1. Why Putin’s Foes Deplore U.S. Fixation on Election Meddling Foreign, Yesterday

    “Enough already!” one critic of President Vladimir V. Putin said, worried that the accusations were helping the Kremlin polish the president’s image as a master strategist.

  2. A Split From Trump Indicates That Flynn Is Moving to Cooperate With Mueller Washington, Yesterday

    Lawyers for Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, are said to have terminated an information-sharing agreement with the president’s legal team.

  3. Serbia’s Brand of Reconciliation: Embracing Old War Criminals Foreign, Yesterday

    Despite the conviction of Gen. Ratko Mladic for war crimes, Serbia’s collective memory of its role in the Yugoslav civil wars is more forgiving.

  4. He’s a Member of Congress. The Kremlin Likes Him So Much It Gave Him a Code Name. Washington, November 21

    Longtime ties to Russia have led to some suggestions that Dana Rohrabacher, Republican of California, is a valued asset there. He has laughed it off, but now investigators are calling.

  5. A Radiation Cloud, and a Mystery, From Russia Foreign, Yesterday

    The release of a nuclear isotope traced to an area in the Ural Mountains was harmless, but Moscow’s reluctance to release data has spurred fears of future cover-ups.

  6. Russia’s Other Dirty Trick: Tarnishing Olympic Gold Editorial, Yesterday

    President Vladimir Putin continues to dismiss his country’s well-documented cheating in recent Olympics.

  7. Russia, Turkey and Iran Propose Conference on Postwar Syria’s Future Foreign, November 22

    The conference, to be held in the Russian resort of Sochi, reflected Russia’s increased influence in shaping the outcome of the Syria war.

  8. Whom Does Trump Believe? It Depends Video, November 22

    President Trump came out in defense of Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate from Alabama. But when it’s not in his political interests, the benefit of the doubt might shift.

  9. Latest Doping Penalties Lift U.S. Above Russia in Sochi Games Medals Tally Sports, November 22

    The International Olympic Committee on Wednesday announced lifetime bans of four Russian skeleton racers, including two who won medals at the 2014 Sochi Games.

  10. Rival Factions Battle for Control in Eastern Ukraine Foreign, November 22

    With armored vehicles on streets, civilians fled a showdown between rival Moscow-backed political leaders in the breakaway Luhansk region.

  11. Trump’s Defense of Roy Moore Letters, November 22

    A reader wonders why the president “took Mr. Moore’s word over the word of several women accusing him.”

  12. Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Silver-Maned Baritone From Siberia, Dies at 55 Obits, November 22

    Mr. Hvorostovsky escaped the street-gang life as a teenager in a grim Siberian city to become an international star.

  13. Assad and Putin Meet, as Russia Pushes to End Syrian War Foreign, November 21

    Russian officials have said they want the Syrian leader’s support for political reform, but doubts remain about how much Moscow was willing or able to push.

  14. Russia, in Reversal, Confirms Radiation Spike Foreign, November 21

    The state weather service in Moscow acknowledged “extremely high pollution” in a region close to a sprawling Soviet-era nuclear plant.

  15. Top Russian Official Tried to Broker ‘Backdoor’ Meeting Between Trump and Putin Washington, November 17

    The overture came soon after the Trump campaign was told of Russian “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. As Donald J. Trump neared the Republican nomination, Moscow tried repeatedly to contact his campaign.

  16. In U.N. Showdown, Russian Veto Kills Syria Chemical Arms Panel Foreign, November 16

    It was the 10th time Russia had used its veto power to protect the Syrian government in the nearly seven-year-old war.

  17. A Star on Washington’s Ice With a No. 1 Fan at the Kremlin Washington, November 16

    Alexander Ovechkin’s play for the Capitals has made him a cherished import, but his ties to Russia and President Vladimir V. Putin have raised eyebrows.

  18. Antidoping Regulator Denies Russia’s Appeal for Reinstatement Sports, November 15

    The decision by the World Anti-Doping Agency is expected to set off a frenzy of scrutiny and debate three months ahead of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

  19. Trump Declares ‘America First’ Policy a Success After Asia Trip Washington, November 15

    Home from a 12-day trip to Asia with few concrete achievements, Mr. Trump made no significant announcements in what he had hyped as “a major statement.”

