1. As Civil Rights Era Fades From Memory, Generation Gap Divides Black Voters U.S., Yesterday

    Many older Black voters see moral and political reasons to vote. Younger Black voters feel far less motivated to cast a ballot for Democrats or even at all.

  2. ‘Bone Valley’ Podcast Subject Is Granted Parole 37 Years After Wife’s Murder U.S., Yesterday

    Leo Schofield has maintained innocence all along in his wife’s murder in 1987, and another man has since confessed to the killing.

  3. Trains, Trucks and Tractors: The Race to Reroute Goods From Baltimore Business, Yesterday

    Since the collapse of the Key Bridge, other East Coast ports have absorbed the cargo previously handled in Baltimore, but some parts of the supply chain like trucking are struggling.

  4. Prosecutions of Fake Electors for Trump Gain Ground in Swing States U.S., Yesterday

    Georgia, Michigan and Nevada have already brought charges against people who posed as electors for Donald Trump, and Arizona and Wisconsin have active investigations.

  5. VW Workers in Tennessee Start Vote on U.A.W., Testing Union Ambitions Business, Yesterday

    The United Automobile Workers hopes contract gains at the Big Three carmakers will provide momentum in a broad effort to organize nonunion plants.

  6. The Real Path to an American Civil War Opinion, Yesterday

    Not just a deepening of present discontents but a dramatic crash or rupture.

  7. $1.4 Million Homes in North Carolina, Idaho and Connecticut Real Estate, Yesterday

    A Tudor Revival cottage in Biltmore Forest, a ranch house and guesthouse in Boise and a 1991 home in Kent.

  8. Bob Graham, Former Florida Governor and Senator, Dies at 87 U.S., Yesterday

    After the 9/11 attacks, Mr. Graham became an outspoken critic of President George W. Bush’s response and voted against invading Iraq.

  9. Alabama Runoff Elections Set Field in Newly Competitive House District U.S., Yesterday

    Shomari Figures, a Democrat who worked in the Justice Department, and Caroleene Dobson, a Republican newcomer, advanced in the state’s Second Congressional District.

  10. Alabama 2nd Congressional District Primary Runoff Election Results Interactive, April 16

    Get live results and maps from the 2024 Alabama runoff election.

  11. Audit Questions Purchase of $19,000 Lectern by Arkansas Governor’s Office U.S., April 16

    The legislative audit found several ways that the heavily scrutinized purchase potentially violated state law. Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders criticized the findings.

  12. Severe Storms Expected in the Plains and Midwest U.S., April 15

    Large hail, damaging winds, heavy rain and isolated tornadoes are expected on Monday in the Plains before moving into the Midwest on Tuesday.

  13. What’s Killing Endangered Sawfish in Florida? U.S., April 15

    First, fish off the Florida Keys starting swimming in spirals or upside down. Then, endangered sawfish started dying. Scientists are racing to figure out why.

  14. Rico Wade, an Architect of Atlanta Hip-Hop, Dies at 52 Culture, April 14

    As one-third of the production team Organized Noize, Wade nurtured the careers of Outkast, Goodie Mob and Future from the confines of his mother’s basement, known as the Dungeon.

  15. What Are the Stakes of ‘Civil War,’ Really? Op Ed, April 13

    Alex Garland’s new film is most interested in the experience of living through an armed conflict.

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  17. Trump Co-Defendants Argue for Dismissal of Charges in Documents Case Washington, April 12

    The judge did not rule on motions by lawyers for Walt Nauta and Carlos De Oliveira, who are accused of helping the former president obstruct government efforts to recover classified material.

  18. Pennsylvania and West Virginia Brace for More Flooding After Heavy Rains U.S., April 12

    Up to four inches fell in less than 24 hours across broad sections of both states, and officials were watching rising waterways warily.

  19. Speaker Johnson Gets Lifeline From Trump Amid Threat to His Job Politics, April 12

    Mr. Johnson met with former President Donald J. Trump at Mar-a-Lago, where they found common cause in stoking unfounded fears of election fraud.

