1. Biden Aides Weigh Pursuing an Iowa Caucus Alliance With Klobuchar U.S., Yesterday

    Amy Klobuchar’s campaign signaled no interest in such a plan, under which each candidate would encourage supporters to back the other in certain precincts.

  2. The Last Ads in Iowa U.S., Yesterday

    It’s time for the candidates’ final TV pitches to caucusgoers — and these ads can tell us a lot.

  3. On the Day Democrats Vote in Iowa, Trump Plans to Flood the Zone U.S., Yesterday

    Roughly 80 members of Congress, cabinet secretaries and administration officials will descend on the state to drive voter enthusiasm and make a show of force.

  4. Pro-Israel Democratic Super PAC to Air Attack Ads Against Bernie Sanders U.S., Yesterday

    The group, the Democratic Majority for Israel, will begin airing a negative campaign spot on Wednesday, as worries mount among moderate Democrats that Mr. Sanders could win the Iowa caucuses.

  5. With Senators Stuck in Washington, Surrogates Get Starring Role in Iowa U.S., Yesterday

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. An Olympic curling coach. A host of ‘Queer Eye.’ At house parties and rallies, stand-ins for the candidates hit the trail in Iowa.

  6. When Deval Patrick Came to Visit Opinion, Yesterday

    The former Massachusetts governor’s endorsement interview, and what the board had to say after he left the room.

  7. A Classic Midwestern Dish Becomes a Talking Point in Iowa Food, Yesterday

    Amy Klobuchar is deploying her Minnesota hot dish at voter house parties, but it may be a hard sell outside her home state.

  8. Why the Iowa Caucuses Are So Important Video, Yesterday

    Protests in the 1960’s, a mimeograph machine and a long-shot candidate all contributed to Iowa’s unlikely role in the presidential election process.

  9. Always Look on the Bright Side of Impeachment Opinion, Yesterday

    Not to mention the Democratic presidential race. It can be done, if you put your mind to it.

  10. Is a Good-Enough Candidacy Good Enough for Joe Biden? Magazine, Yesterday

    He doesn’t want a revolution. He doesn’t have a movement. He could still win this thing.

  11. Why the Iowa Caucuses Are So Important Video, Yesterday

    Protests in the 1960s, a mimeograph machine and a long-shot candidate all contributed to Iowa’s unlikely role in the presidential election process.

  12. Delta Fined $50,000 for Discriminating Against Muslim Passengers U.S., January 27

    The Transportation Department also ordered the airline to make flight crews and customer service representatives attend civil rights training.

  13. Delta Fined for Discriminating Against Muslim Passengers Business, January 27

    The Transportation Department also ordered the airline to make flight crews and customer service representatives attend civil rights training.

  14. Bernie Could Win the Nomination. Should We Be Afraid? Opinion, January 27

    The establishment doesn’t have the credibility to stop the surging Sanders movement.

  15. In Iowa, the ‘Not Sanders’ Democrats Find Voters Torn U.S., January 27

    As the liberal Bernie Sanders tightens his grip in Iowa, more traditional Democrats remain split among his four leading competitors, or are unsure altogether of whom to support.

  16. What We Know About the Helicopter in Kobe Bryant’s Death U.S., January 27

    The Sikorsky S-76B helicopter, a luxury model widely used for V.I.P. travel, was a favorite of Mr. Bryant, who often commuted by helicopter during his playing career.

  17. ¿Cómo se dice ‘caucus’ en español? Los latinos de Iowa se preparan para participar en Español, January 27

    Aunque son un bloque con potencial para la elección demócrata, algunos líderes locales creen que las asambleas todavía no son muy amigables para los hispanohablantes.

  18. When Fires Burn on the Prairie, Coneflowers Bloom More Often Science, January 27

    Research over two decades on prairie land in western Minnesota shows how controlled burns encouraged a plant to generate seeds.

  19. How Pete Buttigieg Tailors His Message to Black and White Voters U.S., January 27

    Mr. Buttigieg is the star of the show at his campaign rallies in Iowa, where his crowds are virtually all white. In South Carolina, in front of black audiences, he still needs help telling his story.

