1. Zelensky’s Answer to Escalating Russian Threats: Defiance World, Today

    In a nightly address, President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine told Russian soldiers: “If you want to live, run.”

  2. Even as Oil Prices Ease, U.S. Keeps Tapping Strategic Reserve Business, Today

    The administration’s move has brought down gasoline prices. Some experts say continued withdrawals could test the nation’s energy security.

  3. Even as Oil Prices Ease, U.S. Keeps Tapping Strategic Reserve Business, Today

    The administration’s move has brought down gasoline prices. Some experts say continued withdrawals could test the nation’s energy security.

  4. Los rusos están asustados y no tienen adónde ir en Español, Today

    Vladimir Putin anunció una “movilización parcial” que abre el camino para el reclutamiento masivo de ciudadanos. Muchos de ellos han intentado escapar, y cada vez tienen menos alternativas para hacerlo.

  5. Porsche Takes off in Trading Debut Business, Today

    Shares in the sportscar maker gained on Thursday, outperforming the wider market.

  6. One Man Flees Putin’s Draft The Daily, Today

    Kirill, a 24-year-old from the Moscow region, is taking desperate measures to avoid being conscripted to fight in Ukraine.

  7. Russian Proxies in Ukraine Push Moscow to Annex Occupied Regions Foreign, Yesterday

    The requests lent an air of formality to a process condemned by the West. They followed sham referendums in four regions in Ukraine that purported to put voters’ stamp of approval on joining Russia.

  8. Sabotaged Pipelines and a Mystery: Who Did It? (Was It Russia?) Foreign, Yesterday

    An attack on gas lines under the Baltic Sea exposes the vulnerability of an already jittery Europe. Some officials suggested Moscow was to blame, but with little evidence, others urge caution.

  9. Two Broken Pipelines, One Big Mystery N Y T Now, Yesterday

    Some European officials accused Russia of sabotage, while Moscow blamed the U.S.

  10. Mysterious Blasts and Gas Leaks: What We Know About the Pipeline Breaks in Europe World, Yesterday

    The leaks, which may amount to as much as a third of Denmark’s annual carbon emissions, expose the vulnerability of critical infrastructure as the war in Ukraine continues.

  11. Mysterious Blasts and Gas Leaks: What We Know About the Pipeline Breaks in Europe Business, Yesterday

    The leaks, which may amount to as much as a third of Denmark’s annual carbon emissions, expose the vulnerability of critical infrastructure as the war in Ukraine continues.

  12. Meeting in Brussels Signifies a Turning Point for Allies Arming Ukraine Washington, Yesterday

    Defense officials responsible for purchasing weapons for more than 40 nations discussed how to ramp up production for a potentially yearslong war.

  13. U.S. and Russia Duel Over Leadership of U.N. Tech Group Business, Yesterday

    Member countries vote on Thursday for an American or a Russian to lead the International Telecommunication Union, which sets standards for new technologies.

  14. Yesterday’s Russia Ukraine War News live blog included one standalone post:
  15. Yesterday’s Russia Ukraine War News live blog included one standalone post:
  16. ‘Putin Is a Fool’: Intercepted Calls Reveal Russian Army in Disarray Interactive, Yesterday

    In phone calls to friends and relatives at home, Russian soldiers gave damning insider accounts of battlefield failures and civilian executions, excoriating their leaders just weeks into the campaign to take Kyiv.

  17. Russia-backed officials ask Putin to annex Ukrainian regions after referendums widely dismissed as sham. Foreign, Yesterday

    The appeals from Moscow-backed leaders set in motion formalities intended to give Russia’s plans a sheen of legitimacy.

  18. As Russians Flee, Some Find Draft Notices Waiting at the Border Foreign, September 27

    The Kremlin dispatched federal security forces to frontier border crossings packed with Russian men trying to escape the draft by entering countries like Georgia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

  19. The C.I.A. had warned European governments of potential attacks on pipelines. Foreign, September 27

    The warning was not specific, the officials said, and they declined to say whether Russia was identified as a possible attacker.

  20. Bring On the Women’s Revolutions Op Ed, September 27

    A regime that will not give relief to women deserves no relief from sanctions.

  21. Putin’s War Is a Crime Against the Planet Op Ed, September 27

    To fully see the destructive impact of the Ukraine war, listen to the Indigenous people who are guardians of some of the world’s remote ecosystems.

