1. Does Race Matter in America’s Most Diverse ZIP Codes? National, Today

    Vallejo, Calif., is the rare city where no one ethnic group predominates. But stubborn disparities endure.

  2. ‘Nothing Against You’: For a Black Man Covering Race, the Story Is Never Far From Home Insider, Today

    Being surrounded by racial diversity, my conversation in a California diner suggested, can make people feel more comfortable with biases and stereotypes.

  3. Facebook Founder’s Favor Comes With Complications Business, Yesterday

    Wherever Mark Zuckerberg goes in Silicon Valley, he seems to generate a housing problem, including at an R.V. community where residents were evicted this month.

  4. Jerry Brown Pardons Man Imprisoned for Decades for Murders He Didn’t Commit National, Yesterday

    Based on new evidence, the governor of California pardoned Craig R. Coley, 70, who was found guilty of murdering an ex-girlfriend and her son in 1978.

  5. He’s a Member of Congress. The Kremlin Likes Him So Much It Gave Him a Code Name. Washington, November 21

    Longtime ties to Russia have led to some suggestions that Dana Rohrabacher, Republican of California, is a valued asset there. He has laughed it off, but now investigators are calling.

  6. As ‘Ban the Box’ Spreads, Private Employers Still Have Questions Business, November 22

    Businesses eager to give former criminals a chance wonder if new job-application laws go far enough. Others worry about liability, hiring delays and more room for racial bias.

  7. April Bloomfield on London, California and Not Overplanning Trips Travel, November 22

    Travel tips from the chef, who extends her mini-empire with her new Los Angeles restaurant, Hearth & Hound.

  8. How Charles Manson Nearly Made It in Hollywood Styles, November 21

    For a while, Mr. Manson seemed like so many clearly unwell men who wanted to make it big. He came closer to fame than one might expect.

  9. The Scuba Diving Flies of California’s Mono Lake Science, November 21

    For most insects, water is a death trap. These alkali flies cover themselves with a bubble of air to dip into a salty lake.

  10. As Tech Start-Ups Mature, So Do Their Headquarters Business, November 21

    In a departure from the days when tech firms preferred old converted warehouses, they are now moving into newer high-end offices.

  11. From City Hall to the White House? Eric Garcetti May Try to Defy the Odds National, November 20

    As Democrats grapple with a short bench of possible candidates in 2020, the Los Angeles mayor is offering himself as part of “an impatient next generation” ready to lead.

  12. Our Love Affair With Digital Is Over Op Ed, November 18

    But real books, records and brick and mortar stores will take us back with open arms.

  13. With Change Coming to the Ojai Festival, Watch What Makes it Unusual Culture, November 17

    Watch a musical portrait of Josephine Baker and an opera based on a musicology classic — highlights of Thomas W. Morris’s reign at Ojai, which ends in 2019.

  14. Dangerous Psychiatric Patient Escaped From Hawaii and Flew to California National, November 16

    Randall Saito, who was acquitted of murder by reason of insanity, managed to clear airport security and fly across the Pacific before being apprehended.

  15. Northern California Gunman Killed Wife Before Shooting Rampage National, November 15

    The death toll could have been much worse had an elementary school not ordered a lockdown, the authorities said.

  16. Trump Offers Condolences, for the Wrong Mass Shooting Washington, November 15

    In a Twitter post later deleted, President Trump again addressed a Texas town affected by a shooting on Nov. 5, though four were killed in California on Tuesday.

  17. $1.5 Million Homes in Rhode Island, California and Georgia Real Estate, November 15

    An 18th-century farmhouse outside Newport, a houseboat in Sausalito and a modern home in Atlanta.

  18. What You Get for $1.5 Million Slideshow, November 15

    An 18th-century farmhouse outside Newport, a houseboat in Sausalito and a modern home in Atlanta.

  19. Napa Tries to Lure Visitors Back With Hotel Deals and More Travel, November 15

    In an effort to entice visitors back after wildfires devastated the area, some hotels in Napa are offering attractive deals.

