1. Xi Jinping Is Asserting Tighter Control of Finance in China Business, Yesterday

    The Communist Party’s main theoretical journal has laid out a new ideological framework for the financial system that emphasizes the primacy of China’s top leader and Marxist principles.

  2. My Front-Row Seat to a Geopolitical Dance Opinion, Yesterday

    S. Leo Chiang reflects on his relationship with Taiwan, the United States and China from the islands of Kinmen, just a few miles from mainland China.

  3. Island In Between Video, Yesterday

    S. Leo Chiang reflects on his relationship with Taiwan, the United States and China from the islands of Kinmen, just a few miles from mainland China.

  4. China Evergrande’s Crash Was Accelerated by Questionable Accounting Business, Yesterday

    Blame for the property developer’s downfall has been placed on Chinese lending policies, but poor corporate oversight was hiding in plain sight.

  5. U.S. Moves to Crack Down on Money Behind Fentanyl Trade Business, December 4

    Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen will travel to Mexico this week for talks on countering illicit finance and fentanyl.

  6. Agnes Chow, a Hong Kong Activist, Fled to Canada and Isn’t Likely to Return Foreign, December 4

    Ms. Chow said she had to make a “patriotic” visit to the mainland to get her passport back. The Hong Kong police condemned her intention to “openly jump bail.”

  7. How Different Peoples Around the World Fought and Built Empires Book Review, December 4

    Three new books describe far-flung societies — from the Native tribes of North America to the caliphates of Eurasia — that have made war and sustained their conquests.

  8. The Wild Card in Taiwan’s Election: Frustrated Young Voters Foreign, December 4

    An important bloc for the governing party, the island’s youth are focusing on bread-and-butter issues and have helped propel the rise of an insurgent party.

  9. China Evergrande Gets an Unexpected Reprieve From Liquidation Business, December 4

    A Hong Kong judge postponed deciding whether to force the breakup of the property developer, which defaulted in 2021 on hundreds of billions of dollars in debt.

  10. 2 Years After Its Default, China Evergrande May Finally Meet Its End Business, December 3

    A Hong Kong judge could set in motion the liquidation of the property developer, which was once considered one of China’s most successful companies.

  11. Why More Chinese Are Risking Danger in Southern Border Crossings to U.S. Business, December 3

    Trekking the perilous Darién Gap and seeking asylum are risks worth taking for migrants from China who have lost hope in the country’s future.

  12. U.S. Health Officials Push Back on Idea of New Virus in China Science, December 1

    A surge of children has been hospitalized in China for respiratory illnesses, but international health authorities said the cause was common viruses and bacteria.

  13. U.S. Limits China’s Ability to Benefit From Electric Vehicle Subsidies Washington, December 1

    The Biden administration issued new rules to prevent Chinese firms from supplying parts for electric cars set to receive billions of dollars in tax credits.

  14. Kissinger: A Player on the World Stage Until the Very End U.S., November 30

    He traveled the globe when contemporaries had died or retired. Capitals around the world were still open to him. And he remained the toast of Davos.

  15. The November 30 Henry Kissinger Death News live blog included one standalone post:
  16. Kissinger Left the State Department a Half Century Ago. But He Never Left His Old Job. Washington, November 30

    Just this summer, the ultimate back-channel diplomat returned to Beijing, where he had negotiated the opening to China.

  17. Henry Kissinger Is Dead at 100; Shaped the Nation’s Cold War History Obits, November 30

    The most powerful secretary of state of the postwar era, he was both celebrated and reviled. His complicated legacy still resonates in relations with China, Russia and the Middle East.

  18. Britain Says Bye-Bye to Its Only Pandas as They’ll Soon Depart for China Express, November 29

    The playful, waddling bears charmed millions of people at the Edinburgh Zoo of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.

  19. Taiwanese President Says China Is Unlikely to Invade at This Time Video, November 29

    Tsai Ing-wen, the president of Taiwan, said internal economic and political challenges in China, as well as international pressure, has made a major invasion by China unlikely.

  20. U.S. Debates How Much to Sever Electric Car Industry’s Ties to China Business, November 29

    Some firms argue that a law aimed at popularizing electric vehicles risks turning the United States into an assembly shop for Chinese-made technology.

  21. Lingotes de oro y apartamentos en Tokio: cómo sale el dinero de China En español, November 29

    Las familias chinas están enviando dinero al extranjero, señal de preocupación por el futuro económico y político del país.

