1. Battles Rage as Ukraine Tries to Retake Russian-Occupied Territory World, Today

    Military analysts and U.S. officials said it was too soon to judge the success of Ukraine’s offensive, which is looking for weaknesses to exploit, in the face of fierce resistance.

  2. A Russian Pianist Speaks Out Against the War From Home Arts, Today

    Polina Osetinskaya, a critic of the invasion who has stayed in Moscow even as the government cracks down on dissent, will play a Baroque program in New York.

  3. A drone factory that Iran is helping Russia build could be operational next year, the U.S. says. World, Today

    Washington is trying to raise the pressure on Tehran and make it more difficult to complete the work on the factory, which would enable Russia’s military to produce drones domestically.

  4. Dam’s Destruction Reshapes Ukraine, but Not Arc of the War World, Today

    The main thrust of the Ukrainian counteroffensive is expected in the Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk regions, not along the Dnipro River, where the fighting quickly resumed after the disaster.

  5. Zelensky Visits Ukraine’s Flood Zone, Where Residents See ‘Horror’ Float By World, Yesterday

    President Volodymyr Zelensky traveled to the city of Kherson, trying to rally rescue crews. Russian forces shelled the city not long after his visit.

  6. Yesterday’s Russia Ukraine News live blog included two standalone posts:
  7. Kherson is hit by Russian shelling hours after a Zelensky visit. World, Yesterday

    Ukraine’s interior ministry said that eight people were injured in an attack near an evacuation point where medics, emergency workers and rescue teams have been gathering.

  8. Cross-Border Skirmishes Heighten Anxiety for Ukrainian Villagers World, Yesterday

    Even as new attacks have brought the war into Russia, the Russians have responded with force, raising the threat for the few civilians left in towns along the border.

  9. Biden and Sunak Set to Discuss the Economy, A.I. and Ukraine U.S., Yesterday

    The U.K. prime minister is under pressure to establish post-Brexit Britain as a reliable global player and is looking to strengthen economic ties.

  10. ‘Esas imágenes socavan el apoyo al país’: el uso de símbolos nazis genera polémica en la guerra en Ucrania En español, Yesterday

    Algunos soldados en Ucrania usan parches con emblemas nazis, lo que podría impulsar la propaganda rusa y difundir imágenes que Occidente lleva medio siglo tratando de eliminar.

  11. Disaster Upon Disaster: Flood Deepens Misery in Ukraine War Zone World, June 7

    “We were getting used to the shelling, but I’ve never seen a situation like this,” said one woman rescued in Kherson after a dam upstream was destroyed.

  12. Floodwaters Engulf Front Line in Ukraine War World, June 7

    As rescue efforts plucked people from rooftops, and offered fresh water and shelter, Turkey’s president called for an international investigation into what caused a dam to fail.

  13. Your Thursday Briefing: A Dangerous Haze Across North America Briefing, June 7

    Also, evacuations from flooding in Ukraine.

  14. Sunak to Talk Tech With Biden, but the War in Ukraine Is Likely to Surface World, June 7

    While economic corporation the challenges posed by artificial intelligence are on the agenda, Russia’s invasion presents immediate threats.

  15. The June 7 Russia Ukraine News live blog included one standalone post:
  16. Russia and Saudi Arabia’s Oil Partnership Shows Strain Business, June 7

    Analysts said the countries’ mutual need to keep energy prices high would help them maintain close ties, despite signs that Moscow has undercut previous deals.

  17. Internal Blast Probably Breached Ukraine Dam, Experts Say (Cautiously) World, June 6

    With Russia and Ukraine blaming each other for the collapse of the Kakhovka dam, experts say that an external attack or even structural failure might explain the disaster, but that it is not likely.

  18. Destroyed Ukrainian Dam Floods War Zone and Forces Residents to Flee World, June 6

    Experts suspect an explosion collapsed the dam on the Dnipro River. Kyiv and Moscow blamed each other, and residents downstream were forced to evacuate to escape the cascading waves.

  19. An Endgame for Ukraine Opinion, June 6

    Membership in the E.U. A security pact with America. And a restoration of borders, minus Crimea.

  20. Americans Were Aware of Intelligence Warning of Ukrainian Pipeline Attacks U.S., June 6

    The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that U.S. intelligence agencies were aware of plans to attack the Nord Stream pipelines three months before thwy were bombed.

