1. Did President Trump Keep His First-Term Promises? Let’s Look at 5 of Them Politics, Today

    Mr. Trump won the presidency in 2016 after making more than 100 promises. Here’s where some stand four years later and what some of his supporters think of them.

  2. ¿El presidente Trump cumplió las promesas de su primer mandato? Analizamos cinco de ellas en Español, Today

    Trump ganó la presidencia en 2016 haciendo más de cien promesas. Cuatro años después, este es el avance de algunos de esos compromisos y lo que piensan algunos de sus seguidores de ellos.

  3. Freedom as the Muzzle of a Glock Op Ed, Yesterday

    In western Colorado, the election is about “not having the government think for us, the right to protect ourselves.”

  4. ‘What a Barrister Looks Like’: A Young Black Woman Paves the Way Foreign, Yesterday

    Alexandra Wilson is working to change England’s legal establishment, and perceptions about who belongs in it, from the inside.

  5. Why India’s Muslims Reach for Liberalism Op Ed, Yesterday

    When Prime Minister Narendra Modi makes Hindus more equal than religious minorities, Muslims seek equality from the secular Constitution, not Shariah.

  6. In Voting Cases, Chief Justice Roberts Is Alone but in Control Washington, October 29

    While the chief justice’s views have not been fully endorsed by any of his colleagues, they have so far prevailed in five recent disputes, delivering victories to both Democrats and Republicans.

  7. Let States Split the Electoral College Votes Letters, October 29

    Peter Diamond, a 2010 Nobel laureate in economics, suggests an improvement over the current electoral system. Also: Betsy Gotbaum on voting in New York City; honoring the poll workers.

  8. Supreme Court Allows Longer Deadlines for Absentee Ballots in Pennsylvania and North Carolina Washington, October 28

    Republicans in both states opposed the extensions. Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who joined the court on Tuesday, did not participate in either case, saying she had not had time to fully review the briefs.

  9. Er, Can I Ask a Few Questions About Abortion? Op Ed, October 28

    You know who really reduced abortion numbers in the U.S.? President Obama, with the Affordable Care Act.

  10. Court Rejects Appeal of Guantánamo Convict Who Rejoined Al Qaeda Washington, October 28

    Lawyers paid by the Pentagon pursued the appeal on behalf of the released prisoner even as the State Department had a $4 million bounty out for him.

  11. Supreme Court Won’t Expedite Attempt to Halt Extension of Pennsylvania’s Deadline for Absentee Ballots U.S., October 28

    The court deadlocked last week in the same case, but Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who it was expected would cast a deciding vote, did not participate in the second request for review.

  12. Juan R. Torruella, Groundbreaking U.S. Appeals Judge, Dies at 87 Obits, October 28

    He was the only Hispanic to serve on the First Circuit court in Boston. In July he moved to overturn a death sentence in the Boston Marathon bombing.

  13. In Rural Virginia, a Militia Tries to Recruit a New Ally: The County Government National, October 28

    After Virginia passed gun laws, conservatives began invoking the state’s colonial-era constitution, which calls for a “well regulated militia.”

  14. As Supreme Court Weighs Election Cases, a New Life for Bush v. Gore Washington, October 28

    After two decades of legal obscurity, the ruling that handed the 2000 election to George W. Bush is getting fresh attention.

  15. How Far Might Trump Go? Op Ed, October 28

    No one is quite sure.

  16. The Supreme Court Should Not Muck Around in State Election Laws Op Ed, October 28

    It is dangerous and destabilizing.

  17. How Mitch McConnell Delivered Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Rapid Confirmation Washington, October 27

    Ignoring cries of blatant hypocrisy, the Senate leader pushed through pre-election approval, capping off his reshaping of the judiciary.

  18. Justice Barrett Rises to Top of Increasingly Conservative Judiciary Gender, October 27

    The addition of Justice Barrett, at a time when the judicial system has grown increasingly conservative and pro-religion, could reshape the legal landscape for years.

  19. How to Fix the Supreme Court Interactive, October 27

    Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation has tilted the high court's ideological balance. What should the court’s future be, and who gets to decide it?

  20. La jueza Amy Coney Barrett es confirmada a la Corte Suprema: ¿cuál es su historial? en Español, October 26

    Como jueza de un tribunal de apelaciones, Barrett ha emitido opiniones que reflejan las de su mentor, el juez Antonin Scalia, pero con pocos de sus ocasionales fallos liberales.

  21. ‘An End to the Chapter of Dictatorship’: Chileans Vote to Draft a New Constitution Foreign, October 25

    Voters overwhelmingly approved a bid to scrap the charter inherited from Gen. Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship, a move that could set a new course for the country.

