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A Mom-and-Son Source for Portuguese Pastries
Food, Yesterday

Delicate pastéis de nata and other treats at Joey Bats Café on the Lower East Side.

18hungry slide oznu articleinline
A Piece of Lisbon on the Lower East Side
Slideshow, Yesterday

Joey Bats Café, a Portuguese spot run by a mother-and-son team, offers pastries and savory snacks.

Merlin 153431808 9512a6b8 3ee8 4010 9a03 f6d1e1b20a45 articleinline
A Caviar Shop With a Tasting Menu, on the Upper East Side
Food, April 16

Marky’s Caviar, a Florida company, opens a New York branch; Joe Ogrodnek of Dover and Battersby, unveils a rooftop bar; and more restaurant news.

16kwame1 articleinline
A Young Chef, and a Stunning Comeback
Food, April 16

Kwame Onwuachi vaulted from troubled youth to overnight success to failure with a fancy restaurant in Washington, D.C. Now he’s drawing attention with a new book and approach.

Merlin 153211869 5efcc8d4 a22a 4764 9ba7 c515f0caacc0 articleinline
Ramen Without Broth? A Chef Doubles Down on a Sidelined Dish
Food, April 16

At Niche, a new restaurant on the Lower East Side, Shigetoshi Nakamura specializes in mazemen, a ramen style that has been slow to catch on locally.

12hungry slide v6i4 articleinline
A New Kind of Noodle Shop
Slideshow, April 16

Mazemen, ramen with inventive toppings but no broth, gets a restaurant of its own on the Lower East Side.

15lacopine slide rlvi articleinline
A Joyful Oasis Thrives in the California Desert
Food, April 15

At La Copine, on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park, two women have created a welcoming destination for simple, seasonal cooking.

15lacopine slide rlvi articleinline
Seasonal, Reassuringly Confident Food at La Copine
Slideshow, April 15

The restaurant looks like a diner on a dusty stretch of road, but the owners have turned it into a hub for the community and its flux of visitors.

Endangeredspaces hppromo 1555104589504 articleinline
Endangered Spaces: Your Favorite New York Spots Are Vanishing
Interactive, April 14

We’re celebrating beloved neighborhood institutions — the local dive bar, the quirky Laundromat, the tiny shoe repair shop — that are fighting to stay open in an era of relentless change.

12luckylees1 articleinline
A White Restaurateur Advertised ‘Clean’ Chinese Food. Chinese-Americans Had Something to Say About It.
New York, April 12

The uproar over a Chinese-American restaurant that was opened in Manhattan by two white restaurateurs has become the latest front in the debate over cultural appropriation.

08tmag mansour slide 22py articleinline
A Dinner Party Unfolds on Election Night in 2024
Interactive, April 10

Mona Mansour’s original play “Leave the Car,” inspired by images creative directed by Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, written for T's Culture issue.

Merlin 150529011 3449dd4c b92e 48d9 b246 52ad1b6cffd3 articleinline
Three Courses, 20 Euros: The Affordable Dining Renaissance in Paris
Travel, April 10

The food is so good at these six restaurants, you’d want to go even if their prices weren’t so low.

09off articleinline
Smorgasburg Opens Latest Outpost, in Financial District
Food, April 9

Hearty northwestern Chinese fare in the East Village, a highly regarded Vietnamese restaurant’s coffee bar, and more restaurant news.

Merlin 152093436 8efda54f e29a 40c5 92b3 fdbcbe490277 articleinline
Fluffy Japanese Soufflé Pancakes Have American Fans Waiting in Line
Food, April 9

The recipe and history behind the surging Instagram food trend.

Merlin 152941782 22c3ab6d 12dc 4ccf 8bab f9860bc98f77 articleinline
With Haenyeo, a Trailblazing Korean Chef Turns to Seafood
Food, April 9

If New Yorkers think of Korean cuisine as comfort food, it’s partly thanks to Jenny Kwak.

09rest slide tpqp articleinline
A Korean Restaurant That Makes Room for Beignets
Slideshow, April 9

Haenyeo, from the veteran chef Jenny Kwak, focuses on Korean seafood but makes some welcome detours from tradition.

09burner6 articleinline
A Brooklyn Food Festival Celebrates Gowanus
Food, April 8

Taste of Gowanus, benefiting Seeds in the Middle, will give visitors a chance to sample the best of the neighborhood’s restaurants.

09burner3 articleinline
Carrot Cocktails for the Easter Bunny
Food, April 8

David Burke Tavern’s What’s Up Doc drink is a festive, and potent, holiday cocktail.

Fileupload 1553811992427 articleinline
Aging Epicures Say: It’s Noisy, Trendy ... Not for Us
Opinion, April 7

Two readers agree with Frank Bruni that as they age, they now seek out quiet spots where they become regulars.

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Simply Cooked Seafood Turns Luxurious at Taverna Kos
Food, April 4

This restaurant in Astoria, Queens, teases big flavors and lush textures out of basic ingredients.