  20. G.M. Making Detroit Plant a Hub of Electric and A.V. Efforts Business, January 27

    A factory whose survival was a central issue in last year’s 40-day strike will get a $2.2 billion infusion for next-generation vehicles.

  21. When Pete Buttigieg Came to Visit Opinion, January 27

    The former South Bend mayor’s endorsement interview, and what the board had to say after he left the room.

  22. The Trouble With Iowa Opinion, January 27

    And how to fix the problem.

  23. Doctors Could Face Criminal Charges for Treating Transgender Teens U.S., January 27

    In South Dakota and other states, lawmakers are considering bills that would restrict access to hormone treatment and surgeries for young transgender people.

  24. Biden’s Iowa Problem: Our Poll Suggests His Voters Aren’t the Caucusing Type The Upshot, January 27

    Why there’s a wide split in recent surveys in the state.

  25. How the G.O.P. Became the Party of the Left Behind Interactive, January 27

    Dayton, Ohio, typifies the forces that have pushed those hurt by economic change toward the Republicans, while affluent places become more Democratic.

  26. Iowa Should Never Go First Again Opinion, January 26

    The current system is a form of white privilege that warps the process.

  27. Caucusing in Iowa With a Disability: Red Tape and Unreturned Calls U.S., January 26

    Party officials say they are running accessible caucuses. But Iowans seeking even the simplest accommodations say they are struggling to get firm answers.

  28. Des Moines Register Endorses Elizabeth Warren as Iowa Caucuses Approach U.S., January 25

    Iowa’s most influential newspaper called Ms. Warren “the best leader for these times,” making its selection just over a week before the state’s caucuses.

  29. Cities Prepare for the Worst as Trump’s Food Stamp Cuts Near U.S., January 25

    Cuyahoga County, Ohio, has used a waiver for years to avoid certain work requirements for many of its food-stamp recipients. Under new rules, that is about to end.

  30. Sanders Seizes Lead in Volatile Iowa Race, Times Poll Finds U.S., January 25

    With solid support from liberals, Mr. Sanders appears to be peaking just as the caucuses approach. But many Iowa voters said they could still change their mind.

  31. The Haves of Iowa and the Have-Nots Across the Border U.S., January 25

    South Dakota has four dead presidents carved in stone on Mount Rushmore. But good luck getting real, live presidential hopefuls to come visit.

  32. When Amy Klobuchar Came to Visit Opinion, January 24

    Senator Klobuchar’s interview with the editorial board, and its subsequent deliberation today on “The Choice” podcast.

  33. 4 Reasons Anything Could Happen in Iowa U.S., January 24

    The state’s caucuses often come down to the wire, but this year’s contest is especially uncertain.

  34. Bernie Will Have to Fight Dirty Opinion, January 24

    Despite his reputation for gruffness, Sanders hesitates to attack his opponents directly. He shouldn’t hold back.

  35. How Will Thousands of Latinos in Iowa Be Greeted at ‘El Caucus’? U.S., January 24

    The state’s Latino population is a potentially important bloc in the Democratic voting. But some local leaders believe efforts to make caucus sites friendlier to Spanish speakers have fallen short.

  36. Vice Officers Fired Over Stormy Daniels’s 2018 Arrest at Ohio Strip Club U.S., January 24

    The misdemeanor charges of illegal sexually oriented activity were dropped within 24 hours after the pornographic film actress was arrested in 2018.

  37. Caucusing in the Caucasus U.S., January 23

    Why attend an Iowa caucus in Des Moines or Cedar Rapids when you can do it from Tbilisi?

  38. George Herbert Walker III, 88, Dies; Ambassador and Cousin of Presidents U.S., January 23

    A St. Louis businessman and philanthropist, he helped Republican politicians, including his cousins George H. W. and George W. Bush.

  39. Marianne Williamson Says She’ll Support Andrew Yang in Iowa U.S., January 23

    Ms. Williamson, a self-help author who dropped out of the Democratic presidential race this month, said she was not endorsing Mr. Yang per se, but wanted to help him get through the early primaries.

