1. Gazing Back at the Surveillance Cameras That Watch Us Photo, Yesterday

    These photographers explored the implications of a culture of pervasive monitoring.

  2. The Paris Gay Games in Pictures: ‘The Atmosphere Is Really Electric’ Express, August 12

    The gathering of athletes, for events ranging from basketball to dancesport, bills itself as the world’s “most inclusive” sporting event.

  3. Finding Brotherhood in the Boxing Ring Photo, August 9

    Larry Fink’s photos of sweat-stained boxing rings around America revealed intimate moments between fighters, referees and trainers.

  4. She Chronicled the Great Photographers of the 20th Century. Then, She Stopped Taking Portraits. T Style, August 10

    A lost photo shoot illuminates the roots of Lynn Davis, who is, along with Peter Hujar and Robert Mapplethorpe, one of the masters of black-and-white portraiture.

  5. Following a Refugee Family's Long Journey to U.S. Citizenship Photo, August 10

    Bhutan’s expulsion of more than 100,000 people in 1992 forced many of them to live in camps in Nepal. Viviane Dalles photographed one family as they relocated to Texas.

  6. Public Housing for Some, Instagram Selfie Backdrop for Others Foreign, August 9

    Public housing estates in Hong Kong have become wildly popular destinations for photography, drawing the ire of some residents.

  7. Vanity Fair’s September Cover Sells Something. And Not Only What It Says. Styles, August 8

    Michelle Williams, Louis Vuitton and the aesthetics of brand synergy.

  8. Photoville to Include Images of Immigration and Gentrification Culture, August 7

    The sprawling photography festival will arrive at the Brooklyn Bridge Plaza in Dumbo this September.

  9. How Times Photo Interns Trusted Their Gut and Made the Front Page Insider, August 7

    These three photographers have captured protests, asylum seekers and fireworks during their summer internships.

  10. Beyoncé in Vogue: ‘We Will All Lose’ Without Diversity Styles, August 6

    “That is why I wanted to work with this brilliant 23-year-old photographer Tyler Mitchell,” she told Vogue for this year’s September issue.

  11. Traveling to the Ends of the Earth to Document Climate Change Insider, August 4

    The photographer George Steinmetz spent a year traveling to every continent for The Times Magazine. Some photos were easier to take than others.

  12. A Sunflower Farm Invited Tourists. It Ended Up Like a ‘Zombie Apocalypse.’ Express, August 3

    The owners of a Canadian seed farm were forced to close to visitors last weekend after selfie-taking tourists overwhelmed the farm and nearby roads with traffic.

  13. The Radical Empathy of Dan Weiner Photo, August 2

    His photographs of mid-20th-century New Yorkers capture a moment in the city, but more than that, they preserve the people who lived those moments.

  14. Celebrating Girlhood and Feminine Identity Photo, August 1

    Melissa Ann Pinney’s project exploring female identity spans three decades and presents women and girls as subjects in their own right, not as accessories in the lives of men.

  15. How to Stop Facebook From Bringing Up Bad Memories Business, July 31

    Before the social network makes automatic videos of your photos, tell it the names of the people you don’t wish to see in the clips.

  16. How a Texas Bus Terminal Became the Backdrop for Powerful Immigration Reporting Insider, July 28

    Times journalists focused on one day in the life of the station itself, interviewing dozens of the more than 100 migrants there after being released.

  17. From Duke Ellington to Public Enemy: Images of Hip-Hop and Its Cultural Roots N Y T Now, July 26

    An exhibition at a Smithsonian Museum draws the connections between hip-hop and previous generations of African-American musicians and activists.

  18. The Pirelli Calendar Finally Makes Women Subjects Instead of Objects Styles, July 26

    But as far as change after #MeToo, it doesn’t really go far enough.

  19. Picking an iPad as a Portable Photo Studio Business, July 25

    Apple has a range of models in its tablet line, but you may not need the most expensive one to suit your image-editing needs.

  20. How Not to Let Your Phone Ruin Your Vacation Well, July 25

    Strategies for traveling without letting your phone keep you from enjoying your trip.

  21. Back to Nicaragua for a Pioneering Photographer of Rebellion Culture, July 24

    On the eve of a major retrospective at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Susan Meiselas finds history repeating itself.

  22. How to Photograph Eternity Magazine, July 24

    In his photographs of East London, Chris Dorley-Brown achieves the near-impossible: marrying past, present, and future in a single frame.

  23. Shops Come and Go. But 2 New York Photographers Don’t Want to Forget. Express, July 24

    Karla and James Murray have lived in the East Village for more than two decades. They have memorialized local shops of the Lower East Side, many of which have disappeared, in a new art installation.

  24. Eye-Popping Portraits for an Age of Protest Culture, July 24

    Aurore Valade’s bright and busy photographs show that resistance can be messy, joyful and sometimes lonely.

  25. Capturing the Beauty of Everyday Life in the Bronx Photo, July 24

    For two decades, students of the International Center of Photography at the Point have learned analog photography and documented their community.

  26. Beauty and Bleakness: The Efforts to Conserve Coral Reefs Photo, July 20

    As coral ecosystems face worldwide decline, Alexis Rosenfeld and Alexie Valois were set on chronicling their majesty and their plight — as well as efforts to restore them.

  27. At Arles Festival, 7 Promising Photographers to Watch Culture, July 19

    Artists from China, France, Poland, Switzerland and Turkey talk about the work they are exhibiting at the influential show in France.

  28. How to Convert Photo Files in Bulk Business, July 19

    If the thought of saving a huge folder of photo files in a different format makes you tired, perk up. You can do them all at once, and you may not even need expensive software.

  29. What Do Facial Recognition Technologies Mean for Our Privacy? Photo, July 18

    These photographers pushed the technological limits of photography to explore what makes a face distinct, and how that might affect the way powerful figures see people.

  30. Looking for America at the Riverhead Raceway Metropolitan, July 18

    The photographer Johnny Milano spends some summer nights at a Long Island icon like no other.

  31. Photographing His Own Cancer Treatment: ‘A Hell I Wasn't Ready For’ Photo, July 17

    Mark Richards chronicled his battle with cancer, visualizing the agony he endured.

  32. Add Pictures to Android Contacts Business, July 17

    Tired of seeing your friends as initials in tinted circles? If they don’t have a profile photo already, you can add your own to their address-book entries.

  33. Picturing Iraq in a Bygone Era Photo, July 16

    When his career began in the 1950s, Latif Al Ani captured scenes of Iraqi life in a more innocent time.