1. He Helped Build an Artists’ Utopia. Now He Faces Trial for 36 Deaths There. Magazine, Today

    Max Harris did chores and collected rent at the artists’ warehouse where he lived. Now he faces trial for the deaths at a concert there — including some of his close friends.

  2. There’s a Wave of New Prosecutors. And They Mean Justice. Op Ed, Yesterday

    These district attorneys should make jail the exception and eliminate cash bail.

  3. A Struggling Desert Town Bets Its Future on Pot Business, December 9

    Nearly every block in Needles, Calif., has a run-down building being renovated by a cannabis business. Community leaders have welcomed them.

  4. The Woman Who Outruns the Men, 200 Miles at a Time Sports, December 5

    Courtney Dauwalter specializes in extremely long races. But her success in winning them has opened a debate about how men’s innate strength advantages apply to endurance sports.

  5. Film Academy Museum, Yet to Open, Reveals Inaugural Exhibitions Culture, December 4

    The long-delayed Academy Museum of Motion Pictures won’t open until late 2019. But on Tuesday it announced what visitors can expect to see.

  6. Boomers Create a Surge in Luxury Care Communities Special Sections, December 4

    These upscale communities offer a continuum of care from independent living to failing health, allowing people to age in one place.

  7. Letter of Recommendation: Rage Against the Machine Magazine, December 4

    Adolescent fixations can be an antidote to the compromises of adulthood.

  8. A 21st-Century Space in Edwardian Clothes Real Estate, December 4

    Can an antique house ever be as green as new construction? One architect was determined to prove it was possible, using his own San Francisco home.

  9. Making an Antique Sustainable Slideshow, December 4

    Can an old house ever be as green as new construction? One architect was determined to prove it was possible, using his own San Francisco home.

  10. A California Cab for Someone Special Dining, December 3

    Ridge Vineyards has released some of its Monte Bello, a Bordeaux blend, online.

  11. After a California Wildfire, New and Old Homeless Populations Collide National, December 3

    Butte County already had 2,000 homeless people and a crisis on its hands before the Camp Fire’s devastation added tens of thousands more to their ranks.

  12. Judge Allows ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Evan Hansen’ in San Francisco Culture, December 1

    Regional productions of the Broadway hits are the subject of a legal dispute between competing theater operators.

  13. 3 Killed After Pickup Truck Fleeing Border Patrol Hits Tire Spikes and Crashes Express, November 30

    A pickup truck with nine people in its bed crashed and flipped over in Southern California after driving over tire spikes placed by the Border Patrol.

  14. California’s Immigrant Workers Are Suffering Letters, November 30

    An advocacy group says the workers are not getting the medical care they need after exposure to wildfire pollution.

  15. Kansas Recalls License Plates Offensive to Japanese-Americans Express, November 30

    After a yearlong campaign by activists, the letter combination “JAP” will no longer be issued by the state.

  16. Nearly a Month After the Midterms, Some House Races Are Still Undecided Politics, November 30

    Another week is ending, and winners have yet to be called in a district in California and one in New York.

  17. Rains Turn Squalid Migrant Camp Near California Border Into Scene of Fetid Misery National, November 30

    A downpour quickly flooded the open-air complex sheltering arrivals from Central America, reducing their few belongings to a soggy mess.

  18. Should PoMo Architecture, at the 50-Year Mark, Be Saved? Arts & Leisure, November 30

    Post-Modernist monuments by Michael Graves and Philip Johnson are spared but a museum addition by Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown is being demolished.

  19. Wedding in Paradise Is Lost, but ‘Angels’ Help After Camp Fire Devastation Society, November 30

    “For us, this is one day to forget the situation we’re in and celebrate. We have to remember there’s still joy in this world.”

  20. Menial Tasks, Slurs and Swastikas: Many Black Workers at Tesla Say They Faced Racism Business, November 30

    African-American workers have reported threats, humiliation and barriers to promotion at the plant. The automaker says there is no pattern of bias.

  21. Some Marriott Strikes End, but San Francisco Workers Stay Out Travel, November 29

    With a settlement in Hawaii, two-thirds of the almost 8,000 of the hotel giant’s workers who had walked out are back at work, as one of travel’s busiest seasons is underway.

  22. Three Weeks After Fire, Official Search for Dead Is Completed National, November 29

    A massive search for human remains in Northern California involving 10,000 specialists ended this week. But scores of people remain missing after the wildfire.

