14buitan thumbwide
Bui Tin, Colonel Who Accepted South Vietnam’s Surrender, Dies at 90
Obits, Yesterday

He had a prominent role in the Vietnam War’s final moments, but he later fled the country and became an unlikely critic of its ruling Communist Party.

11xp naipaul 2 thumbwide
V.S. Naipaul, Who Explored Colonialism Through Unsparing Books, Dies at 85
Obits, August 11

Mr. Naipaul, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2001, wrote about the liberation movements that swept across Africa and the Caribbean, where he was born.

11silver1 thumbwide
Anya Krugovoy Silver, Poetic Voice on Mortality, Dies at 49
Obits, August 10

“My joy exists with pain,” Ms. Silver wrote. Her poems moved in a new direction after she received a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2004.

11fraser1 thumbwide
Arvonne Fraser, Who Spoke Out on Women’s Issues, Dies at 92
Obits, August 10

Whether in her home state of Minnesota or in Washington, Ms. Fraser urged women to fight for their rights.

09williams thumbwide
Patrick Williams, 79, Composer as Heard on TV (and Beyond), Is Dead
Obits, August 9

Mr. Williams, whose approach blended jazz, classical and pop elements, provided music for film, television and his own award-winning records.

10sipe1 thumbwide
A.W. Richard Sipe, a Leading Expert on Clergy Sex Abuse, Dies at 85
Obits, August 9

Mr. Sipe spent decades researching priestly celibacy and the roots of the sexual abuse of minors by clergymen. He became a powerful advocate for victims.

10britton1 thumbwide
Burt Britton, a Book Lover if Ever There Was One, Dies at 84
Obits, August 9

He had intimate knowledge of every shelf at the Strand, was a partner in another bookstore and, when not reading, collected celebrities’ self portraits.

10miller1 thumbwide
Anita Miller, Who Battled John Cheever’s Family, Dies at 91
Obits, August 9

An author and publisher with an eclectic bent, she was a founder of Academy Chicago, which sold feminist, mystery, literary and children’s books.

10onaga1 thumbwide
Takeshi Onaga, Critic of U.S. Bases as Okinawa Governor, Dies at 67
Obits, August 9

A conservative who defied Japan’s ruling party, he opposed not just the relocation of a Marine base on the island but the entire American military presence there.

10lyle thumbwide
Jarrod Lyle, Golfer Who Played On Despite Cancer, Dies at 36
Obits, August 9

An Australian who competed in more than 120 P.G.A. tournaments, he was recognized for his persistence in returning to golf after bouts with leukemia.

09collins1 thumbwide
Lorrie Collins, Dynamic Rockabilly Singer, Is Dead at 76
Obits, August 8

Ms. Collins and her brother, Larry, billed as the Collins Kids, were stars before they were teenagers, regularly featured on television variety shows.

07jarecki1 thumbwide
Richard Jarecki, Doctor Who Conquered Roulette, Dies at 86
Obits, August 8

He found a million-dollar edge by closely observing and identifying slight biases in roulette wheels, becoming “a menace to every casino in Europe.”

09newman1 thumbwide
Dr. Robert Newman, Apostle of Methadone Treatment, Dies at 80
Obits, August 8

Since 1970, when he established a major treatment program in New York, Dr. Newman emerged as a global expert on opioid addiction.

09roven1 thumbwide
Glen Roven, Emmy-Winning Composer and Conductor, Dies at 60
Obits, August 8

With little formal training, he made his debut on Broadway when he was 19 and became a prolific presence on TV and in concert halls around the world.

08rabinowitz1 thumbwide
Alan Rabinowitz, Conservationist of Wild Cats, Dies at 64
Obits, August 8

Mr. Rabinowitz made it his life’s mission to preserve lions, tigers, leopards and cheetahs after childhood encounters with a jaguar at the Bronx Zoo

08mikita1 thumbwide v2
Stan Mikita, 78, Dies; Hockey Hall of Famer Lifted Blackhawks
Obits, August 7

The N.H.L.’s first Czech-born player and a nine-time All-Star, he teamed with Bobby Hull to revive a floundering Chicago franchise in the 1960s.

08silman2 thumbwide
Robert Silman, Engineer Who Saved Fallingwater, Dies at 83
Obits, August 7

He was involved in many major restoration and salvation projects, including Carnegie Hall, the Ellis Island museum and the World Trade Center staircase.

