1. You Should Have the Right to Sue Apple for Antitrust Violations Op Ed, Today

    In Apple v. Pepper, the Supreme Court will decide whether iPhone App Store customers are entitled to make their case against the tech giant.

  2. State Courts Become Battleground Over Trump’s Sanctuary Cities Policy Metro, Today

    Lawyers for immigrants have started to convince judges that state laws prohibit local law enforcement from cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

  3. Reading Tea Leaves on Abortion Rights Op Ed, Yesterday

    Will the conservative majority deliver on Trump’s promise to overturn Roe v. Wade?

  4. There’s a Wave of New Prosecutors. And They Mean Justice. Op Ed, Yesterday

    These district attorneys should make jail the exception and eliminate cash bail.

  5. The Democrats’ Best Response to Republican Power Grabs Op Ed, Yesterday

    The best option goes beyond retaliation or restraint.

  6. Indiana High School Student Charged With Murdering Pregnant Classmate Express, December 10

    Breana Rouhselang, 17, was six months pregnant when her body was found in a dumpster. The father of her child, Aaron Trejo, 16, confessed to killing her, the authorities said.

  7. With Power Grabs in the Midwest, G.O.P. Risks a 2020 Backlash Politics, December 10

    Republican efforts to constrain incoming Democrats could hurt the party’s image with moderates in a region President Trump considers crucial for his re-election effort.

  8. 2 in Ohio Accused of Separate Terror Plots Against Synagogue and Pipeline Express, December 10

    One suspect pledged allegiance to the Islamic State after being radicalized online, the authorities said, and the other corresponded with Dylann Roof, the Charleston church attacker.

  9. Bike-Share Options Are Rarely Available for People With Disabilities Express, December 10

    Bike-share operators that have sought to revolutionize transportation increasingly are facing questions about who gets left out.

  10. How Alarmed Should We Be About Wisconsin? Op Ed, December 10

    How states are becoming hotbeds of anti-democratic power grabs.

  11. The Corporate Donors Behind a Republican Power Grab Op Ed, December 9

    Walgreens and other major companies are key supporters of the Wisconsin legislators now trying to undermine democracy.

  12. DNA Test Helps Mother Reunite With Daughter She Thought Died Nearly 70 Years Ago Express, December 9

    The mother, who was unwed and 18 at the time, thought her daughter had died in childbirth. The baby was taken from her and covertly adopted by another family.

  13. The High Cost of Shattering Democratic Norms Editorial, December 8

    Republicans in Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina seem intent on subverting the will of the voters.

  14. Wisconsin Republicans Approve Bills Stripping Power From Incoming Democratic Governor U.S., December 5

    The legislation, which Democrats vehemently opposed and protesters chanted their anger over, passed through the Republican-held State Legislature on Wednesday.

  15. $550,000 Homes in Florida, Indiana and New Hampshire Real Estate, December 5

    A modernist duplex in Miami Beach, a 1928 home in Fort Wayne and a 1979 ranch house in Hollis.

  16. What You Get for $550,000 Slideshow, December 5

    A modernist duplex in Miami Beach, Fla.; a 1928 home in Fort Wayne, Ind.; and a 1979 ranch house in Hollis, N.H.

  17. George Bush’s 2nd Greatest Accomplishment Opinion, December 5

    Also: The latest from the Wisconsin power grab.

  18. Bloomberg, Focusing on Climate Change, Says He Would Battle the Coal Industry Politics, December 4

    The billionaire philanthropist, appearing in Iowa as he mulls a presidential run, called climate change “the issue’’ for 2020.

  19. Protesters Rally Against ‘Power Grab’ in Wisconsin Video, December 4

    Protesters gathered at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison to oppose Republican legislation that would diminish the power of the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general.

  20. Lawmakers Clash and Protesters Chant Amid Fight Over Wisconsin Governor’s Power National, December 4

    After losing top state offices, Republican lawmakers are racing to pass legislation that would diminish the power of the incoming Democratic governor.

  21. Nation’s First Teachers’ Strike at Charter Network Begins in Chicago National, December 4

    The action comes during a year of teacher protests, which until now had been at district schools in conservative or swing states.

  22. The Midwest’s Sore Losers Op Ed, December 4

    The Republicans are trying to hold onto power at all costs, even if it means undoing democracy.

  23. On the Front Porch, Black Life in Full View National, December 4

    A look at how a simple architectural fixture has played a role in African-American culture.

