24meyer1 thumbwide v2
C.E. Meyer Jr., 89, Dies; as T.W.A. Chief Fought a Takeover
Obits, Today

Mr. Meyer tried unsuccessfully to thwart the corporate raider Carl Icahn’s bid to take over the troubled airline in 1985.

24xp hinchey1 thumbwide
Maurice D. Hinchey, Congressman and Environmental Advocate, Dies at 79
Obits, Yesterday

Mr. Hinchey, a Democrat from New York who served 10 terms in Congress, built a reputation as a champion of the environment and blue-collar workers.

Suleymanoglu4 thumbwide v2
Naim Suleymanoglu, 50, Dies; Weight Lifting’s ‘Pocket Hercules’
Obits, November 22

At 4-foot-10, he won three consecutive Olympic gold medals in weight lifting, emerging as a national hero in Turkey.

Hendricksobit2 thumbwide
Jon Hendricks, 96, Who Brought a New Dimension to Jazz Singing, Dies
Obits, November 22

His work with the vocal trio Lambert, Hendricks & Ross established him as a master of adding words to jazz instrumentals.

23thacher1 thumbwide
Thomas Thacher, Who Fought Construction Fraud, Dies at 71
Obits, November 22

Publicly, at the New York City School Construction Authority, and privately, as a monitor and investigator, he sought to contain endemic corruption.

01arts3 thumbwide
George Avakian, Record Producer and Talent Scout, Dies at 98
Obits, November 22

Mr. Avakian was a longtime force in the recording industry, helping the careers of Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Keith Jarrett and the comedian Bob Newhart.

23zieman1 thumbwide
Nancy Zieman, Host of Long-Running Sewing Show, Dies at 64
Obits, November 22

“Sewing With Nancy” was seen on numerous public television outlets over the last 35 years.

22wedgeworth obit 1 thumbwide v2
Ann Wedgeworth, 83, Dies; Tony-Winning Actress Known for ‘Three’s Company’
Obits, November 22

Ms. Wedgeworth’s characters were often flirtatious, maternal or a combination of both in plays like “Chapter Two” and films like “Steel Magnolias.”

00xp cassidy2 obit thumbwide v2
David Cassidy, Heartthrob and ‘Partridge Family’ Star, Dies at 67
Obits, November 21

Mr. Cassidy was beloved by fans during the 1970s and continued to perform for decades, but he struggled with his early exposure to fame.

22hvorostovsky obit 1 thumbwide
Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Silver-Maned Baritone From Siberia, Dies at 55
Obits, November 22

Mr. Hvorostovsky escaped the street-gang life as a teenager in a grim Siberian city to become an international star.

22honig1 thumbwide
Lilli Hornig, 96, Dies; A-Bomb Researcher Lobbied for Women in Science
Obits, November 21

An alumna of Los Alamos, she became a chemistry professor and urged universities to recruit more women as students, professors and administrators.

Hutchins obit 1 thumbwide
Pat Hutchins, 75, Dies; Wrote and Illustrated Children’s Books
Obits, November 21

Ms. Hutchins, whose best-known book was “Rosie’s Walk,” also wrote stories about a boy named Titch that were adapted for British television.

Ledner msucombo thumbwide
Albert Ledner, Architect With a Quirky Sense, Dies at 93
Obits, November 21

Three porthole-filled buildings in New York and many unique homes in New Orleans testify to Mr. Ledner’s adventurousness.

21herman1 thumbwide
Edward Herman, 92, Critic of U.S. Media and Foreign Policy, Dies
Obits, November 21

An economist, he described a “propaganda model” of newspaper and TV network complicity with a government whose foreign policy was hypocritical.

Terryglenn thumbwide
Terry Glenn, Star Receiver at Ohio State and in N.F.L., Dies at 43
Obits, November 20

Glenn, who played for the Patriots, Cowboys and Packers, was killed in a traffic accident in the Dallas area, where he had set up a youth foundation.

21reese3 thumbwide
Della Reese, Singer and ‘Touched by an Angel’ Star, Dies at 86
Obits, November 20

Ms. Reese, who first sang in church, segued from a successful recording career to a long tenure on one of prime-time television’s top-rated shows.

21manson01 inyt thumbwide
Charles Manson Dies at 83; Wild-Eyed Leader of a Murderous Crew
Obits, November 20

Mr. Manson became one of the most notorious killers of the 20th century after his followers brutally murdered seven people in 1969, including the actress Sharon Tate.