  20. Trump’s ‘Tremendous Success’ Abroad Is Overstated Washington, November 15

    President Trump recapped 10 months of his foreign policy in a speech on Wednesday that contained several inaccurate claims.

  21. For Russians, 75 Years Later, Stalingrad Is a Battle to Remember Foreign, November 15

    The 200 days of fighting along the Volga River came to be a defining event of World War II. For a Russian conflict photographer, it remains a touchstone.

  22. Signs of Russian Meddling in Brexit Referendum Foreign, November 15

    Researchers have found evidence that Russian-language or Kremlin-linked Twitter accounts pushed divisive messages in British politics, too.

  23. Russia May Make All Outside News Media Register as ‘Foreign Agents’ Foreign, November 15

    The measure is said to be a response to a U.S. requirement imposed on the state-owned RT television network, but it is far broader in scope.

  24. A Radioactive Cloud Wafts Over Europe, With Russia as Chief Suspect Foreign, November 15

    High levels of a substance called ruthenium 106 detected over the Continent have prompted concern about a possible cover-up by Moscow.

  25. British Cybersecurity Chief Warns of Russian Hacking Foreign, November 14

    The chief of the National Cyber Security Center said Russia recently tried to hack into Britain’s energy, media and telecommunications industries.

  26. This is How Grown-Ups Deal With Putin Op Ed, November 14

    Britain’s prime minister delivered a tough message to the Kremlin, while Trump babbled about Putin’s sincerity in denying cyberattacks.

  27. Why Don’t Sanders Supporters Care About the Russia Investigation? Op Ed, November 14

    Discussing Trump’s ties to Putin could give us a chance to raise the issues that matter most to us: corruption and inequality.

  28. ‘Lock Her Up’ Becomes More Than a Slogan Washington, November 14

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions denies being influenced by the president’s public pressure as he considers authorizing a new investigation of Hillary Clinton.

  29. From Sicily, a Voice of Discontent to Scare All Italy Op Ed, November 14

    Members of the populist Five Star Movement, which came in No. 2 in regional voting, are neither real reformers nor harmless buffoons.

  30. U.S. Hires Company With K.G.B. Link to Guard Moscow Embassy Foreign, November 14

    A firm with ties to President Vladimir V. Putin’s former boss in the Russian spy service has been employed to protect American diplomatic missions.

  31. Justice Dept. to Weigh Inquiry Into Clinton Foundation Washington, November 13

    In a letter to the House Judiciary Committee, the Justice Department said it planned to pursue the possibility of appointing a special counsel to investigate the Uranium One deal.

  32. What Is the Uranium One Deal and Why Does the Trump Administration Care So Much? Washington, November 14

    The Justice Department is considering appointing a special counsel to investigate a 2010 decision by the Obama administration. Here’s why.

  33. President Trump’s Thing for Thugs Editorial, November 13

    The degree to which he grovels before some of the world’s most unsavory leaders hurts U.S. credibility and influence.

  34. Kalashnikov, AK-47 Maker, Goes Private as Russian Government Sheds Stake Business, November 13

    A share sale will shift majority ownership of gun maker Kalashnikov Kontsern from a state holding company to private hands.

  35. Putin Denies. Trump Accepts. Do You? Letters, November 13

    Readers say the president’s willingness to take the Russian president’s word shows him to be a rube, a cynic or a coward.

  36. Siding With the Enemy Op Ed, November 12

    President Trump won’t acknowledge Russia’s crime, of which he was the beneficiary.

  37. After a Disciplined Week in Asia, Trump Unloads on Critics Foreign, November 12

    In a stream of tweets, he called those raising questions about Russia “haters and fools” and said he could call North Korea’s leader “short and fat.”

  38. Trump Says Putin ‘Means It’ About Not Meddling Foreign, November 11

    President Trump said, “Every time he sees me he says, ‘I didn’t do that,’ and I really believe that when he tells me that, he means it.”

  39. Full Transcript of Trump’s Remarks on Russia Washington, November 11

    President Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One that President Vladimir V. Putin’s reassurances that Russia did not meddle in the American election appeared sincere.

  40. Putin’s Bridge to Crimea May Carry More Symbolism Than Traffic Foreign, November 11

    The $7 billion megaproject is the latest in a series of the type much beloved by President Vladimir V. Putin, broadcasting his claim to the Crimean peninsula and touting Russian engineering.

