1. 6 Killed in House Fire in Rural Indiana, Officials Say U.S., Yesterday

    Officials are investigating the cause of a fire that destroyed a family home and killed six people early Saturday morning.

  2. Tom Coburn, the ‘Dr. No’ of Congress, Is Dead at 72 U.S., Yesterday

    His prolific use of a bill-blocking measure earned him his nickname, but he also won grudging respect on Capitol Hill as a political maverick.

  3. A World Without Partisan Gerrymanders? Virginia Democrats Show the Way Opinion, Yesterday

    In a rare move, a group of lawmakers voted to give up their own redistricting power.

  4. ‘We are Trying to Protect Our Own’: The Towns Keeping Part-Timers Out U.S., Yesterday

    Defenders of property rights find something else they want to defend: Their own communities.

  5. Coronavirus Cases, Concentrated on the Coasts, Now Threaten America’s Middle U.S., March 27

    Mayors, county executives and governors are sounding the alarm, and struggling for the right response, as the toll of the virus grows.

  6. ‘Your Health or the Right to Vote’: A Battle in Wisconsin as Its Primary Nears U.S., March 27

    As many states postpone primaries amid the coronavirus outbreak, Wisconsin is plowing ahead with plans to vote on April 7. Now the governor wants to send everyone an absentee ballot — in under two weeks.

  7. 4 Bright Spots Amid the Gloom of Coronavirus U.S., March 27

    Gleams of hope do exist, epidemiologists and other experts say, and it’s important to remember them to stay resilient in difficult times.

  8. A Virus’s Effects: Coughs, Chills and Sometimes a Forgiving Spirit U.S., March 27

    Cities are halting evictions and utility shut-offs, and law enforcement officials are freeing some low-level offenders from jail. But how long should the generosity last?

  9. Make Abortion More Available During the Pandemic — Not Less Opinion, March 26

    This crisis has underscored the need for greater access to reproductive health care.

  10. The Coronavirus Becomes an Excuse to Restrict Abortions Opinion, March 26

    Texas and Ohio say the procedures are nonessential and must yield to the pandemic.

  11. Man Suspected of Planning Attack on Missouri Hospital Is Killed, Officials Say U.S., March 25

    According to officials, the man had expressed racist and anti-government sentiments.

  12. The People Leading When Leaders Do Not U.S., March 25

    Business owners, pastors and others are voluntarily closing their doors as the coronavirus spreads, seeking to fill a void when clarity from political leaders is lacking.

  13. As States Delay Primaries, June 2 Is Suddenly a Big Tuesday on the Calendar U.S., March 25

    As many as 12 states may hold primaries on June 2, which now carries the biggest delegate haul since Super Tuesday. That could change how the rest of the Democratic race plays out.

  14. Man Convicted of Trying to Blow Up Oklahoma City Bank Gets 25 Years in Prison U.S., March 23

    Jerry Drake Varnell was arrested in 2017 after a thwarted attempt to blow up a bank in downtown Oklahoma City — a plot similar to one carried out there in 1995.

  15. Singalongs From Windowsills Lift Spirits During Coronavirus Crisis U.S., March 23

    Following an example set by Europeans who sang from balconies, some homebound Americans are communally belting out tunes from their windows.

  16. Grieving in Self-Quarantine After a Missouri Shooting U.S., March 21

    “It’s all just slamming at once, and we don’t know what to do,” said a friend of 22-year-old Matthew Hicks-Morris, who was killed last weekend in a shooting at a gas station in Springfield, Mo.

  17. One in Five Americans Ordered to Stay Home In Coronavirus Crackdown U.S., March 20

    Strict new directives, in New York, California, Illinois and other states, were intended to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

  18. As Coronavirus Looms, a Hospital Begins Sterilizing Masks for Reuse Health, March 20

    Surgical masks are supposed to be used just once. But doctors in Nebraska are attempting a novel experiment as gear shortages arise.