21novotna 1 thumbwide
Jana Novotna, Czech Winner of Wimbledon, Dies at 49
Obits, November 20

Novotna won a total of 17 Grand Slam titles, 16 of them in doubles and mixed doubles. The tribulations of her singles career, however, came to define her.

21bennington obit 1 thumbwide
Musicians Who Have Died in 2017
Obits, November 19

Fats Domino, Tom Petty and Chester Bennington are among some of the most notable musicians who have died so far in 2017.

Hymanobit1 thumbwide
Earle Hyman, Bill Cosby’s Father on ‘The Cosby Show,’ Dies at 91
Obits, November 19

Mr. Hyman, an accomplished stage actor, was just 11 years older than his television son, but he proved to be an authoritative father figure.

Caneobit thumbwide
Shannon Michael Cane, Who Transformed Art Book Fairs, Dies at 43
Obits, November 19

Mr. Cane, an exuberant Australian expatriate, helped foster the growing popularity of fairs focusing on art books.

Tillisobit1 thumbwide v3
Mel Tillis, Country Star Known for His Songs and His Stutter, Dies at 85
Obits, November 19

Mr. Tillis found a way to turn his speech impediment into an asset by getting audiences to laugh along with him.

20seguraobit thumbwide
Pancho Segura, Tennis Great of the ’40s and ’50s, Dies at 96
Obits, November 19

A crowd-pleaser on the court, Segura flourished as a player for two decades and then coached Jimmy Connors in Grand Slam events in the 1970s.

18mostyn obit 1 thumbwide
Steve Mostyn, Texas Democratic Fund-Raiser, Dies at 46
Obits, November 18

Mr. Mostyn was at the center of a long effort to wrest political power from Republicans. Texas Democrats have not won a statewide office since 1994.

Merlin 130260845 88bc646d f0e7 4da4 b3c4 12c937ce0f02 thumbwide
Malcolm Young, Whose Guitar Riffs Helped Propel AC/DC to Fame, Dies at 64
Obits, November 18

Mr. Young, who was a founder of the band, was known for his raucous energy. A family statement said he had had dementia for several years.

18alaia obit slide gsi7 thumbwide
Azzedine Alaïa, Fashion’s Most Independent Designer, Is Dead at 82
Styles, November 18

Mr. Alaïa insisted on his freedom and worked, argued and cooked on his own schedule.

18alaia obit slide gsi7 thumbwide
Azzedine Alaïa, Fashion’s Most Independent Designer, Is Dead at 82
Slideshow, November 18

The designer had become an increasingly important voice for the value of striving to perfect, and against giving in to the relentless pressure to produce.

Queen elizabeth obituary slide dgs9 thumbwide
Queen Elizabeth II
Slideshow, November 17

Her reign spanned decades of change and upheaval in Britain.

Lappe4 thumbwide
Gemze de Lappe, 95, Dies; Keeper of the Agnes de Mille Flame
Obits, November 17

She performed de Mille’s choreography and later became and expert at restaging it. She was, one admirer said, “the potter’s clay for Agnes.”

18hutchinson1 thumbwide
Jeremy Hutchinson, a Top Lawyer in High-Profile Cases, Dies at 102
Obits, November 17

As a leading British barrister he defended Penguin Books for publishing D.H. Lawrence’s “Lady Chatterley’s Lover,” which had been banned as indecent.

18riina3 thumbwide
Salvatore Riina, Italian Mafia’s ‘Boss of Bosses,’ Dies at 87
Obits, November 17

Known as the Beast, the brutal and murderous leader of the Sicilian Cosa Nostra was serving 26 life sentences.

Burglars thumbwide
John Raines, 84, Who Evaded Capture in an F.B.I. Break-in, Dies
Obits, November 17

Dr. Raines and his wife were among the antiwar protesters who broke into a field office in 1971 and stole hundreds of files, which they gave to journalists.

18bhargava thumbwide
Girish Bhargava, Film Editor Who Captured Dance, Dies at 76
Obits, November 17

Whether in “Dance in America” or “Dirty Dancing,” Mr. Bhargava’s eye and sense of musicality were highly prized in translating dance to film.

17pacheco2 thumbwide v3
Ferdie Pacheco, ‘Fight Doctor’ for Muhammad Ali, Dies at 89
Obits, November 16

Dr. Pacheco, a physician, provided medical assistance to boxers for four decades and later became a ringside analyst on television.

