1. Texas Woman Asks Court to Allow Her Abortion U.S., Yesterday

    A woman who is 20 weeks pregnant, and whose fetus has been diagnosed with a deadly condition, is suing for an abortion under a medical exception to the state’s bans.

  2. Republicans Are Finding Out That ‘Pro-Life’ Means a Lot of Things to a Lot of People Op Ed, December 4

    How the G.O.P. can come up with a new approach to the politics of the issue.

  3. I Clerked for Justice O’Connor. She Was My Hero, but I Worry About Her Legacy. Op Ed, December 3

    She stands as a shining example of how women — everyone, really — can approach life and work.

  4. Ronald Fischetti, 87, Virtuoso Criminal Defense Lawyer, Dies Obits, December 1

    He had a client list that included a police officer accused of assault, a congressman caught up in a scandal, mobsters and former President Trump.

  5. Justice O’Connor’s Judicial Legacy Was Undermined by Court’s Rightward Shift Washington, December 1

    Since her retirement in 2006, the court has dismantled her key rulings on abortion, affirmative action and campaign finance.

  6. Sandra Day O’Connor, First Woman on the Supreme Court, Is Dead at 93 Obits, December 1

    During a crucial period in American law — when abortion, affirmative action, sex discrimination and voting rights were on the docket — she was the most powerful woman in the country.

  7. Judge Halts TikTok Ban in Montana Business, December 1

    TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, has been locked in a legal battle with Montana since the state passed the ban in April.

  8. Trump’s Georgia Lawyer Has Been Quiet. That May Soon Change. U.S., November 30

    Steven Sadow’s minimalist approach in the racketeering case against his client has created some dramatic tension, but his silence may be coming to an end.

  9. Supreme Court Seems Wary of In-House S.E.C. Tribunals Washington, November 29

    The justices heard arguments over whether the Constitution allows the agency to pursue enforcement actions before its own judges instead of in federal courts.

  10. Fearful of Trump’s Autocratic Ambitions Letters, November 29

    Readers worry about Donald Trump’s plans if elected — or not elected. Also: Pro-Palestinian students; Mideast myths; standards for prosecutors; neoliberalism today.

  11. Donald Trump and the Jefferson Davis Problem Op Ed, November 29

    Why Section 3 of the 14th Amendment was added to the Constitution and remains relevant.

  12. Federal Law Requires a Choice: Marijuana or a Gun? National, November 29

    Legal challenges are pending across the country against a federal law that prevents medical marijuana users from buying or owning firearms.

  13. Courts Strike Down Gun Control Measures in Two States National, November 23

    The rulings in Maryland and Oregon come amid a shifting legal landscape in the wake of a Supreme Court decision that has imposed new limits on gun regulation.

  14. How Many Abortions Did the Post-Roe Bans Prevent? Upshot, November 22

    The first estimate of births since Dobbs found that almost a quarter of women who would have gotten abortions carried their pregnancies to term.

  15. This Quiet Blockbuster at the Supreme Court Could Affect All Americans Op Ed, November 22

    This term largely revolves around a single question: Will our government retain the capacity to address the most pressing issues of our time?

  16. Colorado Supreme Court Agrees to Take Up Trump’s 14th Amendment Case Politics, November 22

    A state judge ruled last week that the former president had engaged in insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, but allowed him to remain on the ballot.

  17. Wisconsin Court Hears Case That Could Upend State Politics National, November 21

    A challenge to district maps that have locked in Republican control of the Legislature was argued on Tuesday before a State Supreme Court with a new 4-to-3 liberal majority.

  18. The Trump Threat Is Growing. Lawyers Must Rise to Meet This Moment. Op Ed, November 21

    The legal profession has stood largely silent on assaults on America’s democracy. The situation will grow worse if Trump returns to the White House.

  19. The Supreme Court’s Search for a More Attractive Gun Rights Case Washington, November 20

    The next big Second Amendment case, after one on domestic violence, could be about whether the government can disarm a man who lied to get food stamps.

  20. Court Signals It Could Keep but Narrow Trump Election Case Gag Order Washington, November 20

    A federal appeals court panel is weighing how to balance the former president’s free-speech rights against insulating prosecutors, court personnel and potential witnesses from intimidation.

  21. Colorado Judge Keeps Trump on Ballot but Finds He ‘Engaged in Insurrection’ Politics, November 18

    A district court judge ruled that former President Donald J. Trump “engaged in insurrection” but said the disqualification clause of the 14th Amendment did not apply to him.

