1. Resident Presumed Dead in Arlington, Va., House Explosion U.S., Yesterday

    The authorities said James Yoo, 56, was believed to have died when his home exploded as the police were preparing to search the residence on Monday night.

  2. Miami Has Matured into a Cultural Capital. What’s Next? Arts, Yesterday

    Thirty years ago, the city was barely a blip on the art world’s radar. Now, partly because of Art Basel, it has become a global hot spot. But can it manage its growing pains?

  3. More Miami Art Fairs to Explore Arts, Yesterday

    Collectors will have many options to experience in addition to Art Basel Miami Beach. Here are four standouts.

  4. A Restless Design Show Hops to Miami Arts, Yesterday

    Alcova, a five-year-old platform for experimentalists that was founded in Italy, makes its American debut.

  5. Three European Art World Insiders Weigh In on Miami’s Scene Arts, Yesterday

    A European artist, curator, and collector consider the upstart: Is it an art world hub? Overhyped? Or a place to grow the arts outside museum walls?

  6. Decision Time for Dealers at Art Basel Miami Beach Arts, Yesterday

    Picking the right pieces to display at art fairs can sway money and fame.

  7. What to Eat, See and Do During Miami Art Week Arts, Yesterday

    An array of restaurants and boutiques have opened alongside Miami-area mainstays to cater to visitors and an influx of new residents.

  8. Looking to the Art Fair World of 2024 Arts, Yesterday

    Art fairs managed to survive the downturn brought about by the Covid pandemic and are on the rise again — a trend expected to continue in the coming year.

  9. Miami’s Rise as an Art Hub Draws Artists and Offers Inspiration Arts, Yesterday

    The respect for art in South Florida has made it a “cozy” place for people to come — and stay for work and to build a following.

  10. Smaller Airlines Seek Mergers to Compete With Industry Giants Business, Yesterday

    JetBlue Airways is trying to persuade a federal court to let it acquire Spirit Airlines, a deal that the Justice Department says will raise fares and reduce competition.

  11. Patrick McHenry, Former Interim Speaker, Will Leave Congress U.S., Yesterday

    The North Carolina congressman, who leads the House Financial Services Committee, said he would join the growing ranks of lawmakers exiting Congress amid intense dysfunction.

  12. Panera Bread’s Charged Lemonade Linked to Second Death in Lawsuit U.S., Yesterday

    A man in Florida died after drinking three servings of the highly caffeinated drink at a Panera location in Florida, his family said in a wrongful-death lawsuit.

  13. The Blurry Line Between Rap Star and Crime Boss The Daily, Yesterday

    In the racketeering and gang conspiracy trial of the artist Young Thug, his lyrics are allowed as evidence in court.

  14. House Explodes in Arlington, Va. Video, Yesterday

    Plumes of smoke rose over a house in Arlington, Va., that had exploded after the police attempted to search it.

  15. Georgia Republicans Add Majority-Black Congressional District at Expense of McBath U.S., December 4

    If passed, the proposed maps would spur debate over whether majority-minority districts have the same protections against racial discrimination under the Voting Rights Act.

  16. Tyler Goodson of ‘S-Town’ Podcast Is Shot Dead in Police Standoff U.S., December 4

    Mr. Goodson, who had been featured in the investigative podcast set in the town of Woodstock, Ala., “brandished a gun at officers” before he was fatally shot, the authorities said.

  17. There Are Politicians Who Lie More Than Is Strictly Necessary Op Ed, December 4

    In case you were wondering.

  18. Details of Sexual Assault Allegation Against Florida G.O.P. Chair Add to Party Turmoil National, December 4

    The details of the allegation against the state party chairman, Christian Ziegler, emerged in an affidavit. He has denied any wrongdoing.

  19. Man Who Posed as Federal Agent Is Sentenced to Nearly 3 Years in Prison Express, December 4

    Arian Taherzadeh befriended Secret Service employees and gave them lavish gifts, including rent-free apartments, to bolster his fraudulent law enforcement business, prosecutors said.

