1. Bank Regulators Present a Dire Warning of Financial Risks From Climate Change Climate, Today

    The San Francisco Fed warned that banks, communities and homeowners face significant financial risk from climate change and offered proposals for banks to do more to help.

  2. How Does Homelessness in California Compare With Other States? U.S., Today

    Thursday: Another look at the crisis. Also: A tentative settlement in the Sutter Health antitrust case; and an important quilt collection finds a home in Berkeley.

  3. Why Don’t Rich People Just Stop Working? Style, Today

    Are the wealthy addicted to money, competition, or just feeling important? Yes.

  4. How to Pick Up a Syringe Magazine, Today

    Never use bare hands. Carry the supplies needed in case of an accidental poke.

  5. Son of Ron Ely, ‘Tarzan’ Actor, Kills Mother Before Police Shoot Him Dead, Officials Say U.S., Yesterday

    The killings took place at the Santa Barbara home that the actor shared with his wife.

  6. Sutter Health to Settle Antitrust Lawsuit Health, Yesterday

    The hospital group in California was accused of using its market dominance to demand higher prices for health care.

  7. Tom Steyer and a Billionaire’s Conundrum U.S., Yesterday

    Wednesday: A billionaire who is also a progressive makes his first debate appearance. Also: Bay Area earthquakes; and Catalan human towers.

  8. E.P.A. Bypassed Its West Coast Team as a Feud With California Escalated Climate, October 15

    Staff members in the regional office said they had no advance knowledge of a wide-ranging agency complaint against the state and described the process as highly unusual.

  9. Thief Walks Out of Gallery With a $20,000 Salvador Dalí Etching U.S., October 15

    An employee of the San Francisco gallery turned his back for a moment. When he looked again, the work had vanished.

  10. Felicity Huffman Reports to Prison Camp in Admissions Case U.S., October 15

    The actress entered a minimum-security federal prison camp in California on Tuesday to begin serving her 14-day sentence, her representative said.

  11. Weddings Go On, With or Without Power Fashion, October 15

    Rolling blackouts in California have some couples scrambling on their wedding day as venues adjust to the uncertainty wind-driven fires are causing.

  12. California Man Drives Body to Police and Admits to Killing 3 Others, Authorities Say U.S., October 14

    “I have never had someone come in with a body and turn themselves in here,” Sgt. Robert Gibson of the Mount Shasta Police Department said.

  13. The California Fur Ban and What It Means for You Style, October 14

    Is this the beginning of the end of the mink coat? Here’s what you need to know.

  14. The California Fur Ban and What It Means for You Style, October 14

    Is this the beginning of the end of the mink coat? Here’s what you need to know.

  15. California Tells Schools to Start Later, Giving Teenagers More Sleep U.S., October 14

    A new law pushed back start times at most public middle and high schools, citing research that says attendance and performance will improve if teenagers get more sleep.

  16. $2 Million Homes in California Real Estate, October 14

    A beach house in Watsonville, a duplex loft in San Francisco and a Craftsman-style home with a guest cottage in Santa Barbara.

  17. What You Get for $2 Million in California Slideshow, October 14

    A beach house in Watsonville; a duplex loft in San Francisco; and a Craftsman-style home with a guest cottage in Santa Barbara.

  18. How California’s ‘Demonized’ Winds Shape Wildfire Season U.S., October 14

    Monday: Santa Ana and Diablo Winds have caused havoc across the state. Also: Updates on wildfires; and a statewide snooze button for students.

  19. Marc Benioff: We Need a New Capitalism Opinion, October 14

    The current system has led to profound inequality. To fix it, we need businesses and executives to value purpose alongside profit.

  20. Turning Off the Lights in California Opinion, October 14

    The state faces enormous challenges to prevent the catastrophic wildfires of recent years.

  21. California Is Trying to Prevent Fires. No One Expected a Smoking Garbage Truck. U.S., October 12

    Despite extensive precautions, a deadly blaze this week was caused by burning trash dumped on the side of a road, officials said.

