1. Chicago Teachers’ Strike: Citywide Scramble as Classes Come to Halt U.S., Today

    A walkout in the nation’s third-largest school district canceled instruction across Chicago. It was uncertain how long the strike might last.

  2. The Other Candidates Are Coming for Warren Opinion, Today

    And happy birthday to “The Argument”!

  3. Despite Their Promises, Giant Energy Companies Burn Away Vast Amounts of Natural Gas Climate, Yesterday

    Exxon, Marathon, BP and others are flaring natural gas, a wasteful practice with consequences in the fight against climate change, at a record pace. 

  4. Nick Cave Photographs Two Colorful Days in His Life T Magazine, Yesterday

    We sent the artist an instant camera, and he shared a characteristically joyful glimpse into his world.

  5. Chicago Schools Cancel Classes as Teachers Prepare to Strike U.S., Yesterday

    With a midnight strike deadline looming and no agreement on a new contract, officials said the city’s 300,000 public school students would not have class on Thursday.

  6. Chicago Teachers Announce Strike in Nation’s Third-Largest District U.S., Yesterday

    The Chicago Teachers Union and the city’s new mayor failed to reach a contract deal. Classes were canceled for 300,000 public school students on Thursday.

  7. Tom Steyer’s Tie: They’ll Never Take His Freedom! Style, Yesterday

    The tartan tie choice had viewers in a tizzy, but there was method to the madness.

  8. The Democratic Debate: Watch the Highlights Video, October 15

    Twelve Democratic presidential candidates shared the stage for the debate in Westerville, Ohio. Here are the key moments from the evening.

  9. Warren Draws Fire From All Sides, Reflecting a Shift in Fortunes in Race U.S., October 15

    The criticism of Elizabeth Warren illustrated her status as an emerging front-runner, while Joe Biden faced scrutiny over his son’s financial dealings overseas.

  10. October Democratic Debate: Full Video and Analysis Interactive, October 15

    Watch the live stream of the CNN/New York Times debate and follow along with real-time analysis from our reporters. The video and chat begin at 8 p.m. ET.

  11. ‘This Creates Fear’: Trump Rally Turns Spotlight on Minnesota’s Somali Community U.S., October 15

    After some audience members booed Somalis at President Trump’s rally in Minneapolis, local leaders have tried to assure refugees that they are welcome.

  12. Democrats Should Remember How Obama Won Ohio Opinion, October 15

    The key to success in the state, and across the country, is empathetic leadership that is honest about the struggles we face.

  13. Fed Up With Deaths, Native Americans Want to Run Their Own Health Care U.S., October 15

    After decades of enduring poor care from the government-run Indian Health Service, tribal groups are taking over management of hospitals.

  14. Debate Night: What I’ll Be Watching For Opinion, October 15

    Here we go again.

  15. Why Some Young Voters Are Choosing Democratic Socialism Over the Democratic Party U.S., October 15

    As the presidential debate comes to Ohio, the students in a local chapter of the Young Democratic Socialists of America are defining their political identity.

  16. How to Watch the CNN/New York Times Debate U.S., October 15

    Tuesday’s 2020 presidential primary debate is in Ohio. Here’s everything you need to know.

  17. Nick Cave Is the Most Joyful, and Critical, Artist in America Interactive, October 15

    Using materials that range from twigs to crystals to rainbow-colored hair, the artist makes sculptures that, for all their beauty, are visceral and necessary critiques of racial injustice.

  18. The Greats Interactive, October 15

    T Magazine celebrates four talents who, in mastering their crafts, have changed their fields — and the culture at large.

  19. She Warned a School About Her Armed Son, but Now She Faces Charges U.S., October 15

    Prosecutors said Mary York prematurely removed her son from a mental health facility and did not report that he had fired a gun in their home before a standoff at a school ended in his suicide.

  20. 12 Things to Know About Ohio Before 12 Candidates Debate There U.S., October 14

    The 2020 Democratic hopefuls will debate in a state that has voted for the winning presidential candidate every time since 1944, with one exception.

  21. Can Joe Biden Deliver the Debate Performance He Needs? U.S., October 14

    Mr. Biden in recent days has been more forceful in defending his family and denouncing the president. Some voters and Democratic officials think he should do more.

  22. Democratic Candidates Need to Listen to These Voters Opinion, October 14

    Undecided voters in Ohio are focused on urgent bread-and-butter issues.