  24. Wisconsin Is About to Make a Huge Mistake Op Ed, December 3

    The lame duck, heavily gerrymandered Republican Legislature plans to vote on Tuesday to limit the powers of the incoming governor and attorney general, who are — surprise — Democrats.

  25. Stung by Election Losses, Republicans in the States Seek a Way to Neutralize Democrats National, December 3

    Democrats in Wisconsin say Republican proposals for slashing the incoming governor’s authority are a blatant power grab after voters ousted the sitting Republican.

  26. G.M.’s Woes and America’s Changing Tastes in Cars Letters, November 30

    Readers discuss President Trump’s threats to G.M. and how SUVs and foreign cars have become so prevalent on American highways.

  27. Kansas Recalls License Plates Offensive to Japanese-Americans Express, November 30

    After a yearlong campaign by activists, the letter combination “JAP” will no longer be issued by the state.

  28. Oklahoma Quarterback Kyler Murray Nears the End of a Two-Sport Career Sports, November 30

    He could be the next Aaron Rodgers but wants to be the next Rickey Henderson instead.

  29. St. Louis Police Officers Charged With Beating Undercover Detective at 2017 Protest Express, November 29

    Prosecutors said three officers threw a colleague to the ground, then hit and kicked him, believing he was a protester.

  30. A Farmer’s Tough Year on a Trade War’s Kansas Front Business, November 29

    From planning to harvest, the grain belt’s rhythms and prospects have been disrupted by the government’s tariff battle with China.

  31. This District Was Solid Red. Why Did It Flip? Video, November 28

    Oklahoma City’s population is becoming younger and more diverse, a fact that helped propel a Democrat, Kendra Horn, to victory in a traditionally Republican House district. But the city’s changing demographics are only one part of the story.

  32. G.M., Not Trump, Is the Real Villain to Some Ohio Factory Workers Business, November 28

    In a region where the president vowed that manufacturing jobs were coming back, the idling of a Chevrolet plant and its 1,600 workers is a major blow.

  33. Supreme Court Seems Ready to Back Owner of Seized Land Rover in Case on Excessive Fines Washington, November 28

    The Supreme Court heard arguments over whether state civil forfeiture laws are subject to constitutional limits on excessive fines.

  34. Wexner Center for the Arts Names a New Director, From New York Culture, November 28

    Johanna Burton, who is currently at the New Museum in New York, will take on the role at the center at Ohio State University in March.

  35. The American Casualties of Trump’s Trade War Magazine, November 28

    Tariffs on Chinese imports have endangered small business around the United States — a growing nightmare that critics say the president could have avoided.

  36. Chinese Metals Win U.S. Tariff Waivers With Little Resistance Washington, November 28

    The Trump administration has granted nearly 3,000 exemption requests, surprising even some companies that are asking for them.

  37. Without a Trump Infrastructure Plan, an Aging Ohio Bridge Is in Limbo National, November 28

    President Trump promised to replace the bridge. It is one of the many projects across the country in jeopardy without a federal infrastructure bill.

  38. Is Half of Oklahoma an Indian Reservation? The Supreme Court Sifts the Merits Washington, November 27

    The justices heard arguments over whether Creek Indians still exercise control over much of the eastern part of the state, and the practical consequences if they do.

  39. An Insult to Missouri Op Ed, November 27

    Politicians try to undermine a constitutional amendment passed in a landslide this month.

  40. Amy Klobuchar Is ‘Minnesota Nice.’ But Is That What Democrats Want for 2020? Washington, November 26

    The Minnesota senator emerged unscathed from the Kavanaugh hearings, then coasted to a third term. Now she is weighing whether her home state appeal can translate nationally.

  41. G.M. to Idle Plants and Cut Thousands of Jobs as Sales Slow Business, November 26

    The automaker said the moves would affect five factories in the United States and Canada. President Trump said he was unhappy with the move.

  42. Over 700 Flights Canceled for Midwest Snowstorm Express, November 25

    A snowstorm in the Midwest grounded flights out of Kansas City and Chicago, causing a nightmare on the busiest travel weekend of the year.

  43. This City’s Overdose Deaths Have Plunged. Can Others Learn From It? Science, November 25

    Dayton, Ohio, had one of the highest overdose death rates in the nation in 2017. The city made many changes, and fatal overdoses are down more than 50 percent from last year.

