00elvia ramirez sub mediumthreebytwo210
Elvia Ramirez Dies at 17; Youngest Covid-19 Victim in North Dakota
Obituaries, Today

Her mother watched her heartbreaking downfall over three swift weeks, starting in mid-September, when Elvia began experiencing headaches.

31connery obit 1 mediumthreebytwo378
Sean Connery, Who Embodied James Bond and More, Dies at 90
Obits, Today

To legions of fans who have watched a parade of actors play Agent 007, none played the part as magnetically or as indelibly as Mr. Connery.

00adderley toppix mediumthreebytwo378
Herb Adderley, a Packers Hall of Fame Cornerback, Dies at 81
Obits, Yesterday

A defensive star in Green Bay — he ran back seven interceptions for touchdowns — he played on five championship teams under Vince Lombardi and one in Dallas.

Mari 1 mediumthreebytwo378
Enzo Mari, Industrial Designer Who Kept Things Simple, Dies at 88
Obits, Yesterday

He railed against material excess, consumerism and fame, but made poetic and useful objects that influenced generations of designers. He died of the coronavirus.

00secchia virus lost mediumthreebytwo378
Peter Secchia, Confidant of Ford and Bush, Dies at 83
Obits, Yesterday

He was a Republican fund-raiser from Michigan who became a White House regular and an ambassador to Italy. He died of Covid-19.

29xp travisroy obit mediumthreebytwo378 v3
Travis Roy, Who Inspired Millions After a Hockey Tragedy, Dies at 45
Obits, Yesterday

After an awkward fall 11 seconds into his first Boston University game left him a quadriplegic, he dedicated his life to advocacy for similarly disabled people.

29orr mediumthreebytwo378
Jimmy Orr, a Favorite Target of the Colts’ Unitas, Dies at 85
Obits, October 29

He and Baltimore’s Hall of Fame quarterback were a top passing combination in the ’60s. But he may be best remembered for the pass that never came his way.

29yang virus lost mediumthreebytwo378
Choua Yang, Hmong Refugee and Educator, Dies at 53
Obits, October 29

With her husband, she founded Prairie Seeds Academy in Minneapolis, a charter school centered on Hmong language, culture and heritage. She died of the coronavirus.

29baum sub mediumthreebytwo378
Dan Baum, Journalist, Author and Long-Form Tweeter, Dies at 64
Obits, October 29

He was a Twitter pioneer in writing at length, 140 characters at a time, about losing his job at The New Yorker. He wrote an admired book on New Orleans.

29shaver1 mediumthreebytwo378
Billy Joe Shaver, Outlaw Singer and Songwriter, Dies at 81
Obits, October 29

Waylon Jennings put him on the musical map. Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash recorded his material. Bob Dylan sang admiringly of listening to his music.

Merlin 23063855 d36dc353 ac1d 4769 ab14 926dc3e6ec1b mediumthreebytwo378
Chris Pendergast, Who Fought A.L.S. Mile After Mile, Dies at 71
Obits, October 29

Living for 27 years with Lou Gehrig’s disease (and beating the odds), he started Ride for Life, an annual trek that has raised millions for A.L.S. research.

27biggs1 mediumthreebytwo378
Bob Biggs, Los Angeles Punk-Rock Entrepreneur, Dies at 74
Obits, October 29

Slash Records, which Mr. Biggs founded in 1979, became one of the most successful independent record labels of its era.

28diprima1 mediumthreebytwo378
Diane di Prima, Poet of the Beat Era and Beyond, Dies at 86
Obits, October 28

She traveled in the circles of Ginsberg and Ferlinghetti, a rare female voice in a male world, and went on to a long, prolific career in poetry.

28chiang1 mediumthreebytwo378
Cecilia Chiang, Who Brought Authentic Chinese Food to America, Dies at 100
Obits, October 28

With her famed Mandarin restaurant in San Francisco, she enticed diners with the dishes she grew up with, leaving the American chop suey and chow mein era far behind.