  21. Tension Overshadows the Tennis Between Sabalenka and Svitolina Sports, June 6

    Players from Ukraine do not shake hands with players from Russia and Belarus. Aryna Sabalenka waited at the net anyway.

  22. What It’s Like to Play Putin in ‘Patriots’ Theater, June 6

    Will Keen embodies Russia’s president in a West End production. “It’s been fascinating how the perception of him and the play keep changing,” he said.

  23. Ukraine Dam Disaster: What We Know World, June 6

    A dam in southern Ukraine was split in half, but it is unclear who caused the damage. Thousands are being evacuated as dangerous volumes of water gush downstream.

  24. Biden Administration Shrugs Off Ukraine’s Attacks in Russia U.S., June 5

    For months, U.S. officials said cross-border operations risked a dangerous escalation. But those fears have ebbed.

  25. As Ukrainian Attacks Surge, U.S. Officials See Signs of Counteroffensive World, June 5

    Kyiv has not formally announced the start of operations. But on Tuesday, Ukraine said the Russians had blown up a dam on the Dnipro River, potentially imperiling residents and the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant.

  26. Fake Putin Speech Calling for Martial Law Aired in Russia World, June 5

    The Kremlin said it was investigating what it called a “hack” after a bogus speech aired on some radio and television networks.

  27. The Eyes of the World Are Upon Ukraine Opinion, June 5

    The moral equivalent of D-Day is happening right now.

  28. En las escuelas rusas, se recita el abecedario y odas al ejército En español, June 5

    El plan de estudios para los jóvenes rusos enfatiza cada vez más el patriotismo y el heroísmo del ejército de Moscú, mientras demoniza a Occidente como “mafiosos”.

  29. Immense Crowds Protest Poland’s Governing Conservative Party Foreign, June 4

    The country’s largest antigovernment gathering in years sought to reclaim the legacy of the Solidarity movement that led the struggle against a Communist system imposed by Moscow.

  30. Saudi Arabia Says It Will Cut Production to Stem a Slide in Oil Prices Business, June 4

    OPEC Plus, the group of major oil producers, said it would continue its recent cuts in output, but Saudi Arabia said it would cut further for at least a month.

  31. Here’s How We Can End the War in Ukraine Op Ed, June 4

    It is time for the United States to provide Ukraine with the support it needs to win against Russia.

  32. A Pacifist Sect From Russia Is Shaken by War, and Modernity Foreign, June 4

    The Ukraine conflict is causing soul-searching among the Doukhobors, a peace-loving group that emigrated to Canada in 1899.

  33. Explosions Hit Southern Ukraine as Both Sides Brace for Counteroffensive Foreign, June 4

    President Volodymyr Zelensky, in an unusually personal speech, urged his compatriots to show their gratitude to the country’s soldiers.

  34. ‘Everything Changed’: The War Arrives on Russians’ Doorstep Foreign, June 3

    With cross-border strikes, residents of the Russian region of Belgorod are starting to understand the horrors of war being waged at their doorstep.

  35. Car Bombing in Russian-Occupied Ukraine Shows Reach of War Foreign, June 3

    The blast in the Zaporizhzhia region of southern Ukraine killed a cafe owner who was registered to run in elections seen as an attempt to legitimize Moscow’s illegal annexation of the area.

  36. In Russian Schools, It’s Recite Your ABC’s and ‘Love Your Army’ Foreign, June 3

    The curriculum for young Russians is increasingly emphasizing patriotism and the heroism of Moscow’s army, while demonizing the West as “gangsters.” One school features a “sniper”-themed math class.

  37. As Kyiv Reckons With Deaths by a Shelter, Russia Evacuates Border Towns Foreign, June 2

    In Ukraine’s capital, residents struggled with the question of who was to blame for a shelter closed off to two women and a child. In Russia, the authorities described evacuations in a border region.

  38. In Finland, NATO’s Newest Member, Blinken Details Russia’s ‘Failures’ Foreign, June 2

    A speech by the U.S. Secretary of State struck a triumphal tone, while also warning against a rush to short-term solutions to the war in Ukraine.

  39. Put ‘Succession’ in the TV Pantheon Op Ed, June 2

    How dramatic unity, black comedy and political ambiguity made the show an all-time great.

