1. Want to Take Your Pet on Your Next Vacation? Here Is What You Need to Know Travel, December 4

    Is it safe? What are the rules? What to pack? The six questions you should ask before you take your pup on a plane.

  2. The Airports of the Future Have Arrived Travel, December 2

    Two of the biggest airports in the world — Istanbul and Beijing — aim to make travel easier and faster for the passengers who use them.

  3. Britain and U.S. Reach Post-Brexit Aviation Agreement Business, November 29

    The deal, which removes a cloud that had been hanging over airlines in both countries, will allow flights to continue as usual.

  4. In Indonesia Lion Air Crash, Black Box Data Reveal Pilots’ Struggle to Regain Control Foreign, November 27

    Information from Lion Air Flight 610, which crashed off Indonesia last month, supports the theory that a new Boeing anti-stall system played a role.

  5. Airport Hotels Go Glam Travel, November 27

    Airport hotels don’t have to be purely functional and only places to sleep before or after a long flight. Increasingly, they can be fun and in some cases, even glamorous.

  6. Intrepid Business Travelers Are Finding Another Way to the Airport: Bike Business, November 26

    A growing number of big airports are accessible and friendly to bicycles, offering connecting trails and free racks.

  7. Over 700 Flights Canceled for Midwest Snowstorm Express, November 25

    A snowstorm in the Midwest grounded flights out of Kansas City and Chicago, causing a nightmare on the busiest travel weekend of the year.

  8. A Big New Airport Shows China’s Strengths (and Weaknesses) Foreign, November 24

    Built in just five years, Beijing’s new airport will be one of the world’s largest. But it might not have been needed if the military hadn’t claimed most of China’s airspace.

  9. One African Nation Put the Brakes on Chinese Debt. But Not for Long. Foreign, November 23

    Sierra Leone canceled a $300 million airport loan. Then its president changed his tone. Across the continent, Beijing’s money often proves irresistible.

  10. Five Things to Bring on Every Long Flight Travel, November 23

    Keep yourself sane, snug, and distracted while you fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

  11. Good Cheap Flights Still Exist. Here’s How to Find Them. Business, November 22

    If you’re willing to search, you can get a vacation deal. You’ll even be able to check a bag at no extra cost.

  12. ‘Spend the Minimum’: After Crash, Lion Air’s Safety Record Is Back in Spotlight Foreign, November 22

    Employees and officials say that long before the deadly crash of Lion Air Flight 610, the Indonesian carrier prioritized rapid growth and political clout over safety.

  13. We’re Stuck! A Not-So-Festive Look at an Enduring Travel Tradition Travel, November 21

    The annual purgatory we endure for family and friends.

  14. Want Faster Airline Customer Service? Try Tweeting Travel, November 20

    Tired of endless phone trees and long hold times? You may find that using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook is a better way to get attention from the airlines.

  15. Missed Connection or Canceled Flight? 6 Tips for Getting What You Want From an Airline Travel, November 20

    Tips for using social media effectively when you are trying to resolve a travel disaster, from a canceled flight to a missed connection.

  16. Consolidation Might Solve Some of Asia’s Big Airline Issues Business, November 19

    Too many carriers, with too many planes, offering cheap fares have left the industry on its knees. M.&.A. could fix that.

  17. What the Lion Air Pilots May Have Needed to Do to Avoid a Crash Interactive, November 16

    The rapid series of steps that may have been needed to save the plane were not in the manual, and the pilots had not been trained on them.

  18. 3 Days Stranded in Siberia? Flight Delays Don’t Come Much Worse Than This Foreign, November 14

    Passengers on an Air France plane that was forced to land at Irkutsk airport in Russia endured a nightmare stay after a replacement plane also developed a fault.

  19. New Questions Swirl Over Boeing on Updated 737 Model That Crashed Foreign, November 13

    The airplane manufacturer did not provide airlines and pilots with full information about a new emergency system on the plane.

  20. In the Race to Catch a Flight, Smoothing a Big Bump: The Rental-Car Return Business, November 12

    Facing competition from ride-sharing apps, companies like Avis and Budget are driving customers to their terminals so they don’t spend time in line.