1. Wisconsin Judge Says State Must Purge 200,000 Voter Registrations U.S., Yesterday

    The decision, which was derided by Democrats, comes in a fight to win Wisconsin in the 2020 presidential election.

  2. Supreme Court to Rule on Whether Much of Oklahoma Is an Indian Reservation U.S., Yesterday

    The court was poised to decide the question in its last term but appeared to have deadlocked.

  3. Justice Department Investigates Experiments on People With Disabilities U.S., Yesterday

    The federal investigation of an Iowa facility is said to focus on experiments on hydration and sexual arousal.

  4. 361 Days of Christmas Style, Yesterday

    Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, outside of Detroit, bills itself as the largest Christmas store in the world.

  5. She Accused a Tech Billionaire of Rape. The Chinese Internet Turned Against Her. Business, Yesterday

    Liu Jingyao, a college student, describes what it’s like to be slut-shamed by 800 million people.

  6. Why Is the Democratic Primary So White? Opinion, December 12

    And why are baby boomers still in charge?

  7. $1.5 Million Homes in Indiana, Oregon and Colorado Real Estate, December 11

    An 1889 Victorian in Indianapolis, a triplex condo in Portland and a custom-built house on the Animas River in Durango.

  8. What You Get for $1.5 Million Slideshow, December 11

    An 1889 Victorian in Indianapolis, a triplex condo in Portland and a custom-built house on the Animas River in Durango.

  9. Cory Booker’s Silver Lining Tour of Iowa U.S., December 11

    Who needs a debate stage when you can raise $1.4 million in 36 hours?

  10. What’s Playing in Des Moines U.S., December 10

    Iowa’s biggest TV market has been inundated by 2020 ads, even without any from Michael Bloomberg.

  11. Elizabeth Warren Seeks a Second Act After Slip From the Top U.S., December 10

    She is taking on Pete Buttigieg directly, whacking at Mike Bloomberg and emphasizing her gender as the top woman left in the race.

  12. Trump Said Local Officials Could Block Refugees. So Far, They Haven’t. U.S., December 9

    Commissioners in counties around the nation, including North Dakota, are weighing whether to admit more refugees.

  13. Buttigieg, in Search of Black Support, Looks Homeward U.S., December 9

    The mayor of South Bend, Ind., has some local black leaders vouching for him. But that hasn’t stopped his opponents from criticizing his record.

  14. Did Pete Buttigieg Help Black People in South Bend? U.S., December 9

    The mayor of South Bend, Ind., has some local black leaders vouching for him. But that hasn’t stopped his opponents from criticizing his record.

  15. Rosario Dawson Hits the Trail in Iowa. (Her Boyfriend Is Running for President.) U.S., December 8

    The actress went shopping for vegan snacks — and votes — in Iowa with her boyfriend, the presidential candidate Cory Booker.

  16. Buttigieg Struggles to Square Transparency With Nondisclosure Agreement U.S., December 7

    Mr. Buttigieg says he has no choice but to honor the agreement he signed while working for McKinsey & Company. Critics say it undermines his image of transparency.

  17. Kindergartner Invites His Entire Class to His Adoption Hearing U.S., December 7

    Nearly two dozen kindergartners gave testimonials in a Michigan courtroom about how much they loved the soon-to-be-adopted boy.

  18. The Bowhunting Influencer of Iowa Democrats U.S., December 7

    Rob Sand figured out how to win statewide office as a Democrat in Iowa, and now the presidential contenders are seeking his counsel — that is, when he isn’t deer hunting with bow and arrow.

  19. As Candidates Jostle for Position, a Long Race May Become a Marathon U.S., December 7

    In a volatile primary with no true front-runner, Democrats face the prospect of a monthslong delegate battle that would also feature a lengthy public airing of the party’s ideological fissures.

  20. Three Illinois Prison Guards Face U.S. Civil Rights Charges in Inmate’s Beating Death U.S., December 6

    The correctional officers were arrested nearly a year and a half after an inmate was found severely beaten and died six weeks later.

