1. Biden Officials Open to Tightening Law Authorizing War on Terrorist Groups Washington, Today

    At a Senate hearing, officials also urged repeal of the 1991 Gulf War and 2002 Iraq war laws, portraying them as obsolete and unnecessary.

  2. Biden Administration Preparing New Eviction Moratorium Video, Today

    President Biden told reporters that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would seek to implement a new federal moratorium on evictions in communities across the country hardest hit by the virus.

  3. Biden Has Blunt Words for Republican Governors on Vaccines: ‘Get Out of the Way’ Washington, Today

    President Biden signaled a new level of frustration with Republican leaders in states where the highly contagious Delta variant is surging.

  4. Biden Says Cuomo ‘Should Resign,’ as Sexual Harassment Findings Emerge Metro, Today

    Investigators said they corroborated the claims of 11 women who accused Mr. Cuomo of inappropriate behavior, from suggestive comments to instances of groping.

  5. Biden Tells Governors to ‘Help’ Covid Effort or ‘Get Out of the Way’ Video, Today

    President Biden on Tuesday criticized the pandemic responses of Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas and Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, and urged them to drop their opposition to mask mandates.

  6. U.S. Airstrikes in Afghanistan Could Be a Sign of What Comes Next Washington, Today

    American forces have stepped up a bombing campaign, but the White House and the Pentagon insist these are the final days of combat support.

  7. Biden Calls on Cuomo to Resign Video, Today

    President Biden called for the resignation of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York after an investigation by the state’s attorney general found that Mr. Cuomo had sexually harassed 11 women.

  8. The Biden administration orders a new review of oil and gas development in the Arctic. Climate, Today

  9. The Biden administration issues a new eviction moratorium as the virus surges. Washington, Today

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it would impose a 60-day ban on evictions in places hit hard by the Delta variant.

  10. Voting rights groups press for a more aggressive response to G.O.P. restrictions. Washington, Today

    Dozens of groups criticized what they see as a misguided White House strategy that focuses on organizing instead of federal legislation.

  11. Inside the Epic Infrastructure Bill Business, Today

    What’s in the $1 trillion proposal, from broadband and bridges to ports and pedestrian crossings.

  12. $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Pours Money Into Long-Delayed Needs Washington, Yesterday

    The sprawling, 2,702-page bill includes historic investments in traditional projects as well as broadband expansion and funds for some climate projects.

  13. Americans Suffer Pandemic Whiplash as Leaders Struggle With Changing Virus Washington, Yesterday

    An evolving virus and 18 months of ever-changing pandemic messaging have left Americans angry, exhausted and skeptical of public health advice.

  14. White House: 70% of U.S. Adults Have At Least One Covid Shot Video, Yesterday

    The White House Covid-19 response team said the United States reached President Biden’s goal of having 70 percent of eligible adults partially vaccinated. The milestone came a month behind schedule, amid a surge in Delta variant infections.

  15. Biden Administration to Keep Using Public Health Rule to Turn Away Migrants Washington, Yesterday

    Citing new concerns about the spread of the coronavirus, the administration will continue to rely for now on a Trump-era policy.

  16. Administration Seeks to Blunt Effects From End of Eviction Moratorium Washington, Yesterday

    After the expiration of the moratorium over the weekend, the White House called on state and local governments to protect renters and sought to speed the flow of federal aid.

  17. The U.S. finally hits Biden’s self-imposed goal of 70 percent of adults partly vaccinated four weeks late. Foreign, Yesterday

    States with low vaccination rates are seeing more people seeking out the shots as the Delta variant creates a new wave of cases.

  18. Broadband in the infrastructure bill: Taking aim at the digital divide. Washington, Yesterday

    The legislation contains $65 billion to connect rural communities and low-income urban residents who cannot afford high-speed internet service.

  19. Biden Administration Pushes States to Prevent Eviction Crisis Video, Yesterday

    White House officials called on state governments to extend local moratoriums on evictions and accelerate the distribution of billions in rental aid, to soften the impact of the federal moratorium’s expiration on Saturday.

