1. How California Plans to Go Far Beyond Any Other State on Climate National, Today

    California wants to cut greenhouse gas emissions more than even President Barack Obama had proposed. But can the state pull it off, or will it falter?...

  2. At a Moment of Success, U.S.C. Is Rocked by Scandal National, Yesterday

    Did the university move too slowly in responding to allegations of drug abuse by one of its most prominent deans?

  3. Sessions Once Again Threatens Sanctuary Cities National, Today

    The attorney general told cities and states they could lose millions of dollars in federal grants unless they cooperate with immigration agents.

  4. California’s Travel Ban Letters, Yesterday

    The U.S. Travel Association takes issue with California’s ban on state-funded travel to Texas because of an anti-gay law.

  5. Richard Twice: A Musical Life Interrupted Op Ed, Yesterday

    Richard Atkins was at the beginning of a promising musical career — until a single disastrous performance changed the course of his life.

  6. It’s Late and You’ve Got the Munchies. Lyft and Taco Bell Have an Idea. Business, Yesterday

    The fast-food chain is testing a program in which riders using Lyft can request a stop at a drive-through during late-night rides home.

  7. At Berryessa National Monument, Wildflowers and Rebirth Travel, Yesterday

    Flowers bloom after wildfires at one of the newest national monuments, where the California landscape is a trip through time.

  8. A Dangerous Idea: Eliminating the Chemical Safety Board Op Ed, July 24

    The tiny federal agency investigates industrial fires and explosions, and its findings can prevent future accidents.

  9. Richard Dawkins Event Canceled Over Past Comments About Islam National, July 24

    A Berkeley radio station canceled an event promoting Mr. Dawkins’s new book, citing past comments and tweets that it said had “hurt people.”...

  10. California Shows How States Can Lead on Climate Change Editorial, July 24

    The state is making a bold global statement with its cap-and-trade program.

  11. If GoDaddy Can Turn the Corner on Sexism, Who Can’t? Business, July 23

    Skeptics scoffed when Blake Irving vowed to reform the internet business built on salacious television ads. But the change is looking real.

  12. At Comic-Con, Ben Affleck Says He Will Continue to Play Batman Culture, July 22

    The actor rebutted an article saying that his days as the Caped Crusader were numbered.

  13. Traveling in the Wake of Immigration Arrests Insider, July 22

    Two Times journalists knew their ride-along with ICE agents could be sanitized theater, but it was also a rare chance to see the impact on the families left behind.

  14. In Yoenis Cespedes’s Dream, Mets Are Conspicuously Absent Sports, July 21

    Before Friday’s game, Cespedes, a cornerstone in the team’s roster, told a Bay Area reporter he would like to finish his career in Oakland, where it began.

  15. A Broader Sweep Interactive, July 21

    A day in the field with immigration enforcers in California, a state hostile to President Trump’s efforts to step up deportations.

  16. As O.J. Simpson Wins Parole, a Quick, and Divided, Reaction National, July 21

    Some see Mr. Simpson, who is set be released after serving nine years for a 2007 armed robbery, as a “fallen comrade.” Others are less sympathetic.

  17. When Syria Came to Fresno: Refugees Test Limits of Outstretched Hand National, July 20

    Once in the United States, the new arrivals sometimes land in towns that are not exactly prepared for them.

  18. The Annie Leibovitz of the Alt-Right Magazine, July 20

    The photographer Peter Duke is on a mission to make reactionaries look glamorous.

  19. Getty Museum Buys Art by Michelangelo, Parmigianino and More Weekend, July 20

    The museum’s acquisition of 16 drawings and a painting from an unidentified British collector is its “biggest in terms of financial value,” its director said.

  20. Jake Paul, a Reality Villain for the YouTube Generation Culture, July 20

    Mr. Paul, a YouTube star and actor on the Disney channel show “Bizaardvark,” has taken a heel turn in recent months, capped off by a viral news clip of him annoying his neighbors.

  21. 5 Reads for Comic-Con Fans Interactive, July 20

    Whether or not you’re in San Diego for the convention you can get into the Comic-Con spirit by exploring these travel options.

  22. The Accent Whisperers of Hollywood Magazine, July 20

    Peak TV has brought in a flood of global acting talent. It’s the job of dialect coaches like Samara Bay to help them all sound right.

