1. How Nations Are Losing a Global Race to Tackle A.I.’s Harms Technology, Today

    Alarmed by the power of artificial intelligence, Europe, the United States and others are trying to respond — but the technology is evolving more rapidly than their policies.

  2. Runners, on Your Marks: Strava Just Opened DMs Style, Yesterday

    The popular fitness app’s new direct-message feature has users split between titillation (a new place to flirt!) and trepidation (a new place to flirt …).

  3. Can’t Sleep? Listen to an A.I.-Generated Bedtime Story From Jimmy Stewart. Technology, Yesterday

    The sleep and meditation app Calm released a new story featuring the late actor’s signature drawl — or a computer-generated version of it.

  4. Inside the A.I. Arms Race That Changed Silicon Valley Forever Technology, Yesterday

    ChatGPT’s release a year ago triggered a desperate scramble among tech companies and alarm from some of the people who helped invent it.

  5. Attack of the 50-Foot A.I. Special Series, December 4

    Is artificial intelligence really on the brink of sapience? Should we be afraid?

  6. Who’s Who Behind the Dawn of the Modern Artificial Intelligence Movement Business, December 3

    Before chatbots exploded in popularity, a group of researchers, tech executives and venture capitalists had worked for more than a decade to fuel A.I.

  7. Ego, Fear and Money: How the A.I. Fuse Was Lit Business, December 3

    The people who were most afraid of the risks of artificial intelligence decided they should be the ones to build it. Then distrust fueled a spiraling competition.

  8. Sam Altman, Sugarcoating the Apocalypse Op Ed, December 2

    Was the shake-up at OpenAI a farce or a tragedy?

  9. Gambling, Risky Pranks and Lucrative Contracts: Inside the Streaming Site Kick Sunday Business, December 2

    The Twitch competitor has doled out generous deals to content creators. It has also faced criticism for its lax moderation and embrace of online gambling.

  10. Fighting Resumes in Gaza, and a Blocked TikTok Ban Podcasts, December 1

    Hear the news in five minutes.

  11. TikTok’s C.E.O. Uses Personal Touch to Address Antisemitism Concerns Business, December 1

    The company in recent weeks organized several in-person meetings between its top executive and Jewish groups and business leaders.

  12. Judge Halts TikTok Ban in Montana Business, December 1

    TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, has been locked in a legal battle with Montana since the state passed the ban in April.

  13. 4,789 Facebook Accounts in China Impersonated Americans, Meta Says Technology, November 30

    The company warned that the inauthentic accounts underscored the threat of foreign election interference in 2024.

  14. Advertisers Say They Do Not Plan to Return to X After Musk’s Comments Technology, November 30

    Elon Musk, the owner of X, criticized advertisers with expletives on Wednesday at The New York Times’s DealBook Summit.

  15. Welcome to Our New ‘Bespoke Realities’ Opinion, November 30

    Algorithms have become far too good at telling us what we think we already know.

  16. Disinformation Is One of Climate Summit’s Biggest Challenges Business, November 30

    Online influencers, fossil fuel companies and some of the countries attending COP28 have nourished a feedback loop of falsehoods.

  17. Big Companies Find a Way to Identify A.I. Data They Can Trust Business, November 30

    Mainstream companies have concerns about the lineage of the data that powers A.I. applications. An industry group is addressing that challenge.

  18. Elon Musk’s Mindset: ‘It’s a Weakness to Be Liked’ Podcasts, November 30

    In an interview, the tech billionaire slams advertisers for pulling back from X and discusses his emotional state.

  19. Back at OpenAI, Sam Altman Outlines the Company’s Priorities Business, November 30

    In a blog post, Mr. Altman said he would focus on improving products and building a new board, which added Microsoft as a nonvoting member.

  20. Google Agrees to Pay Canadian Media for Using Their Content Foreign, November 29

    The Canadian government reached a deal with Google before a new law compelling tech giants to compensate news organizations comes into effect late next month.

  21. London’s Black Cabs Can Soon Join Uber. But Will They? Express, November 29

    In 2024, passengers are set to have the option to book black cabs through Uber. After longstanding tensions, a union for drivers said they “have no interest.”