  20. The O.J. Simpson White Bronco Is Now a Museum Piece. In Tennessee. Culture, April 12

    The vehicle that Simpson fled in as 95 million Americans watched on television is on display at the Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tenn.

  21. The Great Hypocrisy of the Pro-Life Movement Op Ed, April 11

    There is no longer a truly pro-life party in the United States.

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  23. Now Arriving at an Airport Lounge Near You: Peloton Bikes, Nap Pods and Caviar Service Travel, April 11

    In recent months, a handful of exclusive credit card lounges have opened in airports in the United States. More are coming this year.

  24. Tracing Charleston’s History of Slavery, From a Burial Ground to a DNA Swab National, April 11

    A quest to find living descendants of 36 enslaved people has transformed into a project that gives Black residents new clues to their ancestry, wherever it may lead.

  25. Before Teacher Was Shot, Assistant Principal Was Warned First Grader Had a Gun National, April 11

    A Virginia grand jury found that the administrator had not acted on reports from staff members that the 6-year-old had brought a firearm to Richneck Elementary.

  26. Read the Special Grand Jury Report Interactive, April 11

    A special grand jury found that the shooting of an elementary teacher by a 6-year-old student in Newport News, Va., last year was preceded by a “shocking” series of lapses by the school’s assistant principal at the time.

  27. City of Miami Racially Gerrymandered Voting Districts, Judge Finds National, April 11

    The federal judge threw out the city’s voting map, rejecting the rationale that city commissioners have used for more than 20 years.

  28. Man Charged With Detonating Explosive Outside Alabama Attorney General’s Office Express, April 10

    The authorities said that the suspect in the February episode had acknowledged on social media that he had “violent impulses” and espoused antigovernment views.

  29. Two Art Deco Icons Poised for a Renaissance Styles, April 10

    Tamara de Lempicka, a painter favored by celebrities and designers, is being revisited. Plus, a historical Miami building reopens as a hotel and private club.

  30. $420,000 Homes in West Virginia, Mississippi and the District of Columbia Real Estate, April 10

    A 1940 Colonial Revival home in Charles Town, an 1858 Greek Revival house in Holly Springs and a one-bedroom condominium in Washington.

  31. Tornadoes and Floods Batter Gulf Coast States Express, April 10

    Storms were moving east, setting off numerous warnings and watches from Texas to Florida. There were reports of tornadoes in Louisiana and Texas, with one person killed in a Mississippi storm.

  32. Ex-Assistant Principal at School Where 6-Year-Old Shot Teacher Is Indicted Express, April 10

    A former administrator at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Va., where a first-grade teacher was shot last year, has been charged with eight counts of child abuse and neglect.

  33. Clarence Henry, New Orleans R&B Star Known as the Frogman, Dies at 87 Obits, April 9

    A local hero in his hometown, he was best known for his hit “Ain’t Got No Home,” which showcased the vocal versatility that earned him his nickname.

  34. To Cut Cancer Risks, E.P.A. Limits Pollution From Chemical Plants Business, April 9

    The new regulation is aimed at reducing the risk of cancer for people who live close to plants emitting toxic chemicals.

  35. Trump dice que quiere inmigrantes de ‘países agradables’ como Dinamarca, Suiza y Noruega En español, April 9

    En el evento de recaudación de fondos, Trump también lamentó el aumento de los migrantes, en particular de América Latina, diciendo que los miembros de pandillas “hacen que los Hells Angels parezcan personas extremadamente agradables”.

  36. Georgia Trump Prosecutor Urges Appeals Court to Decline Disqualification Case National, April 8

    The prosecutor, Fani Willis, defended a judge’s recent ruling that she could continue leading the election interference case against Donald J. Trump.

