1. Curated Collectibles on One Brooklyn Corner Metropolitan, November 22

    Yesterday’s News in Carroll Gardens is the passion project of a married couple who bonded over their love of flea markets and estate sales.

  2. 8 Elegant Ashtrays T Style, November 21

    Smoking may have gone the way of ‘Mad Men,’ but good design never quits.

  3. A Vacation Home as Minimal as a Gallery Real Estate, November 21

    The owners of a minimalist house on Orcas Island in Washington were so opposed to visual clutter they didn’t even want towel bars in the bathroom.

  4. An Ultra-Minimalist Escape Slideshow, November 21

    In a vacation home on Orcas Island, in Washington, the architecture takes a backseat to the art — and to nature.

  5. The Making of a Family Home in ‘Call Me by Your Name’ T Style, November 20

    The director Luca Guadagnino and the set decorator Violante Visconti di Modrone transformed a run-down estate into the perfect backdrop for the film.

  6. Starbucks Is Criticized for Its Holiday Cups. Yes, Again. Styles, November 20

    The 2017 cup shows two interlocked cartoon hands. Some conservatives accuse the company of promoting a “gay agenda.”

  7. Shopping for Holiday Gifts Real Estate, November 20

    Finding the right present requires thought and creativity. For family and friends who like to nest, here are a few suggestions.

  8. Questioning Evolution: The Push to Change Science Class National, November 19

    Legislation and lawsuits that reject scientific consensus on issues like evolution and climate change are changing the way science is taught in some schools.

  9. Raising Doubts about Evolution… in Science Class Video, November 19

    A growing skepticism of science has seeped into the classroom, and it’s revived attacks on one of the most established principles of biology – evolution.

  10. A Shortlist of What We Like Right Now T Style, November 17

    Understated furniture from Fendi, dramatic ceramics, pine on your plate and more.

  11. A Peek Inside Some of New York’s Most Glamorous Apartments Real Estate, November 17

    “Life at the Top” is a coffee-table book filled with photos of and details about some of the city’s most storied and exclusive buildings.

  12. Toward a New Language of Luxury Video, November 16

    Presentation by William McDonough, C.E.O., McDonough Innovation and Co-Author, "Cradle to Cradle," at The New York Times's International Luxury Conference, followed by a conversation with Vanessa Friedman, Fashion Director and Chief Fashion Critic...

  13. A London Penthouse, in Shades of Gray T Style, November 16

    The interior designer Faye Toogood creates a moody home that, like its owner, comes alive at night.

  14. ‘Wiener Werkstätte’: Going Broke for the Love of Beauty Weekend, November 15

    An exhibition of covetable objects at the Neue Galerie explores a Viennese collective that was better at fabricating teapots and textiles than at turning a profit.

  15. Paris Restaurants Get a Design Boost T Style, November 15

    Six new (and newish) places with good food, relaxed ambience — and big-name architects and design firms behind them.

  16. Diversity Demands in Luxury Video, November 15

    There is not a single black C.E.O. at the top of a luxury brand, and almost no black designers. Women are not yet close to parity, though they are making progress. Why it is imperative that the luxury industry starts to look like the rest of the w...

  17. When Designing Luxury Cars Is Like Making Jewelry. And Friends. Sunday Business, November 10

    Earl Lucas, Lincoln Motor Company’s exterior design chief, was inspired by his mother’s aesthetic sense and his early training designing jewelry.

  18. From Digital to Deco, Debuts to Classics, All in a Fair’s Embrace Culture, November 10

    Salon Art + Design echoes how people live — with art, furniture and, now, interactive objects. Here are some highlights.

  19. The Ever-Expanding Rental Real Estate, November 10

    For Olaf Olafsson, an executive at Time Warner whose fifth novel is out next month, home is the top four floors of an Upper East Side townhouse.

  20. Creative People’s Stunning Homes, All Over the World T Style, November 9

    In a new book, “The Authentics,” a veteran design editor and photographer highlight dozens of unique spaces.

  21. At Tiffany, the Fifth Avenue Face-Lift Starts at Home Styles, November 7

    Reed Krakoff unveils his new vision for the brand — luxury meets the everyday — with a new home goods and accessories floor. Tin can, anyone?

  22. Making Space for a Home Office Real Estate, November 7

    The best workspaces blend seamlessly into their surroundings — and reflect the personalities of the people who use them.

  23. Shopping for Folding Screens Real Estate, November 6

    Folding screens aren’t just room dividers: They also hide what you don’t like and emphasize what you do.

  24. A Tour of Nobu Matsuhisa’s Home Sushi Bar Styles, November 2

    The Japanese chef behind the Nobu restaurants built a space to make sushi for an exclusive group of customers: his family.

  25. A Modernist Box Among the Victorians Real Estate, October 31

    In a newly designated historic district in Princeton, N.J., they had the nerve to build a modernist house.

  26. Going Modern on a Traditional Street Slideshow, October 31

    In a newly designated historic district in Princeton, N.J., they managed to build a modernist house without offending the neighbors.

  27. When Rough Meets Refined Slideshow, October 27

    In praise of the sparks that fly when opposite textures come together.

  28. Shopping for a Life He Didn’t Yet Have Real Estate, October 27

    Tim Federle, author of “Life Is Like a Musical,” on why a sofa matters more than seeing your name in a copy of Playbill.

  29. A New Condo in Gramercy, With an Emphasis on Green Real Estate, October 27

    This new 20-story tower will use sustainably grown lumber and windmill-generated electricity.

  30. The Man Designing Spaces for the Instagram Age T Style, October 26

    With his love of brass, arches and color, Harry Nuriev creates environments that seem tailor-made for the social media aesthetic.