Merlin 156750579 d9de02ba d75d 44f9 9a8a ead564364537 articleinline
How ‘The Twilight Zone’ First Saw Man on the Moon
Arts, Yesterday

The 1959 pilot episode, airing a decade before the first moon landing, bore what would become the series’ hallmark: narrating Cold War anxieties through a mix of science and superstition.

25mars articleinline
With a Poof, Mars Methane Is Gone
Science, Yesterday

Last week, NASA’s Curiosity rover detected a belch of natural gas on the red planet. The gas has since dissipated, leaving only a mystery.

24spacex articleinline
SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Deploys Dozens of Satellites to Orbit
Science, Yesterday

The powerful rocket is carrying an assortment of cargo, including a solar sail, an atomic clock and the ashes of 152 people.

24sci qna articleinline
A Barnyard Mystery: Are the Chicks Male or Female?
Science, June 24

It’s easy to tell an adult rooster from an adult hen. But when they’re just chicks? That requires considerable expertise.

Merlin 141908976 a13a4672 7118 457e 9f64 74b13f197234 articleinline
NASA Rover on Mars Detects Puff of Gas That Hints at Possibility of Life
Science, June 22

The Curiosity mission’s scientists picked up the signal this week, and are seeking additional readings from the red planet.

Merlin 141908976 a13a4672 7118 457e 9f64 74b13f197234 articleinline
NASA Rover on Mars Detects Puff of Gas That Hints at Possibility of Life
Science, June 22

The Curiosity mission’s scientists picked up the signal this week, and are seeking additional readings from the red planet.

A963ad37c38b4fdf937fb3c3759c6bd4 articleinline
Pod of Killer Whales Makes Rare Visit to Monterey Bay
Science, June 22

There has been a startling number of killer whale sightings in the bay in June, normally an off-season month for whale watchers.

Merlin 156796770 fe65869e 1c7f 40d1 b60e c80c0bcfb94c articleinline
Does Fluffy Really Want to Be an Adventure Cat?
Science, June 22

With a leash and a harness, any feline can safely explore the great outdoors. But owners need to be mindful of signs of stress.

Merlin 147494628 93fd896c f044 4f85 861d 18867569af67 articleinline
For Cephalopod Week, Dive Into the World of Octopuses, Squids and More
Science, June 21

A few fun facts about the many-armed creatures.

Merlin 156599229 c7b8c6a3 0112 4584 b576 747ef8164be0 articleinline
Who Liked Hurricane Sandy? These Tiny, Endangered Birds
Science, June 21

On New York’s Fire Island, the piping plover population has nearly doubled since the big storm in 2012, scientists report.

Merlin 155224059 1d5aada0 b520 4567 af23 732825ac5d7e articleinline
The Land Where the Internet Ends
Opinion, June 21

To find real solitude, you have to go out of range. But every year that’s harder to do, as America’s off-the-grid places disappear.

Squid cover articleinline
Giant Squid, Phantom of the Deep, Reappears on Video
Science, June 21

Seven years after scientists caught the elusive deep-sea cephalopod on video, they saw another. Then lightning struck a third time.

Merlin 139143582 0435ddc2 0754 4c5b bd18 70ba9ee24c23 articleinline
In Hawaii, Construction to Begin on Disputed Telescope Project
Science, June 20

Work on the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea, bitterly opposed by Hawaiian activists, could start soon.

Merlin 156729945 74696032 f5b2 45f5 9179 265d63dd6874 articleinline
Would You Return This Lost Wallet?
Science, June 20

An intriguing new study found that people across the world are more inclined to give back a lost wallet if there is money inside.

Merlin 156678660 c6c68c8e 88c6 4f40 8aa4 65e5132cace0 articleinline
Meet the Narluga, Hybrid Son of a Narwhal Mom and a Beluga Whale Dad
Science, June 20

Its skull sat in a museum collection for decades before new technology unlocked its genetic secrets.

