1. In ‘The Mirage Factory,’ a Thriving Los Angeles Born From Humble Beginnings Book Review, Today

    Gary Krist tells the story of the city through the lives of three people whose restlessness and ambition transformed it in the early decades of the 20th century.

  2. What You Get for $1.3 Million Slideshow, Today

    A 1933 Tudor revival home in Beaverton, Ore.; a hillside condominium in Sea Ranch, Calif.; and a one-bedroom co-op in New York City.

  3. $1.3 Million Homes in Oregon, California and New York Real Estate, Today

    A 1933 Tudor revival home in Beaverton, a hillside condominium in Sea Ranch and a one-bedroom co-op in Manhattan near Central Park.

  4. 200 Professors Call for Ouster of U.S.C. President, Citing Lack of ‘Moral Authority’ National, Yesterday

    In a letter, senior faculty members expressed “outrage and disappointment” over C.L. Max Nikias’s handling of accusations of misconduct against a campus doctor.

  5. Hiro Murai Doesn’t Want to Get on a Soapbox Magazine, Yesterday

    The “Atlanta” director on “This Is America,” surrealism and horror.

  6. Hundreds in Oakland Turn Out to BBQ While Black Express, May 21

    The event was held at Lake Merritt, where two black men were hassled for grilling. “It was a sea of love and blackness and food and fun,” an organizer said.

  7. Indian Tribes Dig In to Gain Their Share of Sports Betting Sports, May 21

    As state governments develop plans to introduce sports betting, some American Indian tribes in the casino business are working to make sure they’re dealt in.

  8. Running Uphill: The Challenge of Unseating Dianne Feinstein National, May 18

    A prominent Democrat in the nation’s most Democratic state is struggling for traction against Dianne Feinstein. At 84, she is a California fixture.

  9. Chinese Government Expresses Outrage at Allegations Against U.S.C. Doctor U.S., May 17

    The Chinese Consulate General raised concerns over the allegations of misconduct against a gynecologist, George Tyndall, that included targeting Chinese students.

  10. One Test Could Exonerate Him. Why Won't California Do It? Interactive, May 17

    Kevin Cooper is awaiting execution for a quadruple murder. But he may have been framed.

  11. 1 Killed in Explosion at Office Building in California National, May 16

    Three people were also injured in the blast in Aliso Viejo, Calif., which the authorities called suspicious.

  12. Why Don’t People Who Can’t Afford Housing Just Move Where It’s Cheaper? Upshot, May 15

    California is in fact losing population to domestic migration, but for many people, the calculation is more about social networks than economics.

  13. It’s Not Just Hawaii: The U.S. Has 169 Volcanoes That Could Erupt National, May 14

    There are potentially active volcanoes all over the West and Alaska as well as Hawaii, and about 50 are considered high priorities for monitoring. Here is where to find them.

  14. Silicon Valley Faces Regulatory Fight on Its Home Turf Business, May 13

    A ballot measure brought by a real estate developer, a former C.I.A. analyst and a finance executive would create tough data privacy laws.

  15. These 95 Apartments Promised Affordable Rent in San Francisco. Then 6,580 People Applied. Sunday Business, May 12

    The nation’s housing policy for the poor can feel like a giant lottery. Sometimes it actually is a lottery.

  16. How California Could Bust Up the Two-Party System Editorial, May 12

    The state’s moderate Republicans should forge a new party — and help create a blueprint for improving America’s dysfunctional politics.

  17. Magnet Implants? Welcome to the World of Medical Punk National, May 12

    “It’s not good enough to talk,” says Jeffrey Tibbetts, a registered nurse whose home plays host to Grindfest, an annual meetup of biohackers. “You should be taking action. That’s kind of our ethos.”

  18. Trump, Softening His Tone, Calls for More Talks on Car Emissions Climate, May 11

    The president has directed his administration to negotiate with California over a proposed rollback of fuel economy and tailpipe emissions standards.

  19. Trump’s Fuel Efficiency Rollbacks Will Hurt Drivers Op Ed, May 11

    Savings on gasoline that would have resulted from better fuel economy will be lost, and consumers will be paying the bill.

  20. Cod and ‘Immune Broth’: California Tests Food as Medicine Science, May 11

    A state-funded clinical trial will test whether nutritious daily meals for chronically ill people can improve health and reduce medical costs.