  22. Pipeline Breaks Look Deliberate, Europeans Say, Exposing Vulnerability Foreign, September 27

    The leaks in the Nord Stream under the Baltic Sea heightened fears of shortages because of the clash with Russia, and showed how vital infrastructure could be at risk.

  23. For a Deaf Family in Ukraine, the Bombs Came Without Warning Foreign, September 27

    People with disabilities in the country are often isolated and poor, and for those like Antonina Andriyenko and her daughter, Tanya, the fear and confusion of trying to stay safe is a constant struggle.

  24. The September 27 Russia Ukraine War News live blog included one standalone post:
  25. Is Assisted Suicide Too Accessible? Letters, September 27

    A change in Canada’s assisted suicide law that expands eligibility. Also: U.S. politics; moderate Republicans; sweaters for Ukraine; a paper for the elite?

  26. Putin is expected to annex parts of Ukraine after referendums end on Tuesday. Foreign, September 27

    The staged votes earned broad international condemnation, and world leaders vowed not to recognize the announced results.

  27. Leaks in undersea gas pipelines from Russia to Germany after blasts raise suspicions of sabotage. Foreign, September 27

    The authorities in Germany, Denmark and Sweden are investigating the cause of leaks in two gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea that caused an abrupt drop in pressure on Monday.

  28. Your Tuesday Briefing N Y T Now, September 27

    Europe balks at Italy’s rightward turn.

  29. Russians Are Terrified and Have Nowhere to Turn Op Ed, September 27

    For citizens who want to escape conscription, there simply aren’t many options.

  30. Russia Admits to Draft Problems as Anger Flares Into Violence Foreign, September 26

    The Kremlin’s spokesman tried to shift blame for errors in the call-up to regional agencies on Monday, the same day a gunman attacked a draft office in Siberia.

  31. Two Cities, Two Armies: Pivot Points in the Fight in Ukraine’s East Foreign, September 26

    The battle for the critical Donbas region in Ukraine is centered on two strategically important cities: Lyman, held by the Russians, and Bakhmut, held by Ukraine. The fighting over the cities is fierce as both armies race to claim new ground.

  32. Edward Snowden Is Granted Russian Citizenship Foreign, September 26

    Mr. Snowden, a former intelligence contractor, left the United States after giving hundreds of highly classified N.S.A. documents to The Guardian and The Washington Post in 2013.

  33. Better Ways for Us to Argue and Disagree Letters, September 26

    Readers discuss a column by Pamela Paul about employing debate techniques. Also: Abortion laws; the Russia-Ukraine war; migrants welcome; Broadway today.

  34. Victorious Meloni Faces Early Test of Italy’s Resolve on Russia Foreign, September 26

    The hard-right leader Giorgia Meloni has been a full-throated supporter of Ukraine, but her coalition partners have sounded like apologists for Vladimir V. Putin.

  35. Putin Ally Acknowledges Founding Wagner Mercenary Group Foreign, September 26

    Yevgeny V. Prigozhin, a Russian businessman and close associate of President Vladimir V. Putin, confirmed his role weeks after he was seen in a recruitment video for the private military company.

  36. At Least 15 Killed in School Shooting in Russia, Including Children Foreign, September 26

    An unidentified gunman entered a school in the city of Izhevsk, killing four adults and 11 children, according to federal investigators.

  37. A recruitment officer was wounded in the latest attack on a Russian draft office. Foreign, September 26

    A gunman opened fire at a draft office in a Siberian town, in what is believed to be the first attack on a military recruitment center since February to result in serious injury.

  38. Biden’s Cautious Foreign Policy Is Imperiling the United States Op Ed, September 26

    We have let Russian threats determine our actions, which encourages Russia and others to test our resolve.

  39. The September 26 Russia Ukraine War News live blog included one standalone post:
  40. U.S. Warns Russia of ‘Catastrophic Consequences’ if It Uses Nuclear Weapons Washington, September 26

    The comments by the national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, illustrate how quickly the rhetoric has intensified as Russia has faltered on the battlefield in recent months.

