1. The Oceans Are Diverse. Their Champions Should Be, Too. Special Series, Yesterday

    Ocean conservation will succeed only when the people most affected by climate change are part of the effort.

  2. Where Will the Whales Be? Ask the Climate Model. Climate, Yesterday

    Scientists can now use climate data to predict whale and sea turtle locations months in advance, helping fishing fleets avoid conflicts with wildlife.

  3. It’s Big Oil vs. Science at the U.N. Climate Summit Climate, Yesterday

    As negotiators work to agree on a final text, attention has turned to a fundamental question: Will the talks call for a phaseout of fossil fuels?

  4. Got Climate Angst? At the U.N. Summit, There’s a Quiet, Spiritual Place. Climate, Yesterday

    A pavilion at COP28 offers a space for meditation, prayer and something that feels lacking, at times, from global warming talks: hope.

  5. Renewable Energy Could Be a Casualty in the War on Inflation. Here’s Why. Climate, Yesterday

    High interest rates make green start-up costs soar. Officials at the U.N. climate summit fear the world could miss an opportunity to avert future greenhouse gas emissions.

  6. How to Stop the Biggest Threat to Europe’s Green Transition Opinion, Yesterday

    Backpedaling on the environment is not just bad for the future; it’s bad for political prospects.

  7. ¿Qué se necesita para salvar a los ajolotes? En español, Yesterday

    Para empezar, que les devolvamos Xochimilco. Convertir las chinampas, unas parcelas agrícolas con técnicas ancestrales, en negocios atractivos para los turistas ha sido uno de los golpes más fuertes para esta especie.

  8. What It Takes to Save the Axolotl Science, Yesterday

    On the outskirts of Mexico City, biologists are working to reintroduce a treasured amphibian to the wild. But first they must revive an ancient method of farming.

  9. Air-Conditioning Use Will Surge in a Warming World, U.N. Warns Climate, Yesterday

    Electricity use for cooling could double by 2050, driving up the greenhouse gas emissions that cause warming.

  10. Global Fossil Fuel Emissions Are Rising, Report Finds Climate, Yesterday

    Carbon dioxide emissions from oil, gas and coal rose by 1 percent in 2023, researchers announced at the U.N. climate summit.

  11. Nikki Haley’s Views on Social Security Letters, December 4

    Readers discuss a column by Paul Krugman. Also: A climate protest at the opera; more Trump coverage?

  12. Climate Summit Leader Tries to Calm Uproar Over a Remark on Fossil Fuels Climate, December 4

    Sultan Al Jaber, responsible for leading the world away from fossil fuels, had said there was “no science” to support a phaseout of oil and gas.

  13. The Heat Rises at COP28 Business, December 4

    Dismissive comments by the president of the climate gathering raise questions about the host country’s commitment to addressing rising global temperatures.

  14. Finding Cash for the Climate Is Tough. Two New Pledges Show Why. Climate, December 4

    Money is a very big sticking point at this year’s United Nations climate summit. Part of the problem is that American promises often go unmet.

  15. Uno de los retos más importantes de la COP28: la desinformación En español, December 4

    Entre las mayores fuentes de información falsa o engañosa sobre el clima mundial se encuentran algunas naciones influyentes, como Rusia y China, cuyos diplomáticos estarán presentes en la cumbre.

  16. 1.5 Degrees Is Not the Problem Op Ed, December 4

    Rich countries must bear responsibility for the climate crisis and help developing nations end their reliance on fossil fuels.

  17. The Climate Summit Embraces A.I., With Reservations Climate, December 3

    The idea of using artificial intelligence to fight emissions has made a splash at COP28, but there’s a catch: The energy it requires could make matters worse.

  18. Pope Francis Couldn’t Travel to the U.N. Climate Summit, but His Voice Did Climate, December 2

    A Vatican envoy delivered remarks in which Francis asked world leaders whether they would opt for “a culture of life or a culture of death.”

  19. The Financial Paradox Blocking Efforts to Fight Climate Change Business, December 2

    Finding money for fossil fuel plants is much easier than financing clean energy projects, especially in developing countries.

  20. 2023 Hurricane Season Ends, Marked by Storms That ‘Really Rapidly Intensified’ Interactive, December 2

    There have been a combined 37 named storms this year in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific basins. A high proportion of those quickly escalated.

