00frank harriet mediumthreebytwo210
Harriet Frank Jr., Writer of Challenging Screenplays, Dies at 96
Movies, Yesterday

She and her husband, Irving Ravetch, were among Hollywood’s most successful and literate script writers, collaborating on movies like “Hud” and “Norma Rae.”

28aronson1 mediumthreebytwo210
Arnold Aronson, Who Revitalized Saks in the ’80s, Dies at 85
Business, Yesterday

He transformed a venerable retail chain with a “dowager image” by courting baby boomers, renovating its flagship store and expanding its national reach.

27shane1 mediumthreebytwo210
Bob Shane, Last of the Original Kingston Trio, Dies at 85
Arts, January 27

The group spearheaded a commercially successful folk revival in the late 1950s and early ’60s, with Mr. Shane singing lead most of the time.

27stark1 mediumthreebytwo210
Pete Stark, Fighter in Congress for Health Care, Dies at 88
U.S., January 27

Hailing from a liberal corner of California, he was a major voice in health care debates, but an acid tongue may have scuttled his advancement.

27michou4 mediumthreebytwo210
Michou, Whose Drag Cabaret Was the Toast of Paris, Dies at 88
Style, January 27

Since 1956, his jewel box of a club in storied Montmartre has drawn a host of luminaries, turning the proprietor himself into one.

24billray3 mediumthreebytwo210
Bill Ray, Photographer of Indelible Moments, Dies at 83
Arts, January 27

He captured Marilyn Monroe singing “Happy birthday, Mr. President,” Elvis Presley as an Army private, scenes of war and urban unrest, and much more.

25mallon01 mediumthreebytwo210
Seamus Mallon, Advocate for Peace in Northern Ireland, Dies at 83
World, January 27

Mr. Mallon spent his life campaigning for an end to killings and abuses by all sides in the conflict known as the Troubles.

27polan2 mediumthreebytwo210
Jason Polan, Fast-Drawing Artist of the Offbeat, Dies at 37
Arts, January 27

His projects included a quixotic quest to sketch everyone in New York City.

26kobe obit mediumthreebytwo210
Kobe Bryant’s Brilliant and Complicated Legacy
Sports, January 26

Bryant, who died with his daughter Gianna in a helicopter crash on Sunday, was an unquestioned basketball great, but his legacy is not so straightforward.

26wurtele mediumthreebytwo210
Rhona Wurtele, One of Canada’s ‘Flying Twins’ Ski Champions, Dies at 97
Obituaries, January 26

With her sister, Rhoda, she won many American and Canadian competitions, and later the two taught thousands of people to ski.

00griscom1 mediumthreebytwo210
Nina Griscom, Model, Entrepreneur and ‘It Girl’ of the ’80s, Dies at 65
Obituaries, January 26

At home in high society and gossip columns, she also worked regularly as a TV host, designer, writer and home décor entrepreneur.

25christensen01 mediumthreebytwo210
Clayton Christensen, Guru of ‘Disruptive Innovation,’ Dies at 67
Business, January 25

He broke ground with his assertion that the factors that helped the best companies succeed were also the reasons some of those same companies failed.

00lion1 mediumthreebytwo210
Margo Lion, Producer of ‘Hairspray’ and More, Dies at 75
Theater, January 25

In an era when big-budget theater was an increasingly corporate affair, Ms. Lion was a proudly independent producer.

24caplan mediumthreebytwo210
Frieda Caplan, Who Enlivened the Produce Aisle, Dies at 96
Food, January 24

She helped introduce kiwi, jicama and countless other unfamiliar fruits and vegetables to American consumers.

23roditi mediumthreebytwo210
Claudio Roditi, Lyrical Jazz Trumpeter, Is Dead at 73
Arts, January 24

The Brazilian-born Mr. Roditi fused in his playing the gentle lilt of samba with the drive of the post-bop trumpet tradition.

23grosso2 mediumthreebytwo210
Sonny Grosso, Cop Who Severed ‘French Connection,’ Dies at 89
Movies, January 23

He and his partner broke the heroin case that inspired that 1971 film. After he retired, he became a movie and television producer and consultant.

23berman2 mediumthreebytwo210
Frederic Berman, Protector of Renters in New York, Dies at 92
New York, January 23

He helped institute safeguards for tenants of 1.4 million rent-controlled apartments in the ’60s and was a key player behind the Rent Stabilization Law.