28torruella sub mediumthreebytwo378
Juan R. Torruella, Groundbreaking U.S. Appeals Judge, Dies at 87
Obits, October 28

He was the only Hispanic to serve on the First Circuit court in Boston. In July he moved to overturn a death sentence in the Boston Marathon bombing.

27wallace1 mediumthreebytwo378
Dr. Joyce Wallace, Pioneering AIDS Physician, Dies at 79
Obits, October 27

Among the first to study the disease in the 1980s, she tried to stop its spread among thousands of New York City prostitutes.

27murray1 mediumthreebytwo378
Robert Murray, Coal Baron With Clout, Dies at 80
Obits, October 27

The son of a coal miner, he built a sprawling company, fought government regulations and wielded considerable political influence as a Trump ally.

27hunt mediumthreebytwo378
Sharon Hunt, Teacher for a Quarter-Century, Dies at 65
Obits, October 27

After a career in the classroom, she died before she could spend her first retirement check. Her battle with Covid-19 taught family and friends a lesson in fortitude.

00menaker1 mediumthreebytwo378
Daniel Menaker, Book Editor Who Wrote With Wit, Dies at 79
Obits, October 27

After 26 years at The New Yorker, he became chief editor at Random House, overseeing works by a raft of luminaries. He wrote a half-dozen well-received books of his own.

26lee1 mediumthreebytwo378
Ming Cho Lee, Fabled Set Designer, Is Dead at 90
Obits, October 26

His work in theater, dance and opera helped redefine American stage design.

Merlin 178950861 290fd98f 0e45 4bad 85b1 4e8d587360f8 mediumthreebytwo378
Susan Hendl, Ballet Master and Dancer, Dies at 73
Obits, October 26

After dancing for George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins, she became a longtime teacher at the New York City Ballet.

Merlin 179097303 8dfdbf0a 4181 439d 9796 fa789cc3b969 mediumthreebytwo378
Jeannette Williams-Parker, Nurse in a Virus Hot Spot, Dies at 48
Obits, October 26

She was the first nurse in West Virginia to die of Covid-19. “She just never thought it would happen to her,” her mother said.

23mollenkott3 mediumthreebytwo378
Virginia Mollenkott, 88, Dies; Feminist Found Liberation in the Bible
Obits, October 26

A Christian evangelical who was shunned for her lesbianism, she became an influential scholar of the Bible, finding in it acceptance of L.G.B.T.Q. people.

24lee kun hee photo mediumthreebytwo378
Lee Kun-hee, Who Built Samsung Into a Global Giant, Dies at 78
Obits, October 24

Mr. Lee was convicted — and pardoned — twice for white-collar crimes, in a sign of the ills in South Korea’s relationship with its business dynasties.

23ohara1 mediumthreebytwo378 v2
Edith O’Hara, a Fixture of Off Off Broadway, Dies at 103
Obits, October 24

The theater she founded, the 13th Street Repertory Company, has been an eclectic presence on the New York scene for almost half a century.

24walker photo mediumthreebytwo378
Jerry Jeff Walker, Who Wrote and Sang ‘Mr. Bojangles,’ Dies at 78
Obits, October 24

He never had a Top 40 pop hit. But his best-known composition became an enduring standard, and he became a mainstay of the outlaw country movement.

22giambelluca1 mediumthreebytwo378
Charles Giambelluca, Dedicated Youth Baseball Coach, Dies at 77
Obits, October 23

He owned a sporting goods store, but his passion was American Legion ball: He coached the same squad for 50 years. He died of Covid-19 complications.

22johnson mediumthreebytwo378
Harrison Johnson, Pastor at Funeral in Mass Shooting, Dies at 65
Obits, October 23

A minister who doubled as a funeral director, he officiated at an El Paso service attended or livestreamed by thousands. He died of the coronavirus.

21maschler2 mediumthreebytwo378
Tom Maschler, Bold British Publisher and Booker Prize Founder, Dies at 87
Obits, October 23

He fostered the careers of more than a dozen Nobel laureates, including Gabriel García Márquez, Nadine Gordimer and Doris Lessing.

