1. Tesla’s Aura Dims as Its Plunging Stock Highlights the Risks It Faces Business, May 20

    Production problems in China and Elon Musk’s pursuit of Twitter are leading investors to wonder whether the electric car company is worth as much as they thought.

  2. U.N. Human Rights Chief to Make First Trip to China Since 2005 World, May 20

    Rights groups say Michelle Bachelet’s trip, including a visit to the western Chinese region of Xinjiang, where Beijing has cracked down on the Uyghur minority, will be a test of her office’s credibility.

  3. Covid World Map: Tracking the Global Outbreak Interactive, January 28

    The virus has infected more than 29,855,400 people and has been detected in nearly every country.

  4. As China Doubles Down on Lockdowns, Some Chinese Seek an Exit World, May 20

    Inquiries to immigration consultants have surged; social media users trade tips on how to get abroad. But the government aims to “strictly restrict nonessential exit activities.”

  5. Biden Begins Trip to Asia Meant to Reassure Allies of Focus on China U.S., May 19

    With the administration’s attention having shifted to Ukraine, President Biden plans to emphasize that the United States can counter aggression in both Europe and Asia.

  6. Chinese Hackers Tried to Steal Russian Defense Data, Report Says World, May 19

    The campaign detailed by a cybersecurity firm highlights Beijing’s increasingly sophisticated tactics to spy on an array of targets, including countries it considers friends.

  7. Your Thursday Briefing: Turkey’s NATO Block Briefing, May 18

    Plus North Korea’s Covid strategy and China’s expanding internet censorship.

  8. Economic Headwinds Mount as Leaders Weigh Costs of Confronting Russia U.S., May 18

    Top economic officials are gathering this week to discuss how to keep pressure on Vladimir V. Putin without sinking their economies.

  9. North Korea Wants to Follow China’s Covid ‘Success.’ Its Plan May Backfire. World, May 18

    As infections spread quickly, outside experts are warning that the country’s desire to mimic Beijing’s playbook could worsen a coming disaster.

  10. U.S. Accuses Steve Wynn of Lobbying Trump on Behalf of China Business, May 17

    The Justice Department said that by serving as a middleman for the Chinese government, Mr. Wynn acted as a foreign agent and must register as one.

  11. Your Wednesday Briefing: Sri Lanka, Out of Fuel Briefing, May 17

    Plus lockdowns continue in Shanghai, and India’s community health workers press for a raise.

  12. Shanghai says its Covid outbreak is under control, but many residents remain locked down. World, May 17

    Reports in state news media about the return of daily life in the financial hub brought distressed responses from residents.

  13. Your Tuesday Briefing: Russia’s Faltering Campaign Briefing, May 16

    Plus climate’s role in Australia’s upcoming election and a Covid-19 protest at Peking University.

  14. Students Protest Covid Lockdowns at Elite Beijing University Business, May 16

    Authorities moved quickly to censor videos and photos that showed students at Peking University demonstrating.

  15. Your Friday Evening Briefing Briefing, May 13

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  16. The World Tries to Move Beyond Covid. China May Stand in the Way. Business, May 13

    Xi Jinping has redoubled his country’s efforts to control the virus, even as a growing number of leaders call on Beijing to change course.

  17. Biden Hosts Southeast Asian Leaders as He Tries to Return Focus to China U.S., May 12

    The leaders at the two-day summit in Washington will discuss a variety of topics, but the president plans to use it to show a united front against Beijing.

  18. Your Thursday Briefing: A Journalist Killed in the West Bank Briefing, May 11

    Plus uncertainty about China’s wheat harvest and religious violence in India.

  19. Hong Kong Police Arrest Former Bishop in National Security Case World, May 11

    Cardinal Joseph Zen, 90, was among three held for their work with a legal aid group that helped protesters and that officials accuse of colluding with foreign powers.

