1. Biden Arrives in Tokyo Seeking to Shore Up Support for Economic Plan U.S., Today

    The president will meet with his counterparts from Australia, India and Japan.

  2. My Lunch With President Biden Opinion, Today

    I left with a full stomach but a heavy heart.

  3. Biden Hails United States’ Alliance With South Korea Video, Yesterday

    In a visit to Seoul, President Biden sought to strengthen the United States’ relationship with South Korea and also said he would be open to meeting with the leader of North Korea if he was “sincere.”

  4. America Turned the Greatest Vehicle of Social Mobility Into a Debt Machine Opinion, Yesterday

    Student loan debt is an albatross around the Democrats’ neck.

  5. Rejecting ‘Love Letters’ to North Korea, Biden Offers Carrots and Sticks Instead World, Yesterday

    President Biden said he would consider expanding joint exercises with South Korea’s military that were scaled back during the Trump administration.

  6. Biden plans to sign Ukraine aid legislation during his trip to Asia. U.S., Yesterday

    A White House aide was bringing a physical copy of the $40 billion measure to South Korea on a commercial flight. It was passed by Congress this week.

  7. Ginni Thomas Urged Arizona Lawmakers to Overturn Election U.S., May 20

    The wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote to legislators in a crucial swing state after the Trump campaign’s loss in 2020.

  8. Pentagon Press Secretary Named to White House Communications Post U.S., May 20

    John Kirby, the Pentagon spokesman, will focus on national security and work alongside the new White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre.

  9. Pentagon Taps Next Commander of U.S. Forces in Africa U.S., May 20

    If approved, Lt. Gen. Michael E. Langley would become the first Black four-star Marine Corps officer.

  10. Washington Warns Britain to Temper Its Spat With E.U. Over Northern Ireland World, May 20

    A senior U.S. diplomat urged London and Brussels to discreetly resolve their disputes, citing the need to unify the West behind Ukraine amid Russia’s onslaught.

  11. In South Korea, Biden Seeks to Rebuild Economic Ties Across Asia World, May 20

    The president plans to unveil a new regional economic framework, but some in the region wonder whether it will be an empty exercise.

  12. Despite a landmark toll from Covid, there is still no U.S. memorial to the dead. U.S., May 20

    As the United States reached 1 million known deaths, there was no national, permanent memorial to the country’s loss. Some survivors have called for more to be done.

  13. Biden’s Curious Talking Point: Lower Deficits Offer Inflation Relief Business, May 20

    The administration says federal spending trends are helping rein in price increases, but the economic calculus may be more complicated.

  14. Democrats, the Midterm Jinx Is Not Inevitable Opinion, May 20

    Standard political history may not be a good guide to 2022.

  15. Biden Begins Trip to Asia Meant to Reassure Allies of Focus on China U.S., May 19

    With the administration’s attention having shifted to Ukraine, President Biden plans to emphasize that the United States can counter aggression in both Europe and Asia.

  16. Biden Seeks Swift Effort to Bring Finland and Sweden Into NATO U.S., May 19

    Speedy approval seems likely among most members of the alliance in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but Turkey’s objections remain a sticking point.

  17. Big Questions Remain About White House Plan to Speed Formula to Shelves U.S., May 19

    A day after invoking the Defense Production Act to help alleviate a nationwide shortage, administration officials had few answers for how the law would lead to more supply.

  18. You Shouldn’t Need a Doctor’s Note to Switch Formula Brands Opinion, May 18

    The formula shortage is temporary. Changes to WIC should be permanent.

  19. Russia Uses Surrender in Mariupol to Portray Ukrainians as Terrorists World, May 18

    Many soldiers who surrendered from Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant belong to the Azov battalion, a group with far-right roots, and the Kremlin may now put them on trial just as Ukraine is prosecuting Russians for war crimes.

  20. Ashley Biden, President Biden’s daughter, and Xavier Becerra, the health secretary, test positive for the virus. U.S., May 18

    Neither is considered a close contact to the first couple, according to the administration.

  21. America’s Doug Mastriano Problem Opinion, May 18

    The Republican Party’s strategy to contain populist rebellion didn’t work in Pennsylvania.

  22. Is John Fetterman the Future of the Democratic Party? Opinion, May 18

    His quirky personal and political appeal is different from that of a typical Pennsylvania Democrat.

