1. Trump Administration to Announce Plan to Open Tongass Forest to Logging Climate, Yesterday

    The effort to open the Alaskan wilderness area, the nation’s largest national forest, has been in the works for about two years.

  2. Ocean Heat Waves Are Directly Linked to Climate Change Climate, Yesterday

    The “blob” of hotter ocean water that killed sea lions and other marine life in 2014 and 2015 may become permanent.

  3. Gavin Newsom: ‘We Decided to Pull the Band-Aid Off’ Editorial, Yesterday

    Twenty months into his term, California’s governor faces a pandemic and an environmental crisis. He speaks to Kara Swisher about his plan to save the “state of resistance.”

  4. California Plans to Ban Sales of New Gas-Powered Cars in 15 Years Climate, September 23

    The proposal would speed up the state’s efforts to fight global warming at a time when California is being battered by wildfires, heat waves and other consequences of climate change.

  5. E.P.A. Rejects Its Own Findings That a Pesticide Harms Children’s Brains Climate, September 23

    The agency’s new assessment directly contradicts federal scientists’ conclusions five years ago that chlorpyrifos can stunt brain development in young children.

  6. Heat and Drought Team Up More Frequently, With Disastrous Results Climate, September 23

    A new study finds that what used to be a rare weather double whammy has been occurring more frequently in recent decades because of climate change.

  7. Incendios alrededor del mundo: no solo arde el oeste de Estados Unidos en Español, September 23

    Las temperaturas extremas y las sequías más severas, resultado del cambio climático causado por el hombre, han creado un mundo que está listo para arder.

  8. Getting Climate Into the Presidential Debates Climate, September 23

    Also this week, learning to live with smoke. And, climate experts talk about the future.

  9. We’ll Have to Learn to Live With Smoke. Here’s Why. Climate, September 23

    There’s a huge fire debt in the West that must be paid off, experts say, either through controlled burns or out-of-control blazes. Either way, that means smoke.

  10. China’s Pledge to Be Carbon Neutral by 2060: What It Means Foreign, September 23

    Under international pressure to do more to address global warming, Xi Jinping made a surprise commitment to drastically reduce emissions. Now comes the hard part.

  11. Election and Supreme Court Fight Will Decide Trump’s Environmental Legacy Climate, September 23

    Court losses are piling up for President Trump's environmental deregulation agenda. But a second term in the White House could help them stick.

  12. Trump’s Motto: Your Money or Your Life Op Ed, September 22

    The president claims you have to make a choice, but you don’t.

  13. Climate Disruption Is Now Locked In. The Next Moves Will Be Crucial. Climate, September 22

    The Times spoke to two dozen experts who said decisions made now would spell the difference between a difficult future and something far worse.

  14. China, in Pointed Message to U.S., Tightens Its Climate Targets Climate, September 22

    President Xi Jinping pledged, among other goals, to achieve “carbon neutrality by 2060.” It was China’s boldest promise yet on climate change.

  15. Republican Hypocrisy on Nominations Letters, September 22

    A reader writes that the “pretzel-like contortions to agree to quickly filling Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Supreme Court seat are appalling.” Also: It’s about the makeup; wildfires and climate.

  16. ‘Kiss the Ground’ Review: Regenerating Hope for the Climate Culture, September 22

    An optimistic climate documentary narrated by Woody Harrelson argues for the healing power of soil, which could offer a solution to the climate crisis.

  17. Democratic Donors Push Biden for a Cabinet Free of Fossil Fuel Connections Climate, September 22

    A group of more than 60 donors is urging Joe Biden to renounce advisers with ties to the fossil fuel industry.

  18. We Made Wildfire an Enemy for 110 Years. It Could Have Been an Ally. Special Sections, September 22

    Starting with the Big Blowup of 1910, the U.S. Forest Service’s strategy mostly has been to put out fires as fast as possible. With climate change and shifting populations, we’re losing that war.

  19. We Made Wildfire an Enemy for 110 Years. It Could Have Been an Ally. Special Sections, September 22

    Starting with the Big Blowup of 1910, the U.S. Forest Service’s strategy mostly has been to put out fires as fast as possible. With climate change and shifting populations, we’re losing that war.

