03tb africangecko 03 mediumthreebytwo378
How a Gecko From Africa Crossed the Atlantic Ocean
Science, Today

The African house gecko, one of the most widely distributed invasive reptiles in the world, may have moved with the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Merlin 191971755 25787ab8 5b6b 4261 8cd6 695df1667240 mediumthreebytwo378
NASA and Boeing Postpone Launch of Starliner Spacecraft
Science, Today

After a flawed trip to orbit in 2019, the company hopes to take another crack at an uncrewed test flight of its spacecraft for NASA astronauts.

02sci trinity1 mediumthreebytwo378
Touring Trinity, the Birthplace of Nuclear Dread
Science, Today

A recent visit to the site of the first atomic bomb explosion offered desert vistas, (mildly) radioactive pebbles and troubling reflections.

Coronavirus vaccine tracker promo 1600439734668 mediumthreebytwo378 v70
Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker
Interactive, June 10

A look at all the vaccines that have reached trials in humans.

02spacestation 3 mediumthreebytwo378
It Was His Day Off. Then the Space Station Went for a Spin.
Science, Yesterday

Zebulon Scoville and others at NASA’s mission control in Houston spent Thursday righting the International Space Station after a new Russian module unexpectedly fired its thrusters.

26tb upsidedown promo mediumthreebytwo210
No creerás cómo camina este escarabajo en el agua
en Español, July 31

Un científico se topó con un insecto que caminaba panza arriba sobre la superficie inferior de un charco. Y tuvo muchas preguntas.

31tb milleniumplant mediumthreebytwo378
A Plant That ‘Cannot Die’ Reveals Its Genetic Secrets
Science, July 31

Events in the genome of Welwitschia have given it the ability to survive in an unforgiving desert for thousands of years.

30lunarlander mediumthreebytwo378
Bezos’ Rocket Company Loses Challenge to NASA SpaceX Moon Contract
Science, July 30

The Government Accountability Office said a $2.9 billion award to SpaceX to build the next lunar lander for astronauts would stand.

30virus briefing deer mediumthreebytwo210
A third of white-tailed deer tested in a survey were exposed to the coronavirus.
Science, July 30

30virus lableak mediumthreebytwo378
Those Virus Sequences That Were Suddenly Deleted? They’re Back
Science, July 30

Chinese researchers have uploaded genetic sequences of coronaviruses to a scientific database more than a year after they took them offline.

30virus briefing delta data mediumthreebytwo210
Vaccinated people may spread the virus, though rarely, the C.D.C. says.
Science, July 30

00bandura toppix mediumthreebytwo378
Albert Bandura, Leading Psychologist of Aggression, Dies at 95
Obits, July 29

He was most known for his Bobo doll experiment, in which children mimicked adults in attacking an inflatable doll. The work challenged basic tenets of psychology.

29xp thirdshot 5 mediumthreebytwo378 v2
Some Are Chasing Extra Vaccine Shots, While Scientists Debate
Express, July 29

Boosters may not be necessary yet, many experts say, and the pursuit of additional shots raises ethical questions.

29sci navigation4 mediumthreebytwo378
What Animals See in the Stars, and What They Stand to Lose
Science, July 29

Humans aren’t the only species that navigate by starlight. Animals from birds to dung beetles may do it, too — and might become disoriented as our city lights drown out the heavens.

29spaceastation docking mediumthreebytwo378
After Docking, Russia’s New 23-Ton Module Tilted the Space Station
Science, July 29

The Nauka module met up with the orbiting outpost on Thursday morning, and later unexpectedly fired its thrusters.

2sci asteroids mediumthreebytwo378
2 Red Objects Were Found in the Asteroid Belt. They Shouldn’t Be There.
Science, July 28

The space rocks may have come from beyond Neptune, and potentially offer hints at the chaos of the early solar system.

28xp researchname mediumthreebytwo378
New Policy Aims to Help Transgender Researchers Update Names on Old Work
Express, July 28

A group of laboratories and scientific journals is trying to simplify the process of attaching authors’ new names to their previously published papers.

27hobson1 mediumthreebytwo378
Dr. J. Allan Hobson, Who Studied the Dreaming Brain, Dies at 88
Obits, July 28

He disputed the Freudian view that dreams held encrypted codes of meaning, believing instead that they resulted from random firings of neurons in the brain.

