29martin thumbwide
Jared Martin, Who Played Dusty Farlow on ‘Dallas,’ Dies at 75
Culture, Yesterday

Mr. Martin also appeared in a number of popular television shows, including episodes of “The Love Boat,” “Magnum P.I.” and “Murder, She Wrote.”...

Allman obit 2 thumbwide
Gregg Allman, Influential Force Behind the Allman Brothers Band, Dies at 69
Culture, May 27

The singer, keyboardist and songwriter was a founder of the Allman Brothers Band and a composer of songs like “Whipping Post” and “Midnight Rider.”...

Brzezinski obit 1 thumbwide
Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Adviser to Jimmy Carter, Dies at 89
Foreign, May 26

Mr. Brzezinski, who guided Mr. Carter during the Iran hostage crisis and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, had decades of influence in global affairs....

27johnson obit 1 thumbwide
Denis Johnson, Who Wrote of the Failed and the Desperate, Dies at 67
Culture, May 26

Mr. Johnson, the author of “Jesus’ Son,” peopled his novels, stories and poems with drifters, addicts, inmates and spies....

28croatti obit thumbwide
Ronald D. Croatti, Uniform Company Chief and Undercover Boss, Dies at 74
Business, May 26

The family business he took over from his father now supplies uniforms to nearly two million people at 300,000 businesses worldwide....

26perenchio obit 1 thumbwide
Jerry Perenchio, Entertainment Mogul Who Advised ‘Think Big,’ Dies at 86
Business, May 25

Mr. Perenchio promoted the first Ali-Frazier fight, produced television shows with Norman Lear and turned Univision into the dominant Hispanic TV network in the United States....

26bliss obit thumbwide
Michael Bliss, Historian Who Dispelled Myths of Insulin’s Discovery, Dies at 76
Science, May 25

Professor Bliss unraveled the story behind the discovery of the hormone, which transformed diabetes from a death sentence into a manageable condition....

26boesche obit thumbwide
Roger Boesche, Professor Who Stirred Obama’s Interest in Politics, Dies at 69
National, May 25

Asked in 2010 to name his favorite college course, President Barack Obama replied, “I had a wonderful political science class. I still remember the name of the professor, Roger Boesche.”...

26lyng obit 1 thumbwide
Nora Mae Lyng, Actress at the Heart of ‘Forbidden Broadway,’ Dies at 66
Culture, May 25

Ms. Lyng not only inspired the show and starred in its original cast; she also invested her comic talent and meager financial resources in it....

Reedobit thumbwide
Amy Reed, Doctor Who Fought a Risky Medical Procedure, Dies at 44
Science, May 24

Dr. Reed and her husband turned a personal calamity into a crusade to spare other women from the medical procedure that harmed her....

25fresco thumbwide
Jacque Fresco, Futurist Who Envisioned a Society Without Money, Dies at 101
National, May 24

A self-taught industrial designer, Mr. Fresco promoted an alternative society where resources would be distributed equitably by computers....

25conrad obit1 thumbwide
Barbara Smith Conrad, Singer at Center of Integration Dispute, Dies at 79
Culture, May 24

As a 19-year-old University of Texas student in 1957, Ms. Conrad became the focus of attention when a state legislator objected to her casting in a mixed-race production of “Dido and Aeneas.”...

25spoonauer thumbwide
Lisa Spoonauer, Actress in ‘Clerks,’ Dies at 44
Culture, May 24

‘Clerks,’ Kevin Smith’s first film, was a very low-budget project that became a surprise box-office success. Ms. Spoonauer stopped acting soon afterward....

25burdonsky thumbwide v2
Alexander Burdonsky, Russian Director and Stalin’s Grandson, Dies at 75
Culture, May 24

Mr. Burdonsky, who worked for 45 years at the Central Theater of the Russian Army in Moscow, was named a People’s Artist of Russia in 1996....

Roger Moore, Who Played James Bond Seven Times, Dies
Movies, May 23

Mr. Moore’s family announced his death in a statement on Twitter.

24moore thumbwide
Roger Moore, Who Played James Bond 007 Times, Dies at 89
Culture, May 23

Mr. Moore was 45 when he inherited the role and had the longest run with it....

24castile obit thumbwide
Rand Castile, Who Opened Doors for Asian Art, Dies at 78
Culture, May 23

Mr. Castile worked on both the East and West Coasts, organizing artistic and cultural programs at Japan Society in Manhattan and the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco....

Cortez thumbwide
Cortez Kennedy, Hall of Fame Defensive Tackle, Dies at 48
Sports, May 23

Mr. Kennedy, who played his entire 11-year career with the Seahawks, weighed 300 pounds but possessed surprising quickness. He became the prototype for defensive linemen in the 1990s.