  22. In a High-Tech State, Blackouts Are a Low-Tech Way to Prevent Fires Business, October 12

    One approach is a microgrid — creating a small power source that can keep the lights on in a small area when the main grid isn’t working.

  23. Fire, Floods and Power Outages: Our Climate Future Has Arrived Opinion, October 12

    The most urgent imperative now is to turn our fear and frustration into votes.

  24. Fire, Floods and Power Outages: Our Climate Future Has Arrived Opinion, October 12

    The most urgent imperative now is to turn our fear and frustration into votes.

  25. ‘This Did Not Go Well’: Inside PG&E’s Blackout Control Room Business, October 12

    As the utility turned off power to millions of Californians, its website went down and it struggled to communicate with local officials and inform residents.

  26. Saddleridge Fire Map: Tracking the Spread Interactive, October 11

    Several fires were burning in the Los Angeles area on Friday.

  27. The Haves and Have-Nots of (Electrical) Power in California U.S., October 11

    The economic impacts of the state’s power shut-off were especially acute in rural, northern towns.

  28. ‘I’m Getting the Hell Out of Dodge’: An Up-Close Look at the Southern California Fires Video, October 11

    Several fires ripped through Southern California on Friday, leading to mandatory evacuations. A motorist caught in one of the blazes captured footage showing its ferocity.

  29. Saddleridge Fire Rips Through Southern California, Forcing Evacuations U.S., October 11

    The fire swelled overnight near Los Angeles, putting more than 100,000 people under a mandatory evacuation order.

  30. California Blackout: ‘There Was No Time to Prepare’ U.S., October 11

    Friday: Readers share their frustrations and fears. Also: A new mission for NASA and SpaceX.

  31. What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage Style, October 11

    In this popular essay from June 2006 — one of the most emailed New York Times articles ever — a wife tries to improve her husband by using exotic-animal training techniques.

  32. Stephon Clark’s Sons Reach $2.4 Million Settlement Over Police Killing U.S., October 10

    The city of Sacramento agreed to settle a wrongful-death lawsuit filed by the family of Mr. Clark, an unarmed black man who was fatally shot by officers in 2018.

  33. For the Most Vulnerable, California Blackouts ‘Can Be Life or Death’ U.S., October 10

    As the widespread outages in the state continued for a second day, fears grew for sick and older residents and those who rely on medical equipment.

  34. The Questions Surrounding California’s PG&E Outage U.S., October 10

    The utility turned off power to hundreds of thousands of customers to reduce the risk of wildfires. Many could be without electricity for days.

  35. How Long the PG&E Outage Will Last, and Other Questions Answered Business, October 10

    The California utility turned off power to hundreds of thousands of customers to reduce the risk of wildfires. Many could be without electricity for days.

  36. ‘Urban Camping’: How California Residents Are Coping With Power Outages Video, October 10

    About 600,000 electricity customers were affected on Thursday morning after the California’s largest utility carried out the second phase of its intentional power cut as a precaution against sparking fires.

  37. PG&E Power Outage Expands in California: Live Updates U.S., October 10

    The second phase of a safety plan intended to prevent wildfires left hundreds of thousands more without electricity.

  38. Californians Confront a Blackout Induced to Prevent Blazes U.S., October 10

    The second phase of a safety plan intended to limit wildfires left hundreds of thousands more without electricity.

  39. Tales of Chaos From the California Blackout U.S., October 10

    Thursday: Confusion reigned as PG&E cut power across a broad swath. Also: Katelyn Ohashi, on paying college athletes; and a Dodgers loss.

  40. These State Birds May Be Forced Out of Their States as the World Warms Climate, October 10

    New research shows that hundreds of North American birds are at risk of major habitat disruption from climate change.

  41. When a Steady Paycheck Is Good Medicine Business, October 10

    American medical providers that collectively spend $50 billion per year are channeling work to local businesses and residents.

  42. PG&E Outage Darkens Northern California Amid Wildfire Threat U.S., October 9

    A deliberate power outage by the state’s largest utility sent residents scrambling — and debating whether it was worth it.