  20. Climate in the infrastructure bill: $73 billion for the electric grid but less for electric vehicles and lead pipes. Washington, Yesterday

    The bill falls short of the transformational climate measures that President Biden has requested.

  21. The Acrobatics Aren’t Confined to the Olympics Op Ed, Yesterday

    Tokyo and Washington confound expectations. 

  22. Biden’s Climate Plans Are Stunted After Dejected Experts Fled Trump Climate, August 1

    Hundreds of scientists and policy experts left the government during the Trump administration. The jobs remain unfilled six months into President Biden’s term.

  23. Why Trust Is in Short Supply on Capitol Hill Washington, August 1

    Suspicion and skepticism among lawmakers complicates deal-making.

  24. Eviction Freeze Set to Lapse as Biden Housing Aid Effort Lags Washington, July 31

    The administration made a last-ditch, failed appeal to extend the moratorium to buy more time for states to distribute rental aid.

  25. Biden Promised to Restore the Iran Nuclear Deal. Now It Risks Derailment. Washington, July 31

    Both sides have much to lose if a delicate negotiation over limiting Iran’s activities in return for a lifting of sanctions falls short.

  26. A Vulgar Anti-Biden Banner: Protected Free Speech? Letters, July 31

    Readers discuss an editorial defending a New Jersey woman’s right to display crude political banners.

  27. ‘The war has changed.’ In just days, the U.S. shifts tactics against the virus. Foreign, July 31

    Delta-driven surges are prompting new measures from the federal government, states and cities, companies and the military, as well as defiant rejections.

  28. Biden, Republicans and the Pandemic Blame Game Politics, July 31

    G.O.P. resistance to public health measures has helped fuel Covid’s resurgence. But the president will be left to clean up the mess.

  29. An Unlikely Pair, Portman and Sinema Steer Infrastructure Deal Washington, July 30

    An Ohio Republican who is retiring after decades in Washington has teamed with an Arizona Democrat in her first term to try to secure an agreement on one of President Biden’s top priorities.

  30. Trump Pressed Justice Dept. to Declare Election Results Corrupt, Notes Show Washington, July 30

    “Leave the rest to me” and to congressional allies, the former president is said to have told top law enforcement officials.

  31. Short of the Mandate They Crave, Military Leaders Race to Vaccinate Troops Washington, July 30

    The military is trying to navigate how to get more service members to take the shot without issuing an order.

  32. Biden’s Renewed Drive Against Covid Letters, July 30

    Readers discuss the president's remarks and the continuing hesitancy of the unvaccinated. Also: Natan Sharansky on anti-Semitism.

  33. Wonking Out: Keynesian Republicans, Supply-Side Democrats? Op Ed, July 30

    A weird, though not symmetric, role reversal on economic rhetoric.

  34. Manchin and Sinema Have Their History Wrong Op Ed, July 30

    Senate Democrats who won’t give up the filibuster to secure voting rights are fooling themselves.

  35. ‘Covid With a Vengeance’ Consumes U.S. Politics Politics, July 30

    Rising case counts and stagnant vaccination rates could prove equally frustrating for President Biden and the G.O.P., making it impossible to shift the public’s attention to other priorities.

  36. Afghan Visa Applicants Arrive in U.S. After Years of Waiting Washington, July 30

    The first group of Afghan interpreters and others who helped Americans during the war will stay on an Army base in Virginia until they are resettled.

  37. Muchos votantes latinos apoyaron al Partido Republicano, pero Biden quiere recuperarlos en Español, July 30

    ¿Los demócratas dieron por sentado el voto hispano en 2020? Algunos en el partido creen que sí y que no pueden permitirse los mismos errores en el futuro.

  38. How Biden Got the Infrastructure Deal Trump Couldn’t Washington, July 29

    The early success of the deal vindicated the president’s faith in bipartisanship. If he can keep it on track, it will help affirm the rationale for his presidency.

