1. China construirá en Cuba una estación que podría espiar a EE. UU., según autoridades En español, Today

    La instalación podría ampliar la capacidad tecnológica de Pekín para monitorear las operaciones militares en los estados del sureste del país.

  2. Biden Names Border Patrol Chief as Immigration Policies Draw Scrutiny U.S., Yesterday

    Jason Owens has been the leader of the Del Rio division in Texas, one of the busiest areas for illegal crossings in the past few years.

  3. Battles Rage as Ukraine Tries to Retake Russian-Occupied Territory World, Yesterday

    Military analysts and U.S. officials said it was too soon to judge the success of Ukraine’s offensive, which is looking for weaknesses to exploit, in the face of fierce resistance.

  4. Biden Sticks to ‘Say Nothing’ Strategy on the Trump Indictment U.S., Yesterday

    President Biden and his advisers have concluded that commenting on the indictment would only feed into Republican accusations of a politically motivated prosecution.

  5. What Trump’s Latest Indictment Means for the 2024 Race Business, Yesterday

    The former president, who faces seven criminal charges for mishandling classified documents, is expected to surrender to authorities next week.

  6. La ventaja de un presidente que sabe cuándo quedarse callado En español, Yesterday

    Joe Biden ha desplegado un estilo inusual de liderazgo: en vez de acaparar la atención, identifica y adopta de manera discreta las herramientas de su cargo para negociar.

  7. The More Opposition Trump Faces, the More Popular He Becomes, and He Knows It Opinion, Yesterday

    How politically radical could the base of the Republican Party become between now and the 2024 presidential election?

  8. China to Build Station That Could Spy on U.S. from Cuba, Officials Say U.S., Yesterday

    The planned facility could amplify Beijing’s technological capacity to monitor military operations across the Southeastern states.

  9. This Is Not the Time for a Third Presidential Candidate Opinion, June 8

    The No Labels plan is just too risky.

  10. Biden Names No. 2 Official at Transportation Department to Be F.A.A.’s Acting Leader U.S., June 8

    Polly Trottenberg, the deputy transportation secretary, will lead the Federal Aviation Administration on an interim basis after the departure of the agency’s acting leader, Billy Nolen.

  11. Dr. Ashish Jha, White House Covid Coordinator, Set to Depart This Month U.S., June 8

    Dr. Jha, who oversaw the Biden administration’s pandemic response as it wound down, will return to his post as dean of the School of Public Health at Brown University.

  12. Blinken’s Visit to Saudi Arabia Caps U.S. Effort to Rebuild Ties U.S., June 8

    Biden aides are closely watching Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s overtures to China, his attitude toward Israel and his balancing act with Russia and Ukraine.

  13. Biden Announces New Economic Agreement With the U.K. Video, June 8

    President Biden and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of Britain said the new plan would strengthen economic ties between the two countries.

  14. This Week in Audio: Biden’s Age, Cringe Comedy and Beyoncé’s World Tour Podcasts, June 8

    Each week, we share the best of new audio journalism and storytelling.

  15. Casey DeSantis Is Your Obsession. Jill Biden Is Mine. Opinion, June 8

    We only think we understand the impact of political spouses.

  16. Biden and Sunak Set to Discuss the Economy, A.I. and Ukraine U.S., June 8

    The U.K. prime minister is under pressure to establish post-Brexit Britain as a reliable global player and is looking to strengthen economic ties.

  17. We Have Age Minimums. Why Not Age Maximums? Opinion, June 8

    Debating when Biden and Feinstein should retire — and when you should.

  18. Comer Cancels Wray Contempt Vote as F.B.I. Agrees to Share Document U.S., June 8

    The Oversight Committee chairman canceled a vote to begin contempt proceedings against the F.B.I. leader after he agreed to more widely distribute a document on a claim against President Biden.

  19. $1 Billion Federal Agency Seeks a Boss Who Will Show Up for Work U.S., June 7

    The Architect of the Capitol, a powerful and scandal-plagued agency, needs fresh leadership. But who wants the job?

