1. Jair Bolsonaro, acusado de crímenes contra la humanidad por el manejo de la pandemia en Español, October 20

    Un esperado reporte del Senado de Brasil concluye que Jair Bolsonaro permitió a propósito que el coronavirus se propagara y matara a los brasileños en una apuesta fallida por la inmunidad de rebaño.

  2. Brazilian Leader Accused of Crimes Against Humanity in Pandemic Response World, October 19

    A report from lawmakers initially said Jair Bolsonaro should be charged with mass homicide and genocide, accusing him of letting Covid-19 spread in a failed bid for herd immunity.

  3. A Martial Arts Star Is Criticized for His Handling of Abuse Cases Sports, October 12

    Roberto Abreu, known as Cyborg, has acknowledged missteps in the way he responded to sexual abuse allegations in his Brazilian jiu-jitsu organization.

  4. Pfizer to vaccinate entire city in Brazil as part of study. World, October 10

    The study will follow participants for up to one year to find out how long vaccine protection lasts against Covid-19 and new variants.

  5. Brazil’s Covid-19 death toll passes 600,000. World, October 9

    The figure represents a heartbreaking amount of loss, though at the same time, it was a signal that the rate of fatalities in the country has been slowing.

  6. The Road Back: ‘How Am I Ever Going to Dance Again?’ Arts, October 7

    We talked to three New York City Ballet dancers — Megan Fairchild, Jovani Furlan and India Bradley — in the months leading up to their return to the stage.

  7. Las aplicaciones de Facebook se cayeron. El mundo lo resintió mucho en Español, October 5

    El apagón perjudicó la vida digital de pequeños empresarios, políticos, trabajadores humanitarios y millones más. Pero para otros, fue un respiro bienvenido.

  8. Facebook’s Apps Went Down. The World Saw How Much It Runs on Them. Technology, October 5

    The outage disrupted the digital lives of small-business owners, politicians, aid workers and others. But for some, it was a welcome reprieve.

  9. Global Natural Gas Crunch Roils Consumers and Industry Business, October 1

    Rising demand for the fuel is sending electricity bills soaring and forcing factories to shut down.

  10. Bolsonaro’s wife was vaccinated during their visit to New York for the U.N.G.A. World, September 27

    The president of Brazil began his visit by defying a U.N. honor system requiring proof of vaccination, and four members of his entourage have tested positive.

  11. How Much Do You Know About Brazil? Interactive, September 13

    Can you find Brazil on a map? What else do you know about this South American country with 212 million people?

  12. Get Ready to Pay More for Your Morning Joe Interactive, August 16

    Climate shocks in Brazil and shipping bottlenecks have pushed the price of coffee beans higher — and farmers and roasters are feeling the effects.

  13. El mayor humedal tropical del mundo se ha convertido en un infierno Interactive, October 13

    Este año, alrededor de una cuarta parte del vasto humedal el Pantanal en Brasil, uno de los lugares más biodiversos del planeta, ha sucumbido bajo las llamas de los incendios forestales que el cambio climático ha empeorado.

  14. The New Saturday Night Interactive, May 1

    With billions of people staying home, the world is reinventing the weekend.

  15. Brazil Coronavirus Map and Case Count Interactive, April 23

    A detailed map shows the extent of the coronavirus outbreak, with charts and tables of the number of cases and deaths.

  16. Natural History Museum Will Not Host Gala for Brazil’s President Culture, April 15

    The museum said that it was “deeply concerned” about renting the space for an event to honor someone whose environmental policies had been widely criticized.

  17. Bolsanaro’s Popularity Sinks After a Rocky 100 Days in Brazil Foreign, April 14

    Infighting and self-generated crises have made the first months of Jair Bolsonaro’s presidency turbulent, although he has fulfilled some campaign vows.

  18. Was Money to Help Women in Brazil’s Politics Funneled to Men? Foreign, April 12

    Brazil’s new president promised to clean up politics. Now top leaders in his party are being investigated in connection with a corrupt scheme that undermined female candidates.

  19. Who’s the Daddy? Neither Twin Would Say. But They Both Will Pay. Foreign, April 3

    With DNA tests of no use, a Brazilian judge ordered two twin brothers to pay child support for a 9-year-old girl.

  20. Churrasco That Rises Above at Paladar in East Harlem Dining, March 28

    The meat at this modest Brazilian pay-per-pound joint is scarcely adorned, tastes only of itself, salt and fire, and is worthy of eating cut after cut.

  21. Ex-Officers Arrested in Killing of Marielle Franco, Brazilian Politician and Activist Foreign, March 12

    The arrests suggest that Ms. Franco, an activist against police brutality, was targeted by members of a criminal underworld run by former and current law enforcement officials.