1. How My Father, Ronald Reagan, Grappled With Abortion Opinion, Today

    Even as his beliefs on abortion shaped global policy, he was never entirely at peace with the issue.

  2. Tesla’s Aura Dims as Its Plunging Stock Highlights the Risks It Faces Business, May 20

    Production problems in China and Elon Musk’s pursuit of Twitter are leading investors to wonder whether the electric car company is worth as much as they thought.

  3. Man Gets 24 Years for Starting Wildfire That Killed California Condors U.S., May 20

    The fire on the state’s central coast two years ago killed 12 of the endangered birds. It started at an illegal marijuana farm.

  4. 3 Local Races We’re Closely Watching in California U.S., May 19

    The June 7 election will provide a window into the views of Californians on how to best tackle homelessness, crime and more.

  5. Woman Led Unemployment Fraud Ring From Prison, Prosecutors Say U.S., May 18

    A California prison worker helped Natalie Le DeMola, who is serving a life sentence for murder, in the fraud scheme, officials said.

  6. Sustainability Index Drops Tesla, Prompting Insult from Musk Business, May 18

    S&P cited racial discrimination claims in deciding to exclude the electric carmaker from a listing of socially responsible companies.

  7. Relatives Charged in Exorcism Death of 3-Year-Old Girl U.S., May 18

    The child died from asphyxiation at a Pentecostal church in San Jose, Calif., as her mother, uncle and grandfather tried to expel what they believed was an “evil spirit,” the authorities said.

  8. California’s Immersive Art Exhibits Worth Visiting U.S., May 18

    Exhibits include Glenn Kaino’s new show in Los Angeles and the mainstay “Sensorio” in Paso Robles.

  9. Covid Protocols Violated Man’s Right to a Public Trial, Appeals Court Rules U.S., May 17

    When a U.S. District Court judge in Oakland, Calif., blocked the public from watching a man’s 2020 trial, he violated the man’s right to a public trial, an appeals court ruled in throwing out his conviction on a firearms charge.

  10. With Plunging Enrollment, a ‘Seismic Hit’ to Public Schools U.S., May 17

    The pandemic has supercharged the decline in the nation’s public school system in ways that experts say will not easily be reversed.

  11. Musk vs. the Bots Business, May 17

    Plus, latest crypto crash causes regulators to push for new investor protections.

  12. How the Bay Area Became California’s Latest Covid Hot Spot U.S., May 17

    Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo and Alameda Counties have the highest Covid case rates in the state.

  13. In Uncertain Times, Start-Ups Flock to Co-Working Spaces Technology, May 17

    The pandemic’s arrival turned spaces like WeWork into ghost towns. Now people are lining up for low-commitment offices, and providers are working to sustain that trend.

  14. California Church Shooting Was ‘Hate Incident,’ Sheriff Says U.S., May 16

    The man who opened fire on a Taiwanese congregation in Laguna Woods, Calif., killing one and injuring five, was motivated by political hatred, the Orange County Sheriff said.

  15. The Buffalo mass shooting was one of more than 200 this year. U.S., May 16

  16. 1 Dead, 5 Injured in California Church Shooting Video, May 16

    Jeff Hallock, the Orange County, Calif., undersheriff, praised the “exceptional heroism and bravery” of churchgoers who overpowered the gunman before deputies arrived.

  17. $2.7 Million Homes in California Real Estate, May 16

    A midcentury-style retreat in Palm Springs, an Edwardian house in Palo Alto and a renovated 1948 home in Sonoma.

  18. $2.7 Million Homes in California Slideshow, May 16

    A midcentury-style retreat in Palm Springs, an Edwardian house in Palo Alto and a renovated 1948 home in Sonoma.

  19. What to Know About the Orange County Church Shooting U.S., May 16

    Congregants jumped in and subdued the attacker, believed to be an Asian man in his 60s.

  20. An Intimate Look at Mexico’s Indigenous Seri People Travel, May 16

    The identity of the Seri is integrally tied to their natural environment, which in recent years has been susceptible to an increasing number of existential threats.