  21. 22 Countries Pledge to Triple Nuclear Capacity in Push to Cut Fossil Fuels Climate, December 2

    The group, including Britain, France and the United States, said the agreement was critical to meeting nations’ climate commitments.

  22. Biden Administration Unleashes Powerful Regulatory Tool Aimed at Climate Climate, December 2

    Its new estimate of the economic impact of climate change could create the legal justification for aggressive new regulations.

  23. Biden Administration Announces Rule to Cut Millions of Tons of Methane Emissions Climate, December 2

    The measure, which requires oil and gas producers to detect and fix leaks of the greenhouse gas, came as the U.S. vice president spoke at the COP28 climate summit.

  24. A Tense Climate Summit Begins Against a Backdrop of War and Record Heat Business, December 1

    World leaders at climate talks in Dubai invoked faith, science and economics in their calls for a rapid transition away from fossil fuels.

  25. Climate Protests Upstage a Debut at the Met Opera Culture, December 1

    A revival of Wagner’s “Tannhäuser” was notable for the arrival of Christian Gerhaher. But with an abrupt protest, the performance took a turn.

  26. The Big Number: 13.2 Million Interactive, December 1

    U.S. oil production has hit a record level, but the surge also poses risks.

  27. Surging U.S. Oil Production Brings Down Prices and Raises Climate Fears Business, December 1

    American oil production is hitting record levels, delivering economic and foreign policy benefits but putting environmental goals further out of reach.

  28. The December 1 Cop28 Climate Change Summit live blog included one standalone post:
  29. So, an Oil Cartel Walks Into a Climate Summit … Climate, December 1

    OPEC is a participant at COP28. Unlike the United States, it is moving to cut production.

  30. Bill Gates: How I Invest My Money in a Warming World Op Ed, December 1

    Rich individuals, companies and countries must ensure green technologies are affordable for everyone, everywhere.

  31. Climate Protesters Get in Fed’s Face as Policy Clash Grows Louder Business, December 1

    Jerome H. Powell, the central bank’s chair, has been interrupted recently by a climate group that thinks disruption will win the day.

  32. King Charles Urges ‘Transformational Action’ at COP28 Climate Summit Foreign, December 1

    “The hope of the world rests on the decisions you must take,” the British monarch told world leaders at the U.N. climate summit in Dubai.

  33. Climate Protesters Interrupt Met Performance of Wagner’s ‘Tannhäuser’ Express, December 1

    Met officials were forced to bring down the curtain halfway through the opera as protesters unfurled banners that read “No Opera On A Dead Planet.” The performance later resumed.

  34. Friday Briefing: A New Climate Fund Approved Briefing, November 30

    Plus the best albums of 2023.

  35. Climate Summit Approves a New Fund to Help Poor Countries Climate, November 30

    The package, which developing countries had sought for more than three decades, passed on the first day of talks in Dubai.

  36. Emirati Fund to Invest Billions in U.S. Firms for Climate Projects Climate, November 30

    An Abu Dhabi fund is expected to invest at least $30 billion in climate projects with some of the biggest names in North American finance.

  37. Inside Our Reporting Video, November 30

    Airline carriers want to replace jet fuel with ethanol to fight global warming. That would require lots of corn, and lots of water.

  38. Fossil Fuels and Frustration at COP28 Climate, November 30

    The United Arab Emirates, one of the world’s biggest oil producers, is hosting this year’s climate summit.

  39. Climate Change Drives New Cases of Malaria, Complicating Efforts to Fight the Disease Science, November 30

    The number of malaria cases rose again in 2022, propelled by flooding and warmer weather in areas once free of the illness.

  40. Disinformation Is One of Climate Summit’s Biggest Challenges Business, November 30

    Online influencers, fossil fuel companies and some of the countries attending COP28 have nourished a feedback loop of falsehoods.

  41. An Extended Truce, and Kissinger’s Complicated Legacy Podcasts, November 30

    Hear the news in five minutes.

  42. This Year Is ‘Virtually Certain’ to Be Hottest in Human History, Researchers Say Climate, November 30

    Scientists confirmed another year of extreme temperatures as world leaders gathered in Dubai for a U.N. summit on global warming.

  43. Airlines Race Toward a Future of Powering Their Jets With Corn Interactive, November 30

    Carriers want to replace jet fuel with ethanol to fight global warming. That would require lots of corn, and lots of water.

