Derek Jeter (Finally) Snags a Buyer for His New York Castle
Real Estate, Yesterday

The Yankees legend initially put the compound on the market in 2018 for $14.25 million. This time, the asking price was $6.3 million.

$995,000 Homes in the Bahamas
Real Estate, Yesterday

A two-cottage compound on Lubbers Quarters Cay, a three-bedroom bungalow on Great Exuma island, and a two-bedroom condo on Paradise Island.

How to Create ‘Rooms Within a Room’ in 312 Square Feet
Real Estate, Yesterday

For a tiny apartment in London, the solution was a shape-shifting bank of custom cabinetry built on a tight budget.

In West Chelsea, a Triplex Near the High Line Is Asking $2.795 Million
Real Estate, Yesterday

Darren Spaziani, a top executive for Louis Vuitton, is selling his three-bedroom co-op with outdoor space on West 23rd Street.

Does It Pencil?
Sunday Business, Yesterday

A real estate term used by developers when they’re assessing whether a project makes financial sense.

The American Who Built a Supersized Japanese Aerie From Abandoned Parts
Real Estate, Yesterday

Decades after arriving in Japan as a Latter-day Saints missionary, an American C.E.O. collected decaying treasures across the country, including a decommissioned Buddhist temple, and contrived a fantasy.

They Wanted a Small House on a Quiet Brooklyn Street. Would Their Budget Cover It?
Interactive, June 13

Seeking enough space for a music studio, a guest room and some outdoor space, a New York City couple searched south of Prospect Park for a house that fit their needs.

For Lincoln Center’s West Side, A New Story
Interactive, June 13

The formidable arts institution has hired a design team to reconsider its relationship with its neighborhood.

Homes for Sale in Manhattan and Queens
Real Estate, June 13

This week’s properties are on West End Avenue, in the East Village and in Jackson Heights.

Homes for Sale in New York and Connecticut
Real Estate, June 13

This week’s properties are four-bedroom homes in Smithtown, N.Y., and Stamford, Conn.

What Are the Homes in ‘Bridgerton’ Worth?
Real Estate, June 13

As the third season of the Netflix hit resumes, we share some home-value estimates for the luxurious dwellings used as locations.

Housing Costs Cool, but Remain a Source of Concern
Business, June 12

Housing costs were up 5.4 percent in May from a year earlier, the smallest increase in more than two years. But monthly progress has slowed.

How Do You Use Water to Stay Cool at Home During the Summer? We Want to Know.
Real Estate, June 12

Sprinklers? Kiddie pools? What’s your creative solution to find respite from sweltering heat?

$1.3 Million Homes in Colorado, California and Massachusetts
Real Estate, June 12

A Craftsman bungalow in Denver, a midcentury-modern home in Riverside and an 1841 Cape Cod house in Newburyport.

At Home With - Brian d’Arcy James
Interactive, June 12

Where the Tony nominee takes refuge: a “sweet little house” on five bosky acres in Connecticut.

5 consejos para hacer que tu cama se vea como de diseñador
En español, June 12

Tal vez sabes cómo hacer tu cama, pero aquí te explicamos cómo hacerla mucho mejor.

New York City Might Finally Curb Broker Fees for Renters
Metro, June 12

A majority of the City Council supports a bill that would transfer the cost of most broker fees from renters to landlords.

Saudi Arabia’s Thoroughly Iconic, Unsustainable City in the Desert
Op Ed, June 11

Success isn’t an Instagrammable skyline.

A Rustic Cabin in the Woods Was His Dream. Not Hers.
Real Estate, June 11

It didn’t help that it was straight out of ‘Twin Peaks’: ‘Wood on wood on wood, in a very terrifying way.’ But now it’s bright and airy.

A Column in Which Age Takes Center Stage
Insider, June 11

For Paula Span, a columnist for The Times’s Health section, the subject of aging doesn’t age.

$3.3 Million Homes in California
Real Estate, June 10

A hillside home in Tiburon, a ranch-style house in Calabasas and a midcentury retreat in Palm Springs.

