1. Three Marines, Now Focus of Russian Bounties Investigation, Show the Costs of an Endless War Washington, Yesterday

    The U.S. mission in Afghanistan is now described as training, advising and assisting Afghan troops. But American forces are still patrolling areas that are as deadly as they were in 2001.

  2. Strains Show in Russia’s Make-Believe Politics Foreign, Yesterday

    The nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky has been forced to disavow protests over the arrest of a governor from his own party, underscoring growing domestic volatility.

  3. How Russia Built a Channel to the Taliban, Once an Enemy Foreign, July 13

    The recent assessment that Russia paid bounties to the insurgents to attack U.S. troops stunned many, but officials said the Kremlin’s outreach began almost a decade ago.

  4. I Was a Counterterrorism Chief. Trump Knew What Russia Was Doing. Op Ed, July 12

    Neglecting aggression by Vladimir Putin inevitably invites more of it.

  5. Graham to Call Mueller to Testify Before Senate Judiciary Committee Washington, July 12

    The announcement is the latest effort by Senate Republicans to press forward with an election-year bid to discredit the Trump-Russia investigation.

  6. Trump Claims Credit for 2018 Cyberattack on Russia Washington, July 11

    The move was intended to deter Russians from interfering in the midterm elections, and serve as a test of America’s capability to protect the 2020 elections.

  7. Protests Rock Russian Far East With Calls for Putin to Resign Foreign, July 11

    Tens of thousands took to the streets in Russia’s usually somnolent hinterland after the arrest of a popular regional governor.

  8. The Netherlands Brings Russia to Court Over the Downing of MH17 Foreign, July 10

    The Dutch government made the move to help individual cases brought by victims’ relatives, the foreign minister said in a letter to Parliament.

  9. Russian Governor Is Accused of Multiple Murders as Kremlin Claws Back Powers Foreign, July 10

    The arrest of a popular regional leader in eastern Russia on suspicion of decades-old crimes sent a blunt warning to local elites empowered by the coronavirus pandemic.

  10. Congress Presses Military Leaders on Suspected Russian Bounties Washington, July 9

    Two House hearings grappled with a C.I.A. assessment that Russia offered payments to kill American troops in Afghanistan — and White House inaction on the months-old judgment.

  11. In a Death, Details of More Russian Murder-for-Hire Plots Foreign, July 9

    A Chechen man shot near Vienna last weekend had spoken publicly of giving Austrian and Ukrainian authorities information about contract killings. He also said there was a price on his head.

  12. Biden Should Not Debate Trump Unless … Op Ed, July 7

    Here are two conditions the Democrat should set.

  13. Don’t Let Russian Meddling Derail Afghanistan Withdrawal Plans Editorial, July 7

    Allegations of bounties paid for the deaths of U.S. soldiers are serious. But the White House ought to stay the course toward a peace deal.

  14. Trump, the Master of Distraction Letters, July 7

    A reader says his record in office is one he can’t run on. Also: Getting corporate America to change its ways.

  15. Russia Arrests Space Agency Official, Accusing Him of Treason Foreign, July 7

    The detention of Ivan Safronov, a former journalist who had been working as an adviser at Roscosmos, took many by surprise. He was accused of passing secrets to an unnamed NATO country.

  16. In Russia, They Tore Down Lots of Statues, but Little Changed Foreign, July 7

    “Waging war on bronze men doesn’t make your life any more moral or just,” one observer noted. “It does nothing really.”

  17. Russian Court Convicts Journalist for ‘Justifying Terrorism’ Foreign, July 6

    The case against the freelance reporter revolved around a 2018 text critical of the security services. Even the Kremlin’s human rights council had denounced the charges.

  18. A Global Comparison of Coronavirus Cases Graphics, July 6

    Some countries responded aggressively from the start of the pandemic, while others instituted lockdowns and began reopening carefully after initial outbreaks. Then there’s the U.S.

  19. Nikolai Fadeyechev, Elegant Bolshoi Dancer, Is Dead at 87 Obits, July 4

    Acclaimed for his noble style, he was also praised as a “self-deprecating” partner who showed off his ballerinas and did not compete with them.

  20. Reading Orwell for the Fourth of July Op Ed, July 3

    As we celebrate freedom, speaking freely is in danger.

  21. New Administration Memo Seeks to Foster Doubts About Suspected Russian Bounties Washington, July 3

    Criticized for its inaction, the Trump administration commissioned a new look at a months-old intelligence assessment. It emphasizes gaps.

