1. Baltimore Officer Resigns After Video Shows Him Punching a Man Express, Yesterday

    The officer, who had been with the department just over a year, is seen in the video repeatedly punching the man. The mayor called the footage “very disturbing.”

  2. Republican Governors in Blue States Find a Way to Get Along Politics, August 10

    Using bipartisanship and avoiding liberal tendencies, conservative governors in states like Maryland and Massachusetts may survive a blue wave in the midterms.

  3. The Cape May Ferry Stops for Whales and Athletes Sunday Business, August 10

    A ferry captain on Delaware Bay tries to keep to schedule, but he drops anchor when whales approach or a triathlon starts.

  4. Garbage Pours Into Chesapeake Bay, and States Quarrel Over Whose Mess It Is Express, August 10

    Record rainfall in the Mid-Atlantic region pushed trash and debris downstream and into Maryland waters. State officials say it’s not their garbage. So whose is it?

  5. July’s Most Popular Properties Real Estate, August 9

    The TV home of “The Brady Bunch,” on the market for the first time in decades, was the most viewed property of the month.

  6. 12 Great New York Summer Songs Metropolitan, August 9

    What are your favorite tunes about summer in the city? The host of “New Sounds,” on WNYC, shares his own list.

  7. H.F. Lenfest, Philanthropist and Owner of Philadelphia’s Newspapers, Dies at 88 Express, August 5

    Mr. Lenfest made $1 billion in the cable industry and gave most of it away to arts, education and journalism institutions.

  8. Is the Republican Party Donald Trump’s — or Larry Hogan’s? Op Ed, August 4

    In a deeply Democratic state, a Republican governor prospers. The president could ruin that.

  9. Trump Bashes ‘Fake News’: ‘They Can Make Anything Bad’ Washington, August 2

    For much of a rally on Thursday night in Pennsylvania, President Trump focused on his multiple grievances with the Washington press corps.

  10. He’s a G.O.P. Immigration Hard-Liner. So Why Is He Trailing in Trump Country? National, August 2

    Lou Barletta is lagging in the Pennsylvania Senate race, despite embracing the immigration polices that helped Donald Trump turn the state red in 2016.

  11. Pennsylvania Diocese Orders Removal of Former Bishops’ Names From Church Buildings National, August 1

    The move by a Harrisburg bishop comes ahead of a grand jury report expected to expose decades of mishandled cases of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

  12. Ex-Penn State Fraternity Member Sentenced to House Arrest in Hazing Death Express, July 31

    Ryan Burke, 21, a former member of the university’s Beta Theta Pi chapter, had pleaded guilty to nine misdemeanor charges in the death of a pledge.

  13. N.B.A. Makes MGM Resorts International Its First Gambling Partner Sports, July 31

    N.B.A. Commissioner Adam Silver has made it clear that sports betting is the future. His league’s deal with a gaming company is the latest step.

  14. Investing in Local Business to Get an Even Break Op Ed, July 31

    A nationwide organization promotes localism — finding ways to make capitalism work better for underprivileged communities in cities or rural areas.

  15. Where American Renewal Begins Op Ed, July 26

    A Baltimore-based community program provides the architecture for kids’ success.

  16. Muslims Describe Being Confronted at Pool: ‘We’re Portrayed as Troublemakers’ Express, July 26

    Muslim children were repeatedly warned about their clothing at a Wilmington, Del., pool, leading the mayor to apologize and the city to open an investigation.

  17. In Ruling Against Trump, Judge Defines Anticorruption Clauses in Constitution for First Time Washington, July 25

    A federal judge ruled that the case, which argues that Mr. Trump is improperly benefiting from his company’s Washington hotel, should be allowed to proceed.

  18. A Politician Called Her ‘Young and Naïve.’ Now She’s Striking Back. National, July 25

    Rose Strauss, whose exchange with a Pennsylvania candidate for governor went viral, has vowed to promote the ouster of politicians who she says aren’t working for her generation.

  19. Panel Finds Bill Cosby to Be a Sexually Violent Predator Culture, July 24

    The determination, if upheld by the court system, would mean that he would be classified as a registered sex offender and it could affect his sentencing.

  20. ‘Greed Came Over Me’: $8 Million in Rarities Stolen From Pittsburgh Library Express, July 21

    Over two decades, prosecutors say, an archivist at the city’s library and a rare-book dealer conspired to sell stolen books.

  21. The Changing Sound of Baltimore Styles, July 21

    Young independent artists are writing the city’s present, and future, into their music.

  22. Jay-Z Criticizes Philadelphia Over Displaced Festival National, July 20

    The city says the rapper’s Labor Day weekend music festival will have to move from the iconic Benjamin Franklin Parkway after this year.

  23. Leaving New York to Find the American Dream in Philadelphia Metropolitan, July 20

    Philadelphia is well known as a destination for hipsters priced out of New York City. But it is increasingly appealing to foreign-born New Yorkers as well.

  24. Who Gets Left Out of the Urban Tech Boom? Op Ed, July 19

    Majority-black cities, like my hometown near Pittsburgh, want to be part of the tech revival. Companies should do more to include them.

  25. Explosion and Fire at Pennsylvania Army Depot Kill 1 and Injure 4 Others Express, July 19

    The cause of the explosion at the Letterkenny Army Depot in Chambersburg, Pa., was being investigated, officials said.

  26. New York and New Jersey File Suit Against Trump Tax Plan Metro, July 17

    Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has called the limits on deductions an “economic missile” at the heart of New York and its economy.

  27. For Manufacturers, a Complex Mix Can Determine Location Special Sections, July 17

    While rural areas offer manufacturers some advantages, they can no longer count on lower salaries for workers or finding employees with the skills they need.