1. France and the Benefits of a Little Dictatorship Opinion, Today

    If Macron wins, can he be a 21st-century Napoleon?

  2. At Tate Galleries in London, Parting Gift Makes Waves: A Boat Business Day, Today

    The call for donations to buy a sailboat for the Tate group’s departing director angered employees and highlighted concern over widening inequality in Britain.

  3. Art Goes Political, but Will That Fly on the London Market? Arts, Today

    Art with a political edge, or at least a heightened awareness of this moment, is starting to make an impact at commercial galleries in the British capital.

  4. Their Asylum Requests Denied, Thousands Stay in Sweden (Some for Years) World, Today

    Out of 18,000 failed asylum seekers in the country, 12,500 have gone underground, according to the Swedish Border Police.

  5. Le Pen Aide Is Fired Over Holocaust Comments World, Today

    Jean-François Jalkh was forced to step down as interim leader of the far-right National Front, the party of the presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.

  6. In Soccer, Teams Change Logos at Their Peril Sports, Today

    Even the smallest changes in a team’s crest can cause rifts with fans, which often multiply when shared on social media.

  7. Cate Blanchett to Star in ‘All About Eve’ in London Theater, Today

    This stage version of the 1950 film, which will be adapted and directed by Ivo van Hove, is planned for the West End in spring 2018.

  8. Russian Hooligans’ Toughest Opponents? Russia’s Police Sports, Today

    As their nation prepares to host next year’s World Cup, hard-core fans — in top fighting shape from organized brawls and mixed-martial-arts training — are facing a crackdown.

  9. The Week in Pictures: April 28, 2017 Slideshow, Today

    Photos by The New York Times and by photographers from around the world.

  10. When Do Four Walls Become a Home? Interactive, Today

    We interviewed refugees via 360-degree video inside their new bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens to explore the meaning of this most precious commodity.

  11. Three Syrian Sisters, No Men and a World of New Gender Mores Interactive, Today

    The Ibrahim sisters, who came to Weimar without husbands, fathers or brothers, face an extra layer of challenges in adapting to German social customs.

  12. Integration Is a Two-Way Street Interactive, Today

    Refugees and the Germans trying to help them resettle struggle through debates over homosexuality, volunteer fatigue and the complexities of language and bureaucracy.

  13. Four German Friends on the Influx of Refugees Interactive, Today

    As refugees poured in, Weimar residents defended their cultural assumptions, reflected on history, questioned the economics and wondered about the future.

  14. Welcome to Weimar Interactive, Today

    Germany settled the migrants with classic efficiency and astonishing speed. But on the person-to-person level where integration really happens, there were staggering cultural headwinds.

  15. At Home With Omar and Sarah, a Syrian Refugee Story Video, Today

    The Times spent months with several Syrian refugee families as they navigated integration into Weimar, Germany. In 360, step inside the home of Sarah, a German, and Omar, a refugee, to see how they are adjusting.

  16. Zoran Zaev, Macedonian Lawmaker, Is Bloodied in Attack on Parliament by Nationalists World, Yesterday

    The demonstrators, who threw chairs, wounded three other lawmakers and attacked journalists, were protesting the election of a new speaker.

  17. German Lawmakers Aim to Impose Some Limits on Full-Face Veils World, Yesterday

    The draft legislation agreed on in the lower house of Parliament aims to prevent civil servants, judges and soldiers from wearing full-face veils at work.

  18. Facing Tough Odds in French Vote, Le Pen Assails Macron World, Yesterday

    At a rally in Nice the far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen depicted her centrist opponent, Emmanuel Macron, as an unpatriotic out-of-touch banker.

  19. French Court Refuses to Extradite Former Kosovo Leader World, Yesterday

    Ramush Haradinaj, who served as a rebel commander during the conflict with Serbia, had been arrested on a Serbian warrant.

  20. Your Next Lesson: Spätlese Riesling Food, Yesterday

    The sweetness and the German on the label may present obstacles, but these wines are too thrilling and versatile to ignore.

  21. Lambrusco Shakes Off Its Cloying Reputation Food, Yesterday

    Conventional wisdom about this sparkling red may pose an obstacle, but drinking the wine will revise many opinions.

  22. Britain Accuses Ghana Lawmakers of Visa Fraud World, Yesterday

    Three members of Parliament and a former lawmaker are said to have abused their diplomatic privileges to help people travel to the United Kingdom.

