1. A Child of China’s Gilded Elite Strikes a Nerve Over Wealth and Privilege Foreign, Today

    The youngest daughter of the founder of the telecommunications giant Huawei debuted a documentary, a magazine cover and a music video — and the response was savage.

  2. China’s College Graduates Can’t Find Jobs. The Solution: Grad School. Business, Yesterday

    The government is expanding university capacity, but some young people worry that the option will only postpone a crisis stemming from a shortage of well-paying work.

  3. Pompeo, Who Led Trump’s Mission at State Dept., Leaves With a Dubious Legacy Washington, Yesterday

    As Secretary of State Mike Pompeo looks to his political future, his turbulent tenure is characterized by investigations into his leadership and ethics.

  4. Most Major Economies Are Shrinking. Not China’s. Business, January 17

    The Chinese economy grew 2.3 percent last year, the country’s National Bureau of Statistics announced on Monday in Beijing.

  5. In Hong Kong, a New Party Calls for Stability (and Raises Suspicions) Foreign, January 16

    Democracy advocates have called the Bauhinia Party a “Trojan horse” for the Chinese government. But Beijing’s local allies are wary of it, too.

  6. Protesters Who Fled Hong Kong Arrive in U.S., Seeking Asylum Foreign, January 16

    The five men fled by boat to Taiwan in July, soon after China imposed Hong Kong’s harsh national security law. This week, they landed in New York.

  7. Blue-Collar Boom: How China Bounced Back From the Virus Business, January 15

    Officials pushed factories to reopen the same way they forced the country to shut down. In one small town, it led to a chili-sauce-fueled revival.

  8. No, the Chaos in America Is Not a Gift to China and Russia Op Ed, January 15

    Autocrats around the world won’t gain from the United States’ pain.

  9. Massages and Private Shopping Trips Cushion Tycoon’s Detention Foreign, January 14

    The conditions of the Huawei executive, Meng Wanzhou, who is wanted in the U.S. on fraud charges, are even more luxurious than previously known.

  10. Two Members of W.H.O. Team on Trail of Virus Are Denied Entry to China Foreign, January 13

    Beijing has repeatedly impeded the global inquiry into the emergence of the coronavirus. Two scientists on the team remained in Singapore after testing positive for antibodies.

  11. U.S. Bans All Cotton and Tomatoes From Xinjiang Region of China Business, January 13

    The sweeping ban, which was based on concerns about forced labor in the region, could compel companies to reorganize their multinational supply chains.

  12. Facing New Outbreaks, China Places Over 22 Million on Lockdown Foreign, January 13

    The country is experiencing its worst coronavirus flare-up since last summer, testing the government’s success in subduing the disease.

  13. Lack of Tiny Parts Disrupts Auto Factories Worldwide Business, January 13

    Carmakers can’t buy the semiconductors they need because home electronics are taking all the supply.

  14. China’s Economy Surges, and So Does Its Currency Business, January 12

    The renminbi has reached its strongest level in more than two years, signaling Chinese dominance in manufacturing and giving President-elect Joe Biden breathing room.

  15. Slouch or Slack Off, This ‘Smart’ Office Chair Cushion Will Record It Foreign, January 12

    A Chinese tech company designed a way to track employees’ health, but sensors were also monitoring when they were away from their desks, setting off a debate about privacy and surveillance.

  16. Trump Has Made America a Laughingstock Op Ed, January 12

    Last week’s events showcased not only a crisis of U.S. democracy, but also a crisis of U.S. power.

  17. On Taiwan’s New Passport, the Incredible Shrinking ‘Republic of China’ Foreign, January 11

    Officials said the redesign was an attempt to disassociate Taiwanese citizens from those on the mainland, who faced travel restrictions amid the pandemic.

  18. It Took a Genocide for Me to Remember My Uighur Roots Op Ed, January 10

    Since 1949, the Chinese Communist Party has gradually established policies that threaten Uighur culture and identity. My family’s forced assimilation is a part of that story.

