1. Hacks That Help: Using Tech to Fight Child Exploitation Styles, Today

    Thorn, a nonprofit founded by Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, helps law enforcement agencies sort through sex listings.

  2. Italy, Bracing for Electoral Season of Fake News, Demands Facebook’s Help Foreign, Today

    As a crucial election nears, leaders like Matteo Renzi are on high alert for fake news and foreign meddling.

  3. Ways to Stop Facebook From Eating Your Battery Business, Today

    The mobile app for the social network can be a bit of a battery hog, but you can do a few things to rein in the power grab.

  4. Facebook Founder’s Favor Comes With Complications Business, Yesterday

    Wherever Mark Zuckerberg goes in Silicon Valley, he seems to generate a housing problem, including at an R.V. community where residents were evicted this month.

  5. Choosing a Payment Option for Google Play Business, Yesterday

    Even though you don’t have to pay for free apps, the Google Play store will urge you to add a payment option to your account.

  6. Laptops Are Great. But Not During a Lecture or a Meeting. Sunday Business, November 22

    A growing body of evidence shows that college students generally learn less when they use computers or tablets during lectures. That is probably true in workplace meetings, too.

  7. How a Comedy Website Came to Sell Wine to Survive Metropolitan, Yesterday

    Someecards had a great idea that went viral. Then Facebook, responsible for much of its success, almost killed it.

  8. How to Use Twitter Op Ed, November 22

    Start by listening. If you’re wrong, acknowledge it.

  9. How to Cover Rocket Blastoffs With an iPhone Business, November 22

    Space shuttle launches were Earth-rattling when seen in person. Now rocket launches can be covered through an iPhone, says Kenneth Chang, who covers space for The Times.

  10. Meg Whitman to Step Down as Hewlett Packard Enterprise C.E.O. Business, November 21

    After building eBay into an internet giant, Ms. Whitman took over Hewlett-Packard and split the Silicon Valley icon in two, with mixed results.

  11. Net Neutrality Repeal: What Could Happen and How It Could Affect You Business, November 21

    For you and me, the Federal Communications Commission’s plan to repeal net neutrality rules can be boiled down to two questions: What might happen? And who do you trust?

  12. China’s Flashy Ex-Internet Censor Faces Corruption Investigation Foreign, November 21

    The onetime gatekeeper of China’s internet, who purged China’s social media of its most beloved personalities, has been detained and is under investigation.

  13. F.C.C. Plans Net Neutrality Repeal in a Victory for Telecoms Business, November 21

    A rollback of net neutrality regulations would represent a significant victory for companies like AT&T and Comcast and would amount to a strike against consumers.

  14. What Is Net Neutrality? Video, November 21

    The F.C.C. is set to dismantle net neutrality rules that require internet providers to give consumers equal access to all content online. Here’s how net neutrality works.

  15. Unboxing the Internet for Teens, Eightysomethings and Everyone in Between Insider, November 21

    The Times’s semiofficial “Internet Critic” explains web culture, one video at a time.

  16. Transforming Rich Text Into a PDF Business, November 21

    The rich text format for word-processing documents is versatile, but saving an R.T.F. file as a PDF gives it even more compatibility.

  17. F.C.C. Is Said to Plan Repeal of Net Neutrality Rules Business, November 21

    In a sweeping proposal to be revealed on Tuesday, Ajit Pai, the chairman of the F.C.C., is preparing to scrap the net neutrality rules, said people familiar with the plan.

  18. Skype Vanishes From App Stores in China, Including Apple’s Business, November 21

    The app still functions in China, but its fate there is unclear as the government moves against foreign-run tools for online communication.

  19. Activity Trackers Don’t Always Work the Way We Want Them To Magazine, November 21

    "You can’t just give a child a Fitbit for Christmas and expect them to be active,” one expert said.

  20. How Evil Is Tech? Op Ed, November 20

    Our devices consume our time and dilute our social interactions.

