1. Are You Exposed to Too Much Noise? Here’s How to Check. Health, Yesterday

    Noise can damage your heart as well as your hearing, but there are ways to measure your exposure and reduce your risk.

  2. How to Use A.I. to Automate the Dreaded Office Meeting Technology, Yesterday

    Generating a slide deck, talking points and meetings minutes can all be done in a snap. All you need are the right prompts.

  3. Their Crypto Company Collapsed. They Went to Bali. Technology, Yesterday

    The implosion of Three Arrows Capital, a cryptocurrency hedge fund, devastated the industry. Its two founders spent the next year surfing, meditating and traveling the world.

  4. The Risks of Storing Money in Apps Like Venmo and Cash App Your Money, Yesterday

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is warning that the funds may be at risk if the app’s parent company runs into trouble.

  5. Big Tech Is Bad. Big A.I. Will Be Worse. Opinion, Yesterday

    How history has shown that the concentration of A.I. development in the hands of two powerful companies will lead to the technology being deployed in ways that will hurt humanity.

  6. El pasado innovador de Apple me impide ser escéptico con el Vision Pro En español, Yesterday

    Hay muchas razones por las que el Vision Pro podría fracasar. Pero no debemos olvidar que Apple tiene la habilidad de incursionar en una categoría de productos en el momento justo.

  7. After a Rocky Year, Zuckerberg Lays Out Meta’s Road Map to Employees Technology, June 8

    In an internal all-hands meeting, the chief executive explained his plans for artificial intelligence, the metaverse and rebooting Meta’s culture.

  8. CNN Tries to Change the Channel From Wall-to-Wall Chaos Business, June 8

    The company’s new leaders — who include a longtime aide to Warner Bros. Discovery’s C.E.O., David Zaslav — are trying to move on from the stormy tenure of CNN’s former leader Chris Licht.

  9. These Apps Can Help You Monitor Air Quality U.S., June 8

    Air quality levels have been a source of intense interest this week. There are a number of ways to keep track of them on your phone.

  10. Not Just Math Quizzes: Khan Academy’s Tutoring Bot Offers Playful Features Business, June 8

    The new, A.I.-assisted Khanmigo allows students to chat with simulated historical figures or co-write stories with the software.

  11. Apple Knows You Didn’t Mean to Type ‘Ducking’ Style, June 7

    Newly announced modifications to the autocorrect feature used on iPhones will better understand a word’s context in a text message, saving users some blushes.

  12. Senators Say TikTok May Have Misled Congress on Handling of U.S. User Data Technology, June 7

    Two senators sent a letter to TikTok’s C.E.O. with questions about how user data may be stored and seen in China after new reports in May.

  13. They Fled San Francisco. The A.I. Boom Pulled Them Back. Technology, June 7

    Tech entrepreneurs who left the Bay Area during the pandemic say they can’t afford to miss out on the funding, hackathons and networking of the artificial intelligence frenzy.

  14. How Sam Altman Stormed Washington to Set the A.I. Agenda Technology, June 7

    The chief executive of OpenAI, which makes ChatGPT, has met with at least 100 U.S. lawmakers in recent months. He has also taken his show abroad.

  15. Crypto Firms Start Looking Abroad as U.S. Cracks Down Technology, June 7

    As the country becomes one of the world’s strictest crypto regulators, companies are exploring plans to expand internationally and possibly leave entirely.

  16. Why I Can’t Bet Against Apple’s Mixed-Reality Prowess Technology, June 6

    There are plenty of reasons the Vision Pro could flop. But we shouldn’t forget that Apple has a knack for entering a product category at just the right time.

  17. A First Try of Apple’s $3,500 Vision Pro Headset Technology, June 6

    I briefly got my hands on Apple’s new high-tech goggles, which impressed and creeped me out and raised a question: Why do we need these?

  18. But Would You Wear It? Style, June 6

    Apple says its new Vision Pro headset will “shift the way we look at technology.” How about how we look?

  19. The Book I Wish Every Policymaker Would Read Opinion, June 6

    In “Recoding America,” Jennifer Pahlka offers a deeper theory for why the U.S. government struggles to provide services to its people.

  20. Apple Debuts Its Next Big Product, a Virtual Reality Headset Technology, June 5

    The device, called Vision Pro and shaped like a pair of ski goggles, faces a skeptical consumer market and competition from others, like fellow tech giant Meta.