  43. PG&E Bankruptcy Judge Gives Outside Group’s Plan a Chance Business, October 9

    Terms offered by bondholders and victims’ lawyers will compete with the utility’s own reorganization proposal, a move that could encourage a deal.

  44. Deborah Marrow, a Getty Leader With Global Reach, Dies at 70 Arts, October 9

    As a top executive of the J. Paul Getty Trust and its only female president, she spread its wealth around the world while promoting multiculturalism.

  45. Kim Gordon Talks About Her Favorite Song T Magazine, October 9

    Ahead of her debut solo album, the musician shares how Neil Young made her a better performer.

  46. What We Know About the California Power Outages U.S., October 9

    Wednesday: PG&E is cutting electricity for customers in Northern and Central California to prevent wildfires. Also: Game 5 for the Dodgers, and a celebration of bikes in L.A.

  47. Everyone Made Money Off My N.C.A.A. Career, Except Me Opinion, October 9

    California’s initiative to allow college athletes to profit from their talent is a boon especially for women and competitors in sports without pro leagues.

  48. California Makes H.I.V.-Prevention Drugs Available Without a Prescription U.S., October 9

    The state is the first in the nation to allow pharmacists to dispense PrEP and PEP, drugs that can prevent new H.I.V. infections.

  49. The Future Teen Stars of America Live on TikTok Style, October 9

    They’re goofy and fun and brands want in.

  50. PG&E Cuts Power to 500,000 in California: Live Updates U.S., October 9

    Pacific Gas & Electric, the largest utility in the state, could cut electricity to 800,000 customers by day’s end as a precaution against sparking wildfires.

  51. Silicon Valley Is Trying Out a New Mantra: Make a Profit Technology, October 8

    Start-up investors are warning of a reckoning after the stumbles of some high-profile “unicorns.” Now turning a profit is in.

  52. 5 Haunts With Haunts Travel, October 8

    This Halloween season, why not spend a night or two at a hotel frequented by the dearly departed?

  53. Battle for PG&E Hinges on Rival Plans and Uncertain Costs Business, October 7

    As the utility defends its bankruptcy plan against a challenge from bondholders and wildfire victims, its liabilities are still being calculated.

  54. Johnson & Johnson Lawsuits Raise Fears Over Baby Powder Business, October 7

    Thousands of people who trusted Johnson’s Baby Powder for decades are suing the company after developing cancer. Our reporters investigate their allegations.

  55. Taking On the Tortilla Industry Food, October 7

    Kernel of Truth Organics, in Los Angeles, is one of several producers trying to get a better, traditionally made tortilla into supermarkets, restaurants and home kitchens.

  56. $1 Million Homes in California Real Estate, October 7

    A 1922 home in Laurel Canyon, a two-story townhouse in Irvine and a 1880s Victorian in Sonoma County.

  57. What You Get for $1 Million in California Slideshow, October 7

    A 1922 home in the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles; a two-story townhouse in Irvine; and a 1880s Victorian in Duncans Mills, in Sonoma County.

  58. How a Health Care Trial Could Have a Chilling Effect U.S., October 7

    Monday: The Sutter system could be liable for more than $2 billion under state law. Also: A deadline for wildfire damage claims, and the Eve Babitz revival.

  59. Rip Taylor, Flamboyant Comedian and Actor, Dies at 84 Arts, October 6

    Known as the ‘King of Confetti,’ he made hundreds of television appearances during his more than 50 years in show business.

  60. Overwhelmed or Ill Informed, 70,000 Wildfire Victims May Get Nothing Business, October 6

    Lawyers say PG&E’s bankruptcy process in California is pre-empting the claims of tens of thousands who suffered losses in fires linked to its equipment.

  61. Earthquake in Bay Area Shakes San Francisco U.S., October 5

    The quake, which had a preliminary magnitude of 3.5 and originated about five miles below the earth’s surface, struck just southwest of San Francisco.

  62. How Young Kim Is Trying to Reclaim Orange County for the G.O.P. U.S., October 4

    Friday: She’s back for a rematch against Gil Cisneros in a bid to be the first Korean-American woman in Congress. Also: The safest driver in L.A.

