1. Los tatuajes efímeros encienden un debate existencial en Español, October 22

    Una novedosa empresa en Brooklyn ofrece un servicio con una tinta que desaparece en 15 meses o menos. Algunos creen que es una derrota para el arte en la piel.

  2. A ‘Royal’ Wedding in Brooklyn Style, October 22

    Princess Francois and Andy Estevez, both educators, had each resigned themselves to romantic disappointment — until they met four years ago.

  3. Can Brooklyn’s New U.S. Attorney Help Restore Faith in Law Enforcement? New York, October 21

    Breon S. Peace, who went to high school in Crown Heights, is taking over as top federal prosecutor in Brooklyn at a precarious moment.

  4. Homes for Sale in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan Real Estate, October 21

    This week’s properties are in Greenpoint, Jackson Heights and Inwood.

  5. On the Market in New York City Slideshow, October 21

    This week’s properties are in Greenpoint, Jackson Heights and Inwood.

  6. Sobre Masa Tortilleria, in Brooklyn, Will Showcase Heirloom Corn Food, October 19

    Italian from the team behind Anassa Taverna, a Queens expansion for Pig Beach, and more restaurant news.

  7. Recent Commercial Real Estate Transactions Business, October 19

    Recent commercial real estate transactions in New York.

  8. Acme Turns to Japan to Season Its Latest Smoked Salmon Food, October 18

    Acme Smoked Fish in Brooklyn uses shichimi togarashi in this new offering.

  9. How Lili Taylor, Actress and Birder, Spends Her Sundays New York, October 15

    When she’s not onstage, she’s often at her bedroom window, taking in Brooklyn’s wildlife.

  10. Enough With the Seltzer: The Booze-Free Cocktail Has Arrived New York, October 14

    In the last five years, at least five new dry stores that sell alcohol-free wines, craft beers and bottled drinks have opened in New York City.

  11. The Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving defends his decision not to get vaccinated. World, October 14

    The N.B.A. star, who is set to make $40 million this year, said he opposes vaccine mandates, saying nobody should be “forced” to do it.

  12. N.Y.P.D. Officer Fatally Shoots Woman at Girlfriend’s Home, Police Say New York, October 13

    The officer, whom a police official identified as Yvonne Wu, also shot and wounded her girlfriend, the police said.

  13. For the (Renewed) Love of Vintage Dressing Style, October 13

    After several years of all things simple being the height of fashion, there is a pleasure to be found in the messy eccentricities of individualistic, pre-owned items.

  14. Mickalene Thomas Is Reinventing Nudes Magazine, October 13

    The artist’s approach to the Black female form is rich with pleasure, but also looks beyond it.

  15. A Man With a Badge Nearly Killed Her. So She Got Her Own Badge. New York, October 13

    Katrina Brownlee was abused, shot and left for dead. Told she’d never walk again, she went on to have a 20-year career with the N.Y.P.D.

  16. Grada Kilomba’s Rituals of Resistance Arts, October 12

    The Portuguese artist and psychoanalyst examines postcolonial trauma in her U.S. debut in Brooklyn. The stakes are universal, she says.

  17. Recent Commercial Real Estate Transactions Business, October 12

    Recent commercial real estate transactions in New York.

  18. Moving to a Crown Heights Apartment Allowed Her to Nurture a Green Thumb Real Estate, October 11

    Taming the junglelike garden in Brooklyn has given her purpose — and a place to entertain.

  19. Homes That Sold for Around $1.5 Million Real Estate, October 10

    Recent residential sales in New York City and the region.

  20. Homes for Sale in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan Real Estate, October 7

    This week’s properties are in Midtown Manhattan, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Murray Hill, Queens.

  21. On the Market in New York City Slideshow, October 7

    This week’s properties are in Midtown Manhattan, Murray Hill, Queens, and Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

  22. Sex, Drugs and Roller Skates Style, October 6

    A new book pays tribute to the vanished magic of Flipper’s, a storied if short-lived 1970s skate palace.

  23. Why These New Yorkers Stopped Paying Rent New York, October 6

    The economic crisis caused by the pandemic has placed the city’s housing woes in stark relief. But one group of Brooklyn tenants has been fighting back.

  24. Msgr. John Powis, Champion of Brooklyn’s Downtrodden, Dies at 87 New York, October 5

    His aggressive agenda as a pastor and civic leader in Brownsville and Bushwick laid the groundwork for a remarkable recovery.

  25. Oyster Shoreline at ‘Greater New York’ Has a Pearl of a Message Arts, October 4

    Alan Michelson, a Mohawk artist, explores long-ignored aspects of American history and exploitation of Indigenous landscapes. His work at MoMA PS1 fuses modern media and Native song.

