1. Eve Ewing Blasts From Chicago to Space, With a Boost from Marvel Culture, Yesterday

    She is a sociologist, poet, Twitter maven, Chicago cultural celebrity and newly minted Marvel Comics writer. But don’t ask Dr. Ewing about her superpowers.

  2. Joe Donnelly Runs to the Middle and Tries to Not Get Run Over Washington, Yesterday

    The senator from Indiana is testing whether a Democrat can win re-election in a Trump state while running on bipartisanship and moderation.

  3. Josh Hawley, Missouri Senate Candidate, Oversees an Office in Turmoil Politics, Yesterday

    Mr. Hawley, who is challenging Senator Claire McCaskill, has been Missouri’s attorney general for less than two years. His tenure has been rocky.

  4. Democrats Lost Rural America. This Former Rodeo Star Thinks He Can Win It Back. National, Yesterday

    Billie Sutton is running for governor of South Dakota as a conservative Democrat with cowboy cred and a stirring life story.

  5. With Migrant Caravan, Trump Stokes a Familiar Fire: Immigration Politics, October 20

    President Trump has stepped up his attacks on Latin American migrants, hoping the issue will motivate Republican voters.

  6. G.O.P. Candidates Struggling in Key Battlegrounds, With House at Stake Politics, October 20

    Party leaders worry that candidates for governor and Senate are in trouble in Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and possibly Wisconsin, and that difficulties could spill into House races.

  7. Remains of 63 Fetuses and Infants Found at Second Detroit Funeral Home Express, October 20

    The discovery came amid a widening investigation one week after similar remains were discovered at another funeral home in the city.

  8. A Harvest That Requires Flooding, Floating and Pumping Sunday Business, October 19

    Growing cranberries involves techniques that aren’t common on other American farms. In Wisconsin, the year-round work culminates in waterlogged weeks of autumn.

  9. What Does He Do, Work in a Cave? Why, Yes Business Day, October 19

    A software company operates underground to keep data secure. Its chief seeks a Middle-earth effect in décor.

  10. A Look at Where North Dakota’s Voter ID Controversy Stands Politics, October 19

    The state is embroiled in a battle over Native Americans’ ability to vote under a law the Supreme Court just let take effect.

  11. Where the Streets Have No Names, the People Have No Vote Op Ed, October 19

    The Enlightenment gave us street addresses and ushered in democracy. The Age of Un-Enlightenment is using addresses to usher it out.

  12. A Cure for Political Despair Opinion, October 19

    Join the women trying to save America from Trump.

  13. The Neighborhood Is the Unit of Change Op Ed, October 18

    No, starfish are not saved one by one.

  14. Michigan Pharmacist Refused to Dispense Miscarriage Medication, Citing Religious Beliefs Express, October 18

    A pharmacist at the supermarket chain Meijer is no longer employed at the company after blocking a woman from receiving a drug needed to expedite the miscarriage process.

  15. Meet the Republicans’ Best Hope for Flipping a House Seat U.S., October 18

    In a year when Democrats are on offense, Pete Stauber of Minnesota has a chance to do something no other Republican might do next month: win a Democratic House seat.

  16. Operators in Fatal Duck Boat Accident Say They Owe Families Nothing, Citing Obscure 1851 Law Express, October 18

    The companies are trying to use an old maritime law to limit their liability. A survivor of the accident, which killed 17 in Branson, Mo., said it was insulting.

  17. Where Chicago Trounces New York: Fixing Mass Transit Metro, October 18

    Chicago’s subway has also been plagued by crumbling tracks, antiquated signals and unreliable trains. Here is how it turned around.

  18. Two Iowas? Candidates for Governor Try to Claim Both Politics, October 18

    Republicans and Democrats are battling over the political identity of the state, as Kim Reynolds and her opponent, Fred Hubbell, spar over who is more Iowan.

  19. 36 Hours in Chicago Travel, October 18

    Culture, comedy and culinary outings in the ever-evolving Loop district and beyond.

  20. ‘You Should Be Scared’: Officer Warns Children With BB Gun Video, October 17

    The police in Columbus, Ohio, have been criticized and praised for releasing body-camera footage that shows an officer scolding two boys for having a BB gun in public.