  20. We Made Wildfire an Enemy for 110 Years. It Could Have Been an Ally. Special Sections, September 22

    Starting with the Big Blowup of 1910, the U.S. Forest Service’s strategy mostly has been to put out fires as fast as possible. With climate change and shifting populations, we’re losing that war.

  21. Arctic Sea Ice Reaches a Low, Just Missing Record Climate, September 21

    Only 2012 had less sea ice coverage, scientists say, as climate change takes its toll in the region.

  22. An Alaska Mine Project Might Be Bigger Than Acknowledged Climate, September 21

    In secretly recorded meetings, executives with the Pebble Mine project said the operation could run nine times longer than outlined in their permit filings.

  23. U.S. and European Oil Giants Go Different Ways on Climate Change Business, September 21

    While BP and other European companies invest billions in renewable energy, Exxon and Chevron are committed to fossil fuels and betting on moonshots.

  24. A New York Clock That Told Time Now Tells the Time Remaining Culture, September 20

    Metronome’s digital clock in Manhattan has been reprogrammed to illustrate a critical window for action to prevent the effects of global warming from becoming irreversible.

  25. How California Became Ground Zero for Climate Disasters Climate, September 20

    The engineering and land management that enabled the state’s tremendous growth have left it more vulnerable to climate shocks — and those shocks are getting worse.

  26. How California Became Ground Zero for Climate Disasters Climate, September 20

    The engineering and land management that enabled the state’s tremendous growth have left it more vulnerable to climate shocks — and those shocks are getting worse.

  27. Fire Lessons From Australia’s South Coast Foreign, September 19

    Australia’s South Coast was hammered by last year’s fires. Now it’s time to prepare for another fire season.

  28. After Fire and Floods, Glimmers of Hope Editorial, September 19

    Americans may be finding some common sense about building homes in vulnerable areas.

  29. Capturing the Faces of Climate Migration Summary, September 19

    A Times Magazine series examines how climate change will force millions worldwide to move. Recently, Meridith Kohut photographed people on the front lines of this shift. In America.

  30. Oregon Rain Brings New Threat After the Fires: Landslides Climate, September 18

    Heavy downpours can bring destructive mudslides now, or in years to come.

  31. Biden y Trump encuentran en los incendios forestales un nuevo frente en la batalla por los suburbios en Español, September 17

    Los incendios no solían ser un tema en las campañas presidenciales. Hasta ahora: Biden está posicionando el asunto para atraer votantes preocupados por el cambio climático.

  32. A Climate Center on Governors Island? Could Be a Game Changer Culture, September 17

    A rezoning proposal that has been floating around is finally up for city review. This kind of development is just what New York needs now.

  33. El Ártico está en transición a un nuevo clima por el calentamiento global en Español, September 17

    Mar abierto y lluvia, en lugar de hielo y nieve, son condiciones cada vez más típicas de la región, según un nuevo estudio científico.

  34. Hurricane Sally’s Fierce Rain Shows How Climate Change Raises Storm Risks Climate, September 16

    Staggering rain totals, fueled by a warming atmosphere that can hold more moisture, are being recorded from the storm.

  35. As Wildfires Rage, California Presses Insurers to Cut Rates Climate, September 16

    But the changes could backfire, experts say, pushing more insurers to stop offering coverage in areas where fire risk is rising because of climate change.

  36. A season of climate-fueled disasters Climate, September 16

    Wildfires are still scorching the West as a hurricane hits the South

  37. It’s Not Just the West. These Places Are Also on Fire. Climate, September 16

    Extreme temperatures and more severe droughts, the result of human-caused climate change, have created a world that’s ready to burn.

  38. Blazes on West Coast Scorch Habitats for Endangered Species National, September 16

    The fast-moving fires have wiped out critical populations of endangered species and incinerated native habitats that may take years to recover.

  39. It’s Not Just the West. These Places Are Also on Fire. Climate, September 16

    Extreme temperatures and more severe droughts, the result of human-caused climate change, have created a world that’s ready to burn.

  40. Human Weakness Is Responsible for This Poisonous Air Op Ed, September 16

    Maybe the wildfires will finally force America to recognize that.

