1. In Divided Washington, Relief and Disappointment at Mueller’s Report U.S., Yesterday

    The stoic feelings of progressive Washington were similarly subdued in the city’s more conservative corners.

  2. A Young Chef, and a Stunning Comeback Food, April 16

    Kwame Onwuachi vaulted from troubled youth to overnight success to failure with a fancy restaurant in Washington, D.C. Now he’s drawing attention with a new book and approach.

  3. Citi Bike Pulls New Electric Bikes Off Streets, Citing Safety Concerns New York, April 15

    The pedal-assist bikes operated by Lyft-owned companies in New York City, San Francisco and Washington were removed based on concerns over the brakes.

  4. Lobbyist Gets Probation for Failing to Disclose Work for Pro-Russia Forces in Ukraine U.S., April 12

    Samuel Patten had pleaded guilty in a case that grew out of the Mueller investigation. He helped a Ukrainian billionaire illegally buy tickets to President Trump’s inauguration.

  5. Darkness Visible, Finally: Astronomers Capture First Ever Image of a Black Hole Science, April 10

    Astronomers at last have captured a picture of one of the most secretive entities in the cosmos.

  6. Trump Poised to Announce China Summit Meeting as Trade Deal Nears Completion Business, April 4

    The president is expected to announce plans for a summit meeting President Xi Jinping of China, though the two sides have not finalized a trade deal.

  7. Trump Says ‘Epic’ China Trade Deal Is Near Completion, but Hang-Ups Remain Business, April 4

    Final steps may take four weeks or longer, President Trump said. Negotiators had aimed to secure a deal this week and announce a presidential meeting between Mr. Trump and Xi Jinping of China.

  8. Pope Names Wilton Gregory as New Archbishop of Washington U.S., April 3

    The appointment follows the resignation of Cardinal Donald Wuerl after he was named in a Pennsylvania grand jury report accusing officials of covering up abuse.

  9. South Korean Leader to Meet With Trump, Hoping to Salvage His Role as Mediator World, March 29

    President Moon Jae-in of South Korea wants to help revive the nuclear talks with North Korea that hit a wall in Vietnam last month.

  10. In Blow to Trump, Judge Blocks Health Care Law ‘End Run’ U.S., March 28

    The ruling was the second big defeat this week for the president’s health care agenda, as he has sought to use the courts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

  11. Supreme Court Rules Against Sailors Injured in Cole Attack U.S., March 26

    In an 8-to-1 decision, the court said the sailors had not properly served the government of Sudan with legal papers seeking to hold it accountable.

  12. The Paranoid Center Opinion, March 26

    The Russia panic shows us how a paranoid style can take root in the heart of the American establishment.

  13. How to Leave the Trump White House With a Million Dollar Parachute Magazine, March 26

    The Washington-based literary agency Javelin has mastered the art of the Trump tell-all book — and come up with a blueprint for how to get out of the administration in one piece.

  14. We’ve All Just Made Fools of Ourselves — Again Opinion, March 25

    The awful corruption of scandal politics.

  15. Supreme Court Won’t Hear Company’s Appeal in Mueller Subpoena Case U.S., March 25

    The mysterious case concerned an unnamed corporation owned by a foreign government identified in court papers as Country A.

  16. Trump Claims ‘Total Exoneration,’ but Report Is Mixed on Obstruction U.S., March 24

    A summary said the investigation had not found that the president conspired with Russia. The attorney general said he would not pursue an obstruction of justice case.

  17. Where’s the Mueller Report? Washington Barely Handled the Anticipation U.S., March 22

    Not even the president’s personal lawyer seemed to have any idea what was happening. “Tell me what’s going on, O.K.?” Rudolph W. Giuliani said.

  18. Clarence Thomas Breaks a Three-Year Silence at Supreme Court U.S., March 20

    Justice Thomas asked questions in the case of Curtis Flowers, who has been tried six times for murder. The court will decide whether jury selection was marred by racial discrimination.

  19. Fed, Dimming Its Economic Outlook, Predicts No Rate Increases This Year U.S., March 20

    The Federal Reserve lowered its growth forecast to 2.1 percent this year, far less rosy than White House projections, as it detected signs of a slowing economy.