  40. A Russian official says Ukrainian shelling has forced the evacuation of 2,500 people from his border region. Foreign, June 2

    ‘The conditions are quite difficult,’ the local governor of the region said on social media.

  41. As Price of Oil Slides, OPEC Plus May Weigh Further Production Cuts Business, June 2

    The group of major oil producers and Russia will meet this weekend to discuss a swoon in oil prices.

  42. Fareed Zakaria on Where Russia’s War in Ukraine Stands — and Much More Op Ed, June 2

    The journalist discusses how Moscow’s invasion, U.S.-China relations and the rise of nonaligned countries affect America’s place in the global order.

  43. Mother and Child’s Desperate Run for Cover in Kyiv Ends Outside Locked Shelter Foreign, June 1

    They were among three people killed in a Russian missile attack, officials said. Ukraine opened an investigation, as Russians described shelling and evacuations in border regions.

  44. Ukraine’s Future Ties to NATO Are Main Topic as Western Nations Meet Foreign, June 1

    The question of how to guarantee Ukrainian security loomed over a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Norway and a gathering of European leaders in Moldova.

  45. What It Takes to Protect Kyiv From Russian Bombardment Foreign, June 1

    Russian air attacks on Kyiv have come in relentless waves. Yet very little has penetrated the patched-together but increasingly sophisticated air defense network. Here’s why.

  46. Another Early Morning Attack in Kyiv Kills Three World, June 1

    At least one child was among the dead, local officials said. Russia has recently increased the pace and intensity of its strikes on the capital.

  47. Russia Denounces West Over Drone Strike on Moscow World, May 31

    Kremlin officials said Ukraine’s allies should have condemned the strike, and argued again that its real war was with the West.

  48. Your Thursday Briefing: ‘False Alarm’ in South Korea Briefing, May 31

    Also, military tensions in the Arctic.

  49. U.S. Adds Aid to Ukraine to Deliver Ammunition for Drones and Artillery U.S., May 31

    The move to send $300 million in additional support comes as Moscow has come under drone attacks in recent days.

  50. Arctic Risks Loom Large as Blinken Tours NATO’s North Foreign, May 31

    Russia may be having major difficulties in Ukraine, but it remains a vast power in the north and the Arctic, where climate change is opening new sea routes for trade and trouble.

  51. Germany closes Russian consulates in a tit-for-tat dispute with Moscow. Foreign, May 31

    Berlin responds to the Kremlin limiting the number of German diplomatic staff allowed in Russia.

  52. Our Correspondent on the Drone Strikes in Moscow and Kyiv, and More Stories Podcasts, May 31

    Exclusively from New York Times Audio, our new app.

  53. Tara Reade, Who Accused Biden of Assault, Says She Has Moved to Russia Express, May 31

    Years after accusing President Biden of sexual assault, Ms. Reade told a Russian outlet that she had moved in order to feel safe.

  54. Fake Signals and American Insurance: How a Dark Fleet Moves Russian Oil Interactive, May 31

    The New York Times tracked several oil tankers faking their locations while transporting Russian oil currently under Western sanctions, in an apparent effort to deceive their American insurer.

  55. Drone Strike in Moscow Brings Ukraine War Home to Russians Foreign, May 30

    At least eight drones were intercepted, the Kremlin said, but the foray raised questions about Russian air defenses.

  56. Taiwan Ambassador Says Ukraine’s Success Against Russia Will Help Deter China Washington, May 30

    Bi-khim Hsiao, the top Taiwanese diplomat in Washington, said the support of the United States and other nations for Ukraine sends an important message to China.

  57. Your Wednesday Briefing: Drone Strikes on Moscow N Y T Now, May 30

    Plus, the race to prevent an oil spill off Yemen.

  58. Drone Attack Targets Moscow Video, May 30

    The assault by at least eight drones was the first attack to hit civilian areas in the Russian capital. No serious injuries were reported.

  59. Moscow Drone Strikes a Psychological Blow, Russian Nationalists Say Foreign, May 30

    The Kremlin says the Defense Ministry responded well to the attack, but critics argue that the assault shows a lack of leadership from a government that promised only a “special military operation” in Ukraine.

  60. What We Know About the Drone Attack on Moscow Foreign, May 30

    Russia’s Defense Ministry said that at least eight drones had targeted Moscow and the surrounding region.

