18overlooked dress thumbwide
She Painted Portraits of ‘Overlooked’ Women. Then She Made a Dress.
Insider, Today

With #MeToo in mind, 17-year-old Avalon Hester turned a Times obituary series into a pleated gown.

22castrillon1 thumbwide
Cardinal Darío Castrillón Hoyos, Vatican Conservative, Dies at 88
Obits, Yesterday

A Colombian, he held top posts in the Vatican, figuring in controversies on sexual abuse and liberation theology and favoring the Latin Mass.

23walker1 thumbwide v2
Clint Walker, Western Star Tall in the Saddle, Is Dead at 90
Obits, Yesterday

The 6-foot-6 Mr. Walker played the title role in the long-running ABC series “Cheyenne” and was also seen in movies like “The Dirty Dozen.”

21gold1 thumbwide
Bill Gold, 97, Whose Posters Captured Movie Magic, Is Dead
Obits, May 20

Mr. Gold was a behind-the-scenes superstar whose artwork offered moviegoers tantalizing glimpses of the raptures awaiting in the cinema darkness.

22hendricks1 thumbwide v2
Geoffrey Hendricks, 86, Attention-Getting Fluxus Artist, Dies
Obits, Yesterday

Mr. Hendricks, known for both his sky paintings and his experiments in art as performance, was also a longtime teacher at Rutgers.

22roundtree4 thumbwide v2
Dovey Johnson Roundtree, Barrier-Breaking Lawyer, Dies at 104
Obits, May 21

Though little recognized, Ms. Roundtree won advances for black people and women at the bar of justice, challenging the Jim Crow society she knew too well.

Merlin 138484623 a9a65bd8 b4d2 4c06 93e5 1d8fb7b35832 thumbwide
Robert Indiana, 89, Who Turned ‘Love’ Into Enduring Art, Is Dead
Obits, May 21

Mr. Indiana’s depiction of the letters L, O, V and E was one of the best-known images of the 20th century, widely reproduced but also widely imitated.

22lewis3 thumbwide v2
Bernard Lewis, Influential Scholar of Islam, Is Dead at 101
Obits, May 21

Mr. Lewis’s views on the connection between Islam and terrorism inspired controversy but also helped shape American foreign policy under George W. Bush.

22goodwin1 thumbwide
Richard N. Goodwin, Adviser to Democratic Presidents, Dies at 86
Obits, May 21

A committed liberal, he wrote speeches for John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson and later worked as an author, journalist and political consultant.

21cannon1 thumbwide
Billy Cannon, Football Star With a Troubled Life, Dies at 80
Obits, May 20

He won the 1959 Heisman Trophy and played professionally for 11 years. Then his involvement in a counterfeiting operation landed him in prison.

21lucas obit thumbwide
Reggie Lucas, Versatile Guitarist and Producer, Dies at 65
Culture, May 20

In the 1970s, Mr. Lucas worked with Miles Davis. In the 1980s, he produced Madonna’s first album and wrote her hit song “Borderline.”

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Will Alsop, Architectural Provocateur, Is Dead at 70
Obits, May 20

Mr. Alsop, one of whose designs was called “courageous, bold and just a little insane,” believed that architects had a calling to inspire the public.

19kirkeby1 thumbwide
Per Kirkeby, Painter Inspired by Nature, Is Dead at 79
Obits, May 20

Mr. Kirkeby’s paintings could evoke flattened stones, small boulders, skeins of vines and flowing water emerging from darkness.

Morison obit 1 thumbwide v2
Patricia Morison, 103, Dies; Broadway’s First Kate to Be Kissed
Obits, May 20

Ms. Morison was a star of the musical stage in “Kiss Me, Kate” and “The King and I.”

20pintilie obit thumbwide v2
Lucian Pintilie, Authority-Defying Romanian Director, Dies at 84
Obits, May 18

His films and stage work angered Communist officials, but he was embraced abroad and seen as an inspiration for the Romanian New Wave.

