22kok thumbwide
Wim Kok, Dutch Prime Minister in Boom Times, Is Dead at 80
Obits, Yesterday

He was part of a wave of pragmatic Social Democrats who swept to power in Europe in the 1990s. He presided over eight years of economic prosperity.

20palme1 thumbwide
Lisbeth Palme, Witness to an Assassination, Dies at 87
Foreign, October 19

A noted advocate for children, she was also a key part of long-running efforts to find the killer of her husband, Sweden’s prime minister.

19hubbell1 articleinline
Sue Hubbell, Who Wrote of Bees and Self-Reliance, Dies at 83
Obituaries, October 18

In well-reviewed books like “A Country Year” and “A Book of Bees,” she described adjusting to a midlife divorce and keeping 300 hives in the Ozarks.

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Ara Guler, Poetic Photographer of Istanbul, Dies at 90
Obituaries, October 18

One of the greatest Turkish photographers of his generation, Mr. Guler depicted the city with poignancy. He also photographed the famous worldwide.

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William Shearer, Doctor (‘Like Another Dad’) to the ‘Bubble Boy,’ Dies at 81
Obits, October 18

“What he gave us was a powerful lesson in many areas of medicine,” Dr. Shearer said of his young patient, who lived in a sterile plastic cocoon.

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Dennis Hof, the Pimp Who Won a Nevada State Primary, Dies at 72
Express, October 16

A brothel owner and a Republican, he likened himself to President Trump and was weeks away from general election when he was found dead by a pornographic film star.

16xp hof thumbwide
Dennis Hof Defends Legal Prostitution: ‘The Demand Is There’
Video, October 16

Mr. Hof, a Nevada brothel owner, political candidate and self-described pimp, was found dead on Tuesday by his friend, the pornographic film actor Ron Jeremy.

17buatta2 thumbwide
Mario Buatta, Interior Designer and ‘Prince of Chintz,’ Dies at 82
Obits, October 16

He made exuberant use of pillows, fringes, swags, tassels, bows and ruffles for a list of clients that included the famous as well as the merely rich.

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Paul G. Allen, Microsoft’s Co-Founder, Is Dead at 65
Business, October 15

Mr. Allen and Bill Gates started the company in 1975, helping to usher in the personal computing revolution. He died after a recurrence of cancer.

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Karl Mildenberger, German Heavyweight Who Fought Ali, Dies at 80
Obits, October 15

He was not seen as a serious threat to the champion, but after lasting 12 rounds against Ali, he saw the fight, though he lost, as a capstone to his career.

16like1 thumbwide
Irving Like, 93, Dies; Foe of Power Plant and Friend of Fire Island
Metro, October 15

Mr. Like, an environmental lawyer, waged a long and ultimately successful fight against the Shoreham nuclear generator on Long Island.

16kleber1 thumbwide
Herbert D. Kleber, Pioneer in Addiction Treatment, Dies at 84
Obits, October 15

A professional detour to the federal prison hospital in Lexington, Ky., known as the “narcotics farm,” would set the course of his life’s work.

14jplyric3 thumbwide
The Bright Future and Grim Death of a Privileged Hollywood Daughter
Metropolitan, October 14

In her brief life, Lyric McHenry was blessed: a childhood in Beverly Hills, an elite education and a budding film career. In death, things were more complicated.

14jimtaylor thumbwide
Jim Taylor, Hall of Fame Fullback for the Green Bay Packers, Dies at 83
Obits, October 13

Taylor ran for more than 1,000 yards in five consecutive seasons and was named to the N.F.L.’s all-decade team for the ’60s.

13hall obit2 thumbwide v2
Carol Hall, ‘Best Little Whorehouse’ Composer, Is Dead at 82
Obits, October 12

Ms. Hall was a moderately successful songwriter until she and two collaborators came up with one of the biggest Broadway hits of the 1970s.

13botha2 thumbwide
Pik Botha, South Africa’s Last Apartheid Foreign Minister, Dies at 86
Obits, October 12

A defender of apartheid, he also showed a moderate streak rarely found among hard-liners, predicting that the country would one day have a black president.

13lobel1 thumbwide
Cindy R. Lobel, Who Studied New York’s History Through Food, Dies at 48
Obits, October 12

Professor Lobel was among the first historians to explore the economic and social elements of city life in the 19th century through the lens of eating.

12wekselbaum1 thumbwide
Natan Wekselbaum, 83, Dies; Built a Cornucopia of Housewares
Obits, October 11

A Cuban immigrant, he and his brother started a tiny hardware store on the Upper East Side that grew into the sprawling Gracious Home emporium.

11almeida1 thumbwide
Helena Almeida, Experimental Portuguese Artist, Dies at 84
Obits, October 11

In photographs, drawings and paintings, she bent the boundaries between genres, using her body as an artistic tool.

