1. Supreme Court Backs Police Officer in Job Bias Case U.S., Yesterday

    The officer, Jatonya Muldrow, said she had been transferred to a less desirable position based on her sex. Lower courts ruled that she had failed to show concrete harm.

  2. Women Talk Through Their Abortions on TikTok U.S., Yesterday

    At a time of heightened confusion and legal battles over access to abortion, women are looking to social media for answers.

  3. Gains and Losses: Dr. Bob and the Realities of Aging Opinion, April 16

    Responses to a front-page story about an aging doctor. Also: Donald Trump’s snooze in court; women vs. Trump; free speech’s limits; the gun show

  4. The Smothering of Abortion Rights Reveals Something Else About Republicans Opinion, April 16

    Both the federal and the Arizona Supreme Courts have conjured a past that rejects the right to bodily autonomy.

  5. Under Pressure From Trump, Arizona Republicans Weigh Response to 1864 Abortion Ban U.S., April 16

    Liberal activists are proposing a ballot measure that would enshrine the right to an abortion in the state Constitution. Republicans in the State Legislature are considering plans to undermine it.

  6. Roberta Karmel, First Woman Named to the S.E.C., Dies at 86 Obituaries, April 15

    She got her training as a young lawyer for the Securities and Exchange Commission, but once she became a commissioner, she accused colleagues of arrogance and insularity.

  7. This Prosecutor Pledged to Change George Floyd’s City. Her Critics Are Circling. National, April 14

    Mary Moriarty, a former chief public defender, became the top prosecutor in Minneapolis, promising an overhaul. Now she faces criticism, including from fellow Democrats.

  8. Biden’s Student Loan Repayment Plan Is Being Challenged. Here’s What to Know. Business, April 13

    The income-driven plan known as SAVE has reduced payments for millions of borrowers. Lawsuits by Republican-led states are seeking to upend it.

  9. The April 12 Election Trump Biden News live blog included one standalone post:
  10. The O.J. Simpson Trial: What Happened to the Main Figures National, April 12

    Some, like Marcia Clark and Mark Fuhrman, gained fame in other arenas. Others lived quieter lives.

  11. Kari Lake Backs G.O.P. Effort to Drop 1864 Abortion Law in Favor of 15-Week Ban Politics, April 11

    The Senate candidate and Donald Trump ally is supporting a handful of state Republicans who have backed away from a near-total ban that was upheld by the State Supreme Court this week.

  12. The Great Hypocrisy of the Pro-Life Movement Op Ed, April 11

    There is no longer a truly pro-life party in the United States.

  13. Liberal Justice to Retire From Wisconsin Supreme Court, Leaving Control Uncertain National, April 11

    Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, whose term ends in July 2025, said she will not seek re-election. The race to replace her will decide whether the court has a liberal or conservative majority.

  14. Assange’s Wife Expresses Cautious Hope as Biden Suggests U.S. Might Drop Case Foreign, April 11

    The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange spent five years in a London prison while contesting extradition efforts. Before that, he holed up in the Ecuadorean Embassy.

  15. How the G.O.P. Molded the Arizona Court That Upheld the Abortion Ban National, April 10

    Arizona’s former governor, Doug Ducey, expanded the court to seven justices. All solid conservatives, they upheld a 160-year-old abortion ban that presents a political risk to Republicans.

  16. Biden Says U.S. Is Considering Dropping Its Case Against Assange Washington, April 10

    The WikiLeaks founder has been held in London as he has battled extradition to the United States on charges related to his publication of classified documents.

  17. Arizona Republicans Thwart Attempts to Repeal 1864 Abortion Ban National, April 10

    Democrats in both houses of the Legislature were blocked from advancing bills to roll back the reinstated ban on nearly all abortions in the state.

  18. Senate Leaders Look to Curb ‘Judge Shopping’ but in Different Ways National, April 10

    Senators Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell don’t think the federal judiciary is doing enough, and each is introducing a bill to address the issue.

  19. The History Behind Arizona’s 160-Year-Old Abortion Ban Science, April 10

    The state’s Supreme Court ruled that the 1864 law is enforceable today. Here is what led to its enactment.

  20. How a Case Against Fox News Tore Apart a Media-Fighting Law Firm Sunday Business, April 10

    Tensions had been brewing for years inside Clare Locke, a top defamation law firm. Then came the biggest defamation case of them all.

