1. Manafort Lied After Plea Deal, Judge Says U.S., February 13

    A federal judge found that President Trump’s former campaign chairman was untruthful about several topics, potentially leading to a longer sentence.

  2. Long-Distance Romance? Get on the Love Bus New York, February 13

    College sweethearts and long-distance lovers are using OurBus, which offers low rates, multiple routes, and millennial-friendly amenities.

  3. Prosecutors Told Judge That Manafort Might Have Lied in Hopes of a Pardon U.S., February 7

    Prosecutors also expressed concern that Mr. Manafort was misleading them about his contacts with administration officials, the transcript of a court hearing shows.

  4. As Pelosi Applauds Trump, the Internet Sees a Clapback U.S., February 6

    When Speaker Nancy Pelosi clapped as President Trump gave his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, many social media users declared her the queen of shade.

  5. Internet Sees a Clapback in Nancy Pelosi’s Applause of Trump U.S., February 6

    When Speaker Nancy Pelosi clapped as President Trump gave his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, many social media users declared her the queen of shade.

  6. Food Trucks ‘Are No Longer a Novelty,’ but They Are Adapting Business, February 5

    Regulatory and market pressures are creating a tough operating environment for many vendors. Oversaturation and changing culinary tastes are also concerns.

  7. Before the State of the Union, a Day of Anticipation and Preparation U.S., February 5

    After a cancellation and before another potential funding lapse, Congress was finally ready to hear what, exactly, the state of the union is.

  8. In the Pale of Winter, Trump’s Tan Remains a State Secret U.S., February 2

    The White House insists that only “good genes” and a clear powder are behind President Trump’s glow, but mysteries about his grooming routine abound.

  9. 5 Takeaways From The Times’s Interview With President Trump U.S., January 31

    The president addressed the Russia investigation, Roger Stone, the border wall, his dispute with the intelligence agencies and his competition in 2020.

  10. Washington’s Cold Hypocrisy on New York’s Public Housing Opinion, January 31

    A new agreement adds some federal oversight, but no new funding.

  11. President Signs Order to Help U.S. Manufacturers and ‘Trump People’ U.S., January 31

    The order is meant to be a shot in the arm for “blue-collar Trump people,” one official said, even as they face shaky economic prospects from disputes such as a trade war with China.

  12. 6 Takeaways From the Mitch McConnell Profile Magazine, January 24

    The Senate Republican leader’s legacy is now tied to a president he can’t control.

  13. The Confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial Podcasts, January 23

    How an encounter between high school students and a Native American man became an explosive political moment.

  14. Videos Show a Collision of 3 Groups That Spawned a Fiery Political Moment U.S., January 22

    Additional videos show a more nuanced picture of an encounter in Washington among high school students from Kentucky, a group participating in the Indigenous Peoples March and Hebrew Israelites.

  15. A Video of Teenagers and a Native American Man Went Viral. Here’s What Happened. Video, January 22

    A close look at the videos that have emerged paints a more complete picture of what happened on Jan. 18 — and how an unlikely convergence of Americans became such a firestorm.

  16. Mitch McConnell Got Everything He Wanted. But at What Cost? Magazine, January 22

    The president whom the Senate Republican leader helped elect has turned out to be the one thing he can’t control.

  17. After Viral Video, Families of Covington Are Swiftly Circling to Protect Their Boys U.S., January 21

    A Catholic high school in Kentucky has been thrust into a firestorm that touched seemingly every raw nerve in this polarized country — race, President Trump and the behavior of young white men.

  18. On King Holiday, Democrats Convey Hope, Remorse and Invective Against Trump U.S., January 21

    Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. expressed regret for past support of crime legislation, while Bernie Sanders called President Trump a racist.