  23. California Democratic Leader, Facing Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Steps Down National, November 29

    The resignation by Eric Bauman, the California Democratic chairman, came amid allegations of inappropriate sexual comments and touching.

  24. To Help Prevent the Next Big Wildfire, Let the Forest Burn Interactive, November 29

    California needs to abandon the idea that trees are always worth saving and that fire is always a threat. Instead, it should let modest wildfires burn.

  25. Dominique Crenn Wins Third Michelin Star, a First for a Woman in America Dining, November 29

    In the guide’s Bay Area ratings, the highest honor goes to her Atelier Crenn, and to Single Thread.

  26. G.M.’s President Will Take Over Its Self-Driving Effort Business, November 29

    The executive, Dan Ammann, is becoming chief executive of Cruise, which General Motors bought in 2016 to develop and commercialize autonomous cars.

  27. In California, Houses Burned. So Did the Toxic Chemicals They Contained. National, November 29

    Heavy metals, chemicals and biological contaminants left behind by the devastating Camp Fire demand a cleanup of extraordinary scale, before any return to Paradise and neighboring towns is safe.

  28. It Looked Like a Beer Belly. It Turned Out He Had a 77-Pound Tumor. Express, November 29

    As his stomach grew and the rest of his body got thinner, Hector Hernandez knew something was wrong, but he never suspected it was cancer.

  29. The ‘Green Dimension’: Inside the Lives of California’s Marijuana Trimmers National, November 29

    Each autumn, young people flock to Northern California to find temporary work pruning cannabis bound for the state’s legal dispensaries, or black markets as far away as the East Coast.

  30. What Do We Do About Climate Change? Op Ed, November 29

    And Representative Ro Khanna on the future of the Democratic Party

  31. Hollywood Books: Stars’ Memoirs, Cult TV-Show Tell-Alls, Histories and More Interactive, November 28

    New titles include Michael Caine’s memoir, “Blowing the Bloody Doors Off,” books about The X-Files and Sex and the City and a biography of Howard Hughes.

  32. Police Find 50 Guns, Nazi Propaganda and 200 Doves at Man’s Home U.S., November 28

    “This is definitely an amount of weaponry that is not for personal use,” said a police spokesman in Laguna Beach, Calif.

  33. Unraveling the Mysteries of Dorothea Lange’s ‘Migrant Mother’ Photo, November 28

    The history behind Ms. Lange’s photograph of Florence Owens Thompson has intrigued academics and photographers for decades. But a new book sheds fresh light on the portrait’s little-explored details.

  34. For Migrants on Both Sides of the Border, the One Constant Is a Long Wait National, November 27

    The United States government says it could be five weeks before the first arrivals from the caravan of migrants from Central America could have their interviews for admission.

  35. Mountain Lion Tracked in Southern California Likely Died in Woolsey Fire, Park Says Express, November 27

    P-74, the newest mountain lion electronically tracked by park rangers in the Santa Monica Mountains, was last seen in one of the first areas to be scorched in the blaze.

  36. Only Romaine Lettuce From Central and Northern California Is Unsafe, F.D.A. Says Science, November 26

    Federal health officials believe it’s safe to eat the lettuce if it’s grown in greenhouses or other regions — and is labeled as such.

  37. ‘A Critical Time’: Border Businesses Jolted by $5.3 Million Loss in Crossing Shutdown National, November 26

    Business leaders warned that a prolonged shutdown of the San Ysidro border crossing could have devastating economic consequences.

  38. Los Angeles Through the Centuries, Glimpsed by Kerouac, de Beauvoir, Waugh and Others Culture, November 26

    In “Dear Los Angeles,” the editor David Kipen compiles excerpts from the letters and diaries of a wide range of people to compose a kaleidoscopic view of the city.

  39. California Firefighters Recount Historic Blaze: ‘There Wasn’t Anything That Wasn’t on Fire’ National, November 26

    Thousands of firefighters fought the Camp Fire, the most destructive in the state’s history. For every disheartening loss, there was sometimes a moment of hope.

  40. ‘There Wasn’t Anything That Wasn’t on Fire’: Firefighters Recount a Historic Blaze National, November 26

    Thousands of firefighters fought the Camp Fire, the most destructive in the state’s history. For every disheartening loss, there was sometimes a moment of hope.