  21. This Is Probably Not the Deal the Pro-Life Movement Bargained for With Trump Op Ed, April 10

    Abortion opponents are entirely misaligned with the Trumpist form of conservatism.

  22. What We Know About the Arizona Abortion Ban National, April 10

    The state’s highest court upheld an 1864 law that bans nearly all abortions. Here’s what to know about the ruling.

  23. Biden Condemns Arizona’s Abortion Ban as ‘Cruel’ and ‘Extreme’ Washington, April 9

    President Biden, who promised to continue to fight for the restoration of Roe v. Wade, said the ban was first enacted “well before women had secured the right to vote.”

  24. Arizona Reinstates 160-Year-Old Abortion Ban National, April 9

    The state’s highest court said the law, moribund for decades under Roe v. Wade, was now enforceable, but it put its decision on hold for a lower court to hear other challenges to the law.

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  26. The Man Who Snuffed Out Abortion Rights Is Here to Tell You He Is a Moderate Op Ed, April 9

    He landed a major blow against legal abortion during his first term. If given a second, he will land another.

  27. The Fidelity of ‘Originalist’ Justices Is About to Be Tested Op Ed, April 9

    Will the court’s conservatives flinch in the face of two polarizing gun cases?

  28. On Abortion, Trump Chose Politics Over Principles. Will It Matter? Politics, April 9

    With his video statement on Monday, Donald Trump laid bare how faulty a messenger he had always been for the anti-abortion cause.

  29. Cash-for-Clients Scheme Lands Ex-Court Clerk and Lawyer in Prison Metro, April 8

    Dionisio Figueroa used his position in Manhattan federal court to steer defendants to Telesforo Del Valle Jr. in a long-running conspiracy, prosecutors said.

  30. Putting Abortion Question to Florida Voters Is Unlikely to End Court Fights National, April 8

    Though the Florida Supreme Court allowed a ballot question on expanding abortion rights, it also laid out a way for anti-abortion groups to challenge such an expansion.

  31. When Your Boss Is Your Landlord Real Estate, April 8

    A Brooklyn hospital is trying to evict employees and retirees from staff housing, as it struggles financially, but tenants fear they will now be homeless in an unaffordable city.

  32. Biden and Other Democrats Tie Trump to Limits on Abortion Rights Politics, April 8

    The former president said he supported leaving abortion decisions to states, but political opponents say he bears responsibility for any curbs enacted.

  33. An Effort to End ‘Judge-Shopping’ Turns Into a ‘Political Firestorm’ National, April 5

    A policy meant to prevent plaintiffs from steering their cases to sympathetic judges has drawn widespread attention, with both Republicans and Democrats accusing each other of politicizing the judiciary.

  34. Opposition to Muslim Judicial Nominee Leaves Biden With a Tough Choice Washington, April 5

    Adeel Mangi would be the first Muslim American to be a federal appeals court judge, but has faced vitriolic attacks from the G.O.P. The president could run out of time to fill the seat.

  35. Three Democratic Senators Are Stuck Indulging an Outdated Fantasy Op Ed, April 5

    Why Is Adeel Mangi’s confirmation still in jeopardy?

  36. Trump’s Trial Lawyer Gambled a Gilded Manhattan Career to Represent Him Metro, April 4

    Todd Blanche was a prosecutor and worked for a prestigious firm. Now, he is the principal lawyer for Donald Trump as he becomes the first former president to face prosecution.

  37. Stephen Breyer: The Supreme Court I Served On Was Made Up of Friends Op Ed, April 3

    If justices who disagree so profoundly can do so respectfully, perhaps it is possible for our politically divided country to do the same.

  38. Ugandan Court Upholds Draconian Anti-Gay Law Foreign, April 3

    The law, which includes the death penalty as a punishment in some cases, has been strongly condemned, including by the United States.

  39. Frustrated Prosecutors Ask Trump Documents Judge to Act on Key Claim Washington, April 3

    The push for a quick decision on one of the former president’s most far-fetched claims is an unusual and risky move in a case Judge Aileen Cannon has allowed to become bogged down.

  40. Florida permite que se prohíba el aborto a las 6 semanas, pero abre la puerta a que los votantes opinen En español, April 2

    El tribunal del estado dictaminó que la protección de la privacidad prevista en la Constitución estatal no se extiende al procedimiento. Pero también permitió una consulta en las urnas sobre el acceso al aborto.

  41. Read the Florida Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Abortion Ban Interactive, April 1

    The Florida Supreme Court overturned decades of legal precedent in ruling that the State Constitution’s privacy protections do not extend to abortion, effectively allowing Florida to ban the procedure after six weeks of pregnancy.

  42. Florida Court Allows 6-Week Abortion Ban, but Voters Will Get to Weigh In National, April 1

    The Florida Supreme Court found that the State Constitution’s privacy protections do not extend to abortion. But it also allowed a ballot question on whether to expand abortion access.

  43. Read the Florida Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Constitutional Amendment Interactive, April 1

    The Florida Supreme Court allowed voters to decide this fall whether to expand abortion access, ruling 4 to 3 that a proposed constitutional amendment that would guarantee the right to abortion “before viability,” usually around 24 weeks, could go...

  44. From Pizzagate to the 2020 Election: Forcing Liars to Pay or Apologize Washington, March 31

    Michael J. Gottlieb is part of a cadre of lawyers deploying defamation, one of the oldest areas of the law, against a tide of political disinformation.

  45. How Trump Paid $100 Million in Legal Fees Video, March 29

    Since leaving office in 2021, former President Donald Trump has spent more than $100 million on costs related to investigations, indictments and his coming criminal trials. Shane Goldmacher, a politics reporter for The New York Times, explains whe...

  46. Something Other Than Originalism Explains This Supreme Court Op Ed, March 29

    It’s actually traditionalist. Which is a good thing.

  47. How Justice Thomas’s ‘Nearly Adopted Daughter’ Became His Law Clerk Washington, March 28

    Justice Clarence Thomas gave Crystal Clanton a home and a job after she left a conservative youth organization in controversy. Then the justice picked her for one of the most coveted positions in the legal world.

  48. Appeals Court Keeps Block on Texas Migrant Arrest Law National, March 27

    The decision in favor of the federal government left in place a trial court injunction while courts determine whether the measure is legal.

  49. The Retired Justice Who Doesn’t Understand the Supreme Court Book Review, March 27

    Stephen Breyer means well. Why is his new book, “Reading the Constitution,” so exasperating?

  50. The Debate Over Free Speech, Disinformation and Censorship Letters, March 26

    Readers discuss the First Amendment and efforts to monitor content on social media. Also: Senator Ted Cruz; talking about cancer; landlines; internet access.

  51. Erin Hawley: The Woman Arguing Against the Abortion Pill National, March 26

    Erin Hawley, a law professor and wife of Senator Josh Hawley, is arguing the Supreme Court case.

  52. The Supreme Court Got It Wrong: Abortion Is Not Settled Law Op Ed, March 26

    Two cases offer the Supreme Court an opportunity to shape the landscape of abortion access in the post-Roe era.

  53. Insurance Companies and the Prior Authorization Maze Letters, March 24

    Responses to an Opinion video by Alexander Stockton. Also: Elect the attorney general; friendship memories; a leadership gap.

  54. The Man Who Helped Redefine Campus Antisemitism National, March 24

    In government and as an outsider, Kenneth Marcus has tried to douse what he says is rising bias against Jews. Some see a crackdown on pro-Palestinian speech.

  55. La nueva ley migratoria SB 4 causa confusión entre las autoridades de Texas En español, March 21

    Una racha reciente de órdenes legales contradictorias confunde a los líderes policiales sobre cómo hacer cumplir la ley, si es que alguna vez entra en vigor.

  56. Taxpayers Were Overcharged for Patient Meds. Then Came the Lawyers. Local Investigations, March 21

    A group of politically connected lawyers teamed up to go after insurers and made millions from one of the largest Medicaid settlements in history.

  57. My Country Is Witnessing a Messy, Buffoonish End of Rule Op Ed, March 21

    In Senegal, the worst could be still to come.

  58. Woman’s Arrest After Political Dispute Prompts a Lively Supreme Court Debate Washington, March 20

    A Texas city councilwoman, arrested on charges of mishandling documents after criticizing the city manager, said her First Amendment rights had been violated.

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  60. Texas Police Departments Express Confusion Over New Immigration Law National, March 20

    The flurry of recent back-and-forth legal orders left law enforcement leaders hesitant on how they plan to enforce the law, if it ever takes effect.

  61. Appeals Court Shaped by Trump Is at Center of Texas Border Debate National, March 20

    The fight over a new immigration law is the latest national controversy to reach the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

  62. Judge Won’t Punish Michael Cohen for Relying on Artificial Intelligence Metro, March 20

    Former President Donald J. Trump’s onetime fixer gave his lawyer fake legal citations concocted by the artificial intelligence program Google Bard for a motion the lawyer filed in federal court.

  63. The March 20 Texas Immigration Law Sb4 live blog included one standalone post:
  64. An Appeals Court Often Out of Step With the Supreme Court Notches a Victory National, March 19

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has a reputation for issuing decisions too conservative even for the six-justice supermajority of Republican appointees.

  65. Ohio Primary Election Results Interactive, March 19

    Get live results and maps from the 2024 Ohio primary elections.

  66. Illinois Primary Election Results Interactive, March 19

    Get live results and maps from the 2024 Illinois primary elections.

  67. Ethics Panels Dismiss Complaints Against Former Lawyer for Jan. 6 Witness Washington, March 19

    The witness, Cassidy Hutchinson, declined to cooperate with inquiries into Stefan Passantino prompted by her assertions that he pressed her to protect Donald Trump.

  68. Judge in Trump Documents Case Draws Attention for Slow Pace Washington, March 19

    Aileen Cannon has yet to set a trial date in the complex case accusing Donald J. Trump of mishandling classified materials, and has stirred confusion with some decisions.

  69. Hong Kong’s New Security Legislation Took Decades to Pass. Here’s What to Know. Express, March 19

    The legislation marks another significant erosion of freedom in a former British colony once known for its relative autonomy from Beijing.

  70. The Islamophobic Smear Campaign Dividing Democrats Op Ed, March 19

    Adeel Mangi was a judicial shoo-in for Biden. Will Democrats defend him?

  71. Germany Cannot Shift Covid Funds to Climate Projects, Court Rules Business, November 15

    The decision could rip a hole in Berlin’s budget and complicate the transition to a greener economy.

  72. Supreme Court to Hear N.R.A.’s Free Speech Case Against New York Official Washington, November 3

    The case is the second one this term asking the justices to decide when government activity crosses the line to become coercion forbidden by the First Amendment.

  73. Appeals Court Rules White House Overstepped 1st Amendment on Social Media Business, September 9

    A Fifth Circuit panel partly upheld restrictions on the Biden administration’s communications with online platforms about their content.

  74. How Might the Government Avoid Default? Biden Offers Clues. Washington, May 10

    After making little progress with Republican leaders at the White House on Tuesday, the president previewed two possible endgames to resolve a debt-limit standoff.

  75. Video Testimony in the Covid Era Faces a Constitutional Test Washington, March 20

    Two criminal defendants have asked the Supreme Court to decide whether remote testimony against them violated the Sixth Amendment’s confrontation clause.

  76. Supreme Court Hints That It May Duck Two Big Cases Washington, March 7

    Recent orders suggest that the justices are thinking of dismissing cases involving the “independent state legislature” theory and Title 42, an immigration measure imposed during the pandemic.

  77. Supreme Court Cancels Arguments in Title 42 Immigration Case Washington, February 16

    The justices, who had been set to hear arguments on March 1, acted after the Biden administration filed a brief saying that the measure would soon be moot.

  78. Back on the Bench to Announce Opinions, Supreme Court Rules Against a Veteran Washington, January 23

    The unanimous ruling was the first one summarized by a justice since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and an indication that the court is off to a slow start this term.

  79. Chief Justice Roberts Briefly Halts Decision Banning Border Expulsions Washington, December 19

    At issue is Title 42, a public health measure invoked by the Trump administration during the pandemic to block migrants from seeking asylum in the United States.

  80. Supreme Court to Hear Student Debt Forgiveness Case U.S., December 1

    The justices left in place an injunction blocking the Biden administration’s authority to forgive up to $20,000 in debt per borrower.

  81. How the Right Became the Left and the Left Became the Right Op Ed, November 2

    A pair of prominent headlines highlights the reversals.

  82. Sorry, Summer Styles, July 20

    We all know what happened with summer 2020. Then 2021 was dampened by Delta. This year, any anticipated return to revelry has been hampered by … *waves hands at everything.* Is there hope for enjoying the once fun season?

  83. Hey, Is Anybody Watching the Interns? Business, July 19

    School is out for the summer — but in some cases, so are the bosses.

  84. Hey, Is Anybody Watching the Interns? Business, July 19

    School is out for the summer — but in some cases, so are the bosses.

  85. Why Is the Supreme Court So Secretive? Letters, May 10

    Readers call for more openness and discuss judicial restraint and the justices’ religious beliefs. Also: Mask decisions; Twitter’s dark side; skipping school.