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How the Royal Wedding Might Influence Weddings to Come
Society, Yesterday

The message from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry? Make it your wedding, not the wedding of your parents and grandparents. Be you.

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Marnita Robertson, Yigal Rechtman
Society, May 20

On their first date, in 2015, they talked about the process of getting divorced. Not very romantic, but he was intrigued.

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Nancy Franks, Benjamin Newman
Society, May 20

The couple met in 2010, in a New York bar that neither remembers, and didn’t manage to go on their first date for five years.

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Phoebe Jin, Yang Mou
Society, May 20

The couple, who met at Princeton, wed at the William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn.

20galindo thumbwide
Cesar Galindo, Kenneth Fleishman
Society, May 20

The couple incorporated Mexican and Jewish traditions into their ceremony.

20sipchen thumbwide
Emily Sipchen, Andrew Pappas
Society, May 20

The couple met in 2013 at a wedding, though both had previously resisted the efforts of the couple getting married to set them up.

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Christopher Baker, Zachary Madin
Society, May 20

The couple met 13 years ago on a blind date in New York.

20yuh thumbwide
Ellen Yuh, Jonathan Downin
Society, May 20

The couple met at Cornell in 2005, and both received diplomas in Chinese language at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

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Karin Stojaspal-Rainer, Daniel Kennedy
Society, May 20

The couple met in Vienna through a mutual friend, and soon began a trans-Atlantic dating relationship.

20dooley thumbwide
Carolyn Dooley, Jonathan Thompson
Society, May 20

The couple met at a happy hour in Washington in 2014, and both were enamored right away.

20chen thumbwide
Megan Chen, Andrew Shi
Society, May 20

The couple met in 2011 at the Albert D. Hutzler Reading Room on the campus of Johns Hopkins.

20elrod thumbwide
Sara Elrod, Carter Ruml
Society, May 20

The couple met in 2017 through the suggestion of a mutual friend who thought they might find they had much in common. And they did.

20brown thumbwide
Jamie Haas, Adam Brown
Society, May 20

They met at Carleton College in Northfield, Minn., where they took many of the same psychology classes.

20smith thumbwide
Marissa Smith, Glenn Stanley
Society, May 20

The bride is the director of corporate speechwriting for Hilton. The groom is a program analyst for the State Department.

20duguet thumbwide
Paola Duguet, Brett Murphy
Society, May 20

The couple met in 2012 through a mutual friend at a party in New York.

20bunce thumbwide
Abigail Bunce, Justin Morgan
Society, May 20

The couple met on the first day of law school at Northwestern University, from which each received a law degree.

20selig thumbwide
Lacy Selig, Chase Waters
Society, May 20

The couple met on Tinder in February 2016; they married in Hot Springs National Park, Ark.

20glazer thumbwide
Emily Glazer, Kevin Clark
Society, May 20

Emily Glazer and Kevin Clark, both journalists, met in September 2011 at a Wall Street Journal event for young reporters.

20rorer thumbwide
Kathryn Rorer, Charles Doppelt
Society, May 20

The couple met in 2015 through the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel.

Carolina Chiriboga, Clayton DeHaan
Society, May 20

Carolina Chiriboga and Clayton DeHaan both work for Bank of America Merrill Lynch. She is in consumer banking, he in wealth management.

Elizabeth Gausden, Andrew Kabatznick
Society, May 20

A chief resident in orthopedic surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery marries a vice president at an arbitrage company.

Alice Oliver, Thomas Incorvaia
Society, May 20

The bride and groom met while students at the Matawan-Aberdeen Middle School in New Jersey.

20cohen thumbwide
Alyssa Cohen, Daniel Lavy
Society, May 20

The couple met in 2014 after the groom’s mother suggested he take Ms. Cohen, the daughter of professional and social acquaintances, out for a drink.

20keating thumbwide
Jane Keating, Kelly Bird
Society, May 20

The couple met three years ago on Tinder. They were married at Christ Church in Philadelphia.

20gislason thumbwide
Kristina Gislason, Adam Chorlton
Society, May 20

The couple met in 2014 when a mutual friend, who knew they were both sports fans and thought they’d make a good match, introduced them.

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Tracy Dong, Joseph DeSario
Society, May 20

The couple met in 2014 through OkCupid, the dating website.