20tb dnacover articleinline
DNA Microscope Sees ‘Through the Eyes of the Cell’
Science, June 20

A new imaging tool works more like Google Maps than a traditional microscope.

Merlin 156594054 ea0d7abf fca6 4d95 a635 cf6117c48792 articleinline
This Creature Eats Stone. Sand Comes Out the Other End.
Science, June 18

Shipworms are known for boring into wood and digesting it, but scientists found a new species with a very different diet.

Merlin 130706084 1ed7e48d 08cf 4f98 b80f eaee9e27d828 articleinline
How an Arctic Hyena Was Found in Canada, Then Lost, Then Found Again
Science, June 18

The discovery illustrates how museum collections may be filled with forgotten fossils that could expand knowledge of prehistory.

18bubbles cover articleinline
Watch Soap Bubbles Turn Into Tiny Snow Globes as They Freeze
Science, June 18

The freeze front creates an unusual liquid flow on the surface of the soap bubbles, new research suggests.

Merlin 101755879 35cdd787 07f1 4501 b36a c4f6e1a944ca articleinline
Cuttlefish Arms Are Not So Different From Yours
Science, June 18

Cephalopods, flies and even humans share genes needed to develop limbs, perhaps provided by a common ancestor.

17dogs articleinline
Those Puppy Dog Eyes You Can’t Resist? Thank Evolution
Science, June 17

Dogs have a muscle that lets them make a face to melt a human’s heart.

11qnaastologicaltime articleinline
How to Measure Time — From the Very Beginning of Time
Science, June 17

Scientists still define astronomical time in years, with some recent refinements.

Merlin 156586314 aae74cdd c0a2 4769 b936 6aba48c22e80 articleinline
Grow Faster, Grow Stronger: Speed-Breeding Crops to Feed the Future
Science, June 17

Plant breeders are fast-tracking genetic improvements in food crops to keep pace with global warming and a growing human population.

Merlin 156410241 271b8bea 5efb 4622 a1c4 a0463590202a articleinline
So Long, Exoplanet HD 17156b. Hello ... Sauron?
Science, June 14

Astronomers have announced a global contest to rename dozens of extrasolar planets. The nominees are pouring in.

14tb fisheggs1 articleinline
The Fish Egg That Traveled Through a Swan’s Gut, Then Hatched
Science, June 14

These fish turn up in many surprising location, but this was one place scientists didn’t expect to find them.

Merlin 155979639 39f52ef3 95d8 4967 9934 ca3d4e14169d articleinline
Dr. Henry Lynch, 91, Dies; Found Hereditary Link in Cancer
Science, June 13

To a doubting medical world, he found compelling evidence that some cancers are passed along genetically. His work was ultimately widely embraced.

Merlin 156398964 cb687d97 0f65 457d 835e a9daaf301d99 articleinline
Dr. Teruko Ishizaka, Who Advanced Allergy Treatment, Dies at 92
Science, June 13

She and her husband identified an antibody that triggers wheezing and rashes. Monitoring it can help prevent and remedy allergic reactions.

Merlin 156362529 47a2db4e d836 4699 8d02 37e00fe5d64f articleinline
These Animal Migrations Are Huge — and Invisible
Science, June 13

Swarms of insects move across continents each year. Scientists used radar to track one species and discovered a vast ecological force.

13sci bagel articleinline
In the Bronze Age, Bagels Were Tiny
Science, June 13

Archaeologists have identified remnants of small, round dough rings at an excavation site in Austria. But no cream cheese.

13xp turtles articleinline
Once Threatened, Sea Turtle Nests Thrive Along the Georgia Coast
Science, June 13

Longstanding efforts to protect the nests of loggerhead sea turtles have been paying off, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in conservation.

12cannabis1 articleinline
Scientists Find Ancient Humans Used Weed 2,500 Years Ago, Too
Science, June 12

Residue found in tombs deep in a Central Asian mountain range suggests that strong cannabis was used in ancient burial rites.

