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What to Do and Where to See Llamas in Peru’s Sacred Valley
T Magazine, October 19

Machu Picchu is the area’s most popular tourist stop, but the land beyond is home to lesser-known ruins, artisanal crafts and an innovative food scene.

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What Does He Do, Work in a Cave? Why, Yes
Business Day, October 19

A software company operates underground to keep data secure. Its chief seeks a Middle-earth effect in décor.

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A Chicago Restaurant Brings Fresh California Cuisine to the Midwest
Travel, October 19

Pacific Standard Time focuses on farm-fresh ingredients and the idea of gathering.

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Sharing the Food of an Ivorian Childhood at Paradis des Gouts
Food, October 18

Cheick Cisse always hoped to reach those outside his immigrant community, so he opened this spot in Brooklyn, on the border of Bushwick and Bedford-Stuyvesant.

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A Taste of Ivory Coast in Brooklyn
Slideshow, October 18

Cheick Cisse, the owner of New Ivoire in Harlem, opened Paradis des Gouts hoping to share the food of his childhood with those outside his immigrant community.

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The Siblings Making Copenhagen’s Most Stylish Jewelry and Food
T Style, October 17

Sophie and Frederik Bille Brahe have pursued different careers — she’s a jewelry designer, he’s a chef — but they share a deep respect for craft and storytelling.

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Inside Sophie and Frederik Bille Brahe’s Family Home
Slideshow, October 17

The siblings at the heart of Copenhagen’s creative scene return to the treasure-filled house in which they grew up.

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Looking Beyond Tel Aviv for Israel’s New Restaurant Scene
Travel, October 17

In the coastal lowlands outside the country’s bustling, second-largest city, a quiet dining hub is blossoming, with food rooted in the land.

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‘Traditional Greek Home Cooking’ at Elea on the Upper West Side
Dining, October 16

Pickles at Industry City in Sunset Park, Edward Huang’s Taiwanese fare in a Midtown food hall, and more restaurant news.

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At Atomix, a Korean Restaurant Overflowing With Ideas
Dining, October 16

Dinner at Junghyun and Ellia Park’s tasting counter starts with Korean vocabulary lessons and moves on to explore cuisine and culture.

17rest slide jbx4 thumbwide
Out of This World
Slideshow, October 16

Atomix, from the chef Junghyun Park, is warm, contemporary and Korean at just about every turn.

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April Bloomfield Breaks Her Silence About Harassment at Her Restaurants
Food, October 16

The Spotted Pig chef finally speaks about her role in the abuse scandal that has enveloped her and her partner, Ken Friedman.

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Helping Refugees, One Dish at a Time
Dining, October 15

The founder of Emma’s Torch and the restaurant’s culinary director will discuss the nonprofit’s mission to train refugees for food service jobs at a talk at the 92nd Street Y.

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A Menu That Roams Ecuador From Queens
Dining, October 15

At Rincón Melania, an airy, modern restaurant run by a family with roots in the Cañari tribe, every meal begins with tostado, a snack of roasted corn.

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Ecuadorean Food, From Coast to Highlands
Slideshow, October 15

The menu at Rincón Melania includes Ecuador’s national dish: encebollado, whose warmth softens the harder edges of the world.

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A Kitchen Visionary, Reimagining Dishes and a Woman’s Role
Dining, October 15

Amy Brandwein of Centrolina, in Washington, has reinvented Italian classics and tried to get people thinking differently about women who run restaurants.

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In Mexico City, a Restaurant Draws Locally and From 10,000 Miles Away
Travel, October 12

Masala y Maiz combines the flavors of Mexico and India.

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At Zauo, Diners Can Catch Their Own Dinners
Dining, October 9

Masa Takayama updates his TriBeCa space, an Instagram-focused pasta restaurant and more restaurant news.

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At Danny Meyer’s Manhatta, Only the View Tries to Dazzle
Dining, October 9

This new French restaurant on the 60th floor of a financial district skyscraper strikes a surprisingly modest tone.

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Binoculars With a Side of Quenelles
Slideshow, October 9

Danny Meyer’s latest project, Manhatta, is a French restaurant on the 60th floor of a downtown skyscraper.

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An Overnight Success Story That Took Decades
Dining, October 8

SingleThread, a Japanese-influenced restaurant, is the chef Kyle Connaughton’s first, born of experience, planning and a few million dollars from investors.

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The Endangered Beer Hall Adds to Germany’s Cultural Debate
Foreign, October 6

One village’s effort to save their local pub, by selling shares to residents, highlights the steady disappearance of traditional venues as Germany grows older and more diverse.

