1. Even as Oil Prices Ease, U.S. Keeps Tapping Strategic Reserve Business, Today

    The administration’s move has brought down gasoline prices. Some experts say continued withdrawals could test the nation’s energy security.

  2. Even as Oil Prices Ease, U.S. Keeps Tapping Strategic Reserve Business, Today

    The administration’s move has brought down gasoline prices. Some experts say continued withdrawals could test the nation’s energy security.

  3. Despite Iran’s Efforts to Block Internet, Technology Has Helped Fuel Outrage World, Today

    Online, Iranians engage in a world their leaders don’t want them to see.

  4. Sabotaged Pipelines and a Mystery: Who Did It? (Was It Russia?) Foreign, Yesterday

    An attack on gas lines under the Baltic Sea exposes the vulnerability of an already jittery Europe. Some officials suggested Moscow was to blame, but with little evidence, others urge caution.

  5. ‘Where’s Jackie?’ Biden Asks if Deceased Lawmaker Is at White House Event Washington, Yesterday

    President Biden apparently forgot that Representative Jackie Walorski, Republican of Indiana, had died in August.

  6. As Storm Hits, DeSantis Pauses Political Bomb-Throwing Politics, Yesterday

    As Florida’s governor and a potential Republican candidate in 2024, Ron DeSantis has often attacked President Biden and Washington. But now his state will need federal help.

  7. Meeting in Brussels Signifies a Turning Point for Allies Arming Ukraine Washington, Yesterday

    Defense officials responsible for purchasing weapons for more than 40 nations discussed how to ramp up production for a potentially yearslong war.

  8. Which Midterm Polls Should We Be Taking With a Grain of Salt? Op Ed, Yesterday

    Three writers on whether Democrats should get their hopes up.

  9. Biden Administration Unveils Plan Aiming to End Hunger in U.S. by 2030 Washington, Yesterday

    The initiative comes at a time when food prices are rising at their fastest rate in four decades and lines at food banks are swelling.

  10. Biden Maintains Current Cap on Refugee Entries Washington, Yesterday

    The decision to leave the cap at 125,000 was a contrast with the Trump administration, which severely restricted entry, but advocacy groups said migrants were still processed too slowly.

  11. Biden Says Social Security Is on ‘Chopping Block’ if Republicans Win Congress Washington, September 27

    The fate of America’s social safety net programs has re-emerged as a campaign issue ahead of November’s midterm elections.

  12. Lawsuit Seeks to Block Biden’s Student Debt Cancellation Plan Business, September 27

    A lawyer at a conservative legal group said in a complaint that he would personally be financially harmed by the government’s approach.

  13. Biden Is Hoping Small Changes Go a Long Way on Immigration Washington, September 27

    The United States has started to allow people to apply for asylum under a new process that the secretary of homeland security hopes can help fix the current “very broken system.”

  14. Are Political Winds Blowing in Republicans’ Favor Again? Upshot, September 27

    There are some signs of a drift toward issues where the party has an advantage, like the economy and immigration.

  15. Italy’s Hard-Right Lurch Raises New Concerns in Washington Washington, September 27

    The Biden administration pledged to work with the country’s new leaders despite worries. Several Republicans hailed the Italian election results.

  16. Biden’s Support for Iran Protesters Comes After Bitter Lessons of 2009 Washington, September 26

    President Biden has quickly backed demonstrators in Iran. When the country faced similar unrest 13 years ago, U.S. officials feared such a strong approach would be counterproductive.

  17. White House to Host Macron in Biden’s First State Visit Washington, September 26

    After months of pandemic-related disruptions to President Biden’s diplomatic calendar, the White House is set to welcome the French president in December.

  18. White House Student Loan Forgiveness Could Cost About $400 Billion Washington, September 26

    The estimate by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office gauged the cost over 30 years, though the bulk of the effects to the economy would be felt over the next decade.

  19. Federal Government’s $20 Billion Embrace of ‘Climate Smart’ Farming Washington, September 26

    The techniques are a cornerstone of the Agriculture Department’s approach to addressing a warming planet, but it is unclear whether more widespread deployment of such methods can truly reverse the effects of climate change.

  20. Does It Matter That Investigators Are Closing In on Trump? Op Ed, September 26

    He is not the only politician in America, even if it sometimes feels that way.

