1. Battles Rage as Ukraine Tries to Retake Russian-Occupied Territory World, Today

    Military analysts and U.S. officials said it was too soon to judge the success of Ukraine’s offensive, which is looking for weaknesses to exploit, in the face of fierce resistance.

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  3. Britain Limits Use of Puberty-Blocking Drugs to Research Only Health, Today

    The change is part of a broader push in several countries to limit gender-related medical treatments for young people.

  4. Boris Johnson Resigns From Parliament World, Today

    The former prime minister quit after getting a confidential report about whether he had lied to lawmakers about lockdown-breaking parties.

  5. Pope Francis and Silvio Berlusconi Both Hospitalized in Italy World, Today

    The health conditions of two of Italy’s most prominent octogenarians have in recent years often kept the country in suspense.

  6. Their Crypto Company Collapsed. They Went to Bali. Technology, Today

    The implosion of Three Arrows Capital, a cryptocurrency hedge fund, devastated the industry. Its two founders spent the next year surfing, meditating and traveling the world.

  7. In Serbia, a Strongman Under Fire Hails Himself as Defender of the Nation World, Today

    President Aleksandar Vucic, who has been the target of protests in Belgrade, has been playing up his role defending Serbs in Kosovo, where tensions have recently flared.

  8. A drone factory that Iran is helping Russia build could be operational next year, the U.S. says. World, Today

    Washington is trying to raise the pressure on Tehran and make it more difficult to complete the work on the factory, which would enable Russia’s military to produce drones domestically.

  9. U.S. Official Says Spy Satellites Detected Explosion Just Before Dam Collapse World, Today

    U.S. spy agencies still do not have any solid evidence to determine who caused the destruction, the senior administration official said.

  10. Macron Meets Victims and ‘Backpack Hero’ After Stabbing Attack in France World, Today

    Two adults and four children were injured in the assault, which shocked the country and could have been worse if not for the intervention of a 24-year-old man known only as Henri.

  11. Sweden says it will allow NATO troops on its soil even before joining the alliance World, Today

    NATO is more optimistic that Turkey will approve Sweden’s membership before or soon after an alliance summit next month.

  12. Dam’s Destruction Reshapes Ukraine, but Not Arc of the War World, Today

    The main thrust of the Ukrainian counteroffensive is expected in the Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk regions, not along the Dnipro River, where the fighting quickly resumed after the disaster.

  13. Can He Fix ‘Palace of Scaffolding’ in Time for Belgium’s 200th Birthday? World, Today

    For an architect trying to renovate his beloved but crumbling Palace of Justice in Brussels, once the largest building in the world, the design challenges pale compared with the political ones.

  14. This Is Ischia’s Moment in the Sun Travel, Today

    The Italian island, long in the shadow of its fashionable neighbor, Capri, is newly chic, but remains deeply authentic, with rocky harbors more likely to dock fishing boats than megayachts.

  15. Ukraine Mounts Multiple Attacks on Russian Occupiers World, Yesterday

    The assaults, with Western tanks and armored vehicles, appear to mark a long-awaited counteroffensive that Ukraine hopes will retake territory and shore up allies’ resolve to keep supplying weapons.

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  17. Zelensky Visits Ukraine’s Flood Zone, Where Residents See ‘Horror’ Float By World, Yesterday

    President Volodymyr Zelensky traveled to the city of Kherson, trying to rally rescue crews. Russian forces shelled the city not long after his visit.

  18. Biden Announces New Economic Agreement With the U.K. Video, Yesterday

    President Biden and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of Britain said the new plan would strengthen economic ties between the two countries.

  19. How a Cracked Phone App Upended a Crime-Ridden Balkan State World, Yesterday

    Evidence found in encrypted messages helped speed the fall of Milo Djukanovic in Montenegro. His successor, Jakov Milatovic, says he plans to clean up the country.

  20. Kherson is hit by Russian shelling hours after a Zelensky visit. World, Yesterday

    Ukraine’s interior ministry said that eight people were injured in an attack near an evacuation point where medics, emergency workers and rescue teams have been gathering.

  21. Smoke from the wildfires stretches across the Atlantic to Norway. World, Yesterday

    Scientists in Norway have observed the effects of the fires, some of which have been burning for weeks.

  22. Pope Francis Is Doing Well After Abdominal Surgery, Vatican Says World, Yesterday

    The 86-year old pontiff had a “day of rest” after hernia surgery, and was able to take communion in his room, the Vatican said.

  23. Ukraine on the Attack in the South in What a U.S. Official Says Appears to Be a Main Thrust in Counteroffensive World, Yesterday

    A senior U.S. official said that fighting intensified overnight near Zaporizhzhia days after an attack farther east prompted claims the push had begun.

