1. ‘Silicon Valley Princess’: Inside the Life of Nicole Shanahan, R.F.K. Jr.’s Running Mate Technology, Today

    Ms. Shanahan, a lawyer who was married to Sergey Brin, a Google founder, led a rarefied and sometimes turbulent life in Silicon Valley, according to a Times examination.

  2. C. Gordon Bell, Creator of a Personal Computer Prototype, Dies at 89 Technology, Yesterday

    It cost $18,000 when it was introduced in 1965, but it bridged the world between room-size mainframes and the modern desktop.

  3. Ahora los celulares inteligentes pueden durar hasta 7 años. Esta es la razón En español, Yesterday

    Google y Samsung solían actualizar el software de los teléfonos inteligentes solo durante tres años. Ahora las personas tendrán mayor flexibilidad para decidir cuándo renovar sus equipos.

  4. How Donald Trump’s Financial Future Became Tied to Trump Media Business, Yesterday

    Mr. Trump has treated Trump Media, which runs his social network Truth Social, as a low-cost sideshow. Now a big portion of his wealth hinges on its success.

  5. A.I.’s Black Boxes Just Got a Little Less Mysterious Technology, Yesterday

    Researchers at the A.I. company Anthropic claim to have found clues about the inner workings of large language models, possibly helping to prevent their misuse and to curb their potential threats.

  6. Scarlett Johansson and OpenAI’s Trust Issues Business, Yesterday

    The actress, who criticized the use of a soundalike voice for ChatGPT, is the latest to raise concerns about the artificial intelligence start-up’s practices.

  7. The Siblings Who Changed How We Party Style, Yesterday

    When James and Alexa Hirschfeld started Paperless Post 15 years ago, some saw its digital invitations as a fad. Instead, they have become a fixture of events and have spawned imitators.

  8. Scarlett Johansson’s Statement About Her Interactions With Sam Altman Technology, Yesterday

    The actress released a lengthy statement about the company and the similarity of one of its A.I. voices.

  9. Scarlett Johansson Said No, but OpenAI’s Virtual Assistant Sounds Just Like Her Technology, May 20

    Last week, the company released a chatbot with an option that sounded like the actress, who provided the voice of an A.I. system in the movie “Her.”

  10. Can Artificial Intelligence Make the PC Cool Again? Technology, May 20

    Microsoft, HP, Dell and others unveiled a new kind of laptop tailored to work with artificial intelligence. Analysts expect Apple to do something similar.

  11. ‘Chelsea’ pidió fotografías de desnudos. Luego comenzó la sextorsión En español, May 20

    Hombres jóvenes son engañados por estafadores que pretenden ser mujeres, para que les manden fotografías desnudos y extorsionarlos con ellas. Las consecuencias pueden ser devastadoras.

  12. Chinese Firms Face Authoritarianism at Home and Hostility Abroad Business, May 20

    The experience of TikTok’s owner, ByteDance, in Beijing and Washington shows how much the ground has shifted for China’s entrepreneurs.

  13. See How Easily A.I. Chatbots Can Be Taught to Spew Disinformation Interactive, May 20

    Ahead of the election this year, the results suggested how easy it could be to create divisive content online, on either side of the political spectrum.

  14. Según las redes, muchas mujeres están dejando de tomar la píldora. ¿Es verdad? En español, May 18

    Cifras de varios estudios recientes revelan que cada vez más mujeres confían en la píldora anticonceptiva, ¿por qué las redes sociales parecen contar una historia diferente?

  15. Why a Tactic Used by Czars Is Back With a Vengeance Foreign, May 17

    Authoritarian governments have long sought to target dissidents abroad. But the digital age may have given them stronger motives, and better tools, for transnational repression.

  16. Openwashing Sunday Business, May 17

    An accusation against some A.I. companies that they are using the “open source” label too loosely.

  17. Taiwan, on China’s Doorstep, Is Dealing With TikTok Its Own Way Business, May 17

    The island democracy was early to ban TikTok on government phones, and the ruling party refuses to use it. But a U.S.-style ban is not under consideration.

