1. Climate Change Is No Joking Matter. Except, This Week, It Was. Climate, October 19

    Global warming made the rounds on the late-night comedy shows this week. It was funny, but do jokes blunt the message that climate change is a threat? Hardly, experts say.

  2. A New Climate Tipping Point Podcasts, October 19

    A landmark United Nations report says that we’re likely to witness some of the most devastating effects of global warming within our lifetimes. We talk to one man with a solution.

  3. Preserving a Culture by Protecting the Environment Foreign, October 19

    The Dhimurru Rangers are one of more than 100 Indigenous groups spread across Australia who are removing thousands of pounds of plastic garbage from the beaches.

  4. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Violated Agency Travel Policy, Report Finds Climate, October 18

    Mr. Zinke had his wife travel with him in government vehicles, which violates his agency's travel policy, according to a new report by the Interior Department’s inspector general.

  5. 47,000 Ticks on a Moose, and That’s Just Average. Blame Climate Change. Climate, October 18

    Climate change is giving ticks a leg up on their hosts. “It’s about as grody a picture as you can imagine on a dead animal,” a researcher said.

  6. Trump’s Climate Scenario, in the Very Long Run Letters, October 17

    A reader lays out the president’s case. Sort of.

  7. A Powerful Storm, and a Conversation With a Nobel Laureate Climate, October 17

    In this week's climate newsletter, we've got some news about beer and a tip about taking the bus.

  8. What’s at Stake in Brazil’s Election? The Future of the Amazon Climate, October 17

    The next president of Brazil may shape the destiny of the Amazon, which is vital to reining in climate change. The stakes for the planet are huge.

  9. We’re Covering Heritage Sites Threatened by Climate Change. The List Just Got Longer. Climate, October 16

    A new study says some of the most important ancient places in the Mediterranean might not survive global warming.

  10. Donald and the Deadly Deniers Op Ed, October 15

    Climate policy is the ultimate example of Trumpian corruption.

  11. Irving Like, 93, Dies; Foe of Power Plant and Friend of Fire Island Metro, October 15

    Mr. Like, an environmental lawyer, waged a long and ultimately successful fight against the Shoreham nuclear generator on Long Island.

  12. Heat and Drought Could Threaten World Beer Supply Science, October 15

    A new study says a warming globe will be bad news for barley, an essential ingredient in the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage.

  13. ‘I Don’t Know That It’s Man-Made,’ Trump Says of Climate Change. It Is. Climate, October 15

    On “60 Minutes,” President Trump backed off his claim that global warming is a hoax. But he also made several new assertions unsupported by science.

  14. Among the Ruins of Mexico Beach Stands One House, Built ‘for the Big One’ National, October 14

    Hurricane Michael wrecked every other beachfront house on the block, but one came through the storm nearly pristine, as if protected by grace. How did it survive?

  15. After Nobel in Economics, William Nordhaus Talks About Who’s Getting His Pollution-Tax Ideas Right Climate, October 13

    A few governments—notably, parts of Canada and South Korea—have adapted his idea in ways that not only show signs of working, but it also reframe it not as a tax, but as a windfall for taxpayers.

  16. E.P.A. to Disband a Key Scientific Review Panel on Air Pollution Climate, October 11

    The 20-person board is responsible for helping the agency decide what levels of “particulate matter” are safe to breathe.

  17. Californians, Step Away From Your Cars Op Ed, October 11

    The planet depends on it. California can show true leadership on climate by rejecting a ballot measure that would cut off money for mass transit.

  18. Why Hurricane Michael’s Power Caught Forecasters Off Guard Climate, October 11

    Predicting the storm’s path was straightforward, but a number of factors contributed to its sudden intensification.

  19. Heat and Humidity Are a Killer Combination Interactive, October 11

    In the future, the mix of heat and humidity could be so extreme that the evaporation of human sweat may not sufficiently cool our bodies.

  20. The Hurricanes, and Climate-Change Questions, Keep Coming. Yes, They’re Linked. Climate, October 10

    Scientists say the links between global warming and hurricanes are real, although it’s still too early to say what the climate-change impact has been on Hurricane Michael.

  21. The White House Approved a Climate Report (and What That Even Means) Climate, October 10

    Also, two economists win the Nobel in economic science for their work on climate change.

