1. Secretariat’s Legend Rolls on Like, Well, a Tremendous Machine Sports, Today

    Fifty years after Secretariat clinched the Triple Crown with a runaway win in the Belmont Stakes, fans still long to connect with his story.

  2. Trump Put National Secrets at Risk, Prosecutors Say in Historic Indictment U.S., Today

    The indictment details evidence that the former president placed national security secrets in jeopardy and schemed to thwart the investigation into the matter.

  3. Carefully, Backhandedly, DeSantis Comes to Trump’s Defense U.S., Today

    In a speech in North Carolina, Ron DeSantis drew on his experience as a Navy lawyer and suggested that either both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton should have been indicted — or neither.

  4. Who Is Walt Nauta, the Other Person Indicted Along With Trump? U.S., Yesterday

    Mr. Nauta, as a valet while Mr. Trump was president, had unusual proximity to him, including at meals and on foreign trips.

  5. South Florida Sports Fan, but Make it a Full-Time Job Sports, Yesterday

    It is rare for teams from one market to play in the Stanley Cup and N.B.A. Finals in the same year, and a first for southern franchises, but it was bound to happen.

  6. A Surprising Supreme Court Decision’s History With the American South World, Yesterday

    To understand the significance of this week’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling, books about the Deep South’s changes in the 20th century are critical to read.

  7. Trump-Appointed Judge Is Said to Be Handling Documents Case U.S., Yesterday

    It was not clear whether the judge, Aileen M. Cannon, would remain assigned for the entirety of the case. A higher court criticized some of her rulings in the investigation.

  8. Special Counsel Avoided One Risk but Took on Another by Bringing Trump Case in Miami U.S., Yesterday

    The decision to file charges in Florida instead of Washington avoided a legal fight over venue, but the case appears to have been assigned to a Trump appointee who has shown him favor.

  9. How to Convict Trump Opinion, Yesterday

    The special counsel has four hurdles to overcome.

  10. Justice Department Charges Trump in Documents Case U.S., Yesterday

    The indictment, handed up by a grand jury in Miami, is the first time a former U.S. president has faced federal charges.

  11. The More Opposition Trump Faces, the More Popular He Becomes, and He Knows It Opinion, Yesterday

    How politically radical could the base of the Republican Party become between now and the 2024 presidential election?

  12. Alabama Inmate Is Sentenced to Life in Officer-Aided Escape U.S., June 8

    Casey White pleaded guilty to first-degree escape, a surprise move in a case that one defense attorney called “very unusual.” His 11-day jailbreak led to a manhunt.

  13. School Shooter’s Parents Will Hand Ownership of Writings to Victims U.S., June 8

    The family’s decision to relinquish legal ownership of writings left by the Nashville school shooter comes amid a fierce legal battle over whether the writings should be made public.

  14. Supreme Court Gives the Voting Rights Act a Tenuous New Lease on Life U.S., June 8

    The main remaining power of the landmark 1965 law, over racial bias in political mapmaking, gets an unexpected buttressing from a court that had been weakening the law for years.

  15. Supreme Court Ruling on Voting Rights Could Resound Across the South U.S., June 8

    A decision that said Alabama’s congressional voting maps were detrimental to Black voters was celebrated by advocates — and could mean changes to voting in other states.

  16. Louisiana Passes Bill That Would Require Parental Consent for Kids’ Online Accounts Business, June 8

    The measure would allow parents to cancel the contracts underlying their children’s accounts on sites like TikTok, Instagram, Roblox and YouTube.

  17. Supreme Court Rejects Voting Map That Diluted Black Voters’ Power U.S., June 8

    Voting rights advocates had feared that the decision about redistricting in Alabama would further undermine the Voting Rights Act, which instead appeared to emerge unscathed.

  18. Martin Luther King Jr.’s High-Stakes Gamble in Birmingham Books, June 8

    In “You Have to Be Prepared to Die Before You Can Begin to Live,” Paul Kix brings cinematic flair to the story of the civil rights leader’s risky 1963 campaign to integrate the city.

