1. Supreme Court to Hear Insurers’ Suit on Obamacare U.S., June 24

    Insurance companies say they are owed some $12 billion promised to them in “risk corridor” provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

  2. How to Beat Joe Biden Opinion, June 22

    Can his rivals fracture or overwhelm his coalition?

  3. Abdicating, Again, on Climate Opinion, June 22

    President Trump’s new energy plan aims to save coal-burning power plants and miners’ jobs. It won’t do either.

  4. ‘The Black Vote Is Not Monolithic’: 2020 Democrats Find Split Preferences in South Carolina U.S., June 22

    Though many African-Americans in South Carolina have favored Joseph R. Biden Jr. they are taking a hard look at several other candidates and considering all issues, not just race.

  5. They Each Backed Off Strikes: Trump in ’19, Obama in ’13, Clinton in ’98 U.S., June 22

    The immediate comparison was to Barack Obama’s decision not to attack Syria. But the closer one might be to a last-minute choice by Bill Clinton over a missile strike on Iraq.

  6. For Trump, ‘Judgment Time Is Coming’ on How to Respond to Iran U.S., June 20

    The shooting down of an American spy drone will test the president’s conflicting impulses between employing bellicose language and avoiding foreign wars.

  7. Trump’s Iran Strategy Opinion, June 20

    But what is the endgame?

  8. The National Debt Is Still a Problem Business, June 20

    A rising budget deficit may make sense in a major war or recession but not now, when the economy is strong, the economist N. Gregory Mankiw says.

  9. Could Trump Use the Sept. 11 War Law to Attack Iran Without Going to Congress? U.S., June 19

    Talk of purported Iran-Qaeda ties is raising questions about whether the Trump administration is laying the groundwork to claim that it needs no new legal authority to take military action.

  10. E.P.A. Finalizes Its Plan to Replace Obama-Era Climate Rules Climate, June 19

    The new measure will very likely prompt a flurry of legal challenges. If upheld in court, it could tie the hands of future presidents on global warming.

  11. Trump Is Changing the Shape of the Democratic Party, Too Opinion, June 19

    In reaction to his provocations, many white Democrats are seeing race relations in a new light.

  12. Trump’s Only Consistent Foreign Policy Goal Is to One-Up Obama Opinion, June 18

    He talks big but without strategic plans, as shown with Iran and North Korea.

  13. Trump’s Abuse of Executive Privilege Is More Than a Present Danger Opinion, June 17

    He’s making it harder for future presidents to govern.

  14. U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid U.S., June 15

    The Trump administration is using new authority to take more aggressive digital action in a warning to Moscow and in a demonstration of its abilities.

  15. Richard Holbrooke and a Certain Idea of America Opinion, June 14

    This is an Age of Pessimism. But America can still remake, redeem and rescue.

  16. Why Andrew Yang Matters Opinion, June 13

    An interview with the policy-focused dark horse candidate.

  17. Take the Iowa Caucuses. Please. Opinion, June 11

    This is no way to pick a presidential nominee.

  18. Inspectors Say Iran Is Increasing Production of Nuclear Fuel U.S., June 10

    The move, which involves low-enriched uranium, comes after President Trump abandoned the 2015 nuclear deal and as tensions between Tehran and Washington have increased.

  19. Who Cares About the Supreme Court’s ‘Legitimacy’? Opinion, June 6

    Conservatives seem to assume that only the chief justice is moved by fears that he and his colleagues will end up looking like politicians in robes.

  20. A Chance for ‘Dreamers’ Opinion, June 5

    Congress should do its job and pass a bill to protect immigrants brought to the United States as children.

  21. Kehinde Wiley, Spoiler of Artists Arts, June 4

    He gained fame for his portrait of President Obama. Now he is opening Black Rock, a luxurious residency program in Senegal.

  22. Climate Change Takes Center Stage as Biden and Warren Release Plans U.S., June 4

    Even former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. has embraced the goals of the Green New Deal, showing just how far the Democratic field has moved on climate change.

  23. The Most Powerful Arab Ruler Isn’t M.B.S. It’s M.B.Z. World, June 2

    Prince Mohammed bin Zayed grew the U.A.E.’s power by following America’s lead. He now has an increasingly bellicose agenda of his own. And President Trump seems to be following him.

  24. Congress Weighs Whether to Allow Guantánamo Prisoners to Travel to the U.S. for Medical Care U.S., June 1

    The Pentagon has been putting a new focus on the health care needs of aging detainees, but there is still considerable political opposition to allowing them on American soil.

  25. ‘You Don’t Have to Be in Des Moines.’ Democrats Expand Primary Map, Spurred by Social Media. U.S., June 1

    With voters increasingly getting information online and from TV, candidates are traveling to a wide range of states, viewing them as sound stages for delivering their message.

  26. A Floundering Candidacy Opinion, May 31

    Revisiting Obama’s 2007 struggles. The lesson? Calm down.

  27. ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ Still Rules the Fiction List. Over on Nonfiction, Though, Things Are in Flux. Books, May 31

    Two mainstays of the nonfiction list — memoirs by Michelle Obama and Tara Westover — have moved down a bit, making room for a new No. 1.

  28. The Leader Who Was ‘Trump Before Trump’ Opinion, May 29

    Under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Japan has taken a decidedly authoritarian turn.