1. Woman Who Said Officer Removed Her Tampon Settles With San Antonio U.S., Today

    The city approved a $205,000 payout to a woman who sued after she said an officer violated her rights during a cavity search.

  2. ‘No Excuse’: Fellow Officers Condemn Police Shooting of Fort Worth Woman U.S., October 15

    Atatiana Jefferson pointed a gun at her window before being shot from outside by a police officer, her young nephew said. But the police chief said she was entitled to defend herself.

  3. What We Know About the Fort Worth Police Shooting of Atatiana Jefferson U.S., October 15

    Aaron Dean, the officer who shot Ms. Jefferson in her own home, resigned hours before he was charged with murder.

  4. Fort Worth Police Officer Who Shot a Woman in Her Home Has Resigned U.S., October 14

    The officer who killed Atatiana Jefferson as she was playing video games with her nephew resigned only hours before he was going to be fired, the authorities said.

  5. Capturing a Portrait of the Electorate The Upshot, October 14

    Over three days in Texas, the photographers Chad Batka and Celeste Sloman photographed a representative sample of American voters.

  6. Fort Worth Woman Was Playing Video Game With Her Nephew When Shot by Police U.S., October 13

    A police officer fired the shot that killed Atatiana Jefferson from outside her bedroom window. A neighbor had reported two doors ajar.

  7. Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples’ Day? Depends Where You Are U.S., October 13

    In the past year, at least five states and numerous cities and towns have joined a long list of places to formally recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

  8. Fort Worth Officer Fatally Shot Woman Inside Her Home, Police Say U.S., October 12

    Body camera footage shows the officer peering into a window and shouting, “Put your hands up! Show me your hands!” Then he fired his weapon.

  9. Fire, Floods and Power Outages: Our Climate Future Has Arrived Opinion, October 12

    The most urgent imperative now is to turn our fear and frustration into votes.

  10. Fire, Floods and Power Outages: Our Climate Future Has Arrived Opinion, October 12

    The most urgent imperative now is to turn our fear and frustration into votes.

  11. Two Years After Hurricane Harvey, One Group Says It Has Been Overlooked: Renters U.S., October 11

    Renters affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas are criticizing the recovery effort, saying that state and federal officials cut them out of $5 billion in aid and focused instead on homeowners.

  12. Ukraine Scandal Snags Pete Sessions’s Congressional Comeback Bid U.S., October 10

    The former Texas congressman, who is not accused of any wrongdoing, is referred to in an indictment of two Giuliani associates accused of illegally funneling foreign money to political candidates.

  13. Asylum Protesters Close Bridge on Texas-Mexico Border U.S., October 10

    Hundreds of migrants protesting desperate conditions in Mexico shut down traffic for 15 hours on an international bridge leading into Brownsville, Texas.

  14. A Supreme Court Abortion Case That Tests the Court Itself Opinion, October 10

    What will access to abortion look like under the new conservative majority?

  15. Our Collective Responsibility for Mass Shootings Opinion, October 9

    For far too long, online forums and marketplaces have been granted near-total immunity when they contribute to gun violence.

  16. Joshua Brown, Witness in Amber Guyger Trial, Was Killed in a Drug Deal, Police Say U.S., October 8

    Botham Jean’s former neighbor, who testified for prosecutors at Ms. Guyger’s murder trial, was shot to death two days after it ended, fueling widespread speculation.

  17. Julián Castro’s Mom Always Wanted Him to Be This Outspoken U.S., October 8

    It took Donald Trump to help get him there.

  18. Why a Judge Says She Gave Amber Guyger a Bible, a Hug and Hope of Redemption U.S., October 7

    Judge Tammy Kemp said she turned to her faith when a former Dallas police officer asked her for advice and a hug in the courtroom. Not everyone is happy with that.

  19. The Twist in a Yankees-Astros A.L.C.S. Rematch? Houston Is Even Better This Time Sports, October 6

    Both teams are cruising past opponents toward a rematch of the 2017 league championship series the Astros won on their way to their first World Series win.

  20. Texas Stays Execution of Jewish Man After Judge Is Accused of Anti-Semitism U.S., October 5

    A member of the “Texas Seven” received the stay after the judge was accused of using racist and anti-Semitic language about the defendants.

  21. Amber Guyger’s Judge Gave Her a Bible and a Hug. Did That Cross a Line? U.S., October 4

    After a high-profile murder trial, Judge Tammy Kemp ignited a debate about the limits of compassion.