18hawkins1 sub thumbwide
Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Beat Poet and Author, Dies at 87
Obits, May 18

Her writing pulsed with her hardscrabble Texas childhood and, refusing to be his “muse,” her liberation from an overbearing poet husband.

Pipes obit 5 thumbwide
Richard Pipes, Historian of Russia and Reagan Aide, Dies at 94
Obits, May 17

The author of monumental works, he achieved renown in government as a “cold warrior” skeptic about détente with the Soviet Union.

18campanella1 thumbwide
Joseph Campanella, 93, Ubiquitous Character Actor, Dies
Obits, May 17

Mr. Campanella found his stride on television as a frequent guest star, playing doctors, lawyers, criminals, cops and judges.

17sliveweb thumbwide
Michael Slive, 77, Dies; Led Southeastern Conference to New Heights
Obits, May 16

He led the conference from 2002 to 2015 and helped it to navigate a period mired by N.C.A.A. sanctions and become a college football powerhouse.

17sliveweb thumbwide
Michael Slive, Who Led the SEC to New Heights, Is Dead at 77
Sports, May 16

Slive, who led the conference from 2002 to 2015, helped the SEC to navigate a period mired by N.C.A.A. sanctions and to become a college football powerhouse.

18tmurphy1 thumbwide
Tom Murphy, Acclaimed Irish Playwright, Is Dead at 83
Obits, May 16

His dark works avoided the stereotype of a rural Irish utopia, instead exploring subjects like the county’s famine and its history of emigration.

17saintpaul1 thumbwide
Lara Saint Paul, Italian Singer and Aerobics Promoter, Dies at 73
Obits, May 16

Born in Eritrea and raised in Italy, she sang with Louis Armstrong and other American idols and, inspired by Jane Fonda, kindled a fitness craze.

17ferragamo1 thumbwide
Fulvia Visconti Ferragamo, 67, Luxury House Executive, Dies
Obits, May 16

One of four generations of Ferragamo women, she bridged the creative and management sides of a venerable Italian purveyor of clothing and accessories.

17napolin1 thumbwide
Leah Napolin, Whose ‘Yentl’ Adaptation Made Broadway, Dies at 83
Obits, May 16

The play, based on an Isaac Bashevis Singer story, was a tale of empowerment in the midst of feminism’s second wave.

17jowell1 thumbwide
Tessa Jowell, Who Pushed for London’s Olympics, Dies at 70
Obits, May 16

A Labour Party stalwart, she championed social programs for women and children and served as culture secretary under Prime Minister Tony Blair.

16guskin3 thumbwide
Harold Guskin, Acting Coach Who Nurtured Stars, Is Dead at 76
Obits, May 16

Find the character in the words on the page, he instructed Kevin Kline, Glenn Close, James Gandolfini, Rachel Weisz and others.

16ford1 thumbwide
Doug Ford, Oldest Masters Champion, Dies at 95
Obits, May 15

A top golfer in the 1950s who had honed his game in the Bronx, he won at Augusta in 1957 after taking the P.G.A. Championship two years earlier.

16marks1 thumbwide
Matt Marks, Cutting-Edge Composer and Musician, Dies at 38
Obits, May 15

As a founder of the chamber orchestra Alarm Will Sound, he was at the epicenter of a community of open-minded artists.

16sansone1 thumbwide v2
Mary Sansone, a Grass-Roots Political Godmother, Dies at 101
Obits, May 15

A Brooklyn social worker and civic leader who was colorblind to race, she could deliver votes and was courted by political candidates.

16wolfesub 2 thumbwide v2
Tom Wolfe, 88, ‘New Journalist’ With Electric Style and Acid Pen, Dies
Obits, May 15

He wrote “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test,” “Bonfire of the Vanities” and “The Right Stuff,” and pioneered a novelistic form of journalism in the 1960s and ’70s.

