1. Nafta Talks Have High Stakes for Two Texas Bridge Owners Business, Yesterday

    Private crossings to Mexico are a rich franchise under the North American Free Trade Agreement, but discussions on reopening the accord have put that bonanza at risk.

  2. Joe Barton, Senior Republican, Caught in Storm Over Explicit Photo Washington, November 22

    Joe Barton, the vice chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said that he was reconsidering his political future after the photograph appeared on an anonymous Twitter account.

  3. Texas Abortion Law Is Unconstitutional, Federal Judge Rules National, November 22

    The ruling against a restriction on a second-trimester procedure was “a complete victory” for abortion rights advocates, a lawyer said. Texas plans to appeal.

  4. The Hurricane Hit, but Our Show Went On Arts & Leisure, November 21

    Rehearsing “Describe the Night” in makeshift space after Hurricane Harvey reminded Rajiv Joseph that theater can help build community. And rebuild it.

  5. Two Texas Churches, Linked by Tragedy Amid the Pews National, November 21

    Baptist churches in the Texas towns of Daingerfield and Sutherland Springs have become sister congregations, linked by eerily similar attacks 37 years apart.

  6. Border Agent’s Death Highlights Growing Risk of Remote Patrols National, November 20

    The F.B.I. is investigating the possible attack on two border officers in the Texas desert, which killed one and came amid a rise in assaults on agents.

  7. Border Patrol Agent Killed in Texas in What a Senator Calls an Attack Express, November 19

    Senator Ted Cruz said the agent and his partner, who was seriously injured, were attacked on Sunday, though details of what happened were unclear.

  8. Steve Mostyn, Texas Democratic Fund-Raiser, Dies at 46 Obits, November 18

    Mr. Mostyn was at the center of a long effort to wrest political power from Republicans. Texas Democrats have not won a statewide office since 1994.

  9. One Week After Texas Church Shooting, a Sunday Service Offers Hope National, November 12

    Parishioners gathered on Sunday to worship outside a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, one week after a gunman turned the sanctuary into a massacre site.

  10. Lessons From Hurricane Harvey: Houston’s Struggle Is America’s Tale Interactive, November 11

    The Texas city’s response to a powerful storm says much about polarized visions of the country and diverging attitudes toward cities, race, liberty and science.

  11. Lessons From Hurricane Harvey: Houston’s Struggle Is America’s Tale National, November 11

    The Texas city’s response to a powerful storm says much about polarized visions of the country and diverging attitudes toward cities, race, liberty and science.

  12. Breaking News of a Texas Church Shooting Required Accuracy and Sympathy Insider, November 10

    A quiet Sunday afternoon in the newsroom was transformed by a report of a mass shooting at a church. Confirming the report proved to be a challenge.

  13. Texas Church Shooting Video Raises an Unsettling Question: Who Should See It? National, November 9

    Texas officials have not said whether they will release a video of the church massacre that left 26 people dead. Whether they should is a different question.

  14. The Worrisome Future of Abortion Rights Op Ed, November 9

    The Justice Department is becoming an outpost of the National Right to Life Committee.

  15. Listen to ‘The Daily’: Steve Bannon on Virginia’s Elections Podcasts, November 9

    We talk with President Trump’s former chief strategist, and look at why a mass shooting could make Texas friendlier to guns.

  16. How You Can Help Prevent Mass Shootings Op Ed, November 8

    “See something, say something” isn’t a rousing battle cry. But it works.

  17. Texas Church Shooting Video Shows Gunman’s Methodical Attack, Official Says National, November 8

    The gunman also had an Apple iPhone with him, according to people familiar with the investigation, but the F.B.I. has not been able to unlock the device.

  18. Why Texas Shooting Could Draw Apple Back Into Security Debate Business, November 8

    That man who killed 26 people had an iPhone and the authorities want to gain access to it. But as in an earlier case, it is locked with a password.

  19. How Should High Schools Define Sexes for Transgender Athletes? Sports, November 8

    The question is relatively new, and guidelines so far differ from state to state. “It has been a challenge” one Texas official said.

  20. Why the Tally of the Church Shooting’s Victims Included a Fetus National, November 8

    Whether an unborn baby is legally a separate victim of murder from its mother varies from state to state, and is tangled up in the debate over when life begins.

  21. Two House Republicans to Retire, Continuing an Exodus Under Trump National, November 7

    Frank A. LoBiondo of New Jersey and Ted Poe of Texas, who have served in Congress for years, said they would not seek re-election next year.

  22. Living, Loving and Dying in Church Op Ed, November 7

    A pastor at a church near Sutherland Springs says violence should never happen in sacred community spaces.

  23. Texas Gunman Once Escaped From Mental Health Facility National, November 7

    Devin P. Kelley, who killed 26 people at a church on Sunday, fled a treatment center in 2012, according to police report that also said he had threatened his Air Force superiors.

  24. Trump Says Tougher Gun Laws Could’ve Worsened Texas Death Toll Politics, November 7

    If a bystander hadn’t been armed, “instead of having 26 dead, you would have had hundreds more dead,” the president said Tuesday in South Korea.

  25. Sutherland Springs Only Happens to Be in Texas Op Ed, November 7

    There is nothing particularly Lone Star State-ish about a mass killing these days. Ask New York, or Las Vegas.

  26. Domestic Abusers Are Barred From Gun Ownership, but Often Escape the Law Washington, November 6

    In 1996, domestic abusers were legally barred from owning a gun, yet a large percentage of mass gunmen have domestic violence in their backgrounds.

