1. ‘Don’t Run This Year’: The Perils for Republican Women Facing a Flood of Resistance Politics, Yesterday

    The energy in the midterms is working against female Republican candidates who are reluctant or unable to claim any advantage to being a woman among voters.

  2. The Rise, and Hard-Won Joys, of Freshwater Surfing T Style, Yesterday

    No longer confined to Hawaii, Southern California and Australia, the sport’s landlocked version is a testament to the art of making do.

  3. A Bakery by the Beach Signals a New Dawn for San Diego Pastries Travel, August 11

    Wayfarer Bread & Pastry offers stellar pastries — but also a creative savory menu.

  4. Three of California’s Biggest Fires Ever Are Burning Right Now Interactive, August 10

    The Mendocino Complex Fire has grown to more than 300,000 acres, and firefighters are battling two more massive blazes in other rural parts of the state.

  5. Inside the Mendocino Complex Fire Evacuation Zone National, August 10

    We drove roughly 50 miles along Highway 20, from the firefighters’ base camp to the town of Clearlake Oaks, while the region was still under a mandatory evacuation order.

  6. Has Anything Changed in Post-#MeToo Hollywood? Op Ed, August 9

    The silence surrounding Leslie Moonves shows that even now, entertainment executives aren’t ready to give up their perks without a fight.

  7. July’s Most Popular Properties Real Estate, August 9

    The TV home of “The Brady Bunch,” on the market for the first time in decades, was the most viewed property of the month.

  8. Brock Turner Loses Appeal to Overturn Sexual Assault Conviction Express, August 9

    A California court said it was “not persuaded” by the argument that there was insufficient evidence and that the Stanford swimmer had sought only “outercourse.”

  9. Police Chief’s Son Charged in Attack on Sikh Man in California Express, August 9

    In recent weeks, two Sikh men have been assaulted in separate attacks in the same area of Northern California. One was labeled a hate crime.

  10. They Left China to Chase the American Dream. Now They’re Fighting Affirmative Action. National, August 9

    An increasingly vocal group of Chinese-Americans who were once politically dormant has been galvanized by the fight over race-based school admissions.

  11. In Fashion: Fall’s Nightgown-Like Dresses, in the Light of Day T Style, August 9

    Long and lovely, these garments are best when thrown on quickly and worn out casually.

  12. Free California of Fossil Fuels Op Ed, August 8

    It’s essential for legislators and Governor Brown to commit the state to running on 100 percent clean energy by 2045.

  13. Where There’s Fire, Trump Blows Smoke Editorial, August 8

    The president, either willfully ignorant or playing to his base, tweets nonsense about the California wildfires and refuses to acknowledge the role of climate change in the disaster.

  14. The Earth Ablaze Op Ed, August 8

    Are we locked in a worldwide pattern of persistent and catastrophic wildfires?

  15. Have You Been Affected by the Wildfires in California? News Desk, August 8

    We want to hear from Californians who are returning to their homes after evacuating them during the wildfires.

  16. California Fire Now the Largest in State History: ‘People Are on Edge’ National, August 7

    A pair of fires called the Mendocino Complex had been growing for nearly two weeks before becoming the largest fire on Monday night.

  17. California Strikes Back Against the Trump Administration’s Auto Pollution Rollback Climate, August 7

    The state’s rebuttal lays out a road map to California’s legal strategy against the federal government in coming months and years.

  18. West Hollywood Urges Removal of Trump’s Walk of Fame Star (It’s a Long Shot) Express, August 7

    A resolution by the City Council there was largely meaningless because West Hollywood has no authority over the Walk of Fame, which is in Los Angeles.

  19. Mendocino Fire Reaches Record Size in California Express, August 7

    The Mendocino Complex Fire, northwest of Sacramento, topped 290,000 acres as of Tuesday morning, surpassing last year’s Thomas Fire.

  20. Will the Birthplace of the Modern Right Turn Blue? Op Ed, August 6

    Thanks to Trump, Democrats have a shot in Orange County.

  21. Trump Inaccurately Claims California Is Wasting Water as Fires Burn Climate, August 6

    The president’s tweets appeared to conflate water-management issues that have no bearing on the state’s battle against wildfires, experts said.