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Once Her Horse Approved, She Knew He Was a Keeper
Society, May 19

The couple met while attending Columbia Law School, and their friendship gradually turned into love.

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They Smelled Bad, Had Blisters and Were Hungry. It Was Perfect.
Society, May 19

Both avid outdoor adventurers, the couple met in 2015 while hiking the Appalachian Trail, and fell in love.

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From the First Minute They Knew, and Life Has Been Easier Since
Society, May 18

Dr. Temes, 75, says she is nicer, and sometimes quieter, now. Mr. Lyons, 87, says he is more talkative and happy. “I wake up thinking I have another day with this person,” he said.

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No Seat in the Fitting Room for Me
Society, May 17

I’m left to wait on the other side of the curtain as she tries on gowns. But then she steps out, and I melt. That’s my daughter in a wedding dress.

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Months After a Brutal Day in Charlottesville, a Tender Wedding
Society, May 16

Marcus Martin pushed Marissa Blair out of harm’s way during the 2017 attack that killed their friend Heather Heyer, who they honored at their ceremony.

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This Week’s Wedding Announcements
Society, May 13

All of the weddings right here on one handy page for you.

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Courtney Byrne-Mitchell, Mattie Ettenheim
Society, May 13

The couple met at the Museum at Eldridge Street in New York.

13esch thumbwide
Megan Esch, Ashish Patel
Society, May 13

The couple met in 2014 while on call together at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

13frank thumbwide
Jessica Gaines, Erica Frank
Society, May 13

The couple met two years ago through the dating app Bumble.

13doan nguyen thumbwide
Vicky Doan-Nguyen, Edward Trigg
Society, May 13

The couple met in 2014 when both were doctoral students at Penn. He asked her for a tour of an X-ray diffraction facility, and then lunch and a movie.

13han thumbwide
Nancy Han, Simon Yoo
Society, May 13

He was first impressed by her book collection before meeting her eight years later at a friend’s wedding.

13schwarz thumbwide
Madeline Schwarz, Kyle Kahan
Society, May 13

The couple met through OkCupid, the dating website, in 2012.

13letica thumbwide
Allison Letica, Jacob Kriegel
Society, May 13

A little matchmaking mixed with a networking opportunity brought the couple together in 2012.

13cummings thumbwide
Morgan Cummings, O’Neal Gray
Society, May 13

The couple met in 2015 on the dating app Hinge. The groom downloaded the app the day before they met, so the bride was his first and only online date.

13connolly thumbwide
Julia Connolly, Alon Neidich
Society, May 13

The couple met in 2010 through a mutual friend on St. Patrick’s Day in Boston.

13milstein thumbwide
Meredith Milstein, Lance Polivy
Society, May 13

The bride, who works for Mastercard, and the groom, a lawyer, met in 2015 through the dating app Hinge.

13traister thumbwide
Allison Traister, Daniel Blumberg
Society, May 13

The couple met in 2014, when a friend sent Ms. Traister an email asking, “thoughts?” about sharing her number with a “super cute lawyer” she knew.

13christian thumbwide v2
John Christian, Anthony Vellucci
Society, May 13

John Christian and Anthony Vellucci met on OkCupid.

14kaplan thumbwide
Marnie Kaplan, Michael Smallberg
Society, May 13

The bride works for Bellwether Education Partners. The groom works for Bloomberg Government. The couple wed at the Foundry in Queens.

13baumgarten thumbwide
Suzanne Baumgarten, Gilbert Rein
Society, May 13

The couple met in 2013 through the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel.

Kerri Connolly, Patrick Costello
Society, May 13

The bride and groom work at the Acushnet Company, which owns the Titleist and FootJoy brands.

13powell thumbwide
Rebecca Powell, Alon Cohen
Society, May 13

The couple met at Camp Alonim, a sleepaway camp outside of Los Angeles, when they were in grade school, and began dating years later, in college.

13tufts thumbwide
Katherine Tufts, Michael Aschieris
Society, May 13

The couple met in 2010 through mutual friends at a barbecue at Torlai Farms in Stockton, Calif.

13kirk thumbwide
Jami Kirk, Brandon Levy
Society, May 13

The couple first met more than a decade ago by a mutual friend when the bride, then living in Florida, was visiting New York.

13plazas thumbwide v2
Alexandra Plazas, Thomas Herrera
Society, May 13

Alexandra Plazas and Thomas Herrera, who knew each other only in passing in high school, reconnected 20 years later via Facebook.

