Does Your House Earn $266 a Day?
Real Estate, Today

A day-by-day look at the long-term increases in single-family-home prices.

Homes for Sale in New York and Connecticut
Real Estate, Today

This week’s properties are four-bedroom homes in Port Chester, N.Y., and Fairfield, Conn.

Homes for Sale in Brooklyn and Manhattan
Real Estate, Today

This week’s properties are in Brooklyn Heights, Greenwich Village and the Flatiron district.

Young and Homeless in Rural America
Magazine, Today

Most social services come through the schools — but it can be impossible to get to them.

Buying a Westchester House ‘for the Dogs,’ but Could They Survive a Bidding War?
Interactive, Today

With up to $800,000 to spend, a young couple with two new rescue pups sought a starter house somewhere in southern Westchester County. They didn’t realize how fierce the competition would be.

In New York, NIMBYism Finally Outstays Its Welcome
Editorial, Yesterday

Political momentum is growing for efforts to build more housing, fast.

‘Redlining Is Racist’: $12 Million Settlement Ends Lending Inquiry
Metro, Yesterday

Lakeland Bank in New Jersey admitted no wrongdoing, but agreed to set up a $12 million homeownership fund and open two new branches in minority neighborhoods.

FOMO Helped Drive Up Housing Prices in the Pandemic. What Can We Expect Next?
Op Ed, Yesterday

Inflation-corrected prices may end up substantially lower as factors driving high home prices weaken with time.

House Hunting in Ireland: Bayside Serenity in County Cork for $1.3 Million
Real Estate, Yesterday

A spate of 2021 sales across Ireland has left a scant supply of homes, with many city dwellers taking their remote work to the country.

$380,000 Homes in Texas, Maryland and New Jersey
Real Estate, Yesterday

A Victorian cottage in Galveston, a 1900 rowhouse in Baltimore and a one-bedroom apartment in Jersey City.

Athens, N.Y.: A ‘Perfect Combination of Old and New’ on the Hudson
Real Estate, Yesterday

With historic architecture, stunning river views and a lower-key vibe than other upstate areas, this Greene County community is growing in popularity.

Those Weird Marks on Your Leaves? Here’s How to Decipher Them.
Real Estate, Yesterday

Don’t jump to the conclusion that those mysterious marks are evidence of disease. They may be leaf mines or galls — and that’s a good thing.

They Pay $500 a Month for a Loft in Brooklyn
Metro, Yesterday

A lucky couple lives on the top floor of a building that was once a potato chip factory.

Truss Takes a Bold Economic Gamble. Will It Sink Her Government?
Foreign, September 27

Three weeks into her term, Prime Minister Liz Truss’s financial plans have thrown the markets and Britain’s currency into chaos and put her future in peril.

Inflation Has Hit Tenants Hard. What About Their Landlords?
Business, September 27

Publicly traded corporate landlords are reporting some of their highest margins ever, while smaller operators say rent increases are eaten up by costs.

At Car Lots, the Best Deal May Be the Real Estate
Business, September 27

The rising cost of land in city centers, an increased interest in walkable neighborhoods and growth in online car shopping have made urban dealerships tempting targets for redevelopment.

Inside a 17th-Century Italian Palace, an Untouched Sanctuary
T Style, September 27

The writer Skye McAlpine’s apartment, part of a storied palazzo in Venice, is filled with layers of history.

At 86, Jacques Pépin Isn’t Slowing Down
Real Estate, September 27

The celebrated chef lives in Madison, Conn., on a property with two kitchens, an herb-and-vegetable garden and a dog named Gaston. And yes, he has a new cookbook out.

$500 a Month for an Entire Floor in Brooklyn
Real Estate, September 26

Jens Rasmussen and Maria Aparo couldn’t walk away from Mr. Rasmussen’s spacious loft in Greenpoint, which is covered under New York’s 1982 Loft Law.

$750,000 Homes in California
Real Estate, September 26

A Spanish-style cottage in Los Angeles, a two-bedroom home in Sonoma and a fully furnished 1991 house in Joshua Tree.

A Bed-Stuy Mansion Has Become Rubble. Residents Ask: How, and Why?
Real Estate, September 25

Despite pleas, protests and petitions, a developer tore down the 120-year-old Jacob Dangler House. Residents are still reflecting on what happened.

Homes That Sold for Around $1.5 Million
Real Estate, September 25

Recent residential sales in New York City and the region.

Whatever Happened to the Starter Home?
National, September 25

The economics of the housing market, and the local rules that shape it, have squeezed out entry-level homes.

