1. Kamala Harris Is Trying to Define Her Vice Presidency. Even Her Allies Are Tired of Waiting. U.S., Today

    Ms. Harris is struggling to carve out a lane for herself in what may be one of the most consequential periods in the vice presidency.

  2. Can the State of the Union Match ‘White Lotus’? Editorial, Today

    Who will cause trouble? Who will surprise us? And who will come away liking what Joe Biden is selling?

  3. For Biden, a Chance for a Fresh Start in a New Era of Divided Government Washington, Yesterday

    The president plans to use his first State of the Union address since Republicans took control of the House to call for bipartisan cooperation. Neither he nor many others expect that to happen.

  4. U.S. Navy Divers Work to Recover Debris From Chinese Spy Balloon as Diplomacy Dwindles Washington, Yesterday

    The effort off the coast of South Carolina is expected to take days, and Navy and Coast Guard ships have been sent to the scene. U.S. officials are watching for retaliation from China.

  5. China Finds Itself With Limited Options After U.S. Shoots Down Balloon Foreign, Yesterday

    Beijing registered “strong discontent and protest.” But there may be little it can do to retaliate.

  6. The Costs of a Long War in Ukraine Op Ed, February 4

    Why the Biden White House needs to push for peace in 2023.

  7. Democrats Overhaul Party’s Primary Calendar, Upending a Political Tradition Politics, February 4

    The proposal radically reshapes the way the party picks its presidential nominees, putting more racially diverse states at the front of the line.

  8. Biden Says U.S. Economy is ‘Strong’ After Jobs Report Video, February 3

    President Biden pointed to rapid job growth and falling consumer prices as evidence that his economic agenda is working.

  9. The February 3 Russia Ukraine News live blog included one standalone post:
  10. Biden Weighs State of the Union Focus on His Unfinished Agenda Washington, February 3

    As the president prepares for his national address, his aides debate an emphasis on his still-unrealized plans for child care, prekindergarten and more.

  11. Democrats, Seeing a Weaker Trump, Are Falling in Line Behind Biden Politics, February 3

    Concerns about the president’s age are being overcome by enthusiasm about his record so far, optimism about the G.O.P. field — and the absence of better options.

  12. Chinese Spy Balloon or ‘Civilian Device’? Washington, February 3

    Here is what we know about the balloon.

  13. Trump Needs a Confrontation. His G.O.P. Rivals Don’t Have to Give Him One. Op Ed, February 3

    For now, allowing the former president to fade is wiser than attacking him.

  14. A ‘Preventable Tragedy’: Dying for Lack of an Organ Donor Letters, February 3

    Readers urge action to improve the organ donation system and save lives. Also: Budget misinformation; making bread; foie gras; against gambling.

  15. Job Growth Is a Boost for Biden as He Bets on a Lasting Turnaround Washington, February 3

    President Biden has for months pointed to solid hiring trends as evidence that his agenda has rebuilt the economy after the pandemic shutdowns.

  16. The End of the Pandemic Emergency in the U.S. The Daily, February 3

    The chapter is closing on three years of special public health measures, but that doesn’t mean Covid is over.

  17. How to Turn a Boring Speech Into Something Americans Will Actually Want to Watch Op Ed, February 3

    Without an evolutionary leap to bring it into the modern era, it will become a relic.

  18. Biden Aims to Deter China With Greater U.S. Military Presence in Philippines Washington, February 3

    U.S. officials say they are preparing to surge forces in the event of conflict with China, including over Taiwan, but do not intend to build up permanent bases.

  19. Deese, Top Economic Aide to Biden, Will Step Down This Month Washington, February 2

    Brian Deese, the director of the National Economic Council, played a pivotal role in negotiating economic legislation the president signed in his first two years in office.

  20. Bear Hugs and Dad Jokes: Ron Klain’s Tearful Goodbye Washington, February 2

    The outgoing chief of staff thanked President Biden and his staff, and held up what he said was his favorite souvenir: a rock.

  21. What ‘No’ on F-16 Fighter Jets Might Mean for Ukraine Washington, February 1

    If the usual script plays out, the Biden administration’s reluctance to provide the planes could be temporary, officials say.

  22. A major police reform bill is back in the spotlight. National, February 1

    The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which targeted racial bias and use of force, stalled in Congress during President Biden’s first year in office.

