23teller 1 thumbwide v2
A Modeling Rite of Passage, Unmasked
Styles, Yesterday

A new exhibition of photographs by Juergen Teller exposes the truth of young women on their go-sees.

23browse 3 thumbwide
Because Sometimes You Don’t Want to Get Off the Couch
Styles, November 22

Wintertime luxuries for the seasoned lounger.

Transparent slide 5qe0 thumbwide v2
Subtly Sheer Clothes — for Fall
T Style, November 22

Delicate and transparent garments — skirts, shifts and blouses — depart from the boudoir.

23bellizzi 1 thumbwide v3
The ‘Good Time’ Stylist Has Some Tips for Style on a Budget
Styles, November 21

Miyako Bellizzi, who transformed Robert Pattinson from a “pretty boy” into a greasy-haired con artist, knows how to recreate a look.

23alaia alpha thumbwide v2
Remembering Azzedine Alaïa: The Designer Who Took Time
Styles, November 20

Almost alone in today’s fashion industry, he understood the value of time to the creative mind and the struggle it took to follow his own direction.

Tmag intheair slide l74h thumbwide
An Ode to Things That Are Not What They Seem
T Style, November 20

The curious beauty of illusion: gems that appear to float on one’s finger; fabric that emulates stone; two-in-one fashion that plays tricks on the eye.

18tmag alaiapic thumbwide v2
Mourning Alaïa: The Designer’s Friends and Collaborators React
Styles, November 19

Lady Gaga, Katie Grand and many more remember the designer, who died on Saturday.

18alaia obit slide gsi7 thumbwide
Azzedine Alaïa, Fashion’s Most Independent Designer, Is Dead at 82
Styles, November 18

Mr. Alaïa insisted on his freedom and worked, argued and cooked on his own schedule.

18alaia obit slide gsi7 thumbwide
Azzedine Alaïa, Fashion’s Most Independent Designer, Is Dead at 82
Slideshow, November 18

The designer had become an increasingly important voice for the value of striving to perfect, and against giving in to the relentless pressure to produce.

Earrings slide 029l thumbwide v2
Open Thread: This Week in Style News
T Style, November 17

Steve Mnuchin and Louise Linton’s money moment, designers making clothes for life — and more.

Ilc2017 session 3 image thumbwide
Risking it All: Reinventing Calvin Klein
Video, November 17

A keynote case study by Steve Shiffman, C.E.O. of Calvin Klein, followed by an interview with Vanessa Friedman, Fashion Director and Chief Fashion Critic at The New York Times’s International Luxury Conference.

Ilc2017 session9 image thumbwide
Building the First American Group
Video, November 17

Victor Luis, C.E.O. of Tapestry speaks with Vanessa Friedman, Fashion Director and Chief Fashion Critic.

19encounters1 thumbwide
French Montana Shops for Tracksuits and Timberlands in the Bronx
Styles, November 17

The rapper made a homecoming to the borough where he was raised, visiting the spots where he and his friends would shop and try to talk to girls.

Ilc2017 session4image thumbwide
Age of Populism: Threats and Theories
Video, November 17

How does an elite industry continue to thrive in a world that increasingly revolts against the trappings of luxury? Francesca Bellettini of Saint Laurent, Alexander Gilkes of Paddle8 and Laura Pancera of UBS spoke with Elizabeth Paton, European St...

17downtonexhibit1 thumbwide
Homesick for Downton Abbey? Here’s a Way to Go Back There
Weekend, November 16

“Downton Abbey: The Exhibition” comes to Manhattan, offering fans of the series a cleverly immersive period wonderland.

19network a thumbwide
Dressing to Play a Power Woman
Styles, November 17

The National Theater’s “Network” redefines the wardrobe of the modern media executive.

Ilc2017 session5image thumbwide
Toward a New Language of Luxury
Video, November 16

Presentation by William McDonough, C.E.O., McDonough Innovation and Co-Author, "Cradle to Cradle," at The New York Times's International Luxury Conference, followed by a conversation with Vanessa Friedman, Fashion Director and Chief Fashion Critic...

Ilc2017 session 14 image thumbwide
Fake News and Transparency
Video, November 16

At a time of broad suspicion around communications, how transparent does a brand need to be with its consumers? Antoine Arnault, C.E.O. of Berluti discussed with Vanessa Friedman, Fashion Director and Chief Fashion Critic at The New York Times's I...

