1. Brazil Says It’s Started Sinking an Old Warship, Hazardous Material and All Climate, February 4

    The navy said it had begun an operation to send the aircraft carrier São Paulo to the bottom.

  2. Un imponente buque se convirtió en un problema ambiental. Brasil va a hundirlo en Español, February 2

    El viejo portaaviones, antaño buque insignia de la Armada, está repleto de asbesto. Ningún país, incluido Brasil, permite que atraque para ser desmantelado o reciclado.

  3. A Proud Ship Turned Into a Giant Recycling Problem. So Brazil Plans to Sink It. Climate, February 2

    The old aircraft carrier, once the navy’s flagship, is packed with asbestos. No country, including Brazil, will let it dock to be dismantled.

  4. 2023年最值得去的52个地方 Interactive, January 31


  5. When Your Old Fishing Buddy Has a Snout and a Blowhole Science, January 30

    Bottlenose dolphins help Brazilian fishermen pull in their catch, and researchers have worked out what the marine mammals get from the cooperative hunting.

  6. The Sunday Read: ‘Has the Amazon Reached Its “Tipping Point”?’ The Daily, January 29

    Some Brazilian scientists fear that the Amazon may become a grassy savanna — with profound effects on the climate worldwide.

  7. A Dilemma for Governments: How to Pay for Million-Dollar Therapies Science, January 24

    A wave of transformative but hugely expensive treatments is challenging the budgets of health systems in wealthy nations. Now countries with far fewer resources are wrestling with how to cover the therapies.

  8. Mastermind Behind Amazon Murders of Journalist and Activist Is Caught, Police Say Foreign, January 23

    Brazilian police officials accused an illegal fishing trafficker of ordering an assassination in June that left a British journalist and a Brazilian activist dead deep in the Amazon.

  9. He Is Brazil’s Defender of Democracy. Is He Actually Good for Democracy? Foreign, January 22

    Alexandre de Moraes, a Brazilian Supreme Court justice, was crucial to Brazil’s transfer of power. But his aggressive tactics are prompting debate: Can one go too far to fight the far right?

  10. Ele é o defensor da democracia no Brasil. Mas será que ele é realmente bom para a democracia? World, January 22

    Alexandre de Moraes, Ministro do Supremo Tribunal Federal, foi crucial para a transição de poder no Brasil. Mas suas táticas agressivas estão provocando um debate: É possível ir longe demais para combater a extrema-direita?

  11. Brazil’s Defender of the Indigenous Brings Their Fight to the Shed Arts & Leisure, January 20

    Claudia Andujar has photographed the Yanomami in the Amazon during a lifetime of activism. At 91, she is still helping protect their rainforest homeland.

  12. ‘Moriremos por Brasil’: así fue como una turba de extrema derecha intentó derrocar a Lula en Español, January 17

    El asalto a la capital de Brasil no logró derrocar al gobierno electo. Pero un análisis del ataque revela cómo el extremismo amenaza a la democracia más grande de América Latina.

  13. The Defenders of the Amazon Never Wanted to Be Martyrs Op Ed, January 17

    For too long, the fate of the rainforest has rested on the shoulders of environmental and human rights activists.

  14. Una pregunta vital para la democracia brasileña: ¿dónde estaba la policía? en Español, January 14

    La inicial inacción en los eventos del domingo muestra cómo las fuerzas de seguridad pueden ayudar a empoderar la violencia y a profundizar una amenaza a la democracia.

  15. Life and Much Death in the Amazon Book Review, January 14

    In “Masters of the Lost Land,” Heriberto Araujo investigates a region where land and people are routinely sacrificed to greed and corruption.

  16. Bolsonaro Faces Investigation for Inspiring Brazil’s Capital Riot Foreign, January 14

    Brazil’s Supreme Court said it would investigate Jair Bolsonaro, the country’s former president, for inspiring the mob that stormed the nation’s halls of power on Sunday.

  17. ‘We Will Die for Brazil’: How a Far-Right Mob Tried to Oust Lula Foreign, January 14

    The storming of Brazil’s capital failed to overthrow the elected government. But an examination of the attack reveals how extremism is threatening Latin America’s largest democracy.

  18. 52 Places to Go in 2023 Interactive, January 12

    Travel’s rebound has revealed the depth of our drive to explore the world. Why do we travel? For food, culture, adventure, natural beauty? This year’s list has all those elements, and more.

  19. The Moment the Brazil Rioters Broke Through: Exclusive Video Foreign, January 12

    The invasion of Brazil’s halls of power began with a severe shortfall of security forces.

  20. Your Thursday Briefing: A Russian Military Shake-Up N Y T Now, January 11

    Also, Brazil investigates the riots and Australia reacts to Cardinal George Pell’s death.

  21. A Vital Question for Brazil’s Democracy: Where Were the Police? Foreign, January 11

    Their early inaction in Sunday’s riot shows how security forces can help empower violence and deepen the threat to democracy.

  22. A Jan. 6 Moment for Brazil The Daily, January 11

    How did a former president’s supporters end up storming the nation’s Capitol?

  23. Brazil’s Homage to Jan. 6 Was an Act of Pure Performance Op Ed, January 11

    How Jan. 8 confirmed two tendencies of contemporary populism.

  24. The Muscles That Power a Female Insect’s Penislike Organ Science, January 11

    Scientists studied the internal anatomy that make a female-male role reversal possible in a group of Brazilian cave insects.

