1. There Is a Better Way to Pick a Presidential Nominee Opinion, Yesterday

    The debate among Democrats on renominating Joe Biden calls the long primary process into question.

  2. Kissinger Had the Ear of Presidents. He Had Their Awe and Ire, Too. Washington, December 1

    In his decades in politics, the statesman advised many presidents. Here are some of their thoughts from over the years, in their own words.

  3. Donald Trump Still Wants to Kill Obamacare. Why? Op Ed, December 1

    Is this really about policy, or is it personal?

  4. Rare Gathering of Former First Ladies Shows Style, and Subtle Differences Styles, November 28

    United (mostly) in black, their differences were in the details.

  5. Las lecciones de las campañas de Bush y Obama que Biden podría aprovechar En español, November 20

    En manos de un candidato hábil, las encuestas preliminares pueden ser un mapa de ruta para darle un giro total a una campaña en dificultades.

  6. Former Obama and Biden Officials Sign Letter Defending U.S.’s Israel Stance Washington, November 17

    The letter drew 137 signatures, fewer than an earlier letter of dissent from Biden administration officials. Organizers say the new letter should carry more weight because it is not anonymous.

  7. The Bush-Obama Blueprint That Gives Biden Hope for ’24 Politics, November 16

    President Biden isn’t the first incumbent to face grim polling a year out from Election Day.

  8. Behind Public Assurances, Xi Jinping Has Spread Grim Views on U.S. Foreign, November 13

    Speeches by the Chinese leader show how he was bracing for an intensifying rivalry with the United States from early in his rule.

  9. Are We Looking at George H.W. Biden? Op Ed, November 9

    Two aged, dutiful Washington insiders. One tough re-election road.

  10. Viewed Warily by Democrats, a Netanyahu Ally Is a Key Conduit to U.S. Foreign, November 7

    Ron Dermer sits in Israel’s five-member war cabinet and is a crucial liaison to the Biden administration, including U.S. officials he clashed with when he was ambassador to Washington.

  11. Don’t Let Inflation Bury the Memory of a Government Triumph Op Ed, July 20

    We got our economic response to the coronavirus right. Why would we let go of that success?