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Next Stop, Fashion Disney
Style, Yesterday

As the men’s wear season winds down, fashion shows themselves are ramping up, becoming a potentially lucrative new form of mass entertainment.

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Letter of Recommendation: Nike Air Force 1s
Magazine, Yesterday

Love letter to an iconic pair of old-school kicks.

7c6a1c0fb52e448b94009e695514e0cc articleinline
Mayor Pete’s Ties, Kamala’s Pearls, Biden’s Aviators: It’s All Up for Debate
Style, June 24

A breakdown of what the candidates are saying when they aren’t saying anything at all.

Balmainh spring 2020 mens slide usch articleinline
Balmain Homme: Spring 2020
Slideshow, June 21

Balmain Homme Spring 2020 Collection.

21draft style01 articleinline
The N.B.A.’s Draft Show Goes On, With Style — Even if It Shouldn’t
Arts, June 21

This year’s class wore gold chains, purple pinstripes and a snakeskin suit. But, as stars, will they be allowed to feel as good as they looked?

Rentallife23 articleinline
Millennials, the Rental Generation
Opinion, June 21

A young reader says her cohort needs to have a stake in the places they choose to live.

21lvmen 1 articleinline
A Young Man’s Springtime in Paris, Courtesy of Louis Vuitton
Fashion, June 21

Virgil Abloh took over a city square for his collection of oversize proportions and floral details.

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Remembering Karl Lagerfeld
Fashion, June 21

Colleagues and friends gather at the Grand Palais, site of so many of his extravagant Chanel shows, to honor the late fashion designer.

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5 Alternatives to Corporate Pride Merch
Style, June 20

Why buy mass-market rainbows when you could get something unique?

1095420547e94cb88917290c381220e0 articleinline
Before Trump and the Kardashians, Gloria Vanderbilt Invented the Personal Brand
New York, June 19

It used to be that the very rich avoided the spotlight at all costs. Then an heiress figured out how to sell her own story and changed all that forever.

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Giving Donatella Her Due
Fashion, June 19

With biker looks, punk looks and hippie looks, with leather, leopard and tie-dye, Ms. Versace challenges gender stereotypes.

Merlin 156593997 e88ef412 ee5f 4da8 bf1f 44bae6b77ab9 articleinline
Giorgio Armani: How to Conduct a Master Class
Fashion, June 19

As he has for decades, the designer dominates Italian fashion by swatting away trends and corporate suitors.

19fixingfashion articleinline
In Britain, Politicians Shy Away From a Crackdown on Fast Fashion
Fashion, June 19

The British government rejected proposals from a cross-party committee on how to tackle fashion’s footprint, prompting an outcry.

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Androgyny Is Now Fashionable in the W.N.B.A.
Opinion, June 18

Women’s basketball is expanding ideas of what female athletes are allowed to look like.

Merlin 154146597 56090e47 3746 4c18 8ae1 6e2f4d7b0f1e articleinline
Shut Out by Shoe Giants, ‘Mom and Pop’ Stores Feel Pinched
Business, June 18

A number of shoe companies have cut off many small retailers that were already struggling to adapt to shoppers’ changing behavior.

17vanderbilt styles 22 articleinline
Gloria Vanderbilt, Jeans Queen
Fashion, June 17

She was an author, an artist, a swan and a mythic figure. But her most indelible legacy may be what she did for denim.

17vanderbilt styles 22 articleinline
Gloria Vanderbilt, Jeans Queen
Fashion, June 17

She was an author, an artist, a swan and a mythic figure. But her most indelible legacy may be what she did for denim.

00virtual influencers hadid articleinline
These Influencers Aren’t Flesh and Blood, Yet Millions Follow Them
Business, June 17

From Calvin Klein to KFC, the rise of the computer-generated influencer on social media.

00vanderbilt adv obit slide xvou articleinline
Gloria Vanderbilt, Builder of a Fashion Empire, Dies at 95
Style, June 17

An illustrious family name became synonymous with designer jeans, as Ms. Vanderbilt became a celebrity in her own right.

00vanderbilt adv obit slide xvou articleinline
Gloria Vanderbilt Dies at 95; Built a Fashion Empire
Style, June 17

An illustrious family name became synonymous with designer jeans, as Ms. Vanderbilt became a celebrity in her own right.

