1. Flying With Your Pet? It Just Got a Lot More Difficult. Travel, October 22

    A recent C.D.C. rabies rule, pricey pet ‘tickets’ and limits on animals in airline cabins are making traveling with a pet more complicated.

  2. American and Southwest post profits as the airline industry recovers. Business, October 21

    Both airlines said they expected to do even better in the final three months of the year, lifted by corporate, international and holiday travel.

  3. Help! How Do I Find a Coronavirus Test to Get Back Into the U.S.? Travel, October 20

    Although testing isn’t as widely available as it is at hotels in Mexico or the Caribbean, travelers in Europe can still find testing facilities at pharmacies, medical clinics and dedicated sites.

  4. United Airlines earned $473 million in the third quarter as travel demand stayed strong. Business, October 19

    With government officials around the world slowly easing travel restrictions, and companies starting to send employees on more business trips, United’s executives expressed optimism about the coming months.

  5. Ciao, Alitalia Opinion, October 17

    A satirical goodbye is bid to Alitalia, airline to the popes. 

  6. Airlines in Japan and South Korea get creative to revive pandemic-dampened demand. World, October 16

    How about inexpensive passes good for a month of domestic flights? Or popular in-flight meals to on-the-ground customers?

  7. Former Boeing Pilot Is Indicted in 737 Max Inquiry Business, October 14

    Federal prosecutors say Mark Forkner deceived the F.A.A. and was “scheming to defraud” customers.

  8. An Alaska lawmaker barred from flying over masking rules has Covid. U.S., October 14

    The Republican state senator, Lora Reinbold, drew widespread attention after video surfaced of her confrontation with Alaska Airlines employees over mask policies.

  9. The Chaotic Conditions at Rikers Island Opinion, October 14

    The deplorable conditions at the New York prison complex. Also: The joy of audiobooks; airline vaccine mandates; Bond, James Bond.

  10. With Cuomo Out, $2.1 Billion La Guardia AirTrain Is Halted New York, October 12

    Gov. Kathy Hochul had asked the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to put the project on hold and review alternatives.

  11. American and Southwest Airlines reject the Texas order banning vaccine mandates. Business, October 12

    “This does not change anything for American,” a spokeswoman said. When the airline introduced its mandate, it cited a presidential order that employees of government contractors be vaccinated.

  12. Should Passengers Be Vaccinated or Tested to Fly Within the U.S.? Travel, October 12

    Numerous airline executives say no, but a growing number of politicians and medical experts say it is worth following Canada’s lead before holiday travel commences.

  13. As Southwest Airlines tries to return to normal, some flight cancellations persist. Business, October 11

    The airline and its pilots union denied that the cancellations were related to the company’s decision to require employees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

  14. Canceled flights and train delays: We’re happy to have made it, some runners say. Sports, October 11

    Cancellations by Southwest and other airlines affected some Boston Marathon runners.

  15. Fight or Flight Business, October 11

    Southwest’s weekend disruptions fueled opposition to corporate vaccine mandates.

  16. No Charges for Passenger Who Prompted La Guardia Emergency Landing New York, October 10

    A spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said the authorities determined that there was “no criminality” involved in the landing.

  17. Southwest Airlines’ Widespread Cancellations Disrupt Weekend Travel Business, October 10

    More than a thousand flights were canceled on Sunday and 800 on Saturday. The airline blamed air traffic control and “disruptive weather,” but no other carrier reported problems.

  18. Passenger’s ‘Erratic Behavior’ Draws Emergency Response at La Guardia New York, October 9

    A flight from Indianapolis declared an emergency and landed after a passenger acted suspiciously, officials said.

  19. Passing the Time With a Piano-Playing Pilot Travel, October 9

    As a pilot with United Airlines, Beau Brant flies North American routes. At every layover, he looks to play a mix of jazz, classical and more for his crew and strangers.

  20. United Airlines to fly 91 percent of its 2019 domestic flights in December, a pandemic high. Business, October 7

    The airline is expecting strong holiday travel, especially around Thanksgiving.

  21. ‘Smooth Sailing Is a Thing of the Past’: Readers’ Summer Travel Stories Travel, October 7

    This roller coaster of a summer did not care about your travel plans. These tales of chaos from the road, from to fishy explosions to surprise quarantines, could have only happened in 2021.

  22. Indonesia plans to allow foreign flights into Bali as early as next week. World, October 5

    Bali is Indonesia’s most important tourist destination, and closing the island to foreign tourists has devastated the tourism industry.

  23. Inside United Airlines’ Decision to Mandate Coronavirus Vaccines Business, October 2

    Over the course of a year, the company and its unions grappled with when and how to require vaccination for its 67,000 U.S. employees.

  24. Memo to Democrats: ‘Grow Up. Do Your Job.’ Opinion, September 29

    Suggestions for Democrats in Congress; the return of live performances; Justice Sandra Day O'Connor; an airline no-fly list; boys' struggles.

