1. California Governor Rejects PG&E’s Restructuring Plan Business, Yesterday

    Gov. Gavin Newsom’s opposition is the latest hurdle for the utility, which is seeking to resolve a complex bankruptcy and take part in a state wildfire fund.

  2. As the Raiders Exit Oakland, Las Vegas and a $2 Billion Stadium Await Sports, Yesterday

    Fans are already starting to see the shift of Raider Nation from California to southern Nevada. Can the team really boost the economy in a city built around tourism?

  3. 2020 Democrats Threaten to Boycott Debate Over Labor Dispute U.S., Yesterday

    Workers at Loyola Marymount University are in a contract dispute, and all seven candidates who qualified for the debate said Friday that they would not cross a picket line to attend.

  4. The Work Diary of ESPN’s Mina Kimes (and Her Dog, Lenny) Business, Yesterday

    A pioneer in sports podcasting relies on spinach feta wraps from Starbucks, a Linus blanket and Busta Rhymes on repeat.

  5. Five (More) of L.A.’s Best Dishes in 2019 U.S., Yesterday

    Friday: Tejal Rao, our California restaurant critic, serves up bonus content. Also: What California can learn from New Zealand, and the year in pictures.

  6. Killer Robots Aren’t Regulated. Yet. Technology, Yesterday

    “Killing in the Age of Algorithms” is a New York Times documentary examining the future of artificial intelligence and warfare.

  7. 2019: The Year in Climate Change Interactive, Yesterday

    The biggest climate stories you might have missed — but still have time to read.

  8. A New Chapter for California Syrah Food, December 12

    A decade ago, producers could barely give away their syrahs. But many persisted, adjusting their viticulture and winemaking. How does it taste now?

  9. Now Is the Time for American Sparkling Wines Food, December 12

    With sparklers available from all around the wine-producing world, why taste three from the United States? The wines themselves answer the question.

  10. What’s Ahead for PG&E? U.S., December 12

    Thursday: A look at the moving pieces in the utility’s bankruptcy. Also: Zoe Lofgren, and a historic marionette theater.

  11. This Helmet Will Save Football. Actually, Probably Not. Sports, December 12

    At Stanford, David Camarillo chases the dream of a helmet that can prevent brain disease related to playing football. It’s filled with water. Really. Brain experts say he’s wasting his time.

  12. This Helmet Will Save Football. Actually, Probably Not. Sports, December 12

    At Stanford, David Camarillo chases the dream of a helmet that can prevent brain disease related to playing football. It’s filled with water. Really. Brain experts say he’s wasting his time.

  13. Trump’s Executive Order and the Rise of Anti-Semitism Opinion, December 11

    The president’s campus intervention ignores the bigger threat of anti-Semitism and threatens speech.

  14. Would You Open Your Home to an Ex-Prisoner? Opinion, December 11

    A new effort in Oakland, Calif., matches hosts with people who were recently incarcerated to help them reintegrate after they’re released.

  15. Helping Children Manage Their Feelings Opinion, December 11

    A child psychologist says we need to impart the difference between feelings and actions. Also: Moving for a job; housing problems in the Bay Area.

  16. Why Border Patrol Refuses to Offer Flu Shots to Migrants U.S., December 11

    Several doctors were arrested during a protest this week after they were refused permission to administer free flu vaccines to migrants.

  17. See Long Beach’s Signature Bridge Under Construction U.S., December 11

    Wednesday: The Gerald Desmond Bridge is a crucial connector. Its replacement will be seismically safer, too. Also: A lawsuit to stop the SAT and ACT.

  18. Marionettes at Play Arts, December 10

    A Los Angeles institution has a new home. Join us for a behind-the-scenes tour.

  19. Why a California Republican Leader Left the G.O.P. U.S., December 10

    Tuesday: Chad Mayes talks about his decision to go independent. Also: Golden Globe nominations.

  20. Beaumont, Calif.: Growing Fast, but Still a Bedroom Community Real Estate, December 10

    This Riverside County city began to grow years ago, when prices of coastal real estate skyrocketed and people flocked east in search of affordable homes.

  21. Living In ... Beaumont, Calif. Slideshow, December 10

    This Riverside County city began to grow years ago, when prices of coastal real estate skyrocketed and people flocked east in search of affordable homes.

