1. The Challenge With Prosecuting Newsweek’s Former Owner for Fraud: There Were No Losses Business, October 19

    The charges filed by the Manhattan district attorney’s office against two media companies raise a question: Can there be fraud if no money is lost?

  2. With Kavanaugh on Court, Abortion Rights Groups Sharpen Their Focus on the States Washington, October 19

    The initiatives have two primary goals: to challenge restrictive measures advanced by emboldened states, and to bolster clinics in places friendlier to abortion rights that may become a lifeline.

  3. Where the Streets Have No Names, the People Have No Vote Op Ed, October 19

    The Enlightenment gave us street addresses and ushered in democracy. The Age of Un-Enlightenment is using addresses to usher it out.

  4. Religion and Women’s Rights Clash, Violently, at a Shrine in India Foreign, October 18

    A New York Times journalist was met with rock-throwing and threats when she tried to visit a Hindu temple after justices ruled that women should be allowed access.

  5. What Could Ruin a Big Blue Wave? Opinion, October 16

    Donald Trump seems to have evaded Hispanics voters’ wrath.

  6. Packing the Supreme Court Is a Terrible Idea Op Ed, October 15

    Democrats paid a political cost for decades after F.D.R. tried it in the 1930s. They probably would again.

  7. His Case Made It to the Supreme Court. He Didn’t Have to Look Far for a Lawyer. Washington, October 15

    Theodore Frank, a critic of class action settlements, will argue his own case. On the whole, people representing themselves in the Supreme Court have done rather well.

  8. The Senate: Affirmative Action for White People Op Ed, October 14

    And why it’s time to make Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., the 51st and 52nd states.

  9. Code Name Jane: The Women Behind a Covert Abortion Network National, October 14

    In the years before abortion became legal, a clandestine group helped women with unwanted pregnancies get around the law.

  10. Abortion Was Illegal. This Secret Group Defied the Law. Video, October 14

    In the years before Roe v. Wade, an underground group provided thousands of women with abortions.

  11. Less Divisive Ways to Pick a Justice Letters, October 13

    We asked readers how to make confirmations less partisan and contentious. Here are some of their ideas.

  12. The Supreme Court’s Brief Opinion, October 12

    A reader says the court should rule on legal issues, not moral ones.

  13. Finding a Fortune in the Market for Bliss Sunday Business, October 12

    Somebody is going to get rich from legal, psychoactive drugs linked to blockchain technology one of these days, our columnist says. Why not him?

  14. Should the Supreme Court Matter So Much? Op Ed, October 11

    The Kavanaugh controversy is a reminder of why the country’s founders wanted a less powerful institution.

  15. The Aftershocks of the Kavanaugh Hearings Letters, October 11

    Readers criticize President Trump’s attack on “wacko” Democrats and lament that the hearings eroded faith in the Supreme Court.

  16. Pro-Kavanaugh Women Letters, October 11

    A reader responds to an Op-Ed that called white women who supported Brett Kavanaugh “gender traitors.”

  17. Yeah, Welcome to My Supreme Court World Op Ed, October 11

    Conservatives say they know how liberals feel about the court.

  18. A Lesson for Kavanaugh From Another Tarnished Supreme Court Justice Op Ed, October 11

    Hugo Black rose from his past in the Ku Klux Klan to become one of the great civil libertarians.

  19. Is the Supreme Court Broken? Op Ed, October 11

    Plus, should Democrats run on the #MeToo movement?

  20. Democrats, Don’t Muck This One Up Opinion, October 10

    The midterms are too critical.

  21. At Immigration Argument, Justice Kavanaugh Takes Hard Line Washington, October 10

    A Supreme Court argument on immigration detention appeared to reveal a gap between President Trump’s two appointees.

  22. F.B.I. Director Defends Kavanaugh Investigation as ‘Standard’ Washington, October 10

    The bureau’s director, Christopher A. Wray, said the White House directed the F.B.I. to conduct a narrow background investigation into Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh that was “specific in scope.”

  23. The Anti-Voter Supreme Court Op Ed, October 10

    Also: I’m getting my flu shot today. I hope you’ll join me.