Merlin 142007106 e29c127d 189f 4d9a 8060 a96436e41041 thumbwide
Tony Bullimore, Saved in Dramatic Ocean Rescue, Dies at 79
Obits, August 7

In 1997, he spent four days in an air pocket of his overturned boat after encountering a storm during an around-the-world race.

07heckler1 thumbwide
Margaret Heckler, Lawmaker and Reagan Health Secretary, Dies at 87
Obits, August 6

She championed women’s rights in Congress and ran the Department of Health and Human Services until she was forced out and appointed ambassador to Ireland.

07laxalt3 thumbwide
Paul Laxalt, Senator From Nevada and Reagan Confidant, Dies at 96
Obits, August 6

Known for a firm conservatism conveyed courteously, Mr. Laxalt developed a relationship with Ronald Reagan when they were governors of neighboring states.

Merlin 142069806 0b2d55e6 5e8d 45d7 bc19 d0bac984a912 thumbwide
Antonio Dias, Brazilian Artist Who Poked the Generals, Dies at 74
Obits, August 6

Mr. Dias took aim at the 1960s ruling junta with trenchant works of bright colors, graphic immediacy and world weariness. He later went into exile.

07meselson1 thumbwide
Amy Meselson, Lawyer Who Defended Young Immigrants, Dies at 46
Obits, August 6

She intervened to save an 18-year-old Senegalese student who had won a prize for robotics in East Harlem but was facing deportation.

07robouchon1 thumbwide
Joël Robuchon, a French Chef Festooned With Stars, Is Dead at 73
Obits, August 6

Classically trained but always inventive, he dazzled the culinary world, sweeping up Michelin stars wherever he set foot with a new restaurant.

07rae1 thumbwide
Charlotte Rae of ‘The Facts of Life’ and ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ Dies at 92
Obits, August 6

A fixture on Broadway and television for six decades, the actress found her greatest success as a warmhearted, wisecracking housemother in two sitcoms.

06xp lenfest thumbwide
H.F. Lenfest, Philanthropist and Owner of Philadelphia’s Newspapers, Dies at 88
Express, August 5

Mr. Lenfest made $1 billion in the cable industry and gave most of it away to arts, education and journalism institutions.

Merlin 141842577 17f9686e 2ee6 4642 ad14 7af6d9cff13d thumbwide
Tomasz Stanko, Ruminative Jazz Trumpeter, Dies at 76
Obits, August 5

A bandleader who played with a melancholic air, he was Poland’s leading jazz musician, honored across Europe and included in a Smithsonian anthology.

04ntshona1 thumbwide
Winston Ntshona, Tony-Winning South African Actor, Dies at 76
Obits, August 5

After a Broadway run, Mr. Ntshona was jailed in his home country for performing in a play he had written with Athol Fugard and the actor John Kani.

06tuckerman2 thumbwide v2
Nancy Tuckerman, 89, Trusted Aide of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Dies
National, August 5

An old friend, she was White House social secretary in tragic times, then continued to advise the family for decades, after Mrs. Kennedy became Mrs. Onassis.

04grindstaff1 thumbwide
Douglas Grindstaff, ‘Star Trek’ Sound Whiz, Dies at 87
Obits, August 3

He helped create the beeps, clinks and whooshes of the original 1960s series on his way to an Emmy-winning career.

07hermes1 thumbwide
Patricia Hermes, Whose Children’s Books Had Serious Side, Dies at 82
Obits, August 3

No fairy tales, thank you: Her many books dealt with death, war, slavery and other harsh realities and looked at history from contrasting viewpoints.

04carlisle1 thumbwide
Mary Carlisle, Depression-Era Movie Ingénue, Is Dead at 104
Culture, August 3

Discovered at 14 in a Hollywood commissary, she went on to appear in 50 movies, including three with Bing Crosby, and was a darling of the press.

03gibbs1 thumbwide
Christopher Gibbs, Avatar of ‘Swinging London,’ Dies at 80
Foreign, August 3

An antiques dealer and arbiter of eclectic taste, he popularized the 1960s Peacock Revolution in fashion and “distressed bohemian” in interior design.

04genest1 thumbwide
Rick Genest, Tattooed Model Known as Zombie Boy, Dies at 32
Culture, August 3

Mr. Genest, whose tattoos covered his entire body, participated in the 2011 Lady Gaga music video “Born This Way.”

