1. Fraud Trial to Begin for Chinese Billionaire Who Allied Himself With America’s Right U.S., Today

    Charged with defrauding thousands of investors in the U.S. and overseas of more than $1 billion, Guo Wengui could face decades in prison.

  2. The Whitney’s Then-and-Now Project Portrays a Changing City New York, Today

    The museum has paired its paintings of street scenes with photos of the same spots today.

  3. New York Begins a New Wave of Evictions From Migrant Shelters New York, Today

    The evictions are part of an aggressive strategy to force some adult migrants out of city shelters after 30 or 60 days.

  4. The Algebra Problem: How Middle School Math Became a National Flashpoint New York, Today

    Top students can benefit greatly by being offered the subject early. But many districts offer few Black and Latino eighth graders a chance to study it.

  5. Adams vs. Adams: A Power Struggle in New York City Turns Ugly New York, Yesterday

    The City Council speaker, Adrienne Adams, was expected to set in motion a plan to weaken Mayor Eric Adams’s authority. The mayor quickly fought back.

  6. Sean Combs Accused of Sexual Assault in New Lawsuit Arts, Yesterday

    A former model sued the hip-hop mogul and accused him of forcing her to perform oral sex in 2003 at his recording studio. Mr. Combs has not yet responded.

  7. He Scouts Out the Stories You’ll Find Only in New York Times Insider, Yesterday

    James Barron, who has lived in the city for decades and since 2021 has written the New York Today newsletter, shared how he finds his characteristic quirky tales.

  8. Trump Chooses Not to Take the Stand, and the Defense Rests New York, Yesterday

    Donald J. Trump’s lawyers mounted a minimal defense after prosecutors called 20 witnesses. Closing arguments in the first prosecution of an American president will take place May 28.

  9. David Redden, Who Brought Ingenuity to the Auction Block, Dies at 75 Business, Yesterday

    He brought a P.T. Barnum-like showmanship to Sotheby’s, where he sold items like Babe Ruth’s bat and a research rover that had been left behind on the moon.

  10. Lawyer’s Task Was to Get Cohen on the ‘Right Page’ for Trump New York, Yesterday

    The testimony of Robert J. Costello, the main witness for the defense, focused on his relationship with Michael D. Cohen, the former president’s onetime fixer.

  11. Bourbon Steak Lands in New York With a Local Wine List Food, Yesterday

    Cafe Mado replaces Oxalis, Strange Delight channels the Big Easy and more restaurant news.

  12. How a $10 Fee on Your Car Insurance Bill Is Actually Spent New York, Yesterday

    The fee collected by New York State is supposed to go toward fighting car thefts and fraud. But an audit found that the program was poorly run.

  13. Yesterday’s Nyregion live blog included one standalone post:
  14. After Anti-Israel Speeches, a Law School Curtails Graduation Traditions New York, Yesterday

    CUNY Law School is known for its diversity and activism, and lately for strongly worded pro-Palestinian commencement addresses. This year, the administration canceled its annual student speech.

  15. La fiscalía concluye sus argumentos: 5 claves del juicio penal a Trump En español, Yesterday

    La fiscalía de distrito de Manhattan concluyó el lunes la presentación de sus argumentos contra Donald Trump. Esto es lo que hay que saber del día 19 del juicio contra Trump.

  16. Brooklyn Protest Raises Doubts About N.Y.P.D. Commitment to New Tactics New York, Yesterday

    Violent responses to pro-Palestinian activists follow a sweeping agreement aimed at striking an equilibrium between preserving public safety and the rights of protesters.

  17. City Hall Aide Is Cooperating With Corruption Investigation Into Adams New York, May 20

    Eric Adams’s former liaison to the Turkish community, Rana Abbasova, had knowledge of some of the mayor’s dealings with Turkish officials.

  18. N.Y.C. Parents Rebuked for Questioning Transgender Student-Athlete Rules New York, May 20

    Over a dozen Democratic elected officials criticized a parent group that asked for a review of rules that let students play on sports teams that align with their gender identity.