11maria2 thumbwide
Angela Maria, 89, Brazilian Singer Who Inspired a Generation, Dies
Obits, October 11

Her unique voice — at times piercing, sometimes hoarse, often loaded with melancholy — powered a wildly successful recording career.

11maria2 articleinline
Angela Maria, 89, Brazilian Singer Who Inspired a Generation, Dies
Obituaries, October 11

Her unique voice — at times piercing, sometimes hoarse, often loaded with melancholy — powered a wildly successful recording career.

12moore1 thumbwide
Donald E. Moore, Who Expanded Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Dies at 90
Obits, October 11

As the garden’s president in the 1980s, he doubled its indoor exhibition space, tripled the membership and raised funds for the Steinhardt Conservatory.

Merlin 144740712 40257ce5 797b 4008 be83 79f1d948d47f thumbwide
Phyllis Kind, Art Dealer Who Took In Outsiders, Dies at 85
Obits, October 10

In New York and Chicago galleries she expanded the narrative of 20th-century art to include artists known as the Hairy Who and then as the Chicago Imagists.

10spanos1 thumbwide
Alex Spanos, Patriarch of N.F.L.’s Chargers, Is Dead at 95
Obits, October 9

A billionaire son of Greek immigrants, he bought the team in 1984 and later ceded it to his son Dean, who moved the franchise from San Diego to Los Angeles.

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Ray Galton, Writer of Hit British Sitcoms, Is Dead at 88
Obits, October 9

Mr. Galton and Alan Simpson created the landmark comedy series “Steptoe and Son,” the inspiration for the hit American show “Sanford and Son.”

09wilson1 thumbwide
Scott Wilson, 76, ‘Walking Dead’ and ‘In Cold Blood’ Actor, Dies
Obits, October 8

Mr. Wilson’s breakout part was as one of two murderers in “In Cold Blood.” He played a kinder figure on several seasons of “The Walking Dead.”

05baker1 thumbwide
William Baker, Who Righted an Army Racial Wrong From 1906, Dies at 86
Obits, October 8

Driven by a tale of racial injustice from his childhood, Mr. Baker dusted off an old case about a shooting spree in Texas. His findings reversed a ruling made nearly 70 years earlier.

00bluiett1 thumbwide
Hamiet Bluiett, Baritone Saxophone Trailblazer, Dies at 78
Obits, October 7

Mr. Bluiett, a charter member of the World Saxophone Quartet and a leading light of the jazz avant-garde, expanded the possibilities of his instrument.

07xp wells thumbwide
Audrey Wells, Screenwriter Behind ‘The Hate U Give,’ Dies at 58
Express, October 7

Audrey Wells, whose work included “Under the Tuscan Sun,” had been privately battling cancer for five years. She died the day before her latest film hit theaters.

06goldstein1 thumbwide
Sydney Goldstein, Maestro of Public Conversation, Dies at 73
Obits, October 5

She founded City Arts & Lectures, which showcases conversation as entertainment and is broadcast on more than 100 public radio stations nationwide.

06kaplan1 thumbwide
Richard Kaplan, Acclaimed Documentarian, Is Dead at 93
Obits, October 5

His films included an Oscar-winning study of Eleanor Roosevelt and a portrait of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that one critic called a “genuine spiritual epic.”

06helfand1 thumbwide
William Helfand, a Collector Intrigued by Quackery, Dies at 92
Culture, October 5

Mr. Helfand’s collection of posters and prints for dubious medical cures was formidable. It is now spread among assorted museums.

05robinson1 thumbwide
Roger Robinson, Who Tackled August Wilson Roles, Dies at 78
Obits, October 5

He won a Tony Award for his work in the 2009 revival of Mr. Wilson’s “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone,” his seventh and final Broadway appearance.

05romero thumbwide
Juan Romero, Who Aided a Dying Robert Kennedy, Is Dead at 68
Obits, October 4

He was a teenage busboy when Kennedy was shot in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. The moment, captured on film, haunted him for years.

05rackham2 thumbwide v3
Peggy Sue Gerron Rackham, Who Inspired a Hit Song, Dies at 78
Obits, October 4

The girlfriend of Buddy Holly’s drummer in the Crickets, she was the “pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty Peggy Sue” immortalized in a 1957 rock ’n’ roll record.

03lucas1 thumbwide
C. Payne Lucas, Leader in Aid to Africa, Is Dead at 85
Obits, October 4

Mr. Lucas helped found Africare and, with help from African-Americans, built it into a leading nonprofit promoting economic development.

03colescott3 thumbwide
Warrington Colescott, Who Etched With a Satirical Edge, Dies at 97
Obits, October 4

In his etchings, Mr. Colescott, a renowned printmaker, made biting and witty commentaries on history, politics, civil rights and, satisfyingly, the I.R.S.

