1. The Not-So-Subtle Racism of Trump-Era ‘Welfare Reform’ Op Ed, Today

    By redefining welfare to include more federal assistance programs, Trump finds new ways to punish black people.

  2. Yes, You Can Go Home Again — if You’re a White House Correspondent From Elkhart, Indiana Insider, Yesterday

    When I heard that President Trump would be speaking in North Side Middle School’s gymnasium, where I used to run laps in gym class, I wasn’t about to miss such a surreal reporting opportunity.

  3. Whites’ Unease Shadows the Politics of a More Diverse America Business, Yesterday

    As the country heads for a time when no group makes up a majority, the change may affect white attitudes in far more than racial and economic matters.

  4. A Minnesota Lake House Built on Legend Real Estate, Yesterday

    Most renovations come with surprises. But no one expected those old stories to be true.

  5. A New Foundation for a Family Home Slideshow, Yesterday

    Most renovations come with surprises. But no one expected those old stories to be true.

  6. The Moral Rot That Threatens America Op Ed, May 18

    There is only one core task for everyone in Trump’s United States: Keeping the Republic, despite him.

  7. Delaware Has Banned Marriage Under Age 18. Other States Also Consider Limits. National, May 17

    Concerns about sex trafficking and forced marriages are behind moves to raise minimum ages to wed, but they may run up against religious objections.

  8. School Resource Officer Stopped School Shooting, Authorities Say National, May 17

    A police officer in Dixon, Ill., shot a gunman near a high school before anyone else was harmed.

  9. Rushing to Ruin the Boundary Waters Wilderness Op Ed, May 17

    The Trump administration is going full throttle to allow mining in northern Minnesota next to one of the nation’s most popular nature areas.

  10. Painting That Hung in a Chicago Convention Center Brings Unexpected Windfall Weekend, May 17

    A municipal agency that bought Kerry James Marshall’s “Past Times” for $25,000 in 1997 sold it Wednesday night at auction for $21.1 million.

  11. Republicans Escalate Bitter Fight Over Judicial Nominations Washington, May 17

    The Senate is entering a new phase of judicial battles as Republicans push aside Democrats’ objections.

  12. Victories for the Left Op Ed, May 16

    And some Republicans are gloating about it. Will they regret it?

  13. $800,000 Homes in Missouri, Georgia and Pennsylvania Real Estate, May 16

    A 1916 colonnaded home in Kansas City, a midcentury-modern house in Atlanta and a riverfront home in New Hope.

  14. What You Get for $800,000 Slideshow, May 16

    A 1916 colonnaded home in Kansas City, Mo.; a midcentury-modern house in Atlanta; and a riverfront home in New Hope, Pa.

  15. Missouri Lawmakers Press On With Investigation of Gov. Eric Greitens National, May 15

    Prosecutors dropped a charge against the governor, but state lawmakers moved forward with a special session that could lead to his impeachment.

  16. Athletes Who Say Volleyball Coach Abused Them Speak Out Express, May 15

    Former athletes accused the coach, Rick Butler, of abusing them in the ’80s, when they were teenagers. Mr. Butler wants their lawsuit thrown out.

  17. Gov. Eric Greitens: Answers to 7 Key Questions National, May 15

    A felony charge against the Missouri governor was dropped, but he faces an unrelated charge, the threat of impeachment and ongoing calls to quit.

  18. Nebraska Primary Election Results Interactive, May 15

    See full results and maps from the Nebraska primaries.

  19. Want to Quit the Gang Life? Try This Job On Op Ed, May 15

    Second of two articles.

  20. It’s Primary Election Day. Here’s Everything You Need to Know Politics, May 15

    Voters on Tuesday cast ballots for primaries in four states: Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon and Pennsylvania.

  21. Which Poor People Shouldn’t Have to Work for Aid? Upshot, May 15

    The lines set by policymakers risk embedding regional and racial biases about who counts as “left behind.”

  22. Gov. Eric Greitens’s Charge Is Dropped, for Now, in Missouri National, May 14

    Jury selection had been underway for three days in the case against the Missouri governor. The abrupt decision left Mr. Greitens’s legal and political fate uncertain.

  23. Oklahoma Passes Adoption Law That L.G.B.T. Groups Call Discriminatory National, May 12

    Gov. Mary Fallin signed the bill on Friday, angering critics who said it would allow agencies to discriminate against same-sex couples on religious grounds.

  24. Oklahoma Governor Vetoes Bill That Would Have Made Gun Licenses Unnecessary National, May 11

    Mary Fallin, a Republican, called current gun laws in Oklahoma “appropriate and minimal.” A majority of the Republican-controlled Legislature disagreed.

  25. Combat Veteran Is a Calming Presence After a Catastrophe Sunday Business, May 11

    Years in the Army taught a restoration company manager how to enter a disaster site, appraise devastation and create a recovery plan.