Ilc2017 session8image thumbwide
Caught Between Gens X, Y, and Z
Video, November 16

Generation Z is the future, and the future lives online. But Gens X and Y consider shopping a personal experience. How can brands manage competing demands? Hanya Yanagihara, Editor in Chief, T Magazine spoke with Alex Bolen of Oscar de la Renta, M...

16otr thumbwide
Louise Linton and Steve Mnuchin’s Money Moment
Styles, November 16

The Treasury secretary’s wife made a major statement in black leather at the new $1 bill unveiling.

Ilc2017 session10 image thumbwide
Who's Got the Power?
Video, November 15

With the relationship between corporate and creative changing, does the balance of power vary from brand to brand, or is there a perfect mean? Reed Krakoffof Tiffany & Co. and Sonu Shivdasani of Soneva spoke with Elizabeth Paton, European Styles C...

Ilc2017 session 12 thumbwide
When Luxury Means Safe Work Conditions
Video, November 15

With new attention on fashion and modeling in the post-Harvey Weinstein age, how much responsibility do brands bear? At The New York Times's International Luxury Conference in Brussels, Sara Ziff, Founding Director, Model Alliance spoke with Vanes...

Browse berets combo1 thumbwide
Prepare for the Chill
Styles, November 15

It’s time to swaddle yourself in as many layers as you can.

Ilc2017 session7image thumbwide
Authenticity Across Borders, Generations
Video, November 15

Designer Stella McCartney spoke with New York Times Fashion Director and Chief Fashion Critic Vanessa Friedman at The New York Times's International Luxury Conference.

Ilc2017 session6image thumbwide
From The Flagship to The Ghostship
Video, November 15

Has the rise of e-commerce made the flagship more or less important? Rodrigo Bazan, C.E.O., Thom Browne and Julie Wainwright, Founder and C.E.O., The RealReal, discussed the issue with Hanya Yanagihara, Editor in Chief, T Magazine at The New York ...

Tmag slowfashion slide qw8v thumbwide v2
3 Designers Creating Clothes for Life — Not the Runway
T Style, November 15

Independent, understated, anonymous, even: A trio of sought-after labels specialize in the sort of thoughtful, well-made garments categorized as slow fashion.

Ilc2017 session1image thumbwide
The Future of Europe
Video, November 14

Enrico Letta, Former Prime Minister of Italy and President of the Jacques Delors Institute, spoke with Steven Erlanger, Chief European Diplomatic Correspondent at The New York Times's International Luxury Conference.

16mourning 5 thumbwide
Memorial T-Shirts Create a Little Justice, a Tiny Peace
Styles, November 14

On the South Side of Chicago and around the U.S., memorial T-shirts are a way to remember, to celebrate — and to indict.

13northfashion a thumbwide
Why Fashion Can’t Stop Looking North
Styles, November 13

An exhibition celebrating the north of England and its residents’ influence on photography, fashion and art has opened in London.

11otr melania slide u723 thumbwide
It’s Melania 2.0, as Mrs. Trump Iterates in Asia
Styles, November 11

The first lady had a subtle new look to go with her itinerary. Did you notice?

Vagabonds slide i6pp thumbwide
Open Thread: This Week in Style News
T Style, November 10

LVMH’s big management shakeup, the Costume Institute takes on Catholicism — and more.

12jeans 1 thumbwide
No Room for America Left in Those Jeans
Styles, November 10

The last major American selvage denim manufacturer is closing. The American jobs are gone, but Japan has got you covered.

12upnext1 thumbwide
Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna Wear Her Jewelry
Styles, November 10

Martine Ali, a Brooklyn jewelry designer, got her start as an intern at DKNY, where her homemade silver pieces got noticed.

12hermes1 thumbwide v2
Celebrating Fashion That Can Be Seen But Not Bought
Styles, November 10

A museum exhibit in Paris elevates window dressing by Hermès to an art form.

09scout thumbwide
This Week’s Openings, Pop-Ups and Don’t-Miss Shopping Events
Styles, November 8

The Webster and Gérard Darel open in SoHo, as do pop-ups all over town.

003 final mobile a v2 thumbwide
How to Host a Dinner Party
Interactive, November 8

Food, drink, friends, good conversation — a dinner party is, in the end, a simple and enduring combination of ingredients. To help you achieve a more flawless and fun-filled gathering, here is everything you need to know about throwing your best d...

09met 1 thumbwide
The Costume Institute Takes On Catholicism
Styles, November 8

The Metropolitan Museum’s 2018 fashion blockbuster looks at religion’s influence on the designer imagination. The Vatican is on board, but will the viewers agree?

