1. As N.Y. Courts Seek to Root Out Racism, a Clerk Is Heard Using a Slur Metro, April 16

    A lawyer for a teenager said he overheard racist comments directed at his client during a hearing in New York Family Court. The incident came months after a judge warned about racism in the courts.

  2. Supreme Court Commission to Scrutinize Changes Beyond Expanding Justice Seats Washington, April 15

    President Biden’s new panel, which is set to meet on Friday, has ambitions to tackle many other proposals to overhaul the court.

  3. Outside Money Floods Mayor’s Race, Raising Ethics Concerns Metro, April 15

    For the first time since the Supreme Court allowed unlimited spending in elections, candidate super PACs are flooding money into a New York mayoral election.

  4. The Supreme Court Is Making New Law in the Shadows Op Ed, April 15

    The justices are defying their procedural rules to rewrite the Constitution.

  5. Derek Chauvin Declines to Testify in Murder Trial Video, April 15

    Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer charged in the killing of George Floyd, invoked his Fifth Amendment right not to testify in his own defense on Thursday.

  6. Trump’s Killing Spree Continues Op Ed, April 15

    Arizona follows a model that lets the government ignore questions of cruelty.

  7. Witness With George Floyd Before His Arrest Will Not Take the Stand Video, April 14

    Morries Lester Hall, who was in a car with George Floyd before his arrest, invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination when he was called to testify on Wednesday in Derek Chauvin’s murder trial.

  8. A Legal Winning Streak for Religion Podcasts, April 14

    A series of victories in the Supreme Court has fueled claims that the justices are giving preference to faith groups.

  9. Why Tucker Carlson Is Obsessed With Kristen Clarke Editorial, April 14

    She’s a fighter for civil rights. Of course Fox News is trying to smear her.

  10. A Push to Move the Golf Course Atop a Native American ‘Stonehenge’ Culture, April 12

    Historians hoping to preserve the ancient Octagon Earthworks in Newark, Ohio, as a UNESCO World Heritage site faces a problem: the golf club that leases the property.

  11. Howard Weitzman, Defense Lawyer for the Famous, Dies at 81 Obits, April 11

    A master practitioner of the courthouse-steps news conference, he often made his case in the court of public opinion. He also made lawsuits disappear.

  12. New Twists in the Abortion Debate Letters, April 11

    Readers discuss a threat to women’s rights and a novel interpretation of the 14th Amendment by the religious right.

  13. Ramsey Clark, Attorney General and Rebel With a Cause, Dies at 93 Obits, April 10

    Mr. Clark oversaw the drafting of the Fair Housing Act in 1968 and went on to defend both the disadvantaged and the unpopular.

  14. By 5-4 Vote, Supreme Court Lifts Restrictions on Prayer Meetings in Homes Washington, April 10

    The court shifted direction in cases on Covid-related limits on religious services after Justice Amy Coney Barrett replaced Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

  15. This Is What Judicial Activism Looks Like on the Supreme Court Op Ed, April 8

    In a dissent, two conservative justices invite a case to overturn a precedent on religion in the workplace that they dislike.

  16. What is happening when the judge and the lawyers put on their headphones? U.S., April 7

    By using microphones and headsets, and by playing white noise to the jurors, the sidebar can happen with the participants at a safe distance.

  17. The Courtroom Sketch: A Piece of History, and Art Express, April 7

    The Library of Congress recently added more than 200 sketches of the Rodney King police brutality trial to its collection. “We are drawing history in the making,” one sketch artist said.

  18. Official Censorship Should Have No Place in the Digital Public Square Op Ed, April 7

    Courts are barring public officials from blocking critics from their social media accounts.

  19. McConnell, long a defender of corporate speech, now suggests executives ‘stay out of politics.’ Washington, April 6

    Senator Mitch McConnell has lashed out at executives with Major League Baseball, Delta and other corporations for criticizing Republican-led efforts in some states to impose restrictions on voting access.

  20. McConnell, long a defender of corporate speech, now suggests executives ‘stay out of politics.’ Washington, April 6

    Senator Mitch McConnell has lashed out at executives with Major League Baseball, Delta and other corporations for criticizing Republican-led efforts in some states to impose restrictions on voting access.

  21. Testing an Opaque Security Power, Michigan Man Challenges ‘No-Fly List’ Washington, April 6

    The plaintiff, a Lebanese-American, says he was barred from flying after refusing to become an F.B.I. informant.

  22. The Authoritarian Plan for a National Abortion Ban Op Ed, April 5

    Some on the right want the Supreme Court to go beyond ending Roe.

  23. The Supreme Court vacates ruling that Trump violated the First Amendment by blocking people on Twitter. Washington, April 5

    The Supreme Court’s move was expected, as Mr. Trump is no longer president and Twitter has permanently suspended his account.

  24. An Extraordinary Winning Streak for Religion at the Supreme Court Washington, April 5

    More broadly, one new study found, “the politicization of religious freedom has infiltrated every level of the federal judiciary.”

  25. The Lawyer Behind the Throne at Fox Business, April 4

    Even before the company’s C.E.O., Lachlan Murdoch, moved to Australia, Viet Dinh was seen as Fox’s power center.

  26. What Has the Pro-Life Movement Won? Op Ed, April 2

    Donald Trump gave us a Supreme Court that could overturn Roe v. Wade. But the fight against abortion may leave the current G.O.P. behind.

  27. Charlottesville Can Remove Confederate Statues, High Court Rules Express, April 1

    Monuments to the Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson are not protected by state law and can come down, the Virginia Supreme Court ruled on Thursday.

  28. An Accidental Disclosure Exposes a $1 Billion Tax Fight With Bristol Myers Business, April 1

    The I.R.S. believes the American drugmaker used an abusive offshore scheme to avoid federal taxes.

  29. Court Overturns Sex Crime Conviction Because Victim Was ‘Voluntarily Intoxicated’ Express, March 31

    The decision by the Minnesota Supreme Court has fueled calls for changes to the state’s sexual assault law. Women’s rights groups say such measures are applied similarly across the U.S.

  30. Supreme Court Seems Ready to Back Payments to Student-Athletes Washington, March 31

    But the justices voiced concern that challenges to N.C.A.A. limits on pay beyond the modest education-related sums at issue in the case could threaten the distinction between amateur and pro sports.

  31. Biden’s Judicial Counterpunch to Trump Begins Politics, March 30

    With a diverse initial slate of nominees, the president is starting to try to neutralize his predecessor’s profound influence on the courts.

  32. Here’s How Democrats’ Sweeping Voting Rights Law Would Work Washington, March 30

    The expansive measure would set a nationwide floor on ballot access, nullify many voting restrictions, change the way political districts are drawn and rein in campaign donations.

  33. Biden Names Diverse Nominees for the Federal Bench Washington, March 30

    The president’s first choices for district and appeals court openings reflected his campaign promise to choose judges who don’t have traditional backgrounds.

  34. Biden Names Diverse Nominees for the Federal Bench Washington, March 30

    The president’s first choices for district and appeals court openings reflected his campaign promise to choose judges from outside of traditional backgrounds.

  35. Why Constitutions Are the Safeguards of Freedom Book Review, March 30

    Linda Colley’s “The Gun, the Ship, and the Pen” examines how constitutions came to be written — and why they sometimes fail.

  36. What to know about Jerry W. Blackwell, the prosecutor making opening arguments. National, March 29

    Mr. Blackwell has represented a series of large companies and joined the attorney general’s office just for this case on a pro bono basis.

  37. El presidente de Haití no tiene apoyo popular pero quiere reformar la Constitución en Español, March 25

    El país se enfrenta a una crisis prolongada y se prepara para la mayor reorganización del gobierno que se haya visto en décadas con un referéndum constitucional y elecciones nacionales previstas para este año.

  38. Case on Police Violence Reveals Fault Lines at Supreme Court Washington, March 25

    In a sharp exchange, dissenting conservatives suggested that Chief Justice Roberts warped the law in response to public sentiment.

  39. A Go-It-Alone President Wants to Reshape Haiti. Some Are Skeptical. Foreign, March 25

    Haiti, facing a prolonged crisis, is preparing for the biggest shake-up of government seen in decades with a constitutional referendum and national elections slated for this year.

  40. I Survived 18 Years in Solitary Confinement Op Ed, March 25

    The harrowing injustice I suffered as a boy should never happen to another child in this country.

  41. Testing Time at the Supreme Court Op Ed, March 25

    The outcome of a property rights case could foretell how much conservatives can expect from the justices.

  42. 18 Dead. Is This What Getting Back to ‘Normal’ Looks Like? Op Ed, March 24

    Our gun-loving culture is killing us.

  43. Supreme Court to Consider Death Sentence in Boston Marathon Bombing Case Washington, March 22

    The justices will review a decision from a federal appeals court that overturned the death sentence imposed on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the perpetrators of the attack.

  44. What Happens When Our Faces Are Tracked Everywhere We Go? Interactive, March 18

    When a secretive start-up scraped the internet to build a facial-recognition tool, it tested a legal and ethical limit — and blew the future of privacy in America wide open.

  45. A Step-by-Step Guide to the Second Impeachment of Donald J. Trump Interactive, February 8

    A detailed look at each stage of the impeachment process of former President Trump.

  46. Raphael Warnock and the Solitude of the Black Senator Interactive, January 20

    The Georgia pastor will be just the 11th Black U.S. senator. His victory came amid an attempt to delegitimize election results — a pattern for more than a 150 years.

  47. Read Pence’s Letter to Pelosi Interactive, January 12

    In a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Mike Pence rejected the possibility of stripping President Trump of his powers through the 25th Amendment.

  48. How to Fix the Supreme Court Interactive, October 27

    Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation has tilted the high court's ideological balance. What should the court’s future be, and who gets to decide it?

  49. What Happens if Roe v. Wade Is Overturned? Interactive, October 15

    Abortion access would decline in large regions of the country, a new data analysis shows.