  21. Is It the Gas Prices, Stupid? Upshot, September 26

    A simpler explanation for a Democratic turnaround.

  22. Biden’s Cautious Foreign Policy Is Imperiling the United States Op Ed, September 26

    We have let Russian threats determine our actions, which encourages Russia and others to test our resolve.

  23. Factory Jobs Are Booming Like It’s the 1970s Washington, September 26

    U.S. manufacturing is experiencing a rebound, with companies adding workers amid high consumer demand for products.

  24. U.S. Warns Russia of ‘Catastrophic Consequences’ if It Uses Nuclear Weapons Washington, September 26

    The comments by the national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, illustrate how quickly the rhetoric has intensified as Russia has faltered on the battlefield in recent months.

  25. Germany’s Chancellor Has ‘a Lot’ for Ukraine. But No Battle Tanks. Foreign, September 25

    Military assistance to Kyiv has become something of a litmus test of Olaf Scholz’s ability to lead Europe through its most significant security crisis since World War II.

  26. The U.S. says Russia isn’t preparing to use nuclear weapons, yet. Foreign, September 24

  27. The September 24 Russia Ukraine Putin News live blog included one standalone post:
  28. The September 24 Russia Ukraine Putin News live blog included one standalone post:
  29. Biden Makes an Appeal on State Legislative Races Politics, September 23

    The president’s involvement is a sign that Democratic leaders are taking down-ballot contests more seriously than in past elections.

  30. Elton John, a Favorite of Trump, Performs at the Biden White House Washington, September 23

    The British pop superstar, who had avoided performing for President Biden’s predecessor, was also presented with the National Humanities Medal.

  31. Biden Has Helped the Quiet Revolution of Giving People Money Op Ed, September 23

    Dozens of pilot programs and the success of the Child Tax Credit show the merits of a guaranteed income.

  32. Officials Hopeful That Monkeypox Can Be Eliminated in the U.S. Washington, September 22

    Cases are declining nationally, and the deputy coordinator of the White House monkeypox response team said he expected that, over time, they would drop to a trickle.

  33. Pandemic Unemployment Fraud Estimate Rises to $45.6 Billion Business, September 22

    A federal watchdog tripled its earlier estimate of benefits that the U.S. government paid to people who weren’t entitled to them.

  34. Pandemic Unemployment Fraud Estimate Is Raised to $45.6 Billion Business, September 22

    A federal watchdog tripled its earlier estimate of benefits that the U.S. government paid to people who weren’t entitled to them.

  35. Biden, Putin and the War of Words Over Ukraine Letters, September 22

    Readers react to speeches by both leaders and speculate about the outcome of the conflict. Also: San Francisco’s fog; against censorship.

  36. Trump Support Remains Unmoved by Investigations, Poll Finds Upshot, September 22

    Even during peak crises during his presidency, views of him were static. Post-presidency polls have continued the trend.

  37. The Republic Podcasts, September 22

    American democracy is under threat. But for some candidates and voters, democracy isn’t even the destination anymore.

  38. Biden Condemns Russia as Threat to the World in U.N. Speech Foreign, September 21

    President Biden portrayed Russia as the chief threat to global peace and renewed warnings that “a nuclear war cannot be won.”

  39. Democrats Are Starting to Feel Hopeful About the Midterms. Should They? Op Ed, September 21

    Summer fears of an electoral wipeout have given way to cautious optimism as Democrats enjoy a changed political environment.

  40. U.S. and Allies Condemn Putin’s Troop Mobilization and Nuclear Threats Washington, September 21

    Biden administration officials vowed to continue sending military, economic and humanitarian aid to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia.

  41. Senate Ratifies Pact to Curb a Broad Category of Potent Greenhouse Gases Climate, September 21

    In a bipartisan vote, lawmakers voted to join an international agreement to phase out the hydrofluorocarbons commonly found in refrigerators and air-conditioners.

  42. Biden criticizes Iran and China on human rights and security issues. Foreign, September 21

    President Biden said that Washington “will be unabashed in promoting” a vision of a free world.

  43. The September 21 Russia Ukraine War Putin live blog included one standalone post:
  44. The September 21 United Nations General Assembly Biden live blog included one standalone post:
  45. A Cornered Vladimir Putin Is More Dangerous Than Ever Foreign, September 21

    In a major speech, he recast the war in Ukraine and made clear it could spread.

