La vidente que predijo mi futuro romántico
En español, July 20

Para una milénial con cargas financieras, ¿construir un hogar necesariamente requiere comprar una casa?

Bridal Hats Are Making a Stylish Comeback
Styles, July 20

Fashion experts cite the influence of the British royals, along with high-profile events like the Kentucky Derby for the resurgence of this vintage wedding trend.

They Wanted Marriage and Family, Maybe Not in That Order
Styles, July 19

Traci Green and Christopher Sater set their own relationship timeline after meeting through a dating app seven years ago.

Committing to the Bit, and Each Other
Styles, July 19

Lauren Garroni and Paul Glover met through a “Sex and the City” Instagram account, and just like that, felt a spark.

A ‘Jedi of Emotion’ Taught Him a New Language
Styles, July 19

Matthew Eubank, great at writing down his feelings, learned how to talk about them after meeting Kara Loewentheil, a life coach, podcaster and author.

Las estilistas que destacaron en la boda del hijo de Mukesh Ambani
En español, July 16

Radhika Merchant y Anant Ambani no fueron los únicos protagonistas de la opulenta boda: los atuendos de la hermana y la cuñada del novio también acapararon las miradas.

The Stylists Who Dressed Two Ambanis for the Eyes of the World
Styles, July 16

Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani weren’t the only ones in the spotlight at the opulent wedding last weekend. The groom’s sister and sister-in-law worked with stylists of their own.

Bollywood Stars, Prime Ministers and the Kardashians Attend the Ambani Wedding
Styles, July 13

After months of lavish prewedding festivities that have captured the attention of onlookers worldwide, Anant Ambani, the youngest son of India’s richest man, married Radhika Merchant in Mumbai.

On the Red Carpet at One of India’s Most Lavish Weddings
Video, July 13

After months of anticipation, Anant Ambani, the youngest son of India’s richest man, married Radhika Merchant, a daughter of a fellow business tycoon. Celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood joined their extravagant multiday celebration on the re...

Sí, tío Sam, nos conocimos en Tinder
En español, July 13

Cuando te casas con una inmigrante, demostrar tu compromiso puede convertirse en una historia de amor por derecho propio.

On the Hands of India’s Brides, Reminders of a Stark Wealth Divide
Foreign, July 13

Henna artists’ elaborate designs are a hallmark of Indian weddings. They also highlight a disparity where some are fabulously rich and many earn very little.

La boda del hijo de Mukesh Ambani muestra la vida de los ultrarricos de India
En español, July 13

La riqueza e influencia de la familia Ambani son tan incuestionables que incluso el uso de recursos públicos para ayudar a sus fiestas privadas puede ser motivo de orgullo en ese país.

A Wedding Puts India’s Gilded Age on Lavish Display
Foreign, July 12

Many Indians cheer the rise of moguls like Mukesh Ambani, whose son’s wedding has become a global spectacle. To them, India’s poverty is predictable, but such opulence is not.

After a Rock-Climbing Date, Their Relationship Reached New Heights
Styles, July 12

Ona Ferens and Samuel Haselden may have unknowingly crossed paths at the same gym before ever meeting each other.

They Sang Their Way Into Each Other’s Hearts
Styles, July 12

Jennie Thomas and Jeff Angell met five years ago at a talent competition that they helped put on at Rikers Island in New York.

The Psychic Who Predicted My Romantic Future
Styles, July 12

For a millennial with financial burdens, would a home have to be a house?

‘Basically Inseparable’ From the Start
Styles, July 12

Thirty minutes into her first date with Karli Gray, Ellie Smith texted her friends to let them know she was falling in love.

Finding Happily Ever After in Their Happy Place
Styles, July 12

Joe Gorman and Matt Capbarat felt an instant spark when they met through a mutual friend. It took a harrowing climb of Denali to know this was a forever love.

Cómo asegurarte de que te gusten las fotos de tu boda
En español, July 9

Primer paso: elige al profesional indicado. Los expertos tienen algunas recomendaciones para ti.

