1. New Body Camera Video Shows Turmoil After the Florida Building Collapse Express, Today

    Calls of “help” and “over here” can be heard in the footage recorded by police officers who responded after much of the condominium complex in Surfside fell down, killing 98 people.

  2. As Virus Cases Spike in Arkansas, the Governor Backtracks on Masks National, Today

    Gov. Asa Hutchinson signed a law banning mask mandates. Now he wants to unravel it, reflecting the dilemma for Republican governors across the South, where the health crisis has deepened.

  3. Passenger Arrives Taped to a Seat and Is Charged With Assaulting Flight Attendants Express, Today

    Maxwell Berry, 22, of Norwalk, Ohio, punched a Frontier Airlines flight attendant and groped two others on a flight from Philadelphia to Miami, the authorities said.

  4. How a Gecko From Africa Crossed the Atlantic Ocean Science, Today

    The African house gecko, one of the most widely distributed invasive reptiles in the world, may have moved with the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

  5. Biden Tells Governors to ‘Help’ Covid Effort or ‘Get Out of the Way’ Video, Today

    President Biden on Tuesday criticized the pandemic responses of Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas and Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, and urged them to drop their opposition to mask mandates.

  6. Los contagios en niños de la variante delta y otro virus causan preocupación en Español, Today

    Además de la covid, cada vez hay más menores que contraen el virus respiratorio sincitial, que es muy contagioso y suele ser más habitual en invierno.

  7. Survivor of Louisiana Lift Boat’s Capsizing Tells How He Escaped Express, Today

    The man, who was one of six survivors of the capsizing that killed 13 people, said at a Coast Guard hearing that he broke a window with a fire extinguisher and was swept into sea.

  8. It’s Never Too Late to Learn to Ride Horseback Special Sections, Today

    For 65-year-old Rose Young, horseback riding was about finding a new joy. It was also her reward for surviving breast cancer.

  9. Labor Board Official Backs Union Challenge on Amazon Vote Business, Yesterday

    A hearing officer for the National Labor Relations Board found that Amazon illegally discouraged organizing at an Alabama warehouse. The company can appeal to block a new election.

  10. Conservative Group, Seizing on Crime as an Issue, Seeks Recall of Prosecutors Washington, Yesterday

    A group backed by undisclosed donors is targeting three Democratic prosecutors in Northern Virginia for recall campaigns in a test of what could be a national strategy in 2022.

  11. ‘Freedom,’ Florida and the Delta Variant Disaster Op Ed, Yesterday

    When that word does not mean what you think it means.

  12. Florida may face its worst wave ever as the Delta variant spreads. National, Yesterday

    The state is about a month away from its peak, according to an epidemiologist who tracks the virus there.

  13. A 17-year-old sprinter from Tampa, Fla., is the youngest Olympic track competitor for the U.S. Sports, Yesterday

    Erriyon Knighton broke Usain Bolt’s under-18 record in the 200 meters in May and surpassed Bolt’s under-20 record in June, and he beat reigning world champion Noah Lyles in two races at the Olympic trials.

  14. The South Must Teach Its Children the Truth Op Ed, Yesterday

    Attempts to restrict how students are taught about racism in schools have multiplied, but some in the South are standing in defense of real history. 

  15. A Fight Over Zoning Tests Charlottesville’s Progress on Race National, August 1

    Four years after a white supremacist march, the Virginia city is reconsidering its housing and zoning rules.

  16. In addition to Covid, more children are getting a respiratory virus more commonly seen in winter. Express, August 1

    An outbreak of respiratory syncytial virus, combined with growing Covid-19 pediatric cases, is straining hospital resources in some U.S. cities.

  17. The U.S. is wasting vaccine doses, even as cases rise and other countries suffer shortages. National, August 1

    A survey of data from 10 states shows that more than one million doses have been lost because of spoilage, missed appointments and other problems.

  18. Demand for shots is increasing in less-vaccinated states under siege from the Delta variant. Live, July 31

    Data from the C.D.C. shows that many people in states like Louisiana, Mississippi and Missouri are now receiving their first doses. On Friday, more than 850,000 total shots were recorded in the U.S.

  19. For Tenants Nationwide, a Scramble to Pay Months of Rent or Face Eviction National, July 31

    A federal eviction moratorium is scheduled to end on Saturday. Many tenants are packing up and facing an uncertain future.