  22. End Minority Rule Op Ed, October 23

    Either we become a truly multiracial democracy or we cease to be a democracy at all.

  23. Taking ‘a Chronological Romp’ Through State Constitutions Special Sections, October 23

    The New-York Historical Society’s crash course in governmental innovation, paused for the pandemic, reopens at just the right moment.

  24. This Is Why Republicans Fear Change Op Ed, October 23

    The party’s survival depends on frozen politics.

  25. Alexandra Korry, 61, Dies; Pushed to End Solitary for Juveniles Obits, October 22

    A corporate lawyer who gave time for public service in New York, she also criticized police stop-and-frisk tactics and school funding that harmed Black and Hispanic people.

  26. Poland Court Ruling Effectively Bans Legal Abortions Foreign, October 22

    The decision, which cannot be appealed, halts pregnancy terminations for fetal abnormalities, virtually the only type currently performed in the country.

  27. San Quentin Ordered to Reduce Prison Population by Half Over Virus Fears National, October 21

    It wasn’t clear how many inmates might be released early or transferred to other facilities, given that San Quentin houses some of California’s most dangerous prisoners.

  28. What Is a Militia? And Why Is the Word So Controversial These Days? National, October 21

    Federal authorities and academics have long described private paramilitary organizations as “militias.” Some critics say the term gives the groups more legitimacy than they deserve.

  29. The Philosophy That Makes Amy Coney Barrett So Dangerous Op Ed, October 21

    Do we really want our rights to be determined by the understandings of centuries ago?

  30. Rebecca Cryer, 73, Tribal Judge and Oklahoma City Bomb Survivor, Dies Obits, October 20

    Judge Cryer, who traced her ancestry to the Pottawatamie people, traveled the country to assist poorly funded native courts. She died of the coronavirus.

  31. The Debate Over Expanding the Supreme Court Letters, October 20

    Readers discuss the pressure on Joe Biden to answer whether he would add seats to the court.

  32. In China, the Formidable Prosecutor Turned Lonely Rights Defender Foreign, October 20

    After sheltering a prominent dissident, Yang Bin, a former prosecutor, is now under the scrutiny of the police. But she has no regrets.

  33. Supreme Court Tie Gives Pennsylvania More Time to Tally Some Votes Washington, October 19

    A 4-to-4 tie let stand a ruling from Pennsylvania’s highest court that had extended the deadline for counting some mailed ballots by three days, citing the pandemic and postal delays.

  34. Justice Kavanaugh Unlocked Ways to Fight Foreign Interference Op Ed, October 19

    He made clear the constitutional rights of foreign actors abroad cannot be violated, because they have no constitutional rights.

  35. A Question of Life and Death Looms for Amy Coney Barrett Op Ed, October 19

    If confirmed, she may soon have to reconcile her Catholic morality and the law over a death penalty case.

  36. El Colegio Electoral: qué es y cómo funciona en Español, October 19

    En Estados Unidos no es el voto popular nacional el que determina quién gana la presidencia.

  37. I Was Reagan’s Solicitor General. Here’s What Biden Should Do With the Court. Op Ed, October 19

    Joe Biden should be open to enlarging the number of justices. But first, he should see if the conservative majority overplays its hand.

  38. ¿Será Chile un ejemplo de verdadera democracia? en Español, October 19

    La constitución de Pinochet necesita una reforma profunda, pero el proceso no está exento de riesgos.

  39. Will Chile Set an Example for True Democracy? Op Ed, October 19

    Pinochet’s Constitution needs an overhaul, but the process is not without risks.

  40. ‘Vile, Racist Postings’ by N.Y. Court Officers Included Obama in a Noose Metro, October 19

    A new report found pervasive examples of racial bias — some explicit, some subtle — in New York State’s court system.

  41. Federal Appeals Courts Emerge as Crucial for Trump in Voting Cases Washington, October 17

    Federal district courts have tended to rule for Democrats in litigation over how to run the election, but appeals courts, well stocked with the president’s nominees, are blocking them.

  42. Overlooked No More: Eleanor Flexner, Pioneering Feminist in an Anti-Feminist Age Obits, October 16

    “Century of Struggle,” her 1959 history of the women’s rights movement, uncovered previously ignored narratives, like the contributions of African-American women.

  43. G.O.P.-Appointed Judges Threaten Democracy, Liberals Seeking Court Expansion Say Washington, October 16

    A new study found a partisan pattern in rulings that could make it easier or harder to vote, fueling a debate among Democrats over court packing.

  44. Detention of Government Critic in Poland Raises Fears of a Crackdown Foreign, October 16

    Roman Giertych, who has been involved in high-profile cases against members of the governing party, was put in handcuffs and had his home searched by the authorities.

