1. China’s ‘Absurd’ Covid Propaganda Stirs Rebellion Business, Today

    The use of propaganda in the country has been on overdrive in the pandemic, with some Chinese citizens arguing the language has bordered on “nonsense.”

  2. Your Thursday Briefing: Iran Strikes Kurds in Iraq N Y T Now, Yesterday

    Plus Australia moves to fight corruption and a Chinese businessman faces assault allegations in a U.S. court.

  3. Fossilized Fish Reveal Earliest Known Prequel of ‘Jaws’ Science, Yesterday

    In two deposits in China, paleontologists dug up remains that suggest jawed fish are tens of millions of years older than previously known.

  4. Ni Hao, Sawasdee, Xin Chào: Language Apps to Take You Through Asia Travel, Yesterday

    While you may not master every language ahead of a multistop tour through Asia, these apps and digital tools can help you get by (and maybe make you some friends).

  5. After Pandemic Barriers, Can Hong Kong Recover as a Global Metropolis? Business, Yesterday

    Officials are saying the city will bounce back. But even before 2020, Chinese control was changing Hong Kong’s character and driving people away.

  6. Sex Assault Trial in U.S. a Rare Moment for Chinese #MeToo Movement National, Yesterday

    Richard Liu, also known as Liu Qiangdong, will be one of the few high-profile Chinese figures to face a courtroom jury over sexual assault allegations.

  7. Meta Removes Chinese Effort to Influence U.S. Elections Business, September 27

    The parent of Facebook and Instagram said that it had taken down what was the first targeted Chinese campaign to interfere in U.S. politics and that the effort was limited.

  8. Dating Apps Thrive in China, but Not Just for Romance Business, September 27

    China has cracked down on many tech companies, but has allowed dating apps that provide social connections to flourish.

  9. How China Targets the Global Fish Supply Interactive, September 26

    With its own coastal waters depleted, China has built a global fishing operation unmatched by any other country.

  10. For China’s Auto Market, Electric Isn’t the Future. It’s the Present. Business, September 26

    More electric cars will be sold in the country this year than in the rest of the world combined, as its domestic market accelerates ahead of the global competition.

  11. Biden’s Cautious Foreign Policy Is Imperiling the United States Op Ed, September 26

    We have let Russian threats determine our actions, which encourages Russia and others to test our resolve.

  12. Oil Prices Tumble to Their Lowest Level Since January Business, September 23

    The U.S. benchmark oil price fell below $80 a barrel for the first time since the start of the year.

  13. Oil Prices Tumble to Their Lowest Level Since January Business, September 23

    The U.S. benchmark oil price fell below $80 a barrel for the first time since the start of the year.

  14. Major Covid Holdouts in Asia Drop Border Restrictions Business, September 23

    Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan have relaxed their pandemic rules, as they look to bolster their economies and play catch-up with much of the world.

  15. Biden criticizes Iran and China on human rights and security issues. Foreign, September 21

    President Biden said that Washington “will be unabashed in promoting” a vision of a free world.

  16. ‘We’re on That Bus, Too’: In China, a Deadly Crash Triggers Covid Trauma Business, September 21

    A bus heading to a quarantine facility crashed, killing 27. The Chinese public saw itself in the victims: a country being held hostage by the government’s harsh policy.

  17. Bus Taking People to Quarantine Crashes in China, Killing 27 Foreign, September 19

    The deaths renewed an anguished debate over the price of China’s “zero Covid” policy.

  18. New South Korean President Tries to Make His Mark on Foreign Policy Foreign, September 18

    Yoon Suk Yeol has aligned his country more closely with the United States, but there are limits to how far he can go without angering China or provoking North Korea.

  19. As India Joins China in Distancing From Russia, Putin Warns of Escalation Foreign, September 16

    After India’s prime minister said that now is not the time for war, an increasingly isolated Mr. Putin threatened “more serious” actions in Ukraine while insisting he was ready for talks.

  20. China’s Discovery of Lunar Mineral Could Add to Fuller View of the Moon Express, September 16

    Scientists found a single crystal of a new phosphate mineral while analyzing lunar basalt particles, which were collected from the moon two years ago by the Chang’e-5 mission.

  21. In Mourning the Queen, Some in Hong Kong Mourn the Past Foreign, September 16

    A memorial for Elizabeth has given residents of the former British colony a rare platform for public, if quiet, political dissent.