  24. Trump, Emboldened by Kavanaugh Victory, Assails ‘Unhinged’ Democrats Washington, October 9

    At a campaign rally in Iowa, President Trump painted his opposition as an “angry left-wing mob” that has “become too dangerous to govern.”

  25. Justice Kavanaugh’s Law Clerks Are All Women, a First for the Supreme Court Washington, October 9

    Brett M. Kavanaugh’s hiring of four women law clerks means that more than half of the Supreme Court’s law clerks will be women for the first time in American history.

  26. Justice Kavanaugh Takes the Bench on the Supreme Court Washington, October 9

    Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh heard his first Supreme Court arguments, all concerning enhanced sentences for gun crimes. The arguments had a notably light tone and concluded without any protests.

  27. Kavanaugh Is One of Only 114 to Join the Exclusive Club of Justices. Here’s How He Fits In. Interactive, October 8

    All but six appointees to the Supreme Court have been white men.

  28. McConnell’s Position Has Shifted on Considering Supreme Court Nominees in Election Years Washington, October 8

    The Senate majority leader misleadingly suggested on Sunday that his rationale in 2016 for refusing to fill a Supreme Court vacancy in a presidential election year was related to a divided government.

  29. The Paranoid Style in G.O.P. Politics Op Ed, October 8

    Republicans are an authoritarian regime in waiting

  30. Joe Manchin’s Yes on Kavanaugh Finds Sympathy in West Virginia Washington, October 8

    Senator Joe Manchin III was the only Democrat to vote for Brett M. Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. That’s O.K. with his home state of West Virginia.

  31. In a Mississippi Restaurant, Two Americas Coexist Side by Side Politics, October 8

    Amid fried catfish and sweet tea, two friends in Mississippi, who agree on next to nothing about politics, navigate their differences as part of their daily shifts.

  32. Trump Bets Kavanaugh ‘Hoax’ Can Turn Into Midterm Gains Washington, October 8

    Democrats remain confident that they will benefit from outrage over the confirmation of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh despite sexual misconduct allegations against him.

  33. Why Kavanaugh Should Not Attend the White House Ceremony Op Ed, October 8

    It would be a first step in demonstrating that he is the independent jurist he claims to be.

  34. A Better Way to Confirm a Justice? Letters, October 8

    What is your takeaway from the Kavanaugh hearings as we look to the future?

  35. Why the G.O.P.’s Gender Gap Is More Than Just an Optics Problem Video, October 8

    The Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee are all men. Their remarks during the heated Supreme Court confirmation fight over Justice Brett Kavanaugh renewed attention to the party’s fraught relationship with women.

  36. Less than One Month to the Midterms Op Ed, October 8

    If you’re angry about politics, do something about it.

  37. Conservatives Are Wrong to Gloat About Kavanaugh Op Ed, October 8

    Joining the frat party might be fun, but it will do great harm to the court and the country.

  38. The Coming Storm Over the Supreme Court Op Ed, October 8

    If it swings too far to the right, expect a response.

  39. A Supreme Court With Justice Kavanaugh Podcasts, October 8

    Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh takes his place on a Supreme Court whose reputation has suffered significant damage from the battle over his confirmation.

  40. Court Battle Shifts the Political Terrain for Senators in the Heartland Politics, October 7

    In North Dakota and other farm states, the heated debate over the Supreme Court has nationalized the fight for the Senate, elating Republicans and worrying Democrats

  41. Get Angry, and Get Involved Op Ed, October 7

    The midterm elections are the smart way to make your influence felt.

  42. Liberals, This Is War Op Ed, October 7

    What’s at stake is much more than a single Supreme Court seat.

  43. With Battle Over, Kavanaugh Quickly Gets to Work as a Supreme Court Justice Washington, October 7

    Justice Kavanaugh is the first member of the court to hire an all-female class of law clerks.

  44. The Senate’s Deep Wounds From an Ugly Kavanaugh Fight Washington, October 7

    Accusations, threats, attacks: The confirmation process of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh entered new territory from the beginning, and senators from both parties fear lasting institutional damage.

