1. Can Prep Schools Fight the Class War? Metropolitan, Yesterday

    Trinity School’s headmaster sends shock waves through the city’s private-school world calling out insidious parental entitlement and self-interest.

  2. Essex College Administrator Is Placed on Leave Amid Investigation Metro, September 21

    The New Jersey county college, which is in danger of losing its accreditation, is investigating allegations of financial abuse by a vice president.

  3. Should I Track Down the Girl I Bullied in Middle School? Styles, September 21

    And: offering to help a stepdaughter freeze her eggs, a hostess balks at accepting a gift, and a housekeeper helps herself to the makeup stash.

  4. South Carolina 5th Graders Are Asked to Explain K.K.K.’s Thinking Express, September 20

    A teacher is on administrative leave after giving an assignment that said: “You are a member of the K.K.K. Why do you think your treatment of African-Americans is justified?”

  5. 9 Back-to-School Tips for Parents and Students Op Ed, September 19

    Between the social-media-fueled pressure, college admissions madness and bullying culture, schools today can be a minefield. We collected some education-themed Op-Eds to help guide families as they settle into the new year.

  6. In Turkey’s New Curriculum, Ataturk, Darwin and Jihad Get Face-Lifts Foreign, September 18

    Critics say the overhaul of more than 170 curriculum topics by the Turkish government represents a frontal assault on the country’s fragile tradition of secularism.

  7. Erect a Statue of This Civil Rights Hero Op Ed, September 16

    The Rev. Joseph De Laine, an unsung activist, deserves to be honored.

  8. Syrian Children Return to School Amid the Ruins in a Rebel-Held Area Foreign, September 16

    In the battered suburb of Douma on the outskirts of Damascus, students are trying to resume their studies, which have been cut short by war.

  9. Teaching With: ‘Girl Boxer’ Learning, September 15

    In this short documentary, we meet Jesselyn Silva, known as “JessZilla,” a 10-year-old girl who loves to box. She dreams of someday winning an Olympic gold medal.

  10. Teaching Activities for: ‘From Prison to Ph.D.: The Redemption and Rejection of Michelle Jones’ Learning, September 15

    What do you learn about Ms. Jones’s crime and her academic work while in prison?

  11. What Do American Values Mean to You? Learning, September 15

    What democratic values define Americans?

  12. Word + Quiz: chassis Learning, September 15

    This word has appeared in 58 articles on nytimes.com in the past year.

  13. Our Third Annual Student Editorial Cartoon Contest Learning, September 14

    Students, do you have something to say about President Trump, immigration, fast fashion, football or anything else in the news? Make an editorial cartoon that shows us what you think.

  14. At 30, What Does Jazz at Lincoln Center Mean? Culture, September 13

    With Wynton Marsalis at the helm, the organization stays the traditionalist course. But it has expanded its educational and digital footprint.

  15. The Economic Case for Letting Teenagers Sleep a Little Later Upshot, September 13

    We’ve known for a while that adolescent sleep cycles and high school hours are misaligned. But this is not just a health problem.

  16. Action to Protect Young Immigrants Already Stumbles in Congress Washington, September 12

    President Trump gave Congress six months to pass legislation protecting young immigrants brought here as children. If anything, the effort is moving backward.

  17. After More Than 20 Years, Newark to Regain Control of Its Schools Metro, September 12

    The State of New Jersey took over running the district because of low performance, but real educational progress has been slow in coming.

  18. After the Storm, It’s Finally the First Day of School in Houston National, September 11

    About 80 percent of Houston’s schools opened on Monday, two weeks later than planned. Other schools need more time, amid $700 million in damage.

  19. Regents Approve Plan to Evaluate and Improve New York Schools Metro, September 11

    A federal education law passed during the Obama administration requires states to create a plan for school improvement, which Washington must approve.

  20. A Way to Get Great Teachers Into the Classroom Op Ed, September 11

    As a teacher who has had to jump through New York’s certification hoops, I’m pleased by a plan to let charter schools certify teachers themselves.

  21. Girls in Western Australia Gain Right to Wear Pants and Shorts to School Foreign, September 11

    Public schools in Australia have often mandated that girls wear skirts, which can inhibit physical activity. Complaints about the policy have renewed momentum.

  22. When Tech Companies Enlist Teachers Letters, September 10

    Readers discuss how corporations have courted teachers as their “ambassadors” to bring their products into the classroom.

  23. ‘Dreamers’ Put Their Trust in DACA. What Now? Op Ed, September 9

    When your existence is shrouded in doubts, every decision is a gut check.

  24. School Lunch Without Shame Editorial, September 8

    New York is removing the stigma of free lunch by making it available to all 1.1 million students.

  25. Education by the Numbers Magazine, September 8

    Statistics show just how profound the inequalities in America’s education system have become.