  18. Robert Dennard, IBM Inventor Whose Chip Changed Computing, Dies at 91 Obits, May 16

    He invented DRAM, the technology that allowed for the faster and higher-capacity memory storage that is the basis for modern computing.

  19. What Do You Do When A.I. Takes Your Voice? Business, May 16

    Two voice actors say an A.I. company created clones of their voices without their permission. Now they’re suing. The company denies it did anything wrong.

  20. Here’s What Makes WordleBot Tick Games, May 16

    The bot’s creator, along with the game’s editor, take you on a tour of its inner workings.

  21. The Pill Makes Some Women Miserable. But Are They Really Quitting It en Masse? Well, May 16

    The internet is awash with stories of women throwing out their oral contraception. New data suggests a different narrative.

  22. Man Linked to ‘I Raped You’ Message Is Detained in France, Authorities Say Express, May 16

    An arrest warrant was issued for Ian Thomas Cleary in 2021 after Shannon Keeler discovered online messages about a sexual assault in Pennsylvania in 2013.

  23. E.U. Investigates Meta Over Addictive Social Media Effects on Children Business, May 16

    The American tech giant’s platforms, Facebook and Instagram, may “exploit the weaknesses and inexperience of minors,” the European Commission said.

  24. The Billionaire Frank McCourt Mounts a Bid to Buy TikTok Business, May 15

    Mr. McCourt, a longtime critic of the way tech companies use data, sees acquiring TikTok as a chance to create an “alternative to the current internet.”

  25. Smartphones Can Now Last 7 Years. Here’s How to Keep Them Working. Business, May 15

    Google and Samsung used to update smartphone software for only three years. That has changed.

  26. A Big Plot Twist at OpenAI Business, May 15

    Ilya Sutskever, a co-founder at the artificial intelligence start-up and one of the world’s leading researchers, is out, and Sam Altman’s control looks firmer than ever.

  27. Press Pause on the Silicon Valley Hype Machine Op Ed, May 15

    A.I. is looking less like an all-powerful being and more like an unreliable intern.

  28. A.I. Program Aims to Break Barriers for Female Students Business, May 15

    A new program, backed by Cornell Tech, M.I.T. and U.C.L.A., helps prepare lower-income, Latina and Black female computing majors for artificial intelligence careers.

  29. The Old-Fashioned Library at the Heart of the A.I. Boom Business, May 15

    OpenAI may be changing how the world interacts with language. But inside headquarters, there is a homage to the written word: a library.

  30. Senators Propose $32 Billion in Annual A.I. Spending but Defer Regulation Business, May 15

    Their plan is the culmination of a yearlong listening tour on the dangers of the new technology.

  31. ‘Chelsea’ Asked for Nude Pictures. Then the Sextortion Began. Metro, May 15

    Young men are being tricked into sending naked pictures to scammers pretending to be women — who then demand money. The consequences can be devastating.

  32. What to Do if You Are Threatened With Sextortion Metro, May 15

    It’s not a hopeless situation, experts said. Here are four practical steps to take.

  33. YouTube Blocks Access to Protest Anthem in Hong Kong Business, May 15

    Responding to a court order, YouTube and its sister company, Google, will block viewers in the region from viewing videos of the song, “Glory to Hong Kong.”

  34. OpenAI’s Chief Scientist and Co-Founder Is Leaving the Company Business, May 14

    In November, Ilya Sutskever joined three other OpenAI board members to force out Sam Altman, the chief executive, before saying he regretted the move.

  35. TikTok Creators Sue to Block U.S. Law Requiring Sale or Ban Business, May 14

    The group, whose legal fees are being paid for by the company, said a ban of the app would violate their First Amendment rights.

  36. Can Google Give A.I. Answers Without Breaking the Web? Business, May 14

    Publishers have long worried that artificial intelligence would drive readers away from their sites. They’re about to find out if those fears are warranted.

  37. Google Takes the Next Step in Its A.I. Evolution Business, May 14

    The tech giant showed off how it would enmesh A.I. more deeply into its products and users’ lives, from search to so-called agents that perform tasks.

