1. What’s Going on With the Testing Requirement for Travel? Travel, May 19

    The requirement to test for Covid before flying to the United States is hated by many travelers and the U.S. travel industry. But the government shows no sign of getting rid of it.

  2. The May 19 Economy News Stocks Inflation live blog included one standalone post:
  3. JetBlue goes hostile in its takeover bid for Spirit Airlines. Business, May 16

    The carrier made a tender offer valued at $3.2 billion and said it was willing to pay more if Spirit cooperated with an acquisition.

  4. Business Travel Resumes, Though Not at Its Former Pace Business, May 15

    Domestic travel has returned faster than international. And some destinations like Las Vegas are rebounding more quickly than big cities like New York.

  5. Helicopters vs. Homeowners: A Very Hamptons Fight Real Estate, May 13

    The East Hampton Airport is set to close on May 17, but frequent fliers, business owners and others have filed lawsuits to keep it open.

  6. Passenger Lands Small Plane in Florida After Pilot Falls Ill U.S., May 11

    “My pilot has gone incoherent, and I have no idea how to fly the airplane,” the passenger of a Cessna told air traffic control Tuesday afternoon.

  7. American Teenagers and Their Mental Health Opinion, May 11

    The teen mental health crisis. Also: Elon Musk, Donald Trump and Twitter; Vladimir Putin’s gambit; Russian TV; Penn Station; flying without masks.

  8. Lufthansa Apologizes After Jewish People Were Barred From Flight World, May 11

    Passengers said that after landing in Germany, more than 100 people were blocked from boarding a connecting flight to Hungary, after a handful of passengers disobeyed a mask requirement.

  9. The E.U. will no longer recommend that masks be required for air travel. World, May 11

    The decision came as countries across the bloc were loosening restrictions in response to the current rates of vaccination and naturally acquired immunity.

  10. Safety Lapses Cited in South Dakota Plane Crash That Killed 9 U.S., May 9

    Newly released documents about the 2019 crash revealed that the pilot failed to completely remove ice from the wings before takeoff, and that the plane was overloaded with passengers.

  11. Unruly air passenger rates declined in the U.S. after mask mandates were suspended. U.S., May 5

    The F.A.A. also introduced a “zero tolerance” policy against poor passenger behavior earlier this year.

  12. Boeing plans to relocate its headquarters to Virginia from Chicago. Business, May 5

    The move underscores the importance of the federal government to the aerospace giant’s business.

  13. Should You Subscribe to Your Next Vacation? Travel, May 4

    You can subscribe to music and movies. Why not travel? New services target frequent travelers, luxury lovers, bargain shoppers and even Tesla fans.

  14. Man Who Assaulted Flight Attendants Gets 60 Days in Jail U.S., May 3

    After wandering the aisles and assaulting three crew members, Maxwell Berry, a passenger who was flying to Miami, was strapped to his seat with tape.

  15. Pilots Contend With Record Number of Laser Strikes, F.A.A. Says Business, May 2

    When a laser pointer reaches a cockpit, it can disorient or “completely incapacitate” a pilot, said the agency, which recorded more than 9,700 such cases last year.

  16. Spirit Airlines rejects JetBlue’s acquisition offer. Business, May 2

    The airline said regulators would be skeptical of letting the companies merge as long as JetBlue was in a partnership with American Airlines.

  17. The Golden Age of Air Travel Gets a Reality Check Books, April 30

    Two new books trace the evolution of the industry from the perspective of women who worked in it.

  18. Help! I Spent a Fortune for a Credit-Card Companion Pass But the Virus Wouldn’t Quit Travel, April 29

    Are travelers missing out by not playing the credit-card game in search of first-class tickets? Our new Tripped Up columnist considers the fees and the benefits of two cards.

  19. Millions of Bees Bound for Alaska Are Rerouted and Die in Atlanta U.S., April 28

    A shipment of five million honeybees was diverted to Atlanta and left out on a hot tarmac. Local beekeepers tried to come to the rescue, but very few survived.

  20. Southwest Airlines posts a loss but expects revenues to rise as air travel picks up. Business, April 28

    The airline reported a $278 million loss in the first three months of the year.

  21. Madison Cawthorn Again Brought a Loaded Gun to the Airport, Officials Say U.S., April 26

    Mr. Cawthorn, 26, a pro-Trump North Carolina congressman, was cited for possession of a dangerous weapon on city property, police in Charlotte said.

  22. Who Ended the Travel Mask Mandate? A Vaccine Critic, a Florida Judge and 2 Anxious Travelers Travel, April 25

    The mask rule on planes and public transportation has been targeted by the travel industry and Republican lawmakers. In the end, it was brought down by a little-known nonprofit, a conservative judge and chance.

  23. Big tech earnings and new data on economic growth: The week in Business. Business, April 25

    Meta, Apple, Amazon and others will report their first-quarter earnings.

  24. Mask Ruling Underscores Deep Split in Attitudes Health, April 23

    Many readers of The Times said a judge’s decision to strike down the mask mandate on public transportation was “political” and “outrageous.” Others called it a relief.

  25. The End of the All-Male, All-White Cockpit Business, April 23

    Airlines are struggling to find enough pilots and to diversify a profession that has been very resistant to change.

  26. How I Made It to the Beijing Olympics Interactive, February 1

    China is hosting this year’s Winter Olympics in a bubble. For me, the bubble formed not in Beijing — but more than 5,000 miles away, at Charles de Gaulle Airport, outside of Paris.

  27. 4 Questions About Flying Now, Answered Interactive, December 22

    Are you flying for the holidays? Here’s what to keep in mind as you get ready for the airport.

  28. After a Bumpy Ride, Airlines Prepare for a Busy Christmas Interactive, December 14

    Airlines expect to carry many more people — and bags — over the holidays as demand recovers to nearly where it was before the pandemic.

  29. What to Know About Thanksgiving Travel Interactive, November 19

    Here are answers to a few key holiday travel questions

  30. The Dangerous Road to the Kabul Airport Interactive, August 18

    Thousands of people have headed to the airport trying to flee, but Taliban fighters have blocked entrances, fired rifles and beaten some people in the crowds.

  31. Chaos and Desperation at the Kabul Airport Interactive, August 16

    Maps and satellite images of the airport show the chaos as people race to leave Afghanistan.

  32. What It’s Like to Fly Now Interactive, April 14

    Here’s what a recent trip through Miami International Airport looked like for a New York Times reporter.

  33. Navigating the New Pickup System at LAX National, November 4

    Monday: It’s certainly a change. Also: President Trump targets Gov. Gavin Newsom on Twitter (again).

  34. On a Trip Around the World, and the Plane Just Left Without Me Travel, July 16

    The 52 Places Traveler faces a travel nightmare getting out of Brazil — and so rewrites the itinerary, spends 40-plus hours in transit and lands in the perfect place to recover: Mexico’s Costalegre.

  35. Stratolaunch, World’s Largest Airplane by Wingspan, Takes Its First Flight Express, April 13

    The crew said it was a smooth maiden voyage for the Stratolaunch, which is designed to carry rockets to blast commercial satellites into space.

  36. Jet Airways, a Pioneer in India’s Skies, May Stop Flying Business, April 12

    India’s second-largest airline is out of cash and operating just nine planes. The outlook for a rescue is grim.

  37. What Laws Could Investigators Use to Pursue a Case Against Boeing? Business, April 8

    Aircraft makers rarely face a criminal investigation resulting from plane crashes. Here is a look what laws investigators might consider.