  22. Lessons in a Water Bottle Letters, October 10

    Eric Adams, the Brooklyn borough president, calls for funding sustainability coordinators in the public schools.

  23. Wake Up, World Leaders. The Alarm Is Deafening. Editorial, October 9

    The U.N.’s climate panel warns leaders the time for dithering on climate change is over.

  24. The Climate Outlook Is Dire. So, What’s Next? Climate, October 9

    A new report paints a stark portrait of how quickly the planet is heating up. With a new round of international climate negotiations set for December, the next months will be crucial.

  25. A Dire Warning on Climate Change Letters, October 9

    Readers urge government officials to heed the warning and call on the public to be more energy-efficient.

  26. Trump Will Loosen Ethanol Rules, Aiding Anxious Farmers Ahead of Midterm Elections Climate, October 8

    The new rules will allow ethanol-blend gasoline to be sold during the summer months, ending a ban designed to limit smog, and angering the oil industry and lawmakers from oil states.

  27. The Climate Change Report Should Make You Worry Op Ed, October 8

    It’s probably a matter of time before someone tries to gaslight you about the climate report, but it’s very real.

  28. Science, Health and Climate Change Letters, October 8

    Readers discuss a new regime at the E.P.A. and the effects of climate change on our health and our children’s.

  29. Why Half a Degree of Global Warming Is a Big Deal Interactive, October 7

    It may sound small, but a half-degree of temperature change could lead to more dire consequences in a warming world, according to a sweeping new scientific assessment.

  30. Major Climate Report Describes a Strong Risk of Crisis as Early as 2040 Climate, October 7

    A landmark United Nations report paints a far more dire picture of the immediate consequences of climate change than previously thought and says that avoiding damage requires quickly transforming the world economy.

  31. More Trees, Happier People Op Ed, October 7

    When cities grow, green space dies. Replanting it has been shown to lift the human spirit.

  32. Stopping Climate Change Is Hopeless. Let’s Do It. Op Ed, October 6

    It begins with how we live our lives every moment of every day.

  33. A Local Response to Climate Change Opinion, October 5

    A landscape architect offers suggestions.

  34. Why the Wilder Storms? It’s a ‘Loaded Dice’ Problem Climate, October 5

    Global warming is bringing an era of wilder, more dangerous rains. The good news is that we’re getting better at evacuating flood zones. The bad news is everything else.

  35. Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Plastics Are Predicted to Rise Climate, October 4

    A predicted rise in emissions from the petrochemical industry, led by plastics producers, threatens to erode climate benefits from reductions in other sectors, according to a report.

  36. Rolling Back Regulations, and Arctic Sea Ice Keeps Melting Climate, October 3

    Also: Something to think about before shopping for new clothes.

  37. Floods. Wildfires. Yet Few Candidates Are Running on Climate Change. U.S., October 2

    Democrats, campaigning to win back control of the House and fend off Republican Senate candidates in states President Trump won, have been relatively muted on environmental issues this year.

  38. Using Drones to Tell the Story of Climate Change Summary, September 30

    How Josh Haner’s drone photography captured a serious threat to the world’s most precious cultural sites.

  39. Trump Administration Prepares a Major Weakening of Mercury Emissions Rules Climate, September 30

    The proposal is designed to provide legal justification for weakening not only the rules on mercury emissions from coal-burning power plants, but also other pollution controls as well.

  40. Washington Rolls Back Safety Rules Inspired by Deepwater Horizon Disaster Climate, September 27

    New rules don't require oil companies to design gear for “most extreme” conditions, such as violent weather or heavy pressure within undersea wells — a key factor in the deadly 2010 blowout.

  41. Climate Week, and Telling Stories With Photos Climate, September 26

    This week world leaders are meeting in New York, and climate change is on the agenda. And, meet the intrepid photographer behind our recent story from Greenland.

  42. Saving Scotland’s Heritage From the Rising Seas Interactive, September 25

    Citizens and scientists on the Orkney Islands are racing to protect thousands of ancient structures threatened by climate change.

  43. Journey to a Night Flower Op Ed, September 24

    There I was, driving through a parched landscape on a pilgrimage to watch a single flower bloom. Why?