  41. Hurricane Sally Is a Slow-Moving Threat. Climate Change Might Be Why. National, September 15

    Scientists say that climate change, which has also contributed to the wildfires on the West Coast, helped intensify a storm that is unleashing a deluge in Florida, Alabama and Mississippi.

  42. A New Front in the Biden-Trump Battle for the Suburbs: Wildfires Politics, September 15

    An issue that has always been on the sidelines in presidential campaigns may be coming to the forefront as Joseph Biden seeks to cast climate change, not violence, as the real and immediate threat to the suburbs.

  43. How to Fight a Wildfire: Grueling Work and Managing Risks Climate, September 15

    Basic firefighting techniques have changed little in decades — but fires themselves are now changing as the world warms, complicating an already perilous profession.

  44. The Wildfires Show That Stopping Climate Change Is No Longer Enough Op Ed, September 15

    We have to adapt to it, too.

  45. ‘Nothing to Do With Climate Change’: Conservative Media and Trump Align on Fires Business, September 15

    Rush Limbaugh and Tucker Carlson dismiss scientists’ determination that climate change is a key culprit in West Coast wildfires.

  46. Why Hurricane Sally Could Bring a Deluge Climate, September 15

    Scientists know climate change has made storms wetter. There’s evidence that it makes some slower, too. It all adds up to trouble when they hit land.

  47. Trump, Covid and Climate Change: What He Says vs. What He Knows Letters, September 15

    One reader cites an ad that the president signed in 2009 warning about the perils of climate change. Others criticize him for holding large indoor rallies.

  48. Forecasters Are Running Out of Names This Hurricane Season. What Then? Express, September 15

    Barely halfway through what one meteorologist called a “hyperactive” season, there is only one entry left on the 21-name list used for storms.

  49. Forecasters Are Running Out of Names This Hurricane Season. What Then? U.S., September 15

    Barely halfway through what one meteorologist called a “hyperactive” season, there is only one entry left on the 21-name list used for storms.

  50. A ‘Crossroads’ for Humanity: Earth’s Biodiversity Is Still Collapsing Climate, September 15

    Countries have made insufficient progress on international goals designed to halt a catastrophic slide, a new report found.

  51. A Trump-Biden Split Screen on Climate Politics, September 15

    In California, the president blamed forest management for the fires: This is your morning tip sheet.

  52. How Climate Migration Will Reshape America Interactive, September 15

    Millions will be displaced in the coming decades by fires, hurricanes, extreme heat and rising seas. Where will they go?

  53. Matthew Yglesias Thinks There Should Be ‘One Billion Americans’ Book Review, September 15

    In his new book, the journalist and co-founder of Vox argues that dramatic population growth could revitalize the nation.

  54. As Trump Again Rejects Science, Biden Calls Him a ‘Climate Arsonist’ Washington, September 14

    The president visited California after weeks of silence on its wildfires and blamed the crisis only on poor forest management, not climate change. “I don’t think science knows” what is happening, he said.

  55. 3 Takeaways From the New York Times/Siena College Poll Politics, September 14

    President Trump and Joe Biden can both point to advantages in our new poll of Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire and Wisconsin.

  56. The Arctic Is Shifting to a New Climate Because of Global Warming Climate, September 14

    Open water and rain, rather than ice and snow, are becoming typical of the region, a new study has found.

  57. Australia’s Witnesses to Fire’s Fury Are Desperate to Avoid a Sequel Foreign, September 14

    Eight months after blazes devastated a wide swath of Australia, the most battered communities are trying to burn their way to safety as another fire season approaches.

  58. The Outrage Diet Op Ed, September 14

    What are we supposed to do with all this fury?

  59. In Visiting a Charred California, Trump Confronts a Scientific Reality He Denies Washington, September 13

    A president who has mocked climate change and pushed policies that accelerate it is set to be briefed on the scorched earth and ash-filled skies that experts say are the predictable result.