  23. Man Outside U.K. Parliament Carrying Knives Is Arrested World, Yesterday

    The 27-year-old was charged with planning a terrorist attack, rekindling anxiety about the deadly assault on March 22 that was also near Parliament.

  24. Merkel Warns Britain Against ‘Illusions’ About Post-‘Brexit’ Ties World, Yesterday

    The chancellor said that Britain must negotiate its departure from the European Union before discussing future relations.

  25. An Artist’s Mythic Rebellion for the Venice Biennale Arts, Yesterday

    Mark Bradford’s concern: How can he represent the United States when he no longer feels represented by his government?

  26. 78 Rescued as Russian Naval Ship Sinks After Collision World, Yesterday

    The Liman, a reconnaissance ship, sank after hitting a private livestock vessel near the northern end of the Bosporus amid heavy fog.

  27. How Macron Would Fix the French Economy Opinion, Yesterday

    If he wins the May runoff, Emmanuel Macron is likely to work to slim down one of the world’s fattest welfare states.

  28. German Soldier Posed as Syrian Refugee to Plan Attack, Officials Say World, Yesterday

    The army lieutenant, 28, who was said to have a “xenophobic background,” hid a loaded pistol at an airport in Vienna, prompting fears he had been planning an assault.

  29. Provence in a Bowl Magazine, Yesterday

    Jessica B. Harris’s soupe au pistou will take you from spring through summer, with your pot reflecting the bounty of the seasons.

  30. Europe’s Central Bank Sounds a More Upbeat Tone Business Day, Yesterday

    The central bank’s Governing Council has become more optimistic about the eurozone economy, offering a hint at winding down stimulus measures.

  31. Far-Right Leaders Loathe the European Parliament, but Love Its Paychecks World, Yesterday

    For right-wing lawmakers who attack the European Union, a perch in Parliament can mean a lucrative sinecure, easy news media exposure and immunity from criminal prosecution at home.

  32. Russia Bans Group Led by a Kremlin Critic as More Protests Loom World, April 26

    Russia’s prosecutor general labeled the Open Russia group “undesirable,” effectively making it illegal for the body to operate inside Russia.

  33. Marine Le Pen Draws Cheers in Macron’s Hometown, and He Gets Boos World, April 26

    Ms. Le Pen and her rival in France’s presidential election, Emmanuel Macron, visited a factory separately and received starkly different welcomes.

  34. Over 1,000 People Are Detained in Raids in Turkey World, April 26

    In the biggest sweep since the referendum on presidential powers, those arrested were accused of being “secret imams” for the American-based cleric Fethullah Gulen.

  35. Chided by Brussels, Hungary’s Leader Attacks George Soros World, April 26

    At a meeting of European lawmakers, Prime Minister Viktor Orban called the Hungarian-American financier “an open enemy of the euro.”

  36. The Movie That Explains Central Europe’s Protesters Opinion, April 26

    In Hungary and elsewhere, young people are refusing to remain silent.

  37. House Hunting in … Switzerland Real Estate, April 26

    Despite recent price declines, Swiss housing remains out of reach for many aspiring buyers, and restrictions on foreigners can be daunting.

  38. Le dépouillement des vieilles maisons met en danger un patrimoine national World, April 26

    Dans les campagnes françaises, et particulièrement dans les zones rurales de l’est et du centre, le patrimoine architectural est dépouillé par des spéculateurs et revendu, souvent à l’étranger.

  39. Genocide’s Legacy: Preserving Auschwitz Video, April 26

    Nazi Germany’s largest death camp is under construction in order to preserve the memory of the Holocaust.

  40. A Marine Le Pen Victory Wouldn’t Necessarily Be a Win for Trump World, April 25

    The two nationalist politicians’ views have drifted apart as Mr. Trump moved to more conventional positions on NATO, the E.U. and the Middle East.

  41. Marine Le Pen May Get a Lift From an Unlikely Source: The Far Left World, April 25

    Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the far-left fourth-place finisher in France’s presidential vote, has refused to back Ms. Le Pen’s centrist opponent in the runoff, giving her an opportunity.

  42. Genoa Isn’t Rome or Florence. That’s Part of Its Charm. Travel, April 25

    The author has prowled the streets of the Italian city for over 15 years, wondering the whole time why there are so few other people doing the same thing.

