1. Today’s Russia Ukraine War live blog included 7 standalone posts:
  2. France’s Ransom Briefing, Today

    The Times reveals how Haiti became the poorest country in the Americas.

  3. ‘Such Bad Guys Will Come’: How One Russian Brigade Terrorized Bucha World, Today

    A particularly fearsome unit of Moscow’s invading army arrived in the Kyiv suburb in mid-March. The soldiers’ reputation preceded them.

  4. The Michigan Mink Mystery: How Did an Interspecies Outbreak Unfold? Health, Today

    The puzzling coronavirus cases highlight ongoing surveillance challenges and blind spots.

  5. 1897: Cambridge University Votes Against Degrees for Women World, Today

    A resolution to grant degrees to women was rejected by a large majority and men celebrated the result with fireworks.

  6. Documenting Atrocities in the War in Ukraine Interactive, Today

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has generated enormous demand in both Ukraine and friendly Western governments for an accounting of Russian military actions that could be prosecuted as war crimes — actions so egregious they violate the commonly accepted laws concerning armed combat.

  7. Investigating Haiti’s ‘Double Debt’ Times Insider, Today

    For a new five-part investigation, a team of Times journalists tabulated the amount that Haitians had to pay France for their freedom and explored how the massive sum still affects Haiti today.

  8. Yesterday’s Russia Ukraine War live blog included six standalone posts:
  9. 1 Dead and Dozens Injured After 3 Tornadoes Strike Western Germany World, Yesterday

    Extreme weather was also felt elsewhere in Europe as heat waves threatened Spain and parts of southern France.

  10. The Russian Orthodox Leader at the Core of Putin’s Ambitions World, Yesterday

    Patriarch Kirill I has provided spiritual cover for the invasion of Ukraine, reaping vast resources for his church in return. Now, in an extraordinary step, the E.U. is threatening him with sanctions.

  11. Wall Street mande gouvènman ameriken an debake ann Ayiti. Gouvènman ameriken an dakò. World, Yesterday

    Okipasyon long Ayiti a kòmanse lè bank ki te vin Citigroup la ankouraje gouvènman ameriken an, dapre sa ki nan kèk dosye korespondans diplomatik pandan plizyè dizèn ane ak kèk lòt dosye.

  12. ‘A form of hope’: As air-raid sirens sound, a Lviv orchestra opens a summer festival with Mozart’s Requiem. World, Yesterday

    Even as the Lviv Philharmonic theater became a wartime hub for humanitarian supplies, it has remained a home for musicians and choirs.

  13. Russian forces are attempting another crossing of a river where they suffered a major blow, Ukraine’s military says. World, Yesterday

    The 650-mile-long Seversky Donets River originates in Russia and meanders southeast through the Donbas region before re-entering Russian territory.

  14. Li mande reparasyon, yo ba li egzil World, May 20

    Yon prezidan Ayisyen popilis eseye fè regleman ak Lafrans pou tout tan Lafrans t ap esplwate Ayti. Yon ti tan apre yo mete l atè sou pouvwa a.

  15. Vangelis, Composer Best Known for ‘Chariots of Fire,’ Dies at 79 Arts, May 20

    A master of the synthesizer, he won an Oscar for that film’s score, and his memorable theme song became a No. 1 pop hit.

  16. Seis conclusiones sobre el alto precio que Haití pagó a Francia por su libertad en Español, May 20

    Esto es lo que un equipo de corresponsales de The New York Times averiguó sobre lo que el pueblo haitiano tuvo que pagar a Francia tras la revuelta de personas esclavizadas más exitosa del mundo moderno.

  17. Your Friday Evening Briefing Briefing, May 20

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  18. France’s New Cabinet Mixes Fresh and Familiar, Hinting at Macron’s Priorities World, May 20

    President Emmanuel Macron’s newly announced government combines continuity with change, as first-term veterans were joined by newcomers in top positions at the foreign and education ministries.

  19. Russia Hustles to Recruit Soldiers and Halts Gas Supplies to Finland World, May 20

    The war has evolved into something of a stalemate that has seriously depleted Russia’s conventional war capabilities, even as it has made some gains.

