1. Today’s Infrastructure News Politics live blog included one standalone post:
  2. Tunisia’s President Holds Forth on Freedoms After Seizing Power Foreign, August 1

    “‘Why do you think that, at 67, I would start a career as a dictator?’” President Kais Saied said in a meeting with The New York Times, quoting Charles de Gaulle. He vowed to preserve hard-fought rights.

  3. A Vulgar Anti-Biden Banner: Protected Free Speech? Letters, July 31

    Readers discuss an editorial defending a New Jersey woman’s right to display crude political banners.

  4. Manchin and Sinema Have Their History Wrong Op Ed, July 30

    Senate Democrats who won’t give up the filibuster to secure voting rights are fooling themselves.

  5. Mississippi Explains All on Abortion Op Ed, July 29

    The state’s attorney general is asking the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

  6. Cuomo’s Counsel, a Key Figure in Sexual Harassment Inquiry, Will Resign Metro, July 28

    Judith Mogul, a special counsel to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, was a central figure in at least one of the harassment complaints against the governor.

  7. The Cosby Ruling: Some Legal Analysts Dispute the Court’s Reasoning Culture, July 28

    The court decision that reversed the sexual assault conviction of Bill Cosby has prompted an unusual level of legal debate about the appropriate parameters of appellate review.

  8. States say they will appeal the dismissal of their Facebook antitrust suit. Business, July 28

    A federal judge eviscerated arguments by more than 40 state attorneys general that Facebook had a monopoly.

  9. Biden Hater’s Banners That Town Called Obscene Can Stay Up, Court Rules Metro, July 27

    A New Jersey woman can leave her banners as is after a ruling that the American Civil Liberties Union hailed as a victory for free speech.

  10. George Washington Feared for America and Other Truths About the Founders We’ve Frozen in Time Op Ed, July 27

    The generals, politicians and dreamers who made America didn’t always like what they’d wrought. 

  11. We’re Kidding Ourselves That Workers Perform Well From Home Op Ed, July 26

    My office reopened at the height of the pandemic. We’ve thrived.

  12. The Supreme Court Needs to Be Cut Down to Size Op Ed, July 23

    The justices should be less central to our politics and our constitutional order.

  13. Mississippi asks the Supreme Court to overrule Roe v. Wade. Washington, July 22

    The case, to be argued in the fall, will give the court’s newly expanded conservative majority its first chance to consider the future of abortion rights.

  14. In Nearly All Other Democracies, This Is Not Normal Op Ed, July 21

    The two-year House term has profound consequences for our government — and too many of them are negative.

  15. An appeals court tosses a G.O.P. lawsuit against Pelosi over House proxy voting. Washington, July 20

    A three-judge panel ruled that courts did not have jurisdiction under the Constitution to wade into the House’s rules and procedures.

  16. The July 19 Covid Variant Vaccine Updates live blog included one standalone post:
  17. Texas Tries to Upend the Legal System With Its Abortion Law Op Ed, July 19

    A court battle has begun over the state’s effort to turn its citizenry into an anti-abortion Stasi. 

  18. Merrick Garland Needs to Show He Knows What Jan. 6 Was Really About Op Ed, July 18

    The Justice Department should choose accountability for Mo Brooks and others over neutrality. 

  19. Erin Gilmer, Disability Rights Activist, Dies at 38 Obits, July 17

    She fought for a more compassionate health care system, bringing an extensive knowledge of policy and even more extensive firsthand experience as a patient.

  20. Frank Askin, Fierce Defender of Civil Liberties, Dies at 89 Obits, July 16

    A late bloomer in law school, he founded a constitutional rights clinic to guard against government overreach and was a longtime general counsel at the A.C.L.U.

  21. Trump’s ‘Team Kraken’ Lands in Hot Water Editorial, July 15

    L. Lin Wood and other lawyers are now trying to minimize the roles they played after the 2020 election.

  22. Dueling Claims to Power. Broken Institutions. How Does Haiti Fix This? Foreign, July 11

    Other countries have faced similar challenges, often with poor results, from protracted limbo to, in the worst cases, civil war.

