1. Biden Meets With Manchin and Schumer as Democrats Race to Finish Social Policy Bill U.S., Today

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she hoped to pass an infrastructure bill and have a deal in hand on the social policy bill by the end of the week.

  2. Biden, Tepid in the Face of Catastrophe Opinion, Today

    Why is the president so reticent to say unequivocally that we must protect voting rights at all costs, even at the expense of the filibuster?

  3. Biden delays the release of remaining J.F.K. assassination records, citing the pandemic. World, Yesterday

    The National Archives require additional time to work on redactions, a White House statement on Friday said.

  4. U.S. Struggles With Afghan Evacuees Weeded Out, and Now in Limbo U.S., Yesterday

    No final decisions have been made, but dozens red-flagged for apparent criminal pasts or links to militants have been sent to a base in Kosovo, where their fate is uncertain.

  5. Biden the Dealmaker Finds That Compromise Can Have Consequences U.S., Yesterday

    The president pushed for an expansive agenda knowing that he would most likely have to pare it back, leaving a sense of disappointment that could hurt his party at the polls.

  6. The Pessimistic Electorate Behind Biden’s Approval Ratings U.S., Yesterday

    In the era of modern polling, only Donald J. Trump has had a lower approval rating than President Biden’s at this early stage of his term.

  7. Illegal Border Crossings, Driven by Pandemic and Natural Disasters, Soar to Record High U.S., October 22

    Migrants were encountered 1.7 million times in the last 12 months, the highest number of illegal crossings recorded since at least 1960.

  8. Biden Bolsters Filibuster Foes, but a Fight May Wait for a Budget Deal U.S., October 22

    The president’s criticism of the Senate tactic was a recognition that legislating has become nearly impossible when the filibuster is routine.

  9. After Dropping Free Community College Plan, Democrats Explore Options U.S., October 22

    Expanded tuition assistance remains an option for the budget bill, but how much it would help students — and economic competitiveness — remains to be seen.

  10. U.N. Flight Thwarted as Fighting Grows in Ethiopia World, October 22

    A humanitarian flight was ordered to abort a landing in the capital of Ethiopia’s Tigray region, epicenter of the conflict, as government airstrikes hit the area for a fourth day.

  11. Biden Crafts a Climate Plan B: Tax Credits, Regulation and State Action Climate, October 22

    The new strategy could deeply cut greenhouse gases that are heating the planet but it will still face considerable political, logistical and legal hurdles.

  12. Bye, Maryland? Lawmakers in 3 Counties Float a Plan to Secede From the State. U.S., October 22

    The proposal to join West Virginia seems destined to go nowhere. But it has tapped into deep-seated feelings of alienation in western Maryland, a mountainous panhandle wedged against the Mason-Dixon line.

  13. Sinema’s Blockade on Tax Rates Prods Democrats Toward Billionaires’ Tax U.S., October 22

    Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s refusal to raise rates on high earners and major corporations has led Democrats to consider proposals once championed only by the party’s most liberal flank.

  14. Biden Names Neera Tanden as White House Staff Secretary U.S., October 22

    The move comes after her nomination as budget director was pulled earlier this year over her frequent caustic remarks on social media.

  15. Biden Is Open to Scrapping Filibuster for Voting Rights Bill ‘and Maybe More’ U.S., October 21

    The president said any push to “fundamentally alter” the Senate’s 60-vote threshold would have to wait until after Congress passed his vast spending agenda.

  16. Texas Governor Appoints Former Trump Lawyer to Oversee Election Review U.S., October 21

    The selection of a new secretary of state arrives as Gov. Greg Abbott is facing pressure to allow an expanded 2020 election audit in Texas.

  17. Stocks Hit a Record as Investors See Progress Toward a Spending Deal Business, October 21

    After weeks of fluctuations driven in part by Washington gridlock, share prices hit another high and put a dismal September in the rearview mirror.