  45. Which Constitution Is Amy Coney Barrett Talking About? Op Ed, October 16

    Her originalism ignores the significance of the second American Revolution.

  46. Bernard Cohen, Lawyer in Landmark Mixed-Marriage Case, Dies at 86 Obits, October 15

    With Philip J. Hirschkop, he brought Loving v. Virginia to the Supreme Court, which struck down laws against interracial marriages.

  47. Hearings Behind Them, Republicans Close In on Barrett Confirmation Washington, October 15

    The Senate Judiciary Committee lined up a vote for Oct. 22 on Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court, as Democrats warned Republicans would rue the day.

  48. What Happens if Roe v. Wade Is Overturned? Interactive, October 15

    Abortion access would decline in large regions of the country, a new data analysis shows.

  49. Scott Peterson’s Murder Convictions to Be Re-examined, Court Orders Express, October 15

    The move comes two months after the California Supreme Court overturned a sentence of death for his 2004 convictions.

  50. Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearings: Highlights from Day 4 Washington, October 15

    Republicans blocked a Democratic move in the Senate Judiciary Committee to delay the confirmation process, as their leader declared, “We have the votes” to prevail.

  51. Republican Judges Are Quietly Upending Public Health Laws Op Ed, October 15

    A catastrophic sequence of decisions has blocked states from responding to the pandemic.

  52. ‘Judges Judge, Which Is Why Their Personal Philosophies Matter’ Letters, October 14

    Readers discuss the Affordable Care Act, abortion and how the Democrats were “snookered.”

  53. Berkshire Hathaway Says Blue Chip Law Firm Aided Fraud Business, October 14

    A lawsuit claims Jones Day helped trick Warren Buffett’s organization into buying a German company for five times what it was worth.

  54. Barrett, Declining to Detail Legal Views, Says She Will Not Be ‘a Pawn’ of Trump Washington, October 13

    President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee refused to weigh in on critical matters that could come before the court, including health care, abortion rights and a possible election dispute.

  55. Oh, Now You Believe in Norms Op Ed, October 13

    The G.O.P. blocked Obama and quick-pitched Amy Coney Barrett. Democrats must fight fire with fire.

  56. Republicans’ Galling Bad Faith About the Supreme Court Op Ed, October 12

    It’s way too late for the right to pretend to care about civic norms.

  57. The Precedent, and Perils, of Court Packing Washington, October 12

    As the Senate begins hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, some liberals say expanding the size of the Supreme Court would be a fitting response to recent Republican moves in the confirmation wars.

  58. Don’t Be So Sure a Justice Barrett Would Overturn Roe Op Ed, October 12

    She has already been called an extremist on questions of precedent. But in her writing, she has expressed a decidedly mainstream view.

  59. Rooted in Faith, Amy Coney Barrett Represents a New Conservatism Washington, October 11

    As Judge Barrett’s confirmation hearings are set to begin Monday, her background and résumé are a stark departure from those of more traditional nominees to the Supreme Court.

  60. Barrett’s Record: A Conservative Who Would Push the Supreme Court to the Right Washington, October 12

    As an appeals court judge, Judge Barrett has issued opinions that have reflected those of her mentor, Justice Antonin Scalia, but with few of his occasional liberal rulings.

  61. Trump’s Virus Treatment Revives Questions About Unchecked Nuclear Authority Washington, October 11

    Even before the president was given mood-altering drugs, there was a movement to end the commander in chief’s sole authority to launch nuclear weapons.

  62. Change the Supreme Court? You Have Ideas Letters, October 11

    We asked readers if and how you would alter the way justices are chosen and how the court works, and received more than 1,500 responses. Some of your suggestions would require constitutional amendments.

  63. With Elections Ahead, Some African Presidents Try Engineering Results Foreign, October 11

    Presidential elections are scheduled soon in at least 10 African countries. Many incumbents are changing constitutions and bending rules to ensure they stay in power.

  64. Democrats Zero In on President’s Fitness for Office as Election Looms Washington, October 9

    Pointing to President Trump as a cautionary tale, Democrats proposed naming a group of outside experts to advise Congress on when to invoke the 25th Amendment to forcibly revoke an impaired president’s powers.

  65. Concerns About Trump’s Erratic Behavior Letters, October 9

    Readers worry that steroids may be affecting the president’s mental state and call for the 25th Amendment to be invoked.

  66. House Democrats Proposes Commission to Evaluate Trump’s Fitness to Govern Video, October 9

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Representative Jamie Raskin, Democrat of Maryland, proposed legislation that would create a bipartisan group of outside experts to advise Congress as to whether President Trump’s powers should be forcibly removed under the...