  20. 5 Destinations for the Thanksgiving Traveler Travel, November 15

    For many Americans, Thanksgiving travel generally means visiting family and perhaps some shopping. But if you have time for something a little different this year, there are worthwhile events happening across the country, in big cities and spots m...

  21. California Shooting Leaves at Least 4 Dead National, November 14

    The police said there were at least seven separate shooting scenes in or near Rancho Tehama Reserve, and two children were among the wounded.

  22. Sessions Avoids AT&T Talk, G.O.P. Merges Taxes and Health Insurance: DealBook Briefing Business, November 14

    The attorney general refrained from offering his view on the proposed deal, as the Justice Department weighs whether to sue to block the transaction.

  23. The Ivory Tower Can’t Keep Ignoring Tech Op Ed, November 14

    Algorithms are shaping our lives. Where’s academia when it comes to helping us make sense of this?

  24. Palmyra, Plato and Play Doh: Getty Plans New Shows for Renovated Villa Culture, November 14

    The exhibitions will starting in April include one on Middle Eastern sculpture and another featuring contemporary artists on Plato’s legacy.

  25. The Drive Home Dining, November 14

    For the fiction writer Emma Cline, the real occasion isn’t the Thanksgiving meal, it’s the trip to get there with her father.

  26. Steve Jurvetson Quits Venture Capital Firm Amid Investigation Upshot, November 13

    Reports of widespread harassment of female entrepreneurs by venture investors have shaken up Silicon Valley in recent months.

  27. Justices Take Cases on Free Speech at Pregnancy Centers and Polling Places Washington, November 13

    One case asks whether centers operated by abortion opponents must provide information on the procedure. The other is on political apparel at polling places.

  28. In Robert Durst Case, Detective Will Testify for the Defense Metro, November 12

    The prosecution’s case hinges on Mr. Durst having killed his first wife; his lawyers are calling the New York investigator who failed to indict him.

  29. An Arab Bakery in Oakland Full of California Love Travel, November 11

    The goal of Reem’s is to show its customers the complex world of Middle Eastern food that lies beyond hummus and falafel. And it succeeds.

  30. 30 Vaquita Porpoises Are Left. One Died in a Rescue Mission. Climate, November 11

    Scientists called off an effort to save one of the world’s rarest marine mammals — the vaquita — when one died after being captured for rehabilitation.

  31. California Looks at Republican Tax Measures and Sees Payback Business, November 10

    Strongly Democratic, the state would be hit hard by the loss or scaling back of widely used deductions, and the governor sees “something very odd.”

  32. Yard Rage: The Rand Paul Assault Op Ed, November 10

    What could it have been about? Oh, any number of things, a highly scientific analysis of feuding neighbors through history suggests.

  33. Two Contrasting Views of Silicon Valley’s Influence Business, November 10

    Two new books offer startlingly different conclusions on Silicon Valley’s influence on our economy, culture and politics.

  34. Five Places to Go in San Francisco Travel, November 10

    The Bayview neighborhood is coming into its own as a hub for creative, genre-bending craft alcohol producers.

  35. How to Make Cars Cooperate Interactive, November 9

    As giant companies race toward self-driving technology, smaller firms are using vehicle to vehicle technology to work toward a more profound — and in some ways opposing — goal.

  36. What to Do in San Francisco When You’re Wealthy? Join a Private Club. Special Sections, November 9

    A burst of recently opened private clubs have arrived with the city’s latest tech-fueled boom, further signaling San Francisco’s transition from its flowers-in-the-hair past.

  37. Can Ford Turn Itself Into a Tech Company? Interactive, November 9

    Its very name was synonymous with the 20th-century economy. Now it’s trying to catch up with Silicon Valley on self-driving cars.

  38. Saudi Money Fuels the Tech Industry. It’s Time to Ask Why. Business, November 6

    As the world’s moneyed princes, dictators and oligarchs look for more places to park their billions, mountains of money may be coming to Silicon Valley.