  60. A Secret Recording Reveals Oil Executives’ Private Views on Climate Change Climate, September 12

    At a meeting last year, industry leaders contradicted public claims that emissions of climate-warming methane are under control

  61. In Oregon, a New Climate Menace: Fires Raging Where They Don’t Usually Burn Climate, September 12

    The northwest part of the state, usually much wetter, has dried out this year, enabling flames driven by powerful winds to “just explode down these canyons.”

  62. Incendios incontrolables, cielos anaranjados y agua contaminada: el cambio climático se respira en California en Español, September 12

    Si hace una década el cambio climático era una noción algo abstracta, hoy es sumamente real para los californianos que huyen de los incendios forestales y están asfixiados por una manta de humo, en el peor año de incendios que se ha registrado.

  63. The Raging Wildfires in the West Letters, September 11

    Readers urge action on climate change, worry about the economic impact on Napa wineries and praise police officers helping with evacuations.

  64. A Self-Perpetuating Cycle of Wildfires Podcasts, September 11

    A pattern of building and rebuilding has increased the destructiveness of the fires ravaging the American West.

  65. I’ve Never Seen the American West in Such Deep Distress Op Ed, September 11

    We’re choking on smoke and staring out at Martian-red skies in a world becoming uninhabitable.

  66. California’s Air Quality Is Poor. Here’s How to Protect Yourself. Climate, September 11

    Wildfire smoke spreads misery, including health problems, far beyond fire zones. We have key facts and tips.

  67. A Climate Reckoning in Fire-Stricken California National, September 10

    If climate change was a somewhat abstract notion a decade ago, today it is all too real for Californians fleeing wildfires and smothered in a blanket of smoke, the worst year of fires on record.

  68. La Niña May Worsen Southwest Drought This Winter Climate, September 10

    Climate forecasters said the pattern would affect weather across the globe.

  69. When the Otters Vanished, Everything Else Started to Crumble Science, September 10

    Against the backdrop of climate change, the delicate underwater ecology of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands is hurting from declines in otters.

  70. These Changes Are Needed Amid Worsening Wildfires, Experts Say Climate, September 10

    The blazes scorching the West highlight the urgency of rethinking fire management policies, as climate change threatens to make things worse.

  71. Pay People to Get Vaccinated Sunday Business, September 9

    Once a reliable vaccine exists, it won’t stop the pandemic unless most people are willing to take it. Economics provides a solution.

  72. The ‘Straightforward’ Link Between Climate and California’s Fires Climate, September 9

    Also this week: They led the E.P.A. as Republicans. Now, they’re backing Biden.

  73. The ‘Great Environmentalist’ President Politics, September 9

    Trump seeks to muddy the waters on his climate record: This is your morning tip sheet.

  74. Federal Report Warns of Financial Havoc From Climate Change Climate, September 8

    A report commissioned by President Trump’s Commodity Futures Trading Commission issued dire warnings about climate change’s impact on financial markets.

  75. Trump, Calling Himself ‘the No. 1 Environmental President,’ Green Washes His Record Washington, September 8

    President Trump traveled to Florida to declare himself “a great environmentalist,” extending a moratorium on offshore oil drilling that his administration had moved to end.

  76. The Climate Connection to California’s Wildfires Climate, September 8

    As fires spread through California during a global pandemic, read some of our past coverage about what’s causing them and what might help contain them.

  77. Imagine if We Listened to Scientists Before the Hurricane Op Ed, September 8

    When community members know more about how to protect their homes and businesses, they become more resilient to disaster.

  78. Protecting Forests From Climate Change Letters, September 7

    A conservationist argues for a more proactive approach in the face of decline. Also: If you’re a morning person.

  79. Land in Russia’s Arctic Blows ‘Like a Bottle of Champagne’ Foreign, September 5

    Since finding the first crater in 2014, Russian scientists have documented 16 more explosions in the Arctic caused by gas trapped in thawing permafrost.

  80. Americans Back Tough Limits on Building in Fire and Flood Zones Climate, September 4

    A majority support outright bans on construction in disaster-prone areas, as well as paying people to move, researchers say — policies that local governments have been reluctant to adopt.

  81. I Live in California. How Do I Know It’s Safe to Go Outside? Op Ed, September 4

    A high-tech sensor network brought me closer to the natural cycles of my environment.