  19. A New Front in Reparations: Seeking the Return of Lost Family Land U.S., June 8

    Black families lost millions in wealth when their lands were seized through eminent domain. Now some are trying to get it back.

  20. Liberal Prosecutors Are Revisiting Police Killings but Charging Few Officers So Far U.S., June 8

    Pamela Price, a new district attorney in Northern California, is the latest to reopen cases that had seemingly been shut, including one from more than 15 years ago.

  21. Louisiana Lawmakers Pass Ban on Transition Care for Transgender Minors U.S., June 7

    It was unclear on Wednesday how Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, would respond to the legislation, or if his input would make a difference.

  22. DeSantis Defends Migrant Flights and Takes a Swipe at California U.S., June 7

    Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida criticized immigration policies in his first visit to the border since beginning his presidential bid.

  23. Florida Woman Arrested in Fatal Shooting of Her Neighbor U.S., June 7

    Susan Louise Lorincz was charged on Tuesday with manslaughter with a firearm in the shooting death of Ajike Owens.

  24. 5 Minutes That Will Make You Love New Orleans Jazz Arts, June 7

    Many cities have rich jazz histories, but none goes back as far as New Orleans. We asked Wendell Pierce, Courtney Bryan and others what song they would play to get a friend to join the party.

  25. Two Killed in Shooting After High School Graduation in Richmond, Va. Video, June 7

    The gunfire, which left five other people injured, sparked chaos after Huguenot High School’s ceremony. A 19-year-old man was in custody.

  26. Two People Fatally Shot Outside High School Graduation in Richmond U.S., June 7

    Another five people were shot, the authorities said, and others were hurt in the ensuing chaos. A 19-year-old male suspect was in police custody.

  27. Family Seeks Arrest in Killing of Woman Shot Through Neighbor’s Door U.S., June 6

    Ajike Owens, a mother of four, had gone to a residence in Ocala, Fla., to confront a neighbor after a dispute involving her children. The neighbor has not been identified.

  28. Grand Jury in Florida Hints at Unknown Complexities in Trump Documents Inquiry U.S., June 6

    Prosecutors have started calling witnesses to a federal grand jury in Miami after months in which activity in the investigation was centered on a separate grand jury in Washington.

  29. Judge Sides With Families Fighting Florida’s Ban on Gender Care for Minors U.S., June 6

    A federal judge wrote that the plaintiffs suing to block the new law are “likely to prevail on their claim that the prohibition is unconstitutional.”

  30. Atlanta City Council Approves ‘Cop City’ Funding Despite Protests U.S., June 6

    The vote to approve $31 million for the construction of a sprawling police and fire training complex came after nearly two years of protests.

  31. Takeaways From Nikki Haley’s Mild CNN Town Hall Politics, June 5

    The former South Carolina governor, who also served as United Nations ambassador under Donald Trump, emphasized her experience and vision. Will it be enough for her to stand out?

  32. California Officials Investigating Flight of Migrants to Sacramento National, June 4

    The state attorney general said the migrants carried documents that specified a Florida government agency and a company that dropped migrants in Martha’s Vineyard last year.

  33. Allstate Is No Longer Offering New Policies in California Business, June 4

    Like State Farm, which announced a similar move last week, Allstate cited worsening climate conditions that had made doing business there difficult.

  34. Sonic Boom Heard Across D.C. Area Was From Military Jets, Officials Say Express, June 4

    The noise, which startled residents and shook buildings, was heard after the jets scrambled when a small plane entered restricted airspace. It was later found wrecked.

  35. A Negro Leagues Star Is Still Sharing His Story Sports, June 4

    A pastor for more than 50 years, William Greason, 98, occasionally tells tales of a lifetime ago, when he mentored Willie Mays and played in the last Negro World Series.