22mathis mediumthreebytwo378
Bill Mathis, a Durable Original Jet, Is Dead at 81
Obits, October 22

A versatile running back, he spent his entire 10-year career with the franchise, playing in 140 games — including Super Bowl III — and missing only three.

Sorry 1 mediumthreebytwo378
Alexandra Korry, 61, Dies; Pushed to End Solitary for Juveniles
Obits, October 22

A corporate lawyer who gave time for public service in New York, she also criticized police stop-and-frisk tactics and school funding that harmed Black and Hispanic people.

Merlin 178477803 17d2c8c2 51e4 4c6d be24 47d2d3e181f1 mediumthreebytwo378
Mayor Lonnie Norman, Whose Town Hosts Bonnaroo, Dies at 79
Obits, October 22

He was dedicated to Manchester, the small city where he was born and raised. In 1991, he became the city’s first Black mayor. He died of Covid-19.

21redford1 mediumthreebytwo378
James Redford, Documentarian and Environmentalist, Dies at 58
Obits, October 22

After two liver transplants, he founded an institute to increase awareness. He and his father, Robert Redford, also championed environmental films.

00champion toppix mediumthreebytwo378
Marge Champion, Dancer, Actor and Choreographer, Dies at 101
Obits, October 22

She was a model for Disney’s animated heroine in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” and she and her husband, Gower, epitomized the clean-cut, all-American dance team of Hollywood musicals.

21randi mediumthreebytwo378
James Randi, Magician Who Debunked Paranormal Claims, Dies at 92
Obits, October 21

Known professionally as the Amazing Randi, he dedicated his life to exposing seers who did not see, healers who did not heal and many others.

21johnson3 mediumthreebytwo378
James A. Johnson, Democratic Power Broker, Dies at 76
Obits, October 21

Once called “the chairman of the universe,” he led Fannie Mae, the Kennedy Center and the Brookings Institution. He also aided in several presidential runs.

00lane j michael mediumthreebytwo378
J. Michael Lane, a General in the Rout of Smallpox, Dies at 84
Obits, October 21

At the C.D.C., he waged a 13-year campaign to vanquish a deadly infectious disease that had ravaged the world for centuries. Victory came in 1977.

23modern firefighter mediumthreebytwo378
Modern Love Podcast: When Getting Old Never Happens
Styles, October 21

Love stories cut short by the unexpected live on in alternate endings.

Merlin 18023365 879ee923 e8af 46ee 9c8c 1cb06178280a mediumthreebytwo378
Ruth Falcon, Soprano Turned Master Teacher, Dies at 77
Obits, October 21

Ms. Falcon had a career singing at major opera houses before becoming a much sought-after teacher. Her students included Deborah Voigt and Nadine Sierra.

Merlin 178452435 6ff4a0bf 6478 44f1 8843 8c8a87ea29fb mediumthreebytwo378
Robert DeMora Dies at 85; Helped Make Bette Midler Look Divine
Obits, October 21

His outlandish costumes embellished Ms. Midler’s elaborate extravaganzas. He also contributed to films like “Risky Business” and “The Birdcage.”

00demora1 mediumthreebytwo378 v3
Robert DeMora Dies at 85; Helped Make Bette Midler Look Divine
Obits, October 21

His outlandish costumes embellished Ms. Midler’s elaborate extravaganzas. He also contributed to films like “Risky Business” and “The Birdcage.”

20chisholm1 mediumthreebytwo378
Anthony Chisholm Dies at 77; Acclaimed in August Wilson Roles
Obits, October 20

The actor appeared in numerous productions of Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle plays, including four on Broadway.

20davis1 mediumthreebytwo378
Spencer Davis, Whose Band Helped Power the Sound of the ’60s, Dies at 81
Obits, October 20

Hits like “Gimme Some Lovin’” and “I’m a Man” made the Spencer Davis Group, based in Britain, famous worldwide and launched the career of its lead singer, Steve Winwood.