  20. Florida’s governor gives parents final say on masks for children in school. National, July 30

    Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an executive order “protecting the rights of parents,” taking a strong position on masks in schools as cases surge there ahead of reopening.

  21. Inside a Covid I.C.U., Hopes Fade as Patients Surge In National, July 30

    Doctors and nurses in a Florida hospital thought the onslaught of coronavirus admissions had ended. Now they need more intensive care beds.

  22. He Hired 2 Men to Kidnap His Wife. They Ended Up Drowning. Express, July 30

    Lawrence Handley, 53, a business executive from Lafayette, La., pleaded guilty this week to three criminal charges after a plot to kidnap his estranged wife went badly awry.

  23. Biden is to meet with top Democrats on voting rights as senators ready a scaled-back proposal. Washington, July 29

    Activists are pressing for Democrats to try again to bring up an elections overhaul bill, anticipating that Republicans would block it and intensify pressure to eliminate the filibuster.

  24. Former Dance Instructor Accused of Sexual Assault in Lawsuit Culture, July 29

    Mitchell Taylor Button was accused of abuse, and his wife, Dusty Button, a dancer with a large Instagram following, was accused of participating in some of it but not named as a defendant.

  25. Georgia Republicans edge toward a takeover of elections in Fulton County, the state’s largest. Washington, July 29

    By requesting a performance review of the top election official in the county, G.O.P. state legislators took the first step toward establishing partisan control over how elections are run in one of the state’s Democratic bastions.

  26. Mississippi Explains All on Abortion Op Ed, July 29

    The state’s attorney general is asking the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

  27. I Know All About Condo Living. Change Is Coming. Op Ed, July 29

    Battles can erupt over costly repairs essential for these buildings.

  28. Wearing Masks Indoors Again? Some States Are a Vehement No. National, July 28

    After the C.D.C. advised masking indoors in areas with high rates of Covid-19, some locales went back under mask mandates. But there was also defiance and hostility.

  29. Justice Dept. Warns States on Voting Laws and Election Audits Washington, July 28

    The department said that auditors could face criminal or civil penalties if they flouted elections laws.

  30. La historia del Versailles, el restaurante que es el epicentro de las protestas cubanas en EE. UU. en Español, July 28

    La larga historia del restaurante de Miami con los manifestantes y juerguistas continúa con las recientes protestas que denuncian la escasez de alimentos y medicinas en Cuba.

  31. Woman Faces Murder Charge After Man Shaken as Baby Dies at 35 Express, July 27

    Terry McKirchy was arrested after a grand jury in Broward County, Fla., indicted her in the 2019 death of Benjamin Dowling, who was severely disabled after his parents left him in her care in 1984.

  32. Suspect in Atlanta-Area Spa Shootings Pleads Guilty to 4 Counts of Murder National, July 27

    Robert Aaron Long also faces four murder charges in a neighboring county, where the prosecutor is seeking the death penalty.

  33. He Tried to Walk on Water From Florida to New York. It Didn’t Go So Well. Express, July 27

    Reza Baluchi washed ashore on Saturday near St. Augustine, Fla., in a ‘‘hydro pod,” startling beachgoers with a homemade contraption that resembles a hamster wheel.

  34. Devastated by Disasters, Lake Charles Is Still Waiting for Help National, July 26

    The Louisiana city, hobbled by two hurricanes, a winter storm and a flood, has struggled to translate sympathy into financial support. It is a challenge other cities could soon face.

  35. Monsoon Rains Bring Flooding to Southwestern U.S. Video, July 26

    Heavy rain and thunderstorms caused flash flooding across parts of the drought-stricken Southwest, causing many roads to be submerged under the floodwaters.

  36. Final Victim of Surfside Condo Collapse Is Identified National, July 26

    A relative of Estelle Hedaya, 54, said the authorities had identified her remains. The final death toll is 98.

  37. For Decades, Versailles Restaurant Has Been a Hub for Cuban Protests Dining, July 26

    The Miami restaurant’s long history for protesters and revelers continues, with recent demonstrations denouncing shortages of food and medicine in Cuba.

  38. Taking Back Appalachian Forests, One Bee at a Time Dining, July 26

    The Appalachian Beekeeping Collective sells honey and works to revive forests left scarred and abandoned by mines.

