1. 3 Races for Governor to Watch This Year Interactive, Today

    A trio of races in the South will provide a preliminary under-the-radar test of the 2024 presidential election — and further gauge Donald Trump’s clout.

  2. What Has Led to the Exodus of Black Families? Metro, Today

    Housing and child care costs have dimmed the appeal of New York City for Black parents, and many are heading South.

  3. On North Carolina’s Supreme Court, G.O.P. Justices Move to Reconsider Democratic Rulings National, Today

    The court’s new majority will rehear two major voting rights cases decided two months ago. The rare move heightens the debate over partisan influences on state courts.

  4. 8 Places Across the U.S. That Illuminate Black History Travel, Yesterday

    Over the years, many important African American landmarks have disappeared or fallen into disrepair. An effort to restore them promises a fuller understanding of American history as a whole.

  5. U.S. Navy Divers Work to Recover Debris From Chinese Spy Balloon as Diplomacy Dwindles Washington, Yesterday

    The effort off the coast of South Carolina is expected to take days, and Navy and Coast Guard ships have been sent to the scene. U.S. officials are watching for retaliation from China.

  6. ‘Bad Apples’ or Systemic Issues? Op Ed, Yesterday

    From the police to academia, we often see what we want to see.

  7. China’s spy balloon drifted for 7 days across the U.S.: A Timeline Washington, Yesterday

    The balloon brought Americans out to squint at the sky, caused a diplomatic visit to be canceled and opened a political debate.

  8. Disney World Workers Reject Contract Offer Business, February 4

    Unions that represent about 32,000 full-time workers said the vote was overwhelmingly against the proposal, which would have raised pay by at least $1 an hour per year.

  9. Erasing Black History Is Not the Role of the College Board Editorial, February 4

    The way forward is confronting this history, not wishing it away.

  10. Attacks on Electrical Substations Raise Alarm Express, February 4

    After recent attacks caused thousands of people to lose power in Washington State and North Carolina, experts and legislators are calling for tighter security. And the F.B.I. is offering rewards.

  11. Watching the Watchmen Editorial, February 4

    The government must match continued investments in policing with reforms that make police more accountable to the communities that they serve.

  12. Muscle Cars, Balaclavas and Fists: How the Scorpions Rolled Through Memphis National, February 4

    Residents say the street crime unit was an intimidating and sometimes violent presence in the city. Five Scorpion officers are charged with murdering Tyre Nichols during an arrest.

  13. Democrats Overhaul Party’s Primary Calendar, Upending a Political Tradition Politics, February 4

    The proposal radically reshapes the way the party picks its presidential nominees, putting more racially diverse states at the front of the line.

  14. E.M.T.s Provided No Care for 19 Minutes After Police Beat Tyre Nichols National, February 4

    The board that regulates emergency medical technicians in Tennessee on Friday voted to suspend the licenses of the two E.M.T.s who arrived at the scene and failed to render aid.

  15. A Brief History of Spying With Balloons Express, February 3

    A Chinese balloon seen floating over the northwestern United States this week was a reminder of how governments have used balloons for reconnaissance for more than a century.

  16. ‘We Are in Trauma’: Memphis Reels From the Latest of Many Blows National, February 3

    Tyre Nichols’s fatal beating took its place on a roster of traumatic events that have helped shape the story of Memphis as much as its world-famous musical innovations.

  17. Where American Democracy Isn’t Very Democratic Op Ed, February 3

    The problem of democracy and American law enforcement goes beyond questions of accountability.

  18. Mira Lehr, Artist Who Explored Nature’s Distress, Dies at 88 Obits, February 2

    She helped found a gallery for women artists in Miami Beach and, influenced by an early Buckminster Fuller experiment, focused her art on ecology.

  19. It’s Winter. Let’s Go to the Farmers’ Market! Travel, February 2

    In cities like Detroit and Philadelphia, markets have become year-round destinations, offering classes, crafts and music, as well as a surprising array of fresh produce.

  20. Man Killed by Memphis Police in Library Had Shot Officer, Authorities Say National, February 2

    The officer was taken to a hospital in “extremely critical” condition, the department said. The Memphis police have been under intense scrutiny after the death of Tyre Nichols.

  21. Ron DeSantis’s Efforts to Make Education in Florida Less ‘Woke’ Letters, February 2

    The Florida governor’s influence on an A.P. Black studies course. Also: The killing of Black men; a formidable Trump; anti-boycott bills; living without plastic.

