1. La emoción cotidiana de llenar tu vida de pequeños placeres en Español, Today

    Durante la pandemia surgió la frase “romantiza tu vida” como un llamado a disfrutar el presente y añadir belleza a los momentos sencillos. Dos años después, esta tendencia sigue vigente.

  2. Big Tech Is Getting Clobbered on Wall Street. It’s a Good Time for Them. Technology, May 20

    Flush with cash, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google are positioned to emerge from a downturn stronger and more powerful. As usual.

  3. Even Among Corporate Raiders, Elon Musk Is a Pirate Business, May 20

    The world of deal making has always been rough and tumble. But Mr. Musk blows any predecessors away.

  4. Buffalo gunman’s video is surfacing on Facebook, sometimes with ads beside it. Technology, May 19

    The company relies on automated systems to spot violent content, but people are still uploading and sharing the Buffalo video.

  5. WhatsApp introduces commercial services as Meta, its parent, seeks fresh revenue. Technology, May 19

    For a fee, the app will allow businesses to build a custom dashboard so they can chat with customers and offer customer services more easily.

  6. Has the Crypto Crash Hurt Your Investments? We Want to Hear About It. Technology, May 19

    Tell us about your experiences in the volatile crypto market.

  7. The Enduring Afterlife of a Mass Shooting’s Livestream Online Technology, May 19

    Dozens of recordings of a 2019 massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand, remain online, in a sobering reminder of the internet’s permanence.

  8. Hochul Names White Nationalism as Our Greatest Threat New York, May 19

    The governor issued orders to widen the fight against gun violence in the aftermath of the Buffalo massacre.

  9. A Panel to Combat Disinformation Becomes a Victim of It Technology, May 18

    The Department of Homeland Security suspended the work of a panel focused on the subject of disinformation. The group had provoked accusations of government overreach.

  10. Your Thursday Briefing: Turkey’s NATO Block Briefing, May 18

    Plus North Korea’s Covid strategy and China’s expanding internet censorship.

  11. Hochul Vows to Crack Down on Extremist Acts of Violence in New York New York, May 18

    Gov. Kathy Hochul issued orders to strengthen the state’s “red-flag” law and create new units to target violent extremism online, following the Buffalo shooting that left 10 dead.

  12. How Gossip Is Remaking Online Hip-Hop Media Arts, May 18

    Actual music can seem like an afterthought as digital coverage of the genre has tilted toward tabloidism. Are there other paths forward?

  13. Apple Delays and Modifies Its Return to Office Plans Technology, May 17

    The news was welcomed by an employee group worried about growing coronavirus rates.

  14. In Uncertain Times, Start-Ups Flock to Co-Working Spaces Technology, May 17

    The pandemic’s arrival turned spaces like WeWork into ghost towns. Now people are lining up for low-commitment offices, and providers are working to sustain that trend.

  15. Your Bosses Could Have a File on You, and They May Misinterpret It Science, May 17

    Some private companies are keeping tabs on employees with systems that may rely on questionable behavioral science foundations.

  16. Elon Musk says a lower price for Twitter is ‘not out of the question.’ Technology, May 16

    Mr. Musk has been creating confusion around whether the Twitter deal will close, causing the social media company’s share price to fall.

  17. The May 16 Economy News Stocks Inflation live blog included one standalone post:
  18. The Rich Are Not Who We Think They Are. And Happiness Is Not What We Think It Is, Either. Opinion, May 14

    There is still a lot we can learn from big data.

  19. A Crypto Emperor’s Vision: No Pants, His Rules Business, May 14

    Sam Bankman-Fried is a studiously disheveled billionaire who made a fortune overseeing trades that are too risky for the U.S. market. Now he wants Washington to follow his lead.

  20. The Hazards of Prescribing A.D.H.D. Drugs Online Well, May 13

    Buzzy start-ups promising easy access to mental health medication found an eager market on social media. Should anyone be looking for treatment on TikTok, though?