  26. Farhad’s and Natasha’s Week in Review: Tech Tackles Trump, Again Business, September 8

    Once again, the tech industry tried to get the president to change his mind. Once again, they failed. Plus a look at the week’s other tech news.

  27. Behind the Cover: 9.10.17 Magazine, September 8

    For this issue, the children who still face racism in American Education.

  28. New Backpacks and Beginnings Metro, September 7

    The new school year started for 1.1 million students at New York City public schools on Thursday. For many, that meant managing first-day jitters and meeting old, and new, friends.

  29. How Not to Raise a Ray of Sunshine Well, September 7

    The preschool assigned children the job of Class Sunshine, but I wanted my daughter to feel free to be Class Dark Cloud if she wanted.

  30. In ‘School Life,’ Teachers Who Make All the Difference Weekend, September 7

    A documentary captures the routines of an Irish boarding school and two of its cherished teachers.

  31. New York’s Bad Teachers, Back on the Job Op Ed, September 7

    Doing a disservice to the city’s most vulnerable students, Mayor Bill de Blasio is forcing principals to take the dregs of the system’s employees.

  32. For Teachers Working Through DACA, a Bittersweet Start to the School Year Metro, September 7

    When the Trump Administration canceled the program allowing them to hold their jobs, immigrants with teaching licenses suddenly faced an uncertain future.

  33. ‘The Way to Survive It Was to Make A’s’ Magazine, September 7

    They were the first black boys to integrate the South’s elite prep schools. They drove themselves to excel in an unfamiliar environment. But at what cost?

  34. To Allies’ Chagrin, Trump Swerves Left Washington, September 6

    Republican congressional leaders went into an Oval Office meeting on spending plans expecting a photo-op and walked away shellshocked.

  35. Listen to ‘The Daily’: Dick Durbin Discusses the Dream Act Podcasts, September 7

    The senator spent 16 years trying to pass immigration legislation in Congress. Could it finally pass under President Trump?

  36. Should the Government Allow ‘Dreamers’ to Stay in the U.S. Without Fear of Being Deported? Learning, September 7

    Should there be a law to protect “dreamers” and all children who are undocumented immigrants? If so, what protections would the law include, and why?

  37. Teaching Activities for: ‘To Understand Rising Inequality, Consider the Janitors at Two Top Companies, Then and Now’ Learning, September 7

    Is the shift from company loyalty to outsourcing employees contributing to rising inequality?

  38. What Did You Read, Watch or Listen to in The Times This Week? Learning, September 7

    A place for teenagers to engage with the news. Tell us what got your attention and why.

  39. New York City Offers Free Lunch for All Public School Students Metro, September 6

    The city becomes the largest district in the country to feed all children free of charge, ending stigma for those who can’t afford to pay.

  40. School Lunch Learning, September 7

    How would you describe the lunches served in your school? Are they generally tasty? Healthy?

  41. Word + Quiz: livid Learning, September 7

    This word has appeared in 41 articles on nytimes.com in the past year.

  42. Ryan Praises Trump on DACA, but Promises a Legislative Response National, September 6

    Speaker Paul D. Ryan, after urging President Trump to keep DACA, said Wednesday that the president made “the right call” — and promised a legislative answer.

  43. Critics Say City Has Not Investigated Yeshivas, Breaking Pledge Metro, September 6

    The schools that serve Orthodox students are accused of ignoring secular subjects. One graduate called them, ‘an educational catastrophe.’

  44. The DACA ‘Fix’ That Immigration Activists Fear Magazine, September 6

    By upending Obama’s executive order, Trump is likely to reopen fault lines in a beleaguered movement.

  45. After 16 Futile Years, Congress Will Try Again to Legalize ‘Dreamers’ Washington, September 5

    President Trump gave Congress six months to pass legislation protecting young, undocumented immigrants that lawmakers have not been able to pass for 16 years.

  46. When Getting a College Degree Requires Self-Exile Op Ed, September 6

    Ghada Tafesh left the Gaza Strip to get an education in the U.S. in 2012. She hasn’t been home since.

  47. The Resegregation of Jefferson County Magazine, September 6

    What one Alabama town’s attempt to secede from its school district tells us about the fragile progress of racial integration in America.

  48. Would You Like to Be a Fashion Model? Learning, September 6

    What do fashion models themselves say about the work they do?

  49. Teaching Activities for: ‘A Baby Wails, and the Adult World Comes Running’ Learning, September 6

    Why do adults come running when a baby cries?

  50. Word + Quiz: ursine Learning, September 6

    This word has appeared in six articles on nytimes.com in the past year.

  51. Two Trump Children Escape the Traditional Spectacle as School Begins Washington, September 5

    Barron and Tiffany Trump have been afforded breathing room while starting school in the Washington area. Not all first children have had it so easy.