  39. Biden Seeks to Revive Vaccine Effort With New Rules and Incentives Washington, July 29

    The president said those refusing to get a coronavirus shot should expect inconveniences as long as they decline a vaccine.

  40. Biden signals support for Democrats’ plan to advance immigration changes unilaterally, via a budget bill. Washington, July 29

    The president said that White House staff were “putting out a message right now” that “we should include in the reconciliation bill the immigration proposal.”

  41. As Biden Moves to Vaccinate Federal Workers, Troops Get a Pass Washington, July 29

    New vaccine rules for federal workers will cover civilians in the military, but not the active-duty troops who work with them.

  42. Biden is to meet with top Democrats on voting rights as senators ready a scaled-back proposal. Washington, July 29

    Activists are pressing for Democrats to try again to bring up an elections overhaul bill, anticipating that Republicans would block it and intensify pressure to eliminate the filibuster.

  43. Here are the details from Biden’s latest push to spur vaccinations. Washington, July 29

    The president is encouraging paid time off to get vaccinated and other incentives to combat Covid-19 infections.

  44. Flying Pigs, Frozen Hell and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Politics, July 29

    Political scientists who study legislative compromise (and the lack thereof) explain how this collaborative effort has unfolded.

  45. Biden Says Federal Workers Must Be Vaccinated or Tested Regularly Video, July 29

    President Biden announced that all civilian federal employees must receive the coronavirus vaccine or be forced to submit to regular testing, social distancing, mask requirements and travel restrictions. Mr. Biden also urged states to use financial incentives to get more people vaccinated.

  46. Lawmakers Push for Release of Former U.S. Marines Imprisoned in Russia Video, July 29

    A group of lawmakers and family members called for the release of Paul N. Whelan and Trevor Reed, both former U.S. Marines who have been sentenced to prison in Russia.

  47. Jill Biden had surgery on her foot at Walter Reed. Washington, July 29

    The first lady stepped on an object that became lodged in her left foot while walking on a beach in Hawaii, her spokesman said.

  48. The Biden administration wants states and cities to pay people $100 to get vaccinated. Washington, July 29

    Some experts, especially in the early days of the vaccination campaign, have expressed concern over the idea of paying people to get vaccinated, worrying that it could be perceived as out of step with messaging that vaccines bring enormous benefits on their own.

  49. Senate Agrees on $1 Trillion Infrastructure Deal Video, July 29

    A bipartisan group of senators reached the agreement on Wednesday, paving the way for President Biden’s environmental agenda.

  50. Biden calls on Congress to extend the federal eviction freeze for one month. Washington, July 29

    The moratorium on residential evictions is scheduled to expire on Saturday.

  51. $1 Trillion Infrastructure Deal Scales Senate Hurdle With Bipartisan Vote Washington, July 28

    The vote was a breakthrough after weeks of wrangling among White House officials and senators in both parties, clearing the way for action on a top priority for President Biden.

  52. Biden to Require Federal Workers to Be Vaccinated or Take Regular Tests Washington, July 28

    The announcement, expected on Thursday, is also set to include social distancing, masking and restrictions on travel for the unvaccinated.

  53. China’s New U.S. Ambassador Is Likely to Reflect Beijing’s Confidence Foreign, July 28

    Qin Gang rose from working for a foreign news agency to becoming a trusted aide to Xi Jinping, China’s top leader.

  54. The Infrastructure Plan: What’s In and What’s Out Interactive, July 28

    Comparing the infrastructure plan President Biden proposed in March with the one the Senate may take up soon.

  55. ‘Quiero estar en casa’: los veteranos deportados anhelan regresar a EE. UU. en Español, July 28

    Expulsados a países que apenas conocían después de cumplir una condena por sus delitos, los veteranos esperan poder regresar. Algunos tendrán la oportunidad.

  56. Biden Pledges to Bolster Federal Purchases of Domestic Goods Video, July 28

    President Biden unveiled a plan to increase the percentage of U.S.-manufactured components required in products purchased by the federal government from 55 percent to 75 percent.