  45. Losing Hope as Susan Collins Spoke Op Ed, October 7

    For the women rallying against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, the senator’s announcement brought anguish.

  46. Women Will Pay for the Mess of the Kavanaugh Confirmation Op Ed, October 7

    Christine Blasey Ford. Deborah Ramirez. Julie Swetnick. Lisa Murkowski. Even Amy Chua. They will face the consequences. Justice Kavanaugh won’t.

  47. Justice Kavanaugh, After a Bitter Battle Letters, October 7

    Readers reflect angrily on the divisive confirmation process, and what it says about America today.

  48. On the Left, Eyeing More Radical Ways to Fight Kavanaugh Washington, October 7

    After the fight over the confirmation of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, liberals are discussing ways to undo the conservative bloc’s power.

  49. Was the Kavanaugh Hearing the Worst Supreme Court Fight? You Be the Judge Express, October 7

    While some have bemoaned recent cutthroat politics in the Senate, history shows many failed or hard-fought nominations back to the 1700s.

  50. A Day of Broad Smiles and Raised Thumbs for Trump Washington, October 6

    “There’s nobody with a squeaky clean past like Brett Kavanaugh,” Mr. Trump told reporters, dismissing allegations of sexual assault and misconduct against the judge.

  51. Show How You Feel, Kavanaugh Was Told, and a Nomination Was Saved Washington, October 6

    Judge Kavanaugh’s angry Senate testimony, urged by the White House counsel, Don McGahn, turned the tables and emboldened demoralized Republicans.

  52. Kavanaugh Is Sworn In After Close Confirmation Vote in Senate Washington, October 6

    His elevation locked in a solid conservative majority on the Supreme Court and capped a rancorous battle.

  53. Women, What Is Your Reaction to Kavanaugh’s Confirmation? News Desk, October 6

    We are eager to understand how women are viewing this moment.

  54. Confirming Kavanaugh: A Triumph for Conservatives, but a Blow to the Court’s Image Washington, October 6

    The Supreme Court will move further to the right than it has been in many decades, with two distinct blocs that reflect the deep polarization of the American public and political system.

  55. Full Video: Senate Delivers Final Vote on Kavanaugh Video, October 6

    After a highly contentious nomination process, senators delivered the final vote on the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

  56. Susan Collins Is the Worst Kind of Maverick Op Ed, October 6

    She votes with the most right-wing members of her party, even while attempting to occupy some imaginary moral high ground.

  57. How Every Senator Voted on Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Interactive, October 6

    The Senate voted 50-48 on Saturday to confirm the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh.

  58. Bitter Tenor of Senate Reflects a Nation at Odds With Itself Politics, October 5

    The battle over the confirmation of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh has exposed a climate of partisan distrust rivaled by few other moments in the recent past.

  59. After Lots of Bluster, Trump Has a Week to Brag About Washington, October 5

    But in Mr. Trump’s scorched-earth presidency, the victories — whether the success of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination or the trade deal with Canada and Mexico — are divisive and come at a cost.

  60. Susan Collins, Standing Alone, Makes Her Case for Kavanaugh Washington, October 5

    The Republican senator from Maine delivered a 45-minute, point-by-point civics lesson of a speech to explain her support for President Trump’s nominee.

  61. An Insidious and Contagious American Presidency Op Ed, October 5

    Trump believes that judges should be agents of those who appoint them. That would be the end of the rule of law.

  62. F.B.I. Review of Kavanaugh Was Limited From the Start Washington, October 5

    President Trump, reacting to critics, said the F.B.I. should have a free hand to investigate. But the White House counsel told him that was a bad idea.

  63. What It All Meant Op Ed, October 5

    Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination was about so much more than Brett Kavanaugh.

  64. The High Court Brought Low Editorial, October 5

    Don’t let Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh have the last word about American justice.

  65. On Politics With Lisa Lerer: Inside Murkowski’s Vote on Kavanaugh Politics, October 5

    Why a senator from Alaska broke from her party; photos from a crazy day on Capitol Hill; and Hillary’s Broadway debut.