Merlin 82617620 9a1c6359 99c2 4ccb 9a7b 3484e14671ec thumbwide
Eric Newman, Whose Coins Told of America’s History, Dies at 106
Obits, November 16

Mr. Newman, a numismatist for nearly a century, was one of the country’s most distinguished authorities on the art and history of coinage and paper money.

17lilpeep 1 thumbwide
Lil Peep, Rapper Who Blended Hip-Hop and Emo, Is Dead at 21
Obits, November 16

Gustav Ahr was a bright young musical talent who built a rabid following online with songs recorded in a bedroom on Skid Row in Los Angeles.

16reinhardt thumbwide
Uwe Reinhardt, 80, Dies; a Listened-to Voice on Health Care Policy
National, November 15

A Princeton economics professor, he was an adviser to Washington policymakers and an advocate of Obamacare.

16buckmaster2 thumbwide
Paul Buckmaster, 71, Arranger on Hits by Bowie and More, Dies
Obits, November 15

Mr. Buckmaster worked on classic songs by Elton John and dozens of others, melding rich orchestrations with rock, pop, jazz and country.

15catlett obit 1 thumbwide
Sid Catlett, 69, Star of a Classic High School Basketball Game, Dies
Obits, November 14

In 1965 he led his school against the team led by Lew Alcindor, soon to be known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and ended its 71-game winning streak.

15bose1 thumbwide
Vanu Bose, Who Brought Cellular Service to Remote Areas, Dies at 52
Obits, November 14

Mr. Bose, whose father founded the Bose Corporation, was an innovator in his own right, developing wireless networks that helped Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

Chasnoff thumbwide
Debra Chasnoff, Whose Films Redefined Gay Families, Dies at 60
Obits, November 14

An Oscar-winning documentarian, she addressed subjects including parenting, sexuality, bullying, nuclear power and affordable housing.

Doerr1 thumbwide
Bobby Doerr, 99, Red Sox Hall of Fame Second Baseman, Is Dead
Obits, November 14

An immensely popular player during his 14 seasons with Boston, he had been the oldest living former major leaguer.

Corsaro1 thumbwide
Frank Corsaro, Director Who Shook Up Opera World, Dies at 92
Obits, November 13

In dozens of productions, many for New York City Opera, Mr. Corsaro sought to energize the form, refusing to let his singers just stand and deliver.

Hudner obit3 thumbwide
Thomas Hudner, War Hero in a Civil Rights Milestone, Dies at 93
Obits, November 13

Lieutenant Hudner defied expectations when he tried to rescue the Navy’s first black aviator during the Korean War. He was awarded the Medal of Honor.

Merlin 130068275 10d3f946 b9c3 4fa7 b9c1 a801fdc232dc thumbwide
Patrick Nagatani, Photographer Famous for Collages, Dies at 72
Obits, November 13

His constructions captured the legacies of nuclear weaponry and his parents’ internment in camps for Japanese-Americans during World War II.

Video lwlizsmith thumbwide v2
Liz Smith, Longtime Queen of Tabloid Gossip Columns, Dies at 94
Express, November 12

Ms. Smith’s column ran for more than three decades, and she offered a gentler view of movie stars and moguls than many other gossip writers.

13cole1 thumbwide v5
Fred Cole, Leader of Garage-Rock Band Dead Moon, Dies at 69
Culture, November 11

A singer and guitarist who became a hero of the Northwest music scene of the 1990s, he set a standard for do-it-yourself perseverance.

Lee obit2 thumbwide
Katie Lee, Folk Singer Who Fought to Protect a Canyon, Dies at 98
Culture, November 10

Ms. Lee never forgave the builders of the Glen Canyon Dam and said the only thing that prevented her from blowing it up was that she did not know how.

10katz obit 1 thumbwide
Karl Katz, Museum Director in New York and Israel, Dies at 88
Obits, November 10

Among many other accomplishments, Mr. Katz expanded the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s audience by showcasing its collection on film and television.

11rogin obit 3 thumbwide
Gilbert Rogin, 87, Magazine Editor and Writer of Droll Fiction, Dies
Obits, November 10

Mr. Rogin worked at Sports Illustrated and Discover and had a run of short stories in The New Yorker, until a rejection led him to abandon the form abruptly.

10xp hillerman obit 1 thumbwide v3
John Hillerman, Snooty Sidekick on ‘Magnum, P.I.,’ Dies at 84
Obits, November 9

Mr. Hillerman, an Emmy Award-winning actor, also had roles in classic movies like “The Last Picture Show,” “Blazing Saddles” and “Chinatown.”

