1. Reading Tea Leaves on Abortion Rights Op Ed, Yesterday

    Will the conservative majority deliver on Trump’s promise to overturn Roe v. Wade?

  2. After Possible Data Leak, North Carolina Edges Closer to a New Election Politics, Yesterday

    Amid reports that officials had leaked absentee vote totals days before the election, the state G.O.P. chairman said that a new election may be necessary.

  3. The Democrats’ Best Response to Republican Power Grabs Op Ed, Yesterday

    The best option goes beyond retaliation or restraint.

  4. Overlooked in Atlanta, Black Female Artists Try Miami Arts & Leisure, Yesterday

    Would an appearance at Art Basel Miami Beach help ten women scale the barriers of rejection or aesthetic misunderstanding they found in Georgia?

  5. There’s a Lot of Killing in Thou-Shalt-Not-Kill States Op Ed, December 10

    When it comes to the death penalty, guilt or innocence shouldn’t really matter to Christians.

  6. Rosanell Eaton, Fierce Voting Rights Advocate, Dies at 97 Obits, December 9

    Calling her an unsung hero, President Barack Obama praised her and others for refusing “to accept anything less than a full measure of equality.”

  7. Art Basel Miami Beach: Cracks in the Glittering Facade Culture, December 9

    Against the backdrop of a skidding stock market, declining endowments and a cooling of luxury real-estate values, another private museum announced its birth.

  8. ‘Mammoth’ Storm Hits Southeast Video, December 9

    A winter storm that had already dropped nearly a foot of snow in Texas led to the cancellation of more than 1,300 flights in the Carolinas, where hundreds of thousands of customers have lost power.

  9. Heavy Early Snow Smacks the Southeast, Knocking Out Power and Snarling Travel Express, December 9

    Virginia and North Carolina declared states of emergency as thousands of customers lost electricity. Many people heeded warnings to stay off slick roads, but there were still hundreds of accidents.

  10. North Carolina’s ‘Guru of Elections’: Can-Do Operator Who May Have Done Too Much Politics, December 8

    L. McCrae Dowless ran an operation that, despite his checkered past, drew little scrutiny — until he ended up in the middle of an election marred by fraud charges

  11. The High Cost of Shattering Democratic Norms Editorial, December 8

    Republicans in Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina seem intent on subverting the will of the voters.

  12. $550,000 Homes in Florida, Indiana and New Hampshire Real Estate, December 5

    A modernist duplex in Miami Beach, a 1928 home in Fort Wayne and a 1979 ranch house in Hollis.

  13. What You Get for $550,000 Slideshow, December 5

    A modernist duplex in Miami Beach, Fla.; a 1928 home in Fort Wayne, Ind.; and a 1979 ranch house in Hollis, N.H.

  14. Republicans Keep Control of Georgia Elections With Runoff Victory National, December 4

    Voters chose Brad Raffensperger as secretary of state over John Barrow, a Democrat who had promised to overhaul policies that liberals say suppress minority voting.

  15. Prison Escapee Is Fatally Shot by Woman After He Breaks Into Her Home, Sheriff Says Express, December 4

    At a news conference, the sheriff in South Carolina held up the woman as a “shining example” of why people should own guns and know how to use them.

  16. The ‘Next America’ Op Ed, December 4

    How do we govern in the age that will begin with the 2020 election?

  17. Georgia Secretary of State Election Results Interactive, December 4

    See full results and maps from the Georgia secretary of state election.

  18. Florida SWAT Officer Is Demoted After Wearing QAnon Patch Next to Mike Pence Express, December 4

    Sgt. Matt Patten of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office wore a patch with a bold letter Q, the symbol of a far-right movement that promotes baseless conspiracy theories.

  19. Jeffrey Epstein Settles Lawsuit, Avoiding Testimony From Accusers in Sex Case National, December 4

    The settlement, however, will not stop women who say Mr. Epstein sexually abused them when they were girls from seeking redress in federal court.

  20. Disputed North Carolina Race May Hinge on a Shadowy Operative Politics, December 4

    Officials are scrutinizing the work of L. McCrae Dowless Jr., who has worked for Democratic and Republican politicians in North Carolina, as they investigate claims of fraud.