19cryer mediumthreebytwo378
Rebecca Cryer, 73, Tribal Judge and Oklahoma City Bomb Survivor, Dies
Obits, October 20

Judge Cryer, who traced her ancestry to the Pottawatamie people, traveled the country to assist poorly funded native courts. She died of the coronavirus.

14vakulskas mediumthreebytwo378
Rev. John Vakulskas Dies at 76; Carnivals Were His Parish
Obits, October 20

He ministered to generations of carnival workers, and his work was recognized by popes. He died of the coronavirus.

Merlin 136703025 42bbda46 37f7 4a66 8251 9d6fa7f71063 mediumthreebytwo378
Clark Middleton, Actor With a Cause, Is Dead at 63
Obits, October 19

Known for his role on “The Blacklist,” he strove to convey the message that his juvenile rheumatoid arthritis was not a limitation.

Gibson 4 mediumthreebytwo378
Jon Gibson, Minimalist Saxophonist and Composer, Dies at 80
Obits, October 19

Best known for his long association with Philip Glass, Mr. Gibson also worked with Steve Reich, Terry Riley and La Monte Young as well as performing his own music.

00boyd toppix mediumthreebytwo378
Alan S. Boyd, Nation’s First Transportation Chief, Dies at 98
Obits, October 19

Lyndon B. Johnson chose him to lead a new department integrating vast air, sea and land systems. He also led Amtrak and the Illinois Central Railroad.

17abell1 mediumthreebytwo378
Bess Abell, Social Secretary in Johnson White House, Dies at 87
Obits, October 18

Averting last-minute crises is part of the job description; she was built for it, carried it out in style and had a good time doing it.

Dean 1 mediumthreebytwo378
Fred Dean, Sack Specialist Who Ignited 49ers Dynasty, Dies at 68
Obits, October 17

Dean helped lead San Francisco to two Super Bowl victories, transforming the team into an N.F.L. powerhouse. He died of Covid-19.

16fleming obit top 2 mediumthreebytwo378 v4
Rhonda Fleming, 97, Movie Star Made for Technicolor, Is Dead
Obits, October 16

Ms. Fleming’s roles ranged from Wyatt Earp’s love interest to a princess in King Arthur’s court.

18benguiat2 mediumthreebytwo378 v2
Ed Benguiat, a Master of Typography, Is Dead at 92
Obits, October 16

A noted graphic designer, he was an expert in typefaces, developing many himself and “fixing” others. His work adorns this newspaper.

Merlin 178582845 d918c63f 1d20 473f be29 00f059d02298 mediumthreebytwo378
Ruth Kluger, Author of a Haunting Holocaust Memoir, Dies at 88
Obits, October 16

Her “Still Alive” was an unforgiving view of anti-Semitism in Vienna and a feminist window on the war and the world beyond.

15haber1 mediumthreebytwo378
Eitan Haber, Rabin Aide and Israeli Wordsmith, Dies at 80
Obits, October 16

Mr. Haber moved between journalism and service to the prime minister whose death he announced to the nation.

13lilienfeld1 mediumthreebytwo378
Scott Lilienfeld, Psychologist Who Questioned Psychology, Dies at 59
Obits, October 16

Dr. Lilienfeld disturbed the order in his own field by questioning the science behind many of its conceits, therapies and tools.

15osceola mediumthreebytwo378
Max Osceola Jr., Seminole Tribal Leader, Dies at 70
Obits, October 16

He helped his tribe go from operating roadside bingo games to owning the Hard Rock chain, ushering in an era of prosperity. He died of the coronavirus.

16cohen1 mediumthreebytwo378
Bernard Cohen, Lawyer in Landmark Mixed-Marriage Case, Dies at 86
Obits, October 15

With Philip J. Hirschkop, he brought Loving v. Virginia to the Supreme Court, which struck down laws against interracial marriages.

Shanks 1 mediumthreebytwo378
Bob Shanks, Influential TV Executive, Dies at 88
Obits, October 15

He helped create “Good Morning America” and “20/20” and had a role in the early careers of the Smothers Brothers, Barbra Streisand and many others.