Merlin 138189759 f8dfc973 db28 4810 8ea9 4171c91f6e1a thumbwide
Your Tom Wolfe Reader
Book Review, May 15

The novelist Tom Wolfe has died. Here is a sampling of his work.

16branca1 thumbwide
Glenn Branca, Composer Who Blended Genres, Loudly, Dies at 69
Obits, May 15

One fellow composer said Mr. Branca, who often wrote for massed amplified guitars, was among the few “who put a clearly defined stamp on their music.”

16wolfe1 thumbwide
Tom Wolfe, Innovative Nonfiction Writer and Novelist, Dies
Obits, May 15

He wrote “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test,’ ‘Bonfire of the Vanities’ and ‘The Right Stuff,’ and pioneered the New Journalism of the 1960s and ’70s.

15parfrey2 thumbwide v2
Adam Parfrey, Publisher of the Provocative, Dies at 61
Obits, May 14

His books drew conspiracists and cultists as well as the director Tim Burton, who adapted two of them into the films “Ed Wood” and “Big Eyes.”

14meinwaldobit1 thumbwide
Jerrold Meinwald, 91, Dies; Studied Creatures’ Chemical Signals
Obits, May 14

He examined the chemistry behind secreted substances that can attract a mate or repel a predator, helping to establish a new field, chemical ecology.

Kidder obit 1 thumbwide
Margot Kidder, Actress Who Found Movie Stardom in ‘Superman,’ Dies at 69
Obits, May 14

Best known for playing the role of Lois Lane in four films, Ms. Kidder was a sought-after actress in the 1970s and ’80s.

Merlin 131171621 377f49e4 67b0 4b3b 9a94 493d23193fb2 articleinline
Margot Kidder, Who Found Movie Stardom in ‘Superman,’ Dies at 69
Obituaries, May 14

Best known in the role of Lois Lane, Ms. Kidder was a sought-after actress in the 1970s and ’80s. She died at her home in Montana.

14knoxobit2 thumbwide
Chuck Knox, 3-Time N.F.L. Coach of the Year, Is Dead at 86
Obits, May 13

Knox was so passionate about the running game he was called Ground Chuck, but he fought to bring Joe Namath to the New York Jets.

14medinaobit1 thumbwide
Ernest Medina, Army Captain Acquitted in My Lai Massacre, Dies at 81
Obits, May 13

Charged with involuntary manslaughter of at least 100 civilians, Captain Medina denied ordering the killings and was acquitted at a court-martial.

14simmons sub thumbwide
Doreen Simmons, Unlikely Voice of Sumo Wrestling, Dies at 85
Obits, May 13

Born in England and educated at Cambridge, she found her true calling on Japanese television analyzing the quintessential Japanese sport.

12mayer1 thumbwide
Peter Mayer, Publisher of the Incendiary ‘Satanic Verses,’ Dies at 82
Obits, May 11

As head of the Penguin Group, he weathered threats over the Salman Rushdie novel. Later, with his father, he had success publishing out-of-print books.

12vasiukov thumbwide
Evgeni Vasiukov, Russian Chess Grandmaster, Is Dead at 85
Obits, May 11

He was among the world’s best chess players for more than 15 years, but his career was eclipsed by better-known and more talented contemporaries.

12coady biafra thumbwide
Dr. Davida Coady, Medical Missionary, Is Dead at 80
Obits, May 11

She helped eradicate smallpox in India and reduce malnutrition in Africa, aided refugees in Latin America and later focused on drug and alcohol addictions.

Merlin 137990829 39e0ca61 6c6f 48c2 93ea e852d936bc57 thumbwide
Scott Hutchison, Frightened Rabbit Singer, Is Found Dead at 36
Culture, May 11

The lead singer and songwriter of the Scottish folk-rock band had been missing for days and was said to be in a “fragile state.”

