12baumgarten3 thumbwide
Lothar Baumgarten Dies at 74; Artist Explored Collision of Cultures
Obits, Yesterday

Many of his conceptual pieces drew on the months he spent living with a tribe in the Amazon.

12epstein1 thumbwide
Alvin Epstein, Actor, Director and Master of Beckett, Dies at 93
Obits, Yesterday

In a long stage career that took him from Yale to Broadway, he was steeped in the author of “Waiting for Godot,” acting in its Broadway premiere in 1956.

11horenstein1 thumbwide
Sidney Horenstein, 82, Geologist Who Wrung Stories From Stone, Dies
Obits, December 10

Working full-time for the American Museum of Natural History in New York, he was an author and tour guide whose exuberance brought fossils to life.

05bosco1 thumbwide
Philip Bosco, Tony-Winning Character Actor, Is Dead at 88
Obits, December 4

A familiar face for years in movies, on television and especially on Broadway, he had a particular affinity for the work of George Bernard Shaw.

Merlin 147716523 e4c1e7c6 a6c7 4633 9686 d3d6f1831c77 thumbwide
Paul Gregory, Risk-Taking Showman in a Golden Age, Is Dead at 95
Obits, December 4

His star rose in the 1950s and ’60s, when Broadway was ripe for experimentation. But he died in 2015 far from the limelight, and little notice was taken.

04haring1 thumbwide
Ruth Haring, Top Chess Player Who Led Federation, Dies at 63
Obits, December 3

Ms. Haring played for the national women’s team in five consecutive Olympiads and was later a rare woman to lead the United States Chess Federation.

04plotnik thumbwide
Robert Plotnik, ‘Bleecker Bob’ of Record-Store Fame, Dies at 75
Obits, December 3

His Greenwich Village shop, which he opened with a partner in Manhattan in 1967, helped to nurture punk rock and became a haven for fans and musicians alike.

03berry obit1 thumbwide
Ken Berry, Star of ‘F Troop’ and ‘Mama’s Family,’ Dies at 85
Culture, December 2

He aspired to be in movie musicals, but made a television career of playing nice guys who were often bumblers.

01altizer1 thumbwide
Thomas Altizer, 91, Proponent of ‘God Is Dead’ Theology, Dies
National, December 2

“He was one of the country’s most hated, misunderstood, radical and prophetic voices of the past century,” one scholar said.

Bush41 cover thumbwide v2
‘I Love You, Too’: George Bush’s Final Days
Washington, December 1

The end for Mr. Bush was remarkably peaceful after a life that took him from the skies of the Pacific during World War II to the Oval Office at the end of the Cold War.

01pahinui1 thumbwide
Cyril Pahinui, Who Carried a Hawaiian Guitar Legacy, Dies at 68
Culture, December 1

The son of a pioneer of slack-key guitar, he preserved and extended the tradition, carrying secrets of a family style to the world.

Hwbush 1 thumbwide
George Bush, 41st President, Dies at 94
Obits, November 30

Mr. Bush, a Republican, was a transitional figure in the White House, where he served from 1989 to 1993. He was the last of the World War II generation to occupy the Oval Office.

00bush41 cover thumbwide
George Bush: A Life in Photographs
Slideshow, December 1

The 41st president of the United States was born into a life of privilege and lived one of public service.

Hwbush 1 thumbwide
George H.W. Bush: A Life of Public Service
Video, November 30

Mr. Bush, part of a new generation of Republicans, was often referred to as the most successful one-term president.

01klug1 thumbwide
Aaron Klug, 92, Dies; His 3-D Images of Bodily Molecules Won a Nobel
Obits, November 30

Born in Lithuania, raised in South Africa and working in Britain, he made large strides in understanding the structure of proteins, DNA and more.

30beilina1 thumbwide
Nina Beilina, Soviet Violinist and Festival Founder, Dies at 81
Obits, November 30

Concerned about diminishing opportunities for Jews in her homeland, she emigrated to the United States and started over.

30katz1 thumbwide
Gloria Katz, a Writer of ‘American Graffiti,’ Is Dead at 76
Obits, November 30

She and her husband, Willard Huyck, also worked on “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” and “Howard the Duck,” and did uncredited work on “Star Wars.”

30quintana1 thumbwide
Patricia Quintana, Champion of Mexican Cuisine, Dies at 72
Obits, November 29

She pushed back against stereotypes in her cooking, her books and her destination restaurant, drawing on indigenous ingredients and her training in Paris.

30morris4 thumbwide v2
Robert Morris, Founding Minimalist Sculptor With Manifold Passions, Dies at 87
Obits, November 29

He pioneered a style of radical simplification and wrote influential essays about it. But he also restlessly went beyond it, taking in performance, earthworks and more.