  22. Wednesday Briefing: What to Watch at the U.N. Climate Talks N Y T Now, November 28

    Plus how New Zealand’s Maori Wardens keep the peace.

  23. Hunter Biden Offers to Testify in House Inquiry, but Only in Public Washington, November 28

    The Republican chairman of the Oversight Committee quickly rejected the offer, saying the president’s son must first provide testimony behind closed doors.

  24. Shein’s Big I.P.O. Test Business, November 28

    The fast-fashion giant is betting it can break the logjam of underperforming new listings, even as it continues to draw scrutiny from Washington.

  25. Israel-Hamas Truce Appears to Enter Another Day, and More Podcasts, November 28

    Plus, how money is flowing out of China and scientists are one step closer to a drug extending the lives of dogs.

  26. Can U.S.-China Student Exchanges Survive Geopolitics? Foreign, November 28

    The flow of students between the countries has been a mainstay of their relationship, even when ties have soured. Now these exchanges, too, are under threat.

  27. Gold Bars and Tokyo Apartments: How Money Is Flowing Out of China. Business, November 28

    Chinese families are sending money overseas, a sign of worry about the country’s economic and political future. But a cheaper currency is also helping exports.

  28. Shein, the Fast-Fashion Giant, Is Said to Have Filed for an I.P.O. Business, November 28

    The retailer, founded in China, filed confidentially to take the company public in the U.S., a person familiar with the plans said.

  29. Inside U.S. Efforts to Untangle an A.I. Giant’s Ties to China Washington, November 27

    American spy agencies have warned about the Emirati firm G42 and its work with large Chinese companies that U.S. officials consider security threats.

  30. Could Biden’s Clean Energy Push Be a Victim of Its Success? Politics, November 27

    Thanks to the president’s signature legislation, solar energy manufacturing is booming in Georgia, a key state in the 2024 election. But the industry now worries that it could be too much and too fast.

  31. An Oratorio About Shanghai’s Jews Opens in China at a Difficult Time Culture, November 26

    “Émigré,” about Jews who fled Nazi Germany, debuts amid U.S.-China tensions and cultural rifts over the Israel-Hamas war. It comes to New York in February.

  32. Young Chinese Women Are Defying the Communist Party Op Ed, November 26

    Refusing to be pushed into traditional child-rearing roles, young women in China are quietly posing a challenge for its male-dominated government.

  33. Can Taiwan Continue to Fight Off Chinese Disinformation? Business, November 26

    Ahead of a presidential election in January, Taiwanese fact checkers and watchdogs say they are ready for Beijing. But they are still worried.

  34. To Beat Trump, Nikki Haley Is Trying to Speak to All Sides of a Fractured G.O.P. Politics, November 26

    Her campaign will test what political strategists and observers of her rise in politics have said is among her greatest political skills: an ability to massage her message to the moment.

  35. Growing Numbers of Chinese Migrants Are Crossing the Southern Border Washington, November 24

    More than 24,000 Chinese citizens have been apprehended crossing into the United States from Mexico in the past year. That is more than in the preceding 10 years combined.

  36. Taiwan Opposition Cracks Apart, and Invites the Cameras In Foreign, November 24

    The split over a proposed joint ticket bolsters the governing party candidate’s chances in the coming presidential election. That won’t please Beijing.

  37. 习近平如何将中国带回“一人统治”的时代 Interactive, November 24


  38. ¿Cuáles son los riesgos del armamento que funciona con IA? En español, November 24

    Las preocupaciones por las armas capaces de matar sin intervención humana no son totalmente nuevas.

  39. W.H.O. Says China Has Shared Data Indicating No Novel Pathogen Foreign, November 24

    The W.H.O. had requested detailed information about a reported surge in respiratory illnesses in children in China. Chinese data suggested the surge was caused by known bacteria and viruses.

  40. Friday Briefing: Gaza Cease-Fire to Begin Today N Y T Now, November 23

    Plus a surge in respiratory illnesses in China.

  41. South Korea Sentences Dissident Who Fled China on a Jet Ski Foreign, November 23

    Kwon Pyong made the 200-mile journey in August in a bid for asylum. His worst nightmare was being sent back to China, a fellow activist said.

  42. W.H.O. Asks China for Details on Surge of Respiratory Illness in Children Foreign, November 23

    Reports of overcrowding at pediatric hospitals in China have raised concerns about a jump in respiratory illnesses affecting children.