  37. Putting Abortion Question to Florida Voters Is Unlikely to End Court Fights National, April 8

    Though the Florida Supreme Court allowed a ballot question on expanding abortion rights, it also laid out a way for anti-abortion groups to challenge such an expansion.

  38. The Eclipse Across North America Interactive, April 8

    What people in the path of totality were seeing and saying as the eclipse unfolded across the continent.

  39. J. Cole Apologizes for Kendrick Lamar Diss Track Express, April 8

    J. Cole also vowed to update the track, “7 Minute Drill,” or remove it from streaming services after it was featured on his new album, “Might Delete Later.”

  40. How Abortion, and I.V.F., Flipped an Alabama State House Seat Politics, April 8

    Marilyn Lands’s victory in a special election provided an early blueprint for Democrats who are eager to make reproductive rights central to their campaigns.

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  42. Morgan Wallen Arrested, Accused of Throwing a Chair From a Bar Roof Culture, April 8

    The country superstar faces charges of reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct after the incident in Nashville on Sunday night.

  43. Arkansas Braces for Flood of Tourists During Total Solar Eclipse National, April 8

    The state has miles of rugged terrain and an array of state parks, but it does not have a major professional sports team. Officials have struggled to think of an event comparable to the eclipse.

  44. Israel’s Latest Troop Withdrawal, and the Problem With American Bridges Podcasts, April 8

    Plus, is it eclipse weather?

  45. Trump, at Fund-Raiser, Says He Wants Immigrants From ‘Nice’ Countries Politics, April 7

    At rallies, Donald Trump frequently laments migrants from a list of countries from Africa, Asia and the Middle East as he stokes fears around the surge at the border.

  46. Trump Fund-Raiser Rakes In More Than $50.5 Million, Campaign Says Politics, April 7

    The event, hosted at the Palm Beach home of the hedge-fund billionaire John Paulson, follows a concerted effort by the Trump campaign to close the money gap with Democrats.

  47. Daniel P. Jordan, Monticello Leader in Changing Times, Dies at 85 Obits, April 6

    He expanded the educational mission of Thomas Jefferson’s plantation. He also embraced research that showed Jefferson had fathered the children of one of his slaves.

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  49. Mercedes-Benz Workers in Alabama Ask for Unionization Vote Business, April 5

    The United Automobile Workers union is mounting its most ambitious effort to gain an industry foothold beyond Detroit’s Big Three.

  50. Israel and U.S. Are on Alert for Iran to Strike Back at Israel Foreign, April 5

    The Israeli airstrike this week in Damascus that killed seven Iranian commanders was an unusually harsh blow, and officials say Iran is determined to respond, raising fears of a war.

  51. Melania Trump Plans to Appear at a Mar-a-Lago Fund-Raiser This Month Politics, April 5

    The former first lady is set to attend an event for the Log Cabin Republicans, marking a return of sorts to the political arena.

  52. For $367 a Month, She Has 345 Square Feet, a Hot Tub and a River Real Estate, April 5

    After a lifetime of seeking out tiny spaces, she finally found a keeper: a former barbershop in an old mill village in North Carolina.

  53. Georgia Judge Rejects Effort to Dismiss Trump Case on Free Speech Grounds National, April 4

    The defense had argued that some of the charges were based on statements Donald Trump and his co-defendants made in 2020 that were constitutionally protected.

  54. G.O.P. Congressman’s Wild Claim: F.B.I. Entrapped Jan. 6 Rioters Washington, April 4

    More than three years after the attack on Congress, a Republican subcommittee chairman offered a series of baseless and disproved claims about it, reflecting an effort on the right to falsify what occurred.

  55. The April 4 Biden Trump Election live blog included one standalone post:
  56. Welcome to Raleigh, the New Epicenter of College Basketball National, April 4

    Students at Duke and U.N.C., both basketball powerhouses, have long labeled North Carolina State their “little brother.” But little brother — and sister — are off to the Final Four.