  26. An Artist’s Portraits, Stitched Together on the Subway Arts, September 30

    After a decade of embroidering portraits of loved ones, LJ Roberts delivers a lesson on queer kinship in a new exhibition at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn.

  27. Homes for Sale in Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx Real Estate, September 30

    This week’s properties are in Crown Heights, the Upper West Side and Riverdale.

  28. On the Market in New York City Slideshow, September 30

    This week’s properties are in Crown Heights, the Upper West Side and Riverdale.

  29. Recent Commercial Real Estate Transactions Business, September 28

    Recent commercial real estate transactions in New York.

  30. How the Black Women Around R. Kelly’s Case Feel About His Conviction New York, September 28

    The case could represent a turning point for the #MeToo movement, which some felt had centered on crimes against white women.

  31. When Dasani Left Home Magazine, September 28

    What happens when trying to escape poverty means separating from your family at 13?

  32. R. Kelly will be sentenced in May, as other criminal charges move forward. New York, September 27

    Mr. Kelly faces 10 years to life in prison for his conviction on federal racketeering and sex trafficking charges in Brooklyn. He still is under indictment in two other states.

  33. A New Destination for Tea Lovers in Brooklyn Food, September 27

    Kettl, a tea shop and retailer in Greenpoint, features tea to-go as well as a variety of tea-driven sweets.

  34. Mark Morris Dance Group Debuts ‘Water’ in Its Element Arts, September 26

    Also on the bill for this free outdoor program is the choreographer’s U.S. premiere of “Quad,” a wordless television play by Samuel Beckett.

  35. Can You Break the Lease if Your Apartment Might Flood? Real Estate, September 25

    Maintaining a rental property — including making sure water drains properly — is the responsibility of the landlord, not the tenant.

  36. Bushwig Grows Up Style, September 25

    The annual festival celebrated 10 years of drag, queerness and artistry this month, but some local queens want more.

  37. With Plans for a Baby, They Wanted a Place With a Second Bedroom and Lots of Amenities. Which Would You Choose? Interactive, September 9

    A couple from Mexico City knew that if they were going to buy, ‘it had to be now’ — before interest rates went up. Here’s what they found in Brooklyn for less than $2 million.

  38. His ‘Sweet Spot’: Classic Brownstone Exterior, Modern Interior. Which Home Would You Choose? Interactive, August 12

    When his landlord raised the rent during the pandemic, this Brooklyn renter decided it was time to buy. Here’s what he found for less than $1 million in Carroll Gardens.

  39. The Nights When New York Felt Alive Again Interactive, August 5

    Over eight weeks this summer we documented nightlife as New Yorkers returned to the city’s deeply missed party scene. It ended up being a brief window of freedom, a hint at what we hope will be waiting for us on the other side of the pandemic.

  40. When Home Became the Office, They Needed More Space. Which Apartment Would You Choose? Interactive, August 5

    A young couple, realizing they weren’t going back to their workplaces ‘probably ever,’ set a $500,000 budget for a two-bedroom in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn. Here’s what they found.

  41. During the Pandemic, Her $600,000 Went Further. Which Apartment Did She Choose? Interactive, July 29

    After putting off a purchase to invest in her business, a longtime renter saw an opportunity to buy a place in Brooklyn with the amenities she had always wanted. Here’s what she found.

  42. Exploring Affordable-Housing Options in Brooklyn and Queens. Which Home Would You Choose? Interactive, July 8

    After splitting rent with roommates for years, a couple researched the city’s housing lotteries and found that they qualified for many places.

  43. Sharing a Studio During Covid Wasn’t Ideal. Which Upgrade Did They Choose? Interactive, June 10

    With the city shut down last summer, a couple took their $4,000 budget to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in search of a place where they could work from home in peace. Here’s what they found.

  44. This Bus Has Been in a Brooklyn Building for 2 Days Interactive, June 9

    Two days ago a New York City bus crashed into a home, injuring 16 people.

  45. It’s Been a Busy Few Days for One Arena Interactive, May 26

    This is the first season that Barclays Center in Brooklyn is home to both the New York Liberty and the Brooklyn Nets. And the arena recently needed to make a quick transformation.

  46. What It’s Like to Be Vaccinated in a Subway Station Interactive, May 20

    The city is ramping up a program to vaccinate people in select subway stations as a way to boost the city's vaccination rate.

  47. They Wanted a ‘Blank Slate’ One-Bedroom for Less Than $1 Million. Which Option Would You Choose? Interactive, April 29

    For their first purchase together, a young couple sought a place they could make their own — no ‘cookie-cutter doorman buildings.’ Here’s what they found.

