1. Bank Regulators Present a Dire Warning of Financial Risks From Climate Change Climate, Today

    The San Francisco Fed warned that banks, communities and homeowners face significant financial risk from climate change and offered proposals for banks to do more to help.

  2. How Guilty Should You Feel About Flying? Interactive, Today

    Frequent fliers are responsible for two-thirds of all air travel, and therefore aviation emissions, in the United States, according to a new analysis.

  3. Court Blocks Trump’s Plan to Ease Bird Protections on Oil Lands Climate, Yesterday

    A federal judge has blocked the Trump administration's plans to ease protections on an iconic western bird's habitat -- and open it to oil and gas exploration.

  4. One Thing You Can Do: Consider a Heat Pump Climate, Yesterday

    Also this week, rising emissions on America’s roads

  5. Despite Their Promises, Giant Energy Companies Burn Away Vast Amounts of Natural Gas Climate, Yesterday

    Exxon, Marathon, BP and others are flaring natural gas, a wasteful practice with consequences in the fight against climate change, at a record pace. 

  6. Japan Spent Mightily to Soften Nature’s Wrath, but Can It Ever Be Enough? World, Yesterday

    After a typhoon’s record-breaking rains breached dozens of levees, the country is wondering whether even the costliest systems can be future-proofed for the age of climate change.

  7. Forest Service Backs an End to Limits on Roads in Alaska’s Tongass Forest Climate, October 15

    The Forest Service called lifting all restrictions on roads in Alaska's Tongass National Forest its "preferred option."  A final decision is expected next year. 

  8. E.P.A. Bypassed Its West Coast Team as a Feud With California Escalated Climate, October 15

    Staff members in the regional office said they had no advance knowledge of a wide-ranging agency complaint against the state and described the process as highly unusual.

  9. ‘We Will Be Stuck With One of Them’: Canadians on Their Upcoming Election World, October 15

    After a contentious, scandal-filled campaign for prime minister, many voters say they feel disillusioned.

  10. Using Old Cellphones to Listen for Illegal Loggers Climate, October 15

    Indonesian villagers are trying out a treetop surveillance system that uses recycled phones and artificial intelligence software to detect chain saws.

  11. The New Makers of Plant-Based Meat? Big Meat Companies Business, October 14

    Tyson, Smithfield, Perdue and Hormel have all rolled out meat alternatives, filling supermarket shelves with an array of plant-based burgers, meatballs and chicken nuggets.

  12. How Will Climate Change Alter Agriculture? Winemakers Are Finding Out Interactive, October 14

    The accelerating effects of climate change have forced the wine industry to take decisive steps to counter or adapt to the shifts.

  13. The Case Against Doing Nothing Opinion, October 14

    Taking a fatalist approach to climate change — or anything else — merely plays into conservative hands.

  14. A Warming Climate Is Changing Sukkot Opinion, October 14

    In our town, fall weather has always meant the harvest holiday was near. Now, I fear that connection will be lost.

  15. Turning Off the Lights in California Opinion, October 14

    The state faces enormous challenges to prevent the catastrophic wildfires of recent years.

  16. Can Mayors Save the World From Climate Change? World, October 12

    Australia’s northern coast is a case study on the impacts of a warming planet. Small-town leaders there are struggling with constituents who doubt reality.

  17. Jane Fonda Arrested During Climate Protest Outside U.S. Capitol U.S., October 11

    The 81-year-old actress was charged with unlawful demonstration and was later released on her own recognizance, Capitol Police said.

  18. A Season of Fire Tests Indonesia’s Efforts to Curb Deforestation Climate, October 11

    At issue is whether recent successes had more to do with the weather and less with policy changes.

  19. In the Alps, Keeping Tabs on Melting Ice Travel, October 11

    Unsteady glaciers pose dangers to Alpine towns and tourist areas; the challenge is letting people know when to get out of harm’s way.

  20. These State Birds May Be Forced Out of Their States as the World Warms Climate, October 10

    New research shows that hundreds of North American birds are at risk of major habitat disruption from climate change.

  21. Why Can’t PG&E Get It Together? Opinion, October 10

    If it really does have to cut the power, it should be able to do so without giving California a panic attack.