Merlin 167652957 19092beb ba9d 4f76 8843 087c3087bbbd mediumthreebytwo210
George Herbert Walker III, 88, Dies; Ambassador and Cousin of Presidents
U.S., January 23

A St. Louis businessman and philanthropist, he helped Republican politicians, including his cousins George H. W. and George W. Bush.

23serling1 mediumthreebytwo210
Carol Serling, Rod’s Wife and Tender of ‘Twilight Zone’ Flame, Dies at 90
Arts, January 23

Rod Serling, who created “The Twilight Zone,” died in 1975. His wife — in publishing, academic and screen ventures — helped keep his spirit alive.

23lehrer2 mediumthreebytwo210
Jim Lehrer, Longtime PBS News Anchor, Is Dead at 85
Business, January 23

For 36 years, mostly teaming with Robert MacNeil, he offered an alternative to network evening news programs with in-depth reporting, interviews and news analysis.

Merlin 167596401 33d8c155 3ea2 4e88 88c6 1cca610b8dd6 mediumthreebytwo210
Jack Van Impe, End Times Preacher on TV, Is Dead at 88
U.S., January 22

Known for his prodigious memorization of the Bible, he mingled scripture with commentary on public affairs.

Merlin 167533017 601b3c36 a96d 4b12 8fd9 e679bebad30c mediumthreebytwo210
Tom Railsback, Who Reconciled G.O.P. to Oust Nixon, Dies at 87
U.S., January 22

A moderate Republican congressman from Illinois, he forged a compromise on two articles of impeachment that passed the House Judiciary Committee in 1974.

21gelber1 mediumthreebytwo210
Lee Gelber, Dean of New York Tour Guides, Dies at 81
New York, January 22

“He knew our city better than anyone else,” a colleague said, “and made it his goal for everyone else to know it, too.”

21sovern1 mediumthreebytwo210
Michael I. Sovern, Who Led Columbia in Eventful Era, Dies at 88
New York, January 22

During his tenure, 1980-93, the university was restored to financial health, divested from companies tied to South Africa and admitted women to its college.

Merlin 60759704 20e5c09f c54b 4040 9c9e 9144117552a1 mediumthreebytwo210
Terry Jones, Monty Python Founder and Scholar, Is Dead at 77
Arts, January 22

In addition to being a charter member of the celebrated British sketch troupe, he was a director, a screenwriter and an authority on Chaucer.

21wootten1 mediumthreebytwo210
Morgan Wootten, Acclaimed High School Basketball Coach, Dies at 88
Sports, January 22

He had one of the best winning streaks, and was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

Merlin 167515263 ba9f8e27 ea75 4188 be26 2965fa2a388f mediumthreebytwo210
Egil Krogh, 80, Nixon Aide, Dies; Authorized an Infamous Break-In
U.S., January 21

He regretted his role in the burglary of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office and said he thought it had set the stage for Watergate.

20glass02 mediumthreebytwo210
David Glass, Walmart Boss and K.C. Royals Owner, Dies at 84
Business, January 21

He introduced selling groceries alongside general merchandise in Supercenters, positioning Walmart to compete with Amazon today. His Royals won a World Series.

20olney01 mediumthreebytwo210
David Olney, 71, Singer-Songwriter, Dies After Apparent Heart Attack Onstage
Arts, January 20

He wasn’t as famous as those who sang his songs, but he was revered by them. After he was stricken midsong, he stopped and said, “I’m sorry.”

19skorea obit mediumthreebytwo210
‘Chewing Gum Tycoon’ of Lotte Group, Shin Kyuk-ho, Dies at 98
World, January 19

Mr. Shin transformed a small business in postwar Tokyo into ​a ​corporate giant spanning South Korea and Japan.

19skorea obit mediumthreebytwo210
‘Chewing Gum Tycoon’ of Lotte Group, Shin Kyuk-ho, Dies at 98
World, January 19

Mr. Shin transformed a small business in postwar Tokyo into ​a ​corporate giant spanning South Korea and Japan.

00health1 mediumthreebytwo210
Jimmy Heath, 93, Jazz Saxophonist and Composer, Is Dead
Obituaries, January 19

Mr. Heath, whose compositions became part of the midcentury jazz canon, found new prominence in middle age as a co-leader of a band with his two brothers.

17kunhardt1 mediumthreebytwo210
Edith Kunhardt Davis, Author of ‘Pat the Bunny’ Sequels, Dies at 82
Books, January 19

She also wrote about the death of her son at 27, for which she — and he — blamed her because she had been an alcoholic when she was pregnant with him.

