1. Beijing Kindergarten Is Accused of Abuse, and Internet Erupts in Fury Foreign, Today

    Parents claim children were fed pills, jabbed and stripped. While the police have released no conclusions, public ire shows broad anxiety about kindergartens.

  2. China Busts a $3 Billion Underground Bank as It Tightens Its Grip on Money Business, Yesterday

    The police detained seven people thought to have helped thousands of Chinese circumvent government limits on how much money they can move from the country.

  3. China’s Flashy Ex-Internet Censor Faces Corruption Investigation Foreign, November 21

    The onetime gatekeeper of China’s internet, who purged China’s social media of its most beloved personalities, has been detained and is under investigation.

  4. U.S. Bribery Case Sheds Light on Mysterious Chinese Company Business, November 21

    A Justice Department complaint alleges that a vast private Chinese conglomerate used commercial and diplomatic channels to bribe African officials and win contracts.

  5. Skype Vanishes From App Stores in China, Including Apple’s Business, November 21

    The app still functions in China, but its fate there is unclear as the government moves against foreign-run tools for online communication.

  6. China Finds Lawyer Who Exposed Torture Allegations Guilty of Inciting Subversion Foreign, November 21

    Jiang Tianyong got a two-year term after helping bring to light another lawyer’s claims of being brutalized in custody.

  7. Trump Asked China to Free U.C.L.A. Players. What About Activists? Foreign, November 20

    President Trump, rights advocates say, squandered a chance in Beijing to help free Chinese dissidents facing harsh prison sentences.

  8. China’s Revealing Spin on the ‘Sharing Economy’ Magazine, November 20

    Beijing has fully embraced the concept — but in ways that show just how cynical it can become.

  9. Australian Furor Over Chinese Influence Follows Book’s Delay Foreign, November 20

    The decision by a leading publisher to postpone a book about Chinese sway in Australia is itself seen as evidence of Beijing’s meddling.

  10. Chinese Phone Maker Bets Big With a Premium Price Business, November 19

    Huawei Technologies wants to banish from consumers’ minds the idea that Chinese brands can produce only cheap knockoffs.

  11. Trump Blasts LaVar Ball: ‘I Should Have Left Them in Jail!’ Sports, November 19

    A day after Mr. Ball downplayed President Trump’s involvement in getting three U.C.L.A. players safely out of China, the president fired back on Twitter.

  12. Fire Kills at Least 19 in Beijing Apartment Building Foreign, November 19

    Many of the victims were believed to be migrant workers from the Chinese countryside who were trapped in acrid smoke.

  13. At Bonn Climate Talks, Stakes Get Higher in Gamble on Planet’s Future Climate, November 18

    This year’s United Nations climate talks have wrapped up, and there were few signs that countries are inclined to take urgent action.

  14. In China, an Education in Dating Sunday Business, November 18

    A new type of coach teaches courtship in a country where the one-child policy left a deficit of women and where flirting remains relatively new.

  15. What Happened (and Didn’t) at the Bonn Climate Talks Climate, November 18

    The 23rd United Nations climate talks ended early Saturday, kicking most big issues down the road until 2018.

  16. China to Export Trumpchi Cars to U.S., Maybe With a New Name Business, November 17

    GAC Motor wants to lead an export push as China prepares the rest of its auto industry to go global and, in particular, target the American market.

  17. Bird Flu Is Spreading in Asia, Experts (Quietly) Warn Science, November 17

    Dire predictions of a flu pandemic proved overblown in 2005 and 2009. Still, health officials are warning that the H7N9 virus, which can be lethal, is on the rise.

  18. China’s Soccer Push Puts a Storied Team Under Murky Ownership Business, November 16

    Fans of Italy’s A.C. Milan greeted its new owner as a savior. Today, as the debt-burdened team bleeds money, questions swirl around its new benefactor.

  19. He Promised Riches and Entry to Canada. Now He’s the Subject of a Fraud Case in Vancouver. Foreign, November 17

    A British Columbia securities commission case against a wealthy immigrant accused of preying on fellow Chinese puts a spotlight on Canada’s scant fraud protections.

  20. High School Teams Head to China, Mixing Basketball and Business Sports, November 16

    Eager to market themselves and their players, three United States high schools are likely to face added scrutiny at a tournament in Beijing next month after three U.C.L.A. players were arrested in China.

  21. China Craves Electric Cars, While U.S. Flirts With Ending Tax Credit Business, November 16

    As American lawmakers weigh a repeal, automakers are gathering in China, a country demanding they sell more electric cars.

  22. A Chinese Novelist Is Found in Translation Weekend, November 16

    For Xue Yiwei, Canada was a safe haven in which to write, but now he’s finding an audience abroad that appreciates his subversive novel.