  27. In Texas, Almost Anyplace Can Be a Place to Carry a Gun National, November 6

    Gun owners said the shooting at a rural Baptist church on Sunday would cause Texas to more fully embrace its gun culture, not tone it down.

  28. Mass Shootings Don’t Have to Be Inevitable Editorial, November 6

    Is even more guns really your answer, Mr. President?

  29. For Tightknit Texas Town, Horror of Shooting Makes ‘No Sense’ National, November 6

    In the town of Sutherland Springs, everyone knew a victim of the massacre at the First Baptist Church, and some knew many.

  30. A Family Was Praying in a Texas Church. Then 8 Were Dead. National, November 6

    Eight members of the Holcombe family, a group spanning three generations, died in the shooting at the First Baptist Church in Texas.

  31. In 2012 Assault, Texas Gunman Broke Skull of Infant Stepson National, November 6

    Devin P. Kelley, a former member of the United States Air Force, had been jailed for domestic abuse, kicked out of the military and charged with animal cruelty.

  32. How to Reduce Shootings Interactive, November 6

    It has happened yet again: Inevitably, predictably, fatefully, a gunman shot dead 26 people in a Texas church on Sunday.

  33. Sam Hyde and Other Hoaxes: False Information Trails Texas Shooting Express, November 6

    A meme that fooled a congressman was one of many strains of disinformation that spread immediately after the church massacre that killed 26 people.

  34. Want to Help? Do Your Research Before You Donate Special Sections, November 6

    Experts on giving say that it’s important to find a charity with a clear mission, treat your donations like an investment and follow your passion.

  35. 'He Just Hurt So Many People': Witnesses on the Texas Shooting Video, November 6

    Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, opened fire in a church in rural Texas on Sunday, killing at least 26 people. He was pursued by residents and found dead in his car.

  36. No, Mr. President, It Is ‘a Guns Situation’ Letters, November 6

    Readers urge lawmakers to finally enact some gun control and not simply blame mental health issues.

  37. Sutherland Springs: A Post Office, No Traffic Light and Now a Mass Murder National, November 5

    Before the shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Tex., the area was best known as a onetime destination for wealthy tourists.

  38. Listen to ‘The Daily’: The Texas Church Shooting Podcasts, November 6

    At least 26 people were killed during morning services at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs — 7 percent of the town’s population.

  39. What Happened at the Texas Church Shooting Interactive, November 5

    A shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Tex., killed at least 26 people on Sunday.

  40. Texas Church Killings: What We Know and Don’t Know National, November 5

    At least 26 people were killed during morning services at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Tex. This is what we know.

  41. Gunman Kills at Least 26 in Attack on Rural Texas Church National, November 5

    A gunman, identified by law enforcement sources as Devin P. Kelley, walked into a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Tex., and opened fire.

  42. 10-Year-Old Immigrant Who Was Detained After Surgery Is Released National, November 3

    An undocumented girl with cerebral palsy was allowed to rejoin her family, though she still faces the possibility of deportation.

  43. Houston Astros’ First World Series Parade Video, November 4

    Nine weeks after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, the Houston Astros celebrated their first World Series title.

  44. What an Astros Win Means for Healing in Houston Insider, November 3

    Two months after Hurricane Harvey, Houston still suffers from a kind of PTSD. I see it in myself and I see it in others.

  45. What the Astros’ Win Means for Houston Op Ed, November 2

    After the hurricane, we’d pinned our hopes on the team. Every victory they pulled off gave us a momentary reprieve.

  46. 9 Weeks After Harvey, Houston Celebrates World Series Win National, November 2

    Few cheered the Astros’ first World Series title louder than those hit hard by the floodwaters.

  47. Houston Astros Make History with City’s First Baseball Championship Sports, November 2

    Hakeem Olajuwon, Sheryl Swoopes, Gordie Howe: The Astros’ victory in the World Series was far from Houston’s first sports championship. Here’s a look back.

  48. If You Missed Diwali in India, Dallas Is the Place to Be Dining, October 31

    The city’s annual Hindu festival of lights, a food lover’s delight, is one of America’s largest and latest.

  49. The Freshest Astros Haircuts in Houston Styles, October 31

    We know the most valuable players. But who are the most valuable barbers of the World Series?

  50. The U.S. Nursed an Undocumented 10-Year-Old. Now It May Deport Her. National, October 27

    The case of a girl with cerebral palsy, who was brought illegally to Texas so she could get medical care, goes to the heart of the immigration debate.

  51. A Secret Service Agent Remembers: ‘I Wish I Had Been Quicker’ Washington, October 26

    Clint Hill, who climbed on Kennedy’s car in Dallas after shots were fired, was in Washington on Thursday as thousands of assassination documents were released.

  52. A J.F.K. Assassination Glossary: Key Figures and Theories National, October 26

    As a cache of files is released, these are some of the terms that might be useful to remember.

  53. 10-Year-Old Immigrant Is Detained After Agents Stop Her on Way to Surgery National, October 25

    Rosamaria Hernandez, who was brought over the border to Texas illegally when she was 3 months old, was riding in an ambulance when it was stopped, her family said.

  54. ‘Flesh-Eating Bacteria’ Causes 2nd Death in Texas Since Hurricane Harvey National, October 25

    A 31-year-old man, Josue Zurita, had been working to repair houses in Galveston when he injured his arm, and the wound became infected.