1. ‘Teachers Are Educators, Not Security Guards’: Educators Respond to Trump Proposal National, Yesterday

    Many teachers reacted with alarm at the idea they would be trained and armed.

  2. Michael Feinberg, a Founder of KIPP Schools, Is Fired After Misconduct Claims National, Yesterday

    Mr. Feinberg was accused of sexually abusing a female student in the late 1990s. An investigation found the claim credible, though he has denied it.

  3. A Combat Zone, With Desks Op Ed, Yesterday

    Much of what I learned in the Army is horrifyingly relevant in the classroom.

  4. West Virginia Teachers Walk Out Over Pay National, Yesterday

    Teachers from across the state converged on the Capitol to protest pay raises they say are too stingy.

  5. Should Teachers Carry Guns? Are Metal Detectors Helpful? What Experts Say National, Yesterday

    Experts are divided on how to protect students from violence or whether, for that matter, there is anything that can be done to prevent a determined attacker.

  6. Using Our Power to Fight for Gun Laws Letters, Yesterday

    Readers respond to articles dealing with guns as a voter’s litmus test and arming school staff members.

  7. Can the Games Be Green? Climate, February 21

    What will Pyeongchang’s environmental legacy be? Also: A Trump adviser who resigned last week says the Paris agreement is worth protecting.

  8. Ireland Tells State-Run Schools: Stop Steering Pupils to Religion Class Foreign, February 21

    The government told state-run secondary schools, though not the many church-run schools, to offer alternative courses.

  9. Trump Suggests Giving Teachers Guns Video, February 21

    At a listening session with grieving parents and school-shooting victims, including students from Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, President Trump suggested teachers should be allowed to carry firearms.

  10. An Armed Principal Detained a Campus Gunman. But He’s Against Arming School Staff. National, February 21

    A national effort is underway to arm and train school staff members, but a former assistant principal who survived an attack believes it’s misguided.

  11. Limiting the Influence of Tech When You Report on It Business, February 21

    How Natasha Singer, a tech reporter at The Times, uses tech when she chronicles the industry’s effect on education, privacy and our health.

  12. ‘Is This the Day I Die?’: Teachers React to the Florida School Shooting National, February 20

    Teachers and other educators described to us what it’s like to teach amid lockdown drills and fear of attacks.

  13. Armed Officers Will Patrol New Jersey Town’s Schools Metro, February 20

    East Brunswick is placing police officers with guns in schools, as other districts add security measures in the wake of the Parkland, Fla., shooting.

  14. D.C. Schools Chancellor Resigns Amid Outcry Over Daughter’s School Transfer National, February 20

    The chancellor, Antwan Wilson, had come under investigation for how his daughter recently transferred to a coveted high school, bypassing about 700 students on a wait-list.

  15. School Shootings Put Teachers in New Role as Human Shields National, February 19

    Around the country, teachers are reflecting on whether they are prepared to take a bullet for their students. “I think about it all the time,” one said.

  16. The Lone Star Long Shot Who Wants to Topple Ted Cruz Washington, February 19

    Representative Beto O’Rourke is making a long-shot bid to defeat Ted Cruz and become the first Democrat in Texas to win a statewide office since 1994.

  17. On Closing Public Schools Letters, February 19

    An education expert writes that closing underperforming public schools offers an opportunity.

  18. The WeWork Manifesto: First, Office Space. Next, the World. Sunday Business, February 17

    The brash, ambitious founders of WeWork, a global network of shared office spaces, want nothing less than to transform the way we work, live and play.

  19. Copycat Threats and Jittery Nerves Force School Shutdowns Across the U.S. National, February 16

    After the Florida shooting, schools are re-evaluating their security, and some have shut down in response to ominous phone calls or social media posts.

  20. Congress Struggles for Path Forward on Immigration Washington, February 16

    After legislative efforts collapsed Thursday in the Senate, lawmakers in the House and Senate struggled for a path forward to protect the “Dreamers.”

  21. Senators, Dreamers Have Been Watching You Op Ed, February 16

    Every vote to protect Dreamers like me failed on Thursday, and I am relieved.

  22. State Will Not Take Over Long-Struggling Hempstead Schools Metro, February 15

    New York education commissioner MaryEllen Elia accepted a district improvement plan she had ordered, but said it left ‘critical issues’ unaddressed.

  23. No Room for Debate: Senate Floor Fight Over Immigration Is a Bust Washington, February 15

    After raising expectations of an old-school fight, the Senate ended up gridlocked as usual, as leaders shied away from politically charged votes.

