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The Far Out Freestyle Fashion of Byron Bay, Australia
Styles, Yesterday

Playful looks abound in this beach community where the waves become a runway — hiding out as far east as you can go in Australia.

11tory thumbwide
When Your New C.E.O. Is Also Your New Husband
Styles, Yesterday

Tory Burch and Pierre-Yves Roussel have joined forces at work and at home. Don’t expect reality T.V.

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At Fashion Awards in London, a Welcome Dose of ‘Markle Sparkle’
Styles, Yesterday

A surprise appearance by the Duchess of Sussex at Britain’s answer to the Met Gala provided a brief respite and much cheer at a time when the country faces an uncertain future.

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Police to Auction Off an Inmate’s Designer Sneakers
Foreign, December 9

The police in Gloucestershire, England, will use the proceeds from the sale of 55 pairs of shoes to fund crime prevention initiatives.

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The Torture of Dressing for Your Office Holiday Party
Op Ed, December 8

What does “festive dressy” even mean?

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Chanel Has Its Own Met Gala, in a Way
Fashion, December 5

The French brand took over the Temple of Dendur for its Métiers d’Art presentation, and everyone walked like an Egyptian.

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The Power of the Yellow Vest
Styles, December 4

The high-visibility garment that has become synonymous with the French protests is an ingenious modern uniform of rebellion.

04wang 1 thumbwide
Alexander Wang: Don’t Fence Him In
Styles, December 4

In his latest show, the designer made a hash of the seasons and conventional notions of refinement and taste.

06alchemist 1 thumbwide
Alchemy, Miami Style
Styles, December 3

As the art hordes hit South Florida, local fashion gets a new look.

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Ray Kelvin, Ted Baker C.E.O., Is Accused of Harassment
Styles, December 3

A petition started by employees of the European fashion retailer cites multiple episodes of inappropriate behavior by Mr. Kelvin, as well as a workplace culture that “leaves harassment unchallenged.”

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The Versace Safety-Pin Dress Is Back
Styles, December 3

And other trips down memory lane at Donatella Versace’s pre-fall collection extravaganza in New York.

02thelook1 thumbwide v2
What It Means to Dress in Lagos
Styles, December 1

In Nigeria’s largest city, boundary-breaking style pushes up against tradition and social conservatism.

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T Suggests: Fashion by Gilbert & George, an Irish Designer to Know and More
T Style, November 30

A roundup of things our editors — and a few contributors — are excited about in a given week.

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Sleeping Bags and Solar Lamps: Pop-Up Shop Lets You Buy Holiday Gifts for Refugees
Business, November 30

Choose Love, a New York store, sells necessities that will be sent to displaced people around the world.

30rams 2 thumbwide
Did You Know Dieter Rams Designed a Handbag?
Styles, November 30

The godfather of modern consumer design is best known for his coffee pots, razors and radios. Now an early foray into fashion is also coming to market.

29wylie thumbwide
Cambridge Analytica Used Fashion Tastes to Identify Right-Wing Voters
Styles, November 29

Christopher Wylie, who helped found the voter-profiling firm, said that clothing preferences had been key to helping “Steve Bannon build his insurgency.”

23tmag chanel slide mztc thumbwide
It Took 800 Hours to Make This Chanel Dress
T Style, November 29

Capturing one incredible piece in the middle of its creation. This month: a silk tulle sheath.

29tmag chanel thumbwide
A Chanel Haute Couture Jacket Gets Its Finishing Touch
Video, November 29

After 530 hours of labor, the final embellishments: 82,500 sequins and stones, all hand-sewn.

29nana kwame 1 thumbwide
You Are What You Wear
Styles, November 28

Or are you? That’s just one of the questions posed in “Friday Black,” a collection of subversive tales whose heroes have mastered racial coding through their style of dress.

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The Amazon Warehouse Comes to SoHo
Styles, November 28

Our shopper visits the new Amazon 4 Star store, which stocks items with customer review ratings of four stars or better. Brick and mortar never had it so rough.

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4 Holiday Party Looks, 0 Dresses
Styles, November 28

Ditch the traditional frock in favor of, say, a high-voltage jumpsuit or a sparkly shorts suit.

29flannel8 copy thumbwide v5
The Annals of Flannel
Styles, November 28

Told that the cozy shirting fabric could no longer be made in America, one man began a yearlong quest.

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Who Let the Dogs Out (at the Wedding)? Readers Respond
Society, November 28

We asked our readers to submit photos of their dogs, cats and even birds dressed in fancy wedding fashion. Here’s what they shared.

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In Jaipur, a Clothing Designer’s Vibrant and Wonderfully Imperfect Home
T Style, November 28

Nothing quite matches but everything fits in Caroline Weller’s airy family abode in India — including a giant unfinished mural.

27tmag vevers slide 606d thumbwide
The American Spirit of Coach’s Stuart Vevers
T Style, November 27

His ready-to-wear collections reflect a lifelong fascination with Americana as seen through “the outsider perspective of an Englishman in New York.”