  20. Biden’s Age, and His Achievements Opinion, June 7

    Readers discuss President Biden’s age and his accomplishments. Also: The PGA-LIV golf merger; self-policing in Brooklyn.

  21. Sunak to Talk Tech With Biden, but the War in Ukraine Is Likely to Surface World, June 7

    While economic corporation the challenges posed by artificial intelligence are on the agenda, Russia’s invasion presents immediate threats.

  22. La difícil realidad de ser el presidente de mayor edad de EE. UU. En español, June 7

    Joe Biden anunció una campaña para mantenerse en la Casa Blanca hasta que cumpla 86 años, lo cual atrae una mayor atención hacia su edad.

  23. Russia and Saudi Arabia’s Oil Partnership Shows Strain Business, June 7

    Analysts said the countries’ mutual need to keep energy prices high would help them maintain close ties, despite signs that Moscow has undercut previous deals.

  24. It’s Great to Have a President Who Knows When to Shut Up Opinion, June 7

    Politics at its best just isn’t necessarily all that entertaining.

  25. Justice Dept. Reaches Cleanup Deal With Houston After Civil Rights Inquiry U.S., June 6

    The agreement is part of the Biden administration’s larger environmental justice agenda, which seeks to redress the disproportional impact of pollution on communities of color around the country.

  26. Making Manufacturing Great Again Opinion, June 6

    Industrial investment has suddenly gone parabolic.

  27. Poland Isn’t the Friend the West Thinks It Is Opinion, June 6

    Illiberalism in the country is alive and well.

  28. Biden Administration Shrugs Off Ukraine’s Attacks in Russia U.S., June 5

    For months, U.S. officials said cross-border operations risked a dangerous escalation. But those fears have ebbed.

  29. Republicans, Escalating Attacks on F.B.I., Vow to Hold Director in Contempt U.S., June 5

    F.B.I. officials briefed lawmakers on an unsubstantiated bribery allegation against Joe Biden when he was vice president, but did not let them leave a secure area with a document detailing it.

  30. Robert Kennedy Jr., With Musk, Pushes Right-Wing Ideas and Misinformation U.S., June 5

    Mr. Kennedy, a long-shot Democratic presidential candidate with surprisingly high polling numbers, said he wanted to close the Mexican border and attributed the rise of mass shootings to pharmaceutical drugs.

  31. Blinken to Talk to Saudis About Normalizing Ties With Israel U.S., June 5

    U.S. Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken will travel to Saudi Arabia to discuss the idea at a time when the politics in the three countries may make normalization difficult.

  32. Biden Invites Allies to Washington as Fighting Intensifies in Ukraine U.S., June 5

    President Biden hosted Mette Frederiksen, the prime minister of Denmark, at the White House on Monday, and much of the discussion revolved around providing support to Kyiv.

  33. Saudi Arabia’s ‘Whatever It Takes’ Strategy Boosts Oil Prices Business, June 5

    Brent crude rose on Monday after the world’s biggest oil producer announced it would be the lone OPEC Plus member to cut production next month.

  34. Inside the Complicated Reality of Being America’s Oldest President Washington, June 4

    President Biden is asking voters to keep him in the White House until age 86, renewing attention to an issue that polls show troubles most Americans.

  35. Biden Signs Fiscal Responsibility Act in End to Debt Limit Crisis Washington, June 3

    Now that the bill is law, the nation will not risk running out of money to pay its obligations for two years.

  36. Kevin McCarthy Has a Rare Quality for a Republican House Speaker Op Ed, June 3

    He actually seem to care about the institution he leads.

  37. Biden’s Debt Deal Strategy: Win in the Fine Print Washington, June 3

    The president and his negotiators believe they worked out a deal that allowed Republicans to claim big spending cuts even as the reality was far more modest.