  21. Real Solutions to Reduce Plastics Pollution Opinion, June 5

    Two environmental organizations criticize the approach offered in an essay. Also: Trump’s MAGA army; Erdogan’s victory; canned music; A.I.; social media.

  22. Is the Bear Market Over? It Depends. Business, June 5

    The S&P 500 ended the day nearly 20 percent above its low last year, within a hair of a milestone for some market watchers. But assessing a bona fide bull market is not so simple.

  23. Twitter’s U.S. Ad Sales Plunge 59% as Woes Continue Business, June 5

    In internal forecasts, the company projected that ad sales would keep declining, handing a tough challenge to its new chief executive.

  24. Obtén lo mejor de ChatGPT con estas instrucciones En español, June 5

    Nuestro columnista de tecnología personal comparte cómo mejorar muchas partes de tu vida.

  25. ‘None of Us Were Born Looking for a Screen. We Were All Born Looking for a Face.’ Op Ed, June 4

    A conversation about nurturing our relationships in a digital world.

  26. These Activists Distrust Voting Machines. Just Don’t Call Them Election Deniers. Business, June 4

    As election activists rally against new voting machines, they are drifting into territory now dominated by conspiracy theorists.

  27. Don Bateman, Trailblazer in Airline Safety, Dies at 91 Obits, June 2

    His cockpit warning system, which alerts the crew if an aircraft is heading toward a mountain, a building or the ocean, has saved thousands of lives.

  28. The Beautiful Chaos of the Notes App Styles, June 2

    What’s in yours?

  29. How to Use A.I. to Edit and Generate Stunning Photos Business, June 2

    An A.I.-powered version of Photoshop and the image generator Midjourney live up to the hype.

  30. Apple Is Stepping Into the Metaverse. Will Anyone Care? Business, June 2

    Interest in the futuristic, immersive digital world is fading just as Apple plans to debut a virtual reality device.

  31. It’s the End of Computer Programming as We Know It. (And I Feel Fine.) Op Ed, June 2

    Don’t bother learning to code.

  32. Los recuerdos digitales de quienes ya no están En español, June 2

    En internet, discos duros, teléfonos celulares y otros dispositivos podemos encontrar la huella de nuestros seres queridos fallecidos.

  33. Judge Dismisses D.C.’s Privacy Lawsuit Against Meta Business, June 1

    The District of Columbia accused the company of sharing user data in deceptive ways. A Superior Court decision said Meta had made its policies clear.

  34. Are the Warnings About A.I. Overblown? Letters, June 1

    Readers react to a dire statement about the risks of artificial intelligence. Also: Public bathrooms; conditions in state prisons.

  35. We Spoke With 5 People Who Work With A.I. Here’s What Keeps Them Up at Night. Interactive, June 1

    Five A.I. practitioners — an industry godfather, an artist, an ethicist, a writer and a computer scientist — share their experiences working with artificial intelligence.

  36. Amazon to Pay $25 Million to Settle Children’s Privacy Charges Technology, May 31

    Regulators said the tech giant kept children’s Alexa voice recordings “forever,” violating a children’s privacy law.

  37. Create a Private Social Space, Far From the Maddening Crowd Business, May 31

    Alternative apps and shared photo albums let you set up your own exclusive club for online conversations and digital pictures.

  38. In ‘Fancy Bear Goes Phishing,’ Tales of Harmful Hacks Book Review, May 31

    A new book by Scott J. Shapiro, a law and philosophy professor at Yale, examines breaches of cybersecurity and their implications for keeping information safe.

  39. A Week With the Wild Children of the A.I. Boom Magazine, May 31

    In Silicon Valley’s hacker houses, the latest crop of young entrepreneurs is partying, innovating — and hoping not to get crushed by the big guys.

  40. Los líderes del sector advierten sobre el ‘riesgo de extinción’ de la inteligencia artificial En español, May 31

    Directivos de OpenAI, Google DeepMind, Anthropic y otros laboratorios de inteligencia artificial advierten que los sistemas del futuro podrían ser tan mortíferos como las pandemias y las armas nucleares.

  41. Why an Octopus-like Creature Has Come to Symbolize the State of A.I. Business, May 30

    The Shoggoth, a character from a science fiction story, captures the essential weirdness of the A.I. moment.

  42. Elizabeth Holmes Reports to Prison to Begin More Than 11-Year Sentence Business, May 30

    The disgraced founder of the blood testing start-up Theranos, who was convicted of fraud, turned herself in at a minimum-security prison in Texas.