28cats1 mediumthreebytwo378
The Unappreciated Importance of Cats, (to Medical Science)
Science, July 28

Researchers who work on the genomes of domestic and wild cats say their DNA holds clues to human as well as feline health.

28sci sponge1 mediumthreebytwo378
These Could Be the Oldest Animal Fossils Ever Found, or Just Squiggles
Science, July 28

Critics challenged a study’s claim that a netlike structure found in rocks in a Canadian mountain range could be an 890-million-year-old sponge fossil.

00meteorshower deltaquariids mediumthreebytwo378
Watch the Southern Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower Peak in Night Skies
Science, July 28

Meteor showers can light up night skies from dusk to dawn, and if you’re lucky you might be able to catch a glimpse.

27grossout mediumthreebytwo378
Ever Feel Your Skin Crawling? Maybe You Can Thank Evolution.
Science, July 27

A new study suggests that humans have a distinct, itchy defense response to ticks and other ectoparasites.

26sci lunarrover1 mediumthreebytwo378
50 Years Ago, NASA Put a Car on the Moon
Science, July 27

The lunar rovers of Apollo 15, 16 and 17 parked American automotive culture on the lunar surface, and expanded the scientific range of the missions’ astronaut explorers.

Opdoc almostfamous jocelyn alt mediumthreebytwo378
She Changed Astronomy Forever. He Won the Nobel Prize for It.
Op Ed, July 27

In 1967, Jocelyn Bell Burnell made an astounding discovery. But as a young woman in science, her role was overlooked.

Opdoc almostfamous jocelyn alt mediumthreebytwo378
The Silent Pulse of the Universe
Video, July 27

In 1967, Jocelyn Bell Burnell made a breakthrough in astronomy. But as a woman in science, her role was overlooked.

26astronaut1 mediumthreebytwo378
Is Jeff Bezos Really an Astronaut?
Science, July 26

Blue Origin pinned custom astronaut wings to his flight suit. The Federal Aviation Administration may disagree. Or it may not even matter.

26tb upsidedown promo mediumthreebytwo378
You Won’t Believe How This Beetle Walks on Water
Science, July 26

Scientists observed a beetle walking upside-down on the undersurface of a pool of water.

25weinberg1 mediumthreebytwo378
Steven Weinberg, Groundbreaking Nobelist in Physics, Dies at 88
Obits, July 25

His discoveries deepened understanding of the basic forces at play in the universe, and he took general readers back to its dawn in his book “The First Three Minutes.”

00xp moses2 03 mediumthreebytwo378
Bob Moses, Crusader for Civil Rights and Math Education, Dies at 86
Express, July 25

Mr. Moses developed a reputation for extraordinary calm in the face of violence as he helped to register thousands of voters and trained a generation of activists in Mississippi in the early 1960s.

17 parenting microbiome mediumthreebytwo378
Why Do Parents Keep Hearing About the Microbiome?
Parenting, July 25

Some companies are marketing baby soaps, lotions, supplements and more as being ‘biome-friendly.’ But there’s reason to be skeptical.

25wordplay dahlia sub mediumthreebytwo378
Star Search
Games, July 24

Chandi Deitmer’s dazzling debut goes right over our heads.

23choppin mediumthreebytwo378
Purnell Choppin, 91, Dies; Researcher Laid Groundwork for Pandemic Fight
Obits, July 23

He explored how viruses multiply. An accomplished administrator, he also turned the Howard Hughes Medical Institute into a global biomedical powerhouse.

23virus vax israel1 mediumthreebytwo378
Israeli Data Suggests Possible Waning in Effectiveness of Pfizer Vaccine
Science, July 23

The new numbers still show overwhelmingly strong protection against severe disease but diminished effectiveness against infection.

23sciencetimes newsletter promo mediumthreebytwo378
When Euphemisms (but Never Sharks) Attack
Science, July 23

Plus, orphaned grizzlies, baby deer in the shower, hoot-owl restrictions and more in the Friday edition of the Science Times newsletter.

23virus briefing israel mediumthreebytwo210
Pfizer’s shot remains strong against disease, but Israeli data raise the prospect of it waning against infection.
Science, July 23

Because of a small sample size and other factors, a large range of uncertainties flank the new findings. The vaccine’s strength against severe disease remains high.