  38. President Biden Speaks About the Debt Ceiling Deal Video, June 2

    President Biden addressed the nation after Congress passed legislation that narrowly averted the first-ever default on the country’s debt.

  39. In Finland, NATO’s Newest Member, Blinken Details Russia’s ‘Failures’ Foreign, June 2

    A speech by the U.S. Secretary of State struck a triumphal tone, while also warning against a rush to short-term solutions to the war in Ukraine.

  40. G.M. and Stellantis Paid $364 Million in Fuel Economy Fines Business, June 2

    The automakers paid the federal government for falling short of efficiency standards for cars and trucks in recent years.

  41. The Great Debt Ceiling Drama’s Finale Letters, June 2

    Readers cheer the accord and the president but voice frustration over the process. Also: The Trump tape; anti-Trump Republicans; Amazon workers.

  42. ‘The Stakes Could Not Have Been Higher’: Biden Praises Debt-Ceiling Deal Washington, June 2

    The president addressed the nation from the Oval Office on Friday evening, after congressional passage of legislation to prevent economic calamity.

  43. Biden Administration Bans Drilling Around Native American Cultural Site Climate, June 2

    The Interior Department will withdraw public lands around Chaco Canyon from new oil and gas leasing for 20 years.

  44. ‘The View’ Has Narrowed Op Ed, June 2

    Like so much of America, this influential show is less interested in vigorous debate.

  45. How to Enforce a Debt Deal: Through ‘Meat-Ax’ Cuts Nobody Wants Washington, June 2

    The debt-limit legislation includes a provision meant to force both sides to pass additional bills following through on their deal: the threat of automatic cuts if they fail to do so.

  46. The Calm Man in the Capital: Biden Lets Others Spike the Ball but Notches a Win Washington, June 1

    President Biden brokered a debt limit deal by following instincts developed through long, hard and sometimes painful experience in Washington.

  47. Biden Is Said to Pick Former North Carolina Health Secretary to Lead C.D.C. Washington, June 1

    The president’s choice for the job, Dr. Mandy Cohen, would replace Dr. Rochelle Walensky, who is stepping down at the end of the month.

  48. Biden Falls Onstage at Air Force Commencement Washington, June 1

    A White House official said President Biden was feeling “totally fine.” He was helped up and walked back to his seat after stumbling.

  49. Biden Makes Case for Global Alliances at Air Force Academy Commencement Washington, June 1

    President Biden said cooperation with allies had helped the United States confront challenges to stability around the world.

  50. Senate Passes Debt Limit Bill, Staving Off a Calamitous Default Washington, June 1

    The final vote on Thursday night came after leaders put down a revolt by some senators who raised concerns that the debt-limit package would under-fund the Pentagon.

  51. Democrats Want Trump? They’re Out of Their Minds. Op Ed, June 1

    Do not underestimate his chances against Biden — or the damage he’d do with a second term.

  52. Despite a Handshake, a ‘Thaw’ in U.S.-China Relations Seems Far From Reach Foreign, June 1

    China has pushed to set the terms of its re-engagement with the Biden administration, rebuffing a request for a defense meeting while urging Washington to drop sanctions.

  53. Haiti Has Overcome Other Crises. This Time, We Can’t Do It Alone. Op Ed, June 1

    Over the past several months, it has become clear that we cannot recover without foreign intervention.

  54. What Biden Understands About Negotiating That Obama Never Did Op Ed, June 1

    And other reflections on the fight over America’s debt ceiling.

  55. The Big Part of the Debt Ceiling Deal Congress Isn’t Talking About Interactive, June 1

    Why the budget cuts in the debt ceiling deal are smaller than advertised.

  56. Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Cite Landmark Gun Ruling in Bid to Stave Off Charges U.S., May 31

    Hunter Biden’s legal team is invoking a Supreme Court decision his father has denounced as an affront to “common sense and the Constitution.”

  57. U.S. Adds Aid to Ukraine to Deliver Ammunition for Drones and Artillery U.S., May 31

    The move to send $300 million in additional support comes as Moscow has come under drone attacks in recent days.

