1. Eve Ewing Blasts From Chicago to Space, With a Boost from Marvel Culture, Yesterday

    She is a sociologist, poet, Twitter maven, Chicago cultural celebrity and newly minted Marvel Comics writer. But don’t ask Dr. Ewing about her superpowers.

  2. ‘You Are Still Black’: Charlottesville’s Racial Divide Hinders Students U.S., October 16

    The New York Times and ProPublica examined the Charlottesville, Va., school system, which has one of the biggest racial gaps in the country.

  3. Homelessness in New York Public Schools Is at a Record High: 114,659 Students Metro, October 15

    One out of every 10 students lived in temporary housing during the last school year.

  4. Helping Children Succeed Letters, October 14

    A policy analyst calls for early care and learning programs.

  5. Hello! May I Assist You in Taking on a Lifetime of Debt? Op Ed, October 13

    What I learned answering calls to my university’s student helpline.

  6. Every Older Patient Has a Story. Medical Students Need to Hear It. Science, October 12

    At more than 20 medical schools in the United States, students are getting an earful — about life, about perspective — from healthy seniors.

  7. Bonuses of Up to $8,000 to Teach in Struggling New York Schools Metro, October 11

    The new contract between the teachers’ union and the city is aimed at schools that have a hard time keeping teachers.

  8. Germany’s Far-Right AfD Urges Students to Report Biased Teachers Foreign, October 11

    Politicians and teachers say an effort by the Alternative for Germany party, urging people to report teachers for violating a neutrality law, resembles the work of East Germany’s secret police.

  9. This is 18 Around the World — Through Girls’ Eyes Interactive, October 11

    What does life look like for girls turning 18 in 2018? We gave young women photographers around the world an assignment: Show us 18 in your community. This is 18 — through girls’ eyes.

  10. Lessons in a Water Bottle Letters, October 10

    Eric Adams, the Brooklyn borough president, calls for funding sustainability coordinators in the public schools.

  11. A Really Good Thing Happening in America Op Ed, October 8

    A strategy for community problem-solving does an extraordinary job at restoring our social fabric.

  12. The Jocks Will Inherit the Earth Op Ed, October 6

    What we learned from the Kavanaugh ordeal.

  13. At 12, He Reads at a First-Grade Level: How New York Failed T.J. Metropolitan, October 5

    One of 200,000 students in New York’s public schools classified as having a disability, T.J. has fallen behind year after year in a system awash in misinformation and confusion.

  14. Are You a Visual or an Auditory Learner? It Doesn’t Matter Op Ed, October 4

    One mental strategy may be much better suited than another to a particular task.

  15. Teachers Sue Navient, Claiming Student Loan Forgiveness Failures Business, October 3

    The student loan servicer misled borrowers and stopped them from using a debt relief program for public service workers, a lawsuit says.

  16. The Meritocracy Against Itself Opinion, October 3

    How Ivy League resentments took over the Kavanaugh debate.

  17. How I Know You Wrote Your Kid’s College Essay Well, October 3

    The paradox of the overzealous editing of the college essay by many helicopter parents is that they don’t know what a college essay is really about.

  18. Teachers, Do You Think This Generation Is Misunderstood? Learning, October 1

    We’re interested in your observations about “kids today” for an upcoming print feature that will accompany our photo contest for teenagers, Show Us Your Generation.

  19. Desegregation at Little Rock Letters, September 30

    A daughter recalls her journalist father’s reporting of the desegregation of the Little Rock, Ark., public schools in 1957.

  20. Who’s to Blame for Sleep-Deprived Teenagers? Letters, September 30

    High school students see the problem differently.

  21. 28,000 Public Servants Sought Student Loan Forgiveness. 96 Got It. Business, September 27

    The Education Department has significantly mismanaged a debt relief program for public workers, according to a government audit.

  22. ‘Risky Business’ and Brett Kavanaugh, 35 Years Later Metropolitan, September 27

    Though we like to think that we’ve evolved since the hard-partying and sexual attitudes of the 1980s, affluence, high expectations and alcohol remain a dangerous mix.

  23. U.S. Investigating Yale Over Complaint of Bias Against Asian-American Applicants U.S., September 26

    The civil rights inquiry by the Justice and Education Departments expands the Trump administration’s effort to challenge race-based admissions policies at elite universities.

  24. Why New York Isn’t Celebrating Higher Test Scores Metro, September 26

    In nearly every district, students did better on the annual math and reading exams. But comparing the results with previous years’ is almost impossible.

  25. Jeff Bezos and the Trap of the Charitable-Industrial Complex Op Ed, September 23

    He has promised money for schools. There are several grass-roots efforts to spread the Montessori method that could really use some.

  26. 320,000 High Schoolers to Get Free Water Bottles. The Goal? 54 Million Fewer Single-Use Drinks Metro, September 23

    The company S’Well is giving the water bottles to every New York City high school student in a program that aims to raise environmental consciousness.

  27. Teacher Diversity and Learning Letters, September 22

    Readers discuss findings that students learn better when they are the same race and gender as their teacher.

  28. Me and My White Teachers National, September 22

    In this week’s Race/Related newsletter: we discuss the importance of diversity among teachers, how to respond when you hear a racist remark, and more.