1. Reading Tea Leaves on Abortion Rights Op Ed, Yesterday

    Will the conservative majority deliver on Trump’s promise to overturn Roe v. Wade?

  2. Supreme Court Won’t Hear Planned Parenthood Cases, and 3 Court Conservatives Aren’t Happy Washington, December 10

    Three conservatives said the court was wrong to duck cases with “some tenuous connection to a politically fraught issue.”

  3. The Stories Behind the Supreme Court’s Class Photos Washington, December 10

    For 150 years, the justices have sat, not always happily, for an extraordinary series of group portraits

  4. How a Times Court Decision Revolutionized Libel Law Reader Center, November 30

    In Times v. Sullivan, the Supreme Court ruled that public officials had to show not just that a story was inaccurate and hurt their reputation, but also that the publisher acted with “actual malice” — with reckless disregard for the truth.

  5. Supreme Court Seems Ready to Back Owner of Seized Land Rover in Case on Excessive Fines Washington, November 28

    The Supreme Court heard arguments over whether state civil forfeiture laws are subject to constitutional limits on excessive fines.

  6. Cindy Hyde-Smith Is Teaching Us What Segregation Academies Taught Her Op Ed, November 28

    The campaign gaffes of Mississippi’s newly elected senator reveal the way that the past is always present.

  7. Why We’re Writing a Book About Justice Brett Kavanaugh Insider, November 27

    We aim to go deeper into the newest justice’s formative years — and to better understand what the fight over his confirmation says about our current moment.

  8. Is Half of Oklahoma an Indian Reservation? The Supreme Court Sifts the Merits Washington, November 27

    The justices heard arguments over whether Creek Indians still exercise control over much of the eastern part of the state, and the practical consequences if they do.

  9. The Dusky Gopher Frog Loses a Round in the Supreme Court Washington, November 27

    The justices unanimously ruled that an appeals court must take a fresh look at the government’s efforts to protect the endangered species.

  10. Does the Ninth Circuit Have the Highest Reversal Rate in the Country? National, November 26

    This claim about the federal appeals court circuit, made by President Trump, a Republican senator and conservative pundits, is false by one metric and true by another.

  11. Supreme Court Considers a Thorny Question of Free Speech and Police Power Washington, November 26

    An argument before the court considered whether to allow lawsuits over arrests made in retaliation for the exercise of First Amendment rights.

  12. A Reality Check for Chief Justice Roberts Letters, November 26

    A reader surprises herself by siding with the president over whether judges are partisan.

  13. ‘It’s a Long Story’: Justice John Paul Stevens, 98, Is Publishing a Memoir Washington, November 26

    In an interview, the retired justice reflected on what he called some of the Supreme Court’s biggest missteps, the confirmation process, term limits and his decision to retire at 90.

  14. The Monopolization of America Op Ed, November 25

    In one industry after another, big companies have become more dominant over the past 15 years, new data show.

  15. ‘Kavanaugh’s Revenge’ Fell Short Against Democrats in the Midterms Washington, November 25

    While Republicans cite the Supreme Court brawl as a factor in some Senate wins, Democrats say the fight did little damage and helped in the House.

  16. The Two-Emperor Problem Op Ed, November 24

    What Trump v. John Roberts reveals about the Republic.

  17. Trump Asks Supreme Court for Fast Appeal on Transgender Military Ban Washington, November 23

    In what has become an increasingly common move for the Trump administration, it asked the justices to step in before lower courts have ruled.

  18. Among Conservatives, Some Measured Support for Chief Justice’s Rebuke of Trump Express, November 23

    Figures in the conservative legal community saw Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.’s reproach as defending an independent judiciary.

  19. Let Them Drink Bottled Water Op Ed, November 23

    Forty percent of all deaths in Pakistan may be caused by contaminated water. Bottled water isn’t a solution.

  20. Chief Justice Defends Judicial Independence After Trump Attacks ‘Obama Judge’ U.S., November 21

    The Supreme Court’s leader took offense at President Trump’s criticism of a federal judge, suggesting Mr. Trump had a profound misunderstanding of a judge’s role.

  21. Trump Takes Aim at Appeals Court, Calling It a ‘Disgrace’ Washington, November 20

    In remarks after a loss in court on his asylum policy, the president said he would take steps to address the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

  22. Judge Blocks Mississippi Law Banning Abortions After 15 Weeks National, November 20

    The judicial ruling said Mississippi’s law amounted to “a facially unconstitutional ban on abortions prior to viability.” The decision could lead to more legal wrangling.

  23. For a Second There, We Stopped Talking About Trump Opinion, November 20

    What else does the Democrats’ new House majority portend?

  24. Ohio House Passes Bill to Criminalize Abortions of Fetuses With a Heartbeat Express, November 16

    The measure would punish doctors who perform an abortion when a fetal heartbeat can be detected, as early as six weeks into a pregnancy, and would have few exceptions.

  25. Justices Asked to Rule on Legality of Acting Attorney General’s Appointment Washington, November 16

    The Supreme Court also agreed to hear a dispute about the evidence to be considered in a challenge to a question on citizenship in the census.

  26. End Forced Arbitration for Sexual Harassment. Then Do More. Op Ed, November 14

    If tech companies really want to be cutting-edge, they should get rid of the policy in all employment-related disputes.

  27. Conservative Lawyers Say Trump Has Undermined the Rule of Law Washington, November 14

    On the eve of the Federalist Society’s annual convention, leading conservative lawyers criticized Trump’s attacks on the justice system and the news media.

  28. Trump Dreams Up Another Immigrant Crisis Editorial, November 12

    The president turns to an old ploy to justify a new ban on people seeking refuge.