  38. A.I.’s ‘Her’ Era Has Arrived Business, May 14

    New chatbot technology can talk, laugh and sing like a human. What comes next is anyone’s guess.

  39. The End of TikTok Is a Propaganda Win for Beijing Op Ed, May 14

    The TikTok law undermines America’s moral authority on maintaining open internet platforms.

  40. El nuevo sistema de OpenAI, GPT-4o, puede escuchar, hablar y observar En español, May 14

    El nuevo chatbot de ChatGPT ya no es un mosaico de tres tecnologías, sino una más eficiente que acepta y genera textos, sonidos e imágenes.

  41. OpenAI Unveils New ChatGPT That Listens, Looks and Talks Business, May 13

    Chatbots, image generators and voice assistants are gradually merging into a single technology with a conversational voice.

  42. How Language Influences Your Choices in Online Dating Games, May 13

    When a dating app allowed users to mute specific words, phrases and emojis, singles quickly curated their lists. How did a few overused phrases become an “ick” for so many?

  43. Honey, I Love You. Didn’t You See My Slack About It? Sunday Business, May 12

    Some couples are using professional project-management software to maintain their relationships. Why does it bother other people?

  44. Elon Musk’s Diplomacy: Woo Right-Wing World Leaders. Then Benefit. Business, May 12

    Mr. Musk has built a constellation of like-minded heads of state — including Argentina’s Javier Milei and India’s Narendra Modi — to push his own politics and expand his business empire.

  45. The ‘Betches’ Got Rich. So What’s Next? Sunday Business, May 11

    The women’s media company, which started as a raunchy college blog, is a rare financial success story — and on the White House’s radar. Now, it’s wrestling with how to grow up alongside its readers.

  46. ‘Lo sentimos’: Apple se disculpa por la publicidad del nuevo iPad En español, May 10

    En el mundo de la creatividad se criticó un anuncio en el que se veía una prensa hidráulica gigante aplastando objetos que iban desde botes de pintura hasta un piano.

  47. Apple Will Revamp Siri to Catch Up to Its Chatbot Competitors Business, May 10

    Apple plans to announce that it will bring generative A.I. to iPhones after the company’s most significant reorganization in a decade.

  48. Did You Make Your Connecting Flight? You May Have A.I. to Thank. Travel, May 10

    Airlines are using artificial intelligence to save fuel, keep customers informed and hold connecting flights for delayed passengers. Here’s what to expect.

  49. Apple Says Destructive iPad Ad ‘Missed the Mark’ Business, May 9

    People in the creative world widely panned a commercial showing a giant hydraulic press squishing objects ranging from paint cans to a piano.

  50. Mis nuevos ‘amigos’ fueron generados por la inteligencia artificial En español, May 9

    Durante el último mes, el columnista tecnológico del Times, Kevin Roose, estuvo experimentando con la compañía digital. Esto fue lo que aprendió.

  51. Artificial Intelligence ‘Friends’ N Y T Now, May 9

    What Times tech columnist Kevin Roose learned about digital companionship.

  52. Meet My A.I. Friends Sunday Business, May 9

    Our columnist spent the past month hanging out with 18 A.I. companions. They critiqued his clothes, chatted among themselves and hinted at a very different future.

  53. Pro-Trump PAC Joins TikTok Amid Fight Over Its Chinese Ownership Politics, May 9

    President Biden, whose presidential campaign uses the app, signed a law in April that would force a sale of TikTok by ByteDance.

  54. Apple’s New iPad Ad Leaves Its Creative Audience Feeling … Flat Business, May 8

    An ad meant to show how the updated device can do many things has become a metaphor for a community’s fears of the technology industry.

  55. Google Unveils A.I. for Predicting Behavior of Human Molecules Business, May 8

    The system, AlphaFold3, could accelerate efforts to understand the human body and fight disease.

  56. Artificially Intelligent Help for Planning Your Summer Vacation Business, May 8

    Travel-focused A.I. bots and more eco-friendly transportation options in online maps and search tools can help you quickly organize your seasonal getaway.