  22. Russia Denies Paying Bounties, but Some Say the U.S. Had It Coming Foreign, July 3

    Russia’s grievances against what it sees as American bullying and expansion into its own zones of influence have been stacking up for decades.

  23. Bounties Uproar Casts a Shadow Over a Rare Trump Foreign Policy Achievement Washington, July 2

    The president was already impatient to end a troop deployment in Afghanistan he has called “ridiculous.” Now a new issue is causing him fresh political damage.

  24. Afghan Contractor Handed Out Russian Cash to Kill Americans, Officials Say Foreign, July 1

    A small-time businessman became a key middleman for bounties on coalition troops in Afghanistan, U.S. intelligence reports say. Friends saw him grow rich, but didn’t know how.

  25. Donald Trump tiene otro problema ruso: falta de estrategia e informes de inteligencia sin leer en Español, July 1

    No se requiere autorización de alto nivel para notar que la lista de agresiones rusas en las últimas semanas rivaliza con algunos de los peores días de la Guerra Fría.

  26. White House Dismisses Reports of Bounties, but Is Silent on Russia Washington, July 1

    Robert C. O’Brien, the national security adviser, told Fox News that President Trump knew nothing about the reports because the briefer “decided not to” share unverified intelligence with him.

  27. Trump and Evidence of Russian Bounties to the Taliban Letters, July 1

    Readers speculate about the president’s relationship with Russia and express outrage at his lack on action on the bounty reports.

  28. Deepfake Technology Enters the Documentary World Culture, July 1

    A film about persecuted gays and lesbians in Chechnya uses digital manipulation to guard their identities without losing their humanity. The step raises familiar questions about nonfiction movies.

  29. Trump’s New Russia Problem: Unread Intelligence and Missing Strategy Washington, July 1

    High-level clearance is not required to see that the list of Russian aggressions in recent weeks rivals some of the worst days of the Cold War.

  30. A Russian Plot to Kill U.S. Soldiers Podcasts, July 1

    Why intelligence officials suspect Russia of paying militants to kill American troops in Afghanistan.

  31. The Theatrical Method in Putin’s Vote Madness Foreign, July 1

    Russia’s constitutional “referendum” delivered its expected outcome — President Putin can serve until 2036 — but an elaborate spectacle of public affirmation was vital to his legitimacy.

  32. Why Does Trump Put Russia First? Op Ed, June 30

    It’s exceedingly difficult to believe that no one told the president about the intelligence on Russian efforts to harm Americans in Afghanistan.

  33. Suspicions of Russian Bounties Were Bolstered by Data on Financial Transfers Washington, June 30

    Analysts have used other evidence to conclude that the transfers were most likely part of an effort to offer payments to Taliban-linked militants to kill American and coalition troops in Afghanistan.

  34. ‘Welcome to Chechnya’ Review: A Vital Indictment of Mass Persecution Weekend, June 30

    David France’s documentary follows a group of courageous Russian activists working to rescue victims of an anti-L.G.B.T.Q. crackdown.

  35. Father of Slain Marine Finds Heartbreak Anew in Possible Russian Bounty Washington, June 30

    “If it does come out as true, obviously the heartache would be terrible,” said Erik Hendriks, whose son was killed while on patrol in Afghanistan.

  36. ‘You Know Your Audience’: Russia’s Internet Stars Turn Away From Putin Foreign, June 30

    There used to be little stigma around getting paid to extol the Russian president. Now, as his popularity ebbs with young people, online celebrities see such praise as a career wrecker.

  37. A New Superpower Competition Between Beijing and Washington: China’s Nuclear Buildup Washington, June 30

    The Trump administration is portraying the small but increasingly potent Chinese arsenal — still only one-fifth the size of the United States’ or Russia’s — as the big new threat.

  38. How Generations of Russians Have Tried to Influence American Elections Book Review, June 30

    David Shimer’s “Rigged” provides the history and context behind Moscow’s interference in the 2016 election.

  39. Trump Got Written Briefing in February on Possible Russian Bounties, Officials Say Washington, June 29

    The investigation into Russia’s suspected operation is said to focus in part on the killings of three Marines in a truck bombing last year, officials said.

  40. Five Essential Documentaries, Recommended by David France T Style, June 29

    With his new movie, “Welcome to Chechnya,” premiering on HBO, the filmmaker shares some of his favorites.

  41. The Russian Bounties in Afghanistan: What Did Trump Know? Letters, June 29

    Readers discuss the White House’s denial that the president had been briefed on reported Russian payments to the Taliban. Also: Remembering Milton Glaser.

  42. Trump Got Written Briefing in February on Possible Russian Bounties, Officials Say Washington, June 29

    The investigation into Russia’s suspected operation is said to focus in part on the killings of three Marines in a truck bombing last year, officials said.

