1. Another Surprise Meeting With Putin. This Time, It’s Merkel. Foreign, Yesterday

    The German chancellor will meet with the Russian president as their countries seek to cooperate on issues like Syria and a shared gas pipeline.

  2. How Will ‘Collusion’ Play in the Midterms? Op Ed, Yesterday

    Voters will have to make up their own minds about how the puzzle pieces fit together.

  3. Amid Kremlin Victories, Putin Fails to Persuade West on Russian Sanctions Foreign, August 12

    President Vladimir V. Putin has nimbly exploited differences between Washington and its allies, but he has yet to translate that into fewer sanctions against Russia.

  4. Russia and 4 Other Nations Settle Decades-long Dispute Over Caspian Sea Foreign, August 12

    The five states with shorelines on the Caspian Sea agreed on a formula to divide up the world’s largest inland body of water, potentially clearing the way for oil and gas development.

  5. The Administration Gets Tough on Russia — Despite Trump Editorial, August 10

    The president holds chummy meetings with Vladimir Putin, while his administration imposes new sanctions.

  6. Larry David: What Really Happened at Trump Tower Op Ed, August 10

    A transcript of “that” meeting with the Russians surfaces — and a controversy is settled.

  7. In Moscow’s Newest Park, All of Russia Comes Together Culture, August 10

    The architects behind New York’s High Line have created a new urban space that reflects the diversity of Russia’s regional landscapes.

  8. South Korean Companies Accused of Illegally Importing Coal From North Foreign, August 10

    A South Korean agency said three companies violated sanctions by bringing more than 30,000 tons of North Korean coal into the South, falsely identifying it as Russian.

  9. U.S. Officials Scrambled Behind the Scenes to Shield NATO Deal From Trump Washington, August 9

    John R. Bolton, the national security adviser, pushed NATO ambassadors to finish a critical policy document before the alliance’s summit meeting last month so the president could not reject it.

  10. How a Blacklisted Russian Firm Won (and Lost) a Break From Trump’s Tariffs Washington, August 9

    A Russian aluminum giant got a break that had eluded most others. Then it unraveled after Commerce officials realized it had been granted in error.

  11. Ruble Tumbles as U.S. Sets Out New Sanctions on Russia Foreign, August 9

    Moscow’s financial markets were in turmoil after the United States announced the measures it would take in response to the use of a rare nerve agent.

  12. Friendly Foxes’ Genes Offer Hints to How Dogs Became Domesticated Science, August 9

    A long-running experiment provides clues to genes that influence friendliness to humans.

  13. U.S. to Issue New Sanctions on Russia Over Skripals’ Poisoning Washington, August 8

    The sanctions are part of anti-Russian efforts by the United States, even as President Trump works to forge warmer ties.

  14. Raising Retirement Age Stirs Russia Protests and Cracks Party Unity Foreign, August 8

    An unpopular plan to raise retirement ages has created a rift in United Russia, usually known for its lock step unity.

  15. Can I Ruin Your Dinner Party? Op Ed, August 7

    One of the two pillars of the West is in jeopardy.

  16. In Africa, Mystery Murders Put Spotlight on Kremlin’s Reach Foreign, August 7

    Moscow says three Russian journalists were killed in the Central African Republic by robbers, but others believe they were targeted for investigating mercenaries with links to the Kremlin.

  17. Understanding the Failed Deal With Turkey That Sparked Trump’s Fury Op Ed, August 7

    With Turkish-American relations souring, the focus should be on freeing imprisoned American citizens and the Turkish staff of the United States Embassy.

  18. Will the Birthplace of the Modern Right Turn Blue? Op Ed, August 6

    Thanks to Trump, Democrats have a shot in Orange County.

  19. Why Russian Money Ends Up in U.S. Elections Op Ed, August 6

    America needs a new model of campaign finance not to supplant the political marketplace but to correct for its inadequacies.

  20. Rand Paul Continues His One-Man Détente With Russia, This Time in Moscow Washington, August 6

    While American intelligence officials describe Russia as a threat and many lawmakers call for a harder line, Senator Rand Paul has become a leading voice for warmer ties.

  21. Ex-‘Manhattan Madam’ to Appear Before Grand Jury in Russia Investigation Metro, August 6

    Kristin M. Davis, a former procuress, is likely to be asked about her long friendship with Roger J. Stone Jr., a political adviser to President Trump.