Merlin 189258537 d16f6e40 8082 413c 99dd 9c7139fef268 mediumthreebytwo378
It’s a Grizzly Bear Survival Program. For Grizzly Bears.
Science, July 23

In British Columbia, researchers have undertaken a unique challenge: tracking orphan grizzly cubs, reared in a shelter, to see whether they can thrive back in the wild.

23trout montana8 mediumthreebytwo378
Montana’s Famed Trout Under Threat as Drought Intensifies
Science, July 23

The state is imposing more restrictions on fishing this year as the combination of extreme conditions, including low river levels, fish die-offs and the crush of anglers, poses long-term problems.

23sci exoplanet2 mediumthreebytwo378 v2
Astronomers See Moons Forming in Disk Around Distant Exoplanet
Science, July 23

Scientists have never before gotten such a clear view of moons in the making.

21genome1 mediumthreebytwo378
Scientists Finish the Human Genome at Last
Science, July 23

The complete genome uncovered more than 100 new genes that are probably functional, and many new variants that may be linked to diseases.

The climate crisis is turning the world’s subway systems into flood zones.
Science, July 23

22sci proteins1 mediumthreebytwo210
La inteligencia artificial predice las formas de las moléculas del futuro
en Español, July 22

Determinar las formas de las moléculas es vital para el diseño de fármacos, y los científicos pueden demorar años en hacerlo. DeepMind y AlphaFold son capaces de resolver este tipo de tareas en horas.

22sci mars1 mediumthreebytwo378
NASA Releases First Detailed Map of the Insides of Mars
Science, July 22

NASA’s InSight mission revealed Mars’s inner workings down to its core, highlighting great differences of the red planet from our blue world.

Trash Parrots Invent New Skill in Australian Suburbs
Science, July 22

Sydney’s clever and adaptable sulfur-crested cockatoos learn how to pry open garbage bins by watching one another.

22virus briefing breakthrough mediumthreebytwo210
Here’s why even vaccinated people are getting ‘breakthrough’ infections.
Science, July 22

22sci proteins1 mediumthreebytwo378
A.I. Predicts the Shapes of Molecules to Come
Science, July 22

DeepMind has given 3-D structure to 350,000 proteins, including every one made by humans, promising a boon for medicine and drug design.

Jeff Bezos viaja al espacio para impulsar los proyectos de su compañía de cohetes
en Español, July 22

El fundador de Amazon y otras tres personas despegaron en la nave espacial New Shepard de Blue Origin, con lo que se cumple un objetivo que tomó más de 20 años.

22tb sharkguts2 mediumthreebytwo378
This Is as Close to a Shark’s Intestines as You’ll Ever Hope to Get
Science, July 22

Scientists produced 3-D looks at shark’s guts.

Merlin 191105475 8281d39b d5c4 494c 873b d1fb3a12699f mediumthreebytwo378
The Amazonification of Space Begins in Earnest
Business, July 21

With the suborbital flights made by Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson this month, the privatization of the space industry has crossed the point of no return.

21bezos style mediumthreebytwo378
Are You a Bezos?
Styles, July 21

When Jeff Bezos flew off in his rocket, he became the international (interstellar?) symbol of the male in midlife crisis.

21tb xerces1 mediumthreebytwo378
This Butterfly Was the First in North America That People Made Extinct
Science, July 21

New research suggests the iconic Xerces blue butterfly may have been its own species.

No, but Really. Should We Contact Aliens?
Op Ed, July 21

To reach out, or not to reach out: That is the extraterrestrial question.

20blueorigin ledeall1b mediumthreebytwo378
Bezos Launches to Space, Aiming to Reignite His Rocket Company’s Ambitions
Science, July 20

The Amazon founder and three others lifted off in Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft, fulfilling a goal more than 20 years in the making.

Merlin 191087919 ea98455c 7c03 4c28 988c dde334853841 mediumthreebytwo378
Bezos thanks Amazon workers and customers for his vast wealth, prompting backlash.
Science, July 20

The world’s richest man thanked Amazon employees and customers for making his flight to space possible.

00xp sharks mediumthreebytwo378 v2
Don’t Call Them ‘Shark Attacks,’ Scientists Say
Express, July 20

In recent years, researchers and wildlife officials in Australia and the United States have adopted terms like “bites,” “incidents” and “encounters.” They wish the public would, too.

