Merlin 150849975 f24d0a3e 5c60 4d23 8c09 8fff8d1f16f7 articleinline
George Mendonsa, 95, Most Likely the Sailor in a Famous Photo, Dies
Obituaries, Yesterday

Mr. Mendonsa made the most credible claim to being the man captured kissing a woman in Times Square on V-J Day in a picture that became a national emblem.

17radziwill articleinline
Lee Radziwill, Ex-Princess and Sister of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Dies at 85
Obituaries, February 16

She shared the qualities of wealth, social status and ambition with her older sister, but she struggled to achieve professional recognition.

Merlin 150685599 2f253226 bd12 45d3 a35e eaffd3a18b3d articleinline
Li Rui, a Mao Confidant Who Turned Party Critic, Dies at 101
Obituaries, February 15

Once one of Mao Zedong’s personal secretaries, Mr. Li became a revisionist historian and a standard-bearer for liberal values in China.

Merlin 150662589 5c753add c5bf 4acd 918a b83af1596cce articleinline
Betty Ballantine, Who Helped Introduce Paperbacks, Dies at 99
Obituaries, February 15

As a publishing team, she and her husband, Ian, set out in 1939 “to change the reading habits of America,” and to a large extent they did.

Merlin 150751272 2eda0f87 4522 45dc add6 f96f81fb8460 articleinline
Donald Smith, Who Produced ‘The Silent Scream,’ Dies at 94
Obituaries, February 15

His controversial anti-abortion documentary, professing to show a fetus expressing pain, became a formidable weapon for abortion opponents.

14lee2 articleinline
Mable Lee, Tap-Dancing ‘Queen of the Soundies,’ Dies at 97
Obituaries, February 14

A professional entertainer from the age of 9, Ms. Lee was seen in numerous short musical films as well as in nightclubs and on Broadway.

Merlin 150648204 5f75c40e 62de 46bc 8c98 2bd739620684 articleinline
Pedro Morales, 76, First to Win Three Major Wrestling Titles, Dies
Obituaries, February 13

A hard-punching star of the 1970s and ’80s, he was known as much for his kindness outside the ring as for his ferocity within it.

Merlin 150373443 11c5b1f6 9b6e 455b aa1b 28e64d84b141 articleinline
Mel A. Tomlinson, 65, Ballet Star and ‘Agon’ Interpreter, Dies
Obituaries, February 13

Mr. Tomlinson, who danced with New York City Ballet, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and Dance Theater of Harlem, was a rangy, powerful presence on the stage.

Merlin 150580827 b9c41428 5c3e 41c2 a55e a8f844a4a2b1 articleinline
Gordon Banks, Goalkeeper Who Made a Famous Save, Is Dead at 81
Obituaries, February 13

Playing against Brazil in the 1970 World Cup, he somehow stopped a downward header from Pele, who later said the save was among the best he had ever seen.

Merlin 150599046 13bf29c9 9de5 417c b289 8babe0ded176 articleinline
Roderick MacFarquhar, Eminent China Scholar, Dies at 88
Obituaries, February 12

With a three-volume study of the Cultural Revolution and lively lectures at Harvard, he influenced how people around the world understood China.

Merlin 150538164 92be83f1 842c 416a 8208 20925c6157f8 articleinline
Manfred Eigen, 91, Nobel Winner Who Put a Clock to Chemicals, Dies
Obituaries, February 12

He shared the 1967 prize for finding a way to time “immeasurably fast” chemical reactions. His research advanced the study of enzymes, among other things.

13miller1 articleinline
Ron Miller, Who Rose to the Top at Disney, Then Fell, Dies at 85
Obituaries, February 12

A former football player, he spent three decades working for Walt Disney, his father-in-law, and had notable successes — until things turned sour.

Merlin 150582570 52d2851d ba82 4666 aa6b e42fd6b3e9c8 articleinline
Heidi Toffler, Unsung Force Behind Futurist Books, Dies at 89
Obituaries, February 12

With her husband, Alvin Toffler, she was half of a team that produced global best-sellers, including “Future Shock.” Recognition was belated.

Merlin 150529704 b6c2b8f8 2be6 4014 8e2e 4fda57d322be articleinline
Tomi Ungerer, Brash Illustrator for Young and Older, Dies at 87
Obituaries, February 11

His children’s books brought a refreshing jolt to the genre, but his erotica made him an outcast in some circles.

Merlin 150312459 49458666 aaa9 4218 b141 5dab79191526 articleinline
Nancy B. Reich, Scholarly Champion of Clara Schumann, Dies at 94
Obituaries, February 11

Her research raised the profile of a composer too often overshadowed by her husband and established her as a major figure of German Romanticism.

09hutchinson2 articleinline
Ron Hutchinson, Restorer of Early Sound Films, Is Dead at 67
Obituaries, February 10

For years, he hunted down the discs containing the soundtracks to short films from as early as 1926 that featured comedians, opera singers and others.

