1. Supreme Court Again Refuses to Block Texas Abortion Law U.S., October 22

    But the court said it would hear arguments on Nov. 1 on challenges to the law from the Biden administration and abortion providers in the state.

  2. The Market for Single-Family Rentals Grows as Homeownership Wanes Real Estate, October 22

    House hunters are attracted to the hassle-free living and lack of down payments, but there’s a trade-off: They give up the investment of owning a home.

  3. Texas Governor Appoints Former Trump Lawyer to Oversee Election Review U.S., October 21

    The selection of a new secretary of state arrives as Gov. Greg Abbott is facing pressure to allow an expanded 2020 election audit in Texas.

  4. Texas Urges Supreme Court to Leave Its Restrictive Abortion Law in Place U.S., October 21

    The Biden administration had asked the court to block the law. State officials called the request procedurally flawed, saying the court was powerless to grant it.

  5. N.T.S.B. says Tesla owner was in the driver’s seat in fatal crash, contradicting local officials. Automobiles, October 21

    A Harris County sheriff’s constable said in April that evidence at the scene of the accident suggested that no one was driving the car when it crashed.

  6. The Austin Bungalow Had Charm. But It ‘Needed Everything.’ Real Estate, October 19

    After noticing a realtor ‘sitting, literally head in hand, on the front steps,’ a Texas couple decided to buy the house. That was two renovations ago.

  7. Solving a Problem House in Austin, Texas Slideshow, October 19

    After noticing a realtor ‘sitting, literally head in hand, on the front steps,’ a Texas couple decided to buy the home. That was two renovations ago.

  8. After Del Rio, Calls for Fairer Treatment of Black Migrants U.S., October 19

    The treatment of Haitians apprehended in Del Rio, Texas, has galvanized civil rights groups and others to press for change.

  9. Justice Department Asks Supreme Court to Block Texas Abortion Law U.S., October 18

    Saying the law is “plainly unconstitutional,” the department also asked the court to add the case to its docket in its current term.

  10. Explaining the Impact of Redistricting in Texas, Visually Times Insider, October 18

    When Texas Republicans revealed their new congressional map last month, our reporters and graphics editors used maps and data to examine the effects.

  11. Deputies Shot in Fatal Attack in Houston Were Close Friends U.S., October 16

    One deputy who was shot in the back was in stable condition, but the long-term impact of his wounds remained unclear.

  12. Para los demócratas, estos son los votantes clave en Texas en Español, October 16

    Una nueva y ambiciosa campaña pretende atraer a los jóvenes texanos que no están registrados para votar o no acuden a las urnas sistemáticamente.

  13. Texas Superintendent Apologizes After Official’s Holocaust Remarks U.S., October 15

    State lawmakers and the Anti-Defamation League condemned a school official’s advice to “make sure that if you have a book on the Holocaust, that you have one that has an opposing, that has other perspectives.”

  14. Justice Dept. to Ask Supreme Court to Block Texas’ Near-Total Abortion Ban as Legal Fights Continue U.S., October 15

    The Texas law prohibits most abortions after about six weeks, before many women are even aware they are pregnant.

  15. Complaints Against Texas’ Juvenile Prisons Include Violence and Sex Abuse U.S., October 15

    The extensive allegations present a portrait of an environment inside the state’s juvenile prisons that is rife with physical attacks.

  16. Terry McAuliffe’s Other Obstacle in Virginia Race: Democrats’ Apathy U.S., October 15

    Though the state is getting bluer, voters’ exhaustion is imperiling the former governor’s comeback attempt against his Republican rival, Glenn Youngkin.

  17. Appeals Court Lets Texas Continue to Enforce Near-Total Abortion Ban U.S., October 14

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit reaffirmed its reversal of a lower judge’s ruling that blocked the law while the federal courts weigh its constitutionality.

  18. Texas Removed an L.G.B.T.Q. Resource Page After a Candidate Complained U.S., October 14

    Don Huffines, who is challenging Gov. Greg Abbott in next year’s Republican primary, said the content on the state web page was “offensive.” It was quickly removed.