05anderson1 thumbwide
Dave Anderson, Award-Winning Times Sportswriter, Dies at 89
Sports, October 4

Rare for a sports journalist, he won a Pulitzer Prize, crowning a long career as a columnist and author that began when he was a teenager in Brooklyn.

04emerick3 thumbwide
Geoff Emerick, 72, Dies; Recorded the Beatles in Their Prime
Obits, October 3

A Grammy Award-winning engineer, he played a key role in the making of “Revolver,” “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and other important albums.

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Leon Lederman, 96, Explorer (and Explainer) of the Subatomic World, Dies
Obits, October 3

A Nobel laureate who deepened science’s understanding of the building blocks of matter, he was called “the best ambassador of physics to the general public since Einstein.”

03muoi1 thumbwide
Do Muoi, Vietnam’s Leader in Economic Transition, Dies at 101
Obits, October 2

He was called “a prime example of a steadfast communist.” But he also pushed through reforms as Vietnam opened its markets and encouraged free enterprise.

03gray1 thumbwide
Lois Gray, Mentor to Unions and Women Who Work, Dies at 94
Obits, October 2

At Cornell she taught and nurtured women, immigrants and minority group members as she broke ground in the field of labor and industrial relations.

02gonzalez1 thumbwide
Jerry González, Innovator of Latin Jazz, Is Dead at 69
Obits, October 1

A trumpeter and percussionist, he melded Cuban, African, Puerto Rican and other influences in the Fort Apache Band and other ensembles.

30rush1 thumbwide v2
Otis Rush, Influential Blues Singer and Guitarist, Is Dead at 83
Obits, September 29

Mr. Rush was part of a circle of late-1950s performers whose music heralded a new era for Chicago blues and influenced a generation of rock musicians.

29balin2 thumbwide
Marty Balin, a Founder of Jefferson Airplane, Dies at 76
Obits, September 29

A guitarist, singer and songwriter for a San Francisco band that defined the psychedelic rock era of the late 1960s, then morphed into Jefferson Starship.

29masteroff1 thumbwide
Joe Masteroff, Playwright of ‘Cabaret’ Fame, Is Dead at 98
Obits, September 28

The winner of a Tony for his evocation of decadent prewar Berlin, he is also remembered for another acclaimed Broadway musical, “She Loves Me.”

29bratescu1 thumbwide
Geta Bratescu, Adventuresome Romanian Artist, Is Dead at 92
Obits, September 28

The creator of experimental, often humorous works, she had been a prolific artist for decades in her own country. But the West discovered her only recently.

27mckinney1 thumbwide
Jack McKinney, 83, Dies; N.B.A. Coach Trailed by a ‘What if?
Obits, September 26

With Magic Johnson he brought “Showtime” to the Lakers in 1979, but he missed their glory years after a calamitous bicycle accident.

27sutton1 thumbwide
Constance Sutton, Feminist Anthropologist, Is Dead at 92
Obits, September 26

Margaret Mead urged her to do field work, even though to do so as a married woman “was not heard of.” She became an expert on gender in the Caribbean.

27hoover2 thumbwide
Katherine Hoover, Flutist and Composer, Is Dead at 80
Obits, September 26

Ms. Hoover, whose “Kokopeli” is a frequently performed piece for flute, made significant inroads into the male-dominated world of classical composition.

27ficior thumbwide
Ion Ficior, 90, Convicted in Romania Labor Camp Crimes, Is Dead
Obits, September 26

He had been linked to the deaths of 103 political prisoners as a camp commander during Communist rule. He died, unrepentant, in a prison hospital.

26edelstein1 thumbwide
Frances Edelstein, Queen of the Polish Tea Room, Is Dead at 92
Obits, September 25

With her husband, she turned a former hotel ballroom in Midtown Manhattan into a dining hangout for actors, directors, playwrights, producers — and tourists.

Merlin 144319263 8a88c3de 5e8e 4575 a049 5ff1f30427cc thumbwide
Joshua Roth, Who Brought Agents to Visual Artists, Dies at 40
Obits, September 25

Mr. Roth founded United Talent Agency’s fine arts division in 2015 to tap into a new revenue source and help artists broker deals beyond the art world.

24wesselobit1 thumbwide
Henry Wessel, Whose Lens Captured Life in the West, Is Dead at 76
Obits, September 24

He was a New Jersey native enthralled by California. “The light had such physical presence; it looked as though you could lean against it,” he said.

25mcdonald3 thumbwide
Tommy McDonald, Hall of Fame Receiver for the Eagles, Dies at 84
Obits, September 24

What he lacked in size — he was 5 feet 9 and 175 pounds — he made up for in speed and durability, lasting 12 N.F.L. seasons and scoring 84 touchdowns.