1. M.L.S. Announces Plans to Expand to 30 Teams Sports, Yesterday

    The league is at 24 teams, with three expansion clubs preparing to join in the next two seasons. Sacramento and St. Louis will give presentations to the league’s expansion committee.

  2. ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ Review: California Freakin’, With Scares, Laughs and a Murderous Ghost Movies, Yesterday

    Linda Cardellini plays a widow with two children and a curse in this amusing, old-fashioned ghost story, the latest addition to the “Conjuring” series.

  3. A Market-Driven Green New Deal? We’d Be Unstoppable Opinion, Yesterday

    Any serious energy transformation will need to harness America’s powerful and creative economic engine.

  4. 36 Hours in Mendocino County Travel, Yesterday

    Tall trees, mushroom ice cream, a Buddhist brunch: the possibilities are endless in this rural slice of Northern California.

  5. San Francisco’s Big-Hatted ‘Beach Blanket Babylon’ to Close After 45 Years Theater, April 17

    This treasured San Francisco staple is renowned as much for its spectacularly sculptural headgear as its content.

  6. Overlooked No More: Aloha Wanderwell, Explorer and Filmmaker Obituaries, April 17

    By 16, she was traveling around the world behind the wheel of a Model T in a life of adventure that was interrupted only by a murder mystery.

  7. Is Prison Necessary? Ruth Wilson Gilmore Might Change Your Mind Magazine, April 17

    In three decades of advocating for prison abolition, the activist and scholar has helped transform how people think about criminal justice.

  8. The Must-Have When Reporting on Disasters: A Satellite Phone Technology, April 17

    Thomas Fuller, San Francisco bureau chief, knows you cannot rely on cell networks during earthquakes, wildfires and other breaking news catastrophes.

  9. Los Angeles Archdiocese Pays $8 Million to Teen Girl Abused and Kidnapped by Coach U.S., April 16

    Advocates for abuse victims said the settlement highlighted the problem of abuse committed by non-clergy members at Catholic institutions.

  10. This Brandy Soars Food, April 15

    Hangar 1 has ventured beyond just vodka distilling with a brandy named for a classic airplane.

  11. A Joyful Oasis Thrives in the California Desert Food, April 15

    At La Copine, on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park, two women have created a welcoming destination for simple, seasonal cooking.

  12. Seasonal, Reassuringly Confident Food at La Copine Slideshow, April 15

    The restaurant looks like a diner on a dusty stretch of road, but the owners have turned it into a hub for the community and its flux of visitors.

  13. 50 Years After Altamont: The End of the 1960s Lens, April 15

    A reluctant rock concert attendee, Bill Owens nevertheless photographed the disastrous 1969 music festival Altamont and the close of an era.

  14. Citi Bike Pulls New Electric Bikes Off Streets, Citing Safety Concerns New York, April 15

    The pedal-assist bikes operated by Lyft-owned companies in New York City, San Francisco and Washington were removed based on concerns over the brakes.

  15. Don’t Let a Killer Pollutant Loose Opinion, April 14

    The Trump administration is moving to ease standards on a particularly deadly air contaminant.

  16. She Was Stuck in Sand. He Was Promptly Stuck on Her. Fashion, April 13

    They met in 2016 at Harbor Cove Beach in Ventura, Calif., when an old work truck driven by the bride, who is a scientist studying invasive ants, got mired in a rut.

  17. At Coachella 2019, the Real Action Is Happening Offstage Arts, April 12

    New films by Donald Glover and Beyoncé and an Easter Sunday Service from Kanye West are competing for buzz this year.

  18. Nipsey Hussle Loved His Blackness Opinion, April 12

    His story is so compelling because love was at the core of his beliefs and behavior.

  19. Tax Headaches? A Dose of Muni Bonds Might Help Business, April 12

    Households stung by the limit on state and local income tax deductions are chasing tax-free municipal bonds. But it’s wise to proceed carefully.

  20. Obama on Nipsey Hussle: ‘Nipsey Saw Potential. He Saw Hope.’ U.S., April 11

    Former President Barack Obama was among several well-known figures to pay tribute to Hussle, the Grammy-nominated rapper who was killed two weeks ago.