  21. Teenager in Custody After Shooting at Highland High School Express, May 11

    One 14-year-old student shot another at the school in Palmdale, Calif., the police said. The shooting occurred an hour before classes were set to begin.

  22. The House That Got Away Real Estate, May 11

    In every house hunt, there’s a place that you didn’t buy that sticks in your memory, maybe even becoming lovelier as time goes by.

  23. Awe, Gratitude, Fear: Conflicting Emotions for Korean-Americans in the Era of Trump National, May 10

    The president has created deep divisions among Korean-Americans: Some admire his foreign policy while others are angered by his talk on immigration.

  24. Man Is Charged With Hacking West Point and Government Websites Metro, May 10

    The man, who is thought to have hacked thousands of sites around the world, was arrested in California and could face up to 21 years in prison.

  25. Chris Brown Sued by Woman Who Says She Was Raped at His House Culture, May 9

    The woman claims that the R&B star held her against her will during a party last year and that one of his friends repeatedly raped her.

  26. Chris Brown Sued by Woman Who Says She Was Raped at His House Culture, May 9

    The woman claims that the R&B star held her against her will during a party last year and that one of his friends repeatedly raped her.

  27. The Fairest Cake of Them All Foreign, May 9

    Readers share their favorite creations from “The Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Cookbook.”

  28. California Will Require Solar Power for New Homes Business, May 9

    The state mandate, to take effect in 2020, is the first in the country and is expected to add $8,000 to $12,000 to the cost of a house.

  29. Readers Respond to Opioid Surge in Northern California National, May 9

    People across California wrote in with their thoughts about heroin abuse in the state’s rural north

  30. $1.895 Million Homes in North Carolina, Vermont and California Real Estate, May 9

    A colonial-style house in Raleigh, a 117-acre estate in Kirby and a 1968 home in Sonoma County.

  31. What You Get for $1.895 Million Slideshow, May 9

    A colonial-style house in Raleigh, N.C.; a 117-acre estate in Kirby, Vt.; and a 1968 home in Healdsburg, Calif.

  32. George Deukmejian, 2-Term California Governor in the ’80s, Dies at 89 Obits, May 8

    A fiscally conservative Republican, he was admired for his bipartisanship and popular with voters as a foe of apartheid and assault rifles.

  33. Reporting on Opioids, Across the Rural-Urban Divide Insider, May 8

    Across America, a Times reporter found, people aren’t just willing to talk about their struggles — they seem to need to share their experiences.

  34. Tech’s Race Problem Beyond the Numbers Op Ed, May 8

    When it comes to the relationship between Silicon Valley companies and communities of color, hiring isn’t the only issue.

  35. A Woman Said She Saw Burglars. They Were Just Black Airbnb Guests. Express, May 8

    “Got surrounded by the police for being black in a white neighborhood,” one of the guests said after the police were called on her group. She and her friends are suing.

  36. Needle by Needle, a Heroin Crisis Grips California’s Rural North National, May 8

    Surging opioid use and homelessness are driving an epidemic of despair in parts of the state that are short of housing, treatment options and patience.

  37. The Pleasure and Pain of Being California, the World’s 5th-Largest Economy National, May 7

    Years of robust growth have brought California bragging rights and rising homelessness, soaring salaries and endless traffic, flooded state coffers and eye-popping house prices.

  38. He Paid for His Mentos. Then an Officer Pulled a Gun on Him. Express, May 7

    An off-duty officer in Southern California thought Jose Arreola was stealing a $1.19 roll of mints and pulled out his handgun.

  39. An Urgent Debate for California Republicans: How to Get Back in the Game National, May 6

    Hitting rock bottom? California Republicans fear that they will have no candidate for U.S. senator or governor on the ballot in November.

  40. NASA’s Mars InSight Mission Launches for Six-Month Journey Science, May 5

    Propelled by a predawn rocket launch from California on Saturday, the spacecraft will study the deep interior of the red planet, contributing to understanding of how planets form.

  41. Listen to ‘The Daily’: The Hunt for the Golden State Killer Podcasts, May 4

    The decades-long effort to catch a serial murderer and rapist reached a turning point when an investigator decided to upload DNA evidence to a genealogy website.