  22. Steven Seagal Appointed by Russia as Special Envoy to the U.S. Express, August 5

    Russian officials said the action star’s new role would include promoting cooperation in culture, arts and youth exchanges. The position is unpaid.

  23. Beyond the N.R.A.: Maria Butina’s Peculiar Bid for Russian Influence Investigative, August 4

    A Rockefeller heir, an Eisenhower, an array of Republican lawmakers — the accused Russian agent sought powerful connections outside the gun-rights group.

  24. There’s Trump’s Foreign Policy and Then There’s His Administration’s Washington, August 3

    Nowhere were these differences more jarring than in the response to concerns that the Russian government is plotting to interfere in the midterm elections.

  25. Pompeo Says There’s ‘a Ways to Go’ Before North Korea Fulfills Nuclear Vows Washington, August 3

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is urging Asian allies to keep pressuring North Korea with economic sanctions.

  26. How the U.S. Is Fighting Russian Election Interference Washington, August 2

    Russia is trying again to spread disinformation to exploit American division, using social media campaigns as well as more traditional tradecraft, officials said.

  27. Russian Threat ‘Is Real,’ Trump Officials Say, Vowing to Protect U.S. Elections Washington, August 2

    The leaders of the national security agencies promised to help state and local governments counter what they called Russia’s efforts to influence the elections.

  28. How Fake Influence Campaigns on Facebook Lured Real People Business, August 2

    Activists became entangled with fake accounts and pages on Facebook, leading to significant consequences for them as the company tried to clamp down.

  29. Bipartisan Senate Group Pushes ‘Crushing’ Punishments to Thwart Russia Washington, August 2

    The legislation is one of the biggest efforts to date by Congress to wrestle back some authority to shape foreign policy, but whether it could actually become law is another question.

  30. Another Gift for a Putin Buddy Op Ed, August 2

    Why is the Treasury Department easing the pressure of sanctions on one of Russia’s most notorious billionaire oligarchs?

  31. Mueller’s Digging Exposes Culture of Foreign Lobbying and Its Big Paydays Washington, August 1

    Robert S. Mueller III’s investigations of foreign money flowing into Washington could be as much a part of his legacy as anything he unearths about Russian election interference.

  32. Russia Attacks America’s Election System. Trump Shrugs. Editorial, August 1

    The midterms are approaching, and the president has yet to get serious about protecting the nation’s electoral system from cyberinvasion.

  33. Facebook Identifies an Active Political Influence Campaign Using Fake Accounts Business, July 31

    A coordinated effort, involving 32 pages and fake accounts, included amplifying division around white supremacy and the #AbolishICE movement, the social network said.

  34. 3 Russian Journalists Killed in Central African Republic Foreign, July 31

    The journalists were making a documentary about the activities of a private Russian paramilitary group with murky connections to the Kremlin.

  35. Manafort’s Trial Isn’t About Russia, but It Will Be in the Air Washington, July 30

    The trial of Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman, concerns his work as a consultant in Ukraine. But the Russia inquiry looms over the proceedings.

  36. Trump Says He Would Meet With Iranian Leader, but Iran Rules It Out Washington, July 30

    “With current America and these policies, there will definitely not be the possibility of dialogue and engagement,” a Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

  37. Michael Cohen Takes a Bullet Op Ed, July 29

    If Trump’s personal lawyer really puts family and country first, he could earn a sliver of redemption.

  38. Russian Hackers Appear to Shift Focus to U.S. Power Grid Washington, July 27

    Intelligence and technology officials report there are surprisingly few attempts to disrupt the campaigns of major American political figures.

  39. The Biggest Stories in American Politics This Week Washington, July 27

    From Michael Cohen’s released recording to a pause in the trade war with Europe, it’s been a busy week in American politics. Here are five of the top stories you might have missed (and some links if you want to read further).

  40. At Prayer Breakfast, Guests Seek Access to a Different Higher Power Politics, July 27

    The annual event has become a hub of influence-peddling, as foreign dignitaries, religious leaders and lobbyists jockey for access to top American officials.

  41. Putin Invites Trump to Moscow for Second Meeting After Washington Postponed Plans Foreign, July 27

    The Russian president continued to push for a second meeting, saying he was also ready to meet in Washington.

