1. James Rodríguez está listo para entretenerte en Español, Today

    No pienses en el presupuesto del club ni en lo que está en juego con la llegada del colombiano al Everton, el equipo de Liga Premier de Inglaterra. Solo disfrútalo.

  2. Even as Virus Surges, Hungary Forges Ahead With Super Cup Soccer Game Foreign, Today

    Bayern Munich and Sevilla battled for the European trophy in Budapest despite growing concerns over fan safety.

  3. James Rodríguez Is Here to Entertain You Sports, Today

    Don’t think about the economics at play in the Colombian’s arrival at Everton. Just enjoy it.

  4. Soccer Player’s Bid for Italian Citizenship Prompts Claim of Rigged Test Sports, Yesterday

    The Uruguayan forward Luis Suárez, a star at the Spanish club Barcelona, was trying to get a passport to smooth a transfer to Juventus. But investigators say his language exam was fixed.

  5. Fútbol en pandemia: La Liga toma precauciones ante el aumento de casos en España en Español, Yesterday

    De cara a una temporada larga y con una nueva ola de infecciones en el panorama, los funcionarios del deporte recurrieron a los fanáticos e incluso a los hijos de los jugadores para advertir sobre los riesgos del coronavirus.

  6. Sabrina Ionescu Opens Up About Kobe Bryant and Rookie Year Woes Sports, Yesterday

    This week, Marc Stein settles the Giannis-LeBron debate and talks to Ionescu, of the W.N.B.A.’s Liberty, about rehabbing her severely sprained ankle and grieving Kobe.

  7. Fearing Players Wouldn’t Listen, La Liga Appealed to Their Kids Sports, September 21

    Facing a long season and a new wave of infections, Spanish soccer officials turned to fans, businesses and even players’ children to warn players about Covid-19.

  8. As Bale Returns to Spurs, Only Perceptions Have Changed Sports, September 19

    A star’s war with Real Madrid has simmered for so long that the strangeness of it has been obscured. But his return to Tottenham doesn’t mean he’s finished as a player.

  9. Chelsea’s Meticulously Planned Summer of Shock and Awe Sports, September 18

    The Blues have spent more than $260 million on new players, with the promise of more to come. But this is no random spree.

  10. Krause Group Buys Parma, Adding to American Influence in Italian Soccer Sports, September 18

    The Krause family made its fortune running convenience stores across the Midwest. Now it has set its sights on restoring one of Serie A’s most storied names.

  11. 20,000 Sign On to Campaign to Oust Barcelona’s Board Sports, September 17

    An alliance of club members says it has collected the signatures required to force a no-confidence vote against the team’s unpopular president, Josep Maria Bartomeu.

  12. Don’t Let the Pandemic End a 100-Year-Old Soccer Legacy Op Ed, September 14

    My league played through World War II and 9/11. Why do we have to stop now?

  13. Six Questions Looming Over Soccer’s New Season Sports, September 11

    The sport’s new calculus must account for infection rates, empty stadiums and a compressed schedule certain to exhaust everyone involved.

  14. The Fluid Morality of Soccer’s Transfer Market Sports, September 11

    Only a few months ago, as Europe’s biggest clubs faced suspended seasons and financial ruin, owners pressed their players to take pay cuts. So why are they now spending as if nothing has changed?

  15. Unos socios del Barcelona quieren a Bartomeu fuera del club y han puesto manos a la obra en Español, September 10

    Un grupo de hinchas del Barcelona debe recoger miles de firmas manuscritas en dos semanas para someter a votación la salida del impopular presidente del equipo.

  16. Sitting in Silence With 5,000 Fans: The New Sound of Japanese Sports Foreign, September 9

    The country has welcomed spectators back to stadiums, but the highly orchestrated singing, chanting and drumming for which they are known is now strictly forbidden.

  17. Barcelona Members Race Clock in Effort to Oust Bartomeu Sports, September 8

    A group of Barcelona fans has two weeks to collect thousands of handwritten signatures to force a vote that could force out the club’s unpopular president.

  18. In a Reversal, Lionel Messi Says He Will Stay With Barcelona Sports, September 4

    “I will stay at the club so as not to get into a legal dispute,” Messi said, contending that the team had acted in bad faith.

  19. English Premier League Terminates China TV Agreement Amid Dispute Sports, September 3

    The world’s most-watched sports league said it had canceled its biggest overseas broadcast deal, worth over $700 million. It was already facing heavy costs from coronavirus disruption.

  20. Paris St.-Germain Star Neymar Tests Positive for Coronavirus Sports, September 2

    Three players total on the club tested positive.

  21. FIFA Is Warned That Banning Top Games in U.S. May Breach Antitrust Laws Sports, September 1

    The Justice Department told FIFA of its concerns as a lawsuit brought by an American sports promoter challenges regulations on where regular-season games involving overseas soccer clubs can be played.

  22. The True Cost of Lionel Messi’s Declaration of Independence Sports, August 28

    The Barcelona star is not just prepared to trade one jersey for another. He is prepared to walk away from the life he has built.

  23. Sports Have Been on Pause. It’s Time for a Reboot. Interactive, July 21

    The sports world has just had the ultimate timeout, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to reconsider its product before the games resume. How should each sport rethink itself moving forward?

  24. When Will the Major Sports Leagues Return? Interactive, May 28

    The N.B.A., N.F.L. and Major League Baseball are all making plans to return soon. Here’s a look at where each sport is in the process.