1. Despite Iran’s Efforts to Block Internet, Technology Has Helped Fuel Outrage World, Today

    Online, Iranians engage in a world their leaders don’t want them to see.

  2. FOMO Helped Drive Up Housing Prices in the Pandemic. What Can We Expect Next? Op Ed, Yesterday

    Inflation-corrected prices may end up substantially lower as factors driving high home prices weaken with time.

  3. U.S. and Russia Duel Over Leadership of U.N. Tech Group Business, Yesterday

    Member countries vote on Thursday for an American or a Russian to lead the International Telecommunication Union, which sets standards for new technologies.

  4. Google to Make Search and Maps More ‘Immersive’ Business, Yesterday

    From more photo-based results to neighborhood “vibe” checks, the company announced updates meant to keep two of its most popular products on trend.

  5. Stuck on the Streets of San Francisco in a Driverless Car Sunday Business, Yesterday

    A reporter and a photographer went for a ride in an experimental autonomous vehicle operated by the General Motors subsidiary Cruise. There were bumps in the road.

  6. Ni Hao, Sawasdee, Xin Chào: Language Apps to Take You Through Asia Travel, Yesterday

    While you may not master every language ahead of a multistop tour through Asia, these apps and digital tools can help you get by (and maybe make you some friends).

  7. The Crypto World Is on Edge After a String of Hacks Business, Yesterday

    More than $2 billion in digital currency has been stolen in hacks this year, shaking faith in the experimental field of decentralized finance, known as DeFi.

  8. Can a Telehealth Start-Up Add a Layer of Support to Pregnancy Care? Special Sections, Yesterday

    The goal of Poppy Seed Health is to connect underserved pregnant women to nurses, midwives and doulas who can offer on-demand assistance.

  9. Sex, Revenge Porn and Webcams: The Firing of a TV Weatherman Metro, Yesterday

    Spectrum News NY1 fired Erick Adame after someone took nude pictures of him performing on an adult webcam site and sent them to his employer and his mother.

  10. On Portugal’s ‘Bitcoin Beach,’ Crypto Optimism Still Reigns Business, Yesterday

    In crypto havens such as Meia Praia beach, the confidence in digital currencies remains undimmed even after this summer’s crash.

  11. C.E.O. of Celsius, the Crypto Bank, Resigns Business, September 27

    Alex Mashinsky, the founder of Celsius, which filed for bankruptcy in July, said his role had “become an increasing distraction.”

  12. Meta Removes Chinese Effort to Influence U.S. Elections Business, September 27

    The parent of Facebook and Instagram said that it had taken down what was the first targeted Chinese campaign to interfere in U.S. politics and that the effort was limited.

  13. Dating Apps Thrive in China, but Not Just for Romance Business, September 27

    China has cracked down on many tech companies, but has allowed dating apps that provide social connections to flourish.

  14. Are Political Winds Blowing in Republicans’ Favor Again? Upshot, September 27

    There are some signs of a drift toward issues where the party has an advantage, like the economy and immigration.

  15. Therapy for People Who Can’t Go to Therapy Op Ed, September 27

    Technology is revolutionizing mental health care. Will it really make it more accessible?

  16. My Therapist, the Robot Op Ed, September 27

    Can an algorithm help with existential angst?

  17. Are Your Patients Worried About the Polio Vaccine? Business, September 26

    We want to hear from you.

  18. TikTok May Face $29 Million Fine for Failing to Protect Children’s Privacy Business, September 26

    British regulators have sent a warning notice to the company, the first major case under new rules in Britain that protect minors online.

  19. TikTok Seen Moving Toward U.S. Security Deal, but Hurdles Remain Business, September 26

    A draft agreement with the Biden administration to keep the Chinese-owned video app operating in the United States is under review. That could mean more wrangling.

  20. Runners and Cyclists Use GPS Mapping to Make Art Express, September 24

    Fitness apps and the power of live satellite tracking have allowed runners, cyclists and others to draw hearts, animals, birthday wishes — and even homages to Vermeer — across their local landscapes.

