Mastering the Art of Layering Rugs: a Step-by-Step Guide
Real Estate, Yesterday

Layering rugs is cheaper than buying a single large one, and cozier, too: “When you start layering rugs, it begins to feel like home.”

Ready for a Nice, Soothing Bath? Just Head to the Backyard.
Real Estate, Yesterday

Cheaper than pools and more private than hot tubs, the bathtub is leaving the bathroom and has designs on your garden, or even your treehouse.

A Puzzle in Arizona’s Boom Towns: How to Keep Growing With Less Water
U.S., Yesterday

The state announced new limits to construction because of water shortages, changing the course of development.

N.Y. Democrats, at Odds Over Tenant Protections, Fail to Reach Housing Deal
New York, June 8

State lawmakers will leave Albany, N.Y., this week without passing any housing policies, sparking a new round of finger-pointing among Democrats.

How to Layer Rugs
Interactive, June 8

A step-by-step guide to mastering the art of layering rugs

Homes for Sale in New Jersey and New York
Real Estate, June 8

This week’s properties are in Edgewater, N.J., and Rockville Centre, N.Y.

Homes for Sale in Manhattan and Queens
Real Estate, June 8

This week’s properties are in the Financial district, Lenox Hill and Long Island City.

Seeking an Upper West Side Home That the Children Want to Visit
Interactive, June 8

A couple of newlyweds, with six grown children between them, wanted to combine their lives in a new Manhattan apartment big enough for family dinners. Here’s what they found.

Mayor Adams and the Brooklyn Apartment He Just Can’t Quit
New York, June 7

Despite Mayor Eric Adams’s multiple claims that he had sold an apartment to an ex-girlfriend, he filed financial disclosure forms showing he still owns it.

Midland Park, N.J.: A ‘Forever Town’ Where You ‘Buy a House and Stay’
Real Estate, June 7

The Bergen County borough has an unhurried pace and a multigenerational flavor, because many who were raised there never want to leave.

André Leon Talley’s ‘Sanctuary’ in White Plains, N.Y., Is for Sale
Real Estate, June 7

The fashion icon, who died last year, loved to escape the city and deal with the world from his front porch.

Why You Can’t Really Be a Gardener Without Mindfulness
Real Estate, June 7

In the last volume of his memoir trilogy, Marc Hamer explains why a garden is not just a place of work — it’s also a place of worship.

The High Cost of Bad Credit
Magazine, June 7

Desperate to improve their ratings, Americans now spend billions on “credit repair” — but the industry often can’t deliver on its promises.

$700,000 Homes in Texas, California and Massachusetts
Real Estate, June 7

A Craftsman-style house in Dallas, a desert retreat in Pioneertown and a two-bedroom condominium in Somerville.

A Tony Nominee Shows Off Her Snug Upper West Side Rental
Real Estate, June 6

Bonnie Milligan, a star of the musical “Kimberly Akimbo,” has been the lucky occupant of a rent-controlled apartment in Manhattan for 15 years.

Home Insurance Is Getting Trickier. Here’s How to Optimize Your Coverage.
Real Estate, June 5

The insurance industry is reacting to natural disasters by raising rates, reducing coverage and exiting some markets entirely.

The Relief: Finding an Apartment. The Remorse: Living In It.
Real Estate, June 5

A couple felt obligated to take the first apartment they saw in a crazy rental market. Then they wanted to move again, but cooler heads prevailed.

$1.3 Million Homes in California
Real Estate, June 5

A one-bedroom bungalow with a guesthouse in Los Osos, an 1870 Victorian in San Francisco and a three-bedroom cabin in Lake Arrowhead.

There are Better Ways to Solve a Housing Crisis Than This
Editorial, June 4

The overriding cause of homelessness in New York City is a lack of housing in the region, which has sent rents skyrocketing.