  22. A Revolution in How Democrats Pick a President The Daily, February 2

    A plan spearheaded by President Biden could see Iowa replaced as the first state to vote in the party’s primaries.

  23. She Took On Atlanta’s Gangs. Now She May Be Coming for Trump. Magazine, February 2

    Fani Willis’s aggressive tactics have sparked criticism — and won over voters. What do they tell us about how she might prosecute the former president?

  24. Five Years Ago, I Wrote a Fictional Disaster That Is Now Playing Out in Real Time Op Ed, February 2

    The battle over South River Forest has turned violent.

  25. This Is a Moral Crime Op Ed, February 2

    Grieving loved ones in public isn’t normal, yet families do it valiantly.

  26. Tom Brady’s Last Season Didn’t Go as Planned. Was It Worth It? Sports, February 1

    He thrilled his fans by announcing that he would come out of retirement to play one more season in 2022, but things soon went sour, on and off the field.

  27. The February 1 Russia Ukraine News live blog included one standalone post:
  28. The February 1 Russia Ukraine News live blog included one standalone post:
  29. A major police reform bill is back in the spotlight. National, February 1

    The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which targeted racial bias and use of force, stalled in Congress during President Biden’s first year in office.

  30. At Tyre Nichols’s Funeral, Vice President Kamala Harris Calls on Congress to Act National, February 1

    “You have been extraordinary in terms of your strength, your courage and your grace,” she said to his mother and stepfather.

  31. Al Sharpton again stands at the pulpit after a death involving the police. National, February 1

    The Rev. Al Sharpton has delivered remarks at other prominent funerals of Black victims of police violence, including of George Floyd, whose 2020 death in Minneapolis sparked national protests.

  32. The College Board Strips Down Its A.P. Curriculum for African American Studies National, February 1

    The official course looks different from a previous draft: No more critical race theory, and the study of contemporary topics — like Black Lives Matter — is optional.

  33. They Call Her the Godmother of Southern Seeds for a Reason Real Estate, February 1

    For a quarter of a century, Ira Wallace has nurtured seeds and gardeners: ‘When you say her name in our community, all this love comes up.’

  34. Memphis Gathers in Grief at Tyre Nichols’s Funeral National, February 1

    His death after he was beaten by the police inspired anger and sorrow across the country. His family remembers him as a “beautiful soul.”

  35. $1.9 Million Homes in Arizona, Florida and Massachusetts Real Estate, February 1

    A Spanish-style house in Phoenix, a Craftsman bungalow in Tampa and a 1916 Colonial Revival home in Lexington.

  36. As Officers Beat Tyre Nichols, a Crime-Fighting Camera Watched Over Them National, February 1

    A SkyCop camera in Memphis provided overhead footage that was instrumental in shaping the public’s understanding of what unfolded.

  37. Coach Who Posed as a High School Player in Virginia Causes Season’s Forfeit Express, February 1

    The Portsmouth Public Schools received a report last week that an assistant coach had played in a girls’ junior varsity basketball game on Jan. 21. The team decided not to go forward with the season.

  38. Memphis Officers Had Been Reprimanded After Using Force National, February 1

    Four officers charged in Tyre Nichols’s death had been disciplined previously, including two who had failed to report using force during arrests.

  39. DeSantis Takes On the Education Establishment, and Builds His Brand National, February 1

    A proposal by Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida to overhaul higher education would mandate courses in Western civilization, eliminate diversity programs and reduce the protections of tenure.

  40. When Animals Are Used in Research Letters, January 31

    Readers discuss experimentation on lab animals. Also: Racism in America; preparing for the next pandemic; maternal deaths; Amazon’s donations.

  41. Millions Across the South Brace for Several Rounds of Ice and Sleet Express, January 31

    More than 1,700 flights were canceled in the United States on Tuesday, mostly in Texas, where at least two people were killed in traffic crashes.

  42. 2023年最值得去的52个地方 Interactive, January 31


  43. Congressman Sends Inert Grenades to Colleagues at House Offices Foreign, January 30

    Representative Cory Mills, a Florida Republican, gave the grenades as gifts to colleagues in the House, drawing mixed reactions from fellow freshmen.

  44. Initial Police Report on Tyre Nichols Arrest Is Contradicted by Videos National, January 30

    The police report was the latest instance in which video evidence offered a starkly different account of police violence than what officers had reported themselves.