  21. Silicon Valley Slides Back Into ‘Bro’ Culture Sunday Business, September 24

    Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Marc Andreessen show how the tech industry’s insular culture remains largely unchanged.

  22. This Surveillance Artist Knows How You Got That Perfect Instagram Photo Sunday Business, September 24

    A tech-savvy artist unearthed video footage of people working hard to capture the perfect shot for Instagram. It is a lesson in the artifice of social media and the ubiquity of surveillance.

  23. The Most Dominant Toxic Election Narratives Online Business, September 23

    Misleading and divisive posts about the Nov. 8 midterm vote have flooded social media. Here are three prevalent themes.

  24. Where Online Hate Speech Can Bring the Police to Your Door Sunday Business, September 23

    Battling far-right extremism, Germany has gone further than any other Western democracy to prosecute individuals for what they say online, testing the limits of free speech on the internet.

  25. Apple to Sponsor the Super Bowl Halftime Show Business, September 23

    Apple’s pursuit of an N.F.L. media package has broadened to include a sponsorship of one of TV’s most-watched events.

  26. ‘They Are Watching’: Inside Russia’s Vast Surveillance State Interactive, September 22

    A cache of nearly 160,000 files from Russia’s powerful internet regulator provides a rare glimpse inside Vladimir V. Putin’s digital crackdown.

  27. Twitch Says It Will Reduce Payments for Many Popular Streamers Business, September 21

    The video game streaming service is struggling to strike the right balance between popularity and profit.

  28. C.E.O. of Kraken, the Cryptocurrency Exchange, Steps Down Business, September 21

    Jesse Powell, the chief executive, has battled with employees after posting messages about race and gender and urging those who disagreed with his values to leave.

  29. F.D.A. Warning on NyQuil Chicken Alerts Many to Existence of NyQuil Chicken Express, September 21

    Cooking poultry in cold medicine is a bad, dangerous idea that few people seemed to be aware of until the government warning attracted media coverage.

  30. The Settings That Make Smartphones Easier for Everyone to Use Business, September 21

    The accessibility features Apple and Google include in their mobile software can help people of all abilities get more from their devices.

  31. TikTok, el motor de búsqueda para la generación Z en Español, September 21

    Cada vez más jóvenes utilizan el poderoso algoritmo de TikTok, que personaliza los videos que se les muestran, para encontrar información adaptada a sus gustos.

  32. Morgan Stanley Hard Drives With Client Data Turn Up on Auction Site Express, September 20

    The Securities and Exchange Commission said the firm had agreed to pay a $35 million fine.

  33. Lots of Food Gets Tossed. These Apps Let You Buy It, Cheap. Climate, September 20

    Several companies say they are tackling food waste by connecting people with unsold food from restaurants and grocery stores.

  34. The Gamification of Humanity Book Review, September 20

    In “You’ve Been Played,” a self-identified gamer warns against the dangers of imposing artificial incentives on all aspects of our lives.

  35. YouTube’s Dislike Button Rarely Shifts Recommendations, Researchers Say Business, September 20

    New research from Mozilla shows YouTube users have little control over what is recommended to them.

  36. Social Media Companies Still Boost Election Fraud Claims, Report Says Business, September 19

    The report, by New York University’s Stern Center for Business and Human Rights, argues that the companies fuel false conspiracies about election fraud despite promises to combat them.

  37. Wegmans Discontinues Self-Checkout App, Citing Losses Express, September 18

    Self-checkout systems are intended to make shopping convenient, but they also can lead to more thefts, experts said.

  38. Clearview AI, Used by Police to Find Criminals, Is Now in Public Defenders’ Hands Business, September 18

    After a Florida man was accused of vehicular homicide, his lawyer used Clearview AI’s facial recognition software to prove his innocence. But other defense lawyers say Clearview’s offer rings hollow.

  39. The Sunday Read: “Why Do We Love TikTok Audio Memes? Call it ‘Brainfeel.’” The Daily, September 18

    Repurposed sound has taken over social media. Science tells us why.