I’m Choking on My Neighbor’s Smoke. But She’s Rent-Stabilized. What Can I Do?
Real Estate, June 8

When it comes to rent-stabilized tenants, legal claims against co-ops are tricky. Ultimately, it’s the apartment’s owner who must take action.

The Cats of Old San Juan Are Being Run Out of Town. Locals Can Empathize.
National, June 8

A federal plan to remove feral cats from a historic site in Puerto Rico’s capital has upset some residents, who are also feeling pushed out as housing costs soar.

How an American Dream of Housing Became a Reality in Sweden
Headway, June 8

The U.S. once looked to modular construction as an efficient way to build lots of housing at scale, but Sweden picked up the idea and put it into practice

Adam Neumann Lists His ‘Townhouse in the Sky,’ Again, for $25 Million
Real Estate, June 7

The triplex penthouse has a faux-starlight installation of the Milky Way, a bathroom inspired by the Yellow Submarine, and more, the WeWork founder’s brokers say.

$950,000 Homes in Bordeaux, France
Real Estate, June 7

Two apartments and a single-family villa in and around the port city on the river Garonne, in southwestern France.

How a Designer Makes a Bed, in Five Easy Steps
Real Estate, June 7

You may think you know how to make your bed — but here’s how to make it a lot better.

Oklahoma Stakes Its Claim to the Tallest Building in the U.S.
Real Estate, June 6

The Oklahoma City Council voted this week to clear the way for a 1,907-foot tower, surpassing One World Trade Center in New York.

State Supreme Court Allows U.C. Berkeley to Build at People’s Park
National, June 6

California’s highest court rejected arguments that a proposed student housing project would violate laws on noise pollution.

A French Expat Tries Buying in Dubai. What Could She Find for Under $1 Million?
Interactive, June 6

After six years in the United Arab Emirates’ most populous city, a public-relations pro decided to put down roots and invest long-term. Here’s what she found.

Where Should You Raise Your Children?
Real Estate, June 6

A new study ranked 180 U.S. cities for parenting based on relevant data.

Homes for Sale in Manhattan and Staten Island
Real Estate, June 6

This week’s properties are on the Upper West Side, Roosevelt Island and in St. George.

Homes for Sale in Connecticut and New York
Real Estate, June 6

This week’s properties are a four-bedroom in Norwalk, Conn., and a five-bedroom in White Plains, N.Y.

What Does the Mayor’s ‘City of Yes’ Proposal Mean for New Yorkers?
Metro, June 6

The City Council approved one of Mayor Eric Adams’s plans to update New York City’s zoning rules. His next proposal, to build more housing, could be contentious.

Guess Who’s Angry at China’s Real Estate Bailout: Homeowners
Business, June 6

China has relaxed or eliminated measures on home buying to spur new purchases. This has made a vocal constituency of existing homeowners very unhappy.

$700,000 Homes in Connecticut, New Jersey and Georgia
Real Estate, June 5

A three-bedroom condominium in a converted Gothic Revival church in New Haven, an 1873 rowhouse in Lambertville and a 1938 bungalow in Atlanta.

Your Chance to Snoop: It’s ‘Open Days’ Season in the Garden
Real Estate, June 5

This year, more than 360 private gardens across the country are opening to visitors. Don’t miss your chance to learn from some of the best.

Their Florida ‘Paradise’ Keeps Flooding, but Some Can’t Afford a Solution
National, June 5

In the Shore Acres neighborhood of St. Petersburg, rising water has become a constant threat. Many residents cannot afford to elevate their homes or move.

Muhammad Ali’s Childhood Home Goes on the Market
Express, June 4

The boxing champion lived in the one-story house in Louisville, Ky., which in recent years became a museum. It’s listed for sale, along with two neighboring properties, for $1.5 million.

Wendell Pierce Claims Discrimination in Trying to Rent a Harlem Apartment
Real Estate, June 4

The renowned character actor, best known for playing Detective Bunk Moreland on HBO’s “The Wire,” says a white landlord rejected his rental application.