  44. A Climate Summit Begins With Fossil Fuels, and Frustration, Going Strong Climate, November 30

    After decades of meetings, nations still haven’t agreed to curb the main driver of global warming.

  45. Where the World Is (and Isn’t) Making Progress on Climate Change Climate, November 30

    Emissions from electricity and transportation are projected to fall over time, a new report finds, but industry remains a major climate challenge.

  46. Huyeron del caos climático. La ley de asilo de EE. UU. podría no ayudarlos En español, November 30

    “Necesitamos protección”, dijo un migrante en la frontera. Pero el sistema legal para los refugiados, formulado hace décadas, nunca contempló a los millones de desplazados por el calentamiento global.

  47. Vietnam encarcela a los ambientalistas que le ayudaron a conseguir ayudas millonarias En español, November 30

    El gobierno se dispone a presentar su plan de transición energética en la cumbre climática de la ONU al mismo tiempo que intensifica su represión a los defensores del medioambiente.

  48. Harris to Stand In for Biden at U.N. Climate Conference Washington, November 29

    The president attended the annual conference in 2021 and 2022, but officials say this year he is preoccupied with the wars in the Middle East and in Ukraine.

  49. The Dilemmas of a Petrostate Preparing to Host a Climate Summit Foreign, November 29

    Climate activists have balked at the fact that a leading oil producer, the United Arab Emirates, is hosting this year’s U.N. climate talks. But Emirati officials say they, too, are grappling with hard questions.

  50. Rare Giant Rat Is Photographed Alive for First Time Express, November 29

    The people who live on the island of Vangunu were adamant that the critically endangered species still existed. They helped researchers prove that they were right.

  51. Wolverines Get Protection in the Lower 48 States Climate, November 29

    Officials will add the predators, threatened by climate change and habitat loss in much of the United States, to the Endangered Species List.

  52. El mar interior que se convirtió en desierto y en advertencia para la humanidad En español, November 29

    La desaparición del mar de Aral nos debe importar a todos.

  53. I’m Appalled by What I Learned About Recycling. But We Can Fix It. Op Ed, November 29

    In the short term, recycling might be the best option we have against our growing waste crisis.

  54. Kenya’s Leader Lifts His Global Profile. At Home, the Public Fumes. Foreign, November 29

    President William Ruto has drawn attention internationally as a climate champion and peace mediator but faces domestic discontent over rising food and fuel prices, and new taxes.

  55. Pope Francis Cancels Trip to U.N. Climate Summit on Doctor’s Orders Foreign, November 28

    Days after the pontiff was forced to slow down because of a flu, his doctors advised him to not travel to Dubai for COP28. Francis has made climate activism a hallmark of his papacy.

  56. Wednesday Briefing: What to Watch at the U.N. Climate Talks N Y T Now, November 28

    Plus how New Zealand’s Maori Wardens keep the peace.

  57. Files Suggest Climate Summit’s Leader Is Using Event to Promote Fossil Fuels Climate, November 28

    A leaked document has talking points for the president of the United Nations climate conference, who is an oil executive in the United Arab Emirates, to advance oil and gas deals.

  58. Vietnam Relied on Environmentalists to Secure Billions. Then It Jailed Them. Foreign, November 28

    The government is preparing to present its energy transition plan at the U.N. climate talks as it intensifies a crackdown on environmental advocates.

  59. A Giant Inland Sea Is Now a Desert, and a Warning for Humanity Op Ed, November 28

    The Aral Sea’s demise matters to us all.

  60. They Fled Climate Chaos. Asylum Law Made Decades Ago Might Not Help National, November 28

    “We need protection,” one migrant at the U.S. border said. But the legal system for refugees never envisioned the millions displaced by global warming.

  61. Biden’s Absence at Climate Summit Highlights His Fossil Fuel Conundrum Climate, November 27

    The president is facing some pressure to focus on oil drilling and gas prices at home, while boosting climate ambition on the world stage.

  62. Former Coal Towns Get Money for Clean-Energy Factories Climate, November 27

    An Energy Department program designed to create jobs and manufacturing in communities reliant on fossil fuels is backing projects in West Virginia, Colorado and elsewhere.

  63. Could Biden’s Clean Energy Push Be a Victim of Its Success? Politics, November 27

    Thanks to the president’s signature legislation, solar energy manufacturing is booming in Georgia, a key state in the 2024 election. But the industry now worries that it could be too much and too fast.