  24. The Eurozone Slipped Into a Mild Recession Early in the Year Business, Yesterday

    A weak recovery has been underway since then, but growth is expected to remain tepid for the remainder of the year.

  25. Satellite Images Show Scale of Flooding From Ukraine Dam Collapse World, Yesterday

    Photographs released by Planet Lab offer some of the clearest glimpses yet of the situation in cities and villages downstream from the destroyed Kakhovka dam in Ukraine.

  26. Stabbing in France Critically Injures 4 Children, Shocking Country World, Yesterday

    A local prosecutor said there was “no apparent sign of a terrorist motive” after a knife-wielding man violently assaulted people in a park in the southeastern city of Annecy.

  27. The Man Who Turned the World on to the Genius of Fungi Magazine, Yesterday

    A vast fungal web braids together life on Earth. Merlin Sheldrake wants to help us see it.

  28. For Hurvin Anderson, the Barbershop Is Haven and Inspiration Arts, Yesterday

    Over nearly two decades, the British artist has painted the same shop interiors again and again. A new exhibition in England tracks how his approach has changed.

  29. Cross-Border Skirmishes Heighten Anxiety for Ukrainian Villagers World, Yesterday

    Even as new attacks have brought the war into Russia, the Russians have responded with force, raising the threat for the few civilians left in towns along the border.

  30. Biden and Sunak Set to Discuss the Economy, A.I. and Ukraine U.S., Yesterday

    The U.K. prime minister is under pressure to establish post-Brexit Britain as a reliable global player and is looking to strengthen economic ties.

  31. 36 Hours in Split, Croatia Interactive, Yesterday

    This Croatian port city is fueled by long seafood lunches, ancient traditions and wine-filled evenings.

  32. Disaster Upon Disaster: Flood Deepens Misery in Ukraine War Zone World, June 7

    “We were getting used to the shelling, but I’ve never seen a situation like this,” said one woman rescued in Kherson after a dam upstream was destroyed.

  33. Floodwaters Engulf Front Line in Ukraine War World, June 7

    As rescue efforts plucked people from rooftops, and offered fresh water and shelter, Turkey’s president called for an international investigation into what caused a dam to fail.

  34. Prince Harry Has His Say in Court After 7 Hours of Intense Questioning World, June 7

    Prince Harry ended his testimony in his trial against a newspaper group. “For my whole life, the press have misled about me and covered up their wrongdoing,” he said.

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  36. Sunak to Talk Tech With Biden, but the War in Ukraine Is Likely to Surface World, June 7

    While economic corporation the challenges posed by artificial intelligence are on the agenda, Russia’s invasion presents immediate threats.

  37. The Stars Are Shooting Again on the Tiber Movies, June 7

    Rome’s fabled Cinecittà movie studios are as full as they’ve ever been, as productions come for the tax incentives, high production values and Italian glamour.

  38. Turkey’s Lira Falls to New Low as a New Economic Policy Forms Business, June 7

    The lira plunged 7 percent against the U.S. dollar, as a new finance minister promising “rational” economic policy takes charge

  39. What We Learned From Prince Harry’s Second Day of Testimony World, June 7

    Harry’s testimony was part of the lawsuit that he and three other plaintiffs have brought against three Mirror titles. The newspaper group has denied wrongdoing.

  40. Prince Harry, Phone Hacking Avenger Style, June 7

    He has his own supersuit for the trial.

  41. Defendant in Rwanda Genocide Found Unfit to Stand Trial World, June 7

    Judges at a special U.N. tribunal said they would create a procedure to allow them to hear evidence in the case against Félicien Kabuga, who has dementia, without the possibility of a conviction.

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  43. ‘It just keeps coming’: Rescuers reach an inundated neighborhood to find fetid water and exhausted people. World, June 7

    Low-lying areas of Kherson were a panorama of water and floating debris. One man stood on a cabinet in his living room waiting for hours for help.

  44. The June 7 Prince Harry Court Phone Hacking live blog included three standalone posts:
  45. Turned Away and Left at Sea The Daily, June 7

    How a video sent to The Times exposed what happened to migrants in Greece.

  46. Pope Francis Is Out of Surgery With ‘No Complications,’ Vatican Says World, June 7

    The 86-year-old pontiff had the medical procedure to treat a hernia.

  47. Europeans Now See Russia as an Adversary, but Not China World, June 7

    An extensive poll of 11 European countries finds citizens less eager for competition and rivalry with China than Washington — or European elites — have become.

