1. Brazil’s New President Isn’t Even in Office Yet and He’s Already Damaged Our Health Care Op Ed, Yesterday

    Our public health system is a jewel. Can it survive four years of recklessness?

  2. Celebrity Healer in Brazil Is Accused of Sexually Abusing Followers Foreign, Yesterday

    Dozens of women have come forward to accuse the Brazilian medium João Teixeira de Faria, known as John of God.

  3. Gunman Opens Fire in Brazilian Cathedral, Killing at Least 4 Foreign, Yesterday

    The shooting took place at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Campinas, Brazil, killing four people and injuring four others, the authorities said.

  4. Illegal Mining, ‘Worse Than at Any Other Time,’ Threatens Amazon, Study Finds Foreign, December 10

    Researchers identified 2,312 illegal mining sites in six nations, and highlighted their toxic effects. Activists fear that Brazil’s new president will encourage even more mining.

  5. Brazil’s New Leader Wants to Ease Gun Laws. Supporters Are Ready, and Training. Foreign, December 1

    President-elect Jair Bolsonaro wants to make it easier for “good guys” to own firearms, though most Brazilians think civilian gun ownership should be banned.

  6. Missionary’s Killing Reignites Debate About Isolated Tribes: Contact, Support or Stay Away? Foreign, November 30

    There are dozens of communities that continue to live completely off the grid, mostly in the Amazon, where drug traffickers, miners and ranchers threaten them.

  7. Cuban Doctors Accuse International Agency of Profiting From Their Work Foreign, November 29

    A division of the World Health Organization made about $75 million off the work of Cuban doctors who earned substandard wages in Brazil, a lawsuit alleges.

  8. Brazil Backs Out of Hosting 2019 Climate Change Meeting Foreign, November 28

    Brazil was an influential player in efforts to tame climate warming and mitigate its effects. It is now moving in the opposite direction.

  9. Rio de Janeiro Elevator Attendants ‘Adore’ Their Dying, Chatty Trade Foreign, November 25

    It seemed to be the occupation that automation somehow forgot. But elevator attendants are now losing in droves the jobs they love. When they disappear, so will a sociable slice of the city’s life.

  10. Trump’s Tariffs Haven’t Really Transformed Trade. Yet. Sunday Business, November 21

    Despite his tough talk, President Trump has not fundamentally altered America’s approach to trade. But that could change, and future increases in tariffs could be very costly to the United States.

  11. U.S. and Brazil Chose Similar Leaders. It May Lead to Smoother Relations. Foreign, November 20

    President-elect Jair Bolsonaro’s enthusiasm for closer ties with America is among the starkest signs that Brazil’s foreign policy is about to undergo profound changes.

  12. A Metropolis of 200 Million Termite Mounds Was Hidden in Plain Sight Science, November 20

    What amount to garbage piles — some are 4,000 years old — are spread over an area the size of Britain in a remote Brazilian forest.

  13. Aldyr Schlee, Who Designed the Brazilian Soccer Team’s Iconic Jersey, Dies at 83 Express, November 18

    Mr. Schlee won a contest, though he was skeptical about the rules: The design had to include the blue, green, white and yellow of the Brazilian flag.

  14. Aldyr Schlee, 83, Dies; Created Brazil Soccer Team’s Iconic Jersey Obituaries, November 18

    Mr. Schlee won a contest, though he was skeptical about the rules: The jersey design had to use the blue, green, white and yellow of Brazil’s flag.

  15. Cuba Is Pulling Doctors From Brazil After ‘Derogatory’ Comments by Bolsonaro Foreign, November 14

    Brazil’s far-right president-elect, Jair Bolsonaro, said a program that sends thousands of Cuban doctors to underserved regions of his country amounted to “slave labor.”