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Sealed With a Prediction (and the Kisses to Come)
Society, Today

Her mother had bought a diamond ring 15 years ago at a pawnshop. She didn’t know it was her future son-in-law doing the selling.

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‘Mommy, Will You Marry My Daddy?’
Society, Today

The couple met and had a child, but marriage took a little longer.

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Her Parents Had an Inkling Long Before a Proposal
Society, Today

The couple readily acknowledge that they are opposites, but her parents immediately saw a match.

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Katherine Anania, Mel Plaut
Society, October 15

Mutual friends of the couple set them up on a blind date three years ago.

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Randi Braunstein, Adam Salm
Society, October 15

The couple met through a mutual friend in 2010, who sent Dr. Salm pictures and the phone number of Ms. Braunstein.

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Marc Van Overbeke, John Smagner
Society, October 15

Mr. Van Overbeke is a University of Illinois at Chicago associate dean. Mr. Smagner studies interior design at School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Lea Beltramino, Eric Hendey
Society, October 15

The bride graduated from Columbia, the groom from Harvard.

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Jessica Warren, Samuel Callahan
Society, October 15

Jessica Warren and Samuel Callahan, who met at Indiana University, were married Oct. 15 at 514 Studios in Minneapolis.

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Hannah Zix, Samuel Starrick
Society, October 15

The couple met in 2009 when both were students at the Fort Wayne campus of Indiana University-Purdue University.

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Laura Weyl, Richard Kimmel
Society, October 15

The groom is a co-founder of the Box, a New York performance nightclub, for which the bride is the director of visual identity.

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Taylor Dryman, Harry Wilmer
Society, October 15

The bride and groom met at Temple in 2012, where both have postgraduate degrees.

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Meaghan Durgin, Andrew Katz
Society, October 15

The couple met in New York in 2013. She teaches third grade at a charter school in Harlem, he is a loan officer at a bank in Manhattan.

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Sara Eagle, Ryan Giglio
Society, October 15

The couple met in 2012, when both joined the Volley Llamas, an intramural volleyball team in New York.

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Ashley Campbell, Pete Creighton
Society, October 15

The couple met during their residency training programs at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston.

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Jessica Letkemann, Christopher Jones
Society, October 15

The couple, who met in Chicago in the seventh grade, are married in Brooklyn.

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Advice From the Rear-View Mirror
Society, October 14

“We both lost our spouses but we found each other,” Ms. Allen told an inquiring New York City cabby. The driver knew the road they should take.

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You Say Cohen. I Say Kohn. Let’s (Not) Call the Whole Thing Off!
Society, October 14

The couple met in New York through a mutual friend, but she was hesitant, and, on their first date, more complications ensued.

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A Courtship Started Under the Midnight Sun
Society, October 14

Dena Perri Adler and Colin Stone Peacock are to be married Oct. 15 at the Onteora Mountain House, a bed-and-breakfast in the Catskill Mountains.

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Samantha Vega, Anthony Buckland
Society, October 8

The bride is a legal secretary and the groom is a public safety officer.

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Jordan Valutas, Toby Jacobs
Society, October 8

The couple met in 2011, while playing kickball in a social sports league.

08turkel thumbwide v2
Lauren Turkel, Antonio Cuervo
Society, October 8

The bride is a lawyer in New York, and the groom is a police officer in White Plains.

08theis thumbwide v2
Catherine Theis, Aaron Minas
Society, October 8

The couple met in 2015 at a dinner in Los Angeles to welcome prospective doctoral students to U.S.C.

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Danielle Tannenbaum, David Pasch
Society, October 8

The bride is a special-education teacher; the groom is the digital director within the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington.

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Julia Stroud, Caitlin Offinger
Society, October 8

Ms. Stroud is a program minister at All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Brooklyn; Ms. Offinger is a vice president for a communications firm in Manhattan.

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Madeline Sterling, Jacob Hupart
Society, October 8

The couple were introduced two years ago by the groom’s mother and an aunt of the bride, who were classmates at Barnard College.

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D. Tucker Smith, Kim Doggett
Society, October 8

The bride, a playwright, and the groom, an architect, first met in Seattle in 1982.

08shenfeld thumbwide v2
Ricki Shenfeld, Stuart Tishman
Society, October 8

The couple met at Penn, from which they both graduated

08seltzer thumbwide v2
Judith Seltzer, Jon Lovitch
Society, October 8

The bride, a veterinarian, and the groom, who builds gingerbread villages, met on eHarmony.

08schneider thumbwide v3
Naomi Schneider, Brandt Tierney
Society, October 8

The couple met as first-year law students at Tulane, from which they graduated, the bride magna cum laude, the groom summa cum laude.

08truesdale thumbwide v2
Meredith Truesdale, Patrick Mullane
Society, October 8

The bride, who is a registered nurse, met the groom, who is a sergeant with the New York City Police Department, at the University of Scranton.

Brittany McCandless, John Farmer
Society, October 8

The couple met in August 2014 on a street corner in New York.

08fielding singh thumbwide v2
Priya Fielding-Singh, Anshuman Sahoo
Society, October 8

The bride is a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at Stanford; the groom is a management consultant at Boston Consulting Group.

08casey thumbwide v2
Elyse Casey, Michael Samuels
Society, October 8

The couple met five years ago while working at the same investment company in Arlington, Va.

08devine thumbwide
Margherita Devine, Giles Robertson
Society, October 8

The couple met in 2012 in London through mutual friends from the Cambridge Union, a debating and free speech society at the university.