23boyleobit 1 thumbwide
Robert H. Boyle, a Watchdog of the Hudson River, Dies at 88
Metro, May 22

Mr. Boyle, whose affection for the river and for fishing began in childhood, was a crusading conservationist and a founder of the widely replicated group Riverkeeper....

23merrillobit 1 thumbwide
Dina Merrill, Actress and Philanthropist, Dies at 93
Culture, May 22

Ms. Merrill’s upper-class roles often reflected her own privileged background....

23hayden2 thumbwide
Nicky Hayden, Ex-Motorcycle Champion, Dies After Collision
Sports, May 22

The 35-year-old, who was training on his bicycle last week in Italy when he was hit by a car, died on Monday....

22bolton2 obit thumbwide
Roxcy Bolton, Feminist Crusader for Equality, Including in Naming Hurricanes, Dies at 90
National, May 21

Ms. Bolton founded the nation’s first rape treatment center and helped persuade national weather forecasters not to name hurricanes after only women....

19 lens greene embed4 thumbwide
Stanley Greene, Whose Camera Captured War’s Brutality, Dies at 68
Business, May 19

Mr. Greene, one of the leading war photographers of his generation, was a founding member of Noor Images who covered global conflicts with unblinking honesty....

20brohn obit thumbwide
William Brohn, Who Made Broadway Orchestras Sing, Dies at 84
Culture, May 19

“The central focus for you is to help the composer say what he wants to say,” Mr. Brohn said of his work as an orchestrator....

19dick obit 1 thumbwide v3
Anne R. Dick, Memoirist and Writer’s Muse, Is Dead at 90
Culture, May 19

Her second husband, Philip K. Dick, used their marriage and her persona in books like “The Man in the High Castle” and “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”...

19 lens greene embed4 thumbwide
Stanley Greene, Teller of Uncomfortable Truths, Dies at 68
Multimedia/Photos, May 19

Stanley Greene, a founding member of Noor Images who covered global conflicts with unblinking honesty, has died in Paris....

Stanley Greene, Teller of Uncomfortable Truths, Dies at 68
Lens, May 19

Stanley Greene, a founding member of Noor Images who covered global conflicts with unblinking honesty, has died in Paris.

18ailesalpha2 thumbwide
Roger Ailes, Who Built Fox News Into an Empire, Dies at 77
Business, May 18

Mr. Ailes exerted wide influence on American politics with his conservative Fox News, only to be undone by sexual harassment allegations....

19munroe obit thumbwide
Elinor Bunin Munroe, Film and TV Graphic Designer With a Theater in Her Name, Dies
Culture, May 18

Known for the film complex at Lincoln Center that bears her name, Ms. Munroe was an Emmy-winning graphic designer whose movie work included “The Producers.”...

19levin obit 1 thumbwide
David Levin, the Only Triple Crown Balloonist, Dies at 68
Sports, May 18

Mr. Levin, who passed up a law career, won ballooning’s three top events: the hot-air and gas balloon world championships, and the Gordon Bennett Cup....

Ailes studio thumbwide
Roger Ailes: Polarizing Media Mastermind
Video, May 18

Roger Ailes was a dominant force in American conservative politics at the helm of Fox News for two decades until he was forced out in a sexual harassment scandal last year. He died at 77....

18button obit thumbwide
Jeanne Button, Designer of Whimsical Costumes, Dies at 86
Obits, May 18

Ms. Button helped define hundreds of characters in Broadway and Off Broadway plays....

19hunter obit thumbwide
Beatrice Trum Hunter, ‘Natural Foods Cookbook’ Author, Dies at 98
National, May 18

Mrs. Hunter’s book, her first of 38, was heralded as the nation’s first healthful natural foods cookbook....

19cornell thumbwide
Chris Cornell, Soundgarden and Audioslave Frontman, Dies at 52
Culture, May 18

The musician’s death in Detroit was “sudden and unexpected,” his representative said in a statement. The medical examiner’s office said the cause of death was suicide....

18cotsen obit 1 thumbwide
Lloyd Cotsen, Collector of the Ordinary and the Odd, Dies at 88
Business, May 17

Mr. Cotsen, who sold Neutrogena for $924 million, amassed diverse treasures like children’s books or bamboo baskets in finding “the extraordinary in the ordinary.”...

18fritz obit 1 thumbwide
Jean Fritz, Who Wrote History Books for Children, Dies at 101
Culture, May 17

Her works were full of human narratives and quirks, backed by engaging prose and deep archival research....

