1. Russia Exerts Growing Influence in Africa, Worrying Many in the West World, Yesterday

    The Kremlin is increasing arms sales, security pacts and training programs as the American defense secretary weighs withdrawing troops from the continent.

  2. Cease-Fire in Libya Collapses Despite International Efforts World, January 27

    Fighting has started anew and foreign shipments of arms have resumed, blasting apart attempts by world leaders to broker a truce.

  3. Vladimir Putin’s New Orchestra Opinion, January 27

    The players are being rearranged, but the conductor remains the same.

  4. Yes, Secretary Pompeo, Americans Should Care About Ukraine Opinion, January 26

    A former ambassador tells the secretary of state just why.

  5. In Impeachment Trial, Geography Dictates Politics U.S., January 26

    Republicans want to cast President Trump’s impeachment as a narrow argument over aid to Ukraine. Democrats want to describe it as part of a broader struggle with Russia.

  6. Now Testifying for the Prosecution: President Trump U.S., January 23

    Barred so far from presenting witnesses, the House managers prosecuting the president have focused on turning his own words against him.

  7. Holocaust Gathering Lets Some Leaders Score Present-Day Political Points World, January 23

    Dignitaries from across the globe gathered to remember the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

  8. Bulgaria Charges 3 Russian Agents in Poisoning Case World, January 23

    The trio, members of a secretive group within Russia’s military intelligence agency, are accused of trying to kill an arms dealer, his son and one of his top executives in 2015.

  9. World Leaders, Gathering to Mark Holocaust, Are Urged to Fight ‘Deadly Cancer’ World, January 22

    The extraordinary meeting, timed to Monday’s 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, heard warnings about the present-day rise in anti-Jewish violence.

  10. How Amazon, Geico and Walmart Fund Propaganda Opinion, January 21

    Algorithms are sending ads by American brands onto Russian disinformation sites.

  11. Big Changes? Or Maybe Not. Putin’s Plans Keep Russia Guessing. World, January 21

    Is he setting the stage to lead Russia for years to come? Is he planning to step down? The confusion may be part of President Vladimir Putin’s strategy.

  12. Con las protestas en Sudamérica también aparecieron troles rusos en Twitter en Español, January 21

    Analistas del Departamento de Estado estadounidense descubrieron que las cuentas de Twitter vinculadas a Rusia buscaban sembrar confusión en los países sudamericanos que se oponen al gobierno en Venezuela respaldado por Moscú.

  13. Putin Outlines Political Overhaul, Including Possible Post for Himself World, January 20

    By proposing to empower a toothless advisory body, President Vladimir V. Putin set off new speculation about his long-term plans.

  14. Democrats Seek More Testimony and Evidence for Impeachment Trial U.S., January 19

    Even as the Senate prepares for the substantive start of the proceedings against President Trump, there are big unanswered questions. Here are some of them.

  15. As Protests in South America Surged, So Did Russian Trolls on Twitter, U.S. Finds U.S., January 19

    State Department analysts found that Russian-linked Twitter accounts sought to sow confusion in South American nations that oppose the Moscow-backed government in Venezuela.

  16. Putin the Immortal Opinion, January 18

    The Russian leader is maneuvering to stay in power indefinitely. Why stop there?

  17. As Libya Descends Into Chaos, Foreign Powers Look for a Way Out World, January 18

    A meeting in Berlin on Sunday will seek an exit to one of the Middle East’s most intractable proxy wars.

  18. Putin and the Art of Stepping Down Gracefully While Keeping a Grip on Power World, January 17

    The Russian president may be leaving the presidency in 2024, but he is not about to retire. That could be dangerous for Russian stability — and himself.

  19. Why Europe Is Finally Paying Attention to Libya World, January 17

    As potential oil and gas bonanzas intensify the jockeying over Libya and the fate of its precarious internationally backed government hangs in the balance, the Continent is suddenly getting involved.

  20. You Don’t Need to Travel to Profit From International Stocks Business, January 17

    How investors can use indexes to spot opportunities in global stock markets without adding risk.

  21. Three Books on the Enigma That Is Modern Russia Books, January 17

    The lawlessness and corruption that characterize Vladimir Putin’s regime are examined by three authors from many angles, and from top to bottom.

  22. Justice Dept. Investigating Years-Old Leaks and Appears Focused on Comey U.S., January 16

    An inquiry into years-old disclosures of classified information is highly unusual and leaves law enforcement officials open to accusations of politicizing their work.

