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VF Corporation Plans to Spin Out Its Denim Brands
Business, Yesterday

The clothing company said that it will put its jeans lines, including Wrangler and Lee, into a separate business as their growth has slowed.

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The Shrinking Space Between Band T-Shirt and High Fashion
Culture, August 10

Merch has become a crucial part of a musician’s rise. Here’s how it’s evolved.

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Fighting Poverty With Polo and Fashion
Styles, August 10

The Hamptons Cup benefited Robin Hood, and Net-a-Porter hosted a dinner for Good+ Foundation.

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Tory Burch’s Botanical Prints, Illustrated
T Style, August 10

Hanging in the bedroom of her home in Southampton, N.Y., are 15 British-Indian botanical prints from the 19th century, a gift from Lee Radziwill.

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Paula Schneider on Running American Apparel and Fighting Cancer
Sunday Business, August 10

A breast cancer survivor who ran one of the most notorious brands in fashion is now C.E.O. of Susan G. Komen, working to raise money for a cure.

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The Stars of September
Styles, August 9

Who makes the cut for the most important month in women’s fashion magazines? Historically, white women. But things are changing.

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In Fashion: Fall’s Nightgown-Like Dresses, in the Light of Day
T Style, August 9

Long and lovely, these garments are best when thrown on quickly and worn out casually.

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Toward a Different Language of Size
Styles, August 9

The new Netflix series “Insatiable” is putting the spotlight on the issue of fashion sizing once again.

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Vanity Fair’s September Cover Sells Something. And Not Only What It Says.
Styles, August 8

Michelle Williams, Louis Vuitton and the aesthetics of brand synergy.

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Prep Is Everything at Rowing Blazers. But Is Prep Alone Enough?
Styles, August 8

The spirit of the 2000s is alive and well at Rowing Blazers in SoHo.

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A Female Olympian Who Models Men’s Clothing
Styles, August 8

Casey Legler, a former Olympic swimmer, recounts her unlikely rise and fall in a new memoir, “Godspeed.” And that’s only half the story.

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Fall’s Best Open-Toed Heels, Modeled by Men
T Style, August 8

This season, strappy shoes find a partner in slouchy socks or textured tights.

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Before He Was a Photographer, Bill Cunningham Was a Hat Maker
T Style, August 7

His soon-to-be published memoir reveals the unknown side of a public figure who hid in plain sight. Plus, never-before-seen images from his time as a milliner.

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In Fashion: Nostalgic Scarf Prints Come Back Into View
T Style, August 7

Pile on familiar patterns for fall — in the form of sensual dresses, separates and accessories.

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‘A Dress Is Like a Passaporto, No?’ Welcome to Pierpaolo Piccioli’s Valentino
T Style, August 6

The newish, low-profile creative director of the storied fashion house has managed to honor its legacy while making it completely, and refreshingly, his own.

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Feminists in Line for Free Lipstick
Op Ed, August 3

Nothing says “I’m a woman” like a red lip. But a red lip costs $18.50 plus tax.

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Newseum Says It Made a Mistake and Pulls ‘Fake News’ Shirts
Culture, August 3

“Journalists are not the enemy of the people,” the Washington museum dedicated to celebrating the First Amendment said on Saturday.

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Christopher Gibbs, Avatar of ‘Swinging London,’ Dies at 80
Foreign, August 3

An antiques dealer and arbiter of eclectic taste, he popularized the 1960s Peacock Revolution in fashion and “distressed bohemian” in interior design.

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Rick Genest, Tattooed Model Known as Zombie Boy, Dies at 32
Culture, August 3

Mr. Genest, whose tattoos covered his entire body, participated in the 2011 Lady Gaga music video “Born This Way.”

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Hats Are Big This Summer. Really Big.
Styles, August 3

La Bomba, the Palapa and the Spinner battle for beach space.

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Rina Sawayama Is Not the Asian Britney Spears
Styles, August 2

The 27-year-old pop star and model is vocal about the lack of Asian representation in fashion and music.

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This Anonymous Designer Is Reinventing Denim
T Style, August 2

The Los Angeles-based brand 69, which creates whimsical, gender-neutral clothing, prepares for a museum retrospective.

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Why I, a Liberal, Buy Ivanka Trump’s Brand
Letters, August 2

A reader finds the clothes “professional, flattering and well priced” and objects to snobbish disdain for them.

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Jeff Bezos, Style Icon
Styles, August 2

The Amazon chief executive has quietly been grooming a new image to go with his new status as rocket scientist, richest man in the world and potential Washington big shot.

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Who Wore It Better: Art or Commerce?
Styles, August 1

It’s a museum show. It’s a fashion show. It’s a critique. No, a boutique. Whatever you call the Whitney installation by the label Eckhaus Latta, you’re likely to leave with more questions (and clothes) than answers.

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What You Need for a Mental Vacation
Styles, August 1

Five strategies for how to mellow out in August.

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At This Avant-Garde Fashion Designer’s Dinner Party, Footwear Is Optional
T Style, July 31

Good conversation, fun tableware and hyper-seasonal fare are Zoe Latta’s secret ingredients for a relaxed, stylish evening.

