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That Summer Food-Stand Job Is No Longer Just for Teenagers
Dining, Yesterday

What used to be an adolescent rite of passage is now an opportunity for foreign workers — and a challenge for employers who can’t find enough help.

23fries thumbwide
The Best Summer Fries, Ranked
Dining, Yesterday

Julia Moskin sizes up the field for taste, texture and architecture.

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French Fare From a Comfort Food Veteran in the West Village
Dining, Yesterday

Hunan noodles in the East Village, additions to Gotham Market at the Ashland, an East End roundup and other restaurant news.

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Japanese Seafood Without the Painful Price Tag, at Wokuni
Dining, Yesterday

While the sushi scene in New York caters to robber barons, this Midtown restaurant serves insolently fresh fish at reasonable prices.

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From Japan, With Fins
Slideshow, Yesterday

A new Japanese restaurant sets itself apart with wild and farmed seafood from Japan.

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John Fraser Leaves Dovetail
Dining, May 21

The chef sold the restaurant to his partners in the restaurant, who plan to keep it open.

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Mario Batali Said to Face Second Sexual Assault Investigation
Dining, May 21

“60 Minutes” reported a sexual assault claim against the chef; the New York police are also looking into another allegation.

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A Mumbai Restaurant Celebrating the Flavors of Goa
Travel, May 19

The acclaimed chef Floyd Cardoz is one of the team members behind O Pedro.

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How Rawia Bishara, Chef and Restaurateur, Spends Her Sundays
Metropolitan, May 18

The resident of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, spends most of her day at Tanoreen, her restaurant, cooking and chatting up customers.

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At Em, the Noodle Soup Anchors a Menu (and a Marriage)
Dining, May 17

Among the pho and banh mi at this Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, restaurant is hu tieu, the first dish that the chef Ly Nguyen made for the man who would become her husband.

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Tastes of California, Imported to the East Coast
Weekend, May 16

Michael McCarty and Kim McCarty swap pieces of their art collections between their homes and the restaurants Mr. McCarty operates in California and New York.

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The Female Couples Remaking the Restaurant Industry
T Style, May 16

As restaurants helmed by queer women thrive in American cities, so too does a new paradigm for less brutal, more collaborative, professional cooking.

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Inventive Indian Fare Arrives in the Theater District
Dining, May 15

A pho restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn; a nonprofit offering culinary training to refugees; and more restaurant news.

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A Hotel Restaurant With Neighborhood-Hangout Appeal
Dining, May 15

At Simon & the Whale, the restaurateur Gabriel Stulman conjures the qualities that draw people to his smaller West Village spots.

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Place 12 of 52: In Denver, a Mile High but Down to Earth
Travel, May 15

A starter guide to the city’s rich art, food and outdoors scenes.

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A Taste of Guyana in East Flatbush, Brooklyn
Dining, May 14

German’s Soup offers family-style creole food in a Guyanese neighborhood.

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A Classic Indian Cookbook Returns, This Time for Americans
Dining, May 14

Sameen Rushdie published this practical volume in Britain in 1988 to fight stereotypes about the country’s food. The times have finally caught up to her.

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Dallas Restaurant That Defied N.R.A. Donates to ‘Gun Sense’ Group
National, May 14

Expressing support for gun ownership with “reasonable” regulations, Ellen’s restaurant gives $15,000 in memory of five police officers killed at a 2016 protest.

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Eating Without Borders in Nashville
Op Ed, May 14

Eating at immigrant-run restaurants is a way to signal “I’m glad you’re here” and “Please don’t give up.”

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Whales Not Served Here
Slideshow, May 14

At Simon & the Whale, a new restaurant in the Freehand hotel, whale is not on the menu and Simon is a 6 year old boy.

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A Guide to Biarritz, a Scenic Surfer’s Paradise
T Style, May 14

Where to stay, shop and eat in this laid-back Basque beach town with a glamorous past.

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Red Lobster and Waffles
Styles, May 12

Casual dining chains are responding to shifts in consumer behavior in uneven ways.

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Can an Italian Chef’s Success in D.C. Translate Into Spanish?
Travel, May 12

The chef Fabio Trabocchi doesn’t have to work hard to get name recognition in Washington. Now he turns his attention to Spain at his new seafood-focused restaurant, Del Mar.

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The Plastic Straw Is Losing Status as New York’s Big Sipper
Dining, May 10

The city hasn’t outlawed it, but many restaurants and cafes — concerned about the environment — are replacing it with paper, metal or no straw at all.

10ausfare3 thumbwide
Hot Grapes and Liver: Outtakes From an Australian Restaurant Critic
Dining, May 10

Many spots don’t make the cut — but some are still worth visiting.

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Thai Dishes That Pave a Chef’s Path Home in Elmhurst, Queens
Dining, May 10

At Lamoon, Arada Moonroj draws from memories of an upbringing in northern Thailand to create thoughtful, detailed fare.

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Where to Shop (and Eat) in São Miguel, Portugal
T Style, May 9

How the Azorean island, some 800 miles from the mainland, is putting the paradisiacal archipelago on the map.

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Korean Food Under a Japanese Influence, at the Bari
Dining, May 8

A menu filled with bowls, a Caribbean rooftop bar, and other restaurant news.

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French Skills Meet Korean Flavors at Soogil in the East Village
Dining, May 8

Soogil’s chef was a sous-chef at Daniel; it shows in his love of foie gras and his soy-braised short rib.

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Korean Food and French Cooking Come Together
Slideshow, May 8

The chef Soogil Lim brings his training from Hanjan and Daniel to his own restaurant, Soogil, in the East Village.

