1. When Disaster Hits and Landlines Fail, Social Media Is a Lifeline National, Today

    As more people turn to their smartphones in large-scale emergencies, traditional dispatchers are racing to keep up.

  2. Why Texas Is No Longer Feeling Miraculous Op Ed, Yesterday

    The state’s Republicans have somehow become anti-business, and businesses are staying away.

  3. Harvey and Irma Wiped Out Our Kitchens. Still, We Cook. Dining, September 19

    America has never lost so many stoves and pantries at once, but home cooks are intent on finding a way — any way — to make meals.

  4. Hurricane Harvey Closes Houston’s Opera and Ballet Home for a Season Culture, September 19

    Flood damage to the Wortham Theater Center caused by Hurricane Harvey was so extensive that the theater will not be able to reopen until at least May.

  5. What Hurricanes Can Dredge Up: Coffins, Canoes and Creatures National, September 18

    The floods that came with Harvey and Irma brought some interesting and mysterious things to the surface.

  6. How the Internet Kept Humming During 2 Hurricanes Investigative, September 18

    While millions lost electricity across Florida, and thousands of homes and businesses were flooded in Miami and Texas, the data centers powering the internet held firm.

  7. His Home Flooded, the Port Arthur Mayor Puts His City First National, September 17

    The Texas mayor had four feet of water in his house after Harvey. Now, as his neighbors clean up their homes, he is trying to get the city back on its feet.

  8. Saved From Harvey’s Floodwaters, Twice. So How Did She End Up Dead? National, September 16

    A Houston great-grandmother was put on a rescue boat. That much is known. But how she got off, was rescued a second time and then ended up in the morgue is one of Hurricane Harvey’s mysteries.

  9. Hotels That Bring Sports Fans Close to Their Teams Travel, September 15

    Properties in Atlanta, Chicago and Green Bay, Wis., will put guests near the action with the Braves, Cubs and Packers.

  10. Austin Official Is Reprimanded for Avoiding Meetings With Women National, September 15

    William Manno, who oversees the South by Southwest festival, was accused of skipping meetings because he thought a colleague had romantic feelings for him.

  11. After the Hurricane Winds Die Down, Larry McMurtry’s Houston Trilogy Lives On Book Review, September 14

    Douglas Brinkley on the writer whose fiction has captured the boom city’s relentless appetite for growth.

  12. An Old Supreme Court Dream Op Ed, September 14

    Remembering a good immigration decision in a mean season.

  13. Looking for Answers, Times Reporters Tested the Water in Houston Insider, September 13

    Here’s how we did it, with the help of some intrepid and highly skilled scientists.

  14. Amid Chaos of Storms, U.S. Shows It Has Improved Its Response National, September 12

    Technology, building codes, weather forecasts and a more sophisticated understanding of mass evacuation helped keep the death toll low, experts say.

  15. Splitting 5-4, Justices Put Texas Redistricting on Hold Washington, September 12

    A lower court had ordered Texas to redraw maps found to be discriminatory. The Supreme Court blocked that order while it considers an appeal.

  16. Houston’s Unsinkable Housing Market Undaunted by Storm Business, September 12

    Most buyers are keeping deals on track, builders are expected to barrel ahead, and owners of elevated homes may find their properties more valuable.

  17. Mexico, Hit by Its Own Disasters, Can’t Help Texas After All Foreign, September 12

    After Hurricane Harvey left part of Texas under water, Mexico offered to help its neighbor. That was before an earthquake and Hurricane Katia.

  18. Houston’s Floodwaters Are Tainted, Testing Shows Science, September 11

    Water samples contained unsafe levels of fecal bacteria and other contaminants, both inside and outside homes, The Times found.

  19. A Stranger in Maryland, Touched by a Hurricane Story, Sends 3 Cups to Houston National, September 11

    After reading about a woman who lost cups that had belonged to her mother, the stranger found three identical pieces and had them sent to Texas.

  20. Hurricane Price Gouging Is Despicable, Right? Not to Some Economists Business, September 11

    Eliminating price controls can increase the available supply of essential goods, the argument goes, and help prevent a black market.

  21. Houstonians Adrift in Their City, Trying to Call Somewhere Home National, September 11

    After Hurricane Harvey, residents are in shelters, hotels, packed in with relatives, and on the sofas of friends. They face worry, exhaustion, mold.