  41. Russia Begins Mobilizing Ukrainians to Fight Against Their Own Country Foreign, September 25

    Panic and fear flooded the occupied territories as Russian forces rounded up men to fight and forced residents to vote in a staged referendum on joining Russia, Ukrainian officials and rights groups said.

  42. Roger Waters Concert in Poland Called Off After Ukraine Views Prompt Anger Foreign, September 25

    In online exchanges with Ukraines first lady, the Pink Floyd co-founder said Ukraine should seek peace with Russia and blamed the United States for encouraging the conflict.

  43. Soviet Monuments Become Latest Target of Backlash Against War in Ukraine Foreign, September 25

    Across Eastern and Central Europe, statues honoring Soviet troops for their role in defeating the Nazis in World War II have in recent weeks come down or been slated for demolition.

  44. Hundreds Are Detained in Russia Amid Protests Video, September 25

    A human rights watchdog said at least 745 people were detained across Russia while protesting President Vladimir V. Putin’s “partial mobilization” policy, which could sweep 300,000 civilians into military service.

  45. Ukraine warns of growing attacks by drones Iran has supplied to Russia. Foreign, September 25

    As Moscow finds itself isolated internationally, and as its arsenal has been depleted in Ukraine, it has turned for military support to countries including Iran.

  46. Germany’s Chancellor Has ‘a Lot’ for Ukraine. But No Battle Tanks. Foreign, September 25

    Military assistance to Kyiv has become something of a litmus test of Olaf Scholz’s ability to lead Europe through its most significant security crisis since World War II.

  47. The September 25 Italy Elections live blog included one standalone post:
  48. The U.S. says Russia isn’t preparing to use nuclear weapons, yet. Foreign, September 24

  49. The September 24 Russia Ukraine Putin News live blog included two standalone posts:
  50. The September 24 Russia Ukraine Putin News live blog included two standalone posts:
  51. In a U.N. speech, Russia’s foreign minister says ‘the future of the world order’ is at stake. Foreign, September 24

  52. Ukraine Fights to Reclaim Territory as Russia Holds Annexation Referendums Foreign, September 24

    Ukraine’s president has urged citizens to resist the Russians in occupied territories, where voting is underway in what Western officials have called “sham” referendums on joining Russia.

  53. At least 745 people are detained in protests across Russia. Foreign, September 24

    Demonstrations against President Vladimir V. Putin’s “partial mobilization” policy continued, despite the Kremlin’s crackdown on dissent.

  54. How Seriously Should We Take Putin’s Nuclear Threat in Ukraine? Op Ed, September 24

    Russia is flailing and losing. The nuclear threat is growing.

  55. Understanding the Fight Between Armenia and Azerbaijan Foreign, September 24

    The hostilities that flared again last week reflect decades of animosity over a mountain region, but the consequences could be far wider. Here’s a guide.

  56. Solo Soulless Saboteurs Op Ed, September 24

    Putin and Trump, dragging the world down with them.

  57. In Ukraine’s South, Fierce Fighting and Deadly Costs Foreign, September 24

    The offensive in the south was the most highly anticipated military action of the summer. Ukraine is making gains, but the fighting is grinding, grueling and steep in casualties.

  58. ‘Necesitamos ventanas’: mientras se acerca el invierno, Ucrania lucha con el desabasto de vidrio en Español, September 24

    Bombas rusas. Costos energéticos crecientes. Relaciones comerciales interrumpidas. Es difícil arreglar todos los cristales rotos por las explosiones de la guerra en Ucrania, y el invierno está llegando.

  59. As Russian Losses Mount in Ukraine, Putin Gets More Involved in War Strategy Washington, September 23

    The Russian president has rejected requests from commanders in the field that they be allowed to retreat from Kherson, a vital city in Ukraine’s south.

  60. In Seized Parts of Ukraine, Moscow Stages Balloting on Joining Russia Foreign, September 23

    Under coercive conditions, with most residents gone and war still raging, Russia is putting on what it calls referendums on annexation but Ukraine and its allies call an illegal farce.

  61. Putin’s Draft Draws Resistance in Russia’s Far-Flung Regions Foreign, September 23

    Villagers, activists and some elected officials asked why the conscription drive seemed to be hitting poor, remote areas hardest, while pro-war hawks criticized it as chaotic.

  62. Sham Referendums N Y T Now, September 23

    Russia is orchestrating votes in occupied regions of Ukraine that would set the stage for annexation.

