1. Amy Chozick, ‘Chasing Hillary’ Author, on Writing Rituals and the Women Running for President U.S., August 23

    Plus: her evening ritual, which involves “Bachelor in Paradise” and CBD gummies.

  2. What Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Marco Rubio Agree On Opinion, August 20

    Many Republicans and Democrats agree: Governments should intervene to help the industries and technologies of the future.

  3. Fact-Checking Trump’s Claim That Google ‘Manipulated’ Millions of Votes for Clinton U.S., August 19

    After making baseless claims of voter fraud, the president has turned to a new way of explaining his loss of the popular vote in 2016.

  4. Stephen Colbert Has Doubts About the Clinton-Epstein Conspiracy Theory Arts, August 13

    After President Trump promoted a theory that the Clintons had masterminded Jeffrey Epstein’s death, Colbert said, “They couldn’t even mastermind a visit to Wisconsin.”

  5. In Epstein Tweets, Trump Revisits a Favored Conspiracy Genre: Murder U.S., August 12

    “Conspiracy theories are a perfect tool to emotionally connect with voters and supporters,” said Sam Nunberg, a former campaign aide to the president.

  6. Your Baby Boomer Report Card Opinion, August 8

    What grade has a generation earned? An A+? A C-?

  7. Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky Scandal Is Next for ‘American Crime Story’ Arts, August 6

    Monica Lewinsky will be a producer on the third season of Ryan Murphy’s popular television series.

  8. Peter Strzok Sues F.B.I., Saying His Firing Was Politically Motivated U.S., August 6

    Mr. Strzok, who disparaged the president in text messages, said his termination violated his due process and free speech rights.

  9. Joe Biden Is Learning That Liberals Eat Their Own Opinion, August 1

    It’s astonishing to see other Democratic candidates attack him for his role in their party’s historic successes.

  10. Joe Biden Won Last Night’s Democratic Debate Opinion, July 31

    The real victor in the moderates-versus-progressives battle was the moderate who wasn’t there.

  11. Democrats Can Win by Running Against Trump’s Racism Opinion, July 30

    It’s the right thing to do — both morally and electorally.

  12. The 2018 Campaign Worked Opinion, July 29

    Have Democrats forgotten?

  13. Team Players in Politics and Love Fashion, July 27

    The couple met while working on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and Mrs. Clinton led them in their vows in Tarrytown, N.Y.