1. The Ravaging of Amazonia Opinion, Yesterday

    A global treasure lies at the mercy of the smallest, dullest, pettiest of men.

  2. Brazil Marshals Forces to Fight Amazon Fires (and Restore ‘Positive Perception’) World, Yesterday

    The fires had burned for weeks but plunged President Jair Bolsonaro’s administration into crisis mode only now, after photographs began circulating widely.

  3. As the Amazon Burns, Europe Seizes Title of Climate Champion World, Yesterday

    With the Trump administration nearly silent, European leaders have energetically stepped in to take up the mantle of leadership. A trade deal could be at stake.

  4. What Satellite Imagery Tells Us About the Amazon Rain Forest Fires Interactive, Yesterday

    Maps and images based on satellite data provide clues to how the fires started.

  5. As Amazon Fires Spread, So Do the Misleading Photos World, August 23

    The fires are real. But the photographs that celebrities and politicians are sharing? Well, it depends.

  6. As Amazon Fires Become Global Crisis, Brazil’s President Reverses Course World, August 23

    After days of playing down the fires raging across the Amazon, President Bolsonaro orders the military to step in. But it’s not clear that will be enough.

  7. Lo que debes saber sobre el incendio en la Amazonía en Español, August 23

    Ante los señalamientos de que fueron causados por el cambio climático o de que son poco comunes, ¿cuál es la verdad?

  8. Amazon Rain Forest Fires: Here’s What’s Really Happening World, August 23

    How widespread are the fires? Is climate change to blame? Who’s at fault for the burning?

  9. ‘Los pulmones de la Tierra están en llamas’: Brasil enfrenta críticas mundiales por los incendios en la Amazonía en Español, August 23

    El fuego que arrasa la selva se produce en medio de la creciente preocupación por el debilitamiento de las políticas ambientales de Brasil, lo que puede poner en peligro el comercio y las relaciones exteriores del país.

  10. Amazon Rain Forest Fires: The Scope of the Destruction Video, August 22

    The rain forest, critical to absorbing the planet’s carbon dioxide, has seen an increase in deforestation under Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro.

  11. With Amazon Rain Forest Ablaze, Brazil Faces Global Backlash World, August 22

    The fires scorching the Amazon come amid growing concern that Brazil’s weakening environmental policies could jeopardize the country’s trade and foreign relations.

  12. Fires in Amazon Rain Forest Have Surged This Year World, August 21

    The fires, most of which have been set by farmers clearing their land, are raging in uninhabited areas of rain forest and intruding on populated areas in the country’s north.

  13. Los incendios en la selva amazónica se propagan en Español, August 21

    Se han detectado más de 74.000 incendios en la parte brasileña de la mayor selva del planeta desde inicios de 2019, según un centro de investigación.

  14. La tragedia de Río de Janeiro es política en Español, August 20

    La violencia policial en la segunda ciudad más poblada de Brasil es evitable. El drama que vive Río es político: deriva de una estrategia equivocada y peligrosa.

  15. Egyptian Sought in F.B.I. Qaeda Query Says He Has Nothing to Hide World, August 18

    “I love American people,” said Mohamed Ahmed El Sayed Ahmed Ibrahim, an Egyptian living in Brazil who was named on a most-wanted bulletin.

  16. Egyptian Sought in F.B.I. Qaeda Query Says He Has Nothing to Hide World, August 18

    “I love American people,” said Mohamed Ahmed El Sayed Ahmed Ibrahim, an Egyptian living in Brazil who was named on a most-wanted bulletin.

  17. In Super-Deep Diamonds, Glimmers of Earth’s Distant Past Science, August 15

    We can’t yet dig to the center of the Earth. But diamonds from far below ground offer tantalizing hints of what's down there.

  18. The Unexpectedly Tropical History of Brutalism T Magazine, August 15

    Long associated with European cities, the style has plenty of history in other parts of the world, too. In Brazil, it reached a surprising apotheosis.

  19. Periodistas y opositores, en riesgo en la ‘dictadura sutil’ de Bolsonaro en Español, August 14

    En la retórica del presidente de Brasil, el periodismo es un oficio delictivo y los políticos y activistas que lo critican, enemigos del Estado.

