1. Figure Skating Federation Proposes Raising Minimum Age to Compete Sports, May 2

    A medical assessment by the International Skating Union said that elite competition may hurt younger athletes in terms of their “psychological and social development.”

  2. Modern Pentathlon Trades Horses for an Obstacle Course Sports, May 2

    Months after claims of animal abuse led the sport’s governing body to announce it would change, the verdict is in, and the equestrian event is out.

  3. Moments From the Beijing Winter Games, Frame by Frame Interactive, February 19

    See the Winter Olympics in a series of composite images.

  4. Returning to China After Being Expelled Interactive, February 18

    In March 2020, the Chinese government expelled a group of American reporters. This month, I returned to China for the first time to cover the Olympics.

  5. See the Jumps, Twists and Grabs That Brought Eileen Gu Three Olympic Medals Interactive, February 17

    Take a deeper look at the skier’s signature moves, which won her the gold in the big air and halfpipe competitions and a silver in slopestyle.

  6. Read the Full Ruling from the Court of Arbitration for Sport on Kamila Valieva Interactive, February 17

    The Court of Arbitration for Sport releases its 41-page ruling on why it allowed Kamila Valieva to compete in Beijing.

  7. How Kamila Valieva Fell to Fourth as Russian Teammate Took Gold Interactive, February 17

    In women’s figure skating, see the moves that won Anna Shcherbakova Olympic gold as Kamila Valieva, her Russian teammate caught up in a doping scandal, faltered.

  8. Waiting for Bing Dwen Dwen Interactive, February 17

    A week into the Winter Games, I went to the flagship store in downtown Beijing that sells Olympics merchandise — and joined the end of a long line.

  9. How the Quad Jump Is Changing Women’s Figure Skating Interactive, February 16

    Before the doping scandal, Kamila Valieva was best known for her perfectly executed quadruple jumps. See how she and her Russian teammates have made the quad essential for Olympic gold.

  10. U.S. Men’s Hockey: Last-Minute Olympians Interactive, February 15

    The team is its youngest since 1994, cobbled together after the N.H.L. said it wouldn’t send its players to Beijing.

  11. How Kamila Valieva Stumbled and Still Won the Women’s Short Program Interactive, February 15

    The Russian skating star at the center of a doping dispute secured the top spot in the short program of women’s figure skating, even after struggling with her opening jump.

  12. Why Biathlon Should Be the New Curling Interactive, February 14

    Believe it or not, a skiing race combined with rifle shooting is my favorite Winter Olympics event.

  13. Court of Arbitration for Sport Ruling on Kamila Valieva Interactive, February 14

    Arbitrators rejected appeals by the International Olympic Committee, the World Anti-Doping Agency and skating’s global governing body to reinstate a provisional suspension that would have ruled Valieva out of the Olympics.

  14. You’ll See Monobob Soon. What Is It? Interactive, February 12

    For one thing, it’s an opportunity for American bobsledders like Elana Meyers Taylor and Kaillie Humphries.

  15. How Nathan Chen Won Gold in Men’s Figure Skating Interactive, February 10

    With five clean quadruple jumps, see how Nathan Chen skated effortlessly to Olympic gold, four years after missing the podium.

  16. How Chloe Kim Rode to Gold in Halfpipe Interactive, February 10

    See the big tricks that landed Chloe Kim an early lead in the women’s competition and earned her a second consecutive gold medal.

  17. How Eileen Gu Won Gold in Big Air With Two Giant Jumps Interactive, February 8

    Move by move, here’s a look at the two high-scoring tricks that vaulted Gu to victory. Her final jump was one she had never tried in competition.

  18. Beijing Olympics: Who Leads the Medal Count? Interactive, February 7

    It might depend on who’s counting — and how.

  19. The Jumps That Gave Zoi Sadowski-Synnott Gold in Slopestyle Interactive, February 6

    The 20-year-old from New Zealand won the Olympic title with a three-jump sequence that none of her rivals can match.

