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Wedding Photographers Share Their Favorite Moments
Fashion, Yesterday

Some of the best photos — from teary-eyed first looks to candid dance moves — are captured when least expected.

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Wedding Album: Do You Have an Unexpected Photo from Your Wedding Day?
Fashion, Yesterday

Do you have a cherished wedding photo that captures an unplanned, unscripted moment? We want to hear from you.

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Pulled Apart by Addiction
Fashion, January 27

Eli Falk and Rina Shapiro say expectations from their upbringing and Jewish communities caused them to marry prematurely.

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Hilary Ledwell, Joshua Revesz
Fashion, January 26

The couple met at Yale, from which both received law degrees.

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Kaitlyn Stuck, Jacob Gordon
Fashion, January 26

The couple met in Worcester, Mass., at Clark University, from which each graduated.

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Alexandra Quitko, Adam Baranski
Fashion, January 26

The couple met in 2017 on JDate, and had their first date in New York.

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Invested in Each Other, and the Acela
Fashion, January 25

For two years, either Kara Diamond or Andrew Stahl spent many a weekend traveling between Philadelphia and New York.

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An Israeli Adventure, and Obscure Movie Quotes
Fashion, January 25

They bonded over obscure movie quotes their first day in Israel.

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No Lack of Chemistry, Onstage or Off
Fashion, January 24

When Kate Hamill first met Jason O’Connell there was an immediate spark that neither could act on. He later went from being her leading man to her real-life beau.

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It’s Not You, It’s Your Wedding
Fashion, January 23

Wedding shamers take to social media to voice unasked for opinions on wedding dresses, rings, cakes, mothers-in-law and so much more.

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Amanda Berntsen, Khamal Brown
Fashion, January 19

The couple met at Princeton, from which they graduated.

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Kasey Ma, Bryan Kang
Fashion, January 19

The couple met in 2014 through the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel.

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Karen Fu, Victor Alves
Fashion, January 19

The couple met through a dating app in September 2015 in New York.

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Natalie Knight, Matthew Ellison
Fashion, January 19

The bride and groom, both lawyers, met at a bar in Washington.

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Leah Robins, Daniel Sternberg
Fashion, January 19

The couple met in 2014 in Cambridge, Mass., while separately attending a mutual friend’s farewell party.

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Marli Scharlin, Miles Bergner
Fashion, January 19

The bride, 26, and groom 25, met at Brown, from which they graduated.

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Lauren Coward, Michael Craig
Fashion, January 19

The couple, who each graduated from Florida State University, met in September 2014 at the Royal, a bar in Manhattan.

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Jennifer Klein, Thomas Burrow
Fashion, January 19

She is a lawyer. He is an engineer developing autonomous vehicles. They married in San Francisco.

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Sophia Skupien, Conor O’Reilly
Fashion, January 19

The couple met through a dating app in London in March 2017.

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Ruchika Budhraja, Drew Hodel
Fashion, January 19

The couple met in 2018 through a Facebook colleague of the bride.

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Mollie Vandor, Benjamin Forer
Fashion, January 19

They met while working at Facebook in Manhattan.

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Emily Kaplan, David Rosenberg
Fashion, January 19

His frequent calls to his grandmothers got her thinking that he seemed like a real mensch.

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The Right Words Came Easy
Fashion, January 18

Rebecca Nelson and Stanley Kay, both journalists, met while serving internships at the Washingtonian magazine. Both also graduated from Northwestern.

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Politics Aside, a Win for Both in the Senate Softball League
Fashion, January 18

Kate Henjum and Bill Jaffee are, as he says, “a positive blip on the political radar.”

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Booking Hotel Rooms for a Group? Here Are Some Tips
Fashion, January 15

Experts share advice on what to consider before you book a room block for your wedding.

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Brides Find Perfect Fit at New Plus-Size Pop-Up Store
Fashion, January 14

Ella & Oak opens its first longer-term pop-up store in Manhattan. The showroom features dresses from several designers and closes March 8.

