1. Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Leaders Held an Election. Now They’re on Trial. World, Today

    Forty-seven defendants, including well-known figures like Joshua Wong, are charged with subversion under the national security law that China imposed in 2020.

  2. Balloon Incident Reveals More Than Spying as Competition With China Intensifies Washington, Yesterday

    There is nothing new about superpowers spying on one another, even from balloons. But for pure gall, there was something different this time.

  3. Your Monday Briefing: The U.S. Shoots Down China’s Balloon N Y T Now, Yesterday

    Also, Pervez Musharraf died and Beyoncé could have a big night at Grammy Awards.

  4. U.S. Navy Divers Work to Recover Debris From Chinese Spy Balloon as Diplomacy Dwindles Washington, Yesterday

    The effort off the coast of South Carolina is expected to take days, and Navy and Coast Guard ships have been sent to the scene. U.S. officials are watching for retaliation from China.

  5. Flowers, Fresh Fish and Movies: China Is Spending Again, Cautiously Business, Yesterday

    The outlook for the world’s second largest economy is brighter as consumer spending picked up after “zero Covid” was lifted. But scars remain from the harsh pandemic restrictions.

  6. In China’s Covid Fog, Deaths of Scholars Offer a Clue Interactive, Yesterday

    The toll of China’s epidemic is unclear. But dozens of obituaries of the country’s top academics show an enormous loss in just a few weeks.

  7. China Finds Itself With Limited Options After U.S. Shoots Down Balloon Foreign, Yesterday

    Beijing registered “strong discontent and protest.” But there may be little it can do to retaliate.

  8. How China Dealt a ‘Knockout Blow’ to Its Opponents in Hong Kong Foreign, Yesterday

    Beijing used a national security law to quash dissent. Now another warning is being sent, with the mass trial of what was once Hong Kong’s political opposition.

  9. China’s spy balloon drifted for 7 days across the U.S.: A Timeline Washington, Yesterday

    The balloon brought Americans out to squint at the sky, caused a diplomatic visit to be canceled and opened a political debate.

  10. Downing of Chinese Spy Balloon Ends Chapter in a Diplomatic Crisis Washington, February 4

    The balloon, spotted earlier this week over the western United States, was brought down when an F-22 fighter jet fired an air-to-air missile at it off the coast of South Carolina.

  11. Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a … Chinese Spy Balloon? Washington, February 4

    How the balloon went from a local sky oddity to an international diplomatic disrupter to “a shriveled Kleenex.”

  12. Classified U.S. Report Highlights Foreign Power Aerial Spying With Advanced Tech Washington, February 4

    Before a Chinese spy balloon was discovered in the United States, American officials said a rival power may have used advanced technology to surveil U.S. military sites.

  13. Balloon Incident Highlights Fragile State of U.S.-China Relationship Foreign, February 4

    Recent efforts by Beijing to mend ties with Washington were showing progress, but the balloon’s appearance over the United States illustrates lingering mistrust and growing tensions.

  14. A Giant Balloon Floats Into Town, and It’s All Anyone Can Talk About National, February 3

    A Chinese balloon has been raising a lot of questions for people who live under its path. “I did see it, and it should have been shot,” said a barbecue chef in Billings, Mont.

  15. Blinken Says Chinese Spy Balloon Is a ‘Violation of U.S. Sovereignty’ Video, February 3

    Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken canceled a weekend trip to Beijing after a Chinese high-altitude balloon was detected floating over the United States this week.

  16. Chinese Spy Balloon or ‘Civilian Device’? Washington, February 3

    Here is what we know about the balloon.

  17. High-Altitude Balloon Spotted Flying Over Montana Video, February 3

    A high-altitude balloon was filmed by a resident in Billings, Mont. The Pentagon has not confirmed that the balloon seen in the video is the one it identified as being from China.

  18. China mira hacia México para satisfacer al mercado de EE. UU. en Español, February 3

    Alarmadas por el caos naviero y las fracturas geopolíticas, las compañías de China están instalando fábricas en México para preservar sus ventas en Estados Unidos.

  19. Furor Over Chinese Spy Balloon Leads to a Diplomatic Crisis Washington, February 3

    The Pentagon called the object, which has flown from Montana to Kansas, an “intelligence gathering” balloon. Beijing said it was used mainly for weather research and had strayed off course.

