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A Year Later, So Many Adjustments in the Dress Industry
Styles, Today

Designers are finding ways to stay alive after the economic tailspin caused by the pandemic. But optimism and determination have returned.

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He Flew From His Bike, and Later Fell Head Over Heels
Styles, April 16

Kaitlin Ruby Brinkerhoff met Ian McCann, a Canadian, on a mountain biking trip in her Utah hometown. They then maintained a challenging cross-border relationship through the pandemic.

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A Final Celebration of Their Life Together
Styles, April 9

Sarah Myler and Jeffrey Benesch had a wedding ceremony in the courtyard of the hospital where he was receiving palliative care. He died a week later.

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The Key to Successful Pandemic Parenting? Take Care of Yourself, Too.
Styles, April 3

The actor Lance Gross and the stylist Rebecca Gross learned to balance family life and careers by taking time for themselves.

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Bible Study Brought Them to the Altar, Where They Shared Their First Kiss
Styles, April 2

One night, a voice told him what should become of these college students’ friendship.

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How to Get Married: Ask Him If He Likes You
Society, March 26

Despite their long-distance friendship, Saman Akhtar and Mohammed Islam didn’t make their relationship official until after she asked him for clarification.