1. Northeast ‘Bomb Cyclone’: Powerful Winds Knock Out Power to 500,000 U.S., Today

    Meteorologists were describing the storm as a “bomb cyclone,” in which masses of warm and cold air meet, creating a cyclonic effect.

  2. The Other Candidates Are Coming for Warren Opinion, Today

    And happy birthday to “The Argument”!

  3. How Investigators Could Pursue a Case Against Juul Business, October 14

    The rise of vaping-related illnesses and deaths has put the e-cigarette maker squarely in the sights of the government.

  4. Missing From Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 Surge: Democratic Endorsements U.S., October 14

    Despite Ms. Warren’s upward momentum in polls and fund-raising, she lacks the support of a single governor, big-city mayor or fellow senator outside Massachusetts.

  5. Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples’ Day? Depends Where You Are U.S., October 13

    In the past year, at least five states and numerous cities and towns have joined a long list of places to formally recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

  6. How Well Off Is Ohio, Site of Democratic Debate? It’s Debatable U.S., October 12

    Unemployment is down and wages are inching up. But in a state becoming less dependent on manufacturing, people wonder where the well-paying jobs will come from.

  7. Which 2020 Candidates Have the Ground Game Lead in Early Primary States Interactive, October 12

    Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg are dominant, with more campaign offices in the first four states than any other 2020 Democrat.

  8. The Man Who Rebuilt New Haven, Boston and Beyond Books, October 11

    Lizabeth Cohen’s “Saving America’s Cities” recounts the career of the grandly ambitious urban planner Edward J. Logue.

  9. 3 Dead After Teen Drives Wrong Way on I-95 New York, October 10

    A 17-year-old driver collided in Connecticut with a car carrying two people in their 80s, the police said. All three were killed in the crash.

  10. These State Birds May Be Forced Out of Their States as the World Warms Climate, October 10

    New research shows that hundreds of North American birds are at risk of major habitat disruption from climate change.

  11. For Some Colleges, the Best Move Is to Merge Education, October 10

    Higher education is different from business, and the essence of the school being acquired must be taken into account.

  12. What Jane Sanders Is Telling Bernie Sanders About His 2020 Bid U.S., October 10

    Jane Sanders, long an influential force in her husband’s political life, has recently been instrumental in shaping decisions about his health issues, his campaign and the flow of information to the public.

  13. Scientists Designed a Drug for Just One Patient. Her Name Is Mila. Health, October 9

    An achievement in ultra-personalized medicine also raises questions about fairness and regulation.

  14. Joe Biden Calls for Trump’s Impeachment U.S., October 9

    It was the first time the former vice president expressed support for full impeachment. He had previously backed a congressional inquiry.

  15. This Is the Strongest Argument Against Medicare for All Opinion, October 9

    A deep-blue state’s failure to enact a single-payer system shows why a national version is unlikely to succeed.

  16. $225,000 Homes in Maine, Virginia and West Virginia Real Estate, October 9

    An 1870s cottage in Richmond, a condominium in a converted warehouse in Norfolk and a 1927 Tudor Revival in Fairmont.

  17. What You Get for $225,000 Slideshow, October 9

    An 1870s cottage in Richmond, Maine; a condominium in a converted warehouse in Norfolk, Va.; and a 1927 Tudor Revival in Fairmont, W.Va.

  18. Sanders Says He Will ‘Change the Nature’ of His Campaign After Heart Attack U.S., October 8

    The Vermont senator also acknowledged that voters would take his health into account when deciding whether to support him.

  19. Bernie Sanders Says He Will Slow His Campaign Pace After Heart Attack U.S., October 8

    The Vermont senator said he would “change the nature” of his campaign. He also acknowledged that voters would take his health into account when deciding whether to support him.

  20. A General Store Stopped Selling The Times. A Young Entrepreneur Stepped In. Reader Center, October 8

    Oliver Szott, 14, sells newspapers from his porch to a group of loyal customers in Barnard, Vt.

  21. Robert Indiana’s Island Home Still Grapples With His Legacy Arts, October 6

    The artist has been dead for more than a year but the plans for the museum he outlined in his will are still far from certain.

  22. Autumn Chocolates From Maine Food, September 30

    Cranberry, maple and apple cider flavors the new bonbons from Bixby & Co. in Rockland, Me.

  23. ‘We Need Each Other’: Seniors Are Drawn to New Housing Arrangements Health, September 27

    Older Americans are exploring housing alternatives, including villages and home-sharing.

  24. Five Places to Visit in Provincetown, Mass., with John Derian Travel, September 27

    The summer crowds have faded in this bohemian Cape Cod haven. But the designer and home goods retailer is a fan of P-town in autumn and shares his go-to spots.

  25. Phil Scott Is First G.O.P. Governor to Back Impeachment Inquiry U.S., September 26

    Mr. Scott, a moderate from Vermont who has broken with President Trump in the past, said he hoped the House would go “wherever the facts lead.”

  26. Ruth Abrams, Judge Who Broke a Glass Ceiling Installed in 1692, Dies at 88 Obituaries, September 25

    In Massachusetts she wrote landmark decisions on family law and gender equality that were widely cited across the country. And she quietly recruited many women to the bench.

  27. Massachusetts Orders 4-Month Ban on Sale of All Vaping Products U.S., September 24

    The state’s action is the toughest to date, as vaping-related illnesses and teenage use of e-cigarettes climb. Facing declining sales and public backlash, Juul, the dominant e-cigarette maker, is considering layoffs.

  28. M.I.T. Media Lab, Already Rattled by the Epstein Scandal, Has a New Worry Business, September 22

    Former researchers for a “food computer” initiative at the lab say the project’s leader misled outsiders about how it was going.

  29. Facebook’s Suspension of ‘Tens of Thousands’ of Apps Reveals Wider Privacy Issues Technology, September 20

    The scale of suspensions, following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, was far larger than the social network had previously revealed.

  30. Seven Ways Telecommuting Has Changed Real Estate Real Estate, September 20

    As more people are able to work from home, housing priorities have changed, and different places and types of housing have become more popular.

  31. Elizabeth Warren’s Working-Class Problem Opinion, September 19

    The biggest question about her surging campaign.

  32. Joe Kennedy to Announce Bid for U.S. Senate U.S., September 18

    The Massachusetts congressman will officially announce on Saturday his plans to challenge the incumbent Senator Edward Markey.

  33. Does Elizabeth Warren Have a Critical Vulnerability? Opinion, September 18

    She has struggled with white, working-class voters like those important to winning Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

  34. $450,000 Homes in Oklahoma, Massachusetts and Ohio Real Estate, September 18

    A midcentury ranch in Tulsa, an 1868 Gothic Revival house in the Berkshires and a 1926 Tudor Revival home in Columbus.

  35. What You Get for $450,000 Slideshow, September 18

    A midcentury ranch in Tulsa, Okla.; an 1868 Gothic Revival house in the Berkshires; and a 1926 Tudor Revival home in Columbus, Ohio.

  36. Searching for Fall Colors? Let Me Get the Llama for You Travel, September 18

    Many travelers take leisurely drives to admire or post the range of brilliant fall colors on Instagram. But here are five more unusual ways to enjoy leaf-peeping season.