  21. Black Man Killed by Police in Alabama Was Shot From Behind, Autopsy Shows Express, December 4

    Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. was directing panicked shoppers to safety when the police shot him, witnesses said. His family wants video of the shooting released.

  22. Why Does Alex Acosta Still Have a Job? Op Ed, December 3

    The cabinet official’s connection to a shady deal for an alleged child molester.

  23. North Carolina’s Election Turmoil: What We Know and Don’t Know Politics, December 3

    The race in the state’s Ninth Congressional District has been upended by allegations of absentee ballot fraud, which the state elections board is investigating.

  24. Alchemy, Miami Style Styles, December 3

    As the art hordes hit South Florida, local fashion gets a new look.

  25. Brenda Snipes, Broward County Elections Chief, Rescinds Resignation in Latest Fight With Governor Express, December 3

    In their latest back-and-forth, Dr. Snipes said she would no longer step away from office after Gov. Rick Scott, now a senator-elect, suspended her without pay.

  26. Resurrecting a New Orleans Bar and Its Dramatic Drink Dining, December 3

    Two bartenders plan to open Jewel of the South, in homage to Joseph Santini and his brandy crusta.

  27. Bus Crash in Arkansas Leaves Child Dead and Injures at Least 45 Express, December 3

    A charter bus carrying a youth football team from Tennessee overturned in Arkansas early Monday morning, the state police said.

  28. News Networks Fall Short on Climate Story as Dolphins Die on the Beach Business, December 2

    A crusader films the red-tide carnage in Florida. But in a time of climate-change denialism encouraged by the president, her work draws nasty comments.

  29. America Didn’t Always Lock Up Immigrants Op Ed, December 1

    Our current detention policies have very specific historical roots.

  30. Miami Police Sergeant Suspended After Video Shows Him Tossing a Jewish Holy Book Express, December 1

    In the video, the sergeant could be heard using expletives to describe the religious materials. “Taking out the trash, dog,” he said.

  31. North Carolina Election That Looked to Be Republican Victory Now in Limbo Politics, November 30

    The state elections board said it would not certify the results in the Ninth Congressional District and instead would hold a December hearing to explore claims of fraudulent absentee ballots.

  32. Louisiana School Made Headlines for Sending Black Kids to Elite Colleges. Here’s the Reality. Washington, November 30

    T.M. Landry, a school in small-town Louisiana, has garnered national attention for vaulting its underprivileged black students to elite colleges. But the school cut corners and doctored college applications.

  33. Lasting Rancor Over Voting Issues Puts a Spotlight on a Georgia Runoff U.S., November 30

    As part of a national effort to roll back what they see as Republican voter suppression tactics, Democrats hope to flip the secretary of state post, which oversees Georgia’s elections.

  34. 6 Takeaways From the Times’s Investigation Into T.M. Landry U.S., November 30

    Based on interviews with 46 people, including parents, former and current students and more, and examinations of legal and school records, The Times found the school abused students and doctored college applications.

  35. Abuse, Fear and Intimidation: How Viral Videos Masked a Prep School’s Problems Video, November 30

    T.M. Landry College Prep, a small private school in Louisiana, boasted about its record of sending black students from working-class families to top universities. But there’s more to the story.

  36. An Alabama Mall Shooting, a Black Man’s Death, and a Debate Over Race and Guns National, November 29

    After police in Alabama fatally shot a 21-year-old black man whom they mistook for a suspect, critics have claimed a double standard in enforcing gun rights.

  37. Cuban Doctors Accuse International Agency of Profiting From Their Work Foreign, November 29

    A division of the World Health Organization made about $75 million off the work of Cuban doctors who earned substandard wages in Brazil, a lawsuit alleges.

  38. Years After Plea Deal in Sex Case, Jeffrey Epstein’s Accusers Will Get Their Day in Court National, November 29

    Jury selection begins next week in a civil case involving the New York financier accused of sexually abusing dozens of girls. It could be the first time some victims will publicly testify.

  39. The Charlottesville Murder Trial Is Beginning. Here’s What We Know. National, November 29

    James Fields Jr. is accused of plowing a car into a crowd of counterprotesters, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injuring many others.