  63. Two Prosecutors Were Shaped by 1980s Los Angeles. Now They Have Opposing Views on Criminal Justice. U.S., October 3

    George Gascón resigned as San Francisco’s district attorney to consider challenging the incumbent in Los Angeles, Jackie Lacey. Such a race could help define criminal justice reform.

  64. Body of Kidnapped Tech Entrepreneur Found, Police Say U.S., October 3

    The body of Tushar Atre, the owner of AtreNet, was discovered hours after he was taken from his California home, the authorities said, and more than one suspect has been identified.

  65. High Medical Bills Set Up Major Legal Showdown in California Health, October 3

    Sutter Health, the big hospital group, is accused of abusing its market power to charge higher prices.

  66. Vivek Ranadive Hopes for Kings 3.0 Sports, October 3

    The team owner is a key figure in bringing the N.B.A. to India and reshaping Sacramento’s downtown. Does all that matter if the Kings continue to miss the playoffs?

  67. The Top Issues and Candidates for Californians in 2020 U.S., October 3

    Thursday: A new state survey shows a three-way tie for Democrats. Also: The latest developments in the Trump impeachment inquiry, and a homestead in the high desert.

  68. A Police Tesla Nearly Ran Out of Power During a Chase. It Wasn’t the Car’s Fault. U.S., October 3

    Gas or electric, all cars need to be refueled in some way, the police in Fremont, Calif., said.

  69. The Eve Babitz Revival Style, October 3

    Nostalgia for 70s era bohemia runs high.

  70. Plácido Domingo Leaves Los Angeles Opera Amid Sex Harassment Inquiry Arts, October 2

    The opera star, who has been the company’s general director since 2003, resigned, saying allegations had “compromised” his ability to continue.

  71. Plácido Domingo Leaves Los Angeles Opera Amid Sex Harassment Inquiry Arts, October 2

    The opera star, who has been the company’s general director since 2003, said that allegations had “compromised” his ability to continue.

  72. How Elizabeth Warren Responded to Mark Zuckerberg’s Criticism, on Twitter U.S., October 2

    Wednesday: Mark Zuckerberg rails against Facebook’s critics and Senator Elizabeth Warren. Also: A decision in the Harvard admissions case, and a songstress on the L.A. Metro.

  73. In a Face-off With the N.R.A., San Francisco Blinks U.S., October 1

    Weeks after the city’s Board of Supervisors declared the National Rifle Association a terrorist organization, the mayor clarifies that the resolution will not change city policy.

  74. Should College Athletes Be Allowed to Get Paid? Opinion, October 1

    With a new law, California says yes. The N.C.A.A. says it’s unconstitutional.

  75. Paul and Millie Cao Dance the Cha-Cha Opinion, October 1

    Paul and Millie Cao reunited in California after the Vietnam War. Forty years later, they are rediscovering themselves on the dance floor.

  76. Walk, Run, Cha-Cha Video, October 1

    Paul and Millie Cao lost their youth to the aftermath of the Vietnam War. Forty years later, they are rediscovering themselves on the dance floor.

  77. Here She Is, the Safest Driver in Los Angeles Style, October 1

    She got the prize for being the most competent navigator in L.A. If you’re willing to let insurance companies spy on you, it can pay off for you too.

  78. Gov. Gavin Newsom on Why He Wants College Athletes to Get Paid U.S., October 1

    Tuesday: A conversation with the governor about the N.C.A.A. Also: California’s role in the impeachment process, and tributes to Bruce Bochy.

  79. California Man Charged With Smuggling Fabricated U.S. Secrets to China U.S., September 30

    The indictment revealed that the United States ran a double-agent spy operation, passing along phony “national security information” on digital memory cards to Beijing.

  80. Huguette Caland, 88, Dies; Celebrated Freedom in Art and Life Arts, September 30

    She left her husband and children in Beirut to flex her artistic muscles in Paris. Her desire to live without restrictions was her defining theme.

  81. Paying College Athletes: Answers to Key Questions on New Law Sports, September 30

    California is challenging the N.C.A.A.’s business model built on amateur athletes. Here’s what that means.