  19. The Prosecution Rests: Five Takeaways From Trump’s Criminal Trial New York, May 20

    The judge became furious with a defense witness, and Michael D. Cohen kept his cool.

  20. Robert Costello, Defense Witness in Trump Trial, Is Scolded by Judge New York, May 20

    Mr. Costello tried to cast Michael D. Cohen, the witness at the heart of the prosecution’s case, as a liar, but the judge lost his patience with the witness.

  21. Trump Courtroom Plays Host to Nonstop Spectacle as Prosecution Rests New York, May 20

    Michael D. Cohen admitted stealing from the Trump Organization. The judge excoriated a defense witness. And Donald J. Trump’s entourage included a former leader of the Hells Angels.

  22. As New Yorkers Turn on Mayor Adams, Prominent Democrats Join the Pile-On New York, May 20

    Former Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and Jumaane Williams, New York City’s public advocate, criticized the mayor over his management of public housing and campus protests.

  23. Dublin-New York Portal Reopens After Flashing and Other Shenanigans World, May 20

    After closing because of questionable behavior last week, a video connection between Ireland and New York City is back on. Crowds rejoiced — in Dublin, anyway.

  24. Israel and Gaza: Despair and What-Ifs Opinion, May 20

    Readers disagree about a guest essay by Megan K. Stack. Also: Big politics in politics; “journey” as metaphor; helping the mentally ill and homeless.

  25. Ivan F. Boesky, Rogue Trader in 1980s Wall Street Scandal, Dies at 87 Business, May 20

    An inspiration for the Gordon Gekko character in the movie “Wall Street,” he made a fortune from insider trading before his downfall brought a crashing end to a decade of greed.

  26. Closing Arguments in Trump’s Trial Will Likely Be Next Week, Judge Says New York, May 20

    Defense lawyers have the opportunity to call witnesses, including their client, former President Donald J. Trump, but whether he will testify is not clear. Then the case goes to the jury.

  27. This Job Training Program Wants Payback From Students New York, May 20

    Pursuit, a nonprofit in Queens, requires those who get jobs to pay it 5 percent to 15 percent of their earnings for four years.

  28. The May 20 Nyregion live blog included one standalone post:
  29. Is Curbside Parking an Endangered Species? New York, May 20

    City officials and others are reconsidering how New Yorkers store their cars.

  30. Outside the Trump Trial: Sock Puppets, Sex Pills and Smutty Balloons New York, May 20

    The city serves up a cast of supporting characters who flock to a park outside Manhattan Criminal Court, where Donald Trump is on trial, and grab the spotlight.

  31. Critics Fault ‘Aggressive’ N.Y.P.D. Response to Pro-Palestinian Rally Metro, May 19

    Officers were filmed punching three demonstrators at the protest in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The police said protesters were blocking the streets.

  32. The Trump Trial Is Disturbing on So Many Levels Op Ed, May 19

    A terrible man is in the cross hairs of American justice, but immorality alone doesn’t make him a criminal.

  33. After a Wrenching Best Seller, an Author Takes Up Her Dream Project Books, May 19

    An assault led to Chanel Miller’s book, “Know My Name.” But she had wanted to write children’s books since she was a child. She’s done that now with “Magnolia Wu Unfolds It All.”

  34. ‘I Selected a Friday Evening in June to Celebrate With a Barbecue’ Metropolitan, May 19

    How to cool drinks in a pinch, a keepsake brought back to life and more reader tales of New York City in this week’s Metropolitan Diary.

  35. Covering Broadway’s Bustling Week on a Deadline Insider, May 19

    What’s it like to attend twelve productions in nine days? Michael Paulson, the Times theater reporter, shared his sprint around Midtown Manhattan.

  36. How Lowriders Put a Vivid Stamp on New York City’s Car Scene Metropolitan, May 19

    These lovingly customized cars, long embraced as a way to celebrate Mexican American culture and bring families together, are gaining visibility and respect as bouncing, rolling works of art.

  37. At Chaotic Rally in Brooklyn, Police Violently Confront Protesters Metro, May 19

    Officers were filmed punching several people at a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Bay Ridge.

