For Queer Couples, Engagement Rings With Subversive Stones
Style, Today

As one jeweler put it, many of her L.G.B.T.Q. clients want “the opposite of what a diamond is supposed to stand for.” Sapphires, opals and other nontraditional stones have in turn grown more coveted.

Decodificando el código de vestimenta: cómo vestirse para una boda
en Español, September 24

Desde el “chic del desierto” al “playero formal”, muchas parejas están optando por temas inusuales para sus bodas y piden a sus invitados lucir el atuendo adecuado.

For Two College Students, Finally a Place (and a Person) to Call Home
Styles, September 23

Yolka Gessen and Mohamad Eisa were nearly introduced by journalist Masha Gessen, who is the bride’s parent. But they found each other first.

When He Stocked Her Fridge, Her Heart Was Full
Styles, September 23

As the little sister of David Doherty’s friends, Cait McDonagh passed a crucial test: “She was never annoying.”

Returning the Ring Only to Receive It Again
Styles, September 23

Jill Martin, a “Today” show contributor, and Erik Brooks, a financier, were first engaged in 2019, then broke up a year later. After 16 months of no communication, they recommitted to each other.

Finally the Right Time for a Second Chance
Styles, September 23

Lisa Jenkins and Vincent Brown first met at choir practice in 1993. What followed was a nearly 30-year journey through life and love that ended, eventually, in a reunion.

Finding Love in Fits and Starts
Styles, September 23

Lauren Shell and Seth Ratner dated on and off after meeting on a Disney cruise in 2014. A chance encounter at a Billy Joel concert in 2018 finally sealed their romance.

At the Barbershop, a Meet-Cute Mid Cut
Styles, September 23

Everett Long Jr. and Fred Smith Jr. marvel at the fact that, as two queer men, they met at what Mr. Long called one of the “most masculine and most beloved institutions of the Black community.”

Marry Now, Pay Later: New Services Put Weddings on Installment
Styles, September 22

The “buy now, pay later” approach has infiltrated the wedding industry via new programs created specifically to finance events.

After a Fire, Rebuilding What Matters
Styles, September 16

Months before their wedding, Emily Thompson and Stefan Kienle lost most of their possessions in the Marshall fire that destroyed their home and many others in Louisville, Colo.

A Relationship With Biblical Origins
Styles, September 16

Cecelia Thornton-Alson and Terence Lee met at a wedding, where they read from the ‘Song of Songs,’ and soon began a bicoastal relationship.

Dog Lovers Become Almost Instant Companions
Styles, September 16

Weeks after Kachet Jackson-Henderson and Brandon Bell met on Hinge, where the profiles of both featured photos of their dogs, she ended up in the hospital and he rushed to her side.

Without Knowing It, Opening the Door to Romance
Styles, September 16

Jobina Fortson and Bradley Evans met when he knocked on her dorm-room door at Howard University looking to use her printer. Eleven years later, they married.

Dog Lovers Become Almost Instant Companions
Style, September 16

Weeks after Kachet Jackson-Henderson and James Bell met on Tinder, where the profiles of both featured photos of their dogs, she ended up in the hospital and he rushed to her side.

Decoding the Dress Code: What to Wear to a Wedding Now
Styles, September 15

From “desert chic” to “beach formal,” many couples are selecting distinctive themes for their weddings and are asking their guests to look the part.

What Did You Wear to That Wedding?
Styles, September 15

Were you invited to a wedding with a nontraditional dress code (think: desert chic or coastal glam)? We want to see what you wore.

The Wedding Photographer Favored by High Society and Fashion Royalty
Styles, September 10

At rarefied weddings, including those of British Vogue’s top editor, Princess Diana’s niece and Paris Hilton, German Larkin has become a fixture.

How Do Japanese Show They Care? By Sending a Telegram.
Business, September 9

Millions of the messages still crisscross Japan each year, offering congratulations or condolences in a way that more modern communications cannot.

If at First You Don’t Succeed at Love, Try an Instagram DM
Styles, September 9

When Carly Stein and Oliver Kremer matched on Hinge, they didn’t make it past the messaging stage before she ghosted. But he persisted.

A Two-Week Trip That Took Them Out of the Friend Zone
Styles, September 9

Jennifer Noinaj and Perry Chu, part of the same social group for years, began to see each other in a more romantic light while competing online.

Hitting a High Note on and Off the Opera Stage
Styles, September 9

Soon after Jordan Rutter and Vincent Covatto met at a Halloween drag gala, the two, both members of New York City’s opera scene, found their paths crossing at the National Opera Center in Manhattan.

The Feelings Were There, Even When Words Were Not
Styles, September 9

After talking to Abrielle Moore for weeks, Kobina Johnson got her number and then sent a one-word message: “hey.” When he learned it upset her, he sent another (longer) note that led to a first date.

Two Journalists Who Cover Hate Find Love
Styles, September 9

Tess Owen and Andy Campbell met in Charlottesville, Va., while reporting on the aftermath of the “Unite the Right” rally of white nationalists.

Developing a Harmony at Different Stages in Life
Styles, September 9

Matei Varga, a concert pianist, met Missi Gibbs, an arts enthusiast four decades his senior, while looking for an apartment. In time, they went from roommates to something more romantic.

In Harlem, Detroit Natives Find a Love That Feels Like Home
Styles, September 2

Mike Taylor Jr. said Celeste Northern was “the Detroit girl I had always been looking for.” The two began dating after they both relocated to New York City.

In Sickness, Proving the Health of Their Relationship
Styles, September 2

Nicholas Baldo proposed to Viktoria Cupay in an intensive care unit after she had suffered a life-threatening health complication. Three years to the day of their engagement, they married.

After a Nudge from Aziz Ansari, a First Date
Styles, September 2

Meredith Davis and Elliott Poppel connected on the dating app the League, but did not meet in person until after a comedy show where the actor Aziz Ansari read their messages on the app aloud.

A Proposal Seven Years in the Making
Styles, September 2

It took a little more than a 45-minute call and $400 in texting fees for Mitchell Karp to know he liked Barry Katz.

When Wedding Planning Is More Like Online Shopping
Styles, September 1

For those who crave efficiency, some websites tackle wedding planning with an add-to-cart approach.

After Pandemic Delays, a New Dilemma: Disinviting Wedding Guests
Styles, May 25

Revoking invitations can at the very least be awkward and, at most, be seen as a major faux pas. But that hasn’t stopped couples from doing so to have celebrations on their terms.