  48. She Had to Escape Her 175-Square-Foot Studio During the Pandemic. Which Option Would You Choose? Interactive, April 15

    Figuring she could get a better deal as rents fell, a young Manhattanite cast a wide net for ‘something with a door,’ not too far from work. Here’s what she found.

  49. On the Scene: Coney Island Reopens Interactive, April 12

    Families came out to Coney Island on Friday, looking for rollercoaster rides and funnel cakes, for the first time in 18 months.

  50. Facing the Pandemic Together, but in Manhattan or Brooklyn? Interactive, April 8

    A young couple joined forces to get through 2020 and beyond, but would they find what they wanted in her East Side neighborhood or his beloved Williamsburg? Here’s where they landed.

  51. Two Humans, Two Dogs and a Two-Bedroom in Brooklyn for Under $1.5 Million. Which Home Would You Choose? Interactive, April 1

    For their first New York purchase, a couple scoured their beloved Williamsburg neighborhood for a quiet place with good light and more space for their growing household. Here’s what they found.

  52. Watch Protesters Close 2 N.Y.C. Bridges in Support of Essential Workers Interactive, March 5

    More than a hundred workers marched on Friday in support of a package of bills that would provide financial assistance to workers who have so far been left out of government programs during the pandemic.

  53. A Growing Family Wanted a Brooklyn House for Less Than $700,000. Which Option Would You Choose? Interactive, March 4

    Squeezed and priced out of Windsor Terrace, a family of four looked south to Midwood and Marine Park — or maybe even Staten Island.

  54. Will $1 Million Buy a Brownstone in Bay Ridge? One Family Surveyed Their Options in South Brooklyn Interactive, February 11

    Seeking an upgrade for their growing children — and their voluminous stuff — a couple toured the townhouses of Bay Ridge. Which home would you choose?

  55. 150 Years Ago Brooklyn Renumbered All Its Streets. It Was a Disaster. Interactive, January 27

    Today’s Brooklyn map is a relic of a sweeping 19th-century effort to renumber every building and rename dozens of streets. The saga revealed how decisions made by bureaucrats can leave an imprint on city life more than a century later.

  56. ‘Dyker Lights’: Brighter Displays, Fewer Tourists Interactive, December 23

    The famous holiday displays in Dyker Heights are attracting smaller crowds, but some homeowners are determined to bring cheer.

  57. Take a Walking Tour of New York Interactive, December 21

    Months ago, our architecture critic invited a few people to suggest modest strolls around places meaningful to them. Here’s where they went.

  58. Read the Criminal Complaint Against Julien Jin Interactive, December 18

    Mr. Jin is accused of engaging in a conspiracy to censor Zoom users in the United States.

  59. See What Happens When N.Y.C. Streets Are Full of People Instead of Cars Interactive, December 17

    As the pandemic lockdown cleared the roads and as governments instituted popular programs to keep restaurants and small businesses alive, communities have gotten a glimpse at what the city is like when the streets are reimagined. New Yorkers don’t...

  60. With Rents Going Down, They Looked to Trade Up. Which of These Homes Would You Choose? Interactive, December 17

    For their first place together, a couple joined forces (and budgets) to find a place with some sunlight and enough space to work from home.

  61. Her Dream of a Big Two-Bedroom Became the Reality of a Midsize One-Bedroom. Which of These Would You Choose? Interactive, November 25

    This first-time buyer searched new developments in central Brooklyn, looking for details that would set one apart. Here are the options she considered.

  62. What the Pandemic Has Done to Giveaway Books Interactive, November 20

    Brooklynites have a long tradition of passing along books. But what ends up in giveaway piles these days speaks volumes about our current fraught moment.

  63. A Young Couple Navigate Unexpected Roadblocks to a New Rental Interactive, November 12

    After failing to find a suitable Manhattan apartment, this growing family became ‘the last people to the Brooklyn party.’ Which of these Williamsburg options would you choose?

  64. Inside N.Y.C.’s Effort to Count 713,000 Absentee Ballots Interactive, November 11

    The counting of absentee ballots is slow and unglamorous. ‘Is this one fine?’ a worker asked in Brooklyn.

  65. Condo or Co-op? A Young Family Discovers the Differences and Makes a Big Decision Interactive, November 5

    To find the right place for themselves and their young son, this couple considered the pros and cons of various building types. Which option would you choose?

  66. An Apartment in Brooklyn or a House Upstate? She Had the Budget for One Interactive, October 29

    Ashleigh Kaneski figured she couldn’t afford to buy a one-bedroom in the city, but she could keep her tiny rental and invest in a house in the Catskills. Then she had second thoughts.

