1. Nikki Haley Calls United Nations Human Rights Council ‘So Corrupt’ World, Yesterday

    Ms. Haley, the American envoy to the United Nations, said the U.S. would never close its doors to foreigners fleeing persecution, even as she defended the Trump administration’s travel ban.

  2. Devin Nunes Is Dangerous Opinion, Yesterday

    He’s so deep in the tank for Donald Trump that he needs scuba gear.

  3. In Protests, Kremlin Fears a Young Generation Stirring World, March 27

    The youthfulness of the anticorruption protesters across Russia this weekend surprised even organizers, and clearly rattled the government of Vladimir V. Putin.

  4. President Putin Under Pressure Opinion, March 27

    As Sunday proved, Putin has failed to crush the spirit and courage of Russian citizens.

  5. How Putin Keeps Protesters at Bay in Russia Video, March 27

    The largest protests in several years broke out across Russia over the weekend, and scores were beaten and arrested by the police. Here are President Vladimir V. Putin’s go-to tactics for clamping down on dissenters.

  6. House Democrats Ask Devin Nunes to Recuse Himself From Russia Inquiry U.S., March 27

    The demands followed revelations that the committee’s chairman had met on White House grounds with a source who showed him secret intelligence reports.

  7. Aleksei Navalny, Russian Opposition Leader, Receives 15-Day Sentence World, March 27

    Mr. Navalny was arrested on Sunday during mass anticorruption protests across Russia that he had helped to inspire on social media.

  8. Trump to Russia-Linked Ex-Advisers: Keep Your Distance Video, March 27

    The Trump administration is going to great lengths to distance itself from former associates in the face of an F.B.I. investigation into whether there were connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.

  9. Trump to Russia-Linked Ex-Advisers: Keep Your Distance Video, March 27

    The Trump administration is going to great lengths to distance itself from former associates in the face of an F.B.I. investigation into whether there were connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.

  10. The Bolsheviks Versus the Deep State Opinion, March 27

    One hundred years ago, Russia’s communist insurgents faced a stiff challenge from an intransigent bureaucracy.

  11. Aleksei Navalny, Top Putin Critic, Arrested as Protests Flare in Russia World, March 26

    Mr. Navalny was among the hundreds arrested nationwide as rallies took place in scores of cities across Russia.

  12. Don’t Fight Their Lies With Lies of Your Own Opinion, March 25

    We don’t need to traffic in conspiracy theories to realize how outrageous Trump is.

  13. Trump’s Biggest Obstacle to Policy Goals? His Own Missteps U.S., March 25

    A litany of stumbles and controversies has dented the president’s “I alone can fix it” vow to remake government with businesslike efficiency.

  14. Paul Manafort to Testify Before House Intelligence Panel U.S., March 24

    Mr. Manafort, who served as President Trump’s campaign manager and is under scrutiny for links to Russia, also offered to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

  15. Russian Agent Killed Lawmaker in Kiev, Ukraine Officials Say World, March 24

    A 28-year-old Russian was the triggerman in the death of Denis N. Voronenkov, a former Russian lawmaker, officials say.

  16. Boris V. Shekhtman, Who Taught Russian to Journalists and Diplomats, Dies at 77 World, March 24

    Mr. Shekhtman was instrumental in recasting the way foreign languages were taught.

  17. Marine Le Pen of France Meets With Vladimir Putin in Moscow World, March 24

    Ms. Le Pen’s presidential campaign platform advocates closer ties with Mr. Putin, friendliness toward President Trump and rejection of the European Union.

  18. Following the Russian Money Opinion, March 24

    The investigation into the Trump team’s possible collusion with Russians during the 2016 election may turn on a powerful, arcane law.

  19. Good, Bad and Mad: Andrew Rosenthal on the News Times Insider, March 23

    The opinion columnist Andrew Rosenthal on the assault on climate protections, the Russian collusion saga, and Republican governors.

  20. Investigating Trump Aides’ Ties to Russia Opinion, March 23

    Readers criticize recent actions by Representative Devin Nunes and Sean Spicer.