  40. What’s Stronger Than a Blue Wave? Gerrymandered Districts Interactive, November 29

    It wasn’t a wave everywhere. In North Carolina and other states, gerrymandered congressional maps played a big role in keeping down Democratic gains.

  41. Images From the Aftermath of a Rust Belt Police Shooting Photo, November 29

    A ProPublica team investigated the death of a young black man in Weirton, W. Va., and the firing of a police officer who did not shoot his gun.

  42. Inmates Ran ‘Sextortion’ Scam Targeting Military, Authorities Say Express, November 28

    Prison inmates in South Carolina blackmailed hundreds of military members of all ranks and collected more than $560,000, prosecutors said.

  43. Deck the Halls With Democrats Op Ed, November 28

    ’Tis the season to be running …

  44. Mississippi’s Era of Outsize Clout in Washington Is Waning Politics, November 28

    Few states have held more sway on Capitol Hill because of Senate seniority and committee chairmanships, which helped bring home billions of dollars. But Tuesday’s election underscored changes afoot.

  45. Police Thought Cotton Candy Was Meth. She Spent 3 Months in Jail for Their Mistake. Express, November 28

    Dasha Fincher was jailed after deputies searched her car during a 2016 traffic stop and found what they thought was methamphetamine. Now she’s suing.

  46. Iranians Accused in Cyberattacks, Including One That Hobbled Atlanta U.S., November 28

    The suspects chose targets with the means to pay ransom and a need to put their systems back online quickly, law enforcement officials said.

  47. Florida Police Chief Gets 3 Years for Plot to Frame Black People for Crimes Express, November 28

    The former chief, Raimundo Atesiano, ordered officers to arrest people without evidence to make his department look like it was successfully fighting crime, according to court documents.

  48. In Electing Cindy Hyde-Smith, Mississippi Stays True to Its Conservative Roots Politics, November 27

    With a late boost from President Trump, Ms. Hyde-Smith defeated the Democratic candidate, Mike Espy, and set the Republican advantage in the Senate at 53-47.

  49. ‘Large-Scale Reforms’ of Georgia Elections Sought in Federal Lawsuit National, November 27

    Saying that voting-roll purges and problems at the polls had amounted to voter suppression, allies of Stacey Abrams called on Tuesday for federal oversight.

  50. Mississippi Senate Election Results: Cindy Hyde-Smith vs. Mike Espy Interactive, November 27

    See full results and maps from the Mississippi Senate special election.

  51. A Call to Modernize American Philanthropy Op Ed, November 27

    The giving practices of rich magnates and foundations still suggest a colonial mind-set, the author of a new book argues, as he offers ideas for change.

  52. Mississippi Senate Runoff Election: Here’s What You Should Know Politics, November 27

    The state’s voters will decide between Cindy Hyde-Smith and Mike Espy as their next senator.

  53. Trump, in Mississippi, Seeks to Shore Up Senate Candidate Engulfed in Controversy Washington, November 26

    The president offered an unabashed endorsement of Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, who is under fire over comments that seemed to embrace the state’s racist history.

  54. A Choice for Mississippi Politics, November 26

    Mississippi voters face a test of their values and priorities in Tuesday’s Senate election. House Democrats and Nancy Pelosi face a test of their own Wednesday when they elect their new leadership.

  55. On ‘Bureka Tuesdays,’ They Make Pastries the Way Their Grandmothers Did Dining, November 26

    Members of a synagogue in Atlanta come together to make the savory pocket pastries to sell at Hanukkah, as they have for decades.

  56. Man Killed by Police at Alabama Mall Was a ‘Good Guy With a Gun,’ Family’s Lawyer Says Express, November 26

    The parents of Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. said that he pulled out a gun after a gunman opened fire inside the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, Ala., to protect shoppers.

  57. Why G.O.P. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith Could be in Trouble in Red Mississippi Video, November 26

    Mississippi has elected only Republicans to the Senate for the last three decades. But a controversial remark by a Republican incumbent, Cindy Hyde-Smith, could flip one of the state’s seats. Here’s how we got here.