  20. Meet the U.S. Figure Skating Team Interactive, February 4

    Figure skating events began even before Beijing’s opening ceremony. Here are the athletes I’ll be watching.

  21. Opening Ceremony Fashion: Best and Worst Interactive, February 4

    Here's how several countries approached the parade of nations.

  22. Who’s on the U.S. Women’s Hockey Team? Interactive, February 3

    The United States women’s hockey team opened Olympic play today against Finland. Let’s meet some of the players.

  23. What to Know Ahead of the Olympics Interactive, February 2

    The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing officially begin Friday. I’ll walk you through the latest.

  24. How I Made It to the Beijing Olympics Interactive, February 1

    China is hosting this year’s Winter Olympics in a bubble. For me, the bubble formed not in Beijing — but more than 5,000 miles away, at Charles de Gaulle Airport, outside of Paris.

  25. What Scares the World’s Most Daring Olympians Interactive, February 1

    Injury is a constant threat in their death-defying feats. The Times sat down with three dozen athletes who opened up about their fears.

  26. When You Can’t Tell the Snow From the Sky Interactive, February 1

    For Olympians who spin in the air like kaleidoscopes, finding a landing spot is more dangerous when the sky is white like the ground.

  27. Escalating Tricks, Escalating Fears Interactive, February 1

    For snowboarders and freestyle skiers, winning means doing what no one else can do, or dares to try.

  28. What It’s Like to Ski Nearly Blind Interactive, February 1

    Millie Knight, a world champion Paralympic skier, says, “I ski with my ears.”

  29. I Admit It. I’m in Love With Fear. Interactive, February 1

    In her own words, top freeskier Eileen Gu describes finding the balance between confidence in her ability and the thrill of uncertainty.

  30. Olympics Results Interactive, January 27

    The latest medal count and results for the Beijing Olympics.

  31. Olympics Live 2022 Interactive, January 27

    Live Olympics Coverage from The New York Times

  32. I Watched the Building of an Olympic Venue Interactive, January 22

    In the past 17 months, I made five trips to a village northwest of Beijing. I was curious whether one of the Olympic venues there would be ready for the Games.

  33. Quiz: Do You Recognize These Notable People of 2021? Interactive, December 16

    See how well you know the defining personalities of 2021 with The New York Times Faces Quiz.

  34. The Year in Pictures 2021 Interactive, December 15

    While many people, fearing the virus, continued to stay close to home, photographers traveled the world, documenting the world’s turmoil and triumphs.

  35. Nothing Got in the Way of These Paralympians Interactive, August 24

    With the Paralympics underway in Tokyo, we’re remembering the lives of athletes with a variety of disabilities around the world who found freedom in their sports.

  36. The Biggest Highlights From the Oddest Olympics Interactive, August 8

    See the action from inside the Tokyo Games’ anti-pandemic bubble — including a few things you might have missed.

  37. The Most Notable 'Firsts' From the Olympics Interactive, August 7

    As the Tokyo Games wind down, we look back on some memorable debuts and victories.

  38. Dressel vs. Phelps. McLaughlin vs. Muhammad. Visualizing Olympic Champions, Present vs. Past Interactive, August 7

    See how the fastest swimmers and runners from Tokyo 2020 compare with past champions, plus watch visualizations of more than 40 Olympic races.

  39. Decisive Moments From the Tokyo Games, Frame by Frame Interactive, August 6

    See the Summer Olympics in a series of composite images.

  40. What Exactly Is Modern Pentathlon? Interactive, August 6

    The women's modern pentathlon took place Friday. Here's what you need to know

  41. Tokyo Olympics on Friday: Delivering in the Heat Interactive, August 6

    The U.S. women’s beach volleyball team won gold in some of the hottest temperatures at these Games.

  42. The Unsettling Music That Drives Artistic Swimming Interactive, August 6

    At the Tokyo Games, the music selected by artistic swimming teams often was better suited to a horror movie than to a symphony matinee.

  43. Tokyo Olympics on Thursday: No Easy Wins Interactive, August 5

    Speed climbing is just the latest sport that didn’t seem to go as expected during these Games.