  22. In the ‘Great Game’ of Central Asia, China’s Leader Seeks the Advantage Foreign, September 16

    Xi Jinping’s visit to Central Asia this week sheds a light on his country’s efforts to increase its sway in the vast, resource-rich region once considered Russia’s domain.

  23. TikTok’s C.E.O. Navigates the Limits of His Power Business, September 16

    Shou Zi Chew, TikTok’s chief executive, is balancing how to be an autonomous leader while juggling the demands of the app’s Chinese parent company.

  24. ‘At the Breaking Point’: Tibetans, Under Lockdown, Make Rare Cries for Help Foreign, September 16

    China’s ever-tightening Covid rules have prompted public complaints from residents of areas usually intimidated into keeping quiet.

  25. Putin Nods to Xi’s ‘Concerns,’ and the Limits of Their Cooperation Foreign, September 15

    The discordant messages of China’s president, Xi Jinping, and President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia suggested that despite an earlier pledge of “friendship,” Moscow does not have an unconditional ally in Beijing.

  26. China representa un desafío para nuestros servicios de inteligencia en Español, September 15

    Las operaciones encubiertas de China han aumentado en los últimos años y las agencias de inteligencia occidentales deben estar preparadas.

  27. Biden Issues New Order to Block Chinese Investment in Technology in the U.S. Washington, September 15

    The move, which is bound to heighten tensions with Beijing, reflects growing unease about China’s ability to access the personal information that Americans hand over to mobile apps and other services.

  28. Puede que no sea una Guerra Fría, pero se siente como tal en Español, September 15

    Incluso en sus peores momentos, los estadounidenses y los soviéticos siguieron hablando. Hoy, los contactos entre Estados Unidos y China son escasos, mientras Pekín y Moscú se acercan.

  29. Putin acknowledges China may have ‘questions and concerns’ about the war. Foreign, September 15

    The two authoritarian leaders have increasingly hostile relations with the West and challenges to their agendas.

  30. Lawmakers Grill TikTok Executive About Ties to China Business, September 14

    TikTok’s chief operating officer, Vanessa Pappas, faced questions about whether the company would ever hand over user data to Chinese officials.

  31. China Is Writing the Story of the Climate Future Op Ed, September 14

    But what story is it?

  32. Europe Plans to Ban Goods Made With Forced Labor Foreign, September 14

    While it does not explicitly mention Xinjiang, the western Chinese region where Uyghurs are believed to be pressed to work in camps, the proposal is widely seen as being aimed at Beijing.

  33. A Uyghur Author and Translator Were Detained. Now, Their Novel Speaks For Them. Books, September 14

    Writing and translating “The Backstreets,” a book about the oppressive environment faced by Uyghurs in China, was a danger to those involved.

  34. China Is Running Covert Operations That Could Seriously Overwhelm Us Op Ed, September 14

    The West isn’t nearly prepared enough for the scale and complexity of China’s all-of-nation covert offensive.

  35. China’s Leader Emerges From Covid Bubble for First Foreign Trip Since 2020 Foreign, September 14

    Xi Jinping, who is expected to meet with Vladimir Putin, will seek to project confidence as a global statesman at a time of grave challenges at home.

  36. Global markets wobble on the heels of U.S. stock plunge. Business, September 14

    Major indexes were down across Europe and Asia on Wednesday, a day after U.S. stocks plummeted in response to new inflation data.

  37. The September 14 Economy News Inflation Stocks live blog included one standalone post:
  38. Your Wednesday Briefing: Putin and Xi Prepare to Meet N Y T Now, September 13

    Plus a kangaroo killed a man in Australia and “Squid Game” made history at the Emmy Awards.

  39. Challenges for Russia and China Test a ‘No-Limits’ Friendship Foreign, September 13

    Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are set to meet later this week. Russia’s battlefield losses and China’s slowdown could complicate their relationship.

  40. This Might Not Be a Cold War, but It Feels Like One Foreign, September 13

    Even at their worst moments, the Americans and the Soviets kept talking. Today, U.S.-China contacts are scarce, while Beijing and Moscow move closer together.

  41. Man Gets Life in Prison for Selling Fentanyl That Killed 11 Express, September 13

    Aaron Broussard, 31, obtained the fentanyl from suppliers based in China and conspired with them to smuggle the deadly drug into the United States, prosecutors said.