  61. Estos aliados del ejército de Ucrania causan preocupación En español, May 30

    Un grupo de combatientes rusos opuestos a Putin tienen vínculos neonazis. Algunos especialistas creen que esto podría dañar a Ucrania al sembrar desconfianza y temor de estar apoyando a grupos armados de extrema derecha.

  62. Russia Targets Kyiv With Third Wave of Strikes in 24 Hours, Killing One Foreign, May 30

    The attack came after a rare daytime assault on Monday. Russia has stepped up attacks on the capital this month as Ukraine prepares for a counteroffensive.

  63. Shocks, Beatings, Mock Executions: Inside Kherson’s Detention Centers Foreign, May 30

    Ukraine has charged four members of Russia’s National Guard with war crimes in Kherson. The four acted with such impunity, the authorities say, they did not mask their identities.

  64. La huida de un desertor ruso presenta un dilema para Noruega En español, May 29

    Andrei Medvédev luchó con los mercenarios del grupo ruso Wagner en Ucrania y luego huyó al país nórdico. Las autoridades noruegas enfrentan ahora una delicada solicitud.

  65. A Handshake Snub Gets a Chilly Reception at the French Open on Day 1 Sports, May 28

    Marta Kostyuk of Ukraine had the crowd on her side initially, but then was booed after she did not shake hands with Aryna Sabalenka of Belarus after losing to her in straight sets.

  66. Russia Launches Largest Drone Attack on Kyiv Since War Began Video, May 28

    Ukrainian officials said that more than 40 drones were intercepted over the capital hours before residents celebrated Kyiv Day to mark the city’s founding. Falling debris may have killed one person.

  67. A Russian Deserter’s Flight to Norway Presents a Fraught Dilemma for His Host Foreign, May 28

    Andrei Medvedev fought with Russia’s Wagner mercenaries in Ukraine, then requested asylum in Norway. The authorities there must now weigh his plea against solidarity with Ukraine.

  68. Kyiv Repels Its Largest Ever Drone Attack Launched by Russian Forces Foreign, May 28

    More than 40 drones were intercepted over Kyiv, where city officials said at least one person had been killed, probably by falling debris.

  69. Barely Noting War in Public, Putin Acts Like Time Is on His Side Foreign, May 27

    Vladimir V. Putin of Russia looks like a commander in absentia, treating the war in Ukraine as unfortunate but distant. His options have narrowed, but he is still betting on outlasting his foes.

  70. As Both Sides Step Up Long-Range Strikes, Russians Hit a Ukrainian Hospital Foreign, May 26

    A Russian missile killed at least two people and wounded dozens more at a hospital, while apparent Ukrainian strikes hit occupied cities in the south.

  71. For Ukraine Military, Far-Right Russian Volunteers Make for Worrisome Allies Foreign, May 26

    Some fighters who led an incursion into Russian territory this week have neo-Nazi ties. “I worry that something like this could backfire on Ukraine because these are not ambiguous people.”

  72. Russian Public Appears to Be Souring on War Casualties, Analysis Shows Washington, May 26

    Support for the war in Ukraine remains high but could potentially turn if concern over the high numbers of casualties persists, according to FilterLabs AI.

  73. Russian Missile Hits Hospital Complex in Central Ukraine Video, May 26

    Fire heavily damaged a clinic in Dnipro, Ukraine, after a Russian strike hit the building.

  74. Wagner Says It Is Leaving Bakhmut, Posing Challenge for Russia Foreign, May 25

    After seizing the city in eastern Ukraine after a long, brutal fight, the Wagner mercenary force is turning it over to the depleted Russian Army to defend.

  75. What Does Russia’s Success in Bakhmut Mean for the War in Ukraine? Foreign, May 25

    Moscow has declared victory in its long, bloody assault. But a full capture of the ruined city may not help Russian forces advance deeper in the Donbas region.

  76. Russia’s Old Bombs Elude Ukraine’s Modern Defenses Foreign, May 25

    Ukrainian and American officials say Russian warplanes are dropping Soviet-era bombs, some modified to glide long distances, which are almost impossible to shoot down.