17tuckwell1 mediumthreebytwo210
Barry Tuckwell, French Horn Virtuoso, Is Dead at 88
Arts, January 18

He was widely considered to be the finest player of his era and was said to have “inspired every generation of horn player for the past 70 years.”

17larkin1 mediumthreebytwo210
Peter Larkin, Stage Designer With a Funky Asterisk, Dies at 93
Arts, January 18

His Broadway work won him four Tony Awards. A different audience knew another of his designs: the Parliament-Funkadelic Mothership.

16tanega1 mediumthreebytwo210
Norma Tanega, Who Sang About a Cat Named Dog, Dies at 80
Arts, January 17

She had only one hit record, but it was a memorable one: a quirkily titled song about freedom, dreaming and her cat, who really was named Dog.

13cacho 02 mediumthreebytwo210
Ninez Cacho-Olivares, Journalist and Critic of Marcos, Dies at 78
World, January 17

She was among a cadre of newswomen who faced down the Philippine dictator. But she later unexpectedly turned around to support President Rodrigo Duterte.

13mazzetti mediumthreebytwo210
Lorenza Mazzetti, Wartime Survivor and Seminal Filmmaker, Dies at 92
Arts, January 16

She was spared by German soldiers seeking her uncle and protector, a cousin of Albert Einstein. She went on to help start the British New Wave in cinema.

16xp tolkien image1 mediumthreebytwo210
Christopher Tolkien, Keeper of His Father’s Legacy, Dies at 95
Books, January 16

As literary executor of the estate of his father, J.R.R. Tolkien, Mr. Tolkien compiled and edited such works as “The Silmarillion.”

15scruton1 mediumthreebytwo210
Roger Scruton, a Provocative Public Intellectual, Dies at 75
Books, January 16

A philosopher, author and columnist, he was an outspoken hero to conservatives in Britain and recently at the center of, in his words, a “hate storm.”

Xxnicolau1 mediumthreebytwo210
George Nicolau, Arbitrator in Baseball’s Collusion Cases, Dies at 94
Sports, January 16

He found that team owners had twice conspired to impede the market for free agents in the 1980s. As a result of his rulings, owners had to pay $280 million.

15beaton1 mediumthreebytwo210
Marion Chesney, a.k.a. Mystery Writer M.C. Beaton, Dies at 83
Books, January 16

Her popular crime solvers Hamish Macbeth and Agatha Raisin were the focus of dozens of books, as well as TV series.

Merlin 167201034 a01bbeca f937 497f 9ba9 1d514d3fe0a8 mediumthreebytwo210
Rocky Johnson, Pro Wrestler Who Trained His Son the Rock, Dies at 75
Sports, January 15

Johnson battled racism early on and introduced Dwayne Johnson to professional wrestling years before he became a famous actor.

15morris4 mediumthreebytwo210
Sylvia Jukes Morris, Biographer of Clare Boothe Luce, Dies at 84
Books, January 15

She spent 33 years on the two-volume biography, examining 460,000 items at the Library of Congress that stretched 319 linear feet.

15starkweather1 mediumthreebytwo210
Gary Starkweather, Inventor of the Laser Printer, Dies at 81
Technology, January 15

He originally received pushback from his employer, Xerox. But his invention eventually became nearly ubiquitous in every office and home.

10gatliff2 mediumthreebytwo210
Betty Pat Gatliff, Whose Forensic Art Solved Crimes, Dies at 89
Science, January 14

She used clay to reconstruct the faces of the missing and murdered, in the hope of helping police departments learn who they were.

13passer1 mediumthreebytwo210
Ivan Passer, Noted Czech Director Who Went to Hollywood, Dies at 86
Movies, January 14

A contemporary and friend of Milos Forman, he was part of the Czech New Wave before resettling in the United States.

13bourdain mediumthreebytwo210
Gladys Bourdain, Who Helped Her Son Reach an Audience, Dies at 85
Food, January 14

A Times copy editor, she kick-started Anthony Bourdain’s career when she helped him get a tell-all article about the restaurant world published in The New Yorker.

Merlin 167076093 627ee1b1 c0de 498c baa3 51538dbb471f mediumthreebytwo210
Ed Filipowski, 58, Pioneer of Fashion Public Relations, Dies
Fashion, January 13

“He was not emotional about fashion,” a colleague said. “He was steady.” He was also influential.