  22. Homeless and Facing a Hurricane, One Man Tells a Reporter His Story Insider, September 11

    While covering Hurricane Harvey, Julie Turkewitz met a man preparing to weather the storm under a highway.

  23. Gunman Kills 8 at Cookout at Suburban Dallas Home National, September 10

    A police officer shot and killed a gunman in Plano, Tex., after responding to reports of shots being fired at a residence.

  24. On the Path of Chuck Berry’s ‘Promised Land,’ Five Decades On Travel, September 11

    The musician’s 1964 hit chronicles the African-American experience in the 20th century. We followed Mr. Berry’s lyrical route to see what had changed.

  25. The Prayer Circle: Texans Rebuild After Harvey as a Practice of Faith National, September 9

    After the storm, 17 people joined in prayer before clearing out the flooded house of an aging widow. God, they insisted, was also there.

  26. In Houston After the Storm, a City Split in Two National, September 8

    Life in Houston now comes with a twinge of survivor’s guilt for those in dry neighborhoods, and envy among those still dealing with floodwater.

  27. We Lived Through a Flood. Now We Have a Very Long To-Do List. Business, September 8

    Harvey left a reporter and his family with a damaged home, ruined cars and a lot of worries. But navigating the adversity yielded some perspective.

  28. Two Hurricanes in Two Weeks Bring Two Very Different Reactions National, September 8

    While officials in Houston did not order an evacuation before Hurricane Harvey, their counterparts in Florida were urging residents to leave as Hurricane Irma approached.

  29. Texas Energy Industry Recovering From Hurricane’s Disruption Business, September 8

    Two weeks after the storm, refineries are resuming operations, deliveries and shipping are getting back to normal and gasoline prices are stabilizing.

  30. More Than 40 Sites Released Hazardous Pollutants Because of Hurricane Harvey Interactive, September 8

    In the Houston area, air pollution, flooded toxic waste sites and reports of oil spills after the storm have residents and environmental groups concerned.

  31. Ted Cruz 2.0? Senator Adjusts With Trump in Office and Houston Under Water Washington, September 8

    As he prepares for re-election next year, Senator Ted Cruz faces a challenge in helping millions of people — in his hometown, Houston, and beyond — rebuild after Hurricane Harvey.

  32. Safety Workers Sickened by Fumes Sue Texas Chemical Plant National, September 7

    The workers said Arkema, where chemicals exploded after Hurricane Harvey, failed to warn them of potential risks at the site. They are seeking more than $1 million.

  33. The Struggle After the Storm Op Ed, September 7

    The survivors of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have a long, painful recovery ahead of them. I’ve been there.

  34. Senate Votes to Raise Debt Limit and Approves $15 Billion in Hurricane Relief Washington, September 7

    The Republican-led chamber reluctantly approved the new debt ceiling after the surprising deal reached by President Trump and the Democratic leadership on Wednesday.

  35. Dallas Can Remove Robert E. Lee Statue, Judge Rules National, September 7

    A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit to stop the city from taking down the monument. The plaintiffs argued that their First Amendment rights had been violated.

  36. After Harvey, a Grim Hunt in Texas for Those Still Missing National, September 7

    Police in Houston say more than 20 people remain unaccounted for, and efforts to find them have been complicated by post-storm chaos.

  37. The Times and Texas Hurricanes Insider, September 7

    When the great hurricane walloped Galveston 117 years ago, The New York Times was helpless. Hurricane Harvey posed its own challenges.

  38. Seven Hard Lessons Federal Responders to Harvey Learned From Katrina National, September 7

    A number of key changes made in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina sped response and saved lives during and after Harvey.

  39. Seven Hard Lessons Federal Responders to Harvey Learned From Katrina National, September 7

    A number of key changes made in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina sped response and saved lives during and after Harvey.

  40. After Harvey Hit, a Texas Hospital Decided to Evacuate. Here’s How Patients Got Out. National, September 6

    The hospital, Baptist Beaumont, was one of many health care institutions disrupted as the storm Harvey, once a Category 4 hurricane, swept across the region.

  41. A Texas Town, Weary From Floods, Goes Underwater Again National, September 6

    Deweyville, Tex., swamped by a flood in 2016, gets hit once more. Some residents blame a decision to open floodgates even more than the weather.

