The Kashmiri Chef Foraging on Precarious Soil
T Magazine, Today

For Prateek Sadhu, gathering native ingredients in the conflict zone where he grew up is the only way of asserting Kashmir’s tenuous place in the world.

Three Spots to Try if You Don’t Mind a Line
Dining, September 27

Join the queue for tacos, circular croissants and chile chicken.

The Singaporean Hawker Market Comes to Midtown
Dining, September 27

KF Seetoh opens his Singapore-style food hall; Eric Ripert teams up with a friend for a casual French cafe; and more restaurant news.

Restaurant Review: At Laser Wolf, Skewers, Dips and Vibes Are on the Menu
Dining, September 27

At Michael Solomonov’s homage to Israel’s meat-skewer joints, skyline selfies are normal and salad is mandatory.

Inside Seoul’s Wild Animal Cafes
Interactive, September 21

Arctic foxes. Sheep. Raccoons. See them before they’re gone.

In New Film, Former Employee Says Mario Batali Sexually Assaulted Her
Dining, September 21

A woman who worked for the chef comes forward with her account of a night at the Spotted Pig in Manhattan.

Staying Up Late to Find Out Why New York No Longer Does
Metro, September 21

More bars and restaurants are closing their doors at earlier hours, and more New Yorkers are grabbing dinner earlier in the evening. One of our reporters set off to find out why.

How We Chose the Most Exciting Restaurants in America
Insider, September 21

For months, eight of our intrepid reporters, critics and editors dined their way through the country in search of culinary bliss.

Dates With a Book, Meals for Roller Skaters and More Reader Requests
Dining, September 20

Looking to celebrate a quiet birthday on your own? No problem.

Lots of Food Gets Tossed. These Apps Let You Buy It, Cheap.
Climate, September 20

Several companies say they are tackling food waste by connecting people with unsold food from restaurants and grocery stores.

For New Yorkers, 6 p.m. Is the New 8 p.m.
T Style, September 20

Why are restaurants in the city filling up at hours that were once unfashionably early?

Our 50 Favorite Restaurants of 2022
Interactive, September 19

The places in America we love most right now.

In the City That Never Sleeps, Some Doors Now Close at 10 p.m.
Metro, September 17

Is New York still a 24-hour town?

A Life-Changing Clam Pizza
Dining, September 13

The most important pizza goings-on across New York City.

When Schools Don’t Educate Their Students
Letters, September 13

Readers discuss an investigation into the lack of secular education at New York’s yeshivas. Also: Outdoor dining; climate-crisis deniers.

The Porch, Featuring Smokehouse Favorites, Opens in Sugar Hill
Dining, September 13

A new restaurant from a Bâtard and Augustine alumnus, Manhatta reopens, and more restaurant news.

Before Thomas Keller, It Was Her French Laundry
Op Ed, September 13

Sally Schmitt sold the French Laundry. Then it became “the best restaurant in the world.”

The Best Chef in The World
Video, September 13

Sally Schmitt sold her successful Napa Valley establishment, the French Laundry. Then it became “the best restaurant in the world.”

Restaurant Review: A Magnet for Wine Nerds Gets a Recharge
Dining, September 12

While some of the faces at Chambers are the same, a new chef is rejuvenating the former Racines NY space with armfuls of seasonal produce.

Thomas Carney, Crusty Bartender at Elaine’s, Dies at 82
Obits, September 9

Cracking wise, keeping tabs and keeping order, the head barman of New York’s famous saloon was a supporting character in one of the city’s longest-running shows.

The Death of Queen Elizabeth: ‘We Shall Not Know Her Like Again’
Letters, September 8

Early reaction to the end of the 70-year monarchy. Also: Germany’s “moral failure”; women’s equality; Moosewood memories; homage to trees.

In the Hamptons, the Rich Got Their Labor Day. The Workers Kept Working.
Metropolitan, September 7

Tumbleweed Tuesday, the unofficial holiday for the tourism industry in Long Island’s East End, is in jeopardy.

Breakfast With Grandma
Dining, September 6

A new New Yorker tucks into the West Village’s offerings with her Abueti, a longtime Manhattanite.