  57. Nursing Homes May Face Steeper Safety Fines Science, July 28

    The Biden administration has quietly undone a Trump policy that severely restricted penalties imposed on facilities that violated safety standards.

  58. The July 28 Covid Delta Variant Vaccine live blog included one standalone post:
  59. Inflation Is New Battle Line as Republicans and Biden Spar Over Spending Washington, July 28

    Republicans say President Biden’s spending plans will keep inflation rising, but the White House says the proposals could help tame costs.

  60. Biden signs an executive order aimed at protecting critical American infrastructure from cyberattacks. Washington, July 28

    The effort is a way to get beyond the patchwork of mandates and voluntary actions to protect electric utilities, gas pipelines, water supplies and industrial sites that keep the economy running.

  61. Biden travels to Pennsylvania to promote his infrastructure plan as lawmakers near a deal. Washington, July 28

    Anxiety about the pandemic has begun to rise again.

  62. Biden Weighs Vaccine Mandate for Federal Workers Washington, July 27

    It would be a significant shift in approach by President Biden that reflects the government’s growing concern about the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant.

  63. Hooked on Trump: How the G.O.P. Still Banks on His Brand for Cash Politics, July 27

    Trump pint glasses. Trump T-shirts. Trump memberships. Six months after the former president left office, his party’s fund-raising success depends heavily on his vaunted name.

  64. White House staff are told to wear masks again, as cases rise in Washington. Washington, July 27

    The new guidance represented a return to the stringent masking rules that defined the early months of the Biden administration.

  65. Biden Administration May Require Vaccinations for Federal Workers Video, July 27

    President Biden said a mandate requiring all federal employees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus was under consideration, reflecting concern over the spread of the Delta variant.

  66. Biden Hater’s Banners That Town Called Obscene Can Stay Up, Court Rules Metro, July 27

    A New Jersey woman can leave her banners as is after a ruling that the American Civil Liberties Union hailed as a victory for free speech.

  67. ‘A hit man sent them.’ Police at the Capitol recount the horrors of Jan. 6 as the inquiry begins. Washington, July 27

    The first hearing of the special House committee investigating the attack, which included testimony from four police officers who fought off the mob, has concluded.

  68. Sinema meets with Biden as talks continue on a bipartisan infrastructure deal. Washington, July 27

    Time is running short for negotiators ahead of a scheduled August recess.

  69. After Years of Chinese Influence, U.S. Tries to Renew Ties in Southeast Asia Foreign, July 27

    Lloyd J. Austin III, the American defense secretary, became the first high-ranking official in the Biden administration to travel to a region that has long received close attention from Beijing.

  70. Latino Voters Moved Toward Republicans. Now Biden Wants Them Back. Politics, July 27

    Did Democrats take the Hispanic vote for granted in 2020? Some in the party think they did, and can’t afford the same mistakes going forward.

  71. America Shouldn’t Compete Against China With One Arm Tied Behind Its Back Op Ed, July 27

    Building up domestic manufacturing and innovation is important. But we also need tariffs, long an effective tool of economic policy.

  72. U.S. Can Expedite Removal of Migrant Families, Biden Administration Says National, July 26

    After a fast-tracked screening at the border, the United States can turn back families it determines do not qualify for asylum. Immigration advocates say the decision denies due process.

  73. U.S. Combat Mission in Iraq Will End, Biden Says Video, July 26

    President Biden met with Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi of Iraq at the White House and said the U.S. military’s combat mission in that country will conclude by the end of the year, with the United States shifting into an advisory and supportive...

  74. ‘It’s Painful’: Infrastructure Talks Near Either a Deal or Collapse Washington, July 26

    The negotiations have entered that most excruciating of phases: tantalizingly close to an agreement, but with none in hand. And patience is wearing thin.

  75. A 2nd New Nuclear Missile Base for China, and Many Questions About Strategy Washington, July 26

    Is China scrapping its “minimum deterrent” strategy and joining an arms race? Or is it looking to create a negotiating card, in case it is drawn into arms control negotiations?

