1. ‘No Such Thing’: China Denies U.N. Reports of Uighur Detention Camps Foreign, Yesterday

    Confronted with accusations of mass internment in the Xinjiang region, Chinese officials refused to answer “questions which are not factual.”

  2. China Seeks Influence in Europe, One Business Deal at a Time Business, August 12

    A mysterious Chinese company went on a buying binge in the Czech Republic following Xi Jinping’s call for greater sway in the region. What was the cost?

  3. Trump’s Gutting Trade War Op Ed, August 12

    The president inflicts pain, all right.

  4. Burying ‘One Child’ Limits, China Pushes Women to Have More Babies Foreign, August 11

    Worried that an aging population imperils the economy, Beijing is scrambling to stimulate a baby boom after decades of harsh restrictions on births.

  5. U.N. Panel Confronts China Over Reports That It Holds a Million Uighurs in Camps Foreign, August 10

    Accounts from the Xinjiang region of western China point to Muslims there being treated as “enemies of the state” based on their ethnic and religious identity, a human rights expert said.

  6. The Economy Grew Even Faster in Truman’s Presidency. So What? Sunday Business, August 10

    Modern economies alternate between booms and recessions for reasons that are imperfectly understood and generally outside a president’s control.

  7. The Week in Tech: Infowars and China’s Great Firewall Business, August 10

    As exasperating as the debate about tech giants’ role in policing content may be for Americans, people in China can only dream of having such discussions.

  8. Star Scholar Disappears as Crackdown Engulfs Western China Foreign, August 10

    Rahile Dawut celebrated the Uighur ethnic traditions of Xinjiang. Friends and family believe she has joined hundreds of thousands of Uighurs secretly detained by the Chinese government.

  9. As Chinese Investors Panic Over Dubious Products, Authorities Quash Protests Business, August 9

    Chinese investors poured billions into online lending platforms. Now some can’t get their money back.

  10. Friendly Foxes’ Genes Offer Hints to How Dogs Became Domesticated Science, August 9

    A long-running experiment provides clues to genes that influence friendliness to humans.

  11. How China Wins the Trade War Op Ed, August 8

    While American companies and consumers are paying the price for tariffs, China protects its factories and investors.

  12. Trump’s Tariffs Are Changing Trade With China. Here Are 2 Emerging Endgames. Business, August 8

    Beneath the acrimony, two potential paths for China seem to be emerging in the trade war with the United States.

  13. China’s Challenge Is America’s Opportunity Op Ed, August 8

    The president of M.I.T. says the U.S. must respond urgently as China advances in science and technology.

  14. When It Comes to a Trade War, China Takes the Long View Magazine, August 7

    Victory may go to the side that best understands the other — and Americans would do well not to underestimate Chinese resolve.

  15. A Generation Grows Up in China Without Google, Facebook or Twitter Business, August 6

    Many foreign internet giants are blocked, leaving some young Chinese to wonder what those services even are — and reinforcing Beijing’s ideological control.

  16. A Pleasing Brew From Yunnan Province Dining, August 6

    This single-origin coffee is from a region usually known for its teas.

  17. ‘Race Politics Is Back,’ but What Does That Mean? Foreign, August 6

    Australia’s race commissioner exited office with an indictment of race-baiting commentators and politicians. Here are excerpts from his speech, annotated.

  18. Steel Giants With Ties to Trump Officials Block Tariff Relief for Hundreds of Firms Washington, August 5

    Nucor and United States Steel have exercised veto power, so far without fail, over other companies, forcing them to buy their products instead of steel from abroad.

  19. Worries Grow in Singapore Over China’s Calls to Help ‘Motherland’ Foreign, August 5

    With ethnic Chinese constituting a majority of Singapore’s population, some fear the country could be an especially tantalizing target for China’s influence.

  20. Imran Khan’s First Test: Pakistan’s Troubled Economy Foreign, August 4

    Mr. Khan has promised to improve the country’s economic fortunes, but Pakistan is torn between two financial powers: China and the International Monetary Fund.

  21. A North Korean Defector’s Tale of Lies, Blackmail and Betrayal Foreign, August 4

    A restaurant manager who brought 12 North Korean waitresses to the South says he tricked them — and that South Korean spies tricked him, too. “I wish I could turn the clock back,” he says.

  22. China Threatens New Tariffs on $60 Billion of U.S. Goods Business, August 3

    The new threat comes after President Trump asked his administration to consider more than doubling tariffs on $200 billion a year of Chinese goods.