  58. Reassessing the Board Fight That Was Meant to Transform Exxon Business, May 31

    As investors press the oil giant on climate issues, activists say that a hedge fund’s eco-focused victory over the company two years ago has achieved little.

  59. We May Be About to Find Out How This Republican Party Really Works Op Ed, May 31

    There is no obvious question about the country’s fiscal future that the Republican Party’s current policies propose an answer to.

  60. House Set to Vote on Debt Limit Bill Amid Republican Resistance Washington, May 31

    Speaker Kevin McCarthy was working to cobble together the votes to push through the compromise he struck with President Biden, as lawmakers in both parties signaled their displeasure with the plan.

  61. 14th Amendment Questions Linger Despite Debt Limit Deal Washington, May 31

    President Biden has been considering ways to challenge the constitutionality of the debt limit to defuse the risk of default.

  62. Tara Reade, Who Accused Biden of Assault, Says She Has Moved to Russia Express, May 31

    Years after accusing President Biden of sexual assault, Ms. Reade told a Russian outlet that she had moved in order to feel safe.

  63. Debt Deal Includes a Green Light for a Contentious Pipeline Climate, May 30

    Climate activists are livid over a provision in the debt limit agreement that orders federal agencies to issue permits for the Mountain Valley Pipeline — and says courts can’t review them.

  64. House Freedom Caucus Slams Biden-McCarthy on Debt Limit Deal Video, May 30

    Hard-right members of the House Freedom Caucus urged Republicans not to vote for Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s deal with President Biden to raise the debt ceiling.

  65. The Twists in the Long Debt Drama Letters, May 30

    Readers discuss whether it’s a good deal and how to avoid such conflicts in the future. Also: “Succession” and America; A.I. in perspective.

  66. What the Debt Ceiling Deal Means for Student Loan Payments Washington, May 30

    The legislation would prevent President Biden from issuing another last-minute extension on the payments beyond the end of the summer.

  67. Following Setbacks, Climate Activists Rethink Their Approach Business, May 30

    Climate-focused shareholder activists have scored only a few victories in their efforts to push oil giants to adopt cleaner business strategies.

  68. Our Quick Take on the Debt Limit Bill and the Day’s Top Stories Podcasts, May 30

    Exclusively from New York Times Audio, our new app.

  69. G.O.P. Revolts Over Debt Limit Deal as Bill Moves Toward a House Vote Washington, May 30

    Despite growing Republican opposition, a key committee voted to move the bill forward to the House floor.

  70. Pass the Debt Limit Deal. Then Figure Out How to End the Drama. Editorial, May 30

    Biden’s deal with Republicans would avoid default and deserves support, but Congress was reckless in allowing this standoff to happen again.

  71. The New Climate Law Is Working. Clean Energy Investments Are Soaring. Op Ed, May 30

    The investment wave has the potential to drive a more rapid and efficient decarbonization of the economy while increasing the supply of clean energy.

  72. How 11 Skeptical Biden Voters Feel About His Re-Election Bid Interactive, May 30

    The group discusses Biden’s job performance and a potential Biden-Trump rematch.

  73. The Impossible Math of the Debt Deal’s Detractors Op Ed, May 29

    If you can’t cut big costs and you won’t raise revenue, there’s only so much balancing you can do.

  74. New Details in Debt Limit Deal: Where $136 Billion in Cuts Will Come From Washington, May 29

    Two years of spending caps, additional work requirements for food stamps and cuts to I.R.S. funding are among the components in the deal.

  75. Why Spending Cuts Likely Won’t Shake the Economy Washington, May 29

    With low unemployment and above-trend inflation, the economy is well positioned to absorb the modest budget cuts that President Biden and Republicans negotiated.

  76. Your Monday Briefing: A U.S. debt-limit deal N Y T Now, May 28

    Also, a reader-made playlist.

