1. Google’s New Parental Control App Has a Flaw: Puberty Business, Today

    The company’s Family Link software for managing children’s Android phones can be undone the instant a young user turns 13.

  2. How Home Visits by Nurses Help Mothers and Children, Especially Boys Upshot, Yesterday

    Improving parenting skills and maternal and child health, researchers say, has been shown to improve children’s well-being later in life.

  3. When Jewish Parents Decide Not to Circumcise Well, Yesterday

    If parents skip the bris, can a son still be Jewish?...

  4. Instead of Dumbing Down Shakespeare, Smarten Up the Kids Well, July 24

    Children can appreciate adults’ plays and movies if you explain the references, the complex ironies, the double entendres.

  5. Charlie Gard and the Experts Op Ed, July 22

    The moral and medical costs of coming between parents and their dying child.

  6. How My Son Picked Out My New ‘Best Friend’ Well, July 21

    I didn’t have a ride-or-die BFF, so my 4-year-old played matchmaker.

  7. What Should Parents Make of the ‘Summer Bucket List 2017’? Well, July 19

    If you can welcome it as a gift from the internet, it might offer up a valuable conversation with the most mature side of your teenager.

  8. Why Smoking in Films Harms Children Well, July 17

    The more smoking kids see on screen, the more likely they are to smoke, studies show.

  9. ‘To the Bone’ Opens Frank Dialogue on Eating Disorders: ‘They Steal Your Voice’ Well, July 14

    Some experts said that people who have had eating disorders should consider the state of their health before watching the film.

  10. Learning to Bridge a Generation Gap in Philanthropy Business, July 14

    Leaders of family foundations who have spent a lifetime funding things dear to their hearts often learn that their children have their own ideas. So what to do?...

  11. Sons Without Fathers Op Ed, July 14

    There is no preparation for the loneliness of a world from which the two people who put you in it have gone.

  12. How to Stay Mindful When the Kids Are Fighting Well, July 12

    Use the experience of your kids arguing as an opportunity to choose a more mindful response in the face of conflict.

  13. The Importance of Finding Family Op Ed, July 12

    After my mother died, I needed other disabled adults to show me the way. And I found them.

  14. Well Illustrated: The First Sex Talk Well, July 12

    Often, a young child asking about sex does not want or need to know about the mechanics.

  15. Raising a Truly Bilingual Child Well, July 10

    Don’t assume that young children’s natural language abilities will lead to true grown-up language skills without a good deal of effort.

  16. My Son, the Jihadist Op Ed, July 8

    Failing to spot how Rasheed became radicalized is the biggest regret of my life.

  17. Do College Students Need the Campus Health Plan? Well, July 7

    Sending a kid off to college? What you need to know about health insurance.

  18. London Hospital Reconsiders Decision to Turn Off Sick Baby’s Life Support Foreign, July 7

    In a U-turn, Great Ormond Street Hospital said it would ask a court to consider new claims about a potential treatment for Charlie Gard.

  19. How I Became That Weird Theme Park Mom Well, July 7

    Screaming on roller coasters is cheaper than therapy, and it takes me back to a time when I was more than just a bit player in my sons’ lives.

  20. The Art at the End of the World Magazine, July 7

    A pilgrimage (with children) to see ‘‘Spiral Jetty,’’ Robert Smithson’s profound testament to catastrophe.

  21. Let Charlie Gard’s Parents Decide His Fate Op Ed, July 6

    The parents know better than the pope, President Trump and the British courts about what’s best for their sick son.

  22. How Diksha Basu, a Novelist, Spends Her Sundays Metropolitan, June 30

    Ms. Basu juggles new motherhood, lunch with friends, visits with her parents and spurts of fiction writing.

  23. Blood Lines: Fishing With My Daughter Well, June 30

    She has learned to appreciate the pleasures — and weather the frustrations — of the most meditative of outdoor endeavors.

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    How young is too young to pick up the lessons of activism?...

  25. Choosing a Baseball Team for My Baby Daughter Magazine, June 27

    Will rooting for the Mets or the Dodgers or the Red Sox help a new dad bind generations together?...