  23. From Rags to Ill-Gotten Riches in 1930s China Book Review, August 3

    Paul French’s “City of Devils” is a narrative fiction of the “tawdry city” Shanghai before World War II.

  24. U.S. Is Expanding Power to Block Chinese Firms. HNA Was Already No Match. Business, August 2

    High-level meetings, powerful lobbying firms and a charm offensive were unable to get regulators to approve a deal with SkyBridge Capital, Anthony Scaramucci’s firm.

  25. I Am a Soybean Farmer Hurt by Trump’s Trade War. I Can’t ‘Take It.’ Op Ed, August 2

    An Ohio farmer responds to the president’s assertion that farmers are fine with tariffs on their products.

  26. China’s Introverts Find a Kindred Spirit: A Stick Figure From Finland Foreign, August 2

    “Finnish Nightmares,” a cartoon series with a shy protagonist, has spawned a new word for social awkwardness in China: jingfen, or “spiritually Finnish.”

  27. A Farmer on Trump’s Trade War: I Can’t ‘Take It’ Video, August 2

    A corn, soybean and cattle farmer in Ohio responds to President Trump’s assertion that farmers are O.K. with tariffs.

  28. Thousands of Confiscated Coffins and an Exhumed Corpse Stoke Fury in China Foreign, August 2

    The authorities in Jiangxi Province acknowledged that local officials had gone overboard in pushing cremations to save land as part of “burial reform” efforts.

  29. A Chinese Activist Was Challenging Xi on Live TV. The Police Came to Stop Him. Foreign, August 2

    Sun Wenguang, a rights activist and retired professor, was criticizing President Xi Jinping when police officers barged into his home and cut him off.

  30. Starbucks Teams Up With Alibaba on Coffee Delivery, as It Tries to Keep Its Throne in China Business, August 2

    Once unrivaled in China, Starbucks now faces fierce competition. To combat that, it is teaming up with one of China’s biggest tech giants.

  31. Chinese Spiritual Leader Is Accused of Harassing Female Followers Foreign, August 2

    The case against a religious official is a high-stakes test of whether China’s burgeoning #MeToo movement can take on powerful leaders.

  32. Stocks Fall as Trade Tensions Cause Jitters Business, August 2

    Benchmark stock indexes in Asia fell by more than 2 percent after the Trump administration said it would consider increasing proposed tariffs on Chinese goods.

  33. Chinese Goods May Face 25% Tariffs, Not 10%, as Trump’s Anger Grows Business, August 1

    The administration said it would consider raising proposed tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese products to 25 percent from 10 percent as China’s currency declines.

  34. Faced With Crippling Sanctions, ZTE Loaded Up on Lobbyists Business, August 1

    A Chinese company waged a furious — and ultimately successful — lobbying campaign to win a reprieve from penalties in Congress.

  35. Google, Seeking a Return to China, Is Said to Be Building a Censored Search Engine Business, August 1

    Google withdrew from China in 2010 to protest the country’s censorship. Now the internet giant is working on a search engine that complies with Chinese censorship rules.

  36. China’s Plan to Win Friends and Influence Includes Ski Slopes and Spas Business, August 1

    The Belt and Road Initiative is widely seen as a push to develop geopolitical ties through infrastructure and ports. Companies are using it for more frivolous projects, too.

  37. Taiwan, ‘Still Fighting’ for Democracy, Gets Nod to Host Human Rights Event Foreign, August 1

    For Taiwan, isolated by Chinese pressure, hosting the Oslo Freedom Forum is a kind of international validation — from dissidents, if not from governments.

  38. As China’s Woes Mount, Xi Jinping Faces Rare Rebuke at Home Foreign, July 31

    As China confronts economic headwinds, a vaccine scandal and trade tensions, a legal scholar named Xu Zhangrun decided to speak out. It could be dangerous for him.

  39. The Secret Ingredient to China’s Aggression? Sand Op Ed, July 31

    China’s expansion, via artificial islands, of its military power in the Pacific is an intensifying flash point with the United States.

  40. Maybe You Were Thinking About Eating Raw Centipedes. Don’t. Science, July 30

    Dried or powdered centipedes are used in Chinese traditional medicine. But uncooked specimens may contain a parasite that infects the brain, scientists report.

  41. Chinese Parents Protest Bad Vaccines for Hundreds of Thousands Foreign, July 30

    More than two dozen parents demonstrated outside a regulator’s office in Beijing after hundreds of thousands of children were put at risk of falling sick.

  42. U.K. Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt Calls His Chinese Wife Japanese in Beijing Foreign, July 30

    The gaffe will do nothing to dispel the idea that Prime Minister Theresa May’s government is stumbling in foreign affairs.