  77. With Debt Limit Deal in Hand, McCarthy and Biden Turn to Task of Selling It Washington, May 28

    With the right and the left up in arms about the agreement in principle reached by the president and the speaker, both sides started to make the case for its quick passage, a tall order in Congress.

  78. In Pursuit of Consensus, Did Biden Find the Reasonable Middle or Give Away Too Much? Washington, May 28

    The deal to raise the debt ceiling bolsters President Biden’s argument that he is committed to bipartisanship, but it comes at the cost of rankling many in his own party.

  79. Biden and McCarthy Reach Debt Ceiling Agreement Video, May 28

    The deal capped months of political brinkmanship and a marathon negotiation, though it will still need congressional passage in the coming days to avert a default.

  80. You’ve Never Heard of Him, but He’s Remaking the Pollution Fight Climate, May 28

    Richard Revesz is changing the way the government calculates the cost and benefits of regulation, with far-reaching implications for climate change.

  81. Initial Takeaways From the Spending and Debt Ceiling Deal Washington, May 28

    Details are trickling out about the accord that could avert a default on the national debt. Here’s what to know.

  82. Biden Administration Announces Indo-Pacific Deal, Clashing With Industry Groups Washington, May 27

    The United States announced a deal to coordinate supply chains with allies, but prominent business groups said the deal fell short on reducing tariffs and other trade barriers.

  83. Yellen’s Debt Limit Warnings Went Unheeded, Leaving Her to Face Fallout Washington, May 27

    The Treasury secretary, who considered ways to contain the fallout of a default when she was a Fed official in 2011, had urged Democrats to raise the limit while they still had control of Congress.

  84. Behind the Scenes: Midnight Calls and Marathon Meetings, Night After Night Washington, May 26

    What day is it, anyway? As talks drag on, the situation is getting painful for everyone from the negotiators to the tourists on Capitol Hill.

  85. Despite High-Level Guarantees, Time Is Running Out to Avoid a Default Washington, May 26

    With a June 5 deadline looming, there is much to be done to prevent the default that leaders of both parties said would never happen.

  86. Ron DeSantis’s Entry Into the Republican Race Letters, May 26

    Assessing Ron DeSantis’s candidacy. Also: Not debating Donald Trump; trans people; regulating A.I.; finances during divorce; musing about “the best.”

  87. Is a Debt Deal Nigh? The Market Sees Signs of Optimism. Business, May 26

    Stock and bond trading suggest that investors see an imminent deal to raise the debt limit and prevent the federal government from defaulting.

  88. The Ticking Clock of a U.S. Debt Default The Daily, May 26

    Time is running out for Congress to raise the debt limit. What are the prospects of a compromise in the negotiations?

  89. The Case Against Student Debt Relief Barely Even Pretends to Make Sense Op Ed, May 26

    A loan servicing agency looks to make more money, not less, if Biden’s plan goes into effect.

  90. The U.S. Keeps Telling People to Come the ‘Right Way.’ They’re Listening. Op Ed, May 26

    The American asylum lottery is, shockingly, a rare border success story.

  91. The May 26 Russia Ukraine News live blog included one standalone post:
  92. Evaluamos las primeras propuestas de DeSantis para la Casa Blanca En español, May 26

    El gobernador de Florida, Ron DeSantis, anunció el miércoles su candidatura presidencial en una transmisión por Twitter, la cual contuvo una que otra declaración engañosa.

  93. Debt: The Bad, the Weak and the Ugly Op Ed, May 25

    Biden must do something. There are no riskless options.

  94. Debt Limit Crisis Poses First Big Test for New Democratic Leader Washington, May 25

    Hakeem Jeffries, the New Yorker who succeeded Nancy Pelosi this year as the House’s top Democrat, is getting a trial by fire.

  95. Biden Praises His Joint Chiefs Nominee as a ‘Top-Notch Strategist’ Washington, May 25

    In introducing Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. as his pick, President Biden called for a new era of innovation in the military.

