1. Will Dyeing the Connecticut River Help Keep It Alive? Metropolitan, November 28

    Hydrilla, a rapidly spreading invasive plant, is choking New England’s longest river. Government scientists are fighting back.

  2. Huge Turbines Will Soon Bring First Offshore Wind Power to New Yorkers Metro, November 27

    New York’s best bet for entering the era of offshore wind power is stacked up at the water’s edge in Connecticut.

  3. Homes for Sale in New York and Connecticut Real Estate, November 23

    This week’s properties are a six-bedroom houses in Weston, Conn., and Bronxville, N.Y.

  4. Sea Creatures From the Deep, Captured in Glass, Rise at Mystic Seaport Arts & Leisure, November 18

    A new show of marine invertebrates, modeled in Germany nearly 150 years ago, helps tell a story about the Connecticut coast today.

  5. In Bridgeport, the Mayoral Election Isn’t Over Until It’s Over Metro, November 8

    The mayor was re-elected, but another vote may take place after a judge voided the Democratic primary results because of credible allegations of ballot fraud.

  6. Her Retirement Home Said ‘No’ to Solar Panels. She Got It to Buy 1,344. Metropolitan, November 8

    In what seemed like a futile fight with her retirement community’s management, Susan Auslander, just shy of 90, found an opening.

  7. Connecticut Election Results Interactive, November 7

    See full results and maps from the 2023 Connecticut elections.

  8. Meet Me Downtown Interactive, October 26

    We visited 10 cities across the country to see how the pandemic and its aftershocks have reshaped the American downtown.

  9. How One School Is Beating the Odds in Math, the Pandemic’s Hardest-Hit Subject National, October 15

    Benjamin Franklin Elementary in Connecticut overhauled the way it taught — and the way it ran the classroom. Every minute counted.

  10. The likely G.O.P. candidate for Connecticut governor tests positive a day after an anti-mask picnic. Politics, May 23

    Connecticut has become one of the nation’s hotspots for infections.