1. Dissident Artist Ai Weiwei Is Cut From Film; Producer Cites ‘Fear of China’ World, Today

    A segment directed by Mr. Ai, a vocal critic of the Chinese government, was dropped from “Berlin, I Love You,” under what producers described as pressure from investors and distributors.

  2. Huawei Founder Slams U.S. Charges as ‘Politically Motivated’ Technology, Yesterday

    Ren Zhengfei had previously avoided passing judgment on the case, citing respect for the legal process. Now he appears to be sharpening his language.

  3. Chinese and Iranian Hackers Renew Their Attacks on U.S. Companies Technology, Yesterday

    President Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and his trade conflicts with China are believed to have inspired new waves of attacks.

  4. Xi and a Trumpian Time Bomb Opinion, February 17

    Trade negotiations could come down to the wire.

  5. ‘Show Me That My Father Is Alive.’ China Faces Torrent of Online Pleas. World, February 17

    China is detaining vast numbers of Uighurs and other Muslims, and friends and relatives are making their names public to put pressure on Beijing.

  6. Rift Between Trump and Europe Is Now Open and Angry World, February 17

    Europeans pushed back against the Trump administration’s unilateralism at the Munich Security Conference, signaling a shift that is likely to be exploited by Russia and China.

  7. Li Rui, a Mao Confidant Who Turned Party Critic, Dies at 101 Obituaries, February 15

    Once one of Mao Zedong’s personal secretaries, Mr. Li became a revisionist historian and a standard-bearer for liberal values in China.

  8. Big Investors Shed Tech Stocks as Markets Tumbled Last Quarter Business, February 15

    The sell-off is the latest evidence of how quickly investors soured on Big Tech late last year.

  9. Few Are Inspired to Follow America’s Lead on Iran Opinion, February 15

    A conference tries to rally support for a political and economic fight, to little effect.

  10. Government by Hannity Opinion, February 15

    It’s another sign of President Trump’s weakness.

  11. China and U.S. to Continue Trade Talks Next Week Business, February 15

    Both sides said “progress” had been made in the talks but deep disagreements remain ahead of the March deadline set by leaders of both countries.

  12. China and U.S. to Continue Trade Talks Next Week Business, February 15

    Both sides said “progress” had been made in the talks but deep disagreements remain ahead of the March deadline set by leaders of both countries.

  13. How China Brings Us Together Opinion, February 14

    An existential threat for the 21st century.

  14. In Tour of Australia, Chinese Admire Clean Air but Bemoan Lack of Hot Drinking Water World, February 14

    We spent four days with a group of Chinese tourists visiting Australia. The visitors and locals approached each other with confusion, skepticism and sometimes racism.

  15. German Growth Stagnates as Trump Trade War Starts to Bite Business, February 14

    Europe’s largest economy showed no growth in the fourth quarter as steel tariffs hit manufacturers and sales to China declined.

  16. How So-Called ‘Ugly Food’ Is Challenging Notions of What We Crave T Magazine, February 14

    The social media phenomenon of documenting seemingly unappetizing cuisine is helping us rethink what dishes are not only worth eating — but venerating.

  17. Little Red App: Xi’s Thoughts Are (Surprise!) a Hit in China Technology, February 14

    Want to take President Xi Jinping’s wisdom with you wherever you go? A lot of Chinese people do. Or they’ve been told to.

  18. New Zealand Fears Fraying Ties With China, Its Biggest Customer World, February 14

    The cancellation of a tourism initiative and the abrupt return of a Shanghai-bound Air New Zealand flight has many suspecting Chinese retaliation for a ban on the company Huawei.

  19. Sweden Investigates Its Ambassador to China After Report of Secret Talks to Free Publisher World, February 14

    The daughter of Gui Minhai, a Swedish bookseller detained in China, said the ambassador arranged a meeting with men who first offered to help, then cajoled and pressured her.

  20. Film Set in China’s Cultural Revolution Is Pulled From Berlin Festival World, February 13

    The withdrawal of the film by the noted Chinese director Zhang Yimou comes amid a broader crackdown on the discussion of sensitive subjects in China.