Feud Erupts Over the Prospect of a New Hamptons Nightclub
Real Estate, June 4

Scott Sartiano proposed bringing his Manhattan-based members-only hot spot, Zero Bond, to a historic village inn. Local residents are not rolling out the red carpet.

$1.9 Million Homes in California
Real Estate, June 3

A midcentury retreat in Palm Springs, a 2021 townhouse in West Hollywood and a 1912 Craftsman bungalow in San Diego.

Ford Rescues a Detroit Train Station as It Plots Its Own Future
Real Estate, June 3

The automaker paid $90 million for the ravaged Michigan Central Station in 2018, and will spend millions more to create a hub of businesses focused on transportation.

The Make-or-Break Question for a New Roommate: Do You Drink?
Real Estate, June 3

A Brooklyn woman who has been sober for three years needed a roommate. But alcohol would not be allowed in the apartment. Some people thought that was a joke.

Stuck at the Start
N Y T Now, June 2

In the last few years, many Americans have gotten stuck in their starter house.

Stuck in a Starter Home
Real Estate, June 2

Squeezed by high interest rates and record prices, homeowners are frozen in place. They can’t sell. So first-time buyers can’t buy.

Security Deposits: Your Landlord May Owe You More Than You Think
Real Estate, June 1

Landlords are required to put security deposits in interest-bearing bank accounts. How much of that interest goes to you?

Big Ticket: N.Y.’s Top Sales and Listings in May
Interactive, May 31

May's top listings included Drew Barrymore's estate in the Hamptons.

$2 Million Homes in Buenos Aires
Real Estate, May 31

A three-bedroom apartment in a modern tower, a duplex with a rooftop soccer pitch, and an 1898 mansion configured as a hotel.

Searching for New York’s Hidden Public Art
Video, May 31

In a city that’s constantly changing, remnants of old public artworks can be spotted between towers and in traffic triangles. You just have to look for them.

She Made an Offer on a Condo. Then the Seller Learned She Was Black.
Real Estate, May 31

A Black woman claims a white homeowner tried to pull out of a sale because of her race.

Look Closer: Searching for New York’s Hidden Art
Real Estate, May 31

In a city that’s constantly changing, remnants of old public artworks can be spotted between towers and in traffic triangles. You just have to look for them.

‘You Can Be a Little Different in Queens’: Why This Home Is Not Like the Others
Real Estate, May 31

Instead of a conventional renovation, one New Yorker took a progressive approach. Now he pays almost nothing for energy, and the air is always fresh.

What Is Fair Housing?
Real Estate, May 31

There are laws to protect people from discrimination in buying, renting and living in their homes.

A First-Time Buyer at 66, She Tested her $220,000 Budget in Illinois. Which House Did She Buy?
Interactive, May 30

After years of living in employer-provided housing, a retired pastor decided to put down roots in Peoria, Ill. Could she afford the single-story, three-bedroom house she wanted?

More N.Y.C. Rentals Are Available. But Can You Afford One?
Real Estate, May 30

Inventory has grown over the past year, though prices continue to rise as well — just not as fast.

Homes for Sale in New York and New Jersey
Real Estate, May 30

This week’s properties are a four-bedroom in Glen Cove, N.Y., and a five-bedroom in Jersey City, N.J.

Homes for Sale in Manhattan and Queens
Real Estate, May 30

This week’s properties on the Upper East Side, in Chelsea and Kew Gardens.

Home Insurance Is Clobbering Consumers. Yet It’s Barely Counted in Inflation.
Business, May 29

Skyrocketing premiums are hitting homeowners hard, but they barely factor into common price measures.

$4 Million Homes in New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania
Real Estate, May 29

A 1766 Dutch farmhouse in Claverack, a two-bedroom condominium in a loft building in Boston and a 1912 Colonial Revival home in Philadelphia.

Treat Your Palate and Feast Your Eyes on These Perennials
Real Estate, May 29

The author of “The Heirloom Gardener” offers tips for growing a garden of lush perennials you can put in a soup or add to a salad.