  20. Una ‘huelga de natalidad’ en Español, February 3

    Retos actuales de la crianza en EE.UU., China y Corea del Sur y más para el fin de semana.

  21. Why Chinese Companies Are Investing Billions in Mexico Business, February 3

    Alarmed by shipping chaos and geopolitical fractures, exporters from China are setting up factories in Mexico to preserve their sales to the United States.

  22. Pentagon Says It Detected a Chinese Spy Balloon Hovering Over Montana Washington, February 3

    The revelation comes days before Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to Beijing, where he is expected to meet with President Xi Jinping.

  23. Biden Aims to Deter China With Greater U.S. Military Presence in Philippines Washington, February 3

    U.S. officials say they are preparing to surge forces in the event of conflict with China, including over Taiwan, but do not intend to build up permanent bases.

  24. Your Friday Briefing: The U.S. Military Expands in the Philippines N Y T Now, February 2

    Also, Vladimir Putin evokes Stalingrad and a contested film is a box-office hit in India.

  25. Senator Calls on Apple and Google to Ban TikTok in App Stores Business, February 2

    Michael F. Bennet, a Colorado Democrat, cited national security, adding to bipartisan pressure on the Chinese-owned video app.

  26. A Primer on U.S.-Philippine Military Ties Express, February 2

    The United States and the Philippines have announced a plan to broaden American military access. The alliance is complicated by colonial history and rising tensions over Taiwan.

  27. China and the U.S. Are Wooing Indonesia, and Beijing Has the Edge Foreign, February 2

    The resource-laden nation of nearly 300 million is a big prize in the strategic battle between the United States and China for influence in Asia.

  28. The Controversy Over ‘American Dirt’ Letters, February 1

    Readers discuss criticisms of Jeanine Cummins’s novel about a woman trying to flee Mexico. Also: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s antisemitic comments; Chinese child-rearing.

  29. It’s as if Nothing Ever Happened Here in China Op Ed, February 1

    China left its vulnerable people to fend for themselves in a deadly Covid outbreak.

  30. The Problem With Taking TikTok Away From Americans Op Ed, February 1

    A national ban on TikTok would not solve America’s data privacy problems.

  31. Air Force Says Proposed Chinese-Owned Mill in North Dakota Is ‘Significant Threat’ National, February 1

    A proposal for a corn mill, which had been welcomed as an economic development success, reflects just how much things have changed with Chinese investment proposals in the U.S.

  32. Your Wednesday Briefing: China Rebounds N Y T Now, January 31

    Also, Russia’s resilient economy and Sri Lanka’s enduring struggle.

  33. China’s Covid Tsunami Recedes, Bringing Relief, Grief and Anxiety Foreign, January 31

    Officials say an onslaught of infections has slowed, and many people seem eager to move on. But fresh flare-ups could bring more illness and deaths.

  34. I.M.F. Upgrades Global Outlook as Inflation Eases Washington, January 31

    The International Monetary Fund said the world economy was poised for a rebound as inflation eases.

  35. Your Tuesday Briefing: A Bombing in Pakistan N Y T Now, January 30

    Also, Israel attacks Iran and the Adani Group fights fraud allegations.

  36. Golf Course or Housing? A Patch of Green Divides Hong Kong Foreign, January 30

    The dispute over one of the city’s golf clubs exposes rare political friction for the elite in the new Hong Kong, where the establishment is torn between defending wealth and following Beijing’s wishes.

  37. The Alternative, Optimistic Story of Population Decline Op Ed, January 30

    Rather than obsess over labor shortages and pension support, we need to look at the brighter spots for our world.

  38. Chinese Travel Is Set to Return. The Question Is, When? Travel, January 29

    The country has dropped restrictions on overseas journeys for its citizens, but once-popular destinations are still waiting for the flood of vacationers to arrive.

  39. Netherlands and Japan Said to Join U.S. in Curbing Chip Technology Sent to China Washington, January 28

    A new agreement is expected to expand the reach of U.S. technology restrictions on China issued last year.

  40. China’s Oil and Gas Use Fell in 2022 for First Time in Decades Business, January 27

    Pandemic lockdowns curbed Chinese energy demand, but the International Energy Agency expects a rebound this year.

  41. Transcript: Ezra Klein Interviews Jessica Chen Weiss Op Ed, January 27

    The Jan. 27, 2023, episode of “The Ezra Klein Show.”