  21. An Optimist at the Helm of IBM Business, May 13

    Arvind Krishna is trying to stay in touch with the company’s roots as he confronts today’s challenges.

  22. Bitcóin, ¿oro digital o activo altamente riesgoso? en Español, May 13

    El desplome en el valor del bitcóin refleja las pérdidas experimentadas en la bolsa de valores Nasdaq, una referencia con ponderación hacia las acciones tecnológicas.

  23. Cryptocurrencies Melt Down in a ‘Perfect Storm’ of Fear and Panic Technology, May 12

    A steep sell-off that gained momentum this week starkly illustrated the risks of the experimental and unregulated digital currencies.

  24. Appeals Court Revives Texas Law Targeting Social Media Companies Technology, May 12

    The law, prompted by complaints from conservatives, allows people to sue large online platforms that remove posts expressing a particular viewpoint.

  25. The Messy Progress on Data Privacy Technology, May 12

    America still doesn’t have a federal data privacy law. But look what we have found — hope!

  26. Twitter fires two executives and freezes most hiring after Musk’s deal to buy the company. Technology, May 12

    An internal memo shared with employees said the platform’s general manager and general manager for revenue would be departing.

  27. Your Wednesday Evening Briefing Briefing, May 11

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  28. Google Offers a More Modest Vision of the Future Technology, May 11

    Artificial intelligence is being woven into an array of the company’s products. But the change — for now — is subtle.

  29. New Majority Gives F.T.C. a Chance to Push an Aggressive Agenda Technology, May 11

    The confirmation of a third Democrat creates an opportunity for Lina Khan, the Federal Trade Commission’s chair, to advance efforts to rein in corporate power.

  30. The Good News About Food Delivery Technology, May 11

    Delivery apps are making fresh food available to millions who couldn’t have easily gotten it otherwise.

  31. Bitcoin Is Increasingly Acting Like Just Another Tech Stock Technology, May 11

    The cryptocurrency’s plunging value has mirrored losses in the Nasdaq, a benchmark that’s weighted toward tech stocks.

  32. The Mundane Thrill of ‘Romanticizing Your Life’ Well, May 11

    A trend that took off early in the pandemic encourages people to appreciate life’s simple pleasures, a philosophy that resonates just as strongly two years later.

  33. Fear and Loathing Return to Tech Start-Ups Technology, May 11

    Workers are dumping their stock, companies are cutting costs, and layoffs abound as troubling economic forces hit tech start-ups.

  34. Russia Was Behind Cyberattack in Run-Up to Ukraine War, Investigation Finds U.S., May 10

    The February attack rattled Pentagon officials and private industry because it revealed new vulnerabilities in global communications systems.

  35. Farewell to the iPod Technology, May 10

    After nearly 22 years, Apple is stopping production of the devices that changed consumer electronics and led to the creation of the iPhone.

  36. The May 10 Economy News Stocks Inflation live blog included one standalone post:
  37. This New Social App Is Boring, in a Good Way Style, May 10

    Once a day, at an unpredictable time, BeReal notifies its users that they have two minutes to post a pair of pictures. The feed is mundane, but also fun — for now at least.

  38. Our In-Person Shopping Hurts Big Tech Technology, May 10

    We’re now buying less online than many had predicted, and it’s throwing tech companies and the economy for a loop.

  39. Elon Musk says he would ‘reverse the permanent ban’ of Donald Trump on Twitter. Technology, May 10

    Mr. Musk has said he wants Twitter to be a forum for debate, and he called the barring of Mr. Trump “morally wrong.” The former president has said he would not rejoin the platform.

  40. Peloton Plunge Business, May 10

    The fitness company’s first quarterly earnings report under its new chief executive showed losses of $757 million, far more than analysts expected.

  41. For Tens of Millions of Americans, the Good Times Are Right Now Business, May 10

    Their houses are piggy banks, their retirement accounts are up and their bosses are eager to please. When the boom ends, everything will change.

