1. A Year of Violence Sees Brazil’s Murder Rate Hit Record High Foreign, August 10

    Violence stemming from drug gang battles over territory is keeping people indoors and driving support for tough-on-crime candidates.

  2. Domestic Abuse, Shown Blow by Blow, Shocks Brazil Foreign, August 7

    A security camera recorded a man beating his wife — and her subsequent plunge to her death from their fifth-floor apartment. Now a debate is raging over domestic violence.

  3. Antonio Dias, Brazilian Artist Who Poked the Generals, Dies at 74 Obits, August 6

    Mr. Dias took aim at the 1960s ruling junta with trenchant works of bright colors, graphic immediacy and world weariness. He later went into exile.

  4. As ‘Lula’ Sits in Brazil Jail, Party Nominates Him for President Foreign, August 5

    The Workers’ Party hopes to generate enough support for the former leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to force courts to free him and allow him to campaign.

  5. Brazil’s Supreme Court Considers Decriminalizing Abortion Foreign, August 3

    A rare two-day public hearing on abortion comes as legislators are trying to restrict the practice.

  6. Fields Medal Is Stolen Minutes After It’s Given in Brazil Foreign, August 2

    Caucher Birkar, a Cambridge University professor, was one of four winners of the award, which is regarded as the world’s most prestigious prize for math.

  7. Brazil’s Military Strides Into Politics, by the Ballot or by Force Foreign, July 21

    Scores of former officers are running for office. And if the ballot box doesn’t work, some former officials warn of a possible military coup.

  8. Isolated Indigenous Man Filmed in the Amazon Video, July 20

    The Brazilian government’s indigenous affairs agency released footage of the man in Rondônia. The agency said that he is the sole surviving member of his tribe after the rest were attacked over 20 years ago.

  9. Tribe’s Lone Survivor Glimpsed in Amazon Jungle, Healthy and at Work Foreign, July 20

    The sole survivor of an isolated indigenous community in the Brazilian Amazon looks strong and vibrant in new video footage.

  10. In Rough Rio de Janeiro Neighborhood, Ballet as ‘Anesthetic’ and Escape Foreign, July 17

    Led by an indomitable teacher, ballet students in a poor district didn’t let the closure of their school stop them from dancing — or from delivering a pointed message to government officials.