  42. Asia Has Had a Really Cold Month, Courtesy of the Polar Vortex Express, January 27

    An exceptionally cold January has brought the region misery and snarled travel. Experts blame the same arctic system that hit the United States last month.

  43. Is This How a Cold War With China Begins? Op Ed, January 27

    The political scientist Jessica Chen Weiss warns of escalating tensions between Washington and Beijing.

  44. Your Friday Briefing: China’s Campaign Against ‘Zero-Covid’ Protesters N Y T Now, January 26

    Also, Russian missile attacks in Ukraine and a major deal for Indian women’s cricket.

  45. In China’s Crackdown on Protesters, a Familiar Effort to Blame Foreign Powers Foreign, January 26

    The protests against “zero Covid” were a rare rebuke of Xi Jinping’s rule, and Beijing apparently seeks to deter those who might have been emboldened by them.

  46. Tesla’s Profit Jumped 12% in Fourth Quarter Business, January 25

    The electric car company is facing intensifying competition, supply chain disruptions and concerns about the behavior of Elon Musk.

  47. Your Thursday Briefing: Tanks for Ukraine N Y T Now, January 25

    Also, China’s natural gas shortage and India’s efforts to quash a Modi documentary.

  48. Natural Gas Shortages Hit China as Temperatures Plunge Business, January 25

    Local governments starved for cash after enormous spending on costly “zero Covid” measures cannot afford to keep up adequate supplies of gas.

  49. Your Wednesday Briefing: Ukraine Cracks Down on Corruption N Y T Now, January 24

    Also, another mass shooting in California and New Zealand’s next leader.

  50. The Indirect Ways the U.S. Can Help China Avoid Covid Catastrophe Op Ed, January 24

    It’s in the United States’ best interest to find ways to aid China.

  51. Transcript: Ezra Klein Interviews Yuen Yuen Ang Op Ed, January 24

    The Jan. 24, 2023, episode of “The Ezra Klein Show.”

  52. There’s Been a Revolution in How China Is Governed Op Ed, January 24

    Yuen Yuen Ang argues that understanding China as an “autocracy with democratic characteristics” is key to making sense of its rise and trajectory.

  53. They Poured Their Savings Into Homes That Were Never Built Interactive, January 24

    What is it like to pour your life savings into apartments that might never get built?

  54. Your Tuesday Briefing: California Mourns, as Death Toll Rises N Y T Now, January 23

    Also, resistance to Chinese influence in the Solomon Islands and Beijing’s efforts to subsidize I.V.F.

  55. Monterey Park transformed the Chinese American experience. National, January 23

    Known as the first suburban Chinatown, the city would spearhead massive demographic changes across Southern California.

  56. La disminución de la población en China podría tener repercusiones graves para la economía mundial en Español, January 23

    El país buscó maneras de frenar su rápido crecimiento demográfico durante años. Ahora que su población se reduce, los economistas temen que esa tendencia tendrá graves consecuencias para el mundo.

  57. China’s Mad Dash Into a Strategic Island Nation Breeds Resentment Foreign, January 23

    For years, Beijing has thrown its wealth and weight across the globe. But its experience in the Solomon Islands calls into question its approach to expanding its power.

  58. Your Monday Briefing: A Lunar New Year Shooting N Y T Now, January 22

    Also, New Zealand’s next leader and a Lunar New Year travel surge in China.

  59. As Deepfakes Flourish, Countries Struggle With Response Business, January 22

    Few governments have approved regulations, often because of free-speech concerns. New mandates from China could change the tone of the debate on digital forgeries.

  60. China Needs Couples to Have More Babies: Can I.V.F. Help? Business, January 22

    China is trying urgently to address its declining population. One idea is to subsidize assisted fertility procedures, which are often a last resort for couples and out of reach for many.

  61. China Cautiously Takes to the Road for Lunar New Year Foreign, January 22

    With strict Covid restrictions lifted weeks ahead of the country’s most important holiday, millions, joyful yet anxious, could finally travel and reunite with family.

  62. Five Rules for an Aging World Op Ed, January 21

    Why demography may be shaping up to be a bigger risk to the world than climate change.

  63. One of the Most Influential Ambassadors in Washington Isn’t One Washington, January 21

    Taiwan’s representative, Bi-khim Hsiao, calls herself a “cat warrior” walking a delicate diplomatic line. China calls her a troublemaker who could trigger a war.