11sirolaobit2 articleinline
Joe Sirola, Actor Who Found Riches in Commercials, Dies at 89
Obituaries, February 10

He made countless commercials; at one point it was said that people who listened to the radio or watched TV heard his voice every single day.

Merlin 147422283 5f21e15e a77f 48cb 8246 5d10ff22cf39 articleinline
Pierre Nanterme, Former C.E.O. of Accenture, Dies at 59
Obituaries, February 10

Mr. Nanterme, who capped a 36-year career at the global consulting giant with eight years as chief executive, transformed the company by sharpening its focus on new technologies.

Merlin 149974776 174cb70f bd4e 4c5f a1d9 0858d9ec0960 articleinline
Dr. John Gunderson, 76, Dies; Defined Borderline Personality Disorder
Obituaries, February 8

“He was the first person to look systematically at the data and figure out what the heck this diagnosis really meant,” a colleague said.

08siperstein1 articleinline
Barbra Siperstein, Crusader for Transgender Rights, Dies at 76
Obituaries, February 8

Married with three children, she became a vigorous advocate after her wife died. Her name is on a new New Jersey law on gender identity.

Merlin 150311739 1cf05bcd 6719 4546 afa1 3090a3f8d0e9 articleinline
Rosamunde Pilcher, Author of ‘The Shell Seekers,’ Dies at 94
Obituaries, February 7

After the success of what her publisher called “the quintessential word-of-mouth book,” many of her novels were made into TV movies or mini-series.

Merlin 150237981 4769cb64 0066 435d b7c1 55fa472d907c articleinline
Dr. Doris Wethers, 91, on Front Lines Against Sickle Cell, Dies
Obituaries, February 7

Breaking racial barriers in New York’s medical world, she earned renown for research and advocacy that led to mandatory testing for sickle cell anemia.

Merlin 150193929 f587c1c5 7e3c 4775 96c0 b330886f92a5 articleinline
Ron Joyce, Force Behind Tim Hortons Doughnut Shops, Dies at 88
Obituaries, February 6

After the death of its namesake co-founder, Mr. Joyce made the chain an inescapable part of Canadian life.

Merlin 127387883 c2a6a050 5d9d 432c 91a9 0c417d49e107 articleinline
James R. McManus, 84, Last of the Hell’s Kitchen Bosses, Dies
New York, February 5

He was a scion of a Democratic political family entrenched in Manhattan’s West Side for more than a century, doling out favors in return for votes.

Merlin 150173367 4fada358 a48e 46d4 b457 ef05122e1532 articleinline
Matti Nykanen, Champion but Troubled Ski Jumper, Dies at 55
Obituaries, February 4

“The Flying Finn” dominated his sport at the Olympics and elsewhere, until alcohol abuse and episodes of violence tarnished his legacy.

Merlin 150060798 e6c24d9b a1d1 4d50 a304 f48f9ac53f35 articleinline
Theodore Rabb, Resourceful Renaissance Historian, Dies at 81
Obituaries, February 4

Based at Princeton, Professor Rabb brought a fresh eye to analyzing historical records in producing books, articles and a PBS series.

Merlin 61715564 8706c810 2562 48b4 9675 a0a6fa87d471 articleinline
Julie Adams, Seized by Creature in ‘Black Lagoon,’ Dies at 92
Obituaries, February 4

Her Hollywood career stretched across six decades, but it was her 1954 role as the love interest of a reptilian monster that gave her lasting fame.

02overlooked promo articleinline
A Design to Bring Life to Death
Reader Center, February 2

A special section in the Sunday paper paid tribute to extraordinary black men and women who were left out of The Times’s obituaries when they died. Its design aims to bring joy to readers.

02miller1 articleinline
Dick Miller, 90, Dies; Character Actor and Roger Corman Mainstay
Obituaries, February 1

He appeared in dozens of low-budget films for Mr. Corman and later in “The Terminator,” “Gremlins” and other movies directed by Corman acolytes.

01makavejev2 articleinline
Dusan Makavejev, 86. Eyebrow-Raising Serbian Director, Dies
Obituaries, January 31

His films, among them “WR: Mysteries of the Organism,” were full of sex and metaphor. They were celebrated on the festival circuit but also sometimes reviled.

01rodriguez1 articleinline
Margo Rodriguez, 89, Half of an Innovative Mambo Duo, Dies
Obituaries, January 31

As the dance team Augie and Margo, Mrs. Rodriguez and her husband helped mambo evolve from a nightclub craze into popular mainstream entertainment.

Merlin 149836542 9cf86484 9ba4 4f63 ac79 d3f9e804622a articleinline
Jean Guillou, Organ Maestro Who Broke Traditions, Dies at 88
Obituaries, January 31

Mr. Guillou charted his own path in organ performance, composition and even design — attracting controversy but leaving a legacy of more than 100 recordings.

