1. 100 N.Y.C. School Buildings Have Already Reported a Positive Case Metro, Yesterday

    Nearly all the buildings remained open, following city guidelines that say only those schools with two cases in different classrooms will shut.

  2. Maybe the Best Home School Is … on a Boat? Styles, Yesterday

    Thanks to their adventuresome parents, some screen-addled children are getting a reprieve — and an education — at sea.

  3. A Kids’ Vaccine Isn’t Coming Anytime Soon National, Yesterday

    There are currently no trials underway, making a vaccine unlikely before fall of 2021. And students are missing online school at alarming rates.

  4. When the Classroom Comes With Room Service and Poolside Cabanas Travel, Yesterday

    With the pandemic ongoing and millions of school-age children learning remotely, the travel industry is beckoning families with lures of “schoolcation.”

  5. What We Know About Coronavirus Cases in K-12 Schools So Far Interactive, September 21

    Thousands of cases have already been linked to schools this season. But a lack of reporting means that a national accounting remains out of reach.

  6. As Schools Go Remote, Finding ‘Lost’ Students Gets Harder National, September 22

    Early data for the new school year suggests that attendance in virtual classrooms is down, possibly because students are working or caring for siblings.

  7. N.Y.C. Schools Reopen for a First Day Unlike Any Other Metro, September 22

    Up to 90,000 in pre-K as well as students with advanced disabilities streamed into about 700 school buildings for in-person classes.

  8. How One District Reopened Its Classrooms National, September 21

    Most lower-income students are learning online. But in Cajon Valley, Calif., they’re back in school. Here’s how they did it.

  9. Parents, How Are You Doing? National, September 21

    We’d love to hear how you’re dealing with remote learning and getting your kids — and yourself — through these uncertain days.

  10. As School Begins, Mothers Working Retail Jobs Feel Extra Burden Business, September 21

    A number of women working in retail say they are being forced to choose between keeping their jobs and making sure their children can keep up with remote learning.

  11. Mix of Joy and Confusion as School Doors Open for Youngest in N.Y.C. Metro, September 21

    Up to 90,000 children in pre-K and students with advanced disabilities returned to in-person school on Monday.

  12. Justice Ginsburg Fought for Gender Equality. How Close Are We to Achieving That Goal? Learning, September 20

    Her vision was once seen as radical. What work still needs to be done to end discrimination based on sex?

  13. How One District Got Its Students Back Into Classrooms National, September 20

    Cajon Valley in California is doing something that many lower-income districts have postponed: offering in-person instruction.

  14. How N.Y.C.’s Mayor Ignored Warnings and Mishandled Reopening Schools Metro, September 18

    Mayor Bill de Blasio delayed the start of school for a second time, leading to an uproar among parents.

  15. Streaming Kindergarten on TikTok National, September 18

    Teachers are posting videos of the extraordinary energy required keep young learners engaged and amused.

  16. A Messy Return to School in New York Podcasts, September 18

    As the United States’ largest public school system vows to let students return to the classroom, the run-up to the first day of school through the eyes of one teacher illustrates what these plans involve.

  17. DeVos Vows to Withhold Desegregation Aid to Schools Over Transgender Athletes Washington, September 18

    The Education Department has told Connecticut schools that desegregation grants will be cut off Oct. 1 if they continue to allow transgender students to choose the teams they compete on.

  18. Ready for School to Start? For Most Students, Not So Fast. Metro, September 18

    Mayor Bill de Blasio's announcement of a phased start to in-person classes left many parents with little time to make alternative arrangements. 

  19. Trump Calls for ‘Patriotic Education’ to Defend American History From the Left Washington, September 17

    At the National Archives Museum, the president warned against a “radical movement” that has emerged from “decades of left-wing indoctrination in our schools.”

  20. How N.Y.C.’s Plan to Open Schools Fell Apart Interactive, September 17

    Mayor Bill de Blasio canceled the start of in-person classes for the country’s largest school system just three days before they were set to begin, sowing even more confusing among parents and educators.

  21. One Family’s Remote-School Tale News Desk, September 17

    Like many parents, Valerie Cruz is dealing with a tough situation and making it work.

  22. Community Colleges Can Be Engines of Economic Recovery Sunday Business, September 17

    With proper funding and innovation, two-year public colleges can handle job training for millions of people.