  42. Así viví la ola de calor en China en Español, September 12

    En un viaje por el epicentro del clima extremo que asoló al país en el verano ofreció paisajes devastados y ciudades paralizadas.

  43. Your Monday Briefing: Ukraine Gains Ground N Y T Now, September 11

    Plus China locks down Xinjiang and floods devastate Pakistan’s agriculture.

  44. La política china de ‘cero covid’: esto es lo que significa en Español, September 11

    El país donde surgió el coronavirus por primera vez está decidido a seguir imponiendo amplias medidas para detener su avance.

  45. Russia says that a senior Chinese official expressed support for the invasion of Ukraine. Foreign, September 11

    The comments are the clearest sign of support from China, which has preferred to stay on the sidelines and maintain ties with both Russia and Europe, without alienating either.

  46. Just Bread and Noodles: China’s Covid Lockdown Distress Hits Xinjiang Foreign, September 11

    With lack of food, medicine and other crucial supplies, residents of Yining are chafing under a monthlong pandemic shutdown.

  47. Chinese Drones: The Latest Irritant Buzzing Taiwan’s Defenses Foreign, September 11

    Drones are increasingly testing Taiwan’s capacity to respond to China's growing military pressure. Soldiers shot one down recently and are ramping up defenses.

  48. Harvest Moon Lights Up Skies and Marks Start of Festivals Worldwide Express, September 10

    The harvest moon, which will appear full for about three nights from Thursday night to Sunday morning, is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox.

  49. 2 Years After Deadly Fistfights, India and China Pull Back From Border Foreign, September 9

    The two sides, after 16 rounds of talks, made an announcement a week before their leaders will meet in Uzbekistan.

  50. Austrian Takes Over as Top U.N. Human Rights Official Foreign, September 9

    One of Volker Türk’s toughest challenges will be determining what to do about a highly critical report on China that his predecessor, Michelle Bachelet, released just before departing.

  51. How Silicon Chips Rule the World Sunday Business, September 9

    Maintaining the flow of oil is still crucial for the world economy. But now the supply of semiconductors is also critical for commerce, and war and peace.

  52. What My Family and I Saw When We Were Trapped in China’s Heat Wave Op Ed, September 9

    On a trip through the epicenter, ravaged landscapes, paralyzed cities and populations pushed to extremes.

  53. China’s Public Puts on a Show of Zero Covid for an Audience of One Business, September 9

    Because of Xi Jinping’s unrelenting policy, the Chinese people put up with a precarious existence filled with lockdowns, quarantines and mass testing.

  54. Cómo China ha aumentado su influencia sobre los iPhone en Español, September 9

    Apple quiere empezar a producir dispositivos en la India, pero el proceso de fabricación de su último teléfono, presentado el miércoles, muestra lo difícil que será el cambio.

  55. Your Friday Briefing: Queen Elizabeth II Dies at 96 N Y T Now, September 8

    Plus the Solomon Islands postpones its election and tycoons leave China.

  56. China’s Zero-Covid Approach Explained Foreign, September 8

    The country where the coronavirus first emerged is committed to going to great lengths to stop its spread.

  57. Climate Change Could Worsen Supply Chain Turmoil Washington, September 8

    A drought that has crippled economic activity in southwestern China hints at the kind of disruption that climate change could wreak on global supply chains.

  58. Shock Waves Hit the Global Economy, Posing Grave Risk to Europe Business, September 8

    The threat to Europe’s industrial might and living standards is particularly acute as policymakers race to decouple the continent from Russia’s power sources.

  59. Solomon Islands’ Leader, a Friend of China, Gets an Election Delayed Foreign, September 8

    The prime minister claims the country can’t afford to hold national elections next year. His opponents see a power grab linked to Beijing’s influence.

  60. Your Wednesday Evening Briefing N Y T Now, September 7

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  61. Your Thursday Briefing: Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping Likely to Meet N Y T Now, September 7

    Plus India’s growing economy and China’s “zero-Covid” trap.

  62. China’s ‘Zero Covid’ Bind: No Easy Way Out Despite the Cost Foreign, September 7

    From vaccines to propaganda, Beijing has prioritized politics over science, creating conditions that make it difficult for China to join other countries in adapting to life with the coronavirus.