  43. Critics in Turkey Question Credibility of Judges Who Oversaw Vote World, April 25

    The legitimacy of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s victory in a referendum has been tainted by fraud accusations and by a series of erratic decisions by jurists on the electoral commission.

  44. Xavier Jugelé, Police Officer Killed in Paris Attack, Is Honored World, April 25

    President François Hollande led a memorial ceremony. The two contenders to succeed him took a break from campaigning to attend.

  45. Spain Arrests 9 in Brussels Attacks Investigation World, April 25

    The suspects, eight Moroccans and a Spaniard, were believed to have links with “an organized group associated with jihadi terrorism,” an official in Spain said.

  46. Aeroflot Workers Are Told Passengers Want Attractive Flight Crews World, April 25

    Two female flight attendants who sued Aeroflot for age and sex discrimination were upbraided at a news conference by two men defending the airline.

  47. Turkish Strikes Target Kurdish Allies of U.S. in Iraq and Syria World, April 25

    Kurdish officials said that one Turkish airstrike mistakenly struck Kurdish pesh merga troops on Mount Sinjar in northwestern Iraq, killing at least five.

  48. Website With Qaeda Ties Publishes Claim on St. Petersburg Bombing World, April 25

    Experts urged caution because the statement was posted on a site used by terrorists in North Africa, not a normal venue for claims about attacks in Europe.

  49. Israeli Leader Cancels Meeting After German Official Visits Protest Group World, April 25

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called off a session with the German foreign minister on Tuesday after the minister met with a group opposed to the occupation of Palestinian territories.

  50. Western Populism May Be Entering an Awkward Adolescence World, April 25

    Populism has been growing since the 1960s, and research suggests it’s not slowing down. Four recent elections show how this dynamic can play out.

  51. In France, These Young Voters Dream of a President Le Pen Video, April 25

    The National Front’s popularity among young people in France has been on the rise, and a 25-year-old is trying to put a fresh face on a party associated with the uglier side of nationalism and Europe's far right.

  52. Russian Hackers Who Targeted Clinton Appear to Attack France’s Macron World, April 24

    A report by a cybersecurity firm has heightened concerns that Russia has turned its weapons on France in an effort to bolster Marine Le Pen’s candidacy.

  53. In London, Class Warfare of a Different Stripe World, April 25

    A court in the British capital has ruled that a woman had every right to paint her house in candy-cane red and white, even if only to spite her neighbors.

  54. Ivanka Trump Is Jeered in Berlin After Defending Her Father World, April 25

    The president’s daughter, on a stage with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, said her father was a champion of families. Some in the audience groaned.

  55. At This Museum, Failures Are Welcome Arts, April 25

    If anyone is interested in why some gadgets have ended up on the garbage heap of product history, the Museum of Failure is the place to go.

  56. Marine Le Pen Will Face Emmanuel Macron in France’s Second Round Opinion, April 25

    So far, not a single rival party has called for its voters to support Ms. Le Pen in the runoff.

  57. After Decline in Paris Tourism, Hotels Offer Discounts Travel, April 25

    Attacks in the city and in Europe have led luxury properties to lower prices — and to add perks.

  58. After French Vote, Mainstream Europe Breathes a Sigh of Relief World, April 24

    Far-right populism has not fully crystallized electorally in Europe, though the issues that have animated the movements are not going anywhere.

  59. Le Pen Calls Parties in France ‘Completely Rotten’ as They Unite to Fend Her Off World, April 24

    The leader of the far-right National Front condemned calls by mainstream party leaders to oppose her presidential bid and to support her rival, Emmanuel Macron.

  60. France’s Voters Keep Hope for Europe Alive Opinion, April 24

    Marine Le Pen’s second-place showing behind a defender of Europe shows that the dikes against nationalism are holding on the Continent.

  61. Work, Mr. Macron, Work Opinion, April 24

    Marine Le Pen has a plausible path to victory in France. Arrogance would be Macron’s worst enemy.

  62. French Markets Surge as Euro Withstands Attack From the Right Business Day, April 24

    With the prospect that Marine Le Pen could claim the presidency sowing concerns about the currency, the results of the election’s first round provided some respite.

  63. Denmark Says ‘Key Elements’ of Russian Government Hacked Defense Ministry World, April 24

    The Kremlin denied the allegations that Russian hackers breached email accounts at Denmark’s Defense Ministry and Foreign Ministry in 2015 and 2016.