  19. Texas Man Is Sentenced for Using Dating App to Target Gay Men U.S., October 14

    The man, Daniel Jenkins, was part of a group that used the app Grindr to lure gay men to an apartment complex in Dallas to rob and assault them, prosecutors said.

  20. Texas, Harbinger of Doom Opinion, October 13

    Mississippi was one of the states at the vanguard of the first Jim Crow; Texas may well be at the vanguard of the next.

  21. Justice Dept. to Investigate Reports of Abuse in Texas’ Juvenile Prisons U.S., October 13

    Accusations of excessive force, sexual misconduct, and the use of isolation and pepper spray prompted the inquiry into the treatment of incarcerated children.

  22. The Voters Democrats Say Are Crucial to Flipping Texas U.S., October 13

    Young people who are unregistered or do not vote consistently are the focus of an ambitious new push to turn Texas blue, a long-elusive goal for Democrats.

  23. When Vaccine Mandates Collide Business, October 13

    Companies are juggling conflicting federal and state orders on coronavirus vaccine mandates.

  24. American and Southwest Airlines reject the Texas order banning vaccine mandates. Business, October 12

    “This does not change anything for American,” a spokeswoman said. When the airline introduced its mandate, it cited a presidential order that employees of government contractors be vaccinated.

  25. The October 12 Covid Delta Variant Vaccines live blog included one standalone post:
  26. Utah’s Final Goodbye to Aaron Lowe Echoes an Earlier Funeral Sports, October 12

    Lowe, who died last month, had worn No. 22 on his football jersey to honor a high school and college teammate, Ty Jordan, who died in December.

  27. The governor of Texas bars Covid vaccine mandates. U.S., October 11

    Gov. Greg Abbott’s latest executive order includes private employers, which had been exempt from previous edicts against mandates.

  28. Severe Weather Sweeps Across Southern Plains, Producing at Least Two Tornadoes U.S., October 11

    Fast-moving storms damaged parts of a town and at least one school in northeastern Oklahoma, while severe weather forced the Texas state fair to close early and delayed an N.F.L. game in Kansas City.

  29. A Year After ‘Defund,’ Police Departments Get Their Money Back U.S., October 10

    The abrupt reversals have come in response to rising levels of crime, the exodus of officers and political pressures.

  30. A Republican candidate for Texas governor cancels events after Covid exposure. U.S., October 9

    Allen West said on Saturday that he was experiencing a “low grade fever and light body aches” after his wife tested positive.

  31. Most Abortions in Texas Are Banned Again After Court Ruling U.S., October 8

    A federal appeals court panel temporarily reinstated the law that bans most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy while it considers a district judge’s ruling.

  32. Are Tesla and Texas a Perfect Match? It’s Questionable. Business, October 8

    While its C.E.O., Elon Musk, and the state’s conservative lawmakers share libertarian sensibilities, they differ greatly on climate change and renewable energy.

  33. Some Texas Clinics Resume Abortions After Judge’s Ruling U.S., October 7

    At least six clinics had returned to performing the procedure, but most of the state’s roughly two dozen abortion clinics were waiting, weighing the risks under the new law.

  34. Very Disturbing Things, Deep in the Heart of Texas Opinion, October 7

    Its poisoned politics course through the nation’s bloodstream.

  35. Federal Judge Pauses Strict Texas Law Banning Most Abortions U.S., October 6

    A sharply worded ruling sided with the Justice Department, which sued to block the measure last month after the Supreme Court declined to intervene.

  36. Texas Man Is Sentenced to 15 Months for Online Covid-19 Hoax U.S., October 6

    Christopher Charles Perez, 40, wrote on Facebook last year that he had paid someone who was infected with the coronavirus to lick groceries at a San Antonio supermarket, federal prosecutors said.

  37. At Least 4 Injured in Texas School Shooting, Police Say Video, October 6

    The authorities said three students and one older person were injured in a shooting that broke out after a fight at a high school in Arlington. The police are searching for Timothy George Simpkins, a student at the school, who they say is a suspect in the shooting.

  38. 4 Injured in Texas High School Shooting, Police Say U.S., October 6

    An 18-year-old student was taken into custody and charged in the shooting at Timberview High School in Arlington, which had been placed on lockdown.