13maher sub mediumthreebytwo210
Matty Maher, an Institution at an Institution, McSorley’s, Dies at 80
New York, January 13

As bartender, manager and owner, he helped the East Village saloon survive neighborhood blight and change its ways by admitting women and banning smoking.

09pawasarat mediumthreebytwo210
John Pawasarat, Used Data to Address Social Ills, Dies at 70
U.S., January 13

His research on driver’s licenses — who had them, who didn’t — was cited in voting rights disputes over whether requiring picture IDs was discriminatory.

09pawasarat mediumthreebytwo210
John Pawasarat Dies at 70; Used Data to Address Social Ills
U.S., January 13

His research on driver’s licenses — who had them, who didn’t — was cited in voting rights disputes over whether requiring picture IDs was discriminatory.

13lewis1 mediumthreebytwo210
Nancy Lewis, the Pythons’ Ticket to America, Dies at 76
Arts, January 13

The British troupe wasn’t well known in the United States until she began promoting its records and pushing to get “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” on PBS.

13bryant 02 mediumthreebytwo210
Nelson Bryant, ‘Supreme Chronicler’ of Outdoor Life, Dies at 96
Sports, January 13

For nearly four decades, his lyrical columns for The Times brought readers to the banks of clear-running streams and the hushed glades of majestic forests.

Merlin 166580205 4e1ba87f 5e81 4d3a 82d2 314fced5e9b7 mediumthreebytwo210
The Real Story of Faith Hope Consolo
New York, January 13

'She covered up who she really was,' said a friend.

09melzack1 mediumthreebytwo210
Ronald Melzack, Cartographer of Pain, Is Dead at 90
Science, January 12

The theory that he and a colleague devised deepened medicine’s understanding of pain and how it is best measured and treated.

Merlin 166517643 84559720 974c 439b 989e b46521eab2ba mediumthreebytwo210
Sultan Qaboos, Quiet Peacemaker Who Built Oman, Dies at 79
World, January 10

The longest serving Arab ruler, Qaboos pulled Oman from poverty and brokered quiet talks between global foes.

Merlin 166517643 84559720 974c 439b 989e b46521eab2ba mediumthreebytwo210
Sultan Qaboos, Who Built Oman Into a Prosperous Oasis of Peacemaking, Dies at 79
World, January 10

The longest-serving Arab ruler, Qaboos pulled his nation from poverty and brokered quiet talks between global foes.

08mykytyn mediumthreebytwo210
Courtney Everts Mykytyn, Crusader for School Integration, Dies at 46
Education, January 10

She challenged privileged white parents to send their children to schools with predominantly black and Latino student bodies.

03rothchild1 mediumthreebytwo210
John Rothchild, 74, Dies; Wrote About Personal Finance With Wit
Books, January 10

He worked with Peter Lynch on several guides to stock trading. He also wrote a guidebook that offered no advice at all.

07gray1 mediumthreebytwo210
Alasdair Gray, Scottish Author of Daring Prose, Dies at 85
Books, January 10

He didn’t publish his first novel (which he illustrated himself) until he was 46. But his impact, as both a writer and an artist, has lasted.

09duboeuf2 mediumthreebytwo210
Georges Duboeuf, Creator of the Beaujolais Nouveau Craze, Dies at 86
Food, January 10

He almost single-handedly started the rush for the first wines of the Beaujolais harvest.

10peart3 mediumthreebytwo210
Neil Peart, Drummer and Lyricist for Rush, Dies at 67
Arts, January 10

His drumming was at once intricate and explosive, expanding Rush’s power-trio dynamics. His lyrics transformed the band’s songs into elaborate suites.

10burson1p sub mediumthreebytwo210
Harold Burson, a Giant in Public Relations, Dies at 98
Business, January 10

His skills were called upon in a Tylenol-tampering case and a devastating gas leak in India. In 1999, he was named the century’s most influential P.R. figure.

09jones 02 mediumthreebytwo210
J. Charles Jones, Civil Rights Activist, Is Dead at 82
U.S., January 10

He was a participant in many pivotal events of the 1960s, beginning with lunch-counter protests in Charlotte, N.C.

09finucane2 mediumthreebytwo210
Marian Finucane, 69, Dies; Influential Voice in Irish Radio
World, January 10

She took on sensitive subjects like homosexuality and contraception in a society dominated at the time by restrictive Roman Catholic teachings.