  57. Reddit Posts $575 Million Loss Tied to I.P.O. but Also Strong Growth Business, May 7

    Reddit’s first earnings report as a public company showed leaps in users and advertising revenue, along with expenses related to its initial public offering.

  58. Read TikTok’s legal challenge Interactive, May 7

    TikTok filed a challenge to a law forcing its parent company, ByteDance, to sell the app or face its ban in the United States.

  59. TikTok Sues U.S. Government Over Law Forcing Sale or Ban Business, May 7

    The social media company and its Chinese parent, ByteDance, sued to challenge the new law, saying it violated users’ First Amendment rights.

  60. OpenAI Releases ‘Deepfake’ Detector to Disinformation Researchers Business, May 7

    The prominent A.I. start-up is also joining an industrywide effort to spot content made with artificial intelligence.

  61. Behind Nigeria’s Arrest of Binance Employee, Claims of a Bribe Request Business, May 7

    A compliance officer for the cryptocurrency exchange told senior executives and Nigerian contacts that the company had been asked to pay $150 million in crypto.

  62. A New Diplomatic Strategy Emerges as Artificial Intelligence Grows Washington, May 7

    The new U.S. approach to cyberthreats comes as early optimism about a “global internet” connecting the world has been shattered.

  63. Hochul Regrets Saying Some ‘Black Kids’ Don’t Know the Word ‘Computer’ Metro, May 7

    As Gov. Kathy Hochul urged business leaders to make technology widely accessible, a comment she made about Bronx children raised eyebrows.

  64. Wayve, an A.I. Start-Up for Autonomous Driving, Raises $1 Billion Business, May 6

    The London-based developer of artificial intelligence systems for self-driving vehicles raised the funding from SoftBank, Nvidia, Microsoft and others.

  65. Oye, IA, hablemos… pero no en público En español, May 6

    Podrían pasar años antes de que la nueva ola de asistentes de inteligencia artificial se usen cotidianamente, porque solucionan problemas pero presentan nuevos.

  66. How Bad Is A.I. for the Climate? Business, May 6

    Tech giants are building power-hungry data centers to run their artificial intelligence tools. The costs of that demand surge are becoming clearer.

  67. Tensions Rise in Silicon Valley Over Sales of Start-Up Stocks Business, May 6

    The market for shares of hot start-ups like SpaceX and Stripe is projected to reach a record $64 billion this year.

  68. Are E.V.s Too Quiet and ‘Boring’? Letters, May 5

    Readers discuss a guest essay that argued they are both. Also: College roommates; tech in school; truths about Russia; water and politics.

  69. I Love Facebook. That’s Why I’m Suing Meta. Op Ed, May 5

    We must be able to create a more civic-minded internet, with tools that would empower users to better control what they see.

  70. Tesla Pullback Puts Onus on Others to Build Electric Vehicle Chargers Business, May 4

    The automaker led by Elon Musk is no longer planning to take the lead in expanding the number of places to fuel electric vehicles. It’s not clear how quickly other companies will fill the gap.

  71. Final Arguments in Google Antitrust Trial Conclude, Setting Up Landmark Ruling Business, May 3

    Judge Amit P. Mehta must now decide whether Google violated the law, potentially setting a precedent for a series of tech monopoly cases.

  72. TikTok Tells Advertisers: ‘We Are Not Backing Down’ Business, May 3

    Hundreds of marketers and ad agency types flocked to TikTok’s annual sales presentation after a new law put its future in question.

  73. The Secret Recording Played at Trump’s Trial, and the Latest Cease-Fire Negotiations Podcasts, May 3

    Plus, the shadow over the Kentucky Derby.

  74. U.S. Antitrust Case Against Google Is Just the Start Business, May 3

    As the Justice Department’s case against Google nears an end, the federal government has more suits in the pipeline trying to rein in Big Tech.

  75. Google Employees Tune Out Antitrust Threat as Trial Comes to a Head Business, May 3

    They shrugged off concerns about the company’s fate ahead of closing arguments in the Justice Department’s lawsuit this week.

