1. Making City Streets Safer for Cyclists and Walkers Opinion, Today

    Readers call for stricter enforcement of traffic rules for bike riders and stricter punishments for reckless drivers. Also: When Obama picked Joe Biden; whose history gets taught.

  2. Trade Turmoil Gives Democrats an Opening to Hit Trump on Economy U.S., Yesterday

    Democratic candidates have taken a calibrated approach to talking about the economy, but the trade war with China provides a potent new line of attack.

  3. Joe Biden, Recalling ’68, Asks Audience to Imagine Obama’s Assassination U.S., August 23

    “Imagine what would have happened if, God forbid, Barack Obama had been assassinated after becoming the de facto nominee,” Mr. Biden said, evoking the tumult of 1968.

  4. California Is the ‘Popular Boy or Girl at the Dance’ in 2020 U.S., August 23

    Kamala Harris has the home-state advantage, but the other Democratic presidential hopefuls are not ceding the state.

  5. Andrew Yang’s Bipartisan Bet U.S., August 22

    Mr. Yang is no fan of the president. But his coalition includes conservatives who see nonpartisan logic in his message about automation and job loss.

  6. Joe Biden’s Poll Numbers Mask an Enthusiasm Challenge U.S., August 22

    There are signs of a disconnect between support for Mr. Biden in polls and excitement for his campaign on the ground in Iowa.

  7. What the 2020 Campaign Sounds Like Podcasts, August 22

    Presidential candidates come with a message — and a playlist. We look at how music helps set the tone.

  8. Democrats to Union Members: The Economy Is Failing You U.S., August 21

    Bernie Sanders rolled out a plan for organized labor as more than a dozen Democratic candidates pitched themselves to workers in Iowa.

  9. Giuliani Renews Push for Ukraine to Investigate Trump’s Political Opponents U.S., August 21

    The president’s lawyer wants investigations of the Biden family and reports that Ukrainian officials tried to damage the Trump campaign in 2016.

  10. Why the 2020 Criminal Justice Debate Is Completely Different U.S., August 20

    Democratic candidates are pushing ideas that were considered radical just a few years ago. But the American public has changed its views, too.

  11. What Does Campaign Rally Music Say About a Candidate? Interactive, August 19

    Presidential campaigns have a sound. We analyzed the playlists of 10 contenders to see how the songs aligned with the messages.

  12. Jill Biden, Stressing Trump Matchup, Makes a Blunt Case for Her Husband U.S., August 19

    “You may like another candidate better, but you have to look at who is going to win,” she said, while campaigning for Joe Biden in New Hampshire.

  13. Does Anyone Know What Electability Is? Opinion, August 19

    There’s no good way to know which Democrat will do best in the general election.

  14. The 5 Days That Defined the 2020 Primary Interactive, August 17

    Money isn’t everything. But it does keep the lights on, and it explains why this Democratic field looks the way it does today.

  15. Obama and Biden’s Relationship Looks Rosy. It Wasn’t Always That Simple. U.S., August 16

    Their partnership is the stuff of buddy-movie lore, but those who saw it up close described a more difficult, complicated dynamic.

  16. Many Democrats Love Elizabeth Warren. They Also Worry About Her. U.S., August 15

    Even as she demonstrates why she is a leading presidential candidate, Ms. Warren is facing persistent questions and doubts about whether she would be able to defeat President Trump.

  17. Colbert Says Trump Is Just Trolling With ‘Fracking for Plastic’ Plant Visit Arts, August 14

    The president is on vacation from the White House for 10 days, and late night is following.

  18. Colbert Says Trump Is Just Trolling With ‘Fracking for Plastic’ Plant Visit Arts, August 14

    The president is on vacation from the White House for 10 days, and late night is following.

  19. Keeping Focus on Gun Bills, Democrats Urge McConnell and Senate to Act U.S., August 13

    Six prominent Democrats urge the Senate leader, Mitch McConnell, to take up bills the House already passed to extend background checks.

  20. 4 Days, 20 Democrats. Who Won the Iowa State Fair? Interactive, August 13

    We followed presidential hopefuls around the Iowa State Fair and rated them on a corn dog scale.

  21. Stephen Colbert Has Doubts About the Clinton-Epstein Conspiracy Theory Arts, August 13

    After President Trump promoted a theory that the Clintons had masterminded Jeffrey Epstein’s death, Colbert said, “They couldn’t even mastermind a visit to Wisconsin.”

