1. Beginning ‘Brexit’ and Bracing for Impact Business Day, Today

    Months after the vote to leave the European Union, Britain is beginning the process, and the economic consequences are likely to be significant.

  2. Meeting in Turkey With Erdogan May Be Tillerson’s Toughest World, Yesterday

    Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson faces difficult talks over a Turkish constitutional referendum, the fight against ISIS, and Turkish demands for an extradition.

  3. Hungary Plan That Could Shutter Soros’s University Is Called ‘Political Vandalism’ World, Yesterday

    Observers say the move is the latest development in a crackdown on free expression and liberal values under Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has denounced the billionaire philanthropist.

  4. Look for Market Buoyancy Ahead of ‘Brexit’ to Be Short-Lived Business Day, Yesterday

    If hard, even rancorous bargaining coincides with slowing growth, investors in British assets are likely to encounter some turmoil in the months ahead.

  5. The Prettiest Restaurant Plates in Paris T Magazine, Yesterday

    Meet the ceramists making beautiful dishes for some of the city’s chicest restaurants.

  6. Are Britain and the E.U. Ready for Brexit? Opinion, Yesterday

    With one historic announcement, the divorce has begun.

  7. Ireland Is Urged to Do More for the Economically Vulnerable World, Yesterday

    Europe’s top human rights body called on the government to provide more aid to women, children and the Traveler community, a historically excluded group.

  8. Turkey’s Dangerous Path Away From Democracy Opinion, Yesterday

    President Erdogan’s tough talk on Europe and move for unfettered power could mark a fateful retreat from the Westernization that had long guided Turkey.

  9. Bob Dylan Will Receive His Nobel Prize While on Tour in Sweden Arts, Yesterday

    The singer and songwriter, who did not attend the Nobel ceremony in December, is to meet with Academy members with no media present this weekend.

  10. Theresa May’s Letter Invoking Article 50 World, Yesterday

    The text of the letter written by Britain’s prime minister to Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, starting the legal process for leaving the European Union.

  11. House Hunting in ... Reykjavik Slideshow, Yesterday

    With low inventory and high demand, the home market in Reykjavik is booming.

  12. House Hunting in ... Reykjavik Real Estate, Yesterday

    With low inventory and high demand, the home market in Reykjavik is booming.

  13. Pillars of the West Shaken by ‘Brexit,’ but They’re Not Crumbling Yet World, Yesterday

    Britain’s withdrawal from the E.U. and Donald J. Trump’s election are blows to multilateralism, but many European nations seem to be shying away from going it alone.

  14. U.K. Initiates ‘Brexit’ and Wades Into a Thorny Thicket World, Yesterday

    Prime Minister Theresa May gave notice of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, kicking off a two-year negotiation steeped in peril for both sides.

  15. ‘The Daily’: Hello Coal Jobs, Goodbye E.U. Podcasts, Yesterday

    Trump’s promise to do away with Obama’s legacy on climate change, and Theresa May’s farewell to the European Union.

  16. E.U. Blocks Merger of London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Börse Business Day, Yesterday

    The decision came after the London exchange said it was unwilling to sell a bond trading platform to appease regulators.

  17. George Osborne: From Media Hack to Political Hack, in a Day Opinion, Yesterday

    The former chancellor’s new job as editor of The London Evening Standard is not good for either politics or journalism.

  18. Federer and Nadal Advance in Miami Open, as Wawrinka Loses Sports, Yesterday

    Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal were both tested but made it to the quarterfinals. Top-seeded Stan Wawrinka was ousted on his birthday.

  19. Five Places to Go in Helsinki Travel, March 28

    Helsinki’s Teurastamo used to house slaughtered reindeers, pigs and cows. But the district is now an epicenter for the city’s creative class.

  20. Wife of French Candidate François Fillon Faces Formal Inquiry World, March 28

    Penelope Fillon is accused of drawing a salary for a fake parliamentary job, part of a case that has dragged down the presidential campaign of her husband.