  41. You Can Teach an Old-Vine Grape New Tricks Dining, November 26

    In California, where a handful of grapes dominates the industry, explorations with carignan yield potential for wonderful, unpretentious wines.

  42. After a Wildfire, Rebuilding Life Can Be Hardest for the Oldest National, November 25

    Many who fled the flames ravaging Paradise, Calif., were retirees with health problems and few resources. “Half of them don’t have it in them to start all over again,” a nursing supervisor at a shelter said.

  43. Camp Fire Is 100 Percent Contained, California Officials Say Express, November 25

    Seventeen days after it began laying waste to Northern California, the deadliest wildfire in the state’s recorded history has been fully contained.

  44. Packing Tips for an Evacuation Op Ed, November 24

    Benefit from my hard-earned experience.

  45. Poisoned Wildlife and Tainted Meat: Why Hunters Are Moving Away From Lead Bullets National, November 24

    Many hunters are ditching traditional ammunition amid mounting evidence that it harms scavengers and pollutes the food people eat.

  46. See How the Fires Burned Where California Goes to Escape It All National, November 23

    Among the blackened and charred areas in Southern California were hiking trails overlooking the ocean, summer camps and historic movie sets.

  47. Breathing Room for Californians Letters, November 23

    A reader talks about a changed environment after the wildfires.

  48. The Beginning of the End of America’s Best Idea Op Ed, November 23

    The story told by the recent wildfires is grim, a portent of nature altered and convulsive.

  49. Devastated by California Fire, Paradise Finds a Way to Give Thanks National, November 22

    Residents who had planned Thanksgiving feasts at home found themselves eating with thousands of fellow evacuees at a relief kitchen. Still, they were grateful.

  50. Everything Around Him Burned. He Stayed Put, and Lived to Tell the Tale. National, November 22

    Every storm has a few holdouts, who ignore evacuation orders and hunker down at home. In the case of Kevin Jeys, he stuck it out to save his animals.

  51. What FEMA Is Doing, and Not Doing, in Response to California’s Fires Washington, November 22

    The emergency management agency is quietly helping the state respond to and recover from the fourth-largest natural disaster in its history.

  52. Wearing the Hollywood Sign Special Sections, November 22

    A piece of the H from the original 1923 sign has been made into plaques for the Hollywood Watch Company’s timepiece.

  53. America: The Highlight Reel Editorial, November 21

    It’s worth noting, in a world that often seems heartless, that there are plenty of fellow citizens doing the right thing.

  54. Fire and Rain: California Storm Brings Relief to Some, Misery to Others National, November 21

    Northern California saw its first significant rainfall since the spring, helping to douse a devastating wildfire but adding to the woes of some evacuees.

  55. Overlooked No More: Lilian Rice, Architect Who Lifted a Style in California Obits, November 21

    In the 1920s, Rice brought her design aesthetic to a small village north of San Diego. Those who live there continue to respect her vision.

  56. A Frantic Call, a Neighbor’s Knock, but Few Official Alerts as Wildfire Closed In U.S., November 21

    In the frenzied first hours of the Camp Fire as it bore down on Paradise, Calif., only a fraction of residents received emergency alerts or evacuation orders from local authorities.

  57. Michael Avenatti Dragged Girlfriend Out of L.A. Home, She Alleges Express, November 20

    The allegations, which Mr. Avenatti has denied, surfaced in a request for a domestic violence restraining order against him.

  58. A Cigarette for a Fake Signature? Election Fraud Charged on Los Angeles’ Skid Row National, November 20

    Nine people were charged in Los Angeles for paying homeless people — $1 bills and cigarettes — to sign false names to election petitions.

  59. On the California Wildfire Missing List, Name After Name After Name National, November 20

    An estimated 870 people are listed as missing, a shocking and fluctuating figure that reveals the anguish across Northern California.

  60. Here’s How to Check and Help Update the List of Those Missing After California’s Camp Fire News Desk, November 20

    The authorities in California estimated Monday that about 700 people were missing after the fire.

  61. Celebrating a Decade Together on Both Coasts Society, November 20

    They met in New York and married in San Diego, just hours before the passage of Proposition 8 banning same-sex marriage, a law later overturned.

  62. As Immigrant Farmworkers Become More Scarce, Robots Replace Humans National, November 20

    Farms are struggling with a shrinking, aging labor force and a crackdown on immigration. Robots are both replacing humans and attracting young workers.