  22. Alex Murdaugh Pleads Guilty to Spate of Financial Crimes National, November 17

    Financial Crimes

  23. Así es como Trump y sus aliados planean ejercer el poder en 2025 En español, November 17

    Utilizar el Departamento de Justicia para vengarse de sus adversarios y aumentar la represión a los inmigrantes serían algunas de las prioridades de Trump si regresa a la Casa Blanca.

  24. When It Comes to Disdain for Democracy, Trump Has Company Op Ed, November 17

    Antidemocratic attitudes run deep within the Republican Party.

  25. A.C.L.U. Sues DeSantis Over Crackdown on Pro-Palestinian Campus Group National, November 16

    Florida education officials moved to ban chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine, but critics say it’s a clear cut violation of the First Amendment.

  26. Supreme Court Refuses to Revive Florida Law Restricting Drag Shows Washington, November 16

    A federal judge in Orlando ruled that the law violated the First Amendment, saying it was “specifically designed to suppress the speech of drag queen performers.”

  27. How R.F.K. Jr. Has Turned His Public Crusades Into a Private Windfall Investigative, November 16

    The causes Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has championed have brought him admiration, criticism — and tens of millions of dollars.

  28. Germany Cannot Shift Covid Funds to Climate Projects, Court Rules Business, November 15

    The decision could rip a hole in Berlin’s budget and complicate the transition to a greener economy.

  29. The Liberal Agenda of the 1960s Has Reached a Fork in the Road Op Ed, November 15

    Overturning Roe changed politics. Overturning affirmative action did not.

  30. How Trump and His Allies Plan to Wield Power in 2025 Politics, November 15

    Donald J. Trump and his allies are already laying the groundwork for a possible second Trump presidency, forging plans for an even more extreme agenda than his first term.

  31. Trump Can Stay on G.O.P. Primary Ballot in Michigan, Judge Rules Politics, November 14

    The ruling notches a preliminary victory for Donald Trump in a nationwide battle over his eligibility to run for president again, even as he faces a wave of legal scrutiny in other cases.

  32. Trump Wants Us to Know He Will Stop at Nothing in 2025 Op Ed, November 14

    Checks and balances are for losers.

  33. Why Trump Seems Less Vulnerable on Abortion Than Other Republicans Upshot, November 14

    He appointed judges who overturned Roe, but his vague statements on the issue may give him some leeway with voters.

  34. Lawyer Says Trump Aide Told Her After 2020 Election: ‘The Boss Is Not Going to Leave’ National, November 14

    The revelation came in a statement that the lawyer, Jenna Ellis, gave to prosecutors in Fulton County, Ga., after she pleaded guilty in the election interference case there.

  35. The Conservative Supreme Court Vision That Means Inequality for Women Op Ed, November 12

    The Roberts court’s commitment to history and tradition leads to decisions that reflect a constitutional order made with men in mind.

  36. Louisiana Must Finalize New Voting Map by January, Federal Appeals Court Says National, November 11

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit agreed with a lower-court ruling that the latest congressional map very likely diluted the power of Black voters.

  37. Gadfly Lawyer for Gilgo Beach Families Courts Cameras and Tipsters Metro, November 10

    John Ray held news conferences championing the victims for years as law enforcement dragged its feet. Now, he’s a magnet for information.

  38. Senate Panel Punts Effort to Force Testimony in Supreme Court Ethics Inquiry Washington, November 9

    The Judiciary Committee postponed votes to issue subpoenas for benefactors of Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito after Republicans threatened a politically charged fight.

  39. Deal Granting Amnesty to Separatists Sets Off Turmoil in Spain Foreign, November 9

    Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s agreement with Catalan separatists will likely keep him in power, but it has provoked an upheaval.

  40. Minnesota Justices Rebuff Attempt to Bar Trump From Ballot Under 14th Amendment Politics, November 8

    In rejecting a petition arguing that former President Donald J. Trump was ineligible, the Minnesota Supreme Court did not rule on the merits and said the claims could be filed again later.

  41. Abortion Rights Fuel Big Democratic Wins, and Hopes for 2024 Politics, November 8

    Election results from Tuesday showed that Democrats, independents and even some moderate Republicans can coalesce around the issue.

  42. Ohio Vote Continues a Winning Streak for Abortion Rights National, November 8

    The State Constitution will protect access to the procedure. The ballot result sends a strong signal that voters are still angry about the demise of Roe.

  43. Live Election Results: Top Races to Watch Interactive, November 7

    See results for key races in the Nov. 7 general election.