09browsing combo2 thumbwide
Arriving This Week: Styles to Brighten Winter
Styles, November 8

Get a first look at new things from big names, and more.

08tmag quality tailoring slide 71pa copy thumbwide v3
Simple Boots, Updated
T Style, November 8

From riding boots to Western styles, versions of the classic to last the fall season.

09dior thumbwide
LVMH Reshuffles Management, Shifting Sidney Toledano From Dior
Business, November 8

The executive change reflects turbulence in the wider luxury industry, which has rebounded this year after a period of difficulty.

09crtic 3 thumbwide
Where Sweats Are Cinched and Air Jordans Are Art
Styles, November 7

Kith, the streetwear superstore, opens with enough sneakers and Rice Krispie treats to satisfy the hungriest of young men.

Vagabonds slide j8cu copy thumbwide
Clothes You Can Take Anywhere You Dream of
T Style, November 7

Flared denim, studded suede and laid-back boots to take you on many adventures.

07otr1 thumbwide
A Lot of Fashion Insiders Say Telfar Is the Brand to Know
Styles, November 7

The unisex line won the 2017 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award.

12tmag sandals slide a0e6 thumbwide
8 Pairs of Timeless Greek Sandals
T Style, November 6

The ever-packable vacation shoe gets a playful update.

05friedman 1509749337033 thumbwide
$1.3 Million for That?
Op Ed, November 4

Whatever Paul Manafort may or may not have done, he robbed us of a “lavish lifestyle” fantasy.

Objects slide by96 thumbwide v3
Open Thread: This Week in Style News
T Style, November 3

Paul Manafort’s shopping spree, Christopher Bailey leaves Burberry — and more.

Tmag makie slide urqs copy thumbwide
A Beloved Boutique Owner’s Favorite Things
T Style, November 3

Uncovering the passions and inspirations of Makie Yahagi, who has stores in New York and Tokyo.

03thoren1 thumbwide
Virginia Thoren, Artful Fashion Photographer, Dies at 97
Obits, November 2

An advertising designer with no formal training in photography, Ms. Thoren chased beauty with a camera using natural light and realistic settings.

02otr1 thumbwide
Olympic Fashion: Winning or Not?
Styles, November 2

For Ralph Lauren, Burton and The Hudson’s Bay Company, kitsch is out and streamlined is in.

Tmag modesty slide ge1a thumbwide
Modest Dressing, as a Virtue
T Style, November 2

What’s really behind fashion’s — and women’s — love of concealing clothes?

03ms cavill4 thumbwide
Shopping With Superman
Styles, November 2

Henry Cavill, who is flirting with A-list stardom, pops into Savile Row without his cape.

03ms upnext thumbwide
A Filmmaker and Artist Who Also Designs Clothing
Styles, November 1

Jack Greer, an original member of the Still House Group, has a new clothing line, Iggy, and a documentary about his neighborhood park.

01russia model 1 thumbwide
Russian Authorities Investigate 14-Year-Old Model’s Death
Styles, November 1

Vlada Dzyuba, a teenager from Perm, was working in China on a three-month contract when she died.

02breibart 1 thumbwide
Yes, Breitbart News Has a Fashion Critic
Styles, November 1

That would be John Binder, whose acid-tongued commentary covers the runways and the beltway.

02joan 1 thumbwide
The Last of Joan Rivers
Styles, November 1

There is a certain symmetry in the end of “Fashion Police” and the publication of “Joan Rivers Confidential,” a book of ephemera from her career.

02browsing argent thumbwide
These Women Want to Dress You for the Office
Styles, November 1

The founders of MM.LaFleur, Argent and Of Mercer hope to solve the dilemma of what to wear to work.

03ms essay thumbwide
Unspeakable Pursues Uneatable, Fashion Follows
Styles, November 1

A fashion philosophy informed by a childhood spent on horses.

02scene slide 1q67 thumbwide
Bette Midler Hosts Her ‘Hulaween’ Benefit in a (Gasp!) Cathedral
Styles, November 1

Michael Kors, Dita Von Teese and Bernadette Peters joined the party, which raised money for New York City green spaces.

02unbuttoned 1 sub thumbwide
Paul Manafort’s Shopping Sprees Hit Home
Styles, October 31

Clothes maketh the man but they can also bringeth him down. The indictment of the former Trump campaign chairman indicated that he spent about $1.3 million in New York and Beverly Hills.

02century21 1 thumbwide
Your Grandma’s Favorite Bargain Store Wants You
Styles, October 31

Generations of deal hunters have made the pilgrimage to Century 21. Now, with a new millennial-friendly space, it’s going for their grandchildren.