  21. ‘I Could Have Killed You,’ Ohio Officer Warns Two Boys With BB Gun Express, October 17

    The Columbus police released body-camera video of the encounter as a “life lesson” for young people, setting off a discussion about policing, race and gun control.

  22. The Battle for Missouri, Part 2: The Moderate Podcasts, October 17

    The abortion debate has become a proxy for the fight over the Democratic Party’s future in the state.

  23. Why a Private Landowner Is Fighting to Keep the Homeless on His Property National, October 16

    Officials in Akron, Ohio, want to shut down an encampment that sprung up on private land, saying that while the effort might be altruistic, it’s also a zoning violation.

  24. Is It Possible to Be an Anti-Abortion Democrat? One Woman Tried to Find Out National, October 16

    In Missouri, where Democrats’ fortunes have been dwindling for years, party members are trying to figure out how to win back voters.

  25. The Battle for Missouri, Part 1: The Anti-Abortion Democrat Podcasts, October 16

    As the Democratic Party struggles to establish its identity in Missouri, the issue of abortion has taken center stage.

  26. On Politics With Lisa Lerer: Doing What She Can Politics, October 15

    How one 92-year-old woman is trying to shape the midterms; analyzing the president’s interview on “60 Minutes”; and Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test.

  27. Keith Ellison’s Campaign Overshadowed by Ex-Girlfriend’s Allegations National, October 15

    Karen Monahan has accused Mr. Ellison of emotional and physical abuse. The claims loom in a race that has become close.

  28. Did Minnesota’s Eighth District Really Swing by Almost 20 Points? Upshot, October 15

    An apparent drastic shift toward the Republican candidate highlights the challenges of polling generally, and of polling in certain states particularly.

  29. Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Results Put Trump on Defensive, but Also Raise Questions Politics, October 15

    The Massachusetts Democrat, weighing a 2020 presidential run, rebuts President Trump’s mocking of her claims about her heritage, but the right and left remain skeptical.

  30. White Woman Who Blocked Black Neighbor From Building Is Fired Express, October 15

    First she blocked his entry to the St. Louis building, demanding proof that he lived there. Then she followed him. And then the police showed up.

  31. First Came a Flood of Ballot Measures From Voters. Then Politicians Pushed Back. National, October 15

    When South Dakota lawmakers undid a voter initiative meant to rein in their behavior, they were part of a struggle between politicians and voters from Maine to California over who should shape legislation.

  32. Twenty One Pilots Want to Stay Strange Arts & Leisure, October 15

    Two years ago, the Columbus band unexpectedly broke out big with the anxiety anthems of “Blurryface.” Can they keep doing things their own way in the face of mass success?

  33. Code Name Jane: The Women Behind a Covert Abortion Network National, October 14

    In the years before abortion became legal, a clandestine group helped women with unwanted pregnancies get around the law.

  34. Democrats Want to Beat Scott Walker. But the Wisconsin Economy Is a Hurdle. Politics, October 14

    As Mr. Walker, the Republican governor, seeks a third term, Democrats look for a way to successfully make an economic argument in a state where the indicators are strong.

  35. Abortion Was Illegal. This Secret Group Defied the Law. Video, October 14

    In the years before Roe v. Wade, an underground group provided thousands of women with abortions.

  36. ‘He’s Ours. Patrick Mahomes Is Ours.’ Sports, October 14

    Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, accustomed to football disappointment, now have the most exciting player in the N.F.L. on their team, in their town.

  37. Bodies of 11 Babies Found Hidden in Shuttered Detroit Funeral Home Express, October 13

    The Cantrell Funeral Home was shut down in April after decomposing bodies were found there. Authorities did not find the infants until this week.

  38. Man Who Fired at a Black Teenager Asking for Directions Is Convicted Express, October 13

    The man could face up to 12 years in prison. His attorney said the man had been sleeping when the teen knocked on their door, and that the man was “remorseful.”

  39. Man Who Fired at a Black Teenager Asking for Directions Is Convicted Express, October 13

    The man could face up to 12 years in prison. His attorney said the man had been sleeping when the teen knocked on their door, and that the man was “remorseful.”

  40. As Suburban Women Turn to Democrats, Many Suburban Men Stand With Trump Politics, October 13

    Suburban men, focused largely on economic issues, constitute a potential bulwark for President Trump in many of the suburban districts that will determine control of the House.

