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At Belarussian Xata, Hearty Fare to Keep the Spirits Light
Dining, Yesterday

There is an odd magic at work at the Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn restaurant, where the food grows increasingly rich as the meal goes on.

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A Taste of Belarus in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn
Slideshow, Yesterday

There is an odd magic at work at Belarussian Xata, where birch sap is served in tall carafes, unclouded and pure, and the small plates are not so small.

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A Clubby French Bistro Ruffles Uptown Social Feathers
Styles, February 21

The return of La Goulue, a beloved French restaurant, has disrupted the gilded social scene and is testing the loyalties of A-list patrons.

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Skip the Bordeaux, Go for the Assyrtiko
Metropolitan, February 21

Putting together a wine list at a Greek restaurant in Astoria with a radical idea: Build it around Greek wines.

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42nd Street Has a New Kind of Flaky Star
Dining, February 20

Borekas, long, stuffed Middle Eastern pastries, are now available at Green Fig on 10th Avenue.

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Legacy Records Lends Several Dining Options to Hudson Yards
Dining, February 20

Also, Tom Valenti returns to the Upper West Side, and other restaurant news.

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Masa’s Chef Comes Out From Behind the Truffles, at Tetsu
Dining, February 20

Masayoshi Takayama’s new Japanese restaurant in TriBeCa shows he can still dazzle while charging less than $595 for dinner.

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At Tetsu, an Elite Chef Comes Down to Earth
Slideshow, February 20

Masayoshi Takayama has made a career of charging premium prices for luxury ingredients. He’s trying another approach at his new restaurant.

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A Cultural Compendium of What’s New
T Style, February 20

A hotel that moves with the seasons, logo tees on the runway — and more.

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Tipping in Restaurants
Letters, February 18

A reader cites “the immaturity of restaurant employee compensation practices in the United States versus Europe.”

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Little Italy Fire Injures 13 and Damages a Century-Old Restaurant
Metro, February 17

The blaze damaged Angelo’s of Mulberry St., which has been in operation since 1902. Two people were seriously injured and 11 others had minor injuries.

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How Salt Bae, Restaurateur, Spends His Sundays
Metropolitan, February 16

Nusret Gokce has moved into the Plaza Hotel in order to be close to his new restaurant, Nusr-Et, where he spends most of the day.

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How to Fit All of Asia (and a Food Cart) Into a Museum Cafe?
Dining, February 16

The chef Deuki Hong and two partners won the job of revamping the menu at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco by breaking the rules.

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Go to Oyster Bay for the Food. Stay for the History
Metropolitan, February 15

The hamlet is home to a popular new restaurant. But there’s history, too: Theodore Roosevelt’s summer White House — now a national park — is also nearby.

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The New Sydney Hotel Updates the Australian Pub, but Still Plays the Hits
Dining, February 15

The watering hole in Hobart, Tasmania, casts a wide net at a time when pubs either gentrify or wither.

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A Queens Taqueria With Its Heart in Sinaloa
Slideshow, February 15

Taqueria El Sinaloense opened in November just off the 90th Street-Elmhurst Avenue stop, and features dishes from the northwestern Mexican state.

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At Taqueria El Sinaloense, Regional Dishes Worth an Early Trip
Dining, February 15

Only a few dishes on the menu owe allegiance to the northwestern Mexican state of Sinaloa, but they are reason alone to go.

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James Beard Awards Apply a New Yardstick: Good Behavior
Dining, February 15

In the wake of sex harassment scandals, the culinary foundation has set standards for nominees’ virtue. But making them work may prove tricky.

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Five Places to Go in Montmartre
Travel, February 15

Gastronomic Montmartre is on the rise. Arty younger Parisians are flocking to this atmospheric old working-class quarter, which has seen a wave of new and reasonably priced restaurants. One was just awarded a Michelin star.

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Too Much Power to the People? A Food Safety Site Tests the Limits
Business, February 13

IWasPoisoned.com, which lets users submit anonymous reports of food poisoning, has become a controversial powerhouse in the restaurant industry.

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David Tanis Is Appointed Chef at Monkey Bar
Dining, February 13

The owners, Graydon Carter and Jeff Klein, say they expect refinement and subtle changes with Mr. Tanis in charge of the Midtown kitchen.

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Gem, From 19-Year-Old Chef Flynn McGarry, Opens in the Lower East Side
Dining, February 13

Israeli food in Midtown East, a new branch of MaLa Project in Midtown West, and other restaurant news.

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A Chinatown Noodle Dynasty Returns in Style
Dining, February 13

Hwa Yuan Szechuan, the restaurant that gave New York cold sesame noodles, resurfaces with a menu that charms rather than overwhelms.

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The Return of a Chinatown Pioneer
Slideshow, February 13

Hwa Yuan Szechuan, which helped introduce Sichuan food to New York and served cold sesame noodles that were imitated everywhere, has been reborn.