  21. Here Are the Wildfire Risks to Homes Across the Lower 48 States Interactive, May 16

    New data was used to calculate fire risk to residential and other properties. The threats are rising.

  22. Man Charged With Murder in Deadly California Church Shooting U.S., May 15

    One person was killed and four others were critically wounded before congregants overpowered the gunman and hogtied him at a church in Laguna Woods, Calif., the authorities said.

  23. The Loneliest Team in Baseball Sports, May 15

    With the Oakland Athletics having gutted their roster and flirted with Las Vegas, their once-loyal fans appear to be in revolt.

  24. The Sunday Read: ‘I Lived the #VanLife. It Wasn’t Pretty.’ The Daily, May 15

    The writer Caity Weaver’s pursuit of the manifest destiny of the millennial generation ended up looking better in the photos.

  25. Way Out West Gameplay, May 14

    Daniel Mauer gives us a lift.

  26. Jack Cakebread, Pioneering Napa Valley Winemaker, Dies at 92 Food, May 14

    He was an auto mechanic with a sideline in photography when he and his wife bought a cattle farm in 1972. They turned it into one of America’s leading wineries.

  27. Carrie White, Hair Stylist to the Stars, Is Dead at 78 Style, May 14

    Her Beverly Hills salon was a party scene where she roller-skated among her glamorous clientele, including Elizabeth Taylor and Warren Beatty.

  28. The Disarray and ‘Stone Age’ Dysfunction of the Las Vegas Raiders Sports, May 13

    Former employees described an N.F.L. franchise bedeviled by executive departures, poor financial management, unpaid electric bills and a raft of firings, payouts and N.D.A.s.

  29. California Expects a Record Budget Surplus of Nearly $100 Billion U.S., May 13

    Gov. Gavin Newsom proposes widespread cash rebates, bonuses for health care workers and free transit.

  30. A Post-Apocalyptic Royal Rave Style, May 13

    Louis Vuitton’s vision of the future.

  31. What to Know Before Hiking Mount Whitney U.S., May 13

    May is the start of the prime hiking season for the highest peak in the lower 48 states.

  32. Your Thursday Evening Briefing Briefing, May 12

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  33. Why an Early California Wildfire Is Cause for Concern Interactive, May 12

    A Southern California wildfire burned 20 homes well before the normal start of the fire season.

  34. California Can’t Keep Semiautomatic Guns From Young Adults, Court Rules U.S., May 11

    A panel from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit rejected a judge’s argument that those under 21 were historically “believed unfit” for “responsible firearm possession and use.”

  35. Newsom Offers Tax Breaks for Companies in Anti-Abortion States U.S., May 11

    Gov. Gavin Newsom’s plan to attract Texas and Florida businesses punctuates the battle between liberal and conservative states after a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion.

  36. Los Angeles Mayor’s Path to U.S. Ambassadorship Is Constricting U.S., May 11

    Mayor Eric Garcetti’s political future is unclear after a Senate report determined that he “more likely than not” knew about sexual harassment accusations against a top aide.

  37. Google Offers a More Modest Vision of the Future Technology, May 11

    Artificial intelligence is being woven into an array of the company’s products. But the change — for now — is subtle.

  38. The Purple Tree Gods of Los Angeles Return U.S., May 11

    The annual splash of jacaranda flowers is here. But what’s the story behind the tree that many love, and others not so much?

  39. What’s Next After California’s Scathing Police Audit? U.S., May 10

    A state audit paints a “disturbing picture” of bias and discrimination in law enforcement agencies in the state.

  40. $1 Million Homes in California Real Estate, May 9

    A storybook house in Fullerton, a midcentury ranch in Calistoga and a three-bedroom condominium unit in Los Angeles.

  41. $1 Million Homes in California Slideshow, May 9

    A storybook house in Fullerton, a midcentury ranch in Calistoga and a three-bedroom condominium unit in Los Angeles.

  42. Three Races to Watch in California’s June Primary U.S., May 9

    Californians will start receiving ballots this week to cast their votes for governor, attorney general and more.

