1. U.S. Says Virus Can’t be Controlled. China Aims to Prove It Wrong. Foreign, Yesterday

    China’s approach to keep Covid-19 at bay has helped restore confidence and allowed businesses to reopen. But it is a strategy steeped in authoritarianism.

  2. China’s Leaders Vow Tech ‘Self-Reliance,’ Military Power and Economic Recovery Foreign, October 29

    The Communist Party’s Central Committee endorsed an ambitious policy program that looks far beyond the coronavirus pandemic.

  3. As the West Stumbles, ‘Helmsman’ Xi Pushes an Ambitious Plan for China Foreign, October 29

    China’s leader emerged from a key Communist Party meeting newly emboldened, outlining a road map for the country for years to come. Some have warned of overreach.

  4. U.S. to Establish Embassy in the Maldives Washington, October 28

    Competing for influence in the region with China, the United States will for the first time have an embassy in the tiny nation of islands off the shore of India.

  5. U.S. Charges 8 in Plot to Harass Chinese Dissidents Washington, October 28

    Law enforcement officials said the suspects hired private investigators to locate the expatriates and then stalked, surveilled and threatened them.

  6. Trump Outsells Biden in a Chinese Wholesale Market Business, October 28

    In a positive but highly unscientific sign for the president, orders for his campaign materials outpace those for his rival’s at a major market for banners, caps and other souvenirs.

  7. China’s Stance on Homosexuality Has Changed. Its Textbooks Haven’t. Foreign, October 28

    A lawsuit brought by a student is part of an effort to get schools, editors and publishers to recognize that being gay is not a mental disorder.

  8. Don’t Even Try Paying Cash in China News Desk, October 27

    How two apps created new kinds of commerce in China, and what a cashless future might look like.

  9. A Mighty Ant Business, October 27

    The Chinese fintech firm is set to break I.P.O. records.

  10. La desaparición de Mesut Özil en Español, October 26

    Hace un año, era uno de los jugadores mejor pagados de la Liga Premier. Ahora, después de enfurecer a China y rechazar un recorte salarial, simplemente ha desaparecido.

  11. Ant Challenged Beijing and Prospered. Now It Toes the Line. Business, October 26

    The tech giant, which is preparing for a mega I.P.O., has transformed personal finance in China. Regulators have taken notice.

  12. All About Ant Group, the Next Big Tech I.P.O. Business, October 26

    The tech giant’s coming share sale will be among the largest ever. But the company has made most of its impact in just one country: China.

  13. Ant Group Set to Raise $34 Billion in World’s Biggest I.P.O. Business, October 26

    The Alibaba online finance spinoff, which offers people in China a one-stop shop for loans, investments and more, will list shares in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

  14. China Aims to End Extreme Poverty, but Covid-19 Exposes Gaps Foreign, October 26

    The pandemic has worsened longstanding conditions that have widened inequality, hindering Xi Jinping’s vow to “leave no one behind.”

  15. The Erasure of Mesut Özil Sports, October 26

    A year ago, he was one of the Premier League’s highest-paid players. Now, after angering China and refusing a pay cut, he has simply vanished.

  16. How The Epoch Times Created a Giant Influence Machine Business, October 24

    Since 2016, the Falun Gong-backed newspaper has used aggressive Facebook tactics and right-wing misinformation to create an anti-China, pro-Trump media empire.

  17. As China Clamps Down, Activists Flee Hong Kong for Refuge in the West Foreign, October 24

    China calls them “violent criminals.” Asylum seekers from Hong Kong are the latest catalyst for deteriorating relations between Beijing and Western countries.

  18. In Xi’s Homage to Korean War, a Jab at the U.S. Foreign, October 23

    China is commemorating the war with a barrage of nationalistic propaganda. “They smashed the myth that the American military was invincible,” China’s leader said.

  19. The Complexity in ‘Where Are You From?’ Well, October 23

    I lived at the same address throughout my American childhood, but neither of my Chinese-born parents could say exactly where they were from.

