1. Passenger Arrives Taped to a Seat and Is Charged With Assaulting Flight Attendants Express, Today

    Maxwell Berry, 22, of Norwalk, Ohio, punched a Frontier Airlines flight attendant and groped two others on a flight from Philadelphia to Miami, the authorities said.

  2. Spirit Airlines and American Airlines cancel hundreds of flights. Business, Today

    Bad weather and pandemic-related staffing issues have caused occasional disruptions this summer as air travel rebounds.

  3. Should I Mask? Can I Travel? What About Hugs? How Delta Is Changing Advice for the Vaccinated Well, Today

    The rise of the Delta variant of the coronavirus has raised new questions about how the vaccinated can stay safe and avoid breakthrough infections. We asked the experts for advice.

  4. ‘This Could Have Been a Zoom Meeting’: Companies Rethink Travel Business, July 31

    Before business travel fully takes off again, some companies are taking steps to rein it in.

  5. ‘The Jetpack Guy Is Back’: Los Angeles Sighting Draws an Inquiry, Again Express, July 30

    Federal aviation officials said they, along with the F.B.I., were investigating the report of a person in a jetpack flying over Los Angeles.

  6. Your Flight Has Been Canceled or Delayed. What Should You Do? Travel, July 23

    As airlines struggle to keep up with increased travel demand, thousands of flights have been disrupted over the last month. Here’s what you need to know if yours is one of them.

  7. Help! I’m Traveling to Europe. All the Requirements Are a Dizzying Mess. Travel, July 23

    For three confused but vaccinated travelers, our columnist tries to make sense of the new rules of entry into the European Union.

  8. $2.1 Billion AirTrain to La Guardia Gets Green Light from U.S. Metro, July 20

    The approval, a victory for Gov. Cuomo, comes over the objections of environmentalists and elected officials and clears way for construction.

  9. The July 19 Climate Heat Wave live blog included one standalone post:
  10. Monkeypox Case Is Discovered in Texas Express, July 16

    The rare but potentially serious viral illness was identified in a Dallas resident who had recently returned from Nigeria. Health officials said there was very little risk to the public.

  11. Delta Air Lines reports its first profit since the start of the pandemic. Business, July 14

    Delta’s quarterly profit, which was buoyed by $1.5 billion in federal stimulus money, was still down 55 percent from the same quarter in 2019.

  12. After Years as a Battleground, Investment Boom Lifts Iraqi City Foreign, July 10

    Ramadi was the site of some of the fiercest fighting against U.S. troops during the Iraq war, then came a devastating fight with ISIS. Now, it’s emerging as one of Iraq’s most stable cities.

  13. The July 9 Economy Stock Market News live blog included one standalone post:
  14. As a Covid outbreak worsens, Fiji’s Olympic athletes fly to Japan on a plane full of fish. Foreign, July 8

    Almost all passenger flights in or out of Fiji have been suspended until the end of July, so the national team had to travel on a cargo plane carrying frozen fish to Tokyo.

  15. The Continuing Confusion Over Airline Travel Credits Travel, July 6

    “Who has eight hours to call an online travel agent?” asked one of many frustrated would-be travelers encountering delays and confusing rules when rebooking flights.

  16. What It’s Like to Fly Now Interactive, April 14

    Here’s what a recent trip through Miami International Airport looked like for a New York Times reporter.