  22. The Yearbook That Victims of School Shootings Never Collected U.S., December 10

    The harsh, black cover of the book, which memorializes 37 people killed at the country’s schools last year, is meant to spur action.

  23. Church’s Nativity Scene Puts Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Cages U.S., December 9

    A California congregation’s display is meant to highlight the plight of refugees and asylum seekers.

  24. The 10 Best Los Angeles Dishes of 2019 Food, December 9

    As she finishes her first year as our California restaurant critic, Tejal Rao names the flavors she can’t forget from in and around the city.

  25. Combating Compassion Fatigue U.S., December 9

    Monday: An expert talks about the effects of seeing people living on the streets. Also: A major PG&E settlement, and Katie Hill speaks out.

  26. $1.4 Million Homes in California Real Estate, December 9

    A hilltop house in Mendocino County, a midcentury-modern home in Berkeley with Golden Gate Bridge views and a four-building complex in Joshua Tree.

  27. What You Get for $1.4 Million in California Slideshow, December 9

    A hilltop house in Mendocino County, a midcentury-modern home in Berkeley with Golden Gate Bridge views and a four-building complex in Joshua Tree.

  28. A Few Cities Have Cornered Innovation Jobs. Can That Be Changed? Business, December 9

    A new report documents the concentration of cutting-edge industries in a few coastal areas and why lawmakers ought to be alarmed.

  29. Katie Hill: It’s Not Over After All Opinion, December 7

    I overcame the desperation I felt after stepping down from Congress, and I’m still in the fight.

  30. PG&E Reaches $13.5 Billion Deal With Wildfire Victims Business, December 6

    The agreement could help tens of thousands of residents rebuild while helping to resolve the utility’s bankruptcy.

  31. Duncan Hunter to Resign Seat in Congress U.S., December 6

    The congressman had pleaded guilty this week to a federal charge of misusing campaign funds, and could go to prison.

  32. The Topanga Tea Ceremony Style, December 6

    Why does Los Angeles sit in the quiet?

  33. Why Thousands of Californians Don’t Have Clean Drinking Water U.S., December 6

    Friday: How segregation lives on in Central Valley water access. Also: A look at Google’s founders.

  34. 7 Heroin Users Die From Flesh-Eating Bacteria in San Diego Health, December 5

    County health officials are asking the medical community to be on the lookout for additional cases of myonecrosis, a bacterial infection associated with black-tar heroin use.

  35. California Bans Insurers From Dropping Policies Made Riskier by Climate Change Climate, December 5

    The state's unusual decision exposes the insurance industry’s miscalculation of the cost of climate change.

  36. How Much Damage Do Atmospheric Rivers Cause? U.S., December 5

    Thursday: A new study finds that it’s roughly $1 billion per year — but there’s more to it. Also: A look back at a decade of change in the Bay Area.

  37. Trump Fired Him. Now California Has Made Him a Homelessness Adviser. U.S., December 4

    Matthew Doherty had clashed with the president’s team over potential interventions in the state, which has half of the country’s unsheltered homeless people.

  38. Police Officer Under Investigation After Footage Said to Show Him Groping Dead Woman U.S., December 4

    “If this allegation is true, then the behavior exhibited by this officer is not only wrong, but extremely disturbing,” the board of directors for the Los Angeles Police Protective League, the police officers’ union, said in a statement.

  39. A Design Dealer Who Lives Among His Wares T Magazine, December 4

    Rhett Baruch has transformed his compact Los Angeles apartment into a showroom for the colorful, unconventional items that he sells.

  40. F.B.I. Intensifies Hunt for ‘Highest-Ranking U.S. Citizen’ in a Terrorist Group U.S., December 3

    Federal authorities unsealed a new indictment against Jehad Serwan Mostafa, who they say joined Al Shabab in his 20s, and reminded the public about a $5 million reward for help finding him.

  41. D.C. Fontana, First Female ‘Star Trek’ Writer, Dies at 80 Arts, December 3

    Ms. Fontana, who was part of the “Star Trek” universe from its early days, was best known for her work on Spock, the half-human, half-Vulcan Starfleet officer portrayed by Leonard Nimoy.