  23. N.Y.C. Will Again Delay Start of In-Person Classes for Most Students Metro, September 17

    The city had scheduled classes to start on Monday. Now, students will be allowed to return on a rolling basis, beginning with those in pre-K.

  24. How to Get a Virus Test Result in N.Y.C. in 48 Hours or Less Metro, September 17

    With schools set to reopen this month, families can get quick results at public hospitals and new rapid testing clinics as the city works to improve its testing system.

  25. As School Returns, Kids With Special Needs Are Left Behind Parenting, September 16

    For special-needs students, trying to return to the classroom, or just staying at home, presents a new set of challenges.

  26. For School Outbreaks, It’s When,Not If N Y T Now, September 16

    That’s frightening. But a case at your child’s school does not mean you should panic.

  27. For School Outbreaks, It’s When, Not If N Y T Now, September 16

    That’s frightening. But a case at your child’s school does not mean you should panic.

  28. Schools Are Nearly Back. Here’s What to Know. Metro, September 16

    New safety measures are in place, and many parents are relieved at the thought of having their children out of the house and occupied.

  29. How to Turn Your Home Into the Best Classroom It Can Be Real Estate, September 15

    School is back, and for many families this year that means learning from home. Here are some tips and tools for how to create the best educational environment for your children.

  30. In Two Phone Calls, I Learned Just Who Counts in New York Op Ed, September 15

    My TV show is a very safe place to work. My son’s school — well, it might check air circulation with a yardstick and toilet paper.

  31. These Unsung Heroes of Public School Kitchens Have Fed Millions Metropolitan, September 15

    This summer, they wore masks in hot kitchens to make free meals for New Yorkers. But their work is just getting started.

  32. How China Brought Almost 200 Million Students Back N Y T Now, September 14

    We’re also rounding up thought-provoking ideas about Covid-era education, and bringing you the latest local updates for K-12 and college.

  33. How China Got Almost 200 Million Students Back to School U.S., September 14

    A forceful, command-and-control approach that brooks no dissent

  34. School Closures Cut a Critical Line to Dental Care for Poor Students Express, September 14

    Programs that allowed hygienists to visit schools to look for cavities and tooth decay have been suspended because of the pandemic. Students from low-income families may be hit the hardest.

  35. These Families Feel Forgotten as N.Y.C. Pushes to Open Schools Metro, September 14

    Months of remote learning have taken a harsh toll on New York City’s roughly 114,000 homeless students and their families.

  36. Do Masks Impede Children’s Development? Well, September 14

    Scientists who have studied the ways children process and use the information hidden by masks say that children will find ways to communicate, and that parents and teachers can help.

  37. As Fires Disrupt Schools, ‘the Pandemic Has Actually Helped’ National, September 13

    After wildfires consumed an entire town, students and teachers who had planned for remote classes found some comfort in staying connected amid the chaos.

  38. Do We Look Down on the Less Educated? Letters, September 12

    Readers respond to an Op-Ed arguing that the contributions of those without a diploma have been devalued.

  39. Prepare Children to Return to the Classroom At Home, September 12

    Face mask? Check. Hand sanitizer? Got it. Here’s how you can help kids ease back into school this fall.

  40. How China Brought Nearly 200 Million Students Back to School Foreign, September 12

    China says the reopening of classrooms proves that its top-down system is superior. To overwhelmed teachers and students stuck on campuses, its restrictions can feel like overkill.

  41. Behind the Cover: Education Magazine, September 11

    A look at education in America as many students go back to school amid the pandemic.

  42. How to Tell if Distance Learning Is Working for Your Kid Parenting, September 11

    Measuring skills, not test scores, is key.

  43. Ken Robinson, Who Preached Creativity in Teaching, Dies at 70 Obits, September 11

    Dance, he said, is just as important as math. He was knighted for his work, and his TED Talk on schools and the arts was the most viewed of all time.

  44. Will This Be a Lost Year for America’s Children? Interactive, September 11

    As students across the country start school, education experts reckon with the long-term implications of remote learning, vanishing resources and heightened inequality.

  45. A Favorite Teacher Lost N Y T Now, September 11

    Educators’ deaths are part of an unabated pandemic.

  46. That Roof Deck Makes for a Nice One-Room Schoolhouse Real Estate, September 11

    Some luxury apartment buildings are offering up outdoor and indoor common spaces for at-home learning pods.