  64. Biden Against the Wounded Extremists Op Ed, January 20

    The shape of his governing style is coming into focus.

  65. U.S. Drops Case Against Police Officer It Had Called an ‘Insider Threat’ Metro, January 19

    Baijmadajie Angwang, a New York Police Department officer, had been accused of spying for China. Prosecutors said the charges were dismissed after new information had come to light.

  66. South Africa to Hold Naval Drill With Russia and China Amid Ukraine War Foreign, January 19

    The 10-day naval exercises are a show of diplomatic independence for South Africa, which is part of an alliance with Brazil, Russia, India and China — known as BRICS.

  67. Republican Efforts to Gut the I.R.S. Letters, January 19

    Readers blame the G.O.P., but also the Internal Revenue Code. Also: China’s population; crowds at the Louvre; work clothes for Missouri politicians and nonbinary people.

  68. Entrepreneurs Flee China’s Heavy Hand: ‘You Don’t Have to Stay There’ Business, January 19

    Weary of crackdowns and lockdowns, businesspeople are moving out of China and taking their wealth with them. Many have found a new home in Singapore.

  69. Your Thursday Briefing: A Deadly Helicopter Crash in Ukraine N Y T Now, January 18

    Also, why economists are alarmed about China’s demographic crisis.

  70. China’s Self-inflicted Pain N Y T Now, January 18

    China’s rise seemed inevitable, but now it’s hitting serious roadblocks.

  71. A Shrinking, Aging China May Have Backed Itself Into a Corner Foreign, January 18

    A demographics challenge has been building for years, but Beijing’s preparations are lagging. Now, many worry that current measures may offer too little, too late.

  72. ¿Por qué China comenzó a suavizar su tono con las empresas? en Español, January 18

    Ante la debilidad del panorama económico, las autoridades chinas han empezado a usar un discurso más favorable a los negocios y a respaldar sus dichos con acciones.

  73. China Helped Raise My American Kids, and They Turned Out Fine Op Ed, January 18

    U.S. polarization and live-shooter drills make me miss my Chinese government co-parent.

  74. Why China’s Shrinking Population Is Cause for Alarm Foreign, January 18

    China struggled for years to curtail its rapid population growth. Now that its population is declining, economists and others fear serious implications for China and countries around the world.

  75. China’s Decline Became Undeniable This Week. Now What? Op Ed, January 18

    Forget about a rising China. The dangerous part will be its decline.

  76. Netherlands Considers Sending Patriot Missile System to Ukraine Washington, January 17

    The Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, met in Washington with President Biden, who is trying to shore up alliances to help counter Russia and China.

  77. Your Wednesday Briefing: China’s Dual Crises N Y T Now, January 17

    Last year, China’s economy had one of its worst performances in decades. Its population is also shrinking.

  78. China Returns to Davos With Clear Message: We’re Open for Business Business, January 17

    Emerging from coronavirus lockdown to a world changed by the war in Ukraine, China sought to convey reassurance about its economic health.

  79. The Problem(s) With China’s Population Drop Op Ed, January 17

    Managing a falling population can get complicated.

  80. Davos Worries About a ‘Polycrisis’ Business, January 17

    So many global troubles have arisen that the political and business leaders at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland have adopted a buzzword to capture the moment.

  81. China’s Abrupt Reversal of ‘Zero Covid’ The Daily, January 17

    What caused the about-face in strategy, and what does it tell us about the country’s leaders?

  82. China’s Population Falls, Heralding a Demographic Crisis Business, January 17

    Deaths outnumbered births last year for the first time in six decades. Experts see major implications for China, its economy and the world.

  83. China’s Economy Stumbled Last Year With Covid Lockdowns Hobbling Growth Business, January 17

    New government data shows that growth for the year fell far short of Beijing’s goal. With Covid curbs lifted but the pandemic’s course uncertain, hope and fear cloud the forecast.

  84. U.S. Asks to Drop Case Accusing N.Y.P.D. Officer of Spying for China Metro, January 16

    Baimadajie Angwang, a former Marine, was charged with providing intelligence about Tibetans in New York to Chinese consular officials.