  21. Black Hawk Helicopter Crash Kills All 3 Aboard, Minnesota Governor Says U.S., December 5

    The Minnesota National Guard said it lost contact with the helicopter during a maintenance test flight.

  22. ‘You’re a Damn Liar, Man,’ Biden Tells Voter in Iowa Video, December 5

    Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. had a tense exchange with a voter questioning Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings. Mr. Biden also challenged the man to do push-ups.

  23. Democrats Ask: Do We Really Want an All-White Final Four? U.S., December 5

    As the party reckons with the likelihood of an all-white candidate lineup for the December debate, Cory Booker and Julián Castro see fund-raising gains.

  24. Fight Against Colorism Takes On Amazon: Beauty ‘Cannot Be One Skin Color’ U.S., December 5

    After two nonprofits delivered 23,000 signatures to Amazon asking it to remove skin-bleaching products with high levels of mercury, the company listened.

  25. G.M. Venture to Create Ohio Battery Plant and 1,100 Jobs Business, December 5

    A deal with LG Chem of South Korea will further the automaker’s plans for electric vehicles and fulfill a pledge made after its Lordstown plant was idled.

  26. What Kamala Harris’s Campaign Teaches Us Opinion, December 4

    It is worth exploring the election system in this country and who benefits from it.

  27. The Who Announce First Concert in Cincinnati Since Deadly 1979 Stampede Arts, December 4

    The announcement came on the 40th anniversary of the tragedy, which left 11 people dead.

  28. $2.3 Million Homes in Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Illinois Real Estate, December 4

    A 1925 stone house in Philadelphia, a pueblo-style home in Santa Fe and a historic mansion near Lake Michigan.

  29. What You Get for $2.3 Million Slideshow, December 4

    A 1925 stone house in Philadelphia; a pueblo-style home in Santa Fe, N.M.; and a historic mansion in Evanston, Ill.

  30. Our Future Depends on Communities Opinion, December 4

    To fight social inequality as well as malaise, look to greater local empowerment and increased democratic engagement.

  31. New Abortion Bills Are So Tough That Some Conservatives Have Qualms U.S., December 4

    Another surge of stringent abortion limits is expected in state legislatures next year, highlighting a rift among conservatives about political strategy.

  32. These Cluster Bombs Started Killing Civilians Before They Left U.S. Soil Magazine, December 4

    In 1989, a BLU-97 cluster-munition bomblet exploded in a Kansas factory, killing two workers. Their fates were soon shared by American service members in the Persian Gulf War.

  33. Joe Biden Still Wants to Win Iowa. Here’s His Strategy. U.S., December 3

    The former vice president has lost his advantage in the leadoff caucus state, but he’s hoping his “No Malarkey” bus tour can win over rural voters.

  34. Oshkosh Shooting Is Second in 2 Days at Wisconsin High Schools U.S., December 3

    A student with an “edged weapon” was shot by an officer at Oshkosh West High School on Tuesday, in a confrontation that was eerily similar to a shooting a day earlier at a school 80 miles away.

  35. Tracking Down the Minford High School Class of 2000 Reader Center, December 3

    I wanted to find out just how deeply the opioid epidemic could reach a community. So I got hold of a yearbook.

  36. Student With Gun Is Shot by Officer in Wisconsin High School, Police Say U.S., December 2

    The student, who was in stable condition, had pointed the gun at officers at Waukesha South High School, officials said.

  37. Chicago Mayor Fires Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, Saying He Lied U.S., December 2

    Eddie Johnson, who led the department for more than three years, was accused by Mayor Lori Lightfoot of lying about details of an incident in which he was found asleep in an S.U.V.

  38. Winter Storm Reaches the Northeast Video, December 2

    The bad weather that swept across the Midwest during the holiday weekend is now pelting the Northeast with rain and snow.

  39. H.I.V. Is Coming to Rural America Opinion, December 1

    And rural America is not ready.

  40. 9 Family Members Die in Plane Crash During Storm in South Dakota, Officials Say U.S., November 30

    Members of four generations of a family who were returning from a hunting trip died in the accident, according to a statement from a company that two of the victims founded.

