30powell obit 1 articleinline
William Powell, ‘Anarchist Cookbook’ Writer, Dies at 66
Arts, Yesterday

The author was an angry teenager when he began research on the book, which outlined weapon use, bomb-building techniques and drug manufacturing.

29kaufmann obit 1 articleinline
Christine Kaufmann, Actress in ‘Town Without Pity,’ Dies at 72
Movies, March 28

Ms. Kaufmann, who was born in Austria, won a Golden Globe Award for her Hollywood debut in the film and later married Tony Curtis.

29cates obit articleinline
Darlene Cates, the Mother in ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,’ Dies at 69
Movies, March 28

She was spotted on a talk show discussing her obesity and had never acted professionally before being cast as Johnny Depp’s mother in the 1993 film.

29kathrada articleinline
Ahmed Kathrada, Anti-Apartheid Activist in South Africa, Dies at 87
World, March 28

He spent 26 years in prison, many alongside his close friend Nelson Mandela, for resisting white minority rule.

Agustina Castro, Sister of Fidel and Raúl, Dies at 78
World, March 27

Agustina del Carmen Castro Ruz, the youngest of seven Castro siblings, never served in the Cuban government and kept a low profile.

27santiagogonzalez web1 articleinline
Santiago Barberi Gonzalez, a Colombian Fashion Star, Dies at 40
Fashion & Style, March 27

The designer was the charismatic president of one of the largest purveyors of crocodile handbags in the world.

26ohara obit 1 articleinline
Robin O’Hara, Producer of Independent Films, Dies at 62
Movies, March 25

Ms. O’Hara got her start as a producer in the mid-1980s at the Kitchen, the experimental performance space in Chelsea.

26cover1 articleinline
When David Met Brooke: The Ultimate New York Power Couple
Fashion & Style, March 25

For years, he was the frequent companion of the equally fabled Mrs. Astor. Then, in her final years, he also became her protector in an ugly, tabloid-ready fight with her son.

25keeler obit articleinline
William Keeler, Cardinal Who Championed Sexual Abuse Victims, Dies at 86
U.S., March 24

The former archbishop of Baltimore spoke up for victims of sexual abuse by priests, and is credited with improving Catholic-Jewish relations.

25wrightson obit 1 articleinline
Bernie Wrightson, Artist and a Creator of Swamp Thing, Dies at 68
Arts, March 24

Mr. Wrightson, who learned his craft by studying comics and taking correspondence courses, loved to meet fans and attend conventions.

25shekhtman obit articleinline
Boris V. Shekhtman, Who Taught Russian to Journalists and Diplomats, Dies at 77
World, March 24

Mr. Shekhtman was instrumental in recasting the way foreign languages were taught.

20a2insider articleinline
An Obituary Six Years in the Making for Jimmy Breslin
Times Insider, March 24

The Times has long made a practice of keeping a deep reservoir of advance obits ready.

24chernyaev obit 1 articleinline
Anatoly S. Chernyaev, Key Aide and Gorbachev’s ‘Alter Ego,’ Dies at 95
World, March 23

Mr. Chernyaev, who advised Mikhail S. Gorbachev on foreign and domestic affairs, played a central role in Mr. Gorbachev’s attempt to liberalize and modernize the Soviet Union.

23green obit articleinline
Dallas Green, Who Led the Phillies to Their First Title, Dies at 82
Sports, March 22

Green was a hot-tempered baseball lifer who, in his later years, struggled to recover from the shooting death of his 9-year-old granddaughter.

23barris 1 articleinline
Chuck Barris, Producer and Personality of ‘Gong Show’ Fame, Dies at 87
Arts, March 22

The creative force and host of TV hits — as well as a songwriter, novelist and even an assassin, to hear him tell it — Mr. Barris knew there was an audience for lowbrow.

21purdumweb articleinline
A Toast to David Rockefeller
Opinion, March 21

The man who was a friend to many, including Uncle Stan.

21wagamese obit 1 articleinline
Richard Wagamese, Whose Writing Explored His Ojibwe Heritage, Dies at 61
Books, March 20

Mr. Wagamese said the forced assimilation of his parents in Canada caused their negligence with their children.

20brown 1 articleinline
Trisha Brown, Choreographer and Pillar of American Postmodern Dance, Dies at 80
Arts, March 20

Ms. Brown’s choreography, showcased primarily in New York, helped shape generations of modern dance creators into the 21st century.

20170318hardy obit slide xc9i articleinline
Hugh Hardy, Architect Who Lent Pizazz to New York Landmarks, Dies at 84
N.Y. / Region, March 18

With showmanship and affection for the past, Mr. Hardy breathed new life into storied theaters like Radio City Music Hall.

20170318hardy obit slide xc9i articleinline
Hugh Hardy
Slideshow, March 18

The architect Hugh Hardy breathed new life into some of New York City’s most storied theatrical landmarks.

