00sneakers3 articleinline
Let He Who Is Without Yeezys Cast the First Stone
New York, April 17

Should pastors wear $5,000 sneakers? There’s been soul-searching recently over materialism in houses of worship.

Merlin 153640815 d5f7df89 5312 4c3f 906b f41c5506d3f6 articleinline
The Possibly Ominous Return of the ‘Mini-Me’
Style, April 17

Is it a harmless term of endearment for children, or untrammeled narcissism?

00bridal fashion combo8 articleinline
What We Saw at New York Bridal Fashion Week
Fashion, April 17

A quick look at the spring and summer collections for 2020.

00notredame fashion 3 articleinline
Woven Into the Fabrics of France
Fashion, April 16

For the Paris fashion world, Notre-Dame and all it represents was a gravitational pole.

16groomfashion1 articleinline
Why Grooms Are Hanging Up the Traditional Tuxedo
Fashion, April 16

Many are walking down the aisle in bolder colors and more creative styles.

Merlin 153557796 ac610f48 ab05 4ae4 b260 c4aa437ac8f2 articleinline
Chanting Crowds and Camo Chic
Fashion, April 16

Sixty years ago Fidel Castro came to New York, mesmerizing throngs and leaving an enduring mark on fashion.

00flowergirl 2 articleinline
Little Ones Strut Their Style Down the Aisle
Fashion, April 13

Dressing the youngest attendants can be tricky, if not costly. But more designers are featuring dresses and suits to mimic brides and grooms.

Merlin 153316470 1ff1b86f 4c95 4ada 90c0 e6a27cbb3a00 articleinline
Create a Crisis, Capture a Unicorn
Business, April 12

You, too, can make a fortune by joining in a crisis management I.P.O. that could cost you your soul but finance a monumentally expensive electric car.

Merlin 153360915 384a864a c8ce 4ec7 9bc3 c726e10da4d1 articleinline
Criticism for China’s Child Modeling Industry After Video of 3-Year-Old Being Kicked
World, April 11

More than 100 online retailers said they would cut down on child modeling, condemning corporal punishment in the shooting process.

08tmag abloh slide w0lv articleinline
The Battle Hymn of the Postmillennials
Interactive, April 10

Michael R. Jackson’s original song cycle “The Kids on the Lawn,” inspired by photographs by Virgil Abloh, written for T’s Culture issue.

11critic neiman 2 articleinline
At Hudson Yards, One Mall for the Rich, and One for Everyone Else
Style, April 10

The new development has high-end retail, art you can play with and not enough bathrooms.

Merlin 153066411 89cbb5af 138a 40cf abc1 f8cfa81cf89b articleinline
Fashion for a Blurring Binary
Arts, April 10

A show at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston tracks gender-bending through a century of clothing that defied rigid rules of sexuality.

09tonne 2 articleinline
The Repurposing of a Vogue Editor
Style, April 9

After almost 20 years at the magazine, Tonne Goodman is cutting loose. Her memoir will be published next week.

8tmag rosie slide p61e articleinline
A New Fashion Line From a Beloved Designer
T Magazine, April 9

This week, Rosie Assoulin launches By Any Other Name, a clothing brand focused on dressing for the everyday.

Merlin 152317545 15d50b67 c2ed 4bf8 87a2 ad7b2fa9d07d articleinline
What 8 People Wore to the Retail Mammoth That Is Hudson Yards
Style, April 9

“We don’t call it a mall. It’s a vertical urban retail center. Big difference.”

05rosen 1a articleinline
Fashion Has Become ‘Survival of the Fittest’
Fashion, April 5

Andrew Rosen just stepped down as the chief executive of Theory, the brand he founded more than 20 years ago. He learned a few things along the way.

Merlin 153075648 fb51917a c00d 4674 8ed4 0fd37e73d5bd articleinline
Are Bankers and Venture Capitalists Really Getting Fleeced by Patagonia?
Fashion, April 5

They won’t be leaving “bros out in the cold,” says Patagonia. Here’s how the company is thinking about its famous banker fleeces.

Merlin 153072048 339c7547 0126 495e 9dfb fbfc1aa6ef52 articleinline
Pat Cleveland’s Fashion Family Came Through
Fashion, April 4

When the model was rushed to a Paris hospital last week for emergency cancer surgery, designers, photographers and other industry friends rallied to raise more than $100,000 for her treatment.

04beyonce2 articleinline
Beyoncé and Adidas Team Up to Make Shoes and Money
Style, April 4

The high-profile partnership was announced on Thursday.

Merlin 153025536 3230ca69 a1da 47ce a262 3d7a689b1ff9 articleinline
Retrospective Celebrates the Queen of the Miniskirt
Fashion, April 4

An exhibition opening at the Victoria & Albert Museum details the life and work of Mary Quant, a designer of Swinging Sixties fashion.