10falkow1 thumbwide
Stanley Falkow, Who Saw How Bacteria Cause Disease, Dies at 84
Obits, May 10

He found resistance to antibiotics spreading among bacteria and was hailed for his discoveries, though a Nobel Prize eluded him. (Not that he wanted one.)

11russell1 thumbwide
Charlie Russell, Who Befriended Bears, Dies at 76
Obits, May 10

Mr. Russell challenged conventional, fear-based ideas of bear management by going to live among black bears in a remote part of Russia.

Merlin 137913198 a83580ca 510d 4ac2 8366 5a61d43692cd thumbwide
Art Shay, Whose Camera Captured the Famous and the Everyday, Dies at 96
Obits, May 10

For Life, Time and other magazines, Mr. Shay photographed Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, Muhammad Ali and nine presidents, as well as the streets of Chicago.

10hall1 thumbwide
Robert N. Hall, 96, Whose Inventions Are Everywhere, Is Dead
Obits, May 10

He came up with a semiconductor laser used in supermarket scanners, printers and remote controls. His magnetron was adapted for the microwave oven.

Merlin 137896719 5babdbde c482 4cb3 8630 71bd7ed6a90c thumbwide
David Goodall, 104, Scientist Who Fought to Die on His Terms, Ends His Life
Foreign, May 10

Mr. Goodall wanted to die because of his deteriorating health, and he flew to Switzerland to find legal services to assist him, choosing Beethoven for his last song.

10kerr ellington thumbwide v2
Brooks Kerr, Piano Prodigy and Ellington Expert, Dies at 66
Obits, May 9

He started playing the piano when he was 2. As a teenager, he toured with the Ellington band and helped celebrate Ellington’s birthday at the White House.

10cohen1 thumbwide
Daniel Cohen, 82, Dies; Sought Justice for Pan Am Bombing Victims
Obits, May 9

Mr. Cohen and his wife, Susan, lost their daughter over Scotland when terrorists attacked Flight 103 in 1988. The couple became voices of the bereaved.

Coates obit 3 thumbwide
Anne V. Coates, Admired Editor of Acclaimed Movies, Dies at 92
Obits, May 9

In a six-decade career working for top directors, she was nominated for five Oscars, winning one for “Lawrence of Arabia.”

10deukmejian 1 thumbwide v3
George Deukmejian, 2-Term California Governor in the ’80s, Dies at 89
Obits, May 8

A fiscally conservative Republican, he was admired for his bipartisanship and popular with voters as a foe of apartheid and assault rifles.

09olmi1 thumbwide
Ermanno Olmi, Whose Films Captured Humble Lives, Dies at 86
Obits, May 8

Mr. Olmi was more famous at home in Italy than abroad, but he won international acclaim for films like “The Tree of Wooden Clogs” and “Il Posto.”

09shepherd1 thumbwide v2
Gayle Shepherd of the Singing Shepherd Sisters Dies at 81
Obits, May 8

Ms. Shepherd and her three siblings rode their harmonious style to chart success in 1957 with “Alone (Why Must I Be Alone).”

Collins obit 2 thumbwide
Christiane Collins, Scholar Who Fought a Columbia Gym, Dies at 92
Obits, May 8

An author and architectural historian, she figured in the struggle to preserve West Harlem’s Morningside Park against encroachment by a growing campus.

09steger obit thumbwide
Charles Steger, 70, Dies; Led Virginia Tech During Mass Shooting
Obits, May 8

Mr. Steger drew both praise and criticism after a gunman killed 32 faculty members and students on the university campus in 2007.

08rissient and clint thumbwide
Pierre Rissient, 81, Behind-the-Scenes Force of Cinema, Dies
Obits, May 7

Mr. Rissient scouted movies for the Cannes Film Festival, and in that role gave a boost to the careers of Jane Campion, Clint Eastwood and many more.

08wolk1 thumbwide
Ronald Wolk, Innovator in Covering Education News, Dies at 86
Obits, May 7

He helped found both The Chronicle of Higher Education and Education Week, two national publications that helped set an agenda academic agenda.