  21. DealBook Briefing: Trump’s Shifting Trade Talk Deadline Business, February 13

    The president may let a March 2 deadline for reaching a trade agreement with China “slide for a little while” to reach a deal.

  22. At Shiffrin’s Alma Mater, Future Ski Champions for $58,000 a Year Sports, February 13

    The rarefied world of Burke Mountain Academy in Vermont has long produced many of the world’s top skiers, including Mikaela Shiffrin.

  23. Administration Readies Order to Keep China Out of Wireless Networks U.S., February 12

    A long-awaited executive order would block technology from adversarial powers, including China, from superfast next-generation networks.

  24. Roderick MacFarquhar, Eminent China Scholar, Dies at 88 Obituaries, February 12

    With a three-volume study of the Cultural Revolution and lively lectures at Harvard, he influenced how people around the world understood China.

  25. Trump Trying to Counter China in the ‘Wrong Way,’ Former Officials Say U.S., February 12

    A report by prominent China scholars and former officials says the United States must stand firm on China, but undermines itself by abandoning alliances.

  26. U.S.-China Trade Talks Face Big Obstacle: Ensuring That Promises Are Kept Business, February 12

    American negotiators, worried that Beijing will drag its feet on sticking to the provisions of a deal, want a way to punish failures to comply. Their Chinese counterparts may not go along.

  27. When the President and His Intelligence Chiefs Clash, What Do We Report? Reader Center, February 12

    The “Worldwide Threat Assessment” requires intelligence chiefs to explain publicly what worries them — made more difficult when a finding goes against a president’s desired outcomes.

  28. In China, This Video Game Lets You Be a Tiger Mom or a Driven Dad Technology, February 12

    Mete out love and discipline. Set ambitious goals. Endure a teenager’s first dates. Fans say the game Chinese Parents is a surprisingly poignant exercise in role reversal.

  29. For Decades, the United States and Russia Stepped Back From the Brink. Until Now. Opinion, February 10

    Will there be a dangerous new era of unchecked nuclear weapons development?

  30. Turkey Urges China to End Mass Detention of Muslims World, February 10

    The rare rebuke of the Chinese crackdown by a majority-Muslim country came after reports that a prominent Uighur folk poet had died in detention.

  31. Huawei Threatens Lawsuit Against Czech Republic After Security Warning Business, February 8

    The threat of legal action by the Chinese tech giant is part of a broader effort to defend itself from charges that it poses a security risk.

  32. The Week in Tech: Business Is Booming Despite Backlash Technology, February 8

    Global criticism of the tech industry hasn’t had an impact on the bottom line — at least not yet, writes Kate Conger.

  33. Trump Will Not Meet President Xi Jinping of China Before Trade Deal Deadline U.S., February 7

    Fears grow that the United States will raise tariffs on Chinese imports if a deal is not reached by March 2.

  34. How Facebook’s Tiny China Sales Floor Helps Generate Big Ad Money Technology, February 7

    In the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, Facebook, working with a local partner, has found a way to overcome China’s internet blocks to make ad dollars.

  35. Key Senator Warns of Dangers of Chinese Investment in 5G Networks U.S., February 6

    Senator Richard M. Burr, the chairman of the Intelligence Committee, did not endorse a ban on Chinese equipment, but said American companies must understand the risks.

  36. China Investigates Reports of H.I.V.-Tainted Blood Plasma Treatment World, February 6

    Authorities in China have ordered an emergency recall of more than 12,000 units of a blood plasma product, potentially the latest scandal to undermine public trust in the nation’s health care system.

  37. Workers’ Activism Rises as China’s Economy Slows. Xi Aims to Rein Them In. World, February 6

    Small-scale protests underscore the challenges that the slowdown poses to China’s top leader, who has aggressively promoted the “Chinese dream” of greater wealth and a fairer society.

  38. Eight Killed in Knife Attack in China Amid Lunar New Year Celebrations World, February 6

    The police said that a man arrested in the attack had confessed that he had been drinking and suspected his wife of having an affair.

  39. Australia Cancels Residency for Wealthy Chinese Donor Linked to Communist Party World, February 5

    Huang Xiangmo, a developer who has lived in Australia for years, has given millions of dollars across the political spectrum, raising concerns about Chinese influence.