  20. ‘Medical Freedom’ Activists Take Aim at New Target: Childhood Vaccine Mandates Washington, December 3

    Mississippi has long had high childhood immunization rates, but a federal judge has ordered the state to allow parents to opt out on religious grounds.

  21. In Florida’s Hot Political Climate, Some Faculty Have Had Enough National, December 3

    Liberal-leaning professors are leaving coveted jobs with tenure. And there are signs that recruiting scholars has become harder.

  22. Tim Dorsey, Who Turned Florida’s Quirks Into Comic Gold, Dies at 62 Obits, December 2

    Long before Florida Man became a meme, he mined the Sunshine State’s weirdness for enough material to fill 26 darkly funny crime novels.

  23. Expulsan de EE. UU. a un exoficial del ejército chileno acusado del homicidio de Víctor Jara En español, December 2

    Pedro Barrientos, de 74 años, fue acusado de secuestro, tortura y ejecución del popular cantante días después del golpe militar de 1973.

  24. Ex-Chilean Army Officer Is Expelled From U.S. to Face Charges in Singer’s Killing Foreign, December 2

    Pedro Barrientos, 74, was charged in the kidnapping, torture and killing of the popular folk singer Víctor Jara days after the 1973 military coup that deposed President Salvador Allende.

  25. 2023 Hurricane Season Ends, Marked by Storms That ‘Really Rapidly Intensified’ Interactive, December 2

    There have been a combined 37 named storms this year in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific basins. A high proportion of those quickly escalated.

  26. Drunk and Asleep on the Job: Air Traffic Controllers Pushed to the Brink Business, December 2

    A nationwide shortage of controllers has resulted in an exhausted and demoralized work force that is increasingly prone to making dangerous mistakes.

  27. Georgia County Signs Up to Use Voter Database Backed by Election Deniers Politics, December 2

    The decision ignores warnings from voting rights groups and some election experts.

  28. A protester self-immolates outside the Israeli Consulate in Atlanta. National, December 2

    A security guard tried to intervene but was unsuccessful, officials said.

  29. DeSantis Takes Fight for Second Place to Nikki Haley’s Home State Politics, December 2

    After ignoring each other for much of the campaign, the two candidates now engage in near-daily attacks and have sparred with increasing intensity on the debate stage.

  30. Trump Lawyer Tells Judge a Georgia Trial Would Be ‘Election Interference’ National, December 1

    Arguments in court on Friday offered clues to Donald J. Trump’s legal strategy in fighting state charges of conspiracy to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

  31. They’re Not Presidential Front-Runners. But They Played Them on TV. Culture, December 1

    Ron DeSantis, Gavin Newsom and a not-exactly-neutral Sean Hannity staged a campaign debate from an alternative timeline.

  32. What a Petty Pair DeSantis and Newsom Made Op Ed, December 1

    What they modeled was the boastful, belligerent manner in which most political disagreements are hashed out these days.

  33. Jeff Bezos’ Giant Yacht Is Apparently Too Big to Anchor Near Others in Florida Express, December 1

    The superyacht, called Koru, arrived in Port Everglades in Florida on Nov. 22, and has been docked near a more-than 610-foot-long oil tanker named Magnolia State.

  34. Criminal Investigation Roils Florida Republican Party National, December 1

    Christian Ziegler, the state G.O.P. chairman, is under investigation after a sexual battery allegation. Democrats have called for his resignation.

  35. 6 Former Jail Officers Charged in Death of West Virginia Inmate Express, December 1

    Prosecutors said the former corrections officers had made false statements to investigators after three of them assaulted Quantez Burks, 37, in March 2022.

  36. Judge Weighs in on Bitter Dispute Between Daryl Hall and John Oates Arts, November 30

    Hall has accused Oates of committing the “ultimate partnership betrayal” when he moved to sell off his portion of a joint venture. Oates denies wrongdoing.