  64. Phoenix’s New Album Arrives in a Darker World, but the Beat Goes On Arts, April 24

    The French group’s sixth album, “Ti Amo,” is another volley of shimmery disco rock, with a hint of the darkness that has rattled Paris.

  65. U.S. Perspectives on the French Election Opinion, April 24

    Readers worry about relying on polls, given what happened in November, and critique the French runoff system.

  66. Cookbook Offers a Taste of London’s Famed Firehouse Food, April 24

    ‘Chiltern Firehouse’ explains how André Balazs transformed a rundown building into a successful hotel and restaurant.

  67. At Hungary’s Soros-Backed University, Scholars Feel a Chill World, April 24

    Central European University, founded in 1991, is threatened by a law that the right-wing government rushed through Parliament.

  68. ‘This Is Deadly Serious’: French Parties Set Sights on Marine Le Pen World, April 23

    Ms. Le Pen’s advancement to France’s presidential runoff on May 7 is a political earthquake. But now other parties are unifying to stop her.

  69. 500 Years After Expulsion, Sicily’s Jews Reclaim a Lost History World, April 24

    A budding Jewish community is rediscovering its history in Palermo, and working with the local diocese to open a synagogue in the Sicilian capital.

  70. France and the Left’s Global Slump Opinion, April 24

    Despite events in France, the right has dominated politics in countries all over the world.

  71. Welcome to the World’s Coolest Kindergarten Sports, April 24

    “My God, my kid needs to go here”: In Hamburg, Germany, a professional soccer stadium is also home to an early-education program.

  72. Adultery With a Difference on the London Stage Theater, April 24

    Portraying marriages under siege, Nina Raine’s blistering “Consent” and Edward Albee’s “The Goat” aim to shake up audiences.

  73. Emmanuel Macron Mounts a Patriot’s Challenge to Marine Le Pen Opinion, April 23

    A centrist novice is likely to defeat the right-wing candidate. Yet France will remain divided.

  74. How the Election Split France Interactive, April 23

    Detailed maps show sharp differences between the bases of support for Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron.

  75. Wells Fargo Seeks to Soothe, and a Weak G.D.P. Is Expected Business Day, April 23

    The bank will try to reassure shareholders that it changed its ways, and the Commerce Department will release its estimate for first-quarter growth.

  76. Land Mine Kills American on Monitoring Mission in Ukraine World, April 23

    Two other civilian monitors with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe were injured when their patrol vehicle drove over a mine near Luhansk.

  77. Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen Advance in French Election World, April 23

    Mr. Macron, a political novice, and Ms. Le Pen, a far-right firebrand, will advance to a runoff vote next month after voters rejected the mainstream parties.

  78. What We Know in France: Macron and Le Pen Headed for Runoff World, April 23

    Emmanuel Macron, the centrist independent, and Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far-right National Front, appear poised to make it into the May 7 runoff.

  79. Our Real-Time Analysis of the French Election Interactive, April 23

    France voted in the first round of presidential elections, with Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen advancing to the second round. Our journalists weighed in with live analysis.

  80. As the French Go to the Polls, Uncertainty Is the Only Sure Bet World, April 22

    The presidential election on Sunday is one of the most consequential in recent times — not just for France, but for Europe — and one of the most unpredictable, too.

  81. How Terrorism Can Alter Elections World, April 22

    The French presidential election is taking place in the shadow of a recent attack. Research shows that the effect of terrorism on voting is profound but complex.

  82. A French Campaign Waged Online Adds a Wild Card to the Election World, April 22

    With his understanding of the web, Jean-Luc Mélenchon has extended the reach of his message and drawn the support of a new generation of online commentators.

  83. ‘Sherlock Holmes of Armenian Genocide’ Uncovers Lost Evidence World, April 22

    Turkish denials have long rested on the lack of documentary evidence. But a researcher says he has found a crucial telegram about the World War I-era atrocity.

  84. Swiss Teenager Nico Hischier Raises His Standing for N.H.L. Draft Sports, April 22

    Hischier, 18, who starred at the under-20 world junior hockey championship, is poised to become the highest Swiss-born player selected in the June draft.

  85. Icelanders Seek to Keep Their Language Alive and Out of ‘the Latin Bin’ World, April 22

    The Icelandic language, seen by many as a source of identity and pride, is being undermined by the widespread use of English.