  23. Where the ‘Loony Libs’ Are Self-Destructing, Not Trump Opinion, October 14

    To conservatives in this part of rural Iowa, the president is a beleaguered hero who is always Making America Great Again.

  24. How Investigators Could Pursue a Case Against Juul Business, October 14

    The rise of vaping-related illnesses and deaths has put the e-cigarette maker squarely in the sights of the government.

  25. Jane Smiley on What St. Louis Tells Us About America Travel, October 14

    The author finds her hometown perhaps the most enlightening spot in America for exploring what America really is.

  26. Prosecutors Re-examine Killing After Missouri Deputy Is Charged in Another Shooting U.S., October 14

    The deputy was awarded a medal of valor after she shot and killed a man outside a Walmart in 2017.

  27. He Tried E-Cigarettes to Quit Smoking. Doctors Say Vaping Led to His Death. U.S., October 14

    Months after John Steffen died in Nebraska, officials said his death was part of a mysterious outbreak of vaping-related deaths and illnesses.

  28. 2 Ohio Teenagers Charged After Log Fell Off Cliff, Killing Woman U.S., October 13

    The 16-year-olds were charged with reckless homicide after the authorities got a tip.

  29. They Crossed an Ocean to Butcher Pigs. It Was No American Dream. U.S., October 13

    200 Pacific Islanders recruited to work at an Iowa pork plant ended up in a tangled migration dispute with accusations of mistreatment and broken promises.

  30. Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples’ Day? Depends Where You Are U.S., October 13

    In the past year, at least five states and numerous cities and towns have joined a long list of places to formally recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

  31. The Democratic Debate Is Coming to Ohio, Where a Party Battle Is Already Underway U.S., October 13

    Morgan Harper is challenging Representative Joyce Beatty in a solid blue Ohio district, the latest front in the Democratic clash between left and far left.

  32. 11 Hospitalized After a Car Crashes Into a Hayride in Illinois U.S., October 13

    All of the passengers were adults and three were in serious condition, emergency responders said.

  33. Cory Booker’s Unique Strength: 80-Plus Relatives in Iowa U.S., October 12

    As the senator from New Jersey enters a final sprint to relevance in Iowa, he has the backing of dozens of family members in the Des Moines area, with roots that date back more than a century.

  34. How Well Off Is Ohio, Site of Democratic Debate? It’s Debatable U.S., October 12

    Unemployment is down and wages are inching up. But in a state becoming less dependent on manufacturing, people wonder where the well-paying jobs will come from.

  35. Which 2020 Candidates Have the Ground Game Lead in Early Primary States Interactive, October 12

    Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg are dominant, with more campaign offices in the first four states than any other 2020 Democrat.

  36. Teacher Resigns After ‘Sniper Rifle’ Comment About Greta Thunberg U.S., October 11

    The Iowa educator was placed on administrative leave last week as the school district investigated his Facebook comment about the climate activist.

  37. Kansas Student Charged With Felony After Making Gun Shape With Fingers U.S., October 11

    School officials in Overland Park, Kan., were made aware of the threat by a student through the district’s website, which allows students to report safety concerns, the police said.

  38. Storm Bringing ‘Historic’ Snowfall to Northern Plains U.S., October 11

    Blizzard conditions closed roads and schools in parts of North Dakota on Friday, as temperatures plummeted across the region.

  39. Prince’s Estate to Trump Campaign: Don’t Play ‘Purple Rain’ U.S., October 11

    The estate said that despite an agreement last year not to use Prince’s music, the song was played at the president’s rally on Thursday night in Minneapolis, the singer’s hometown.

  40. The Democrats Worth Staying Up Past Bedtime For U.S., October 11

    For the way-too-young-to-vote crowd, 2020 events are still a draw.

  41. For Speed, Chicago’s Marathon Is Second to None Sports, October 11

    How the Chicago Marathon became known as one of the fastest marathons in the world.

  42. At Minneapolis Rally, an Angry Trump Reserves Sharpest Attack for Biden U.S., October 10

    At a fiery campaign rally Thursday night in Minnesota, President Trump said former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. did nothing but “kiss Barack Obama’s ass.”

  43. What Makes Us All Radically Equal Opinion, October 10

    It’s not our brains and it’s not our bodies.

  44. Victoria’s Secret, Under Siege, Lays Off Employees at Headquarters Business, October 10

    The cuts involved about 50 people as the lingerie chain struggles to reshape its image and finds itself connected to the Jeffrey Epstein case.