  38. Man Is Arrested in Random Attack on Steve Buscemi Metro, May 18

    The police recognized the suspect, Clifton Williams, when they went to the scene of another dispute on Friday.

  39. Live, Laugh, Love (but Evil) Styles, May 18

    The Wicked Witch. Dr. Evil. Mr. Burns. Ena Da? At the Evil Laugh Competition in Brooklyn, a contest for the best mwahahahaha.

  40. The Man Who Made Roulette Into New York’s Music Lab Arts & Leisure, May 18

    Jim Staley has led the experimental venue since it began as a concert in his TriBeCa loft. After 45 years, he’s stepping down and looking back.

  41. An Ex-President, a Senator and the Center of the (Legal) Universe Metro, May 18

    Manhattan is playing host to two of the biggest political trials in American history. The courthouses are just 500 feet apart.

  42. Trump’s New York Trial: Where Page Six Meets ‘12 Angry Men’ Metro, May 18

    The machinery of celebrity is being laid bare in a Manhattan courtroom amid the first criminal prosecution of a former U.S. president.

  43. Trump Plans a Campaign Event in the Deep Blue Bronx Politics, May 18

    The former president, who has sought to make some political appearances around New York as he stands criminal trial, is set to speak at an event next Thursday at Crotona Park.

  44. Transcript of Trump Manhattan Trial, May 16, 2024 Interactive, May 18

    New York State’s court system is releasing transcripts from each day of the Manhattan criminal trial against former President Donald J. Trump.

  45. Ad for Lactation Cookies Returns to Times Square Styles, May 17

    After Clear Channel, which manages many of the advertisements in the area, said a provocative billboard for a Molly Baz recipe was “flagged for review,” two companies stepped in to offer new space.

  46. Elba Cabrera, Patron of Puerto Rican Culture in New York, Dies at 90 Obits, May 17

    Nurturing artists and performers, she was the last of Las Tres Hermanas, three sisters revered for galvanizing arts, education and social programs in the Latino community.

  47. Free Preschool With One Catch: It May Be a Long Commute Away Metro, May 17

    Many New York City families counted on the prospect of free preschool, but hundreds were not immediately offered a seat and may have to travel across town to available spots.

  48. For Sale: The SoHo Building Where John Lennon and Yoko Ono Once Lived Real Estate, May 17

    The building, at 496 Broome Street, was the first home in New York City that the couple owned and is now listed by Sean Ono Lennon and his mother for $5.5 million.

  49. What’s That Buzz? It’s Probably a Bee Hotel. Metro, May 17

    The city and the Horticultural Society are placing seven birdhouse-like structures in plazas and Open Streets to help vulnerable bees flourish.

  50. New York City Budget Would Produce Fewer Affordable Homes, Critics Say Metro, May 17

    New York City’s housing crisis is getting worse. But the Adams administration’s executive budget is expected to result in fewer than usual affordable homes.

  51. Does a Smash Hit Like ‘Lion King’ Deserve a $3 Million Tax Break? Metro, May 17

    Broadway is still recovering from the pandemic. A state tax-credit program has helped, but watchdogs say it aids some shows that don’t need a boost.

  52. Columbia Professors Host an Alternative Graduation for Students Metro, May 16

    After some ceremonies were canceled or moved, some college students in New York attended an event near Columbia’s campus where speakers praised pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

  53. Your New Favorite Hangover Foods Dining, May 16

    The DatMacPatty with oxtail from Datz Deli, an appetizing spread at Gertrude’s and more.

  54. Pizza Boxes Finally Get Their Own Recycling Bin Dining, May 16

    The Central Park Conservancy is testing a new receptacle — square, with a narrow slot — in an effort to keep trash under control.

  55. Republicans Flock to Trump’s Trial, Risking Control of the House Floor Metro, May 16

    On Thursday, an entourage of about 20 accompanied the former president to court. Among them were many lawmakers.

  56. Line Outside Trump Trial Is Packed, as Seats in Court Become Hot Commodity Metro, May 16

    People who want to watch the first criminal trial of an American president are paying hundreds of dollars to people to wait in line for them.