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A Cultural Compendium of What’s New
T Style, February 12

Statement pendants, Gucci’s new restaurant — and more.

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Flourless Chocolate Cake Keeps It Simple
Dining, February 12

The chocolate Charlotte cake at La Mercerie makes a sweet last-minute Valentine’s Day.

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The Golden Age of Crudités
T Style, February 8

How did a grouping of uncooked, sliced vegetables become the truest expression of a chef’s creative abilities?

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Grant Achatz, Science-Minded Chef, Turns to Cloning
Dining, February 6

An acclaimed innovator does better by the food than the drinks as he replicates his Chicago cocktail lounges the Aviary and the Office in New York.

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Intimate Spot With Focus on New York Drinks Opens in Greenpoint
Dining, February 6

Annicka Restaurant and Bar, features beer, wine and spirits that are 100 percent New York State; Scarpetta moves; and other restaurant news.

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Labor Dept. Plan Could Let the Boss Pocket the Tip
Business, February 4

A move to allow restaurants and other employers to impose tip sharing on workers, and in some cases keep the money, is under fire from labor groups.

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A Peruvian Legend Goes Old School at a New Lima Taberna
Travel, February 3

The ever-evolving menu at Gastón Acurio’s Bodegón, which opened in July, is a deep dive into casera home-cooking and Lima’s multicultural cuisine.

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A New Orleans Restaurant Offers Creativity Between Bread Slices
Travel, February 3

At Turkey and the Wolf, standard lunchbox fare is just a launching pad for the high-flying imaginings of a merry band of inventors.

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A Sprinkle, a Snapshot, a Sensation: My Dinner With Salt Bae
Dining, February 2

Pete Wells submits to the meme, and the copious meat, at a Turkish steakhouse where the chef is world-famous for his salt-flicking technique.

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The Elegant Relic of Restaurant Row
Metropolitan, February 2

Barbetta, with its jewelry-box décor and European roots, has been a theater district institution for more than a century. But is there a future for old-fashioned fine dining?

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Andre Surmain, Who Fed the Elite in Luxe Style at Lutèce, Dies at 97
Obits, February 1

His restaurant was one of the last bastions of grand dining in New York, an oasis of elegance defined by haute cuisine, high prices and a lofty clientele.

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Cav’s Steakhouse Deals in Steaks and Nostalgia on the Gold Coast
Dining, February 1

The restaurant predates Outback Steakhouse and provides a retro taste of Australia’s dining history.

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A Restaurant With Liberia at Its Heart
Slideshow, February 1

At Serengeti Kitchen, the chef Doughba Caranda-Martin III explores different regions of the continent, but its current menu draws from his childhood.

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The Elite Are Locked Out, While ‘21’ Dries Out
Metro, January 31

Broken pipes and sprinklers in the venerated Midtown Manhattan restaurant the 21 Club caused widespread flooding that will keep the place shut for months.

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The Elite Are Locked Out, While ‘21’ Dries Out
Metro, January 31

Broken pipes and sprinklers in the venerated Midtown Manhattan restaurant known as ’21,’ caused widespread flooding that will keep the place shut for months.

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Simon & the Whale Opens in the Freehand New York
Dining, January 30

The latest from Gabriel Stulman; a popular California chain takes root in the Flatiron district; and other restaurant news.

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The Lobster Club Does Japanese, From Raw to Half-Baked
Dining, January 30

For the first time, a Major Food Group menu doesn’t quite measure up to its restaurant’s busy spectacle.

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Brooklyn Gets a Bite of Panzerotti
Dining, January 30

The calzone’s cousin is the star of the menu at a new cafe, Panzerotti Bites, in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

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Fortune Cookies for the New York Cynic
Dining, January 30

Hakkasan restaurant in Midtown Manhattan offers missives from the author Jay McInerney through the month of February.

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From French Onion Soup to Sushi
Slideshow, January 30

The old Brasserie space in the Seagram Building is now the Lobster Club, serving a variety of Japanese food.

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The Medieval Math
Dining, January 29

Pounds of chicken and gallons of Pepsi served: Medieval Times by the numbers.

31medieval1 thumbwide v3
Medieval Times Goes Modern, Replacing Its Kings With Queens
Dining, January 29

Zounds! In a coup for gender equality, only women will now preside over a realm of chicken legs, beer and jousting. But do the commoners care?

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Pierre Hermé and L’Occitane Create an Experience on the Champs-Élysées
N Y T I, January 26

The pastry king and beauty brand have joined forces to open 86 Champs, a blend of food, fragrance and style.

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Happy Stony Noodle
Slideshow, January 25

At a storefront in Elmhurst, Queens, the chef Chih Shen Hsu — known as Stony — serves up hearty Taiwanese soups and other favorites.

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At Happy Stony Noodle, a Childhood Favorite Anchors the Menu
Dining, January 25

Growing up in Taiwan, Chih Shen Hsu fell in love with a soup; when he grew up, he took over the restaurant, and brought its recipes to New York.