1. In Politically Charged Inquiry, Durham Sought Details About Scrutiny of Clintons Washington, Today

    John Durham’s team has sought information about the F.B.I.’s handling of the Clinton Foundation investigation, raising questions about the scope of the prosecutor’s review.

  2. Ginsburg Remembered as Champion of Justice as Struggle Continues Over Her Successor Washington, Yesterday

    Long lines of mourners waited outside the Supreme Court to pay their respects, but President Trump again made clear he would not honor her dying wish that filling her seat wait until the next president was chosen.

  3. The Evangelicals Who Are Taking On QAnon Op Ed, September 17

    Some leaders are trying to save their flocks from the lure of the online conspiracy theory.

  4. Cookbook Celebrates 19th Amendment Dining, September 14

    The free digital cookbook from the American Bar Association features recipes from judges and lawyers.

  5. What’s the Point of All These Polls? Op Ed, September 8

    Many Americans felt the 2016 election discredited the whole business of electoral forecasting. But that’s not how some pollsters see it.

  6. Democrats Belatedly Launch Operation to Share Information on Voters Politics, September 6

    Democrats have been far behind Republicans on compiling and sharing information that can be used by campaigns, state parties and super PACs.

  7. Sin latinos no hay Casa Blanca en Español, September 4

    Es un ritual predecible: cada cuatro años el Partido Republicano y el Partido Demócrata redescubren a los latinos para después olvidarlos hasta la siguiente elección. La política estadounidense debe darse cuenta de que ese electorado es vital.

  8. We Are Not Going to Fact-Check Our Way Out of QAnon Op Ed, September 3

    “You don’t have a movement like this without people who’ve lost trust in expertise and authority and institutions.”

  9. The True Colors of America’s Political Spectrum Are Gray and Green Interactive, September 2

    Think of the gray sidewalks of Democratic-leaning New York City, or the endless stretch of green fields in Kansas.

  10. What if Everyone Had Voted by Mail in 2016? Interactive, August 10

    Despite boosting younger voters, the effects are negligible when races aren’t razor-thin.