  22. Joe Biden Knows He Says the Wrong Thing U.S., August 12

    It’s not because he is 76, his campaign says. The former vice president has always had this tendency, and he hopes it won’t hurt him in the 2020 race.

  23. On Gun Control, 2020 Democrats Agree: No Reason to Hold Back U.S., August 12

    After mass shootings jolted the nation this month, the Democratic candidates seemed to move in lock step toward more aggressive gun control positions without resistance from moderates.

  24. The Pundit-Defying Idiosyncrasies of Iowa Voters Opinion, August 12

    They don’t vote for “moderates” or “progressives.” They vote for people.

  25. Democrats Want to Revive a Ban on Assault Weapons U.S., August 12

    But with Republicans in charge of the Senate and President Trump in the White House, an assault weapons ban has little chance of being signed into law before 2021.

  26. Joe Biden: Banning Assault Weapons Works Opinion, August 11

    That’s why, as president, I will push to ban them again.

  27. Democrats’ 2020 Problem: How to Be Tougher on Trade Than Trump U.S., August 10

    Democrats are highly critical of NAFTA and China, but they will have a hard time taking a tougher line than Mr. Trump has as president.

  28. At Iowa’s Wing Ding Dinner, Democrats Assail G.O.P. on Gun Control U.S., August 9

    Nearly all of the 2020 Democratic candidates gave speeches at the annual event, and while many joked about the size of the field, most sought to contrast themselves with President Trump.

  29. Can Anyone Catch Joe Biden? U.S., August 9

    The Democratic candidates descend on Iowa to give it a try — and sample the best food on a stick the state fair has to offer.

  30. Joe Biden Says ‘Poor Kids’ Are Just as Bright as ‘White Kids’ U.S., August 9

    Mr. Biden was speaking at a town hall hosted by the Asian & Latino Coalition in Des Moines when he made the remark, which he quickly sought to recover from.

  31. Joe Biden Says ‘Poor Kids’ Are Just as Bright as ‘White Kids’ U.S., August 9

    Mr. Biden was speaking at a town hall hosted by the Asian & Latino Coalition in Des Moines when he made the remark, which he quickly sought to recover from.

  32. Biden’s Biggest Weakness? Iowa. But Some Rivals Don’t Seem to Know It. The Upshot, August 8

    A few major candidates are not focusing their campaigns on the state.

  33. Does Trump Help Fuel Mass Shootings? Opinion, August 8

    And are Democrats breaking up with Obama?

  34. Trevor Noah Wonders What Other Kinds of Supremacy Trump Isn’t Into Arts, August 8

    After the president said he opposed “any type of supremacy,” the “Daily Show” host wondered which nonwhite varieties he could possibly have in mind.

  35. Donald Trump’s Outrageous 2020 Advantage Opinion, August 7

    It’s not what you think it is.

  36. Biden and Booker Say Trump Is Fostering Hatred, Not Fighting It U.S., August 7

    The Democratic candidates lashed the president with their sternest denunciations yet of his exploitation of racism for political purposes and his resistance to gun control.

  37. Where the 2020 Democrats Stand on Gun Control U.S., August 6

    While several presidential candidates have already rolled out plans to address gun violence, others endorsed new policies after two mass shootings over the weekend.

  38. Can the Democrats Do Better Than Trump on North Korea? Opinion, August 5

    We surveyed the leading candidates on how they would deal with the nuclear threat from Kim Jong-un.

  39. Trump Incorrectly References Toledo in Remarks on Mass Shootings Video, August 5

    President Trump incorrectly named Toledo, Ohio, instead of Dayton, as the location of a mass shooting that occurred on Sunday.

  40. Toledo? Trump Misstates Location of Ohio Massacre U.S., August 5

    The president drew criticism, but he’s not alone: A day earlier, Joe Biden made a similar mistake.

  41. Young Climate Activists Push Democrats to the Left U.S., August 5

    A New TV Show from The New York Times on FX and Hulu

  42. Democratic Candidates Praise Labor — and the Obama Legacy, Too U.S., August 3

    After widespread criticism over attacks on Barack Obama at this past week’s debates, Democratic candidates at a labor forum in Las Vegas took a very different tack.

  43. The Week in Business: The China Trade War Clobbers the Markets Business, August 3

    Plus, where should police departments draw the line with facial recognition surveillance?