  22. 5 Killed After Plane Crashes in Strip Mall Parking Lot in California Express, August 5

    The plane crashed near shops and restaurants. “You just felt the ground move,” a witness said.

  23. Carr Fire in California Claims a Seventh Victim as It Continues to Grow Express, August 5

    Officials said the Carr Fire was one of 17 major fires across California that have consumed more than 450,000 acres. Gov. Jerry Brown called it the “new normal.”

  24. When a Local Paper Gets New Owners, Partisan Strife Hits Its Doorstep Business, August 5

    Some residents north of Los Angeles are worried about The Santa Clarita Valley Signal’s priorities after comments and tweets by the Republican couple who bought it.

  25. A Fire Tornado Hit Their Neighborhood. This Is All That’s Left. Interactive, August 4

    The devastating Carr Fire continues to burn through parts of Northern California. We visited the town of Redding, where the high winds and flames left some areas barely recognizable. Examine the damage using augmented reality.

  26. A Sleek San Diego Hotel With a Focus on Food Travel, August 4

    At the Pendry, the tostadas and salmon are excellent. The views are nice, too.

  27. How Big a Deal Is Trump’s Fuel Economy Rollback? For the Climate, Maybe the Biggest Yet Climate, August 3

    At the high end, the increased emissions in the United States would outstrip the amount produced by many midsize countries in a year.

  28. Nia Wilson, Killed at BART Station, Is Remembered: ‘No Peace Without Justice’ Express, August 3

    The family of Ms. Wilson, who was 18, plans to sue BART next week. Her death has become a flash point in discussions about race in Oakland.

  29. Why ‘Can I Sue My Employer?’ Is Often the Wrong Question Sunday Business, August 3

    A worker worries about being fired just because a new manager doesn’t like him and wonders if there is a way to fight back. Here’s why the law can’t help but other strategies might.

  30. Trump Administration Unveils Its Plan to Relax Car Pollution Rules Climate, August 2

    The proposal would freeze rules requiring cleaner, more efficient cars and unravel one of President Obama’s signature policies to fight global warming.

  31. Trump’s Biggest Climate Move Yet Is Bad for Everyone Op Ed, August 2

    He wants to freeze fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards, thwarting progress on climate change.

  32. A Reckless Scheme on Auto Emissions Editorial, August 2

    The administration’s plan to roll back auto mileage standards is based on bad science, bad math and bad faith.

  33. As Google Maps Renames Neighborhoods, Residents Fume Sunday Business, August 2

    Google’s digital maps have become the world’s default atlas and the arbiter of what neighborhoods are called, even when many residents disagree.

  34. This Anonymous Designer Is Reinventing Denim T Style, August 2

    The Los Angeles-based brand 69, which creates whimsical, gender-neutral clothing, prepares for a museum retrospective.

  35. Hollywood Is as White, Straight and Male as Ever Culture, August 2

    Even amid #MeToo and #OscarsSoWhite — and celebrated films like “Wonder Woman,” “Black Panther” and “Call Me by Your Name” — Hollywood is as white, straight and male as ever, a new report reveals.

  36. Tesla Reports Another Big Loss, but Sees Only Profit Ahead Business, August 1

    Elon Musk, the chief executive, said the electric-car maker was about to turn a corner with output of its mass-market Model 3, buoying company shares.

  37. Weary California Firefighters Mourn a Fallen Colleague, ‘Our Brother’ National, August 1

    In between exhausting shifts battling the raging Carr Fire, Redding firefighters took time to mourn.

  38. Climate Change’s Raging Wildfires Op Ed, August 1

    Fast-moving blazes, broiling heat, droughts and bizarrely deadly twists — the new normal.

  39. $1.9 Million Homes in California, Alaska and Louisiana Real Estate, August 1

    A Spanish-style house in Los Angeles, a modernist home in Anchorage and a renovated 19th-century house in New Orleans.

  40. What You Get for $1.9 Million Slideshow, August 1

    A Spanish-style house in Los Angeles, a modernist home in Anchorage and a renovated 19th-century house in New Orleans.

  41. Four Wineries Bringing New Energy and New Design to Napa Valley Travel, August 1

    These new wineries are shaking up the tourist scene in Napa Valley, with interesting spaces, intimate experiences, and an emphasis on dining and culture.

