1. Justices Dig Through 1984 Murder, Weighing Withheld Evidence U.S., Yesterday

    The legal question was about prosecutors withholding evidence about another suspect, but the argument was dominated by an effort to reconstruct what happened decades ago.

  2. Justices Side With Free-Speech Challenge to Credit Card Fees Business Day, Yesterday

    The justices ruled in favor of five New York businesses that wanted to inform their customers that they imposed a surcharge for the use of credit cards.

  3. The Supreme Court Keeps Tinkering With Death Opinion, Yesterday

    Texas is condemning intellectually disabled people using an outdated and unscientific test. The justices were right to strike it down.

  4. Texas Used Wrong Standard in Death Penalty Cases, Justices Rule U.S., March 28

    The Supreme Court has rejected the test Texas uses to determine who should be spared execution because of an intellectual disability, continuing a trend toward limiting capital punishment.

  5. Supreme Court Considers Why Patent Trolls Love Texas Business Day, March 27

    With more than 40 percent of patent suits filed in a federal court in East Texas, justices are weighing whether to limit the places where defendants in such cases may be sued.

  6. A Roadblock to the Court for Neil Gorsuch Opinion, March 24

    Senate Democrats say they will filibuster the nomination, daring the Republicans to change the rules to get their man on the bench.

  7. Democrats Plan to Filibuster to Thwart Gorsuch Nomination U.S., March 23

    Judge Neil M. Gorsuch appears to be short, at least for now, of the eight Senate votes he must earn from the Democratic caucus to reach the 60-vote threshold.

  8. Gorsuch Completes His 20-Hour Test. So How Did He Do? U.S., March 23

    Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, the Supreme Court nominee, went through three days of hearings that left the Senate Judiciary Committee about where it began.

  9. In Case Testing Police Liability in Shootings, Supreme Court Shows Divide U.S., March 22

    The justices seemed to sharply disagree on the relevance of the Los Angeles County police’s lack of a warrant in the civil suit of a man wounded in a raid.

  10. Democrats Fail to Move Gorsuch Off Script and Beyond Generalities U.S., March 22

    Senate Democrats made an issue of a unanimous Supreme Court ruling on Wednesday that rejected the approach Judge Gorsuch had taken in a different case.

  11. Essential Reading: 5 Books About Dramatic Supreme Court Nomination Hearings Books, March 22

    Full-length accounts of how Senate hearings for Clarence Thomas, Robert H. Bork and others were turned into spectator sport.

  12. Judge Neil Gorsuch, in the Senate Spotlight Opinion, March 22

    A reader says hearings should not be held for the nominee of a president under a cloud of suspicion. Another suggests not fighting the nomination.

  13. Supreme Court Rejects Education Minimum Applied by Gorsuch U.S., March 22

    The justices said schools should not be satisfied with minimal educational progress for disabled students, a standard Judge Neil M. Gorsuch has been criticized for using.

  14. Of Horse v. Duck, Mutton Busting and Other Confirmation Diversions U.S., March 22

    Republicans have elevated the practice of gentle questioning of a preferred Supreme Court nominee to high art — even when confirmation appears assured.

  15. How Neil Gorsuch Interprets the Constitution Video, March 22

    Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, President Trump’s choice for Supreme Court justice, adheres to originalism, a judicial approach that would deeply affect how he would make decisions from the bench.

  16. The Problems With Originalism Opinion, March 22

    Judge Gorsuch’s preferred theory of constitutional interpretation is self-undermining.

  17. Highlights From Judge Gorsuch’s Confirmation Hearing U.S., March 22

    Democratic senators were frustrated in the first round of confirmation hearings for Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, who offered little insight on his thoughts on contentious legal matters.

  18. ‘I’ll Criticize Judges,’ Trump Says, Hours After a Scolding for Doing Just That U.S., March 21

    President Trump was at it again Tuesday night at a fund-raising dinner, calling out a federal court judge in Hawaii who placed a stay on his second travel ban.

  19. Gorsuch Says He’d Rule Against Trump if Law Required It U.S., March 21

    The Supreme Court nominee also repeated his earlier private criticism of the president’s attacks on judges who rule against him.

