1. After-School Coach Charged With Sexual Abuse of 8-Year-Old Girls N.Y. / Region, Yesterday

    Channing Parker, 22, was an employee at Kids Creative, a nonprofit group that organizes after-school programming in New York City.

  2. Betsy DeVos Calls for More School Choice, Saying Money Isn’t the Answer U.S., Yesterday

    In a speech at the Brookings Institution, the education secretary rejected the notion that money was a panacea for the challenges facing public schools.

  3. In School Nurse’s Room: Tylenol, Bandages and an Antidote to Heroin N.Y. / Region, Yesterday

    As communities face a rise in deaths from heroin and pills, many educators are deciding that they should have naloxone, a drug to treat overdoses, on hand.

  4. My Friend Is Bankrupting Herself. Should I Speak Up? Magazine, Yesterday

    The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on whether to tell your friend you think she is being used for her money, and more.

  5. Pressure Builds for City’s Renewal Schools as State Tests Begin N.Y. / Region, March 28

    In the final year of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s initiative, students and teachers at struggling schools have been urgently preparing for exams to avoid being closed.

  6. WITS Program Teaches Healthy Cooking in Schools Well, March 28

    Updating home ec class with Caribbean chicken guisado and vegetable sushi.

  7. In Reporter’s Hometown, Students Look Toward ‘Somewhere They’re Welcomed’ Times Insider, March 24

    Anemona Hartocollis returned to her high school in Topeka, Kan., to chronicle the ways disadvantaged kids navigate getting into college.

  8. North Carolina School System Pulls Book About a Boy in a Dress U.S., March 24

    The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools system dropped plans to use “Jacob’s New Dress” in a first-grade lesson about bullying after complaints were raised.

  9. ‘The Daily’: So Much for That Vote, for Now Podcasts, March 24

    It was supposed to be a historic day for Republicans as the House voted to repeal President Obama’s health care law. That, at least, was the idea.

  10. ‘The Daily’: So Much for That Vote, for Now Podcasts, March 24

    It was supposed to be a historic day for Republicans as the House voted to repeal President Obama’s health care law. That, at least, was the idea.

  11. Afghan Children, Deprived of School, Tell of Their Deepest Fears World, March 23

    Some 3.7 million boys and girls won’t be at school on Thursday for the start of a new school year. Here are the stories of five of those children, in their own words.

  12. What Does It Take to Climb Up the Ladder? Opinion, March 23

    Cognitive skills are important, but so are harder-to-measure strengths that fall under the heading of what is sometimes called character.

  13. Word + Quiz: ordinance The Learning Network, March 23

    This word has appeared in 177 New York Times articles in the past year.

  14. Supreme Court Rejects Education Minimum Applied by Gorsuch U.S., March 22

    The justices said schools should not be satisfied with minimal educational progress for disabled students, a standard Judge Neil M. Gorsuch has been criticized for using.

  15. The Truth About New York City’s Elite High Schools Opinion, March 22

    Bad policy and a false narrative of inferiority are keeping black and Latino students out of some of the city’s best schools.

  16. In Japan, Right-Wing School Scandal Entangles 2 Women Close to Abe World, March 21

    A scandal over accusations that a right-wing education group received improper political favors has dented Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s popularity, and his feminist credentials.

  17. Why Kids Shouldn’t Sit Still in Class Well, March 21

    Movement stimulates the brain and may help students become better learners.

  18. School Choice Fight in Iowa May Preview the One Facing Trump U.S., March 21

    Iowa is one of 31 states where legislators have proposed creating or expanding school choice programs this year, but the push is meeting resistance.

  19. In an Era of Fake News, Teaching Students to Parse Fact From Fiction N.Y. / Region, March 20

    Even before the 2016 presidential campaign put fake news front and center, a Brooklyn middle school saw a need for news literacy.

  20. Rome Is Looking Better From Topeka Opinion, March 20

    If Governor Brownback is appointed to a U.N. agricultural post, he’ll be leaving Kansas a fiscal ruin, but at least he’ll be leaving.