  25. Brazilian Authorities Arrested the Rioters. Now They Are Arresting Security Officials. Foreign, January 10

    With more than 700 people arrested after supporters of Jair Bolsonaro ransacked Brazil’s seats of government, the authorities began to search for those who funded and aided the rioters.

  26. O “Trump dos Trópicos” cai em desgraça Opinion, January 10

    Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva tem a difícil missão de manter coesa uma nação.

  27. Lesson Plan: Brazil’s Anti-Democracy Riot Learning, January 10

    Backers of former President Jair Bolsonaro ransacked government offices. What does this mean for Brazil and for other democracies?

  28. Brazil and Jan. 6 N Y T Now, January 10

    How Brazil’s riots compare to the Jan. 6 attack.

  29. ¿Qué impulsó el ataque a la capital de Brasil? Teorías conspiracionistas arraigadas en Español, January 10

    Los disturbios del domingo dejaron al desnudo una amenaza abrumadora para la democracia brasileña.

  30. Brasil en un momento decisivo en Español, January 10

    El nuevo presidente, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, tiene el desafío definitivo de su mandato: ser el presidente de todos.

  31. What Drove a Mass Attack on Brazil’s Capital? Mass Delusion. Foreign, January 10

    Sunday’s riot laid bare a daunting threat to Brazilian democracy: Unlike past putsch attempts in Latin America, this one was driven by deeply rooted conspiracy theories.

  32. The pro-Bolsonaro riot and Jan. 6 attack followed a similar digital playbook, experts say. Business, January 10

    Researchers are studying how the internet was used to stoke anger and to organize far-right groups ahead of the Brazilian riots.

  33. The ‘Trump of the Tropics’ Goes Bust Op Ed, January 9

    The definitive challenge for Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva: to be president for all the people.

  34. Your Tuesday Briefing: Brazil Arrests Rioters N Y T Now, January 9

    Also, heavy fighting rages around Bakhmut and scientists say the ozone layer is healing.

  35. Lula Has No Easy Choices Op Ed, January 9

    Brazil’s newly elected president is stuck between protesters on one side and financial markets on the other.

  36. What We Know About the Investigations Into the Brazil Protests Foreign, January 9

    Investigators face several major questions as they piece together how rioters briefly seized the seats of Brazil’s government.

  37. Was Louisa May Alcott a Transgender Man? Letters, January 9

    Readers write about the author of “Little Women.” Also: Brazil’s insurrection; credit for ghostwriters; law school rankings; resisting temptation.

  38. The January 8 Brazil Congress Protests Bolsonaro live blog included three standalone posts:
  39. The January 8 Brazil Congress Riots Bolsonaro live blog included one standalone post:
  40. The attack on Brazil’s seat of government resembles the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. Washington, January 9

    Jair Bolsonaro, the right-wing former president of Brazil, had for months sought to undermine the results of an election that he lost, in much the same manner that Donald J. Trump did after his defeat in the 2020 presidential election.

  41. Videos Show How Rioters Stormed Brazil’s Capital Foreign, January 9

    Watch key moments of rioters attacking Brazil’s Congress, Presidential offices and the Supreme Court.

  42. Bolsonaro Supporters Lay Siege to Brazil’s Capital Foreign, January 9

    Backers of former President Jair Bolsonaro ransacked government offices, denouncing what they falsely claim was a rigged election. Hundreds were arrested.

  43. Who is Jair Bolsonaro? Foreign, January 9

    The former president of Brazil upended political norms as a far-right populist.

  44. Governments Condemn Brazil Protests Foreign, January 8

    Leaders from the United States, Latin America and Europe expressed support for Brazil’s president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

  45. Bolsonaro Supporters Storm Brazil’s Congress Video, January 8

    Videos shared on social media showed supporters of Brazil’s former president, Jair Bolsonaro, storming the National Congress in Brasília. The protest comes two months after Mr. Bolsonaro lost his re-election bid.

  46. Your Monday Briefing: China Reopens Dining, January 8

    Also, Brazilians storm government offices and the Times investigates a 2021 Kabul airstrike.

  47. Bolsonaro has been holed up thousands of miles away in Florida. Foreign, January 8

    Before departing Brazil, the former president had urged his supporters to avoid violence.

  48. El virus olvidado: investigadores y familias afectadas por el zika tienen problemas para encontrar apoyo en Español, August 17

    Algunos bebés que nacieron con las devastadoras consecuencias de la enfermedad transmitida por mosquitos ya tienen 7 años, pero la covid ha acaparado la atención del mundo.

  49. El virus olvidado: investigadores y familias afectadas por el zika tienen problemas para encontrar apoyo en Español, August 17

    Algunos bebés que nacieron con las devastadoras consecuencias de la enfermedad transmitida por mosquitos ya tienen 7 años, pero la covid ha acaparado la atención del mundo.

  50. The Forgotten Virus: Zika Families and Researchers Struggle for Support Science, August 16

    Some babies born with devastating birth defects from the mosquito-borne illness are 7 now, but Covid turned the world’s attention away.

  51. Sharp Drop in Childhood Vaccinations Threatens Millions of Lives Science, July 15

    Pandemic lockdowns, misinformation campaigns, conflicts, climate crises and other problems diverted resources and contributed to the largest backslide in routine immunization in 30 years.