  23. U.S. Gun Production Triples Since 2000, Fueled by Handgun Purchases U.S., May 17

    The A.T.F. released a trove of gun manufacturing data on Tuesday, the first comprehensive survey of firearms commerce data in decades.

  24. Your Tuesday Evening Briefing Briefing, May 17

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  25. The May 17 Covid 19 Mandates Vaccine Cases live blog included one standalone post:
  26. Read a transcript of Biden’s speech in Buffalo. U.S., May 17

    The president traveled to Buffalo on Tuesday to meet families of the victims of the shooting, as well as local law enforcement, first responders and community leaders.

  27. In Buffalo, Biden Urges Americans to Reject ‘Poison’ of White Supremacy Video, May 17

    The president condemned the racist rhetoric that reportedly influenced a white man to gun down Black shoppers at the Tops supermarket in Buffalo, an act he called “domestic terrorism.”

  28. Wisconsin Democrats Sue G.O.P. Fake Electors Over 2020 Scheme U.S., May 17

    In the first lawsuit of its kind, two real Electoral College delegates from 2020 are seeking damages from 10 fake ones who tried to help Donald Trump overturn his defeat in the state.

  29. These Two Immediate Steps Will Help Alleviate the Formula Shortage Opinion, May 17

    Why is the wealthiest country in the world struggling to provide basic nutrition to so many children?

  30. Biden, Calling on Americans to ‘Take on the Haters,’ Condemns Racist Rhetoric After Buffalo Massacre U.S., May 17

    The challenge for a president who came to office preaching unity may be how to take on those preaching hate.

  31. The Government Gave Out Bad Loans. Students Deserve a Bailout. Opinion, May 17

    Biden’s $10,000 in relief isn’t enough.

  32. Biden Administration Lifting Some Trump-Era Restrictions on Cuba U.S., May 16

    The changes include an expansion of flights to the country and the restarting of a family reunification program.

  33. McConnell Takes On Isolationist Wing of G.O.P. in Fight for Ukraine Aid U.S., May 16

    The top Senate Republican has been working to tamp down on the anti-interventionist strain in his party, his latest proxy battle against President Donald J. Trump’s America First policy.

  34. Biden Approves Plan to Redeploy Several Hundred Ground Forces Into Somalia U.S., May 16

    The president also signed off on targeting about a dozen Shabab leaders in the war-torn country, from which Donald J. Trump largely withdrew in his final weeks in office.

  35. Yellen Looks to Get Global Tax Deal Back on Track During Europe Trip U.S., May 16

    The Treasury secretary is traveling to Warsaw, Brussels and Bonn, Germany, this week at an uncertain time for the global economy.

  36. Young Americans Are Stressed. They Are Angry. And They Can Swing Congress. Opinion, May 16

    Donald Trump, abortion rights and student loan debt create a narrow window for President Biden and Democrats to regain their footing.

  37. Why Kamala Harris’s Chief Spokesperson Left the White House Opinion, May 16

    Symone Sanders talks about her pivot from working at the White House to covering it on her new cable show.

  38. There Are Two Endgames in Ukraine. Both Carry Big Risks. Opinion, May 14

    Is there a third option looming for the next six months of war in Ukraine?

  39. Student Debt Is Crushing. Canceling It for Everyone Is Still a Bad Idea. Opinion, May 14

    Debt forgiveness won’t fix what’s wrong with higher education.

  40. Gearing Up for G.O.P. Gains, White House Braces for Barrage of Inquiries U.S., May 14

    The turbulent aftermath of the Trump era is taking the possibility of a divided government to new levels of intensity, as some Republicans appear eager to target President Biden and his family.

  41. ‘Spend This Money’: Biden Calls on States to Devote Stimulus Funds to Police U.S., May 13

    Ahead of the midterm elections, President Biden is making a forceful push to show he is a defender of law enforcement.

  42. Republicans Wrongly Tie Biden Immigration Policies to Baby Formula Shortage U.S., May 13

    A lawsuit settlement requires the federal government to provide water and food, including formula, to detained migrant children.

  43. House Plans Vote to Ease Formula Crisis as Biden Pledges Quick Action U.S., May 13

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House would move to provide regulatory relief and funds to bolster the infant formula supply, as the president said his team was acting within “weeks or less.”