  18. Calling Sinema an Obstacle to Progress, 5 Veterans Quit Her Advisory Council U.S., October 21

    The furious members accused the Arizona Democrat of “answering to big donors rather than your own people,” in the latest sign of the political pressure she faces.

  19. This Is How Biden Can Get the Edge Over China Opinion, October 21

    If everything is a priority, then nothing is.

  20. ‘Promises Made Just Have to Be Promises Kept’: Black Colleges Feel Stung by Democrats U.S., October 20

    A rift is forming over a plan to provide only $2 billion out of the $20 billion President Biden proposed to help level the playing field in his social spending package.

  21. Waiting on U.S. Mandate, Some Nursing Homes Are Slow to Vaccinate Staff Health, October 20

    At facilities in several states, many workers are still not immunized. “I just feel like a sitting duck,” one resident said.

  22. Small Needles and Short Lines: Biden’s Plan to Vaccinate Young Children U.S., October 20

    White House officials, anticipating the approval of coronavirus shots for 5- to 11-year-olds within weeks, will rely on doctors, clinics and pharmacies instead of mass inoculation sites.

  23. La extradición de Alex Saab vuelve a tensar las relaciones entre EE. UU. y Venezuela en Español, October 20

    Mientras el secretario de Estado estadounidense, Antony Blinken, visita la región, la ventana de oportunidad para una resolución diplomática se ha cerrado abruptamente. Por ahora.

  24. Democrats, Scaling Back Budget Bill, Press for Compromise by Week’s End U.S., October 19

    As they worked to shrink their marquee domestic policy bill, President Biden told Democrats that a proposal to provide two years of free community college would most likely have to be dropped.

  25. Republicans Set to Block Voting Bill Again, Raising Stakes on Filibuster U.S., October 19

    Lawmakers and activists are becoming increasingly alarmed that the proposed legislation will stall and put Democrats at a disadvantage in coming elections.

  26. Britain Outlines Energy Plans Amid Dimming Prospects for Climate Summit World, October 19

    In an effort to recapture momentum, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a host of measures, including plans for a big expansion of electric vehicles, more offshore wind power and greater use of hydrogen.

  27. U.S.-Venezuela Tensions Heat Up Again After Extradition of Maduro Ally U.S., October 19

    As Secretary of State Antony Blinken heads to the region, the window of opportunity for a political resolution has slammed shut. At least for now.

  28. Trump’s Claim of Executive Privilege in the Jan. 6 Inquiry, Explained U.S., October 19

    A new lawsuit by the ex-president and a move to hold Stephen Bannon in contempt of Congress are raising untested issues about secrecy powers.

  29. Democrats’ Divide: Should Obama-Era Economic Ideas Prevail in 2021? The Upshot, October 19

    A more traditional view is competing against a newer approach that has become mainstream among economists.

  30. After Del Rio, Calls for Fairer Treatment of Black Migrants U.S., October 19

    The treatment of Haitians apprehended in Del Rio, Texas, has galvanized civil rights groups and others to press for change.

  31. Joe Manchin Doesn’t Like What Joe Biden Is Doing Opinion, October 19

    Why is that?

  32. Democrats Are Courting Manchin on Their Agenda. Here’s What He Wants. U.S., October 18

    The West Virginia Democrat could decide the fate of President Biden’s top legislative priority, and he has not been shy about outlining the kinds of changes he wants to see.

  33. Joe Manchin Versus West Virginia Opinion, October 18

    On climate and children, he’s hurting his own constituents.

  34. Trump Sues to Block Release of White House Papers to Jan. 6 Inquiry U.S., October 18

    The case raises novel constitutional questions about the scope of an ex-president’s executive privilege powers if the current president disagrees.

  35. Zalmay Khalilzad, Biden’s Envoy for Afghanistan, Steps Down U.S., October 18

    An Afghan American and a rare Trump appointee who survived into the Biden administration, Mr. Khalilzad played a central role in the U.S. exit from the country.

  36. ‘History Will Not Be Kind to Senator Joe Manchin’ Opinion, October 18

    Readers criticize Mr. Manchin as someone putting his interests ahead of the country’s. Also: Racial equity in child care; a civil conversation; social media.