  42. Report Detailing PG&E’s Failures Raises New Hurdles for Utility Business, December 3

    A California commission’s findings in the state’s deadliest fire could make a path out of bankruptcy and probation much harder.

  43. Wayne Merry, Climber Who Conquered El Capitan, Dies at 88 Sports, December 3

    In 1958 he and two others became the first to scale a 2,900-foot granite wall in Yosemite National Park in California that many considered practically unclimbable.

  44. Did We Ever Know the Real Kamala Harris? Opinion, December 3

    She was crowned the perfect Democrat for 2020. Here’s what doomed her campaign.

  45. Duncan Hunter’s Guilty Plea: Answers to 5 Crucial Questions U.S., December 3

    Mr. Hunter, a Republican congressman known for his hard-line views and early support for President Trump, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to a crime that could end his political career.

  46. Los inmigrantes ilegales de los que nadie habla en Español, December 3

    El gobierno actual de Estados Unidos se ha enfocado en detener la migración en la frontera sur. Pero casi la mitad de quienes están de manera no autorizada en el país —brasileños, indios, chinos— ingresaron con visa.

  47. Leader of L.A.’s Homelessness Agency to Resign U.S., December 3

    Tuesday: Peter Lynn talks about what he’s learned in his five years at the helm. Also: Shade as privilege, and the return of “The L Word.”

  48. Culver City, Calif.: A Movie Town Gets a Remake Real Estate, December 3

    Amazon, Apple and HBO are helping to fuel a revitalization, while the city grapples with high rents and home prices.

  49. Taking in the Sights of Culver City, Calif. Slideshow, December 3

    One hundred years after the silent film era, Culver City is reclaiming its status as an entertainment center.

  50. See How the World’s Most Polluted Air Compares With Your City’s Interactive, December 2

    From the Bay Area to New Delhi, explore air pollution around the world.

  51. Duncan Hunter Will Plead Guilty to Misuse of Campaign Funds U.S., December 2

    Mr. Hunter, a California congressman, was charged with spending more than $200,000 in campaign funds on personal expenses.

  52. $4.75 Million Homes in California Real Estate, December 2

    A 1936 English Cotswolds-style cottage in Los Angeles, an updated 1924 house in San Francisco and a custom home in Rancho Santa Fe.

  53. What You Get for $4.75 Million in California Slideshow, December 2

    A 1936 English Cotswolds-style cottage in Los Angeles; an updated 1924 house in San Francisco; and a custom home in Rancho Santa Fe.

  54. Why the Star of a Big Hollywood Development Is the Sun U.S., December 2

    Monday: A new office building — soon to be occupied by Netflix — is a demonstration of “what’s possible” with solar power. Also: More cold weather on the way.

  55. ‘Turn Off the Sunshine’: Why Shade Is a Mark of Privilege in Los Angeles U.S., December 1

    Shade in Los Angeles sits at the intersection of two crises: climate change and income inequality. City officials are rushing to deploy cover to hundreds of bus stops and plant 90,000 trees.

  56. The Overlooked Illegal Immigrants: From India, China, Brazil U.S., December 1

    President Trump has focused on blocking unauthorized crossings on the Southern border. But nearly half of those who are in the country unlawfully actually entered with permission.

  57. A Better Internet Is Waiting for Us Interactive, November 30

    My quest to imagine a different reality.

  58. Don’t Blame Tech Bros for the Housing Crisis Opinion, November 30

    Rising housing costs predate the tech bubble. And it will take more than Apple and Facebook’s billions to fix it.

  59. Don’t Blame Tech Bros for the Housing Crisis Opinion, November 30

    Rising housing costs predate the tech bubble. And it will take more than Apple and Facebook’s billions to fix it.

  60. Brad Gobright, a Throwback Climber on the Fringes of a Sport Sports, November 29

    Gobright, who was known for the simple life he led and the risks he took, fell during a descent on Wednesday.

  61. ‘The L Word’ Is Back With Sex, Glamour and a Wider Lens Arts, November 29

    A decade after the pioneering original ended, “The L Word: Generation Q” includes a group of new young cast members from across the L.G.B.T.Q. spectrum. Can the series still break ground in 2019?