  63. So Square It’s Hip: ​​Gen Z Tries on the Communist Cadre Look Foreign, September 7

    Why are some Chinese youth dressing like middle-aged civil servants? It might be ironic, or a longing for stability in uncertain times.

  64. WTA Finals Set for Texas This Year, but a Return to China Is Uncertain Sports, September 6

    The year-end event is due to return to China in 2023, but the tour said its suspension of tournaments there after Peng Shuai accused a former government official of sexual assault remained in place.

  65. Your Wednesday Briefing: South Korea Skirts a Typhoon N Y T Now, September 6

    Plus Russia and North Korea grow closer, and Apple prepares to introduce its newest iPhone.

  66. How China Has Added to Its Influence Over the iPhone Business, September 6

    Apple is taking small steps toward India. But the production of its latest phone, introduced on Wednesday, shows how difficult it will be to make big changes.

  67. Battling Violence and Censors, Women in China Become ‘Invisible and Absent’ Business, September 6

    The Chinese Communist Party has long promoted gender equality as a core tenet, but as cases of gender abuse make headlines, Beijing has tried to squelch dissent and control the narrative.

  68. Your Tuesday Briefing: Liz Truss Selected to Lead Britain N Y T Now, September 5

    And a typhoon bears down on South Korea, and more Covid lockdowns rip through China.

  69. Strong Earthquake Shakes Southwestern China, Killing Dozens Foreign, September 5

    Government agencies said at least 65 people had died, but communications in the landslide-prone area were disrupted and the full extent of the damage was unclear.

  70. As China Imposes More Covid Lockdowns, ‘Everyone Is Scared’ Foreign, September 5

    Nearly every province has recorded infections in recent days, leaving some 60 million residents locked down. Weariness is growing by the day as the restrictions go on seemingly without end.

  71. South Korea Braces for Typhoon Hinnamnor Foreign, September 5

    The storm, expected to make landfall on Tuesday, could be the strongest in the country’s recorded history. Japan and China were also making preparations.

  72. China Threatens Reaction After U.S. Announces Arms Sales to Taiwan Foreign, September 4

    A $1.1 billion package would “severely jeopardize” ties, Chinese officials say in demanding that Washington revoke the deal.

  73. His U.S. Open Run Could Influence Tennis in China Sports, September 2

    Wu Yibing became the first Chinese man to reach the third round of a Grand Slam since 1946. He says it’s his “responsibility” to pick up where the retired champion Li Na left off in growing the game.

  74. For China’s Xi and Other Strongmen, Gorbachev Showed Exactly What Not to Do Foreign, September 1

    Though Mikhail Gorbachev’s reforms were praised in the West, the collapse of the Soviet Union schooled a generation of authoritarian rulers in the dangers of tolerating any signs of dissent or democratic yearnings.

  75. Big Tech Reconsiders the “Made in China” Way Business, September 1

    Apple, Google and Microsoft are among the technology firms looking to shift some of their manufacturing out of China.

  76. Tech Companies Slowly Shift Production Away From China Business, September 1

    Worried about geopolitical tensions and stung by pandemic shutdowns, Google, Apple and others are moving some work to nearby countries.

  77. For Uyghurs, U.N. Report on China’s Abuses Is Long-Awaited Vindication Foreign, September 1

    The report’s assessment that China’s crackdown in Xinjiang could amount to “crimes against humanity” gives new momentum to a campaign to pressure Beijing.

  78. China Locks Down Major Southern City of Chengdu Foreign, September 1

    The drastic response to a rise in Covid cases adds to the pressures facing Sichuan Province, which already had been dealing with drought, heat and wildfires.

  79. Your Thursday Briefing N Y T Now, September 1

    Vladimir Putin reacts to Mikhail Gorbachev’s death.

  80. U.S. Restricts Sales of Sophisticated Chips to China and Russia Business, September 1

    Limits were placed on high-end GPUs that power supercomputers and artificial intelligence, said Nvidia and AMD, two Silicon Valley chip makers.

  81. U.N. Says China May Have Committed ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ in Xinjiang Foreign, August 31

    The organization’s human rights office delivered its much-delayed report minutes before Michelle Bachelet, the U.N. high commissioner for human rights, was to leave office.

  82. Solomon Islands Suspends Visits by Foreign Military Ships, Raising Concerns in U.S. Washington, August 30

    The move comes after top U.S. officials visited the Pacific nation to bolster ties and deliver warnings over its new security agreement with China.