  42. Robert E. Lee Statue’s Removal in Dallas Delayed by Federal Court National, September 6

    Work to take down the statue began soon after the City Council voted to remove it, but was stopped by a temporary restraining order.

  43. $2.2 Billion Deal for Rockets Is a Casino Mogul’s Bet on Houston Business, September 6

    Buying a trophy asset as the city rebuilds after Hurricane Harvey makes for awkward timing. And yet the investment suggests an abiding faith in a recovery.

  44. An Enormous, Urgent Task: Hauling Away Harvey’s Debris National, September 6

    After the storm, clearing all the mounds of rubbish is a top priority. Experts warn of the task’s complexity, and the need to meet environmental standards.

  45. Into the Deluge Video, September 6

    As Harvey's rains bore down on Texas, a 911 dispatcher and a pastor's daughter felt nature at its fiercest — and saw humanity at its best.

  46. High Levels of Carcinogen Found in Houston Area After Harvey National, September 6

    Air sampling near a Valero Energy refinery in the Manchester district showed elevated levels of benzene, which has been linked to health problems.

  47. What They Saved: Texans Reflect on Treasures Plucked From Harvey National, September 5

    A photo-booth snapshot, a beloved set of cups, a Turkish rug: After a hurricane, Texans found ways to save valued possessions.

  48. I Went to the Flood Expecting Misery. I Found Humanity. Op Ed, September 5

    I had been warned about looting and price gouging. What I saw was an army of volunteers helping to save a community.

  49. How Houston’s Growth Created the Perfect Flood Conditions Interactive, September 5

    Hurricane Harvey’s damage was magnified by policies that encouraged development in flood-prone areas.

  50. In Texas, Distrust of Washington Collides With Need for Federal Aid National, September 4

    Despite state Republican leaders’ anti-Washington rhetoric, the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey is prompting huge demands for federal flood and relief aid.

  51. Listen to ‘The Daily’: A Week After Harvey, One Family’s Return Home Podcasts, September 5

    It took them six years to save up for their home in Houston, now swollen with floodwaters. How one family got through the storm — and what happens now.

  52. In Flood-Ravaged Houston, Lawmakers Promise Federal Help National, September 4

    Politicians from both parties stressed urgency in passing relief legislation for areas of Texas and Louisiana hit by Hurricane Harvey.

  53. Is Houston Still a Model City? Its Supporters Aren’t Backing Down Upshot, September 4

    Houston embodies wildly different lessons on how to build a city. And everyone is doubling down.

  54. Over 21 Miles of Highway, Snapshots of a Resilient Houston National, September 3

    The stretch of I-45 that leads downtown from near George Bush Intercontinental Airport captures some of the essence of what has often been a misunderstood city.

  55. Why Can’t We Get Cities Right? Op Ed, September 4

    Caught between rampant development and NIMBYism.

  56. Houston Family Returns to a Flooded Home Video, September 4

    The Hendrix family returns to their still-flooded house in West Houston to witness the destruction left by Hurricane Harvey.

  57. A Flying Cowboy Rides to Rescue Cattle Stranded in Harvey’s Floods National, September 3

    The devastating rain put thousands of animals at risk of drowning, but a cowpoke in a helicopter is helping drive them to higher ground.

  58. A Houston Neighborhood Under Water Video, September 3

    While people in parts of Houston are gutting their houses and beginning to rebuild after hurricane Harvey flooded the city, residents of the neighborhood of Memorial may have to wait weeks for the water to drain.

  59. As a Weary Texas Seeks Solace, Governor Says Property Damage May Exceed Katrina National, September 3

    The Treasury secretary urged a link between the distribution of emergency funds and a debt ceiling bill, while Texans gathered for prayer.

  60. Astros Make Return to Houston, Looking to Help in Hurricane’s Wake Sports, September 2

    The Houston Astros’ doubleheader against the New York Mets on Saturday was the first time the team had played at Minute Maid Park since Hurricane Harvey hit.

  61. Houston Needs a Hand Op Ed, September 2

    An anti-government stance made Hurricane Harvey’s impact worse. Can big government now make things better?

  62. What Climate Scientists Want You to See in the Floodwaters Op Ed, September 2

    Hurricane Harvey offers an opportunity to understand what’s happening to the climate and how we can mitigate future disasters.