  37. Showdown Over Northern Ireland Has a Key Offstage Player: Biden World, October 18

    As the U.K. and the European Union begin their wrangling over details of trade with Northern Ireland, President Biden has more than a passing interest in the final result.

  38. A regional Fed analysis suggests Biden’s stimulus is temporarily stoking inflation. Business, October 18

    The American Rescue Plan could be pushing inflation up slightly and temporarily, a Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco analysis said.

  39. Trump Missed the Part About No Do-Overs Opinion, October 18

    And apparently no one from his party is going to explain it to him. 

  40. Debate Weighs Price of Biden’s Big Plan vs. Not Acting U.S., October 17

    Democrats are debating whether doing nothing will cost more than doing something to deal with climate change, education, child care, prescription drugs and more.

  41. Washington Hears Echoes of the ’50s and Worries: Is This a Cold War With China? U.S., October 17

    Incursions into Taiwan’s air zone, a space launch and what looked like a prisoner swap raise a question that is about more than just semantics. It could signal a dangerous new mind-set.

  42. ‘Estamos capitalizando la oportunidad’: las petroleras estatales entran en acción en Español, October 17

    En Medio Oriente, África y Latinoamérica, las empresas públicas incrementan su producción de petróleo y gas natural cuando las compañías europeas y estadounidenses producen menos debido a las preocupaciones climáticas.

  43. How Democrats Should Sell Themselves to Avoid Electoral Disaster Opinion, October 17

    Sampling the responses to Ezra Klein's column. Also: Children who've lost caregivers to Covid; an exercise ethic.

  44. Democrats Weigh Carbon Tax After Manchin Rejects Key Climate Provision Climate, October 16

    Faced with the likely demise of a central pillar of President Biden’s agenda, the White House and outraged lawmakers are scrambling to find alternatives.

  45. With Biden Agenda in Limbo, Democrats Work to Sell an Unfinished Promise U.S., October 16

    As President Biden and his allies in Congress work to whittle down the size of their ambitious domestic plans, Democrats must sell a bill without knowing precisely what will be in it.

  46. A Defining Test for Mr. Biden Opinion, October 16

    The president needs to make the case for a big expansion of government spending.

  47. Pramila Jayapal Won’t Let the Biden Presidency Fail Opinion, October 16

    In the infrastructure negotiations, the leader of the House progressive caucus has shown a willingness to play hardball.

  48. Key to Biden’s Climate Agenda Likely to Be Cut Because of Manchin Opposition Climate, October 15

    The West Virginia Democrat told the White House he is firmly against a clean electricity program that is the muscle behind the president’s plan to battle climate change.

  49. Funding Fight Threatens Plan to Pump Billions Into Affordable Housing U.S., October 15

    A federal voucher program is at risk of being sharply scaled back as the White House seeks to slash its social policy package to appease two centrist senators.

  50. Italy Puts in Force Tough New Law Requiring Workers to Test or Vaccinate World, October 15

    The rollout went more or less smoothly, with only scattered protests, as the majority of citizens accepted the ‘Green Pass’ as a tolerable sacrifice to stem the Covid pandemic.

  51. Is It Time for Kyrsten Sinema to Leave the Democratic Party? Opinion, October 15

    The Arizona senator is, at heart, a Democrat of convenience and expediency. She could well break up with the party — before it breaks up with her. 

  52. Biden Panel Wary of Expanding Supreme Court, but Open to Term Limits U.S., October 14

    Preliminary draft materials suggested that adding justices might be seen as a “partisan maneuver,” but said that an 18-year tenure merits “serious consideration.”

  53. U.S. Renews Its Support for Trade Group It Once Made a Punching Bag Business, October 14

    Trade Representative Katherine Tai outlined her vision for the battered World Trade Organization, saying the U.S. wanted to re-engage and address working people’s concerns.