Merlin 156343056 144c941c 112f 45c1 bc41 1bd2c01e6dad articleinline
Out of Their Eggs, Into the Sky: How Baby Pterosaurs May Have Taken Flight
Science, June 12

Researchers say the flying reptiles didn’t need much parental guidance.

11tb plantsounds articleinline
You Can Talk to Plants. Maybe You Should Listen.
Science, June 11

An installation at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden ponders the sounds made by plants.

Merlin 156250491 b451af7a fd5a 4ade 9edd cb1cf6735a35 articleinline
A French Wine With a 900-Year-Old Vintage
Science, June 11

Once wine growers find a variety that works, the study reinforces, they’ll stick with it for centuries, or even millenniums.

11bastani3 articleinline
The World Is a Mess. We Need Fully Automated Luxury Communism.
Opinion, June 11

Asteroid mining. Gene editing. Synthetic meat. We could provide for the needs of everyone, in style. It just takes some imagination.

Merlin 156049746 ed7c2980 f894 4e85 bb69 b4a39039a62a articleinline
To Map a Coral Reef, Peel Back the Seawater
Science, June 10

This scientist couple created an airborne observatory to map tropical forests. Now they’re using it to identify threatened reefs.

08tb vampirebird1 articleinline
The Vampire Birds of the Galápagos Have Fascinating Inner Lives
Science, June 8

Yes, there is such a thing as a vampire finch.

07trumpmoon1 articleinline
One Small Tweet for Trump, One Giant Question for NASA’s Moon Plans
Science, June 7

A tweet by the president clashed with earlier statements, including his own, about a renewed focus on moon exploration.

07nasa1 articleinline
Want to Buy a Ticket to the Space Station? NASA Says Soon You Can
Science, June 7

NASA plans to open the International Space Station to commercial business, including tourism. But the tickets won’t be cheap.

06tb leafmath1 articleinline
Solving a Leafy Mathematical Mystery
Science, June 6

Researchers developed a model that explains a peculiar pattern found in a shrub common in Japan.

05sci nativeamericans1 articleinline
Who Were the Ancestors of Native Americans? A Lost People in Siberia, Scientists Say
Science, June 5

Genetic analysis of ancient teeth and bones suggests Native Americans largely descend from a vanished group called the Ancient Paleo-Siberians.

05tb dragonfish1 articleinline
Meet the Deep-Sea Dragonfish. Its Transparent Teeth Are Stronger Than a Piranha’s.
Science, June 5

Researchers say the tiny crystalline structures in the predator’s fangs could inspire strong, see-through materials.

Merlin 155592234 45c80acf 337a 477b ad9a 983552d9fbc4 articleinline
Fish Cannons, Koi Herpes and Other Tools to Combat Invasive Carp
Science, June 4

Researchers are experimenting with a Rube Goldberg-esque mix of tactics to control hearty, nonnative swimmers that re-engineer nutrient-rich Midwest waters.

04tb elephants1 articleinline
Elephants May Sniff Out Quantities With Their Noses
Science, June 4

Understanding how the endangered mammals smell the world could help with their conservation, researchers say.

Merlin 155885574 a5674848 3efd 488a 86f3 3f4b6fa589e3 articleinline
Who’s Afraid of Arabic Numerals?
Opinion, June 4

Before there was a Western civilization, there was Islamic civilization.

03sci dinocroc1 articleinline
Why Crocodiles Are Not Just Living Fossils
Science, June 3

They’ve changed remarkably over millions of years, and at one point may even have been warmblooded.

04 qna articleinline
A Summertime Quandary: The Cooler Is Full of Melted Ice
Science, June 3

If you want to keep the contents cool, better to leave the water in the ice chest if you can.

Merlin 155265303 b5582cf8 b7d3 45cc 8654 8f8d0aedc378 articleinline
The Shorebirds of Delaware Bay Are Going Hungry
Science, June 3

On their migrations north, famished birds stop to feast on eggs laid by horseshoe crabs. But the crabs were overfished, and conservationists say that some bird species may not recover.