  63. How Do You Handle a Wounded Putin? Op Ed, September 23

    You push him back in Ukraine, but slowly.

  64. Oil Prices Tumble to Their Lowest Level Since January Business, September 23

    The U.S. benchmark oil price fell below $80 a barrel for the first time since the start of the year.

  65. Oil Prices Tumble to Their Lowest Level Since January Business, September 23

    The U.S. benchmark oil price fell below $80 a barrel for the first time since the start of the year.

  66. On a Corpse’s Wrist, an Emblem of Ukrainian Fortitude Foreign, September 23

    When they pulled Serhiy Sova’s body from a grave in Izium, his wrist bore a bracelet in Ukraine’s colors, given to him by his children. The image has transfixed the nation.

  67. Zelensky Asks Businesses to Join a ‘Marshall Plan’ for Ukraine Business, September 23

    Ukraine estimates it would cost $750 billion to rebuild the war-battered country.

  68. ¿Cómo fue que la Marcha de las Mujeres se desmanteló? Los análisis conducen a cuentas rusas en Español, September 23

    Mientras las feministas estadounidenses se reunían en 2017 para protestar contra Donald Trump, la maquinaria de desinformación de Rusia se dedicó a profundizar las divisiones entre ellas.

  69. Why Russia Is Losing Steam and Ukraine Is Gaining Ground Op Ed, September 23

    A national security expert takes stock of what the United States got wrong about Putin — and how Ukraine is gaining momentum, seven months in.

  70. The September 23 Russia Ukraine Putin News live blog included one standalone post:
  71. My Family Knows That Putin Will Get Whatever Result He Wants Op Ed, September 23

    Starting on Friday, people in four occupied regions of Ukraine will “vote” on whether to become a part of Russia. Here’s what that really means.

  72. War, Inflation and Squandered Credibility Op Ed, September 22

    What does the chair of the Federal Reserve understand that Vladimir Putin doesn’t?

  73. Ukraine War Comes Home to Russians as Putin Imposes Draft Foreign, September 22

    As Vladimir Putin’s “special military operation” enters a new chapter, Russians are being plucked from villages around the country for training and military service.

  74. Russian Men Receive Draft Papers Video, September 22

    Video verified by The New York Times appears to show new conscripts saying goodbye to loved ones before being loaded into buses.

  75. Your Friday Briefing: Men Flee Russian Conscription N Y T Now, September 22

    Plus Japan props up the yen and Cambodia concludes its Khmer Rouge trials.

  76. Russian Men Flee the Country to Avoid Fighting in Ukraine Video, September 22

    Men rushed to catch flights out of Russia after President Vladimir V. Putin announced a call-up that could force up to 300,000 civilians into fighting in the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

  77. ‘A Lot of Panic’: Russian Men, Fearing Ukraine Draft, Seek Refuge Abroad Foreign, September 22

    Vladimir V. Putin’s new military call-up has sent young men who don’t want to fight in Ukraine heading to the borders.

  78. These Artists Bring Pickles to the Party Culture, September 22

    In major museums, as well as at club nights and its own bar, the collective Slavs and Tatars casts a humorous eye over the region between the former Berlin Wall and the Great Wall of China.

  79. As freed Ukrainian soldiers return, joy and relief ripple across the country. Foreign, September 22

    After the largest prisoner exchange of the war, Ukrainians celebrated while anger coursed through the ranks of Russian mercenaries and military bloggers.

  80. Biden, Putin and the War of Words Over Ukraine Letters, September 22

    Readers react to speeches by both leaders and speculate about the outcome of the conflict. Also: San Francisco’s fog; against censorship.

  81. Some men flee Russia, fearing they could be called up to fight. Foreign, September 22

    Since the announcement of a new troop mobilization, civilians have realized they could not count on staying out of their country’s invasion of Ukraine.

  82. ‘They Are Watching’: Inside Russia’s Vast Surveillance State Interactive, September 22

    A cache of nearly 160,000 files from Russia’s powerful internet regulator provides a rare glimpse inside Vladimir V. Putin’s digital crackdown.

  83. Bad to Worse for Russia N Y T Now, September 22

    Vladimir Putin’s call-up of more troops highlights Russia’s continuing struggles in Ukraine.

