1. Pentagon Provides Update On Shooting Video, Today

    The chief of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency provided details on the shooting incident that took place on the Metro bus platform near the Defense Department’s headquarters.

  2. A Cat on the Field. A Mantis on a Hat. Monday Baseball Had It All. Express, Today

    A cat interrupted a Yankees-Orioles game. A praying mantis stuck to a Nationals player’s hat. It was a big day for animals on the field.

  3. Masks are mandated indoors in Washington, D.C., as localities grapple with revised federal guidance. National, July 29

    The announcement from Mayor Muriel Bowser came as some states and municipalities were quick to adopt the new C.D.C. guidelines while others expressed outrage.

  4. White House staff are told to wear masks again, as cases rise in Washington. Washington, July 27

    The new guidance represented a return to the stringent masking rules that defined the early months of the Biden administration.

  5. Outbreaks of Untreatable, Drug-Resistant Fungus Spread in 2 Cities Science, July 23

    For the first time, the C.D.C. identified several cases of Candida auris that were resistant to all drugs, in two health facilities in Texas and a long-term care center in Washington, D.C.

  6. A veteran police chief has been tapped to lead the Capitol Police, half a year after the Jan. 6 riot. Washington, July 22

    He will take over a 2,000-member force that has been hollowed out by a flood of departures since the riot.

  7. An appeals court tosses a G.O.P. lawsuit against Pelosi over House proxy voting. Washington, July 20

    A three-judge panel ruled that courts did not have jurisdiction under the Constitution to wade into the House’s rules and procedures.

  8. Biden Celebrates Super Bowl Champions at the White House Video, July 20

    President Biden hosted a ceremony honoring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 2021 Super Bowl win, where quarterback Tom Brady stole the show with apparent jabs at former President Donald J. Trump.

  9. The July 19 Politics News live blog included one standalone post:
  10. A Girl’s Shooting Death in Washington Leaves a Community on Edge Express, July 18

    Nyiah Courtney, 6, was riding her scooter on a sidewalk when she was killed, the authorities said. Five adults, including her mother, were wounded.

  11. Shooting Outside Nationals Park Injures Three People Video, July 18

    Fans rushed to evacuate Nationals Park in Washington after three people were shot outside the stadium during a game between the Washington Nationals and the San Diego Padres.

  12. 5 Texas Democrats who fled their state to stall a voting bill test positive in Washington. Express, July 17

    The Texas House Democratic Caucus did not name the five lawmakers, but said they were all fully vaccinated.

  13. 6-Year-Old Girl in Washington Is Fatally Shot While Riding Scooter Express, July 17

    The shooting in the nation’s capital on Friday night also left five adults wounded, according to the police, who pleaded with the public for help.

  14. White flags along the National Mall will mark more than 600,000 U.S. Covid deaths. Washington, July 15

    For two weeks starting on Sept. 17, the flags will blanket 20 acres of federal parkland near the Washington Monument.

  15. Jeff Bezos Gives $200 Million to National Air and Space Museum Culture, July 14

    The donation will finance renovations and a new learning center at the Smithsonian museum on the National Mall.

  16. Weighing Haiti Intervention, U.S. Again Faces a Torturous Dilemma Foreign, July 13

    Time and again, the world has found that propping up failing states is compelling in the short term and potentially disastrous in the long term.

  17. Harris Praises ‘Courage and Commitment’ of Texas Democrats Video, July 12

    Vice President Kamala Harris praised Texas Democrats’ ongoing efforts to prevent passage of a new restrictive voting law by the Republican-controlled state legislature. On Monday, the group headed to Washington to draw attention to what they view ...

  18. The fencing built around the Capitol after the Jan. 6 riot is coming down. Washington, July 7

    The fence was viewed by many as a physical manifestation of the consequences of the Capitol riot.

  19. Haiti’s President Is Assassinated Video, July 7

    President Jovenel Moïse of Haiti was killed in an attack at his private residence on the outskirts of the capital, Port-au-Prince.

  20. Capitol Police plan to open field offices outside Washington to track threats to lawmakers. Washington, July 6

    The agency charged with protecting Congress is transforming itself in the wake of the Jan. 6 attack, which exposed serious deficiencies in training and preparedness.

  21. Opinion: Takeaways from My Obama Interview Interactive, June 1

    For my latest episode, I spoke with former President Barack Obama about how he believes America has changed since his time in office.

  22. El agente Brian Sicknick murió tras el asalto al Capitolio. Nuevos videos muestran cómo fue atacado Interactive, March 25

    Nuevos videos obtenidos por The New York Times muestran al público por primera vez cómo fue atacado con spray químico el agente de la Policía del Capitolio que murió tras enfrentarse a los asaltantes el 6 de enero.

  23. Officer Brian Sicknick Died After the Capitol Riot. New Videos Show How He Was Attacked. Interactive, March 24

    New videos obtained by The New York Times show publicly for the first time how the U.S. Capitol Police officer who died after facing off with rioters on Jan. 6 was attacked with chemical spray.

  24. Read the document Interactive, March 4

    Here is the cover letter and formal investigation of Elaine Chao, which focused on the steps she and her staff took to help members of her family and to handle other personal matters. The investigation resulted in a criminal referral to the Department of Justice.

  25. A Small Group of Militants’ Outsize Role in the Capitol Attack Interactive, February 21

    Prosecutors have highlighted two militant groups — the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys — as being the most organized in last month’s assault.

  26. First They Guarded Roger Stone. Then They Joined the Capitol Attack. Interactive, February 14

    We tracked how six men associated with the far-right Oath Keepers went from providing security for Roger Stone to participating in the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

  27. Lie After Lie: Listen to How Trump Built His Alternate Reality Interactive, February 9

    Donald J. Trump’s lies and calls to action were embraced by his supporters, then amplified by rioters at the Capitol.

  28. Arrested in Capitol Riot: Organized Militants and a Horde of Radicals Interactive, February 4

    Yes, there were Proud Boys, QAnon zealots and military veterans. But most of those arrested so far were united largely by a belief that the election was stolen, a New York Times analysis found.

  29. Tracking the Oath Keepers Who Attacked the Capitol Interactive, January 29

    Several members of the far-right paramilitary group the Oath Keepers have been arrested for a Jan. 6 breach of the Capitol. Who else may have participated, and how do they connect to the militia’s leader Stewart Rhodes?

  30. How to Watch the Inauguration Festivities Interactive, January 19

    Many of the events during Joe Biden’s inauguration have been completely reimagined. Here’s what to know.

  31. Architecture, in Abstract: A Quiz Interactive, August 13

    Can you identify the cities where these abstract architectural photographs were taken?

  32. Live Primary Election Results: Iowa, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and More Races to Watch Interactive, June 2

    Get the latest primary results from Iowa, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and more.

  33. Washington, D.C. Covid Case Count Interactive, April 1

    A detailed chart shows the extent of the coronavirus outbreak.