  36. Judge Finds Tennessee Law Aimed at Restricting Drag Shows Unconstitutional National, June 3

    The law, one of the first aimed at curbing drag performances in front of children, had been on hold for nearly two months as the legal battle went on.

  37. 5 Takeaways From Ron DeSantis’s First Campaign Trip Politics, June 3

    He swung back at Donald Trump. He vowed to vanquish the “woke mob” and turn the country into mega-Florida. He had normal encounters with voters that didn’t become memes.

  38. Haitian Businessman Gets Life Sentence in Assassination of Haiti’s President Washington, June 2

    Despite cooperating with prosecutors, Rodolphe Jaar was given the maximum term by a judge in Miami, the first sentence handed down in what the authorities say was a sprawling plot.

  39. Alabama Basketball Manager Says He, Not Player, Was at Deadly Shooting Investigative, June 2

    A freshman player sued The Times after it placed him at a crime scene. The newspaper will correct its coverage.

  40. Georgia Officials Target Bail Fund in Crackdown on ‘Cop City’ Protests National, June 2

    The arrest of three activists for financial crimes has been assailed as retaliation for lawful protests. Officials said the three had “facilitated and encouraged domestic terrorism.”

  41. Atlanta Prosecutors Contact Firms That Consulted With Trump Campaign National, June 2

    The two companies were hired in 2020 to investigate voter fraud, but reported that they found no proof that significant fraud had occurred.

  42. A Weakened Arlene Could Bring Heavy Rain to South Florida Express, June 2

    The first named tropical storm of the Atlantic hurricane season was downgraded to a tropical depression on Saturday. It was west of Key West, Fla., and moving southeast toward Cuba.

  43. Nikki Haley’s Husband Will Deploy to Africa for Year With National Guard Politics, June 2

    Michael Haley, a major in the South Carolina Army National Guard, served in Afghanistan in 2013.

  44. Group Challenges Arkansas Law That Would Criminalize Access to Some Books Books, June 2

    A lawsuit says the edict “forces bookstores and libraries to self-censor in a way that is antithetical to their core purposes.”

  45. Will a Dollar General Ruin a Rural Crossroads? Sunday Business, June 2

    A fight over a proposed chain store is also about what “country” means to different people in a small community.

  46. A spell-off that wasn’t, and a gantlet of schwas: Takeaways from the spelling bee. Live, June 2

    All of the finalists Thursday night could spell schwa, no doubt. It was the sound it makes that foiled many of them.

  47. Judge in Disney World Case Steps Aside but Blasts DeSantis’s Lawyers Business, June 2

    The judge accused Gov. Ron DeSantis’s lawyers, who wanted him off the case, of “rank judge shopping.” But he disqualified himself because a relative owns Disney stock.

  48. In New Hampshire, DeSantis Avoids Talking About Florida’s Abortion Ban Politics, June 1

    As he traversed socially conservative Iowa this week, the 2024 contender highlighted his state’s six-week ban. But now, in more moderate New Hampshire, he is shying from the subject.

  49. Biden Is Said to Pick Former North Carolina Health Secretary to Lead C.D.C. Washington, June 1

    The president’s choice for the job, Dr. Mandy Cohen, would replace Dr. Rochelle Walensky, who is stepping down at the end of the month.

  50. Churchill Downs Moves to Keep Unsound Horses Off the Track Sports, June 1

    After the deaths of a dozen thoroughbreds at the Louisville, Ky., track, officials are changing policies that may have incentivized trainers to race vulnerable horses.

  51. Trump and Cuomo Agree on One Thing: DeSantis Mishandled Covid Politics, June 1

    The two combative men from Queens have often been antagonists, but now they both see an opening to attack the Florida governor over his pandemic leadership.

  52. Behind the Shimmer of Miami Is a City Hall in Turmoil National, June 1

    Miami’s strong economy has its mayor weighing a presidential run. But a trial against a city commissioner has exposed some of the city’s less attractive inner workings.

