1. Beijing Kindergarten Is Accused of Abuse, and Internet Erupts in Fury Foreign, Today

    Parents claim children were fed pills, jabbed and stripped. While the police have released no conclusions, public ire shows broad anxiety about kindergartens.

  2. Science Mishap Sends Bronx Students to the Hospital Metro, November 22

    Four students at an all-girls Catholic high school were injured when a flame grew out of control during a chemistry experiment.

  3. Dan Loeb Exchanges Racially Charged Emails with Top de Blasio Official Metro, November 21

    In an email, Mr. Loeb, a hedge fund manager, accused Deputy Mayor Richard Buery of trying to score political points “over the interest of little vulnerable black children and their families.”

  4. Activity Trackers Don’t Always Work the Way We Want Them To Magazine, November 21

    "You can’t just give a child a Fitbit for Christmas and expect them to be active,” one expert said.

  5. Disrupting the World of Private School With Tech and Guinea Pigs Metro, November 20

    Start-ups, including one from sharing-economy company WeWork, try to shake up the staid, and pricey, status quo of New York’s independent schools.

  6. Questioning Evolution: The Push to Change Science Class National, November 19

    Legislation and lawsuits that reject scientific consensus on issues like evolution and climate change are changing the way science is taught in some schools.

  7. Raising Doubts about Evolution… in Science Class Video, November 19

    A growing skepticism of science has seeped into the classroom, and it’s revived attacks on one of the most established principles of biology – evolution.

  8. In High School Darkrooms, Shedding Light on a Vintage Craft Metro, November 19

    Film photography has become a popular class offering in Manhattan high schools, as younger generations embrace vintage technology.

  9. The New York Times Gets a Kid Columnist Insider, November 19

    Harper Ediger, 14, will give monthly advice in The New York Times for Kids.

  10. We’re With Stupid Op Ed, November 17

    The problem is not the Russians — it’s us. A huge percentage of the population can’t tell fact from fiction.

  11. More Than Half of Renewal High Schools Fall Short on Graduation Rates Metro, November 16

    The percentage of students graduating at many of the city’s struggling schools have failed to hit targets set by the Education Department, according to preliminary data.

  12. East Ramapo School Elections Violate Voting Rights, Suit Claims Metro, November 16

    At-large voting has disenfranchised black and Latino parents, while a school board, dominated by Orthodox Jews, has cut spending and favored yeshivas, the complaint says.

  13. Toppling the Grammar Patriarchy Op Ed, November 16

    In France, sexism persists in nouns and adjectives. A group of teachers is trying to change that.

  14. The More Education Republicans Have, the Less They Tend to Believe in Climate Change Interactive, November 14

    Education’s effect is the opposite for Democrats. Exploring a partisan paradox.

  15. The Ivory Tower Can’t Keep Ignoring Tech Op Ed, November 14

    Algorithms are shaping our lives. Where’s academia when it comes to helping us make sense of this?

  16. Phillips Exeter Deans Failed to Report Sex Assault Case, Police Say National, November 14

    A New Hampshire State Police investigator sought arrest warrants last year for two deans of the elite boarding school, but they were not arrested or prosecuted.

  17. The School Prepping for Apocalypse T Style, November 13

    Bali’s Green School is betting that the skills kids will need for a dystopian future aren’t just math and history. Is this the new wave of progressive education?

  18. Charter School Teachers Letters, November 12

    The president of Teachers College, Columbia University, takes issue with an editorial.

  19. Upper West Side School Zones Changed, but Not All Parents Went Along Metro, November 10

    After three schools were rezoned to make them more diverse, changes in the demographic makeup of their kindergarten classes are limited.

  20. For Student Borrowers, Time to Start Repaying Loans Business, November 10

    Some tips for recent college graduates as the “grace periods” for most loans are ending.

  21. How Elite Colleges Hide Their Cash Op Ed, November 10

    Schools like Stanford stash their endowments in offshore accounts while still benefiting from tax breaks.

  22. College Admissions, Political Memes and Animal Cruelty: Our Favorite Student Comments of the Week Learning, November 9

    Our favorite student comments from last week, and an invitation to join the conversation this week.

  23. Legislator Targets Tech Perks in Baltimore County District Business, November 9

    A state legislator called for an audit of Baltimore County Public Schools’ multimillion-dollar technology initiative.

  24. Boy, 3, Allergic to Dairy, Dies After Eating Grilled Cheese at Pre-K Metro, November 9

    The family of Elijah Silvera says his Harlem preschool knew that he had a deadly allergy to milk products and yet an adult gave him a sandwich.

  25. Robert Gates: Ending DACA Will Hurt Immigrant Troops Op Ed, November 8

    While I was secretary of defense, Dreamers played a vital role in the military. They have earned the right to become citizens.