  39. In Louisiana, Vaccine Misinformation Has Public Health Workers Feeling ‘Stuck’ Washington, July 25

    Facing deep mistrust stoked by rampant conspiracy theories, local health officials are fighting for influence when the only sure strategy for beating back the virus is getting more people vaccinated.

  40. Bob Moses, Crusader for Civil Rights and Math Education, Dies at 86 Express, July 25

    Mr. Moses developed a reputation for extraordinary calm in the face of violence as he helped to register thousands of voters and trained a generation of activists in Mississippi in the early 1960s.

  41. How to Reopen a Festival City When a Virus Lurks: Very Anxiously Op Ed, July 25

    There’s a special uneasiness unique to cities like New Orleans, highly dependent on close, in-person contact.

  42. The Pandemic Ruined Third Grade. Can Summer School Make Up for It? National, July 25

    After months of remote learning, Zion Graham is in summer school. But can a six-week program make up for his lost year?

  43. Nancy Mace Called Herself a ‘New Voice’ for the G.O.P. Then She Pivoted. Washington, July 25

    Her shift reflects how rank-and-file Republicans — even those who may disagree with him — have decided it is too perilous to openly challenge former President Donald J. Trump.

  44. In Charleston, S.C., Saving Historic Homes Means Hoisting Them in the Air National, July 24

    A city known for extraordinary architecture is coming to terms with intensifying storms, a rising sea and streets that flood with distressing regularity.

  45. Hospitalized with Covid, a conservative Tennessee radio host shifts his message to urge vaccinations. Express, July 24

    Phil Valentine is currently one of hundreds of Covid patients in Tennessee, which has seen a 77 percent increase in hospitalizations over the past two weeks.

  46. A Grandfather Died in ‘Swatting’ Over His Twitter Handle, Officials Say Express, July 24

    Mark Herring had a fatal heart attack after the police swarmed his house after a fake emergency call. A Tennessee man was sentenced to five years in prison in connection with the episode.

  47. ‘He Had a Life Before Death’: Remembering Emmett Till for the Child He Was National, July 24

    Emmett Till’s cousin Ollie Gordon recalled him as a jokester who “loved to make people laugh” as she reflected on their childhood together ahead of what would have been his 80th birthday.

  48. A Long, Joyful Ride Summary, July 24

    You know you have a good job when it lets you try a jetpack. But after 21 years of thrills at The Times, it’s time for my next adventure: the classroom.

  49. After a Republican outcry, Tennessee redirects vaccine outreach to teenagers, shifting it to their parents. Foreign, July 23

    Two weeks ago, a campaign to encourage public school students to get vaccinated was halted when Republican elected officials complained that parents should make the decisions.

  50. The Police Believe 98 People Died in the Condo Collapse. One Hasn’t Been Found. National, July 23

    The search at the collapse site in Surfside, Fla., was declared over on Friday, but the authorities are continuing to look through the relocated rubble for the remains of Estelle Hedaya, 54.

  51. How the New Capitol Police Chief Wants to Fix an Embattled Force Washington, July 23

    J. Thomas Manger said the brutal attack on Jan. 6 persuaded him to come out of retirement to try to help get the agency “where it needs to be.”

  52. Bust of Klan Leader Removed from Tennessee State Capitol Video, July 23

    State officials removed the sculpture of confederate general and early Ku Klux Klan leader, Nathan Bedford Forrest, from the State Capitol in Nashville and sent it to the Tennessee State Museum.

  53. $1 Million in Fines Proposed Over Nitrogen Leak That Killed 6 at Poultry Plant Express, July 23

    Federal officials proposed the fines against four companies after finding that they could have prevented the deaths at the Foundation Food Group plant in Gainesville, Ga., in January.

  54. Bust of Klan Leader Removed From Tennessee State Capitol Express, July 23

    The busts of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a slave trader and Confederate general, and two U.S. Navy admirals were removed on Friday and installed at the Tennessee State Museum.

  55. Some Florida Hospitals Have More Covid Patients Than Ever Before National, July 23

    A rapid rise in Covid-19 hospitalizations in parts of the country with lagging vaccination rates is causing alarm.

  56. Biden hits the campaign trail for the first time as president, backing Terry McAuliffe for Virginia governor. Washington, July 23

    The president, trading his more serene presidential demeanor for a fiery campaign one, whipped up the crowd and sought to portray Mr. McAuliffe as a critical partner in a shared vision.