  44. Ohio Is Voting on Whether to Establish Abortion Rights National, November 7

    The outcome is being closely watched by Democrats and Republicans looking to measure the strength of voter anger over the loss of federal abortion protections.

  45. Here’s the latest on the case before the justices. U.S., November 7

    The court, whose gun rights decision last year set a new historical legal standard, will consider whether the government may disarm people subject to restraining orders for domestic abuse.

  46. Supreme Court Seems Likely to Uphold Law Disarming Domestic Abusers Washington, November 7

    A decision in the case could extend far beyond domestic abuse by clarifying the scope of a court ruling last year on gun rights.

  47. Supreme Court’s Devotion to Gun Rights Faces a Challenging Test Washington, November 6

    The justices will hear arguments on Tuesday on whether the government can disarm people subject to restraining orders for domestic abuse.

  48. Texas Man at Center of Supreme Court Case Says He No Longer Wants Guns Washington, November 6

    Zackey Rahimi has vowed “to stay away from all firearms and weapons” in a case that could expand gun rights protections, but advocates say he is not an ideal poster boy for the Second Amendment.

  49. City to Dismiss Citations Issued to Reporter for Asking Too Many Questions Express, November 6

    A reporter for The Daily Southtown received three citations from the government of Calumet City, Ill., but the city said that it would dismiss them after hearing from the media company’s lawyer.

  50. Arrests Motivated by Politics Face a Supreme Court Test Washington, November 6

    A 72-year-old city councilwoman in Texas, accused of misplacing a document, says she was the victim of retaliation for exercising her First Amendment rights.

  51. Will the Supreme Court Toss Out a Gun Law Meant to Protect Women? Op Ed, November 6

    Even pro-firearms politicians are absent in the briefs supporting a lawsuit to make it harder to keep weapons out of abusers’ hands.

  52. Supreme Court to Hear N.R.A.’s Free Speech Case Against New York Official Washington, November 3

    The case is the second one this term asking the justices to decide when government activity crosses the line to become coercion forbidden by the First Amendment.

  53. Appeals Court Rules White House Overstepped 1st Amendment on Social Media Business, September 9

    A Fifth Circuit panel partly upheld restrictions on the Biden administration’s communications with online platforms about their content.

  54. How Might the Government Avoid Default? Biden Offers Clues. Washington, May 10

    After making little progress with Republican leaders at the White House on Tuesday, the president previewed two possible endgames to resolve a debt-limit standoff.

  55. Video Testimony in the Covid Era Faces a Constitutional Test Washington, March 20

    Two criminal defendants have asked the Supreme Court to decide whether remote testimony against them violated the Sixth Amendment’s confrontation clause.

  56. Supreme Court Hints That It May Duck Two Big Cases Washington, March 7

    Recent orders suggest that the justices are thinking of dismissing cases involving the “independent state legislature” theory and Title 42, an immigration measure imposed during the pandemic.

  57. Supreme Court Cancels Arguments in Title 42 Immigration Case Washington, February 16

    The justices, who had been set to hear arguments on March 1, acted after the Biden administration filed a brief saying that the measure would soon be moot.

  58. Back on the Bench to Announce Opinions, Supreme Court Rules Against a Veteran Washington, January 23

    The unanimous ruling was the first one summarized by a justice since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and an indication that the court is off to a slow start this term.

  59. Chief Justice Roberts Briefly Halts Decision Banning Border Expulsions Washington, December 19

    At issue is Title 42, a public health measure invoked by the Trump administration during the pandemic to block migrants from seeking asylum in the United States.

  60. Supreme Court to Hear Student Debt Forgiveness Case U.S., December 1

    The justices left in place an injunction blocking the Biden administration’s authority to forgive up to $20,000 in debt per borrower.

  61. How the Right Became the Left and the Left Became the Right Op Ed, November 2

    A pair of prominent headlines highlights the reversals.

  62. Sorry, Summer Styles, July 20

    We all know what happened with summer 2020. Then 2021 was dampened by Delta. This year, any anticipated return to revelry has been hampered by … *waves hands at everything.* Is there hope for enjoying the once fun season?

  63. Hey, Is Anybody Watching the Interns? Business, July 19

    School is out for the summer — but in some cases, so are the bosses.

  64. Hey, Is Anybody Watching the Interns? Business, July 19

    School is out for the summer — but in some cases, so are the bosses.

  65. Why Is the Supreme Court So Secretive? Letters, May 10

    Readers call for more openness and discuss judicial restraint and the justices’ religious beliefs. Also: Mask decisions; Twitter’s dark side; skipping school.