1. Shopping for Low Stools Real Estate, July 21

    Useful in almost any room, low stools offer a place not just to sit, but to rest your feet, your drink or your eyes.

  2. A Tour of Don Winslow’s Ranch in Southern California Styles, July 13

    The author of “Savages” and “The Force” writes his best-selling crime novels in a room with noirish louvered blinds.

  3. What I Love | Lynn Ahrens Slideshow, July 7

    The Broadway lyricist on the penthouse that convinced her to move to Midtown.

  4. Lily Kwong, a Model and Landscape Designer Sought by Fashion Brands Styles, July 6

    Her recent projects include a quarter-mile installation on the High Line, and a three-acre spa set to open next year in Southampton.

  5. The Hurricane-Proof Beach House Real Estate, June 30

    The Sea Bright, N.J., home was designed to be indestructible.

  6. Behind the Cover: 7.2.17 Magazine, June 30

    For this issue, the search for E.T.