  40. He Got a Discrimination Settlement, but the Bank Wouldn’t Take His Checks U.S., January 23

    When Sauntore Thomas, 44, tried to deposit settlement checks at a bank, he was asked where he got the money, a lawsuit claiming discrimination says.

  41. When Elizabeth Warren Came to Visit Opinion, January 23

    Senator Warren’s interview with the editorial board, and its subsequent deliberation, today on “The Choice" podcast.

  42. Former Zookeeper Sentenced to 22 Years in Murder-for-Hire Plot U.S., January 22

    Joseph Maldonado-Passage, better known as Joe Exotic, was convicted of trying to hire someone to kill an animal-rights activist in Florida.

  43. Juice WRLD, Who Rapped About Drug Abuse, Died of Accidental Overdose, Autopsy Shows Arts, January 22

    The 21-year-old artist, whose real name was Jarad A. Higgins, went into convulsions during a drug raid at Midway Airport in Chicago.

  44. La muerte de los gigantes de agua dulce en Español, January 22

    La pesca excesiva y la construcción de presas han puesto en peligro inminente a la megafauna de ríos y lagos del mundo. Pero muchas especies aún pueden salvarse.

  45. What Polling Tells Us About Bernie Sanders’s Chances The Upshot, January 22

    He’s gaining, and he has some considerable advantages he lacked in 2016.

  46. When Andrew Yang Came to Visit Opinion, January 22

    The New York entrepreneur’s endorsement interview, and what the board had to say after he left the room.

  47. Pete Buttigieg Once Led in Iowa. Can He Get His Groove Back? U.S., January 22

    With three of his top rivals pinned down at the Senate impeachment trial, Mr. Buttigieg has seized the opportunity to camp out in the state, largely below the radar.

  48. Four Senators Are Trying to Be in 2 Places at Once. Here’s How. U.S., January 21

    Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and Michael Bennet are all on jury duty for the Senate impeachment trial. They’re also running for president.

  49. When Tom Steyer Came to Visit Opinion, January 21

    The California businessman’s visit to the editorial board, and the board’s subsequent deliberation, today on “The Choice” podcast.

  50. After Culinary and Literary Acclaim, She’s Moving to the Woods Food, January 21

    The chef Iliana Regan created a hit Chicago restaurant and wrote a tough, award-winning memoir. But her real dream lives in a cabin in northern Michigan.

  51. Detroit’s Revival Is Anchored in Its Train Station Business, January 21

    Ford Motor is transforming the long-vacant Michigan Central Station, part of the city’s overall resurgence.

  52. Biden Dismisses Doubts on His Black Support: ‘You Know Better. You Know Better.’ U.S., January 21

    Joe Biden’s forceful remarks, made at an event in Iowa focused on voters of color, reflected his intensifying competition with Senator Bernie Sanders in the state.

  53. Becoming a Man Magazine, January 21

    What I learned about masculinity from my father, my father-in-law and my own transition.

  54. The Freshwater Giants Are Dying Science, January 21

    Overharvesting and habitat loss endanger most of the world’s freshwater “megafauna.” But many species may yet be saved.

  55. 3 Organizers for 3 Candidates, Under One Roof: This Is Campaigning in Iowa U.S., January 20

    The candidates may be getting a bit testy, but organizers for three Democratic presidential campaigns amicably share a farmhouse that reflects Iowa’s culture of grass-roots politics.

  56. When Bernie Sanders Came to Visit Opinion, January 20

    Senator Sanders’s visit to the editorial board, and their subsequent deliberation today on “The Choice” podcast.

  57. Kansas City Shooting Leaves 2 Dead and at Least 15 Wounded U.S., January 20

    Hours after the Kansas City Chiefs clinched a spot in the Super Bowl, shots erupted outside a club near the stadium.

  58. The Kansas City Chiefs Waited 50 Years for This Super Bowl Date Sports, January 20

    In their last appearance, in 1970, they defeated the Minnesota Vikings. Then came a long drought noted by a lonely stadium flag.

  59. The Big Ask of Black Voters: Trust the Government U.S., January 19

    Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg are trying to woo older black voters with policy. Those policies may be why they’re struggling to win their support.

