1. Frail Older Patients Struggle After Even Minor Operations Health, Yesterday

    These patients are not aware of the true risks, and surgeons aren’t telling them, new research suggests.

  2. Military Families Say Base Housing Is Plagued by Mold and Neglect U.S., Yesterday

    The private corporations that control almost all family housing on American military bases have every incentive to skimp on maintenance, critics say.

  3. Divided Court Hears Trump Emoluments Case: ‘We Are Up Here Winging It’ U.S., December 12

    A hearing in Virginia was the first time a full appeals panel has considered the anticorruption clauses of the Constitution.

  4. What Makes an American Hero? (Or a Canadian One?) Style, December 12

    For over 100 years, the Carnegie Hero Fund has privately searched for everyday heroes.

  5. Want a Bigger Say on Corporate Behavior? Move Your Money Business, December 12

    Millions of people have a stake in corporate America through mutual funds. But you may be surprised by how those funds are voting on your behalf.

  6. Natural Gas Boom Fizzles as a U.S. Glut Sinks Profits Business, December 11

    Chevron’s multibillion-dollar write-down of gas assets is the most recent sign that the gas supply has far outstripped demand.

  7. Trump Rails Against ‘Flimsy’ Articles of Impeachment by ‘Radical’ Democrats U.S., December 10

    President Trump told supporters at a Pennsylvania rally that they were “lucky I became your president” before denouncing the impeachment effort.

  8. Bill Cosby Loses Appeal of Sexual Assault Conviction Arts, December 10

    A Pennsylvania appellate court unanimously rejected the entertainer’s argument that he had been denied a fair trial, saying that evidence in the case had established a “unique sexual assault playbook.”

  9. Supreme Court to Decide if a State Can Consider Political Affiliation in Appointing Judges U.S., December 6

    Delaware tries to achieve partisan balance on its courts. A federal appeals said that violates the First Amendment.

  10. $2.3 Million Homes in Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Illinois Real Estate, December 4

    A 1925 stone house in Philadelphia, a pueblo-style home in Santa Fe and a historic mansion near Lake Michigan.

  11. What You Get for $2.3 Million Slideshow, December 4

    A 1925 stone house in Philadelphia; a pueblo-style home in Santa Fe, N.M.; and a historic mansion in Evanston, Ill.

  12. Mother of Children Found Hanging in Basement Is Charged With Murder U.S., December 3

    The woman maintains that two of her children, ages 4 and 8, killed themselves in their Pennsylvania home in September.

  13. Museum Showcases a Neglected Segment of the Art World: Women U.S., November 30

    Female artists have long lacked support, experts say. An initiative at the Baltimore Museum of Art is trying to change that.

  14. Prime Mover: How Amazon Wove Itself Into the Life of an American City Business, November 30

    For most people, it’s the click that brings a package to their door. But a look at Baltimore shows how Amazon may now reach into Americans’ daily existence in more ways than any corporation in history.

  15. A Pennsylvania County’s Election Day Nightmare Underscores Voting Machine Concerns U.S., November 30

    How “everything went wrong” in Northampton County.

  16. Here’s What’s Happening in the American Teenage Bedroom Style, November 29

    Rowan Winch is 15. He’s a businessman.

  17. Prosecutors Usually Send People to Prison. These Are Getting Them Out. U.S., November 28

    Prisoners who fought for years to prove their innocence couldn’t win in court, no matter how much evidence they amassed. Then the offices that put them away got involved.

  18. ‘Your Mission Is Justice’: A Prosecutor on Why She Helped Free 3 Men U.S., November 27

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if there were hundreds of the same kind of people sitting in prison,” said Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore’s prosecutor, who created a unit to review old cases.

  19. She’s Mrs. Rogers. But Joanne Rogers Has ‘Always Been Her Own Person.’ Movies, November 27

    Fred Rogers’s widow, at 91, still acts as a spokeswoman for her husband’s legacy. But she had a long career as a concert pianist, performing duets around the country and recording two albums.

  20. They’ve Spent 36 Years Behind Bars for Murder. Someone Else Did It, Prosecutors Now Say. U.S., November 25

    Three men were imprisoned as teenagers for the shooting of a middle school student over his jacket. That was 1983. Now prosecutors say they didn’t do it.

  21. ‘Serial’ Podcast Case Is Declined by Supreme Court U.S., November 25

    The justices left in place a ruling by Maryland’s highest court denying Adnan Syed a new trial in the 1999 killing of Hae Min Lee.

  22. Trump Pays Respects to 2 Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan U.S., November 21

    It was the third visit the president has made to Dover Air Force Base to honor the dead and comfort their relatives.

  23. Catherine Pugh, Former Baltimore Mayor, Pleads Guilty in Children’s Book Fraud U.S., November 21

    Ms. Pugh, who was accused of federal crimes, resigned as mayor earlier this year. She could face decades in prison.

  24. Is Racial and Economic Diversity in Schools Important? The Learning Network, November 21

    School districts and communities across the country are wrestling with this question. What do you think should happen?

  25. Mickalene Thomas Shares Everything. Even a New Show. Arts, November 20

    Inviting fellow artists to join her exhibition at the Baltimore Museum of Art fits into her notion that art can create positive change.

  26. Meet the Artists in Mickalene Thomas’s Orbit Arts, November 20

    For her exhibition at the Baltimore Museum of Art, Ms. Thomas pulled on her connections to the city to feature established and emerging artists.

  27. Former Baltimore Mayor Indicted on Fraud Charges Tied to Children’s Books U.S., November 20

    Catherine Pugh left office after an investigation raised questions over “Healthy Holly,” her children’s book series.

  28. Catherine Pugh, Former Baltimore Mayor, Indicted on Fraud Charges Over Book Scandal U.S., November 20

    Ms. Pugh left office after an investigation raised questions over “Healthy Holly,” her children’s book series.

  29. Endangered Crafts and the Destinations Keeping Them Alive Travel, November 19

    Many indigenous crafts worldwide are in danger of becoming extinct, but in some places, efforts to rescue them are underway.

  30. Man Sentenced to Life Without Parole in Brutal Farm Killings U.S., November 18

    After speaking with the families of the victims, the Bucks County district attorney did not pursue the death penalty for Sean Kratz.

  31. GPS for Air Travel Came With Big Downsides: Noise, Then Lawsuits Business, November 18

    The F.A.A. is rolling out a system that allows planes to fly closer to one another, but the roar that it creates is unbearable, people in the flight paths say.