  42. Clearview AI settles suit and agrees to limit sales of facial recognition database. Technology, May 9

    The facial recognition software maker is largely prohibited from selling its database of photos to private companies.

  43. How Elon Musk Might Change Twitter Opinion, May 8

    Readers discuss Mr. Musk’s promise of more “free speech” and his notion of Twitter as a “town square.” Also: Tears and other subway memories.

  44. Inside Elon Musk’s Big Plans for Twitter Technology, May 6

    Here’s what Mr. Musk is projecting for Twitter’s finances over the next few years, according to a pitch deck he presented to investors.

  45. Amazon Abruptly Fires Senior Managers Tied to Unionized Warehouse Technology, May 6

    Company officials said the terminations were the result of an internal review, while the fired managers saw it as a response to the recent union victory.

  46. What Is Happening to the People Falling for Crypto and NFTs Opinion, May 5

    Web3, billed as the future of the internet, might create more problems than it solves.

  47. Intuit Will Refund $141 Million to Low-Income TurboTax Users Business, May 4

    In a settlement, the software company admitted no wrongdoing but agreed to repay fees it had charged millions of Americans for returns that the authorities said were falsely advertised as free.

  48. The Myth of the Genius Tech Inventor Technology, May 4

    We idolize founders with brilliant ideas, but triumph often results from business savvy combined with imagination.

  49. Las computadoras ayudan a los científicos a estudiar los virus de los animales que podrían infectar a los humanos en Español, May 4

    El aprendizaje automático es conocido por su capacidad para detectar cargos de crédito fraudulentos o reconocer rostros. Ahora los investigadores están probando esa tecnología para trabajar con virus.

  50. LinkedIn Agrees to Pay $1.8 Million to Women Over Discrimination Claims Technology, May 3

    The professional networking platform reached a settlement with the U.S. Labor Department over allegations that it underpaid 686 female employees in California from 2015 to 2017, officials said.

  51. David Walden, Computer Scientist at Dawn of Internet, Dies at 79 Technology, May 3

    In 1969, he was part of a team of young engineers who built the first machine to switch data among computers using the Arpanet, the precursor to the internet.

  52. E. Jane Signals a Vibe Shift in What ‘Performance’ Means Arts, May 3

    At the Kitchen, the multimedia artist melds the White Cube, the Black Box and your phone. The exhibition is undefined by bodies, a stage, a gallery, or physical space.

  53. Good Products and Bad Businesses Technology, May 3

    Some digital inventions have seemed brilliant, but their business plans might not work.

  54. ‘I Don’t Really Have a Business Plan’: How Elon Musk Wings It Technology, May 3

    To a degree unseen in any other mogul, the world’s richest man acts on impulse and the belief that he is absolutely right.

  55. Reporting on an Unpredictable Deal Times Insider, May 3

    Lauren Hirsch, a Times business reporter, discusses what it’s been like to cover Elon Musk over the course of his acquisition of Twitter.

  56. Partisan Fight Breaks Out Over New Disinformation Board Technology, May 2

    The board, an advisory group with the Department of Homeland Security, has become embroiled in the debate over the government’s role in policing online content.

  57. Amazon Union Loses Vote at Second Staten Island Warehouse Technology, May 2

    The results were a setback for the upstart Amazon Labor Union, which won a landmark victory last month at a larger Amazon warehouse nearby.

  58. Apple faces E.U. antitrust charges over Apple Pay. Business, May 2

    Regulators said Apple had blocked PayPal and others from access to technology in the iPhone that lets people make a purchase with a quick tap.

  59. Another Firing Among Google’s A.I. Brain Trust, and More Discord Technology, May 2

    The researchers are considered a key to the company’s future. But they have had a hard time shaking infighting and controversy over a variety of issues.

  60. The Time I Told Twitter About a Threatening Post Against Me Opinion, May 1

    My Twitter pullback is about more than Elon Musk.

  61. Apple Inc., ‘After Steve’ Books, May 1

    A new history of the trillion-dollar company in the wake of Steve Jobs.

