1. Ex-Military Police Officer Sentenced to Prison for Role in Capitol Riot Metro, Yesterday

    Gregory C. Yetman, the subject of a manhunt last fall, admitted to pepper-spraying law enforcement officers during the Jan. 6, 2021, attack.

  2. Cómo el gobernador de Texas cambió el debate de la migración en EE. UU. En español, Yesterday

    Aunque Greg Abbott no creó la crisis migratoria, un análisis de The New York Times demostró que la extendió al cambiar la lenta difusión de migrantes desde la frontera hasta ciudades y pueblos de todo Estados Unidos y la centró en unos cuantos lugares.

  3. Bus by Bus, Texas’ Governor Changed Migration Across the U.S. National, July 20

    In two years, Texas has bused more than 119,000 people to Democrat-led cities, shifting both migration patterns and the debate over immigration. The list of cities keeps expanding.

  4. Ohio Mother Killed Trying to Stop a Carjacking With Her Son Inside National, July 14

    The woman, 29, was struck by her own vehicle after the suspects began driving away, the police said.

  5. How to Watch Biden’s News Conference on Thursday Politics, July 11

    President Biden will be under intense scrutiny when he takes questions from reporters at the end of a three-day NATO summit in Washington.

  6. U.S. Marshal Shoots Man in Attempted Carjacking Near Sotomayor’s Home Washington, July 10

    The marshal was sitting in an unmarked federal vehicle near the Supreme Court justice’s home when a man approached the vehicle and pointed a handgun at him through the driver’s side window.

  7. Boil-Water Advisory Is Lifted in Washington and Northern Virginia Express, July 4

    Algae blooms in the Potomac River prompted a boil-water advisory for nearly a million residents in Washington and Arlington County. The advisory was lifted on Thursday morning.

  8. $550,000 Homes in Maine, the District of Columbia and Kentucky Real Estate, July 3

    A two-bedroom cottage in Castine, a one-bedroom apartment in a Beaux-Arts building in Washington and a circa-1900 house in Louisville.

  9. East Coast Airports Ground Flights After Thunderstorms Express, June 27

    Flights to airports in the New York and Washington D.C. areas were grounded on Wednesday night because of severe weather.

  10. Former ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Actor to Plead Guilty in Jan. 6 Case Express, June 26

    Jay Johnston, also known for his work on “Mr. Show with Bob and David,” was charged last year with participating in the riot at the Capitol. He is expected to plead guilty at a hearing on July 8.

  11. A Wax Statue of Lincoln Melted Into a Meme Culture, June 25

    The sculpture was part of a series meant to comment on American monument culture. Cue the jokes instead.

  12. Businesses in D.C. Blame the Government for the District’s Empty Offices Business, May 22

    Workers in Washington have returned to the office slowly, with a pervasive and pronounced effect on the local economy.

  13. Fake Tags Add to Real Chaos on American Roads National, April 19

    Officials are moving to increase enforcement and change laws in response to the rise in counterfeit or expired plates, which exploded during the pandemic.

  14. After Rise in Murders During the Pandemic, a Sharp Decline in 2023 National, December 29

    The country is on track for a record drop in homicides, and many other categories of crime are also in decline, according to the F.B.I.

  15. Congress Votes to Roll Back Biden Administration Rule on Water Washington, March 29

    The president has promised a veto, but Republicans scored another win in their campaign to put Congress on record against White House policies.

  16. ‘The Era of Urban Supremacy Is Over’ Op Ed, March 15

    Many of the nation’s major cities face a daunting future.

  17. Imagining a Memorial to an Unimaginable Number of Covid Deaths T Style, November 9

    In cities, especially, monuments have become not just an artistic genre unto themselves but evanescent, ever-evolving tributes to those we lost — and continue to lose.

  18. Meet Me Downtown Interactive, October 26

    We visited 10 cities across the country to see how the pandemic and its aftershocks have reshaped the American downtown.

  19. Your Friday Briefing: U.S. to Unseal Trump Warrant N Y T Now, August 11

    Plus Russia prepares for show trials and Taiwan does not rise to China’s provocations.

  20. The Business Lunch May Be Going Out of Business Dining, July 11

    As remote work persists and business deals are sealed online, many upscale restaurants that catered to the nation’s downtown office crowd are canceling the meal.

  21. ‘Finally, some peace of mind,’ Biden says addressing the start of Covid vaccinations for very young children. Washington, June 21

    President Biden also visited a vaccination site in Washington, D.C. ahead of his remarks.

  22. Virus Cases Grow After White House Correspondents Dinner Washington, May 5

    Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken was among the attendees reporting coronavirus infections on Wednesday.

  23. A handful of coronavirus cases emerge after the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Washington, May 4

    Cases are not uncommon in Washington these days, and there is no certainty that those who tested positive were infected at the dinner.