  44. New Biden Administration Rules for Charter Schools Spur Bipartisan Backlash U.S., May 13

    Critics of the proposal say the rules are overly restrictive and would stymie the growth of charter schools, whose 3.6 million students are largely Black and Hispanic.

  45. La Cumbre de las Américas de Biden se ve amenazada por boicots y confusión en Español, May 12

    Varios jefes de Estado latinoamericanos amenazan con no asistir al evento político que se celebrará en Los Ángeles, poniendo en riesgo la agenda de la Casa Blanca en una región convulsa.

  46. Harris Emerges as the Voice of Abortion Rights in the Biden Administration U.S., May 12

    The threat to Roe v. Wade presents Vice President Kamala Harris with an opportunity to recover from early political stumbles.

  47. Justice Dept. Tries to Shift Environmental Justice Efforts From Symbolic to Substantive U.S., May 12

    The agency has announced a series of policies intended to elevate those efforts, including the creation of an office meant to address the “harm caused by environmental crime, pollution and climate change.”

  48. Under Pressure to Act, White House Says It’ll Address Formula Shortage U.S., May 12

    Senior officials announced minor steps the administration would take to try to increase the supply of formula, even as they conceded that Americans might not see quick relief.

  49. Fed Chair Says Bringing Inflation Down Will Take ‘Some Pain’ Business, May 12

    Jerome Powell, whom the Senate confirmed to a second term on Thursday, said allowing rapid inflation to persist would be more painful.

  50. Biden Administration Cancels Drilling Sales in Alaska and Gulf of Mexico Climate, May 12

    Republicans link the move to rising gas prices while the administration said it was a result of conflicting legal opinions and a lack of interest among bidders.

  51. Biden orders federal flags to fly at half-staff as the U.S. Covid toll nears one million. U.S., May 12

    The president said in a formal statement that the United States must ‘remain vigilant’ against a virus that has ‘forever changed’ the country.

  52. America and Its Allies Want to Bleed Russia. They Really Shouldn’t. Opinion, May 11

    The war was dangerous enough before the West’s shift to a more expansive strategy.

  53. House Passes $40 Billion More in Ukraine Aid, With Few Questions Asked U.S., May 10

    As lawmakers have embraced more than $50 billion to Kyiv within two months, they have largely refrained from raising concerns or questioning the Biden administration’s strategy.

  54. Lisa Cook is confirmed as a new Fed governor. Business, May 10

    Ms. Cook is the first Black woman ever confirmed as a governor at the Federal Reserve.

  55. Russia Was Behind Cyberattack in Run-Up to Ukraine War, Investigation Finds U.S., May 10

    The February attack rattled Pentagon officials and private industry because it revealed new vulnerabilities in global communications systems.

  56. Fed Confronts Why It May Have Acted Too Slowly on Inflation Business, May 10

    Central bankers have been asking whether they should have reacted faster to rising inflation last year — and are learning from the recent past.

  57. For Financial Help and Counsel, Hunter Biden Turns to Hollywood Lawyer U.S., May 10

    Kevin Morris, known for brokering big entertainment deals, has helped President Biden’s son navigate his legal troubles and scrutiny from the right. Some of the White House’s allies are concerned.

  58. Biden Slams Republican Inflation Plan as Harmful to Working Families Video, May 10

    President Biden scolded Republicans for blaming him for rising inflation while offering “extreme” policy ideas that he said would help the wealthiest Americans and big corporations.

  59. The May 10 Ukraine Russia War News live blog included two standalone posts:
  60. Biden Says Inflation Is His ‘Top Domestic Priority’ and Lashes Out at G.O.P. Plan Business, May 10

    Rising prices could hurt President Biden’s party in the midterm elections, and he sought on Tuesday to turn the debate over the economy against his opponents.

  61. Afghans Urge Court Not to Give Frozen Central Bank Assets to Sept. 11 Families U.S., May 10

    Advocates for the Afghan people say it would be unjust and illegal to use $3.5 billion of Afghanistan’s assets to pay off the Taliban’s judgment debts.

  62. Democrats Have an Image Problem. Please Don’t Make It Worse. Opinion, May 10

    With the debate over students loans, are we trying to confirm the stereotype that Democrats serve the needs of educated elites and ignore everyone else?

