1. The Kamala Harris Moment Has Arrived Opinion, Yesterday

    With the issue of abortion rights, the vice president has hit her stride.

  2. Supreme Court Backs Police Officer in Job Bias Case U.S., Yesterday

    The officer, Jatonya Muldrow, said she had been transferred to a less desirable position based on her sex. Lower courts ruled that she had failed to show concrete harm.

  3. Arizona Republicans Again Block Effort to Repeal 1864 Abortion Ban U.S., Yesterday

    The state has been in turmoil since its Supreme Court upheld a near-total abortion ban dating back to the Civil War.

  4. Trump’s Jan. 6 Case Could Go On Even if Court Limits Use of Obstruction Law U.S., April 16

    The federal indictment of Donald Trump for plotting to overturn the 2020 election relies in part on the law that the Supreme Court weighed on Tuesday, but was built to survive without it.

  5. La Corte Suprema de EE. UU. decidirá si una ley de fraudes de 2002 se aplica en un caso sobre el asalto del Capitolio En español, April 16

    La decisión del tribunal podría interrumpir los enjuiciamientos de cientos de involucrados en el ataque al Capitolio.

  6. Supreme Court to Hear Jan. 6 Case, and Trump’s Criminal Trial Gets Underway Podcasts, April 16

    Plus, NASA’s “Hail Mary.”

  7. Supreme Court Appears Skeptical of Using Obstruction Law to Charge Jan. 6 Rioters U.S., April 16

    The justices considered the gravity of the assault and whether prosecutors have been stretching the law to reach members of the mob responsible for the attack.

  8. Supreme Court’s Review of Jan. 6 Charge Has Already Freed Some Rioters U.S., April 16

    Federal judges have agreed to release about 10 defendants who were serving prison terms because of their convictions under an obstruction law.

  9. Supreme Court Clears Way, for Now, for Idaho to Ban Transgender Treatment for Minors U.S., April 15

    The Idaho attorney general had asked the justices to move swiftly to let the state law, which would ban gender-affirming medical care for minors, go into effect.

  10. Supreme Court Poised to Cut Back Scope of Anti-Corruption Law U.S., April 15

    The question for the justices was whether a federal law prohibits not only before-the-fact bribes but also after-the-fact rewards.

  11. Donald Trump on Trial: What to Expect Opinion, April 15

    Readers discuss what’s at stake, the jurors and the possibility of Donald Trump’s testifying. Also: Aid to Ukraine; originalism; thinking rationally.

  12. Questions About Assassinations Test the Limits of Trump’s Immunity Claim U.S., April 15

    Three Supreme Court briefs from former military leaders and intelligence officials explore whether presidents may be prosecuted for ordering unlawful killings.

  13. The Beautiful World of Birding Letters, April 14

    Readers discuss the hobby’s many benefits. Also: Friends in the court; politicians’ health; testing the candidates; banning plastic foam.

  14. Jan. 6 Obstruction Case at Supreme Court Could Help Trump and Many Others Washington, April 14

    The justices will hear arguments on Tuesday in a case that could alter hundreds of prosecutions for the assault on the Capitol and help define its meaning.

  15. Who Cares if Supreme Court Justices Get Along? Op Ed, April 13

    What really matters is what the court does or doesn’t do.

  16. Biden’s Student Loan Repayment Plan Is Being Challenged. Here’s What to Know. Business, April 13

    The income-driven plan known as SAVE has reduced payments for millions of borrowers. Lawsuits by Republican-led states are seeking to upend it.

  17. The April 11 Biden Trump Election live blog included one standalone post:
  18. This Is Probably Not the Deal the Pro-Life Movement Bargained for With Trump Op Ed, April 10

    Abortion opponents are entirely misaligned with the Trumpist form of conservatism.

  19. The April 9 Biden Trump Election live blog included one standalone post:
  20. Trump’s Calculus on Abortion, and Iran’s Secret Smuggling Network Podcasts, April 9

    Plus, the fight against “deepnudes.”