  21. A Russian Critic of Putin Is Assassinated in Ukraine World, March 23

    Denis N. Voronenkov, a former Russian lawmaker who fled to Kiev last year, said in a recent interview that he knew he was an assassination target.

  22. ‘There’s a Smell of Treason in the Air’ Opinion, March 23

    Did a traitor work with Russia to help Trump?

  23. Birth of the Biggest Lie Opinion, March 23

    We are now experiencing the very thing Team Trump warned about: a compromised presidency and a possible constitutional crisis.

  24. Ukraine Bars Russia’s Eurovision Entrant Arts, March 22

    Ukraine’s domestic intelligence agency said on Wednesday that it had prohibited Yulia Samoylova from entering the country for the contest.

  25. Monitoring May Have ‘Incidentally’ Picked Up Trump Aides, House Member Says U.S., March 22

    The White House seized on the comments as evidence of wiretapping, but the remarks indicated that the intelligence targets were foreign officials, not President Trump.

  26. ‘Turkish Trump,’ a Hotel Plan and a Tangle of Foreign Ties Business Day, March 22

    President Trump pledged that his business would avoid overseas deals during his tenure. But his company is pursuing a hotel project with a firm with deep foreign connections.

  27. U.S. General Urges Nuclear Upgrade as Russia Grows ‘More Aggressive’ World, March 22

    Lt. Gen. Jack Weinstein of the Air Force said the United States’ nuclear policy toward Russia “has got to be some behavior that gets them to the table.”

  28. Lawyer for Family of Sergei Magnitsky, Dead Russian Whistle-Blower, Is Seriously Injured World, March 21

    Nikolai Gorokhov, who suffered severe head injuries in a fall, represents relatives of Sergei L. Magnitsky, who uncovered a $230 million fraud targeting the financier William F. Browder.

  29. The F.B.I. Is Scrutinizing Trump’s Russia Ties. How Will That Work? U.S., March 21

    What is a counterintelligence investigation? Are charges often brought? Here’s a look at a few questions raised by the F.B.I. director’s testimony.

  30. Roger Stone, the ‘Trickster’ on Trump’s Side, Is Under F.B.I. Scrutiny U.S., March 21

    Mr. Stone, a longtime associate of President Trump, is being investigated in connection with Russian interference in the 2016 election.

  31. What Investigation? G.O.P. Responds to F.B.I. Inquiry by Changing Subject U.S., March 20

    As the F.B.I. director acknowledged an investigation into ties between presidential associates and Russia, Republicans instead focused on leaks to news organizations.

  32. Comey’s Haunting News on Trump and Russia Opinion, March 20

    The F.B.I. chief’s disclosure of an inquiry into possible election collusion makes a special prosecutor and a select congressional committee crucial.

  33. All the President’s Lies Opinion, March 20

    The untruths about Russia are escalating.

  34. The Inquiry Into the Collusion and Spying Claims Opinion, March 20

    Readers discuss testimony about possible Russian influence in the election and U.S. relations with Germany and Britain.

  35. A Putin Opponent Is Doused in Green. He Makes It Work. World, March 20

    Alexei Navalny, a charismatic critic of Russian President Vladimir V. Putin, was doused with a green liquid but gave the attack a positive spin.

  36. Highlights From the House Hearing on Russian Interference in the U.S. Election U.S., March 20

    The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, confirmed an investigation into possible collusion by the Trump campaign and Russia. Here are the other key takeaways.

  37. F.B.I. Is Investigating Trump’s Russia Ties, Comey Confirms U.S., March 20

    The F.B.I. chief’s remarks created a treacherous political moment for the president and placed a criminal investigation at the doorstep of the White House.

  38. Trump’s Method, Our Madness Opinion, March 20

    What we’re all experiencing now is somewhat like the confusion an analyst encounters with a psychotic patient.

