1. House Panel Seeks F.B.I. Investigation Into Doping by Chinese Swimmers U.S., Today

    The bipartisan request for a criminal inquiry relies on a law that gives the Justice Department the power to prosecute doping offenses that do not occur in the United States.

  2. Briton Charged With Aiding Hong Kong’s Intelligence Service Is Found Dead World, Yesterday

    Matthew Trickett, one of three men accused of gathering information for the special administrative region of China, died in a park outside London, the police said.

  3. U.S. Seeks to Join Forces With Europe to Combat Excess Chinese Goods Business, Yesterday

    Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen warned that China’s industrial strategy posed a global threat that requires a united response.

  4. Biden’s Get-Tough-on-China Tariffs May Backfire Opinion, Yesterday

    Some of President Biden’s new array of tariffs targeted at China make sense. But others seem motivated by a desire to outflank his opponent in Rust Belt swing states.

  5. Iran’s President Dies, and Warrants Sought for Israel, Hamas Leaders Podcasts, May 20

    Plus, the Trump trial enters its final days.

  6. This ‘Russian Woman’ Loves China. Too Bad She’s a Deepfake. World, May 20

    A.I.-manipulated videos on Chinese sites use young, supposedly Russian women to promote China-Russia ties, stoke patriotism — and make money.

  7. Chinese Firms Face Authoritarianism at Home and Hostility Abroad Business, May 20

    The experience of TikTok’s owner, ByteDance, in Beijing and Washington shows how much the ground has shifted for China’s entrepreneurs.

  8. Global Tensions and a Hostile Neighbor Await Taiwan’s New Leader Foreign, May 20

    President Lai Ching-te has pledged to stay on his predecessor’s narrow path of resisting Beijing without provoking it. It won’t be easy.

  9. Xi’s Warm Embrace of Putin in China Is a Defiance of the West Foreign, May 18

    Western leaders looking for signs that the Chinese leader used his influence on President Vladimir V. Putin to end the war in Ukraine are likely to be disappointed.

  10. Biden’s China Tariffs Are the End of an Era for Cheap Chinese Goods Business, May 18

    The president’s move to protect strategic manufacturing sectors from low-cost competition aims to increase jobs, but consumers might not like the costs.

  11. New Star Wars Plan: Pentagon Rushes to Counter Threats in Orbit Washington, May 17

    Citing rapid advances by China and Russia, the United States is building an extensive capacity to fight battles in space.

  12. Why a Tactic Used by Czars Is Back With a Vengeance Foreign, May 17

    Authoritarian governments have long sought to target dissidents abroad. But the digital age may have given them stronger motives, and better tools, for transnational repression.

  13. Putin’s China Visit Highlights Military Ties That Worry the West Foreign, May 17

    The Russian leader visited an institute in Harbin known for defense research. President Xi Jinping saw him off with a rare and seemingly deliberate embrace for the cameras.

  14. China Says It Will Start Buying Apartments as Housing Slump Worsens Business, May 17

    Signaling growing alarm, policymakers ramped up efforts to stem a continued decline in real estate values.

  15. Taiwan, on China’s Doorstep, Is Dealing With TikTok Its Own Way Business, May 17

    The island democracy was early to ban TikTok on government phones, and the ruling party refuses to use it. But a U.S.-style ban is not under consideration.

  16. The Authoritarians Have the Momentum Op Ed, May 16

    Liberalism’s nice rules aren’t enough of a sales pitch.

  17. In Talks With Putin, Xi Hails ‘Powerful Driving Force’ of Cooperation Foreign, May 16

    At a summit with China’s leader, in Beijing, the Russian president called for stronger economic ties between the countries, as he intensifies his war effort.

  18. Xi Welcomes Putin to China Video, May 16

    Xi Jinping greeted President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia in a show of solidarity at the start of a two-day state visit.

  19. What to Know About the Summit Between Putin and Xi in China Foreign, May 15

    China’s backing will be crucial to President Vladimir V. Putin as he intensifies his offensive in Ukraine. But his host, Xi Jinping, has other competing priorities.