  21. Getting School Principals More Involved Opinion, March 20

    Educators discuss the problems facing school principals today.

  22. Sending Students to the Corner (of Their Screens) Business Day, March 17

    At California Connections Academy, students see an instructor in real time while engaging in online learning activities.

  23. Navigating Our Shameful, Maddeningly Complex Student Aid System Your Money, March 17

    The removal of an online tool for importing tax data into a financial aid form has highlighted the enormous need for reforming the way we pay for college.

  24. Shinzo Abe Hurt by New Disclosures Over Ties to Extreme Right-Wing Group World, March 16

    The leader of the group said Japan’s prime minister had donated money to it, directly contradicting Mr. Abe.

  25. Shinzo Abe Hurt by New Disclosures Over Ties to Extreme Right-Wing Group World, March 16

    The leader of the group said Japan’s prime minister had donated money to it, directly contradicting Mr. Abe.

  26. Student, 17, Opens Fire at High School in Southeastern France World, March 16

    At least three people were wounded, including the principal. The student was arrested.

  27. 3,300 Egyptian Children Hospitalized After Food Poisoning World, March 15

    The mass poisoning, which occurred in the impoverished Upper Egypt province of Sohag, was one of the biggest food-safety cases to hit the country in years.

  28. Filing for Federal College Aid Without an I.R.S. Shortcut Your Money, March 15

    Financial aid forms for college just got a bit harder to complete, but it is worth the effort to get them done in a timely manner.

  29. When a Few Bucks Can Get Students to the Finish Line Opinion, March 14

    In Georgia, keeping students solvent until graduation brings their university big dividends.

  30. Regents Drop Teacher Literacy Test Seen as Discriminatory N.Y. / Region, March 13

    The board moved to ease licensing requirements for teachers, signaling a shift from years of efforts to raise the bar for entering the profession.

  31. A Fumble on a Key Fafsa Tool, and a Failure to Communicate The Upshot, March 13

    Applying for financial aid got harder at an inopportune time for many students, and federal agencies were slow to explain a problem with a data tool.

  32. Couldn’t Get Into Yale? 10 New York City High Schools Are More Selective N.Y. / Region, March 10

    Here are some of the most popular New York City high schools with the slimmest admissions rate.

  33. Why One School Lives as Another Dies in the Same Building N.Y. / Region, March 10

    While both are part of the Renewal program for New York City’s most-struggling schools, one is on the upswing, and the other is set to close.

  34. Want to Fix Schools? Go to the Principal’s Office Opinion, March 10

    Education reform often skips over one of the best solutions for helping students. Chicago shows how it can be done.

  35. A Brooklyn Charter School Looks Past ‘No Excuses’ N.Y. / Region, March 9

    The Ascend Public Charter Schools network tries doing away with unforgiving disciplinary codes.

  36. Obama Education Rules Are Swept Aside by Congress U.S., March 9

    Republican lawmakers reined in regulations — including some on testing — that they criticized as heavy-handed.

  37. Donald Trump’s Political Stew Opinion, March 9

    The president’s electoral coalition has been 50 years in the making. It may prove to be enduring.

  38. A School Where Raising the Bar Lifts Hope Opinion, March 9

    Inviting low-income high-schoolers into advanced-level courses can get them past fears that they’re not college material.

  39. Rising Tumult Over Principal at Elite Queens High School N.Y. / Region, March 8

    The backlash against Townsend Harris’s acting principal and the opaque principal-hiring process has intensified, involving students, teachers, parents and elected officials.

  40. Diversity Lags as Students Are Matched With City Schools N.Y. / Region, March 8

    Black and Latino students make up 68 percent of the city’s school system, but received 10 percent of the offers to the most competitive high schools.

  41. In Puerto Rico, Teachers’ Pension Fund Works Like a Ponzi Scheme Business Day, March 8

    The fund is so cash-short that contributions by younger teachers flow straight to retirees, and the working teachers can’t expect to get any money back.

