1. E.P.A. Chief, Rejecting Agency’s Science, Chooses Not to Ban Insecticide U.S., Yesterday

    E.P.A. scientists had concluded that exposure to the chemical, chlorpyrifos, which has been in use since 1965, was potentially causing significant health consequences.

  2. President Trump Risks the Planet Opinion, March 28

    Reversing President Obama’s climate policies will raise emissions and undercut America’s claim to leadership on the issue of global warming.

  3. Losing the Seasons Opinion, March 28

    A reader writes that climate change is more than just an inconvenience.

  4. Trump’s Executive Order Pushes the U.S. Climate Pledge Further Out of Reach Interactive, March 28

    President Trump has rolled back key Obama-era greenhouse gas regulations. Without these rules in place, the United States is set to fall far short of its 2015 Paris Agreement pledge.

  5. Trump Signs Executive Order Unwinding Obama Climate Policies Climate, March 28

    Flanked by coal miners at the Environmental Protection Agency, President Trump signed an order directing the agency to start the process of rewriting the Clean Power Plan.

  6. Planned Rollback of Climate Rules Unlikely to Achieve All Trump’s Goals Climate, March 27

    Energy economists say the executive order is likely to fall far short on the president’s goals of increasing the nation’s “energy independence” and restoring lost coal mining jobs.

  7. Climate Change Denialists in Charge U.S., March 27

    Here are some of the voices of those central to environmental policy who have denied the effects of human-caused climate change.

  8. On the Rock, Looking Inward and Outward Opinion, March 24

    The climber Royal Robbins, who died recently, was a pioneer on Yosemite’s big walls, where he practiced a minimalist, spiritual approach.

  9. The Elephant Hunter of Trump Tower Opinion, March 24

    There’s another president Donald Trump Jr. can look to for inspiration — and do the country a favor in the process.

  10. Why the World Economy Has to Be Carbon Free by 2050 Opinion, March 23

    A “carbon law” states that the world must halve emissions every decade to reach a stable climate system for the planet.

  11. Tears and the Great Barrier Reef World, March 22

    In this week’s Australia newsletter, we explore the story behind the story of the reef, plus Rodrigo Duterte and books that will bring you joy.

  12. Arctic’s Winter Sea Ice Drops to Its Lowest Recorded Level Climate, March 22

    Much of the ice also appears to be thinner than normal — further signs of climate change’s effects on the region.

  13. Gorsuch’s Legacy, and the Planet’s Opinion, March 22

    Ultimately, some influential conservatives will surely decide they care about the health of the planet. Right?

  14. How Americans Think About Climate Change, in Six Maps Interactive, March 21

    Americans overwhelmingly believe that global warming is happening, and that carbon emissions should be scaled back. But fewer are sure that it will harm them personally.

  15. From Michael Bloomberg: Fighting Climate Change Despite Trump Rollbacks Opinion, March 17

    Former Mayor Bloomberg says proposed environmental rollbacks can be offset by leadership from local and state governments and businesses.

  16. Scientists Bristle at Trump Budget’s Cuts to Research Climate, March 16

    Scientists expressed alarm at the depth of proposed cuts to climate change, medical and energy programs, saying they threaten the nation’s research infrastructure.

  17. A Sea Change for Climate Coverage Times Insider, March 16

    The New York Times is assembling a dedicated team for climate coverage — and it’s already reshaping our news report.

  18. Trump’s Climate Views: Combative, Conflicting and Confusing Climate, March 10

    The president has spoken often about climate change, energy, coal and wind turbines. His statements are often provocative but not always consistent. A sampling.

  19. Trump’s Climate Views: Combative, Conflicting and Confusing Science, March 10

    The president has spoken often about climate change, energy, coal and wind turbines. His statements are often provocative but not always consistent. A sampling.

  20. E.P.A. Chief Doubts Consensus View of Climate Change U.S., March 9

    The statement by Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, contradicts scientific consensus that carbon dioxide is heating the planet.

  21. Spring Came Early. Scientists Say Climate Change Is a Culprit. Interactive, March 8

    Spring weather across the United States arrived more than three weeks earlier than usual in some places, and new research released Wednesday shows a strong link to climate change.

  22. New York Today: Downsides of an Early Spring N.Y. / Region, March 6

    Monday: The arrival of biological spring, the governor in Israel, and the quirks of living alone.

  23. Sydney’s Swelter Has a Climate Change Link, Scientists Say Science, March 2

    Heat waves like those that affected southeastern Australia early this year are much more likely with human-caused global warming, a study has found.