  20. War and Weather Sent Food Prices Soaring. Now, China’s Harvest Is Uncertain. Business, May 11

    Ukraine’s wheat exports have been mostly halted since Russia’s invasion, while drought has damaged crops in India and the United States. China’s upcoming harvest is another concern.

  21. Can We Still Be Optimistic About America? Opinion, May 10

    Our perpetual pessimism can be turned into the source of our renewal.

  22. Shanghai’s Cases Fall, but China’s Restrictions Tighten World, May 10

    Schools are closed indefinitely in Beijing, while the last subway lines in Shanghai that were still running have ceased operation.

  23. Your Monday Evening Briefing Briefing, May 9

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  24. A Coming Fall Surge? Briefing, May 9

    U.S. officials predict another 100 million cases in late 2022.

  25. Your Tuesday Briefing: A Marcos Victory? Briefing, May 9

    Plus the resignation of Sri Lanka’s prime minister and Taiwan’s pandemic pivot.

  26. ‘We Are Now Moving From Zero Covid’: Taiwan Pivots as Beijing Doubles Down World, May 9

    The government’s shift reflects a recognition that stringent pandemic measures were stifling economic activity and eroding the island’s international competitiveness.

  27. Your Monday Briefing: Russia’s Pre-Holiday Push Briefing, May 8

    Plus Hong Kong’s new leader and a Taliban decree targeting women’s dress.

  28. Beijing’s Man in Hong Kong Inherits a Tamed City World, May 8

    John Lee, who won a rubber-stamp leadership election on Sunday, will implement the next stage of China’s agenda for the former British colony.

  29. The May 8 Hong Kong John Lee live blog included one standalone post:
  30. U.S. Presses Taiwan to Buy Weapons More Suited to Win Against China U.S., May 7

    The Biden administration’s push for Taiwan to order missiles and smaller arms for asymmetric warfare has gained urgency since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

  31. In a One-Man Race in Hong Kong, China Is Guaranteed to Win World, May 6

    John Lee, a Beijing loyalist who oversaw the crackdown on pro-democracy protests, built his career by deepening his contacts within the mainland security services.

  32. Putin’s Information War Is Far From Over Opinion, May 5

    On this battlefield, lies are ammunition in Putin’s long and increasingly personal struggle to stay in power.

  33. ‘I’m Very Anxious’: China’s Lockdowns Leave Millions Out of Work Business, May 5

    Migrant workers and recent college graduates have been hit hardest by shuttered factories, closed construction sites and an anemic job market.

  34. China’s Covid Policies Have European Companies Wary of Investing Business, May 5

    Lockdowns and supply chain issues have soured European businesses in China on the idea of further investment in the country, a survey finds.

  35. 封城下的上海 Interactive, May 4

  36. Your Thursday Briefing: A Ban on Russian Oil? Briefing, May 4

    The E.U. proposed a total embargo.

  37. The May 4 Fed Meeting Rates Inflation live blog included one standalone post:
  38. Rising Violence by Separatists Adds to Pakistan’s Lethal Instability World, May 4

    A government plagued by volatility is trying to quell a separatist movement in Baluchistan while also fighting other insurgencies and striving for economic development.

  39. Beijing’s Covid Lockdowns: Close to My Home Interactive, May 3

    Beijing has been locking down apartment complexes once cases are found. Here is what my district looked like.

  40. Your Tuesday Briefing: Beijing’s Fight against Lockdowns Briefing, May 2

    And Mariupol evacuees start to emerge.

  41. Biden Administration Begins $3 Billion Plan for Electric Car Batteries Climate, May 2

    The Biden administration is planning a major shift to electric vehicles, but experts say it requires a secure, resilient supply of critical minerals.

  42. Beijing reopens a mass isolation center and tries to avoid a citywide lockdown. World, May 2

    While the Chinese capital has recorded only a few hundred cases in recent weeks, the move to reopen the facility appears to be aimed at avoiding the fate of Shanghai.

