1. War Intensifies in Southern Gaza, Where Civilians Say No Place Is Safe World, Today

    Amid some of the war’s heaviest bombing, Israeli forces battled Hamas deep into the city of Khan Younis, with few signs that Israel was heeding Biden administration calls to show more restraint.

  2. Biden’s Strategy Faces a Test as Israeli Forces Push Into Southern Gaza U.S., Yesterday

    While the president has backed Israel’s right to defend itself since the Hamas terrorist attack, his team has increased the pressure to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza.

  3. Biden Says ‘I’m Not Sure I’d Be Running’ if Not for Trump U.S., Yesterday

    President Biden has portrayed a second term for Donald Trump as an existential threat to American democracy.

  4. Johnson Plans Vote on Impeachment Inquiry, Predicting Unanimous G.O.P. Support U.S., Yesterday

    The speaker said he would move forward with a vote that Republicans have long avoided for fear that some in their ranks would refuse to endorse an investigation without incriminating evidence.

  5. Is Liz Cheney Really Thinking About Running for President in 2024? U.S., Yesterday

    The former congresswoman is working to ensure that Donald Trump never returns to the Oval Office. She is also keeping her own door wide open.

  6. Smaller Airlines Seek Mergers to Compete With Industry Giants Business, Yesterday

    JetBlue Airways is trying to persuade a federal court to let it acquire Spirit Airlines, a deal that the Justice Department says will raise fares and reduce competition.

  7. There Is a Better Way to Pick a Presidential Nominee Opinion, Yesterday

    The debate among Democrats on renominating Joe Biden calls the long primary process into question.

  8. White House Condemns Protest at Israeli Restaurant in Philadelphia U.S., December 4

    Pennsylvania state leaders including Gov. Josh Shapiro also criticized the protest held outside a falafel shop, calling it antisemitic.

  9. R.F.K. Jr. Allies Say They’ll Spend Over $10 Million on Ballot Access U.S., December 4

    A super PAC backing Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent presidential candidacy is leading the costly and legally complex effort, which the Democratic establishment is trying to fight.

  10. U.S. Moves to Crack Down on Money Behind Fentanyl Trade Business, December 4

    Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen will travel to Mexico this week for talks on countering illicit finance and fentanyl.

  11. Talk About Abortion, Don’t Talk About Trump: Governors Give Biden Advice U.S., December 4

    At an annual gathering in Arizona, Democratic governors offered a series of explanations for the president’s political struggles and suggested ideas for selling voters on his re-election.

  12. Finding Cash for the Climate Is Tough. Two New Pledges Show Why. Climate, December 4

    Money is a very big sticking point at this year’s United Nations climate summit. Part of the problem is that American promises often go unmet.

  13. The War the World Forgot Op Ed, December 4

    The people of Darfur are caught in a battle between Sudanese armies.

  14. Trump’s Defense to Charge That He’s Anti-Democratic? Accuse Biden of It Politics, December 3

    Indicted over a plot to overturn an election and campaigning on promises to shatter democratic norms in a second term, Donald Trump wants voters to see Joe Biden as the bigger threat.

  15. Biden Administration Unleashes Powerful Regulatory Tool Aimed at Climate Climate, December 2

    Its new estimate of the economic impact of climate change could create the legal justification for aggressive new regulations.

  16. Biden Administration Announces Rule to Cut Millions of Tons of Methane Emissions Climate, December 2

    The measure, which requires oil and gas producers to detect and fix leaks of the greenhouse gas, came as the U.S. vice president spoke at the COP28 climate summit.

  17. Republicans Insist on Deposing Hunter Biden, Saying Public Hearing Must Wait Washington, December 1

    House Republicans who have subpoenaed Hunter Biden to testify in the impeachment inquiry into President Biden insisted on a private, videotaped deposition before a public hearing.

  18. Surging U.S. Oil Production Brings Down Prices and Raises Climate Fears Business, December 1

    American oil production is hitting record levels, delivering economic and foreign policy benefits but putting environmental goals further out of reach.

