1. ‘What We Leave Behind’ Review: A Father’s Final Project Movies, Today

    At 89, Julián Moreno began building a home in Mexico for his children who had immigrated to the U.S. His granddaughter made the poignant documentary “What We Leave Behind.”

  2. $380,000 Homes in Texas, Maryland and New Jersey Real Estate, Yesterday

    A Victorian cottage in Galveston, a 1900 rowhouse in Baltimore and a one-bedroom apartment in Jersey City.

  3. Activists Flood Election Offices With Challenges Politics, Yesterday

    Groups fueled by right-wing election conspiracy theories are trying to toss tens of thousands of voters from the rolls. “They are just going to beat the system into the ground,” said one election official.

  4. Ron DeSantis Is Making an Asylum Crisis of His Own Op Ed, September 27

    Does America still embrace its international obligation to provide sanctuary to at least some unauthorized immigrants?

  5. Former Texas Police Officer Acquitted in 2020 Shooting Death of Black Man National, September 25

    Officer Shaun Lucas, who is white, shot 31-year-old Jonathan Price four times. After the encounter, he was fired.

  6. The Megastate G.O.P. Rivalry Between Abbott and DeSantis Politics, September 25

    Publicly, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas has not criticized the migrant flights from his state by Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. Privately, the Florida governor’s stunt stung the Texas governor’s team.

  7. Beto O’Rourke on Abbott’s Dehumanizing Stunts and Why He Hopes an Upset Looms in Texas Op Ed, September 25

    In an interview, he told me about how he views his campaign to unseat the Republican governor of Texas.

  8. For Suburban Texas Men, a Workout Craze With a Side of Faith National, September 24

    In Katy, outside Houston, many men have taken up F3, a no-frills fitness group where members push themselves physically but also bond emotionally.

  9. Arbitration Has Come to Senior Living. You Don’t Have to Sign Up. Science, September 24

    In the blizzard of paperwork needed to get into a nursing home or assisted living, some residents unwittingly surrender the right to a day in court.

  10. Texas Prosecutor Loses Attempt to Spare a Murderer From Execution National, September 22

    The state criminal appeals court shut down a district attorney’s argument that John Henry Ramirez should not be executed because the death penalty was “unethical.”

  11. A Girl Survived a Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan. Then She Vanished in Texas. National, September 22

    Lina Sardar Khil was 3 when she barely escaped a terrorist attack during the fall of Afghanistan. While living in San Antonio, she went out to play — and has not been seen since.

  12. ‘The Bus Left Us’: Family Caught in Immigration Battle Reaches New York Video, September 22

    Leida, Kevin and their young daughter, Victoria, fled Venezuela, crossing seven countries to reach Texas. That’s when they were pulled into a political fight between Republican governors and the White House.

  13. Criminal Investigation Is Opened After Migrant Flights to Martha’s Vineyard National, September 20

    The sheriff of Bexar County, Texas, said it was clear that many of the 48 migrants flown to Massachusetts had been misled and lured away to score political points.

  14. After Texas Sent Him to Washington, One Migrant Launches a New Life National, September 19

    Lever Alejos, who was delivered to the nation’s capital courtesy of Gov. Greg Abbott, has found plenty of work. ‘I feel fortunate the governor put me on a bus to Washington.’

  15. A federal court clears the way for a Texas social media law. Business, September 17

    The law, which had been blocked by a lower court, makes it possible to sue large social media platforms for taking down political viewpoints.

  16. Is That Legal? How Scores of Migrants Came to Be Shipped North Washington, September 16

    The migrant drop-offs orchestrated by two Republican governors raised questions about how the law treats immigrants. Here’s what you need to know.

  17. Migrants Flown to Martha’s Vineyard Say They Were Misled Washington, September 16

    The flights, arranged by Florida’s Republican governor, underscored how easily the fate of immigrants can be swept up in politics.

  18. G.O.P. Governors Transfer Migrants to Faraway States Video, September 16

    The Republican governors of Florida and Texas sent roughly 150 migrants to Washington, D.C., and Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts to protest the high number of arrivals at the southern border.

  19. Migrant Crisis Puts N.Y. ‘Right to Shelter’ Law to the Test Metro, September 15

    The city’s obligation to provide a bed to anyone who asks is unique and has added urgency to its efforts to welcome more than 11,000 migrants.

  20. Florida envía dos aviones cargados de inmigrantes a Martha’s Vineyard en Español, September 15

    El lugar de veraneo de los acaudalados y poderosos se convirtió en un improbable escenario en la lucha contra la inmigración ilegal.

  21. Busloads of Migrants Arrive Outside the Vice President Harris’s Home Video, September 15

    Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas sent two busloads of people to Vice President Kamala Harris’s residence to protest the large numbers of immigrants being allowed into the country at the southern border.