Moving? Here’s How to Keep Your Costs Low.
Real Estate, September 24

In August, the average cost of a local move in the United States reached a record high of $454, up 12 percent from a year ago, according to one analysis.

How Paul LePage, Running to Lead Maine, Benefited From Florida Tax Breaks
Politics, September 24

Mr. LePage, a former governor who is seeking to reclaim the office, has along with his wife benefited from property tax breaks reserved for permanent Florida residents, public records show.

An Indiana Family Lives in the Gym (Literally)
Sports, September 24

Kyle and Lauren Petry made an offer on a former high school gym that had been renovated into living space. Then social media caught wind of the listing.

My Condo Has No Gas. Can I Get a Discount?
Real Estate, September 24

The law requires every building owner to provide residents with gas or electricity for cooking. Financial remedies are a more complicated matter.

Kushner’s Company Reaches $3.25 Million Settlement in Maryland Lawsuit
Washington, September 23

The apartment company charged illegal fees and failed to adequately address leaks, mold and rodent infestations in its properties, the Maryland attorney general said.

Taller Towers, Fewer Homes
Real Estate, September 23

New boutique condo towers, some with fewer apartments than the buildings they replace, are squandering high-density sites in Manhattan, urban planners say.

Homes for Sale in the Bronx and Manhattan
Real Estate, September 22

This week’s properties are in Spuyten Duyvil, Yorkville and Midtown.

Homes for Sale in New York and New Jersey
Real Estate, September 22

This week’s homes are a six-bedroom in Mount Vernon, N.Y., and a four-bedroom in Stockton, N.J.

How to Beat High Mortgage Interest Rates
Real Estate, September 22

Consider loans with shorter terms and tactics that build equity.

They Wanted Good Light and a Dog Park. But the Front Door Could Not Face South.
Interactive, September 22

Guided by the principles of Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian philosophy of design, two first-time buyers searched the Brooklyn waterfront for a place where they could start a family.

Ansonia, Conn.: A Small City With a Sense of History
Real Estate, September 21

This former manufacturing center in New Haven County is gaining popularity with New Yorkers, thanks to its relative affordability and access to Metro-North.

A Tangier House Is Given New Life, and an Extension
T Style, September 21

An English creative revived and expanded a once-crumbling Moroccan building next to her family’s ancestral home.

$1.1 Million Homes in Pennsylvania, Oregon and Kentucky
Real Estate, September 21

An 1861 house in New Hope, a Craftsman bungalow in Portland and a converted 1794 schoolhouse in Greensburg.

House Hunting in France: A 19th-Century Chateau Outside Bergerac
Real Estate, September 21

The rural Dordogne department of France “remains the most sought-after of French countryside house-buying destinations,” agents say.

What to Do if You See a Spongy Moth (or Its Very Hungry Caterpillars)
Real Estate, September 21

The invasive spongy moth and its caterpillars can decimate a garden. Here’s how to fight back.

To Expand, Arts Centers Seek to Build Their Own Community
Business, September 20

Hoping to firm up finances or secure a permanent home, museums and theater groups across the nation are teaming up with developers to add housing, retail and restaurants to their sites.

One Frustrated Hamptons Buyer Opts for an Alternative: Build It Yourself
Real Estate, September 20

Dismayed by overpriced Hamptons real estate — ‘and nothing was really what I wanted’ — she decided to design her own house instead of buying one.

$2.5 Million Homes in California
Real Estate, September 19

A 1905 bungalow in Berkeley designed by the architect Julia Morgan, a three-bedroom ranch house in Los Angeles and a midcentury-modern home in Cupertino.

Shopping for Brooms
Real Estate, September 19

Why do you need a well-designed broom? Because you’re more likely to use it.

In New York City, the Demand for New Developments Is Bouncing Back
Real Estate, September 18

But everything is not as it was, with Covid both accelerating some nascent trends and pushing builders in new directions.

Homes That Sold for $545,000 or Less
Real Estate, September 18

Recent residential sales in New York City and the region.

A Fight Over Nantucket’s Bluff Pits Neighbor Against Neighbor
Real Estate, September 17

In an increasingly litigious conflict, the island’s residents are clashing over how to deal with the effects of climate change: Push back or accept what’s coming?

Can My Landlord Charge for Spare Keys?
Real Estate, September 17

It seems simple enough to hold spare keys for tenants at the front desk, but if one goes missing it can create security headaches.

