1. A.I. Is Making It Easier to Kill (You). Here’s How. Video, Yesterday

    A tank that drives itself. A drone that picks its own targets. A machine gun with facial-recognition software. Sound like science fiction? Weapons powered by artificial intelligence are already here.

  2. Divided Court Hears Trump Emoluments Case: ‘We Are Up Here Winging It’ U.S., December 12

    A hearing in Virginia was the first time a full appeals panel has considered the anticorruption clauses of the Constitution.

  3. Trump Again Asks Supreme Court to Bar Release of His Financial Records U.S., December 5

    The justices will soon say whether they will hear the case, about a House subpoena, along with one concerning a subpoena from Manhattan prosecutors.

  4. Read Nancy Pelosi’s Remarks on Articles of Impeachment U.S., December 5

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked the Judiciary Committee to proceed with drafting articles of impeachment against President Trump.

  5. Gladiators of Impeachment: How 2 Lawyers Got the Case U.S., December 2

    Daniel S. Goldman met Representative Adam B. Schiff in the green room at MSNBC. Stephen R. Castor is a veteran government lawyer. They now have starring roles in Washington’s impeachment drama.

  6. Second Amendment Case May Fizzle Out at the Supreme Court U.S., December 2

    Arguments in the court’s first case on the scope of the Second Amendment in nearly a decade focused on whether the repeal of a New York law made the case moot.

  7. Scooters vs. People Opinion, December 2

    Get them off the sidewalks.

  8. Plane Breaches D.C. Airspace, Prompting Brief White House and Capitol Lockdown U.S., November 26

    Military aircraft were scrambled over Washington after a plane violated restrictions.

  9. Five Places to Visit in Washington, D.C. With a Black Digital Storyteller Travel, November 22

    Lanae Spruce made a name for herself as a social media specialist at the Smithsonian’s African American Museum. Here are her top D.C. spots.

  10. Supreme Court Urged to Allow Release of Trump’s Financial Records U.S., November 21

    A House committee and prosecutors in Manhattan have subpoenaed the records.