1. In Beijing and Abu Dhabi, Signs of Bannon’s Continued Influence Politics, Yesterday

    Meetings with powerful foreigners — including the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates — signal that President Trump’s former strategist still holds global interest.

  2. S.&P. Downgrades China’s Debt, Citing a Surge in Lending Business, September 21

    The firm’s move, spurred by a borrowing spree that it said threatens the world’s No. 2 economy, comes just before a sensitive Communist Party meeting.

  3. Emboldened China Wields Its Laws to Silence Critics From Abroad Foreign, September 20

    The case of a rights activist from Taiwan awaiting sentencing in China for subversion is emblematic of a wider, global campaign, critics say.

  4. Where the Wild Things Are: China’s Art Dreamers at the Guggenheim Arts & Leisure, September 20

    A story of China from 1989 to 2008, seen through the eyes of its avant-garde artists.

  5. Before Wisconsin, Foxconn Vowed Big Spending in Brazil. Few Jobs Have Come. Business, September 20

    The Taiwanese company’s manufacturing model has not translated easily to other countries, where it faces different social, political and labor conditions.

  6. South Korea’s Leader Will Be Odd Man Out in Meeting With Trump and Shinzo Abe Foreign, September 20

    As he meets President Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan, President Moon Jae-in appears isolated in opposing military options against North Korea.

  7. John W. Lewis, China Expert and Vietnam War Critic, Dies at 86 Obits, September 18

    Professor Lewis opposed the war in Southeast Asia early on and later made unconventional peace overtures to Beijing and North Korea.

  8. Facebook Faces a New World as Officials Rein In a Wild Web Business, September 17

    The web is not as open as it once was, with nation-states exerting their power over the internet. Facebook and other tech companies are dealing with the consequences.

  9. The Rare, Potent Fuel Powering North Korea’s Weapons Washington, September 17

    Despite a long record of intelligence warnings, there is no evidence that Washington has ever moved with urgency to cut off Pyongyang’s access to a rocket fuel.

  10. The China Puzzle Editorial, September 16

    President Trump has reason to worry about China, but he should seek areas of agreement with Beijing and enlist it in addressing global problems.

  11. G.M. Chief, in China, Challenges Planned Bans of Gasoline Cars Business, September 15

    As the country joins others taking aim at combustion engines, Mary Barra of G.M. said customers, not government rules, should choose car technologies.

  12. Ranting and Rapping Online in China, and Raking In Millions Foreign, September 15

    Li Tianyou is one of China’s best-known internet personalities and a hero for a generation of disaffected youth from smaller cities and rural areas.

  13. China Bitcoin Exchange to Stop Trading Virtual Currencies Amid Crackdown Business, September 14

    The announcement by BTC China raises the specter of other exchanges shutting down Bitcoin trading in the coming weeks.

  14. Trump Blocks China-Backed Bid to Buy U.S. Chip Maker Business, September 13

    The rare move by the White House to block a deal for Lattice Semiconductor could signal more aggressive scrutiny of China’s deal-making ambitions.

  15. In China’s Hinterlands, Workers Mine Bitcoin for a Digital Fortune Business, September 13

    One of the largest sources of Bitcoin can be found in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, despite Chinese skepticism over its potential for risk.

  16. What the World’s Emptiest International Airport Says About China’s Influence Magazine, September 13

    Chinese projects all over the world can create debt traps for the countries they’re in — and perhaps also trap China on the road to empire.

  17. Chinese Landscapes at the Met: If Those Mountains Could Talk Weekend, September 13

    Cliffs soar skyward; torrents stream down. This is a nature as a theater of big, dwarfing effects.

  18. After Toiling in Rural China, Protégé of Xi Jinping Joins Party’s Top Tiers Foreign, September 12

    A potential successor to President Xi ran one of China’s poorest provinces, giving him the gritty experience expected of an aspiring national leader.

  19. Stephen Bannon, Outspoken Critic of China, Has Subtler Message in Hong Kong Visit Foreign, September 12

    The former Trump strategist, speaking to investors at the invitation of a firm with ties to Beijing, called President Xi Jinping a wise leader.

  20. After U.S. Compromise, Security Council Strengthens North Korea Sanctions Foreign, September 11

    The Security Council adopted a measure that sets a modest cap on oil imports to North Korea, far weaker than what the United States had sought.

  21. China’s Currency Rebounds as Economic Optimism Returns Business, September 11

    Though the country faces long-term problems, like soaring debt, the government’s recent moves have reassured investors that it can stave off crises.

  22. China’s Electric Car Push Lures Global Auto Giants, Despite Risks Business, September 10

    G.M., Ford and Volkswagen are increasingly working on new-energy vehicles in a country that is pressuring them to share trade secrets.

  23. Indonesia, Long on Sidelines, Starts to Confront China’s Territorial Claims Foreign, September 10

    A military buildup and maritime skirmishes involving Chinese boats suggest a more aggressive posture by Indonesia in the South China Sea.

  24. As China Moves In, Serbia Reaps Benefits, With Strings Attached Foreign, September 9

    China’s leader promised the poor Balkan nation jobs, cash and investments, but its “One Belt, One Road” initiative is on a collision course with E.U. projects.