Tmag thisthat slide wj68 thumbwide
A Shortlist of What We Like Right Now
T Style, October 31

Gravity-defying furniture, performance art in the East Village, totes for travel and more.

03ms list1 sub thumbwide
Josh Hutcherson of ‘The Hunger Games’ Keeps His Wardrobe Basic
Styles, October 31

The 25-year-old actor, who stars in Hulu’s “Future Man,” prefers T-shirts and baseball caps.

03ms pulse2 thumbwide
Mr Porter’s New Private Label (and Getting Cozy Indoors)
Styles, October 31

As the temperature drops, brave the outdoors with a warm sweater or durable coat. Or stay toasty indoors with Swedish sheets and Mediterranean scents.

03ms fourquestions thumbwide
A TriBeCa Store With Built-In P.R. Buzz
Styles, October 31

180 the Store showcases brands represented by the public relations firm Williamson, which happens to live upstairs.

03ms laar1 thumbwide
What 8 Golfers and Fans Wore to the Presidents Cup
Styles, October 31

Yes, there were lots of polo shirts and khakis. But there were also star-spangled shoes and Gucci sneakers.

01burberry thumbwide
Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer, Is Leaving
Business, October 31

Mr. Bailey was responsible for transforming the company from a local heritage label known for its signature trench coats to a global fashion powerhouse.

03ms ontime1 thumbwide
A Watch Brand by and for Millennials
Styles, October 30

Mvmt, a watch start-up in Los Angeles, caters to 20-somethings who grew up in the smartphone age.

03ms encounters thumbwide
Rostam Batmanglij, Formerly of Vampire Weekend, Gets Lost in Brooklyn
Styles, October 30

The musician and producer wandered through his old neighborhood and talked about his new album, “Half-Light.”

05joint1 thumbwide
At Reminiscence, Halloween 365 Days a Year
Metropolitan, October 30

It’s hard to find funky in Greenwich Village these days. But this whimsical store has sold vintage clothing, costumes and tchotchkes for 42 years.

29futuretense thumbwide
Amazon Key Is a Lot Less Scary Than My Post-1-Click Remorse
Styles, October 28

The ghosts of the sneakers I didn’t buy are following me around the World Wide Web! An in-store purchase is more satisfying, studies confirm.

Animal prints slide 0lxo thumbwide v3
Open Thread: This Week in Style News
T Style, October 27

Terry Richardson, a textile designer’s calming life — and more.

29richardson thumbwide
‘Terry Richardson Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg’
Styles, October 27

As fashion magazines and brands distance themselves from the photographer, insiders say the problem is a lot bigger than one man.

29big thumbwide
Lord & Taylor, WeWork and the Death of Leisure
Metropolitan, October 27

The sale of the department store’s flagship Fifth Avenue building marks the end of shopping as fun, and the rise of work as a way of life.

29tarts deuce thumbwide
It’s Always Fishnets Season Somewhere
Styles, October 27

The prostitute, courtesan, sex worker — all as presented in popular culture — are exerting a strong influence on the looks you may want to wear now.

29upnext3 thumbwide
An Artist and Hostess Who Calls Herself an Alt-Kardashian
Styles, October 27

The transgender club fixture is a host of the downtown Glam party and leads a ragtag crew of “Kardasians.”

Tmag intheair slide atnz thumbwide
When Rough Meets Refined
Slideshow, October 27

In praise of the sparks that fly when opposite textures come together.

29routine1 thumbwide v2
How Yahdon Israel, of #LiterarySwag, Spends His Sundays
Metropolitan, October 27

Recently named the editor in chief of Brooklyn Magazine, Mr. Israel shops, reads books by and about women, and mixes himself a special cocktail.

09reader choire thumbwide
What Constitutes Style? Choire Sicha, Our New Styles Editor, Answers Your Questions
Insider, October 26

“Styles is the document of the conflicts between rich and poor, which is why our section makes absolutely everyone unhappy eventually.”

26sade mirror thumbwide
Sade’s Quiet Storm of Cool
Styles, October 25

The singer doesn’t have to say a thing to loom over the culture.

26scout1 thumbwide
This Week’s Pop-Ups, Openings and Special Shopping Events
Styles, October 25

An Erdem collection at H&M, pop-ups at Bergdorf Goodman and VFiles, trunk shows at Barneys New York and Veronica Beard, and more.

26browsing2 combo thumbwide v3
How to Cheat Halloween
Styles, October 25

Looking for a last-minute costume that’s chic? We’ve got you covered.