  39. What to Watch on Election Day Op Ed, November 7

    A national barometer, a Medicaid expansion, a drug-price referendum and a constitutional convention.

  40. A Very Good Dog Hunts Very Bad Ants Science, November 7

    Tobias the Labrador retriever has been trained to sniff out invasive Argentine ants wherever they hide, which could help preserve fragile ecosystems.

  41. The Cool Beginnings of a Volcano’s Supereruption Science, November 6

    The eruption that caused California’s Long Valley Caldera to form likely started with magma that was chilled to a solid.

  42. Tax Plan Burdens Blue-State Republicans and Their Districts National, November 5

    Republicans hope a tax bill will lift their fortunes in 2018. In crucial states like New Jersey, with high local taxes, it could do just the opposite.

  43. Go Hill Bombing in San Francisco Video, November 6

    Race down city streets with a crew of skaters as they weave in and out of traffic, pedestrians and intersections without stopping.

  44. Poised for West Coast Dominance, Democrats Eye Grand Agenda National, November 4

    A special election in Washington State could give Democrats a free hand to enact liberal policies, including on climate, across the entire West Coast.

  45. The Dodgers Lost, but Los Angeles Is Winning Op Ed, November 3

    Tinseltown has become a great American sports town.

  46. Fires Aren’t the Only Threat to the California Dream Op Ed, November 3

    Everything is political in the Bay Area, but housing most of all.

  47. Take Claims About State and Local Tax Deductions With a Grain of Salt Washington, November 3

    Republicans claim that conservative-leaning states “subsidize” liberal-leaning states through deduction, while Democrats say repealing it will hurt middle-class families.

  48. Your Week in Culture: Jimmie Durham, Bruno Mars, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Onstage Arts & Leisure, November 3

    Also the week of Nov. 5: a Rolling Stone documentary on HBO; and a Dominick Argento concert at Carnegie Hall.

  49. October’s Most Popular Listings Real Estate, November 2

    The most popular properties on The New York Times’s “Find a Home” real estate listings site.

  50. Greta Gerwig’s Radical Confidence Magazine, November 1

    In her directorial debut, the writer and actress has created a character rarely seen onscreen: a young girl who loves herself.

  51. Paul Manafort’s Shopping Sprees Hit Home Styles, October 31

    Clothes maketh the man but they can also bringeth him down. The indictment of the former Trump campaign chairman indicated that he spent about $1.3 million in New York and Beverly Hills.

  52. In the Heart of ‘The Resistance,’ California Conservatives Are Invigorated National, October 31

    The state, a bright blue bulwark of anti-Trump politics, is also the source of many of the ideas and personalities that animate the right today.

  53. Sight and Insight in the California Desert T Style, October 30

    The artist Andrea Zittel has spent nearly 20 years exploring solitude. Now, she’s inviting others to join her.

  54. Quirky Photos of Small Town Halloween , October 30

    For several years, Timothy Archibald has photographed how his neighbors in El Sobrante, Calif., celebrate Halloween.

  55. Sexual Misconduct in California’s Capitol Is Difficult to Escape National, October 29

    Women in Sacramento complain of a culture of rampant sexual misconduct and of a system that does not seriously address their complaints.

  56. Wildfires at Your Doorstep Op Ed, October 26

    More than one-third of American homes are in what firefighters call the “wildland urban interface,” where they risk burning in wildfires.

  57. Trump Made the Swamp Worse. Here’s How to Drain It. Op Ed, October 26

    Democrats and Republicans need to act in the public interest and not for the powerful and connected.

  58. With a Rebuilt Bridge, Big Sur Is Back in Business Travel, October 26

    Landslides earlier this year made access to difficult. Now many hotels and restaurants have reopened, but many hiking trails remain closed.

  59. Video Games Are Destroying the People Who Make Them Op Ed, October 25

    The industry’s infamous “crunch” culture is taking a serious toll on workers.