  19. Heavy Rains Flood Parts of Ohio, Stranding Residents U.S., March 20

    In central and southern Ohio, hundreds of people have been evacuated from homes and vehicles after a period of intense rain.

  20. American Oil Drillers Were Hanging on by a Thread. Then Came the Virus. Business, March 20

    Energy companies were major issuers of junk bonds to finance expansion. But now they are in trouble as capital has dried up and oil prices have cratered.

  21. Charles Trimble, Advocate for Native American Rights, Dies at 84 U.S., March 20

    He dedicated his life to advancing the tribal causes of self-determination, sovereignty and human rights.

  22. 2 Chicago Police Officers Fired Over Chase That Ended With Teenager’s Killing U.S., March 20

    The Chicago Police Board found Michael Coughlin and Jose Torres had violated the department’s safety rules in connection with the shooting death of Paul O’Neal.

  23. When Stocking Grocery Shelves Turns Dangerous Business, March 20

    Grocery stores have been deemed essential businesses, meaning their employees are worried about being exposed to the coronavirus.

  24. Pakistani Doctor, Arrested in Minneapolis, Is Accused of Plan to Join ISIS U.S., March 19

    Muhammad Masood, 28, a doctor, said he wanted to “fight on the front line as well as help the wounded brothers,” according to the F.B.I.

  25. How Are We Supposed to Vote During a Pandemic? Opinion, March 19

    There are ways to prevent a crisis of public health from becoming a crisis of democracy.

  26. To Stay Afloat, the Restaurant Business Clings to ‘Contactless Delivery’ Food, March 19

    Reinvented menus, lowered prices, fire sales and the good old telephone are enlisted in the fight to survive the coronavirus crisis.

  27. Policeman. Reality Star. Recent Ex-Boyfriend. Style, March 19

    Sean Larkin of “Live PD” wants you to think about thinking differently about police officers.

  28. Automakers to Close Factories in North America Business, March 18

    G.M., Ford Motor and Fiat Chrysler were under pressure from the autoworkers union to shut down plants in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

  29. Automakers to Close Factories in North America Business, March 18

    G.M., Ford Motor and Fiat Chrysler were under pressure from the autoworkers union to shut down plants in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

  30. Marie Newman on Her Big Victory: ‘You Have to Be in Alignment With Your District’ U.S., March 18

    In a triumph for progressives, Ms. Newman defeated longtime Representative Dan Lipinski, a conservative Democrat, in an Illinois primary.

  31. Democrats Sue Wisconsin Officials to Extend Deadlines for Early Voting U.S., March 18

    The state Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee sued elections officials to extend voting deadlines ahead of Wisconsin’s April 7 primary because of the coronavirus crisis.

  32. A Nebraska Hospital Aimed to Contain the Virus. But It Had Already Spread. U.S., March 18

    Doctors at the University of Nebraska Medical Center treated some of America’s first coronavirus patients. Now, the center is preparing for many.

  33. We’re Doing What We Can to Keep Truckers on the Road Opinion, March 18

    We run a truck stop. It feels like we’re living in a country on the cusp of something not unlike war.

  34. Curbside Pickup. Bicycle Deliveries. Virtual Book Discussions. Amid Virus, Bookstores Get Creative. U.S., March 17

    “We’re going to operate like a pizza takeout place,” one independent bookstore owner said.

  35. Despite Backlash Over the Jussie Smollett Case, Kim Foxx Wins Primary U.S., March 17

    Chicago’s chief prosecutor is one of several district attorneys who have pledged to take a different approach to criminal justice.

  36. Are Voters ‘Essential Personnel’ During a Pandemic? U.S., March 17

    Participating in a healthy democracy isn’t supposed to be at odds with staying healthy. Today it is.

  37. No Bus Service. Crowded Trains. Transit Systems Struggle With the Virus. U.S., March 17

    U.S. cities with public transit systems are being forced to adapt to the risks posed by the coronavirus, implementing new sanitation protocols while contending with fewer riders and workers.