  22. With Faraway Migrant Drop-Offs, G.O.P. Governors Are Doubling Down National, September 15

    Decisions to bus migrants to the vice president’s residence and to fly others to Martha’s Vineyard were the latest attempts to provoke outrage over record arrivals at the border.

  23. Understanding the Migrant Busing Crisis Interactive, September 15

    A tactic by Southern governors to shift the problems of border crossings onto Northern states escalated this week.

  24. $400,000 Homes in Texas, Minnesota and Connecticut Real Estate, September 15

    A Tudor Revival cottage in Dallas, a 1950 house in Minnetonka and an 1890 Arts and Crafts-style home in Branford.

  25. Florida Flies 2 Planeloads of Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard National, September 15

    The moneyed summer resort became an unlikely arena in the fight over illegal immigration. Republican states have bused thousands of migrants to New York and Washington.

  26. What Conflicted Americans Fear Most From an Abortion Ban Op Ed, September 14

    How the necessity and complexity of life-of-the-mother exceptions is shaping the post-Roe debate.

  27. Los Angeles County Investigates Death of Person With Monkeypox Express, September 9

    Officials said they were conducting an autopsy to see if a monkeypox infection contributed to the death of a Los Angeles County resident.

  28. As Wildfires Grow, Millions of Homes Are Being Built in Harm’s Way Interactive, September 9

    The number of homes in fire-prone parts of the West soared from 10 million in 1990 to 16 million today, a big reason wildfires are causing more destruction.

  29. Can Architecture Build Values, Too? Arts & Leisure, September 8

    With designs that strive to enhance ecology, strengthen community and affirm cultural identity, today’s innovative buildings and projects transcend style.

  30. BlackRock Seeks to Defend Its Reputation Over E.S.G. Fight Business, September 8

    The world’s largest money manager fired off a letter to attorneys general in 19 states rebutting claims about its position on climate-minded investing.

  31. How a Veteran Coach Learned to Stop Yelling and Start Collaborating Sports, September 8

    A longtime Texas high school football coach has spent this season coaching a German team. The experience helped him see that he needed to change his coaching style.

  32. How Book Bans Turned a Texas Town Upside Down Magazine, September 8

    In a political environment where book-banning efforts are being used to drive voter sentiment, librarians find themselves on the front lines.

  33. Mr. Biden, Tear Down This Highway Interactive, September 8

    If urban highways enforce racial barriers between neighborhoods, why do officials keep spending so much to expand them?

  34. In Voter Fraud, Penalties Often Depend on Who’s Voting National, September 7

    Cases in Florida and a survey of prosecutions nationally indicate that despite the furor over voter fraud, prosecutions remain exceedingly rare and penalties vary wildly.

  35. Take Me to the (Lazy) River Travel, September 7

    From the center of an inner tube drifting down the slow-moving Guadalupe, in Texas, life looks good.

  36. After Uvalde, Texas State Police Revise Training for Mass Shootings National, September 6

    Five Department of Public Safety officers have been referred for formal investigation over their response to the May 24 school shooting.

  37. After a Summer of Grief, It’s Back to School in Uvalde National, September 6

    Classes resumed on Tuesday in the South Texas community where a mass shooting in May took the lives of 19 students and two teachers.

  38. Cameras, Plexiglass, Fireproofing: Election Officials Beef Up Security Politics, September 6

    With violent rhetoric from the right intensifying, some election officials are bolstering their defenses. Others are quitting.

  39. Nine Migrants Drown as Dozens Are Swept Down Rio Grande National, September 3

    A large group attempting to cross into Texas was overcome by a fast-moving current, the authorities said.

  40. New Shows That Widen the Beaten Path Arts & Leisure, September 1

    Roberta Smith, co-chief art critic, on fall exhibitions that capture a period during which art and art history have been in flux, including the New Museum’s survey of the polymathic Theaster Gates.

  41. This Vietnamese Dish Is Comforting, Luminous and Striking. It’s Also Forgiving. Magazine, August 31

    The first taste of bánh cuốn led to a yearslong project of culinary discovery.

  42. Voting access updates: Mail ballots are at issue as states consider new rules and legal action. Politics, July 15

    A signature-matching rule in North Carolina is rejected, mail ballots in Pennsylvania are in dispute, and more.

  43. Voting access updates: Mail ballots are at issue as states consider new rules and legal action. Politics, July 15

    A signature-matching rule in North Carolina is rejected, mail ballots in Pennsylvania are in dispute, and more.

  44. Ending a Decade-Long Decline, More Mexicans Are Migrating to U.S. Foreign, July 1

    The death of at least 53 migrants in Texas, more than half of whom were from Mexico, is testing U.S. efforts to enlist Mexico in deterring migration.

  45. Your Friday Evening Briefing N Y T Now, May 27

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  46. The maker of the gun used in the school massacre got $3.1 million in pandemic aid. Business, May 26

    Daniel Defense was one of nearly 500 gun and ammunition makers and retailers that collected a total of $125 million from the Paycheck Protection Program.