1. Loan or Bribe? Menendez Jurors Hear About $23,568 Mortgage Payoff. New York, Yesterday

    Senator Robert Menendez’s wife never signed a loan document before a man also charged in the bribery case arranged to pay her mortgage, a witness testified.

  2. For the First Time in 155 Years, This Beach Will Be Open Sunday New York, Yesterday

    The Christian community in Ocean Grove, N.J., is challenging a state order that has compelled it to let its beach be used on Sunday mornings.

  3. Menendez Jurors See the Gold Bars at the Heart of a Bribery Case Metro, May 16

    An F.B.I. agent, testifying for the government, described his search of Senator Robert Menendez’s house in New Jersey.

  4. Senator Menendez’s Wife Is Being Treated for Breast Cancer Metro, May 16

    Nadine Menendez is charged along with her husband, Senator Robert Menendez, in a complex bribery scheme. She will undergo a mastectomy.

  5. Defense Blames Senator Menendez’s Wife as Bribery Trial Starts Metro, May 15

    Senator Robert Menendez is charged in a vast international web of corruption. His federal trial began on Wednesday.

  6. Robert Menendez’s Corruption Trial Opens: 5 Takeaways Metro, May 15

    Senator Robert Menendez faces a dizzying array of bribery and corruption charges. The heart of his defense: Do not confuse the senator for his wife.

  7. $450,000 Homes in Kentucky, New Jersey and New York Real Estate, May 15

    A two-bedroom bungalow in Lexington, a 1925 home in Blairstown and a Colonial Revival house in Buffalo.

  8. Jury Selection in Menendez Trial Stretches Into a Third Day New York, May 15

    Senator Robert Menendez is accused of participating in a sprawling bribery scheme that involves $100,000 in gold bars, an Egyptian halal meat monopoly and a Qatari sheikh.

  9. Covering the Other Manhattan Trial Summary, May 14

    Tracey Tully’s reporting domain is New Jersey. But for the next six weeks, she’ll journey across the Hudson River to report on the federal corruption trial of Senator Robert Menendez.

  10. Jury Selection Continues in Robert Menendez Corruption Trial Metro, May 14

    Senator Robert Menendez is accused of participating in a bribery case involving more than $100,000 in gold bullion, an Egyptian halal meat monopoly and a Qatari sheikh.

  11. Black Man Charged With Threatening to Kill White People in Mass Shooting Metro, May 13

    Joshua Cobb wrote in a message posted on a social media site that he wanted to “cause mayhem on the white community,” federal prosecutors said.

  12. No Jurors Seated on First Day of Menendez Corruption Trial Metro, May 13

    Senator Robert Menendez is charged with accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and gold bars in exchange for political favors at home and abroad.

  13. Jury Selection Begins in Robert Menendez’s Federal Corruption Trial Metro, May 13

    Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey is accused of participating in an international bribery scheme involving gold bars, cash and a Mercedes-Benz.

  14. Menendez’s Bribery Trial Puts Scrutiny on His Motives and His Marriage Metro, May 12

    Senator Robert Menendez is charged with steering aid to Egypt and meddling in criminal inquiries in return for gold, cash and a fancy car. His wife is charged too.

  15. Away From the Confines of a Courtroom, Trump Rallies Beachside at the Jersey Shore Politics, May 12

    Former President Donald J. Trump held a rally in Wildwood, N.J., on Saturday, declaring that his campaign would “officially play” in a state he has lost twice by double digits.

  16. Farewell, Chuck E. Cheese Animatronic Band Express, May 11

    A mainstay of the pizza and arcade chain, by turns endearing and creepy, will be phased out by year’s end at all but two locations. We visited one of them.

  17. Who Are Key Players in the Menendez Case? Interactive, May 11

    Senator Robert Menendez, Democrat of New Jersey, and his wife, Nadine Menendez, are accused of taking part in a wide-ranging, international bribery scheme that lasted five years. Take a closer look at central figures related to the case.

  18. 44-Foot Whale Found Dead on Bow of Cruise Ship Coming Into New York Express, May 9

    The endangered sei whale, usually found in deep waters, was discovered on the bow of a cruise ship as it arrived at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, marine authorities said.

  19. Miss Teen USA Resigns From Her Post, Following Miss USA Express, May 8

    UmaSofia Srivastava, who won the title in September while representing New Jersey, said that her views no longer fully aligned with those of the organization.