  85. Your Tuesday Briefing: Chinese ‘Zero Covid’ Workers Revolt N Y T Now, January 16

  86. At the Australian Open, Shang Juncheng Leads Wave of Talent From China Sports, January 16

    Shang, once the world’s top-ranked junior, Wu Yibing and Zhang Zhizhen played men’s singles in Melbourne, the first time three men from China are competing at a Grand Slam in the Open era.

  87. China’s Latest Source of Unrest: Unpaid ‘Zero Covid’ Workers Foreign, January 16

    Companies that reaped windfalls helping the government implement strict ‘zero Covid’ controls are now struggling to pay and keep workers.

  88. America’s Must-Win Semiconductor War Op Ed, January 16

    One of the government’s largest forays into the private sector since World War II has its risks.

  89. Auburn Banned TikTok, and Students Can’t Stop Talking About It Business, January 15

    The school’s prohibition brings a geopolitical fight front and center for TikTok’s biggest fans: young Americans.

  90. China Reports Nearly 60,000 Covid-Linked Deaths Since Lifting Restrictions Foreign, January 14

    The unexpected disclosure was made as the country faces mounting criticism for providing unreliable data on its latest coronavirus outbreak.

  91. The War in Ukraine Upended Energy Markets. What Does That Mean for the Climate? Special Sections, January 14

    Almost a year after Russia launched its invasion, assessing the impact on the oil industry and greenhouse gas goals is not so simple.

  92. Biden and Kishida Vow to Bolster U.S.-Japan Alliance as China’s Power Grows Washington, January 13

    The two leaders discussed tensions with China, North Korea and Russia and plans for deterrence in Asia with U.S. troops and missiles.

  93. She Witnessed Mao’s Worst Excesses. Now She Has a Warning for the World. Foreign, January 13

    At 93, the memoirist Yuan-tsung Chen hopes that her recollections of China’s tumultuous past will help the country confront its historical wrongs — and avoid repeating them.

  94. Your Friday Briefing: Investigating Chinese Police Outposts Abroad N Y T Now, January 12

    Also, Xi Jinping changes his tone on business and South Korea considers nuclear weapons.

  95. With F.B.I. Search, U.S. Escalates Global Fight Over Chinese Police Outposts Foreign, January 12

    Beijing says the outposts aren’t doing police work, but Chinese state media reports say they “collect intelligence” and solve crimes far outside their jurisdiction.

  96. From Disciplinarian to Cheerleader: Why China Is Changing Its Tone on Business Business, January 12

    With the economy in a fragile state, Chinese officials are starting to use more business-friendly language, and also to back their words with action.

  97. Driver Runs Down Pedestrians in Southern China, Killing at Least 5 Foreign, January 12

    The police in Guangzhou detained a 22-year-old man, who appeared to throw money in the air after striking the people. Thirteen people were injured.

  98. As China Reopens, Online Finger-Pointing Shows a Widening Gulf Foreign, January 11

    The Communist Party’s efforts to limit discord over its sudden “zero Covid” pivot are being challenged with increasing rancor, including from its own supporters.

  99. El brote de covid en Shanghái, en imágenes en Español, January 11

    Las autoridades de salud de la ciudad declararon la semana pasada que hasta el 70 por ciento de los 26 millones de habitantes de la ciudad se habían infectado.

  100. Your Wednesday Briefing: Shanghai’s Devastating Outbreak N Y T Now, January 10

    Also, the eight warmest years on record and a fragile political alliance in the Philippines.

  101. This Is What Shanghai’s Covid Outbreak Looks Like Foreign, January 10

    The Chinese city is being gripped by a massive Covid wave, leading to a surge in hospitalizations and crowded funeral homes.

  102. Restoration of the Ozone Layer Is Back on Track, Scientists Say Climate, January 9

    Rogue emissions from China of ozone-depleting chemicals had threatened to delay recovery by a decade. But the emissions were stopped, according to a U.N.-backed report.

  103. Laredo, la ciudad que podría convertirse en un hito del comercio mundial en Español, January 9

    La ciudad fronteriza con México está preparada para convertirse en uno de los puertos terrestres más importantes del mundo, mientras las empresas en EE. UU. reducen su dependencia de las fábricas en Asia.

  104. Your Monday Briefing: China Reopens Dining, January 8

    Also, Brazilians storm government offices and the Times investigates a 2021 Kabul airstrike.