  45. Two More Memphis Police Officers Are Suspended in Tyre Nichols’s Death National, January 30

    One officer, Preston Hemphill, used a stun gun that hit Mr. Nichols in the torso, according to a police report on the incident.

  46. Scorpion Unit Emerged as Memphis Police Pursued Get-Tough Strategy National, January 30

    City leaders had praised the new group as a key strategy for fighting crime. Now they are trying to assess whether it was flawed from the start.

  47. Your Monday Briefing: The Fallout from a Police Beating N Y T Now, January 29

    Also, violence is flaring in Israel and the West Bank.

  48. Tyre Nichols’s Death Proves Yet Again That ‘Elite’ Police Units Are a Disaster Op Ed, January 29

    They shatter the trust of the community, and the results can be deadly.

  49. Video of Tyre Nichols Beating Raises Questions About Medical Response National, January 29

    Two emergency medical technicians who first evaluated Mr. Nichols have been suspended until an investigation is complete.

  50. The Tyre Nichols Video: A Police Beating in Memphis Letters, January 29

    Reaction to the video of the Memphis police brutally beating a Black man. Also: The Turing test; scientific breakthroughs; big development projects.

  51. Violent History Echoes in the Killing of Tyre Nichols Op Ed, January 29

    Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old Memphis father, became the latest Black man to join a horrific line of abuse in the city.

  52. Harold Brown, Tuskegee Airman Who Faced a Lynch Mob, Dies at 98 Obits, January 28

    One of the last surviving Black pilots from that celebrated group, he was surrounded by an angry mob after parachuting from his P-51 over Austria during World War II.

  53. Tyre Nichols Beating Opens a Complex Conversation on Race and Policing National, January 28

    The five officers charged with the murder of the young Black man are also Black, complicating the anguish and efforts at police reform.

  54. Video of Memphis Officers Beating Tyre Nichols Elicits Widespread Horror National, January 28

    As public officials and others condemned the actions they viewed, initial reactions from protesters around the country were largely peaceful.

  55. The Responsibility of Watching Culture, January 28

    The video of Memphis police beating Tyre Nichols challenges public complacency — and complicity. What are our duties as citizens and as human beings?

  56. Police Beating in Memphis N Y T Now, January 28

    Americans once again protested after another recorded instance of police brutality.

  57. A Florida Judge Finds a New Job: Defending an Inmate Sunday Business, January 28

    In a coda to the wrongful-conviction podcast “Bone Valley,” Judge Scott Cupp says he’ll step down to spring a man serving a life sentence for murder.

  58. ‘It’s Not Normal’: Protester Reacts to Footage of Deadly Traffic Stop Video, January 28

    James Jackson was among a crowd of protesters in Memphis as he watched footage of the fatal police beating of Tyre Nichols for the first time.

  59. Video Shows Memphis Police Officers Beating Tyre Nichols Video, January 28

    On Jan. 7 Memphis police pulled over Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old Black man. During the traffic stop, the officers beat Mr. Nichols. Three days later he died.

  60. Tyre Nichols Cried in Anguish. Memphis Officers Kept Hitting. National, January 28

    Video footage of the fatal encounter included critical moments in which police officers kicked, punched and pepper-sprayed Mr. Nichols, 29, while he screamed.

  61. ‘The definition of excessive force’: Policing experts assess the beating of Tyre Nichols. National, January 28

    “This person was not treated as a human being,” one expert said.

  62. Tyre Nichols’s Death Is America’s Shame Op Ed, January 28

    He is now a marquee victim of a predacious system that America has lost its willingness to confront.

  63. A Timeline of Tyre Nichols’s Lethal Police Encounter Interactive, January 28

    Video footage released by the City of Memphis on Friday shows how Tyre Nichols suffered a severe beating after a traffic stop.

  64. Videos show Memphis police kicking and beating Tyre Nichols as he begs them to stop. National, January 28

    Throughout the beating, which lasts about three minutes, Mr. Nichols does not appear to ever strike back. Several times, he moves his hands to cover his face, seeming to cower from the officers’ blows.

  65. Memphis Had Avoided Most Bitter Divisions Over Policing. Until Now. National, January 28

    Despite a series of conflicts, the Memphis police force had not been in the center of the recent national debates over policing. The death of Tyre Nichols changed that.