12faith mediumthreebytwo210
She Was a Star of New York Real Estate, but Her Life Story Was a Lie
New York, January 10

Faith Hope Consolo had the entire press fooled, including us. Then a message came in.

00dye toppix mediumthreebytwo210
Pete Dye, ‘Picasso’ of Golf Course Design, Is Dead at 94
Sports, January 9

“His courses built for tournaments are hard,” Tiger Woods once said, “ but there’s a good reason for everything.”

Merlin 166895874 635a30fa 99ce 4cb8 9ac6 fc9b888c8888 mediumthreebytwo210
Edd Byrnes, Who Combed His Way to TV Stardom, Dies at 86
Arts, January 9

He became one of television’s first teen idols as Kookie, the hair-combing, jive-talking youth on the hit series “77 Sunset Strip.”

08kirkland1 mediumthreebytwo210
Mamie Kirkland, Witness to an Era of Racial Terror, Dies at 111
U.S., January 9

She endured the horrors of the African-American experience — lynchings, riots, the Ku Klux Klan — and worked to ensure that they never slipped from collective memory.

07richmond1 mediumthreebytwo210
Frederick Richmond, 96, Dies; Congressman Undone by Corruption
U.S., January 9

A wealthy House member and a champion of liberal causes as a New York civic leader, he was forced to quit Congress in 1982 in a corruption scandal.

09henry1 sub mediumthreebytwo210
Buck Henry, Who Helped Create ‘Get Smart’ and Adapt ‘The Graduate,’ Dies at 89
Movies, January 9

An unassuming screenwriter and actor, Mr. Henry thought up quirky characters with Mel Brooks and inhabited many more on “Saturday Night Live.”

Merlin 166839531 aa91fde8 3804 4d99 8e2f ead0d42c1ea1 mediumthreebytwo210
George Perles Dies at 86; Coach Revived Michigan State Football
Sports, January 8

Inheriting a moribund program, he led the Spartans to Big Ten titles and a Rose Bowl victory and later coached the Steelers’ “Steel Curtain” defense.

08kirstein1 mediumthreebytwo210
Peter Kirstein, Father of the European Internet, Is Dead at 86
Technology, January 8

He was crucial to the spread of the protocols that underpin today’s internet (and gave Queen Elizabeth her own email address).

07holzer1 mediumthreebytwo210
Adela Holzer, Whose Fall From Grace Was Theatrical, Is Dead
Theater, January 8

She went from being “Broadway’s hottest producer” to “one of the cleverest and most successful white-collar criminals in the history of this state.”

08xp horta2 mediumthreebytwo210
‘Ugly Betty’ Executive Producer, Silvio Horta, Dies at 45
Arts, January 8

He developed the comedy-drama “Ugly Betty,’’ which starred America Ferrera on ABC from 2006 to 2010.

06mead1 mediumthreebytwo210
Bob Wade, Sculptor of the Outlandishly Large, Dies at 76
Arts, January 7

Known as Daddy-O, he created roadside, streetside and top-of-the-roof attractions in Texas and elsewhere.

07bacon bercey1 mediumthreebytwo210
June Bacon-Bercey, 90, Pathbreaking Meteorologist, Is Dead
Science, January 7

She is widely believed to have been the first African-American female meteorologist to forecast weather on television.

06garfein1 mediumthreebytwo210
Jack Garfein, Director From Actors Studio’s Heyday, Dies at 89
Theater, January 7

His family perished in the Holocaust. He survived and came to the United States, where he worked with Ben Gazzara, George Peppard, Samuel Beckett and Arthur Miller.

06morton1 mediumthreebytwo210
James Parks Morton, Dean Who Brought a Cathedral to Life, Dies at 89
New York, January 7

Leading the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine for 25 years, he sought to make it central to urban life.

Merlin 20384543 d3ec26b1 b22c 4dfe 967b 3da533483684 mediumthreebytwo210
Elizabeth Wurtzel, ‘Prozac Nation’ Author, Is Dead at 52
Books, January 7

Her startling 1994 memoir won praise for opening a dialogue about clinical depression and helped introduce an unsparing style of confessional writing that remains influential.

00baldessari toppix mediumthreebytwo210
John Baldessari, Who Gave Conceptual Art a Dose of Wit, Is Dead at 88
Arts, January 5

Through his hybrid works and teaching, he helped build the Los Angeles art scene, mentoring a who’s who of contemporary artists.