  76. Return of the Family Values Zombie Op Ed, July 26

    Children need real help, not empty rhetoric.

  77. Biden Takes Two Paths to Wind Down Iraq and Afghan Wars Washington, July 26

    The differences in how President Biden has handled the wars offer insight not only into America’s strategic interests, but also in how he views the two conflicts.

  78. V.A. Issues Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers, a First for a Federal Agency Washington, July 26

    Employees who provide direct patient care have eight weeks to get inoculated against the coronavirus or face penalties including possible removal.

  79. ‘Long Covid’ patients will be covered by federal disability law, Biden says. National, July 26

    People with persistent health problems from a coronavirus infection can qualify for benefits under the Americans With Disabilities Act, the president said on Monday.

  80. The July 26 Politics News live blog included one standalone post:
  81. Biden’s China Strategy Meets Resistance at the Negotiating Table Foreign, July 26

    Washington hopes to find areas of collaboration, while also confronting Beijing on disputed issues. But talks between the two sides began with harsh words from Chinese officials.

  82. Mr. President, You’re Just Plain Wrong on Voter Suppression Op Ed, July 25

    Black people need their voting rights protected. The president won't go all-out to help them.

  83. Biden’s Antitrust Team Signals a Big Swing at Corporate Titans Washington, July 24

    The president has stacked his administration with crusaders who have spent their careers challenging corporate consolidation.

  84. U.S. to Announce Troop Drawdown From Iraq, but Little Is Expected to Change Foreign, July 24

    The deal appears to be the latest effort by the Iraqi prime minister to balance the needs and demands of the country’s two closest allies: the United States and Iran.

  85. Skilled in Strategy (and Grudges), Top Biden Adviser to Depart White House Washington, July 23

    Anita Dunn, who is returning to her Democratic consulting company next month, has long faced questions about how her influence in the White House intersects with her company’s corporate work.

  86. For Republicans, Deep Wounds Fuel Resistance to Bolstering the I.R.S. Washington, July 23

    A desire to crack down on tax cheats is overshadowed by years of G.O.P. resentment toward the agency.

  87. The U.S. military strikes a Qaeda affiliate in Somalia for the second time in a week. Washington, July 23

    The Pentagon said it was defending allied Somali forces from afar in the latest drone attack against Shabab fighters.

  88. Enlist Trump Against Vaccine Hesitancy Letters, July 23

    Readers urge Donald Trump to persuade the vaccine holdouts. Also: Prosecuting rapists; the appeal of Texas; Republicans and Jan. 6; China crackdown; higher education.

  89. Biden hits the campaign trail for the first time as president, backing Terry McAuliffe for Virginia governor. Washington, July 23

    The president, trading his more serene presidential demeanor for a fiery campaign one, whipped up the crowd and sought to portray Mr. McAuliffe as a critical partner in a shared vision.

  90. ‘Not Out of the Woods’: C.D.C. Issues Warning to the Unvaccinated Washington, July 22

    The renewed sense of urgency was aimed at millions of people who have not yet been vaccinated and therefore are most likely to be infected.

  91. Democrats’ Divide on Voting Rights Widens as Biden Faces Pressure Politics, July 22

    The president is increasingly at odds with leaders of the voting rights movement, who see a contrast between his soaring language and his willingness to push Congress to pass federal legislation.

  92. Kaseya, the tech firm hit by ransomware, gets the key to unlock its customers’ data. Business, July 22

    Kaseya said the key was “effective at unlocking victims.” How the company obtained the key was a mystery.

  93. Where Is Biden’s Climate Change ‘Revolution’? Op Ed, July 22

    The clock is ticking.

  94. New U.S. sanctions aim to punish Cuban forces for crackdowns on protesters. Washington, July 22

    Among those facing the human rights sanctions are Cuba’s defense minister and special forces troops who swept up protesters in a wave of arrests larger than any other crackdown over the last few years, if not decades.