  22. Don’t Be Afraid of the iPhone’s NameDrop Feature, Experts Say Express, November 29

    Police departments have issued warnings about a new Apple setting that lets users exchange contact information by bringing their devices together. Tech experts say the fears are overblown.

  23. Apple Is Doing Its Part to End Green Bubble Shaming. It’s Our Turn. Business, November 29

    While texting technology will soon get better, the “blue versus green bubble” disparity is far from over.

  24. G.M. to Cut Spending on Cruise Self-Driving Unit Business, November 29

    General Motors will “substantially lower spending” on autonomous vehicle efforts in 2024 after accidents with its self-driving taxis in San Francisco.

  25. An Endorsement for Nikki Haley, and More Podcasts, November 29

    Plus, Hamas releases 12 more hostages, the true cost of avocados and Google says it will start purging accounts.

  26. Snowplow Parents Are Ruining Online Grading Op Ed, November 29

    Hyperchecking is robbing students of opportunities to develop autonomy.

  27. The Truth About Sleep Trackers Well, November 29

    Their technology is impressive, but imperfect. We asked experts whether they can really help you get a better night’s rest.

  28. ¿Tienes años sin entrar a tus cuentas de Google? Es posible que pronto sean eliminadas En español, November 29

    La empresa anunció que empezará a eliminar las cuentas, incluidos servicios como Gmail y YouTube, que lleven inactivas dos años o más.

  29. Make Sure Your Google Accounts Are Active, or They Might Be Deleted Express, November 28

    The company says it will start purging accounts, including services like Gmail and YouTube, that have been idle for two years or more.

  30. Amazon Introduces Q, an A.I. Chatbot for Companies Business, November 28

    Amazon has been racing to shake off the perception that it is lagging in the push to take advantage of artificial intelligence.

  31. How the Biden Administration Took the Pen Away From Meta, Google and Amazon Op Ed, November 27

    The administration isn’t letting the tech giants write the rules of global trade. Good.

  32. El error de tu niño en internet puede arruinar tu vida digital En español, November 27

    El sistema de Google que revisa los contenidos de los usuarios en busca de materiales de explotación sexual funciona ayudado por IA y tiene tolerancia cero. Pero hay casos en los que se equivoca.

  33. How Your Child’s Online Mistake Can Ruin Your Digital Life Business, November 27

    Google has a zero-tolerance policy for child abuse content. The scanning process can sometimes go awry and tar innocent individuals as abusers.

  34. At Meta, Millions of Underage Users Were an ‘Open Secret,’ States Say Business, November 25

    Meta “routinely documented” children under 13 on Instagram and collected their data, according to a newly unsealed complaint.

  35. Los capitalistas han ganado la batalla por la IA En español, November 24

    La lucha en torno a OpenAI giró, al menos en parte, en torno a visiones enfrentadas sobre la inteligencia artificial. Un bando se impuso claramente.

  36. Five Days of Chaos: How Sam Altman Returned to OpenAI Business, November 22

    On Friday, Mr. Altman was pushed out of the hot A.I. start-up he ran. But an intense pressure campaign and negotiations brought him back.

  37. Explaining OpenAI’s Board Shake-Up Business, November 22

    Who is off, and who is on? For now there are three members, including one holdover from the board that ousted Sam Altman as C.E.O. last week.

  38. A.I. Belongs to the Capitalists Now Business, November 22

    The fight over OpenAI was at least partly about dueling visions of artificial intelligence. One side clearly won out.

  39. Let Your Maps App Guide You Home for the Holidays Business, November 22

    Updates from Google and Apple can help you find efficient routes, locate nearby electric-vehicle charging stations or save a map for offline use.

  40. Sam Altman Is Reinstated as OpenAI’s Chief Executive Business, November 22

    The move capped a chaotic five days at the artificial intelligence company.

  41. Before Altman’s Ouster, OpenAI’s Board Was Divided and Feuding Business, November 21

    Sam Altman confronted a member over a research paper that discussed the company, while directors disagreed for months about who should fill board vacancies.

  42. The OpenAI Coup Is Great for Microsoft. What Does It Mean for Us? Op Ed, November 21

    The OpenAI fracas most likely cements control of one of the most powerful and promising technologies on the planet under one of this country’s tech titans.

  43. Binance Founder Pleads Guilty to Violating Money Laundering Rules Business, November 21

    Changpeng Zhao will pay a $50 million fine and step down as chief executive of the company he created, the latest blow to the crypto world since the implosion of FTX last year.