  21. Judge Seeks to Clarify Rudy Giuliani’s Role on Gold Trader’s Team N.Y. / Region, March 28

    The hiring of Mr. Giuliani and Michael B. Mukasey has added intrigue to a case that had already emerged as a sharp point of dispute between Turkey and the United States.

  22. Carlos the Jackal Receives a Third Life Sentence in France World, March 28

    The terrorist, Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, was convicted of tossing a hand grenade into a Paris drugstore in 1974, killing two and wounding 34.

  23. Scotland Votes to Demand a Post-‘Brexit’ Independence Referendum World, March 28

    As Britain prepares to officially tell the European Union it wants to leave, a vote by the Scottish Parliament sets the stage for a tussle.

  24. Germany Refuses Turkey’s Request to Spy on Opponents of Erdogan World, March 28

    The refusal was the latest strain to relations as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey pursues a referendum next month to expand his powers.

  25. Britain’s New Pound Coin World, March 28

    The new coin, the first to be introduced in 30 years, has security features aimed at diminishing counterfeiting, and the old ones will be phased out in October.

  26. ‘Here Lies’: A Clue in Hebrew Points to Rome’s Medieval Jewish Cemetery World, March 28

    Archaeologists say that 38 skeletons unearthed in Rome’s Trastevere neighborhood were likely buried in the long-vanished Campus Iudeorum, or Field of the Jews.

  27. France Investigating Police Killing of Chinese Man in Paris World, March 28

    An officer fatally shot the man, Liu Shaoyo, 56, at his home on Sunday amid murky circumstances, setting off violent protests.

  28. Auschwitz Demonstrators Who Killed Sheep Weren’t Neo-Nazis, Officials Say World, March 28

    The 11 people arrested, who told prosecutors they were trying to send an antiwar message, face criminal charges for their stunt near the gate of the former Nazi death camp.

  29. Daily Mail Compares 2 U.K. Leaders — Their Legs, Not Their Ideas World, March 28

    A front page with Theresa May, Britain’s prime minister, and Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister of Scotland, elicited immediate outrage.

  30. ‘Just See How I Shoot.’ In Norway, Women Are Joining the Hunt. World, March 28

    Women are increasingly taking up this traditional masculine pastime, looking to connect with nature and the food chain.

  31. Equal Pay for Men and Women? Iceland Wants Employers to Prove It Business Day, March 28

    Although the country has had equal pay laws for half a century, gaps still exist, and new legislation is intended to address the imbalances more forcefully.

  32. Can a Former Islamist Make It Cool to Be Moderate? Magazine, March 28

    Maajid Nawaz has started a foundation to combat Muslim extremism — and has made a lot of enemies in the process.

  33. Why Brexit Is Best for Britain: The Left-Wing Case Opinion, March 28

    The European Union is all about elite management, treaty law and money-grubbing. Britain must take back democratic control.

  34. The Offender of the Free World Opinion, March 28

    Truculent Trump has abdicated responsibility. Europe must step into the void.

  35. In Protests, Kremlin Fears a Young Generation Stirring World, March 27

    The youthfulness of the anticorruption protesters across Russia this weekend surprised even organizers, and clearly rattled the government of Vladimir V. Putin.

  36. Turk in Iran Sanctions Case Adds Rudy Giuliani to Legal Team N.Y. / Region, March 27

    The former mayor is close to President Trump, raising the question of whether he was retained to help resolve Reza Zarrab’s case with the Trump administration.

  37. A Dream of Clean Energy at a Very High Price Science, March 27

    If a fusion experiment in France succeeds, it could shape the power plants of the future and contribute greatly to reducing planet-warming emissions.

  38. How Putin Keeps Protesters at Bay in Russia Video, March 27

    The largest protests in several years broke out across Russia over the weekend, and scores were beaten and arrested by the police. Here are President Vladimir V. Putin’s go-to tactics for clamping down on dissenters.

  39. Strikes Shut Down French Guiana, With Effects Resonating in Paris World, March 27

    Presidential candidates scrambled to address the unrest as residents of the French territory in South America protest high crime and economic hardship.