La casa de ‘Mi pobre angelito’ cuesta más de 5 millones de dólares. Y está a la venta
En español, May 29

La residencia en Illinois en la que Kevin McCallister se enfrentó a dos desventurados ladrones en la película de 1990 sale a la venta por primera vez en más de una década.

I.M.F. Is Upbeat on China’s Growth but Questions Its Industrial Policy
Business, May 29

Surging exports and factory investment are buoying China’s output, but the housing market faces serious troubles and industrial policies may hurt other countries.

The ‘Home Alone’ House Is for Sale (Booby Traps Not Included)
Express, May 28

The house in Winnetka, Ill., where Kevin McCallister battled two hapless burglars in the 1990 film is on the market for the first time in more than a decade. List price: $5.25 million.

A Manhattan Apartment Full of Salvaged Finds
Real Estate, May 28

A hands-on renovation during the early part of the pandemic produced a place to call home that doubles as a home office.

$5 Million Homes in California
Real Estate, May 27

A four-bedroom house with a detached studio in Los Angeles, a 1907 Mediterranean-style home in San Francisco and a French Country-style retreat in Sonoma.

My Co-op Won’t Accommodate My Hearing Disability. How Do I Force the Issue?
Real Estate, May 25

Accommodations for shareholders are required by law, and your building needs to take action.

Come On Over, I Just Installed a Pond
Styles, May 25

Backyards that feature natural pools trade chlorine for plants, don’t need to be closed for winter and may feature kois with names like Cutie.

Did You Recently Choose Between Renting and Buying? We Want to Hear About It.
Real Estate, May 24

The New York Times is telling the stories of people who made this difficult choice. Maybe we can tell yours.

Judge Judy’s Manhattan Duplex Is Listed for $9.5 Million
Real Estate, May 24

Judith Sheindlin and her husband’s Manhattan penthouse at 14 Sutton Place South is for sale for the first time in a decade.

$750,000 Homes in Barbados
Real Estate, May 24

A colonial-style townhouse, a four-bedroom house with a turret and koi pond, and a one-bedroom condominium in a beachfront midrise.

Where Public Housing Apartments Can Go for More Than $1 Million
Foreign, May 24

Singapore’s public housing system has been a great success and a key factor in the nation’s development. But in recent years, rising prices have raised questions about affordability.

The Architect Who Made Singapore’s Public Housing the Envy of the World
Foreign, May 24

With a focus on affordability, community, convenience and light, Liu Thai Ker replaced squalid slums with spacious high-rises. A recent spike in some sale prices, however, has saddened him.

China Has a Plan for Its Housing Crisis. Here’s Why It’s Not Enough.
Business, May 24

A new approach by China’s top leaders is bold but pales against the problem: a vast number of empty apartments no one wants to buy.

Sand, Sea and Soul: These Architects Follow Nature
Interactive, May 23

An architectural firm waited years to design for clients who wanted a modern look in the Hamptons — it uses the sky, the ocean and dunes as muses.

Ex-Baltimore Prosecutor Is Spared Jail Time for Perjury and Mortgage Fraud
Express, May 23

Marilyn Mosby, who rose to prominence for pursuing charges against police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, was sentenced to time served and a year of supervised release on Thursday.

She Realized Her American Dream With a Hamptons House. Which One Did She Buy?
Interactive, May 23

The French-born, California-based owner of a fashion brand wanted a house that could accommodate visits from her three sons and also serve as a rental property.

Homes for Sale in New Jersey and New York
Real Estate, May 23

This week’s properties are a five-bedroom in Upper Saddle River, N.J., and a four-bedroom in Bronxville, N.Y.

Homes for Sale in Manhattan and Brooklyn
Real Estate, May 23

This week’s properties are in Yorkville, Kips Bay and Park Slope.

Houses Up, Condos Down. What’s Selling in the Hamptons These Days?
Real Estate, May 23

Prices, sales and available homes have all increased during the year, largely driven by high-end properties. But condo prices are sagging.