  44. Palantir Wins Major U.K. Health Contract Despite Criticism Business, November 21

    The Peter Thiel-owned company overcame opposition from activists, doctors and lawmakers to sign a lucrative deal with England’s National Health Service.

  45. The Long Shadow of Steve Jobs Looms Over the Turmoil at OpenAI Business, November 21

    Sam Altman, the most prominent promoter of artificial intelligence, learned that it’s hard to be a visionary founder like the Apple legend.

  46. X Sues Media Matters Over Research on Ads Next to Antisemitic Posts Business, November 21

    X asked a federal court to order the advocacy group to take down its findings, accusing it of “manipulating the algorithms.”

  47. Epic Games C.E.O. Says Google Has ‘De Facto Control’ on Android App Business, November 20

    Tim Sweeney, who runs the company that created Fortnite, testified in a case that, if he wins, could allow competing payment systems on the Play Store.

  48. How Microsoft’s Satya Nadella Kept the ‘Best Bromance in Tech’ Alive Business, November 20

    Mr. Nadella moved fast to hire Sam Altman, who was pushed out of OpenAI on Friday, and asserted his company’s role in its partnership with the A.I. start-up.

  49. The Employee Letter to OpenAI’s Board Interactive, November 20

    Hundreds of OpenAi employees signed a letter on Monday saying they may leave the company for Microsoft if the ousted chief executive, Sam Altman, is not reinstalled.

  50. OpenAI Staff Threatens Exodus, Jeopardizing Company’s Future Business, November 20

    A board member who was part of Sam Altman’s ouster as chief executive joined a majority of the company’s staff in calling for the decision’s reversal.

  51. Explaining the Upheaval at OpenAI Business, November 20

    What comes next after Sam Altman’s messy ouster?

  52. The Winners and Losers of OpenAI’s Wild Weekend Business, November 20

    It is hard to see the past few days as anything but a big loss for the A.I. company.

  53. Microsoft’s Stock Hits Record High After Hiring OpenAI Outcasts Business, November 20

    The tech giant moved quickly to hire Sam Altman and others after their abrupt departures from OpenAI, a key Microsoft partner.

  54. The Shake-up at OpenAI Reshapes the Industry’s Global Order Business, November 20

    Big Tech is reeling from the ouster of Sam Altman at a leading A.I. start-up and his subsequent jump to Microsoft, moves that reset the power dynamic underpinning the sector.

  55. This Is Why Google Paid Billions for Apple to Change a Single Setting Op Ed, November 20

    Default settings on devices allow the tech industry to keep collecting and using data as it wants.

  56. ‘Lost Time for No Reason’: How Driverless Taxis Are Stressing Cities Business, November 20

    In San Francisco and Austin, Texas, where passengers can hail self-driving vehicles, the cars have added to the workloads of city employees.

  57. El discurso de odio antisemita y antimusulmán prolifera en internet En español, November 20

    Los investigadores afirman que los discursos de odio se han disparado en las plataformas sociales a raíz del conflicto entre Israel y Gaza e impulsados por los extremistas.

  58. Microsoft Hires Sam Altman Hours After OpenAI Rejects His Return Business, November 20

    The announcement capped a tumultuous weekend for OpenAI, after Mr. Altman made a push to reclaim his job as C.E.O. of the artificial intelligence company.

  59. Cruise’s C.E.O. Quits as the Driverless Carmaker Aims to Rebuild Trust Business, November 20

    Kyle Vogt, a founder of Cruise, resigned from the company on Sunday, weeks after it suspended all of its self-driving operations.

  60. Talks to Bring Sam Altman Back to OpenAI Stretch Through Weekend Business, November 19

    Disagreements over the board’s makeup appear to have muddled negotiations. Mr. Altman was forced out as chief executive by the company’s board on Friday.

  61. The Sneaky Sticker Shock of Subscription Culture Op Ed, November 19

    Silicon Valley has immersed us in an expensive, pervasive and perennially annoying type of automated capitalism.

  62. How Targeted Weight Loss Ads Can Haunt Future Brides Styles, November 19

    When women post about their engagements and upcoming weddings on social media, an unexpected, potentially damaging specter arrives: targeted weight loss ads.