  20. The Ransom: A Look Under the Hood World, May 20

    Thousands of pages of original documents, and hundreds of books and articles. Here are the historians and researchers on which the Haiti project drew.

  21. 6 infos à retenir sur les réparations versées par Haïti à la France World, May 20

    Voici ce que les correspondants du New York Times ont appris sur les sommes qu’Haïti a dû verser après avoir chassé les colons français lors de la première révolte d’esclaves victorieuse du monde moderne.

  22. Russia’s Fallout with Finland Briefing, May 20

    Moscow will cut natural gas supplies to its Nordic neighbor this weekend.

  23. 6 Takeaways About Haiti’s Reparations to France World, May 20

    How did the modern world’s most successful slave revolt give birth to a desperately poor nation? Here is a summary of what a team of New York Times correspondents found out.

  24. Men ki jan yon bank fransè pran Ayiti World, May 20

    Pandan bank yo rele C.I.C. a t ap ede finanse Tou Efèl la, li t ap pran plizyè milyon dola ann Ayiti. Bank lan refize pale de sa, men jounal Times chèche konnen konbyen kòb envestisè yo te fè kòm pwofi, epi ki sa Ayiti pèdi.

  25. Rasin mizè Ayiti: Reparasyon yo bay Mèt esklav yo World, May 20

    An 1791, Ayisyen ki te an esklavaj yo kouri dèyè Fransè yo epi fonde yon nasyon. Men Lafrans fè plizyè jenerasyon Ayisyen peye pou libète yo. Konbyen sa te koute yo te yon mistè, jouk koulyeya.

  26. Comment la France a riposté aux demandes de réparations d’Haïti World, May 20

    Au début des années 2000, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, alors président d’Haïti, a demandé des comptes à l’ancienne puissance coloniale française. Il s’est rapidement retrouvé évincé du pouvoir.

  27. Comment une banque française a fait main basse sur Haïti World, May 20

    À la fin du 19e siècle, le Crédit Industriel et Commercial a soutiré des millions à Haïti. Le Times a retracé l’histoire de cette opération — et son coût pour Haïti.

  28. À la racine des malheurs d’Haïti : des réparations aux esclavagistes World, May 20

    En 1791, les esclaves haïtiens chassent les Français et fondent leur propre nation. La France fera payer cher cette liberté à des générations d’Haïtiens. Le montant de cette rançon n’avait jamais été chiffré — jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  29. U.S. Company Supplying Russian Military Seeks Exit, Caught Between Sanctions and Kremlin World, May 20

    Arconic runs a huge Russian metal plant, bought in an era of cooperation between the U.S. and Russia. Now it is struggling, after years of increasing Russian military aggression.

  30. Envahissez Haïti, exhorte Wall Street. Les États-Unis s’exécutent. World, May 20

    Au début du 20e siècle, les États-Unis occupent Haïti. Derrière cette invasion, des banquiers américains avides de mettre la main sur les finances du pays.

  31. Demanding Reparations, and Ending Up in Exile World, May 20

    A firebrand Haitian president tried to hold France to account for its years of exploitation. He soon found himself ousted from power.

  32. Invade Haiti, Wall Street Urged. The U.S. Obliged. World, May 20

    The long occupation of Haiti began with a drumbeat from the bank that became Citigroup, decades of diplomatic correspondence and other records show.

  33. How a French Bank Captured Haiti World, May 20

    It helped finance the Eiffel Tower as it drained millions from Haiti. The bank, C.I.C., won’t talk about it, but The Times tracked how much its investors made — and what Haiti lost.

  34. The Root of Haiti’s Misery: Reparations to Enslavers World, May 20

    In 1791, enslaved Haitians ousted the French and founded a nation. But France made generations of Haitians pay for their freedom. How much it cost them was a mystery, until now.

  35. Haiti’s Lost Billions Interactive, May 20

    The staggering sum Haiti paid for its independence cemented its path to poverty.

  36. Les Milliards Envolés Interactive, May 20

    La somme colossale qu’Haïti a été forcé de payer à la France pour son indépendance a contribué à condamner le pays à la pauvreté.

