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Big Discovery in a Tiny Mammal-Like Skull Found Under a Dinosaur’s Foot
Science, Today

Paleontologists found a 130 million-year-old haramiyid fossil in Utah, suggesting that the ancient relatives of modern mammals spread farther across the globe than thought.

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As America Looks Inward, China Looks to Outer Space
Foreign, Today

China’s launch of a satellite this week, part of a mission to the far side of the moon, is but one of its recent endeavors into space.

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Every Cell in Your Body Has the Same DNA. Except It Doesn’t.
Science, May 21

The genome obviously varies from person to person. But it can also vary from cell to cell, even within the same individual. The implications of “mosaicism” are enormous.

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Alien Asteroids Are Here, Scientists Say. Get Used to Them.
Science, May 21

An asteroid that cohabits an orbit with Jupiter came from outside the solar system.

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What the Heck Is That?: ILYA (Frank)
Games, May 21

A look at one of the entries that stumped solvers in last week’s crossword puzzles.

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The Thing Inside Your Cells That Might Determine How Long You Live
Science, May 20

You may have forgotten about the nucleolus since you took biology class, but scientists think this structure inside every cell in your body may play an important role in aging.

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A Very Hungry Black Hole Is Found, Gorging on Stars
Science, May 17

Astronomers in Australia say they have discovered a fast-growing black hole swallowing stars in a baby galaxy 12 billion light-years from here.

16kelly thumbwide
Scott Kelly: How Tom Wolfe Changed My Life
Op Ed, May 16

“The Right Stuff” helped me, a terrible student with severe attention problems, find purpose and become an astronaut.

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Essays That Make Sense of the Infinite and the Infinitesimal
Culture, May 15

“When Einstein Walked with Gödel” is a collection of Jim Holt’s elegant essays, which make big subjects — like the illusion of time — both intelligible and enticing.

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The Paradoxes and the Glory of Apollo 8’s Journey Around the Moon
Book Review, May 15

Fifty years after the spacecraft became the first to leave Earth’s orbit, Robert Kurson tells the story of the remarkable odyssey in “Rocket Men.”

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It’s Not Just Hawaii: The U.S. Has 169 Volcanoes That Could Erupt
National, May 14

There are potentially active volcanoes all over the West and Alaska as well as Hawaii, and about 50 are considered high priorities for monitoring. Here is where to find them.

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Did Asteroids Bring Water to Earth?
Video, May 15

Lab experiments to recreate what happens when asteroids hit the Earth show how these rocky objects could have transferred water to terrestrial rock in the intense heat of impact.

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Jerrold Meinwald, 91, Dies; Studied Creatures’ Chemical Signals
Obits, May 14

He examined the chemistry behind secreted substances that can attract a mate or repel a predator, helping to establish a new field, chemical ecology.

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As D.I.Y. Gene Editing Gains Popularity, ‘Someone Is Going to Get Hurt’
Science, May 14

After a virus was created from mail-order DNA, scientists are sounding the alarm about the genetic tinkering carried out in garages and living rooms.

20lightman thumbwide
Benedict Cumberbatch Meets Albert Einstein in Carlo Rovelli’s New Audiobook
Book Review, May 14

In “The Order of Time,” a theoretical physicist reveals his take on relativity, order and the human condition.

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New Dive Into Old Data Finds Plumes Erupt From Jupiter’s Moon Europa
Science, May 14

A re-examination of old data shows a NASA spacecraft may have flown through a plume in 1997. The plumes could offer hints of life on the ice-encrusted moon.

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Magnet Implants? Welcome to the World of Medical Punk
National, May 12

“It’s not good enough to talk,” says Jeffrey Tibbetts, a registered nurse whose home plays host to Grindfest, an annual meetup of biohackers. “You should be taking action. That’s kind of our ethos.”

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A Helicopter on Mars? NASA Wants to Try
Science, May 11

The space agency’s next Martian rover, currently scheduled for a 2020 launch, is to carry a four-pound helicopter.

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David Pines, 93, Insightful and Influential Physicist, Dies
Obits, May 11

He helped explain the electric flow of superconductors and the churning matter inside collapsed stars, work that led to Nobel Prizes (but not for him).