  43. A.I. Poses ‘Risk of Extinction,’ Industry Leaders Warn Business, May 30

    Leaders from OpenAI, Google DeepMind, Anthropic and other A.I. labs warn that future systems could be as deadly as pandemics and nuclear weapons.

  44. California Builds the Future, for Good and Bad. What’s Next? Magazine, May 30

    From reparations to tax revolts, the Golden State tries out new ideas all the time. What roads will its latest experiments send us down?

  45. The Race to Make A.I. Smaller (and Smarter) Science, May 30

    Teaching fewer words to large language models might help them sound more human.

  46. With Watchful Eyes, a Nationwide Network Tracks Antisemitic Threats National, May 29

    The mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh led to arguably the most ambitious effort ever undertaken to protect Jewish institutions in America.

  47. Beyond the ‘Matrix’ Theory of the Mind Op Ed, May 28

    To make good on its promise, artificial intelligence needs to deepen human intelligence.

  48. ¿Se acabó el entusiasmo por los deportes electrónicos? En español, May 28

    Al menos dos organizaciones de la liga más destacada de Estados Unidos para jugadores profesionales de videojuegos están vendiendo sus equipos, lo que subraya el futuro incierto de la industria.

  49. When Your Sexuality Is Against the Law Op Ed, May 27

    Even in African countries that have decriminalized homosexuality, life is not easy for gay people.

  50. Licencias, direcciones y fotos: cómo comparte TikTok los datos de sus usuarios En español, May 26

    Los empleados de la aplicación de propiedad china han publicado información de los usuarios en una herramienta de mensajería y colaboración llamada Lark, según documentos internos.

  51. Minnesota Governor Vetoes Gig Worker Pay Bill Business, May 25

    Gov. Tim Walz said the legislation would have raised costs for ordering an Uber or Lyft too high, potentially pricing out Minnesota customers.

  52. DeSantis’s Twitter Event Falls Short of the Reach of Past Livestreams Business, May 25

    The Republican presidential candidate’s announcement on Twitter had a high of about 300,000 concurrent listeners and a total of 3.4 million listeners as of Thursday.

  53. Microsoft Calls for A.I. Rules to Minimize the Technology’s Risks Business, May 25

    Its president, Brad Smith, said companies needed to “step up” and governments needed to “move faster” as artificial intelligence progressed.

  54. To Mute or Unfollow? Experts’ Tips for a Mindful Approach to Social Media Express, May 25

    You don’t have to quit Instagram and TikTok cold turkey. Use these strategies — some practical, some more philosophical — to be online in a healthier or less harmful way.

  55. Get the Best From ChatGPT With These Golden Prompts Business, May 25

    Our personal tech columnist shares how to improve many parts of your life.

  56. Reid Hoffman Is on a Mission: To Show A.I. Can Improve Humanity Business, May 25

    Few are as involved in so many different artificial intelligence efforts as Mr. Hoffman, a Silicon Valley investor who co-founded LinkedIn.

  57. A Hiring Law Blazes a Path for A.I. Regulation Business, May 25

    New York City’s pioneering, focused approach sets rules on how companies use the technology in work force decisions.

  58. Why Universities Should Be More Like Monasteries Op Ed, May 25

    College students need a taste of the monk’s life.

  59. Social Media: What Teenagers Think and What Parents Don’t Know Metro, May 25

    The surgeon general warned that social media can be harmful to young people. They had already realized that.

  60. Elon Musk’s Event With Ron DeSantis Exposes Twitter’s Weaknesses Business, May 24

    What was supposed to be a crowning moment for Mr. Musk’s Twitter turned into a series of technical glitches.

  61. With Climate Panel as a Beacon, Global Group Takes On Misinformation Business, May 24

    A group of scholars introduced an international panel to study the digital information landscape, inspired by those who had been warning of the effect of global warming.

  62. The May 24 Desantis 2024 Election President live blog included one standalone post:
  63. Chinese Malware Hits Systems on Guam. Is Taiwan the Real Target? Washington, May 24

    The code, which Microsoft said was installed by a Chinese government hacking group, set off alarms because Guam would be a centerpiece of any U.S. military response to a move against Taiwan.

  64. How to Listen to DeSantis’s Presidential Announcement on Twitter Business, May 24

    The Florida governor is set to announce that he will be running for president on Twitter Spaces, a live audio streaming platform on Twitter where people gather and talk online in real time.

