1. Beyoncé Makes History at a Star-Powered Grammy Ceremony Culture, Today

    Beyoncé set a record for the most career Grammys won by any artist but was once again shut out of the biggest awards as the ceremony returned to a Los Angeles arena.

  2. Taking Aim at Trump, Koch Network Will Back G.O.P. Primary Candidates Washington, Yesterday

    The move by the alliance of conservative donors could provide an enormous boost to a Republican alternative to the former president.

  3. Man Accused of Firing Blank Rounds Inside a Synagogue, Police Say Express, February 4

    The man, whose name was not released, also brandished a gun at a theater the day before the episode at the Schneerson Jewish Center in San Francisco, the police said.

  4. In Big Sur, Living With Nature’s Beauty but Trapped by Its Fury National, February 4

    The succession of storms last month that left some residents in that treasured region cut off from the rest of California is another reminder of the perils and adventure of Central Coast life.

  5. Harry Styles Ate Here. His Fans Will Now Eat Here Forever. Styles, February 4

    A stray lyric by the pop star radically changed the clientele — and fortunes — of a Los Angeles cafe.

  6. Survivors of the Monterey Park Shooting Dance On Video, February 4

    Three survivors who narrowly escaped the mass shooting at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio in Monterey Park, Calif., reflect on life after tragedy as their community returns to the dance floor.

  7. Two Men Arrested in Execution-Style Killings of a Family in California National, February 4

    The brutal nature of the mass shooting, which included the murder of an innocent young mother and her infant, shocked the nation.

  8. Jury Rules for Elon Musk and Tesla in Investor Lawsuit Over Tweets Business, February 3

    The case centered on whether investors lost money because they believed Mr. Musk’s social media posts about taking Tesla private in 2018.

  9. Readers Share Their Favorite California Travel Tips National, February 3

    Perhaps they’ll provide inspiration for your next trip.

  10. Actress and Hairdresser Took $3 Million From Malibu Doctor, Prosecutors Say Express, February 3

    They feigned friendship, moving into the ailing doctor’s beachfront home and giving him drugs, while they spent his money, according to the federal indictment. Both face a range of charges.

  11. It’s Winter. Let’s Go to the Farmers’ Market! Travel, February 2

    In cities like Detroit and Philadelphia, markets have become year-round destinations, offering classes, crafts and music, as well as a surprising array of fresh produce.

  12. Former High-Profile Lawyer Is Charged With Embezzling More Than $18 Million Express, February 2

    Tom Girardi, who was part of the legal team representing the environmental activist Erin Brockovich, was indicted in two states on charges that he stole from clients, prosecutors said.

  13. California Will End Its Covid State of Emergency This Month National, February 2

    The orders that give the governor wider powers to fight the virus are set to expire on Feb. 28.

  14. Self-Driving Car Services Want to Expand in San Francisco Despite Recent Hiccups Business, February 1

    Waymo and Cruise hope to widen their projects to more of the city. But local officials are increasingly concerned about breakdowns causing congestion.

  15. Is It Safe to Travel to Mexico? Here’s What You Need to Know. Travel, February 1

    A spate of incidents, including protests among taxi drivers in Cancún and a stray bullet at an airport in Culiacán, has tourists asking the question.

  16. More Than 500,000 Acres of Public Land in California Are Inaccessible to the Public National, February 1

    Until recently, the existence of these lands was largely unknown.

  17. California’s Leading Conductors Come Together for a New Festival Culture, January 31

    Gustavo Dudamel, Esa-Pekka Salonen and Rafael Payare will assemble their orchestras and more for the California Festival: A Celebration of New Music.

  18. How Colorado River Cuts Could Affect California National, January 31

    No other state gets more water from the dwindling river than California does.

  19. The Navy’s Dolphins Have a Few Things to Tell Us About Aging Science, January 31

    In her youth, Blue was a standout mine-hunter for the U.S. military. She and her colleagues are now at the vanguard of geriatric marine mammal medicine.