  40. Aleksei Navalny, Russian Opposition Leader, Receives 15-Day Sentence World, March 27

    Mr. Navalny was arrested on Sunday during mass anticorruption protests across Russia that he had helped to inspire on social media.

  41. Thieves Take a Chunk of Change, All 221 Pounds of It, From a Berlin Museum World, March 27

    The police say robbers broke into the Bode Museum and made off with the Canadian Big Maple Leaf coin, the world’s largest.

  42. Streetlight Fight in Rome: Golden Glow vs. Harsh LED World, March 27

    For some, replacing the Italian capital’s yellow sodium lamps with cheaper, more environmentally friendly, white LED bulbs is not modernization, but heresy.

  43. High-Ranking Syrian Officials Could Face Reckoning in Landmark Spain Case World, March 27

    A judge in Spain will hear criminal proceedings against nine Syrian officials in a torture case, in which the victim’s sister is a Spanish citizen.

  44. In Wake of Attack, U.K. Officials to Push Against Encryption Technology Technology, March 27

    Government officials will meet with representatives of U.S. technology firms this week to demand that they do more to help in the fight against terrorism and online hate speech.

  45. ‘Why Do All the Jihadis Come to Birmingham?’ World, March 26

    Birmingham, Britain’s second-largest city, with a large Muslim population, has become known as a recruiting ground. Muslim residents resent the stigma but acknowledge the problem.

  46. Bulgaria’s Ex-Premier Nears Return to Power in a Key Election for Europe World, March 26

    The result was seen as a sign that Bulgarians still see their future lying more with the European Union and less with Russia.

  47. Aleksei Navalny, Top Putin Critic, Arrested as Protests Flare in Russia World, March 26

    Mr. Navalny was among the hundreds arrested nationwide as rallies took place in scores of cities across Russia.

  48. Who Killed the Iceman? Clues Emerge in a Very Cold Case World, March 26

    Using a wealth of new scientific information, a seasoned homicide detective has developed a theory in a death 5,300 years ago.

  49. Angela Merkel’s Re-election Bid Is Buoyed by Widely Watched State Election World, March 26

    Results from Sunday’s vote in tiny Saarland gave the German chancellor’s Christian Democrats about 40 percent of the vote, a boost for Ms. Merkel as she seeks her fourth term as chancellor.

  50. Neighbors of Masood: ‘We Are All Very Shocked’ Video, March 25

    Neighbors of Khalid Masood, the London attacker, were left stunned by the news that he had lived alongside them in Birmingham, after police officers raided his former home.

  51. British Party That Backed ‘Brexit’ Loses Only Member of Parliament World, March 25

    Douglas Carswell quit the United Kingdom Independence Party, a move that could signal its end, after Britain voted to leave the European Union.

  52. British Party That Backed ‘Brexit’ Loses Its Only Member of Parliament World, March 25

    Douglas Carswell has quit the United Kingdom Independence Party, a move that could signal the end of the populist group.

  53. After London Attack, Living Between Cultures Opinion, March 25

    For an Iranian in England, an act of terror is a reckoning with identity.

  54. E.U. Leaders Sign Rome Declaration and Proclaim a ‘Common Future’ (Minus Britain) World, March 25

    The 27 leaders marked the 60th anniversary of the European Union’s founding treaties in Rome as Britain prepares to become the first country to leave the bloc.

  55. Animals in the Artist's Studio Video, March 25

    Artist Kendra Haste was commissioned to create sculptures of the wild animals that once lived in the Royal Menagerie. Get a 360 view of her studio/zoo and the installation at the Tower of London.

  56. Amazon’s Ambitions Unboxed: Stores for Furniture, Appliances and More Technology, March 25

    The online retailing giant is trying to bring its own formula to traditional retailing. If it is successful, it could change how all stores operate.

  57. Alone in the Wild for a Year, TV Contestants Learn Their Show Was Canceled World, March 24

    Entrants in the reality television series “Eden” emerged from the Scottish wilderness, only to learn the show stopped broadcasting last summer.

