1. Supreme Court Again Refuses to Block Texas Abortion Law U.S., October 22

    But the court said it would hear arguments on Nov. 1 on challenges to the law from the Biden administration and abortion providers in the state.

  2. The Supreme Court Faces a Huge Test on Libel Law Opinion, October 22

    Two of the justices want to revisit a landmark decision for free expression. They may soon get the chance.

  3. Texas Urges Supreme Court to Leave Its Restrictive Abortion Law in Place U.S., October 21

    The Biden administration had asked the court to block the law. State officials called the request procedurally flawed, saying the court was powerless to grant it.

  4. A Hard but Real Compromise Is Possible on Abortion Opinion, October 19

    Public attitudes have hardly changed since Roe v. Wade was decided nearly 50 years ago.

  5. In Two Rulings, Supreme Court Bolsters Legal Shield for Police U.S., October 18

    The unsigned decisions, without noted dissents, indicated that the court continued to support the widely criticized doctrine of qualified immunity.

  6. Justice Department Asks Supreme Court to Block Texas Abortion Law U.S., October 18

    Saying the law is “plainly unconstitutional,” the department also asked the court to add the case to its docket in its current term.

  7. A Century-Long ‘Reign of Error’ for a Supreme Court Typo U.S., October 18

    A sweeping statement in a 1928 opinion about property rights was revised soon after it was issued. But the error lived on.

  8. Justice Dept. to Ask Supreme Court to Block Texas’ Near-Total Abortion Ban as Legal Fights Continue U.S., October 15

    The Texas law prohibits most abortions after about six weeks, before many women are even aware they are pregnant.

  9. This Justice Is Taking Over the Supreme Court, and He Won’t Be Alone Opinion, October 15

    With conservative justices in the majority, the court seems to be reshaping itself in Justice Thomas’s image.

  10. Biden Panel Wary of Expanding Supreme Court, but Open to Term Limits U.S., October 14

    Preliminary draft materials suggested that adding justices might be seen as a “partisan maneuver,” but said that an 18-year tenure merits “serious consideration.”

  11. Supreme Court Seems Ready to Restore Death Sentence for Boston Marathon Bomber U.S., October 13

    The Biden administration has pursued the case against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in spite of its own moratorium on capital punishment.

  12. Justices Seem Ready to Let Kentucky’s Attorney General Defend Abortion Law U.S., October 12

    After the state’s political landscape shifted in 2019, the Democratic governor and the Republican attorney general disagreed on defending the law.

  13. ‘Are We Human?’ Modi’s Use of Antiterror Law Draws Scrutiny From Courts World, October 12

    India’s government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi has jailed thousands of people through a statute that critics say is aimed at silencing dissent.

  14. The Supreme Court v. Reality Opinion, October 9

    These justices are courting disaster for the rest of us.

  15. Read the document Interactive, October 7

    Here is the draft lawsuit that Michael P. Farris, chief executive of a group known as Alliance Defending Freedom, sent to the South Carolina attorney general, as he searched for a Republican state attorney general willing to file the lawsuit with the Supreme Court.

  16. The Supreme Court’s Pain, and Our Anger Opinion, October 7

    Twenty years ago, the court easily weathered the storm created by Bush v. Gore. But things are different now.

  17. Supreme Court Justices Make a Surprising Proposal in Torture Case U.S., October 6

    Twenty years after the Sept. 11 attacks, three justices said it was time to hear from the first detainee subjected to brutal interrogation by the C.I.A.

  18. The Most Important Supreme Court Term in Decades The Daily, October 5

    The justices will soon take on some of the most divisive topics in the U.S. amid concern about how politicized the institution has become.

  19. One Justice Missing and Only One Masked, the Supreme Court Returns U.S., October 4

    As a term packed with major cases begins, much has changed since the last in-person arguments took place in March 2020.

  20. Biden and the Democratic Standoff Over Spending Bills Opinion, October 4

    Readers offer different perspectives on who’s at fault and how Democrats should come to agreement. Also: The Supreme Court's task.

  21. Conservatives, Often Wary of Foreign Law, Look Abroad in Abortion Case U.S., October 4

    When the Supreme Court hears arguments this fall in a big abortion case from Mississippi, it will consider dueling accounts of international practices.

  22. The Supreme Court Has Gone Off the Rails Opinion, October 4

    Justices who once derided judicial “meddling” are now meddlers themselves.