  43. Chinese Hospital Overloaded as Child Respiratory Illnesses Surge Video, November 23

    Families crowded the waiting room and registration area of Capital Institute of Pediatrics, a hospital in Beijing, with respiratory illnesses in children increasing in the country.

  44. Why China and Boeing Still Need Each Other Business, November 22

    A thaw in relations between the U.S. and China may help the manufacturer sell more planes — and finally deliver aircraft ordered years ago.

  45. At BRICS Summit, Countries Diverge Slightly on Israel and War in Gaza Foreign, November 21

    They called for the release of all civilians who are being illegally held captive, as well as a humanitarian truce that would lead to a cessation of hostilities.

  46. From Land Mines to Drones, Tech Has Driven Fears About Autonomous Arms Washington, November 21

    Concern about weapons that can kill without a human decision is not entirely new.

  47. As A.I.-Controlled Killer Drones Become Reality, Nations Debate Limits Washington, November 21

    Worried about the risks of robot warfare, some countries want new legal constraints, but the U.S. and other major powers are resistant.

  48. A Rare Opportunity to See China’s Leader Up Close and (Sort of) Personal Washington, November 17

    President Xi Jinping of China is one of the most self-contained Chinese leaders in decades, who reveals next to nothing about his personal life.

  49. Two Superpowers Walk Into a Garden The Daily, November 17

    President Biden and Xi Jinping, China’s top leader, met at a moment of tension between their two countries. Here’s how it went.

  50. China Wants to Bulldoze Old Neighborhoods to Revive the Economy Business, November 17

    The halting revitalization of one “urban village” in Shenzhen shows the challenges of fixing a national property crisis after years of overborrowing.

  51. Car Talk and Birthday Wishes Punctuate Biden’s ‘Trust but Verify’ Diplomacy Washington, November 17

    Despite simmering tensions, President Biden and President Xi Jinping exchanged the kind of pleasantries that adversarial leaders deploy when they are trying to make nice.

  52. American Musicians Are Doing Something Profound in Beijing Right Now Op Ed, November 17

    While Chinese and American leaders meet in a contentious moment, the musicians of the Philadelphia Orchestra and their Chinese counterparts find harmony.

  53. For Biden, a Subtle Shift in the Power Balance With China’s Xi Jinping Washington, November 16

    For the first time in years, a Chinese leader desperately needed a few things from the United States.

  54. Panda Diplomacy Might Not Be Dead Just Yet Washington, November 16

    President Xi Jinping of China said his country may keep sending giant pandas to the United States. The National Zoo in Washington sent three of them back to China last week.

  55. Day After Xi Meeting, Biden Says U.S. Has ‘Real Differences’ With China Washington, November 16

    Mr. Biden won applause when he noted that he and Mr. Xi had agreed to resume military-to-military communication to “reduce the risk of miscalculation.”

  56. Biden Met With Xi, in an Effort to Lower the Heat N Y T Now, November 16

    Also, salty drinking water threatens lower Louisiana. Here’s the latest at the end of Wednesday.

  57. Xi Jinping’s U.S. Visit Unites Protesters Video, November 16

    With Xi Jinping visiting the U.S. for the first time in more than six years, protesters seized a rare chance to speak out together on issues that cannot be openly discussed in China.

  58. What the Biden-Xi Talks Accomplished (and Didn't) Business, November 16

    Wednesday’s four-hour meeting in San Francisco resulted in few breakthroughs. But C.E.O.s gave the Chinese leader a standing ovation at a banquet afterward.

  59. Pandas, Ping-Pong and Profits: Chinese Leader Woos U.S. C.E.O.s Washington, November 16

    Amid frosty U.S.-China relations, Xi Jinping emphasized friendship in an address to executives from Apple, Boeing, Nike and others.

  60. In Talks With Biden, Xi Seeks to Assure and Assert at the Same Time Foreign, November 16

    China’s depiction of Xi Jinping’s U.S. visit reflected his sometimes-contradictory priorities: to project both strength and a willingness to engage with Washington.

  61. Office Building Fire in Northern China Kills at Least 26 Express, November 16

    The fire, at a coal company’s offices in the province of Shanxi, also left at least 38 people hospitalized, the state-run news media reported. The cause was not immediately clear.

  62. Fleets of Force Interactive, November 16

    How China strong-armed its way into dominating the South China Sea.