  63. How Wildfires Are Making Some California Homes Uninsurable Business, November 20

    “We’re not in a crisis yet, but all of the trends are in a bad direction,” said the insurance commissioner for California, which had to prevent insurers from abruptly dropping fire victims.

  64. Trump’s Response to the California Fires Letters, November 19

    “As a symbol of hope, compassion and healing, Donald Trump is an abject failure,” one reader says.

  65. ‘This Wedding Broke Down Walls,’ Said Former N.F.L. Player Jeff Rohrer of Marrying Joshua Ross Society, November 19

    Photographs of Mr. Rohrer’s and Mr. Ross’s ceremony, before about 150 guests at Wattles Mansion Gardens in Los Angeles.

  66. For These Brothers, the Real Thanksgiving Feast Is a Filipino Breakfast Dining, November 19

    Chad and Chase Valencia, who own Lasa in Los Angeles, pile leftovers into sandwiches that celebrate both American and Filipino food.

  67. Sketches From California Letters, November 19

    A 95-year-old man describes two very different scenes, in and out of the fire zone.

  68. Grueling Schedules and the Pursuit of Happiness Letters, November 19

    A reader recalls her father’s insight.

  69. Stay or Go? For This Californian, That’s an Easy Choice National, November 19

    The long-fading myth of California as Eden has been scorched but John Branch, a California-based correspondent, remains a defender of his native state.

  70. While Covering a Shooting, Evacuated by a Fire Insider, November 19

    After reporting all day and most of the night on the Thousand Oaks shooting, I was awakened just after 3 by a hotel loudspeaker: “Please collect your bags and exit immediately.”

  71. In a Walmart Lot, a Rough Refuge for California Wildfire Evacuees National, November 18

    Many in California who lost all they had when their homes were destroyed are collecting in makeshift camps, as firefighters keep struggling to contain the blazes.

  72. Ramona Ripston, California Civil Liberties Champion, Dies at 91 National, November 18

    She expanded the A.C.L.U’s mission to encompass civil rights, including matters of racial, social and economic justice.

  73. Trump Says California Can Learn From Finland on Fires. Is He Right? Foreign, November 18

    Like his earlier comments about California’s forest management, President Trump’s remarks about how Finland prepares for wildfires were somewhat misleading.

  74. ‘Hell on Earth’: The First 12 Hours of California’s Deadliest Wildfire Interactive, November 18

    The Camp Fire, which has killed dozens, quickly devastated the town of Paradise within hours of starting.

  75. A Democratic Rout in Orange County: Cisneros’s Win Makes It Four National, November 17

    With the election of Gil Cisneros to the seat held by the retiring Representative Ed Royce, Democrats have captured six Republican seats in California.

  76. Trump, Touring Fire Ruins in California, Repeats Disputed Claim on Forest Management National, November 17

    In the incinerated remains of Paradise, the president suggested that forest management was a “very big problem” in California’s wildfire crisis.

  77. California’s Fires Wrecked Its Air Quality: Here’s How to Protect Yourself Express, November 17

    Here are some ways to stay healthy amid the smoke and smog from California’s wildfires.

  78. How Californians Are Breathing in the ‘New Abnormal’ of Epic Fires Business, November 17

    An illustrated look at the face masks that are now everywhere on the streets of San Francisco and other smoke-ridden cities.

  79. In California, One Community Reflects on a Fire as Others Still Burn National, November 17

    So it is in California that as one town is only starting to comprehend its losses, another community is commemorating their last big wildfire.

  80. Hotel Review: In San Francisco, Rooms With a View Travel, November 17

    The Lodge at the Presidio, set within a 1,500 acre national park, has one of the city’s best vantage points for viewing and visiting the Golden Gate Bridge.

  81. California Utility Gets Reassurance on Wildfire Liability Business, November 16

    Pacific Gas and Electric shares ended a six-day plunge after a state regulator said his agency would consider the company’s finances in setting rates.

  82. Air Quality in California: Devastating Fires Lead to a New Danger National, November 16

    A week after the most destructive fire in state history ripped through this small town, the flames have been replaced by a new danger: the air.

  83. List of Missing in California Fire Is Over 1,000 People. Here Is How They’re Being Counted. National, November 16

    The news that more than 1,000 people are still missing in and around the Northern California town devastated by wildfire shocked even people helping with the search.