  43. Taiwan Leaves on a Jet Plane Op Ed, July 29

    Thanks to China, it doesn’t know when it will be back again.

  44. From a Space Station in Argentina, China Expands Its Reach in Latin America Foreign, July 28

    Our correspondent went to the deserts of Patagonia to examine how China secured its new base, a symbol of its growing clout in the region.

  45. Theater Director Returns to China With ‘Liberating and Cool’ Vision Foreign, July 27

    Chen Shi-Zheng, who has staged opera and theater work around the world, has not presented a public piece in his native China since 1996. He hopes two major shows in Beijing will open eyes and minds.

  46. A #MeToo Reckoning in China’s Workplace Amid Wave of Accusations Foreign, July 26

    A series of gripping letters describing abuse and harassment by journalists, intellectuals and charity leaders has lit up the Chinese internet and enlivened the country’s fledgling #MeToo movement.

  47. ‘Amazing Dragon’ Discovery in China Reshapes History of Dinosaurs’ Evolution Express, July 26

    Fossilized remains of Lingwulong shenqi show that big herbivores with long necks reached East Asia and evolved earlier than scientists had thought.

  48. As Qualcomm Deal Is Scrapped, China Denies Trade Link Business, July 26

    As frictions intensified this year, Beijing’s prolonged antitrust review of the NXP purchase came to be seen as a form of leverage over negotiations.

  49. Who Are the Trade War Losers? Just Look at the Earnings Rolling In Business, July 26

    Second-quarter earnings are providing investors with some evidence that Mr. Trump’s tariffs are harming corporate profits.

  50. U.S. Embassy Street in Beijing Is Rocked by Blast Foreign, July 26

    The explosion occurred on Thursday afternoon outside the building in an area where Chinese citizens line up each day to apply for visas.

  51. Visa Restrictions for Chinese Students Alarm Academia Washington, July 25

    Educators fear that the changes, which the Trump administration devised to curb intellectual property theft, will hinder innovation, intensify anti-Chinese aggressions and deter talented applicants.

  52. The Latest Hot E-Commerce Idea in China: The Bargain Bin Business, July 25

    China is getting richer, and its economy is going higher-end. But the online bazaar Pinduoduo has found that plenty of people still love cheap stuff.

  53. Qualcomm Scraps $44 Billion NXP Deal After China Inaction Business, July 25

    The transaction failed after a series of trade moves by the Trump administration, including tariffs on numerous Chinese goods, and retaliatory measures from China.

  54. China Said to Quickly Withdraw Approval for New Facebook Venture Business, July 25

    For a moment it seemed like the world’s biggest social network had established a beachhead in the world’s largest internet market. But only for a moment.

  55. A Message From a C.E.O.: Tariffs Are Going to Hurt American Companies Op Ed, July 25

    My company, Cummins, and many other U.S. manufacturers needs strong ties to global markets to grow.

  56. Giving In to China, U.S. Airlines Drop Taiwan (in Name at Least) Business, July 25

    American, United Airlines, and Delta were among the last holdouts against a Chinese effort to force all airlines to drop any references to Taiwan as a separate country.

  57. Its Eye on China, Britain Pushes Back on Foreign Takeovers Business, July 24

    As Beijing encourages its corporate sector to buy up the technology to build its own national champions, Britain is joining other countries in applying a microscope to such deals.

  58. Facebook Gains Status in China, at Least for a Moment Business, July 24

    Facebook gained approval to open a Chinese subsidiary on July 18, according to a Chinese government filing. The social network has been blocked in China for years.

  59. Chinese Billionaire Is Named as Party Host in Australian Sexual Assault Case Foreign, July 24

    Richard Liu, chairman of the e-commerce giant JD.com, was identified as the host of a 2015 party in Sydney after which an assault was alleged to have taken place.

  60. How China’s Currency Could Help It Weather a Trade War, at a Cost Business, July 24

    The value of China’s renminbi has fallen over 7 percent since April. While weakening currencies can soften economic blows, they also come with risks.

  61. In China, Vaccine Scandal Infuriates Parents and Tests Government Foreign, July 23

    The Chinese drug producer Changchun Changsheng was found to have violated standards in making at least 250,000 doses to protect from diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough.

  62. Trump Is Wrong About Trade. So Is Everyone Else. Op Ed, July 23

    The American president isn’t alone in misunderstanding how competition actually works in the global economy.

  63. Wild About Tech, China Even Loves Robot Waiters That Can’t Serve Business, July 21

    Some in China are building a future that isn’t quite ready. Still, the exuberance may be a good thing, as useful products find their place and bad ones disappear.