  19. U.S. Limits China’s Ability to Benefit From Electric Vehicle Subsidies Washington, December 1

    The Biden administration issued new rules to prevent Chinese firms from supplying parts for electric cars set to receive billions of dollars in tax credits.

  20. Biden Hosts Angola’s President, Seeking to Strengthen Africa Ties Washington, December 1

    President Biden recommitted to a promise to invest in the continent, as the United States has lagged behind Russia and China in competing for influence.

  21. Kissinger Had the Ear of Presidents. He Had Their Awe and Ire, Too. Washington, December 1

    In his decades in politics, the statesman advised many presidents. Here are some of their thoughts from over the years, in their own words.

  22. A Timeline of Plots Against Sikh Activists, According to Canada and the U.S. World, November 30

    Officials in the United States and Canada have described two assassination attempts: the killing of a Sikh leader in British Columbia and a plan to murder an activist in New York.

  23. Democrats Clash Over Move to Add Asylum Changes to War Funding Bill U.S., November 30

    Democrats and the White House have agreed in principle to raise the threshold for asylum claims as part of the bill to fund wars in Israel and Ukraine, but liberals are livid — and Republicans want more.

  24. Fear and Anguish Amid a Rise in Antisemitism Opinion, November 30

    Responses to Senator Chuck Schumer’s essay about antisemitism. Also: President Biden’s meeting with Muslim Americans; Jimmy Carter; a writer’s journey; cruise ships in Key West.

  25. It’s Not the Economy. It’s the Fascism. Opinion, November 30

    The 2024 election cannot be about the price of gas.

  26. Musk’s Bombshell Warning to Advertisers, and Other Summit Highlights Business, November 30

    Artificial intelligence, antisemitism, the 2024 presidential election, war in the Middle East and other big topics that made headlines at this year’s DealBook Summit.

  27. Kevin McCarthy on His Political Future Podcasts, November 30

    The former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives discusses the state of the Republican Party and questions Biden’s ability to govern at his age.

  28. Biden Administration to Require Replacing of Lead Pipes Within 10 Years Climate, November 30

    The proposal to rip out nine million pipes across the country could cost as much as $30 billion but would nearly eliminate the neurotoxin from drinking water.

  29. There’s a Bomb Under the Table Op Ed, November 30

    Hitchcock knew the terror a threat like Trump could create.

  30. Is Donald Trump Going to Prison? Podcasts, November 30

    Astead gets a crash course from NYT reporters on the criminal cases the former president — and current Republican front-runner — is facing and how they could upend the 2024 race.

  31. Why a Major Primary Challenge to Biden Is So Unlikely Politics, November 30

    It’s really hard to run against a sitting president. And beginning at this point, just two months before primary voting starts, wouldn’t be feasible anyhow.

  32. Un error de cálculo entre EE. UU. e Irán podría conducir a una guerra más grande, según las autoridades En español, November 30

    Funcionarios de seguridad nacional temen que algún error de los ataques en represalia podría desencadenar un conflicto regional.

  33. DeSantis-Newsom Debate: A Campaign Sideshow in the Spotlight Politics, November 30

    The stakes are high for the governor of Florida as his polling sags fewer than seven weeks out from the Iowa caucuses.

  34. To Many Chinese, Kissinger’s Death Ends an Era in U.S.-China Relations Washington, November 30

    In Beijing’s praise of his legacy, there is implicit criticism of a U.S. shift in recent years away from cooperation and toward intensifying competition.

  35. 5 Takeaways From U.S. Charges of Failed Plot to Kill Sikh Activist Metro, November 30

    The scheme described by federal prosecutors could upset a key element of President Biden’s foreign policy agenda: bolstering ties with India.

  36. Biden Takes On MAGA Republicans in Boebert’s Backyard Washington, November 30

    President Biden toured a wind turbine factory in a far-right lawmaker’s Colorado district and rebuked critics who have opposed his clean energy and economic agenda.