10robinson obit 3 thumbwide
Ray Robinson, Who Wrote of Gehrig the Man, Dies at 96
Obits, November 9

Mr. Robinson’s sports biographies, which mixed careful research with personal recollections, were more realistic than reverential.

09christensen obit 1 thumbwide
Henry Christensen III, Key Lawyer in Astor Case, Dies at 72
Obits, November 9

Mr. Christensen, who represented Brooke Astor, was esteemed but largely unknown outside his field until her son was accused of defrauding her.

08jochsberger obit 1 thumbwide
Tzipora Jochsberger, Founder of a Jewish Arts School, Dies at 96
Obits, November 8

Eager for American Jews to appreciate their heritage, Ms. Jochsberger, who left Nazi Germany in 1939, started what is now the Kaufman Music Center.

09miller obit 1 thumbwide
Arjay Miller, Who Led a Resurgence at Ford, Dies at 101
Obits, November 8

Mr. Miller was president of the car company in the 1960s, then became dean of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

08halladayweb1 thumbwide
Roy Halladay Dies in Plane Crash in Gulf of Mexico
Sports, November 7

A plane carrying Halladay, a former pitcher, went down in the Gulf of Mexico. A two-time Cy Young Award winner, Halladay retired in 2013 after a 16-year career.

08refkin obit 1 thumbwide
Irv Refkin, Brash Accidental Spy in World War II, Dies at 96
Obits, November 7

By the time the British realized he wasn’t Canadian and the Americans discovered he was missing, he had already parachuted into occupied France.

Gordon obit thumbwide
Richard Gordon, Astronaut Who Reached for Moon and Very Nearly Made It, Dies at 88
Obits, November 7

Mr. Gordon undertook a harrowing spacewalk in 1966 and orbited the moon in 1969, but he never achieved his dream of walking on the lunar surface.

Rosenthal obit1 thumbwide v3
Mel Rosenthal, Photographer Who Captured the Bronx, Dies at 77
Obits, November 6

Mr. Rosenthal’s images of the South Bronx from the 1970s and ’80s documented an area in distress, but they emphasized the survival of the human spirit.

04taub1 thumbwide
Joe Taub, Basketball Fan Who Became Part Owner of the Nets, Dies at 88
Obits, November 5

With his brother and a future senator, he helped build ADP, but his passion was basketball, and for three decades he was involved with the Nets.

Friayobit2 thumbwide
Nancy Friday, 84, Best-Selling Student of Gender Politics, Dies
Obits, November 5

In books like “My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies,” Ms. Friday helped establish what one commentator called “a confessional feminism.”

05minuchin printsub thumbwide
Salvador Minuchin, a Pioneer of Family Therapy, Dies at 96
Obits, November 3

His work with teenagers shifted the focus from individual symptoms to their social environment.

03hambleton obit 2 thumbwide v2
Richard Hambleton, ‘Shadowman’ of the ’80s Art Scene, Dies at 65
Obits, November 3

His spectral silhouettes appeared mysteriously on buildings in Manhattan — “I painted the town black,” he said — but his work also drew notice abroad.

03thoren1 thumbwide
Virginia Thoren, Artful Fashion Photographer, Dies at 97
Obits, November 2

An advertising designer with no formal training in photography, Ms. Thoren chased beauty with a camera using natural light and realistic settings.

03tisch2 thumbwide
Joan Tisch, Patron of the Arts and AIDS Fight, Dies at 90
Obits, November 2

A matriarch of a philanthropic family, Mrs. Tisch was a conscientious benefactor who also inherited a half-stake in the New York Giants.

02nochlin2 thumbwide
Linda Nochlin, 86, Groundbreaking Feminist Art Historian, Is Dead
Obits, November 1

She earned a place of honor in art-historical and art-world circles with her provocatively titled 1971 essay “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?”

02shutz print2 thumbwide v2
Peter Schutz, Executive Who Saved a Signature Porsche, Dies at 87
Obits, November 1

Mr. Schutz, whose family had fled the Nazis, returned to Germany to be the only American to lead the sports car maker. He stopped it from killing the 911 model.

02juska obit 2 thumbwide v2
Jane Juska, 84, Who Drew Notice Writing of Late-Life Sex, Dies
Obits, November 1

“Before I turn 67,” she wrote in a personal ad, “I would like a lot of sex with a man I like.” Her encounters were the basis of a well-received book.