  37. Fear and Anguish Amid a Rise in Antisemitism Opinion, November 30

    Responses to Senator Chuck Schumer’s essay about antisemitism. Also: President Biden’s meeting with Muslim Americans; Jimmy Carter; a writer’s journey; cruise ships in Key West.

  38. Trump’s Georgia Lawyer Has Been Quiet. That May Soon Change. U.S., November 30

    Steven Sadow’s minimalist approach in the racketeering case against his client has created some dramatic tension, but his silence may be coming to an end.

  39. How a ‘Goon Squad’ of Deputies Got Away With Years of Brutality Local Investigations, November 30

    They barged into homes in the middle of the night, then held people down while they beat and choked them, witnesses said. For years, signs of the violence went ignored.

  40. ‘Southern/Modern’: Rediscovering the Radical Art Below the Mason-Dixon Line Weekend, November 30

    In the first half of the 20th century, socially conscious artists in the South were great innovators, reflecting on race, progress and the disappearing plantocracy.

  41. For Republican Governors, Civics Is the Latest Education Battleground National, November 30

    Virginia, Florida and South Dakota have new standards that focus on patriotism, Christianity and anti-communism. But debating current events? That’s discouraged.

  42. DeSantis-Newsom Debate: A Campaign Sideshow in the Spotlight Politics, November 30

    The stakes are high for the governor of Florida as his polling sags fewer than seven weeks out from the Iowa caucuses.

  43. Trump Will Skip the G.O.P. Debate and Attend a Fund-Raiser Instead Politics, November 30

    The fourth Republican debate will be held next Wednesday night in Alabama. The former president has not attended any of the previous debates.

  44. As DeSantis and Newsom Debate, Let’s Look at Their Economic Records Op Ed, November 29

    Florida and California both have strengths to boast about, but the data reveals weaknesses, too.

  45. Rosalynn Carter Returns for a Final Time to the Place She Found Most Comfort National, November 29

    A simple red brick church where Mrs. Carter had worshiped for decades was filled on Wednesday with the people who had known her best.

  46. Rosalynn Carter’s Life in Photos National, November 29

    She rose to become the most politically active first lady since Eleanor Roosevelt. Yet her life began and ended dozens of miles from any interstate highway or even a stoplight.

  47. Gavin Newsom Wants Fox News Viewers to Hear Him Out Politics, November 28

    After sparring twice with Sean Hannity, Gov. Gavin Newsom of California will jump into the ring this week with Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. The stakes are high for both men.

  48. Memorial Celebrates Rosalynn Carter’s Life, a ‘Public Love Story’ Washington, November 28

    Former President Jimmy Carter emerged from hospice care to join a cast of political heavyweights paying tribute to Mrs. Carter, who died at 96 last week at her home in Plains, Ga.

  49. Young Thug’s YSL RICO Trial: What to Know Culture, November 27

    Hip-hop collective or street gang? In a blockbuster case against the famed Atlanta rap crew YSL, headed by Young Thug, prosecutors say it is both.

  50. Could Biden’s Clean Energy Push Be a Victim of Its Success? Politics, November 27

    Thanks to the president’s signature legislation, solar energy manufacturing is booming in Georgia, a key state in the 2024 election. But the industry now worries that it could be too much and too fast.

  51. Should Biden Bow Out, as David Axelrod Urged? Letters, November 26

    Readers respond to a column by Maureen Dowd. Also: Speaker Mike Johnson’s lament; drive-through downsides; New Orleans drinking water.

  52. U.S. Troops Still Train on Weapons With Known Risk of Brain Injury National, November 26

    Pentagon researchers say weapons like shoulder-fired rockets expose troops who fire them to blast waves far above safety limits, but they remain in wide use.

  53. The Stabbing of Derek Chauvin: What We Know National, November 25

    The attack in an Arizona prison was the latest violent episode involving a high-profile inmate at a federal correctional facility.