  66. From Sacramento to Memphis, Tyre Nichols Cut His Own Path National, January 27

    Social media posts show that Mr. Nichols harbored a mistrust of prevailing government and economic systems, yet, a friend says, he also considered trying to change policing from the inside.

  67. Two Florida Officers Are Charged in Beating of Homeless Man Express, January 27

    The officers were fired by the Police Department in Hialeah, outside Miami, and charged with kidnapping and battery in connection with the episode last month, a prosecutor said.

  68. Release of police video is timed with public reaction in mind. U.S., January 27

    Sometimes body camera footage is made public within hours; other times it takes months. Memphis officials chose a time when businesses would be closed and the charges over Tyre Nichols’s death were already known.

  69. Release of police video is timed with public reaction in mind. National, January 27

    Sometimes body camera footage is made public within hours; other times it takes months. Memphis officials chose a time when businesses would be closed and the charges over Tyre Nichols’s death were already known.

  70. The January 27 Tyre Nichols Memphis live blog included one standalone post:
  71. How Well Do You Know Novels Set in New Orleans? Interactive, January 27

    In addition to great music and a magnificent Mardi Gras celebration, the Crescent City is the setting for many classic and award-winning novels. Can you guess the five books featured in this week’s quiz?

  72. 7,600 Fake Nursing Diplomas Were Sold in Scheme, U.S. Says Express, January 27

    Twenty-five people were charged this week in connection with the scheme, which involved the sale of fake transcripts and diplomas issued by three Florida schools, prosecutors said.

  73. Special Memphis Police Unit Was Supposed to Stop Violence National, January 27

    Officers from the unit are now accused in the murder of Tyre Nichols.

  74. Georgia’s Governor Authorizes National Guard Troops to Keep Order in Atlanta National, January 27

    The city has seen more than a week of unrest over the officer-involved shooting death of Manuel Teran, who was protesting a planned public safety training facility called “Cop City” by detractors.

  75. ‘Does This City Fit Who We Are as a Party?’ Mayors Jockey for 2024 D.N.C. Politics, January 27

    Atlanta, Chicago and New York are finalists, and local Democrats are eager to bend President Biden’s ear to host what would be his formal nomination event.

  76. In State Legislatures, Old Rivalries Are Reheated by National Politics National, January 27

    The relationships between big cities and rural-dominated legislatures have often been hostile. But a rift between Nashville and the Tennessee Legislature suggests the nation’s partisan divide is making things worse.

  77. Man Who Lured Victim on Grindr Gets 45 Years in Prison for Kidnapping Express, January 27

    The attack, which left a Louisiana man in a coma for three days in 2020, was part of a scheme by Chance Seneca, 21, to kidnap and kill gay men, according to federal prosecutors. They said he had been inspired by Jeffrey Dahmer.

  78. Murdaugh Said He Knew Killer’s Motive on Night His Wife and Son Were Slain National, January 27

    Prosecutors said that Alex Murdaugh, the lawyer now on trial in the murders, was trying to cover his tracks when he offered a ready explanation to the police.

  79. Here is a timeline of events in the death of Tyre Nichols. National, January 26

    Mr. Nichols was pulled over by the Memphis police on the evening of Jan. 7 and died three days later. Five officers were charged with murder on Thursday.

  80. Here are the indictments from a Shelby County grand jury. National, January 26

    The five fired Memphis police officers face charges of murder and several other crimes in the death of Tyre Nichols.

  81. Read the Indictments Filed Against 5 Memphis Police Officers Interactive, January 26

    Each of the former officers has been booked on seven felony charges.

  82. Who was Tyre Nichols? National, January 26

    Mr. Nichols had a 4-year-old son and a tattoo of his mother’s name on his arm, his family said.

  83. Anti-Gay? Anti-Science? Antisemitic? Run for Governor of North Carolina! Op Ed, January 26

    A crucial 2024 contest is a potentially nightmarish national mirror.

  84. Two Former Arkansas Officers Are Charged Over Beating Captured on Video Express, January 26

    The sheriff’s deputies used “excessive force” during the arrest of a man last year, the U.S. Justice Department said. The encounter was shared widely on social media.

  85. The Beleaguered Queen of New Orleans Op Ed, January 26

    As mayor, LaToya Cantrell has a grip on the city. Whether she’s holding it by the hand or by the throat depends on whom you talk to.