  67. Donald Trump’s Alternate Constitutional Reality Op Ed, October 9

    The president — and Congress — should stop outsourcing the defense of the Constitution to judges.

  68. Court Packing Can Be an Instrument of Justice Op Ed, October 9

    If Republicans replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Amy Coney Barrett, they should pay a price.

  69. Don’t Give Up on America Op Ed, October 9

    This country is not just an idea. It’s a family.

  70. The Plot Against Gretchen Whitmer Shows the Danger of Private Militias Op Ed, October 8

    These groups have no constitutional right to exist.

  71. U.S. Appeals Injunction Against TikTok Ban Business, October 8

    Trump administration officials have said the Chinese-owned app presents a security risk to American users.

  72. Library of Congress Acquires Archives of the National Woman’s Party Culture, October 8

    The donation, timed to the centennial of the 19th Amendment, doubles the library’s holdings relating to the party, which fought for women’s suffrage and the Equal Rights Amendment.

  73. Questions for Amy Coney Barrett Op Ed, October 8

    Here are some suggestions for senators considering her nomination to the Supreme Court.

  74. Pence and Harris Square Off Over Abortion Video, October 7

    Mike Pence and Kamala Harris took contrasting positions on the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett and what it may mean for Roe v. Wade.

  75. Manhattan D.A. Can Obtain Trump’s Tax Returns, Judges Rule Metro, October 7

    The dispute will now probably head to the Supreme Court for a second time.

  76. Robert K. Ruskin, Who Targeted New York Corruption, Dies at 93 Obits, October 6

    As investigation commissioner under Mayor Lindsay in the early 1970s, he went after police officers, building inspectors, parking ticket fixers and peep-show operators.

  77. Supreme Court Starts Term With Case on the Politics of Judging Washington, October 5

    The justices considered two provisions of Delaware’s Constitution aimed at ensuring partisan balance on the state’s courts.

  78. Should N.J. Legalize Marijuana? The Voters Will Decide Metro, October 5

    A question on November’s ballot asks residents if they support changing the state Constitution to allow recreational use of the drug.

  79. There Is Too Much Happening Op Ed, October 5

    How can we possibly make sense of it all?

  80. How Does the Electoral College Work and Why Does It Matter? Express, October 4

    It’s the Electoral College, not the national popular vote, that determines who wins the presidency.

  81. Trump Hospitalized With Coronavirus Washington, October 2

    The president was flown to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where officials said he would stay for several days. Aides said Mr. Trump was experiencing coughing, congestion and fever, symptoms that worsened through the day.

  82. ¿Y si Trump no puede postularse? Muchos pasos están claros, pero otros no en Español, October 2

    La Constitución dice que el vicepresidente es el siguiente funcionario en la línea de sucesión, si el presidente muere o ya no puede servir, pero las cosas se complican a partir de ahí.

  83. Pence Tests Negative for Virus and Will Debate With Harris Next Week Washington, October 2

    With President Trump’s positive coronavirus test, Vice President Mike Pence will take on a more prominent campaign role and represent him at events.

  84. What if Trump Can’t Run? Many Steps Are Clear, but Some Are Not Washington, October 2

    The Constitution says the vice president is next in line if the president dies or can no longer serve, but things get murkier from there.

  85. Trump Infected: What We Know and Don’t Know Washington, October 2

    The president has tested positive for the coronavirus and is isolated at the White House for the time being. Aides said he has “mild symptoms” but much remains unknown.

  86. Whose Islam? The New Battle for Afghanistan Op Ed, October 2

    Finding common ground on the role of Islam is the most decisive task in the peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government.

  87. El presidente Trump da positivo por coronavirus en Español, October 2

    El resultado de la prueba del presidente llega luego de que pasó meses minimizando la gravedad del brote que ha matado a más de 207.000 personas en Estados Unidos y horas después de insistir que “el fin de la pandemia está a la vista”.

  88. Trump Tests Positive for the Coronavirus Washington, October 2

    The president’s result came after he spent months playing down the severity of the outbreak that has killed more than 207,000 in the United States and hours after insisting that “the end of the pandemic is in sight.”

  89. Trump Tests Positive for the Coronavirus Washington, October 2

    The president’s result came after he spent months playing down the severity of the outbreak that has killed more than 207,000 in the United States and hours after insisting that “the end of the pandemic is in sight.”

  90. Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s Supreme Court Pick, Signed Anti-Abortion Ad Washington, October 1

    Her statement appears to be the most direct evidence of her personal views, ones she has vowed to set aside on the bench.