  20. 2023年最值得去的52个地方 Interactive, January 31


  21. Man Who Drove Family Off Cliff in Tesla Is Charged With Attempted Murder Express, January 31

    Dharmesh A. Patel, 41, intentionally crashed the car carrying his wife and two children, the authorities said, leading to a dramatic rescue. He has been charged with three counts of attempted murder, court records show.

  22. Covering the Monterey Park Shooting National, January 30

    A conversation with the Times video journalist Isabelle Qian.

  23. $1.6 Million Homes in California Real Estate, January 30

    A 1911 Craftsman house in Oakland, a stylish retreat in Lake Arrowhead and a two-bedroom condominium in Malibu.

  24. California Has More Than 100 Gun Laws. Why Don’t They Stop More Mass Shootings? National, January 29

    The state is still reeling from back-to-back attacks that left at least 19 people dead. The killings have spurred lawmakers to call for more regulations.

  25. Paul Pelosi Attack Suspect Tells TV Station He Has No Remorse Express, January 29

    The man accused of assaulting the husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a disturbing surprise phone call to the station on Friday, the same day footage of the attack was made public.

  26. Three Dead and Four Wounded in Shooting Near Beverly Hills Express, January 28

    The shooting took place at a short-term rental residence in the Beverly Crest neighborhood early on Saturday morning, the police said.

  27. Overlooked No More: Mary Barr, Who Fought Wildfires From Aloft Obits, January 28

    She relied on adamantine nerves and decades of flying experience as the first woman lead pilot for the U.S. Forest Service.

  28. Video of Memphis Officers Beating Tyre Nichols Elicits Widespread Horror National, January 28

    As public officials and others condemned the actions they viewed, initial reactions from protesters around the country were largely peaceful.

  29. Court Releases Video of Paul Pelosi Hammer Attack, Adding Chilling Details Washington, January 27

    Police body camera footage, along with surveillance video, an interview with the suspect and audio from Mr. Pelosi’s 911 call, disproved but could not stop right-wing conspiracy theories about the attack.

  30. Listen to Paul Pelosi’s 911 Call After an Intruder Entered His Home Video, January 27

    A San Francisco court released a recording of the 911 call Paul Pelosi made on Oct. 28, 2022.

  31. Jay Leno Is Recovering From Surgery After a Motorcycle Accident Express, January 27

    The former late-night host and comedian drove into a wire a few miles from his garage in Burbank, Calif., he said in an interview. It comes two months after he sustained burns while working on his cars.

  32. Making Farms Organic Is Paying Off Op Ed, January 27

    How investors are buying land, fixing it up and making a profit.

  33. Surveillance footage shows the attacker breaking into the Pelosis’ home. National, January 27

    Capitol Police video from outside former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home in San Francisco, released publicly on Friday, shows the man who attacked her husband in October breaking in.

  34. Surveillance Video Shows Suspect Entering Pelosi’s Home Video, January 27

    Surveillance video from the Capitol police shows Paul Pelosi’s attacker grabbing a hammer out of his bag before entering the home.

  35. We’re Adding New Songs to Our California Soundtrack National, January 27

    The collection now boasts more than 250 tracks.

  36. As the Colorado River Shrinks, Washington Prepares to Spread the Pain Climate, January 27

    The seven states that rely on the river for water are not expected to reach a deal on cuts. It appears the Biden administration will have to impose reductions.

  37. What We Know About the Gun Used in the Monterey Park Shooting Interactive, January 27

    Images of the weapon used in the attack on the Star Ballroom Dance Studio showed modifications the authorities said the gunman most likely made himself.

  38. A Federal Court Blocks California’s New Medical Misinformation Law Business, January 26

    California’s law sought to punish doctors who give patients false information about Covid-19.

  39. ‘The Atmosphere Was Joyful’: Monterey Park Survivor Captured Footage Minutes Before Shooting Video, January 26

    Mike Zhang, 71, was filming videos of the Lunar New Year celebration at Star Ballroom Dance Studio on his phone just minutes before a gunman entered and killed 11 people on Jan. 21.

  40. Adam Schiff, a Trump Impeachment Manager, Runs for Senate in California Politics, January 26

    Mr. Schiff, who led the first impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump and later served on the House panel investigating the Capitol riot, will seek the seat held by Senator Dianne Feinstein.

