1. For Senator Kelly Loeffler, Impeachment Is an Early Proving Ground U.S., Yesterday

    The Georgia Republican was sworn in as the Senate’s newest member just in time to sit for the impeachment trial against President Trump.

  2. Johnson Risks a Rift with Trump by Granting New Access to Huawei World, Yesterday

    Despite the Trump administration’s effort to persuade Britain to bar the Chinese technology giant from its new broadband network, Boris Johnson decided to grant Huawei limited access.

  3. Weaponizing Truth Against Opioids Opinion, Yesterday

    A decades-old campaign that knew how to talk to teenagers persuaded millions of them to never start smoking. Can it now persuade them never to misuse opioids?

  4. How Impeachment Puts Doug Jones in a No-Win Situation in Alabama U.S., Yesterday

    Mr. Jones, the lone Democratic senator from the Deep South, is in a precarious political position as he cautiously approaches impeachment in a state where President Trump is immensely popular.

  5. Doug Collins, Trump Ally, Is Expected to Run for Senate in Georgia U.S., January 27

    Mr. Collins plans to challenge a fellow Republican, Senator Kelly Loeffler, in this fall’s special election for one of Georgia’s Senate seats.

  6. Paula White Says Video About ‘Satanic Pregnancies’ Was Taken Out of Context U.S., January 27

    Ms. White, who recently joined the Trump administration as a religious adviser, said her remarks referred to a Bible passage.

  7. Paula White Says Video About ‘Satanic Pregnancies’ Was Taken Out of Context U.S., January 27

    Ms. White, who recently joined the Trump administration as a religious adviser, said her remarks referred to a Bible passage.

  8. A Notorious Sandy Hook Tormentor Is Arrested in Florida U.S., January 27

    Wolfgang Halbig, who has falsely accused the families of shooting victims in Newtown, Conn., of constructing an elaborate hoax, was charged with the unlawful possession of personal identification.

  9. How Pete Buttigieg Tailors His Message to Black and White Voters U.S., January 27

    Mr. Buttigieg is the star of the show at his campaign rallies in Iowa, where his crowds are virtually all white. In South Carolina, in front of black audiences, he still needs help telling his story.

  10. At Least 8 Dead in Alabama Boat Dock Fire, Officials Say U.S., January 27

    The fire tore through a wooden dock in Scottsboro, destroying dozens of boats and sending survivors into the water.

  11. Tears for the Magnificent and Shrinking Everglades, a ‘River of Grass’ Travel, January 27

    Florida’s freshwater wonder is threatened like never before with a rising sea level as restoration efforts lag.

  12. Tears for the Magnificent and Shrinking Everglades, a ‘River of Grass’ Travel, January 27

    Florida’s freshwater wonder is threatened like never before with a rising sea level as restoration efforts lag.

  13. The Agency That Brought Appalachia Electricity Must Focus on the Climate Opinion, January 27

    The Tennessee Valley Authority could do a lot in short order, if it chose to.

  14. A Seed in Darkest Winter Opinion, January 26

    The natural world is in convulsions. It’s also poised to begin again.

  15. Bloomberg Warns of Anti-Semitism ‘Rearing Its Ugly Head’ U.S., January 26

    Speaking at a prominent synagogue near Miami, the former New York City mayor spoke of his Jewish heritage and his support for Israel.

  16. Two Dead in Shooting in South Carolina U.S., January 26

    At least four other people were wounded in a shooting early Sunday morning at a bar in Hartsville, S.C., according to the authorities.

  17. Tom Steyer Spends Millions in South Carolina. Black Voters Reap the Benefit. U.S., January 25

    Seeking inroads in the state, Mr. Steyer, a hedge-fund billionaire, is paying black vendors, hiring black staff members and appearing in rural outposts, lavishing money and attention. It’s paying dividends.

  18. Zion Williamson Is Back. Will His Knee Hold Up? Sports, January 24

    The phenom made an encouraging N.B.A. debut, but concerns remain about health risks from biomechanical flaws and from his decision to specialize in basketball from a young age.

  19. ‘Pillowcase Rapist,’ Who Terrorized Florida in the 1980s, Has Been Caught, Officials Say U.S., January 23

    The authorities say DNA evidence has tied Robert Eugene Koehler, 60, to more than two dozen sexual assaults. A “dungeon in progress” was found under his house, a prosecutor said.

  20. ‘Environmental Justice Is Not Merely a Box to Be Checked’ Opinion, January 23

    When concerns about a pipeline were dismissed by regulators, a rural black enclave went to court — and won.