  65. Driver’s Licenses, Addresses, Photos: Inside How TikTok Shares User Data Business, May 24

    Employees of the Chinese-owned video app have regularly posted user information on a messaging and collaboration tool called Lark, according to internal documents.

  66. A.I. Needs an International Watchdog, ChatGPT Creators Say Business, May 24

    To manage its risks, “superintelligent” artificial intelligence should be governed by a body similar to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the lab’s leadership said in note on its website.

  67. El extremismo encuentra terreno fértil en las salas de chat para videojugadores En español, May 24

    Un estudio reciente subrayó con qué profundidad la misoginia, el racismo y otras ideologías extremas se han arraigado en algunas salas de chat de videojuegos y otras plataformas, como Discord y Steam.

  68. What to Know About Limiting Your Child’s Screen Time Business, May 24

    Concerned parents have many tools, including free software from Apple and Google, to actively oversee how children use their tech.

  69. Surgeon General Warns That Social Media May Harm Children and Adolescents Science, May 23

    The report by Dr. Vivek Murthy cited a “profound risk of harm” to adolescent mental health and urged families to set limits and governments to set tougher standards for use.

  70. There’s Another Businessman Who Wants to Run America Op Ed, May 23

    Vivek Ramaswamy is what a pro-capitalism candidate looks like in post-Trump Republican politics, in which the emphasis is on the creation of a totalizing national identity.

  71. Emails, Chat Logs, Code and a Notebook: The Mountain of FTX Evidence Business, May 23

    Prosecutors investigating Sam Bankman-Fried, the cryptocurrency exchange’s founder, have accumulated more than six million pages of documents and other records.

  72. My A.I. Lover Op Ed, May 23

    Three women reflect on the complexities of their relationships with their A.I. companions.

  73. TikTok Sues Montana, Calling State Ban Unconstitutional Business, May 22

    The Chinese-owned video app filed the lawsuit days after Montana’s governor signed the ban, which takes effect on Jan. 1, into law.

  74. Companies Are Taking a Harder Line on Union Organizers, Workers Say Business, May 22

    Apple, Starbucks, Trader Joe’s and REI are accused of targeting union supporters after organizing efforts gained traction, charges the companies deny.

  75. With Ban on Micron, China Escalates Microchip Clash With U.S. Business, May 22

    A Chinese government block on Micron Technology’s memory chips marks how far apart the two economic powers are drifting on tech policy.

  76. Google’s Photo App Still Can’t Find Gorillas. And Neither Can Apple’s. Sunday Business, May 22

    Eight years after a controversy over Black people being mislabeled as gorillas by image analysis software — and despite big advances in computer vision — tech giants still fear repeating the mistake.

  77. Silicon Valley, Cradle of Computer Chips, Gains Big New Research Center Business, May 22

    Anticipating federal subsidies, Applied Materials said it planned to invest up to $4 billion in the semiconductor project in Sunnyvale, Calif.

  78. Meta Fined $1.3 Billion for Violating E.U. Data Privacy Rules Business, May 22

    The Facebook owner said it would appeal an order to stop sending data about European Union users to the United States.

  79. Minnesota Passes Bill Seeking to Ensure Minimum Wage for Gig Workers Business, May 21

    Lyft and Uber have opposed the legislation, threatening to reduce operations or leave the state if it is enacted.

  80. The Week in Business: An Attempt to Ban TikTok Sunday Business, May 21

    The latest clash between Florida’s governor and Disney. The looming X-date. And the boom this year in corporate bankruptcies.

  81. What Number Comes Next? The Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences Knows. Science, May 21

    The “mathematical equivalent to the FBI’s voluminous fingerprint files” turns 50 this year, with 362,765 entries (and counting).

  82. Hank Green, Novelist and YouTube Star, Announces He Has Cancer Express, May 20

    In a video, Mr. Green said he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a very “treatable cancer.”

  83. The E-Sports World Is Starting to Teeter Business, May 20

    At least two organizations in America’s most prominent league for professional video game players are selling their teams, underscoring the industry’s uncertain future.

  84. A.I.-Generated Content Discovered on News Sites, Content Farms and Product Reviews Business, May 19

    The findings in two new reports raise fresh concerns over how artificial intelligence may transform the misinformation landscape online.

