1. How We Made Images of Methane, an Invisible Gas Reader Center, Yesterday

    We went to one of the world’s biggest oil fields with an infrared camera to find out what’s leaking into the sky.

  2. It’s a Vast, Invisible Climate Menace. We Made It Visible. Interactive, December 12

    Immense amounts of methane are escaping from oil and gas sites nationwide, worsening global warming, even as the Trump administration weakens restrictions on offenders.

  3. Dallas Man Gets 30 Years for Recruiting for ISIS Through App U.S., December 12

    Prosecutors said Said Azzam Mohamad Rahim used a social media app called Zello to recruit fighters and encourage others to kill enemies of the Islamic State.

  4. Person Is Detained at Corpus Christi Naval Base After Lockdown U.S., December 11

    It was not immediately clear why the person was being held. The incident took place a week after fatal shootings at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida, and at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard in Hawaii.

  5. A Bush Grandson and Trump’s Former V.A. Pick Vie for Congressional Seats in Texas U.S., December 9

    Pierce Bush is running in the 22nd House District, and Ronny L. Jackson is running in the 13th District.

  6. El muro de Donald Trump pone en riesgo la naturaleza en Español, December 9

    Mientras lees esto, se están levantando enormes paredes de concreto en la frontera entre México y Estados Unidos que atraviesan refugios de vida silvestre y espacios naturales.

  7. Despite Warnings, Trump Moves to Expand Migrant Family Detention U.S., December 9

    Tiny prison uniforms were replaced with T-shirts. Health care and schooling improved. Experts say there is still no safe way to incarcerate families.

  8. On Military Bases, the Dangers Increasingly Come From the Inside U.S., December 6

    Shootings in Pensacola and Pearl Harbor reflect the rising tide of gun violence at military bases.

  9. Winston Lawson, 91, Secret Service Agent With Kennedy in Dallas, Dies U.S., December 6

    The advance man for the Texas trip, he rode ahead of Kennedy’s limo, helped lift the president onto a stretcher and then lived a half-century with regrets.

  10. No One Should Have to Breathe These Chemicals Opinion, December 6

    In Texas and across the country, the E.P.A.’s gutting of the Chemical Disaster Rule is a matter of life or death.

  11. Migrant Teen Lay for Hours in His Cell Before He Was Found Dead U.S., December 5

    A video shows the boy in severe distress. He was discovered by his cellmate, not immigration officials, as they originally claimed.

  12. I Was a Border Patrol Agent. Our Walls Need to Be Torn Down. Opinion, December 5

    President Trump’s border wall is threatening species and reshaping entire fragile ecosystems.

  13. Texas Judge Blocks Construction of Private Border Wall, for Now U.S., December 5

    A Hidalgo County judge ruled that the privately built wall on the banks of the Rio Grande would pose “irreparable harm” to a nearby butterfly conservancy.

  14. Scooters vs. People Opinion, December 2

    Get them off the sidewalks.

  15. Teacher Fired After Asking Trump to ‘Remove’ Immigrants Wins Her Appeal U.S., November 29

    A Texas state agency ruled in favor of the teacher after an independent examiner said tweets she sent to the president were free speech.

  16. Love Is Not a Tally Sheet Opinion, November 29

    What single parenting taught me about accepting help.

  17. With Olympic Doors Open, a 14-Year-Old Skateboarder Enters a New World Sports, November 29

    When the International Olympic Committee decided to admit skateboarding without setting age requirements, the game changed for a lot of young girls.

  18. Explosions Shake a Texas Town, and Its View on Thanksgiving U.S., November 28

    Two explosions forced tens of thousands of people to leave the area around a chemical plant. “As long as we know that we’re O.K., that’s all that really matters,” one resident said.

  19. Capturing a Shooting Survivor’s Long Recovery, With Humanity Reader Center, November 28

    Manny Fernandez, our Houston Bureau Chief, and Tamir Kalifa, a photographer, discuss spending nearly three months with Luis Calvillo, who was seriously wounded at the Walmart shooting in El Paso, and his family.

  20. Chemical Plant Explosion Forces Evacuation in Texas U.S., November 27

    The blast early Wednesday in the Port Neches-Groves area outside Port Arthur was felt miles away, witnesses said.

  21. Thousands Evacuated in Texas After Explosion at Port Neches Chemical Plant U.S., November 27

    A second blast at the plant sent fire and a piece of a tower into the sky. Now residents are being evacuated the night before Thanksgiving.

  22. Duke, the Nation’s No. 1 Team, Loses to Unranked Stephen F. Austin Sports, November 27

    Stephen F. Austin became the first non-Atlantic Coast Conference team to beat Duke at home in nearly 20 years.

  23. Duke, the Nation’s No. 1 Team, Loses to Unranked Stephen F. Austin Sports, November 27

    10 things about a huge upset.

  24. Feral Hogs Attack and Kill a Woman in Texas U.S., November 26

    Christine Rollins, 59, was feet away from the front door when she was killed. It was only the fifth documented fatal wild hog attack in the country since 1825.

  25. How Did the Gettysburg Address End Up in Glenn Beck’s Office? U.S., November 23

    Mr. Beck joked about spilling chocolate sauce on the framed papers, which have been valued at $20 million.

  26. Ochenta y ocho días de recuperación: así ayudaron unas futbolistas a que su entrenador superara la tragedia en Español, November 21

    Luis Calvillo sobrevivió al tiroteo en El Paso. Pero después tuvo que experimentar la parte difícil: la larga y dolorosa odisea de volver a ponerse de pie.

  27. No, That Mac Factory in Texas Is Not New U.S., November 20

    President Trump said on Wednesday that he opened a facility that makes computers for Apple. It’s been operating since 2013.

  28. $1.8 Million Homes in Rhode Island, New York and Texas Real Estate, November 20

    An 1840s rowhouse in Providence, a condominium in Brooklyn and a Normandy chateau-style house in Dallas.

  29. What You Get for $1.8 Million Slideshow, November 20

    An 1840s rowhouse in Providence, a condominium in Brooklyn and a Normandy chateau-style house in Dallas.

  30. 88 Days of Recovery: How a Girls’ Soccer Team Healed a Broken Coach U.S., November 20

    Luis Calvillo survived the mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart on Aug. 3. Then came the hard part — the long, painful odyssey of recovery.

  31. Not Just Rodney Reed: New Evidence Taints More Death Row Convictions U.S., November 19

    A Texas court suspended Rodney Reed’s execution. But researchers say other current cases raise similar doubt about the guilt of the accused.

  32. How Early Is Too Early to Put Up Holiday Decorations? U.S., November 17

    A Texas couple thought Nov. 1 was as good a time as any for a giant snowman in their front yard. The homeowners’ association poured hot water on the idea.

  33. A Small Town Gave Up Tackle Football. It Came Storming Back. Sports, November 16

    A community’s struggle with when children should play tackle football reflects a broader debate over the sport and who is left playing it.

  34. Court Stops Execution of Rodney Reed in Texas After Outcry U.S., November 15

    Mr. Reed had been scheduled to die on Wednesday. Celebrities, politicians and the state’s parole board had all argued for a reprieve.

  35. Home for the Holidays, for Better or Worse Books, November 14

    In his latest novel, Benjamin Markovits revisits the Essinger family, this time at their home in Texas. Luckily for the reader, their lives are far from perfect.