  54. DeSantis Faces Critical Decision on Cruise Ships in Key West National, November 25

    A campaign donor to Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to expand cruise ship operations in Key West, where voters have tried to restrict them.

  55. In This Atlanta Suburb, Teens Taste Freedom at 10 M.P.H. National, November 25

    In Peachtree City, Ga., golf carts are everywhere, giving young people in particular an early chance to take life by the wheel.

  56. Georgia’s Liberal Organizers Warn of a Cash Crunch and Apathy Politics, November 24

    Cost-conscious shifts in strategy and a changed political landscape have stoked fears about the groups’ ability to keep delivering victories for Democrats.

  57. The History of the Cuban Sandwich Dining, November 24

    An illustrated look at how the pressed sandwich became storied in Tampa, Fla., Miami and beyond.

  58. Charleston Elects Republican Mayor for First Time Since 1870s National, November 23

    The new mayor, William Cogswell, said partisan politics took a back seat to “mutual love and respect” for the South Carolina city.

  59. Janet Evanovich Can Laugh at Her Own Mistakes Book Review, November 23

    As her Stephanie Plum series hits a milestone with “Dirty Thirty,” the prolific octogenarian looks back on a few bloopers.

  60. Saving Praise Houses Before Their African Lineage Is Forgotten Arts & Leisure, November 23

    The Gullah Geechee fight to preserve the tiny structures, a cradle of the Black church, before they’re erased by sprawl, climate change and fading memories.

  61. How the Memphis Sanitation Workers’ Strike Changed the Labor Movement Headway, November 23

    The 1968 action led to greater economic mobility for Black workers. Today, union activists are trying to capture some of that spirit.

  62. $550,000 Homes in Massachusetts, Illinois and Virginia Real Estate, November 22

    A midcentury-modern home in Sheffield, a two-bedroom condominium in Chicago and an Italianate townhouse in Richmond.

  63. A Political Convert in the Long Shadow of the Civil War Book Review, November 22

    In “Longstreet,” Elizabeth R. Varon dissects the life and legacy of a Confederate general who became a devoted supporter of Reconstruction.

  64. Georgia Judge Modifies a Trump Co-Defendant’s Bail Conditions National, November 21

    Prosecutors say the defendant, Harrison Floyd, has been intimidating potential witnesses in the racketeering case with his social media posts.

  65. Why Warblers Flock to Wealthier Neighborhoods Science, November 21

    In the unequal distribution of birds and other species, ecologists are tracing the impact of bigoted urban policies adopted decades ago.

  66. The Carters’ Hometown Mourns for the Love of a Lifetime National, November 20

    Their marriage was admired for its endurance — 77 years — and for the affection between the two people in it. “It radiated,” one acquaintance said.

  67. At University of Arkansas, a State Law Stifles Pro-Palestinian Speakers National, November 20

    To receive a modest speaker’s fee, academics and writers must sign a pledge that they will not participate in anti-Israel boycotts. The author Nathan Thrall said no thank you.

  68. Radcliffe Bailey, Artist Who Explored Black Migration, Dies at 54 Obits, November 20

    His work blended family photographs with symbols of the African diaspora. The story he told, his gallerist said, is “not a ‘me’ thing, it’s a ‘we’ thing.”

  69. Federal Court Moves to Drastically Weaken Voting Rights Act Politics, November 20

    The ruling, which is almost certain to be appealed to the Supreme Court, would effectively bar private citizens and civil rights groups from suing under a key provision of the landmark law.

  70. Notes on Going Home Op Ed, November 20

    We are shaped by the landscapes we are born to as inescapably as any other earthly creature born to any other ecosystem.

  71. What Republicans Are Missing on Abortion Politics, According to a Republican Op Ed, November 20

    The G.O.P. is struggling politically with abortion. Jane Coaston interviews South Carolina’s Sandy Senn, who says it is “best to put it to the voters.”