What else is going on in private spaceflight?
Science, July 20

Merlin 191065923 fd7b9d74 26d7 48aa 81de 3670d4fbcf16 mediumthreebytwo378
What Jeff Bezos and crew wore to space.
Science, July 20

The Blue Origin flight suits are blue, of course.

Did New Shepard really go to space?
Science, July 20

Merlin 190727625 92640dd3 d967 4c01 93e0 c9f00a9ecb0c mediumthreebytwo210
What will these suborbital flights mean for the space industry?
Science, July 20

Merlin 151580565 7332a9a2 4c0b 420d 98df 2ee5dccff931 mediumthreebytwo210
What else is Blue Origin building for spaceflight?
Science, July 20

20sci subanimals promo mediumthreebytwo378
Caring for the Wildlife That Stray Into the Suburbs
Science, July 20

It’s baby-animal season in the towns north of New York. But with many of the mothers gone missing, humans are stepping in to help out.

Merlin 154610733 a8b762f7 67d2 49ec 9dd8 2418a00620ba mediumthreebytwo378
What will it cost to fly on New Shepard?
Science, July 20

Jeff Bezos' company says demand has been strong for launches to the edge of space.

Merlin 154610733 a8b762f7 67d2 49ec 9dd8 2418a00620ba mediumthreebytwo210
Why did Jeff Bezos take this risk?
Science, July 20

Learning to Love G.M.O.s
Magazine, July 20

Overblown fears have turned the public against genetically modified food. But the potential benefits have never been greater.

25mag lor mediumthreebytwo378
How I Let Go of My Time-Management Anxiety
Magazine, July 20

I constantly worry I’m forgetting a deadline, that I’ll be late, that my life is slipping through my fingers. Thinking about geologic time gives me perspective.

19blueorigin preview4 mediumthreebytwo210
Wally Funk’s long wait for a trip to space.
Science, July 20

Merlin 178752792 cb9e7d47 22f0 42c2 8de0 0d7444a669f3 mediumthreebytwo210
Is New Shepard safe?
Science, July 20

15blueorigin2b mediumthreebytwo378
Who else was aboard the flight?
Science, July 20

Jeff Bezos brought three other passengers to space with him.

19blueorigin preview2 mediumthreebytwo378
Jeff Bezos and his fellow passengers are back on the ground after completing their short flight to space.
Science, July 20

Here's what you need to know about the first Blue Origin New Shepard rocket flight with passengers on board.

What is the New Shepard rocket and what did it do?
Science, July 20

19blueorigin preview promo mediumthreebytwo378
Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Rocket Launch: How to Watch
Science, July 19

The Amazon founder’s spaceflight company will carry people to space for the first time on Tuesday. Here’s what you need to know.

19sci wallyfunk promo mediumthreebytwo378
Wally Funk Is Defying Gravity and 60 Years of Exclusion From Space
Science, July 19

Ms. Funk’s trip to space with Jeff Bezos is reason to celebrate. But the launch this week, decades after she was denied the opportunity, also raises questions about whom space is for.

00sci rewilding promo mediumthreebytwo378
You’re Missing Microbes. But Is ‘Rewilding’ the Way to Get Them Back?
Science, July 19

The science behind the idea of restoring the intestinal microbiome to an ancestral state is shaky, skeptics say, and in some cases unethical.

17virus cats1 mediumthreebytwo378
Cats Are Better Than Dogs (at Catching the Coronavirus)
Science, July 19

Cats and dogs can be infected by the coronavirus — but cats are more susceptible to infection, a new study suggests.

17xp weed mediumthreebytwo378
Where Does Weed Come From? A New Study Suggests East Asia.
Express, July 18

A group of biologists and other scientists said humans began growing cannabis about 12,000 years ago not just for food, but also for hemp and, yes, probably to get high.

Merlin 187944102 af74e2c0 8f7f 499b a0dd 14ad1eab95ac mediumthreebytwo210
Más Margulis, menos Darwin
en Español, July 18

El auge de populismos y autoritarismos y la destrucción medioambiental del planeta nos lleva a preguntarnos si no entendimos a medias la evolución: más que la competencia, sobrevivimos por la cooperación.

16sciencetimes newsletter1 mediumthreebytwo378
Measuring the Cost of Racial Abuse in Soccer
Science, July 16

Plus, fluorescent flying squirrels, aging golfers and more feats of athleticism in the Friday edition of the Science Times Newsletter.