  57. Columbia Faculty Group Passes No-Confidence Resolution Against President Metro, May 16

    Hundreds of professors at the university weighed in on the resolution, which said the president, Nemat Shafik, had committed an “unprecedented assault on student’s rights.”

  58. Transcript of Trump Manhattan Trial, May 14, 2024 Interactive, May 16

    New York State’s court system is releasing transcripts from each day of the Manhattan criminal trial against former President Donald J. Trump.

  59. ‘Film Geek’ Review: A Cinephile’s Guide to New York Weekend, May 16

    The director Richard Shepard details his lifelong obsession with movies in this enthusiastic video essay.

  60. Yves Klein’s Leap Into the Blue (With Living Paintbrushes) Weekend, May 16

    A gallery shows works with roots in performance art, and a film that documents their creation.

  61. After Making Altars to Her Icons, an Artist Builds Her Own Legacy Weekend, May 16

    A powerful and overdue exhibition at El Museo del Barrio links Amalia Mesa-Bains’s genre-defying installations for the first time.

  62. Jenny Holzer Shines New Light in Dark Places Weekend, May 16

    Her signboards predated by a decade the news “crawl.” At the Guggenheim she is still bending the curve: Just read the art, is the message.

  63. Homes for Sale in Manhattan and Brooklyn Real Estate, May 16

    This week’s properties are in Carnegie Hill, NoHo and Ocean Hill.

  64. How Things Went Wrong for the New York-Dublin ‘Portal’ Metro, May 16

    The outdoor video link between the two cities was temporarily shut down after some questionable behavior on both sides.

  65. Here’s the latest. New York, May 16

    Defense lawyers for Donald J. Trump will try to sully the testimony of Michael D. Cohen, who once was his lawyer and now is his nemesis.

  66. Why Some New York City Residents Are Suing Over Congestion Pricing Metro, May 16

    Their lawsuits argue that the tolling program would shift traffic and pollution to poor and minority neighborhoods and hurt small businesses.

  67. A Hospital’s Slow Death: As Beth Israel Shrinks, Patient Care Suffers Metro, May 16

    Amid a standoff with the state over whether Beth Israel Hospital will close, severely ill patients keep arriving to a hospital that cannot always care for them.

  68. In a Secret Manhattan Garden, a Birthday Party for Katharine Hepburn Styles, May 15

    Every year, a small band of New Yorkers gathers in a tucked-away Midtown park to celebrate the actress, a beloved neighbor they remember as an everyday city dweller.

  69. The Words That Defined the Week in Donald J. Trump’s Trial Metro, May 15

    The criminal trial was dominated by testimony from Michael D. Cohen, the defendant’s former personal lawyer, and Stormy Daniels, a porn star who took hush money.

  70. Pensó que había comprado un gran apartamento. El techo guardaba un secreto En español, May 15

    Frank DiLella compró un departamento y descubrió que tenía oculta una bóveda de Guastavino, el arquitecto del Carnegie Hall. El encargado de los trabajos de remodelación dijo que fue como “encontrar huesos de dinosaurio”.

  71. Eric Adams Called Migrants ‘Excellent Swimmers.’ He Explains Why. Metro, May 15

    Mayor Adams said that his comment, which drew criticism from the right and the left, was based on numerous conversations he has had with migrants.

  72. Will Congestion Pricing Change How You Drive? Tell Us About It. Metro, May 15

    We want to know if you will avoid the new tolls by altering your travel patterns in New York City.

  73. What Congestion Pricing Would Mean for the Subways Metro, May 15

    Congestion pricing revenue would go to pay for infrastructure, like modernizing signals that date back to the 1930s, if the program survives legal challenges.

  74. Jury Selection in Menendez Trial Stretches Into a Third Day New York, May 15

    Senator Robert Menendez is accused of participating in a sprawling bribery scheme that involves $100,000 in gold bars, an Egyptian halal meat monopoly and a Qatari sheikh.

  75. Transcript of Trump Manhattan Trial, May 13, 2024 Interactive, May 15

    New York State’s court system is releasing transcripts from each day of the Manhattan criminal trial against former President Donald J. Trump.