  25. Next Stop for the Steve Bannon Insurgency: China Washington, September 8

    President Trump’s former chief strategist is to push a combative China policy in a speech in Hong Kong.

  26. North Korea’s Trade Troubles Could Point to a Need for Cash Foreign, September 8

    As sanctions take effect, China is selling more goods to North Korea than it is buying, raising questions about Pyongyang’s potential cash needs.

  27. Lacking a Point Person on China, U.S. Risks Aggravating Tensions Washington, September 6

    Aside from President Trump himself, it remains unclear who in the administration wields genuine influence on the relationship with Beijing.

  28. Billionaire Who Accused Top Chinese Officials of Corruption Asks U.S. for Asylum Foreign, September 7

    The request by Guo Wengui poses a challenge to the Trump administration, which is trying to enlist Beijing on confronting North Korea and other issues.

  29. Blocked in China, Facebook Is Said to Seek a Shanghai Office Business, September 6

    The office search indicates the company is growing more positive about its prospects in mainland China, where it has been unavailable for nearly a decade.

  30. The Way to Make North Korea Back Down Op Ed, September 6

    Threats of American military action are empty bluster. But money talks.

  31. Bad News, World: China Can’t Solve the North Korea Problem Foreign, September 6

    The oft-repeated idea that China can rein in Pyongyang is based on assumptions that have not held up well in recent years.

  32. North Korea’s Nuclear Arsenal Threatens China’s Path to Power Foreign, September 5

    Beijing has made little secret of its goal to replace the United States as the major power in Asia, but North Korea presents a nettlesome challenge.

  33. China’s Rights Crackdown Is Called ‘Most Severe’ Since Tiananmen Square Foreign, September 5

    A report by Human Rights Watch outlines moves by China to silence critics, and faults the United Nations for overlooking the country’s abuses.

  34. U.S. Desire for North Korea Oil Cutoff Puts China in a Tight Spot Foreign, September 5

    China’s leader will not want to look weak in the face of American pressure. But a destabilizing war on the Korean Peninsula would be even less welcome.

  35. China’s Reformist Central Banker Could Be a Tough Act to Follow Business, September 4

    As Zhou Xiaochuan nears retirement, potential successors may lack the desire or political heft to shake up the country’s troubled financial system.

  36. U.S. Urges Fuel Cutoff for North Korea, Saying It’s ‘Begging for War’ Foreign, September 4

    Trump administration officials said a cutoff was a last best chance to resolve the standoff with the North using sanctions rather than military means.

  37. Trump Can’t Stop Trade With North Korea. But He Does Have Options. Business, September 4

    With about $650 billion in U.S.-China trade on the line, Washington must tread carefully if it wants to pressure Beijing to take a tougher line on Pyongyang.

  38. North Korea Nuclear Test Puts Pressure on China and Undercuts Xi Foreign, September 3

    The confluence of the latest North Korean detonation with a major appearance by President Xi Jinping of China was a message to Mr. Xi, analysts say.

  39. As Bike-Sharing Brings Out Bad Manners, China Asks, What’s Wrong With Us? Foreign, September 2

    The popularity of shared-use bikes has brought a wave of misbehavior, raising questions about social decay and the decline of decorum.

  40. Video of Police Officer Knocking Down Woman and Child Incenses China Foreign, September 2

    A street altercation in Shanghai has renewed a national discussion about the powers of the police to push back against irate residents.

  41. Chinese Firm With Big Stake in Lenovo to Buy Control of Luxembourg Bank Business, September 1

    Legend Holdings would acquire a controlling stake in the Banque Internationale à Luxembourg from an investment vehicle of the Qatar royal family.

  42. Lattice to Seek Trump’s Approval for Chinese-Backed Buyout Business, September 1

    The move by the semiconductor maker follows resistance to the deal from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.

  43. How China Aims to Limit the West’s Global Influence Op Ed, September 1

    Beijing is fashioning a new form of multilateralism in which it defines the rules of the game.

  44. Hong Kong’s Autonomy Is Slipping Away Op Ed, September 1

    The city, for so long a beacon of freedom relative to mainland China, now has political prisoners.

  45. Stephon Marbury Stops at N.Y.U., as His Story Continues Sports, August 31

    After a contentious N.B.A. career, the basketball standout from Brooklyn became a star in China; he spoke to students Wednesday about his odyssey.

  46. China Sets Date for Major Communist Party Reshuffle Foreign, August 31

    President Xi Jinping is poised to win a broad mandate for his policies at the congress that will open in Beijing on Oct. 18, and he will most likely further consolidate his power.

  47. China and India Agree to Ease Tensions in Border Dispute World, August 28

    Analysts say that both sides gave ground, ending one of the worst diplomatic flare-ups between the nuclear-armed Asian rivals in decades.

  48. The Cold War and America’s Delusion of Victory Opinion, August 28

    The collapse of Soviet Communism led the United States into triumphalist error about its destiny as the global superpower.

  49. Chastised by E.U., a Resentful Greece Embraces China’s Cash and Interests World, August 26

    Chinese investments in Greece are beginning to pay off, not only economically, but also by providing Beijing with a seemingly reliable ally in Brussels.

  50. Chinese National Arrested in Connection with U.S. Cyberattacks Technology, August 24

    The case is one of the first since a 2015 agreement between China and the United States to refrain from computer-related theft of industrial secrets.