  57. A Reversal Cannot Undo the Damage Caused by This Voting Fraud Case Op Ed, April 4

    What happened to Crystal Mason in Texas could have broader consequences in chilling people’s willingness to exercise their right to vote.

  58. Hospital at Center of Alabama Embryo Ruling Is Ending I.V.F. Services National, April 4

    The hospital cited a “lack of clarity” in recent state legislation meant to shield I.V.F. providers as a factor in its decision. A separate fertility clinic at the site said it would relocate.

  59. Abortion and the Florida Fakeout Politics, April 3

    Will the state sit the presidential election out, like a retiree watching pickleball?

  60. Everybody Wants a Piece of South Carolina’s $1.8 Billion Surplus. Is It Real? Express, April 3

    Whom does it belong to? How did it get there? Why? The more legislators dig, the murkier things seem to get.

  61. Trump and R.N.C. Announce a $65.6 Million Haul in March U.S., April 3

    The new numbers help the former president narrow the financial gap with President Biden, who had amassed $155 million with the Democratic Party at the end of February.

  62. $3.2 Million Homes in New York, Georgia and Utah Real Estate, April 3

    A 19th-century farmhouse with a guesthouse in Leeds, an 1850 townhouse in Savannah and a 1927 home in Salt Lake City.

  63. Storm Leaves Trail of Destruction in the Midwest Video, April 3

    Severe weather toppled campers and trees in Ohio and Kentucky as parts of West Virginia were placed under tornado watch.

  64. Biden Assails ‘Outrageous’ Florida Abortion Ruling as His Campaign Blames Trump Washington, April 2

    The president’s campaign moved to pin responsibility squarely on Donald Trump after the Florida Supreme Court cleared the way for a six-week ban.

  65. Arkansas Election Results Interactive, April 2

    Get live results and maps from the 2024 Arkansas elections.

  66. Mississippi 2nd District Primary Runoff Election Results Interactive, April 2

    Get live results and maps from the 2024 Mississippi runoff election.

  67. Key Races to Watch: April 2 Interactive, April 2

    See results and maps from the night’s most-watched races in New York, Wisconsin, Mississippi and more.

  68. Georgia Election Official Responds to Critical ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Plotline Politics, April 2

    Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger sent a tongue-in-cheek letter to Larry David, the show’s creator and star.

  69. Thousands Without Power After Severe Weather Sweeps Through Ohio Valley Express, April 2

    The storm system was blamed for two deaths, in Kentucky and Oklahoma. Forecasters expected the storm system to move into New England.

  70. With Abortion Ballot Question, a ‘Path to Relevance’ for Democrats in Florida? National, April 2

    Rulings allowing a strict abortion ban, along with a ballot question on expanding abortion access, may inject new life into Democratic campaigns in the state.

  71. 6 Hotel Pools Perfect for Swimmers Travel, April 2

    Many hotel pools are built with children and sun-seekers in mind: too short, too warm and too crowded. These, in cities across the U.S., let you get your laps in, in style.

  72. Florida permite que se prohíba el aborto a las 6 semanas, pero abre la puerta a que los votantes opinen En español, April 2

    El tribunal del estado dictaminó que la protección de la privacidad prevista en la Constitución estatal no se extiende al procedimiento. Pero también permitió una consulta en las urnas sobre el acceso al aborto.

  73. Read the Florida Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Abortion Ban Interactive, April 1

    The Florida Supreme Court overturned decades of legal precedent in ruling that the State Constitution’s privacy protections do not extend to abortion, effectively allowing Florida to ban the procedure after six weeks of pregnancy.

  74. Florida Court Allows 6-Week Abortion Ban, but Voters Will Get to Weigh In National, April 1

    The Florida Supreme Court found that the State Constitution’s privacy protections do not extend to abortion. But it also allowed a ballot question on whether to expand abortion access.

  75. Read the Florida Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Constitutional Amendment Interactive, April 1

    The Florida Supreme Court allowed voters to decide this fall whether to expand abortion access, ruling 4 to 3 that a proposed constitutional amendment that would guarantee the right to abortion “before viability,” usually around 24 weeks, could go...