  41. At Ohio Rally, Trump Delivers Trademark Mix of Exaggerations and Vague Assertions Washington, October 12

    The president singled out Richard Cordray, the Democratic candidate for governor in Ohio, to deliver a one-two punch against longstanding political rivals.

  42. When a New Colleague Sees Showing Up as Optional Sunday Business, October 12

    Working remotely is popular and often useful. But it can cause friction when there is disagreement over how regularly an employee should actually be in the office.

  43. On Politics With Lisa Lerer: Asked and Answered Politics, October 12

    Fielding readers’ questions on the midterms and the president; checking in on Flint’s water crisis; and a culinary tour of North Dakota.

  44. A Tadao Ando-Designed Exhibition Space Opens in Chicago Culture, October 12

    Wrightwood 659, founded by the entrepreneur Fred Eychaner and Dan Whittaker, an architectural historian, is dedicated to architecture and activist art.

  45. Chicago Officer Is Cleared in Fatal Shooting of 15-Year-Old in Back of the Head Express, October 12

    An independent civilian body found Officer Brandon R. Ternand “credible and persuasive” in saying that he feared for his life before shooting the teenager, Dakota Bright.

  46. The Police Shooting That Rocked Chicago Podcasts, October 12

    The killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by Officer Jason Van Dyke laid bare decades of fury over police accountability and systemic mistreatment of black residents.

  47. The Trump Rally: A Play in Three Acts Interactive, October 12

    The art of Making America Great Again. And again. And again.

  48. Can a Murder Verdict Help Reform Chicago Police? Editorial, October 11

    An officer’s shooting of a teenager shocked the city. His conviction should force the city to act.

  49. The N.L.C.S. Isn’t All That Connects Milwaukee and L.A. Sports, October 11

    The Dodgers and the Brewers, and their cities, have more in common than you might imagine.

  50. September’s Most Popular Properties Real Estate, October 11

    The most-viewed properties for the month of September ranged from a vacant Florida lot asking just $169,000 to a Harlem townhouse listed for almost $4 million.

  51. Michigan Governor’s Race Tests Flint’s Jaded Residents Politics, October 11

    Many residents are now wary of politicians from both parties and government at large because no one seemed able to mitigate the city’s crisis.

  52. Rare Paralysis Cases in Children Are Investigated in at Least 5 States Express, October 10

    Nearly half a dozen states have reported that they are investigating cases of acute flaccid myelitis, which causes limb paralysis and severe muscle weakness.

  53. $450,000 Homes in Florida, Massachusetts and South Dakota Real Estate, October 10

    A 1963 house in Tallahassee, an updated Cape Cod-style home in Williamstown and a Sioux Falls showplace built for a lumber baron in 1907.

  54. What You Get for $450,000 Slideshow, October 10

    A 1963 house in Tallahassee, Fla.; an updated Cape Cod-style home in Williamstown, Mass.; and a 1907 house in Sioux Falls, S.D.

  55. The Anti-Voter Supreme Court Op Ed, October 10

    Also: I’m getting my flu shot today. I hope you’ll join me.

  56. Five Places to Go in Lincoln, Neb. Travel, October 10

    The Nebraska capital’s downtown used to be considered rather sleepy. But with new watering holes and shops percolating, it’s become a pride of the plains.

  57. Trump, Emboldened by Kavanaugh Victory, Assails ‘Unhinged’ Democrats Washington, October 9

    At a campaign rally in Iowa, President Trump painted his opposition as an “angry left-wing mob” that has “become too dangerous to govern.”

  58. To Help Young Women in Prison, Try Dignity Op Ed, October 9

    A program in Connecticut lets older inmates counsel their younger counterparts in how to prevent prison bars from becoming a revolving door in their lives.

  59. The Dilemma for Red-State Democrats Podcasts, October 9

    How the showdown over the Supreme Court is affecting crucial midterm races in the nation’s heartland.

  60. Who Will Testify Against El Chapo at Trial? Metro, October 9

    Two big drug dealers. A corrupt official. The government has sought to protect the identities of witnesses against the drug lord, but some possibilities are known.