  76. Wall Street Big Wigs Raise $68.5 Million to Fight Poverty Styles, May 15

    The Robin Hood Foundation, an antipoverty organization in New York City, threw a “Matrix”-inspired gala.

  77. Restaurant Review: ‘New Nordic’ Isn’t New, but ILIS Adds a Fresh Spin Dining, May 14

    Mads Refslund’s creative ideas at this Brooklyn restaurant can be dreamily seductive, even if the execution isn’t always as compelling.

  78. The Prosecution’s Case Is Wrapping Up in Trump’s Trial. What Happens Next? Metro, May 14

    The prosecution is nearing its end. Then, defense lawyers will get their chance to poke holes in the case before the question is put in jurors’ hands.

  79. ‘Don’t Flip, Don’t Speak’: How a Lawyer Became Cohen’s Back Channel to Trump Metro, May 14

    Robert J. Costello relayed messages to Michael D. Cohen telling him not to flip, Mr. Cohen said. But a web of alliances fell apart over unpaid bills.

  80. House Speaker Joins Republicans Visiting Trial to Say What Trump Can’t Metro, May 14

    Outside the Manhattan courthouse where Donald J. Trump is being tried on criminal charges, Mike Johnson attacked a key witness who linked the former president to a plan to cover up hush money paid to a porn star.

  81. New York Announces $95 Million Revitalization of Port in Red Hook Metro, May 14

    New York City plans to rebuild three piers and add a new cargo crane after taking control of more than 100 acres of the Brooklyn waterfront.

  82. A Top Chef Winner Finds a New Italian Perch Dining, May 14

    Harold Dieterle, the winner of the first season of “Top Chef,” is opening Il Totano in the West Village, Marsanne NYC serves Mediterranean food in a 150-seat space and more restaurant news.

  83. Will History Remember Michael Cohen? Metro, May 14

    The testimony this week by Donald Trump’s former fixer could be a footnote or something more, historians said.

  84. Cohen Faces a Tough Cross-Examination After a Steady Turn on the Stand New York, May 14

    Donald J. Trump’s lawyers are likely to attack the credibility and composure of his former fixer, whose testimony will continue Tuesday.

  85. A Jobs Program Broke the Rules to Succeed. Now the Rules May Change. Metro, May 14

    Pursuit, a nonprofit that trains low-income workers to become software engineers, is urging New York legislators to pass a new regulatory model for jobs programs.

  86. Transcript of Trump Manhattan Trial, May 10, 2024 Interactive, May 14

    New York State’s court system is releasing transcripts from each day of the Manhattan criminal trial against former President Donald J. Trump.

  87. Cohen Testimony Begins Crux of Case Against Trump: 5 Takeaways Metro, May 13

    In hotly anticipated testimony, Donald J. Trump’s former fixer discussed how he buried stories his boss didn’t want anyone to read.

  88. No Jurors Seated on First Day of Menendez Corruption Trial Metro, May 13

    Senator Robert Menendez is charged with accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and gold bars in exchange for political favors at home and abroad.

  89. Will Congestion Pricing Change the City? Video, May 13

    Now more than ever, the city is being forced to rethink how its thoroughfares are being used.

  90. The Battle for the Streets of New York Interactive, May 13

    Now more than ever, the city is being forced to rethink how its thoroughfares are used.

  91. Cohen Pleaded Guilty to Federal Crimes Tied to Trump Before Testifying Metro, May 13

    Michael D. Cohen spent time in prison for felony charges tied to hush-money deals, as well lying to Congress and tax evasion. He has been free since 2020.

  92. A $10,000 Investment in Some Children’s Futures Metro, May 13

    Harlem Children’s Zone, which runs charter schools, is raising money to give a financial head start to its students, if they meet certain conditions.

  93. An Independent Life of Flowers and Bible Verses in the Bronx Real Estate, May 13

    A woman in a HUD-subsidized apartment in a building for older New Yorkers bristles at the notion that she would stay home and “watch these four walls.”

