1. After 28 Years in Prison, a Guilty Plea Sets a Connecticut Man Free Metro, Yesterday

    Leroy Harris’s 1989 conviction was flawed, prosecutors admit, but they agreed to let him go if he entered a rare Alford plea, pleading guilty to lesser charges without admitting guilt.

  2. Fighting Gay Rights and Abortion With the First Amendment Washington, November 22

    Alliance Defending Freedom has had some notable victories. Now it hopes to persuade the Supreme Court to blunt the sweep of its ruling enshrining same-sex marriage into law.

  3. Patent ‘Trolls’ Recede as Threat to Innovation. Will Justices Change That? Business, November 21

    Created to keep invalid claims from hurting companies, consumers and the economy, a government panel faces an existential threat in a case before the Supreme Court.

  4. Justice at Last for the Youngest Inmates? Editorial, November 20

    The Supreme Court has narrowed the use of life sentences without parole for juveniles. Now it can end it for good.

  5. Kenya Court Upholds President’s Election Win Foreign, November 20

    Justices dismissed two petitions to overturn the victory last month by Uhuru Kenyatta, a decision that came after a weekend of unrest.

  6. Why Are Corruption Cases Crumbling? Some Blame the Supreme Court Metro, November 17

    As a series of public figures have survived prosecutions, legal experts say that shifts in the law have eroded the government’s ability to combat graft.

  7. Trump Names Supreme Court Candidates for a Nonexistent Vacancy Washington, November 17

    Having promised to pick any new Supreme Court justice from a list of pre-announced names, President Trump on Friday “refreshed” his list, adding five more judges.

  8. Justices Take Cases on Free Speech at Pregnancy Centers and Polling Places Washington, November 13

    One case asks whether centers operated by abortion opponents must provide information on the procedure. The other is on political apparel at polling places.

  9. Justices Allow Execution of Inmate Who Cannot Recall His Crime Washington, November 6

    The Supreme Court said cases barring execution of mentally ill inmates do not apply to sane ones who cannot recall what they did.

  10. Where to Draw Line on Free Speech? Wedding Cake Case Vexes Lawyers Washington, November 6

    The case of a Colorado baker who refused to serve a gay couple on free speech grounds poses a test for First Amendment experts.

  11. Justice Department Accuses A.C.L.U. of Misconduct in Abortion Case Washington, November 3

    In an unusual Supreme Court filing, the Trump administration said the A.C.L.U. had misled it in an undocumented teenager’s abortion case, thwarting an appeal.

  12. The Dangerous Myth of the Judicial ‘Resistance’ Op Ed, October 31

    Denouncing judges who rule against the president is an attack on the independence and integrity of the entire judiciary.

  13. Supreme Court Delves Into Semantics of English in a Capital Case Washington, October 30

    A death row inmate in Texas was denied funds for experts and investigators, and the case hinges on the phrases “reasonably necessary” and “substantial need.”

  14. A 40-Foot Cross Has Honored War Dead for 90 Years. Is It Unlawful? Washington, October 29

    An appeals court ruled against the longstanding monument in Maryland, potentially setting up a Supreme Court decision on when religious symbols can be on public property.

  15. Will Politics Tarnish the Supreme Court’s Legitimacy? Op Ed, October 26

    John G. Roberts Jr. worries that people look at the Supreme Court justices and see partisans. His concern is a good thing.