What’s It Like Living Near Elevated Trains? Share Your Photos and Videos.
Real Estate, May 22

Here’s how to share shots and footage with The New York Times for a story featuring those who live near overhead trains in New York City.

To See the Past and Predict the Future, Try ‘Reading’ a Landscape
Real Estate, May 22

How well do you know your own backyard? Noah Charney thinks you should take another look.

$1.6 Million Homes in North Carolina, Florida and Rhode Island
Real Estate, May 22

An 1880 Queen Anne Revival home in Durham, a two-bedroom condominium in Palm Beach and a modern farmhouse with a detached studio in Barrington.

‘Selling the Hamptons’: Real Estate Drama on Long Island
Real Estate, May 22

On the reality TV show, a motley crew of camera-ready real estate agents navigates the cutthroat market of multimillion dollar houses.

An East Hampton Home Tailor-Made for the Owner of Il Buco
Real Estate, May 21

When Donna Lennard bought the house, ‘it was an adorable cottage’ surrounded by water. Now it’s even better.

Have a Tiny Outdoor Space and a Budget to Match? Follow These Rules.
Real Estate, May 21

Here’s how to make the most of an outdoor space in the city — even if it’s small, awkwardly shaped or hemmed in by other buildings.

Renting or Buying Is Often Personal, but It’s Also Helpful to Look at the Numbers
Upshot, May 20

The Upshot’s financial calculator has been updated with new features.

$1.5 Million Homes in California
Real Estate, May 20

A Spanish-style house in Los Angeles, a Craftsman bungalow with a guest apartment in Sacramento and a two-bedroom home with a guesthouse in San Diego.

He Wanted to Go Back Home to the Hamptons. Could He Afford It?
Real Estate, May 20

A man who struggled to find housing in East Hampton has turned his experience into a podcast, and many of his guests are ‘navigating the waters of trying to make a living here.’

Renting Forever and Trying to Create a Strong Financial Future
Business, May 19

Either by choice or because they are priced out of the market, many people plan to never stop renting. Building wealth without home equity requires a different mind-set.

Take a Walk Through the Hamptons With a Photographer and Her iPhone
Real Estate, May 19

Susan Kaufman, whose editing career included stints at Condé Nast and People, turned her lifelong love of the Long Island towns into a coffee-table book.

My Co-op Neighbor Never Pays His Maintenance on Time. Can We Make Him?
Real Estate, May 18

State law currently allows co-ops to charge up to 8 percent of the monthly cost as a late fee. But there are exceptions.

Architecture Group Unveils the Best Home Renovations of the Year
Real Estate, May 17

The annual Don’t Move, Improve! Awards showcase exceptional innovation and creativity in home improvements across London.

$700,000 Homes in Barcelona
Real Estate, May 17

Two renovated apartments in the Gothic Quarter, and a one-bedroom unit in a historic building in the Dreta de l’Eixample.

For Sale: The SoHo Building Where John Lennon and Yoko Ono Once Lived
Real Estate, May 17

The building, at 496 Broome Street, was the first home in New York City that the couple owned and is now listed by Sean Ono Lennon and his mother for $5.5 million.

He Bought a 1953 Trailer on Impulse. But What to Do With It?
Real Estate, May 17

The renovation that followed turned his backyard into an upscale version of a campground — complete with a marble shower in the trees.

China Says It Will Start Buying Apartments as Housing Slump Worsens
Business, May 17

Signaling growing alarm, policymakers ramped up efforts to stem a continued decline in real estate values.

New York City Budget Would Produce Fewer Affordable Homes, Critics Say
Metro, May 17

New York City’s housing crisis is getting worse. But the Adams administration’s executive budget is expected to result in fewer than usual affordable homes.

A New Yorker Took Her $400,000 Budget Up to the Hudson Valley. Here’s What She Found.
Interactive, May 16

After renting for years in Brooklyn and Harlem, Rachel Watts decided to swap shared city apartments for a house of her own in the Beacon area. But how much house could she afford?

