1. How Democrats Can Win Anywhere and Everywhere Opinion, Today

    An intriguing breed of enterprising Democratic governors have had success where it’s by no means guaranteed. This is how they did it.

  2. Freight Cars Derail on Lehigh River in Pennsylvania After 3-Train Crash Express, Yesterday

    Photos on social media showed two locomotives and several container cars derailed. No one was injured and no hazardous materials leaked, officials said.

  3. Pennsylvania Plans Task Force to Combat Election Disruptions Politics, February 29

    The federal-state joint effort will aim to “combat misinformation, safeguard the rights of every citizen and ensure this election is safe, secure, free and fair,” Gov. Josh Shapiro said.

  4. At CPAC, Steve Bannon Hosted the Only Party That Mattered Styles, February 26

    A Saturday night bash hosted by Mr. Bannon was the main social event in an otherwise subdued weekend at the conservative convention.

  5. Woman Sues Tomato Company, Saying Those Weren’t San Marzanos in the Can Express, February 21

    A federal judge said the lawsuit, in which a California woman accused Simpson Imports of using “highly misleading” packaging, could proceed. The company says its labels do not call the product “San Marzano.”

  6. Storm Brings Snow to Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, Again Express, February 17

    A fast-moving storm over-performed in some places, leaving as much as a foot of snow in parts of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, forecasters said.

  7. More Young People Are on Multiple Psychiatric Drugs, Study Finds Science, February 16

    Polypharmacy, a prescribing practice that some experts warn can be unsafe, is becoming more commonplace.

  8. Elon Musk Extends His Anywhere-but-Delaware Campaign Business, February 15

    The billionaire moved SpaceX’s incorporation out of the state. Wall Street is wondering if Tesla will follow suit.

  9. Biden Faces More Pressure From Environmentalists to Block Steel Merger Business, February 15

    Climate change joins national security and concern about jobs in a mounting pressure campaign to prevent Nippon Steel from buying U.S. Steel.

  10. SpaceX Is Now Incorporated in Texas, Elon Musk Says Business, February 15

    The billionaire said his private rocket company was reincorporating from Delaware, where he recently lost a case over his pay package as head of Tesla.

  11. Pennsylvania State House 140th District Special Election Results Interactive, February 13

    Get live results and maps from the 2024 Pennsylvania legislature special election.

  12. School Districts From Philadelphia to Boston Announce Closures and Delays Express, February 13

    Major school systems in the Northeast and New England are either canceling classes or going virtual on Tuesday because of the storm.

  13. Nor’easter Expected to Bring New York City’s Heaviest Snow in Over 2 Years Express, February 12

    A storm starting Monday night will bring heavy snow to parts of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, forecasters said.

  14. Group Focused on Child Care Sets $40 Million Effort to Help Democrats Politics, February 12

    The Democratic-allied Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy intends to lift President Biden and important House and Senate races.

  15. 6 Bodies Found at Burned Pennsylvania House Where 2 Officers Were Shot Express, February 10

    The authorities said on Friday that they believed they had recovered the remains of six family members, including the person believed to have shot a young niece and two police officers.

  16. Larry Hogan Will Run for Senate in Maryland Politics, February 9

    Mr. Hogan, the popular Republican former governor, will run for the seat being vacated by Senator Benjamin L. Cardin, a Democrat.

  17. Joe Biden, su edad y su memoria se roban la atención tras el informe del fiscal especial En español, February 9

    Una investigación concluyó que el mandatario era “bienintencionado” pero tenía “mala memoria”. El presidente salió a ofrecer declaraciones en un intento por realizar control de daños políticos.

  18. Biden Lashes Out at Special Counsel for Raising Beau’s Death Washington, February 9

    “I don’t need anyone to remind me when he passed away,” a visibly angry President Biden said.

  19. Biden Cleared in Documents Case; Report Raises Concerns About His Memory Washington, February 8

    The inquiry found that the president had willfully retained material after finishing his term as vice president and had shared sensitive information with a ghostwriter.

  20. Many Questions at Burned House Where 2 Police Officers Were Shot National, February 8

    The authorities said at least six people were unaccounted for at the charred home in suburban Philadelphia, and warned that the investigation could be long and grisly.

  21. Showing Off Rock-Solid Technique and Some Erotic Acrobatics Culture, February 7

    Philadanco returns to New York with four premieres that highlight the dancers’ skills without revealing much deeper artistry.

  22. Amid a Fraught Process, a Philadelphia Museum Entombs Remains of 19 Black People National, February 4

    Skulls from a collection used to further racist science have been laid to rest. Questions surrounding the interment have not.

  23. The Dignified Transfer Washington, February 2

    What one image reveals about t

  24. Biden Honors American Soldiers Killed in the Middle East Video, February 2

    The bodies of three Army reservists killed in an attack on a base in Jordan were returned to the United States in a somber ceremony.

  25. Biden Pays Silent Tribute to Three U.S. Soldiers as American Forces Retaliate Washington, February 2

    The ceremony at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware came shortly before the Biden administration announced airstrikes against Iran-backed proxies in Iraq and Syria.

  26. The Big Number: $50 Billion Interactive, February 2

    After a judge struck down Elon Musk's pay package, Tesla's board must now decide whether to appeal the decision or come up with a new pay plan.

  27. After Rise in Murders During the Pandemic, a Sharp Decline in 2023 National, December 29

    The country is on track for a record drop in homicides, and many other categories of crime are also in decline, according to the F.B.I.

  28. How to Catch Pandemic Fraud? Prosecutors Try Novel Methods. Business, August 6

    Strained by limited resources, prosecutors are deploying special teams and nurturing local relationships to catch up to a wave of fraud.

  29. The April 25 Biden 2024 President Election News live blog included one standalone post:
  30. ‘The Era of Urban Supremacy Is Over’ Op Ed, March 15

    Many of the nation’s major cities face a daunting future.

  31. Among Seniors, a Declining Interest in Boosters Science, October 22

    Americans over 65 remain the demographic most likely to have received the original series of vaccinations. But fewer are getting the follow-up shots, surveys indicate.

  32. Voting access updates: Mail ballots are at issue as states consider new rules and legal action. Politics, July 15

    A signature-matching rule in North Carolina is rejected, mail ballots in Pennsylvania are in dispute, and more.

  33. Voting access updates: Mail ballots are at issue as states consider new rules and legal action. Politics, July 15

    A signature-matching rule in North Carolina is rejected, mail ballots in Pennsylvania are in dispute, and more.

  34. Philadelphia reinstates a mask mandate in schools. National, May 23

    With cases rising again, the superintendent said that as the pandemic evolves, “so too will our response to it.”

  35. Pennsylvania’s attorney general, a candidate for governor, is isolating after his positive coronavirus test. Politics, May 17

    Josh Shapiro said he had mild symptoms and would stay home during the state’s primary election on Tuesday.

  36. Emergent Hid Evidence of Covid Vaccine Problems at Plant, Report Says Washington, May 10

    The report sheds new light on executives’ worries about deficiencies in the company’s quality control systems at its troubled Baltimore plant; no contaminated doses were ever released to the public.