1. Russia Wants to Extend U.S. Space Partnership. Or It Could Turn to China. Foreign, Yesterday

    Moscow argues that it has much to offer, but analysts say it is short of cash. In any event, Washington is already planning an American-led lunar station.

  2. During Seven-Hour Spacewalk, Russian Astronauts Gather Clues to Orbital Mystery Science, December 10

    Wielding sharp tools, the two men in spacesuits examined a tiny hole that has roiled space relations between the United States and Russia.

  3. Maria Butina, Russian Accused of Spying, Enters Plea Deal; Court Papers Backpedal on Sex Claims Washington, December 10

    Ms. Butina will plead guilty to conspiring to act as a foreign agent. The case drew headlines with accusations that she used sex as spycraft as she tried to influence Republicans.

  4. The Dangers of Doing Favors for Donald Trump Op Ed, December 10

    The president is often unable or unwilling to spot the difference between a favor and a crooked scheme.

  5. Michael Cohen Wanted to Cooperate in His Own Way. Prosecutors Had Other Ideas. Metro, December 9

    It seems Mr. Cohen offered to provide just enough information to make a bid for leniency, but nothing more about his or others’ activities.

  6. Surviving a Criminal Presidency Op Ed, December 9

    No one is above the law in America.

  7. Lyudmila Alexeyeva, ‘Grandmother’ of Russia’s Human Rights Movement, Dies at 91 Foreign, December 9

    Ms. Alexeyeva, who had been the most prominent surviving dissident of the Soviet era, spent a lifetime challenging abusive leaders.

  8. The Week in Business: The Emails Facebook Doesn’t Want You to See Sunday Business, December 9

    Whiplash on Wall Street, and OPEC and Russia agree to cut oil production. And Britain's Parliament votes on Brexit, and Uber resumes tests of its self-driving cars.

  9. Putin Must Be Punished Opinion, December 5

    Russia can’t be allowed to get away with its brazen aggression against Ukraine. The West needs to act.

  10. Putin Vows to Match Any New U.S. Intermediate-Range Nuclear Missiles World, December 5

    A day after Washington gave the Kremlin 60 days to comply with a longstanding weapons pact, President Vladimir V. Putin’s remarks raised fears of a new nuclear arms race.

  11. Michael Flynn, Witness for the Prosecution Opinion, December 5

    The special counsel says President Trump’s former national security adviser has provided “substantial assistance” and deserves a light sentence.

  12. As OPEC Meets, Sizing Up Its Power and Its Politics Business, December 5

    OPEC’s gathering in Vienna comes at a tricky time for the oil industry and consumers who depend on the world’s largest source of energy.

  13. House Republican Campaign Committee Says It Was Hacked This Year Washington, December 4

    The National Republican Congressional Committee said it had reported the breach to the F.B.I. but acknowledged that it had otherwise kept the hack secret for months.

  14. U.S. Gives Russia a Deadline on Nuclear Treaty Foreign, December 4

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Moscow that it had 60 days to stop violating the landmark Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

  15. Trump as a Poodle? Don’t Malign Poodles! Letters, December 4

    A poodle lover resents the metaphor of the president as Vladimir Putin’s poodle.

  16. Kinship Among Despots: Putin and M.B.S. Letters, December 3

    A reader says the high-fives with which the leaders of Russia and Saudi Arabia greeted each other “made me ill.”

  17. The Cowardly Face of Authoritarianism Special Sections, December 3

    The transition from democracy to a cult of personality starts with a leader who lies all the time.

  18. Russia’s Revisionist History Special Sections, December 3

    The government insists on reliving the Soviet Union’s glorious past, even if it’s all a lie.

  19. What Happens If ... Op Ed, December 2

    The possibilities ahead in the Russia investigation suggest we are not reaching the end of a nightmare, but rather entering one.

  20. Scent of the Russians Op Ed, November 30

    There’s a connection between Cohen’s guilty plea and Ukraine’s desperate plight.

  21. Trump Tops Tricky Dick Op Ed, November 30

    And now, the worst and the dumbest.

  22. Ukraine, on a War Footing, Looks Westward for Help Foreign, November 30

    Russia’s attack on three Ukrainian naval vessels only underscores Kiev’s vulnerability, particularly at sea.

  23. An Awkward Moment for the Russian Art Market Culture, November 30

    Sales have slowed in the face of new political realities, including Western sanctions on Moscow. But wealthy buyers continue to create surprises.

