1. Guía básica de los buenos modales en internet en Español, Yesterday

    No escribes de la misma manera un correo electrónico a tu jefe que un mensaje a tu mejor amigo. ¿Qué reglas seguir en nuestras interacciones en línea?

  2. Tony Brooker, Pioneer of Computer Programming, Dies at 94 Technology, Yesterday

    After meeting Alan Turing, Mr. Brooker went to work at the University of Manchester and wrote the programming language for the first commercial computer.

  3. How We Made Images of Methane, an Invisible Gas Reader Center, Yesterday

    We went to one of the world’s biggest oil fields with an infrared camera to find out what’s leaking into the sky.

  4. The Week in Tech: Countdown to the California Consumer Privacy Act Technology, Yesterday

    Companies are figuring out how to deal with a new law that gives individuals the right to see, delete and stop the sale of the personal information about them.

  5. Killer Robots Aren’t Regulated. Yet. Technology, Yesterday

    “Killing in the Age of Algorithms” is a New York Times documentary examining the future of artificial intelligence and warfare.

  6. She Accused a Tech Billionaire of Rape. The Chinese Internet Turned Against Her. Business, Yesterday

    Liu Jingyao, a college student, describes what it’s like to be slut-shamed by 800 million people.

  7. A.I. Is Making It Easier to Kill (You). Here’s How. Video, Yesterday

    A tank that drives itself. A drone that picks its own targets. A machine gun with facial-recognition software. Sound like science fiction? Weapons powered by artificial intelligence are already here.

  8. How to Argue on the Internet Without Losing Your Mind Smarter Living, December 12

    Avoid the murky waters of trolldom.

  9. Help Wanted: Queen Elizabeth Seeks Social Media Director on LinkedIn World, December 12

    The job pays up to 50,000 pounds a year (about $67,000), with weekends off and free lunch, according to Buckingham Palace.

  10. F.T.C. Is Said to Consider an Injunction Against Facebook Technology, December 12

    Such an action would seek to block a technical integration of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, people familiar with the matter said.

  11. Snapshots of My Patients Well, December 12

    Thumbnail images in electronic health records provide insights into the patients we care for.

  12. George Laurer, Who Developed the Bar Code, Is Dead at 94 Technology, December 11

    Every purchase evokes his design of the rectangular Universal Product Code. But although it became ubiquitous, he received no royalties.

  13. Apple AirPods Pro Review: The ‘Hearable’ at Its Best Technology, December 11

    At $249, Apple’s noise-canceling wireless earbuds are a strong contender in the high-end earphones market.

  14. Screens in the Classroom: Tool or Temptation? Education, December 11

    Smartphones and other devices have long been maligned as distractions in university classrooms. But when employed strategically, many educators find them useful.

  15. YouTube Takes Tougher Stance on Harassment Technology, December 11

    A new policy is a response to criticism that the video service hasn’t done enough to curb bad behavior by users.

  16. This Is Not About How Young People Use Tech Technology, December 11

    Taylor Lorenz, who writes about internet culture, explains how she keeps her finger on the pulse.

  17. Gift Ideas for Car Lovers or Commuters Business, December 11

    Hot Wheels big and small, smartphone holders, night-vision aids and more.

  18. Can ‘Scooby Doo’ and the Rest of the Dollar Vans Go High-Tech? New York, December 11

    A shadow network of mini school buses that serves riders largely neglected by New York’s transit system has a new app.

  19. Bipartisan Bill Targets Online Spread of Child Sex Abuse Material U.S., December 10

    The legislation, responding to an investigation in The New York Times, would make tech companies more responsible for retaining data about abuse.

  20. Will Congress Actually Pass a Privacy Bill? Opinion, December 10

    What happened while you were watching impeachment hearings.

  21. On Data Privacy, India Charts Its Own Path Technology, December 10

    A new law would give the country’s 1.3 billion people more power over data collected by companies but allow the government to exempt itself from the rules.

  22. Facebook and Barr Escalate Standoff Over Encrypted Messages Technology, December 10

    With 1.5 billion users, Facebook’s WhatsApp is perhaps the world’s most commonly used encrypted communications platform.

  23. Big Tech’s Critics, Flush With Cash, Try to Build a Movement Technology, December 10

    Major nonprofits and other organizations have pledged millions of dollars toward groups that are taking on corporate giants.