  95. What the Fight Over Facebook Misses Business, July 22

    The White House-Facebook coronavirus battle distracts us from the real problem: We don’t agree on anything.

  96. A Democratic senator is bottling up Biden’s Customs and Border Protection nominee. Washington, July 22

    Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon is delaying a hearing until the administration answers questions about the response to last year’s unrest in Portland.

  97. U.S. Won’t Seek Death Penalty in 7 Cases, Signaling a Shift Under Biden Metro, July 22

    The decision not to seek the death penalty in federal cases around the country has raised defense lawyers’ hopes that the administration may end the practice.

  98. Biden Predicts F.D.A. Will Give Final Vaccine Approval by the Fall Washington, July 21

    The president also defended his opposition to eliminating the Senate filibuster, even though it is being used to block voting rights legislation he has championed.

  99. Biden says ditching the filibuster would throw Congress ‘into chaos’ and lead to gridlock. Washington, July 21

    “I don’t want the debate to only be about whether or not we have a filibuster,” the president said at a CNN town hall.

  100. Biden predicts the F.D.A. will give final approval to a Covid vaccine by the fall. Washington, July 21

    The president also said he expected children under the age of 12 would be approved to get the vaccine on an emergency basis “soon.”

  101. G.O.P. Blocks Infrastructure Debate in Senate, Raising Doubts About a Deal Washington, July 21

    The failed test vote reflected mistrust between Democrats and Republicans, raising questions about whether they could agree on a key piece of President Biden’s agenda.

  102. Why Rural America Needs Immigrants Op Ed, July 21

    We need smart policy like immigration reform for sustained growth.

  103. In Deal With Germany, U.S. Drops Threat to Block Russian Gas Pipelines Washington, July 21

    The agreement infuriated both Republicans and Democrats in Congress, who accused the Biden administration of being soft on Russia.

  104. Biden is in Ohio to promote his economic plan and appear in a televised town hall. Washington, July 21

    Mr. Biden toured a union training center and then headed to Cincinnati, where he will participate in a town hall airing at 8 p.m. Eastern.

  105. ‘Tienen que abrir esa caja negra’: los datos incómodos de Facebook sobre la desinformación en Español, July 21

    La compañía no conoce algunos detalles sobre cómo las falsedades sobre la COVID-19 y las vacunas contra el virus se propagan en su red social.

  106. China Breached Dozens of Pipeline Companies in Past Decade, U.S. Says Washington, July 20

    The disclosure about the breadth of state-sponsored cyberattacks was part of a warning to pipeline owners to increase the security of their systems to stave off future intrusions.

  107. Why Biden Might Avoid the Policy Sinkhole That Swamped His Predecessors Politics, July 20

    By enacting big spending initiatives under the auspices of pandemic relief and infrastructure, and avoiding health care, President Biden may have found a way to skirt an ideologically divisive fight.

  108. U.S. Military Conducts a Drone Strike Against Shabab Fighters in Somalia Washington, July 20

    The strike was the first against the militants since the Biden administration put strict limits on military action in the East African nation pending a review of drone policy.

  109. Why Schumer Is Putting Pressure on the Infrastructure Deal Politics, July 20

    Our congressional reporter Emily Cochrane explains the latest legislative wrangling and its implications.

  110. Tom Brady Jokes About Election Results as Buccaneers Visit White House Washington, July 20

    President Biden’s administration has revived a tradition of championship invitations that had grown sporadic under former President Donald J. Trump.

  111. Extremist or Bridge-Builder? A Brawl Over Biden’s Pick to Oversee Public Lands. Climate, July 20

    As a graduate student in the 1980s, Tracy Stone-Manning was linked to a tree-spiking effort by environmentalists. Republicans say that makes her unfit to lead the Bureau of Land Management.

  112. Biden Celebrates Super Bowl Champions at the White House Video, July 20

    President Biden hosted a ceremony honoring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 2021 Super Bowl win, where quarterback Tom Brady stole the show with apparent jabs at former President Donald J. Trump.