  23. Visit an Austrian Village, Replicated in China Video, November 16

    Enter Hallstatt, Austria, a small town in the Alps, and its replica in southern China in 360 video. Explore the towns’ more-than-similar architectural features.

  24. Seeing U.S. in Retreat Under Trump, Japan and China Move to Mend Ties Foreign, November 16

    With President Trump creating unease in Asia, two longtime adversaries inch toward a possible rapprochement that reflects a shifting power balance.

  25. Trump Declares ‘America First’ Policy a Success After Asia Trip Washington, November 15

    Home from a 12-day trip to Asia with few concrete achievements, Mr. Trump made no significant announcements in what he had hyped as “a major statement.”

  26. Trump’s ‘Tremendous Success’ Abroad Is Overstated Washington, November 15

    President Trump recapped 10 months of his foreign policy in a speech on Wednesday that contained several inaccurate claims.

  27. Xi Jinping a Thug? Not So Fast Letters, November 15

    Don’t lump together “a rather diverse group of foreign leaders with quite different track records.”

  28. U.C.L.A. Suspends 3 Players; They Admitted to Shoplifting in China Sports, November 15

    LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill, detained in China for shoplifting, were released after President Trump interceded with President Xi Jinping.

  29. Goldman Sachs’s China Deal Prompts Questions About Country’s U.S. Investment Business, November 15

    The bank’s $5 billion pact with an arm of the Chinese government to make deals in the United States highlights political divisions over trade and investment.

  30. The Chinese Communist Party’s Guide to Moral Living Op Ed, November 15

    The escalation of puritanical policing reflects wider forces shaping Chinese society under the rule of President Xi Jinping.

  31. Why China Wants to Lead on Climate, but Clings to Coal (for Now) Climate, November 14

    Emissions are rising in China. Still, it’s on track to meet the commitments it made under the Paris climate accord.

  32. China Will Send Envoy to North Korea, Likely to Urge Nuclear Talks Foreign, November 15

    The move to meet with Kim Jong-un of North Korea comes less than a week after President Trump’s visit to Beijing. But analysts are skeptical about its prospects.

  33. China Could Sell Trump the Brooklyn Bridge Op Ed, November 14

    The president got played in his trade talks in Beijing last week.

  34. Chinese Nationalism Jostles With Academic Freedom in Australia Foreign, November 15

    Chinese students, an increasingly crucial source of revenue, are challenging what they see as anti-China slights, raising censorship concerns.

  35. How Trump Helped Liberate U.C.L.A. ‘Knuckleheads’ From China Politics, November 14

    The American president had appealed to his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, in the case of the three members of a university basketball team accused of shoplifting.

  36. President Trump’s Thing for Thugs Editorial, November 13

    The degree to which he grovels before some of the world’s most unsavory leaders hurts U.S. credibility and influence.

  37. Susan Rice: Trump Is Making China Great Again Op Ed, November 13

    The president’s grand trip failed to produce meaningful concessions from China on trade and if anything strengthened Beijing’s hand in Asia.

  38. China Blocks Son of Human Rights Lawyer From Leaving Country Foreign, November 14

    Bao Zhuoxuan, 18, was stopped en route to Japan and told that he posed a “risk to national security” while abroad, his father said.

  39. Behind the Scenes, Communist Strategist Presses China’s Rise Foreign, November 13

    Wang Huning, a close adviser to the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, has brought a steadiness of vision and purpose to China’s rivalry with the United States.

  40. On Trump’s Trip to China Op Ed, November 12

    Is the American president ceding global leadership to China?

  41. As U.S. Sheds Role as Climate Change Leader, Who Will Fill the Void? Climate, November 12

    After President Trump’s announced withdrawal from the Paris accord, a number of national and local leaders have emerged as climate change champions.

  42. Chinese Village Keeps Alive a Tradition of Indigo Dyeing Foreign, November 12

    In Dali, where nearly every family grows its own rice and indigo, “having a loom is just as important as having a cow.”

  43. Vietnam, in a Bind, Tries to Chart a Path Between U.S. and China Foreign, November 11

    It is hard to overstate the long history of Vietnamese antipathy toward the Chinese. But with the U.S. apparently withdrawing from the region, Hanoi can’t ignore Beijing.

  44. China Has Donald Trump Just Where It Wants Him Op Ed, November 10

    Around Asia, the last thing countries want is to have to choose between China and the United States.

  45. Trump in the Age of the Strongman Editorial, November 10

    An American president champions un-American values.

  46. Woman Charged in Deadly Fire Said She Was Angry Over Trash, Officials Said Metro, November 10

    A woman faces murder and arson charges after a fire killed two of her neighbors.

