1. The Police Force Where Female Officers Warn Other Women to Stay Away Metro, December 4

    The U.S. Justice Department is investigating claims of gender and racial discrimination at the New Jersey State Police.

  2. ‘Doormat Treatment’: Congestion Pricing Plan Riles New Jersey Leaders New York, November 30

    The first peek at pricing details in New York’s plan to add tolls for drivers entering Manhattan’s busiest streets drew strong responses in New Jersey.

  3. Homes for Sale in New York and New Jersey Real Estate, November 30

    This week’s properties are a five-bedroom homes in Old Westbury, N.Y., and Chester, N.J.

  4. Botox, Hermès and OnlyFans: Why This May Be George Santos’s Last Week in Congress The Daily, November 27

    Representative George Santos is facing a new expulsion push after a damning ethics report.

  5. Janet Evanovich Can Laugh at Her Own Mistakes Book Review, November 23

    As her Stephanie Plum series hits a milestone with “Dirty Thirty,” the prolific octogenarian looks back on a few bloopers.

  6. With Israel at War, Thanksgiving Is Fraught for Some Jewish Families Metro, November 23

    Even families that are used to arguing over dinner are feeling new tension this year, as members from different generations disagree about supporting Israel.

  7. Mayor Who Used Racial Slurs Is Charged With 2 Unrelated Crimes Metro, November 20

    The mayor of Clark, N.J., who was taped using slurs, is accused of running his landscaping business from his township office and falsifying documents.

  8. Kaitlin Armstrong Found Guilty in Murder of the Cyclist Moriah Wilson Express, November 16

    Ms. Armstrong fled the United States and went to Costa Rica after she was named as a suspect in the killing of Ms. Wilson, a 25-year-old professional cyclist.

  9. Homes for Sale in New York and New Jersey Real Estate, November 16

    This week’s properties are a four-bedroom in Chappaqua, N.Y., and a five-bedroom in Cliffside Park, N.J.

  10. Ballantine House Overhaul to ‘Wake It Up and Shake It Up’ Culture, November 15

    The renovated Gilded Age mansion of beer makers in Newark is filled with surprises: a Black history from the 19th century that has been largely invisible.

  11. Tammy Murphy, N.J.’s First Lady, Enters Crowded Race for Menendez’s Seat Metro, November 15

    Ms. Murphy is likely to face at least three Democratic primary challengers — and possibly Senator Bob Menendez, who is accused of accepting bribes.

  12. How Hoboken Got Smart About Climate Change Metro, November 13

    The New Jersey city has been more forward-thinking than New York in preparing for big storms.

  13. Suspect in Jan. 6 Capitol Attack Surrenders After Two-Day Manhunt Metro, November 10

    Gregory Yetman, who has been charged in the Jan. 6 attack, surrendered on Friday after fleeing the authorities serving him an arrest warrant.

  14. Homes for Sale in New York and New Jersey Real Estate, November 9

    This week’s properties are five-bedroom in Moorestown, N.J., and a four-bedroom in Garden City, N.Y.

  15. U.S. Charges 10 in Gambino Scheme to Control Carting and Demolition Metro, November 8

    The defendants have organized crime ties and used violence, threats and fraud to infiltrate the two industries in New York, prosecutors say.

  16. F.B.I. Searching New Jersey for Man Accused in Capitol Riot Metro, November 8

    Officers were seen searching a home and shed in a suburban community for the Jan. 6 suspect, who fled when agents tried to arrest him at home.

  17. Medford, N.J.: A Rural Township With a Quaint Downtown Real Estate, November 8

    The Burlington County community often surprises new residents with its woodsy vibe: “It’s not at all what we thought of when we thought of New Jersey.”

  18. N.J. Democrats Retain Legislative Majority After Hard-Fought Races Metro, November 8

    Democrats won in competitive districts in southern, central and northern New Jersey.

  19. New Jersey Election Results Interactive, November 7

    See full results and maps from the 2023 New Jersey elections.

  20. It’s Election Day in New Jersey: Here’s What to Know Metro, November 7

    All of the seats in the State Legislature are on the ballot, and Republicans are hoping to make gains.

  21. Zdenek Macal, Conductor With an International Reach, Dies at 87 Obits, November 6

    Shuttling between Europe and the United States, he conducted the world’s great orchestras. He was music director of the New Jersey Symphony for 11 years.

  22. New Jersey Failed Veterans at Pandemic-Ravaged Nursing Homes, U.S. Says Metro, September 7

    A scathing Justice Department report found that care at the state facilities was so poor that it violated residents’ constitutional rights and led to a rash of deaths.

  23. Improper Covid Aid Flowed to Fishery Businesses, Official Finds Metro, June 20

    Nearly half of $14.4 million dispensed to seafood processors, charter boats and other businesses in New Jersey during the pandemic may have to be paid back.

  24. What’s Behind the Widening Divide Between New York City and Its Suburbs? Metro, June 18

    Tension between the city and its surrounding areas over issues like crime, immigration and congestion pricing has grown since the pandemic.

  25. DeCamp to End Commuter Bus Service to New York City From New Jersey Metro, March 20

    The bus line, which serves northern New Jersey, has struggled to retain ridership since the start of the pandemic. Its last day of service into the city will be April 7.

  26. A Year in the Juvenile Justice System Book Review, January 24

    “Children of the State” immerses the author Jeff Hobbs in the world of three American institutions. What he discovers is an open question.

  27. Why Subway and Bus Fares Are Likely to Rise Next Year Metro, December 19

    The M.T.A. held off price increases during the pandemic, but now it faces a possible budget disaster.

  28. Companies Fined $325,000 for Selling Pesticide to Fight Coronavirus, E.P.A. Says Express, September 23

    Zoono USA and Zoono Holdings, New Jersey companies, sold Zoono Microbe Shield through numerous websites and were fined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

  29. At Head Start, Masks Remain On, Despite C.D.C. Guidelines National, September 7

    Some of the nation’s poorest pre-K students are the last still under mask mandates, affecting enrollment.

  30. New York Faces New Commuter Surge, Ready or Not, Study Suggests Metro, June 15

    The study appears to underscore the need for a new rail tunnel under the Hudson River, part of the huge and long-planned Gateway project.