18brian obit thumbwide
Frank Brian, Standout in N.B.A.’s Early Years, Dies at 94
Sports, May 17

Slight by current N.B.A. standards at 6 feet 1 inches and about 175 pounds, Mr. Brian was known as a versatile guard at L.S.U. and as a professional....

17hall obit 1 thumbwide
Lee Hall, Artist and de Kooning Biographer, Dies at 82
Culture, May 16

Ms. Hall was an abstract landscape painter who also served as president of the Rhode Island School of Design during a difficult period there....

17bolan obit thumbwide
Thomas A. Bolan, Understated Force in New York Law, Dies at 92
Metro, May 16

Mr. Bolan was, next to Roy M. Cohn, the quieter half of an odd couple at a potent law firm and a major player in Republican politics in New York....

17vidov obit thumbwide
Oleg Vidov, the ‘Soviet Robert Redford,’ Dies at 73
Culture, May 16

Mr. Vidov, who starred in several popular films in the Soviet Union before orchestrating an escape to the U.S., went on to have a long Hollywood career....

16canterbury obit thumbwide
Jerry Canterbury, Whose Paralysis Led to Informed Consent Laws, Is Dead at 78
National, May 16

A surgery left Mr. Canterbury partly paralyzed at 19 led to a ruling that transformed how doctors deal with patients in evaluating the risks of treatment....

17brady obit 1 thumbwide
Ian Brady, Unrepentant Killer of British Children, Dies at 79
Foreign, May 16

Mr. Brady and his lover, Myra Hindley, were known as the Moors Murderers. He tortured and killed children, then buried them in a remote area....

16grey obit 1 thumbwide
Brad Grey, Former Chairman of Paramount Pictures, Dies at 59
Business, May 15

Mr. Grey, who played a pivotal role in the creation of television hits like “The Sopranos,” helped blend the art of talent management with TV and film production....

16daily obit thumbwide v2
Thomas V. Daily, Bishop With Legacy Tarnished by Response to Abuse, Dies at 89
Metro, May 15

Bishop Daily raised tens of millions of dollars to repair schools and churches, but his last years were marred by criticism of how he had handled allegations of sexual abuse....

16palermo obit thumbwide
Steve Palermo, Umpire Whose Career Was Ended by a Bullet, Dies at 67
Sports, May 15

Mr. Palermo was shot in 1991 while defending two waitresses from an attack outside a Dallas restaurant. He lived in chronic pain but had no regrets....

16xp boothe thumbwide
Powers Boothe, Actor Known for ‘Deadwood’ and Other Dark Roles, Dies at 68
Culture, May 15

The actor had lent his burly frame and Texas drawl to TV and films since the 1970s....

16davis span thumbwide
Chuck Davis, Who Brought African Dance Traditions to America, Dies at 80
Culture, May 15

Mr. Davis, founder of the DanceAfrica festival, lived by the mantra “Peace, love and respect for everybody.”...

Laryobit2 thumbwide
Yale Lary, a Force on the Detroit Lions’ Title-Winning Teams of the 1950s, Dies at 86
Sports, May 14

Lary, a Hall of Famer, was a safety and a punter. Although he was small, his “speed and quickness made him a real ballhawk,” said Raymond Berry, a Hall of Fame receiver for the Baltimore Colts....

Koivistoobit thumbwide
Mauno Koivisto, President Who Led Finland Into E.U., Dies at 93
Foreign, May 14

Mr. Koivisto, the country’s last president during the Cold War, was seen as ushering in a new, freer era in a once-isolated nation....

15chung obit thumbwide
Henry Chung, Who Helped Bring Hunan’s Flavors to America, Dies at 98
National, May 13

Driven by his grandmother’s teachings, Mr. Chung opened San Francisco restaurants that focused on the garlic, spice and ginger of Hunanese cooking....

13meltzer obit thumbwide
Allan H. Meltzer, Conservative Economist, Dies at 89
Business, May 12

He was an opponent of government bailouts who was credited with coining the phrase, “Capitalism without failure is like religion without sin.”...

13williams obit thumbwide
Eddie N. Williams, Who Ran Leading Black Think Tank for Decades, Dies at 84
National, May 12

Mr. Williams transformed the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies into an unrivaled source of research on the state of black America....

13sand obit thumbwide
Nicholas Sand, Chemist Who Sought to Bring LSD to the World, Dies at 75
National, May 12

Mr. Sand earned a reputation in the 1960s for making some of the purest LSD on the market, including Orange Sunshine, before the law finally caught up with him....

