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Bringing Quality Food to a Paris Train Station
Travel, Today

L’Étoile du Nord is a brasserie that opened in November inside the Gare du Nord’s bustling entrance hall. The food may be worth missing a train over.

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Acclaimed French Chef to Michelin: Take My Stars, Please
Foreign, September 21

Sébastien Bras, who runs Le Suquet restaurant in Laguiole, France, doesn’t want the stress. He’s not the first to seek to surrender the accolade.

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Where Dumplings and Ducks Rule
Dining, September 21

Some of the best dishes at Wu’s Wonton King on the Lower East Side are the simplest, along with the whole suckling pig.

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Avoiding Cameras While Training the Lens on Food
Business, September 20

Pete Wells, The Times’s restaurant critic, discussed how he avoids cameras to protect his identity and how technology has transformed the dining scene.

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In Landlocked Milan, Try the Fish
Travel, September 21

Thanks to the presence of the country’s biggest and most important fish market, Milan’s post-Expo restaurant landscape serves the highest quality seafood.

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San Francisco Chefs Serve Up a Message About Climate Change
Dining, September 20

Karen Leibowitz and Anthony Myint, who started Mission Street Food, have new ideas for the Perennial, their restaurant that promotes sustainability.

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Hunger and Desire, Stripped of Window Dressing, at Prune
Dining, September 19

The chef Gabrielle Hamilton’s thoughts on what makes a satisfying dinner are extremely clear.

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Dumbo Gets a Panoramic Menu at Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill
Dining, September 19

Asia and Latin America are in the mix, plus openings by Dale Talde and Leah Cohen, and other restaurant news.

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Slideshow, September 19

Now that Prune’s owner, Gabrielle Hamilton, shares her chef’s title with her wife, Ashley Merriman, the restaurant’s sensibility has expanded.

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A New Door Into the Kitchen for Aspiring Chefs
Dining, September 18

Instead of the usual unpaid internships, a New York City program gives young people a chance to apprentice in premier restaurants, for an hourly wage.

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Pirogi From ‘the Great Comet of 1812’ Hit the Lower East Side
Dining, September 18

The producers of the closed Broadway musical will open Samovarchik, the foods of the samurai and more news.

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T’s Fashion Editors’ Guide to London
T Style, September 15

A short list of places to relax, enjoy a meal, shop a bit — and find some peace between the shows during fashion week (and always).

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From a Pizza Oven in the Bronx, Albanian Specialties
Dining, September 14

Tradita turns out savory, delightfully salty dishes oozing with cheese and packed with meats.

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In Washington and Idaho, Fishing and Feasts
Travel, September 13

A fishing expedition was part of a cheap getaway that centered around the states’ spectacular natural beauty — with some quality food in the mix.

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The Food Court Matures Into the Food Hall
Business, September 12

Food halls — typically a mix local artisan restaurants, butcher shops and other food-oriented boutiques — are becoming popular as consumers demand more options.

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Drew Nieporent May Be the Last Old-School Restaurateur Standing
Dining, September 12

At a time when chefs get all the attention, the owner of Nobu and Bâtard is still the effusive greeter and public face of his restaurants.

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Is New York’s Best Pizza in New Jersey?
Dining, September 12

At Razza in Jersey City, local buffalo milk and hazelnuts go into pies that can stand up to the best of the five boroughs.

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Slideshow, September 12

At Razza in Jersey City, local buffalo milk and hazelnuts go into pies that can stand up to the best of the five boroughs.

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Tudor City Steakhouse Opens in Manhattan, and More Dining News
Dining, September 12

Jacob’s Pickles reopens, Cuban-Chinese lands in Chelsea, and Uzbek food finds a home in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

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A Chicago Restaurant With an Impressive Pedigree and a Nordic Soul
Travel, September 9

Elske, which opened in December in the restaurant-rich West Loop, offers a relatively affordable tasting menu and à la carte options that nimbly blend Midwestern and Nordic sensibilities.

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His Dream in Reach, an Immigrant Chef Is Suddenly Unsettled
Dining, September 8

Suny Santana, brought to America as a child, was set to open a restaurant when he learned that the government may end his permission to stay.

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Burgers and Franks Go Over the Top at Prontito in Queens
Dining, September 7

This Colombian restaurant in Elmhurst specializes in glorious excess.