  63. Unranked Maryland Upends No. 23 Texas, Spoiling a Coach’s Debut Sports, September 2

    The Longhorns, who had shown preseason promise under their new coach, Tom Herman, were stunned in their regular-season opener by the Terrapins.

  64. We Don’t Deny Harvey, So Why Deny Climate Change? Op Ed, September 2

    We know there’s a link, and there are things we can do to combat global warming.

  65. Can Melania Trump Rise Above It All? Opinion, September 2

    Stiletto heels won’t help, but she could bring some grace to the chaos.

  66. For One Family in Houston, an Overwhelming Start to Recovery National, September 2

    With no preparation and few road maps to guide them, hurricane survivors like the Amofas are stumbling through their first bewildering days after Harvey.

  67. Trump Returns to Texas, With Words of Encouragement and Triumph National, September 2

    “There’s a lot of love,” the president said on his second trip to the region this week. “As tough as it’s been, it’s been a wonderful thing to watch.”

  68. Human Toll of Harvey Comes Into View as Waters Recede National, September 2

    Among the dead were volunteers, people who ventured out to check on relatives, and “loner-type folks” who died in their homes.

  69. In Beaumont, Tex., Hopscotching for Food, Water and Shelter National, September 1

    For many residents of southeast Texas, the last few days have been spent on a series of roads to nowhere.

  70. For Vulnerable Older Adults, a Harrowing Sense of Being Trapped National, September 1

    Thousands of people were evacuated from Texas nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Many still need medicine, medical help and a return home.

  71. Where Harvey Hit Hardest Up and Down the Texas Coast Interactive, September 1

    Over 150,000 properties in Texas have been affected by Hurricane Harvey, based on preliminary estimates by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

  72. After Harvey, a Return Home in High Water Video, September 2

    Days after a storm battered Houston, a family made an emotional return through waist-high water to see their flooded home and collect their belongings.

  73. See Harvey’s Path From a Helicopter Video, September 1

    Get a 360-degree view of the flooding and damage caused by Tropical Storm Harvey in and around Houston and Port Arthur, Tex.

  74. Better Planning for Inevitable Disasters Letters, September 1

    Readers call for more responsible growth and question whether all taxpayers should bear the burden of “the negligence of Texans.”

  75. Floodwaters Inundate Beaumont as Houston Assesses Damage National, September 1

    Across coastal Texas, millions of residents grappled with the devastating effects of storm Harvey while millions of others returned home to take in the damage.

  76. After Harvey, Houston Showed Up Op Ed, September 1

    I asked a guy who was driving his boat downtown what brought him out to help. He told me it was because his family had been spared.

  77. What to Read About Hurricane Harvey News Desk, September 1

    As people begin to plot a path forward from the storm’s destruction, we collected some of the best coverage from The Times and around the internet.

  78. Hurricane Harvey Shifts Political Winds in Washington Washington, August 31

    The hurricane has transformed the budget debate, turning Republican critics of federal spending into proponents of billions of dollars of storm relief.

  79. Harvey, Part II Op Ed, September 1

    A new state motto?

  80. Storm With ‘No Boundaries’ Took Aim at Rich and Poor Alike National, August 31

    Many of the iconic images from Hurricane Katrina captured a divide of class and race. In Houston, Harvey battered poor and rich with similar ferocity.

  81. Blocking a Bad Immigration Law in Texas Editorial, September 1

    A judge has temporarily blocked an attempt to force localities to cooperate with harsh federal policies, but the legal struggle will continue.

  82. The Week the Earth Stood Still Op Ed, September 1

    When normally stoic scientists start draining the barrel of awful superlatives, it’s time to pay attention.

  83. Texas Abortion Restriction Is Temporarily Blocked Express, August 31

    A federal judge ruled that opponents of the law, which would restrict the most common type of second-trimester abortion, were likely to succeed in court.

  84. Mexico Wants to Help Harvey Victims. Trump Should Say Yes. Op Ed, August 31

    Our southern neighbor has a record of helping Americans displaced by catastrophe.

  85. In Hurricane Harvey’s Wake, We Need a Green ‘New Deal’ Op Ed, August 31

    The storm’s victims need all the help we can provide. But this calamity should make us reconsider our broader social contract.

  86. Storm’s Impact on Oil Industry Is Felt at Gasoline Pumps Business, August 31

    Fuel prices are up sharply nationwide in Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath, and may be so for months, given the blows to refining, production and shipping.