  38. Biden Wins Florida and Illinois as Virus Disruptions Reshape American Politics U.S., March 17

    With victories in two big, diverse states, Joseph R. Biden Jr. took a dominating lead over Bernie Sanders that could add to pressure on him to end his campaign.

  39. Biden Sweeps Three States and Takes Commanding Lead, as Virus Reshapes American Politics U.S., March 17

    With a broad coalition, Joseph R. Biden Jr. defeated Bernie Sanders in Florida, Illinois and Arizona, in a rout that could add to pressure on Mr. Sanders to end his campaign.

  40. Illinois Primary Election Results: 17th House District Interactive, March 17

  41. Illinois Primary Election Results: First House District Interactive, March 17

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  44. Live: Illinois State Primary Election Results 2020 Interactive, March 17

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  53. Illinois U.S. Senate Primary Election Results Interactive, March 17

  54. Illinois Primary Election Results: Sixth House District Interactive, March 17

  55. Illinois Primary Election Results: Second House District Interactive, March 17

  56. Illinois Primary Election Results: Seventh House District Interactive, March 17

  57. Illinois Polls: Who Different Groups Supported Interactive, March 17

  58. What the Polls Say About Florida, Illinois and Arizona U.S., March 17

    Most bets are off as worries over the coronavirus hover over voting in Tuesday’s Democratic primaries, but Joe Biden has led in surveys of all three states.

  59. Illinois Stumbles as States See Light Voter Turnout, With Many Ballots in the Mail U.S., March 17

    Florida, Illinois and Arizona pressed ahead with their presidential primary elections on Tuesday, but chaos and confusion in Illinois sent in-person turnout diving amid coronavirus fears.

  60. Live Updates From the 2020 Democratic Primary in Florida, Illinois and Arizona U.S., March 17

    Joe Biden captured an easy victory in Florida as Illinois and Arizona counted results.

  61. This Evangelical Megachurch in Ohio Isn’t What You Think Opinion, March 17

    One of the country’s fastest-growing churches turned conversations about race into political victories.

  62. Ohio’s Governor Postpones Primary as Health Emergency Is Declared Over Virus U.S., March 16

    Gov. Mike DeWine ignored a court ruling and said the state’s health director was closing the polls on Tuesday based on worries that the coronavirus placed voters and poll workers in potential danger.

  63. Shooting at Missouri Gas Station Leaves 5 Dead, Including Police Officer and Attacker U.S., March 16

    The authorities said reports of several shootings preceded a fatal shooting at a gas station in Springfield, Mo., on Sunday night.

  64. A Sunday Without Church: In Crisis, a Nation Asks, ‘What Is Community?’ U.S., March 15

    Canceled religious services are another symbol of a lost chance to be still, to breathe and to gather together.

  65. Man Sentenced to 54 Years for Crash That Killed 3 Girl Scouts and a Mother U.S., March 14

    The authorities said Colten Treu was high on an inhalant when he drove into a troop of Girl Scouts and parents who were cleaning the side of a road in Wisconsin.

  66. Cap and Gone? College Commencements Confront the Coronavirus U.S., March 13

    The University of Michigan canceled its planned ceremony while students at the University of Maine threw an impromptu “Coronamencement.”

  67. Administration Offers Guidance to Schools as They Shut Down on Their Own U.S., March 13

    Facing pressure from parents, conflicting messages from experts and initial silence from the federal government, superintendents began making their own decisions to close.

  68. R. Kelly Knowingly Exposed Sex Partners to Herpes, Prosecutors Say New York, March 13

    The new allegations against the singer were revealed ahead of a trial set for July in Brooklyn.

  69. Louisiana Postpones April Primary as 4 More States Prepare to Vote on Tuesday U.S., March 13

    Elections officials in Ohio, Florida, Illinois and Arizona, the next states on the primary calendar, are taking extra precautions but have expressed confidence that voting can be held safely.