  54. In Budget Bill, Democrats Bet the Temporary Will Become Permanent U.S., October 14

    The authors of the sprawling legislation believe that even if the new programs are temporary, their benefits will become so popular that Congress will keep them. History shows they are probably right.

  55. U.S. Regains Seat at U.N. Human Rights Council, 3 Years After Quitting World, October 14

    The Trump administration called the 47-nation council hypocritical and said it was vilifying Israel. The Biden administration says the U.S. can be more effective as a member.

  56. Biden Considering Robert Califf, a Former F.D.A. Commissioner, to Lead Agency Again U.S., October 14

    The F.D.A. has been without a permanent chief since President Biden took office.

  57. Biden Promotes Vaccine Donation in Meeting With Kenya’s President U.S., October 14

    The two leaders were also expected to discuss the escalating humanitarian crisis in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, where fighters have been accused of atrocities against civilians.

  58. Biden calls on businesses to ‘step up’ as he expresses optimism about the fight against the virus. U.S., October 14

    “I’m calling on more business to step up. I’m calling on more parents to get their children vaccinated when they are eligible,” President Biden said.

  59. Where Biden Is Most Vulnerable Opinion, October 14

    He said he knew how to get things moving. But we’re stalled.

  60. As Western Oil Giants Cut Production, State-Owned Companies Step Up Business, October 14

    In the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, government-owned energy companies are increasing oil and natural gas production as U.S. and European companies pare supply because of climate concerns.

  61. Border With Canada to Open, and North Country ‘Could Not Be Happier’ New York, October 14

    Businesses along New York State’s northern border were celebrating the news that fully vaccinated Canadians would soon be allowed into the United States again.

  62. Democrats Scramble to Keep Immigration Overhaul Alive in Reconciliation Bill U.S., October 13

    Democratic leaders are considering a proposal intended to get around various roadblocks and provide temporary legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants.

  63. Biden Announces Measures at Major Ports to Battle Supply Chain Woes U.S., October 13

    The Port of Los Angeles will join the Port of Long Beach in operating 24/7 as the administration struggles to address a problem that is boosting inflation.

  64. Democrats Can’t Just Give the People What They Want Opinion, October 13

    Nor would that be totally advisable. 

  65. E.U. Pledges $1.15 Billion in Afghan Aid as U.S. Talks to Taliban U.S., October 12

    Europe and America are offering stopgap humanitarian aid for a country on the brink of collapse, but larger decisions about the new Taliban government remain on hold.

  66. Biden Ends Workplace Immigration Raids, Reversing Trump Policy U.S., October 12

    The change comes during a labor shortage in the United States, offering reassurance that undocumented workers are not at risk of being deported en masse.

  67. American and Southwest Airlines reject the Texas order banning vaccine mandates. Business, October 12

    “This does not change anything for American,” a spokeswoman said. When the airline introduced its mandate, it cited a presidential order that employees of government contractors be vaccinated.

  68. The October 12 Covid Delta Variant Vaccines live blog included one standalone post:
  69. Britain Escalates Dispute With E.U. Over Northern Ireland World, October 12

    Britain’s Brexit minister is demanding an overhaul of an agreement on trade rules for Northern Ireland.

  70. John Yarmuth of Kentucky, House Budget Chairman, Announces Retirement U.S., October 12

    Mr. Yarmuth, the lone Democrat in his state’s congressional delegation and a key proponent of President Biden’s domestic agenda, said he would not seek re-election.

  71. How Democrats Can Save Themselves Opinion, October 12

    Liberals need to go beyond what polls well.  

  72. Biden’s Proposal to Empower I.R.S. Rattles Banks and Their Customers Business, October 11

    To help fund its new initiatives, the Biden administration wants banks to report more customer information. Account holders aren’t happy.

  73. ‘We Suffer While You Debate’: Many Fear Being Left Behind as Democrats Trim Spending Bill U.S., October 11

    President Biden had an ambitious agenda to remake the economy. But under the duress of negotiations and Senate rules, he has shelved a series of proposals, some of them indefinitely.