  48. Internal Blast Probably Breached Ukraine Dam, Experts Say (Cautiously) World, June 6

    With Russia and Ukraine blaming each other for the collapse of the Kakhovka dam, experts say that an external attack or even structural failure might explain the disaster, but that it is not likely.

  49. Destroyed Ukrainian Dam Floods War Zone and Forces Residents to Flee World, June 6

    Experts suspect an explosion collapsed the dam on the Dnipro River. Kyiv and Moscow blamed each other, and residents downstream were forced to evacuate to escape the cascading waves.

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  51. Your Wednesday Briefing: A Dam Destroyed in Ukraine Briefing, June 6

    Also, a victory for the Saudi-backed golf tour.

  52. Prince Harry, in Dramatic Testimony, Says Journalists Have ‘Blood on Their Hands’ World, June 6

    In a remarkable court scene, the prince took the stand for five hours to make his case that his phone was hacked by a newspaper group, as a lawyer for the defense grilled him about his claims.

  53. As Water From Destroyed Dam Rises, Ukrainians Face a Fresh New Horror World, June 6

    Many Ukrainians have learned to live with occupation and shelling. On Tuesday a new menace began lapping at their doors.

  54. Takeaways From Prince Harry’s First Day of Testimony Against U.K. Tabloids World, June 6

    The self-exiled British prince did not mince words as he finally got his day in court.

  55. What It’s Like to Play Putin in ‘Patriots’ Theater, June 6

    Will Keen embodies Russia’s president in a West End production. “It’s been fascinating how the perception of him and the play keep changing,” he said.

  56. Françoise Gilot, Artist in the Shadow of Picasso, Is Dead at 101 Arts, June 6

    An accomplished painter (and memoirist) in her own right, she was long his lover until she did what no other mistress of his had ever done: She walked out.

  57. The June 6 Prince Harry Court Phone Hacking live blog included 7 standalone posts:
  58. Prince Harry Says Tabloid Intrusion Caused His Chelsy Davy Breakup World, June 6

    In written testimony, the prince said his and Ms. Davy’s phones were repeatedly hacked while the two were dating.

  59. French March in New Pension Protests, but Are They a Final Stand? World, June 6

    After months of widespread protests failed to budge the government, opponents acknowledge that the chances of turning the tide now are slim.

  60. Destruction of Dam Causes Flooding in Southern Ukraine Video, June 6

    Videos verified by The New York Times show downstream flooding after the destruction of the Kakhovka dam and hydroelectric plant on the Dnipro River.

  61. Read Prince Harry’s Written Statement to the Court World, June 6

    Prince Harry’s lawyers filed a statement with the High Court in London before he took the stand in his lawsuit against the Mirror newspaper group.

  62. Read Prince Harry’s written statement. Interactive, June 6

    Statement by Prince Harry in his lawsuit against Mirror Group Newspapers.

  63. Prince Harry Takes on Tabloids, but U.K. Media Already Forced to Turn the Page World, June 6

    The U.K. news landscape has shifted since the prince says he was hacked more than a decade ago, with hefty legal settlements, prison time for journalists and the threat of regulation forcing change.

  64. Storming a Trench Is Treacherous Business. Here’s How It’s Done. World, June 6

    Assaults on trenches can be stealthy, or deafeningly loud. Either way, they are nerve-racking. Here’s how one Ukrainian unit says it carried out a successful attack earlier this month.

  65. A Scrapbook Offers a Material Glimpse of Another World Books, June 6

    “The Dress Diary” is an intimate record of one wardrobe — and its era.

  66. Canvas of Clay Interactive, June 6

    The iconic courts at Roland Garros can tell the tale of a match if you look closely enough.

  67. Who is leading Prince Harry’s legal team? World, June 6

    The lawyer leading the courtroom arguments, David Sherborne, has taken on Britain’s tabloid press several times.

  68. Ukraine Dam Disaster: What We Know World, June 6

    A dam in southern Ukraine was split in half, but it is unclear who caused the damage. Thousands are being evacuated as dangerous volumes of water gush downstream.

  69. D-Day’s Historic Beaches Face a New Onslaught: Rising Seas World, June 6

    As climate change speeds coastal erosion in France, can memory be preserved if the famous landing sites of the Allied invasion disappear?

  70. Poland Isn’t the Friend the West Thinks It Is Opinion, June 6

    Illiberalism in the country is alive and well.

  71. Critical Dam in Southern Ukraine Destroyed Video, June 6

    Video verified by The New York Times shows a significant volume of water flowing freely through a destroyed dam and power plant in Nova Kakhovka, Ukraine, posing a threat to communities and infrastructure along the waterway.

  72. Prince Harry Puts Britain’s Press on Trial World, June 6

    The prince is getting his day in court as he takes on the tabloids that scrutinized his every move for years, even hacking his phone.