  84. Putin’s Escalation of the War in Ukraine The Daily, September 22

    President Vladimir V. Putin has announced the mobilization of 300,000 Russians in an attempt to bolster his faltering invasion.

  85. ‘Mi objetivo era sobrevivir’: muchos ucranianos son acusados de colaborar con el ejército ruso en Español, September 22

    En las ciudades recuperadas por el ejército de Ucrania, los funcionarios intentan identificar y castigar a quienes ayudaron al enemigo. Eso está dividiendo a algunas comunidades.

  86. North Korea Denies U.S. Claims of Arms Sales to Russia Foreign, September 22

    Pyongyang accused the United States of spreading “reckless” rumors, but added that it had the right to build and export arms.

  87. ‘One man chose this war.’ Harsh words fly at a U.N. Security Council meeting. Foreign, September 22

    Insults, accusations and talk of war crimes and nuclear holocaust dominated the world’s premier diplomatic stage on Thursday.

  88. Putin Is in Trouble Op Ed, September 22

    The ground beneath his feet has started to shift.

  89. As Russia Retreats, a Question Lingers: Who Counts as a Collaborator? Foreign, September 22

    In towns reclaimed from Russian occupation, Ukrainian officials are working to identify — and punish — those who helped the enemy. It’s dividing some communities.

  90. Putin Raises Stakes in the War, With Direct Challenge to the West Foreign, September 21

    The Russian leader announced a call-up of troops and hinted at using nuclear weapons, accusing the West of trying to “destroy our country” and vowing that Russia would defend itself.

  91. Biden Condemns Russia as Threat to the World in U.N. Speech Foreign, September 21

    President Biden portrayed Russia as the chief threat to global peace and renewed warnings that “a nuclear war cannot be won.”

  92. In a Defiant Address, Zelensky Says, ‘Russia Should Pay for This War’ Foreign, September 21

    “A crime has been committed against Ukraine, and we demand just punishment,” President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine said in a recorded speech to the U.N. General Assembly.

  93. Russia releases 215 fighters, including Mariupol commanders, in a prisoner exchange. Foreign, September 21

    The exchange, the war’s largest, included Viktor Medvedchuk, a Ukrainian oligarch and close friend of the Russian president.

  94. Putin Raises the Stakes N Y T Now, September 21

    The Russian leader called up reservists and approved holding hasty referendums in occupied Ukraine.

  95. U.S. and Allies Condemn Putin’s Troop Mobilization and Nuclear Threats Washington, September 21

    Biden administration officials vowed to continue sending military, economic and humanitarian aid to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia.

  96. The September 21 Russia Ukraine Putin News live blog included one standalone post:
  97. At least 1,252 people are detained in protests across Russia. Foreign, September 21

    Protesters show their disapproval of the policy announced by President Vladimir V. Putin on Wednesday morning that would press 300,000 people into military service.

  98. 10 imprisoned foreign fighters, including Americans, are released as part of a Russia-Ukraine exchange, Saudi Arabia says. Foreign, September 21

    Alex Drueke, a former U.S. Army staff sergeant who served two tours in Iraq, and Andy Tai Ngoc Huynh, a former U.S. Marine, were released.

  99. One-way flights from Russia are selling out or skyrocketing in price. Foreign, September 21

    Some Russians rushed to buy airfare after President Vladimir V. Putin ordered up reservists to bolster the country’s military in Ukraine. Tickets to some visa-free destinations are sold out for several days.

  100. The September 21 Russia Ukraine War Putin live blog included one standalone post:
  101. The September 21 United Nations General Assembly Biden live blog included one standalone post:
  102. Putin redobla su amenaza nuclear y escala la guerra en Ucrania en Español, September 21

    El presidente de Rusia dio un discurso en el que reformuló la guerra y dejó en claro que podría emplear su arsenal nuclear. “No estoy bromeando”, dijo.

  103. The Myths That Made, and Still Make, Russia Book Review, September 21

    In a new book, the historian Orlando Figes argues that the war on Ukraine is only the latest instance of a nation twisting the past to justify its future.

  104. A Cornered Vladimir Putin Is More Dangerous Than Ever Foreign, September 21

    In a major speech, he recast the war in Ukraine and made clear it could spread.