Merlin 190791756 cb2051d8 6932 464a bb34 7928f4566eee mediumthreebytwo378
How the Moon ‘Wobble’ Affects Rising Tides
Express, July 16

Scientists say it’s less like a wobble and more like a slow, predictable cycle. And while the phenomenon will contribute to rising tides caused by climate change, it is just one of many factors.

15blueorigin2 mediumthreebytwo378
Jeff Bezos Picks 18-Year-Old Dutch Student for Blue Origin Rocket Launch
Science, July 15

Oliver Daemen will fly to the edge of space after another passenger who paid $28 million for the seat had a scheduling conflict.

14bezos item 2 mediumthreebytwo378
Jeff Bezos Gives $200 Million to National Air and Space Museum
Culture, July 14

The donation will finance renovations and a new learning center at the Smithsonian museum on the National Mall.

14tb froghopper mediumthreebytwo378
This Insect Drinks Your Milkshake
Science, July 13

The froghopper has amazing powers of suction, scientists found. It also produces astonishing amounts of urine.

13tb snailcomputer1 mediumthreebytwo378
How Do You Solve an Extinction Mystery? Put a Tiny Computer on a Snail.
Science, July 13

An unlikely collaboration has solved a longstanding snail survival mystery in the Society Islands in French Polynesia.

12gene1 mediumthreebytwo378
W.H.O. Experts Seek Limits on Human Gene-Editing Experiments
Science, July 12

The panel also called on countries to ensure that beneficial forms of genetic alteration be shared equitably.

11virgingalactic top mediumthreebytwo378 v2
Branson Completes Virgin Galactic Flight, Aiming to Open Up Space Tourism
Science, July 11

The successful trip was the first in a series to the edge of space and beyond by billionaire entrepreneurs that seek to make human spaceflight more routine.

Merlin 190695666 650dc0f9 6e75 4397 b583 9ea845e6c650 mediumthreebytwo378
What will it cost to fly Virgin Galactic to space?
Science, July 11

A short suborbital jaunt to the edge of space for most people requires having a lot of spare cash on hand, for now.

11virgingalactic top mediumthreebytwo378 v2
Richard Branson Launches Into Space on Virgin Galactic Flight
Video, July 11

The 70-year-old British billionaire and crew members of Virgin Galactic launched the commercial space plane Unity from New Mexico, reached the edge of space and landed safely back at the spaceport on Sunday.

What else is going on in private spaceflight?
Science, July 11

Merlin 178752810 766412d7 c78a 4aff a995 bd9babfb34b8 mediumthreebytwo378
When is Jeff Bezos’ flight, and how is it different?
Science, July 11

Merlin 190687845 e331a203 a9fe 4171 bd62 ca71cae61f79 mediumthreebytwo378
Stephen Colbert added a dash of comedy as Branson and crew headed toward space.
Science, July 11

The talk show host, the R&B singer Khalid and others added glitz to an event full of rocket science.

Merlin 190682547 d51a5877 9159 451a bc63 9d36f28312cb mediumthreebytwo210
Why do all of these passengers get to be called astronauts?
Science, July 11

Who are some of the future passengers?
Science, July 11

11virgingalactic4 mediumthreebytwo210
Is Virgin Galactic’s space plane safe?
Science, July 11

11virgingalactic crew mediumthreebytwo378
Who were the crew members aboard the flight?
Science, July 11

Along with Mr. Branson, three crew and two pilots are aboard the Unity.

Branson and the crew received astronaut wings after their successful trip to space.
Science, July 11

What you need to know about Richard Branson and crew's space plane flight.

Merlin 190685910 9e7f37e5 918d 4e8a 80e4 4d64ee699ab9 mediumthreebytwo378
Why did Richard Branson take this risk?
Science, July 11

Virgin Galactic is one among a long line of flashy upstart businesses promoted by the English entrepreneur.

Merlin 190689747 d6977898 f1e5 4241 8c46 55f353e966e4 mediumthreebytwo378
What is Virgin Galactic’s space plane, and what did it do?
Science, July 11

The V.S.S. Unity is making its fourth trip to space.

Merlin 190463601 c9f7f8c4 2214 4050 9ff7 738d30d8fc87 mediumthreebytwo378
Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Space Plane Flight: How to Watch
Science, July 10

The V.S.S. Unity will lift off from New Mexico on Sunday morning as billionaire entrepreneurs race to make spaceflight unexceptional.