  40. The September 16 Cryptocurrency Guide live blog included one standalone post:
  41. At eBay, Lurid Crimes and the Search for Punishment Sunday Business, September 16

    The victims of a bizarre cyberstalking operation are trying to hold the chief executive and the culture of the company responsible.

  42. For Gen Z, TikTok Is the New Search Engine Business, September 16

    Need to find a restaurant or figure out how to do something? Young people are turning to TikTok to search for answers. Google has noticed.

  43. TikTok’s C.E.O. Navigates the Limits of His Power Business, September 16

    Shou Zi Chew, TikTok’s chief executive, is balancing how to be an autonomous leader while juggling the demands of the app’s Chinese parent company.

  44. YouTube Opens More Pathways for Creators to Make Money on the Platform Business, September 16

    The video platform will let more creators earn payments and place ads in Shorts, its TikTok competitor, according to audio from an internal meeting.

  45. Uber Investigating Breach of Its Computer Systems Business, September 16

    The company said on Thursday that it was looking into the scope of the apparent hack.

  46. Is This the Least Cringe Option to Get People to Your Party? Styles, September 15

    Partiful wants to be the go-to option for sending online invitations. Facebook events, we hardly knew ye.

  47. California Governor Signs Sweeping Children’s Online Safety Bill Business, September 15

    The bill could require many social media sites, games and other online services used by children to install protections for minors.

  48. Adobe Agrees to Buy Figma, a Design Platform, for $20 Billion Business, September 15

    The acquisition comes as deal-making in the United States cools and technology company valuations fall amid rising fears of a possible recession.

  49. Can ‘the Merge’ Save Crypto? Business, September 15

    Many fans think it will. But it might end up creating some new problems.

  50. This Ad’s for You (Not Your Neighbor) Business, September 15

    Data mining plus streaming can target political ads household by household, largely unregulated.

  51. Crypto’s Long-Awaited ‘Merge’ Reaches the Finish Line Business, September 15

    Ethereum, the most popular cryptocurrency platform, completed its much-anticipated switch to a more energy-efficient infrastructure.

  52. Lawmakers Grill TikTok Executive About Ties to China Business, September 14

    TikTok’s chief operating officer, Vanessa Pappas, faced questions about whether the company would ever hand over user data to Chinese officials.

  53. U.S. Charges 3 Iranians in Broad Hacking Scheme Washington, September 14

    The men, who remain at large in Iran, breached the computers of hundreds of people in the United States, Israel, Russia and Britain.

  54. California Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Amazon Business, September 14

    Rob Bonta, California’s attorney general, said the retailer punishes companies that offer lower prices on other websites.

  55. E.U. Scores Major Legal Victory Against Google Business, September 14

    A court rejected Google’s appeal of a record-setting antitrust fine related to Android and online search.

  56. How a Spreader of Voter Fraud Conspiracy Theories Became a Star Business, September 14

    For more than a decade, Catherine Engelbrecht, a Texas mom turned election-fraud crusader, has sown doubts about ballots and voting. Her patience has paid off.

  57. Text Messaging Is Cool. But Where Are Its Boundaries? Business, September 14

    Apple and Google have added useful features to texting apps, yet the apps still lack a major component: an effective way to set limits.

  58. U.S. Rebukes Russia for Claims of Secret Bioweapons in Ukraine Business, September 13

    Russia used a formal meeting in Geneva to air its unsupported accusations but faced considerable diplomatic pushback.

  59. Celsius Network Plots a Comeback After a Crypto Crash Business, September 13

    The chief executive of the experimental crypto bank Celsius has told employees about an audacious plan to revive the firm, which filed for bankruptcy in July.

  60. Celsius Network Plots a Comeback After a Crypto Crash Technology, September 13

    The chief executive of the experimental crypto bank Celsius has told employees about an audacious plan to revive the firm, which filed for bankruptcy in July.

  61. Whistle-Blower Says Twitter ‘Chose to Mislead’ on Security Flaws Business, September 13

    At a Senate hearing, Peiter Zatko, Twitter’s former head of security, told lawmakers that the company lied about its data practices.

