15 Looks That Got Our Attention at the Fashion Awards in London
Style, Yesterday

Amal Clooney, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rita Ora wore some of the most showstopping looks at Britain’s answer to the Met Gala.

Winona Ryder’s Friends and Fans Celebrate the ‘Eternal Cool Girl’
Style, Yesterday

Fashionistas and celebrities gathered for a new book filled with candid shots of the understated Gen X star.

Tim Rogers, Hairstylist to the Stars and Moguls, Dies at 51
Style, December 4

A native of Britain, he made his mark in his adopted city styling celebrities like Adele, Roger Federer and the Olsen twins.

Balenciaga Basks in the Warm Glow of Celebrity Forgiveness
Styles, December 4

After months of reputational repair, the French house brought its latest show to Los Angeles.

Perfection Is a Dream. Real Beauty Has Flaws.
Special Sections, December 4

Digital magic can readily erase any blemish, any wrinkle, any evidence of authenticity and vulnerability. But where’s the beauty in that?

Is It Ever Inappropriate to Wear Red Lipstick?
Styles, December 4

A reader wonders if bold lip color may be overkill in some situations, like job interviews or work parties.

Frasier Still Wants to Look Rich. Does He?
Styles, December 3

A popular sitcom from the ’90s has returned with an updated wardrobe that reflects shifts in American elitism.

In Paris, a Fashion Store That Moonlights as a Small Hotel
T Style, December 1

Plus: fringe accessories, a musician inspired by stream-of-consciousness audio messages and more from T’s cultural compendium.

A Designer Inspired by Black Elegance, Soca Music and Blue Devils
T Style, December 1

Maximilian Davis, Ferragamo’s creative director, shares a glimpse into his creative world.

Fancy Wearing a Kaunda Suit? Not in Kenya’s Parliament.
World, November 30

A favorite of President William Ruto, the suit was banned along with other traditional African attire for violating parliamentary dress codes. Proper attire, the speaker decreed, is a Western suit and tie.

A Scottish Bakery With Crème Brûlée Danishes
T Style, November 30

Plus: animal-shaped vases, merman paintings and more recommendations from T Magazine.

Fashion’s Big Idea: Oversize Everything
T Style, November 30

With giant coats and extra-roomy trousers, this winter’s voluminous silhouettes extend from head to toe.

Plaids, Corduroy, Kogal: Autumn Arrives in Tokyo
Styles, November 30

Sartorial signs of fall abound on the streets of the Japanese capital.

The Mashburns Conquer New York (in a Manner of Speaking)
Styles, November 30

Ann and Sid Mashburn, clothiers in Atlanta, have opened a store on Madison Avenue. Is it a business to be reckoned with?

A Vintage Shop to the Stars Holds Its Own Against New Rivals
Styles, November 29

Thirty years after starting What Goes Around Comes Around, Gerard Maione and Seth Weisser are still on the hunt for lost classics from Hermès, Chanel and Levi’s.

Rare Gathering of Former First Ladies Shows Style, and Subtle Differences
Styles, November 28

United (mostly) in black, their differences were in the details.

Tiny Love Stories: ‘We’d Lost the American Dream’
Styles, November 28

Modern Love in miniature, featuring reader-submitted stories of no more than 100 words.

A Cartier Ring Inspired by the Work of a 20th-Century Style Icon
T Style, November 28

The piece evokes a 1938 interlocking gold cuff designed by the house’s then creative director, Jeanne Toussaint.

The T Predictor: What We’ll Be Obsessing Over in 2024
T Style, November 28

We asked 46 artists, filmmakers, chefs and other creative people to forecast next year’s cultural trends. (Spoiler: We’re all going to be wearing a lot of brown.)

Shein, the Fast-Fashion Giant, Is Said to Have Filed for an I.P.O.
Business, November 28

The retailer, founded in China, filed confidentially to take the company public in the U.S., a person familiar with the plans said.

The Survivor
Styles, November 26

For 25 years, Maria Cornejo has been designing things her way. But independence has a cost.

L.A. Pays Stylish Tribute to Born X Raised Founder
Styles, November 24

At the brand’s annual Sadie Hawkins Winter Formal, guests and entertainers paid tribute to Chris Printup, who died this year.

The High Stakes of Low Quality
Op Ed, November 23

The Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard on the price we pay for cheap things.

Terry Richardson Accused of Sexual Assault in Two New Lawsuits
Styles, November 22

The once-famous fashion photographer, long accused of misconduct with models, faces legal action.

At 40, J. Crew Shakes Off a Midlife Crisis
Styles, November 22

After four decades of business and filing for bankruptcy in 2020, the American retailer is hoping for a renaissance.

The Season’s Best Platform Boots for Men
T Style, November 22

Thick soles — some sleek, others rugged — are giving cold-weather footwear a boost.

For Fall, Jackets and Knits With a Modern Edge
T Style, November 21

Well-defined lines and neutral tones give this season’s pieces a striking, pared-back look.

Family Photos Have Never Looked So Chic
Styles, November 21

Thebe Magugu, the South African designer, takes memories to the most fashionable level.

Rosalynn Carter, White House Trendsetter
Styles, November 20

Her style contribution as first lady deserves a reassessment.

My Head Is Always Cold. Can I Wear Hats Indoors?
Styles, November 20

To help a reader navigate the fuzzy etiquette of covering up indoors, our critic weighs the merits of beanies, fedoras and ear-warmers.

Future Designs the First Lanvin Lab Collection
Styles, November 19

The collaboration between the fashion house and the entertainer is the latest example of the growing union between the two industries.