  20. What’s in Our Queue? ‘Anita’ and More Interactive, May 15

    I’m a foreign correspondent covering China. Here are five things that I’ve enjoyed recently.

  21. Don’t Slam the Door on Inexpensive Chinese Electric Vehicles Op Ed, May 15

    Electric vehicles shouldn’t be a luxury item, but Biden’s tariffs mean they may remain so.

  22. The Billionaire Frank McCourt Mounts a Bid to Buy TikTok Business, May 15

    Mr. McCourt, a longtime critic of the way tech companies use data, sees acquiring TikTok as a chance to create an “alternative to the current internet.”

  23. ¿Cómo fue que China se convirtió en líder mundial de la fabricación de coches y paneles solares? En español, May 15

    Las subvenciones a la industria y la debilidad de las ventas al interior de China han preparado el terreno para un auge de las exportaciones del país, lo que hace temer la pérdida de puestos de trabajo en fábricas de otras partes del mundo.

  24. The West Doesn’t Understand How Much Russia Has Changed Op Ed, May 15

    Never before has it been so entwined with China.

  25. Few Chinese Electric Cars Are Sold in U.S., but Industry Fears a Flood Business, May 15

    Automakers in the United States and their supporters welcomed President Biden’s tariffs, saying they would protect domestic manufacturing and jobs from cheap Chinese vehicles.

  26. China Deploys Dozens of Ships to Block Philippine Protest Flotilla Foreign, May 15

    Filipino civilians set sail in fishing boats to oppose China’s control of a shoal claimed by the Philippines. A formidable Chinese fleet awaited them.

  27. YouTube Blocks Access to Protest Anthem in Hong Kong Business, May 15

    Responding to a court order, YouTube and its sister company, Google, will block viewers in the region from viewing videos of the song, “Glory to Hong Kong.”

  28. Preparing for the Second China Shock Op Ed, May 14

    Why the Biden administration is imposing new tariffs.

  29. Olimpiadas 2024: La autoridad antidopaje enfrenta una crisis de confianza En español, May 14

    Crece la preocupación de que el organismo encargado de mantener el deporte libre de drogas ilegales esté fracasando en su misión, lo que ha llevado al Congreso estadounidense a cuestionar si seguir apoyándola.

  30. U.K. Summons Chinese Ambassador for Reprimand as Tensions Rise Foreign, May 14

    Britain’s foreign office said it had reprimanded the Chinese ambassador, a day after three men were charged with assisting the Hong Kong intelligence service.

  31. Cohen Lays Out Hush-Money Plot, and Protest Shadows Israeli Holiday Podcasts, May 14

    Plus, a diss track tops the charts.

  32. The End of TikTok Is a Propaganda Win for Beijing Op Ed, May 14

    The TikTok law undermines America’s moral authority on maintaining open internet platforms.

  33. Biden Hits Chinese Electric Vehicles, Chips and Other Goods With Higher Tariffs Washington, May 14

    The president announced increased taxes on Chinese imports in strategic industries, building on former President Donald J. Trump’s tariffs.

  34. How China Rose to Lead the World in Cars and Solar Panels Business, May 14

    Heavy subsidies for industry, together with weak sales in China, have set the stage for an export boom, raising fears of factory job losses elsewhere.

  35. How Biden’s Trade War With China Differs From Trump’s Washington, May 14

    The president is trying a targeted approach, with allies, to beat Beijing in the race to own the clean energy future. Those weren’t his predecessor’s goals.

  36. The Scrappy World War II Pilots Who Took Flight for a Perilous Mission Book Review, May 14

    In the riveting “Skies of Thunder,” Caroline Alexander considers what it took to get supplies to Allied ground troops in China.

  37. Putin Will Visit Xi, Testing a ‘No Limits’ Partnership Foreign, May 14

    Moscow seeks more support for its war in Ukraine. But Beijing risks alienating Europe, a key trading partner needed to help revive China’s economy.