  37. The Electoral College Is ‘the Exploding Cigar of American Politics’ Op Ed, November 30

    Today, we’re going to moan about the system we use to choose a president.

  38. The ‘Trump Isn’t So Bad’ Mindset Op Ed, November 30

    President Biden’s insistence on seeking a second term comes at high risk.

  39. Harris to Stand In for Biden at U.N. Climate Conference Washington, November 29

    The president attended the annual conference in 2021 and 2022, but officials say this year he is preoccupied with the wars in the Middle East and in Ukraine.

  40. Harris Defends Biden’s Policies, but Says More Work Is Needed to Reach Voters Business, November 29

    The vice president, speaking at The Times’s DealBook Summit, said record-low unemployment and stable wages were not enough to “connect” with struggling Americans.

  41. A U.S.-Iranian Miscalculation Could Lead to a Larger War, Officials Say Washington, November 29

    U.S. forces and militias backed by Iran have launched tit-for-tat attacks, fueling concerns as Israeli forces have also clashed with Iranian-backed groups.

  42. Has No Labels Become a Stalking Horse for Trump? Op Ed, November 29

    Whatever its intentions, there is a reason the organization is supported by major Republican donors like Harlan Crow.

  43. The Chicken Tycoons vs. the Antitrust Hawks Magazine, November 29

    As part of a broader campaign against anticompetitive practices, the Biden administration has taken on the chicken industry. Why have the results been so paltry?

  44. As Congress Weighs Aid to Israel, Some Democrats Want Strings Attached Washington, November 29

    Democrats are clashing with each other and the Biden administration over whether to attach conditions, including measures to avoid civilian casualties, to security assistance.

  45. U.S. Debates How Much to Sever Electric Car Industry’s Ties to China Business, November 29

    Some firms argue that a law aimed at popularizing electric vehicles risks turning the United States into an assembly shop for Chinese-made technology.

  46. Hamas Releases 12 More Hostages as Nations’ Spy Chiefs Go to Qatar for Talks Foreign, November 29

    Mediators hope the current model of a daily cease-fire with the release of Israeli captives in exchange for freeing Palestinian prisoners would create the conditions for longer-term discussions.

  47. The National Christmas Tree Fell Over. Insert Metaphor Here. Washington, November 29

    Does it symbolize President Biden’s economic policies, or the pressures of the season?

  48. Understanding the True Nature of the Hamas-Israel War Op Ed, November 29

    It’s actually three wars, and there’s one keystone that we have to get right.

  49. Biden Navigates Divisions Over Gaza Inside the White House and Beyond Washington, November 28

    President Biden is facing deep anger over his solidarity with Israel among supporters and even from some staff members who have said they feel disenchanted with the president.

  50. Helping Homeless People Who Are Mentally Ill Letters, November 28

    Responses to a Page 1 investigation. Also: An Oct. 7 observation; President Biden and the Israel-Gaza war; father, son and Jan. 6; planet Earth’s survival.

  51. Trump Seeks to Use Trial to Challenge Findings That 2020 Election Was Fair Washington, November 28

    The former president’s lawyers in his federal trial on charges of trying to overturn the election are asking to collect a wide range of evidence — including on unrelated issues like Hunter Biden.

  52. U.S. Has Warned Israel to Fight More Surgically in Gaza, Officials Say Washington, November 28

    American officials have told the Israelis that a major bombardment risks sparking a humanitarian crisis that overwhelms the world’s capacity to respond.

  53. We Are Squandering One of the Most Important Medical Advances of the 21st Century Op Ed, November 28

    Congress has a chance to eliminate hepatitis C in the United States.

  54. Even Most Biden Voters Don’t See a Thriving Economy Business, November 28

    A majority of those who backed President Biden in 2020 say today’s economy is fair or poor, ordinarily a bad omen for incumbents seeking re-election.