  47. The Last Time President Xi Took a Question From an American Correspondent? 2014, and Yup, It Was Mine Insider, November 10

    The White House’s choice of The New York Times was laden with symbolism.

  48. Trump’s Visit to China Provides a Propaganda Bonanza Foreign, November 10

    President Trump’s flattery of China’s president, Xi Jinping, and his praise for the country’s achievements made things easy for the state-run news media.

  49. China Eases Limits on Foreign Stakes in Financial Firms Business, November 10

    The move, which comes after President Trump left Beijing complaining about its trade policies, could give China’s troubled financial system a needed shake-up.

  50. Musical.ly, a Chinese App Big in the U.S., Sells for $1 Billion Business, November 10

    The music video service, which is popular with tweens and teenagers, has been bought by the owner of a popular Chinese news aggregation service.

  51. LinkedIn Faces Setback in China as It Runs Afoul of New Rules Business, November 10

    The careers and networking service will no longer accept job ads from individuals in China, as Beijing cracks down on abusive pyramid schemes.

  52. ‘Uncle Trump’ Finds Fans in China Foreign, November 9

    Many Chinese say they are relieved to see a leader who seems to care more about making deals than idealism.

  53. Trump Promotes Deals in China, but Hints at Long Trade Fight Ahead Business, November 9

    Washington and Beijing are preparing to tackle thorny trade issues that went unaddressed by a meeting that stressed cooperation and muted rhetoric.

  54. Trump, Aiming to Coax Xi Jinping, Bets on Flattery Foreign, November 9

    President Trump projected an air of deference to China that was almost unheard-of for a visiting American leader.

  55. Why Xi Jinping’s (Airbrushed) Face Is Plastered All Over China Interactive, November 9

    President Xi Jinping is using tried-and-true methods to craft a personality cult reminiscent of Mao.

  56. Despite Trump’s Pleas, China’s Online Opioid Bazaar Is Booming Foreign, November 8

    China’s sprawling chemical industry is weakly regulated and riddled with illicit activity. Ending its role in the U.S. drug epidemic will be difficult.

  57. Trump Is Ceding Global Leadership to China Op Ed, November 8

    If America’s retreat into nationalism, protectionism, unilateralism and xenophobia continues, China’s model could carry the day.

  58. Targeting China’s Purchases, Congress Proposes Tougher Reviews of Foreign Investments Business, November 8

    Members of the House and Senate proposed more stringent reviews of Chinese investments, even as President Trump traveled to Beijing to announce new deals.

  59. Chinese Auto Glass Magnate Faces Union Challenge in Ohio Business, November 8

    Roughly 2,000 workers at the Fuyao plant are voting on affiliating with the United Auto Workers, a possible blow to the owner’s paternalistic model.

  60. Trump’s Striking Change in Tone on China Video, November 8

    Since his election, President Trump has gone from hammering China on trade policy to praising President Xi Jinping for his country’s response to North Korea.

  61. Why Relying on China to Stop North Korea May Not Work Foreign, November 8

    President Trump will ask Xi Jinping for sanctions to punish the North’s nuclear ambitions. But China may hesitate to move against an old, if troublesome, ally.

  62. China’s New Effort to Tame Its Financial System May Disappoint Business, November 8

    Details suggest Beijing will rely on a group with uncertain regulatory powers and led by a lame-duck official to tame the country’s financial risks.

  63. Trump’s Visit to China: More Business Deals Than Trade Pacts Business, November 7

    President Trump will take a team of business leaders who may sign sales agreements, but chances of a big breakthrough on trade frictions seem slim.

  64. China Spreads Propaganda to U.S. on Facebook, a Platform It Bans at Home Business, November 8

    The Chinese government does not allow its people to access Facebook, but it uses the network to influence opinion overseas.

  65. Philippines Halts Work in South China Sea, in Bid to Appease Beijing Foreign, November 8

    President Rodrigo Duterte decided to stop building on a sandbar in the disputed region before a regional summit meeting in Vietnam this weekend.

  66. China’s Technology Ambitions Could Upset the Global Trade Order Business, November 7

    China is gleaning know-how from foreign firms, willing or otherwise, to build the industries of the future, in an effort that worries companies and Washington.

  67. Sina Doubles Down to Ward Off Activists After Proxy Fight Business, November 7

    The Chinese internet company, which is listed in New York, announced changes to its shareholder structure, effectively handing majority control to its chairman and chief executive.

  68. Mr. Trump Goes to China Op Ed, November 7

    Building bridges. Also walls.

  69. 10 North Koreans Detained in China; ‘We Fear the Worst,’ Activist Says Foreign, November 7

    The group, which includes a 3-year-old, was trying to defect to South Korea but now faces being deported to their totalitarian homeland.