  53. ‘After Sherman’ Review: A Family Reckoning Weekend, June 1

    A New York-based filmmaker wades into the deep waters of his Gullah Geechee heritage and South Carolina roots.

  54. Congress Is Turning Climate Gaslighting Into Law Op Ed, June 1

    The debt ceiling bill’s assertions that the Mountain Valley Pipeline is necessary and good for the climate defy logic.

  55. Mississippi Is Offering Lessons for America on Education Opinion, May 31

    The state shows that poverty is no excuse for failing to teach kids to read.

  56. Vandal Causes $250,000 in Damage to ‘Jurassic Park’ Exhibition, Police Say Express, May 31

    At the show in Atlanta, based on the series of dinosaur films, a man was caught on video on top of one of the beasts, ripping off its skin. He was later arrested.

  57. Florida Art Scammer Sentenced to Over 2 Years in Federal Prison Express, May 31

    The art dealer, Daniel Elie Bouaziz, 69, was sentenced to 27 months in federal prison for laundering money made selling counterfeit art.

  58. Climate Shocks Are Making Parts of America Uninsurable. It Just Got Worse. Climate, May 31

    The largest insurer in California said it would stop offering new coverage. It’s part of a broader trend of companies pulling back from dangerous areas.

  59. Store Owner Charged With Murdering 14-Year-Old He Wrongly Accused of Stealing Express, May 31

    Rick Chow, who believed Cyrus Carmack-Belton had stolen four water bottles, chased him out of his convenience store in Columbia, S.C., and fatally shot the boy in the back, the authorities said.

  60. Debt Deal Includes a Green Light for a Contentious Pipeline Climate, May 30

    Climate activists are livid over a provision in the debt limit agreement that orders federal agencies to issue permits for the Mountain Valley Pipeline — and says courts can’t review them.

  61. Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter Has Dementia Express, May 30

    The announcement by the Carter Center came just over three months after it said that Jimmy Carter, 98, had entered hospice care at the couple’s home in Plains, Ga.

  62. More Than 1 in 4 American Homeowners Is ‘House Poor’ Real Estate, May 30

    A new study shows that homeowners in California, Florida and New York are living in houses they cannot afford.

  63. Can the ‘California Effect’ Survive in a Hyperpartisan America? Magazine, May 30

    For decades the state has been setting policy for the whole nation. Now red states are pushing back.

  64. 9 People Wounded in Memorial Day Shooting Near Florida Beach Express, May 30

    Gunfire erupted in a dispute between two groups at the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, as crowds strolled by the stretch of beachfront near shops, restaurants and hotels.

  65. This Town Made Tina Turner. She Made It Famous. National, May 29

    The singer, who just died, immortalized her hometown in a song. Its residents remember how she sprinkled her glitter onto Nutbush, Tenn., opening it to the world.

  66. Club Ebony, a Historic Blues Venue Tied to B.B. King, Rises Again Culture, May 29

    The Indianola, Miss., club was part of the chitlin circuit, where Black performers found refuge during the Jim Crow era. After urgent renovations, it will reopen this week.

  67. Guitar Making as a Life’s Work Projects and Initiatives, May 29

    “To somebody else, it’s just some wood glued together,” Freeman Vines, 80, said. “To me, it’s something else.”

  68. ​Tennessee Law Sows Fear Among Drag Performers Ahead of Pride Month National, May 28

    A judge is expected to rule as soon as this week on whether the new law banning “adult cabaret” in front of children is constitutional.

  69. An 11-Year-Old Boy Called 911. Police Then Shot Him. Express, May 27

    Aderrien Murry suffered numerous injuries, including a collapsed lung, lacerated liver and fractured ribs. His family is demanding that the officer who shot him be fired.

  70. How Twitter Shrank Elon Musk and Ron DeSantis Op Ed, May 27

    Social media can be a trap.