  40. What Lunar New Year Reveals About the World’s Calendars Science, February 5

    Rather than a scientific given, calendars say a lot about the history and cultural values of the societies that created them.

  41. China’s Online Censorship Stifles Trade, Too Opinion, February 4

    When the Chinese government blocks foreign internet companies for political reasons, the United States should treat the tactic as the anticompetitive economic strategy that it is.

  42. China’s Film Industry Finally Joins the Space Race Movies, February 4

    Science-fiction movies have been slow to catch on in China, but led by “The Wandering Earth,” a wave of new blockbusters might change that.

  43. In Fight for Venezuela, Who Supports Maduro and Who Backs Guaidó? World, February 4

    With the formerly prosperous nation now plunged into crisis, President Nicolás Maduro and the opposition leader Juan Guaidó are vying for backing at home and abroad to support their claims.

  44. Rights Groups Seek U.N. Inquiry Into China’s Mass Detention of Muslims World, February 4

    The organizations, citing reports of widespread abuses in western China, presented the issue as a test of the United Nations Human Rights Council’s credibility.

  45. Xi Jinping’s New Year Tour: Dumplings and Riot Gear World, February 4

    China’s president conducted a charm offensive ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday, hanging decorations with Beijing residents and visiting soldiers.

  46. Beating China Is a Team Sport Opinion, February 3

    In the wireless arena, Canada gives the U.S. a boost against its chief rival.

  47. Russia Pulls Out of I.N.F. Treaty in ‘Symmetrical’ Response to U.S. Move World, February 2

    Russia will no longer observe the 1987 nuclear pact, which the Trump administration suspended on Friday. China urged both powers to observe the agreement, but showed no interest in joining it.

  48. The Best Way to Compete With China Opinion, February 1

    A Penn professor discusses market access reforms that the United States would be foolish to ignore.

  49. Blackwater Founder’s New Company Strikes a Deal in China. He Says He Had No Idea. Business, February 1

    Frontier Services Group withdrew a statement announcing plans to build a training center in Xinjiang, where a Muslim minority has experienced a security crackdown.

  50. The Week in Tech: Bracing for the Year of the Pig in China Technology, February 1

    Li Yuan, Asia tech columnist for The Times, says it could be a tough year for tech workers in China amid a growing trade war with the United States.

  51. U.S. Suspends Nuclear Arms Control Treaty With Russia U.S., February 1

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo acknowledged a risk of a new arms race after the suspension of a 1987 treaty banning the deployment of intermediate-range missiles.

  52. Apple Takes a Hit in China, and Workers There Feel the Pain Business, February 1

    Chinese factories, which have long made goods for the world, increasingly make stuff for the country’s own middle class. When those spenders hold back, local workers can suffer.

  53. Trump Optimistic on Trade Deal With China, but May Keep Tariffs Anyway Business, January 31

    The president described negotiations between American and Chinese officials in positive terms, but said, “Without the tariffs, we wouldn’t be talking.”

  54. Alibaba, an Icon of China’s Growth, Now Reflects Its Slowdown Business, January 30

    The e-commerce giant posted numbers that pale in comparison to earlier surging figures, a sign of the country’s economic slowdown.

  55. If a Government Can’t Deliver Safe Vaccines for Children, Is It Fit to Rule? Opinion, January 30

    Another scandal over shoddy drugs in China, another hit to the Communist Party’s legitimacy.

  56. What Soybean Politics Tell Us About Argentina and China Magazine, January 30

    A new superpower’s influence is growing in Latin America.

  57. Can China Turn the Middle of Nowhere Into the Center of the World Economy? Interactive, January 29

    In the barely inhabited steppes of Central Asia, it is establishing the next foothold in its trillion-dollar campaign to transform global infrastructure.

  58. What Keeps the Spies Up at Night Opinion, January 29

    Trump isn’t entirely wrong about the dangers America faces.

  59. Apple Says Profits Were Flat, Citing Slump in China Technology, January 29

    The iPhone maker, which reported quarterly earnings, faces a number of issues, from consumer demand in China to an unusual security bug in its iPhone software.