  62. How Technocrats Triumphed at Apple Technology, May 1

    The man who helped give the world candy-colored computers eventually walked out the door. What does that mean for the company’s next big thing?

  63. Some Muslims Are Using Digital Rings to Track Their Praises to God World, April 30

    Much like the fitness tools that count steps, these electronic devices help keep a record of the day’s religious recitations.

  64. How Twitter’s Board Went From Fighting Elon Musk to Accepting Him Technology, April 30

    It’s highly unusual to move from a “poison pill” to a $44 billion deal in under two weeks. But Twitter’s board ran out of options.

  65. Can We Please Get Over Our Twitter Obsession Already? Opinion, April 30

    The platform just doesn’t matter as much as we seem to think it does.

  66. How to Separate Parents From Their Money Opinion, April 30

    It takes just a kid and an app.

  67. Twitter Isn’t for Quitters Business, April 30

    One thing that unites conservatives and liberals? No matter how loudly they denounce the social media platform, they don’t actually leave.

  68. Instacart Searches for a Direction as Its Pandemic Boom Fades Technology, April 29

    The grocery delivery start-up changed its leadership, slashed its valuation and shifted its strategy after sales slowed.

  69. ‘Es una cuestión de vida o muerte’: la crisis de salud mental de los adolescentes estadounidenses en Español, April 29

    La depresión, las autolesiones y el suicidio están aumentando entre los adolescentes estadounidenses. Para M, de 13 años, la desolación era prácticamente insoportable.

  70. Musk’s Ties to China Could Create Headaches for Twitter Technology, April 29

    Elon Musk has invested heavily in China, where officials are willing to influence or punish companies that cross political red lines.

  71. Elon Musk Might Break Twitter. Maybe That’s a Good Thing. Opinion, April 29

    The Twitter bid is a power play in the attention economy.

  72. Hablemos claro sobre el acoso en Twitter en Español, April 28

    El absolutismo de la libertad de expresión puede ser contraproducente cuando se trata de aumentar la base de usuarios y las ganancias de la empresa.

  73. Apple’s growth slows, but still beats Wall Street’s expectations. Business, April 28

    While the company did better in its first three months of the year than many of its tech peers, it warned that Covid problems in China will be an issue.

  74. Amazon reports slowing sales growth and indicates slowdown may continue. Technology, April 28

    Amazon benefited from the coronavirus pandemic as people flocked to online shopping. Now, shoppers’ behavior has shifted.

  75. Snap unveils a flying camera called Pixy. Technology, April 28

    The drone camera is the newest hardware product from the maker of Snapchat, which previously released smart glasses known as Spectacles.

  76. An Unsteady Moment for Tech Technology, April 28

    The past decade has been one long party for tech. Where we go from here isn’t so clear.

  77. Inside Twitter, Fears Musk Will Return Platform to Its Early Troubles Technology, April 28

    Content moderators warn that Elon Musk doesn’t appear to understand the issues that he and the company will face if he drops its guardrails around speech.

  78. Twitter reports growth in revenue and users as Elon Musk prepares to take over. Technology, April 28

    The social media company reported a 16 percent jump in daily active users from a year ago.

  79. South Korea Arrests 2 Accused of Spying for North Korea World, April 28

    The men were paid in cryptocurrency by a man suspected of being a North Korean spy agent, the South Korean national police agency said.

  80. U.S. and more than 55 other countries pledge to keep an open internet. Technology, April 28

    The document, which isn’t legally binding, aims to be a reference “for public policymakers, as well as citizens, businesses and civil society organizations.”

  81. Europe Is Making Social Media Better Without Curtailing Free Speech. The U.S. Should, Too. Opinion, April 28

    To make social media less toxic, the United States needs to commit to making digital platforms more transparent.

  82. Truth Social Review: Trump’s Uncensored Social App Is Incomplete Technology, April 27

    The Trump-backed social media app is inundated with phony accounts and features that don’t work. It also hides some posts, including those with curse words.