  52. Will the Trump Era Transform the School Lunch? Dining, September 5

    The administration has vowed to roll back some Obama-era moves, but the real action is happening at the local level.

  53. The Math on School Meals Dining, September 5

    Some numbers on the size and expense of the food program.

  54. Michigan Gambled on Charter Schools. Its Children Lost. Magazine, September 5

    Free-market boosters, including Betsy DeVos, promised that a radical expansion of charter schools would fix the stark inequalities in the state’s education system. The results in the classrooms are far more complicated.

  55. In Her Family’s Footsteps, a Reporter Takes to the Classroom Insider, September 3

    While covering Silicon Valley’s influence on schools, Natasha Singer, who comes from a long line of teachers, found that students had mixed feelings about classroom technology.

  56. Don’t Suspend Students. Empathize. Op Ed, September 2

    Discipline can be a lose-lose proposition. Here’s a different method.

  57. Silicon Valley Courts Brand-Name Teachers, Raising Ethics Issues Business, September 2

    As teachers launch personal brands and cast themselves as influencers, start-ups and tech giants alike are racing to cultivate them to spread their wares.

  58. Get Ready for Technological Upheaval by Expecting the Unimagined Sunday Business, September 2

    Rather than planning for economic changes we imagine, it is better to prepare for change itself with smarter social, educational and employment policies.

  59. Principal in Park Slope Is Cleared of Communist Organizing Metro, August 31

    Jill Bloomberg, the principal of Park Slope Collegiate, had been an outspoken critic of racial segregation in city schools.

  60. Teaching Hurricane Harvey: Ideas and Resources Learning, August 31

    Resources from The New York Times for teaching and learning about one of the most destructive storms in U.S. history. We will continue to update this post.

  61. Football Among the Old Believers, in Alaska Sports, August 31

    Keeping a high school football team together is tough, between a Russian Orthodox sect leery of the outside world and the chores of life in an isolated village.

  62. Announcing Our 2017-18 Student Contest Calendar Learning, August 31

    Here is a list of all the contests for teenagers we will be running on The Learning Network this school year.

  63. Looking Into the Future for a Child With Autism Well, August 31

    As my son’s limitations became clearer, I found it harder every year to write a vision statement for his I.E.P. Then he showed us how.

  64. Compromise Reached in Boycott of Native American School Metro, August 30

    Members of the Onondaga Nation wanted one of their own as principal. In a compromise, a Native American teacher will be groomed to possibly take over.

  65. I Teach in Houston. I’m Worried for My Students. Op Ed, August 29

    We should be making lesson plans, but we’re scared for the students who may not have shelter from Hurricane Harvey.

  66. Family of Boy Who Wears Dresses Sues Education Department Metro, August 29

    His family says a school in Park Slope was hostile to the boy, and that they were unfairly accused of abuse. The allegation was unfounded.

  67. School Closings From Harvey Threaten Disruption Across Texas National, August 29

    As families flee cities hit hard by the storm, the questions of where and when their children will return to school linger.

  68. Canada, Too, Faces a Reckoning With History and Racism World, August 28

    The broad use of the name and image of Canada’s first prime minister, John A. Macdonald, is being challenged because of his policies toward indigenous people.

  69. The Biggest Misconception About Today’s College Students Opinion, August 28

    Forty percent of all undergraduates go to community colleges, and many can’t afford to go full-time.

  70. In the Fight Against Bullying, a Glimmer of Hope Well, August 28

    In a 10-year study in Maryland, students’ reports of being bullied decreased and more students reported feeling safe at school.

  71. The Secret to a Good Robot Teacher Opinion, August 26

    It doesn’t just impart information. It also expresses social cues.

  72. Memorize That Poem! Opinion, August 26

    Let’s reach beyond our Twitter feeds and show we care about words again.

  73. Teachers: Are You Adding Charlottesville to Your Curriculum? Interactive, August 25

    As teachers and students across the United States return to school, the events in Charlottesville, Va., are making their way into lesson plans and class discussions.

  74. Videos of Girls Forced to Do Splits at Cheer Camp Prompt Police Investigation U.S., August 25

    Five Denver public school officials, including the cheerleading coach seen in the video that was made public, were put on leave by the superintendent.

  75. Sarah Thompson of Droga5 on the Selfless Nature of Leadership Business Day, August 25

    The chief executive of an ad agency says leaders have to focus on making their teams better. Droga5 has done advertising work for The New York Times.

  76. For $582 Million Spent on Troubled Schools, Some Gains, More Disappointments N.Y. / Region, August 24

    Schools in the city’s Renewal program received extra resources, but an analysis of their state test scores shows uneven results despite the big investment.