  61. An Officer Is Guilty of Murder. On Trial Next: A Police ‘Code of Silence’ National, October 9

    After Jason Van Dyke was convicted in Laquan McDonald’s death, three other police officers will stand trial on charges that they conspired to cover it up.

  62. Trump Will Loosen Ethanol Rules, Aiding Anxious Farmers Ahead of Midterm Elections Climate, October 8

    The new rules will allow ethanol-blend gasoline to be sold during the summer months, ending a ban designed to limit smog, and angering the oil industry and lawmakers from oil states.

  63. How Chicago Is Changing Theater, One Storefront at a Time Culture, October 8

    Can tiny companies thrive in the shadow of major institutions? In this theater-mad city, the question may actually run the other way.

  64. Cleveland Officer Who Killed Tamir Rice Is Hired by an Ohio Police Department Express, October 8

    Officer Timothy Loehmann fatally shot Tamir, 12, at a park in 2014. The shooting added to national outrage over the killing of unarmed black men and boys by law enforcement.

  65. #MeToo Is a ‘Movement Toward Victimization,’ G.O.P. Senate Candidate Says Politics, October 8

    The remarks by Representative Kevin Cramer of North Dakota drew a rebuke from his rival, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, who described how her mother had been sexually assaulted as a teenager.

  66. John Gagliardi, Winningest College Football Coach, Dies at 91 Obits, October 7

    Coaching a small Minnesota university for 60 years, Gagliardi had a lifetime record of 489 wins and 138 losses. And he never cut anyone from the team.

  67. Convicts Seeking to Clear Their Records Find More Prosecutors Willing to Help National, October 7

    Law enforcement officials have traditionally opposed efforts to remove black marks from people’s records. That is starting to change.

  68. Drunk Birds? How a Small Minnesota City Stumbled Into the Spotlight Express, October 7

    A police chief’s notice that birds were getting tipsy off fermented berries prompted a news media blitz. But experts say there are other explanations.

  69. Cory Booker Criticizes Trump in Iowa, Where Presidential Hopefuls Flock Politics, October 6

    Mr. Booker, of New Jersey, is one of several potential Democratic presidential candidates who is crisscrossing the country, getting themselves in front of voters.

  70. ‘We Just Didn’t Buy It’: Jury Was Unswayed by Officer’s Story in Laquan McDonald Case National, October 6

    Jurors who convicted Officer Jason Van Dyke of second-degree murder said they believed dashboard camera video footage over his tearful testimony.

  71. ‘A Major Turning Point’: Chicagoans Weigh In on the Van Dyke Verdict News Desk, October 5

    After the Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was found guilty of second-degree murder in the death of Laquan McDonald, Chicagoans told us what the verdict means for them and their city.

  72. T Suggests: Detroit’s Hall of Mirrors, the Freedom of Bare Feet and More T Style, October 5

    A roundup of things our editors — and a few contributors — are excited about in a given week.

  73. Cleveland Judge Refuses to Send Low-Level Defendants to Jail After Inmate Deaths Express, October 5

    Judge Michael L. Nelson Sr. of Cleveland Municipal Court said a spate of six inmate deaths in four months showed that local jails were unsafe.

  74. Trump Mocks Al Franken for Quick Resignation Over Claims of Sex Misconduct Washington, October 4

    It was an extraordinary statement as the president’s Supreme Court nominee nears a vote in a confirmation process rocked by such accusations.

  75. Jason Van Dyke Killed Laquan McDonald in 2014. Now Chicago Awaits a Verdict. National, October 4

    A Chicago jury must decide the fate of Jason Van Dyke in the killing of Laquan McDonald in a case has become a proxy for questions about police accountability.

  76. A White Mob Once Destroyed a Black Neighborhood in Tulsa. The City Wants to Find the Graves. Express, October 4

    The city’s mayor said he would reopen the investigation into the aftermath of the attack, which destroyed black-owned businesses and left hundreds of people dead.

  77. Overlooked No More: Minnie Mae Freeman Penney, Nebraska’s ‘Fearless Maid’ Obits, October 3

    In one of America’s deadliest blizzards, a schoolteacher used quick thinking and resourcefulness to save more than a dozen students.