  38. Biden Bans Chinese Bitcoin Mine Near U.S. Nuclear Missile Base Investigative, May 14

    An investigation identified national security risks posed by a crypto facility in Wyoming. It is near an Air Force base and a data center doing work for the Pentagon.

  39. U.K. Police Charge 3 Men With Aiding Hong Kong Intelligence Service Foreign, May 13

    The three appeared in court on Monday after being arrested under Britain’s National Security Act. Eight other people detained in the case have been released.

  40. Chinese Woman Jailed for Reporting on Covid Is Set to Be Freed Foreign, May 13

    Yet Zhang Zhan’s supporters and human rights activists who had followed her case said they could not reach her or her family members.

  41. What Trump Could Do in Foreign Policy Might Surprise the World Op Ed, May 13

    His approach to foreign policy can be pragmatic or unpredictable — or both at the same time.

  42. China Is Raising Bullet Train Fares as Debts and Costs Balloon Business, May 13

    The politically fraught move comes as part of a broader push in China to stem losses at subsidized public services.

  43. Ahead of Olympics, World Anti-Doping Agency Faces a Trust Crisis Foreign, May 12

    Concerns are growing that the body whose job is keeping sports free of illegal drugs is failing at that mission, leading Congress to question U.S. support.

  44. China’s Dead-End Economy Is Bad News for Everyone Op Ed, May 11

    China’s economy has reached a dead end. Getting out will mean more trade friction with the United States.

  45. Aiming for Rosier Ties, Xi Wraps Up Europe Visit Foreign, May 10

    The red carpet receptions China’s leader received in France, Serbia and Hungary helped recast a strained relationship with the continent.

  46. U.S. to Announce New Tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicles Washington, May 10

    The administration could raise tariffs on electric vehicles from China to 100 percent in an attempt to protect American auto manufacturers.

  47. A Rise in Anti-China Sentiment in America Letters, May 10

    Readers discuss a troubling trend. Also: Rights at risk; the takeover at Columbia; Beethoven’s legacy; PEN America; Donald Trump’s empty oath.

  48. En China, un país gobernado por hombres, las mujeres encuentran una voz poderosa En español, May 10

    Las mujeres de Shanghái se reúnen en bares, salones y librerías para reivindicar su identidad mientras el líder del país pide que China adopte una “cultura de la maternidad”.

  49. Chinese Magnate in Straw Donor Scheme Agrees to Leave U.S. in Plea Deal Metro, May 9

    Hui Qin pleaded guilty to giving more than $10,000 in illegal political campaign donations to three candidates, including Mayor Eric Adams.

  50. The Case for Hope Op Ed, May 9

    After decades of reporting on the front lines, I am awed by the material and moral progress the world has made.

  51. A Judge’s Dilemma: How to Punish Trump for Gag Order Violations Letters, May 8

    Readers discuss Justice Juan Merchan’s options. Also: If there’s a Trump conviction; TikTok and China; abortion exceptions; saving the bees.

  52. China Rules the Green Economy. Here’s Why That’s a Problem for Biden. Climate, May 8

    Beijing’s dominance raises economic and security concerns, and tensions will be high as top climate diplomats meet this week.

  53. Biden Looks to Thwart Surge of Chinese Imports Washington, May 8

    The president has proposed new barriers to Chinese electric vehicles, steel and other goods in an attempt to protect his manufacturing agenda.

  54. TikTok’s Legal Bet on the First Amendment Business, May 8

    The popular video-sharing app faces uncertain odds as it takes its fight to court to turn back a potential ban in the United States.

  55. Hong Kong Court Bans Democracy Song, Calling It a ‘Weapon’ Business, May 8

    The decision could give the government power to force Google and other tech companies to limit access to “Glory to Hong Kong,” an anthem of 2019 protests.

  56. TikTok Sues U.S. Government Over Law Forcing Sale or Ban Business, May 7

    The social media company and its Chinese parent, ByteDance, sued to challenge the new law, saying it violated users’ First Amendment rights.

