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Quality Bistro Offers French Fare in a Grand Space
Food, Yesterday

Ginjan Café, specializing in the West African ginger drink, opens; a Williamsburg spot pays tribute to London’s Famous Curry Bazaar; and more restaurant news.

27popup omartate slide k7cl mediumthreebytwo210
Honeysuckle at Plowshare Farms
Slideshow, Yesterday

Omar Tate served his dinner honoring the black history of Philadelphia in a historic barn at Plowshare Farms.

21 rest ant slide ttg2 mediumthreebytwo210
At Anton’s, Appetites Shaped by an Older New York
Food, Yesterday

In a stripped-down tavern, the chef Nick Anderer serves chopped liver, Ukrainian ham and other immigrant foods that helped form the city’s palate.

21 rest ant slide ttg2 mediumthreebytwo210
The Food of a Vanishing New York at Anton’s, in the West Village
Slideshow, Yesterday

In a stripped-down corner tavern, the chef Nick Anderer conjures up a vision of the city before he was born.

00pig1 mediumthreebytwo210
The Spotted Pig, Where Employees Were Sexually Harassed, Closes
Food, January 27

The West Village restaurant has shuttered just weeks after its owner, Ken Friedman, agreed to a monetary settlement with 11 former employees.

21noise mediumthreebytwo210
Max Frankel: Dining Without the Din
Opinion, January 23

A former executive editor of The Times prefers not to shout over his entree. Also: Cuts to food stamps; master organizers.

23hungry branch slide 3thx mediumthreebytwo210
Haitian and Jamaican Patties, Traditional and Not, in Brooklyn
Food, January 23

Kafe Louverture, in Bedford-Stuyvesant, and Branch Patty, at Artists & Fleas Williamsburg, make two variations on the beloved treat.

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Da Toscano Opens, From the Former Chef of Perla
Food, January 21

A long-awaited restaurant from a Jungsik alumnus, a Japanese import where soy sauce ramen is the feature, and more restaurant news.

21noise mediumthreebytwo210
Is Restaurant Noise a Crime? Our Critic Mounts a Ringing Defense
Food, January 21

Pete Wells says he and many others actually like the racket that so many readers revile.

21regan c mediumthreebytwo210
After Culinary and Literary Acclaim, She’s Moving to the Woods
Food, January 21

The chef Iliana Regan created a hit Chicago restaurant and wrote a tough, award-winning memoir. But her real dream lives in a cabin in northern Michigan.

20ubereats1 mediumthreebytwo210
Uber Sells Food Delivery Business in India
Technology, January 20

The ride-hailing giant agreed to sell Uber Eats in India to rival Zomato, continuing its recent efforts to exit money-losing businesses.

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China Says It Will Ban Plastics That Pollute Its Land and Water
World, January 20

Though likely to be welcomed by many Chinese who worry about pollution, the measures could be a hard sell for a society used to convenience.

Merlin 166325457 71a22f7e 5e42 478b aabf 8882751c1bb0 mediumthreebytwo210
Yellow or Blue? In Hong Kong, Businesses Choose Political Sides
World, January 19

Shops and restaurants are now being labeled either yellow, to note support for the city’s protest movement, or blue, in support of the police. The move is having a big economic impact.

16hungry slide vvck mediumthreebytwo210
Georgian Rarities, Served Without Fanfare, at Chama Mama
Food, January 16

This Chelsea restaurant, where gandzili, a cousin to ramps, is served alongside the better-known adjaruli khachapuri, honors the cuisine’s rustic simplicity.

16hungry slide vvck mediumthreebytwo210
The Rustic Cooking of Home
Slideshow, January 16

“I spent my whole life explaining my culture,” said Tamara Chubinidze, who opened Chama Mama in March, where many country-style dishes are on offer.

Merlin 130938221 00bb747a 1dcc 4c80 8c79 e173e024d507 mediumthreebytwo210
Looking Toward a New Era of Australian Cuisine
Food, January 15

After two years of exploring the country’s food scene, our critic wonders what will increase its mark on the world.