Which Cities Are Converting the Most Commercial Spaces Into Apartments?
Real Estate, May 16

After a slight dip, the creation of new adaptive reuse units rose in 2023.

Homes for Sale in New York and Connecticut
Real Estate, May 16

This week’s properties are a five-bedroom in Port Washington, N.Y., and a two-bedroom in Guilford, Conn.

Homes for Sale in Manhattan and Brooklyn
Real Estate, May 16

This week’s properties are in Carnegie Hill, NoHo and Ocean Hill.

A Showdown Pits Owners of Second Homes Against Full-Time Residents
Real Estate, April 5

The pandemic upset a delicate balance of part-time and full-time residents in a community in the Poconos, sparking a debate over short-term rentals.

How a Pandemic Boom Led to a ‘Property Tax Mess’ in Colorado
National, April 3

A surge of new residents into Rocky Mountain states drove up home prices. The result was property tax increases of 40 percent or more for some of those already there.

The Disappearance of Mayor Adams
Op Ed, March 7

Unlike most of his predecessors, he has had few accomplishments while leading New York City. But there’s still time to change that.

Is New York City Back? Not for Everyone.
Metropolitan, March 5

The city has rebounded from the worst of the coronavirus pandemic in meaningful ways. But the recovery is incomplete and uneven.

How Nevada Is Pushing to Generate Jobs Beyond the Casinos
Business, February 5

Chastened by a series of economic downturns that punished the hospitality industry, state leaders are working to broaden the economy.

China’s Economy Grew Last Year, but Strains Lurk Behind the Numbers
Business, January 17

Gross domestic product expanded 5.2 percent, as China worked to export more to make up for weak demand, high debt and a steep property contraction at home.

The Fed Has Put Our Housing Market in Jeopardy
Op Ed, November 14

The Federal Reserve’s relentless attack on inflation has jeopardized the housing market.

How High Interest Rates Sting Bakers, Farmers and Consumers
Business, October 23

Everyone who relies on credit in America is confronting a new reality: Money will cost more for a good long while.

Are High Rates Going to Last? Fed Officials Increasingly Think So.
Business, September 21

Federal Reserve officials forecast higher interest rates through 2026 this week, a sign that borrowing costs are not heading back to the rock-bottom levels normal before the pandemic.

La nueva guerra en contra de la mala calidad del aire
En español, June 23

Hace un siglo, un edificio bien ventilado se consideraba una buena práctica sanitaria. Pero cuando llegó la COVID-19, nuestros edificios apenas podían respirar. ¿Cómo ocurrió eso? ¿Y cómo conseguimos ahora que el aire fresco ingrese a nuestras casas?

Where Housing Prices Have Crashed and Billions in Wealth Have Vanished
Business, June 19

In New Zealand, high interest rates have sent property prices sliding nearly 18 percent since November 2021.

The New War on Bad Air
Science, June 17

A century ago, a well-ventilated building was considered good medicine. But by the time Covid-19 arrived, our buildings could barely breathe. How did that happen? And how do we let the fresh air back in?

Rosalind Franklin and Unsung Women in Science
Letters, May 9

Dr. Franklin and giving credit to women for their scientific contributions. Also: New College of Florida; Black unemployment; housing solutions; Covid risks.

Yes, You Should Be Worried About a Potential Bank Crisis. Here’s Why.
Op Ed, May 4

The banking crisis may be just getting started.

‘The Era of Urban Supremacy Is Over’
Op Ed, March 15

Many of the nation’s major cities face a daunting future.

By Adding Apartments, Malls Seek to Bring Shopping Closer to Home
Business, February 16

Facing an existential crisis over empty space, owners are trying to fill malls with residences, building on the live-work-play model sought by young adults.

In Maine, a Rare Influx of New Residents, and a Housing Crunch
National, February 3

New arrivals over the last few years have fueled hopes of population growth, but workers increasingly struggle to find housing in a market gone wild.

The Chicago Home Was Designed for Parties. Then the Parties Stopped.
Real Estate, January 24

Before the pandemic, turning a house into a hub for big gatherings seemed like a good idea.