  41. In North America’s Snowiest Place, Residents Dig Out as Tourists Flow In National, January 26

    Mammoth Lakes in the Eastern Sierra has gotten 500 inches of snow so far this season.

  42. Half Moon Bay Immigrant Community Reels From Mass Shooting of Farmworkers National, January 25

    A 66-year-old man is facing seven counts of murder and one count of attempted murder.

  43. California Voters to Decide on Regulating Fast-Food Industry Business, January 25

    Pre-empting a law signed last year, business groups forced a ballot initiative on state oversight of wages and working conditions.

  44. Oil Drilled in the Amazon Rainforest Ends Up in California National, January 25

    “One in every nine tanks of gas, diesel or jet fuel pumped in California comes from the Amazon,” one researcher said.

  45. The Newest Contraband at the Mexican Border: Eggs Express, January 25

    There has been an increase in the number of people trying to bring eggs into the United States, where the price has surged, driven in part by a bird flu outbreak.

  46. A Mass Shooting in California Targeted an Entire Family National, January 25

    Amid an escalation in gang violence in small California towns, families have usually been spared. But gangs there are increasingly working with violent Mexican cartels.

  47. ‘Tragedia tras tragedia’: se registran decenas de tiroteos masivos en enero en EE. UU. en Español, January 25

    Al menos 69 personas han perdido la vida en las primeras semanas de 2023 en tiroteos por todo el país, entre ellos dos en California que sucedieron con días de distancia.

  48. Wen Tau Yu was studying to become a pharmacist before the Monterey Park shooting. National, January 25

    Mr. Yu and Yu Lun Kao were killed on Saturday along with 9 other people at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio in the California city.

  49. Half Moon Bay Suspect Was Accused of Trying to Suffocate a Roommate, Court Records Show National, January 25

    A judge granted the roommate’s request for a restraining order in 2013.

  50. In a Nation Awash in Guns, California Laws Can’t Keep Out the Violence National, January 24

    One of California’s top experts on violence prevention explains why.

  51. My Nhan, a Victim in the Monterey Park Shooting, Loved Fashion and Ballroom Dancing National, January 24

    Ms. Nhan, who emigrated from Vietnam in the 1980s, did not have children. But she loved her nine nieces and nephews as if they were her own, a niece said.

  52. Your Wednesday Briefing: Ukraine Cracks Down on Corruption N Y T Now, January 24

    Also, another mass shooting in California and New Zealand’s next leader.

  53. The January 24 California Shootings live blog included one standalone post:
  54. Half Moon Bay, ‘Our Little Town,’ Faces a Shattered Sense of Security U.S., January 24

  55. Half Moon Bay, ‘Our Little Town,’ Faces a Shattered Sense of Security National, January 24

    The coastal town of about 11,000 people tried to make sense of a deadly shooting that left seven people dead.

  56. As Mass Shootings Continue, Gridlock on Guns Returns to Washington Washington, January 24

    After enactment of a compromise bill last year, Congress is once again stalemated on gun control, with Republicans seeking to protect the free flow of guns and Democrats calling for more limits.

  57. A Wake of Tragedy in California After Mass Shootings National, January 24

    In less than 48 hours, there was a massacre in Monterey Park and another in Half Moon Bay.

  58. Shootings revive push for an assault weapons ban. National, January 24

    The 1994 ban blocked the sale of 19 specific weapons that have the features of guns used by the military. It expired in 2004 and any new proposals are unlikely to pass a divided Senate.

  59. A suspect is in custody after 7 people were killed in Half Moon Bay. Foreign, January 24

    The police arrested a 66-year-old suspect, who the county sheriff said was “fully cooperating.”

  60. Mass Shootings in 2023: A Partial List Express, January 24

    There is no official consensus on what constitutes a mass shooting, but by one count there have been more than three-dozen so far this year.

  61. A ‘Big Night’ for Newts, and for a California Newt Brigade Science, January 24

    Salamanders get a little help across the road from some two-legged friends in Northern California.