  43. A Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Predicts the Future — and What He Sees Is Concerning Opinion, May 2

    Ray Dalio discusses the economic and political mechanics of a changing world order.

  44. Beijing Escalates Restrictions, but Still Stops Short of Lockdown World, May 1

    Officials in China’s capital are striving to contain a coronavirus outbreak while avoiding public anger of the kind that has erupted in Shanghai.

  45. Inside China’s Zero-Covid Fortress, Xi Admits No Doubts World, May 1

    As the lockdown of Shanghai and outbreaks in Beijing and elsewhere batter the economy, China’s leader keeps a distance from the politically charged issue.

  46. Hunting for the next virus Briefing, April 29

    Can computers help?

  47. Beijing closes its schools as it tries to contain a coronavirus outbreak. World, April 29

    The city is heading into a long holiday weekend, and officials are discouraging travel and unnecessary gatherings.

  48. Under Lockdown in China Interactive, April 29

  49. Musk’s Ties to China Could Create Headaches for Twitter Technology, April 29

    Elon Musk has invested heavily in China, where officials are willing to influence or punish companies that cross political red lines.

  50. Solar Industry ‘Frozen’ as Biden Administration Investigates China Climate, April 29

    More than 300 solar projects in the United States have been canceled or delayed in recent weeks because of an investigation by the Commerce Department.

  51. Your Friday Briefing: China’s Stimulus Plan Briefing, April 28

    Plus a U.S. push for Ukraine funds and extreme heat in India and Pakistan.

  52. The April 28 Covid 19 Mandates Vaccine Cases live blog included one standalone post:
  53. Beijing’s Testing Surge Briefing, April 27

    And more than half of Americans have been infected by the virus.

  54. Your Thursday Briefing: Russia Cuts Gas Supplies Briefing, April 27

    Also, Shanghai residents express anger and Singapore executes an intellectually disabled man.

  55. The April 27 Covid 19 Mandates Vaccine Cases live blog included one standalone post:
  56. China Continues to Fall Short of Promises to Protect Intellectual Property, U.S. Says Business, April 27

    American officials said that they were monitoring China’s progress in meeting the terms of a 2020 trade deal, but that intellectual property owners had expressed concerns.

  57. Beijing has 138 coronavirus cases. It musters 139,000 workers to test residents. World, April 27

    Residents of the Chinese capital face mandatory P.C.R. tests but no mass lockdown yet, while large inland cities may be closed down in response to as few as two infections.

  58. China’s Covid Lockdown Outrage Tests Limits of Triumphant Propaganda World, April 27

    Public anger and grief over the bungled lockdown in Shanghai is creating a credibility crisis for the country’s leader, Xi Jinping, and his zero Covid policies.

  59. Your Wednesday Briefing: Beijing’s Mass Testing Plan Briefing, April 26

    Plus more aggressive support for Ukraine and Hong Kong’s brownface controversy.

  60. Beijing Starts Testing Most Residents to Try to Avoid a Lockdown Like Shanghai’s World, April 26

    China’s capital reported 22 cases as it kicked off an ambitious mandatory testing campaign across the city and reassured residents that food and other supplies were plentiful.

  61. ‘I Just Want to Help’: Amid Chaos, Shanghai Residents Band Together Business, April 26

    As the authorities in China’s biggest city fight to stamp out an Omicron outbreak, neighbors are turning to one another for support.

  62. Kenneth Roth, ‘Godfather’ of Human Rights Work, to Step Down World, April 26

    Mr. Roth joined Human Rights Watch when it was a fledgling organization. It has expanded into one of the most influential human rights advocacy groups.

  63. China and the World Wait Briefing, April 25

    China decides if Beijing will lock down soon

  64. Your Tuesday Briefing: Elon Musk Buys Twitter Briefing, April 25

    Plus a lockdown looms over Beijing and the U.S. flexes in Ukraine.