  44. Debates and More Debates: This Week in the 2020 Race U.S., August 3

    Sanders and Warren dominated Night 1. Biden, Booker and Harris were the focus of Night 2. We’ll do it all again in September.

  45. With a Democrat, a Cooler Head Would Prevail on Iran Opinion, August 2

    One point of agreement for the presidential candidates: The nuclear deal needs to be restored.

  46. What Beto Gets Right Opinion, August 2

    His approach to both Medicare and the border.

  47. Worst Democratic Strategy Yet: Attack Obama’s Legacy Opinion, August 2

    Rather than effectively prosecute the easy case against the worst president ever, the Democrats went after one of the best.

  48. Democrats Are Having the Wrong Health Care Debate Opinion, August 2

    They should skip the argument over Medicare for All and find the best ways to tackle affordability.

  49. Young Climate Activists Push Democrats to the Left The Weekly, August 2

    A New TV Show from The New York Times on FX and Hulu

  50. Detailed Maps of the Donors Powering the 2020 Democratic Campaigns Interactive, August 2

    We analyzed the Democratic presidential candidates’ fund-raising to see how widespread their support was across the United States.

  51. Debate Round 2: How Did Biden Do? Opinion, August 1

    Readers assess Joe Biden’s performance, urge the lower-tier candidates to focus on Senate races and critique the sniping among the contenders.

  52. Debates Identify Plenty of Democratic Divisions, but Not a Consensus Favorite U.S., August 1

    Joseph R. Biden Jr. is the front-runner, but a fragile one. And now he finds himself defending his ties to Barack Obama, whose legacy drew some criticism from other Democrats.

  53. Joe Biden Is Learning That Liberals Eat Their Own Opinion, August 1

    It’s astonishing to see other Democratic candidates attack him for his role in their party’s historic successes.

  54. What We Learned From the July Democratic Debates U.S., August 1

    With at least four candidates in strong contention for the nomination, the race is anyone’s to win.

  55. CNN’s Democratic Debates Give Conflict a Reality-TV Boost Arts, August 1

    Facing elimination in the next round, candidates sought to stand out by lashing out, and the network played up the drama.

  56. So Who Won Night 2? Opinion, August 1

    Not Joe Biden.

  57. Which 2020 Candidates Would You Swipe Right On? Interactive, August 1

    It’s hard getting to know everyone in such a crowded field. Here’s a dating app to make it easier.

  58. Debate Disappointment: I Wanted So Much More From Joe Biden Opinion, August 1

    And I find myself fretting that none of these Democrats can beat Donald Trump.

  59. Winners and Losers of the Democratic Debate, Night 2 Interactive, August 1

    Our columnists and contributors give their rankings.

  60. Late Night Goes Live for the 2nd Night of Democratic Debates Arts, August 1

    “In the end, the candidates came together around a unifying message: Click ‘like’ and subscribe!” Stephen Colbert said on Wednesday.

  61. Joe Biden Did Fine, and That Might Have Been Enough U.S., July 31

    The former vice president had a lot to prove. To those who had written him off after the first debate, he had this to say: “malarkey.”

  62. ‘Go to Joe 30330’: Biden Sends Supporters on a Digital Wild Goose Chase U.S., July 31

    All of the candidates onstage closed the nearly three-hour Democratic debate by directing viewers to their websites. All except former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

  63. Debate Drama: Here’s Joe Opinion, July 31

    Does standing erect count as winning the day?

  64. Cory Booker Says Joe Biden Created ‘All the Problems That He Is Talking About’ U.S., July 31

    The Democratic rivals sparred on their respective criminal justice records in one of the tensest moments of the night.

  65. Gillibrand Criticized Biden Over a Child Care Vote. Here’s the Full Story. U.S., July 31

    The measure, a 1981 expansion of a child care tax credit, offered families a tax credit for the cost of child care. Here’s why Mr. Biden opposed it.

  66. Protest Over Eric Garner’s Death Disrupts Democratic Debate U.S., July 31

    The protest, aimed at Mayor Bill de Blasio, broke out during Senator Cory Booker’s opening statement. Separate protesters interrupted former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

  67. Julián Castro Says Joe Biden Hasn’t ‘Learned the Lessons of the Past’ U.S., July 31

    Mr. Castro used a question on immigration during the Democratic debate to mount an attack that others in the race have used to great success.