  57. China compra oro y eleva los precios a máximos históricos En español, May 7

    El precio mundial del oro ha alcanzado sus niveles más altos, ya que los inversores y consumidores chinos, recelosos del sector inmobiliario y las acciones, compran el metal a un ritmo récord.

  58. U.K. Armed Forces’ Data Is Exposed in Hostile Cyberattack Foreign, May 7

    A payroll system used by Britain’s Ministry of Defense was targeted in a cyberattack that some lawmakers alleged was orchestrated by China.

  59. At Least 2 Dead in Hospital Knife Attack in China Express, May 7

    At least 21 other people were injured during the stabbing rampage in the southwestern province of Yunnan, the police said. A suspect was arrested.

  60. In the Midst of a Revolution, One Girl’s Perilous Escape Book Review, May 7

    Inspired by her grandmother, Eve J. Chung’s lively novel, “Daughters of Shandong,” traces a harrowing journey across 1950s Communist China.

  61. When I Look at You, Will You Look at Me? Op Ed, May 7

    A long-due conversation between a man and his mother sends the two of them on a quest for acceptance and love.

  62. Will You Look at Me Video, May 7

    When a young Chinese filmmaker returns to his hometown in search of himself, a long-due conversation with his mother dives the two of them into a quest for acceptance and love.

  63. A New Diplomatic Strategy Emerges as Artificial Intelligence Grows Washington, May 7

    The new U.S. approach to cyberthreats comes as early optimism about a “global internet” connecting the world has been shattered.

  64. Xi Bristles at Criticism of China Over the War in Ukraine Foreign, May 6

    Talks in Paris with President Macron produced a call for an “Olympics truce” this summer but no concrete progress on Beijing putting pressure on Russia.

  65. What to Know About Xi Jinping’s Trip to Europe Foreign, May 6

    The Chinese president this week will be visiting France, Serbia and Hungary. His trip comes at a time of tensions with many European countries over trade and accusations of Chinese espionage.

  66. When Buying a Home Is Treated as a National Security Threat National, May 6

    A new Florida law prohibits many Chinese citizens from buying homes because of national security concerns. Critics say it has fueled discrimination and chilled the local property market.

  67. Let’s All Take a Deep Breath About China Op Ed, May 6

    Anxiety about China is making American policymakers react in paranoid, repressive ways.

  68. In China, Ruled by Men, Women Quietly Find a Powerful Voice Business, May 6

    Women in Shanghai gather in bars, salons and bookstores to reclaim their identities as the country’s leader calls for China to adopt a “childbearing culture.”

  69. Xi Visits Europe, Seeking Strategic Opportunity Foreign, May 5

    The Chinese leader has carefully chosen three countries — France, Serbia and Hungary — that to varying degrees embrace Beijing’s push for a new global order.

  70. China Is Buying Gold Like There’s No Tomorrow Business, May 5

    The global price of gold has reached its highest levels as Chinese investors and consumers, wary of real estate and stocks, buy the metal at a record pace.

  71. Cheers, Fears and ‘Le Wokisme’: How the World Sees U.S. Campus Protests Foreign, May 3

    Abroad, some have praised the demonstrations. Others call the crackdowns evidence of American hypocrisy, or of a nation coming apart.

  72. China pisa el acelerador en el desarrollo de los vehículos eléctricos En español, May 3

    Una conducción autónoma más capaz es solo una de las maneras en que los fabricantes de automóviles chinos amenazan con tomar la delantera: sus vehículos eléctricos también se están volviendo más grandes y espaciosos.

  73. The Death of a Treaty Could Be a Lifesaver for Taiwan Washington, May 3

    Since pulling out of an arms-limitation agreement with Russia in 2019, the U.S. has quickly developed new weapons that could be used to stop a Chinese invasion force.

  74. Noisy, Gaudy and Spiritual: Young Pilgrims Embrace an Ancient Goddess Foreign, May 3

    On an island whose religious diversity is part of its democratic identity, many of the faithful participating in a pilgrimage for Mazu, Goddess of the Sea, were in their 20s and teens.