  57. After Two Decades and a DNA Test, Charges Are Dropped in Georgia Killings Express, July 23

    Convicted of killing a couple in 1985, Dennis Perry spent 20 years in prison before hair samples helped set him free. Now, the homicide charges against him have been dismissed.

  58. Why Vaccinated People Are Getting ‘Breakthrough’ Infections Science, July 22

    The vaccines are effective at preventing serious illness and death, but they are not a golden shield against the coronavirus.

  59. Hoops Recruits Hoping for Scholarships Pick Up Coronavirus Instead Sports, July 22

    Top prospects at Peach Jam, one of the most important summer basketball tournaments, hoped to impress college scouts but have been sidelined by coronavirus cases.

  60. Harry deLeyer, 93, Dies; He Saved a Horse and Made Him a Legend Obits, July 22

    A Dutch immigrant, he bought a plow horse for $80 in 1956 and named him Snowman. Two years later the pair won the show-jumping triple crown.

  61. Who Killed Haiti’s President? The Daily, July 22

    What we know about the team suspected in the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse — and whether they might have been duped.

  62. Judge Temporarily Blocks Arkansas Ban on Health Treatments for Transgender Youth Express, July 21

    The decision came in response to an American Civil Liberties Union challenge to a first-in-the-nation law enacted by Republican state legislators in April.

  63. ‘It’s gross’: A summer of red tides piles up 600 tons of dead fish on Florida beaches. National, July 21

    “This,” proclaimed an editorial in The Tampa Bay Times last week, “is what climate change smells like.”

  64. Lyft will team up with Ford and a self-driving car start-up to offer rides in Miami. Business, July 21

    The companies plan to begin offering the service this year, expanding later to Austin, Texas. A human will still be behind the wheel.

  65. Federal Judge Blocks Ban on Nearly All Abortions in Arkansas Express, July 21

    The law would have banned the procedure except to save the life of a pregnant woman in a medical emergency.

  66. The July 19 Covid Variant Vaccine Updates live blog included one standalone post:
  67. U.S. Senators Visit Georgia to Promote Voting Rights Video, July 19

    A group of Senate Democrats traveled to Atlanta on Monday to speak to voters who have faced challenges casting their ballots, in an effort to highlight the need for new federal voting rights protections.

  68. 3 Generations, 8 Families: What the Condo Collapse Took From a Church National, July 19

    “They were people who you had prayed with.” A congregation and its priest, their faith tested, focus on healing and remembering their lost parishioners.

  69. U.S. to Send Afghan Visa Applicants to Virginia Military Base Video, July 19

    The Biden administration said it would evacuate almost 2,500 Afghans who helped the U.S. government during the 20-year war and who now face reprisals from the Taliban to an Army base in Virginia, pending approval of their visas.

  70. Dolly Parton Tried. But Tennessee Is Squandering a Miracle. Op Ed, July 19

    I just don’t get it.

  71. Klobuchar Lays Out New Goals for Often Low-Key Rules Committee Washington, July 18

    The panel typically focuses on the Senate’s inner workings, but its chairwoman, Amy Klobuchar, is seeking to transform it into a major force on voting rights.

  72. In Undervaccinated Arkansas, Covid Upends Life All Over Again Washington, July 17

    While much of the nation tiptoes toward normalcy, the coronavirus is again swamping hospitals in places like Mountain Home, in a rural county where fewer than one-third of residents are vaccinated.

  73. Collapse Raises New Fears About Florida’s Shaky Insurance Market National, July 17

    Insurers were already skittish after losses from repeated hurricanes. The recent condo collapse has brought new insecurity. How long will Florida’s coast be insurable?

  74. A Reporter’s Fight to Expose Epstein’s Crimes — and Earn a Living Editorial, July 17

    Julie Brown's "Perversion of Justice" is a reminder of how much local news matters.

  75. El sueño resplandeciente del condominio en Florida se erosiona en Español, July 17

    Los edificios a lo largo de la costa de Miami encarnaron durante mucho tiempo la promesa de sol y prosperidad de Florida. Pero la catástrofe de Champlain Towers South ensombrece esa visión.

  76. Miami Embraces Cuba Protests: ‘I Never Thought That This Day Would Come’ National, July 17

    The giddy anticipation that real change might happen on the island is tempered by wariness, especially from older exiles, that this might be one more disappointment.