  42. The Cold Case That Inspired the ‘Golden State Killer’ Detective to Try Genealogy National, May 3

    Before genealogy websites helped crack the “Golden State Killer” case, a similar technique was used to solve a decades-old cold case in New Hampshire.

  43. Rudy Giuliani vs. the Law Op Ed, May 3

    For anyone who remembers his mayoralty, his new role is a sad sight.

  44. 5 Tips for a Luxury Trip to Los Angeles on a Budget Travel, May 3

    Luxurious L.A. may feel like a pricey destination, but these simple tips will help you enjoy a luxury visit to the city without breaking the bank.

  45. Tesla Is Still Burning Cash, but Elon Musk Sees a Turning Point Business, May 2

    The chief executive said the electric-car maker would be profitable in the second half of the year if it met its production goals.

  46. E. Coli Outbreak Turns Deadly With a Fatal Case in California National, May 2

    It is the first reported death in the outbreak, which has caused 121 reported infections in 25 states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  47. Stephon Clark’s Official Autopsy Conflicts With Earlier Findings National, May 1

    An official report calls into question a private autopsy that found an unarmed black man was hit primarily while facing away from two Sacramento police officers.

  48. California Sues Trump Administration Over Car Emissions Rules Climate, May 1

    The state's move escalates a revolt against a proposed rollback of fuel economy standards that threatens to split the country’s auto market.

  49. Gig Economy Business Model Dealt a Blow in California Ruling Business, April 30

    The state’s highest court made it much harder for companies like Uber to classify workers as contractors rather than employees.

  50. California Is Ready for a Fight Over Tailpipe Emissions. Here’s Why. Interactive, April 30

    California officials have said they will fight in court any attempt by the Trump administration to revoke or bypass their power to set their own auto emissions standards. Here are three big issues for the state.

  51. Yellow Fever Restaurant at California Whole Foods Sets Off a Debate Express, April 30

    The restaurant’s founders, who are Asian-American, said, “we choose to embrace the term and reinterpret it positively for ourselves.”

  52. Los Angeles Tests the Power of ‘Play Streets’ Culture, April 29

    In the Boyle Heights neighborhood, a design intervention led by residents and activists unveils a “playground in a box” to reclaim streets for public life.

  53. The Golden State Killer Left a Trail of Horror With Taunts and Guile National, April 28

    How a serial rapist and murderer in California flaunted his power as well as his belief that he could elude accountability forever. He was wrong.

  54. Weeks After Police Killing of Diante Yarber, Officers’ Names Remain Secret Express, April 28

    Mr. Yarber was shot dead in a Walmart parking lot on April 5 in Barstow, Calif. At his funeral on Friday, mourners called for justice.

  55. The Golden State Killer Is Tracked Through a Thicket of DNA, and Experts Shudder Science, April 27

    The arrest of a suspect has set off alarms among some scientists and ethicists worried that consumer DNA may be widely accessed by law enforcement.

  56. E.P.A. Readies Plan to Weaken Rules That Require Cars to Be Cleaner Climate, April 27

    The agency has drafted regulations on planet-warming emissions from vehicles that would dramatically weaken Obama-era standards.

  57. To Catch a Killer: A Fake Profile on a DNA Site and a Pristine Sample National, April 27

    Investigators used DNA gathered at a crime scene and created a fake profile and pseudonym on a genealogy website several months ago, according to law enforcement officials.

  58. San Francisco Ballet’s Limpid Sophistication Shines in ‘Unbound’ Culture, April 27

    Eight of the festival’s 12 premieres were theatrically individual, with all four programs substantial.

  59. Can San Diego Ditch the Power Company? Not Without a Fight Business, April 27

    San Diego may join a growing trend and become a retailer of electricity, seeking better rates than the local utility and pursuing clean-energy goals.

  60. Hart Family, Before Driving Off Cliff, Hid Dark Home Life From View National, April 27

    Weeks after Jennifer Hart drunkenly drove a sport utility vehicle off a cliff, killing her wife and their children, newly released documents detail disturbing allegations of neglect.

  61. What It Felt Like to Follow the News of the Golden State Killer National, April 27

    From the early reports of burglaries in Visalia to the chilling details of the violent crimes in Sacramento.