  64. Female Rangers ‘Don’t Go All Alpha Like the Men’ to Protect a Forest Foreign, November 27

    Rather than take a confrontational approach with trespassers looking to farm or log in a tropical rainforest in Indonesia, teams of women rangers try dialogue first.

  65. Biden to Skip U.N. Climate Summit, White House Official Says Climate, November 27

    He has attended the past two summits and calls climate change “the ultimate threat” but will miss the talks that are set to begin in Dubai on Thursday.

  66. Fire Season in Australia Starts, Early and Ominous Foreign, November 26

    Though experts do not think that this season will be the worst yet, they also warn that the past is no longer a reliable guide to the future.

  67. As Groundwater Dwindles, Powerful Players Block Change Interactive, November 24

    Here are some of the people fighting efforts to conserve a vital resource that’s disappearing across the United States.

  68. The High Stakes of Low Quality Op Ed, November 23

    The Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard on the price we pay for cheap things.

  69. The Labels We Attach to Political Beliefs Letters, November 23

    Readers discuss a column by Pamela Paul about progressives and liberals. Also: Preserving forests; immigrants in New York State.

  70. ‘Against the Tide’ Review: Tales of the Sea Weekend, November 23

    Sarvnik Kaur’s breathtaking documentary about Indigenous fishermen in Mumbai brings to life an ecosystem wrecked by corporate greed and climate change.

  71. Dubái ha creado un costoso mundo acuático. El mar lo paga En español, November 23

    La ciudad ha gastado miles de millones de dólares para abastecerse de agua potable, pero los expertos afirman que estos esfuerzos suponen un desafío a los recursos naturales del golfo Pérsico.

  72. What Plants Will Survive in Your Garden? This Map Plans for a Warmer U.S. Express, November 21

    About half of the country moved into a slightly warmer zone in the Agriculture Department’s new “plant hardiness” map, an important guide for gardeners. Climate change may be a factor.

  73. Why Warblers Flock to Wealthier Neighborhoods Science, November 21

    In the unequal distribution of birds and other species, ecologists are tracing the impact of bigoted urban policies adopted decades ago.

  74. What Is COP28? And Other Questions About the Big U.N. Climate Summit Climate, November 20

    Diplomats and leaders will gather in Dubai for United Nations climate talks. Here are some key facts.

  75. Nations Are Getting Serious About Climate Action. Just Not Serious Enough, U.N. Says. Climate, November 20

    There’s a lot more work to do to keep global temperatures at relatively safe levels, according to a U.N. report issued in advance of global climate talks.

  76. How Electricity Is Changing, Country by Country Interactive, November 20

    Renewable electricity is rising quickly, but the world’s power mix remains fossil fuel-heavy — for now.

  77. ‘A Beautiful Place That Has a Dragon’: Where Hurricane Risk Meets Booming Growth Interactive, November 20

    The combined threat of climate change and development in risky areas is making it a big challenge to keep coastal Carolina residents safe.

  78. What Endures After a Climate Activist’s Suicide: Grief, Anger and Hope Metropolitan, November 19

    Five years ago, David Buckel violently ended his life in a public park in Brooklyn. People who knew him were shocked and angry. Yet they refused to give up.

  79. I’m a Climate Scientist. I’m Not Screaming Into the Void Anymore. Op Ed, November 18

    Something has changed in the United States, and not just the climate.

  80. Single-Use Plastics Ban Overturned by Canadian Court Foreign, November 18

    Steven Guilbeault, Canada’s environment minister, said the government was “strongly considering” an appeal of the federal court’s ruling.

  81. Dubai’s Costly Water World Business, November 18

    The city has spent billions of dollars to provide fresh water to its residents and tourist attractions, but experts say the efforts are straining the Persian Gulf’s natural resources.

  82. It’s Always Fire Season Now Climate, November 16

    The world has always experienced fire year-round, but these are a lot harder to ignore.

  83. The Mysterious Injuries Among U.S. Troops Letters, November 16

    Responses to an article about soldiers who have brain damage from firing heavy weapons. Also: Mike Johnson; Capitol fighting; climate change; preventing falls.

  84. How R.F.K. Jr. Has Turned His Public Crusades Into a Private Windfall Investigative, November 16

    The causes Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has championed have brought him admiration, criticism — and tens of millions of dollars.

