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Owen Garriott, an Early Scientist-Astronaut, Is Dead at 88
Obituaries, April 16

He was the science pilot on the record-breaking 59-day mission to Skylab in 1973. Ten years later, he returned to space on the shuttle Columbia.

15plumly1 articleinline
Stanley Plumly, Lyrical Poet Influenced by Keats, Dies at 79
Obituaries, April 16

“Keats, for me, represents the integrity of the mission of the poet,” said Mr. Plumly, whose books included a “personal biography” called “Posthumous Keats.”

Merlin 153559521 e969891e a334 4fe5 b20a c403361e0517 articleinline
Georgia Engel, Gentle-Voiced ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ Actress, Is Dead at 70
Obituaries, April 15

After gaining fame as the blustery newsman Ted Baxter’s love interest, Ms. Engel went on to “Everybody Loves Raymond” and more.

Merlin 15994277 0541ad74 7ca2 4b8b 9d94 73125319f399 articleinline
Bibi Andersson, Luminous Presence in Bergman Films, Dies at 83
Movies, April 14

Ms. Andersson, a Swedish actress, personified first purity and youth, then complexity and disillusionment, in 13 Ingmar Bergman films.

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Jean-Louis David, French Hairstylist for the Modern Woman, Dies at 85
Obituaries, April 10

Mr. David, who created looks that emphasized practicality as well as style, founded a worldwide chain of salons that bear his name.

Merlin 153238776 705c5e99 b4f4 4926 8348 f9d330d3f366 articleinline
Lawrence Rhodes, Celebrated Dancer and Renowned Teacher, Dies at 79
Obituaries, April 10

His performances in both classical ballet and modern existential works were widely hailed. “He was my hero,” American Ballet Theater’s director said.

Merlin 153240333 00a76d0a 7597 4d21 80c2 a2e36fc13792 articleinline
Seymour Cassel, Familiar Face in Independent Films, Dies at 84
Obituaries, April 8

Mr. Cassel, who worked often with John Cassavetes and Wes Anderson, played parts that were often small but almost always memorable.

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Cho Yang-ho, 70, Dies; Expanded Korean Air Amid Scandals
Obituaries, April 8

Recently stripped of a board seat in his family’s empire, Mr. Cho had been caught up in corruption investigations and a daughter’s “nut rage” incident.

Merlin 153054555 c780a194 d2ab 4e84 aa4b c39b63a8b695 articleinline
Bob Slade, Distinguished Voice on Black Radio, Dies at 70
Obituaries, April 8

Mr. Slade was a host of “Open Line,” a call-in show that dedicated to the African-American community that conveyed a perspective lacking in news media.

Merlin 153073002 cceb2479 c981 4717 9d52 65f14643c3c4 articleinline
Vonda N. McIntyre, 70, Champion of Women in Science Fiction, Dies
Obituaries, April 5

Ms. McIntyre won three Nebula Awards for her writing and inspired other female authors. She also wrote five novels set in the “Star Trek” universe.

05english2 articleinline
Kim English, Who Blended Gospel With Dance Music, Dies at 48
Obituaries, April 5

Ms. English had more than a dozen house-music hits. But her songs, her longtime manager said, were “all related to God.”

Merlin 153017208 287a276c e71b 46f7 aca8 f5c04a17ea86 articleinline
Jonathan Baumbach, Novelist With an Experimental Bent, Dies at 85
Obituaries, April 5

Concerned about the limited interests of conventional publishers, Mr. Baumbach also helped found a publishing collective run by writers.

Merlin 153021045 76570de2 de5a 466e 9f9a e36e44831c4a articleinline
Sydel Silverman, 85, Dies; Defended Anthropology in Academia
Obituaries, April 5

As a scholar, teacher and historian at the City University of New York, she was an ardent preservationist and an inclusive ethnographer.

Merlin 152965509 351e93d6 0ea9 4572 bf0f c17f00455730 articleinline
Ralph Metzner, LSD and Consciousness Researcher, Dies at 82
Obituaries, April 4

After participated in controversial studies by Timothy Leary involving hallucinogens, he continued researching alternate states of consciousness.

03fechheimer articleinline
David Fechheimer, a Reserved but Adroit Sam Spade, Dies at 76
Obituaries, April 3

A practitioner of old-fashioned investigative techniques, he was inconspicuous compared with many of his colleagues and high-profile clients.

Merlin 152732454 550674dd 17c3 4f4c 8603 29c123df22cb articleinline
Lyle Tuttle, Who Recast Tattooing’s Image Pore by Pore, Dies at 87
Obituaries, April 3

Tattooed almost head to foot himself, he helped move the art form “out of the back alley” and into the mainstream, finding fame with a celebrity clientele.

Merlin 152964600 9fedf369 a938 4f9b 8282 b10a953b5004 articleinline
Gerry Stickells, Who Helped Make Rock Shows Big, Dies at 76
Obituaries, April 3

His skills as production manager were invaluable to Queen, Paul McCartney and others as the logistics of touring and performing grew increasingly elaborate.

