1. Harry Whittington, Texas Lawyer Shot by Cheney, Dies at 95 Obits, Today

    He drew headlines across the world when, during a hunting trip, he was accidentally blasted in the face and torso by Vice President Dick Cheney — then apologized himself for the incident.

  2. In Austin, Recovery From Winter Storm Is Slow and Piecemeal National, Today

    More than 30,000 customers did not have power on Sunday night. Officials said downed trees and power lines were responsible for persistent outages.

  3. Planes Narrowly Avoid Collision on Austin Airport Runway Express, Yesterday

    A FedEx cargo plane had to abort its landing after a departing Southwest Airlines flight was cleared to use the same runway, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

  4. 8 Places Across the U.S. That Illuminate Black History Travel, Yesterday

    Over the years, many important African American landmarks have disappeared or fallen into disrepair. An effort to restore them promises a fuller understanding of American history as a whole.

  5. Don’t Let Republican ‘Judge Shoppers’ Thwart the Will of Voters Op Ed, Yesterday

    How some red-state lawsuits are undermining major features of President Biden’s agenda.

  6. The February 4 Cold Arctic Blast Weather live blog included one standalone post:
  7. They Were Proud Houston Homeowners. Then It All Fell Apart. Op Ed, February 4

    Five years after Hurricane Harvey destroyed their home, Becca and Sergio Fuentes are still rebuilding their lives.

  8. A Brief History of Spying With Balloons Express, February 3

    A Chinese balloon seen floating over the northwestern United States this week was a reminder of how governments have used balloons for reconnaissance for more than a century.

  9. ‘One Gut Punch After Another’: The Case of the Missing Dallas Zoo Animals National, February 3

    The brazenness of the thefts brought international attention and a range of whodunit theories. The police charged a 24-year-old local man in connection with the disappearances.

  10. 2 Monkeys Taken From Dallas Zoo Are Found at an Empty Home Express, February 1

    The emperor tamarin monkeys were reported missing on Monday, the latest bizarre incident at the zoo this month. After getting a tip, the police found them on Tuesday in a closet at a home 15 miles away.

  11. Millions Across the South Brace for Several Rounds of Ice and Sleet Express, January 31

    More than 1,700 flights were canceled in the United States on Tuesday, mostly in Texas, where at least two people were killed in traffic crashes.

  12. 2 Monkeys Are Apparently Taken From Dallas Zoo in Latest Bizarre Incident Express, January 31

    The emperor tamarin monkeys were reported missing on Monday, the latest among several unexplained episodes that have led to the death of one animal and left others free to escape.

  13. In Texas Oil Country, an Unfamiliar Threat: Earthquakes National, January 28

    A pair of recent strong earthquakes were part of a surge in seismic activity in the state related to oil and gas production.

  14. The Forgotten History of Chinese Railroad Workers Rises From the Texas Dust Weekend, January 26

    In a creative departure, the artist Kenneth Tam spent the last year creating sculptures that honor the lives of Chinese laborers in Texas who helped build the country’s railroad system.

  15. $800,000 Homes in New York, North Carolina and Texas Real Estate, January 25

    A renovated 18th-century farmhouse in Hyde Park, a Tudor Revival home in Durham and a Craftsman bungalow in Houston.

  16. The Newest Contraband at the Mexican Border: Eggs Express, January 25

    There has been an increase in the number of people trying to bring eggs into the United States, where the price has surged, driven in part by a bird flu outbreak.

  17. New Lawsuit Challenges State Bans on Abortion Pills Science, January 25

    The case, brought by GenBioPro, a company that makes one of two abortion drugs, argues that it is unconstitutional for a state to bar access to a medication approved by the federal government.

  18. Severe Weather Moves Through Texas Video, January 25

    A tornado ripped through communities near Houston and severe storms brought heavy rain across the region.

  19. U.S. Accuses Google of Abusing Monopoly in Ad Technology Business, January 24

    The Justice Department’s antitrust lawsuit, which a group of states joined, was the fifth by U.S. officials against the company since 2020.

  20. Severe Weather Moves East After Tornado Strikes Texas Express, January 24

    More than 20 million people in parts of the South, Midwest and Northeast were under winter storm warnings, a day after a tornado tore through communities near Houston.

  21. Supreme Court Puts Off Considering State Laws Curbing Internet Platforms Washington, January 23

    The laws, enacted by Florida and Texas in response to conservative complaints about censorship, have been challenged under the First Amendment.

  22. Police Investigate ‘Suspicious’ Death of a Vulture at Dallas Zoo Express, January 22

    The vulture died under what officials described as “unusual” circumstances. Last week, two animal enclosures were tampered with, allowing a clouded leopard to escape.

