1. Minnesota Videographers Said They Don’t Have to Film Gay Weddings. A Judge Disagreed. National, Yesterday

    A judge dismissed the lawsuit, ruling that a media production company’s plan to refuse service would be akin to posting a sign that said “White Applicants Only.”

  2. ‘Lives Were Saved’ When Teacher Subdued Gunman at Illinois School Express, Yesterday

    “It was the school employee who took this on,” the police said of Angela McQueen, who physically overwhelmed the suspect in a high school cafeteria.

  3. Deaf Man Is Fatally Shot by Oklahoma City Police, Despite Pleas National, September 20

    An officer’s command to drop a two-foot-long pipe did not register with Madgiel Sanchez. A second officer who arrived fatally shot him.

  4. Before Wisconsin, Foxconn Vowed Big Spending in Brazil. Few Jobs Have Come. Business, September 20

    The Taiwanese company’s manufacturing model has not translated easily to other countries, where it faces different social, political and labor conditions.

  5. When Will Black Lives Matter in St. Louis? Op Ed, September 20

    Military tanks, tear gas and rubber bullets won’t bridge the gap between the police and the black community anytime soon.

  6. $400,000 Homes in New York, Missouri and Maine Real Estate, September 20

    A high-style farmhouse in Gallatin, a renovated 1892 home in Kansas City and an 1827 colonial outside of Portland.

  7. What You Get for $400,000 Slideshow, September 20

    A high-style farmhouse in Gallatin, N.Y.; a renovated 1892 home in Kansas City, Mo.; and an 1827 colonial outside of Portland, Me.

  8. Amid Protests, St. Louis Mayor Walks a Political Tightrope National, September 19

    Mayor Lyda Krewson promised to curb violence and heal racial divisions. Then a former police officer was acquitted of murder.

  9. Alive in Stone, Now in Mel Ziegler’s Home Weekend, September 19

    Rocks to remember from Mount Rushmore: An artist collects mass-produced memories.

  10. When Community College Is Free Op Ed, September 19

    Chicago is experimenting with a K-14 model for educating some of its most successful students.

  11. Protesters Descend on St. Louis, and Police Respond: ‘We’re in Control’ National, September 18

    We asked law enforcement experts and activists to assess the police response. Some saw it as well-reasoned, while others called for quieter rhetoric.

  12. The Lingering Damage of Ferguson’s Racism Editorial, September 19

    A police shooting in the Missouri town uncovered systemic bigotry. One man’s case shows how hard that is to overcome.

  13. St. Louis Protests: Police Say They ‘Owned’ the Night After 80 Arrests National, September 17

    Protests continued for a fourth day in St. Louis after a former police officer who fatally shot a black man was acquitted. Here’s a look at what happened.

  14. Protests Flare in St. Louis for Second Night After Ex-Officer’s Acquittal National, September 16

    Peaceful demonstrations during the day gave way to outbursts of violence at night, the police said, after the acquittal of an officer charged in the 2011 killing of a black driver.

  15. Sessions Can’t Deny Money for Sanctuary Cities, Judge Rules National, September 15

    A federal judge in Chicago temporarily blocked the Justice Department’s requirement that cities cooperate with immigration officials to get federal safety grants.

  16. Former St. Louis Officer, Jason Stockley, Acquitted in Shooting of Black Driver National, September 15

    Protesters began marching downtown, calling the verdict flawed. Aiming to avoid violent protests, the governor placed the National Guard on standby.

  17. Hotels That Bring Sports Fans Close to Their Teams Travel, September 15

    Properties in Atlanta, Chicago and Green Bay, Wis., will put guests near the action with the Braves, Cubs and Packers.

  18. Detroit Real Estate Heats Up Real Estate, September 14

    The housing market in Detroit is beginning to recover.

  19. After a Chicago Teenager Is Found Dead in a Walk-In Hotel Freezer, Mystery Lingers National, September 14

    Kenneka Jenkins, 19, died after attending a party. While the police try to determine what happened, social media users are mining videos for clues.

  20. Killing in Kansas Bar Put Victim’s Widow at Risk of Deportation Express, September 13

    When Sunayana Dumala’s husband was killed in a suspected hate crime in February, she lost her legal right to remain in the United States.

  21. Ferguson Drops Charges Against Man Cited in Justice Dept. Report National, September 12

    After five years, the city reversed course in its case against Fred Watson, a black man charged while sitting in his parked car. Here’s why it matters.

  22. Explore 7 N.F.L. Cities Beyond Football Travel, September 12

    Not everyone loves football, but there’s plenty to like about the N.F.L. cities hosting games this weekend.

  23. Vikings Spoil Adrian Peterson’s Return With a Tribute to Randy Moss Sports, September 11

    Peterson, now a member of the New Orleans Saints, struggled against his old team while former teammate Stefon Diggs did his best Moss impersonation.

  24. The South Doesn’t Own Slavery Op Ed, September 11

    Rooting out racial injustice only in former Confederate States ignores our country’s true history.

  25. A Chicago Restaurant With an Impressive Pedigree and a Nordic Soul Travel, September 9

    Elske, which opened in December in the restaurant-rich West Loop, offers a relatively affordable tasting menu and à la carte options that nimbly blend Midwestern and Nordic sensibilities.

  26. Explosion at Indiana Post Office Injures One National, September 7

    The F.B.I., which is leading the investigation, said that it had not yet determined whether the blast was an act of terrorism.

  27. In North Dakota, Trump Repeats Call for Rewrite of Tax Code Washington, September 6

    President Trump urged North Dakotans to pressure members of Congress to support a plan that he promised to detail within weeks.