  44. Tokyo Olympics on Wednesday: Minting Gold Interactive, August 4

    Count Sakura Yosozumi among the newest stars of these Games.

  45. What Is Going On in Track Cycling? Interactive, August 4

    Here's how to decipher the action at the Olympic velodrome.

  46. How Sydney McLaughlin Beat Her Own World Record to Win Gold Interactive, August 4

    On a fast track at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium, McLaughlin edged her closest rival in the final meters and shaved 0.44 of a second off her own world record.

  47. Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday: Comebacks and Newcomers Interactive, August 3

    Simone Biles was back on the balance beam, while Athing Mu introduced herself to the world

  48. Tokyo Olympics on Monday: You Can’t Win Them All Interactive, August 2

    U.S. soccer falls to Canada, but an American gymnast rebounds from a loss.

  49. How the World’s Fastest Men Battled for Gold in 10 Seconds Interactive, August 1

    Lamont Marcell Jacobs achieved a top speed of 26.76 miles per hour to finish the 100-meter race in 9.80 seconds, 0.22 seconds off Usain Bolt’s world record set in 2009.

  50. Tokyo Olympics on Sunday: The Best Among Us Interactive, August 1

    Marcell Jacobs of Italy was a surprise winner in the men’s 100-meter dash, finishing in 9.80 seconds.

  51. How Fast the Jamaican Sprinters Ran to Sweep the Women’s 100 Meters Interactive, July 31

    The gold medalist, Elaine Thompson-Herah, averaged more than 21 miles per hour to finish the race in 10.61 seconds.

  52. Tokyo Olympics on Sunday: The Best Among Us Interactive, July 31

    Marcell Jacobs of Italy was a surprise winner in the men’s 100-meter dash, finishing in 9.80 seconds.

  53. For Katie Ledecky, the Longer the Race the Better Interactive, July 31

    How Katie Ledecky’s competitors are closing the gap on her dominance in the pool.

  54. Tokyo Olympics on Friday: U.S. Women’s Soccer to Semifinals Interactive, July 30

    The Americans beat the Netherlands in a shootout. They play Canada next.

  55. Take a Tour of the Olympic Village Interactive, July 30

    India Pagán, who plays center for the women’s basketball team from Puerto Rico, walked us through her day in Tokyo.

  56. How Speed and Distance Dictate How Olympians Run Interactive, July 30

    We invited three elite runners to run on the world’s fastest treadmill to examine the differences between running fast and running far (but still pretty fast).

  57. Tokyo Olympics on Thursday: Rising to the Challenge Interactive, July 29

    A new gymnastics champion was crowned. Elsewhere, paddlers navigated some treacherous obstacles.

  58. The Moves That Gave Sunisa Lee Olympic Gold Interactive, July 29

    Here’s how Sunisa Lee of the United States won the Olympic gold medal in the all-around gymnastics competition at the Tokyo Games.

  59. Tokyo Olympics on Wednesday: Golden Firsts Interactive, July 28

    U.S. women won the first three-on-three basketball gold. Katie Ledecky made history, too.

  60. Tokyo Olympics: Who Leads the Medal Count? Interactive, July 27

    It might depend whom you ask — and how they count.

  61. Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday: The Brightest Stars Falter Interactive, July 27

    Simone Biles exited her gymnastics team final, and the tennis star Naomi Osaka lost.

  62. What Happened in Simone Biles’s Vault Interactive, July 27

    Biles lost her way midair while vaulting in the women’s team final on Tuesday.

  63. Tokyo Olympics on Monday: Diving for Gold Interactive, July 26

    More medals, missed opportunities and upsets as the Games pick up momentum.

  64. Kate Courtney is Creating Pathways for American Cyclists Interactive, July 26

    Courtney’s success hasn’t been rivaled by other U.S. cyclists in decades. She hopes to propel the sport further into the spotlight with her Olympic debut.

  65. Tokyo Olympics on Sunday: Time to Go Big Interactive, July 25

    Because holding back now helps nobody.