  85. China’s Tech Giants Signal the First Steps in a Bumpy Recovery Business, May 19

    The economy is open again, helping Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent claw back in the first quarter from a miserable 2022, though they are likely to face continuing skepticism from investors.

  86. Microsoft dice que la nueva inteligencia artificial da señales de razonamiento humano En español, May 19

    La empresa publicó un artículo que suscitó uno de los debates más intensos del mundo de la tecnología: ¿la industria está creando algo parecido a la inteligencia humana?

  87. The Tyranny of ‘the Best’ Op Ed, May 19

    In toasters and in life, the top-rated anything will never be good enough.

  88. A.I. Is Having a ‘Netscape Moment’ Interactive, May 19

    Tech nerds see the current moment for artificial intelligence as similar to the time when the Netscape browser was released, stirring innovation.

  89. Vivek Ramaswamy Is the Latest in a Line of Politically Problematic Tech Bros Op Ed, May 18

    As political figures, they’re not innovating. They’re peddling ahistoric drivel.

  90. In Montana, Creators Await — and Dread — a TikTok Ban Styles, May 18

    Under a newly signed bill, the state is poised to become the first to ban TikTok. Influencers living there have a lot to lose.

  91. Twitter Accuses Microsoft of Improperly Using Its Data Business, May 18

    In a letter to Microsoft’s chief executive, Satya Nadella, Twitter said the tech giant had violated a data agreement.

  92. TikTok Users Sue Montana, Calling State Ban Unconstitutional Business, May 18

    A spokeswoman for the state attorney general said that his office had “expected a legal challenge” and was “fully prepared to defend the law.”

  93. OpenAI Introduces ChatGPT App for the iPhone Business, May 18

    OpenAI is aiming to build on the popularity of its chatbot with a smartphone app that responds to voice prompts.

  94. Supreme Court Won’t Hold Tech Companies Liable for User Posts Washington, May 18

    The justices ruled in one case that a law allowing suits for aiding terrorism did not apply to the ordinary activities of social media companies.

  95. Extremism Finds Fertile Ground in Chat Rooms for Gamers Business, May 18

    In the past year, about half the people who played online multiplayer games in the world’s major gaming markets encountered extremist statements, a new study found.

  96. Listen to ‘The Headlines’, a Short Show on the Day’s Biggest News Podcasts, May 18

    Exclusively from New York Times Audio, our new app.

  97. In Battle Over A.I., Meta Decides to Give Away Its Crown Jewels Business, May 18

    The tech giant has publicly released its latest A.I. technology so people can build their own chatbots. Rivals like Google say that approach can be dangerous.

  98. Another Side of the A.I. Boom: Detecting What A.I. Makes Business, May 18

    More than a dozen companies have popped up to offer services aimed at identifying whether photos, text and videos are made by humans or machines.

  99. Haven’t Checked Your Gmail in a While? Google May Delete Your Account. Express, May 17

    Personal Google accounts that have not been used in at least two years could be removed starting in December as part of an effort to address security threats, the company said.

  100. Introducing a New Audio App for Our Journalism and Storytelling Podcasts, May 17

    New York Times Audio provides news, depth and serendipity.

  101. OpenAI’s Sam Altman Urges A.I. Regulation in Senate Hearing Business, May 16

    The tech executive and lawmakers agreed that new A.I. systems must be regulated. Just how that would happen is not yet clear.

  102. Microsoft Says New A.I. Shows Signs of Human Reasoning Business, May 16

    A provocative paper from researchers at Microsoft claims A.I. technology shows the ability to understand the way people do. Critics say those scientists are kidding themselves.

  103. E.U. Approves Microsoft’s $69 Billion Deal for Activision Business, May 15

    The green light follows objections to the blockbuster deal by American and British regulators on the grounds that it would undercut competition.

  104. Vice, Decayed Digital Colossus, Files for Bankruptcy Business, May 15

    Vice, which had wooed media giants, has struggled to adjust to the punishing realities of digital publishing. A group of creditors could buy Vice for $225 million.

  105. Managing Screen Time Is a Family Matter Op Ed, May 14

    Parents must help their children live healthier digital lives.

  106. Dooce and Other ‘Mommy Blogs’ Deserve Credit for Shaping the Internet Op Ed, May 13

    BuzzFeed and Gawker weren’t the only brands that moved the discourse.

  107. The Mysteries of Zelda N Y T Now, May 13

    Countless people find joy, frustration and discovery in video games.