  47. ‘Science Versus Politics’: School District Defies Governor’s Reopening Order National, September 10

    In one of the nation’s sharpest clashes over school reopening, officials in Des Moines say Iowa’s Republican governor is pushing them to risk public safety.

  48. Coronavirus Briefing: What Happened Today N Y T Now, September 10

    A recovery bill sinks, and teachers pay a heavy toll.

  49. In Quarantine, Kids Pick Up Parents’ Mother Tongues Parenting, September 10

    For some families, the pandemic has meant a return to their native languages.

  50. Mom Shaming’s Running Rampant During the Pandemic Parenting, September 10

    With myriad back-to-school options to choose from, moms’ groups have hit judgment overload.

  51. My Child Has a Disability. What Will Her Education Be Like This Year? Interactive, September 10

    Public schools are obligated to teach millions of students with disabilities. But as learning moves online, many services that parents fought for are at risk.

  52. ‘We’re No. 28! And Dropping!’ Op Ed, September 9

    A measure of social progress finds that the quality of life has dropped in America over the last decade, even as it has risen almost everywhere else.

  53. Schools Briefing: Coronavirus Dorms and Super Spreaders N Y T Now, September 9

    Colleges are struggling to deal with outbreaks on campus.

  54. Schools Briefing: Coronavirus Dorms and Super Spreaders N Y T Now, September 9

    Colleges are struggling to deal with outbreaks on campus.

  55. How Are You Keeping Your Students Engaged? Dining, September 9

    Teachers: We want to hear your strategies.

  56. Continue Your Life’s Education With Free Online Classes Business, September 9

    If you’re pondering a career shift, looking to learn a specific skill or just plain bored, consider a web-based class to broaden your horizons.

  57. The Children in the Shadows: New York City’s Homeless Students Interactive, September 9

    More than 100,000 city public school students lack permanent housing, caught in bureaucratic limbo that often seems like a trap. This is what their lives are like.

  58. Her School Offered a Path to the Middle Class. Will Covid-19 Block It? Interactive, September 9

    Students at Richmond Hill High School in Queens don’t come from privileged backgrounds, but they go to college in impressive numbers. This year could look different.

  59. Website Crashes and Cyberattacks Welcome Students Back to School National, September 8

    With many districts across the country opting for online learning, a range of technical issues marred the first day of classes.

  60. First Pandemic, Now Ransomware: Attack Forces Hartford to Postpone School Metro, September 8

    Officials were not sure when the Connecticut city’s 18,000 public school students would be able to return to class.

  61. When Algorithms Give Real Students Imaginary Grades Op Ed, September 8

    In-person final exams were canceled for thousands of students this spring, so computers stepped in — to disastrous effect.

  62. What Are Your Hopes and Concerns for the New School Year? Learning, September 8

    This school year will be unlike any other, with in-person, remote and hybrid experiences. What does school look like where you live?

  63. ‘I Hate It with Both My Eyes!’ Parenting, September 8

    I’m trying to teach my kids the sharp specificity of my native Kashmiri, even though they don’t speak the language.

  64. It’s Not Easy to Get a Coronavirus Test for a Child Upshot, September 8

    As schools reopen, many parents still can’t find a test nearby, impeding the fight against the virus.

  65. Kids Can Learn to Love Learning, Even Over Zoom Op Ed, September 7

    There are ways for teachers to nurture curiosity — and they’re especially important in online classes.

  66. With Some Schools Moving Outdoors, Retailers Follow Business, September 6

    Some outdoor-oriented companies are starting new product lines or repurposing existing ones to capitalize on how the pandemic has changed the normal educational experience.

  67. How to Both Work and School From Home At Home, September 5

    The hours blur together, sure, but creating distinct spaces, keeping a schedule and sharing resources can help.

  68. When Learning Is Really Remote: Students Climb Trees and Travel Miles for a Cell Signal Foreign, September 5

    Schools are closed in Indonesia because of the pandemic, but for the rural poor who lack internet access and smartphones, online education is particularly difficult.

  69. What I’ve Learned From Teaching Online Op Ed, September 5

    Roll call becomes a roster of absences. Some students write fantasies of escape. Can a new life begin when you are confined with siblings and parents?