  63. States Turn to Tax Cuts as Inflation Stays Hot U.S., May 10

    Tax reductions and rebates that are being proposed to help people cope could have the unintended effect of pushing prices higher.

  64. Biden Speeds Up Military Aid to Ukraine, Drawing U.S. Deeper Into War U.S., May 9

    President Biden signed the Lend-Lease Act, which will waive time-consuming requirements on the provision of arms to Ukraine.

  65. Biden Signs Bill to Allow Arms Lending to Ukraine Video, May 9

    President Biden signed the Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act, which would speed up shipments considered critical for Ukraine’s forces to repel Russian invaders.

  66. Susan Rice, a White House adviser, tests positive for the coronavirus. U.S., May 9

    Ms. Rice said she had last seen President Biden in person on Wednesday while wearing a mask and that, according to the C.D.C. guidelines, he was “not considered a close contact.”

  67. Former Heads of State Urge U.S. to Commit $5 Billion to Global Covid Fight U.S., May 9

    Activists are also pressing President Biden to take a more forceful leadership role in the response as he convenes world leaders for a Covid-19 summit on Thursday.

  68. Jill Biden Says She Told President Biden of the ‘Horrors’ in Ukraine Video, May 9

    Dr. Jill Biden, the first lady, told reporters at the presidential palace in Slovakia that she had called President Biden and urged him to continue supporting Ukraine.

  69. U.S. to Lift Tariffs on Ukrainian Steel U.S., May 9

    The Biden administration will lift a 25 percent tariff on the Ukrainian steel sector for one year to help the country’s economy.

  70. Biden Could Make the World Safer, but He’s Too Afraid of the Politics Opinion, May 9

    The administration knows how to get the Iran nuclear deal back. It’s just afraid of Republicans.

  71. Sometimes, History Goes Backward Opinion, May 9

    The seeming demise of Roe v. Wade is only part of the story.

  72. U.S. Presses Taiwan to Buy Weapons More Suited to Win Against China U.S., May 7

    The Biden administration’s push for Taiwan to order missiles and smaller arms for asymmetric warfare has gained urgency since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

  73. George Cheeks, the president of CBS, tests positive for coronavirus after attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. World, May 6

    The network’s leader sat between the president and first lady, all unmasked, at the event.

  74. The War Is Getting More Dangerous for America, and Biden Knows It Opinion, May 6

    Leaks by U.S. officials suggest we are no longer in an indirect war with Russia but rather edging toward a direct one.

  75. A grinding artillery war in Ukraine Briefing, May 6

    Ukraine goes on the offensive against Russian forces

  76. Customs and Border Protection Will Disband Secretive ‘Critical Incident Teams’ U.S., May 6

    The agency’s commissioner announced the change after the teams — which had long operated under the public radar — came under scrutiny earlier this year.

  77. The May 6 April 2022 Jobs Report live blog included one standalone post:
  78. Biden’s Unpopularity Briefing, May 6

    Covid helps explain it.

  79. We Should Cancel Student Debt, but Only for Some Opinion, May 5

    America’s social mobility machine is broken.

  80. U.S. Intelligence Helped Ukraine Strike Russian Flagship, Officials Say U.S., May 5

    The help that sank the Moskva, the most significant loss by any navy in 40 years, is part of an administration effort providing real-time battlefield intelligence to Ukraine.

  81. Biden and Harris meet with labor organizers from Amazon and Starbucks. Business, May 5

    The White House visit by rank-and-file union members was an unusual show of support by an administration of either party.

  82. Karine Jean-Pierre Is Named White House Press Secretary U.S., May 5

    Ms. Jean-Pierre, who will succeed Jen Psaki, will be the first Black woman and the first openly gay person to serve in the role.

  83. The May 5 Economy News Inflation Russia live blog included one standalone post:
  84. With Roe Under Threat, Biden Is an Unlikely Abortion Rights Champion U.S., May 5

    Over the course of a half-century in national politics, President Biden has evolved from an outright critic of Roe to a seemingly reluctant and largely quiet supporter.

  85. India Finds Russian Oil an Irresistible Deal, No Matter the Diplomatic Pressure World, May 4

    A parade of emissaries have urged a harder line on Russia. But India’s political neutrality over the war in Ukraine has expanded into economic opportunism.