  75. China Launches Spacecraft to the Far Side of the Moon Science, May 3

    If successful, the Chang’e-6 mission will be the first in history to return a sample from a part of the moon that we never get to see from Earth.

  76. Apple Reports Decline in Sales and Profit Amid iPhone Struggles in China Business, May 2

    The company continues to lean on customers’ appetite for apps and services, as demand for its devices weakens.

  77. Campus Protests Give Russia, China and Iran Fuel to Exploit U.S. Divide Business, May 2

    America’s adversaries have mounted online campaigns to amplify the social and political conflicts over Gaza flaring at universities, researchers say.

  78. Republicans Step Up Attacks on Scientist at Heart of Lab Leak Theory Science, May 1

    A heated hearing produced no new evidence that Peter Daszak or his nonprofit, EcoHealth Alliance, were implicated in the Covid outbreak.

  79. Giant Pandas Are Returning to San Diego, China Announces Washington, May 1

    “Panda diplomacy” has represented an area of cooperation between the United States and China despite tension over weighty issues of trade and national security.

  80. U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Chinese Companies for Aiding Russia’s War Effort Washington, May 1

    The penalties came after top Biden administration officials warned China not to help Moscow restock its arsenal to attack Ukraine.

  81. Chinese Scientist Who Shared Covid Sequence Protests Lab Closure Foreign, May 1

    Professor Zhang Yongzhen had flouted a government ban by disclosing the genome of the Covid virus soon after it emerged in Wuhan in 2020.

  82. Expressway Collapses in Southern China Amid Heavy Rains, Killing 36 Foreign, May 1

    The road gave way Wednesday morning in an apparent landslide. At least 30 other people were injured, many of them seriously.

  83. China’s Electric Cars Keep Improving, a Worry for Rivals Elsewhere Business, May 1

    More capable autonomous driving is just one way Chinese automakers are threatening to pull ahead — their E.V.s are also becoming bigger and roomier.

  84. The Prevalence of Standing Ovations Letters, April 30

    Responses to John McWhorter’s lament that their ubiquity has rendered them meaningless. Also: China and climate; kids’ reactions to news; debate conditions.

  85. Hamas and Fatah Officials, Longtime Rivals, Met in China Foreign, April 30

    The Chinese government did not say when the talks between the main Palestinian factions were held. Expectations for progress were low.

  86. The Secret Push That Could Ban TikTok The Daily, April 30

    U.S. lawmakers have long worried that the Chinese government could use the app to spread propaganda.

  87. Singing for the Dead, a Woman Finds Her Purpose Book Review, April 30

    Wenyan Lu’s novel, “The Funeral Cryer,” explores a Chinese tradition through a modern, more personal lens.

  88. Tesla Reaches Deals in China on Self-Driving Cars Business, April 29

    Elon Musk met with the country’s premier, a longtime Tesla ally, and secured regulatory nods and a necessary partnership with a Chinese tech company.

  89. When It Comes to TikTok, the World’s Democracies Have Played the Sucker for Far Too Long Op Ed, April 29

    With its TikTok bill, Congress sent a message to the world: You cannot disregard basic internet norms and expect to be treated like any other country.

  90. This Isn’t the China I Remember Op Ed, April 29

    Chinese pride and triumphalism have given way to malaise in the post-Covid era.

  91. Tornado Kills 5 in Guangzhou, a Chinese City Battered by Recent Rains Foreign, April 28

    Videos shared by Chinese official media showed transmission towers and power lines igniting and debris swirling in the air in the city, a manufacturing and technology hub by the Pearl River.

  92. Cuando los funcionarios de EE. UU. visitan China, la elección de la comida también puede ser un gesto geopolítico En español, April 27

    Las visitas de funcionarios estadounidenses a China, como la del secretario de Estado, Antony Blinken, pueden dar fama a los restaurantes locales, así como someter a los dignatarios al escrutinio.

  93. Blinken Meets Xi, and Supreme Court Considers Presidential Immunity Podcasts, April 26

    Plus, Haiti gets a new government.