  77. Fresh From Attack on Russian Soil, Raiders Taunt the Kremlin Foreign, May 25

    The cross-border raid by Russian fighters based in Ukraine appeared intended in part to force Moscow to divert its soldiers from the battlefield.

  78. Ukrainians Were Likely Behind Kremlin Drone Attack, U.S. Officials Say Washington, May 24

    American spy agencies do not know exactly who carried out the attack this month, but suggest it was part of a series of covert operations orchestrated by Ukraine’s security services.

  79. The Wagner group forecasts disaster if Russia does not move into total war footing. Foreign, May 24

    Yevgeny Prigozhin has been ramping up pressure on Russia’s military leadership and extending his criticism to the country’s moneyed elites.

  80. What’s Next for Russia After Spilling So Much Blood for Bakhmut? Foreign, May 24

    Seizing the city took 10 months and untold lives. Most likely, analysts say, Russia’s exhausted forces will settle into a defensive crouch, preparing for Ukraine’s counteroffensive.

  81. Anti-Kremlin Fighters Take War to Russian Territory for a Second Day Foreign, May 23

    The cross-border attacks by fighters aligned with Ukraine were an effort to force Russia’s military to divert troops from the front line, an official said.

  82. Pro-Ukraine Forces Appear to Have Used U.S.-Made Armored Vehicles in Incursion Into Russia Video, May 23

    At least three of what appeared to be American-made tactical vehicles known as MRAPs were part of the cross-border attack. According to visual evidence, Russia captured two of them.

  83. Your Wednesday Briefing: A Rare Incursion Into Russia N Y T Now, May 23

    Plus, Australian efforts to break with China on lithium.

  84. Who Are the Soldiers Behind the Free Russia Legion? Foreign, May 23

    The unit has taken responsibility for a rare assault in Russian territory, and a member says it is just the beginning.

  85. ¿Por qué Bajmut? Una pregunta tan antigua como la guerra En español, May 23

    Durante meses, los analistas discutieron sobre la “importancia estratégica” de Bajmut, como si alguna jerga militar pudiera hacer más fácil digerir la pérdida de una ciudad entera a manos de un ejército invasor.

  86. China and Russia, Targets at G7 Summit, Draw Closer to Fend Off West Foreign, May 23

    Beijing and Moscow are holding visits this week as alarm grows in China that Western countries backing Ukraine are turning their attention to Asia.

  87. Ucrania necesita más poder de fuego aéreo, y los F-16 podrían ayudar En español, May 23

    Ucrania ha perdido al menos 60 de sus 145 aviones de ala fija y 32 de 139 helicópteros, según información militar estadounidense.

  88. U.S. Shift to Support F-16s for Ukraine Began A Month Ago Washington, May 23

    The U.S. defense chief first asked Biden officials to support the plan after meeting with European allies. He made his pitch to President Biden last week.

  89. Russia Claims Bakhmut, but Some See a ‘Pyrrhic Victory’ Foreign, May 22

    A top Ukrainian official essentially acknowledged that the devastated city had been lost. Thousands of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers died there, but the cost for Moscow was especially steep, experts say.

  90. Attackers Hit Russian Border Towns; Anti-Putin Russians Say They Did It Foreign, May 22

    The local governor blamed a Ukrainian sabotage group, while Kyiv’s military intelligence agency said that “opposition-minded citizens of Russia” were responsible.

  91. Why Bakhmut? It’s a Question as Old as War. Foreign, May 22

    The twists and turns of a war are rarely easy to predict. In Ukraine, they landed on a city in the east that few had ever heard of. And then the whole world watched for months.

  92. Bakhmut Is Gone: An Aerial Look at the War’s Destruction Foreign, May 22

    Drone footage taken by The New York Times captured the scorched buildings, destroyed schools and cratered parks that now define the city in eastern Ukraine.

  93. Your Monday Briefing: The G7 Wraps N Y T Now, May 21

    Also, Russia claims that it captured Bakhmut.

  94. As Russia Claims Victory in Bakhmut, Ukraine Sees Opportunity Amid Ruins Foreign, May 21

    Military analysts say that if Moscow continues to send reinforcements to defend the city, that could weaken Russian forces’ ability to hold off a broader counteroffensive that Ukraine has been planning.

  95. Why Ukraine Needs Those F-16s Op Ed, May 21

    The need for control of the nation’s airspace is one of the war’s largely untold stories.

