1. Trump to Weaken Environmental Rules to Speed Infrastructure Permits Climate, Today

    President Trump has used a regulatory reinterpretation to weaken one of the country's bedrock environmental laws and speed permitting of infrastructure projects.

  2. The White House Called a News Conference. Trump Turned It Into a Meandering Monologue. Washington, Yesterday

    The president spoke in the Rose Garden for 63 minutes. He spent only six of those minutes answering questions from reporters.

  3. Global Methane Emissions Reach a Record High Climate, Yesterday

    Scientists expect emissions, driven by fossil fuels and agriculture, to continue rising rapidly.

  4. New Data Shows an ‘Extraordinary’ Rise in U.S. Coastal Flooding Climate, Yesterday

    Rising seas are bringing water into communities at record rates, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Tuesday.

  5. How Facebook Handles Climate Disinformation Climate, Yesterday

    Critics say a company policy that exempts opinion articles from fact-checking amounts to a huge loophole for climate change deniers.

  6. G.A.O.: Trump Boosts Deregulation by Undervaluing Cost of Climate Change Climate, Yesterday

    The Government Accountability Office has found that the Trump administration is undervaluing the cost of climate change to boost its deregulatory efforts.

  7. The Mistakes That Will Haunt Our Legacy Op Ed, July 11

    As we topple statues, let’s also search for our own moral blind spots.

  8. Grizzly Bears Around Yellowstone Can Stay on Endangered Species List, Court Rules Express, July 10

    The decision by a federal appeals court protects about 700 bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem from being hunted.

  9. A Rescue Plan for the Planet? Watch Our Debate Here. Climate, July 10

    A virtual event with eight speakers and one question: Has Covid-19 created a blueprint for combating climate change?

  10. She’s an Authority on Earth’s Past. Now, Her Focus Is the Planet’s Future. Climate, July 10

    The climate scientist Maureen Raymo is leading the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia. She has big plans for science, and diversity, too.

  11. NOAA Officials Feared Firings After Trump’s Hurricane Claims, Inspector General Says Climate, July 9

    The report found White House pressure led to NOAA’s rebuke of forecasters who contradicted Mr. Trump’s inaccurate claim that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama.

  12. Northern Right Whales Are on the Brink, and Trump Could Be Their Last Hope Climate, July 9

    The species was declared critically endangered on Thursday, with fewer than 450 left.

  13. 6 Takeaways From the Biden-Sanders Joint Task Force Proposals Politics, July 9

    Signature progressive programs like “Medicare for all” and the Green New Deal did not make it into the recommendations. But Senator Bernie Sanders’s allies pushed some policies to the left.

  14. How Wildfires Make Covid More Dangerous Climate, July 8

    Also this week, our reporter battles wild wind and a leaky air mattress

  15. In Parched Southwest, Warm Spring Renews Threat of ‘Megadrought’ Climate, July 8

    Rapid melting this year showed that good snowpack doesn’t necessarily translate into full reservoirs.

  16. Is This the End of New Pipelines? Climate, July 8

    Defeats at three projects reflect increasingly sophisticated legal challenges, shifting economics and growing demands by states to fight climate change.

  17. Intense Arctic Wildfires Set a Pollution Record Climate, July 7

    High temperatures and dry soil mean ideal conditions for fires. Blazes in June produced more carbon emissions than any other fires in almost two decades of monitoring.

  18. The Next Energy Battle: Renewables vs. Natural Gas Business, July 6

    As coal declines and wind and solar energy rise, some are pushing to limit the use of natural gas, but utilities say they are not ready to do so.

  19. Biden’s Big Climate Decision: Will He Embrace His Task Force’s Goals? Politics, July 6

    The former vice president’s allies and some of the Democratic Party’s leading progressives have quietly started to forge common ground to shape a climate plan before Election Day.

  20. America’s Crises: How to Respond? Letters, July 5

    Readers discuss David Brooks’s critique of the “Social Justice” movement.

  21. An Ancient Valley Lost to ‘Progress’ Foreign, July 5

    In his push for economic development, Turkey’s president has flooded the archaeological gem of Hasankeyf and displaced thousands of families.

  22. After Fighting Plastic in ‘Paradise Lost,’ Sisters Take On Climate Change Foreign, July 3

    Melati and Isabel Wijsen began campaigning to reduce plastic waste in Bali seven years ago. Now 19 and 17, they say the pandemic shows that stark measures to protect the planet are possible.

  23. Inquiry Prompted by Trump’s Hurricane Dorian Claim Is Being Blocked, Investigator Says Climate, July 1

    The Commerce Department is impeding findings into whether it coerced the top NOAA official to support President Trump’s inaccurate claim that Dorian would hit Alabama, the department’s inspector general said.

  24. Another Reason to Cut Down on Plastics Climate, July 1

    Also this week, face masks for the environmentally conscious

  25. Democrats Detail a Climate Agenda Tying Environment to Racial Justice Climate, June 29

    The policy road map, expected on Tuesday, could guide the party if it gains control of Congress and the White House in November.