  76. Airbnb pone en renta la casa de ‘Up’ En español, May 3

    La empresa anunció una nueva categoría de estancias extravagantes en colaboración con marcas y famosos, aprovechando el éxito de algunas como la casa de Barbie Malibú.

  77. Woman Who Sold Misbranded Ozempic on TikTok Faces Smuggling Charge Live, May 2

    Federal prosecutors said the woman from Shirley, N.Y., was not licensed to administer medication and was selling drugs brought from abroad that were not authorized by the Food and Drug Administration.

  78. Apple Reports Decline in Sales and Profit Amid iPhone Struggles in China Business, May 2

    The company continues to lean on customers’ appetite for apps and services, as demand for its devices weakens.

  79. Judge Grills U.S. and Google on Antitrust Claims Business, May 2

    Judge Amit P. Mehta tried poking holes in the closing arguments of a landmark monopoly case as he weighs a ruling that could reshape tech.

  80. Dave & Buster’s to Allow Betting on Arcade Games Express, May 2

    A software company announced it had teamed up with the arcade and restaurant chain to allow betting in the future through the Dave & Buster’s app.

  81. Strongest U.S. Challenge to Big Tech’s Power Nears Climax in Google Trial Business, May 2

    The first tech monopoly trial of the modern internet era is concluding. The judge’s ruling is likely to set a precedent for other attempts to rein in the tech giants that hold sway over information, social interaction and commerce.

  82. The Judge Deciding Google’s Fate Business, May 2

    Amit P. Mehta, a judge in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, will issue a landmark antitrust ruling.

  83. Las empresas emergentes de IA enfrentan la cruda realidad económica En español, May 2

    Las pequeñas empresas se juegan miles de millones de dólares para competir con empresas como Microsoft y Google. Y puede que ni siquiera eso sea suficiente.

  84. In Latest Stunt, Airbnb Lists the ‘Up’ House. It Floats. Express, May 1

    The company announced a new category of outlandish stays in partnership with brands and celebrities, building on the success of gimmicks like the Barbie Malibu DreamHouse.

  85. Los programas de bienestar laboral tienen pocos beneficios, según un estudio En español, May 1

    Los hallazgos de un estudio de Oxford cuestionan el efecto de los servicios de salud mental para empleados.

  86. Hey, A.I. Let’s Talk Business, May 1

    Meta, Google and others are driving a renaissance for voice assistants, but people have found the technology uncool for more than a decade.

  87. Amazon Reports $143.3 Billion in Revenue for First Quarter of 2024 Technology, April 30

    The company also reported that profit more than tripled, to $10.4 billion, topping Wall Street expectations.

  88. Tesla Fires Many on Charger Team, Raising Doubts About Expansion Business, April 30

    The carmaker dismissed 500 employees in a unit that was critical to its success and seen as important to the future of electric vehicle sales in the United States.

  89. Binance Founder Sentenced to 4 Months in Prison Technology, April 30

    Changpeng Zhao, the founder and former chief executive of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, had pleaded guilty to a money-laundering violation.

  90. 8 Daily Newspapers Sue OpenAI and Microsoft Over A.I. Business, April 30

    The suit, which accuses the tech companies of copyright infringement, adds to the fight over the online data used to power artificial intelligence.

  91. ‘Smartphones on Wheels’ Draw Attention From Regulators Business, April 30

    Modern cars are internet-connected and have hundreds of sensors. Lawmakers and regulators have concerns about what’s happening with all that data.

  92. Killer Asteroid Hunters Spot 27,500 Overlooked Space Rocks Science, April 30

    With the help of Google Cloud, scientists churned through hundreds of thousands of images of the night sky to reveal that the solar system is filled with unseen objects.

  93. The Secret Push That Could Ban TikTok The Daily, April 30

    U.S. lawmakers have long worried that the Chinese government could use the app to spread propaganda.

  94. Even as He Faces Prison Time, Binance’s Founder Plans a Comeback Business, April 30

    Since pleading guilty to violating money-laundering rules, Changpeng Zhao, who ran the giant crypto exchange Binance, has networked across the United States to set up his next act.