  66. Australia Dominates Again in the Women’s 4x100 Freestyle Relay Interactive, July 25

    Australia won the 4x100 freestyle by more than 3 seconds over the United States. Here’s the meter-by-meter analysis of how they did it.

  67. Tokyo Olympics on Saturday: The Games Get Rolling Interactive, July 24

    The U.S. women’s soccer team found some answers, and a new sport made its Olympic debut.

  68. Did You See What the Liberian Olympic Team Is Wearing? Interactive, July 23

    You might have missed it, but look again. They want to change the Olympic fashion game.

  69. Looking Back at Inspiring Olympians Interactive, July 22

    As the Tokyo Olympics begin, we are looking back at Olympians who died in recent years.

  70. I Made the 24-Hour Trek to Tokyo Interactive, July 22

    The journey to the Tokyo Olympics was a unique experience. Here’s an inside look.

  71. Simone Manuel Dominated in the Pool. After Setbacks, She’s Ready to Medal Again. Interactive, July 21

    Manuel, 24, who had a banner 2019, has grappled with overtraining syndrome this year. In Tokyo, she aims to find her way back.

  72. Dalilah Muhammad Set the Standard for Hurdling. Now She Looks to Defend Her Gold. Interactive, July 21

    Muhammad, 31, lost her world record at the U.S. Olympic trials. She will face a field packed with talent as she tries to remain on top.

  73. Sunisa Lee Is Unmatched on Uneven Bars and Wants All-Around Glory Interactive, July 21

    Lee, 18, is making her Olympic debut after a challenging year. Her versatility is crucial to Team USA’s shot at a third consecutive gold.

  74. There’s Nothing Adam Ondra Can’t Climb, but Is an Olympic Medal Out of Reach? Interactive, July 21

    Ondra, 28, is the world’s best climber, but a controversial decision by Olympic organizers may block his path.

  75. Meet the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team Interactive, June 29

    Here are the American gymnasts you’re likely to see on the awards podium.

  76. 5 First-Time Olympians to Watch in Tokyo Interactive, June 28

    Here are a few track and field Olympians to know.

  77. A Month Before the Olympics, How Is Japan Faring With Covid? Interactive, June 23

    In the past month, cases have decreased and vaccination has ramped up dramatically — but with less than one-fifth of the country even partially vaccinated, many residents remain worried about hosting the Games.

  78. 7 U.S. Swimmers to Watch at the Olympics Interactive, June 22

    The 50 pool swimmers representing the United States in Tokyo have nine individual Olympic gold medals and three silvers among them. Thirty-five will be making their Olympic debuts.

  79. Allyson Felix Knows What Really Makes the Olympics Run Interactive, June 14

    “The athletes do not have a seat at the table when the decisions are being made. It’s a big machine.”

  80. 5 Routines Proving Simone Biles Is the 🐐 Interactive, June 10

    Watch the moves that helped put Biles on top of the gymnastics world.

  81. Chinese Swimmer’s Doping Ban Is Lifted After Accusation of Racism Sports, December 23

    Lawyers for Sun Yang, a three-time Olympic champion, presented evidence that one of the arbitrators who issued his eight-year suspension had made racist comments about China on social media.

  82. Read the CAS Decision Reducing Russia’s Doping Ban Interactive, December 17

    The ruling reduced a four-year ban to two, but will keep Russian teams out of the next two Olympics and dozens of other global competitions.

  83. Read the CAS Decision Reducing Russia’s Doping Ban Interactive, December 17

    The ruling reduced a four-year ban to two, but will keep Russian teams out of the next two Olympics and dozens of other global competitions.

  84. Can the Olympics Take Place in July? (This July?) Interactive, March 17

    The coronavirus pandemic has brought most of the world’s sports to a standstill, but the Tokyo Games remain scheduled to begin in late July. Is that even possible?

  85. After Semenya Ruling, Sports Federations Ponder What’s Next Sports, May 2

    The decision on intersex athletes was narrow. But for sports federations, new complaints of unfair advantages seem likely.