1. Harlem Wasn’t the Only Place With a Renaissance Books, Today

    Mark Whitaker’s “Smoketown” tells the untold story of Pittsburgh’s role as an African-American mecca in the mid-20th century.

  2. A Student Is Being Investigated for Breaking Into His School. His Explanation: He Was Sleepwalking. National, Yesterday

    The Pennsylvania school closed for a day, underscoring the seriousness with which potential threats are being treated after last week’s school shooting.

  3. Extra Doorbells, Satellite Dishes: How Cities Search for People the Census May Miss Upshot, Yesterday

    For cities fearing an undercount, the 2020 census has already started.

  4. Democrats Didn’t Even Dream of This Pennsylvania Map. How Did It Happen? Upshot, February 21

    They seemed not to believe that they would be allowed to strive for partisan balance in addressing Republican gerrymandering.

  5. Obama’s Tax Playbook Op Ed, February 21

    Democrats have grown too passive in taking on the Trump tax cuts.

  6. Who Needs Congressional Districts? Op Ed, February 20

    Requiring candidates for Congress to run statewide could encourage compromise instead of obstruction.

  7. Who Still Thinks Russia Didn’t Meddle in the Election? Op Ed, February 20

    Preserve, protect and defend: Trump is zero for three.

  8. Philadelphia, a City Stalked by Overdoses, Fights Back Op Ed, February 20

    The city is trying new strategies to combat the opioid epidemic, including planning a supervised site for drug use.

  9. Philadelphia’s First Step to a Platform of Innovation Business, February 20

    Drexel Square kicks off a 20-year, $3.5 billion development that aims to create a hub for technology and life-sciences companies called Schuylkill Yards.

  10. Sexual Misconduct Spurs New Elections: The #MeToo Races National, February 20

    Nearly a dozen special elections are being held in 2018 to fill vacancies left by lawmakers accused of sexual harassment or misconduct.

  11. The New Pennsylvania Congressional Map, District by District Interactive, February 19

    Democrats couldn’t have asked for much more from the new map.

  12. Court-Drawn Map in Pennsylvania May Lift Democrats’ House Chances National, February 19

    The State Supreme Court released new congressional districts on Monday for this year’s midterms, replacing a Republican-drawn map it had found unconstitutional.

  13. American Is Charged With Stealing Terra-Cotta Warrior’s Thumb Foreign, February 19

    Michael Rohana was attending an event at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia when he entered a closed exhibition room and vandalized the 2,000-year-old statue, the authorities say.

  14. Corrupt Police Need Federal Oversight Editorial, February 18

    Abusive practices in Baltimore highlight why this is so.

  15. When Calling an Uber Can Pay Off for Cities and States Metro, February 18

    New taxes and fees on ride-hailing services have raised millions of dollars for transportation, infrastructure and even public schools.

  16. This Isn’t What the Tea Party Fought For Op Ed, February 17

    President Trump and Congress are undoing our hard work.

  17. Jury Awards $38 Million to Family of Maryland Woman Shot by Police National, February 17

    After a standoff, Korryn Gaines was shot several times by a Baltimore County police officer. Her 5-year-old son, lingering nearby, was struck twice by gunfire.

  18. 7 Prison Guards in Pennsylvania Charged With Sexually Abusing Inmates National, February 16

    The authorities said that the guards created a culture of fear inside the Lackawanna County Prison in Scranton, where they operated with impunity.

  19. Shooting at N.S.A. Headquarters Leaves Several Injured Washington, February 14

    Officials said that terrorism was ruled out as a motive during preliminary investigations.

  20. 2 Baltimore Police Detectives Are Convicted of Racketeering National, February 12

    Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor worked for the city’s elite Gun Trace Task Force, whose members stole cash and resold looted narcotics. Other officers had pleaded guilty.

  21. As DeVos Approves Education Plans, She Finds Skeptics in G.O.P. Governors Washington, February 11

    Several governors, mostly Republicans, have declined to sign their own states’ plans for implementing a new federal education law intended to devolve control to the states.

  22. The Great Republican Power Grab Editorial, February 8

    It’s not just the partisan gerrymandering. It’s the effort to delegitimize the courts that try to rein it in.

  23. Where Did Rents Rise the Most in 2017? Real Estate, February 8

    These 10 cities saw the biggest percentage increases in rent over the last year.