  23. The Dying Practice of Time and a Half Op Ed, February 1

    Employers inflate employee titles to dodge an important worker protection.

  24. Biden Calls for Limits on Ticket Fees for Concerts and Sporting Events Weekend, February 1

    The president made the proposal at a meeting of his competition council, roughly a week after lawmakers scrutinized Ticketmaster.

  25. Biden Clears the Way for Alaska Oil Project Climate, February 1

    The administration issued an analysis that indicates a scaled-back version of the Willow project could go forward. Opponents call the drilling plan a “carbon bomb.”

  26. ​​​​F.B.I. Search of Biden Beach House Finds No Classified Documents Washington, February 1

    The search, like at least two others conducted at locations associated with President Biden, was undertaken with the cooperation of the president and his legal team.

  27. How Much Longer Can ‘Vote Blue No Matter Who!’ Last? Op Ed, February 1

    “It’s important not to overstate the damage that some perceive liberalism as having done to the Democrats’ electoral fortunes,” one scholar says.

  28. Biden and McCarthy Discuss Debt Limit as Financial Crisis Looms Washington, February 1

    The meeting, which did not appear to yield a breakthrough, highlighted the differences between the White House and the Republicans who now control the House.

  29. Will the Gateway Tunnel Finally Become Reality? Metro, February 1

    President Biden came to town to commit $292 million to the long-delayed project, but that doesn’t mean it will really happen.

  30. How Will Joe Biden Be Remembered in 50 Years? Op Ed, February 1

    He could be seen as the savior of the free world or as the man who came up short.

  31. House Votes to End Covid Precautions as G.O.P. Uses Pandemic in Political Attacks Washington, January 31

    Republicans in Congress are seeking to capitalize on discontent about the federal coronavirus response while the party’s presidential contenders are vying to be the biggest foe of restrictions.

  32. U.S. Courts India as Technology Partner to Counter China Business, January 31

    American and Indian officials are working toward new partnerships in defense technology, advanced telecom and semiconductors.

  33. F.B.I. Searched Biden’s Former Think Tank Office in November Washington, January 31

    It is not clear if the search, which was done with the cooperation of Mr. Biden’s legal team, uncovered any additional classified files.

  34. U.S. Says Russia Fails to Comply With Nuclear Arms Control Treaty Washington, January 31

    The United States says Russia is not allowing American inspectors access to its arsenal to ensure compliance with the New START agreement, which the two nations renewed in 2021.

  35. Biden Offers Millions for New York Rail Tunnel, Courtesy of His Infrastructure Bill Washington, January 31

    President Biden’s visit to New York City comes as Republicans have accused him of supporting reckless spending that fueled inflation.

  36. Biden Demands Details on Budget Cuts From McCarthy Washington, January 31

    Ahead of a meeting at the White House on Wednesday, administration officials demanded that Republicans commit to avoiding a default on federal debt.

  37. New York’s in Play for the Democratic Convention Metro, January 31

    Mayor Eric Adams is pushing for the city to host the 2024 convention, but Chicago and Atlanta are also contenders.

  38. Tyre Nichols’s Parents to Attend State of the Union Address Washington, January 31

    “It’s important for them to be here in the gallery that night to listen to the president,” said the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, who invited them.

  39. Biden Commits Over $4 Billion to Fixing Baltimore Rail Tunnel Video, January 31

    The investment, which President Biden said would create “20,000 good-paying construction jobs,” is part of a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill that he signed into law in 2021.

  40. Burn Bags and Tracking Numbers: How the White House Handles Classified Files Washington, January 31

    Officials who have worked with Democratic and Republican presidents describe an elaborate system for classified documents but a more casual one for everyday records.

  41. U.S. Plans to End Public Health Emergency for Covid in May Washington, January 31

    The end of the emergency, planned for May 11, will bring about a complex set of policy changes and signals a new chapter in the government’s pandemic response.

  42. Will Americans Even Notice an Improving Economy? Op Ed, January 31

    There’s a stunning disconnect between perceptions and the data.

  43. Biden Visits Decrepit Rail Tunnel to Promote $1 Trillion Infrastructure Law Washington, January 30

    President Biden is focused on selling his legislative accomplishments after the new House Republican majority had vowed to block his agenda for the remainder of his term.