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In London’s Vegan Fish-and-Chip Shop, Banana Blossoms Play Cod
Foreign, October 5

A new “chippie” in Hackney specializes in the proprietor’s own fish substitute, marinated and carefully deep-fried.

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Khao Man Gai, Rich, Heady and as Good as Its Rice
Dining, October 4

The Thai chicken dish anchors the menu at Eat’s Khao Man Gai in the East Village and Mr. Khao Man Gai, a cart in Midtown and Jackson Heights, Queens.

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Street Food From a Cart and a Restaurant
Slideshow, October 4

Eat’s Khao Man Gai, an East Village restaurant, and Mr. Khao Man Gai, a food cart, serve the same Thai favorite.

Merlin 144719793 f9242248 af80 49d6 8fdc da4d697a1471 articleinline
The Red Cat, a Pioneering Chelsea Restaurant, Will Close
Food, October 3

After nearly 20 years at the helm of this casual place, the chef, Jimmy Bradley, says he wants to take a break.

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An Azerbaijani Feast Awaits in Brooklyn, if You Can Find It
Dining, October 2

Set back from the street like a used-car dealership, Village Cafe stands out for its careful cooking.

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The Woo SoHo Opens, Updating a Korean Trailblazer
Dining, October 2

The latest from Harris Salat in Downtown Brooklyn, a steakhouse featuring inventive dumplings, and more restaurant news.

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James Beard Foundation Makes Changes to Diversify Its Awards
Dining, October 2

The committees that determine which restaurants, chefs and media get nominations will aim to be at least as diverse as the American population.

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The Father-Son Duo Defining Parisian Tastes
T Style, October 1

Jean Touitou, the founder of the label A.P.C., and his son, the chef Pierre Touitou, share a love of food and good button-downs.

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In Small-Town Maine, a Restaurant Both Reverent and Innovative
Travel, September 29

Elda, in off-the-summer-tourist-track town of Biddeford, combines many of the markers of modern American restaurants with distinctly Maine touches.

30joint1 thumbwide
Same Burgers, Glitzier Restaurant
Metropolitan, September 27

Burger Heaven, a family business in Midtown since 1943, went through a name change and a renovation, but customers are loyal and the sandwiches remain the same.

27db infatuation thumbwide
The Infatuation Gets $30 Million Investment From Hollywood Mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg
Business, September 27

The restaurant reviews site, which bought Zagat earlier this year, has won the backing of the media holding company co-founded by Jeffrey Katzenberg.

30mag eat image1 thumbwide
The Last Great Tomato Salad of the Year
Magazine, September 26

For the chef Preeti Mistry, cooking is a way to express her complex perspective as a first-generation Indian-American.

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Frances Edelstein, Queen of the Polish Tea Room, Is Dead at 92
Obits, September 25

With her husband, she turned a former hotel ballroom in Midtown Manhattan into a dining hangout for actors, directors, playwrights, producers — and tourists.

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Village Den, From Antoni Porowski of ‘Queer Eye,’ Opens in West Village
Dining, September 25

Middle Eastern food on the Upper West Side, a Randalls Island cafe from the team at Untamed Sandwiches, and more restaurant news.

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At Kopitiam, Malaysian Food Powers Through Some Growing Pains
Dining, September 25

In its new, larger space, Kyo Pang’s homage to the cuisine of Malaysian coffee parlors is still compelling, even when there’s no coffee.

26rest slide g5gu thumbwide
Malaysia’s Coffee and Tea Culture Take Root in Chinatown
Slideshow, September 25

Kopitiam is an homage to the casual shops where Malaysians stop for a caffeine fix, breakfast, snacks and other meals.

Merlin 143720910 bc22612e fff3 4da0 b894 7ff1c6af86d4 thumbwide
After a Pause, the Chef Joseph Ogrodnek Tries His Hand in a Hotel
Dining, September 25

Mr. Ogrodnek, who took a break after closing Dover last year, will return with a cafe in the new Sister City hotel.

26chinahotpot 3 articleinline
Offering Manicures With Your Hot Pot, China’s Haidilao Plans a Global Push
Business Day, September 25

The popular Chinese restaurant chain — which woos its customers with shoe-shining services, board games and other distractions — plans to raise $1 billion.

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Women Rule the New York City Wine & Food Festival
Dining, September 24

The 11th annual festival features an evening with the chefs Giada De Laurentiis and Alex Guarnaschelli.

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A Prague Restaurant Celebrates Classic Dishes With a Novel Approach
Travel, September 22

At Kuchyn, which opened in July, there is no menu, only a stove with pots and pans where you lift the lids, engage your senses and choose your meal by trusting your gut.