  71. DeSantis Steps Up Attacks on Trump, Hitting Him on Crime and Covid Politics, May 27

    Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida vowed to repeal the First Step Act, a Trump-era criminal justice law, if elected president. He called it “basically a jailbreak bill.”

  72. DeSantis’s Administration Solicits Endorsements and Money for His Campaign Politics, May 26

    The appeals for endorsements from lawmakers and donations from lobbyists, which were described by several people familiar with the outreach, blur the line between the governor’s administration and his campaign.

  73. Judge Puts South Carolina Abortion Ban on Hold National, May 26

    The new law prohibited most abortions after six weeks, and was just signed into law.

  74. Hundreds of Thousands Have Lost Medicaid Coverage Since Pandemic Protections Expired Washington, May 26

    As states begin to drop people from their Medicaid programs, early data shows that many recipients are losing their coverage for procedural reasons.

  75. Hyundai and LG Plan $4.3 Billion Battery Plant in Georgia Business, May 26

    The facility is the second battery project under development in the state by Hyundai Motor Group and may bring 3,000 jobs.

  76. Evaluamos las primeras propuestas de DeSantis para la Casa Blanca En español, May 26

    El gobernador de Florida, Ron DeSantis, anunció el miércoles su candidatura presidencial en una transmisión por Twitter, la cual contuvo una que otra declaración engañosa.

  77. Prosecutors Won’t Retry Father Whose Son Died in Hot Car Express, May 25

    The decision came nearly a year after the Georgia Supreme Court overturned Justin Ross Harris’s convictions on charges of malice murder and child cruelty in the death of his 22-month-old son, Cooper.

  78. Will DeSantis Destroy Conservatism as We Know It? Op Ed, May 25

    He has distilled Trump’s impulses into an ideology — and there’s nothing conservative about it.

  79. Ron DeSantis vs. the ‘Woke Mind Virus’ Op Ed, May 25

    His failure to launch wasn’t just a technical glitch.

  80. Fighting the Book Bans: What We Can Do Letters, May 25

    Readers responds to a column by Michelle Goldberg. Also: Amanda Gorman’s poem, restricted; George Santos; the rubble of Bakhmut, Ukraine.

  81. ‘Ron DeSantis Has a Jekyll and Hyde Persona’: Our Columnists and Writers Weigh In on His Candidacy Op Ed, May 25

    An assessment of his 2024 presidential bid so far.

  82. Nashville Parents Can Have Say in Case Over Shooter’s Writings, Judge Rules National, May 25

    A group of about 100 families will now have the chance to argue in court against releasing the writings of the assailant who killed six people at a Christian school.

  83. Assessing DeSantis’s Opening Bid for the White House Washington, May 25

    We examined the Republican candidate’s defense of his record as Florida governor, his dispute with Disney and his attack on President Biden.

  84. Does DeSantis Need to Resign to Run for President? Short Answer: No. Politics, May 24

    Florida has a statute that could have compelled Ron DeSantis to resign as governor to run for president, but state lawmakers adjusted the rules.

  85. Awkward Silence: Ron DeSantis’s Bold Twitter Gambit That Flopped Politics, May 24

    The Florida governor wanted to show off his tech savvy by announcing his presidential campaign on Twitter. It quickly devolved into the conference call from hell.

  86. In Capitols and Courthouses, No End to National Divide Over Gun Policy National, May 24

    After the Supreme Court ruled last year that people could carry guns outside their homes, legal challenges and legislative debates have been playing out across the country.

  87. Your Thursday Briefing: DeSantis’s Presidential Run N Y T Now, May 24

    Also, China cracks down on comedy.

  88. Florida’s First Lady, and Second in Command Politics, May 24

    Casey DeSantis has advised her husband on media strategy and taken on some of the state’s big issues. The presidential campaign trail is next.

  89. The Strategic Fashioning of Casey DeSantis Styles, May 24

    With an eye to the Kennedys, and the Trumps. Sometimes, a wardrobe is a strategy.