  96. Ukraine May Be Finally Getting the F-16s It Asked For. Why Did It Want Them? Foreign, May 21

    Ukraine’s sizable contingent of fighter jets come with a few problems. President Volodymyr Zelensky said F-16s would “greatly enhance our army in the sky.”

  97. The Club That Wants Nothing to Do With Russia Washington, May 21

    In the 1990s, the G7 invited Russia to join, a sign of its ascendence. Today, Vladimir V. Putin is on the outside, as his enemy, Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine, is the honored guest.

  98. Russia’s Latest Sanctions on U.S. Officials Turn to Trump Enemies Foreign, May 21

    Among the 500 people singled out for travel and financial restrictions were Americans seen as adversaries by former President Donald J. Trump.

  99. Wagner Chief Says Bakhmut Is Taken; Ukraine Rejects Claim Foreign, May 20

    The head of the Russian paramilitary group said his forces had captured the eastern city, a claim Ukrainian officials were quick to deny even as they called the situation “critical.”

  100. The key events in the battle for Bakhmut, the war’s longest-running sustained fight. Foreign, May 20

    The city has for months been the center of the fighting in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine. Here’s a look at the critical moments.

  101. Bakhmut has exposed an ugly, personal feud between the Russian Defense Ministry and ‘Putin’s chef.’ Foreign, May 20

    Yevgeny V. Prigozhin, once a caterer for the Kremlin, has made capturing the city a personal obsession.

  102. After a Show-Stopping Entrance at the G7, Zelensky Pleads for More Aid Foreign, May 20

    He urged his supporters to stay the course and tried to convince fence sitters like India and Brazil that there is no middle ground.

  103. In Bakhmut, the Tides of Battle Are Ever Shifting Foreign, May 20

    Ukraine, this month, pressed ahead with three days of maneuvers that gained ground on the flanks of Bakhmut. But Russian forces still appear to hold the center of the strategic city.

  104. In a Sharp Reversal, Biden Opens a Path for Ukraine to Get Fighter Jets Foreign, May 19

    The president told allied leaders that he would allow Ukrainian pilots to be trained on American-made F-16s, and is prepared to approve other countries’ transferring the jets to Ukraine.

  105. Zelensky Appeals to Arab Leaders for Help Resisting Russia’s Invasion Video, May 19

    President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine called for help freeing Ukrainians held in Russian prisons during an address to the Arab League summit.

  106. Tensions Flare in Georgia as Direct Flights Resume With Russia Foreign, May 19

    Moscow also eased visa requirements for Georgians. But its actions have stirred fears in Georgia, which was invaded by Russia in 2008.

  107. Volkswagen Sells Its Russia Operations, Including an Assembly Plant Business, May 19

    The German automaker, which quit making cars in Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, said it had sold its plant to a local auto dealership chain.

  108. Zelensky Urges Arab Leaders Not to ‘Turn a Blind Eye’ to Russian Aggression Foreign, May 19

    Addressing an Arab League summit in Saudi Arabia, President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine urged Arab nations to stand with him against Russia and called out their reluctance to take sides in the war.

  109. Brittney Griner Is Creating a New Normal, for Herself and the W.N.B.A. Sports, May 19

    Griner returns to basketball after her detention in Russia with a bigger platform and a desire to reshape women’s sports.

  110. As Russia Tries to Pummel Kyiv, a Blast in Crimea Hints at Ukraine’s Reach Foreign, May 18

    Ukrainian officials did not claim responsibility for a train derailment on the occupied peninsula, but it was the latest in a series of explosions hitting the railways and supply lines of Russia’s war machine.

  111. I Just Arrived in Kyiv. The Ukrainian Valor Is Breathtaking. Op Ed, May 18

    The combined power of Ukrainian valor and American technology may be even greater than we recognize.

  112. Pentagon Says Accounting Mistake Frees Up $3 Billion More for Ukraine Washington, May 18

    The Biden administration has been under bipartisan pressure to explain how it intended to continue sending weapons to Ukraine quickly without asking Congress for more money.

  113. The Long Isolation of Syria’s al-Assad Is Over Foreign, May 18

    President Bashar al-Assad was shunned over atrocities committed in Syria’s civil war, but on Friday he is expected to join an annual summit of Arab leaders for the first time in 13 years.

