1. Un tuit crítico lleva a un escritor a los tribunales de Brasil en Español, November 24

    El escritor J. P. Cuenca lo llama “Kafka en los trópicos”. Los pastores evangélicos han presentado al menos 130 demandas en su contra por un tuit, parte de una estrategia cada vez más común contra los críticos.

  2. A Brazilian Writer Saw a Tweet as Tame Satire. Then Came the Lawsuits. Foreign, November 22

    The writer J.P. Cuenca calls it “Kafka in the tropics.” Evangelical pastors have filed at least 130 suits against him over a tweet, part of an increasingly common strategy against critics.

  3. José Luiz da Silva, Brazilian Social Media Star, Dies at 52 Obits, November 19

    He acquired more than a million followers on Instagram and appeared in commercials and music videos and on TV variety shows. He died of Covid-19.

  4. América Latina, es hora de acabar con los abusos policiales en Español, November 18

    Las policías y fuerzas de seguridad de la región necesitan una reforma urgente. De lo contrario, es probable que sigamos viendo graves abusos contra manifestantes.

  5. Brasil disminuye los contagios de COVID-19 y la popularidad de Bolsonaro aumenta en Español, November 18

    La arrogancia del presidente Jair Bolsonaro en el manejo de la pandemia de coronavirus generó indignación. Pero a medida que se aplana la curva de contagios en Brasil, su base política se fortalece.

  6. As Brazil’s Covid Crisis Eases, Bolsonaro Sees Rising Popularity Foreign, November 16

    President Jair Bolsonaro’s cavalier handling of the coronavirus pandemic drew outrage. But as the curve in Brazil has flattened, his political standing has strengthened.

  7. 11 Hotels to Visit in Your Dreams T Style, November 11

    Travel options may be limited, but here are places sure to linger in the mind, and that these writers, designers and others hope to get to — or get back to — someday.

  8. In Brazil’s Halt of Chinese Vaccine Trial, Critics See Politics Business, November 10

    The government offered little explanation as to why it had stopped testing a promising coronavirus shot; an institute involved in the trial said a participant’s death was unrelated to the vaccine.

  9. Arolde de Oliveira, Conservative Brazilian Senator, Dies at 83 Obits, November 5

    Senator Oliveira, who had the support of evangelicals, played down the coronavirus before succumbing to it.

  10. Bolsonaro’s Eldest Son, a Senator, Faces Graft Charges in Brazil Foreign, November 4

    Flávio Bolsonaro has been under investigation on suspicion of running a kickback scheme that has embroiled several members of the family, including the first lady.

  11. We’ve Rarely Seen a Dinosaur Brain Like This Before Science, November 3

    While later dinosaurs in this lineage were giant herbivores with tiny brains, this small species packed a lot more power in its skull.

  12. El mayor humedal tropical del mundo se ha convertido en un infierno Interactive, October 13

    Este año, alrededor de una cuarta parte del vasto humedal el Pantanal en Brasil, uno de los lugares más biodiversos del planeta, ha sucumbido bajo las llamas de los incendios forestales que el cambio climático ha empeorado.

  13. The World’s Largest Tropical Wetland Has Become an Inferno Interactive, October 13

    This year, roughly a quarter of the vast Pantanal wetland in Brazil, one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, has burned in wildfires worsened by climate change.

  14. The Coronavirus Unleashed Along the Amazon River Interactive, July 25

    As the pandemic assails Brazil, the virus is taking an exceptionally high toll on the Amazon region.

  15. The New Saturday Night Interactive, May 1

    With billions of people staying home, the world is reinventing the weekend.

  16. Brazil Covid Map and Case Count Interactive, April 23

    A detailed map shows the extent of the coronavirus outbreak, with charts and tables of the number of cases and deaths.