13lorenz thumbwide
Carina Lorenz, Timothy Abbott
Society, May 13

The couple met in 2003 as students of Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, N.H., and began dating shortly before their graduation.

13krueger thumbwide
Jenna Krueger, Corey Saxe
Society, May 13

Jenna Krueger and Corey Saxe met while working in Columbus, Ind.

13valliant thumbwide
Falling for a Guy From Lawn Guyland, Accent or Not
Society, May 12

The couple met in 2008, when he began as a sophomore at the boarding school where she was a senior. She was 17 and he was 15.

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When a Study Partnership Turns Romantic
Society, May 12

Mya Thompson and Keith Doelling met as freshman at Harvard, and by their sophomore year, they were a couple.

13vows1 thumbwide
50 So-So Dates Later, a Breakup Gets Unbroken
Society, May 11

“The single life didn’t turn out to be as satisfying as I expected it to be. It finally dawned on me, ‘Let’s work it out.’”

13vowswedfin main thumbwide
How to Get Help Paying for Your Wedding
Society, May 9

Money managers and couples offer some tips on ways to finance a wedding, which nationwide averages around $26,000.

13weddingtattoos thumbwide
Like a Tattoo, This Wedding Favor Is Forever
Society, May 8

“There were some people who were too drunk to get tattoos,” said one bride. So, a groomsman became an informal ink bouncer. Others have been “just drunk enough to concede.”

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Elizabeth Foster, Tyrone Gayle
Society, May 6

The couple met in 2012 while working on political campaigns, the bride for President Obama and the groom for Tim Kaine’s Senate bid.

06nurse thumbwide
Abigail Nurse, Michael Gaskins
Society, May 6

She is a civil rights lawyer for the Justice Department in Washington. He teaches elementary math and science in Capitol Heights, Md.

06naughton thumbwide
Daniel Naughton, Zachary Kirkhorn
Society, May 6

The couple both work in corporate finance in the San Francisco area — Mr. Naughton at OpenTable, Mr. Kirkhorn at Tesla Motors.

06zhou thumbwide
Pearl Zhou, Gordon Shu
Society, May 6

Pearl Zhou and Gordon Shu were married at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx.

06greenbaum thumbwide
Rebecca Greenbaum, Jacob Goodhart
Society, May 6

The couple met while studying dance at Skidmore College.

06kong thumbwide
Jennifer Kong, Alvin Lin
Society, May 6

Jennifer Kong and Alvin Lin, who met in November 2016, were married in San Francisco.

06beesley thumbwide
Sara Beesley, Joshua Sherman
Society, May 6

Ten minutes after Sara Beesley and Joshua Sherman were introduced, by a mutual friend, he asked her to join him a few days later for karaoke.

06deshpande thumbwide
Anusha Deshpande, Jason Auerbach
Society, May 6

The bride works for Facebook. The groom works for Two Sigma Investments.

06shutzer thumbwide
Elise Shutzer, Matthew Williams
Society, May 6

Elise Shutzer and Matthew Williams met through the dating website Match.com.

06sullivan thumbwide
Sarah Sullivan, Jake Compton
Society, May 6

The couple met in 2012 at a dinner party in Charleston, S.C., that was hosted by a mutual friend.

06hirsh thumbwide
Sarah Hirsh, George Cokenakes
Society, May 6

The couple met at the College of New Jersey, from which both graduated.

06sweeney thumbwide
Virginia Sweeney, Bartram Nason
Society, May 6

The bride, who works for the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, and the groom, a documentary video producer, met in 2012 through OkCupid.

06souris thumbwide
Millicent Souris, Vincent Anderson
Society, May 6

The couple initially met in 2003, when he submitted a self-released CD to the record distributor she worked for, but they were reintroduced in 2013.

06gentil thumbwide
Gabriella Gentil, Kyle Hickson
Society, May 6

The couple met in 2012 when the bride was on a safari in Kruger Park in South Africa. The groom was already working there as a safari guide.

06manta thumbwide
Irina Manta, Carlos Farini
Society, May 6

The bride is a law professor at Hofstra. The groom develops mobile apps.

06perdomo thumbwide
Joanna Perdomo, Scott Elman
Society, May 6

The couple met originally in college, at Washington University in St. Louis, but then began dating after reconnecting on Hinge, the dating app.

