1. Braving MoMA: What to Know Before You Enter Arts, Today

    The museum is bigger and more demanding, but there’s more fun, and a sense of serendipity.

  2. A Photographer’s Arduous Climb to the Roof of the Jungle Reader Center, Today

    A technologist works in rainforest canopies to track illegal logging. To document that work, you can’t take pictures from the ground.

  3. The Famous Iwo Jima Flag Photo Had Another Misidentified Man, Marines Say U.S., Today

    In 2016, the Marine Corps said it had wrongly identified another of the men in the famous photograph.

  4. Nick Cave Photographs Two Colorful Days in His Life T Magazine, Yesterday

    We sent the artist an instant camera, and he shared a characteristically joyful glimpse into his world.

  5. Startled Marmot and a Fox Lead the Way at Wildlife Photography Awards World, Yesterday

    The winning image showcases “the humor and horror” of nature, the Natural History Museum in London said.

  6. Sally Soames, Fearless Photographer With Personal Touch, Dies at 82 Arts, October 15

    In taking portraits of the famous — Margaret Thatcher, Sean Connery and Rudolf Nureyev among them — she made them relax. In war zones she was unflinching.

  7. Show Notes Slideshow, October 15

    Student protests, now and then.

  8. The Reason Your Photos Are About to Get a Lot Better Technology, October 15

    Google’s Pixel 4 is the newest example of how computational photography is driving the future of phone cameras.

  9. When You Take a Great Photo, Thank the Algorithm in Your Phone Technology, October 15

    With sensors so powerful now, computational photography is driving the future of cameras. Google’s Pixel 4 is the newest example.

  10. Letter of Recommendation: Souvenir Photo Viewers Magazine, October 15

    Immerse yourself in a memory from a simpler, pre-Instagram time.

  11. Is Rihanna’s ‘Visual Autobiography’ a Triumph or a Tease? Style, October 14

    A fashion critic and a music critic debate.

  12. Capturing a Portrait of the Electorate The Upshot, October 14

    Over three days in Texas, the photographers Chad Batka and Celeste Sloman photographed a representative sample of American voters.

  13. Garbage Fires for Freedom: When Puerto Rican Activists Took Over New York’s Streets New York, October 11

    Fifty years ago, the Young Lords evolved from a street gang to a political force.

  14. Is Your Smartphone Camera a Boon or a Burden When You Travel? World, October 10

    Being present in nature doesn’t have to be as simplistic as cutting out technology altogether. There are other small ways to observe more deeply.

  15. The Photographer Who Found His Power in Shades of Gray Arts, October 10

    Roy DeCarava famously turned Harlem into his canvas, but there is much more to see — and feel — in his new retrospective.

  16. Jill Freedman, Photographer Who Lingered in the Margins, Dies at 79 Arts, October 9

    She immersed herself in the rougher precincts of American life for months at a time, portraying their denizens as noble but not necessarily heroic.

  17. One Thing You Can Do: Talk to Your Children About Climate Change Climate, October 9

    Also this week, how we captured the stark beauty of ghost forests.

  18. Hassan Hajjaj Turns Moroccan Clichés Into London Cool Arts, October 9

    His photographs, enlivened by friends, subversive wit and a hip-hop swagger, are on show in a major retrospective in Paris.

  19. Running to the Wedding. Any Wedding. Fashion, October 8

    Wearing custom tuxedo shirts and sneakers, the Wedding Hashers race to join the wedding photo shoots.

  20. What They Left Behind: Colorama, ‘Body Parts’ and Earth Works Arts, October 4

    Some gems from the life’s work of people remembered in obituaries in The New York Times.

  21. ‘I Have to Get That’: How Henry Chalfant Became a Graffiti Ambassador Arts, October 3

    The artist’s photographs, a major act of urban historical preservation, are on view at the Bronx Museum of the Arts.

  22. Catherine Opie’s Work Is More Urgent Now Than Ever T Magazine, October 2

    The artist has been challenging our notions of identity and selfhood for three decades, but her latest project feels uniquely pressing.

  23. One Month, Four Cities, Endless Fashion Moments Style, October 2

    The best photos from the collections shown in New York, London, Milan and Paris in September.