Our Live-In Super Is Retiring. Should We Hire Another, or Contract It Out?
Real Estate, June 3

There are services for hire that will fulfill the duties of a building superintendent. Here are the pros and cons.

Priced Out of the City, They Bought a Tiny Suburban Home. Now What?
Real Estate, June 2

The 900-square-foot house had three bedrooms, but the children’s were shoe-box size. Updating them required ingenuity and ideas from “An American in Paris.”

A TriBeCa Loft Where Rafael Viñoly Worked, and Played the Piano
Real Estate, June 2

The architect had used the prewar apartment on West Broadway as a design studio and a place to make music. It is now on the market for $2.5 million.

Rupert Murdoch Closes on Another Bachelor Pad, Paying Above List Price
Real Estate, June 2

The $35.2 million purchase on Central Park South was among New York City’s largest sales in May. The biggest was a townhouse that sold for $41 million on the Upper East Side.

Little Spain Is All but Gone. Will Our Lady of Guadalupe Be Next?
Real Estate, June 2

The church on West 14th Street, the first in Manhattan created for a Spanish-speaking congregation a century ago, has been deconsecrated. Its future is uncertain.

Kamala Harris Says ‘Inequality Persists’ in Home Appraisals
Real Estate, June 1

The vice president announced new plans to prevent racial bias in home appraisals, following evidence of widespread discrimination against Black homeowners.

Arizona Limits Construction Around Phoenix as Its Water Supply Dwindles
Climate, June 1

In what could be a glimpse of the future as climate change batters the West, officials ruled there’s not enough groundwater for projects already approved.

When the Neighbors Don’t Share Your Vision (and That Vision Involves ‘Transformers’ Statues)
Styles, June 1

A professor decorated a sidewalk in Georgetown with 10-foot sculptures of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. The well-heeled locals were not pleased.

Homes for Sale in New York and Connecticut
Real Estate, June 1

This week’s properties are a five-bedroom in Roslyn, N.Y., and six-bedroom in Stamford, Conn.

Homes for Sale in Manhattan and the Bronx
Real Estate, June 1

This week’s properties are in East Chelsea and on City Island.

The Newest High-End Amenity: Houses That Come With Horses
Real Estate, June 1

In Mexico, developers are raising the luxury game by offering buyers a herd of polo ponies to go with the infinity pools and ocean views.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Join the $100 Million Home Club
Real Estate, June 1

The music megastars are the newest members of the club. Here’s a sampling of some others.

Heading Uptown With $250,000 and Some Hope. Could They Afford a Co-op?
Interactive, June 1

A couple searched in East Harlem and the Bronx for a modest new apartment that would allow them to entertain friends and commute easily to Midtown. Here’s what they found.

Quiet, Please: You Are Not Alone in Your Garden
Real Estate, May 31

There’s a multicultural world outdoors — and even the gentlest gardeners often disrupt it. Here’s how to avoid that.

$900,000 Homes in New Hampshire, Colorado and the District of Columbia
Real Estate, May 31

A 1720 Colonial in Newton, a renovated farmhouse in Glen Haven and a three-bedroom condominium in Washington.

A Grand Roman Apartment Updated for the 21st Century
Real Estate, May 30

An electronic music D.J. wanted a home with 19th-century style — but the one he found had small, dark rooms that didn’t work for his young family.

A Tale of Paradise, Parking Lots and My Mother’s Berkeley Backyard
Magazine, May 30

Plans to build apartments have sparked a fight between progressive newcomers and nostalgic old-timers — with surprising allegiances in a writer’s hometown.

More Than 1 in 4 American Homeowners Is ‘House Poor’
Real Estate, May 30

A new study shows that homeowners in California, Florida and New York are living in houses they cannot afford.

$900,000 Homes in California
Real Estate, May 29

A 1928 home with separate guest quarters in Los Angeles, a Colonial Revival house in Stockton and a Craftsman bungalow Oakland.

