1. The Rising Racial Liberalism of Democratic Voters Op Ed, Today

    Evidence from recent primaries, survey data and national elections suggests that the old way of doing things won’t work anymore.

  2. The Democrats’ Midterm Dilemma Op Ed, Today

    How the politics of normalcy are boosting Republicans.

  3. The Mystery Buffs in the White House Book Review, Today

    Our presidents’ love of detective fiction has an august history. Craig Fehrman follows the clues.

  4. Nixon Has the Buzz, but Cuomo Hits Convention With the Advantage Metro, Yesterday

    For Gov. Andrew Cuomo, this week’s state Democratic convention underscores how the party’s traditional machinery, including Hillary Clinton, supports his re-election.

  5. Mark Penn, Ex-Clinton Aide, Dismisses Mueller Inquiry, and the Clintons Along With It Washington, May 21

    His criticism goes beyond just denouncing the special counsel to describing the people around his former employers as unprincipled schemers, the way the Republicans he once opposed used to do.

  6. Leecia Eve, Ex-Aide to Clinton and Cuomo, Enters Attorney General Race Metro, May 21

    Ms. Eve will battle Letitia James, the perceived front-runner in the race. Either Democrat would be the first black woman to hold statewide office.

  7. Hillary and Bill Clinton Go Separate Ways for 2018 Midterm Elections Politics, May 21

    Mrs. Clinton plans to endorse Andrew M. Cuomo for governor of New York this week. But elsewhere on the 2018 campaign trail, she and Mr. Clinton are not always welcome.

  8. Superdelegates Are No. 1 on the Democratic Party To-Do List Politics, May 17

    Party officials want to resolve differences over the role and influence of superdelegates, which were a major sticking point in the 2016 primaries.

  9. Top Republican Senator Says ‘No Reason to Dispute’ That Russia Favored Trump Washington, May 16

    Senator Richard M. Burr of North Carolina, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he saw “no reason to dispute” the findings of the United States’ spy agencies.

  10. Code Name Crossfire Hurricane: The Secret Origins of the Trump Investigation Washington, May 16

    Mr. Trump has described the investigation as a politically motivated effort to undermine his presidency. But time and again, agents took steps that ultimately benefited him.

  11. Why Comey’s October Surprise Was Pointless and Wrong Op Ed, May 14

    He said his only choices were “speak or conceal.” But a third way would have avoided election interference.

  12. Amy Chozick on ‘Chasing Hillary’ Book Review, May 11

    Chozick discusses her time covering Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, and Sloane Crosley talks about her new collection of essays, “Look Alive Out There.”

  13. The Quiet Americans Behind the U.S.-Russia Imbroglio Magazine, May 8

    Can Washington’s “Russia hands” help explain why the post-Cold War relationship has gone off the rails?

  14. Giuliani Revises Trump’s ‘Hush Money’ Story Letters, May 3

    Readers discuss his assertion that President Trump did reimburse his attorney for a payment to silence Stormy Daniels.

  15. A Russian Lawyer’s Links to Trump and the Kremlin Interactive, April 27

    A Russian lawyer who met with members of the Trump campaign in June 2016 admitted to acting as an informant to a top Kremlin official.

  16. The Walls That Hillary Clinton Created Book Review, April 24

    Amy Chozick’s “Chasing Hillary” describes the impossibility of covering the two Clinton presidential campaigns.