  86. Old, Ill and Ordered Deported From Denmark to Afghanistan World, April 22

    A woman with dementia has been ordered to leave her family and return to her native country, reflecting Europe’s growing anti-immigrant sentiment.

  87. International News Quiz: North Korea, Turkey, France and More Interactive, April 22

    Think you know what is going on in the world? Prove it. Play our news quiz.

  88. The Suspense Is Almost Too Much for the French Opinion, April 21

    A jittery nation faces a nail-biter of a presidential campaign and yet another terrorist attack.

  89. I.M.F. Torn Over Whether to Bail Out Greece Once Again Business Day, April 21

    The Trump administration appears to have little appetite for another European economic relief project. And calls are growing for Europe to help.

  90. France Poses Biggest Test Yet for Trump’s Brand of Nationalism World, April 21

    The French election is the latest European vote in which a far-right party has a shot at gaining power, though a win has yet to materialize.

  91. How Do You Say ‘Hail Mary’ in French? Opinion, April 21

    French voters were supposed to be rational. Could they still send two radicals to the runoff?

  92. Attack on Champs-Élysées Injects More Uncertainty Into French Vote World, April 21

    The far-right leader Marine Le Pen seized on the brazen assault, but she was not the only presidential candidate who stood to gain ground before voting on Sunday.

  93. For First Time Since 1800s, Britain Goes a Day Without Burning Coal for Electricity World, April 21

    For the first time since the Industrial Revolution, Britain went 24 hours without using coal to generate electricity, and expects to end all such use by 2025.

  94. Scandal Again Hovers Over Murdoch’s Pursuit of Sky as U.K. Delays Review Business Day, April 21

    The examination, to consider whether the Murdoch family would gain too much control over Britain’s media landscape, was delayed until after the June elections.

  95. Xavier Jugelé, 37, Officer Killed in Paris, Was Defender of Gay Rights World, April 21

    Officer Jugelé was gunned down Thursday evening on the Champs-Élysées, in an attack claimed by the Islamic State. He joined the city force in 2010.

  96. ‘They Starve You. They Shock You’: Inside the Anti-Gay Pogrom in Chechnya World, April 21

    Using classic K.G.B. tactics, security officers lured gay men into traps and tortured them into giving up the identities of others like them.

  97. Five Who Want to Lead France Video, April 21

    Months of campaigning culminate in the first round of the French presidential election on April 23. In 360, join the campaign rallies of five of the candidates.

  98. Emma Rice, Shakespeare’s Globe Director, Offers Some Parting Shots Theater, April 21

    Ms. Rice wrote that she loved the Globe, but that she has learned not “to allow myself to be excluded from the rooms where decisions are made.”

  99. Remembering the World’s Oldest Person, in the Objects She Left Behind World, April 21

    Emma Morano’s singular achievement in life may have been perseverance. She lived for 117 years, crediting her longevity to raw eggs and her lack of a husband. She died on April 15.

  100. Suspect in Borussia Dortmund Plot Hoped to Profit Off Attack, Officials Say World, April 21

    A German-Russian man has been charged with carrying out the bombing, which has been attributed at various times to Islamist extremists and political groups.

  101. Brussels Shines a Spotlight on the Value of Regional Art Fairs Arts, April 21

    Two events in Belgium stand out in the world’s overcrowded art scene, luring the country’s discerning collectors: Independent Brussels and Art Brussels

  102. Strengthening Britain’s Hand on Brexit Opinion, April 20

    Prime Minister Theresa May was right to call for a snap election to solidify support during negotiations for a break with the European Union.

  103. Why German Turks Voted for the Autocrat Far Away Opinion, April 21

    Support for Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s constitutional referendum reveals a group’s alienation and lack of understanding of history.

  104. The French Disconnection Opinion, April 20

    How can we be so scared Marine Le Pen might become president and yet so certain that she won’t?

  105. La French Déconnection Opinion, April 20

    Comment peut-on être si inquiet que Marine Le Pen ne devienne présidente tout en niant l’éventualité même de sa victoire?

  106. Attack in Paris Before French Election Video, April 20

    Presidential candidates in France expressed solidarity with the police after a shooting in Paris left the gunman and a police officer dead and others wounded.

  107. Battle Over 2 Films Reflects Turkey’s Quest to Control a Bitter History Movies, April 20

    Critics of “The Ottoman Lieutenant” say it was aimed at undercutting another film, “The Promise,” by falsely painting the Armenian genocide as two-sided.