  58. Betty Bumpers, Campaigner for Childhood Vaccinations, Dies at 93 National, November 24

    Using her influence as an Arkansas first lady and senator’s wife, she earned national recognition for her efforts to promote immunizations.

  59. Black Man Killed by Officer in Alabama Mall Shooting Was Not the Gunman, Police Now Say Express, November 24

    The police said the man, Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr., 21, was likely not the gunman who shot at least one person. His death drew criticism from his family and protesters on Saturday.

  60. Across South, Democrats Who Speak Boldly Risk Alienating Rural White Voters Politics, November 24

    Mike Espy, the Democratic nominee in the Mississippi Senate election Tuesday, has had to choose between satisfying African-Americans and white liberals or driving away conservative-leaning voters.

  61. A Guatemalan Mother Could Lose Her Daughter, Because She’s an American National, November 23

    A Guatemalan migrant separated from her daughter at the border has been told she faces the possible loss of her parental rights, in part because her daughter was born in the United States.

  62. Officers Kill Gunman Who Shot Man at Alabama Mall on Thanksgiving, Police Say Express, November 23

    There were extra police officers at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, Ala., when gunfire erupted during holiday shopping hours.

  63. Alabama Shakespeare Festival Aims to Update Southern Canon Culture, November 21

    The company will commission 22 plays, with more than half set to go to female playwrights and playwrights of color, its artistic director said.

  64. $450,000 Homes in Rhode Island, Illinois and Arkansas Real Estate, November 21

    An 1898 Arts and Crafts house in Glocester, a modern condominium in Chicago and a 1931 cottage in Fayetteville.

  65. What You Get for $450,000 Slideshow, November 21

    An 1898 Arts and Crafts house in Glocester, R.I.; a modern condominium in Chicago; and a 1931 cottage in Fayetteville, Ark.

  66. Capturing the Complexities of the Modern South, in Photographs Photo, November 21

    A new exhibition challenges the perceived identity of the American South, at a time when the definition of regionalism itself is in flux.

  67. Democrats Plan to Investigate Ivanka Trump’s Use of Private Email Account Washington, November 20

    President Trump defended his daughter, saying there was no comparison to Hillary Clinton’s email practices and dismissing the issue as “fake news.”

  68. How to Survive Thanksgiving Politics, November 20

    In the On Politics newsletter, tips for keeping the peace around the dinner table; plus, great moments in presidential Thanksgiving history.

  69. Chickenpox Outbreak at School Linked to Vaccine Exemptions Express, November 20

    It is the largest outbreak in North Carolina since the chickenpox vaccine first became available in 1995.

  70. Cindy Hyde-Smith, in Mississippi Runoff Debate, Addresses ‘Public Hanging’ Remarks Politics, November 20

    The senator, under fire for comments that were widely criticized, said, “For anyone that was offended by my remarks, I certainly apologize.”

  71. How Wildfires Are Making Some California Homes Uninsurable Business, November 20

    “We’re not in a crisis yet, but all of the trends are in a bad direction,” said the insurance commissioner for California, which had to prevent insurers from abruptly dropping fire victims.

  72. Here’s What Brenda Snipes Has to Say About Florida’s Election National, November 19

    The Republican candidate for commissioner of agriculture conceded his loss, but expressed widely held concerns about mishaps by elections officials in two counties.

  73. In Mississippi, Issues of Race Complicate a Senate Election Politics, November 19

    An election that seemed a sure win for the Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith has become competitive after she made widely criticized remarks referencing “a public hanging.”

  74. These Divided States Politics, November 19

    Readers tell us stories of politics affecting their personal relationships; plus, a dispatch from the home of a civil rights icon in Mississippi.

  75. German Mustards With an American Accent Dining, November 19

    Made in Tennessee, Tigertail — from the German mustard company Develey — boasts classic flavors, as well as inventive ones.

  76. When Will Tourists Be Able to Return to the Florida Panhandle? Travel, November 19

    Recovery will be slow for many of the vacation spots devastated by Hurricane Michael. But there are some options in the area for vacationers looking for a winter getaway.

  77. Was Georgia’s Election ‘Legitimate’? Op Ed, November 19

    Also: Why eliminating all student debt would worsen economic inequality.