  72. ‘A Beautiful Place That Has a Dragon’: Where Hurricane Risk Meets Booming Growth Interactive, November 20

    The combined threat of climate change and development in risky areas is making it a big challenge to keep coastal Carolina residents safe.

  73. Rosalynn Carter, First Lady and a Political Partner, Dies at 96 Obits, November 19

    She helped propel Jimmy Carter from rural Georgia to the White House and became the most politically active first lady since Eleanor Roosevelt.

  74. Man Suspected of Killing 4 in Memphis Is Found Dead After Hourslong Manhunt National, November 19

    The shootings across three locations killed three women and one 13-year-old girl, and critically injured one 15-year-old, the police said.

  75. A Mother’s Search for Her Son Leads to a Pauper’s Grave and More Questions National, November 19

    Bettersten Wade spent months calling the police for help finding her son, without being told that an off-duty officer driving an S.U.V. had fatally struck him on the same day she last saw him.

  76. Louisiana General Election Results Interactive, November 19

    See all results and maps from the Louisiana general election.

  77. Can Nikki Haley Beat Trump? Op Ed, November 18

    Imagining the unlikely scenario in which she actually wins the nomination.

  78. Alex Murdaugh Pleads Guilty to Spate of Financial Crimes National, November 17

    Financial Crimes

  79. Orlando Museum’s Ex-Leader Countersues, Insisting ‘Basquiats’ Are Real Culture, November 17

    The Orlando Museum of Art previously accused its former director, Aaron De Groft, of using the institution to try to legitimize fake works for personal profit.

  80. When It Comes to Disdain for Democracy, Trump Has Company Op Ed, November 17

    Antidemocratic attitudes run deep within the Republican Party.

  81. A.C.L.U. Sues DeSantis Over Crackdown on Pro-Palestinian Campus Group National, November 16

    Florida education officials moved to ban chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine, but critics say it’s a clear cut violation of the First Amendment.

  82. Jury Deadlocks on Officer Charged With Violating Breonna Taylor’s Rights National, November 16

    Brett Hankison, a former police detective, would have been the second Louisville officer to be convicted on federal charges related to the fatal police raid on Ms. Taylor’s home in 2020.

  83. Supreme Court Refuses to Revive Florida Law Restricting Drag Shows Washington, November 16

    A federal judge in Orlando ruled that the law violated the First Amendment, saying it was “specifically designed to suppress the speech of drag queen performers.”

  84. A Taste of Florida on the Thanksgiving Table Dining, November 16

    While it is popular all year long, Key lime pie sales surge for the holiday, and many bakeries in Florida are preparing.

  85. How One Family’s Pursuit of Tennis Success Ended in Heartache U.S., November 16

    The death of one daughter and the struggles of another have left a prominent New Zealand tennis family questioning their choices and their relationship with the game they once loved.

  86. 36 Hours in Acadiana, Louisiana Interactive, November 16

    Explore Cajun Country, a region where French, Creole, Native American and African traditions come together in a cultural gumbo.

  87. Prosecutors Seek to Revoke Bond for Defendant in Trump Election Case in Georgia National, November 16

    The defendant, Harrison Floyd, who once led a group called Black Voices for Trump, has been accused of intimidating co-defendants and witnesses.

  88. Mother of 6-Year-Old Who Shot Teacher in Virginia Is Sentenced to 21 Months Express, November 16

    The mother pleaded guilty to breaking federal law by using marijuana while owning a firearm and making false statements about drug use buying the gun.

  89. Video Shows Officer Repeatedly Punching Woman Held on Ground Express, November 15

    The Charlotte, N.C., police, which opened an internal investigation, said the woman had struck an officer and resisted arrest.

  90. Storm Moves On After Drenching Florida Coast Weather, November 15

    Floodwaters were receding on Thursday, but powerful wind gusts will remain an issue through the day.

  91. $1.8 Million Homes in New York, Tennessee and Colorado Real Estate, November 15

    A modern retreat in Tivoli, a late 19th-century Shingle Style house in Signal Mountain and an 1891 limestone home in Denver.

