1. Don’t Kill the Filibuster Opinion, August 23

    Democracy isn’t just about majority rule.

  2. Four Black Men Were Freed From Death Row. Republicans Put Them Back. Opinion, August 23

    The North Carolina Supreme Court will hear a case next week that’s a matter of life or death for some inmates.

  3. Trump Has Right to End DACA, Justice Dept. Tells Supreme Court U.S., August 19

    The government’s brief in the case, about the fate of the program that shields the young immigrants known as Dreamers, is the first salvo in a legal test of the president’s immigration agenda.

  4. A Push to Let the U.S. Charge Foreign Officials With Bribery Business, August 19

    A new bill in Congress seeks to expand a prohibition that covers Americans who pay bribes but not the foreigners who accept them.

  5. When Cities Try to Limit Guns, State Laws Bar the Way U.S., August 15

    “Our officers need help, they need help with gun control,” Philadelphia’s mayor said after six police officers were wounded by gunfire. But in most states, the issue is not up to urban leaders.

  6. The Supreme Court’s Second Amendment Appetite Opinion, August 15

    The sound of gunshots is still ringing in the country’s ears. Do the justices hear it too?

  7. Modi Defends Revoking Kashmir’s Statehood as Protests Flare World, August 8

    Demonstrations against the move to revoke the disputed region’s special status had broken out ahead of the speech by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

  8. A Relentless Jailhouse Lawyer Propels a Case to the Supreme Court U.S., August 5

    Calvin Duncan, “the most brilliant legal mind” in the nation’s largest maximum-security prison, had long questioned a Louisiana law that allows 10-to-2 jury verdicts.

  9. Plan for Supertall Tower Looming Over Lower East Side Is Halted, for Now New York, August 2

    The ruling was an unusual setback for developers planning luxury skyscrapers in neighborhoods dotted with low-rise buildings.

  10. Top Court Intervenes in Rape Case That Has Stunned India World, August 2

    The Supreme Court ordered police protection for a woman who accused a politician of rape. She was critically injured in a car crash that he is suspected of orchestrating.

  11. On the Border Wall, the Supreme Court Caves to Trump Opinion, August 1

    Increasingly, the court risks becoming identified as the president’s lap dog.

  12. Arizona Files Novel Lawsuit in Supreme Court Over Opioid Crisis U.S., July 31

    The suit asks the justices to order the Sackler family to return billions said to have been looted from its company, Purdue Pharma.

  13. A Plan to End Partisan Gerrymandering Podcasts, July 29

    The Supreme Court has cleared the way for more partisan redistricting. We spoke to Eric Holder, the former attorney general, who believes there are other ways to fight it.