  55. Biden’s Absence at Climate Summit Highlights His Fossil Fuel Conundrum Climate, November 27

    The president is facing some pressure to focus on oil drilling and gas prices at home, while boosting climate ambition on the world stage.

  56. Bernie Sanders: Justicia para los palestinos y seguridad para Israel En español, November 27

    ¿Cómo conciliamos nuestro deseo de poner fin a los combates con la necesidad de abordar las causas del conflicto?

  57. Biden Campaign Aims to Weaponize Trump’s Threat to Obamacare Politics, November 27

    The president’s aides quickly jumped on a statement by Donald Trump that he was “seriously looking at alternatives” to the health law.

  58. Could Biden’s Clean Energy Push Be a Victim of Its Success? Politics, November 27

    Thanks to the president’s signature legislation, solar energy manufacturing is booming in Georgia, a key state in the 2024 election. But the industry now worries that it could be too much and too fast.

  59. Biden Hopes to Alter the Trajectory of the War as Hostages Are Released Washington, November 27

    At the president’s urging, the temporary truce between Israel and Hamas was extended two more days. The challenge is what comes next.

  60. There’s a Lot Riding on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Business, November 27

    The White House and economists will be closely watching the annual shopping events for insight into what the data says about the state of the consumer.

  61. Why Biden’s Weakness Among Young Voters Should Be Taken Seriously Upshot, November 27

    Almost all the polling shows the same pattern. Could the coming campaign restore Democrats’ usual advantage?

  62. Let’s Talk About Biden, Trump and … Taylor Swift Op Ed, November 27

    Do any of them deserve to be Time’s person of the year?

  63. Biden to Skip U.N. Climate Summit, White House Official Says Climate, November 27

    He has attended the past two summits and calls climate change “the ultimate threat” but will miss the talks that are set to begin in Dubai on Thursday.

  64. American Girl Among Hostages Released on Sunday, Biden Says Washington, November 26

    “Thank God she’s home,” the president told reporters as he vowed to press for the release of more captives and an extension of the pause in fighting.

  65. Should Biden Bow Out, as David Axelrod Urged? Letters, November 26

    Readers respond to a column by Maureen Dowd. Also: Speaker Mike Johnson’s lament; drive-through downsides; New Orleans drinking water.

  66. Members of Congress Head for the Exits, Many Citing Dysfunction Washington, November 26

    More than three dozen incumbents have announced they will not seek re-election next year. Some are running for other offices, while others intend to leave Congress altogether.

  67. The November 25 Israel Hamas Hostages Gaza War live blog included one standalone post:
  68. Dean Phillips, Democrat Challenging Biden, Won’t Seek Re-election Politics, November 25

    Mr. Phillips, 54, a congressman from Minnesota, has called for a new generation of leadership in Washington as he mounts a long-shot bid against his party’s incumbent president.

  69. Waiting and Worrying Continue for Families of American Hostages Foreign, November 25

    No Americans were released in the first day of the temporary cease-fire, but officials and families were hopeful they would be freed in the coming days.

  70. First Group of Hostages Released by Hamas Is ‘Only a Start,’ Biden Says Video, November 24

    President Biden expressed hope that the four-day truce between Israel and Hamas could open the door to a longer cease-fire.

  71. Georgia’s Liberal Organizers Warn of a Cash Crunch and Apathy Politics, November 24

    Cost-conscious shifts in strategy and a changed political landscape have stoked fears about the groups’ ability to keep delivering victories for Democrats.

  72. Can the Palestinian Authority Really Govern Gaza After the War? Foreign, November 24

    Considered authoritarian and corrupt, the Palestinian Authority is still Washington’s choice to run the enclave. But many believe it can be credible now only if it includes Hamas.

  73. Israel, Hamas Agree to Begin Cease-Fire Friday Morning Foreign, November 24

    Prodded by the U.S., Israel agreed to the pause in hostilities and the release of 150 imprisoned Palestinians in exchange for 50 hostages held in Gaza.