  63. The Invisible War in Ukraine Being Fought Over Radio Waves Business, November 19

    Using electromagnetic waves to flummox and follow smarter weapons has become a critical part of the cat-and-mouse game between Ukraine and Russia. The United States, China and others have taken note.

  64. Sam Altman Is Said to Be Discussing Return to OpenAI With Company’s Board Business, November 19

    Mr. Altman was forced out of the artificial intelligence start-up on Friday, leading to an outcry from his supporters and the company’s investors.

  65. Ousted OpenAI C.E.O. Makes Plans for New Artificial Intelligence Company Business, November 18

    Sam Altman, who was forced out of his company on Friday afternoon, was quickly moving to create another company with another OpenAI executive who quit on Friday.

  66. The Fear and Tension That Led to Sam Altman’s Ouster at OpenAI Business, November 18

    The departure of the high-profile boss of the San Francisco company drew attention to a philosophical rift among the people building new A.I. systems.

  67. More Advertisers Halt Spending on X in Growing Backlash Against Musk Business, November 18

    Warner Bros. Discovery and Sony have joined other companies in pausing spending on X, formerly Twitter, over Elon Musk’s endorsement of an antisemitic post.

  68. Apple Says It Will Improve the Green vs. Blue Texting Experience Express, November 18

    Longstanding texting problems between Android and Apple owners will ease next year. Among other changes, users will be able to send better-quality videos and photos.

  69. Many Details of Sam Altman’s Ouster Are Murky. But Some Things Are Clear. Business, November 18

    Everything seemed to be going his way. Then his time at OpenAI was over.

  70. Meet Mira Murati, the Engineer Now Leading OpenAI Business, November 17

    The company’s interim C.E.O. has been managing the development and distribution of ChatGPT and DALL-E for years.

  71. Advertisers Flee X as Outcry Over Musk’s Endorsement of Antisemitic Post Grows Business, November 17

    Disney, Apple, Paramount and Lionsgate halted marketing on X, formerly Twitter, as Elon Musk faced a furor over antisemitic abuse on his social media platform.

  72. OpenAI’s Board Pushes Out Sam Altman, Its High-Profile C.E.O. Business, November 17

    Mira Murati, who previously served as chief technology officer, has been named interim chief executive.

  73. Por qué la gente habla de Bin Laden en TikTok En español, November 17

    Los videos hacen referencia a un texto que el exdirigente de Al Qaeda escribió en 2002 defendiendo los atentados del 11 de septiembre.

  74. How Bad Is Antisemitism Online? It’s Increasingly Hard to Know. Business, November 17

    People who study social media say the conflict between Israel and Hamas has underscored the need for better data transparency from platforms.

  75. Want to Know What’s Bedeviling Biden? TikTok Economics May Hold Clues. Business, November 17

    Economic despair dominates social media as young people fret about the cost of living. It offers a snapshot of the challenges facing Democrats ahead of the 2024 election.

  76. Advertisers Push Back at Social Media Firms over Antisemitism Business, November 17

    Companies, celebrities and influencers have taken TikTok and X — and Elon Musk himself — to task for the rise of hate speech on their platforms since the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks on Israel.

  77. If Your Child Is Addicted to TikTok, This May Be the Cure Metropolitan, November 17

    Children are suffering under the weight of social media. New York lawmakers believe they have a strategy to halt the damage.

  78. X Races to Contain Damage After Elon Musk Endorses Antisemitic Post Business, November 16

    IBM, a major advertiser on X, has pulled its spending from the social media platform, whose employees are grappling with what to tell its other advertisers, according to internal messages.

  79. Videos About Bin Laden’s Criticism of U.S. Surge in Popularity on TikTok Business, November 16

    The videos discuss a letter the former Al Qaeda leader wrote in 2002 in which he defended the Sept. 11 attacks and said Americans had become “servants” to Jews.

  80. Jewish Celebrities and Influencers Confront TikTok Executives in Private Call Business, November 16

    TikTok faces escalating accusations that it promotes pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel content. “Shame on you,” Sacha Baron Cohen said on the call.

  81. Cryptocurrency Prices Surge, Driven by a Potential Bitcoin Fund Business, November 16

    Investors anticipate regulatory approval of an exchange traded fund linked directly to Bitcoin, which they hope will encourage more people to invest in the digital asset.