  73. As Ukrainian Attacks Surge, U.S. Officials See Signs of Counteroffensive World, June 5

    Kyiv has not formally announced the start of operations. But on Tuesday, Ukraine said the Russians had blown up a dam on the Dnipro River, potentially imperiling residents and the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant.

  74. Fake Putin Speech Calling for Martial Law Aired in Russia World, June 5

    The Kremlin said it was investigating what it called a “hack” after a bogus speech aired on some radio and television networks.

  75. The June 5 Russia Ukraine News live blog included 8 standalone posts:
  76. Poland Rejects E.U. Ruling, Restarting a European Feud World, June 5

    Poland’s justice minister called the E.U. court of justice “corrupt,” after it ruled a judicial overhaul was illegal. He vowed not to comply, though that could cost Poland billions.

  77. Real Solutions to Reduce Plastics Pollution Opinion, June 5

    Two environmental organizations criticize the approach offered in an essay. Also: Trump’s MAGA army; Erdogan’s victory; canned music; A.I.; social media.

  78. El príncipe Enrique testificará en un caso de hackeo y la realeza se prepara para el disgusto En español, June 5

    Se espera un espectáculo mediático mientras el duque de Sussex se prepara para subir al estrado y señalar a los tabloides de un grupo periodístico de haber invadido su privacidad ilegalmente.

  79. Queen Victoria’s Son Was the Last British Royal to Testify in Court World, June 5

    Prince Harry’s expected courtroom testimony this week will be the first time that a prominent member of Britain’s royal family has been cross-examined in over 130 years.

  80. This Famous ‘Spy’ Whale Likes People. That Could Be a Problem. World, June 5

    A beluga whale named Hvaldimir was first spotted in 2019 wearing what looked like a camera harness. He has recently been moving toward busier waters, prompting fears for his safety.

  81. As Assad’s Isolation Lifts, Syrian Refugees Fear Pressure to Return Home World, June 5

    Arab countries re-establishing diplomatic ties with Syria are making repatriation of Syrian refugees a top priority. “Even if they shoot me, I won’t go back,” a refugee in Lebanon said.

  82. Nazi Symbols on Ukraine’s Front Lines Highlight Thorny Issues of History Foreign, June 5

    Troops’ use of patches bearing Nazi emblems risks fueling Russian propaganda and spreading imagery that the West has spent a half-century trying to eliminate.

  83. ‘Pass Him’: How a British For-Profit College Made Millions Foreign, June 5

    Oxford Business College and others like it make millions, largely by recruiting immigrants. They operate in an opaque corner of the British education system.

  84. Amsterdam Train Service Resumes After Disruption Foreign, June 5

    The cause of the problem, which prompted widespread travel delays starting Sunday, had still not been determined.

  85. With Prince Harry to Testify in Hacking Case, Royals Prepare to Cringe Foreign, June 5

    A media spectacle will unfold this week as the prince prepares to take the stand against newspapers he says invaded his privacy by hacking his cellphone.

  86. Immense Crowds Protest Poland’s Governing Conservative Party Foreign, June 4

    The country’s largest antigovernment gathering in years sought to reclaim the legacy of the Solidarity movement that led the struggle against a Communist system imposed by Moscow.

  87. Hundreds of Thousands March Against Poland’s Governing Party Video, June 4

    Supporters and members of opposition parties protested against the conservative Law and Justice party in Poland’s largest antigovernment gathering in years.

  88. Macron Faces Fresh Test as Outlook for French Finances Dims Business, June 4

    S&P Global restated a negative outlook for France’s ability to repay mounting debt. Two other ratings agencies have lowered their views in recent weeks.

  89. Peter Simonischek, Beloved Austrian Actor, Is Dead at 76 Obits, June 4

    He played a prankster and adoring father in “Toni Erdmann,” the Oscar-nominated 2016 comedy that made him an international star, but he had long been a celebrity at home.

  90. U.N. Body Condemns Torture of Guantánamo Prisoner Awaiting Capital Trial Washington, June 4

    The panel denounced the United States and seven other nations. It also called for the release of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, who is accused of orchestrating the bombing of the Navy destroyer Cole.

  91. China and U.S. Lay Out Rival Visions for Asia as Ships Nearly Collide Foreign, June 4

    China’s defense minister says the best way to avoid accidental conflict is for countries outside the region, like the United States, to leave and “mind your own business.”

  92. An Unstoppable Verstappen Wins Again Sports, June 4

    A wire-to-wire victory for Max Verstappen in Barcelona gave Red Bull seven wins in seven starts, and renewed talk of a season sweep.