  87. Storm Has Car Dealers Doing Swift Business, if They Can Open Business, August 31

    More than a half-million vehicles may need to be replaced following the vast flooding from Harvey — a number that could surpass the effects of Sandy and Katrina combined.

  88. Inside One of Houston’s Improvised Shelters Video, September 1

    One family describes how they lost everything in the flooding before being taken to one of the many shelters in Houston.

  89. New Hazard in Storm Zone: Chemical Blasts and ‘Noxious’ Smoke National, August 31

    A series of explosions rocked a plastics plant near Houston that has been identified as one of the most hazardous in the state.

  90. For 18 Hours, 3 Men in Houston Fought for Survival in Hurricane Harvey Express, August 31

    The men, including two journalists for The Daily Mail chronicling a rescue attempt, jumped out of a boat shortly before it crashed into power lines.

  91. Before and After: Harvey’s Toll on Texas Towns Video, August 31

    Satellite images show the scale of flooding in towns outside of Houston. Satellite images ©2017 DigitalGlobe.

  92. Searching for Survivors in a Flooded Apartment Building Interactive, August 31

    I followed civilian rescuers as they waded through a Houston building looking for survivors.

  93. Car Owners Inundate Insurers With Claims After Hurricane Harvey Business, August 31

    Losses on hundreds of thousands of autos will put a burden on underwriters in Texas, particularly regional and local companies.

  94. Between Vacation and Disaster: Trying to Get Home to Houston Travel, August 31

    Many Houston residents were traveling when Hurricane Harvey struck. Now some are in limbo, staying with family or friends on an unexpected “hurrication.”

  95. Solange and Other Musicians Join Harvey Relief Efforts Weekend, August 31

    Solange will perform a benefit concert in Boston on Sept. 28, with all proceeds going toward storm relief efforts.

  96. How The Times Coordinated Coverage of Hurricane Harvey Insider, August 31

    Nearly two dozen journalists traveled to Texas to document the storm. Back in New York, the national editor, Marc Lacey, ran interference.

  97. Tips for Harvey Survivors, From Those Who Lived Through Sandy Metro, August 31

    Some storm recovery advice for the afflicted of southeast Texas from New Yorkers who have unfortunately been there, unfortunately done this.

  98. On Voting Reforms, Follow Illinois, Not Texas Editorial, August 31

    There are two ways to respond to the crisis of voter participation in America. Only one is right.

  99. ‘No Amount of Planning Could Have Spared Us’: How Texans Experienced Harvey National, August 31

    We asked people to show and tell us how Harvey affected them, using photos and voice mail messages. Here are some of their stories.

  100. In Houston, a Local’s View of Harvey Video, August 31

    Juli Rush of Houston was one of hundreds who shared their Harvey experiences through videos, photographs and voice mail messages. "People keep asking us questions like, 'Why didn’t you guys evacuate, why didn’t Houston do a better job?'” Ms. Rush ...

  101. Families Choose in Houston: ‘Are You Staying or Going?’ Video, August 31

    Some families hit hard by Tropical Storm Harvey are choosing to stay in their flooded homes. We take you along a rescue mission in a community in southeast Houston, where some also choose to leave.

  102. Federal Judge Blocks Texas’ Ban on ‘Sanctuary Cities’ National, August 30

    The temporary ruling prevents the state from going ahead with controversial provisions that were to go into effect on Friday.

  103. Mom and Pop Own Fewer Rental Units Real Estate, August 31

    Individuals own fewer than half of all rental units in the United States, according to a recent Census report.

  104. My Unforgettable Drive Home to Beaumont, Texas National, August 31

    All I can remember is clutching the steering wheel tightly, inching forward as water splashed against the car.

  105. My Unforgettable Drive Home to Beaumont, Texas U.S., August 31

    All I can remember is clutching the steering wheel tightly, inching forward as water splashed against the car.

  106. Beyond Houston, a World Awash Editorial, August 31

    People from Britain to Bangladesh are paying a price for unabated climate change.

  107. Harvey Live Updates: Blasts at a Chemical Plant, and More Are Feared U.S., August 31

    New repercussions from the storm emerged overnight, with explosions reported at a chemical plant near Houston and the city of Beaumont said it had lost its water supply.