  90. In Shaky Start, Ron DeSantis Joins 2024 Race, Hoping to Topple Trump Politics, May 24

    The Florida governor, Donald Trump’s strongest challenger since 2016, made an unusual and glitch-marred entrance on Twitter alongside Elon Musk. He now faces a daunting clash with Mr. Trump and his scorched-earth tactics.

  91. Florida School Restricts Access to Amanda Gorman’s Inauguration Poem Express, May 24

    A grade school in Miami-Dade County said “The Hill We Climb,” which Ms. Gorman read at President Biden’s inauguration in 2021, was “better suited” for older students after a parent complained about it.

  92. They Cuddled a Kiwi. New Zealand Said, ‘Stop That.’ Foreign, May 24

    Video of the national bird being handled by Miami zoo visitors caused an outcry in New Zealand. Even the prime minister weighed in.

  93. $2.7 Million Homes in New York, Florida and Michigan Real Estate, May 24

    A Carpenter Gothic showplace in Shelter Island Heights, an 1890 home in Key West and a midcentury-modern house in Bloomfield Hills.

  94. The DeSantis Delusion Op Ed, May 24

    The Florida governor’s bid for the presidency is a deeply puzzling — and possibly doomed — one.

  95. He’s Not Dead Yet Op Ed, May 24

    The pre-mortems on Ron DeSantis are premature. He seems to have the correct theory of the case on how to try to topple Donald Trump.

  96. South Carolina Senate Passes 6-Week Abortion Ban National, May 23

    The legislation, which faced a filibuster led by five women senators, now heads to the governor who has said he will sign it.

  97. High School Did Not Discriminate Against Asian American Students, Court Rules National, May 23

    Parents had objected to Thomas Jefferson High School in Virginia changing its admissions policies, including getting rid of an exam. The case appears headed for the Supreme Court.

  98. A Gospel Revival in Memphis Breathes Fresh Life Into Sacred Sounds Culture, May 23

    A half-century ago, Elizabeth King and Elder Jack Ward recorded for D-Vine Spirituals. The label’s masters found a new home, giving their music — old and new — a second chance.

  99. The Little-Known Brand With Big Easy Style Styles, May 23

    The colorful prints of BayouWear, born at a New Orleans jazz festival, reflect the city itself.

  100. ‘A Tim Scott Nomination Would Be a Nightmare for Joe Biden’: Our Columnists Weigh In on the G.O.P. Candidate Op Ed, May 23

    Times Opinion looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the South Carolina senator.

  101. Nashville Parents Ask: Must a Mass Shooter’s Writings Be Made Public? National, May 22

    The lack of information about what motivated a deadly attack on a Christian school has led to a protracted legal fight over releasing the shooter’s handwritten journals.

  102. Republican Tim Scott Announces 2024 Presidential Bid Video, May 22

    Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina is one of several challengers to former President Donald J. Trump for the Republican nomination.

  103. Tim Scott Begins Presidential Campaign, Adding to List of Trump Challengers Politics, May 22

    The South Carolina senator added his positive, aspirational message to a growing and fractious Republican primary field. He enters the race having raised $22 million.

  104. 5 Things to Know About Tim Scott Politics, May 22

    Mr. Scott, who just announced a presidential campaign, is the first Black Republican senator from the South in more than a century and has been a prominent voice in his party on matters of race.

  105. Ron DeSantis’s Takeover of a Progressive College Op Ed, May 22

    What Michelle Goldberg saw in Florida.

  106. N.A.A.C.P. Issues Florida Travel Advisory, Joining Latino and L.G.B.T.Q. Groups National, May 21

    The N.A.A.C.P. urged people to consider Florida’s policies on diversity and race under Gov. Ron DeSantis when thinking of traveling there.

