1. Amazon Gives Up on Chinese Domestic Shopping Business Technology, Yesterday

    The company had long struggled to gain traction in China despite operating there for more than a decade.

  2. The Battle Over Artificial Intelligence Opinion, Yesterday

    The president of the Electronic Privacy Information Center says the United States has made some progress but needs to do more.

  3. A Market-Driven Green New Deal? We’d Be Unstoppable Opinion, Yesterday

    Any serious energy transformation will need to harness America’s powerful and creative economic engine.

  4. U.S. Scholar Who Advises Trump Says China Blocked His Visa Application World, Yesterday

    The scholar, Michael Pillsbury, said the move seemed to be in retaliation for American restrictions on visas for visiting Chinese scholars.

  5. India Halts Downloads of TikTok Video App, Citing Harm to Children Business, April 17

    TikTok is popular with children and young adults worldwide, but regulators are scrutinizing it, citing concerns about misuse and privacy.

  6. House Hunting in … Hong Kong Real Estate, April 17

    Even as world events conspire to dent its prices and sales volume, Hong Kong remains the world’s most expensive housing market.

  7. A Modern Penthouse on Hong Kong Island Slideshow, April 17

    This two-bedroom penthouse with a large rooftop terrace in the Mid-Levels West district is on the market for $5.3 million.

  8. China’s Economy Stabilizes After Beijing Opens the Bank Vaults Business, April 16

    New figures suggest the Chinese slowdown is bottoming out. Credit goes to a wave of lending, but economists warn that debt-fueled growth can’t continue.

  9. Being Tracked While Reporting in China, Where ‘There Are No Whys’ Times Insider, April 16

    A reporter traveled to Xinjiang territory, where thousands of ethnic Uighurs have been detained in camps. The authorities followed his every move.

  10. Donald Trump, China Savior? Some Chinese Say Yes Business, April 16

    Business leaders and intellectuals say one of Beijing’s toughest critics could force the country to change. Still needed: voices of support from the inside.

  11. U.S. Risks Roiling Oil Markets in Trying to Tighten Sanctions World, April 15

    Oil purchases by China and India are undermining United States sanctions on Iran and Venezuela, but halting them could come at a cost.

  12. In Search for Leverage, Trump May Be Undercutting His Own Trade Deals U.S., April 15

    President Trump’s unpredictable style has brought foreign countries to the negotiating table. But will it result in the United States leaving with more?

  13. F.B.I. Bars Some China Scholars From Visiting U.S. Over Spying Fears World, April 14

    The Trump administration is revoking the visas of a number of Chinese experts who study the United States, fearful they share information with security agencies.

  14. One Month, 500,000 Face Scans: How China Is Using A.I. to Profile a Minority Technology, April 14

    In a major ethical leap for the tech world, Chinese start-ups have built algorithms that the government uses to track members of a largely Muslim minority group.

  15. The Only Answer Is Less Internet Opinion, April 13

    Our emerging post-privacy order isn’t quite totalitarian, but it’s getting there.

  16. In Australia, Muslims Call for Pressure on China Over Missing Relatives World, April 13

    Members of the Uighur ethnic group want their adopted homeland to take action over China’s internment camps, into which many of their loved ones seem to have disappeared.

  17. Trump Announces 5G Plan as White House Weighs Banning Huawei U.S., April 12

    President Trump has been considering an executive order that would ban Huawei and other Chinese telecom companies from building the next generation of wireless networks.

  18. ‘Panda Diplomacy’: A $24 Million Zoo Enclosure Angers Some Arts, April 12

    Copenhagen Zoo’s new enclosure in the shape of the yin and yang symbol is expected to attract thousands of visitors. But critics say it signals an overly cozy relationship with China.

  19. The Week in Tech: We Might Be Regulating the Web Too Fast Technology, April 12

    Conflicting national laws on harmful content could have unintended consequences for the global internet.

  20. Malaysia Approves Chinese Rail Project After Price Is Slashed Business, April 12

    The government said work on the East Coast Rail Link would resume after its price tag, originally projected at up to $20 billion, was cut nearly in half.

  21. China Yields on Malaysia Rail Project as Global Infrastructure Program Is Re-Examined Business, April 12

    The government said work on the East Coast Rail Link would resume after its price tag, originally projected at up to $20 billion, was cut nearly in half.