‘A Kitchen for the Kitchen’
Real Estate, September 16

The back kitchen, in essence a pantry on overdrive, has become increasingly popular among wealthier homeowners in recent years, according to architects, designers and homebuilders.

Aperture Foundation Lands a New Headquarters
Culture, September 15

The nonprofit photography organization will relocate in 2024, to offices across from the American Museum of Natural History, with greater visibility.

Mortgage Rates Jump Above 6% for First Time Since 2008
Business, September 15

They have been on the rise since the start of the year as the Federal Reserve has affirmed its commitment to tame soaring inflation.

Homes for Sale in Connecticut and New York
Real Estate, September 15

This week’s properties are a four-bedroom house in Fairfield, Conn., and a five-bedroom house in East Hills, N.Y.

Homes for Sale in Brooklyn and Manhattan
Real Estate, September 15

This week’s properties are in Park Slope, East Harlem and Chelsea.

$400,000 Homes in Texas, Minnesota and Connecticut
Real Estate, September 15

A Tudor Revival cottage in Dallas, a 1950 house in Minnetonka and an 1890 Arts and Crafts-style home in Branford.

Is That Bathroom Remodel Worth It?
Real Estate, September 15

Your return on investment will be affected by where you live and the scope of your renovation project.

Seeking a ‘One-Bedroom With the Basics’ in Brooklyn or Manhattan. Which Would Be More Affordable?
Interactive, September 15

After years in a cramped West Village rental, a couple took their time finding the first home of their very own, with an eye on a feasible monthly outlay. Here’s what they found.

House Hunting in Spain: An Updated Finca With Guesthouse on Ibiza
Real Estate, September 14

The Balearic Islands archipelago was Spain’s most-visited province last year, with international buyers arriving to compete for a range of homes.

Dutch Kills, Queens: Low-Key and Low-Slung, but Not for Much Longer
Real Estate, September 14

Sandwiched between Astoria and Long Island City — and often overlooked because of it — this formerly sleepy industrial area is looking at big changes.

An Oily Challenge: Evict Stinky Old Furnaces in Favor of Heat Pumps
Climate, September 14

Building by building, New York and other cities are trying to stop the age-old use of fossil fuels to heat homes and buildings. In the U.S., new climate laws aim to speed things up.

Did Hurricanes Sandy and Ida Damage Your House or Apartment?
Real Estate, September 13

We want to hear the stories of people in the New York City metro area who were affected by both storms.

How Is the Economy Doing?
Interactive, September 13

Most of the economy appears to be doing well, but slowing down — all while the latest trends don’t look like recessions of the past.

Why You Should Decorate Your Hallway (and How to Get Started)
Real Estate, September 13

When you’re furnishing your home, it’s easy to focus on larger rooms and overlook the hall. Here’s why that’s a mistake.

My Roommate Is Neglecting His Dog. What Should I Do?
Magazine, September 13

The magazine’s Ethicist on speaking up for a member of the household — when it’s a pet.

A Music Producer Finds a Waterfront Home, and a More Harmonious Commute
Real Estate, September 12

When Stanley Brown heard about a recording studio for rent in Manhattan, he immediately took the lease — and landed a luxury apartment just across the river.

$5 Million Homes in California
Real Estate, September 12

A 2017 residence near Manhattan Beach Pier, a rustic beach house in Bolinas and a four-bedroom condominium in an Edwardian building in San Francisco.

Home at Last in the Wind, Rain and Isolation of the North Sea Coast
Styles, September 11

A writer escapes the usual expectations by leaving the city for a house of her own in rural Denmark.

Homes That Sold for Around $650,000
Real Estate, September 11

Recent residential sales in New York City and the region.

How Do I Make My Landlord Improve Fire Safety?
Real Estate, September 10

In a building evacuation, the stairs are a resident’s lifeline. New York is specific with its rules about their placement, dimensions and lighting.

Clover Lawns Are Blooming in Front Yards, and on TikTok
Real Estate, September 10

Amid droughts and extreme heat, people are welcoming clover into their lawns, an alternative to the purely grass lawn, helping them save water and money.

To Grandmothers’ House We Go. Next Door.
Real Estate, September 9

In-laws typically have one of the most fraught family dynamics. What about two sets of in-laws living together down a hall from their children and grandchildren?

Downsizing in Retirement: Expenses They Didn’t Expect
Sunday Business, September 9

On the way to spending less, people often have to shell out more, at least temporarily — especially when selling a home. Here’s what to consider.