  62. Big Tech Is Co-Parenting Our Children. Yes, Be Afraid. Book Review, September 13

    In “Who’s Raising the Kids?” Susan Linn’s searing indictment of corporate greed, tech companies targeting children are rivaled only by the lawmakers who let them get away with it.

  63. A $100 Million Bet on Finding the Next ‘Mr. Beast’ Business, September 13

    Reed Duchscher, the manager of the YouTube megastar “Mr. Beast,” is teaming up with the investment firm TCG to bankroll businesses led by online creators.

  64. Uber Agrees to Pay N.J. $100 Million in Dispute Over Drivers’ Employment Status Business, September 12

    New Jersey demanded back taxes from the ride-hailing company, claiming it misclassified drivers as independent contractors.

  65. ¿Un teléfono inteligente que dure una década? Sí, es posible en Español, September 12

    Un teléfono inteligente hecho para la longevidad puede ser algo real. Lástima que no es así como la mayoría de ellos están diseñados.

  66. ‘No me interesa, quiero morir’: el viaje de un adolescente al lado oscuro de internet en Español, September 9

    Mientras la ansiedad y la depresión se disparan entre los adolescentes, los investigadores se esfuerzan por comprender cómo afectan exactamente las redes sociales a la salud mental.

  67. How Silicon Chips Rule the World Sunday Business, September 9

    Maintaining the flow of oil is still crucial for the world economy. But now the supply of semiconductors is also critical for commerce, and war and peace.

  68. Cómo China ha aumentado su influencia sobre los iPhone en Español, September 9

    Apple quiere empezar a producir dispositivos en la India, pero el proceso de fabricación de su último teléfono, presentado el miércoles, muestra lo difícil que será el cambio.

  69. Twitter Reached $7 Million Settlement With Whistle-Blower Business, September 8

    Lawyers for Elon Musk mentioned a $7 million payment to Peiter Zatko, Twitter’s former top security executive, in a court hearing this week.

  70. A Goodbye to Readers and a Reflection Business, September 8

    In Shira Ovide’s last On Tech newsletter, she looks back at how the past two and a half years have shifted her thinking on technology.

  71. When Teens Find Misinformation, These Teachers Are Ready Business, September 8

    Media literacy efforts are intensifying, targeting students as they approach voting age. But some educators struggle “to push through that apathy.”

  72. A Smartphone That Lasts a Decade? Yes, It’s Possible. Business, September 8

    A smartphone that is made for longevity can be a real thing. Too bad that’s not how most of them are designed.

  73. Lawyers for Uber’s Ex-Security Chief Say Company Scapegoated Him Business, September 7

    A federal trial began on Wednesday for Joe Sullivan, a former federal prosecutor who is accused of not disclosing a data breach while at the company.

  74. Apple Extends Reach With $800 Watch, as New iPhone Inches Along Business, September 7

    The Apple Watch Ultra is aimed at endurance athletes, a market dominated by Garmin. Apple also introduced updated AirPods.

  75. One Solution to the Digital Divide: Teens Business, September 7

    Closing the online gap in America will require everything we’ve got, including video game-playing teenagers.

  76. A judge allows Musk to include whistle-blower claims in his case against Twitter. Business, September 7

    Elon Musk’s lawyers had asked for a delay to review the accusations by a former Twitter executive, which the judge denied, while allowing the information to form part of their case.

  77. The Safe Space That Became a Viral Nightmare Magazine, September 7

    An argument at Arizona State’s multicultural center spiraled into a disaster for everyone involved. Who was to blame?

  78. From Boom to Gloom: Tech Recruiters Struggle to Find Work Business, September 7

    As tech companies slow hiring and lay off workers, once-busy recruiters are shifting to other roles and cutting their rates.

  79. Your Wednesday Briefing: South Korea Skirts a Typhoon N Y T Now, September 6

    Plus Russia and North Korea grow closer, and Apple prepares to introduce its newest iPhone.

  80. How China Has Added to Its Influence Over the iPhone Business, September 6

    Apple is taking small steps toward India. But the production of its latest phone, introduced on Wednesday, shows how difficult it will be to make big changes.