  70. Their Sons Sought a More Democratic Hong Kong, and Got Prison Foreign, November 7

    In rare interviews, the parents of Joshua Wong and other pro-democracy activists shared stories of regret, pride and anguish.

  71. Wooing Trump, Xi Jinping Seeks Great Power Status for China Foreign, November 6

    Mr. Xi, the most powerful Chinese leader in decades, wants the United States to share global leadership with China as equals.

  72. Here’s How Far the World Is From Meeting Its Climate Goals Interactive, November 6

    Two years after countries signed a landmark climate agreement in Paris, the world remains far off course from preventing drastic global warming in the decades ahead.

  73. A Deal-Maker Goes to China Op Ed, November 6

    President Trump will find that Xi Jinping won’t be easily pressured into accepting American demands on North Korea or trade.

  74. In Asia, Mr. Trump Is Met by Doubt Editorial, November 5

    Regional leaders fear that his threats and impulsiveness could bring on war, and feel that the future may lie with China.

  75. Trump Opens Asia Trip Talking Tough in Campaign-Style Rally Foreign, November 5

    President Trump promoted American military might and his own domestic record as he arrived in Japan to start a 12-day, five-country tour through Asia.

  76. The Subtle Messages Sent by Who Is, and Isn’t, Joining Trump in Asia Washington, November 4

    The president has put a hard-line trade agenda at the center of his 12-day trip, yet key economic advisers are remaining at home.

  77. Once Formidable, Taiwan’s Military Now Overshadowed by China’s Foreign, November 4

    Beijing’s rapid modernization of its armed forces — and uncertainty over America’s commitment — has tilted the military balance against the island.

  78. Jail Time for Disrespecting China’s Anthem Jumps From 15 Days to 3 Years Foreign, November 4

    China’s latest efforts to instill reverence for its national anthem may be met with vigorous protest in Hong Kong.

  79. The Quiet Rivalry Between China and Russia Op Ed, November 3

    China’s goal is to dominate Eurasia by relegating Russia to a second-tier power.

  80. Sina, an Internet Pioneer in China, Wards Off U.S. Activist Business, November 3

    Aristeia Capital, a hedge fund based in Connecticut, lost its campaign to name directors to Sina’s board and shake up how the Chinese company is run.

  81. China Deflects Blame for Opioid Crisis as Trump Visit Nears Business, November 3

    President Trump says he will confront Beijing for a “flood” of fentanyl, but a top Chinese drug enforcer denies that his country is the primary source.

  82. China’s Newest Film Festival Tests the Limits of Independence Foreign, November 2

    The question hovers over a weeklong festival in Pingyao: Can you create and showcase independent films in a country that frowns on independence, much less dissent?

  83. Alibaba’s Earnings Jump as China’s Online Shopping Boom Continues Business, November 2

    The e-commerce giant posted strong results for its most recent quarter but still faces challenges that include growing outside of its core business.

  84. Russian Authorities Investigate 14-Year-Old Model’s Death Styles, November 1

    Vlada Dzyuba, a teenager from Perm, was working in China on a three-month contract when she died.

  85. Leading Western Publisher Bows to Chinese Censorship Foreign, November 1

    Springer Nature, one of the world’s largest academic publishers, was the latest company to acknowledge acquiescing to Chinese demands to limit free speech.

  86. China Blinks on South Korea, Making Nice After a Year of Hostilities Foreign, November 1

    Seoul offered assurances to Beijing as the two papered over their differences on the deployment of an American missile defense system.

  87. Xi Jinping Vows No Poverty in China by 2020. That Could Be Hard. Foreign, October 31

    The president’s lofty vision clashes with the harsh reality of deteriorating rural life and disparities in education and health care.

  88. U.S. Investor Tries to Shake Up Sina, a Pillar of China’s Internet Business, October 31

    An American hedge fund has started a proxy fight against a key player in the online industry, which could shine a light on corporate governance in China.

  89. A Beer Festival in China Has German Roots, but No Lederhosen Foreign, October 30

    Thousands attended the Qingdao International Beer Festival this summer in China. If it looks like Oktoberfest, there is a good reason.

  90. South Korea and China End Dispute Over Missile Defense System Foreign, October 30

    The agreement would revive economic and other ties, which came under severe strain after the deployment of the Thaad system.

  91. As Apple and Facebook Chiefs Visit, Xi Jinping Vows Deeper Reform Business, October 30

    Newly elevated to Mao-like status, China’s president held court before wealthy and influential executives from his country and the United States.

  92. With Dreadlocks, Rhythm and Flow, China Embraces Hip-Hop Foreign, October 26

    A city better known for pandas has become an unlikely outpost of a genre rooted in African-American culture.