  21. The Man Who Snuffed Out Abortion Rights Is Here to Tell You He Is a Moderate Op Ed, April 9

    He landed a major blow against legal abortion during his first term. If given a second, he will land another.

  22. The Fidelity of ‘Originalist’ Justices Is About to Be Tested Op Ed, April 9

    Will the court’s conservatives flinch in the face of two polarizing gun cases?

  23. Prosecutors Ask Supreme Court to Reject Trump’s Immunity Claim in Election Case Washington, April 9

    The filing was the main submission from Jack Smith, the special counsel prosecuting the former president. The case will be argued on April 25.

  24. Biden and Other Democrats Tie Trump to Limits on Abortion Rights Politics, April 8

    The former president said he supported leaving abortion decisions to states, but political opponents say he bears responsibility for any curbs enacted.

  25. Biden Will Try Again to Wipe Out Student Loan Debt for Millions of Borrowers Washington, April 5

    The Supreme Court blocked President Biden’s first attempt at large-scale student debt relief last summer.

  26. Chief Justice Extols Legacy of Sandra Day O’Connor Washington, April 5

    In remarks at an award ceremony, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. described his colleague as a trailblazing and civic-minded presence on the Supreme Court.

  27. Judge Won’t Delay Trump’s Criminal Trial to Wait for Immunity Ruling Metro, April 3

    The former president had asked the judge to push back his Manhattan criminal trial, slated to begin April 15, until after the Supreme Court decides whether he is immune from prosecution.

  28. Stephen Breyer: The Supreme Court I Served On Was Made Up of Friends Op Ed, April 3

    If justices who disagree so profoundly can do so respectfully, perhaps it is possible for our politically divided country to do the same.

  29. Supreme Court Rejects Bid to Revive Washington State Voting Map Said to Hurt Hispanics Washington, April 2

    A federal judge ruled that a state voting district diluted the ability of Latino voters to elect their preferred candidates.

  30. I Hope to Repeal an Arcane Law That Could Be Misused to Ban Abortion Nationwide Op Ed, April 2

    The Comstock Act is a major concern if Donald Trump is re-elected.

  31. Did Prosecutors’ Sex Shaming Help Send Brenda Andrew to Death Row? Washington, April 1

    The Supreme Court will soon decide whether to hear an appeal in her case, which, as one judge put it, “focused from start to finish on Ms. Andrew’s sex life.”

  32. The Persistent Threat to Abortion Rights Editorial, March 30

    A lawsuit that restricts a widely used abortion drug is unlikely to be the last challenge to Americans’ reproductive freedom.

  33. Something Other Than Originalism Explains This Supreme Court Op Ed, March 29

    It’s actually traditionalist. Which is a good thing.

  34. El caso sobre las píldoras abortivas en la Corte Suprema en 4 conclusiones En español, March 28

    Varios jueces cuestionaron la conveniencia de aplicar restricciones nacionales a la mifepristona porque sería la primera vez que un tribunal cuestiona el juicio de los expertos de la FDA sobre un medicamento.

  35. How Justice Thomas’s ‘Nearly Adopted Daughter’ Became His Law Clerk Washington, March 28

    Justice Clarence Thomas gave Crystal Clanton a home and a job after she left a conservative youth organization in controversy. Then the justice picked her for one of the most coveted positions in the legal world.

  36. Six Still Missing in Bridge Collapse, and R.F.K. Jr. Picks a Running Mate Podcasts, March 27

    Plus, you missed your chance to own an “Indiana Jones” whip.

  37. Key Takeaways From Supreme Court Arguments on Abortion Pill Access Video, March 27

    A majority of the Supreme Court seemed inclined on Tuesday to reject a bid to sharply limit access to abortion pills.

  38. The Retired Justice Who Doesn’t Understand the Supreme Court Book Review, March 27

    Stephen Breyer means well. Why is his new book, “Reading the Constitution,” so exasperating?

  39. 4 Takeaways From the Abortion Pill Arguments Washington, March 26

    Several justices questioned the remedy of applying nationwide restrictions to mifepristone because it would be the first time a court had second-guessed the F.D.A.’s expert judgment on a drug.