  108. A Small French Town Infused With Us-vs.-Them Politics World, April 20

    A question of “who is French” may be a source of the rising far-right populism the country is experiencing.

  109. Paris Shootout Leaves Police Officer and Gunman Dead World, April 20

    The police shut down the Champs-Élysées after a shootout between officers and an attacker days before France holds the first round of its presidential election.

  110. A Guide to the French Vote (and How It Relates to ‘Brexit’ and Trump) World, April 20

    After recent electoral upheavals, including the victory of Donald J. Trump and the vote for “Brexit,” the world is waiting to see which way the French will lean.

  111. 7 of Our Best Reads on the French Presidential Election World, April 20

    The first votes will be cast on Sunday. Here’s how we have covered the issues and the candidates in a tight, unpredictable and complex race.

  112. No U.S. Military Role in Libya, Trump Says, Rejecting Italy’s Pleas World, April 20

    At a news conference Thursday with the prime minister of Italy, President Trump said he would not give the military a direct role in stabilizing war-ravaged Libya.

  113. Why Giuliani Held a Secret Meeting With Turkey’s Leader N.Y. / Region, April 20

    Rudolph W. Giuliani, who is negotiating in the case of Reza Zarrab, a Turkish gold trader, said he was seeking a resolution that would promote national security interests.

  114. This Week’s Movies: April 21, 2017 Video, April 20

    The New York Times film critics review “Unforgettable,” “The Promise” and “The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki."

  115. Marine Le Pen Leads Far-Right Fight to Make France ‘More French’ World, April 20

    Slipping in polls before the first round of a presidential election, the leader of the far-right National Front vowed to clamp down on foreigners, thrilling her base.

  116. Russia Bans Jehovah’s Witnesses, Calling It an Extremist Group World, April 20

    The pacifist denomination said it would appeal the ruling, which puts it on the same footing as Islamic State militants.

  117. Kremlin Group Employing Ex-Spies Is Viewed Abroad as Propaganda Mill World, April 20

    The Russian Institute for Strategic Studies in Moscow says it prepares analytical materials for the country’s leading government agencies. Kremlin opponents say otherwise.

  118. Could a Leftist Bring Growth Back to France? Opinion, April 20

    Some dismiss Jean-Luc Mélenchon as a far-left populist. But his proposals would benefit the French economy.

  119. L’élection présidentielle française en 7 articles du New York Times World, April 20

    Le premier tour à lieu dimanche. Voici comment nous avons couvert les campagnes des candidats et les sujets qui forgent les choix des Français.

  120. Macron Wants to Change France. But Will Voters Elect an Unknown? World, April 19

    Emmanuel Macron has no political party to speak of and has never held elected office, but he is one of the front-runners in Sunday’s election.

  121. Miró, Calder and a Convergence of ‘Constellations’ Arts, April 20

    When two galleries and two heirs collaborate, the stars align. A visitor can experience two artists’ works separately but in sync, as they were created.

  122. The Secrets of Jamie Oliver’s Chicken in Milk Magazine, April 20

    The story behind one of the chef’s most memorable dishes.

  123. L’irrespect assumé : Philippe Poutou se veut porte-parole de l’indignation populaire World, April 20

    Le “petit” candidat du Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste n’hésite pas à attaquer de front l’élite politique française. Nombreux sont ceux qui l’ont salué comme le vainqueur du débat présidentiel au début du mois.

  124. Meet the Tea Ladies (and Tea Boys) of British Soccer Sports, April 20

    The tea lady, once a fixture at British soccer clubs, endures mostly as a mythical image from a simpler time. Only a few remain, and not all are ladies.

  125. Bill O’Reilly Meets Pope Francis in Vatican V.I.P. Line World, April 19

    The former Fox News host, on vacation in Italy for the past week, sat in a V.I.P. section and shook hands with the pope.

  126. In Devastated Northern France, the French Flag Flies Again Times Insider, April 19

    As America prepared to go to war in the spring of 1917, German forces were in strategic retreat along the Western Front.

  127. U.K. Parliament Approves Theresa May’s General Election Call World, April 19

    Britain will elect a new House of Commons on June 8, a vote that the prime minister hopes will strengthen her hand to negotiate a “Brexit.”

  128. Turkey Arrests Dozens Over Referendum Protests World, April 19

    The police said the demonstrators were trying to “agitate people” against an expansion of presidential powers, a lawyer for one of the detainees said.