  60. How We Make Our Choice Opinion, January 19

    A podcast introduction to the Times editorial board.

  61. Will The Chicago Tribune Be the Next Newspaper Picked to the Bone? Opinion, January 19

    Journalists worry that a New York hedge fund with a big stake in the paper will impose draconian cuts, as it has elsewhere.

  62. For Shrinking Cities, an Aggressive Way to Dodge the Census Bullet U.S., January 17

    Places where the population is declining know it could cost them money after the 2020 head count is taken. The solution: Expand their borders to add more residents.

  63. Bad Timing for Jury Duty U.S., January 16

    Here’s how the four senators running for president are handling a civic obligation they can’t postpone.

  64. Boys Could Have ‘Fun With You,’ Michigan Legislator Tells Reporter U.S., January 16

    The state’s Senate has been asked to investigate whether Senator Peter J. Lucido’s remarks to Allison Donahue were sexual harassment. He said the comments were “blown out of proportion.”

  65. The New Generation of Self-Created Utopias T Magazine, January 16

    As so-called intentional communities proliferate across the country, a subset of Americans is discovering the value of opting out of contemporary society.

  66. The Work Diary of Derrius Quarles, Million-Dollar Multitasker Business, January 16

    A former foster care child pays it forward exponentially with a financial app, brand strategy and a new government position.

  67. Why Questions on Women Candidates Strike a Nerve Opinion, January 15

    Many Americans say they are ready to elect a woman president, but they are not so sure their neighbors are.

  68. Elizabeth Warren Confronts the Skeptics Who Fear Her Plans Go Too Far U.S., January 15

    In the early fall, Ms. Warren seemed to be the Democratic candidate to beat in Iowa. But many voters have had second thoughts over how her sweeping agenda would sell against President Trump.

  69. $400,000 Homes in Indiana, Massachusetts and Arkansas Real Estate, January 15

    A custom-designed midcentury home near Indianapolis, an 1850s Italianate in New Bedford and a renovated house in Little Rock.

  70. What You Get for $400,000 Slideshow, January 15

    A custom-designed midcentury home near Indianapolis; an 1850s Italianate in New Bedford, Mass.; and a renovated house in Little Rock, Ark.

  71. Debate Night: The ‘On Politics’ Breakdown U.S., January 15

    The last Democratic debate before the Iowa caucuses had high stakes — and low drama.

  72. Warren and Klobuchar Teach the Boys a Lesson Opinion, January 15

    At the Democratic debate, gender comes to the fore.

  73. Ed Ruscha: He Up and Went Home Arts, January 15

    The artist on the Oklahoma roots of his new show, that $52.5 million painting, and meeting Walt Disney.

  74. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Have a Public Fight Over a Private Remark U.S., January 15

    Can a woman win in 2020? Answering the electability question with election results.

  75. Watch: Highlights from the Democratic Debate Video, January 14

    Six presidential candidates went head-to-head in the final debate before the Iowa caucuses.

  76. The Word Female Presidential Candidates Have Been Hearing Over and Over U.S., January 14

    Elizabeth Warren confronted the idea of electability head-on at the debate, noting the men onstage had lost more than the women.

  77. Gender, War and Taking On Trump: Democrats Spar Just Weeks Before Voting U.S., January 14

    The growing rift between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren rose to the surface in the Democratic debate, and the candidates also sparred over their stances on war.

  78. Warren and Sanders Seemed to Calm Things. Then the Debate Ended. U.S., January 14

    Elizabeth Warren called Bernie Sanders her “friend” at the Iowa debate, even as they disagreed over what Mr. Sanders said in a 2018 meeting. Afterward, they exchanged words (but didn’t shake hands).

  79. At Milwaukee Rally, Trump Defends Strike on Iranian General and Lashes Out at Democrats U.S., January 14

    In a battleground state just before the start of a Democratic debate, the president sided with Bernie Sanders in his clash with Elizabeth Warren.

  80. Trump and His Aides Focused for Now on 2 Rivals (Neither Is the Front-Runner) U.S., January 14

    When it comes to the Democratic presidential primary candidates, President Trump is worried about Mike Bloomberg while his campaign sees an opportunity in Bernie Sanders.