  74. On Thanksgiving, Can Biden’s Family Talk Turkey? Op Ed, November 23

    With the 2024 election drawing nearer, there are crucial questions to ask.

  75. The 25 Things I’m Thankful for in American Politics Editorial, November 23

    Or 26, if you count not sharing the stuffing with George Santos.

  76. Why Is Everyone So Grumpy? Op Ed, November 23

    About the economy, that is.

  77. Are Black Voters Leaving Democrats Behind? Podcasts, November 23

    Polls suggest they might be. So we convened a very special Thanksgiving focus group to try and understand why.

  78. In Biden’s Climate Law, a Boon for Green Energy, and Wall Street Washington, November 23

    The law has effectively created a new marketplace that helps smaller companies gain access to funding, with banks taking a cut.

  79. White House Eyes Possible Threat to Good Friday Agreement: Rwanda Foreign, November 23

    Biden administration officials are watching whether the British government’s attempt to salvage its Rwanda asylum policy risks undermining the Northern Ireland peace accord.

  80. A Biden Thanksgiving: Sweeping Views of Nantucket Harbor, Calls About Israel Washington, November 22

    President Biden and Jill Biden arrived late Tuesday on Nantucket island, where they will spend Thanksgiving in a billionaire friend’s $34 million home.

  81. Terrible Choices and Deep Distrust: The Path to the Hostage Deal Washington, November 22

    The agreement between Israel and Hamas required painful negotiations, but if carried out successfully, it could lead to the release of more hostages and extend the temporary cease-fire.

  82. U.S. Presses Israel to Set Up Safe Areas During Coming Pause in Gaza War Washington, November 22

    President Biden and his aides are trying to get Israel to take measures that would reduce Palestinian civilian deaths and restore services.

  83. Before a Truce, Israeli Officials Debated Whether a Pause Would Help Hamas Foreign, November 22

    For weeks, senior Israeli leaders were divided about whether a temporary cease-fire might help Hamas regroup and endanger the remaining hostages.

  84. Bernie Sanders: Justice for the Palestinians and Security for Israel Op Ed, November 22

    How do we balance our desire to stop the fighting with the need to address the roots of the conflict?

  85. The Clearest Lesson of Javier Milei’s Thumping Victory Op Ed, November 22

    Why the age of populism looks different outside Europe and America.

  86. Will Israelis and Palestinians See Peace in Thomas Friedman’s Lifetime? Op Ed, November 22

    The columnist on a possible path to resolution.

  87. Political Pressures on Biden Helped Drive ‘Secret Cell’ of Aides in Hostage Talks Washington, November 22

    The deal came as Democrats are increasingly divided over Mr. Biden’s embrace of Israel, particularly as the civilian toll in Gaza grows.

  88. My Brother’s Thanksgiving Lament Op Ed, November 22

    Surely, he says, the greatest country in the world can do better than these two men.

  89. Ignore Trump? Democrats Now Want Him Plastered All Over the News. Politics, November 21

    The former president has been relatively quiet, out of the headlines and off mainstream social media. Democrats are hoping that more attention on him can help turn around President Biden’s fortunes.

  90. Asylum in America, by the Numbers Washington, November 21

    A migration crisis is overwhelming government resources as thousands of people come to the United States looking for safety every day.

  91. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson? Ocasio-Cortez? Mark Cuban? 12 Democrats on the Leaders We Need. Interactive, November 21

    The group discusses what the Democratic Party means to them, its current strategy and its future after Biden.

  92. U.S. Offers Another Round of Free Covid Tests Through the Mail Washington, November 20

    Households may now order another four at-home tests, or eight if they have not placed an order since the program was revived in September.

  93. ‘Congratulations, Birds’: Biden Pardons a Pair of Turkeys Washington, November 20

    The president celebrated his 81st birthday on the same day he spared two turkeys in the annual pre-Thanksgiving tradition.