In Provincetown, Mass., a Matchmaker Helps the Desperate Find Housing
National, May 28

A mix of extreme conditions has made the remote Cape Cod town’s housing market one of the most harrowing in New England.

My Apartment Is Infested With Bugs. How Do I Make My Landlord Fix It?
Real Estate, May 27

There are numerous ways you can pressure a landlord to take action. Sometimes it takes using all of them to get a result.

They Knew Little About Oysters. Now They Have a Farm With 2 Million.
Real Estate, May 26

Stefanie Bassett and Elizabeth Peeples left their city lives behind to raise mollusks.

Are the Hamptons Still Hip?
Real Estate, May 26

The summer resort has lost its cool among younger people who are turned off by housing rules, housing costs and the culture of conspicuous wealth.

States Are Not Entitled to Windfalls in Tax Disputes, Supreme Court Rules
Washington, May 25

In a unanimous decision, the justices sided with a 94-year-old woman who got nothing when a Minnesota county sold her condominium to recoup unpaid taxes.

Homes for Sale in Manhattan and Queens
Real Estate, May 25

This week’s properties are on the Upper West Side, in Greenwich Village and Long Island City.

Homes for Sale in Connecticut and New York
Real Estate, May 25

This week’s properties are four-bedroom houses in Stamford, Conn., and Pelham, N.Y.

Where Are the Most Profitable Beach Houses?
Real Estate, May 25

Airbnb data reveals the markets in which landlords can expect the highest annual gross revenue from their beach house rentals.

Once a Symbol of China’s Growth, Now a Sign of a Housing Crisis
Business, May 25

Nanchang’s skyscrapers represented urban transformation, but the city added apartments faster than its population grew. The result: vacant homes and offices.

Workers Continue to Get Priced Out of the Hamptons
Real Estate, May 25

Business owners and local leaders are scrambling to create housing for workers in low-wage jobs, but residents who are opposed to development say land must be preserved.

A ‘New Lease on Life’ Leads to a New House in the Hamptons
Interactive, May 25

Following a cancer scare, a doctor aimed to expand her Manhattan practice into Long Island. First, she needed a home base. Here’s what her $4 million budget got her.

Another Housing Setback for New York: Its Housing Chief Is Resigning
Metro, May 24

A day after Mayor Eric Adams said he would oppose an effort to reduce homelessness by increasing the number of housing vouchers, his top housing official said she would step down.

Pleasantville, N.Y.: A Walkable Village That Checks ‘All the Boxes’
Real Estate, May 24

The Westchester community attracts an eclectic mix of residents who appreciate the artsy vibe, the charming homes and the proximity of the city.

It’s Millionaire vs. Billionaire in the Battle of the SoHo Pergola
Metropolitan, May 24

The rooftop of a historic building is the focus of a renovation skirmish between Federico Pignatelli, a financier, and Ray Dalio, the hedge-fund mogul

What Makes a Garden a Work of Art? Piet Oudolf Explains.
Real Estate, May 24

The noted designer of the High Line has wisdom to share with other gardeners: “I put plants on a stage and let them perform.”

$2.7 Million Homes in New York, Florida and Michigan
Real Estate, May 24

A Carpenter Gothic showplace in Shelter Island Heights, an 1890 home in Key West and a midcentury-modern house in Bloomfield Hills.

A Fight Over Yachts Is a Battle for the Soul of the North Fork
Real Estate, May 24

Thousands of residents in the hamlet of Mattituck say a plan to build storage for 88 yachts would destroy the environment and the character of the area.

Inside Montauk’s Luxurious ‘Trailer Park’
Real Estate, May 23

An 800-square-foot beachfront home sold for $3.75 million in February, putting a spotlight on a wealthy community that has humble beginnings.

Do New York’s Affordable Housing Lotteries Fuel Segregation?
Metro, May 23

An eight-year legal battle over whether community preferences for low-cost housing violate housing discrimination law has been cleared for trial.