  76. Storms Lash Parts of Central U.S. Express, April 1

    A powerful storm system struck sections of Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas before moving east, forecasters said.

  77. From Pizzagate to the 2020 Election: Forcing Liars to Pay or Apologize Washington, March 31

    Michael J. Gottlieb is part of a cadre of lawyers deploying defamation, one of the oldest areas of the law, against a tide of political disinformation.

  78. In Cowboy Hats and Fringe, BeyHive Turns Out in Nashville for Beyoncé Styles, March 30

    On Friday night, in the capital of country music, the artist’s fans showed up in force to celebrate “Cowboy Carter.”

  79. The Persistent Threat to Abortion Rights Editorial, March 30

    A lawsuit that restricts a widely used abortion drug is unlikely to be the last challenge to Americans’ reproductive freedom.

  80. Revisiting Florida 2000 and the Butterfly Effect Upshot, March 30

    The evidence is strong that, all else being equal, Al Gore would have won if not for an infamous ballot design in Palm Beach County.

  81. Why Is Sean Combs the Subject of a Homeland Security Investigation? Culture, March 30

    The department has a division that often directs inquiries into sex trafficking allegations, like those cited in recent lawsuits against Mr. Combs.

  82. This Southern Delicacy Leaves Much to Chew On Dining, March 30

    In the South, many Black families have made and eaten chew bread — a dessert similar to a blondie — for generations.

  83. The Eclipse Was So Nice, They’re Doing It Twice Science, March 30

    The rendezvous between the sun and the moon in 2017 captivated a small region in the Midwest. Lucky for Americans at the eclipse crossroads, they get to see it again.

  84. Sailor’s Remains Identified 82 Years After Pearl Harbor Express, March 29

    David Walker, 19, of Norfolk, Va., was a mess attendant aboard the U.S.S. California. Officials used advanced forensic technology to identify his remains.

  85. Trump and Allies Appeal Ruling That Allowed Georgia Prosecutor to Keep Case National, March 29

    The defendants in the election interference case are once again pressing their argument that Fani T. Willis should be removed from the prosecution.

  86. Daniel A. Moore, Founder of an African American Museum, Dies at 88 Obits, March 29

    To tell the full story of the American Black experience, he created an Atlanta institution in 1978 and later moved it to a building “erected brick by brick” by Black masons.

  87. Lo que sabemos sobre los problemas legales de Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs En español, March 29

    Autoridades federales ejecutaron allanamientos en dos casas del magnate del hip-hop, quien se enfrenta a varias demandas civiles que lo acusan de violación y agresión sexual.

  88. A Georgia Town Basks in Bountiful Filming. The State Pays. Culture, March 29

    When movies are made in Thomasville, Ga., it welcomes celebrities and an infusion of cash. But the financial incentives that attract studios have cost the state billions.

  89. Georgia Lawmakers Approve Tougher Rules on Immigration After Student’s Killing National, March 29

    A bill prompted by the death of Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student, would force law enforcement agencies to report undocumented immigrants to federal officials.

  90. One Problem With Making Bridges Stronger? Ships Getting Bigger. National, March 28

    Experts have long pondered the question of improving protections, and several bridges have undergone adjustments. But the size of today’s vessels leads to immense challenges.

  91. Trump’s Defense Team Argues First Amendment Prohibits Georgia Charges National, March 28

    Fulton County prosecutors say Donald J. Trump’s comments about the 2020 election were meant to advance a broad criminal scheme to overturn the election results.

  92. Who Would Want to Go to a College Like This? Op Ed, March 28

    The national debate about so-called woke campuses does not reflect what most college students care about.

  93. Sean Combs’s Legal Troubles: What We Know Culture, March 27

    Federal agents executed search warrants at his homes in Los Angeles and Miami Beach, and he faces several civil lawsuits accusing him of rape and sexual assault.

