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Two Eggs With a Side of Avocado Toast and Instagram Fodder
Style, Yesterday

The classic diner makes a comeback with fancier menus, ambitious chefs and trend-seeking customers.

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DoorDash Promises Delivery Workers Will Earn More (and Keep Tips)
New York, August 22

One of the biggest food-delivery apps is rolling out a new pay model.

27hungry handsome rice slide sjbm articleinline
Handsome Rice Serves Beautiful Korean Short Ribs
Food, August 22

The small, counter-style spot in Murray Hill has galbi and purple rice in lunchboxes called dosirak.

27hungry handsome rice slide sjbm articleinline
Korean Specialties in a Lunchbox
Slideshow, August 22

Handsome Rice in Murray Hill serves the kind of galbi you would expect at Korean barbecue restaurants a few avenues west, in Koreatown.

18tmag foam articleinline
Once Declared Passé, Foam Returns to the Restaurant Table
T Magazine, August 21

From a dragon-fruit cloud to aerated lobster bisque, chefs are breathing new life into the most clichéd of culinary techniques.

20rest fox slide bvtu articleinline
Elk? Hare? Camel? All That and More in Sandwiches, at Foxface
Food, August 20

This tiny kitchen next to an absinthe bar takes wild-hare stew, shrimp and grits, and other far-flung dishes and puts them on a bun.

20rest fox slide bvtu articleinline
Let a Thousand Sandwiches Bloom
Slideshow, August 20

In a tiny kiosk in the East Village, Foxface serves a constantly changing menu of sandwiches inspired by dishes around the globe, from eggs to elk. There’s no actual fox, though.

Merlin 159345129 fa2f30f4 afaf 451f 9239 1c753eb1fa04 articleinline
The Jones, Paying Homage to Great Jones Cafe, Opens in NoHo
Food, August 20

New kitchens from Gabriel Stulman and Russell Jackson, an Eataly kiosk and other restaurant news.

Merlin 159268956 bf7cf05f 969c 4940 ac9b caee2974f5fb articleinline
Restaurant Associates Hires Some Big Names: Colicchio, Andrés, Ansel
Food, August 20

The managing company is teaming up with high-profile chefs, seeking to recapture the luster of the days when it ran major restaurants.

Merlin 157382382 a7abb293 1152 4aaa a48e 5405564666fe articleinline
It’s Not Always Excellent to Be Jamie Oliver
Food, August 20

Twenty years after he vaulted to fame, the brash British chef, TV star and cookbook author has lost his restaurant empire — but not his taste for hard work.

19burnerbook01 articleinline
Restaurant History, All the Way Back to the Bronze Age
Food, August 20

A new book takes a looser definition of “restaurant” to explore global roots.

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El auge de las cocinas fantasma
en Español, August 19

Las aplicaciones para pedir comida están transformando la industria de los restaurantes, con establecimientos que solo cuentan con cocina, sin asientos ni camareros.

Merlin 159382230 386b2bda 0a8b 40ec 946d a1984a5a4ae5 articleinline
French Waiter Shot Dead Over Slow Sandwich Service, Witnesses Say
World, August 18

The police were searching for a man who pulled out a 9-millimeter handgun and killed a waiter at a pizza restaurant outside Paris.

Merlin 159343782 060eebde 7310 43c0 b60b d7faf90758f2 articleinline
Bill Konyk, 88, Pirogi Seller Whose Nickname Was a Fighting Word, Dies
Business, August 16

After bringing Ukrainian food to Vancouver, he defeated a challenge to his company’s name, Hunky Bill’s, as an ethnic slur.

16momofuku 01 articleinline
Momofuku’s Secret Sauce: A 30-Year-Old C.E.O.
Business, August 16

Marguerite Zabar Mariscal, who started as an intern in 2011, is a guiding force with David Chang as they expand a restaurant empire.

Merlin 158731833 1a2b3564 6b84 4f19 ad14 7fc6fb3e139a articleinline
Five Places to Visit in Greenville, S.C.
Travel, August 16

One of the Upcountry city’s most intriguing areas is West Greenville, an enclave that has been transformed into an artistic and entrepreneurial district.

15hungry makan slide vhaa articleinline
Small Miracles, Wrapped in Pancakes, at Let’s Makan
Food, August 15

The apam balik, a popular Malaysian snack, at this spot in the Chinatown of Manhattan, is dosa-thin, tender at the heart, crisp outside and worthy of accolades.

15hungry makan slide vhaa articleinline
Where Malaysian Snacks Rule
Slideshow, August 15

At Let’s Makan, items like apam balik, found everywhere in Malaysia, and treats like kuih lapis, a springy layered rice-flour cake, define the menu.

Merlin 159205161 c60b0fd4 8dc9 45a6 b9f2 f4dc4683953e articleinline
Burner Apps and No Selfies When Reviewing Restaurants
Technology, August 14

It’s harder to remain incognito in the digital age, says Tejal Rao, our first California restaurant critic. She prefers dining tech that’s understated, too.

Merlin 158243382 50d9485d 6129 4e06 9163 b5c5a2f172e6 articleinline
The Rise of the Virtual Restaurant
Technology, August 14

Food delivery apps are reshaping the restaurant industry — and how we eat — by inspiring digital-only establishments that don’t need a dining room or waiters.

Merlin 159069081 4a64a645 e3ac 48b1 ac32 c7979e323151 articleinline
New York City’s Latest Restaurants and Chef Moves
Food, August 13

A plush lounge finds a spot in Harlem; one of the city’s oldest African restaurants reopens; and more news.