Fall Fashion in Tokyo
Styles, November 17

Photographer Simbarashe Cha documents transitional style in the Japanese capital for The New York Times.

Tiffany Haddish, Misty Copeland and Martha Stewart Party in New York City
Styles, November 16

The Shed hosted a benefit in the Hudson Yards neighborhood of Manhattan, and the Central Park Conservancy held a gala in the park.

An Old Watch Gets a Face-Lift Orchestrated by John Mayer
Styles, November 16

The musician enlisted Online Ceramics, a brand known for its idiosyncratic T-shirts, to remake Casio’s G-Shock.

A New Getty Family Business
Styles, November 16

The fashion designer Rosetta Getty may have a rule-breaking heir in her daughter Violet.

Branding the Good Life
Styles, November 16

Erik Torstensson, co-founder and creative director of Frame, creator of Mr Porter and an investor in Skims, knows a lot about how to have fun working in fashion.

Grace Wales Bonner Has Set Her Sights Beyond Fashion
Style, November 16

The designer has made waves with fashion that infuses European heritage with Afro-Atlantic spirit. Now she has curated an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.

At McDonald’s, a Growing Appetite for Fashion
Styles, November 15

By working with Vetements, the skate brand Palace and now Crocs, the fast-food chain has become an unlikely source of style.

One of the World’s Greatest Shoppers Prepares to Share Her Treasures
Styles, November 15

Mouna Ayoub has a huge collection of haute couture, and now, 252 of her Chanel pieces designed by Karl Lagerfeld are going up for auction.

Sumptuous Attire Shines in John Singer Sargent’s Portraits from the Gilded Age
Weekend, November 14

At the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the painter’s subjects and friends, à la mode, could have emerged from the TV show’s second season.

Will the Tie Ever Make a Comeback?
Styles, November 13

A reader wonders whether men’s neckties are a relic of the past.

Davide Renne, Moschino Creative Director, Dead at 46
Styles, November 10

The Italian fashion designer died in Milan this week, just nine days after joining the famed Italian fashion house.

Rugs That Ripple Like a Stream
T Style, November 10

Plus: a taste for beeswax, rare soaps and more from T’s cultural compendium.

The Window Treatments to the Soul
Book Review, November 10

In her perceptive cultural history, “Eyeliner,” Zahra Hankir shows that liquid versus pencil is only the beginning.

A New Chapter for a Checkered Scarf
Styles, November 9

As demonstrations have cropped up globally in support of civilians in Gaza, some Palestinians are encouraging non-Palestinians to wear kaffiyehs as a show of solidarity.

Trump Family Trial Style
Styles, November 9

Ivanka Trump and her siblings dress for court — and the cameras.

Prince Fashion Items, Including the Ruffled Shirt, Go Up for Auction
Styles, November 9

The market for Prince’s wardrobe, guitars and other items has been robust since his death in 2016. Now more than 200 pieces are available for bids.

Ramaswamy Compares Republican Rivals to Dick Cheney ‘in Heels’
Politics, November 9

One of the first clashes at the Republican debate in Miami was about footwear.

Domenico Spano Dies at 79; Clothier of Stars Found Fame of His Own
Obits, November 8

Born in Italy, he dressed billionaires and film stars while turning heads for his own outfits in his adopted city, New York.

The Next Costume Institute Fashion Blockbuster Is Revealed
Styles, November 8

Gala-goers, start thinking green.

Nikki Haley Wears the Skirts
Styles, November 8

Whether on the debate stage or “The Daily Show,” the Republican presidential candidate is strategic about standing out — in every way.

How Hermès Turned a Dog Collar Into a Bag
T Style, November 8

This cabochon-accented accessory nods to the brand’s animal-focused roots.

Workers Making Clothes for Top Brands Reject a Proposal: $113 a Month
Foreign, November 8

Unions in Bangladesh say a proposed wage increase falls short after a weekend of violent protests.

Slowly and Steadily, Snails Have Overtaken the Runway
T Style, November 8

In an era of expediency, gastropods are oozing into fashion and design — and reminding us that we, too, can take our time.

How Can ‘Absurd’ Luxury Prices be Justified?
Style, November 7

The exorbitant cost of luxury fashion has left us out in the cold, wondering who can sustain this market?

The Biggest Winner at the Oscars of American Fashion
Styles, November 7

The C.F.D.A. awards weren’t dominated by a single designer, but by an idea.

Winter Accessories That Sparkle and Shine
T Style, November 7

Sequins, paillettes and rhinestones light up this season’s shoes and bags.

Why Don’t Women’s Clothes Have More Pockets?
Styles, November 6

A reader wonders why pockets in women’s wear remain “small and useless” — when they’re included at all. The answer is tangled up with a host of social issues, our critic writes.

This Season’s Most Striking Sculptural Bags
T Style, November 6

Accessories with distinctive silhouettes, from soft-sided globes to hard-edged minaudières.

Larga vida a los pantalones cómodos
En español, May 27

La oportunidad de revisar las antiguas normas sociales ha sido uno de los pocos efectos secundarios positivos de la pandemia. Y la vestimenta es una de ellas.

Soft Pants: The Postpandemic Benefit That’s Here to Stay
Op Ed, May 13

Ditching “hard pants” is just another way that the pandemic has altered the fabric — literally — of our lives.

In China, It’s Time to Splurge Again, and the Luxury Industry Is Relieved
Business, May 2

The end of pandemic-era restrictions has unleashed a luxury spending rebound in China. Which Western brands are coming out on top?

Who Gets to Tell the Story? Views Differ.
Letters, May 1

Readers respond to Pamela Paul’s first column, about “lived experience.” Also: Those who golf; women’s office clothing.