  92. Storms, Rising Seas and Salty Drinking Water Threaten Lower Louisiana National, November 15

    Where the Mississippi River ends, the compounding threats of drought and climate change put pressure on communities that feel forgotten.

  93. Georgia Prosecutor Sees Trump Case Stretching Into 2025 National, November 14

    As the prosecutor, Fani T. Willis, discussed the case at a conference, her office sought an emergency protective order to prevent more leaks of discovery materials.

  94. Tiny Love Stories: ‘Don’t Marry Your Boyfriend’ Styles, November 14

    Modern Love in miniature, featuring reader-submitted stories of no more than 100 words.

  95. Georgia ‘Baby Jane Doe’ Identified After 35 Years Express, November 14

    A girl killed in 1988 was publicly identified as Kenyatta “KeKe” Odom, 5, on Monday. Her mother and her mother’s boyfriend at the time have been charged with murder.

  96. 9 Days, 527 Birds, 55 Species Science, November 14

    Volunteers recorded important data on a strip of land in Alabama that serves as a pit stop for avian migrators.

  97. Lawyer Says Trump Aide Told Her After 2020 Election: ‘The Boss Is Not Going to Leave’ National, November 14

    The revelation came in a statement that the lawyer, Jenna Ellis, gave to prosecutors in Fulton County, Ga., after she pleaded guilty in the election interference case there.

  98. Tim Scott’s Campaign Collapse: Debate Flops, Mistrust and an AWOL Billionaire Politics, November 13

    Externally, Mr. Scott’s brand of relentless optimism never found traction. Internally, his campaign was plagued by missteps, and a huge sum expected from a key donor never materialized.

  99. Exxon Mobil Plans to Produce Lithium in Arkansas Business, November 13

    The move is the oil giant’s first foray in the production of a metal vital for electric vehicle batteries.

  100. Spanberger Announces Run for Governor in Virginia, Leaving House Seat in Play Washington, November 13

    The centrist Democrat helped deliver her party the House majority in 2018, and her decision to seek higher office could make it more difficult for Democrats to reclaim control in 2024.

  101. A Mayor’s Suicide Leaves an Alabama City Seeking Answers National, November 12

    The mayor fatally shot himself after a news site published a photo of him in makeup and said he had written erotic fiction and posts using names and photos of local residents, including a minor.

  102. Kelly Johnson Embodies the Hard-Line Views She Shares With the Speaker Washington, November 12

    The wife of Mike Johnson, the new speaker, has rallied opposition to abortion rights and used her pastoral counseling business to condemn homosexuality.

  103. U.S. Bets on Small Nuclear Reactors to Help Fix a Huge Climate Problem Interactive, November 12

    The dream of reviving nuclear power in the U.S. rests on a new generation of smaller reactors meant to be easier to build. But major obstacles loom.

  104. Her Livelihood? Hunting Pythons in the Dead of Night. National, November 12

    Amy Siewe teaches people how to find and euthanize invasive Burmese pythons, which have been so successful at adapting to Florida that they appear here to stay.

  105. Ohio Voted to Protect Abortion Rights. Could Florida Be Next? National, November 11

    A coalition of groups collecting petition signatures for a ballot protecting abortion rights says its fund-raising got a boost after the Ohio results.

  106. Florida Man Chases Poachers Book Review, November 11

    In “Gator Country,” Rebecca Renner goes beyond the stereotypes to pay tribute to her beloved Everglades.

  107. Louisiana Must Finalize New Voting Map by January, Federal Appeals Court Says National, November 11

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit agreed with a lower-court ruling that the latest congressional map very likely diluted the power of Black voters.

  108. Florida-Bound Plane Had Missing and Damaged Windowpanes After Takeoff Express, November 11

    Passengers aboard the plane, which took off from London, told investigators that the cabin had seemed noisier and colder than they were used to.