  23. Travel to Texas? Not on California’s Dime, You Don’t National, July 19

    A handful of left-leaning states have barred public employees from using tax dollars to travel to states with laws they contend are discriminatory.

  24. A ‘Sanctuary’ of Prayer Rugs That Respond to the Refugee Crisis Culture, July 18

    A former chapel in San Francisco will house prayer mats designed by 36 artists, including Ai Weiwei.

  25. Engineers Begin Preparatory Work for Border Wall Construction National, July 18

    The Army Corps of Engineers is drilling and taking soil samples to determine the most effective types of barriers in various places along the Mexican border.

  26. California Extends Climate Bill, Handing Gov. Jerry Brown a Victory National, July 17

    The state legislature approved a measure extending the state’s pioneering cap-and-trade program until 2030. Governor Brown lobbied intensively for the bill.

  27. The Cost of a Hot Economy in California: A Severe Housing Crisis National, July 17

    An explosion in costs has emerged as a central problem for the state, and state and local governments are pondering a series of measures to correct course.

  28. A Defender of the Constitution, With No Legal Right to Live Here National, July 17

    Leading a new wave of defiant activism, Lizbeth Mateo is one of a few undocumented immigrants working as a lawyer in immigration courts.

  29. Views From Right and Left on Trump’s Son, F.B.I.’s Future, Health Care and More National, July 14

    Read about how the other side thinks: Writers from across the political spectrum take on the news of the week.

  30. California Supreme Court Moves to Make Bar Exam Easier to Pass Business, July 13

    With passage rates for the test sagging, the court has asserted its authority over the exams, traditionally among the toughest in the country.

  31. The Closing of the Republican Mind Op Ed, July 13

    For President Trump’s supporters, an open society is not the goal.

  32. Beyond the Robe: New PJ’s for Your Hotel Stays Travel, July 13

    Hotels in London, New York and Mexico are offering fashionable pajamas for guests to purchase (Sant and Abel and Olivia von Halle are among the brands).

  33. Five Places to Go in San Diego Travel, July 12

    In San Diego’s Barrio Logan, locally owned art galleries, breweries and restaurants are popping up alongside auto body shops and fruterías.

  34. A Baker’s Crusade: Rescuing the Famed French Boulangerie Dining, July 11

    As France’s bread falters in sales and quality, Pascal Rigo has returned home from a corporate career in America to start a chain of small bakeries.

  35. Olympics Officials Move Closer to Giving Bids to Paris and Los Angeles Sports, July 11

    President Emmanuel Macron of France is in Lausanne, Switzerland, rallying support for Paris’s effort to host the Summer Games in 2024.

  36. Wildfires Spread Across at Least Six States and Canada National, July 10

    Crews have been fighting wildfires in multiple states in the past week, some of which continued to rage on Monday.

  37. Amid Heat Wave, Fire Causes Power Failure for Part of Los Angeles National, July 9

    About 140,000 residents were left without electricity late Saturday after a fire broke out at a receiving station.

  38. One Thing Silicon Valley Can’t Seem to Fix Op Ed, July 8

    Weirdly, we’re still building corporate campuses like it’s the 1950s.

  39. ‘Auntie Maxine’ Waters Goes After Trump and Goes Viral National, July 7

    Maxine Waters has been in Congress for a quarter-century, but in President Trump, her barbed tongue has found a perfect target — and an audience.

  40. Taking Guns Off the Streets, $100 at a Time Sunday Business, July 7

    Ian Johnstone’s father was shot and killed two decades ago. Now he’s applying tech expertise, along with old-fashioned political organizing, to the problem of gun violence.

  41. Sara Kramer, a New York Native, Finds Herself at Home in Los Angeles Dining, July 7

    Shortly after opening Glasserie in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Ms. Kramer left to pave a path elsewhere, but her cooking still pulls from her roots.

  42. A Little Cottage Where You Can Smell the Natural History of Perfume T Style, July 7

    The artisanal fragrance maker Mandy Aftel will let you in for only an hour, to inhale aromas ancient and modern, and send you out with scented keepsakes.