  24. On Emotional-Support Animals, Cheating in School, Movies and Climate Change: Our Favorite Student Comments of the Week Learning, February 15

    The best teenage comments from last week’s writing prompts, and an invitation to join the conversation this week.

  25. What Is Your Reaction to the Deadly Shooting at a Florida High School? Learning, February 15

    Has your school ever faced any sort of gun violence or gun incidents? Do you feel safe at school?

  26. Will the Supreme Court Become Trump’s Enabler? Op Ed, February 15

    The administration’s effort to rush a decision on DACA will test whether a rule-bound court is prepared to stand up to a norm-breaking president.

  27. Senate Leaders Reconsider Ban on Pell Grants for Prisoners Washington, February 15

    The Senate’s top education leaders will consider reinstating Pell grants for incarcerated students, a move that would restore a federal lifeline to the country’s prison education system.

  28. As Shots Ring Out, a Student Texts: ‘If I Don’t Make It, I Love You’ National, February 14

    Scenes from a dread-filled day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where a former student fatally shot 17 people.

  29. Senators Strike Bipartisan Deal on Immigration Despite Veto Threat Washington, February 14

    The legislation sets up a clash that will pit the political center of the Senate against the president and the Republican congressional leadership.

  30. Months of Searching Still Hasn’t Found New Schools Chancellor Metro, February 14

    It’s been hard to find a successor to Carmen Fariña with the skills to run the country’s largest district and a mind-set compatible with the mayor’s.

  31. A Before-School Exercise Program May Help Children Thrive Well, February 14

    The BOKS program, consisting of an hour of running, calisthenics and rousing group games, made children feel happier and more energetic.

  32. Senate Immigration Debate Gets Off to a Slow, Unhappy Start Washington, February 13

    Even as a floor debate on immigration faltered, a bipartisan group of senators was working behind the scenes to come up with a plan that could garner 60 votes.

  33. As a School Moves Out of Renewal, Can Its Progress Be Sustained? Metro, February 13

    DreamYard Prep was part of the city’s program for low-performing schools. Now it has been deemed a Rise school, and over time the intensive support will wane.

  34. Paul Ryan and the Dreamers Op Ed, February 13

    Also in today’s newsletter: A debate over Chicago’s school closures.

  35. Listen to ‘The Daily’: Democrats’ Identity Crisis Podcasts, February 13

    The House minority leader took to the floor for eight hours to protest a spending bill that she now says she wanted to pass. What’s the risk for the party?

  36. Senate Begins ‘Wild’ Week of Debate on Immigration, Outcome Unknown Washington, February 12

    Lawmakers will try to assemble immigration legislation that can garner 60 votes as the Senate undertakes an exceedingly rare open-ended debate.

  37. Save Chicago’s Public Schools Op Ed, February 12

    Instead of trying to improve troubled schools, the city is shutting them down.

  38. Do You Think Porn Influences the Way Teenagers Think About Sex? Learning, February 13

    What ideas about masculinity, femininity, sex and relationships might teenagers learn from pornography?

  39. ‘Black Panther’ Learning, February 13

    Why do you think this film is garnering so much interest? How does it relate to and comment on our society’s current cultural and political climate?

  40. Teaching Activities for: ‘Red Gerard Wins First U.S. Gold in Pyeongchang Olympics’ Learning, February 13

    What qualities make Red Gerard good at his sport, and why?

  41. Berklee College Expands Online, to Graduate Degrees Culture, February 12

    Applications for the graduate programs — a master of music in music production and a master of arts in music business — will be accepted starting Feb. 21.

  42. The Berea College Carve-Out Op Ed, February 12

    It’s part of pattern: Trumpism for thee and not for me.

  43. Nancy Pelosi Wants to Take Back the House. But She Faces a More Urgent Test. Washington, February 11

    At 77, Ms. Pelosi remains a dominant figure in Washington. How she bridges Democrats’ factions on immigration may help determine whether she can lead her party to a majority.

  44. America’s Real Digital Divide Op Ed, February 11

    The problem isn’t that poor children don’t have access to computers. It’s that they spend too much time in front of them.

  45. Pelosi Spoke for Eight Hours on Dreamers. We Checked Her Facts. Washington, February 11

    The House Democratic leader mostly told anecdotes and personal stories. But she included a few facts and falsehoods to sort through as well.

  46. As DeVos Approves Education Plans, She Finds Skeptics in G.O.P. Governors Washington, February 11

    Several governors, mostly Republicans, have declined to sign their own states’ plans for implementing a new federal education law intended to devolve control to the states.