  109. Family in ‘Take Care of Maya’ Documentary Is Awarded $261 Million Express, November 11

    A jury found that a Florida hospital, which had suspected child abuse, was liable for charges including medical negligence and false imprisonment in its treatment of Maya Kowalski in 2016.

  110. Pastor Indicted With Trump in Georgia Asks Evangelical Supporters for Help National, November 10

    The Rev. Stephen C. Lee says he was pastoring to people in Georgia after the 2020 election. The indictment says he was pressuring an elections worker.

  111. With Manchin Out, Democrats’ Path to Holding the Senate Is Narrow Politics, November 10

    While the party will be on defense in every competitive race, Republicans face some messy primaries and a recent history of nominating extreme candidates who have lost key contests.

  112. The G.O.P’s Culture War Shtick Is Wearing Thin With Voters Op Ed, November 10

    It is an approach that repels and alienates far more than it persuades.

  113. Letters With Suspicious Substances Sent to Election Offices Spur Alarm National, November 10

    Letters, some apparently containing fentanyl or other substances, were sent to local election offices in at least four states.

  114. Joe Manchin’s Retirement Adds Fuel to 2024 Rumors Politics, November 10

    The West Virginia senator, who announced Thursday that he would not seek re-election, has stoked chatter about a third-party run. But his allies have been tight-lipped about his plans.

  115. Kamala Harris Is Set to Visit South Carolina for Campaign Kickoff Politics, November 10

    The vice president is said to be planning a surprise Friday trip to file paperwork for the state’s primary, which will be the first party-approved voting of 2024.

  116. Manchin Says He Will Not Seek Re-election, Dealing Blow to Democrats Washington, November 9

    The decision by Senator Joe Manchin III will leave open a seat in a deeply red state, threatening Democrats’ hold on the Senate.

  117. The Kids of Rutherford County, Episode 4: Dedicated Public Servants Podcasts, November 9

    The lawsuit against Rutherford County comes to an end, but the hard part is actually getting everybody paid.

  118. Suburbs Were Democratic Turf on Tuesday. What About in 2024? Politics, November 9

    Republicans had hope after 2022 that the nation’s residential redoubts were coming back to the G.O.P. But aside from New York, the suburbs on Tuesday swung back to the Democrats.

  119. Dawoud Bey, Full Frame: On Richmond’s Trail of the Enslaved Arts & Leisure, November 9

    In haunting studies of places charged with Black American history, a photographer celebrated for portraits now lets the land do the talking.

  120. It’s Not Kids With the Cellphone Problem, It’s Parents Op Ed, November 9

    Banning phones in school is hard. But it’s the right thing to do.

  121. Where Women Learn to Hunt, Fish and Field-Dress a Deer, Among Women Travel, November 9

    At the Becoming an Outdoors Woman workshop, no one feels uncomfortable discussing the ick factor of live fishing bait.

  122. Haley Compares Antisemitism on College Campuses to Racism Video, November 9

    The former South Carolina governor said antisemitism is “just as awful” as racism.

  123. The November 8 Republican Debate Presidential News live blog included one standalone post:
  124. 3 Charged With Running Prostitution Service Used by Politicians and Others Washington, November 9

    The Justice Department did not name the clients of what it called the “high-end brothel network,” who were also said to include military officers, executives and government contractors.

  125. A Good Night for Democrats. A Bad Poll for Biden. Op Ed, November 8

    Which will matter more in 2024?

  126. Tate Reeves Is Not Hugely Popular. Voters in Mississippi Stuck With Him Anyway. National, November 8

    Even with a perceived likability problem and a Democratic opponent who out-raised him, Mr. Reeves won re-election as governor by a comfortable margin.

  127. In School Board Elections, Parental Rights Movement Is Dealt Setbacks National, November 8

    Culture battles on gender and race did not seem to move many voters.