  95. When It Comes to TikTok, the World’s Democracies Have Played the Sucker for Far Too Long Op Ed, April 29

    With its TikTok bill, Congress sent a message to the world: You cannot disregard basic internet norms and expect to be treated like any other country.

  96. Google prueba un asistente de inteligencia artificial que ofrece consejos de vida En español, April 29

    Los expertos en seguridad de IA de la empresa advirtieron sobre algunos riesgos en tales herramientas. Las funciones se están evaluando.

  97. A.I. Start-Ups Face a Rough Financial Reality Check Business, April 29

    The table stakes for small companies to compete with the likes of Microsoft and Google are in the billions of dollars. And even that may not be enough.

  98. Friends From the Old Neighborhood Turn Rivals in Big Tech’s A.I. Race Business, April 29

    Demis Hassabis and Mustafa Suleyman, who both grew up in London, feared a corporate rush to build artificial intelligence. Now they’re driving that competition at Google and Microsoft.

  99. In Race to Build A.I., Tech Plans a Big Plumbing Upgrade Business, April 27

    The spending that the industry’s giants expect artificial intelligence to require is starting to come into focus — and it is jarringly large.

  100. El asistente de inteligencia artificial de Meta es divertido, pero no es de fiar En español, April 27

    A pesar de la esperanza de Mark Zuckerberg de que el chatbot sea el más inteligente hasta la fecha, este tiene problemas con los datos, los números y las búsquedas en la web.

  101. Leader of Federal Student Aid Office Steps Down After College Admissions Crisis Washington, April 26

    During Richard Cordray’s tenure at the agency, the botched rollout of the new FAFSA upended the college admissions process.

  102. 6 New Paperbacks to Read This Week Interactive, April 26

    Recommended reading from the Book Review, including titles by Dennis Lehane, Claire Dederer, Chad L. Williams and more.

  103. How TikTok Changed American Culture Podcasts, April 26

    The app’s influence on Hollywood, school and more.

  104. How to Claim Your Part of a $5.6 Million Ring Settlement Business, April 25

    The Federal Trade Commission is sending payments to customers who had certain Ring home security cameras and accounts during a particular time period, the agency said.

  105. Alphabet’s Revenue Jumps 15% to $80.5 Billion Business, April 25

    Google’s parent company topped revenue and profit estimates and said that it would offer a stock dividend for the first time.

  106. Microsoft Reports Rising Revenues as A.I. Investments Bear Fruit Business, April 25

    The tech giant’s quarterly results included strong growth in cloud computing, fueled by its services in generative artificial intelligence.

  107. F.C.C. Votes to Restore Net Neutrality Rules Business, April 25

    Commissioners voted along party lines to revive the rules that declare broadband as a utility-like service that could be regulated like phones and water.

  108. TikTok Broke the Tech Law Logjam. Can That Success Be Repeated? Business, April 25

    For years, federal lawmakers have tried to pass legislation to rein in the tech giants. The TikTok law was their first success.

  109. Supreme Court to Hear Trump Immunity Case, and Campus Protests Spread Podcasts, April 25

    Plus, new airline refund rules.

  110. How a Pirate-Clad Pastor Helped Ignite Trump Media’s Market Frenzy Business, April 25

    Chad Nedohin, a part-time pastor, is among the fans of Donald J. Trump who helped turn Trump Media into a meme stock with volatile prices.

  111. There Is No TikTok in China, but There Is Douyin. Here’s What It Is. Business, April 25

    ByteDance owns both TikTok and Douyin, and although TikTok has more users around the world, Douyin is the company’s cash cow and a China mainstay.

  112. ‘To the Future’: Saudi Arabia Spends Big to Become an A.I. Superpower Sunday Business, April 25

    The oil-rich kingdom is plowing money into glitzy events, computing power and artificial intelligence research, putting it in the middle of an escalating U.S.-China struggle for technological influence.