  83. Meta, Facebook’s parent, reports a 21 percent drop in profits. Technology, April 27

    It was the company’s second consecutive quarterly decline, the first time that had happened in over a decade.

  84. The April 27 Twitter Elon Musk News live blog included three standalone posts:
  85. Judge refuses to strike down Elon Musk’s settlement with the S.E.C. over his Twitter posts. Technology, April 27

    Mr. Musk had challenged an agreement he reached with securities regulators after he claimed that he had the funding to take Tesla private.

  86. Is There a Ceiling on Internet Users? Technology, April 27

    There’s currently a limit to how many people in the world can use digital services like Facebook and Netflix.

  87. Which Animal Viruses Could Infect People? Computers Are Racing to Find Out. Science, April 27

    Machine learning is known for its ability to spot fraudulent credit charges or recognize faces. Now researchers are siccing the technology on viruses.

  88. Let’s Be Clear About What It’s Like to Be Harassed on Twitter Opinion, April 27

    Free speech absolutism might backfire when it comes to increasing the company’s user base and profits.

  89. La libertad de expresión que Elon Musk promete en Twitter no es una tarea sencilla en Español, April 26

    Musk se unirá a un reducido grupo de ejecutivos que tienen un gran poder en limitar o expandir el discurso global. ¿Qué pasará cuando sea el dueño de Twitter?

  90. Elon Musk’s deal for Twitter includes a $1 billion breakup fee. Technology, April 26

    Twitter would have to pay if it signed a deal with another suitor. Mr. Musk would have to pay if his financing falls apart.

  91. Robinhood says it will lay off 9% of its employees. Technology, April 26

    The company’s co-founder Vlad Tenev said it had overhired during the height of the pandemic, and now needed to “increase our velocity.”

  92. Microsoft reports rising revenue and profits, despite war and inflation. Technology, April 26

    Its sales of $49.4 billion in the first quarter were up 18 percent from a year earlier.

  93. Alphabet’s profit drops 8% as Google’s pandemic boom shows signs of slowing. Technology, April 26

    The results were below analysts’ expectations for a net profit of $17.33 billion on revenue of $68.05 billion.

  94. On Twitter, conservatives celebrate, and progressives cringe, about Musk’s ownership of Twitter. Technology, April 26

    Members of the far right started testing the limits, tweeting misleading information about masks or pushing false claims about the 2020 election results.

  95. Elon Musk’s Promise to Promote Free Speech on Twitter Opinion, April 26

    Readers are split over whether this prospect should be cheered or feared. Also: A hard-line U.S. message to Russia; parents and teachers.

  96. Elon Musk and the Gray of ‘Free Speech’ Technology, April 26

    He wants Twitter to allow more speech. We’ve got questions.

  97. Kevin Hart’s Media Company Sells $100 Million Stake to Private Equity Technology, April 26

    The deal with Abry Partners is the latest example of private equity’s pushing into Hollywood to cash in on the demand for streaming shows.

  98. A Billionaires’ World Briefing, April 26

    The world’s richest person didn’t like Twitter. So he’s buying it.

  99. The April 26 Elon Musk Twitter live blog included two standalone posts:
  100. The April 26 Twitter Elon Musk News live blog included one standalone post:
  101. Cómo reducir tus gastos en tecnología en tres pasos en Español, April 26

    ¿Estás suscrito a muchas plataformas de transmisión en continuo, contrataste varios servicios de almacenamiento en la nube y renuevas tu celular con frecuencia? Aquí hay unas recomendaciones para ahorrar.

  102. Buying Twitter, Elon Musk Will Face Reality of His Free-Speech Talk Technology, April 26

    Tech’s big shots have learned again and again that free speech isn’t so simple. What happens when Mr. Musk owns Twitter?

  103. Twitter con Elon Musk será un lugar aterrador en Español, April 26

    Las razones del hombre más rico del mundo para tomar el control de la red social no tienen que ver con la libertad de expresión. Se trata de controlar el megáfono.

