1. Indianapolis Catholic School Fires Gay Teacher at Archbishop’s Request U.S., June 24

    Cathedral High School fired a teacher in a same-sex marriage on Sunday, just days after another Catholic school in Indianapolis defied a similar order from the archdiocese.

  2. Helping Students With Test Anxiety Well, June 24

    Parents and teachers can use the time leading up to the test to help minimize children’s fears.

  3. Biden Defends Eastland Remarks but Omits Some History U.S., June 21

    In defending his comments about working with segregationists, Joe Biden cited his record on civil rights and his relationship with Ted Kennedy. But he didn’t address his opposition to busing.

  4. Jesuit School, Defying Archdiocese, Refuses to Remove Teacher in Same-Sex Marriage U.S., June 21

    Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School learned Thursday that the Archdiocese of Indianapolis would no longer recognize it as a Catholic school.

  5. Students of Color are More Likely to Be Arrested in School. That May Change. New York, June 20

    New York City’s new discipline code could have an immediate impact.

  6. Winners of Our Second Annual Student Podcast Contest The Learning Network, June 19

    We invited students to create original podcasts. Here are the winners, runners-up and honorable mentions.

  7. Over 100 ‘Evergreen’ New York Times Articles With Questions and Activities for Students The Learning Network, June 18

    A selection of compelling articles from the 2018-19 school year, each with questions and activities for helping students understand the piece and connect it to their own lives.

  8. Nicholas Sparks Apologizes for Anti-Gay Comments in 2013 Emails Books, June 17

    Mr. Sparks apologized for comments he made in emails released as part of a lawsuit that claims he spread a rumor an ex-employee had Alzheimer’s.

  9. Some Students Get Extra Time for New York’s Elite High School Entrance Exam. 42% Are White. Interactive, June 17

    The data underscores what testing experts have long emphasized: Income, race and privilege can influence a process that is supposed to be a level playing field.

  10. This School District Has a Way to Combat Vaping: Random Nicotine Tests U.S., June 17

    “We are really wanting this to be a preventive, proactive measure,” said the superintendent of the school district in Nebraska.

  11. Immigrants Brought Riches to Urban Schools. Now They’re in the Shadows. U.S., June 15

    As immigrant families forgo services or are dropped from public assistance, schools are seeing their student populations undercounted and their funding cut.

  12. The End for a Michigan City’s High School? ‘It Would Kill the Whole Community’ U.S., June 15

    Residents of Benton Harbor say they know their schools are ailing, but they see racial bias in plans to close their main high school.

  13. Why Can’t Everyone Get A’s? Opinion, June 15

    Excellence is not a zero sum game.

  14. In Ghana, Free High School Brings Opportunity and Grumbling World, June 15

    The tumultuous rollout of a new government program to provide tuition-free high school for all has left students going to school in shifts, and parents paying for tutors.

  15. Kansas Supreme Court Signs Off on Increased Education Spending U.S., June 14

    Almost a decade into a fight over education funding, the state’s highest court declared Friday that Kansas finally was spending enough money on its public schools.

  16. How Middle Schoolers Built ‘Pizza Sail’ (Hint: Without Their Phones) New York, June 14

    An after-school program invites students to build small sailboats from scratch, then test them out on the water.

  17. Winners of Our Blackout Poetry Contest The Learning Network, June 13

    We challenged teenagers to create blackout poetry from pages of the print New York Times, and we told them to surprise us. They did.

  18. What Will Teacher Raises Buy Students? Opinion, June 13

    Like many other progressive hopes, the teacher pay proposals from 2020 Democratic presidential candidates need a bit more focus.

  19. Death to the Meritocracy with Andrew Yang Opinion, June 13

    The 2020 contender talks Trump, jobs and higher education.

  20. Inside the Elementary School Where Drug Addiction Sets the Curriculum U.S., June 12

    About half of the student body at one Ohio elementary school has witnessed drug use at home. Educators spend time every day teaching the children how to cope.

  21. Your Child Bullied Someone? That’ll Cost You $313. U.S., June 11

    A Wisconsin city is due to vote next week on a bill that would impose fines on parents whose children bully others, a measure several municipalities have already tried.

  22. Fairway Market Opens a Cooking School Food, June 10

    The Cooking Place, on the second floor of its flagship Upper West Side location, will host a variety of classes, covering topics like Chinese takeout and knife skills.

  23. Solving a Boomtown Mystery Opinion, June 10

    Why are some small towns thriving?

  24. She Left the Education Dept. for Groups It Curbed. Now She’s Back, With Plans. U.S., June 9

    As the architect of higher education policy, Diane Auer Jones is pushing to overhaul accreditation, and, to critics, revive the fortunes of “bottom feeder” for-profit colleges.