  70. A Growing Number of Catholic Schools Are Shutting Down Forever National, September 5

    About 150 Catholic schools have closed nationwide citing insurmountable financial pressures from the coronavirus pandemic.

  71. 11 Students on a First Day of School Like No Other National, September 5

    Students across the country discussed math, masks and managing anxiety as the year begins.

  72. Famous in Italy, Rodari Reaches U.S. Shores With ‘Telephone Tales’ Culture, September 5

    The children’s book writer never caught on in America, partly because of his Communist Party ties, but the English-language release of his masterpiece could change that.

  73. N.Y.C. Parents Are Exhausted. But Will They Send Their Children to School? Metro, September 4

    So far, nearly 40 percent of families have opted to have their children learn fully remotely when public schools reopen on Sept. 21.

  74. Coronavirus Schools Briefing: Lunch Along With Learning N Y T Now, September 4

    Providing free meals is a crucial function for schools.

  75. Tips on Spending the Money in College Savings Accounts Business, September 4

    Funds in 529 plans grow tax free and can be withdrawn tax free if they’re spent on eligible education expenses. But there is some fine print.

  76. The Inanity of Zoom School Suspensions Op Ed, September 4

    Disciplinary action is often needless and discriminatory. The patchwork of in-person and virtual schooling is making things worse.

  77. The Trouble With Empathy Op Ed, September 4

    Can we really be taught to feel each other’s pain?

  78. Student Charged in Cyberattacks at Miami-Dade Schools Express, September 3

    Virtual classes in the fourth-largest school district in the United States were choked by glitches this week. A 16-year-old high school junior has admitted to the cyberattacks.

  79. A Quaker School Promoted Liberal Values. Then Its Teachers Unionized. Metro, September 3

    Brooklyn Friends, a private school, is trying to dissolve a faculty and staff members’ union.

  80. In Spain, Nightlife Is More Important Than Schools Op Ed, September 3

    The country needs an education revolution.

  81. ‘Remote Learning’ Is Often an Oxymoron Op Ed, September 2

    We need to try harder to get kids back in school.

  82. Betty J. McBride, Georgia Teacher and Counselor, Dies at 71 Obits, September 2

    She taught music and special-education classes, but found that she could be even more helpful as a mentor beyond the classroom. She died of the novel coronavirus.

  83. N.Y.C. School Plan Hinges on Hundreds of Thousands of Virus Tests Metro, September 2

    To keep schools safe after reopening, the city plans mandatory tests of 10 percent of students and teachers. If parents refuse, their children will have to learn at home.

  84. Is it Safe to Send Your Kids to School? N Y T Now, September 2

    The toughest call for parents

  85. Getting Climate Studies Into Schools Climate, September 2

    Also this week, a quiz: How well can you gauge your personal contribution to climate change?

  86. 5 Ways to Get Structure Back Into Your Kids’ Lives Parenting, September 2

    School has begun, here’s how to reintroduce routines.

  87. Keeping a Love for School Alive Parenting, September 2

    Learning in 2020 is going to be a roller-coaster of adjustment — here’s how to retain some joy.

  88. Biden Faults Trump Over Schools’ Inability to Reopen Politics, September 2

    On Wednesday, Joe Biden put a spotlight on President Trump’s handling of the pandemic, saying if the president and his administration “had done their jobs early on with this crisis, America’s schools would be open.”

  89. Why N.Y.C. Delayed the First Day of School Metro, September 2

    Over a million schoolchildren will start in-person classes beginning on Sept. 21, 10 days later than originally planned.

  90. To Build Emotional Strength, Expand Your Brain Special Sections, September 2

    The quest to understand something new is a key factor to building the resilience necessary to weather setbacks and navigate life’s volatility.

  91. Across the Globe, Students Head Back to School Foreign, September 1

    Students and teachers returned to classrooms around the world, hopeful, excited — and wary.

  92. De vuelta a clases en todo el mundo en Español, September 1

    Estudiantes y profesores volvieron a las aulas en todo el planeta: expectantes, ilusionados y también preocupados.

  93. When the Forms Don’t Fit Your Family Parenting, September 1

    The majority of American families don’t fit the married mom-and-dad model, so why does heteronormative paperwork persist?

  94. For Teachers and Parents, a School Season of Fear and Anxiety Letters, September 1

    A teacher worries that her school’s precautions are merely “hygiene theater.” Another educator praises the return to classrooms as a “safe haven” for many families.