They Poured Their Savings Into Homes That Were Never Built
Interactive, January 24

What is it like to pour your life savings into apartments that might never get built?

As Thousands Fall Behind on Rent, Public Housing Faces ‘Disaster’
Metro, January 23

The New York City Housing Authority collected just 65 percent of the rent it charged in the 12 months leading up to December, the lowest percentage in the agency’s history.

My Boss Told My Co-workers That I Had Covid. Isn’t That Illegal?
Real Estate, January 14

Federal guidelines require employees’ health information to be kept confidential. But employers also have an obligation to protect the workplace.

What TikTok Told Us About the Economy in 2022
Business, December 31

From Barbiecore to revenge travel, social media trends gave us a clear picture of the forces reshaping the economy.

Los nómadas digitales llegan a Ciudad de México y los precios de la vivienda suben
en Español, December 28

Airbnb se ha convertido en un destino en el que estadounidenses y europeos encuentran alquileres de largo plazo en la capital mexicana, trastocando el mercado local.

As Remote Workers Flock to Mexico City, Airbnb and Housing Prices Soar
Foreign, December 28

American and Europeans are using Airbnb to find long-term rentals in Mexico’s capital, pushing housing costs higher and, critics say, forcing out local residents.

Trust the Models? In This Economy?
Business, December 19

Years into the pandemic, it is still difficult to get a handle on what comes next for the economy by looking at examples from the past.

The Elusive Dream of Owning a Home in New York City
Metro, November 29

For many middle- and working-class New Yorkers, it’s an even more distant possibility than it used to be.

Is Homeownership Slipping Even Further Out of Reach for New Yorkers?
Metropolitan, November 24

In a city of renters, the turbulent pandemic housing market is making it harder than ever to buy a home.

The Apartment Found Her? Yes, and Three of Her Fellow Doctors
Real Estate, November 21

Puja Patel wanted her own apartment and wanted to be within walking distance of her new job as an emergency room doctor at Mount Sinai Queens.

FOMO Helped Drive Up Housing Prices in the Pandemic. What Can We Expect Next?
Op Ed, September 28

Inflation-corrected prices may end up substantially lower as factors driving high home prices weaken with time.

As China’s Economy Stumbles, Homeowners Boycott Mortgage Payments
Business, August 17

In a rare act of defiance, people across the country who bought property from indebted developers are refusing to repay loans on their unfinished apartments.

Large landlords aggressively moved against renters in the pandemic, a report says.
Business, July 29

A House subcommittee investigation found four firms were responsible for nearly 15,000 eviction filings while there were moratoriums on evictions.

New York Renters Are Now Paying the Price for the ‘Covid Discount’
Real Estate, July 26

More than 40 percent of the available units in Manhattan currently come from tenants priced out of apartments they leased in 2020 and 2021, according to a new StreetEasy report.

The Penn Station $7 Billion Fix-Up Moves Ahead: Here’s What to Know
Metro, July 21

The project promises to update the notorious eyesore but critics of the plan are concerned about the cost.

Nearly a Third of Gen Z Is Living at Home (and They Plan to Stay)
Real Estate, July 21

And among those who moved out of their childhood bedroom, a third are spending about half of their monthly income on rent or mortgage.

What Baby Boomers Want (Options!), Senior Housing Delivers
Business, July 19

Shifting demographics are reshaping complexes built for older Americans, who are looking for a variety of rates and services.

Moved During the Pandemic? You May Need to Update Your Insurance.
Real Estate, June 13

Many people changed where and how they lived, but “upgrading their policies for all of these experiences fell by the wayside,” an appraisal executive said.

How Do You Find an Apartment in N.Y.C. These Days?
Metro, May 28

Apartment hunting in the city has never been easy, but now the search has become seemingly impossible as prices soar. Readers told us about their pandemic housing struggles — and eventual successes.

The Extraordinary Wealth Created by the Pandemic Housing Market
Upshot, May 1

Rarely have so many Americans gained so much equity in so little time, but it’s also inseparable from the housing affordability crisis.