  83. Lockdowns in China, and North Korea, Deal Double Blow to Bridge City Business, August 30

    Shenyang, in China’s northeast, was a hub for North Korean workers and a launchpad for visits to Pyongyang. Covid restrictions have battered its economy.

  84. Your Tuesday Briefing: Political Turmoil in Pakistan N Y T Now, August 22

    Plus the Philippines reopens schools and China raises interest rates.

  85. Trouble in Paradise: Chinese Tourists Left Stranded During Lockdowns Business, August 19

    Tens of thousands of domestic travelers were stuck at their summer vacation destinations after local outbreaks forced them into quarantine.

  86. Cómo lloramos a las víctimas de covid en Español, August 18

    En Inglaterra, unos artistas encendieron una estructura en llamas. En la costa de Jersey, se grabaron nombres en conchas y rocas. Con más de seis millones de muertos, los monumentos conmemorativos han ido evolucionando.

  87. As China’s Economy Stumbles, Homeowners Boycott Mortgage Payments Business, August 17

    In a rare act of defiance, people across the country who bought property from indebted developers are refusing to repay loans on their unfinished apartments.

  88. Your Friday Briefing: U.S. to Unseal Trump Warrant N Y T Now, August 11

    Plus Russia prepares for show trials and Taiwan does not rise to China’s provocations.

  89. How We Mourn Covid’s Victims Express, August 9

    In Britain, artists lit a structure aflame. At the Jersey Shore, names were carved on shells and rocks. With more than six million dead, memorials have evolved along the way.

  90. Pelosi in Taiwan: Sharp Views All Around Letters, August 3

    The House speaker’s visit is reviewed, pro and con. Also: The Kansas abortion vote; OB-GYNs; coal miners; rich and poor friends; single-issue voters.

  91. They Flocked to China for Boom Times. Now They’re Thinking Twice. Business, July 28

    Global businesses and industries that rode the China growth wave for years are bracing for the fallout of a slowing economy.

  92. China’s Domestic Troubles Will Hang Over Biden-Xi Call Washington, July 28

    Some American officials suspect that what is really driving China’s president to lash out recently is a desire to divert attention from his economic and pandemic problems at home.

  93. Chinese officials apologize for breaking into homes to search for Covid cases. Foreign, July 20

    Community workers in the city of Guangzhou were looking for people who had tested positive for the virus and close contacts of patients.

  94. Outbreaks in China prompt lockdowns and fears of more economic woes. Foreign, July 19

    The emergence of more infectious subvariants of the coronavirus has triggered mass quarantines, including 2,000 tourists stranded in a popular beach resort town.

  95. Outbreaks in China prompt lockdowns and fears of more economic woes. Foreign, July 19

    The emergence of more infectious subvariants of the coronavirus has triggered mass quarantines, including 2,000 tourists stranded in a popular beach resort town.

  96. China’s Economic Covid Slump N Y T Now, July 15

    The country’s continued lockdowns are having consequences on its ability to do business.

  97. China’s Economy Hits a Slump as Covid Policy Takes a Toll Business, July 15

    High unemployment, a housing market in crisis and sluggish consumer spending during lockdowns are putting pressure on Beijing in a year when officials are focused on projecting stability.

  98. China’s Economic Growth Slows Sharply as Covid Policy Takes a Toll Business, July 15

    The humming economy has been replaced by high unemployment, a housing market in crisis and sluggish consumer spending in a year when Beijing is focused on projecting stability.

  99. Biden, Oil and the Middle East Business, July 14

    Under pressure as tight oil supplies hurt the U.S. economy, Biden will go to Saudi Arabia for a meeting with M.B.S.

  100. In Shanghai, a surge in cases raises fears of another lockdown. Foreign, July 13

    Residents have been alarmed by mixed messages from officials, including advice that they stock up on food and medicine.

  101. Your Wednesday Briefing: Extreme Heat Grips China N Y T Now, July 12

    Plus the conviction of an ailing Hong Kong activist and President Vladimir Putin’s upcoming trip to Iran.

  102. Dangerous Heat Wave Strikes China Foreign, July 12

    Parts of the east and south withered under extreme temperatures, even as health workers in hazmat suits persisted in a round of mandatory coronavirus tests.

  103. Your Tuesday Briefing: Bank Protests in China N Y T Now, July 11

    Plus Ukrainian civilians bear the brunt of Russia’s war and new details after Shinzo Abe’s death.