  26. The Private School Tax Break in the Middle-Class Tax Bill Business, November 8

    The House proposal would let families pull $10,000 annually from 529 savings accounts to pay for private school tuition, saving money on capital gains taxes.

  27. Video Shows Georgia Teacher Threatening Student: That’s How ‘You Get Shot’ National, November 8

    The student’s mother said she didn’t want her son to feel targeted “simply because he’s an African-American male.” The teacher was put on paid leave.

  28. Teaching Activities for: ‘The City Teenager vs. the Monstrous Snakehead’ Learning, November 8

    Will Morgan Krell ever find, and catch, the elusive Northern snakehead?

  29. Should National Monuments Be Protected by the Government? Learning, November 8

    What do you think about President Trump’s plans to shrink the size of existing national monuments?

  30. Reader Idea | Reading Langston Hughes and Charles Blow With Youth in Detention Learning, November 7

    About the power of poetry for young men in detention — and how a piece by the Op-Ed columnist Charles Blow helped them connect it to their own lives.

  31. 5 Lessons From a Diplomat for Bridging the Parent-Teacher Divide Well, November 7

    Putting diplomacy skills like advocacy and solution building to work in a teacher conference.

  32. The Catch-22 of Applying for Private Scholarships Op Ed, November 7

    College students can lose out on financial aid if they supplement tuition with private donations.

  33. Teaching Activities for the Texas Church Shooting Learning, November 7

    What do the authorities believe was the motivation for the shooting?

  34. Word + Quiz: compact Learning, November 7

    This word has appeared in 351 articles on nytimes.com in the past year.

  35. Coed Sports Learning, November 7

    Do you think women and men should compete against each other in sports?

  36. Do You Read or Write Poetry? Learning, November 7

    What would you write about in a poem of your own?

  37. Competition Is Ruining Childhood. The Kids Should Fight Back. Op Ed, November 6

    Unions aren’t just good for wage workers. Students can use collective bargaining, too.

  38. The Best Charter Schools Deserve More Leeway on Hiring Editorial, November 3

    New rules that let some New York charters set their own standards are a reasonable effort at increasing the number of strong candidates.

  39. How Silicon Valley Plans to Conquer the Classroom Business, November 3

    Tech firms are deploying sophisticated marketing techniques to try to sell their wares into America’s schools.

  40. Are You First Gen? Depends on Who’s Asking Ed Life, November 3

    With so many variations on what constitutes higher education as well as family, it’s no wonder there are so many definitions. And that matters.

  41. Inside Silicon Valley’s Playbook for Wooing School Superintendents Technology, November 3

    Tech firms are deploying sophisticated marketing techniques to try to sell their wares into America’s classrooms.

  42. How One School District Chose Its Laptops Interactive, November 3

    The district's hardware evaluations for HP, Dell, Apple and Lenovo devices. The winning device: HP.

  43. Floating Schools in Bangladesh Video, November 3

    In the Natore District in northwest Bangladesh, children attend school on a boat. Flooding is an increasing problem in the country, which is a delta formed by the confluence of major rivers and highly vulnerable to climate change.

  44. The Tax Bill’s Fine Print: Tuition, Medical Expenses and Alimony Business, November 2

    Tax brackets and corporate rates are the headline provisions, but the House proposal contains others affecting a slice of people’s financial lives.

  45. When Children Bear Witness to Terror Metropolitan, November 2

    As the terror attack unspooled on Tuesday, students at nearby schools watched and took shelter, as an event they had drilled for became real.

  46. Seeking a Voice, via a Bilingual M.F.A., in Writing and in Life Ed Life, November 2

    In a program at the University of Texas at El Paso, students from both sides of the border write and speak in English, Spanish and Spanglish.

  47. Student Writing in Spanish, English and Spanglish Ed Life, November 2

    A sampling of student writing from a bilingual M.F.A. program at the University of Texas at El Paso.

  48. What Would You Choose to Do If You Had Unlimited Free Time and No Restrictions? Learning, November 2

    How would you fill your days if you had complete freedom from any set schedule?

  49. Thousands of City Children Not Getting Special Education Help Metro, November 1

    More than 48,000 New York students received only some of the services they needed, or none at all, according to an education department report.

  50. Teaching Activities for: ‘Terror Attack Kills 8 and Injures 11 in Manhattan’ Learning, November 2

    Why are the authorities calling this attack an act of terrorism?

  51. Striding Learning, November 2

    What story could this image tell?

  52. Word + Quiz: hone Learning, November 2

    This word has appeared 74 times on nytimes.com in the past year.