  96. Military Spending Emerges as Big Dispute in Debt-Limit Talks Washington, May 25

    President Biden has offered to freeze discretionary spending, including for defense. Republicans want to spend more for the military, and cut more elsewhere.

  97. Biden Unveils a National Plan to Fight an Ancient Hatred Washington, May 25

    The Biden administration released the United States’ first national strategy for combating antisemitism, stressing that intolerance “threatens all of us.”

  98. White House and G.O.P. Close In on Deal to Raise Debt Limit and Cut Spending Washington, May 25

    The details were not finalized, but negotiators were discussing a compromise that would allow Republicans to point to spending reductions and Democrats to say they had prevented large cuts.

  99. Highways Have Sliced Through City After City. Can the U.S. Undo the Damage? Washington, May 25

    The Biden administration is funding projects around the country aimed at reconnecting communities that have been divided by transportation infrastructure.

  100. Assessing DeSantis’s Opening Bid for the White House Washington, May 25

    We examined the Republican candidate’s defense of his record as Florida governor, his dispute with Disney and his attack on President Biden.

  101. Trump, Biden and Others Troll DeSantis’s Twitter Announcement Politics, May 25

    The former president called it a “disaster,” the current one used it to raise money and low-polling Republican presidential candidates tried to harness the glitchy rollout to steal attention.

  102. Polls Have Shown DeSantis Trailing Trump Politics, May 24

    The Florida governor fares much better in the polls than the rest of his G.O.P. primary competitors, who remain in the low single digits.

  103. Biden Marks Uvalde Anniversary With Renewed Call to ‘Do Something’ Washington, May 24

    In a somber address, the president reiterated a push for tighter gun regulations but offered no new ideas for how to overcome entrenched opposition.

  104. Biden to Nominate Air Force Chief to Succeed Milley on Thursday Washington, May 24

    If confirmed by the Senate, the Air Force chief of staff would become the senior military adviser to the president.

  105. Ukrainians Were Likely Behind Kremlin Drone Attack, U.S. Officials Say Washington, May 24

    American spy agencies do not know exactly who carried out the attack this month, but suggest it was part of a series of covert operations orchestrated by Ukraine’s security services.

  106. McCarthy Renews Call for Spending Cuts as Debt Talks Grind On Washington, May 24

    With a potential default just over a week away, a resolution remained elusive and Republican leaders told lawmakers they could return home for the holiday break.

  107. Potential Debt Ceiling Deal Would Barely Change Federal Spending Path Washington, May 24

    Negotiators have focused on a relatively small corner of the budget, shunning new revenues or cuts to the fastest-growing programs

  108. DeSantis’s Big Event Underscores a Rightward Move for Twitter Business, May 24

    The Florida governor’s plan to announce his presidential campaign on the social network is the latest sign of the company’s efforts to court conservatives.

  109. The Way Out of the Debt Crisis Could Lead Back Through the Civil War Op Ed, May 24

    President Lincoln and Republicans in Congress recognized that preserving America’s credit was the key to financing the Civil War and therefore to the government’s survival.

  110. The DeSantis Delusion Op Ed, May 24

    The Florida governor’s bid for the presidency is a deeply puzzling — and possibly doomed — one.

  111. This Is What ‘Productive’ Looks Like in Washington as Default Deadline Looms U.S., May 24

    A debt crisis could be only a week away — practically an eternity in a town governed by the threat of catastrophic deadlines.

  112. McCarthy, Bracing for Defections, Eyes a Fraught Path to a Debt Limit Deal Washington, May 23

    With right-wing Republicans all but certain to oppose any bipartisan compromise, the speaker has a narrow path to push one through the closely divided House.

  113. White House Pushes to Save Key Covid Programs in Debt Ceiling Talks Washington, May 23

    The Biden administration has prioritized preserving a $5 billion vaccine development program in discussions with House Republicans on clawing back unspent Covid-19 funds.

