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Mirazur, in France, Tops World’s 50 Best Restaurants List
Food, Yesterday

The highest-ranking American restaurant this year is Cosme, in New York.

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Thomas Keller Brings Country Club Cuisine to the City
Food, Yesterday

At TAK Room at Hudson Yards, the chef salutes the strait-laced, spice-free food that rich Americans used to feed on.

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Peruvian Tastes Find a Spot on the Upper East Side
Food, Yesterday

Mission Ceviche Restaurant & Bar opens, a special-occasion bar from a Joël Robuchon protégé arrives, and more restaurant news.

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Wolfgat, a Far-Flung Destination for South African Coastal Cuisine
Food, Yesterday

A fishing village on the Western Cape is home to one of the world’s most remote restaurants.

Merlin 156759330 1b1b9a39 21a0 47f0 a5fc c08291e9455d articleinline
The Chef Curtis Duffy Plans His Next Chicago Restaurant
Food, June 24

Mr. Duffy and Michael Muser, who left the acclaimed Grace in 2017, say their new place, Ever, will be more opulent.

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Savoring Lisbon’s Local Tastes on a Budget
Travel, June 21

Traditional restaurants known as tascas specialize in Portuguese comfort food at comfortable prices.

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Rebirth of a Parisian Legend
Fashion, June 19

Lapérouse, favored restaurant of Zola, Colette, George Clooney and Kate Moss, is hosting what may be fashion week’s most epic celebration.

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Lamia’s Fish Market Opens in the East Village
Food, June 18

Cuban food on the West Side, a Queens standout in Chelsea Market, and more restaurant news.

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For Pride Month, Dinner and a Show of Marginalized Voices
Food, June 18

PrideTable, a two-week event, tells L.G.B.T. chefs’ stories and serves a five-course meal.

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In a Miniature Space, Van Da Roams All Around Vietnam
Food, June 18

This new restaurant in the East Village explores regional cooking from cities like Hanoi, Saigon and Hue.

18rest slide equd articleinline
Memories of Rice Cakes and Noodles
Slideshow, June 18

The owner of an East Village restaurant has been teaching the chef how to cook the food she remembers from her Vietnamese childhood.

18chicken1 articleinline
If It’s Sunday in Southeastern Indiana, Order the Fried Chicken
Food, June 18

Doused in pepper, salt and history, the region’s signature dish is a staple of after-church dinners, and a fine reason for a road trip.

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Masala Mac and Cheese and More
Food, June 17

Shalini Vaswani’s Taza MKT in Industry City, Brooklyn, offers Indian comfort foods for takeout.

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Mission Impossible? Maker of Plant-Based Burger Struggles to Meet Chains’ Demand
Business, June 15

The popularity of Impossible Foods’ meatless burger patty is disrupting supply chains at White Castle and Red Robin.

18hungry slide 3ms2 articleinline
Guatemalan Stews With Mayan Roots, at Ix in Brooklyn
Food, June 13

The chef Jorge Cárdenas makes jocón, a dish with pre-Hispanic origins and a specialty from his hometown, Quetzaltenango.

18hungry slide 3ms2 articleinline
Tradition and Fusion at a Guatemalan Cafe
Slideshow, June 13

Ix, a casual all-day cafe a block from Prospect Park in Brooklyn, serves Central American stews.

Neworleans promo03 articleinline v2
How New Orleans Celebrates Its Dead
Interactive, June 13

The funeral for Leah Chase, a chef and civil rights icon, showcased a street culture that continues to flourish in the city she helped revive.

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Amazon to End Its Restaurant Delivery Service
Business, June 11

Amazon Restaurants, which was available in nearly 200 American cities, will officially close on June 24. The company says it will focus on grocery delivery.

Merlin 156058710 cb2848c6 f35c 4b41 a49e 3603e48df6e4 articleinline
The Pizza Ovens of Brooklyn
Food, June 11

An illustrated guide to three outstanding specimens.

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A New Generation of Chefs Reframes Taiwanese Cuisine in America
Food, June 11

The island’s cooking used to exist under the vast umbrella of “Chinese food” in the United States. A group of chefs and restaurateurs is changing that.

Merlin 156115068 fcb46e61 1a27 4b2d ac57 fd291486e0d3 articleinline
Babs Opens, Drawing From the Basque Country
Food, June 11

Global flavors in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, new ground-floor dining in the Williamsburg Hotel, and more restaurant news.

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At Crown Shy, the Only False Step Is the Name
Food, June 11

Despite the odd moniker, an unproven team and the way it sneaked up on New York, this big-time financial district restaurant radiates confidence.

11rest slide 1008 articleinline
A New Financial District Destination
Slideshow, June 11

Crown Shy brings serious food and a laudable wine list to landmark skyscraper at 70 Pine Street.

Merlin 156106029 91a4f8fa bd3d 4c27 aac4 ed6c9b5c01d4 articleinline
Emma’s Torch Adds a Backyard Garden
Food, June 10

The restaurant, which trains refugees, will soon offer backyard-to-table fare.

