1. John Lithgow: Trump Is a Bad President. He’s an Even Worse Entertainer. Opinion, Yesterday

    The performer in chief is forcing us to live in a B-movie horror.

  2. Obama Endorses Trudeau for Re-election Ahead of Canada Vote World, Yesterday

    Former President Barack Obama said “the world needs his progressive leadership now” of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, who faces a federal election this month.

  3. How Close Are Barack Obama and Joe Biden? Books, October 15

    Steven Levingston’s “Barack and Joe” looks at a relationship that continues to influence American politics.

  4. No, Kurds and Turks Are Not ‘Natural Enemies,’ Mr. Trump Opinion, October 13

    What they need is American leadership to help them make peace.

  5. Timeline: The Kurds, Turkey and the U.S., Allies and Enemies World, October 10

    Turkey’s attack on Kurdish strongholds along the Syrian border has been years in the making.

  6. Kurds, Turkey and the U.S.: 5 Years of Tension, Alliances and Conflict World, October 10

    Turkey’s attack on Kurdish strongholds along the Syrian border has been years in the making.

  7. Susan Rice Recounts Making Policy at the Highest Levels Books, October 10

    Rice’s memoir, “Tough Love,” relates the many battles she fought inside the Clinton and Obama administrations.

  8. ‘We Absolutely Could Not Do That’: When Seeking Foreign Help Was Out of the Question U.S., October 6

    In every other modern White House, enlisting foreign powers to obtain a political advantage at home was seen as unwise and politically dangerous, if not wrong.

  9. How ICE Picks Its Targets in the Surveillance Age Magazine, October 2

    After two officers came to a Pacific Northwest community, longtime residents began to disappear — a testament to the agency’s quiet embrace of big data.

  10. Trump’s Claims About Biden Aren’t ‘Unsupported.’ They’re Lies. Opinion, September 30

    The president’s accusations turn reality on its head and the media should say so.

  11. Trump Slashes Refugee Cap to 18,000, Curtailing U.S. Role as Haven U.S., September 26

    The president approved an 18,000-person limit on the number of refugees who can be admitted into the United States in fiscal 2020, about half the current limit of 30,000.

  12. The Bygone Baggage of Joe Biden Opinion, September 20

    The politics that created the conditions for Trump cannot be the politics that defeat him.

  13. He’s the President Democratic Voters Don’t Want to Hear Criticized U.S., September 19

    In the Democratic primary, there have been clashes over the Obama administration’s policies. But even liberal voters who admire the former president prefer to look to the future.

  14. Trump Muddies the Air Opinion, September 18

    To dismantle the Obama climate legacy, he’s taking on California, the auto industry, the Clean Air Act and public opinion.

  15. Barack Obama’s Biggest Mistake Opinion, September 18

    It rhymes with ‘schneo-liberalism.’ It was an economic disaster and a political dead end.

  16. Is David Axelrod Right? Let Trump Beat Trump? Opinion, September 18

    Readers discuss advice for Democrats from President Obama’s senior strategist.

  17. Trump Has an Iran Strategy Opinion, September 18

    But it’s very high risk.