It’s Not Just a Wedding Cake, It’s ‘Edible Haute Couture’
Styles, April 13

Bastien Blanc-Tailleur, a luxury cake designer based in Paris, creates opulent confections for high-profile clients, including European royalty and American socialites.

In Barcelona, Her Dream of a Spanish Husband Came True
Styles, April 12

Sarah Wood was not interested in a long-distance relationship with Gustavo González. That changed after they met at a cafe in Spain.

‘Catching Feelings’ After a Steamy Encounter on the Dance Floor
Styles, April 12

Elena Bauer and Joshua Fagel weren’t looking for anything serious when they first met at a fraternity party at Stanford. A month after meeting, they had a change of heart.

A High School Reunion Reignites a 50-Year Crush
Styles, April 12

Elaine Hall and Roland Passaro, both 88, met in junior high school in 1950 but lost touch before acting on their connection. They finally did, five decades later.

At a Russian Palace, a Storybook Beginning
Styles, April 12

Ten years after meeting at a party at Harvard, Svetlana Dotsenko and Fabián Poliak reconnected while both were traveling in Europe.

What We Saw at New York Bridal Fashion Week
Styles, April 11

Reimagined classic silhouettes, a play on textures and interactive presentations brought fresh takes to the spring and summer 2025 bridal collections.

Wedding Accessories That Will Steal the Show
Styles, April 11

From statement rings to 3-D armlets, here are four standout pieces from New York Bridal Fashion Week to add a pop of personality to your wedding day look.

Was It Racist to Take Family Photos at a Wedding Without Me and My Wife?
Styles, April 10

A reader’s wife sees bigotry in their exclusion from group photos at a nephew’s wedding, but her husband is reluctant to write off his relatives for good.

Charity Lawson Takes Us Inside New York Bridal Fashion Week
Styles, April 6

The former “Bachelorette” star, who met her fiancé Dotun Olubeko on Season 20 of ABC’s dating show, attended runway shows and dress fittings in preparation for her wedding next year.

At the Singles Table, Sparks Flew
Styles, April 5

When they met at the wedding of two good friends, Alexandra Dale and Patrick Kohout discovered they had been born at the same hospital.

A Fate Potentially Guided by a Late Brother’s Hand
Styles, April 5

Tanya Sareen met Joel Adolphson, a former squadron mate of her brother Taj, who had been killed while serving six years earlier.

Her First and Last Dating App Date
Styles, April 5

Krystle-Jayne Ng said she was a “serial dater.” Hanna Rinderknecht-Mahaffy was new to online dating. They hit it off instantly.

Knowing She was the One, with Surgical Precision
Styles, April 5

Anika Bieg was ready to swear off dating. Then she met Dr. Olivia Sacks — and after 10 minutes, kissed her.

Hopes for a Very Sunny, and Dark, Wedding
Styles, April 4

A number of couples are choosing to marry during the upcoming total solar eclipse. Several cities in the path of totality are holding mass weddings.

Brides Are Trading Boozy Parties for Luxury Wellness Retreats
Styles, March 30

The bachelorette party is getting a spa makeover, with many brides-to-be now opting for more tranquil settings.

After a Missed Connection, a Union of Mythic Proportions
Styles, March 29

After seeing Joelle Gamble’s “Lord of the Rings” tattoo on her dating profile, Zachary Copeland believed he had found his soul mate. But he would have to wait more than a year to find out.

He Offered Her a Seat at His Table, and Later, a Place in His Heart
Styles, March 29

Arnim Kaiser and Pamela Grace were both out-of-towners dining alone in Arles, France. Their waitress was watching in the wings.

He Expresses Himself Through Art. She Through Math.
Styles, March 29

Alexandra Plzak and Sharif Farrag met in college and had very little in common on paper. But you know what they say about opposites.

Fish Stew and Black Fettuccine, an Unexpected Recipe for Love
Styles, March 29

Maxwell Da Silva, who is from Brazil, and Jane Satsuk, who is from Russia, immediately connected over their “very humble beginnings.” But it was Mr. Da Silva’s cooking that won her heart.

Once in a Blue Supermoon, a Lifelong Commitment Is Made
Styles, March 22

Just a few weeks after meeting, Tiffany Langlinais and Michael Graves evacuated New Orleans ahead of Hurricane Ida. A tumultuous two weeks on the road solidified their relationship.

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Kept Them Amused Near and Far
Styles, March 22

Maria Bun and Mench Antopina downed shots together in Singapore or via FaceTime when they were apart while watching the reality TV show.

A Middle School Crush Becomes More, Thanks to Mom’s Nudge
Styles, March 22

Colton Elliott went to great lengths — including a same-day trip from Memphis to New York — to make Allie Hill his wife.

How an Unexpected DM and a Serendipitous Trip Led to Love
Styles, March 22

After connecting on Instagram, Bianca Brunette and Ethan White grew closer when they happened to be visiting their families in Panama at the same time.

In an ‘Anti-Wedding,’ It’s Personality Over Tradition
Styles, March 21

For people who are excited to get married but don’t want to plan a classic wedding, one planner offers a solution: “love parties.”

The Upside of a Population Decline
Letters, October 5

Readers disagree with an essay expressing concern about a decline after a peak. Also: Rudy Giuliani’s drinking; book bans; masks in hospitals; wedding magic.

What All the Single Ladies (and Men) Say About the Economy
Business, June 9

A major jeweler claims the pandemic may have prevented people from meeting their future fiancés, cutting demand for engagement rings. Inflation and anxiety among shoppers haven’t helped.

The ‘Hot Vax Summer’ That Lived Up to Its Hype
Styles, April 21

In 2021, Megan O’Connor and her friends organized a singles outing in Brooklyn. Omar Elsayed showed up, and the two hit it off immediately. But it was a “serendipitous encounter” in Greece that sealed the deal.

What TikTok Told Us About the Economy in 2022
Business, December 31

From Barbiecore to revenge travel, social media trends gave us a clear picture of the forces reshaping the economy.

After Pandemic Delays, a New Dilemma: Disinviting Wedding Guests
Styles, May 25

Revoking invitations can at the very least be awkward and, at most, be seen as a major faux pas. But that hasn’t stopped couples from doing so to have celebrations on their terms.