10burner2 articleinline
A Coffee-Table Book on Nobu
Food, June 10

A book, “World of Nobu,” looks at the chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s restaurant empire through recipes and profiles.

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The Four Seasons Is Closing, Less Than a Year After Reopening
Food, June 7

The restaurant, which moved to a new location after losing its storied space in the Seagram Building, will close after lunch service on Tuesday.

06hungry slide gkbc articleinline
Burmese, Unassuming but So Inviting, at Asian Bowl
Food, June 7

It’s easy to pass this Forest Hills, Queens, storefront by, but inside the chef, Aye Thida, shares what she’s long cooked at home.

06hungry slide gkbc articleinline
A Piece of Myanmar in Queens
Slideshow, June 7

Asian Bowl’s name is reassuringly vague, but on the table is a more singular story: Burmese dishes like gin thoke and mohinga.

Merlin 138459078 fa5e92e9 748c 41b2 b703 4a3a0cecdd98 articleinline
Anthony Mangieri Will Take His Prized Pizza to New Jersey
Food, June 6

Having charmed New Yorkers at Una Pizza Napoletana, he’ll open another on the Jersey Shore.

Barney greengrass slide 67y7 articleinline
The Store Where Philip Roth Ate Chopped Herring
T Magazine, June 4

Barney Greengrass on New York’s Upper West Side is a century-old bastion of Jewish culture.

04off articleinline
Pastis Reopens After a Five-Year Hiatus
Food, June 4

Modern Middle Eastern fare in the Arlo NoMad, the latest from Joe Ogrodnek of Battersby, and more restaurant news.

Merlin 128945495 f93edb7f 015d 4d6c b8fa 2e584e477070 articleinline
Michelin Announces California Ratings, Leaving Los Angeles Off Its 3-Star List
Food, June 4

Despite the guide’s expanded reach, the number of top-rated restaurants, all in the Bay Area, remained the same.

Merlin 155644932 0085b4b7 e366 4647 bafc 06bc0fb6ef4d articleinline
A Chef Plunges Into Mexican Politics
Food, June 4

Gabriela Cámara, of Contramar and Cala, is on the brink of global culinary fame. But first she’ll return home to Mexico to advise the country’s president on food policy.

Merlin 155510817 8f5c0eab a2e6 4a87 b38c b54af00da2bf articleinline
A Stand-Up Example of Sit-Down Pizza
Food, June 4

The crowds have moved on, but Una Pizza Napoletana has only improved, becoming one of the most enjoyable pizzerias in New York.

04rest slideshow slide 8wsa articleinline
A Pizza Perfectionist at Work
Slideshow, June 4

Anthony Mangieri, known for the purity of his Neapolitan pies, has brought his minimalist, Italian point of view to the appetizers and desserts at Una PIzza Napoletana.

03hungry slideshow slide 7ra8 articleinline
Eat Pupusas by Hand, Salvadoran Style, in Queens
Food, June 3

Ricas Pupusas & Mas, in Sunnyside, builds a menu around its definitive pupusas.

03hungry slideshow slide 7ra8 articleinline
Stuffed Tortillas at Ricas Pupusas & Mas
Slideshow, June 3

At this modestly outfitted restaurant in Sunnyside, Queens, you can eat pupusas the Salvadoran way — with your hands.

Merlin 155541057 59f6c77c d938 48b7 9bf0 3aacc31e53a9 articleinline
Curtis Blake, a Founder of the Friendly’s Chain, Dies at 102
Obituaries, May 30

Mr. Blake and his brother, S. Prestley Blake, opened the first Friendly ice cream shop in 1935. With an expanded menu, it grew into an East Coast staple.

Merlin 155123763 83dd33d2 5516 45ae 8b89 c989516a427a articleinline
An Evening at Dreamland Roller Disco (and Where to Eat and Drink Nearby)
New York, May 29

This groovy skate night is a dance party on wheels. Here’s how to make the most of your night.

Merlin 155401842 5d430932 bf4f 4377 b3c7 309d81a76812 articleinline
Innovative Filipino Dishes Come to the Lower East Side
Food, May 28

A new branch of The Tang, three spots from the restaurateur behind Sea Wolf in Brooklyn, and more restaurant news.

Merlin 155506839 7cac9cf0 a414 44c3 8548 552d7c0991b4 articleinline
The Menu as Historic Document
Food, May 28

The collector Henry Voigt discusses the latest finds for his collection, including items related to two American literary giants.

28rest1 articleinline
Kawi, From Momofuku, Takes Korean Food Head On
Food, May 28

The cuisine was always crucial to David Chang’s empire, but at Kawi, the chef Eunjo Park brings it front and center.

29rest slide tjqa articleinline
A Momofuku Kitchen Where Korean Cuisine Is the Star
Slideshow, May 28

At Kawi, the chef Eunjo Park brings exacting technique her Korean menu in a vast space straight out of Las Vegas.