Merlin 178427523 046d1b8f 0b43 4c97 81ea 5a2210fa27da mediumthreebytwo378
Lulu Peyraud, a French Wine Matriarch, Dies at 102
Obits, October 15

Her family ran Domaine Tempier, a wine estate in Provence known for its Bandol reds and rosés. She ran the kitchen.

14bowyer1 mediumthreebytwo378
Stuart Bowyer, Astronomer Who Lent His Ear to the Cosmos, Dies at 86
Obits, October 15

He was a scientist who succeeded in seeing the unseeable and hoped to tune in to extraterrestrial life.

14buchanan1 mediumthreebytwo378
Constance Buchanan Dies at 73; Gave Women Voice in Religion
Obits, October 14

At Harvard Divinity School, she ensured that women were represented in scholarship, in the curriculum, in the syllabus and in publications.

12stewartgordon1 print mediumthreebytwo378 v2
Faith Stewart-Gordon, Doyenne of the Russian Tea Room, Dies at 88
Obits, October 14

After her husband died in 1967, she was the sole owner of the festive Manhattan gathering and gossiping spot until she sold it in 1995.

Merlin 178482264 b628b82e 56aa 4336 81a7 3a32d839f464 mediumthreebytwo378
Erin Wall, 44, Dies; Acclaimed Soprano in Mozart and Strauss
Obits, October 14

Ms. Wall, who started her career at Lyric Opera of Chicago, had a silvery soprano voice that grew more opulent as it evolved.

00kretzmer01 mediumthreebytwo378
Herbert Kretzmer, Lyricist for ‘Les Misérables,’ Dies at 95
Obits, October 14

A London theater critic, he turned a little-known French musical into a global blockbuster, earning $20 million in royalties.

00kretzmer01 mediumthreebytwo378
Herbert Kretzmer, Who Wrote Lyrics for ‘Les Misérables,’ Dies at 95
Obits, October 14

A London theater critic, he turned a little-known French musical into a global blockbuster, earning $20 million in royalties.

12molina1 mediumthreebytwo378
Mario Molina, 77, Dies; Sounded an Alarm on the Ozone Layer
Obits, October 13

He shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for research that showed how chemicals in hair spray and other products could cause grave environmental damage.

Kennedy1 mediumthreebytwo378
Tom Kennedy, Genial Journeyman of TV Game Shows, Dies at 93
Obits, October 13

Mr. Kennedy brought gaiety and a dollop of schmaltz to his work as the host of 14 shows on multiple networks, and in syndication, over nearly 30 years.

Piccard 1 mediumthreebytwo378
Don Piccard, a Pioneer Who Soared, Is Dead at 94
Obits, October 13

He was balloon royalty, the son of scientist parents who reached the stratosphere. He went on to build balloons — and set records — of his own.

Merlin 56866561 39516242 eb1b 4d33 93e2 0999b147a698 mediumthreebytwo378
Conchata Ferrell, Memorable Maid on ‘Two and a Half Men,’ Dies at 77
Obits, October 13

She first achieved acclaim on the stage. But she was best known for her Emmy-nominated role as Berta, Charlie Sheen’s gruff housekeeper.

13dinkins1 mediumthreebytwo378
Joyce Dinkins, Wife of Former New York Mayor, Dies at 89
Obits, October 13

As the city’s first Black first lady, she transformed herself from a private person to a gracious public advocate for children.

10roberts1 mediumthreebytwo378
Monica Roberts, Transgender Advocate and Journalist, Dies at 58
Obits, October 13

Ms. Roberts started her blog, TransGriot, in 2006, at a time when coverage of transgender issues by the mainstream media was limited.

Merlin 20830533 a3c5054f d6b1 49dd 814f 91d9f5ed0ff4 mediumthreebytwo378
Roberta McCain, the Senator’s Mother and His Beacon, Dies at 108
Obits, October 12

John McCain credited to her his will to survive as a prisoner of war. She later campaigned for him in his 2008 bid for the presidency.