  39. Eddie Robinson, Baseball Lifer Who Outlived His Peers, Dies at 100 Sports, October 5

    He was a power-hitting All-Star in a career of more than 60 seasons as a player, executive, coach and scout. He had been the oldest living former major leaguer.

  40. Texas Board Recommends Posthumous Pardon for George Floyd U.S., October 5

    The 2004 conviction, which was brought by a former Houston narcotics officer now at the center of a policing scandal, would be set aside if the governor approves.

  41. San Antonio’s Challenge: Balancing Growth With Heritage Business, October 5

    A number of large-scale projects will expand the city’s downtown, but community advocates are worried about preserving the area’s Mexican American culture.

  42. Texas Is the Future of America Opinion, October 5

    The idea of the Lone Star State as a herald of the national future is terrifying and not just to liberals. 

  43. What America Owes Haitian Asylum Seekers Opinion, October 4

    This is about morals. It’s also about the law.

  44. How Texas Plans to Make Its House Districts Even Redder Interactive, October 3

    The new district lines proposed by Texas Republicans aim to lock in the party’s advantage in Washington over the next decade by building on a previously gerrymandered map.

  45. Federal Judge Hears Arguments Over Texas Abortion Law U.S., October 1

    The Justice Department said the law was intended to “violate the Constitution,” and asked for it to be suspended while the courts determine if it is legal.

  46. George Frayne, a.k.a. Commander Cody, Alt-Country Pioneer, Dies at 77 Arts, September 30

    With his band the Lost Planet Airmen, he infused older genres like Western swing and boogie-woogie with a freewheeling 1960s spirit and attracted a devoted following.

  47. The U.S. says Texas’ ban on school mask mandates may violate disabled children’s rights. U.S., September 30

    The Department of Justice filed a court brief saying that the ban runs afoul of federal law if, as parents claim, it is preventing their disabled children from safely attending public schools.

  48. Lesson of the Day: ‘Answers to Questions About the Texas Abortion Law’ The Learning Network, September 30

    Students will learn about a new Texas law that effectively bans abortion, then share their opinions about the status of abortion rights right now.

  49. ‘¿Qué vamos a hacer?’: mujeres con embarazos no deseados en Texas recorren distancias largas para abortar en Español, September 28

    La nueva legislación en Texas ha tenido efectos profundos: algunas mujeres han optado por viajar a otros estados, como Oklahoma, para someterse al procedimiento.

  50. ‘I Want to Go to a Hospital or Clinic Where Everyone Is Vaccinated’ Opinion, September 28

    Vaccine mandates in hospitals and schools; Haitians and immigration policy; abortion and Republicans.

  51. Texas Republicans propose a new congressional map that aims to protect the party’s incumbents. U.S., September 27

    Rather than trying to make significant gains in the state, where Democrats have been increasingly ascendant in recent years, Republicans appear to be trying to bolster their existing congressional delegation.

  52. Frances T. Farenthold, Liberal Force in Texas and Beyond, Dies at 94 U.S., September 27

    Known as Sissy, she was an advocate for racial parity and women’s rights, and her name was placed in nomination for the vice presidency in 1972. Tragedy trailed her.

  53. Can Beto O’Rourke Turn Texas Blue? Opinion, September 27

    The politician talks about the fight for voting rights and a potential run for governor.

  54. With Abortion Largely Banned in Texas, an Oklahoma Clinic Is Inundated U.S., September 26

    The new law prohibits abortions after about six weeks, a very early stage of pregnancy. Many women are now traveling out of state for the procedure.

  55. They Investigate Police Killings. Their Record Is Wanting. U.S., September 25

    After the murder of George Floyd, some states looked to independent agencies to examine deaths in police custody. But dozens of cases handled by the Texas Rangers show the approach has flaws.

  56. ‘I Need an Army’: Across America, Schools Cram for Their Covid Tests Health, September 25

    Some districts have established robust virus testing programs, but many others are struggling.

  57. ‘Fuimos afortunados’: miles de haitianos podrán quedarse en EE. UU. mientras realizan sus procesos migratorios en Español, September 25

    Los agentes fronterizos están cambiando las vidas de miles de familias haitianas al decidir si pueden permanecer en Estados Unidos o deben ser deportadas.