20ashton mediumthreebytwo210
Dr. Heather Ashton, 90, Dies; Helped People Quit Anxiety Drugs
Science, January 3

Her “Ashton Manual,” published in 1999, has become a cornerstone for people all over the world dealing with benzodiazepine dependence.

02kupfer1 mediumthreebytwo210
Harry Kupfer, Director and ‘Opera King of Berlin,’ Dies at 84
Arts, January 3

He reimagined Wagner for the modern world, including a “Ring” focused on ecological destruction.

03sheldon mediumthreebytwo210
Jack Sheldon, Trumpeter and ‘Schoolhouse Rock!’ Singer, Is Dead at 88
Arts, January 3

He played with leading jazz musicians. He bantered with Merv Griffin. But his best-known work may have been on a children’s cartoon series.

Merlin 166578513 0d86b85b 3460 48c9 8693 e17c799d74b0 mediumthreebytwo210
Sam Wyche, Who Led Cincinnati to the Super Bowl, Dies at 74
Sports, January 3

He was praised as a hard-driving coach willing to go against the grain. He was also fined for keeping a female reporter out of the team’s locker room.

02oliver1 mediumthreebytwo210
Vaughan Oliver, 62, Dies; His Designs Gave Indie Rock ‘Physical Dimension’
Arts, January 3

Mr. Oliver’s album covers for the 4AD label were a fitting complement to music by influential alternative bands like Pixies and the Breeders.

03mead1 mediumthreebytwo210
Syd Mead, 86, Maker of Future Worlds in ‘Blade Runner’ and More, Dies
Arts, January 3

In a wide-ranging career, he designed cars, restaurants and, most notably, the otherworldly look of science-fiction movies.

00larsen toppix promo mediumthreebytwo210
Don Larsen, Yankee Who Pitched Only Perfect Game in World Series History, Dies at 90
Obituaries, January 1

He retired after 14 seasons with a losing record for his career, but for one day in 1956 he was the picture of perfection.

00stern 01 mediumthreebytwo210
David Stern, Transformative N.B.A. Commissioner, Dies at 77
Sports, January 1

His marketing vision turned the world’s premier professional basketball league into a global brand with its biggest stars as its ambassadors.

Merlin 166240668 998fcf4b d261 4a5b bbaf 6df49deecacb mediumthreebytwo210
Fazle Abed, Founder of a Leading Relief Agency, Dies at 83
World, January 1

Mr. Abed gave up a job as a senior executive at a multinational company to start BRAC after he saw his native land, Bangladesh, devastated by war.

30vasulka2 mediumthreebytwo210
Woody Vasulka, Whose Video Art Extended Boundaries, Dies at 82
Arts, January 1

He deftly manipulated electronic images to produce otherworldly, sometimes jarring visions. He also founded, with his wife, a landmark performance space.

31kelley1 mediumthreebytwo210
Gen. Paul X. Kelley, Top Marine Tested by a Bombing, Dies at 91
U.S., December 31

As commandant from 1983 to 1987, he came to be viewed by many as an embodiment of the Marine Corps. But the deadly attack on a barracks in Lebanon proved personally traumatic.

31schreier3 mediumthreebytwo210
Peter Schreier, 84, Elegant German Tenor Who Also Conducted, Dies
Arts, December 31

He made a mark singing in Bach oratorios and Mozart operas. But he also forged a career on the podium — sometimes singing roles in productions he led.

31himmelfarb1 mediumthreebytwo210
Gertrude Himmelfarb, Conservative Historian of Ideas, Dies at 97
Books, December 31

Her arguments that a little more virtuousness trumps any number of government social programs made her a hero to some and a bête noire to others.

31mehta1 mediumthreebytwo210
Sonny Mehta, Venerable Knopf Publisher, Is Dead at 77
Books, December 31

A voracious reader and an instinctive decision maker, Mr. Mehta could spot great books and, coming from a paperback world, had no qualms about pushing them.

Merlin 166497516 3e3ce499 ff5a 4434 893f 58d2d4a3e036 mediumthreebytwo210
Barbara Testa Dies at 91; Her Discovery Rocked the Literary World
Books, December 30

Scholars had been searching for the manuscript for the first part of “Huckleberry Finn” for decades. Ms. Testa found it in her attic.

30innes2 mediumthreebytwo210
Neil Innes, a Master of Musical Humor, Is Dead at 75
Arts, December 30

He worked with the Monty Python troupe and was known for his own projects, including the Beatles parody band the Rutles.