  41. Starbucks Barista Fired After Officer’s Cup Had ‘Pig’ on the Label U.S., November 30

    After the episode, Starbucks and the police department said they would host a “Coffee With a Cop” event so local law enforcement could meet with baristas.

  42. Twitter Permanently Suspends Accounts of Ilhan Omar’s Potential Challenger U.S., November 30

    Danielle Stella, a Republican, suggested on Twitter that Ms. Omar be tried for treason and hanged.

  43. U.A.W. and Fiat Chrysler Reach Tentative Labor Deal Business, November 30

    Fiat was the last of the three Detroit automakers at the bargaining table.

  44. Love Is Not a Tally Sheet Opinion, November 29

    What single parenting taught me about accepting help.

  45. O.K., Mayor: Why 37-Year-Old Pete Buttigieg Is Attracting Boomers U.S., November 28

    Calling himself the “retirement guy” and pitching a “Gray New Deal,” Mr. Buttigieg has crafted a message that resonates among older white Americans, helping him rocket past other candidates in some polls.

  46. A Detroit Doctor Who Loves Art and Loathes Labels Arts, November 28

    Lorna Thomas has filled her home with African-American pieces; she believes their beauty transcends categorization.

  47. Prosecutors Usually Send People to Prison. These Are Getting Them Out. U.S., November 28

    Prisoners who fought for years to prove their innocence couldn’t win in court, no matter how much evidence they amassed. Then the offices that put them away got involved.

  48. How to Break the Poverty Cycle Opinion, November 27

    How much good does a preschool experience offer children born in poverty? Enough to make their later lives much better, and they pass a heritage of opportunity on to their own children.

  49. Elizabeth Warren Wants to Revoke Medals of Honor for Wounded Knee Massacre U.S., November 27

    A new Senate bill would rescind medals from 20 U.S. soldiers who slaughtered hundreds of Native Americans. “The horrifying acts of violence against hundreds of Lakota men, women and children at Wounded Knee should be condemned,” Ms. Warren said.

  50. George Clements, Priest and Activist, Is Dead at 87 U.S., November 27

    He worked to advance black causes within the Catholic Church. In 1981 he drew national coverage and consternation in the church when he adopted a child.

  51. A College Student Was Killed by a Man Whose Catcalls She Tried to Ignore, Prosecutors Say U.S., November 27

    Ruth George’s attacker grew angry, prosecutors said, when she ignored his remarks. “She was just trying to go home,” a fellow college student said.

  52. ‘We Need Help’: Deadly Fire in Minneapolis High-Rise Sets Off Panicked Escape U.S., November 27

    The blaze left 5 dead and others hospitalized and displaced. “This is the heart of our community,” a Somali-American community leader said.

  53. $350,000 Homes in Kentucky, Florida and Michigan Real Estate, November 27

    A 1941 Cape Cod in Louisville, an Arts-and-Crafts bungalow in Jacksonville and an early 1840s house near Detroit.

  54. What You Get for $350,000 Slideshow, November 27

    A 1941 Cape Cod in Louisville, an Arts-and-Crafts bungalow in Jacksonville and an early 1840s house near Detroit.

  55. Turkey Trouble? At Butterball, Operators Are Still Standing By Food, November 26

    As Thanksgiving looms, no algorithm can comfort hordes of harried cooks like the 38-year-old Turkey Talk-Line.

  56. Nick Clifford, Last of the Mount Rushmore Crew, Dies at 98 U.S., November 26

    He was 17 when the monument’s sculptor, Gutzon Borglum, recruited him to play for a baseball team Borglum was forming. Oh, and he gave him a job on the mountain.

  57. The Enduring Power of the Detroit Jazz Collective Tribe Arts, November 26

    Wendell Harrison and Phil Ranelin have been collaborating since the 1970s, when they self-released albums, planned their concerts and published an international magazine.