  21. Barack Obama’s Letter at Nipsey Hussle’s Funeral: ‘He Saw Hope’ U.S., April 11

    The former president, several celebrities and Hussle’s family paid tribute to the Grammy-nominated rapper who was killed two weeks ago.

  22. At Nipsey Hussle Funeral, Music and Tears as Rapper Is ‘Sent Off Like a King’ U.S., April 11

    Thousands gathered in Los Angeles to honor the rapper, who was gunned down in his neighborhood.

  23. A Strange Little Section of the Border Wall U.S., April 11

    In this week’s Crossing the Border newsletter, making sense of the whirlwind of news coming out of Washington.

  24. Los Angeles Is Mourning Nipsey Hussle. So Am I. U.S., April 11

    We saw ourselves in Nipsey, because, in many ways, he was part of us.

  25. Los Angeles Is Mourning Nipsey Hussle. So Am I. U.S., April 11

    We saw ourselves in Nipsey, because, in many ways, he was part of us.

  26. Michael Avenatti Is Indicted in California on Financial Crimes Charges U.S., April 11

    Already facing extortion charges in New York, he is accused by California prosecutors of defrauding clients.

  27. Michael Avenatti Faces New Criminal Charges in Escalated Federal Case U.S., April 11

    Already facing fraud and extortion charges, he was accused in California this week of 36 counts that would carry a maximum of 333 years in prison.

  28. What Women Know About the Internet Opinion, April 10

    The digital world is not designed to keep women safe. New regulations should be.

  29. $1.1 Million Homes in California, Florida and New York Real Estate, April 10

    A midcentury-modernist house in Los Angeles, a cottage on a lagoon in Sarasota and a six-family retreat in the Hudson Valley.

  30. The Border Is Broken. And There’s No Plan to Fix It. U.S., April 10

    For years, there have been warnings that America’s immigration system was going to fail. That time may be now.

  31. The U.S. Immigration System May Have Reached a Breaking Point U.S., April 10

    For years, there have been warnings that America’s immigration system was going to fail. That time may be now.

  32. What You Get for $1.1 Million Slideshow, April 10

    A midcentury-modernist house in Los Angeles; a cottage on a lagoon in Sarasota, Fla.; and a six-family retreat in Gallatin, N.Y.

  33. When Trash Is a Journalist’s Treasure Reader Center, April 10

    Jake Orta was not aware he was searching the bins of Mark Zuckerberg’s house until we told him who owned the place.

  34. Trump Mocks Climate Change. That’s a Key to Defeating Him. Opinion, April 9

    A Green Real Deal will put the president on the defensive in the next election.

  35. A.I. Joins the Campaign Against Sex Trafficking Opinion, April 9

    Police in New York and other cities are turning to a bot to imitate women selling sex to men looking to buy it. It’s a new tool in the drive to break up trafficking rings.

  36. Devin Nunes Sues McClatchy Newspaper Chain, Alleging ‘Character Assassination’ U.S., April 9

    The congressman from California, who sued Twitter last month, is now seeking $150 million in a defamation lawsuit over an article in The Fresno Bee.

  37. Eric Swalwell, California Congressman, Is Running for President U.S., April 8

    Mr. Swalwell, a member of the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees, has gained notoriety as a critic of President Trump’s foreign and immigration policies.

  38. Buses and Trains Lack Safety Features That Are Standard Elsewhere Business, April 8

    The number of people killed in train and bus accidents is relatively low. But the nation’s top safety board says a few simple measures could cut the figures even more.

  39. Democrats Rethink the Death Penalty, and Its Politics U.S., April 7

    Following California’s moratorium on executions, Democrats running for president embraced abolition, signaling a generational shift for the party.

  40. With Indigenous Languages in Steep Decline, Summer Camps Offer Hope U.S., April 7

    An immersion camp in California that aims to revitalize Hupa is part of a growing worldwide effort to revive endangered languages.

  41. In San Francisco, Making a Living From Your Billionaire Neighbor’s Trash U.S., April 7

    In a city swollen by the wealth of the tech industry, the rich and poor live very separate lives. But sometimes they connect through the garbage.