  58. Bizarre Stunt at Auschwitz: Group Kills a Sheep, Then Strips World, March 24

    A group of young people at the memorial stripped naked, slaughtered a sheep and chained themselves together. The police are trying to figure out why.

  59. Russian Agent Killed Lawmaker in Kiev, Ukraine Officials Say World, March 24

    A 28-year-old Russian was the triggerman in the death of Denis N. Voronenkov, a former Russian lawmaker, officials say.

  60. Big Ben Still Tolled Times Insider, March 24

    A London native who sped by motorcycle to cover the terrorist attack at Parliament recounts the mix of emotions it evoked.

  61. On Eve of E.U. Anniversary, Pope Warns of Bloc’s Fragility World, March 24

    Meeting with 27 of the bloc’s leaders, Pope Francis offered a blessing for the Continent but cautioned about the forces of populism and extremism.

  62. E.U. Is Turning 60 and Searching for Something to Celebrate World, March 24

    As European Union leaders, minus Britain, go to Rome to celebrate 60 years, the bloc is divided and divergent, anxious that it represents the past.

  63. Grieving Father of Germanwings Co-Pilot Tries to Clear Son’s Name World, March 24

    Günter Lubitz insisted his son Andreas was not depressed two years ago when his plane smashed into a mountain, killing all 150 aboard.

  64. The London Attacker: What We Know Video, March 24

    Khalid Masood is the man identified as the attacker who killed four people near British Parliament on Wednesday. This is what we know about the still-emerging details of his life.

  65. A Rogue Trader Blames the System, but Not All Are Persuaded Business Day, March 24

    Kweku M. Adoboli, a former UBS trader who served a prison term for fraud, now tells audiences that investment banks need robust controls. Some see it as a ploy.

  66. Marine Le Pen of France Meets With Vladimir Putin in Moscow World, March 24

    Ms. Le Pen’s presidential campaign platform advocates closer ties with Mr. Putin, friendliness toward President Trump and rejection of the European Union.

  67. On the Attack in London Opinion, March 24

    Five people, including the assailant, died in a terrorist attack in central London on Wednesday.

  68. Citing Confidentiality, British Court Blocks Reuters Article on Hedge Fund Business Day, March 24

    A High Court judge in London issued an injunction blocking the publication of the report about Brevan Howard Asset Management.

  69. Enraged by Donald Trump Jr.’s Tweet Opinion, March 24

    A Briton says Donald Trump Jr.’s critical tweet about London’s mayor shows why America is now the “pariah of the Western world.”

  70. The London Attacker: Quiet and Friendly, but With a Dark Side World, March 24

    Investigators are trying to grasp how a former English teacher with a degree in economics and leading an outwardly quiet life slipped into extremism.

  71. Friday Mailbag: Photos, Corrections, Raids and Notebooks Public Editor, March 24

    Should The Times have run a gruesome photo of a woman injured in the London terror attack? And did a video of a drug raid need to be set to autoplay?

  72. Fake Sleuths: Web Gets It Wrong on London Attacker Technology, March 24

    On the dark side of digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia, individuals’ misconceptions and outright falsehoods can overrun basic facts.

  73. Reflecting on Turkey’s Political Future With Two Students in Istanbul Interactive, March 24

    Patrick Kingsley, an international correspondent for The Times based in Turkey, led a conversation with two university students, Mert Nacakgedigi and Dilara Arslan, about Turkey’s political future and life as a young person in the country today.

  74. Syrians in Turkey: The Human Smuggler and the Young Refugee World, March 24

    Since 2015, migration between Turkey and Greece has fallen sharply, and a smuggler says he has left the business. Homeless in Turkey, a Syrian refugee boy must continue to roam for work.

  75. A Barcelona Restaurant With a Dash of Creativity Travel, March 24

    Giuseppe Padula, the chef at Cometa Pla, is from southern Italy and aims to present sophisticated, healthy food.