Merlin 150015573 0bca994d 93e5 41e8 a21b 8fa76139afd9 articleinline
Harold Bradley, a Nashville Studio Master, Is Dead at 93
Obituaries, January 31

Mr. Bradley’s work on six-string bass and guitar was featured on records by Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Loretta Lynn and numerous others.

Merlin 23768259 d79028a7 7b30 4612 a226 67f28fe6233e articleinline
Erik Olin Wright, 71, Dies; Marxist Sociologist With a Pragmatic Approach
Obituaries, January 30

Dr. Wright offered practical alternatives to capitalism, promoting ideas like a universal basic income.

Merlin 149939898 37a88965 a114 4240 b201 e49a6c9da0f7 articleinline
Edwin Birdsong, Whose Music Was Reborn in Hip-Hop, Dies at 77
Obituaries, January 29

His blend of funk, jazz and disco from the 1970s and ′80s has been sampled by a later generation of artists, including Daft Punk and De La Soul.

Merlin 149904936 d8355618 0205 488e 9eb6 ca9b3e8e3264 articleinline
Oliver Mtukudzi, Renowned Zimbabwean Musician, Is Dead at 66
Obituaries, January 29

His music, a kind of soundtrack to his country’s life in the late 20th century, became its own idiom, called “Tuku music,” after his nickname.

Merlin 143216700 d97cc43b f093 40bc 9f22 a23218d12bac articleinline
Kim Bok-dong, Wartime Sex Slave Who Sought Reparations for Koreans, Dies at 92
Obituaries, January 29

Ms. Kim, one of the thousands of women forced to work in Japanese brothels during World War II, was among the first to break decades of silence about their ordeal.

Merlin 149908248 ee674dc8 2d03 4686 acf9 5292c4a38de9 articleinline
Frances Grill, 90, Founder of an Inclusive Modeling Agency, Dies
Obituaries, January 28

At Click there have been white models (Elle Macpherson, Isabella Rossellini, Uma Thurman), black (Whitney Houston, Gail O’Neill) and transgender (Teri Toye).

26lousada2 articleinline
Patricia McBride Lousada, One of Balanchine’s Originals, Dies at 89
Obituaries, January 28

Ms. Lousada was one of the first ballerinas chosen for what became New York City Ballet. Later in life she became a successful cookbook author.

Merlin 149846556 c2a3f8cd 934c 404f 80cc 43e2d1a3cf25 articleinline
Meshulam Riklis, Financier Who Wed Pia Zadora, Is Dead at 95
Obituaries, January 27

He was one of the first corporate raiders to acquire companies with leveraged buyouts. But he was probably best known for his marriage.

25vidaurri1 articleinline
Rita Vidaurri, Ranchera Singer Who Reclaimed Her Career, Dies at 94
Obituaries, January 24

Ms. Vidaurri became famous in Latin America for belting out songs in the 1950s but stopped at her peak, only to return to the limelight as she neared 80.

24costle1 articleinline
Douglas Costle, Who Helped Create the E.P.A. and Then Ran It, Dies at 79
Obituaries, January 24

He helped conceive the environmental agency that President Nixon created in 1970 and oversaw it through crises in the Carter administration.

Merlin 149589183 336e729b 5029 4095 a1df c1cb9af5d86e articleinline
Edward Morrison, Deputy Mayor Who Helped John Lennon, Dies at 85
Obituaries, January 23

Serving in the Lindsay administration, he argued that Lennon was a cultural asset when the Nixon administration tried to deport him in the early 1970s.

Baker obit 1 articleinline
Russell Baker, Pulitzer-Winning Times Columnist and Humorist, Dies at 93
Business, January 22

Mr. Baker, a backwoods-born Virginian who became one of America’s most celebrated writers, spent decades at The New York Times and hosted “Masterpiece Theater” for years.

Baker obit 1 articleinline
Russell Baker, Pulitzer-Winning Times Columnist and Humorist, Dies at 93
Business, January 22

Mr. Baker, a backwoods-born Virginian who became one of America’s most celebrated writers, spent decades at The New York Times and hosted “Masterpiece Theater” for years.

23howze1 articleinline
Joseph Howze Is Dead at 95; Groundbreaking African-American Bishop
Obituaries, January 22

As head of the mostly white Diocese of Biloxi, Miss., he was the first African-American bishop appointed to preside over a Roman Catholic diocese in the 20th century.

00ballard1 articleinline
Kaye Ballard, Indefatigable Comedian and Actress, Dies at 93
Obituaries, January 22

Best known for the 1960s sitcom “The Mothers-in-Law,” she also had memorable turns in Broadway musicals and rode the nightclub circuit for years.

Merlin 149397144 31d37f56 2f44 4fec b943 172e908f59d5 articleinline
Reggie Young, Guitarist Heard on Hundreds of Hits, Dies at 82
Obituaries, January 21

A studio mainstay first in Memphis and later in Nashville, Mr. Young recorded with Elvis Presley and countless others.