1. ‘Me alegra mucho jugar contra muy buenas futbolistas’: Lieke Martens, la Liga de Campeones y el Barça en Español, Yesterday

    Lieke Martens y el Barcelona derrotaron el domingo al Chelsea. La jugadora y el equipo tienen la vista puesta en elevar el nivel del éxito en el fútbol femenino.

  2. For Jrue Holiday, It’s a Good Game When His Wife Says So Sports, May 16

    The pressure is on as the Bucks head to the N.B.A. playoffs, but Holiday has somebody at home who understands competition: his wife, Lauren, who faced high expectations on the U.S. national soccer team.

  3. The Fall Guy Sports, May 15

    Andrea Pirlo was given a difficult task and failed at it. But if Juventus misses out on next season’s Champions League, it won’t be entirely his fault.

  4. The Lost Days of Raúl Jiménez Sports, May 14

  5. Los días perdidos de Raúl Jiménez en Español, May 14

    Durante 45 minutos agonizantes, Daniela Basso temió que su pareja no sobreviviera a la lesión que sufrió durante un partido de la Liga Premier. Ahora debe enfrentar sus miedos cuando él vuelva a jugar.

  6. A Barcelona Star on Style, Substance and Another Champions League Final Sports, May 14

    Lieke Martens and Barcelona will face Chelsea on Sunday. Both have their sights set on raising the standard for success in the women’s game.

  7. Champions League Final Is Moved to Portugal Sports, May 12

    UEFA will take this month’s Manchester City-Chelsea final to Porto after talks to bring the game to London failed to produce an agreement.

  8. Are You a Glennon or an Abby? Styles, May 11

    Inside the relatably argumentative, highly downloadable marriage of the best-selling author Glennon Doyle and the retired soccer star Abby Wambach.

  9. Champions League Final Considers a Move to London Sports, May 9

    UEFA officials and the British government will discuss shifting the Manchester City-Chelsea game from Istanbul to Wembley to sidestep coronavirus travel restrictions.

  10. The Making of a Goal Machine Sports, May 8

    Bayern’s Robert Lewandowski is the most complete, most ruthless, most polished striker of his generation. But what we see is only the finished product.

  11. The Brighter the Light, the Darker the Shadow Sports, May 7

    The success of a handful of top women’s teams is a testament to their clubs’ commitment. But a growing competitive divide should be addressed before it’s too late.

  12. Super League Surrender: Nine Teams Apologize but New Fight Looms Sports, May 7

    Nine founders of a breakaway soccer league admitted it was a mistake and agreed to pay millions in fines. But three holdouts are vowing to seek damages.

  13. In the Champions League, Fine Margins and English Winners Sports, May 6

    Manchester City and Chelsea seal an all-Premier League final thanks in part to resources and rosters that no club, not even their biggest rivals, can match.

  14. Manchester City Gets One Step Closer to Its Ultimate Purpose Sports, May 4

    With a win over Paris St.-Germain, City worked past some demons and headed to the Champions League final.

  15. Manchester City and Premier League Wage Secret Fight Over Cost Controls Sports, May 4

    City, the Gulf-backed soccer team on the cusp of a fourth English Premier League title, is fighting an investigation over financial control rules.

  16. In Anti-Ownership Protests, United Fans Rediscover Their Own Power Sports, May 2

    The protests, by Manchester United fans demanding the Glazer family sell the club, forced the postponement of a match after the stadium was stormed.

  17. When the Goals Come Out of Nowhere Sports, April 30

    A Greek striker is one of the top scorers in Europe, and his play has caught the eye of big clubs. But are his goals a product of his talent, or his environment?

  18. When Are the Olympics? Here’s the Schedule for Tokyo. Sports, April 29

    The opening ceremony will be held July 23, with gymnastics, swimming and other sports beginning soon after.

  19. Real Madrid’s Marcelo May Miss Chelsea Game for Election Duty Sports, April 28

    Unless the Brazilian defender is excused from working at a polling place next week, he may miss his club’s Champions League match at Chelsea.

  20. Real Madrid’s Marcelo May Miss Chelsea Game for Election Duty Sports, April 28

    Unless the Brazilian defender is excused from working at a polling place next week, he may miss his club’s Champions League match at Chelsea.

  21. At Real Madrid, the Only Trophy That Counts Can Still Slip Away Sports, April 27

    A history of Champions League success is part of the fabric at Real Madrid. No club has won it more often. But rivals keep driving up the price.

  22. English Soccer Will Boycott Social Media to Protest Online Abuse Sports, April 24

    The boycott, set to begin on Friday, is the most direct effort yet by a sport to pressure social media companies like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to take action against abuse.

  23. The Short, Unhappy Life of Europe’s Super League Sports, April 24

    A timeline of the Super League, which was designed to reshape European soccer and instead rained only grief on its 12 clubs in the two days before it imploded.

  24. The Short, Unhappy Life of Europe’s Super League Sports, April 24

    A timeline of the Super League, which was designed to reshape European soccer and instead rained only grief on its 12 clubs in the two days before it imploded.