  67. What’s the Post Office Good For? Everything Interactive, September 10

    The check (and the book, and the sandals, and everything else) is in the mail.

  68. What’s the Post Office Good For? Everything Interactive, September 10

    The check (and the book, and the sandals, and everything else) is in the mail.

  69. Fleeing the Suburbs for the City? This Couple Was Ready for Some Amenities Interactive, September 10

    After leaving Queens for Long Island, Paolo and Christian Acquista felt stranded. So they plotted their return to the city, this time to Brooklyn. Which of these options would you choose?

  70. They Wanted Some Private Outdoor Space in Williamsburg. But Where Is the Best Place to Find It? Interactive, September 3

    For their first purchase together, a couple searched their old Brooklyn neighborhood for a little fresh air — and maybe a second bedroom. Which of these options would you choose?

  71. A Couple Look for Their First Purchase in the ‘Heart of Brooklyn.’ But Where Is That? Interactive, August 20

    With about $1 million to spend, the former renters were hoping to upsize to a two-bedroom with two bathrooms, good closet space and a view that wasn’t a brick wall.

  72. With a Monthly Budget of Around $3,000, They Wanted a Duplex With a Yard in Brooklyn. Which of These Homes Would You Choose? Interactive, July 9

    Tired of living in a building with a dormlike atmosphere, one couple went in search of a more residential setup. Here’s what they found.

  73. They Wanted a Brooklyn Fixer-Upper for the Right Price. Which Home Would You Choose? Interactive, June 18

    After a couple of years in Seattle, a New York family returned to hunt for a conveniently situated house with some character. Here’s where they wound up.

  74. In Brooklyn, a Peaceful March Turns to Confrontation After Curfew Interactive, June 4

    The police in Brooklyn were quicker Wednesday to enforce the clampdown than they had been before, moving swiftly to disperse demonstrators from rainy city streets and to arrest those who failed to clear out.

  75. Two Renters Try Out the Amenities in Brooklyn’s Newer Buildings. Which of These Homes Would You Choose? Interactive, May 28

    For their first home together, a young couple sought the best roof deck and gym they could find on a budget. Here’s where they wound up.

  76. The New Saturday Night Interactive, May 1

    With billions of people staying home, the world is reinventing the weekend.

  77. Three Roommates Scraped Together Enough for a Brooklyn Rental. Which One Did They Choose? Interactive, April 30

    For about $1,000 each, they hoped to find a decent place near a good bagel store. Now they’re stuck there as they wait out the lockdown.

  78. A Couple With Manhattan Jobs Seek the Ideal Brooklyn Home. Which of These Would You Choose? Interactive, April 16

    After years of renting, two young doctors hoped to buy something in their beloved Clinton Hill, but found better options elsewhere. Here’s where they landed.

  79. New York Was Not Designed for Emptiness Interactive, March 30

    The energy, the traffic, the crowds are all gone. Only the vacant streets remain, waiting for the actors to return to the stage.

  80. On the Market in New York City Slideshow, January 16

    This week’s properties are in Midtown East, Forest Hills Gardens, Queens, and Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

  81. Homes That Sold for Around $1.5 Million Real Estate, November 10

    Recent residential sales in New York City and the region.

  82. Living In ... Fort Greene, Brooklyn Slideshow, November 6

    In recent years, the area has seen staggering changes, with proliferating arts organizations, housing and amenities. But that hasn’t come cheap.

  83. 2019’s Best High-End Bargains Real Estate, October 31

    The New York City neighborhoods where the top sales prices have fallen the most.

  84. A Family-Friendly Home in Brooklyn Slideshow, June 4

    For a couple in Williamsburg, buying a fixer-upper seemed like the best way to get what they wanted: a hardwearing, light-filled space.

  85. Are We Fighting a War on Homelessness? Or a War on the Homeless? Metropolitan, May 31

    The issue is dire, and yet politicians stay away from addressing it. Many progressives are happy to see the homeless live anywhere else.

  86. Brooklyn’s Fourth Avenue Gets in Gear Real Estate, April 19

    After years of false starts, the busy thoroughfare known for its gas stations and carwashes is seeing a construction frenzy of mid-rise apartment buildings.

  87. Historic Bank Buildings Get a Second Act Real Estate, April 19

    New developments across the city are repurposing the opulent spaces where New Yorkers once deposited their savings.

  88. Netflix, Which Made ‘Kimmy Schmidt’ in Brooklyn, to Expand Production Studios There Metro, April 18

    The streaming company said it would spend up to $100 million on six soundstages in Brooklyn, adding to New York City’s growing role in the film industry.