  20. Thanks to Trump, Huawei’s Cool New Phones Might Be Limited Edition Business, October 22

    The battered Chinese giant won’t say how many of its new handsets it can produce. U.S. restrictions may have curtailed access to essential components.

  21. Vatican Extends Deal With China Over Appointment of Bishops Foreign, October 22

    The agreement calls for China to formally recognize the pope’s authority within the church, while the Vatican in turn recognized the legitimacy of bishops previously appointed by Beijing.

  22. U.S. Still Seeking Clues to Mystery Illness Afflicting Diplomats and Spies Washington, October 21

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said officials continued to investigate the episodes, which began in 2016, but diplomats and C.I.A. officers have accused the administration of a cover-up.

  23. Trump Records Shed New Light on Chinese Business Pursuits Investigative, October 20

    As he raises questions about his opponent’s standing with China, President Trump’s taxes reveal details about his own activities there, including a previously unknown bank account.

  24. India Returns a Chinese Soldier Who Got Lost Looking for Yaks Foreign, October 20

    After months of tension that turned violent at times, the release signaled a respite in a dispute that has led to a buildup of forces along the disputed mountainous border.

  25. Elliott Broidy Pleads Guilty in Foreign Lobbying Case Washington, October 20

    A former fund-raiser for President Trump admitted to a role in a covert campaign to influence the administration on behalf of Chinese and Malaysian interests.

  26. In China, the Formidable Prosecutor Turned Lonely Rights Defender Foreign, October 20

    After sheltering a prominent dissident, Yang Bin, a former prosecutor, is now under the scrutiny of the police. But she has no regrets.

  27. ‘No querían encontrar nada’: diplomáticos afectados por ataques misteriosos luchan contra el gobierno de Trump en Español, October 20

    Los funcionarios estadounidenses que sufrieron lesiones en China, Cuba y Rusia dicen que las agencias estadounidenses están ocultando el verdadero alcance de los episodios, dejando a los colegas vulnerables ante acciones hostiles en el extranjero.

  28. U.S. Diplomats and Spies Battle Trump Administration Over Suspected Attacks Washington, October 19

    American officials in China, Cuba and Russia say U.S. agencies are concealing the true extent of the episodes, leaving colleagues vulnerable to hostile actions abroad.

  29. India Captures Chinese Soldier Along Disputed Mountain Border Foreign, October 19

    But in a sign of a possible thaw, the Indian Army said it would quickly free him.

  30. Latest Clash Between China and Taiwan: A Fistfight in Fiji Foreign, October 19

    Two mainland diplomats attended an event, uninvited, and took offense at symbols of Taiwan — including a flag on a cake. A scuffle ensued.

  31. With Covid-19 Under Control, China’s Economy Surges Ahead Business, October 18

    Exports jumped and local governments engaged in a binge of debt-fueled construction projects. Even consumer spending is finally recovering.

  32. China Threatens to Detain Americans if U.S. Prosecutes Chinese Scholars Washington, October 18

    American officials said China had insisted that the Justice Department not proceed with cases against the arrested scholars, who are in the Chinese military and face charges of visa fraud.

  33. U.S. Rebuffs Putin Bid to Extend Nuclear Arms Pact for a Year Foreign, October 16

    With negotiations for a five-year extension stalled, the Russian president’s proposal puts pressure on President Trump to salvage an Obama-era accord.

  34. In Hong Kong, Communist Party Officials Stride Out of the Shadows Foreign, October 16

    The growing power and profile of the Chinese government’s liaison office has brought the party’s playbook into the open.

  35. Separatists Kill 14 in Attack on Oil Convoy in Restive Pakistani Province Foreign, October 15

    The assault was an escalation of violence in the resource-rich province of Baluchistan, which has become a nexus of Chinese development projects and heavy security crackdowns.