How to Light an Outdoor Space Without Infuriating Your Neighbors
Real Estate, May 23

Forget the floodlights. The key to effectively illuminating your yard or patio at night is subtlety.

Lessons From a Renters’ Utopia
Magazine, May 23

Worldwide, housing has become a nightmare of expense and speculation. What did Vienna do right?

Being Born in the Hamptons Is One Thing. Staying Is Quite Another.
Real Estate, May 22

The housing market remains way out of reach for locals who want to live, work and raise a family in their hometowns.

$4.2 Million Homes in California
Real Estate, May 22

A midcentury-modern house in Los Angeles, a 1937 cottage in Laguna Beach and a 2021 home in Hermosa Beach.

There’s No Ocean in Sight. But Many Hawaiians Make Las Vegas Their Home.
National, May 20

The scenery can’t compare. So why are Hawaiians increasingly moving there?

Moving Is a Monumental Task for Many Older Americans. These Organizers Can Help.
Science, May 20

Senior move managers may spend weeks or months helping seniors and their families sort through belongings, pack and move into a new home.

Can I Get Around a No-Pet Policy With an Emotional Support Animal?
Real Estate, May 20

If you need an emotional support animal to help treat the symptoms of a disability, your landlord must accommodate the request.

The ‘High-Handed Swindler,’ Walter Matthau and Me
Metropolitan, May 20

Documenting the history of an East Village tenement whose original owner preyed on immigrants during New York’s Gilded Age.

The Beauty of a One-Bedroom House? No Room for Guests.
Real Estate, May 19

When two designers created their own country retreat, they knew they wanted the opposite of what most of their clients ask for: Something tiny.

From 1880s Brooklyn, the Weir Greenhouse Returns
Real Estate, May 19

Saved from ruin by Green-Wood Cemetery more than a decade ago, the newly rebuilt structure is to become a focal point of a new education center.

Sam Zell, 81, Tycoon Whose Big Newspaper Venture Went Bust, Dies
Obits, May 18

With a fortune made in real estate, he went into the media business in a landmark leveraged buyout of the Tribune Company in 2007. Bankruptcy ensued.

Homes for Sale in New York and New Jersey
Real Estate, May 18

This week’s properties are five-bedroom homes in Huntington, N.Y., and Glen Ridge, N.J.

Homes for Sale in Manhattan and Brooklyn
Real Estate, May 18

This week’s properties are in Turtle Bay, Hamilton Heights and Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Where Can You Find a No-Fee Rental?
Real Estate, May 18

A median-priced New York City rental apartment could come with a broker’s fee of nearly $7,000.

Four Bedrooms for $275,000? An Upstate Couple Hoped to Find a Family Home to Grow In.
Interactive, May 18

Outside Rochester, N.Y., the lakeside city of Geneva brims with historic homes. But when a young family went looking, they found few for sale. These were their options.

$325,000 Homes in Georgia, Maryland and Arkansas
Real Estate, May 17

A Victorian home in Waynesboro, a rowhouse in Baltimore and a cottage in Little Rock.

Can Reparations Bring Black Residents Back to San Francisco?
National, May 16

San Francisco has proposed the nation’s most ambitious reparations plan, including $5 million cash payments and housing aid that aims to bring people back.

How Do You Get a High-Style House for $600,000? Build It Yourself.
Real Estate, May 16

One Washington State couple worked side by side with their contractors, doing much of the heavy lifting: “We wanted to do something extraordinary.”

If Your House Were Falling Off a Cliff, Would You Leave?
Real Estate, May 15

Homeowners along the eastern coast of England are watching the North Sea swallow their communities. Help is on the way — but only for some.

$1.9 Million Homes in California
Real Estate, May 15

A 1909 house in Echo Park, a storybook cottage in Mountain View and a new four-bedroom home in Monrovia.

Coastal Cities Priced Out Low-Wage Workers. Now College Graduates Are Leaving, Too.
Interactive, May 15

Educated workers are increasingly migrating away from the country’s most expensive major metros — and have been since before the pandemic.