  81. Apple, the Ad Critic, Now Embraces Ads Business, September 6

    Apple has long supported privacy and shunned those intrusive ads. What happens when it sells more ads, too?

  82. Distance Pains Book Review, September 6

    In her follow-up to “The Outrun,” Amy Liptrot grapples with more urban demons.

  83. Signal, the Encrypted Messaging App, Appoints a President Business, September 6

    In the newly created role, Meredith Whittaker will guide policy and strategy for the messaging app and work to expand its business.

  84. As Ex-Uber Executive Heads to Trial, the Security Community Reels Business, September 6

    Joe Sullivan, Uber’s former chief of security, faces criminal charges for his handling of a 2016 security breach. His trial this week has divided the security industry.

  85. Los traductores de animales en Español, September 5

    Los científicos utilizan el aprendizaje automático para escuchar a las ratas topo desnudas, a los murciélagos de la fruta, a los cuervos y a las ballenas, y para comunicarse con ellos.

  86. The Week in Business: Job Growth Is Solid but Slowing Business, September 4

    Jobs growth is slowing but still strong. Bed Bath & Beyond gets a reprieve. A former Uber executive goes to trial.

  87. Russia’s Unfounded Claims of Secret U.S. Bioweapons Linger On and On Foreign, September 4

    Without providing evidence, the Kremlin is pressing allegations that the U.S. operates labs in Ukraine and beyond. This week, it has called an investigative session in Geneva.

  88. Parler Returns to Google Play Store Business, September 2

    Google said that Parler had more robust content moderation practices than it did when it was banned in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 riot.

  89. Trump Embraces Conspiracy Theories He Only Winked at Before Business, September 2

    The former president’s activity on his social network, Truth Social, openly promotes far-right and conspiratorial ideas that are usually confined to corners of the internet.

  90. An A.I.-Generated Picture Won an Art Prize. Artists Aren’t Happy. Business, September 2

    “I won, and I didn’t break any rules,” the artwork’s creator says.

  91. Labor Board Official Says Amazon Effort to Overturn Staten Island Warehouse Election Should Be Rejected Business, September 1

    The labor official concluded that Amazon’s objections to the election should be set aside and that the Amazon Labor Union should be certified to represent workers at the warehouse.

  92. Twitter introduce el botón de edición en Español, September 1

    Solo han pasado unos 15 años, nueve meses y 22 días desde que los usuarios empezaron a pedir la posibilidad de corregir sus tuits.

  93. Illumina defeats F.T.C. in major antitrust case. Business, September 1

    The case was seen as a test of a more aggressive policy by the agency.

  94. Abortion rights loom larger in investment decisions. Business, September 1

    After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Alinea, an investing app geared toward young adults, saw a new focus on companies that support reproductive health.

  95. Farewell, Typos! Twitter Unveils an Edit Button. Business, September 1


  96. Tech Companies Slowly Shift Production Away From China Business, September 1

    Worried about geopolitical tensions and stung by pandemic shutdowns, Google, Apple and others are moving some work to nearby countries.

  97. When Wedding Planning Is More Like Online Shopping Styles, September 1

    For those who crave efficiency, some websites tackle wedding planning with an add-to-cart approach.

  98. An Apple Watch for Your 5-Year-Old? More Parents Say Yes. Business, September 1

    As Apple prepares to unveil new models next week, the smart watch has found an unexpected audience: children as young as 5.

  99. Las cinco respuestas que necesitas para entender la ‘fusión’ de Ethereum en Español, September 1

    Esto es lo que debes saber sobre una importante actualización de software a Ethereum, la plataforma criptográfica más popular.

  100. U.S. Restricts Sales of Sophisticated Chips to China and Russia Business, September 1

    Limits were placed on high-end GPUs that power supercomputers and artificial intelligence, said Nvidia and AMD, two Silicon Valley chip makers.

  101. Many Developed Countries View Online Misinformation as ‘Major Threat’ Business, August 31

    New research from the Pew Research Center shows nearly three-quarters of respondents are very concerned about the spread of false information online.