  77. Derrumbe en Champlain Towers South: en las ruinas hay pequeños tesoros enterrados en Español, July 16

    Los trabajadores que registran los escombros de una torre residencial de Florida catalogan los objetos personales que encuentran. Pero hacerlos llegar a sus legítimos propietarios podría ser complicado.

  78. The Republican Attacks on Voting Rights Letters, July 15

    Readers urge Democrats to be more aggressive in preserving an essential part of democracy. Also: The Delta variant; Tennessee's rejection of science; artistic dreams; bad behavior at restaurants.

  79. Dispute Over James Brown Estate Largely Ends as Heirs Agree on Plan Culture, July 15

    After nearly 15 years, the settlement may allow administrators to fund a trust outlined in the musician’s will that would finance the education of underprivileged children.

  80. Tech Workers Who Swore Off the Bay Area Are Coming Back Business, July 15

    Critics said the pandemic would make the industry flee San Francisco and its southern neighbor, Silicon Valley. But tech can’t seem to quit its gravitational center.

  81. Welcome to Jim Crow 2.0 Op Ed, July 14

    Voter suppression efforts will only get worse.

  82. ‘We Can’t Get Out’: 911 Calls Capture Chaos and Fear After Condo Collapse National, July 14

    Miami-Dade County authorities released recordings of nearly two dozen calls made after the South Florida building fell on June 24.

  83. Coins, Photos, Kitchen Tools: Pieces of Lives Buried in Condo Collapse National, July 14

    Workers searching the rubble of a Florida residential tower are cataloging the personal belongings they find. But getting them to their rightful owners could be complicated.

  84. Death Toll Rises to 95 in Florida Condo Collapse Video, July 13

    The death toll from the collapse of the Champlain Towers South in Surfside last month increased as search-and-recovery workers discovered an additional body on Tuesday.

  85. As Search Nears End, Florida Condo Death Toll Becomes Clearer National, July 13

    Officials in Surfside, Fla., now estimate that the total number of dead will be between 95 and 99 people.

  86. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings sues Florida over prohibition on vaccine requirements. Business, July 13

    The filing represents the latest twist in a monthslong fight over the resumption of cruises from Florida, where the governor has fought vaccine requirements.

  87. Top Tennessee Vaccine Official Says She Was Fired Over Shots for Teens National, July 13

    Michelle Fiscus, that state’s immunization leader, was only the latest state public health official to depart amid the pandemic.

  88. Outspoken Music Scholar to Lead Spoleto Festival Culture, July 13

    Mena Mark Hanna, who has studied colonialism in classical music, will be the first person of color to lead the renowned arts group in Charleston, S.C.

  89. The Ground Where Election Fraud Allegations Grow Freely Insider, July 13

    The podcast series “The Improvement Association” investigates the role that rumors and race play in a North Carolina county.

  90. Arrest in Haiti Assassination Leaves Some Baffled: ‘Nobody Ever Heard of Him’ Foreign, July 12

    Questions are swirling over the arrest of a doctor with ties to Florida described as playing a central role in the death of Haiti’s president, Jovenel Moïse.

  91. Edwin Edwards, Flamboyant Louisiana Governor, Is Dead at 93 Obits, July 12

    He served four terms, charmed voters with his escapades and survived a score of investigations before going to prison in 2002 for racketeering.

  92. Florida, the Land of Gleaming Condos, Frets After Collapse National, July 12

    The high-rise condos along the Miami seashore long embodied the Florida dream of sunshine and prosperity. But the Champlain Towers South catastrophe is obscuring that vision.

  93. Haiti’s police claim a Florida-based doctor recruited mercenaries. Foreign, July 11

    The suspect is the third with U.S. ties to be held in the assassination of Haiti’s president.

  94. A message said to be from the president’s widow is posted to Twitter. Foreign, July 11

    An audio recording claimed to be of Martine Moïse, who was wounded in the attack that killed her husband, urged people to carry on his “battle.” But doubts were raised about the clip’s authenticity.

  95. ‘Lord, Hear Me’: Residents in Florida Condos Fear They Could be Next National, July 11

    A deadly condo collapse in Florida has prompted a close look at other buildings. A luxury tower in Bal Harbour was deemed safe by an inspector but is spending $4.5 million in restoration.

  96. Investigating a Building Collapse by Studying Clues From One Still Standing National, July 9

    An expert called upon after the 9/11 attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing is now examining the Champlain Towers North in Surfside, Fla., to discover why its sister building collapsed.

