1. Trump to Steer More Money to ‘Opportunity Zones’ Washington, Today

    A planned executive order is the administration’s latest attempt to turn a provision from the sweeping 2017 tax law into a major effort to combat poverty.

  2. There’s a Wave of New Prosecutors. And They Mean Justice. Op Ed, Yesterday

    These district attorneys should make jail the exception and eliminate cash bail.

  3. Why Run Marathons? Well, November 26

    There’s a magic in the marathon, from every person who cheers to the church choir singing along the course to the running club whose members dressed in unicorn and bear costumes to give out free beer.

  4. G.M. to Idle Plants and Cut Thousands of Jobs as Sales Slow Business, November 26

    The automaker said the moves would affect five factories in the United States and Canada. President Trump said he was unhappy with the move.

  5. ‘We Don’t Do the Black Friday Madness’ Business, November 21

    In rural Pennsylvania, the family-owned department store Dunham’s caters to those who feel left behind by e-commerce or simply prefer to do their shopping at a slower pace.

  6. Celebrating Local Journalism Op Ed, November 21

    It makes our communities and our democracy stronger — but it’s struggling.

  7. Universities Look to Strengthen the Places They Call Home Business, November 20

    Many colleges and universities are taking a leading role in revitalizing local communities, recognizing that development can make their institutions more attractive.

  8. Catching Killers by Matching Tiny Marks on Bullets National, November 16

    Once seen as crime scene detritus, bullets and ejected shell casings are now recognized as vital pieces of evidence.

  9. Where Latino Roots and High School Football Merge for Glory Sports, November 16

    In Coatesville, Pa., a struggling steel town, Coach Matt Ortega and his son Ricky have led the team to a 12-0 record. Their success is both extraordinary and reflective of more Latino participation in the sport.

  10. Jeff Sessions Limited Consent Decrees. What About the Police Departments Already Under Reform? Express, November 15

    In a last-minute act, Mr. Sessions limited the Justice Department’s ability to oversee local police reforms. The move raises questions about what this hands-off approach means for existing agreements.

  11. Combing My Hair and Finding Myself Styles, November 15

    Black women have intimate and sometimes fraught relationships with our hair. Today, my hair is helping me work out the most important relationship I’ll ever have: the one I have with myself.

  12. Learning to Attack the Cyberattackers Can’t Happen Fast Enough Special Sections, November 14

    Carnegie Mellon’s CyLab is one of the largest institutions in the world focused on education and research for the next generation of cybersecurity experts.

  13. Whitaker’s Appointment as Acting Attorney General Faces Court Challenge Washington, November 13

    The State of Maryland asked a federal judge to declare that by law, the deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, is the rightful acting attorney general.