  82. How the Green New Deal Saved a Senator’s Career Op Ed, September 4

    There are lessons here for Joe Biden.

  83. Getting Climate Studies Into Schools Climate, September 2

    Also this week, a quiz: How well can you gauge your personal contribution to climate change?

  84. Wildfires Hasten Another Climate Crisis: Homeowners Who Can’t Get Insurance Climate, September 2

    Insurers, facing huge losses, have been pulling back from fire-prone areas across California. “The marketplace has largely collapsed,” an advocate for counties in the state said.

  85. Melting Glaciers Are Filling Unstable Lakes. And They’re Growing. Science, September 2

    A census of the world’s glacial lakes shows there are more than there used to be, and their water volume is growing.

  86. E.P.A. Relaxes Rules Limiting Toxic Waste From Coal Plants Climate, August 31

    The agency weakened Obama-era rules meant to keep metals and other pollution out of rivers and streams, saving industry tens of millions of dollars.

  87. Hawk. Lizard. Mole. Human. Op Ed, August 31

    Because William Blake was right: Every living thing is holy.

  88. Texas Is Running Out of Near Misses Op Ed, August 28

    We survived Hurricane Laura, but the Gulf Coast needs better surge protections for the next one.

  89. California, We Can’t Go On Like This Op Ed, August 26

    Virus, heat, fire, blackouts. It’s just another summer in the nation’s most populous state.

  90. How Decades of Racist Housing Policy Left Neighborhoods Sweltering Interactive, August 24

    Redlining helped reshape the urban landscape of U.S. cities. It also left communities of color far more vulnerable to rising heat.

  91. Here's What Extreme Heat Looks Like: Profoundly Unequal Interactive, August 6

    Earth is overheating. This year is poised to be one of the hottest ever. Millions are already feeling the pain, but the agony of extreme heat is profoundly unequal across the globe.

  92. Viaje al interior de las temibles tormentas de Córdoba Interactive, July 23

    Los científicos estudian el clima extremo en una provincia de Argentina para comprender su funcionamiento y aprender algo sobre los monstruosos fenómenos climáticos del futuro.

  93. The Great Climate Migration Has Begun Interactive, July 23

    New research suggests climate change will cause humans to move in unprecedented numbers. The Times Magazine partnered with ProPublica and data scientists to understand how.

  94. What’s Going on Inside the Fearsome Thunderstorms of Córdoba Province? Interactive, July 22

    Scientists are studying the extreme weather in northern Argentina to see how it works — and what it can tell us about the monster storms in our future.

  95. Learning From the Kariba Dam Interactive, July 22

    Climate change and neglect have brought the mammoth structure at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe to the brink of calamity — a crisis prefigured in the dam’s troubling colonial history.

  96. The Teenagers at the End of the World Interactive, July 21

    Young climate activists like Jamie Margolin are building a movement while growing up — planning mass protests from childhood bedrooms and during school.

  97. New Data Reveals Hidden Flood Risk Across America Interactive, June 29

    Nearly twice as many properties may be susceptible to flood damage than previously thought, according to a new effort to map the danger.

  98. Emissions Are Surging Back as Countries and States Reopen Interactive, June 17

    As the pandemic rages, the world is still far from getting global warming under control.

  99. Read Up on the Links Between Racism and the Environment Interactive, June 5

    Our global climate reporter suggests some smart reads on how they're related.

  100. The Climate ‘Hot 10 Songs’ Interactive, May 21

    A keen ear could hear the theme of global warming starting to swell in popular music all across the dial in the last two decades as global temperatures started to rise.

  101. A Satellite Lets Scientists See Antarctica’s Melting Like Never Before Interactive, April 30

    NASA's new ICESat-2 satellite provides the most detailed look yet of where the continent is losing and gaining ice.

  102. 50 Years of Earth Day: What’s Better Today, and What’s Worse Interactive, April 21

    Here are 10 big environmental victories — and 10 big failures.

  103. The Year You Finally Read a Book About Climate Change Interactive, April 19

    If the 50th anniversary of Earth Day has inspired you to finally read a book about climate change, we’re here to help you find just the right one.