1. A Tasting Room for Black Currant Liquor in Upstate New York T Magazine, September 28

    Plus: a new seasonal restaurant in Brooklyn, a Marisol retrospective — and more recommendations from T Magazine.

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    Pharrell, Thom Browne and Linda Evangelista are all contributing to a starry season for fashion publishing.

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    Jake Cohen, the author of a best-selling 2021 cookbook, is back with more ‘Classic Jew-ish Recipes’ that he has reinvented for the modern cook.

  4. The Mother of ‘Eclectic’ Interior Design Styles, September 24

    OK, she didn’t invent it, and she doesn’t like the word “eclectic.” But after almost 30 years in business, the designer Kelly Wearstler has remained a celebrity in an often faceless field.

  5. The Onscreen Apartments That Made Them Want to Live in New York T Style, September 22

    Twelve designers, architects and others reflect on the movie and TV homes, from SoHo lofts to houses on the park, that inspired them to move to the city, and informed their aesthetics.

  6. Julianne Moore’s Montauk Sanctuary Interactive, September 21

    In a wild meadow by the sea, the actress and her husband, Bart Freundlich, use few materials to say many things.

  7. In Harlem, a Crumbling Former Rectory Finds New Life Interactive, September 21

    How an artist turned a neo-Gothic townhouse uptown into a modern, spacious home.

  8. A Wood-Lined Apartment on Washington Square Park Interactive, September 21

    In Greenwich Village, a photographers’ agent creates a moody home that captures the spirit of a city that’s always building on top of itself.

  9. Inside the Elaborate, Enviable Design of Three New York Homes Interactive, September 21

    On Washington Square Park, in Harlem and on the coast in Montauk, several creative people renovate their spaces with an essential New York trait in mind: resourcefulness.

  10. Six Emerging Brands to Know This Season T Style, September 20

    From a line that draws on Jamaican craft traditions to a buzzy British designer making latex pants, these are the labels to watch this fashion month.

  11. At Sports Stadiums, Reducing Waste Is a Team Effort Special Sections, September 20

    Leagues, teams and stadiums are working to embrace sustainable practices, fight the effects of climate change and inspire fans to do the same.

  12. Michael Leva, Who Found Fashion Fame Early, Is Dead at 62 Obits, September 20

    Known for sophisticated and wearable clothes, he was among a crop of young designers celebrated in the late 1980s. He went on to consult for fashion companies.

  13. A ‘Near-Zero Carbon’ Renovation? He Wanted to Show It Was Possible. Real Estate, September 19

    Using a technique called mass timber construction, a Brooklyn architect created a sustainable home for his family — with a tree growing at the center.

  14. In This Vacation Home, the Art Is the View T Style, September 18

    A house in Portugal’s Alentejo region lets the landscape dominate.

  15. The Make-Do Joys of Terrazzo T Style, September 15

    Modern artisans are transforming the centuries-old cheap but elegant method of reusing offcuts.

  16. Unpacking the Impact of a Brown Paper Bag Styles, September 14

    Since Bloomingdale’s introduced the Big Brown Bag 50 years ago, it has become a totem of the store — as well as a mug, an umbrella and, now, a pickleball paddle.

  17. Every Bedroom Needs Storage. But What if You Don’t Have Big Closets? Real Estate, September 12

    There are ways to make room for storage in even the smallest bedrooms — and those without any closets at all. Here’s how.

  18. Atop the State Department, Democracy’s Treasures Can Complicate or Clarify Messages Culture, September 10

    The Diplomatic Reception Rooms house one of the finest art and design collections in the world. But are 18th-century heirlooms a history visitors want to remember — or forget?

  19. Flowers and Fake Marble: How TV Production Designers Create the Past Arts & Leisure, September 10

    The people who designed the look of “The Buccaneers,” “The Gilded Age,” “Lessons in Chemistry” and “The Continental” discuss the importance of gilding, sledgehammers and eBay.

  20. In an English Village, a Home Where the 1430s and the 1970s Peacefully Coexist T Style, September 8

    When the artist Sarah Kaye Rodden and her family took over a former medieval meeting hall in Kent, they chose to honor its many lives.

  21. After Her Husband Died, She Found a Creative Way to Move Forward Real Estate, September 8

    When the former defense secretary Ashton Carter died, his wife knew she couldn’t stay in their old home. Downsizing became a way of processing grief.

  22. In Mexico, a New Space for Hot Pink Wicker Lamps and Spiky Bowls T Style, September 7

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    A designer and an environmentalist have created a retreat that surrenders to the desert.

  25. He Wanted His Texas Home to Resemble a ‘Groovy’ Opium Den Real Estate, September 5

    His designer was taken aback. But then she set about creating “Lenny Kravitz meets Italian ’60s meets ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.’”

  26. How to Choose Paint Colors Interactive, September 1

    How Brigette Romanek, a celebrity designer in Los Angeles, chose a new wall color for her bedroom.

  27. Picking the Right Wall Color Isn’t Easy. Here’s How the Pros Do It. Real Estate, September 1

    We tagged along to see how Brigette Romanek, a celebrity designer in Los Angeles, chose a new color for her bedroom.

  28. A Panorama of Design Special Sections, August 31

    A look at design-world events, products and people.

  29. How an Engraver Straddles the Centuries Special Sections, August 31

    Andrew Raftery’s ceramics and wallpaper energize the laborious art of engraving to explore contemporary life.

  30. An Architect Who Forges Ahead in Her Own Lane Special Sections, August 31

    Elizabeth Graziolo is a Black female classical architect and owns her own firm. Thanks to her influence, she may soon have more company.

  31. Design Classics of the Future Special Sections, August 31

    Experts suggest a few recent products that may stick around for generations to come.

  32. A Ship Captain’s House in Seattle, via Norway, Finds New Life Special Sections, August 31

    The house, a historical landmark that was built in 1933 with cedar shingles and Douglas fir paneling, receives a respectful kitchen addition.

  33. Look! Up on the Wall! It’s a Golf Ball! It’s a Starfish! It’s Plaster! Special Sections, August 31

    Designers and fabricators are finding new forms for the ornamental material.

  34. When Advertisements Were Art Special Sections, August 31

    A show of commercial Art Deco posters opens later this month in Manhattan.

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    The marks and scars of difficult work underpin four new design books.

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  38. The Chicago Home Was Designed for Parties. Then the Parties Stopped. Real Estate, January 24

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  39. ‘The Future of Hospitals’: Flexible Space for the Next Pandemic Business, September 13

    After struggling to respond to a crushing Covid caseload, many hospitals are remodeling so that when the next crisis comes, they’ll be better able to meet it.

  40. Would You Go Back to the Office for an Eames Chair? Styles, August 6

    Ben Watson is overseeing the merger of Herman Miller and Knoll, with the belief that good design means good business.