  39. Russia Inquiries Overlap in a Tangle of Secrets and Sniping U.S., March 19

    The Senate, the House and the F.B.I. are conducting investigations into Russia’s election meddling, all with different agendas.

  40. Senators Ask Trump Adviser to Preserve Any Russia-Related Documents U.S., March 18

    A letter sent to Roger J. Stone Jr. represents the first public indication of the scope of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s inquiry, and possible connections to Donald J. Trump’s campaign.

  41. So, What Is Trump Hiding? Opinion, March 18

    Fifty years of reporting has taught me that presidents attack the press only to cover their tracks.

  42. So, What Is He Hiding? Opinion, March 18

    Fifty years of reporting has taught me that presidents attack the press only to cover their tracks.

  43. What to Ask About Russian Hacking Opinion, March 17

    These are the questions the House Intelligence Committee must press.

  44. Hacker Is a Villain to Russia and the United States, for Different Reasons World, March 16

    Dmitry A. Dokuchaev, 33, is a central figure in the fraught relations between the United States and Russia on cybersecurity issues.

  45. Books Can Take You Places Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You to Go Opinion, March 16

    Books are central to our resistance to a too narrow vision of the world.

  46. Michael Flynn Was Paid by Russian-Linked Firms, Letter Shows U.S., March 16

    Congressional investigators released a letter showing that companies paid Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, more than $65,000 in 2015.

  47. Tech Roundup: Behind One of Yahoo’s Big Hacks Technology, March 16

    It’s not just last year’s election that Russian hackers set their sights on, according to the Justice Department.

  48. The Russian Revolution: Then and Now Opinion, March 16

    The overthrow of the Orthodox czar and Lenin’s victory don’t fit Putin’s preferred narrative of continuous Russian greatness.

  49. Indictment Details Collusion Between Cyberthief and 2 Russian Spies U.S., March 15

    The allegations offer an extraordinary case study in Russian espionage, and particularly the symbiotic relationship between hackers and Russia’s elite agents.

  50. Ukraine Cuts Off All Trade With Separatist Regions World, March 15

    The move raises tensions with the rebels’ patrons in Moscow and is seen by some a potential first step toward partition.

  51. Yes, Trump Is Being Held Accountable Opinion, March 15

    Don’t despair. Our constitutional system is working as it’s supposed to.

  52. Don’t Look Pretty! Staging a Feral Robbins Ballet at the Bolshoi Arts, March 14

    Jean-Pierre Frohlich of the New York City Ballet talks about teaching “The Cage,” a stylized Jerome Robbins work, to the Bolshoi dancers.

  53. Igor Shafarevich, Russian Mathematician With a Mixed Political Legacy, Dies at 93 World, March 13

    His work was internationally renowned, but Professor Shafarevich’s reputation as an anti-Soviet dissident was later tarnished by accusations of anti-Semitism.

  54. A Russian Lake’s Future Hangs on Tourists and Toilets World, March 13

    The fight to protect Lake Baikal, the world’s largest body of unfrozen freshwater, has shifted from industrial pollution to more mundane matters like sewage.

  55. Gazprom Makes Concessions in E.U. Gas Deal, but Trouble Looms for Russian Giant Business Day, March 13

    News of the provisional deal provides a welcome respite for the Russian energy company, and the government in Moscow, but the company still has serious issues.

  56. ‘The Daily’: How Russia Recruits Hackers Podcasts, March 13

    What the story of the F.B.I.’s most wanted cybercriminal can tell us about how the Russian government created its sophisticated hacking program.

  57. Angels and Demons in the Cold War and Today Opinion, March 13

    How the United States has turned Russia into a spiritual foe, rather than just a geopolitical rival.

  58. Forget Foreign Hacking. The Big Surprise Was a Candid F.B.I. Times Insider, March 13

    In a story on the shadowy world of hacking, two Times reporters were surprised to find an F.B.I. eager to talk to them and plenty of other information hiding in plain sight.

  59. Russian Espionage Piggybacks on a Cybercriminal’s Hacking World, March 12

    It appears that the Russian authorities, leaning on the work of a hacker, grafted an intelligence operation onto a far-reaching cybercriminal scheme.

