1. Kamala Harris Faces Questions About ‘Democratic Socialist’ Label and Jussie Smollett in N.H. Debut U.S., Yesterday

    The California senator, visiting New Hampshire for the first time in her life, distanced herself from Bernie Sanders, the last candidate to win this state’s Democratic presidential primary.

  2. Anthony Weiner Is Out of Prison and in a Halfway House in New York New York, February 17

    The former congressman, imprisoned for sending lewd texts to a 15-year-old, was moved from a Massachusetts prison to a re-entry program in the city, records show.

  3. Citing Detective’s Death, de Blasio Scraps Political Trip to New Hampshire New York, February 13

    Mayor de Blasio said that he will postpone a campaign-style trip to New Hampshire, following the tragic friendly-fire death of a police detective.

  4. What You Get for $850,000 Slideshow, February 13

    A Second Empire-style condominium in Newport, R.I.; a brick Tudor in Omaha; and an 1870s home in Mobile, Ala.

  5. $850,000 Homes in Rhode Island, Nebraska and Alabama Real Estate, February 13

    A Second Empire-style condominium in Newport, a brick Tudor in Omaha and an 1870s home in Mobile.

  6. At Shiffrin’s Alma Mater, Future Ski Champions for $58,000 a Year Sports, February 13

    The rarefied world of Burke Mountain Academy in Vermont has long produced many of the world’s top skiers, including Mikaela Shiffrin.

  7. ‘Raisin’ and ‘Ghosts’ Will Be Featured in Williamstown Season Theater, February 11

    Among the performers who will journey to the Berkshires: Uma Thurman, Mary Steenburgen, S. Epatha Merkerson and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

  8. Snow in Hawaii, Flood Watches and Ice: Winter Weather Hits Much of the U.S. U.S., February 11

    The northern part of the country has gotten walloped with snow, while parts of the Southeast are seeing heavy rain and strong winds.

  9. New Hampshire Women Lose State Supreme Court Battle to Go Topless U.S., February 10

    In a 3-2 ruling, the justices ruled that a city ordinance barring women from showing their nipples was not a form of discrimination based on gender.

  10. Elizabeth Warren Formally Announces 2020 Presidential Bid in Lawrence, Mass. U.S., February 9

    Senator Warren of Massachusetts made her remarks Saturday at the site of one of the most famous labor strikes in American history.

  11. Second Woman Accuses Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of Virginia of Sexual Assault U.S., February 8

    The new allegation follows one by a California professor, Vanessa Tyson, who says Mr. Fairfax sexually assaulted her in 2004.

  12. White Men Hold New York City’s Top Posts. 12 Public Advocate Hopefuls Want to Change That. New York, February 6

    A dozen of the 17 public advocate candidates are minorities, and four are women; whoever wins would have an instant platform to run as mayor in 2021.

  13. Elizabeth Warren Disclosure Forms Show $300,000 Book Advance, Other Assets U.S., February 5

    The Massachusetts senator, who has campaigned against wealth inequality, remains fairly wealthy herself, though well behind several other senators.

  14. Jacqueline Steiner, 94, Lyricist Who Left Charlie on the M.T.A., Dies Obituaries, February 5

    In a song that became a hit for the Kingston Trio in 1959, she conjured up an Everyman who is trapped by Boston’s subway system. He still hasn’t returned.

  15. When It’s Hard to Make Ends Meet, Can Smart Apps Help? Opinion, February 4

    From managing the government’s SNAP food-assistance program to paying parking tickets on time or using payday loans, new technology can guide low-income people through complexity.

  16. McKinsey Advised Purdue Pharma How to ‘Turbocharge’ Opioid Sales, Lawsuit Says Business, February 1

    The disclosures about the consulting firm are part of the Massachusetts attorney general’s suit against the pharmaceutical giant, which is accused of misleading doctors and patients about the safety of the medication.

  17. How Tom Brady Became New England’s Favorite Adopted Son Sports, February 1

    He is not from there, and spends a lot of time in New York. But in New England, Brady has become as close as it gets to a Kennedy.

  18. Major Taylor, World Champion Bicyclist Interactive, January 31

    The first African-American cycling champion, fans called him the Black Cyclone. He blew past terrifying threats, setting records with an elegant grace.

  19. A Small New England College Struggles to Survive Opinion, January 31

    Is there still room for unconventional schools like Hampshire College?

  20. Cutting Up Big Fish and Cultivating an Even Bigger Fan Base Food, January 28

    Baracat Paiva of Boston is the charismatic star of Instagram videos in which he turns huge fish into fillets in seconds. But he started as a pro soccer player in Brazil.

  21. Wait — How Many Presidential Injuries Do I Not Know About? Style, January 24

    Tripping down memory lane, from Donald Trump’s bleeding hand to Teddy Roosevelt’s carriage carnage.

  22. ‘Magic Mike’ Heads for the Stage, as a Broadway-Bound Musical Starting in Boston Theater, January 24

    The musical will be a prequel to the film, telling the story of how Mike Lane became a stripper.

  23. Do You Hear That? It’s the Sound of Winter Opinion, January 23

    In Maine, the ice groans and the axes clunk, noises both terrifying and comforting.

  24. Roe v. Wade Is at Risk. Here’s How to Prepare. Opinion, January 21

    Abortion rights are under threat from the Supreme Court. But states can take critical actions.

  25. Winter’s One-Two Punch: Behind the Storm, a Dangerous Flash Freeze U.S., January 20

    Plunging temperatures on Sunday threaten to turn the rain, sleet and snow dumped on much of the Midwest and Northeast into solid ice.