  25. Loss of Diversity in New York’s Elite High Schools Opinion, June 9

    A school neuropsychologist says she has seen the problem directly.

  26. As Students Clamor for More on Climate Change, Portland Heeds the Call U.S., June 9

    Three years after the school board passed a resolution mandating climate justice education in all public schools, a rollout may be coming.

  27. Japan Desperately Needs More Day Care Workers. New Mothers Need Not Apply. World, June 9

    Erica Takato had trained for a profession that is crucial for Japan: teaching preschool. Then she got pregnant and was hounded from her job.

  28. How Black Students Challenged the Racism at Their High School U.S., June 8

    There was viral outrage online, and the story could have ended there. But it didn’t.

  29. Spying on Children Won’t Keep Them Safe Opinion, June 7

    This week my daughter’s school became the first in the nation to pilot facial-recognition software. The technology’s potential is chilling.

  30. Bulletin Board Education, June 7

    Graduation guidance, e-learning around the globe, a scholarship program for refugees — and more. A collection of views and news from a special report on Learning.

  31. Taking the Future of Manufacturing Into High Schools Education, June 7

    A number of secondary schools around the world offer robotics programs to prepare students for industries being transformed by automation.

  32. Skills, Not Screens Opinion, June 6

    A reader encourages schools to offer creative spaces for their students, which can pay off later in life.

  33. ‘Kids Need a Good Start’: Readers Debate Admissions at Elite N.Y.C. Schools Reader Center, June 5

    The drop in black and Hispanic student admissions to New York’s specialized high schools led to an impassioned discussion among readers with personal experiences at them.

  34. Teacher, Now Fired, Thought Tweets to Trump About Immigrants Were Private U.S., June 5

    Georgia Clark, a teacher in the Fort Worth Independent School District, had implored the president in public Twitter posts to rid her school of undocumented immigrants.

  35. Texas Teacher Fired Over Tweets Asking Trump to ‘Remove’ Immigrants U.S., June 5

    Georgia Clark, a teacher in the Fort Worth Independent School District, had implored the president to rid her school of undocumented immigrants.

  36. An Editor’s Yearbook Tells a Tale of Race in New York’s Elite Public Schools Reader Center, June 3

    When I attended Bronx Science, the student body was 23 percent black and Hispanic. Its ethnic makeup is very different today.

  37. How New York’s Elite Public Schools Lost Their Black and Hispanic Students Interactive, June 3

    At one school, black and Hispanic enrollment plummeted to 14 percent from 50 percent. At another, it went to 4 percent. “What has happened?” a black alumna asked.

  38. Biggest Offender in Outsize Debt: Graduate Schools The Upshot, June 3

    The market for master’s degrees behaves in strange and erratic ways, new data reveals.

  39. How Much Does Your Education Level Affect Your Health? The Upshot, June 3

    Some clever studies have teased out causal effects by taking advantage of natural experiments.

  40. Fairy-Tale College Applications U.S., June 1

    A school made headlines for sending black students to elite campuses, but it was too good to be true.

  41. Let’s Hear It for the Average Child Opinion, May 31

    In this season of prizes and trophies, we salute all the students whose talents lie outside the arena.

  42. ‘Become My Mom Again’: What It’s Like to Grow Up Amid the Opioid Crisis U.S., May 31

    Call them Generation O, the children growing up in families trapped in a relentless grip of addiction, rehab and prison.

  43. A Financial Checklist for Your Newly Minted High School Graduate Your Money, May 31

    We’ve got budget, retirement account, credit, information security and insurance advice for your independent adult, college student, gap-year taker or future soldier.

  44. Louisiana School Scandal: The Truth Behind Students’ Viral Videos The Weekly, May 31

    The TV series premiere from The New York Times on FX and Hulu.

  45. For Integrated Charter Schools Opinion, May 29

    The Diverse Charter Schools Coalition takes issue with a proposal by Bernie Sanders.

  46. Joe Biden Debuts Education Plan, Then Touts It to Teachers’ Union U.S., May 28

    Mr. Biden promoted the plan, the first policy of his campaign, at a town-hall event with the American Federation of Teachers in Houston on Tuesday.

  47. Attacks by Extremists on Afghan Schools Triple, Report Says World, May 27

    The surge, not seen since 2015, was yet another sign of the deteriorating security situation across Afghanistan.

  48. Give Low-Income Students a Tax Break Opinion, May 27

    An education nonprofit says the tax on non-tuition college assistance is a poor reflection of our country’s values.

  49. Ruining Leisure, and Learning Opinion, May 27

    A reader says schools have a way of ruining true learning.