1. Facebook Takes Down Networks Linked to Russian Disinformation Washington, Today

    The social network said it was moving proactively to dismantle infrastructure Russia could use against the American presidential election.

  2. Russia Freezes Navalny’s Assets as He Recovers From Poisoning Foreign, Today

    Aleksei A. Navalny was still in a medically induced coma in Berlin when a court in Russia froze his bank accounts and barred him from selling or mortgaging his apartment in Moscow.

  3. Incendios alrededor del mundo: no solo arde el oeste de Estados Unidos en Español, Yesterday

    Las temperaturas extremas y las sequías más severas, resultado del cambio climático causado por el hombre, han creado un mundo que está listo para arder.

  4. Russian Opposition Leader Leaves Berlin Hospital After Poisoning Foreign, Yesterday

    Doctors treating Aleksei Navalny said he had been discharged after 32 days of treatment and could make a full recovery.

  5. The Russian Trolls Have a Simpler Job Today. Quote Trump. Washington, September 22

    As part of their attempt to interfere with the 2020 election, Russians are grabbing screenshots of President Trump’s tweets, or quoting his own misleading statements, analysts and officials say.

  6. Vladimir Putin Thinks He Can Get Away With Anything Editorial, September 22

    Why has the poisoning of Alexei Navalny been met with Western silence?

  7. C.I.A. Reasserts Putin Is Likely Directing Election Influence Efforts to Aid Trump Washington, September 22

    The assessment, which the agency has moderate confidence in, buttresses earlier findings that the Russian president supports President Trump’s re-election.

  8. The Rivalry That Forged the Cold War Book Review, September 22

    Tim Weiner’s “The Folly and the Glory” traces hostilities between Russia and the United States across 75 years.

  9. In Belarus, Russian Mercenaries Turned From Saboteurs to Friends Foreign, September 20

    President Aleksandr G. Lukashenko accused Russia of sending a group of mercenaries to disrupt his re-election. With mass protests consuming the country after the vote, he briskly changed his tune.

  10. The Sunday Read: ‘The Agency’ Podcasts, September 20

    From an office building in Russia, an army of “trolls” tried to wreak havoc all around the internet — and in real-life American communities.

  11. Aleksei Navalny, Russian Dissident, Says He Can Walk and Speak Now Foreign, September 19

    The opposition leader jokes that he has recovered enough from being poisoned to scroll Instagram and know where to put the likes.

  12. Russia Is Slow to Administer Virus Vaccine Despite Kremlin’s Approval Foreign, September 19

    After announcing the first government clearance for a coronavirus vaccine, Russia delayed distributing it. It remains unclear how many people have received it.

  13. Stephen F. Cohen, Influential Historian of Russia, Dies at 81 Obits, September 18

    He chronicled Stalin’s tyrannies and the collapse of the Soviet Union, and he was an enthusiastic admirer of Mikhail Gorbachev.

  14. U.S. Sending More Troops to Syria to Counter the Russians Washington, September 18

    The deployment of armored vehicles, advance radar and more fighter jets comes in response to a Russian convoy ramming an U.S. ground patrol, injuring seven soldiers.

  15. F.B.I. Director Warns of Russian Interference and White Supremacist Violence Washington, September 17

    Testimony by Christopher A. Wray contradicted efforts by President Trump and other officials to downplay the threats.

  16. Opera Star Anna Netrebko Is Hospitalized With Covid-19 Culture, September 17

    “Everything will be fine!” she said on Instagram, but the news is the latest sign of the challenges singers face returning to work.

  17. Aleksei Navalny Was Poisoned at His Hotel, His Team Says Foreign, September 17

    Aides of the Russian opposition leader collected items from his hotel room in Siberia as soon as he fell ill, according to a video posted on his Instagram account.

  18. This Is How Bad It’s Gotten at the Justice Department Op Ed, September 17

    Nora Dannehy’s resignation looks like part of a pattern that could be problematic for Bill Barr and President Trump.

  19. It’s Not Just the West. These Places Are Also on Fire. Climate, September 16

    Extreme temperatures and more severe droughts, the result of human-caused climate change, have created a world that’s ready to burn.

  20. It’s Not Just the West. These Places Are Also on Fire. Climate, September 16

    Extreme temperatures and more severe droughts, the result of human-caused climate change, have created a world that’s ready to burn.

  21. Can Biden Fix What Trump Broke? Op Ed, September 16

    E.U. leaders are still learning to navigate a world ever more dangerous for them, while relations with the United States grow more and more awkward.

  22. Navalny Says He Is Breathing on His Own in a Message From His Hospital Bed Foreign, September 15

    The poisoned Russian opposition leader plans to return to Russia, his spokeswoman says.