  40. Demonstrators Make Themselves Heard on Abortion Pill Case Washington, March 26

    Thirteen abortion-rights protesters were arrested near the Supreme Court as part of a civil disobedience action. Abortion opponents were less numerous but still vocal.

  41. The Debate Over Free Speech, Disinformation and Censorship Letters, March 26

    Readers discuss the First Amendment and efforts to monitor content on social media. Also: Senator Ted Cruz; talking about cancer; landlines; internet access.

  42. How Common Is Medication Abortion? Upshot, March 26

    It’s now the most used abortion method.

  43. What Is Mifepristone and How Is It Used? Washington, March 26

    More than half of people who get legal abortions in the United States — and three-quarters in Europe — use medication abortion.

  44. Abortion Is Back in Front of the Supreme Court, and a Baltimore Bridge Collapses Podcasts, March 26

    Plus, a revolt at NBC.

  45. Supreme Court Seems Inclined to Reject Bid to Curtail Abortion Pill Access Washington, March 26

    A majority of the justices questioned whether a group of anti-abortion doctors and organizations trying to sharply limit availability of the medication could show they suffered harm.

  46. Abortion Pill Dispute Centers on Central Question: Who Can Sue? Washington, March 26

    The parties in the fight over access to the abortion pill sharply disagree on whether anti-abortion doctors and groups can show they will suffer harm.

  47. Erin Hawley: The Woman Arguing Against the Abortion Pill National, March 26

    Erin Hawley, a law professor and wife of Senator Josh Hawley, is arguing the Supreme Court case.

  48. The Supreme Court Got It Wrong: Abortion Is Not Settled Law Op Ed, March 26

    Two cases offer the Supreme Court an opportunity to shape the landscape of abortion access in the post-Roe era.

  49. Use of Abortion Pills Has Risen Significantly Post Roe, Research Shows Science, March 25

    Two new studies show fast-growing use of the pills on the eve of the Supreme Court’s consideration of a case seeking to ban or restrict them.

  50. Breyer Says He Is Open to Supporting a Supreme Court Age Limit Washington, March 24

    The retired justice suggested that an 18- or 20-year term could dissuade members of the court from “thinking about the next job” just as effectively as a lifetime appointment does now.

  51. The Supreme Court Is Playing a Dangerous Game Op Ed, March 22

    The justices are betting that they can’t be held to account.

  52. Inside Garland’s Effort to Prosecute Trump Washington, March 22

    In trying to avoid even the smallest mistakes, Attorney General Merrick B. Garland might have made one big one: ending up in a race against the clock.

  53. La nueva ley migratoria SB 4 causa confusión entre las autoridades de Texas En español, March 21

    Una racha reciente de órdenes legales contradictorias confunde a los líderes policiales sobre cómo hacer cumplir la ley, si es que alguna vez entra en vigor.

  54. Fight Over Texas Law Underscores a Battle of America vs. Its States Washington, March 20

    The partisan gridlock gumming up Washington has prompted states controlled by one party to set off on their own.

  55. Woman’s Arrest After Political Dispute Prompts a Lively Supreme Court Debate Washington, March 20

    A Texas city councilwoman, arrested on charges of mishandling documents after criticizing the city manager, said her First Amendment rights had been violated.

  56. Inspired by Texas, Republicans in Other States Eye Immigration Bills National, March 20

    Iowa lawmakers passed a similar bill on Tuesday, and several other states are hoping to follow suit.

  57. Texas Police Departments Express Confusion Over New Immigration Law National, March 20

    The flurry of recent back-and-forth legal orders left law enforcement leaders hesitant on how they plan to enforce the law, if it ever takes effect.

  58. Appeals Court Considers Reviving Texas Migrant Law, Now on Hold National, March 20

    As dizzying legal developments sowed confusion along the border, an appeals court panel appeared split over whether Texas’ migrant arrest law should remain on hold while the court fight continues.

  59. Read the Federal Appeals Court Order Interactive, March 20

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit issued a new order effectively again blocking a Texas law that would make it a crime to cross into the state from Mexico without authorization.