  85. What a U.S.-China Climate Deal Means for COP28 Climate, November 15

    It could deliver a jolt of ambition ahead of the global talks.

  86. Germany Cannot Shift Covid Funds to Climate Projects, Court Rules Business, November 15

    The decision could rip a hole in Berlin’s budget and complicate the transition to a greener economy.

  87. Storms, Rising Seas and Salty Drinking Water Threaten Lower Louisiana National, November 15

    Where the Mississippi River ends, the compounding threats of drought and climate change put pressure on communities that feel forgotten.

  88. A Message for the Aging Men Steering U.S.-China Relations Op Ed, November 15

    America and China are talking again. For the sake of our planet, let’s keep it that way.

  89. U.S. and China Agree to Displace Fossil Fuels by Ramping Up Renewables Climate, November 15

    The climate agreement between the two countries is seen as a bright spot as President Biden prepares to meet President Xi Jinping.

  90. Health Risks Linked to Climate Change Are Getting Worse, Experts Warn Climate, November 14

    The 8th update to a major international report shows more people are getting sick and dying from extreme heat, drought and other climate problems.

  91. Wednesday Briefing: Updates on Gaza’s Main Hospital N Y T Now, November 14

    Plus a treasure trove of ancient maps.

  92. What’s Worse for the Climate: Joe Manchin or No Manchin? Climate, November 14

    The senator has played an outsize role in shaping climate policy.

  93. In a Report Card on Global Warming, Nations Get a Very Poor Grade Climate, November 14

    Countries are taking “baby steps,” a U.N. official said. In a separate study, Saudi researchers warned of an “existential crisis” for their nation from rising temperatures.

  94. Growing Dissent Against Biden’s Israel Policy, and More Podcasts, November 14

    Plus, an ethics code for the Supreme Court and a new report on climate change.

  95. The Toll of Climate Disasters Is Rising. But a U.S. Report Has Good News, Too. Climate, November 14

    A major government assessment lays out both the far-reaching perils of global warming and the cost-effective fixes that are available today.

  96. How Much Can Trees Fight Climate Change? Massively, but Not Alone, Study Finds. Climate, November 13

    The research, which comes with important caveats, was partly an effort to address the scientific uproar surrounding an earlier paper.

  97. Exxon Mobil Plans to Produce Lithium in Arkansas Business, November 13

    The move is the oil giant’s first foray in the production of a metal vital for electric vehicle batteries.

  98. Estudios en Groenlandia revelan señales ominosas sobre el aumento del nivel del mar En español, November 13

    Algunos glaciares de la isla se están derritiendo al doble del ritmo que hace apenas unas décadas.

  99. How Hoboken Got Smart About Climate Change Metro, November 13

    The New Jersey city has been more forward-thinking than New York in preparing for big storms.

  100. U.S. Bets on Small Nuclear Reactors to Help Fix a Huge Climate Problem Interactive, November 12

    The dream of reviving nuclear power in the U.S. rests on a new generation of smaller reactors meant to be easier to build. But major obstacles loom.

  101. A Pond in Hawaii Turned Pink, Raising an Environmental Red Flag Express, November 11

    Dry conditions and high salt levels in the water allowed for halobacteria to thrive, turning a pond bubble-gum pink.

  102. ‘The Climate’s No Good’: The Hunt for White Truffles Gets Pricier Business, November 11

    Climate change in Italy has come for one of the world’s most sought-after delicacies. Foodies will probably see the impact when the check comes.

  103. No, 11,200 Climate Refugees Aren’t Heading to Australia Foreign, November 11

    Low-lying Tuvalu has reached a deal with its large Pacific neighbor to address the challenge of rising oceans, but it is not planning to pack up and go.

  104. Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon Falls to a Five-Year Low Climate, November 10

    Tree loss was down 20 percent from the previous year, the environment minister announced.

  105. America’s New Wildfire Risk Goes Beyond Forests Climate, November 9

    Grassland and shrubland fires burn more land and destroy more homes across the United States than forest fires, a new study found.

  106. Coming Soon: More Oil, Gas and Coal Climate, November 9

    An alarming picture of planned fossil fuel production before the global climate talks.

  107. Two Studies on Greenland Reveal Ominous Signs for Sea Level Rise Climate, November 9

    Some glaciers on the island are melting at double the rate of just a few decades ago.