  108. Elon Musk Makes Sense. Yes, Really. Op Ed, May 12

    Elon Musk’s seemingly erratic behavior is rational if one looks at the true source of his wealth.

  109. Ex-ByteDance Executive Accuses Company of ‘Lawlessness’ Business, May 12

    The former executive sued ByteDance, which owns TikTok, for wrongful termination and accused the company of lifting content from rivals and “supreme access” by the Chinese Communist Party.

  110. Elon Musk Appoints Linda Yaccarino Twitter’s New Chief Business, May 12

    Mr. Musk said Ms. Yaccarino would focus on business operations and he would work on product design and technology at the social media platform.

  111. Migrants Struggle to Get Appointments on Border Protection App National, May 12

    The problems faced by migrants suggested that an important strategy for alleviating crowding at the border still faced challenges.

  112. Elon Musk Says He Has a New C.E.O. for Twitter Business, May 11

    Mr. Musk is in talks about the role with Linda Yaccarino, chairman of global advertising and partnerships at NBCUniversal, two people with knowledge of the matter said.

  113. U.S. Focuses on Invigorating ‘Chiplets’ to Stay Cutting-Edge in Tech Business, May 11

    Chiplets, a way to design chips for higher performance, has become a key prong of U.S. industrial policy. But pushing for more of this activity domestically is challenging.

  114. ‘De-Americanize’: How China Is Remaking Its Chip Business Business, May 11

    Seven months after Washington unveiled tough curbs, Chinese companies are doubling down on homegrown supply chains and drawing billions in cash from Beijing and investors.

  115. Taiwan Is Running Low on a Strategic Asset: Engineers Business, May 11

    Taiwan’s world-dominating microchip sector was built by TSMC’s skilled employees. But a demographic crisis, demanding work culture and flagging interest threaten its lead.

  116. Apple’s Slowdown Eases, but Sluggish Demand Hurts Results Business, May 4

    Overall iPhone sales were up, and revenue for the company’s services business set a record.

  117. Lyft Employees Told to Return to Office as New C.E.O. Lays Out Vision Business, April 28

    A day after nearly 1,100 people were laid off, the struggling company told its remaining workers to prepare for a series of changes.

  118. Funeral Homes Don’t Have to List Prices Online. That May Change. Business, April 14

    The rule on price disclosure was written before widespread use of the internet. Regulators are considering an update.

  119. Where Did All Your Zoom Friends Go? Sunday Business, March 18

    They got lost in this weird moment, where the world is caught between crisis and normalcy, nostalgic for house parties — and Houseparty, too.

  120. How China Went From Economic Superstar to Faltering Giant Op Ed, March 14

    The analyst Dan Wang takes stock of how the country’s growth trajectory has changed.

  121. The Furniture Hustlers of Silicon Valley Sunday Business, February 25

    As tech companies cut costs and move to remote work, their left-behind office furniture has become part of a booming trade.

  122. A Fraught New Frontier in Telehealth: Ketamine Investigative, February 20

    With loosened rules around remote prescriptions, a psychedelic-like drug has become a popular treatment for mental health conditions. But a boom in at-home use has outpaced evidence of safety.

  123. Combating Disinformation Wanes at Social Media Giants Business, February 14

    As the companies have shed jobs recently, many teams assigned to combat false and misleading information have taken a hit.

  124. Happiness or Success? Salesforce’s Marc Benioff Doesn’t Want to Choose. Business, February 13

    The chief executive, under pressure from activist investors, seeks to do well and do good — but his options are narrowing.

  125. Free Speech vs. Disinformation Comes to a Head Business, February 9

    The outcome of a case in federal court could help decide whether the First Amendment is a barrier to virtually any government efforts to stifle disinformation.

  126. A Federal Court Blocks California’s New Medical Misinformation Law Business, January 26

    California’s law sought to punish doctors who give patients false information about Covid-19.

  127. Your Friday Briefing: China’s Campaign Against ‘Zero-Covid’ Protesters N Y T Now, January 26

    Also, Russian missile attacks in Ukraine and a major deal for Indian women’s cricket.

  128. Tech Downsizes N Y T Now, January 25

    The drumbeat of layoffs in Silicon Valley is partly a result of how the pandemic upended the economy.

  129. Emailing Your Doctor May Carry a Fee Science, January 24

    More hospitals and medical practices have begun charging for doctors’ responses to patient queries, depending on the level of medical advice.