  42. MOCA Chooses MoMA PS1 Director to Lead Museum Culture, July 31

    Klaus Biesenbach will try to right the struggling Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, which is looking east once again to fill its top spot.

  43. San Francisco Officials to Tech Workers: Buy Your Lunch Business, July 31

    A proposed ordinance would ban employee cafeterias in new construction, encouraging tech workers to leave the office to buy their meals.

  44. The Carr Fire, the 7th Most Destructive in California History, Rages On Express, July 31

    The wildfire, one of 17 currently burning in the state, has already grown to cover more than 110,000 acres.

  45. ‘All That Matters Is We’re Alive’: California Fire Evacuees Crowd Into Shelters National, July 30

    Roughly 37,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes in recent days as wildfires raged, many of them finding temporary refuge in one of five shelters in Redding.

  46. He Used Tinder to Hunt the Women He Raped and Killed, Police Say Metro, July 30

    Danueal Drayton, 27, strangled a nurse in Queens and raped others in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, investigators say. They are looking for other victims.

  47. How Record Heat Wreaked Havoc on Four Continents Climate, July 30

    We talked to people who found themselves on the front lines of climate change this year. Here are their stories.

  48. Ron Dellums, 82, Dies; Unrelenting in Congress, He Upheld Left’s Ideals Obits, July 30

    Arriving in Washington as an antiwar firebrand, he became a House leader as head of the Armed Services Committee and the Congressional Black Caucus.

  49. A $100 Billion Train: The Future of California or a Boondoggle? National, July 30

    In the face of sharp opposition and questions about how to pay for it, construction of California’s high-speed rail line is roaring ahead.

  50. Carr Fire in California Claims Another Victim, Bringing Death Toll to 6 Express, July 29

    Fire officials said they were “optimistic” in their battle against the wildfire, which has been ravaging the region for nearly a week.

  51. Woman and 2 of Her Great-Grandchildren Die in Carr Fire, Family Says Express, July 28

    Ed Bledsoe left his wife and great-grandchildren to run errands and gather supplies. Less than an hour later, his neighborhood was engulfed in flames.

  52. My Gay Voice Op Ed, July 28

    When I talk, people assume a lot about me. For a long time I thought I had to hide.

  53. Would You Pay $1 Billion for This View? Sunday Business, July 28

    A 157-acre hilltop plot in Los Angeles is being pitched as the city’s most expensive residential property ever.

  54. Pruitt’s Successor Wants Rollbacks, Too. And He Wants Them to Stick. Climate, July 27

    Andrew Wheeler, the acting head of the E.P.A., is taking a more disciplined approach to dismantling environmental regulations.

  55. My Glorious Brown Lawn Op Ed, July 27

    I shut down the sprinkler system and tested a new aesthetic. To my delight, I discovered that it’s beautiful.

  56. Top Trump Officials Clash Over Plan to Let Cars Pollute More Climate, July 27

    As President Trump prepares to unveil one of the largest regulatory rollbacks of his administration, his acting E.P.A. chief warns that the plan could be illegal.

  57. As Carr Fire Kills 2 in California, Firefighters Reflect on a Job Now ‘Twice as Violent’ National, July 27

    Since 2012, according to state officials, there has not been a month without a wildfire burning — a stark contrast to previous decades.

  58. Berkeley on a Budget Travel, July 27

    The quirky Bay Area city has changed a lot over the years, but its particular brand of nonconformity is still on view for travelers — including those without a lot to spend.

  59. Northern California Wildfire Forces Thousands to Evacuate Video, July 27

    The deadly, fast-moving blaze, known as the Carr Fire, hit the city of Redding on Thursday. About 10,000 people have been ordered to leave the area.

  60. Vulnerable Species in the Cross Hairs Op Ed, July 26

    Proposals by the Trump administration and various lawmakers threaten the effectiveness of the 45-year-old law that has brought back a host of plants and animals from the edge of extinction.

  61. Arson Suspect Arrested as Cranston Fire Rages in California Express, July 26

    The suspect was charged with five counts of arson as the wildfire expanded through mountains in the south of the state, eventually spreading across 7,500 acres.