04artlee1 thumbwide
Art Lee, Fly-Fishing Virtuoso and Writer, Dies at 76
National, August 3

Mr. Lee was a Catskills fixture whose reputation as an angler spread far and wide. He once took Jimmy Carter fishing and wrote a whole book on a knot.

03miles1 thumbwide
Betty Miles, Whose Children’s Books Tackled Sexism, Dies at 90
Obits, August 2

As a woman of the 1950s, she said, she felt “presumptuous” about wanting a writing career, but overcame her qualms to carve out a successful one.

03sheehan1 thumbwide
Michael Sheehan, Prescient Counterterrorism Expert, Dies at 63
Obits, August 2

Mr. Sheehan was said to have urged the Clinton White House in 1998 to focus on thwarting Osama bin Laden. His warning, an official said, went unheeded.

02wirtz5 thumbwide
Jacques Wirtz, Innovative Landscape Designer, Dies at 93
Obits, August 2

From Paris to Japan, he transformed gardens and grounds with the eye of a sculptor and the insight of a horticulturalist.

02hamlen thumbwide
Charles Hamlen, Classical Music Manager With a Cause, Dies at 75
Culture, August 1

He co-founded one of the leading classical music management agencies, IMG Artists, and then left it behind to raise money to help people with AIDS.

02voinovich1 thumbwide
Vladimir Voinovich, Dissident Russian Writer, Dies at 85
Culture, August 1

His satires were not well received by the Soviet authorities, and in 1980 he thought it best to live in the West until things thawed out.

01felsher1 thumbwide
Howard Felsher, Game Show Whiz Who Overcame Scandal, Dies at 90
Obits, August 1

After admitting to Congress that he had rigged a quiz show, he found redemption as a game show doctor, lifting ratings of daytime fare like “Family Feud.”

01peruzovic1 thumbwide
Nikolai Volkoff, Soviet Villain in the Wrestling Ring, Is Dead at 70
Obits, July 31

Volkoff, played by Josip Peruzovic, would belt out the Soviet Union’s national anthem before matches, though he had detested life under Communist rule.

31cohen1 thumbwide
Patricia Cohen, Who Tracked Mental Health of Children, Dies at 81
Obits, July 31

Ms. Cohen oversaw one of the longest-running studies of its kind, tracing the mental well-being of youngsters as they grew into adolescence.

01mccaffree1 thumbwide
Mary Jane McCaffree Monroe, Protocol Authority, Dies at 106
Obits, July 31

As a top aide to Mamie Eisenhower, she kept the White House social scene organized. Then, with a co-author, she wrote the book on the subject.

31cloninger1 thumbwide
Tony Cloninger, Pitcher Remembered for His Bat, Dies at 77
Obits, July 31

He was the only pitcher ever to hit two grand slams in a single game, for the Braves in 1966. He later won four World Series rings as a Yankees coach.

Merlin 141879240 35065c27 b7a0 4a24 a322 f4fb48ddc89e thumbwide
Sister Maureen Turlish, a Voice for Sex Abuse Victims, Dies at 79
Obits, July 30

Galvanized by scandal in the Catholic Church, she sought compensation for survivors, the ouster of abusive clergymen and accountability by the hierarchy.

Merlin 141742350 1c72b37f 151b 402c a4d9 4169adb5610a thumbwide
Herman Shine, One of the Few to Escape Auschwitz, Dies at 95
Foreign, July 30

He and his best friend fled a death camp with the help of a Polish civilian and the woman he would marry. He was one of the last surviving escapees.

28degroot1 thumbwide
Pat de Groot, Seascape Painter and Doyenne of the Dunes, Dies at 88
Obits, July 30

In Provincetown, at Cape Cod’s tip, John Waters called her “bohemian royalty,” a barefooted artist, party giver, salon host and emblem of a bygone day.

28kriger1 thumbwide
Kathy Kriger, ‘Madame Rick’ at Her Casablanca Cafe, Is Dead at 72
Foreign, July 30

A former American diplomat, she created a real Rick’s Cafe, evoking the cinematic Moroccan gin joint made famous by Bogart and Bergman.

31dellums5 thumbwide
Ron Dellums, 82, Dies; Unrelenting in Congress, He Upheld Left’s Ideals
Obits, July 30

Arriving in Washington as an antiwar firebrand, he became a House leader as head of the Armed Services Committee and the Congressional Black Caucus.