12xp nolan1 mediumthreebytwo378
Margaret Nolan, ‘Goldfinger’ Actress, Dies at 76
Express, October 12

She drew fame at age 20, painted in gold, in the Bond film’s opening credits, then went on to appear in “A Hard Day’s Night,” with the Beatles, and other productions, before turning to art and politics.

12ashcraft mediumthreebytwo378
Walter Ashcraft, College Football Star and a Coach, Dies at 91
Obits, October 12

He was drafted by the Redskins, but an injury prevented him from playing in the N.F.L. He devoted himself to coaching and hospitality work. He died of Covid-19.

12morgan1 mediumthreebytwo378
Joe Morgan, Hall of Fame Second Baseman, Is Dead at 77
Obits, October 12

Morgan, who later became a well-known television commentator, was among the smallest great players in the history of the game and among the greatest second basemen.

09tanamachi mediumthreebytwo378
Mitsuye Tanamachi, World War II Internee, Dies at 97
Obits, October 12

The Japanese-American daughter of a California farmer was confined to a camp in Arizona where she found God and her husband. She died of Covid-19.

09parisi mediumthreebytwo378
Domenic Parisi Dies at 76; He Sheared Nixon’s Locks
Obits, October 10

Born in Sicily, he trained as a farrier but became a barber in New Jersey, where his most famous client was the former president. He died of the coronavirus.

09plamgarten1 mediumthreebytwo378
Carol Paumgarten, ‘Den Mother’ to a Dance Scene, Dies at 76
Obits, October 9

Her sprawling studio, Steps on Broadway, has been a mecca for professionals, celebrities, children and just everyday people who want to dance.

09pettus mediumthreebytwo378
Gary Pettus Dies at 70; Used Skills ‘To Bless the Lives of People’
Obits, October 9

Mr. Pettus built a plumbing and heating business from scratch and grabbed opportunities to be a mentor and relief worker with his church. He died of Covid-19.

00ford whitey toppix mediumthreebytwo378
Whitey Ford, Beloved Yankees Pitcher Who Confounded Batters, Dies at 91
Obits, October 9

An irrepressible son of New York City, Ford joined the pantheon of baseball legends who dominated the 1950s and ’60s.

08aranda mediumthreebytwo378
Mario J. Aranda, Advocate for Immigrant Rights, Dies at 79
Obits, October 9

A Mormon, he spent decades as an advocate for Latinos in Chicago before making a break with his old life. He died of Covid-19.

08dalise mediumthreebytwo378
Bishop Giovanni D’Alise, Italian Bishop Who Defended South, Dies at 72
Obits, October 8

An amiable, down-to-earth priest, he was the first Italian bishop infected by the coronavirus to die.

Merlin 178183812 ab2b7f47 ee4a 48f8 8b9f df28b0dd716c mediumthreebytwo378
Maurice Edwards, Busy Figure in Theater and Music, Dies at 97
Obits, October 8

He was involved with the Brooklyn Philharmonic for many years and performed both on Broadway and off. He died of the novel coronavirus.

06barnes1 mediumthreebytwo378
Stephen Barnes, Partner in Law Firm With Cellino, Dies at 61
Obits, October 8

A jingle helped them transform a two-partner practice in Buffalo into a 50-lawyer personal injury behemoth in New York State and California. Mr. Barnes died in a plane crash.

Merlin 177921786 92ce1584 3b9b 4b87 9187 d864d3e0a754 mediumthreebytwo378
Ardeth Platte, Dominican Nun and Antinuclear Activist, Dies at 84
Obits, October 8

Sister Ardeth spent years behind bars for her beliefs and was the inspiration for a character on the Netflix hit “Orange Is the New Black.”

07solomon1 mediumthreebytwo378
Maynard Solomon, Provocative Biographer of Composers, Dies at 90
Obits, October 8

Mr. Solomon probed the psyches of Mozart and Beethoven in critically acclaimed works; he was also co-founder of Vanguard, an adventurous record label.

00dwyer mediumthreebytwo378
Jim Dwyer, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist, Dies at 63
Obits, October 8

Working for New York Newsday, The Daily News and The Times, he covered the human stories of New York in dramatic prose and crusaded against injustice.