  86. Five Officers Charged With Murder in Memphis Police Killing National, January 26

    As the city awaits video of the fatal encounter with Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old Black man, a law enforcement official described the footage as “absolutely appalling.”

  87. The January 26 Tyre Nichols Death Memphis live blog included one standalone post:
  88. Suspect in ‘Pillowcase Rapist’ Attacks Is Convicted in 1983 Cold Case Express, January 26

    Robert Koehler, 63, faces a maximum sentence of life in prison after a jury found him guilty of kidnapping, sexual battery and burglary. He has been linked by DNA to at least 25 other sexual assaults in Florida, prosecutors said.

  89. New Evidence Revealed in Dramatic Start to Murdaugh Murder Trial National, January 25

    The trial of Alex Murdaugh, a former lawyer charged with murdering his wife and son, began with fireworks as prosecutors revealed new evidence, including a raincoat with gunshot residue.

  90. Louisiana ‘Deliberately Indifferent’ to Keeping Inmates Past Release Date, Justice Dept. Says Washington, January 25

    The department, citing evidence uncovered by lawyers representing incarcerated people, concluded that the state has known about the problem for at least a decade and done little to address it.

  91. Newport News School Was Warned 3 Times That 6-Year-Old Had a Gun, Lawyer Says National, January 25

    Under pressure, the school board voted to end the superintendent’s contract. Other administrators have also left the elementary school.

  92. $800,000 Homes in New York, North Carolina and Texas Real Estate, January 25

    A renovated 18th-century farmhouse in Hyde Park, a Tudor Revival home in Durham and a Craftsman bungalow in Houston.

  93. A Farmer Secretly Paid for His Neighbors’ Prescriptions for Years Express, January 25

    Hody Childress brought cash every month to a pharmacist in Alabama, asking her to use it to help people buy medicine. The town learned of the arrangement only after his death.

  94. New Lawsuit Challenges State Bans on Abortion Pills Science, January 25

    The case, brought by GenBioPro, a company that makes one of two abortion drugs, argues that it is unconstitutional for a state to bar access to a medication approved by the federal government.

  95. A Tennessee Student’s Violent Arrest Raises Questions About Police in Schools Video, January 25

    A Tennessee high school student was violently arrested after refusing to play kickball in gym class. Body camera footage has renewed scrutiny over the role of school police.

  96. ‘Get Your Hands Off Me’: Student Arrest Puts Role of School Police Under Scrutiny Video, January 25

    A Tennessee high school student was violently arrested after refusing to play kickball in gym class. Body camera footage has renewed scrutiny over the role of school police.

  97. Atlanta D.A. Wants Grand Jury Findings Kept Private in Trump Inquiry National, January 24

    The prosecutor asked that a report on efforts to overturn former President Donald J. Trump’s election loss not be released, saying that she was “mindful of protecting future defendants’ rights.”

  98. Student. Athlete. Mogul? Magazine, January 24

    Now that college players are allowed to cut sponsorship deals, some of them are raking in the money — but at what cost to the rest?

  99. Severe Weather Moves East After Tornado Strikes Texas Express, January 24

    More than 20 million people in parts of the South, Midwest and Northeast were under winter storm warnings, a day after a tornado tore through communities near Houston.

  100. Ron DeSantis Likes His Culture Wars for a Reason Op Ed, January 24

    The governor of Florida has built his national political image on well-timed and strategically chosen battles that mask his economic agenda.

  101. What We Know About Tyre Nichols’s Lethal Encounter With Memphis Police National, January 24

    Five officers have been charged with second-degree murder, and the city has released video footage of officers beating Mr. Nichols.

  102. Central Question as Georgia Inquiry Wraps: Will Trump Face Criminal Charges? National, January 23

    The House Jan. 6 committee report offered fresh evidence that former President Donald J. Trump was at the center of efforts to overturn election results in Georgia.

  103. Supreme Court Puts Off Considering State Laws Curbing Internet Platforms Washington, January 23

    The laws, enacted by Florida and Texas in response to conservative complaints about censorship, have been challenged under the First Amendment.

  104. Murdaugh Goes on Trial Over Murder of Wife and Son National, January 23

    The trial of Alex Murdaugh begins on Monday, the centerpiece of a twisted tale of two fatal shootings and the downfall of a South Carolina legal dynasty.

  105. Ron DeSantis Stokes the Flames Interactive, January 23

    It has been a busy month for the Florida governor as he stokes divisive cultural issues.