  60. Putin and Merkel: A Rivalry of History, Distrust and Power World, March 12

    Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel now represent the sharply divergent visions clashing in the world. The question is, which one will come out on top?

  61. Trump Adviser Had Twitter Contact With Figure Tied to Russians U.S., March 11

    Roger J. Stone Jr., an off-and-on adviser to President Trump, confirmed the contact with Guccifer 2.0, believed to be a front for Russian intelligence.

  62. If Russia Inquiry Is Not ‘Legitimate,’ Democrats May Abandon It U.S., March 11

    Some Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee said they will pull out of the investigation into Russian election meddling if it becomes too partisan.

  63. Michigan Continues Wild Run in the Big Ten Sports, March 11

    Michigan’s turbulent journey carried on into the Big Ten tournament’s semifinals with a 74-70 overtime upset in Washington of 13th-ranked Purdue.

  64. New York Examiner Won’t Disclose Cause of Russian Envoy’s Death World, March 10

    Ambassador Vitaly I. Churkin died suddenly after collapsing in the Russian mission on the East Side of Manhattan, and police said they did not suspect foul play.

  65. Vitaly Mutko, Russia’s Deputy Premier, Is Barred From FIFA Leadership Sports, March 10

    Mr. Mutko failed an integrity check by world soccer’s governing body, and he will leave his position as a top official this spring.

  66. ‘Revolution? What Revolution?’ Russia Asks 100 Years Later World, March 10

    The events of 1917 reshaped the country and the world, but the idea of celebrating an uprising of any sort is unwelcome in the Kremlin.

  67. Jon Huntsman Is Said to Accept Post as Ambassador to Russia World, March 9

    Mr. Huntsman, a former Utah governor, will take on assignment that is always difficult, and will be especially so with questions swirling around President Trump’s ties to Russia.

  68. Connecting Trump’s Dots to Russia Opinion, March 9

    Coincidences happen, but there are reasons to suspect collusion.

  69. What Is RT? World, March 8

    Once offering soft-core paeans to Russian life, the channel evolved into a news operation often accused of slanting, though not faking, reports.

  70. Russia’s RT Network: Is It More BBC or K.G.B.? World, March 8

    Analysts say the network is spreading disinformation and undermining Western democracies, but its executives say it is just providing an “alternative” view.

  71. In Russia, Blooms Flourish on International Women’s Day Business Day, March 8

    The holiday, a Communist-era holdover sometimes called the Russian St. Valentine’s Day, ranks as the country’s largest single sales day for flowers.

  72. Mark Warner Faces a Stand-and-Deliver Moment in Russian Inquiry U.S., March 8

    The Virginia senator is vice chairman of the committee that offers the best hope of getting answers about the Trump circle’s possible ties to Russia.

  73. Poland Opposes 2nd Term for Donald Tusk, an Ex-Premier, to Lead E.U. Council World, March 8

    Leaders of the bloc’s 28 members will gather in Brussels this week for a meeting where Mr. Tusk’s future will be discussed, but his own country wants him out.

  74. Does Times Reporting Really Support Donald Trump’s Wiretap Claim? Public Editor, March 8

    New York Times articles about wiretaps, Russians and the Obama administration superficially parallel the president’s accusations. Below the surface, the picture changes.

  75. Top U.S. General Discusses Syria With Counterparts From Russia and Turkey World, March 7

    The meeting was called to discuss how to avoid an unintended confrontation as forces from all three nations operate on an increasingly crowded battlefield in northern Syria.

  76. Before Elections, Dutch Fear Russian Meddling, but Also U.S. Cash World, March 7

    American conservative activists are supporting Europe’s far-right figures like Geert Wilders, who are campaigning against the European Union.

  77. Democrats Seek Special Counsel to Investigate Russian Election Interference U.S., March 7

    Senator Dianne Feinstein said the move was necessary to shield the inquiry from the appearance of political interference by the Trump administration.

