1. Who Was Abdul Raziq? Magazine, Today

    Uncovering the brutal career of a crucial American ally — and the hidden truths of the war in Afghanistan.

  2. Civilian Prosecutors Rejected Evidence in 9/11 Case That Military Calls Crucial Washington, May 16

    The revelation sets in stark relief the decision by military prosecutors to seek to include the evidence, which has opened the door to years of litigation over confessions by the men accused of plotting the attacks.

  3. How Abrupt U-Turns Are Defining U.S. Environmental Regulations Climate, April 26

    The polarization of politics means that rules are imposed, gutted and restored with each election. Experts say that’s bad for the economy.

  4. New Nutrition Guidelines Put Less Sugar and Salt on the Menu for School Meals Washington, April 24

    The Agriculture Department finalized a new rule to bring the meals more in line with federal dietary standards.

  5. We Were Friends for Years. Trump Tore Us Apart. Op Ed, February 4

    Politics drive a wedge between even the longest of friends.

  6. Don’t Let Inflation Bury the Memory of a Government Triumph Op Ed, July 20

    We got our economic response to the coronavirus right. Why would we let go of that success?