1. Brazil’s Sad Choice Editorial, Yesterday

    Jair Bolsonaro, the blustery hard-right candidate described as “a Brazilian Donald Trump,” appears headed for the presidency.

  2. This Far-Right Politician Could Be Brazil’s Next President Video, Yesterday

    Jair Bolsonaro has been in the fringe far right for most of his political career. Now, he is the front-runner in Brazil’s presidential race.

  3. Most of ‘Luzia,’ a 12,000-Year-Old Fossil, Is Recovered After Brazil Museum Fire Foreign, Yesterday

    The museum director said that 80 percent of the fossil had been found after a huge fire ripped through the National Museum last month.

  4. 2018 Digital Misinformation Roundup Metro, October 20

    The midterm elections are 17 days away. Here is a collection of coverage from The New York Times and elsewhere on efforts to mislead voters on social media and the wider internet.

  5. The Poison on Facebook and Twitter Is Still Spreading Editorial, October 19

    Social platforms have a responsibility to address misinformation as a systemic problem, instead of reacting to case after case.

  6. Disinformation Spreads on WhatsApp Ahead of Brazilian Election Technology, October 19

    Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, is trying to prove it can curb the spread of false news. But the app’s design makes it difficult.

  7. Brazil’s Bitter Presidential Race Leads to Scores of Assaults Foreign, October 17

    The country is divided between a far-right candidate who advocates fighting violence with violence, and a leftist rival. The increasing animosity has led to more than 70 attacks on political opponents.

  8. Fake News Is Poisoning Brazilian Politics. WhatsApp Can Stop It. Op Ed, October 17

    Ahead of a critical election, the messaging app has become a sea of toxic misinformation — but it’s not too late to halt the tide.

  9. What’s at Stake in Brazil’s Election? The Future of the Amazon Climate, October 17

    The next president of Brazil may shape the destiny of the Amazon, which is vital to reining in climate change. The stakes for the planet are huge.

  10. A KKK Endorsement? No Thanks, Says Brazil’s Top Presidential Candidate Foreign, October 16

    “He sounds like us,” David Duke, a former grand wizard, said of Jair Bolsonaro, the far-right candidate. “Enormous stupidity!” Mr. Bolsonaro responded.

  11. An Enthralling Show of Afro-Atlantic History Illuminates Brazil Arts, October 12

    With more than 200 artists, the São Paulo exhibition is a hemispheric treasure chest about resistance to racism. Its timing is apt.

  12. Brazil Can’t Afford to Ignore Its Dire Economic Outlook Op Ed, October 11

    Neither of the two presidential candidates has offered a comprehensive plan for an increasingly shaky economy.

  13. Angela Maria, 89, Brazilian Singer Who Inspired a Generation, Dies Obits, October 11

    Her unique voice — at times piercing, sometimes hoarse, often loaded with melancholy — powered a wildly successful recording career.

  14. Angela Maria, 89, Brazilian Singer Who Inspired a Generation, Dies Obituaries, October 11

    Her unique voice — at times piercing, sometimes hoarse, often loaded with melancholy — powered a wildly successful recording career.

  15. Brazil Edges Toward Bolsonaro as a ‘Last Resort’ Leader Foreign, October 8

    Despairing over corruption and violence, Brazilians appear ready to give up their hard-won democracy for a president who can provide stability.

  16. Can Brazil’s Democracy Be Saved? Op Ed, October 8

    A dangerous right-wing populist who preys on division and disunity looks to be headed for the presidency.

  17. Brazil Election: Jair Bolsonaro Heads to Runoff After Missing Outright Win Foreign, October 7

    Fed up with corruption and violence, Brazilians tilted toward the far-right candidate and his promise of an iron fist. He will face Fernando Haddad of the Workers’ Party.

  18. Brazil’s Presidential Race: Who’s Ahead and What to Expect Foreign, October 6

    A far-right candidate who was a marginal political figure as recently as a year ago has emerged as the front-runner in Brazil’s presidential election on Sunday.

  19. Far-Right Candidate Jair Bolsonaro Widens Lead in Brazil’s Presidential Race Foreign, October 5

    A year ago, many in Brazil regarded Representative Jair Bolsonaro’s presidential bid as fanciful. He has defied the country’s laws of political gravity.

  20. Brazilian Big-Wave Surfer Sets a Record Foreign, October 2

    Maya Gabeira set the women’s biggest-wave surfing record. Her biggest challenge? Creating a women’s category she could compete in.

  21. The Strongman vs. the Prisoner vs. the Mountain Hermit Op Ed, October 2

    Brazilian presidential politics have spiraled into chaos. What’s a voter to do?

  22. Representation as Resistance in São Paulo Styles, September 28

    The photographer Gabriela Portilho examines personal style as a statement of identity, culture and strength on the streets of São Paulo, Brazil.

  23. The Amazon on the Brink Op Ed, September 26

    Once a leader in protecting the region’s vast forests, Brazil is now moving in the opposite direction.

  24. Jair Bolsonaro, Candidate in Brazil, Faces Women’s Calls: #NotHim Foreign, September 24

    Women are organizing a social media campaign and street protests to voice anger at Jair Bolsonaro, the far-right candidate known for sexist comments.

  25. Still Haunted by Grocery Shopping in the 1980s Op Ed, September 22

    In the Brazil of my childhood, we battled hyperinflation to buy ice cream.