  23. Back on the Bench, the Supreme Court Faces a Blockbuster Term U.S., October 3

    The court, which is dominated by six Republican appointees, will confront a charged docket, including a case asking it to overrule Roe v. Wade.

  24. ¿Por qué tantas deportistas han alzado la voz por el derecho al aborto? en Español, September 30

    Con una sentencia del Tribunal Supremo en juego, una medallista olímpica se unió a un grupo de más de 500 atletas que apoyan los derechos reproductivos.

  25. Memo to Democrats: ‘Grow Up. Do Your Job.’ Opinion, September 29

    Suggestions for Democrats in Congress; the return of live performances; Justice Sandra Day O'Connor; an airline no-fly list; boys' struggles.

  26. ‘I Want to Go to a Hospital or Clinic Where Everyone Is Vaccinated’ Opinion, September 28

    Vaccine mandates in hospitals and schools; Haitians and immigration policy; abortion and Republicans.

  27. Why Scores of Female Athletes Are Speaking Out on Abortion Rights Sports, September 27

    With a Supreme Court ruling in the balance, an Olympic medalist joined a group of more than 500 athletes supporting reproductive rights.

  28. What the Public Thinks About Major Supreme Court Cases This Term Interactive, June 1

    Closely divided opinions on health care, voting, religion and gay rights cases.

  29. A Texas Abortion Law, and the Fight Over Roe Interactive, May 19

    Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas just signed a bill that would ban most abortions in the state. Here’s what else to know.

  30. How to Fix the Supreme Court Interactive, October 27

    Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation has tilted the high court's ideological balance. What should the court’s future be, and who gets to decide it?

  31. Fill Ginsburg’s Seat Now. Signed, the Democratic Senators of 2016. Interactive, September 21

    Democrats from 2016 make their case against the Democrats of today.

  32. Don’t Fill Ginsburg’s Seat. Signed, the Republican Senators of 2016. Interactive, September 21

    Republicans from 2016 make their case against Republicans of today.

  33. 8 Books on Ruth Bader Ginsburg Interactive, September 21

    If you’d like to create your own shrine to this indefatigable woman of words, these books are the building blocks.

  34. Ginsburg Supreme Court Vacancy Is the Second Closest to a U.S. Election Ever Interactive, September 19

    The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday left an opening on the Supreme Court 46 days before Election Day.

  35. The Major Supreme Court Cases This Term and What the Public Thinks Interactive, June 15

    The public generally supports the politically liberal position in the cases, though Democrats and Republicans are deeply divided over several of them.

  36. U.S. Supreme Court Arguments: Trump’s Financial Records Interactive, May 12

    Reporters for The Times provided live analysis as the Supreme Court heard arguments about whether President Trump can block subpoenas to his accountants and bankers from Congress and New York prosecutors.

  37. Watch Out, America — The Supreme Court Is Back in Session Editorial, October 5

    And conservatives could be the big winners.

  38. Who Cares About the Supreme Court’s ‘Legitimacy’? Op Ed, June 6

    Conservatives seem to assume that only the chief justice is moved by fears that he and his colleagues will end up looking like politicians in robes.

  39. Man Who Threatened to Kill 2 Senators Who Supported Kavanaugh Gets 18 Months in Prison Express, June 3

    Ronald DeRisi, 75, of Long Island, left expletive-laden voice mail messages at the offices of two senators and threatened to assault and shoot them.

  40. On the Abortion Issue, Pence Leads the Way Washington, May 30

    President Trump may be the louder voice on the issue, but the vice president is the one many evangelicals hear.

  41. McConnell Says Republicans Would Fill a Supreme Court Vacancy in 2020, Drawing Claims of Hypocrisy Express, May 29

    The Senate majority leader acknowledged that Republicans would treat a judge nominated by a Republican president differently from one nominated by a Democratic president.

  42. A Supreme Court Do-Over Op Ed, April 11

    Will the court be able to avoid mirroring the country’s polarization?

  43. A Troubling Gun Case in New York Letters, April 3

    An academic is worried that a strict gun law in New York City is being challenged in the Supreme Court.

  44. A Timeline of Key Supreme Court Cases on Affirmative Action National, March 30

    The Supreme Court has weighed in on affirmative action several times. Here are some key cases through the decades.

  45. Will the Supreme Court End Gerrymandering? Arguments Begin This Week National, March 25

    Justices will be reviewing the case of North Carolina, where Republicans drew a map to maximize their power in the House. Plaintiffs challenging the map say it’s unconstitutional.