  62. 7 Killed in Another Mass Shooting in California U.S., January 24

    A suspect was in custody after he was found in a vehicle outside a sheriff’s office substation in Half Moon Bay, the authorities said.

  63. The January 23 Shooting Half Moon Bay California live blog included two standalone posts:
  64. A Dreamy Place of Refuge Turns Into Another Spasm of American Violence National, January 24

    Officials are still releasing the names of the 11 people killed at a Los Angeles dance club.

  65. Authorities Ask Why Gunman Attacked California Ballroom He Once Enjoyed National, January 23

    The authorities did not specify a motive in attack that killed 11, but investigators were focusing on the theory that the gunman was driven by personal grievances.

  66. Your Tuesday Briefing: California Mourns, as Death Toll Rises N Y T Now, January 23

    Also, resistance to Chinese influence in the Solomon Islands and Beijing’s efforts to subsidize I.V.F.

  67. What to Know About the Monterey Park Shooting National, January 23

    Ten people were killed at a dance hall in the San Gabriel Valley city.

  68. The January 23 Shooting Monterey Park California live blog included one standalone post:
  69. Monterey Park transformed the Chinese American experience. National, January 23

    Known as the first suburban Chinatown, the city would spearhead massive demographic changes across Southern California.

  70. My State Is 1,000 Miles Long, and Not Everyone Living in It Hates the Rain Op Ed, January 23

    The weather means many different things in California.

  71. $2.4 Million Homes in California Real Estate, January 23

    A waterfront retreat in Lake Forest, a four-bedroom home in San Francisco and a 1977 house near the ocean in Huntington Beach.

  72. A Coder Wrested a Pistol From the Gunman’s Hands, Preventing Greater Tragedy National, January 23

    Brandon Tsay, 26, is being credited with preventing further violence by subduing the gunman before he could kill more people.

  73. ‘No one dared to flee’ as the shooter carried out his rampage. National, January 23

    Many had been facing the hall’s wall-length mirror when the shooting occurred. They were practicing guangchang wu, a dance popular among middle-aged and older Chinese patrons.

  74. A celebration turned into a nightmare for one couple on the dance floor. National, January 23

    A night of celebration turned into a night of horror. Jeff Liu saw a man storm in with a gun and open fire. Mr. Liu saw his wife collapse and has not seen her since.

  75. The January 22 Shooting Monterey Park California live blog included two standalone posts:
  76. The venue, a gathering place for ballroom dancers, drew big crowds on Saturday nights. National, January 23

    The playlists often included songs in Chinese. The venue posts its schedule online in English and Chinese.

  77. Your Monday Briefing: A Lunar New Year Shooting N Y T Now, January 22

    Also, New Zealand’s next leader and a Lunar New Year travel surge in China.

  78. The list of U.S. mass shootings continues to grow. National, January 22

    The shooting in Half Moon Bay was the second mass shooting in California in three days.

  79. The suspect shot and killed himself, the authorities said. National, January 22

    The attack took place in a city just east of Los Angeles that earlier in the day had hosted a festival celebrating the eve of the Lunar New Year.

  80. San Diego County to Pay $12 Million in Death of Man Hogtied by Sheriff’s Deputies Express, January 21

    Lucky Phounsy, who died in April 2015, was shocked multiple times by a stun gun and beaten by sheriff’s deputies while suffering from a mental health crisis, according to his family’s lawyers.

  81. The Last Days of Hollywood’s Most Reviled Reporter Styles, January 21

    Was Nikki Finke a genius or a monster? Friends and colleagues try to make sense of the entertainment industry’s brashest chronicler.

  82. The Last Days of Hollywood’s Most Reviled Reporter Style, January 21

    Was Nikki Finke a genius or a monster? Friends and colleagues try to make sense of the entertainment industry’s brashest chronicler.

  83. Redefining the ‘New’ in Lunar New Year Styles, January 21

    Some younger Asian Americans are creating their own holiday traditions, putting a spin on lessons they’ve learned.

  84. In California, Marking Time With Natural Disasters National, January 20

    Californians’ formative memories center on earthquakes, fires and floods.