  82. N.C.A.A. Athletes Could Be Paid Under New California Law Sports, September 30

    Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill to allow college athletes to hire agents and make money from endorsements. The measure, the first of its kind, threatens the business model of college sports.

  83. $700,000 Homes in California Real Estate, September 30

    A condominium in a Spanish Revival building in West Los Angeles, a renovated 1890 house in Oakland and a midcentury-modern home in Palm Springs.

  84. What You Get for $700,00 in California Slideshow, September 30

    A condominium in a Spanish Revival building in West Los Angeles, a renovated 1890 house in Oakland and a midcentury-modern home in Palm Springs.

  85. An Unexpected Response to a Story of Homelessness: ‘This Article Is About My Father’ U.S., September 30

    Monday: Examining a crisis that has touched many families. Also: Another horse death at Santa Anita, and the Governator’s gift to Greta Thunberg.

  86. On Opening Weekend, Another Horse Dies at Santa Anita Sports, September 29

    The beginning of the fall race meeting brought hopes that a series of changes would stop the carnage. On the second day, another death.

  87. California’s Latest Wildfire Problem: Insuring the Tree Trimmers Business, September 29

    Contractors crucial to clearing vegetation around power lines face higher coverage costs because of potential liability in later disasters.

  88. 50,000 Lose Electricity in Northern California, Power Company Says U.S., September 29

    Power was fully restored after more than three hours.

  89. This Week in Business: The Economics of Impeachment Business, September 29

    Plus, WeWork’s chief executive steps down.

  90. The Church of Techno-Optimism Opinion, September 28

    Neither liberal nor conservative, the true ideology of Silicon Valley is an unwavering belief in the power of technology.

  91. The Long, Strange Tale of California’s Surf Nazis Opinion, September 28

    When I set out to become a surfer, I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into.

  92. How a Tuxedoed Sommelier Wound Up Homeless in California U.S., September 28

    As life unraveled, a skilled wine steward joined the swelling ranks of homeless people in tents across the San Francisco Bay Area.

  93. 5 New Standout Hotels in American College Towns Travel, September 28

    When it comes to non-student accommodations, many college towns offer little more than a weathered chain hotel. These five standouts provide more stylish (and studied) alternatives.

  94. The Interior Secretary Wants to Enlarge a Dam. An Old Lobbying Client Would Benefit. Climate, September 28

    David Bernhardt is backing a plan to raise the height of the Shasta Dam in California even though his department’s experts have warned against the change.

  95. A New Urgency to Learn About Los Angeles’s Mexican History U.S., September 27

    Friday: Why attendance has doubled at LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes. Also: A big donation to Caltech, and a treehouse in Los Angeles.

  96. The Week in Tech: Why Californians Have Better Privacy Protections Technology, September 27

    While Congress has stalled on new privacy bills, a real estate developer is pushing for broader data rights in the Golden State.

  97. Cecilia Chiang, a Pioneering Restaurateur, Marks a Century of Flavors Food, September 26

    Turning 99, the San Francisco chef who changed the way Americans regarded Chinese cuisine, is still a joyful force in the kitchen.

  98. E.P.A. Accuses California of ‘Significant’ Air and Water Problems Climate, September 26

    In the Trump administration's latest jab at California, the Environmental Protection Agency is saying the state is not protecting its water quality.

  99. Will Backing Impeachment Inquiry Hurt Freshman Democrats? U.S., September 26

    Thursday: The short answer? Probably not. Also: An update to the Camp Fire death toll, and remembering Robert Hunter.

  100. In California, a ‘Surprise’ Billing Law Is Protecting Patients and Angering Doctors The Upshot, September 26

    The state’s closely watched law is similar to an approach Congress is considering nationally.

  101. A Bodega With Kale and Activism on the Menu Style, September 26

    A Los Angeles take on the New York neighborhood staple harks back to social justice programs of the ’60s.

  102. One Homeless Man Tried to Set Another on Fire Near Los Angeles, Police Say U.S., September 25

    The episode was the latest in a series of attacks against homeless people in and around Los Angeles, and came amid heated debate about the homelessness crisis in California.

