1. Biden Brings the Gang Back Together Politics, November 25

    The Obama administration, Part 2, takes shape: This is your morning tip sheet.

  2. What C.E.O.s Are Worried About Business, November 25

    Harvard recently held a private meeting for executives to talk candidly about the pandemic.

  3. Biden Pick to Lead Spy Agencies Played Key Role in Drone Strike Program Under Obama Washington, November 23

    Progressives wonder whether Avril D. Haines, the president-elect’s pick for director of national intelligence, is bold enough. But she believes a good process effects good government.

  4. Biden Chooses Antony Blinken, Defender of Global Alliances, as Secretary of State Washington, November 22

    The president-elect is also expected to name Jake Sullivan, another close aide of his, as national security adviser, and Linda Thomas-Greenfield, a 35-year Foreign Service veteran, as his ambassador to the U.N.

  5. Presidential Memoirs Don’t Always Take This Long to Write Books, November 21

    Barack Obama’s new book, “A Promised Land,” arrived nearly four years after he left the White House. A look at how he and other presidents approached their memoirs offers some clues about the timing.

  6. 7 Podcasts From Familiar Faces Arts & Leisure, November 17

    The podcast boom has produced plenty of star vehicles in audio form, and these celebrity-hosted shows are a cut above the rest.

  7. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie escribe sobre ‘Una tierra prometida’ de Barack Obama en Español, November 17

    Este primer volumen de las memorias del expresidente de Estados Unidos está repleto de calidez, humor e introspección.

  8. How Obama Sees This Moment Politics, November 16

    Barack Obama’s former vice president will soon have his old job. But he sees deep divisions that no president alone can heal.

  9. Trump Is Said to Be Preparing to Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia Washington, November 16

    Facing the end of his time in power, the president is pushing to accelerate withdrawals from counterterrorism conflicts. He campaigned on ending the longstanding wars.

  10. In ‘A Promised Land,’ Barack Obama Thinks — and Thinks Some More — Over His First Term Books, November 15

    The former president recounts his political ascent and offers close-up views of the major issues he faced during his first years in the White House.

  11. Readers Have Been Eagerly Waiting for Barack Obama’s New Memoir. Struggling Booksellers Have, Too. Books, November 15

    “A Promised Land” is a potential lifeline for booksellers whose sales have plummeted during the pandemic.

  12. Largely Out of Sight in Washington, Kamala Harris Preps for White House Washington, November 14

    Ms. Harris has barely appeared on the public radar since her acceptance speech last Saturday in Wilmington, Del., where she declared “a new day for America.”

  13. In Unusually Political Speech, Alito Says Liberals Pose Threat to Liberties Washington, November 13

    The conservative justice’s pointed remarks, which he made in a speech to the Federalist Society, reflected thoughts he has expressed in his opinions.

  14. ¿Todos los ganadores del Premio Nobel de la Paz lo merecían? en Español, November 13

    De Aung San Suu Kyi a Juan Manuel Santos, el Premio Nobel de la Paz se ha concedido al menos seis veces en las últimas tres décadas a personas cuyo reconocimiento ahora se cuestiona.

  15. Why This Contentious Transition Is So Perilous for the Economy Sunday Business, November 13

    The coronavirus crisis and the transition of 2020 have the clear potential to spiral out of control, an economist says.

  16. What Biden’s Election Could Mean for Student Loans Business, November 13

    The incoming administration has proposed a series of changes that could affect more than 42 million student loan borrowers. Here’s what to expect.

  17. ¿Qué le espera al mundo con Biden en la Casa Blanca? Analizamos algunas de sus propuestas en Español, November 13

    Quienes conocen desde hace décadas al presidente electo Joe Biden dicen que esperan que se mueva con cuidado, proyectando seguridad con algunas acciones simbólicas de gran trascendencia.

  18. Your Friday Briefing N Y T Now, November 12

    The challenges of rolling out a vaccine.

  19. Pfizer Vaccine, Brexit, U.S. Presidential Transition: Your Friday Briefing N Y T Now, November 12

    Here’s what you need to know.

  20. Nobel Peace Prize: A Growing List of Questionable Choices Foreign, November 12

    From Aung San Suu Kyi to Abiy Ahmed, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded at least six times in the past three decades to recipients whose recognition is being second-guessed.

  21. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on Barack Obama’s ‘A Promised Land’ Book Review, November 12

    This first volume of the former president’s memoirs brims with warmth, humor and introspection.

  22. Key Justices Signal Support for Affordable Care Act Washington, November 10

    At a Supreme Court argument on Tuesday, Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Kavanaugh suggested that striking down one provision would not doom the balance of the law.