  85. What Will ‘Weather Whiplash’ Mean for California? Op Ed, January 20

    Climate change is forcing California to deal with two calamities at once — too much water and not enough.

  86. Biden Says He Has ‘No Regrets’ About Not Disclosing Documents Quickly Washington, January 20

    “I think you’re going to find there’s nothing there,” the president told a reporter who asked if he regretted not divulging that classified material was found at his office before the midterms.

  87. Biden Surveys Winter Storm Damage in Northern California Video, January 20

    President Biden pledged federal support, as the state began a recovery effort that officials said could cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

  88. San Francisco Gallery Owner Is Charged After Spraying Homeless Woman Express, January 19

    Shannon Collier Gwin, 71, was charged with misdemeanor battery after a bystander’s video that was widely shared online showed him spraying a woman with a hose outside his business.

  89. Julian Sands Is Reported Missing on Mountain Hike in California Express, January 19

    The search for Mr. Sands, a British actor known for the 1986 film “A Room With a View” and other roles, is an avid trail hiker. His disappearance follows weeks of devastating weather across California.

  90. California Celebrates Lunar New Year National, January 19

    It’s now an official state holiday.

  91. ‘Only in Theaters’ Review: A Family Business in Changing Times Weekend, January 19

    Laemmle theaters have fed generations of Los Angeles cinephiles. This documentary looks at their past and present.

  92. How Do California’s Storms Weigh In Compared With History’s Big Ones? Climate, January 19

    Rain and snowfall this season are above average, but the state has seen some wild weather in past years.

  93. Biden Promises Federal Government Will Assist Storm-Ravaged California Washington, January 19

    The president visited a beach town along Monterey Bay in an effort to assess how much federal aid will be needed to help the state recover.

  94. Seeking an Oasis in the Palm Springs Desert With $350,000 to Spend. Which Home Did He Choose? Interactive, January 19

    Bored with the Bay Area, he wanted to try ‘something different’ in a new town with a new community. Here’s what he found.

  95. Despite Rain Storms, California Is Still in Drought Interactive, January 18

    Multiple atmospheric rivers brought extreme rain and snow to California, but the recent deluge hasn’t made up for years of ongoing drought.

  96. California Joins Other States in Suing Companies Over Insulin Prices Science, January 18

    The state is taking action against three major drug companies and the big pharmacy benefit managers in an effort to temper costs for people with diabetes.

  97. Los Angeles County’s Black Residents Are Most at Risk in Major Floods National, January 18

    Southern California has so far escaped the worst impact of recent rainstorms, but a new study shows a 100-year-flood event would disproportionately impact Black residents.

  98. How the Gas-Stove Debate Has Played Out in California National, January 18

    Berkeley was the first city in the nation to ban gas hookups in most new homes and buildings, a policy adopted in 2019.

  99. ‘Polar Vortex’ Got You Baffled? Try This Extreme-Weather Guide Science, January 18

    A handy explanation of some of the newer climatological verbiage.

  100. Want a Giant Neon Twitter Bird? You’ll Have to Bid More Than $17,000. Express, January 17

    The company’s artwork, high-end furniture and espresso machines are for sale in an online auction that evoked a more flush era when its tastes reflected its status as a hot tech-world employer.

  101. Reflecting on Three Weeks of Extraordinary Weather National, January 17

    The state will soon get a chance to dry out and begin recovering from a relentless stretch of storms.

  102. In Montecito, the Million-Dollar Views Still Come With Mudslide Risks National, January 17

    Life in California often requires navigating the edges of natural beauty and natural disaster. On the fifth anniversary of a catastrophe, residents had to flee again.

  103. 6 Shot Dead, Including Mother and Baby, at California Home Express, January 16

    Two gunmen carried out what was presumed to be a gang-related attack involving the drug trade, the authorities said. “This was very personal,” Sheriff Mike Boudreaux of Tulare County told reporters.

  104. $4.5 Million Homes in California Real Estate, January 16

    A 1927 Spanish-style home in Los Angeles, a four-bedroom townhouse in Manhattan Beach and a compound on more than 400 acres in Yorkville.