  94. Is Biden vs. Trump the ‘Election We Need’? Letters, November 20

    Readers react to a column by Carlos Lozada that argues that it is. Also: Rosalynn Carter’s life; protests at Columbia University; Bidenomics.

  95. Happy Thanksgiving, Hermit Billionaires! Op Ed, November 20

    There is always something to be grateful for.

  96. Las lecciones de las campañas de Bush y Obama que Biden podría aprovechar En español, November 20

    En manos de un candidato hábil, las encuestas preliminares pueden ser un mapa de ruta para darle un giro total a una campaña en dificultades.

  97. For an Aging President, a Birthday With a Bite Washington, November 19

    President Biden has no plans for a lavish public celebration when he turns 81 on Monday, even as Democrats search for a strategy to assuage voters’ concerns about his age by next year’s election.

  98. The White House May Condemn Musk, but the Government Is Addicted to Him Washington, November 19

    Rarely has the U.S. government so depended on the technology provided by a single technologist with views that it has so publicly declared repugnant.

  99. Patients and Workers Leave Gaza Hospital Days After Israeli Raid Foreign, November 18

    Some said they were ordered to evacuate Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. The military said it had agreed to a request by the hospital director to help people leave safely.

  100. The Axe Is Sharp Op Ed, November 18

    Biden should aim more barbs at Trump, not at fellow Democrats.

  101. White House Condemns G.O.P. Demands in Impeachment Inquiry Washington, November 17

    The White House said in a letter to House Republicans that their recent subpoenas and demands for interviews were irresponsible.

  102. A Rare Opportunity to See China’s Leader Up Close and (Sort of) Personal Washington, November 17

    President Xi Jinping of China is one of the most self-contained Chinese leaders in decades, who reveals next to nothing about his personal life.

  103. Israel Displays Tunnel Shaft at Gaza Hospital and Says It Will Let In Some Fuel Foreign, November 17

    The discovery at Al-Shifa Hospital did not seem to settle the question of whether Hamas has been using the complex to hide weapons and command centers, as Israel has said.

  104. Former Obama and Biden Officials Sign Letter Defending U.S.’s Israel Stance Washington, November 17

    The letter drew 137 signatures, fewer than an earlier letter of dissent from Biden administration officials. Organizers say the new letter should carry more weight because it is not anonymous.

  105. To Become a World-Class Chipmaker, the United States Might Need Help Op Ed, November 17

    American workers can’t build a state-of-the-art chip industry alone, a policy group argues.

  106. White House Condemns Elon Musk for Spreading ‘Antisemitic and Racist Hate’ Washington, November 17

    The tech entrepreneur had endorsed a social media post that echoed the conspiracy theory that had fueled the Tree of Life synagogue killer in 2018.

  107. Want to Know What’s Bedeviling Biden? TikTok Economics May Hold Clues. Business, November 17

    Economic despair dominates social media as young people fret about the cost of living. It offers a snapshot of the challenges facing Democrats ahead of the 2024 election.

  108. Two Superpowers Walk Into a Garden The Daily, November 17

    President Biden and Xi Jinping, China’s top leader, met at a moment of tension between their two countries. Here’s how it went.

  109. Biden Signs Spending Bill, Staving Off a Government Shutdown Washington, November 17

    The bill sidesteps an immediate crisis, but the path to a longer-term agreement on government spending is unclear.

  110. Car Talk and Birthday Wishes Punctuate Biden’s ‘Trust but Verify’ Diplomacy Washington, November 17

    Despite simmering tensions, President Biden and President Xi Jinping exchanged the kind of pleasantries that adversarial leaders deploy when they are trying to make nice.

  111. For Biden, a Subtle Shift in the Power Balance With China’s Xi Jinping Washington, November 16

    For the first time in years, a Chinese leader desperately needed a few things from the United States.

  112. Friday Briefing: Israel Continues to Search Al-Shifa N Y T Now, November 16

    Plus accusations of atrocities in Darfur.

