1. No Attempted Murder Charges for Pilot Accused of Trying to Crash a Jetliner U.S., Yesterday

    A grand jury indicted Joseph Emerson, who said he thought he was dreaming in the cockpit, on lesser charges of endangering an aircraft and reckless endangerment of the passengers and crew.

  2. Smaller Airlines Seek Mergers to Compete With Industry Giants Business, Yesterday

    JetBlue Airways is trying to persuade a federal court to let it acquire Spirit Airlines, a deal that the Justice Department says will raise fares and reduce competition.

  3. Man Gets 6 Months in Prison for Destroying Evidence of Intentional Plane Crash U.S., Yesterday

    Trevor D. Jacob, a YouTuber from Lompoc, Calif., removed the wreckage of the plane he crashed in Southern California in November 2021 to create a video promoting a wallet, federal officials said.

  4. The Bigger Airlines Get, the Worse They Become Op Ed, December 4

    Something to consider as JetBlue seeks to buy Spirit.

  5. Alaska Airlines Plans to Buy Hawaiian Airlines Business, December 3

    The deal, valued at $1.9 billion, would further consolidate the airline industry and is likely to face close scrutiny by federal antitrust regulators.

  6. Munich Airport Resumes Operations After Major Snowfall Live, December 3

    Heavy snow in Southern Germany on Saturday prompted authorities to shut the airport and rail station. Service at both remained limited on Sunday.

  7. Who Needs an Airport Lounge When You’ve Got a Hot Spring? Travel, December 2

    What surprising amenities have you encountered at the terminal? Let us know.

  8. Islandia espera una erupción volcánica. Esto es lo que hay que saber por ahora En español, November 17

    Las autoridades afirman que es probable que la interrupción del tráfico aéreo sea mínima.

  9. Caen las tarifas aéreas en EE. UU., para alivio de los pasajeros En español, November 16

    Las aerolíneas están comenzando a ofrecer precios de rebaja, una señal de que tienen problemas para llenar los aviones.

  10. Nepal Is Investigating New Airport Made by China Business, November 12

    After a Times article about the cost and quality of Pokhara airport, which Chinese state-owned firms financed and built, Nepal’s anti-corruption agency said it was looking into the project.

  11. Cathay Pacific Fights to Emerge From the Long Shadow of Covid Business, May 29

    Pandemic lockdowns, on the heels of the turmoil of pro-democracy protests, hurt an airline that relied on Hong Kong as a vibrant gateway to Asia.

  12. F.A.A. Spends $100 Million to Help Prevent Runway Accidents Business, May 23

    The money is intended to reduce “incursions,” in which planes, vehicles and people mistakenly obstruct runways, and it will be used on infrastructure improvements.

  13. How Finnair’s Huge Bet on Faster Flights to Asia Suddenly Came Undone Sunday Business, October 20

    When Russia closed its airspace, it upended the decades-long strategy for making Finland a European travel hub to and from the East.

  14. London’s Heathrow Airport to End Passenger Cap in Late October Business, October 3

    The cap was initially expected to end in September. Heathrow said fewer cancellations and shorter waits for luggage meant it could remove the limit.

  15. From Flight Attendant to Funeral Planner: New Beginnings in the Covid Era Business, July 25

    The pandemic upended careers in Hong Kong and around the world, forcing or inspiring people to make radical changes in their lives.

  16. Passengers Sigh as Heathrow Caps Numbers to Head Off ‘Airmageddon’ Foreign, July 16

    After two years of pandemic-enforced staycations, demand for travel has come roaring back in Europe, and airports are finding it impossible to keep up.

  17. Random coronavirus testing will resume for international passengers arriving in Canada at four major airports. Foreign, July 14

    The country’s mandatory testing program was paused last month as the government worked to shift the testing out of Canada’s busy airport terminals.

  18. The C.D.C. is still unprepared to respond quickly to disease threats posed by international travel, a U.S. audit finds. Express, July 12

    A new report exposes the outdated data collection methods still relied on by the public health agency.

  19. Workers at Airports Have Had It Business, July 1

    Across Europe, airport and other transport employees are striking, disrupting summer travel plans to demand better staffing and pay.

  20. Workers at Airports Have Had It Business, July 1

    Across Europe, airport and other transport employees are striking, disrupting summer travel plans to demand better staffing and pay.

  21. Understanding the Summer Air Travel Mess Travel, July 1

    Going into the Fourth of July weekend, with nearly 13 million people expected to fly on U.S. carriers, we look at the numbers behind the delays and cancellations and see what lessons can be learned.

  22. Hold Onto Your Hats (and Bags). Travelers to Europe Face Chaos. Business, June 14

    Hours in security lines. Canceled flights. Lost baggage. Here’s a look at how you could be affected by travel disruptions this summer and tips on how to prepare.

  23. Test to Return to the U.S. by Air Will Be Dropped Travel, June 10

    In a move hailed by the travel industry, starting Sunday morning passengers will be able to board flights to the U.S. without a negative coronavirus test.

  24. Testing Positive and Using the ‘Backdoor’ to Get Into the U.S. Travel, May 28

    Entering the United States by air requires a negative coronavirus test. Some people who can’t provide one are using a workaround: flying to Canada or Mexico, then entering via a land border.

  25. Despite a resurgent virus, millions of Americans are expected to be traveling over the holiday weekend. Travel, May 27

    This is likely to be one of the busiest travel periods since the start of the pandemic.