  21. Firefighters Shield Body Trapped in Rubble of New Orleans Hotel U.S., January 22

    They replaced a tarp that, before it blew away, was covering the remains of a worker that couldn’t be safely retrieved from the partially collapsed building.

  22. A New Face of White Supremacy: Plots Expose Danger of the ‘Base’ U.S., January 22

    A secret domestic terrorism investigation revealed that the violent neo-Nazi group was recruiting cells across the United States.

  23. The Iconic Man With a Gun Is a White Man Opinion, January 22

    Protesters in Virginia were re-enacting — and re-embracing — an exclusionary vision of American history.

  24. $1.2 Million Homes in New York, California and Florida Real Estate, January 22

    A Greek Revival-style house in Hudson, a midcentury-modern home in Los Angeles and a cottage in Key West.

  25. What You Get for $1.2 Million Slideshow, January 22

    A Greek Revival-style house in Hudson, N.Y.; a midcentury-modern home in Los Angeles; and a cottage in Key West, Fla.

  26. Beware Falling Iguanas, Florida Warns U.S., January 21

    Cold weather stuns the lizards, which drop from trees, seemingly frozen or dead. Not to worry: The warm sun wakes them up again.

  27. More Slayings at Parchman as Mississippi Confronts Prison Crisis U.S., January 21

    Several inmates have been killed in Mississippi prisons in the past month, a crisis that underscores the dangers of a system the state’s new governor has called a “catastrophe.”

  28. I Quit the Evangelical Church I Grew Up In Style, January 20

    I once was found until I realized I was lost.

  29. Los 17 retratos gigantes que sacudieron a un pueblito del sur de Estados Unidos en Español, January 20

    Newnan, Georgia, decidió utilizar el arte para ayudar a la comunidad a celebrar la diversidad y abrazar el cambio. No todos estaban listos para lo que vieron.

  30. Conservative States Seek Billions to Brace for Disaster. (Just Don’t Call It Climate Change.) Climate, January 20

    A Trump administration program to help states prepare for natural disasters has become a window into the tortured political language of talking about climate change.

  31. Amid Tight Security, Virginia Gun Rally Draws Thousands of Supporters U.S., January 20

    Some 22,000 people, many of them armed, flooded the streets around the State Capitol to protest gun control proposals from the new Democratic majority.

  32. Nobody Cared When Nashville Drowned Opinion, January 20

    A new exhibit marks the 10th anniversary of a national disaster the nation ignored.

  33. ‘We’ve Got to Change This’: Has Dixie Highway Reached the End of the Road? U.S., January 20

    In South Florida, leaders are discussing whether to change the name of Dixie Highway, which some say glorifies the nation’s racist history.

  34. Mentioning Trump and K.K.K. in Same Sentence, Biden Condemns Hate U.S., January 19

    On his first campaign stop for the Martin Luther King holiday in South Carolina, Joe Biden denounced the president in some of his strongest language yet.

  35. The Big Ask of Black Voters: Trust the Government U.S., January 19

    Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg are trying to woo older black voters with policy. Those policies may be why they’re struggling to win their support.

  36. SpaceX’s Explosive Test May Launch Year of Renewed Human Spaceflight Science, January 19

    A NASA program could be ready to launch astronauts to orbit once again, and the number of people traveling to space could surge.

  37. How 17 Outsize Portraits Rattled a Small Southern Town U.S., January 19

    Newnan, Ga., decided to use art to help the community celebrate diversity and embrace change. Not everyone was ready for what they saw.

  38. Trump on Virginia Gun Dispute: 2nd Amendment ‘Under Very Serious Attack’ U.S., January 18

    The president weighed in before thousands were expected to gather in Virginia’s capital for a gun rights rally.

  39. What Did Virginia Learn From Charlottesville? U.S., January 18

    By banning weapons and closing entrances, state and local officials in Richmond are trying to avoid a repeat of the deadly clash in Charlottesville.

  40. Sex, Power and Fury: The Mystery of a Death at Guantánamo Bay U.S., January 18

    The federal trial of a former commander of the naval base put a spotlight on life at the isolated and secretive outpost best known for its terrorist court and prison.

  41. What to Know About the Virginia Gun Rally U.S., January 17

    The governor declared a state of emergency and the F.B.I. has made several arrests. Here’s what you need to know ahead of Monday’s rally.

  42. Who is the Man Behind the Gun Rally That Has Virginia On Edge? U.S., January 17

    Philip Van Cleave is a prominent voice for gun rights in the state.

  43. Who Is the Man Behind the Gun Rally That Has Virginia On Edge? U.S., January 17

    Philip Van Cleave is a prominent voice for gun rights in the state and beyond.