  60. ‘We Need to Go Hard’: Why Britain’s Lords Are Clashing With Sunak Foreign, March 20

    The government’s contentious Rwanda policy, which has been championed by the prime minister, has prompted a rebellion in Britain’s unelected second chamber.

  61. Trump Seeks to Delay Jan. 6 Civil Cases Washington, March 20

    The former president’s lawyers told the judge overseeing the proceedings it would be unfair to put on a defense now because it might reveal his strategy for the criminal case on related charges.

  62. Texas’ Immigration Crackdown Recalls Arizona’s Divisive ‘Show Me Your Papers’ Law National, March 20

    The Supreme Court eventually struck down portions of Arizona’s law, which had set off a torrent of fear and anger.

  63. Mexico Condemns Texas Law, and Says It Will Not Accept Deportations From the State National, March 20

    Mexico’s top diplomat for North America rejected the Supreme Court’s ruling, saying that immigration policy was something to be negotiated between federal governments.

  64. An Appeals Court Often Out of Step With the Supreme Court Notches a Victory National, March 19

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has a reputation for issuing decisions too conservative even for the six-justice supermajority of Republican appointees.

  65. Justices Won’t Block Texas’s Immigration Law, for Now N Y T Now, March 19

    Also, Hong Kong adopted sweeping laws targeting criticism. Here’s the latest at the end of Tuesday.

  66. Trump Asks Supreme Court for Absolute Immunity on Election Charges Washington, March 19

    The court will hear arguments on April 25 over whether former presidents can be prosecuted for things they did while in office.

  67. Supreme Court Rules for Immigrant in Case on Deportation Hardship Waiver Washington, March 19

    By a 6-to-3 vote, the court said that federal appeals courts may review many rulings from immigration judges despite a law that sought to limit their jurisdiction.

  68. Supreme Court Won’t Block, for Now, Aggressive Texas Immigration Law Washington, March 19

    The law, which empowers local officials to arrest and deport migrants who enter the country without authorization, was challenged by the Biden administration as an affront to federal power.

  69. Peter Navarro Begins 4-Month Prison Sentence for Contempt of Congress Washington, March 19

    The former White House trade adviser is the first senior Trump aide to serve time over efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

  70. Supreme Court Rules for Muslim Man in Challenge to No-Fly List Washington, March 19

    The government had contended that removing Yonas Fikre from the list made moot his lawsuit asserting violations of his constitutional rights.

  71. What to Watch for in Today’s Elections, and More Podcasts, November 7

    Plus, a gun rights case at the Supreme Court and WeWork’s bankruptcy filing.

  72. Supreme Court to Hear N.R.A.’s Free Speech Case Against New York Official Washington, November 3

    The case is the second one this term asking the justices to decide when government activity crosses the line to become coercion forbidden by the First Amendment.

  73. The June 30 Student Loans Supreme Court Biden live blog included one standalone post:
  74. What the Debt Ceiling Deal Means for Student Loan Payments Washington, May 30

    The legislation would prevent President Biden from issuing another last-minute extension on the payments beyond the end of the summer.

  75. Neil Gorsuch Has Given Himself Away Op Ed, May 23

    A justice who frequently struggles to see injustice and cruelty in the present will surely struggle to see injustice and cruelty in the past.

  76. Supreme Court Dismisses Case on Pandemic-Era Immigration Measure Washington, May 18

    The justices acted after the Biden administration announced that the health emergency used to justify the measure, Title 42, was ending.

  77. Biden Is Running on His Record (and Away From It) Washington, April 25

    President Biden has acknowledged that he has not accomplished all he wished to. But that, he maintains, is an argument for his re-election.

  78. Video Testimony in the Covid Era Faces a Constitutional Test Washington, March 20

    Two criminal defendants have asked the Supreme Court to decide whether remote testimony against them violated the Sixth Amendment’s confrontation clause.

  79. Supreme Court Hints That It May Duck Two Big Cases Washington, March 7

    Recent orders suggest that the justices are thinking of dismissing cases involving the “independent state legislature” theory and Title 42, an immigration measure imposed during the pandemic.