  23. An Obama Restoration on Foreign Policy? Familiar Faces Could Fill Biden’s Team Washington, November 9

    The president-elect has several veteran aides to choose from, even as some liberals complain about a return of the foreign policy “Blob.”

  24. Trump’s Defeat Weakens Boris Johnson in Urgent Brexit Talks Foreign, November 9

    As the European Union knows, the British prime minister can ill afford to threaten peace in Ireland, an issue close to the President-elect Biden’s heart.

  25. The End of ‘America First’: How Biden Says He Will Re-engage With the World Washington, November 9

    Those who have known President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. for decades say they expect him to move carefully, providing reassurance with a few big symbolic acts.

  26. The Election Is Over. The Nation’s Rifts Remain. National, November 8

    Joe Biden’s supporters were dancing in the streets. But only half the nation was celebrating, and the nation’s divisions remain on stark display.

  27. Third Term of the Obama Presidency Op Ed, November 8

    Joe Biden represents a move back to normalcy, but progressives will push for change.

  28. The Affordable Care Act Faces Another Supreme Court Test Washington, November 8

    Though the court’s conservative majority has been bolstered by three Trump appointees, the law’s challengers will face headwinds.

  29. Undeterred by Pandemic, Americans Prepare to Deliver Verdict on Trump Politics, November 2

    President Trump and Joseph R. Biden Jr. barnstormed through battleground states, concluding an extraordinary campaign conducted amid a health crisis and deep economic anxiety.

  30. Undeterred by Pandemic, Americans Prepare to Render Verdict on Trump Politics, November 2

    President Trump and Joseph R. Biden Jr. barnstormed through battleground states, concluding an extraordinary campaign conducted amid a health crisis and deep economic anxiety.

  31. Both Candidates Agree: Trump’s Crowds Are Bigger, and They’re OK With That Politics, November 1

    While President Trump still thrills to the roar of a crowd, even during a pandemic, Joe Biden has found a new way to get audience feedback: through honking horns at his drive-in rallies.

  32. Inspiring Black Voters Is Key to Biden’s Prospects in Florida Politics, November 1

    Democratic groups are pouring money into get-out-the-vote efforts in Black precincts to try to increase turnout from 2016, in a state that is critical to President Trump’s re-election chances.

  33. Final Weekend Campaigning Reflects Both Traditional Barnstorming and 2020 Chaos Politics, October 31

    The candidates visited two of the key “Blue Wall” states Mr. Trump won in 2016.

  34. Obama Rips Into Trump During Drive-In Biden Rally Video, October 31

    Former President Barack Obama on Saturday joined Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic presidential nominee, on the campaign trail in Flint, Mich. It was their first joint in-person appearance of 2020.

  35. Biden and Surrogates Hit Trump on Taxes in Closing Argument Investigative, October 31

    “Why should you pay more taxes than Donald Trump?” Joseph R. Biden Jr. asked as he took aim at the president’s taxes and tax policy.

  36. A Clash of Views Before Election Day Letters, October 30

    Readers urge congressional Republicans to repudiate the president, castigate President Obama for breaking a norm and explain why an Orthodox Jew is voting for Joe Biden.

  37. Biden Hopes to Fight Autocracy Abroad. He’ll Have to Start at Home. Op Ed, October 30

    America has to be a functioning democracy before it can be an exemplary one.

  38. Coronavirus, Nice Attacks, U.S. Election: Your Friday Briefing N Y T Now, October 29

    Here’s what you need to know.

  39. La nueva ocupación de Obama: provocar a Trump en Español, October 29

    Saboreando claramente la oportunidad de contraatacar a su sucesor, el expresidente ha estado dispuesto a lanzar golpes en nombre de la campaña de Joe Biden, enfocada en la unidad.

  40. In This Strange Election Year, Foreign Embassies Find Little Access to Democrats Washington, October 29

    The Biden campaign, according to advisers, is concerned over possible perception of foreign meddling in the election — or any comparison to Russian interference on President Trump’s behalf in 2016.

  41. 16 New Books to Watch for in November Weekend, October 29

    Barack Obama’s memoir is landing. So is a biography of Adrienne Rich and buzzy fiction from Jo Nesbo, Nicole Krauss and Susie Yang.

  42. Er, Can I Ask a Few Questions About Abortion? Op Ed, October 28

    You know who really reduced abortion numbers in the U.S.? President Obama, with the Affordable Care Act.

  43. Can You Guess Trump’s Record? Interactive, October 5

    Take our quiz showing seven ways the country has changed under Trump.