  114. China and Russia, Targets at G7 Summit, Draw Closer to Fend Off West Foreign, May 23

    Beijing and Moscow are holding visits this week as alarm grows in China that Western countries backing Ukraine are turning their attention to Asia.

  115. An A.I.-Generated Spoof Rattles the Markets Business, May 23

    A stock sell-off driven by a since-debunked picture underscored fears about how artificial intelligence could be used for nefarious purposes with big consequences.

  116. U.S. Shift to Support F-16s for Ukraine Began A Month Ago Washington, May 23

    The U.S. defense chief first asked Biden officials to support the plan after meeting with European allies. He made his pitch to President Biden last week.

  117. Driver Who Crashed Truck Near the White House Threatened to Kill Biden Washington, May 23

    No weapons or ammunition were found in the truck, but the driver had a flag with a Nazi swastika, according to an affidavit. No one was hurt as a result of the incident on Monday night.

  118. Meeting Between Biden and McCarthy Yields No Deal Video, May 23

    The deadline to reach an agreement is June 1. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said he expected to speak with President Biden daily until they reach an agreement.

  119. Debt Limit Negotiators Debate Spending Caps to Break Standoff Washington, May 22

    The strategy, which was used in 2011, could allow both sides to save face but would most likely do little to chip away at the national debt.

  120. The Welfare Debate Stalling the Debt Talks Op Ed, May 22

    Work requirements are popular, but there’s a thin line between motivation and punishment.

  121. Biden Sees Coming ‘Thaw’ With China, Even as He Rallies Allies Against Beijing Washington, May 22

    During the Group of 7 meeting that just wrapped up, President Biden forged a consensus approach toward China despite tensions between the major powers over their approach.

  122. Eric Adams and the Migrants in New York Letters, May 22

    Contrasting views of how Mayor Adams is handling the influx. Also: Afghan exodus; aid to Ukraine; gender identity; horses’ deaths; the office and the commute.

  123. Biden and McCarthy Describe ‘Productive’ Meeting, but No Agreement Is Reached Washington, May 22

    With the United States at risk of defaulting for the first time, Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Biden met again but remained far apart on a deal.

  124. Biden and McCarthy to Meet in Hopes of Reviving Debt Talks U.S., May 22

    With the United States at risk of defaulting for the first time, hopes for a breakthrough have dimmed in recent days.

  125. JPMorgan May Face New Questions About Succession Business, May 22

    Revelations about rivals’ plans may prompt the bank’s shareholders to ask about who will replace Jamie Dimon at an annual investor gathering on Monday.

  126. Listen to The Headlines, Our New Audio Front Page Podcasts, May 22

    Exclusively from New York Times Audio, our new app.

  127. The Republican Presidential Plot Is Thickening Op Ed, May 22

    Tim Scott and Ron DeSantis are on the near horizon.

  128. Trump Is Back, to Make Families Fight Again Op Ed, May 22

    Families across America that were so divided by the Trump era have only started to heal — and now we’re facing the real possibility of a sequel.

  129. Biden Announces More Aid for Ukraine as Group of 7 Powers Meet in Japan Foreign, May 21

    President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine received vows of resolute support and promises of further weapons shipments even as Russian forces claimed to have seized the war-torn city of Bakhmut.

  130. Liberals Are Persuading Themselves of a Debt Ceiling Plan That Won’t Work Op Ed, May 21

    The limit Congress imposes is dumb, but Biden can’t just wave it away.

  131. Biden and McCarthy Set to Resume Negotiations on Debt Limit Washington, May 21

    Discussions aimed at avoiding a default have bogged down as Republicans press their demand for spending caps, work requirements for public benefit programs and other proposals in exchange.

  132. After a Show-Stopping Entrance at the G7, Zelensky Pleads for More Aid Foreign, May 20

    He urged his supporters to stay the course and tried to convince fence sitters like India and Brazil that there is no middle ground.