  41. Russia Warns of Crackdown on U.S. Media, Including CNN Business, November 10

    With RT agreeing to register, under protest, as a foreign agent in the United States, the Putin government is taking a hard look at CNN, Voice of America and Radio Liberty.

  42. Keith Schiller, Trump’s Ex-Bodyguard, Says He Turned Down Offer of Women in Moscow Washington, November 10

    Testifying before a congressional committee, Mr. Schiller also said that he was not aware of Donald J. Trump participating in compromising activity on the 2013 trip, people familiar with the testimony said.

  43. Too Rich for Conflicts? Trump Appointees May Have Many, Seen and Unseen Investigative, November 10

    Investments held by the president’s ultra-wealthy advisers are buried in layers of shell companies, creating vast opportunities for conflicts while minimizing transparency.

  44. Antidoping Officials Obtain Trove of Russian Lab Data Sports, November 10

    The World Anti-Doping Agency now has a databank of drug tests from Moscow that Russian officials have refused to share.

  45. In Danang, Vietnam, Trump Makes a Friendlier American Landing Foreign, November 9

    Once a vital American war base, the city is host to an APEC summit where Vietnam will reaffirm warmer ties with the United States and seek help with China.

  46. Two Border Cities Share Russian History — and a Sharp European Divide Foreign, November 9

    While attached to Russia by ethnicity and emotion, residents of Narva, Estonia, say they would never actually want to live there.

  47. Putin Sees U.S. Conspiracy After Olympic Doping Ban on 4 Russians Sports, November 9

    President Vladimir V. Putin said the penalties were part of a U.S. effort to disrupt the country’s 2018 presidential election “in response to our alleged interference in their elections.”

  48. Pussy Riot Takes Aim at Trump and Putin in New Song Culture, November 9

    The dissident Russian band’s release deals with state surveillance and police brutality, with a cameo by Chloë Sevigny.

  49. Russia Says It Will Ease Debt Burden on Venezuela Business, November 8

    Moscow announced that the countries would restructure $3 billion in loans, potentially helping Caracas meet other obligations as it risks default.

  50. Leader of Chemical Weapons Panel Is Not Optimistic About Its Future Foreign, November 8

    Edmond Mulet, a veteran United Nations official who heads the panel, said Russian diplomats had regularly protested to him about its research methods.

  51. Russia Assails Investigators Who Faulted Syria in Sarin Attack Foreign, November 7

    With little more than a week before the chemical weapons panel’s mandate expires, doubts are growing about its future.

  52. Communists Mark Russian Revolution’s Centenary in Moscow Foreign, November 7

    The Kremlin played down the celebrations, but the anniversary event drew supporters from Russia and around the world.

  53. Saudi Money Fuels the Tech Industry. It’s Time to Ask Why. Business, November 6

    As the world’s moneyed princes, dictators and oligarchs look for more places to park their billions, mountains of money may be coming to Silicon Valley.

  54. What Russian Revolution? Editorial, November 7

    The very concept of “revolution,” sanctified in Soviet mythology, changed radically after the chaos and impoverishment of the 1990s.

  55. Commerce Secretary May Sell Investment in Russia-Linked Company Investigative, November 6

    Wilbur Ross, the commerce secretary, responded after business ties to Vladimir V. Putin’s inner circle were reported in coverage of leaked files called the Paradise Papers.

  56. From Utah, Secretive Help for a Russian Oligarch and His Jet Investigative, November 6

    Records leaked from an offshore law firm show how the wealthy elite sidestep prohibitions on foreigners registering private planes in the United States.

  57. No Russian Anthem at Olympics? I.O.C. Weighing Possible Penalties Sports, November 6

    Top Olympic leaders are said to be considering barring Russia’s flag and anthem from next year’s Winter Olympics in response to its doping violations.

  58. In Russian City, a Time Capsule to Comrades of the Future Foreign, November 6

    On the 50th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, the youth of 1967 sent a message to those of 2017: “Stay true to Communism’s ideals.”

  59. What If the Russian Revolution Had Never Happened? Op Ed, November 6

    The events of October 1917 continue to shake the world today. And yet they almost didn’t take place.