18vandekamp web1 articleinline
John Van de Kamp, Former Prosecutor in California, Dies at 81
U.S., March 17

As district attorney in Los Angeles, Mr. Van de Kamp prosecuted the Hillside Strangler case; he was also the state’s attorney general and ran for governor in 1990.

18sander web1 articleinline
Norbert W. Sander Jr., Champion of New York Running, Dies at 74
Sports, March 17

After Dr. Sander won the New York City Marathon in 1974, he helped turn the Fort Washington Armory into a track-and-field mecca.

18stallworth obit articleinline
Dave Stallworth, Bulwark for Knicks’ First N.B.A. Title, Dies at 75
Sports, March 17

Stallworth, an all-American forward at Wichita State, helped the Knicks slow Wilt Chamberlain in the 1970 N.B.A. finals after an injury to Willis Reed.

18walsh obit articleinline
John W. Walsh, Who Fought for Cure for Lung Disease, Dies at 68
U.S., March 17

He was the co-founder of three groups whose mission was to heighten public awareness of the illness, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and develop a cure.

17cotton obit 1 articleinline
James Cotton, Blues Harmonica Legend, Dies at 81
Arts, March 16

Mr. Cotton worked on his own, and with stars like Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf, but he treasured his apprenticeship with Sonny Boy Williamson most.

17robbinswebobit1 articleinline
Royal Robbins, Conscience of Rock Climbers, Dies at 82
Sports, March 15

Robbins made several first ascents, and he urged those who followed him up the rocks to leave few traces of their path, setting an example that is still heeded.

15contino obit articleinline
Fiora Corradetti Contino, Opera Maestra, Dies at 91
Arts, March 15

An acclaimed conductor, she specialized in the visceral, unsentimental realism of Italian verismo opera and was also a music professor and vocal coach.

15drever obit articleinline
Ron Drever, Physicist Who Helped Confirm Einstein Theory, Dies at 85
Science, March 15

Dr. Drever, a Scotsman long associated with Caltech, played a key role in the detection of gravitational waves — space-time ripples predicted by Einstein.

15lodge obit articleinline
Henry S. Lodge, Author of ‘Younger Next Year’ Books, Dies at 58
Books, March 14

Dr. Lodge’s guide to youthfulness involved regular workouts, abstaining from junk food, and connecting.

15andariese obit articleinline
John Andariese, Knicks Broadcaster Known as ‘Johnny Hoops,’ Dies at 78
Sports, March 14

Andariese, who appeared in the N.I.T. twice with Fordham but never played or coached in the N.B.A., said he was driven to spread his love of the game.

15whitlock obit articleinline
Ed Whitlock, Oldest Marathoner to Break Four Hours, Dies at 86
Sports, March 14

A masters running champion, Mr. Whitlock, then 85, finished the 2016 Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 3 hours 56 minutes 34 seconds.

15divine obit 1 articleinline
Mother Divine, Who Took Over Her Husband’s Cult, Dies at 91
U.S., March 14

Mother Divine led the International Peace Mission Movement after the death of her husband, Father Divine, who was regarded as God incarnate by his disciples.

14gray obit articleinline
Christopher Gray, Architecture Writer and Researcher, Dies at 66
N.Y. / Region, March 13

Mr. Gray wrote extensively in books, magazines and newspapers, including the Streetscapes column for The New York Times, and acted as an architectural detective in documenting buildings’ histories.

14xp rosenthal articleinline
Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Children’s Author and Filmmaker, Dies at 51
Style, March 13

Her death came 10 days after a “Modern Love” column in The Times about her illness titled, “You May Want to Marry My Husband.”

13xp sledge articleinline
Joni Sledge, Singer in the ‘We Are Family’ Group Sister Sledge, Dies at 60
Arts, March 12

Ms. Sledge rose to stardom along with her three sisters in the late 1970s in the family quartet Sister Sledge.

13surtees2  obit articleinline
John Surtees, Two- and Four-Wheel Racing Champion, Dies at 83
Sports, March 12

Surtees, active in the 1960s and ’70s, was the only driver to hold world titles in motorcycle and auto racing.

11glauber obit articleinline
Anne Friedman Glauber, Champion of Social Causes, Dies at 63
N.Y. / Region, March 10

Mr. Glauber, who worked as a public relations executive in New York, co-founded an initiative to reduce domestic violence and a council to help women in Rwanda and Afghanistan.

11waller obit 1 articleinline
Robert James Waller, Author of ‘The Bridges of Madison County,’ Dies at 77
Books, March 10

Millions of readers found Mr. Waller’s story of reawakened love deeply moving and the novel topped best seller lists and was made into a movie.

10hodgkin obit 4 articleinline
Howard Hodgkin, Whose Paintings Were Coded With Emotion, Dies at 84
Arts, March 9

The British painter, who won the Turner Prize in 1985, was one of the most admired artists of the postwar period.

10young obit articleinline
Marilyn Young, Historian Who Challenged U.S. Foreign Policy, Dies at 79
Books, March 9

A longtime professor at New York University, she remarked in 2012 that the United States had been at war in one form or another since her childhood.