  104. The Awful Advent of Reactionary Chic Opinion, April 25

    A new generation seeks to shock the bourgeoisie.

  105. Twitter Under Elon Musk Will Be a Scary Place Opinion, April 25

    Mr. Musk has not been a responsible caretaker for the companies he already oversees.

  106. Conservatives celebrate Musk’s deal to buy Twitter. Technology, April 25

    One prominent Republican, Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, tweeted that free speech was “making a comeback.”

  107. Regulators are unlikely to block Musk’s purchase of Twitter, former officials say. Technology, April 25

    The government most commonly intervenes when a company is buying a competitor.

  108. When Art Goes Global, It Loses Something Opinion, April 25

    The things we create are better when they come out of a specific, lived context.

  109. With Deal for Twitter, Musk Lands a Prize and Pledges Fewer Limits Technology, April 25

    The world’s richest man succeeded in a bid to acquire the influential social networking service, which he has said he wants to take private.

  110. Twitter Employees Search for Answers as Musk Takeover Becomes Reality Technology, April 25

    Workers say they have been left largely in the dark about what a sale to the billionaire will mean for them and their shares in the company.

  111. Meta plans to open its first retail store as it highlights metaverse-related products. Business, April 25

    Meta Store, the company’s first physical storefront, will sell virtual- and augmented-reality devices.

  112. Twitter Nears a Deal to Sell Itself to Elon Musk Technology, April 24

    The company’s 11-member board met with Mr. Musk to discuss his offer to buy the social networking service and take it private. An agreement could come as soon as Monday.

  113. ‘It’s Life or Death’: The Mental Health Crisis Among U.S. Teens Health, April 23

    Depression, self-harm and suicide are rising among American adolescents. For M, a 13-year-old in Minnesota, the despair was almost too much to take.

  114. Federal labor board says Activision employees can hold a union election. Technology, April 22

    A group of about 20 quality assurance testers at the video game company are to vote by mail, with ballots counted on May 23.

  115. Umang Gupta, Who Paved Way for Indian Tech Executives, Dies at 73 Technology, April 22

    He found success as an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley shortly after arriving there in 1978, then represented his fellow alumni from the Indian Institutes of Technology.

  116. Donald Trump’s Newest Problem: Elon Musk Business, April 22

    Mr. Musk’s plan for a Twitter takeover adds to the problems facing the former president’s nascent Truth Social network.

  117. The Tech Bubble That Never Burst Interactive, April 19

    For a decade, warnings about a tech bubble have only led to more money flooding into high-growth start-ups. Could this one be it?

  118. Weekly Health Quiz: Mental Health Apps, S.T.I.s and Covid Interactive, April 14

    Test your knowledge of this week’s health news.

  119. Clean (Almost) Anything with a Microfiber Cloth Interactive, March 25

    The humble cloth can do a surprising amount of work.

  120. What is DeFi? Interactive, March 18

    Crypto is a lot of things – including terribly explained. We’re here to clear things up.

  121. What is web3? Interactive, March 18

    Crypto is a lot of things – including terribly explained. We’re here to clear things up.

  122. What are DAOs? Interactive, March 18

    Crypto is a lot of things – including terribly explained. We’re here to clear things up.

  123. What are NFTs? Interactive, March 18

    Crypto is a lot of things – including terribly explained. We’re here to clear things up.

  124. The Latecomer’s Guide to Crypto Interactive, March 18

    Crypto is a lot of things – including terribly explained. We’re here to clear things up.

  125. 购买影响力:中国如何操纵Facebook和Twitter Interactive, December 20


  126. Buying Influence: How China Manipulates Facebook and Twitter Interactive, December 20

    New documents detail how Chinese officials tap private businesses for online information campaigns, offering a rare glimpse into how China’s vast bureaucracy works to spread propaganda online.

  127. How Beijing Influences the Influencers Interactive, December 13

    China’s government has supported foreign YouTubers who put a positive spin on its policies, in its latest effort to shape how the world sees it.

