1. An Obama Book That Cuts Obama Out of the Picture Politics, Yesterday

  2. Sonia Handelman Meyer, Socially Conscious Photographer, Dies at 102 Obits, Yesterday

    As a member of the Photo League in the 1940s and ’50s, she roved New York City, capturing the humanity of ordinary people. She was 87 when her work was rediscovered.

  3. Roxanne Lowit, Fashion Photographer With a Backstage View, Dies at 80 Obits, September 24

    Her candid shots at fashion shows captured stars of the industry as themselves and showed that the spectacle behind the curtain often rivaled the main event.

  4. How to Slow Down N Y T Now, September 24

    In an age of instant everything, drawing invites us to slow down and appreciate the world around us.

  5. Roxanne Lowit Knew That People Make the Party Styles, September 22

    Marc Jacobs, Christy Turlington, Fran Lebowitz and others remember the singular talent of an on-the-scene photographer.

  6. Inside an Animal Sanctuary in Bolivia Where Tourists Can Help Interactive, September 21

    Places like Senda Verde, a refuge in the tropical Andes, offer an alternative to cruises and safaris.

  7. A Paradise of Birds in Ghana’s Kakum National Park Interactive, September 21

    Amid 145 square miles of rainforest, home to at least 266 bird species, all you can do is wait and watch.

  8. Meeting the Beasts of the Jungle in French Guiana Interactive, September 21

    After two years without human visitors, the monkeys were restless.

  9. Inside Seoul’s Wild Animal Cafes Interactive, September 21

    Arctic foxes. Sheep. Raccoons. See them before they’re gone.

  10. The Fantastical Beauty of Icelandic Horses Interactive, September 21

    These stout little creatures look like My Little Ponies on Mars. The photographer Gareth McConnell had to see for himself.

  11. Searching for Wild Animals, Across the World Interactive, September 21

    For the magazine’s Voyages Issue, six photographers in pursuit of animal encounters.

  12. Tyler Mitchell: From Glossy Magazines to a Mega Gallery Culture, September 21

    The photographer explores themes of Black history and Southern identity in “Chrysalis,” his first solo exhibition at Gagosian, London.

  13. Springfield, Missouri, Is Their Muse Styles, September 21

    Working in their home city, the photographer Julie Blackmon and her daughter, Stella, a filmmaker, find some mystery in everyday life.

  14. Jenny Xie Explores the Subversive Power of the Concealed and the Overlooked Culture, September 19

    In her new poetry collection, “The Rupture Tense,” Xie peeks at the past — her family’s, and China’s — to examine the consequences of “how we see, what we see, and also what we allow to remain unseen.”

  15. A ‘Time Capsule’ in Photos, Just in Case a Beach Changes Summary, September 18

    A condemned building along a beach in Queens is coming down. A photographer spent the summer visiting beachgoers who felt protected by its standing.

  16. MoMA Photo Curator Departs for French Foundation After 2 Years Culture, September 16

    Clément Chéroux, who joined the museum in 2020, will direct the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation in Paris.

  17. Aperture Foundation Lands a New Headquarters Culture, September 15

    The nonprofit photography organization will relocate in 2024, to offices across from the American Museum of Natural History, with greater visibility.

  18. Melvin Sokolsky, Surrealist Fashion Photographer, Dies at 88 Obits, September 14

    Models flew over Paris or floated in a bubble in his arresting images, seen in Harper’s Bazaar and other fashion bibles in the experimental ’60s.

  19. A New Look at a Diane Arbus Exhibition, 50 Years Later T Style, September 14

    David Zwirner Gallery in New York is restaging the photographer’s 1972 retrospective.

  20. William Klein, Who Photographed the Energy of City Life, Dies at 96 Obits, September 12

    He built his reputation with dreamlike images of New York, Rome, Moscow and Tokyo and cast a satirical eye on fashion in a decade of work for Vogue.

  21. The Wedding Photographer Favored by High Society and Fashion Royalty Styles, September 10

    At rarefied weddings, including those of British Vogue’s top editor, Princess Diana’s niece and Paris Hilton, German Larkin has become a fixture.

  22. Artists discuss how they turned the queen into an icon. Culture, September 9

    Queen Elizabeth II of Britain was one of the world’s most photographed and painted people. Three artists explain how they made portraits of the monarch that stood out from the crowd.

  23. Gods of 125th Street Book Review, September 9

    A new book traces the arc of hip-hop jewelry from the 1980s to today.

  24. 5 Things to Do This Weekend Interactive, September 8

    Selections from the Weekend section, including a review of the remake of "Pinocchio" on Disney+.

  25. The Disappearing World of Wolfgang Tillmans Weekend, September 8

    His informal, generous pictures were some of the most moving art of the 1990s. Now, at MoMA, time catches up with the German photographer.

  26. Queen Elizabeth II: A Life in Photos Foreign, September 8

    Elizabeth took her first steps in a world we recognize only from sepia photographs, and became Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. Here are a selection of images from her life.

  27. How The Times uses visuals to investigate the news. Insider, September 7

    Explaining the policies and processes that define our journalism.

  28. Judge Dismisses Suit Over Naked Baby Image on Nirvana Album Cover Culture, September 4

    Spencer Elden, who was pictured as a baby on the cover of “Nevermind,” argued in his lawsuit that the grunge rock group had engaged in “child pornography.”

  29. A Photographer Who Tours with Beyoncé and Lewis Hamilton Styles, September 3

    Timothy McGurr captures intimate moments with big stars.

  30. What Grown-Ups Don’t Understand About School Op Ed, September 1

    What is school really for? Students at Oakland’s Fremont High answer this question with their cameras.