  94. Disney Ends Its Fight With DeSantis Over Resort Development Business, March 27

    The entertainment giant and the Florida governor have been sparring for two years over control of a tax district that encompasses Walt Disney World.

  95. Democrat Running on Abortion and I.V.F. Access Wins Special Election in Alabama Politics, March 27

    Marilyn Lands flipped a State House seat in the deep-red state by 25 percentage points, underscoring the continued political potency of reproductive rights.

  96. Yellen Warns China Against Flood of Cheap Green Energy Exports Washington, March 27

    The Treasury secretary, who plans to make her second trip to China soon, argued that the country’s excess industrial production warped supply chains.

  97. New Georgia Data Gives Insight on Primaries, Polls and Possibly November Upshot, March 27

    The vote history data supports the polling that’s showing Biden doing well among highly engaged voters but lagging overall.

  98. One Purple State Is ‘Testing the Outer Limits of MAGAism’ Op Ed, March 27

    North Carolina Republicans are “in the running for the most MAGA party in the nation.”

  99. One Grieving Mother Hasn’t Given Up Hope for a Gun Control Compromise National, March 27

    A year after losing her daughter in the Covenant School shooting, Katy Dieckhaus is speaking about Evelyn, and the changes she wants to see.

  100. $750,000 Homes in Pennsylvania, Maine and Louisiana Real Estate, March 27

    A converted 1840 schoolhouse in Phoenixville, a one-bedroom condominium in Portland and a two-story house in New Orleans.

  101. 5 New Hotels Where the Past Meets the Present Travel, March 27

    Turrets, towers and tapestries greet guests at these evocative hotels in reimagined historic buildings in London, New York and beyond. (The food’s not bad, either.)

  102. When the State Is a Serial Killer Book Review, March 27

    In “Death Row Welcomes You,” Steven Hale follows the cases of men in an American prison awaiting execution, examining what they did as well as the people they’ve become.

  103. Tras el tiroteo en Covenant, las familias recurren a las mascotas para sanar En español, March 27

    En el año transcurrido desde el peor tiroteo en una escuela de Tennessee, las familias de Covenant, una pequeña escuela cristiana, han adoptado a más de 40 perros.

  104. Fretting About Election-Year Deep Fakes, States Roll Out New Rules for A.I. Content Politics, March 26

    An increasing number of states have advanced A.I.-related legislation to combat attempts to mislead voters during the 2024 election, according to a new analysis by the Voting Rights Lab.

  105. Birmingham-Southern College to Close After Failing to Secure State Loan National, March 26

    After decades of financial mismanagement, the nearly 170-year-old private liberal arts school is set to close at the end of May.

  106. Sean Combs’s Lawyer Says Rap Mogul Faced ‘Unprecedented Ambush’ Culture, March 26

    A day after two of the entertainment executive’s homes were raided by federal agents from Homeland Security Investigations, his lawyer said his client is innocent.

  107. ‘Titanic’ Door Prop That Saved Rose (Sorry, Jack) Sells for $718,750 Culture, March 26

    It resembles a famous piece of debris salvaged from the 1912 shipwreck, according to Heritage Auctions, which offered it among a trove of memorabilia from Planet Hollywood.

  108. It Can Take Years to Repair Bridges After a Collapse National, March 26

    The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge wiped out a roadway that tens of thousands of people used to travel to and from Baltimore.

  109. A New Law Would Remove Many Architectural Protections in Miami Beach Real Estate, March 26

    Lawmakers say preservationists held too much power over decisions on whether buildings should be demolished and what should be allowed to replace them.

  110. In North Carolina, Biden Attacks Trump and G.O.P. Over Health Care Politics, March 26

    The White House is using the 14th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act to draw a contrast with Republicans who have sought to do away with all or parts of the law.

  111. DeSantis Signs Social Media Bill Barring Accounts for Children Under 14 Business, March 26

    A new Florida law also requires apps like TikTok and Snapchat to obtain a parent’s consent before giving accounts to 14- and 15-year-olds.