  65. The prospect of lockdowns in Beijing fuels more concerns about supply chain disruptions. Business, April 25

    China’s capital city is not as central to global production networks as Shanghai, but the costs for global companies will still mount if lockdowns spread.

  66. The April 25 Economy News Stocks Inflation live blog included one standalone post:
  67. Covid Lockdowns Revive the Ghosts of a Planned Economy Business, April 25

    China is meddling with free enterprise as it hadn’t in decades. The results are familiar to those old enough to remember: scarcity, and the rise of black markets.

  68. Covid Outbreak in Beijing Prompts Order for Nearly Citywide Testing World, April 24

    Supermarkets stocked up as panic buying began. Municipal authorities ordered that almost all residents be tested three times this week to contain a rising number of cases.

  69. With Us or With Them? In a New Cold War, How About Neither. World, April 24

    Old geopolitical foes are facing off after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but much of the world is refusing to take sides.

  70. Why Biden Saying ‘Genocide’ Doesn’t Matter Opinion, April 23

    It will neither rattle Putin nor change our obligations in the war.

  71. It’s Not Just High Oil Prices. It’s a Full-Blown Energy Crisis. Opinion, April 23

    And it will get worse before it gets better.

  72. We Study Virus Evolution. Here’s Where We Think the Coronavirus Is Going. Interactive, March 28

    What’s next for the coronavirus.

  73. New Research Points to Wuhan Market as Pandemic Origin Interactive, February 26

    Two new studies say the virus was present in animals at the Huanan seafood market in 2019.

  74. Moments From the Beijing Winter Games, Frame by Frame Interactive, February 19

    See the Winter Olympics in a series of composite images.

  75. Returning to China After Being Expelled Interactive, February 18

    In March 2020, the Chinese government expelled a group of American reporters. This month, I returned to China for the first time to cover the Olympics.

  76. See the Jumps, Twists and Grabs That Brought Eileen Gu Three Olympic Medals Interactive, February 17

    Take a deeper look at the skier’s signature moves, which won her the gold in the big air and halfpipe competitions and a silver in slopestyle.

  77. Waiting for Bing Dwen Dwen Interactive, February 17

    A week into the Winter Games, I went to the flagship store in downtown Beijing that sells Olympics merchandise — and joined the end of a long line.

  78. U.S. Men’s Hockey: Last-Minute Olympians Interactive, February 15

    The team is its youngest since 1994, cobbled together after the N.H.L. said it wouldn’t send its players to Beijing.

  79. Why Biathlon Should Be the New Curling Interactive, February 14

    Believe it or not, a skiing race combined with rifle shooting is my favorite Winter Olympics event.

  80. Beijing Olympics: Who Leads the Medal Count? Interactive, February 7

    It might depend on who’s counting — and how.

  81. Meet the U.S. Figure Skating Team Interactive, February 4

    Figure skating events began even before Beijing’s opening ceremony. Here are the athletes I’ll be watching.

  82. Who’s on the U.S. Women’s Hockey Team? Interactive, February 3

    The United States women’s hockey team opened Olympic play today against Finland. Let’s meet some of the players.

  83. What to Know Ahead of the Olympics Interactive, February 2

    The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing officially begin Friday. I’ll walk you through the latest.

  84. How I Made It to the Beijing Olympics Interactive, February 1

    China is hosting this year’s Winter Olympics in a bubble. For me, the bubble formed not in Beijing — but more than 5,000 miles away, at Charles de Gaulle Airport, outside of Paris.

  85. I Watched the Building of an Olympic Venue Interactive, January 22

    In the past 17 months, I made five trips to a village northwest of Beijing. I was curious whether one of the Olympic venues there would be ready for the Games.

  86. How China Makes Electric Car Batteries Interactive, December 22

    Everyone knows the biggest winner from electric cars: Tesla. Few outside the auto industry know the other big winner: the battery maker CATL.

