1. There Is a Better Way to Pick a Presidential Nominee Opinion, Yesterday

    The debate among Democrats on renominating Joe Biden calls the long primary process into question.

  2. Kissinger Had the Ear of Presidents. He Had Their Awe and Ire, Too. Washington, December 1

    In his decades in politics, the statesman advised many presidents. Here are some of their thoughts from over the years, in their own words.

  3. Susan Sarandon’s Most Controversial Roles Have Been Offscreen Arts, November 30

    The Academy Award winner’s career thrived even as her progressive politics antagonized some liberals in Hollywood. But her agency dropped her after her remarks at a recent pro-Palestinian rally.

  4. Kissinger Left the State Department a Half Century Ago. But He Never Left His Old Job. Washington, November 30

    Just this summer, the ultimate back-channel diplomat returned to Beijing, where he had negotiated the opening to China.

  5. Rare Gathering of Former First Ladies Shows Style, and Subtle Differences Styles, November 28

    United (mostly) in black, their differences were in the details.

  6. Peter Tarnoff Dies at 86; Diplomat Helped Plot ‘Argo’ Escape From Iran Obits, November 21

    A consummate man behind the scenes, he held top posts under Carter and Clinton, and in between ran the Council on Foreign Relations.

  7. Was Peace Ever Possible? Interactive, November 20

    Thirty years ago, a negotiated settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict seemed achievable. The story of how it fell apart reveals why the fight remains so intractable today.

  8. The Bergdorf Blonde Moves to Park Avenue Styles, November 18

    The location has changed, but clients such as Hillary Clinton and Martha Stewart remain loyal to Parvin Klein, a colorist who perfected an iconic hair color.

  9. The Rise and Fall of the World’s Most Successful Joint Venture Business, November 14

    China and the U.S. both gained from their economic integration. As they pull apart, each is finding it will be hard to fully replace the other.

  10. Are We Looking at George H.W. Biden? Op Ed, November 9

    Two aged, dutiful Washington insiders. One tough re-election road.

  11. How Democrats Lost Voters With a ‘Compensate Losers’ Strategy Op Ed, November 6

    A shift from preventing inequality in the first place to fixing it after the fact has cost the party, a paper argues.