  44. Woman Used Eye Drops to Kill Husband, Court Says U.S., January 17

    Lana Sue Clayton was sentenced to 25 years in prison after she added eye drops to her husband’s drinks in such large amounts that the active chemical killed him, according to the authorities.

  45. F.B.I. Vows to Notify State Officials of Any Election Systems Breaches U.S., January 16

    The change in policy came after an outcry about how federal law enforcement officials handled a Russian hack of two Florida counties’ voter rolls.

  46. The Misguided Push for an Equal Rights Amendment Opinion, January 16

    There are better ways to help women, that are less prone to generating backlash.

  47. The New Generation of Self-Created Utopias T Magazine, January 16

    As so-called intentional communities proliferate across the country, a subset of Americans is discovering the value of opting out of contemporary society.

  48. Virginia Capital on Edge as F.B.I. Arrests Suspected Neo-Nazis Before Gun Rally U.S., January 16

    The three men had obtained guns and discussed traveling to Virginia for protests against new gun control measures, officials said.

  49. A Painter Resurrects Louisiana’s Vanished Creole Culture Arts, January 16

    Andrew LaMar Hopkins celebrates the rich contributions of 19th-Century New Orleans in his folk art style (and drag).

  50. ‘Please Try to Help Us’: Conversing With Mississippi Inmates on a Contraband Phone U.S., January 16

    Prison officials said contraband cellphones fuel violence and undermine security. But as a crisis swelled in Mississippi’s prisons, images shared by inmates brought attention to troubling conditions.

  51. Overwhelmed by Medical Bills, and Finding Help on TikTok Health, January 16

    In a video last month, a North Carolina woman shared a tip about battling “stupid charges.” Thousands responded — some in gratitude, others to commiserate over the baffling costs of health care.

  52. Robert Hyde, Erratic Ex-Landscaper, Is Unlikely New Impeachment Figure New York, January 15

    F.B.I. agents visited Mr. Hyde’s home and business in Connecticut after electronic messages suggested he had been illegally tracking the American ambassador to Ukraine.

  53. Two Jurors Voted to Acquit. He Was Convicted of Murder Anyway. Interactive, January 15

    Michael Shannon was wrongly convicted — a result of a Louisiana law rooted in discrimination. Why are split-jury verdicts still allowed in America?

  54. Two Jurors Voted to Acquit. He Was Convicted of Murder Anyway. Interactive, January 15

    Michael Shannon was wrongly convicted — a result of a Louisiana law rooted in discrimination. Why are split-jury verdicts still allowed in America?

  55. Virginia Governor Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Gun Rally U.S., January 15

    Gov. Ralph Northam said there had been credible threats of violence ahead of a rally that was expected to draw thousands of gun rights advocates to the State Capitol.

  56. Why the Equal Rights Amendment Is Back U.S., January 15

    For nearly a century, advocates have tried to add a provision to the Constitution guaranteeing equal rights to men and women. The effort, stalled for decades, has come back to life.

  57. Holy Cross Student Rower Killed in Florida Crash U.S., January 15

    According to the college, Grace Rett, 20, died when a pickup slammed into a van carrying about a dozen members of the team.

  58. Virginia Approves the E.R.A., Becoming the 38th State to Back It U.S., January 15

    Virginia’s move is symbolic, and crosses the threshold of three-quarters of states needed for ratification. Yet the fate of the E.R.A. is far from decided.

  59. $400,000 Homes in Indiana, Massachusetts and Arkansas Real Estate, January 15

    A custom-designed midcentury home near Indianapolis, an 1850s Italianate in New Bedford and a renovated house in Little Rock.

  60. What You Get for $400,000 Slideshow, January 15

    A custom-designed midcentury home near Indianapolis; an 1850s Italianate in New Bedford, Mass.; and a renovated house in Little Rock, Ark.

  61. Man Accused of Making ‘Swatting’ Threats With White Supremacists U.S., January 15

    The authorities say that the suspect is part of a nationwide ring of white supremacists trying to foment panic.

  62. A Mueller Report Witness Pleads Guilty to Child Pornography Possession Charges U.S., January 14

    George Nader, a Lebanese-American businessman, also pleaded guilty to a child sex trafficking charge on Monday in federal court.

  63. Dying Malls? This One Has Found a Way to Thrive Business, January 14

    Aventura Mall, near Miami, isn’t shy about investing in its infrastructure and is widely considered one of the most successful malls in the country.

