1. Trump was recorded saying he knew he had a classified document. U.S., Today

    The recording, confirmed by a person briefed on the matter, is expected to be a critical piece of evidence in the case against him that the special counsel Jack Smith brought this week.

  2. Indictment Brings Trump Story Full Circle U.S., Today

    The former president assailed Hillary Clinton for her handling of sensitive information. Now, the same issue threatens his chances of reclaiming the presidency.

  3. Political Stagecraft Gone Awry Interactive, May 26

    Ron DeSantis's Twitter rollout added him to a long line of politicians who have fallen victim to technical and logistical snafus.

  4. Hillary Clinton Says Dianne Feinstein Should Not Resign Politics, May 24

    Mrs. Clinton cited Republican obstruction, not Ms. Feinstein’s health: Republicans would refuse to let Democrats fill her seat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, she said, preventing judicial confirmations.

  5. A Half-Century of Surgeon General Warnings Express, May 23

    Public advisories from the nation’s top doctor are infrequent, but sometimes become turning points in American life.

  6. Justice Dept. Investigated Clinton Foundation Until Trump’s Final Days Washington, May 22

    President Donald J. Trump and his allies tried to cast the Clinton Foundation as corrupt. But the yearslong investigation sputtered to its conclusion without charges.