  21. Uber Strikes Deal With Volvo to Bring Self-Driving Cars to Its Network Business, November 20

    Uber has agreed to buy up to 24,000 self-driving Volvos for its ride-hailing network once the technology is production-ready.

  22. Stopping Autoplay Videos on Safari Business, November 20

    The most recent version of the Mac operating system includes controls for stopping web page videos that start blasting on their own.

  23. As Silicon Valley Gets ‘Crazy,’ Midwest Beckons Tech Investors Business, November 19

    Funding and start-ups are concentrated on the coasts, especially in California. But there are signs of an entrepreneurial awakening in the heartland, where talent is rich but prices aren’t.

  24. We Can’t Trust Facebook to Regulate Itself Op Ed, November 19

    It has no incentive to do so. I would know — I worked there.

  25. Our Love Affair With Digital Is Over Op Ed, November 18

    But real books, records and brick and mortar stores will take us back with open arms.

  26. Taking Control of the Control Center Business, November 17

    Apple has moved some things around in the iOS 11 Control Center, but you can also make changes of your own.

  27. How to Add Emoji to Your Twitter Name Business, November 16

    With just a few steps, you can add emoji characters and change the name shown on your Twitter account.

  28. A New Phone Comes Out. Yours Slows Down. A Conspiracy? No. Business, November 15

    Your smartphone is not deliberately losing speed just because your phone maker has a new gadget for sale. For devices that do slow down, here are some fixes.

  29. Phones at Mass Letters, November 15

    A reader makes a case for using them in the church service.

  30. When Using 5 Messaging Apps Is Not Enough Business, November 15

    Katie Benner, a technology writer for The Times, uses more than a half-dozen messaging apps to keep up with sources. There are upsides — and downsides — to this.

  31. The Chinese Communist Party’s Guide to Moral Living Op Ed, November 15

    The escalation of puritanical policing reflects wider forces shaping Chinese society under the rule of President Xi Jinping.

  32. The Ivory Tower Can’t Keep Ignoring Tech Op Ed, November 14

    Algorithms are shaping our lives. Where’s academia when it comes to helping us make sense of this?

  33. Listen to ‘The Daily’: Roy Moore and the G.O.P. Podcasts, November 14

    The party’s Senate candidate in Alabama has called sexual misconduct accusations against him a Democratic plot. The majority leader urged him to quit.

  34. It’s Time to Tax Companies for Using Our Personal Data Special Sections, November 14

    Companies are making a fortune by using personal data gleaned from the internet. They would barely notice a 1 percent tax, but it could make a better world.

  35. Will Cash Disappear? Interactive, November 14

    Coins and paper currency remain the most popular ways to pay in most countries. But longer term, cash appears to be locked in a losing battle with electronic payment methods.

  36. How the Internet Fuels Paranoid Thinking Video, November 13

    Today’s conspiracies have taken on the contours of the online world.

  37. The Future of Flying? You Can See It Now Special Sections, November 13

    Virtual reality is being used to test new airline cabins, and one airline is using facial recognition for boarding passengers on a flight.

  38. Foiling Cyberspies on Business Trips Business, November 13

    Intellectual property theft is not new, but it’s more widespread, experts say, thanks to tiny cameras and microphones or compromised Wi-Fi networks.

  39. Five Technologies That Will Rock Your World Special Sections, November 13

    The new wave of artificial intelligence will reduce jobs, but will also improve your health and products like your smartphone.

  40. In ‘Watershed Moment,’ YouTube Blocks Extremist Cleric’s Message Washington, November 12

    The site has largely removed videos of Anwar al-Awlaki, Al Qaeda’s leading voice in English before his death by drone — and after, when he became a jihadist hero.

  41. 7 Cyber Monday Travel Deals Travel, November 11

    In the world of travel, Cyber Monday — on Nov. 27 this year — means attractive deals on hotel stays, safaris, group tours and more.

