1. Are Sugar Substitutes Good for Kids? Well, Today

    Information is limited about the long-term safety of consuming nonnutritive sweeteners.

  2. How to Protect Your Children From Online Sexual Predators U.S., December 7

    Don’t count on tech companies to keep online games and chat apps safe for children, experts warn. It’s all about “parental empowerment” and imposing limits.

  3. These Baby Names Defined the 2010s Parenting, December 7

    Also: The rise of “momfluencing” and more new stories from NYT Parenting.

  4. Kindergartner Invites His Entire Class to His Adoption Hearing U.S., December 7

    Nearly two dozen kindergartners gave testimonials in a Michigan courtroom about how much they loved the soon-to-be-adopted boy.

  5. Stuck in the Middle Well, December 6

    My daughters and I defy easy labeling. It has taken me a lifetime to realize that we don’t have to declare a single racial identity.

  6. Diabetes in Mothers Raises Heart Risks in Children Well, December 4

    Risks were especially high for heart failure, high blood pressure and blood clots among children born to mothers with diabetes.

  7. The Beauty Myth for Boys Well, December 3

    One of the biggest myths about the beauty myth is that it’s female. Adolescent boys suffer from unrealistic beauty standards, too.

  8. Celebrating New Year’s, Offspring in Tow Travel, December 2

    It might seem like champagne and children are incongruous, but there are ways to combine the two for parents in the New York area who (still) want to party.

  9. In Weekend Outage, Diabetes Monitors Fail to Send Crucial Alerts Well, December 2

    Parents who use the Dexcom G6 depend on alarms on their phones if their children’s blood sugar levels are dangerous. They say the outage put them at risk.

  10. Love Is Not a Tally Sheet Opinion, November 29

    What single parenting taught me about accepting help.

  11. Enfréntenlo, mamá y papá: no soy especial en Español, November 28

    Mis padres solo querían lo mejor para mí, estaban llenos de esperanza y pensamientos positivos. Ese era el problema. Pero cuando me convertí en madre, los entendí.

  12. How to Break the Poverty Cycle Opinion, November 27

    How much good does a preschool experience offer children born in poverty? Enough to make their later lives much better, and they pass a heritage of opportunity on to their own children.

  13. 7 Great Shorter Stories for the Elementary School Years Books, November 27

    When you need a book that’s high in quality but low in page count, try these standouts.

  14. 7 Great Books for (and About) Babies Books, November 27

    Babies love books — like these — that show them their own world.

  15. When Mom Slams a Brand on Instagram Business, November 26

    Mom influencers hold great sway over their loyal audiences. So how much research should they do before criticizing a company?

  16. Thanks, Mom and Dad Well, November 26

    In the season of gratitude, several successful people reflect on what they most appreciate learning from their parents.

  17. Why Do Kids Love Terrible Music? Parenting, November 23

    Also: Confronting kids’ phobias, cleaning with Marie Kondo and more from NYT Parenting.

  18. Falling Birthrates: A Cause for Cheer or Fear? Opinion, November 23

    Readers discuss environmental, social and economic reasons that people worldwide are having fewer children — and what the effects will be.

  19. The Real Cost of Tweeting About My Kids Opinion, November 22

    When I’ve told you what my son said, it’s not “his data” anymore.

  20. When a College Student Has a Troubled Roommate Well, November 22

    The Thanksgiving break may be the first opportunity students have to step back from the situation and evaluate their role.

  21. Face It, Mom and Dad: I’m Not Special Style, November 22

    My parents wanted only the best for me. That was the problem.

  22. Do You Need Expert Advice on Being a Grandparent? Well, November 21

    While grandparenting may feel familiar, it is a whole different gig. But there are workshops and classes to help.

  23. Climate Warnings: Don’t Blame the Scientists Opinion, November 20

    Climate change experts take issue with a Sunday Review essay that said scientists got it wrong. Also: Young mothers.

  24. The Moms of TikTok Are Deeply Corny — and Gloriously Free Magazine, November 20

    On Instagram, “mom” means linen-clad babies and perfect homes. On TikTok, it’s real women being their wholesome, goofy selves.

  25. For Some Children With Autism, Dance Is a Form of Expression Well, November 19

    Researchers are studying how movement helps children with special needs improve social communication and motor skills.

  26. This Is Pregnancy Over 40 Parenting, November 16

    The risks and realities — and more new stories from NYT Parenting.

  27. The End of Babies Interactive, November 16

    Something is stopping us from creating the families we claim to desire. But what?

  28. Ohio High School Plans to Drug-Test All Students at Least Once a Year U.S., November 16

    Research has shown that more than 37 percent of school districts have adopted drug-testing policies, but whether they lead to reduced rates of substance abuse is unclear, one expert said.

  29. Average Start for 529 College Savings (Age 7) Is Costly, Study Finds Your Money, November 15

    Many families wait too long to open accounts and lose out on a chance to let their money grow more, Morningstar reported.

  30. Why White Parents Were at the Front of the Line for the School Tour New York, November 15

    The high stakes of high school admissions in New York — and the lengths some go to get any small advantage.

  31. Why White Parents Were at the Front of the Line for the School Tour New York, November 15

    The high stakes of high school admissions in New York — and the lengths some go to get any small advantage.

  32. My 13-Year-Old Likes Sexy Clothes. What Can I Say That Won’t Shame Her? Well, November 14

    A psychologist’s advice for a parent concerned about her daughter’s wardrobe choices.

  33. ‘Kramer vs. Kramer’ vs. ‘Marriage Story’ Opinion, November 12

    A 40-year-old movie proves more progressive about relationships than one from 2019.

  34. When Your Tween Wants to Conform to the VSCO Girl Trend Well, November 12

    How to respect your child’s desire to belong while also teaching her to be an independent thinker.

  35. Getting a Handle on Self-Harm Health, November 11

    Cutting and other forms of self-injury are on the rise among adolescents. Researchers are beginning to understand the phenomenon, and how to treat it.

  36. A Surprising Finding on Paid Leave: ‘This Is Not the Way We Teach This’ The Upshot, November 11

    New mothers who took leave in California were less likely to work a decade later than those who didn’t. Why?

  37. Motherhood Imposter Syndrome Parenting, November 10

    Do you have it? And more new stories from NYT Parenting.

  38. Two Times Editors on Creating a Special Section About Fertility Reader Center, November 10

    It can be hard to find straightforward content about pregnancy (and avoiding it). Jessica Grose and Amber Williams wanted to change that.

  39. When the Best Deal Is What You Give Away Opinion, November 9

    My father taught me that negotiation is not always about maximizing what you can get.

  40. When the Best Deal Is What You Give Away Opinion, November 9

    My father taught me that negotiation is not always about maximizing what you can get.

  41. Early Motherhood Has Always Been Miserable Opinion, November 9

    “I declare if I tho’t I was to be thus occupied for the rest of my life,” one new mom wrote in 1828, “I would lie down & die.”