  62. How Racism Ripples Through Rural California’s Pipes U.S., November 29

    In the 20th century, California’s black farmworkers settled in waterless colonies. The history endures underground, through old pipes, dry wells and shoddy septic tanks.

  63. ‘Brown Water for Brown People’: Making Sense of California’s Drinking Water Crisis Reader Center, November 29

    In the wealthiest state in the wealthiest country on earth, hundreds of thousands don’t have access to potable water. I wanted to know why.

  64. Turning Farm Workers Into Farmers Opinion, November 27

    In California, near immense industrial farms, small plots are rented out to field laborers so they can try to create their own farm businesses.

  65. Blue Whale Hearts May Beat Only Twice a Minute During a Dive Science, November 27

    Nature’s most extreme animal has an equally extreme circulatory system, researchers found.

  66. ‘Know Your Area’s Resources’: How to Help the Homeless U.S., November 27

    Our readers in California have asked how to help those who are homeless. Others who’ve experienced homelessness tell us what made a difference to them.

  67. We Try to Avoid Superlatives, but Our Readers Really Are the Best Reader Center, November 27

    We have started a new experiment aimed at including our readers more directly in the journalistic process.

  68. C.D.C. Reports More E. Coli Illnesses Linked to Romaine Lettuce Health, November 26

    The agency said the outbreak had affected 19 states and resulted in 39 people being hospitalized.

  69. What $30 Million Gets in TV Ads U.S., November 26

    Michael Bloomberg made a splashy entrance into the 2020 race — and you’ll see one of his ads soon.

  70. Cave Fire Causes Emergency in Santa Barbara County Video, November 26

    A fire started Monday afternoon in the Santa Ynez Mountains and quickly grew, Santa Barbara County, Calif., officials said. The blaze has forced the evacuations of some residents.

  71. What Makes a ‘Narrative Violation’? Style, November 26

    Venture capitalists have a favorite new term.

  72. Cave Fire in Santa Barbara County Threatens Homes and Forces Evacuations U.S., November 26

    The fire started Monday afternoon in the Santa Ynez Mountains and quickly grew, the county said. So far, no injuries have been reported.

  73. The Portola, San Francisco: Low-Slung Houses and Rising Prices Real Estate, November 26

    Neighborhood residents relish the quiet streets and are working to resurrect the area’s heritage as a garden district.

  74. Visualizing Latino Populations Through Art U.S., November 26

    Tuesday: An exhibition at LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes explores questions of identity. Also: An update on the Cave fire, and a weed church.

  75. Living In ... The Portola, San Francisco Slideshow, November 26

    Neighborhood residents relish the quiet streets and are working to resurrect the area’s heritage as a garden district.

  76. The Real Janis Joplin Books, November 26

    Holly George-Warren’s “Janis: Her Life and Music” shows us the person behind the pop idol.

  77. Seedless Lemons Make Squeezing a Breeze Food, November 25

    Wonderful Seedless Lemons, from the producer of Pom Wonderful, are available from November to May.

  78. ¿Hay suficientes aviones para apagar los incendios del mundo? en Español, November 25

    El cambio climático ha prolongado la temporada de llamas en California y eso está trastocando el complejo sistema de intercambio de recursos para combatir los fuegos en Australia y en el resto del planeta.

  79. How to Talk to Kids About Homelessness U.S., November 25

    Monday: Parents and teachers weigh in. Also: President Trump’s unrelenting focus on California, and an ode to marching bands.

  80. $1 Million Homes in California Real Estate, November 25

    A floating house in Sausalito, a brand-new home with a pool and outdoor fireplace in Palm Springs and an 1853 Greek Revival mansion in Sacramento.

  81. What You Get for $1 Million in California Slideshow, November 25

    A floating house in Sausalito; a brand-new home with a pool and outdoor fireplace in Palm Springs; and an 1853 Greek Revival mansion in Sacramento.

  82. Multi-Mountain Passes Have Upended the American Ski Trip. 9 Rules You Need to Know. Travel, November 25

    The passes have encouraged snowsports fans to visit more than one mountain on a vacation. Here’s how to navigate the new landscape.