  87. 购买影响力:中国如何操纵Facebook和Twitter Interactive, December 20


  88. Buying Influence: How China Manipulates Facebook and Twitter Interactive, December 20

    New documents detail how Chinese officials tap private businesses for online information campaigns, offering a rare glimpse into how China’s vast bureaucracy works to spread propaganda online.

  89. How Beijing Influences the Influencers Interactive, December 13

    China’s government has supported foreign YouTubers who put a positive spin on its policies, in its latest effort to shape how the world sees it.

  90. Moon Cube and Mysteries of the Solar System Interactive, December 8

    A Chinese lunar rover spotted an unusual object on the moon's surface. Extraterrestrial artifact, or the latest case of mistaken space identity?

  91. 彭帅事件中,中国的审查机器是如何运转的 Interactive, December 8


  92. Beijing Silenced Peng Shuai in 20 Minutes, Then Spent Weeks on Damage Control Interactive, December 8

    Chinese propaganda officials have tried to shape the global discussion of the tennis player Peng Shuai’s #MeToo accusations, but their top-down strategy has largely stumbled.

  93. How the Supply Chain Crisis Unfolded Interactive, December 5

    The highly intricate and interconnected global supply chain is in upheaval, and in one way or another, much of the crisis can be traced to the outbreak of Covid-19.

  94. How Many People Have Escaped Poverty? Interactive, December 3

    The U.N. pledged to cut in half the proportion of people living in extreme poverty by 2015 from 1990 levels. I wanted to know if it happened.

  95. What to Know About Mining in Congo Interactive, November 29

    The government of Congo is trying to clean up cobalt mining in the country. Here’s the backstory.

  96. How Much Are Countries Pledging to Reduce Emissions? Interactive, November 1

    The newest plans by countries to fight climate change still fall short of what scientists say is necessary. Here’s what the 10 biggest emitters have promised.

  97. What to Know About Evergrande Interactive, September 28

    Evergrande, China's largest developer for two decades, amassed $300 billion in debt. A messy collapse could hit property prices and household wealth.

  98. A Tour of China’s Future Tiangong Space Station Interactive, September 22

    An illustrated guide to the different sections of China’s new space station.

  99. Visitors on Mars Send New Views to Earth Interactive, June 30

    Three spacecraft reached Mars in February, starting a busy year of new exploration. Here's what they're showing us from the red planet.

  100. ‘We Are Very Free’: How China Spreads Its Propaganda Version of Life in Xinjiang Interactive, June 22

    Thousands of videos posted look like unfiltered glimpses of life for Uyghurs, but taken together, the videos begin to reveal clues of a broader influence campaign orchestrated by the Chinese government.

  101. What to Know About Apple and China Interactive, June 17

    Apple has long centered its sales pitch on protecting its users’ data. But I had a hunch that it couldn’t be that simple in China, where the company is deeply entrenched.

  102. The Chinese Dream, Denied Interactive, May 26

    They called her the Orphan Girl. She yearned to escape poverty and misfortune. It all ended in sorrow.

  103. The U.S. Has a New Climate Goal. How Does It Stack Up Globally? Interactive, April 22

    President Biden’s new pledge to cut emissions at least 50 percent below 2005 levels by 2030 is one of the more aggressive near-term targets among advanced economies.

  104. Chinese Swimmer’s Doping Ban Is Lifted After Accusation of Racism Sports, December 23

    Lawyers for Sun Yang, a three-time Olympic champion, presented evidence that one of the arbitrators who issued his eight-year suspension had made racist comments about China on social media.

  105. Cecilia Chiang Lost Everything in China, and Built It Back in California Interactive, December 23

    She twice escaped war in China, and eventually landed in an America that was hungry for a new kind of Asian cuisine.

  106. Read the Criminal Complaint Against Julien Jin Interactive, December 18

    Mr. Jin is accused of engaging in a conspiracy to censor Zoom users in the United States.