  94. Trump vs. His Nemesis: Michael Cohen to Take the Stand Monday New York, May 13

    Prosecutors will formally introduce the jury to Donald J. Trump’s former fixer, the witness who has loomed over Mr. Trump’s criminal trial.

  95. Jury Selection Begins in Robert Menendez’s Federal Corruption Trial Metro, May 13

    Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey is accused of participating in an international bribery scheme involving gold bars, cash and a Mercedes-Benz.

  96. Steve Buscemi Is Punched in Random Manhattan Attack Metro, May 13

    The actor, who starred in “Boardwalk Empire,” was assaulted by a stranger on Wednesday morning. He was treated at Bellevue Hospital.

  97. In Rome, Adams Sees a Model for Helping Migrants Assimilate Metro, May 12

    The mayor praised the work of a migrant welcome center, which he visited at the end of a three-day trip, during which he also met with Pope Francis.

  98. Art Market Seeks Its Footing After Stumbling Sales and a Hack at Christie’s Culture, May 12

    Declining sales and a cyberattack ignite new worries at spring art auctions.

  99. The History That New York City Takes for Granted Op Ed, May 12

    Gotham’s 400th birthday calls for a celebration worthy of the great metropolis it is.

  100. Michael Cohen Was Paid to Fix Trump’s Problems. Now He’s One of Them. Metro, May 12

    Mr. Cohen once called himself Donald J. Trump’s “designated thug.” Will he help bring about the ex-president’s downfall?

  101. How 5 N.Y.C. Neighborhoods Are Struggling With Climate Change Metropolitan, May 12

    New data projects are linking social issues with global warming. Here’s what that means for these New York communities.

  102. ‘I Exited the Crowded Theater and Headed for the Curb’ Metropolitan, May 12

    A helping hand on Broadway, sneakers hanging on a wire and more reader tales of New York City in this week’s Metropolitan Diary.

  103. What Pope Francis Said to Mayor Eric Adams in Rome Metro, May 12

    The meeting was a highlight for the mayor, who is in Rome to speak at a conference about world peace and often talks about how his Christian faith informs his leadership.

  104. Man Charged in Bronx Sexual Assault Partly Captured on Disturbing Video Metro, May 11

    The video shows him throwing a belt around a woman’s neck, pulling her to the ground and dragging her along.

  105. A Panorama of Design Special Sections, May 11

    A look at design-world events, products and people.

  106. Finding Design Inspiration in Beauty and Mortality Special Sections, May 11

    Chen Chen and Kai Williams’s new furniture collection reflects a deep appreciation of the natural cycles of birth and death.

  107. Small Cars With Small Drivers Race Toward a World Championship Metropolitan, May 11

    Inside the charming and intense competition to represent New York City at the international soapbox derby championship this summer.

  108. How a Writer and Biscuit Entrepreneur Spends Her Sundays Metropolitan, May 11

    Tembe Denton-Hurst delivers fresh-baked biscuits all over New York City, then curls up with a comfort movie when it’s time for bed.

  109. College Parent Arrested After Confrontation at Syracuse Campus Protest Metro, May 11

    Ronn Torossian, an associate of Mayor Eric Adams, said he was protesting what he sees as Syracuse University’s inadequate response to antisemitism since the Oct. 7 attack.

  110. Transcript of Trump Manhattan Trial, May 9, 2024 Interactive, May 11

    New York State’s court system is releasing transcripts from each day of the Manhattan criminal trial against former President Donald J. Trump.

  111. Nancy Neveloff Dubler, Mediator for Life’s Final Moments, Dies at 82 Obits, May 10

    A bioethicist, she pioneered bedside methods for helping patients, their families and doctors deal with anguishing life-and-death decisions in a high-tech age.

  112. Raunch and Business Records: 5 Takeaways From Trump’s Criminal Trial Metro, May 10

    The fourth week of the trial interspersed intense and emotional testimony with talk of documents and chains of custody.

  113. Too Racy for Times Square? An Ad for Lactation Cookies Is Replaced. Styles, May 10

    Clear Channel, which manages many of the advertisements in the area, said a provocative billboard for a Molly Baz recipe was “flagged for review.”