  44. Wall St. Is Counting on a Debt Limit Trick That Could Entail Trouble Business, January 30

    If the debt limit is breached, investors expect Treasury to put bond payments first. It’d be politically and practically fraught.

  45. Blinken Meets Netanyahu at Turbulent Moment for Israel Foreign, January 30

    The secretary of state and the Israeli leader had a ‘candid’ conversation amid deepening rifts over the Palestinians, Ukraine and a rightward shift by Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.

  46. Mishandling of Classified Information Has Congress Asking Questions Washington, January 27

    Lawmakers are seeking answers on why the executive branch is not as careful about protecting classified information as they are required to be on Capitol Hill.

  47. As Archives Leans on Ex-Presidents, Its Only Weapon Is ‘Please’ Washington, January 27

    The National Archives does not have any independent ability to enforce its request that former presidents and vice presidents scour their files for classified documents.

  48. Transcript: Ezra Klein Interviews Jessica Chen Weiss Op Ed, January 27

    The Jan. 27, 2023, episode of “The Ezra Klein Show.”

  49. Jeff Zients Will Take Over as Chief of Staff in a White House Full of ‘Klainiacs’ Washington, January 27

    President Biden formally announced that Mr. Zients, who has a business background, would be taking over for Ron Klain, a skilled political operative who has known the president for decades.

  50. U.S. Officials Overseeing Aid Say Ukrainian Leaders Are Tackling Corruption Washington, January 27

    The ouster of several officials has renewed questions about how the Zelensky government is addressing concerns about aid.

  51. ‘Does This City Fit Who We Are as a Party?’ Mayors Jockey for 2024 D.N.C. Politics, January 27

    Atlanta, Chicago and New York are finalists, and local Democrats are eager to bend President Biden’s ear to host what would be his formal nomination event.

  52. Is This How a Cold War With China Begins? Op Ed, January 27

    The political scientist Jessica Chen Weiss warns of escalating tensions between Washington and Beijing.

  53. National Archives Asks Ex-Presidents and Vice Presidents to Scour Their Files Washington, January 27

    The responsibility to comply with federal records law “does not diminish after the end of an administration,” the archives said in a letter.

  54. Biden Administration Sets a Mining Ban in Boundary Waters Wilderness Climate, January 26

    A 20-year moratorium on new mining activity for more than 225,000 acres of federal land in Minnesota could deal a fatal blow to a proposed Twin Metals copper-nickel mine.

  55. How Barr’s Quest to Find Flaws in the Russia Inquiry Unraveled Washington, January 26

    The review by John Durham at one point veered into a criminal investigation related to Donald Trump himself, even as it failed to find wrongdoing in the origins of the Russia inquiry.

  56. Biden Hammers Republicans on the Economy, With Eye on 2024 Washington, January 26

    The president has found a welcome foil in a new conservative House majority and its tax and spending plans, sharpening a potential re-election message.

  57. Some Congressional Democrats Push Back on Biden’s Immigration Policies Washington, January 26

    In a letter, over 70 Democrats urged the president to re-evaluate his asylum restrictions. House and Senate leaders didn’t sign on, exposing significant divisions in the party.

  58. With Pierogies and Artillery Shells, Scranton Fights Back in Ukraine U.S., January 26

    On a chilly Sunday morning, a Ukrainian Catholic Church holds a bake sale to buy winter coats and other supplies for soldiers, while ammunition is forged at a nearby factory.

  59. TikTok’s New Defense in Washington: Going on the Offense Business, January 26

    Keeping its head down has not paid off for the company, which now faces regulatory pressure on many fronts. So it is starting to speak out.

  60. Biden Officials Credit New Border Measures for Decline in Illegal Crossings Washington, January 26

    Crossings by migrants from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Haiti have plummeted, but Republicans and some Democrats have attacked the new policies.

  61. Obamacare Sign-Ups Top 16 Million for 2023, Setting Another Record Washington, January 26

    Enrollment in plans through the Affordable Care Act’s marketplaces broke last year’s record, with particularly high growth in Florida, Texas and Georgia.

  62. How Biden Reluctantly Agreed to Send Tanks to Ukraine Washington, January 26

    The decision unlocked a flow of heavy arms from Europe and inched the United States and its NATO allies closer to direct conflict with Russia.

  63. Biden Faces Blowback From Democrats on Classified Documents Washington, January 25

    The discovery of classified documents has thrust President Biden into an uncomfortable position after he started the new year with plans to do a victory lap of sorts.