  76. Anatoly S. Chernyaev, Key Aide and Gorbachev’s ‘Alter Ego,’ Dies at 95 World, March 23

    Mr. Chernyaev, who advised Mikhail S. Gorbachev on foreign and domestic affairs, played a central role in Mr. Gorbachev’s attempt to liberalize and modernize the Soviet Union.

  77. 5 Bodies Found Off Libya Amid Fears That 200 Migrants May Have Drowned World, March 23

    A search was underway for another migrant vessel believed to have run into trouble in the same part of the Mediterranean.

  78. Remembering the London Attack Victims Video, March 23

    Keith Palmer, Aysha Frade, Kurt Cochran — an American — and a 75-year-old man, later identified as Leslie Rhodes, died in the terrorist attack in London.

  79. Fátima Siblings Near Sainthood as Pope Francis Approves Miracle World, March 23

    The pope officially recognized a miracle linked to a young brother and sister who said, 100 years ago, that the Virgin Mary had appeared to them in Portugal.

  80. London Attack Echoes, Faintly, in a Europe Anxious but Inured World, March 23

    With France, Germany and possibly Italy going to the polls, analysts have long wondered whether an act of terrorism could jolt electoral dynamics.

  81. What Trump’s Time Interview Shows About His Thinking U.S., March 23

    A look at several passages from the president’s interview with Time magazine, published on Thursday, and analysis on what they show about him.

  82. A Space Odyssey: Making Art Up There Arts, March 23

    The artist Eduardo Kac and Thomas Pesquet, a Frenchman on the International Space Station, have created art in space.

  83. London Pride, Undaunted Opinion, March 23

    In their quiet, stoical way, citizens defied terror by simply going about city life as normal.

  84. How Comet 67P’s Face Changed During Its Trip Around the Sun Science, March 23

    During the two years that the Rosetta spacecraft stalked the comet, it observed cliffs that collapsed, boulders that moved and eruptions of dust and gas.

  85. A Russian Critic of Putin Is Assassinated in Ukraine World, March 23

    Denis N. Voronenkov, a former Russian lawmaker who fled to Kiev last year, said in a recent interview that he knew he was an assassination target.

  86. London Assailant Named After ISIS Claims Attack Video, March 23

    The police say a 52-year-old British man, Khalid Masood, was the attacker who left four people dead and dozens injured near British Parliament on Wednesday. Mr. Masood was killed by police at the scene.

  87. ‘Defiant’ in the Face of Terrorism: Londoners After the Attack World, March 23

    Residents of the city expressed a resolute stoicism, as the regular rhythm of life persisted.

  88. The Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’ Gets a 50th Birthday Festival in Liverpool Arts, March 23

    The choreographer Mark Morris, the visual artists Jeremy Deller and Judy Chicago and DJ Spooky are among the participants in “Sgt. Pepper at 50” in Liverpool, the Beatles’ hometown.

  89. Man in Antwerp, Belgium, Tries to Drive Into Crowd World, March 23

    With tensions already high in Europe after a similar attack in London, a French national tried to drive over pedestrians on a crowded street.

  90. ‘The Daily’: Paul Ryan’s Turn on Health Care? Podcasts, March 23

    The House Republicans finally have everything they need to overhaul the health care system as Mr. Ryan dreamed of in 2009. So what’s the problem?

  91. How Martin Schulz Could Beat Angela Merkel Opinion, March 23

    He has already taken control of the German left. Could he unseat the chancellor too?

  92. Toll of London Attack Is Global for an Assailant Born in Britain World, March 23

    The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack carried out by Khalid Masood, 52, who had a criminal record but was not on any police-monitoring lists.

  93. What a Le Pen Win Would Look Like Opinion, March 23

    The National Front leader is a serious contender for the French presidency. That could spell the end for the European Union.

  94. London Attack Leaves Citizens of 10 Nations Dead or Injured World, March 23

    The victims included an American couple from Utah and people from Britain, South Korea, France, Romania, Greece, China, Germany, Ireland and Italy.