  22. As U.S. and China Near Trade Deal, Enforcement Is Key U.S., April 11

    The ability to secure a firm commitment from China to hold up its end of the pact or face repercussions will help determine whether President Trump’s agreement is seen as a true win or a capitulation.

  23. China’s President: There’s an App for That Opinion, April 11

    A reader says a government app will be viewed skeptically by Chinese young people.

  24. In China, a $30,000 Penalty for Maligning a Building’s Feng Shui World, April 11

    A blogger warned of “heart-piercing” and “noxious” energy at a Beijing building. A Chinese court disagreed.

  25. Criticism for China’s Child Modeling Industry After Video of 3-Year-Old Being Kicked World, April 11

    More than 100 online retailers said they would cut down on child modeling, condemning corporal punishment in the shooting process.

  26. For Chinese Raised in Prosperity, Shrugs in the Face of Layoffs World, April 11

    Few cities in China have had as grim a history over the past century as Chongqing. Now the enormous city is prospering, but faces a wave of pink slips at factories.

  27. Feeling Safe in the Surveillance State Opinion, April 10

    In China, where facial recognition cameras are celebrated as a national triumph, many citizens convince themselves that everywhere else is filled with danger.

  28. Global Executions Fall 31 Percent, Driven by Iran, Report Finds World, April 10

    At least 690 people were executed last year, Amnesty International said. China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and Iraq were the world’s death penalty leaders.

  29. ‘China’s Manhattan’ Borrowed Heavily. The People Have Yet to Arrive. Business, April 10

    A largely empty urban district struggling with billions of dollars in debt demonstrates the breakdown of the Chinese economic growth model.

  30. Trump’s Dangerous Obsession With the Markets Opinion, April 9

    The president is not only reading the markets as a daily measure of his success, he is also shaping policy to keep prices high.

  31. China’s Voracious Appetite for Timber Stokes Fury in Russia and Beyond World, April 9

    After sharply restricting logging in its own forests, China turned to imports, overwhelming even a country with abundant resources: Russia.

  32. China, a Major Bitcoin Source, Considers Moving Against It Business, April 9

    China, whose initial enthusiasm about cryptocurrencies has waned, may order its local governments not to support the industry.

  33. ‘Jane Doe Ponytail’: Her Life Ended in N.Y. Now Her Brother’s Bringing Her Home. New York, April 9

    After a woman fell to her death during a raid on a Queens massage parlor, her brother conducted his own investigation. He’s now returning to China with her ashes.

  34. Besties With Xi Jinping Opinion, April 8

    China’s hottest app, Study the Great Nation, is all about the president and his party. Study up!

  35. Chinese Woman Arrested at Mar-a-Lago Had a Hidden Camera Detector, Prosecutors Say U.S., April 8

    Yujing Zhang, 32, was allowed into President Trump’s resort by Secret Service agents, but was later arrested. The authorities said she also had large amounts of cash in her hotel room.

  36. With Pressure and Persuasion, China Deflects Criticism of Its Camps for Muslims World, April 8

    In the Muslim world, and in Washington and Europe, Beijing uses its economic clout and fears of Islamic radicalism to make its arguments.

  37. China Targets Europe Opinion, April 7

    Beijing drives its trade strategies forward.

  38. In China, an App About Xi Is Impossible to Ignore — Even if You Try World, April 7

    Millions of Chinese are using the app as part of President Xi’s efforts to strengthen ideological control in the digital age. Critics say it fuels a personality cult.

  39. Scheme to Swap Fake iPhones Adds Up to $900,000 Loss for Apple, Prosecutors Say Business, April 6

    Two college students in Oregon are accused of tricking Apple into replacing nearly 1,500 counterfeit iPhones with genuine ones that were later sold.

  40. How I Reported on the Smear Campaign That Followed a Chinese Activist to Canada Reader Center, April 6

    My investigation took close to a year, in part because the accusations against Sheng Xue were tangled, and in Chinese, but also because I was delving into a complicated subculture.

  41. Nuclear Power Can Save the World Opinion, April 6

    Expanding the technology is the fastest way to slash greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonize the economy.

  42. Chinese Settle Into French Vineyards. But Château Imperial Rabbit? World, April 6

    Renamed estates stir consternation among tradition-bound French. Rabbits are hunted in the Bordeaux, they note, and there are no “Tibetan Antelopes.”