  20. We Have a Housing Crisis. This New Jersey Town Has a Solution. Op Ed, May 8

    Palisades Park is ending the tyranny of single-family homes.

  21. The May 2 Ucla Protests College Campus live blog included one standalone post:
  22. Menendez Lawyers Cite ‘Traumatic’ History to Explain His Cash Stockpile Metro, May 2

    Senator Robert Menendez’s attorneys want a psychiatrist to testify at his corruption trial about the impact of his father’s death by suicide. Prosecutors are objecting.

  23. Unruly Passenger Must Pay United Airlines $20,638 for Disrupting Flight Express, May 1

    The man had been “verbally and physically aggressive” on a United flight from London to Newark, prompting the plane to land in Bangor, Maine, prosecutors said.

  24. The Most Decorated Battleship in U.S. History Gets an Overdue Face-Lift Metropolitan, May 1

    It has been 34 years since the Battleship New Jersey was last pulled out of the water for maintenance.

  25. Queen Snakes Are Back, and They’re in New Jersey Metro, April 30

    The reptiles, an endangered species, hadn’t been seen in the state since the 1970s.

  26. Nobody Saw Andy Kim Coming. That’s What He Was Counting On. Metro, April 27

    Mr. Kim, the New Jersey congressman, has become the odds-on favorite to win Robert Menendez’s Senate seat. His strategy? Don’t ask anyone for permission.

  27. Congestion Pricing Will Start on June 30 in New York City, M.T.A. Says Metro, April 26

    Transit officials announced the start of the program, which they have said will ease some of the nation’s worst traffic.

  28. Donald M. Payne Jr., 65, New Jersey Representative in Sixth Term, Is Dead Obits, April 24

    A Newark Democrat, he succeeded his father, who was the first Black member of his state’s congressional delegation.

  29. ‘It’s Just Agony’: A Suburban Family Mourns Nearly 200 Gaza Relatives National, April 24

    Adam and Ola Abo Sheriah absorb a loss few of their friends and neighbors in New Jersey can imagine, and scramble to help surviving family members in Gaza while trying to get their kids to school on time.

  30. Man Charged With Hate Crime After Destructive Break-In at Islamic Center Metro, April 22

    Jacob Beacher is accused of stealing a Palestinian flag and causing $40,000 in damage to religious artifacts at Rutgers University during the Eid-al-Fitr holiday.

  31. New Jersey Failed Veterans at Pandemic-Ravaged Nursing Homes, U.S. Says Metro, September 7

    A scathing Justice Department report found that care at the state facilities was so poor that it violated residents’ constitutional rights and led to a rash of deaths.

  32. Improper Covid Aid Flowed to Fishery Businesses, Official Finds Metro, June 20

    Nearly half of $14.4 million dispensed to seafood processors, charter boats and other businesses in New Jersey during the pandemic may have to be paid back.

  33. What’s Behind the Widening Divide Between New York City and Its Suburbs? Metro, June 18

    Tension between the city and its surrounding areas over issues like crime, immigration and congestion pricing has grown since the pandemic.

  34. DeCamp to End Commuter Bus Service to New York City From New Jersey Metro, March 20

    The bus line, which serves northern New Jersey, has struggled to retain ridership since the start of the pandemic. Its last day of service into the city will be April 7.

  35. A Year in the Juvenile Justice System Book Review, January 24

    “Children of the State” immerses the author Jeff Hobbs in the world of three American institutions. What he discovers is an open question.

  36. Why Subway and Bus Fares Are Likely to Rise Next Year Metro, December 19

    The M.T.A. held off price increases during the pandemic, but now it faces a possible budget disaster.

  37. Companies Fined $325,000 for Selling Pesticide to Fight Coronavirus, E.P.A. Says Express, September 23

    Zoono USA and Zoono Holdings, New Jersey companies, sold Zoono Microbe Shield through numerous websites and were fined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

  38. At Head Start, Masks Remain On, Despite C.D.C. Guidelines National, September 7

    Some of the nation’s poorest pre-K students are the last still under mask mandates, affecting enrollment.

  39. New York Faces New Commuter Surge, Ready or Not, Study Suggests Metro, June 15

    The study appears to underscore the need for a new rail tunnel under the Hudson River, part of the huge and long-planned Gateway project.