  95. A Parent’s Toughest Call: In-Person Schooling or Not? Science, September 1

    Parents are wrestling with difficult choices over sending their children to school. Here’s how one science reporter made the decision.

  96. New York City Delays Start of School to Ready for In-Person Classes Metro, September 1

    The system’s 1.1 million children will not return to school until Sept. 21.

  97. A Teacher and Congresswoman Confronts School Reopenings Politics, August 31

    Representative Jahana Hayes, a former National Teacher of the Year, says that she has many concerns — and that parents need to make their voices heard.

  98. Learn to Shuck Oysters at Seamore’s Dining, August 31

    The location in Battery Park City offers a 90-minute session with socially distant seating.

  99. Federal Government Relaxes Rules on Feeding Low-Income Students National, August 31

    Under pressure from Congress, the Agriculture Department agreed to extend special rules making it easier for schools to provide subsidized meals, but only through December.

  100. This School Year, Unleash Your Inner Ms. Frizzle Parenting, August 31

    I’m no merry home educator, but I’ll be channeling the “Magic School Bus” captain when my children and I return for round two of remote learning.

  101. The wheels come off the school bus industry N Y T Now, August 31

    And students in Britain and New Jersey are facing a particularly uncertain start to the year.

  102. U.S. Coronavirus Rates Are Rising Fast Among Children Interactive, August 31

    Young children seem to catch and transmit the virus less, but rising numbers of cases, hospitalizations and deaths show they are increasingly affected.

  103. U.K. Braces for School Return Amid Fears of Virus Spike Foreign, August 29

    Can Britain reopen its schools safely? The Tory government is confident it can, but after an exam grading fiasco, trust in the government is running low.

  104. How to Forge a Solid Parent-Teacher Relationship At Home, August 29

    This year is ‘almost like a full reset. A horrible reset, but a full reset.’

  105. ‘End of the Line’: School Bus Industry in Crisis Because of the Coronavirus Washington, August 28

    Industry leaders say it will be the nation’s schoolchildren and parents who will suffer, as they alter their lives and figure out how to replace a mode of transportation that was once a certainty.

  106. Schools Briefing: The Rise of ‘Off-Off-Off-Campus Housing’ N Y T Now, August 28

    College students are getting creative with their distance-learning locales, deadly bacteria may be lurking in schools, and half a billion children have lost access to education.

  107. Schools Can Reopen, Germany Finds, but Expect a ‘Roller Coaster’ Foreign, August 26

    With nations determined to return to in-person learning, many will have trouble matching Germany’s formula: Fast and free testing, robust contact tracing and low community spread.

  108. Should Children Go Back to School? It Depends in Part on Your Politics Upshot, August 26

    There’s a large partisan divide in parents’ views on whether it’s safe for students and teachers to return to school, several new surveys find.

  109. The Risk That Students Could Arrive at School With the Coronavirus Interactive, July 31

    New estimates show that large parts of the country would likely see infected students if classrooms opened now.

  110. What Back to School Might Look Like in the Age of Covid-19 Interactive, July 29

    An illustrated guide to how schools will try to control the coronavirus when students return to their classrooms, this fall or in the future.

  111. The Gaps Between White and Black America, in Charts Interactive, June 19

    Racism is at the heart of our nation’s inequality.

  112. 6 Steps to Become a Better Reader Interactive, May 27

    You want to read more but are having a hard time staying focused? This list will help keep you on track.

  113. Can You Break the Pull of a ZIP Code? Most Can’t Interactive, May 14

    Our cities’ teachers on how children’s neighborhoods at birth shape their lives.

  114. How Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts Birthed the Contemporary Avant-Garde Interactive, April 13

    A city poised on the edge of Europe and the rest of the world became the incubator for talents like Dries Van Noten, Luc Tuymans and Ann Demeulemeester.

  115. Remote Learning Comes to America as Coronavirus Shuts Schools Interactive, March 10

    Facing the threat of the coronavirus, schools around the country are trying a new experiment in distance learning on a mass scale. We followed one family through the experience.

  116. School Closings Over Coronavirus in New York and New Jersey Interactive, March 9

    Here is a growing list of public and private schools, as well as colleges and universities, that have suspended or altered classes in the local effort to curb the outbreak.