  42. Chance the Rapper Donates $1 Million to Chicago’s Public Schools Automobiles, March 7

    The rapper called the donation a “call to action” in supporting arts and after school programming.

  43. Chance the Rapper Donates $1 Million to Chicago’s Public Schools Arts, March 7

    The rapper called the donation a “call to action” in supporting arts and after-school programming.

  44. Gavin Grimm: The Fight for Transgender Rights Is Bigger Than Me Opinion, March 7

    The Supreme Court may have turned down my case, but the larger movement is very much alive.

  45. Chance the Rapper’s ‘Call to Action’ Video, March 7

    The Chicago-born rapper announced his initial plan to donate $100,000 — and ultimately $1 million — to support arts education in Chicago’s public schools. He challenged major companies to also donate.

  46. Educators Prepare for Immigration Agents at the Schoolhouse N.Y. / Region, March 7

    Though no raids have been carried out at schools so far, officials across the country are offering guidance on how to prepare should that change.

  47. On ‘Day Without Women,’ Two Districts Cancel School U.S., March 6

    The districts, in Virginia and North Carolina, anticipate not having enough teachers on Wednesday, which will be a nationwide day of protest.

  48. The State of State Teachers’ Pension Plans Interactive, March 6

    As teachers across the country retire, their pensions are being subsidized by newly hired teachers to a surprising degree. Here is a look at how states’ pension plans compare.

  49. Supreme Court Won’t Hear Major Case on Transgender Rights U.S., March 6

    The justices vacated an appeals court decision in favor of a transgender boy, Gavin Grimm, and sent the case back for further consideration.

  50. For Trump and DeVos, a Florida Private School Is a Model for Choice U.S., March 3

    St. Andrew Catholic School, just outside Orlando, has embraced a state program that uses public money to allow low-income students to attend private schools.

  51. Indian State Says It’ll Require Study of Sanskrit, Raising Eyebrows World, March 3

    Officials in Assam said the ancient liturgical language of Hindu priests would now be mandatory in the upper grades of all public high schools.

  52. Tuition-Free at SUNY Opinion, March 3

    The chancellor of the SUNY system says the governor’s scholarship plan has vast potential.

  53. How Would You Change Your Favorite Sport? The Learning Network, March 3

    What needs changing, and why, in professional sports?

  54. Questions for: ‘Before Vaquitas Vanish, a Desperate Bid to Save Them’ The Learning Network, March 3

    How is the strong resistance to eliminating gillnets contributing to the vaquitas’ extinction?

  55. Answers to an Open-Ended Question The Learning Network, March 3

    Since 1935, a polling organization has asked Americans the same question. This chart shows the answers they gave this month. What do you think the question is?

  56. Word + Quiz: quotidian The Learning Network, March 3

    This word has appeared in 90 New York Times articles in the past year.

  57. DeVos and Tax Credit Vouchers: Arizona Shows What Can Go Wrong The Upshot, March 2

    A politician who has championed such a program for the state’s schools has also profited handsomely from it.

  58. Helping Your Children Plan for Retirement, Even as You Plan for Yours Business Day, March 2

    Many parents never discuss retirement savings with their children, but creating a strategy early can yield a big payoff later in their lives.

  59. Trump’s Call for School Vouchers Is a Return to a Campaign Pledge U.S., March 1

    In his address to Congress, the president backed his controversial education secretary, Betsy DeVos, who has built her career on promoting the voucher program.

  60. 401 Prompts for Argumentative Writing The Learning Network, March 1

    Scroll through this list of questions that touch on every aspect of contemporary life — from social media to sports, politics and school — and see which ones most inspire you to take a stand.

  61. Ms. DeVos’s Fake History About School Choice Opinion, March 1

    A twisted interpretation of historically black colleges paves the way for a failed market-driven education policy.

  62. Healthier Cereals Snare a Spot on New York School Menus Food, March 1

    In a bite-size coup that could spread to other cities, a California upstart has replaced Kellogg products in the city’s free-breakfast program.