  64. Biden Bans Roads and Logging in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest Climate, January 25

    The U.S. Forest Service rule restricts development on more than nine million acres in North America’s largest temperate rainforest, reversing a Trump decision.

  65. The Fierce Debate Over Managing Oil Prices Op Ed, January 25

    President Biden’s decision to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve comes under fire.

  66. Biden Says the United States Will Send M1 Abrams Tanks to Ukraine Video, January 25

    President Biden announced that his administration would arm Ukraine with 31 of the United States’ most advanced tanks.

  67. Biden Leery of Involvement in Potential Plea Deal in Sept. 11 Case Washington, January 25

    A proposal to end a decade-long attempt to seek the death penalty before a military tribunal carries political risks, but the Trump administration also decided the system failed.

  68. The U.S. Has Made a Coldly Logical Decision in Ukraine. So Has Russia. Op Ed, January 25

    America’s increasing commitment and Russia’s mobilization show how short wars become long ones.

  69. Ukraine Fires Officials Amid Corruption Scandal, as Allies Watch Closely Foreign, January 25

    As it fights Russia’s invasion, Ukraine depends for its survival on aid from Western nations, which have concerns about endemic graft and how the money is used.

  70. Biden’s Handling of Secret Documents Complicates the Case Against Trump Washington, January 24

    The cases are markedly different in their particulars. But they are similar enough that as a practical matter, Democrats will have a hard time using the issue against former President Donald J. Trump.

  71. As Mass Shootings Continue, Gridlock on Guns Returns to Washington Washington, January 24

    After enactment of a compromise bill last year, Congress is once again stalemated on gun control, with Republicans seeking to protect the free flow of guns and Democrats calling for more limits.

  72. Classified Documents Found at Pence’s Home in Indiana Washington, January 24

    The documents were “inadvertently boxed and transported” to the former vice president’s home at the end of the Trump administration, Mr. Pence’s representative wrote in a letter to the National Archives.

  73. Shootings revive push for an assault weapons ban. National, January 24

    The 1994 ban blocked the sale of 19 specific weapons that have the features of guns used by the military. It expired in 2004 and any new proposals are unlikely to pass a divided Senate.

  74. What Biden Miscalculated About His Classified Documents The Daily, January 24

    How the president has handled the discoveries, and why the public was in the dark for so long.

  75. What’s Biden Going to Do Without Ron Klain? Op Ed, January 24

    We will soon know just how critical the president’s chief of staff was to his success.

  76. Things Are Looking Pretty Weird for Merrick Garland Op Ed, January 24

    The special counsel regulations were not designed for the problem of having two simultaneous high-profile cases.

  77. Depleted Under Trump, a ‘Traumatized’ E.P.A. Struggles With Its Mission Climate, January 23

    Despite an injection of funding, the agency still has not recovered from an exodus of scientists and policy experts, both insiders and critics say.

  78. Biden, Trump and Classified Documents Letters, January 23

    Political implications of the documents cases. Also: The mass shooting in California; sending tanks to Ukraine; protests in Peru; college admissions.

  79. Activist Investors Are Circling Salesforce Business, January 23

    Elliott Management, the $55 billion hedge fund, has taken a big stake in the struggling tech giant, putting more pressure on its co-founder, Marc Benioff.

  80. As Tax Season Starts, a Beleaguered I.R.S. Looks to Bolster Customer Service Washington, January 23

    The Biden administration is focusing on making the agency more responsive amid concerns that a funding increase will result in more audits.

  81. The Constitution Has a 155-Year-Old Answer to the Debt Ceiling Op Ed, January 23

    Congress has to get serious about the 14th Amendment. So does President Biden.

  82. There’s a Line on George Santos’s Résumé That No One Can Cross Out Op Ed, January 23

    The freshman representative fits right in to the Republican majority in the House.

  83. Biden Lawyers Initially Thought Official Files Went to Think Tank Only Washington, January 23

    The mistaken premise helps explain why nearly two months elapsed before Mr. Biden’s lawyers searched the garage of his Delaware home for classified records.

  84. ‘We Are on the Right Side of History,’ Harris Says on Roe’s 50th Anniversary Washington, January 22

    The vice president said the Biden administration was “fighting back” against reproductive health restrictions by directing several federal agencies to explore how to support access to the abortion pill.