  107. What Bills Did DeSantis Sign as He Propelled Florida to the Right? Politics, May 21

    Gov. Ron DeSantis ushered in a six-week abortion ban and curriculum restrictions, while expanding capital punishment and concealed carry access as he prepared to run for president.

  108. What Tim Scott’s 2024 Campaign Could Mean for Black Republicans Politics, May 21

    The South Carolina senator’s bid for the White House — as the sole Black Republican in the Senate — could raise not only his profile, but those of Black conservatives across the country.

  109. DeSantis Skirts Abortion Ban Even When Speaking to His Base Politics, May 21

    The Florida governor is reluctant to talk about the restrictive law he signed as he seeks to attract support from across the Republican Party.

  110. Disney to Close ‘Star Wars’-Themed Hotel Less Than Two Years After It Opened Express, May 20

    The planned closure of Galactic Starcruiser, an immersive role-playing attraction, comes as Disney seeks to cut overall costs by more than $5 billion.

  111. Rice. Half of Humanity Eats It. And Climate Change Is Wrecking It. Interactive, May 20

    From the Mississippi to the Mekong, farmers and researchers are finding creative fixes for the dire threats of global warming, extreme rains and sea-level rise.

  112. Air DeSantis: The Private Jets and Secret Donors Flying Him Around Politics, May 20

    As the Florida governor hopscotched the country preparing to run for president, a Michigan nonprofit paid the bills. It won’t say where it got the money.

  113. DeSantis Lawyers Ask Judge in Disney Case to Recuse Himself Business, May 19

    They argued that Judge Mark E. Walker’s comments in two unrelated proceedings displayed a bias toward the company.

  114. 8-Year-Old Migrant Died After a Week in U.S. Detention Washington, May 19

    The death this week is at the center of concerns about the government’s policy of detaining children for any period of time, often in crowded settings.

  115. Jimmy Buffett, Hospitalized After Bahamas Trip, Cancels Show Express, May 19

    The 76-year-old performer canceled a Saturday performance in Charleston, S.C., for unspecified health reasons. He had resumed touring this year after canceling a series of shows in October.

  116. Blacksmithing Is Alive and Well in Kentucky Projects and Initiatives, May 19

    The “functional art” of Craig Kaviar, including transforming guns into garden tools, is part of a revival of the ancient craft.

  117. If You Care About Book Bans, You Should Be Following This Lawsuit Op Ed, May 19

    A constitutional challenge to Florida’s book-restricting frenzy.

  118. Ron DeSantis Knows That the Best Place to Humiliate People Is in the Bathroom Op Ed, May 19

    Restrooms have long been porcelain crucibles for our fears and anxieties, which is why the right knows they are good sites for humiliating trans people.

  119. Flush With Campaign Cash, Tim Scott Is Set to Join ’24 Race Politics, May 19

    The South Carolina senator will announce his campaign on Monday and then head to Iowa and New Hampshire.

  120. Body Cameras Can Be a Powerful Tool. But Not All Police Forces Wear Them. National, May 19

    Officers in Georgia killed an activist who they say shot first. But a lack of video footage has inflamed the controversy over the death.

  121. Georgia Prosecutor Signals August Timetable for Charges in Trump Inquiry National, May 19

    The Fulton County district attorney said most of her staff would work remotely at times, and asked judges not to schedule trials, in the first half of August.

  122. Disney Pulls Plug on $1 Billion Development in Florida Business, May 18

    A new office complex, and relocation of a division from California, would have created more than 2,000 jobs but was scuttled as the company and Gov. Ron DeSantis continue to feud.

  123. A Vanished Bird Might Live On, or Not. The Video Is Grainy. Climate, May 18

    Scientists say they’ve compiled evidence showing that the ivory-billed woodpecker, a kind of Holy Grail for American birders, still exists.

  124. How Could a Secret Early Release From Prison End in a Manhunt? National, May 18

    After a judge in South Carolina signed an order releasing Jeriod Price, a convicted murderer, the State Supreme Court overruled it. But Mr. Price remains at large.