  43. A Sonoma Restaurant That’s Pricey but Not Pretentious Travel, July 7

    SingleThread, in Healdsburg, Calif., offers personalized meals that are inspired by California and Japanese cuisine and use a lot of local ingredients.

  44. Senator, (Un)Interrupted: Kamala Harris’s Rise Among Democrats National, July 6

    Ms. Harris, California’s junior senator, has gained notice during her first year in office, in some cases for being cut off by Republican colleagues.

  45. Californians Say No to a Trump Visit Letters, July 6

    A reader says Californians don’t want the president in their state.

  46. Friends of Robert Durst Are Ordered to Testify in Murder Case Metro, July 5

    A subpoena requires testimony from two confidants of the real estate scion, who is accused of killing a close friend in 2000.

  47. Senator, Un(Interrupted): Kamala Harris’s Rise Among Democrats National, July 6

    Ms. Harris, California’s junior senator, has gained notice during her first year in office, in some cases for being cut off by Republican colleagues.

  48. Tiptoeing (and Tweeting) Through the Tulips With DJ Khaled Styles, July 6

    The hip-hop producer has a new album, aptly named “Grateful”; a new baby; and new endorsement offers “all the time.” Here is how he stays grounded.

  49. Apple Disrupts Silicon Valley With Another Eye-Catcher: Its New Home Business, July 4

    Apple Park, headquarters for 12,000 people, has brought tourists, businesses and higher real estate prices to the surrounding area.

  50. A Backlash Builds Against Sexual Harassment in Silicon Valley Business, July 3

    A wave of revelations about investors mistreating female entrepreneurs has spurred the resignation of a prominent venture capitalist and calls for change.

  51. Darrall Imhoff, a Decorated Basketball Center, Dies at 78 Sports, July 3

    Imhoff led California to the 1959 N.C.A.A. title, won an Olympic gold medal and had a long career in the N.B.A., including two seasons with the Knicks.

  52. Call From California: President Trump, Where Are You? National, July 3

    Mr. Trump has been in no rush to visit the country’s most populous state, breaking with decades-old presidential history.

  53. The South Park Commons Fills a Hole in the Tech Landscape Business, July 2

    The Bay Area tech scene has start-up incubators and hacker spaces. But what do you do when you want to figure out your next move?...

  54. Lee Friedlander’s Photos of 1960s T.V. Sets Lens, July 3

    Lee Friedlander’s series “The Little Screens” was an early artistic attempt to document television’s nascent dominance of America.

  55. California’s Far North Deplores ‘Tyranny’ of the Urban Majority National, July 2

    Rural residents in the state’s northern reaches say they are underrepresented and politically alienated by a system that doesn’t have their interests in mind.

  56. Lee Friedlander’s Photos of 1960s T.V. Sets Multimedia/Photos, July 3

    Lee Friedlander’s series “The Little Screens” was an early artistic attempt to document television’s nascent dominance of America.

  57. Women in Tech Speak Frankly on Culture of Harassment Business, June 30

    More than two dozen women in the tech start-up industry spoke to The New York Times about being sexually harassed by investors and mentors.

  58. Mike’s and Kevin’s Week in Tech: Streaming Music and Harassment in Venture Capital Business, July 1

    Two Times reporters discuss the Jay-Z album debut on Tidal, and the bad behavior that runs rampant in the venture capital industry.

  59. A Battle of the Bowls in Hollywood? National, June 29

    After a $75 million face-lift, the John Anson Ford Amphitheater, the lesser-known neighbor of the famous Hollywood Bowl, is ready for its close-up.

  60. Oscars Voting Pool Expands, With Female and Minority Membership Expected to Rise Business, June 28

    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is expanding to a record 8,427 people; if all accept, female and minority membership would rise.

  61. How Silicon Valley Pushed Coding Into American Classrooms Business, June 27

    Code.org, a tech-backed nonprofit, is pressing schools to teach computer science. But are tech firms swaying education to serve their own interests?...

  62. Pearl Automation, Founded by Apple Veterans, Shuts Down Business, June 26

    The auto camera firm, blending Apple’s passion for design with a more open culture, died from a classic business problem: Its product cost too much.

  63. Firefighters Battle Blazes in California and Utah National, June 26

    Strong winds and high temperatures remained obstacles for firefighters as they battled separate wildfires in California and Utah.