  112. Federal Agents Raid Homes Tied to Sean Combs in Los Angeles and Miami Culture, March 25

    In response to questions about Mr. Combs’s residences, Homeland Security Investigations said the searches were part of “an ongoing investigation.”

  113. Tennessee Company Hired Children to Operate ‘Dangerous’ Machinery, Officials Say Express, March 25

    Tuff Torq Corp. of Morristown, Tenn., must pay a fine of nearly $300,000 and set aside $1.5 million in profits to compensate 10 underage workers, the Labor Department said.

  114. A Dire Threat to a National Wildlife Treasure Op Ed, March 25

    The Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge belongs to the planet. And we can still save it.

  115. 83 Years After His Killing, a Black Soldier Gets an Army Funeral Investigative, March 25

    Pvt. Albert King, shot dead by a white military police officer in Georgia in 1941, was blamed for his own death and buried in an unmarked grave.

  116. ‘Yo Soy la Mamá’: A Migrant Mother’s Struggle to Get Back Her Son Investigative, March 25

    She came to the United States fleeing her abuser. When child welfare got involved, she risked losing her son forever.

  117. Former Deacon Excommunicated After His Son Is Sexually Abused by a Priest Express, March 24

    A Louisiana priest was convicted in the sexual abuse of the ex-deacon’s son. What followed was a lawsuit and now the Catholic Church’s highest censure.

  118. Jasmin Paris Becomes First Woman to Complete Extreme Barkley Race Express, March 23

    The Barkley Marathons, which features cryptic rules for entry, requires runners to complete 100 miles of rugged terrain in Tennessee in under 60 hours.

  119. Louisiana Democratic Primary Election Results Interactive, March 23

    Get live election results and maps from the 2024 Louisiana Democratic primary.

  120. Louisiana Republican Primary Election Results Interactive, March 23

    Get live election results and maps from the 2024 Louisiana Republican primary.

  121. The March 23 Election Live live blog included one standalone post:
  122. U.S. to Push For Gaza Cease-Fire, Apple Gets Sued and More Podcasts, March 22

    Plus, don’t mess with Elvis.

  123. Arkansas Airport Executive Dies After Shootout With A.T.F. National, March 22

    The authorities said they were executing a search warrant at the home of the executive, whom they accused of illegally selling firearms. His family said the action was unnecessary.

  124. 16 States Sue Biden Administration Over Gas Permit Pause Climate, March 22

    President Biden halted approvals for new exports of liquefied natural gas to study its effect on the climate, national security and the economy. Major oil- and gas-producing states are angry.

  125. Goon Squad Hearings Reveal Culture of Violence in Mississippi Sheriff’s Office Local Investigations, March 21

    Former deputies said they saw brutality as a way to rise in the ranks of a department that celebrated violence against people suspected of crimes.

  126. Tennessee Makes A.I. an Outlaw to Protect Its Country Music and More National, March 21

    Gov. Bill Lee on Thursday signed a first-in-the-nation bill to prevent the use of artificial intelligence to copy a performer’s “voice.”

  127. 2-Year-Old Separated From His Parents Flees Haiti’s Violent Capital Foreign, March 21

    The boy had been dropped off with relatives nearly three weeks ago and was airlifted back to his Florida home. He is part of a growing number of Americans trying to flee Haiti.

  128. U.S. Park Service Says to Leave Your Cash at Home, but Some Object Express, March 21

    Complaints have been mounting on social media, and now a group has filed a lawsuit, as the service has continued rolling out policies against accepting cash to enter federal parks.

  129. Wildfire Burns Across Mountains in Virginia Video, March 21

    Dozens of wildfires were reported in parts of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina, fueled by high winds and low humidity.

  130. National Plan to Look Into Homeowners Insurers Hits a Hurdle Business, March 21

    Roughly two weeks after state regulators said they were collecting details on insurers’ homeowners businesses, key states may opt out, undermining the effort.

