1. The Supreme Court and the Law of Motion Op Ed, July 20

    Victory is not always obvious. It depends on what the lower courts make of a ruling. And that can depend on the political and cultural forces at play.

  2. Trump Refugee Restrictions Allowed for Now; Ban on Grandparents Is Rejected National, July 19

    The Supreme Court on Wednesday gave the White House a mixed ruling as challenges to the travel ban make their way through the courts.

  3. Gay Rights Groups Seek One More Win From Justice Kennedy National, July 17

    With Justice Anthony M. Kennedy rumored to be considering retirement, groups want the Supreme Court to take up an employment discrimination challenge before he leaves.

  4. Appeals Court Wrestles With When an Error Requires a New Trial Business, July 17

    In two cases, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals sought to translate Supreme Court decisions to different factual situations.

  5. India’s Turn Toward Intolerance Editorial, July 17

    Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Hindu extremists have turned deadly and are gaining political power.

  6. The Playboy President and Women’s Health Op Ed, July 14

    Trump has already made a grab for abortion rights. The pill could be next.

  7. Grandparents Win Reprieve From Trump Travel Ban in Federal Court National, July 14

    A ruling in Hawaii expands the list of “bona fide” relationships that can qualify refugees to enter the country; the attorney general vowed an appeal.

  8. A Twist in the Sheldon Silver Saga Editorial, July 14

    An appeals court tosses out a conviction because the Supreme Court redefined corruption, but not because of a lack of evidence.

  9. Silver May Start ‘Parade of Horribles’ Out of McDonnell Case, Critics Say Metro, July 13

    Legal experts said a Supreme Court ruling that helped reverse the conviction of Sheldon Silver, the former Assembly speaker, could offer a road map to public officials inclined toward corruption.

  10. For Sheldon Silver, Three Judges Overturn 12 Jurors Metro, July 13

    The former assembly speaker, whose conviction on corruption charges was overturned by an appellate court, has long been able to get numbers to work in his favor.

  11. India’s Supreme Court Suspends Ban on Sale of Cows for Slaughter Foreign, July 11

    The court said a ban intended to protect cows, which Hindus consider sacred, imposed hardships on the beef and leather industries, largely run by Muslims.

  12. Digital Privacy to Come Under Supreme Court’s Scrutiny Business, July 10

    Two cases — one involving cell site location and the other emails — may determine how digital information fits under Fourth Amendment protections.

  13. Canada Apologizes and Pays Millions to Citizen Held at Guantánamo Bay Foreign, July 7

    The government said it had violated the rights of the former detainee, Omar Khadr, who pleaded guilty to killing an American soldier in Afghanistan at age 15.

  14. Trump’s Life-Tenured Judicial Avatar Op Ed, July 6

    Newly installed Justice Neil M. Gorsuch has quickly established himself on the Supreme Court as a hard-right conservative.

  15. The Citizens of East Hampton v. Its Airport Metro, July 4

    The Supreme Court’s refusal last week to review local restrictions on flights is the latest setback for residents who complain of noise and other frustrations.

  16. What Constitutes Obstruction? A Tax Case May Narrow the Definition Business, July 4

    The Supreme Court, which has been critical of white-collar prosecutions brought under broad provisions, has agreed to review the conviction of New York State businessman.

  17. Dispute Over British Baby’s Fate Draws In Pope and U.S. President Foreign, July 3

    British and European courts have ruled that a hospital can turn off life support for Charlie Gard, an infant with a rare genetic disorder.

  18. Confident and Assertive, Gorsuch Hurries to Make His Mark National, July 3

    Most justices take years to find their footing at the Supreme Court, but Neil M. Gorsuch has already written self-assured opinions and tussled with colleagues.

  19. Norman Dorsen, Tenacious Civil Rights Advocate, Dies at 86 National, July 2

    Mr. Dorsen spent a long legal career focused on fighting for human rights, including before the Supreme Court, and led the A.C.L.U. for 15 years.

  20. Justice Gorsuch Delivers Editorial, July 1

    After a couple months of Justice Neil Gorsuch, it’s clear Mitch McConnell’s theft of a Supreme Court seat is paying off in spades.

  21. For Abused, Gay Iraqi in Turkey, U.S. Refugee Freeze Is Cruelest Hit Foreign, July 1

    Mohammed, a civil engineer from Mosul, was accepted for resettlement to the United States. Then the Supreme Court reinstated President Trump’s freeze on refugee resettlement.

  22. ‘The Daily’: Defining a ‘Bona Fide’ Family Relationship Podcasts, June 30

    As a targeted travel ban goes into effect, the Trump administration has defined who’s close family, and who’s not, for visitors from six predominantly Muslim nations.

  23. The Supreme Court Partially Allowed Trump’s Travel Ban. Who Is Still Barred? Interactive, June 29

    The court allowed the ban to go ahead but exempted people with “bona fide relationships” in the United States.

  24. 1964 | A Libel Suit Yields a Vigorous Defense of Free Speech Insider, June 29

    The New York Times was sued by a commissioner of Montgomery, Ala., for an ad casting serious aspersions — some of them inaccurate — on the police.

  25. The Supreme Court Partially Allowed Trump’s Travel Ban. Who Is Still Barred? Interactive, June 29

    The court allowed the ban to go ahead but exempted people with “bona fide relationships” in the United States.

  26. Right and Left React to the Travel Ban and Other Supreme Court Decisions National, June 28

    Read about how the other side thinks: reactions to the Supreme Court’s decision on the travel ban, the health care bill and more.

  27. Supreme Court Ruling Could Shape Future of School Choice National, June 27

    School choice advocates, including Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, see the decision in favor of a church in Missouri as a crucial development in the voucher debate.

  28. The Baker Who Refused to Serve a Gay Couple Letters, June 27

    A wedding cake maker and a former priest condemn businesses that discriminate.

  29. With 3 Words, Supreme Court Opens a World of Uncertainty for Refugees National, June 27

    The “bona fide relationship” standard in the Supreme Court’s travel ban decision could shut out thousands of refugees who lack family ties in the United States.

  30. Your Travel Ban Isn’t Safe Yet, Mr. Trump Op Ed, June 27

    Read carefully, the Supreme Court ruling is actually bad news for the president.

  31. A Cautious Supreme Court Sets a Modern Record for Consensus National, June 27

    The high level of agreement was a consequence of a lack of divisive disputes on social issues and hard work by the justices, who often favored exceedingly narrow decisions to avoid deadlocks.

  32. The Supreme Court Ruling on the Trump Travel Ban Letters, June 27

    Readers are skeptical of the reasons given for restricting travelers from certain Muslim-majority countries.

  33. New Jersey’s Appeal of Sports Betting Ban Heads to Supreme Court Sports, June 27

    The court said Tuesday that it would hear a major test of sports betting law in a case stemming from New Jersey’s efforts to allow bets on sporting events.

  34. Facebook, Free Expression and the Power of a Leak Op Ed, June 27

    Social media platforms aren’t bound by the First Amendment. That’s why understanding their user speech policies is so important.

  35. ‘The Daily’: Trump’s Travel Ban Goes to the Top Podcasts, June 27

    The Supreme Court said it would hear the case about the legality of President Trump’s travel ban. We discuss how we got to this point and what to expect.

  36. The Travel Ban at the Supreme Court Editorial, June 26

    The justices resurrect President Trump’s misguided executive order, in part.