1. Michael Avenatti Urges Democrats to Reject Michelle Obama’s Advice on Trump Politics, August 10

    Mrs. Obama said, “When they go low, we go high.” In his first speech as a prospective presidential candidate, Mr. Avenatti told Democrats to “fight fire with fire” instead.

  2. DeVos Ends Obama-Era Safeguards Aimed at Abuses by For-Profit Colleges Washington, August 10

    Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, in her most drastic move to deregulate for-profit colleges, announced she would end a rule to force them to prove the gainful employment of their graduates.

  3. An Economic Upturn Begun Under Obama Is Now Trump’s to Tout Business, August 10

    Both presidents have had trouble turning better times into higher approval ratings. But this time the challenge is in the hands of a salesman.

  4. Why the Midterms Won't Be Won by Playing to the Base Op Ed, August 6

    Some people changed which party’s nominee they voted for from 2012 to 2016. They are key to who wins the House and Senate.

  5. The Myth That a Cleaner Car Is Less Safe Than a Dirty One Op Ed, August 2

    The Trump administration is pushing a false narrative as a way to roll back mileage and emissions rules.

  6. Trump Administration Unveils Its Plan to Relax Car Pollution Rules Climate, August 2

    The proposal would freeze rules requiring cleaner, more efficient cars and unravel one of President Obama’s signature policies to fight global warming.

  7. How Republican Hypocrisy Lifts Social Democrats Op Ed, August 2

    By its astoundingly cynical approach to deficits and debt, the G.O.P. has opened the door to an expansive left.

  8. Trump’s Biggest Climate Move Yet Is Bad for Everyone Op Ed, August 2

    He wants to freeze fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards, thwarting progress on climate change.

  9. A Reckless Scheme on Auto Emissions Editorial, August 2

    The administration’s plan to roll back auto mileage standards is based on bad science, bad math and bad faith.

  10. Obama Endorses Dozens of Democrats, Rewarding Diversity and Loyalty Politics, August 1

    The former president, who has largely avoided campaign politics, endorsed 81 Democrats in the midterms, including officials who served in his administration.

  11. ‘Short Term’ Health Insurance? Up to 3 Years Under New Trump Policy Washington, August 1

    Consumers may soon have access to less expensive health insurance providing fewer benefits under a Trump administration rule intended to skirt requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

  12. Local Media Needs Security. What Chance the Rapper’s Purchase of Chicagoist Means. Op Ed, July 31

    The rapper and Chicago leader, 25, recently announced he bought the local outlet to resurrect it. But nobody should expect him, or anyone, to be local media’s superhero.

  13. The Maps That Show That City vs. Country Is Not Our Political Fault Line Op Ed, July 30

    The key difference is among regional cultures tracing back to the nation’s colonization.

  14. The White House and the Strongman Op Ed, July 27

    How the Obama administration watched the demise of Arab democracy — and paved the way for Trump’s embrace of dictators.

  15. Trump’s Trade Truce With Europe Has a Familiar Feel: It Mirrors Obama’s Path Business, July 26

    The president shelved his predecessor’s trade talks with Europe. Now, he wants to resume similar negotiations.

  16. Donald Trump Has Endangered Species in His Sights Editorial, July 22

    Ryan Zinke’s Interior Department proposes to significantly weaken the landmark law that saved the bald eagle, the gray wolf and other species from extinction.

  17. Colbert Tries an ‘Intervention’ to Get Trump to Step Down Culture, July 20

    “Sir, you’re here because we love our country very much, and you are — in it,” Stephen Colbert said. He added, “We’ve got a facility waiting for you.”

  18. Trump Won’t Be the Only One to Benefit From the 2020 Republican Convention Op Ed, July 19

    Charlotte’s Democratic mayor will, too.

  19. Missing Obama Letters, July 18

    A reader is deeply moved by the former president’s South Africa speech.

  20. Obama Warns of ‘Strongman Politics’ After Trump’s Meeting With Putin Express, July 17

    In his highest-profile speech since leaving office, the former president, speaking in South Africa, warned of leaders embracing the “politics of fear, resentment and retrenchment.”

  21. Transcript: Obama’s Speech Defending Democracy Express, July 17

    The former president offered an impassioned defense of international institutions, seeming to take aim at President Trump.

  22. Obama Visits Kenya, Land of His Father, to Promote Local Charity Foreign, July 16

    The former U.S. president was in the country to inaugurate a sports and training center founded by his half sister, Auma Obama.