  108. New Worries About Storm Damage as Beaumont’s Drinking Water Shuts Off National, August 31

    The episode was one of a host of new dangers that have emerged in the aftermath of the storm as floodwaters recede.

  109. ‘The Daily’: How Houston Was Built to Flood Podcasts, August 31

    The uniquely American success story of a city built on a swampy bayou, and how Harvey’s destruction recast that narrative.

  110. As Houston Looks to Recover, Small Towns Now Bear the Brunt National, August 30

    Houston has begun assessing the damage of Harvey, but the storm marched on to conquer a new swath speckled with small towns and home to millions.

  111. Texans’ Game in Dallas Is Canceled So They Can Go Home and Help Out Sports, August 31

    The team was supposed to have played an exhibition in Dallas, but it was canceled and the team took a bus back to Houston, where they can help their families.

  112. A Storm Forces Houston, the Limitless City, to Consider Its Limits National, August 30

    As it reels from the impact of Hurricane Harvey, a muscular metropolitan area that embraced growth now wonders whether growth made its flooding woes worse.

  113. Clinging to Her Drowning ‘Mama,’ a Little Girl Survives the Raging Flood National, August 30

    With the death toll of Hurricane Harvey climbing to 38, those who survived the storm are just now learning the names of those who did not.

  114. A Texas Farmer on Harvey, Bad Planning and Runaway Growth Op Ed, August 30

    The complex interplay between nature and the world we have created exploded in Houston.

  115. Coping With Floods Is Only Half the Battle for Mumbai’s Poor Foreign, August 30

    In Mumbai, a megacity of 18 million where torrential rain is an annual reality, the comparisons to Houston have not gone unnoticed.

  116. Houston Loves Big Business. How Much Should Big Business Now Love It Back? Business, August 30

    With the major devastation in the area, it seems worth reminding companies about how generous local taxpayers have been in recent years.

  117. The Sun Came Out in Houston. Here’s What Residents Saw. National, August 30

    Houston in the wake of Harvey is a study in contrasts: of some neighborhoods moving on and of others doing anything but that.

  118. In Port Arthur, Harvey Continues Path of Destruction Video, August 30

    Homes and shelters were flooded and the largest oil refinery in the U.S. was shut down after heavy rains flooded Port Arthur, east of Houston, overnight Tuesday.

  119. Was 2013 Hurricane Sandy Relief Package ‘Full of Pork’? National, August 30

    Texas lawmakers say they voted against the 2013 aid bill because it included spending unrelated to Sandy. There’s a factual bone to pick with this claim.

  120. Houston Curfew Follows Many in Big Cities Facing Disaster or Unrest Express, August 30

    Los Angeles, Detroit, Boston and Chicago are among the other large cities that have imposed restrictions during trying times in the past half-century.

  121. Stories Emerge of Harvey’s Victims as Death Toll Rises U.S., August 30

    Among the dead were a police sergeant who drowned on his way to work and a retired high school sports coach.

  122. Harvey’s Victims: An Animal Lover, a Coach, a Police Officer National, August 30

    Among the storm’s victims were a married couple checking on family, and a young man who had set out to rescue his sister’s cat.

  123. On Submerged Streets, ‘Houston Has Come Together’ Video, August 30

    Follow rescue volunteers in 360-degree video as residents of a Houston neighborhood were evacuated by boats on Tuesday after Tropical Storm Harvey dumped record amounts of rain this week.

  124. Fire Ants Are Yet Another Hazard in Houston’s Flooded Streets Express, August 30

    The ants spring into survival mode in floods, sticking together to form mats or log-shaped rafts that float through the waters.

  125. Astros Will Return to Houston This Weekend, to Play the Mets Sports, August 30

    After playing three games in Tampa to escape the impact of Hurricane Harvey, the Astros will come home.

  126. Pepe the Frog Cartoonist Stops Distribution of Children’s Book Culture, August 30

    Matt Furie, the cartoonist behind a frog now synonymous with the so-called alt-right, has forced the removal of a book with Pepe from distribution.

  127. Rescued Women Make It to Another Nursing Center. The Cat’s O.K., Too. National, August 30

    Remember the photograph of women stuck in rising, murky floodwaters in Dickinson, Tex., on Sunday? Here’s where they are now.

