1. Plane and Helicopter Collide in Spain, Killing 7 World, Today

    The crash took place over the island of Majorca as the two aircraft, which had taken off from separate airports, collided below a thousand feet.

  2. Fury as British Airways Cancels Scores of Flights, Some by Mistake World, Today

    Customers vented their fury after the airline said their flights would be canceled because of a looming strike, then backtracked.

  3. How Guilty Should You Feel About Your Vacation? Opinion, Yesterday

    And what can you do about it?

  4. Ready for a 19-Hour Flight? Tests to Start on New York-to-Sydney Route World, August 22

    Qantas will make three test runs from New York and London to Sydney to check the effects of what could become the world’s longest direct flights.

  5. Overcoming Fear of Flying in the Bumpy Skies Well, August 22

    Turbulence is a natural occurrence and should be expected — not dreaded. The trick is to learn to go with the flow.

  6. Art, Exercise or a Nap? All Could Be Yours During a Long Layover Travel, August 21

    Eager to lure travelers, U.S. airports are increasing amenities to include culture, fitness and even the opportunity to commune with a little nature.

  7. Ride Sharing Adds to the Crush of Traffic at Airports Business, August 19

    The record number of travelers and the popularity of Uber and Lyft have left airports scrambling to ease congestion.

  8. The Completely Reasonable Reason People Are Flying With Mini Horses Travel, August 17

    The Department of Transportation’s declaration that miniature horses should be prioritized as service animals has raised many questions.

  9. Customs Computer Failure Snarls Passengers at U.S. Airports U.S., August 16

    Kennedy Airport said on Twitter that the system was down across the country.

  10. Customs Computer Failure Snarls Passengers at U.S. Airports U.S., August 16

    Officials said service was restored after about two hours but travelers then faced long waits to be processed.

  11. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Family Are ‘Safe’ After Plane Crash Sports, August 15

    The plane, with Earnhardt, his wife and their young daughter on board, rolled off a runway near Bristol, Tenn., where NASCAR has a race this weekend.

  12. Russian Plane Crash-Lands in Cornfield, and Reports Say All Survived World, August 15

    The plane, a Ural Airlines flight carrying over 200 people, flew into a flock of gulls shortly after taking off from Moscow, damaging both engines.

  13. Emiliano Sala Suffered Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Fatal Plane Crash World, August 14

    Tests show he was exposed to “potentially fatal” levels of carbon monoxide before the crash. The pilot, whose body has not been found, may have suffered the same.

  14. Hong Kong Airport, a City’s Symbol of Pride, Is Now Its Hub of Unrest World, August 13

    Hong Kong Airport, the site of two straight days of protests, is more than just a transit hub. It’s at the center of the city’s identity.

  15. Hong Kong’s Protests Reach the Airport. Have You Been Affected? Reader Center, August 13

    We want to hear from travelers whose plans have been disrupted.

  16. What You Need to Know About the Hong Kong Airport Cancellations Travel, August 12

    Tensions increased as police arrived at one of the world’s most important transportation hubs.

  17. Over 150 Flights Canceled as Hong Kong Airport Is Flooded by Protesters World, August 12

    Hong Kong International Airport, one of the world’s busiest, was brought to a near halt by antigovernment demonstrators angered by police violence.

  18. Cathay Pacific, Icon of Hong Kong’s Rise, Now Reflects China’s Grip Business, August 11

    The airline agreed to bar employees who support or join protests from working on flights to mainland China, though it didn’t say how they would be identified.

  19. Hong Kong Protesters Descend on Airport, With Plans to Stay for Days World, August 9

    Thousands of demonstrators filled the arrivals hall at the airport, one of the world’s busiest, chanting and handing out pamphlets to travelers.

  20. Protesters Plan to Swarm Hong Kong’s Airport, a Symbol of Efficiency World, August 8

    Antigovernment protesters are expected to kick off a three-day demonstration on Friday in an effort to maintain the movement’s momentum.

  21. Boeing 737 Max Needs Full F.A.A. Review, Crash Families Say Business, August 7

    A full recertification of the troubled jet would be a major setback to Boeing, but analysts say such a move is unlikely.

  22. After Smoke Appears to Fill Cabin, British Airways Flight Is Evacuated World, August 6

    The plane was evacuated using emergency slides after its scheduled landing in Valencia, Spain. Three passengers were taken to the hospital as a precaution.

  23. Franky Zapata Crosses English Channel on Hoverboard on 2nd Try World, August 4

    The French inventor’s jet-powered machine crossed from France to Britain in about 22 minutes. He had fallen into the sea on his previous attempt 10 days ago.

  24. That Noise? It’s the 1%, Helicoptering Over Your Traffic Jam New York, August 1

    Helicopter service is blossoming across the New York region, showing how income inequality affects even the basic commute.

  25. F.A.A. Leaders Face Scrutiny Over Boeing 737 Max Certification Business, July 31

    At a Senate committee hearing Wednesday, officials from the Federal Aviation Administration defended their approval of the 737 Max and their response to two fatal crashes.

  26. Racist Display at Miami Airport Spurs T.S.A. Investigation U.S., July 30

    The Transportation Security Administration said it placed two of its officers on leave while it investigated the display, which included toy gorillas and a noose.

  27. Add This to Things You Can’t Take on a Plane: Missile Launcher U.S., July 29

    The weapon was found in a man’s checked luggage in Baltimore. He said he was a military service member and wanted to take it home as a souvenir from Kuwait.

  28. Pakistani Military Plane Crashes, Killing at Least 18 World, July 29

    The plane crashed into a village near the capital, Islamabad, causing a fire that damaged several homes and killed at least 13 people on the ground.

  29. The Roots of Boeing’s 737 Max Crisis: A Regulator Relaxes Its Oversight Business, July 27

    A Times investigation found that the F.A.A. regulatory process, which gave Boeing significant oversight authority, compromised the safety of the plane.