1. Sweden Indicts Woman Who Tried to Block Afghan Man’s Deportation on Flight Foreign, October 20

    Prosecutors said Elin Ersson had violated the Swedish aviation act by remaining standing on takeoff. But she vowed to continue her campaign.

  2. Bigger Seats, Better Service? Nope. But Airlines Are Offering Cool Pretzels. Travel, October 18

    To up their hip quotient, companies are offering snacks from small, local producers as an inexpensive way of breeding loyalty with passengers.

  3. Felix Smith, Who Piloted Covert Flights Over Asia, Dies at 100 Obits, October 17

    Recruited by Lt. Gen. Claire Chennault, Captain Smith flew over China, Vietnam and Laos on stealth Cold War missions for the American government.

  4. Will Your Face Be Enough to Get You on a Plane? Travel, October 16

    According to a new proposal from the T.S.A., facial recognition might eventually replace passports and other forms of ID at airport security checkpoints.

  5. Can 18 Hours in the Air Be Bearable? Airlines Bet on Ultra-Long-Haul Flights Travel, October 15

    Singapore Airlines now flies more than 9,500 miles between Newark and Singapore, and more super-long routes are in the offing, with new amenities to ease the pain.

  6. From Business Jet Designer to Company C.E.O. Sunday Business, October 12

    Michimasa Fujino wanted to play table tennis professionally. He engineered a plane and founded Honda Aircraft instead, but his passion for the sport still burns.

  7. The Week in Good News: The World’s Oldest Barber, Fruit That Communicates, Squirrels News Desk, October 12

    Sometimes it seems as if we’re living under a constant barrage of heavy news. But it isn’t all bad out there.

  8. In Hurricane Michael’s Wake, Travel Remains Snarled Travel, October 11

    The day after the storm made landfall with devastating impact on the Florida Panhandle, travelers faced delays and cancellations.

  9. 7 Hours of Travel, 2 Hours on the Ground: Worth It for the Rewards Points Travel, October 9

    She was a woman on a mission. An inane, pathetic mission, but a mission nonetheless: Get enough points to qualify for the ‘A’ List.

  10. Miniature Horses Are Welcome on Alaska Airlines (But No Snakes, Please) Express, October 6

    The airline has clarified its policy about which service animals are allowed on board. Mini horses, welcome to the club.

  11. New York Today: Changes Coming to Kennedy Airport Metro, October 5

    Friday: A lengthy, pricey, much-needed makeover for J.F.K., and a reminder about voting.

  12. Believe It or Not, Airport Bathrooms Are Getting Better (and Cleaner) Travel, October 5

    New technology that draws from user feedback is helping.

  13. Cuomo’s $13 Billion Solution to the Mess That Is J.F.K. Airport Metro, October 4

    Airlines will build two new terminals that will help make Kennedy International “one of the finest airports in the world,” Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said.

  14. Dear Non-New Yorkers: What’s Your Impression of Our Airports? Metro, October 4

    The Times wants to hear from non-New Yorkers about how La Guardia, Kennedy and Newark Airports greet visitors, and what that experience says about New York City.

  15. Congress Backs F.A.A. Measure but With Few New Traveler Protections Business Day, October 3

    A bill reauthorizes the Federal Aviation Administration for five years and requires the agency to determine the safe minimum distance between seats.

  16. Passengers Are Stranded as Another European Airline Collapses Business, October 2

    Primera Air’s efforts to expand couldn’t overcome a competitive market and rising fuel costs. Its abrupt end meant canceled flights in North America and Europe.

  17. Their Plane Was Set to Land. The Water Rushed In. Then, the Boats Came. Foreign, September 28

    Residents in small boats rushed to the crash site to save passengers and crew members from the sinking aircraft, an official said.

  18. Top Minimum Wage in U.S., $19, Approved for New York’s Airport Workers Metro, September 27

    The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey approved a series of annual increases that will lift the minimum wage for airport workers to $19 an hour.

  19. Delta ‘Technology Issue’ Temporarily Disrupts Travel and Enrages Customers Express, September 25

    The problems caused widespread confusion, and many customers demanded to know why they could not book flights, print tickets or board their planes.

  20. Is This Seat Taken? And Will You Marry Me? Travel, September 25

    Real-life stories of travel leading to true love.

  21. Bag Fee Creep, and How to Fight It Travel, September 24

    Delta and American Airlines are among the carriers that are charging more for checked bags. But a few tricks can help travelers avoid those fees altogether.