1. A Future Without Him, Aided by Duct Tape Styles, Today

    A month into widowhood, a young mother finds herself to be the sole protector of her children — and a trapped bird.

  2. When Is a Child Instagram-Ready? Well, February 21

    I waited to draw up a social media contract for my 9-year-old until I could see where the trouble spots were. I found them fast.

  3. What Helps a New Driver? More Driving Well, February 19

    The best solution for inexperience is to have teenagers practice more, under varied conditions, an expert says.

  4. The Wager of Raising a Child Abroad Well, February 16

    Our sense of belonging often comes from shared memories of collective experience. What will my multicultural daughter identify with?

  5. In Allergy Bullying, Food Can Hurt Well, February 15

    An attack with allergens shown in a “Peter Rabbit” scene mirrors real-life threats to kids’ health, parents say.

  6. How to Talk With Teenagers About Vaping Well, February 14

    It’s often useful for parents to articulate high expectations in one breath and acknowledge the limits of their power in the next.

  7. A Before-School Exercise Program May Help Children Thrive Well, February 14

    The BOKS program, consisting of an hour of running, calisthenics and rousing group games, made children feel happier and more energetic.

  8. Olympic Parents Share In the Glory and the Spotlight Sports, February 13

    They’re not hard to spot, often standing on the sidelines grinning from ear to ear.

  9. Caring for Siblings of Sick or Disabled Children Well, February 12

    A child who is not sick may either withdraw or may start acting out, competing to get parents’ attention, experts say.

  10. Even Australia’s Medical Marijuana Poster Boy Can’t Get the Drug Foreign, February 11

    Though legal in Australia, medical marijuana is difficult to obtain. One teenager, Lindsay Carter, has become the face of the issue.

  11. “Listen to ‘Dear Sugars’: Letters From a ‘Pretend Stepdaughter’ and a ‘Pretend Momma’ Podcasts, February 10

    When a family experiences loss, familial roles are often redefined. In today’s episode, the Sugars answer letters from people who are unexpectedly charged with caring for their relatives.

  12. Legos for a Child With a Hole in His Heart Well, February 9

    Block after block, we’re building up the memories we want to have, and guarding against the ones we can’t escape from.

  13. What Parents Can Learn From a Town That Produced 11 Olympians Well, February 8

    The secret to happiness and excellence in Norwich, Vt., can be traced to the way the town collectively raises its children.

  14. Wendell Pierce: The First Time My Dad Gave Me ‘The Talk’ Arts & Leisure, February 6

    Scared to be bused to a predominantly white school in New Orleans, the actor was given some empowering advice from his father.

  15. Children Hurt Women’s Earnings, but Not Men’s Upshot, February 5

    Motherhood is the biggest cause of the gender pay gap, even in Scandinavia. It might take fathers to change that.

  16. Breaking Gender Stereotypes in the Toy Box Well, February 5

    What toys children play with can influence the skills they learn and the possibilities they see for themselves.

  17. Lowe’s Joins Other Big Employers in Offering Paid Parental Leave Upshot, February 1

    In the absence of government policy on paid leave, more private companies are choosing to offer it.

  18. Taking Playtime Seriously Well, January 29

    Experts say it’s essential to give kids time and space to play.

  19. Listen to ‘Dear Sugars’: Updates From ‘Struggling’ and ‘Bad Mom’ Podcasts, January 27

    In today’s episode, “Updates Part 1: Change Is a Work in Progress,” we catch up with some of our most memorable letter writers.

  20. How to Keep Children Safe From Abuse at the Doctor’s Office Well, January 26

    We encourage kids to trust doctors, but we should teach them that they can say no to something that makes them uneasy.

  21. That Time ‘Murphy Brown’ and Dan Quayle Topped the Front Page Culture, January 26

    The show is coming back, CBS announced this week, reminding some of a 1992 skirmish in the culture wars. We take a walk through The Times archives.

  22. The Nassar Case Presents Difficult Parenting Questions Sports, January 25

    How much should parents discuss about such an abhorrent sex crime?

  23. You Are Shaped by the Genes You Inherit. And Maybe by Those You Don’t. Science, January 25

    An unusual study of educational attainment in children finds that gene variants linked to parental nurturing were highly influential even though children had not inherited them.