  26. Is Gov. Greitens Truthful? It’s a Question for the Jury, if They Can Seat One National, May 11

    Would-be jurors say they have heard about the case against Missouri’s governor. Rejecting such jurors, the prosecution says, “would exclude the entire state.”

  27. ‘America Is Respected Again,’ Trump Says in Elkhart, Ind., a City Obama Once Championed Washington, May 11

    On Thursday, President Trump swapped his role as grim-faced statesman for one that comes more naturally to him: campaign trail firebrand.

  28. Shooting of Agent Shines Light on a Federal Fight Against Chicago Gun Crime Washington, May 10

    An A.T.F. task force, which has contributed to significant cases in the city over the past year, is seen as a possible model.

  29. Democrats in Rust Belt: Stay Close to Trump, but Not Too Close Politics, May 9

    After primaries in prime Trump territory Tuesday, Republicans were eager to embrace the president while Democrats had a more delicate balancing act.

  30. Trump and the Mosquito Wars Op Ed, May 9

    What the nation needs now is clearly more lobbyists.

  31. An Ohio Special Election Shapes Up as a Big Test of the ‘Blue Wave’ Washington, May 9

    The House special election in August in the suburbs of Columbus could indicate how Democrats will perform in November with college-educated, affluent voters.

  32. Making Teachers’ Strikes Illegal Won’t Stop Them Op Ed, May 9

    Walkouts in Arizona and other states echo a long history of illegal strikes.

  33. 6 Takeaways From Tuesday’s Primary Elections Politics, May 9

    Richard Cordray won in Ohio. Don Blankenship lost in West Virginia. And Congress is very unpopular.

  34. Blankenship Loses West Virginia Primary; Cordray Defeats Kucinich in Ohio Politics, May 8

    The victory by Richard Cordray, who was endorsed by Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, came as a relief to many Democrats who saw Dennis Kucinich as unelectable.

  35. Rachel Crooks, Who Accused Trump of Sexual Assault, Wins Legislative Primary Express, May 9

    Ms. Crooks, the Democratic nominee for an Ohio House seat, says Mr. Trump forcibly kissed her at Trump Tower in 2005.

  36. Nordstrom Rack Apologizes to Black Teenagers Falsely Accused of Stealing Business, May 8

    The teenagers were shopping at a store in St. Louis for last-minute deals the day before prom. Employees called 911 to report them for stealing.

  37. Michigan’s Discriminatory Work Requirements Op Ed, May 8

    Medicaid beneficiaries in white rural counties and black cities are not being considered equally.

  38. When All Else Fails, Tax Incentives Probably Will, Too Business, May 8

    State and local incentives to land new offices and factories rarely pay off. But they are one of the few tools for redeveloping old industrial cities.

  39. When Cops ‘Steal’ Drugs, the Results Can Spin Out of Control Op Ed, May 8

    Safeguards are needed for special warrants that allow the police to secretly seize contraband, leading dealers to blame rivals.

  40. Fighting Street Gun Violence as if It Were a Contagion Op Ed, May 8

    A program that started in Chicago treats street gun violence as an epidemic, hiring past offenders to disrupt transmission.

  41. The Pews Went, but the Spirit Stayed in a Kansas City Church Special Sections, May 8

    Last year, the artist Peregrine Honig moved into the building that she also uses as a performance hall. “I really curate the space with a Baptist preacher in mind,” she said.

  42. The Woman at the Center of Gov. Eric Greitens’s Criminal Trial National, May 7

    When an invasion of privacy case against Missouri’s governor opens, one woman’s account of what happened will be essential.

  43. States Turn to an Unproven Method of Execution: Nitrogen Gas Science, May 7

    As problems mount with lethal injection, Alabama, Mississippi and Oklahoma are developing protocols for using nitrogen to carry out the death penalty. Little science exists about the method.

  44. There’s Only One Warren Buffett Styles, May 7

    The Berkshire Hathaway C.E.O.’s three-day extravaganza — er, shareholders’ conference — drew tens of thousands of fans to Omaha.

  45. Is Comcast Going to Crash Disney’s Deal With Fox?: DealBook Briefing Business, May 7

    Shares of 21st Century Fox jumped more than 4 percent on reports that Comcast is preparing to upend Disney’s $52 billion deal to acquire most of Fox’s assets.

  46. Meet the Pro-Trade, Pro-Immigration Economist Running for Congress. As a Republican. In Ohio. Business, May 6

    Tim Kane would seem to have the right stuff to be a G.O.P. candidate for Congress in any other year. But in 2018, he seems out of step with his party.

  47. Kansas Man Who Fatally Shot Indian Immigrant Gets Life in Prison Express, May 5

    The man, Adam W. Purinton, had angrily confronted the Indian-born engineer about his immigration status and fatally shot him at a bar last year.