  63. Thursday Briefing: The Biden-Xi Meeting N Y T Now, November 16

    Also, what to know about Israel’s raid on Gaza’s largest hospital.

  64. Both Biden and Xi Want to Avoid Conflict Between the U.S. and China Video, November 15

    President Xi Jinping of China told President Biden that “turning their backs on each other is not an option” for the two superpowers.

  65. As Leaders Meet, Musicians from Philadelphia Orchestra Tour China Culture, November 15

    The visit, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the orchestra’s pathbreaking 1973 visit to Beijing, drew praise from President Biden and President Xi Jinping of China.

  66. What a U.S.-China Climate Deal Means for COP28 Climate, November 15

    It could deliver a jolt of ambition ahead of the global talks.

  67. U.S. Presses China to Stop Flow of Fentanyl Washington, November 15

    President Biden put pressure on Xi Jinping to crack down on the Chinese facilities that make chemical compounds used in potent drugs.

  68. The Inflation Rally Goes Global Business, November 15

    A better-than-expected Consumer Price Index report triggered a big surge in stocks and bonds, as investors bet that interest rates will begin to fall.

  69. Biden-Xi Talks Lead to Little but a Promise to Keep Talking Washington, November 15

    Both American and Chinese accounts of the meeting indicated scant progress on the issues that have pushed the two nations to the edge of conflict.

  70. Here’s the latest on the meeting. U.S., November 15

    Hints of how the two leaders will try to nudge toward agreements on some issues have emerged, even as officials have tried to lower expectations.

  71. A Message for the Aging Men Steering U.S.-China Relations Op Ed, November 15

    America and China are talking again. For the sake of our planet, let’s keep it that way.

  72. U.S. and China Agree to Displace Fossil Fuels by Ramping Up Renewables Climate, November 15

    The climate agreement between the two countries is seen as a bright spot as President Biden prepares to meet President Xi Jinping.

  73. Farewell to the U.S.-China Golden Age Editorial, November 14

    The best we can hope for is a temporary truce.

  74. Trump’s Deportation Plans for Immigrants Letters, November 14

    Readers discuss a crackdown that would include sweeping raids and huge detention camps. Also: Donald Trump’s “vermin” vow; women in China; investing in Earth.

  75. As Xi Heads to San Francisco, Chinese Propaganda Embraces America Foreign, November 14

    After years of anti-American propaganda, the softer, warmer depiction of relations with the United States has left some Chinese social media users confused or amused.

  76. U.S. Manages Expectations of a Breakthrough Before Biden and Xi Meet Washington, November 14

    President Biden and President Xi Jinping of China will try to defuse a year of bubbling tensions on Wednesday at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

  77. The Rise and Fall of the World’s Most Successful Joint Venture Business, November 14

    China and the U.S. both gained from their economic integration. As they pull apart, each is finding it will be hard to fully replace the other.

  78. Tuesday Briefing: Looking to a Biden-Xi Meeting N Y T Now, November 13

    Plus how much can trees help fight climate change.

  79. What’s at Stake in the Biden-Xi Meeting Business, November 13

    President Biden and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, are set to meet on Wednesday, as the two seek to maintain ties despite trade tensions.

  80. Behind Public Assurances, Xi Jinping Has Spread Grim Views on U.S. Foreign, November 13

    Speeches by the Chinese leader show how he was bracing for an intensifying rivalry with the United States from early in his rule.

  81. Monday Briefing: Conditions Worsen in Gazan Hospitals N Y T Now, November 12

    Plus Vegemite’s 100th birthday.

  82. Nepal Is Investigating New Airport Made by China Business, November 12

    After a Times article about the cost and quality of Pokhara airport, which Chinese state-owned firms financed and built, Nepal’s anti-corruption agency said it was looking into the project.

  83. Iran and Saudi Arabia, Regional Rivals, Call for Gaza Cease-Fire Foreign, November 11

    The leaders of both Islamic countries appeared to put aside their historical animosities at a summit to present a united stand against Israel’s bombardment of the strip after Hamas’s attack.

  84. How a Decaying Warship Beached on a Tiny Shoal Provoked China’s Ire Foreign, November 11

    After multiple maritime clashes, the Philippines invited journalists on a mission to resupply the Sierra Madre. A reporter for The Times was given rare access.