  24. America’s Top Foundations Bankroll Attack on Big Tech Technology, December 10

    Major nonprofits and other organizations have pledged millions of dollars toward groups trying to build a modern trust-busting movement.

  25. Big Tech Is Under Attack, and Investors Couldn’t Care Less Business, December 10

    Giant tech stocks have posted a remarkable year, shrugging off the trade war, bipartisan political hostility and regulatory threats.

  26. Who’s Spreading Disinformation in U.K. Election? You Might Be Surprised World, December 10

    Foreign meddling was once the most feared source of online deception before critical elections. Now, some candidates themselves are turning to such manipulative tactics.

  27. What Your Email Signature Says About You Smarter Living, December 9

    Sent from my iPhone.

  28. Amazon Accuses Trump of ‘Improper Pressure’ on JEDI Contract Technology, December 9

    In a legal complaint, Amazon said that the president attacked the company behind the scenes to harm its C.E.O., Jeff Bezos, “his perceived political enemy.”

  29. Amazon Accuses Trump of ‘Improper Pressure’ on JEDI Contract Technology, December 9

    In a legal complaint, Amazon said the president had attacked it behind the scenes to harm its C.E.O., Jeff Bezos, “his perceived political enemy.”

  30. Air Force Aims to Deploy a New Battlefield Weapon: Faster Communications U.S., December 8

    Military officials are trying to develop systems that instantly push intelligence to front-line forces, a development strategists say could help deter aggression by Russia and China.

  31. This Man May Be Big Tech’s Biggest Threat Technology, December 8

    Representative David Cicilline doesn’t just want to enforce the laws governing the tech industry. He wants to change them.

  32. Nikki Haley’s Confederate Flag Comments Spark Backlash U.S., December 7

    She told the conservative radio host Glenn Beck that the Confederate flag symbolized “service, sacrifice and heritage” for some people in her state until Dylann S. Roof “hijacked” it.

  33. How to Protect Your Children From Online Sexual Predators U.S., December 7

    Don’t count on tech companies to keep online games and chat apps safe for children, experts warn. It’s all about “parental empowerment” and imposing limits.

  34. This Week in Tech: What on Earth Is a Quantum Computer? Technology, December 6

    The question isn’t so easy to answer. Also, Google’s founders stepped away just as their company enters a turbulent adulthood.

  35. Biased Algorithms Are Easier to Fix Than Biased People Business, December 6

    Racial discrimination by algorithms or by people is harmful — but that’s where the similarities end.

  36. Fake ‘Likes’ Remain Just a Few Dollars Away, Researchers Say Technology, December 6

    Despite Big Tech’s attempts to combat manipulation, companies that sell clicks, likes and followers on social media are easy to find.

  37. What Not to Do on Your Work Computer Smarter Living, December 5

    It’s best to assume your work computer is monitored and act accordingly. Here are some less obvious tasks you should be mindful of.

  38. Uber Says 3,045 Sexual Assaults Were Reported in U.S. Rides Last Year Technology, December 5

    In its first safety report, the ride-hailing company detailed sexual assaults, murders and fatal crashes through its platform.

  39. Russia Is Teaching the World to Spy Opinion, December 5

    Easy-to-use technology straight from Moscow for any aspiring strongman — at a low price.

  40. Our Brains Are No Match for Our Technology Opinion, December 5

    We must realign our digital platforms with the values that make us human.

  41. African Entrepreneurs Will Drive the Next Digital Revolution Opinion, December 5

    Africa’s perceived shortcomings are what will enable its strivers and hustlers to remake the continent as a global leader in growth and innovation.

  42. The Meaninglessness of the .Org Domain Opinion, December 5

    You don’t have to be a nonprofit — or meet any special criteria at all — to secure a website in this respected domain.

  43. Who’s Hacking Your Spotify? Style, December 5

    Spotify is bringing people together in an unusual way.

  44. Palettes Are What Every Teen Wants for the Holidays Style, December 5

    How did eye shadow become the most sought-after item on high schoolers’ wish lists?

  45. Huawei Sues the F.C.C., Ramping Up Fight With Critics and Foes Technology, December 4

    The commission took aim last month at the Chinese tech giant’s sales to telecom carriers in rural America.

  46. How Google’s Founders Slowly Stepped Away From Their Company Technology, December 4

    Larry Page and Sergey Brin became billionaires thanks to the success of Google. But toward the end, they appeared happy to let someone else run it.