  43. Putin Pushes Through Referendum Even as Virus Surges in Russia Foreign, June 29

    The outbreak is raging outside Moscow, but President Vladimir V. Putin is committed to a national vote that could keep him in power for another 16 years.

  44. Spies and Commandos Warned Months Ago of Russian Bounties on U.S. Troops Washington, June 28

    The recovery of large amounts of American cash at a Taliban outpost in Afghanistan helped tip off U.S. officials. It is believed that at least one U.S. troop death was the result of the bounties.

  45. Biden Criticizes Trump Over Intelligence on Russian Bounties on U.S. Troops Washington, June 27

    The White House denied that President Trump was briefed on the classified assessment, even though his staff has been discussing the matter since March.

  46. Estudios soviéticos de hace décadas sugieren una posible estrategia contra el coronavirus en Español, June 27

    En los años 50, un matrimonio de virólogos en Moscú probó una vacuna contra la polio en sus propios hijos. Ahora, uno de los efectos secundarios que encontraron genera una nueva esperanza para combatir la pandemia.

  47. Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops, Intelligence Says Washington, June 26

    The Trump administration has been deliberating for months about what to do about a stunning intelligence assessment.

  48. Prominent Russian Director Is Convicted of Embezzlement Foreign, June 26

    But in a surprise, Kirill Serebrennikov was given only a suspended sentence in a case that was seen as a warning to Moscow’s vibrant theater world.

  49. Russian Criminal Group Finds New Target: Americans Working at Home Washington, June 25

    A hacking group calling itself Evil Corp., indicted in December, has shown up in corporate networks with sophisticated ransomware. American officials worry election infrastructure could be next.

  50. A Historic Heat Wave Roasts Siberia Foreign, June 25

    Wildfires are spreading. The mosquitoes are ravenous. People are shielding their windows from the midnight sun with foil and blankets.

  51. Leo Tolstoy vs. the Police Book Review, June 25

    Why the great Russian novelist’s critique of state-sponsored violence bears thinking about now.

  52. Decades-Old Soviet Studies Hint at Coronavirus Strategy Foreign, June 24

    A married pair of virologists in Moscow tested a vaccine on their own children in the 1950s. Now, a side effect they found is sparking new hope for a defense against the coronavirus.

  53. Hit Hard by Coronavirus, Russia Holds a Mostly Mask-Free Victory Parade Foreign, June 24

    Tens of thousands turned out for the delayed annual celebration of Russia’s defeat of Nazi Germany but few, including veterans in their 80s and 90s, took precautions.

  54. Who Can We Trust With the Nuclear Button? No One Op Ed, June 22

    The Cold War is over and all presidents make mistakes. Yet they still have sole control over whether to start a nuclear war.

  55. Political Grip Shaky, Belarus Leader Blames Longtime Ally: Russia Foreign, June 22

    Aleksandr G. Lukashenko, who used to call his political foes stooges of the West, is now trying to play on anti-Russian sentiment at home and abroad.

  56. Russians Eat Burgers in Gloves. Should Everyone? Foreign, June 20

    Status-conscious fast-food joints across Eastern Europe have offered their diners disposable gloves for years. The idea may find a wider audience in the pandemic era.

  57. How Two Russians Got Caught Up in Libya’s War, Now an Action Movie Foreign, June 18

    The Russians, who said they were doing sociology research, were jailed on charges of political meddling. It’s the latest tale of foreign intrigue in Libya.

  58. Five Takeaways From John Bolton’s Memoir Washington, June 18

    “The Room Where It Happened” describes Mr. Bolton’s 17 turbulent months at President Trump’s side through a multitude of crises and foreign policy challenges.

  59. Russian Court Sentences American, Paul Whelan, to 16 Years on Spy Charges Foreign, June 15

    The case, which Mr. Whelan and U.S. officials dismiss as politically motivated, is the latest blow to President Trump’s goal of improving relations with Moscow.

  60. The New Saturday Night Interactive, May 1

    With billions of people staying home, the world is reinventing the weekend.

  61. Госпитали и Школы Подвергаются Атакам в Сирии. Расследование ООН Вызывает Вопросы. Мы Решили Разобраться. Interactive, April 13

    Атаки на гражданские объекты в Сирии настолько участились, что ООН приняла решение о расследовании этих нарушений. Однако расследование ограничено лишь некоторыми случаями атак и неизвестно, будут ли обнародованы его результаты. «Нью-Йорк Таймс» провели независимое расследование. Вот что нам удалось установить.