  102. Snap Cuts 20% of Employees and Restructures Business, August 31

    The maker of Snapchat discontinued some of its products and appointed a chief operating officer, amid financial struggles.

  103. Google Says Trump’s Truth Social Must Scrub Violent Content to Join Play Store Business, August 30

    The social media app is not available on Google’s app store, and the former president’s company and Google are publicly disagreeing about why.

  104. California Approves Bill to Punish Doctors Who Spread False Information Business, August 30

    Weighing into the fierce national debate over Covid-19 prevention and treatments, the state would be the first to try a legal remedy for vaccine disinformation.

  105. White House Snaps Back at Twitter Critics of Student Loan Relief Express, August 26

    In an aggressive turn, the normally staid @WhiteHouse account itemized hundreds of thousands of dollars in pandemic-related debt relief given to U.S. House members who criticized the Biden plan.

  106. Remote Scan of Student’s Room Before Test Violated His Privacy, Judge Rules Express, August 25

    A federal judge said Cleveland State University violated the Fourth Amendment when it used software to scan a student’s bedroom, a practice that has grown during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  107. Facebook and Instagram Remove Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Nonprofit for Misinformation Business, August 18

    The social networking company said that Children’s Health Defense, a group led by Mr. Kennedy, an anti-vaccine activist, had “repeatedly” violated its guidelines by spreading medical misinformation.

  108. The Faded but Winning Pandemic Star Business, August 18

    Sales are down, but there is no need to pity the Chromebook.

  109. How Some Parents Changed Their Politics in the Pandemic Business, August 1

    They were once Democrats and Republicans. But fears for their children in the pandemic transformed their thinking, turning them into single-issue voters for November’s midterms.

  110. Online Shopping Is Bananas Confusing Business, July 13

    How much we buy online affects the whole economy, but right now there are lots of question marks.

  111. Gadgets Were Hot. Now They’re Not. Business, June 22

    Not long ago, it seemed impossible to find a laptop. The pandemic has upended that, too.

  112. The Sunday Read: ‘I’ve Always Struggled With My Weight. Losing It Didn’t Mean Winning.’ The Daily, June 5

    A diet app helped writer Sam Anderson shed his extra Covid pounds — and reminded him that he was still his old self.

  113. Reporting Home Covid Test Results Can Be Confusing. Here’s How to Do It. Well, June 4

    In many places, there is no system for sharing home test results with health officials, but the information may still be beneficial for public health.

  114. Elon Musk to Workers: Spend 40 Hours in the Office, or Else Business, June 1

    In emails to workers at SpaceX and Tesla, Mr. Musk said they were required to spend a minimum of 40 hours a week in the office.

  115. Google Maps Workers Say They Can’t Afford the Trip Back to the Office Business, May 23

    The contract workers are resisting a plan to resume in-person work, citing health concerns and commuting costs.

  116. Your Thursday Briefing: Turkey’s NATO Block N Y T Now, May 18

    Plus North Korea’s Covid strategy and China’s expanding internet censorship.

  117. China’s Internet Censors Try a New Trick: Revealing Users’ Locations Business, May 18

    The rapidly expanding practice, which authorities say helps combat disinformation from abroad, has fueled a whole new type of online battle.

  118. Apple Delays and Modifies Its Return to Office Plans Business, May 17

    The news was welcomed by an employee group worried about growing coronavirus rates.

  119. In Uncertain Times, Start-Ups Flock to Co-Working Spaces Business, May 17

    The pandemic’s arrival turned spaces like WeWork into ghost towns. Now people are lining up for low-commitment offices, and providers are working to sustain that trend.

  120. An Optimist at the Helm of IBM Sunday Business, May 13

    Arvind Krishna is trying to stay in touch with the company’s roots as he confronts today’s challenges.

  121. Amazon Abruptly Fires Senior Managers Tied to Unionized Warehouse Business, May 6

    Company officials said the terminations were the result of an internal review, while the fired managers saw it as a response to the recent union victory.