1. A Subway Ride at the Paris Olympics Could Cost You Almost Double Travel, November 29

    Citing the price tag of ramped-up service for the Games, the regional transit authority is planning big increases aimed at visitors from July 20 to Sept. 8.

  2. Britain Restricts Weighing of Gymnasts in Wake of Abuse Express, November 29

    Athletes also must be allowed to hydrate regularly when practicing and be permitted visits to the restroom.

  3. Girls Thrive in Many Sports. Now They’re Coming for Football, Too. Metropolitan, November 26

    Last year, New York became one of eight states across the country that offer girls’ varsity flag football. The sport’s popularity has only grown.

  4. Oscar Pistorius, Olympic Athlete Convicted of Murder, to Be Paroled Foreign, November 24

    The South African sprinter, who garnered global headlines after killing his girlfriend in 2013, will be released in January after meeting the requirements for parole.

  5. World Peace in 2024? The Olympics Has a Plan but Not Much Hope. Foreign, November 23

    Amid two prominent wars and other conflicts around the globe, a biennial call at the United Nations for peace during the Games felt even more symbolic than usual.

  6. I.O.C. Says It Was Target of Elaborate ‘Fake News’ Campaign Sports, November 9

    Olympic officials said the effort included fabricated quotes about the Israel-Gaza war and a four-part, Netflix-style documentary.

  7. Oleg Protopopov, Who Skated With His Wife to Olympic Gold, Dies at 91 Obits, November 8

    Twice Soviet champions at the Games, he and Ludmila Belousova revolutionized pairs figure skating in the 1960s with a balletic style before defecting to the West.

  8. As the Paris Olympics Promise New Ambition, Old Anxieties Intensify Sports, October 21

    Trying not to gloat, organizers of the 2024 Summer Games begin showing off the spectacle of the city while concerns about security and strikes mount.

  9. Special Olympics lifts a vaccine mandate at its Games in Orlando after Florida threatens a fine. Sports, June 3

    Florida health officials told Special Olympics that the vaccine requirement violated state law.