1. How the Air France Strike Could Affect Travel Travel, Yesterday

    Passengers around the world have faced disruptions. Here’s what you should know if you have an Air France ticket.

  2. Incredibly Close (and Extremely Loud) Photo, February 15

    In David Rothenberg’s photos, the jetliners landing at La Guardia Airport are silent, imposing behemoths. For the Queens neighborhoods under the flight path, they are anything but silent.

  3. A New Shuttle Service, Minus the 1980s Frills Business, February 12

    American Airlines is adding service between New York and Chicago. But shuttles were once more freewheeling affairs, serving food to everyone, even on short flights.

  4. Sharing the Plane Cabin With Animals Letters, February 11

    Readers discuss a column by David Leonhardt criticizing those who falsely claim that their pets are service animals.

  5. From (Crumbling) Airport to (Broken) Escalators: An Infrastructure Odyssey Business, February 8

    President Trump has talked about a huge infrastructure investment, but can we even make the trains run on time? Our beleaguered columnist is skeptical.

  6. Updating the Landmark T.W.A. Terminal at J.F.K., This Time as a Hotel Business, February 6

    Tyler Morse of MCR Development envisions a return to the dawn of the jet age when the TWA Hotel opens in 2019 in the former T.W.A. Flight Center.

  7. Should You Worry About Getting Sick From a Plane Flight? Maybe Business, February 5

    While doctors say passengers’ greatest health risk may be from fellow travelers, there is some risk if surfaces in cabins and bathrooms are not adequately cleaned.

  8. The Flying-Pets Scam Op Ed, February 5

    Also: Other versions of the Nunes memo are coming.

  9. It’s Time to End the Scam of Flying Pets Op Ed, February 4

    Those who stretch the meaning of “service animals” do a disservice to fellow air travelers.

  10. Taiwan Retaliates Against Chinese Airlines, Hampering Lunar New Year Travel Foreign, January 30

    Taiwan, pushing back over encroachment on Taiwan Strait airspace, may leave thousands without flights home for the holiday.

  11. Grounded and Gutted, Main Afghan Airline Struggles After Taliban Attack Foreign, January 26

    With insurgents threatening road travel, Kam Air has kept Afghanistan moving. But its future looks grim with foreign crew members dead or fleeing.

  12. Boeing Denied Bid for Tariffs on Canadian Jets Business, January 26

    The decision ends a trade case filed by Boeing, which said its Canadian rival Bombardier unfairly subsidized and dumped its planes in the United States.

  13. Bombardier’s Win Adds Pressure on Boeing to Strike Embraer Deal Business, January 26

    A trade agency’s rejection of a push for duties on Bombardier’s CSeries jet puts the focus back on a tricky merger with a Brazilian competitor.

  14. She Boarded a Plane to See Her Dying Mother. Then Her Ticket Was Canceled. Business, January 26

    Carrol Amrich was already buckled into her seat when the online agency that had sold her ticket canceled it. Her mother died before she could say goodbye.

  15. A $65 Million ‘Animal Terminal’ at Kennedy Airport Sits Empty Metro, January 24

    The owner of the “full-service quarantine facility” claims it is incurring “massive operational losses” and has sued his landlord, the Port Authority.

  16. Taking a Private Jet Could Be More Affordable Than You Think Travel, January 24

    Flights from companies like JetSuite, Blade and JetSmarter can turn out to be reasonably priced, especially for groups. Here’s how it works.