  47. From Camera Roll to Canvas: Make Art From Your Photos Technology, December 4

    Several apps transform a memorable portrait or vacation shot into a “painting” suitable for hanging over the couch or sharing this holiday season.

  48. Silicon Valley Learns Washington’s Language (and Vice Versa) Technology, December 4

    Big Tech’s presence in the capital is unmistakable, and its interests intersect with more and more issues, says David McCabe, a tech policy reporter.

  49. How Huawei Lost the Heart of the Chinese Public Technology, December 4

    When an executive wrote about her house arrest in Canada, an outcry about a former employee’s treatment arose on social media.

  50. Podcasts and Travel Apps? Facebook Is Working on Those Technology, December 4

    The social network is exploring new product areas through a team dedicated to building the company’s future.

  51. Peloton Ad Is Criticized as Sexist and Dystopian Business, December 3

    The 30-second ad, which features a man giving a woman a Peloton Bike for the holidays, inspired parodies on social media and comparisons to “Black Mirror.”

  52. Era Ends for Google as Founders Step Aside From a Pillar of Tech Technology, December 3

    Sundar Pichai, who has run Google for several years, is taking the reins from Larry Page as Alphabet’s C.E.O.

  53. We No Longer Expect Privacy. You Can Change That. Opinion, December 3

    Here’s a way for you to make a difference.

  54. Sex Trafficking via Facebook Sets Off a Lawyer’s Novel Crusade Technology, December 3

    A personal-injury lawyer in Houston is using an unusual argument to try to upend the internet’s most vital law.

  55. Lil Bub, Pioneer in Internet-Famous Cats, Dies at 8 Business, December 3

    The cat, with a droopy-tongued face that endeared her to legions of fans, suffered from feline dwarfism.

  56. Facebook Gives Workers a Chatbot to Appease That Prying Uncle Technology, December 2

    The “Liam Bot” teaches employees what to say if friends or family ask difficult questions about the company over the holidays.

  57. French Wine Could Face 100% Tariffs as Trump Confronts France Over Tech Taxes Business, December 2

    A report by the Office of the United States Trade Representative renewed a conflict between the countries, which had negotiated a temporary truce in August.

  58. In Weekend Outage, Diabetes Monitors Fail to Send Crucial Alerts Well, December 2

    Parents who use the Dexcom G6 depend on alarms on their phones if their children’s blood sugar levels are dangerous. They say the outage put them at risk.

  59. Facebook Testing a Way to Let You Move Photos to Rival Sites Technology, December 2

    The company, accused by the E.U. of stifling competition, is trying a tool in Ireland that would allow users to move photos and videos to Google.

  60. What Iran Did Not Want You To See Video, December 2

    In the wake of an internet shutdown, one human rights researcher sifts through video evidence of atrocities.

  61. Leonardo DiCaprio Responds to Brazil’s President About Amazon Fires World, November 30

    The actor and environmentalist released a statement on Saturday after President Jair Bolsonaro falsely accused him of funding the fires recently set in the Amazon rainforest.

  62. A Better Internet Is Waiting for Us Interactive, November 30

    My quest to imagine a different reality.

  63. Prime Mover: How Amazon Wove Itself Into the Life of an American City Business, November 30

    For most people, it’s the click that brings a package to their door. But a look at Baltimore shows how Amazon may now reach into Americans’ daily existence in more ways than any corporation in history.

  64. The Criminal Silicon Valley Is Thriving Opinion, November 29

    Eastern Europe’s cybercriminals are highly sophisticated. Can they be coaxed into more honest work?

  65. Here’s What’s Happening in the American Teenage Bedroom Style, November 29

    Rowan Winch is 15. He’s a businessman.

  66. Los peores regalos de tecnología (y cómo mejorarlos) en Español, November 29

    Las tarjetas de regalo y los cargadores de teléfonos no son buenos obsequios. Pero esas ideas pueden transformarse en productos que, quienes los reciban, realmente usarán.

  67. Apple, Bowing to Russian Pressure, Recognizes Crimea Annexation on Map World, November 28

    The tech giant, following Google and others, has bowed to Russian demands that its apps not show Crimea as belonging to Ukraine on digital maps seen in Russia.

  68. TikTok Reverses Ban on Teen Who Slammed China’s Muslim Crackdown Technology, November 27

    The video app said it would review its policies after a 17-year-old in New Jersey who discussed Chinese detention camps was locked out of her account.