Rest pas slide show slide 4cc3 articleinline
Back to Pastis for a Second Helping of Nostalgia
Food, August 13

A new edition of a beloved restaurant brings simple, unadorned, hunger-obliterating French cuisine to the meatpacking district.

Rest pas slide show slide 4cc3 articleinline
Can Pastis Do It Again?
Slideshow, August 13

The hookers and meat slicers have gone home, but Pastis, the obsessively detailed French restaurant in the meatpacking district, is back.

12ohlone slideshow slide 065c articleinline
California Cuisine, Long Before Chez Panisse
Food, August 12

Cafe Ohlone, a small restaurant behind a bookstore in Berkeley, serves the updated native foods of the Bay Area, along with some history.

12ohlone slideshow slide 065c articleinline
A Feast in the East Bay
Slideshow, August 12

Cafe Ohlone revives native California foods in a modern, joyful way.

08hungry slide jyz0 articleinline
Cumin Rules the Menu at Jiang Diner in the East Village
Food, August 8

The restaurant serves food from the Xinjiang region in northwestern China.

08hungry slide jyz0 articleinline
A Place for Lamb and Spice
Slideshow, August 8

Jiang Diner doesn’t rely on spicy chiles, but it does offer freshly ground cumin for dipping.

05tmag chaney slide o59k articleinline
The Chef on a Mission to Bring Soulful, Healthy Food to All of Brooklyn
T Magazine, August 7

Francesca Chaney, the owner of the plant-based Sol Sips cafe in Bushwick, is expanding her business without losing sight of its roots.

05tmag atsumi slide u6py articleinline
The Parisian Chef Reimagining Classic French Cuisine
T Magazine, August 7

Sota Atsumi was part of a wave of rebellious French chefs. Now, he’s stepping out on his own, with a surprisingly traditional new project.

Merlin 158791674 27274fba 01c6 4eb0 a41e bf64828e6d0b articleinline
Singaporean Street Food in a Beautiful Gramercy Space
Food, August 6

A move for Bosie Tea Parlor, the opening of David Chang’s seaport district bar, and more restaurant news.

06rest rez slide 0lj6 articleinline
At Rezdôra, a Fresh Voice in Italian Cooking for New York
Food, August 6

Tortelloni, anolini and other specialties from Emilia-Romagna are the focus of a new Flatiron restaurant led by Stefano Secchi.

06rest rez slide 0lj6 articleinline
An Outpost of Emilia-Romagna on 20th Street
Slideshow, August 6

Rezdôra is a new restaurant celebrating the Parmesan, the cured pork and especially the pastas of Italy’s Po River valley.

Merlin 156049785 c92e31d2 965c 489d ae86 c2ee32f5df8a articleinline
In Search of the Real Bouillabaisse, Marseille’s Gift to the Fish Lover
Food, August 5

During a yearlong celebration of its food, the city is filled with odd versions for tourists and fancy variations for the well-heeled. Finding an authentic specimen took some legwork.

01frankies1 articleinline
The Frankies Partners Will Open a Slice Shop
Food, August 1

Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli are expanding their Brooklyn campus of Italian-American food.

Merlin 157845774 9db6828d 6fa0 401c af04 0d23294c916b articleinline
Hunting for the Real Pasta all’Amatriciana
Travel, July 31

Start in Amatrice, Italy, and eat five versions of the dish in just four days. Then set aside your Marcella Hazan cookbook.

Merlin 158484321 70cc2842 9046 423b bd5c 4003669f3dcc articleinline
Electric Lemon Opens in the Equinox Hotel
Food, July 30

Tasting menus from stalwarts of high-end dining, a charming downtown French spot and more restaurant news.

30rest slideshow slide l4ha articleinline
For the Freshest Fish, Head to the East River
Food, July 30

Out on Pier 17 in the seaport district, Jean-Georges Vongerichten has opened a seafood restaurant called the Fulton.

30rest slideshow slide l4ha articleinline
Jean-Georges Vongerichten Serves Up Fish with a View
Slideshow, July 30

Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s latest Manhattan restaurant, the Fulton, has opened on the end of Pier 17.

Merlin 157108542 31ee8239 4339 447b aed2 6a8205647018 articleinline
Secret of a New York Farm Stand’s Success: An Eye for the Next Big Thing
Food, July 30

The Greenmarket go-to for high-end chefs is run by an upstate couple who custom-grow new varieties, using labor and techniques from Egypt.

Merlin 156395976 f1d593a5 752b 4e08 8726 ec4e356b47e0 articleinline
She Was Filipino Food’s Greatest Champion. Now Her Work Is Finding New Fans.
Food, July 30

Years after her death, the writer Doreen Gamboa Fernandez is gaining a following among Filipino-American chefs for the way she explored the cuisine from the bottom up.

Merlin 158389425 9d4eaca5 76a3 40ab bb3c cf9f6861093e articleinline
Brooklyn Gets a Dominican Chocolate Shop
Food, July 29

Kahkow in Williamsburg is owned by Rizek Cacao from the Dominican Republic.

Merlin 118117052 156a8718 594b 47a6 8a09 dd97704c3dd6 articleinline
The Owners of Eleven Madison Park Are Ending Their Partnership
Food, July 29

Will Guidara and Daniel Humm, whose restaurant group includes the world-famous Manhattan destination, are splitting up in a major divorce for the industry.

Jing fong slide 3j59 articleinline
The Dim Sum Palace That Has Reigned Over Elizabeth Street Since 1978
T Magazine, July 29

Now run by the third generation of the Lam family, Jing Fong in Manhattan’s Chinatown is a shrine to dumplings, taro cake and pork buns.