08burrows obit 3 thumbwide
Edwin G. Burrows, Historian and Co-Author of ‘Gotham,’ Dies at 74
Obits, May 7

He and a fellow college professor, Mike Wallace, spent almost 20 years producing their epic history of New York City, winning the Pulitzer Prize.

07mozambique thumbwide
Afonso Dhlakama, Mozambique’s Opposition Leader, Dies at 65
Obits, May 6

With backing from white-controlled African nations, Mr. Dhlakama’s youthful soldiers engaged in a civil war that claimed up to a million lives, mostly civilians.

Panken obit 2 thumbwide
Rabbi Aaron Panken, Reform Seminary President, Dies in Plane Crash at 53
Obits, May 6

Rabbi Panken had a degree in electrical engineering, but chose the clergy over a career in a laboratory.

08rhee punch thumbwide
Jhoon Rhee, Athletic Ambassador of Taekwondo, Dies at 86
Obits, May 6

Mr. Rhee‘s many pupils included Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, Chuck Norris, Tony Robbins and more than 250 members of congress, like Joe Biden.

05craig obit thumbwide
Ninalee Allen Craig, at the Center of a Famous Photograph, Dies at 90
Obits, May 4

Ms. Craig reveled in her starring role in Ruth Orkin’s “American Girl in Italy” and said she wasn’t the least bit offended by the men ogling her.

Wilkomirska thumbwide
Wanda Wilkomirska, Famed Polish Violinist, Is Dead at 89
Obits, May 4

She was one of her country’s most popular cultural exports, until the Solidarity movement disrupted her life.

Merlin 137565747 a14855d8 bb70 42e5 a783 f3932a157ea1 thumbwide
Thom DeVita, 85, Dies; Revolutionized the Art of Tattooing
Obits, May 4

Working from his Lower East Side apartment, Mr. DeVita was one of the few artists tattooing in New York City after the practice was banned in 1961.

04kovel white house thumbwide v2
Dr. Joel Kovel, a Founder of Ecosocialism, Is Dead at 81
Obits, May 4

Dr. Kovel abandoned Freudian psychiatry to further a radical school of “green and red” thought that envisioned an unpolluted world without capitalism.

Merlin 10794652 74283bba eacf 4316 b694 3617f9286ed9 thumbwide
Lester James Peries, 99, Visionary Sri Lankan Filmmaker, Dies
Obits, May 4

Shunning traditional dance and fantasy fare, he made psychologically rich stories that brought wide recognition to an island nation’s film industry.

04torrey memorial thumbwide
Bill Torrey, Who Brought the Stanley Cup to Long Island, Is Dead at 83
Obits, May 3

The original general manager of the Islanders, he built four consecutive N.H.L. championships in the early 1980s.

03avery1 thumbwide
James Avery, Creator of a Southern Jewelry Empire, Dies at 96
Obits, May 3

His company grew from a one-man operation in Texas to 80 stores across the South, gaining particular renown for its religiously inspired creations.

04provensen studio thumbwide
Alice Provensen, a Star in the Children’s-Book World, Dies at 99
Obits, May 3

She illustrated dozens of books beginning in the 1940s, many with her husband, and as her career progressed she also wrote quite a few.

Chase obit 1 thumbwide
Joan Chase, Who Drew Acclaim With First Novel at 46, Dies at 81
Obits, May 3

Margaret Atwood called Ms. Chase’s book “a Norman Rockwell painting gone bad, the underside of the idyllic hometown” in American society.

Oakimage 1524692580254 thumbwide v2
Readers Eulogize Family and Friends They Loved and Lost
News Desk, May 2

Our second installment of reader submissions to the Overlooked obituary project.

03paul1 thumbwide
Art Paul, Art Director Who Gave Playboy Its Look, Dies at 93
Obits, May 2

Mr. Paul, who was with the magazine from the beginning, created its rabbit-head logo and hired great illustrators to lend worldliness to its pages.