  47. Living Abroad Taught Me to Love America Op Ed, February 10

    Many liberals talk about moving to another country to avoid Trump. I did the opposite.

  48. Let’s Ban Porn Op Ed, February 10

    An immodest proposal for the era of #MeToo.

  49. Corporations Will Inherit the Earth Op Ed, February 10

    If Washington shuts down, companies will step up. Do we really want that?

  50. In Her Words: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Assesses a Year on the Job Washington, February 9

    In the last 12 months, there isn’t much Ms. DeVos has done that hasn’t been met with a barrage of backlash. But in a wide-ranging interview, she said her agenda had not been derailed.

  51. What’s Hidden in the Senate Spending Bill? Washington, February 8

    Tax breaks for horse owners, energy credits and a small college in Kentucky are among the provisions tucked into the Senate spending bill headed for a vote.

  52. Casting Controversy Derailed a High School Play. Then Came the Threats. Weekend, February 8

    After Ithaca High School canceled its production of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” because of students’ pushback, an online mob targeted the town.

  53. Union Leaders Protesting DeVos Are Left Out in the Cold Washington, February 8

    The leaders were not allowed access to the Education Department building to deliver failing “report cards.”

  54. Pelosi Held House Floor in Advocacy of ‘Dreamers’ for More Than 8 Hours Washington, February 7

    Representative Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, broke records on Wednesday with an extended speech opposing the budget deal because it ignored the “Dreamers.”

  55. Trump’s Backward View of Immigration Editorial, February 7

    The president is targeting sensible immigration policies, while smearing those who come to the U.S. illegally as criminals.

  56. Senate Leaders Reach Budget Deal to Raise Spending Over Two Years Washington, February 7

    The agreement would raise caps on military and domestic spending, clearing the way for lawmakers to pass a spending bill for the rest of the fiscal year.

  57. What Teenagers Are Learning From Online Porn Magazine, February 7

    American adolescents watch much more pornography than their parents know — and it’s shaping their ideas about pleasure, power and intimacy. Can they be taught to see it more critically?

  58. In Fight Over Science Education in Idaho, Lawmakers Move to Minimize Climate Climate, February 7

    On Wednesday, lawmakers in Idaho voted to gut their state’s science standards of all but a few mentions of climate change.

  59. Graduation Rate Made Little Progress, State Says Metro, February 7

    About 80 percent of high school seniors graduated on time in 2017, up just half a percentage point, and large gaps persisted between white and minority students.

  60. It’s Time for an Immigration Enchilada Op Ed, February 7

    President Trump’s proposed immigration overhaul might be good for Mexico.

  61. Do You Think Porn Affects the Way Teenagers Think About Sex? Interactive, February 7

    A new survey suggests that porn might be a more influential form of sex education for kids than their parents may think.

  62. Fourth School Reveals a Teacher’s Abuse Metro, February 7

    Frederic Lyman, named in the Choate sexual abuse report, engaged in sexual misconduct at all four schools where he taught, abetted by administrators’ silence.

  63. Trump’s Latest Surprise: Shutdown Might Be a Good Idea Washington, February 6

    The president has said so many outrageous things that his latest outbursts no longer shock, but seem more of the same.

  64. Trump Threatens Shutdown as Negotiators Close In on Budget Deal Washington, February 6

    As congressional leaders worked toward a deal that could help ensure the government stays open, President Trump called for a shutdown if lawmakers do not crack down on illegal immigration.

  65. Idaho Stripped Climate Change From School Guidelines. Now, It’s a Battle. Climate, February 6

    Idaho is the only state whose legislature has removed climate change from its education standards. Teachers and students testified for it to be reinstated.

  66. Should I Tell on My Cheating Classmates? Magazine, February 6

    The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on what to do when your friends at school cheat on a test and more.

  67. House Pushes Another Stopgap Bill as Government Shutdown Looms Washington, February 5

    With funding set to expire Thursday, House Republicans were moving ahead with a temporary spending measure, but it did not appear to have the support to pass the Senate.

  68. Word + Quiz: cyclic Learning, February 6

    This word has appeared in three articles on nytimes.com in the past year.

  69. Tiaras and Gowns Learning, February 6

    What story could this image tell?

  70. Charter School Group, Known for Battling the Mayor, Will Close Metro, February 5

    Families for Excellent Schools fought with the de Blasio administration over charter expansion and was a close ally of Success Academy’s Eva Moskowitz.