  130. Layoffs at Tech Giants Reverse Small Part of Pandemic Hiring Spree Business, January 21

    Some of the biggest tech companies have announced tens of thousands of job cuts. But even after the layoffs, their work forces are still behemoths.

  131. As Covid-19 Continues to Spread, So Does Misinformation About It Business, December 28

    Doctors are exasperated by the persistence of false and misleading claims about the virus.

  132. Musk Lifted Bans for Thousands on Twitter. Here’s What They’re Tweeting. Business, December 22

    Many reinstated users are tweeting about topics that got them barred in the first place: Covid-19 skepticism, election denialism and QAnon.

  133. Xi Broke the Social Contract That Helped China Prosper Op Ed, December 1

    Has another autocratic regime ever taken away the right of so many people to lead a normal life?

  134. Is Spreading Medical Misinformation a Doctor’s Free Speech Right? Business, November 30

    Two lawsuits in California have pre-emptively challenged a new law that would punish doctors for misleading patients about Covid-19.

  135. In a Challenge to Beijing, Unrest Over Covid Lockdowns Spreads Foreign, November 24

    Protests are rising as China enacts more lockdowns and quarantines, with no end in sight. The defiance is a test of Xi Jinping’s authoritarian leadership.

  136. Twitter Was Influential in the Pandemic. Are We Better for It? Op Ed, November 19

    Reflecting on what worked and what didn’t.

  137. ‘Economic Picture Ahead Is Dire,’ Elon Musk Tells Twitter Employees Business, November 10

    In his first communications with Twitter’s staff, the company’s new owner painted a bleak picture as more executives resigned.

  138. Apple Built Its Empire With China. Now Its Foundation Is Showing Cracks. Business, November 7

    Lawmakers’ objections to an obscure Chinese semiconductor company and tough Covid-19 restrictions are hurting Apple’s ability to make new iPhones in China.

  139. Apple Could Be Short of iPhones Because of Factory Disruptions in China Business, November 7

    The company said Covid-19 restrictions were slowing production of the company’s new phones ahead of the holiday season.

  140. How the Right Became the Left and the Left Became the Right Op Ed, November 2

    A pair of prominent headlines highlights the reversals.

  141. After Covid Lockdown, Fear and Unrest Sweep iPhone Factory in China Business, November 2

    Hundreds of workers are said to have fled, afraid of being forced into quarantine with inadequate food and supplies.

  142. Forget Free Coffee. What Matters Is if Workers Feel Returning Is Worth It. Sunday Business, October 29

    Commutes are still painful, readers say. And it’s hard to give up the joys of working from home. But many of those who have gone back to the office say they like it.

  143. ‘La soledad es el problema central’: el auge de las aplicaciones de citas en China en Español, October 8

    El gobierno chino ha reprimido a muchas empresas tecnológicas pero permite las aplicaciones de citas que fomentan las conexiones sociales.

  144. With Online Learning, ‘Let’s Take a Breath and See What Worked and Didn’t Work’ Special Sections, October 6

    The massive expansion of online higher education created a worldwide laboratory to finally assess its value and its future.

  145. Dating Apps Thrive in China, but Not Just for Romance Business, September 27

    China has cracked down on many tech companies, but has allowed dating apps that provide social connections to flourish.

  146. Wegmans Discontinues Self-Checkout App, Citing Losses Express, September 18

    Self-checkout systems are intended to make shopping convenient, but they also can lead to more thefts, experts said.

  147. California Approves Bill to Punish Doctors Who Spread False Information Business, August 30

    Weighing into the fierce national debate over Covid-19 prevention and treatments, the state would be the first to try a legal remedy for vaccine disinformation.

  148. White House Snaps Back at Twitter Critics of Student Loan Relief Express, August 26

    In an aggressive turn, the normally staid @WhiteHouse account itemized hundreds of thousands of dollars in pandemic-related debt relief given to U.S. House members who criticized the Biden plan.

  149. Remote Scan of Student’s Room Before Test Violated His Privacy, Judge Rules Express, August 25

    A federal judge said Cleveland State University violated the Fourth Amendment when it used software to scan a student’s bedroom, a practice that has grown during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  150. Facebook and Instagram Remove Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Nonprofit for Misinformation Business, August 18

    The social networking company said that Children’s Health Defense, a group led by Mr. Kennedy, an anti-vaccine activist, had “repeatedly” violated its guidelines by spreading medical misinformation.