10dato thumbwide
Marc Dickstein, Mark Dato
Society, Yesterday

Marc Dickstein and Mark Dato were wed Dec. 9 by Rabbi Sonja Pilz, with Matthew Green, rabbinical student, assisting at Liberty Warehouse in Brooklyn.

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Elizabeth Funes, Yin Perez
Society, Yesterday

The bride and groom met in 2010 at Florida International University, from which they both graduated.

10ntiasare thumbwide
Anna Ntiriwah Asare, Michael Tubbs
Society, Yesterday

The bride, a doctoral student, and the groom, the mayor of Stockton, Calif., met at Stanford in 2012.

10lebow thumbwide
Amanda Lebow, David Distenfeld
Society, Yesterday

The couple met while waiting in line at SxSW, the music and film festival in Austin, Tex.

10pantone thumbwide
Katherine Pantone, Kevin Rose
Society, Yesterday

The bride is a Syracuse graduate, the groom a Williams College graduate. They met five years ago at a bar in Manhattan.

10lang thumbwide
Danielle Lang, Joseph Pileri
Society, Yesterday

The couple met in 2013 at an happy hour with karaoke in Los Angeles.

10keves thumbwide
Allison Keves, Jonathan Ellis
Society, Yesterday

Allison Keves and Jonathan Ellis, both journalists, were married at the Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan.

10baskerville thumbwide
Mary Baskerville, Theodore Newman
Society, Yesterday

Mary Baskerville, a public relations manager, and Theodore Newman, an insurance claims manager, wed Dec. 9 at the Church of St. Monica in New York.

10pollak thumbwide
Katherine Pollak, Gregory Lamp
Society, Yesterday

The couple met at the University of Virginia, from which they graduated.

10fisch thumbwide v2
Margaret Fisch, Joseph Baum
Society, Yesterday

Margaret Fisch and Joseph Baum, both involved in real estate, are to be married Dec. 10 by Rabbi Peretz Chein at the Brooklyn Museum.

10odonnellsub thumbwide
James O’Donnell, Lui Caleon
Society, Yesterday

The couple met in 2013 in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

10lafrance thumbwide
Jeanne LaFrance, Michael Ervolini
Society, Yesterday

A motorcycle nearly plowed over Michael Ervolini on his second date with Jeanne LaFrance, but he now says that’s when he first fell for her.

10roggen thumbwide
Cassandra Roggen, Michael Seidmon
Society, Yesterday

A mutual friend introduced the couple in 2011. They had their first date a little over a year later.

10carling thumbwide
Sulin Carling, Michael Hartman
Society, Yesterday

The couple met in 2012 at the after-party that followed the wedding of mutual friends.

10gonzalez thumbwide
A Food Writer Gives His Bride ‘Four Stars’
Society, December 9

The couple met on Twitter and connected over a mutual love of Mexican cuisine.

03blanc thumbwide
Annlouise Blanc, James Brown-Williams
Society, December 3

The couple met in July 2013 in New York while attending Grits and Biscuits, an event for young professionals.

03mathew thumbwide v2
Divya Mathew, John Philip
Society, December 3

Divya Mathew and John Philip, introduced through e-Harmony while she lived in Manila and he in New York, met in Hong Kong for their first date.

03davis thumbwide v2
Ron Davis, Luis Rodriguez
Society, December 3

Luis Rodriguez, a luxury real estate agent, and Ron Davis, a documentary filmmaker who made “Harry & Snowman,” wed Dec. 2 in Wellington, Fla.

03mccabe thumbwide v2
Madeline McCabe, Dennis Orchard
Society, December 3

The couple met in October 2013 at the wedding of a mutual friend in New Rochelle, N.Y.

03goodman thumbwide v2
Felicia Goodman, Tal Itzkovich
Society, December 3

The couple was set up by friends and were wed at Deerfield, a golf course in Newark, Del.

03mccloskey thumbwide v2
Dana McCloskey, Matthew Premus
Society, December 3

The couple met at New York University, from which they graduated, each magna cum laude.

03hu thumbwide v2
June Hu, Joseph Kay
Society, December 3

The couple met in 2012 at Columbia, from which they both received law degrees.

03lancellotti young thumbwide v2
Cassie Lancellotti-Young, Michael McMahon
Society, December 3

The couple met through OkCupid in June 2014.

26usmani thumbwide v2
Farrah Usmani, Adam Grover
Society, November 26

The bride is a lawyer for an entertainment law firm; the groom is a mastering engineer for a music studio.

26mahadevia thumbwide v2
Darshini Mahadevia, Auloke Mathur
Society, November 26

The couple met in June 2013 on a subway platform at 96th Street in New York.

26clegg thumbwide v2
Cyndia Clegg, Karl Maier
Society, November 26

The couple met in October 2015 at All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, Calif., when the bride shared her hymnal with the groom.

26oduro thumbwide v2
Stephanie Oduro, Franck Chintoya
Society, November 26

Stephanie Oduro and Franck Chintoya, who met at Columbia Law School in 2010, were married Nov. 25 in West Orange, N.J.