  36. The Dire Wolf Might Have Prowled Asia, Fossil Suggests Science, October 15

    The carnivores likely crossed the Bering Land Bridge into Asia.

  37. Trump’s Tweets on Troop Withdrawals Unnerve Pentagon Washington, October 15

    The president’s demands to draw down forces in Afghanistan, Somalia and Syria seek to fulfill a campaign promise. But officials warn rapid troop reductions could bolster adversaries.

  38. The Untold Technological Revolution Sweeping Through Rural China Book Review, October 15

    In “Blockchain Chicken Farm,” Xiaowei Wang documents how technology is transforming the lives of China’s rural poor.

  39. America Has No Reason to Be So Powerful Op Ed, October 15

    Eighty years ago, the United States made a tragic decision to pursue global supremacy. The project has outlived its purpose.

  40. In City Where China Welcomed the World, Xi Prepares for a Colder One Foreign, October 14

    China’s leader, Xi Jinping, speaking in the early trading center of Shenzhen, emphasized domestic innovation amid tensions with the United States.

  41. China Got Better. We Got Sicker. Thanks, Trump. Op Ed, October 13

    With a different leader, the United States could have contained the coronavirus.

  42. Another ‘Unfounded’ Study on Origins of Virus Spreads Online Science, October 13

    The publication is the second in a series, from a team led by a Chinese scientist, that has been widely discredited by experts.

  43. The I.M.F. sees early signs of a global economic recovery. Business, October 13

    The world finance group warns that the crisis is “far from over” and that uncertainty over the coronavirus pandemic remains.

  44. BTS Honored Korean War Sacrifices. Some in China Detected an Insult. Business, October 12

    Samsung and Fila distanced themselves from the K-pop band, becoming the latest example of multinational companies deferring to Chinese patriotic sentiment.

  45. When the U.S. and China Fight, It Is the Environment That Suffers Op Ed, October 12

    The Trump administration’s moves to decouple the two economies means less leverage over Beijing’s green policies.

  46. Las ciudades se transforman durante la pandemia en Español, October 11

    Con su profunda alteración de nuestras vidas cotidianas, el coronavirus ha subrayado la profunda desigualdad que existe en el diseño de nuestras metrópolis. Es momento de cambiar la arquitectura de las ciudades.

  47. Lo que aprendí del amor al mapo tofu en Español, October 10

    Una fascinación de décadas con el muy querido plato de Sichuan inspira la investigación y, finalmente, un poco de experimentación.

  48. A Famed Horror Director Mines Japan’s Real-Life Atrocities Foreign, October 10

    Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s latest movie, which recently won him the award for best director at the Venice Film Festival, is a thriller animated by the ghosts of Japan’s ghastly wartime experiments.

  49. Hong Kong Arrests Nine Over Protesters’ Escape by Speedboat Foreign, October 10

    The arrests appeared intended to deter others from helping antigovernment protesters flee the Chinese territory, where Beijing’s grip is tightening.

  50. Scientist Accused of Hiding Chinese Funds Sues Harvard, Saying It Abandoned Him National, October 9

    Charles M. Lieber, the chair of Harvard’s chemistry department, claimed in the lawsuit that the university turned its back on a “dedicated faculty member.”

  51. Elliott Broidy, a Top Trump Fund-Raiser, Charged in Foreign Influence Case Washington, October 8

    Federal authorities accused him of conspiring to violate lobbying laws in his unsuccessful efforts to resolve an investigation into the embezzlement of the Malaysian investment fund 1MDB.

  52. Delayed Homeland Security Report Warns of ‘Lethal’ White Supremacy Washington, October 6

    An annual assessment that a whistle-blower said was withheld for months did not hold back on the threat from violent extremists and tagged Russia as the primary source of disinformation.

  53. Distrust of China Jumps to New Highs in Democratic Nations Foreign, October 6

    The sharpest rise in negative views was in Australia, while unfavorable opinions jumped in the United States and Europe, a Pew survey found.