  105. Can Ukraine Break Through Again? Interactive, September 21

    A surprise advance this month exposed deep vulnerabilities in Russia’s overstretched military. As Russia calls for more troops, can Ukraine keep gaining ground?

  106. How a Looming Oil Ban Could Devastate a Small Italian City Business, September 21

    Italy’s largest refinery, owned by Russia’s Lukoil, has lost financing because of sanctions. Now, it faces the cutoff of its crude supply, putting thousands of jobs at risk.

  107. Putin Announces an Expansion of the War Effort Video, September 21

    In a rare address, which was prerecorded, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia announced a partial mobilization of his military, effective immediately, stoking speculation that Mr. Putin could officially declare war and a nationwide draft.

  108. German Government Nationalizes Uniper in Move to Secure Energy Supply Business, September 21

    The utility company, once Germany’s largest importer of Russian gas, has been squeezed since Moscow cut the flow of the fuel, leading to a full takeover.

  109. Three Paths Toward an Endgame for Putin’s War Op Ed, September 20

    But here are three possibilities.

  110. Los referéndums en Ucrania despiertan ecos de las acciones de Putin en Crimea en Español, September 20

    La decisión del Kremlin ha sido vista como un preludio a la anexión de esos cuatro territorios ocupados por Rusia y una posible escalada de la guerra.

  111. Russia Signals Annexation of Parts of Ukraine, Raising Stakes in Fighting Foreign, September 20

    Kremlin-backed officials in four partially occupied regions announced referendums on joining Russia, as Moscow tightens its grip and hints at escalation.

  112. Russia’s Invasion Shadows U.N. Assembly Amid ‘Colossal Global Dysfunction’ Foreign, September 20

    Presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and Emmanuel Macron of France used the gathering as a stage to cast themselves as would-be peacemakers in the war in Ukraine.

  113. As fighting intensifies in Ukraine’s east, a frontline town is cut off from the world. Foreign, September 20

    After the Ukrainian military’s sweeping victory in the northeast last week, the fate of Siversk, in the Donbas region, appears once more undecided.

  114. Putin kept Russia and the world waiting hours for a speech that never happened. Foreign, September 20

    The Kremlin did not explain why it was delayed — or even that it had been planned at all. But the caginess telegraphed the rapid speed — and apparent improvisation — with which Moscow is plotting out its next moves.

  115. Despite War and Griner’s Arrest, American Men Hoop in Russia Sports, September 20

    While American female basketball players have largely stayed away from Russia, dozens of American men have sought pay and career development in the country.

  116. U.S. Shores Up Ukraine Support as Energy Crisis in Europe Looms Washington, September 20

    The Biden administration is trying to keep its allies on board as the Russian invasion has sent energy prices soaring.

  117. The September 20 Ukraine Russia War live blog included two standalone posts:
  118. Western Nations Will Take Temperature on Proposed Russian Oil Price Cap Washington, September 20

  119. In One Corner of Kosovo, Cheers Still Ring Out for Putin Foreign, September 20

    Many ethnic Serbs, nursing grievances against NATO for a 1999 bombing campaign that broke Serbia’s grip on the territory, see President Vladimir V. Putin’s Russia as a potential savior.

  120. The September 19 Ukraine Russia War live blog included one standalone post:
  121. Russia is struggling to attract new recruits for its army, a U.S. official says. Foreign, September 20

  122. Strike Near Another Ukrainian Nuclear Plant Escalates Fears of Disaster Foreign, September 19

    A powerful Russian missile hit 300 yards from the plant far from the front lines, Ukraine said, a reminder that despite its recent retreat, Russia can still threaten nuclear sites.

  123. Valery Polyakov, Who Took the Longest Journey in Space, Dies at 80 Obits, September 19

    Seeking to demonstrate the safety of long space missions, he worked out on his trip and returned 437 days later looking “like he could wrestle a bear,” one astronaut said.

  124. Burnout, Productivity and Other Tales of the Office Letters, September 19

    Readers discuss new aspects of the workplace during the pandemic. Also: A political balance; Vladimir Putin and Mikhail Gorbachev; student newspapers.

  125. One Big Problem for Ukraine Is Clear: Glass Foreign, September 19

    Russian bombs. Soaring energy costs. Severed trade links. It’s getting hard to fix all the shattered windows in Ukraine, and winter is coming.