  84. California Fire Hits ‘Rehab Riviera,’ Putting Addiction Care in Jeopardy Business, November 16

    Malibu has one of the largest concentrations of rehabilitation centers and sober living homes in the United States. Several have had to evacuate clients.

  85. California Air Quality Tracker Interactive, November 16

    An interactive map, updated every six hours, shows where the smoke, and health risk, is most intense.

  86. What the Dutch Can Teach Us About Wildfires Op Ed, November 16

    They’re becoming a part of life in the West. But that doesn’t mean they have to be so destructive.

  87. Not Burned, but Suffocated Opinion, November 16

    Like much of wildfire-ravaged Northern California, my hometown is engulfed in a smoky, hazardous haze.

  88. Los Angeles Times Names Two Restaurant Critics to Replace Jonathan Gold Food, November 16

    Bill Addison of the website Eater and Patricia Escárcega of The Arizona Republic will join the newspaper as it seeks to expand its food coverage.

  89. What Facebook Knew and Tried to Hide Podcasts, November 16

    The social network’s top executives responded to scandals by delaying information, obfuscating problems and deflecting blame.

  90. Driving Through Flames, Breathing Through Blankets: 9 Tales From Californians Who Fled the Wildfires News Desk, November 16

    We asked readers for their stories of evacuating from the wildfires ravaging California.

  91. Democrats Should Un-Friend Facebook Op Ed, November 16

    It’s time to treat Facebook like the ruthless monopoly it is.

  92. Real Estate’s Constant Conflict Special Sections, November 16

    Whether to rent or to buy is one of life’s most daunting decisions. Owning helps build equity; but renting offers freedom. Our guide offers much-needed clarity.

  93. Democrats Pick Off Another Republican House Seat in California Politics, November 15

    Representative Mimi Walters, who has represented Orange County for two terms, was defeated by Katie Porter, a law professor from the University of California, Irvine.

  94. California Fires Only Add to Acute Housing Crisis National, November 15

    With thousands of homes destroyed in the wildfires, the homeless crisis just got worse.

  95. As Inmates, They Fight California’s Fires. As Ex-Convicts, Their Firefighting Prospects Wilt. Express, November 15

    About 1,500 prisoners are helping to fight fires in the state, being paid several dollars a day. Yet after inmate firefighters are released, firefighting jobs are hard to find.

  96. President Trump to Visit California in Wake of Fires National, November 15

    The president has visited the state just once since he was elected, preferring instead to attack its leaders and policies from a distance.

  97. Americans Are Moving Closer to Nature, and to Fire Danger Climate, November 15

    More people in California and other states are living in areas known as the wildland-urban interface. Wildfires in those zones pose the greatest risk.

  98. Facebook and the Fires Op Ed, November 15

    The toxic smoke is a bleak backdrop and an apt metaphor for where Silicon Valley finds itself.

  99. Couples and Wedding Planners Seek New Sites During California Wildfires Society, November 15

    One bride said she’s grateful to have some perspective about changing plans. “We’re not in the worst situation. People are losing their homes.”

  100. Luxury Brands Buy Supply Chains to Ensure Meeting Demand Special Sections, November 15

    The luxury markets are booming to such an extent that brands look to ensure they can meet demand by buying companies that supply their raw materials.

  101. A Smarter Way to Think About Intelligent Machines Opinion, November 15

    We should be thinking more about how much A.I. has changed our lives already, and the future of human-algorithm collaboration.

  102. What Started the California Fires? Experts Track the Blazes’ Origins National, November 15

    Investigators looking for the cause of the most devastating wildfire in California history will begin with the premise that human beings were probably responsible.

  103. California Utility Customers May Be on Hook for Billions in Wildfire Damage Business, November 14

    Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s stock has been cut almost in half since last week as investors assess the potential payout if its equipment is found to blame.

  104. A Model T, Abandoned as Paradise Burned, Emerges With Barely a Scratch National, November 14

    The antique car stands out like a museum piece in a vast landscape of destruction. But that is little comfort to its owner, who lost his home and his town to the flames.

  105. A ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ Life: The Victims of the California Wildfires National, November 14

    The authorities in Paradise slowly put names on the roster of the dead. Among them is Ernie Foss, a musician from San Francisco.

  106. Air-Conditioners Cool the Home but Heat the Planet. Can Anyone Invent a Better One? Climate, November 14

    Why does California have so many wildfires? Also, a kitchen shortcut that's good for the planet.