  46. The Border Crisis Could Still Be Biden’s Opportunity Op Ed, September 21

    But first it would help to admit that the border is not secure.

  47. U.S. Shores Up Ukraine Support as Energy Crisis in Europe Looms Washington, September 20

    The Biden administration is trying to keep its allies on board as the Russian invasion has sent energy prices soaring.

  48. Republican Governors to Migrants: Go Away Letters, September 20

    “Govs. Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis are using asylum seekers as political tools,” a reader writes. Also: President Biden and the pandemic; abortion prosecutors; arms for Ukraine.

  49. La mayoría de los votantes latinos están fuera del alcance del Partido Republicano, según una nueva encuesta en Español, September 20

    Una encuesta de The New York Times/Siena College revela que los demócratas están mucho peor que en el pasado con los votantes hispanos. Pero, en general, el partido ha mantenido el control sobre el electorado latino.

  50. La mayoría de los votantes latinos están fuera del alcance del Partido Republicano, según una nueva encuesta en Español, September 20

    Una encuesta de The New York Times/Siena College revela que los demócratas están mucho peor que en el pasado con los votantes hispanos. Pero, en general, el partido ha mantenido el control sobre el electorado latino.

  51. Billions in Climate Deal Funding Could Help Protect U.S. Coastal Cities Washington, September 20

    Communities across the country hope to tap into funds from Democrats’ new climate law to restore coastal habitats, part of a program that emphasizes nature-based solutions.

  52. The Single Best Guide to Decarbonization I’ve Heard Op Ed, September 20

    The energy expert Jesse Jenkins walks me through the path to our climate goals.

  53. El sistema migratorio de EE. UU. es obsoleto. Está claro en Español, September 20

    Las maniobras de los gobernadores de Texas y Florida de enviar migrantes a otros estados exponen las carencias del sobrecargado proceso de solicitud de asilo.

  54. Biden Says the Pandemic Is Over. But at Least 400 People Are Dying Daily. Washington, September 19

    The president made the remark in an interview that aired on CBS’s “60 Minutes” on Sunday night. By Monday, the backlash was in full swing.

  55. What I Saw as the Country’s First National Climate Adviser Op Ed, September 19

    The private sector now sees climate as an opportunity for job creation and economic revitalization.

  56. The September 19 Ukraine Russia War live blog included one standalone post:
  57. Ukrainian officials try to build pressure to hold Russia accountable for war crimes. Foreign, September 19

  58. Biden Calls Trump ‘Irresponsible’ Over Mar-a-Lago Documents Washington, September 19

    Speaking to “60 Minutes,” the president also declared the Covid-19 pandemic to be “over” in the United States.

  59. Biden Pays Homage to Queen Elizabeth, Calling the Monarch ‘Decent, Honorable’ Washington, September 18

    The U.S. president will be one of dozens of world leaders attending the funeral on Monday for a royal who had ruled for nearly as long as the president has lived.

  60. The Return of Combat Joe Op Ed, September 18

    President Biden’s combative side comes out periodically. That’s when he’s at his best.

  61. What Joe Biden Knows That No One Expected Him To Op Ed, September 18

    A liberalism that is as ambitious about solving problems through invention as it is through redistribution would be powerful indeed.

  62. Student Loan Subsidies Could Have Dangerous, Unintended Side Effects Business, September 18

    Experts worry that aspects of President Biden’s debt relief plan could lure unscrupulous schools and unknowing students.

  63. Majority of Latino Voters Out of G.O.P.’s Reach, New Poll Shows Politics, September 18

    A New York Times/Siena College poll found Democrats faring far worse than they have in the past with Hispanic voters. But overall, the party has maintained a hold on the Latino electorate.

  64. Biden Warns Russia, Facing Losses, Against Using Unconventional Weapons Foreign, September 17

    Some officials worry that the more cornered Vladimir Putin feels, particularly with recent setbacks from Ukraine’s counteroffensive, the greater the chance that he might turn to an unconventional weapon.

  65. EE. UU. prometió defender la democracia en Centroamérica. Los líderes de la región tenían otros planes en Español, September 17

    La estrategia del gobierno de Joe Biden para reducir la migración a través del fortalecimiento del Estado de derecho en la región no ha detenido a los autócratas ni convencido a la gente de que no se vaya.

