1. The Brave New World of Sports Opinion, September 13

    Performance-enhancing technology and drugs might lead to an athletic renaissance.

  2. Tom Collins, Promoter of Elite Figure Skating Tours, Dies at 88 Sports, September 5

    For nearly 40 years, his Champions on Ice showcased Olympic stars like Michelle Kwan, Brian Boitano, Dorothy Hamill and Johnny Weir.

  3. Surfing With a Disability Well, August 29

    Several nonprofit groups cater to surfers with disabilities, both physical and cognitive.

  4. El ‘break dancer’ que sueña con el oro olímpico en Español, August 21

    Las Olimpiadas están incorporando deportes poco convencionales y así abren camino a futuros medallistas inesperados, como el “break dancer” ruso Sergei Chernyshev.

  5. Pan Am Games Protesters Get Probation. Olympians Get a Warning. Sports, August 21

    Two athletes who protested the national anthem at a recent competition were placed on 12 months’ probation. But stopping other competitors from making political stands at next year’s Tokyo Olympics won’t be easy.