1. Remembering the Marvelous, Maddening Mario Buatta Styles, October 20

    Under all that colorful chintz there were some serious dust bunnies, but also a lot of laughs.

  2. A Glimpse Behind Closed Doors Real Estate, October 19

    Some of New York City’s most sumptuous and meticulously designed homes are celebrated in a new book.

  3. A Catalog of Unforgettable Interiors Slideshow, October 19

    “New York Splendor: The City’s Most Memorable Rooms” takes readers inside some of the Manhattan’s most remarkable private homes.

  4. Women Get Feet in the Door of the Car Design Boys’ Club Business Day, October 18

    Their numbers remain small, but more women are being trained for the jobs that determine how our cars look and feel.

  5. Behind the Cover: Laughing Matters Magazine, October 17

    For this issue, a look at Melissa McCarthy's faith in comedy.

  6. Mario Buatta, Interior Designer and ‘Prince of Chintz,’ Dies at 82 Obits, October 16

    He made exuberant use of pillows, fringes, swags, tassels, bows and ruffles for a list of clients that included the famous as well as the merely rich.

  7. Making an Entrance Real Estate, October 16

    That small space near your front door could be the most important room in your home — even if it’s not a real room. Here’s how to make the best of it.

  8. She Designs Scrubs With Plenty of Pockets. Cargo Pants? Why Not. Sunday Business, October 12

    As a girl, Allison Thielmann developed a love of sewing. Now she designs scrubs for doctors, nurses and skin care specialists.

  9. Behind the Cover: Immigration and the Democrats Magazine, October 10

    For this issue, a look at an issue that threatens to tear the party apart.

  10. In Tokyo, a Couple Proving That Good Craftsmanship Knows No Boundaries T Style, October 10

    She’s a Swedish accessories designer. He’s the founder of a street wear brand. Sophia and Masafumi Watanabe have opposing design sensibilities, but are creatively intertwined.

  11. First He Built a Set of Stairs. Then He Built Somewhere for Them to Lead. T Style, October 9

    One extraordinary (and totally nonessential) space. This month: a British expat’s tower in Tangier.

  12. Hudson River School Style Slideshow, October 9

    Not everything in the circa-1800 property in Claverack, N.Y., is 200 years old. But now that it has been renovated, you’d never know.

  13. Going Back in Time, in the Hudson Valley Real Estate, October 9

    Not everything in the circa-1800 property in Claverack, N.Y., is 200 years old. But now that it has been renovated, you’d never know.

  14. Shopping for Bathroom Faucets Real Estate, October 8

    If you’re looking for a new faucet, you’re in luck: There is a lot more to choose from than there used to be.

  15. In Williamsburg, Designing for Work-Life Balance Special Sections, October 4

    In 2005, the artist Tara Donovan bought a garage in Brooklyn. She has lived there ever since, making a few tweaks along the way.

  16. A Design Tour From Your Armchair Special Sections, October 4

    For those with lingering wanderlust this fall, six coffee table books offer adventurous design from around the world.

  17. Behind the Cover: Gaga Reborn Magazine, October 3

    For this issue, a look at her latest reinvention.

  18. Comforts, but Few Creatures (Unless You Count the Dog) Style, October 3

    High above the Hollywood Hills, Muppets scion Brian Henson and wife, Mia Sara, embrace luxury and eco-consciousness in their memento-filled home.

  19. Creating a Standout Vacation Rental Real Estate, October 2

    How to furnish a space that will attract guests — and withstand the wear and tear that comes with them.

  20. A Penthouse Made for Instagram Business, September 30

    Spotless walls, a “millennial pink” sofa, a spa-style bathtub that’s waiting to be filled with flowers — and every inch of its 2,400 square feet is free from the clutter of everyday life.

  21. How to Get (Fake) Six-Pack Abs, With Adam Selman T Style, September 28

    In the latest episode of “Make T Something,” the fashion designer pays homage to the Instagram-famous bodybuilder Jujimufu.

  22. Make T Something | Adam Selman Video, September 28

    The fashion designer accepts T’s challenge to make something in less than one hour with only a few select items — and creates an entirely new persona for himself.

  23. It’s Showtime! Staging a House for Sale Real Estate, September 28

    When you put your house on the market, it may start to feel less like a place to live and more like a set to be decorated.

  24. Behind the Cover: Voting National, September 26

    For this issue, a look at the election crisis and disenfranchisement.

  25. The Existential Void of the Pop-Up ‘Experience’ Culture, September 26

    I went to as many Instagramable “museums,” “factories” and “mansions” as I could. They nearly broke me.

  26. How to Decorate Your Home Interactive, September 25

    Decorating your home can feel like a daunting task. But by following the steps used by professional interior designers, you’ll have a much greater chance of success. Learn how.

  27. The Long-Term Beach House Real Estate, September 25

    Carrying forward a family tradition of summering at the shore with a new chapter — and a new house — in Montauk, N.Y.

  28. An All-Seasons Escape Slideshow, September 25

    Carrying forward a family tradition of summering at the shore with a new chapter — and a new house — in Montauk, N.Y.

  29. Get in Bed With Skynet Styles, September 24

    Robot furniture is happening. This is the single greatest thing to happen to humanity ever, the robots told us to say.

  30. Shopping for Quilts Real Estate, September 24

    Whether you’re looking for a unique piece of art or something to keep you warm this winter, quilts fit the bill. And they’re back in style.