1. Why Is an Italian Luxury Brand Having a Show in Michigan? Style, October 22

    Bottega Veneta’s latest show was rich in Detroit techno.

  2. Is This the Cure for the Loneliness of American Motherhood? Opinion, October 22

    American moms are isolated, overworked and undersupported. The solution may be living together, separately.

  3. No Longer Boxed In, Volvo Wins Over Buyers With Its Sleeker Look Business, October 22

    With an aggressive push for electric vehicles and a coming I.P.O., the century-old Swedish carmaker is positioning itself for the future.

  4. The Enduring Appeal of Laura Ashley T Magazine, October 21

    With her floral-print dresses and housewares, the British designer created a romantic and instantly recognizable aesthetic that, decades later, is inspiring a wide range of dressers and brands.

  5. The Strange Appeal of Shelter TikTok Magazine, October 20

    TikTok has developed its own approach to home-design content: Skip over the home to obsess over the objects inside.

  6. The Austin Bungalow Had Charm. But It ‘Needed Everything.’ Real Estate, October 19

    After noticing a realtor ‘sitting, literally head in hand, on the front steps,’ a Texas couple decided to buy the house. That was two renovations ago.

  7. Solving a Problem House in Austin, Texas Slideshow, October 19

    After noticing a realtor ‘sitting, literally head in hand, on the front steps,’ a Texas couple decided to buy the home. That was two renovations ago.

  8. Sister Parish Rises Again, in a Pop-Up Style, October 19

    No longer just for the Kennedys and Astors: The great-granddaughter of a legendary decorator wants to make interior design more accessible.

  9. Shopping for Swing-Arm Lamps Real Estate, October 18

    Because they’re just so convenient.

  10. Today’s Must-Have Amenity? A Little Green Space. Real Estate, October 15

    Thanks to the pandemic, there’s a major shift in what New Yorkers consider luxury.

  11. A Designer Who Finds Beauty in Decay T Magazine, October 12

    In a Warsaw warehouse, Marcin Rusak turns decomposing plant material into polished pieces that degrade over time.

  12. A Modernist Gem in Paris, Meticulously Restored T Magazine, October 11

    Since purchasing a 1920s townhouse by Robert Mallet-Stevens, the art and antiques dealer Éric Touchaleaume has been deeply faithful to the architect’s original vision.

  13. Richard Schultz, Designer Who Made the Outdoors Modern, Dies at 95 Arts, October 10

    Working for Knoll, Mr. Schultz created furniture that became classics. One standout: a sleek mesh and aluminum chaise with wheels.

  14. Dressing Brides for ‘Their Red-Carpet Moment’ Style, October 5

    Andrew Kwon, returning to the runway with his second wedding collection, Dreamer, talks about his passions, inspirations and desire to create “modern-day goddesses.”

  15. Can You Renovate a Rental? Sure, if You’re Careful. Real Estate, October 5

    As one Los Angeles interior designer showed, it is possible to customize a rental, provided you get the landlords on board.

  16. A Silver Lake Rental Gets a Minimalist Update Slideshow, October 5

    As one Los Angeles interior designer showed, it is possible to customize a rental, provided you get the landlords on board.

  17. 12 Talents Shaping the Design World Interactive, October 4

    Whether they make furniture, housewares, textiles or floral arrangements, these creative forces bring a singular perspective and devotion to their work.

  18. An In-Demand Maker of Poetic, Off-Kilter Furniture T Magazine, October 4

    Minjae Kim’s sculptural pieces, from rabbit-eared wood and fiberglass chairs to a desk inspired by Henri Matisse’s cutouts, have earned him a devoted following.

  19. The Rug Designer Inspired by the Colors and Craft Traditions of India T Magazine, October 4

    Following one of many trips to her parents’ homeland, Arati Rao launched Tantuvi, which combines vibrant, abstract shapes with centuries-old weaving techniques.

  20. In New York, a Magazine Editor Who’s Also a Furniture Maker T Magazine, October 4

    This year, Emmanuel Olunkwa was named the editor of Pin-Up — and debuted his own playful yet minimalist designs.

  21. A Textile Designer Who Draws on Art History and Neuroscience T Magazine, October 4

    An antidote to earth-toned minimalism, Ellen Van Dusen’s designs suggest that children aren’t the only ones drawn to bold colors and shapes.

  22. How a Design Devotee Turned Her Passion Into a Thriving Business T Magazine, October 4

    With Claude Home, Maggie Holladay has created a sought-after source for both vintage furniture and contemporary pieces, some of which she’s conceived of herself.

  23. An Artist Couple Who Live Among the Furniture They Create Together T Magazine, October 4

    Though they maintain separate practices, Chris Johanson and Johanna Jackson regularly collaborate on hand-hewn pieces that are subtly autobiographical.

  24. A Floral Designer Who Heightens the Drama of Nature T Magazine, October 4

    Drawing on a fantastical aesthetic sense partly formed in childhood, Doan Ly makes arrangements — and equally alluring photos of them — that are rich in color and narrative.

  25. The Artist Who Dreamed Up a Kaleidoscopic Basketball Court for London’s Canary Wharf T Magazine, October 4

    Yinka Ilori brings color and joy to an eclectic array of projects, whether he’s reimagining public spaces or designing furniture and housewares.

  26. A Furniture Maker Working to Expand the Definition of British Design T Magazine, October 4

    The Nottingham- and Newcastle-based Mac Collins draws on a range of references, from midcentury Scandinavian pieces to his own Afro-Carribbean roots.