2019notable deaths combo articleinline
Notable Deaths 2019
Interactive, April 1

A memorial to those who lost their lives in 2019

Merlin 29193349 6e9fdb8c c5ae 47c8 8db7 d79e040dd4c2 articleinline
Kenneth Gibson, 86, Dies; Newark Mayor Broke Race Barrier in Northeast
Obituaries, March 31

He pledged to make Newark a model city, saying, “If we solve the urban problem here, we can export our solution to other areas.”

Merlin 152779665 4ab07595 1868 4603 973b 352d0b30d1f2 articleinline
David White, Hitmaker With Danny and the Juniors, Dies at 79
Obituaries, March 31

He co-wrote the No. 1 hit “At the Hop” and wrote its follow-up, “Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay.” He later helped write hits for Lesley Gore and others.

Merlin 152775990 b9fa6e97 c9d1 4c71 abf5 6cc7c0895b46 articleinline
Tejshree Thapa, Defender of Human Rights in South Asia, Dies at 52
Obituaries, March 29

Her investigations sought to establish mass rape and sexual enslavement as crimes against humanity. She also spent time in the field with survivors.

Merlin 152690082 5096032b a0fd 496c abc4 e75182851f12 articleinline
Genevieve Oswald, the Soul of a Dance Archive, Is Dead at 97
Obituaries, March 29

As the curator for 43 years of the New York Public Library’s dance collection, which she founded, Ms. Oswald helped preserve a fragile art form’s history.

Merlin 11497086 6c0fdeab 048a 4342 a0d5 7349d3ffa6a2 articleinline
Victoria Ruvolo, Who Forgave Her Attacker, Is Dead at 59
Obituaries, March 28

She was severely injured when a teenager threw a frozen turkey that smashed through her car’s windshield. But she argued against a harsh sentence.

28stern1 articleinline
Henry J. Stern, Whose Vast Urban Domain Was Green, Is Dead at 83
Obituaries, March 28

Only Robert Moses surpassed Mr. Stern, New York City’s longtime parks commissioner, in ensuring that a teeming population had places to breathe.

Merlin 152692482 dcb3ee97 fd48 4a16 95e1 6069be8047a6 articleinline
Ranking Roger, a Star of the Ska Revival, Is Dead at 56
Obituaries, March 27

He was one of two frontmen for the British group the Beat 40 years ago, and he was still releasing new music this year.

Merlin 152605998 0b1db1e7 72a4 46d0 ae4c 2099ef87bb35 articleinline
Linda Gregg, Poet of Taut, Vivid Verse, Is Dead at 76
Obituaries, March 27

Ms. Gregg found poems in nature and loss, matters of the heart and matters of the spirit.

Merlin 152640954 6fddd466 2b5a 45e6 990e df829aa02697 articleinline
Mike Greco, Salami King of Bronx’s Little Italy, Dies at 89
Obituaries, March 26

The “Mayor of Arthur Avenue” came from Calabria in 1947 and opened a deli that endures as a magnet for locals, politicians and Bronx expatriates.

Merlin 141821214 7d2fef2a 58c9 42d2 8802 8d5dc6c053d7 articleinline
Larry Cohen, Director of Garish Horror Classics, Dies at 82
Obituaries, March 26

His films, which featured killer babies and desserts, offered suspense and horror bordering on satire. He was also a prolific creator of television shows.

Merlin 152590812 ab565bc9 7ac0 4b83 a634 bffa008cc5f7 articleinline
Scott Walker, Pop Singer Who Turned Experimental, Dies at 76
Obituaries, March 26

Forsaking the music that made his group, the Walker Brothers, a 1960s sensation, he veered toward the avant-garde, influencing David Bowie and Radiohead.

25ramsey2 articleinline
Cal Ramsey, Knicks Broadcaster and Community Representative, Dies at 81
Obituaries, March 25

A standout player at N.Y.U., he had a brief N.B.A. career but made his mark as a color commentator and the team’s link to the youth of New York.

Merlin 152355090 8d525119 471a 469f 9322 b6c4378e660a articleinline
Antonia Rey, Latin Actress of Stage and Screen, Dies at 92
Obituaries, March 22

She and her husband fled Cuba under Castro, giving up their prominence in theater there. In the North, she had a steady diet of ethnic roles.

Merlin 152303244 2b11bf18 4b8d 4727 91e9 ad3b5f792654 articleinline
Andre Williams, 82, Dies; Sang of Bacon Fat and Tail Feathers
Obituaries, March 20

An earthy R&B performer, he began his career in the 1950s, was sidelined by addiction, then was rediscovered in the ’90s by punk and garage rockers.

19phelps articleinline
Jake Phelps Dies at 56; as Thrasher Editor, a Skateboarding Guru
Obituaries, March 20

From his perch, Mr. Phelps set the caustic but funny tone for the magazine, making him both loved and hated in the skateboarding world.