Merlin 152712918 41162a2b 9de3 4e3b 8b94 34b09e9ac724 articleinline
Why Soft Power Is in Style in Qatar
Fashion, April 4

Hundreds of influential faces in global politics, art, fashion and design descended on this tiny desert kingdom last week.

Merlin 147957651 c887689c 4ec3 4fc4 9b03 f9cd8fa1d9e8 articleinline
‘Southern’ Is Not a Style
Fashion, April 3

Three retailers are thriving in very different ways below the Mason-Dixon line.

02alba1 articleinline
Artists of Color as Avatars of Originality
Lens, April 2

Elia Alba reimagines artists of color as A-list celebrities, giving them a place of honor in a mainstream art world that continues to ignore or play down their accomplishments.

Notable death artstyle 2019 articleinline
Notable Deaths 2019: Arts and Styles
Interactive, April 1

A memorial to those who lost their lives in 2019

01unbuttoned flood articleinline
Hey, Governor, What Are You Wearing?
Fashion, April 1

J.B. Pritzker, the governor of Illinois, gets daily dress code recommendations, and he’s not alone. Welcome to the latest sign of the times.

01eggings articleinline
It’s Possible Leggings Are the Future. Deal With It.
Fashion, April 1

Last week they set off a firestorm at the University of Notre Dame. Why does this item of clothing get people so riled up?

01cavalli 1 articleinline
The Struggling Fashion House Roberto Cavalli Closes Its U.S. Stores
Fashion, April 1

Known for flamboyant, flesh-baring styles, the Italian brand says it is seeking a deal with creditors to avoid bankruptcy.

28browse jackets combo articleinline
How to Wear Fall 2019 Trends Now
Style, March 27

The fashion shows are over. Now the shopping — for tartan, quilting, bucket hats — begins.

26keen keen articleinline
Gucci Makes a Shoe and Keen Gets the Last Laugh
Fashion, March 26

What if online call-out culture could be weaponized with humor instead of anger?

25unbuttoned hermes articleinline
Is Apple Saying Goodbye to Fashion?
Fashion, March 25

When Apple introduced the Apple Watch five years ago, the whole tech industry began to flirt with style. But interest in wearables has cooled.

22openthread sub3 marcjacobs articleinline
Open Thread: Let’s Talk About Who Will Be Designer of the Year
Fashion, March 23

Yes, it’s CFDA time! Also, a designer who is no longer with us, but whose name everyone should know.

21levis articleinline
Levi’s Goes Public, With Jeans on the Trading Floor
Business, March 21

Shares of Levi’s were priced at $17 each, giving the 165-year-old company a valuation of roughly $6.6 billion.

21levis articleinline
Levi’s Goes Public, With Jeans on the Trading Floor
Business, March 21

Shares of Levi’s rose 33 percent in their first day of trading, giving the 165-year-old company a valuation of roughly $8.6 billion.

21lawroach grande articleinline
Ariana Grande’s Stylist Is Not Just Waiting in the Wings
Fashion, March 21

Law Roach, the man behind the looks of Instagram’s biggest celebrity as well as Zendaya and Tiffany Haddish, uses clothes to send a message.

21tmag futurismpromo articleinline
Fashions for the Future
Interactive, March 21

Today, designers’ visions are dark and sparse, hinting at some shadow of the truth. But not so long ago, the view was far less gloomy.

20fidgetfashion ring sub articleinline
Yes, You Can Play With Your Clothes
Fashion, March 21

Fidget spinners are so 2017; in 2019, fidget fashion is on the rise

21browse tiedye articleinline
Which Spring Trends to Try First?
Style, March 20

The most fun ones, of course.

Merlin 151888242 8550d49c b841 4c15 892f 6439c1f4cd57 articleinline
Visit the New Celine. Or Is It the New Old Celine?
Style, March 20

Hedi Slimane’s vision for the house is on display at the new Madison Avenue store.

11tmag bags slide 0c1q articleinline
In Fashion: Spring’s Brightest Bags
T Magazine, March 20

The season’s most vibrant bags are drenched in saturated, statement-making color — and come in all shapes and sizes.

20otr 1 articleinline
Tom Ford Takes on American Fashion
Fashion, March 20

The new chairman of the Council of Fashion Designers of America says American designers must look outward — and he never said that thing about Melania Trump.

20otr 1 articleinline
Tom Ford on Melania Trump (and the Future of American Fashion)
Fashion, March 20

The new chairman of the Council of Fashion Designers of America never said that thing about Melania Trump — and says American designers must look outward.