  70. How Biden’s Victory in Michigan Points to Trouble for Trump in November U.S., March 12

    Joe Biden lifted turnout and performed well among key demographic groups, signs that suggest the president may struggle to replicate his 2016 success in the crucial swing state.

  71. Justice Is Blind. What if She Also Has the Coronavirus? U.S., March 12

    Police departments are preparing to isolate their own officers, and courthouses have postponed trials. Some fear that the criminal justice system may not be ready for a major outbreak.

  72. The Most Popular Properties of January and February Real Estate, March 12

  73. We’re Finally Winning the Fight Against Conversion Therapy Opinion, March 12

    Better still: Lawmakers in so-called flyover states are leading the charge.

  74. Democrats Aren’t in the Mood for Your Revolution Opinion, March 11

    Another big night for Joe Biden, as voters seem to embrace the reassuring and the familiar.

  75. Democrats’ Best News Opinion, March 11

    Turnout is up. Way up.

  76. On Politics: Biden Cruises U.S., March 11

    Hope fades for Sanders, and Biden talks unity. This is your morning tip sheet.

  77. Joe Biden Beat Bernie Sanders. But So Did the Pandemic. Opinion, March 11

    It’s the coronavirus election now.

  78. 5 Takeaways From Tuesday’s Democratic Primaries U.S., March 11

    If Super Tuesday boiled down the primary to a two-man contest, then its smaller sequel a week later made it plain that the race is now Joe Biden’s to lose.

  79. Sanders’s Big Problem Isn’t the Delegate Math. It’s the Voters. The Upshot, March 11

    Tuesday’s victories for Biden are consistent with national polls showing him with a 20-point lead.

  80. Joe Biden Is Poised to Deliver the Biggest Surprise of 2020: A Short, Orderly Primary U.S., March 10

    He has such a thorough hold on the party now that any collapse would probably require a political U-turn as sharp as the one that precipitated his rise.

  81. Biden Speaks After Primary Victories Video, March 10

    Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. addressed a small crowd after scoring primary victories in Missouri, Mississippi and Michigan.

  82. Live Results and Coverage: Michigan Presidential Primary 2020 Interactive, March 10

  83. Michigan Presidential Republican Primary Election Results Interactive, March 10

  84. Michigan Polls: Who Different Groups Supported Interactive, March 10

  85. Biden Takes Command of Race, Winning Four States Including Michigan U.S., March 10

    Joseph R. Biden Jr. widened his advantage over Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary race, capturing Mississippi and Missouri as well as Michigan, with support from both black and white voters.

  86. Sanders Cancels Primary Night Rally, Citing Concerns Over Virus U.S., March 10

    As he awaited results in six states, Mr. Sanders called off an event in Cleveland, the first major cancellation of the primary season because of the coronavirus.

  87. Sanders and Biden Cancel Events as Coronavirus Fears Upend Primary U.S., March 10

    The presidential race entered extraordinary new ground as the leading Democrats called off primary-night events in Cleveland, and President Trump’s signature rallies also faced an uncertain future.

  88. Why Tonight’s Primary Results Are So Important for Bernie Sanders The Upshot, March 10

    It’s not too late for the race to turn in his favor. But the delegate math means he doesn’t have much time left.

  89. The Media. Young Voters. Sanders Spreads the Blame for His Decline. U.S., March 10

    As Bernie Sanders has seen his fortunes slide, he has cited a number of factors that portray him as an aggrieved outsider.

  90. Kansas City’s Mayor Was Turned Away When He Tried to Vote U.S., March 10

    “If the mayor can get turned away, think about everyone else,” Mayor Quinton Lucas said. Officials say the mishap was the result of user error by a poll worker.

  91. What the Polls Say About Today’s Primaries U.S., March 10

    Joseph R. Biden Jr. is ahead in Michigan, but Washington is shaping up to be extremely close.

  92. Highlights From Democratic Primary Results: Joe Biden Wins Four States U.S., March 10

    Follow along as our reporters provide real-time analysis of the results of presidential primaries in six states.

