1. Have You Seen This Man? Sports, Today

    For some stars, the path to China’s Super League was paved with riches. But as the country’s soccer fever cools, is there a way back to Europe for the best of them?

  2. New Anti-Racism Project Hopes to Push Soccer Past Gestures Sports, February 24

    Black players, joining with the charity Common Goal and backed by teams in North America, say they hope to reinvigorate the campaign against racism in the game.

  3. A Rising Tide Sinks One Boat Sports, February 24

    A top women’s soccer team won its first league title last season. But as richer rivals pour money into the women’s game, Kopparbergs decided to fold rather than fight.

  4. Your Wednesday Briefing Foreign, February 23

    Syria’s economy in distress.

  5. That Strange Feeling Going Around New York Is Optimism Sports, February 23

    After two decades of frustration and incompetence broken up by an occasional championship (thanks, Giants), the region’s sports teams all appear headed in the right direction.

  6. ‘Pelé’ Review: A National Treasure Weekend, February 23

    This Netflix documentary surveys the Brazilian soccer player’s pioneering career.

  7. Luis Suárez recupera su mordida en Español, February 23

    El delantero del Atlético de Madrid está acostumbrado a que se le presente como un villano. Pero ahora es el héroe de su equipo.

  8. In European Soccer, Home and Away Is Now a Fluid Concept Sports, February 23

    Coronavirus restrictions have sent Champions League matches and World Cup qualifiers to neutral sites. Will this summer’s European Championship be next to move?

  9. Luis Suárez Rediscovers His Bite Sports, February 23

    After a summer of indignity and humiliation, the striker has been reborn with Atlético Madrid.

  10. For Liverpool, Everton Loss Is a Shock to Klopp’s System Sports, February 20

    Everton’s victory at Anfield, a cause for deserved celebration, reveals a broken Liverpool team holding tight to a style that has stopped working.

  11. Sometimes the Numbers Lie Sports, February 19

    Strikers are paid to score goals. The more the better. But can a lack of them distort the full picture of a player?

  12. Inter vs. Inter Is the Soccer Rivalry Trademark Lawyers Can Love Sports, February 18

    A dispute over a team name could have consequences for the increasingly global soccer industry.

  13. Soccer Isn’t Blameless in Its Culture of Abuse Sports, February 12

    Leagues and teams have urged Twitter and Facebook to address the unfiltered hatred spewed on their platforms. But the game indulges, and sometimes even directs, that same outrage.

  14. Barcelona and the Crippling Cost of Success Sports, February 12

    The world’s richest soccer club is facing a financial crisis. Executives blame the pandemic, but many of its biggest problems, including its enormous debt to Lionel Messi, are its own fault.

  15. City’s Revival, Liverpool’s Fade and the Flaw in Overthinking Them Sports, February 8

    Manchester City’s rout at Anfield provided some clarity in the Premier League title race. But the factors that led to it have been plain to see for months.

  16. Newcastle, Leeds and the Importance of Being … Something Sports, February 6

    Wandering about without a plan inspires neither affection nor success. So why do so many clubs still do it?

  17. They Hailed the New Owner as a Savior. Then They Got to Know Him. Sports, February 5

    Deep pockets, new management and a Cup trophy seemed to herald better days at Valencia. It hasn’t worked out that way.

  18. Europe Is Mining an Emerging Talent Market: the U.S. Sports, February 4

    All the big clubs know Christian Pulisic, Weston McKennie and Gio Reyna. More recently, the callers have asked about Bryan Reynolds, Brenden Aaronson and others like them.

  19. El Palmeiras ganó la Libertadores, pero sus hinchas olvidaron los riesgos de la pandemia en Español, January 31

    El coronavirus hizo que los seguidores del Palmeiras no pudieran acompañar a su equipo durante la final de la Copa Libertadores contra el Santos. Una victoria de último minuto hizo que todos olvidaran la distancia y las medidas de seguridad.

  20. In Brazil, Risk and Reward, Side by Joyous Side Sports, January 31

    Coronavirus restrictions forced Palmeiras fans to watch from afar as the soccer team played Santos in the Copa Libertadores final. A last-minute win made everyone forget the distance, and the rules.

  21. Old Rivals, New Ideas and Why Some Clubs Are Reluctant to Try Sports, January 29

    Rangers and Celtic are so focused on beating one another that they may have lost sight of the future. In Brazil, two rivals enter the Copa Libertadores final toying with a new concept: coaching stability.

  22. Old Rivals, New Ideas and Why Clubs Are Too Scared to Try Sports, January 29

    Rangers and Celtic are so focused on beating one another that they may have lost sight of the future. In Brazil, two rivals enter the Copa Libertadores final toying with a new concept: coaching stability.

  23. In 30 Years, Little Progress for U.S. Sports Leagues on Leadership Diversity Interactive, December 23

    There are rules, initiatives and eager proclamations throughout North American sports leagues when it comes to hiring more nonwhite leaders. Then there are actual hiring numbers.