  37. ¿Qué es la viruela del mono? en Español, May 20

    En las últimas semanas se han registrado decenas de casos entre poblaciones que no suelen ser vulnerables a la enfermedad. Aquí resolvemos algunas dudas.

  38. On Ukraine, McConnell Tries to Show the World This Isn’t Trump’s G.O.P. U.S., May 20

    The top Senate Republican traveled to Europe in a bid to show that isolationism hasn’t taken over his party. He has privately lobbied his colleagues to vote that way, and so far, most are.

  39. The May 20 Russia Ukraine War live blog included 11 standalone posts:
  40. How Russia Uses Show Trials to Punish Putin’s Enemies World, May 20

    Moscow may label the Azov fighters who defended the Mariupol steel plant as terrorists — raising the prospect of a high-profile trial. The Kremlin has a long tradition of using the courts for political goals.

  41. Washington Warns Britain to Temper Its Spat With E.U. Over Northern Ireland World, May 20

    A senior U.S. diplomat urged London and Brussels to discreetly resolve their disputes, citing the need to unify the West behind Ukraine amid Russia’s onslaught.

  42. What Is Monkeypox? Science, May 20

    There have been dozens of cases reported in recent weeks among populations not typically vulnerable to the disease.

  43. George Grosz, Sharp-Eyed Berlin Observer, Comes Home Arts, May 20

    A new museum in a converted gas station presents the work of one of the best-known artists of Weimar-era Germany.

  44. Warning Signs of a Future Mass Killer Opinion, May 20

    Mental health evaluations, chat rooms and parents’ roles. Also: Republicans and shootings; Covid mandates; voters and democracy; Estonia and Russia; abortion funds.

  45. U.N. Human Rights Chief to Make First Trip to China Since 2005 World, May 20

    Rights groups say Michelle Bachelet’s trip, including a visit to the western Chinese region of Xinjiang, where Beijing has cracked down on the Uyghur minority, will be a test of her office’s credibility.

  46. Italy Says Ancient Statue in U.S. Museum Was Stolen, Not Lost at Sea Arts, May 20

    A court near Pompeii has ordered the return of a treasured classical antiquity that was purchased by the Minneapolis Institute of Art almost four decades ago.

  47. In Milan, an Iconic Stadium Isn’t Going Down Without a Fight Sports, May 20

    The soccer teams that share the San Siro, which has hosted two World Cups and four European finals, want to replace it with a more modern arena. Not everyone is ready to see it go.

  48. Combing the Beach, and the Archives, to Revive ‘The Wreckers’ Arts, May 20

    In the early 20th century, Smyth was probably the most famous female composer of her generation, but her music fell out of the repertoire. Glyndebourne Festival Opera is bringing back her 1906 maritime opera.

  49. Your Friday Briefing Briefing, May 20

    Hungary’s thirst for Russian oil.

  50. The May 19 Russia Ukraine War live blog included six standalone posts:
  51. A Russian rock singer was charged after condemning the Ukraine war at a concert. World, May 19

    The singer made the comments less than three months after Russia enacted a law that would punish spreading “false information” about its invasion.

  52. Moscow Moves to Russify Seized Ukraine Land, Signaling Annexation World, May 19

    The territory occupied by Russian forces so far in the three-month-old invasion deserves “a worthy place in our Russian family,” a Kremlin official who toured the region said.

  53. Biden Seeks Swift Effort to Bring Finland and Sweden Into NATO U.S., May 19

    Speedy approval seems likely among most members of the alliance in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but Turkey’s objections remain a sticking point.

  54. Ukrainian oligarch seeks to distance himself from Russia by mulling sale of superyacht. World, May 19

    The richest man in Ukraine has committed to building back his country. But he is also constructing a luxury ship that would rival a yacht that the U.S. government believes may belong to Vladimir Putin.

  55. Riding the World’s Biggest Waves, Without a Surfboard Sports, May 19

    Kalani Lattanzi has taken bodysurfing to the next level, paddling into 40-foot waves with little more than the fins on his feet.