14tmag cocktails mediumthreebytwo210
Nonalcoholic Cocktails’ Most Unexpected Fans: Kids
T Magazine, January 15

“There’s nothing stranger than having to cut off a child before they rack up a huge tab.”

14off mediumthreebytwo210
Pig and Khao Chef Unveils Her Latest in Chelsea
Food, January 14

A home-style Mexican restaurant in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, pozole from Fany Gerson and Danny Mena, and more news.

13bourdain mediumthreebytwo210
Gladys Bourdain, Who Helped Her Son Reach an Audience, Dies at 85
Food, January 14

A Times copy editor, she kick-started Anthony Bourdain’s career when she helped him get a tell-all article about the restaurant world published in The New Yorker.

14fourstar promo mediumthreebytwo210
The Four-Star Restaurants of New York
Food, January 14

These are the places that currently have four stars from The New York Times’s critics.

14rest slide wfrs mediumthreebytwo210
At Sushi Nakazawa, Only the Price Remains the Same
Food, January 14

At $150, an omakase meal at the West Village sushi counter is a relative bargain. But the restaurant isn’t the four-star place it was in its early days.

14rest slide wfrs mediumthreebytwo210
Sushi Nakazawa, One Piece at a Time
Slideshow, January 14

The acclaimed omakase counter in the West Village has upgraded.

14jeangeorges1 mediumthreebytwo210
How Jean-Georges Vongerichten Went From ‘No Good’ Kid to 4-Star Chef
Food, January 14

The globally prolific chef started out as a small-town truant and troublemaker. Then he got to work.

13hotville slide 3nmr mediumthreebytwo210
Nashville Hot Chicken Finds a New Home in Los Angeles
Food, January 13

Hotville, from the same family that invented the dish, proves that hot chicken is an essential part of the American canon.

13hotville slide 3nmr mediumthreebytwo210
Welcome to Hotville
Slideshow, January 13

Los Angeles is rich with hot chicken, a dish born in Nashville.

Merlin 160880283 adbb7f2f 703c 47f6 8d82 0249072c5cf2 mediumthreebytwo210
Under Pressure, Grubhub Changes Its Ordering System
Business, January 9

Responding to criticism that it was cutting into restaurant profits, the food-delivery giant said it was making a change to stop charging fees for calls that do not end with an order.

09hungry slide t0zp mediumthreebytwo210
Polish Pierogis, Savory and Sweet, at Pierozek in Greenpoint
Food, January 9

A Brooklyn couple have mastered the science of producing consistently springy dumplings.

09hungry slide t0zp mediumthreebytwo210
Masters of Pierogies
Slideshow, January 9

At this new Polish restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the pierogi dough is thinner and springier than most.

Merlin 166472307 1b643888 daf6 44f8 9895 8323a7338214 mediumthreebytwo210
Fried Fish. Rave Reviews. Then Someone Messed With the Gas Lines.
New York, January 8

With its stoves and ovens disabled, Millie Peartree Fish Fry & Soul Food in the Bronx was forced to close.

00millies1 mediumthreebytwo210 v2
Fried Fish. Rave Reviews. Then Someone Messed With the Gas Lines.
New York, January 8

With its stoves and ovens disabled, Millie Peartree Fish Fry & Soul Food in the Bronx was forced to close.

07off mediumthreebytwo210
A Sprawling Space for Cocktails and Bar Fare in Midtown Manhattan
Food, January 7

Torien, an offshoot of a Tokyo yakitori counter, opens; Jacob Hadjigeorgis of Jacob’s Pickles unveils his tiki bar; and more restaurant news.

07rest slide cba5 mediumthreebytwo210
A Bangkok Kitchen Hides Inside a Chinese Restaurant in Queens
Food, January 7

To find Thai Cook in Elmhurst, enter the hot-pot place and take a right.

07rest slide cba5 mediumthreebytwo210
Some Old Thai Favorites Made With Fresh Energy
Slideshow, January 7

The food of Bangkok is the backbone of most Thai menus in the United States. The versions served at Thai Cook in Queens will help you understand what made this food so popular.