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Seattle’s JuneBaby Named Best New Restaurant at Beard Awards
Dining, May 7

Its chef, the first African-American to win that prize, and Gabrielle Hamilton of Prune lead a list that is long on women and minorities.

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The Caviar Sandwich Returns to the Oyster Bar
Dining, May 7

When prices for Louisiana bowfin came down, the executive chef Sandy Ingber brought back the combination of caviar, egg and sour cream.

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Celebrities and Chicken Salad: The Lure of Freds at Barneys
Dining, May 7

A new cookbook focuses on the 22-year-old canteen’s achievement: a restaurant in a department store rather than a department-store restaurant.

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Where to Stay (and What to Eat) in the Scottish Hebrides
T Style, May 7

An otherworldly archipelago with wide sand beaches, medieval castles and a disproportionate number of world-class restaurants.

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N.R.A. Urges Boycott of a Dallas Restaurant Supporting ‘Reasonable’ Gun Laws
Express, May 6

A restaurant that said it would donate proceeds to promote gun regulations drew the ire of the N.R.A., which told its members to “steer clear.”

06 insider sifton thumbwide
How The Times’s Food Editor Develops Recipes for Home Cooks
Insider, May 5

Sam Sifton approaches recipe development the way any reporter would — by asking chefs a lot of questions.

06bites1 thumbwide
A Young Chef Swims Up-Seine in Paris
Travel, May 5

Baieta, with a 23-year-old chef at the helm, foregoes an Instagram-oriented atmosphere for a firm focus on what matters most: the food.

09hungry slide yfyp thumbwide
A Menu of Moroccan Tradition, and Generosity, in Brooklyn
Dining, May 3

Bab Marrakech, a Bay Ridge restaurant owned by natives of Morocco, offers delicate couscous and expansive plates of meat.

09hungry slide yfyp thumbwide
A Generous Helping of Morocco
Slideshow, May 3

Bab Marrakech in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, offers delicate couscous, house-made sausages and lavish spreads of meat.

03fixtures1 thumbwide
The Hostess With the Mostess at the Odeon
Styles, May 1

Is Roya Shanks what gives this classic downtown restaurant its special oomph?

02artichoke1 thumbwide
Is This Artichoke Kosher? Rome Defends a Classic Jewish Dish
Dining, May 1

Since an Israeli rabbi put the kibosh on Jewish-style fried artichokes, Italian Jews have mounted a fierce defense of their beloved treat.

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French Cafe Food, Not So New but Very Much Improved
Dining, May 1

At La Mercerie in SoHo, the chef Marie-Aude Rose makes simple classics with every detail in place.

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Matthew Kenney’s Latest, Nodding to Japan, Opens in the East Village
Dining, May 1

An American outpost from the Japanese chef Chikara Yamada, an Art Deco bar in the Frederick Hotel, and other restaurant news.

Din slide iux0 thumbwide v2
French Cafe Classics in SoHo
Slideshow, May 1

At La Mercerie, the chef Marie-Aude Rose lavishes attention on salads, eggs and other everyday dishes.

01thai1 thumbwide
San Francisco Chef Now Heads the Acclaimed Nahm in Bangkok
Dining, May 1

Pim Techamuanvivit, who grew up in Thailand, has taken over from the founding chef, David Thompson.

25austin7 thumbwide
Tokyo in Texas: Distinctive Japanese Food Is Thriving in Austin
Dining, April 30

A city known for its barbecue and Tex-Mex cooking has spawned an accomplished roster of Japanese restaurants.

18burnersullivan thumbwide
Sullivan Street Bakery Gets a Makeover
Dining, April 30

Jim Lahey has added a cafe to his wholesale bakery in Hell’s Kitchen.

02burnerpickles thumbwide
Founder of Jacob’s Pickles Goes After the Dumpling Crowd
Dining, April 30

Jacob Hadjigeorgis has a new store, Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co.

02burnerposter thumbwide
The New Restaurant P.S.A. Poster: How to Deal With Sexual Harassment
Dining, April 30

The magazine Cherry Bombe, which celebrates women in the culinary world, is promoting the poster, which borrows from the traditional choking sign.

Merlin 137472666 00eaefa7 50e9 4ae8 b420 1b6e02c3538a thumbwide
Yellow Fever Restaurant at California Whole Foods Sets Off a Debate
Express, April 30

The restaurant’s founders, who are Asian-American, said, “we choose to embrace the term and reinterpret it positively for ourselves.”

29bites1 thumbwide
A Buffalo, N.Y., Restaurant With Bona Fides From Acapulco, Quebec and Beyond
Travel, April 28

The food at Las Puertas, from the chef Victor Parra Gonzalez, marries the earthy cuisine of Mexico with rigorous French technique.

26fare slide 1zi2 thumbwide
The Best Italian Subs — at Least in Australia
Dining, April 26

At the Re Store, the continental roll has been a community staple for more than 50 years.

29sweetbitter3 thumbwide v2
‘Sweetbitter’ Is a Coming-of-Age Story, With Wine Pairings
Arts & Leisure, April 24

Though it revels in the fast-paced seductions of the New York restaurant world, this new Starz show is a more of a slow-burn story.

25noma thumbwide
The New Noma: Frequently Asked Questions
Dining, April 24

What’s it like to eat at the second incarnation of the rule-defying Copenhagen restaurant? Our critic explains it all for you.

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Cocktails, Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic Alike, in Greenwich Village
Dining, April 24

A fifth Boqueria for New York, Mediterranean with an Italian twist in Gowanus, Brooklyn, and other restaurant news.