  80. The February 28 Student Loans Supreme Court live blog included one standalone post:
  81. Supreme Court Appears Skeptical of Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan U.S., February 28

    The administration faced a conservative court that has insisted that government initiatives with major political and economic consequences be clearly authorized by Congress.

  82. Biden Officials Tell Supreme Court That Title 42 Case Will Soon Be Moot Washington, February 8

    The justices are set to hear arguments on March 1 on whether Republican-led states may seek to keep in place the immigration measure, which was justified by the coronavirus pandemic.

  83. Back on the Bench to Announce Opinions, Supreme Court Rules Against a Veteran Washington, January 23

    The unanimous ruling was the first one summarized by a justice since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and an indication that the court is off to a slow start this term.

  84. Biden Administration Defends Student Loan Cancellation at Supreme Court Washington, January 5

    In a brief filed with the justices, the president’s lawyers argued that his administration had acted within its authority in moving to forgive hundreds of billions in student debt.

  85. The Met’s Efforts to Increase Ticket Sales for Operas Letters, December 30

    Readers praise plans for more contemporary works. Also: Zelensky and American values; protecting the minority; remote work; the Groucho exception.

  86. Will Lifting Title 42 Cause a Border Crisis? It’s Already Here. National, December 29

    Plans to lift Title 42 have prompted dire predictions of chaos on the border. But there is already a migrant surge, because the pandemic policy was never an effective border-control tool.

  87. ‘This Is Not About the Pandemic Anymore’: Public Health Law Is Embraced as Border Band-Aid Washington, December 28

    For some lawmakers and politicians on both sides of the aisle, brandishing Title 42 is a way to flaunt an aggressive stance on the border.

  88. Migrant Expulsion Policy Must Stay in Place for Now, Supreme Court Says Washington, December 27

    The temporary stay in lifting the pandemic rule known as Title 42 is a provisional victory for 19 states, led mostly by Republicans, that had sought to keep it in place on the border.

  89. En 2022, debatimos el apocalipsis en Español, December 27

    ¿Se está acabando el mundo tal como lo conocíamos? ¿Lo sabrías, siquiera, antes de que fuera demasiado tarde?

  90. Was the World Collapsing? Or Were You Just Freaking Out? Op Ed, December 20

    In 2022, we debated the apocalypse.

  91. Chief Justice Roberts Briefly Halts Decision Banning Border Expulsions Washington, December 19

    At issue is Title 42, a public health measure invoked by the Trump administration during the pandemic to block migrants from seeking asylum in the United States.

  92. Supreme Court to Hear Student Debt Forgiveness Case U.S., December 1

    The justices left in place an injunction blocking the Biden administration’s authority to forgive up to $20,000 in debt per borrower.

  93. Sparks Fly as Musk Moves Fast to Remake Twitter Business, October 31

    The social network’s new owner wants to cut costs and make money from more aspects of tweeting. But some advertisers and celebrities remain cautious.

  94. Supreme Court to Reopen to the Public When Justices Return Washington, September 28

    The courthouse has been closed to most visitors since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, and in the meantime the court has been transformed.

  95. A Campaign Tactic by Democrats: Smart? Risky? Unethical? Letters, August 14

    Readers debate the party’s strategy of supporting far-right G.O.P. candidates it thinks it can beat. Also: Covid and schools; Ukraine’s students; Kansas and abortion.

  96. Pelosi in Taiwan: Sharp Views All Around Letters, August 3

    The House speaker’s visit is reviewed, pro and con. Also: The Kansas abortion vote; OB-GYNs; coal miners; rich and poor friends; single-issue voters.

  97. Your Friday Briefing: A Major U.S. Climate Ruling Dining, June 30

    Plus Xi Jinping visits Hong Kong and Ukraine takes back Snake Island.

  98. Your Friday Evening Briefing N Y T Now, May 27

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  99. Why Is the Supreme Court So Secretive? Letters, May 10

    Readers call for more openness and discuss judicial restraint and the justices’ religious beliefs. Also: Mask decisions; Twitter’s dark side; skipping school.