  78. Brenda Snipes, Broward County’s Embattled Elections Chief, to Resign National, November 19

    Dr. Snipes said she had decided to resign her position, hours after the conclusion of a vote recount that exposed a series of failures in her office.

  79. Charges of Vote Stealing in Florida Portend More Distrust in System for 2020 Politics, November 18

    More than just a flashback to 2000, the Florida recount is an ominous dry run for messaging about vote-stealing that will further erode confidence in the election process.

  80. Rick Scott Wins Florida Senate Recount as Bill Nelson Concedes National, November 18

    Senator Bill Nelson, a three-term Democrat, lost his Senate seat to Florida’s current Republican governor in a tight race.

  81. Trump Cried ‘Fraud’ in Florida. Ron DeSantis Said, Tone It Down. National, November 17

    Ron DeSantis has taken a quiet, nonconfrontational approach during the fractious recount that preceded his victory as governor.

  82. Andrew Gillum Concedes to Ron DeSantis in Florida Governor’s Race Politics, November 17

    The mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum, publicly congratulated Ron DeSantis in winning the governor’s race after a closely fought campaign and two recounts.

  83. When Covering Florida Elections Turns Into a Weekslong Endeavor Insider, November 17

    Covering Florida elections for the past decade, I became inevitably steeped in the lore of Bush v. Gore.

  84. Hotel Review: In Nashville, Time Traveling to the 70s Travel, November 17

    The Fairlane Hotel, set in a converted bank building, pays homage to its past without taking it too seriously.

  85. Nearly 3,000 Votes Disappeared From Florida’s Recount. That’s Not Supposed to Happen National, November 16

    None of the discrepancies are enough to affect the outcome of races. But they call into question the reliability of the state’s elections.

  86. Stacey Abrams Ends Fight for Georgia Governor With Harsh Words for Her Rival National, November 16

    Ms. Abrams acknowledged that her Republican rival Brian Kemp would become governor, saying “the law currently allows no further viable remedy” to challenge the vote.

  87. Florida Recounts Senate Votes Yet Again, and Nelson’s Chances Dwindle National, November 16

    A manual recount was underway in two still-undecided statewide elections in Florida, including the race for the Senate.

  88. The Chart That Shows Some of the Biggest Midterm Surprises Opinion, November 16

    In ballot measure results, red states voted for progressive goals like Medicaid expansion and blue states voted against proposals to protect the environment.

  89. The Week in Tech: Amazon Finally Makes an HQ2 Decision Business, November 16

    The internet retailer took 14 months to decide on a second headquarters. Surprise! There will be two of them, and skeptics have plenty to chew on.

  90. Catching Killers by Matching Tiny Marks on Bullets National, November 16

    Once seen as crime scene detritus, bullets and ejected shell casings are now recognized as vital pieces of evidence.

  91. I Would Have Driven Her Anywhere Styles, November 16

    Caring for a mother who suffers from dementia was really hard. I wish I could do it again.

  92. Former Alabama State Trooper Is Killed After Shooting Prosecutor in the Face Express, November 15

    The ex-state trooper was killed by the police after wounding a district attorney who was sitting in his car near his office building.

  93. Here’s Why Election Day in Florida and Georgia Has Turned Into Election Week and a Half National, November 15

    Election results still aren’t clear in Florida and Georgia, where lawsuits, recounts and confusion are the order of the day.

  94. What Amazon’s HQ2 Winners Look Like, Before Amazon Business, November 15

    Crystal City in Virginia and Long Island City in Queens are about to become home to an internet giant. They will probably never appear the same again.

  95. Elizabeth Patterson, 78, S. Carolina’s First Woman Elected to House, Dies Obits, November 15

    Ms. Patterson, a three-term centrist Democrat from a conservative-leaning district, was also the last woman from South Carolina to hold a House seat.

  96. Kroger Shooting Suspect Is Charged With Hate Crimes in Killings of 2 Black People Express, November 15

    After failing to gain entry to a predominantly black church, the man shot and killed two black people at a Kroger in Kentucky, the authorities say.

