1. Stephen Colbert Says Trump Attacked Boy Scouts’ ‘Belief in Our Democracy’ Culture, Today

    Mr. Colbert worried on “The Late Show” about the impact of President Trump’s speech to the Boy Scouts of America.

  2. There’s No Mistaking Trump for a Boy Scout Op Ed, Yesterday

    Always be prepared for this president to hijack your jamboree.

  3. The New Presidential Interview Insider, July 24

    “I have now interviewed seven presidents — and with Mr. Trump the experience is strikingly different in almost every respect.”...

  4. In Gold Butte in Nevada, Ancient Rock Art and Rugged Beauty Travel, Yesterday

    The national monument, which the Trump administration is reassessing, is full of life — Joshua trees, prairie falcons — and stunning petroglyphs.

  5. Democrats Try to Find Economic Message After Railing Against Trump National, July 24

    Democrats gathered in a small town in Virginia on Monday to unveil the economic themes they hope to run on in 2018 as they look beyond President Trump.

  6. At Berryessa National Monument, Wildflowers and Rebirth Travel, Yesterday

    Flowers bloom after wildfires at one of the newest national monuments, where the California landscape is a trip through time.

  7. Is Being ‘Unapologetic’ the New Patriotic — or a Form of Resistance? Magazine, Yesterday

    Some Americans’ allergy to apology meets up with exasperation over so-called political correctness. For others, there’s celebration in defiance.

  8. At Bears Ears in Utah, Heated Politics and Precious Ruins Travel, Yesterday

    The new national monument, with remarkable archaeological sites, is under review by the Trump administration, which could reduce its size.

  9. Senate Leaders Press for Health Care Vote, but on Which Bill? National, July 20

    Senate Republican leaders are seeking a vote next week on the Affordable Care Act, but have yet to decide whether to repeal and replace it now or repeal it now and replace it later.

  10. Trump Finds That Demolishing Obama’s Legacy Is Not So Simple National, July 18

    Few if any presidents have spent as much time as Mr. Trump has in trying to undo their predecessor’s work rather than promoting their own ideas.

  11. Health Care Overhaul Collapses as Two Republican Senators Defect National, July 17

    With announced opposition from Senators Moran and Lee, the Republican push to rewrite President Obama’s signature domestic legacy issue falls short.

  12. Perry Praises ‘Clean Coal,’ but Trump Administration Policies Don’t Promote It National, July 18

    A visit by Energy Secretary Rick Perry to a West Virginia laboratory whose budget he would cut highlighted the contradictions in the administration’s policies.

  13. The Top Jobs in Trump’s Administration Are Mostly Vacant: Who’s to Blame? Interactive, July 17

    President Trump has filled far fewer top jobs in cabinet or cabinet-level agencies than President Barack Obama had at this point in his presidency, according to a New York Times analysis.

  14. Russia Warns U.S. It Could Expel Americans Over Diplomatic Dispute Foreign, July 14

    Russia wants the United States to reverse its decision to expel 35 Russians and block access to diplomatic sites over accusations of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

  15. Climate-Altering Gases Spiked in 2016, Federal Scientists Report National, July 13

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration attributed the increase in part to the El Niño weather pattern. Its report makes no mention of human contributions.

  16. Court Blocks E.P.A. Effort to Suspend Obama-Era Methane Rule National, July 3

    The ruling, on a regulation to restrict emissions from new oil and gas wells, signaled that President Trump’s plans to simply delay environmental actions are likely to face an uphill battle.

  17. Counseled by Industry, Not Staff, E.P.A. Chief Is Off to a Blazing Start National, July 1

    Much of President Trump’s policy agenda is mired in delay, but Scott Pruitt has already achieved a major regulatory rollback.

  18. Fans of White House Garden Hope New Tenants Keep It Green National, July 2

    Those who support the White House Kitchen Garden are trying creative ways to keep it a priority for the new presidential administration.

  19. Obama Rues Loss of ‘American Leadership’ on Climate Change Foreign, July 1

    Speaking at a conference in Indonesia, Mr. Obama indirectly criticized President Trump for pulling out of the Paris climate agreement.

  20. Justice Gorsuch Delivers Editorial, July 1

    After a couple months of Justice Neil Gorsuch, it’s clear Mitch McConnell’s theft of a Supreme Court seat is paying off in spades.

  21. Trump’s Obama Obsession Op Ed, June 29

    Trump wants to erase Obama not only from the political landscape but also from the history books.

  22. How Should We View the Obama Legacy? Letters, June 28

    A reader deplores President Trump’s dismantling of the legacy, and another questions Mr. Obama’s antiterror actions.

  23. Few Overseas Have Faith in Trump’s Leadership, Survey Finds Foreign, June 26

    A Pew Research Center poll found that President Trump and his policies are broadly unpopular around the world, especially among some of America’s closest allies.

  24. Tweeting, Not Leading, the Response to Russian Hacking Editorial, June 27

    The Obama administration didn’t do enough to punish Russia for its election interference. But what is President Trump doing?...

  25. By Criticizing Obama, Trump Contradicts His Own Comments on Russian Meddling National, June 26

    President Trump has refused to acknowledge that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, but he has blamed his predecessor for not responding to that interference.