1. Bottega Veneta Ties the Knot Again T Magazine, Today

    A new clutch highlights the brand’s signature woven leather.

  2. An Italian Maximalist Moves Into a Muted Turin Villa T Magazine, Today

    The tentmaker Guido Toschi brings color and pattern to a 12th-century citadel once occupied by his five great-aunts.

  3. Gaetano Pesce Still Has His Eye on the Horizon T Style, Yesterday

    The designer’s new resin screen is a sign of his enduring fascination with the Manhattan skyline.

  4. An Interior Designer’s Los Angeles Home Is Also Her Laboratory T Style, Yesterday

    In renovating her family’s house, Sally Breer moved nearly every wall to create a space that is both modern and kid-friendly.

  5. The Collaborative Studio Reimagining Lighting Design T Style, September 27

    Known for its endlessly customizable fixtures, In Common With is breaking fresh ground with an expanded Brooklyn headquarters and a fantastical new collection.

  6. Inside a 17th-Century Italian Palace, an Untouched Sanctuary T Style, September 27

    The writer Skye McAlpine’s apartment, part of a storied palazzo in Venice, is filled with layers of history.

  7. At 86, Jacques Pépin Isn’t Slowing Down Real Estate, September 27

    The celebrated chef lives in Madison, Conn., on a property with two kitchens, an herb-and-vegetable garden and a dog named Gaston. And yes, he has a new cookbook out.

  8. This Home Office Has a Secret Styles, September 27

    As homeowners try to squeeze more out of their spaces, the once humble, now elevated Murphy bed is finding a new fan base in suburbia.

  9. On a Greek Island, a Couple Find Fresh Creative Possibilities T Style, September 26

    A furniture designer and an olive oil purveyor discover a slower pace — and new inspiration.

  10. In Malibu, an Inflatable Bungalow for Robert Downey Jr. T Style, September 26

    The actor’s thin-shell home is at once an aerodynamic oddity and, perhaps, a harbinger of environmentally conscious architecture.

  11. Nancy Hiller, Who Broke a Glass Ceiling in Woodworking, Dies at 63 Obits, September 25

    One of the few women in her profession, she steadily built a quiet but forceful reputation as one of the best cabinetmakers in the country.

  12. Irwin Glusker, 98, Dies; Gave American Heritage Its Distinctive Look Obits, September 23

    A veteran art director, he was best known for his work at the lavish magazine of U.S. history that became a fixture in dens across the country.

  13. Australian Floral Designs That, at Long Last, Embrace Australian Flora T Style, September 23

    In a land where unique species thrive, local florists are developing a gloriously twisted aesthetic all their own.

  14. A Sprawling Connecticut Estate Embraces the Wild T Style, September 23

    The British landscape designer Dan Pearson has created a uniquely connected ecosystem that dances between cultivation and wilderness.

  15. Gio Ponti’s Surrealist Playground, Revisited T Style, September 22

    How two designers reinterpreted Casa di Fantasia, Ponti’s perspective-boggling apartment in Milan.

  16. A Tangier House Is Given New Life, and an Extension T Style, September 21

    An English creative revived and expanded a once-crumbling Moroccan building next to her family’s ancestral home.

  17. Seven Looks That Defined New York Fashion Week Interactive, September 20

    Big pants, small bags and other memorable takeaways from the fashion week that was.

  18. In His Vancouver Home, a Lighting Designer Embraces a Natural Glow T Style, September 20

    By combining soft illumination with bold furniture, Omer Arbel creates unexpected energy in the small rooms of his bungalow.

  19. One Frustrated Hamptons Buyer Opts for an Alternative: Build It Yourself Real Estate, September 20

    Dismayed by overpriced Hamptons real estate — ‘and nothing was really what I wanted’ — she decided to design her own house instead of buying one.

  20. Shopping for Brooms Real Estate, September 19

    Why do you need a well-designed broom? Because you’re more likely to use it.

  21. ‘El algodón no se desperdicia’: una empresa mexicana hila su éxito con materiales excedentes en Español, September 18

    El éxito de Caralarga, una empresa en Querétaro, ha hecho que pase de ser una operación de dos personas a convertirse en una compañía con 60 empleados que fabrica y envía productos a todo el mundo.

