1. Paul LePage Was Saying Whatever He Wanted Before That Was a Thing National, Yesterday

    The Maine governor’s legacy is a better economy but a more contentious atmosphere. He balanced the budget, but will anyone remember that amid all the fussing?

  2. Republican Governors in Blue States Find a Way to Get Along Politics, August 10

    Using bipartisanship and avoiding liberal tendencies, conservative governors in states like Maryland and Massachusetts may survive a blue wave in the midterms.

  3. $400,000 Homes in New York, Michigan and Maine Real Estate, August 8

    A weekend cottage in the Hudson Valley; a 1940s Colonial in Grosse Pointe Farms; and an 1820s house in Nobleboro.

  4. What You Get for $400,000 Slideshow, August 8

    A stylish weekend cottage in the Hudson Valley; a 1940s colonial-style house in Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich.; and an 1820s house in Nobleboro, Me.

  5. In Kennedy’s Old District, Boston Democrats Clash Over the Party’s Future National, August 7

    A newcomer and a longtime incumbent debate who should represent a dark blue district, though they find a lot to agree with on the issues.

  6. Man Who Attacked Cafe Workers Was a Suspect in Boston Murders Metro, August 6

    Carlton Henderson told investigators he arranged the killings of two men in 1988, but a judge ruled last week that the statements could not be used and released him.

  7. How Many Black Police Commissioners Has Boston Had? None, Until Now National, August 6

    William G. Gross will lead a force that has faced criticism in recent months for racial disparities and is far less diverse than the city as a whole.

  8. Hit Songs to Sin By in a Smashing ‘Moulin Rouge!’ Culture, August 5

    The movie that heralded the jukebox musical has been reinvented as a jukebox musical on its very own terms at the Emerson Colonial Theater in Boston.

  9. Top New Hampshire Democrat Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges Express, August 2

    Colleagues on both sides of the aisle have called for Jeff Woodburn, the State Senate minority leader who is up for re-election, to resign.

  10. Massachusetts Town Loses Its Entire Police Force as All 4 Members Quit National, July 31

    In a resignation letter, Blandford’s interim police chief and three part-time officers said their jobs had grown unsafe and untenable.

  11. Violin Worth $200,000 Is Sold to Pawnshop for $50. The Catch? It Was Stolen. Express, July 30

    An 18th-century instrument found its way back to its owners amid an investigation by the Somerville police into a spate of burglaries in the Massachusetts city.

  12. Pat de Groot, Seascape Painter and Doyenne of the Dunes, Dies at 88 Obits, July 30

    In Provincetown, at Cape Cod’s tip, John Waters called her “bohemian royalty,” a barefooted artist, party giver, salon host and emblem of a bygone day.

  13. New Hampshire, 94 Percent White, Asks: How Do You Diversify a Whole State? National, July 27

    Government officials and business leaders say that homogeneity is limiting options in a state with an aging work force and stagnant population growth.

  14. Vulnerable Species in the Cross Hairs Op Ed, July 26

    Proposals by the Trump administration and various lawmakers threaten the effectiveness of the 45-year-old law that has brought back a host of plants and animals from the edge of extinction.

  15. Mushrooms, Magma and Love in a Time of Science Weekend, July 26

    Orra White Hitchcock was one of the country’s best botanical illustrators and artists, from an age when women were equal partners in scientific study.

  16. $1.3 Million Homes in Massachusetts, Washington and New Mexico Real Estate, July 25

    A 1783 shingled house on Cape Cod, a 1927 Tudor in Seattle and an adobe-style house in Santa Fe.

  17. What You Get for $1.3 Million Slideshow, July 25

    A 1783 shingled house in East Dennis, Mass.; a 1927 Tudor in Seattle; and an adobe-style house in Santa Fe, N.M.

  18. A Vote Expanded Medicaid in Maine. The Governor Is Ignoring It. Science, July 24

    Though voters approved a binding resolution last fall to expand the program, Gov. Paul LePage has refused to do it, saying he’d rather go to jail.

  19. Finding a Musical Ideal in the Vermont Woods Culture, July 24

    The Marlboro Music School and Festival offers participants in its chamber groups a commodity that has become only more precious: time.

  20. Health Secretary Defends Actions on Drug Prices Letters, July 20

    Alex Azar counters an editorial saying the administration has done “nothing good” to keep prices down.

  21. Clark’s New Contemporary Curator Expands Its Focus Culture, July 19

    “We don’t want to disconnect ourselves from current creativity,” its director said in hiring Robert Wiesenberger, 33.

  22. Ex-Jails Chief in New York Is Fined $18,500 for Improper Car Use Metro, July 17

    Joseph Ponte, the former correction boss, admitted that his resignation last year was tied to the inquiry of his use of a city car for personal trips.

  23. Defendants on Probation Can Be Jailed for Drug Relapse, Court Rules Science, July 16

    Many medical experts said that relapse is part of recovery and a symptom of disease, and shouldn’t be punished with jail. A court disagreed.