  58. They Wanted to Save Their 119-Year-Old Village. So They Got Rid of It. U.S., November 26

    A feud over local taxes turned into a referendum on government itself. But Election Day left residents as divided as ever.

  59. Who’s More Qualified to Write About Death Than a Funeral Director Poet? Books, November 26

    Thomas Lynch’s new essay collection, “The Depositions,” should be required reading for anyone who is going to die someday.

  60. Corruption Inquiry Spreads to U.A.W. Lakeside Resort Business, November 25

    A dozen union officials have been charged or convicted in a sprawling federal investigation.

  61. Biden Is Struggling in Iowa and His Supporters There Know Why U.S., November 24

    The former vice president’s backers have noted a lack of enthusiasm and a spotty campaign operation as reasons Joe Biden is lagging in Iowa, not to mention a formidable moderate competitor in Pete Buttigieg.

  62. Newscaster’s Errant Email Calling in Sick Gets National Attention U.S., November 24

    Colleagues at many of Nexstar Media Group’s nearly 200 television stations jokingly offered prayers and created a shrine for Nick Vasos, who started trending on Twitter.

  63. How Did the Gettysburg Address End Up in Glenn Beck’s Office? U.S., November 23

    Mr. Beck joked about spilling chocolate sauce on the framed papers, which have been valued at $20 million.

  64. In Coded 911 Call, Ohio Woman Requested the Police by Ordering a Pizza U.S., November 23

    Though the emergency dispatcher initially thought the woman had the wrong number, a man was ultimately arrested on a domestic violence charge because of the call, the police said.

  65. Elizabeth Warren Has Done the Hard Part. Now Comes the Harder Part. U.S., November 23

    All summer, she was soaring, slinging buzzy plans and climbing in the polls. It’s not summer anymore.

  66. Black Leader in South Bend Endorses Joe Biden Over Pete Buttigieg U.S., November 22

    Emphasizing the country’s need for experienced leadership, Oliver Davis, a longtime council member in the city, has been a frequent critic of Mr. Buttigieg.

  67. Ex-Fox News Host’s Business Partner Charged in Real Estate Scheme Business, November 22

    Herbert Whalen, who worked with Clayton Morris selling investment properties in Indianapolis, was charged with defrauding clients.

  68. ‘No Longer Forgotten’: Ohio Students Procure Headstone for Black Settlers U.S., November 22

    A group of eighth graders found two unmarked cemetery plots where black inhabitants were buried. They placed a plaque on the graves this week to remember the families.

  69. The Candidates: Pete Buttigieg Podcasts, November 22

    In studio with “The Daily,” the Indiana mayor talks about how his lifelong political ambitions were complicated by the secret he kept for decades.

  70. The Vitality of Six-Man Football Sports, November 22

    Six-man football rose nearly 100 years ago in small-town America. In the 21st century, “basketball on grass” is a way of life for towns like McCool Junction, Neb., where finding players is always a challenge.

  71. The Parents Passed a Drug Test. Should They Get Their Children Back? U.S., November 22

    Ohio counties want to reunite families that were separated because of drug use. But prioritizing that ideal has had deadly consequences.

  72. 2 Die During Training Exercise at Air Force Base in Oklahoma U.S., November 21

    The deaths, involving two training jets, occurred at Vance Air Force Base in Enid, about 60 miles north of Oklahoma City, the Air Force said.

  73. The Most Popular Properties of October Real Estate, November 21

    The most viewed listings in October included Manhattan apartments, a sprawling estate in Kansas, and a weather resistant home on the coast of Nova Scotia.

  74. Like Restaurants, Buildings Will Get Grades (D’s for Energy Guzzlers) New York, November 21

    Next year, New York City buildings will be required to display their marks on energy efficiency.

  75. Vacillating Trump Supporter, Take Two Opinion, November 20

    If there’s a sure route to a second Trump term, it’s more of the liberal contempt that produced the “deplorables.”

  76. Nine Face Hazing-Related Charges in Death of Ohio University Student U.S., November 19

    Two people face involuntary manslaughter charges and one is charged with reckless homicide in the November 2018 death of Collin Wiant, who died after inhaling nitrous oxide.