  66. Awaiting a Final ‘Yes’ on Kavanaugh Letters, October 5

    Readers express dismay at the process and events that brought us to this point.

  67. Tears, Fury or Action: How Do You Express Anger? Op Ed, October 5

    Readers discussed their struggles expressing rage and suggest turning anger into action.

  68. The Kavanaugh Vote: Murkowski, Manchin, Collins and Flake in the Spotlight Washington, October 5

    Here are the key senators as the Senate moves toward a final vote Saturday afternoon on Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

  69. Senator Murkowski Voted Against Kavanaugh. Read Her Remarks Declaring Why. Washington, October 5

    The Alaskan senator said Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh was “not the right man for the court at this time.”

  70. The Supreme Court, Divided in Anger Op Ed, October 5

    Once cracked, now crumbling.

  71. Retired Supreme Court Justice: Kavanaugh Is Not Qualified Video, October 5

    Justice John Paul Stevens, a former member of the Supreme Court, said Judge Brett Kavanaugh “demonstrated a potential bias” during the second round of his Supreme Court confirmation hearings last week.

  72. We’re Starting a Podcast Op Ed, October 5

    Also: Nick Kristof on the new Nobel Laureates — two advocates trying to stop sexual violence

  73. The Indian Government’s Astonishing Hunger for Citizen Data Op Ed, October 5

    The country’s highest court has curtailed the uses of the national identification program, but fears about the misuse of information collected from a billion people remain.

  74. The Supreme Court’s Legitimacy Crisis Op Ed, October 5

    It’s not about Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged behavior. It’s about justices who do not represent the will of the majority.

  75. What the F.B.I. Found (and Didn’t Find) Podcasts, October 5

    Republicans and Democrats clashed over the agency’s report on Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, mirroring a nation as divided as ever over the Supreme Court nominee.

  76. Jacky Rosen Wants to Flip Nevada for Democrats. But First, Kavanaugh. Politics, October 5

    Ms. Rosen, a first-term congresswoman, is running against Senator Dean Heller, one of the most endangered Republican incumbents in November. The Kavanaugh nomination is a wild card in the race.

  77. Retired Justice John Paul Stevens Says Kavanaugh Is Not Fit for Supreme Court Washington, October 4

    Justice Stevens, 98, suggested that Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s performance at his confirmation hearing “demonstrated a potential bias” that should disqualify him.

  78. G.O.P. Hopes Anger Over Treatment of Kavanaugh Propels Voters to the Polls Washington, October 4

    Conservatives hope to use the liberal opposition to Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination as a graphic example of the threat posed by a Democratic takeover, but they worry that passions will dissipate.

  79. Kavanaugh Has Regrets About Testimony: ‘I Said a Few Things I Should Not Have Said’ Washington, October 4

    In an op-ed published Thursday night, Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh admitted that he “said a few things I should not have said” at his hearing last week.

  80. Protesters Pack the Senate Building Video, October 4

    Protesters confronted Senator Orrin Hatch, Republican of Utah, in the elevator, while others filled the balconies of the atrium of the Hart Senate Office Building.

  81. Singing, Chanting and Rage on Capitol Hill as Kavanaugh Vote Nears Washington, October 4

    On a steamy day in the capital, several thousand protesters, most of them female, made a late stand against the nomination of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

  82. A Complete National Disgrace Op Ed, October 4

    The Kavanaugh hearings as American nadir.

  83. When Your Friend Is Your Rapist Op Ed, October 4

    Readers responded to a writer’s disclosure of sexual assault at the hands of someone she later dated.

  84. How Brett Kavanaugh Failed Editorial, October 4

    And why the Senate should vote to keep him off the Supreme Court.

  85. A Supreme Violation Op Ed, October 4

    Republicans want to ram Kavanaugh through no matter how many women object.

  86. Rifts Break Open at Facebook Over Kavanaugh Hearing Business, October 4

    A prominent show of support from a Facebook executive for Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh as he faced assault claims has brought new turmoil to the company.