  42. Chris Darden, O.J. Simpson Prosecutor, Is Now Defending the Suspect in Nipsey Hussle’s Killing U.S., April 5

    After the trial in which he made O.J. Simpson put on the bloody glove, Mr. Darden has worked as a law professor and has helped write several legal thrillers.

  43. A Tour of Designer Charles de Lisle’s Rustic Cabin in Sonoma Style, April 5

    The weekend retreat, built by a survivalist, has no cell reception and is off the grid.

  44. Trump Presses His Argument of a Border Crisis in California Visit U.S., April 5

    The president hailed what he said was the “tremendous impact” of the wall in Calexico, but in fact the part he visited was an upgrade to an existing section of fencing, not the kind of new construction he has called for.

  45. Hart Family Parents Killed 6 Children in Murder-Suicide, Jury Determines U.S., April 5

    Sarah Hart and her wife, Jennifer Hart, researched suicide methods shortly before their S.U.V. plummeted over a 100-foot cliff, investigators said.

  46. For Nipsey Hussle and Rap’s Thriving Middle Class, Staying Close to Home Can Have a Price Arts, April 4

    The Los Angeles rapper who was killed last weekend was one of a number of successful hip-hop artists who have remained where they got their start, despite the risks.

  47. Man Suspected in Nipsey Hussle Shooting Is Charged With Murder U.S., April 4

    The Los Angeles Police have said they believe the shooting on Sunday stemmed from a personal dispute.

  48. Eric Holder, Suspect in Nipsey Hussle Shooting, Pleads Not Guilty to Murder Charge U.S., April 4

    Mr. Holder, 29, was arrested on Tuesday. The Los Angeles Police have said they believe the shooting on Sunday stemmed from a personal dispute.

  49. ‘As Native Americans, We Are in a Constant State of Mourning’ Opinion, April 4

    The return of ancestors and artifacts can become a form of restorative justice.

  50. ¿Qué tan efectivo es un impuesto al carbono? Interactive, April 4

    Más de cuarenta gobiernos en el mundo han adoptado un precio al uso del carbono, pero muchos de los programas siguen siendo demasiado débiles para tener un efecto considerable en las emisiones.

  51. Tracing the Roots of Photo Sharing, From Mail Art to Instagram Arts, April 4

    A new exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art shows that image sharing is evolutionary, not revolutionary.

  52. PG&E Reveals New C.E.O. and a Revamped Board of Directors Business, April 3

    Bill Johnson, most recently the head of the Tennessee Valley Authority, will fill the chief executive position held by Geisha Williams, who left in January, just before PG&E filed for bankruptcy.

  53. David Fechheimer, a Reserved but Adroit Sam Spade, Dies at 76 Obituaries, April 3

    A practitioner of old-fashioned investigative techniques, he was inconspicuous compared with many of his colleagues and high-profile clients.

  54. The Incredible Shrinking Apple Opinion, April 3

    Steve Jobs wanted to put a ding in the universe. Today, Apple wants to ding your pocketbook.

  55. $875,000 Homes in North Carolina, Wisconsin and California Real Estate, April 3

    A renovated 1835 sawmill in Greensboro, a Gilded Age condominium in Milwaukee and a seaside house in Sonoma County.

  56. What You Get for $875,000 Slideshow, April 3

    A renovated 1835 sawmill in Greensboro, N.C.; a Gilded Age condominium in Milwaukee; and a seaside house in Sonoma County, Calif.

  57. What’s Life Like as a Student at U.S.C.? Depends on the Size of the Bank Account U.S., April 3

    As U.S.C. has fought to attract low-income students, the campus has become a vivid microcosm of the economic disparities in Los Angeles.

  58. Suspect Arrested in Nipsey Hussle Shooting Death U.S., April 2

    Detectives confirmed the suspect, Eric Holder, 29, was in custody.

  59. Suspect Arrested in Killing of Nipsey Hussle, Los Angeles Police Say U.S., April 2

    Detectives confirmed the suspect, Eric Holder, 29, was in custody.

