1. Homes for Sale in Brooklyn and Manhattan Real Estate, Today

    This week’s properties are in Brooklyn Heights, Greenwich Village and the Flatiron district.

  2. Where the Wall of Death Is a Way of Life New York, Today

    To ride a motorcycle in the carnival motordrome, you need to be an alpha dog with sawdust in your veins. Or at least have a driver’s license.

  3. Restaurant Review: At Laser Wolf, Skewers, Dips and Vibes Are on the Menu Dining, September 27

    At Michael Solomonov’s homage to Israel’s meat-skewer joints, skyline selfies are normal and salad is mandatory.

  4. The Collaborative Studio Reimagining Lighting Design T Style, September 27

    Known for its endlessly customizable fixtures, In Common With is breaking fresh ground with an expanded Brooklyn headquarters and a fantastical new collection.

  5. $500 a Month for an Entire Floor in Brooklyn Real Estate, September 26

    Jens Rasmussen and Maria Aparo couldn’t walk away from Mr. Rasmussen’s spacious loft in Greenpoint, which is covered under New York’s 1982 Loft Law.

  6. Trends From Trash in the TikTok Age Styles, September 26

    Angelica Hicks has built a cult following with her witty re-creations of high-fashion outfits made from everyday items in her Brooklyn apartment.

  7. A Bed-Stuy Mansion Has Become Rubble. Residents Ask: How, and Why? Real Estate, September 25

    Despite pleas, protests and petitions, a developer tore down the 120-year-old Jacob Dangler House. Residents are still reflecting on what happened.

  8. Runners and Cyclists Use GPS Mapping to Make Art Express, September 24

    Fitness apps and the power of live satellite tracking have allowed runners, cyclists and others to draw hearts, animals, birthday wishes — and even homages to Vermeer — across their local landscapes.

  9. Death at New York State Psychiatric Hospital Investigated as a Homicide Metro, September 23

    The police said Shakim Devega, a patient at the Brooklyn facility, died from neck trauma, but no official cause has been determined. No charges were filed.

  10. Birthday Messages to Celebrate Lives, Not Mourn Police Killings Culture, September 23

    The “1-800 Happy Birthday” digital voice mail project is transformed into an exhibition in Brooklyn, and welcomes visitors.

  11. Zeldin Sees a Path to Becoming Governor. It Runs Through Brooklyn. Metro, September 23

    Representative Lee Zeldin, a Republican candidate for governor, is hoping for a realignment of political loyalties in parts of the borough, including those of Hasidic Jews.

  12. They Wanted Good Light and a Dog Park. But the Front Door Could Not Face South. Interactive, September 22

    Guided by the principles of Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian philosophy of design, two first-time buyers searched the Brooklyn waterfront for a place where they could start a family.

  13. Former Trump Adviser Was Not Agent for Emirates, Lawyer Tells Jury Metro, September 21

    Thomas Barrack is accused by prosecutors of acting as an undisclosed agent for the government of the United Arab Emirates.

  14. Staying Up Late to Find Out Why New York No Longer Does Metro, September 21

    More bars and restaurants are closing their doors at earlier hours, and more New Yorkers are grabbing dinner earlier in the evening. One of our reporters set off to find out why.

  15. New York City Subway System to Install Security Cameras in Train Cars Metro, September 20

    Gov. Kathy Hochul said the installations, which grew from a pilot project after a mass shooting in Brooklyn, would allay riders’ anxieties.

  16. Children’s Drownings Mark the End of a Mother’s Descent Metro, September 18

    Erin Merdy, who is charged with killing her three children, had struggled with money, men and mental health. Now, she is accused of one of New York’s worst crimes against children in recent memory.

  17. ‘A Perfect Party’ That Celebrates All Its Guests Weekend, September 15

    Trusty Sidekick Theater Company has created an outdoor adventure for young people on the autism spectrum.

  18. Coming Soon to New York: More Trees Interactive, September 15

    New York continues its expansion of planting trees throughout the boroughs.

  19. Homes for Sale in Brooklyn and Manhattan Real Estate, September 15

    This week’s properties are in Park Slope, East Harlem and Chelsea.

  20. Seeking a ‘One-Bedroom With the Basics’ in Brooklyn or Manhattan. Which Would Be More Affordable? Interactive, September 15

    After years in a cramped West Village rental, a couple took their time finding the first home of their very own, with an eye on a feasible monthly outlay. Here’s what they found.

  21. Mother Charged With Murdering 3 Children Who Drowned in Coney Island Metro, September 14

    Erin Merdy had been in a long-running custody fight and faced eviction before the Monday killings.

  22. Deaths of 3 Children on Coney Island Ruled Homicides by Drowning Metro, September 13

    Police officials, who had questioned their mother, said no one had been charged in the deaths Tuesday.

  23. New State Rules Offer Road Map for Regulating Private Hasidic Schools Metro, September 13

    The State Board of Regents on Tuesday enacted regulations aimed at holding New York private schools to minimum academic standards.

  24. Overnight Storm in New York City Causes Flash Flooding, but No Tornado Express, September 13

    There were no reports of tornado sightings, despite a warning issued for parts of the city early Tuesday morning. But heavy rainfall led to flash flooding and subway delays.