  74. Lawmakers Press to Rescue Afghan Relatives of U.S. Service Members U.S., October 11

    After a frenzied effort to evacuate Afghans who had worked with the U.S., members of Congress are now focusing on the stranded relatives of American troops.

  75. Clear Differences Remain Between France and U.S., French Minister Says World, October 11

    Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said the two countries remained at odds over China and various security issues, despite effective cooperation on overhauling the international tax system.

  76. More Than 30 Countries Join U.S. Pledge to Slash Methane Emissions Climate, October 11

    Methane is the second-largest driver of global warming after carbon dioxide emissions. Scientists say the promised cuts could help avert the worst consequences of climate change.

  77. The Temporary Truce on the Debt Ceiling Opinion, October 11

    Maneuvering over the debt; Indigenous Peoples' Day; China's economy; border crisis; a course in the Beatles; a quieter SoHo; advice, wanted or not.

  78. There’s More Than One Way to Play Dead Opinion, October 11

    The Senate is in a tizzy. Education is in a tizzy. Also, Democratic strategists. 

  79. Democrats, You’re in Danger Opinion, October 10

    With the president’s agenda stalled in Congress, many Democratic voters are growing impatient and disillusioned.

  80. Major Climate Action at Stake in Fight Over Twin Bills Pending in Congress Climate, October 10

    Legislation aimed at infrastructure and social programs also includes big changes in energy, transportation and disaster preparation. They would amount to the most significant climate action ever taken by the United States.

  81. Joe Manchin’s Choices on Family Policy Opinion, October 9

    How the conservative Democrat should be negotiating with his party.

  82. Bill Clinton, Race and the Politics of the 1990s Opinion, October 9

    What does “popularism” look like in practice?

  83. ‘Starting a Fire’: U.S. and China Enter Dangerous Territory Over Taiwan World, October 9

    The self-ruled island has moved to the heart of deepening discord and rivalry between the two superpowers, with the potential to ignite military conflagration and reshape the regional order.

  84. Benefits for All or Just the Needy? Manchin’s Demand Focuses Debate U.S., October 8

    As Democrats ponder cutting a $3.5 trillion social safety net bill down to perhaps $2 trillion, a proposal to limit programs to the poor has rekindled a debate on the meaning of government itself.

  85. Biden Signs Legislation to Compensate Victims of Mysterious ‘Havana Syndrome’ U.S., October 8

    The bill leaves it up to the heads of the C.I.A. and State Department to make their own determinations as to who is covered and how much compensation they receive.

  86. Biden’s Pick to Lead N.E.A. Sees Culture as a Community Building Tool Arts, October 8

    Maria Rosario Jackson, a veteran arts administrator with a background in urban planning, is recognized as an expert in using culture to spur economic development.

  87. Global Deal to End Tax Havens Moves Ahead as Nations Back 15% Rate Business, October 8

    More than 130 countries agreed to set a minimum tax rate of 15 percent as governments look to end a race to the bottom on corporate taxation.

  88. Biden, Awaiting an OSHA Rule, Urges Companies to Require Vaccinations U.S., October 7

    “Businesses have more power than ever before to change the arc of this pandemic and save lives,” the president said during a trip to the Chicago area.

  89. Why Does Congress Keep Playing Chicken With the Debt Ceiling? Opinion, October 7

    Congress appears to have averted economic disaster for now, but only by punting it to early December.

  90. Biden to Restore Three National Monuments in Utah and New England Climate, October 7

    President Biden is restoring Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante in Utah and a marine monument off the New England coast, all severely reduced by former President Donald J. Trump.

  91. Companies face pressure to act on vaccine mandates even as they wait for clear rules. Business, October 7

    President Biden is urging employers to move ahead with work force requirements as OSHA sorts through companies’ questions about how the rules will work.

  92. 6 Aspects of American Life Threatened by Climate Change Climate, October 7

    Two dozen federal agencies flagged the biggest dangers posed by a warming planet. The list spreads across American society.