  23. Early Abortion Looks Nothing Like What You’ve Been Told Op Ed, January 22

    We are primary care physicians who perform abortions. This fall, we published images of early pregnancy tissue. People were shocked by what they saw.

  24. 36 Hours in Houston Interactive, January 19

    If you have a taste for dynamism and beautiful complexities, Houston is your buffet – and eating is the town sport.

  25. Adams Visits the Border to Step Up Pressure on Biden for Migrant Funds Metro, January 15

    Mayor Eric Adams says that an influx of migrants could cost New York City $2 billion. He wants financial help from the federal government.

  26. The Spurs Return to the Alamodome for a Record-Breaking Anniversary Party Sports, January 14

    San Antonio set a single-game N.B.A. attendance record by welcoming a crowd of 68,323 on Friday. The Spurs lost, but longtime fans savored the chance to celebrate in the team’s former home.

  27. Eric Adams Heads to Mexican Border, as the Migrant Crisis Continues Metro, January 14

    The New York City mayor said the arrival of tens of thousands of asylum seekers could cost as much as $2 billion, putting pressure on the city’s budget.

  28. Clouded Leopard Found at Dallas Zoo After ‘Suspicious’ Tear in Enclosure Express, January 13

    Nova, a 25-pound clouded leopard, was found on the zoo grounds after a daylong search. Officials said she had been missing after an intentional tear was made in the mesh of her enclosure.

  29. Murillo, Not So Saintly: A Quiet Master Reassessed Culture, January 12

    In the 17th century, plague and famine devastated Seville. The Baroque painter turned this strife into engrossing parables of a Golden Age in decline.

  30. Murillo, Not So Saintly: A Quiet Master Reassessed Arts, January 12

    In the 17th century, plague and famine devastated Seville. The Baroque painter turned this strife into engrossing parables of a Golden Age in decline.

  31. $700,000 Homes in Texas, Virginia and Missouri Real Estate, January 11

    A bungalow in Galveston, a brick rowhouse in Alexandria and a 1912 Tudor Revival home in University City.

  32. Justice Dept. Appeals Ruling on Government Liability in 2017 Church Shooting Washington, January 10

    The appeal comes nearly a year after a judge awarded $230 million to survivors and families of a shooting that killed 26 people in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

  33. Laredo, la ciudad que podría convertirse en un hito del comercio mundial en Español, January 9

    La ciudad fronteriza con México está preparada para convertirse en uno de los puertos terrestres más importantes del mundo, mientras las empresas en EE. UU. reducen su dependencia de las fábricas en Asia.

  34. Biden Visits the U.S.-Mexico Border in El Paso Video, January 9

    President Biden went to the southern border for his first time since taking office.

  35. Biden Visits Southern Border Amid Fresh Crackdown on Migrants Washington, January 8

    A surge of migration has made El Paso one of the most vivid symbols of the decades-long breakdown in America’s immigration system.

  36. Biden’s Visit to the Border Is Bound to Be Awkward Op Ed, January 8

    But at least he is arriving with a plan.

  37. Will Lifting Title 42 Cause a Border Crisis? It’s Already Here. National, December 29

    Plans to lift Title 42 have prompted dire predictions of chaos on the border. But there is already a migrant surge, because the pandemic policy was never an effective border-control tool.

  38. La pandemia solo va a terminar si más personas se ponen el refuerzo en Español, November 7

    Hay nuevas vacunas contra la COVID-19 que funcionan. Pero también hay menos puntos de vacunación, menos alcance y menos soluciones creativas para generar conciencia y aumentar el acceso a las inyecciones.

  39. The New Covid Boosters Are Incredible, and Everyone Should Get One Op Ed, November 3

    Getting shots into arms isn’t rocket science, or at least it shouldn’t be.

  40. Meet Me Downtown Interactive, October 26

    We visited 10 cities across the country to see how the pandemic and its aftershocks have reshaped the American downtown.

  41. Voting access updates: Mail ballots are at issue as states consider new rules and legal action. Politics, July 15

    A signature-matching rule in North Carolina is rejected, mail ballots in Pennsylvania are in dispute, and more.

  42. Voting access updates: Mail ballots are at issue as states consider new rules and legal action. Politics, July 15

    A signature-matching rule in North Carolina is rejected, mail ballots in Pennsylvania are in dispute, and more.

  43. Ending a Decade-Long Decline, More Mexicans Are Migrating to U.S. Foreign, July 1

    The death of at least 53 migrants in Texas, more than half of whom were from Mexico, is testing U.S. efforts to enlist Mexico in deterring migration.

  44. Your Friday Evening Briefing N Y T Now, May 27

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  45. The maker of the gun used in the school massacre got $3.1 million in pandemic aid. Business, May 26

    Daniel Defense was one of nearly 500 gun and ammunition makers and retailers that collected a total of $125 million from the Paycheck Protection Program.