1. Gorbachev Calls Trump’s Treaty Withdrawal ‘Not the Work of a Great Mind’ Foreign, Yesterday

    Mikhail S. Gorbachev, who signed the nuclear disarmament treaty President Trump plans to withdraw from, called the move a “mistake.”

  2. A Push for Safer Fertilizer in Europe Carries a Whiff of Russian Intrigue Foreign, Yesterday

    A proposed environmental regulation has become an unlikely source of geopolitical tension, raising concerns about Russian influence over Europe’s food supply.

  3. Ceremony for Stalin Victims Is Blocked in Moscow, Group Says Foreign, October 20

    The rights organization that organizes the event said that city officials had revoked permission, citing “repair and construction work” at the site.

  4. Mount Athos, a Male-Only Holy Retreat, Is Ruffled by Tourists and Russia Foreign, October 20

    The monks on an isolated peninsula in Greece have followed the same way of life for more than 1,000 years, but an Athens vs. Moscow diplomatic spat and a tourism onslaught are unsettling its habits.

  5. Macedonia Moves Ahead With Name Change, Helping Its NATO Bid Foreign, October 19

    In a tenuous victory for Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and his Western allies, Parliament voted to proceed with renaming the country the Republic of North Macedonia.

  6. U.S. to Tell Russia It Is Leaving Landmark I.N.F. Treaty Washington, October 19

    President Trump has been moving toward leaving the treaty because Russia has been violating it and because it is constraining American efforts to counter China in the Western Pacific.

  7. Justice Dept. Accuses Russians of Interfering in Midterm Elections Washington, October 19

    Russians working for a close ally of President Vladimir V. Putin created social media accounts to pose as Americans and write posts on divisive issues including race and gender, prosecutors said.

  8. Three Internet Trolls Convicted of Systematic Defamation Against Journalist in Finland Foreign, October 19

    Jessika Aro, a Finnish journalist investigating Russian disinformation campaigns, had been called a spy, a drug dealer and unhinged.

  9. Turks Search Far-Flung Sites and Question Workers in Case of Missing Journalist Foreign, October 19

    Turkish officials have claimed that Saudi Arabia orchestrated the assassination in Istanbul of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist, but have not found his remains.

  10. Brexit Will Compromise U.K. Security, Ex-Spy Chief Says Foreign, October 19

    John Sawers, who led MI6 from 2009 to 2014, called on voters to reverse the “strategic mistake” in a second referendum, and warned that Russia now views Britain “with contempt.”

  11. The Orthodox Schism and the Spiritual Limits of Politics Op Ed, October 19

    A serious rift in the church could have big consequences in Ukraine, Russia and Greece.

  12. A President Who Believes He Is Entitled to His Own Facts Washington, October 18

    “It’s something else — it’s feeling, emotion, preference, loyalty, convenience of the moment,” said Michael V. Hayden, a former C.I.A. director.

  13. Is Trump Destroying the World Order? Op Ed, October 18

    A conversation on the apparent killing of Jamal Khashoggi, featuring Tom Friedman

  14. Stephen Colbert Pillories Trump for Rejecting Climate Change Science Culture, October 18

    President Trump told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the science regarding climate change is still unsettled.

  15. Student Gunman Kills 19 and Wounds Dozens at a College in Crimea Foreign, October 17

    The lone attacker detonated an explosive device, then opened fire at his classmates, in the deadliest school assault in Russia since the Beslan massacre in 2004.

  16. Russia Takes Further Step Toward Major Schism in Orthodox Church Foreign, October 15

    The Russian Orthodox Church moved to sever ties with the Constantinople Patriarchate to protest moves to form an independent church in Ukraine.

  17. How Trump Could Fatally Weaken the Dollar Op Ed, October 14

    When the president undermines the rule of law and the independence of institutions like the Fed, he threatens a pillar of American economic strength.

  18. Facebook Says Russian Firms ‘Scraped’ Data, Some for Facial Recognition Business, October 12

    On the same day the company announced it had purged domestic sources of disinformation, it said it had blocked two companies, one of them with Russian government clients.

  19. Russian Rocket Fails, and 2 Astronauts Make Safe Emergency Return Science, October 11

    The Soyuz craft experienced a problem minutes after liftoff, en route to the International Space Station, but the capsule landed safely.

  20. This is 18 Around the World — Through Girls’ Eyes Interactive, October 11

    What does life look like for girls turning 18 in 2018? We gave young women photographers around the world an assignment: Show us 18 in your community. This is 18 — through girls’ eyes.

  21. Syrian Rebels Withdraw Heavy Weapons to Spare Idlib From Assault Foreign, October 10

    Turkey secured the rebels’ agreement to pull back the weaponry, staving off a Syrian government offensive on the heavily populated rebel stronghold.

  22. U.S. Spycraft and Stealthy Diplomacy Expose Russian Subversion in a Key Balkans Vote Washington, October 9

    American national security agencies this summer handed over secret evidence to Greek authorities that prompted Athens to expel two Russian diplomats.

  23. Nikki Haley Will Be Missed Editorial, October 9

    The U.N. ambassador has managed to represent President Trump and the United States.

  24. Watching Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Victory in Dagestan Sports, October 9

    Nearly 7,000 miles from Las Vegas, fans, government officials and even the fighter’s father gathered in the capital city to watch their local hero retain his belt.