  66. Ukraine Wants the U.S. to Send More Powerful Weapons. Biden Is Not So Sure. Washington, September 17

    President Biden wants to avoid provoking Russia at a moment when American officials fear Vladimir V. Putin could escalate the war to compensate for recent losses.

  67. ‘A Crisis Coming’: The Twin Threats to American Democracy National, September 17

    The United States faces two distinct challenges, the movement by Republicans who refuse to accept defeat in an election and a growing disconnect between political power and public opinion.

  68. The U.S. Vowed to Defend Central American Democracy. Autocrats Had Other Plans. Foreign, September 17

    The Biden administration’s plan to stem migration by building the rule of law in Central America has thus far failed to stop authoritarians or persuade people to stay.

  69. Migrants Flown to Martha’s Vineyard Say They Were Misled Washington, September 16

    The flights, arranged by Florida’s Republican governor, underscored how easily the fate of immigrants can be swept up in politics.

  70. The September 16 Ukraine Russia War live blog included one standalone post:
  71. Biden meets with relatives of Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan. Washington, September 16

    The president is trying to negotiate the release of the two Americans imprisoned in Russia amid poisoned relations over the war in Ukraine.

  72. The September 16 Ukraine Russia War live blog included two standalone posts:
  73. The Martha’s Vineyard Migrant Stunt Is Making One Truth About This Country Clear Op Ed, September 16

    America’s immigration system has long been overburdened and outdated.

  74. The Story Behind the Averted Rail Strike Is About Employers and Exploitation Op Ed, September 16

    The single best thing President Biden and the Democratic Party could do for workers is to give them the tools and support to build power for themselves.

  75. Now All Biden Has to Do Is Build It Op Ed, September 16

    Felicia Wong on the hard road ahead to make the president’s plans a lived reality.

  76. Democrats Buoyed by Abortion and Trump, Times/Siena Poll Finds Politics, September 16

    President Biden’s approval rating has climbed to 42 percent, and the number of Americans who believe the country is on the right track has doubled but remains low.

  77. What Price Is Right? Why Capping Russian Oil Is Complicated. Washington, September 16

    Officials from the Group of 7 are striving to strike a delicate balance that encourages Russia to keep pumping oil but to sell it at a discount.

  78. Biden Denounces White Supremacy at ‘United We Stand’ Summit Video, September 15

    President Biden convened the meeting at the White House to denounce white supremacy and other forms of bias, calling on Americans to speak out against prejudice.

  79. Why Is There Still No Strategy to Defeat Donald Trump? Op Ed, September 15

    Trump-bashing makes us feel good; it doesn’t turn the tide.

  80. ‘Evil Will Not Win’: Biden Denounces White Supremacy and Takes a Swipe at Trump Washington, September 15

    President Biden convened a summit at the White House and called on Americans to speak out against prejudice.

  81. Biden Praises Deal Between Railroad Unions and Companies Video, September 15

    President Biden’s administration helped broker the tentative agreement between freight rail companies and unions, avoiding what would have been an economically damaging strike.

  82. Biden to Meet With Families of Griner and Whelan, Who Are Imprisoned in Russia Washington, September 15

    The fates of both Americans have been complicated by the deteriorating diplomatic relationship between the United States and Russia over President Vladimir V. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

  83. A Detailed Rundown of Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral Day Foreign, September 15

    On Monday, dignitaries from across the globe will bid farewell to the queen at a service in Westminster Abbey.

  84. With Faraway Migrant Drop-Offs, G.O.P. Governors Are Doubling Down National, September 15

    Decisions to bus migrants to the vice president’s residence and to fly others to Martha’s Vineyard were the latest attempts to provoke outrage over record arrivals at the border.

  85. Biden Issues New Order to Block Chinese Investment in Technology in the U.S. Washington, September 15

    The move, which is bound to heighten tensions with Beijing, reflects growing unease about China’s ability to access the personal information that Americans hand over to mobile apps and other services.

  86. Railroad Unions and Companies Reach a Tentative Deal to Avoid a Strike Washington, September 15

    President Biden praised the agreement as a “big win” for workers and the rail companies.

  87. Puede que no sea una Guerra Fría, pero se siente como tal en Español, September 15

    Incluso en sus peores momentos, los estadounidenses y los soviéticos siguieron hablando. Hoy, los contactos entre Estados Unidos y China son escasos, mientras Pekín y Moscú se acercan.