  43. A Chinese Activist and the Smear Campaign That Followed Her to Canada World, April 5

    Investigating the story of Sheng Xue gave reporter Catherine Porter a glimpse into the complex ways Chinese dissidents can be silenced — even abroad.

  44. One Trump Victory: Companies Rethink China Business, April 5

    The trade war is nearing a possible truce, but global companies are nevertheless moving to reduce their dependence on Chinese factories to make the world’s goods.

  45. U.S. Ethics Office Declines to Certify Mnuchin’s Financial Disclosure U.S., April 4

    The Treasury secretary has agreed to recuse himself from matters that could benefit his wife’s film business.

  46. Uber but for Xi Jinping Opinion, April 4

    Shiny new app, same old propaganda.

  47. How China Turned a City Into a Prison Interactive, April 4

    Children are interrogated. Neighbors become informants. Mosques are monitored. Cameras are everywhere.

  48. Malware Arrest Exposes Security Gaps at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club U.S., April 3

    The arrest of a woman with a malware-laced device revealed the challenge of protecting a president who prefers a resort over Camp David.

  49. Malware Arrest Exposes Security Gaps at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club U.S., April 3

    The arrest of a woman with a malware-laced device revealed the challenge of protecting a president who prefers a resort over Camp David.

  50. Despite Fears About China, Hong Kong Pushes Ahead on Extradition Bill World, April 3

    Rules meant to allow the authorities to send a murder suspect to Taiwan have stirred fears that residents would be left without protection from mainland China’s legal system.

  51. Knife Attack at Chinese Elementary School Leaves Two Children Dead World, April 3

    The attack occurred early on Wednesday in Hunan Province. The authorities said a suspect, a 31-year-old man, had been taken into custody.

  52. Japan Stumbles as China’s Growth Engine Slows Business, April 3

    A slump in exports raises questions about how effective Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s economic policies would have been without Chinese help.

  53. Woman From China Carrying Malware Arrested After Entering Mar-a-Lago U.S., April 2

    Federal authorities have arrested a 32-year-old Chinese woman who allegedly made false statements when she sought to enter Mar-a-Lago over the weekend.

  54. These Countries Have Prices on Carbon. Are They Working? Interactive, April 2

    More than 40 governments have adopted a price on carbon, but many of the programs are still too weak to drive truly deep cuts in emissions.

  55. 30 Die Fighting Forest Fire in China World, April 1

    The death toll was believed to be the highest for firefighters in the country since 2015, after shifting winds fanned the flames in Sichuan Province.

  56. Chinese Dissidents Feel Heat of Beijing’s Wrath. Even in Canada. World, April 1

    She thought she would be safe in Toronto. Then she began speaking out against the Chinese government and became the victim of a lurid smear campaign.

  57. China Purchases Could Undercut Trump’s Larger Trade Goal U.S., April 1

    A trade deal could result in China promising to buy hundreds of billions of dollars of American products. It could further cement Beijing’s role in the economy.

  58. China Bans All Types of Fentanyl, Cutting Supply of Deadly Drug to U.S. and Fulfilling Pledge to Trump World, April 1

    Carrying out a promise made to President Trump, China announced that it would treat all variations of the opioid fentanyl as controlled substances.

  59. Taiwan Condemns China After Fighter Jets Cross Maritime Line World, March 31

    Denouncing a “provocative” move, a Taiwanese official says Beijing should “not be an international troublemaker.”

  60. The Week in Business: The Sackler Family Gets Sued, and Theresa May’s Darkest Hour Business, March 30

    Plus, Apple makes TV shows now, and China trade talks pick up steam.

  61. Italy’s Deal With China Signals a Shift as U.S. Influence Recedes World, March 30

    Far from being isolated in Europe, the Italians say they are leading the expansion of new relations with China, and fully expect others to follow.

  62. Wife of Ex-Interpol Chief Says Arrest in China was Politically Motivated World, March 28

    The wife of the missing former Interpol leader, Meng Hongwei, dismissed Chinese authorities’ allegations that he had spent lavishly and abused his power, She called his arrest politically motivated.

  63. No Earrings, Tattoos or Cleavage: Inside China’s War on Fun Business, March 27

    The Communist Party wants to instill the people with “core socialist values.” That means winnowing out content that extols individualism or hedonism.

  64. China Expels Former Interpol Chief From Communist Party for ‘Extravagant’ Spending World, March 27

    The disappearance of Meng Hongwei highlighted China’s opaque legal system. His wife’s public appeals for help were a potential embarrassment to Beijing.