  25. Skripal Poisoning Suspect Is a Russian Military Doctor, Report Says Foreign, October 8

    Two weeks after identifying one man accused of trying to kill a former Russian spy on British soil, a group of reporters and researchers has named the other.

  26. Russia-Ukraine Tensions Set Up the Biggest Christian Schism Since 1054 Foreign, October 7

    Eastern Orthodox Christians in Ukraine want an independent church free of Moscow’s influence. The Russians, seething, are threatening to break entirely with the mother church.

  27. Populist Wave Hits Latvia, Lifting Pro-Russia Party in Election Foreign, October 7

    The Parliamentary results were a blow to mainstream politicians and opened the way for a coalition government that could include a Moscow-friendly party.

  28. At War With Russia in East, Ukraine Has Worries in the West, Too Foreign, October 5

    Berehove may be in Ukraine, but its people look to Hungary for money and support against Kiev, showcasing the perils of Viktor Orban’s nationalist path.

  29. The World Anti-Doping Agency and Russia Letters, October 5

    The agency explains its decision to reinstate Russia.

  30. Ukrainian Film Director Jailed in Russia Is Said to End Hunger Strike Foreign, October 5

    Oleg Sentsov, an outspoken critic of the annexation of Crimea, is in prison on terrorism charges that many consider spurious. His protest started in May.

  31. Will China Hack the U.S. Midterms? Opinion, October 5

    It certainly knows how to conduct cyberattacks that disrupt political processes.

  32. What U.S. Prosecutors Say 7 Russian Spies Did to Attack Antidoping Efforts Sports, October 4

    Fuller details of the Russian government’s cyberattacks on various sports and antidoping organizations.

  33. Russia’s Spies, Foiled Again Editorial, October 4

    The Kremlin’s cybersnoops tried to disrupt investigations into Russian assassination plots and Olympic cheating operations.

  34. Russia Targeted Investigators Trying to Expose Its Misdeeds, Western Allies Say Washington, October 4

    American and European officials said Russian military intelligence officers were responsible for a string of attacks and attempted hacks.

  35. ‘Take Out’ Russian Missiles? U.S. Envoy’s Remark Spurs Anger, and Pullback Washington, October 2

    The American ambassador to NATO used vague language that sounded like an American threat to strike Russian missiles preemptively. She later clarified her meaning.

  36. Spy Poisoned in Britain Fed MI6 Agents Secrets on a Putin Ally, New Book Claims Foreign, October 1

    Months before he was poisoned by a nerve agent, Sergei Skripal spoke with a journalist, cautiously. “You see, we are afraid of Putin,” he said.

  37. Vote to Reinstate Russia Exposes Rifts in Antidoping Community Sports, September 27

    When World Anti-Doping Agency voted last week to take Russia off the list of noncompliant countries, it expected a backlash, but probably nothing like this.

  38. Russian Officer Is Named as Suspect in Salisbury Poisoning Foreign, September 26

    A group of investigative journalists from Britain and Russia traced the identity of a suspect whose passport name was assumed to be an alias.

  39. Our Investigative Reporters Explain the Trump-Russia Story News Desk, September 26

    Mark Mazzetti and Scott Shane answer readers’ questions on Russian interference in the 2016 election, the Mueller investigation and their reporting process.

  40. Remote Russians Recycle Rocket Wreckage Photo, September 26

    Space junk from rockets launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Russia ends up in the remote Mezensky District, where residents repurpose it for hunting sleds, tools and boats.

  41. Is a New Russian Meddling Tactic Hiding in Plain Sight? Business, September 25

    USAReally might look like any other fledgling news organization. But some cybersecurity experts believe it may be part of a retooled Russian propaganda operation.

  42. President Trump Addresses the United Nations (laughter) Editorial, September 25

    A dark and cramped view of the world from an increasingly isolated leader.

  43. The World Anti-Doping Agency Cleared Russia. Based on What? Editorial, September 25

    Russia was supposed to express contrition and prove its drug testing protocols legitimate after the biggest doping scandal in international sports history. It has done neither.

  44. My Surprising Duet With Arthur Mitchell in Cold War Moscow Culture, September 25

    The ballerina Allegra Kent remembers dancing “Agon” with Mr. Mitchell on opening night of New York City Ballet’s 1962 tour of the Soviet Union.

  45. Turkey Stands Between Europe and the Next Refugee Crisis Op Ed, September 25

    If the agreement between Turkey and Russia that delayed an assault on the Syrian province of Idlib fails, Turkey and Europe will face a new wave of refugees and renewed threats of terrorist attacks.

  46. Russia Promises Advanced Missiles to Syria After Rift With Israel Foreign, September 24

    Blaming Israel for the loss of a Russian plane in Syria, Russia will modernize Syria’s missile arsenal. The move could complicate the air war in Syria.

  47. Seconds After Release From Jail, Russia Arrests Aleksei Navalny Again Foreign, September 24

    The approach has allowed Moscow to keep Mr. Navalny out of sight for important events while escaping criticism for harsh treatment that might make him a martyr.

  48. OPEC Signals No Rush to Increase Oil Output Business, September 23

    President Trump has been pressuring the oil producers to pump more and hold down prices. But the Saudis and their allies say customers have adequate supplies.