  20. Supreme Court Limits President’s Power to Fill Vacant Posts U.S., March 21

    The justices ruled that a 1998 law on federal appointments meant a nominee to a position cannot hold it on an acting basis.

  21. Where Does Gorsuch Stand on Torture? It’s Hard to Say U.S., March 21

    Senate Democrats grilled Judge Neil M. Gorsuch about torture and presidential power, and the exchanges revived an unresolved dispute from George W. Bush’s presidency.

  22. Gorsuch, Abortion and the Concept of Personhood Opinion, March 21

    The Supreme Court nominee explored the issue in a book, making it fair game for senators. The answer could tell us a lot about his take on Roe v. Wade.

  23. Seven Highlights From the Gorsuch Confirmation Hearings U.S., March 21

    With 30 minutes of questioning allotted to each senator, Judge Neil M. Gorsuch ventured into unscripted territory on Tuesday.

  24. Neil Gorsuch Faces the Senate Opinion, March 20

    Here’s a good question for Judge Gorsuch: Why are you here? There’s only one honest answer: “I shouldn’t be.”

  25. Gorsuch Tries to Put Himself Above Politics in Confirmation Hearing U.S., March 20

    Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, appeared prepared for criticism that his rulings have tilted toward corporate interests.

  26. Supreme Court Won’t Throw Out Menendez Corruption Case N.Y. / Region, March 20

    The court’s decision not to hear the case of Senator Robert Menendez, who faces eight bribery charges, sets the stage for a trial this fall.

  27. The Supreme Court: Where Do We Go From Here? Times Insider, March 20

    Jake Silverstein and Emily Bazelon of the Times Magazine join Adam Liptak, The Times’s Supreme Court correspondent, to discuss the court’s future.

  28. Will Gorsuch Join Justices in Time to Matter This Term? U.S., March 20

    To confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch before the current Supreme Court term ends, Senate Republicans will have to move with exceptional speed.

  29. Six Highlights From the Gorsuch Confirmation Hearing U.S., March 20

    At the hearing for Mr. Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Senator Richard J. Durbin addressed “a courtesy which Senate Republicans denied” to Judge Merrick B. Garland.

  30. Gorsuch’s Collision Course With the Administrative State Opinion, March 20

    He is rightly skeptical about federal agencies making rules by interpreting laws passed by Congress.

  31. Want to Know Where Supreme Court Nominees Stand? Don’t Bother Asking U.S., March 19

    A rhetorical version of dodge ball is a favored tactic for nominees regardless of their position on the political spectrum.

  32. Grilling Gorsuch: Why He Won’t Answer Video, March 19

    As the country prepares for the confirmation hearings of Judge Neil Gorsuch, Retro Report explores how the bitter hearings over Judge Robert Bork changed the way nominees answer questions.

  33. Avoid, Sidestep, Retreat: Justices’ Advice on Confirmation Tactics U.S., March 19

    As Judge Neil M. Gorsuch prepares for his Supreme Court hearing, he may take a page from the playbook of some who went before him.

  34. Grassley and Feinstein: The Pair Who Will Lead Gorsuch’s Senate Hearings U.S., March 19

    The senators will face pressure to vindicate their parties’ views both of Judge Neil M. Gorsuch’s worthiness to join the Supreme Court and of the process leading him there.

  35. What Gorsuch Has in Common With Liberals Opinion, March 18

    Not all conservatives are originalists, nor are all originalists conservative.

  36. An ‘Ideological Food Fight’ (His Words in 2002) Awaits Neil Gorsuch U.S., March 18

    Judge Gorsuch’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing, starting Monday, is likely to reflect the brutal politics of a polarized era. As he himself wrote, it wasn’t always this way.

  37. Four Confirmation Fights That Shaped the Supreme Court U.S., March 16

    Liberal groups are promising a furious fight against Judge Neil M. Gorsuch that they say will rival the most memorable clashes over candidates to the highest court.