  62. Democrats’ Vulnerabilities? Elitism and Negativity Op Ed, July 26

    Plenty could go wrong en route to the most important midterm in a generation.

  63. Brock Turner Wanted Only ‘Outercourse,’ Lawyer Argues in Appeal Express, July 26

    The former Stanford swimmer, whose six-month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman sparked outrage, did not intend to have intercourse with the victim, his lawyer said.

  64. 3 American Rieslings to Drink Right Now Dining, July 26

    The riesling grape is particularly expressive of a sense of place. How do these three bottles, from New York, Oregon and California compare?

  65. Yosemite National Park Evacuated Amid Threat From Fire National, July 25

    A nearby 38,000-acre wildfire turned one of the country’s most popular national parks into a virtual ghost town on Wednesday.

  66. How Goop’s Haters Made Gwyneth Paltrow’s Company Worth $250 Million Magazine, July 25

    Inside the growth of the most controversial brand in the wellness industry.

  67. Nia Wilson Had Big Plans. Then She Was Killed in a BART Station. Express, July 25

    Nia, 18, had an upcoming job interview, a sister said. As her family planned her funeral on Wednesday, the suspect in the attack was charged with murder and attempted murder.

  68. 50 More Women Sue U.S.C. as Accusations of Gynecologist’s Abuse Pile Up Express, July 25

    The allegations against Dr. George Tyndall have prompted a criminal investigation and a federal inquiry into U.S.C.’s handling of complaints against him.

  69. In My Los Angeles, Hollywood Was a Thousand Miles Away Styles, July 25

    Los Angeles is defined by the people who lead their lives with a real sense of purpose — something this city has never lacked.

  70. Donald Trump’s Star Being Repaired; Suspect Is Named in Vandalism Culture, July 25

    A suspect, Austin Clay, was being held on a charge of felony vandalism, the police said. This is not the first time President Trump’s star has been vandalized.

  71. V.A. Shuns Medical Marijuana, Leaving Vets to Improvise National, July 25

    Limited by federal law, the veterans’ health system can’t study the benefits of cannabis or prescribe it to patients. Nearly a million veterans may be using it anyway.

  72. Back to Nicaragua for a Pioneering Photographer of Rebellion Culture, July 24

    On the eve of a major retrospective at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Susan Meiselas finds history repeating itself.

  73. Readers Call a Travel Story on Los Angeles Dismissive of Latino Culture. They Have a Point. Travel, July 24

    Editors on our Travel desk respond to criticism of a recent feature about retreats and sanctuaries in and around Los Angeles.

  74. Officer’s Bullet Killed Trader Joe’s Employee in Los Angeles Standoff, Police Say Express, July 24

    The employee, Melyda Corado, was fatally struck, the police said, when she was caught in an exchange of gunfire between the police and a man who had led them on a car chase.

  75. BART Stabbing Suspect Is Arrested in ‘Vicious’ Attack That Killed Woman Express, July 23

    Nia Wilson, 18, was killed after being “blindsided by a maniac,” her sister said. It was one of three homicides at BART stations in less than a week.

  76. ‘This Fire Will Continue to Grow’: Scenes From the Yosemite Fire National, July 23

    The smoke has blocked views of the valley inside the park, and one of Yosemite’s most scenic routes has been closed.

  77. How Jonathan Gold Inspired a Travel Writer Travel, July 23

    The food critic was the first to open up a city to me, to push me, along with thousands of others, to go outside our usual understanding of a place and take some chances.

  78. Finding Yourself in Los Angeles Travel, July 23

    The novelist Reif Larsen seeks out sites of reverence in and around this sprawling city, places of quiet contemplation far from the gridlock and glamour.

  79. Anti-Abortion Protesters at Queens Clinic Did Not Harass Patients, Judge Rules Metro, July 22

    The federal judge’s ruling came in response to a lawsuit filed by the New York attorney general’s office that aggressive protesters violated laws guaranteeing reproductive health access.

  80. Jonathan Gold, Food Critic Who Celebrated L.A.’s Cornucopia, Dies at 57 Obits, July 21

    A gourmand who explored Los Angeles’s immigrant communities, taco carts and chic restaurants, Mr. Gold won renown in the culinary world and a Pulitzer Prize for criticism.