  94. TikTok on the Clock, Tesla’s Flop Era and How NASA Fixed a ’70s-Era Space Computer Podcasts, April 26

    “A clock is ticking on one of America’s most famous apps.”

  95. A New Pacific Arsenal to Counter China Interactive, April 26

    With missiles, submarines and alliances, the Biden administration has built a presence in the region to rein in Beijing’s expansionist goals.

  96. When U.S. Diplomats Visit China, Meal Choices Are About More Than Taste Buds Express, April 26

    Visits to China by American officials like Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken can bring fame to local restaurants, as well as scrutiny to the dignitaries.

  97. Xi and Blinken Trade Small Nods Over a Large Gap Foreign, April 26

    The U.S. secretary of state and the Chinese leader struck conciliatory notes in Beijing. But there was no budging on, or hiding, their governments’ core differences.

  98. WADA Appoints Special Prosecutor in Chinese Doping Case Foreign, April 25

    The decision to review the handling of positive tests collected from 23 swimmers came after an outcry from athletes and antidoping regulators.

  99. Key Solar Panel Ingredient Is Made in the U.S.A. Again Business, April 25

    REC Silicon says it will soon start shipping polysilicon, which has come mostly from China, reviving a Washington State factory that shut down in 2019.

  100. A Chinese Firm Is America’s Favorite Drone Maker. Except in Washington. Washington, April 25

    U.S. authorities consider DJI a security threat. Congress is weighing legislation to ban it, prompting a lobbying campaign from the company, which dominates the commercial and consumer drone markets.

  101. Juggling Campaign and Foreign Policy, Biden Sends Complicated Messages Washington, April 25

    The president signed a bill that could ban TikTok even as his re-election team uses it to reach young voters. It was hardly the first internal disparity on matters around the globe.

  102. These Issues Are Testing the U.S.-China Thaw Foreign, April 25

    Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken is in China this week as tensions have risen over trade, security, Russia’s war on Ukraine and the Middle East crisis.

  103. Blinken Tours China to Promote Some Ties, While the U.S. Severs Others Foreign, April 25

    Tensions over economic ties are running high, threatening to disrupt a fragile cooperation between the U.S. and China.

  104. There Is No TikTok in China, but There Is Douyin. Here’s What It Is. Business, April 25

    ByteDance owns both TikTok and Douyin, and although TikTok has more users around the world, Douyin is the company’s cash cow and a China mainstay.

  105. A Megaraptor Emerges From Footprint Fossils Science, April 24

    A series of foot tracks in southeastern China points to the discovery of a giant velociraptor relative, paleontologists suggest in a new study.

  106. ‘Thunder Run’: Behind Lawmakers’ Secretive Push to Pass the TikTok Bill Business, April 24

    A tiny group of lawmakers huddled in private about a year ago, aiming to keep the discussions away from TikTok lobbyists while bulletproofing a bill that could ban the app.

  107. A Dangerous Game Is Underway in Asia Op Ed, April 24

    The new alliance structure Washington is pursuing in Asia won’t guarantee peace and stability — and may raise the risk of stumbling into a conflict.

  108. Blinken Goes to China With Potential Trouble on Horizon Foreign, April 24

    The secretary of state’s visit comes as Democrats and Republicans are vying to appear tougher on China.

  109. Here’s What’s in the Foreign Aid Package That Is About to Become Law Washington, April 23

    Assistance for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan is paired with legislation to impose fresh rounds of sanctions on Iran and Russia and a measure that could lead to a ban on TikTok in the United States.

  110. ‘It Is Desolate’: China’s Glut of Unused Car Factories Business, April 23

    Manufacturers like BYD, Tesla and Li Auto are cutting prices to move their electric cars. For gasoline-powered vehicles, the surplus of factories is even worse.

  111. Germany Arrests Aide to E.U. Lawmaker on Suspicion of Spying for China Foreign, April 23

    The move came just hours after the authorities detained three other people suspected of passing secrets to Beijing.

  112. Slide Over, Auntie: Young Chinese Find Tasty Meals in Senior Canteens Business, April 23

    The community canteens, offering huge plates for a dollar or two, have become popular among penny-pinching young professionals.