  85. Biden to Tap Jeff Zients as His Next White House Chief of Staff Washington, January 22

    He will replace Ron Klain, who has run President Biden’s White House since the president took office two years ago.

  86. How the U.S. Government Amassed $31 Trillion in Debt Washington, January 22

    Two decades of tax cuts, recession responses and bipartisan spending fueled more borrowing — contributing $25 trillion to the total and setting the stage for another federal showdown.

  87. Investigators Seize More Classified Documents From Biden’s Home Washington, January 22

    A team from the Justice Department conducted a 13-hour search of the president’s Wilmington residence on Friday.

  88. Ron Klain Expected to Step Down as Biden’s White House Chief of Staff Washington, January 21

    Mr. Klain’s departure would mark a rare moment of high-level turnover in an administration that has been remarkably stable through two years of crises and political battles.

  89. 25 Years Later, Looking for Lessons in the Clinton Scandal Washington, January 21

    Revelations about Bill Clinton’s sex-and-lies affair forever transformed Washington’s politics. Now, President Biden’s team seeks to fend off its own less-tawdry investigation.

  90. One of the Most Influential Ambassadors in Washington Isn’t One Washington, January 21

    Taiwan’s representative, Bi-khim Hsiao, calls herself a “cat warrior” walking a delicate diplomatic line. China calls her a troublemaker who could trigger a war.

  91. 68 Days of Silence: Why the White House Stayed Mum on Classified Documents Washington, January 20

    Advisers to President Biden calculated that the Justice Department would view possession of the documents as little more than a good-faith mistake.

  92. You Can Let Republicans Destroy the Economy, or You Can Call Their Bluff Op Ed, January 20

    The 14th Amendment offers a blueprint for tearing down the debt ceiling.

  93. What Happens Next in the Debt Limit Debate? Washington, January 20

    The Treasury Department has started employing “extraordinary measures,” but the path to raising the debt ceiling is likely to be a long one.

  94. Oh, Biden, What Have You Done? Op Ed, January 20

    The president needs to be a sharper politician than he has been and also not become his own worst enemy.

  95. White House Aims to Reflect the Environment in Economic Data Business, January 20

    The Biden administration has set out to measure the economic value of ecosystems, offering new statistics to weigh in policy decisions.

  96. Biden Says He Has ‘No Regrets’ About Not Disclosing Documents Quickly Washington, January 20

    “I think you’re going to find there’s nothing there,” the president told a reporter who asked if he regretted not divulging that classified material was found at his office before the midterms.

  97. Biden Surveys Winter Storm Damage in Northern California Video, January 20

    President Biden pledged federal support, as the state began a recovery effort that officials said could cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

  98. Biden Against the Wounded Extremists Op Ed, January 20

    The shape of his governing style is coming into focus.

  99. Don’t Try to Appease Economic Terrorists Op Ed, January 19

    Democrats should do whatever it takes to bypass the debt ceiling.

  100. Why the U.S. Is Sending More Powerful Weapons to Ukraine The Daily, January 19

    Efforts to arm Kyiv have stepped up in the past few weeks as the war enters a critical phase.

  101. Yes, Trump and Biden Both Broke the Rules. Here’s Why It’s Not the Same. Op Ed, January 19

    Biden’s case acts as a counterexample to show why Trump’s is more alarming.

  102. Biden Promises Federal Government Will Assist Storm-Ravaged California Washington, January 19

    The president visited a beach town along Monterey Bay in an effort to assess how much federal aid will be needed to help the state recover.

  103. Right-Wing Trump Allies Win Seats on Oversight, Reflecting G.O.P. Priorities Washington, January 19

    Some of the former president’s most outspoken defenders will sit on the House’s main investigative committee, underscoring their high-profile roles in the new Republican majority.

  104. Mayor Adams Again Asks for Help on Migrants, This Time in Washington Metro, January 19

    Speaking at the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Eric Adams called for the federal government to aid cities dealing with a surge of migrants.

  105. Trump and Biden Are Both Under Investigation. Will Anything Come of It? Op Ed, January 18

    Special counsel investigations have become increasingly common, but some think the system is broken.

  106. This Debt-Ceiling Fight Will Be Different Op Ed, January 18

    Ross Douthat and two analysts discuss Kevin McCarthy, the House G.O.P. and the looming drama over the government borrowing cap.

