18darrisaw thumbwide
The Delay Game Worked for Both of Them
Society, February 17

Maurice Cheeks II was put off by Angelina Darrisaw when they first met, then she wasn’t ready to date when he finally reached out. Now they’ve scored.

11benjamin thumbwide
A Commitment for More Than One Lifetime
Society, February 10

Brit Benjamin and Patri Friedman, who met at the Seasteading Institute in Oakland, Calif., embrace the theory of transhumanism.

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A New Life and Language, 7,000 Miles From Home
Society, February 10

The couple met and fell in love in Shanghai, when he was working there and she was taking a Chinese language course.

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Chloe Wynne, George Reed III
Society, February 4

The couple met through the bride’s college roommate, who met the groom on a Metro-North train.

04davis thumbwide
Amanda Davis, Leonard Winters
Society, February 4

The couple met through JSwipe in 2015.

04gray thumbwide
Renée Gray, Andrew Raff
Society, February 4

Renée Nicole Gray, a Lady Gaga impersonator, and Andrew Raff, a lawyer at Shutterstock, were married in New York.

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Coray O’Halloran, Marc Thibaut de Maisieres
Society, February 4

Coray O’Halloran and Marc Thibaut de Maisieres wed Jan. 31 in Manhattan. They will celebrate with another ceremony Feb. 17 in Zermatt, Switzerland.

04grunwald thumbwide
Danielle Grunwald, Matthew Aibel
Society, February 4

The bride and groom, both lawyers, had matches on multiple dating apps.

04zak thumbwide
Alexandria Zak, Alexander Schosheim
Society, February 4

Alexandria Silver Zak and Dr. Alexander Jordan Schosheim were married Feb. 3 in Miami Beach.

04filipovic thumbwide
Jill Filipovic, Ty McCormick
Society, February 4

The bride and groom are journalists working in Nairobi, Kenya.

04mccann thumbwide
Kathleen McCann, Frank Scaturro
Society, February 4

The couple met at a coffee shop in Washington in 2009, while both were working in the area.

28zelek thumbwide
Eileen Zelek, Brian Geiger
Society, January 28

The couple met in December 2014 through a mutual friend in New York.

28yost thumbwide
Julia Yost, Matthew Schmitz
Society, January 28

The bride and groom met through work. They are both editors at First Things, a journal about religion and public life, in New York.

28carter thumbwide
Courtney Carter, John Paul Evangelista
Society, January 28

The couple met in July 2015 at a mutual friend’s wedding in Greenport, N.Y.

28guerrero thumbwide
Lorell Guerrero, Luis Gonzalez
Society, January 28

Lorell Guerrero, a lawyer, and Luis Gonzalez, a business manager, were married on a 10-acre organic avocado farm in Redland, Fla.

 28deyager thumbwide
Kevin Joseph DeYager, Kewchang Lee
Society, January 28

The couple, who met through mutual friends in 1994, were married at San Francisco City Hall.

28grossman thumbwide
Emily Grossman, Michael Diamond
Society, January 28

Emily Grossman, an accountant, and Michael Diamond, who works at Google, were married Jan. 27 by Rabbi M. Bruce Lustig at Capitale in New York.

28housman thumbwide
Lindsey Housman, Steven Mark
Society, January 28

Lindsey Megan Housman and Steven Jay Mark, who met through JDate in 2009, were married Jan. 27 at the New-York Historical Society in New York.

28denatale thumbwide
Lauren DeNatale, Paul Lyons
Society, January 28

The bride, a Dartmouth graduate, and groom, a Princeton graduate, met at the investment firm where they work.

28silbert thumbwide
Aileen Silbert, Shai Vichness
Society, January 28

Aileen Silbert and Shai Vichness were wed Jan. 27 at Liberty Warehouse in Brooklyn. Rabbi David Ellenson officiated, with Rabbi Suri Krieger participating.