  113. Biden Has Angered China, and Beijing Is Pushing Back Foreign, July 20

    Accusations of hacking and other moves by the Biden administration have surprised and angered China’s leaders, who are pushing back with punitive actions and vitriol of their own.

  114. Facebook vs. the White House The Daily, July 20

    The Biden administration and the social media giant disagree over who is responsible for misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine.

  115. How to Reach the Unvaccinated Op Ed, July 20

    The problem isn't just Republicans. The solution might be money.

  116. She Hates Biden. Some of Her Neighbors Hate the Way She Shows It. Metro, July 20

    A local judge ordered a New Jersey woman to take down political banners over obscenity complaints, setting up a First Amendment fight.

  117. The Crackdown in China Is a Hot Mess, and It’s Coming for Us Op Ed, July 20

    The stakes of the U.S.-China war over the future of the internet are escalating.

  118. White House Dispute Exposes Facebook Blind Spot on Misinformation Business, July 19

    The company doesn’t know some specifics about how falsehoods about Covid-19 and vaccines for the virus spread on its social network.

  119. How China Transformed Into a Prime Cyber Threat to the U.S. Business, July 19

    Over the past decade, China reorganized its hacking operations, turning into a sophisticated and mature adversary.

  120. Senators and Biden Aides Struggle to Save Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Washington, July 19

    A looming deadline and a last-minute need for a new revenue source are complicating a deal that was announced nearly a month ago.

  121. Democrats Propose a Border Tax Based on Countries’ Greenhouse Gas Emissions Climate, July 19

    Senators introduced a plan on Monday to tax iron, steel and other imports from countries without ambitious climate laws.

  122. Biden Legal Team Decides Inmates Must Return to Prison After Covid Emergency Washington, July 19

    When the pandemic ends, thousands in home confinement will be recalled unless Congress acts or Biden issues mass commutations.

  123. ‘We Will Always Be There for Jordan,’ Biden Says Video, July 19

    President Biden hosted King Abdullah II of Jordan at the White House on Monday, the first Arab leader to visit during his presidency, in a sign of strengthening ties after a rocky relationship with the Trump administration.

  124. ‘Facebook isn’t killing people’: Biden softens his attack over vaccine misinformation. Metro, July 19

    The president said that he wished that Facebook would “do something” about false information about Covid vaccines.

  125. Biden praises Jordan’s King Abdullah as a loyal friend in a ‘tough neighborhood.’ Washington, July 19

    King Abdullah has been seen by American presidents as a moderate, reliable ally in the Middle East, often playing the role of envoy from the Arab world in Washington.

  126. The Biden administration is sending Afghan visa applicants to an Army base in Virginia. Washington, July 19

    The White House has come under heavy pressure to protect Afghan allies who helped the United States and speed up the process of providing them with special immigrant visas.

  127. U.S. Accuses China of Hacking Microsoft Washington, July 19

    The Biden administration organized a broad group of allies to condemn Beijing for cyberattacks around the world, but stopped short of taking concrete punitive steps.

  128. Biden addresses the economy and pushes for further spending. Washington, July 19

    White House officials and Senate negotiators — including 11 Democrats and 11 Republicans — are working to salvage a deal on infrastructure by identifying a new revenue source.

  129. Biden Administration Transfers Its First Detainee From Guantánamo Bay Washington, July 19

    The Biden team picked up where the Obama administration left off with the repatriation of a Moroccan man, reducing the prison population to 39.

  130. Por qué deberías preocuparte por tu derecho a reparar tus aparatos en Español, July 19

    La nueva legislación podría simplificar el mantenimiento de la tecnología y hacer que la compra de un nuevo teléfono inteligente o computador sea el último recurso.

  131. The Ascension of Ron Klain Washington, July 18

    President Biden’s chief of staff worked his whole career to reach the corner office of the West Wing. He says he’s just a “staff person,” but Republicans call him “Prime Minister Klain.”