  89. In Brooklyn, a Shrine to Sports and Consumerism Photo, April 18

    After his apartment was demolished to make space for Barclays Center, Jeff Mermelstein photographed the new arena’s suits, shills and suds.

  90. A Ferry Subsidy of $24.75 a Ride? New York City’s Costs Are Ballooning Metro, April 17

    Are ferries an expensive “niche” service or an effective form of transportation? “We’re starting a whole new form of mass transit,” Mayor Bill de Blasio recently said.

  91. Recent Commercial Real Estate Transactions Business, April 16

    Recent commercial real estate transactions in New York.

  92. Facing Segregated Schools, Parents Took Integration Into Their Own Hands. It’s Working. Metro, April 16

    Changes to middle school enrollment in parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan could force City Hall to take action on school segregation.

  93. Measles, Science and the Anti-Vaxxers Letters, April 15

    Readers discuss a lack of science literacy and Jewish beliefs about protecting the well-being of others.

  94. Measles Outbreak: Yeshiva’s Preschool Program Is Closed by New York City Health Officials Metro, April 15

    The program is the first one to be closed as part of the city’s escalating effort to stem the country’s largest measles outbreak in decades.

  95. Tensions Rise as New York City Steps Up Response to Measles Metro, April 11

    An order to require immunizations in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community seemed to mobilize vaccine skeptics. Others worried that the effort did not address the root of the problem: misinformation.

  96. Homes for Sale in Brooklyn and Manhattan Real Estate, April 11

    This week’s properties are in Battery Park City, Chelsea and Kensington, Brooklyn.

  97. New York Declares Measles Emergency, Requiring Vaccinations in Parts of Brooklyn Metro, April 9

    Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the city would require unvaccinated individuals living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to receive the measles vaccine.

  98. Homes That Sold for Around $450,000 Real Estate, April 7

    Recent residential sales in New York City and the region.

  99. Yisroel Avrohom Portugal, Revered Orthodox Rabbi, Dies at 95 Obits, April 5

    He drew long lines to his home in Brooklyn, but he chose not to translate that veneration into a community of acolytes on a grand scale.

  100. How Sara Haines, Television Host, Spends Her Sundays Metropolitan, April 5

    A career in morning television dovetails perfectly with parenting young children, at least when it comes to sleep schedules.

  101. From Disco to Techno, He’s Seen It on Sugar Hill’s Dance Floor Culture, April 5

    Eddie Freeman opened the Sugar Hill club in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, in 1979. Night life and the neighborhood have changed, but they still come to dance.

  102. A Boy Wandered Onto the Subway Tracks. A No. 5 Train Operator Sprang Into Action. Metro, April 4

    The subway operator, Hopeton Kiffin, slowed his express train and gently coaxed the child off the tracks in Brooklyn and safely onto the train.

  103. Homes for Sale in Brooklyn and Manhattan Real Estate, April 4

    This week’s properties are in Greenwich Village, SoHo, and Gowanus, Brooklyn.

  104. On the Market in New York City Slideshow, April 4

    This week’s properties are in Greenwich Village, SoHo, and Gowanus, Brooklyn.

  105. An Experimental Music Scene Grows in Gowanus Culture, April 3

    The new state-of-the-art Public Records in Brooklyn is the latest addition to a budding group of clubs that encourage close listening and community building.

  106. Nightmare at 39 Pearl Street: A Clerical Error Quadruples Taxes Metro, April 2

    New York admits it sometimes makes mistakes in collecting property taxes — but it still fights to keep the money.

  107. Spared From the Shredder (for Now): ‘Priceless’ Bank Records of Old New York Metro, April 2

    A bank is cleaning out its basement in Brooklyn. Archivists want to save a trove of Bowery Savings Bank papers from destruction.

  108. Recent Commercial Real Estate Transactions Business, April 2

    Recent commercial real estate transactions in New York.

  109. Homes That Sold for Around $600,000 Real Estate, March 31

    Recent residential sales in New York City and the region.

  110. The Landlord Wants Facial Recognition in Its Rent-Stabilized Buildings. Why? Metropolitan, March 28

    The surveillance economy is coming, and it’s no coincidence that its first stop is in marginalized communities.

  111. Report Alleges Sexual Misconduct at Saint Ann’s, Prestigious Brooklyn Private School Metro, March 25

    According to school leaders, 19 former faculty and staff members were said to have potentially engaged in sexual misconduct or inappropriate behavior with students over the span of three decades.

  112. Sandwiches the Miami Way, at Pilar Cuban Bakery in Brooklyn Dining, March 21

    Homemade bread is just the starting act at this new Bedford-Stuyvesant spot.