04hungry slide jm4q articleinline
Warm Pragmatism and Greek Staples in Astoria
Slideshow, April 4

Taverna Kos has been open to members of a social club for 11 years, and in 2016 started allowing in the public.

Merlin 152725305 03515b88 ba3d 40e8 92af 1e70d34f7d9c articleinline
Stylish Cafeteria From Dean & DeLuca Opens in the Meatpacking District
Food, April 2

Crunchy pizza on the Lower East Side, gluten-free dumplings in the East Village and more restaurant news.

Merlin 152670114 e518ab40 638d 43c4 bcbc 3cc4082a39a9 articleinline
The TV Chef Rocco DiSpirito Returns, With a Quieter Touch
Food, April 2

The chef at Standard Grill looks familiar, but he’s cooking in a new way.

Merlin 152670114 e518ab40 638d 43c4 bcbc 3cc4082a39a9 articleinline
The TV Chef Rocco DiSpirito Returns, With a Quieter Touch
Food, April 2

The chef at Standard Grill looks familiar, but he’s cooking in a new way.

02rest slide n4hw articleinline
From Out of the Past, a New Chef at Standard Grill
Slideshow, April 2

First a critics’ darling, then a reality star, then out of the restaurant business for more than a decade, Rocco DiSpirito is back with nuanced cooking and an interest in nutrient-rich “superfoods.”

Merlin 152936589 550f90cc 7131 4247 9c43 10d474c3c898 articleinline
Zagat Guide Will Reappear in Print
Food, April 2

The Infatuation will revive the popular survey of New York City restaurants this fall.

Fileupload 1553895405977 articleinline
Calling All Regulars
New York, April 1

Does the waiter know your name? Do you have a standing spot at the bar? Then you’re a regular, and we want to hear from you.

Fileupload 1553811992427 articleinline
The Best Restaurant if You’re Over 50
Opinion, March 30

It’s not just sex and sleep that change as you age. It’s supper.

Merlin 21347749 7e8b8b2f 7261 4f6e ba52 91f58c9e48c1 articleinline
Barbuto, a Casual Fixture in the West Village, Is Closing
Food, March 27

The influential chef Jonathan Waxman must leave the space that has housed Barbuto for 15 years and is looking for a new space.

27tours d articleinline
Can Food Tours Stray From the Beaten Path Without Ruining the Experience?
Food, March 26

In the footsteps of Anthony Bourdain, companies big and small are steering travelers to out-of-the-way eating experiences, while trying not to trample on food traditions.

Merlin 152468346 afe82511 4dd1 4bf8 86a9 e4440c96ffa7 articleinline
Thailand’s South Gets Its Due in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Food, March 26

Curries dominate at Nora Thai; the rooftop restaurant at Eataly NYC Flatiron is made over; and more dining news.

26rest slide l9e0 articleinline
What Has New York Pizza Been Missing? Little Old Rhode Island
Food, March 26

Violet, in the East Village, cooks its pies on a grill in a style originated in Providence. Don’t laugh.

26rest slide l9e0 articleinline
Pizza, Hot Off the Grill
Slideshow, March 26

The pizza at Violet, a new restaurant in the East Village, never sees the inside of an oven.

31mag lor 1 articleinline
Letter of Recommendation: Revolving Restaurants
Magazine, March 26

A taste of Space Age audacity in a world that lacks it.

Merlin 152306391 2ec085e3 3ca7 4a50 8ce6 5b52883c26c8 articleinline
Brunch While Your Kids Learn How to Make Pasta
Food, March 25

Nonna Beppa in Hudson Square offers free pasta-making classes to children 6 and up while their guardians dine.

Merlin 152403054 6cbf04b7 d740 42d1 9403 c9769da0df3d articleinline
Butter Designed to Impress
Food, March 25

Thomas Keller and the designer Martin Kastner invented a tool to make the fancy butter curls at TAK Room in Hudson Yards.

Merlin 152476743 a876bd14 0f95 4c9f 94e5 ac33f05f57c4 articleinline
Jardinière, a Pioneer of High-End Dining and Design in San Francisco, Will Close
Food, March 25

The chef Traci Des Jardins says she’s ‘tired of fine dining’ and wants to focus on Mexican food.

21hungry slide 6zx0 articleinline
Sandwiches the Miami Way, at Pilar Cuban Bakery in Brooklyn
Food, March 21

Homemade bread is just the starting act at this new Bedford-Stuyvesant spot.

21hungry slide 3pkg articleinline
The Porkinator, Cubanos and Savory Cuban Pastries
Slideshow, March 21

Pilar Cuban Bakery, which initially opened as a place to make Cuban lard bread, excels at little things stuffed and filled.

Merlin 152229648 4f31a9ad 43f8 4897 8f0b 772be2b2c949 articleinline
Tulum Hot Spot Plants Itself in SoHo
Style, March 20

The Gitano Jungle Room and its large disco ball find a permanent home at the James Hotel SoHo.