  81. 6 Takeaways From the January 2020 Democratic Debate U.S., January 14

    While sparks didn’t really fly, Warren and Sanders had a tense moment. Klobuchar was the only one to throw punches in the debate, and Biden largely escaped attacks from his rivals.

  82. Franklin College President Is Fired After Arrest on Suspicion of Sex Crimes U.S., January 14

    Thomas J. Minar was arrested this month in Wisconsin on suspicion of sex crimes involving children, a prosecutor said. He has been released on bond.

  83. In Closely Divided Wisconsin, the Battle for Votes Is Already Underway U.S., January 14

    A legal challenge over who can vote in Wisconsin has set off a furious fight, a reflection of political tension in a pivotal state for the presidential race.

  84. Tonight’s Democratic Debate in Iowa: Will Sanders and Warren Clash or De-Escalate? U.S., January 14

    Everything you need to know about Tuesday’s presidential debate in Des Moines.

  85. Will Iowa Decide the Democratic Nomination? Opinion, January 14

    The caucuses were supposed to be less important this time. But they still might pick the winner.

  86. She’s Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyer, and She Thinks #MeToo Is ‘Dangerous’ New York, January 14

    “We can’t have movements that strip us of our fundamental rights,” said Donna Rotunno, who has faced criticism from feminists.

  87. Wisconsin Elections Officials Held in Contempt for Refusing to Purge Voters U.S., January 13

    A conservative group says removing names is merely following existing rules. Liberals say the move is aimed at dropping Democrats before the 2020 election.

  88. Prosecutor Sues Her Own City Under a Law Passed to Fight the K.K.K. U.S., January 13

    Kimberly Gardner, the top prosecutor in St. Louis, who is under investigation herself, is accusing city officials of a “racially motivated conspiracy” to stop her from doing her job.

  89. Prosecutor Sues Her Own City Under a Law Passed to Fight the K.K.K. U.S., January 13

    Kimberly Gardner, the top prosecutor in St. Louis, who is under investigation herself, is accusing city officials of a “racially motivated conspiracy” to stop her from doing her job.

  90. I’m a Reporter in Iowa. Here’s What My State Is Looking For. Opinion, January 13

    We don’t care about Biden’s electability. We want excitement.

  91. Trailing in Iowa? You Could Win Anyway U.S., January 13

    In the Iowa caucuses, second-choice candidates can win. (Or not, depending on a lot of factors.)

  92. Iowans, Famously Indecisive, Worry the 2020 Race Is ‘a Mess’ U.S., January 13

    Uncertainty, verging on anxiety and even panic for some Iowa Democrats, reflects the responsibility they feel as they seek a nominee who can beat the president in the general election.

  93. Recent Poll May Be Underestimating Bernie Sanders’s Strength in Iowa The Upshot, January 13

    Why are the Monmouth and Selzer results so different? Several possible reasons.

  94. Guinness Records and Pompoms: An Ohio Town Battles Opioid Image U.S., January 11

    How do you change the perception of a town that has been one of the centers of the opioid epidemic? Residents in Portsmouth, Ohio, are doing their best to find out.

  95. Iran, Endorsements and a Debate Surprise: This Week in the 2020 Race U.S., January 11

    The 2020 Democrats criticized President Trump’s Iran strategy and top candidates notched significant endorsements, with the Iowa caucuses less than a month away.

  96. How a High Schooler Scooped Everyone on the Iowa Poll Business, January 10

    Three times now, Arjav Rawal has tweeted the results before their official release, beating even CNN, a poll sponsor.

  97. CNN Agrees to Pay $76 Million to Settle Allegations It Violated Federal Labor Law Business, January 10

    The National Labor Relations Board said the settlement with unionized broadcast technicians was the largest monetary remedy in its 84-year history.

  98. CNN Agrees to Pay $76 Million to Settle Allegations It Violated Federal Labor Law Business, January 10

    The National Labor Relations Board said the settlement with unionized broadcast technicians was the largest monetary remedy in its 84-year history.