  88. Previewing the Next NYT/Siena Poll Upshot, September 15

    In our July survey, the president’s approval rating was 33 percent. A lot has changed in the last two months, so will it show up in this week’s survey?

  89. At Detroit Auto Show, Biden Announces Money for Charging Stations Washington, September 14

    The president announced the first phase of a plan to invest $7.5 billion toward building a national network for recharging electric vehicles.

  90. Biden Maneuvers to Try to Avoid Devastating Rail Strike Washington, September 14

    The Biden administration is considering executive action to try to avoid a shutdown of the nation’s rail network that would harm the economy ahead of the midterm elections.

  91. Top E.U. Official Is Becoming an Unexpected Wartime Leader Foreign, September 14

    In her annual address, Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, pushed for the bloc to remain firm in the face of Russian aggression.

  92. U.S. Establishes Trust With $3.5 Billion in Frozen Afghan Central Bank Funds Washington, September 14

    The Afghan Fund, which will be based in Switzerland, is meant to help stabilize Afghanistan’s economy and pay for imports like electricity — without benefiting the Taliban.

  93. U.S. to Move Forward on Military Aid to Egypt Despite Lawmakers’ Concerns Washington, September 14

    Senior Democratic lawmakers said the United States should not give $300 million in aid to Egypt until it improves its human rights record, in the latest instance of tensions over Middle East policies.

  94. The College Pricing Game The Daily, September 14

    In the wake of student debt relief, an exploration of how higher education costs became such a complex issue.

  95. Where the New Climate Law Means More Drilling, Not Less Climate, September 14

    A compromise built into the law ensures oil and gas leasing in the Gulf of Mexico for the next decade. Activists say the region has been “sacrificed” to fossil fuels.

  96. Biden Flies Home to Wilmington to Vote in Delaware Primary Washington, September 14

    The president and the first lady arrived in Delaware shortly before polls closed to cast their votes in Tuesday’s primary election.

  97. Putin Will Make People Choose Between Heating and Eating This Winter Op Ed, September 13

    To defeat petro-Putinism in Europe, U.S. energy policy has to be the arsenal of democracy.

  98. Ukraine’s Achievement Is Biden’s, Too Op Ed, September 13

    As Russian troops flee their positions, now is the time to press the military advantage.

  99. Sobering Inflation Report Dampens Biden’s Claims of Economic Progress Washington, September 13

    The president is trying once again to accentuate the positives in the recovery from recession, but stubbornly high prices are complicating the message.

  100. Biden Celebrates Inflation Reduction Act as Price Pressures Remain High Video, September 13

    The Consumer Price Index report for August showed inflation had not cooled as the administration had hoped and Americans had lost buying power over the last year as prices rose faster than wages.

  101. Could This Political Marriage Be Saved? Biden and Obama Found a Way. Book Review, September 13

    In “The Long Alliance,” Gabriel Debenedetti traces how political leaders of different generations and contrasting temperaments helped each other succeed.

  102. The U.S. Touts Big Investments for Mexico, Testing Its Nationalist Policies Foreign, September 13

    U.S. officials are looking south for a strategic partner to create a regional manufacturing hub that can rival China. But there are still doubts over Mexico’s willingness to cater to foreign industry.

  103. This Might Not Be a Cold War, but It Feels Like One Foreign, September 13

    Even at their worst moments, the Americans and the Soviets kept talking. Today, U.S.-China contacts are scarce, while Beijing and Moscow move closer together.

  104. Why Things May Really Be Different for This Midterm Election Upshot, September 13

    This cycle, the arguments for Democratic strength cut against the conventional wisdom that the party in power struggles in midterms.

  105. Is America in a Recession? Here’s What 16 Biden and Trump Supporters Think. Interactive, September 13

    16 Americans discuss inflation, the prospect of a recession and student loan debt cancellation.

  106. Strike Threat on Freight Railroads Is New Supply Chain Worry Business, September 12

    Administration officials are pushing for a settlement to head off a walkout by tens of thousands of workers on Friday.

  107. Biden Announces His Pick to Lead New Biomedical Research Agency Video, September 12

    President Biden said he had selected Dr. Renee Wegrzyn, a biotech executive with government experience, to be the director of a new federal agency aimed at driving biomedical innovation.