  85. No, 11,200 Climate Refugees Aren’t Heading to Australia Foreign, November 11

    Low-lying Tuvalu has reached a deal with its large Pacific neighbor to address the challenge of rising oceans, but it is not planning to pack up and go.

  86. Biden and Xi to Seek to Stabilize Relations in California Meeting Washington, November 10

    Taiwan, election interference and the war in the Middle East will be on the agenda, officials say. But the leaders will also look for ways to strengthen ties.

  87. ‘Youth (Spring)’ Review: Garment Rending Weekend, November 9

    The documentarian Wang Bing examines the cloistered world of young textile workers in China.

  88. Ukraine. Israel. Can America Support Two Wars and Still Handle China? Foreign, November 9

    To U.S. allies in Asia, the sudden focus on Gaza risks progress on America’s long-delayed pivot to the Indo-Pacific region.

  89. The November 8 Republican Gop Debate Fact Check live blog included one standalone post:
  90. China’s Prices Fall Again, Renewing Fears of Deflation Business, November 9

    Consumer prices declined for the second time in four months, while prices charged by factories and other large producers have now been tumbling for over a year.

  91. Xi Jinping to Address U.S. Business Leaders Amid Rising Skepticism of China Ties Washington, November 8

    Corporate executives will pay $2,000 a head to dine with China’s leader in San Francisco next week, in one of a series of engagements aimed at stabilizing the U.S.-China relationship.

  92. The End of Panda Diplomacy? Washington, November 8

    The giant pandas have left Washington. Some fans find it unbearable.

  93. What Does the U.S. Space Force Actually Do? Magazine, November 8

    Inside the highly secretive military branch responsible for protecting American interests in a vulnerable new domain.

  94. A New Law Supercharged Electric Car Manufacturing, but Not Sales Business, November 8

    President Biden’s 2022 climate act spurred big investments in U.S. battery factories, but it has not similarly boosted E.V. sales.

  95. China’s Banks and Property Sector Threaten a Growing Economy Business, November 7

    The International Monetary Fund warned of risks from overstretched lenders and developers even as it raised economic growth forecasts for this year and next.

  96. Lavish Tax Credits and Trade Protections Lure Solar Firms to U.S. Business, November 7

    A combination of government policies is finally succeeding in reversing a long decline in solar manufacturing in the United States.

  97. China Is Lending Billions to Countries in Financial Trouble Business, November 6

    Instead of lending money for highways and bridges, China has shifted to providing emergency rescues for previous borrowers.

  98. Treasury Secretary Yellen to Hold Economic Talks With Chinese Counterpart Washington, November 6

    The high-level meetings in San Francisco will lay the groundwork for talks between President Biden and China’s top leader, Xi Jinping.

  99. ‘El camino de China hacia la modernización’: que las mujeres vuelvan al hogar En español, November 6

    Ante una crisis demográfica y una economía en desaceleración, el Partido Comunista presiona a las mujeres para que regresen a las “virtudes tradicionales”.

  100. The U.S. Can Counter China’s Control of Minerals for the Energy Transition Op Ed, November 6

    America needs to invest in mining and build resilient supply chains for the building blocks of electric batteries.

  101. Impulsaron el ascenso de China. Ahora muchos no tienen apoyo En español, November 2

    Migraron de los pueblos a las metrópolis de China para mantener a sus familias y sus salarios bajos ayudaron al país a convertirse en la fábrica del mundo. Hoy, con poco empleo y sin prestaciones, temen por el futuro.

  102. They Propelled China’s Rise. Now They Have Nothing to Fall Back On. Business, November 1

    Migrant workers, who moved from China’s villages to its big cities, were a secret weapon building the economy. Now many see few options.

  103. Lab Leak Fight Casts Chill Over Virology Research Science, October 16

    Scientists doing “gain-of-function” research said that heightened fears of lab leaks are stalling studies that could thwart the next pandemic virus.

  104. Luring Theater Audiences Back After Covid Letters, September 10

    Readers discuss the decline in theater subscribers after the pandemic. Also: Northern Ireland; food allergies; a Covid playmate; anti-China bias.

  105. Meta’s ‘Biggest Single Takedown’ Removes Chinese Influence Campaign Business, August 29

    The campaign began at least four years ago and spanned thousands of accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X, Substack and Chinese websites, Meta said.

  106. Today’s Top News: A Makeshift Wagner Memorial in Moscow, and More Podcasts, August 28

    Exclusively from New York Times Audio, our new app.