30lietzke thumbwide
Bruce Lietzke, Laid-Back Winner on the PGA Tour, Dies at 67
Obits, July 29

He won 13 tournaments but, by his account, rarely practiced and liked to take summer vacations — at the height of the tour — to be with his family.

26arndt1 thumbwide
Doris Arndt, Celebrated Animal Trainer, Is Dead at 88
National, July 29

A rare female performer in a field dominated by men, she topped European circus bills in the 1950s and ’60s with an act that featured a dozen polar bears.

30appelbaum1 thumbwide
Judith Appelbaum, a Guide for Would-Be Authors, Dies at 78
Obits, July 29

A long career in the publishing world was highlighted by her influential and enduring book “How to Get Happily Published.”

28loud2 thumbwide
Bill Loud, the Father of TV’s ‘An American Family,’ Is Dead at 97
Obits, July 27

In 1973, the real-life domestic dramas of Mr. Loud and his family were presented in 12 hourlong episodes now considered the genesis of reality television.

Merlin 141745950 5cb88dc7 2b34 4155 b5c4 defeea004f72 thumbwide
Hatidza Mehmedovic, 65, Dies; Spoke Out for Bosnia Massacre Victims
Obits, July 27

She helped found Mothers of Srebrenica, seeking justice for the 8,000 men and boys — her husband and sons among them — killed by Serb forces in 1995.

Merlin 141695508 6b3d9959 dfdf 4824 a072 3756efec93a0 thumbwide
Mai Skaf, Syrian Actress Who Defied Assad Regime, Dies at 49
Obits, July 27

Ms. Skaf fled to Paris after being arrested and harassed and receiving death threats when she spoke out against the Syrian government.

27duerk3 thumbwide
Alene Duerk, Navy’s First Female Rear Admiral, Is Dead at 98
Obits, July 26

She enlisted in the nursing corps during World War II, not expecting to make a career out of the Navy. But in 1972, she broke a barrier.

26beyer1 thumbwide
Franz Beyer, Who Revised Mozart’s Requiem, Is Dead at 96
Obits, July 26

In restoring a work left unfinished at the composer’s death, he sought to achieve “a closer and more conscious understanding of the Mozartean spirit.”

26howard thumbwide
Elbert Howard, a Founder of the Black Panthers, Dies at 80
National, July 26

Mr. Howard often acted as spokesman for the party during incendiary events. But he was also adept at organizing community programs.

25ishizaka1 thumbwide
Dr. Kimishige Ishizaka, Who Found Allergy Link, Dies at 92
Obits, July 26

Working with his wife, he identified an antibody that, in allergic individuals, produces excess amounts of histamine, which makes them sneeze.

Merlin 141725523 866fd1ac 4e79 4ee7 984a c3a04731c712 thumbwide
Mary Ellis, Who Flew British Spitfires in World War II, Dies at 101
Foreign, July 26

She was one of the last surviving women who flew aircraft to the front lines for Britain in World War II, overcoming skepticism that women could do the job.

26molinari1 thumbwide
Guy V. Molinari, Power Broker in New York and Beyond, Is Dead at 89
Obits, July 25

Congressman, assemblyman, Staten Island borough president: Even more, he was a Republican kingpin with wide reach in a largely Democratic city.

26shachko1 thumbwide
Oksana Shachko, a Founder of Feminist Protest Movement, Dies at 31
Obits, July 25

She was a key member of Femen, whose members held topless demonstrations against authoritarian leaders and the exploitation of women.

25hunthausen2 thumbwide
Raymond Hunthausen, Liberal Archbishop Rebuked by Rome, Dies at 96
Obits, July 25

He was temporarily stripped of some powers by the Vatican in a struggle with conservatives that deepened a rift with American bishops.

24joseph1 thumbwide
Cindy Joseph, a Model Who Embraced Her Age, Is Dead at 67
Obits, July 25

Ms. Joseph became a model at 49, after decades as a makeup artist, and in 2010 she started a cosmetics company to complement, not conceal, a woman’s age.

Merlin 135074478 1cf53c61 ccf4 49c8 99af 0e0c30043109 thumbwide
Sergio Marchionne, Who Revived Fiat and Chrysler, Dies at 66
Obits, July 25

Mr. Marchionne, who merged the two carmakers, pulling them back from the brink of collapse, led the combined Fiat Chrysler until just a few days ago.