  22. Why Amazon Fires Keep Raging 10 Years After a Deal to End Them World, October 10

    Many of the thousands of fires burning in Brazil’s Amazon are set by ranchers. A deal inked 10 years ago was meant to stop the problem, but the ecological arson goes on as the Earth warms.

  23. The Most Detailed Map of Auto Emissions in America Interactive, October 10

    See driving-related emissions in your metro area, road by road.

  24. Storm in Pacific Ocean on Path Toward Japan World, October 9

    The center of Super Typhoon Hagibis was in the Pacific Ocean, and could hit Tokyo this weekend.

  25. Rich Counties Get More Help to Escape Climate Risk, New Data Show Climate, October 9

    FEMA's buyout money goes disproportionately to high-income counties, new research shows. The findings raise concerns about fairness and efficiency. 

  26. One Thing You Can Do: Talk to Your Children About Climate Change Climate, October 9

    Also this week, how we captured the stark beauty of ghost forests.

  27. On Climate Change, Biden Has a Record and a Plan. Young Activists Want More. Climate, October 9

    No presidential candidate has Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s experience in the trenches of the climate wars. For a youth-driven movement, though, he may not be the man of the hour.

  28. Arrest Us, Please! Extinction Rebellion’s Path to Success World, October 8

    In barely a year, the group’s tactics have propelled it from a handful of members to worldwide protests. But can it keep that momentum as its actions get more disruptive?

  29. As Sea Levels Rise, So Do Ghost Forests Interactive, October 8

    Saltwater is killing off woodlands all along the mid-Atlantic coast, sometimes surprisingly far from the sea.

  30. Climate Change Protests: With Fake Blood, Extinction Rebellion Hits N.Y. New York, October 7

    The provocative climate group is trying to disrupt the city, hoping for the success it has had in London and elsewhere in Europe.

  31. Do You Really Need a Straw With That? Style, October 7

    As plastic alternatives proliferate, some choose to sip instead of suck.

  32. Climate Protesters Take to Streets of Cities Worldwide World, October 7

    Extinction Rebellion, the British-based activist group, shut down parts of central London for the second time in six months.

  33. After a Caribbean Hurricane, the Battle Is Where, or Even Whether, to Rebuild World, October 7

    When Hurricane Irma crushed St. Martin two years ago, the French state vowed swift assistance. Aid has flowed in, but a fight has followed about recovery plans, exposing racial and class tension.

  34. New York City Wants to Put a Climate Change ‘Laboratory’ on Governors Island Climate, October 6

    The island, which has an unusual history and considerable real estate potential, could host a complex devoted to climate policy under the plan, which is in its early stages.

  35. Teacher Put on Leave After ‘Sniper Rifle’ Comment About Greta Thunberg, District Says U.S., October 6

    An Iowa school district said it was investigating the teacher’s Facebook comment about a rally led by the young climate activist.

  36. Extinction Rebellion Takes Aim at Fashion Fashion, October 6

    XR says it is the fastest growing direct action climate movement in history. And it has the fashion business in its sights.

  37. Extinction Rebellion Takes Aim at Fashion Fashion, October 6

    XR says it is the fastest growing direct action climate movement in history. And it has the fashion business in its sights.

  38. The Greening of Paris Makes Its Mayor More Than a Few Enemies World, October 5

    As Anne Hidalgo declares war on the car, drivers rage at the disruptions, but supporters credit her with preparing Paris for a hotter future.

  39. Flash Drought in the South Brings Record Heat Without Rain U.S., October 4

    Autumn is here, and it’s still hot. Here is what we know about the record-breaking temperatures and low precipitation across much of the American South.

  40. Scientists on Arctic Expedition Choose Ice Floe That’ll Be Home for a Year Climate, October 4

    The Mosaic mission has picked the ice floe it will be frozen into for the next year, to learn more about global warming's effects on the Arctic. 

  41. Trump, Facing Farmers’ Discontent, Plans Help for Ethanol Climate, October 4

    Amid rising political pressure from trade-war fallout, the Trump administration is moving to increase purchases of domestic grain to make ethanol.

  42. BP Chief Executive Bob Dudley Is to Retire Business, October 4

    Mr. Dudley was credited with steadying the oil company after a deadly blowout in the Gulf of Mexico. Bernard Looney will replace him in February.