  25. The Super League Is Gone. What Now? Sports, April 23

    The plan hatched by Europe’s elite clubs was wrong on almost every level, but its architects got one thing right: Soccer’s economy, as it stands, does not work.

  26. JPMorgan Apologizes for Its Role in Super League Sports, April 23

    The bank that was to provide billions of dollars in financing for a breakaway European soccer league said it “misjudged” how fans would react.

  27. Dublin and Bilbao Lose Euro 2020 Games Over Coronavirus Rules Sports, April 23

    The Irish and Spanish cities were said to have been removed from a list of cities that will host the delayed soccer tournament this summer.

  28. The Super League That Wasn’t The Daily, April 23

    What the spectacular fall of a breakaway tournament for European soccer says about the future of the world’s biggest sport.

  29. El fracaso veloz de la Superliga, jugada a jugada en Español, April 23

    Llamadas desesperadas, reuniones en secreto, jugadas de alto riesgo: así se gestó tras bambalinas una multimillonaria liga separatista que colapsó en menos de una semana.

  30. How the Super League Fell Apart Sports, April 22

    Frantic phone calls, secret meetings and high-stakes threats: The inside story of how a billion-dollar European soccer superleague was born, and then collapsed, in less than a week.

  31. Tech Giants Take a Hit in Washington Business, April 22

    Lawmakers in D.C. delivered a one-two punch.

  32. In Chaos of Super League Fiasco, Johnson Seizes an Opportunity to Score Foreign, April 21

    The British prime minister was able to take the moral high ground by opposing the breakaway European soccer league that proved to be highly unpopular with fans.

  33. Billionaires, Bluster and the Super League That Wasn’t Sports, April 21

    The organizers of a European soccer league didn’t believe in their idea enough to defend it.

  34. Super League Collapses as Premier League Teams Walk Away Sports, April 20

    The loss of England’s six biggest and richest teams was a death blow for a project that would have remade European soccer.

  35. Are American Values Ruining European Football? Op Ed, April 20

    Billionaire owners. Disloyalty. Hunger for profit. The plan for the European Super League was, in fact, made in America.

  36. ‘You Are In or You Are Out,’ FIFA Tells Super League Clubs Sports, April 20

    As opposition mounts to a breakaway European league, Paris St.-Germain opted out and an Italian team president called a rival backing the plan “a Judas.”

  37. Reaction to the Super League: Super Anger Interactive, April 20

    When 12 of the world’s richest soccer teams announced plans for a breakaway league, it threw the sport into crisis. And the response has been scathing.

  38. The Growing Fallout From the Super League Fight Business, April 20

    Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase and LeBron James are the latest to get entangled in the debate.

  39. JPMorgan draws public ire for financing a breakaway European soccer league. Business, April 19

    The bank’s role has made it one of the targets for criticism. European heads of state, former players and supporter groups of the clubs involved were among those speaking out against the plan.

  40. Superliga europea: esto es lo que sabemos en Español, April 19

    Tanto si eres un aficionado de toda la vida como si no eres capaz de distinguir entre los equipos de Manchester y los de Madrid, tenemos respuestas a tus preguntas más urgentes.

  41. El anuncio de la ‘Superliga’ Interactive, April 19

    Doce de los principales clubes de fútbol europeos confirmaron sus planes de formar una liga independiente. Este es el comunicado [en inglés] que emitieron el domingo.

  42. Europe’s New Super League, Explained Sports, April 19

    Whether you’re a lifelong fan or an outsider who doesn’t know your Manchesters from your Madrids, we’ve got answers to your pressing questions.

  43. The ‘Super League’ Announcement Interactive, April 19

    Twelve leading European soccer clubs have confirmed their plans to form a breakaway league. Here’s the statement they issued on Sunday.

  44. Big money is backing a breakaway league of top European soccer clubs. Business, April 19

    JPMorgan Chase is leading a multibillion-dollar financing to support the new Super League.

  45. How Corporate Donations Changed After the Capitol Riot Business, April 19

    New fund-raising disclosures show a shift in giving.

  46. Tottenham Hotspur Fires a Trophy-Less José Mourinho Sports, April 19

    The Portuguese coach’s 17 months in charge at the North London club failed to deliver the successes that had marked the earlier stops in his career.

  47. Battle Over Super League Begins With Letters, Threats and Banners Sports, April 19

    The founding members of a league that would reshape soccer have warned the sport’s leaders that they will fight any effort to block their plans.

  48. Outrage About European Super League Is Muffled by Our Cheers Sports, April 18

    A breakaway league would remake European soccer to benefit a few rich teams, but we will watch it anyway.

  49. Top European Soccer Teams Form Breakaway League Sports, April 18

    Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool and Juventus are among the dozen founding members of a league that would upend the sport’s structures and economics.

  50. The Champions League Is Changing. Here’s How It Will Work. Interactive, March 29

    After more than a generation in its current form, the Champions League is remaking itself, and about to become an actual league for the first time.

  51. In 30 Years, Little Progress for U.S. Sports Leagues on Leadership Diversity Interactive, December 23

    There are rules, initiatives and eager proclamations throughout North American sports leagues when it comes to hiring more nonwhite leaders. Then there are actual hiring numbers.