  65. Did Xi Jinping Conquer Italy or Just Buy a Lot of Blood Oranges? Opinion, March 26

    The government in Rome is a very unreliable partner, even for China.

  66. A Chinese Law Professor Criticized Xi. Now He’s Been Suspended. World, March 26

    Xu Zhangrun boldly criticized China’s repressive policies. Now his university has suspended him and started an inquiry. But he is not retreating.

  67. Feng Shui Tips for a Harmonious Life Real Estate, March 26

    Experts say the energies and directions of feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice for optimizing the home, change yearly.

  68. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ With No Gay Scenes? Censored Film Angers Chinese Viewers World, March 26

    An altered version of the film, released in China last weekend, is only around three minutes shorter than the original. But it omits crucial scenes.

  69. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ With No Gay Scenes? Censored Film Angers Chinese Viewers World, March 26

    An altered version of the film, released in China last weekend, is only around three minutes shorter than the original. But it omits crucial scenes.

  70. Behind the Niceties of Chinese Leader’s Visit, France Is Wary World, March 25

    Amid the signing of treaties and commercial contracts worth billions of euros, President Emmanuel Macron of France made wary statements about China’s influence as he hosted the country’s leader.

  71. Global Stocks Fall as Pessimism Continues Business, March 25

    Worries that the United States economy could slip into recession plagued investors for the second straight trading day. In Japan, the market fell 3 percent.

  72. 10 Days After Christchurch Shootings, Jacinda Ardern Announces a Trip to China World, March 25

    The planned visit signals a return to normal government business as the prime minister tries to mend frayed relations with New Zealand’s largest export market.

  73. This Chinese Christian Was Charged With Trying to Subvert the State World, March 25

    Wang Yi has been held incommunicado since December, part of a government crackdown on independent religious groups.

  74. Europe Is a Soft Target. And It’s Under Attack. Opinion, March 25

    Targeted by Putin’s Russia, Xi’s China and Trump’s America, Europe has a choice: Pull together, or be pulled apart.

  75. China Performs Its Song and Dance Opinion, March 24

    A competition is being waged for loyalties in the South Pacific.

  76. Xi Dines With Macron in France, and Pays a Visit to Monaco’s Prince World, March 24

    President Xi Jinping of China met Prince Albert of Monaco before joining President Emmanuel Macron of France for dinner ahead of talks on Monday about trade and security.

  77. China Pledges Openness in Hopes of Reaching a Trade Deal Business, March 24

    Top Chinese officials, looking at a skeptical audience both at home and abroad, pledge to open the country’s markets to foreign investment.

  78. Defying Allies, Italy Signs On to New Silk Road With China World, March 23

    The move by Italy to join China’s “One Belt One Road” project crystallized shifting geopolitical balances and the populist Italian government’s willingness to break with its traditional partners.

  79. Bus Fire in China Kills Dozens of People World, March 22

    The long-distance coach bus was taking tourists to Mao Zedong’s hometown when the fire erupted, according to Chinese state media. At least 26 people were killed.

  80. The Week in Business: Boeing Plays It Safe, and Lyft Kicks Off Tech I.P.O.s Business, March 22

    Here’s your weekly smorgasbord of all the tech and business news you missed, plus what you should know heading into Monday.

  81. Trump Administration Strikes Tougher Stance Ahead of China Talks U.S., March 22

    The United States is channeling a tougher approach as Trump’s negotiators head to China this weekend.

  82. Italy Gives Xi, and China’s Vast Infrastructure Project, a Royal Welcome World, March 22

    Italy would become the first Group of 7 nation to officially join China’s vast One Belt One Road project on Saturday, a sign of Beijing’s growing influence.

  83. The Week in Tech: Our Future Robots Will Need Super-Smart Safety Checks Technology, March 22

    Software looks to be at the heart of the recent Ethiopian Airlines crash. Safety approval of such systems will only get harder as technology advances.

  84. Explosion at China Chemical Plant Kills 64; Employees Detained World, March 22

    An undisclosed number of factory personnel were held after the blast, which raised fears that toxic substances could spread.

  85. Explosion Rocks Industrial Zone in Eastern China, Killing 47 World, March 21

    The blast occurred at a chemical plant, and videos online showed people who appeared to have been cut by glass and other debris.