1. Documenting ‘Slavery by Another Name’ in Texas Editorial, Yesterday

    An African-American burial ground recently unearthed in Texas reveals details about an ugly chapter in the history of the American South.

  2. Following a Refugee Family's Long Journey to U.S. Citizenship Photo, August 10

    Bhutan’s expulsion of more than 100,000 people in 1992 forced many of them to live in camps in Nepal. Viviane Dalles photographed one family as they relocated to Texas.

  3. Judge Threatens Sessions With Contempt Over Deported Asylum Seekers National, August 9

    A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order blocking deportation of asylum applicants and ordered a plane carrying two applicants to turn around and return to the United States.

  4. Can DACA Survive Its Latest Legal Attack in Texas? National, August 9

    A federal court in Houston heard arguments on a bid to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. But the fate of the program is complicated.

  5. Chemical Maker and Its Chief Indicted for Explosions During Hurricane Harvey Express, August 3

    The indictment charged that Arkema North America, its chief executive and a plant manager were responsible for the chemical release, which prosecutors said was preventable.

  6. A Push for 3-D Weapons by One of the World’s ‘Most Dangerous People’ National, August 1

    Cody Wilson is engaged in a legal fight to distribute blueprints for printing 3-D weapons. He calls his efforts “a pretty mainline American idea.”

  7. They Stole a Shark in a Baby Stroller and Briefly Got Away With It Express, July 31

    A trio of sharknappers wheeled Miss Helen, a horn shark who’s less than a year old, out of the San Antonio Aquarium, but the police tracked them down.

  8. Stephen F. Austin Defended Slavery. Should the Texas Capital Be Renamed? Express, July 31

    A recent City of Austin report identifying sites that honor Confederates also highlighted that the city itself was named for a man who fought efforts to abolish slavery.

  9. Texas Nursing Home Shooting That Left 5 Dead Was Likely Murder-Suicide, Police Say Express, July 28

    A 60-year-old man shot his father and stepmother to death on Friday after killing two others at the couple’s nearby residence, the police said.

  10. How a Texas Bus Terminal Became the Backdrop for Powerful Immigration Reporting Insider, July 28

    Times journalists focused on one day in the life of the station itself, interviewing dozens of the more than 100 migrants there after being released.

  11. Five Are Dead in Killings Tied to Texas Nursing Home Shooting Express, July 28

    A city official said three people were found shot to death at the nursing home, including the killer. Two others were later found dead at the home of one of the victims.

  12. What Happened to the Country That Made Us Citizens? Op Ed, July 27

    Growing up in a friendly Dallas suburb, I never imagined the hostility lurking beneath the surface.

  13. See America’s New Ellis Island: A South Texas Bus Terminal Interactive, July 27

    Thousands of migrants, many fleeing violence and poverty, are arriving at America’s southwestern border as the nation’s family separation policy continues to draw criticism.

  14. Chaos Marks Effort to Reunite Separated Families, New York Officials Say Metro, July 26

    The governor described a night of “gross incompetence,” with children being driven from one airport to another as the government raced to return them to their parents.

  15. How Health Care Makes Disability a Trap Video, July 24

    I have multiple sclerosis. Why can’t I move to be closer to my son?

  16. The Disability Trap Op Ed, July 24

    I have multiple sclerosis. Why can’t I move to another state to be closer to my son?

  17. He Has Spent Three Decades in Prison. Now Experts Dispute the Evidence. National, July 24

    The findings of an influential commission will make it harder to deny a new trial to Joe Bryan, a former high school principal who was convicted of murdering his wife.

  18. A 3-Year-Old Died at a Texas Day Care. Here Are Ways to Keep Your Child Safe. Express, July 22

    A boy died recently after being left in a day care van, an accident that officials said was avoidable. We looked at how to evaluate a day care program and assess its safety standards.

  19. As Migrant Families Reunite, Texas Border Cities Scramble to Help National, July 20

    Cities in the Rio Grande Valley have been a way station for reunified migrant families, who have been aided by loose network of volunteers and officials.

  20. Suspect in Houston Crime Spree Is Charged With Capital Murder Express, July 18

    Jose Gilberto Rodriguez, 46, has been linked to three killings and other violent crimes. He was a registered sex offender on parole who had cut his ankle monitor, the police said.

  21. Remains of Black People Forced Into Labor After Slavery Are Discovered in Texas Express, July 18

    A cemetery found on a construction site is believed to contain remains of African-Americans forced to work on plantations through the so-called convict lease system.

  22. The Age of the Downloadable Gun Begins Op Ed, July 17

    The government has just made it easier for terrorists and criminals to produce deadly weapons with an inexpensive 3-D printer.

  23. Texas Man Found Guilty of Hate Crime in Mosque Fire Express, July 17

    A jury convicted Marq Vincent Perez on all counts in the arson at a mosque and Islamic community center in January 2017.

  24. Suspect Is Arrested After a String of Murders and Robberies in the Houston Area Express, July 17

    Jose Gilberto Rodriguez, 46, was arrested as the suspect in a series of attacks that included three murders, a home invasion and an assault on a city bus.

  25. ‘I Just Simply Did What He Wanted’: Sexual Abuse Inside Immigrant Detention Facilities Video, July 17

    Immigrant detention is expanding under the Trump administration, increasing the risk of sexual assault in a system where abuse is not uncommon. Two women told us their stories of being sexually abused by guards while under the custody of ICE.

  26. When the Painting Is Provocative but the Museum Is Cautious Culture, July 16

    The Blanton Museum of Art in Texas is wrestling with how to present Vincent Valdez’s panorama of a modern-day Ku Klux Klan gathering.

  27. There Are No Real Roads in Guadalupe Park. You Earn the Incredible Views. Travel, July 16

    Guadalupe Mountains National Park in West Texas has a reputation as a hiker’s paradise. It’s deserved.