1. Gillibrand’s (Lack of) Spending in 2018 Offers Hints of 2020 Metro, October 20

    Senator Kristen Gillibrand, a Democrat from New York, maintains that she is solely focused on her re-election. But her trips and campaign spending suggest otherwise.

  2. 47,000 Ticks on a Moose, and That’s Just Average. Blame Climate Change. Climate, October 18

    Climate change is giving ticks a leg up on their hosts. “It’s about as grody a picture as you can imagine on a dead animal,” a researcher said.

  3. $1.8 Million Homes in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Oregon Real Estate, October 17

    An 18th-century stone barn in Bucks County, an 1812 Federal-style house in Newport and a 1966 Tudor in Portland.

  4. What You Get for $1.8 Million Slideshow, October 17

    An 18th-century stone barn in Carversville, Pa.; an 1812 Federal-style house in Newport, R.I.; and a 1966 Tudor in Portland, Ore.

  5. Christine Hallquist Would Like to Talk About the Power Grid Politics, October 17

    The Vermont Democrat is the first transgender person to be nominated for governor. She’s facing a Republican incumbent whose popularity has tumbled recently.

  6. Faulty Work by Gas Company Caused Massachusetts Explosions, Officials Say Express, October 12

    A crew contracted by Columbia Gas mishandled high-pressure gas as it replaced old pipes, according to a preliminary report by the National Transportation Safety Board.

  7. He Settled a Sex Discrimination Complaint. Now He Wants to Lead Maine. Politics, October 12

    Shawn Moody has made his struggle as a child of a single mother central to his campaign for governor. But a former employee says he fired her because she had a baby.

  8. September’s Most Popular Properties Real Estate, October 11

    The most-viewed properties for the month of September ranged from a vacant Florida lot asking just $169,000 to a Harlem townhouse listed for almost $4 million.

  9. Ingredient Hunting with a Holistic Skin-Care Expert T Style, October 10

    Once a year, Yael Alkalay of the brand Red Flower heads to the southern coast of Massachusetts to get her hands dirty and dream up new elixirs.

  10. Yael Alkalay, on the Farm Slideshow, October 10

    The founder of the beauty brand Red Flower hand-picks the items that she mixes into her products.

  11. $450,000 Homes in Florida, Massachusetts and South Dakota Real Estate, October 10

    A 1963 house in Tallahassee, an updated Cape Cod-style home in Williamstown and a Sioux Falls showplace built for a lumber baron in 1907.

  12. What You Get for $450,000 Slideshow, October 10

    A 1963 house in Tallahassee, Fla.; an updated Cape Cod-style home in Williamstown, Mass.; and a 1907 house in Sioux Falls, S.D.

  13. Susan Collins Is the Worst Kind of Maverick Op Ed, October 6

    She votes with the most right-wing members of her party, even while attempting to occupy some imaginary moral high ground.

  14. He Suspects Mr. Moose in the Forest With Incisors Special Sections, October 4

    A forensic ecologist reads the landscape for clues about what grew or grazed on it centuries ago.

  15. Elizabeth Warren: ‘I Will Take a Hard Look at Running for President’ Video, September 30

    Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat of Massachusetts, said on Saturday that, once the midterm elections have passed, she would consider running for the White House in 2020.

  16. Elizabeth Warren Says 2020 Presidential Run Is On the Table Politics, September 29

    Senator Warren, a liberal Democrat from Massachusetts, has been one of her party’s most aggressive critics of President Trump.

  17. In Small-Town Maine, a Restaurant Both Reverent and Innovative Travel, September 29

    Elda, in off-the-summer-tourist-track town of Biddeford, combines many of the markers of modern American restaurants with distinctly Maine touches.

  18. As Senator Collins Weighs Vote, Maine Women Size Up Blasey and Kavanaugh Politics, September 27

    “He does not to me sound like he’s lying, and neither did she.” Maine Democrats and Republicans watched the daylong testimony and came away torn.

  19. Black Female Lawmaker in Vermont Resigns After Racial Harassment Politics, September 26

    Kiah Morris, a Democrat, resigned from her seat in the State House of Representatives one month after she ended her re-election campaign over harassment and threats.

  20. $800,000 Homes in California, Maryland and Massachusetts Real Estate, September 26

    A Spanish-Colonial Revival bungalow in Pasadena, a 1937 house in Takoma Park and a shingled cottage on Nantucket.

  21. What You Get for $800,000 Slideshow, September 26

    A Spanish-Colonial Revival bungalow in Pasadena, Calif.; a 1937 house in Takoma Park, Md.; and a shingled cottage in Nantucket, Mass.

  22. ‘Highly Aggressive’ Green Crabs From Canada Menace Maine’s Coast Express, September 25

    The crabs, which are known as the “cockroach of the sea,” eat oysters, can prey on lobsters in groups and have been known to turn on each other, experts said.

  23. What Betsy DeVos Thinks She Can Get Away With Editorial, September 24

    Students defrauded by for-profit schools can expect no help from the Education Secretary. But a federal court ruling offers some hope.

  24. Bringing Ted Shawn Back Into the Limelight Culture, September 23

    Ted Shawn, the father of Jacob’s Pillow in Massachusetts, is revived and reassessed as a choreographer — but with what success?