1. Brazil Looks to Crack Down on Fake News Ahead of Bitter Election Foreign, February 17

    Officials from the judiciary and law enforcement are teaming up to try to prevent voters from being misled, arguing that freedom of speech cannot come at the cost of a tainted election.

  2. Brazil’s Military Is Put in Charge of Security in Rio de Janeiro Foreign, February 16

    President Michel Temer’s security order for Rio is the first such military intervention in a Brazilian state since democracy returned in the 1980s.

  3. She Led Latin American Art in a Bold New Direction Weekend, February 15

    Turning to Brazil’s indigenous cultures and folklore for inspiration, Tarsila do Amaral helped give rise to the country’s Modern movement, a MoMA exhibition shows.

  4. Rio Carnival Is Marred by Violence as City’s Security Troubles Worsen Foreign, February 14

    The governor of the state of Rio acknowledged that there were not enough police officers patrolling the streets of Rio de Janeiro for the celebrations.

  5. Rio Carnival Kicks Off With Samba, Blocos and Nod to #MeToo Foreign, February 10

    Rio de Janeiro’s famous festivities got underway on Friday, with a political undertone and a focus on women’s rights.

  6. With Former In-Laws in Custody, Father Gains Leverage in Brazil ‘Parental Abduction’ Case Foreign, February 7

    The arrest of the parents of a Texas man’s ex-wife is a rare instance of Brazilians facing criminal charges in the United States stemming from a custody battle.

  7. Boeing’s Pursuit of Beloved Brand in Brazil Hits Political Headwind Foreign, February 4

    The American aerospace giant is eager to acquire Embraer, Brazil’s iconic plane manufacturer, but the deal will have to overcome government opposition, intensified in an election year.

  8. They Told the Women in Bahia They Couldn’t Drum. Try Telling That to Banda Didá. Travel, January 30

    Meet the all-female Brazilian drum group that is challenging gender norms.

  9. It Just Got Easier, and May Soon Be Cheaper, for Americans to Travel to Brazil Travel, January 25

    Brazil is hoping to attract more tourists by allowing Americans, Canadians, Japanese and Australian citizens to obtain visas online. Here’s what to see when you get there.

  10. Grasping Rio’s Beauty and Tragedy , January 25

    João Pina’s photographs of Rio de Janeiro show how life remained a struggle for many residents during Brazil’s boom years. His book’s title? “46570,” a reference to the number of murders in the city in the decade...

  11. Upending Brazil’s Presidential Race, Court Upholds Ex-Leader’s Conviction Foreign, January 24

    The decision could bar former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva from running for a third term in October, but he is expected to fight for the right to appear on the ballot.