  113. San Francisco Mayor Gives Panda Diplomacy a Try National, April 23

    In a city still struggling to recover from the pandemic, Mayor London Breed hopes giant pandas will lift the spirits — and the economy — of San Francisco.

  114. Top Biden Official Calls for Inquiry Into Chinese Doping Case Foreign, April 22

    The administration’s top drug official, Rahul Gupta, said he would bring up the handling of Chinese swimmers’ positive tests at a meeting of sports officials this week.

  115. Three Places Changing Quickly to Fight Climate Change Climate, April 22

    Paris is becoming a city of bikes. Across China, people are snapping up $5,000 electric cars. On Earth Day, a look at a few bright spots for emission reductions.

  116. As Relations Thaw, China Lifts Tariffs on Australian Wine Business, March 28

    Despite its thirst for Australian wine, China had taxed the imports in 2020 over a dispute about Covid-19.

  117. Furry Slippers and Sweatpants: Young Chinese Embrace ‘Gross Outfits’ at Work Business, March 24

    The social media movement is the latest sign that some of China’s young people are resisting the compulsion to strive.

  118. China tiene una nueva agenda económica, y se parece a la anterior En español, March 6

    En la Asamblea Popular Nacional de esta semana, los dirigentes chinos fijaron un ambicioso objetivo de crecimiento: exactamente el mismo que el año pasado.

  119. China Wants to Look Open. Under the Surface, Xi’s Grip Is Clear. Foreign, March 5

    At China’s big political show, nervous exchanges with journalists and the tightly scripted pageantry showed how Xi Jinping has centralized control.

  120. China’s New Economic Agenda, a Lot Like the Old One: Takeaways Business, March 5

    At the National People’s Congress on Tuesday, China’s leaders set an ambitious goal for growth, exactly the same one as last year.

  121. Severe Weather Disrupts Travel in China Ahead of Lunar New Year Express, February 5

    Hundreds of flights and trains have been canceled as China’s most important holiday approaches, and more bad weather is in the forecast.

  122. China’s Travel Economy Is Slowly Coming Back. Here’s Where It Stands. Business, January 23

    Over a year after China opened its borders following the pandemic, international trips are still lagging, although domestic travel is more popular.

  123. Before the Coronavirus Pandemic, Overlooked Clues From Chinese Scientists Science, January 18

    Newly released documents indicate that a U.S. genetic database had received the sequence of the coronavirus two weeks before it was made public by others.

  124. China’s Economy Spooks Markets, and Hong Kong Stocks Sink Business, January 17

    Pessimism among investors was most pronounced in Hong Kong, where stocks have plunged by 10 percent so far this year.

  125. China’s Economy Grew Last Year, but Strains Lurk Behind the Numbers Business, January 17

    Gross domestic product expanded 5.2 percent, as China worked to export more to make up for weak demand, high debt and a steep property contraction at home.

  126. U.S. Health Officials Push Back on Idea of New Virus in China Science, December 1

    A surge of children has been hospitalized in China for respiratory illnesses, but international health authorities said the cause was common viruses and bacteria.

  127. Growing Numbers of Chinese Migrants Are Crossing the Southern Border Washington, November 24

    More than 24,000 Chinese citizens have been apprehended crossing into the United States from Mexico in the past year. That is more than in the preceding 10 years combined.

  128. W.H.O. Says China Has Shared Data Indicating No Novel Pathogen Foreign, November 24

    The W.H.O. had requested detailed information about a reported surge in respiratory illnesses in children in China. Chinese data suggested the surge was caused by known bacteria and viruses.

  129. W.H.O. Asks China for Details on Surge of Respiratory Illness in Children Foreign, November 23

    Reports of overcrowding at pediatric hospitals in China have raised concerns about a jump in respiratory illnesses affecting children.

  130. Chinese Hospital Overloaded as Child Respiratory Illnesses Surge Video, November 23

    Families crowded the waiting room and registration area of Capital Institute of Pediatrics, a hospital in Beijing, with respiratory illnesses in children increasing in the country.

