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New Orleans Restaurants, Used to Disasters, Reckon With Something Worse
Food, Yesterday

The dining and bar scene, so central to the city’s identity, emerged strong from Hurricane Katrina. But the coronavirus crisis is different.

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What if Restaurants and Pubs Disappear in Australia?
World, March 27

The relaxed country is known for its rich restaurant and bar culture. What will happen if its hospitality industry crumbles?

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Will the Coronavirus Make Restaurants Like Mine Extinct?
Opinion, March 26

If it can, the devastated industry should start from scratch after the epidemic and finally take care of its workers.

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When Your Restaurant’s Star Dish Is Blamed for Spreading Coronavirus
World, March 25

As restaurants around the world close or retool to enforce social distancing, Hong Kong’s hot pot eateries offer a cautionary tale and some good advice.

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Floyd Cardoz Showed How to Honor a Cuisine by Bending It
Food, March 25

The chef, who died Tuesday, created Indian-American dishes that surprised and still linger in the memory.

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Floyd Cardoz, 59, Dies; Gave American Fine Dining an Indian Flavor
Food, March 25

He was the first chef born and raised in India to lead an influential New York City kitchen, at Tabla. He died in the coronavirus pandemic.

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Floyd Cardoz, 59, Dies; Gave American Fine Dining an Indian Flavor
Food, March 25

He was the first chef born and raised in India to lead an influential New York City kitchen, at Tabla. He died in the coronavirus pandemic.

24off mediumthreebytwo210
A Few More Restaurants Offering Dinner Delivery
Food, March 25

Menus from Fort Defiance, Il Mulino and others are available.

Roosevelt Avenue Goes Dark
New York, March 25

A bustling commercial corridor in Queens prepared to shut down as residents adjusted to their new reality.

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Restaurant Workers Get a Final Paycheck and a Meal From Their Peers
Food, March 24

For the first time, an industry built on caring for other people is pivoting to caring for its own, with soup kitchens and fund-raisers.

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Will We Have an America Without Restaurants?
Opinion, March 24

If businesses like ours don’t get help from Washington, more than 10 million Americans could lose their jobs.

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Restaurant Closings Inflict Collateral Damage on Other Businesses
Food, March 24

Fishermen, florists, bakers and farmers are just a few of the many Americans struggling to find new revenue sources as dining rooms shutter.

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Covid-19’s Economic Pain Is Universal. But Relief? Depends on Where You Live.
World, March 23

In some countries, workers will have 90 percent of lost wages covered. In others, residents fear eviction. Nation to nation, rescue plans reflect conflicting ideas of government’s role in a crisis.

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Small Businesses Seek a Crisis Lifeline Beyond Loans
Business, March 23

Many owners fear taking on debt they are not sure they can repay and are looking to the federal government for more than low-interest disaster loans.

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José Andrés: We Have a Food Crisis Unfolding Out of Sight
Opinion, March 22

America has fed millions through disasters before. Mobilize restaurant workers now.

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Independent Restaurants Brace for the Unknown
Food, March 20

Big chains seem equipped to weather the coronavirus shutdowns, but smaller businesses are scrambling for help from governments and customers.

20virus view 01 mediumthreebytwo210
We All Need Small Businesses. Don’t Let Them Die.
Business, March 19

The economy relies on thousands of local operations that need urgent help even more than big companies do.

00nyvirus delivery 04 mediumthreebytwo210
The Delivery Workers Who Risk Their Health to Bring You Food
New York, March 19

Demand for home delivery is rising, and New Yorkers barricaded in their homes are leaning more and more on a largely immigrant work force.

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To Stay Afloat, the Restaurant Business Clings to ‘Contactless Delivery’
Food, March 19

Reinvented menus, lowered prices, fire sales and the good old telephone are enlisted in the fight to survive the coronavirus crisis.

18unionsquare mediumthreebytwo210
Danny Meyer’s Restaurant Group Lays Off 2,000 Workers
Food, March 18

Union Square Hospitality cuts 80 percent of its work force as restaurant companies around the country shed workers.