  97. For Florida Voters, Signatures Are Stressful Letters, November 15

    A voter recounts the challenge of matching the signature on record to ensure that his vote would be counted.

  98. Why Amazon Chose the Wrong Locations for Its HQ2 Business, November 15

    Amazon missed an opportunity to generate good will and bridge the divide between red and blue America by picking a city in the heartland.

  99. Recount Ordered in Florida Senate Race as Governor’s Contest Nears End National, November 15

    Rick Scott and Bill Nelson were facing a manual recount in the Senate battle. The Republican, Ron DeSantis, appears to have won governor’s race over Andrew Gillum.

  100. A Conversation With a Freshman Democrat Podcasts, November 15

    We spoke with Abigail Spanberger, a recently elected congresswoman from Virginia, about her first days in the Capitol and what it means to be a Democrat today.

  101. Is Amazon Bad for America? Op Ed, November 15

    And is President Trump actually good for the Republican Party?

  102. Louisville and Muhammad Ali: A Rare Look at a Hometown Champ Photo, November 15

    A new book shows the unmatched trust and connection photographers at the Louisville Courier Journal had with their city’s most famous son: Muhammad Ali.

  103. In Florida Recount, Sloppy Signatures Placed Thousands of Ballots in Limbo National, November 14

    Thousands of ballots have been rejected in Florida because voters’ signatures don’t match what’s on file. Democrats are arguing that’s disenfranchisement.

  104. What Happens When Politicians Who Oversee Elections Are Also the Candidates? National, November 14

    Brian Kemp and Rick Scott have drawn criticism for mixing their political lives with their public roles, contributing to the electoral turmoil in Georgia and Florida.

  105. Amazon’s HQ2 in Virginia Leaves a Real Estate Firm Poised to Cash In Business, November 14

    JBG Smith is the largest landowner in a Virginia area some have called a ghost town. That could change fast with Amazon’s new office plans.

  106. In Florida Recount Fight, Democratic Lawyer Draws Plaudits and Fire Washington, November 14

    Marc Elias, a veteran of high-stakes political battles, is a powerful behind-the-scenes operator who has faced criticism from both left and right.

  107. Nikolas Cruz, Parkland Shooting Suspect, Is Charged With Assaulting Deputy in Jail Express, November 14

    Mr. Cruz, 20, struck a sergeant and took his electroshock weapon in the Florida jail where he is being held, the authorities said.

  108. Marco Rubio, Trumpified Op Ed, November 14

    The Florida senator is promoting false conspiracy theories for partisan gain.

  109. Amazon HQ2: How New York and Virginia Won the Beauty Contest Business, November 14

    Eager candidates offered name changes, helipads and even cactuses to entice the company into setting up shop.

  110. The Plan to Discredit the Florida Recount Podcasts, November 14

    The partisan battle over several close races risks damaging public confidence in the state’s election systems.

  111. Latest Sizzle in Miami? Food Halls Travel, November 14

    In a boost to Miami’s culinary scene, a city that had no food halls now has four and counting.

  112. Florida Recount, Amid Machine Error and Lawsuits, Is ‘Going to End Up a Little Messy’ National, November 14

    Old equipment in Palm Beach County prompted the elections supervisor to warn the county may not be able to meet the deadline in Florida’s statewide recount.

  113. A $2 Billion Question: Did New York and Virginia Overpay for Amazon? Business, November 13

    The states offered tax credits, rebates and other incentives to lure the online retail giant and 25,000 jobs. Neighboring states offered even more.

  114. The Real Florida Recount Fraud Editorial, November 13

    Republicans’ baseless claims poison the races for governor and senator.

  115. As Florida Recount Swirls, Andrew Gillum Is Taking a Public Stand on Voting Rights National, November 13

    Andrew Gillum conceded the Florida governor election a week ago. But a recount has reopened the race, and he has returned to public appearances across the state.

  116. The Hottest Spot in Florida? The Seat of the Broward County Elections Chief National, November 13

    After days of withering attacks from Republicans, the head of Broward County’s elections office, Brenda Snipes, considers stepping down from her post.

  117. Who Gets the Last Word in a Disputed Senate Race? The Senate National, November 13

    The two parties are battling in court over the Florida recount, but it is ultimately up to the Republican-controlled Senate to decide whether it accepts the outcome.

