1. The People Who Put Tomorrow’s New York Times Together Reader Center, Today

    How the newspaper that included a special section on the Mueller report was prepared for readers’ doorsteps.

  2. Behind the Cover: Make America Pay Again Magazine, April 17

    Inside the process for creating the covers of The New York Times Magazine.

  3. 13 Great Things We Saw at Milan’s Design Fair T Magazine, April 16

    The highlights of the recent Salone del Mobile included rainbow-colored Aalto stools, harlequin carpets and a field of wildflowers.

  4. Martha Stewart’s Right-Hand Man Style, April 16

    Kevin Sharkey is brand executive meets best friend. Will he take over the empire?

  5. Behind the Cover: The Climate Issue Magazine, April 12

    Inside the process for creating the covers of The New York Times Magazine.

  6. I’m Over Open-Concept Design Real Estate, April 12

    Design shows are all about tearing down walls and opening up spaces, but what’s wrong with a little more privacy and a little less togetherness?

  7. It’s a Crumbling Road to Despair. Can New York Fix the B.Q.E.? Arts, April 10

    There are a number of promising plans to repair the detested Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. But solving the problem will take an act of collective will.

  8. Lacma’s $650 Million Building by Peter Zumthor Is Approved Arts, April 9

    A critic calls it the “incredible shrinking museum.” The director says it is “ambitious.” On Tuesday, Los Angeles County made it official: The project will go forward.

  9. Reinventing a Life, and a House, in Massachusetts Real Estate, April 9

    For the founder of a New York City gym, the rocky coast north of Boston offered an opportunity for a second act — and a new home to reflect that.

  10. Shopping for Mugs Real Estate, April 8

    Does it really matter what you drink your coffee out of? Some are convinced that it does.

  11. A Tour of Designer Charles de Lisle’s Rustic Cabin in Sonoma Style, April 5

    The weekend retreat, built by a survivalist, has no cell reception and is off the grid.

  12. Behind the Cover: Murdoch’s Empire of Influence Magazine, April 3

    The Murdoch empire has profited more than any single media company from the wave of right-wing populism spreading across the world. Our cover story this week.

  13. The Easy Way to Create a Smart Home Real Estate, April 2

    You no longer need to renovate — or spend a lot of money — to incorporate smart technology into your home. Here’s how to do it in a few quick steps.

  14. Behind the Cover: The King Becomes Her Magazine, March 27

    For this issue, a look at Glenda Jackson's King Lear.

  15. Feng Shui Tips for a Harmonious Life Real Estate, March 26

    Experts say the energies and directions of feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice for optimizing the home, change yearly.

  16. In Texas, a Whole House on Half a Lot Real Estate, March 26

    Building a house is expensive, so two couples in Austin came up with a creative plan to share the pain.

  17. Two Houses, One Lot Slideshow, March 26

    Building a house is expensive, so two couples in Austin came up with a creative plan to share the pain.

  18. A British Interior Designer’s Tricks for Staying Organized T Magazine, March 25

    In her bustling London office, Beata Heuman labels liberally, files in an antique cabinet — and still finds a place to watercolor.

  19. Shopping for Ceiling Fans Real Estate, March 25

    There are a lot of ugly fans. But if you choose carefully, it’s like adding a piece of sculpture to a room.

  20. Behind the Cover: Rick Steves Wants to Set You Free Magazine, March 21

    In this issue, a look at the travel guru who wants to save the world, one vacation at a time.

  21. Designer Ini Archibong Shares a Glimpse Into His World, in Photographs T Magazine, March 21

    Known for his sophisticated furniture and now a sculptural new watch for Hermès, the California native shares images from a month on the road.