  108. Biden Will Be There. Putin Will Not. The Funeral Guest List is Coming Together. Foreign, September 12

    Heads of state and royalty from around the world are expected to attend the funeral on Sept. 19.

  109. Yellen to Visit I.R.S. Facility as Biden Administration Prepares to Bolster Tax Agency Business, September 12

    The Treasury secretary will deliver a speech to staff laying out the modernization plans.

  110. Democrats’ Midterm Dilemma: How to Back Biden, Yet Shun Him, Too Politics, September 12

    Democratic candidates have been trying to signal their independence from the White House, while not distancing themselves from his base or his agenda.

  111. Biden Picks Biotech Executive to Lead New Biomedical Research Agency Washington, September 12

    Dr. Renee Wegrzyn is President Biden’s choice to lead the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health, which is aimed at driving biomedical innovation.

  112. Must We Discuss the Queen and the Donald in the Same Breath? Op Ed, September 12

    For one thing, the job of king is already taken.

  113. Marking 9/11, Biden Remembers the ‘Precious Lives Stolen From Us’ Washington, September 11

    Members of the Biden administration honored the victims of the attacks, which, 21 years later, remain deeply painful for the family members who lost loved ones.

  114. All Biden Has to Do Now Is Change the Way We Live Op Ed, September 11

    The president’s legacy — and our climate future — will turn on what actually gets built, and how fast.

  115. Democrats Didn’t Conjure Up the Demand for MAGA Candidates Op Ed, September 10

    The Republican base has shown us what it wants, repeatedly.

  116. In Ohio, Biden Says Democrats Have Started a Manufacturing Revival Washington, September 9

    President Biden attended the groundbreaking for an Intel computer chip factory in a heavily Republican part of Ohio, an effort to focus voter attention on parts of the economy that are improving.

  117. Was Biden’s Democracy Speech Too Harsh? Letters, September 9

    Readers discuss Bret Stephens and Ross Douthat’s criticism of the Philadelphia speech. Also: Reasons for the teacher shortage; the reusable bag glut.

  118. Biden Is Telling You That Trump Is a Threat, and the Proof Is Everywhere Op Ed, September 9

    Trump is the chosen candidate of reactionary billionaires and fanatical opponents of racial and gender equality for a reason.

  119. A Global Outpouring of Grief Mixes With Criticism of the Monarchy Foreign, September 8

    Queen Elizabeth II was remembered by ordinary Britons, world leaders and other royals for her grace, humor and longevity. Others had more conflicted views on the monarchy.

  120. The Queen Met 13 Sitting U.S. Presidents, Who Basked in Her Global Prestige Washington, September 8

    Queen Elizabeth II was a gracious host and guest over the last seven decades, even when faced with protocol mistakes and awkward missteps.

  121. President Biden remembers a monarch who ‘defined an era.’ Washington, September 8

    Biden first met Queen Elizabeth in 1982 during a trip to Britain as a young senator. His most recent meeting came about a year ago, in Cornwall, England.

  122. Why Economic Populism Remains the Winning Ticket Book Review, September 8

    In “The Middle Out,” Michael Tomasky contends that Joe Biden is following a smart path in a time of growing inequality and financial distress.

  123. 4 Types of Voters We’re Watching in the Midterms Politics, September 7

    For our podcast The Run-Up, Astead Herndon and his team are talking with voters of all stripes. For many of them, frustration with politics is tied to their worries about democracy.

  124. Biden Tries to Condemn Trumpism, Without Writing Off the G.O.P. Washington, September 7

    President Biden has taken pains to show that he understands there is a difference between what he calls extremist “MAGA Republicans” and other members of the Republican Party.

  125. Bidens Host Obamas for Official White House Portraits Unveiling Video, September 7

    The official portraits of the former president and first lady were finally unveiled in the White House after Donald J. Trump broke tradition by not holding the ceremony while in office.

  126. Lawmakers Press Biden to Track U.S. Aid Tied to Civilian Harm in Yemen Washington, September 7

    Democrats and Republicans want the administration to do more to ensure that American military aid to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates does not contribute to civilian casualties.

  127. Is the Democratic Midterm Surge Overrated? Why Republicans Can Still Win the House and Senate. Op Ed, September 7

    The Dobbs ruling and falling gas prices may have shifted the narrative. But the G.O.P.’s chances in the midterms still look good.

