1. After the Quake: Photos from Turkey and Syria World, Today

    The deadly earthquake was felt in at least four countries, with most of the casualties and the heaviest damage reported in Turkey and Syria.

  2. Seeing Myself in the Work of an Artist I Never Met Op Ed, February 3

    I never met Kimowan Metchewais, but I feel a kinship with him and his work.

  3. The Ecstatic, Elusive Art of Ming Smith T Style, February 3

    The artist was the first Black woman photographer to have her work acquired by MoMA. Now, decades later, as she returns for a solo show, she reflects on her singular career.

  4. Joyce Dopkeen, Barrier-Breaking News Photographer, Dies at 80 Obits, February 2

    In 1973, she was the first woman hired by The New York Times to be a full-time staff photographer.

  5. Avedon at Large Weekend, February 2

    “Richard Avedon: Murals” fills just one gallery of the Met, but “fills” is an understatement. These in-your-face, wall-engulfing portraits are a milestone in image-making.

  6. Rarefied Clothes for Rarefied People Styles, January 31

    A Styles photographer captures the fashion inside and out at the couture shows.

  7. George Zimbel, Photographer of Marilyn Monroe and J.F.K., Dies at 93 Obits, January 28

    He preferred to take pictures of ordinary people. But in events separated by six years, he took indelible pictures of two people who transcended celebrity.

  8. A Curator Unbound: First She Was Fired. Then She Found Freedom Culture, January 25

    Helen Molesworth charts a new course with podcasts and a show at the International Center of Photography focusing on artists’ images of artists.

  9. Marilyn Stafford, a Photojournalist Rediscovered, Dies at 97 Obits, January 24

    She brought a narrative eye and a social consciousness to her work, whether covering refugee crises, celebrities or fashion. But much of it might have been lost.

  10. Gen Z’s Distorted Sense of Selfie Styles, January 24

    As the #NoFilter trend wanes, young people are experimenting with new ways to warp images of themselves online. Enter the traffic mirror.

  11. No Open-House Party. Influencers Just Want an Open Door. Business, January 24

    Developers are teaming up with niche influencers who trade targeted posts for entry into luxury residential buildings.

  12. You’re Pointing Your Camera the Wrong Way Op Ed, January 23

    We should beware what happens when we make ourselves the center of the photograph, and the center of the world itself.

  13. Nathan Lane’s New Play Is Photography Brought Alive Op Ed, January 21

    Larry Sultan’s iconic photo book “Pictures from Home” is being staged on Broadway.

  14. Instagram and Facebook Should Update Nude Photo Rules, Meta Board Says Express, January 20

    A dispute over photos of bare chests with the nipples covered, posted on Instagram by a transgender and nonbinary couple, has prompted a call for the platform to clarify its content guidelines.

  15. Brazil’s Defender of the Indigenous Brings Their Fight to the Shed Arts & Leisure, January 20

    Claudia Andujar has photographed the Yanomami in the Amazon during a lifetime of activism. At 91, she is still helping protect their rainforest homeland.

  16. The Hands That Hold Football Together Summary, January 20

    The Times Sports desk decided that a close look at injured hands and calloused feet could reveal the daily grind of the N.F.L.

  17. Dayanita Singh’s Hands-On Photography Culture, January 18

    The Indian artist’s physical approach to making and presenting pictures chimes with their intimate content, as the largest exhibition of her work to date shows.

  18. Lisa Marie Presley, a Life in Pictures Styles, January 13

    The daughter of Elvis was famous from the moment she was born.

  19. 5 Things to Do This Weekend Interactive, January 13

    Selections from the Weekend section, including a review of the new HBO series "The Last of Us."

  20. The Risks That Define New York Times Magazine Photography Summary, January 13

    In her own words, Kathy Ryan, the director of photography for The New York Times Magazine, unpacks some of the biggest challenges of the last year.

  21. In Hale County, Alabama, Two Visions of Place Weekend, January 12

    Inspired by the pioneering photographer William Christenberry, RaMell Ross moved to the Deep South and found fertile terrain. Now Pace Gallery puts their art in conversation.

  22. A Guide to Editing Photos on Your Phone Interactive, January 11

    Are you wondering what all those sliders and buttons on photo-editing apps actually do? Here’s a cheat sheet.

  23. How to Make Your Smartphone Photos So Much Better Business, January 11

    Professional photographers have long used the RAW format and editing software to turn image files into gorgeous pictures — and you can, too.

  24. AI’s Best Trick Yet Is Showering Us With Attention Magazine, January 11

    Face filters and selfie apps are so compelling because they simulate limitless interest in what we look like.

  25. Prince Harry, Up Close Styles, January 9

    What the “Spare” cover says about what is (and is not) in the book.

  26. Son tus recuerdos, pero ellos los guardan en su nube en Español, January 8

    Google, Apple y Meta ofrecen espacios digitales casi ilimitados para almacenar fotos, videos y documentos importantes, pero debes conservar una copia de lo que más aprecias.

  27. Janet Malcolm Remembers Book Review, January 8

    The celebrated journalist's brief final book, “Still Pictures,” may well be her most personal, assembling photographs and vignettes of her family, friends and childhood as an immigrant to America.

  28. Readers Sent Us Pandemic Photos in 2020. Here’s How Their Lives Look Now. Interactive, December 31

    Family reunions, play dates and holidays never looked so good. But for some, isolation and sadness linger.

  29. The I.C.U. Nurse: A Symbol of Endurance Science, December 26

    Caring for seriously ill patients needing round-the-clock attention during the pandemic has added layers of commitment.

  30. Following Up on America’s Downtowns Insider, October 30

    A team of reporters and photographers profiled 10 city centers across the country, all in varying stages of economic recovery and transformation.