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Patisserie Chanson’s Dessert Bar Opens in Flatiron District
Dining, September 5

The latest from Ravi DeRossi, dim-sum-style Italian in the West Village, and other restaurant news.

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A Toronto Restaurant Both Simple and Iconoclastic
Travel, September 3

The food at Brothers Food & Wine, which opened last October in a slim, plain space just above the Bay Street subway station, is richly complex and utterly satisfying.

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A Life’s Many Acts Culminate in the Kitchen at NA/NA in Paris
Dining, September 1

The chef Nathaly Nicolas-Ianniello, a former ecological journalist, serves dishes like ganache with black sesame miso to adventurous Parisians.

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An Egg Is More Than Just an Egg at While in Kathmandu
Dining, August 31

A Nepali restaurant in Queens plunks its breakfast on a pancake, and blurs the border with American cooking.

06hungry slide ulkz thumbwide
While in Kathmandu
Slideshow, August 31

This restaurant champions the cuisine of Nepal, yet sometimes blurs the border with American cooking.

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On T’s Radar: A Mountain Getaway, Lumpy Design & More
T Style, August 31

New and exciting things in the worlds of fashion, art, food, travel and design.

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A Catskills Art Scene Makes a Splash With Free Curry
Styles, August 30

Unclebrother, opened by Gavin Brown and Rirkrit Tiravanija in the town of Hancock, N.Y., is part restaurant, part art gallery.

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What to Do (and Where to Stay) in the Western Catskills
T Style, August 30

One of New York’s last isolated frontiers, sleepy Sullivan County has finally found its place in the sun.

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The 2017 Fall Restaurant Preview
Interactive, August 29

Highly anticipated restaurant openings, and an industry in transformation.

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A Brief Guide to the Newer Reservation Apps
Dining, August 29

OpenTable is facing a stiff challenge from several rivals seeking to focus on special niches.

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A Wish List for New Restaurants
Dining, August 29

We may not need more restaurants, but we do need restaurants run by and for a larger slice of society.

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OpenTable Began a Revolution. Now It’s a Power Under Siege.
Dining, August 29

Nearly 20 years after it changed the way we make restaurant reservations, the company and the new sector it created are still struggling.

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Chelsea Market Expands With a Food-Focused Floor
Food, August 28

Chelsea Local opens on the lower level of the building, a new food market comes to Brooklyn and quick pastas from a Del Posto chef.

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Eggslut’s Alvin Cailan Tries Healthy Indulgence at Paper Planes
Food, August 28

The chef envisions his first restaurant in the city, to open by the end of the year, as part all-day restaurant, part “nouveau deli.”

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Restaurants Follow the Building Boom on Staten Island
Food, August 28

From tiny wine bars to sprawling barbecue restaurants, the North Shore food scene is expanding to meet the needs of new residents.

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In Fall’s New Restaurants, Fresh Starts and Simple Pleasures
Food, August 28

Florence Fabricant shares details on the New York openings she’s most excited about.

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New York Chefs Move Beyond the City
Food, August 28

Lower overheads and greater opportunities for work-life balance are drawing city chefs to New Jersey and Long Island.

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Putting Fresh Spins on the Steakhouse
Food, August 28

Greek or Turkish, vegetable-loving or pork-proud, this fall’s new houses of beef are a motley lot.

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How Many Calories in That? New York City Delays Enforcing Labeling Rules
N.Y. / Region, August 25

The city agreed to wait until May to enforce a rule that chain restaurants and convenience stores post calorie counts for prepared food.

30laris articleinline
A Star Chef From Asia Lands in New York
Food, August 25

David Laris, an Australian with a long résumé and a new interest in healthful eating, will open Eden this fall.

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To Survive in Tough Times, Restaurants Turn to Data-Mining
Food, August 25

Establishments are looking to a host of new software systems that scoop up fine details from all over on customers, servers and sales.

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Digesting Lessons of History for a Restaurant Review
Times Insider, August 24

A critic examines the controversial views of 19th-century phrenologists, prompting the owner of a Manhattan restaurant to change its name.

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From Kaiseki to Ramen, a Fresh Shipment of Asian Imports
Food, August 24

Established restaurants in Japan and China will feed New Yorkers this fall with distinctive cuisine.