  58. Justice Dept.’s Emergency Motion Asking a Judge to Block Texas’ Abortion Law Interactive, September 14

    The Justice Department asked a federal judge late Tuesday to issue an order that would prevent Texas from enacting a law that prohibits nearly all abortions.

  59. Map: Nicholas’s Path and Rainfall Interactive, September 14

    Maps showing the storm’s route as it hit Texas and brought heavy rain on a path toward Louisiana.

  60. Where the Racial Makeup of the U.S. Shifted in the Last Decade Interactive, August 12

    Maps show a rise in the share of people of color in nearly every county across the United States, as the nation records its first drop in the white population.

  61. Texas Special Runoff Election Results: Sixth Congressional District Interactive, July 27

    See full results and maps from the Texas special runoff election.

  62. Dalilah Muhammad Set the Standard for Hurdling. Now She Looks to Defend Her Gold. Interactive, July 21

    Muhammad, 31, lost her world record at the U.S. Olympic trials. She will face a field packed with talent as she tries to remain on top.

  63. I Spoke to a Rancher on the Border Interactive, June 25

    Many landowners in South Texas oppose Gov. Abbott's proposal for the state to build a border wall. But not everyone.

  64. How Voting Laws Are Changing in 5 States Interactive, June 22

    Republican lawmakers in many states are passing laws that add new restrictions to voting and change how elections are run.

  65. A Texas Abortion Law, and the Fight Over Roe Interactive, May 19

    Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas just signed a bill that would ban most abortions in the state. Here’s what else to know.

  66. When a School Restarts but Students Can’t Interactive, May 5

    Working on the audio documentary “Odessa” gave one producer a painful look at the post-lockdown emotional struggles of teenagers.

  67. Texas Special Election Results: Sixth Congressional District Interactive, May 1

    See full results and maps from the Texas special election.

  68. What to Know About the Census Data Interactive, April 30

    The count reflects the slowest population growth since the 1930s. It also offers a glimpse of the shifting centers of population and power in the United States.

  69. The Capacity Crowd That Didn’t Materialize Interactive, March 30

    The Texas Rangers removed all capacity limits for an exhibition game on Monday, but a modest crowd of 12,911 showed up.

  70. What to Know About the Virus This Week Interactive, February 26

    The latest news and data from the team tracking the coronavirus.

  71. On the Ground in Texas, 10 Days Later Interactive, February 25

    The temperatures are back to normal, but daily life is still a struggle for Texans affected by last week’s storms.

  72. How Texas’ Power Generation Failed During the Storm, In Charts Interactive, February 19

    All energy sources fell short, but natural gas power broke down the most.

  73. The State of the Virus: East Coast Lags as U.S. Sees Sustained Progress Interactive, February 19

    A look at this week’s news from the team tracking the coronavirus.

  74. Mapping the Winter Storm’s Impact Interactive, February 16

    Maps showing where frigid temperatures led to power outages after the huge winter storm.

  75. Mapping the Winter Storm’s Impact Interactive, February 16

    Maps showing where frigid temperatures led to power outages after the huge winter storm.

  76. The State of the Virus: Sustained Progress in Most States Interactive, February 12

    A look at this week’s news from the team tracking the coronavirus.

  77. The State of the Virus: A Notable Decline in New Cases Interactive, February 5

    A look at this week’s news from the team tracking the coronavirus.

  78. The State of the Virus: Cases Begin to Drop Interactive, January 22

    A look at this week’s news from the team tracking the coronavirus.

  79. The State of the Virus This Week: A Milestone Looms Interactive, January 15

    A look at this week’s news from the team tracking the coronavirus.

  80. The State of the Virus This Week Interactive, December 4

    A look at this week’s news from the team tracking the coronavirus.

  81. Hispanic Voters Deliver a Texas Win for Trump Interactive, November 5

    The Rio Grande Valley shifted decisively toward President Trump, cancelling out votes for Joseph R. Biden Jr. in urban and suburban areas.

  82. Texas Election Results: 26th Congressional District Interactive, November 3

    See full results and maps from the Texas election.

  83. Texas Election Results: Third Congressional District Interactive, November 3

    See full results and maps from the Texas election.