  42. When Trump Talks, the World Listens. Should It? Editorial, July 26

    Secretary of State Pompeo leaves unclear whether the president’s foreign policy pronouncements are actual policy.

  43. Russia Promises to End Prison Torture. U.N. Experts Are Unconvinced. Foreign, July 26

    Human rights experts pressed Russian officials over their handling of cases involving torture, including the 2017 beating of a prison inmate that was caught on video.

  44. Once a Trump Antagonist, Rand Paul Emerges as His Russia Wingman Washington, July 26

    When they competed for the presidency, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky held Donald J. Trump in contempt. Now the senator is the president’s loudest Russia defender.

  45. Get Ready for More Tapes Op Ed, July 26

    Also: Digging in to the Georgia governor’s race.

  46. Which to Believe: Trump’s Words, or His Acts? Podcasts, July 26

    Is the United States’ policy toward Russia what the president says, or what the government does?

  47. Trump Wants to Delay Putin Meeting Until ‘After the Russia Witch Hunt’ Washington, July 25

    “The president believes that the next bilateral meeting with President Putin should take place after the Russia witch hunt is over,” President Trump’s national security adviser said.

  48. Pompeo Defends Trump With ‘Proof’ of Administration’s Actions vs. Russia Washington, July 25

    Senators demanded information from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about President Trump’s meeting with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.

  49. Pompeo Oversells Trump’s Enthusiasm for Sanctions on Russia National, July 25

    Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state, played up the administration’s sanctions against Russia during a Senate hearing. But they were issued under a law that the president criticized and tried to water down.

  50. America First or Trump First? Op Ed, July 24

    Arnold Schwarzenegger had it right when he asked, “What’s the matter with you?”

  51. Donald Trump’s Relentless Tribe Op Ed, July 24

    The curse of modern partisanship is a blessing for the current president.

  52. Novichok Was in a Perfume Bottle, U.K. Victim Says Foreign, July 24

    The victim, Charlie Rowley, offered new clues about how he and his girlfriend came across the same Soviet-designed nerve agent that sickened a former Russian spy and his daughter.

  53. Athens and Moscow’s Stunning Falling-Out Op Ed, July 23

    Greeks and Russians have long seen themselves as natural allies. That changed this month.

  54. Read These 3 Books About Putin and Russian Interference in the 2016 Elections Book Review, July 23

    Comments by President Trump last week cast doubt on his faith in American intelligence agencies. These books explain what’s at stake.

  55. What the Russia Hack Indictments Reveal About Bitcoin Op Ed, July 22

    Cryptocurrency transactions can be traced, but links to traditional money need to become more transparent.

  56. Chris Wallace on Interviewing Putin, and Why He Isn’t Afraid to Visit Russia Business, July 22

    The Fox News anchor follows his aggressive interview of the Russian president with a vacation — to St. Petersburg.

  57. As Trump Struggles With Helsinki’s Fallout, Congress Faces a New Charge: Complicity Washington, July 22

    Congressional Republicans have responded to Russia’s attacks with conflicting impulses, pressing to sanction Moscow even as some undercut the investigations.

  58. Russia, Accused of Faking News, Unfurls Its Own ‘Fake News’ Bill Foreign, July 22

    A measure in Parliament would fine social networks about $800,000 for posts deemed factually inaccurate. Critics say it could limit freedom of speech online.

  59. Dan Coats Denies Criticism of Trump Over Putin White House Visit Washington, July 21

    Mr. Coats, the nation’s top intelligence chief, said his “admittedly awkward” reaction to President Trump’s invitation was not intended to be critical.

  60. Russia Seeks Release of Woman Accused of Being Covert Agent Foreign, July 21

    The request, by Russia’s foreign minister, followed a week when Moscow had appeared to control the narrative on a range of international issues.

  61. Republicans, Don’t Just Tweet About It. Do Something. Op Ed, July 21

    The G.O.P. better stand for something — and stand up to someone — soon.

  62. For Allies, Trump’s Behavior Is Painful to Watch Op Ed, July 21

    After Trump’s performances in Europe, why would Europeans consider his administration a trustworthy partner? Already, only 9 percent of Germans do.

  63. Trump and His Very Special Guest Op Ed, July 21

    Trump can’t wait for his Putin play date.

  64. Secret Notes on the Trump-Putin Meeting Op Ed, July 21

    One version of the events, anyway.

