1. Artist at Work: Carving Woodblock Prints in Brazil Video, July 23

    Step inside the workshop of the Brazilian artist José Francisco Borges and follow the process of making intricate woodblock prints.

  2. Carrefour’s Brazil Unit Prices I.P.O. at Low End of Range Business, July 19

    The stock offering is the first in Brazil since President Michel Temer was accused in a continuing corruption investigation in May.

  3. How to Dine Well — and Properly — in Another Country Travel, July 18

    Etiquette can vary by destination: use the correct utensils, eat at the right hour and research tipping practices.

  4. Brazilian Court Dismisses False-Report Case Against Ryan Lochte Sports, July 15

    Lochte had been charged with filing a false robbery report after a confrontation involving him and other U.S. swimmers who were in Brazil for the 2016 Olympics.

  5. Life Where the Murder Rate Is Sky-High Op Ed, July 15

    In Latin America, we’re too used to death. But there’s a way to stop it.

  6. Brazil’s Gateway for Slaves, Now a World Heritage Site Foreign, July 15

    Unesco called the Valongo Wharf “a testimony to one of the most brutal episodes in the history of humankind.”...

  7. Where Slaves Arrived in Brazil Video, July 15

    Rio de Janeiro’s Valongo Wharf, an entry point for an estimated 900,000 slaves, has been named a Unesco World Heritage site.

  8. Why Uprooting Corruption Has Plunged Brazil Into Chaos Foreign, July 14

    Brazil’s systemic corruption runs so deep that removing it has destabilized politics and polarized society.

  9. In Brazil, Political Rivals Face a Common Threat: A Rising Judiciary Foreign, July 13

    Amid the conviction of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, political adversaries across the ideological spectrum are attacking the legitimacy of prosecutors and judges.

  10. Cool Heat: An Art Outlaw Who Still Simmers Weekend, July 13

    Cocaine, sand and crazy love: Hélio Oiticica’s dance into life, on the edge, arrives at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

  11. In Lula’s Shadow, Brazil’s Shipbuilders Struggle to Right Themselves Business, July 13

    The country’s plans were undone by widespread graft, weak commodity prices and a naïveté over how to succeed in a competitive industry.

  12. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva: The Rise and Fall of a Brazilian Leader Foreign, July 12

    A brief look at the career of the former Brazilian president who was convicted of corruption and sentenced to prison.

  13. Ex-President of Brazil Sentenced to Nearly 10 Years in Prison for Corruption Foreign, July 12

    The conviction of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was a stunning setback for a politician who has wielded enormous influence across Latin America.

  14. Former Brazil President da Silva Sentenced to Nearly 10 Years on Corruption Conviction World, July 12

    The conviction was a stunning setback for a politician who has wielded enormous influence across Latin America.

  15. The Most Pitiful Job in Brazil Op Ed, July 11

    Writers are ignored. Human rights observers are brushed off. Can anyone induce Brazil’s government to change its ways?

  16. Brazil Shuts Down Successful Corruption-Fighting Task Force Foreign, July 7

    Members of a crusading law enforcement team are absorbed into the main bureaucracy, raising concerns about political meddling in high-stakes probes.

  17. He’s 16, He Throws 94 Miles an Hour, and He’s From Brazil Sports, June 30

    Eric Pardinho is No. 5 on MLB.com’s list of world prospects to watch. Starting Sunday, major league teams can begin signing international players.

  18. President Michel Temer of Brazil Is Charged With Corruption Foreign, June 26

    Days after a poll showed his approval rating at 7 percent, the lowest for a Brazilian president in nearly 30 years, Mr. Temer was accused of taking a $152,000 bribe.