1. Joy or Misery? Memories of Cursive Writing Opinion, Yesterday

    Did you learn it? Your experiences may vary.

  2. For Refugee Children, Reading Helps Heal Trauma Opinion, April 17

    Psychologists find that story time can build the strong relationships they need for healthy development.

  3. Learning About Our Democracy Opinion, April 17

    A social studies teacher says students can grapple with difficult ideas.

  4. Facing Segregated Schools, Parents Took Integration Into Their Own Hands. It’s Working. New York, April 16

    Changes to middle school enrollment in parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan could force City Hall to take action on school segregation.

  5. Cursive Seemed to Go the Way of Quills and Parchment. Now It’s Coming Back. Education, April 13

    Defenders of the writing style have lobbied to revive it in schools, igniting a debate about American values and exposing intergenerational fault lines.

  6. LeBron James Opened a School That Was Considered an Experiment. It’s Showing Promise. Education, April 12

    The inaugural class of third and fourth graders at the school has posted extraordinary results on its first set of test scores.

  7. The 10th Annual New York Times Summer Reading Contest: June 14-Aug. 23, 2019 The Learning Network, April 11

    Our 10-week contest will be judged by Times journalists, and winners will be published on The Learning Network each week. Join us any, or every, week!

  8. A Few More Black Students Are Offered Spots at Stuyvesant, Fanning Fresh Uproar New York, April 10

    A once-obscure program named Discovery has become an unexpected flash point in a local debate about specialized school admissions and the national fight over affirmative action.

  9. Harlem School of the Arts Announces $9.5 Million Renovation Arts, April 10

    The extensive project, funded by the Herb Alpert Foundation, will replace the building’s facade and update its public gallery space.

  10. Mother of Raniya Wright, Who Died After Fight, Says School Failed to Protect Her Daughter U.S., April 8

    Ashley Wright said she had alerted the school that her daughter was being bullied by a classmate before her death.

  11. Making High School Fun Again Opinion, April 7

    Readers discuss a problem that affects students and teachers alike.

  12. With Indigenous Languages in Steep Decline, Summer Camps Offer Hope U.S., April 7

    An immersion camp in California that aims to revitalize Hupa is part of a growing worldwide effort to revive endangered languages.

  13. Is the U.S. a Democracy? A Social Studies Battle Turns on the Nation’s Values U.S., April 7

    Michigan spent five years debating how to teach American history. One of the biggest questions was how to describe the nation’s government.

  14. How to Read to Children Opinion, April 4

    A reader offers a compelling reason to choose print rather than digital.

  15. How to Cure the New Senioritis? Make Yourself Your Senior Project Well, April 4

    The end of senior year is now often characterized by a sense of purposelessness. Here are five ways high school seniors can connect with what matters to them.

  16. Trump Administration Sued Over Rollback of School Lunch Standards U.S., April 3

    In lawsuits filed Wednesday, groups said the Agriculture Department illegally issued rules that weakened Obama-era standards for school meals.

  17. Kick-Start Your Reading Habit With Bite-Sized Books Smarter Living, April 3

    If you don’t feel like you have the time to read more, or struggle to finish a book, this method will help. If you have time for Twitter or Instagram, you have time for these books.

  18. Knife Attack at Chinese Elementary School Leaves Two Children Dead World, April 3

    The attack occurred early on Wednesday in Hunan Province. The authorities said a suspect, a 31-year-old man, had been taken into custody.

  19. Why Did New York’s Most Selective Public High School Admit Only 7 Black Students? Podcasts, April 2

    The latest admissions numbers at Stuyvesant High School offer a stark picture of the persistent racial divide in America’s largest school system.

  20. Should My Daughter Speak Up About a Classmate’s Plagiarized Poem? Magazine, April 2

    The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on how to handle a cheating peer and whether to alert officials that a nanny is ill-treated.

  21. South Carolina Family Seeks Answers After Fifth Grader Dies Following School Fight U.S., April 1

    “I want to find out what happened, how it happened and who was involved,” said the father of Raniya Wright.

  22. As DeVos Eases Sexual Assault Rules, Her High School Stands Accused of Breaking Them U.S., April 1

    A lawsuit against Holland Christian High School has turned Betsy DeVos’s alma mater into Exhibit A as the education secretary moves to lighten the rules governing school sexual assault.

  23. As DeVos Eases Sexual Assault Rules, Her Old High School May Provide a Test Case U.S., April 1

    A lawsuit against Holland Christian High School has turned Betsy DeVos’s alma mater into Exhibit A as the education secretary moves to lighten the rules governing school sexual assault.

  24. Girls at North Carolina School Don’t Have to Wear Skirts, Judge Rules U.S., March 31

    A federal judge struck down a charter school policy that prohibited girls from wearing pants or shorts. “I hate wearing skirts,” a girl who opposed the rule wrote.