  19. A Year After Wuhan, China Tells a Tale of Triumph (and No Mistakes) Foreign, January 10

    The Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to hide its missteps have taken on new urgency as the anniversary of the world’s first Covid-19 lockdown nears.

  20. A Hong Kong Website Gets Blocked, Raising Censorship Fears Business, January 9

    Users of major mobile carriers can no longer access a service that detailed the personal information of police officers, a possible sign that the city is turning to tactics used in mainland China.

  21. A Hong Kong Website Gets Blocked, Raising Censorship Fears Business, January 9

    Users of major mobile carriers can no longer access a service that detailed the personal information of police officers, a possible sign that the city is turning to tactics used in mainland China.

  22. China’s New Rules Could Hit U.S. Firms and Send a Message to Biden Business, January 9

    An order issued on Saturday empowers Beijing to tell companies to ignore U.S. restrictions and allows them to sue other businesses if they comply.

  23. Asia’s Weather Was Frigid, but the Pictures Are Nice Express, January 9

    In Seoul, Beijing and elsewhere, temperatures neared or exceeded record lows this week.

  24. ¿Qué contiene la vacuna de Sinovac? La respuesta es crucial en Indonesia en Español, January 9

    El gobierno espera emprender pronto la inmunización a nivel nacional, pero la vacuna de la empresa china requiere la aprobación de los reguladores de seguridad y de un influyente consejo religioso.

  25. 6 Months After Leaving the Hospital, Covid Survivors Still Face Lingering Health Issues Science, January 8

    A large study of patients from a Wuhan, China hospital showed that a half-year later, three-quarters were struggling with problems like fatigue, depression and diminished lung function.

  26. Trump Administration Politicized Some Intelligence on Foreign Election Influence, Report Finds Washington, January 8

    A report to lawmakers from a watchdog in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence criticizes how threat intelligence was analyzed and presented.

  27. Chinese Solar Companies Tied to Use of Forced Labor Washington, January 8

    A new report shows some of the world’s biggest solar companies work with the Chinese government to absorb workers from Xinjiang, programs that are often seen as a red flag for forced labor.

  28. Protesters Given Prison Terms for Beating Reporter at Hong Kong Airport Foreign, January 8

    The sentences, stemming from an attack on a journalist for China’s state news media, were the heaviest yet in connection with the 2019 protests, a lawyer said.

  29. She Said #MeToo. Now She’s Being Punished Under Defamation Law. Foreign, January 8

    A court case in China highlights the challenges for women there who accuse prominent men of sexual misconduct.

  30. A Second Chinese Coronavirus Vaccine Is Said to Be Effective Business, January 7

    Sinovac Biotech has sold more than 300 million doses to the developing world, filling a gap left by Western countries.

  31. Will the Sudden E.U.-China Deal Damage Relations With Biden? Foreign, January 6

    Pushed by German Chancellor Merkel of Germany near the end of her tenure, the trade deal may complicate agreement on an effective trans-Atlantic policy toward China.

  32. ‘La nouvelle année est déjà une tragédie’: le monde attend toujours un retour à la normale. World, January 6

    À travers le monde, ceux qui espéraient que 2021 permettrait de tourner la page sur une année d’horreur prennent conscience que le plus dur est peut-être encore à venir.

  33. ‘El Año Nuevo ya es una tragedia’: el mundo en pausa todavía no retoma la normalidad en Español, January 6

    Alrededor del planeta, la gente que tenía la esperanza de que el 2021 desterrara el horror del año pasado enfrentan la realidad de que tal vez los desafíos más arduos están por venir.

  34. Hong Kong Police Arrest Dozens of Pro-Democracy Leaders Foreign, January 5

    The 53 officials and activists were detained under the national security law for their efforts to choose candidates to run in the city’s legislative elections.

  35. Trump Bans Alipay and 7 Other Chinese Apps Business, January 5

    The White House took a surprise parting shot at China on Tuesday by banning the popular Chinese payment service and other applications.