  78. Kazakh Capital, a Post-Soviet Creation, Is Growing Real Roots World, March 7

    In 1993, Kazakhstan’s president moved the capital to what is now Astana, blending elements of its Islamic roots with a dose of a personality cult.

  79. What Romantic Regime Are You In? Opinion, March 7

    If the Russian model of love is reckless, the American one involves too much calculation.

  80. Russian Official Seeks to Ban ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Over Gay Character World, March 6

    Vitaly V. Milonov, a lawmaker who championed a 2013 law against “homosexual propaganda,” says the new Disney movie shows “perverted sexual relations.”

  81. New Commerce Secretary Was No Friend to Russians at Cyprus Bank World, March 6

    Wilbur Ross’s interactions with Russians at the Bank of Cyprus, where he was vice chairman, suggest he was more interested in forcing them out than working with them.

  82. Decoding the Wiretapping Claims Opinion, March 6

    The most likely explanation for Trump’s tweetstorm is that he’s trying to deflect attention from his Russia problems.

  83. The February Revolution and Kerensky’s Missed Opportunity Opinion, March 6

    If democratic leaders had seized the chance to get Russia out of World War I, Lenin, Stalin, even Hitler would have been footnotes in history.

  84. Pause This Presidency! Opinion, March 6

    The question of Russian interference is existential.

  85. Why Mess With a Nuclear Treaty, Mr. Trump? Opinion, March 6

    New Start is by no means “just another bad deal.”

  86. A Conspiracy Theory’s Journey From Talk Radio to Trump’s Twitter U.S., March 5

    President Trump’s allegation that the Obama administration wiretapped his phones began as a rant on conservative talk radio and then spread to Breitbart News.

  87. This Is the Russia You’re So Afraid Of? Opinion, March 4

    Vladimir Putin projects Russian might, but a decaying provincial town tells a different story.

  88. Trump Team’s Links to Russia Crisscross in Washington U.S., March 3

    A growing list of contacts between the president’s associates and Russia is drawing increasing scrutiny, a furor that Mr. Trump called a “total witch hunt.”

  89. What to Do With Jeff Sessions Opinion, March 3

    Leave him alone and let him be charming?

  90. Sessions Controversy Heightens Trump’s Feeling of Being Under Siege U.S., March 3

    It was the latest unforeseen obstacle preventing the president from gaining traction after a historically bumpy first month in office.

  91. Three Trump Associates Who Changed Their Story on Russia Interactive, March 3

    Their statements changed after news reports emerged of their conversations.

  92. Jeff Sessions Violated His Oath Opinion, March 3

    The reality is plain: The attorney general of the United States violated an oath he swore to Congress.

  93. ‘The Daily’: ‘Normal Things’ Between Sessions and Russia Podcasts, March 3

    What was Jeff Sessions, the new attorney general, doing meeting with the Russian ambassador two months before the election? We discuss on today’s show.

  94. Goodbye Spin, Hello Raw Dishonesty Opinion, March 3

    The first casualty of Trump is truth.

  95. Vladimir Putin Comes Half Clean on Olympic Doping Opinion, March 3

    The Russian president’s continuing denial of government involvement in athlete doping casts disgrace and doubt on the fairness of the Olympic Games.

  96. Sergey Kislyak, Russian Envoy, Cultivated Powerful Network in U.S. World, March 2

    Ambassador Kislyak’s success in navigating Washington has landed him at the center of controversies involving Michael T. Flynn and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

  97. Jeff Sessions Has Stepped Aside on Russia. Here’s Who Could Step In. U.S., March 2

    The attorney general’s recusal after the disclosure of meetings between him and the Russian ambassador to the United States has sharpened a host of legal questions.

  98. Jeff Sessions Had No Choice Opinion, March 2

    The attorney general is the latest official to be caught between his words and the truth.

  99. Jeff Sessions, Trump and the Russia Connection Opinion, March 2

    Readers call for the attorney general to resign and offer advice on the benefits of telling the truth.