  56. New Evidence Shows How Russian Soldiers Executed Men in Bucha World, May 19

    Witness testimony and videos obtained by The New York Times show how Russian paratroopers executed at least eight Ukrainian men in a Kyiv suburb on March 4, a potential war crime.

  57. The incoming U.S. ambassador to Ukraine has experience in countries shaped by Soviet domination. World, May 19

    Bridget Brink has worked in Slovakia, Uzbekistan and Georgia. She is filling a role that has been empty for three years.

  58. Video, May 19

  59. Gerhard Schröder, a former German chancellor, loses perks over his ties to Russia. World, May 19

    The former German leader, a personal friend of President Vladimir V. Putin and lobbyist for Russian energy companies, has refused to distance himself from Russia.

  60. In Hungary, Cheap Russian Oil Fuels Right-Wing Culture Wars World, May 19

    Prime Minister Viktor Orban has resisted a proposed E.U. embargo of Russian oil, saying it would devastate his country’s economy, but it would also cut off a source of funds for his political allies.

  61. Juan Carlos, Former King, Returns to Spain World, May 19

    The former monarch left his country in the wake of fraud investigations, which have since been dropped, and now lives in the United Arab Emirates.

  62. Boris Johnson Avoids Further Fines as the Police End Lockdown Inquiry World, May 19

    The completion of the investigation into parties at Downing Street that violated Covid rules lifts a cloud over the prime minister’s political future.

  63. ‘Wagatha Christie’ Case Offers a Riveting Peek Into Celebrity Culture World, May 19

    Libel proceedings in London have laid bare the personal lives of two British celebrities in a legal whodunit for the social media age. And it wasn’t just the tabloids that became obsessed with the feud.

  64. ‘Misoginia de la era colonial’: en los fallos sobre los derechos de las mujeres se cita a un juez del siglo XVII en Español, May 19

    Tanto en India como en el borrador del fallo Roe v. Wade en Estados Unidos, todavía ocupa un lugar preponderante un juez inglés que escribió que las mujeres estaban obligadas por contrato a los maridos.

  65. In Russia, as Prices Soar, the Outlook for Its Economy Grows ‘Especially Gloomy’ Business, May 19

    The government has brought stability for now through extreme measures, but forecasters are expecting continued severe inflation and a deep downturn.

  66. Snowmobiles in Slush: Sports Are on Thin Ice in the Warming Arctic Sports, May 19

    Skiing, hiking and dogsledding will never be the same in Svalbard, Norway, which has warmed more than twice as quickly as the rest of the Arctic. The islands may be isolated, but the changes aren’t.

  67. By Land and by Air, the Destination Was Seville Sports, May 18

    When Glasgow Rangers and Eintracht Frankfurt headed to Spain for the Europa League final, tens of thousands of their fans followed.

  68. A Massachusetts Man Is Infected With Monkeypox Health, May 18

    The case, the first in the U.S. this year, follows unusual clusters discovered in Europe and Canada.

  69. Russia Uses Surrender in Mariupol to Portray Ukrainians as Terrorists World, May 18

    Many soldiers who surrendered from Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant belong to the Azov battalion, a group with far-right roots, and the Kremlin may now put them on trial just as Ukraine is prosecuting Russians for war crimes.

  70. Autocrats Strain Unity Briefing, May 18

    Leaders of Turkey and Hungary are slowing the Western response to Russia.

  71. Rosmarie Trapp of the ‘Sound of Music’ Family Dies at 93 Arts, May 18

    She was the last surviving daughter of the baron and the would-be nun depicted in the stage musical and 1965 film.

  72. Your Thursday Briefing: Turkey’s NATO Block Briefing, May 18

    Plus North Korea’s Covid strategy and China’s expanding internet censorship.

  73. Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s Masterpiece of Existential Angst Movies, May 18

    His moody 2004 film, ‘Distant,’ about an unemployed factory worker in Istanbul, has been revived for a short run at Film Forum in Manhattan.

  74. Video, May 18

  75. Strongmen in Turkey and Hungary Stall Unity in NATO and the E.U. World, May 18

    Russia benefits as Turkey slows down Swedish and Finnish applications to NATO and Hungary continues to block an E.U. embargo on Russian oil.