  95. Erdogan Warns Europeans on Their Safety as Tensions Rise With West World, March 22

    The Turkish president’s comments were in response to European countries’ barring rallies in support of a referendum in which Turks will decide whether to expand his powers.

  96. The Trail of Terror Across Westminster Bridge Interactive, March 22

    An aerial view of the Westminster Bridge after a driver plowed through pedestrians and crashed outside the British Parliament.

  97. London Shaken by a Fatal Attack Near Parliament Opinion, March 22

    Readers express sadness, resolve and fear upon hearing the news.

  98. His Idea for Fighting Terrorism? Funny Plays Theater, March 22

    The Belgian playwright Ismaël Saidi writes comic plays that tour France and Belgium, and offer a message of multicultural tolerance.

  99. London Attack: What We Know and Don’t Know World, March 22

    At least four people were killed and about 40 were wounded after an assailant drove over pedestrians and fatally stabbed a police officer outside Parliament.

  100. Trail of Terror in Parliament Attack World, March 22

    At least one person is dead and several are injured in after a vehicle struck pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and an assailant injured a police officer outside Parliament.

  101. Attack Makes London Europe’s Latest Target Video, March 22

    Shots were heard near Britain’s Parliament on Wednesday, and an officer was stabbed. Pedestrians were also hit by a vehicle on the nearby Westminster Bridge.

  102. ‘Terrorist Incident’ Makes London Latest Target in Europe Video, March 22

    Shots were heard near Britain's Parliament on Wednesday, and an officer was stabbed. Witnesses said pedestrians were hit by a car on the nearby Westminster Bridge.

  103. Brussels Commemorates Attack Anniversary With Both Silence and Noise World, March 22

    Activity halted at the Brussels airport for a solemn ceremony recalling the deadly bombings of 2016, but commuters at a subway station were urged to make a life-affirming racket.

  104. Compounding Pharmacy Owner Not Guilty of Murder After 60 Meningitis Deaths U.S., March 22

    A jury convicted the owner of the New England Compounding Center, blamed for an outbreak that killed 60, of racketeering charges but acquitted him of murder.

  105. Deadly Attack Near U.K. Parliament; Car Plows Victims on Westminster Bridge World, March 22

    Prime Minister Theresa May, who was hastily evacuated from Parliament, called the assault a “sick and depraved terrorist attack.”

  106. House Hunting in ... Munich Real Estate, March 22

    Munich has some of the most expensive homes in Germany, with prices up nearly 100 percent in the last decade, but growth on the high end has been slower recently.

  107. A Loft Penthouse in Munich’s Old Town Slideshow, March 22

    The home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, is in the Alter Hof, or the Old Court, which served as the first fixed imperial seat of government in Germany.

  108. ‘Turkish Trump,’ a Hotel Plan and a Tangle of Foreign Ties Business Day, March 22

    President Trump pledged that his business would avoid overseas deals during his tenure. But his company is pursuing a hotel project with a firm with deep foreign connections.

  109. Rome Defies New Anti-Establishment Mayor With the Same Old Problems World, March 22

    The administration of Virginia Raggi, the Five Star Movement candidate, is struggling, but the mayor maintains that time and patience will do the job.

  110. Turkey Halts Campaign in Germany to Court Voters World, March 21

    About 1.4 million German residents have the right to vote in an April 16 referendum in Turkey on whether to expand President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s powers.

  111. Lawyer for Family of Sergei Magnitsky, Dead Russian Whistle-Blower, Is Seriously Injured World, March 21

    Nikolai Gorokhov, who suffered severe head injuries in a fall, represents relatives of Sergei L. Magnitsky, who uncovered a $230 million fraud targeting the financier William F. Browder.

  112. Bruno Le Roux, French Interior Minister, Resigns Amid Financial Inquiry World, March 21

    Prosecutors said they were investigating parliamentary jobs that he gave to his daughters starting when they were in high school. Mr. Le Roux said he had done nothing wrong.