  100. Sessions: ‘I Have Recused Myself’ Video, March 2

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he would not be part of any investigations into Russia’s role in the 2016 election.

  101. Kushner and Flynn Met With Russian Envoy in December, White House Says U.S., March 2

    The president’s son-in-law and incoming national security adviser met with the ambassador, Sergey I. Kislyak, for 20 minutes at Trump Tower in December.

  102. Kremlin Critic Says Russian Premier, Dmitri Medvedev, Built Property Empire on Graft World, March 2

    Alexei A. Navalny, an anticorruption crusader, said in a report that Mr. Medvedev had amassed a lavish empire of luxury properties, yachts and a vineyard in Italy.

  103. Sticking With Trump, Republicans Resist Call for Broader Russian Inquiry U.S., March 2

    Amid news that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had met with the Russian ambassador, contradicting testimony he had given under oath, Republicans closed ranks.

  104. Sweden Reinstates Conscription, With an Eye on Russia World, March 2

    There was a time after the Cold War when the Swedes felt they could drop their defenses. No more.

  105. Ukraine ‘Blockaders’ Try to Cut Off Rail Traffic From Rebel Areas World, March 2

    Armed with hunting rifles and clubs, members of the new movement aim to choke off coal supplies that provide income for Russian-backed separatists.

  106. Jeff Sessions Needs to Go Opinion, March 2

    What he did was as bad, if not worse, than Richard Kleindienst, Nixon’s attorney general.

  107. Russia’s Attack, an Alternate History Opinion, March 2

    Lamenting Obama’s low-key response to Russia’s attack obviously depends on 20/20 hindsight.

  108. There Are No ‘Killers’ in Vladimir Putin’s Russia Opinion, March 2

    In an ordinary society, if a man is accused of being a killer, he will either try to deny it or admit his guilt. Russia takes a third path.

  109. Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself From Russia Inquiry U.S., March 2

    The announcement came after a day of rapid-fire developments that intensified pressure for a full investigation into Moscow’s meddling in the election.

  110. Jeff Sessions’s Testimony on Russia Contacts Video, March 2

    In this footage from his confirmation hearing, Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he “did not have communications with the Russians.” A Justice Department official more recently said Mr. Sessions had two conversations with Ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak.

  111. Now, About That Role as Commander in Chief ... Opinion, March 1

    Mr. Trump leaves us in the dark on major foreign policy issues.

  112. Jon Huntsman Is in Running to Be Ambassador to Russia
    U.S., March 1

    Sending Mr. Huntsman to Moscow would remove him as a primary challenger to Utah’s 82-year-old Republican senator, Orrin Hatch.

  113. Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking U.S., March 1

    Obama administration officials scrambled to ensure intelligence of connections between the Trump campaign and Russian officials was preserved after they left office.

  114. Putin Casts Doubt on Storage of Doping Suspects’ Urine Samples Sports, March 1

    The Russian president said that no one questioned the state of the samples when they were sent to the International Olympic Committee.

  115. Russian Airstrike in Syria Hits U.S. Allies by Mistake World, March 1

    Russian aircraft bombed Syrian Arab fighters being trained by the Americans, officials said. U.S. advisers were about three miles away at the time.

  116. U.N. Investigators Say Syria Bombed Convoy and Did So Deliberately World, March 1

    A hard-hitting report says that the government airstrike was “one of the most egregious” assaults in the battle for Aleppo and that rebel groups also committed abuses.

  117. Russia Sides With Chemical Weapons Opinion, March 1

    Even chlorine bombs couldn’t stir Moscow to punish Syria in the U.N.

  118. Antidoping Officials Get an Earful From Congress: ‘What a Broken System’ Sports, February 28

    Representatives of the I.O.C. and the World Anti-Doping Agency were chastised for what was called a bungled response to the Russian doping scandal.

  119. Russia and U.S. Clash Over Syria in Security Council Vote World, February 28

    It was the first public tangle over a vote in the Security Council between the Kremlin and the Trump administration, which joined its European allies.