  42. Two Contrasting Views of Silicon Valley’s Influence Business, November 10

    Two new books offer startlingly different conclusions on Silicon Valley’s influence on our economy, culture and politics.

  43. Managing Email on Multiple Devices Business, November 10

    If you set up your mail accounts with the IMAP standard on your computer and mobile gadgets, keeping your mailboxes in sync is much easier.

  44. Farhad and Mike’s Week in Tech: Get Ready for Robot Cars Business, November 10

    In this week’s tech newsletter, Farhad Manjoo and Mike Isaac delve into how driverless cars are getting more driverless and the complexities of AT&T’s deal for Time Warner.

  45. LinkedIn Faces Setback in China as It Runs Afoul of New Rules Business, November 10

    The careers and networking service will no longer accept job ads from individuals in China, as Beijing cracks down on abusive pyramid schemes.

  46. Legislator Targets Tech Perks in Baltimore County District Business, November 9

    A state legislator called for an audit of Baltimore County Public Schools’ multimillion-dollar technology initiative.

  47. Grab Copies of Google Emails, Photos and Files Business, November 9

    When you decide it’s time to leave Google for another service, you can download a complete archive of all the files and data you used with Google products.

  48. YouTube’s Rapid Response Partisans Game the News of Tragedy Business, November 8

    A community of internet talking heads gets their fact-challenged messages across by working fast after events like the church massacre in Texas.

  49. Confirm or Deny: Jaron Lanier Styles, November 8

    Did Al Gore invent the internet or not?

  50. Our Guide to the Holiday Season’s Biggest Video Games and Consoles Business, November 8

    The industry is pushing out a diverse lineup of titles and promoting new consoles to compete for people’s wallets.

  51. What Reality TV Teaches Us About Russia’s Influence Campaign Business, November 8

    Like a twisted version of the producers of an unscripted TV show, Kremlin-linked trolls used fake personas to provoke very real drama.

  52. Smartphones in Egypt Bring Biting Humor but Also Scrutiny Business, November 8

    As connectivity has improved, political talk on social media and digital picture-taking can provoke suspicion, or worse, our Cairo bureau chief says.

  53. Add International Keyboards on an iPhone Business, November 8

    Apple’s software for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can handle extra international keyboards for text entry in dozens of languages.

  54. Putting a Face to a Comment: The New Online Crusaders , November 8

    Kyrre Lien, a photographer based in Oslo, combed through tens of thousands of online comments to photograph the lives of internet debaters from around the world.

  55. Putting a Face to a Comment: The New Online Crusaders Slideshow, November 8

    Kyrre Lien, a photographer based in Oslo, combed through tens of thousands of online comments to photograph the lives of internet debaters from around the world.

  56. China’s Technology Ambitions Could Upset the Global Trade Order Business, November 7

    China is gleaning know-how from foreign firms, willing or otherwise, to build the industries of the future, in an effort that worries companies and Washington.

  57. Saudi Money Fuels the Tech Industry. It’s Time to Ask Why. Business, November 6

    As the world’s moneyed princes, dictators and oligarchs look for more places to park their billions, mountains of money may be coming to Silicon Valley.

  58. Microsoft Office Mobile Apps: Free or With a Fee Business, November 7

    You can usually do basic editing with the free touch-screen versions of Microsoft’s Office apps, but you need to pay up to fully use the programs.

  59. Broadcom Targets Qualcomm in Largest-Ever Tech Deal Business, November 6

    The $105 billion takeover bid sets up a battle between two chip makers whose products touch nearly every smartphone in the world.

  60. Terrorism Is Faster Than Twitter Business, November 5

    Before the recent attack in Lower Manhattan, an ISIS online publication offered tips on how to use a truck for “reaping large numbers of casualties.”