09scitimes newsletter mediumthreebytwo378
Is It Art? You May Have to Ask a Neanderthal Critic.
Science, July 10

A bone to pick from Germany’s Unicorn Cave. Plus fireflies in sync, peer review in crisis and China’s astronauts at work in their spacesuits.

09insects mediumthreebytwo378
This Moth’s Name Is a Slur. Scientists Won’t Use It Anymore.
Science, July 9

The Entomological Society of America will no longer refer to common species of insects as “gypsy moths” and “gypsy ants,” because their names are derogatory to the Romani people.

09virus origins1 mediumthreebytwo378
A Group of Scientists Presses a Case Against the Lab Leak Theory of Covid
Science, July 9

In a review of recent studies and comparisons to other outbreaks, a group of virologists contends that there is more evidence to support a natural spillover from animals to humans.

09cli marineheat2 mediumthreebytwo378
Like in ‘Postapocalyptic Movies’: Heat Wave Killed Marine Wildlife en Masse
Climate, July 9

An early estimate points to a huge die-off along the Pacific Coast, and scientists say rivers farther inland are warming to levels that could be lethal for some kinds of salmon.

08virus lambda1 mediumthreebytwo210
Variante Lambda: ¿qué sugieren los primeros estudios?
en Español, July 9

De avance veloz por Sudamérica, la variante sigue siendo un misterio. Nadie sabe si es más contagiosa que otras o si afecta a las vacunas.

00sci cuttlefish4b promo mediumthreebytwo378 v2
Did a Cuttlefish Write This?
Science, July 9

Octopuses and squid are full of cephalopod character. But more scientists are making the case that cuttlefish hold the key to unlocking evolutionary secrets about intelligence.

08tb otters1 mediumthreebytwo378
It’s Cold in the Ocean but It’s Hotter Inside Sea Otters
Science, July 8

To stay warm in frigid seas, the marine mammals rely on an unexpected use of the powerhouses of their cells.

08tb ice bend image mediumthreebytwo378
A New Kind of Ice That Bends Like a Noodle Without Breaking
Science, July 8

Perfect crystals of ice microfiber showed the flexibility of a material we usually assume to be rather brittle.

08virus lambda1 mediumthreebytwo378
Covid’s Lambda Variant: Worth Watching, but No Cause for Alarm
Science, July 8

Spreading fast in South America, the variant is still a mystery. No one knows whether it is more contagious than other variants or if it affects vaccines.

08loneliest whale1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘The Loneliest Whale: The Search for 52’ Review: Sea Hunt
Weekend, July 8

The documentary filmmaker Joshua Zeman assembles a team to look for a solitary whale who calls out at a particular frequency.

07lewontin2 mediumthreebytwo378
Richard C. Lewontin, Eminent Geneticist With a Sharp Pen, Dies at 92
Obits, July 7

He demonstrated that differences in DNA between groups of people were far smaller than originally believed. He was also a noted opponent of aspects of sociobiology.

07tb fireflies1 mediumthreebytwo378
How Swarms of Fireflies Sync Their Flashes
Science, July 7

You can believe your eyes because lightning bugs really are coordinating their nightly glows.

Merlin 172735491 55f4c956 aa7b 4cbc a2f9 367dd5d2650d mediumthreebytwo210
¿Cuál es la forma adecuada de lavar frutas y verduras?
en Español, July 7

Una especialista en alimentos ofrece recomendaciones de higiene y seguridad.

00space tech1 mediumthreebytwo378
Start-Ups Aim Beyond Earth
Business, July 7

Advancements in space technology and new means of financing are driving a flurry of investor interest.

06virus briefing delta1 mediumthreebytwo378
The world is worried about the Delta virus variant. Studies show vaccines are effective against it.
Science, July 6

Israel reported that the Pfizer vaccine was 64 percent effective against the Delta variant. Other studies suggest a higher rate.

00sci tattooedmummies promo mediumthreebytwo378
Inked Mummies, Linking Tattoo Artists With Their Ancestors
Science, July 5

As scientists find more tattoos on preserved remains from Indigenous cultures, artists living today are drawing from them to revive cultural traditions.

30marsburst turn image mediumthreebytwo378
Visitors on Mars Send New Views to Earth
Interactive, June 30

Three spacecraft reached Mars in February, starting a busy year of new exploration. Here's what they're showing us from the red planet.