  93. On Politics: A Big Day in Michigan U.S., March 10

    It may not be Super, but it’s a pretty important Tuesday. This is your morning tip sheet.

  94. Bernie Sanders Versus the World Opinion, March 10

    He came to Michigan to fight. Will it be enough?

  95. In Divided Michigan District, Debbie Dingell Straddles the Biden-Sanders Race U.S., March 10

    It’s a balancing act in a congressional district that stretches from liberal Detroit to Trump country downriver. At times, it seems, she pleases no one.

  96. Sanders Is Counting on His Own Firewall: Michigan’s Blue-Collar Voters U.S., March 9

    White working-class voters lifted Bernie Sanders to victory over Hillary Clinton in Michigan four years ago, but Joe Biden won that demographic on Super Tuesday, as well as African-Americans.

  97. Where Sanders Is Falling Short U.S., March 9

    On a swing through Michigan, I could see that the candidate wasn’t connecting with black voters.

  98. W.N.B.A. Star Maya Moore Helped Overturn His Conviction. ‘She Saved My Life.’ Sports, March 9

    A judge in Missouri overturned the ruling against Jonathan Irons, who Moore and others said was wrongfully sent to prison for burglary and assault.

  99. Coming Home to a Michigan County Where Life Has Shifted U.S., March 9

    As the primary in Michigan looms, a return to Bay County finds residents wrestling to make ends meet. Many plant jobs are gone. Getting by can be a juggling act.

  100. On Politics: Scrambling to Michigan U.S., March 9

    Biden locks down his former rivals, Sanders an old ally: This is your morning tip sheet.

  101. On Politics: Scrambling to Michigan U.S., March 9

    Biden locks down his former rivals, Sanders an old ally: This is your morning tip sheet.

  102. Cory Booker Endorses Joe Biden as Candidates Race Toward More Primaries U.S., March 9

    Mr. Booker’s endorsement of Mr. Biden came one day after Kamala Harris’s, and a day before primary elections in Michigan, Washington State and elsewhere.

  103. Jesse Jackson Endorses Bernie Sanders U.S., March 8

    The endorsement by the longtime civil rights activist and former presidential candidate came as Mr. Sanders hopes to rally black voters in Michigan’s crucial primary election.

  104. 1 Killed and 17 Wounded in Biker Clubs Shooting, Police Say U.S., March 8

    The shooting in Cleveland happened on Saturday night after a fight broke out at a party, and some people left then later returned, firing on attendees, officials said.

  105. Sanders Is Behind With Black Voters. He Didn’t Fix That in Flint. U.S., March 8

    An event in Michigan was billed as an opportunity for the senator to make his case directly to black voters, who have broken strongly for Joe Biden. It didn’t work out that way.

  106. Bernie Sanders Won Michigan in 2016. Tuesday’s Primary Looks Much Tougher. U.S., March 8

    Four years ago, Mr. Sanders drew support from some voters who didn’t like Hillary Clinton. Joe Biden is poised to do well with black Democrats and college-educated white voters.

  107. With No Braille Option, a Blind Man Failed His Citizenship Exam U.S., March 7

    Lucio Delgado said U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services did not deliver the Braille reading test he had requested. He may get another chance next week.

  108. A Sanders Voter, Weary of Debt at 29: ‘I Have Nothing to Lose’ U.S., March 7

    Brian Michelz has never worn a political T-shirt or been to a campaign rally. But when he voted for the first time in his life, it was for Bernie Sanders. What will he do if Mr. Sanders loses?

  109. Sanders Continues Attacks on Trade but Concedes Biden Could Beat Trump U.S., March 6

    “As we enter the moment in this campaign where we come down to a two-person race, I think it important for us to differentiate our records, and I intend to do that,” Mr. Sanders said.

  110. South Bend Officer Will Not Be Charged in Shooting Death of Black Resident U.S., March 6

    The fatal shooting highlighted a strained relationship between former Mayor Pete Buttigieg and black residents in the Indiana town.