07andrews2 mediumthreebytwo378
Mark Andrews, North Dakota Farmer-Politician, Dies at 94
Obits, October 7

His support for agriculture helped him win nine elections to the House and one to the Senate, despite a moderate-to-liberal voting record as a Republican.

Tyler mediumthreebytwo378
Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr., Grandson of the 10th President, Dies at 95
Obits, October 7

He and his brother, grandsons of John Tyler, were the third of three generations that remarkably spanned almost the entire history of the American experience.

Merlin 21127749 74407172 35e5 468b baea 2ff9d2260926 mediumthreebytwo378
Joseph L. Bruno, Power Broker in New York Senate, Dies at 91
Obits, October 7

As the Republican majority leader for 13 years, he was one of the “three men in a room” who decided things in Albany. Then came corruption charges and, ultimately, vindication.

07nash1 mediumthreebytwo378
Johnny Nash, Who Sang ‘I Can See Clearly Now,’ Dies at 80
Obits, October 7

After only modest success as a romantic crooner, he played a key role in bringing reggae to a wider audience.

06vanhalen1 mediumthreebytwo378
Eddie Van Halen, Virtuoso of the Rock Guitar, Dies at 65
Obits, October 6

His outpouring of riffs, runs and solos was hyperactive and athletic, making deeper or darker emotions feel irrelevant. The band he led was one of the most popular of all time.

06ruskin2 mediumthreebytwo378
Robert K. Ruskin, Who Targeted New York Corruption, Dies at 93
Obits, October 6

As investigation commissioner under Mayor Lindsay in the early 1970s, he went after police officers, building inspectors, parking ticket fixers and peep-show operators.

05danforth1 mediumthreebytwo378
William Danforth, Who Led Washington University, Dies at 94
Obits, October 6

Under Dr. Danforth, the St. Louis campus was transformed from a commuter school into a world-renowned institution.

02tamer mediumthreebytwo378
The Rev. Edoardo Tamer, Who Ministered to Syrians in War, Dies at 83
Obits, October 6

Father Tamer, a Lebanese Franciscan, chose to remain behind when given the chance to leave Syria after fighting broke out. He died of Covid-19.

Merlin 178007766 677b88d6 18d1 42bf b6a2 dca6d00f7684 mediumthreebytwo378
Ron Perranoski, Ace Reliever in Dodgers’ Storied ’60s, Dies at 84
Obits, October 5

A crafty left-hander, he appeared in three World Series for Los Angeles, backing up the likes of Koufax and Drysdale.

05worsthorne1 mediumthreebytwo378
Peregrine Worsthorne, Provocative Conservative British Editor, Dies at 96
Obits, October 5

From a newspaper perch, he championed the British “elite,” lamented the decline of “the gentleman” and made headlines himself with a word that can’t be quoted.

Quino 5 mediumthreebytwo378
Quino, Creator of Beloved ‘Mafalda’ Cartoon, Dies at 88
Obits, October 5

Joaquín Salvador Lavado drew the comic strip of the six-year-old Argentine girl, who was curious about the world and finely attuned to its injustices.

Foster 1 mediumthreebytwo378
Mike Foster, Louisiana Governor During a Lull, Dies at 90
Obits, October 5

A two-term Republican convert, he served between the tumult of the scandalous Edwin Edwards era and the devastation of Katrina.

Merlin 177958644 5aaf34cd b070 4c11 9011 70f1bd04ec7a mediumthreebytwo378
James Helferich, Artist in the Food World and Prison Chef, Dies at 75
Obits, October 5

A classically trained cook, Mr. Helferich worked at marine theme parks in Florida, enthralling his co-workers with his skill as an ice and butter sculptor. He died of the novel coronavirus.

04williams mediumthreebytwo378
Carter Williams, Who Unshackled Nursing Home Residents, Dies at 97
Obits, October 5

By closely describing the inner lives of older people, Ms. Williams altered legal regulations and clinical standards applied to nursing homes.