  99. Bernie Sanders Leads Tight Race in New Iowa Poll U.S., January 10

    Mr. Sanders edged out his competitors in The Des Moines Register/CNN poll released on Friday, the first significant survey from Iowa in nearly two months.

  100. Iowa Is at the Center of the Political Storm U.S., January 10

    Candidates, the news media and voters turn the state into a stage to audition the next president.

  101. Tom Steyer Qualifies for Democratic Debate With Two Surprising Polls U.S., January 9

    Mr. Steyer will join five other candidates onstage on Tuesday after registering double-digit support in Nevada and South Carolina.

  102. At First Rally of Election Year, Trump Boasts About Strike on Iranian General U.S., January 9

    The president, addressing supporters in Ohio, said that he had killed a “bloodthirsty terror” and slammed Democrats for seeking to restrain his power to make war.

  103. Attacks by Urban Coyotes Are Rare, but Frightening Science, January 9

    Two people were injured in Chicago, a reminder that as more coyotes move to the cities, some conflicts are inevitable.

  104. Expanding Medicaid Was a Pipe Dream in Kansas. Now It May Become Reality. U.S., January 9

    The bipartisan proposal announced Thursday must still pass the Legislature. The state’s past expansion efforts have stalled.

  105. Around the Country in 17 Hours With Michael Bloomberg U.S., January 9

    There is a way that people generally run for president. And there is whatever Mr. Bloomberg is doing.

  106. Ohio Man Who Claimed to Be Missing Boy Pleads Guilty to Identity Theft U.S., January 8

    Last year Brian Rini told officers he was Timmothy Pitzen, a missing Illinois boy who would now be a teenager. Mr. Rini, 23 at the time, had recently been released from an Ohio prison.

  107. Globetrotting Interactive, January 8

    Your sneak preview of books coming out in 2020 from around the world.

  108. How Elizabeth Warren Is Being Squeezed by the Left and Center U.S., January 8

    Ms. Warren is figuring out what candidates like Beto O’Rourke, Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand have already learned: It’s hard to appeal to the two main factions of the Democratic Party.

  109. How Elizabeth Warren Is Being Squeezed by 2 Democratic Factions U.S., January 8

    Ms. Warren is figuring out what candidates like Beto O’Rourke, Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand have already learned: It’s hard to appeal to both the center and the left of the Democratic Party.

  110. $250,000 Homes in Vermont, Minnesota and Pennsylvania Real Estate, January 8

    A 1940 colonial in Bennington, a 1925 clapboard house in Mankato and a 1938 home in Reading.

  111. What You Get for $250,000 Slideshow, January 8

    A 1940 colonial in Bennington, Vt.; a 1925 clapboard house in Mankato, Minn.; and a 1938 home in Reading, Pa.

  112. Boy Scouts of America Is Sued Over Sexual Abuse Allegations U.S., January 7

    The lawsuit was filed after a window was opened for survivors to pursue justice in cases of decades-old alleged abuse.

  113. Two Milwaukee Children Shot After Throwing Snowballs at Cars, Police Say U.S., January 7

    The police were searching for a suspect, while an alderman called the violence “completely senseless.”

  114. Deval Patrick Hopes for an Unlikely Surge, but for Many, ‘It’s Awfully Late’ U.S., January 7

    Nearly two months after his unusually late entry into the presidential race, the former Massachusetts governor has failed to draw big headlines or crucial endorsements. But he still has a long-shot plan.

  115. Mike Pompeo Is Said to Decide Against Running for Senate in Kansas U.S., January 6

    The secretary of state’s decision most likely ends Republicans’ hopes of securing a potentially dominant candidate for the open seat in Kansas, his home state.

  116. New Owner Is Selected After $146 Million Nursing Home Collapse Business, January 6

    The federal government has been in charge of a chain of Illinois nursing homes that defaulted on mortgages backed by a government program.

  117. A Democrat Who Can Beat Trump Opinion, January 5

    Why Amy Klobuchar still has a chance.

  118. Hate Negative Political Ads? This Is the Primary for You U.S., January 5

    Democrats are avoiding using ads to attack each other, as they target voters intent on defeating President Trump.

