1. Two N.C.A.A. Titles in 25 Minutes? A Sprinter Is Up for the Task. Sports, Today

    Britton Wilson of Arkansas is a favorite to win the N.C.A.A. titles in both the 400 meters and the 400-meter hurdles. She’ll need to recover quickly between the two.

  2. Jim Hines, First to Sprint 100 Meters in Under 10 Seconds, Dies at 76 Sports, June 5

    He ran a gold-medal-winning time of 9.95 seconds at the Mexico City Olympics in 1968, setting an official world record that held for 15 years.

  3. The 2026 Winter Olympics Are Looking Beyond the Horizon Sports, May 24

    Andrea Varnier, chief executive of the Milan-Cortina organizing committee, talks about managing the most sprawling Games in history, and why he thinks it could be a model for future Olympics.

  4. Buddy Melges, American Sailing Champion, Dies at 93 Obits, May 22

    A product of a Wisconsin lake region, he was the first sailor to win both Olympic gold and sailing’s top prize, the America’s Cup. And his colleagues revered him.

  5. Why Do Runners Still Race With Paper Pinned to Their Shirts? Sports, May 20

    Racing bibs have tags that help track and identify runners. But they are also a good place for sponsors’ names.

  6. After a ‘Kill Shot’ to the Eye, a Wrestler Restarts His Life Sports, May 18

    Rich Perry was an Olympic hopeful when he sustained a gruesome injury at a training camp in 2018. The question now is whether he can ever fully be himself again.

  7. Tori Bowie’s Hometown Celebrates Her Life Amid Mystery of Her Death Sports, May 14

    Mourners at a visitation and funeral in Mississippi remembered Tori Bowie as an inspiration on the track while also searching for answers about how her life ended.

  8. Olympic Swimming in the Seine? How Paris Is Remaking a River. Sports, May 12

    Organizers of the 2024 Summer Games promised a waterway clean enough for Olympic swimmers and then Parisians to swim in. The job was bigger than anyone knew.

  9. As the Paris Olympics Promise New Ambition, Old Anxieties Intensify Sports, October 21

    Trying not to gloat, organizers of the 2024 Summer Games begin showing off the spectacle of the city while concerns about security and strikes mount.

  10. Special Olympics lifts a vaccine mandate at its Games in Orlando after Florida threatens a fine. Sports, June 3

    Florida health officials told Special Olympics that the vaccine requirement violated state law.