  45. New E.P.A. Lead Standards Would Slow Replacement of Dangerous Pipes Climate, October 10

    The Trump administration plans to propose regulations on lead-lined water pipes that would bolster reporting requirements but slow the timetable for replacing them.   

  46. These State Birds May Be Forced Out of Their States as the World Warms Climate, October 10

    New research shows that hundreds of North American birds are at risk of major habitat disruption from climate change.

  47. 36 Hours in Milwaukee Travel, October 10

    Welcome to this small town in big-city clothing, where bobbleheads, ice-cream cocktails and Frank Lloyd Wright are on your weekend itinerary.

  48. When a Steady Paycheck Is Good Medicine Business, October 10

    American medical providers that collectively spend $50 billion per year are channeling work to local businesses and residents.

  49. Trump Is Serious About Carrying Minnesota, the One That Got Away in 2016 U.S., October 9

    The president lost the state by less than 45,000 votes in 2016, despite barely campaigning there. He holds a rally in Minneapolis Thursday night.

  50. Four Deaths, Four Mysteries: Why Were They on the Street? New York, October 9

    Police and social workers have struggled to identify one of the four men bludgeoned to death in Chinatown on Saturday.

  51. Forget What You Know About the Black Sox Scandal Opinion, October 9

    The 1919 plan to fix the World Series is shrouded in myth.

  52. The Freshmen: Elissa Slotkin Confronts the Impeachment Backlash Podcasts, October 9

    A moderate House Democrat who supports the impeachment inquiry now faces a district of swing voters who aren’t so sure.

  53. To Decode White Male Rage, First He Had to Write in His Mother’s Voice Interactive, October 8

    How Ben Lerner reinvented the social novel for a hyper-self-obsessed age.

  54. Trump Criticizes Minneapolis Over Rally Security Costs U.S., October 8

    A $530,000 fee for security at a rally planned for Thursday is too high, President Trump and his campaign said. “Welcome to Minneapolis where we pay our bills,” the city’s mayor said in response.

  55. G.M. Strike’s Economic Toll Is Showing: ‘I Might Lose the Business’ Business, October 8

    Much of the pain from the strike, now in its fourth week, is concentrated in the northern Midwest, which was already contending with a manufacturing slowdown.

  56. Juul Is Sued by School Districts That Say Vaping Is a Dangerous Drain on Their Resources U.S., October 7

    The lawsuits accuse Juul of endangering students and forcing educators to divert time and money to fight an epidemic of nicotine addiction among teenagers.

  57. Supreme Court Opens New Term With Argument on Insanity Defense U.S., October 7

    The justices, who drew on law, moral philosophy and history, appeared to find the question tangled and difficult.

  58. Johnson & Johnson Lawsuits Raise Fears Over Baby Powder Business, October 7

    Thousands of people who trusted Johnson’s Baby Powder for decades are suing the company after developing cancer. Our reporters investigate their allegations.

  59. A Trump Policy Shift Gives Farmers in Key 2020 States ‘Exactly What We Wanted’ U.S., October 7

    Midwestern farmers criticized President Trump’s ethanol policy. After weeks of lobbying, the administration changed course.

  60. The Government Says Rainbow Crosswalks Could Be Unsafe. Are They Really? U.S., October 7

    Ames, Iowa, is only the latest city to be chided for pavement painted in pride colors, but some experts say the available research doesn’t support the Federal Highway Administration’s concerns.

  61. The Chefs Reinventing the Midwestern Supper Club T Magazine, October 7

    Once a mainstay of midcentury dining, the convivial establishments have reappeared, even as the meaning of “all-American” has become more complicated.

  62. Amid Trade War, Farmers Lean on a New Crop: Hemp U.S., October 6

    With the rising popularity of CBD products, farmers are growing hemp. Some see it as a way to ride out President Trump’s fight over trade. Others fear it may not last.

  63. Teacher Put on Leave After ‘Sniper Rifle’ Comment About Greta Thunberg, District Says U.S., October 6

    An Iowa school district said it was investigating the teacher’s Facebook comment about a rally led by the young climate activist.

  64. Kansas City Shooting: 4 Killed and 5 Others Wounded at Bar U.S., October 6

    The attack occurred at a small bar in Kansas overnight Sunday, the police said. The motive was not clear and a search for the assailant or assailants was underway.

  65. Inequality in School Sports, and Beyond Opinion, October 4

    Readers react to an article about a football team that can’t compete with richer suburban schools.