  114. ‘She Is Such an Athlete’: Astoria the Wild Turkey Is a Manhattan Celebrity Express, May 10

    The wild turkey wandered into Midtown Manhattan this week, so far evading attempts to capture her. You may find her at Saks Fifth Avenue, high-end Italian restaurants or roosting in nearby trees.

  115. Trump Trial Week 4: Testy and Explicit, Then Calm Before the Cohen Storm Metro, May 10

    Ahead of Michael D. Cohen’s testimony Monday, the judge told prosecutors to keep him quiet about Donald J. Trump’s criminal case.

  116. WABC Cancels Giuliani’s Radio Show Over False Election Claims Metro, May 10

    The station’s owner, John Catsimatidis, a Republican billionaire, said he suspended the former mayor for persisting in talking about the legitimacy of the 2020 election on the air.

  117. With Conflicts at Home, Eric Adams Arrives in Rome to Discuss Peace Metro, May 10

    New York City’s mayor will attend a conference on peace during a three-day trip to Rome and the Vatican, where he is expected to meet Pope Francis.

  118. After Student Encampment Ends, New School Professors Set Up Their Own Metro, May 10

    At The New School in Manhattan, a university with a long history of left-leaning politics, the faculty set up a pro-Palestinian encampment in a building lobby.

  119. Custodial Witnesses Provide Little Spectacle, but Affirm Basic Facts Metro, May 10

    Sharpies, staples, delivery services: The custodial witnesses have described the protocols that prosecutors say Donald J. Trump used to deceive.

  120. 5 Things to Do This Weekend Interactive, May 10

    A selection of entertainment highlights this weekend, including the film “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.”

  121. Falcon Cam: Reality TV for Bird Lovers Metro, May 10

    A falcon has laid two eggs in a nest in Lower Manhattan. A camera is filming the wait for them to be hatched.

  122. Two Floors of a Century-Old Mansion Are Listed on the Upper East Side Real Estate, May 10

    The longtime auctioneer David Redden and his wife, Jeanette, are selling their duplex penthouse at the Joseph Pulitzer House. The asking price is $6.975 million.

  123. He Thought He Had Bought a Great Apartment. The Ceiling Held a Secret. Real Estate, May 10

    A home buyer quickly found out his co-op shared something in common with Carnegie Hall, Grand Central Terminal and the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.

  124. Former White House Aide Returns to Stand in Trump’s Criminal Trial New York, May 10

    The aide, Madeleine Westerhout, testified about a key Oval Office meeting between Donald J. Trump and Michael D. Cohen, his former fixer.

  125. Tense Campuses and Police Barricades Mark New York’s Commencement Season Metro, May 10

    The first graduation celebrations will begin on Friday as the city’s colleges and universities are reeling from conflict over pro-Palestinian demonstrations and hundreds of student arrests.

  126. Citing Safety, New York Moves Mentally Ill People Out of the Subway Metro, May 10

    Medical workers and police officers are removing people suffering from psychiatric distress. The most troubled are forced to the hospital.

  127. The May 9 College Campus Protests live blog included one standalone post:
  128. Are R.F.K. Jr. Signature Gatherers Misleading New Yorkers for Ballot Access? Politics, May 9

    More than half a dozen New York City residents described encounters with people seeking their signature who did not make clear that their aim was to place the independent 2024 candidate on the ballot.

  129. Chinese Magnate in Straw Donor Scheme Agrees to Leave U.S. in Plea Deal Metro, May 9

    Hui Qin pleaded guilty to giving more than $10,000 in illegal political campaign donations to three candidates, including Mayor Eric Adams.

  130. Eric Adams’s Brother Has a New Gig: Black-Tie Philanthropy Metro, May 9

    Bernard Adams has joined forces with a former model to start an organization that aims to improve New York City children’s access to arts and culture.

  131. Man Who Attacked Police Officers With Machete Sentenced to 27 Years Metro, May 9

    Prosecutors said Trevor Bickford had come to New York from Maine to carry out an attack “in the name of jihad” on New Year’s Eve in 2022.