  86. U.S. Intelligence Is Helping Ukraine Kill Russian Generals, Officials Say U.S., May 4

    Targeting assistance is part of a classified effort by the Biden administration to provide real-time battlefield intelligence to Ukraine.

  87. The May 4 Fed Meeting Rates Inflation live blog included one standalone post:
  88. North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile Ahead of Yoon’s Inauguration World, May 4

    Kim Jong-un has sought to improve the North’s nuclear capabilities and gain diplomatic leverage with Washington and the incoming administration of Yoon Suk-yeol.

  89. A Message to the Biden Team on Ukraine: Talk Less Opinion, May 3

    Loose lips could lead to huge unintended consequences.

  90. Sensing a Stalled Russia, West Adds Support and Arms for Ukraine World, May 3

    ‘You have exploded the myth of Putin’s invincibility,’ Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain told Ukrainian lawmakers, one of several Western sources of cheerleading on Tuesday.

  91. Biden Visits Javelin Missile Factory in Alabama Video, May 3

    President Biden urged Congress to pass legislation that would invest billions of dollars toward the production of semiconductors, like those used by the plant in Alabama to build weapons for Ukraine.

  92. Supreme Court Roe Reversal Would Jeopardize Other Rights, Biden Says Video, May 3

    President Biden said the leaked draft of a Supreme Court ruling poised to reverse Roe v. Wade, if finalized, could undermine a range of rights beyond abortion, including same-sex marriage.

  93. Your Monday Evening Briefing Briefing, May 2

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  94. Putin’s Failure to Hold on to the Educated Could Be the World’s Gain Opinion, May 2

    Russians who oppose the war enough to leave should be welcomed as a boon to productivity.

  95. Democrats’ Mystery: How to Brighten a Presidency and a National Mood U.S., May 2

    Crucial left-leaning voters have soured on President Biden, and Americans of all stripes are angry. Democratic leaders can’t agree on what to tell them.

  96. A Plan to Help Kids Without Increasing Inflation Opinion, May 2

    Lawmakers should make the Child Tax Credit available to families with low or no earnings. There’s a way to do this without adding to inflation.

  97. Biden Extols Mondale as ‘One of the Great Giants of American History’ U.S., May 1

    President Biden paid tribute to Walter F. Mondale, his former colleague in the Senate who went on to transform the office of vice president and died in 2021.

  98. Biden Remembers Walter F. Mondale Video, May 1

    President Biden paid tribute to Walter F. Mondale, a longtime friend and colleague who preceded him as vice president.

  99. Biden Received Early Warnings That Immigration and Inflation Could Erode His Support U.S., May 1

    Confidential polling data obtained by The New York Times underscores the biggest challenges for President Biden and his party as they face the prospect of losing power to Republicans on Capitol Hill.

  100. Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Star in the White House Correspondents’ Dinner: The Reality Show Style, May 1

    An interesting event to choose to make an entrance.

  101. Biden Jokes About Himself and G.O.P. at Correspondents’ Dinner Video, May 1

    President Biden was the first president to attend the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner since 2016, because his predecessor, Donald J. Trump, boycotted the event.

  102. Jokes, Glamour and a Try for Normalcy as Correspondents’ Dinner Returns U.S., May 1

    Amid concerns about Covid, President Biden offered some humor and received his own ribbing at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, a ritual that had gone on hiatus during the pandemic.

  103. They Grew Up Legally in the U.S., but Can’t Stay After They Turn 21 U.S., April 30

    Children of temporary visa holders who can’t gain permanent residency are one of several groups urging the Biden administration to act on an immigration overhaul.

  104. Abbott Threatens to Declare an ‘Invasion’ as Migrant Numbers Climb U.S., April 30

    Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas has pursued an expensive and unusual effort to harden the border. But after a year, there is little to show for it.

  105. Biden seeks to lure Russia’s top scientists to the U.S. World, April 29

    Legislation proposed by the president would suspend the requirement that Russian scientists have a sponsoring employer to gain a visa.

  106. The Week the War Shifted Briefing, April 29

    A new stance from the U.S., and escalations beyond Ukraine’s borders.

  107. To Tackle Student Debt, Fix Ineffective Colleges Opinion, April 29

    Graduates can’t repay their loans if they don’t learn anything useful in school.