  93. Biden Can End Debt-Ceiling Sabotage Once and for All Opinion, October 7

    The 14th Amendment offers a way out.

  94. President Biden will speak about vaccine mandates in a visit to Chicago. World, October 6

    The city is home to United Airlines, which recently announced a vaccine mandate for its 67,000 U.S. employees.

  95. Biden and Xi Jinping of China Agree to Hold a Virtual Summit U.S., October 6

    The agreement is a recognition of the dangers of going a year into a presidential term without a formal meeting between the leaders of the world’s two largest economies.

  96. Mitch’s Mini-Moment Opinion, October 6

    The triumph of being less awful than usual.

  97. Finance Executives Say Risk of Default Is Already Damaging the Economy Business, October 6

    Shortly after the C.E.O.s met with President Biden, Senator Mitch McConnell said he would allow Democrats to raise the debt ceiling enough to push a potential default to December.

  98. Biden Nominates New Chair for the National Endowment for the Humanities Arts, October 6

    Shelly C. Lowe, a scholar of higher education, would be the first Native American to lead the agency.

  99. The White House says it will spend $1 billion to increase the supply of rapid at-home tests. U.S., October 6

    Tests producing results in 15 minutes have been on the market for months, but they have been in short supply in the United States.

  100. Debt Ceiling Fight Gives Democrats Ammunition Against Filibuster U.S., October 6

    Party leaders say the G.O.P.’s refusal to allow a vote to avert default is the most powerful argument yet for weakening the Senate’s signature procedural weapon.

  101. Biden Calls Curbing Filibuster to Raise Debt Limit ‘a Real Possibility’ U.S., October 5

    Senate Democrats discussed carving out an exception to the 60-vote requirement as they explore ways to overcome Republican opposition.

  102. Biden Scales Back His Agenda in Hopes of Bringing Moderates Onboard Business, October 5

    The president has conceded that his $3.5 trillion collection of spending programs and tax cuts will need to shrink substantially.

  103. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell Faces Reappointment Amid Tumult Business, October 5

    Mr. Powell is facing down progressive pushback and an ethics scandal as the White House considers his future.

  104. Blinken, in Paris, Tries to Restore Trust After Submarine Snub World, October 5

    The American secretary of state met privately with the French foreign minister for more than an hour. But French anger remained palpable, even as both sides tried to move on.

  105. As the U.S. Hurtles Toward a Debt Crisis, What Does McConnell Want? U.S., October 5

    Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, has a long record of tying debt ceiling increases to policy demands. But this time, he has made none.

  106. The Once and Future Threat of Trump Opinion, October 5

    Should all our political choices be organized around the former president?

  107. What’s Wrong With Kyrsten Sinema? Opinion, October 4

    There’s a difference between being a maverick and being a narcissist.

  108. Biden Officials End Ban on Abortion Referrals at Federally Funded Clinics U.S., October 4

    The change reversed a policy meant to deter abortions under the Trump administration.

  109. Energy Prices Spike as Producers Worry Over Pandemic and Climate Business, October 4

    Even as more costly fuel poses political risks for President Biden, oil companies and OPEC are not eager to produce more because they worry prices will drop.

  110. With Biden’s Agenda in the Balance, Lobbying Kicks Into High Gear U.S., October 4

    Business interests are using ads and other efforts to cajole Democrats to change or kill a $3.5 trillion social policy bill.

  111. Biden and the Democratic Standoff Over Spending Bills Opinion, October 4

    Readers offer different perspectives on who’s at fault and how Democrats should come to agreement. Also: The Supreme Court's task.

  112. Biden says Republicans are being ‘reckless and dangerous’ over the debt limit increase. Business, October 4

    Mr. Biden warned Republicans “not to use procedural tricks to block us from doing the job.”

  113. U.S. Signals Little Thaw in Trade Relations With China Business, October 4

    The Biden administration said it would not immediately remove the Trump administration’s tariffs and would require that Beijing uphold its trade commitments.

