1. Trump Incorrectly Quotes James Clapper to Falsely Claim F.B.I. Spied On Campaign Washington, Today

    President Trump tweeted on Wednesday that Mr. Clapper, the former director of national intelligence, said he “should be happy that the F.B.I. was spying on his campaign.” Mr. Clapper did not say that.

  2. Yulia Skripal Describes ‘Slow and Extremely Painful’ Recovery From Poisoning Foreign, Today

    The victim of a nerve agent attack gave her first videotaped statement, in an attempt to quell swirling speculation, especially from Russia.

  3. Robert Mueller, You’re Starting to Scare Me Op Ed, Yesterday

    Collusion, collusion, collusion. Does Donald Trump’s fate hang on only that?

  4. FIFA Clears Russian Team of Doping but Dashes Hopes of Peru’s Guerrero Sports, Yesterday

    FIFA closed a doping investigation into the Russian players expected to compete in the World Cup next month after finding “insufficient evidence” of wrongdoing.

  5. Homeland Security Chief Backtracks After Saying Russia Didn’t Try to Help Trump Washington, Yesterday

    The agency’s secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, appeared to counter conclusions by the intelligence community that Moscow sought to give President Trump an edge in the 2016 election.

  6. What Mueller’s Investigation Could Mean for the President Video, May 21

    The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, will likely reach one of two conclusions about the president: Either there is evidence that he broke the law, or there is not. Mike Schmidt, a New York Times reporter, explains the possible outcomes.

  7. Listen to ‘The Daily’: Rod Rosenstein’s Impossible Choice Podcasts, Yesterday

    After President Trump asked the Justice Department to open an inquiry into its own Russia investigation, it granted the White House access to classified information. What’s behind the decision?

  8. Trump v. the Department of Justice Editorial, May 21

    President Trump and his enablers in Congress and the right-wing media are engaged in a dangerous campaign to undermine the foundations of American justice.

  9. Photographing a ‘Punk’ Priest in Rural Russia Photo, Yesterday

    When Ekaterina Solovieva traveled to a remote lake town in northern Russia, she encountered an Orthodox priest with a decidedly unorthodox manner.

  10. U.K. Lawmakers Say Dirty Russian Money Is Still Flowing to London Foreign, May 21

    Despite the government’s tough talk, a hard-hitting parliamentary report says it is business as usual for Russian oligarchs in the city’s financial “laundromat.”

  11. U.K. Visa for Roman Abramovich, Russian Billionaire, Is Delayed Foreign, May 20

    Mr. Abramovich, owner of Chelsea, missed a high-profile soccer match after his visa expired. It’s unclear if his troubles are a bureaucratic hiccup or if Britain is clamping down.

  12. Gunmen Attack Church in Russia’s Chechnya Region, Killing 3 Foreign, May 19

    Four gunmen stormed a Russian Orthodox church in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya on Saturday, before being killed by security forces.

  13. Sergei Skripal, Russian Ex-Spy, Leaves U.K. Hospital After Poisoning Foreign, May 18

    The British authorities said that Moscow had attacked him with a nerve agent, touching off a diplomatic dispute that led to the expulsion of hundreds of diplomats from the West and Russia.

  14. Don’t Isolate the Russians. It’s What Putin Wants. Op Ed, May 18

    The Kremlin would be delighted by barriers to all things Western.

  15. Assad Meets Putin in a Surprise Visit to Russia Foreign, May 17

    President Vladimir V. Putin says “foreign armed forces” will be withdrawn from Syria as part of peace settlement, a possible reference to Iran’s military presence.

  16. Richard Pipes, Historian of Russia and Reagan Aide, Dies at 94 Obits, May 17

    The author of monumental works, he achieved renown in government as a “cold warrior” skeptic about détente with the Soviet Union.

  17. Top Republican Senator Says ‘No Reason to Dispute’ That Russia Favored Trump Washington, May 16

    Senator Richard M. Burr of North Carolina, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he saw “no reason to dispute” the findings of the United States’ spy agencies.

  18. Code Name Crossfire Hurricane: The Secret Origins of the Trump Investigation Washington, May 16

    Mr. Trump has described the investigation as a politically motivated effort to undermine his presidency. But time and again, agents took steps that ultimately benefited him.

  19. Putin Opens Bridge to Crimea, Cementing Russia’s Hold on Neighbor Foreign, May 15

    Russia established a physical link to Crimea, the Black Sea peninsula it seized from Ukraine in 2014, by opening a 12-mile bridge from the mainland.