  118. Dominating Retail? Yes. Reviving a City? No Thanks. The Upshot, November 13

    Amazon is not in the business of saving your hometown.

  119. With Hoopla and Murals, Crystal City Welcomes Amazon Business, November 13

    Crystal City, a declining neighborhood in Arlington, Va., cheered Amazon’s arrival on Tuesday. It’s getting a new name — National Landing — to go along with its victory.

  120. Georgia’s Shaky Voting System Op Ed, November 13

    The new secretary of state must fix an infrastructure that’s extraordinarily vulnerable to hackers.

  121. The Florida Recount Letters, November 13

    A reader faults the president for calling for an end to the vote-counting.

  122. The Master Quilters of Gee’s Bend, Ala. Op Ed, November 13

    A close-knit group of rural African-American women have perfected a distinctive art.

  123. A Wake-Up Call for the G.O.P. Op Ed, November 13

    My South Carolina district hadn’t voted for a Democrat in 40 years. What happened?

  124. While I Yet Live Video, November 13

    A close-knit group of rural African-American women have perfected the distinctive art of quilting.

  125. Cities Should Stop Playing the Amazon HQ2 Bidding Game Op Ed, November 13

    There is no economic benefit to huge tax incentives to lure new companies, so why do cities keep offering them?

  126. Before a Deal, Amazon Had to Know: Could Cuomo and De Blasio Get Along? Business, November 13

    After meeting with the governor and mayor, Amazon decided the men could put aside their differences, and it began to iron out a package worth over a billion dollars.

  127. A Tool of Autocrats Op Ed, November 13

    Marco Rubio and other top Republicans would rather undermine democracy than lose fairly.

  128. Weak Spots in Democrats’ Strong Midterm Results Point to Challenges in 2020 Upshot, November 13

    The unfavorable map of the 2016 election still seems to pose a problem.

  129. Inside the Republican Strategy to Discredit the Florida Recount Politics, November 12

    Dusting off their playbook from 2000, Republicans claim the recount is rife with fraud. But what’s driving them is their narrow majority in the Senate and their need to deliver a win to the base.

  130. Amazon Chooses Queens and a Washington Suburb for ‘Second Headquarters’ Business, November 12

    After a yearlong search for another home, Amazon has finalized plans to split about 50,000 employees between Long Island City in Queens and Crystal City, Va.

  131. Federal Judge Delays Certification of Georgia Election Results National, November 12

    The ruling, by a judge in Federal District Court in Atlanta, deepened the turmoil into the rancorous governor’s race between Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp.

  132. Trump Makes a Baseless Claim About ‘Massively Infected’ Ballots in Florida Washington, November 12

    Without evidence, President Trump asserted that some ballots in Florida “showed up out of nowhere” and that others were missing or forged.

  133. In Florida Election Standoff, Judge Urges Parties to ‘Ramp Down the Rhetoric’ National, November 12

    Judge Jack Tuter refused to order the impounding of vote-counting equipment, but lawyers on both sides agreed on adding extra security at elections center.

  134. Mississippi Senator’s ‘Public Hanging’ Remark Draws Backlash Before Runoff Express, November 12

    Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, whose opponent is black, said she meant to convey respect, but a linguistics professor said the idiom had a negative connotation and fell out of use long ago.

  135. Looking for Sichuan Ingredients? A Nashville Company Delivers Dining, November 12

    The Mala Market carries a dozen essential spices for the fiery cuisine, including fragrant green Sichuan peppercorns.

  136. We’re Suing the Florida Governor. He Should Not Oversee His Own Election. Op Ed, November 12

    A growing number of government officials are misusing their office in egregious ways to try to tilt the electoral playing field in their favor.

  137. Before the Fights Over Recounts: An Election Day Vote on Voting Politics, November 12

    A flurry of ballot measures on Election Day were the latest move to reshape how we vote, and who can cast a ballot.

  138. Five More Museums Acquire Art From Souls Grown Deep Foundation Culture, November 12

    To reshape the narrative of art told by American institutions, the foundation will transfer 51 works by black self-taught artists to additional museums.