  53. Teaching the Russian Revolution With The New York Times Learning, November 1

    In this lesson, students consider whether the Russian Revolution should be remembered as one of history’s great turning points.

  54. Let’s Waste College on the Old Op Ed, October 31

    Elite campuses have too few grown-up students.

  55. De Blasio Finds Biggest Win in Pre-K, but Also Lasting Consequences Metro, October 31

    A push to expand prekindergarten was a big success for Mayor Bill de Blasio, but it was a mad dash to get, including a feud with the governor and other challenges.

  56. City Announces $8 Million Plan to Prevent Bullying in Schools Metro, October 30

    Measures include an online tool for families to report instances of bullying as well as targeted training and support at schools.

  57. 2 Texas Students Sue Schools to Freely Protest the Pledge U.S., October 30

    In separate lawsuits, the students said their schools violated their constitutional rights to protest injustice by sitting through the Pledge of Allegiance.

  58. 2 Texas Students Sue Schools to Freely Protest the Pledge Express, October 30

    In separate lawsuits, the students said their schools violated their constitutional rights to protest injustice by sitting through the Pledge of Allegiance.

  59. For My Son With Disabilities, the Joy of Trick-or-Treating With a Buddy Well, October 30

    After years of challenges in making friends, I cherish a ritual that other parents can take for granted.

  60. Virtual Reality Gets Naughty Styles, October 28

    With 240-degree views, headsets and “sweet, musty scents,” a new kind of pornography offers a realism that is exciting to some, disturbing to others.

  61. Brearley School Says 4 Teachers Engaged in Sexual Misconduct With Students Metro, October 27

    A report commissioned by the private girls’ school in Manhattan acknowledged abuse dating from the 1950s to the 1990s.

  62. ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Returns to Mississippi School’s Reading List After Outcry National, October 27

    Biloxi Public Schools said the book may be read with a parent’s permission. It had been cut from a curriculum over complaints about its racial slurs.

  63. A Student Loan Nightmare: The Teacher in the Wrong Payment Plan Business, October 27

    After $70,000 in payments, one teacher found that he wasn’t in the public service loan forgiveness program after all. Now, he has to start over.

  64. Betsy DeVos’s Schedule Shows Focus on Religious and Nontraditional Schools Washington, October 27

    The secretary of education’s calendar tracking her daily meetings is full of sessions with leading advocates of vouchers and charter schools.

  65. At School Where Student Died, Bullying Led to a Suicide Attempt Metro, October 27

    At Wildlife Conservation, where a teen who says he was bullied killed a fellow student, a boy says he was tormented and administrators failed to act.

  66. Teaching With: ‘What Does America Stand For?’ Learning, October 27

    What do America’s teenagers have to say about American values?

  67. What Is the Scariest Story You Have Ever Heard? Learning, October 27

    Do you believe in ghosts, ghouls and monsters?

  68. Teaching Activities for: ‘A Half-Century Later, Papers May Shed Light on J.F.K. Assassination’ Learning, October 27

    What will be revealed in the final documents released by the National Archives this week?

  69. Halloween Costumes Learning, October 27

    Will you or your pets be dressing up for Halloween this year?

  70. Word + Quiz: aromatic Learning, October 27

    This word has appeared in 59 articles on nytimes.com in the past year.

  71. City Announces Plan to Diversify Lower Manhattan Schools Metro, October 26

    Parents and advocates in District 1 had pushed the city for a way to achieve racial and socioeconomic balance. Now the Education Department is giving it a go.

  72. New York City’s Head of School Investigations Is Retiring Metro, October 26

    Richard Condon, 81, a former police commissioner, has overseen probes of bribery, fraud and inappropriate relationships in the nation’s largest school district.

  73. New Jersey Teachers’ Union Wages Costly War Against Powerful Democrat Metro, October 26

    The union is waging a multimillion-dollar assault on the State Senate president, Stephen M. Sweeney, that could also imperil the agenda of Philip D. Murphy.

  74. Reader Idea | Teaching History and Classic Literature With Times Articles Learning, October 26

    Delving into the social, artistic and political context of landmark texts like “The Great Gatsby,” “Julius Caesar” and the Gettysburg Address.

  75. What Animal Are You Most Like? Learning, October 26

    What human personality traits do chimpanzees and other animals possess?

  76. Teaching Activities for: ‘Boko Haram Strapped Suicide Bombs to Them. Somehow These Teenage Girls Survived.’ Learning, October 26

    Why were these girls deployed as suicide bombers? How did they escape?

  77. Sandboarding Learning, October 26

    What are your favorite recreational sports?

  78. Word + Quiz: slough Learning, October 26

    This word has appeared in 13 articles on nytimes.com in the past year.