  77. What’s the Right Way to Legalize Weed? Opinion, November 19

    Joe Biden doesn’t want to, but most Americans do.

  78. Not Just Rodney Reed: New Evidence Taints More Death Row Convictions U.S., November 19

    A Texas court suspended Rodney Reed’s execution. But researchers say other current cases raise similar doubt about the guilt of the accused.

  79. The Real Heart of Thanksgiving Food, November 19

    Long relegated to the stockpot and the crudité tray, celery is the holiday’s unsung hero — and deserves a special spot on your menu.

  80. How Can Americans Compete With Mexicans Making a Tenth of What They Do? Opinion, November 19

    Congress should require Mexico to bolster employees’ rights before signing off on a new trade pact.

  81. ‘Broke’ Chronicles a City Out of Cash and Awash in Desperation Books, November 19

    The new book by Jodie Adams Kirshner follows seven residents of bankrupt Detroit, exposing the effects of decades of disinvestment and failed urban policy.

  82. ‘Meth. We’re on It’: South Dakota’s Anti-Meth Campaign Raises Eyebrows U.S., November 18

    Many saw the slogan as tone-deaf or a failed attempt at cleverness. State officials said it was provocative by design.

  83. Oklahoma Walmart Shooting Leaves 3 Dead, Police Say U.S., November 18

    A woman and two men were killed in the shooting, which happened in Duncan, Okla.

  84. F.B.I. Arrests Dennis Tyler, Mayor of Muncie, Indiana U.S., November 18

    Mr. Tyler, whose administration has been under investigation for corruption allegations for years, was taken into custody at his home on Monday.

  85. Pete Buttigieg Jumps Out to Lead in Iowa Poll U.S., November 16

    Mr. Buttigieg had a surprisingly robust lead in the latest Des Moines Register and CNN poll. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Joseph R. Biden Jr. were in a statistical tie for second.

  86. Ohio High School Plans to Drug-Test All Students at Least Once a Year U.S., November 16

    Research has shown that more than 37 percent of school districts have adopted drug-testing policies, but whether they lead to reduced rates of substance abuse is unclear, one expert said.

  87. Whoops. Judge Reduces J&J Opioid Fine After Mistaking Thousands for Millions Health, November 15

    Johnson & Johnson will now have to pay $465 million, not $572 million, for its role in Oklahoma’s opioid epidemic.

  88. Booze, Gunshots and White Castle: Three Judges Are Suspended for Brawl U.S., November 15

    After finding the strip club next door closed, judges who were in Indianapolis for a conference got into a fight that left two of them hospitalized.

  89. How a City Fought Runaway Capitalism and Won Opinion, November 15

    Greenwood survived the Black Wall Street massacre. It wasn’t going to back down when the dollar stores came to town.

  90. Grand Rapids Will Pay $190,000 to Veteran Detained by ICE U.S., November 14

    A Michigan-born former Marine was detained for three days after a Grand Rapids police captain asked an ICE officer to check the man’s “status.”

  91. The Kentucky Governor’s Race Was Close. Some Have Been Much Closer. U.S., November 14

    Some were resolved with statesmanship and others were fought tooth and nail. Here is how some of the closest governor’s races in the nation’s history turned out.

  92. Notre Dame’s Football Sellout Streak Ending at 273 Games Sports, November 14

    The streak at Notre Dame Stadium dated to Thanksgiving Day in 1973. The stadium holds nearly 78,000 fans.

  93. Family to Get $10 Million After Death of Man Left in Jail Cell With a Broken Neck U.S., November 14

    An Oklahoma county agreed to pay the estate of Elliott Williams, whose complaints were ignored by members of the detention and medical staff for five days.

  94. 36 Hours in Indianapolis Travel, November 14

    Even with a new and improved Kurt Vonnegut museum and a slew of recently opened restaurants, bars and galleries, this Midwestern city is still true to its roots: short on pretension and very affordable.