  69. U.S. Closes Wireless Collusion Investigation With No Charges Technology, November 27

    AT&T, Verizon and other wireless carriers agreed to let consumers use a technology that makes it easier to switch carriers, the Justice Department said.

  70. You Can’t Fire Mark Zuckerberg’s Kid’s Kids Opinion, November 27

    There’s a problem with tech companies using dual-class stock schemes: They can work well until they do not.

  71. Let’s Give Them Something — Anything — to Talk About Style, November 27

    Your family is boring. There’s an app, or card game, for that.

  72. A Big Screen to Sift Through Recruits Technology, November 27

    Many people joining the newsroom are digitally savvy and helping media with a digital transition, says Theodore Kim, who runs fellowships and internships.

  73. A Walk on the Frontier of Art, Where the Sky Is the Limit Arts, November 27

    Augmented reality and virtual reality are opening doors to new experiences for artists and the public.

  74. The Worst Tech Gifts We Give (and How to Do Better) Technology, November 27

    Gift cards and phone chargers make terrible presents. But those ideas can be transformed into gifts that people will cherish.

  75. The World-Shaking News That You’re Missing Opinion, November 26

    The U.S.-China divide isn’t just about trade.

  76. Iran Strengthens Response to Protests World, November 26

    The authorities say “six main elements” of unrest in Tehran were arrested. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he had received nearly 20,000 videos and other evidence from Iran of a violent suppression.

  77. TikTok Blocks Teen Who Posted About China’s Detention Camps Technology, November 26

    The app faced renewed questions about whether it censors material after it removed an American’s video about Muslims in China.

  78. Streamlining Hotel Housekeeping in a Tight Labor Market Business, November 26

    Besides a worker shortage, demand for “green” practices and technology are shifting the ground under a job that has long been tough to fill.

  79. Activists Build a Grass-Roots Alliance Against Amazon Technology, November 26

    As groups join a coalition against the internet giant, a new report underlines its troubling impact in warehouse towns.

  80. Google Fires 4 Workers Active in Labor Organizing Technology, November 25

    A company memo said they had been dismissed “for clear and repeated violations of our data security policies.”

  81. Deepfakes — Believe at Your Own Risk Technology, November 25

    Watch — very closely — as these A.I. engineers create ultrarealistic videos that will have you questioning reality.

  82. Turn Off Your Phone for Thanksgiving Opinion, November 24

    I’m won over to a day with people, not screens.

  83. I Invented the World Wide Web. Here’s How We Can Fix It. Opinion, November 24

    I wanted the web to serve humanity. It’s not too late to live up to that promise.

  84. Newscaster’s Errant Email Calling in Sick Gets National Attention U.S., November 24

    Colleagues at many of Nexstar Media Group’s nearly 200 television stations jokingly offered prayers and created a shrine for Nick Vasos, who started trending on Twitter.

  85. Internet Companies Prepare to Fight the ‘Deepfake’ Future Technology, November 24

    Researchers are creating tools to find A.I.-generated fake videos before they become impossible to detect. Some experts fear it is a losing battle.

  86. Social Media and the Populist Moment Opinion, November 23

    Sacha Baron Cohen is the latest champion of a theory with limited empirical support.

  87. 100 Protest Leaders Arrested, Iran Says, as U.S. Penalizes a Top Official World, November 22

    After a week of unrest over fuel prices and an internet blackout, the authorities said the protests were over. “This is not a system that will be shaken by these stupid evils,” a cleric said.

  88. Democracy.com Has a New Owner. It’s Mark Cuban. Technology, November 22

    The billionaire said he bought the symbolic domain name this month “to make sure someone didn’t do something crazy with it.”

  89. Canadian Official Calls for Removal of Key Software From 737 Max Business, November 22

    “MCAS has to go,” a manager at Canada’s aviation regulator said in an email to global peers, referring to software in the Boeing plane.

  90. Huawei Funds Are Cut Off by F.C.C. Over Security Threats Technology, November 22

    The commission put new restrictions on money aimed at helping wireless carriers provide broadband to rural areas.

  91. The Week in Tech: A.I.’s Threat to White-Collar Jobs Technology, November 22

    Some workers may be more exposed to artificial intelligence than previously thought. But worry more about automation’s threat to less skilled employees.

  92. Imagine Being on Trial. With Exonerating Evidence Trapped on Your Phone. Business, November 22

    Public defenders lack access to gadgets and software that could keep their clients out of jail.