  27. The Textile Artist Employing Centuries-Old Practices and Pop Culture Imagery T Magazine, October 4

    For Sarah Zapata, hand-weaving is a metaphor for both expressing and examining different facets of her identity.

  28. In New Orleans, a Designer With a Daring, Completist Vision T Magazine, October 4

    A chronic experimenter, Bradley L. Bowers moves among the worlds of furniture, lighting and jewelry, challenging assumptions every step of the way.

  29. Shopping for Decorative Boxes Real Estate, October 4

    The best ones hold ‘any sort of unsightly things’ — but they’re also interesting pieces of functional art. (And no, they don’t have to be square.)

  30. Taavo Somer Can Make Anything Cool, Even Golf Style, September 30

    The creator of Freemans Sporting Club, who helped define the ye olde aesthetic of the early aughts, opens a country club in the Hudson Valley.

  31. When Old Spoons Make Really Great Necklaces Style, September 28

    The futurist Marine Serre bends antique silverware to her will on the first night of Paris Fashion Week.

  32. The Owner of The Mysterious Bookshop Built His Dream House Real Estate, September 28

    And of course it includes a two-story library — modeled on the Bodleian at Oxford University — for his massive collection of books.

  33. A Mysterious Home for The Mysterious Bookshop Owner Slideshow, September 28

    When Otto Penzler, the bookstore owner and editor, built his dream house, it had to include a three-story library modeled on the Bodleian at Oxford.

  34. How an Architect’s Descendants Brought His Crumbling House Back to Life T Magazine, September 27

    After a loving restoration, the home of Rafael Urzúa Arias, one of Mexico’s leading 20th-century architects, is once again a livable residence, and honors his spirit.

  35. Remembering the Man Behind ‘I ❤️ NY’ Interactive, June 25

    The graphic designer Milton Glaser died one year ago on Saturday.

  36. The Story of Modern Art and Design, Housed in a Suburban Detroit Basement Interactive, June 17

    The storage facility of the Cranbrook Academy of Art, in the unlikely enclave of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., is a treasure trove of iconic objects.

  37. What a Tiny Masterpiece Reveals About Power and Beauty Interactive, April 2

    Crosscurrents of religion and culture shaped this stunningly detailed portrait of the 17th-century Mughal emperor who built the Taj Mahal.

  38. Arrange Your Clutter Into Collections Interactive, January 15

    You’re at home all the time — why not improve how you display your favorite things?

  39. The Year in Illustration 2020 Interactive, January 14

    The most memorable illustrations of the year, as chosen by art directors at The New York Times.

  40. The Myth of North America, in One Painting Interactive, November 25

    How Benjamin West remade a bloody battle as a founding romance.

  41. Seeing Our Own Reflection in the Birth of the Self-Portrait Interactive, September 25

    Now it seems self-evident that pictures can represent who you “really” are. That conviction began with Albrecht Dürer, five centuries ago.

  42. Contain Your Children’s Clutter Interactive, August 6

    Children can be messy, but interior designers have some suggestions on setting up space to contain the worst of the clutter.

  43. The Creative Circles Defining the Culture Interactive, April 13

    Whether united by outlook or identity, happenstance or choice, these communities have shaped the worlds of art, fashion, film and more.

  44. How Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts Birthed the Contemporary Avant-Garde Interactive, April 13

    A city poised on the edge of Europe and the rest of the world became the incubator for talents like Dries Van Noten, Luc Tuymans and Ann Demeulemeester.

  45. The Family-Run Italian Design Houses That Became Cultural Dynasties Interactive, April 13

    For centuries, Italy has prized the art of fashion and furniture design like no other country in the world, with generations dedicated to traditional craftsmanship and continuity.

  46. Shopping for Storage Baskets Real Estate, November 4

    For controlling clutter and making everything look more organized, it’s hard to beat a simple basket. Here are five that will contain almost any mess.

  47. A Family-Friendly Home in Brooklyn Slideshow, June 4

    For a couple in Williamsburg, buying a fixer-upper seemed like the best way to get what they wanted: a hardwearing, light-filled space.

  48. Jayne Wrightsman, Arts Benefactor and Doyenne of High Society, Dies at 99 Obits, April 20

    Mrs. Wrightsman, who had no formal training, became a connoisseur of 18th-century French art and a significant donor to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  49. Martha Stewart’s Right-Hand Man Styles, April 16

    Kevin Sharkey is brand executive meets best friend. Will he take over the empire?

  50. Reinventing a Life, and a House, in Massachusetts Real Estate, April 9

    For the founder of a New York City gym, the rocky coast north of Boston offered an opportunity for a second act — and a new home to reflect that.

  51. Behind the Cover: Murdoch’s Empire of Influence Magazine, April 3

    The Murdoch empire has profited more than any single media company from the wave of right-wing populism spreading across the world. Our cover story this week.

  52. In Texas, a Whole House on Half a Lot Real Estate, March 26

    Building a house is expensive, so two couples in Austin came up with a creative plan to share the pain.

  53. Shopping for Ceiling Fans Real Estate, March 25

    There are a lot of ugly fans. But if you choose carefully, it’s like adding a piece of sculpture to a room.

  54. His and Hers, But Mostly Hers Slideshow, February 19

    The musician Ingrid Michaelson and the actor Will Chase have very different ideas about material possessions. And that works out just fine.