  43. Rick Perry Is Said to Be Resigning as Energy Secretary by Year’s End Climate, October 4

    An aggressive promoter of President Trump’s fossil fuel agenda, Mr. Perry ended his run as one of the longest-serving cabinet members in a tumultuous administration.

  44. A ‘Chilling Message’: Trump Critics See a Deeper Agenda in California Feud Climate, October 3

    From Pennsylvania to New Mexico, the collateral damage to other states is mounting in President Trump's regulatory and environmental feud with California. 

  45. Bipartisan Report Says Trump’s Abuse Has Pushed Federal Science to a ‘Crisis’ Climate, October 3

    All presidents over the past two decades have nudged science to support their policies, but a report out of N.Y.U. said the Trump administration has driven federal science to a “crisis point.”

  46. Britain, Struggling With Brexit, Eyes Another Retreat. This One’s From Fossil Fuels. Climate, October 3

    The country, which led the industrial revolution, now aims to neutralize its carbon emissions by 2050.

  47. One Thing You Can Do: Smarter Laundry Climate, October 2

    Also this week, news about meat and what it means for climate.

  48. In Houston, a Rash of Storms Tests the Limits of Coping With Climate Change Climate, October 2

    A city that did seemed to do everything right after Hurricane Harvey was again inundated last week. Is it a model of adaptation, or a cautionary tale?

  49. A Huge Iceberg Split From Antarctica. (They Just Grew Apart.) Climate, October 1

    An iceberg larger than the island of Oahu broke off from an Antarctic ice sheet last week. 

  50. The Real Problem With Beef The Upshot, October 1

    An extensive study confirms that red meat might not be that bad for you. But it is bad for the planet, with chicken and pork less harmful than beef.

  51. Eat Less Red Meat, Scientists Said. Now Some Believe That Was Bad Advice. Health, September 30

    The evidence is too weak to justify telling individuals to eat less beef and pork, according to new research. The findings “erode public trust,” critics said.

  52. What Kind of Problem Is Climate Change? Opinion, September 30

    Knowing the answer might force us toward a real solution.

  53. Three Billion Canaries in the Coal Mine Opinion, September 29

    What does it mean for us that birds are dying? And what can we do about it?

  54. The Interior Secretary Wants to Enlarge a Dam. An Old Lobbying Client Would Benefit. Climate, September 28

    David Bernhardt is backing a plan to raise the height of the Shasta Dam in California even though his department’s experts have warned against the change.

  55. Climate Risk in the Housing Market Has Echoes of Subprime Crisis, Study Finds Climate, September 27

    After hurricanes, mortgage lenders offload more of their vulnerable loans to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, whose rules prevent them from saying no.

  56. Meet the Millionaires Helping to Pay for Climate Protests Climate, September 27

    Three philanthropists started the Climate Emergency Fund earlier this year, grants from which help climate change protestors spread their message. 

  57. Are the Kids Alright in the Era of Climate Change? World, September 27

    The dissonance between slow action by politicians and increasing urgency from scientists has made young people more angry than anxious.

  58. How the Climate Kids Are Short-Circuiting Right-Wing Media Opinion, September 26

    Young people like Greta Thunberg are participating in the culture wars while also managing to float above the fray.

  59. E.P.A. Accuses California of ‘Significant’ Air and Water Problems Climate, September 26

    In the Trump administration's latest jab at California, the Environmental Protection Agency is saying the state is not protecting its water quality.

  60. Kathryn Murdoch Steps Out of the Family Shadow to Fight Climate Change Climate, September 26

    You know her last name, and her father-in-law, Rupert, the conservative media mogul. Now, she hopes to remove partisan obstacles to climate progress that her family’s empire helped build.

  61. Caltech Gets a Windfall for Climate Research: $750 Million U.S., September 26

    The gift from Stewart and Lynda Resnick, the billionaire owners of bottled water and agriculture companies, comes amid growing urgency over climate change.

  62. A Week of Climate Action, and Inaction Climate, September 25

    Also in this edition, community solar projects and a fuzzy pledge from businesses.

  63. Giant Glacier on Mont Blanc Is in Danger of Collapse, Experts Warn World, September 25

    The Italian authorities have closed two roads and evacuated mountain huts after researchers found a gaping crack in an ice mass on the Mont Blanc massif.