  107. The Problems With China’s Economy Start at the Top Op Ed, August 26

    Consumers and businesses are losing confidence in Xi Jinping’s government.

  108. The Sunday Read: ‘The Ongoing Mystery of Covid’s Origin’ The Daily, August 20

    We still don’t know how the pandemic started. Here’s what we do know — and why it matters.

  109. The Covid Origins Debate N Y T Now, July 26

    The picture has changed as more evidence emerges, but we might never get a clear answer.

  110. The Ongoing Mystery of Covid’s Origin Magazine, July 25

    We still don’t know how the pandemic started. Here's what we do know — and why it matters.

  111. Official Data Hinted at China’s Hidden Covid Toll. Then It Vanished. Video, July 19

    Epidemiologists say a rise in cremations in an eastern province was the latest indication that the country’s official death toll from Covid is a vast undercount.

  112. China’s Economic Rebound Hits a Wall The Daily, July 17

    When the country ended its lockdowns, business was expected to come roaring back. Here’s why it didn’t.

  113. For North Koreans in China, Seeking Freedom Is More Perilous Than Ever Foreign, July 9

    Recent efforts to help people escape Kim Jong-un’s regime via China have been thwarted by digital surveillance, profiteering and the pandemic.

  114. U.S. Intelligence Report Finds No Clear Evidence of Covid Origins in Wuhan Lab Washington, June 24

    A declassified report says that the illnesses of three laboratory researchers in 2019 do not support or refute the theory that the virus that causes Covid could have slipped out of a lab.

  115. The Government Must Say What It Knows About Covid’s Origins Op Ed, June 21

    Transparency is how to fight misinformation.

  116. U.S. Intelligence Agencies May Never Find Covid’s Origins, Officials Say Washington, June 21

    The agencies are expected to release declassified material on what they have learned about Covid’s origins. People briefed on the material say there is no smoking gun.

  117. Por qué parece que ya no sabemos nada de la economía global En español, June 20

    Mientras prestábamos atención a la pandemia, China y Ucrania, los caminos hacia la prosperidad y los intereses comunes se han oscurecido.

  118. Why It Seems Everything We Knew About the Global Economy Is No Longer True Business, June 18

    While the world’s eyes were on the pandemic, China and the war in Ukraine, the paths to prosperity and shared interests have grown murkier.

  119. Fact-Checking Nikki Haley on the Campaign Trail Washington, June 17

    The Republican presidential candidate has made inaccurate or misleading claims about abortion, trans youth, foreign policy and domestic issues.

  120. World Bank Projects Weak Global Growth Amid Rising Interest Rates Business, June 6

    A new report projects that economic growth will slow this year and remain weak in 2024.

  121. Cathay Pacific Fights to Emerge From the Long Shadow of Covid Business, May 29

    Pandemic lockdowns, on the heels of the turmoil of pro-democracy protests, hurt an airline that relied on Hong Kong as a vibrant gateway to Asia.

  122. Your Monday Briefing: A U.S. debt-limit deal N Y T Now, May 28

    Also, a reader-made playlist.

  123. Covid Is Coming Back in China; Lockdowns Are Not Foreign, May 27

    The authorities say that cases are up, and one doctor estimates that there could soon be 65 million cases a week. But China appears determined to move on.

  124. Hong Kong Wants More Tourists, but Mostly ‘Good Quality’ Ones, Please Foreign, May 9

    The return of budget tour groups from mainland China is sparking frustrations — and a dose of snobbery — in a city starved for business.

  125. W.H.O. Dismisses Covid Origins Investigator for Sexual Misconduct Science, May 4

    Peter K. Ben Embarek led a contentious international investigation into the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  126. In China, It’s Time to Splurge Again, and the Luxury Industry Is Relieved Business, May 2

    The end of pandemic-era restrictions has unleashed a luxury spending rebound in China. Which Western brands are coming out on top?

  127. Determinar el origen de la pandemia es difícil. Prevenirla no debería serlo En español, April 27

    No podemos esperar respuestas sobre cómo comenzó la COVID-19 para empezar a tomar medidas para prevenir una próxima pandemia.

  128. Finding the Origin of a Pandemic Is Difficult. Preventing One Shouldn’t Be. Op Ed, April 25

    Debates over uncertainties cannot come at the expense of action.

  129. Your Monday Briefing: Evacuations from Sudan N Y T Now, April 23

    Also, China suppressed Covid-19 data.

