1. An Obama Book That Cuts Obama Out of the Picture Politics, Yesterday

  2. Season Two, Episode 10: Thorny Politics Podcasts, September 22

    The announcement of Bowe Bergdahl’s rescue started out simple. It quickly got complicated.

  3. Season Two, Episode 9: Trade Secrets Podcasts, September 22

    You don’t hold peace negotiations with friends.

  4. Season Two, Episode 6: Five O’Clock Shadow Podcasts, September 22

    Why, exactly, did Bowe Bergdahl walk off?

  5. Season Two, Episode 5: Meanwhile, in Tampa Podcasts, September 22

    The C.I.A., the F.B.I., YouTube and the Portland Police Department? As various organizations scrambled, they realized there was no handbook for getting Bergdahl back.

  6. Season Two, Episode 4: The Captors Podcasts, September 22

    After two attempts to escape from the Taliban, Bowe Bergdahl was often confined to a metal cage.

  7. Season Two, Episode 2: The Golden Chicken Podcasts, September 22

    “A dead soldier is worth nothing,” one Taliban fighter said. But with Bowe Bergdahl in hand alive, the insurgent group knew it had scored.

  8. Season Two, Episode 1: Dustwun Podcasts, September 22

    Bowe Bergdahl had a plan. He would create a crisis, in order to call attention to another crisis.

  9. The Autopsy Podcasts, September 15

    What Democrats and Republicans got wrong about voters started with a pileup of flawed assumptions.

  10. Could This Political Marriage Be Saved? Biden and Obama Found a Way. Book Review, September 13

    In “The Long Alliance,” Gabriel Debenedetti traces how political leaders of different generations and contrasting temperaments helped each other succeed.

  11. A Global Outpouring of Grief Mixes With Criticism of the Monarchy Foreign, September 8

    Queen Elizabeth II was remembered by ordinary Britons, world leaders and other royals for her grace, humor and longevity. Others had more conflicted views on the monarchy.

  12. The Queen Met 13 Sitting U.S. Presidents, Who Basked in Her Global Prestige Washington, September 8

    Queen Elizabeth II was a gracious host and guest over the last seven decades, even when faced with protocol mistakes and awkward missteps.

  13. The Queen and Her Presidents Washington, September 8

    Six of the American leaders she met during her long life offer remembrances of her and their encounters.

  14. Why Economic Populism Remains the Winning Ticket Book Review, September 8

    In “The Middle Out,” Michael Tomasky contends that Joe Biden is following a smart path in a time of growing inequality and financial distress.

  15. Michelle Obama’s White House Portrait: Arms and the Woman Special Sections, September 8

    When is a dress not just a dress? When it’s part of a painting meant for posterity.

  16. Bidens Host Obamas for Official White House Portraits Unveiling Video, September 7

    The official portraits of the former president and first lady were finally unveiled in the White House after Donald J. Trump broke tradition by not holding the ceremony while in office.

  17. Painting Michelle Obama Took 9 Months. Keeping It Secret Took 6 Years. Culture, September 7

    Sharon Sprung, an instructor at the Art Students League of New York, is a realist painter of the old school.

  18. Official Obama Portraits Are Finally Unveiled at the White House Culture, September 7

    In a break with tradition, there was no ceremony while former President Donald J. Trump held office. President Biden unveiled the Obama portraits: his by Robert McCurdy, hers by Sharon Sprung.

  19. In his own words: Gorbachev’s essays in The Times. Foreign, August 30

    Mikhail S. Gorbachev wrote often about issues including world affairs and climate change. He also mourned former President Ronald Reagan and the former British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher.