1. Ambassador to E.U. to Testify That Trump Delegated Ukraine Policy to Giuliani U.S., Today

    Gordon D. Sondland said in his prepared statement to House impeachment investigators that he was disappointed the president involved his personal lawyer in diplomacy with Kiev.

  2. Gordon Sondland, E.U. Envoy, Testifies That Trump Delegated Ukraine Policy to Giuliani U.S., Today

    Gordon D. Sondland said in his prepared statement to House impeachment investigators that he was disappointed the president involved his personal lawyer in diplomacy with Kiev.

  3. The Other Candidates Are Coming for Warren Opinion, Today

    And happy birthday to “The Argument”!

  4. Nepotism Is Everywhere, Trevor Noah Says Arts, Today

    The “Daily Show” host was taken aback to see the Trump sons, of all people, give Hunter Biden trouble for capitalizing on the family name.

  5. Two-Person Race? Moderates, and Bernie Sanders, Say Not So Fast U.S., Yesterday

    Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg are vying to become the pragmatic alternative to Joe Biden. Mr. Sanders is trumpeting endorsements to compete with Elizabeth Warren.

  6. In Democratic Fund-Raising, Joe Biden Falls Far Behind U.S., Yesterday

    In the past three months, Mr. Biden spent more on his campaign than he raised. He begins an aggressive phase of the primary race with far less cash on hand than top rivals.

  7. A Dozen Democrats on the Debate Stage Opinion, Yesterday

    Readers offer both praise and criticism, suggesting how some questions could have been handled better.

  8. Breaking Down the Biggest Debate Attacks on Warren Video, Yesterday

    Senator Elizabeth Warren was the prime target of her rivals at Tuesday’s debate. Patrick Healy, the political editor for The New York Times, explains what this means for the Democratic contest.

  9. All You Need to Know About Last Night’s 2020 Democratic Debate U.S., Yesterday

    Biden’s son. Bernie’s heart. Warren’s health plan. Here’s a look at some of the moments that stood out during the debate.

  10. The Moderates Strike Back: The 4th Democratic Debate Podcasts, Yesterday

    Candidates asserted themselves by attacking Elizabeth Warren, not Joe Biden, revealing a shifting balance of power in the Democratic field.

  11. It Was the Best of Warren. It Was the Worst of Warren. Opinion, Yesterday

    Tuesday’s debate — the tensest yet — put the Democrats’ newly minted front-runner to the test.

  12. Can Buttigieg or Klobuchar Push Biden Aside? Opinion, Yesterday

    The Midwestern centrists are the only two plausible not-Biden candidates.

  13. Democratic Debate Like a Nightclub on a Tuesday, Trevor Noah Says Arts, Yesterday

    “Everyone gets in,” Trevor Noah joked about Tuesday’s debate, in which a record 12 candidates participated.

  14. 6 Takeaways From the October Democratic Debate U.S., Yesterday

    Elizabeth Warren was called out by rivals for a change, Joe Biden failed to stand out and Bernie Sanders calmed concerns about his health. Pete Buttigieg had his biggest night yet.

  15. Unified Against Trump on Syria, Democrats Struggle to Define Alternate Strategy U.S., October 15

    After decades of trying to prove their toughness on national security, the candidates described an allies-first, tough-on-Russia foreign policy. But many of them, too, want to withdraw from the Middle East.

  16. Elizabeth Warren, Candidate With the Plans, Needed One for All the Incoming Attacks U.S., October 15

    Her reward for a steady rise in the polls? Criticism from her debate rivals.

  17. Joe Biden Stresses His Part in Elizabeth Warren’s Signature Accomplishment U.S., October 15

    Twelve Democratic presidential candidates shared the stage in Ohio for the fourth televised primary debate.

  18. The Democratic Debate: Watch the Highlights Video, October 15

    Twelve Democratic presidential candidates shared the stage for the debate in Westerville, Ohio. Here are the key moments from the evening.

  19. Is Automation Threatening American Jobs? Democrats Debate U.S., October 15

    Twelve Democratic presidential candidates shared the stage in Ohio for the fourth televised primary debate.

  20. Kurds in Syria Were Sold Out by President Trump, 2020 Democrats Say U.S., October 15

    Twelve Democratic presidential candidates shared the stage in Ohio for the fourth televised primary debate.

  21. 2020 Democrats Say President Trump ‘Sold Out the Kurds’ in Syria U.S., October 15

    Twelve Democratic presidential candidates shared the stage in Ohio for the fourth televised primary debate.

  22. Warren Draws Fire From All Sides, Reflecting a Shift in Fortunes in Race U.S., October 15

    The criticism of Elizabeth Warren illustrated her status as an emerging front-runner, while Joe Biden faced scrutiny over his son’s financial dealings overseas.

  23. ‘My Son Did Nothing Wrong. I Did Nothing Wrong,’ Biden Says Video, October 15

    Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. largely dodged a question about whether it was proper for his son Hunter to work for a Ukrainian energy company.

  24. Biden Defends Son Hunter at Debate, Saying Focus Should Be on Trump U.S., October 15

    Twelve Democratic presidential candidates shared the stage in Ohio for the fourth televised primary debate.

  25. Which Candidates Got the Most Speaking Time in the Democratic Debate Interactive, October 15

    Senator Elizabeth Warren and Joseph R. Biden Jr. led the stage of 12 candidates.

  26. October Democratic Debate: Full Video and Analysis Interactive, October 15

    Watch the live stream of the CNN/New York Times debate and follow along with real-time analysis from our reporters. The video and chat begin at 8 p.m. ET.

  27. Trump and Impeachment: The Elephant in the Room at Tonight’s Debate U.S., October 15

    Far more than at the previous Democratic debates, President Trump will be a major factor in the discussion, scrambling the candidates’ calculations about what to say onstage.

  28. The Ukrainian Prosecutor Behind the Dossier Targeting Hunter Biden World, October 15

    Kostiantyn H. Kulyk has been indicted himself on corruption charges and has a reputation for using investigations as political weapons.

  29. How Close Are Barack Obama and Joe Biden? Books, October 15

    Steven Levingston’s “Barack and Joe” looks at a relationship that continues to influence American politics.

  30. Debate Night: What I’ll Be Watching For Opinion, October 15

    Here we go again.

  31. How to Watch the CNN/New York Times Debate U.S., October 15

    Tuesday’s 2020 presidential primary debate is in Ohio. Here’s everything you need to know.

  32. 2020 Campaign Quiz Interactive, October 15

    How closely have you been paying attention to the 2020 campaign so far? Test your knowledge and see how your answers stack up with others.

  33. 2020 Campaign Quiz Interactive, October 15

    How closely have you been paying attention to the 2020 campaign so far? Test your knowledge and see how your answers stack up with others.

  34. Hunter Biden Admits to ‘Poor Judgment’ but Denies ‘Ethical Lapse’ in Work Overseas U.S., October 15

    In an interview with ABC News, Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s son rejected as “ridiculous” President Trump’s suggestions that he and his father had engaged in wrongdoing.

  35. Why Are Democrats Jilting G.O.P. Voters Who Want to Like Them? Opinion, October 15

    Candidates are leaving potential Republican converts without options.

  36. Elizabeth Warren Divides the Room Opinion, October 15

    While Trump divides the world.

  37. Which Candidates Will Win Tonight’s Democratic Debate? Six Experts Offer Tips U.S., October 15

    We asked veterans of political debates for the advice they would give to each of the Democratic hopefuls onstage Tuesday.

  38. Democratic Debate Preview: The ‘On Politics’ Guide U.S., October 14

    There are bound to be some fireworks at the CNN/New York Times debate. Here’s what we’ll be watching Tuesday night.

  39. Can Joe Biden Deliver the Debate Performance He Needs? U.S., October 14

    Mr. Biden in recent days has been more forceful in defending his family and denouncing the president. Some voters and Democratic officials think he should do more.

  40. What to Watch for in the CNN/New York Times Debate Interactive, October 14

    Join Maggie Haberman, Astead Herndon, Jonathan Martin, Alex Burns, Lisa Lerer and Patrick Healy for a preview of Tuesday night’s Democratic debate. We’ll look at the political dynamics that will frame the debate, analyze issues that may come up, and take reader questions.

  41. Where the ‘Loony Libs’ Are Self-Destructing, Not Trump Opinion, October 14

    To conservatives in this part of rural Iowa, the president is a beleaguered hero who is always Making America Great Again.

  42. It’s Time to Talk to Iran Opinion, October 14

    With tensions rising in the Middle East and Iran suffering under sanctions, this may be the last best opportunity to walk back from the brink.

  43. Facebook Political Ads: What the 2020 Candidates’ Campaign Spending Reveals Interactive, October 14

    Candidates have spent more money on Facebook than TV this year. See what coalitions they are trying to build through Facebook ads.

  44. Hunter Biden to Leave Chinese Company Board, His Lawyer Says U.S., October 13

    He plans to resign from the BHR board of directors on or by Oct. 31, his lawyer said in a statement.

  45. Hunter Biden to Leave Chinese Company Board, Addressing Appearance of a Conflict U.S., October 13

    As next debate approaches, Joseph R. Biden’s son also said he would not work for foreign-owned companies if his father became president.

  46. The Week in Business: Facebook’s Role in Impeachment Business, October 13

    Plus, the N.B.A.’s multibillion-dollar relationship with China hits a snag.

  47. How ‘White Guilt’ in the Age of Trump Shapes the Democratic Primary U.S., October 13

    The changing racial attitudes of white liberals are changing how 2020 candidates try to win votes.

  48. Amid Show of Support, Trump Meets With Giuliani Over Lunch U.S., October 12

    The president’s multiple shows of support for his personal lawyer on Saturday seemed meant to tamp down questions about Mr. Giuliani’s standing.

  49. Trump Defends Giuliani Amid Deepening Ukraine Criminal Probe U.S., October 12

    The president said on Twitter that Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former New York City mayor and one-time federal prosecutor, was the target of a “witch hunt.”

  50. What Happened in the Trump Impeachment Inquiry This Week U.S., October 12

    The White House says the impeachment inquiry is invalid. Joe Biden says impeach. Ukraine, Syria and Turkey.

  51. Biden on Impeachment, L.G.B.T.Q. Forum: This Week in the 2020 Race U.S., October 12

    Here are seven things that happened on the presidential campaign trail this week.

  52. Giuliani Is Said to Be Under Investigation for Ukraine Work U.S., October 11

    Prosecutors are investigating whether the president’s lawyer broke laws meant to prevent covert foreign influence on the government.

  53. Those Foreign Business Ties? The Trump Sons Have Plenty Too U.S., October 11

    The Trumps have criticized Hunter Biden for doing business overseas while his father was vice president. Last month, the Trumps won approval in Scotland to build 500 homes.

  54. Democrats Will Hope for a ‘Bump’ at Next Week’s Debate. What’s It Worth? U.S., October 11

    In a crowded field, experts agree, debates can result in a momentary spike in support for second-tier candidates — but it rarely lasts.

  55. The Democrats Worth Staying Up Past Bedtime For U.S., October 11

    For the way-too-young-to-vote crowd, 2020 events are still a draw.

  56. Trump Lashes Out at Bidens at Campaign Rally Video, October 11

    President Trump criticized former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Mr. Biden’s son, Hunter, during a rally in Minneapolis on Thursday, his first since the beginning of an impeachment inquiry last month.

  57. House Impeachment Investigators to Question Ukraine Envoy U.S., October 11

    The expected interview on Capitol Hill of Marie L. Yovanovitch, who was recalled from Ukraine by the Trump administration, was itself remarkable because she remains a government employee

  58. Trump Had Ukraine Envoy Removed on ‘False Claims,’ She Tells House Inquiry U.S., October 11

    Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch was recalled from Ukraine, she told impeachment investigators on Friday, despite a boss saying she had “done nothing wrong.”

  59. Ukraine Envoy Says She Was Told Trump Wanted Her Out Over Lack of Trust U.S., October 11

    Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch was recalled from Ukraine after a long campaign against her by Rudolph Giuliani and his allies. Her boss told her she had “done nothing wrong.”

  60. The Week in Tech: Navigating the Chinese Minefield Technology, October 11

    American tech companies want access to customers in China. But they’re learning that can come with a lot of baggage.

  61. Why Populist Democrats Have Gained the Upper Hand in the 2020 Race U.S., October 11

    As next week’s debate looms, polls and donor contributions suggest a party seeking candidates who will push the boundaries, while moderates argue they can beat President Trump.

  62. October Democratic Debate: The Biggest Stage Ever Interactive, October 11

    On Tuesday night, a dozen candidates will crowd the debate stage at once. Here are the key dynamics to watch for in the biggest primary debate in history.

  63. At Minneapolis Rally, an Angry Trump Reserves Sharpest Attack for Biden U.S., October 10

    At a fiery campaign rally Thursday night in Minnesota, President Trump said former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. did nothing but “kiss Barack Obama’s ass.”

  64. Ukraine Saga’s Growing Cast of Characters U.S., October 10

    New details emerged on Thursday after the indictment of two associates of Rudolph W. Giuliani.

  65. Tiptoeing Around Hunter Biden U.S., October 10

    There’s no evidence the Bidens did anything improper in Ukraine. But there’s still the image of a son doing business overseas while his father was vice president.

  66. Ukraine’s President: ‘I Wanted to Be World Famous,’ but Not This Way World, October 10

    Volodymyr Zelensky came to office vowing to fight corruption and forge peace. Then came the Trump phone call. Today, in a marathon news conference, he tried to start over.

  67. Undeterred by White House Threat, Democrats Push Impeachment Inquiry Ahead U.S., October 9

    Democrats want to test the limits of the White House’s refusal to hand over documents and witnesses related to Ukraine.

  68. Joe Biden Calls for Trump’s Impeachment U.S., October 9

    It was the first time the former vice president expressed support for full impeachment. He had previously backed a congressional inquiry.

  69. On Ukraine Aid, ‘Nothing to See Here’: Diplomats Urged to Play Down Funds’ Release World, October 9

    A series of internal State Department emails reflect diplomats’ frustration with the unexpected freeze on funding that Congress had already approved.

  70. On Ukraine Aid, ‘Nothing to See Here’: Diplomats Urged to Play Down Funds’ Release World, October 9

    A series of internal State Department emails reflect diplomats’ frustration with the unexpected freeze on funding that Congress had already approved.

  71. What Hunter Biden Did Was Legal — And That’s the Problem Opinion, October 9

    We need a Washington Corrupt Practices Act to stop political families from self-dealing.

  72. On Climate Change, Biden Has a Record and a Plan. Young Activists Want More. Climate, October 9

    No presidential candidate has Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s experience in the trenches of the climate wars. For a youth-driven movement, though, he may not be the man of the hour.

  73. What Joe Biden Learned at the Last Two Impeachments U.S., October 9

    Until Wednesday, he had resisted calling for President Trump’s impeachment. His experience as a senator helps explain his restraint.

  74. Facebook’s Hands-Off Approach to Political Speech Gets Impeachment Test Technology, October 8

    The company’s handling of a Trump campaign ad with unsubstantiated accusations about Joseph Biden foreshadows a continuing fight over misinformation.

  75. Late Night Suggests Kurdish Forces Dig Up Dirt on Joe Biden Arts, October 8

    “Or as I like to call it, a Kurd pro quo,” Trevor Noah joked Monday.

  76. Rick Perry’s Focus on Gas Company Entangles Him in Ukraine Case U.S., October 7

    The energy secretary pushed for changes at Naftogaz with Ukraine’s new president as President Trump sought inquiries into political opponents.

  77. The Trump-Biden Imbroglio Over Ukraine Opinion, October 7

    Readers offer Joe Biden a succinct response to accusations against him, discuss the significance of “though” and suggest the term “Trumpwashing” to describe the president’s strategy.

  78. ‘I Gave the Other Guy a Shot’ U.S., October 7

    After taking a chance on Donald Trump in 2016, a swing county in western Pennsylvania is up for grabs again.

  79. ‘We Absolutely Could Not Do That’: When Seeking Foreign Help Was Out of the Question U.S., October 6

    In every other modern White House, enlisting foreign powers to obtain a political advantage at home was seen as unwise and politically dangerous, if not wrong.

  80. Top Biden Donors Gather Amid Storm Clouds Over Campaign U.S., October 5

    Now fourth in the Democratic money chase and under fire from President Trump, Joseph R. Biden Jr. is increasingly dependent on his top donors, many of whom met in Philadelphia.

  81. Meet the Ukrainian Ex-Prosecutor Behind the Impeachment Furor World, October 5

    President Trump’s allies sought help from a prosecutor with no formal legal training and a long history of wielding the law in personal battles.

  82. The Week in Impeachment Inquiry News U.S., October 5

    Trump requests China’s help. Read the whistle-blower complaint at the heart of the inquiry. See who’s been subpoenaed. Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. And more.

  83. What Happened in the Trump Impeachment Inquiry This Week U.S., October 5

    Trump requests China’s help. Read the whistle-blower complaint at the heart of the inquiry. See who’s been subpoenaed. Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. And more.

  84. Biden Faced His Biggest Challenge, and Struggled to Form a Response U.S., October 5

    As Trump made unfounded allegations about Biden and his son, the former vice president was torn over what to do. He now looks more vulnerable than at any point in the campaign.

  85. Bernie Sanders Has a Heart Attack: This Week in the 2020 Race U.S., October 5

    Here are seven things that happened in the presidential campaign this week.

  86. Facing Fresh Revelations, Republicans Struggle to Mount a Defense of Trump U.S., October 4

    Top Republicans have labored to find a unified message to push back against the rapidly expanding inquiry and break through a cascade of damaging information.

  87. Trump’s Call to China to Investigate Biden Could Complicate Trade Talks Business, October 4

    The U.S. and China are trying to reach agreement, but President Trump’s request is likely to increase scrutiny of any trade pact.

  88. Trump Claims Texts Prove No ‘Quid Pro Quos of Any Kind’ With Ukraine. But His Ambassador Suspected One. U.S., October 4

    Speaking to reporters, President Trump also said his requests for information on former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his son Hunter Biden don’t “pertain to anything but corruption.”

  89. House Requests Documents From Pence in Impeachment Inquiry U.S., October 4

    Chairmen of three congressional committees in the House impeachment inquiry requested documents from Vice President Mike Pence about “any role you may have played” in a pressure campaign on Ukraine.

  90. Impeachment Investigators Subpoena White House and Ask Pence for Documents on Ukraine U.S., October 4

    House Democrats sent a subpoena to the White House requesting a vast range of documents about President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine and efforts to cover up his actions.

  91. Volker Gives New Details on Giuliani’s Role in Ukraine Policy U.S., October 4

    During private testimony, Kurt D. Volker, the special envoy, said Rudolph W. Giuliani rejected a generic anticorruption statement Ukraine planned to release.

  92. Owner of Firm Tied to Hunter Biden Will Be Subject of Ukraine Prosecutor’s Review World, October 4

    The development came amid an impeachment inquiry against President Trump linked to a request that Ukraine investigate the former vice president and his son.

  93. Pence Makes Clear There Is No Daylight Between Him and Trump U.S., October 3

    The vice president has risen to his boss’s defense at a moment of crisis that some Republicans fear could inflict lasting damage on them both.

  94. What We Know About Hunter Biden’s Business in China U.S., October 3

    Without presenting any evidence, President Trump suggested that China showered money on Mr. Biden to influence his father as vice president and win favorable trade deals with the United States.

  95. Trump, the Self-Impeaching President Opinion, October 3

    Now he wants China to investigate the Bidens and help his re-election bid. Give him this, he’s not subtle.

  96. Trump Envoys Pushed Ukraine to Commit to Investigating Biden U.S., October 3

    Two American diplomats drafted a statement for Ukraine’s new leader that would have committed him publicly to the inquiries Mr. Trump has been seeking into political rivals.

  97. Biden Fund-Raising Effort Trails Sanders and Buttigieg U.S., October 3

    The sum was $7 million less than Mr. Biden’s fund-raising haul in the previous quarter.

  98. Even Trump Can’t Turn Down a Nickelback Joke (but Twitter Did) U.S., October 3

    The site removed a video posted by President Trump that showed a meme of the rock band’s lead singer, edited as an attack on Joe Biden.

  99. CNN Rejects 2 Trump Campaign Ads, Citing Inaccuracies Business, October 3

    The network declined to run a pair of 30-second ads that express the president’s view of the impeachment inquiry, calling them “demonstrably false.”

  100. Trump Publicly Urges China to Investigate the Bidens U.S., October 3

    President Trump made a similar, but private, request of the president of Ukraine, an episode that has prompted an impeachment inquiry.

  101. Will the G.O.P. Turn Against Trump? Opinion, October 3

    Whose armrest is it anyway? An airplane etiquette debate.

  102. Joe Biden Fires Back at Trump: ‘You’re Not Going to Destroy Me’ U.S., October 2

    The counterattack, people close to Mr. Biden said, was intended to show that he would not let Mr. Trump “hijack” his campaign.

  103. Is Age Only a Number, Even When You’re Running for President? U.S., October 2

    The top three Democratic candidates are 78, 76 and 70 years old and one of them, Bernie Sanders, went to the hospital with chest pain. Voters want experienced leaders, but exactly how much life experience do they want?

  104. Impeachment War Room? Trump Does It All Himself, and That Worries Republicans U.S., October 2

    The White House itself has no organized response to impeachment, and some aides doubt whether it even poses a serious threat.

  105. Putin Says He Doesn’t Mind if Private Talk With Trump Is Made Public World, October 2

    Days after his spokesman said the leaders’ chats should remain secret, Mr. Putin said he had nothing to hide, and made light of charges of election interference.

  106. Trump Impeachment Inquiry: Latest Updates U.S., October 2

    President Trump attacked two House leaders after they threatened to subpoena the White House, and Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state, confirmed he listened in on the call with Ukraine’s president.

  107. Pompeo Confirms He Listened to Trump’s Call to Ukraine President World, October 2

    “I was on the phone call,” the American secretary of state said at a news conference in Rome — the first time he has addressed the topic publicly.

  108. Sanders Posts Biggest Money Haul of Quarter. Will Warren Top Him? U.S., October 1

    In the last three months, Bernie Sanders raised $25.3 million. Pete Buttigieg raised $19.1 million and Kamala Harris $11.6 million, at a time when donations signal viability.

  109. Who Are the Main Characters in the Whistle-Blower’s Complaint? Video, October 1

    President Trump’s personal lawyer. The prosecutor general of Ukraine. Joe Biden’s son. These are just some of the names mentioned in the whistle-blower’s complaint. What were their roles? We break it down.

  110. We Are in Uncharted Territory Opinion, October 1

    Almost everything about President Trump’s conversation with Ukraine’s president violated protocol.

  111. Impeachment Polls Show a Steady Rise in Support U.S., October 1

    Increasing numbers of Democrats and independents support the inquiry into President Trump, while Republicans are lining up behind him.

  112. How the Average Joe (and Jane) Could Wind Up Stopping Warren The Upshot, October 1

    Democrats have moved left, but the party’s rank and file typically side with establishment favorites.

  113. Trump’s Claims About Biden Aren’t ‘Unsupported.’ They’re Lies. Opinion, September 30

    The president’s accusations turn reality on its head and the media should say so.

  114. Joe Biden’s Digital Ads Are Disappearing. Not a Good Sign, Strategists Say. U.S., September 30

    In a race where many voters are following politics online, Mr. Biden’s pullback is a striking and potentially worrisome sign about his appeal among the digitally active.

  115. Biden Campaign Urges TV Networks to Stop Booking Giuliani U.S., September 29

    Advisers to the former vice president wrote to executives at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox News to “demand” that Mr. Giuliani not be invited on the air to discuss Ukraine and President Trump.

  116. Trump Was Repeatedly Warned That Ukraine Conspiracy Theory Was ‘Completely Debunked’ U.S., September 29

    Thomas P. Bossert, President Trump’s first homeland security adviser, said he was “deeply disturbed” that Mr. Trump had urged Ukraine to investigate Democrats.

  117. Republican Mark Amodei Tiptoes Around Impeachment Inquiry U.S., September 28

    The lawmaker on Saturday parsed his words about supporting congressional oversight of a whistle-blower’s complaint against President Trump.

  118. How a Shadow Foreign Policy in Ukraine Prompted an Impeachment Inquiry U.S., September 28

    Details of the push by President Trump and Rudolph Giuliani for Ukraine to investigate Democrats show a sustained effort that encompassed elections in both countries.

  119. When Trump’s Envoy for Ukraine Resigned, a College Journalist Had the Scoop U.S., September 28

    An editor at Arizona State University’s student newspaper beat everyone else to the news that Kurt Volker had stepped down.

  120. Democrats’ 2020 Campaign Message: Not Impeachment, They Insist U.S., September 28

    The party is bracing for a pitched battle with President Trump that will likely overshadow its policy agenda. But Democrats say they do not want impeachment to dominate the election.

  121. Giuliani Backs Out of Kremlin-Supported Conference in Armenia U.S., September 27

    “Not going,” Mr. Giuliani told The New York Times. He said he wanted to spend more time with his client, President Trump, who is facing an impeachment inquiry.

  122. Biden, Weathering Attacks From Trump, Returns to Campaign Trail U.S., September 27

    The Democratic candidate is entering a critical new phase of the race, with the president facing impeachment and a spotlight on the Biden family.

  123. When Trump Feels Cornered, He Gets Worse Opinion, September 27

    Trump is disturbed and growing more so. The narcissist cannot bear not getting away with whatever he wants.

  124. White House Classified Computer System Is Used to Hold Transcripts of Sensitive Calls U.S., September 27

    Current and former officials said the White House used a highly classified computer system accessible to only a select few officials to store transcripts of calls from President Vladimir Putin and the Saudi royal family.

  125. House Democrats Issue First Subpoena in Impeachment Inquiry U.S., September 27

    Three committee chairmen issued the first subpoena in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, seeking documents and witnesses regarding his dealings with Ukraine.

  126. ‘The New Berlin Wall’: Why Ukraine Is Central to the Scandal World, September 27

    Caught between East and West, it is a place that attracts adventurers and carpetbaggers, who return home with “legacies, memories and skeletons for their closets.”

  127. In Trump’s Ukraine Phone Call, Alarmed Aides Saw Trouble U.S., September 26

    The alarm among officials who heard the exchange between President Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart led to an extraordinary effort to keep many more people from learning about it.

  128. Trump Said Ukraine Envoy Would ‘Go Through Some Things.’ She Has Already. U.S., September 26

    Marie Yovanovitch was forced out as ambassador after Trump allies called her disloyal. Others say she fell victim to the president’s efforts to hurt Joe Biden.

  129. Anxious Biden Allies May Unleash Super PAC U.S., September 26

    Wary of the former vice president’s slipping poll numbers and the onslaught of attacks from President Trump, some Biden supporters want him to embrace a super PAC.

  130. Whistle-Blower Shines Light on Super-Secret N.S.C. Computer System U.S., September 26

    The complaint alleges that the National Security Council took an extra and previously unknown step to shield President Trump’s call with the Ukrainian leader from all but a very small number of officials.

  131. ‘Everything You’re Seeing Is Deception’: How Right-Wing Media Talks About Impeachment U.S., September 26

    The pro-Trump media has wasted no time constructing its own version of events about Ukraine.

  132. 8 Takeaways From the Whistle-Blower Complaint U.S., September 26

    The whistle-blower’s complaint and the inspector general’s report have been released. Here’s what they say.

  133. Trump Impeachment Inquiry Updates: The Complaint, the Testimony, the Reaction U.S., September 26

    A whistle-blower’s complaint accused President Trump of using his office to try to get Ukraine to help him in 2020. The acting intelligence chief told Congress that the controversy is “unprecedented.”

  134. ‘I Would Like You to Do Us a Favor’ Podcasts, September 26

    According to a White House record of the phone call, those were President Trump’s words to Ukraine’s leader. But what do they mean for the impeachment inquiry?

  135. Trump Has Overplayed His Hand Opinion, September 26

    And may have awakened a long-dormant Congress.

  136. Why Impeachment Might Be Trouble for Some Democratic Presidential Candidates U.S., September 26

    Top contenders like Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren can continue to command attention. Second- and third-tier candidates, however, are at greater risk of falling off the radar screen.

  137. Late Night Gives Account of Trump’s Ukrainian Call 5 Stars Arts, September 26

    “And these notes that they released of this phone call make Trump look — and I don’t want to get too technical — bad,” Stephen Colbert said on Wednesday.

  138. Phone Call Showed Only a Slice of Trump’s Obsession With Ukraine U.S., September 25

    Since the 2016 campaign, the president has had an intense fixation on the country, which he believes is tied up in the origins of the special counsel’s investigation.

  139. Rudy Giuliani — World’s Worst Best Friend Opinion, September 25

    He’s loud, he’s confused and he’s got a great plan for Ukraine.

  140. Whistle-Blower Is Said to Allege Concerns About White House Handling of Ukraine Call U.S., September 25

    New details have emerged about the intelligence officer who raised alarms about the president’s pressure on Ukraine to open inquiries that could benefit him politically.

  141. Elated, Furious, Wary: Impeachment Divides Voters, Like Everything Trump U.S., September 25

    For many Democratic voters around the country, the prospect of an explosive impeachment battle in Washington left them nervous. Republicans were mostly unmoved.

  142. Trump to Ukraine: Such a Shame if Anything Happened to Your Nice Country Opinion, September 25

    No, Trump didn’t make an explicit threat. He didn’t have to.

  143. Trump Officials Turn Over Whistle-Blower Complaint as Impeachment Inquiry Begins U.S., September 25

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House should work “expeditiously” to build its case. It is not yet clear what that means.

  144. The Best Words: Trump, Zelensky and a Very Explosive Phone Call U.S., September 25

    How the president deploys his “buddy-buddy” diplomatic vernacular.

  145. Trump Meets With Ukraine’s President and Denies Pressuring Him to Investigate Biden U.S., September 25

    Mr. Trump received some backing from the president, Volodymyr Zelensky, as the two took questions from reporters on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly.

  146. Trump Pressed Ukraine’s President to Investigate Democrats as ‘a Favor’ U.S., September 25

    The reconstruction of call between the two leaders becomes a flash point in the evolving fight over impeachment.

  147. The Zelensky Memo Is All the Proof Needed to Impeach Trump Opinion, September 25

    It is far worse than we could have imagined.

  148. Trump Has Just One Plan for Victory Opinion, September 25

    To get re-elected, he will stop at nothing. That’s why impeachment is crucial.

  149. Trump and 2020 Democrats Agree: Impeachment Fight Is a Chance to Rake In Cash U.S., September 25

    The president and the Democrats may be girding for a constitutional clash, but their campaigns are working to capitalize on the moment with fund-raising appeals.

  150. Biden’s Strategy for Managing the Ukraine Story U.S., September 25

    Wary of the way Republicans and President Trump attacked Hillary Clinton in 2016, the Biden camp is looking for ways to control the story line.