  25. Inside Telfar’s Rainbow Bag Drop Styles, September 12

    A pop-up event at a Rainbow store in Brooklyn drew hundreds of shoppers who lined up to buy a highly sought-after Telfar Shopping Bag.

  26. New York Lawmakers Call for More Oversight of Hasidic Schools Metro, September 12

    After a New York Times investigation found that many of the private religious schools denied students a basic education, top officials voiced serious concerns.

  27. Get the Exact Dashi You Need in Greenpoint, Brooklyn Dining, September 12

    Dashi Okume will open on Friday and offer packaged dashi mixes as well as a counter to order personalized dashi bases.

  28. Father Says He Sought Custody Before 3 Children Drowned in Brooklyn Metro, September 12

    The children were found unconscious on Coney Island Beach after an emergency call early Monday morning. Their mother was discovered nearby, barefoot and “soaking wet,” the police said.

  29. How the Brooklyn Library Helped Fight Book Bans in Oklahoma Metro, September 12

    An Oklahoma teacher left her job after she told her students how to access the library’s banned books program.

  30. Marni Makes Magic Under the Manhattan Bridge Styles, September 11

    The Italian brand made the sun rise on a new kind of street wear.

  31. Homes That Sold for Around $650,000 Real Estate, September 11

    Recent residential sales in New York City and the region.

  32. Boy, 15, Fatally Shot in Downtown Brooklyn Park, Police Say Metro, September 8

    The child, a student at Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools, was approached by two boys, one of whom shot him after a fist fight, according to the police.

  33. Homes for Sale in Brooklyn and Manhattan Real Estate, September 8

    This week’s properties are in Dumbo, Lenox Hill and Turtle Bay.

  34. Restaurant Review: Nabila’s Takes a Homemade Approach to Lebanese Food Dining, September 6

    A longtime hit on the Washington party circuit, the food of Nabila Farah comes to Brooklyn.

  35. All the Color and Joy of the West Indian Parade’s Comeback Metro, September 5

    Scenes from the Labor Day tradition, which returned to Brooklyn after it had been canceled for two years because of Covid-19.

  36. How the Editor in Chief of Elle Decor Spends His Sundays Metropolitan, September 3

    Asad Syrkett stays close to his Brooklyn home, doing Pilates, seeing friends, burning incense and reading fiction.

  37. ‘That Nurse Should Be Alive’: How Police Delays Left a Suspect at Large Metro, September 3

    The New York Police Department let a suspect in a Brooklyn rape case slip through its grasp. A month later he was arrested in connection with the murder of a nurse in Queens.

  38. New York’s Communal Summer Ritual: Grilling Metropolitan, September 2

    Throughout public parks in the city, families, friends and neighbors gather around smoking grates and celebrate the season.

  39. What Urban Planners Can Learn From This Idealistic Coffee Shop Metropolitan, September 2

    Can a pay-what-you-want cafe exist in a gentrified Gowanus?

  40. Homes for Sale in Brooklyn and Manhattan Real Estate, September 1

    This week’s properties are in the West Village, Washington Heights and Williamsburg.

  41. Summer’s Last Gasp Has Arrived Metro, August 31

    Our last newsletter edition of the season focuses on summer missions accomplished and those still on the to-do list.

  42. Small Business Owners Are Still Struggling in New York Metro, July 29

    “I feel like it’s 50-50,” said the owner of a Brooklyn coffee shop who is finding it hard to rebound from the pandemic.

  43. How a Paramedic (and Memoirist) Spends His Sundays Metropolitan, July 1

    Anthony Almojera reports to Station 40 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, where he cooks a family meal for his 12-member crew.

  44. Covid Stopped the Music. Now This School Is Striking Up the Band Again. Metro, June 19

    Young violists and sax players in Brooklyn get reacquainted with their instruments, and with one another: “You have to play in harmony.”

  45. Covid Stopped the Music. Now This School Is Striking Up the Band Again. Metro, June 19

    Young violists and sax players in Brooklyn get reacquainted with their instruments, and with one another: “You have to play in harmony.”

  46. Our Kids Lost Special Moments During the Pandemic. They Won’t Get Them All Back. Op Ed, June 8

    My fourth grader thinks about every event she’s missed, and I can’t pretend it doesn’t hurt.

  47. N.Y.C. Companies Are Opening Offices Where Their Workers Live: Brooklyn Metro, May 30

    As workers return to the office, some companies have relocated to ease the commute.

  48. Q Train Killing Threatens Subway’s Fragile Comeback Metro, May 25

    The subway is at a critical moment as transit officials struggle to bring back riders, to shore up the system’s finances and to address fears over safety.

  49. Remembering One in One Million Insider, May 15

    As the United States marks one million Covid-19 deaths, Times journalists reflect on the one story or moment from the pandemic that will stay with them forever.

  50. Covid Memorials Offer a Place to Put Our Grief Culture, May 5

    From “anti-monuments” to ephemeral sand portraits, four art exhibitions encourage viewers to slow down and take stock of our pandemic losses.