  36. Trump Bans Alipay and 7 Other Chinese Apps Business, January 5

    The White House took a surprise parting shot at China on Tuesday by banning the popular Chinese payment service and other applications.

  37. China Sentences Former Bank Chief to Death in Rare Move Business, January 5

    The judgment against Lai Xiaomin, a former chairman of Huarong Asset Management, followed a shift away from capital punishment for white-collar crimes.

  38. Is the Vaccine Halal? Indonesians Await the Answer Foreign, January 5

    President Joko Widodo hopes to begin inoculations soon, but the vaccine from the Chinese company Sinovac still needs approval from safety regulators and an influential council of Muslim clerics.

  39. In a Topsy-Turvy Pandemic World, China Offers Its Version of Freedom Business, January 4

    Surveillance and censorship bolster Beijing’s uncompromising grip on power. But in the country’s cities and streets, people have resumed normal lives.

  40. Missions to Mars, the Moon and Beyond Await Earth in 2021 Science, January 4

    Here’s a preview of what to expect in space and astronomy in the year to come.

  41. China Moves to Punish Lawyers Hired to Help Hong Kong Activists Foreign, January 4

    Lu Siwei and Ren Quanniu were barred from aiding a group of pro-democracy protesters who were arrested at sea, but could still lose their licenses.

  42. Shirley Young, Businesswoman and Cultural Diplomat to China, Dies at 85 Obits, January 3

    Breaking barriers she rose in the advertising industry before General Motors took her onboard. She later used classical music to forge closer ties between Americans and the Chinese.

  43. With Concessions and Deals, China’s Leader Tries to Box Out Biden Foreign, January 3

    Xi Jinping has been making trade agreements in Asia and now Europe, hoping to head off the incoming president’s efforts to rally a united front against China.

  44. New York to Delist Chinese Telecom Firms in Symbolic Shift Business, January 1

    The move follows an order from the Trump administration, which says the companies are tied to China’s military. But they don’t need Wall Street as much as they once did.

  45. A Sci-Fi Dreamer’s Poisoning Death Shocks China Business, December 31

    The “billionaire millennial” Lin Qi was working with Netflix and the “Game of Thrones” creators to bring a Chinese best seller to the screen. The police have a suspect, and fans have questions.

  46. Jobs, Houses and Cows: China’s Costly Drive to Erase Extreme Poverty Foreign, December 31

    China has spent heavily to help its poorest citizens, an approach that few developing countries can afford and even Beijing may struggle to sustain.

  47. Jimmy Lai, Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Mogul, Is Ordered Back to Jail Foreign, December 31

    Mr. Lai, the most prominent figure charged under Hong Kong’s sweeping national security law, had been released on bail just days before Thursday’s hearing.

  48. An Olympic Dream Is Reborn, Despite Fears of Brain Trauma Sports, December 31

    A.J. Edelman walked away from the hazards of sledding sports after he competed for Israel in the skeleton at the 2018 Winter Games. Now he is trying again in a bobsled.

  49. U.S. Companies to Face China Tariffs as Exclusions Expire Washington, December 31

    Many American companies could see their exemptions from President Trump’s China tariffs expire at midnight on Thursday.

  50. U.S. Companies to Face China Tariffs as Exclusions Expire Washington, December 31

    Many American companies could see their exemptions from President Trump’s China tariffs expire at midnight on Thursday.

  51. Fou Ts’ong, Pianist Whose Family Letters Inspired a Generation, Dies at 86 Obits, December 31

    Driven from China during Mao’s rule, Mr. Fou kept up a correspondence with his father that became a beloved book in the wake of the Cultural Revolution.

  52. 25 Days That Changed the World: How Covid-19 Slipped China’s Grasp Foreign, December 30

    Beijing acted against the coronavirus with stunning force, as its official narratives recount. But not before a political logjam had allowed a local outbreak to kindle a global pandemic.