  62. The Year I Learned to Quit Well, April 27

    Giving up on training for a marathon was very much in keeping with the rest of my life right now, as I am learning the lost art of quitting.

  63. Golden State Killer’s Victims: The Families Who Never Gave Up Hope National, April 26

    For decades, those who survived the killer’s attacks or saw loved ones murdered suffered alone. But they bonded together in recent years and celebrated the arrest of a suspect this week.

  64. What We Know About Joseph DeAngelo, the Golden State Killer Suspect Express, April 26

    After a decades-long search to solve a string of rapes and murders in California, Mr. DeAngelo, a former police officer, came under scrutiny last week.

  65. How a Genealogy Site Led to the Front Door of the Golden State Killer Suspect National, April 26

    Investigators used DNA from crime scenes and plugged that genetic profile into an online genealogy database, tracing DNA to the suspect, Joseph James DeAngelo.

  66. The Supreme Court and the New Civil War Op Ed, April 26

    The battle between the White House and blue states raises questions about the limits of federal authority.

  67. Michelle McNamara Died Pursuing the Golden State Killer. Her Husband, Patton Oswalt, Has Questions for Him. Book Review, April 25

    The author devoted years to identifying the Golden State Killer, but she didn’t live to see the arrest of a suspect, or her book about the cold case published.

  68. Michelle McNamara Died Pursuing the Golden State Killer. Her Husband, Patton Oswalt, Has Questions for Him. Book Review, April 25

    The author devoted years to identifying the Golden State Killer, but she didn’t live to see the arrest of a suspect, or her book about the cold case published.

  69. Suspect Arrested in Golden State Killer Case Video, April 25

    Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, was arrested at a home in Citrus Heights, Calif. The so-called Golden State Killer is thought to have killed 12 people, raped at least 45 people and burglarized more than 120 homes in the 1970s and ’80s.

  70. Lawsuit Accusing Russell Simmons of Rape Is Dropped Culture, April 25

    The suit, filed in January by Jennifer Jarosik, was dropped on Wednesday. She had said she was raped in 2016 and sought $5 million in damages.

  71. Search for ‘Golden State Killer’ Leads to Arrest of Ex-Cop National, April 25

    Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, is the suspect in the case of a serial killer and rapist who terrorized communities in California in the 1970s and 1980s.

  72. Cars Are Ruining Our Cities Op Ed, April 25

    That’s why more and more towns are deciding to wrest control of their streets from the tyranny of the automobile.

  73. Liberalism’s Golden Dream Op Ed, April 25

    Is California’s one-party rule our political destiny?

  74. Workers of Silicon Valley, It’s Time to Organize Business, April 25

    Employees in the tech industry have an unusual power: They can make their companies act more responsibly. All they have to do is speak up.

  75. California Today: Montecito’s Mud Volunteers National, April 25

    Wednesday: Digging for heirlooms in Montecito, Devin Nunes, Bay Area home prices soar further, California coffers are bursting, and finally, finding a buried portrait.

  76. $2.5 Million Homes in New York, California and Georgia Real Estate, April 25

    A 19th-century cottage in East Hampton, a Tudor-style home in Altadena and an 1871 house in Savannah.

  77. What You Get for $2.5 Million Slideshow, April 25

    A 19th-century cottage in East Hampton, N.Y.; a Tudor-style home in Altadena, Calif.; and an 1871 house in Savannah, Ga.

  78. San Francisco Conservatory of Music Gets $46 Million Gift Culture, April 25

    The donation, one of the largest ever to an American music school, will help build a $185 million performing arts center and residential tower.

  79. Place 10 of 52: In Los Cabos, Beaches Abound, but So Does Generosity Travel, April 24

    The southern tip of Baja California, Mexico, turned out to be like an immersive choose-your-own-adventure novel. Here are a few of those turns, and the resulting ups and downs.

  80. After Years of Decline, a California Port City Sheds Its Past Business, April 24

    About three dozen development projects, valued around $3.5 billion, are underway or in the pipeline in Long Beach.

  81. The Cold-Case Specialist Who Wants to Put Robert Durst Away Metro, April 23

    With no weapon or witness, a California prosecutor who has won more than a dozen cold cases must prove that Mr. Durst killed a confidante 17 years ago.