1. The Man Who Designed Dean & Deluca, and the Look of Modern Kitchens T Magazine, Today

    In the ’70s, the artist Jack Ceglic created the gourmet grocer's aesthetic, with industrial touches aplenty. His own home in East Hampton is even more appealing.

  2. Remembering Lee Radziwill T Magazine, February 16

    A former princess, design doyenne and sometime actress, she inspired a generation of designers.

  3. Behind the Cover: The Secret History of Women in Coding Magazine, February 13

    For this issue, a look at the female vanguard of computer programming.

  4. How to Make a 3-D Model of Your Home Renovation Vision Technology, February 13

    Before you get out the hardware, use software like free floor-plan apps and augmented-reality tools to sketch out the ideas for your remodeling projects.

  5. Two Lives in Art, and a Collection Tracing Their Trajectory Arts, February 12

    A curator marries an artist and, with the couple’s successes, their circle widens, and they acquire a broad variety of art.

  6. In Dutchess County, a Farmhouse for the 21st Century Real Estate, February 12

    What could be better than renting a 200-year-old house as a weekend escape? Building a new glass-and-stone home and running an organic farm there.

  7. 360-Degree Views in Stanford, N.Y. Slideshow, February 12

    What could be better than renting an old farmhouse as a weekend escape? Building a new glass-and-stone house and running an organic farm there.

  8. The Brand Making Not-Your-Grandmother’s Wallpaper T Magazine, February 11

    For their largest project yet, the designers behind Work & Sea filled a home with their artful prints.

  9. Long Live Eccentric English Design T Magazine, February 11

    Uninterested in disciplined minimalism, a group of defining interior designers is championing England’s long-held preference for color, wit and wackiness.

  10. The Bonkers Aesthetic Slideshow, February 11

    By exuberantly layering old and new — and as much color and pattern as a room can handle — these English designers are taking eccentricity to riotous new heights.

  11. Shopping for Coat Trees Real Estate, February 11

    The newest ones aren’t just for coats — and they’re as eye-catching as they are functional.

  12. A Work Space Fit for an Ever-Changing Designer T Magazine, February 7

    In a Victorian townhouse in East London, Faye Toogood has built a studio that honors both her distinct eye and the certainty of impermanence.

  13. Make T Something | Faye Toogood Video, February 7

    The British designer creates a wearable manifesto using only a few select items, one wild-card object and a copy of The New York Times.

  14. Behind the Cover: The Women of Big-Wave Surfing Magazine, February 7

    For this issue, a look at the one of the most dangerous, rapturous sports on Earth.

  15. How a Book Gets to the Perfect Cover Books, February 6

    Here’s how designers get a concept from good to must-pick-up.

  16. In This Manhattan Apartment, Every Room Is a Testament to Japanese Tradition T Magazine, February 6

    The artist Hiroshi Sugimoto’s first architectural project in New York City is a defiant celebration of a bygone age.

  17. In Bel-Air, a Colorful House That Is Not Like the Others T Magazine, February 5

    Elizabeth Baudouin and Natalie Shirinian have transformed a classic midcentury ranch house into an eclectic creative haven.

  18. From Industrial Waste to Objects of Beauty T Magazine, February 5

    Is it denim or marble? Algae or glass? How a new group of designers is resurrecting once-discarded materials.

  19. Bringing the Living Room to Life Real Estate, February 5

    Without accessories, a room lacks depth and character. But how to choose the right ones?

  20. A Design to Bring Life to Death Reader Center, February 2

    A special section in the Sunday paper paid tribute to extraordinary black men and women who were left out of The Times’s obituaries when they died. Its design aims to bring joy to readers.

  21. The Danish Designer Making Fanciful Dresses With a Dark Side T Magazine, January 31

    Cecilie Bahnsen has won a loyal following for her frilled and intricately embroidered pieces, but now she’s experimenting with a less innocent mood.

  22. Behind the Cover: The Trillion-Dollar Nowhere Magazine, January 30

    For this issue, a look at the center of China's campaign to dominate the global economy.

  23. A Modernist Restoration, Texas Style Real Estate, January 29

    The 1962 house was miraculously intact, but it needed some updating. Two decades later, it’s nearly done.

  24. Bauhaus Revisited, in Highland Park Slideshow, January 29

    The 1962 home was miraculously intact, but it needed some updating. Two decades later, it’s nearly done.

  25. Inside a Designer’s Theatrical Apartment and Studio in Rome T Magazine, January 28

    With his towering rope urns and trompe l’oeil rugs, F. Taylor Colantonio has created a surrealist world of his own.

  26. Home and Work: F. Taylor Colantonio Slideshow, January 28

    The American designer has filled his apartment and studio in Rome with colorful flea market finds and his own handcrafted touches.

  27. Shopping for Throws Real Estate, January 28

    For warmth and comfort, it’s hard to beat a throw in the winter.

  28. A Tour of Marc Newson’s Library in London Style, January 24

    The celebrated designer of futuristic objects turned a cavernous Victorian-era office into a warm, colorful home.

  29. Behind the Cover: Opportunity Cost Magazine, January 23

    For this issue, a look at Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader.

  30. Beyond the Built-in Bookcase Real Estate, January 22

    The best built-ins aren’t just for books. How about a built-in for the dog, or the in-laws?