  24. In Philadelphia, the Ultimate Eagles Celebration Awaits Travel, February 7

    For fans headed to Philadelphia to savor the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory, we have a guide to help you get around the city.

  25. In Baltimore, Brazen Officers Took Every Chance to Rob and Cheat National, February 6

    A far-reaching corruption scandal is the last thing Baltimore’s troubled police department needs. But day after day, the revelations keep coming.

  26. A Blow Against Gerrymandering Op Ed, February 6

    How to understand Pennsylvania’s flawed map.

  27. Justices Won’t Block Pennsylvania Gerrymandering Decision Washington, February 5

    The Supreme Court, which has been busy with federal cases claiming that voting districts were warped by politics, let stand one from a state court.

  28. Philadelphia Erupts in Celebration, and Unruliness, After Victory Sports, February 5

    Some fans pulled down traffic lights and pushed over planters in rowdy celebrations after the Eagles won their first Super Bowl championship.

  29. Suddenly, Philadelphia Has a Major Identity Crisis Sports, February 4

    A city that for so long has endured cruel blow after cruel blow in major sporting events will wake up Monday with a fair amount of disorientation.

  30. A Very Conflicted Football Fan’s Notes Op Ed, February 3

    I love the Eagles. I understand the sport’s flaws. I’m watching anyway.

  31. ‘They Can’t Wait to Vote’: Energized Democrats Target Dominant G.O.P. in Statehouses National, February 3

    Republicans have dominated state governments for almost a decade, but Democrats are exploiting President Trump’s unpopularity in an effort to make inroads in 2018.

  32. Flu Patients Arrive in Droves, and a Hospital Rolls Out the ‘Surge Tent’ Science, February 2

    The worst flu season in nearly a decade has filled emergency rooms and strained resources at medical centers. Hospitalization and infection rates are among the highest in two decades.

  33. University of Pennsylvania Takes Away Steve Wynn’s Honors. And Bill Cosby’s, Too. National, February 1

    The school had let the entertainer keep his honorary degree despite sexual misconduct accusations, but changed its mind once it took tributes away from the casino mogul.

  34. January’s Most Popular Listings Real Estate, February 1

    The most viewed properties on The New York Times’s “Find a Home” listings site.

  35. Where NASA Put a Parking Lot, Dinosaurs and Mammals Once Crossed Paths Science, January 31

    An 8.5-foot-long slab found in Maryland preserved tracks left by prehistoric creatures. The site was almost obliterated before the rock was unearthed.

  36. Where Is the Love, Philadelphia? (It’s Just Being Repainted) Culture, January 30

    When Robert Indiana’s “LOVE” sculpture returns in February after a yearlong renovation, it will have a restored color scheme that could come as a surprise.

  37. Just How Bad Is Partisan Gerrymandering? Ask the Mapmakers National, January 29

    The experts who draw political maps are finding their work under scrutiny as courts examine partisan gerrymandering.

  38. Testimony in Corruption Case Hinges on the Meaning of ‘Meatballs’ National, January 27

    The discussion came up at a trial for the mayor of Allentown, Pa., who faces fraud, bribery and conspiracy charges.

  39. In a Comically Drawn Pennsylvania District, the Voters Are Not Amused National, January 26

    The bizarre shape of the state’s Seventh Congressional District makes it a headache just to tell who lives there. Few seem to lament a court order to redraw the map.

  40. Patrick Meehan Won’t Seek Re-election in Pennsylvania Washington, January 25

    Mr. Meehan, Republican of Pennsylvania, facing backlash after settling a sexual harassment complaint brought by a former aide, will not seek re-election this year.

  41. In a Busy Year, Malcolm Jenkins Raised a Fist and Checked All the Boxes Sports, January 25

    He led protests, was called a traitor, persuaded the N.F.L. to spend nearly $100 million on social causes, made the Super Bowl and had another child.

  42. Lawsuit on Trump Emoluments Violations Gains Traction in Court Washington, January 25

    In a hearing on Thursday, the judge seemed unwilling to toss out a lawsuit alleging the president is violating the Constitution by continuing to own his businesses.

  43. Baltimore Police Officer Charged With Fabricating Evidence in Drug Case National, January 24

    Body camera footage appeared to show the officer staging the discovery of a bag of drugs in an alley. He was indicted on Tuesday.