06shiff thumbwide
Blair Shiff, Andrew Buck
Society, May 6

The couple met in 2011, when both worked in Denver at the NBC affiliate there.

Claudia Gelfond, Cameron Roche
Society, May 6

Claudia Gelfond and Cameron Roche met on OkCupid in 2013, when both lived in Amherst, Mass.

06kelly thumbwide
Madison Kelly, Thomas DeFranco
Society, May 6

The bride is an account executive at WeddingWire. The groom, a lawyer, focuses on white collar criminal defense and commercial litigation.

06clancy thumbwide
Caitlin Clancy, Daniela O’Keefe
Society, May 6

The couple met in 2015 while both were working at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

06palmor thumbwide
Lauren Palmor, David Kiferbaum
Society, May 6

The bride and groom work in San Francisco, where she is an assistant curator at the de Young Museum and he is an associate commercial counsel for Google.

06israel thumbwide
Nicole Israel, Colman O’Reilly
Society, May 6

The couple met two years ago at a speed-dating event in New York.

06newell thumbwide
Darcy Newell, Alexander Muñoz
Society, May 6

Darcy Newell and Alexander Muñoz have known each other since they were in elementary school.

06lynch thumbwide
Kathleen Lynch, William Zelenty
Society, May 6

The bride and groom dated in high school, went to different universities, then reconnected when both went to work in New York.

06kimalt thumbwide
This Week’s Wedding Announcements
Society, May 6

All of the weddings right here on one handy page for you.

Adrienne Watson, William Jennings
Society, May 6

The bride is the deputy communications director for the Democratic Party. The groom works for PredictIt, a political-prediction market.

06labuz thumbwide
Kristin LaBuz, Patrick Ciccone
Society, May 6

The bride, who graduated from Case Western, and the groom, who is a Columbia graduate, met on OkCupid.

Mollie Miller, Paul Glenn
Society, May 6

Mollie Miller, a handbag designer, and Paul Glenn, a data analyst, were married at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

06rosenbaumjpg thumbwide
Love, Heartbreak and 40 Years Later He Said Yes
Society, May 5

They met as teenagers in London. He was in a band. Decades later they reconnected.

06korman thumbwide
That Outdoor Life, but Only One Was Out
Society, May 5

John Korman and Sean McGuinness met at a gay bar in Bayshore, N.Y., though Mr. McGuinness wasn’t yet out to his friends, his family or his colleagues.

06kimalt thumbwide
Another 360 at the Skate Park, This One Full of Joy
Society, May 5

After the bride suffered a traumatic brain injury, they turned suffering into happiness with the promise of lifelong resilience.

06vows5 thumbwide v2
From Dating to Marriage, He Had a 5-Prong Plan
Society, May 4

With a road map to love in hand, Michael Harris navigated the way, step by step, with Elizabeth Cunningham.

00couchwedplan1 thumbwide
Plan Your Wedding at Home. Tonight. It’s Easy.
Society, May 3

In a few hours you can make decisions on your rings, dress, reception and honeymoon locations. Here are a few websites and apps to inspire.

Merlin 136130775 9617c493 162f 4f4b b09f a89fbd82f312 thumbwide
Romancing the Stone
Society, May 2

Grandmother’s ring is perfectly imperfect and it will most certainly be my daughter’s. But first, a small betrayal.

29nosecret2 thumbwide
A Carefree Life With a Few Bumps Along the Way
Society, May 1

The decade-long marriage of Laura Bird and Gareth Hall, who were born and raised in South Africa, thrives on adventure.

29hu image thumbwide
Christine Hu, Stephen Barchick
Society, April 29

Christine Hu and Stephen Barchick, both Harvard grads, met at an alumni gathering in Los Angeles, in 2014.

29madden thumbwide
Judith Graves, Maryellen Madden
Society, April 29

Two septuagenarians, a retired economist and a lawyer, get married at Christ Church in Philadelphia.

29hernandez roulet image thumbwide
Alicia Hernandez-Roulet, Matthew Steinhart
Society, April 29

The couple met at Johns Hopkins University.

29prabhu thumbwide
Mythili Prabhu, Akhilesh Pathipati
Society, April 29

The bride and groom, both doctors, met at Harvard and are married at the Hayes Mansion, a resort in San Jose, Calif.