  113. ‘To the Future’: Saudi Arabia Spends Big to Become an A.I. Superpower Technology, April 25

    The oil-rich kingdom is plowing money into glitzy events, computing power and artificial intelligence research, putting it in the middle of an escalating U.S.-China struggle for technological influence.

  114. El Congreso de EE. UU. aprobó un proyecto de ley que podría prohibir TikTok. ¿Qué sigue ahora? En español, April 24

    Después de que Biden firme el proyecto de ley para forzar la venta de la aplicación o prohibirla, la legislación se enfrentará a desafíos judiciales, a la escasez de compradores y a la hostilidad del gobierno chino.

  115. Meta’s Profits More Than Double, While Spending on A.I. Rises Technology, April 24

    The owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp continued to grow, even as it said it would spend billions of dollars more on artificial intelligence.

  116. On TikTok, Resignation and Frustration After Potential Ban of App Business, April 24

    While Congress says the social app is a security threat, critics of the law targeting it say it shows how out of step lawmakers are with young people.

  117. Binance Founder Should Get 3 Years in Prison, Prosecutors Say Business, April 24

    Lawyers for Changpeng Zhao, the founder of the crypto exchange Binance, countered that he should receive no prison time.

  118. Elon Musk Clashes With Australian Court Over Violent Videos on X Business, April 24

    Mr. Musk’s defiance over removing content is testing the boundaries of international legal systems.

  119. ‘Thunder Run’: Behind Lawmakers’ Secretive Push to Pass the TikTok Bill Business, April 24

    A tiny group of lawmakers huddled in private about a year ago, aiming to keep the discussions away from TikTok lobbyists while bulletproofing a bill that could ban the app.

  120. Every Tech Tool in the Classroom Should Be Ruthlessly Evaluated Op Ed, April 24

    Screens in K-12 schools need ‘a hard reset.’

  121. Who Stands to Gain from a TikTok Ban Business, April 24

    The Senate has finally passed a law that could bar the video-sharing app in the U.S., leaving some tech giants in pole position to profit — or pounce.

  122. TikTok’s Pro-China Tilt N Y T Now, April 24

    A bill that will force the app’s Chinese owners to sell will soon become law.

  123. What a TikTok Ban Could Actually Mean, and More Podcasts, April 24

    Plus, clashes over Donald Trump’s gag order.

  124. Meta’s A.I. Assistant Is Fun to Use, but It Can’t Be Trusted Business, April 24

    Despite Mark Zuckerberg’s hope for the chatbot to be the smartest, it struggles with facts, numbers and web search.

  125. The Meta-morphosis of Mark Zuckerberg Styles, April 24

    The robotic nerd depicted in “The Social Network” has turned into the kinder, more accessible face of Silicon Valley. What’s going on?

  126. How a Virtual Assistant Taught Me to Appreciate Busywork Culture, April 24

    A new category of apps promises to relieve parents of drudgery, with an assist from A.I. But a family’s grunt work is more human, and valuable, than it seems.

  127. Congress Passed a Bill That Could Ban TikTok. Now Comes the Hard Part. Business, April 24

    President Biden has signed the bill to force a sale of the video app or ban it. Now the law faces court challenges, a shortage of qualified buyers and Beijing’s hostility.

  128. Congress Passed a Bill That Could Ban TikTok. Now Comes the Hard Part. Technology, April 24

    After President Biden signs the bill to force a sale of the video app or ban it, the legislation will face court challenges, a shortage of qualified buyers and Beijing’s hostility.

  129. How G.M. Tricked Millions of Drivers Into Being Spied On (Including Me) Business, April 23

    This privacy reporter and her husband bought a Chevrolet Bolt in December. Two risk-profiling companies had been getting detailed data about their driving ever since.

  130. Truth Social tiene una ventaja frente a las plataformas de derecha que flaquean En español, April 23

    La red social ha superado a la competencia sobre todo porque sus rivales han flaqueado. En marzo, registró 1,5 millones de visitantes únicos en Estados Unidos. La popularidad no asegura que sea rentable.

  131. In Silicon Valley, You Can Be Worth Billions and It’s Not Enough Business, April 23

    Andreas Bechtolsheim, the first investor in Google, has an estimated $16 billion fortune. He recently settled charges that he engaged in insider trading for a profit of $415,726.