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Stanley Falkow, Who Saw How Bacteria Cause Disease, Dies at 84
Obits, May 10

He found resistance to antibiotics spreading among bacteria and was hailed for his discoveries, though a Nobel Prize eluded him. (Not that he wanted one.)

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‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ Is Still the ‘Ultimate Trip’
Science, May 10

The rerelease of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece encourages us to reflect again on where we’re coming from and where we’re going.

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This Asteroid Shouldn’t Be Where Astronomers Found It
Science, May 10

Space rocks like 2004 EW95 are common between Mars and Jupiter. The discovery of the object near Neptune may provide insights into how the planets formed.

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Robert N. Hall, 96, Whose Inventions Are Everywhere, Is Dead
Obits, May 10

He came up with a semiconductor laser used in supermarket scanners, printers and remote controls. His magnetron was adapted for the microwave oven.

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The Green-Feathered Terror That Slaughtered Bats in Spain
Science, May 10

The largest bat in Europe, a vulnerable species, found shelter in a city park’s trees. Then they started to turn up dead.

13gleick thumbwide
What Does Quantum Physics Actually Tell Us About the World?
Book Review, May 8

Adam Becker’s “What Is Real?” explores the controversy around quantum physics and its ability to describe anything definite about the world of atoms.

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How the Father of Computer Science Decoded Nature’s Mysterious Patterns
Science, May 8

In research shortly before his death in 1954, Alan Turing used mathematics to explore how forms emerge, yielding insights that are now being applied to problems like desalination.

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NASA’s Mars InSight Mission Launches for Six-Month Journey
Science, May 5

Propelled by a predawn rocket launch from California on Saturday, the spacecraft will study the deep interior of the red planet, contributing to understanding of how planets form.

Mars insight thumb thumbwide
InSight Will Plumb the Depths of Mars
Video, May 5

NASA’s InSight spacecraft is heading to Mars to listen for marsquakes and probe the geological heart of the planet.

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The Very First Animal Appeared Amid an Explosion of DNA
Science, May 4

Nobody knows what the first animal looked like. But many of its genes are still present in humans today.

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Is America Lost in Space?
Op Ed, May 2

Fifty years ago, the manned space program was grounded, and Will Robinson and his family were on TV. In 2018, both things are true again.

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Gaia’s Map of 1.3 Billion Stars Makes for a Milky Way in a Bottle
Science, May 1

European astronomers released a three-dimensional map of the Milky Way, the most detailed survey ever produced of our home galaxy.

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Mars InSight: NASA’s Journey Into the Red Planet’s Deepest Mysteries
Science, April 30

The newest mission to Mars is to launch on Saturday morning. It will search for marsquakes and try to produce a map of the planet’s insides.

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Augmented Reality: Explore InSight, NASA’s Latest Mission to Mars
Interactive, April 30

On Saturday, the InSight spacecraft will head to Mars to listen for marsquakes and study the planet’s structure.

01microbes thumbwide
A Population That Pollutes Itself Into Extinction (and It’s Not Us)
Science, April 30

Gorging on glucose, bacteria in a petri dish died in their own acidic waste, a sign of the perpetual struggle in nature between cooperation and selfishness.

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Hints of Human Evolution in Chimpanzees That Endure a Savanna’s Heat
Science, April 27

The apes of Senegal’s Fongoli savanna may offer hints to how our own ancestors moved out of the woodlands, shed their fur and started walking upright.

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How Oman’s Rocks Could Help Save the Planet
Interactive, April 26

The rocks in this part of the world have a special ability: They can turn carbon dioxide into stone.

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A New Spider Family Tree Tries to Untangle the Evolution of Webs
Science, April 26

Scientists have fiercely debated the origins of the orb-style web. A new study challenges the idea that all spiders who make this web had a common ancestor.

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In This Space Race, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk Are Competing to Take You There
Book Review, April 24

Two new books, “The Space Barons” and “Rocket Billionaires,” tell the story of the entrepreneurial push to leave Earth.