08geismer thumbwide v2
Sarah Geismer, Joshua Halloway
Society, October 8

The bride is the vice president of comedy development at 20th Century Fox Television, the groom is a writer for “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

08keesee thumbwide
Christian Keesee, Larry Keigwin
Society, October 8

Christian Keesee and Larry Keigwin, founders of the Colorado Green Box Arts Festival, wed Oct. 4 at St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue in New York.

 08crames thumbwide v2
Blair Crames, Ryan Silbert
Society, October 8

The couple met in 2008, when they worked at the same public relations firm in New York.

08forgione thumbwide v2
Meghan Forgione, Sean Scanlon
Society, October 8

The couple met in Washington in 2009 while working for a congressman.

08bornstein thumbwide v2
Laura Bornstein, Bradford McFarland
Society, October 8

The bride is a lawyer who represents victims of domestic violence, the groom is a sales specialist for Apple.

08kalunian thumbwide v2
Kim Kalunian, Ted Nesi
Society, October 8

He charmed her at a forum on municipal pensions with a variation on a clichéd pickup line.

08wonsley  thumbwide v2
‘You Could Still End Up With Your Best Friend’
Society, October 7

For years, they have shared their hopes and dreams, and now they will share a life together.

08schneider  thumbwide v2
It All Started With Smiles Across a Crowd
Society, October 7

The couple met when the bride’s mother asked her to help at a party in New York for a new radio network. The groom had been hired to cover the event.

08bridge thumbwide
A Game of Phone Tag and He’s It
Society, October 7

The conversation flowed in person, just not so much over the phone, for Lisa Bridge and Gilad Berenstein.

01sauro thumbwide v2
Danielle Sauro, Mark Lloyd
Society, October 1

The couple met when both were in the advertising department at The Times.

01cheung thumbwide v2
Ivy Cheung, Jarad Mason
Society, October 1

The couple met at Penn and are now both postdoctoral research fellows at Northwestern.

01kilbride thumbwide v2
Johanna Kilbride, Alexander Volpi
Society, October 1

The couple met as undergraduates at Wake Forest University.

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Shari Albert, Craig De Lorenzo
Society, September 24

Shari Albert and Craig De Lorenzo, both actors, were married.

24baldwin thumbwide
Emily Baldwin, Frederico Padilha
Society, September 24

The couple met at Stanford, from which each received an M.B.A.

24curcio thumbwide
Bryant Ross, Scott Curcio
Society, September 24

The couple were married at the Big House, a historic private residence on Parson’s Beach in Kennebunk, Me.

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Jane Wong, Nicholas Smith
Society, September 24

The bride is a vice president in equity research at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and the groom is a product communications manager at Dropbox.

24vandewalle thumbwide v2
Casey Van de Walle, Blake Berman
Society, September 24

The couple were married in Montauk, N.Y., the same city in which they met in summer 2013.

24zelman thumbwide v2
Allison Zelman, Max Lesko
Society, September 24

The couple met in Portland, Ore., in 2008 while working on the Obama presidential campaign.

24desy thumbwide v2
Andrea Desy, Daniel Edrei
Society, September 24

The bride, a real estate agent, and the groom, the founder of a private equity firm, met through the dating app Bumble.

24siujpg thumbwide v2
Diana Siu, Charles Chen
Society, September 24

The bride works in operations for Boxed and the groom founded a quantitative trading firm. The couple met at Harvard.

24titolo thumbwide v2
Jacqueline Titolo, Brian Fink
Society, September 24

The couple met at St. Francis Prep in Queens, when both were sophomores.

Elizabeth Gocke, Nolan Shenai
Society, September 24

The two met when he interviewed her for a job at his law firm.

24geiger thumbwide v2
Céline Geiger, Brett Weiner
Society, September 24

The couple, both writers, met in 2008 through a mutual friend.

Vanessa Silverton-Peel, Raphael Rose
Society, September 24

The bride is an agent in television in Los Angeles and the groom is a psychologist and researcher at U.C.L.A.

24hanson thumbwide v2
Margaret Hanson, Michael Butler
Society, September 24

The bride is a lawyer. The groom owns a video production company.

24timmjpg thumbwide v2
Stephanie Timm, Travis Nembhard
Society, September 24

The bride is a Spanish teacher in Washington at a public charter school, the groom is an administrative law judge for the District of Columbia.

24fidell thumbwide v2
Hannah Fidell, Jake Longstreth
Society, September 24

The couple met when she asked to visit his studio to see his work. She bought a painting, they exchanged contact info and a year later began dating.

24saundersjpg thumbwide v2
Blair Saunders, Luca Allais
Society, September 24

The couple met in June 2012 at the University of Virginia while both were completing a post-baccalaureate premedical program.

24henchman thumbwide
Joseph Henchman, Ethan Bishop
Society, September 24

The couple met in February 2014 at a happy-hour event for young libertarian adults.

24reddinsub thumbwide v2
Jennifer Reddin, Keith Cassar
Society, September 24

The couple met while working in Queens Family Court in 1999, she as a lawyer and he as a court officer.

Cassidy Hartmann, Aaron Slavick
Society, September 24

Cassidy Hartmann, a writer and producer, and Aaron Slavick, a television writer, are married in Santa Barbara, Calif.

24stearnsjpg thumbwide v2
Gillian Stearns, Nicholas Parr
Society, September 24

The bride, a professor of urology, and the groom, a lawyer, met two years ago on Match.com.

24kiely thumbwide v2
Anne Kiely, William Connors
Society, September 24

The couple are avid court tennis players and met at the Tennis and Racquet Club in Boston, Ma.