1. Read George W. Bush’s Eulogy for His Father U.S., December 5

    Former President George W. Bush, the 43rd president, delivered a eulogy for the 41st president and his father, George Bush. Here are those remarks.

  2. George H.W. Bush Funeral Live: Ceremony Begins at Capitol for Coffin’s Departure U.S., December 5

    The United States’ five living presidents and about a dozen current and former heads of state will attend the services at the National Cathedral.

  3. Jon Meacham, Bush’s Biographer, Will Also Deliver a Eulogy Washington, December 4

    Mr. Meacham, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and former President George Bush forged a deeply personal connection that was unusual for most historians and their subjects.

  4. For George Bush and His Eldest Son, a Relationship Unique Among American Presidents Washington, December 4

    In retirement, the 41st and 43rd presidents could finally focus on the things that parents and children focus on when the parents grows older.

  5. A Funeral for a President, and a Fleeting Unity for a Nation Washington, December 4

    The highly choreographed spectacle, a fitting bookend to the heavily scripted inaugural ritual, offers Americans a welcome chance for reflection.

  6. House Republican Campaign Committee Says It Was Hacked This Year Washington, December 4

    The National Republican Congressional Committee said it had reported the breach to the F.B.I. but acknowledged that it had otherwise kept the hack secret for months.

  7. Trump Offers German Automakers a Pause on Car Tariffs, for Now Business, December 4

    A hastily organized White House meeting came as fears were rising in Europe that the president may follow through on threats to impose car tariffs.

  8. A Nation Mourns George Bush: Scenes of Tribute and Grief Washington, December 4

    From Houston to Washington, the former president will be remembered in a series of memorial services this week. Here are The New York Times’s best photos.

  9. In City She Shook, Stormy Daniels Speaks About Path to ‘Full Disclosure’ Washington, December 3

    Ms. Daniels, a pornographic film actress, was interviewed by the journalist Sally Quinn on Monday at a bookstore in Washington.

  10. Here Are the Democrats Who Voted Against Nancy Pelosi U.S., November 29

    Thirty-two Democrats who will serve in the House next year voted in a secret ballot on Wednesday against Representative Nancy Pelosi’s ascent to the speakership. These are the known dissenters so far.

  11. At the White House, Even the Holidays Are Met With Grievances Washington, November 28

    Starting with the blood-red trees, it became abundantly clear this week that not even the frothiest of White House holiday events would be carried without the requisite Trump-era criticisms and presidential complaints.

  12. Raising Pressure on Nicaragua, U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Vice President Foreign, November 27

    Vice president and first lady Rosario Murillo, along with a top aide, was targeted with penalties aimed at ending a harsh crackdown.

  13. Ringleader of Democratic Rebels Softens Tone on Pelosi Washington, November 26

    Representative Seth Moulton said that his efforts to deny Nancy Pelosi the speaker’s gavel were “bigger than her.” But nine more Democrats said they would not support her without rule changes.

  14. America's Relationship With Land Mines and Cluster Munitions Magazine, November 23

    John Ismay, a reporter for At War, explains his interest in developments and trends in the arms industry that may influence how wars are fought in the future.

  15. Supreme Court Party Time Op Ed, November 22

    The Federalist Society’s celebration of Brett Kavanaugh is a reminder that social control can shape the way justices approach their jobs.

  16. Indelible Impressions From 3 Shows in Washington Weekend, November 21

    There is plenty of art to see now in the nation’s capital, but three exhibitions stand out: Bill Traylor’s iconic drawings, Dawoud Bey’s haunting portraits and the savoir faire of Senegalese women.

  17. Book Offers Firsthand Account of a Venomous Den Inside the White House U.S., November 19

    The new book, “Team of Vipers,” is written by Cliff Sims, a former aide in the White House communications office who had previously worked on the Trump campaign.

  18. Nancy Pelosi’s Path to House Speaker May Be Complicated by a ‘Pink Wave’ Washington, November 15

    As Nancy Pelosi insisted she had enough support for the role, Democrats wrestled with the importance of keeping a woman in the top job after a “pink wave” delivered the party back to the majority.

  19. Is Amazon Bad for America? Op Ed, November 15

    And is President Trump actually good for the Republican Party?

  20. Dominating Retail? Yes. Reviving a City? No Thanks. The Upshot, November 13

    Amazon is not in the business of saving your hometown.

  21. Amazon’s HQ2 Plan Gets a Cool Reception Letters, November 13

    Readers worry about how the two locations chosen might be changed for the worse by the arrival of the retailer.