  64. After Trump’s Fed Comments, Mnuchin Offers a Clarification Washington, July 21

    Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, said that the administration would not interfere with the decisions of the Federal Reserve or move to manipulate the value of the dollar.

  65. A New Battle for Guadalcanal, This Time With China Foreign, July 21

    The Solomon Islands, a linchpin in the Australian-American alliance, has become the stage for a new strategic competition with China.

  66. Trump Blasts Fed, China and Europe for Putting U.S. Economy at a Disadvantage Business, July 20

    The president turned his ire on the American central bank, as well as trading partners that are fighting back against his tariffs, in a series of Twitter posts.

  67. Republicans Bow to White House on Chinese Telecom Firm ZTE Business, July 20

    A pending bill no longer contains the toughest restrictions on a Chinese telecom firm, after the Trump administration persuaded congressional leaders to soften their penalties.

  68. Chinese Shopping App Pinduoduo Sued in U.S. Ahead of I.P.O. Business, July 20

    As it prepares to list shares on the Nasdaq, the fast-growing online marketplace has been hit by a complaint that it allows sales of knockoff diapers.

  69. U.S. Rebuffed at U.N. on North Korea Sanctions Enforcement Foreign, July 19

    Russia and China blocked an American request for disciplinary action to stop what the United States called illegal oil sales to North Korea.

  70. China Is a Climate Leader but Still Isn’t Doing Enough on Emissions, Report Says Foreign, July 19

    The world’s largest emitter of greenhouses gases is making significant progress, a former U.S. energy official has found, but not yet fast enough to meet global targets.

  71. Europe and Asia Move to Bolster Global Systems That Trump Has Attacked Foreign, July 18

    Sometimes working with unlikely partners, they have undertaken a flurry of efforts to preserve a rules-based order on trade and security that the United States once championed.

  72. How to Combat China’s Rise in Tech: Federal Spending, Not Tariffs Business, July 18

    The United States government once invested mightily to build the modern world. Now it has abdicated that role to a foreign rival.

  73. Kudlow Overstates American, Chinese and European Tariffs National, July 18

    Larry Kudlow, President Trump’s top economic adviser, cherry-picked and exaggerated statistics about Chinese and European tariffs and claimed that the United States is the world’s “lowest-tariff country.”

  74. E.U. Courts New Partners With Japan Trade Deal Business, July 17

    Hunting for free-trade deals in Asia and Latin America, the bloc is trying to compensate for lost business with the United States.

  75. Judge Orders Chinese Billionaire to Report to Prison Metro, July 17

    Ng Lap Seng’s efforts to delay prison ended when a federal judge in Manhattan ordered him to surrender on Wednesday to begin serving a four-year term.

  76. Safer in China Than America Letters, July 17

    A reader in Washington State worries about his daughters’ safety.

  77. Hong Kong May Ban Political Party That Seeks Independence From China Foreign, July 17

    The ban, which would be the first of a political party since the territory returned to Chinese control in 1997, has raised fears of eroding rights.

  78. Live From Beijing: A Disappearing ‘Saturday Night Live’ Foreign, July 17

    Less than a month after “Saturday Night Live China” debuted, episodes can no longer be seen on the video-streaming platform that was hosting it.

  79. Latest Sign of China’s Slowdown: A Technology Cash Crunch Business, July 16

    Long awash in money, the country’s start-up scene has seen an unprecedented downturn. That could be a bad sign for the rest of the Chinese economy.

  80. Blood Pressure Medicine Is Recalled Science, July 16

    The F.D.A. announced that batches of a widely used generic drug, valsartan, made in China, might be tainted with a probable cancer-causing ingredient.

  81. Looking Through the Eyes of China’s Surveillance State Business, July 16

    A rare chance to try on a tool of a would-be surveillance dystopia gave a glimpse of the wariness that a closely watched populace can’t hide.

  82. China’s Strong Economic Growth Figures Belie Signs of Weakness Business, July 15

    A 6.7 percent expansion rate comes amid signs that Beijing’s efforts to tame debt, the trade dispute with the U.S. and other problems are taking a toll.

  83. ‘Doomsday Prepping’ for Another Round of Tariffs Op Ed, July 15

    Uncertainty around trade poses a threat to economic growth, and we should not underestimate the risks.

  84. Getting Hurt by Trump’s Tariffs Letters, July 15

    Readers discuss how businesses are feeling threatened by the president’s trade policies.

  85. Trump Takes His Best Shot Op Ed, July 15

    The president goes on attack with blunt instruments.