Brood x cicada emergence promo 1621455222422 mediumthreebytwo378
An Invitation to the Cicada Party
Interactive, May 19

This spring, billions of cicadas will emerge from underground tunnels to sing, mate and die across the eastern United States. Here’s what to expect.

14virus vaccination kids teens photos promo mediumthreebytwo378
‘Out of the Void’: Teenagers Eager for Vaccination
Interactive, May 14

Ready for a return to pep rallies and proms, these youngsters were quick to roll up their sleeves.

Flu season coronavirus pandemic promo 1619038445601 mediumthreebytwo378 v2
The Flu Vanished During Covid. What Will Its Return Look Like?
Interactive, April 22

The latest flu season, which normally would have run until next month, essentially never happened.

19marscopter shadow mediumthreebytwo378
A Helicopter Flies on Mars
Interactive, April 19

NASA on Monday hailed its “Wright brothers moment” when a small robotic helicopter named Ingenuity took off on Mars. Here’s what to know.

25mag talk mediumthreebytwo378
Neil deGrasse Tyson Thinks Science Can Reign Supreme Again
Interactive, April 19

“In the 1960s, while we’re going to the moon, you didn’t need special programs to get people interested.”

09burst muon promo mediumthreebytwo378
Your Thoughts on Muons Upending Physics
Interactive, April 9

A story this week that involved wobbling muons, particle colliders, a Costco parking lot and the possible rewriting of the laws of physics drew an array of enthusiastic comments.

Doc 1303071 more calls for inquiries into the origins of the pandemic promo mediumthreebytwo378
Calls for Further Inquiries Into Coronavirus Origins
Interactive, April 7

In addition to outside calls for new inquiries, the W.H.O. team of scientists also suggested pursuit of other avenues including reviews of samples from blood banks.

School reopening still promo mediumthreebytwo210 v3
Ouvrir les fenêtres, essentiel à la réouverture des écoles
Interactive, March 22

Une simulation des flux d’air dans une vraie salle de classe à New York montre que des mesures simples de ventilation peuvent réduire le risque d’exposition au coronavirus.

Merlin 171549066 7279cc42 cf7a 49d1 a891 5b3b25a68ab7 mediumthreebytwo378
In 100 Years, People Will Say …
Interactive, March 15

We asked scientists, community leaders and public health experts to predict what might be said a century from now.

Vaccine efficacy coronavirus promo 1614744333917 mediumthreebytwo378 v2
What Do Vaccine Efficacy Numbers Actually Mean?
Interactive, March 3

All of the F.D.A.-authorized vaccines offer strong protection against Covid-19, and assessing their efficacy isn’t as simple as a head-to-head comparison.

School reopening still promo mediumthreebytwo210 v3
Para reabrir las escuelas hay que abrir las ventanas
Interactive, March 1

Una simulación del flujo de aire en un aula real de la ciudad de Nueva York muestra que la simple ventilación y la filtración pueden reducir la probabilidad de exposición al coronavirus.

School reopening still promo mediumthreebytwo378 v3
Why Opening Windows Is a Key to Reopening Schools
Interactive, February 26

A simulation of airflow in a real New York City classroom shows how simple ventilation and filtration can reduce the probability of coronavirus exposure.

19mars nasa1 mediumthreebytwo378
It’s Been a Busy Month on Mars
Interactive, February 19

When NASA’s Perseverance rover landed on the red planet on Thursday, it was the end of a bustling cycle of activity.

2021spacecalendar eclipse mediumthreebytwo378
Sync your calendar with the solar system
Interactive, January 3

Never miss an eclipse, a meteor shower, a rocket launch or any other astronomical and space event that's out of this world.

Novavax covid 19 vaccine promo 1609356961216 mediumthreebytwo378 v5
How the Novavax Vaccine Works
Interactive, December 30

Using a coronavirus protein to train the immune system.

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The Year in Spaceflight
Interactive, December 28

It started with a literal bang.

2020animals 960 1 mediumthreebytwo378 v6
Which Animal Best Embodies 2020?
Interactive, December 23

It was a rough year for Homo sapiens.

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How Chuck Yeager’s ‘Right Stuff’ Hit the Screen
Interactive, December 8

The test pilot, who died Monday at 97, inspired generations after he was featured in the book and film “The Right Stuff.” Here’s how it came about.