  22. Free Speech Is Killing Us Opinion, October 4

    Noxious language online is causing real-world violence. What can we do about it?

  23. Amber Guyger Is Sentenced to 10 Years for Murder of Botham Jean U.S., October 2

    Ms. Guyger, a white former Dallas police officer, fatally shot her unarmed black neighbor in his apartment.

  24. In Houston, a Rash of Storms Tests the Limits of Coping With Climate Change Climate, October 2

    A city that did seemed to do everything right after Hurricane Harvey was again inundated last week. Is it a model of adaptation, or a cautionary tale?

  25. Amber Guyger, Ex-Dallas Police Officer, Is Guilty of Murder for Killing Her Neighbor U.S., October 1

    Ms. Guyger killed an unarmed black man, Botham Jean, in his own apartment on a different floor from hers. She faces up to 99 years in prison.

  26. Desperate Migrants on the Border: ‘I Should Just Swim Across’ U.S., September 29

    A growing number of migrants, blocked at the border by new immigration policies, are using riskier tactics to get in.

  27. At the Border, Lawmakers See a Broken System and Little Common Ground U.S., September 28

    Dozens of lawmakers have flocked to the southwestern border to see with their own eyes how migrants are being treated. They have come away with little consensus about what needs to be done.

  28. 5 New Standout Hotels in American College Towns Travel, September 28

    When it comes to non-student accommodations, many college towns offer little more than a weathered chain hotel. These five standouts provide more stylish (and studied) alternatives.

  29. Sandeep Dhaliwal, Sikh Sheriff’s Deputy, Is Fatally Shot Near Houston U.S., September 27

    The Harris County deputy, who made headlines after gaining an exemption to wear a turban as part of his uniform, was shot during a traffic stop.

  30. Amber Guyger Trial: ‘I Shot an Innocent Man,’ Ex-Officer Says U.S., September 27

    A former Dallas police officer took the stand before a packed courtroom on Friday. She is accused of killing her neighbor, Botham Jean, who was unarmed in his own apartment.

  31. Weeknight Dinner Around the World Food, September 24

    We asked 18 families to show us what they have for dinner on a typical weeknight.

  32. Trial Opens for Former Officer Who Killed Unarmed Black Man in His Apartment U.S., September 23

    Amber Guyger, who was coming home from her job as a Dallas police officer, says she thought she was in her own apartment.

  33. F.B.I. Increases Reward in Series of Unsolved Church Arsons in El Paso U.S., September 23

    No one was injured in the three fires, which happened in May and June

  34. At Rally for India’s Modi, Trump Plays Second Fiddle but a Familiar Tune U.S., September 22

    Mr. Trump treated the giant Houston gathering as his own, seizing on the chance to brag about slashing regulations, lowering unemployment and implementing a tax cut.

  35. ‘I Can’t Do This’: Imelda Left Texas With at Least 5 Deaths and Historic Rainfall U.S., September 20

    One woman was still looking for a missing son after the seventh-wettest tropical cyclone in U.S. history. “He can’t swim,” she said.

  36. Young Black Voters to Their Biden-Supporting Parents: ‘Is This Your King?’ U.S., September 20

    An organic effort by black millennials and Gen Z-ers to influence older family members against Mr. Biden may be important in the Democratic primary.

  37. For These Black Women in Texas, Rodeo Is a Way of Life Arts, September 20

    Raising children, keeping a job and riding horses for a cheering crowd — life on the all-black professional rodeo circuit.

  38. For Some in Texas, Imelda’s Heavy Rain Feels Like Harvey 2.0 U.S., September 19

    Tropical Depression Imelda was nowhere near as widespread as Hurricane Harvey. But in some areas, the flooding was worse.

  39. Imelda Turns Streets Into Rivers in Eastern Texas Video, September 19

    Areas that were hit by Hurricane Harvey in 2017 are now facing heavy rainfall and flooding as Tropical Depression Imelda churns through the Houston region.

  40. Flooding Hits Texas Towns Devastated by Harvey U.S., September 19

    Some areas in southeastern Texas have been drenched with more than three feet of rain, forcing chaotic evacuations and leaving residents stranded.

  41. Imelda Hits Houston Area With Rain and Threatens to Bring More U.S., September 17

    The tropical depression was expected to drop 5 to 10 inches of rain, though some places could see up to 25 inches, and spur “life-threatening” flash flooding. Several school districts canceled classes on Wednesday.