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Food, a Basic Pleasure, Is Suddenly Fraught
Food, March 17

The coronavirus has forced Americans to rethink how to feed themselves, from cooking to shopping to ordering in.

17shepherd1 mediumthreebytwo210
The Face of Houston’s Diverse Dining Scene Is a White Guy From Nebraska
Food, March 17

The chef Chris Shepherd has promoted immigrant restaurateurs and the city, and become a big name himself in the process.

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One Simple Idea That Explains Why the Economy Is in Great Danger
The Upshot, March 17

What happens when a major section of machinery that is supposed to run perpetually suddenly grinds to a halt? We are about to find out.

16virus francebiz 1 mediumthreebytwo210
France’s Bistros Close, in a Frenzy of Donated Cheese and Pâté
Business, March 16

The country’s clampdown on public life has left businesses reeling. As the government pledges support, a restaurateur prepares to hunker down.

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‘We’re Completely Lost’: Coronavirus Hits N.Y. Restaurants
New York, March 16

Workers and owners in the city’s world-famous restaurant and bar scene reel from decision to cut off their livelihoods.

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A Frantic Few Days for Restaurants Is Only the Beginning
Food, March 16

However long the closings across the country last, governments need to move fast if the industry is ever going to come back.

16social distancing coronavirus1 mediumthreebytwo210
Wondering About Social Distancing?
Smarter Living, March 16

Answers to your most common questions about the best practices for stemming the tide of the coronavirus pandemic.

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N.Y.C.’s Economy Could be Ravaged by Coronavirus Outbreak
New York, March 16

With the closing of museums, Broadway theaters and restaurants, tourism is plunging, leaving New York facing mass layoffs and business failures.

16bookkatchor1 mediumthreebytwo210
An Illustrated Love Song to Jewish Restaurants of Old
Books, March 16

In “The Dairy Restaurant,” Ben Katchor writes (and draws) an encyclopedic ode to establishments that began to flourish in New York City and elsewhere in the 19th century.

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Coronavirus in N.Y.C.: Schools, Restaurants and Bars Are Shut Down
New York, March 15

Mayor Bill de Blasio said that it was a wrenching decision to close places that are the “heart and soul of the city.”

Oakimage 1584149725014 mediumthreebytwo210
Coronavirus Cost to Businesses and Workers: ‘It Has All Gone to Hell’
Business, March 15

As the outbreak forces the cancellation of trips, nights out and large gatherings, economic damage is mounting across the country.

13roux mediumthreebytwo210
Michel Roux, 78, Dies; Helped Bring French Cuisine to London
Obituaries, March 14

He was appalled by English food, particularly peas. With his brother, he established the first British restaurant to win three Michelin stars.

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At a Persian restaurant in Brooklyn, family comes first. But how long can it last?
U.S., March 13

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Le Bernardin, Daniel and Other Top New York Restaurants Temporarily Close
Food, March 13

Others are likely to follow as owners’ worries shift from canceled reservations to survival.

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Five Places to Visit in Raleigh, N.C., With a Local Chef and Musician
Travel, March 13

Cheetie Kumar, a chef and rock guitarist, is emblematic of the capital city’s evolution. She serves up some of her favorite spots in Raleigh.

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Restaurants Across the Country Struggle to Respond to Coronavirus
Food, March 12

Cancellations, closings and a thinning out of tables may be just the beginning for a business based on social contact.

Fewer restaurant tables means more ‘social distancing.’
Food, March 12

New York restaurants are struggling. Service is cut, disinfectants are out and owners are worrying how they’ll make rent.

12hungry encb slide mkzm mediumthreebytwo210
How an Ecuadorean Soup Inspired a Restaurant
Food, March 12

Before El Encebollado de Rossy opened in Brooklyn, the chef’s cooking had a loyal following.

12hungry encb slide jvyx mediumthreebytwo210
Home Cooking at its Restaurant Best
Slideshow, March 12

El Encebollado de Rossy in Bushwick, Brooklyn, has become so popular for its Ecuadorean food that the owners plan to open a second restaurant.