  71. Early Facebook and Google Employees Form Coalition to Fight What They Built Business, February 4

    A group of Silicon Valley technologists plans to call attention to the dangers of tech, including working on an ad campaign aimed at 55,000 public schools.

  72. ‘Smart Is Something You Get’: How a Bronx School Succeeds Metro, February 2

    Using a combination of playfulness and academic rigor, Concourse Village Elementary School is achieving top results where others have struggled.

  73. Trump Sets Up a Grand Bargain on Immigration Op Ed, February 2

    Put everything on the table, including amnesty for all illegal immigrants and changing policy to promote economic benefit.

  74. Online Learning Successes Letters, February 2

    Pace University’s president discusses how adult students can benefit from online courses.

  75. In District Known for Failure, Will the State Finally Step In? Metro, February 1

    For decades, the Hempstead schools have been marked by corruption, political infighting and low performance. Now leaders face a deadline for change.

  76. With DACA in Limbo, Teachers Protected by the Program Gird for the Worst Washington, February 1

    About 9,000 unauthorized immigrants protected under DACA work in the nation’s schools. But as the program’s fate has become uncertain, so has theirs.

  77. Trump Has Got Democrats Right Where He Wants Them Op Ed, February 1

    As far as the president’s immigration plan goes, they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

  78. An Updated List of Scandals Op Ed, February 1

    Also: More on America’s “lost Einsteins.”

  79. School Shooting Simulation Trains Teachers for the Worst National, February 1

    New software funded by the Department of Homeland Security features a virtual school stalked by an active shooter.

  80. Remember Langston Hughes’s Anger Alongside His Joy Op Ed, February 1

    On his birthday, I hope we don’t forget his deep frustration with this country.

  81. Trump’s Speech Leaves Two Sides Further Apart Than Ever on Immigration Washington, January 31

    If the president believed his State of the Union address would bring the bipartisan agreement he says he seeks any closer, he received little encouragement on Wednesday.

  82. In School Together, but Not Learning at the Same Rate Metro, January 31

    A study of test scores in each of the city’s public elementary schools finds that diversity does not erase achievement gaps between white and minority students.

  83. Reader Idea | 36 Hours in Your Hometown Learning, January 31

    Writing travel articles to explore themes of nostalgia and childhood in “The Catcher in the Rye.”

  84. Taking Playtime Seriously Well, January 29

    Experts say it’s essential to give kids time and space to play.

  85. In Mexico, Trump’s Bark Has Been Worse Than His Bite Op Ed, January 29

    The president’s policies toward Mexico have so far been less severe than feared.

  86. French Lesson Metro, January 28

    Discovering that students learn at different paces.

  87. We Need Protests. And Paintings. Op Ed, January 27

    Immigrants can fight ignorance and hate with works of culture.

  88. The Necessity of Stephen Miller Op Ed, January 27

    You can’t make a lasting bargain on immigration without a restrictionist at the table.

  89. How China Used Schools to Win Over Hanoi Op Ed, January 26

    During the Vietnam War, Beijing welcomed Vietnamese students as a way to to compete with Moscow for leadership of global communism.

  90. Trump’s Proposed Deal on Immigration Letters, January 26

    Readers discuss a plan to give a path to citizenship to Dreamers.

  91. The Facts Behind the Weaponized Phrase ‘Chain Migration’ Washington, January 26

    What is “chain migration” and how did the phrase become a contentious part of the immigration debate?

  92. On Journalistic Curiosity: Down the Rabbit Hole With Dan Barry Insider, January 26

    Our reporter stumbles across a black-and-white bit of serendipity, hidden in a book hidden in a library hidden in the basement of The New York Times.

  93. Listen to ‘The Daily’: A Plan to Fire Mueller Podcasts, January 26

    President Trump tried to order the firing of Robert S. Mueller III, and Senator Chuck Schumer talks to us about seeking an immigration policy compromise.

  94. The 1.14.18 Issue Magazine, January 26

    Readers respond.

  95. Trump Immigration Plan Demands Tough Concessions From Democrats Washington, January 25

    If Democrats want relief for young unauthorized immigrants, they would have to accept a border wall and restrictions on low-skilled immigrants joining their families in America.

  96. Most Americans Want Legal Status for ‘Dreamers.’ These People Don’t. National, January 25

    A slice of the public bucks popular sentiment for young undocumented immigrants, underscoring the conflicted feelings over the issue that has stymied Congress for years.

  97. You Are Shaped by the Genes You Inherit. And Maybe by Those You Don’t. Science, January 25

    An unusual study of educational attainment in children finds that gene variants linked to parental nurturing were highly influential even though children had not inherited them.