1. Why Trump’s Emergency Mess Means Danger for the Courts Opinion, Today

    The president’s move has already been challenged in court. Win or lose, he is almost certainly forcing an alarming judicial precedent.

  2. Another Sick Migrant Dies in Border Patrol Custody in Texas U.S., Yesterday

    A 45-year-old migrant suffering health problems has become the latest to die in Border Patrol custody after crossing the border in Texas.

  3. El Chapo Highlighted Mexican Corruption, but Drug Money Also Lubricates U.S. Border U.S., Yesterday

    In the Rio Grande Valley, drug money has been an undeniable presence. One local professor called it WD-40 — “the oil that makes the machinery work.”

  4. Houston Officer Lied About Confidential Informant in Deadly Drug Operation, Chief Says U.S., February 16

    A veteran officer lied in an affidavit and could face criminal charges, the police chief said, after a shootout last month left two suspects dead and four officers shot.

  5. In the End, Amazon Didn’t Win Its Own Subsidy Game The Upshot, February 14

    Economists have long criticized tax breaks to corporations; politicians and the public may be starting to share their skepticism.

  6. A Border Crash and the Blurry Line Between the U.S. and Mexico U.S., February 14

    Welcome to the first edition of Crossing the Border, a limited-run newsletter.

  7. When Judges Defy the Supreme Court Opinion, February 14

    The chief justice faces a time of great testing, both of himself and of the institution he heads, as the lower courts move rapidly even to his right.

  8. Man With 3-D-Printed Gun Had Hit List of Lawmakers, U.S. Says U.S., February 13

    Eric Gerard McGinnis was sentenced to eight years in prison. He had been prohibited from possessing a firearm when he was found with the partially 3-D-printed gun.

  9. Deal or No Deal, Mr. Trump? Opinion, February 12

    Congress all but dares the president to veto the latest budget agreement.

  10. Tiger Found in Abandoned Houston House Video, February 12

    The big cat was found by someone who had tried to sneak into the house to smoke marijuana. It has been taken to an animal sanctuary.

  11. Tiger Found in Abandoned House by Person Who Just Wanted to Smoke Pot U.S., February 12

    Alerted by a tipster, the authorities could hear a tiger and smell a tiger. When they entered the home, they found a tiger.

  12. Five Key Takeaways From the Tentative Deal on Border Security U.S., February 12

    Congressional negotiators have come up with a tentative deal to avert a government shutdown. Here are some key takeaways.

  13. Trump Repeats False Claim About El Paso Crime, This Time in El Paso U.S., February 12

    At a rally in Texas, President Trump insisted that crime had fallen in El Paso because of a border wall. The data and the city’s Republican mayor disagree with him.

  14. BBC Camera Operator Is Attacked at Trump Rally U.S., February 12

    A supporter of President Trump “violently pushed and shoved” a cameraman during the president’s rally in El Paso on Monday, the broadcaster said.

  15. BBC Cameraman Is Attacked at Trump Rally U.S., February 12

    A supporter of President Trump “violently pushed and shoved” a camera operator during the president’s rally in El Paso on Monday, the broadcaster said.

  16. No Texan Is a Match for Trump. Not Even Beto. Opinion, February 12

    In the land of tall tales, this president knows how to win a fight.

  17. Trump Takes Border Wall Fight to El Paso; Beto O’Rourke Fires Back U.S., February 11

    Dueling rallies by President Trump and Beto O’Rourke, a Democratic former congressman considering a 2020 presidential run, offered a vivid snapshot of the immigration debate.

  18. ‘Everyone Here Knows Trump Hates Brown People’ Opinion, February 11

    Instead of fanning fear, the president should listen to people on both sides of the border.

  19. Trump and O’Rourke Face Off in Battle at the Border Over Wall U.S., February 11

    President Trump travels to El Paso today for a rally to win support for his call for a border wall. But this time, his potential rival in 2020, Beto O’Rourke, will be there to answer him.

  20. Dueling Rallies in Texas for Trump and O’Rourke U.S., February 11

    President Trump travels to El Paso today for a rally to win support for his call for a border wall. But this time, his potential rival in 2020, Beto O’Rourke, will be there to answer him.

  21. El Paso’s Message for Trump Before Rally: Don’t Speak for Us U.S., February 10

    President Trump has scheduled a rally in El Paso, which he has used as an example of the security a border wall can bring. But many city officials don’t agree.

  22. Trump Does His Divisive El Paso Number Opinion, February 8

    The immigration system is broken but the president has no interest in fixing it.

  23. In Surprise Abortion Vote, John Roberts Avoids ‘Jolt to the Legal System’ U.S., February 8

    The chief justice, a student of legal rules governing precedent, balances guarding his court’s legitimacy against his generally conservative impulses.

  24. Beto O’Rourke On the Road: An Annotated Travel Log U.S., February 6

    Mr. O’Rourke, considering a run for president, took to the road to find answers. And he wrote quite a bit about it.

  25. Trump Plan to Stop Spread of H.I.V. Will Target ‘Hot Spot’ Areas U.S., February 5

    The plan to end transmission of the virus in the United States by 2030, outlined in the president’s State of the Union address, will focus on 48 counties where about half of new infections occur.

  26. Food Trucks ‘Are No Longer a Novelty,’ but They Are Adapting Business, February 5

    Regulatory and market pressures are creating a tough operating environment for many vendors. Oversaturation and changing culinary tastes are also concerns.

  27. Qatar and Exxon Mobil Plan $10 Billion Gas Investment in Texas Business, February 5

    The move would give Qatar better access to Latin American markets and strengthen its relationship with the Trump administration two years into a dispute with Saudi Arabia.