12stein obit 1 thumbwide
Judith Stein, Author on Liberalism and Economics, Dies at 77
Culture, May 12

Professor Stein, who taught history at City College for 50 years, was known for her analysis of the black nationalist Marcus Garvey....

11weston obit 1 thumbwide
Stan Weston, 84, Dies; Sent G.I. Joe Marching Into Childhoods of Millions
Business, May 11

Mr. Weston, inspired by the success of the Barbie doll, designed a line of rugged heroes. Hundreds of millions of the action figures have been sold....

12qian obit thumbwide
Qian Qichen, Pragmatic Chinese Envoy, Dies at 89
Foreign, May 11

As foreign minister and vice premier, Mr. Qian shaped a foreign policy that helped China chip away at its isolation from the West after the Tiananmen Square massacre....

12baumol obit thumbwide
William J. Baumol, 95, ‘One of the Great Economists of His Generation,’ Dies
Business, May 10

A Princeton and N.Y.U. professor, he identified Baumol’s cost disease, which explains why the cost of services rises faster than the cost of goods.

11phelps obit thumbwide
Robert H. Phelps, Editor at Times and Boston Globe, Dies at 97
Business, May 10

Mr. Phelps missed a scoop on the Watergate scandal but oversaw the coverage in major series on school desegregation and abuses at a transit agency that won Pulitzer Prizes....

11xp boykin obit thumbwide
Christopher Boykin, Half of the MTV Odd Couple ‘Rob & Big,’ Dies at 45
National, May 10

Mr. Boykin, known as Big Black, was the skateboarder Rob Dyrdek’s bodyguard and buddy on their reality show “Rob & Big,” and later appeared on “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.”...

11tilton obit thumbwide
Jack Tilton, Art Dealer With an Eye for the New, Dies at 66
Culture, May 10

Mr. Tilton, who began his career at the Betty Parsons Gallery and saw art dealing as exploring, had a thirst for discovery....

11thomas obit thumbwide v2
Hugh Thomas, Prodigious Author of Spanish History, Dies at 85
Culture, May 10

Mr. Thomas is best known for magisterial works on Spain’s past. He was also an ally of Margaret Thatcher’s during her years at 10 Downing Street....

10maglieri obit 2 thumbwide
Mario Maglieri, Who Coddled Rockers at His Clubs, Dies at 93
Culture, May 9

At Whisky a Go Go and the Rainbow Bar & Grill, Mr. Maglieri fed, encouraged and, when necessary, punched his famous patrons.

10merick obit 1 thumbwide
Anne Morrissy Merick, a Pioneer From Yale to Vietnam, Dies at 83
Business, May 9

Ms. Morrissy Merick, the first woman admitted to the press box of the Yale Bowl, later helped get a restriction against women covering the Vietnam War reversed....

10grayson obit thumbwide
C. Jackson Grayson, 93, Nixon’s Anti-Inflation Overseer, Dies
Business, May 9

Dr. Grayson was dean of a business school in 1971 when President Nixon named him to lead the first peacetime price control program in the country....

09sherin obit 1 thumbwide
Edwin Sherin, Theater and ‘Law & Order’ Director, Dies at 87
Culture, May 8

Mr. Sherin directed James Earl Jones on Broadway in “The Great White Hope” and enjoyed a successful career in television....

09kessler obit 1 thumbwide
Heinz Kessler, Who Led East Germany’s Military, Dies at 97
Foreign, May 8

Mr. Kessler was one of the very few leading Communists sentenced and jailed for crimes committed before the Berlin Wall fell in 1989....

Holcombobit1 thumbwide
Steven Holcomb, Gold Medal Bobsledder Who Beat Vision Problems, Dies at 37
Sports, May 7

Holcomb, overcoming a degenerative eye disease, piloted a four-man team in 2010 to the first American Olympic gold medal in the event in 62 years....

06gordon obit thumbwide
Don Gordon, Steve McQueen’s Sidekick Onscreen and in Life, Dies at 90
Culture, May 7

Mr. Gordon starred on television and in film for decades, often playing tough-guy roles....

07basciano obit 2 thumbwide
Richard Basciano, Times Square Pornography Magnate, Dies at 91
Metro, May 6

One of Mr. Basciano’s businesses gave way to Times Square redevelopment and rising property values, but one, Show World, still functions....

06spier obit thumbwide
Peter Spier, Illustrator of Children’s Books, Dies at 89
Culture, May 5

His “Noah’s Ark,” which won the Caldecott Medal, showed Noah’s toils, like pulling a donkey onto the ark and trying to snatch two bees out of a swarm....