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Bucket Hats for Every Occasion
Styles, July 31

The fisherman’s go-to accessory, which was stylish in the ’90s, has made a comeback in 2018.

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Does a Changing of the Guard at Vogue Signal More Change Ahead?
Styles, July 30

As print takes a back seat to digital, two of Vogue’s most influential longtime staffers are leaving their roles for freelance positions.

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Unicorns, a Chef-Designed Bikini, and More Things T Editors Are Into Right Now
T Style, July 27

A by-no-means exhaustive list of the things our editors (and a few contributors) find interesting on a given week.

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Books Are the New Black
Book Review, July 27

Glittering worlds, lip-smacking clothes: Fashion-centric new releases explore the importance of Loulou de La Falaise, the British couturier Charles James and theatrical street wardrobes.

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Do Flip-Flops Protect Against Athlete’s Foot?
Well, July 27

Public showers, locker rooms and swimming pools are breeding grounds for the fungi that cause athlete’s foot. Footwear can help prevent infections.

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Brand Ivanka: Clothing Fit for Trumpian Times
Op Ed, July 26

The clothes the first daughter made reflected the same aspirational branding that brought her father to power.

26tmag swim slide 9lfr thumbwide
5 Brands Making Men’s Swimwear That Doesn’t Look Like Swimwear
T Style, July 26

Free of bells and whistles, these labels’ trunks function beautifully in and out of the water.

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Strike a Pose (but Be Ready to Sweat)
Metropolitan, July 25

Vogueing is having another moment, and those who would like to study with a master from the House of Ninja can do so at a downtown dance studio.

26sneakers1 thumbwide v3
My 8-Month Search for $900 Sneakers
Styles, July 25

Phone calls, sneaker bots and making friends with salesclerks: Critical Shopper chases down the Balenciaga Triple S.

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Do You Really Think the Ivanka Trump Brand Is Dead? Dream On
Styles, July 25

It’s just the fashion line, silly. But there’s a lesson here for would-be celebrity style-setters nonetheless.

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Cindy Joseph, a Model Who Embraced Her Age, Is Dead at 67
Obits, July 25

Ms. Joseph became a model at 49, after decades as a makeup artist, and in 2010 she started a cosmetics company to complement, not conceal, a woman’s age.

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3 Labels That Prove Style Has No Size
Styles, July 25

These companies are changing the way we think about size.

25ivanka thumbwide
Ivanka Trump Is Shutting Down Her Fashion Brand
Business, July 24

President Trump’s elder daughter, a top White House adviser, is shutting down the company more than a year after stepping away from the company.

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R.I.P. Ivanka Inc.
Editorial, July 24

As the first daughter folds her fashion brand, a to-do list.

26upnext thumbwide
A Curator of the Montauk Summer Scene
Styles, July 23

Sasha Benz is an entrepreneur, creative director of Surf Lodge and an aspiring reality TV star.

23tmag noir slide smte thumbwide
How a Rei Kawakubo Disciple Is Using All-Black Clothing to Make Something New
T Style, July 23

The fashion designer Kei Ninomiya discusses coming up at Comme des Garçons and his new project with Moncler.

23shields thumbwide
Piling on Clothes to Lay Herself Bare
Styles, July 23

What happened when one feminist writer shed her makeup and minis in the name of modesty.

20 otr dior 2007 thumbwide
Remembering Michael Howells, the Fellini of the Fashion Show
Styles, July 20

Working for the likes of John Galliano and Christian Dior, he made shows an Instagram experience before Instagram even existed. His death feels like part of the end of a generation of talent.

22fashion docs1 thumbwide
These Aren’t Fashion Documentaries (Even if They’re About Fashion Stars)
Arts & Leisure, July 20

The directors of “McQueen,” “Westwood” and “The Gospel According to André” say their subjects are the stuff of great drama.

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Five Minimalist Swimwear Brands to Know
T Style, July 19

A wave of new European labels is making the search for the perfect, simple swimsuit that much easier.

20mcqueen2 thumbwide
‘McQueen’ Reveals a Dazzling and Divisive Talent
Weekend, July 19

A documentary from Ian Bonhôte explores the recurring motif of triumph over abuse in the fashion designer’s world.

19browse combo hats thumbwide
Too Cool to Feel the Heat
Styles, July 18

Midsummer pick-me-ups that will make you forget the heat.

22mag lor thumbwide
Letter of Recommendation: Used Clothing
Magazine, July 18

You might want to forget that a stranger once owned that jacket you bought — but you shouldn’t.

08mag hodgman thumbwide
Judge John Hodgman on Putting Pants in the Freezer
Magazine, July 17

Is it better than the washing machine?

17otr 1 thumbwide
Annabelle Neilson, Muse of Alexander McQueen, Dies at 49
Styles, July 17

The former model and reality TV personality was a fixture of the 1990s celebrity party scene in Britain, and a confidante to some of its biggest stars.

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Melania Trump’s Wardrobe Goes Mute
Styles, July 16

After the jacket controversy, the first lady dressed for discretion as she accompanied her husband on his European trip.