  24. Hiroshi Sugimoto Has Hard Thoughts and a Soft Focus Arts, October 1

    In his new book, the photographer reveals the essence of important buildings. In conversation, he has a few unvarnished things to say about some of them.

  25. Gianfranco Gorgoni, Artistic Photographer of Art, Dies at 77 Arts, September 27

    He captured masters at work and documented the creation of Land Art, like Robert Smithson’s “Spiral Jetty.” For one book he teamed up with Fidel Castro.

  26. Occupy Detroit: A Look at 90 Years of Auto Strikes Automobiles, September 26

    Walkouts and sit-ins by the United Automobile Workers over the decades helped secure contracts that lifted members into the middle class.

  27. Highway 61 Revisited, With Jessica Lange Arts, September 25

    With a new book of her photographs and a gallery show to follow, the two-time Oscar winner talks about her passion for being behind the camera.

  28. Seeking Flying Giants in Norway’s Fjords Interactive, September 24

    Enormous and indefatigable, sea eagles turn their daily hunt into a thrilling display of aerial dominance.

  29. A Guided Tour Through the Ruins of America's Democracy Interactive, September 24

    A ragged industrial field 150 miles south of Washington has become a crumbling shrine to presidential history.

  30. Exploring the Ancient Mysteries of Borneo's Caverns Interactive, September 24

    Far beneath the rainforest floor, in a pair of remote national parks, lie some of the world’s oldest signs of human activity.

  31. What Does the Future Look Like? Singapore Interactive, September 24

    From its immersive airport art to its hyperengineered skyline, the urban state offers a sci-fi vision for the present day.

  32. The Sublime Desolation of Namibia's Skeleton Coast Interactive, September 24

    Strewn with shipwrecks and bleached bones, the landscape is a reminder of how impermanent civilization is.

  33. Follow Us to the Ends of the Earth Interactive, September 24

    What is it about human beings that makes us want to see the unseen? We sent photographers across the world to find out.

  34. The Best of Paris Fashion Week, in Pictures T Magazine, September 24

    The spring 2020 shows are underway in Paris — and T’s photographers are there to capture it all.

  35. Seeing What Bill Cunningham Saw Reader Center, September 23

    Some would-be street muses knew exactly what the fashion photographer was after, writes the photo editor of a new collection of his work. They “put their foot forward or held their handbag aloft or tilted their hat-topped head just so.”

  36. Where Theory Meets Chalk, Dust Flies Science, September 23

    A photo survey of the blackboards of mathematicians.

  37. How 20 Photographers Captured New York Summer for The Times Reader Center, September 22

    For a Metro project, photographers fanned out across 65 block parties in all five boroughs to find camaraderie, community and cotton candy.

  38. Meet the Photographer Who Brings Vivid Color to The Times Magazine’s Interview Column Reader Center, September 21

    For the Talk column, 22-year-old Mamadi Doumbouya has brought his distinctive, color-saturated style to photos of Megan Rapinoe, Dapper Dan, Robert A. Caro and many more.

  39. ‘Nerd,’ ‘Nonsmoker,’ ‘Wrongdoer’: How Might A.I. Label You? Arts, September 20

    ImageNet Roulette, a digital art project and viral selfie app, exposes how biases have crept into the artificial-intelligence technologies changing our lives.

  40. He Captured a Clandestine Gay Culture Amid the Derelict Piers Arts, September 19

    Alvin Baltrop’s photographs of the abandoned Hudson River piers and the people who populated them in the 1970s and ’80s have been all but ignored. Until now.

  41. The Best of Milan Fashion Week, in Pictures T Magazine, September 19

    We’ll be updating this post daily with notes on the collections and our favorite images, so remember to check back.

  42. The Everest Climber Whose Traffic Jam Photo Went Viral Sports, September 18

    Nirmal Purja snapped the photograph of an overcrowded Mount Everest summit while on a quest to climb the 14 tallest mountains in the world in record time.

  43. John Cohen, Champion of Old-Time Music, Is Dead at 87 Arts, September 17

    As a founder of the New Lost City Ramblers and as a photographer, filmmaker and musicologist, he devoted his life to the traditional music of the rural South.