10off mediumthreebytwo210
& Sons, a Sommelier’s Ham Bar, Opens in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens
Food, March 11

The restaurant in the Brooklyn Museum is changing its personality; the Mermaid Inn gets a fourth location; and more restaurant news.

10rest wafa slide 0v29 mediumthreebytwo210
Where Pastrami on Rye Rubs Elbows With Falafel and Baklava
Food, March 10

When Pastrami Masters, a new deli, moved into its space in Brooklyn, it kept the previous tenant’s Lebanese menu.

09burner fry mediumthreebytwo210
Chicken, the Thomas Keller Way
Food, March 9

Monday night is fried chicken night at the TAK Room, where the chef is serving his Ad Hoc dish.

Merlin 19688977 c88625ff 1c7d 48eb 9571 42e5e61b3e52 mediumthreebytwo210
Gray Kunz, 65, Dies; Four-Star Chef Fused France and Asia
Obituaries, March 6

Raised in Singapore, trained in Hong Kong and apprenticed in Switzerland, he made a celebrated mark in New York at Lespinasse.

Merlin 169220790 37e87f52 5208 4ce5 8486 9bc8f5530029 mediumthreebytwo210
The Renovation of Gage & Tollner Uncovers Some Historic Treasure
Real Estate, March 6

Decades-old menus, notes and letters are found in a crawl space just as the new owners are bringing the Brooklyn restaurant back to life.

06lasvegas pizza headsup good mediumthreebytwo210
In Las Vegas, the Home-Style Pizza Is an Everything Pie
Travel, March 6

The city has developed a thriving pizza scene, embracing the influence of outsiders who bring hometown ideas to a city without a pizza style of its own.

05hungry rice slide ia58 mediumthreebytwo210
Japanese Snacks Inspired by Mom’s at Rice & Miso
Food, March 5

This petite counter-service restaurant in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, serves comforting rice balls, bento boxes and soups.

04doordash1 mediumthreebytwo210
DoorDash Faces Its Latest Challenge: Wooing Wall Street
Technology, March 4

The food delivery app is losing money, battling rivals, facing lawsuits — and trying to go public. What could go wrong?

Merlin 169969329 c68e401a f5d1 4691 a41b 8ffb814ca618 mediumthreebytwo210
Tornadoes Cut a Swath Through Nashville’s Restaurant Scene
Food, March 4

As many businesses dig out, others are pitching in to help.

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Peak, With 101st-Floor Views, Opens in Hudson Yards
Food, March 3

An American brasserie in Long Island City, Vietnamese in Williamsburg, and more restaurant news.

03rest slide k6vf mediumthreebytwo210
Le Crocodile Shows How a New York Brasserie Should Look and Taste
Food, March 3

The new restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has a menu that goes on and on. Nearly everything on it makes you want to come back for more.

03rest slide k6vf mediumthreebytwo210
All the French Favorites
Slideshow, March 3

Le Crocodile, in Brooklyn, is a modern take on the brasserie.

Merlin 169681239 79884ca7 7212 4cce 8a0c b82ef4ccb96f mediumthreebytwo210
The Right Dish for the Cassoulet
Food, March 2

The chef Marie-Aude Rose serves the winter warmer at La Mercerie, and now you can buy the cassoles she serves them in.

02wellchef2 mediumthreebytwo210
The Hard-Knocks Restaurant World Discovers Wellness
Food, March 2

Many employees are getting yoga, counseling and other benefits, as the industry tries to change an often unhealthy culture.

02ax1 mediumthreebytwo210
Put Your Ax Into It, at This Los Angeles Restaurant
Food, March 2

Mo’s House of Axe brings together tools, beer and barbecue.

02tmag brasserie mediumthreebytwo210
The Chefs Reviving the Classic Parisian Brasserie
T Magazine, March 2

Gone are the days of pricey steak frites — but at Brasserie Rosie, friendly, homey dishes make a strong case for a French dining institution’s return.

02epi piege mediumthreebytwo210
In Paris, a New Fashion Nexus Comes With a Canteen
Style, February 29

L’Epi d’Or, long a neighborhood favorite, has new celebrity chef owners but the same 1930s style.