  23. Embattled Belarus Strongman Travels to Russia to Seek Help From Putin Foreign, September 14

    President Aleksandr G. Lukashenko broke into a sweat after the Russian president suggested new elections.

  24. Navalny, Awake and Alert, Plans to Return to Russia, German Official Says Foreign, September 14

    Mr. Navalny talked with a German prosecutor about being poisoned. Word of his improvement came as France and Sweden confirmed that he had been sickened by Novichok, a Russian nerve agent.

  25. Pipeline Politics: Why Nord Stream 2 Is Back in the Spotlight Foreign, September 14

    The attack on the Russian opposition leader Aleksei A. Navalny has revived calls to cancel a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany. Here’s what lies behind the debate.

  26. This Is Why We Couldn’t Control the Pandemic Interactive, September 14

    Some countries slammed their doors. It worked — until they let outsiders back in.

  27. Embattled Belarus Leader Beset by More Protests Before Putin Summit Foreign, September 13

    President Aleksandr G. Lukashenko has for weeks tried to quell protests against his re-election claim. A day before meeting President Vladimir V. Putin, his main backer, he continued to crack down on the opposition.

  28. At U.S.A.I.D., Juggling Political Priorities and Pandemic Response Washington, September 13

    Aggressive oversight of the aid agency by political appointees at the White House and the State Department has delayed humanitarian aid when the world needs it most.

  29. As Both Sides Dig In, What’s the Endgame for Belarus? Foreign, September 12

    President Aleksandr G. Lukashenko seems set on relentless repression, while protesters think peaceful defiance will win in the end.

  30. Whistle-Blower’s Complaint Ignites a Smoldering Homeland Security Agency Washington, September 11

    The agency created to share information across governments is accused of distorting its intelligence to play down the threats posed by Russia and white supremacists.

  31. For U.S. Open Contenders Medvedev and Zverev, a Journey From Russia Was a Big Step Sports, September 11

    Daniil Medvedev and Alexander Zverev are part of a talented final four, all seeking their first Grand Slam title.

  32. ‘Rage’: cinco claves del nuevo libro sobre Donald Trump en Español, September 10

    El periodista Bob Woodward revela que el presidente trató de restarle importancia a la gravedad del coronavirus y denigró repetidamente al ejército de Estados Unidos.

  33. The Defamation Suit Against Trump Letters, September 10

    A retired judge says the Justice Department’s attempt to move the case to federal court is a “blatant misuse of the legal system.” Also: Russian election interference; vaccine makers’ assurance.

  34. D.H.S. Downplayed Threats From Russia and White Supremacists, Whistle-Blower Says Washington, September 9

    Brian Murphy, the former head of the Department of Homeland Security’s intelligence division, accused senior leaders of warping the agency around President Trump’s political interests.

  35. 5 Takeaways From ‘Rage,’ Bob Woodward’s New Book About Trump Washington, September 9

    Mr. Woodward reveals that President Trump sought to play down the severity of the coronavirus and repeatedly denigrated the U.S. military.

  36. Espías, hackeos y agencias de seguridad: la otra cara de las vacunas contra el coronavirus en Español, September 9

    Las guerras de los servicios de inteligencia por la investigación de vacunas se han intensificado a medida que China y Rusia amplían sus esfuerzos para robarse el trabajo estadounidense, tanto en institutos de investigación como en empresas.

  37. Opposition Leader in Belarus Averts Expulsion by Tearing Up Passport Foreign, September 8

    Maria Kolesnikova, who was abducted on Monday by Belarusian security agents, found a way to foil their plans.

  38. The Pandemic Was Supposed to Be Great for Strongmen. What Happened? Op Ed, September 8

    From Trump to Lukashenko, authoritarians are discovering that this isn’t their kind of crisis.

  39. Belarus Protest Leader Vanishes Amid Reports of Masked Abductors Foreign, September 7

    With large-scale demonstrations showing little sign of winding down, President Aleksandr G. Lukashenko’s security forces appear to have shifted from mass repression to more targeted disappearances.

  40. Aleksei Navalny Out of a Coma and Responsive, German Doctors Say Foreign, September 7

    Doctors treating the Russian opposition leader said his condition had improved, but they could not rule out lasting effects of “severe poisoning.” Germany said it was from a military-grade nerve agent.

  41. Race for Coronavirus Vaccine Pits Spy Against Spy Washington, September 5

    The intelligence wars over vaccine research have intensified as China and Russia expand their efforts to steal American work at both research institutes and companies.