25bell1 thumbwide
Anne Olivier Bell, Editor of Virginia Woolf Diaries, Dies at 102
Obits, July 24

Married to Woolf’s nephew, she was a last link to the famed Bloomsbury Group, and also part of the wartime art-preservation unit known as the Monuments Men.

23nostlinger1 thumbwide
Christine Nöstlinger, Clear-Eyed Children’s Book Author, Dies at 81
Obits, July 24

An author who avoided sentimentality and took on contemporary issues of social justice in books that were translated into 30 languages.

25brower1 thumbwide v2
Lincoln Brower, Champion of the Monarch Butterfly, Dies at 86
Obits, July 24

Dr. Brower was a leading expert on the monarch and its awe-inspiring migratory journey, which could cover thousands of miles.

Merlin 141654114 9a49ff2c 3f13 4cc5 b5e6 8805aae220d1 thumbwide
Aiko Herzig Yoshinaga, Critic of Wartime Internment, Is Dead at 93
Obits, July 24

An amateur researcher, she discovered evidence that evacuating Japanese-Americans was motivated by “race prejudice,” not by military necessity.

24portland2 thumbwide
Rene Portland, 65, Longtime Penn State Basketball Coach, Dies
Obits, July 23

She won more than 600 games over 27 seasons. But her reputation was tarnished when she was accused of discriminating against lesbian players.

24sparano obit thumbwide
Tony Sparano, Well-Traveled Coach in N.F.L., Is Dead at 56
Obits, July 23

He was the Vikings’ offensive line coach at his death and had been head coach in Miami and Oakland and an offensive coordinator for the Jets.

21richter1 thumbwide
Burton Richter, a Nobel Winner for Plumbing Matter, Dies at 87
Obits, July 23

He shared the 1976 physics prize for the discovery of an unexpected particle, a building block of the universe, in a high-speed accelerator he had designed.

24blizzard1 thumbwide
Robert Blizzard, Who Gave Children Hormones to Grow, Dies at 94
Obits, July 23

A pediatric pioneer, he liked to say he had added 11 miles to the height of the U.S. population. But growth hormones were later banned and replaced.

Tony Sparano, Minnesota Vikings Offensive Line Coach, Dies at 56
Sports, July 22

Sparano, who had been with the Vikings since 2016, was a head coach with the Miami Dolphins and Oakland Raiders earlier in his career.

Merlin 50276818 8d91b589 078e 4675 8b78 fc40dd85279f thumbwide
Tony Sparano, Minnesota Vikings Offensive Line Coach, Dies at 56
Sports, July 22

Sparano, who had been with the Vikings since 2016, was a head coach with the Miami Dolphins and Oakland Raiders earlier in his career.

23bowenobit2 thumbwide
Angela Bowen, Dance Teacher and Gay Activist, Is Dead at 82
Obits, July 22

Her dance school in New Haven influenced many, and her outspokenness as a black lesbian feminist influenced many more.

22gold1 sub thumbwide v2
Jonathan Gold, Food Critic Who Celebrated L.A.’s Cornucopia, Dies at 57
Obits, July 21

A gourmand who explored Los Angeles’s immigrant communities, taco carts and chic restaurants, Mr. Gold won renown in the culinary world and a Pulitzer Prize for criticism.

21kamman1 thumbwide
Madeleine Kamman, 87, Who Gave Americans a Taste of France, Dies
Obits, July 20

Schooled in Paris, she was a strong-willed teacher of traditional French cuisine for modern tastes and an influential chef and restaurateur.

20saban1 thumbwide v2
Stephen Saban, Chronicler (and Arbiter) of New York Night Life, Dies at 72
Obits, July 20

In his column-writing heyday in the late 1970s and ’80s, Mr. Saban was a star maker who became a star himself among the underground cognoscenti.

20mills1 thumbwide
Barry Mills, Brutal Leader of Racist Prison Gang, Dies at 70
Obits, July 20

The head of the Aryan Brotherhood, he was linked to murders, drug dealing, prostitution, racial warfare and more in a life spent mostly behind bars.

18tauran1 thumbwide
Jean-Louis Tauran, Vatican’s Interfaith Point Man, Is Dead at 75
Obits, July 20

Cardinal Tauran championed dialogue among religions and spoke of a “clash of forms of ignorance and radicalism.”