  108. El traslado de migrantes desde Texas a Washington D. C. aún no produce el efecto previsto por Abbott en Español, April 28

    El plan, destinado a inquietar al presidente Biden, encaja en su estrategia frente a un número récord de cruces fronterizos. Los inmigrantes expresaron agradecimiento por el viaje gratuito en autobuses.

  109. Biden Digs In on Ukraine Strategy, Seeking $33 Billion More in Aid U.S., April 28

    “The cost of this fight is not cheap,” President Biden said. He also sent Congress a plan to increase the government’s power to seize luxury yachts, aircraft and other assets of Russian oligarchs.

  110. Seven Lessons Democrats Need to Learn — Fast Opinion, April 28

    Retooling the party for an age of disorder.

  111. Biden Seeks Military Aid for Ukraine Briefing, April 28

    The $33 billion request suggests the White House expects a sustained conflict.

  112. Congress Clears Bill to Allow Lending Arms to Ukraine U.S., April 28

    House passage of the measure, which invoked the World War II-era Lend-Lease Act, sent it to President Biden for his signature.

  113. The April 28 Midterms Elections Primary live blog included one standalone post:
  114. Biden Says He Is Taking a ‘Hard Look’ at Student Loan Relief U.S., April 28

    President Biden said the amount would not be $50,000 per borrower, which some Democrats and advocates are pushing for as a way to address economic and racial disparities.

  115. G.O.P. Concocts Fake Threat: Voter Fraud by Undocumented Immigrants U.S., April 28

    Far from the U.S.-Mexico border, Ohio’s Senate primary shows how the Republican obsession with the fiction of a stolen election has spawned a new cause for fear of illegal immigration.

  116. Key Justice Dept. Official Expected to Step Down U.S., April 28

    John Carlin, who occupies one of the most powerful and under-the-radar posts in the department, has dealt with major matters including the Jan. 6 investigation.

  117. White House plays down first-quarter growth decline. Business, April 28

    The administration emphasized strength in consumer spending, even as Republicans blasted its management of the economy.

  118. 6 Gun Shops, 11,000 ‘Crime Guns’: A Rare Peek at the Pipeline U.S., April 28

    In Philadelphia, the most comprehensive study in decades found a handful of dealers selling a huge number of guns used illegally. A House panel is uncovering similar patterns elsewhere.

  119. What the Inventor of the Word ‘Genocide’ Might Have Said About Putin’s War Opinion, April 28

    Genocide is the crime of crimes. It is rarely proved in international law.

  120. The Pandemic Exposed Our Empathy Deficit Opinion, April 27

    Hunger, trauma, violence. The pandemic exacerbated all three, and more.

  121. House Passes Bill Urging Biden to Sell Seized Russian Yachts to Aid Ukraine U.S., April 27

    The measure is mostly symbolic, but the top Senate Democrat is pressing to use a coming Ukraine aid spending bill to give the president the power to liquidate the confiscated property.

  122. China Continues to Fall Short of Promises to Protect Intellectual Property, U.S. Says Business, April 27

    American officials said that they were monitoring China’s progress in meeting the terms of a 2020 trade deal, but that intellectual property owners had expressed concerns.

  123. Biden’s student loan dilemma Business, April 27

    The president made a campaign promise to erase billions in college loans, but his economic advisers are split on whether he should follow through.

  124. Russia Releases Former U.S. Marine in Prisoner Swap World, April 27

    Trevor Reed had been detained since 2019, after he was accused of assaulting and endangering the lives of two police officers.

  125. At Madeleine Albright’s Service, a Reminder of the Fight for Freedom U.S., April 27

    The former secretary of state, who died last month, was honored at Washington National Cathedral as America faces the kind of struggle between democracy and autocracy that she warned about.

  126. French Lessons for the Biden Administration Opinion, April 26

    Macron’s victory is a reminder to Democrats to find the center on immigration.

  127. Vice President Harris Tests Positive for Coronavirus U.S., April 26

    While Kamala Harris had not seen President Biden for eight days, her positive test renewed concerns about his vulnerability to the virus.