17chanel1 articleinline
Facing Post-Lagerfeld Era, Chanel Says Latest Profits Were Up
Fashion, June 17

The privately owned French fashion house has a new creative director, strong sales growth and a firm message: Chanel is not for sale.

Dsquared spring 2020 mens slide rkbn articleinline
Dsquared2 M/W: Spring 2020
Slideshow, June 16

Dsquared2 M/W Spring 2020 Collection.

Ralauren spring 2020 mens slide 7oqy articleinline
Ralph Lauren Purple: Spring 2020
Slideshow, June 16

Ralph Lauren Purple Spring 2020 Collection.

795cfc0d2b0e44b597bbc3574cc36cda articleinline
Wedding Shoes: Accessories From Heel to Toe
Fashion, June 15

Clips, chains, plastic strips and rings for your heels — who knew bridal shoes were so complex?

Merlin 156358254 55f4bf50 230b 48d6 9843 3bc4dc242bee articleinline
Homage or Theft? Carolina Herrera Called Out by Mexican Minister
Fashion, June 13

The debate over cultural appropriation and fashion intensifies.

Merlin 156337284 00b2851e 0450 468b a43f c58cdbb38561 articleinline
Sterling Ruby Adds Fashion Designer to His Résumé
Fashion, June 13

The multidisciplinary artist is introducing his first full collection of clothing in a runway show in Florence, Italy.

Martine rose slide 052t articleinline
48 Hours With a Men’s Wear Designer Inspired by ’90s London
T Magazine, June 12

Martine Rose prepares her spring collection in the shadow of Brexit.

Martine rose slide l179 articleinline
How Martine Rose’s New Collection (and Its Bouffant Wigs) Came Together
Slideshow, June 12

In the days before her show at London Fashion Week Men’s, the designer puts the finishing touches on her latest looks.

Merlin 156089391 e8f7355d 800a 42cf afa8 38840033d248 articleinline
Decoding Secret Florence
Style, June 12

Brick-and-mortar retail is alive and well in the Renaissance city, a true wonderland for shoppers. But to find the best addresses, you need insider tips.

Merlin 155812158 f3d8f600 d9b3 48c4 8775 97e1dd48064f articleinline
The Resurrection of Dolce & Gabbana
Fashion, June 12

After last year’s debacle in China, the brand went dark. Now it may be on its way back.

13sternberg 1 articleinline v2
Back to Basics for a Designer Whose Business Got Too Tight
Style, June 11

Scott Sternberg’s fashion career off-roaded once. With Entireworld, will he be second-time lucky?

11keller prince harry meghan markle articleinline
Suiting Up With Meghan Markle’s Designer
Style, June 11

As she prepares to introduce her men’s wear collection at Pitti Uomo, the Givenchy designer Clare Waight Keller talked about Florentine dandies, gender parity and the Duchess of Sussex’s dress.

Merlin 156243996 4c3acac0 ab49 4360 997f d15b61e9a30c articleinline
At Men’s Fashion Week in London, Less Angst, More Celebration
Fashion, June 10

Craig Green, Charles Jeffrey and Alexander McQueen gave the spring 2020 collections a lift.

Merlin 155990079 edd7b85a 91af 4b3d 99bc 4959e683ad37 articleinline
Nail Tips from ‘Claws’
Style, June 10

Morgan Dixon, the show’s chief manicurist, talks about her inspirations for the best dressed hands on TV.

06pirate articleinline v2
The Original Gangster Style Guy
Fashion, June 10

As the men’s wear shows continue in Europe, spare a moment to consider a different kind of influencer.

Merlin 152053935 2c725320 d4b9 4840 b3a4 8a264cd37381 articleinline
Suiting Up Hockey’s Stars, One Stitch At a Time
Sports, June 10

A diminutive 86-year-old Italian immigrant in Montreal stands tall among the many hockey players he’s dressed.

Merlin 156217878 40834e3e 1524 4ca2 bf34 53f8f6ad0fad articleinline
Billy Porter Challenges Gender Norms on the Tonys Red Carpet
Theater, June 9

Mr. Porter wore a gown to Sunday night’s awards show and he wasn’t alone.