  105. As China Lifts Pandemic Border Controls, Mixed Feelings at Home and Abroad Foreign, January 8

    Friends and families are planning reunions; tourists are booking flights. But amid the anticipation, there’s a whiff of anxiety.

  106. As Asian Societies Age, ‘Retirement’ Just Means More Work Foreign, January 7

    Across East Asia, populations are graying faster than anywhere else in the world, and while younger generations shrink, older workers are often toiling well into their 70s and beyond.

  107. Health Experts Warily Eye XBB.1.5, the Latest Omicron Subvariant Science, January 7

    A young version of the coronavirus makes up one-quarter of Covid cases across the United States and over 70 percent of new cases in the Northeast.

  108. China’s Covid Surge Threatens Villages as Lunar New Year Approaches Foreign, January 6

    Millions are expected to travel home this month, spreading Covid to rural communities where health care services are woefully underdeveloped.

  109. America’s Covid Test Requirement for Chinese Travelers Is a Farce Op Ed, January 5

    The policy for Chinese travelers relies on racial bias rather than science.

  110. China’s unfolding tragedy N Y T Now, January 4

    Plus reader’s pandemic photos, then and now.

  111. E.U. Urges Nations to Require Negative Covid Tests for Travelers From China Foreign, January 4

    In a diplomatically fraught move, the bloc advised its 27 members to put restrictions in place as Chinese tourists prepare to return to global destinations.

  112. Your Wednesday Briefing: Chaos in the U.S. House Speaker Race N Y T Now, January 3

    Also, China threatens countermeasures against travel restrictions.

  113. China Denounces Covid Testing Rules Imposed on Its Travelers Foreign, January 3

    A government spokeswoman said Beijing would consider reciprocal measures against countries that have sought to limit travelers arriving from China.

  114. ¿Qué tan grave es el brote de COVID-19 en China? en Español, January 3

    Debido a la falta de información creíble del gobierno chino, los investigadores de todo el mundo están buscando pistas para determinar el tamaño y la gravedad de la oleada.

  115. Your Tuesday Briefing: A Major Ukrainian Strike N Y T Now, January 2

    Also, China’s uncertain economic recovery.

  116. De China a México: este podría ser el rumbo de la globalización en Español, January 2

    Las empresas estadounidenses buscan limitar su exposición a los inconvenientes de fabricar mercancías en China y están trasladando su producción.

  117. Why China’s Economy Faces a Perilous Road to Recovery Business, January 2

    Years of lockdowns took a brutal toll on businesses. Now, the rapid spread of Covid after a chaotic reopening has deprived them of workers and customers.

  118. China’s Young Elite Clamber for Government Jobs. Some Come to Regret It. Business, January 2

    With youth unemployment high, millions will take this month’s Civil Service exam. But for those who get jobs, the reality can be monotonous work that blurs the line with personal lives.

  119. ‘OK, Mexico, Save Me’: After China, This Is Where Globalization May Lead Business, January 1

    As American companies seek to limit their exposure to the pitfalls of making goods in China, some are moving production to Mexico.

  120. Xi and Putin Meet Again, Two Strongmen in a Weak Moment Foreign, December 30

    Russia is isolated by its invasion of Ukraine and needs China more than ever. But China, facing a Covid crisis, is in no position to risk sanctions.

  121. How Bad Is China’s Covid Outbreak? It’s a Scientific Guessing Game. Foreign, December 29

    In the absence of credible information from the Chinese government, researchers around the world are looking for any clues to determine the size and severity of the surge.

  122. China Responds to U.S. Covid Testing Rule With a Collective Shrug Foreign, December 29

    The U.S. travel rule drew a muted response in a country grappling with outbreaks and where mass, regular Covid testing was up until recently a daily reality for many millions of people.

  123. Your Thursday Briefing: The U.S. Requires Covid Tests for Travelers From China N Y T Now, December 28

    Also, Ukraine peace talks seem far-off.

  124. U.S. to Require Negative Covid Tests for Travelers Coming From China Washington, December 28

    Amid concerns about a coronavirus surge in Beijing, the Biden administration announced the change in policy for those entering the United States from China, including Hong Kong and Macau.

  125. China’s Easing of Travel Rules Met With Joy, and Some Anxiety Foreign, December 28

    Many welcomed Beijing’s plan to loosen quarantine rules for travelers, but concerns linger about the country’s Covid wave.

  126. China’s New Covid Chapter N Y T Now, December 28

    The end of the country’s restrictions has exposed two major vulnerabilities.