  83. Teacher Threw Away Students’ Black Lives Matter Posters, A.C.L.U. Says U.S., November 24

    A California school district said it was investigating and apologized if students felt “discomfort” about what happened.

  84. Police Say They Foiled 2 Potential School Shootings in California U.S., November 23

    In one case, detectives found an AR-15-style rifle, 100 rounds of ammunition, a list of intended targets and a drawing of the school’s layout at the home of a student.

  85. Is Weed Church Church? Style, November 23

    Where sincerity, religion, sacrament and cannabis collide.

  86. C.D.C. Issues E. Coli Warning on Romaine Lettuce Ahead of Thanksgiving U.S., November 22

    At least 28 people have been hospitalized after being infected by E. coli linked to the Salinas, Calif., growing region.

  87. Building a Better Bonfire in Berkeley U.S., November 22

    Friday: Flame on, but make it eco-friendly. Also: Los Angeles’s rent crisis.

  88. What Does Oakland Think of Kamala Harris Now? U.S., November 22

    The California senator announced her presidential campaign here with a rally for tens of thousands. Her fans loved her debate performance. But some people wonder, “Where have you been?”

  89. His White House Engulfed, Trump Keeps California in the Cross Hairs Climate, November 22

    Aides describe the president as obsessed with narrow policies that affect California, even as an impeachment inquiry threatens his administration.

  90. Flying Through Fire With a Notepad and a Prayer Reader Center, November 22

    When I learned of a scientific mission to study wildfire smoke by flying through fires on a jet plane, I immediately asked to join the trip.

  91. The World Burns All Year. Are There Enough Planes to Douse the Flames? World, November 21

    As climate change pushes California’s fire season into Australia’s, an intricate system of resource sharing struggles with the load.

  92. What Do Californians Think of the Candidates? U.S., November 21

    Thursday: A new poll shows Democratic front-runners in the Golden State. Also: The presidential contenders finally tackle housing.

  93. As Rents Outrun Pay, California Families Live on a Knife’s Edge U.S., November 21

    The state’s severe housing shortage is driving up rents, leaving many lower-income families struggling to stay in neighborhoods they once could afford.

  94. An Illustrated Guide to Hedi Slimane’s Celine Fragrances T Magazine, November 20

    The creative director’s new perfumes evoke touchstones from his own life, from Parisian nightclubs to California beaches.

  95. Why Alcatraz Matters to Native Americans Opinion, November 20

    Fifty years ago, the occupation of the island put Indians’ rights on the national agenda.

  96. A Closer Look at Fresno’s Hmong Community U.S., November 20

    Wednesday: A new report examines challenges facing Southeast Asians and Pacific Islanders. Also: PG&E struggles to find a way out of bankruptcy.

  97. A.M.A. Urges Ban on Vaping Products as Juul Is Sued by More States Health, November 19

    The American Medical Association echoed the concerns of California and New York, the latest two states to file lawsuits alleging that the company had targeted young people with deceptive marketing.

  98. PG&E Struggles to Find a Way Out of Bankruptcy Business, November 19

    California’s largest utility needs to reach a settlement with victims of wildfires and other creditors while fending off calls for a state takeover.

  99. Las nuevas quinceañeras en Español, November 19

    Quince años musulmanes, los dobles quince (para festejar las tres décadas) o fiestas que resaltan la cultura afrolatina. En Estados Unidos, los quince años se han convertido en una celebración de la identidad.

  100. Woman Injured in Las Vegas Shooting Dies 2 Years Later U.S., November 19

    Kim Gervais was a country music fan, small-business owner and mother of two daughters.

  101. San Francisco’s Homeless Population Is Much Bigger Than Thought, City Data Suggests U.S., November 19

    Tuesday: Data kept by the city reveals a more alarming portrait than a point-in-time count. Also: The streaming era has arrived.

  102. North Park, San Diego: The Rewards of ‘Walkability’ Real Estate, November 19

    This revitalized neighborhood, with many of its 1920s Craftsman-style homes still standing, has added vegan tacos, vintage clothing and live music to the mix.

  103. Seeing the Sights in North Park, San Diego Slideshow, November 19

    A revitalized neighborhood known for its rich street life, North Park is only four miles from downtown San Diego.

