1. Chicago Teachers’ Strike: Citywide Scramble as Classes Come to Halt U.S., Today

    A walkout in the nation’s third-largest school district canceled instruction across Chicago. It was uncertain how long the strike might last.

  2. China Detains 2 Americans Amid Growing Scrutiny of Foreigners World, Today

    Two Americans who ran an English-language teaching company are being held on charges of organizing illegal border crossings, a Chinese government spokesman said.

  3. Chicago Schools Cancel Classes as Teachers Prepare to Strike U.S., Yesterday

    With a midnight strike deadline looming and no agreement on a new contract, officials said the city’s 300,000 public school students would not have class on Thursday.

  4. Chicago Teachers Announce Strike in Nation’s Third-Largest District U.S., Yesterday

    The Chicago Teachers Union and the city’s new mayor failed to reach a contract deal. Classes were canceled for 300,000 public school students on Thursday.

  5. House Democrats Unveil Plan to Make College More Affordable U.S., October 15

    House Democrats announced an ambitious overhaul of the Higher Education Act that would devote hundreds of billions of dollars to college access.

  6. Show Notes Slideshow, October 15

    Student protests, now and then.

  7. She Warned a School About Her Armed Son, but Now She Faces Charges U.S., October 15

    Prosecutors said Mary York prematurely removed her son from a mental health facility and did not report that he had fired a gun in their home before a standoff at a school ended in his suicide.

  8. Can I Quit Trying to Teach Ethics to Ill-Behaved Children? Magazine, October 15

    The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on whether to keep doing volunteer work you promised to do but aren’t good at and more.

  9. California Tells Schools to Start Later, Giving Teenagers More Sleep U.S., October 14

    A new law pushed back start times at most public middle and high schools, citing research that says attendance and performance will improve if teenagers get more sleep.

  10. Suburbanites in Louisiana Vote to Create a New City of Their Own U.S., October 13

    The referendum to establish a largely white city called St. George on the edge of Baton Rouge, which is racially diverse, grew out of frustration over schools and local control.

  11. WeWork Planned a Residential Utopia. It Hasn’t Turned Out That Way. New York, October 13

    Adam Neumann, the company’s ousted founder, once said there would be WeLive apartments around the globe. But now, it has only two sites and has been under investigation.

  12. Are School Debate Competitions Bad for Our Political Discourse? Opinion, October 12

    They can be a good credential for aspiring leaders, but they favor a closed-minded and partisan style of argument.

  13. Kansas Student Charged With Felony After Making Gun Shape With Fingers U.S., October 11

    School officials in Overland Park, Kan., were made aware of the threat by a student through the district’s website, which allows students to report safety concerns, the police said.

  14. A Pregnancy Scandal Opinion, October 10

    The problem here is not Elizabeth Warren.

  15. Helping Low-Income Students Navigate College Education, October 10

    With multiyear programs, students receive the same high-end support as their upper-middle-class peers.

  16. Bulletin Board Education, October 10

    Support groups, Pell Grants, free college for adults — and more. A collection of views and news from a special report on Learning.

  17. Radical Survival Strategies for Struggling Colleges Education, October 10

    Mergers, acquisitions, shorter degree programs and major shifts in course offerings are just some of the tactics being employed to lure more students.

  18. Voters Near Baton Rouge Want Better Schools. First, They Need a New City. U.S., October 10

    A group has tried unsuccessfully for years to create a new school district in East Baton Rouge Parish. This time, they want to establish a city of their own.

  19. The Hardest Part of Home Schooling Was the Guilt Well, October 10

    I had home-schooled my daughter for the past two years, so the test also felt like a final exam for me: Her score was also my teaching evaluation.

  20. This Top Gifted and Talented School Is Integrated. Is It the Future? New York, October 10

    With New York sharply divided over gifted education, some parents point to a school in Harlem as proof that selective schools can be integrated.

  21. At Risk in the Culture of ‘Normal’ Opinion, October 9

    Research shows that people with atypical brains are at a higher risk of suicide and self-harm.

  22. Elizabeth Warren Details Her Account of Losing Teaching Job Because of Pregnancy U.S., October 8

    Ms. Warren said she had grown more comfortable talking about her experience over the years, explaining why her description of the 1971 episode in her stump speeches differs from how she discussed it in the past.

  23. Compassion in Action: Humanizing Politics and Inspiring Global Change The Learning Network, October 8

    A Florida teacher offers a framework based on resources from The New York Times to teach students how to “think globally and act locally.”

  24. Juul Is Sued by School Districts That Say Vaping Is a Dangerous Drain on Their Resources U.S., October 7

    The lawsuits accuse Juul of endangering students and forcing educators to divert time and money to fight an epidemic of nicotine addiction among teenagers.

  25. Do Works by Men Toppled by #MeToo Belong in the Classroom? U.S., October 7

    Two years after the rise of the #MeToo movement, educators continue to grapple with how to deal with writers and artists accused of abuse.