  65. Trump Doubles Down on Russia. The Spies Shake Their Heads in Disbelief. Washington, July 20

    The policy gap on Russia between the president and his administration’s intelligence and national security agencies appears to be growing wider.

  66. When Donald Met Vladimir: The Transcript Op Ed, July 20

    Guidance from a like-minded leader.

  67. The Essay That Helped Bring Down the Soviet Union Op Ed, July 20

    It championed an idea at grave risk today: that those of us lucky enough to live in open societies should fight for the freedom of those born into closed ones.

  68. Russian ‘Flash Mob’ Urges U.S. to Free Maria Butina Foreign, July 20

    The Foreign Ministry began a social media campaign calling for the release of Maria Butina, who is accused of acting as a covert Russian agent.

  69. Trump and Putin’s Meeting, the Aftermath and More Political Stories This Week Washington, July 20

    The meeting incited conflicting statements, outcry and new developments in the relationship between Washington and Moscow. Here’s a look at the meeting, what happened afterward — and some links to other political articles if you want to read furth...

  70. Putting Out the Welcome Mat for Putin Letters, July 20

    Readers discuss President Trump’s invitation to Vladimir Putin and his meandering, often incoherent way of speaking.

  71. British Man Poisoned by Novichok Is Released From Hospital Foreign, July 20

    Charlie Rowley and his partner were sickened on July 1 by a Russian nerve agent. His partner died, but he survived.

  72. Blame the 400-Pound Guy Op Ed, July 20

    Waiting for Trump supporters to find their hearts, their brains or their patriotism is a fool’s errand.

  73. Are Republicans Covering for Trump, or for Themselves? Op Ed, July 20

    If the N.R.A. was compromised by Russia, the whole party's in trouble.

  74. Colbert Tries an ‘Intervention’ to Get Trump to Step Down Culture, July 20

    “Sir, you’re here because we love our country very much, and you are — in it,” Stephen Colbert said. He added, “We’ve got a facility waiting for you.”

  75. Who Heard What Trump Said to Putin? Only One Other American Washington, July 19

    Marina Gross, the American interpreter during President Trump’s meeting with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, is facing calls from Congress to testify.

  76. ‘Say That Again?’: Prospect of Putin White House Visit Surprises Intelligence Chief Washington, July 19

    Dan Coats, the intelligence chief, also said he was not fully aware of what President Trump and the Russian president had discussed one on one, a remarkable admission.

  77. Trump Tries a Familiar Tactic: Providing a New Story Line Washington, July 19

    The president seems set on testing the limits of his ability to move past a controversy without consequences.

  78. Trump to Invite Putin to Washington, Blindsiding His Intelligence Chief Washington, July 19

    The announcement came as uncertainty spread throughout the government about what the president had agreed to.

  79. Trump Is Being Manipulated by Putin. What Should We Do? Op Ed, July 19

    Lawmakers must keep the American people informed of the current danger, writes a Republican congressman from Texas.

  80. Republicans Block Anti-Putin Resolutions Before Senate Approves One Rebuke Washington, July 19

    Congressional Republicans shot down a series of measures brought by Democrats — and some Republicans — to admonish President Trump over his summit meeting with Vladimir V. Putin.

  81. U.S. Rebuffed at U.N. on North Korea Sanctions Enforcement Foreign, July 19

    Russia and China blocked an American request for disciplinary action to stop what the United States called illegal oil sales to North Korea.

  82. Watch Dan Coats Find Out Trump Invited Putin to the White House Video, July 19

    The director of national intelligence was being interviewed live when he learned President Trump had invited the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, to the White House for a meeting in the fall.

  83. Trump’s Mixed Messages on Russian Meddling Video, July 19

    President Trump was shown clear evidence on Jan. 6, 2017, that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia had ordered cyberattacks to sway the 2016 election. But his statements since have suggested other explanations.

  84. Kirstjen Nielsen Again Says She’s Seen No Evidence Russia’s Meddling Was Aimed at Helping Trump National, July 19

    The comments by the homeland security secretary contradicted the assessment by the American intelligence community. She has made similar comments before — and has backtracked.

  85. Pompeo Shifts Russia Focus to Another Issue: Religious Freedom Politics, July 19

    In advance of a global summit on religious freedom, the secretary of state said that the Trump administration has been “incredibly strong with respect to pushing back against Russian bad behavior.”