  128. ‘Cajun Navy’ Brings Its Rescue Fleet to Houston’s Flood Zone National, August 30

    Volunteers came with their vessels from Baton Rouge, La., to Houston to assist in the rescue operation.

  129. Trucks With Aid Roll Into FEMA Hub. Getting Aid Out Is the Challenge. National, August 30

    Federal officials say they have learned from the mistakes of Katrina and are taking their lead from local leaders. They are poised to help where needed.

  130. Making Sure Your Help Gets to Hurricane Harvey’s Victims Editorial, August 30

    After its past failures, the Red Cross has a chance to demonstrate competence and accountability.

  131. Port Arthur Faces Harvey Flooding Disaster: ‘Our Whole City Is Underwater’ Express, August 30

    Residents of cities in Jefferson County, Tex., about 100 miles east of Houston, called for help on social media as the floodwaters rose.

  132. Houston, Warned Op Ed, August 30

    Even though it’s possible to mitigate the effects of extreme weather, we’re instead making choices that aggravate them.

  133. Explosions and Black Smoke Reported at Chemical Plant National, August 30

    Arkema said it had expected explosions at its plant in Crosby, about 30 miles from downtown Houston, because it was unable to keep the chemicals cool.

  134. From Forecast to Disaster: A Timeline at the National Hurricane Center National, August 30

    Experts at the center had to race to stay on top of a rapidly strengthening major storm, and let the public know what was coming.

  135. How a Mattress Store Became a Home for Harvey Victims Video, August 30

    Houston businessman Jim McIngvale opened his mattress store to flood victims, giving hundreds of men, women, children and pets a place to rest.

  136. I Teach in Houston. I’m Worried for My Students. Op Ed, August 29

    We should be making lesson plans, but we’re scared for the students who may not have shelter from Hurricane Harvey.

  137. The Waters Swell. So Does Trump’s Ego. Op Ed, August 29

    Americans don’t need the president’s “wow” amid Harvey’s woe.

  138. Stalled Over Gulf, Harvey Deepens Texans’ Soggy Misery National, August 29

    The death toll from Harvey was rising and officials said their rescue effort was nowhere near done.

  139. It Was an Uneasy Time for Immigrants in Texas. Then the Rains Came. National, August 29

    State and federal policies hostile to undocumented immigrants have added to the stress of a devastating storm.

  140. On Roads Turned Waterways, Volunteers Improvise to Save the Trapped and Desperate National, August 29

    Alongside a massive local, state and federal disaster response was an equally massive volunteer rescue effort that operated with little official guidance.

  141. ‘This Is Texas’: Help in a Disaster Letters, August 29

    Readers from Texas and beyond react to the catastrophe.

  142. No, Sept. 1 Isn’t Deadline for Hurricane-Damage Claims Under New Texas Law Business, August 29

    As floodwaters rose in Houston, dire warnings spread on social media: File insurance claims by Friday or forfeit some of what you’ve got coming to you. That’s not true.

  143. Harvey’s Toll on Energy Industry Shows a Texas Vulnerability Business, August 29

    Supply disruptions and environmental damage raise questions about the concentration of refineries and chemical plants along the exposed Gulf Coast.

  144. Texans Tell Stories of Heartbreak Caused by Harvey Video, August 29

    Videos reveal the emotional and physical toll of the storm in Houston and the surrounding area.

  145. Are You Affected by the Storm? We Would Like to Hear From You National, August 29

    The New York Times would like to hear from people in the hardest-hit areas in southeast Texas about their experiences dealing with the storm and its aftermath.

  146. Melania Trump, Off to Texas, Finds Herself on Thin Heels Styles, August 29

    The first lady set off for Texas, but her shoes got all the attention. Here’s why.

  147. Joel Osteen Says Lakewood Church Is Open to Harvey Victims After Criticism Express, August 29

    The church had initially said that its building was inaccessible because of “severe flooding.”

  148. As Harvey Raged, Meteorologists Grasped for Words to Describe It National, August 29

    Forecasters needed to explain to people in the storm’s path just how dangerous it was.

  149. Displaced by Harvey? Here’s How to Get Help Express, August 29

    A guide to filing an insurance claim, safely using a portable generator, reporting a missing child and more.

  150. New Orleans Looks to Houston, and Sees Itself , August 29

    As Houston suffers the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, there is a lot of empathy — and anxiety — in New Orleans