  93. Why Everyone Is Angry at Facebook Over Its Political Ads Policy Technology, November 22

    The social network is said to be discussing changes that include restricting how precisely campaigns can reach specific groups.

  94. With Big Tech in Their Path, Start-Ups Turn to Business Markets Business, November 22

    The move of entrepreneurs, engineers and venture investors away from the consumer internet and to enterprise software has piqued regulator interest.

  95. Campaigns Say Google Ad Policy Sidesteps Problem of Disinformation U.S., November 21

    Campaigns and some digital experts say the restrictions limit a tactic — microtargeting of voters — that they heavily rely on, while not aggressively addressing misinformation.

  96. A Former Fox News Executive Divides Americans Using Russian Tactics Technology, November 21

    An investigation found that several sites owned by Ken LaCorte push inflammatory items — stories, petitions and the occasional conspiracy theory — to the public.

  97. Free Internet Is Proposed in Britain. Is It Even Possible? Business, November 21

    A Labour Party plan to provide government-sponsored broadband service has raised questions about how it would work, and who would pay for it.

  98. No, That Mac Factory in Texas Is Not New U.S., November 20

    President Trump said on Wednesday that he opened a facility that makes computers for Apple. It’s been operating since 2013.

  99. Uber Embraces Videotaping Rides, Raising Privacy Concerns Technology, November 20

    The company says it is increasing the recording of rides to settle disputes between drivers and passengers and to improve safety.

  100. Google Policy Change Upends Online Plans for 2020 Campaigns Technology, November 20

    The company said political ads would not be directed specifically to audiences based on their public voter records or political affiliations.

  101. Google Hires Firm Known for Anti-Union Efforts Technology, November 20

    After nearly two years of unrest, the company appears to be cracking down on employee activism.

  102. Want the Greenest Device? You May Already Own It Technology, November 20

    One way to help the planet is not to buy new tech, especially stuff the planet never needed, says Kendra Pierre-Louis, who reports on the environment.

  103. What If Porn Had No Pictures? Style, November 20

    Female-run businesses want to bring audio pornography to the imaginative, ethically conscious masses.

  104. Fighting Online Child Sex Abuse Opinion, November 19

    Readers including UNICEF, law enforcement and a child advocate respond to an article in our “Exploited” series.

  105. What Tweets and Emojis Did to the Novel Books, November 19

    The digital age ushered in new ways of reading — and revived old ones (the scroll and the ideogram). Could it also explain the rise of autofiction? Charles Finch considers.

  106. The Ayatollah Comes for the Internet Opinion, November 19

    The almost complete shutdown imposed over the weekend sets a new oppressive benchmark.

  107. How a Gig Worker Revolt Begins Style, November 19

    Rev was just a small start-up offering online transcriptions. Now it’s the latest symbol of a gig-economy company whose workers are fed up.

  108. What Is End-to-End Encryption? Another Bull’s-Eye on Big Tech Technology, November 19

    After years of on-and-off debate over nearly snoop-proof security, the industry is girding for new pressure from law enforcement around the world.

  109. Design That’s Got Users in Mind Books, November 19

    In “User Friendly,” Cliff Kuang and Robert Fabricant recount America’s long history of making products that take people’s needs into account.

  110. Big Tech’s Toughest Opponent Says She’s Just Getting Started Technology, November 19

    Margrethe Vestager won praise for her oversight of the tech industry. Now, with more authority from the European Union, she envisions a more aggressive agenda.

  111. U.S. Offers Huawei Reprieve on Monday, but May Crack Down on Friday Technology, November 18

    The F.C.C. will vote this week on whether to ban federal subsidies from going to the Chinese telecom giant.

  112. Google Stadia Wants You to Replace Your Video Game Console. Don’t. Technology, November 18

    The search giant’s new console-free gaming service is a neat concept. But there are bugs and too many unknowns.

  113. Justice Dept. Could Widen Its Scrutiny of Tech Companies, Official Says U.S., November 18

    Law enforcement officials could potentially challenge Google, Facebook and others on fronts beyond potential antitrust violations.

  114. Stop! Don’t Charge Your Phone This Way Technology, November 18

    You might want to think twice before plugging in at an airport or on the train.

  115. SoftBank and Line Corp. Seek to Create a Japanese Internet Giant Business, November 18

    Fresh off a multibillion-dollar loss on WeWork, SoftBank plans to shore up its domestic business with a big bet on Japan’s leading messaging app company.