  60. Nipsey Hussle Murder Investigation Leads to an Arrest U.S., April 2

    Detectives confirmed the suspect, Eric Holder, 29, was in custody.

  61. These Countries Have Prices on Carbon. Are They Working? Interactive, April 2

    More than 40 governments have adopted a price on carbon, but many of the programs are still too weak to drive truly deep cuts in emissions.

  62. Fighting Sex Trafficking at the Truck Stop Opinion, April 2

    Truckers are urged to report sex trafficking on their routes. It’s not “the world’s oldest profession,” one says. “It’s the world’s oldest oppression. These are slaves.”

  63. California Hospital Secretly Filmed Women During Surgery and Childbirth, Lawsuit Says U.S., April 2

    The cameras were set up in three operating rooms at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, Calif. as part of an effort to catch a possible thief.

  64. Nipsey Hussle Vigil Ends With Stampede and Injuries U.S., April 2

    At least 19 people were injured as mourners fled a vigil in Los Angeles for the slain rapper. It was not immediately clear what had caused the panic.

  65. Nipsey Hussle Shooting Was Rooted in Personal Dispute, Police Say U.S., April 2

    Eric Holder, 29, was arrested in connection with the rapper’s killing. The shooting was not thought to be gang-related, the police said.

  66. In Nipsey Hussle’s Los Angeles Neighborhood, an Outpouring of Grief: ‘He Meant Everything’ U.S., April 1

    The rapper remained a regular presence at the strip mall that houses the clothing store he owned in South Los Angeles.

  67. Congestion Pricing: N.Y. Embraced It. Will Other Clogged Cities Follow? New York, April 1

    Traffic-choked cities like Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Portland, Ore. may be emboldened by New York’s decision to give congestion pricing a try.

  68. A Journey — if You Dare — Into the Minds of Silicon Valley Programmers Books, April 1

    Clive Thompson’s “Coders” demystifies the work done to create the algorithms and programs that have come to dominate our world.

  69. Rapper Nipsey Hussle Is Fatally Shot in Los Angeles, Officials Say Arts, March 31

    Two others were injured in the shooting, which occurred in the Hyde Park neighborhood.

  70. Nipsey Hussle, Rapper and Activist, Is Shot Dead in Los Angeles Arts, March 31

    His death, in a shooting in which two others were wounded, prompted an outpouring of support from the Los Angeles community that he championed.

  71. Police Body-Cam Video Appears to Show Willie McCoy Sleeping Before He Was Fatally Shot U.S., March 31

    The footage, newly released by the police in Vallejo, Calif., shows that Mr. McCoy was shot about 10 seconds after he began to move in his car outside a Taco Bell.

  72. Keeping Up With the Kardashian Cash Flow Style, March 30

    Are Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie America’s savviest C.E.O.s?

  73. California Is Swooning Over a Heavenly Super Bloom of Wildflowers Opinion, March 29

    Exceptional beauty is a welcome respite in a place that has been battered by extreme climate conditions.

  74. Avenatti’s Client: The Basketball Club Coach Caught Up in a Federal Case. Sports, March 29

    Former players and those who worked with him knew Gary Franklin Sr. as someone who followed the rules of youth basketball.

  75. I Broke Up With Her Because She’s White Style, March 29

    When it comes to dating, I’d rather not think about race. But that’s been hard to avoid.

  76. Monsanto Ordered to Pay $80 Million in Roundup Cancer Case U.S., March 27

    The jury found that Monsanto should be held liable for the man’s cancer because it failed to warn him about the herbicide’s cancer risks.

  77. Kathryn Steinle’s Parents Cannot Sue San Francisco Over Her Killing, U.S. Court Rules U.S., March 26

    Ms. Steinle, 32, was shot by an undocumented immigrant who had been freed by the city’s sheriff less than three months earlier, in a case cited by President Trump.

  78. Hollywood Had Questions. Apple Didn’t Answer Them. Business, March 26

    The event at the Steve Jobs Theater was heavy on star power and light on specifics. The Los Angeles crowd buzzed more about a new credit card than anything else.

  79. Republicans Really Hate Health Care Opinion, March 26

    They’ve gone beyond cynicism to pathology.