  26. Even the South Pole Is Warming, and Quickly, Scientists Say Climate, June 29

    Surface air temperatures at the bottom of the world have risen three times faster than the global average since the 1990s.

  27. New Data Reveals Hidden Flood Risk Across America Interactive, June 29

    Nearly twice as many properties may be susceptible to flood damage than previously thought, according to a new effort to map the danger.

  28. Majestic Icon or Invasive Pest? A War Over Australia’s Wild Horses Foreign, June 28

    Scientists say the animals, known as brumbies, must be culled because they are destroying rivers and endangering native wildlife. Rural activists call these efforts an attack on Australian heritage.

  29. How Cities Are Trying to Avert Gridlock After Coronavirus Lockdowns Climate, June 26

    Officials are trying to prevent a return to urban gridlock and pollution as residents begin to travel again.

  30. Pandemic’s Cleaner Air Could Reshape What We Know About the Atmosphere Climate, June 25

    Coronavirus shutdowns have cut pollution, and that’s opened the door to a “giant, global environmental experiment” with potentially far-reaching consequences.

  31. New Rule in California Will Require Zero-Emissions Trucks Climate, June 25

    More than half of trucks sold in the state must be zero-emissions by 2035, and all of them by 2045.

  32. Kirk Smith, Towering Figure in Environmental Science, Dies at 73 Obits, June 24

    Dr. Smith’s meticulous research established household pollution as one of the leading causes of disease and death in the developing world.

  33. Projects to Stash Carbon Dioxide Underground Get a Boost Climate, June 24

    The government, after years of delays, is finally clarifying rules on tax breaks for companies that use carbon capture to fight climate change.

  34. How a Ruling on Gay and Transgender Rights May Help the Climate Climate, June 24

    Also this week, how to help reinvent your workplace.

  35. The Climate Struggle Within the Civil Service Letters, June 23

    An environmentalist says proposed federal legislation could solve the problem. Also: The election, and after; what’s in a painting; whether democracy can survive.

  36. ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’ Is Really a Thing Parenting, June 23

    Children’s behavior may suffer from lack of access to outdoor space, a problem heightened by the pandemic.

  37. The Misunderstood, Maligned Rattlesnake Op Ed, June 22

    The beautiful creature in the flower bed was not a threat to us. It was a gift.

  38. On a Pennsylvania Farm, ‘Nature Is Not Just Carrying On’ Climate, June 19

    Quarantine in the country means fresh air and space, but a writer’s sense of good fortune is darkened by the state of nature. “What I’m observing is unsettling,” she says.

  39. Rising Seas Threaten an American Institution: The 30-Year Mortgage Climate, June 19

    Climate change is starting to transform the classic home loan, a fixture of the American experience and financial system that dates back generations.

  40. Scientists Predict Scorching Temperatures to Last Through Summer Climate, June 18

    Hotter than normal temperatures are expected across almost all of the United States into September, government researchers said.

  41. Climate Change Tied to Pregnancy Risks, Affecting Black Mothers Most Climate, June 18

    Women exposed to high temperatures or air pollution are more likely to have premature, underweight or stillborn babies, a look at 32 million U.S. births found.

  42. The Iciest Waters Around Antarctica Are Less Icy Climate, June 17

    An unusual combination of events caused the Weddell Sea to lose more sea ice than in recent years.

  43. The Environmental Justice Wake-Up Call Climate, June 17

    Also this week, all that cardboard from ordering online.

  44. Emissions Are Surging Back as Countries and States Reopen Interactive, June 17

    As the pandemic rages, the world is still far from getting global warming under control.

  45. ¿A dónde llega la contaminación por plásticos? Al aire que respiras, descubren los científicos en Español, June 16

    No hay “rincón ni grieta” en el planeta donde no se encuentre, dijo la investigadora principal de un nuevo estudio.

  46. NOAA Chief Violated Ethics Code in Furor Over Trump Tweet, Agency Says Climate, June 15

    Neil Jacobs violated the agency’s scientific integrity policy with a statement last year backing the president’s inaccurate claim that a hurricane was headed for Alabama, a panel found.

  47. BP Prepares for a Future That Needs Less Oil Business, June 15

    The energy giant said its oil and gas assets were worth less, a move reflecting broad changes in the industry.

  48. Read Up on the Links Between Racism and the Environment Interactive, June 5

    Our global climate reporter suggests some smart reads on how they're related.

  49. The Climate ‘Hot 10 Songs’ Interactive, May 21

    A keen ear could hear the theme of global warming starting to swell in popular music all across the dial in the last two decades as global temperatures started to rise.

  50. A Satellite Lets Scientists See Antarctica’s Melting Like Never Before Interactive, April 30

    NASA's new ICESat-2 satellite provides the most detailed look yet of where the continent is losing and gaining ice.

  51. 50 Years of Earth Day: What’s Better Today, and What’s Worse Interactive, April 21

    Here are 10 big environmental victories — and 10 big failures.

  52. The Year You Finally Read a Book About Climate Change Interactive, April 19

    If the 50th anniversary of Earth Day has inspired you to finally read a book about climate change, we’re here to help you find just the right one.