  133. If You’re Hearing About the Border, Someone Is Trying to Scare You Op Ed, May 20

    Border Security Expo attendees didn’t know what was coming, but they hoped to turn a profit.

  134. Behind the Scenes, G7 Nations Wrangle Over Ambitious Climate Commitments Foreign, May 20

    The U.S. finds itself caught between defending President Biden’s climate change agenda and aiding allies intent on increasing their access to fossil fuels.

  135. Democrats’ Phalanx Around Biden Has an Eric Adams-Size Hole Politics, May 20

    The New York mayor has loudly blamed President Biden for an influx of migrants, amplifying concerns many Democrats share but irritating Mr. Biden’s aides and weakening his political position.

  136. This Year’s G7 Summit Doubles as a Club for Unloved Leaders Foreign, May 20

    The relatively weak approval ratings for President Biden and his Group of 7 partners highlight the fragility of free societies facing deep political divides.

  137. Biden Voices Optimism on Debt Talks Despite Sharp Statements by Both Sides Washington, May 20

    He said the recent harsh back-and-forth was posturing typical of any negotiation and predicted the two sides would still “get something decent done.”

  138. The May 20 Russia Ukraine News live blog included one standalone post:
  139. Finger-Pointing Won’t Save Anyone if Default Leads to Economic Collapse Washington, May 19

    While each party tries to blame the other for the crisis, some acknowledge that they would both share responsibility for a default.

  140. The U.S. Opens the Door for Ukraine to Get F-16s News Desk, May 19

    Also, Brittney Griner will play in her first W.N.B.A. game in more than a year. Here’s the latest at the end of Friday.

  141. In a Sharp Reversal, Biden Opens a Path for Ukraine to Get Fighter Jets Foreign, May 19

    The president told allied leaders that he would allow Ukrainian pilots to be trained on American-made F-16s, and is prepared to approve other countries’ transferring the jets to Ukraine.

  142. Whiplash Day of Debt Limit Talks Ends Without a Breakthrough Washington, May 19

    Republicans returned to the negotiating table on Friday evening after briefly walking out, though the evening talks lasted only an hour.

  143. Do Dress Sneakers Belong in the Oval Office? Styles, May 19

    People felt strongly after spotting the hybrid shoe at a meeting with the president.

  144. Rational Approaches to Immigration Letters, May 19

    Readers offer suggestions on U.S. policy. Also: The debt negotiations; Senator Dianne Feinstein; urban exodus; aid workers in Sudan.

  145. ‘No Labels’ Eyes a Third-Party Run in 2024. Democrats Are Alarmed Politics, May 19

    The centrist group is gaining steam — and raising money — in its effort to get a candidate on the 2024 ballot, with Joe Manchin at the top of their list.

  146. Disney Inflicts a Blow to DeSantis Ahead of His Presidential Run Business, May 19

    The entertainment giant’s move to cancel a major office project stung the Florida governor just days before he is expected to officially enter the 2024 race.

  147. To Counter China, G7 Countries Borrow Its Economic Playbook Foreign, May 19

    Wealthy democracies rev up an effort to spend trillions on a new climate-friendly energy economy, while stealing away some of China’s manufacturing power.

  148. Biden Pays Silent Tribute to Victims of Hiroshima Bomb Foreign, May 19

    The president joined other leaders in laying wreaths at a memorial to the first wartime use of a nuclear weapon, amid growing fears that one could be used again.

  149. As Biden Weighs Paring Public Assistance in Debt Limit Talks, Liberals Balk Washington, May 18

    A G.O.P. demand to impose stricter work requirements on recipients of food stamps and other public benefits has drawn a Democratic backlash, underscoring the tricky politics at play in the negotiations.

  150. Preaching Tolerance Abroad, as Hatred Surges at Home Washington, May 18

    As a new U.S. envoy combating global antisemitism, Deborah Lipstadt first acknowledges America’s surge in hate crimes. She is also navigating a debate about the very definition of antisemitism.