  20. Aleksei Navalny, Kremlin Critic, Gets 30 Days in Jail for Protest Foreign, May 15

    Mr. Navalny organized rallies across Russia that were not sanctioned by the government days before Vladimir V. Putin’s inauguration for a fourth term as president.

  21. See Which Facebook Ads Russians Targeted to People Like You Interactive, May 14

    Congress last week released more than 3,000 Facebook ads linked to Russia around the 2016 presidential election, the most comprehensive look at the misinformation campaign mounted on the social network.

  22. As U.S. Demands Nuclear Disarmament, It Moves to Expand Its Own Arsenal Washington, May 14

    While it is possible the American buildup is part of a negotiating strategy, the White House has made clear it envisions the reduction of nuclear weapons as a one-way street.

  23. Sergei Skripal Was Retired, but Still in the Spy Game. Is That Why He Was Poisoned? Foreign, May 14

    Mr. Skripal, a former Russian double agent, met secretly with European intelligence officers in the years before he was poisoned in March.

  24. ‘This Is Not a Drill’: The Threat of Nuclear Annihilation National, May 13

    Veterans of the Cold War say Americans are too complacent about the risk of catastrophe as the number of nuclear hot spots increases.

  25. Iran, North Korea, Russia: How the Nuclear Threat Re-emerged Video, May 13

    As more nations seek the bomb, and as the United States and Russia expand their nuclear arsenals, veterans of the Cold War say the public is too complacent about the risk of nuclear catastrophe.

  26. Paris Knife Attacker, Born in Chechnya, Was on Terrorism Watch List Foreign, May 13

    As the parents of the suspect, Khamzat Azimov, 20, were being questioned by the police, opposition politicians called for a crackdown on those on the list, which has 20,000 names.

  27. Evgeni Vasiukov, Russian Chess Grandmaster, Is Dead at 85 Obits, May 11

    He was among the world’s best chess players for more than 15 years, but his career was eclipsed by better-known and more talented contemporaries.

  28. From the Czars to Putin: A History of Russia’s Imperial City Book Review, May 11

    Jonathan Miles’s “St. Petersburg: Madness, Murder, and Art on the Banks of the Neva” dishes up an A-to-Z of Russian urban culture and politics.

  29. Pelosi Wrongly Says China and Russia Never Agreed to Sanctions Before Iran Deal Washington, May 10

    Representative Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leader, ignored at least four previous instances when those nations did support international sanctions against Iran.

  30. Charlie Russell, Who Befriended Bears, Dies at 76 Obits, May 10

    Mr. Russell challenged conventional, fear-based ideas of bear management by going to live among black bears in a remote part of Russia.

  31. Israel and Iran, Newly Emboldened, Exchange Blows in Syria Face-Off Foreign, May 10

    The cross-border exchanges — the most serious from each side over Iran’s presence in Syria — took place a day after the Americans withdrew from the Iran nuclear accord.

  32. A River of Pictures of the Dead From Russia’s Sacred War Foreign, May 10

    Ten million Russians marched this week in Immortal Regiment parades, carrying portraits of relatives who died in World War II, a conflict that touched nearly every family in the country.

  33. Are We Traveling the ‘Road to Unfreedom’? Book Review, May 9

    Timothy Snyder’s new book looks at how democracies fall apart, and places blame on Russia as the current instigator.

  34. Fighting for the Palme d’Or, and the Right to Fly to Cannes Culture, May 9

    Two directors in the running for the film festival’s top prize, Kirill S. Serebrennikov of Russia and Jafar Panahi of Iran, are barred from travel by their governments.

  35. Letter of Recommendation: Tiny Museums Magazine, May 9

    There ought to be 7.6 billion of them all over the world.

  36. The Quiet Americans Behind the U.S.-Russia Imbroglio Magazine, May 8

    Can Washington’s “Russia hands” help explain why the post-Cold War relationship has gone off the rails?

  37. For Putin’s 4th Term, More a Coronation Than an Inauguration Foreign, May 7

    In a theatrical touch, a televised ceremony began with President Vladimir V. Putin sitting at his desk in the Kremlin, suit jacket over his chair, as if hard at work until moments before.

  38. Aleksei Navalny Detained at Protest on Eve of Putin’s Inauguration Foreign, May 5

    The Kremlin critic had urged Russians to take to the streets to protest the rule of President Vladimir V. Putin, who begins his fourth term on Monday.

  39. Viktor Vekselberg, Russian Billionaire, Was Questioned by Mueller’s Investigators Washington, May 4

    Mr. Vekselberg is one of seven Russian oligarchs who were targeted by American sanctions as punishment for Moscow’s election interference.

  40. Trump’s Dangerous Global Retreat Op Ed, May 4

    What happens when the world’s policeman checks out?