  97. Charlottesville Removes Robert E. Lee Statue at Center of White Nationalist Rally Express, July 9

    The statue was a focus of the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in 2017. The city removed it on Saturday along with a monument to Stonewall Jackson and a statue of Lewis & Clark and the Shoshone Indian Sacagawea.

  98. The July 9 Covid 19 Vaccine Coronavirus Updates live blog included one standalone post:
  99. Zaila Avant-garde Makes Spelling History, and Other Moments From the Bee Express, July 9

    Zaila, a 14-year-old from Harvey, La., won on the word “Murraya.” She became the first Black American to win the Scripps National Spelling Bee in almost 100 years of contests.

  100. Banning Abortion Doesn’t Protect Women’s Health Op Ed, July 9

    Black women suffer from reproductive politicking more than other women. 

  101. Two arrested Americans claim they were just ‘translators’ in the assassination plot, a Haitian judge says. Foreign, July 9

    The two men maintained that the plot to kill President Jovenel Moïse had been planned intensively for a month, a judge involved with the investigation said.

  102. Entire Families Were Lost in the Surfside Collapse. Here Is One of Their Stories. National, July 8

    Because the disaster happened in the middle of the night, many parents, children, grandparents and siblings were killed together.

  103. Man Arrested in Killing of Georgia Golf Pro and Two Others Express, July 8

    The killings, discovered at Pinetree Country Club near Kennesaw, Ga., stunned the community.

  104. Watch Live: Officials Give Recovery Update on Surfside Condo Collapse Video, July 8

    Authorities in Surfside, Fla., hold a news conference after their first full day of recovery operations after transitioning from the search-and-rescue mission.

  105. The July 8 Miami Condo Collapse Victims Updates live blog included two standalone posts:
  106. Haitian First Lady Hospitalized After Attack Video, July 8

    Martine Moïse, wife of the slain President Jovenel Moïse, was rushed to a hospital in Miami on Wednesday following the nighttime raid and attack on their home in Haiti.

  107. ‘Zero Chance of Survival’: Search for Survivors in Condo Collapse Is Ending National, July 7

    Nobody had been found alive since immediately after the Florida building crumbled almost two weeks ago, killing at least 54. Still, officials had resisted abandoning the search-and-rescue effort.

  108. Officials Will End Search Efforts After Condominium Collapse Video, July 7

    Officials in Florida said after two weeks of searching for victims they would shift their focus to recovery efforts after assessing that no survivors would be found.

  109. Modern Love Podcast: When His Shorts Are Just Too Tight Styles, July 7

    Sometimes, the trait that first drew you to your partner becomes the thing that annoys you most.

  110. A federal judge declines, for now, to block parts of Georgia’s voting law. Washington, July 7

    The order was based on the imminence of runoff elections scheduled for July 13 and was not a ruling on the merits of the case.

  111. Tropical Storm Elsa Makes Landfall in Florida and Heads North to Georgia Express, July 7

    Elsa became the first major storm of this year’s Atlantic hurricane season to hit Florida’s mainland when it moved over Taylor County, southeast of Tallahassee, on Wednesday morning.

  112. These Drama Students Trained for Years. Then Theater Vanished. Arts & Leisure, July 7

    How one North Carolina class of 2020 made it through the launch that wasn’t — hurting, hustling and dreaming.

  113. Time is running out for many eligible U.S. students to get fully vaccinated before schools reopen. National, July 7

    In some parts of the country, the first day of school is six or seven weeks away. It takes at least five weeks to get both doses of the Pfizer vaccine and have them be fully effective.

  114. America Needs to Break Up Its Biggest States Op Ed, July 7

    How would you like to live in the state of New York City?

  115. The July 6 Miami Building Collapse Updates live blog included two standalone posts:
  116. Georgia Golf Pro Was Gunned Down After He Witnessed a Crime, Police Say Express, July 6

    Four days after a shooting on a golf course near Atlanta turned into a triple homicide, the gunman was still at large, and a motive still eluded the police.

  117. Video Shows Search-and-Rescue Effort in Condo Collapse Video, July 6

    Footage from over the weekend illustrated the ongoing investigation efforts from search-and-rescue teams into the missing residents of the Surfside Condominium, which collapsed more than a week ago.