06penck obit thumbwide
A.R. Penck, German Neo-Expressionist of Cold-War Era, Dies at 77
Culture, May 5

Ralf Winkler adopted the name Penck, and other aliases, to confuse the East German authorities....

06lavi obit thumbwide
Daliah Lavi, Actress in Both Dramas and Spoofs, Dies at 74
Culture, May 5

The Israeli actress appeared in “Lord Jim,” the 1967 “Casino Royale” and other movies before a career as a singer and actress in Germany....

05youngner obit 1 thumbwide v2
Julius Youngner, Polio Vaccine Pioneer, Dies at 96
Science, May 4

Dr. Youngner was the last surviving member of the original three-man research team assembled by Dr. Jonas Salk to address the American polio scourge....

05walker obit thumbwide
Solly Walker, Trailblazing St. John’s Basketball Player, Dies at 85
Sports, May 4

Walker, St. John’s first black basketball player, was also the first black player to play on Kentucky’s home court, in 1951....

05newman obit thumbwide
Gustave Newman, Defense Lawyer in Sensational Cases, Dies at 90
Metro, May 4

A lion of New York’s white-collar criminal defense bar, Mr. Newman had a reputation for tackling the toughest cases....

07cotton1 thumbwide
Don’t Jail Crime Victims for Not Testifying
Op Ed, May 4

I was shot in the stomach at a parade. Here’s why I refused to cooperate with the prosecution....

04alamo obit 1 thumbwide
Tony Alamo, Apocalyptic Ministry Leader Convicted of Sex Abuse, Dies at 82
National, May 3

Mr. Alamo was in prison for a 2009 conviction after five women testified that they had been married to him when they were minors....

04sneed obit thumbwide
Ann Sneed, 87, Dies; Brought Jazz to Schools and Concert Halls
Culture, May 3

Ms. Sneed founded the nonprofit International Art of Jazz, which for 35 years promoted the music and fostered a love of the art....

04watson obit thumbwide
Burton Watson, 91, Influential Translator of Classical Asian Literature, Dies
Culture, May 3

Mr. Watson opened up the world of Japanese and Chinese texts to generations of English-speaking readers, with dozens of his works still in print....

04thorsness obit 1 thumbwide
Leo Thorsness, Decorated Veteran Held Captive With McCain, Dies at 85
National, May 3

Colonel Thorsness received the Medal of Honor. After his plane was shot down, he was brutalized for years at the notorious prison known as the Hanoi Hilton....

04mele obit thumbwide
Sam Mele, Major League Player, Manager and Scout, Dies at 95
Sports, May 3

Mele played for six teams from 1947 to 1956, managed the Twins to the 1965 pennant and had a long association with the Red Sox....

04lowry obit thumbwide
Mike Lowry, Ex-Congressman and Washington State Governor, Dies at 78
National, May 3

A former five-term Democratic member of Congress, his one term as governor of Washington State was tarnished by sexual harassment allegations....

03xp hampton articleinline
Bruce Hampton, 70, Jam Scene Patriarch, Dies After Collapsing Onstage
Arts, May 2

The career of an eclectic musician spanned decades before what turned out to be a final show in Atlanta, a concert in honor of his birthday.

03stein obit 1 articleinline
Jean Stein, Who Chronicled Wealth, Fame and Influence, Dies at 83
Books, May 2

Ms. Stein used oral histories to sketch vivid accounts of Edie Sedgwick, Robert Kennedy and powerful families of Los Angeles.

03lebell obit articleinline
June LeBell, Pioneering Radio Announcer, Dies at 73
Arts, May 2

Ms. LeBell became a familiar voice on WQXR, hosting “Kitchen Classics” and “IBM’s Salute to the Arts.”

03olmo obit articleinline
Luis Olmo, a Pioneering Puerto Rican Baseball Player, Dies at 97
Sports, May 2

Olmo broke in with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1943 and became the first position player in the major leagues from Puerto Rico.

03khanna obit 1 articleinline
Vinod Khanna, Bollywood Movie Idol, Dies at 70
Movies, May 2

Mr. Khanna, one of the most well-known stars in India, also had a career in public service and at one point became a follower of the guru known as Osho.

01xp steck articleinline
Ueli Steck, Renowned Mountain Climber, Dies Near Everest at 40
World, April 30

Mr. Steck was preparing to traverse some of the Himalayas’ highest peaks when he died in an accident, though the exact circumstances of the death were unknown.

28 insider obit articleinline
Lights, Camera, Obits!
Times Insider, April 30

The reporter William Grimes talks about his onscreen appearance in “Obits,” a new documentary about a department reveling in newfound glamour.