1. Michael Feinberg, a Founder of KIPP Schools, Is Fired After Misconduct Claims National, Yesterday

    Mr. Feinberg was accused of sexually abusing a female student in the late 1990s. An investigation found the claim credible, though he has denied it.

  2. On Execution Day, Three Killers in Different States Meet Different Fates National, Today

    In a rare move, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas commuted Thomas Barlett Whitaker’s death sentence. In Florida, Eric Scott Branch was put to death. And in Alabama, Doyle Lee Hamm’s execution was delayed.

  3. Extra Doorbells, Satellite Dishes: How Cities Search for People the Census May Miss Upshot, Yesterday

    For cities fearing an undercount, the 2020 census has already started.

  4. The Lone Star Long Shot Who Wants to Topple Ted Cruz Washington, February 19

    Representative Beto O’Rourke is making a long-shot bid to defeat Ted Cruz and become the first Democrat in Texas to win a statewide office since 1994.

  5. Don Carter, 84, Who Brought the N.B.A. to Dallas, Is Dead Sports, February 16

    Mr. Carter and a partner founded the Mavericks in 1980 and built the team into a model franchise that quickly became a contender.

  6. A Bold Artist, a Quiet Texas Town and the Heritage of the Borderland Arts & Leisure, February 16

    Michael Tracy’s art isn’t his only legacy. He is restoring the Spanish colonial heritage of tiny San Ygnacio. So why don’t they love him there?

  7. Ellsworth Kelly’s Temple for Light T Style, February 8

    Two years after his death — and more than 30 years in the making — the artist’s monumental installation opens in Texas.

  8. Inside Ellsworth Kelly's "Austin" Video, February 8

    A play of light and pattern in the artist's last work, a colored-glass-filled chapel in Austin, Tex.

  9. F.B.I. Finds No Evidence of Attack in Death of Border Agent National, February 7

    The death of Rogelio Martinez fueled President Trump’s demand for a border wall, but a federal investigation could not determine how he died.

  10. Along the Rio Grande, a Hot Spring and a Warm Welcome Travel, February 7

    In Big Bend National Park in Texas: towering canyons and a 105-degree pool. In Boquillas, Mexico: cheese enchiladas and old-world charm. A boat takes you to both.

  11. How Crossing the Bridge to Matamoros Got Complicated Travel, February 7

    Not so many years ago, it was easy to go to Matamoros. But violence there means that visitors now stay in Brownsville, home to the Charro Days festival and restaurants with roots in Mexico.

  12. From Museums to Mountains, Pride and Patriotism Travel, February 6

    In Ciudad Juárez and El Paso, military history — Mexican and American — is a presence. There’s fun to be had in the Franklin Mountains, and music is everywhere.

  13. Was Australopithecus an Artist? Weekend, February 1

    “First Sculpture” argues that our Stone Age ancestors created these objects not merely as tools, but as art. Can we ever really know for sure? The uncertainty is part of the pleasure of this show.

  14. Exxon Mobil Tripling Its Bet on the Hottest U.S. Shale Field Business, January 30

    The company will increase its output of oil and natural gas in the Permian Basin of West Texas and New Mexico to 600,000 barrels a day by 2025.

  15. Texas Police Will Investigate Sexual Assault Allegations at Karolyi Ranch Sports, January 30

    Governor Greg Abbott has asked the Texas Rangers to investigate accusations by scores of women that they were sexually assaulted by Dr. Lawrence G. Nassar.

  16. Medieval Times Goes Modern, Replacing Its Kings With Queens Dining, January 29

    Zounds! In a coup for gender equality, only women will now preside over a realm of chicken legs, beer and jousting. But do the commoners care?