  104. Three cities in China impose partial lockdowns as new cases are reported. Foreign, July 11

    The cities of Xi’an, Lanzhou and Haikou set restrictions on several million residents. In Macau, the gambling hub, authorities shut casinos and ordered everyone to stay home.

  105. China’s Economy Stumbles in the Fog of Covid War Business, July 11

    Even if the country avoids new lockdowns of big cities, question marks over the pandemic and policy direction are dogging efforts to revive growth.

  106. China’s Economy Stumbles in the Fog of Covid War Business, July 11

    Even if the country avoids new lockdowns of big cities, question marks over the pandemic and policy direction are dogging efforts to revive growth.

  107. Beijing Introduces a Local Vaccine Pass and Urges Older People to Get Shots Foreign, July 7

    The city announced the change months after other countries had put vaccine passports in place.

  108. Beijing Introduces a Local Vaccine Pass and Urges Older People to Get Shots Foreign, July 7

    The city announced the change months after other countries had put vaccine passports in place.

  109. Covid Outbreak Emerges in China’s Anhui Province Foreign, July 5

    The country recently began to recover from a surge that shut down Shanghai for two months.

  110. Your Friday Briefing: A Major U.S. Climate Ruling Dining, June 30

    Plus Xi Jinping visits Hong Kong and Ukraine takes back Snake Island.

  111. China’s Leader Hails a Hong Kong ‘Reborn From Ashes’ Amid Crackdown Foreign, June 30

    Before Xi Jinping’s tightly controlled appearance, Hong Kong sent officials, diplomats and others to hotels for days of isolation and Covid tests.

  112. ‘Very Fragile’: Shanghai Wrestles With Psychological Scars of Lockdown Foreign, June 29

    The lockdown fueled anxiety, fear and depression among the city’s residents. Experts have warned that the mental health impact of the confinement will be long-lasting.

  113. China Halves Quarantine Time for International Arrivals, Cheering Markets Foreign, June 28

    The time will be cut to seven days in a facility, followed by three days of home isolation.

  114. ‘Wild Swimming’ in Restricted Beijing Offers Refreshing Break From Rules Foreign, June 25

    China’s congested and highly regulated capital is not known for either its natural refuges or its rule-bending. But swimming in the city’s lakes and waterways is a cherished, if contested, tradition.

  115. Hong Kong’s Floating Restaurant Sinks at Sea, Laden With Memories Express, June 21

    Jumbo Floating Restaurant, which closed in 2020, capsized in the South China Sea after being towed from the city. The sinking triggered nostalgia for a happier period of Hong Kong history.

  116. Chinese Omicron Study Renews Debate Over ‘Zero Covid’ Policy Foreign, June 21

    The study found that the variant carried a relatively low risk of severe illness.

  117. How I Became an Asian American Op Ed, June 19

    The killing of a Chinese American, Vincent Chin, 40 years ago changed the way people of Asian descent began to see themselves.

  118. A Chinese city may have used a Covid app to block protesters, drawing an outcry. Business, June 16

    People from across China had set off for the city of Zhengzhou to protest the freezing of their savings. Then they were prevented from moving freely.

  119. Your Thursday Briefing: $1 Billion to Ukraine N Y T Now, June 15

    Plus the Fed raised interest rates and a video of an assault in China went viral.

  120. Your Wednesday Briefing: Sievierodonetsk, Isolated N Y T Now, June 14

    The key Ukrainian city lost its last bridge as fighting intensifies.

  121. When Bears Attack Business, June 14

    What the second bear market since the start of the pandemic might signal.

  122. For Its Next Zero Covid Chapter, China Turns to Mass Testing Business, June 14

    Residents in many cities must show negative P.C.R. tests to go shopping or use public services. The policy may hamper efforts to revive the economy.

  123. The June 10 Covid 19 Mandates Vaccine Cases live blog included one standalone post:
  124. A Chinese Entrepreneur Who Says What Others Only Think Business, June 10

    Already a maverick in business circles, Zhou Hang has dared to openly criticize the government’s zero Covid policy — and urges his peers to speak out, too.

  125. It’s Hard to Believe That China Is Moving Forward When You’re Trapped in Your Apartment Op Ed, June 10

    Recovering from this breach of public trust won’t be easy.

