1. Why Is Children’s Masturbation Such a Secret? Well, December 10

    Parents and children have questions, but there is surprisingly little guidance available in the pediatric literature.

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    I was miserable. But sometimes misery can make you a better person.

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    The comedian and filmmaker on his Broadway show about not wanting to have a child – and what his daughter will think of it someday.

  5. The Fallacy of the ‘I Turned Out Fine’ Argument Well, November 27

    You didn’t use seatbelts when you were growing up and you lived to tell about it? That doesn’t make it a good parenting strategy.

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    A Thanksgiving conundrum.

  8. Some Schools Allow Children to Register With a Gender Option Besides Girl or Boy Well, November 19

    The term ‘nonbinary’ on school forms signals a new inclusiveness, experts say.

  9. Baby Won’t Sleep Through the Night? You’re Not Alone Well, November 19

    Parents often feel bad if their babies aren’t good sleepers, but a new study suggests there’s a lot of variation, even at a year old.

  10. The Long-Term Cost When Graduates Move Back Home Special Sections, November 17

    Living in your childhood bedroom? Actually, young adults who are given financial help instead of living rent-free at home do better professionally.

  11. How and When to Talk to Your Children About Money Business, November 16

    Financial consulting experts say families need to approach these conversations with a plan and a willingness to listen as much as talk.

  12. Harvesting Roadkill During a Soccer Tournament Well, November 16

    Eating wild food is part of our family life, but our kids also value fitting in and being liked in the ever-changing adolescent theater of normalcy.

  13. How Parents Teach Smart Spending With Apps, Not Cash Special Sections, November 15

    Apps can replace a paper-money allowance for children, encouraging them not only to do their chores but also to save and spend their money carefully.

  14. Why Teenagers Mix Drinking and Sex Well, November 14

    Anxiety is often a factor. Parents can remind teenagers that their nervousness not only is normal, but also can serve as a warning to help keep them safe.

  15. A Dream Vacation, Shaped by a Devastating Diagnosis Well, November 13

    As the sun set on my life it was rising on my children’s, and I knew this trip might be my last chance to share whatever I’ve learned about this world.