  119. Top Education Official Planned to Meet Boy for Sex, Prosecutors Say New York, January 3

    The former official in New York sent sexually explicit messages to a boy named “Colton,” who was in fact an undercover officer, the charges said.

  120. Airstrike Pushes National Security to Forefront of 2020 Race U.S., January 3

    Foreign affairs have played a strictly limited role so far in the Democratic primary, but the killing of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani could reshape the contest.

  121. Klobuchar and Booker Raise More Money but Trail Far Behind 2020 Leaders U.S., January 3

    Senator Amy Klobuchar’s campaign announced raising $11.4 million in the fourth quarter of 2019, and Senator Cory Booker said he brought in $6.6 million.

  122. ‘A Different Era’: Anti-Semitic Crimes, and Efforts to Track Them, Climb U.S., January 3

    Attacks have been traditionally underreported, but fighting the scourge in hate crimes begins with better data, experts say.

  123. Military Police Can Now Carry Personal Firearms on Marine Corps Bases U.S., January 2

    The Marine Corps said it expedited the policy change after recent fatal shootings at Navy installations in Pensacola, Fla., and at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

  124. In a Deadly Start to 2020, Gunfire Erupts Across America U.S., January 1

    It was a typical start to the new year in a country accustomed to gun violence, despite an overall drop in violent crime nationwide.

  125. ‘It’s Creepy’: Unexplained Drones Are Swarming by Night Over Colorado U.S., January 1

    Sheriffs in western Nebraska and eastern Colorado say they don’t know who’s flying the drones — or why. The F.A.A. is investigating.

  126. He’s Not ‘Mayor Pete’ Anymore: Buttigieg’s Successor Is Sworn In U.S., January 1

    Pete Buttigieg rose to prominence, and viability as a presidential candidate, as the mayor of South Bend, Ind. Now that tenure has ended.

  127. $750,000 Homes in Mississippi, Missouri and Arizona Real Estate, January 1

    A brand-new cottage in Oxford, a 1967 modern-style home in Kansas City and a three-bedroom house with red-rock views in Sedona.

  128. What You Get for $750,000 Slideshow, January 1

    A brand-new cottage in Oxford, Miss.; 1967 modern-style home in Kansas City, Mo.; and a three-bedroom house with red-rock views in Sedona, Ariz.

  129. In a Homecoming Video Meant to Unite Campus, Almost Everyone Was White U.S., January 1

    The video was created to show off the University of Wisconsin. Instead, it set off a furor, and a reckoning over what it means to be a black student on campus.

  130. Elizabeth Warren Isn’t Talking Much About ‘Medicare for All’ Anymore U.S., January 1

    There are signs her campaign is seeking to calm fears about her health care proposal, including having small meetings with rural Iowa voters to explain her financing and transition plans.

  131. Officer Admits He Faked Claim About McDonald’s Coffee Cup Insult U.S., December 31

    The Kansas police officer resigned after video footage showed that restaurant employees had not written “pig” on his cup.

  132. A Cookbook You’ll Turn to Again and Again Food, December 30

    “The Corn Exchange Cookbook” may look homey, but there are many lessons here.

  133. Education Official in N.Y. Is Accused of Facilitating Child Sex Abuse New York, December 30

    David Hay, deputy chief of staff to schools chancellor Richard Carranza, was fired after his arrest, officials said.

  134. Wintry Mix Pelting Upper Midwest and New England U.S., December 30

    A storm system is creating tricky travel conditions on the roads.

  135. Family of Teen Who Died After Being Tased Reaches $12 Million Settlement U.S., December 30

    After a state trooper fired a Taser at 15-year-old Damon Grimes, the teen crashed into a truck and died. His family is expected to receive $7.8 million from the lawsuit.

  136. How We Got to 2020: Five Campaigns in Photos Interactive, December 30

    In a crowded and sometimes chaotic primary, five candidates have defined the contours of the race so far. This is what the Democratic presidential campaign looked like on the ground in 2019.

  137. As Trump Hails Stock Market, Democrats Point to Struggling Workers U.S., December 30

    In Iowa, Democratic candidates sought to undercut President Trump’s core message of a strong economy by making the case that it isn’t working for the right people.