  126. Zelensky Meets With BlackRock Chief to Discuss Reconstruction Fund Business, September 19

    The world’s largest asset manager advised Ukraine on how to revive the country’s shattered economy by attracting public and private investment.

  127. Food Supply Disruption Is Another Front for Russian Falsehoods Business, September 19

    As the war in Ukraine has put pressure on the global markets for food, Russia has spread conspiracy theories that blame the West.

  128. The guest list for the queen’s funeral will include presidents and an emperor. Foreign, September 19

    President Biden will be among the 2,000 mourners at the funeral for Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey.

  129. Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Forces Face Mobilized Inmates and Drones Foreign, September 18

    Ukraine has been pushing a counteroffensive in the east and south, applying greater pressure to Russian forces, but there is no indication of any mass Russian withdrawal.

  130. The Singular Offense of the Mass Grave Foreign, September 18

    Violent loss is even more devastating when the dead are disposed of without identification. When Russians pull out in Ukraine, they leave a trail of anonymous death.

  131. Russian Pop Music Icon Comes Out Against the War in Ukraine Culture, September 18

    Alla Pugacheva, whose stardom has spanned from the Soviet era to after the Cold War, said the invasion of Ukraine had turned Russia into a “pariah.”

  132. Pelosi, in Armenia, Condemns Azerbaijan Over Clashes Foreign, September 18

    Fighting last week, the deadliest between the two countries since 2020, was “initiated by the Azeris,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, while also calling for a negotiated settlement.

  133. How Russian Trolls Helped Keep the Women’s March Out of Lock Step Investigative, September 18

    As American feminists came together in 2017 to protest Donald Trump, Russia’s disinformation machine set about deepening the divides among them.

  134. Biden Warns Russia, Facing Losses, Against Using Unconventional Weapons Foreign, September 17

    Some officials worry that the more cornered Vladimir Putin feels, particularly with recent setbacks from Ukraine’s counteroffensive, the greater the chance that he might turn to an unconventional weapon.

  135. The Quality That Sustained Queen Elizabeth Is Hobbling Putin Op Ed, September 17

    Why legitimacy is key for rulers.

  136. Ukraine Wants the U.S. to Send More Powerful Weapons. Biden Is Not So Sure. Washington, September 17

    President Biden wants to avoid provoking Russia at a moment when American officials fear Vladimir V. Putin could escalate the war to compensate for recent losses.

  137. The ‘Wild Field’ Where Putin Sowed the Seeds of War Foreign, September 17

    In one small town in the Donbas region, everything suddenly fell apart. It was part of Vladimir Putin’s grand plan, and it helped lay the groundwork for the invasion of Ukraine. Now things are heating up again.

  138. At Mass Grave Site in Ukraine’s Northeast, a Sign of Occupation’s Toll Foreign, September 16

    Russian troops held the city of Izium, in northeastern Ukraine, for six months. One burial site found this week could hold the remains of more than 400 people, investigators said.

  139. The September 16 Ukraine Russia War live blog included one standalone post:
  140. Biden meets with relatives of Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan. Washington, September 16

    The president is trying to negotiate the release of the two Americans imprisoned in Russia amid poisoned relations over the war in Ukraine.

  141. The September 16 Ukraine Russia War live blog included two standalone posts:
  142. As India Joins China in Distancing From Russia, Putin Warns of Escalation Foreign, September 16

    After India’s prime minister said that now is not the time for war, an increasingly isolated Mr. Putin threatened “more serious” actions in Ukraine while insisting he was ready for talks.

  143. A ‘Terrible Picture of What the Occupiers Did’ N Y T Now, September 16

    Ukraine begins to exhume bodies from a mass grave site.

  144. Cómo derrotar a Putin en Español, September 16

    EE. UU. y sus aliados necesitan un plan de transición energética que logre un equilibrio entre seguridad climática, energética y económica.

  145. Amid Russia’s growing international isolation, India’s leader tells Putin that today is no time for war. Foreign, September 16

    Mr. Modi was speaking on the s

  146. Russia’s Central Bank Cuts Rates Again, Citing Weak Consumer Demand Business, September 16

    The bank reduced its key rate by half of a percentage point, to 7.5 percent. Last spring, the rate was 20 percent.