An American Express Airport Lounge in the Sky? Not Quite.
Real Estate, May 14

American Express has opened its first Centurion members club, an 11,500-square-foot space with wraparound views of Manhattan.

When One Almond Gulps 3.2 Gallons of Water
Op Ed, May 13

If we don’t allocate water more sensibly in the West, Mother Nature will do it for us. And that will be ugly.

When Packages Go Missing, Can Tenants Check the Surveillance Tapes?
Real Estate, May 13

Landlords should address security issues in their buildings where appropriate. But they’re not police officers.

‘Mommunes’: Mothers Are Living Single Together
Real Estate, May 12

Women are joining forces under one roof, using the age-old power of sisterhood to split the household bills and raise their children.

Rosie O’Donnell Lists Her Manhattan Penthouse (as Malibu Beckons?)
Real Estate, May 12

The duplex apartment on East 49th Street is on the market for $8.3 million, slightly above what the comedian and actor paid for it six years ago.

Once an Evangelist for Airbnbs, She Now Crusades for Affordable Housing
Real Estate, May 12

Precious Price ditched her profitable business of renting home stays to tourists to combat the mounting housing crisis.

Colin King’s Step-by-Step Guide to Arranging a Coffee Table
Real Estate, May 12

It takes some effort to create anything that looks effortless — including a well-styled tablescape. But you can do it yourself: Here’s how.

Build in the Suburbs, Solve the Housing Crisis
Metropolitan, May 12

An ambitious plan to bring high-density housing to New York’s commuter towns was met with that rarest of things: bipartisan resistance.

How to Style a Coffee Table
Interactive, May 12

It takes some effort to create a well-styled tablescape. But you can do it yourself.

Why One Upscale Apartment Building Became a Death Trap
Interactive, May 11

A Times investigation and forensic analysis uncovered how flawed design and minimal oversight proved fatal when a major earthquake struck southern Turkey.

Homes for Sale in Manhattan and Brooklyn
Real Estate, May 11

This week’s properties are on the Upper West Side, in the Financial district and in Crown Heights.

Homes for Sale in New York and New Jersey
Real Estate, May 11

This week’s homes are a three-bedroom in Bedminster, N.J., and a four-bedroom in Chappaqua, N.Y.

How Many Square Feet Does $1,500 a Month Get You?
Real Estate, May 11

Here’s where renters get the most and least space for the money in large U.S. cities.

Two First-Time Buyers Find Their Nest in Queens. Which Option Did They Choose?
Interactive, May 11

After settling in Astoria as renters and saving their money, a couple traded up to their own condo. But what was more valuable: outdoor space or a second bedroom?

Rosalind Franklin and Unsung Women in Science
Letters, May 9

Dr. Franklin and giving credit to women for their scientific contributions. Also: New College of Florida; Black unemployment; housing solutions; Covid risks.

Yes, You Should Be Worried About a Potential Bank Crisis. Here’s Why.
Op Ed, May 4

The banking crisis may be just getting started.

‘The Era of Urban Supremacy Is Over’
Op Ed, March 15

Many of the nation’s major cities face a daunting future.

By Adding Apartments, Malls Seek to Bring Shopping Closer to Home
Business, February 16

Facing an existential crisis over empty space, owners are trying to fill malls with residences, building on the live-work-play model sought by young adults.

In Maine, a Rare Influx of New Residents, and a Housing Crunch
National, February 3

New arrivals over the last few years have fueled hopes of population growth, but workers increasingly struggle to find housing in a market gone wild.

The Chicago Home Was Designed for Parties. Then the Parties Stopped.
Real Estate, January 24

Before the pandemic, turning a house into a hub for big gatherings seemed like a good idea.

They Poured Their Savings Into Homes That Were Never Built
Interactive, January 24

What is it like to pour your life savings into apartments that might never get built?

