ste.-Mère-Église in Normandy can still recall the American paratroopers who dropped into their backyard. It’s been a love affair ever since.

  125. The E.U. Is Voting. It’s Never Mattered More. Foreign, June 7

    Hundreds of millions of voters are electing a European Parliament this weekend. The outcome will help tip the balance of the continent’s struggle between unity and nationalism.

  126. Between the Offensives: Images From a Journey in Ukraine’s Borderland Foreign, June 7

    Photographs from two trips along Ukraine’s northeastern border regions, in the months before Russia renewed an offensive there, reveal loss and transformation.

  127. The June 6 Israel Gaza War Hamas live blog included one standalone post:
  128. Zelensky Shares Emotional Moment With U.S. Veteran at D-Day Ceremony Express, June 6

    The veteran, Melvin Hurwitz, embraced the Ukrainian president and called him “the savior of the people.” Mr. Zelensky told Mr. Hurwitz that he and his fellow World War II veterans had “saved Europe.”

  129. Mexico’s Presidents Get Only One Term. Is That a Good Thing? Foreign, June 6

    Examining the rare one-term presidential limit.

  130. Forty Years Later, Biden Seeks to Echo Reagan’s Legacy of American Leadership Washington, June 6

    At Pointe du Hoc in Normandy, President Biden plans to follow one of the former president’s most iconic speeches with his own testimonial to democracy and the need to resist isolationism.

  131. Washington Post C.E.O. Promised Interview for Ignoring Scandal, NPR Reporter Says Business, June 6

    David Folkenflik of NPR wrote that the offer, in exchange for agreeing to stop his coverage of a phone hacking scandal, was made “repeatedly — and heatedly.”

  132. The June 6 Thepoint live blog included one standalone post:
  133. Russia Detains a French National Suspected of Collecting Military Data Foreign, June 6

    The detention is the latest in a series in which foreigners have been arrested or held against their will in Russia, exacerbating tensions with the West.

  134. Search Underway in Greece for British TV Doctor Michael Mosley Express, June 6

    Mr. Mosley, a popular science journalist, disappeared while on a walk on the Greek island of Symi. He was last seen at a bus stop on Wednesday afternoon.

  135. Did a Group of Irish Tweens Write the Song of Summer? Styles, June 6

    Think you can stop what they do? I doubt it.

  136. In Paris, Using Dance to Uncover Hidden History Weekend, June 6

    Benjamin Millepied, an organizer of La Ville Dansée — a daylong event in Paris and its environs — wants “to tell the invisible stories of the city.”

  137. Have Wine for Breakfast, Put On a 51-Pound Suit and Get to the Battlefield Express, June 6

    Greek soldiers recreated ancient life conditions in a study to determine if the Dendra panoply, armor used by the Mycenaeans some 3,500 years ago, could stand up to combat. Study authors found it did.

  138. European Central Bank Cuts Interest Rates for the First Time Since 2019 Business, June 6

    The quarter-point reduction comes as inflation in the eurozone cools, prompting the E.C.B. to move before the Federal Reserve in the United States, where rates remain high.

  139. Court Delays Trump’s Georgia Case, and U.N. Warns of ‘Climate Hell’ Podcasts, June 6

    Plus, inside a base where Israel has detained Gazans.

  140. How a Climate Backlash Influenced Campaigning in Europe Climate, June 6

    After years of political consensus on the transition to cleaner energy, a ‘greenlash’ began bubbling up as prices rose and right-wing candidates gained ground.

  141. Bombed and Bruised, a City Braces for Another Russian Onslaught Foreign, June 6

    Residents of Sumy, in northeastern Ukraine, repelled Moscow’s forces in 2022. Now, after months of punishing airstrikes, Ukrainian officials say the Kremlin is preparing a new offensive.

  142. Train Crash in Czech Republic Kills 4 and Injures More Than 20 Foreign, June 6

    The passenger train was traveling overnight when it hit a freight train.

  143. La economía de Europa está rezagada. ¿Podrá alcanzar a EE. UU. y China? En español, June 6

    Una “crisis de competitividad” enciende las alarmas de funcionarios y empresarios de la Unión Europea, donde la inversión, los ingresos y la productividad siguen decayendo.

  144. It May Be Scary, but Europe Is Coming to Life Op Ed, June 6

    The European Union’s democratic deficit is slowly beginning to evaporate.