1. ‘So, So Jaded’: The Campaign to Stop Brett Kavanaugh Struggles for Liftoff Washington, August 11

    Activists have mustered seven-figure war chests and troops on the ground, but little energy to stop Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation has materialized.

  2. Brett Kavanaugh Urged Ken Starr Not to Indict Clinton While in Office Washington, August 10

    The view of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee about the separation of powers may please Mr. Trump. But Democrats will want to ask more questions about his views.

  3. Using a Public Records Request to Learn More About Brett Kavanaugh News Desk, August 10

    Readers have asked about the kind of public information requests our journalists make. Two of our investigative reporters explain how this worked with recent requests on President Trump’s Supreme Court nomination.

  4. Is India Creating Its Own Rohingya? Op Ed, August 10

    Echoes of the majoritarian rhetoric preceding the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya can be heard in India as four million, mostly Bengali-origin Muslims, have been effectively turned stateless.

  5. At Bush White House, Kavanaugh Offered Help on Terrorism Prisoners, Email Shows
    Washington, August 9

    The email, part of a trove of about 5,700 documents involving Brett M. Kavanaugh’s time in the George W. Bush administration, appears likely to be a focus at his Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

  6. Why You Should Care About Unions Op Ed, August 8

    (Even if you’re not in one.)

  7. Why Russian Money Ends Up in U.S. Elections Op Ed, August 6

    America needs a new model of campaign finance not to supplant the political marketplace but to correct for its inadequacies.

  8. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Bemoans a ‘Divisive’ Term, but Vows to Stick Around Washington, August 6

    In an annual summary of the Supreme Court’s work, Justice Ginsburg, 85, said she hoped for more consensus and may try to serve until she is 90.

  9. The Partisan Battle Brett Kavanaugh Now Regrets Washington, August 4

    The Supreme Court nominee, despite his own doubts, left his Washington law firm to rejoin the investigation into President Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky.

  10. Thou Shalt Not Kill Editorial, August 3

    Pope Francis declares capital punishment unambiguously wrong. No exceptions.

  11. Kavanaugh’s Opponents Protest Ex-Aide’s Role in Screening of Documents Washington, August 3

    The lawyer supervising the screening of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s records served as a deputy to Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh when he was staff secretary in the Bush White House.

  12. Trump’s Biggest Climate Move Yet Is Bad for Everyone Op Ed, August 2

    He wants to freeze fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards, thwarting progress on climate change.

  13. Is Clarence Thomas the Supreme Court's Future? Op Ed, August 2

    The conservative justice’s obsession with the past was on full display during the recent term.

  14. Trump Is Putting Indelible Conservative Stamp on Judiciary Washington, July 31

    Beyond the Supreme Court, President Trump has already put a stamp on federal appeals courts, and Senate Republicans have been eager partners in the effort.

  15. U.K. Courts Reduce Their Role in Ending Life Support Foreign, July 30

    Britain’s Supreme Court ruled that if the family and doctors agree, they do not need a court’s permission to let a patient in a persistent vegetative state die.

  16. Manchin Is First Democrat to Meet With Kavanaugh as Parties Intensify Feud Washington, July 30

    The senator is central to his party’s fight to defeat President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, whom Democrats have avoided meeting as they clash with Republicans over access to his emails.

  17. After the Play, a Supreme Encore From Ruth Bader Ginsburg Culture, July 30

    Following “The Originalist,” the judge talked fondly about its subject: her frequent legal sparring partner Antonin Scalia.

  18. Bush Claimed Power to Override a Torture Ban. What Did Brett Kavanaugh Think About That? Washington, July 29

    When the Senate took up Brett Kavanaugh's appeals court nomination in 2006, he dodged questions on his role in presidential signing statements. Democrats are now demanding access to related records.

  19. When Reporting on Gay Rights in India Gets Personal Insider, July 25

    While covering the looming decision by India’s Supreme Court over whether to decriminalize gay sex, Kai Schultz struggled with his own place in the story.

  20. Roe v. Wade, Part 2: The Culture Wars Podcasts, July 24

    After the Supreme Court legalized abortion, two powerful movements — feminism and evangelicalism — took opposing sides on the issue and forged a new political landscape.

  21. Meet With Kavanaugh? Not Until There’s a Deal on His Documents, Democrats Say Washington, July 23

    Senate Democrats are avoiding the standard meet-and-greet with President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee as they fight over which documents must be turned over.

  22. Patrick Leahy: Uncover the Truth About Brett Kavanaugh Op Ed, July 23

    President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court was involved in some of the most politically charged moments of our recent history. The Senate should examine his full paper trail thoroughly.

  23. A Supreme Court Vote Is Just One of Heidi Heitkamp’s Headaches Washington, July 23

    In North Dakota, Senator Heidi Heitkamp is grappling with a Supreme Court pick, a trade war, a hostile President Trump and a well-known Republican challenger.

