1. There’s a Sinkhole at the White House. Blame the Swamp. (Really.) Express, Yesterday

    “Drain the swamp” jabs were abundant on Twitter, but joking aside, the phrase has some geological merit. There is a “legitimate swamp” around the White House, an expert said.

  2. An Aggrieved Trump Wants Better Press, and He Blames Leaks for Not Getting It Washington, May 17

    The president’s irritation with his staff reached a new level last week after the leak of a morbid joke a junior aide made about Senator John McCain having brain cancer.

  3. Can an Italian Chef’s Success in D.C. Translate Into Spanish? Travel, May 12

    The chef Fabio Trabocchi doesn’t have to work hard to get name recognition in Washington. Now he turns his attention to Spain at his new seafood-focused restaurant, Del Mar.

  4. Pakistan and U.S. Restrict Diplomats’ Travel, Adding New Strain on Ties Foreign, May 11

    Pakistan and the United States imposed travel restrictions on each others’ diplomats on Friday in a tit-for-tat dispute that reflects the deterioration of relations between the countries.

  5. Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Takes White House to Task on Twitter Washington, May 6

    George T. Conway III has for months seemed to publicly question decisions made by a chaotic White House in which his wife, Kellyanne Conway, holds a central role.

  6. Somehow the Least Scandalous Thing in D.C. This Weekend Was the Playboy Party National, April 30

    Here is the meaning of brands.

  7. Fact-Checking Trump’s ‘Fox & Friends’ Interview Washington, April 26

    President Trump made statements about Iran, unemployment among black Americans, his record on deregulation and the 2016 election results that were imprecise or lacked context.

  8. Secret Service Arrests Armed Person Outside Consular Offices Washington, April 25

    Officers arrested a person with a weapon at a building that houses foreign consular offices, including the Interest Section for Iran.

  9. Le Bromance: Trump and Macron, Together Again Washington, April 24

    There was a mutual kiss on the cheek in the East Room, clasped hands and the first state dinner of the Trump era.