  87. Heading Toward a Kavanaugh Finale Letters, October 4

    As a Senate vote nears, some readers are worried about the message that his confirmation would send.

  88. Senators React to F.B.I. Report on Kavanaugh Video, October 4

    Republicans and Democrats had drastically different reactions after reviewing an F.B.I. report on allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

  89. I Was in the Elevator With Jeff Flake. Senators, Don’t Look Away From Me. Op Ed, October 4

    Lawmakers can’t claim to respect sexual assault survivors and then ignore them.

  90. The Kavanaugh Report: Reactions From Senators on the Right and Left Washington, October 4

    Lawmakers reviewed the F.B.I.’s findings from an inquiry into Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s background. Here’s what senators from each side of the aisle had to say about it.

  91. Kavanaugh Vote on Friday Will Be a Showdown in the Senate Washington, October 4

    Two Republican senators, Jeff Flake and Susan Collins, signaled satisfaction with the F.B.I. investigation, while a swing-vote Democrat, Heidi Heitkamp, came out against Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh.

  92. For Once, I’m Grateful for Trump Op Ed, October 4

    In the president, one big bully stands up to others.

  93. The F.B.I.’s Kavanaugh Investigation Podcasts, October 4

    How the agency’s findings could affect the confirmation vote on the Supreme Court nominee, and why the tone of the controversy has shifted.

  94. In Risky Shift, Trump and G.O.P. Directly Assail Christine Blasey Ford Washington, October 3

    After weeks of not directly attacking Christine Blasey Ford, the president and his Republican allies have embarked on a more aggressive effort to challenge her credibility.

  95. With a Transformed Judiciary in Sight, McConnell ‘Will Not Be Intimidated’ Washington, October 3

    But Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky, knows he may take the blame from President Trump and conservatives if the Senate does not confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

  96. Supreme Court Battle Lines Editorial, October 3

    A vigil was held in Brooklyn on Wednesday to protest Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

  97. Protesters Ask McConnell: ‘Do You Always Turn Your Back on Women Like This?’ Video, October 3

    Senator Mitch McConnell was followed and questioned by a group of women about sexual assault victims at Reagan Washington National Airport on Monday.

  98. Three Questions for Judge Kavanaugh Op Ed, October 3

    Lies, empathy and partisanship.

  99. The Senate Should Not Confirm Kavanaugh. Signed, 2,400+ Law Professors. Interactive, October 3

    We have differing views about Kavanaugh’s qualifications. But we are united in believing he does not have the right judicial temperament.

  100. Kavanaugh News Sets Off a Debate: Are Bar Fights Normal? Express, October 3

    After reports that Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh had been in a bar fight in 1985, opinions differed about whether that was a red flag — or an American rite of passage.

  101. Could a Justice Kavanaugh Be Impartial? Letters, October 3

    Readers discuss Prof. Laurence Tribe’s argument that Mr. Kavanaugh would have to recuse himself from many cases because of his partisanship.

  102. Senate Gets F.B.I. Inquiry on Kavanaugh; White House Is ‘Confident’ on Confirmation Washington, October 3

    The White House concluded that the interviews did not corroborate sexual misconduct accusations against Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee.

  103. Bar Association Questioned Kavanaugh’s Temperament and Honesty in 2006 Washington, October 2

    The bar association on three occasions gave Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh its highest rating. In 2006, though, after scores of interviews, it had doubts.

  104. Kavanaugh Proceedings Drive a Senate Once Governed by Decorum Into Rancor Washington, October 2

    Rules dating back to Jefferson are supposed to keep the Senate a decorous place where prerogative rises above partisanship. The Kavanaugh proceedings are breaking it.

  105. Kavanaugh’s 1983 Letter Offers Inside Look at High School Clique Investigative, October 2

    Brett Kavanaugh was a member of a hard-partying group of football players, and his behavior was more raucous than he has publicly described.

  106. Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Arrested at Joe Manchin’s Office Politics, October 2

    Nine women were arrested during a sit-in at the office of the West Virginia Democrat, who has not said if he will vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.