  114. Ukraine and China Will Dominate G7 Summit, but a New Threat Lurks: A.I. Foreign, May 18

    The leaders are expected to hold their first talks on a common regulatory approach to generative artificial intelligence.

  115. Another Casualty in Ukraine: Teenage Years Foreign, May 18

    In a battered Ukrainian city, the war has stolen the normal experiences of teenage life. The youths mostly use humor to deal with the ferocity of the fighting around them.

  116. An Untested Oil Price Cap Has Helped Choke Revenue to Russia Washington, May 18

    Group of 7 leaders are prepared to celebrate the results of a novel effort to stabilize global oil markets and punish Moscow.

  117. An Untested Oil Price Cap Has Helped Choke Revenue to Russia Business, May 18

    Group of 7 leaders are prepared to celebrate the results of a novel effort to stabilize global oil markets and punish Moscow.

  118. The Latest Flash Point Among Ukraine’s Allies Is Whether to Send F-16s Foreign, May 17

    The United States is resisting a European push for the powerful fighters. But will it relent, as it did before with tanks, rocket launchers and air defense missiles?

  119. Ukraine and Russia Renew a Deal to Allow Ukraine to Ship Grain Foreign, May 17

    Russia last year blocked exports of Ukrainian grain across the Black Sea, a vital part of the global food supply, but they resumed last summer under a fragile pact.

  120. Gains Near Bakhmut Raise Ukraine’s Hopes of a Turning Tide Foreign, May 17

    The advances have been small, and Russians still hold most of the city, but Ukrainians say they see a meaningful shift in momentum.

  121. Russian-Controlled Dam Risks Flooding in Southern Ukraine Foreign, May 17

    The development is a dramatic turnabout after the reservoir had reached a historic low. The dam, which lies along the front line, has been a point of tension throughout the war.

  122. Officials Who Cast Doubt on Hunter Biden Laptop Face Questions Washington, May 16

    Dozens of former intelligence officials signed a letter discounting the laptop’s contents. Republicans say the missive was part of a Biden campaign operation.

  123. Journalist Resigns From Board After PEN America Cancels Russian Writers Panel Culture, May 16

    Masha Gessen stepped down following the free expression group’s decision to cancel an event at its World Voices Festival after Ukrainian writers threatened to boycott.

  124. Putin y su chantaje nuclear En español, May 16

    Los propagandistas rusos quieren que pensemos que las potencias nucleares nunca pueden perder las guerras. Es falso.

  125. U.S. Tech Espionage Team Unveils First Cases Involving China and Russia Business, May 16

    A new division set up by the government to pursue sanctions evasion and technology espionage announced arrests of individuals with ties to foreign governments.

  126. As Ukrainian Attack Looms, Putin Faces Setbacks and Disunity in Russian Forces Foreign, May 16

    The problems that have hindered Russia’s 15-month war are still festering: stretched resources and disunity in the ranks. Still, Mr. Putin’s resolve augurs a willingness to prosecute a long war.

  127. African leaders plan ‘peace mission’ to Russia and Ukraine. Foreign, May 16

    South Africa’s president said officials from six nations would visit Kyiv and Moscow as part of the initiative. The time frame remained unclear.

  128. Después de la invasión a Ucrania, ¿cómo obtienen los millonarios rusos sus lujos? En español, May 16

    Más de un año después de la guerra de Putin y sus consecuentes sanciones occidentales, los Emiratos Árabes se han convertido en un nuevo punto de compra para los rusos que buscan artículos de lujo.

  129. Overnight Missile and Drone Attacks Target Kyiv Video, May 16

    Russia fired a wave of missiles and drones overnight, many aimed at Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, but all were shot down, Ukrainian officials said.

  130. In European Tour, Zelensky Reaps Billions More in Promised Military Aid Foreign, May 15

    His trips to Britain, Germany, France and Italy demonstrated the shifting political landscape when it comes to supporting Kyiv, as concerns grow about U.S. backing as the presidential election looms.

  131. A former U.S. Embassy employee is being held in Moscow, according to Russia’s state news agency. World, May 15

    The State Department had no immediate comment on the report that an American, identified as Robert Shonov, had been arrested and charged with conspiracy.