  43. Climate Change Is Straining California’s Energy System, Officials Say Business, May 6

    Officials warned that extreme weather events could cause outages and that power bills would increase as providers covered rising energy costs.

  44. Lauren Halsey Brings Her Vision of South Central Los Angeles to New York Arts, May 6

    The artist’s solo show, which opened Friday at David Kordansky’s new Chelsea gallery, honors and documents her neighborhood.

  45. Remembering the 1992 Los Angeles Riots U.S., May 6

    A reporter who covered the riots reflects 30 years later.

  46. No Felony Weapons Charge for Man Accused in Dave Chappelle Attack Arts, May 5

    After examining the evidence, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute the man, Isaiah Lee, 23, with a felony. He faces four misdemeanor charges.

  47. Will California’s New Water Conservation Measures Be Enough? U.S., May 5

    Rules announced around the state are considered merely an incremental solution to a far-reaching, permanent problem.

  48. A Kid’s Show Juggernaut That Leaves Nothing to Chance Arts, May 5

    Moonbug fine-tunes the world’s most popular video programs for the youngest of viewers. Parents already know that resistance is futile.

  49. Elon Musk Left a South Africa That Was Rife With Misinformation and White Privilege World, May 5

    The apartheid era created all-white enclaves littered with anti-Black government propaganda and sheltered from the atrocities of apartheid.

  50. Why Climate Change Makes It Harder to Fight Fire With Fire Climate, May 5

    Worsening wildfires in recent years have led officials to embrace planned fires to thin forests before disaster strikes. But the warming world is making it tougher to do safely.

  51. They Wanted a House in Los Angeles, Without the Bidding War. Would Their Budget Be Enough? Interactive, May 5

    After years of renting in Seattle, two first-time buyers ventured down to Southern California with about $925,000 to spend on a two-bedroom house. Here’s what they found.

  52. The History of Cinco de Mayo and How It’s Celebrated Arts, May 4

    There is more to this celebration of Mexican heritage than beer, mariachi bands and wild parties.

  53. Abortion Is a Business Issue Business, May 4

    Women make up half of the work force, but the issue’s divisiveness has led many companies to keep quiet on the issue for now.

  54. For Second Straight Year, California Sees a Population Decline U.S., May 4

    Blame the pandemic, falling birthrates, immigration restrictions and an exodus of residents looking for cheaper places to live.

  55. Dave Chappelle Attacked While Performing at the Hollywood Bowl Arts, May 4

    A man armed with a fake gun was arrested after tackling the comedian as he performed in Los Angeles, the police said.

  56. LinkedIn Agrees to Pay $1.8 Million to Women Over Discrimination Claims Technology, May 3

    The professional networking platform reached a settlement with the U.S. Labor Department over allegations that it underpaid 686 female employees in California from 2015 to 2017, officials said.

  57. Irving Rosenthal, Low-Profile Force on the Beat Scene, Dies at 91 Books, May 3

    He published Ginsberg, Kerouac and Burroughs in the late 1950s. The university that oversaw his journal was not pleased with the “Naked Lunch” excerpt.

  58. What a Roe v. Wade Repeal Would Mean for California U.S., May 3

    Abortion access is unlikely to change in California if the landmark law were to be struck down.

  59. As Feinstein Declines, Democrats Struggle to Manage an Open Secret U.S., May 2

    Democrats have quietly accepted the California senator’s memory issues as the status quo, even as her inner circle frets that the spectacle of her difficulties on the job could tarnish her legacy.

  60. Cioppino This Good Can’t Be a Cliché Food, May 2

    In San Francisco, the hallmark seafood stew can be — and often is — a tired menu item, but our critic finds that the right version still thrills.

  61. Can California Build Its Way Out of the Homelessness Crisis? Opinion, May 2

    The case for keeping people from losing their homes in the first place.

  62. A Ballerina Harnesses Her Wild Imagination to Choreography Arts, May 2

    “There are no rules,” says Janie Taylor, a former City Ballet principal, whose dances are featured in the L.A. Dance Project’s Joyce Theater season.