  126. Mysteries Linger About Covid’s Origins, W.H.O. Report Says Science, June 9

    “The lack of political cooperation from China continues to stifle any meaningful progress,” one expert said.

  127. China Tries to Keep Covid Out of Its Grueling College Entrance Exams Foreign, June 7

    Some students have to travel from locked-down areas to testing sites in special vehicles, while others might be isolated for the exam.

  128. Beijing relaxes Covid measures as fears of another outbreak linger. Business, June 6

    The Chinese capital relaxed pandemic rules at midnight on Monday, including a ban on dining in, after a partial lockdown that lasted more than a month.

  129. Shanghai Mostly Reopens After Months of Covid Lockdown Video, June 1

    Many residents reappeared on the streets of Shanghai after a two-month lockdown, one of the world’s longest and toughest since the pandemic began.

  130. Relief, Reunions and Some Anxiety as Shanghai (Mostly) Reopens Foreign, June 1

    With daily infections in low double digits, there’s pressure to shake the city back to life, reviving the factories, companies and supply lines vital to China’s economy.

  131. Your Wednesday Briefing: More Aid to Ukraine N Y T Now, May 31

    Plus China’s advantage in the Pacific and Shanghai’s loosening restrictions.

  132. What Dominated the World Economic Forum Business, May 27

    Our takeaways from Davos, plus how some influencers hype crypto without disclosing their financial ties.

  133. Patients Face Long Delays for Imaging of Cancers and Other Diseases Science, May 26

    Many U.S. hospitals are postponing scans used to diagnose diseases after a Covid lockdown in China hobbled the main U.S. supplier of an imaging chemical.

  134. In China, concerns grow over the economic impact of ‘zero Covid.’ Foreign, May 26

    A senior leader announced efforts to bolster growth and urged local leaders do more to keep the economy running.

  135. China pushes for regular mass testing in its ‘zero Covid’ pursuit. Business, May 25

    The strategy risks increasing economic stress and trying people’s patience.

  136. ‘The Last Generation’: The Disillusionment of Young Chinese Business, May 24

    Many believe that they’re the most unlucky generation since the 1980s as Beijing’s persistent pursuit of the zero Covid policy wreaks havoc.

  137. As China Doubles Down on Lockdowns, Some Chinese Seek an Exit Foreign, May 20

    Inquiries to immigration consultants have surged; social media users trade tips on how to get abroad. But the government aims to “strictly restrict nonessential exit activities.”

  138. Your Thursday Briefing: Turkey’s NATO Block N Y T Now, May 18

    Plus North Korea’s Covid strategy and China’s expanding internet censorship.

  139. North Korea Wants to Follow China’s Covid ‘Success.’ Its Plan May Backfire. Foreign, May 18

    As infections spread quickly, outside experts are warning that the country’s desire to mimic Beijing’s playbook could worsen a coming disaster.

  140. China’s Internet Censors Try a New Trick: Revealing Users’ Locations Business, May 18

    The rapidly expanding practice, which authorities say helps combat disinformation from abroad, has fueled a whole new type of online battle.

  141. Your Wednesday Briefing: Sri Lanka, Out of Fuel N Y T Now, May 17

    Plus lockdowns continue in Shanghai, and India’s community health workers press for a raise.

  142. Shanghai says its Covid outbreak is under control, but many residents remain locked down. Foreign, May 17

    Reports in state news media about the return of daily life in the financial hub brought distressed responses from residents.

  143. Your Tuesday Briefing: Russia’s Faltering Campaign N Y T Now, May 16

    Plus climate’s role in Australia’s upcoming election and a Covid-19 protest at Peking University.

  144. Students Protest Covid Lockdowns at Elite Beijing University Business, May 16

    Authorities moved quickly to censor videos and photos that showed students at Peking University demonstrating.

  145. The World Tries to Move Beyond Covid. China May Stand in the Way. Business, May 13

    Xi Jinping has redoubled his country’s efforts to control the virus, even as a growing number of leaders call on Beijing to change course.

  146. Shanghai’s Cases Fall, but China’s Restrictions Tighten Foreign, May 10

    Schools are closed indefinitely in Beijing, while the last subway lines in Shanghai that were still running have ceased operation.

  147. Your Monday Evening Briefing N Y T Now, May 9

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  148. A Coming Fall Surge? N Y T Now, May 9

    U.S. officials predict another 100 million cases in late 2022.

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