28farid1 thumbwide
Mujahid Farid, 69, Ex-Prisoner Who Advocated for Older Inmates, Dies
Obits, November 28

He was denied parole nine times. Once released, he helped push New York State to take prisoners’ age into account when considering parole.

28jay appraisal thumbwide
David Mamet on Ricky Jay, a Great Astonisher and ‘Truest Friend’
Culture, November 28

“He achieved fame,” the playwright says of the master of magic who recently died. “But like the warrior monk or Hasidic master, he sought perfection.”

28trumpington thumbwide
Lady Trumpington, Code Breaker and Irreverent Politician, Dies at 96
Obits, November 27

A Bletchley Park worker during World War II and a New York socialite in the 1950s, she became a government minister and a celebrity in her 90s.

28hillenburg1 thumbwide
Stephen Hillenburg, ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ Creator, Dies at 57
Obits, November 27

His cartoon show, loved by the 12-and-under crowd and by many much older fans as well, spawned two movies and a Tony-nominated Broadway musical.

Merlin 147226449 b216b6e7 4492 49e7 8067 867ee7101635 thumbwide
Meena Alexander, Poet Who Wrote of Dislocation, Dies at 67
Obits, November 26

Born in India and later a resident of Africa, Europe and the United States, she explored themes of feminism, post-colonialism and the search for identity.

27bertolucci2 thumbwide
Bernardo Bertolucci, Director of ‘Last Tango in Paris,’ Dies at 77
Obits, November 26

Mr. Bertolucci’s early work reflected the revolutionary spirit of the 1960s and ’70s, in particular the shifting social and sexual mores of the times.

Merlin 10415542 1c90e620 cf67 4cc7 af03 1e4ea63cfa59 thumbwide
Ricky Jay, Gifted Magician, Actor and Author, Is Dead at 70
Culture, November 25

Mr. Jay, described as “the most gifted sleight-of-hand artist alive,” also acted in 40 or so films and television shows, including “Boogie Nights.”

25bumpers1 thumbwide
Betty Bumpers, Campaigner for Childhood Vaccinations, Dies at 93
National, November 24

Using her influence as an Arkansas first lady and senator’s wife, she earned national recognition for her efforts to promote immunizations.

26obit roeg3 thumbwide
Nicolas Roeg, Director of ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth,’ Dies at 90
Culture, November 24

He liked to put music stars in his films, including David Bowie and Mick Jagger. Among his other admired 1970s movies were “Don’t Look Now” and “Walkabout.”

Merlin 147219333 1a865e2a d284 4c33 b5df d85da10a5469 thumbwide
Bernard Glassman, Zen Master and Social Activist, Dies at 79
Obits, November 23

A practitioner of “Engaged Buddhism,” he hired the unemployable; provided job training, child care and housing; and developed retreats at Auschwitz.

Merlin 147078768 224142d5 1625 4ab5 8d50 423f50c519d7 thumbwide
Janet Paisley, Scottish Writer Who Drew on Family Abuse, Dies at 70
Obits, November 22

Many Ms. Paisley’s poems, plays and fiction plumbed the depths of domestic violence, a subject she knew all too well.

Merlin 56718070 905f28ab 8239 4177 93b8 16d1159d7d08 thumbwide
Tommy Rowles, 78, Dies; Bartender to the Prominent (and Others)
Obits, November 22

For 53 years, Mr. Rowles served drinks at Bemelmans Bar in the Carlyle hotel. His drink menu eventually included one named after him.

Merlin 147087708 a9bfd97a f5b0 4cbd b22e 4924f286742c articleinline
Pablo Ferro, Who Energized Films’ Opening Credits, Dies at 83
Obituaries, November 21

Beginning with “Dr. Strangelove,” he found attention-getting ways to make title sequences more than just a list of names.

22billington articleinline
James H. Billington, 89, Dies; Led Library of Congress Into Digital Age
Obituaries, November 21

Overseeing the nation’s treasure house of knowledge for three decades, he almost doubled its holdings but resigned in 2015, stung by cries of mismanagement.

Merlin 26872419 dd092d1f c7ef 492d 9742 299000d46a93 thumbwide
Michael O’Neal, Civic-Minded Manhattan Restaurateur, Dies at 82
Obits, November 21

With his brother, the actor Patrick O’Neal, he ran the Ginger Man and O’Neal’s Baloon near Lincoln Center and popularized the American bistro.