  22. A California Home That Conjures ‘Little Women’ on Acid T Style, September 16

    In response to her client’s request, the designer Chloe Warner delivered a layered riot of colors, patterns and styles.

  23. ‘A Kitchen for the Kitchen’ Real Estate, September 16

    The back kitchen, in essence a pantry on overdrive, has become increasingly popular among wealthier homeowners in recent years, according to architects, designers and homebuilders.

  24. From Christopher John Rogers and Orior, a Vibrant Chair Collection T Style, September 15

    Plus: joyful queer art, a hotel inside a former bank and more recommendations from T Magazine.

  25. ‘The Future of Hospitals’: Flexible Space for the Next Pandemic Business, September 13

    After struggling to respond to a crushing Covid caseload, many hospitals are remodeling so that when the next crisis comes, they’ll be better able to meet it.

  26. Why You Should Decorate Your Hallway (and How to Get Started) Real Estate, September 13

    When you’re furnishing your home, it’s easy to focus on larger rooms and overlook the hall. Here’s why that’s a mistake.

  27. The Woman Changing On-Court Sneaker Culture Styles, September 7

    Melody Ehsani is the rare woman designing Nike performance shoes for elite athletes.

  28. Mixing Children and Art? Yes, It’s Possible. Real Estate, September 6

    In a ‘magical place’ in the Connecticut woods, one couple built a rural escape where the most fragile artwork is just out of reach.

  29. Shopping for Runners Real Estate, September 5

    Sure, you can do without a long rug in your hallway or kitchen. But a runner adds comfort and style.

  30. Celebrating Creators of Design Special Sections, September 3

    A look at the international creative talent showcased at Paris Design Week and the London Design Festival.

  31. How the Editor in Chief of Elle Decor Spends His Sundays Metropolitan, September 3

    Asad Syrkett stays close to his Brooklyn home, doing Pilates, seeing friends, burning incense and reading fiction.

  32. How to Decorate a New York Apartment From Los Angeles, in a Few Easy Steps Real Estate, September 3

    When an interior designer decided to make a big move during the worst months of the pandemic, she planned her new rental around several key pieces.

  33. Peter Hujar’s Photographs, Curated by Elton John T Style, September 1

    Plus: a new hotel on Kastellorizo in Greece, arboreal wallpaper and more recommendations from T Magazine.

  34. How to Decorate an Empty Space Special Sections, September 1

    Questions on filling a home, carving out guest quarters, deciding whether to choose marble and finding a decent-looking light switch.

  35. Household Goods That Wear Their Fashion Influences on Their Sleeves Special Sections, September 1

    It can be a short step from a runway look to a home furnishing — especially if the designer has a foot in both worlds.

  36. From Ralph Lauren to Louis Vuitton, Who Dressed Your Living Room? Special Sections, September 1

    For three-quarters of a century, the $1.7 trillion global fashion industry has found opportunity in home furnishings.

  37. Hand-Me-Downs and Discards from Design History’s Treasure Chest Special Sections, September 1

    New books on gnarly trees with pedigrees, lost Miami buildings and vintage construction toys, along with a deep dive into African textiles.

  38. An American in Milan With a Taste for ‘Sprezzatura’ Special Sections, September 1

    Eric Egan’s interior design studio upholds couture traditions with exquisite — but far from stodgy — details for the home.

  39. A Panorama of Design Special Sections, September 1

    A look at design-world events, products and people.

  40. In Mexico, a Company and a Community Tied Together With a Single Thread Special Sections, September 1

    Cotton forms the foundation of Caralarga’s objects and fashions.

  41. While You Are Sleeping, Rogan Gregory Gets His Ideas Special Sections, September 1

    The fashion-turned-furniture designer lets his creativity flow from wherever.

  42. World-Class Lessons on Zero-Waste Styles, August 31

    Designers from around the world find inspiration in traditional garment making in their quest to eliminate fabric waste.

  43. Robert Kime, Decorator for Nobility and Other Notables, Dies at 76 Obits, August 31

    A celebrated antiques lover with an understated, old-guard approach, his clients included Prince Charles and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

  44. Would You Go Back to the Office for an Eames Chair? Styles, August 6

    Ben Watson is overseeing the merger of Herman Miller and Knoll, with the belief that good design means good business.