  132. Microsoft Makes a New Push Into Smaller A.I. Systems Business, April 23

    The company that has invested billions in generative A.I. pioneers like OpenAI says giant systems aren’t necessarily what everyone needs.

  133. A Gen Z Resistance, Cut Off From Data Plans Foreign, April 23

    Even through the Myanmar army’s communications blackout, residents of a conflict zone find moments of grace, and occasional connectivity, away from the battlefield.

  134. New Group Joins the Political Fight Over Disinformation Online Business, April 22

    The group intends to fight what its leader, Nina Jankowicz, and others have described as a coordinated campaign by conservatives and their allies to undermine researchers who study disinformation.

  135. Generative A.I. Arrives in the Gene Editing World of CRISPR Business, April 22

    Much as ChatGPT generates poetry, a new A.I. system devises blueprints for microscopic mechanisms that can edit your DNA.

  136. TikTok Faces E.U. Inquiry Over ‘Addictive’ Features Business, April 22

    European officials threatened to fine TikTok and force it to remove some features, the latest regulatory challenge for the Chinese-owned social media app.

  137. Pronto podrías hablar con una versión de chatbot de tus influentes favoritos de Instagram En español, April 22

    Instagram está probando un programa que ofrece a sus principales influentes la posibilidad de interactuar con sus seguidores a través de mensajes directos utilizando un chatbot.

  138. La desinformación en temas de salud está evolucionando. Aprende a detectarla En español, March 19

    Los expertos ofrecen consejos para reconocer las afirmaciones médicas falsas en internet y combatirlas en tus círculos cercanos, sin pelear con nadie.

  139. Health Misinformation Is Evolving. Here’s How to Spot It. Well, March 16

    Experts offer tips for combating false medical claims in your own circles.

  140. Behind the Birth of an Anti-Vaccine Story Business, December 13

    A 24-year-old’s sudden death devastated his family — and caught the attention of the movement of vaccine opponents.

  141. TikTok Rankles Employees With Return-to-Office Tracking Tools Business, September 15

    The company is requiring many employees to use an app that tracks their in-person attendance.

  142. Instacart Was All About Grocery Delivery. No Longer. Technology, September 14

    As it prepares to go public next week, Instacart shows that one secret to making money as a gig economy company is to become an advertising company.

  143. Where Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Delivers His Fringe Views: Not on the Trail Business, September 12

    The Democratic presidential challenger continues to espouse extreme ideas, but has dialed that messaging back in large public forums.

  144. From ‘Data Dumping’ to ‘Webbing’: How Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Sells Misleading Ideas Business, September 12

    The candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination uses logical leaps and rhetorical devices to create false or misleading messages.

  145. As Covid-19 Cases Tick Higher, Conspiracy Theorists Stoke New Fears Business, September 11

    A late-summer rise in Covid-19 infections is bringing with it a wave of conspiracy theories.

  146. Dependence on Tech Caused ‘Staggering’ Education Inequality, U.N. Agency Says Business, September 6

    Heavy reliance on online remote learning during the pandemic drew attention away from more equitable ways of teaching children at home, a UNESCO report says.

  147. Meta desmantela una campaña encubierta de China En español, August 31

    La operación de influencia comenzó al menos hace cuatro años y, según la empresa, abarcó miles de cuentas en Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, X, Substack y sitios web chinos.

  148. Meta’s ‘Biggest Single Takedown’ Removes Chinese Influence Campaign Business, August 29

    The campaign began at least four years ago and spanned thousands of accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X, Substack and Chinese websites, Meta said.

  149. Move or Quit: Grindr Dictates New Office Rules Amid Union Drive Business, August 12

    Two weeks after employees filed to organize, the company told some they had to change cities or would lose their jobs. It said the plan had long been in the works.

  150. Apple Revenue Drops 1%, but Profit Rises to $19.88 Billion Business, August 3

    The iPhone maker’s recent quarter benefited from strong sales in its App Store and other services businesses.