  84. Texas Election Results: 22nd Congressional District Interactive, November 3

    See full results and maps from the Texas election.

  85. Texas Election Results: Ninth Congressional District Interactive, November 3

    See full results and maps from the Texas election.

  86. Texas Election Results: 21st Congressional District Interactive, November 3

    See full results and maps from the Texas election.

  87. Texas Primary Election Results: 19th House District Interactive, October 28

  88. Texas U.S. Senate Primary Election Results Interactive, October 28

  89. Texas Primary Election Results: 26th House District Interactive, October 28

  90. Texas Primary Election Results: 33rd House District Interactive, October 28

  91. Texas Primary Election Results: 13th House District Interactive, October 28

  92. Texas Primary Election Results: 24th House District Interactive, October 28

  93. Texas Primary Election Results: Ninth House District Interactive, October 28

  94. Texas Primary Election Results: 29th House District Interactive, October 28

  95. Texas Primary Election Results: 11th House District Interactive, October 28

  96. Texas Primary Election Results: 30th House District Interactive, October 28

  97. Texas Primary Election Results: 22nd House District Interactive, October 28

  98. Texas Primary Election Results: 28th House District Interactive, October 28

  99. Texas Primary Election Results: 35th House District Interactive, October 28

  100. Texas Primary Election Results: Third House District Interactive, October 28

  101. Texas Primary Election Results: 21st House District Interactive, October 28

  102. Texas Primary Election Results: 14th House District Interactive, October 28

  103. Texas Primary Election Results: First House District Interactive, October 28

  104. Live: Texas State Primary Election Results 2020 Interactive, October 28

  105. Texas Primary Election Results: Second House District Interactive, October 28

  106. Texas Primary Election Results: Fifth House District Interactive, October 28

  107. Texas Primary Election Results: 20th House District Interactive, October 28

  108. Texas Primary Election Results: 32nd House District Interactive, October 28

  109. Texas Primary Election Results: Seventh House District Interactive, October 28

  110. Texas Primary Election Results: 16th House District Interactive, October 28

  111. Texas Primary Election Results: 34th House District Interactive, October 28

  112. Texas Primary Election Results: 31st House District Interactive, October 28

  113. Texas Primary Election Results: 23rd House District Interactive, October 28

  114. Texas Primary Election Results: 17th House District Interactive, October 28

  115. Texas Primary Election Results: 18th House District Interactive, October 28

  116. Texas Primary Election Results: 15th House District Interactive, October 28

  117. Texas Primary Election Results: 25th House District Interactive, October 28

  118. Texas Primary Election Results: 12th House District Interactive, October 28

  119. Texas Primary Election Results: 27th House District Interactive, October 28

  120. Texas Primary Election Results: 10th House District Interactive, October 28

  121. Texas Polls: Who Different Groups Supported Interactive, October 28

  122. Live Results: Texas Presidential Primary 2020 Interactive, October 28

  123. Texas Presidential Republican Primary Election Results Interactive, October 28

  124. Map: Tracking Tropical Storm Beta Interactive, September 19

    A hurricane watch was issued for parts of the Texas coast.

  125. Architecture, in Abstract: A Quiz Interactive, August 13

    Can you identify the cities where these abstract architectural photographs were taken?

  126. Maine, Texas and Alabama Election Results: Live Updates and Analysis Interactive, July 14

    Follow live coverage and analysis from Times reporters.

  127. Live Primary Election Results: Races in Alabama, Maine and Texas Interactive, July 14

    Get the latest primary results from Alabama, Maine and Texas.

  128. Live Primary Election Results: Races in Alabama, Maine and Texas Interactive, July 14

    Get the latest primary results from Alabama, Maine and Texas.

  129. Texas Coronavirus Map and Case Count Interactive, April 1

    A detailed county map shows the extent of the coronavirus outbreak, with tables of the number of cases by county.

  130. How Megan Thee Stallion Turned ‘Hot’ Into a State of Mind Interactive, March 11

    The musician talks about the aftermath of going viral, the sanctuary of alter egos and what she hopes to do by the time she turns 40.

  131. Border Officials Seek to Evict Defecating Vultures From Texas Radio Tower Express, January 13

    United States Customs and Border Protection, which operates the tower, wants to attach a net to deter the birds.