  105. A Break in California’s Storms Is in Sight. Here Are Regions to Watch. National, January 16

    Already soaked, the state is enduring yet another round of rain and snow.

  106. In This California Mountain Town, Multiple Storms Deal Multiple Blows National, January 15

    The community of Felton in Santa Cruz County was still recovering from Tuesday’s rain when Saturday’s storm hit.

  107. Whiteouts, Landslides and Floods Cut Off California Roads Express, January 14

    The latest storms produced treacherous driving conditions across the state.

  108. Why Are the California Storms Causing Sinkholes? National, January 14

    The relentless parade of atmospheric rivers since December has changed the state’s geological imagery.

  109. Why Are the California Storms Causing Sinkholes? U.S., January 14

    The relentless parade of atmospheric rivers since December has changed the state’s geological imagery.

  110. George Kittle of the San Francisco 49ers was one of many residents without power. National, January 14

    The tight end said he had been without power for four days ahead of an N.F.L. playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks.

  111. The Monterey Peninsula braces for possible flooding. National, January 14

    Officials fear that rising waters could cut off highway access and turn the scenic enclave into an island.

  112. Getting Inside California’s Wild Weather, 8 Miles Over the Pacific Climate, January 14

    A Times reporter and photographer rode along with a team gathering data on the colossal atmospheric rivers that have drenched the state.

  113. Here’s the California Weather Forecast Through the Long Weekend Weather, January 14

    Widespread heavy rain and snowfall return to California as another atmospheric river soaks the state.

  114. Another storm is soaking California. Here’s what to know. National, January 14

    The state’s northern and central regions have sustained the most damage during weeks of endless storms that have left at least 19 dead.

  115. A Conversation With Sam Liccardo, Who Led San Jose for Eight Years National, January 13

    Liccardo, 52, has just stepped down as mayor of California’s third-largest city.

  116. In a Drought, California Is Watching Water Wash Out to Sea National, January 13

    Heavy storms have flooded parts of California, but the state has been unable to capture billions of gallons of water that are flowing unchecked into the ocean. Los Angeles is embarking on an ambitious new program to change that.

  117. Turning Trash Into Poetry Arts & Leisure, January 13

    Ser Serpas, a young artist known for kinetic arrangements of discarded furniture, opens up about her expressive way of processing the used world.

  118. Lisa Marie Presley, Singer-Songwriter and Daughter of Elvis, Dies at 54 Express, January 13

    Her death in Los Angeles on Thursday, after a life tinged with tragedy, came after a medical emergency and brief hospitalization.

  119. Scott Minerd, a Force, and a Voice, on Wall Street, Dies at 63 Obits, January 12

    He helped turn Guggenheim Partners into a global investing giant. He was also a CNBC and Bloomberg commentator and a philanthropist for human rights.

  120. How Much Will These Storms Help Relieve California’s Drought? National, January 12

    All the rain and snow are undoubtedly good news for California’s water supply, but they’re unlikely to end the drought altogether.

  121. California, Inundated N Y T Now, January 12

    California is trying to tame the effects of flooding in ways both immediate and long-term.

  122. The California Floods The Daily, January 12

    The way the state managed its water in the past has worsened today’s flooding — and missed an opportunity to reduce future vulnerabilities.

  123. Man Pleads Guilty to 1973 Murder of Stanford Graduate Express, January 12

    John Getreu, 78, who the authorities say is a serial killer, is already serving a life sentence in the 1974 killing of another young woman, who also had connections to Stanford.

  124. 52 Places to Go in 2023 Interactive, January 12

    Travel’s rebound has revealed the depth of our drive to explore the world. Why do we travel? For food, culture, adventure, natural beauty? This year’s list has all those elements, and more.

  125. Will Storms End California’s Drought? That May Be the Wrong Question Climate, January 11

    California has experienced what one researcher described as “weather whiplash” with quick swings between wet and dry periods.

  126. Rain, Gusts and Landslide Fears Spread to the Pacific Northwest National, January 11

    Wind gusts could reach 60 miles per hour on parts of the coast, with up to eight inches of rain over the Olympic Peninsula.