  131. High Winds Fuel Wildfires in Virginia and Other Mid-Atlantic States Express, March 21

    Thousands of acres burned from Maryland to North Carolina, and more fire-friendly conditions were expected on Thursday ahead of soaking rains over the weekend.

  132. Our Reporter on the Actual Costs of Luring Studios Video, March 21

    Dozens of states have lured film and TV production with financial incentives. Matt Stevens, who writes about arts and culture news for The New York Times, breaks down the actual costs.

  133. They Thought Their Freaknik Days Were Behind Them. No, Cue the Tape. National, March 21

    Attendees of the rowdy ’80s and ’90s-era spring festival in Atlanta are wondering whether — and how — they might show up in a new documentary about it.

  134. ‘Freaknik’ Documentary Invites Viewers to Black College Spring Break Culture, March 21

    A new Hulu documentary delves into the legendary Atlanta event and surfaces relics of 1980s and ’90s culture that were essential to partygoers.

  135. Taxpayers Were Overcharged for Patient Meds. Then Came the Lawyers. Local Investigations, March 21

    A group of politically connected lawyers teamed up to go after insurers and made millions from one of the largest Medicaid settlements in history.

  136. Family Settles in Battle for Ancestral Land in South Carolina Express, March 20

    Josephine Wright, who died this year at 94, had been fighting to save family property. The developer, Bailey Point Investments, agreed to end the dispute, the family’s lawyer said.

  137. Goon Squad Officer Gets 40-Year Sentence for ‘Shocking, Brutal’ Acts Local Investigations, March 20

    A second sheriff’s deputy received a lesser sentence for his involvement in the abuse of Mississippi residents.

  138. Georgia Judge Allows Trump and Co-Defendants to Appeal Ruling on Prosecutor National, March 20

    An appeals court will now decide if it will weigh in on whether Fani T. Willis, the Fulton County district attorney, should be disqualified.

  139. Following Measles Outbreaks, Officials Grow Wary of Renewed Threat Science, March 20

    Cases this year have already topped the total in 2023. Unvaccinated travelers account for most infections.

  140. $1.5 Million Homes in California, Florida and Rhode Island Real Estate, March 20

    A three-bedroom condominium in an Edwardian house in San Francisco, a Craftsman bungalow in Tampa and an 1881 home in Providence.

  141. A Psychedelics Reporter With a Changing Perspective Insider, March 20

    Can an experimental drug cure opioid addiction? Andrew Jacobs, who writes about psychedelic medicine for The Times, explored the “promise and peril” of ibogaine.

  142. Four Takeaways From the Biggest Primary Night Since Super Tuesday Politics, March 20

    A Trump-backed candidate won in the G.O.P. Senate primary in Ohio. Incumbents prevailed in Illinois. And the race to finish Kevin McCarthy’s term heads to a runoff.

  143. Delta Pilot Gets 10 Months in Jail for Coming to Work Under the Influence Express, March 19

    Lawrence B. Russell Jr., 63, pleaded guilty to having a blood-alcohol level more than two times the aviation limit, and a half-empty bottle of Jägermeister in his luggage, the authorities said.

  144. An Appeals Court Often Out of Step With the Supreme Court Notches a Victory National, March 19

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has a reputation for issuing decisions too conservative even for the six-justice supermajority of Republican appointees.

  145. Alabama Republicans Pass Expansive Legislation Targeting D.E.I. National, March 19

    The measure would not only cut funding to diversity programs at public colleges, but also limit the teaching of “divisive concepts” surrounding race and gender.

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  148. Goon Squad Officer Is Sentenced to 20 Years in Mississippi Torture Cases Local Investigations, March 19

    Six officers pleaded guilty last year to assaulting two Black men and shooting one of them in the mouth during a raid on their home.

  149. Don’t Ditch Standardized Tests. Fix Them. Op Ed, January 17

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