  127. Your Wednesday Briefing: China’s Overwhelmed Hospitals N Y T Now, December 27

    Also, Ukraine is fighting to retake a city in the Donbas.

  128. ‘Tragic Battle’: On the Front Lines of China’s Covid Crisis Foreign, December 27

    Medical staff are outnumbered and working sick as the nation’s health care system buckles under the strain of a spiraling crisis.

  129. Your Tuesday Briefing: China Menaces Taiwan N Y T Now, December 26

    Also, an emerging picture of China’s Covid crisis.

  130. China to Drop Covid Quarantine for Incoming Travelers Foreign, December 26

    From Jan. 8, visitors will be required to show only a negative P.C.R. test taken within 48 hours. The restrictions had cut the country off from the rest of the world for nearly three years.

  131. With ‘Zero Covid,’ China Proved It’s Good at Control. Governance Is Harder. Business, December 26

    For a powerful government that has bragged about its command of the country, its absence at a moment of crisis has made the public question its credibility.

  132. I’ve Had Enough of My Parents’ ‘No Pain, No Gain’ Op Ed, December 26

    Protests against China’s Covid restrictions were a rejection of a culture that idolizes pain and suffering.

  133. Covid en China: el abrupto aumento de casos impulsa una escasez de medicinas en Español, December 26

    Hay millones de personas desesperadas por conseguir medicamentos para la fiebre y antivirales como el Paxlovid de Pfizer en un momento en que las infecciones le ganan la carrera al abastecimiento.

  134. Covid Is Spreading Rapidly in China, New Signs Suggest Foreign, December 25

    Even as official figures from the central government remain low, regional numbers point to explosive outbreaks and overstretched health care systems.

  135. As Cases Explode, China’s Low Covid Death Toll Convinces No One Foreign, December 23

    China’s murky statistics are fueling widespread public distrust. Its narrow definition of Covid deaths “will very much underestimate the true death toll,” the W.H.O. says.

  136. China’s Future Isn’t What It Used to Be Op Ed, December 23

    Global dominance has been postponed, maybe indefinitely.

  137. Your Friday Briefing: A Times Investigation Into Bucha N Y T Now, December 22

    Also, Benjamin Netanyahu is poised to lead Israel again and the week in culture.

  138. Without a Covid Narrative, China’s Censors Are Not Sure What to Do Business, December 22

    The end of “zero Covid” has undermined years of official propaganda, and the vast censorship system is struggling to catch up.

  139. In Shanghai, Wondering What It Was All For Op Ed, December 21

    After making great sacrifices to suppress the virus, China’s people must now face it head-on.

  140. How Do You Protest in the Face of Censorship? An Empty Sign. Magazine, December 21

    In China, Russia and the United Kingdom, unmarked sheets of white paper have become a potent symbol of defiance.

  141. China’s Abrupt Covid Pivot Leaves Many Without Medicines Foreign, December 20

    Millions are desperate to get their hands on fever-reducing drugs and antivirals such as Pfizer’s Paxlovid as infections across China outpace supplies.

  142. Your Tuesday Briefing: Jan. 6 Panel Refers Trump for Charges N Y T Now, December 19

    Plus: Elon Musk asks Twitter users if he should resign.

  143. From Zero Covid to No Plan: Behind China’s Pandemic U-Turn Foreign, December 19

    After micromanaging the coronavirus strategy for nearly three years, the country’s leader, Xi Jinping, has suddenly left the populace to improvise.

  144. Traumatized by Covid, but Ruled by a Party That Never Apologizes Business, December 15

    Gripped with grief, anxiety and depression, many in China want a national reckoning over the hard-line “zero Covid” policy. Holding the government to account may be a quixotic quest.

  145. She Was Supposed to Be China’s Future. After ‘Zero Covid,’ She Wants to Leave. Op Ed, December 15

    Julie Geng was proud of China’s Covid response until the police came calling.

  146. Your Thursday Briefing: China’s Snarled Covid Data N Y T Now, December 14

    Plus France just beat Morocco to advance to the World Cup finals.

  147. How Will China Fare With Covid? ‘Meaningless’ Data Clouds the Picture. Business, December 14

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    Recent protests against his now-scrapped “zero Covid” policy are a chance to renew the Communist Party’s compact with China’s people.

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