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Pok Pok Ny to Close After 6 Years
Dining, Yesterday

Andy Ricker, the chef and restaurateur, cited rising rent and a squeeze on his profits among the reasons for his decision.

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When the Menu Says ‘Organic,’ but All the Food Isn’t
Dining, Yesterday

The term doesn’t mean much in restaurants, which are not required to undergo the same rigorous certifying process as farms and food companies.

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A Hole in the Wall for Brisket
Dining, Yesterday

Cash Only BBQ, in the former Bistro Petit space, gives Williamsburg, Brooklyn, another barbecue option.

12kugel thumbwide v2
Don’t Let TripAdvisor Kill Adventure
Op Ed, August 11

If the best travel experiences happen when things don’t go according to plan, why do we plan so much?

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Thomas Carter Steps Away From His Restaurants After Being Accused of Abusing Employees
Dining, August 10

The co-owner of Estela and Flora Bar is said to have created toxic workplaces.

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At Gem, a Teen Wonder Plays in the Big Leagues
Dining, August 7

Flynn McGarry, who has been charging money for meals since he was 13, gets his first real restaurant at age 19.

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Midtown East Gets Wanderlust, a Cafe With a Global Focus
Dining, August 7

Seafood in Clinton, the latest from Laurent Tourondel in Sag Harbor, N.Y., and other restaurant news.

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Big Ambitions in a Small Kitchen
Slideshow, August 7

With a three-person cooking crew (the size of the team at your corner slice joint), Flynn McGarry turns out elaborate tasting menus on the Lower East Side.

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A Culinary Walking Tour of Staten Island
Dining, August 7

Enjoy the cuisines of Albania, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Mexico and West Africa.

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The Chefs Redefining Polynesian Cuisine
T Style, August 6

Centuries of colonization nearly erased the taste of the Pacific. Now, a new generation is reimagining the regional food for a new era.

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Joël Robuchon, a French Chef Festooned With Stars, Is Dead at 73
Obits, August 6

Classically trained but always inventive, he dazzled the culinary world, sweeping up Michelin stars wherever he set foot with a new restaurant.

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A ‘Landmark’ Restaurant Returns: A Preview of the Four Seasons
Dining, August 6

Just three blocks from the original, the new Four Seasons nods to the past while forging its own identity.

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Man Found in Cafe Freezer Attacks Worker, Then Dies, Police Say
Metro, August 5

The police said the man, from Arizona, attacked an employee with a kitchen knife. Other workers helped wrestle the man to the floor.

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In Guatemala City, a Temple to the Tostada
Travel, August 4

How to innovate the simple, classic Guatemalan tostada? At the new Dora La Tostadora, the answer is clear: toppings.

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A House Built on Family and Dungan Food in Brooklyn
Dining, August 2

At Lagman House, the chef and his wife, descendants of Chinese Muslims who fled China, specialize in hand-stretched noodles presented in bracing dishes.

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Tastes of Central Asia in Sheepshead Bay
Slideshow, August 2

The sign on the restaurant reads “Dungan cuisine,” without fanfare. But this is news: Lagman House is likely the first and only Dungan restaurant in New York.

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Chicago Chain Kept Hawaiian Restaurants From Using ‘Aloha Poke’ Name
Express, July 31

The chain, Aloha Poke Co., which sent cease-and-desist letters to restaurants with similar names, has apologized after being accused of cultural appropriation.

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Ample Hills Opens Its Red Hook Factory
Dining, July 31

Lombardi’s unveils a lavish Chelsea location, a rooftop bar named after a well-connected interior designer and other restaurant news.

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A Tuscan Revival, a French Debut
Dining, July 31

Pino Luongo’s Coco Pazzo Trattoria brings a 1990s favorite back to SoHo; Yves in TriBeCa gets a promising new chef.

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On Prince Street, an Homage to Tuscany
Slideshow, July 31

At Coco Pazzo Trattoria in SoHo, the restaurateur Pino Luongo brings back some of the cooking that helped introduce New Yorkers to Tuscan cuisine.

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A French-Trained Chef With an Eye for Fresh Produce
Slideshow, July 31

Alex Baker brings a bistronomie sensibility to Yves in TriBeCa.

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Turn Dinner Into an Odyssey
Dining, July 30

At Ruffian in the East Village, Homer’s classic work provides the inspiration for a special menu through the month of August.

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Good Restaurant Music?
Letters, July 30

A reader explains why no music is better in this case.

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Kathy Kriger, ‘Madame Rick’ at Her Casablanca Cafe, Is Dead at 72
Foreign, July 30

A former American diplomat, she created a real Rick’s Cafe, evoking the cinematic Moroccan gin joint made famous by Bogart and Bergman.

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A Greenville, S.C., Restaurant Celebrating Upcountry Bounty
Travel, July 28

The award-nominated Anchorage has a firm focus on vegetables — though fish and pork do make appearances.

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Madrid Chefs Rethink the City’s Classic Cuisine
Travel, July 25

A strong contingent of rising culinary stars has emerged in the Spanish capital, adding a needed dose of personality to Madrid’s contemporary dining scene.