  107. How Russia Wins the Climate Crisis Interactive, December 16

    Climate change is propelling enormous human migrations, transforming global agriculture and remaking the world order — and no country stands to gain more than Russia.

  108. China Is Erasing Mosques and Precious Shrines in Xinjiang Interactive, September 25

    Thousands of religious sites in Xinjiang have been destroyed, a new analysis suggests, part of China’s drive to erode the region’s heritage.

  109. Hope, Despair, Control: The 1950s China My Father Saw, Echoed Today Interactive, July 30

    William Stevenson was one of the first foreign correspondents to visit the People’s Republic of China. Decades later, despite its transformation, I recognize the same country.

  110. Are Countries Flattening the Curve for the Coronavirus? Interactive, April 3

    These charts show the pandemic’s trajectory in each nation. New cases appear to be leveling off in some places, but they may still be far from a slowdown.

  111. Four Ways to Measure Coronavirus Outbreaks in U.S. Metro Areas Interactive, March 27

    Some metros in the U.S. could have worse outbreaks than those in Italy’s Lombardy region or in Wuhan, China.

  112. Which Country Has Flattened the Curve for the Coronavirus? Interactive, March 19

    These charts show the trajectory of the coronavirus pandemic in each country. New cases have dwindled in China and South Korea, but the virus continues to spread rapidly in most of the world.

  113. Watch the Footprint of Coronavirus Spread Across Countries Interactive, March 17

    A satellite that detects pollution from human activity shows how the coronavirus is shutting down whole countries.

  114. F.C.C. Plans Vote to Restrict Huawei and ZTE Purchases Business, October 28

    Rural carriers have raised concerns about moves to crack down on Huawei gear, saying it will cut them off from a supply of affordable equipment.

  115. ‘In the Streets, Anguish, Fury and Tears’ Foreign, June 3

    Read excerpts from The Times’s on-the-ground coverage of the Chinese government’s 1989 crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators.

  116. China Strikes Defiant Stance on Trade Against Trump Business, June 2

    In a new white paper, Beijing blamed the United States for the breakdown in trade talks. Some companies, like FedEx, are already feeling pressure from the Chinese government.

  117. Trump Says Xi Jinping of China Will Visit Soon, Stirring Anticipation of a Completed Trade Deal Foreign, April 25

    The president has suggested in the past that Mr. Xi would travel to the United States for a signing ceremony once the countries have a final deal.

  118. Amazon Gives Up on Chinese Domestic Shopping Business Business, April 18

    The company had long struggled to gain traction in China despite operating there for more than a decade.

  119. A Market-Driven Green New Deal? We’d Be Unstoppable Op Ed, April 18

    Any serious energy transformation will need to harness America’s powerful and creative economic engine.

  120. China’s Economy Stabilizes After Beijing Opens the Bank Vaults Business, April 16

    New figures suggest the Chinese slowdown is bottoming out. Credit goes to a wave of lending, but economists warn that debt-fueled growth can’t continue.

  121. Being Tracked While Reporting in China, Where ‘There Are No Whys’ Insider, April 16

    A reporter traveled to Xinjiang territory, where thousands of ethnic Uighurs have been detained in camps. The authorities followed his every move.

  122. In Australia, Muslims Call for Pressure on China Over Missing Relatives Foreign, April 13

    Members of the Uighur ethnic group want their adopted homeland to take action over China’s internment camps, into which many of their loved ones seem to have disappeared.

  123. China Yields on Malaysia Rail Project as Global Infrastructure Program Is Re-Examined Business, April 12

    The government said work on the East Coast Rail Link would resume after its price tag, originally projected at up to $20 billion, was cut nearly in half.

  124. China’s President: There’s an App for That Letters, April 11

    A reader says a government app will be viewed skeptically by Chinese young people.

  125. In China, a $30,000 Penalty for Maligning a Building’s Feng Shui Foreign, April 11

    A blogger warned of “heart-piercing” and “noxious” energy at a Beijing building. A Chinese court disagreed.