  107. So Far So Good? Biden Hopes So. Book Review, January 18

    Chris Whipple’s “The Fight of His Life” chronicles the administration in medias res.

  108. Can Joe Biden Save Israel? Op Ed, January 18

    The president should give Netanyahu some tough love.

  109. Netherlands Considers Sending Patriot Missile System to Ukraine Washington, January 17

    The Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, met in Washington with President Biden, who is trying to shore up alliances to help counter Russia and China.

  110. At a Pivotal Moment in Ukraine, U.S. and Allies Will Decide on Sending Arms Foreign, January 17

    Ukraine has a narrow window of time to retake more territory ahead of an expected Russian spring offensive, but to do that it needs weapons like armored vehicles.

  111. The Netherlands weighs sending Ukraine a Patriot system. Washington, January 17

    On a visit to the White House, the Dutch leader said he had also talked to the German chancellor on Tuesday about aiding Kyiv.

  112. The January 17 Russia Ukraine News live blog included one standalone post:
  113. Iranian-American Prisoner in Tehran Starts Hunger Strike Foreign, January 17

    Siamak Namazi, an Iranian-American businessman, appealed to President Biden to negotiate with the government in Tehran for his freedom.

  114. China Returns to Davos With Clear Message: We’re Open for Business Business, January 17

    Emerging from coronavirus lockdown to a world changed by the war in Ukraine, China sought to convey reassurance about its economic health.

  115. Hunter Biden, una historia complicada en Español, January 17

    Las tribulaciones del hijo del presidente de EE. UU., protestas en Perú y más para estar al día.

  116. Will It Be Morning in Joe Biden’s America? Op Ed, January 17

    The economic “misery index” has fallen off a cliff.

  117. White House Says It Does Not Keep Visitor Logs at Biden’s Delaware Home Washington, January 16

    A top House Republican had demanded the logs after classified documents were found at President Biden’s personal residence.

  118. And Now a Few Words About How Power Makes You Weird Op Ed, January 16

    From the royal family to the House of Representatives, it was a strange week.

  119. A Year After a Fiery Voting Rights Speech, Biden Delivers a More Muted Address Washington, January 15

    On Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, the president assured an audience at Ebenezer Baptist Church that its side in the struggle would, indeed, overcome someday.

  120. Your Monday Briefing: A Fatal Plane Crash in Nepal N Y T Now, January 15

    Also a major attack in Ukraine, Japan’s military ambitions and a preview of the Australian Open.

  121. Biden’s Goals on Northern Ireland Present Difficult Timetable for Sunak Foreign, January 15

    The American president wants Britain’s squabble with Europe over Northern Ireland trade issues settled before the 25th anniversary of the peace accord that ended sectarian violence in the North.

  122. Three Reasons the Republican Party Keeps Coming Apart at the Seams Op Ed, January 15

    Remember when it was ‘Democrats fall in love; Republicans fall in line'? Me neither.

  123. Will the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem Be Built on Confiscated Palestinian Land? Op Ed, January 15

    The Biden administration is doubling down on a reckless Trump policy.

  124. Driven by Election Deniers, This County Recounted 2020 Votes Last Week Politics, January 15

    Lycoming County, Pa., officials were persuaded to conduct a 2020 recount, a three-day undertaking that showed almost no change, but left skeptics just as skeptical.

  125. Will There Be a Biden Comeback? Op Ed, January 14

    A number of events would have to go the president’s way, and even then age is an issue.

  126. Eric Adams Heads to Mexican Border, as the Migrant Crisis Continues Metro, January 14

    The New York City mayor said the arrival of tens of thousands of asylum seekers could cost as much as $2 billion, putting pressure on the city’s budget.

  127. Additional Documents Found at Biden’s Wilmington Home, White House Says Washington, January 14

    The revelation came as the White House defended its public statements about the extent of the documents that remained in Mr. Biden’s possession.

  128. Documents Inquiry Puts Spotlight on Biden’s Frenetic Last Days as Vice President Washington, January 14

    The special counsel will have to reconstruct how a small number of classified documents made it to Mr. Biden’s home in Delaware and a private office in Washington.

  129. Why Do Documents Marked Secret Keep Showing Up in Strange Places? Op Ed, January 14

    America’s system for protecting classified documents has spun out of control.