  63. $5 Million Homes in California Real Estate, May 2

    A Spanish-style house in Santa Monica, a 1925 Tudor Revival home in Ojai and a Craftsman-inspired bungalow in Los Gatos.

  64. What You Get for $5 Million in California Slideshow, May 2

    A Spanish-style house in Santa Monica, a 1925 Tudor Revival home in Ojai and a Craftsman-inspired bungalow in Los Gatos.

  65. Who Should Be the Next Mayor of Los Angeles? U.S., May 2

    The primary election will be held on June 7.

  66. Justin Green, Who Put Himself Into His Underground Cartoons, Dies at 76 Arts, April 30

    “Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary,” his epic autobiographical story of Catholic guilt and neurosis, “made comics grow up,” a colleague said.

  67. Warmer Oceans Threaten Another California Forest, This One Underwater Opinion, April 30

    These kelp forests sequester more carbon dioxide than the state’s redwood groves.

  68. The April 29 Inflation Earnings Stocks live blog included one standalone post:
  69. City Living, With Less Water Climate, April 29

    Los Angeles and Santiago are two of the latest cities to impose strict water restrictions in an effort to avoid disastrous shortages in the future.

  70. A Different Kind of California Playlist U.S., April 29

    We’re debuting a new soundtrack dedicated to ambivalence, if not outright disdain, for the Golden State.

  71. The largest transit system in the Bay Area reinstates a mask mandate for riders. World, April 28

    The decision will be effective until July 18, and could be extended.

  72. The L.A. Riots Were 30 Years Ago. I’m Still Trying to Understand Them. Magazine, April 28

    In 1992, Héctor Tobar was a young reporter at The Los Angeles Times when the city erupted in violence. What really happened — and what didn’t?

  73. What Were the L.A. Riots? Interactive, April 28

    After the police officers who beat Rodney King were acquitted, Los Angeles went to war with itself. The violence lasted a week, but its causes stretched back years.

  74. Placing a Bet on Italian Grapes in California Food, April 28

    Kevin Harvey of Rhys Vineyards makes terrific pinot noirs. Now he sees nebbiolo and two Sicilian varieties as great options in a warming climate.

  75. What to Know About California’s New Water Restrictions U.S., April 28

    Six million Southern Californians will soon face some of the strictest water conservation rules ever imposed in the state.

  76. Where You Still Have to Wear a Mask in California U.S., April 27

    State officials have lifted mask mandates for most places, but not everywhere.

  77. Canvases, Clay and Cameras, Preserving the Spirit of Ukraine Arts, April 27

    Ukrainian museums and institutions across the United States are presenting myriad exhibitions, some dealing with the war and others celebrating culture.

  78. Dragons, Saints and a Sexy Nurse: The Art of Takashi Murakami Arts, April 27

    A show at the Broad explores an artist’s efforts to confront the ills of society, and his own anxiety.

  79. A Scrappier Model for Netflix Might Be More Sustainable Opinion, April 27

    There’s one surefire way of controlling costs while increasing quality.

  80. Why Public Transit’s Pandemic Recovery Is Complicated U.S., April 26

    As ridership plunged during the pandemic, worries about crime made it difficult to coax passengers back.

  81. With Deal for Twitter, Musk Lands a Prize and Pledges Fewer Limits Technology, April 25

    The world’s richest man succeeded in a bid to acquire the influential social networking service, which he has said he wants to take private.

  82. $2.2 Million Homes in California Real Estate, April 25

    A Spanish-style home in Los Angeles, a three-bedroom condominium in San Francisco and a midcentury ranch house in Kentfield.

  83. What You Get for $2.2 Million in California Slideshow, April 25

    A Spanish-style home in Los Angeles, a three-bedroom condominium in San Francisco and a midcentury ranch house in Kentfield.

  84. Man Who Fled U.S. in 2005 Pleads Guilty to Environmental Arson Conspiracies U.S., April 25

    Joseph Mahmoud Dibee, now 53, was an active member of an environmental extremist group that ignited improvised bombs at animal processing facilities, federal prosecutors said.