  86. Resign, Mike Pompeo. Resign, John Bolton. Op Ed, July 19

    The president’s men must answer to higher duties.

  87. Tensions Escalate Between Greece and Russia, With Macedonia in the Middle Foreign, July 19

    As a war of words sharpened between Athens and Moscow, the Russian foreign minister canceled a visit to Athens.

  88. Putin Says Trump’s Critics in U.S. Are Trying to Undermine Meeting Foreign, July 19

    The Russian president warned that unspecified forces in the United States were trying to reverse the results of the talks in Helsinki, Finland.

  89. The Real Witch Hunt Op Ed, July 19

    Watch out for the claws.

  90. The Other Russian Interference Podcasts, July 19

    Hours after the presidential summit meeting in Helsinki, news broke of the arrest of Maria Butina, a Russian woman charged with conspiring to influence American politics.

  91. Jimmy Fallon Jabs at Trump’s Changing Story on Putin Meeting Culture, July 19

    Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel both began their shows by taking shots at President Trump over his shifting statements on Russian election meddling.

  92. From the Start, Trump Has Muddied a Clear Message: Putin Interfered Washington, July 18

    Weeks before taking office, Donald J. Trump learned of highly sensitive intelligence about Russian election interference, but he has done all he can to suggest other explanations for the hacks.

  93. Trump to Montenegro: Drop Dead Editorial, July 18

    The president, willfully ignorant of the nation’s commitments under NATO, dismisses tiny Montenegro as not worth defending. Smirk on, Mr. Putin.

  94. Maria Butina, Suspected Secret Agent, Used Sex in Covert Plan, Prosecutors Say Washington, July 18

    Ms. Butina was arrested over the weekend in Washington and was in contact with Russian intelligence, prosecutors said.

  95. ‘Sort of a Double Negative’ Op Ed, July 18

    The “Surrender Summit” was such a disloyal, traitorous display that it boggles the mind.

  96. Trump’s Negative Space Op Ed, July 18

    What we think of today as a grammatical mistake used to be perfectly acceptable English.

  97. Trump Says He Laid Down the Law in His Latest Account of His Meeting With Putin Washington, July 18

    But that statement was at odds with how the president had earlier has characterized the meeting and contradicted an answer he appeared to give earlier in the day.

  98. What Trump Said/Says He Meant/Really Thinks Letters, July 18

    Readers are skeptical of the president’s claim that he misspoke in Helsinki. “He looked like a hostage reading a statement,” one says.

  99. Trump and Russia: One Mystery, Three Theories Op Ed, July 18

    An agnostic's guide to our president’s strange conduct.

  100. Remember the Secret 2016 Tape? Op Ed, July 18

    “There’s two people I think Putin pays ...”

  101. Trump’s Road to American Martial Law Op Ed, July 18

    For Putin, Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. Republicans may grumble over this, but they are Trump’s indecent enablers.

  102. How Trump Withstands So Many Controversies Podcasts, July 18

    As President Trump faces a hailstorm of criticism over his meeting with Russia’s president, his supporters are doubling down. It’s a pattern we’ve seen before.

  103. Kimmel Calls Trump ‘a Liar’ for Changing His Story on Putin Comments Culture, July 18

    Jimmy Kimmel refused to accept President Trump’s explanation of his comments on Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

  104. Maria Butina Loved Guns, Trump and Russia. It Was a Cover, Prosecutors Say. Washington, July 17

    Ms. Butina presented herself as a backer of President Trump and gun rights. But prosecutors say she was a Russian government agent.

  105. After Putin Meeting, Trump Voters Mostly Dig In. But Cracks Are Showing. Politics, July 17

    President Trump has said his admirers will stand by him through anything. Now, a stunning news conference with the Russian president has provided a singular test case.

  106. A Besieged Trump Says He Misspoke on Russian Election Meddling Washington, July 17

    President Trump was widely criticized, including by many in his own party, for what was viewed as unprecedented deference to President Vladimir V. Putin on Monday.

  107. Would It or Wouldn’t It Be Russia: Trump Goes Double Negative Washington, July 17

    President Trump didn’t say in Finland that he doesn’t support American intelligence about Moscow’s interference in the 2016 election. Got that?

  108. For Republicans, ‘The Dam Has Broken.’ But for How Long? Washington, July 17

    Never in the modern era has a president engendered such a wave of discussion about whether his real loyalty was to a foreign power over his own country.