  64. How to Buy Clothes That Are Built to Last Interactive, September 25

    The environmental impact of our clothing choices extends far beyond our closets and buying fewer items that are more durable can lower the impact on the planet. Here’s what to look for when shopping for clothes.

  65. The World’s Oceans Are in Danger, Major Climate Change Report Warns Climate, September 25

    Climate change is severely straining the world’s oceans, creating profound risks for coastal cities and food supplies, a U.N. report finds.

  66. Major Cruise Line to Abandon Plastic Water Bottles Travel, September 25

    Norwegian Cruise Line, the world’s third-biggest cruise company, aims to switch its fleet to paper-based water cartons by 2020.

  67. It’s the Environment, Stupid Opinion, September 24

    There is a winning campaign theme that progressives can use against Trump, and it isn’t “Medicare for all.”

  68. Demanding Action on Climate Change Opinion, September 24

    Readers discuss the U.N. summit and climate rallies and offer a response to Al Gore’s Sunday Review essay.

  69. United Nations: 4 Bombastic Presidents Begin Day of General Assembly Speeches World, September 24

    Presidents and prime ministers have converged at the world’s most prominent diplomatic stage, amid crises ranging from climate change to possible armed conflict between Iran and the United States.

  70. What Happened at the U.N. General Assembly World, September 24

    Presidents and prime ministers converged at the world’s most prominent diplomatic stage, amid crises ranging from climate change to possible armed conflict between Iran and the United States.

  71. Trump Administration Threatens to Cut U.S. Highway Funds From California Climate, September 24

    Saying California has the worst air quality in the country, the E.P.A. chief fires the latest salvo in an escalating battle over clean air and states’ rights.

  72. Oil Giants, Under Fire From Climate Activists and Investors, Mount a Defense Climate, September 23

    Thirteen energy companies gathered in New York City to pledge action on climate change, though many of their ideas would perpetuate the use of oil and gas.

  73. For Our Future, the Oil and Gas Industry Must Go Green Opinion, September 23

    The global economy has to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at the latest.

  74. Climate Protesters Snarl Traffic but Washington Still Goes to Work Climate, September 23

    A coalition of climate protesters tried to shut down the streets of Washington.

  75. Climate Protesters Snarl Traffic but Washington Still Goes to Work Climate, September 23

    A coalition of climate protesters tried to shut down the streets of Washington.

  76. Climate Protesters Snarl Traffic but Washington Still Goes to Work Climate, September 23

    A coalition of climate protesters tried to shut down the streets of Washington.

  77. At U.N. Climate Summit, Few Commitments and U.S. Silence Climate, September 23

    China made no new commitments at United Nations climate talks to take stronger action. The United States said nothing at all, and a host of other countries made incremental promises at best.

  78. Climate Week in New York Is Just Getting Started New York, September 23

    Monday: Every day this week, people are gathering throughout the city to discuss climate change and what they can do about it.

  79. Who’s Speaking at the U.N. Climate Summit? Several Champions of Coal Climate, September 22

    Countries that continue to push coal will take the podium Monday at the United Nations Climate Action Summit.

  80. Can We Make Destroying the Amazon a Crime Against Humanity? Sunday Review, September 21

    A group of activists wants to try.

  81. Climate Protesters and World Leaders: Same Planet, Different Worlds Climate, September 21

    Friday’s global climate protests put the gap between activists and many of the world leaders preparing to meet in New York City next week into stark focus.

  82. Germany Unveils $60 Billion Climate Package World, September 20

    Angela Merkel’s government is seeking to meet the country’s climate-protection goals with new measures.

  83. California Sues the Trump Administration in Its Escalating War Over Auto Emissions Climate, September 20

    California, joined by 23 other states, sued to block the administration’s unprecedented reversal of the state’s authority to set its own rules on climate-warming car emissions.

  84. Meet 8 Youth Protest Leaders Climate, September 20

    Around the globe, young people are demanding action on climate change in a day of protest. Meet eight of the local leaders.

  85. Climate Strike N.Y.C.: Young Crowds Demand Action, Welcome Greta Thunberg New York, September 20

    “I feel hopeful seeing the power of all these people here today,” one teenager said of the protest, which drew tens of thousands of demonstrators.

