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    Chip and Joanna Gaines may not be done with this nostalgic home aesthetic, but maybe it has finally run its course.

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    Known for its intelligence-gathering operations during World War II, the O.S.S. also helped shape the look of modern life.

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    The gold-standard shelter magazine runs on a brass-tacks budget and refuses to kowtow to the internet.

  7. A Design Dealer Who Lives Among His Wares T Magazine, December 4

    Rhett Baruch has transformed his compact Los Angeles apartment into a showroom for the colorful, unconventional items that he sells.

  8. A Furniture Designer Who Learned Under Raf Simons T Magazine, December 3

    Michaël Verheyden, who combines simple shapes with rich textures, will show a new collection at Design Miami.

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    It isn’t easy to stop remodeling, but one interior designer in Newton, Mass., is convinced that after 16 years she’s almost there.

  10. A ‘Little Laboratory’ for Design Ideas Slideshow, December 3

    It isn’t easy to stop renovating, but one interior designer in Newton, Mass., is convinced that after 16 years she’s almost there.

  11. A Charming Swiss Home That Respects, and Reimagines, the Past T Magazine, December 2

    The Milanese firm Studio Peregalli has tapped into the soul of a 19th-century house in order to return it to an idealized version of its former glory.

  12. Inside Studio Peregalli’s Meticulously Restored Swiss Home Slideshow, December 2

    Armed with historical documents and a deep well of knowledge of local design, Laura Sartori Rimini and Roberto Peregalli rehabilitated a 19th-century house.

  13. Shopping for Fireplace Tools Real Estate, December 2

    If you’re stocking up on firewood for the winter, don’t forget about the tools you’ll need to tend the fire.

  14. The New York City Subway Map as You’ve Never Seen It Before Interactive, December 2

    The city has changed drastically over the past 40 years, yet the M.T.A. map designed in 1979 has largely endured.

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    New Yorkers have developed some of the best tricks for entertaining in a small space.

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    The New York Times selected people from all over the world who are pushing the boundaries in their fields, from business and technology to culture and sports.

  19. This Handbag Has to Be Made Perfectly on the First Try T Magazine, November 26

    In a workshop in northwestern France, what starts as a simple wooden box ends up as one of Louis Vuitton’s iconic pieces.

  20. Charlotte Perriand, Stepping Out of Corbusier’s Shadow Arts, November 21

    Did he, or did she, conceive some of the best modernist furniture in a packed career? A show at Fondation Vuitton shows her mastery of design.

  21. The Fifth Avenue Home of Jayne Wrightsman Goes on the Market Real Estate, November 21

    The society grande dame’s 7,000-square-foot apartment will list at $50 million, in a co-op that requires all cash deals.

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    A look at design world events, products and people.

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    Suggestions for plants that can survive a dark apartment and the best small containers for composting kitchen waste.

  24. Design That’s Got Users in Mind Books, November 19

    In “User Friendly,” Cliff Kuang and Robert Fabricant recount America’s long history of making products that take people’s needs into account.

  25. The Charleston You Haven’t Seen Real Estate, November 19

    The South Carolina city is known for its historic homes and traditional Southern charm, but it’s also a place where new design is flourishing.

  26. Charleston’s Creative Side Slideshow, November 19

    The South Carolina city is known for its historic homes and traditional Southern charm, but it’s also a place where new design is flourishing.

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    The cutting board — an all-in-one chopping block and serving platter — may be the most useful item in your kitchen. Why limit yourself to just one?

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    A roundup of things our editors — and a few contributors — are excited about in a given week.

  29. A Designer’s Satisfying, Adaptable Year-Round Salad T Magazine, November 14

    Gabriel Hendifar of the New York lighting and design studio Apparatus describes himself as an “assembler” — perfect for working with fresh vegetables.