  42. Congress Should Pass a Navalny Act Op Ed, September 5

    The latest poisoning of a Russian critic requires expanded sanctions and accountability for Kremlin leadership.

  43. Russians Publish Early Coronavirus Vaccine Results Science, September 4

    The first batch of public data from the “Sputnik V” vaccine showed that it was safe and produced an immune response. No one knows yet whether it prevents coronavirus infections.

  44. As Others Condemn Putin Critic’s Poisoning, Trump Just Wants to ‘Get Along’ Washington, September 3

    At a rally on Thursday, President Trump did not mention the dissident Aleksei A. Navalny, or warnings that Moscow is trying to interfere with the election. When news reports mention Russia, he said, “I just turn it off.”

  45. Navalny Poisoning Raises Pressure on Merkel to Cancel Russian Pipeline Foreign, September 3

    Evidence that the Russian opposition leader was attacked with a military-grade nerve agent has placed new pressures on the German chancellor.

  46. Russia Spins Alternative Theories in Poisoning of Navalny Foreign, September 3

    As they have in the past when Russia was accused of misconduct, officials and state media commentators responded to news of a nerve agent attack with an array of improbable explanations.

  47. Allies and Former U.S. Officials Fear Trump Could Seek NATO Exit in a Second Term Washington, September 3

    President Trump is said to have spoken privately for years about withdrawing from the alliance, a move that critics say would be a major victory for Russia.

  48. A Freelance Writer Learns He Was Working for the Russians Business, September 2

    A man who had written for a site that officials say was a front for a Russian group said his mysterious editor “had a different kind of agenda.”

  49. Homeland Security Blocked Warnings of Russian Campaign Against Biden Washington, September 2

    The department’s leaders declined to publish a memo describing Russian attempts to question Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s health, prompting new scrutiny of political influence at the department.

  50. ¿Qué es el novichok, la neurotoxina relacionada con el envenenamiento de Nalvany? en Español, September 2

    Durante décadas, científicos, espías y especialistas en armas químicas han conocido y temido la sustancia letal.

  51. What Is Novichok, the Nerve Agent Tied to Navalny Poisoning? Foreign, September 2

    For decades, scientists, spies and chemical weapons specialists have known about and feared the lethal substance.

  52. What Is Novichok, the Nerve Agent Tied to Navalny Poisoning? Foreign, September 2

    For decades, scientists, spies and chemical weapons specialists have known about and feared the lethal substance.

  53. Aleksei Navalny Was Poisoned With Novichok, Germany Says Foreign, September 2

    The German government said that toxicology tests showed the Russian opposition leader was poisoned with a nerve agent from the same class used in a 2018 attack in Britain on an ex-Soviet spy.

  54. Amazon’s Biggest Leap Was Boring News Desk, September 2

    Forget about drones. Amazon delivered something just as innovative with nuts and bolts.

  55. A High-Stakes Standoff in Belarus Podcasts, September 2

    How the leader frequently called “Europe’s last dictator” won power — and how he plans to hold on to it in the face of mounting protests.

  56. For the Kremlin, Aleksei Navalny Is a Threat It Cannot Speak Of Foreign, September 2

    President Vladimir V. Putin has never publicly mentioned the opposition leader’s name in 20 years of speeches and interviews. Why? He is “completely out of their control,” which is intolerable, one analyst says.

  57. U.S.-Russia Military Tensions Intensify in the Air and on the Ground Worldwide Washington, September 1

    Recent altercations in Europe, the Middle East and off the coast of Alaska have heightened tensions between the two rival powers.

  58. Belarus President Hunkers Down as Crowds Demand He Leave Foreign, August 30

    Aleksandr G. Lukashenko, the autocratic president of Belarus since 1994, is no longer brutally suppressing demonstrations that have gone on for weeks, but he shows no signs of going away.

  59. Justice Dept. Never Fully Examined Trump’s Ties to Russia, Ex-Officials Say Washington, August 30

    The former deputy attorney general maneuvered to keep investigators from completing an inquiry into whether the president’s personal and financial links to Russia posed a national security threat.

  60. The New Saturday Night Interactive, May 1

    With billions of people staying home, the world is reinventing the weekend.

  61. Госпитали и Школы Подвергаются Атакам в Сирии. Расследование ООН Вызывает Вопросы. Мы Решили Разобраться. Interactive, April 13

    Атаки на гражданские объекты в Сирии настолько участились, что ООН приняла решение о расследовании этих нарушений. Однако расследование ограничено лишь некоторыми случаями атак и неизвестно, будут ли обнародованы его результаты. «Нью-Йорк Таймс» провели независимое расследование. Вот что нам удалось установить.