  132. Father of Atatiana Jefferson, Victim of Fatal Police Shooting in Texas, Dies Express, November 10

    “I can only sum it up as a broken heart,” a family spokesman said of Marquis Jefferson’s death.

  133. Google Wants Safeguards for Information in Antitrust Fight Business, October 31

    The Silicon Valley company filed a court petition asking for limits on what is shared with consultants working with the attorney general of Texas.

  134. Shooting in Texas Leaves 2 Dead and at Least 14 Wounded, Officials Say Express, October 27

    One day after a gunman opened fire on a homecoming party attended by hundreds near Greenville, Tex., a suspect was arrested.

  135. Deep in the Muslim Heart of Texas, a Farm Family Provides Halal Meat Dining, June 3

    A Houston-area couple is trying to offer a smaller-scale, more humane alternative to conventional slaughterhouses.

  136. Texas Couple Get 7 Years in Prison for Enslaving Guinean Girl for 16 Years Express, April 23

    A federal jury found the couple guilty in January. Prosecutors said the girl was forced to cook, clean and care for the couple’s children.

  137. Two New Tent Cities Will Be Built in Texas to Hold Migrants National, April 17

    With existing facilities “beyond capacity,” the administration will spend nearly $40 million on tents to house detained migrant families and children.

  138. ‘Debris Was Flying All Over’: 9 Dead as Storms Spread From Texas to Northeast National, April 15

    Tornadoes and flash flooding left a trail of damaged homes, splintered trees and power outages across a large swath of the country.

  139. In the Rio Grande Valley, the Border Patrol Is the ‘Go-To Job’ National, April 14

    With decent pay, secure benefits and a certain amount of prestige, Border Patrol jobs are a middle-class mainstay in South Texas, especially for Mexican-Americans.

  140. The U.S. Immigration System May Have Reached a Breaking Point National, April 10

    For years, there have been warnings that America’s immigration system was going to fail. That time may be now.

  141. In San Antonio, a Preview of How Immigration Could Play Out in 2020 Washington, April 10

    President Trump said Democrats would pay a price for their position on the issue. Julián Castro, the only Latino in the Democratic presidential field, fired back.

  142. For Texas Tech Fans, N.C.A.A. Men’s Final Is Emotional Ride National, April 9

    After the Red Raiders lost to Virginia, many who had shared the ride were looking ahead. “We’re going to get it done by the time I graduate,” one freshman said.

  143. ‘Catastrophic’ Delays at U.S.-Mexico Border Follow Redeployment of Agents Foreign, April 5

    The United States’ southwest border has, in effect, been partly closed because of American staffing shortages, costing businesses millions of dollars a day, according to industry officials.

  144. For Migrants in Mexico, the Wait ‘Could Be a Week, Two Weeks, a Month’ National, April 5

    In this week’s Crossing the Border newsletter, Cubans in Ciudad Juárez, and a conversation with Senator Jon Tester

  145. Immigration Authorities Arrest More Than 280 in Texas in Largest Workplace Raid in a Decade Express, April 4

    The sweep targeted an electronics repair company that officials said had knowingly hired undocumented workers.

  146. Waco Biker Shootout Left 9 Dead, but No One Will Be Held Accountable National, April 3

    Despite 177 arrests, prosecutors tried only one person, unsuccessfully. A new district attorney has now dismissed all the remaining charges.

  147. Atop a 300-Foot Ladder: A Swaying Tower and a Dose of Empathy Insider, April 2

    I’m not a thrill seeker in my day-to-day life. But putting myself in uncomfortable situations can help me understand the people I’m writing about.

  148. Trump’s Border ‘Solutions’ Will Make Things Worse Editorial, April 1

    There’s been a surge of migrant families at the southern border. The answer is not to close the border and cut off aid to Central American nations.

  149. What Would Texas Be Without Buc-ee’s? Styles, March 30

    A convenience store chain is the through-line of America’s second-most sprawling state.

  150. Migrants Are Detained Under a Bridge in El Paso. What Happened? National, March 29

    Photos this week showed migrants held under a highway overpass. A special edition of the Crossing the Border newsletter explores why.