  78. $2.5 Million Homes in Illinois, New Jersey and Arizona Real Estate, October 3

    An 1886 house in Chicago, a Frank Lloyd Wright-style home in Princeton and an elaborately embellished hacienda in a suburb of Phoenix.

  79. What You Get for $2.5 Million Slideshow, October 3

    An 1886 house in Chicago; a Frank Lloyd Wright-style home in Princeton, N.J.; and an elaborately embellished hacienda in Paradise Valley, Ariz.

  80. In Omaha, a Progressive Approach to Free Time Travel, October 3

    Nebraska’s largest city has a vibrant music scene, a coffeehouse that includes a church (or vice versa), and many ways to experience the American West.

  81. White House Has a Message for Republican Candidates: Stay Close to Trump Washington, October 2

    In a memo, Bill Stepien, the White House political director, described a plan for the president to campaign in seven states for House candidates who support his agenda.

  82. Missouri Lost Track of More Than 1,200 Registered Sex Offenders, State Audit Finds Express, October 2

    The sex offender registry is intended to protect the public, but it’s unclear just how effective it is at doing that.

  83. Chicago Police Officer Defends His Shooting of Laquan McDonald National, October 2

    Officer Jason Van Dyke, on trial for first-degree murder, took the stand and said the teenager waved a knife at him. A police video did not show that.

  84. Jason Kander Withdraws From Kansas City Mayoral Race, Citing PTSD National, October 2

    “Instead of dealing with these issues, I’ve always tried to find a way around them,” Mr. Kander wrote on Facebook.

  85. Revisiting the Topeka Students for One Last Check-In Insider, October 2

    Starting in 2016, I wrote a yearlong series of stories about applying to college without a social safety net. Here’s what happened to the three kids I focused on.

  86. In Ohio Governor’s Debate, Wonky Candidates in a Divided State Politics, October 2

    On Monday night, the two major candidates for governor in Ohio, a critical swing state, met to debate. Two New York Times political reporters attended, and afterward assessed the proceedings.

  87. The Power of Student Peer Leaders Op Ed, October 2

    An organization is using the influence that teenagers have on their contemporaries to help more students from low-income families gain college admission and student aid.

  88. Otis Rush, Influential Blues Singer and Guitarist, Is Dead at 83 Obits, September 29

    Mr. Rush was part of a circle of late-1950s performers whose music heralded a new era for Chicago blues and influenced a generation of rock musicians.

  89. He Operates Molding Machines. But He Can’t See Them. Sunday Business, September 28

    A blind machine operator manages with adaptive aids, tips from co-workers and careful concentration.

  90. Meet the Woman in Charge of Building the Best-Selling Pickup Truck in America Business, September 27

    Responsible for overseeing a Ford F-150 plant that she calls “a little city,” Debbie Manzano holds the rare status of being a woman at the helm of a major American production facility.

  91. Republicans Take the Hypocrite’s Oath Op Ed, September 27

    On health care, a determination to deceive voters as much as possible.

  92. China Rejects Trump’s Charges of Meddling in U.S. Elections Foreign, September 27

    Mr. Trump called a paid China Daily insert in an Iowa newspaper “propaganda.” Chinese officials said the advertising was both lawful and commonplace.

  93. How Health Care Is Hurting the G.O.P. Op Ed, September 27

    Its candidates feel the need to talk about the issue, and not truthfully.

  94. Ellison, Trying to Clear Name, Calls for Investigation Into Abuse Claims Politics, September 26

    The Minnesota representative asked the House Ethics Committee to look into domestic violence allegations that he denies, in an effort to clear his name.

  95. The Best Way for Democrats to Win Working-Class Voters Op Ed, September 24

    Show up on people’s doorsteps, and the recipe is simple: listen and offer compelling solutions and information that’s new to them that they can connect with their lives.

  96. F.B.I. and Expert Reports Cast Doubt That Celebrated Stovepipe Hat Was Lincoln’s Express, September 23

    The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum has long boasted of an iconic stovepipe hat, but undisclosed reports cast doubt that Lincoln ever owned it.

  97. Kavanaugh Was Supposed to Be a Midterm Boon for G.O.P. Not Anymore. Politics, September 23

    Republican leaders in battleground states like Missouri are increasingly doubtful that candidates can wield the court nomination as a cudgel without risking repercussions.