As Wildfires Grow, Millions of Homes Are Being Built in Harm’s Way
Interactive, September 9

The number of homes in fire-prone parts of the West soared from 10 million in 1990 to 16 million today, a big reason wildfires are causing more destruction.

Teddy Bears and Racial Justice: How St. Louis Became a Laboratory for Social Work
Politics, September 8

Politicians, activists and entrepreneurs are trying to solve the city’s deep racial and economic divides — and their ambitions know few boundaries.

Homes for Sale in New York and New Jersey
Real Estate, September 8

This week’s properties are a four-bedroom in Pleasantville, N.Y., and a six-bedroom in Allendale, N.J.

Homes for Sale in Brooklyn and Manhattan
Real Estate, September 8

This week’s properties are in Dumbo, Lenox Hill and Turtle Bay.

Twilight of Entrepreneurs in China as More Leave the Country
Business, September 8

Two of China’s best-known entrepreneurs, Pan Shiyi and Zhang Xin, stepped down from their top jobs at the real estate development company they built.

Which States Offer the Largest Lot Sizes for Home Buyers?
Real Estate, September 8

Land parcels vary from place to place, governed by local laws and property values. But the largest lots aren’t necessarily where you think they are.

Heading to the Rockaways for the Sand and the Subway. Which Apartment Did She Choose?
Interactive, September 8

When a Long Island native and longtime Manhattanite gave up her Fire Island house, she went looking for a small apartment that could split the difference between beach and city. Here’s what she found.

House Hunting in Scotland: A 16th-Century Hotel for Under $2 Million
Real Estate, September 7

Scotland’s home market is “cooling off after being on fire,” agents say, though demand for rural estates remains resilient to economic shifts.

$2.5 Million Homes in New York, Washington and Illinois
Real Estate, September 7

A converted stone church in Rifton, a floating home in Seattle and a 1907 Tudor Revival house in Kenilworth.

Hudson Square, Manhattan: No Longer a ‘No-Man’s Land in SoHo’
Real Estate, September 7

The West Side neighborhood once known as the printing district is now the site of lots of new development. But housing is still slightly less expensive than in nearby areas.

For a Longer Peony Season, Think Beyond the Typical Pink and White
Real Estate, September 7

This fall, when you buy bare-root peonies, take a chance on yellow or coral-colored hybrids. Your garden will thank you.

7 Questions About Rent, Answered
Interactive, September 6

Here’s what you need to know from our team of Real Estate reporters.

Mixing Children and Art? Yes, It’s Possible.
Real Estate, September 6

In a ‘magical place’ in the Connecticut woods, one couple built a rural escape where the most fragile artwork is just out of reach.

$1 Million Homes in California
Real Estate, September 5

A 1921 bungalow in Berkeley, a 1942 ranch house in Altadena and a midcentury-modern home in San Diego.

Shopping for Runners
Real Estate, September 5

Sure, you can do without a long rug in your hallway or kitchen. But a runner adds comfort and style.

Town After Town, Residents Are Fighting Affordable Housing in Connecticut
Real Estate, September 4

Local residents and elected officials are seeking to block large housing projects, warning that increased density could change the character of their towns.

Homes That Sold for Around $750,000
Real Estate, September 4

Recent residential sales in New York City and the region.

How Long Can My Building Keep Scaffolding Up?
Real Estate, September 3

Sidewalk sheds and scaffolding are ubiquitous fixtures in the New York City landscape, but they aren’t supposed to stay up forever.

How to Decorate a New York Apartment From Los Angeles, in a Few Easy Steps
Real Estate, September 3

When an interior designer decided to make a big move during the worst months of the pandemic, she planned her new rental around several key pieces.

In Montauk, Big Money Moves In On a Surfers’ Paradise
Styles, September 2

The acres overlooking a prize stretch of Long Island’s East End were empty for years. Now they’ve been sold in multimillion-dollar deals. It’s been the talk of the beach all summer.

Hugh Jackman Swaps West Village Home for Chelsea Penthouse
Real Estate, September 2

The actor and his wife bought the penthouse for $21.1 million. The biggest closing in August, atop the Crown Building on Fifth Avenue, sold for $53.4 million.

Beneath the Surface: A Peek at Private Pools
Interactive, September 2

Swimming pools have been carved into basement floors of townhouses and apartment buildings in New York City for decades, and they are spectacular.

A Solar Firm Plans to Build Off-Grid Neighborhoods in California
Business, September 1

Sunnova Energy is seeking permission from state regulators to develop microgrids for new housing developments that would not be reliant on established electric utilities.

