A Friendship Evolves, Thanks to an Unusual Date — With Grandpa
Styles, February 3

Shuo Chen and Gorick Ng were introduced in 2012 when both were in college and he was seeking some professional advice from her. They didn’t become a couple until almost 10 years later.

Living ‘Out Loud and Proud’ in Berlin
Styles, February 3

Paula Sapion Miranda dazzled Deidre Olsen — who also lived in Germany — with colorful flowers and a line from a Pablo Neruda poem.

She Found Love in a Surprising Place: A CD Pile
Styles, February 3

It was a very Gen X love story for Niffer Desmond and Paul Petroskey. She admired his music from afar for years, but had no way of finding him. Then social media was invented.

When His Air-Conditioner Broke Down, Things Heated Up
Styles, February 3

Harvey Starin first considered Dorine Seidman, a former president of their homeowner’s association, “stern and scary.” That changed.

At This Popular Restaurant, Proposals Are Their Specialty
Styles, February 2

One if by Land, Two if by Sea in Greenwich Village, which offers the perfect setting for romantic engagements, expects to see a jump in proposals in February.

An Enduring Commitment, Wedding Ring or Not
Styles, February 2

One woman’s quest to find a replacement for the too-small gold band she has had for more than four decades.

They Ran an Illegal Scam. Do We Let Our Child Go to Their Home?
Magazine, January 30

The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on the boundaries one sets with wrongdoers and their children.

A Bride’s Prosthesis Made Not to Blend In, but to Shine
Styles, January 27

While some brides obsess over their dress, or shoes, or earrings — Sara Hughes wanted “a really cool arm.”

On the Fifth Try, a First Date to Remember
Styles, January 27

Rachel Honig had been on hundreds of dates. Grad Conn could barely muster the courage to go on one. But after canceling four times, the fifth time was a charm.

A Networking Event That Sparked a Romantic Partnership
Styles, January 27

Michael Landsberger was immediately drawn to Alyssa Petersel after meeting her at a small business function. Trouble was, he was there on a first date with a woman he had met online.

With Their Wedding, a Place of Pain Becomes a Site of Love
Styles, January 27

Courtney Archie impressed Ashleigh Lewis with her southern hospitality. A few years later, they chose to get married in New Orleans to honor Ms. Archie’s ancestors.

Like ‘Dating for Three Years’ on Their First In-Person Meeting
Styles, January 27

Alexander Lass was forced to spend his first get-together with Victoria Senter working until midnight in her apartment. A few days later he took her out to dinner for a proper date.

Engagement Parties With a Cover Charge
Styles, January 20

“Stag and does” are a largely rural Ontario tradition that help engaged couples raise money for their nuptials — and give neighbors a good reason to party.

Four Cross-Cultural Celebrations on Three Continents
Styles, January 20

Harish Vemuri and PD Akita, who met at Harvard Law School, found a way to honor all of their families’ cultures and traditions — and their own wishes — when they married.

A Trauma That Tied Them Together
Styles, January 20

Travis Johnson and Rachael Bozsik were set up by a professional matchmaker that neither had actually hired. Eventually, the match took.

‘An Annoying Question’ That Led to a Big One
Styles, January 20

Christopher Giglio spotted Lawrence Curran at a department store 10 years ago and decided to make a move.

After Loss, Living Life ‘More Ferociously’ Together
Styles, January 20

Sandra Brooke and David Gordon became each other’s source of support after their spouses died.

A Modern Shopping Experience for Mothers of the Bride or Groom
Styles, January 19

Allison Kaplan, the editor in chief of Twin Cities Business, discusses a new website designed to help women find the right outfits for their children’s weddings.

A Cherished Family Home Gets a Second Act
Real Estate, January 14

Michael Newell wanted to buy and renovate the house he and his siblings grew up in, and give it another purpose. Wedding bells are ringing!

How the Universe Brought Them Together — Twice
Styles, January 13

William Wildman and Parker Kennedy began dating as students at the University of Mississippi before going their separate ways for four years.

Her Mother’s Intuition Proved Right
Styles, January 13

When Dr. Jenay Powell met Marque Macon at a party in 2018, right away her mother “knew we were going to get married.”

A Courtship Fit for a Drag Queen and an ‘Emperor’
Styles, January 13

The first time Gary Allinger spotted JR Duran, in late 2007, he was immediately smitten, but it would take many more months before they would finally connect. An incorrect email was to blame.

Their Connection Proved Stronger Than the Elements
Styles, January 13

Jordan Chernikoff almost canceled her first date with Demetrius Freeman when an impending storm put their outdoor plans in jeopardy.

What TikTok Told Us About the Economy in 2022
Business, December 31

From Barbiecore to revenge travel, social media trends gave us a clear picture of the forces reshaping the economy.

After Pandemic Delays, a New Dilemma: Disinviting Wedding Guests
Styles, May 25

Revoking invitations can at the very least be awkward and, at most, be seen as a major faux pas. But that hasn’t stopped couples from doing so to have celebrations on their terms.