1. Iris Apfel, a Full Life in Full Looks Styles, Yesterday

    The New York society figure, former interior designer and self-proclaimed “geriatric starlet” made dressing a delight.

  2. Iris Apfel, Eye-Catcher With a Kaleidoscopic Wardrobe, Dies at 102 Obits, Yesterday

    She came to fame in the fashion world in her 80s and 90s, and her wildly eclectic closet of clothes formed a hit exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  3. A New York Apartment With a Garden in the Kitchen T Style, March 1

    When a couple took over a SoHo loft, they were attracted to its classic stripped-back look, but they also aspired to make it their own.

  4. Josh Brolin Never Thought He’d End Up in Malibu T Style, February 29

    How the “Dune” actor made a home in a place he once resisted.

  5. House Tour | Josh Brolin Video, February 29

    The actor gives a tour of his guesthouse and Airstream trailer in Malibu, Calif.

  6. Microsoft Word’s Subtle Typeface Change Affected Millions. Did You Notice? Express, February 28

    A change in Microsoft Word’s default typeface, from Calibri to Aptos, didn’t register for everyone, but fans of typography got excited.

  7. Bruce Newman, Leading Man of Antiques, Dies at 94 Obits, February 27

    He oversaw Newel Galleries and its over-the-top treasures that embellished Broadway and Hollywood sets and the living rooms of movie stars and a first lady.

  8. How to Create the Best Kind of Cozy Space: a Room That’s Like a Hug Real Estate, February 27

    “You can call it different things,” said one designer, but it “all adds up to the same idea: You feel like you want to put your feet up.”

  9. A House Where Old Miami Style Meets Old World Eclecticism T Style, February 27

    The 1940s Florida home harks back to a different time — and a different continent.

  10. She Wanted an R.V. He Wanted a Sailboat. This Was Their Compromise. Real Estate, February 23

    Instead of rolling down roads, their motorboat floats down rivers — and it’s as cozy as a woodland cabin. Think of it as a floating R.V.

  11. Charles Stendig Dies at 99; Introduced Fanciful Furniture From Abroad Obits, February 21

    For nearly two decades he traveled to factories throughout Europe, sometimes behind the Iron Curtain, to bring modern furniture to Americans.

  12. An HGTV Star’s Party Inspires a Question: What Makes a Home? Styles, February 21

    While celebrating Jeremiah Brent’s first book, guests pondered the keys to a home, from lighting to artifacts of past lives.

  13. A Bed-Stuy Loft Transformed With an Out-of-the-Ordinary Renovation Real Estate, February 20

    They didn’t expect their new Brooklyn home to flood a week after they moved in. But ‘with the destruction, there was an opportunity.’

  14. Five Things Peter Shire Wishes He’d Made T Style, February 17

    The Los Angeles-based artist and designer admires the Vespa and an early 20th-century typeface.

  15. How to Choose Wallpaper Interactive, February 16

    Choosing the right wallpaper is tricky. Los Angeles designers Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe offer some tips.

  16. What Is ‘Unexpected Red’? Styles, February 16

    A viral TikTok theory offers a cure for the living room blahs.

  17. Are You Guilty of ‘Abuse of Wallpaper’? Here’s How to Avoid It. Real Estate, February 16

    If you’re thinking of wallpapering a room but are afraid to get started (or even choose a pattern), you’re not alone. We’ve got some suggestions.

  18. Architect Embraces Indigenous Worldview in Australian Designs Foreign, February 16

    Jefa Greenaway is a leading proponent of “Country-centered design,” which calls for collaboration with Indigenous communities and puts sustainability concerns at a project’s core.

  19. A New York Hotel With Flashy Patterns and Bucolic Gardens T Style, February 15

    This Manhattan project is the latest from the British designer Kit Kemp, who is known for her fanciful interiors.

  20. Saying Goodbye to a Legendary Milanese Palazzo T Style, February 13

    An interior decorator’s family inhabited the sprawling building for six generations. Now, as they leave, he and his partner offer a final look inside.

  21. Mermaids and Roses: The Harlem Home of a ‘Hadestown’ Star Real Estate, February 13

    ‘I’ve been here a while,’ said Lillias White, who plays Hermes in the Tony-winning musical. ‘Hence the clutter.’

  22. Cómo la inteligencia artificial está remodelando la casa de tus sueños En español, February 11

    En medio de una crisis inmobiliaria inmanejable, las casas de lujo simuladas son una prueba de nuestro propio delirio.

  23. A Compact, Eco-Friendly House and Three (Not-So-Little) Pigs Real Estate, February 9

    The 1,200-square-foot home in coastal Maine uses a fraction of the energy required to heat the average house, and the pigs handle most of the yardwork.

  24. Who Says Historic Homes Have to Be Stuffy? Real Estate, February 6

    Here’s how one couple brought their Federal house in Salem, Mass., into the 21st century — with ‘color, character and eccentricity.’

  25. Inger McCabe Elliott, Who Famously Became Con Man’s Victim, Dies at 90 Obits, February 5

    She was a successful designer. But she was probably best known for being duped in a scheme that inspired the play “Six Degrees of Separation.”

  26. How A.I. Is Remodeling the Fantasy Home Culture, February 4

    Amid an intractable real estate crisis, fake luxury houses offer a delusion of one’s own.

  27. As Office Workers Make Their Return, So Does the Lowly Cubicle Business, December 19

    Once derided as symbols of a commodified work force, cubicles are making a comeback, and workers are personalizing them and posting photos on social media.

  28. The Envy Office: Can Instagrammable Design Lure Young Workers Back? Sunday Business, November 26

    If your feed makes the corporate life look stylish, it’s just another evolution in the long history of the American workplace.

  29. The Chicago Home Was Designed for Parties. Then the Parties Stopped. Real Estate, January 24

    Before the pandemic, turning a house into a hub for big gatherings seemed like a good idea.

  30. ‘The Future of Hospitals’: Flexible Space for the Next Pandemic Business, September 13

    After struggling to respond to a crushing Covid caseload, many hospitals are remodeling so that when the next crisis comes, they’ll be better able to meet it.

  31. Would You Go Back to the Office for an Eames Chair? Styles, August 6

    Ben Watson is overseeing the merger of Herman Miller and Knoll, with the belief that good design means good business.