  106. The Daughter of a King, and a Legacy of Tears National, January 23

    At Graceland, family and friends gave a royal tribute to Lisa Marie Presley, whose life at times seemed to personify the dark streak of her father’s music.

  107. ‘We Are on the Right Side of History,’ Harris Says on Roe’s 50th Anniversary Washington, January 22

    The vice president said the Biden administration was “fighting back” against reproductive health restrictions by directing several federal agencies to explore how to support access to the abortion pill.

  108. Fake Grass, Wood Frames and One Journalist’s Search for Answers Summary, January 22

    A Real Estate reporter traveled the country to find out why some of America’s residential buildings look startlingly alike.

  109. Florida Gives Reasons for Rejecting A.P. African American Studies Class National, January 22

    The state’s Department of Education cites examples of what it calls “the woke indoctrination” of students.

  110. Wife Fatally Shot Terminally Ill Husband in Florida Hospital, Police Say Express, January 22

    Ellen Gilland, 76, had made a pact with her 77-year-old husband and had planned to also fatally shoot herself, but, in the end, “she couldn’t go through with it,” the police said.

  111. 5 Memphis Officers Fired Over Traffic Stop That Turned Deadly National, January 21

    Tyre Nichols was stopped for reckless driving in early January. He was hospitalized in critical condition after the arrest and died days later.

  112. A Farewell to Maya Moore, a Team Player Who Is Also One of a Kind Sports, January 20

    Moore, who has officially retired from the W.N.B.A., will be remembered for her brilliance on the court and her fight for justice away from it.

  113. Judge Rules DeSantis Was Wrong, but Lets Prosecutor’s Suspension Stand National, January 20

    A federal judge ruled that the Florida governor violated state law when he ousted Tampa’s top prosecutor — but that the court lacked the authority to reinstate him.

  114. The Death of Globalization? You Won’t Find It in New Orleans. Business, January 20

    The city that was once the world’s gateway to America is betting it can win in a new and different era of global integration.

  115. When $20,000 Gets You Exploited in America Book Review, January 20

    In “The Great Escape,” Saket Soni, a labor organizer, recounts the ordeal faced by hundreds of Indian workers who were lured to this country on false promises of green cards and sorely mistreated.

  116. America, the Bland Real Estate, January 20

    Across the country, new developments are starting to look the same, raising fears that cities are losing their unique charm. But in the current housing crisis, does that matter?

  117. 6-Year-Old Accused of Shooting Teacher in Virginia Has ‘Acute Disability,’ Family Says National, January 19

    The child had previously been accompanied by a parent every day in school, but that stopped the week of the shooting, his family said.

  118. Florida Rejects A.P. African American Studies Class National, January 19

    The state’s Department of Education said in a letter that the course content was “inexplicably contrary to Florida law and significantly lacks educational value.”

  119. Protester Killed in Firefight at Site of New Atlanta Police Center National, January 19

    The authorities say the protester fired on a state trooper as the authorities worked to clear demonstrators who have occupied a wooded area being developed into a police training center.

  120. Kamala Harris to Speak in Florida on 50th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Washington, January 19

    She will contrast the Biden administration’s efforts with Republicans across the country who have tried to curtail access to abortion and some forms of contraception since the ruling was overturned.

  121. $500,000 Homes in Mississippi, Kentucky and Illinois Real Estate, January 18

    A 2009 brick house in Madison, a two-bedroom condominium in Louisville and a Tudor Revival home in Arlington Heights.

  122. Remains of Another Victim of Hurricane Ian Are Found in Florida Express, January 17

    Nearly four months after the storm, the remains of James Hurst were found aboard his sunken sailboat in Fort Myers Beach. The discovery came days after the remains of another missing victim were identified.

  123. Building a House Is Stressful, Even if You’re Sanjay Gupta Real Estate, January 17

    The CNN correspondent was traveling for work during construction of his family’s house, leaving the decision-making to his wife. (Yes, they’re still married.)

  124. 8 People Wounded in a Shooting in Florida Video, January 17

    The shooting took place during a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event in Fort Pierce, Fla., after an argument between two parties.

  125. A Florida School Received a Threat. Did a Red Flag Law Prevent a Shooting? Washington, January 16

    Judges in 19 states and the District of Columbia are issuing orders to keep guns out of the hands of people deemed dangerous, like a Fort Lauderdale teenager who threatened a school shooting.