  113. Protesters Demanding Gaza Cease-Fire Shut Down Bay Bridge Washington, November 16

    Westbound traffic into San Francisco was blocked, causing enormous traffic jams on highways in the East Bay. At least 50 people were arrested.

  114. Day After Xi Meeting, Biden Says U.S. Has ‘Real Differences’ With China Washington, November 16

    Mr. Biden won applause when he noted that he and Mr. Xi had agreed to resume military-to-military communication to “reduce the risk of miscalculation.”

  115. We Talked to Some Kamala-but-Not-Joe Voters. Here’s What They Said. Upshot, November 16

    A slice of voters would vote for Vice President Harris but not President Biden, reflecting his challenges and opportunities.

  116. Israel Blocks Palestinian Americans From Entering From West Bank Washington, November 16

    The move is an apparent violation of a recent agreement that says citizens from the United States and Israel can travel to the other nation without a visa.

  117. Biden Met With Xi, in an Effort to Lower the Heat N Y T Now, November 16

    Also, salty drinking water threatens lower Louisiana. Here’s the latest at the end of Wednesday.

  118. What the Biden-Xi Talks Accomplished (and Didn't) Business, November 16

    Wednesday’s four-hour meeting in San Francisco resulted in few breakthroughs. But C.E.O.s gave the Chinese leader a standing ovation at a banquet afterward.

  119. In Talks With Biden, Xi Seeks to Assure and Assert at the Same Time Foreign, November 16

    China’s depiction of Xi Jinping’s U.S. visit reflected his sometimes-contradictory priorities: to project both strength and a willingness to engage with Washington.

  120. Biden’s Electric Car Problem The Daily, November 16

    Examining the real effect of a law meant to supercharge the production and sale of electric vehicles.

  121. Bidenomics Has a Mortal Enemy, and It Isn’t Trump Op Ed, November 16

    Yawning inequality in the American economy is causing Bidenomics to fall flat with voters.

  122. The Bush-Obama Blueprint That Gives Biden Hope for ’24 Politics, November 16

    President Biden isn’t the first incumbent to face grim polling a year out from Election Day.

  123. Las caídas desde el muro fronterizo dejan a los migrantes con lesiones devastadoras y costosas En español, November 16

    Cientos de migrantes han requerido tratamiento intensivo en hospitales estadounidenses tras intentar escalar las barreras de la frontera sur.

  124. Biden Says a ‘Real’ Palestinian State Must Come After War World, November 16

    President Biden stressed the idea that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will not end until there are two nations existing side by side.

  125. Thursday Briefing: The Biden-Xi Meeting N Y T Now, November 16

    Also, what to know about Israel’s raid on Gaza’s largest hospital.

  126. Both Biden and Xi Want to Avoid Conflict Between the U.S. and China Video, November 15

    President Xi Jinping of China told President Biden that “turning their backs on each other is not an option” for the two superpowers.

  127. Biden and Xi Meet at a Backdrop for Hollywood and Tech-Titan Weddings Washington, November 15

    The meeting took place at a giant 20th-century estate built by a family that made its fortune in the gold rush.

  128. U.S. Presses China to Stop Flow of Fentanyl Washington, November 15

    President Biden put pressure on Xi Jinping to crack down on the Chinese facilities that make chemical compounds used in potent drugs.

  129. Biden-Xi Talks Lead to Little but a Promise to Keep Talking Washington, November 15

    Both American and Chinese accounts of the meeting indicated scant progress on the issues that have pushed the two nations to the edge of conflict.

  130. Here’s the latest on the meeting. U.S., November 15

    Hints of how the two leaders will try to nudge toward agreements on some issues have emerged, even as officials have tried to lower expectations.

  131. U.S. and China Agree to Displace Fossil Fuels by Ramping Up Renewables Climate, November 15

    The climate agreement between the two countries is seen as a bright spot as President Biden prepares to meet President Xi Jinping.