  66. ‘We Were Wiped Out’: New Yorkers Preyed on Chicago Cabbies New York, October 4

    After seizing control of the market, New Yorkers used tactics that helped leave the taxi industry in tatters and hundreds of immigrant drivers on the edge of ruin.

  67. Flush With Cash, Pete Buttigieg Bets His Campaign on a Breakthrough in Iowa U.S., October 3

    The Midwest mayor is making an appeal to rural voters and hoping a massive ground game delivers a top-tier caucus finish.

  68. 2 Dakota Pipeline Protesters Face Federal Charges Over 2017 Damage U.S., October 2

    In 2017, Ruby Montoya and Jessica Reznicek said they used torches to pierce steel valves in Iowa and delay the pipeline’s completion. If convicted, they could face decades in prison.

  69. If You Could Ask the Democratic Candidates One Question, What Would It Be? Reader Center, October 2

    The Times’s National editor, Marc Lacey, will be moderating the next Democratic debate. He’s open to your question suggestions.

  70. Next Democratic Debate Will Have 12 Candidates Onstage, the Most Ever Business, October 2

    Rather than split the contenders into two groups, party officials will guarantee that the leading candidates have a chance to face off against one another.

  71. Brendan Dassey of ‘Making a Murderer’ Seeks Clemency in Wisconsin U.S., October 2

    It’s the latest twist in a case made famous by the Netflix documentary series.

  72. Johnson & Johnson Reaches $20.4 Million Settlement in Bellwether Opioids Case Health, October 1

    The drugmaker will pay $10 million in the case, plus additional contributions worth $10.4 million, to avoid going to trial in two Ohio counties for its role in the crisis.

  73. A New Leader for the Minneapolis Institute of Art Arts, October 1

    Katherine Crawford Luber of the San Antonio Museum of Art succeeds Kaywin Feldman as director.

  74. Minnesota Boy, 9, Misses a Turn and Wins a 10K He Didn’t Mean to Run U.S., October 1

    Kade Lovell intended to participate in a five-kilometer run. Instead, he came in first in a different race after being directed to the wrong route, his mother and a race official said.

  75. Isn’t It Fall Yet? 90-Degree Heat Scorches Much of the Nation on Oct. 1 U.S., October 1

    Unseasonably hot, humid weather dominated across the South, the Ohio Valley and the Middle Atlantic states on Tuesday, breaking records and closing some schools.

  76. Pete Buttigieg’s Third Quarter Fund-Raising Total Is $19.1 Million U.S., October 1

    The amount is less than what he raised during the previous quarter, when he topped the field in fund-raising with almost $25 million in donations.

  77. Federal Judge in Kansas City Is Reprimanded for Sexual Harassment U.S., September 30

    The federal judiciary has worked in recent years to better address the harassment and abuse of employees.

  78. Murder Rate Drops Across U.S., but Not in All Large Cities U.S., September 30

    The decline in killings and property crimes in 2018 continues a decades-long trend, according to F.B.I. data.

  79. 4 Inmates Recaptured After Ohio Jail Escape U.S., September 29

    The men were apprehended in North Carolina after overpowering guards at a county jail in Ohio early Sunday.

  80. Man Is Charged With Terrorism After Driving S.U.V. Through Illinois Mall U.S., September 29

    The driver was denied bail on Sunday in connection with the episode, which happened on Sept. 20.

  81. Stormy Daniels Reaches $450,000 Settlement Over 2018 Strip Club Arrest U.S., September 27

    The pornographic film actress had sued Columbus, Ohio, over her arrest in July 2018. The charges were quickly dropped.

  82. Figure Skating Coach Sentenced to 24 Years for Sexual Abuse Sports, September 27

    The sport is rattled by yet another scandal, raising more questions about why officials are not keeping athletes safe in Olympic sports.

  83. At Least 12 Democratic Candidates to Debate on Single Stage in Ohio, Party Says Business, September 27

    The biggest field of the year is set for next month’s primary debate near Columbus, hosted by CNN and The New York Times.

  84. It Gets a Party Started Crosswords & Games, September 26

    Jack Mowat makes a tasty, twisty debut.

  85. Lordstown Plant Is Idle, but It Hovers Over G.M. Strike Talks Business, September 25

    The automaker has reportedly offered to create a battery factory in the same Ohio area. But the work would pay far less than the shuttered plant.

  86. As an Ohio City Struggles, Some See Salvation in a Prairie Business, September 24

    A plan to develop a parcel near Dayton International Airport is pitting conservationists against city leaders.

