1. France Doubles Paid Paternity Leave to 28 Days, One of Europe’s Most Generous Plans Foreign, Today

    “When a baby arrives in the world, there is no reason it should be just the mother who takes care of it,” President Emmanuel Macron said in announcing the extension.

  2. ‘Just a Small Play Date’? You Still Need to Be Careful Parenting, Today

    Experts warn that seemingly harmless interactions with close family and friends may be driving the spread of Covid.

  3. Some Lessons From Home-Schoolers Styles, Yesterday

    You don’t need Google Classroom to teach your children, says Ainsley Arment, the founder of Wild + Free. Just nature, literature and a community of patient “mamas.”

  4. Experts Warn a Rare Pediatric Condition May Re-emerge This Fall Parenting, Yesterday

    There’s no cure for acute flaccid myelitis, or A.F.M., but early detection is key for better outcomes.

  5. A Kids’ Vaccine Isn’t Coming Anytime Soon National, Yesterday

    There are currently no trials underway, making a vaccine unlikely before fall of 2021. And students are missing online school at alarming rates.

  6. My Kid Sold Her Soul to Roblox Parenting, Yesterday

    It’s my daughter’s main social outlet, and I’m not taking it away from her.

  7. These Everyday Toxins May Be Hurting Pregnant Women and Their Babies Parenting, Yesterday

    PFAS, industrial chemicals used to waterproof jackets and grease-proof fast-food containers, may disrupt pregnancy with lasting effects.

  8. How Burnout Became the Norm for American Parents Parenting, September 22

    Overwhelmed and overworked parents are on the brink. They need to cut themselves some slack.

  9. As Schools Go Remote, Finding ‘Lost’ Students Gets Harder National, September 22

    Early data for the new school year suggests that attendance in virtual classrooms is down, possibly because students are working or caring for siblings.

  10. Healing the Whole Family Well, September 22

    My parents wanted a better life for me, but they didn’t know that the scars of their own childhood traumas could still cause pain.

  11. Kids Need Superheroes Now More Than Ever Parenting, September 21

    If Captain America can defeat the Red Skull, a child can conquer her anxiety of a Zoom class.

  12. A Covid-19 Vaccine for Children May Not Arrive Before Fall 2021 Parenting, September 21

    While scientists are rushing to develop an immunization for adults, no one has started the process yet for children.

  13. How One District Reopened Its Classrooms National, September 21

    Most lower-income students are learning online. But in Cajon Valley, Calif., they’re back in school. Here’s how they did it.

  14. The Brain Test You Want Your Kid to Fail Parenting, September 21

    The Conservation Test

  15. For Young People’s Sexual Health, the Pandemic Changes the Game Well, September 21

    The pandemic may offer opportunities to help adolescents and young adults make good decisions regarding sexual and social behavior.

  16. A Danish Children’s TV Show Has This Message: ‘Normal Bodies Look Like This’ Foreign, September 18

    The program aims to counter social media that bombards young people with images of perfect bodies.

  17. Defying the Family Cycle of Addiction Well, September 18

    In a family plagued by addiction, I was determined to help my teen recover from surgery without opiates.

  18. How N.Y.C.’s Plan to Open Schools Fell Apart Interactive, September 17

    Mayor Bill de Blasio canceled the start of in-person classes for the country’s largest school system just three days before they were set to begin, sowing even more confusing among parents and educators.

  19. How Postpartum Breast Cancer Changed My Parenting Plans Parenting, September 17

    Looking after two small kids while going through chemotherapy is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

  20. Advice from Home-Schooling Parents for Remote Learning Interactive, September 17

    ‘The most wonderful thing is that you’re home with your kids all the time. And the worst thing is that you’re home, with your kids, all the time.’

  21. Private Tutors, Pop-Up Schools or Nothing at All: How Employers Are Helping Parents Upshot, September 17

    Benefits depend on where people work, and the kind of job they have, a new survey finds, highlighting disparities that predate the pandemic.

  22. How to Get a Virus Test Result in N.Y.C. in 48 Hours or Less Metro, September 17

    With schools set to reopen this month, families can get quick results at public hospitals and new rapid testing clinics as the city works to improve its testing system.

  23. As School Returns, Kids With Special Needs Are Left Behind Parenting, September 16

    For special-needs students, trying to return to the classroom, or just staying at home, presents a new set of challenges.

  24. Misinformation Is ‘Its Own Pandemic’ Among Parents Parenting, September 16

    Here’s how to push back on social media and in person.

  25. How to Tame Your Snack Monster Parenting, September 15

    The pandemic has disrupted kids’ normal snack habits. Here are small ways to bring back a flexible eating schedule.

  26. Michael Ian Black Has Some Wisdom for His Son (and Maybe for Yours) Book Review, September 15

    In “A Better Man,” the comedian proposes a sincere vision for modern masculinity.

  27. Parents vs. Nonparents in the Workplace Letters, September 14

    Workers with children bristle at the notion that they are enjoying special privileges.

  28. Do Masks Impede Children’s Development? Well, September 14

    Scientists who have studied the ways children process and use the information hidden by masks say that children will find ways to communicate, and that parents and teachers can help.

  29. How My 2-Year-Old Planted a Coronavirus Story Idea Insider, September 13

    After another child at my son’s day care tested positive, I ran into obstacle after obstacle trying to get him a test. I quickly learned I wasn’t alone among concerned parents of young children.

  30. Prepare Children to Return to the Classroom At Home, September 12

    Face mask? Check. Hand sanitizer? Got it. Here’s how you can help kids ease back into school this fall.

  31. How to Tell if Distance Learning Is Working for Your Kid Parenting, September 11

    Measuring skills, not test scores, is key.