Lady Wong and Singapura Team Up for a Singapore Tea Service
Dining, September 6

There will be a trolley with Southeast Asian sweets along with dessert wines, teas and more.

The New Generation of Tasting Menus Won’t Test Your Patience (or Your Wallet)
Dining, September 6

With lower price points and less attitude, chefs around the country are finding fun and freedom in the once-stuffy form.

Restaurant Review: Nabila’s Takes a Homemade Approach to Lebanese Food
Dining, September 6

A longtime hit on the Washington party circuit, the food of Nabila Farah comes to Brooklyn.

Michelin Reveals 2022 New York Area Additions
Dining, September 6

The star ratings will not be revealed until October, but the Michelin Guide offers a glimpse of the new restaurants making the list.

The Fall Dining Scene
N Y T Now, September 5

Diners are returning from their summer vacations and heading back into restaurants.

The Final Days of New York’s ‘Wild West’ Outdoor Dining Scene
Metro, September 4

The city has removed dozens of dining sheds and is considering more regulations for those that remain.

Britain’s Pubs Are Threatened by ‘Alarming’ Rise in Energy Bills
Business, September 3

Businesses have fewer protections than residential users against higher electricity and gas costs, and industry groups warn of widespread closings this winter.

29 Reasons to Make a Date With a New York Restaurant
Dining, September 2

After fits and starts, New York restaurateurs are ready to return to business as prepandemic usual, with a flurry of reboots, expansions and cuisine pivots.

Matty Matheson Makes It Big
Styles, August 31

The chef, who plays a handyman on “The Bear,” has launched Rosa Rugosa, a clothing line that fits him well.

Moosewood, the Beloved Vegetarian Restaurant, Prepares for Its Second Act
T Style, August 31

The Ithaca, N.Y., destination was revolutionary because of its menu and its collective ownership model. Recently, the new owners hosted a dinner to celebrate its past and future.

In TriBeCa, a Farm Stand Where Celebrities and Tomatoes Mingle
Styles, August 31

Open only on Tuesdays, the restaurant One White Street’s seasonal farm stand has become a reliable place to spot famous faces.

It’s Your Party and You’ll Dine Out if You Want To
Dining, August 30

Here’s where to host a group birthday dinner, whether it’s a park hang or an all-out fete.

In the Mile High City, Festivals and Food Are on the Rise
Travel, August 11

Denver has regained its prepandemic vibrancy, with a plethora of new restaurants and hotels, and the return of some old favorites.

Hulu’s ‘The Bear’ and the Restaurant Industry’s Long Overdue Reckoning
Op Ed, August 7

The Hulu drama is resonating partly because it shows workers demanding a better workplace, which is happening in the restaurant industry and beyond.

Opponents of Outdoor Dining Renew Fight Against Sheds
Metro, August 5

Mayor Eric Adams is a big supporter of outdoor dining, but those who dislike the program are trying to kill it in court.

The Business Lunch May Be Going Out of Business
Dining, July 11

As remote work persists and business deals are sealed online, many upscale restaurants that catered to the nation’s downtown office crowd are canceling the meal.

Hong Kong’s Floating Restaurant Sinks at Sea, Laden With Memories
Express, June 21

Jumbo Floating Restaurant, which closed in 2020, capsized in the South China Sea after being towed from the city. The sinking triggered nostalgia for a happier period of Hong Kong history.

Dining Out This Summer
N Y T Now, June 10

Professional eaters give advice.

From the South Side to the Loop, Chicago’s Innovative Spirit Thrives
Travel, June 9

Theater, art and music are flourishing, and on the culinary scene, a 13-course Filipino tasting menu and a sleek Black-owned winery in Bronzeville are just a few of the city’s new offerings.

Noma Chef Won’t Attend Brooklyn Dinner Series. So the Meals Are Free.
Dining, May 18

American Express, a sponsor, said it would refund the price of the $700-a-person dinners after hearing that the chef, René Redzepi, tested positive for Covid.

All of Those Quitters? They’re at Work.
Sunday Business, May 13

The Great Resignation was in fact a moment many people traded up for a better-paying gig.