  114. Progressives Stand Firm on Priorities as Infrastructure Debate Continues U.S., October 3

    Liberals rejected demands from moderate Democrats to shrink President Biden’s domestic policy agenda by more than half, though they said they were willing to compromise.

  115. As I Was Saying: The Etiquette of Interruption Opinion, October 3

    Interrupting a speaker: rudeness or cooperation? Also: Work and values; a presidential age limit; Trump's response to a tell-all book; plastic waste.

  116. Democratic Voters See Many Losers in Party Schism, and One Winner: Trump New York, October 3

    In a New Jersey district represented by one of the conservative-leaning Democrats in the House, Democratic voters are disappointed and worried by the party’s inability to pass President Biden’s agenda.

  117. Biden Signs Bill Ending Furlough of 3,700 Transportation Workers U.S., October 2

    The measure, which extends expiring transportation programs for a month, had originally been part of a $1 trillion infrastructure bill that stalled in the House this week.

  118. Cheer Up, Liberals. You Have the America You Wanted. Opinion, October 2

    America in 2021 is the country that liberals in the Bush era pined for.

  119. Biden Throws In With Left, Leaving His Agenda in Doubt U.S., October 2

    Progressives flexed, but remain empty-handed. Moderates feel betrayed. The outcome of their battle could determine Democrats’ fate in the midterms and the success of the Biden presidency.

  120. Biden’s Big Vision Collides With His Small Majorities U.S., October 2

    The president’s push for transformative policies is running into the realities of governing with no votes to spare.

  121. Empty Desks at the State Department, Courtesy of Ted Cruz U.S., October 2

    Dozens of nominations have been held up by a fight between the Texas senator and the Biden administration over a Russian gas pipeline project.

  122. Biden Pulls Back on Infrastructure Bill, Tying It to Social Policy Measure U.S., October 1

    After pressing toward a vote, Democratic leaders accepted “reality” that the bill could not pass before a broad climate change and safety net measure comes together.

  123. Progressives Flex Muscles on Biden Agenda, Adopting New Tactics U.S., October 1

    Their persistence forced Speaker Nancy Pelosi to delay a planned vote on the $1 trillion infrastructure bill. In the end, President Biden sided with their position.

  124. Biden Campaigned as the Anti-Trump. But a Clean Break Is Never Easy. U.S., September 30

    When it comes to policy, the president is finding that it is not always easy to draw a clear line separating himself from his predecessor.

  125. Biden Guidelines Direct ICE to Focus on Immigrants Who Pose Safety Threat U.S., September 30

    The new priorities, which also give agents broad case-by-case discretion, attempt to undo the broad immigration arrest policies of the Trump administration.

  126. The Democrats Who Might Block Biden’s Infrastructure Plan The Daily, September 30

    A key vote on one of the president’s top priorities is approaching, but now members of his own party are threatening to block it. Here’s why.

  127. Biden, You Should Be Aware That Your Submarine Deal Has Costs Opinion, September 30

    As experts hail the AUKUS agreement, the Biden administration should ensure it does not reflect a self-defeating concept of great power competition.

  128. Activists take vaccine demands, and a mountain of fake bones, to the home of Biden’s chief of staff. U.S., September 29

    A small group of longtime AIDS activists sought to represent lives lost to what they see as the president’s failure to scale up vaccine manufacturing for global use.

  129. Kyrsten Sinema Is at the Center of It All. Some Arizonans Wish She Weren’t. U.S., September 29

    The centrist senator is key to President Biden’s agenda in Washington. Her positions have angered some Democrats back home.

  130. Amid Tensions With U.S., Erdogan Praises Ties With Russia World, September 29

    Meeting with President Vladimir V. Putin, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey said “there is no path back” from Turkish-Russian military deals opposed by the West.

  131. Memo to Democrats: ‘Grow Up. Do Your Job.’ Opinion, September 29

    Suggestions for Democrats in Congress; the return of live performances; Justice Sandra Day O'Connor; an airline no-fly list; boys' struggles.