  82. Pandas, Ping-Pong and Profits: Chinese Leader Woos U.S. C.E.O.s Washington, November 16

    Amid frosty U.S.-China relations, Xi Jinping emphasized friendship in an address to executives from Apple, Boeing, Nike and others.

  83. He Says He’s Doing Good. This Author Strongly Disagrees. Book Review, November 16

    In “The Bill Gates Problem,” Tim Schwab excoriates the billionaire philanthropist and his foundation.

  84. El auge de las reseñas falsas genera alarma, pero los expertos advierten que no hay una solución fácil En español, November 16

    Las valoraciones engañosas son tan antiguas como internet, pero son ilegales y están prohibidas en las plataformas en línea. No obstante, los negocios de reseñas falsas siguen floreciendo.

  85. Antisemitic and Anti-Muslim Hate Speech Surges Across the Internet Business, November 15

    Fueled by the conflict between Israel and Gaza and stoked by extremists, hate speech has spiked on social media platforms such as X, Facebook and Instagram, researchers said.

  86. A Strategy to Treat Big Tech Like Big Tobacco The Daily, November 15

    More than three dozen states have come together in a lawsuit against Meta, the company behind Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

  87. We No Longer Need a Big Carrier’s Wireless Plan. Discount Ones Are the Way. Business, November 15

    We are overpaying for phone plans from Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. Budget wireless services, similarly fast and robust, can save thousands.

  88. Threads Will Finally Let Users Delete Their Accounts Without Losing Instagram Too Express, November 14

    Meta’s rival to Twitter will now offer users — who signed up in droves at its launch — the option to delete.

  89. How Microsoft’s Legal Legacy Shapes the Antitrust Case Against Google Business, November 14

    Lawyers for the Justice Department and Google as well as the judge in a monthslong trial have invoked the landmark case against Microsoft from the 1990s.

  90. What Google Argued to Defend Itself in Landmark Antitrust Trial Business, November 14

    The tech giant, which is wrapping up its arguments in the federal monopoly trial, has framed itself as a good corporate citizen that has pushed innovation and helped consumers.

  91. Google’s C.E.O. Takes Another Turn on the Antitrust Witness Stand Business, November 14

    Sundar Pichai, Google’s chief executive, testified on Tuesday for the second time in two weeks to defend his company against monopoly claims.

  92. Fake Reviews Are Rampant Online. Can a Crackdown End Them? Business, November 13

    A wave of regulation and industry action has placed the flourishing fake review business on notice. But experts say the problem may be insurmountable.

  93. Nepal Is Banning TikTok Over Hate Content, Officials Say Foreign, November 13

    The small Himalayan nation’s cabinet of ministers said the Chinese-owned app had neglected its repeated requests to curb content that affected “social harmony.”

  94. Hikers Rescued After Following Nonexistent Trail on Google Maps Express, November 12

    A Canadian search-and-rescue group said it had conducted two missions recently after hikers “may have sought to follow” a nonexistent trail on Google Maps.

  95. You Paid $1,000 for an iPhone, but Apple Still Controls It Business, November 12

    The company codes its devices with software that complicates repairs by triggering safety warnings and malfunctions.

  96. Mark Zuckerberg anuncia el ‘siguiente capítulo’ de Meta: WhatsApp En español, November 11

    La aplicación de mensajería, la cual Meta compró hace casi una década, fue un activo que Zuckerberg dejó en gran medida en paz por un tiempo. Ya no más.

  97. A Jennifer Graham le gusta Jennifer Graham En español, November 11

    Teníamos el mismo nombre y nos hicimos amigas. ¿Por qué no fui a verla cuando más lo necesitaba?

  98. Inside Facebook’s Dangerous Battle Between Integrity and Engagement Book Review, November 11

    Jeff Horwitz’s “Broken Code” draws on 25,000 pages of internal documents to reveal the company’s tumultuous inner workings — and their devastating impact on humanity.

  99. Mint, the Budgeting App, Is Going Away. Here Are Some Alternatives. Business, November 11

    Finding a money app that works best for you requires personal testing. We asked popular competitors to Mint why you should try their offerings.