  103. In California, Former Congressman Darrell Issa Will Challenge Indicted Congressman Duncan Hunter U.S., September 25

    Darrell Issa, the former nine-term congressman, is the latest Republican to launch a bid against Representative Duncan Hunter, who was indicted last August.

  104. What You Get for $3 Million Slideshow, September 25

    A modernist showplace in Taghkanic, N.Y.; a 1937 French chateau-style house in Denver; and a duplex condominium in an 1888 Victorian in San Francisco.

  105. They’re Excited for California’s Primary. Except They Won’t Be Able to Vote. U.S., September 25

    Wednesday: Why 17-year-olds are pushing to cast ballots in March. Also: A big day for Californians in Washington — including a giant “swamp rat.”

  106. Group Behind California Privacy Law Aims to Strengthen It Technology, September 24

    The leaders of Californians for Consumer Privacy say they want to amend the law, which goes into effect next year, through a ballot initiative.

  107. My American Surrogate Video, September 24

    A Chinese businesswoman in California has become a matchmaker between Chinese parents and American wombs.

  108. It Takes a Teenager to Help a Teenager in Crisis Opinion, September 24

    Many troubled adolescents find it easier to share their angst and dread on a hotline with people their age, rather than their parents.

  109. Talking to Jerry Brown About Tackling Climate Change, With Help From China U.S., September 24

    Tuesday: An interview with the former governor about his new initiative at U.C. Berkeley. Also: Chanel Miller speaks out, and more Emmys coverage.

  110. Trump Administration Threatens to Cut U.S. Highway Funds From California Climate, September 24

    Saying California has the worst air quality in the country, the E.P.A. chief fires the latest salvo in an escalating battle over clean air and states’ rights.

  111. Does Berkeley’s ‘Gourmet Ghetto’ Need Rebranding? U.S., September 23

    Monday: A debate over the gastronomically significant enclave’s nickname. Also: Fire risk in Northern California, and Mammoth Mountain snow.

  112. The Great Data Robbery Video, September 23

    You’ve been tricked into giving away your most valuable asset.

  113. ‘It Will Always Be a Part of My Life’: Chanel Miller Is Ready to Talk Books, September 22

    In her book, “Know My Name,” she fills in the details of her life before and after the Stanford sexual assault case that sparked outrage around the world.

  114. Emmys 2019: Homer Simpson and Friends Fill the Host Void Arts, September 22

    Homer Simpson, Anthony Anderson and Bryan Cranston helped viewers forget the 71st Emmy Awards was lacking a ringleader.

  115. 2019 Emmy Awards: ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Fleabag’ Win Big, One Last Time Arts, September 22

    Billy Porter made history by winning best lead actor in a drama. “Chernobyl” took home three prime-time awards, including best limited series.

  116. This Week in Business: No More E-Cigarettes at Walmart, and an Attack on the World’s Oil Supply Business, September 22

    Plus, a battle over California’s right to make its own car pollution rules.

  117. Hollywood Is Fighting, but the Emmys Show Will Go On Arts, September 20

    The popular “Game of Thrones” and the critically adored “Fleabag” are among the nominees at a time of canceled parties and a legal fight between TV writers and their agents.

  118. California Sues the Trump Administration in Its Escalating War Over Auto Emissions Climate, September 20

    California, joined by 23 other states, sued to block the administration’s unprecedented reversal of the state’s authority to set its own rules on climate-warming car emissions.

  119. A Ghost Town and Hot Springs: An Eastern Sierra Road Trip U.S., September 20

    Friday: An itinerary for an adventure in the mountains and lakes of California. Also: A profile of the activist Ady Barkan, and a Silicon Valley telltale heart.

  120. Uber and Lyft Drivers Gain Labor Clout, With Help From an App Business, September 20

    A nascent group in California offers a model for organizing a far-flung work force, and wielding political influence, through innovative technology.

  121. Silicon Valley Goes to Therapy Business, September 20

    Bummed out by the world and their role in it, tech workers are seeking help — and founding some start-ups along the way.