  23. Biden Administration Punts on Due Process Rights for Guantánamo Detainees Washington, July 9

    An anticipated brief, filed under seal, is said to take no position on whether the Constitution’s due process clause protects detainees.

  24. Fallout From Hack of City Law Department Could Linger for Months Metro, July 9

    One department official was reassigned, and lawyers still lack remote access to case files, leading to delays with lawsuits.

  25. Political Crisis in Haiti Deepens Over Rival Claims to Power Foreign, July 8

    Despite the interim prime minister’s claim that he is in charge after the president’s assassination, a volatile political situation poses yet another challenge to democracies in the Western Hemisphere.

  26. ‘No tiene precedentes’: dos líderes se disputan el poder en Haití y el país se sume en la incertidumbre en Español, July 8

    Aunque el primer ministro interino afirma que tiene el control del gobierno después del magnicidio del presidente, la volátil situación política del país plantea otro desafío a las democracias del hemisferio occidental.

  27. Biden Legal Team Divided on Scope of Rights of Guantánamo Detainees Washington, July 8

    A court case is said to have prompted an internal dispute over whether to say that wartime prisoners at the naval base have due process rights.

  28. Thaddeus Stevens and the Original Dreamers Op Ed, July 7

    We just came off the celebration of Juneteenth, but July 9 should also be held in high regard.

  29. Air Force Is Most to Blame for 2017 Church Shooting, Judge Rules Express, July 7

    The ruling in the case, which was brought by the families of the victims, found that the Air Force was “60 percent responsible” for the massacre in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

  30. ‘The Price of Freedom’ Review: Guns Across America Weekend, July 7

    Judd Ehrlich’s documentary charts the increasing radicalization of the National Rifle Association’s rhetoric.

  31. Trump sues tech firms for blocking him, and fund-raises off it. Washington, July 7

    Speaking about “freedom of speech” and the First Amendment — which applies to the government, not to private-sector companies — Mr. Trump called his lawsuit a “very beautiful development.”

  32. America Needs to Break Up Its Biggest States Op Ed, July 7

    How would you like to live in the state of New York City?

  33. France Drops Plans to Enshrine Climate Fight in Constitution Foreign, July 6

    The announcement marked a setback for President Emmanuel Macron, who had framed the constitutional change as the symbolic backbone of his environmental policies.

  34. Bill Cosby’s Conviction Is Overturned: Read the Court’s Opinion Interactive, June 30

    The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which overturned Mr. Cosby’s sexual assault conviction, explained why the actor should not have been charged in the case. Read the opinion.

  35. Read the Petition to N.J. Supreme Court Interactive, June 28

    St. Theresa School argued in a court document that it was the school’s First Amendment right to fire the pregnant teacher.

  36. A Texas Abortion Law, and the Fight Over Roe Interactive, May 19

    Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas just signed a bill that would ban most abortions in the state. Here’s what else to know.

  37. Where Abortion Access Would Decline if Roe v. Wade Were Overturned Interactive, May 18

    Depending on how the Supreme Court decides a Mississippi abortion case, access to legal abortion could be restricted in large parts of the country.

  38. What Happens When Our Faces Are Tracked Everywhere We Go? Interactive, March 18

    When a secretive start-up scraped the internet to build a facial-recognition tool, it tested a legal and ethical limit — and blew the future of privacy in America wide open.

  39. A Step-by-Step Guide to the Second Impeachment of Donald J. Trump Interactive, February 8

    A detailed look at each stage of the impeachment process of former President Trump.

  40. Raphael Warnock and the Solitude of the Black Senator Interactive, January 20

    The Georgia pastor will be just the 11th Black U.S. senator. His victory came amid an attempt to delegitimize election results — a pattern for more than a 150 years.

  41. Read Pence’s Letter to Pelosi Interactive, January 12

    In a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Mike Pence rejected the possibility of stripping President Trump of his powers through the 25th Amendment.

  42. How to Fix the Supreme Court Interactive, October 27

    Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation has tilted the high court's ideological balance. What should the court’s future be, and who gets to decide it?

  43. What Happens if Roe v. Wade Is Overturned? Interactive, October 15

    Abortion access would decline in large regions of the country, a new data analysis shows.