  38. A Time to Choose for the Supreme Court Opinion, March 16

    Judge Gorsuch’s hearing next week will test whether the modern confirmation process can succeed in eliciting a nominee’s views. Here are a few questions.

  39. Neil Gorsuch Helped Defend Disputed Bush-Era Terror Policies U.S., March 15

    More than 150,000 pages of newly released documents detail the work Judge Gorsuch did for the Justice Department.

  40. Neil Gorsuch Has Web of Ties to Secretive Billionaire U.S., March 14

    Mr. Gorsuch, President Trump’s Supreme Court pick, represented the mogul Philip F. Anschutz as an outside counsel and has links to other executives at his companies.

  41. Should Agencies Decide Law? Doctrine May Be Tested at Gorsuch Hearing Business Day, March 14

    The Supreme Court nominee, Neil M. Gorsuch, is a critic of Chevron deference, a doctrine that says courts should defer to a federal agency’s interpretation of the law.

  42. Democrats’ Line of Attack on Gorsuch: No Friend of the Little Guy U.S., March 13

    At a Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Democrats are expected to draw attention to instances they say highlight Judge Neil M. Gorsuch’s tendency to favor the powerful.

  43. Crime and the Adolescent Brain Opinion, March 11

    Sixteen-year-olds who are tried as juveniles are less likely to be rearrested than those tried as adults.

  44. Arkansas’s Rush to Execution Opinion, March 9

    The state has scheduled a killing spree because its batch of lethal-injection drugs is expiring.

  45. Activists Urge Democrats to Step Up Resistance to Gorsuch Nomination U.S., March 8

    Liberal groups are alarmed at what they see as muted opposition from Senate Democrats to Neil M. Gorsuch, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, and at the prospect of his lifetime appointment.

  46. Gavin Grimm: The Fight for Transgender Rights Is Bigger Than Me Opinion, March 7

    The Supreme Court may have turned down my case, but the larger movement is very much alive.

  47. Transgender Student Dismayed by Delay in Case Opinion, March 7

    A transgender student calls the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear a case on use of school bathrooms “unfathomable.”

  48. Courts Will Define Boundaries of Friendship in Insider Trading Business Day, March 6

    Did a Supreme Court ruling reject only a “tangible” benefit requirement, or did it mean to get rid of the reference to “meaningfully close” relationship, too?

  49. Jury Secrecy Doesn’t Apply if Bias Taints Deliberations, Justices Rule U.S., March 6

    Jury discussions should not remain private if evidence emerges that they were affected by racial or ethnic bias, the Supreme Court ruled.

  50. Supreme Court Won’t Hear Major Case on Transgender Rights U.S., March 6

    The justices vacated an appeals court decision in favor of a transgender boy, Gavin Grimm, and sent the case back for further consideration.

  51. Did the Supreme Court Base a Ruling on a Myth? U.S., March 6

    An assertion in a 2003 ruling that there is a “frightening and high” risk of recidivism among sex offenders has been exceptionally influential, despite a lack of evidence.

  52. What if the Court in the Loving Case Had Declared Race a False Idea? Opinion, March 6

    It could have altered the national discourse on race decades ago.

  53. The Gorsuch Nomination Opinion, March 6

    People for the American Way writes that the Supreme Court nominee is hardly mainstream.

  54. How Gorsuch the Clerk Met Kennedy the Justice: A Tale of Luck U.S., March 3

    Neil M. Gorsuch worked as a law clerk for two justices, including Anthony M. Kennedy, in the early 1990s, giving him a privileged look at the court’s workings.

  55. Corporations Show Support for Transgender Boy in Supreme Court Case U.S., March 2

    Dozens of companies, including Amazon and Apple, signed on to a brief in support of Gavin Grimm’s fight against his school district over which bathrooms he may use.

  56. Outsourcing the Constitution Opinion, March 1

    The appalling case of a prisoner who starved to death shows how dependent we are on our judges’ willingness to call out injustice.

  57. Supreme Court Returns Virginia Voting District Case to Lower Court U.S., March 1

    The court tried to clarify the role race can play in drawing districts but left it to the trial court to apply a slightly refined definition of racial gerrymandering.