  44. Students Who Made Apparent Nazi Salute in Photo Won’t Be Punished Express, November 24

    The superintendent said the school district was “not in a position” to discipline the students because of their First Amendment rights.

  45. Ohio Isn’t a Red State Yet Op Ed, November 23

    But it will be if Democrats do not fight for working people in every corner of the state.

  46. Olivia Hooker, 103, Dies; Witness to an Ugly Moment in History Obits, November 23

    She was a child in Tulsa, Okla., during an attack on a black section of the city in 1921. She later broke a racial barrier for the Coast Guard.

  47. ‘Inquiring Nuns’ Review: A Simple Question Yields Many Profound Answers Weekend, November 22

    In this newly restored 1968 documentary, two nuns ask a variety of passers-by in Chicago: “Are you happy?”

  48. Federal Ban on Female Genital Mutilation Ruled Unconstitutional by Judge Science, November 21

    In a Michigan case involving members of a small Muslim sect, the court found that only states, not federal prosecutors, could bring charges.

  49. You Want to Feed the Hungry? Lovely. Let’s See Your Permit. National, November 21

    In a Kansas City park, a health inspector poured bleach on food donated to homeless people. The volunteers didn’t meet city requirements, the inspector said.

  50. Girl, 13, Who Wrote Essay on Gun Violence Is Killed by Stray Bullet Express, November 21

    “Little children are victims of senseless gun violence,” Sandra Parks wrote in an essay about her hometown, Milwaukee. Two years later, she was dead.

  51. $450,000 Homes in Rhode Island, Illinois and Arkansas Real Estate, November 21

    An 1898 Arts and Crafts house in Glocester, a modern condominium in Chicago and a 1931 cottage in Fayetteville.

  52. What You Get for $450,000 Slideshow, November 21

    An 1898 Arts and Crafts house in Glocester, R.I.; a modern condominium in Chicago; and a 1931 cottage in Fayetteville, Ark.

  53. Ben Sasse: By the Book Book Review, November 21

    The junior senator from Nebraska and author, most recently, of “Them” says he and his wife would like their children to love books: “We want them to be addicted to reading.”

  54. Brian Windhorst and the Burden of Being a LeBron James Whisperer Sports, November 21

    The ESPN basketball analyst may have received a lift in his career from his association with James, going all the way back to Akron, but he says he is more than that now.

  55. Matthew Whitaker Earned $1.2 Million From Group Backed by Undisclosed Donors Washington, November 20

    The acting attorney general also faces questions about campaign donations he received after joining the Justice Department.

  56. Doctor Killed in Chicago Was Committed to ‘Serving the Underserved’ Express, November 20

    Colleagues said Dr. Tamara O’Neal’s ex-fiancé opened fire at Mercy Hospital on Monday. They remember her as a talented and caring physician.

  57. Somali Workers in Minnesota Force Amazon to Negotiate Business, November 20

    Labor organizers and researchers said they had not heard of Amazon previously coming to the table after worker pressure, even for private discussions.

  58. Kansas Official Resigns Over ‘Master Race’ Remark Video, November 20

    A white county commissioner in Kansas resigned after widespread criticism for his use of the Nazi-linked term “master race” at a public meeting during a discussion with a black consultant.

  59. White Kansas Official Resigns After Uproar Over ‘Master Race’ Remarks Express, November 20

    Louis Klemp, a Leavenworth County commissioner, said his comments to a black consultant at a public meeting had been misconstrued.

  60. Chicago Hospital Shooting Leaves 4 Dead National, November 19

    A police officer, a doctor and a pharmacy employee were among those killed at Mercy Hospital. The gunman, who was not identified, was also killed.

  61. Former Ohio Judge Who Beat His Wife Is Arrested in Her Stabbing Death Express, November 19

    Lance Mason, a former judge in Cuyahoga County and a top Democratic state lawmaker, was taken into custody after his wife, Aisha Fraser Mason, a sixth-grade teacher, was found dead.

  62. Looking Forward to Reconstruction Op Ed, November 18

    America doesn’t need a liberal Trump; it needs precisely the opposite of that.

  63. White Kansas Official’s ‘Master Race’ Comment Draws Calls for His Resignation Express, November 17

    The Kansas official was addressing a black consultant when he used the phrase, prompting the governor to call for his resignation days later.