  128. 北京如何对国外“网红”施加影响力 Interactive, December 13


  129. Where the Despairing Log On, and Learn Ways to Die Interactive, December 9

    It has the trappings of popular social media, a young audience and explicit content on suicide that other sites don’t allow. It is linked to a long line of lives cut short.

  130. ‘I Could Never Abandon Them’: Neopets Users Play On Interactive, November 3

    A devoted corps of users has kept this sparkly but outdated digital world, where magical pets have been reared since 1999, afloat. Recently, droves of pandemic-era nostalgia seekers have joined them.

  131. Cracking Amazon’s Worst H.R. Problem Interactive, October 28

    This week, Karen Weise, Grace Ashford and I revealed that as Amazon hit record profits, it fired, underpaid and mishandled employees seeking leaves for new parenthood or medical crises.

  132. Takeaways From Tuesday’s Facebook Hearing Interactive, October 6

    What we learned from Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen’s Congressional testimony

  133. Corrige el fallo de seguridad de tu iPhone 📱 Interactive, September 14

    Apple emitió una actualización de seguridad para corregir un fallo que permitía a los gobiernos espiar subrepticiamente a los usuarios. Te decimos cómo actualizar tu iPhone.

  134. How to Fix Your iPhone’s Security Flaw Interactive, September 13

    A guide to updating your phone's software after researchers found that a flaw had infected billions of Apple products.

  135. Who’s Who in the Elizabeth Holmes Trial Interactive, August 30

    A guide to the key figures in the Elizabeth Holmes trial.

  136. How Amazon Managed to Dethrone Walmart Interactive, August 20

    People now spend more at Amazon than Walmart, making it the world’s largest retail seller outside China.

  137. Can Silicon Valley Find God? Interactive, July 16

    Artificial intelligence promises to remake the world. These believers are fighting to make sure thousands of years of text and tradition find a place among the algorithms.

  138. Weekly Health Quiz: Weight Control, Sugary Drinks and 10,000 Steps Interactive, July 8

    Test your knowledge of this week’s health news.

  139. What to Look For in a Meditation App Interactive, June 24

    They can make big claims about reducing stress and even pain, but not everything that you’ll find in the App Store can necessarily restore your sense of calm.

  140. ‘We Are Very Free’: How China Spreads Its Propaganda Version of Life in Xinjiang Interactive, June 22

    Thousands of videos posted look like unfiltered glimpses of life for Uyghurs, but taken together, the videos begin to reveal clues of a broader influence campaign orchestrated by the Chinese government.

  141. “我们很自由”: 中国如何散播政治宣传版的新疆生活 Interactive, June 22


  142. What to Know About Apple and China Interactive, June 17

    Apple has long centered its sales pitch on protecting its users’ data. But I had a hunch that it couldn’t be that simple in China, where the company is deeply entrenched.

  143. What Digital Data About You Can the U.S. Get? Interactive, June 15

    The Justice Department, starting early in the Trump administration, secretly sought data about journalists, lawmakers and White House officials from big tech companies.

  144. The Amazon That Customers Don’t See Interactive, June 15

    Each year, hundreds of thousands of workers churn through a vast mechanism that hires and monitors, disciplines and fires. Amid the pandemic, the already strained system lurched.

  145. ¿Qué pasó cuando a Trump le suspendieron el acceso a sus redes sociales? Interactive, June 14

    Desde su suspensión y la toma de mando del presidente Biden, Donald Trump ha hecho intervenciones en línea con menor frecuencia, pero algunas de sus declaraciones siguen teniendo gran alcance.

  146. What to Know About Amazon’s New Network Interactive, June 7

    If you own a newer Amazon gadget, like a Ring camera or an Echo speaker, you'll be automatically enrolled in a new network called Sidewalk.

  147. What Happened When Trump Was Banned on Social Media Interactive, June 7

    Since Facebook and Twitter banned him, Donald J. Trump, the former president, has posted statements online far less often. But some of his statements have traveled just as far and wide on social networks.