  104. California to Stop Buying From Automakers That Backed Trump on Emissions Climate, November 18

    California, hitting back at automakers that sided with President Trump, will not buy from manufacturers that do not recognize its authority to set emissions standards.

  105. Linens for the Holiday Table Food, November 18

    These colorful linens from Loyale Studio may be used in the kitchen or in the dining room.

  106. GPS for Air Travel Came With Big Downsides: Noise, Then Lawsuits Business, November 18

    The F.A.A. is rolling out a system that allows planes to fly closer to one another, but the roar that it creates is unbearable, people in the flight paths say.

  107. California and Nevada Ask: Iowa Who? U.S., November 18

    The 2020 Democrats headed West to campaign in two key states. “I don’t think it matters what happens in New Hampshire or Iowa, which are not representative of the country,” Harry Reid said.

  108. Democratic Candidates Swing Through Southern California U.S., November 18

    Monday: What to know about their stops in L.A. and Long Beach. Also: Updates on a mass shooting in Fresno.

  109. $800,000 Homes in California Real Estate, November 18

    A Sonoma County home with a private vineyard, a live-work loft in a former warehouse in South Pasadena and a circa-1950 redwood cottage in Monterey.

  110. What You Get for $800,000 in California Slideshow, November 18

    A Sonoma County home with a private vineyard; a live-work loft in a former warehouse in South Pasadena; and a circa-1950 redwood cottage in Monterey.

  111. Stop! Don’t Charge Your Phone This Way Technology, November 18

    You might want to think twice before plugging in at an airport or on the train.

  112. A 17-Mile Hike to Unite San Francisco Travel, November 18

    A motley alliance decided a single trail could unite this divided city. A sixth-generation native sets out to walk it.

  113. Fresno Backyard Shooting Leaves 4 Dead and 6 Injured, Police Say U.S., November 18

    At least one gunman opened fire on a crowd watching a football game, the authorities said. No suspects have been identified.

  114. San Diego Shooting: Man Kills Estranged Wife and 3 Sons, Officials Say U.S., November 16

    The woman had gotten a restraining order against the man the day before the shooting.

  115. Two Female Writers Quit Patricia Heaton’s CBS Show After Making Complaints Business, November 16

    “None of this had to happen”: The network’s new sexual harassment policy did not prevent them from leaving after accusations against the star’s husband, a producer.

  116. Santa Clarita Gunman Dies as Investigators Struggle to Uncover Motive U.S., November 15

    The F.B.I. was scouring social media for clues to why a high school student killed two classmates and then himself.

  117. Fatima Bhutto on the Surge of Bollywood, K-Pop and Turkish TV U.S., November 15

    A journalist explains how the biggest migration in human history is helping to fuel the erosion of American cultural dominance.

  118. Mourning After the Saugus High School Shooting U.S., November 15

    Friday: Finding strength in community after another mass shooting. Also: A vaping-related death in the Bay Area, and Colin Kaepernick vs. the N.F.L.

  119. Santa Clarita Shooting Is Another Nightmare Made Real U.S., November 14

    Two students were killed when a young man opened fire at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, Calif.

  120. What We Know About the California School Shooting U.S., November 14

    A gunman killed two people and injured three others at a high school in Santa Clarita, Calif., on Thursday. Here is what we know about the shooting, the gunman and the victims.

  121. An Artist Who Makes Absurdist Paintings in a Former Church T Magazine, November 14

    Calvin Marcus’s color-washed works, which feature surfers, bodybuilders and dead fish, defy narrative.

  122. Here’s a List of School Shootings in 2019 U.S., November 14

    The attack at Saugus High School in California on Thursday is at least the 11th this year on a high school or college campus, which have resulted in at least six deaths.

  123. Were You Homeless in California? Reader Center, November 14

    The New York Times would like to hear from people who used to be homeless in California about what helped — and did not help — them.

  124. Student Kills 2 at California High School U.S., November 14

    A suspect was in custody after a shooting at a high school north of Los Angeles, the police said. They said the suspect was a student and he carried out the attack on his birthday.

  125. Cal State Chancellor Talks Public Education U.S., November 14

    Thursday: A conversation about the California State University’s role. Also: A profile of the notable Californian Tom Hanks.