  64. Built on Sand: The Get-Rich-Quick Scams of 1920s Florida Books, January 14

    Christopher Knowlton’s “Bubble in the Sun” tells a story of fortunes made and lost in Florida real estate.

  65. Nashville Hot Chicken Finds a New Home in Los Angeles Food, January 13

    Hotville, from the same family that invented the dish, proves that hot chicken is an essential part of the American canon.

  66. What Happened When a State Made Food Stamps Harder to Get U.S., January 13

    In West Virginia, tougher work requirements for receiving food stamps complicated life for poor people, but did not result in increased employment.

  67. How the Police Use Facial Recognition, and Where It Falls Short Technology, January 12

    Records from Florida, where law enforcement has long used the controversial technology, offer an inside look at its risks and rewards.

  68. The Decimation of Local News Has Lawmakers Crossing the Aisle Technology, January 12

    Lawmakers from both parties blame companies like Facebook and Google for the struggles of local newspapers.

  69. U.S. to Expel a Dozen Saudi Military Trainees After Pensacola Shooting U.S., January 12

    A review did not find that the students aided the gunman, a Saudi trainee, but concluded that some had ties to extremist movements and others had pornography, a taboo in Saudi Arabia.

  70. Former Marine Posed as Security Member for Trump’s Marine One, Officials Say U.S., January 11

    Brandon M. Magnan claimed to be part of security for the president’s helicopter and was able to get through two checkpoints at Palm Beach International Airport, the authorities said.

  71. Former Marine Posed as Security Member for Trump’s Marine One, Officials Say U.S., January 11

    Brandon M. Magnan claimed to be part of security for the president’s helicopter and was able to get through two checkpoints at Palm Beach International Airport, the authorities said.

  72. Carlos Ghosn Skipped Bail. This Man Was Left Behind. Business, January 11

    The former Nissan executive remains in Tokyo, awaiting a trial on criminal charges that he helped Mr. Ghosn hide his compensation.

  73. In Disney Races, Cartoonish Gear Is the Front-Runner Well, January 11

    “Think about which parts of the costume are actually touching your skin, because chafing is one thing you can’t do anything about,” one runner says.

  74. J. Charles Jones, Civil Rights Activist, Is Dead at 82 U.S., January 10

    He was a participant in many pivotal events of the 1960s, beginning with lunch-counter protests in Charlotte, N.C.

  75. How Serious Is Tom Steyer’s Polling Surge? The Upshot, January 9

    In a new survey, he’s second in South Carolina and tied for third in Nevada.

  76. Tom Steyer Qualifies for Democratic Debate With Two Surprising Polls U.S., January 9

    Mr. Steyer will join five other candidates onstage on Tuesday after registering double-digit support in Nevada and South Carolina.

  77. Mamie Kirkland, Witness to an Era of Racial Terror, Dies at 111 U.S., January 9

    She endured the horrors of the African-American experience — lynchings, riots, the Ku Klux Klan — and worked to ensure that they never slipped from collective memory.

  78. Teacher Is Charged With Battery After Throwing Student Out of Class U.S., January 9

    The educator at a middle school in Florida, Jeffrey A. Paffumi, was arrested after a confrontation with the 14-year-old over playing music in class, an affidavit said.

  79. The T List: A Comfy Robe You’ll Want to Leave the House in, and More T Magazine, January 9

    What to buy, see and try this week, from the editors of T Magazine.

  80. ‘A Blood Bath’: 5 Dead as Gang Violence Rocks Mississippi Prisons U.S., January 9

    Five inmates were slain last week, and two inmates escaped. The violence has illuminated an understaffed system troubled by gang warfare.

  81. A Different Kind of Reporting Assignment: Build a Glock 19 Reader Center, January 9

    “Ghosts Guns,” assembled from kits, can be bought online and don’t have serial numbers. To learn more about them, we ordered one.

  82. Ed Orgeron Becomes the Cajun Yogi Berra Sports, January 9

    The L.S.U. coach lifted his football team to No. 1 with his skill and challenged cultural stereotypes with his colorful voice.

  83. Even NASCAR Drivers Need a Stylist Style, January 8

    It’s not just celebrities on the red carpet who can use help getting dressed.

  84. Would You Work for Nothing at Disney? 10,000 Superfans Applied Travel, January 8

    Only 14 were selected to be on the Disney Parks Moms Panel (three are dads), and they will spend the next year helping interested parkgoers plan their Disney vacations.

  85. Boy Scouts of America Is Sued Over Sexual Abuse Allegations U.S., January 7

    The lawsuit was filed after a window was opened for survivors to pursue justice in cases of decades-old alleged abuse.