  125. Killer Mike, Atlanta’s Rap Journeyman, Is at the Peak of His Powers Arts & Leisure, May 18

    More than 20 years into an idiosyncratic career, the musician and activist is finally opening up for real on “Michael,” his first solo album in more than a decade.

  126. Meet the Woman Responsible for #AliyahCore Styles, May 18

    Aliyah Bah cultivated her quirky aesthetic — a hodgepodge of Y2K, alternative and harajuku style — and watched it take off online.

  127. South Carolina House Passes Six-Week Abortion Ban National, May 18

    The approval brings both chambers of the legislature closer to agreement on a ban after months of debate.

  128. Judge’s Order for the Release of Jeriod Price Interactive, May 17

    The signed order from Judge Casey Manning allowing the early release of Jeriod Price.

  129. Read the document Interactive, May 17

    Memo from the South Carolina Judicial Branch on state law allowing for the early release of inmates who provide help to law enforcement.

  130. DeSantis Signs Tall Stack of Right-Wing Bills as 2024 Entrance Nears Politics, May 17

    The Florida governor is making a grab for national attention ahead of his expected presidential campaign rollout.

  131. Florida School District Is Sued Over Book Restrictions Books, May 17

    A free-speech organization and the country’s largest book publisher said the district violated the First Amendment and the equal protection clause.

  132. In Florida Upset, Democrat Wins Jacksonville Mayor’s Race National, May 17

    Donna Deegan is only the second Democrat to be elected mayor of Florida’s biggest city in the past three decades.

  133. $325,000 Homes in Georgia, Maryland and Arkansas Real Estate, May 17

    A Victorian home in Waynesboro, a rowhouse in Baltimore and a cottage in Little Rock.

  134. The Courts Should Be More Political, Not Less Op Ed, May 17

    Urging more politicization may seem perverse. But in some states, it’s the only way to strengthen our democracy and empower voters.

  135. DeSantis Goes 0-for-2 on Election Night Politics, May 17

    The 2024 hopeful made a dramatic, election-eve show of support in the Kentucky governor’s race, only for his chosen candidate to get clobbered. Another favored candidate in Jacksonville, Fla., lost, too.

  136. Ally of Mitch McConnell Wins G.O.P. Primary for Kentucky Governor Politics, May 16

    Daniel Cameron, the attorney general, will face Andy Beshear, a popular Democrat who is seeking re-election in a typically deep-red state.

  137. North Carolina Legislature Reapproves Abortion Ban, Overriding Governor’s Veto National, May 16

    Republicans used their supermajority to uphold a 12-week ban, overruling the Democratic governor’s attempt to stop the bill and preserve wider abortion access.

  138. Disney Argues New Florida Law Nullifies DeSantis-Backed Suit Business, May 16

    The company wants a state court case involving development at Disney World dismissed, saying actions by the Florida governor and his allies made it moot.

  139. Pennsylvania Primary Election Results Interactive, May 16

    See full results and maps from the Pennsylvania primary and special elections.

  140. Kentucky Primary Election Results Interactive, May 16

    See full results and maps from the Kentucky primary and special elections.

  141. Philadelphia City Council Primary Election Results Interactive, May 16

    See full results and maps from the Philadelphia City Council primary elections.

  142. Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Primary Election Results Interactive, May 16

    See full results and maps from the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court primary elections.

  143. Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Primary Election Results Interactive, May 16

    See full results and maps from the Pennsylvania agriculture commissioner primary elections.

  144. Kentucky Secretary of State Primary Election Results Interactive, May 16

    See full results and maps from the Kentucky Secretary of State primary elections.

  145. Pennsylvania State House District 108 Special Election Results Interactive, May 16

    See full results and maps from the Pennsylvania State House District 108 special election.

  146. Kentucky State Senate District 28 Special Election Results Interactive, May 16

    See full results from the Kentucky State Senate District 28 special election.

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