04kenzo obit01 mediumthreebytwo378
Kenzo Takada, Who Brought Japanese Fashion to the World, Dies at 81
Styles, October 4

He planned to stay in Paris for six months but stayed 56 years, becoming known for bold, exuberant prints. He died of the novel coronavirus.

02daily obit mediumthreebytwo378 v2
One Million Lives
Podcasts, October 4

Remembering the people who died from the coronavirus — through those who loved them.

02gibson obit 4 mediumthreebytwo378
Bob Gibson, Feared Flamethrower for the Cardinals, Dies at 84
Obits, October 2

Gibson, who won two Cy Young Awards and threw 56 career shutouts, was one of baseball’s most dominating and intimidating pitchers.

Mahon 1 mediumthreebytwo378
Derek Mahon, Popular Irish Poet, Is Dead at 78
Obits, October 2

He wove together history, personal demons and quiet contemplation in works that could be dark but also spoke of renewal.

01joanmarks1 mediumthreebytwo378
Joan Marks, Doyenne of Genetic Counselors, Dies at 91
Obits, October 2

She taught counselors to empower their patients to make informed medical decisions about genetic tests and inherited diseases.

Merlin 177837669 773c2dd5 8159 406a 85fb 95f83ff342e5 mediumthreebytwo378
Terry Goodkind, Master of Fantasy Fiction, Is Dead at 72
Obits, October 2

His epic series “The Sword of Truth” spanned 17 books and sold more than 25 million copies worldwide. But his views angered some readers.

Merlin 177959172 d8fd8a7b 3fff 4558 bd47 b3a83163b4ed mediumthreebytwo378
Jacques-Louis Monod, Modernist Composer With a Lyrical Touch, Dies at 93
Obits, October 2

Mr. Monod was an uncompromising champion of composers of the Second Viennese School, including Arnold Schoenberg and Anton Webern.

02santiago2 mediumthreebytwo378
Soraya Santiago Solla, Transgender Trailblazer, Dies at 72
Obits, October 2

She was the first in Puerto Rico to change a gender designation on a birth certificate and the first there to reveal that she’d had sex-reassignment surgery.

01bordhi1 mediumthreebytwo378
Cat Bordhi, Who Challenged Traditional Ways of Knitting, Dies at 69
Obits, October 2

Confounded by the complicated instructions that had become the standard, she thought up whimsical new techniques to create socks, scarves and other items.

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Murray Schisgal, Who Brought the Absurd to the Mainstream, Dies at 93
Obits, October 2

With “Luv” on Broadway and “Tootsie” on the screen, he wrote with knowing, slightly askew humor about subjects like sex, family and failure.

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S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Indian Singer With Huge Repertory, Dies at 74
Obits, October 2

Known as S.P.B., he sang in a number of languages and was known for his film work. He died of complications of Covid-19.

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Joe Laurinaitis, a Star as Tag Team’s ‘Animal,’ Dies at 60
Obits, October 1

As one of the Road Warriors, he brought a muscled flamboyance to professional wrestling.

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Yuri Orlov, Bold Champion of Soviet Dissidents, Dies at 96
Obits, October 1

A prominent physicist, he founded the Moscow Helsinki Group to hold his government accountable after serving time in prison and in exile.

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Renée C. Fox, Founding Figure of Medical Sociology, Dies at 92
Obits, October 1

She is credited with helping to create the field of bioethics and applying the methods of sociology to medical care.

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Grace Meo, Skilled Seamstress and Serious Sinatra Fan, Dies at 93
Obits, October 1

Ms. Meo could sew anything, and she loved her family, but her heart belonged to the Voice. She has died of Covid-19.

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John Turner, Briefly Its Leader but Long a Force in Canada, Dies at 91
Obits, October 1

He carried out Liberal Party reforms in top cabinet posts but was ousted as prime minister after just 79 days. He later led the opposition to free-trade deals with the U.S.

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Remembering the 100,000 Lives Lost to Coronavirus in America
Interactive, May 24

As the U.S. reached a grim milestone in the outbreak, The New York Times gathered names of the dead and memories of their lives from obituaries across the country.