  122. Trump Declares War on California Opinion, September 19

    It’s a liberal state, so it must be punished.

  123. Ady Barkan Won’t Let Dying Stop His Activism U.S., September 19

    Democratic presidential candidates are flocking to California to meet Mr. Barkan, who is dying of A.L.S. But the sicker he gets, the more famous he becomes.

  124. The Most Popular Listings of August Real Estate, September 19

  125. What to Know About California’s Fight With Trump Over Emissions U.S., September 19

    Thursday: Catch up on the escalating conflict. Also: Read about charges against Ed Buck, and see a Paso Robles light installation.

  126. San Francisco to Get Environmental Violation for Homelessness, Trump Says U.S., September 18

    President Trump said that San Francisco was in “total violation” of environmental rules because needles used by homeless people were ending up in the ocean.

  127. Trump Visits Border Wall, Hoping to Burnish His Campaign U.S., September 18

    President Trump’s photo op at the border was his only public appearance during two days in California, a state that has been a hotbed of opposition to his presidency and policies.

  128. A Trickle of Bodies at Ed Buck’s West Hollywood Home, Suspicion and an Arrest U.S., September 18

    Mr. Buck finally faced consequences this week as prosecutors charged him with operating a drug house and accused him of being a predator who targeted vulnerable men.

  129. Trump Muddies the Air Opinion, September 18

    To dismantle the Obama climate legacy, he’s taking on California, the auto industry, the Clean Air Act and public opinion.

  130. A Trump Friend, Under Scrutiny by Prosecutors, Appears at California Fund-Raisers U.S., September 18

    Thomas J. Barrack Jr. attended two events with the president this week in California. Prosecutors have questioned him in their investigation of foreign influence in the 2016 campaign.

  131. Cokie Roberts, Trailblazer Opinion, September 18

    Readers praise the journalist for her professionalism and mentoring of younger women. Also: President Trump’s overreach; the Title IX harassment process; where corporate responsibility begins.

  132. Trump Defends Plan to Kill California’s Auto-Emissions Authority Climate, September 18

    The administration's plan has been assailed by California officials and environmental advocates as an attack on states’ rights and on a major policy to fight climate change.

  133. Trump Defends Plan to Kill California’s Auto-Emissions Authority U.S., September 18

    The administration's plan has been assailed by California officials and environmental advocates as an attack on states’ rights and on a major policy to fight climate change.

  134. A Not-Just-Mexican Independence Day Celebration U.S., September 18

    Wednesday: A look at festivities in MacArthur Park, a Central American enclave. Also: President Trump’s visit, and Bay Area hip-hop.

  135. Jewish Summer Camp With Campfires, Crafts and No Lights Out Travel, September 18

    The summer camp weekends organized by Trybal Gatherings are aimed at fostering lasting community among Jews in their 20s and 30s. Bring on the booze.

  136. Ed Buck, Democratic Donor, Is Charged With Operating Drug House U.S., September 18

    A third man suffered a methamphetamine overdose at the Los Angeles home of the longtime activist last week.

  137. Searching for Fall Colors? Let Me Get the Llama for You Travel, September 18

    Many travelers take leisurely drives to admire or post the range of brilliant fall colors on Instagram. But here are five more unusual ways to enjoy leaf-peeping season.

  138. Trump and California See Same Homeless Problem, but Not the Same Solutions U.S., September 17

    President Trump’s awful descriptions of California’s housing woes can’t be worse than those of the state’s most liberal politicians. But that’s where the agreement ends.

  139. A Better Penalty for Felicity Huffman Opinion, September 17

    A reader suggests that she pay tuition for needy students. Also: Protections for pregnant women who work; California goes its own progressive way; New York needs quiet subways.

  140. Trump to Revoke California’s Authority to Set Stricter Auto Emissions Rules Climate, September 17

    The move, expected Wednesday, would strip California of its special authority to set tougher rules on car emissions. 

  141. Getty Trust to Invest $100 Million in Saving Threatened Antiquities Arts, September 17

    The money will go toward preserving ancient artifacts that are in danger because of crises like war and climate change.