1. Ryanair Apologizes Over Mass Cancellations Caused by Pilot Vacations Business, September 21

    The budget airline has faced a wave of customer anger over the cancellation of 2,100 flights over a six-week period in September and October.

  2. Those On-Time Flight Numbers? They’re Expected to Decline Next Year Business, September 18

    Starting next year, the government will begin counting flights operated by the big airlines’ regional partners — flights more prone to delays.

  3. ‘Price Gouging’ and Hurricane Irma: What Happened and What to Do Travel, September 17

    Customers trying to book flights in the lead-up to Irma faced steep price hikes. But were they out of the ordinary?

  4. How to Make the Most of a Layover Travel, September 16

    Consider a daylong stop, check with airlines about free layover programs, and make sure the destination is a contrast to your vacation location.

  5. After Irma: Caribbean Tourism, Island by Island Travel, September 15

    Some places emerged from the hurricane unscathed. Others are in ruins. A look at the damage, bright spots and uncertain future.

  6. From United Airlines, an Invitation-Only Restaurant at Newark Travel, September 11

    We tried Classified at Newark Liberty International Airport. The verdict: Nice room, good food. The mystery: Who gets to go?

  7. Airlines Face Criticism Amid Irma Price-Gouging Complaints Travel, September 9

    A tweet that went viral earlier this week sparked outrage over suspected price-gouging by airlines of Hurricane Irma evacuees.

  8. Passing Through Airport Security With the Touch of a Finger Sunday Business, September 8

    Plucked out of bankruptcy after a data security problem seven years ago, a firm called Clear uses biometrics — fingerprints, iris scans — to speed up passenger identification at airports.

  9. Planes Fill Florida Skies as Hurricane Irma Approaches Express, September 8

    The Federal Aviation Administration expected “increased volume” at airports in South Florida as airlines raced to get flights off the ground.

  10. Where to Evacuate: Irma Inspires a Travel Search Travel, September 7

    Airfares temporarily shot up and cruises were canceled as evacuees took to the road.

  11. Aeroflot Flight Attendants Win Challenge Over Clothing Sizes Foreign, September 6

    The Moscow City Court said the airline could not link income levels to clothing size, a ruling that could affect hundreds of other employees.

  12. United Technologies’ Deal for Rockwell Collins Faces Skepticism Business, September 5

    Investors and customers like Boeing and Airbus questioned the benefits of uniting the two big airplane parts makers.

  13. Luggage Tags That Help You Find Your Suitcase Business, September 5

    Some airlines have started using radio frequency identification tags to keep track of passenger bags.

  14. United Technologies Makes an Expensive Purchase to Gain Scale Business, September 5

    The combination with Rockwell Collins makes strategic sense, but revenue benefits or a lucrative breakup may be needed to prove the deal’s potential.

  15. United Technologies to Buy Rockwell Collins in $30 Billion Deal Business, September 4

    United Technologies, the corporate parent of Pratt & Whitney, will pay $140 a share in cash and stock in one of the largest deals in aerospace history.

  16. How Low-Cost Airlines Alter the Economics of Flying Business, September 1

    Even as mergers have significantly reduced competition, airlines like Spirit and Frontier continue to play a role in moderating ticket costs.

  17. Fall in Italy: Lovely Weather, Lower Prices Travel, September 1

    Sicily, Lake Como and the Amalfi Coast are among the destinations where hotel packages are available (some include airfare).

  18. Between Vacation and Disaster: Trying to Get Home to Houston Travel, August 31

    Many Houston residents were traveling when Hurricane Harvey struck. Now some are in limbo, staying with family or friends on an unexpected “hurrication.”

  19. Why a United Technologies Bid for Rockwell Collins Would Make Sense Business, August 30

    A deal should deliver enough cost savings to justify paying a price of more than $20 billion. Greater size also promises increased negotiating heft with Boeing and Airbus

  20. A Brief Guide to the Newer Reservation Apps Dining, August 29

    OpenTable is facing a stiff challenge from several rivals seeking to focus on special niches.

  21. OpenTable Began a Revolution. Now It’s a Power Under Siege. Dining, August 29

    Nearly 20 years after it changed the way we make restaurant reservations, the company and the new sector it created are still struggling.

  22. With Houston Airports Closed, Airlines Cancel Thousands of Flights Travel, August 28

    Airlines offer travel waivers amid catastrophic flooding and record rain.