  86. ‘We Will Never Back Down’: Scenes From the Global Climate Protests Video, September 20

    Thousands of young people around the world have taken to the streets on Friday to protest government inaction on the climate crisis.

  87. ‘We Will Never Back Down’: Scenes From the Global Climate Protests Video, September 20

    Hundreds of thousands of young people around the world took to the streets on Friday to protest government inaction on the climate crisis.

  88. The Week in Tech: An Emerging Twist on Antitrust Technology, September 20

    If regulators and lawmakers are serious, they’re going to have to rethink a traditional approach to monopolies.

  89. Protesting Climate Change, Young People Take to Streets in a Global Strike Climate, September 20

    Anxious about the future and angry about the failure to curb the crisis, millions joined an urgent call for action against climate change.

  90. I’m Not Only Striking for the Climate Opinion, September 20

    Thousands of students like me are protesting today. We know that we can’t solve the climate crisis without addressing the root causes of oppression.

  91. Teachers in New York City Barred From Attending Climate Protest New York, September 19

    The decision underlines the difficulties in separating the politics of climate change from teaching about the science of it.

  92. Trump Declares War on California Opinion, September 19

    It’s a liberal state, so it must be punished.

  93. ‘Worse Than Anyone Expected’: Air Travel Emissions Vastly Outpace Predictions Climate, September 19

    The findings put pressure on airline regulators to take stronger action to fight climate change as they prepare for a summit next week.

  94. Scientists Prepare to Drift With Arctic Ice for a Year to Study Climate Change Climate, September 19

    The Mosaic expedition, a $155 million undertaking five years in the making, aims for a better understanding of how global warming will affect the Arctic. 

  95. Do We Really Have Only 12 Years to Avoid Climate Disaster? Opinion, September 19

    The widely recited “12-year deadline” is wrong — and right.

  96. Amazon Accelerates Efforts to Fight Climate Change Technology, September 19

    Pledging that the retailer would be carbon neutral by 2040, Jeff Bezos, the C.E.O., said it was ordering 100,000 electric delivery trucks.

  97. Don’t Let Climate Change Stop You From Becoming a Parent Opinion, September 19

    Yes, you should have children. And you should raise them to use their talents for the planet’s good.

  98. San Francisco to Get Environmental Violation for Homelessness, Trump Says U.S., September 18

    President Trump said that San Francisco was in “total violation” of environmental rules because needles used by homeless people were ending up in the ocean.

  99. Trump Muddies the Air Opinion, September 18

    To dismantle the Obama climate legacy, he’s taking on California, the auto industry, the Clean Air Act and public opinion.

  100. Greta Thunberg, on Tour in America, Offers an Unvarnished View Climate, September 18

    With her typically blunt, often biting remarks, the Swedish teenager has offered Americans an outsider’s view of themselves.

  101. A Festival in the Bronx Will Explore Climate Change and Culture Arts, September 18

    The free event this Saturday will be a “happening” of sorts, at the intersection of art and activism.

  102. One Thing You Can Do: Switch to a Green Energy Provider Climate, September 18

    Also, reporters, activists and world leaders get set for climate week.

  103. How to Cool a Planet With Extraterrestrial Dust Science, September 18

    A study of fossil meteorites suggests that a distant asteroid collision once sent Earth into an ice age.

  104. A Revolution in Brittany: Mayors Defy French State to Ban Pesticides World, September 18

    A mayor banned pesticide use on the farms surrounding his village. Even though he was prosecuted for doing so, dozens of other mayors have followed his lead.

  105. Trump Defends Plan to Kill California’s Auto-Emissions Authority Climate, September 18

    The administration's plan has been assailed by California officials and environmental advocates as an attack on states’ rights and on a major policy to fight climate change.

  106. Trump Defends Plan to Kill California’s Auto-Emissions Authority U.S., September 18

    The administration's plan has been assailed by California officials and environmental advocates as an attack on states’ rights and on a major policy to fight climate change.

  107. Climate Change Is Not World War Opinion, September 18

    We are underestimating both the deep national trauma of World War II and our present challenge.

  108. Trump to Revoke California’s Authority to Set Stricter Auto Emissions Rules Climate, September 17

    The move, expected Wednesday, would strip California of its special authority to set tougher rules on car emissions.