  87. Facial Recognition Technology in Public Housing Prompts Backlash U.S., September 24

    The spread of facial recognition technology in housing, public and private, is raising concern in cities and Congress.

  88. A Motorcade on Mackinac Island? Pence’s Visit Breaks a Long Tradition U.S., September 22

    The popular Michigan vacation spot has preserved its quaint atmosphere in part by keeping automobiles out for more than a century — until the vice president came to visit.

  89. 2020 Democrats Go All In on Iowa U.S., September 22

    The presidential candidates have embarked on a four-month sprint to a night of caucuses that remains the single biggest prize in American politics.

  90. Warren and Biden Join U.A.W. Picket Lines as Democrats Use Strike to Court Labor U.S., September 22

    Democratic candidates are publicly aligning themselves with union members in hopes of holding onto their support — and winning over those who flipped for President Trump in 2016.

  91. Poor Schools Keep Getting Crushed in Football. Is It Time to Level the Playing Field? U.S., September 22

    A growing number of states are considering whether economic status should help determine which opponents schools play.

  92. Refugee Cutbacks Could Isolate Rohingya Children in the U.S. U.S., September 22

    Thousands of Rohingya have quietly settled in America, but for children who fled violence in Myanmar, having their parents join them is becoming a distant hope.

  93. Warren Leads in New Iowa Poll With Biden Second U.S., September 21

    The latest poll numbers from The Des Moines Register and CNN were very good for Elizabeth Warren as she and Joseph R. Biden Jr. broke away from the rest of the Democratic pack.

  94. Love in the Time of Democrats Opinion, September 21

    Senators Warren and Booker shone in a forum focused on the lives of L.G.B.T.Q. Americans.

  95. The General Motors Century Opinion, September 21

    A century ago, the automaker rolled out its millionth car. America has never been the same.

  96. Ukraine and Whistle-Blower Issues Emerge as Major Flashpoints in Presidential Race U.S., September 21

    The controversy centers on whether President Trump manipulated foreign policy to pressure Ukraine to take action to damage Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s election bid.

  97. Joe Biden Has Tense Exchange Over L.G.B.T.Q. Record U.S., September 20

    Pressed about his decades-old opposition to same-sex marriage, Mr. Biden pushed back, saying he didn’t “have to evolve.”

  98. At School, ‘Everyone Vapes,’ and Adults Are in Crisis Mode U.S., September 20

    An alarming outbreak of ailments has put teachers and principals into crisis mode.

  99. Want to Hold Your Own 2020 Caucus? Now You Can (if You’re an Iowan) U.S., September 20

    Iowa Democrats are trying to make the state’s first-in-the-nation presidential nominating contest more accessible by allowing some voters to organize satellite caucuses.

  100. The New Hangout in Columbus? Distilleries Travel, September 20

    One of the country’s fastest-growing cities has seen a surge in homegrown distilleries that are drawing customers with tasting rooms, restaurants and bottle shops.

  101. Car Plows Into Amish Horse-Drawn Buggy, Killing 3 Children U.S., September 19

    The Michigan crash underscored a risk faced by a sect that eschews cars and other modern technology.

  102. Michigan Warns Residents About Mosquito-Borne Illness After a Death Automobiles, September 19

    Health authorities are investigating other cases of Eastern Equine Encephalitis, which is transmitted through a mosquito bite, after one man died and two people were confirmed infected.

  103. States Warn Residents About Rare Mosquito-Borne Illness That Has Killed 5 U.S., September 19

    Health authorities are investigating other cases of Eastern Equine Encephalitis, a virus transmitted through a mosquito bite, which has left at least five people dead in three states this year.

  104. The Most Popular Listings of August Real Estate, September 19

  105. A New Wave of Caregivers: Men Opinion, September 18

    The shortage of caregivers around the country has opened a constructive path for men seeking work, including some who have served time in prison.

  106. $450,000 Homes in Oklahoma, Massachusetts and Ohio Real Estate, September 18

    A midcentury ranch in Tulsa, an 1868 Gothic Revival house in the Berkshires and a 1926 Tudor Revival home in Columbus.

  107. What You Get for $450,000 Slideshow, September 18

    A midcentury ranch in Tulsa, Okla.; an 1868 Gothic Revival house in the Berkshires; and a 1926 Tudor Revival home in Columbus, Ohio.

  108. Was Ric Ocasek Actually 75? Reader Center, September 17

    Some sources said the Cars frontman, who died Sunday, was 70. Here’s how The Times figured out the right age.