  24. Trump Defends Pursuit of Russia Deal in 2016 as ‘Very Legal’ Washington, November 30

    President Trump said he had looked only “lightly” at constructing a building in Russia. “Put up zero money, zero guarantees and didn’t do the project,” he said.

  25. Putin Knew. America Didn’t. Op Ed, November 30

    Also: A surprising new story about police violence against an African-American man.

  26. Why Michael Cohen Lied to Congress Podcasts, November 30

    An admission by President Trump’s former lawyer about a proposed business deal in Russia sheds new light on where the special counsel investigation is headed.

  27. How a Lawyer, a Felon and a Russian General Chased a Moscow Trump Tower Deal Investigative, November 29

    During the presidential campaign, Michael D. Cohen and Felix Sater, an associate with a criminal past, pursued a new Trump Tower project with a former spymaster’s help.

  28. Cohen Lied. Here’s Why It Matters. Editorial, November 29

    With Michael Cohen’s latest deal, the special counsel shows he is unafraid of crossing Donald Trump’s red lines on Russia.

  29. Did a Real Estate Project Influence Trump’s View of Russia Sanctions? Washington, November 29

    In 2016, when his company was negotiating a potential deal in Moscow, Donald J. Trump suggested that there was no need for the United States to penalize Russia over Crimea.

  30. Trump Denies Business Dealings With Russia. His Former Lawyer Contradicts Him. Washington, November 29

    For years, the president has denied that he had any business interests in Russia during the 2016 election. His former personal lawyer now says otherwise.

  31. Trump Is Compromised by Russia Op Ed, November 29

    Michael Cohen's latest plea is proof.

  32. Trump’s Recall of Moscow Deal Matches Cohen’s, President’s Lawyers Say Washington, November 29

    President Trump told the special counsel that he knew of a project to build a Trump Tower in Moscow and discussed it with his longtime fixer before it fell apart, Mr. Trump’s lawyers said.

  33. Ukraine’s President Appeals for NATO Support After Russia Standoff World, November 29

    President Petro O. Poroshenko said he hoped members of the alliance would send warships into disputed waters in the Sea of Azov.

  34. Trump Cancels Meeting With Putin, Citing Naval Clash Between Russia and Ukraine Washington, November 29

    President Trump made the announcement on Twitter barely an hour after telling reporters he still expected to go through with the session.

  35. Salome Zurabishvili Wins Georgia Presidential Runoff Foreign, November 29

    As the country transitions to a parliamentary republic, opponents sought to depict the French-born Ms. Zurabishvili as a pro-Russia candidate.

  36. Naval Clash Raises the Stakes for Trump’s Meeting With Putin Washington, November 28

    Russia’s seizure of three Ukrainian ships has complicated President Trump’s plan to meet with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia while the two are in Buenos Aires this week.

  37. Putin Plays Down Sea Clash with Ukraine as ‘Border Incident’ Foreign, November 28

    Russia has sentenced 24 Ukrainian sailors to two months of pretrial detention, treating them like criminals after a maritime clash Mr. Putin called “small.”

  38. In Standoff With Russia, What Does Ukraine’s Martial Law Decree Mean? Foreign, November 27

    Here are some important questions, and answers, in the latest confrontation between Russia and Ukraine.

  39. Russia Attacks Ukrainian Ships and International Law Editorial, November 26

    A provocation that could tighten Russia’s illegal hold on Crimea.

  40. Five Countries Slow to Address Nazi-Looted Art, U.S. Expert Says Culture, November 26

    At a conference to mark the 20th anniversary of an international accord on restitution, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Russia and Italy were faulted.

  41. Russia-Ukraine Fight Over Narrow Sea Passage Risks Wider War Foreign, November 26

    The opening of an overt front at sea introduced an unstable element into what had been a long-running war fought over land in eastern Ukraine.

  42. Ukraine, After Naval Clash With Russia, Considers Martial Law Foreign, November 25

    Ukraine said Russia opened fire Sunday on its ships in the Black Sea. The United Nations Security Council is convening an emergency meeting about it.

  43. Syria Urges U.N. to Condemn Rebels After Apparent Chemical Attack Foreign, November 25

    Syria accused rebel forces of launching an attack in Aleppo that sent scores of choking victims to hospitals. Medical officials suspected chlorine had been used.

  44. Tapping the Ancients for Tech Wisdom Letters, November 23

    Readers respond to a column by Bret Stephens about Facebook and other Silicon Valley giants.