  100. Personalized A.I. Agents Are Here. Is the World Ready for Them? Business, November 10

    The age of autonomous A.I. assistants could have huge implications.

  101. ¿Las redes sociales son adictivas? Esto responde la ciencia En español, November 10

    Una importante demanda contra Meta sostiene que la compañía utiliza características en sus plataformas para provocar el consumo compulsivo en niños y jóvenes.

  102. Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Is ‘Doing Good’ After Minor Stroke Business, November 10

    The technology pioneer said he was back home in California after a brief stay in a Mexico City hospital.

  103. How to Host Without a Guest Room Interactive, November 9

    Your guests can still be comfortable in the living room.

  104. Can A.I. and Lasers Cure Our Smartphone Addiction? Sunday Business, November 9

    A first impression of Humane’s new magnetic Ai Pin: equal parts magical and awkward.

  105. Silicon Valley’s Big, Bold Sci-Fi Bet on the Device That Comes After the Smartphone Sunday Business, November 9

    Humane, a company started by two former Apple employees, says its new artificial intelligence pin can stop all the scrolling. Can it live up to the hype?

  106. Jezebel, the Pioneering Feminist Website, Will Shut Down Express, November 9

    Citing “economic headwinds rattling our business,” Jim Spanfeller, the chief executive of Jezebel’s parent company, G/O Media, announced the suspension of the publication and staff layoffs.

  107. ¿Los chatbots inventan? Un estudio indica que más de lo que creíamos En español, November 9

    Una empresa fundada por exempleados de Google intenta descubrir con qué frecuencia los chatbots se desvían de la verdad. Encontró que inventan entre el 3 y el 27 por ciento de las veces.

  108. Lawmakers Renew Calls to Ban TikTok After Accusations of Anti-Israel Content Business, November 8

    The criticism has put the popular video app on its heels at a precarious time.

  109. Philip Meyer, Reporter Who Pioneered Data-Driven Journalism, Dies at 93 Obits, November 8

    First as a correspondent and later as a professor, he pushed his industry to adopt more rigorous, quantitative methods.

  110. Meta to Require Political Advertisers to Disclose Use of A.I. Business, November 8

    The social networking giant, which has long had a contentious relationship with political ads, is reckoning with a wave of generative A.I. tools.

  111. Mark Zuckerberg Taps the Strengths of WhatsApp Technology, November 8

    The messaging app, which Meta bought nearly a decade ago, was an asset that Mr. Zuckerberg largely left alone for a while. No longer.

  112. Consumer Bureau Seeks to Supervise Digital Payment Apps Business, November 7

    A proposed rule would subject Google, Apple, PayPal and other digital wallet providers to the same scrutiny that banks face.

  113. In Regulating A.I., We May Be Doing Too Much. And Too Little. Op Ed, November 7

    Success will mean staying focused on concrete problems like deep fakes.

  114. OpenAI Lets Mom-and-Pop Shops Customize ChatGPT Business, November 6

    With a new GPTs service, anyone can build a chatbot and instantly share it with friends, family and the general public.

  115. Chatbots May ‘Hallucinate’ More Often Than Many Realize Business, November 6

    When summarizing facts, ChatGPT technology makes things up about 3 percent of the time, according to research from a new start-up. A Google system’s rate was 27 percent.

  116. TikTok Rankles Employees With Return-to-Office Tracking Tools Business, September 15

    The company is requiring many employees to use an app that tracks their in-person attendance.

  117. Instacart Was All About Grocery Delivery. No Longer. Technology, September 14

    As it prepares to go public next week, Instacart shows that one secret to making money as a gig economy company is to become an advertising company.

  118. Where Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Delivers His Fringe Views: Not on the Trail Business, September 12

    The Democratic presidential challenger continues to espouse extreme ideas, but has dialed that messaging back in large public forums.

  119. From ‘Data Dumping’ to ‘Webbing’: How Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Sells Misleading Ideas Business, September 12

    The candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination uses logical leaps and rhetorical devices to create false or misleading messages.

  120. As Covid-19 Cases Tick Higher, Conspiracy Theorists Stoke New Fears Business, September 11

    A late-summer rise in Covid-19 infections is bringing with it a wave of conspiracy theories.

  121. Dependence on Tech Caused ‘Staggering’ Education Inequality, U.N. Agency Says Business, September 6

    Heavy reliance on online remote learning during the pandemic drew attention away from more equitable ways of teaching children at home, a UNESCO report says.