  127. When Will the Rain End in California? Soon, but Not Soon Enough National, January 11

    After a brief respite, rain is expected to return on Saturday and linger into early next week. Drier conditions could arrive after that.

  128. A ‘Pineapple Express’ Is Bringing Rain and Snow to California National, January 11

    It’s a specific kind of “river in the sky” that drives precipitation on the West Coast, which relies on those rivers for its water supply.

  129. Lightning isn’t usually a California thing. A meteorologist explains. National, January 11

    For its size, the state usually gets far fewer lightning strikes than the national average, though that hasn’t been quite as true in the recent storms.

  130. A silver lining of the storms: Mountain snowpack will feed California’s reservoirs. National, January 11

    More winter snow in the Sierra Nevada will mean more water for California’s reservoirs in the spring. “Water-wise, we’d rather have a big snowpack than a whole bunch of rain,” a meteorologist said.

  131. Residents of a battered community in the Bay Area prepare for more rain. National, January 11

    People in Alameda County have barely recovered from the last storm, which caused severe flooding on New Year’s Eve.

  132. Damage Mounts in California From Days of Heavy Rain National, January 11

    Sinkholes, power outages, flooding and more.

  133. Damage Mounts in California From Days of Heavy Rain U.S., January 11

    Sinkholes, power outages, flooding and more.

  134. Glimpsing Blue Skies, California Cleans Itself Up and Braces for the Next Storm National, January 11

    After pounding rains that flooded roads and brought down hillsides and trees, the state is catching its breath during a short dry spell.

  135. As Storms Hammer California, Homeless Campers Try to Survive Outside National, January 11

    Unlike in colder-weather states, most homeless people in California live on the streets, in cars and along rivers. They are experiencing a long stretch of fierce storms in a way few others are.

  136. A California Home Returns to Its 1970s Roots, Wall-to-Wall Carpeting and All T Style, January 10

    When the furniture designer Glenn Lawson set about renovating a house in the Santa Barbara hills, he committed to honoring its heritage.

  137. ‘He Was a Great Kid’: Search Resumes for 5-Year-Old Lost in California Floods National, January 10

    Kyle Doan was swept out of his mother’s arms after their car was swamped on the way to school on Monday. “It’s so unfair,” his father said.

  138. Nearly 100,000 People Under Evacuation Orders or Warnings National, January 10

    Counties along the coast between San Francisco and Los Angeles have suffered the worst of the latest storm’s impact so far.

  139. California’s lengthy drought made mudslides more likely when the rains came. Climate, January 10

    Dry, baked soil absorbs less rain and sheds more as runoff, while drought-fueled wildfires weaken the tree and plant roots that hold soil in place.

  140. Videos, Photos and Maps of the Damage From the California Storms Interactive, January 10

    A catastrophic string of storms continued to pummel California on Tuesday. Here’s what it looked like.

  141. Katie Porter, California Congresswoman, Is Running for Senate Politics, January 10

    Ms. Porter is the first announced challenger to Senator Dianne Feinstein, 89, who has yet to declare her 2024 plans but is widely expected to not seek re-election.

  142. California storm damage could top $1 billion. Climate, January 10

    Major weather disasters have been striking the United States much more often in recent years as the global climate changes.

  143. California storm damage could top $1 billion. U.S., January 10

    Major weather disasters have been striking the United States much more often in recent years as the global climate changes.

  144. These New California Laws Are Taking Effect in 2023 National, January 10

    We look at five important changes that took effect on Jan. 1.

  145. The January 10 California Storms Rain Weather live blog included one standalone post:
  146. Soaked and Battered by Repeating Rainstorms, California Girds for More National, January 10

    Extreme weather has plagued many parts of the country this fall and winter. But few places have been as ravaged by the changing climate these last weeks as California.

  147. What Oakland, Calif., Tells Us About Why Police Reform Is So Hard Book Review, January 10

    “The Riders Come Out at Night,” by Ali Winston and Darwin BondGraham, is a case study of corruption and reform within a single police department — with implications for all of us.

  148. Severe Storms Pummel California Video, January 10

    Prolonged heavy rain and flash flooding have forced thousands to evacuate across California.