  64. Buying to Last: Back to a Bygone Era Special Sections, November 17

    In an age when almost everything is disposable, some environmentally conscious consumers — and some businesses — are turning to long-lasting, durable products.

  65. Ohio House Passes Bill to Criminalize Abortions of Fetuses With a Heartbeat Express, November 16

    The measure would punish doctors who perform an abortion when a fetal heartbeat can be detected, as early as six weeks into a pregnancy, and would have few exceptions.

  66. The Market’s Been Falling. I’m Putting My Money in Stocks Anyway. Sunday Business, November 16

    Despite mediocre returns lately, our columnist is investing for the long run. But he worries like everyone else.

  67. How a Small-Town Newspaper Editor Won a Pulitzer Prize Book Review, November 16

    In “Storm Lake,” Art Cullen relates how he took on agricultural polluters and a complicit local government in rural Iowa — and why he became a newspaperman in the first place.

  68. A Chat With J.B. Pritzker, Illinois’s Next Governor Politics, November 15

    In the On Politics newsletter, talking to the billionaire governor-elect about the path forward for Democrats; plus, a guide to ranked-choice voting.

  69. Jeff Sessions Limited Consent Decrees. What About the Police Departments Already Under Reform? Express, November 15

    In a last-minute act, Mr. Sessions limited the Justice Department’s ability to oversee local police reforms. The move raises questions about what this hands-off approach means for existing agreements.

  70. Not Far From Flint, Contamination Has Left Detroit School Taps Dry National, November 15

    Elevated lead and copper in school water fountains prompted officials to shut them down. Officials say they have a solution, but some Detroiters worry about “a baby Flint.”

  71. Sherrod Brown: Rumpled, Unvarnished and Just Maybe a Candidate for President Politics, November 15

    The Ohio senator has solved the mystery of how to win as a Democrat in a right-leaning Midwestern state. Is that a viable path to success in 2020?

  72. Police Report in Killing of Black Security Guard Is Criticized as Rushed Express, November 14

    Illinois authorities defended an officer who killed the guard, Jemel Roberson, as he tried to stop a gunman at a bar. A Roberson family lawyer says the police are rushing to judgment.

  73. $1.4 Million Homes in Massachusetts, New York and Missouri Real Estate, November 14

    A condominium in an 1898 schoolhouse outside Boston, an 1840 Carpenter Gothic house in the Hudson Valley and a 1911 estate in St. Louis.

  74. What You Get for $1.4 Million Slideshow, November 14

    A condominium in an 1898 schoolhouse outside Boston, an 1840 Carpenter Gothic house in the Hudson Valley and a 1911 estate in St. Louis.

  75. Ohio Police Make Arrests in Brutal 2016 Killings of 8 Family Members Express, November 14

    Law enforcement officials said a custody battle played a role in the massacre of the Rhoden family in 2016. Members of another family were arrested in connection with the case.

  76. White Man Who Shot at Lost Black Boy in Michigan Will Serve at Least 4 Years Express, November 13

    Jeffrey Zeigler, who shot at a 14-year-old boy who knocked on his door seeking directions, will serve at least four years before he is eligible for parole.

  77. Man Pleads Guilty to ‘Swatting’ Hoax That Resulted in a Fatal Shooting Express, November 13

    Tyler Barriss, 25, of Los Angeles, faces at least 20 years in prison for making a hoax call to Wichita, Kan., that lead to another man’s death.

  78. Meet the Native American Woman Who Beat the Sponsor of North Dakota’s ID Law Politics, November 13

    On an otherwise bleak night for North Dakota Democrats, a Native American woman unseated the architect of the very law tribes had feared would disenfranchise them.

  79. Steve King Called Me a ‘Junk Yard Dog’ Op Ed, November 13

    What his press strategy tells us about the Republican Party and its base.

  80. Photo of More Than 60 Students Giving Apparent Nazi Salute Is Being Investigated National, November 12

    An image of about 60 male high school students in Baraboo, Wis., many of them smiling gleefully with one arm in the air, went viral and drew condemnation.

  81. In Michigan, the Best Candidates Just Happened to Be Women Op Ed, November 12

    For the first time, four of the top elected statewide officials will be women who ran on a broad range of issues.

  82. Before the Fights Over Recounts: An Election Day Vote on Voting Politics, November 12

    A flurry of ballot measures on Election Day were the latest move to reshape how we vote, and who can cast a ballot.