  116. TikTok’s Chief Is on a Mission to Prove It’s Not a Menace Technology, November 18

    Alex Zhu, the head of the Chinese-owned viral video app, is trying to assuage Washington’s fears. “I am quite optimistic,” he said.

  117. HP Rejects Xerox Takeover Bid Technology, November 17

    The cash-and-stock offer “significantly undervalues HP and is not in the best interests of HP shareholders,” company officials wrote.

  118. For Start-Ups, Cash Is King (Again) Technology, November 17

    Some are preparing for a potential downturn by cutting spending and raising money earlier than planned. Just as they did before.

  119. The Week in Business: Google Is Coming for Your Health Records Business, November 17

  120. Behind the Instant-Classic Angry Kitty on This Week’s Times Magazine Cover Reader Center, November 16

    The special tech issue’s cover, and eight stories inside, are accompanied by playful photo illustrations by the artists Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.

  121. How to Move Abroad Smarter Living, November 15

    Millions of Americans move overseas every year, some for love, some for jobs and others to embrace new cultures. Here’s how you can join them.

  122. Supreme Court to Hear Google and Oracle Copyright Case U.S., November 15

    The justices agreed to decide whether the search giant was liable for billions in a dispute over its Android operating system.

  123. What Ads Are Political? Twitter Struggles With a Definition Technology, November 15

    Twitter has said it will ban all political ads. But what is or isn’t a political message is often in the eye of the beholder.

  124. Steve Jobs tenía razón: las computadoras personales van a morir en Español, November 15

    Una sola tendencia tecnológica ha dominado la década de 2010: el teléfono inteligente. La tableta, resulta, es un celular enorme y la computadora personal, tanto de escritorio como la portátil, era una víctima inevitable. Descanse en paz.

  125. We Hate Data Collection. That Doesn’t Mean We Can Stop It. Opinion, November 15

    A huge new survey shows that tech companies have failed to convince us that data collection is in our best interest.

  126. Doing Tiny Jobs for Tinier Pay New York, November 15

    Gig workers on Mechanical Turk, a platform run by Amazon, do computer-like tasks for pennies. Here’s what I learned when I joined their ranks.

  127. Apple to Ban Vaping Apps From Its Store Business, November 15

    A respiratory condition linked to vaping has caused more than 40 deaths and over 2,000 illnesses, according to United States health authorities.

  128. The Week in Tech: Algorithmic Bias Is Bad. Uncovering It Is Good. Technology, November 15

    We keep stumbling across examples of discrimination in algorithms, but that’s far better than their remaining hidden.

  129. Two Reporters Navigate Mountains of Packages in New York Reader Center, November 15

    The signs were all around us. The city’s infrastructure can’t keep pace with the e-commerce boom.

  130. The Work Diary of an Audio Erotica C.E.O. Business, November 15

    Dipsea’s Gina Gutierrez spends her days setting investors straight and moderating “Hunks Brainstorm” sessions.

  131. A Paranoid Guide to Fighting the ‘Bugging Epidemic’ Technology, November 15

    With surveillance gear cheaper and easier to use, security experts say checking your environment for cameras and microphones is not a crazy idea.

  132. Can FaZe Clan Build a Billion-Dollar Business? Style, November 15

    They already make every moment into consumable content. What can it become?

  133. I Found Work on an Amazon Website. I Made 97 Cents an Hour. Interactive, November 15

    Our reporter takes you inside the weird, wild, low-wage world of Mechanical Turk.

  134. Amazon Protesting Pentagon’s $10 Billion JEDI Contract Technology, November 14

    The company said there should be an examination of whether political bias helped Microsoft win the bid.

  135. Uber Fined $649 Million for Saying Drivers Aren’t Employees New York, November 14

    The move by New Jersey could reverberate across the gig economy.

  136. Whistle-Blower’s Purported Name Keeps Evading Facebook and YouTube Defenses Technology, November 14

    The sites said they would delete posts that include the purported name of the Ukraine whistle-blower. But the name keeps reappearing.

  137. The Razr’s Back, Flipping Open an Old Love Story Technology, November 14

    Tapping into nostalgia, Motorola announced the return of the sleek foldable phone. Some praised the update, while others sneered at the $1,500 price.

  138. Apple’s Reach Reshapes Medical Research Technology, November 14

    The company’s tools enable researchers to track huge numbers of people. But doctors do not yet know if it will significantly improve health outcomes.