  26. Is Your Child Struggling in School? Talk to Your Pediatrician Well, October 7

    A new report advises pediatricians to give academic failure the same attention as any other complex problem affecting a child.

  27. Watch Out, America — The Supreme Court Is Back in Session Opinion, October 5

    And conservatives could be the big winners.

  28. Inequality in School Sports, and Beyond Opinion, October 4

    Readers react to an article about a football team that can’t compete with richer suburban schools.

  29. She Was Raped by a Classmate. She Still Had to Go to School With Him. New York, October 3

    The case jolted a working-class town, prompting a walkout by students and a debate over whether school officials are equipped to address sexual assault.

  30. Laurene Powell Jobs and Robin Hood Fund Give $16 Million for N.Y. Schools New York, October 3

    The plan marks the first major expansion of schools since Mayor Bill de Blasio took office nearly six years ago.

  31. Harvard Won a Key Affirmative Action Battle. But the War’s Not Over. U.S., October 2

    More than 40 years after the Supreme Court first weighed in on race-conscious admissions, the fight remains as fractious as ever.

  32. Paid Child Care for Working Mothers? All It Took Was a World War U.S., October 2

    When the men came home, the programs went away.

  33. Florida Teachers Can Now Carry Guns at School U.S., October 1

    A hotly debated law passed in May that would allow some teachers to carry firearms in the classroom takes effect Tuesday.

  34. What Xi Jinping Hasn’t Learned From China’s Emperors Opinion, October 1

    Tolerance of diversity, not repression, is the surest way to govern a vast territory with many peoples.

  35. ‘It Was Very Humiliating’: Readers Share How They Were Taught About Slavery Interactive, September 27

    We asked you how you learned about slavery in school. You told us about degrading role play, flawed lessons and teachers who played down its horrors.

  36. Two-Thirds of College Students Take On Debt, but Amount Is Rising More Slowly Your Money, September 27

    A new report found that borrowers owed close to $30,000. One factor helping the picture: State spending on public colleges is recovering from the recession.

  37. Hundreds of Chained Men and Boys Are Rescued in Nigeria World, September 27

    The police said they had freed more than 300 from what was purported to be an Islamic school.

  38. Theodore Olson, Conservative Stalwart, to Represent ‘Dreamers’ in Supreme Court U.S., September 26

    Mr. Olson argued for the winning sides in Bush v. Gore and Citizens United and was a leader in the fight for a right to same-sex marriage.

  39. Where Can Teachers Afford the Rent? Real Estate, September 26

    If they are the sole breadwinner in their home, hardly anywhere in America’s largest metro areas.

  40. Have You Ever Read a Book You Weren’t Supposed to Read? The Learning Network, September 25

    What have adults tried to stop you from reading? Did you listen to them? Or did you read the book anyway?

  41. A School Put an Autistic Boy’s Desk in a Bathroom, Setting Off a Debate on Stigmas U.S., September 24

    The 11-year-old student was given a desk over a toilet as a quiet place to do schoolwork. The school’s superintendent said the “idea was well-intentioned.”

  42. Cheerleaders With Trump Banner Set Off a Controversy in North Carolina U.S., September 23

    It was a familiar story: First came the backlash, then the backlash to the backlash.

  43. Why I Teach Opinion, September 23

    Being a good teacher is hard. So is maintaining democracy. Our political leaders should take note.

  44. Hope for Our Internet Future Video, September 23

    We can remake the internet into a force for good.

  45. Poor Schools Keep Getting Crushed in Football. Is It Time to Level the Playing Field? U.S., September 22

    A growing number of states are considering whether economic status should help determine which opponents schools play.

  46. At School, ‘Everyone Vapes,’ and Adults Are in Crisis Mode U.S., September 20

    An alarming outbreak of ailments has put teachers and principals into crisis mode.

  47. De Blasio’s Back: Here Are 6 Major Problems He’s Facing New York, September 20

    He has more than two more years left as mayor to build on the progressive track record he promoted in his aborted presidential run.

  48. Climate Strike N.Y.C.: Young Crowds Demand Action, Welcome Greta Thunberg New York, September 20

    “I feel hopeful seeing the power of all these people here today,” one teenager said of the protest, which drew tens of thousands of demonstrators.

  49. Engineers Sprint Ahead, but Don’t Underestimate the Poets Business, September 20

    Technical skills taught in college have a short shelf life, while a liberal arts education prepares graduates for jobs that haven’t been invented yet.

  50. Teachers in New York City Barred From Attending Climate Protest New York, September 19

    The decision underlines the difficulties in separating the politics of climate change from teaching about the science of it.

  51. Is It Still Possible to Pay for College? Interactive, September 19

    For many, the cost of college is far greater than tuition. We asked students and parents to share their experiences.

  52. Training Teenagers for Guerrilla Warfare in the Wealthy Suburbs? Welcome to 1969 New York, September 19

    At Scarsdale High School, a social studies class drew national press.

  53. All the Writers’ Workshops Style, September 18

    The big business of encouraging the words.