  76. The May 18 Russia Ukraine War live blog included four standalone posts:
  77. In Ukraine, Gruesome Injuries and Not Enough Doctors to Treat Them World, May 18

    Operating with skeleton crews, doctors and nurses race to save limbs, and lives. It’s a grim routine for medical personnel often working around the clock. And not all limbs can be saved.

  78. Veronica Ryan’s Uncanny Objects Arts, May 18

    At 65, the British artist based in New York is in the Whitney Biennial and on the Turner Prize shortlist. Her sculptures blend strange and common items to make sense of the world.

  79. French company to face charges of complicity in human rights violations. Business, May 18

    Lafarge faces a court battle over allegations that it put employees at risk and financed terrorist groups in a bid to keep operating in Syria.

  80. U.K. Lawmaker Reportedly Arrested Over Rape Allegations World, May 18

    The arrest, of a man who has not yet been identified, was the latest in a string of sexual misconduct allegations against members of Parliament.

  81. A Shelter for Displaced Artists in Ukraine Interactive, May 18

    On the outskirts of Lviv, displaced artists shunning government shelters have found a home in an abandoned factory. They recently opened up their space.

  82. Economic Headwinds Mount as Leaders Weigh Costs of Confronting Russia U.S., May 18

    Top economic officials are gathering this week to discuss how to keep pressure on Vladimir V. Putin without sinking their economies.

  83. Inflation in Britain hits 9 percent, the fastest pace in four decades. Business, May 18

    The annual inflation rate jumped as household gas and electricity bills rose significantly.

  84. ‘I could not stay away’: With Russians pushed back, residents return to Kharkiv. World, May 18

  85. ‘La situación actual es la peor que hemos visto’: la deuda y la inflación ahorcan a los países pobres en Español, May 18

    La guerra en Ucrania se combina con una contracción global al crédito y la desaceleración en China, lo que siembra miseria en los países de ingresos bajos y medios.

  86. La invasión rusa de Ucrania fortalece a la OTAN en Español, May 18

    La solicitud de Suecia y Finlandia para formar parte de la alianza atlántica, tras décadas de neutralidad, es una clara declaración de que la invasión rusa de Ucrania ha puesto fin a una era de ilusiones europeas respecto a Moscú.

  87. Why Do We Swallow What Big Oil and the Green Movement Tell Us? Opinion, May 17

    Neither is being realistic about a smooth transition to renewable energy.

  88. Ukrainian Holdouts in Mariupol Surrender to an Uncertain Fate World, May 17

    The government’s order for hundreds of remaining fighters to stand down offers Russia a propaganda victory, but prospects for a prisoner swap seem unclear at best.

  89. Europe Rethinks Its Reliance on Burning Wood for Electricity Climate, May 17

    A new proposal would significantly rewrite E.U. rules on renewable energy, ending subsidies for biomass like wood pellets.

  90. Sweden and Finland Say to Submit NATO Applications Jointly Video, May 17

    Leaders of the two Nordic nations said they would submit their NATO applications together, in a coordinated decision to end decades of neutrality amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

  91. ‘The hate of men will pass, and dictators die’: Zelensky quotes Chaplin in an address to Cannes. Movies, May 17

    The Ukrainian leader’s appearance at the international film festival followed similar addresses to Parliaments around the world, including Congress in March.

  92. Spain Considers Paid Time Off for Women With Severe Period Symptoms World, May 17

    A draft law would allow women to stay home if they are diagnosed by a doctor. It would also extend abortion access, but it faces an arduous path through Parliament.

  93. With Ukraine Taking Firmer Stance, Peace Talks Grind to a Halt World, May 17

    The impasse is mainly driven by Russia’s insistence on controlling large areas of Ukrainian territory. But Ukraine is also emboldened by successes on the battlefield and angry over Russian atrocities.

  94. The leaders of Finland and Sweden say they will jointly submit their NATO applications. World, May 17

    They also said they would travel to Washington to meet with President Biden about the war in Ukraine and their bid to join the Western military alliance.

  95. Ukraine’s Eurovision winners don’t regret flouting the rules with a plea for Mariupol. World, May 17

    The winning band’s lead singer said he still feared for the fighters who had been holed up beneath the Azovstal steel plant.