  126. This Is How Red States Silence Blue Cities. And Democracy. Op Ed, January 16

    The disenfranchisement of Nashville may be hard to get worked up about. But you ought to be worked up. You ought to be protesting in the streets.

  127. A Year After a Fiery Voting Rights Speech, Biden Delivers a More Muted Address Washington, January 15

    On Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, the president assured an audience at Ebenezer Baptist Church that its side in the struggle would, indeed, overcome someday.

  128. Georgia Player and Staff Member Killed in Crash After Celebratory Parade Sports, January 15

    Devin Willock, an offensive lineman, and Chandler LeCroy, a recruiting analyst, died after a vehicle driven by LeCroy crashed into power poles and trees.

  129. Auburn Banned TikTok, and Students Can’t Stop Talking About It Business, January 15

    The school’s prohibition brings a geopolitical fight front and center for TikTok’s biggest fans: young Americans.

  130. Fleeing Slavery in a Top Hat and Cravat Book Review, January 15

    “Master Slave Husband Wife,” by Ilyon Woo, relates the daring escape from bondage in Georgia to freedom in the North by an enslaved couple disguised as a wealthy planter and his property.

  131. A Cherished Family Home Gets a Second Act Real Estate, January 14

    Michael Newell wanted to buy and renovate the house he and his siblings grew up in, and give it another purpose. Wedding bells are ringing!

  132. Lisa Marie Presley Was Rock ’n’ Roll Royalty. Graceland Was Her Castle. Real Estate, January 14

    Ms. Presley, who died suddenly on Thursday, had visited the estate four days earlier to celebrate what would have been her father’s 88th birthday.

  133. School Searched 6-Year-Old’s Backpack Before Newport News Shooting, Officials Say National, January 13

    No weapon was found during the search, according to the school district. The 6-year-old boy is accused of later shooting his teacher.

  134. Picking Through Rubble After Tornadoes Tear Through Southeast National, January 13

    In Georgia and Alabama, rescuers were searching for victims and survivors on Friday as communities tried to assess the destruction. At least nine have died from the storms.

  135. Fans Mourn Lisa Marie Presley, Daughter of the King, at Graceland Culture, January 13

    At the stone wall outside Elvis Presley’s estate, his only child was remembered as a kind of rock star royalty.

  136. Remains of Florida Woman Missing Since Hurricane Ian Are Found Express, January 13

    The woman, Ilonka Knes, 82, was among the 146 people in Florida who died in the September storm, the state’s deadliest since 1935.

  137. In Miami, Food Shopping Can Start in the Parking Lot Dining, January 13

    Vendors turn their car trunks into mobile cafeterias or markets, stationed outside stores, selling produce, meat, seafood and more.

  138. Why Must We Go About Our Lives With an Eye on the Nearest Exit? Op Ed, January 13

    An “armed society” may or may not be a “polite society,” but it is far from being a democratic one.

  139. Violent Gang, or Rap Label? Prosecutors Say Young Thug’s YSL Is Both. Culture, January 13

    With a blockbuster case set to begin, the superstar rapper sits at the intersection of complex questions about art, crime and the criminal justice system.

  140. Severe Storms Sweep American South Video, January 12

    Footage showed fallen trees as well as damage to homes and other buildings after severe weather brought strong winds and possible tornadoes to parts of Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi.

  141. At Least 8 Are Killed as Severe Weather Sweeps the South Express, January 12

    Seven of the deaths were in one county in Alabama, and a child was also killed in Georgia.

  142. In Hale County, Alabama, Two Visions of Place Weekend, January 12

    Inspired by the pioneering photographer William Christenberry, RaMell Ross moved to the Deep South and found fertile terrain. Now Pace Gallery puts their art in conversation.

  143. His Star Rising, Youngkin Juggles Local Issues and National Ambition Politics, January 12

    Virginia’s Republican governor is considering a presidential run, but a divided state legislature may thwart his ambitions for conservative policy victories.

  144. Jon Meacham Grew Up With Civil War Bullets in His Backyard Book Review, January 12

    The presidential biographer was raised on a battlefield, so when he was dispirited by the state of the union, it made sense to look to Lincoln.

  145. Republicans Are Getting It Wrong About DeSantis and Florida Op Ed, January 12

    Why the governor may not be the savior the GOP is hoping for.

  146. 52 Places to Go in 2023 Interactive, January 12

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