1. Running Past an Olympic Dream Sports, July 10

    When Kyle Merber’s plans to reach the Tokyo Games were derailed by the pandemic, he realized how much the singular pursuit had been holding him back.

  2. Tokyo’s First Female Governor Sails to Re-Election Even as Virus Cases Rise Foreign, July 5

    Yuriko Koike has received high marks for her visible presence during the pandemic, but the coronavirus’s resurgence has raised anxiety in the Japanese capital.

  3. He Drove 3,000 Miles to Find a Pool and Ended Up in the Ocean Sports, July 3

    Rudy Garcia-Tolson is determined to make a fifth Paralympic team, even if he has to start at the bottom. Or on a surfboard.

  4. Angela Madsen, Paralympian Rower, Dies on Solo Pacific Voyage at 60 Obits, June 30

    With her legs paralyzed, she found freedom rowing across oceans. “It’s hopeless, it’s majestic, it’s exhilarating,” she said.

  5. Her Olympic Dream on Hold, Teen Gymnast Faces Other Trials Sports, June 27

    Sunisa Lee had been ecstatic to return to her gym at the start of June. Then came tumult in Minnesota and the death of two close relatives. “I just want this year to be over. I’m so ready for 2021.”

  6. Missing the Olympics? Organize Your Own Games, at Home At Home, June 27

    Sure, the official Summer Games have been postponed. But with most people staying local and many camps shut down, you can create a fun, friendly competition in your own backyard.

  7. Racing a World-Champion Rower in My Garage Well, June 25

    I wanted to let myself be swept away by the intoxicating fantasy of: What If?

  8. Royal Ascot Continues, With Face Masks Instead of Top Hats Sports, June 16

    “I am sure,” Queen Elizabeth wrote in a statement, “it will remain one of Britain’s finest sporting occasions.” Plus, a minor league plays ball, and talk of the Tokyo Olympics in 2022.

  9. Can the Olympics Take Place in July? (This July?) Interactive, March 17

    The coronavirus pandemic has brought most of the world’s sports to a standstill, but the Tokyo Games remain scheduled to begin in late July. Is that even possible?