03hafif thumbwide v2
Marcia Hafif, Painter of Monochromatic Works, Is Dead at 88
Obits, May 2

Ms. Hafif didn’t want you to wonder what a work was a painting of; she wanted you to see the color, the brush strokes, the play of light.

03hafif thumbwide v2
Marcia Hafif, Painter of Monochromatic Works, Is Dead at 89
Obits, May 2

Ms. Hafif didn’t want you to wonder what a work was a painting of; she wanted you to see the color, the brush strokes, the play of light.

03meza obit  thumbwide
Luis García Meza, Bolivian Dictator Jailed for Genocide, Dies at 88
Obits, May 2

In a brief but bloody rule in the 1980s, he jailed and tortured hundreds of dissidents. He had been serving a 30-year prison term at his death.

02starks3 thumbwide
Jabo Starks, Drummer for James Brown, Dies at 79
Obits, May 1

During Brown’s heyday in the 1960s and ’70s, Mr. Starks and Clyde Stubblefield were the drum team behind some big hits.

02seldin obit thumbwide
Dr. Donald Seldin, Who Put a Medical School on the Map, Dies at 97
Obits, May 1

A kidney specialist born in Brooklyn, he gambled that an old Army barracks in Dallas could grow into a national leader in biomedicine.

01fahy thumbwide
Everett Fahy, Museum Authority on European Painting, Is Dead at 77
Obits, May 1

Mr. Fahy ran the Frick Collection and then oversaw a reorganization at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that was hailed as groundbreaking.

01leiber women thumbwide
Gerson Leiber, 96, Dies; Artist Created Museum With Designer Wife
Obits, April 30

Mr. Leiber’s paintings ranged from abstract to stylized representational. His and Judith Leiber’s collection features his art and her celebrated handbags.

01anderson thumbwide
Michael Anderson, Director of Hit and Cult Films, Dies at 98
Obits, April 30

His filmography includes “Around the World in 80 Days,” which won five Academy Awards in 1957, and the science-fiction favorite “Logan’s Run.”

28abbas2 thumbwide
Abbas Attar, Who Photographed Iran’s Revolution, Dies at 74
Obits, April 30

He took pictures in troubled areas all over the world, but he was more interested in the causes and aftermath of war than in the killing.

Marcus2 thumbwide
Steven Marcus, Columbia Scholar and Literary Critic, Dies at 89
Obits, April 30

An author and professor for more than four decades, he made criticism a prism on history and society, from pornography to psychoanalysis.

Arzuobit1 thumbwide
Álvaro Arzú, Ex-President of Guatemala, Dies at 72
Obits, April 30

Mr. Arzú signed the final peace accord in 1996 that ended the country’s long civil war. The mayor of the capital city, he was also accused of corruption.

Merlin 136763676 c3945f41 23f8 48e4 b507 c6b3b5cdf99e thumbwide
Judith Leiber, 97, Dies; Turned Handbags Into Objets d’Art
Obits, April 30

Her imaginative evening bags were sought after by celebrities and royalty. She died only hours after the death of her husband, the painter Gerson Leiber.

29cone obit thumbwide
James H. Cone, a Founder of Black Liberation Theology, Dies at 79
Obits, April 29

Dr. Cone argued for racial equality and an understanding of the Christian Gospel that elevated the voices of the oppressed.

30hyltonobit1 thumbwide
James Hylton, 1966 Nascar Rookie of the Year, Dies at 83
Obits, April 29

Hylton won two Nascar races in his career and finished second in points in the Cup Series three times. He and his son died in a traffic accident.

Harvey obit 2 thumbwide
Larry Harvey, the Man Behind Burning Man, Is Dead at 70
Obits, April 28

Mr. Harvey’s anti-establishment festival evolved from a modest affair on a San Francisco beach to a globally celebrated phenomenon in the Nevada desert.