  53. China and E.U. Leaders Strike Investment Deal, but Political Hurdles Await Business, December 30

    The agreement, which would roll back restrictions on investment, faces some opposition in Europe and objections from the Biden camp.

  54. She Mocked Men’s Bluster. Then Came the Complaints. Foreign, December 30

    A stand-up comedian in China suggested that some men had an unwarranted confidence. An attempt to censor her followed.

  55. China Approves Covid-19 Vaccine as It Moves to Inoculate Millions Business, December 30

    Sinopharm, a state-controlled company, said its candidate had a 79 percent efficacy rate in interim late-stage trials. But crucial questions remained unanswered.

  56. Hong Kong Protesters Who Fled by Boat Are Sentenced to Prison in China Foreign, December 29

    The pro-democracy activists, who hoped to reach Taiwan, were caught by the Chinese Coast Guard and tried in the mainland’s opaque criminal justice system.

  57. China Has All It Needs to Vaccinate Millions, Except Any Approved Vaccines Business, December 29

    Across the country, local governments plan to inoculate 50 million people against the coronavirus by early next year. But the vaccines have not officially been approved.

  58. Watching Earth Burn Op Ed, December 28

    For 10 days in September, satellites in orbit sent tragic evidence of climate change’s destructive power.

  59. Chinese Citizen Journalist Sentenced to 4 Years for Covid Reporting Foreign, December 28

    Zhang Zhan, a former lawyer, is the first known person to be tried for challenging the Chinese government’s narrative about the coronavirus pandemic.

  60. China Orders Ant Group to Revamp Its Business Business, December 27

    The country’s central bank made clear its displeasure with the financial technology company, adding to the growing scrutiny of Chinese internet giants.

  61. Sailors Stranded for Months as China Refuses to Let Ships Unload Australian Coal Business, December 26

    China is vague about why vessels that carried Australian coal to its ports can’t unload their cargo. “We’re all depressed; our mental health is deteriorating,” one sailor said.

  62. She Chronicled China’s Crisis. Now She Is Accused of Spreading Lies. Foreign, December 25

    Zhang Zhan, who reported about the coronavirus from Wuhan during the lockdown, will face trial next week, in the first known case against a citizen journalist from the crisis.

  63. Biden Is Expected to Expand U.S.-India Relations While Stressing Human Rights Washington, December 24

    Most experts agree that China will be the driving force behind how India’s relationship with Washington changes in a Biden administration.

  64. Why China Turned Against Jack Ma Business, December 24

    The Alibaba chief paid for pushing back against Beijing. But the shift in attitude also speaks to a growing wealth gap and diminished opportunities for the young.

  65. Why China Turned Against Jack Ma Business, December 24

    The Alibaba chief paid for pushing back against Beijing. But the shift in attitude also speaks to a growing wealth gap and diminished opportunities for the young.

  66. With Money, and Waste, China Fights for Chip Independence Business, December 24

    Beijing’s drive to free itself from reliance on imported semiconductors has lifted start-ups and big firms alike. Some have flamed out. But there has been progress.

  67. Influencers May Face Fines as China Tackles Obesity and Food Waste Foreign, December 24

    According to a new government report, more than half of the country’s adult population is either overweight or obese. Chinese officials have vowed to address the problem with a campaign.

  68. Abrazos a domicilio, libros por teléfono, un avión para un elefante: 12 historias de resistencia pandémica en Español, December 24

    El virus ha doblegado espíritus en todo el mundo, pero algunas personas se niegan a rendirse. Estas son sus historias.

  69. A Flying Elephant, a Teacher’s Hugs: 12 Tales of Pandemic Resilience Foreign, December 24

    The virus has been crushing spirits around the world, but some people refuse to be bowed. Here are their stories.

  70. With Alibaba Investigation, China Gets Tougher on Tech Business, December 23

    Jack Ma and other entrepreneurs prospered under Beijing’s laissez-faire attitude toward the business side of the internet. The dynamic is shifting as the companies have grown in power.