  113. After Exiting Capital Controls, Iceland Still Wary of Private Investors Business Day, March 21

    Iceland and Greece offer contrasting experiences for foreign investors in banks. Yet as rare examples of European capital controls, both remain risky.

  114. Anne Frank Who? Museums Combat Ignorance About the Holocaust Arts, March 21

    The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is one of several museums making changes to engage and educate younger people about the Holocaust and anti-Semitism.

  115. 8 Parcel Bombs Are Found in Greece World, March 21

    The packages resembled devices sent last week to the German finance minister and to the International Monetary Fund’s offices in Paris, officials said.

  116. Marine Le Pen Sharpens Attack on Emmanuel Macron in French Debate World, March 21

    The two presidential hopefuls clashed over immigration, integration and France’s role in the world.

  117. Four Ways to Get Outside Travel, March 21

    In this Family Travel issue, we celebrate the wanderlust of families, the urge to just get out there and savor nature in all its glory — with minimal hassle, of course.

  118. Defensive Display Lifts Puerto Rico to World Baseball Classic Final Sports, March 21

    A series of deft plays stymied the Netherlands as Puerto Rico reached its second consecutive championship game.

  119. Martin McGuinness, an I.R.A. Leader Turned Peacemaker, Dies at 66 World, March 21

    Mr. McGuinness helped negotiate peace in Northern Ireland after decades of sectarian violence and became a senior official in its power-sharing government.

  120. No Nighttime, No Rules: Summertime Above the Arctic Circle Travel, March 21

    A family heads to the fjords of Norway and sees their sons’ transformation “into a special breed of excitable baby werewolf.”

  121. The Dutch Way: Tulips, Windmills and Barnyard Animals Travel, March 21

    A mother recalls a favorite ritual with her young daughter, visiting some of Amsterdam’s many neighborhood children’s farms or petting zoos.

  122. Paul Manafort, Former Trump Campaign Chief, Faces New Allegations in Ukraine World, March 20

    An invoice seems to show a payment to him of $750,000, disguised as a sale of computers. A spokesman for Mr. Manafort dismissed it all as “baseless.”

  123. Radicchio Slideshow, March 20

    A number of different radicchios, or chicories, are now available at the market.

  124. A Putin Opponent Is Doused in Green. He Makes It Work. World, March 20

    Alexei Navalny, a charismatic critic of Russian President Vladimir V. Putin, was doused with a green liquid but gave the attack a positive spin.

  125. After Dutch Election, Eurogroup Leader’s Fate Looks in Doubt Business Day, March 20

    Jeroen Dijsselbloem appears to be on the way out as head of the Eurogroup, the 19 finance ministers from countries that share the euro. He has presided over a tumultuous period.

  126. UBS and Its French Unit to Face Trial in Tax Investigation Business Day, March 20

    The trial announcement came after reports that UBS had rejected a settlement in the investigation about whether it helped French clients evade taxes.

  127. Duchess of Cambridge, on ‘Brexit’ Charm Offensive, Wears Chanel on Paris Trip Fashion & Style, March 20

    The British labels Jenny Packham, Alexander McQueen and Catherine Walker were also part of her weekend wardrobe.

  128. U.K. to Start ‘Brexit’ on March 29 by Invoking Article 50 World, March 20

    The British government’s announcement puts it on track to complete a withdrawal from the European Union by early 2019.

  129. How a Sleepy German Suburb Explains Europe’s Rising Far-Right Movements World, March 20

    Buch, Germany, may not be the place people imagine when they think about far-right populism. A Times reporter traveled there to find out why the movement has such pull.

  130. Facets of Turkey: The Crackdown, and the Loyalist World, March 20

    Meet a neighborhood leader who became a hero and the family of an imprisoned journalist in the second part of our series about besieged Turkey.

  131. UEFA’s New President, Aleksander Ceferin, Craves Plenty of Change in His Staid Sport Sports, March 20

    Ceferin, “the candidate of change,” figures it is time to shake up, yet still protect, the soccer in Europe.