  107. Northern California Sheriff Releases List of Missing in Wildfires National, November 14

    When the fire broke out, many fled without the devices that would allow them to alert the world that they’d survived.

  108. Lob City Is Dead, but the Clippers May Be the Best Show in L.A. Sports, November 14

    The Clippers are usually an afterthought in N.B.A. conversations, but they — not the Lakers — have taken command of the Los Angeles basketball scene.

  109. Republicans Lose Another California House Seat Politics, November 14

    Representative Jeff Denham lost his bid for re-election after four terms, falling to Josh Harder, a Democrat, in a district that encompasses a swath of farmland in Central California.

  110. A Search in Fire-Ravaged California for What No One Wants to Find National, November 13

    In the Northern California town of Paradise, specialists are scouring burned homes for the scores of people still unaccounted for.

  111. Man Pleads Guilty to ‘Swatting’ Hoax That Resulted in a Fatal Shooting Express, November 13

    Tyler Barriss, 25, of Los Angeles, faces at least 20 years in prison for making a hoax call to Wichita, Kan., that lead to another man’s death.

  112. Actress Paz de la Huerta, Alleging Rape, Sues Harvey Weinstein for $60 Million Metro, November 13

    Unable to persuade the Manhattan district attorney to take her case, the “Boardwalk Empire” actress said in a lawsuit the producer raped her twice.

  113. California Wildfires and Climate Change Letters, November 13

    A reader warns of danger to future generations if we don’t act now.

  114. When Paradise Is On Fire Op Ed, November 13

    In Butte County, we are flailing, trying to find the words to express what has happened, and that it’s still happening.

  115. Return to Campus for Students Who Survived Thousand Oaks Shooting National, November 13

    Students who survived the Borderline shooting talk about that night, gun control and their efforts to move on.

  116. Neil Young and Miley Cyrus Among Celebrities Who Lost Homes in California Wildfires Express, November 13

    The enclaves of the rich and famous who live west of Los Angeles have not been spared by the out-of-control fires.

  117. ‘We Lost Everything’: Surveying the Camp Fire’s Destruction Video, November 13

    Nick Reed’s home is one of the more than 6,000 destroyed in Paradise, Calif.. He drove through his neighborhood to view the damage.

  118. California Wildfires Updates: 48 Dead in Camp Fire, Toll Expected to Rise National, November 13

    Search teams were heading back into the devastated town of Paradise on Tuesday with the grim expectation of finding more bodies in the charred remnants of the town.

  119. A Week After the Election, Democratic Gains Grow Stronger Politics, November 13

    What seemed like a mixed result for Republicans has turned more grim as Democrats continue to pick up seats in the House and statewide gains come into focus.

  120. Are You a Firefighter Battling California’s Wildfires? We Want to Hear From You News Desk, November 13

    If you have a moment of down time, please tell us about your experience fighting the wildfires.

  121. Burned-Out Cars, Smoke in the Air, Aerial Assaults, All in California National, November 13

    The scorched wildfire landmarks are reminiscent of war zones — not just in how they look, but in how they make the people battling the blazes feel.

  122. California Fire Death Toll Now at 44 With Discovery of 13 More Bodies National, November 12

    California’s wildfires have claimed 44 lives since last week. Countless others up and down the state narrowly escaped harm as they scrambled to safety.

  123. In California’s Fires, Fear for the Missing: ‘I Loved Her. And I Don’t Know if I’ll Ever See Her Again.’ National, November 12

    Four days after the Camp Fire blaze ripped through the small town of Paradise, Calif., more than 200 residents are still missing, the sheriff’s office said.

  124. Trump’s Misleading Claims About California’s Fire ‘Mismanagement’ Climate, November 12

    On Twitter, the president claimed that the state’s wildfire woes are a result of poor forest management. The truth is more complicated.

  125. As California Burns, Trump Threatens to Withhold Aid Letters, November 12

    Readers are stunned by the president’s tweet blaming the state for the wildfires. One says his “lack of humanity” is “profoundly disturbing.”

  126. Have You Had to Flee the California Wildfires? We Want to Hear From You News Desk, November 12

    As we cover the devastating fires in California, we are hoping to hear more from those who have been forced to evacuate.

  127. Wildfire Becomes Deadliest in California History National, November 12

    Emergency workers are sifting through the ashes in a Northern California town struck by the state’s most destructive wildfire in modern history.