  107. Justices Weigh Case of Condemned Inmate Who Cannot Recall His Crime Washington, October 2

    The Supreme Court, which is short-handed as it awaits word of the fate of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s nomination, seemed to be looking for a way to rule for the inmate without making a broad statement.

  108. Concerns About Kavanaugh’s Temperament Letters, October 2

    Readers discuss the judge’s anger at his hearing, his encounter with the New Haven police and whether he is unjustly being made a “sacrificial lamb.”

  109. Trump Taunts Christine Blasey Ford at Rally Washington, October 2

    At a campaign event in Mississippi, the president went further than ever before in directly assailing Dr. Blasey, who has accused Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

  110. F.B.I. to End Kavanaugh Inquiry as Soon as Wednesday, With Vote Coming This Week Washington, October 2

    Senator Mitch McConnell’s promise to wrap up Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s confirmation gave it an air of inevitability, but five undecided senators are refusing to tip their hands.

  111. What a Book Critic Finds in Mark Judge’s ‘Wasted’ 21 Years Later Books, October 2

    Mark Judge’s 1997 memoir, “Wasted,” captures both the milieu in which the author and Brett Kavanaugh were raised, and prevailing ideas of masculinity in the 1980s.

  112. Brett Kavanaugh and the F.B.I. Investigation: Start Here Express, October 2

    Here’s an overview of the intense fight over the confirmation of the Supreme Court nominee, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by several women.

  113. The Supreme Court in the MeToo Era Op Ed, October 2

    Blind justice?

  114. Kavanaugh’s Classmates Speak Out Podcasts, October 2

    Former acquaintances of the Supreme Court nominee say that the image he’s been presenting doesn’t quite match the Brett Kavanaugh they knew in school.

  115. What Has Brett Kavanaugh Done to Us? Opinion, October 2

    No matter what the F.B.I. finds, he will color the midterms, 2020, institutional trust and partisan warfare going forward.

  116. Here Are the 5 Senators Who Will Decide Kavanaugh’s Fate U.S., October 2

    One has already made a sudden reversal. One has set up her own test. None blindly follow their party. Here is what each must weigh.

  117. A New Front in the Kavanaugh Wars: Temperament and Honesty Washington, October 1

    As the F.B.I. pursues Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s past, Democrats seeking to derail his nomination are using his performance before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week as a new avenue of attack.

  118. Trump, Defending Kavanaugh, Accuses Senate Democrats of Hypocrisy and Dishonesty Washington, October 1

    With his Supreme Court nominee’s confirmation under fire, the president lashed out, making various accusations toward Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

  119. The Angry White Male Caucus Op Ed, October 1

    Trumpism is all about the fear of losing traditional privilege.

  120. White House Tells F.B.I. to Interview Anyone Necessary for Kavanaugh Inquiry Washington, October 1

    The White House authorized the new directive after a Democratic outcry, but the bureau must finish its investigation by Friday.

  121. Awaiting the Outcome of the Kavanaugh Fight Letters, October 1

    Readers accuse the judge of lying and discuss the fallout of the hearings.

  122. Billionaire’s Fight to Close Path to a California Beach Comes to a Dead End Business, October 1

    The Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal by Vinod Khosla, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist whose belief in property rights outweighed his affinity for a state access law.

  123. All the Ways a Justice Kavanaugh Would Have to Recuse Himself Op Ed, October 1

    Given his blatant partisanship and personal animosity toward liberals, how could he be an effective member of the Supreme Court?

  124. Supreme Court, in Harsh Spotlight, Returns to the Bench Washington, October 1

    As the nation remained riveted by the embattled nomination of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, the eight justices opened the new term by hearing a case about an endangered frog.

  125. Seek the Truth. Full Stop. Op Ed, October 1

    Yes, the F.B.I. investigation of Kavanaugh should be limited — but not like this.

  126. Judge Kavanaugh Is One Angry Man Op Ed, October 1

    He’s shown us that he’s up for a fight, but can he rule dispassionately?

  127. The Anguish of Jeff Flake Podcasts, October 1

    The Republican senator’s 11th-hour decision to delay a vote on a Supreme Court nominee could wind up defining his legacy.