  25. For High Schoolers Only Opinion, March 31

    We invite students to submit a letter in response to a recent article, and we’ll publish some of our favorites.

  26. New York’s Best Schools Need to Do Better Opinion, March 30

    Yet again, the paucity of black and Latino students admitted to New York City’s elite public high schools is cause for alarm, and action.

  27. High School Doesn’t Have to Be Boring Opinion, March 30

    Debate, drama and other extracurriculars provide the excitement many classrooms lack. And they can help overhaul the system.

  28. Diversity at New York’s Elite High Schools Opinion, March 29

    A Brooklyn Tech alumnus explains why greater diversity was achieved in the 1970s till the mid-1990s.

  29. How DeVos’s Cuts Would Hurt Special-Needs Kids Opinion, March 28

    Readers express anger at Betsy DeVos’s proposals to eliminate funding for the Special Olympics and other programs.

  30. The Implicit Punishment of Daring to Go to College When Poor Opinion, March 28

    A documentary to be screened on Capitol Hill next month, in which I am featured, chronicles the experience of low-income students navigating college admissions.

  31. Betsy DeVos Wants to Cut Special Olympics Funding. Here’s Why It Probably Won’t Happen. U.S., March 27

    A proposal to cut $17.6 million from the Special Olympics is drawing widespread opposition, but it’s unlikely to make it past Congress anyway.

  32. ‘They’re Leaving Us With Nothing’: Cuts of 150 Teachers Threaten Troubled N.J. City New York, March 27

    The school board in Paterson has proposed eliminating over 200 jobs to address a budget gap as it tries to regain control of its schools from the state.

  33. Do You Speak My Language? You Should Opinion, March 26

    In an increasingly global world, Americans should be adding, not slashing, opportunities for their children to learn another tongue.

  34. Kamala Harris’s First Campaign Policy: A Raise for Teachers U.S., March 26

    Under her proposal, the Department of Education would create incentivized baselines for salaries, with the average teacher in America receiving a $13,500 pay increase.

  35. Segregation Has Been the Story of New York City’s Schools for 50 Years New York, March 26

    Low black and Hispanic enrollment at Stuyvesant High School has reignited a debate about how to finally integrate the city’s schools.

  36. Report Alleges Sexual Misconduct at Saint Ann’s, Prestigious Brooklyn Private School New York, March 25

    According to school leaders, 19 former faculty and staff members were said to have potentially engaged in sexual misconduct or inappropriate behavior with students over the span of three decades.

  37. High School ‘Alien’ Production Wins Internet Raves Theater, March 25

    For just $3,500, the drama club at North Bergen High School recreated Ridley Scott’s 1979 horror thriller on stage, reaching a global audience, too.

  38. Sex Education in New York Opinion, March 25

    A social services group that assists young people supports a bill in the State Legislature that would mandate medically accurate health education.

  39. Let’s Hear It for State U. Opinion, March 25

    Sometimes the best school isn’t the “elite” college at the top of the national rankings. It’s the public university just down the road.

  40. Reading to Your Toddler? Print Books Are Better Than Digital Ones Well, March 25

    “The tablet itself made it harder for parents and children to engage in the rich back-and-forth turn-taking that was happening in print books,” a researcher said.

  41. Kenyan Teacher Who Aids Poor Wins $1 Million Global Prize World, March 24

    Peter Tabichi teaches math and science in a remote village and tutors students on the weekends.

  42. A Grand Compromise on Immigration Opinion, March 24

    A bipartisan deal to bring millions of immigrants out of the shadows, and pay for a secure border.

  43. Our Chess Champion Has a Home Opinion, March 23

    The 8-year-old refugee who last week was thrilled to have a trophy suddenly has so much more.

  44. Indiana Teachers Were Shot With Pellets During Active-Shooter Drill, Union Says U.S., March 22

    The drill terrified teachers and left them with welts and bruises, the state’s largest teachers’ union said, calling for an end to such practices.

  45. Teenager Arrested in Charlottesville After Racist Online Threat Shuts Schools for 2 Days U.S., March 22

    A user on 4chan promised an “ethnic cleansing in my school” in a post that targeted black and Hispanic students.

  46. How Our Reporter Made Sense of Admissions to Stuyvesant High School Reader Center, March 22

    Eliza Shapiro, a reporter for The Times explained why March was an important month for those covering New York City public schools, America’s largest school system.

  47. What Rural America Has to Teach Us Opinion, March 21

    Civic service as a way of life.

  48. Is Trump Causing White Terrorism? Opinion, March 21

    And what would a fair college admissions system look like?

  49. As College Consulting Expands, Are High School Counselors Advocates or Adversaries? U.S., March 20

    With the expansion of private admissions coaching, some counselors feel sidelined, or fear their students won’t be treated fairly.