  96. The May 17 Russia Ukraine War News live blog included five standalone posts:
  97. Queen Makes Surprise Visit to Paddington Station in London World, May 17

    Queen Elizabeth II made a rare public appearance to celebrate the opening of the Elizabeth line in London, which is named in her honor.

  98. On a Russian talk show, a retired colonel stuns his colleagues by pointing out that the invasion isn’t going well. World, May 17

    It was a rare moment in a country where broadcasters generally follow the Kremlin’s talking points about the war.

  99. Poor Countries Face a Mounting Catastrophe Fueled by Inflation and Debt Business, May 17

    Russia’s war in Ukraine is combining with a global tightening of credit and an economic slowdown in China to sow misery in low- and middle-income countries.

  100. The Baby Formula Shortage: What Can Be Done Opinion, May 17

    Readers suggest promoting breastfeeding, easing access to milk banks, improving F.D.A. oversight and giving expert advice on alternatives. Also: Nuclear risks with Russia.

  101. Gucci Gives New Meaning to the Contemporary Obsession With Stars Style, May 17

    At a medieval castle in Puglia, it’s all about astronomy, baby.

  102. In Risky Move, U.K. Says It May Scrap Northern Ireland Trade Rules World, May 17

    The decision sets Britain on a collision course with the European Union, 18 months after a trade deal that was meant to have completed Brexit.

  103. Readers ask: How do Ukrainians see the Western response to the war? World, May 17

    Our reporters are answering readers’ questions about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Many of you have asked about sentiments in Ukraine about the West.

  104. Yellen Calls on Europe to Boost Ukraine Aid U.S., May 17

    The Treasury secretary warned that Ukraine did not have enough funding to sustain its government and fend off Russia.

  105. Life Returns to Bucha Interactive, May 17

    In Bucha, Ukraine, our correspondent saw a city overshadowed by death coming back to life.

  106. In Bucha, a Symbol of Death and Atrocity, Life Returns World, May 17

    About 10,000 residents have come back to this eastern Ukrainian city, which is racing to repair the physical and psychological damage from Russia’s occupation.

  107. The Ukrainian authorities declare an end to the combat mission in Mariupol after weeks of Russian siege. World, May 16

    More than 250 fighters were evacuated from the besieged Azovstal complex after holding out and sheltering civilians for weeks under near-constant Russian bombardment.

  108. Further Russian Retreat Seen in East Ukraine, Another Setback for Putin World, May 16

    Russia appeared to shrink its already narrowed goals to take the Donbas region, as NATO and its two newest applicants, Sweden and Finland, practiced war games near Russia’s border.

  109. Jürgen Blin, Who Went 7 Rounds Against Ali, Dies at 79 Sports, May 16

    In 1971, Blin was a working-class fighter from Hamburg and a top contender in Germany. Ali was coming off a loss to Joe Frazier and needed to get back in shape.

  110. Johnson’s Softer Tone on Northern Ireland Trade Rules Belies Hard-Line Plans World, May 16

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who traveled to Northern Ireland on Monday, also urged a power-sharing government in the wake of Sinn Fein’s victory in legislative elections.

  111. Russia Planned a Major Military Overhaul. Ukraine Shows the Result. World, May 16

    Russia wanted to build a leaner, more flexible fighting force and eliminate waste, bureaucracy and corruption. But entrenched, Soviet-era practices endure.

  112. Russia sought to create a leaner, meaner military. But entrenched, Soviet-era practices endure. World, May 16

  113. Estonia’s Tough Voice on Ukraine Urges No Compromise With Putin World, May 16

    Kaja Kallas, the prime minister, remembers the repression of life under Soviet rule and sees the same brutality in occupied Ukraine, which she believes is fighting for all of Europe.

  114. The May 16 Russia Ukraine War News live blog included three standalone posts:
  115. Taking Aim at Left-Leaning Voters, Macron Names a Woman Prime Minister World, May 16

    Élisabeth Borne, the minister of labor who previously was in charge of the environment, will be the second woman to hold the post in France.