20cronauer2 thumbwide
Adrian Cronauer, ‘Good Morning, Vietnam’ D.J., Dies at 79
Obits, July 19

Although the character embodied by Robin Williams was largely a fictional construct, Mr. Cronauer’s signature wake-up line was real.

20clape1 thumbwide
Auguste Clape, Whose Hillside Vineyards Rose to Fame, Dies at 93
Foreign, July 19

Growing syrah grapes in the Rhône Valley wine country of France, he helped elevate the little-known appellation Cornas, named after a nearby village.

20woodman1 thumbwide
Marion Woodman, Explorer of the Feminine Mind, Dies at 89
Obits, July 19

A Jungian psychoanalyst, she wrote popular books and lectured on mythical feminine archetypes and the primal, unconscious elements of feminine identity.

Merlin 141448734 0ee9accf 8ea6 4a98 880c 523bb850a3c9 thumbwide
Write Your Own Obit
Well, July 19

Far from seeming narcissistic, undertaking a self-obituary can be a form of summation and of caregiving for those who may be in need of direction after we are gone.

19beach1 thumbwide
Gary Beach, Tony Winner for ‘The Producers,’ Dies at 70
Obits, July 18

Mr. Beach’s many Broadway roles also included Lumière, the genial candelabra, in the original cast of “Beauty and the Beast.”

19ycaza2 thumbwide
Manny Ycaza, Hall of Fame Jockey, Is Dead at 80
Obits, July 18

Known for an aggressive style that earned him several suspensions, he was among the first Latin American jockeys to have success in the United States.

19blake2 thumbwide
Yvonne Blake, Award-Winning Costume Designer, Is Dead at 78
Obits, July 18

Ms. Blake won an Oscar for “Nicholas and Alexandra,” but her most recognizable work was the superhero and supervillain ensembles she created for “Superman.”

19keating1 thumbwide
Robert Keating, Judge Who Backed Jail Alternatives, Dies at 76
Obits, July 18

As a New York court administrator, he oversaw the introduction of the Midtown Community Court, a way to avoid sending low-level offenders to jail.

18stormer1 thumbwide
John Stormer, ‘None Dare Call It Treason’ Author, Dies at 90
Obits, July 17

Mr. Stormer’s self-published 1964 book, warning of a Communist conspiracy threatening America, became a grass-roots phenomenon for the right wing.

Merlin 141371073 25064c89 2cbb 4863 b34b 3b419dc53221 thumbwide
Marcia Chambers, 78, Who Exposed Discrimination in Golf, Dies
Obits, July 17

A longtime legal affairs reporter, Ms. Chambers turned her attention in the 1990s to exclusionary practices at private country clubs.

Merlin 141110451 e8bcd376 90f1 4941 8374 f01a8f824f66 thumbwide
Dr. Alan S. Rabson, Influential Cancer Researcher, Is Dead at 92
Obits, July 17

A longtime leader of the National Cancer Institute, he was known for his willingness to help anyone with a cancer diagnosis seeking advice or a referral.

14hopkins1 thumbwide
Ann Hopkins, Who Struck an Early Blow to the Glass Ceiling, Dies at 74
Obits, July 17

Her bosses at the office saw her as too “macho” and “aggressive” to be made a partner. The Supreme Court saw her as a victim of gender stereotyping.

17otr 1 thumbwide
Annabelle Neilson, Muse of Alexander McQueen, Dies at 49
Styles, July 17

The former model and reality TV personality was a fixture of the 1990s celebrity party scene in Britain, and a confidante to some of its biggest stars.

17lieber1 thumbwide
Les Lieber, Who Served Jazz to the Lunch Crowd, Dies at 106
Obits, July 16

His Jazz at Noon series, which ran for more than 45 years, featured skilled amateur players alongside well-known guest professionals.

16chappellobit2 thumbwide
Len Chappell, 77, College All-American and N.B.A. All-Star, Dies
Sports, July 15

Chappell led Wake Forest to the Final Four in 1962 and was the top scorer for the Knicks in 1963-64, averaging more than 17 points per game.

Merlin 141181920 3a2e02e5 971b 4c06 b4fb a72cb8f6d707 thumbwide
William McBride, Who Warned About Thalidomide, Dies at 91
Obits, July 15

Proclaimed a hero, Dr. McBride was later embroiled in lengthy controversies over faulty research.