  61. Blind Runner’s Wearable Technology Gets Off to Complicated Start Sports, November 5

    Simon Wheatcroft ran half of the New York City Marathon with minimal assistance: a sensor and a navigational device. When they failed, guides took over.

  62. App Time for Nap Time: The Parennials Are Here Styles, November 4

    The much-examined generation born between 1980 and 2000 are now having children of their own, and parenting very differently from their forebears.

  63. Facebook Says It’s Policing Fake Accounts. But They’re Still Easy to Spot. Washington, November 3

    Executives of Facebook, Twitter and Google faced questioning this week on Capitol Hill about Russia’s intrusions. But that is only a small fraction of the fraud on social media.

  64. In Reversal, Tech Companies Back Sex Trafficking Bill Business, November 3

    Opposing the bill became difficult for the companies, which have been under harsh scrutiny in recent weeks.

  65. The Disappearing American Grad Student Ed Life, November 3

    Graduate programs in STEM have the highest percentage of international students of any broad academic field. Why don’t the locals bother?

  66. How Silicon Valley Plans to Conquer the Classroom Business, November 3

    Tech firms are deploying sophisticated marketing techniques to try to sell their wares into America’s schools.

  67. Inside Silicon Valley’s Playbook for Wooing School Superintendents Technology, November 3

    Tech firms are deploying sophisticated marketing techniques to try to sell their wares into America’s classrooms.

  68. Farhad and Mike’s Week in Tech: Facebook Under Fire in Washington Business, November 3

    Google, Facebook and Twitter faced lawmakers’ ire in Washington this week. Facebook got the brunt of it, say Farhad Manjoo and Mike Isaac of The New York Times.

  69. Making YouTube Safer for Children Business, November 3

    The popular video site can be the Wild West in terms of content, but you have a few ways to block inappropriate clips for young viewers.

  70. Silicon Valley Can’t Destroy Democracy Without Our Help Op Ed, November 2

    With Russian meddling making headlines, it’s trendy to bash social media companies. Instead, we should look in the mirror.

  71. How Facebook’s Oracular Algorithm Determines the Fates of Start-Ups Magazine, November 2

    The platform is so good at “microtargeting” that many small e-commerce companies barely even bother advertising anywhere else.

  72. These Are the Ads Russia Bought on Facebook in 2016 Washington, November 1

    A look at some of the ads designed by Russia to exploit divisions in American society and to tip the 2016 election in favor of Donald J. Trump.

  73. The iPhone X Is Cool. That Doesn’t Mean You Are Ready for It. Business, November 1

    Apple’s newest iPhone takes a big leap from past models by shedding a home button and including a face scanner. And remember the price: $999.

  74. The Upside of Being Ruled by the Five Tech Giants Business, November 1

    What if it’s not that bad that so much economic, social and political power is held by Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft?

  75. Where the STEM Jobs Are (and Where They Aren’t) Ed Life, November 1

    The enthusiasm for science education rests on the assumption that these fields are flush with opportunity. Physicists, go digital.

  76. Not the Bots We Were Looking For Magazine, November 1

    Technologists once told us that social bots would change our lives forever. They were right — but not in the way they expected.

  77. Encountering Robots While Still Using Fax Machines in Japan Business, November 1

    Motoko Rich, the Tokyo bureau chief for The New York Times, discussed how Japanese robotics were highly advanced even as communicating by fax remained ingrained.

  78. Did Facebook Really Need a Safety Check in New York? Express, November 1

    The tool is meant to connect people during a crisis, and at its best, it can offer swift reassurance to friends and family.

  79. Tech Executives Are Contrite About Election Meddling, but Make Few Promises on Capitol Hill Washington, October 31

    Facebook, Twitter and Google all acknowledged ahead of hearings that Russia’s use of their platforms to sway the American electorate was bigger than previously acknowledged.

  80. He’s George Papadopoulos, Just Not That George Papadopoulos Business, October 31

    It’s been an interesting couple of days for the many George Papadopouloses who are not a former Trump campaign adviser who pleaded guilty to lying to the F.B.I.