  60. China’s Coal Plants Haven’t Cut Methane Emissions as Required, Study Finds Climate, January 29

    China in 2010 promised to curb methane emissions. In the first five years, it failed to keep its promise, according to new research based on satellite data.

  61. In Taiwan, an Invitation to a ‘Living Room’ for Culture Business, January 29

    The National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts has brought world-class performances to a city long derided by Taiwanese as a “cultural desert.”

  62. The Trump Doctrine Opinion, January 29

    A chaotic administration’s unexpectedly coherent grand strategy.

  63. U.S. Intelligence Chiefs Contradict Trump on North Korea and Iran U.S., January 29

    North Korea is “unlikely to give up” its nuclear stockpiles and Iran is not developing nuclear weapons, an intelligence assessment says, challenging the president’s assertions.

  64. U.S. Intelligence Chiefs Contradict Trump on North Korea and Iran U.S., January 29

    North Korea is “unlikely to give up” its nuclear stockpiles and Iran is not developing nuclear weapons, an intelligence assessment says, challenging the president’s assertions.

  65. On North Korea and Iran, Intelligence Chiefs Contradict Trump U.S., January 29

    North Korea is unlikely to give up its nuclear stockpiles and Iran is not developing nuclear weapons, an intelligence assessment says, challenging the president’s assertions.

  66. Huawei and Top Executive Face Criminal Charges in the U.S. U.S., January 28

    The Justice Department unveiled sweeping charges against Huawei and its chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, who was arrested last year in Canada.

  67. Trump’s Shutdown Surrender Adds Pressure to Secure China Trade Win Business, January 28

    As the U.S. and China begin discussions this week, self-inflicted economic wounds could mean lost leverage for the Trump administration in trade negotiations.

  68. World Monuments Fund Enlists Selldorf Architects for Forbidden City Project Arts, January 28

    Annabelle Selldorf will design an interpretation center at the Qianlong Garden in the Forbidden City in Beijing.

  69. A New Home for Extreme Poverty: Middle-Income Countries Opinion, January 28

    Aid doesn’t reach the majority of the poor.

  70. Chinese Rights Lawyer Swept Up in Xi’s Crackdown Gets More Than 4 Years in Prison World, January 28

    Wang Quanzhang, an outspoken rights advocate, had been in custody since 2015 under President Xi Jinping’s campaign to obliterate threats to Communist Party control.

  71. You Sure You Get China, Mr. Trump? Opinion, January 27

    The president sees things how he sees things.

  72. Duke University Apologizes Over Professor’s Email Asking Chinese Students to Speak English U.S., January 27

    The university is conducting an internal review after a professor sent an email cautioning international students from speaking Chinese on campus.

  73. America Pushes Allies to Fight Huawei in New Arms Race With China U.S., January 26

    With 5G networks about to remake the internet, the Trump administration fears decisions made in the next six months on China’s role will resonate for decades.

  74. Canada’s Ambassador to China Pushed Out Over Controversy World, January 26

    Canada’s ambassador to China was forced to resign following a series of diplomatic missteps that have further complicated Canada’s relations with the country.

  75. Explosions Shake Shopping District in Changchun, China World, January 25

    The blasts in an underground parking lot and an apartment building in the northeastern city sent people running. At least one was killed, the authorities said.

  76. The Sum of Some Global Fears Opinion, January 24

    Setting the table for a smorgasbord recession.

  77. Microsoft’s Bing Back Online in China After Apparent Blockage Technology, January 24

    Users in parts of China were unable to access Bing on Wednesday and Thursday, and it remains unclear what led to the shutdown.

  78. ‘Businesses Will Not Be Able to Hide’: Spy Satellites May Give Edge From Above Technology, January 24

    With 2,200 observation satellites going into orbit in the next decade, start-ups are trying to use them to churn out financially useful information that could help companies track their rivals.

  79. Venezuela’s Military Backs Maduro, as Russia Warns U.S. Not to Intervene World, January 24

    The declaration of loyalty to President Nicolás Maduro was a setback for the Venezuelan opposition leader, who has been backed by several countries, including the United States.

  80. China Says Australian Writer Is Suspected of National Security Crimes World, January 24

    Yang Hengjun, a Chinese-born writer, is the third foreigner since last month to have been detained under the vague charge of “endangering national security.”