  28. Austin Museum Expands Latin American Collection Arts, February 5

    The Blanton Museum of Art has acquired 119 paintings, sculptures, furniture and silverwork collected by Roberta and Richard Huber.

  29. How a ‘Monster’ Texas Oil Field Made the U.S. a Star in the World Market Business, February 3

    Innovation, investment and inviting geology have given new life to an oil patch that once seemed spent. The oil field is now the world’s second most productive.

  30. ICE Force-Feeds Detainees Who Are on Hunger Strike U.S., January 31

    As of Wednesday night, 11 detainees in El Paso had refused to eat, Immigration and Customs Enforcement said. Six of those were being force-fed.

  31. Catholic Church in Texas Names Nearly 300 Priests Accused of Sex Abuse U.S., January 31

    The state’s 15 Catholic dioceses released information about decades of alleged abuse, but advocates for victims said there was more to be done.

  32. The Voter Suppression State Opinion, January 31

    If it is your goal to keep people of color from the polls, you can once again look to Texas for guidance.

  33. He Says ‘Wall,’ They Say ‘Border Security’: A Glossary of the Border Debate U.S., January 31

    The semantics are anything but trivial.

  34. David Daniels, Opera Star, Is Arrested on Sexual Assault Charge Arts, January 30

    Mr. Daniels and his husband were arrested on Tuesday on charges stemming from an incident in Houston in 2010.

  35. What You Get for $1.5 Million Slideshow, January 30

    A 1928 house in Los Angeles; a midcentury home in Charlottesville, Va.; and a modernist house in Austin, Tex.

  36. $1.5 Million Homes in California, Virginia and Texas Real Estate, January 30

    A 1928 house in Los Angeles, a midcentury home in Charlottesville and a modernist house in Austin.

  37. Many Texas Voters Whose Citizenship Was Questioned Are in Fact Citizens U.S., January 29

    The Texas secretary of state last week called into doubt the citizenship status of 95,000 voters. Now his claim seems to be unraveling.

  38. Officer Injured in Houston Shootout Faces ‘Really Tough Fight’ U.S., January 29

    Several narcotics officers remain hospitalized after busting into a home where, the authorities said, they were met with gunfire and a charging dog. Two people inside were killed.

  39. Houston Narcotics Officers Were Greeted by a Charging Dog and a Barrage of Bullets U.S., January 29

    A gun battle left five officers wounded and two people inside a home dead. All of the officers are expected to survive.

  40. Dispatches From the Border, Part 2 Podcasts, January 29

    A visit to one of the deadliest places in the United States for migrants shows that even for those who’ve made it across the border, a treacherous journey often awaits.

  41. A Modernist Restoration, Texas Style Real Estate, January 29

    The 1962 house was miraculously intact, but it needed some updating. Two decades later, it’s nearly done.

  42. Bauhaus Revisited, in Highland Park Slideshow, January 29

    The 1962 home was miraculously intact, but it needed some updating. Two decades later, it’s nearly done.

  43. The Trek Across the Border Veers Into More and More Remote Terrain U.S., January 29

    One outcome of the Trump administration’s ever-tightening border policies is migrants crossing in ever-more-remote, and more dangerous, places.

  44. How This Trump Policy Is Triggering Chaos at the Border Video, January 29

    The Trump administration’s hard-line stance on keeping migrants out is pushing asylum seekers to take remote and dangerous routes into the United States. And a wall might not be able to fix that.

  45. 5 Police Officers Shot in Houston U.S., January 28

    Details of the shooting were not immediately available, but the mayor of Houston said a suspect was “down.”

  46. 4 Houston Police Officers Are Shot in Gun Battle That Kills 2 Suspects U.S., January 28

    The police officers were part of a team that was trying to search a home for drugs, including black tar heroin, when they were met with gunfire.

  47. A Tiny Screw Shows Why iPhones Won’t Be ‘Assembled in U.S.A.’ Technology, January 28

    Apple decided several years ago to produce a high-end Mac in Texas. The problems that surfaced illustrate the challenges of domestic manufacturing.

  48. Texas Secretary of State Questions Citizenship of 95,000 Registered Voters U.S., January 25

    The findings of an 11-month investigation seemed certain to reignite partisan debates over the frequency and impact of voter fraud.

  49. Trump Laid Out Evidence That a Wall Is Needed. We Took a Hard Look. U.S., January 25

    President Trump said a border wall is needed to block illegal guns, drugs and cash coming from Mexico. But much of the contraband he pointed to came through legal ports of entry.

  50. In Houston, Food and Drink Elevated by Two Local Stars Travel, January 25

    At Better Luck Tomorrow, Justin Yu and Bobby Heugel team up to deliver a casual but still serious culinary experience. Don’t forget to eat your carrots.

  51. Why a Border Wall Could Mean Trouble for Wildlife Climate, January 24

    If the Trump administration extends the wall at the southern border, it could degrade important habitats for animals and plants, even birds and insects.

  52. Trump’s Latest Border Sell: A (Factually Dubious) Rhyme U.S., January 23

    “BUILD A WALL & CRIME WILL FALL!” Mr. Trump tweeted. But a border wall would not suddenly alter the population of undocumented immigrants.

  53. Texas Barbecue for Your Super Bowl Party Food, January 22

    Truth BBQ ships its smoked brisket nationwide from Brenham, Texas. Just add some sides.

  54. Roe v. Wade Is at Risk. Here’s How to Prepare. Opinion, January 21

    Abortion rights are under threat from the Supreme Court. But states can take critical actions.

  55. Trump’s Deal Meets With Skepticism Among Immigrants in Texas U.S., January 20

    President Trump has offered a deal on immigration, but the clients at one hair salon in San Antonio weren’t buying it.