  68. Live Analysis: The July Democratic Debates, Night 2 Interactive, July 31

    Follow the Democratic presidential debate with our reporters in real time.

  69. Biden Under Fire From All Sides as Rivals Attack His Record U.S., July 31

    Mr. Biden, the front-runner, was confronted over his record on health care and criminal justice, and this time not just from Kamala Harris.

  70. When Kamala Harris and Joe Biden Clashed on Busing and Segregation U.S., July 31

    In a contentious exchange during the last round of Democratic debates, Ms. Harris confronted Mr. Biden about having worked with segregationists in the Senate and discussed her personal history with busing. Here’s a refresher.

  71. 5 Highlights From Night 2 of Democratic Debates U.S., July 31

    The candidates along the wings went hard after the night’s leading candidates, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

  72. Moderates Take On Sanders and Warren at the Democratic Debate Opinion, July 31

    Readers assess how the candidates did, suggest a different format and discuss “Medicare for all.”

  73. At Tonight’s Democratic Debate, Black Voters Will Be the Focus U.S., July 31

    With Joseph R. Biden Jr., Kamala Harris, and Cory Booker all onstage, candidates are likely to make direct appeals to the Democratic Party’s most loyal constituency.

  74. Biden and His ‘Bidenisms.’ You Might Hear Them in the Debate Tonight. U.S., July 31

    Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s phrases can vary from speech to speech. Here are some of his most recognizable ones.

  75. Moderates Faltered at Tuesday’s Debate. Will Joe Biden Do Better Tonight? U.S., July 31

    Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren held their ground as several centrists tried to paint their message as unrealistic for America.

  76. Warren and Sanders Fight Back Against Criticism From Moderates Video, July 31

    Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders formed an ideological tag team during the second round of Democratic presidential debates by embracing their liberal policy goals amid an intraparty fight with moderates over health care.

  77. What to Watch For in Democratic Debate Night 2 U.S., July 31

    Everything you need to know about the presidential primary debate starting Wednesday at 8 p.m. E.T.

  78. Fix Our Health Care System. Don’t Try to Make It Perfect. Opinion, July 30

    Our political leaders waste time in partisan battles that leave people uninsured.

  79. The Democrats Should Stop Doing Trump’s Work for Him Opinion, July 30

    Yes, the two-night, 20-candidate format is ludicrous, but can we please have a reasonable debate about America’s future?

  80. Ahead of Debates, Pennsylvania Democrats Want Candidates to Stress Pragmatism U.S., July 30

    In a key swing state, Democrats looking at the presidential field were more likely to follow their head than their heart in whom to support.

  81. Who Will Win This Week’s Democratic Debates? Opinion, July 29

    Joe Biden is in the hot seat.

  82. A Rematch at Centerstage: Democratic Debates, Night 2 Interactive, July 29

    Joe Biden and Kamala Harris face off again in the second round of debates. Here are other political dynamics and tension points to look for.

  83. How a Medicare Buy-In or Public Option Could Threaten Obamacare Health, July 29

    Some Democrats are proposing a government alternative to private insurance. But allowing people to choose such a plan may destabilize the A.C.A., some experts say.

  84. The Democratic Debate Lineups Might Lead to Fireworks U.S., July 29

    For half of the candidates, it may be their last chance to make an impression on the national debate stage. Here’s what could happen.

  85. Seven 2020 Democrats Pledge to Focus First Bill on Fighting Corruption U.S., July 29

    Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg are among the presidential candidates earning approval from the government-reform group End Citizens United.

  86. Why Joe Biden’s Age Worries Some Democratic Allies and Voters U.S., July 29

    Mr. Biden’s halting performance at the June debate has stirred unease among some Democrats about his age, 76. They are looking for reassurance from his next debate on Wednesday.

  87. Why Democrats Are So Far From Consensus on 2020 U.S., July 28

    As the next debates loom, the progressive wing of the party wants sweeping change. Many others just want to jettison the president.

  88. What Kamala Harris Believes U.S., July 27

    The Democratic candidate wants relevant policy, not “a beautiful sonnet.” Is that enough for voters?

  89. School Busing: Success or Failure? Opinion, July 27

    Readers include their personal experiences with busing as they debate its impact on race relations and equity.

  90. Impeachment Calls and a Booker-Biden Fight: This Week in the 2020 Race U.S., July 27

    The 2020 Democrats reacted to the Mueller testimony, candidates tried out attacks before next week’s debates and Joe Biden received some good news.