  132. Klobuchar Lays Out New Goals for Often Low-Key Rules Committee Washington, July 18

    The panel typically focuses on the Senate’s inner workings, but its chairwoman, Amy Klobuchar, is seeking to transform it into a major force on voting rights.

  133. U.S. Habit of Backing Strongman Allies Fed Turmoil in Haiti Foreign, July 18

    Washington dismissed warnings that democracy was unraveling under President Jovenel Moïse, leaving a gaping leadership void after his assassination.

  134. La costumbre estadounidense de respaldar líderes autócratas favoreció el lío político en Haití en Español, July 18

    Washington desestimó las advertencias de que la democracia se desmoronaba durante el mandato de Jovenel Moïse, lo que ha dejado un vacío de liderazgo después de su asesinato.

  135. Facebook Tells Biden: ‘Facebook Is Not the Reason’ Vaccination Goal Was Missed Business, July 17

    The social network and the Biden administration have engaged in an increasingly rancorous war of words over the issue of vaccine misinformation.

  136. Slip Sliding Away From History Op Ed, July 17

    Not so fast, you enablers scurrying for the exits! 

  137. Judge Rules DACA Is Unlawful and Suspends Applications National, July 16

    The judge said President Barack Obama exceeded his authority when he created the program, but for now people protected under it will retain the ability to stay and work in the United States.

  138. Biden Faces New Pressure on Immigration Washington, July 16

    A monthly surge in migrants and a ruling against a program that protects young immigrants underscored the difficult choices the president is confronting on an issue that could shape his legacy.

  139. ‘They’re Killing People’? Biden Isn’t Quite Right, but He’s Not Wrong. Op Ed, July 16

    Why the president says Facebook is endangering Americans.

  140. ‘They’re Killing People’: Biden Denounces Social Media for Virus Disinformation Washington, July 16

    The president’s blunt statement capped weeks of frustration in the White House over the spread of vaccine disinformation on Facebook and other platforms.

  141. A Pause in Federal Executions, but Uncertainty About What’s Next Washington, July 16

    President Biden’s Justice Department has ordered a moratorium on carrying out federal death sentences after a surge in executions under the Trump administration.

  142. Yellen Says China Trade Deal Has ‘Hurt American Consumers’ Washington, July 16

    The Treasury secretary said an agreement made by the Trump administration, which remains under review, had failed to address fundamental problems between the two countries.

  143. Plans for free pre-K and community college could provide a ‘ladder into the middle class.’ Washington, July 16

    For at least a decade, many experts and advocates have called for expanding the public education system to level the playing field for students from “cradle to career.”

  144. Why the New Monthly Child Tax Credit Is More Likely to Be Spent on Children Upshot, July 16

    Money seems different when it shows up regularly, influencing not only how people use it, but also how they think about government aid.

  145. Building Solar Farms May Not Build the Middle Class Sunday Business, July 16

    Some of the wealthiest companies in the world are investing in the green economy. But they’re not investing in paying union wages.

  146. Possible Winners and Losers in a Student Loan Proposal Upshot, July 16

    Who would be helped by a 5 percent income cap suggested by the Biden campaign? High earners could wind up reaping the biggest benefits.

  147. Republicans Now Have Two Ways to Threaten Elections Op Ed, July 16

    A ‘house divided’ cannot support our democracy.

  148. Biden and Merkel Work to Strengthen Ties Video, July 15

    President Biden welcomed Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany to the White House for a final time as the two leaders sought to demonstrate a strong bilateral relationship following the Trump presidency.

  149. How Big Spending Got Its Groove Back Op Ed, July 15

    There has been a huge change in what's considered politically feasible.

  150. Mark Warner, a ‘Business Guy’ Democrat, Lands Back in the Fray Washington, July 15

    Virginia’s senior senator spent years in the Capitol eyeing the exits. Now he is seen as a “linchpin” in talks on infrastructure, social and environmental spending, and the tax increases to pay for it.