1. Down With the Year of the Woman Op Ed, October 20

    We need to normalize female politicians, not act as though they’re unicorns. And if someone says “pink wave” again, I’m going to dry heave.

  2. Should Hillary Clinton Be Mum Before the Midterms? Letters, October 19

    Readers react to an opinion piece urging her to keep a low profile before she “complicates life for her fellow Democrats.”

  3. In 2020, Democrats Expect a Female Front-Runner. Or Three. U.S., October 19

    “It’s not going to be just one woman running,” said Kirsten Gillibrand, one of three senators who positioned themselves this week as potential presidential candidates in 2020.

  4. Hillary Clinton’s Master Class in Distraction Editorial, October 17

    Democrats need to be focused on the midterms.

  5. The Battle for Missouri, Part 1: The Anti-Abortion Democrat Podcasts, October 16

    As the Democratic Party struggles to establish its identity in Missouri, the issue of abortion has taken center stage.

  6. What the Left Misses About Nationalism Op Ed, October 15

    The perception of a common national identity is essential to democracies and to the modern welfare state.

  7. Is Trump on a Collision Course With Impeachment? Op Ed, October 13

    Democrats are largely ducking the topic on the campaign trail, but few people in Washington doubt that it will be on the table if they win the House.

  8. Michelle Obama Wanted Democrats to ‘Go High.’ Now They Aren’t So Sure. Politics, October 12

    ‘When they go low, we kick them,’ Eric Holder said this week, articulating a strategy against Republicans that some Democrats find appealing — showing strength and fighting back.

  9. How The New York Times Book Review Chooses Its Reviewers Insider, October 10

    Stephen King, a recent Times reviewer, wrote back in 30 seconds and was a “dream” to edit. It’s not always that easy.

  10. Rick Gates Sought Online Manipulation Plans From Israeli Intelligence Firm for Trump Campaign Washington, October 8

    The company pitched plans for fake avatars that would try to persuade Republican delegates to back the Trump campaign over that of Senator Ted Cruz and to gather intelligence on Hillary Clinton.

  11. Don’t Indict Presidents Letters, October 5

    A reader fears the politicalization of the process, citing what happened with the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

  12. Seth Meyers Says the F.B.I. Investigated Kavanaugh ‘With a No-Toothed Comb’ Culture, October 5

    Meyers and other late-night hosts said the F.B.I. seemed halfhearted in its investigation of sexual assault claims against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee.

  13. Hillary Clinton Is Coming to Broadway. As a Character in a Play. Culture, October 4

    Lucas Hnath’s “Hillary and Clinton” will be the first play with Mrs. Clinton as a protagonist to reach Broadway.

  14. David P. Schippers, 88, House Counsel in Clinton Impeachment, Dies Obits, October 3

    A Chicago lawyer and a lifelong Democrat, he worked for the Republicans at the behest of his friend Henry Hyde, the House Judiciary Committee chairman.

  15. Téa Leoni and Madeleine Albright Discuss ‘Madam Secretary,’ Fact and Fiction Culture, October 2

    Ms. Albright will guest-star in the CBS drama’s season premiere along with two other former secretaries of state: Colin Powell and Hillary Clinton.

  16. What Has Brett Kavanaugh Done to Us? Opinion, October 2

    No matter what the F.B.I. finds, he will color the midterms, 2020, institutional trust and partisan warfare going forward.

  17. An Age Divided by Sex Op Ed, September 29

    The Kavanaugh nightmare shows how the competing moralisms of conservatism and feminism are tearing us apart.

  18. Our Investigative Reporters Explain the Trump-Russia Story News Desk, September 26

    Mark Mazzetti and Scott Shane answer readers’ questions on Russian interference in the 2016 election, the Mueller investigation and their reporting process.

  19. Brett Kavanaugh and the Limits of Certainty Opinion, September 26

    Why revisiting the political scandals of the 1990s should temper partisanship today.