  20. YouTube ayudó al surgimiento de la derecha y la radicalización en Brasil en Español, August 14

    Políticos y simpatizantes dicen que el giro del país hacia la derecha extrema no hubiera sido posible sin el algoritmo de recomendaciones de YouTube. Una investigación sugiere que es cierto.

  21. F.B.I. Wants to Interrogate Egyptian Man in Brazil, Citing Qaeda Links World, August 12

    Brazil says it “stands ready to cooperate” with the F.B.I. seeks to interrogate an Egyptian man linked to planning attacks against the United States.

  22. What Is YouTube Pushing You to Watch Next? World, August 12

    ‘The Weekly’: A New TV Show From The New York Times on FX and Hulu

  23. How YouTube Radicalized Brazil World, August 11

    YouTube built its business on keeping users hooked. This has been a gift to extremist groups. An investigation in the company’s second-biggest market found serious consequences.

  24. We Wanted to Know How Online Radicalization Was Changing the World. We Started With Brazil. Reader Center, August 11

    What we found there, for an article and an episode of “The Weekly,” went far beyond anything we had anticipated, with important, disturbing lessons for us all.

  25. What Is YouTube Pushing You to Watch Next? The Weekly, August 9

    A New TV Show from The New York Times on FX and Hulu

  26. Brazil Inmate Is Found Dead After a Failed Escape in Daughter’s Clothes World, August 6

    Clauvino da Silva tried to escape from prison disguised as his teenage daughter. Days after prison officials publicized the attempt, they said Mr. da Silva had killed himself.

  27. 9 Cities Where Public Transit Offers Eye-Popping Views Travel, August 6

    Forget pricey tours. For the cost of a one-way commuter fare, sublime views can be had in some of the world’s most picturesque cities.

  28. Brazilian Gang Leader Dressed as His Teenage Daughter in Failed Jail Break World, August 5

    The attempt, complete with a silicone mask and wig, was thwarted by guards who noticed the inmate’s nervousness as he tried to leave the prison.

  29. Cuomo and Campaign Financing Opinion, August 4

    Betsy Gotbaum, a former New York City public advocate, writes of “the need for major campaign finance reform at the state level.” Also: The Amazon rain forest.

  30. Bolsonaro Fires Head of Agency Tracking Amazon Deforestation in Brazil World, August 2

    The president claimed a government monitoring agency had released deforestation data with the intent to harm Brazil’s image abroad, a decision that incited protests from environmental organizations.

  31. In the Fight to Save the Planet, Its Defenders Are Being Killed Opinion, August 1

    Those who resist powerful industries that savage ecosystems and drive people off their land face death and fear.

  32. Mario Gonzalez, Father of Golf in Brazil, Is Dead at 96 Sports, August 1

    A master teacher, he was content to stay in Brazil. “If he had played more on the PGA Tour,” one golfer said, “I am sure he would be in the Hall of Fame.”

  33. 4 More Inmates Die in Brazil After Deadly Prison Clash World, July 31

    The authorities did not reveal the motive for the clash, only confirming that it was a fight between criminal groups, a day after 58 inmates were killed by a rival gang.

  34. Why the Brazil Prison Massacre Was a ‘Tragedy Foretold’ World, July 30

    The deadliest prison massacre in Brazil in decades shows how powerful drug gangs have come to control the country’s overcrowded, underfunded prisons.

  35. Prison Riot Leaves 57 Dead in Northern Brazil World, July 29

    In the latest outbreak of prison violence in Brazil, inmates from rival factions faced off in an hourslong battle that left 16 prisoners decapitated.

  36. From Environmental Leader to ‘Worst Company in the World’ Business, July 29

    Fierce criticism of the American agricultural giant shows how companies that fall short of ambitious commitments can quickly anger advocacy groups.

  37. In Brazil, Architects Explore ‘the Logic of the Weave’ Science, July 29

    The weaver and artist Alison Grace Martin employs non-Euclidean geometry in her small bamboo creations. Now she’s scaling up.

  38. Under Brazil’s Far Right Leader, Amazon Protections Slashed and Forests Fall World, July 28

    Cutting down trees at the current rate could lead to runaway deforestation, environmentalists say. But President Bolsonaro is sticking to his promise to curb enforcement.

  39. Miners Kill Indigenous Leader in Brazil During Invasion of Protected Land World, July 27

    Land invasions in indigenous territories are on the rise across Brazil. Indigenous leaders say they regularly come under threat by miners, loggers and farmers.