  122. Meta desmantela una campaña encubierta de China En español, August 31

    La operación de influencia comenzó al menos hace cuatro años y, según la empresa, abarcó miles de cuentas en Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, X, Substack y sitios web chinos.

  123. Meta’s ‘Biggest Single Takedown’ Removes Chinese Influence Campaign Business, August 29

    The campaign began at least four years ago and spanned thousands of accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X, Substack and Chinese websites, Meta said.

  124. Move or Quit: Grindr Dictates New Office Rules Amid Union Drive Business, August 12

    Two weeks after employees filed to organize, the company told some they had to change cities or would lose their jobs. It said the plan had long been in the works.

  125. Apple Revenue Drops 1%, but Profit Rises to $19.88 Billion Business, August 3

    The iPhone maker’s recent quarter benefited from strong sales in its App Store and other services businesses.

  126. Tech Firms Once Powered New York’s Economy. Now They’re Scaling Back. Business, July 25

    After years of steady growth, many technology companies are laying off workers and giving up millions of square feet of office space in the city.

  127. Apple’s Slowdown Eases, but Sluggish Demand Hurts Results Business, May 4

    Overall iPhone sales were up, and revenue for the company’s services business set a record.

  128. Lyft Employees Told to Return to Office as New C.E.O. Lays Out Vision Business, April 28

    A day after nearly 1,100 people were laid off, the struggling company told its remaining workers to prepare for a series of changes.

  129. Funeral Homes Don’t Have to List Prices Online. That May Change. Business, April 14

    The rule on price disclosure was written before widespread use of the internet. Regulators are considering an update.

  130. Where Did All Your Zoom Friends Go? Sunday Business, March 18

    They got lost in this weird moment, where the world is caught between crisis and normalcy, nostalgic for house parties — and Houseparty, too.

  131. How China Went From Economic Superstar to Faltering Giant Op Ed, March 14

    The analyst Dan Wang takes stock of how the country’s growth trajectory has changed.

  132. The Furniture Hustlers of Silicon Valley Sunday Business, February 25

    As tech companies cut costs and move to remote work, their left-behind office furniture has become part of a booming trade.

  133. A Fraught New Frontier in Telehealth: Ketamine Investigative, February 20

    With loosened rules around remote prescriptions, a psychedelic-like drug has become a popular treatment for mental health conditions. But a boom in at-home use has outpaced evidence of safety.

  134. Combating Disinformation Wanes at Social Media Giants Business, February 14

    As the companies have shed jobs recently, many teams assigned to combat false and misleading information have taken a hit.

  135. Happiness or Success? Salesforce’s Marc Benioff Doesn’t Want to Choose. Business, February 13

    The chief executive, under pressure from activist investors, seeks to do well and do good — but his options are narrowing.

  136. Free Speech vs. Disinformation Comes to a Head Business, February 9

    The outcome of a case in federal court could help decide whether the First Amendment is a barrier to virtually any government efforts to stifle disinformation.

  137. A Federal Court Blocks California’s New Medical Misinformation Law Business, January 26

    California’s law sought to punish doctors who give patients false information about Covid-19.

  138. Your Friday Briefing: China’s Campaign Against ‘Zero-Covid’ Protesters N Y T Now, January 26

    Also, Russian missile attacks in Ukraine and a major deal for Indian women’s cricket.

  139. Tech Downsizes N Y T Now, January 25

    The drumbeat of layoffs in Silicon Valley is partly a result of how the pandemic upended the economy.

  140. Emailing Your Doctor May Carry a Fee Science, January 24

    More hospitals and medical practices have begun charging for doctors’ responses to patient queries, depending on the level of medical advice.

  141. Layoffs at Tech Giants Reverse Small Part of Pandemic Hiring Spree Business, January 21

    Some of the biggest tech companies have announced tens of thousands of job cuts. But even after the layoffs, their work forces are still behemoths.

  142. As Covid-19 Continues to Spread, So Does Misinformation About It Business, December 28

    Doctors are exasperated by the persistence of false and misleading claims about the virus.

  143. Musk Lifted Bans for Thousands on Twitter. Here’s What They’re Tweeting. Business, December 22

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