  128. Democrats, No Longer Squeamish on Abortion, Lean Into Searing Personal Ads Politics, November 8

    Graphic details and shock value used to characterize Republican political ads on abortion. But Democrats ran explicit, visceral ads ahead of Tuesday’s elections, and it paid off.

  129. Danica Roem Will Become the First Transgender State Senator in the South Politics, November 8

    A Democrat in her third term in the Virginia House of Delegates and a former journalist, she won a competitive race in the northern part of the state in Tuesday’s election.

  130. Justice Dept. Watchdog Describes Unsanitary Conditions at Florida Prison Washington, November 8

    Moldy bread, rodent droppings and leaky roofs: An inspector general offered a vivid and at times nauseating glimpse of a vast, dysfunctional system.

  131. Candidates Circle Each Other on Israel Ahead of G.O.P. Debate Video, November 8

    Israel’s war in Gaza has become a major focus of the 2024 Republican presidential race. Lisa Lerer reports on how that’s likely to play out at the next debate.

  132. Democrat Beshear Charted Pragmatic Path to Re-election in Kentucky National, November 8

    In a conservative state, the governor won over many Republican voters with his handling of crises. But the G.O.P. still controls the state’s powerful Legislature.

  133. Nikki Haley’s Rise Could Turn the Republican Nomination Race Brutal Op Ed, November 8

    Win or lose, Nikki Haley knows how to run.

  134. How Abortion Lifted Democrats, and More Takeaways From Tuesday’s Elections Politics, November 8

    President Biden is unpopular, but the winning streak for his party and its policies has been extended through another election night.

  135. Virginia Dashes Youngkin’s Hopes of a G.O.P. Takeover, and Maybe More Politics, November 8

    Democratic victories in the state’s legislative races delivered a major setback to the Republican governor, who is widely seen as eyeing the presidency.

  136. Democrats Take Control of Virginia Legislature National, November 8

    The election results were a blow to Gov. Glenn Youngkin, a Republican who spent heavily in hopes of creating a majority for his party in both houses of the legislature.

  137. Mississippi Re-elects Gov. Tate Reeves, a Republican National, November 8

    While the outcome was no surprise, given the Republican Party’s dominance in the state, it did not come quite as easily as some might have expected at the outset of the race.

  138. 5 Things to Watch at the Third G.O.P. Presidential Debate Politics, November 8

    Can Nikki Haley build on her momentum? Will Ron DeSantis go on offense? Is anyone still watching? Here’s what to look for at the Republican debate.

  139. Republicans Retain Control of Agriculture Job in Kentucky National, November 8

    Democrats’ losing streak in statewide elections for agriculture commissioner continues.

  140. Andy Beshear, a Democrat, Defeats Daniel Cameron to Remain Kentucky Governor National, November 8

    The expensive and at times bitter contest was one of just three elections for governor this year, all in traditionally strong Republican states.

  141. Here’s Where Wildfires Are Burning Across the Southern U.S. Metro, November 7

    Firefighters have been fighting to contain fires in Virginia, North Carolina and other states.

  142. When Will We Have Election Results? Politics, November 7

    It’s not unreasonable to hope for results in a timely manner on Tuesday.

  143. Why Southern Baptists are Furious Over a Sex Abuse Case in Kentucky National, November 7

    A brief filed in a Kentucky case has infuriated members of the denomination across the country, just as it grapples with an abuse scandal.

  144. ‘Black Panther’ Stuntman and 3 Children Die in Georgia Car Crash Express, November 7

    The stuntman, Taraja Ramsess, worked on dozens of other films, including “Bad Boys for Life” and “The Suicide Squad.”

  145. Virginia State Legislature Election Results Interactive, November 7

    See full results from the Virginia state election.

  146. Virginia Election Results Interactive, November 7

    See full results and maps from the 2023 Virginia elections.

  147. Mississippi Election Results Interactive, November 7

    See full results and maps from the 2023 Mississippi elections.

  148. Kentucky Election Results Interactive, November 7

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