  80. Graffiti Citing New Zealand Attack Is Found After Mosque Fire in California U.S., March 26

    The damage to the mosque in Escondido was minor and no one was injured, but the incident was one of a series of acts of vandalism and threats targeting mosques since the New Zealand attack.

  81. Larry Baer, San Francisco Giants C.E.O., Is Suspended by M.L.B. Sports, March 26

    Mr. Baer had been on a leave of absence since March 4, days after a video surfaced of him in an altercation with his wife.

  82. Second Man Found Dead in Ed Buck’s Home Died the Same Way as the First U.S., March 26

    Timothy Dean, 55, like Gemmel Moore, 26, died of an accidental methamphetamine overdose, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

  83. Pentagon Claims Success in Test of New Tactic to Down Incoming Missiles World, March 25

    For the first time, the United States shot two interceptors at a single warhead, boosting the outlook for antimissile defenses.

  84. Jardinière, a Pioneer of High-End Dining and Design in San Francisco, Will Close Food, March 25

    The chef Traci Des Jardins says she’s ‘tired of fine dining’ and wants to focus on Mexican food.

  85. California Company Recalls Avocados From Six States Over Listeria Fears Business, March 25

    The recalled avocados were packed at a facility in California and distributed in that state, Arizona, Florida, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

  86. Hey, Look at Me! I’m a Venture Capitalist Technology, March 24

    As high-profile start-ups like Lyft, Pinterest and Uber prepare to go public, Silicon Valley venture capitalists are using the moment to shine the spotlight on themselves.

  87. Jose Del Real on the Emotional Weight and ‘Thematic Whiplash’ of Covering California Reader Center, March 23

    Jose Del Real has covered some of California’s most significant stories. One way he deals with the stress? Solo morning dance parties.

  88. ‘I Can’t Be Myself Here’: At the Border, Transgender Women Navigate 2 Worlds U.S., March 23

    For many transgender women, crossing between the United States and Mexico can also mean moving uncomfortably between genders.

  89. Under the Influence of a ‘Super Bloom’ Style, March 23

    A small town in Southern California is being swarmed by influencers and tourists seeking a rare, poppy-filled photo opportunity.

  90. Felicity Huffman: Desperate Housewife, Devoted Parent and Now a Defendant Arts, March 23

    When the actress was implicated in the college admissions scandal, it stunned people in her acting circles and at the prestigious high school her older daughter attends.

  91. 9-Year-Old Girl Was Detained at Border for 30 Hours Despite Being a U.S. Citizen U.S., March 22

    A government spokesman said the girl had “provided inconsistent information” while crossing during her daily commute to school and was detained while her identity was verified.

  92. A Supposed Stickler for the Rules, Now at the Center of a U.S.C. Scandal Sports, March 22

    At U.S.C., Donna Heinel was known as the athletic administrator who clashed with coaches over prospective recruits. Then she got indicted.

  93. Anthony Pellicano, Notorious Detective to the Stars, Walks Free From Prison Arts, March 22

    The Los Angeles private eye spent more than a decade in prison for illegal wiretapping and other crimes in a case that exposed Hollywood’s underbelly.

  94. Tesla Sales Slump as ’19 Starts Is Hinted At in State Data Business, March 22

    A compilation of state data indicates a big decline for the electric-car maker after a federal tax credit was reduced.

  95. An Immovable Type Who Won’t Abandon His Movable Type Business, March 21

    James Lang doesn't make a lot of money with his letterpress printing business. But it's an art form.

  96. There Is No Reason to Cross the U.S. by Train. But I Did It Anyway. Interactive, March 20

    The particular sheen of America by Amtrak.

  97. ‘Abby’s’ Takes the Sitcom Somewhere New: Outdoors Arts, March 20

    On the backyard set of this NBC bar comedy, they’re always glad you came. (“They” are raccoons and skunks who like craft services.)

  98. Jake Phelps Dies at 56; as Thrasher Editor, a Skateboarding Guru Obituaries, March 20

    From his perch, Mr. Phelps set the caustic but funny tone for the magazine, making him both loved and hated in the skateboarding world.