  48. Can Weak Unions Get Teachers More Money? Op Ed, May 5

    What walkouts show about the real power of organized labor.

  49. Ohio Governor Primary: Here’s Who the Newspapers Endorsed Politics, May 5

    Ohio’s newspapers backed Mike DeWine for the Republican nomination but were divided over the two Democrats, Richard A. Cordray and Dennis Kucinich.

  50. Indiana Serial Killer Pleads Guilty to Murders of Seven Women National, May 4

    Darren D. Vann preyed on those who were disconnected from their families and could not be readily found, officials said.

  51. They Voted for Obama, Then Went for Trump. Can Democrats Win Them Back? National, May 4

    Swing voters, critical to Mr. Trump’s win, dislike the president’s personality but are mostly satisfied with his policies. For now.

  52. Dispatched by the Trump Administration, a Federal Agent Is Shot on the Streets of Chicago National, May 4

    The A.T.F. agent was working alongside members of the Chicago Police Department when he was critically wounded in a neighborhood on the city’s South Side.

  53. Pruitt’s Coziness With Lobbyists Includes Secretly Buying a House With One Investigative, May 3

    The E.P.A. chief is under investigation for renting a room in Washington from the wife of a lobbyist. As a state lawmaker, he bought a house with a lobbyist but did not disclose it.

  54. Brink’s Truck Spills Cash on Highway, and Drivers Scoop It Up Express, May 3

    About $600,000 fell out of the armored truck in Indianapolis. The police are asking people to return the money.

  55. Readers Eulogize Family and Friends They Loved and Lost News Desk, May 2

    Our second installment of reader submissions to the Overlooked obituary project.

  56. Of Swamps, a New Pence and ‘Cocaine Mitch’ Op Ed, May 2

    Gird your loins because it’s time to vote.

  57. Iowa Lawmakers Pass Abortion Bill With Roe v. Wade in Sights National, May 2

    If Gov. Kim Reynolds, a Republican, signs the bill, it is sure to trigger a court battle. Supporters want to see it reach the Supreme Court.

  58. $375,000 Homes in West Virginia, Minnesota and Connecticut Real Estate, May 2

    A 1770 house in Middleway, a Spanish-Tudor revival home in Minneapolis and a Cape Cod in Sharon.

  59. What You Get for $375,000 Slideshow, May 2

    A 1770 house in Middleway, W.V.; a Spanish-Tudor revival home in Minneapolis; and a 2007 Cape Cod-style home in Sharon, Conn.

  60. Lessons From Rust-Belt Cities That Kept Their Sheen Business, May 1

    A look at industrial centers of the North and the East over decades of decline finds that investments, geography and sheer serendipity make a difference.

  61. As Detroit Sheds State Oversight, Its Mayor Reflects on Its Path National, April 30

    People laughed when Mayor Mike Duggan first predicted that Detroit could emerge from active state oversight this spring. On Monday, it happened.

  62. Left vs. Left: Richard Cordray and Dennis Kucinich Battle for Governor of Ohio Politics, April 29

    The state’s Democratic primary raises the question: Who has the truest claim to progressivism in 2018, when both candidates can credibly grab at the label?

  63. Detroit Was Crumbling. Here’s How It’s Reviving. Interactive, April 30

    Last week, we visited the city to find further signs of recovery as Detroit moves out from under budgetary oversight.

  64. In Fire-Scorched Oklahoma, Help Comes One Bale at a Time National, April 29

    Wildfires burned Oklahoma grazing land, leaving ranchers struggling to feed their cattle. Then the truckloads of hay showed up from faraway states.

  65. In a Very Different Washington, Trump Unloads on a Litany of Adversaries Washington, April 28

    President Trump held a campaign-style rally in Washington Township, Mich., forgoing the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner for the second consecutive year.

  66. Hart Family, Before Driving Off Cliff, Hid Dark Home Life From View National, April 27

    Weeks after Jennifer Hart drunkenly drove a sport utility vehicle off a cliff, killing her wife and their children, newly released documents detail disturbing allegations of neglect.

  67. The Teachers’ Revolt Spreads to Arizona Op Ed, April 27

    Thanks to right-wing policies, red state educators have nothing left to lose.

  68. The Supreme Court and the New Civil War Op Ed, April 26

    The battle between the White House and blue states raises questions about the limits of federal authority.

  69. ‘Fightin’ to Keep Slavery’ Op Ed, April 25

    A common refrain among conservatives is that black people should get over it. Even though conservatives refuse to.

  70. Vel Phillips, Housing Rights Champion in the ′60s, Is Dead at 95 Obits, April 25

    She broke racial and gender barriers on her way to spearheading open-housing legislation in Milwaukee and was a voice in Democratic national politics.