07friedman1 mediumthreebytwo210
Ken Friedman of the Spotted Pig Will Pay $240,000 in Sexual Harassment Case
Food, January 7

The restaurateur has agreed to a payout for 11 former employees, including 20 percent of his profits from the restaurant, after an investigation by New York’s attorney general.

Merlin 165315897 848a051f 9bdb 4056 9c84 0b47daaeaafc mediumthreebytwo210
Flavorful Bites in a Virtual Reality
Food, January 6

Aerobanquets RMX lets participants eat while exploring an interactive world at the James Beard House.

05sweetgreen illo mediumthreebytwo210
In a Burger World, Can Sweetgreen Scale Up?
Business, January 4

The chain that made salads chic, modular and ecologically conscious now wants to sell you a lot of other stuff.

00ebikes mediumthreebytwo210
They Once Were Attacked for Their Cash. Now It’s Their E-Bikes.
New York, January 3

Food deliverers in New York City are facing a crime wave: Since September, at least 24 e-bikes have been reported stolen.

03paris fiveplaces2 mediumthreebytwo210
Five Places to Dine in Paris With the Author of ‘Let’s Eat France’
Travel, January 3

The 16th arrondissement is turning into a dining destination. François-Régis Gaudry, the popular food writer and radio host, offers compelling reasons to eat in the neighborhood.

Merlin 166484937 bc690b9b 8368 48a3 b6bb b86f0bd864df mediumthreebytwo210
Where Avocado Toast Shares a Menu With Yemeni Favorites
Food, January 2

At Yafa Café in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, the Yemeni-inflected dishes, some traditional and others an inspired in-between, are the draw.

02hungry yafa slide wcr0 mediumthreebytwo210
A Cafe Navigating Two Worlds
Slideshow, January 2

At Yafa Café, a serene coffee shop in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, the small selection of Yemeni-inflected dishes are a mix of tradition and adaptation.

Ogata slide jai2 mediumthreebytwo210
The Best of Japanese Dining and Design, Under One Parisian Roof
T Magazine, January 2

Encompassing a teahouse, a confectionery stand and more, Ogata Paris pays homage to its setting while offering a true taste of Japan.

00zerowaste 12 mediumthreebytwo210
A Restaurant With No Leftovers
Business, January 1

A Brooklyn wine bar and restaurant is one of a handful of establishments in different cities that are trying to eliminate waste from their premises.

01toms comic c 02 mediumthreebytwo210
Brooklyn’s Great American Diner
Food, December 31

Tom’s Restaurant, a beloved breakfast spot in Prospect Heights, is one of those places that feel welcoming to all who enter.

Merlin 166448853 0cdcbfcc 9ed0 414c 962f 36ce8fa3569d mediumthreebytwo210
A Devotee of Basque Food Brings It to Two Bridges
Food, December 31

A revived Calle Ocho on the Upper West Side, a second branch of Norikoh, and more restaurant news.

31rest four slide qrga mediumthreebytwo210
At the Four Horsemen, the Food Catches Up to the Wine
Food, December 31

The natural-wine bar co-owned by the musician James Murphy was always an interesting place to drink. Now the kitchen is among Brooklyn’s best.

31rest four slide qrga mediumthreebytwo210
Natural Wines Settle In and Stay for Lunch
Slideshow, December 31

The Brooklyn restaurant the Four Horsemen, which opened in 2015, has become a fixture of the natural-wine movement.

31france chef mediumthreebytwo210
French Chef Loses Legal Battle Over a Lost Michelin Star
World, December 31

Marc Veyrat was outraged when La Maison des Bois, his restaurant in the French Alps, was stripped of the guide’s top rating.

Merlin 152093436 b7b0e528 5f5d 4fb0 94e4 560935d98d84 mediumthreebytwo210
What Will We Eat in 2020? Something Toasted, Something Blue
Food, December 30

The food forecasters are at it again, predicting the next big vegetables and sweets, cuisines and causes.