1. House Panel Seeks F.B.I. Investigation Into Doping by Chinese Swimmers U.S., Today

    The bipartisan request for a criminal inquiry relies on a law that gives the Justice Department the power to prosecute doping offenses that do not occur in the United States.

  2. Jon Urbanchek, Who Led Swimmers to Olympic Glory, Dies at 87 Obits, May 17

    He coached the University of Michigan to 13 Big Ten Conference titles and a national championship. Overall, his swimmers won 21 medals at the Summer Olympics.

  3. Dancing Past the Venus de Milo Foreign, May 16

    The Louvre is joining in the celebration for the Olympics by opening up for dance and exercise classes early in the morning. Tickets sold out in a flash.

  4. Olimpiadas 2024: La autoridad antidopaje enfrenta una crisis de confianza En español, May 14

    Crece la preocupación de que el organismo encargado de mantener el deporte libre de drogas ilegales esté fracasando en su misión, lo que ha llevado al Congreso estadounidense a cuestionar si seguir apoyándola.

  5. W.N.B.A. Stars in the Skims Spotlight Styles, May 13

    Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand is moving more aggressively into sports.

  6. Ahead of Olympics, World Anti-Doping Agency Faces a Trust Crisis Foreign, May 12

    Concerns are growing that the body whose job is keeping sports free of illegal drugs is failing at that mission, leading Congress to question U.S. support.

  7. Fencing Rattled by Suspensions and Accusations Ahead of Olympics Foreign, May 9

    Concerns about refereeing integrity and preferential treatment for top saber competitors have cast a shadow over a sport decided by the finest of margins.

  8. Let the Party Begin! Olympic Flame Arrives in Marseille. Foreign, May 8

    The flame will be carried on a 79-day journey across France and its territories, culminating in Paris with the start of the Olympic Games on July 26.

  9. Close Friends, Competing for Coveted Olympic Spots. Who Would Make It? Well, May 8

    Conner Mantz and Clayton Young had run side by side for more than 10,000 miles. Both vied for a place in the marathon at the Paris Games.

  10. France Says It Built the Olympics Safely. Migrant Workers Don’t Count. Foreign, May 8

    Undocumented workers played a larger and more dangerous role in delivering the Games than the Macron administration acknowledges.

  11. Paris Promised the Olympics Would Be Accessible. The Clock Is Ticking. Travel, May 6

    The city, which put inclusivity at the center of its bid, has improved access for people with disabilities, but with the opening ceremony about 12 weeks away, obstacles remain.

  12. They Used to Award Olympic Medals for Art? Magazine, May 2

    The founder of the modern Games thought they should honor both body and mind. But the tradition died years ago, and the winning artworks are largely forgotten.

  13. Olga Fikotova Connolly, Olympian in a Cold War Romance, Dies at 91 Obits, May 1

    She was from Czechoslovakia. He was from the U.S. And after meeting at the 1956 Games and winning gold medals, they married. Love had breached the iron curtain.

  14. 9 Places to See the Summer Olympics Without Setting Foot in Paris Travel, April 29

    You may have trouble finding accommodations or tickets to events in Paris, but other destinations around France are hosting sports like soccer, sailing, basketball and surfing.

  15. A City Scarred by Terrorism Prepares an Olympic Opening Without Walls Foreign, April 27

    The opening ceremony for this summer’s Paris Games will be held outside a stadium — an Olympics first. Making it safe is complicated.

  16. At the Louvre, the Olympics Are More French Than You Might Think Culture, April 26

    The Games were revived from an ancient Greek spectacle, but an exhibition timed for the Paris Olympics argues that France’s fascination with the ancient world played an outsized role.

  17. El equipo de ciberseguridad de los Juegos Olímpicos de París está seguro de una cosa: serán atacados En español, April 24

    “Seremos atacados”, dijo el responsable de la lucha contra las ciberamenazas. Para prepararse, los organizadores pagan recompensas a los “hackers” que descubren vulnerabilidades.

  18. New Study Bolsters Idea of Athletic Differences Between Men and Trans Women Foreign, April 23

    Research financed by the International Olympic Committee introduced new data to the unsettled and fractious debate about bans on transgender athletes.

  19. Top Biden Official Calls for Inquiry Into Chinese Doping Case Foreign, April 22

    The administration’s top drug official, Rahul Gupta, said he would bring up the handling of Chinese swimmers’ positive tests at a meeting of sports officials this week.

  20. As the Paris Olympics Promise New Ambition, Old Anxieties Intensify Sports, October 21

    Trying not to gloat, organizers of the 2024 Summer Games begin showing off the spectacle of the city while concerns about security and strikes mount.

  21. Special Olympics lifts a vaccine mandate at its Games in Orlando after Florida threatens a fine. Sports, June 3

    Florida health officials told Special Olympics that the vaccine requirement violated state law.