28santos1 thumbwide v3
Nelson Pereira dos Santos, 89, Dies; Lifted Brazilian Film
Obits, April 27

Mr. dos Santos was a leader of the Cinema Novo movement, which emphasized grit and struggle, and fought for a uniquely Brazilian cinema.

28healy1 thumbwide
Maj. Gen. Michael Healy, Paragon Among Green Berets, Dies at 91
Obits, April 27

General Healy served for decades and helped lift morale when he took command of Special Forces in Vietnam after a scandalous murder case in 1969.

Hoff obit 1 thumbwide
Philip Hoff, Governor Who Steered Red Vermont to Blue, Dies at 93
Obits, April 27

The first Democrat elected to lead the state in more than 100 years, Mr. Hoff steered a liberal course in the 1960s.

Neville2 thumbwide
Charles Neville of the Neville Brothers Is Dead at 79
Obits, April 27

Mr. Neville, a saxophonist, joined with his brothers in 1977 to form a New Orleans supergroup that mingled a party spirit with social consciousness.

Papapetrou 5 thumbwide
Polixeni Papapetrou, Photographer With an Eerie Eye, Dies at 57
Obits, April 27

Her photographs often featured her own children in startling costumes, but the most attention-getting one involved no clothes at all.

Jeannette obit 2 thumbwide
Gertrude Jeannette, Actor, Director and Cabdriver, Dies at 103
Obits, April 26

Believed to be the first woman to drive a taxi in New York City, she also overcame a speech impediment to work on Broadway, in film and on television.

Gump1 thumbwide
Jean Gump, Tireless Fighter for Social Justice, Dies at 90
Obits, April 26

Ms. Gump served four years in prison for disabling a missile silo, one of her many arrests as a political activist, all while raising 12 children.

26hamill1 thumbwide
Sam Hamill, Poet, Publisher and War Protester, Dies at 74
Obits, April 26

Mr. Hamill, the founder of Copper Canyon Press, expressed his opposition to the Iraq war by collecting and publishing thousands of antiwar poems.

Kinugasa obit 3 thumbwide
Sachio Kinugasa, Japanese Baseball’s Iron Man, Is Dead at 71
Obits, April 26

In 1987 he broke Lou Gehrig’s record for consecutive games played, only to see his testament to durability exceeded nine years later by Cal Ripken Jr.

26oh1 thumbwide v2
Soon-Tek Oh, Actor Who Chafed at Asian Stereotypes, Dies at 85
Obits, April 25

He was among the founders of East West Players, a theater troupe that sought better roles for Asian-American actors and more representative stories.

Epstein obit 1 thumbwide
Dr. Samuel Epstein, 91, Cassandra of Cancer Prevention, Dies
Obits, April 25

He blamed greedy manufacturers, lax regulators, misguided researchers and complicit charitable groups for what he saw as a coming cancer epidemic.

Phillips obit 4 thumbwide
Vel Phillips, Housing Rights Champion in the ′60s, Is Dead at 95
Obits, April 25

She broke racial and gender barriers on her way to spearheading open-housing legislation in Milwaukee and was a voice in Democratic national politics.

Merlin 137277615 9c72a9e6 7cbc 41aa ae85 11a4897771bf thumbwide
Bob Dorough, Jazzman With a Hit Kid-Music Series, Dies at 94
Obits, April 24

Mr. Dorough worked with Miles Davis and many others, but he’s best known for his songs for the educational cartoon series “Schoolhouse Rock!”

Zwick obit 2 thumbwide
Charles Zwick, Who Balanced Budget Under Johnson, Dies at 91
Obits, April 24

As the president’s last budget director, he helped engineer the only federal surplus to be recorded over a span of almost 40 years.

24leff1 thumbwide
Eugene Leff Dies at 73; Fought for New York in Love Canal Case
Obits, April 23

Mr. Leff was the state’s lead lawyer in a toxic-waste suit against a chemical company that led to a record $98 million settlement in 1994.