  41. Dissecting Mueller’s Most Significant Questions Video, May 4

    What are the most important takeaways from the questions the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, wants to ask President Trump? Times reporters discuss.

  42. Should the European Union Sanction Illiberal Members? Editorial, May 3

    The question of what to do about nations like Poland and Hungary is not as easy to answer as it might seem.

  43. Charges of Censorship as U.N. Press Freedom Day Event Is Called Off Foreign, May 3

    A United Nations group “postponed” a panel discussion and acknowledged asking a participant to alter videos singling out repressive countries.

  44. Who Can Prevent a War Between Israel and Iran? Russia Op Ed, May 3

    Unlike the United States, Moscow has strong working relationships with nearly everyone.

  45. Democracy Is Held Back in Armenia Op Ed, May 2

    Armenia’s discredited ruling elite has stopped the leader of a popular opposition movement from coming to power.

  46. What Is Telegram, and Why Are Iran and Russia Trying to Ban It? Foreign, May 2

    The app, which promises that messages will be kept secure from official scrutiny, is facing bans in Russia and Iran. Here are some of the reasons.

  47. Denied Power, Armenian Opposition Leader Urges Nationwide Strikes Foreign, May 1

    A second rejection in a week would lead to snap elections. Meanwhile, the opposition leader, Nikol Pashinyan, asked supporters to take to the streets.

  48. Iran, Like Russia Before It, Tries to Block Telegram App Foreign, May 1

    The encrypted social media app is the service restrictive governments love to hate, but they are often powerless to shut it down entirely.

  49. Mueller Has Dozens of Inquiries for Trump in Broad Quest on Russia Ties and Obstruction Washington, April 30

    The questions provide the most detailed look yet at the special counsel investigation and show an effort to learn about the president’s thinking.

  50. The Questions Mueller Wants to Ask Trump About Obstruction, and What They Mean Washington, April 30

    The questions show the special counsel’s focus on obstruction of justice and touch on some surprising other areas.

  51. ‘They Want to Block Our Future’: Thousands Protest Russia’s Internet Censorship Foreign, April 30

    The rally, which began as a protest of the crackdown on the Telegram messenger app, quickly morphed into a protest against Vladimir V. Putin.

  52. Russians Protest Government Effort to Block Telegram App Video, April 30

    Thousands of Russians are taking a bold stand against the Kremlin’s efforts to block the popular encrypted messaging service, which refused to give the state access to users’ messages.

  53. Doping Whistleblower Sues Russian Olympians and Their Oligarch Backer, an N.B.A. Owner Sports, April 30

    Grigory Rodchenkov, Russia’s former antidoping lab chief, countersued three athletes who had accused him of defamation and took further aim at Mikhail D. Prokhorov.

  54. Blockchain Will Be Theirs, Russian Spy Boasted at Conference Business, April 29

    Some think the technology that was introduced with Bitcoin has enormous potential. That has a number of countries looking to influence its future.

  55. Korean Accord Draws Praise, and Caution, From North’s Neighbors Foreign, April 28

    China, Japan and Russia, which were not part of the summit meeting, acknowledged that most of the hard work still lay ahead.

  56. A Russian Lawyer’s Links to Trump and the Kremlin Interactive, April 27

    A Russian lawyer who met with members of the Trump campaign in June 2016 admitted to acting as an informant to a top Kremlin official.

  57. Lawyer Who Was Said to Have Dirt on Clinton Had Closer Ties to Kremlin Than She Let On Washington, April 27

    Newly released emails have renewed questions about who the lawyer, Natalia V. Veselnitskaya, was representing when she met with top Trump campaign officials promising dirt on Hillary Clinton.

  58. Mike Pompeo, Wasting No Time, Warns Europe About Iran Deal Foreign, April 27

    A day after being sworn in, the top American diplomat told leaders of the NATO alliance in Brussels that President Trump might soon scrap the Iran nuclear deal.

  59. From Siberia, an Unlikely Cry: ‘We Need Greenpeace Out Here!’ Foreign, April 26

    Siberian truck drivers, who haul heavy loads on winter roads made of ice that melts earlier every year, are true believers in climate change.

  60. Who Will Win the New Great Game? Op Ed, April 26

    The West is not in a new Cold War. It’s an old-fashioned fight with China and Russia for power and influence.

  61. Overlooked No More: Maria Bochkareva, Who Led Women Into Battle in WWI Obits, April 25

    “My heart yearned to be there, in the boiling caldron of war, to be baptized in its fire and scorched in its lava,” Bochkareva wrote in her 1919 autobiography.