Oakimage 1560083650879 articleinline
Getting Dressed for the Tonys With Cynthia Erivo
Fashion, June 9

She has arrived.

00billyporter 8 articleinline v4
Billy Porter on the Tonys Red Carpet
Fashion, June 9

From the Academy Awards to the Met Gala to the Tonys, Billy Porter shakes up the ho-hum pre-show and wins the night — before the awards even begin.

Aschool spring 2020 mens slide x6aj articleinline
Art School: Spring 2020
Slideshow, June 8

Art School Spring 2020 Collection.

Crutchle spring 2020 mens slide rcdc articleinline
Edward Crutchley : Spring 2020
Slideshow, June 8

Edward Crutchley Spring 2020 Collection.

Merlin 156082059 7bd758a6 cfe0 49e0 b126 2ed9d5594542 articleinline
Edward Crutchley Steps Into the Spotlight
Fashion, June 8

Kim Jones’s longtime right-hand man is now a rising star on the London men’s wear scene thanks to his high-luxe offerings with a focus on texture and print.

00melania uk style 3 articleinline v2
The Death of Fashion Diplomacy
Fashion, June 7

White-tie faux pas? Hat tricks? It’s time we stopped expecting the Trumps to play by any of the old rules.

Merlin 155162973 6f52cc18 8a9a 43a7 827d 7c84e91732ad articleinline
Billy Porter Cat-Walks His Way Through Hudson Yards
Style, June 6

The actor and star of “Pose” goes shopping without gender boundaries at Forty Five Ten.

05everlane 1 articleinline
How China Tariffs Could Make Your Sweaters and Pants Cost More
Business, June 5

An array of added expenses may be passed on to consumers once the new trade policies are enacted.

05critic 4 articleinline v2
The Spirit of 1994 Is Alive and Well in Aimé Leon Dore
Style, June 5

Heritage brands are usually in the business of looking way back. Do the mid-’90s count?

Merlin 155896002 cc23e517 6eea 41f5 a355 db5a10f724c1 articleinline
For New York Men’s Fashion, Small Is Beautiful
Style, June 5

Men’s fashion week has contracted to a mere smattering of shows. For scrappy young designers, that may not be all bad.

Merlin 155907294 9a62980f b974 4a68 8c64 0fa51628c44e articleinline
At the Oscars of American Fashion, Lots of Winners, Less Relevance
Fashion, June 4

The CFDA Awards featured inclusivity, Jennifer Lopez and a literal passing of the torch.

Merlin 152044608 012692de d502 489f bade 2c253752c242 articleinline
Japanese Women Want a Law Against Mandatory Heels at Work
World, June 4

Thousands of supporters have rallied behind the hashtag #KuToo, a pun based on the words for shoe and pain.

B2c5a0a65cbb41b2aa26c7e590ee21c2 articleinline
My Husband Wore Really Tight Shorts to the Eclipse Party
Style, May 31

And for me, it was a revelation.

Merlin 155549205 a62ee1b8 bf6c 4720 91da ce417fc12e18 articleinline
Lady Gaga, Tyra Banks and the Disneyfication of Fashion
Fashion, May 30

Shopping has always been about amusement. Now it’s going to be about amusement parks.

29tevas gif articleinline v2
Wow, Tevas Got Cute
Style, May 29

A sandal designed for the great outdoors has joined the ranks of fashionable footwear.

29gucci articleinline
Liberation by Gucci (Even if It Was in the Dark)
Fashion, May 29

Alessandro Michele’s cruise 2020 collection focused on women’s rights, by flashlight.

28ballet camp1 articleinline
Is Ballet Camp?
Arts, May 28

Extravagant, stylized and with gender in quotes, “Swan Lake”-style ballet has consistently been evoked in discussions of camp.

Merlin 155517063 caf668e1 8b94 4ed8 a4e4 0d2376c644c4 articleinline
Serena Williams Won’t Be Silenced. Her Clothes Are Doing the Talking.
Fashion, May 28

A year after the catsuit controversy, the tennis star is smashing old rules and stereotypes.

Merlin 153730854 379155c7 7bb1 40a0 9865 05d1625be4ba articleinline
What 8 Green Thumbs Wore to the New York Botanical Garden
Style, May 27

The Garden Furniture & Antiques Fair is an annual rite of spring in New York.