  128. Your Tuesday Evening Briefing Briefing, April 26

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  129. The Biden Student Debt Question: Will He or Won’t He? Business, April 26

    Some advocates believe President Biden’s repeated extensions of the repayment pause, now set to end Aug. 31, could force his hand on loan forgiveness.

  130. Supreme Court Struggles Over Biden’s Bid to End ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program U.S., April 26

    Known formally as the Migrant Protection Protocols, the program, adopted during the Trump administration, requires some migrants to wait in Mexico while their cases are heard.

  131. A new U.S.-led international group will meet monthly to focus on aiding Ukraine. World, April 26

    Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III announced the formation of the Ukraine Contact Group, with more than 40 member nations, to coordinate military and humanitarian assistance.

  132. Why U.S. Oil Companies Aren’t Riding to Europe’s Rescue Business, April 26

    American energy production has only inched up because executives fear that oil and gas prices won’t stay high.

  133. How a Sudden Mask Ruling Left the C.D.C. Reeling The Daily, April 26

    An obscure lawsuit in Florida could endanger the federal health agency’s ability to intervene in future crises.

  134. Biden Uses Clemency Powers for the First Time U.S., April 26

    The president commuted the sentences of 75 nonviolent drug offenders and issued three pardons, part of what aides described as a broader strategy to overhaul the criminal justice system.

  135. Texas’ Busing of Migrants to D.C. Isn’t Having Abbott’s Intended Effect Yet U.S., April 26

    The plan, meant to rattle President Biden, fits into his strategy for addressing record numbers of border crossings. The migrants said they were grateful for the chartered bus ride.

  136. Biden Has Already Done More for Rural America Than Trump Ever Did Opinion, April 26

    Democrats should let voters know about their successes — and run on Democratic values.

  137. Putin May Not Like How He’s Changed Europe Opinion, April 26

    The political scientist Ivan Krastev discusses how European identity is transforming right now.

  138. Biden Announces Ambassador Pick for Ukraine After Months of Delay U.S., April 25

    The U.S. Embassy, which closed just before Russia’s invasion, could reopen “over a couple of weeks,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.

  139. Behind Austin’s Call for a ‘Weakened’ Russia, Hints of a Shift U.S., April 25

    The United States is edging toward a dynamic that pits Washington more directly against Moscow, and one that U.S. officials see as likely to play out for years.

  140. Biden Adviser Cedric Richmond Is Leaving the White House U.S., April 25

    The former Louisiana congressman is expected to step down next month. He will be one of the first White House senior advisers to leave as Democrats brace for a difficult midterm election.

  141. Remember When Kevin McCarthy Had ‘Had It’ With Trump? Opinion, April 25

    And does this mean that Ron DeSantis won’t be taking his kids to Disney World anymore?

  142. No Matter How You Feel About Masks, You Should Be Alarmed by This Judge’s Decision Opinion, April 25

    The ruling could prevent the federal government from nimbly responding to future pandemics.

  143. American Voters Haven’t Been Afraid Like This in a Long Time Opinion, April 25

    Crime, inflation, Russia’s war in Ukraine and immigration are driving voter dissatisfaction ahead of the midterms.

  144. After a Rocky First Year, a Cautious Garland Finds His Footing U.S., April 25

    For all of the attention on the Justice Department’s investigation into the Jan. 6 attack, Mr. Garland has focused on the everyday work of being the attorney general.

  145. Seeking Arms for Ukraine, Pentagon Buyers Scour Eastern European Factories U.S., April 25

    Soviet-designed ammunition is part of the ‘life blood’ for Ukrainian troops fighting Russia, and the United States is keeping it flowing.

  146. Biden nominates an ambassador in Kyiv, aiming to fill a void in the U.S.-Ukraine relationship. World, April 24

    President Biden nominated Bridget Brink, the current U.S. ambassador to Slovakia, as ambassador to Ukraine. The position has been empty for more than a year.

  147. U.S. Officials Make Top-Secret Visit to Ukraine World, April 24

    The American government refused to comment on reports that Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III had traveled to Ukraine to meet with its leaders.

  148. America’s Road to the Ukraine War U.S., April 24

    For years, the United States sent mixed signals about its interests in the country. Then Vladimir V. Putin made his move.

  149. Why Biden Saying ‘Genocide’ Doesn’t Matter Opinion, April 23

    It will neither rattle Putin nor change our obligations in the war.