  111. Bernie Sanders Might Have a Michigan Problem The Upshot, March 6

    An analysis of how states have voted so far, particularly white voters, shows he’s vulnerable to a reversal of his striking victory there in 2016.

  112. Aaron Schock, Former Illinois Congressman, Comes Out as Gay U.S., March 5

    Mr. Schock, a Republican, resigned from Congress in 2015 after he came under fire for lavish spending. His announcement prompted criticism about his voting record on L.G.B.T. issues.

  113. Bernie Sanders Cancels Mississippi Rally, Shifting Focus to Michigan U.S., March 5

    The decision suggests that the Sanders campaign is largely ceding another Southern state to Joseph R. Biden Jr. and going all-in on the Midwest instead.

  114. Priest Paralyzed in Mass Shooting at Sikh Temple in 2012 Dies from Injuries U.S., March 4

    Baba Punjab Singh’s death was ruled a homicide, making him the seventh person killed in the shooting in Oak Creek, Wis.

  115. $1.7 Million Homes in Wisconsin, Arizona and New Jersey Real Estate, March 4

    A Tudor Revival home near Milwaukee, an adobe house in Scottsdale and a condominium in a 19th-century Jacobean-style estate in Princeton.

  116. What You Get for $1.7 Million Slideshow, March 4

    A Tudor Revival home near Milwaukee; an adobe house in Scottsdale, Ariz.; and a condo in a 19th-century Jacobean-style estate in Princeton, N.J.

  117. Oklahoma Polls: Who Different Groups Supported Interactive, March 4

  118. Minnesota Polls: Who Different Groups Supported Interactive, March 4

  119. Results: The Most Detailed Map of the Minnesota Democratic Primary Interactive, March 4

  120. Minnesota Primary Forecast Interactive, March 4

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  124. Live Results: Oklahoma Presidential Primary 2020 Interactive, March 4

  125. Bar Association Leader Is New Caretaker of Aretha Franklin’s Estate Arts, March 3

    The contentious process of distributing the star’s assets is out of the family’s hands for now. A probate judge has assigned the president-elect of the American Bar Association to the task.

  126. Oklahoma College Recruiter Lined Up High School Students by Skin Color and Hair Type U.S., March 3

    Cedric Sunray, an Oklahoma Christian University recruiter, said he had no intention of “promoting a racist agenda” with his presentation to students.

  127. Worship in the Age of Coronavirus: Prayer, Elbow Bumps, Hand Sanitizer U.S., March 3

    As coronavirus spreads, churches, synagogues and mosques are taking precautions and adjusting their worship traditions.

  128. Super Tuesday States: What to Watch for in California, Texas and Elsewhere U.S., March 3

    More than 1,300 delegates are up for grabs. Here’s a look at six key states.

  129. Here Are All the Known Coronavirus Cases in the U.S. (There Are Probably More.) U.S., March 2

    More than 100 patients with the illness have been treated in 15 states, according to a Times database. Those numbers are growing quickly.

  130. Klobuchar’s Challenge: Recreating a New Hampshire Surge in 14 States U.S., March 2

    Amy Klobuchar is blitzing Super Tuesday contests across the country, targeting moderates, independents and Republicans in a bid to stay alive in the 2020 race.

  131. How a Pipeline Is Dividing Minnesota’s Democrats Ahead of Super Tuesday U.S., March 2

    Minnesota Democrats have long relied on support from rural union towns. But debate over an oil pipeline has divided the party.

  132. An Office With 128,000 Miles Times Insider, March 1

    As a reporter covering Texas, I ate, worked and slept in my trusty, company-issued Chevy. So allow me a moment to observe the end of its road.

  133. Former Police Officer Pleads Guilty in Russian Roulette Killing of Another Officer U.S., February 29

    Nathaniel R. Hendren, who was an officer in St. Louis, was accused of fatally shooting his female colleague, Katlyn Alix, while on duty in his apartment in 2019.