  28. Small Business, Big-Hearted Personality Insider, September 6

    A national correspondent reporting on Trump Country gravitates toward a factory owner with an unexpected sticky note on her computer monitor.

  29. In Praise of the Black Men and Women Who Built Detroit Book Review, September 6

    In “Black Detroit,” Herb Boyd celebrates the city’s rich history through its unsung heroes.

  30. Michigan Gambled on Charter Schools. Its Children Lost. Magazine, September 5

    Free-market boosters, including Betsy DeVos, promised that a radical expansion of charter schools would fix the stark inequalities in the state’s education system. The results in the classrooms are far more complicated.

  31. ‘Pence Would Be No Relief’ Letters, September 4

    An Indiana resident says Mr. Pence was divisive as that state’s governor and would be no better than President Trump.

  32. A Persistent Case in Ferguson Raises Doubts About Reform National, September 4

    Five years after the arrest of Fred Watson, the city prosecutor continues to pursue minor charges despite what appear to be numerous problems.

  33. Eager to Create Blue-Collar Jobs, a Small Business Struggles National, September 3

    A Michigan auto parts company has transformed itself and made money. But its chief finds herself caught between demands to lower costs and lift wages.

  34. Old Soldiers’ Homes, Left to Just Fade Away National, September 3

    The veterans agency has 430 vacant buildings, including 200 that are more than 90 years old. Now it is trying to get rid of many of them.

  35. Taking On Chicago’s Police Editorial, September 4

    Illinois tries to do what Washington won’t: establish court oversight of a scandalous department.

  36. Land, Loss and Rebirth in Standing Rock Lens, September 4

    Photos taken by Larry Towell at Standing Rock over a period of six months are being exhibited at the Visa Pour l’Image photo festival in Perpignan, France, this month.

  37. Land, Loss and Rebirth in Standing Rock , September 4

    Photos taken by Larry Towell at Standing Rock over a period of six months are being exhibited at the Visa Pour l’Image photo festival in Perpignan, France, this month.

  38. Minnesota Finds a Way to Slow Soaring Health Premiums National, September 2

    A new state program is holding down health insurance costs in Minnesota, and it’s a possible model for other states and for Congress.

  39. Rosa Parks House in Berlin Has a Ticket Home to America Foreign, September 2

    The house that was a haven to the civil rights pioneer in the 1950s was turned into an art exhibit. It still needs a permanent home.

  40. 'Today We Should Not Be Blue- or Red-State People’ Insider, September 2

    Our top 10 comments of the week: Readers debate the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, President Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio and pumpkin spice flavor.

  41. Dakota Plan to Bury, Not Burn, ‘Scaffold’ Sculpture Culture, September 1

    A Dakota representative said the remains of Sam Durant’s sculpture would be taken to an undisclosed location in Minnesota.

  42. David Clarke, Milwaukee County Sheriff and Trump Supporter, Resigns Express, August 31

    A divisive figure who rose to national attention last year during the Republican National Convention, Mr. Clarke previously said he had been offered a Homeland Security post.

  43. On Voting Reforms, Follow Illinois, Not Texas Editorial, August 31

    There are two ways to respond to the crisis of voter participation in America. Only one is right.

  44. N.A.A.C.P. to Missouri: You’re No Safe Space (Still) Travel, August 31

    The civil rights organization keeps its advisory urging African-Americans to stay away from a state it says has seen some racial incidents.

  45. Houston Curfew Follows Many in Big Cities Facing Disaster or Unrest Express, August 30

    Los Angeles, Detroit, Boston and Chicago are among the other large cities that have imposed restrictions during trying times in the past half-century.

  46. Trump in Missouri Lays Groundwork for Tax Overhaul but Offers No Details Washington, August 30

    In a speech on Wednesday in Springfield, Mo., President Trump laid out the case for cutting taxes for businesses and individuals and for simplifying the tax code.

  47. There’s a Pizza Delivery in Ford’s Future, by Driverless Car Business, August 29

    The automaker is showcasing its autonomous-vehicle technology with a trial of Domino’s deliveries in Ann Arbor, Mich.

  48. Illinois Attorney General Sues Chicago Over Police Practices National, August 29

    Despite federal reluctance, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he would work toward a consent decree to overhaul officer training and discriminatory practices.

  49. The New Front in the Gerrymandering Wars: Democracy vs. Math Magazine, August 29

    Sophisticated computer modeling has taken district manipulation to new extremes. To fix this, courts might have to learn how to run the numbers themselves.

  50. Apple’s Tim Cook Barnstorms for ‘Moral Responsibility’ Business Day, August 28

    Don’t expect him to become a politician, but the Apple C.E.O. sees gaps in governmental social policies that he believes companies like his are obliged to help fill.

  51. A Sisterhood of Sleuths Times Insider, August 26

    The health investigator I was shadowing in Oklahoma City had a “weird skill set” that reminded me of my own.

  52. Johnny Goes to College Opinion, August 25

    My ex and I on a cross-country drive to drop off our son at school? Um, no problem.

  53. Seeing the Total Eclipse Through 28,000 Eyes Times Insider, August 25

    For Nicholas St. Fleur, a science reporter for The Times, reporting on the solar eclipse was a journey from anxiety to disappointment to awe.

  54. Two Detroit Shows Focus on Art of the Civil Rights Movement Arts, August 25

    The Detroit Institute of Art looks at five black artist collectives in the ’60s, while the Charles H. Wright Museum contextualizes the Black Power movement.

  55. Man Drives Car Through Activists Protesting Transgender Woman’s Death U.S., August 24

    Three people were hurt, and the driver was arrested. The activists had attended a vigil for a transgender woman who was fatally shot by the police.