  109. Republicans Scramble to Contain Trump’s Damage, but Path Is Unclear Washington, July 17

    As Democratic leaders in Congress pressed for tangible actions to punish President Trump, Republicans weighed a variety of proposals to respond to his remarks in Helsinki.

  110. Putin Jet Trespassed in NATO Airspace on Way to Summit, Estonia Says Foreign, July 17

    Vladimir V. Putin’s plane crossed NATO airspace without clearance for about 50 seconds while flying from Russia to the meeting with President Trump, the Estonian military says.

  111. In Russia, Summit Is Seen as a Triumph for Putin Foreign, July 17

    Mr. Putin was seen as guiding the country out of isolation. In Russian news coverage, which is dominated by state media. Mr. Trump was an afterthought.

  112. Time for Republicans to Grow a Spine Editorial, July 17

    Some Republicans say President Trump embarrassed himself and the country in his meeting with Vladimir Putin. Here’s what they can do about it.

  113. Trump Says He Got Only One Word Wrong. Please Decide for Yourself. Interactive, July 17

    We invite you to read the president’s own words and decide for yourself what he really thinks.

  114. The Hidden (and Not So Hidden) Politics of the 2018 World Cup Op Ed, July 17

    What this year’s tournament taught us about the upending of the global order and the conflicts between nationalism and globalization.

  115. Maria Butina: The Social Media Trail of an Accused Russian Agent Video, July 17

    The United States has accused Ms. Butina of working with Americans to carry out a secret Russian effort to influence U.S. politics. But she is hardly a shadowy figure. Here’s a look at what her online profile reveals.

  116. American-Russian Relations in Syria? Less Rosy Than Trump and Putin Claim Washington, July 17

    After their meeting in Finland, the two presidents lauded the close cooperation between their two militaries in Syria, but the record is actually more mixed.

  117. Republican Reaction to Trump: ‘It’s Just Unacceptable’ Video, July 17

    Several members of President Trump’s party criticized the remarks he made suggesting that Russia did not interfere with the 2016 presidential election.

  118. Right and Left React to the Trump-Putin Meeting National, July 17

    Writers from across the political spectrum on President Trump’s meeting with his Russian counterpart in Helsinki, Finland, and his remarks afterward.

  119. Trump Addresses Criticism of Appearance With Putin: Full Transcript Washington, July 17

    The president responded to condemnations of his performance alongside the Russian president during a news conference in Helsinki, Finland.

  120. Outrage Over Trump’s Behavior With Putin Letters, July 17

    Readers speculate about why the president “chooses to believe Russia and attack his own intelligence agencies.”

  121. After You, Mr. Putin Op Ed, July 17

    Live in Helsinki, Trump brings his blame-America-first tour to a close.

  122. George Soros Bet Big on Liberal Democracy. Now He Fears He Is Losing. Magazine, July 17

    His enemies paint him as all-powerful, but the billionaire philanthropist believes that his political legacy has never been in greater jeopardy.

  123. The World Cup Ends. The Hangover Begins. Op Ed, July 17

    As much as I love this tournament, I know that it can’t last forever.

  124. The G.O.P.’s Choice — America or Trump Op Ed, July 17

    The president’s behavior is an emergency. Words aren’t enough.

  125. Trump Sides With Putin Podcasts, July 17

    In a remarkable news conference, President Trump avoided criticizing the Russian president, and instead aimed his sharpest barbs at the United States.

  126. Colbert Says He’s ‘Shaken’ by Trump’s Coziness With Putin Culture, July 17

    Stephen Colbert and other late-night hosts focused almost entirely on the president’s meeting with President Vladimir Putin of Russia.

  127. Trump Trusts Putin’s Denial, but Seven U.S. Intelligence Groups Blame Russia for Election Meddling Interactive, July 16

    On Monday, President Trump continued to cast doubt on Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, the consensus position of American intelligence agencies and both parties on Capitol Hill.

  128. What a Soccer Ball Said About Putin’s Meeting With Trump in Helsinki Foreign, July 16

    A gift of a soccer ball was a metaphor for the gamesmanship that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has been playing with President Trump, and, analysts said, the points he has been scoring.

  129. How Republican Lawmakers Responded to Trump’s Russian Meddling Denial Interactive, July 16

    Reports of the president’s comments prompted outcry from some lawmakers, but they were followed by notable silence from others.

