1. Jewelry for Rap Gods (and Mortals Alike) Styles, Yesterday

    The jewelry designer Alex Moss specializes in creating custom pieces for clients like Drake and Jack Harlow. This month, he releases a collection available to the masses.

  2. Jackie Rogers, Jet-Setting Fashion Designer, Dies at 90 Obits, February 4

    An outspoken American who became a model for Coco Chanel, she partied with Europe’s elite before starting her own clothing line for stars and socialites.

  3. Wallpaper Everywhere All at Once Styles, February 2

    The current maximalist movement does not spare the ceiling.

  4. Carin Goldberg, Who Transformed Book and Album Cover Design, Dies at 69 Obits, January 31

    She was part of a vanguard of women designers who looked to the past to upend the cool modernism of the ’70s with a style that would become prominent in the ’80s.

  5. How to Create a Playroom That Appeals to Children and Adults Real Estate, January 31

    Thanks to an awareness that design affects children’s development, playrooms are no longer ‘the worst room in the house.’ You may even want to hang out there.

  6. Restoring a House for Every Body Real Estate, January 29

    Half a century ago, Marc Harrison built a prototype for a home that would accommodate people of all ages and abilities. Now his daughter has restored it.

  7. The Chicago Home Was Designed for Parties. Then the Parties Stopped. Real Estate, January 24

    Before the pandemic, turning a house into a hub for big gatherings seemed like a good idea.

  8. In Morocco, a Home Where Every Surface Is Covered With Treasures T Style, January 18

    Over three decades, the writer and botanist Umberto Pasti and the designer Stephan Janson have transformed a series of cottages in Tangier into a maximalist living museum.

  9. Building a House Is Stressful, Even if You’re Sanjay Gupta Real Estate, January 17

    The CNN correspondent was traveling for work during construction of his family’s house, leaving the decision-making to his wife. (Yes, they’re still married.)

  10. Nick Cave for the Home Styles, January 16

    The politically engaged artist, whose work is now on display at the Guggenheim Museum, talks about his new line of fabrics.

  11. Ruth Adler Schnee, Exuberant Designer of Modernist Textiles, Dies at 99 Obits, January 15

    A refugee from Nazi Germany, she was among a group of designers who elevated fabric from decoration into a medium for midcentury modern design.

  12. ‘Hood Century’: How One Man Is Redefining Midcentury Modern Architecture Real Estate, January 15

    Jerald Cooper, who lives in Cincinnati, wants to recognize and help preserve modern architecture and interior design that have added to the aesthetic and culture of many Black communities.

  13. 5 Broadway Veterans on Race and Representation in Theater Design Weekend, January 12

    “Theater traffics in unconscious symbolism.” Set designers, lighting designers and a sound designer talk about skin tones, aesthetics and more.

  14. Danish Design Goes Wild Styles, January 11

    In Denmark, “we’ve been in a white or gray or beige box for what — 20, 25 years?” said one decorative artist. “I think people have had enough.”

  15. A California Home Returns to Its 1970s Roots, Wall-to-Wall Carpeting and All T Style, January 10

    When the furniture designer Glenn Lawson set about renovating a house in the Santa Barbara hills, he committed to honoring its heritage.

  16. What Does It Take to Bring a 1974 California Cabin Back to Life? Real Estate, January 10

    The house in Sonoma County, designed by a notable modernist architect, needed someone with vision — and the willingness to do a lot of work.

  17. ‘The Future of Hospitals’: Flexible Space for the Next Pandemic Business, September 13

    After struggling to respond to a crushing Covid caseload, many hospitals are remodeling so that when the next crisis comes, they’ll be better able to meet it.

  18. Would You Go Back to the Office for an Eames Chair? Styles, August 6

    Ben Watson is overseeing the merger of Herman Miller and Knoll, with the belief that good design means good business.