  86. When White Supremacists Overthrew an Elected Government Books, January 7

    David Zucchino’s “Wilmington’s Lie” tells the forgotten history of a coup against a multiracial government in North Carolina.

  87. White Prosecutor, Doug Evans, Asks to Recuse Himself From Curtis Flowers Case U.S., January 7

    Mr. Evans had prosecuted Mr. Flowers, a black man, in six different trials for the same crime. All either ended in mistrial or convictions overturned on appeal, and Mr. Flowers was released on bail in December.

  88. After a Deadly Plot, a Church Is Learning How to Fight Back U.S., January 7

    Religious institutions across the country are learning how to protect themselves. In Georgia, one small black church is taking action after a thwarted attack.

  89. Deval Patrick Hopes for an Unlikely Surge, but for Many, ‘It’s Awfully Late’ U.S., January 7

    Nearly two months after his unusually late entry into the presidential race, the former Massachusetts governor has failed to draw big headlines or crucial endorsements. But he still has a long-shot plan.

  90. Democrats, Newly Dominant in Virginia, Race to Make New Laws U.S., January 6

    Most state legislatures are dominated by Republicans, but Democrats have gained ground in several states since President Trump’s election.

  91. N.A.A.C.P. Tells Local Chapters: Don’t Let Energy Industry Manipulate You Business, January 5

    The civil rights group is trying to stop state and local branches from accepting money from utilities that promote fossil fuels and then lobbying on their behalf.

  92. Tensions Abroad Stir a Whirlwind at Fort Bragg as Soldiers Deploy U.S., January 4

    Some 3,500 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division are bound for the Middle East, spelling uncertainty for families and a community where the base is its backbone.

  93. Father and Daughter, Mistaken for Deer, Are Fatally Shot, Officials Say U.S., January 4

    The man and his 9-year-old daughter were shot while hunting on New Year’s Day in South Carolina.

  94. Rod Stewart and Son Face Battery Charges After New Year’s Eve Altercation Arts, January 4

    Mr. Stewart punched a security guard who refused to allow him into an event, and his eldest son, Sean, shoved the guard, a police report said.

  95. In Miami Speech, Trump Tells Evangelical Base: God Is ‘on Our Side’ U.S., January 3

    President Trump, who has been gripped by anxiety about evangelical voters abandoning him, took wide swipes at Democratic rivals one day after the strike on a top Iranian leader.

  96. In Appalachia, Crafting a Road to Recovery With Dulcimer Strings Arts, January 3

    In Kentucky, where music is the lifeblood, an apprentice program run by luthiers provides meaningful jobs and helps remove the stigma of opioid addiction.

  97. Military Police Can Now Carry Personal Firearms on Marine Corps Bases U.S., January 2

    The Marine Corps said it expedited the policy change after recent fatal shootings at Navy installations in Pensacola, Fla., and at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

  98. New Art Museum Adds to Sarasota’s Cultural Heritage Travel, January 2

    Residents, staff and donors hope the Sarasota Art Museum of Ringling College will provide a cross section of contemporary art as layered as Sarasota itself.

  99. $750,000 Homes in Mississippi, Missouri and Arizona Real Estate, January 1

    A brand-new cottage in Oxford, a 1967 modern-style home in Kansas City and a three-bedroom house with red-rock views in Sedona.

  100. What You Get for $750,000 Slideshow, January 1

    A brand-new cottage in Oxford, Miss.; 1967 modern-style home in Kansas City, Mo.; and a three-bedroom house with red-rock views in Sedona, Ariz.

  101. The Work Diary of Anna Bond, Whose Work Includes … Making Diaries Business, January 1

    In an iCal era, the co-founder of Rifle Paper Co., seller of stationery and home goods, still relies on physical planners (and the drive-through).

  102. Firings at Trump Property Cap Year of Purging Undocumented Workers U.S., December 31

    Facing a public reckoning, the Trump Organization has been cracking down on its unauthorized laborers.

  103. West Virginia Will Fire Corrections Cadets for Doing Nazi Salute U.S., December 31

    The state’s governor released the results of an investigation into a photo and said he had approved the termination of the roughly 30 correctional trainees who appeared in it.

  104. Our Fear Facer Makes a New Friend Podcasts, December 31

    In September, Ella Maners, 9, shared with “The Daily” how she confronted her obsessive compulsive disorder at summer camp. Then the responses flooded in.

  105. An Officer Admitted Making a Racist Threat. He Still Has a Job. New York, December 31

    More than 10,000 people signed a petition demanding the New York City officer’s ouster after he broke into a black woman’s home.