  132. She Wanted to Help Strangers. Would They Take Her Up on It? Styles, May 9

    Bianca Giaever wasn’t feeling very helpful in her daily life, so she tried to do small favors for passers-by in Union Square. It got complicated.

  133. Embrace the Hot Restaurant Dupe Dining, May 9

    You don’t have to wait hours for a seat when there are similarly excellent restaurants throughout the city.

  134. Herbert Pardes, Who Steered the Growth of a Giant Hospital, Dies at 89 Obits, May 9

    A psychiatrist, he ran New York-Presbyterian after a landmark merger, improving its patient care and finances and raising money to expand its footprint across the region.

  135. Trump Summons Entourage for Moral Support During Mortifying Testimony Metro, May 9

    A rotating cast of supporters has come to Donald J. Trump’s criminal trial, including an aide nicknamed “the human printer,” who hands him hard copies of praise to bolster his morale.

  136. In Letter, 540 Jewish Columbia Students Defend Zionism, Condemn Protests Metro, May 9

    The students wrote that “Zionism remains a pillar of our Jewish identities” and argued that many classmates do not understand its meaning.

  137. Surrealism Reigns at Tefaf Art Fair Weekend, May 9

    Objects made under the influence of the art movement have inspired many contemporary and modern dealers at the 10th edition of Tefaf New York.

  138. Transcript of Trump Manhattan Trial, May 7, 2024 Interactive, May 9

    New York State’s court system is releasing transcripts from each day of the Manhattan criminal trial against former President Donald J. Trump.

  139. Homes for Sale in Manhattan and the Bronx Real Estate, May 9

    This week’s properties are on Riverside Drive, in Chelsea and in the South Bronx.

  140. The Futurist Living Above the Store Interactive, May 9

    Faith Popcorn blends work and life in her Upper East Side townhouse.

  141. How Public School Leaders Upstaged Republicans and the Ivy League National, May 9

    Mixing it up a bit, schools leaders showed, can go far toward neutralizing a Congress with a craving to make a point.

  142. How Parents, Students Reacted to Their School Leaders Testifying on the Hill National, May 9

    For some in Berkeley, Calif., New York City and Montgomery County, Md., their responses about the hearing on antisemitism appeared to hinge on their opinions going in.

  143. Trump on Trial: ‘The Odds of Conviction Have Gone Up’ Op Ed, May 9

    Inside the courtroom, Jonathan Alter sees the evidence mounting.

  144. How Vision Zero Made New Yorkers Safer and Saved Money Metro, May 9

    A study found that over a five-year period, the program reduced traffic injuries by 30 percent and cut Medicaid costs.

  145. Stormy Daniels Returns to the Stand New York, May 9

    Ms. Daniels testified for about five hours on Tuesday and will return on Thursday for further cross-examination by Donald J. Trump’s lawyers.

  146. Ponen un hot dog de casi 20 metros en Times Square y es increíble En español, May 9

    Con “Hot Dog in the City”, Jen Catron y Paul Outlaw, pareja de artistas de Brooklyn, cuestionan la tradición y el atractivo de la cultura (y los aderezos) estadounidenses.

  147. A Plan to Help Harlem Students Build Wealth: Start Them Off With $10,000 Metro, May 9

    The Harlem Children’s Zone is investing millions of dollars to create savings plans for students in its charter schools and, eventually, nationwide.

  148. Man Sentenced to 25 Years in Stabbings of 3 Homeless Men in Manhattan Metro, May 9

    Trevon Murphy, who a family member said had a history of mental health problems, killed one man and injured two others.

  149. 2 Sentenced to Decades in Prison in 1-Year-Old Brooklyn Boy’s Killing Metro, May 8

    Davell Gardner was in his stroller at a nighttime cookout in July 2020 when he was hit by a stray bullet fired amid a bloody gang rivalry, prosecutors said.

  150. House Republicans Clash With Leaders of Public Schools Over Antisemitism Claims National, May 8

    Politicians said educators had not done enough. But the New York chancellor said members were trying to elicit “gotcha moments” rather than stop antisemitism.