  81. China Appears to Block Microsoft’s Bing as Censorship Intensifies Business, January 23

    The search engine already cleansed its results, suggesting foreign companies can do little to get in the good graces of Beijing’s online regulators.

  82. ‘Good Arguments’? Canadian Ambassador Criticized Over Huawei Remarks World, January 23

    Canada’s ambassador to China has come under fire for seeming to offer a legal opinion that encouraged Meng Wanzhou, the senior Huawei executive ensnared in a global legal fight.

  83. How to Stop Rogue Gene-Editing of Human Embryos? Health, January 23

    Some U.S. researchers knew of a Chinese scientist’s intentions to implant edited embryos but were unable to stop him. Now scientific institutions are trying to devise global safeguards.

  84. Corporate Chiefs Look Past Economic Risks and Pin Hopes on Trump for Trade Deal U.S., January 23

    Executives are playing down the threats posed by a trade war and other headwinds, much as they dismissed the possibility of a government shutdown right before it started.

  85. Chinese-Australian Writer Yang Hengjun Detained in China World, January 23

    A former Chinese official with Australian citizenship, Mr. Yang flew from New York to Guangzhou despite friends’ warnings that it was too dangerous.

  86. U.S. Faces Increasing Threats From Weakening World Order and Isolationism, Intelligence Agencies Warn U.S., January 22

    Traditional adversaries are likely to take advantage of the weakening international order to increase their influence, according to a new intelligence strategy.

  87. U.S. Will Ask Canada to Extradite Huawei Executive U.S., January 22

    The arrest of Meng Wanzhou of Huawei has set off a diplomatic crisis, and China is pressuring Canada to release her, but the U.S. is moving ahead with an extradition request.

  88. Stocks Tumble as China Trade-Deal Concerns Resurface Business, January 22

    Stocks slumped from the start, with selling worsening through the day. Tech and industrial shares weighed heavily on the market.

  89. China Proceeds With Belt and Road Push, but Does It More Quietly Business, January 22

    Ever since President Xi Jinping unveiled a plan to link Asia, Europe and Africa with building projects, Beijing has hailed it as central to its foreign policy. China has turned down the volume on its plan.

  90. How Huawei Wooed Europe With Sponsorships, Investments and Promises Technology, January 22

    As the Chinese telecommunications giant faces scrutiny over its security, its careful cultivation of European governments and customers is at risk of unraveling.

  91. China Transforms, and a Factory Owner Struggles to Follow Technology, January 21

    Shao Chunyou rose from the assembly line to the boss’s office. Now the old recipes for success don’t work, and he must reinvent himself again.

  92. Scholars and Ex-Diplomats Warn of Chill After Canadians Detained in China World, January 21

    An open letter urges China to free two Canadian men, and warns that their detention will magnify distrust and impede international cooperation on research.

  93. Pessimism Looms Over Prospect of a Sweeping China Trade Deal U.S., January 21

    The United States and China will meet later this month as administration officials look to calm volatile markets amid concerns an agreement may not be in reach.

  94. China Using Taped Confessions to Intimidate Young Communists, Students Say World, January 21

    The authorities appear to be escalating efforts to crush a student-led campaign for workers’ rights that has evaded Beijing’s control.

  95. Scientist Who Edited Babies’ Genes Is Likely to Face Charges in China World, January 21

    A Chinese government investigation found that He Jiankui had “seriously violated” state regulations by altering human embryos.

  96. In the Heart of Beijing, a Taiwanese Pop Idol Makes Fans Swoon World, January 21

    Rabid fans flock to a restaurant serving as a shrine to the singer Teresa Teng, whose music was banned in China for being “decadent.” Long after her death, the government has warmed to her appeal.

  97. China’s Economy, by the Numbers, Is Worse Than It Looks Business, January 20

    New figures suggest the economic outlook may be improving but that growth has slowed more than the headline figure shows.

  98. The Hazards of Being Canadian Opinion, January 20

    As the U.S.-China trade war escalates, Canada is a beaver between bulls.

  99. China’s Slowdown Looms Just as the World Looks for Growth Business, January 20

    In the past, China has helped to pull the global economy out of weak spots. This time, it might not come through.