  25. United Airlines to Fire Workers Who Refused to Get a Vaccination Business, September 29

    About 600 people out of the company’s 67,000-person U.S. work force are set to lose their jobs. The airline said it would work with employees who decide to get vaccinated after the company deadline.

  26. The Dangerous Road to the Kabul Airport Interactive, August 18

    Thousands of people have headed to the airport trying to flee, but Taliban fighters have blocked entrances, fired rifles and beaten some people in the crowds.

  27. Chaos and Desperation at the Kabul Airport Interactive, August 16

    Maps and satellite images of the airport show the chaos as people race to leave Afghanistan.

  28. What It’s Like to Fly Now Interactive, April 14

    Here’s what a recent trip through Miami International Airport looked like for a New York Times reporter.

  29. Flying While Trans Op Ed, April 17

    The T.S.A. subjects transgender passengers like me to humiliating and dehumanizing treatment.

  30. A Crashing Small Plane Was Snagged by Power Lines, Stopping a Foot From Disaster Metro, April 15

    The police arrived to find the aircraft hanging from the cables, and the pilot and two passengers sitting on a curb, mostly unharmed.

  31. Stratolaunch, World’s Largest Airplane by Wingspan, Takes Its First Flight Express, April 13

    The crew said it was a smooth maiden voyage for the Stratolaunch, which is designed to carry rockets to blast commercial satellites into space.

  32. The Week in Business: Uber’s Bumpy Ride and Apple’s Star-Studded Trial Sunday Business, April 13

    Plus, The National Enquirer is for sale, and Elon Musk must make nice with the S.E.C.

  33. Ly Tong, Vietnamese Pilot Who Hijacked Planes to Fight Communism, Dies at 74 Obits, April 6

    A South Vietnam Air Force veteran, Mr. Ly Tong dropped leaflets over Ho Chi Minh City in 1992 and 2000. His actions made him a hero to many Vietnamese refugees.

  34. Boeing to Cut Production of 737 Max After 2 Fatal Crashes Business, April 5

    The company also announced it would create a new board committee to review the design and development of new airplanes.

  35. ‘They Will Bounce Back’: In Seattle, Where the Boeing Max Is Built, They’ve Recovered Before National, April 5

    Seattle is feeling the pain from Boeing’s 737 Max crisis, but the aircraft manufacturer has weathered other tough challenges.

  36. Dream of Owning a Plane? This Tax Break Can Help Business, April 5

    The Republican tax overhaul has bolstered sales of private planes by allowing buyers to deduct the cost as a business investment.

  37. Ethiopian Crash Report Indicates Pilots Followed Boeing’s Emergency Procedures Business, April 4

    While the findings are not final, initial evidence has raised new concerns about whether Boeing and federal regulators provided sufficient guidance for pilots of the new 737 Max model.

  38. Ethiopian Airlines Pilots Followed Boeing’s Safety Procedures Before Crash, Report Shows Business, April 4

    Preliminary findings on the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 disaster, based on black box data, again put attention on the jet’s anti-stall system.

  39. Boeing Fix for 737 Max Software Is Delayed Business, April 1

    As part of its internal review process, Boeing determined that more work was needed on the update before it was submitted to the F.A.A.

  40. In Ethiopia Crash, Faulty Sensor on Boeing 737 Max Is Suspected Business, March 29

    As in the Lion Air disaster, investigators believe an automated system on the doomed Ethiopian Airlines flight was set off by erroneous readings.

  41. Brexit, Boeing, China: Your Thursday Briefing N Y T Now, March 27

    Let us help you start your day.

  42. Boeing Faces Capitol’s Glare as It Presses to Fix the 737 Max Business, March 27

    The changes would give pilots more control and make it less likely that faulty data can set off a reaction, two issues at the center of investigations into two crashes.

  43. Doomed Boeing Jets Lacked 2 Safety Features That Company Sold Only as Extras Business, March 21

    Airlines had to pay more for two optional upgrades that could warn pilots about sensor malfunctions. Boeing now plans to make one of the features standard.

  44. New Evidence in Ethiopian 737 Crash Points to Connection to Earlier Disaster Business, March 15

    A piece of equipment found at the crash site suggests that the jet may have had a problem with a new flight-control system that is also suspected in the Lion Air crash.

  45. Aboard a Max 8 Airplane: ‘I Didn’t Want to Say It and Get Anybody Nervous’ National, March 13

    Reporters for The New York Times rode on two Boeing 737 Max 8 flights. The scene was ordinary, despite some lingering qualms.

  46. Answers to Your Questions About the Boeing 737 Max 8 News Desk, March 12

    After the Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday, we asked readers to send us their questions about the type of plane that was involved.

  47. F.A.A. Cautions Southwest Airlines and Mechanics Union in Contract Dispute Business, March 8

    In a letter, the agency warned of safety concerns after the airline accused the union of illegally grounding planes.