  81. Trader Joe’s Employee Killed During Hostage Standoff in Los Angeles Express, July 21

    Dozens of hostages were freed after a gunman evading the police barricaded himself in the store in the Silver Lake neighborhood.

  82. A Magnet for Latino College Students National, July 21

    In this week’s Race/Related newsletter: A look at the University of California, Merced campus, and a visit to Charlottesville almost a year after the white nationalist rally.

  83. What if You Owned a Beach but Weren’t Allowed to Get to It? Op Ed, July 20

    In California, a long-running fight could be nearing a conclusion. At stake for the public is access to a magnificent coastline.

  84. Fukushima’s Nuclear Imprint Is Found in California Wine (Drinkers, Don’t Panic) Express, July 20

    A French research team says it has stumbled on the Japanese disaster’s signature in California wine, but the radioactive levels are too low to be dangerous.

  85. California Wants to Reinvent the Power Grid. So What Could Go Wrong? Business, July 20

    Two decades ago, a new approach to power delivery led to blackouts. Now the state is considering another energy makeover: a regional electric grid.

  86. A Rugby World Cup Raises Hopes for a Rugby Boom Sports, July 20

    As the Rugby World Cup Sevens kicks off in San Francisco, the “other sport of the future” in the United States aims for a reboot amid turmoil.

  87. What It Takes to Get an Abortion in the Most Restrictive U.S. State Interactive, July 20

    Mississippi, which has only one abortion clinic, requires many more steps to undergo a procedure than California, which has 152 clinics and no major restrictions.

  88. You’ve Heard of Berkeley. Is Merced the Future of the University of California? National, July 19

    Latinos make up California’s largest ethnic group, but they are underrepresented in the state’s universities. Step forward the University of California, Merced.

  89. Meditation Journeys Video, July 18

    Allow yourself to be transported to some of California’s most spectacular vistas and take a moment to meditate on the tranquil sights and sounds of nature in this 360-degree experience.

  90. The Oakland A’s Are Crashing the Playoff Race Again Sports, July 18

    The A’s, with a roster rebuilt through the farm system and judicious trades, have returned to contention after three seasons in their division’s basement.

  91. When Did Talking About the Weather Become Political? Climate, July 18

    There's a battle in Congress over a grant to help television meteorologists incorporate climate change into their weather reporting.

  92. They Bought a Ghost Town for $1.4 Million. Now They Want to Revive It. Express, July 18

    Cerro Gordo, in the Inyo Mountains of California, became a ghost town after decades of disuse. Its new owners plan to spend about $1 million to make it boom again.

  93. For Manufacturers, a Complex Mix Can Determine Location Special Sections, July 17

    While rural areas offer manufacturers some advantages, they can no longer count on lower salaries for workers or finding employees with the skills they need.

  94. A Blue Bottle Coffee House Real Estate, July 17

    For the founder of the blue roasting company, renovating a home wasn’t much different from designing a cafe: Clean lines and white surfaces would do just fine.

  95. A Minimalist Take on Queen Anne Style Slideshow, July 17

    For the founder of Blue Bottle Coffee, renovating a home wasn’t much different from designing a cafe: Clean lines and white surfaces would do just fine.

  96. Suspected ‘Ride-Share Rapist’ Charged in Assaults on 4 Women in San Francisco Express, July 16

    The ride-sharing company Lyft confirmed that Orlando Vilchez Lazo, 37, of San Mateo, Calif., had been a registered driver with the company.

  97. A Design Store Where You Can Stay the Night T Style, July 16

    Scotti Sitz, the owner of the L.A. design store Garde, has transformed a historic farmhouse into an elevated retreat for her brand’s second outpost.

  98. A Housing Paradox in Progressive Cities Letters, July 16

    A reader writes that “it’s impossible to solve the housing crisis without significant new development, and that means that neighborhoods must change.”

  99. Bots of the Internet, Reveal Yourselves! Styles, July 16

    A bill in the California legislature would regulate bots by making them disclose their automated nature. But how?

  100. California Is Preparing for Extreme Weather. It’s Time to Plant Some Trees. Climate, July 15

    The state expects drier dry years and wetter wet ones in the decades ahead. That means projects to restore river habitats now serve another purpose: battling the coming floods.