  54. Pompeo’s Message in Japan: Countering China Is Worth Meeting Face to Face Foreign, October 6

    The American diplomat’s willingness to meet with allies in Asia, despite the crisis embroiling the White House, speaks to fears of China’s rise.

  55. Top China Critic Becomes Its Defender Washington, October 6

    Robert E. Lighthizer, President Trump’s trade negotiator, has cautioned against actions that could anger Beijing in an attempt to preserve the U.S.-China trade deal.

  56. Top China Critic Becomes Its Defender Washington, October 6

    Robert E. Lighthizer, President Trump’s trade negotiator, has cautioned against actions that could anger Beijing in an attempt to preserve the U.S.-China trade deal.

  57. China Ramps Up a War of Words, Warning the U.S. of Its Red Lines Foreign, October 5

    As the United States and Taiwan draw closer, state propaganda is sending the message that China will go to war if necessary.

  58. What I Learned From Loving Mapo Tofu Dining, October 5

    A decades-long fascination with the much-loved Sichuan dish inspires research — and eventually a little experimentation.

  59. Corporations Must Do Their Part to Preserve Democracy Special Sections, October 5

    China does whatever it can to thrive economically, putting freedom and prosperity at risk for the rest of the world.

  60. WeChat, Wild Rumors and All, Is Their Lifeline. Washington May End That. Metro, October 5

    The app has reshaped the experience of Chinese-Americans for the better, but also spreads misinformation and government propaganda.

  61. In Wake of Recent India-China Conflict, U.S. Sees Opportunity Washington, October 3

    India’s border dispute with China has accelerated its relations with the United States. Others worry that warming ties ignore India’s persecution of Muslims.

  62. Led by Tesla, Auto Industry Rebounds as Car Sales Surge Business, October 2

    Tesla reported record deliveries in the third quarter as growing interest in electric vehicles and other cars boosted sales across the industry.

  63. U.S. Appeals Injunction Against WeChat Ban Business, October 2

    Trump administration officials claim the Chinese-owned app presents a security risk to American users.

  64. China Is Erasing Mosques and Precious Shrines in Xinjiang Interactive, September 25

    Thousands of religious sites in Xinjiang have been destroyed, a new analysis suggests, part of China’s drive to erode the region’s heritage.

  65. This Is Why We Couldn’t Control the Pandemic Interactive, September 14

    Some countries slammed their doors. It worked — until they let outsiders back in.

  66. Hope, Despair, Control: The 1950s China My Father Saw, Echoed Today Interactive, July 30

    William Stevenson was one of the first foreign correspondents to visit the People’s Republic of China. Decades later, despite its transformation, I recognize the same country.

  67. Battle in the Himalayas Interactive, July 18

    China and India are locked in a tense, deadly struggle for advantage on their disputed mountain border.

  68. Emissions Are Surging Back as Countries and States Reopen Interactive, June 17

    As the pandemic rages, the world is still far from getting global warming under control.

  69. Are Countries Flattening the Curve for the Coronavirus? Interactive, April 3

    These charts show the pandemic’s trajectory in each nation. New cases appear to be leveling off in some places, but they may still be far from a slowdown.

  70. Four Ways to Measure Coronavirus Outbreaks in U.S. Metro Areas Interactive, March 27

    Some metros in the U.S. could have worse outbreaks than those in Italy’s Lombardy region or in Wuhan, China.

  71. Which Country Has Flattened the Curve for the Coronavirus? Interactive, March 19

    These charts show the trajectory of the coronavirus pandemic in each country. New cases have dwindled in China and South Korea, but the virus continues to spread rapidly in most of the world.

  72. Watch the Footprint of Coronavirus Spread Across Countries Interactive, March 17

    A satellite that detects pollution from human activity shows how the coronavirus is shutting down whole countries.

  73. Covid World Map: Tracking the Global Outbreak Interactive, January 28

    The virus has infected more than 29,855,400 people and has been detected in nearly every country.