Coronavirus vaccine tracker promo 1600439734668 mediumthreebytwo378 v23
Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker
Interactive, December 8

A look at all the vaccines that have reached trials in humans.

How moderna covid 19 vaccine works promo 1607191271089 mediumthreebytwo378
How Moderna’s Vaccine Works
Interactive, December 5

Two shots can prime the immune system to fight the coronavirus.

How pfizer biontech covid 19 vaccine works promo 1607191271139 mediumthreebytwo378
How Pfizer’s Vaccine Works
Interactive, December 5

Two shots can prime the immune system to fight the coronavirus.

03mag treecommunication 16 mediumthreebytwo378
The Social Life of Forests
Interactive, December 2

Trees appear to communicate and cooperate through subterranean networks of fungi. What are they sharing with one another?

Artificial intelligence fake people faces promo 1605818328743 mediumthreebytwo378 v2
Designed to Deceive: Do These People Look Real to You?
Interactive, November 21

The people in this story may look familiar, like ones you’ve seen on Facebook or Twitter or Tinder. But they don’t exist. They were born from the mind of a computer, and the technology behind them is improving at a startling pace.

Les masques, ça marche. Vraiment. On va vous montrer comment.
Interactive, November 11

Un voyage virtuel à travers le monde microscopique du coronavirus nous montre comment les masques sont un moyen de défense important contre sa transmission.

Las mascarillas funcionan. En serio. Te mostraremos cómo
Interactive, November 2

Un viaje visual a través del mundo microscópico del coronavirus demuestra el modo en que las mascarillas son una importante defensa contra la transmisión.

Iss 20th anniversary timeline 1604066187607 mediumthreebytwo378
20 Years Aboard the International Space Station
Interactive, November 2

Twenty years ago today, three astronauts stepped aboard the International Space Station. Since then, the I.S.S. has hosted hundreds of residents from many countries. This is a history of our first 20 years of living aboard.

00burst quokka 03 mediumthreebytwo378
5 Strange Facts About Quokkas
Interactive, October 23

They are curious, bold and known for their adorable grins. They follow tourists around and even “pose” for photos.

00burst migratingbirds 04 mediumthreebytwo378 v3
Can You Spot One of These Migrating Birds?
Interactive, October 7

More than 500 bird species in North America migrate in the fall, so it’s a great time to whip out the binoculars.

00burst foliage1 mediumthreebytwo378 v3
What’s Behind Those Colorful Leaves?
Interactive, September 25

It may seem like magic, but each leaf’s new look comes from chemical changes happening within.

Exploring the solar system promo 1595620746754 mediumthreebytwo378
Exploring the Solar System
Interactive, July 27

A guide to the spacecraft beyond Earth’s orbit.

Mars spacecraft overview 1595636280246 mediumthreebytwo378
Meet the 3 Spacecraft Heading to Mars This Summer
Interactive, July 26

Three missions are headed to Mars this summer. They carry a wide array of instruments to explore the red planet.

Coronavirus tratamientos curas 1594920159701 mediumthreebytwo210
Tratamientos y medicamentos para el coronavirus: monitoreo de efectividad
Interactive, July 16

Una lista actualizada de tratamientos potenciales para la COVID-19.

Spacex nasa promo 1590499638707 mediumthreebytwo378 v3
SpaceX Postpones Launch of Two NASA Astronauts
Interactive, May 26

The Crew Dragon launch is now scheduled for Saturday at 3:22 p.m. Eastern time.

Comet swan photos 1589299851247 mediumthreebytwo378 v5
Following Comet SWAN
Interactive, May 12

A newly discovered comet is swinging around the sun.

Coronavirus mutations promo 1588180690446 mediumthreebytwo210
Así muta y se propaga el coronavirus
Interactive, April 30

El virus ha mutado. Pero eso no significa que se esté volviendo más mortal.

Cough image still promo facebookjumbo v2
This 3-D Simulation Shows Why Social Distancing Is So Important
Interactive, April 14

We visualized a cough to show how far respiratory droplets can spread. If you haven’t been keeping your distance to fight the coronavirus, this may persuade you.

Apollo 13 moon photos as they shot it promo 1586728596196 mediumthreebytwo378 v2
Apollo 13: As They Shot It
Interactive, April 13

Surviving disaster, in the astronauts’ words and photographs.