02abrams obit 1 thumbwide
Muhal Richard Abrams, 87, Individualistic Pianist and Composer, Is Dead
Obits, November 1

Mr. Abrams was known both for his diverse, unclassifiable music and for helping to found a long-running Chicago-based musicians’ collective.

01vaughan obit 2 thumbwide
David Vaughan, Chronicler of Dance History, Dies at 93
Obits, November 1

He was the Merce Cunningham company’s archivist and wrote definitive biographies of choreographers. He also did some dancing and choreography himself.

01martin thumbwide
James Martin, Who Spurred G.O.P. Gains in the South, Dies at 99
Obits, October 31

His close Senate race in 1962 and election to Congress in 1964 portended a Republican sweep in what had long been a Democratic bastion.

01martz thumbwide
Judy Martz, Montana’s First Female Governor, Dies at 74
Obits, October 31

Ms. Martz was noted for turning a state deficit into a surplus while reducing taxes, but her one term was also marked by scandal and gaffes.

01robles1 thumbwide
June Robles Birt, Whose Abduction at 6 Gripped the Nation, Is Dead at 87
Obits, October 31

After “Little June” was rescued from a coffinlike cage in Arizona in 1934, she vanished again, this time deliberately into an inconspicuous life.

Bannon obit1 thumbwide
Jack Bannon, Who Played an Editor on ‘Lou Grant,’ Dies at 77.
Obits, October 31

Mr. Bannon’s character, Art Donovan, was a calming presence in a fictional newsroom filled with drama.

01beckey3 thumbwide
Fred Beckey, Conqueror and Chronicler of North American Peaks, Dies at 94
Obits, October 31

Mr. Beckey rarely ventured into the Himalayas or the Andes, instead roaming Alaska, British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest to establish new routes.

31opie obit 1 thumbwide v2
Iona Opie, 94, Authority on Childish Things, Is Dead
Obits, October 30

Mrs. Opie worked with her husband, Peter, to produce major studies of nursery rhymes, games and jokes. She continued the work after his death in 1982.

31banks5 thumbwide
Dennis Banks, American Indian Civil Rights Leader, Dies at 80
Obits, October 30

Mr. Banks, a Chippewa, led often-violent insurrections to protest the treatment of Native Americans and to call attention to a history of injustices against them.

Holup2 thumbwide
Wopo Holup, Who Adorned Public Spaces With Art, Dies at 80
Obits, October 29

At Battery Park in Manhattan and many other places, countless people have seen her works, which often incorporated images from the natural world.

28laughlin obit 1 thumbwide
Terry Laughlin, Who Taught Swimmers Not to Struggle, Dies at 66
Obits, October 27

Mr. Laughlin developed Total Immersion Swimming, which emphasized form over speed and helped thrashing swimmers learn to glide through the water.

28chiang thumbwide
Fay Chiang, 65, Poet Who Championed Asian-American Culture, Dies
Obits, October 27

Ms. Chiang’s poetry reflected her anxieties as a first-generation Chinese-American and her work as a community activist in New York City.

Lassally1 thumbwide
Walter Lassally, Cinematographer Who Won Oscar for ‘Zorba,’ Dies at 90
Obits, October 27

Mr. Lassally, whose Academy Award came in 1964, also worked for Tony Richardson, the Merchant Ivory group and many others.

27mathews obit1 thumbwide
Tom Mathews, Promoter of Liberal Causes and Candidates, Dies at 96
Obits, October 26

A former journalist, Mr. Mathews raised the profile of groups like the Peace Corps and was the spokesman for Robert F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign in 1968.

27bain2 thumbwide
Donald Bain, Widely Read Author (but Not by That Name), Dies at 82
Obits, October 26

Whodunit? If you’re asking about a Margaret Truman or a Jessica Fletcher book (or “Coffee, Tea or Me”?), here’s your answer.

26domino reax1 thumbwide
New Orleans Marks Fats Domino’s Death in Its Usual Style: With a Party
Culture, October 26

Musicians and fans in the city where he lived and worked were saddened by Fats Domino’s death, but determined to celebrate.

26karle1 thumbwide
Isabella L. Karle Dies at 95; Findings on Molecules Helped Husband Win Nobel
Obits, October 26

Her husband was disappointed that her work, which aided in the development of drugs for illnesses, was not cited by the Nobel committee.

25weitz thumbwide
Paul Weitz, Astronaut on Skylab and Challenger, Dies at 85
Obits, October 25

Captain Weitz commanded the shuttle Challenger on its maiden voyage, and after it later exploded, he was among NASA officials who examined why.