00wrong thumbwide
Dennis Wrong, 94, One of the Last of the ‘New York Intellectuals,’ Dies
Obits, November 20

Part of a mid-20th-century cadre of sophists, he wrote prodigiously, and iconoclastically, in left-leaning journals while earning distinction as a sociologist.

20lyles2 thumbwide
Blanche Burton-Lyles, Pianist and Flame Keeper, Dies at 85
Obits, November 20

After her own performing career, which began when she was a child, she promoted the legacy of the woman who had encouraged her, Marian Anderson.

20frankel3 thumbwide
Jerry Frankel, Prolific Broadway Producer, Is Dead at 88
Obits, November 20

Mr. Frankel, a former dress manufacturer, produced more than 50 plays and musicals with various partners and won nine Tony Awards.

00delpaso2 thumbwide v2
Fernando del Paso, Expansive Mexican Writer, Is Dead at 83
Obits, November 19

Mr. del Paso, whose novels were rife with digressions, allusions and metaphors stacked on metaphors, won the prestigious Miguel de Cervantes Prize in 2015.

Merlin 138418131 368c14c4 4ab2 4ba8 b6ef 272eac7d3a54 articleinline
Aldyr Schlee, 83, Dies; Created Brazil Soccer Team’s Iconic Jersey
Obituaries, November 18

Mr. Schlee won a contest, though he was skeptical about the rules: The jersey design had to use the blue, green, white and yellow of Brazil’s flag.

17tarnay thumbwide
Linda Tarnay, Dancer and Teacher of Generations, Dies at 75
Obits, November 18

She was seen frequently in modern dance works in New York beginning in the 1960s and taught at N.Y.U. for 38 years.

16riesman1 thumbwide
Mayra Langdon Riesman, Movie Website Creator, Dies at 64
Obits, November 16

The Film Scouts website let Ms. Riesman indulge her love of movies but also showed her early prescience about the power of the internet.

16ohlinger1 thumbwide
Jerry Ohlinger, Colorful Dealer in Film Memorabilia, Dies at 75
Obits, November 16

Mr. Ohlinger’s Movie Material Store in Manhattan was famous for its whimsical clutter and its vast collection of posters and stills.

15stern1 thumbwide
H. Peter Stern, 90, Co-Founder of Storm King Art Center, Dies
Obits, November 15

“Works of art should not be seen in isolation,” said Mr. Stern, who joined with his father-in-law to create a vast outdoor sculpture garden.

16macgregor1 thumbwide
Katherine MacGregor, Cruel Mother on ‘Little House,’ Dies at 93
Obits, November 15

Her character, Harriet Oleson, a fixture of the long-running series, never missed a chance at small-town social climbing or petty backbiting.

15fingarette1 thumbwide
Herbert Fingarette, Contrarian Philosopher on Alcoholism, Dies at 97
Obits, November 15

Mr. Fingarette concluded that heavy drinking was willful behavior, not a disease, and that moderate use of alcohol was an acceptable treatment goal.

16clark1 thumbwide
Roy Clark Is Dead at 85; a Face of Country Music on ‘Hee Haw’
Obits, November 15

He and Buck Owens were hosts of a long-running prime-time TV variety show that helped bring country music into mainstream American pop culture.

14cheney1 thumbwide
Dorothy Cheney, Who Studied Primates Up Close, Dies at 68
Obits, November 14

Her research with her husband, Robert Seyfarth, found that baboons and vervet monkeys had more complex social relationships than previously thought.

15leecomments2 thumbwide
‘I Met Mr. Lee Once’: Fans of Stan Lee Describe Face-to-Face Encounters With Him
Obits, November 14

More than 200 readers commented after Stan Lee’s death. Some of them described meeting him at comic conventions, his office and even his home.

15hunt1 thumbwide
Caroline Rose Hunt, 95, Dies; Turned Inheritance Into Vast Wealth
Obits, November 14

An heiress to a Texas oil fortune, she protected her assets as her brothers went bust trying to corner silver, and she quietly built a real fortune.

13pearson obit1 thumbwide v2
David Pearson, ‘Silver Fox’ of Stock Car Racing, Dies at 83
Obits, November 12

A low-key Nascar Hall of Famer who won more races than any driver except Richard Petty.

13london1 thumbwide
Herbert London, Conservative Savant and Social Critic, Dies at 79
National, November 12

A New York University dean and professor, he also advanced his views running for governor and comptroller of New York State and heading think tanks.

13rain1 thumbwide
Douglas Rain, 90, Shakespearean and Voice of Computer Named HAL, Dies
Obits, November 12

Mr. Rain was a regular on the stage at the Stratford Festival for decades, but he was perhaps best known for his chilly voice in “2001: A Space Odyssey.”