  23. F.B.I. Vows to Notify State Officials of Any Election Systems Breaches U.S., January 16

    The change in policy came after an outcry about how federal law enforcement officials handled a Russian hack of two Florida counties’ voter rolls.

  24. Russian Parliament Approves Putin’s Pick for Prime Minister World, January 16

    The elevation of the little-known Mikhail V. Mishustin came a day after President Vladimir V. Putin proposed revising the Constitution in ways that could help him remain in power indefinitely.

  25. Russian Parliament Approves Putin’s Pick for Prime Minister World, January 16

    The elevation of the little-known Mikhail V. Mishustin came a day after President Vladimir V. Putin proposed revising the Constitution in ways that could help him remain in power indefinitely.

  26. Putin’s Power Shake-up: Here Are Six Takeaways World, January 15

    Is Vladimir Putin Russia’s president for life? Maybe. But he’s still observing the niceties.

  27. Putin’s Power Shake-up: Here Are Six Takeaways World, January 15

    Is Vladimir Putin Russia’s president for life? Maybe. But he’s still observing the niceties.

  28. Russian Premier Abruptly Quits Amid Swirl of Speculation on Putin World, January 15

    The unexpected move by Prime Minister Dmitri A. Medvedev fueled speculation that President Vladimir V. Putin is maneuvering to stay in power when his term ends in 2024.

  29. Russia Is at It Again Opinion, January 15

    And Trump deserves some responsibility.

  30. The Russian Hacking Plan for 2020 Podcasts, January 15

    Kremlin-directed hackers infiltrated Democratic email servers to interfere with the 2016 American election. Emboldened by their past success, new evidence indicates that they are trying again.

  31. A Mueller Report Witness Pleads Guilty to Child Pornography Possession Charges U.S., January 14

    George Nader, a Lebanese-American businessman, also pleaded guilty to a child sex trafficking charge on Monday in federal court.

  32. N.S.A. Takes Step Toward Protecting World’s Computers, Not Just Hacking Them U.S., January 14

    The intelligence agency alerted Microsoft to a vulnerability in Windows. Typically, it would keep quiet and exploit the flaw.

  33. Russians Hacked Ukrainian Gas Company at Center of Impeachment U.S., January 13

    The timing and scale of the attacks suggest the Russians may be looking for the same kind of damaging information on Joe Biden that President Trump wanted from Ukraine, security experts say.

  34. Libyan Rivals Announce a Truce in the Battle for Tripoli World, January 12

    A cease-fire, first put forward by Turkey and Russia, stirred hopes for an end to the fight for Libya’s capital.

  35. ‘Chaos Is the Point’: Russian Hackers and Trolls Grow Stealthier in 2020 U.S., January 10

    While U.S. cyberdefenses have improved since 2016, many of the vulnerabilities exploited four years ago remain. And attacks are getting more sophisticated.

  36. Russia and Turkey Make Joint Call for Cease-Fire in Libya World, January 8

    Putin and Erdogan, who have backed opposite sides in the country’s dragging conflict, have presented themselves as a potential solution.

  37. Hypersonic Missiles Are a Game Changer Opinion, January 2

    No existing defenses can stop such weapons — which is why everyone wants them.

  38. Why Did One-Quarter of the World’s Pigs Die in a Year? Opinion, January 1

    Swine fever devastated China’s stock because with unsound governance, even sound regulations have perverse effects.

  39. North Korea Is Not Done Trolling Trump Opinion, January 1

    Kim Jong-un just restarted his dance of death with America.

  40. Rocket Launches, Trips to Mars and More 2020 Space and Astronomy Events Science, January 1

    A year full of highs and lows in space just ended, and the 12 months to come will be full of new highlights in orbit and beyond.

  41. Hospitals and Schools Are Being Bombed in Syria. A U.N. Inquiry Is Limited. We Took a Deeper Look. Interactive, December 31

    Attacks on civilian sites in Syria have grown so frequent that the U.N. launched a rare inquiry to document the violations. But the investigation is limited in scope and the final report may not be made public. The New York Times did its own investigation. Here’s what we found.

  42. It’s 50 Below. The Past Is a Horror Show. You’d Dream of Escaping Too. World, December 31

    Best known as the most feared and frigid outpost of the Soviet gulag, Magadan struggles to keep its residents from fleeing. The ice cream isn’t enough to keep them.

  43. Amid Balmy Winter, Moscow Trucked in Heaps of Fake Snow. A Blizzard Ensued. World, December 30

    Lacking snow to complete the holiday atmosphere, Moscow bought fake snow from skating rinks. “It will all create a festive mood, I am sure,” one Muscovite said.