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The Bread Thief
Foreign, July 25

“The only thing stopping a bad guy with a foot-long breadstick is a good guy with his own foot-long breadstick!”

25off thumbwide
The Specialties of Emilia-Romagna Find a Spot in Hudson Square
Dining, July 24

An Italian restaurant focused on a king mushroom, a trendy spot from an Australian chef and other restaurant news.

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The Art of the Australian Breakfast
Dining, July 24

Young expats have transplanted their bright, Instagrammable cooking and mellow lifestyle by opening cafes in New York City.

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The David Chang Restaurant Almost Nobody’s Heard Of
Dining, July 24

With an alleyway entrance and no name on the door, the bar at Momofuku Ko is easy to miss. That would be a mistake.

25rest slide tej3 thumbwide
A Bonus Bar on Extra Place
Slideshow, July 24

Down an East Village alley, next door to Momofuku Ko, is a small barroom with an experimental bent.

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Annoyed by Restaurant Playlists, a Master Musician Made His Own
Dining, July 23

How Ryuichi Sakamoto assembled the soundtrack for Kajitsu, in Murray Hill, and what it says about the sounds we hear (or should) while we eat.

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How Jonathan Gold Inspired a Travel Writer
Travel, July 23

The food critic was the first to open up a city to me, to push me, along with thousands of others, to go outside our usual understanding of a place and take some chances.

22gold1 sub thumbwide v2
Jonathan Gold, Food Critic Who Celebrated L.A.’s Cornucopia, Dies at 57
Obits, July 21

A gourmand who explored Los Angeles’s immigrant communities, taco carts and chic restaurants, Mr. Gold won renown in the culinary world and a Pulitzer Prize for criticism.

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Madeleine Kamman, 87, Who Gave Americans a Taste of France, Dies
Obits, July 20

Schooled in Paris, she was a strong-willed teacher of traditional French cuisine for modern tastes and an influential chef and restaurateur.

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Keeping the Tech Running and the Food Fresh
Sunday Business, July 20

When the tech systems go down at a company with 55 restaurants in 13 states, a good disaster recovery plan is essential.

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Trying to Revive Gage & Tollner, a Landmark Brooklyn Restaurant
Dining, July 20

Three restaurateurs will start a crowdfunding campaign to restore the chop-and-oyster house to its former glory.

Playing Hooky at the Waldorf
Metro, July 19

The menu offered an oddity called finnan haddie, which came creamed or regular.

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Greek Food Thrills in Australia: It’s So Much More Than Lemon and Olive Oil
Dining, July 19

The cuisine has deep influence over this country’s dining culture, and it’s more exciting than ever.

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At Little House Café, Hidden Malaysian Dishes Worth the Hunt
Dining, July 19

This Elmhurst, Queens, spot’s signature dish, a giant bun filled with chicken curry, is found on a menu largely devoted to Thai and Chinese classics.

25hungry slide xr0f thumbwide
A Menu Full of Surprises in Queens
Slideshow, July 19

Little House Café, a bakery-restaurant in Elmhurst, serves Malaysian specialties alongside Thai and Chinese classics.

18king1 thumbwide
It Takes a Lot of Skill to Make a Restaurant Seem So Casual
Dining, July 17

With their simple dining room and small menus, the three women behind King in SoHo have a way of projecting ease — which belies their energy, creativity and ambition.

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Room With Quite a View: Danny Meyer’s Manhatta
Dining, July 17

Lower Manhattan gets this eye-popping aerie, a new Cipriani venture, and more restaurant news.

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There’s a Reason You’re Drinking So Much Aperol Spritz
Styles, July 17

It’s officially the drink of the summer, thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign by Campari.

18burner bordergrill thumbwide
Julia Child Foundation Honors Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken
Dining, July 17

The Border Grill chefs and restaurateurs will receive the Julia Child Award from the nonprofit.

18rest slide qn55 thumbwide
A New Kind of Pie Fight: This Pizzeria Is at War With Itself
Dining, July 17

At Una Pizza Napoletana, a master of pizza simplicity joins two chefs with a more eclectic sensibility. The results are ... complicated.

18rest slide qn55 thumbwide
A Revered Name in Pizza Branches Out
Slideshow, July 17

Una Pizza Napoletana returns to New York, this time with appetizers, desserts and natural wines.

17insider severson image1 thumbwide
Food Writing in the #MeToo Era
Insider, July 16

In between stories about cooking and cultural trends, I now spend my days reporting about sexism, sexual abuse and harassment in the food world.

17lieber1 thumbwide
Les Lieber, Who Served Jazz to the Lunch Crowd, Dies at 106
Obits, July 16

His Jazz at Noon series, which ran for more than 45 years, featured skilled amateur players alongside well-known guest professionals.

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Llamita, a Spinoff of Llama Inn, Opens in the Village
Dining, July 16

The fast-casual restaurant specializes in Peruvian rotisserie chicken and causa.

Watch new yorkers react to world cup 1531658054707 thumbwide
Watch New Yorkers React to the World Cup
Interactive, July 15

The agony and ecstasy of watching the games at various bars and cafes in New York City.