  32. A Favorite Teacher Lost N Y T Now, September 11

    Educators’ deaths are part of an unabated pandemic.

  33. In Quarantine, Kids Pick Up Parents’ Mother Tongues Parenting, September 10

    For some families, the pandemic has meant a return to their native languages.

  34. Mom Shaming’s Running Rampant During the Pandemic Parenting, September 10

    With myriad back-to-school options to choose from, moms’ groups have hit judgment overload.

  35. The Causes of Estrangement, and How Families Heal Well, September 10

    For those who reconcile with estranged relatives, the key is “letting go of the attempt to have the other person see the past as they saw it,” the author of a new book says.

  36. Is Staying Home Harming Your Child’s Immune System? Parenting, September 10

    Why exposure to other germy kids might matter.

  37. ‘A Fearless Virus Hunter’ Tackles a Coronavirus Mystery in Children Parenting, September 9

    Alberto Paniz-Mondolfi treated some of the world’s most horrendous infectious diseases before fleeing Venezuela. Now that experience is helping him untangle MIS-C.

  38. The Pandemic Is a ‘Mental Health Crisis’ for Parents Parenting, September 9

    New studies show caregivers with young children are stressed, with no signs of relief on the horizon.

  39. ‘I Hate It with Both My Eyes!’ Parenting, September 8

    I’m trying to teach my kids the sharp specificity of my native Kashmiri, even though they don’t speak the language.

  40. What I Learned as a Parent of a Transgender Child Well, September 8

    As a pediatrician and mother, I thought I knew a lot about parenting. But I was blindsided by my daughter’s coming out as trans, and that first year was riddled with mistakes.

  41. How to Both Work and School From Home At Home, September 5

    The hours blur together, sure, but creating distinct spaces, keeping a schedule and sharing resources can help.

  42. What I’ve Learned From Teaching Online Op Ed, September 5

    Roll call becomes a roster of absences. Some students write fantasies of escape. Can a new life begin when you are confined with siblings and parents?

  43. Parents Got More Time Off. Then the Backlash Started. Business, September 5

    Pandemic policies at tech companies have created a rift between parents offered more benefits and resentful workers who don’t have children.

  44. N.Y.C. Parents Are Exhausted. But Will They Send Their Children to School? Metro, September 4

    So far, nearly 40 percent of families have opted to have their children learn fully remotely when public schools reopen on Sept. 21.

  45. When My Dad Turned Off the Internet Well, September 4

    I’m 16. When my parents were my age, they didn’t have the internet and they didn’t have a pandemic.

  46. Buffy Wicks Voted on the Floor With a Newborn in Her Arms Politics, September 3

    The California state assemblywoman brought her month-old baby to the chamber — and instantly became an image of moms who do it all.

  47. Rising Shingles Cases in Adults Put Unvaccinated Kids at Risk Parenting, September 3

    Parents who get shingles can experience debilitating symptoms and pass the chickenpox virus to their children. So why can’t they access the vaccine?

  48. We Didn’t Want to Co-Parent a Puppy Parenting, September 3

    Getting a pandemic puppy seemed like a bad idea for a blended family. Until we did it.

  49. 5 Ways to Get Structure Back Into Your Kids’ Lives Parenting, September 2

    School has begun, here’s how to reintroduce routines.

  50. Keeping a Love for School Alive Parenting, September 2

    Learning in 2020 is going to be a roller-coaster of adjustment — here’s how to retain some joy.

  51. For Kids With O.C.D., Coronavirus Precautions Can Go Too Far Well, September 2

    How parents can distinguish between hand-washing that is a reasonable reaction to a real threat and something more concerning.

  52. Ideal, Perfect, Ultimate: What Drives Parents to Seek the Unattainable? Gender, September 1

    Working parents toggle constantly among competing commitments, but many don’t want to do less; they want to do it all, better.

  53. When the Forms Don’t Fit Your Family Parenting, September 1

    The majority of American families don’t fit the married mom-and-dad model, so why does heteronormative paperwork persist?

  54. A Parent’s Toughest Call: In-Person Schooling or Not? Science, September 1

    Parents are wrestling with difficult choices over sending their children to school. Here’s how one science reporter made the decision.

  55. This School Year, Unleash Your Inner Ms. Frizzle Parenting, August 31

    I’m no merry home educator, but I’ll be channeling the “Magic School Bus” captain when my children and I return for round two of remote learning.

  56. Helping Children With Pandemic Grief Well, August 31

    Many children may learn of a grandparent’s death without a chance to visit to say goodbye.

  57. How to Forge a Solid Parent-Teacher Relationship At Home, August 29

    This year is ‘almost like a full reset. A horrible reset, but a full reset.’

  58. How to Choose the Right Pediatrician Parenting, August 28

    Take the time to select the right clinician for your family. Trust us, it’s more important than picking the perfect stroller. Here are some tips to help you get started.

  59. Does My Kid Have a Cold or Is It Covid-19? Parenting, August 28

    How to decode your child’s symptoms, and advice on when to stay home and get tested.

  60. The 3 Scariest Chemicals to Watch Out For in Your Home Parenting, August 26

    They’re everywhere and can impair fertility and interfere with child development.

  61. Should Children Go Back to School? It Depends in Part on Your Politics Upshot, August 26

    There’s a large partisan divide in parents’ views on whether it’s safe for students and teachers to return to school, several new surveys find.

  62. How Motherhood Changed My... Interactive, May 5

    Sixteen women on their personal transformations.

  63. Motherhood Changes Us All Interactive, May 5

    Becoming a mother takes a lifetime, not just a day.

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