  85. Death on the Streets U.S., April 25

    In Los Angeles, homeless deaths soared during the pandemic, doubling from prepandemic numbers. In New York, it was a different story.

  86. Is This the Most Expensive Pilates Class? Style, April 25

    Has inflation hit boutique fitness, or have workouts reached a new level of exclusivity?

  87. Cities Want to Return to Prepandemic Life. One Obstacle: Transit Crime. U.S., April 25

    Crime rates on trains and buses are up in some of the nation’s biggest cities, one more barrier for downtowns trying to rebound.

  88. Praying the Lakers Regain a Starring Role in the N.B.A. Playoffs Sports, April 25

    This postseason, the only reminders of the Lakers’ luster appear on a fictionalized cable series and streaming documentaries. Perhaps, our columnist writes, divine intervention would help.

  89. Inside the Implosion of CNN+ Business, April 24

    Seen as the future of CNN, the streaming channel was suddenly killed. Its soon-to-be owner, Discovery, had concerns but until the deal closed, it was constrained in guiding a competitor.

  90. What Does the Curriculum Look Like in Your School? U.S., April 23

    We want to hear from you.

  91. Long-Lost ‘Wizard of Oz’ Dress Goes on Display Before Auction U.S., April 23

    The dress worn by Judy Garland was given to a priest at the Catholic University of America in 1973, but had been missing for decades when it was found in a shoe box last year.

  92. Searching for the ‘Vibe Shift’ at Coachella Style, April 23

    Unchecked optimism, for better or worse.

  93. Man Charged With Threatening Merriam-Webster Over Gender Definitions U.S., April 22

    The man, Jeremy David Hanson, 34, threatened in October to shoot and bomb the company’s offices because of its definitions of “girl,” “boy,” “trans woman” and other words, federal authorities said.

  94. Umang Gupta, Who Paved Way for Indian Tech Executives, Dies at 73 Technology, April 22

    He found success as an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley shortly after arriving there in 1978, then represented his fellow alumni from the Indian Institutes of Technology.

  95. Getting Older and Living in Luxury Interactive, April 19

    I visited a new luxury building for older adults in San Francisco.

  96. California Special Election Results: 22nd Congressional District Interactive, April 5

    See full results from the California special election.

  97. The End of California’s Rainy Season Interactive, March 31

    In the midst of a severe drought, the state's reservoirs and snowpacks remain at dismally low levels.

  98. Two Midwest Transplants Get a ‘Price Shock’ in Southern California. Which Home Would You Choose? Interactive, March 31

    A young couple relocating from Ohio hoped to find a two-bedroom with modern appliances and updates, but discovered they would have to scale back their expectations or scale up their budget. Here’s where they landed.

  99. San Francisco’s D.A. Says Angry Elites Want Him Out of Office Interactive, March 1

    “We’re not dealing with a grass-roots movement,” Chesa Boudin said. “We’re dealing with a small number of wealthy individuals.”

  100. A Wedding or a House? One Couple Made Their Choice in the San Fernando Valley. Interactive, February 24

    Two first-time buyers set out to find a single-family house, knowing that their $750,000 budget would limit their options in a frenzied market. Here’s what they found.

  101. Chasing the Yosemite National Park ‘Firefall’ Interactive, February 18

    Here’s what’s behind the dazzling phenomenon in which a waterfall in Yosemite National Park appears to be changed into a cascade of fire.

  102. On the Scene at SoFi Stadium Interactive, February 13

    It’s 82 degrees and sunny on Super Bowl Sunday in L.A., and the scene around SoFi Stadium is like a summer block party.

  103. Super Bowl LVI by the Numbers Interactive, February 12

    On Sunday, Matthew Stafford and the Rams take on Joe Burrow and the Bengals in the 56th Super Bowl.

  104. They Bought a Bay Area House Sight Unseen. Which of These Would You Have Chosen? Interactive, January 27

    With three children and a fourth on the way, a young couple planned a return to their home state of California — but did most of their searching from Denver. Here’s what they saw.