As Thousands Fall Behind on Rent, Public Housing Faces ‘Disaster’
Metro, January 23

The New York City Housing Authority collected just 65 percent of the rent it charged in the 12 months leading up to December, the lowest percentage in the agency’s history.

My Boss Told My Co-workers That I Had Covid. Isn’t That Illegal?
Real Estate, January 14

Federal guidelines require employees’ health information to be kept confidential. But employers also have an obligation to protect the workplace.

What TikTok Told Us About the Economy in 2022
Business, December 31

From Barbiecore to revenge travel, social media trends gave us a clear picture of the forces reshaping the economy.

Los nómadas digitales llegan a Ciudad de México y los precios de la vivienda suben
en Español, December 28

Airbnb se ha convertido en un destino en el que estadounidenses y europeos encuentran alquileres de largo plazo en la capital mexicana, trastocando el mercado local.

As Remote Workers Flock to Mexico City, Airbnb and Housing Prices Soar
Foreign, December 28

American and Europeans are using Airbnb to find long-term rentals in Mexico’s capital, pushing housing costs higher and, critics say, forcing out local residents.

Trust the Models? In This Economy?
Business, December 19

Years into the pandemic, it is still difficult to get a handle on what comes next for the economy by looking at examples from the past.

The Elusive Dream of Owning a Home in New York City
Metro, November 29

For many middle- and working-class New Yorkers, it’s an even more distant possibility than it used to be.

Is Homeownership Slipping Even Further Out of Reach for New Yorkers?
Metropolitan, November 24

In a city of renters, the turbulent pandemic housing market is making it harder than ever to buy a home.

The Apartment Found Her? Yes, and Three of Her Fellow Doctors
Real Estate, November 21

Puja Patel wanted her own apartment and wanted to be within walking distance of her new job as an emergency room doctor at Mount Sinai Queens.

FOMO Helped Drive Up Housing Prices in the Pandemic. What Can We Expect Next?
Op Ed, September 28

Inflation-corrected prices may end up substantially lower as factors driving high home prices weaken with time.

As China’s Economy Stumbles, Homeowners Boycott Mortgage Payments
Business, August 17

In a rare act of defiance, people across the country who bought property from indebted developers are refusing to repay loans on their unfinished apartments.

Large landlords aggressively moved against renters in the pandemic, a report says.
Business, July 29

A House subcommittee investigation found four firms were responsible for nearly 15,000 eviction filings while there were moratoriums on evictions.

New York Renters Are Now Paying the Price for the ‘Covid Discount’
Real Estate, July 26

More than 40 percent of the available units in Manhattan currently come from tenants priced out of apartments they leased in 2020 and 2021, according to a new StreetEasy report.

The Penn Station $7 Billion Fix-Up Moves Ahead: Here’s What to Know
Metro, July 21

The project promises to update the notorious eyesore but critics of the plan are concerned about the cost.

Nearly a Third of Gen Z Is Living at Home (and They Plan to Stay)
Real Estate, July 21

And among those who moved out of their childhood bedroom, a third are spending about half of their monthly income on rent or mortgage.

What Baby Boomers Want (Options!), Senior Housing Delivers
Business, July 19

Shifting demographics are reshaping complexes built for older Americans, who are looking for a variety of rates and services.

Moved During the Pandemic? You May Need to Update Your Insurance.
Real Estate, June 13

Many people changed where and how they lived, but “upgrading their policies for all of these experiences fell by the wayside,” an appraisal executive said.

How Do You Find an Apartment in N.Y.C. These Days?
Metro, May 28

Apartment hunting in the city has never been easy, but now the search has become seemingly impossible as prices soar. Readers told us about their pandemic housing struggles — and eventual successes.

The Extraordinary Wealth Created by the Pandemic Housing Market
Upshot, May 1

Rarely have so many Americans gained so much equity in so little time, but it’s also inseparable from the housing affordability crisis.