  45. Ex-C.I.A. Officer’s Brief Detention Deepens Mystery in Montenegro Washington, November 23

    For two years, Montenegrin officials have been pursuing the question of whether Russia secretly backed a coup to topple its government.

  46. Rapper Is Jailed for 12 Days in Russia as a Culture War Spreads Foreign, November 23

    Dmitri Kuznetsov, known as Husky, was sentenced on charges of hooliganism after he tried to serenade fans on the street when a concert was canceled.

  47. What Drives the Russian State Op Ed, November 22

    To understand what makes Putin and his allies act the way they do, you need to look beyond the myths.

  48. Head of Russia’s Military Spy Agency Dies After Illness Foreign, November 21

    Col. Gen. Igor V. Korobov led the G.R.U. when it hacked into Democratic Party computers and released emails to support Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

  49. When Russia Was Full of Hope Op Ed, November 21

    “We believe that in 2018 people will be safe from war and hunger. The world will be more just than it is today and there will be no capitalists left.”

  50. Interpol Rejects Russian as President, Electing South Korean Instead Foreign, November 21

    The international policing organization chose Kim Jong-yang as its next president after Western diplomats had lobbied against Aleksandr V. Prokopchuk.

  51. Leading Candidate to Head Interpol Is Russian, Drawing Western Objections Foreign, November 20

    Russia has tried to use Interpol to silence critics, and rights groups fear increased Kremlin influence. American and European officials are trying to block a Russian presidency.

  52. Too Much Information About Disinformation? Insider, November 18

    The back story to “Operation InfeKtion,” our opinion department’s three-part video series on Russian disinformation.

  53. How the Trump Administration Stepped Up Pursuit of WikiLeaks’s Assange Washington, November 16

    As American spies worked to collect intelligence on Julian Assange, Justice Department prosecutors took steps that resulted in secret charges.

  54. Decades of Fake News, Courtesy of the Kremlin Opinion, November 16

    Videos about Russia’s disinformation operations inspired one reader to draw a humorous map — “my way of shrinking my fright” — while others expressed their fears in our comments.

  55. Former Macedonian Leader Seeks Asylum in Hungary to Avoid Prison World, November 15

    The flight of Nikola Gruevski stoked outrage and threw up another challenge to the European Union.

  56. European Court Vindicates Aleksei Navalny, Russian Opposition Leader Foreign, November 15

    The European Court of Human Rights ruled Russia acted with political motivations in arresting Aleksei A. Navalny, a foe of President Vladimir V. Putin

  57. Trump to Raise North Korea Sanctions With Chinese Leader, Pence Says Foreign, November 15

    Vice President Mike Pence said that sanctions would continue against North Korea despite concerns that China is easing enforcement.

  58. 3 Days Stranded in Siberia? Flight Delays Don’t Come Much Worse Than This Foreign, November 14

    Passengers on an Air France plane that was forced to land at Irkutsk airport in Russia endured a nightmare stay after a replacement plane also developed a fault.

  59. U.S. Military’s Global Edge Has Diminished, Strategy Review Finds Washington, November 14

    Strained forces, budget shortfalls and political dysfunction have cast doubt on the Pentagon’s shift in focus from terrorism to global powers — and President Trump’s support for a strong military.

  60. Operation Infektion: A three-part video series on Russian disinformation Op Ed, November 12

    Russian Disinformation: From Cold War to Kanye

  61. The Seven Commandments of Fake News Video, November 12

    The Pizzagate playbook: Same tactics, new technologies. How the seven rules of Soviet disinformation are being used to create today’s fake news stories. Pizza anyone?

  62. The Worldwide War on Truth Video, November 12

    Governments from Pakistan to Mexico to Washington are woefully unequipped to combat disinformation warfare. Eastern European countries living in Russia’s shadow can teach us how to start fighting back, but only if our politicians decide to stop profiting from these tactics and fight them instead.

  63. A ‘Time Capsule’ for Scientists, Courtesy of Peter the Great Science, November 12

    A Russian zoological museum filled with centuries-old specimens finds renewed relevance in the age of genetics.

  64. Meet the KGB Spies Who Invented Fake News Video, November 12

    We reveal how one of the biggest fake news stories ever concocted — the 1984 AIDS-is-a-biological-weapon hoax — went viral in the pre-Internet era. Meet the KGB cons who invented it, and the “truth squad” that quashed it. For a bit.

  65. DealBook Briefing: Saudi Arabia Plans to Cut Its Oil Production Business, November 12

    The kingdom has moved to prop up oil prices, but the industry may face a long, hard slog over the coming year.