From Roommates to Friends to ‘Turbo Twins’
Styles, December 1

Verity Elks and Benjamin Riches found that while they looked alike, they had opposite, and complementary, personalities. (For starters, one is a big Britney Spears fan.)

A New Journey After Two Long and Happy Marriages
Styles, December 1

Joan Weidner and Chris Meyer met last year on a Princeton alumni hiking trip — their first vacation since their spouses had died.

Game, Set and a Match for a Former Tennis Pro
Styles, December 1

Shortly after meeting online, Julia Elbaba traveled from New York to Virginia to see Matthew Nevulis. When the Covid lockdown began, seven days extended into three months of living together.

It All Started With a Bottle of Shalimar
Styles, December 1

Rahul Chatterjee had a special surprise for Christie Houlihan on their first date in June 2022, one that left her in tears.

A Buddy-Buddy Honeymoon
Styles, November 30

Some newlyweds are seeking some rest and relaxation after the festivities — with 25 of their nearest and dearest.

Can I Skip My 100-Year-Old Father’s Wedding? He’s Making a Big Mistake.
Magazine, November 24

The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on how to show up for loved ones, even when we don’t agree with their choices.

A New York City Socialite Returns to Her Southern Roots
Styles, November 24

When Tinsley Mortimer met Robert Bovard two years ago, it didn’t take her long to embrace the serenity of Georgia, thanks to Mr. Bovard’s Southern charm.

After an Instant Connection, Traveling the World With a Water Polo Star
Styles, November 24

After meeting at a party seven years ago, Robert Conner was determined to see Maggie Steffens, an Olympic gold medalist, again — even if it meant traveling hundreds of miles to do so.

When a Psychic Meets a Naval Officer
Styles, November 24

Janine James and Nasaria Valadez planned their wedding to fall on 11/11, six months before either of them proposed.

Neither Wanted the First Date to Ever End
Styles, November 24

The connection between Philip Taylor Jr. and Kristin Dyson was so strong that they stayed until closing at a restaurant and then a wine bar. “It felt like the whole date was 10 minutes,” Ms. Dyson said.

Popping the Other Question: Will You Be in My Wedding Party?
Styles, November 22

Brides and grooms are proposing to their close friends and family members through personalized gifts and lavish events.

How Targeted Weight Loss Ads Can Haunt Future Brides
Styles, November 19

When women post about their engagements and upcoming weddings on social media, an unexpected, potentially damaging specter arrives: targeted weight loss ads.

Chapter 5: An Unlikely Escape Route
Foreign, November 18

Here was the paradox of being a woman in modern India. Sometimes a path from the oppression of patriarchy was marriage to a man willing to help challenge that system.

Type All Day, Toast All Night: The Rise of Remote-Work Weddings
Travel, November 17

Weekend nuptials are stretching out well into the workweek as guests with hybrid schedules pack their laptops and stick around for a few extra days.

Making Sweet, and Bittersweet, Music Together
Styles, November 17

A bite of bruschetta helped lay the foundation for the relationship between the conductor Michael Repper and Vanessa Moody. That honesty served them well when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

After a Rough Start, a Strong Connection
Styles, November 17

After a first date, Bruce Patrick made a bold move that alarmed Travis London, who blocked him. They soon fell in love anyway.

On the Road to Healing, Finding Love After Loss
Styles, November 17

When Trevor Bates and Shahnaz Singh-Kandah met at church, both were overcoming personal challenges and neither was looking for love. But through divine intervention, they had a change of heart.

Nothing Could Stop Their Relationship From Heating Up
Styles, November 17

Jamie Kalman needed a fire performer for an event she was producing and was about to hire Aubrey DePew, but then the pandemic happened.

The Undying Appeal of the Las Vegas Wedding
Styles, November 12

After 70 years as the “Wedding Capital of the World,” the glittering city that attracts thousands of couples seeking unconventional nuptials has grown beyond the drive-through wedding.

Overwhelmed With Writing Your Vows? A Professional Wordsmith Could Help.
Styles, November 11

In recent years, social media has helped increase demand in this new wedding vendor category. “Vows have gone viral,” one expert said, “and there’s greater attention to the moments that go wrong.”

Chapter 4: The Wedding
Foreign, November 11

It was the moment two families had long waited for. But Arti feared it could be the end of her dreams for a career.

The Greatest, and Sometimes Silliest, Love of All
Styles, November 10

Zeke Smith of “Survivor” and Nico Santos of “Superstore” describe themselves as “cartoon characters that live with one another.”

A Fumbled First Kiss and the Encouragement of a Stranger
Styles, November 10

For Daniel Andrew, the third date with Monica Pastor was the charm.

A Reconnection, Long Distance and Then a Death Bed Wedding
Styles, November 10

Michaela Cook, an Australian pop-country singer known as Micks, and Jake Moyle found their way back to each other after losing touch. Soon, they were inseparable.

Celebrating a Marriage and ‘a Second Chance at Life’
Styles, November 10

When Adam Jankelowitz was 2, he received a liver transplant. Decades later, he finally got to thank the donor’s parents in person — at his wedding with Jill Schreider.

The Upside of a Population Decline
Letters, October 5

Readers disagree with an essay expressing concern about a decline after a peak. Also: Rudy Giuliani’s drinking; book bans; masks in hospitals; wedding magic.

What All the Single Ladies (and Men) Say About the Economy
Business, June 9

A major jeweler claims the pandemic may have prevented people from meeting their future fiancés, cutting demand for engagement rings. Inflation and anxiety among shoppers haven’t helped.

The ‘Hot Vax Summer’ That Lived Up to Its Hype
Styles, April 21

In 2021, Megan O’Connor and her friends organized a singles outing in Brooklyn. Omar Elsayed showed up, and the two hit it off immediately. But it was a “serendipitous encounter” in Greece that sealed the deal.

What TikTok Told Us About the Economy in 2022
Business, December 31

From Barbiecore to revenge travel, social media trends gave us a clear picture of the forces reshaping the economy.

After Pandemic Delays, a New Dilemma: Disinviting Wedding Guests
Styles, May 25

Revoking invitations can at the very least be awkward and, at most, be seen as a major faux pas. But that hasn’t stopped couples from doing so to have celebrations on their terms.