  130. Biden Administration Faces Resistance to Plan to Sell F-16s to Turkey Washington, January 14

    The State Department has contacted Congress about major arms deals for Turkey and Greece, but a prominent senator is strongly opposed to the Ankara sale.

  131. Biden Will Deliver State of the Union Address on Feb. 7 Washington, January 13

    President Biden’s speech will be his first appearance before a House led by Republicans who are unlikely to cooperate with his agenda.

  132. How Classified Information Is Handled Washington, January 13

    Presidents have established and developed the classification system through a series of executive orders around World War II and the early Cold War.

  133. El enredo de Hunter Biden pasa a primer plano en Español, January 13

    Las autoridades pronto decidirían si acusan al hijo del presidente de EE. UU. por cargos fiscales y de posesión de armas. También enfrenta audiencias hostiles en el Congreso. Pero un análisis detallado de su historia muestra que difiere en aspectos importantes del relato promovido por los republicanos.

  134. Presidents and Their Prosecutors Washington, January 13

    Since the dark days of Watergate, every president but one has faced a special prosecutor scrutinizing them or their associates. President Biden now joins the club.

  135. Presidents and Their Prosecutors U.S., January 13

    Since the dark days of Watergate, every president but one has faced a special prosecutor scrutinizing them or their associates. President Biden now joins the club.

  136. Leader of Biden’s Covid Vaccine Effort Is Stepping Down Washington, January 13

    Dr. David A. Kessler took over Operation Warp Speed when President Biden entered office, and his departure signals the end of the program.

  137. Can’t We Protect Classified Papers Better? Letters, January 13

    Investigations into two presidents’ handling of secret documents. Also: Hunter Biden and Prince Harry; the debt limit; psychiatric care; editing; libraries.

  138. Biden and Kishida Vow to Bolster U.S.-Japan Alliance as China’s Power Grows Washington, January 13

    The two leaders discussed tensions with China, North Korea and Russia and plans for deterrence in Asia with U.S. troops and missiles.

  139. The Presidents and the Classified Documents The Daily, January 13

    How the cases of President Biden and former President Donald Trump compare.

  140. Kellyanne Conway: The Cases for and Against Trump Op Ed, January 13

    Shrugging off Mr. Trump’s 2024 candidacy is a fool’s errand. But it would also be foolish to assume that his path to another presidency would be smooth.

  141. Washington Adjusts to Altered Landscape After Justice Dept. Installs Special Counsel Washington, January 13

    The new investigation is sure to muddy the waters politically as former President Donald J. Trump cries persecution over his own documents inquiry, although the cases differ significantly.

  142. Your Friday Briefing N Y T Now, January 13

    An investigation into President Biden’s classified documents.

  143. Robert Hur, Special Counsel for Biden’s Inquiry, Knows Pitfalls of the Job Washington, January 13

    Mr. Hur spent time during the Trump administration as a top aide in the Justice Department when it installed a special counsel to oversee the Russia investigation.

  144. Western Tanks Appear Headed to Ukraine, Breaking Another Taboo Foreign, January 12

    The West has sent an array of weapons once seen as too provocative, and it looks like tanks will be next. With a new Russian offensive expected, officials see an urgent need to shift the balance.

  145. Timeline of the Biden Documents Case: What We Know So Far Washington, January 12

    More details have emerged about the discovery of classified files associated with President Biden.

  146. Classified Files: How Biden and Trump Differ Interactive, January 12

    The discovery of classified documents in President Biden’s private office and home has prompted comparisons to former President Trump’s hoarding of sensitive government records.

  147. Biden Says He Is ‘Cooperating Fully’ With Justice Department Review Video, January 12

    President Biden promised a further explanation after the White House acknowledged that a second set of classified documents had been discovered at his residence in Delaware.

  148. What Is a Special Counsel and What Can They Do? Washington, January 12

    There are now two special counsels looking into presidents — Jack Smith was appointed in November by the attorney general to oversee the two investigations into former President Trump. Here’s more about the powers of a special counsel and why they...

  149. Calls for George Santos, ‘a Fictional Character,’ to Resign Letters, January 12

    The continuing saga of the lying congressman. Also: The gender culture war; the Biden files; congressional subpoenas; misinformation.

  150. The January 12 Biden Classified Documents live blog included one standalone post: