1. Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Return to Center Stage. Their Own. Business, September 20

    After going dark during Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, the Clinton Global Initiative is back.

  2. U.S. Discloses Decades of Justice Dept. Memos on Presidential War Powers Washington, September 16

    Executive branch lawyers secretly worked to limit the reach of a post-Vietnam War law, according to a trove of opinions from the Office of Legal Counsel.

  3. Britain 3, America 0 Op Ed, September 14

    A third woman is now leading Britain. The U.S. has had, um .

  4. Ken Starr, Independent Counsel in Clinton Investigation, Dies at 76 Washington, September 13

    Mr. Starr’s investigation into President Clinton’s affair with a former White House intern propelled issues of sex and morality to the center of American life for more than a year.

  5. The Queen Met 13 Sitting U.S. Presidents, Who Basked in Her Global Prestige Washington, September 8

    Queen Elizabeth II was a gracious host and guest over the last seven decades, even when faced with protocol mistakes and awkward missteps.

  6. The Queen and Her Presidents Washington, September 8

    Six of the American leaders she met during her long life offer remembrances of her and their encounters.

  7. Why Economic Populism Remains the Winning Ticket Book Review, September 8

    In “The Middle Out,” Michael Tomasky contends that Joe Biden is following a smart path in a time of growing inequality and financial distress.

  8. The West’s Illusions About Gorbachev and the Victory of Liberalism Foreign, August 31

    As the Soviet Union’s final leader, Mikhail Gorbachev dreamed of a “common European home,” but three decades later that tantalizing idea remains out of reach.