  24. How to Tell Where Brett Kavanaugh Stands on Citizens United Washington, July 23

    A single sentence in a 1976 Supreme Court decision holds the key to understanding Judge Kavanaugh’s approach to campaign finance law.

  25. Roe v. Wade, Part 1: Who Was Jane Roe? Podcasts, July 23

    We examine how abortion — and the Supreme Court case that legalized the procedure in the United States — became one of the most politically divisive issues of our time.

  26. Brett Kavanaugh Will Fit Right In at the Pro-Corporate Roberts Court Editorial, July 22

    President Trump’s choice for the latest Supreme Court vacancy will continue a trend toward widening America’s power and wealth gaps.

  27. Anti-Abortion Protesters at Queens Clinic Did Not Harass Patients, Judge Rules Metro, July 22

    The federal judge’s ruling came in response to a lawsuit filed by the New York attorney general’s office that aggressive protesters violated laws guaranteeing reproductive health access.

  28. Awaiting the Hearings on Judge Kavanaugh Letters, July 21

    Readers discuss Democratic strategies for the confirmation hearings, Roe v. Wade, voter ID laws and more.

  29. What if You Owned a Beach but Weren’t Allowed to Get to It? Op Ed, July 20

    In California, a long-running fight could be nearing a conclusion. At stake for the public is access to a magnificent coastline.

  30. A Cheat Sheet to Catch Up on the Supreme Court Nomination Politics, July 20

    Scheduling fights in the Senate. Student evaluations. Here’s a distilled version of what has happened since President Trump introduced his court nominee to the world.

  31. ‘I’m Doing It for the Babies’: Inside the Ground Game to Reverse Roe v. Wade Politics, July 20

    With a new Supreme Court justice on the way, anti-abortion groups sense a unique moment to achieve their goal, and they’re mobilizing forces at the local level.

  32. With All Eyes on Joe Manchin, He Is All Ears at a Supreme Court Round Table Washington, July 20

    A discussion in his home state underscored the difficult decision the West Virginia senator and other red-state Democrats must make.

  33. ‘Best Professor.’ ‘Very Evenhanded.’ ‘Great Hair!’: Brett Kavanaugh, as Seen by His Law Students Washington, July 19

    Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court has been divisive in the nation’s leading law schools, which lean left, but anonymous evaluations from his students at Harvard, Yale and Georgetown paint a portrait of a popular professor.

  34. Remembering an Era Before Roe, When New York Had the ‘Most Liberal’ Abortion Law Express, July 19

    In 1970, before Roe v. Wade established a constitutional right to abortion, New York became a magnet for women seeking to terminate their pregnancies legally.

  35. Trump Nominee Is Mastermind of Anti-Union Legal Campaign Business, July 18

    A conservative lawyer chosen to head a federal agency has spent months bringing cases that could bankrupt public-employee unions in several states.

  36. The Real Reason to Oppose Brett Kavanaugh Op Ed, July 18

    He spent a fortune on tickets for a woebegone baseball team.

  37. A Kavanaugh Signal on Abortion? Op Ed, July 18

    The Supreme Court nominee’s dissent in the case of a pregnant, undocumented teenager should worry abortion-rights supporters.

  38. ‘An Entire Community Got Together to Rape a Child’: India Recoils at Girl’s Assault Foreign, July 18

    The repeated attacks on the child at her apartment complex have revived debate about rape in India.

  39. 3 Lessons From Corruption Convictions Metro, July 18

    A 2016 Supreme Court decision narrowed the definition of corruption and dealt a blow to federal prosecutors. But recent trials show they can still win, with a strong case.

  40. How Trump Withstands So Many Controversies Podcasts, July 18

    As President Trump faces a hailstorm of criticism over his meeting with Russia’s president, his supporters are doubling down. It’s a pattern we’ve seen before.

  41. Ann Hopkins, Who Struck an Early Blow to the Glass Ceiling, Dies at 74 Obits, July 17

    Her bosses at the office saw her as too “macho” and “aggressive” to be made a partner. The Supreme Court saw her as a victim of gender stereotyping.

  42. India’s Battle for Same-Sex Love Op Ed, July 17

    A colonial-era law that criminalizes homosexual sex is viewed by many as a blot on the idea of India as a liberal democracy.

  43. Will Kavanaugh Curb Sloppy White House Deregulation? Op Ed, July 16

    The judge insists that federal agencies stay within the limits of law and delegated authority.

  44. The Right Way to Lose the Kavanaugh Fight Op Ed, July 15

    If the Democrats go down swinging, they’ll have a potent message for the midterms.

  45. Congress and Stories of Abortion Letters, July 15

    A reader calls on the wives and daughters of Republican members of Congress who have had abortions to speak about their experiences.