California Fights Its NIMBYs
Business, September 1

Laws to encourage more development and denser housing don’t do much good if no one enforces them. As the state political calculus shifts, Gavin Newsom is trying to change that.

Bank of America Tests No-Down-Payment Mortgages in Black and Hispanic Neighborhoods
Express, September 1

The pilot program aims to help first-time buyers in several neighborhoods obtain affordable loans.

Homes for Sale in Brooklyn and Manhattan
Real Estate, September 1

This week’s properties are in the West Village, Washington Heights and Williamsburg.

Homes for Sale in New York and New Jersey
Real Estate, September 1

This week’s available properties are four-bedroom homes in Plandome Manor, N.Y., and Bayonne, N.J.

From Ralph Lauren to Louis Vuitton, Who Dressed Your Living Room?
Special Sections, September 1

For three-quarters of a century, the $1.7 trillion global fashion industry has found opportunity in home furnishings.

Want to Buy a Banksy? This Building Comes With It.
Real Estate, September 1

The painting, known as “Swing Girl” and “Girl on a Swing,” and the building it adorns are headed to the auction block with the hope that the sale price will reach $30 million.

The Best Cities for Generation Z
Real Estate, September 1

A new study digs into what is most important to young adults ages 18 to 25.

Two Children, Two Cats and a Dog (and 250 Mice): She Needed a New Plan. Which Option Would You Choose?
Interactive, September 1

After a mouse infestation at her West Village rental, a single mother needed a better spot for her family, including a son with autism. Could she find it downtown?

Bedford, N.Y.: History, Horse Farms and Sprawling Estates
Real Estate, August 31

The wealthy Westchester town has a rural feel, with old stone walls, more than 30 miles of dirt roads and occasionally spotty cellphone service.

Why ‘September Is the New May’ When It Comes to Planting Flowers
Real Estate, August 31

Your garden may not be looking Instagram ready at the moment, but don’t give up: There’s time for more color before the first frost.

A Water Slide (Plus a House) in the Ocean: House Hunting in Maldives
Real Estate, August 31

Homes in the archipelagic state are often handed down from generation to generation, while foreigners are limited to vacation villa packages on resort islands.

$650,000 Homes in Georgia, Massachusetts and Wisconsin
Real Estate, August 31

A 1960 house in Statesboro, a two-bedroom condominium on Beacon Hill in Boston and a Colonial Revival home in Madison.

As Apartment Prices Climb, Renters Look for Deals in the Outer Boroughs
Metro, August 31

An analysis by the listing site StreetEasy found that many apartment hunters have moved on from the hottest neighborhoods in Manhattan.

As China’s Economy Stumbles, Homeowners Boycott Mortgage Payments
Business, August 17

In a rare act of defiance, people across the country who bought property from indebted developers are refusing to repay loans on their unfinished apartments.

Large landlords aggressively moved against renters in the pandemic, a report says.
Business, July 29

A House subcommittee investigation found four firms were responsible for nearly 15,000 eviction filings while there were moratoriums on evictions.

New York Renters Are Now Paying the Price for the ‘Covid Discount’
Real Estate, July 26

More than 40 percent of the available units in Manhattan currently come from tenants priced out of apartments they leased in 2020 and 2021, according to a new StreetEasy report.

The Penn Station $7 Billion Fix-Up Moves Ahead: Here’s What to Know
Metro, July 21

The project promises to update the notorious eyesore but critics of the plan are concerned about the cost.

Nearly a Third of Gen Z Is Living at Home (and They Plan to Stay)
Real Estate, July 21

And among those who moved out of their childhood bedroom, a third are spending about half of their monthly income on rent or mortgage.

What Baby Boomers Want (Options!), Senior Housing Delivers
Business, July 19

Shifting demographics are reshaping complexes built for older Americans, who are looking for a variety of rates and services.

Moved During the Pandemic? You May Need to Update Your Insurance.
Real Estate, June 13

Many people changed where and how they lived, but “upgrading their policies for all of these experiences fell by the wayside,” an appraisal executive said.

How Do You Find an Apartment in N.Y.C. These Days?
Metro, May 28

Apartment hunting in the city has never been easy, but now the search has become seemingly impossible as prices soar. Readers told us about their pandemic housing struggles — and eventual successes.

The Extraordinary Wealth Created by the Pandemic Housing Market
Upshot, May 1

Rarely have so many Americans gained so much equity in so little time, but it’s also inseparable from the housing affordability crisis.