  132. With a new tranche of weapons, Ukraine has much of what it needs for a counteroffensive, analysts say. Foreign, May 15

    The additions to Ukraine’s arsenal, which include more tanks, drones and other weapons from Germany, may signal that Western officials believe Kyiv’s forces could reclaim significant swaths of territory.

  133. State news media release a photo of Belarus’s leader amid speculation about his health. Foreign, May 15

    Aleksandr G. Lukashenko, a Kremlin ally, had not been shown since he attended events last week celebrating the Soviet Union’s triumph over Nazi Germany in 1945.

  134. U.S.-Made Technology Is Flowing to Russian Airlines, Despite Sanctions Washington, May 15

    Russian customs data shows that millions of dollars of aircraft parts made by Boeing, Airbus and others were sent to Russia last year.

  135. Ukrainians Send a Message With Their Bombs. On Them, Too. Foreign, May 15

    Ukrainians have a lot to say to Russia, and many have chosen to say it in ink on the sides of rockets, mortar shells and even exploding drones.

  136. As Ukraine Makes Inroads in Bakhmut, Devastation Still Reigns Foreign, May 14

    The fight for Bakhmut is now the war’s single longest and bloodiest battle. Although the Ukrainians are making small gains, Russia still controls about 90 percent of the largely ruined city.

  137. Slava Zaitsev, Enduring Soviet-Era Fashion Designer, Dies at 85 Obits, May 13

    He gave color, sparkle and opulence to a generation raised in drab Soviet gray and designed for pop stars, Olympic athletes, politicians and ballerinas.

  138. Germany Announces Its Biggest Military Aid Package Yet for Ukraine Foreign, May 13

    The nearly $3 billion package is part of an effort by both sides to reset rocky relations, which have become increasingly important to maintaining European unity in backing the war.

  139. An Erdogan Loss in Turkey Would Stir Relief in the West and Anxiety in Moscow Foreign, May 13

    European leaders would be delighted to have “an easier Turkey,” while Russia could lose an important economic and diplomatic partnership should the Turkish leader lose power in Sunday’s elections.

  140. Ukraine’s Advances Near Bakhmut Expose Rifts in Russian Forces Foreign, May 12

    Russia’s pro-war bloggers were quick to claim that Ukraine’s long-anticipated counteroffensive had begun, but Ukrainian officials downplayed the advances.

  141. Ukraine’s Offensive Could Set Stage for Diplomacy With Russia, U.S. Officials Say Washington, May 12

    While exploring endgames, Biden aides say they reject any push for peace talks — including from China — that would freeze the current front lines and Russia’s gains.

  142. China will send an envoy to Russia and Ukraine in a quest for peace talks. Foreign, May 12

    Li Hui, China’s special representative for Eurasian affairs, is expected to begin his trip on Monday.

  143. Ukrainian Soldiers Risk Their Lives to Keep Weapons From the Black Market Foreign, May 12

    They can’t track every shell, but at a time of heightened scrutiny in Washington they know they can ill afford slips with the big ticket items.

  144. Zelensky, Citing Equipment Gaps, Says It’s Too Soon for Counteroffensive Foreign, May 11

    Ukraine’s president played down the chance of an imminent military move, but the claim was greeted with some skepticism.

  145. The U.S. ambassador to South Africa accused the country of providing weapons to Russia. Foreign, May 11

    The American ambassador to South Africa told reporters that Washington is confident a Russian ship picked up a load of weapons and ammunition near Cape Town in December.

  146. How Russia’s Rich Get Their Luxuries Now Foreign, May 11

    More than a year into Vladimir Putin’s invasion, the web of global trade has adjusted to Western sanctions, with a network of middlemen sending cars, electronics and more to Russia.

  147. Undaunted by Air Raids, a Ukrainian Duo Gets Ready for Eurovision Culture, May 11

    With a song inspired by the bravery of Ukrainian soldiers, the pop group Tvorchi sees the beloved, often campy global song competition as a serious opportunity to represent their country.

  148. The Airman Who Wanted to Give Gamers a Real Taste of War World, April 13

    The group liked online war games. But then Jack Teixeira, an active-duty airman, began showing them classified documents, members say.

  149. In Surprise, OPEC Plus Announces Cut in Oil Production Business, April 2

    Oil prices soared 7 percent on Sunday night after the group’s move to cut 1.2 million barrels a day.