  105. Architecture, in Abstract: Quiz No. 2 Interactive, January 26

    Can you identify the cities where these abstract architectural photographs were taken?

  106. What’s Behind a Wildfire in January? Interactive, January 24

    Despite a stretch of rain last fall, persistent drought conditions have left the state vulnerable to unseasonable blazes

  107. 52 Places for a Changed World Interactive, January 9

    The 2022 list highlights places around the globe where travelers can be part of the solution.

  108. Two Children, One Bathroom: A Los Angeles Family Stretches the Budget for an Upgrade. Which Home Would You Choose? Interactive, December 30

    Finding a house big enough to accommodate their growing family was hard enough. Doing it just as the pandemic market exploded was even trickier.

  109. The Year in Pictures: California Wildfires Interactive, December 28

    I covered the wildfires in Northern California this year, and shooting images of the Caldor fire, in particular, was tough.

  110. Sally Miller Gearhart Strove for a Self-Sufficient, Women-Centered World Interactive, December 22

    A radical lesbian feminist, she helped build a haven without men in the California redwoods.

  111. Tired of the East Coast, They Followed Their Hearts to Los Angeles. But Where Would They End Up Living? Interactive, November 25

    Intent on giving themselves ‘the best shot at being happy with California,’ a young couple tested the rental market, where their money would go further. Here’s what they found.

  112. Quenching San Diego’s Thirst With Seawater Interactive, November 1

    A tour through the $1 billion facility that generates 50 million gallons of fresh drinking water a day.

  113. How Fire Threatened California’s Sequoias Interactive, October 26

    In September, lightning sparked wildfires in California that spread to more than 185,000 acres, including to sequoia groves that are home to some of the world’s oldest and biggest trees.

  114. California Drought Turns to Deluge Interactive, October 25

    After months of drought and wildfire, a storm drenched Northern California with much-needed water, along with powerful winds and flooding.

  115. When It Finally Rains in California Interactive, October 21

    After months of drought and wildfires, the weather change is a hopeful sign for an end to fire season.

  116. See How the Dixie Fire Created Its Own Weather Interactive, October 19

    This year’s largest blaze fueled its own firestorms, again and again. The New York Times reconstructed a 3-D model to let you get up close.

  117. Inside the Massive and Costly Fight Against the Dixie Fire Interactive, October 11

    To battle the nearly one-million-acre Dixie fire, California launched a military-style operation. Some experts wonder whether that approach is sustainable.

  118. Mapping California’s Oil Spill: Aging Pipes Line the Coast Interactive, October 5

    Satellite data shows the extent of the disaster, California’s worst spill in years.

  119. In the Los Angeles Suburbs, They Stretched Their Budget to Buy a Family Home. Which Would You Choose? Interactive, September 23

    In pursuit of a four-bedroom house within reasonable commuting distance of downtown, a couple toured nearly 40 homes to get the right mix of space and amenities. Here’s what they found.

  120. California Recall Election Results Interactive, September 14

    See full results and maps from the California recall election.

  121. What to Know About California’s Recall Election Interactive, August 25

    Pandemic upheaval and partisan rancor have left Gov. Gavin Newsom in an unexpectedly close race to keep his job.

  122. Where the Racial Makeup of the U.S. Shifted in the Last Decade Interactive, August 12

    Maps show a rise in the share of people of color in nearly every county across the United States, as the nation records its first drop in the white population.

  123. 5 National Parks Where You Can Avoid Crowds Interactive, August 9

    If you want to bypass the crowds at some of the big names, consider these lesser-known national parks.

  124. Simone Manuel Dominated in the Pool. After Setbacks, She’s Ready to Medal Again. Interactive, July 21

    Manuel, 24, who had a banner 2019, has grappled with overtraining syndrome this year. In Tokyo, she aims to find her way back.

  125. Can Silicon Valley Find God? Interactive, July 16

    Artificial intelligence promises to remake the world. These believers are fighting to make sure thousands of years of text and tradition find a place among the algorithms.