  130. Mariia Butina, Who Sought ‘Back Channel’ Meeting for Trump and Putin, Is Charged as Russian Agent Washington, July 16

    Ms. Butina was accused of trying to broker secret relationships with American politicians so Russia could influence American policies.

  131. Trump Sheds All Notions of How a President Should Conduct Himself Abroad Washington, July 16

    Rather than defend America against those who would threaten it, he attacked his own citizens and institutions while hailing the leader of a hostile power.

  132. Republicans Rebuke Trump for Siding With Putin as Democrats Demand Action Washington, July 16

    No Republican in Congress, however, pledged any particular action to punish President Trump, such as holding up his nominees, nor did any promise hearings or increased oversight.

  133. Trump, at Putin’s Side, Questions U.S. Intelligence on 2016 Election Foreign, July 16

    At the end of their first summit meeting, Mr. Trump would not say whether he believes American intelligence agencies or Mr. Putin about Russian electoral interference.

  134. Confronted With Evidence of Russian Hacking, Trump Reverts to Conspiracy Washington, July 16

    A smoke-and-mirrors effort by Mr. Trump after being briefed extensively on the specific roles by Russian military commanders to tamper with the 2016 presidential election.

  135. Trump Shows the World He’s Putin’s Lackey Op Ed, July 16

    Maybe the president is exactly as compromised as he looks.

  136. Putin Says Democrats Are to Blame for ‘Manipulations’ of Their Party Washington, July 16

    In a Fox News interview, the Russian president said the hacked Democratic emails showed the truth — that the party leadership favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

  137. Why Won’t Donald Trump Speak for America? Editorial, July 16

    The president lays himself at Vladimir Putin’s feet.

  138. U.S. Intelligence Community Reacts With Fury to Trump’s Rebuke Washington, July 16

    The president’s attempt to walk back his comments did little to mollify intelligence officials, especially when it came to Mr. Putin’s offer to aid the Mueller investigation.

  139. 8 Suspect Claims From the Trump-Putin News Conference National, July 16

    President Trump contradicted U.S. intelligence assessments that Russia meddled in the 2016 election, and President Vladimir V. Putin said he didn’t know that Mr. Trump was in Russia in 2013.

  140. For Putin, the ‘Summit He Has Dreamed of for 18 Years’ Foreign, July 16

    President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia got what he wanted most from his meeting with President Trump: American affirmation of his status as a global power.

  141. An Easy Win for Vladimir Putin Op Ed, July 16

    Russia’s president came away from his meeting with Trump looking confident and in charge.

  142. TV Anchors Agape After the Trump-Putin Appearance Business, July 16

    “Disgraceful,” Anderson Cooper of CNN said at the end of a news conference during which the reporters Jonathan Lemire and Jeff Mason asked tough questions.

  143. Who Is Bill Browder, Kremlin Foe Singled Out in Putin’s Offer? Foreign, July 16

    William F. Browder, an investor, has led a global human rights fight against the Kremlin that has resulted in sanctions being leveled against Russian officials, becoming a thorn in Mr. Putin’s side.

  144. Joint News Conference by Trump and Putin: Full Video and Transcript Foreign, July 16

    President Trump and President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia answered questions from Russian and American journalists after their private meeting in Helsinki, Finland.

  145. Trump and Putin vs. America Op Ed, July 16

    The president’s refusal to condemn Russian attacks is a betrayal of every single American citizen.

  146. In a Dark, Endless News Cycle, the World Cup Gave Us Light Op Ed, July 16

    Ignorance is bliss, but untenable. Temporary distraction, however, is quite nice.

  147. The Trump and Putin Show in Helsinki Letters, July 16

    Some readers accuse Mr. Trump of treasonous behavior and lying. But one asks why not try to work with Russia on pressing issues.

  148. The Neutrino Trappers Science, July 16

    Deep in a mountain in southern Russia, scientists are tracking one of the universe’s most elusive particles.

  149. How Trump Dodged Questions About Russian Election Meddling Video, July 16

    During a news conference with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, President Trump would not say whether he believed Russia meddled with the 2016 presidential election.

  150. World Cup 2018: The Winners and Losers Sports, July 16

    France might be the big winner of the World Cup, but several teams and players can walk away with a smile. Others aren’t smiling so much.