  131. Impulsaron el ascenso de China. Ahora muchos no tienen apoyo En español, November 2

    Migraron de los pueblos a las metrópolis de China para mantener a sus familias y sus salarios bajos ayudaron al país a convertirse en la fábrica del mundo. Hoy, con poco empleo y sin prestaciones, temen por el futuro.

  132. They Propelled China’s Rise. Now They Have Nothing to Fall Back On. Business, November 1

    Migrant workers, who moved from China’s villages to its big cities, were a secret weapon building the economy. Now many see few options.

  133. Lab Leak Fight Casts Chill Over Virology Research Science, October 16

    Scientists doing “gain-of-function” research said that heightened fears of lab leaks are stalling studies that could thwart the next pandemic virus.

  134. Luring Theater Audiences Back After Covid Letters, September 10

    Readers discuss the decline in theater subscribers after the pandemic. Also: Northern Ireland; food allergies; a Covid playmate; anti-China bias.

  135. Meta’s ‘Biggest Single Takedown’ Removes Chinese Influence Campaign Business, August 29

    The campaign began at least four years ago and spanned thousands of accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X, Substack and Chinese websites, Meta said.

  136. Today’s Top News: A Makeshift Wagner Memorial in Moscow, and More Podcasts, August 28

    Exclusively from New York Times Audio, our new app.

  137. The Problems With China’s Economy Start at the Top Op Ed, August 26

    Consumers and businesses are losing confidence in Xi Jinping’s government.

  138. The Sunday Read: ‘The Ongoing Mystery of Covid’s Origin’ The Daily, August 20

    We still don’t know how the pandemic started. Here’s what we do know — and why it matters.

  139. The Covid Origins Debate N Y T Now, July 26

    The picture has changed as more evidence emerges, but we might never get a clear answer.

  140. The Ongoing Mystery of Covid’s Origin Magazine, July 25

    We still don’t know how the pandemic started. Here's what we do know — and why it matters.

  141. Official Data Hinted at China’s Hidden Covid Toll. Then It Vanished. Video, July 19

    Epidemiologists say a rise in cremations in an eastern province was the latest indication that the country’s official death toll from Covid is a vast undercount.

  142. China’s Economic Rebound Hits a Wall The Daily, July 17

    When the country ended its lockdowns, business was expected to come roaring back. Here’s why it didn’t.

  143. For North Koreans in China, Seeking Freedom Is More Perilous Than Ever Foreign, July 9

    Recent efforts to help people escape Kim Jong-un’s regime via China have been thwarted by digital surveillance, profiteering and the pandemic.

  144. U.S. Intelligence Report Finds No Clear Evidence of Covid Origins in Wuhan Lab Washington, June 24

    A declassified report says that the illnesses of three laboratory researchers in 2019 do not support or refute the theory that the virus that causes Covid could have slipped out of a lab.

  145. The Government Must Say What It Knows About Covid’s Origins Op Ed, June 21

    Transparency is how to fight misinformation.

  146. U.S. Intelligence Agencies May Never Find Covid’s Origins, Officials Say Washington, June 21

    The agencies are expected to release declassified material on what they have learned about Covid’s origins. People briefed on the material say there is no smoking gun.

  147. Por qué parece que ya no sabemos nada de la economía global En español, June 20

    Mientras prestábamos atención a la pandemia, China y Ucrania, los caminos hacia la prosperidad y los intereses comunes se han oscurecido.

  148. Why It Seems Everything We Knew About the Global Economy Is No Longer True Business, June 18

    While the world’s eyes were on the pandemic, China and the war in Ukraine, the paths to prosperity and shared interests have grown murkier.

  149. Fact-Checking Nikki Haley on the Campaign Trail Washington, June 17

    The Republican presidential candidate has made inaccurate or misleading claims about abortion, trans youth, foreign policy and domestic issues.

  150. World Bank Projects Weak Global Growth Amid Rising Interest Rates Business, June 6

    A new report projects that economic growth will slow this year and remain weak in 2024.