26yu thumbwide v2
Yola Yu, Mitchell Kohles
Society, November 26

The couple met at the University of Chicago, from which they graduated.

26versteeg thumbwide v2
Mila Versteeg, Kevin Cope
Society, November 26

Mila Versteeg and Kevin Cope were married by the dean of the University of Virginia School of Law.

26lebowitz thumbwide v2
Shana Lebowitz, Aaron Gaynor
Society, November 26

Two Brandeis alumni, Shana Danielle Lebowitz, a reporter, and Aaron Spencer Gaynor, a lawyer, are to be wed Nov. 26 in Manhattan.

26gutkind thumbwide v2
Sarah Gutkind, Ross Solomon
Society, November 26

The couple met on a community service trip to New Orleans.

26fischersub thumbwide v3
YJ Fischer, Daniel Schwerin
Society, November 26

The couple met in 2005 in Virginia Beach while working on Tim Kaine’s campaign for governor.

26dwyer thumbwide v2
Maura Dwyer, Sebastian Girner
Society, November 26

Maura Dwyer, a high school English teacher, and Sebastian Girner, a freelance comic book writer, were married in Brooklyn.

26cravens thumbwide v2
Mary Ellen Cravens, Christopher Young
Society, November 26

Mary Ellen Cravens, a marketing executive and actress, and Christopher Young, a real estate manager, married Nov. 25 at the Rainbow Room in New York.

26brenner thumbwide v2
Elizabeth Brenner, Samuel Zakay
Society, November 26

The couple met in September 2014 through mutual friends from college.

26attas thumbwide v2
Shana Attas, Michael Brous
Society, November 26

The couple met in 2012 through mutual friends at a dinner in Philadelphia.

26collelo thumbwide
Sharing Golf Clubs and Now Their Lives
Society, November 25

The couple met in April 2008, shortly after both had joined a golf league.

19schnettler thumbwide v2
Erin Schnettler, Christopher Zappi
Society, November 19

The couple met at Yale while they were both attending graduate school.

19frank thumbwide v2
Matthew Frank, Ian Kerrigan
Society, November 19

Mr. Frank and Mr. Kerrigan, who met two years ago, are married in Long Island City, Queens.

19burlingham thumbwide v2
A Spark of Romance Under Fluorescent Lighting
Society, November 18

Rose Burlingham, an art dealer and writer, marries and Louis Weigele, a clinical social worker.

12boateng thumbwide v2
Adjoa Boateng, Terry Evans Jr.
Society, November 12

Adjoa Boateng and Terry Evans met at a charity wine-tasting event in Portland, Conn.

12schorr thumbwide v2
Lauren Schorr, Jeffrey Potter
Society, November 12

The bride is an assistant United States attorney in Manhattan, the groom works for Ernst & Young.

12gagnier thumbwide v2
Christina Gagnier, Abraham Dyk
Society, November 12

The couple met in Philadelphia in 2016 while the groom was working at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

12bey thumbwide v2
Tracey Bey, John Johnson
Society, November 12

The couple met in New York at the Voices Annual Gala for Brotherhood/Sister Sol.

12paliani thumbwide v2
Laura Paliani, Juan Jeannet Arce
Society, November 12

Laura Paliani and Juan Jeannet Arce met at Stuyvesant High School and reconnected 12 years later on Words With Friends.

12silverman thumbwide v2
Rachel Silverman, Adam Fusfeld
Society, November 12

The couple met during their first week as undergraduates at Northwestern, from which they graduated.

12durham thumbwide v2
Lauren Durham, Justin Barasky
Society, November 12

The couple, both campaign managers, were married in Columbus, Ohio.

12scanlon thumbwide v2
Laura Scanlon, William O’Donnell
Society, November 12

Laura Scanlon and William O’Donnell, special ed teachers and Fordham grads, wed Nov. 11 at the school’s University Church.

12brooks thumbwide v2
Gillian Brooks, Marc Lynde
Society, November 12

The couple met when their families were vacationing on a cruise in the Galápagos Islands.

12bembenek thumbwide v2
Lindsay Bembenek, Mark Bednar
Society, November 12

The bride and groom, both communications directors, were married in Milwaukee.

Lara Heimert, Gary Rosen
Society, November 12

The couple met in 2012 at a business lunch in New York.

12nosek thumbwide v2
Jennifer Nosek, Rene Lemos
Society, November 12

The bride is a founder of Modern Dog and Modern Cat magazines, the groom is an architectural designer and project manager at Munoz & Company.

12epstein thumbwide v2
Dara Epstein, Adam Hann-Byrd
Society, November 12

Dara Epstein, an owner of a nanny agency, and Adam Hann-Byrd, an actor, were married in San Diego.

Robert Rave, David Forrest
Society, November 12

The couple first met in 2014 at a Golden Globes party hosted by a mutual friend in Los Angeles. They began dating six months later.

12breger thumbwide v2
Sarah Breger, Aaron Malinoff
Society, November 12

The couple met through a friend of the bride, who also dated the groom but decided the bride would be a better fit for him.