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A Data-Driven Courtship
Society, January 15

Nicole Woon and Jeffrey Chheng had a first date at a Seattle gelato parlor, their second at a sushi restaurant. Since then, a spreadsheet documents their relationship, meal by meal.

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The Road to This Wedding Was Paved With Theft, Lies, Tears, Other Marriages — and Forgiveness
Styles, January 8

Hal Karp, who overcame drug and alcohol addiction, asked forgiveness for the pain he had caused, decades ago, to Irene Sibaja. His vulnerability led to a reconnection.

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A Path to Sobriety Leads Back to the One He Always Loved
Styles, January 8

They dated. He stole from her. He hit bottom. And, 27 years after their adventure began, they married.

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5 Tech Tools That Can Enhance Your Wedding Day
Styles, January 5

From virtual reality ceremonies to robot bartenders, here are a few high-tech options to help couples celebrate (even while socially distanced).

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A Ceremony Led by Richard Branson
Society, January 1

Sayé Yabandeh and Dr. Jeffrey Neal were instantly drawn to each other at a snow polo event in Aspen, Colo.

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The Champagne Toast Takes on Extra Special Meaning
Styles, December 31

When my parents first met the man who would become my husband, they ordered a bottle of Piper-Heidsieck and waited for news of a proposal.

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Finding Love Without Alcohol
Styles, December 29

Going out for drinks has become a dating norm, but what if you’re sober?

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The Start of a New Chapter in Their Favorite Bookstore
Styles, December 24

LaMarr Coles proposed to Stephanie Williams at Greedy Reads in Baltimore, where a few months earlier they had made their relationship official.

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First a Trial Run, Then the Real Thing
Society, December 24

After six months of dating, Chelsea Graham and Matthew Kocurek moved in together for a week, calling it a “practice run.” They’ve lived together ever since.

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Sometimes a Broken Laptop Can Be a Good Thing
Society, December 24

Ugene Bynum, a software engineer, made a lasting impression on Stacy Prather, who had sought his help to fix her computer.

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5 Ways to Ring in the New Year at Home
Styles, December 22

From digital dates to festive décor and fun games, here are a few New Year’s Eve ideas that encourage intimacy and connection for couples celebrating at home.