1. Minnesota Videographers Said They Don’t Have to Film Gay Weddings. A Judge Disagreed. National, Yesterday

    A judge dismissed the lawsuit, ruling that a media production company’s plan to refuse service would be akin to posting a sign that said “White Applicants Only.”

  2. Nawaz Sharif’s Supporters Win a Pakistan Election Foreign, September 17

    The by-election was cast as a chance for voters to speak out on a Pakistan Supreme Court ruling that ousted Mr. Sharif as prime minister in July.

  3. Cake Is His ‘Art.’ So Can He Deny One to a Gay Couple? Washington, September 16

    A Colorado case that pits a gay couple against a baker who refused to serve them will mostly center on the protections of free speech.

  4. How a Cake Triggered a Supreme Court Case Video, September 16

    This fall, the Supreme Court will hear the case of the Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

  5. On Insider Trading, an Appeals Court Comes to Its Senses Business, September 14

    A decision upholding the conviction of Mathew Martoma, a former SAC Capital portfolio manager, gives the upper hand back to prosecutors.

  6. An Old Supreme Court Dream Op Ed, September 14

    Remembering a good immigration decision in a mean season.

  7. Edie Windsor Gave Me My Wife. And My Life. Op Ed, September 13

    The gay-rights pioneer, who died Tuesday at 88, was our white-haired knight.

  8. Splitting 5-4, Justices Put Texas Redistricting on Hold Washington, September 12

    A lower court had ordered Texas to redraw maps found to be discriminatory. The Supreme Court blocked that order while it considers an appeal.

  9. Edith Windsor, Whose Same-Sex Marriage Fight Led to Landmark Ruling, Dies at 88 Obits, September 12

    Ms. Windsor’s case struck down the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013 and granted same-sex married couples federal recognition for the first time.

  10. Justices Allow Refugee Ban While Case Proceeds Washington, September 12

    A month before the Supreme Court is to hear arguments in the travel ban case, it temporarily allowed the administration to bar many refugees.

  11. A ‘Frightening’ Myth About Sex Offenders Video, September 12

    Our harsh treatment of sex offenders is based on flawed social science.

  12. When Junk Science About Sex Offenders Infects the Supreme Court Op Ed, September 12

    An invented statistic from a magazine has informed jurisprudence about sex offenders for 20 years.

  13. Justice Kennedy’s Order Temporarily Leaves in Place Trump Travel Ban on Refugees Washington, September 11

    Justice Kennedy issued an administrative stay in the travel ban case, temporarily blocking an appeals court ruling on refugees.

  14. Prominent Republicans Urge Supreme Court to End Gerrymandering Washington, September 6

    The politicians filed briefs asking the justices to protect democracy by declaring unconstitutional the practice involving the drawing of voting districts.

  15. Why the Supreme Court May Review the S.E.C.’s In-House Judges Business, September 5

    The issue of whether the judges were properly appointed under the Constitution takes on added importance for other agencies using administrative proceedings.

  16. Eclipsing Dreams of Better Lives Op Ed, August 31

    An important Supreme Court case looms on the rights of noncitizens as the government’s dragnet picks them up at a growing rate.

  17. The New Front in the Gerrymandering Wars: Democracy vs. Math Magazine, August 29

    Sophisticated computer modeling has taken district manipulation to new extremes. To fix this, courts might have to learn how to run the numbers themselves.

  18. Trump’s Legal U-Turns May Test Supreme Court’s Patience U.S., August 28

    The Trump administration has switched sides from its predecessor in two important cases, a practice that in the past has prompted testy exchanges with the justices.