Faa6ab10e6b44f468c9f6ca725c3dcc7 articleinline
After SpaceX Starlink Launch, a Fear of Satellites That Outnumber All Visible Stars
Science, June 1

Images of the Starlink constellation in orbit have rattled astronomers around the world.

31moon articleinline
NASA Hires 3 Companies for Moon Science Deliveries
Science, May 31

The landers would be the first American spacecraft to touch down on the moon since the astronauts of Apollo 17 left in 1972.

Merlin 149341296 5139e724 db5a 4e87 b005 ea905a67edd3 articleinline
Cannabis Companies Push F.D.A. to Ease Rules on CBD Products
Science, May 31

The F.D.A. has been wary of cannabis-derived products. But it is now under pressure to help them get to market legally.

Merlin 155143740 ba63324c 5acb 42c2 a9a0 1301c06f32db articleinline
Measles Cases Reach Highest Level in More Than 25 Years, C.D.C. Says
Science, May 30

There have been 971 known cases of measles in the United States so far this year.

30captureflag articleinline
DeepMind Can Now Beat Us at Multiplayer Games, Too
Science, May 30

Chess and Go were child’s play. Now A.I. is winning at capture the flag. Will such skills translate to the real world?

30tb molerats1 articleinline
These Mole Rats Felt No Pain, Even From Wasabi’s Burn
Science, May 30

Discovering the rodent’s imperviousness to a stinging chemical compound may lead to advancements in pain treatment for people.

29tb fishfossil1 articleinline
A School of Fish, Captured in a Fossil
Science, May 29

A slab of rock and the methods used to study it could offer clues to when a behavior common in fishes first evolved.

29tb earthquake1 articleinline
A Signal in Giant Earthquakes That Could Save Lives
Science, May 29

The full power of the biggest temblors could be determined in as little as 10 to 15 seconds after they begin, a new study finds, and long before it ends.

340abb5340404ee59c1b94b295e73f39 articleinline
Tornado Warning and Storms Jolt New York Region
New York, May 29

Wednesday: Tonight, the sunset will align with the east-west numbered streets in Manhattan. Have your camera ready.

340abb5340404ee59c1b94b295e73f39 articleinline
Tornado Warning and Storms Jolt New York Region
New York, May 29

Wednesday: A rare tornado warning startled the New York region last night, sending people scurrying for shelter as thunderstorms descended.

28manhattanhenge1 articleinline
Manhattanhenge 2019: When and Where to Watch, If It’s Not Too Stormy
Science, May 29

This week could be your chance to take “the best sunset picture of the year” in New York.

340abb5340404ee59c1b94b295e73f39 articleinline
Tornado Warning and Storms Jolt New York Region
New York, May 28

Wednesday: Tonight, the sunset will align with the east-west numbered streets in Manhattan. Have your camera ready.

Merlin 155561637 fae944d2 3db4 41f8 9a7c 5c9559f94bf2 articleinline
The Eclipse That Made Einstein Famous
Science, May 28

Before 1919, cosmology was as subjective as art history. A solar eclipse, and a patent clerk’s equations, changed everything.

Merlin 155473071 4a8d2504 20c3 4e70 9dfa d980945a031c articleinline
The Physicist Who Made Sense of the Universe
Opinion, May 28

Murray Gell-Mann’s discoveries illuminated the most puzzling aspects of nature, and changed science forever.

Merlin 154671174 537973c0 8ff5 4a14 a484 d56ee89e2fd0 articleinline
Frances Arnold Turns Microbes Into Living Factories
Science, May 28

Instead of synthesizing new biochemicals from scratch, the Nobel Prize-winning chemist puts nature to the task — with astonishing results.

28sci qna articleinline
These Animals Are Surrounded by Water. But What Do They Drink?
Science, May 28

Marine species have developed unusual adaptations for filtering salt from the water they require.