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Caroline Mencio, Sean Sutton
Fashion, January 12

Two University of Michigan alumni began dating when they lived a few minutes from each other in New York.

 12rothken mediumthreebytwo210
Eric Tsytsylin, Rony Rothken
Fashion, January 12

The couple met in December 2015 on The League, a dating app. After a few days of digital banter, they had their first date at a wine bar for which their dog is now named.

12emanuel mediumthreebytwo210
Gracie Terzian, Jeffrey Emanuel
Fashion, January 12

He rattled off sonnets by Shakespeare on their first date. She was impressed.

12lieberman mediumthreebytwo210
Laura Lieberman, Jeremy Skog
Fashion, January 12

The bride is a tax analyst. The groom is an economic consultant. They met in Washington.

12wright mediumthreebytwo210
Caroline Wright, Diego Garcia-Olano
Fashion, January 12

The couple met briefly in 2006 while playing in separate bands but sharing a drummer, Aaron Castillo. Their paths parted until 2016, when they met again at Mr. Castillo’s wedding.

Nicole Guerra, Sean LaRochelle
Fashion, January 12

The couple met five years ago at a gas station in Pembroke Pines, Fla. They were married in Coral Gable, Fla.

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To Love, in Fitness and Health
Fashion, January 11

They met working out. And now their lives are devoted to training and nutrition.

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Adding a Wedding to the Highlight Reel
Fashion, January 10

Andrea Masenda, who met Kevin Lo when both were working at ESPN, wasn’t sure she was on a first date, or even if she wanted to be. Mr. Lo had no such doubt.

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‘It’s Harder to Fight When You’re Naked’
Fashion, January 7

Charli Penn and Gibran Watkins have learned that love means giving each other space to be vulnerable and to heal.

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Pekham Pal, Nicholas Santangelo
Fashion, January 5

The couple met in law school at Fordham.

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Christie Lee, Aaron Applbaum
Fashion, January 5

The couple met as summer interns in 2013 at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington.

05gordon mediumthreebytwo210
Remy Gordon, Jared Chariton
Fashion, January 5

The second time was the charm for the couple, who met for drinks to reconnect.

05kiselick mediumthreebytwo210
Maggie Kiselick, Brendan Milnamow
Fashion, January 5

The couple met in October 2016 through the League, a dating app.

05gregory mediumthreebytwo210
Brittany-Rae Gregory, Franklin Rivers III
Fashion, January 5

The couple met in 2013 while in graduate school at Middle Tennessee State University.

05mills mediumthreebytwo210
Erin Mills, Mark Haslinger Jr.
Fashion, January 5

The couple met in 2013 through Match.com, the online dating service, and had their first date in New York.

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Supriya Menon, Steven Lesser
Fashion, January 5

The couple met in 2018 through the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel.

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Hilary Rogers, Jeffrey Mauro
Fashion, January 5

The couple met through the dating app the League.

05rose mediumthreebytwo210
Candace Vickery, Kimberly Rose
Fashion, January 5

The couple met at a brunch with friends in Asheville, N.C., in 2018, and had their first date soon afterward.

05sukol mediumthreebytwo210
Talia Sukol, Andrew Karas
Fashion, January 5

The couple met in 2017 through the dating app Bumble.

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Michelle Yampolsky, Matthew Gomez
Fashion, January 5

The couple met at Rutgers, from which both graduated.

05harris mediumthreebytwo210
Zoë Harris, Simon Lazarre-Bloom
Fashion, January 5

The bride spotted the groom at a party in 2015, but they didn’t connect until a year later, through Facebook.

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I Do. Take 2.
Fashion, January 3

Linda Tracy and Peter Tracy had been married 37 years, before divorcing in 2015. When their sons began planning their own weddings, Mom and Dad rediscovered love.

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Ringing in the New Year (With Rings)
Fashion, December 31

Everyone already has the dresses, the tuxedos, the champagne. Is New Year’s Eve the one holiday it’s not rude to have a wedding?