  132. Once in the Shadows, Europe’s Neo-Fascists Are Re-emerging World, March 19

    A wave of nationalist victories, including Donald Trump’s, has made Europe’s most extreme right-wing parties more hopeful about their future.

  133. Reports Due on German Economy and U.S. Home Sales Business Day, March 19

    The advisory German Council of Economic Experts will present a semiannual report, and February data for new and existing homes will be released.

  134. As Stolen Van Goghs Return to View, a Thief Tells All Arts, March 19

    Octave Durham, convicted of stealing two of the painter’s works from a museum, describes the heist in detail just as the works return to public view.

  135. As French Election Nears, Le Pen Targets Voters Her Party Once Repelled World, March 19

    A traditional distaste for the far-right National Front may be softening, leaving it in the best position in its 45-year history.

  136. Martin Schulz, Merkel Rival, Wins His Party’s Nomination With 100 Percent of Vote World, March 19

    Mr. Schulz became the leader of Germany’s Social Democrats in a unanimous vote at a special convention. His best-received lines came at President Trump’s expense.

  137. Offices of Volkswagen and Audi Chiefs Searched in Raid, Warrant Says Business Day, March 19

    A judge in Munich authorized investigators to seize documents from Matthias Müller, Volkswagen’s chief executive; Rupert Stadler, Audi’s chief; and dozens of others.

  138. Choice of I.M.F. Critic Highlights Trump’s Reversal of Global Policy Business Day, March 19

    Adam Lerrick, set to be nominated as deputy under secretary of the Treasury for international finance, has been a vocal scold of global bodies like the International Monetary Fund for nearly 20 years.

  139. Federer and Wawrinka, Friends, Rivals and Countrymen, Will Meet Again Sports, March 18

    Federer, at 35, has perhaps never been more dangerous. Wawrinka is building his case to be mentioned in the same breath as his mentor.

  140. Germany Reacts to Merkel-Trump Visit: ‘Could Have Been a Lot Worse’ World, March 18

    Germans saw Ms. Merkel’s first visit with Mr. Trump with a pragmatism similar to the chancellor’s, but his remarks 24 hours later pointed to differences on policy.

  141. Scottish Independence Can Wait Opinion, March 18

    It wouldn’t be prudent to hold a plebiscite before the Brexit process concludes.

  142. The Fake Freedom of American Health Care Opinion, March 18

    If Republicans really want to give patients more freedom, they should try health care the Finnish way.

  143. Trump, Working-Class Zero Opinion, March 18

    President Trump, not growing into the job. (Thank you, Steve Bannon.)

  144. U.S. Breaks With Allies Over Trade Issues Amid Trump’s ‘America First’ Vows Business Day, March 18

    Trump administration officials at a Group of 20 summit rejected concerns about spreading protectionism and made clear that the new administration would seek different approaches to global commerce.

  145. Boyhood Promise Kept: N.H.L. Veterans Return to Slovakian Roots Sports, March 18

    Michal Handzus and Richard Zednik never lost track of their ultimate plan, to eventually reunite in their Slovakian hometown, where they are chasing an elusive championship.

  146. In Berlin, a Grass-Roots Fight Against Gentrification as Rents Soar World, March 18

    Tenants and activists are banding together to protest rising rents, forced evictions and rampant real estate speculation.

  147. Trump, Day After Merkel’s Visit, Says Germany Pays NATO and U.S. Too Little U.S., March 18

    President Trump, a day after an awkward meeting with the German chancellor, started his weekend at his Florida estate by using Twitter to accuse Germany of shortchanging its allies.

  148. Gunman Is Killed in Orly Airport in France After Attacking a Soldier World, March 18

    The attack, which the authorities were treating as a possible act of terrorism, prompted a partial evacuation and security sweep of the airport and briefly halted flights.

  149. Me, Myself and My Hijab Opinion, March 17

    I’m British. But I’m also Muslim.

  150. London Ridicules the Ridiculous Opinion, March 17

    President Trump has managed to anger British officials with his claims about spying.