  108. Biden Finalizes Significant Overhaul in Federal Regulations Washington, November 9

    New rules from the Office of Management and Budget will change how the federal government weighs costs, enabling new efforts on climate change and poverty.

  109. In a U.S. First, a Commercial Plant Starts Pulling Carbon From the Air Climate, November 9

    The technique is expensive but it could help fight climate change. Backers hope fast growth can bring down costs.

  110. Helping New York Face Climate Problems of the Future Metro, November 9

    Stephen Hammer, the new chief executive of the New York Climate Exchange, hopes to bring urgency to environmental issues facing the city.

  111. Heat Pump Installations Slow, Impeding Biden’s Climate Goals Business, November 9

    The devices can heat and cool homes more efficiently than furnaces and air-conditioners, but their sales have slowed because of higher interest rates and a slow rollout of federal incentives.

  112. El Niño es un fenómeno predecible. Podemos prepararnos mejor En español, November 9

    El hecho de que tantos niños resulten afectados por un fenómeno climático predecible sugiere que sus amenazas no se están abordando de manera adecuada.

  113. A Package of Bold Laws Puts Michigan on a Fast Track to Renewable Energy Climate, November 8

    Included in the new legislation is a requirement that the state generate all of its electricity from wind, solar and other carbon-free sources by 2040.

  114. The Godfather of Climate Science Turns Up the Heat Op Ed, November 8

    James Hansen says we must realize that we’ve underestimated how much the planet is warming.

  115. 2023 Virtually Certain to Be the Hottest Year on Record, Scientists Say Climate, November 8

    Analyzing data from October, European climate scientists found another record-breaking month for temperatures around the world.

  116. Climate Change Is Causing Severe Drought in a Volatile Mideast Zone, Study Finds Climate, November 8

    Syria, Iraq and Iran were parched by high temperatures that would have been “virtually impossible” without the effects of global warming, scientists said.

  117. Environmental Groups Cut Programs as Funding Shifts to Climate Change National, November 8

    The Natural Resources Defense Council is eliminating its longstanding program promoting nuclear safety and cleanup as donors focus on the climate crisis.

  118. A New Law Supercharged Electric Car Manufacturing, but Not Sales Business, November 8

    President Biden’s 2022 climate act spurred big investments in U.S. battery factories, but it has not similarly boosted E.V. sales.

  119. Nations That Vowed to Halt Warming Are Expanding Fossil Fuels, Report Finds Climate, November 8

    The world remains on track to produce far more oil, gas and coal than would be consistent with relatively safe levels of heating, a new report found.

  120. A Win and a Warning Ahead of COP28 Climate, November 7

    Tensions between rich and poor countries are on display.

  121. Extreme Weather May Be Displacing Animals, Too, a New Study Suggests Climate, November 7

    An analysis by researchers in China found that weather disasters might be helping nonnative animals replace native species in the wild.

  122. How Your Child’s School Bus Might Prevent Blackouts Business, November 7

    When not driving around, electric buses and other vehicles could help utilities by storing their solar and wind energy and releasing it to meet surges in demand.

  123. King Charles III, Climate Advocate, Delivers Speech at Odds With His Beliefs Foreign, November 7

    In keeping with tradition, he outlined the priorities of the prime minister at the opening of Parliament — including, this year, more fossil fuel extraction.

  124. Biden Administration, After Setbacks, Talks Up Renewable Power Gains Climate, November 6

    The administration said 15 clean energy projects were making solid progress and that it was on track to meet its goals for 2025.

  125. The Upside of a Population Decline Letters, October 5

    Readers disagree with an essay expressing concern about a decline after a peak. Also: Rudy Giuliani’s drinking; book bans; masks in hospitals; wedding magic.

  126. A Mayor Goes AWOL in the Storm Editorial, October 3

    With residents unprepared for New York City’s recent flooding, it was a day of unnecessary chaos and frustration.

  127. The Paranoid Style in American Plutocrats Op Ed, August 28

    Of climate denial, Covid denial and cryptocurrency.

  128. Por qué parece que ya no sabemos nada de la economía global En español, June 20

    Mientras prestábamos atención a la pandemia, China y Ucrania, los caminos hacia la prosperidad y los intereses comunes se han oscurecido.

  129. Why It Seems Everything We Knew About the Global Economy Is No Longer True Business, June 18

    While the world’s eyes were on the pandemic, China and the war in Ukraine, the paths to prosperity and shared interests have grown murkier.

