1. Abiy Ahmed Won the Nobel Peace Prize. Now He Needs to Earn It. Opinion, Today

    The Abyssinian spring in Ethiopia has entered a critical phase.

  2. Supreme Court Case Could Have Huge Effect on Puerto Rican Debt Crisis U.S., October 15

    The justices are considering a constitutional challenge to an unusual oversight board created by Congress to sort out the island’s debt.

  3. For ‘Erin Brockovich’ Fans, a David vs. Goliath Tale With a Twist Books, October 14

    Robert Bilott was a corporate defense lawyer when a stranger shared a theory about why his cows were dying. “Exposure” is his story of what happened next.

  4. ‘Faithless Electors’ Could Tip the 2020 Election. Will the Supreme Court Stop Them? U.S., October 14

    A new petition asks the justices to rule quickly, before the next election, on whether members of the Electoral College may vote their consciences.

  5. Trump’s Politics Aren’t Pretty. That’s How His Voters Like It. Opinion, October 12

    He’s a tireless catalyst of conflict with the right’s opponents.

  6. Judges Strike Several Blows to Trump Immigration Policies U.S., October 11

    Judges in three states ruled against a policy that would withhold green cards to immigrants who receive public assistance such as Medicaid. Another judge ruled on border wall funding.

  7. Donald Trump Dreams of Presidential Infallibility Opinion, October 11

    His emerging constitutional doctrine leaves no room for the House or the courts.

  8. Hold Trump Accountable Opinion, October 10

    The patriots of the civil rights movement spoke truth to power. We can do it again.

  9. The House Can Play Hardball, Too. It Can Arrest Giuliani. Opinion, October 10

    Two ways that Democrats in the House can match the White House’s aggressive tactics.

  10. A Supreme Court Abortion Case That Tests the Court Itself Opinion, October 10

    What will access to abortion look like under the new conservative majority?

  11. Is the Threat of Impeachment Emboldening Trump? Opinion, October 10

    And should Democrats pack the Supreme Court?

  12. Arizona Official Placed 29 Babies in Adoption Fraud Scheme, Prosecutors Say U.S., October 9

    Paul D. Petersen, Maricopa County’s assessor, arranged for women from the Marshall Islands to fly to the United States to give birth at taxpayers’ expense, prosecutors said.

  13. Trump’s Sweeping Case Against Impeachment Is a Political Strategy U.S., October 9

    At its core, it is born out of the cold calculation that President Trump probably cannot stop the Democrat-led House from impeaching him.

  14. Trump Wants a Fight. Pelosi Can Hit Back. Opinion, October 9

    With rules, rigor and resolution.

  15. As White House Counsel, Pat Cipollone Builds Case for Defiance on Impeachment U.S., October 9

    He is pressing a no-cooperation approach that has substantial political risks and potentially far-reaching constitutional ramifications.

  16. Will Puerto Rico Still Be Allowed to Govern Itself? Opinion, October 9

    The Supreme Court will consider that question next week.

  17. How Will the House Respond to Trump’s Constitutional Escalation? Opinion, October 9

    The White House wants to reshape the terms of the impeachment political debate.

  18. This Is a Constitutional Crisis. What Happens Next? Opinion, October 9

    With a full-on confrontation between the House and the president, no simple resolution is available.

  19. ‘Wow. This Letter Is Bananas.’ Opinion, October 9

    When reality is inconvenient, reinvent it.

  20. F.B.I. Practices for Intercepted Emails Violated 4th Amendment, Judge Ruled U.S., October 8

    Newly declassified files reveal a secret court fight over the F.B.I.’s procedures for searching for Americans’ messages within a warrantless surveillance program’s repository.

  21. Will the Supreme Court Hand Trump Even More Power? Opinion, October 8

    The justices could take up a case on whether the president can fire the heads of independent agencies like the Fed.

  22. Supreme Court Weighs Ending Non-Unanimous Jury Verdicts in Criminal Cases U.S., October 7

    A confusing 1972 decision allowed convictions by split verdicts in state courts, though not federal ones. The justices struggled with whether to overrule it.

  23. Chris Collins Found a Constitutional Protection for Congress Goes Only So Far Business, October 7

    A judge rejected Mr. Collins’s argument that the “speech or debate” clause shielded materials in his insider-trading case from a Justice Department inquiry.

  24. Hong Kong’s Mask Ban Reveals Carrie Lam’s True Face Opinion, October 7

    The city’s leader announced an emergency law to restore order. It was a deliberate provocation.

  25. Why America Needs Whistle-Blowers Opinion, October 6

    They are not partisans but stewards of our constitutional democracy.

  26. Supreme Court to Hear Abortion Case From Louisiana U.S., October 4

    The case will test the constitutionality of an admitting-privileges law that could reduce the number of clinics in the state one.

  27. Jerome Facher, 93, Dies; Won Acquittal in Noted Pollution Case U.S., October 3

    After children died from toxic water, he defended the conglomerate Beatrice Foods in a case that became the basis of the book and movie “A Civil Action.”

  28. U.S. Judge Temporarily Blocks Georgia Abortion Law U.S., October 1

    Similar laws have been blocked in other states. Conservatives hope the Supreme Court will ultimately decide to weaken or overturn the constitutional right to an abortion.

  29. Impeachment Rules Say Senate Must Act, but Its Act Might Be a Swift Dismissal U.S., October 1

    As both sides prepare for a potential Senate impeachment showdown, the focus is on how quickly Republicans might move to jettison the accusations.

  30. Who’s in Charge in Peru? Peruvians Can’t Agree World, October 1

    The president dissolved Congress. Congress suspended the president. Now the vice president has renounced. Here’s what you need to know to understand the dysfunction roiling Peru.

  31. Court Upholds Net Neutrality Repeal, With Some Caveats Technology, October 1

    The mixed ruling gave both supporters and opponents a chance to declare victory on an issue that has bubbled up occasionally for more than a decade.

  32. Federal Judge in Kansas City Is Reprimanded for Sexual Harassment U.S., September 30

    The federal judiciary has worked in recent years to better address the harassment and abuse of employees.

  33. The Impeachment Inquiry: ‘It Is Time’ Opinion, September 30

    Readers react positively to an editorial laying out the case for a congressional inquiry into President Trump’s actions, and respond to other opinion essays on impeachment.

  34. Inside the F.B.I. File of Trump’s Mentor, Roy Cohn New York, September 29

    The president isn’t mentioned in just-released documents. Still, the thick file is a timely reminder of the unusual realm his feared mentor inhabited.

  35. Impeachment Battle to Turn for First Time on a President’s Ties to a Foreign Country U.S., September 28

    To the founding fathers, foreign influence on an American president was an abiding fear and a basis for impeachment.

  36. The Best Way to Determine if Trump Deserves Impeachment Opinion, September 27

    The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution provide a handy guide.

  37. If Donald Trump Does It, It’s Not a Crime Opinion, September 27

    Trump sees the Ukraine call as a “nothing” because he has spent his entire adult life skirting, mocking, ignoring or breaking the law.

  38. Plato Cacheris, Washington ‘Super Lawyer’ in Headline Cases, Dies at 90 U.S., September 26

    If there was a national scandal — Watergate, Iran-contra, “Monica-gate,” the Snowden affair — he got the call. His deal making was legend.

  39. Trump Has Overplayed His Hand Opinion, September 26

    And may have awakened a long-dormant Congress.

  40. There Was More to the Price Hike on Stamps Than the Cost Opinion, September 26

    There has to be a reason for official decisions beyond “because we say so.”

  41. It Has Begun Opinion, September 25

    An impeachment inquiry is nothing to celebrate. Still, it is evidence of what’s right being put ahead of what’s expedient.

  42. Ruth Abrams, Judge Who Broke a Glass Ceiling Installed in 1692, Dies at 88 Obituaries, September 25

    In Massachusetts she wrote landmark decisions on family law and gender equality that were widely cited across the country. And she quietly recruited many women to the bench.

  43. Pelosi on Trump: ‘He Does Not Care About Ethics’ — Live Updates U.S., September 25

    The White House released a reconstructed transcript that showed President Trump urged Ukraine’s leader to contact Attorney General William Barr about opening an inquiry tied to Joseph R. Biden Jr. Two intelligence officials referred Mr. Trump’s activity to the Justice Dept. for a possible criminal inquiry. It declined to open one.

  44. Highlights: Whistle-Blower Complaint Goes to House as Ukraine Phone Call Gets Released U.S., September 25

    A whistle-blower’s private expressions of concern about President Trump’s actions kicked off an extraordinary series of revelations that have prompted Democrats in Congress to officially begin an impeachment inquiry.

  45. Politics Has No Place at the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Roberts Says U.S., September 25

    In a frequently lighthearted conversation, the chief justice also discussed classic rock and whether he could best Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the gym.

  46. Why I Changed My Mind About Impeachment Opinion, September 24

    Trump was always unfit, but that’s not enough.

  47. Nancy Pelosi’s Statement on Impeachment: ‘The President Must Be Held Accountable’ U.S., September 24

    Ms. Pelosi addressed the nation to lay out the rationale for an impeachment inquiry.

  48. Beware of Impeaching Trump. It Could Hurt the Presidency. Opinion, September 24

    We must avoid doing long-term harm to the president’s ability to conduct foreign policy and protect our nation.

  49. How the Impeachment Process Works U.S., September 24

    The inquiry into President Trump has the potential to reshape his presidency. Here’s how impeachment works.

  50. Does Donald Trump Want to Be Impeached? Opinion, September 24

    Four reasons the president might welcome articles of impeachment.

  51. Nancy Pelosi’s Failure to Launch Opinion, September 23

    The House speaker’s hesitation on impeachment empowers a lawless president.

  52. Intelligence Whistle-Blower Law, Explained U.S., September 20

    Congress and the Trump administration are in a standoff over a secret complaint related to President Trump and Ukraine.

  53. Why Republicans Play Dirty Opinion, September 20

    They fear that if they stick to the rules, they will lose everything. Their behavior is a threat to democratic stability.

  54. Roy Cohn Is How We Got Trump Opinion, September 20

    From McCarthyism to the mob to Trump, Cohn enabled evil. Why did elites embrace him?

  55. Secret F.B.I. Subpoenas Scoop Up Personal Data From Scores of Companies U.S., September 20

    The practice, which the bureau says is vital to counterterrorism efforts, casts a much wider net than previously disclosed, newly released documents show.

  56. For D.C. Statehood Advocates, a Hearing Marks Another Step Forward U.S., September 19

    With Democrats in control, the House gave the long-suffering movement for statehood a hearing for the first time in more than 20 years.

  57. Are Biden and Sanders Too Old to Be President? Opinion, September 19

    Jimmy Carter seems to think there should be an age limit for the highest office.

  58. What Reconstruction-Era Laws Can Teach Our Democracy Books, September 18

    “The Second Founding,” by the historian Eric Foner, argues that the radical promise of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments — all passed after the Civil War — remains unfulfilled today.

  59. Why an Assault Weapons Ban Hits Such a Nerve With Many Conservatives Opinion, September 18

    The premise of Trumpist populism is that the political preferences of a shrinking minority of citizens matter more than democracy.