1. Maurizio Sarri: Chelsea’s Tuscan Son Sports, August 10

    The Italian manager cut his coaching teeth at tiny clubs in the small towns near where he grew up. He’ll carry the lessons he learned into his first season in the Premier League.

  2. You Want to Watch All the European Soccer? Here’s How. (Warning: It’ll Cost About $750.) Sports, August 10

    As the new European soccer season opens, there are more ways than ever for an American fan to watch. Maybe too many.

  3. A Rebuilt Liverpool Hopes to Reach New Heights With Its Soul Intact Sports, August 9

    Liverpool made a thrilling run to the Champions League final last season. Now, after a summer of spending, the club needs to deliver some trophies.

  4. U.S. Billionaire Gets Full Control of Arsenal, Buying Out Russian Rival Sports, August 7

    Alisher Usmanov agreed to sell his 30 percent stake in the English Premier League team, clearing the way for Stan Kroenke to take the club private.

  5. Manchester City Sizes Up Its Toughest Premier League Opponent: Complacency Sports, August 6

    After a record-setting season, Pep Guardiola and Manchester City try to set themselves apart again.

  6. Moving From Buyer to Seller, Major League Soccer Tests a New Revenue Stream Sports, August 1

    Bayern Munich forked over at least $13.5 million for Vancouver’s Alphonso Davies. M.L.S. hopes this is the start of a windfall.

  7. Josef Martinez’s Scoring Spree Puts Atlanta United on Top of M.L.S. Sports, July 30

    The striker from Venezuela is averaging a goal per game for Atlanta, which has the best record in the league.

  8. Cristiano Ronaldo Settles Tax Dispute With Spain Sports, July 27

    The Portuguese soccer star will pay about $22 million in back taxes and fines, but will avoid serving any time in jail.

  9. Mesut Ozil’s Exit From German Soccer Team Stokes Debate on Integration Foreign, July 23

    “I’m a German when we win, but I am an immigrant when we lose,” wrote Mr. Ozil, who was born in Germany to parents who had immigrated from Turkey.

  10. Mesut Ozil Quits German National Team, Citing Racism Sports, July 22

    Ozil, whose family is from Turkey, responded to criticism over his posing with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan before the World Cup and announced he was quitting.

  11. U.S. Open Cup Delayed as Officials Try to Figure Out the Rules Sports, July 19

    Los Angeles F.C. defeated the Portland Timbers, 3-2, in the quarterfinals. But the presence of too many foreign-born players might disqualify it.

  12. Parents Behaving Badly: A Youth Sports Crisis Caught on Video Sports, July 18

    Belligerent parents have caused a severe shortage of referees. Now some of them are being publicly shamed.

  13. The Hidden (and Not So Hidden) Politics of the 2018 World Cup Op Ed, July 17

    What this year’s tournament taught us about the upending of the global order and the conflicts between nationalism and globalization.

  14. The World Cup Ends. The Hangover Begins. Op Ed, July 17

    As much as I love this tournament, I know that it can’t last forever.

  15. Usain Bolt, World’s Fastest Man, to Try Out for Australian Soccer Club Sports, July 17

    The sprinter, an eight-time Olympic champion, will try out with the Central Coast Mariners, the smallest club in Australia’s A-League.

  16. What a Soccer Ball Said About Putin’s Meeting With Trump in Helsinki Foreign, July 16

    A gift of a soccer ball was a metaphor for the gamesmanship that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has been playing with President Trump, and, analysts said, the points he has been scoring.

  17. Can Macron Do for the Banlieues What the Banlieues Have Done for Soccer? Op Ed, July 16

    France’s triumph in the World Cup was powered by immigrants from the hardscrabble suburbs. It’s time for the Macron government to bring long-awaited economic opportunity to those neighborhoods.

  18. In a Dark, Endless News Cycle, the World Cup Gave Us Light Op Ed, July 16

    Ignorance is bliss, but untenable. Temporary distraction, however, is quite nice.

  19. France’s World Cup Win Is a ‘National Relief’ After Attacks and Racial Tension Foreign, July 16

    The delirium expressed since the men’s soccer team captured the trophy has been a boost for supporters of multiculturalism.

  20. World Cup 2018: The Winners and Losers Sports, July 16

    France might be the big winner of the World Cup, but several teams and players can walk away with a smile. Others aren’t smiling so much.

  21. The World Cup Changed Russia, but for How Long? Sports, July 16

    A comparison between the 1980 Summer Olympics and this year’s World Cup is not perfect, but there are parallels to study.

  22. France, a World Cup Champion That Stood Above It All in Russia Sports, July 15

    France always felt out of place in Russia, winning with an air of cultivated detachment, as though it were competing in a completely different tournament.

  23. Pussy Riot Members Detained After Running Onto Field at World Cup Final, Police Say Express, July 15

    Four people ran onto the field dressed in police uniforms during the second half of the game, and the activist group claimed responsibility and made a list of demands.

  24. ‘We Are United’: France’s World Cup Win Brings Together a Nation Foreign, July 15

    From the Champs Élysées to the low-income Paris suburbs that many of the French team’s stars call home, the country rallied behind “Les Bleus” for the big game against Croatia.

  25. From Mind Games to Election Hacking: Russia’s Trolling Tactics Explained Video, July 15

    Cyberattacks. “Little green men.” Frozen conflicts. These are just a few of the tactics Russia and its leader, Vladimir V. Putin, have used to try to disrupt the world order.

  26. How France Won Its Second World Cup Title Sports, July 15

    Led by Kylian Mbappé and Paul Pogba, France brings home its second World Cup trophy, 20 years after winning its first.

  27. Watch New Yorkers React to the World Cup Interactive, July 15

    The agony and ecstasy of watching the games at various bars and cafes in New York City.

  28. French Fans Celebrate a World Cup Victory Video, July 15

    In Paris, Moscow, New York and Chicago, fans took to the streets to celebrate the World Cup’s champion.

  29. The Winning Scene From Paris Video, July 15

    Witness in 360 video as fans in Paris celebrate the French team’s victory in the World Cup final.

  30. Hear a Mash-up of Every ‘Goooooool’ From the World Cup Interactive, July 15

    We have combined all 169 impassioned cries by Telemundo's announcers into one lung-bursting goal call.