  128. A Quiet Docket May Be Just the Right Medicine for the Supreme Court Washington, September 30

    A lack of blockbuster cases offers the justices a chance to bridge ideological divides that have flared in the confirmation process of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh.

  129. Democrats Denounce Limits on F.B.I.’s Kavanaugh Inquiry as a ‘Farce’ Washington, September 30

    Even Democratic senators who knew the investigation would be limited expressed disappointment as investigators planned to interview only four witnesses, at least initially.

  130. Chad Ludington’s Statement on Kavanaugh’s Drinking and Senate Testimony Washington, September 30

    Mr. Ludington, a Yale classmate of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s, issued a statement on Sunday saying the Supreme Court nominee misled a Senate panel last week.

  131. James Comey: The F.B.I. Can Do This Op Ed, September 30

    Despite limitations and partisan attacks, the bureau can find out a lot about the Kavanaugh accusations in a week.

  132. Victimizing the Victims, Again Op Ed, September 30

    In the Kavanaugh hearings, Republicans made it clear that the old, male-dominated order will prevail.

  133. How Jeff Flake May Have Saved Republicans From Themselves Washington, September 30

    The extended F.B.I. investigation wasn’t what Republicans wanted, but it could end up easing the way for Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation.

  134. Executions With an Extra Dose of Cruelty Op Ed, September 30

    Inmates on Tennessee’s death row favor a firing squad over a torturous, deadly injection.

  135. Kellyanne Conway Says She Was a Victim of Sexual Assault Express, September 30

    Ms. Conway said she was a victim of sexual assault as she defended Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee, who has been accused of sexual assault decades ago.

  136. Capitol Hill Ralph Club Op Ed, September 29

    Brett Kavanaugh faces his moment of truth in a town that doesn’t care about truth.

  137. Brett Kavanaugh Loves His Beer Op Ed, September 29

    The Supreme Court nominee paired a frothy beverage with identity politics.

  138. Make My Sexual Assault Count Editorial, September 29

    What America owes women right now.

  139. Kavanaugh and the Blackout Theory Op Ed, September 29

    It is both easy and common to drink, act and then have no memory of it.

  140. At Times, Kavanaugh’s Defense Misleads or Veers Off Point Investigative, September 28

    The New York Times fact-checked his testimony, and what emerges is the image of a skilled lawyer who dissembled when pressed on certain accusations.

  141. A Tumultuous 24 Hours: How Jeff Flake Delayed a Vote on Kavanaugh Washington, September 28

    The Republican senator, confronted by angry women and frustrated Democrats, got a one-week delay for the F.B.I. to investigate sexual misconduct accusations.

  142. Women Have a Message for Washington Op Ed, September 28

    In the year of #MeToo, Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination hearing set off outrage in the nation’s capital.

  143. Maybe America Can Now Learn the Truth Editorial, September 28

    Thank you, Jeff Flake.

  144. The Sunny Side of the Senate Op Ed, September 28

    Just take away Brett Kavanaugh and it was a great week.

  145. Women Are Watching Editorial, September 28

    Which should make Republican lawmakers very, very nervous.

  146. How the F.B.I. Will Investigate the Kavanaugh Accusations Washington, September 28

    The bureau, in a relatively limited inquiry, will rely on witnesses to voluntarily answer questions or hand over documents.

  147. Believability Is the Road to National Ruin Op Ed, September 28

    Thursday’s hearings should not prevent Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

  148. An Injudicious Man, Unfit for the Supreme Court Op Ed, September 28

    This was a job interview, not a criminal trial. Kavanaugh, in his fury and pathos, failed the test.

  149. The Two Sides of Kavanaugh Video, September 28

    At the outset of his Supreme Court confirmation hearings, Judge Brett Kavanaugh insisted on the importance on impartiality, calm and independence. His tenor drastically changed during his testimony defending himself against sexual assault accusati...

  150. On Politics With Lisa Lerer: How the Kavanaugh Hearing Resonated With Readers Politics, September 28

    A deluge of responses from readers on the hearing, plus a recap of a busy day and the best opinion writing on the topic.