  118. Tropical Storm Elsa Pushes Strong Winds and Rain Into Florida Video, July 6

    After causing heavy rain and flooding in Cuba, Tropical Storm Elsa passed near the Florida Keys and was expected to approach hurricane strength before making landfall early Wednesday.

  119. Rescatistas encuentran más cuerpos en Florida luego de la demolición de la torre en Español, July 6

    Las tareas de búsqueda se detuvieron debido a la posibilidad de otro derrumbe en la torre colapsada en Surfside, Florida, pero se reanudaron el lunes después de una demolición controlada.

  120. ‘Should We Sell?’ After Collapse, Hot Florida Market Faces Uncertainty. National, July 6

    The partial collapse of the Champlain Towers South in Surfside, Fla., has plunged older beachside condos and high-rise buildings like it into a swirl of apprehension.

  121. After Condo Is Demolished, More Bodies Are Found in the Rubble National, July 5

    Search efforts were paused because of fears of another collapse at the building in Surfside, Fla., but resumed on Monday after a controlled demolition.

  122. Everything I Know About Hope I Learned From My Dog Op Ed, July 5

    In any household, the true master of hope is the family dog.

  123. The July 5 Miami Building Collapse Update live blog included one standalone post:
  124. Map: Tracking Tropical Storm Elsa’s Path Interactive, July 2

    The first tropical storm of the 2021 season made its way through the Caribbean on Friday and was headed for Florida.

  125. Floor by Floor, the Missing People and Lost Lives Near Miami Interactive, June 30

    At least half of the 135 apartments of the Champlain Towers South in Surfside, Fla., collapsed in the early hours of June 24. See the apartment locations of the victims and those still missing.

  126. The Lost Graves of Louisiana’s Enslaved People Interactive, June 27

    The Lost Graves of Louisiana’s Enslaved People

  127. How Voting Laws Are Changing in 5 States Interactive, June 22

    Republican lawmakers in many states are passing laws that add new restrictions to voting and change how elections are run.

  128. Leave This Wondrous Island to the Birds Interactive, June 19

    An ever-changing spit of sand on the Carolina coast is a haven for multitudes of shorebirds. But nature and humans threaten it.

  129. Virginia Primary Election Results Interactive, June 8

    See full results and maps from the Virginia primaries.

  130. Andrew Brown Jr. Shooting: Videos Cast Doubt on Police Use of Force Interactive, May 22

    A Times review of videos of Andrew Brown Jr.’s fatal shooting in North Carolina casts doubt on whether the use of lethal force was justified.

  131. Positive Trends in U.S. Virus Case Counts Interactive, May 21

    The latest news and data from the team tracking the coronavirus.

  132. A Texas Abortion Law, and the Fight Over Roe Interactive, May 19

    Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas just signed a bill that would ban most abortions in the state. Here’s what else to know.

  133. Where Abortion Access Would Decline if Roe v. Wade Were Overturned Interactive, May 18

    Depending on how the Supreme Court decides a Mississippi abortion case, access to legal abortion could be restricted in large parts of the country.

  134. Read the document: Plea Deal for Joel Greenberg Interactive, May 14

    The plea deal for Joel Greenberg, the onetime associate of Representative Matt Gaetz who had served as a tax collector in Seminole County, Fla., north of Orlando, until he was indicted in 2020.

  135. The Kentucky Derby Is Back, Without Crowding Interactive, April 30

    Here’s what it looks like on the ground of the 147th running of the Kentucky Derby.

  136. A True Story About Election Fraud Interactive, April 30

    In The Improvement Association, we investigate the allegations swirling around Bladen County, N.C.

  137. Louisiana Special Election Results 2021 Interactive, April 24

    See full results and maps from the Louisiana special election.

  138. What It’s Like to Fly Now Interactive, April 14

    Here’s what a recent trip through Miami International Airport looked like for a New York Times reporter.

  139. Full Text: Georgia’s Voting Law Interactive, April 1

    New legislation passed by state Republicans creates an array of new restrictions and limits on voting. Here’s the full document.

  140. What to Know About the Virus This Week Interactive, March 26

    The latest news and data from the team tracking the coronavirus.

  141. Will We Struggle to Reach Herd Immunity? Interactive, March 26

    Data from Idaho, Florida and other states offer a warning on “vaccine deserts.”

  142. Louisiana Primary Election Results 2021 Interactive, March 20

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