1. Trump Prepares to Unveil a Vast Reworking of Clean Water Protections Climate, December 10

    The proposed new rule would chip away at wetlands safeguards put in place during the administration of President George H.W. Bush.

  2. How Bush’s 1988 Campaign Ushered in a New Era of Racial Politics Video, December 4

    An attack ad made by George Bush’s supporters for his 1988 presidential campaign is infamous for stoking racial fears. The ad served as a precursor to the racially charged politics of today.

  3. Bush Made Willie Horton an Issue in 1988, and the Racial Scars Are Still Fresh Washington, December 3

    Mr. Bush expressed no regret for the Horton ad, and some of his longtime allies have long argued that he got a bad rap for something that was not really of his making.

  4. In the Blink of an Eye, a Hunt for Oil Threatens Pristine Alaska Investigative, December 3

    For decades, opposition to drilling has left the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge off limits. Now the Trump administration is hurriedly clearing the way for oil exploration.

  5. Barack Obama Joins James Baker at a Wistful Bipartisan Summit Op Ed, November 29

    Baker is still sharp at 88, and Obama is a mere 57, but you couldn’t help feeling that the current climate had left them, and their audience of political moderates, out in the cold.

  6. After a Hiatus, China Accelerates Cyberspying Efforts to Obtain U.S. Technology Washington, November 29

    China’s practice of breaking into American computers has become a core grievance of the Trump administration as leaders of the two nations prepare to meet.

  7. Trump Is Wrong About the General Motors Bailout Op Ed, November 28

    I negotiated that deal, and G.M.’s problems go much deeper than one round of layoffs.

  8. From Obama and Baker, a Lament for a Lost Consensus Washington, November 28

    Former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State James A. Baker III call for bipartisanship in a partisan era.

  9. When Is ‘Civility’ a Duty, and When Is It a Trap? Magazine, November 28

    Sometimes it manages conflict and preserves our freedom; sometimes it does precisely the opposite. We may be obligated to sort out which is which.

  10. A Trump Win for the Environment? Maybe Editorial, November 26

    Business groups and Senate Republicans are pushing to strengthen the ozone-saving Montreal Protocol. It should be an easy call for President Trump.

  11. New Book Gives Voice to Trump’s Claims of a Vast Conspiracy Against Him Washington, November 25

    In the book “Trump’s Enemies,” by Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, President Trump repeats his unfounded assertion that President Barack Obama was complicit in spying against him.

  12. Obama Alumni Return to Washington, This Time as House Freshmen Washington, November 25

    Nearly a dozen incoming House freshmen served in previous presidential administrations. Seven from the Obama administration are determined to restore Mr. Obama’s legacy.

  13. Seth Meyers Calls Trump a ‘Wannabe Dictator’ (and Gullible Fox Viewer) Culture, November 22

    The “Late Night” host is alarmed that the president wanted to prosecute Hillary Clinton and James Comey — and that he takes Jeanine Pirro seriously.

  14. Chief Justice Defends Judicial Independence After Trump Attacks ‘Obama Judge’ U.S., November 21

    The Supreme Court’s leader took offense at President Trump’s criticism of a federal judge, suggesting Mr. Trump had a profound misunderstanding of a judge’s role.

  15. Those Best-of-the-Year Times Book Lists? They’ve Been Around Awhile Book Review, November 21

    The paper’s “100 Notables” history goes back more than a century.

  16. Michelle Obama and Tracee Ellis Ross on the Power of Women’s Stories Arts & Leisure, November 20

    The former first lady and a star of ABC’s “black-ish” talk about Mrs. Obama’s memoir, feeling “good enough” and what it really means to “go high.”

  17. Democrats, Don’t Procrastinate on America’s Health Op Ed, November 17

    If lawmakers hope to build on the Affordable Care Act and fix its flaws, they have to get to work now.

  18. Two Years In, Trump Struggles to Master Role of Military Commander Washington, November 16

    Defense Department officials doubt President Trump has fully grasped the role of the troops he commands, or the responsibility he has to lead.

  19. Dressing Michelle Obama, Then and Now Styles, November 15

    Meredith Koop spent many years in the White House working with the former first lady on her wardrobe. Now she is helping Ms. Obama with the book tour and trying to figure out what comes next.

  20. Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ Finally Hits Shelves Books, November 13

    The first lady’s memoir arrives just ahead of her multicity arena tour.

  21. Why Michelle Obama Is ‘Everything’ Op Ed, November 13

    She’s adored in part because she’s always been transparent about her life’s tensions. Her memoir is just the latest example.