  60. With Manafort, It Really Is About Russia, Not Ukraine Op Ed, November 5

    He helped Putin’s man in Ukraine. Did he help Putin in the U.S.?

  61. Hundreds Arrested as Group Urges New Russian Revolution Foreign, November 5

    The police detained Moscow demonstrators who had apparently heeded the call of a right-wing movement timed near the Russian Revolution’s 100th anniversary.

  62. Kremlin Cash Behind Billionaire’s Twitter and Facebook Investments Investigative, November 5

    Leaked files show that a state-controlled bank in Moscow helped to fuel Yuri Milner’s ascent in Silicon Valley, where the Russia investigation has put tech companies under scrutiny.

  63. Commerce Secretary’s Offshore Ties to Putin ‘Cronies’ Investigative, November 5

    Wilbur Ross, the commerce secretary, retained investments in a shipping firm with business ties to Russian President Vladimir V. Putin’s inner circle.

  64. Trump Opens Asia Trip Talking Tough in Campaign-Style Rally Foreign, November 5

    President Trump promoted American military might and his own domestic record as he arrived in Japan to start a 12-day, five-country tour through Asia.

  65. Trump Campaign Adviser Met With Russian Officials in 2016 Washington, November 3

    Carter Page, a former foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, told House investigators he met with Russian government officials during a July 2016 trip to Moscow. He has long denied doing so.

  66. Facebook Says It’s Policing Fake Accounts. But They’re Still Easy to Spot. Washington, November 3

    Executives of Facebook, Twitter and Google faced questioning this week on Capitol Hill about Russia’s intrusions. But that is only a small fraction of the fraud on social media.

  67. Trump and Putin Explore Meeting on Sidelines of Asia Summit Foreign, November 3

    Amid ever-worsening ties between the U.S. and Russia, the two presidents could discuss North Korea, Ukraine, Syria and Russian election meddling.

  68. Trump’s Grueling Asia Trip: 5 Nations, 12 Days Washington, November 3

    Mr. Trump will meet Pacific Rim leaders in the Philippines on Nov. 14 in the longest tour of Asia by a president since 1991.

  69. $1.5 Billion I.P.O. for Firm Controlled by Putin Ally Tied to Manafort Business, November 3

    The listing is one of the largest by a Russian company since the Kremlin drew international condemnation and sanctions by annexing Crimea in 2014.

  70. The Quiet Rivalry Between China and Russia Op Ed, November 3

    China’s goal is to dominate Eurasia by relegating Russia to a second-tier power.

  71. ISIS, Squeezed on Two Sides, Loses Syrian City and Border Crossing Foreign, November 3

    The loss is another blow to the Islamic State and a sign of the resurgence of the Syrian army.

  72. Trump and Sessions Denied Knowing About Russian Contacts. Records Suggest Otherwise. Washington, November 2

    Court documents show an aide trumpeted his Russian connections in front of Donald J. Trump during the campaign, the first concrete evidence Mr. Trump was told of Russian ties.

  73. Can We Please Stop Talking About ‘Collusion’? Op Ed, November 2

    The perils of using a word that sounds like a legal term but isn’t.

  74. Silicon Valley Can’t Destroy Democracy Without Our Help Op Ed, November 2

    With Russian meddling making headlines, it’s trendy to bash social media companies. Instead, we should look in the mirror.

  75. Putin’s Reality TV Opposition Op Ed, November 2

    Ksenia Sobchak is presenting herself as a strong opponent to Russia’s president. Is she more of a puppet?

  76. Robert Mueller in the Cross Hairs Op Ed, November 1

    If President Trump fires the special counsel, will we rise up?

  77. Conservative Pundits Take Aim at Robert Mueller Video, November 1

    Some in the Conservative media are calling for the resignation of Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel who recently filed charges in the Trump-Russia investigation.

  78. Russian Authorities Investigate 14-Year-Old Model’s Death Styles, November 1

    Vlada Dzyuba, a teenager from Perm, was working in China on a three-month contract when she died.

  79. Russia-Financed Ad Linked Clinton and Satan Washington, November 1

    After months of avoiding a public debate about whether Russia helped tip the election, Republicans sought to portray the Kremlin-backed effort as a broader misinformation campaign.