  132. Democrats Move to Avert Shutdown, but Divisions Imperil Biden’s Agenda U.S., September 29

    Democrats prepared a spending bill to keep the government funded past a Thursday deadline, but moderates dug in harder against their ambitious social safety net bill.

  133. Biden Struggles to Unite His Own Party Behind His Economic Agenda Business, September 29

    The president canceled a trip to Chicago in an attempt to salvage a pair of bills containing trillions of dollars in spending on infrastructure, education, climate change and more.

  134. Republicans at Odds Over Infrastructure Bill as Vote Approaches U.S., September 29

    With a bipartisan infrastructure bill set for a Thursday vote in the House, a campaign by business groups and some Senate Republicans to secure G.O.P. support may be the measure’s last hope.

  135. ‘This Was a Failure’: Biden’s A.T.F. Pick Says White House Left Him Open to Attack U.S., September 29

    David Chipman’s defeat was a loss for gun control groups, which saw the appointment of a strong director as the most important move the president could make on guns.

  136. Voters Had Their Say. Partisans Ignored Them. Opinion, September 29

    The independent commissions set up against gerrymandering might be hopeless.

  137. Military Officials Say They Urged Biden Against Afghanistan Withdrawal U.S., September 28

    During a heated Senate hearing, Gen. Mark Milley also defended his actions in the final months of the Trump administration.

  138. Do Democrats Have the Courage of Liz Cheney? Opinion, September 28

    When one party in our two-party system goes completely rogue, it falls on the other party to protect democracy.

  139. How the Debt Ceiling Came to Be a Political Cudgel U.S., September 28

    The current fight over raising the debt limit is proving to be another lesson in American political dysfunction.

  140. Military Leaders Advised Against Pulling All Troops From Afghanistan Video, September 28

    Top U.S. military officers testified to the Senate Armed Services Committee that they advised President Biden not to withdraw all U.S. troops ahead of the chaotic evacuation in which 13 service members were killed.

  141. ‘I Want to Go to a Hospital or Clinic Where Everyone Is Vaccinated’ Opinion, September 28

    Vaccine mandates in hospitals and schools; Haitians and immigration policy; abortion and Republicans.

  142. Manchin and Sinema Should Just Say No Opinion, September 28

    Don’t let the Democrats spend themselves into oblivion.

  143. Four Jagged Puzzle Pieces and a Few Weeks for Democrats to Assemble Them U.S., September 28

    The party must keep the government funded, stave off a default, push a $1 trillion infrastructure bill to President Biden and secure the votes for a defining climate change and social policy bill.

  144. Liberals Dig In Against Infrastructure Bill as Party Divisions Persist U.S., September 28

    They doubled down on a promise to oppose the infrastructure bill until Congress acts on a far more expansive domestic policy package.

  145. American Siblings Barred From Leaving China for 3 Years Return to U.S. U.S., September 27

    Their release coincided with an agreement on Friday that cleared the way for a senior executive of Huawei Technologies, the Chinese telecommunications giant, to return to China.

  146. Biden Versus the Rip Van Winkle Caucus Opinion, September 27

    Do centrists realize that 2021 isn’t 1999?

  147. Republicans Block Government Funding, Refusing to Lift Debt Limit U.S., September 27

    Senate Republicans opposed legislation to avert a government shutdown and prevent a debt default at a critical moment for Democrats’ domestic agenda.

  148. Biden Administration Moves to Protect Undocumented Young Adults U.S., September 27

    A proposed rule could save the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which a federal judge in Texas found unlawful in July.

  149. Biden Gets Pfizer-BioNTech Booster Vaccine On Camera Video, September 27

    President Biden received his third dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, days after federal regulators approved Pfizer boosters for Americans 65 years and older, as well as those with medical conditions and jobs placing them at higher risk.

  150. Biden receives a Pfizer-BioNTech booster and urges more Americans to get a first shot. U.S., September 27

    The move comes only days after federal regulators moved to allow millions of Americans to get Pfizer booster shots.