  129. The Foregone Conclusion of Britain’s Election Opinion, April 19

    What Theresa May wants in June, she will get: a victory virtually unopposed.

  130. A Lump of Rock, an Otter and a Secessionist World, April 19

    A growing number of Shetlanders are being drawn to calls by a ‘nutter’ for more independence for their remote and scenic isles.

  131. Nicholas Hytner Will Open New London Theater With ‘Young Marx’ Theater, April 19

    The comedy, starring Rory Kinnear, will begin the first season of the former National Theater director’s Bridge Theater.

  132. How Sicily Cemented an Unlikely Friendship Travel, April 19

    A trip to Palermo meant getting to know the city — and a new friend — much better.

  133. How Autocrats Can Triumph in Democratic Countries World, April 18

    Unscrupulous leaders can manipulate the political environment, making it more likely that they will win future contests and gain false legitimacy.

  134. In Spain, Secrets and a Possible Betrayal Travel, April 19

    It was summer in Granada, and I told myself I was in love. That wouldn’t last.

  135. Key Points About a Snap Election in Britain World, April 18

    With only a small majority in Parliament at the start of two years of negotiations with the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May decided to go to the voters.

  136. Roma Sickened in U.N. Camps Are Still Waiting for Redress World, April 18

    More than year after a panel of experts recommended an apology and compensation for Roma people sickened by lead poisoning in a United Nations camp, the victims are not optimistic.

  137. Videos Fuel Charges of Fraud in Erdogan’s Win in Turkey Referendum World, April 18

    The Turkish president has turned his claimed victory into political reality, but the vote’s legitimacy is still in doubt as observer groups list many concerns.

  138. Reporter’s Personal Connection to the Story She Wrote About Modern Italian ‘Slavery’ Times Insider, April 18

    Gaia Pianigiani’s grandfather died under the same conditions as the subject of a front-page story that she wrote.

  139. 2 Held in France Over ‘Violent’ Plot to Disrupt Presidential Campaign World, April 18

    The interior minister said that bomb-making material and explosives had been found at an apartment in Marseille rented by two men known for their “radicalization.”

  140. Policy Advisers Urge Trump to Keep U.S. in Paris Accord U.S., April 18

    Support for keeping the United States in the landmark Paris climate deal of 2015 seems to be gaining traction, experts say.

  141. Already Unwelcoming, Hungary Now Detains Asylum Seekers World, April 18

    New laws will keep migrants and refugees in vast camps surrounded by razor wire while their cases are decided. Even then, most will be rejected.

  142. Theresa May Calls for New Election in Britain, Seeking Stronger ‘Brexit’ Mandate World, April 18

    The prime minister had repeatedly ruled out a snap election but is now betting that her party can increase its majority.

  143. What’s Next After Turkey’s Referendum? Opinion, April 18

    President Erdogan barely won. He should take a lesson from that.

  144. Transcript of Theresa May’s Address Calling for Vote World, April 18

    “The country is coming together, but Westminster is not,” Mrs. May said in an appearance outside the prime minister’s residence in London.

  145. Spring in Transylvania: Wake Up and Splash (or Be Splashed) World, April 18

    An Easter Monday rite in some villages has young men reciting poems to women, then dousing them with bucketfuls of water.

  146. Trump Congratulates Erdogan on Turkey Vote Cementing His Rule U.S., April 17

    A phone call between the two leaders did not mention concerns that the referendum in Turkey would erode the country’s democratic institutions.

  147. ‘The Daily’: Gorsuch’s First Day Podcasts, April 18

    For the first time in more than a year, nine justices heard arguments at the Supreme Court on Monday. Adam Liptak discusses Day 1 for Neil Gorsuch.

  148. Democracy Loses in Turkey Opinion, April 17

    A nation that for decades has served as a crucial bridge between Europe and the Muslim world will be in the hands of an erratic and vengeful man.

  149. It’s France’s Turn to Worry About Election Meddling by Russia World, April 17

    Moscow and its state-run news outlets are churning out fake and slanted reports to bolster favored politicians, just as in the U.S. last year, critics say.

  150. Turkey Vote Could Mean the End of a Courtship to Join the E.U. World, April 17

    For decades, the E.U. dangled the possibility of membership before an eager suitor in Ankara. The recent referendum is likely to cool the flirtation.