  130. Chinese Censorship Is Quietly Rewriting the Covid-19 Story Foreign, April 23

    Under government pressure, Chinese scientists have retracted studies and withheld or deleted data. The censorship has stymied efforts to understand the virus.

  131. At Least 21 Dead After Fire at Beijing Hospital Foreign, April 18

    The blaze appears to be the deadliest in the past two decades in the city, even though firefighters seemed to extinguish it quickly.

  132. With ‘Zero Covid’ Behind It, China’s Economy Starts to Recover Business, April 18

    The economy grew 4.5 percent in the first three months of the year, a sizable pickup from the end of 2022, when the relaxation of pandemic prevention measures led to a wave of illness.

  133. How to Avoid Another Global Debt Crisis Op Ed, April 17

    The road to resolution is for everyone to share the pain now instead of waiting for others to step up to give debt relief.

  134. Let’s Imagine We Knew Exactly How the Pandemic Started Op Ed, April 12

    Its meaning really does depend on whether it began with a lab leak.

  135. China Has Reopened to Tourists. The Hard Part Is Getting There. Business, April 10

    Despite loosened visa rules, the number of flights into China is still a small fraction of what it was before the pandemic, fueled partly by geopolitical tensions.

  136. China Rejects W.H.O. Accusations of Hiding Wuhan Covid Data Foreign, April 8

    The rebukes came after overseas researchers discovered sequences that had not been previously shared.

  137. China Publishes Data Showing Raccoon Dog DNA at Wuhan Market Science, April 5

    Scientists from the Chinese C.D.C. confirmed that DNA from raccoon dogs and other animals susceptible to the coronavirus was found at the market in early 2020.

  138. How Did No-Mandate Sweden End Up With Such an Average Pandemic? Op Ed, March 30

    Reconsidering the country’s libertarian Covid response.

  139. Dr. Fauci Could Have Said a Lot More Op Ed, March 28

    If officials don’t trust the public, the public won’t trust them.

  140. China Approves an mRNA Covid Vaccine, Its First Business, March 22

    The homegrown shot is a crucial tool that China has been lacking — a vaccine based on a technology considered among the most effective the world has to offer.

  141. ¿Qué son los perros mapache? En español, March 19

    Este cánido que se vende por su carne y piel se podía conseguir en el mercado de Huanan, donde muchos virólogos sospechan que se pudo haber gestado la pandemia de COVID-19.

  142. Nuevos datos vinculan los orígenes de la pandemia con perros mapache en el mercado de Wuhan En español, March 18

    En unas muestras que dieron positivo para coronavirus, un equipo de investigación internacional encontró material genético de animales, incluidas grandes cantidades que coincidían con perros mapache.

  143. W.H.O. Accuses China of Hiding Data That May Link Covid’s Origins to Animals Science, March 17

    Genetic research from China suggests to some experts that the coronavirus may have sprung from a seafood market in Wuhan. Now the data are missing from a scientific database.

  144. What Are Raccoon Dogs? Science, March 17

    The monogamous, hibernating canids, which are related to foxes, are sold for meat and fur.

  145. New Data Links Pandemic’s Origins to Raccoon Dogs at Wuhan Market Science, March 17

    Genetic samples from the market were recently uploaded to an international database and then removed after scientists asked China about them.

  146. China Wine Tariff Pushes Australia’s Grape Growers Into Crisis Business, March 16

    Two years later, they’re suffering from a glut of red wine and plummeting grape prices with no overseas market big enough to fill the gap.

  147. What to Know About the Covid Lab Leak Theory The Daily, March 15

    Investigating the origins of the pandemic has underscored how difficult it might be to turn up conclusive evidence.

  148. How China Went From Economic Superstar to Faltering Giant Op Ed, March 14

    The analyst Dan Wang takes stock of how the country’s growth trajectory has changed.

  149. China’s New Premier Needs to Revive Growth. How Far Will Loyalty Get Him? Business, March 13

    Li Qiang’s business-friendly reputation could bolster confidence in China’s economy. But he is stepping into a role with diminished power under Xi Jinping.

  150. Xi Seals His Political Supremacy, Focusing on Economy and U.S. Rivalry Foreign, March 10

    The Communist Party-controlled legislature endorsed Xi Jinping for an unprecedented third term as China’s president in a ritual ballot, cementing his dominance.