  81. How to Get Cortana’s Undivided Attention Business, October 31

    Microsoft’s virtual assistant can answer to anybody who says its name, but you can train the program to take most of its orders from your voice.

  82. Russian Influence Reached 126 Million Through Facebook Alone Business, October 30

    Facebook, Google and Twitter disclosed more about Russian agents’ use of their platforms in the 2016 election as they prepare for hearings before Congress.

  83. Mark Warner: Tech Millionaire Who Became Tech’s Critic in Congress Business, October 29

    The Democratic senator from Virginia is emblematic of the shifting politics for big technology companies, which face congressional hearings this week.

  84. Virtual Reality Gets Naughty Styles, October 28

    With 240-degree views, headsets and “sweet, musty scents,” a new kind of pornography offers a realism that is exciting to some, disturbing to others.

  85. ‘Frog and Toad’ Are Memes Arts & Leisure, October 28

    The characters from the beloved 1970s children’s series have been inserted into memes, which juxtapose the books’ bucolic imagery with darker strains of internet humor.

  86. Hearing Amazon’s Footsteps, the Health Care Industry Shudders Business, October 27

    While Amazon appears interested in exploring the pharmacy business, the questions are when they would make the move, and in what direction.

  87. At Facebook, Hand-Wringing Over a Fix for Fake Content Business, October 27

    As pressure grows on the social media giant, there are no easy answers to dealing with posts that get promoted by its many users.

  88. New Sentences: From ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ Magazine, October 27

    The final season of AMC’s period drama sets up an ominous conflict between what humans can accomplish and what algorithms can.

  89. Tesla’s Tiered Pricing Is a Hurdle, but a Fair One Sunday Business, October 27

    By restricting the range of its cars for a reduced price, Tesla annoyed some critics, but it was engaging in a common and beneficial practice.

  90. Farhad and Mike’s Week in Tech: Twitter and Reddit Take a Stand Business, October 27

    In this week’s tech newsletter, Twitter bans ads from new Russian new organization, and Reddit shuts sections catering to Nazis and white supremacists.

  91. When an Algorithm Helps Send You to Prison Op Ed, October 26

    Giving a computer program responsibility over sentences doesn’t eliminate bias.

  92. Twitter Says It Overstated Monthly-User Figures for 3 Years Business, October 26

    The disclosure is another blow to the company as it faces scrutiny over how fast it is adding users, its efforts to fight abuse and its role in Russia’s push to meddle in the presidential race.

  93. 5 Cheap(ish) Things to Improve Your Home Office Smarter Living, October 26

    Welcome to the latest edition of the Smarter Living newsletter.

  94. Proust Fans Eagerly Await Trove of Letters Going Online Culture, October 26

    The impending digital publication of the letters and an auction of a rare special edition of “Swann’s Way” are delighting admirers of the French author.

  95. Scanning, Converting and Editing Text on the Go Business, October 26

    Several apps can translate photographed type into text you can edit, but if you use Microsoft Word, the Office Lens app simplifies the process.

  96. Amazon’s Latest Way Into Your Life Is Through the Front Door Business, October 25

    With permission, Amazon’s couriers in many cities will unlock homes and drop packages inside. Other companies are trying similar tactics.

  97. ‘TRL’ Is Back on MTV, but Undone by the Internet Culture, October 25

    The afternoon show thrived before phone screens were more enticing than television screens. Only four weeks into its reboot, the seams are visible, and frayed.

  98. How Google’s Physical Keys Will Protect Your Password Business, October 25

    Google has a new way to safeguard your online accounts. Here’s how the program works, and why it may (or may not) be a better security choice for you.

  99. How to Free Space on Your Mac, One Way or Another Business, October 25

    Newer versions of the Mac operating system have handy tools for managing your file storage, but you can also clean out your computer manually.