10ross obit articleinline
Stephen Ross, Economist Who Developed Arbitrage Pricing Theory, Dies at 73
Business Day, March 9

Professor Ross, who taught at the M.I.T. Sloan School of Management, was a seminal theorist whose work reshaped the field of financial economics.

09duva obit 1 articleinline
Lou Duva, Boxing Promoter, Manager and Trainer, Dies at 94
Sports, March 8

Duva, who had ties to more than a dozen world champions, was the patriarch of boxing’s first family in the 1980s and ’90s through Main Events promoters.

08webb articleinline
Bill Webb, Tailor of TV Baseball Excitement, Dies at 70
Sports, March 8

Webb, who directed programming from a mobile production truck for Fox Sports and the Mets, relied on close-ups and pacing to enrapture his viewers.

07osborne obit articleinline
Robert Osborne, Turner Classic Movies Host, Dies at 84
Movies, March 6

Mr. Osborne, a film historian, was the congenial prime time host of the movie channel since its inception in 1994.

06colon1 obit articleinline
Miriam Colón, 80, Actress and Founder of Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, Dies
Movies, March 5

Among her many roles, Ms. Colón played Al Pacino’s Cuban mother in “Scarface.” She founded the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater in 1967.

06tenney articleinline
Lester Tenney, 96, Dies; Faced Japan’s Brutality and Won Its Apologies
U.S., March 5

Mr. Tenney survived the Bataan Death March, followed by three and a half years of slave labor as a prisoner during World War II.

05xp marshall articleinline
Helen M. Marshall, First Black Borough President of Queens, Dies at 87
N.Y. / Region, March 4

Ms. Marshall was remembered as a champion of public libraries and her borough’s culture.

04preval obit articleinline
René Préval, President of Haiti in 2010 Quake, Dies at 74
World, March 3

Mr. Préval was the first — and so far only — Haitian president to be elected, serve out his term and hand over power to an elected successor.

04hays obit articleinline
Spencer Hays, Business Magnate and Art Collector, Dies at 80
Arts, March 3

Mr. Hays, who once worked as a Bible salesman, arranged last year to leave his and his wife’s more than 600 masterwork paintings to France.

03ren obit 1 articleinline
Ren Hang, Provocative Chinese Photographer, Dies at 29
Arts, March 3

Mr. Ren, who was known for erotic images of naked young models, jumped from the 28th floor of a building, according to a report by The Beijing News.

03ware obit articleinline
Leon Ware, Producer Who Worked With Marvin Gaye, Dies at 77
Arts, March 2

Mr. Ware helped popularize the “quiet storm” sound, a mix of jazz and R&B, through collaborations with Gaye, Quincy Jones and other notables.

 02vaadia obit 1 articleinline
Boaz Vaadia, Sculptor Who Worked in Street Stone, Dies at 65
Arts, March 2

His earlier work used natural materials in abstract pieces, but after he moved to SoHo he turned to figural art.

03kangas obit articleinline
Paul Kangas, 79, Anchor Who Brought Stocks Into Living Rooms, Dies
Business Day, March 2

When Mr. Kangas joined “Nightly Business Report” on public television as a stock commentator in 1979, there was nothing like it on the air.

03martin obit 1 articleinline
Ben Martin, Time Photographer Who Captured the 1960s, Dies at 86
Business Day, March 2

Mr. Martin photographed a Nixon-Kennedy debate, as well as Kennedy’s funeral and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s march to Montgomery, Ala.

02birbach obit 1 articleinline
Jerry Birbach, Leader of Fight to Block Poor Tenants in Queens, Dies at 87
N.Y. / Region, March 1

Mr. Birbach’s battle against a low-income housing project in Forest Hills in 1972 augured a white middle-class backlash to the liberal urban agenda and helped propel Mario Cuomo’s political rise.

02parlan obit articleinline
Horace Parlan, Jazz Pianist, Dies at 86
Arts, March 1

Mr. Parlan, who despite a partly disabled hand, forged a style that impressed critics. He also collaborated with acclaimed musicians like Charles Mingus and Archie Shepp.

01david articleinline
Edward E. David Jr., Who Elevated Science Under Nixon, Dies at 92
Science, February 28

Dr. David sought to make science more relevant and accessible to presidents and to the public, saying, “We can’t leave science and technology to the experts.”

01khanh obit 1 articleinline
Emmanuelle Khanh, Who Reinvigorated French Fashion, Dies at 79
Fashion & Style, February 28

Frustrated with the rigidity of haute couture and the lack of spontaneity in French fashion, Ms. Khanh designed quirky, fluid clothes for young, active women.

01garver obit 1 articleinline
Ned Garver, 20-Game Winner for the 102-Loss Browns, Dies at 91
Sports, February 28

The pitcher was 20-12 in 1951 for last-place St. Louis, finishing second in voting for the league’s Most Valuable Player Award.