  71. Chinese Swimmer’s Doping Ban Is Lifted After Accusation of Racism Sports, December 23

    Lawyers for Sun Yang, a three-time Olympic champion, presented evidence that one of the arbitrators who issued his eight-year suspension had made racist comments about China on social media.

  72. No Tweets, No Interviews: Jimmy Lai’s Unusual Bail Conditions Foreign, December 23

    The Hong Kong pro-democracy media tycoon is freed on bail, but was placed under house arrest and barred from meeting foreign officials and publishing articles.

  73. Cecilia Chiang Lost Everything in China, and Built It Back in California Interactive, December 23

    She twice escaped war in China, and eventually landed in an America that was hungry for a new kind of Asian cuisine.

  74. China-E.U. Talks Hit Another Snag as Biden Camp Objects Business, December 23

    Beijing and Brussels were on the brink of an agreement to roll back restrictions on investment. But the deal’s fate is uncertain amid growing animosity toward China and increasingly vocal opposition.

  75. Xin Xing, Giant Panda With Progeny Around the Globe, Dies at 38 Foreign, December 23

    The star of China’s Chongqing Zoo was the world’s oldest panda in captivity. More than 150 of her descendants have lived in several countries.

  76. Ezra F. Vogel, Eminent Scholar of China and Japan, Dies at 90 Obits, December 22

    A longtime scholar at Harvard, Professor Vogel wrote books that helped shape how the world viewed the two ascendant economic powers.

  77. El retorno a la decencia en Español, December 22

    Cuando se disipe la atroz era de Trump, Estados Unidos no debe buscar restaurar sino renovar las antiguas relaciones.

  78. Your Tuesday Briefing N Y T Now, December 21

    Britain’s sudden coronavirus Christmas isolation.

  79. ‘The Whole City Was Dark’: China Rations Electricity for Millions Foreign, December 21

    Warning of coal shortages, officials are trying to curb energy usage by telling residents not to use electric stoves and extinguishing lights on building facades and billboards.

  80. China Long Avoided Discussing Mental Health. The Pandemic Changed That. Foreign, December 21

    The government has deployed extensive resources to address the spike in depression and anxiety. But social stigmas and long-term challenges remain.

  81. Read the Criminal Complaint Against Julien Jin Interactive, December 18

    Mr. Jin is accused of engaging in a conspiracy to censor Zoom users in the United States.

  82. How Russia Wins the Climate Crisis Interactive, December 16

    Climate change is propelling enormous human migrations, transforming global agriculture and remaking the world order — and no country stands to gain more than Russia.

  83. China Is Erasing Mosques and Precious Shrines in Xinjiang Interactive, September 25

    Thousands of religious sites in Xinjiang have been destroyed, a new analysis suggests, part of China’s drive to erode the region’s heritage.

  84. Hope, Despair, Control: The 1950s China My Father Saw, Echoed Today Interactive, July 30

    William Stevenson was one of the first foreign correspondents to visit the People’s Republic of China. Decades later, despite its transformation, I recognize the same country.

  85. Are Countries Flattening the Curve for the Coronavirus? Interactive, April 3

    These charts show the pandemic’s trajectory in each nation. New cases appear to be leveling off in some places, but they may still be far from a slowdown.

  86. Four Ways to Measure Coronavirus Outbreaks in U.S. Metro Areas Interactive, March 27

    Some metros in the U.S. could have worse outbreaks than those in Italy’s Lombardy region or in Wuhan, China.

  87. Which Country Has Flattened the Curve for the Coronavirus? Interactive, March 19

    These charts show the trajectory of the coronavirus pandemic in each country. New cases have dwindled in China and South Korea, but the virus continues to spread rapidly in most of the world.

  88. Watch the Footprint of Coronavirus Spread Across Countries Interactive, March 17

    A satellite that detects pollution from human activity shows how the coronavirus is shutting down whole countries.

  89. Covid World Map: Tracking the Global Outbreak Interactive, January 28

    The virus has infected more than 29,855,400 people and has been detected in nearly every country.