  80. Robert Mueller Will Never Get to the Bottom of Russia’s Meddling Op Ed, November 1

    To understand Vladimir Putin’s behavior, we have to actually understand his foreign policy.

  81. The Dossier Freakout Op Ed, November 1

    Also: John Kelly’s white nationalism.

  82. Ongoing Trump Migraine: His Initial Foreign Policy Team National, October 31

    As he closed in on the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, Donald J. Trump named foreign policy advisers who are now under scrutiny for Russia ties.

  83. How Russian Bots and Trolls Invade Our Lives — and Elections Video, October 31

    How do bots and trolls work to infiltrate social media platforms and influence U.S. elections? We take a closer look at these insidious online pests to explain how they work.

  84. The Russia Scandal: Your Guide Op Ed, October 31

    It’s tempting to believe the worst about the Trump campaign. But it’s better to follow the facts.

  85. Trump Campaign Got Early Word Russia Had Democrats’ Emails Washington, October 30

    George Papadopoulos, a Trump campaign adviser, was told the Russians had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton and “thousands of emails” and were “open for cooperation.”

  86. Paul Manafort’s Ambition Set the Stage for His Downfall Washington, October 30

    “He could have kept running campaigns for the Yanukovychs of the world, and nobody would have cared,” said Hector T. Hoyos, one of Mr. Manafort’s friends and partners.

  87. The Plot Against America Op Ed, October 30

    Robert Mueller hands a gangster administration its first indictments.

  88. Mueller’s Investigation Won’t Shake Trump’s Base Op Ed, October 30

    Republicans are demonstrating a striking degree of hypocrisy because of partisanship and “fake news.”

  89. How We Got Here: A Timeline of Events Leading Up to the Charges Washington, October 30

    The charges come after months of investigation, but the timeline of activity that shaped the special counsel’s actions stretches back over two years.

  90. Putin Critic Who Fought Pro-Russia Rebels Shot Dead in Ukraine Foreign, October 30

    A couple who survived an assassination attempt in June were attacked by a gunman spraying their car with bullets, killing the wife and injuring the husband.

  91. Critics Scoff as Kremlin Erects Monument to the Repressed Foreign, October 30

    President Putin unveiled the sculpture, but critics say memorializing past wrongs by past governments does not address current misdeeds.

  92. Mueller’s First Indictments Send a Message to Trump Washington, October 30

    The gravity of the threat may yet tempt the president to short-circuit the investigation by firing the special counsel or pardoning Paul Manafort or others.

  93. Manafort Indictment Is Bad News for Trump Op Ed, October 30

    The president and his allies say it’s old news. They’re wrong.

  94. Will Manafort Sing? Op Ed, October 30

    If so, it may mark the beginning of the unraveling of this presidency.

  95. Paul Manafort, and the Weakness of Trump Op Ed, October 30

    Here’s what to keep in mind.

  96. Russia Uses Its Oil Giant, Rosneft, as a Foreign Policy Tool Business, October 29

    The Kremlin has used the company to help Venezuela’s government avoid collapse as Moscow looks to project more economic and political sway.

  97. Conservative Website First Funded Anti-Trump Research by Firm That Later Produced Dossier Washington, October 27

    The Washington Free Beacon, a website funded by a major G.O.P. donor, initially retained the firm that later conducted opposition research for Democrats.

  98. Talking Points Brought to Trump Tower Meeting Were Shared With Kremlin Washington, October 27

    The information that a Russian lawyer brought to a June 2016 meeting with Trump campaign aides had been discussed with a top Russian government official.

  99. Trump Administration Sends Congress List of Possible Russia Sanctions Washington, October 26

    The list appeared to be an effort to mollify critics, including Senator John McCain of Arizona, who have criticized delays in imposing new sanctions.

  100. Twitter Bans Two Kremlin-Backed News Outlets From Advertising Express, October 26

    American intelligence officials have linked the organizations, RT and Sputnik, to the Kremlin effort to disrupt the 2016 election.

  101. The Damage Trump Can Do With 4,000 Nuclear Warheads Interactive, October 26

    The president is authorized to launch a nuclear strike at any time. Congress can change that.

  102. The Man Designing Spaces for the Instagram Age T Style, October 26

    With his love of brass, arches and color, Harry Nuriev creates environments that seem tailor-made for the social media aesthetic.