25mag kidsstyle image slide txt7 thumbwide
48 of the Coolest Kids in New York
Magazine, November 27

We sent a photographer to look for the most fashionable kids in the city. She began on the first day of school and shot for two months. Here are the standouts.

27brathwaite1 thumbwide
The Photos That Lifted Up the Black Is Beautiful Movement
Photo, November 27

For over 50 years, the photographer Kwame Brathwaite captured African-American beauty and fashion, giving visual power to black power.

26tmag diamonds slide e8ma thumbwide
In Fashion: Diamond Jewelry Worn All at Once
T Style, November 26

Clustered, layered and stacked — these earrings, rings and bracelets glitter most brightly in groups.

23dolcedisaster1 thumbwide
The Crash and Burn of Dolce & Gabbana
Styles, November 23

Racism and arrogance about China has imperiled the brand.

23tmag loropiana slide tfge thumbwide
Three Woolly Creatures Beloved by an Italian Fashion Brand
T Style, November 23

Loro Piana makes some of the softest textiles in the world, with help from a menagerie of sheep, goats and vicuñas.

25encounters4 thumbwide
Bridget Everett Gets Fitted for a Flaming ‘Tina Turner’ Dress
Styles, November 23

The raunchy cabaret star visits her costume designer’s studio in the East Village, otherwise known as the House of Larréon.

00chinahanfu dispatch 1 thumbwide v3
A Retro Fashion Statement in 1,000-Year-Old Gowns, With Nationalist Fringe
Foreign, November 22

A movement to revive ancient Chinese clothing now has up to a million followers and government blessing. But the fashion can veer into ethnic chauvinism among China’s dominant Han majority.

22browse combo thumbwide
How to Dress Up to Stay In
Styles, November 21

Who says you need to go out to dress up? Here, chic loungewear for the holidays.

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Restlessly Seeking Celine
Styles, November 21

Phoebe Philo has left the house, but fans are still chasing the designer’s greatest hits.

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At Gabriela Hearst, Cashmere and the Carlyle Are Close at Hand
Styles, November 20

The designer’s new store combines personal mythology (hers and her husband’s family’s) with a savvy commitment to sustainable fashion.

Tktmag partygirls slide 679f thumbwide
In Fashion: Bygone Holiday Glamour With a Modern Twist
T Style, November 20

Feathers, pearls and lace conjure a vision of party girls past.

20hypethanksgiving 1 thumbwide
What Do Sneakerheads Wear at Thanksgiving?
Styles, November 20

Nothing too hype.

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David’s Bridal Files for Bankruptcy, but Brides Will Get Their Dresses
Business, November 19

The wedding retailer, the country’s largest, said its more than 300 stores will remain open as it seeks to shed over $400 million in debt.

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Victoria’s Secret? In 2018, Fewer Women Want to Hear It.
Styles, November 16

The lingerie company has clung to the idea that women should look sexy for men. And sales are plummeting.

18upnext merritt1 thumbwide v2
Young Star of ‘White Boy Rick’ Was Discovered in the Principal’s Office
Styles, November 16

Richie Merritt, 17, makes his acting debut opposite Matthew McConaughey in a crime drama. A second movie is already lined up.

Wc closet slide t8jp thumbwide
How to Make the Most of Any Closet
Smarter Living, November 15

Cluttered closets? These clever storage solutions (and, before that, a purge) will make them feel bigger and work better.

15lanvin 1 thumbwide
Another Farewell at Lanvin
Styles, November 15

Lucas Ossendrijver, the men’s wear designer, departs the label after 14 years.

 15amazondecaptacon 1 thumbwide
Everything on Amazon Is Amazon!
Styles, November 15

The infinite retailer appears to be ushering untold numbers of stealth brands into your life, even as it plans to take over the East Coast. If you like Ween Charm, you’ll love Austin Mill!

Merlin 146762535 7ada2de9 e4f7 4216 a92f 6e9dcfcb910b thumbwide
Dressing Michelle Obama, Then and Now
Styles, November 15

Meredith Koop spent many years in the White House working with the former first lady on her wardrobe. Now she is helping Ms. Obama with the book tour and trying to figure out what comes next.

14browse stores thumbwide
New and Cool in Los Angeles
Styles, November 14

A shop like no other, the newest cool-kid label, fashion’s favorite tipple and more.

13ysldoc 1 thumbwide
The YSL Documentary Pierre Bergé Did Not Want Anyone to See
Styles, November 14

Mr. Bergé, the partner of Yves Saint Laurent, suppressed the film for years, but it is finally reaching theaters this month. Here’s what to expect.

15langlitz 8 thumbwide
What’s New at Langlitz Leathers? Nothing
Styles, November 14

There’s a motorcycle world equivalent of couture, and it’s hiding in Portland, Ore.

Merlin 146063211 7b15f648 b265 4313 a384 dfa38cb4f85e thumbwide
Cosmopolitan Style in Turkey
Styles, November 13

In Istanbul, self-expression can be as simple as the way you tie your hijab, doff your flat cap or always, always dye your hair.