  132. Más de 500 funcionarios de EE. UU. critican en una carta la política de Biden hacia Israel En español, November 14

    Los signatarios, procedentes de unas 40 dependencias gubernamentales, reflejan el desacuerdo interno en torno al apoyo a la campaña militar de Israel en Gaza.

  133. Farewell to the U.S.-China Golden Age Editorial, November 14

    The best we can hope for is a temporary truce.

  134. Biden’s message to hostages’ families: ‘Hang in there. We’re coming.’ Washington, November 14

    The United States is actively engaged in indirect talks involving Israel, Hamas and Qatar to secure their release.

  135. Redadas, campamentos y deportaciones masivas: los planes migratorios de Trump En español, November 14

    Trump quiere revivir las políticas fronterizas de su primer periodo, entre ellas la prohibición del ingreso de personas de ciertas naciones con mayoría musulmana y el Título 42.

  136. Ukraine Indicts Officials Linked to Efforts to Investigate the Bidens Foreign, November 14

    Three officials were accused of operating at the behest of Russian intelligence when they aligned with efforts by Rudolph W. Giuliani to tie the Biden family to corruption in Ukraine.

  137. Estados Unidos rumbo a 2024 En español, November 14

    Trump, Biden y unas elecciones clave, breves de la guerra en Medio Oriente y más para el inicio de la semana.

  138. U.S. Manages Expectations of a Breakthrough Before Biden and Xi Meet Washington, November 14

    President Biden and President Xi Jinping of China will try to defuse a year of bubbling tensions on Wednesday at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

  139. In Arizona, Bad Feelings About the Economy Sour Some Voters on Biden National, November 14

    The White House has hailed new investments and new jobs, yet many voters in a battleground state are chafing at inflation and housing costs.

  140. Are Democrats Whistling Past the Graveyard? Op Ed, November 14

    The political strategist Mike Podhorzer discusses what polls can — and can’t — say about 2024.

  141. Border Wall Falls Leave Migrants With Devastating — and Costly — Injuries National, November 14

    Hundreds of migrants have ended up needing extensive treatment in U.S. hospitals after trying to scale barriers along the southern border.

  142. More Than 500 U.S. Officials Sign Letter Protesting Biden’s Israel Policy Washington, November 14

    The signers, representing some 40 government agencies, reflect growing internal dissent over the administration’s support of Israel’s military campaign in Gaza.

  143. The Most Revealing Moment From My Trip to Israel Op Ed, November 14

    It is time for a Biden peace plan.

  144. The Rise and Fall of the World’s Most Successful Joint Venture Business, November 14

    China and the U.S. both gained from their economic integration. As they pull apart, each is finding it will be hard to fully replace the other.

  145. State Department employees send Blinken ‘dissent’ cables over Gaza policy. Washington, November 13

    The messages urge the Biden administration to press Israel for a cease-fire, according to U.S. officials. Two were said to have been sent in the first week of the war.

  146. Biden’s Pacific Trade Pact Suffers Setback After Criticism From Congress Business, November 13

    The administration will no longer try to announce the completion of the trade terms this week, after prominent Democrats objected to some provisions.

  147. Trump Leads in 5 Critical States as Voters Blast Biden, Times/Siena Poll Finds Video, November 13

    President Biden is trailing Donald Trump in five of the six most important battleground states one year before the 2024 presidential election, according to new polls by The New York Times and Siena College.

  148. Tuesday Briefing: Looking to a Biden-Xi Meeting N Y T Now, November 13

    Plus how much can trees help fight climate change.

  149. Biden Strengthens Ties With Indonesia Despite Tensions Over the War in Gaza Washington, November 13

    Indonesia’s president, Joko Widodo, visited the White House and appealed to President Biden to call for a cease-fire. Mr. Biden focused instead on their new strategic partnership.

  150. What’s at Stake in the Biden-Xi Meeting Business, November 13

    President Biden and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, are set to meet on Wednesday, as the two seek to maintain ties despite trade tensions.