The Rise of the ‘Earlymoon’
Styles, July 6

Many couples are no longer waiting until after their weddings to take a trip.

Their First Meeting Was Filled With Magic
Styles, July 5

Michelle Navarro and Christopher Zegunis met at a six-week magic course in Los Angeles, where they bonded over their mutual love of Disneyland and their strategic approach to visiting the theme park.

Yes, Uncle Sam, We Met on Tinder
Styles, July 5

When you marry an immigrant, proving your commitment can become its own love story.

Crossing the Friend Zone on a Second First Date
Styles, July 5

Raj Thakker and Trisha Vijay became good friends after meeting on a Bollywood dance team in college, but neither was sure where their relationship was headed.

On Their First Date, Her Younger Brother Played Chaperone
Styles, July 5

Kaylah Howard was allowed to go to the movies with Jamauri Bogan in high school only if her 4-year-old brother went along.

In Sync on the Ice and Off
Styles, July 5

Madison Chock and Evan Bates found chemistry when she picked him to be her ice dance partner in 2011. Then they found even more.

Here’s How to Avoid Hating Your Wedding Photos
Styles, July 1

A series of TikTok videos about a bride’s dissatisfaction with her photos spurred online discussions, with pros offering advice on how to hire a photographer.

The Best Engagement Gifts
Interactive, June 28

Take the guesswork out of the present.

Choosing Love and Marriage During the Holocaust
Styles, June 28

Natalie Mandelbaum, a coordinator and researcher of Yad Vashem’s online photo exhibit “Weddings During the Holocaust,” describes highlighting 11 Jewish couples who married during that perilous time.

A Proposal in the Offing? Not So Fast.
Styles, June 28

Stephanie Fleischman expected to become engaged when Zach Kuperman planned a trip to Italy, but there were several other surprises along the way.

Outside the Campus Cafeteria, It Was Love at First Sight
Styles, June 28

Lucie Lott felt and Lalo Fabregas did a triple take the first time they saw each other. He almost canceled their first date for fear of falling in love.

Sparks Flew All Over the World
Styles, June 28

Aggie Lal and Jacob Riglin first met as travel influencers in Thailand, got together in California and got back together in Bali (thanks, in part, to rescued puppies).

A Tennis Ball to the Head Was Just the Start of Their Love Story
Styles, June 28

Eric Rothman had a funny way of asking Courtney DiGia to prom. Ultimately, it worked out for them.

Is It OK for Guests to Vlog at a Wedding?
Styles, June 27

An influencer’s nuptials spark a social media debate on what is considered appropriate to share online when attending a wedding.

Your Wedding Flowers Could Be in Your Backyard
Styles, June 27

Many couples are opting for flowers from local farms as a more sustainable way to customize the look of their weddings.

The Upside of a Population Decline
Letters, October 5

Readers disagree with an essay expressing concern about a decline after a peak. Also: Rudy Giuliani’s drinking; book bans; masks in hospitals; wedding magic.

What All the Single Ladies (and Men) Say About the Economy
Business, June 9

A major jeweler claims the pandemic may have prevented people from meeting their future fiancés, cutting demand for engagement rings. Inflation and anxiety among shoppers haven’t helped.

The ‘Hot Vax Summer’ That Lived Up to Its Hype
Styles, April 21

In 2021, Megan O’Connor and her friends organized a singles outing in Brooklyn. Omar Elsayed showed up, and the two hit it off immediately. But it was a “serendipitous encounter” in Greece that sealed the deal.

What TikTok Told Us About the Economy in 2022
Business, December 31

From Barbiecore to revenge travel, social media trends gave us a clear picture of the forces reshaping the economy.

After Pandemic Delays, a New Dilemma: Disinviting Wedding Guests
Styles, May 25

Revoking invitations can at the very least be awkward and, at most, be seen as a major faux pas. But that hasn’t stopped couples from doing so to have celebrations on their terms.