29hovsepian thumbwide
Nicholas Hovsepian, Robert Postotnik
Society, April 29

Nicholas Andrew Hovsepian, a real estate agent, and Robert John Postotnik, an art director, were married at the Plaza Hotel.

29seavey thumbwide
Eleanor Seavey, Gregory Fortier
Society, April 29

Eleanor Seavey, a brand manager for the National Football League, and Gregory Fortier, a screenwriter, met at George Washington University.

29saxena thumbwide
Nikita Saxena, Aditya Kalluri
Society, April 29

Nikita Saxena and Aditya Kalluri, both medical students in Boston, were married in a Hindu ceremony at Sri Chinmaya Maruti Temple in Andover, Mass.

Dora Rivas, Jay Kim
Society, April 29

The couple, both Californians, met through a professional matchmaker in 2017.

29rolin 1524510676359 thumbwide
Stephanie Rolin, Azi Paybarah
Society, April 29

The couple met through the dating app Bumble, and had Belgian waffles for their first date, while sitting by the fountain at Lincoln Center.

29ramelli thumbwide
Christina Ramelli, Winston Tseng
Society, April 29

Christina Ramelli and Winston Tseng, who met in 2010, were married at an event space in New York.

29mccracken thumbwide
This Week’s Wedding Announcements
Society, April 29

All of the weddings right here on one handy page for you.

29myers thumbwide
Jordan Myers, James McGinnis
Society, April 29

The bride and groom met at Harvard while studying for their law degrees.

29paris thumbwide
Lauren Paris, Daniel Jorgenson
Society, April 29

The couple met through a mutual friend in New York in December 2011.

29pucillo thumbwide
Laura Pucillo, Varun tej Gonuguntla
Society, April 29

The bride and groom, both doctors, met at the St. George’s University in St. George, Grenada, from which each received a medical degree.

29cronin thumbwide
Madeline Cronin, Matthew Aaronson
Society, April 29

Madeline Cronin, a manager for thredUp, and Matthew Aaronson, who works in product marketing, were married in Brooklyn.

29lappas thumbwide
Kristen Lappas, Russell Dinallo Jr.
Society, April 29

Kristen Lappas and Russell Dinallo work in New York as feature producers at ESPN, where they met.

29katzberg thumbwide
Lauren Katzberg, Noah Einstein
Society, April 29

Lauren Katzberg, a founder of a technology company, and Noah Einstein, an emergency medicine resident, were married in Austin, Tex.

29dickinson thumbwide
Taylor Dickinson, Andrew Cordeiro
Society, April 29

The couple who both work at Goldman Sachs met at Vanderbilt University, from which they graduated.

Jessica Killin, Rajeev Date
Society, April 29

Jessica Killin and Rajeev Date were married at a Mexican resort; the couple met in 2015 at a bank regulatory conference.

Jillian Bell, Stephen Wood
Society, April 29

Jillian Bell and Stephen Wood, who met on OkCupid in 2015, were married in an outdoor ceremony in Birmingham, Ala.

 29dare thumbwide
Lindsay Dare, Christopher Minning
Society, April 29

Lindsay Dare, an associate merchant for Justice, the girls’s retailer, was married to Christopher Minning, an ophthalmologist in Zanesville, Ohio.

29collyns thumbwide
Carmen Collyns, Matthew Heiman
Society, April 29

Carmen Collyns and Matthew Heiman met almost eight years ago at J.P. Morgan in New York.

29mccracken thumbwide
Love, Not War, Resonates for Two Activists
Society, April 28

The couple, both heavily involved in antiwar and social justice causes, fell in love at first sight.

29abernathy image thumbwide
Work Colleagues, Friends, Then Something More
Society, April 28

The couple met when both worked at SpaceX, but didn’t begin dating until he gave her his SpaceX watch with the promise that she would return it.

29wood thumbwide v3
He Saw a Future Right Away. She Did, Too (Post Lasik Surgery).
Society, April 28

The couple met at the University of Pennsylvania, from which each received an M.B.A.

29vows3 thumbwide v3
A Picture-Perfect Wedding in the Big Easy
Society, April 27

What happens in New Orleans stays there after the wedding of the photographers Danielle Levitt and Harry Eelman. But there will be photos. Lots of them.

29royal3 thumbwide v2
You, Too, Can Marry Like a Royal
Society, April 24

As the world watches Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, some couples might look on with envy. Others are having their own fairy tale wedding.