  128. The U.S. Has Led the War on Drugs Abroad for Decades, and It’s Been a Staggering Failure Op Ed, September 7

    The Biden administration’s new forward-thinking national policies are a step in the right direction, but the president must go further and end the global drug war.

  129. Clean Energy Projects Surge After Climate Bill Passage Business, September 7

    Investments in battery factories, solar panel manufacturing and mining will help the Biden administration meet targets for reducing greenhouse gases.

  130. With Malice Toward Quite a Few Op Ed, September 6

    When it comes to saving democracy, Joe Biden slumps to the occasion.

  131. A User’s Guide to the Midterm Elections The Daily, September 6

    What happens in November won’t just be about who wins and who loses. Astead W. Herndon, the host of “The Run-Up,” explains why the stakes are so high.

  132. The Stakes Podcasts, September 6

    This November, Americans will head to the polls for the first major political test since Jan. 6.

  133. Debtors, Unite! You Have Nothing to Lose but Your Shame. Op Ed, September 6

    Conversations about debt are never purely about economics. They are always also conversations about power and morality.

  134. Biden Administration Has Admitted One Million Migrants to Await Hearings Washington, September 6

    The presence of asylum seekers in the United States is both a humanitarian challenge and a political flash point in a divided country.

  135. Biden Puts Defense of Democracy at Center of Agenda, at Home and Abroad Washington, September 6

    President Biden’s foreign policy priority overlaps with a main domestic drive — both made more urgent by the persistent power of China, Russia and Donald J. Trump.

  136. Biden Administration Releases Plan for $50 Billion Investment in Chips Washington, September 6

    The Commerce Department issued guidelines for companies angling to receive federal funding aimed at bolstering the domestic semiconductor industry.

  137. With Voters From Both Parties Energized, Campaigns Begin Fall Sprint Politics, September 5

    Republicans are focusing on pocketbook issues, and Democrats are emphasizing abortion rights, as Labor Day marks the start of the midterm elections’ final stretch.

  138. Has Bidenomics Been Good for Workers? Op Ed, September 5

    Yes, creating millions of jobs is a good thing.

  139. Even With Biden as a Pro-Labor Champion, Unionizing Is Still a Grind Op Ed, September 5

    A flurry of new organizing efforts is giving young people hope.

  140. Biden Shouldn’t Apologize to Republicans Op Ed, September 4

    The president said that Trumpism resembles “semi-fascism.” He’s right.

  141. Trump Lashes Out in First Rally Since F.B.I. Search Politics, September 4

    Donald J. Trump and President Biden have both made recent appearances in Pennsylvania, one of the key states in November’s midterm elections.

  142. Does Biden Really Believe We Are in a Crisis of Democracy? Op Ed, September 3

    The president’s strategy and rhetoric make more sense if he doesn’t.

  143. They Have Debt but No Degree. Could Loan Forgiveness Send Them Back to School? National, September 3

    Millions took on debt for college but left without graduating, making it harder to repay their loans. Will the Biden administration’s relief plan get them to try again?

  144. Why Aren’t Student Loans Simple? Because This Is America. Business, September 3

    Instead of making higher education free, we subsidize it later through repayment plans and attempts at debt cancellation. The complexity is disrespectful.

  145. Parties’ Divergent Realities Challenge Biden’s Defense of Democracy Washington, September 3

    The president seeks to confront threats to American institutions, but Americans are deeply divided on who is imperiling them.

  146. Americans Think Our Democracy Is on the Brink. So Does Biden. Politics, September 2

    We examine the president’s speech in Philadelphia with Zolan Kanno-Youngs, a White House reporter.

  147. Pennsylvania Stakes Its Claim as Center of the Political Universe Politics, September 2

    Few states feature as many high-stakes, competitive races, each pulsing with the political currents that are shaping midterm campaigns across the country.

  148. White House Requests $47 Billion for Pandemic Response and Ukraine Aid Washington, September 2

    The request to Congress comes as lawmakers face a Sept. 30 deadline to finish annual funding bills for the fiscal year that begins on Oct. 1.

  149. A mother-daughter generational divide Climate, September 2

    My mom loves cars, but I despise them. Our yearslong debate is a window into the connection between our personal choices and the future of our climate.