  130. Radical Rethinking at Biennale: Africa and the Future Share Pride of Place Culture, May 22

    Don’t be fooled by its generic title. Lesley Lokko’s “Laboratory of the Future” is the most ambitious and pointedly political Venice Architecture Biennale in years.

  131. ‘The Last of Us’ Is Right. Our Warming Planet Is a Petri Dish. Op Ed, April 2

    Fungi are a public health blind spot.

  132. As Oil Companies Stay Lean, Workers Move to Renewable Energy Business, February 27

    Solar, wind, geothermal, battery and other alternative-energy businesses are adding workers from fossil fuel companies, where employment has fallen.

  133. Your Wednesday Briefing: Shanghai’s Devastating Outbreak N Y T Now, January 10

    Also, the eight warmest years on record and a fragile political alliance in the Philippines.

  134. Cheer Up! The World Is Better Off Than You Think. Op Ed, December 31

    The year 2022 was not great. But even in the midst of overlapping calamities, progress is being made.

  135. Balancing Hope and Despair in Turbulent Times Special Sections, December 1

    As long as we do the best we can, and appreciate life’s fullness, we will leave the world a better place for our children.

  136. John Kerry Tests Positive for Covid at U.N. Climate Talks, Complicating Final Hours Climate, November 18

    Debate intensified over a contentious issue: the creation of a fund to help poor and vulnerable countries pay for loss and damage caused by climate change.

  137. What Happens When a Cascade of Crises Collide? Op Ed, November 13

    Humanity faces a complex knot of seemingly distinct but entangled crises that are causing damage greater than the sum of their individual harms.

  138. Belice recurre a su arrecife de coral para escapar de la trampa de la deuda en Español, November 8

    Algunos países en desarrollo están haciendo acuerdos financieros que podrían darles un mayor papel en la lucha contra el cambio climático.

  139. How Belize Cut Its Debt by Fighting Global Warming Foreign, November 7

    Developing nations are reducing their debt by pledging to protect their resources in financial deals that could give them a bigger role in the fight against climate change.

  140. Your Thursday Briefing: Iran’s Protests Intensify N Y T Now, October 26

    Plus Myanmar gets closer to Russia and a dire climate report.

  141. Should Candidates Be Transparent About Their Health? Letters, October 16

    How much should candidates disclose about their health? Also: Drone rules; political fears; future pandemics; donations and climate policy.

  142. Bill Gates: ‘Estamos en una peor situación de lo que esperaba’ en Español, September 18

    El filántropo habló sobre cómo la pandemia y los efectos de la guerra en Ucrania están retrasando el progreso.

  143. Bill Gates: ‘We’re in a Worse Place Than I Expected’ Op Ed, September 13

    The philanthropist on how the pandemic and the effects of the war in Ukraine are setting back progress.

  144. When Schools Don’t Educate Their Students Letters, September 13

    Readers discuss an investigation into the lack of secular education at New York’s yeshivas. Also: Outdoor dining; climate-crisis deniers.

  145. U.N. Faces Record Humanitarian Aid Shortfall — but Not for Ukrainians Foreign, August 22

    Soaring needs and wealthy countries’ focus on Ukraine have left aid agencies with too little money to address the world’s other crises, forcing them to cut programs.

  146. Ukraine Ships Grain at Last. It Will Take Far More to Slow Global Hunger. Foreign, August 1

    The departure of a grain-filled vessel from Odesa was hailed as a victory against global hunger. But experts say the crisis is so big that no single advance can reverse it.

  147. Biden Is Facing Crisis After Crisis. But Are They Emergencies? Washington, July 27

    President Biden is under pressure — often from his own allies — to declare national emergencies on issues like climate and abortion that are roiling American culture.

  148. Pakistan’s Deadly Flood Season Worsened by Climate Change and Bad Infrastructure Foreign, July 24

    Monsoon rains have devastated Pakistan’s economic hub, Karachi, adding urgency to pleas to better equip cities to handle more frequent extreme weather.

  149. ¿La naturaleza sanó durante la ‘antropausa’ pandémica? en Español, July 19

    La suspensión de actividades humanas por la covid ha sido una oportunidad para entender mejor cómo afectamos a otras especies del planeta.

  150. Climate Politics Are Worse Than You Think Op Ed, July 18

    If only it were just about money.