  126. Track Wildfires in the West Interactive, July 13

    See the latest on the Beckwourth Complex, Bootleg Fire and other wildfires burning in California, Oregon and elsewhere.

  127. Britney Spears, in Her Own Words Interactive, June 24

    Britney Spears made a rare public statement in court, pleading to end the conservatorship that controls her life. “I have the right to use my voice,” she said.

  128. On the Scene as California Officially Reopens Interactive, June 16

    The state lifted capacity limitations and most restrictions for vaccinated people this week.

  129. How Severe Is the Western Drought? See For Yourself. Interactive, June 11

    Maps show that drought conditions are the most widespread and severe in at least 20 years, with reservoirs running dry.

  130. What’s in Our Queue? ‘The Bureau’ and More Interactive, June 10

    I'm a critic at large, and I've been seeking out stuff that feels a bit therapeutic. Here's what I've been watching, reading and listening to.

  131. Scenes From the Western Drought Interactive, June 8

    Much of the Western half of the United States is in the grip of a severe drought of historic proportions.

  132. The (Mostly White) Power Brokers Running Hollywood Interactive, April 24

    There’s no official database of Academy voters, but we can track the people who lead them.

  133. How the Pandemic Did, and Didn’t, Change Where Americans Move Interactive, April 19

    As disruptive as the pandemic has been, for the most part it hasn’t altered the underlying forces shaping where people want to live.

  134. Covid: One Year Later Interactive, March 11

    On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic. Here is look at one year of loss and disruption.

  135. La Doña Was Ready to Be a Pop Star Interactive, March 10

    But her EP dropped just as the country was shutting down.

  136. Life, Death and Grief in Los Angeles Interactive, March 2

    Inside the homes and hospital rooms of those hit hardest by the pandemic.

  137. Life, Death and Grief in Los Angeles Interactive, March 2

    Inside the homes and hospital rooms of those hit hardest by the pandemic.

  138. The State of the Virus: Sustained Progress in Most States Interactive, February 12

    A look at this week’s news from the team tracking the coronavirus.

  139. Scenes From California’s Reopening Interactive, February 5

    The states infection rates have fallen significantly, but reopening comes with risks

  140. The State of the Virus: A Notable Decline in New Cases Interactive, February 5

    A look at this week’s news from the team tracking the coronavirus.

  141. Grading Education in the Pandemic Interactive, January 25

    There are 13,000 school districts in the U.S. Here is how some are faring.

  142. The State of the Virus This Week Interactive, January 8

    A look at this week’s news from the team tracking the coronavirus.

  143. With Virus Surging, Ambulance Workers’ Hard Job Just Got Harder Interactive, December 29

    Emergency medical technicians play a key role in treating the coronavirus. The latest surge in California has put a strain on these already grueling jobs.

  144. The State of the Virus Ahead of the Christmas Holiday Interactive, December 23

    A look at this week’s news from the team tracking the coronavirus.

  145. Tad Jones Lived Alone in Nature, Until Nature Revolted Interactive, December 23

    He spent decades under the redwoods. Then came this summer’s fire season.

  146. Cecilia Chiang Lost Everything in China, and Built It Back in California Interactive, December 23

    She twice escaped war in China, and eventually landed in an America that was hungry for a new kind of Asian cuisine.

  147. See Where U.S. Intensive Care Units Are Filling Up Interactive, December 23

    A Times analysis found that the number of hospitals with full or nearly full I.C.U.s has doubled nationwide since the beginning of October, and more than two in five hospitals have reached a critical occupancy level.

  148. See the Beauty of Tamales de Frijol Being Made Interactive, December 22

    Alfonso Martinez of Ponco’s Tlayudas, a Los Angeles pop-up, demonstrates how to make tamales de frijol

  149. As Christmas Nears, Virus Experts Look for Lessons From Thanksgiving Interactive, December 20

    Public health experts warned that large holiday gatherings would spread the coronavirus broadly. Weeks later, the data is complicated.

  150. A Record-Breaking Week for the Virus, by the Numbers Interactive, December 18

    The state of the virus this week